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A warm welcome to Fathoms O’ Fun 2016 By SHARRON KING


Fathoms chair

ummer greetings to all the wonderful residents of Port Orchard, Kitsap County and beyond! Time to kick off the summer. The Fathoms O’ Fun Festival board would personally like to invite you to come and enjoy the many activities taking place June 24-26 in downtown Port Orchard including the Grand Parade and summer festival. Your Fathoms board and volunteers work very hard all year long to bring great events to Port Orchard. We will have more than 60 vendors to tickle your shopping delight beginning on Friday at noon through 6 p.m., Saturday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (See the schedule of events online for those days.) On Friday from 6-8 p.m. we will be having our first-ever dance party/karaoke. On Saturday afternoon, prior to the parade, “Unusual Suspects” will play classic rock from 3-5 p.m. under the gazebo. We want everyone to come to the Marina Waterfront Park and have fun. Start Saturday by joining us for the second annual pancake breakfast at the Lighthouse Restaurant from 8:30 – 11 a.m., to help raise money for the Fathoms fireworks show. Cost is $10 per person. Many thanks to Brooks Konig and his great crew at the Lighthouse for their help with this. Our Grand Parade begins at 6 p.m. on Saturday and will dazzle you with all the thrills and delights of a parade including eight out-of-town community festival floats and our very own “award-winning” float, drill teams, drum lines, novelty entries, car clubs, commercial units, horses and more. I’d like to, once again, personally thank Jessie and Jud Turner for their commitment and dedication to Fathoms and the 26 years that they have been in charge of the parade. And thanks to all the great volunteers that help put on this hometown parade, and the more than 1,100 folks in the parade alone. This year over Memorial Day Weekend, we had our third annual Seagull Splat 5K Run. Our run numbers increased despite the Northwest drizzle. All run time records were broken. It was a “splatting” success. We invite you to do the run next year. It was a rainy weekend, so we know a lot of folks stayed away. We anticipate moving the Pirates Rendezvous and Seagull Splat run to the second weekend in June for 2017, and thus, take it off of a three-day holiday weekend. It is hard to imagine all the hours that go

into making these events happen. Our Fathoms O’ Fun Royal Court puts in many public appearances and can be seen at community and business Sharron King events. By the time their reign is up, they will have cumulatively put in more than 1,500 hours. Come meet them on parade weekend. Bring your younger children down to “Color with a Princess.” Thank you to the Royal Court members for their dedication and service to Fathoms and the Port Orchard community. Our Thursday concert series has started and will continue every Thursday with a final concert on Sunday, Sept. 4, at the Taste of Port Orchard. We have great concerts scheduled so come on down, and not only enjoy the free concerts but enjoy the beautiful marina, visit with old friends, meet some new friends, watch the kids play in the park as you listen to the great music, and just capture all there is to enjoy on the waterfront. Check our website at for full the concert listing. The 4th of July Grand Fireworks Show over Sinclair Inlet, sponsored by WAVE Cable for the ninth year, will bring a lot of activity to the downtown waterfront with various bands scheduled to play from noon to 10:30 p.m. on July 4. This annual show brings upwards to 60,000 spectators. I can’t begin to tell you how hard it is year after year to raise the $25,000-plus that is needed for the fireworks. Each year it gets harder. If the citizens of Port Orchard and Bremerton would go to our website and click on the “donate” button, we could put on a larger show. We really need community support. Everyone has watched a “free” show for more than 30 years. The 50th anniversary of Fathoms is next year and we would like to have a $50,000 show to celebrate! Won’t you help us reach that goal? On the second Sunday in August, McDonald’s, as the official sponsor, will proudly present the Fathoms O’ Fun Festival by the Bay, hosting a great craft and vendor show in conjunction with the Saints Car Club Cruz 2016. This one-day event draws nearly 25,000 people. Come

File photo

Bright bursts of red and pink fireworks were captured on camera at last year’s July 4th Fathoms fireworks show. Fireworks are again scheduled for this year. enjoy good times, good fun, good food and try your luck at dunking the Fathoms Court at the dunk tank. Dunk tank fees fund our Fathoms Scholarship Program. In November, Fathoms will host the fourth annual “Breakfast with Santa” at the Eagles Hall to help raise funds for our Royalty Scholarship Program. Not only will you get to enjoy a great breakfast, but you will also have the opportunity to have a professional photo taken with Santa by Deford Photography. We have wonderful sponsors for our events and appreciate their continued support; our major sponsor – WAVE – the Sinclair Inlet Fireworks sponsor for the ninth year; Columbia Bank - Grand Parade sponsor for the 14th year; Kitsap Bank, Peninsula Federal Credit Union, Port of Bremerton and the City of Port Orchard - Concerts by the Bay. We wish to thank our Pirates Rendezvous contributors. they are The Candy Shoppe, Nostalgia Bakery, Central Dock, and Bruce Titus Ford. Many thanks to our event sponsor for the Seagull Splat Run – Kitsap Physical Therapy, and contributors of prizes to the runners, West Side Pizza, Harbor Massage & Wellness Center, and Gary Lidstrom - John L. Scott for the water. Special thanks to Sound Storage and Mile Hill Self-Storage for taking care of our storage needs. We could not put on these events without the much needed support and funding provided by these great busi-

nesses. You spoke. We listened, and did try to bring the carnival back to Port Orchard. Unfortunately, it was just too cost prohibitive for us to do that since we (Fathoms) had to provide alternate parking spaces for 80-plus paid parkers on the waterfront. For our 50th Anniversary next year, Fathoms wants to bring back the Dinghy Derby. So start planning your homemade entry now. My personal thanks and applause to each and every board member who work round the clock to bring you events: Shirley DeFord – vice chair, professional photography; Karen Aquino – treasurer and seamstress for the Royal Court; Deloris Mattson – secretary/buttons and pins; Jessie Turner – Grand Parade; Al Mahaney – float builder/concerts/Chocolate Festival; Helene Jensen – pageant director/Fathoms graphics; Phil Paquette and Alan Johnson – fireworks show; Bob Morehouse – all vendor shows; Merlyn Lehmkuhl – Facebook and event photography; Scott Lucke – Seagull Splat Run, SKF&R Volunteers 5K Run; Leslie Reynolds-Taylor and Jack Quinlan – at large members.

A big thanks to the parents of our Royal Court who just step up to the plate when asked for help. Thank you for reading about Fathoms. And, by the way, we are always looking for volunteers. So don’t hesitate to call or email. Find us at www. We are volunteering for you, the community.

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Fathoms O’ Fun Events


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1. Columbia Bank presents the Fathoms O’ Fun Grand Parade 6 p.m., June 25, Bay Street 2. HotFoot 5K Race 9 a.m., June 25, South Kitsap Regional Park 3. Festival by the Sea Craft & Vendor Show June 24-26, Port Orchard Waterfront

JUNE 24, 2016

4. Wave presents the Fathoms O’ Fun Grand Fireworks Show July 4, 10:30 p.m., Port Orchard Waterfront Park 5. Festival by the Bay/Cruz Car Show Aug. 14, 10 a.m to 4 p.m., Bay




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1215 Bay Street, Port Orchard 360.876.3000 |

D e a l !

JUNE 24, 2016



Fathoms fireworks show always a big blast By BOB SMITH


hen the 49th annual Fathoms O’ Fun Fourth of July fireworks show begins its colorful pyrotechnics program at dusk over Sinclair Inlet, few of the nearly 80,000 spectators who huddle the shoreline to watch have a clue about what’s involved in filling the skies with an explosion of red, white and blue. One person in the middle of the action knows quite well, however. Phil Paquette of Port Orchard, the fire-

“Our show this year will include some additional shells to make it more visually exciting than ever.” — Phil Paquette

works show’s longtime pyrotechnics maestro, knows precisely the complicated pre-planning ritual his crew must go through months ahead of the July show. Paquette also understands that the flash and sizzle that skywatchers view costs plenty of money. He’s been managing the fireworks display for 20 years and is a retired Puget Sound Naval Shipyard electrician. Paquette said the popular fireworks program this year will cost about $30,000 to display over Sinclair Inlet. That pays for a lot of 12-inch shells, which are at the crux of the explosive display. Each shell costs from $255 to $300, Paquette said, and between 270 and 325 shells are used in a 15-minute show. “It’s a ‘big shell’ show,” Paquette said. “We’re going to throw in some new things into the show this year. It was a tight program last year and very successful. “Our show this year will include some additional shells to make it more visually exciting than ever,” he said. Safety is paramount, of course, both for spectators and those working the show. Before any of the six volunteers man the barge, they receive plenty of required safety and technical training, Paquette said. “I train and mentor them,” he said. “It’s a very involved commitment they take on to learn what they need to know.” A “blast shack” has been built on the barge to protect the helpers. “We bend over backward to exceed the safety requirements,” he said. The six barge workers assist Paquette, ensuring the program stays on course. Each shell is individually wired and programmed to be launched through a computerized program. A licensed pyrotechnician is onboard the barge to execute the show, he said. All of the $30,000 budgeted for the show aren’t allocated just for explo-

File photos

Above: Fireworks over Port Orchard in 2015. Below left: The annual fireworks show takes place on the water. Below right: Pyroman collects donations for the fireworks show.

sives, however. There are expenses the viewing public doesn’t see or necessarily know about, Paquette said. The barge in the middle of Sinclair Inlet, from which the fireworks are launched, costs $5,000 to rent. And to insure the event, organizers shell out $6,000. There are other permitting costs to pay for and, yes, Sani-Cans to rent — they cost $520, a cost well worth it to keep the viewing public content, he mused. Sharron King, Fathoms O’ Fun Festival director and chief organizer, said the fireworks show has become such a Port Orchard fixture, “it’s just expected that the show will take

place — it’s always been here,” King said. “But what people don’t know is that there are tons of requirements involved, and those requirements cost money.” King said the city contributes some services, such as extra police crowd control, but festival organizers pay for other incidentals such as trash dumpsters and containers. Costs continue to rise, she added. Organizers have had to make some tough decisions. “It was too cost-prohibitive to bring back the carnival,” King said. “We just couldn’t afford to.” The Fathoms O’ Fun Festival is man-

aging a $4,000 deficit from the fireworks show from last year and 2014, she said. That’s why community fundraising is so critical throughout the year. Without it, the fireworks show couldn’t continue. “Wave Broadband, once again, is the fireworks show’s prime sponsor,” King said. “Its $12,500 contribution is the major corporate financial backbone for the show.” There are other contributors, including Port Orchard Bay Street Association individual members, and contributions from individuals. King said she’d love to see more support come from the other side of Sinclair Inlet, most notably Bremerton. “I’d love to see them come on board,” she said, acknowledging that the festival committee hasn’t had enough volunteer help to solicit business sponsorship there. The annual pancake breakfast on June 25, the morning of Port Orchard’s Grand Parade, is a substantial genera-

tor of fireworks show funding. Last year, King said, the breakfast brought in $542 to the fireworks fund. Community residents can contribute to the fireworks fund by accessing the Fathoms O’ Fun Festival website at A PayPal account has been established on the website for contributors to donate. King said the Fathoms O’ Fun board of directors is aiming for a $50,000 show for its 50th anniversary in 2017. Contributors can also send in a check, to Fathoms O’ Fun, P.O. Box 312, Port Orchard, WA 98366.



JUNE 24, 2016

Fathoms Royalty contributes all year long By HELENE JENSEN Pageant Director


ne might ask, what is Fathoms O’ Fun? Growing up in Port Orchard in the 1970s, Fathoms O’ Fun was a household name. To be part of Fathoms meant you were someone special. Businesses would line up for the opportunity to be a sponsor, as well as girls for the opportunity to run for and maybe make it to the Fathoms O’ Fun Court. Times have changed, but what Fathoms represents has not. Fathom O’ Fun, for those who do not know, is a community organization run completely by volunteers. Our volunteers work tirelessly, providing rich and inviting events in the South Kitsap community. One of the many aspects of Fathoms is a scholarship program for our youth. For

“The youth reach out to local businesses and community groups to assist them in various events happening in the surrounding area.” — Helen Jensen Deford Photography

the past 49 years we have been enriching our youth by helping their college dreams come true. Our program provides much more than just money for college. We also provide the girls with invaluable connections to local community businesses, as well as the ability to expand their communication skills to help them acquire future jobs and gain confidence in who they are and who they can become. There are two ways a girl can be a member on the Royalty Court – a Junior Princess where candidates are in grades 7 to 9, or a senior court member in grade 10 to the age of 20. The selection process is tedious, but rewarding. Each girl is required to develop a platform, which is simply something that they are passionate about. Once the girls determine what their passions, each is required to write a 500 word essay, which is judged by wellknown Port Orchard writer Debbie Macomber. Along with writing their

Vendors will sell tasty treats and artwork at Fathoms By LESLIE KELLY


t’s just your typical summer time festival, says Bob Morehouse. But that doesn’t matter. Folks still flock to Fathoms O’Fun every year and they hope to see the same special things. Fathoms O’Fun is a community service

From left, the Senior Court: Princess Elizabeth Little, Queen Princess Courtney McIntosh, Princess Soley Paz and Duchess Madilyn Mackie.

Deford Photography

From left, the Junior Court: Princesses Hannah Lai, Samantha Craig and Delaney Johnson

speeches, they are also required to deliver the speeches to several civic groups in the South Kitsap area, such as Rotary, Soroptimist, Lions, Kiwanis and the Eagles. To help them prepare for the speaking engagements, the Sidney Toastmaster group critiques the contestants. Each contestant is required to go through a private 10-minute interview where they are asked questions on their platforms and their court application by a panel of five judges, community business owners and past court members. On pageant night, each contestant is required to answer an impromptu question, perform a talent and model evening wear to demonstrate grace and elegance. Being a royal member with Fathoms gives them the opportunity to meet lifelong friends, travel to many parades, ride

on our award-winning float, representing the town, Port Orchard. Being a court member further helps them develop confidence to network among dignitaries and business owners. However, being on the Royal Court is so much more than that. The youth reach out to local businesses and community groups to assist them in various events happening in the surrounding area. In just four months, they have already put in more than 500 hours. As you can see, being part of Fathoms is a huge commitment. Efforts like this help our youth feel comfortable with their community while bringing awareness of the events around them, helping to enhance their public speaking, and teaching them to network amongst our community. Most of all, being a part of Fathoms helps them gain connections for

life. This year’s Fathoms Royalty: Queen: Courtney McIntosh will be a senior at South Kitsap High School. Duchess: Madilynn Mackie will be a junior at South Kitsap High School. Princess: Lizzy Little graduated from South Kitsap High School this year; will be attending Western Washington University. Princess: Soley Heimisdottir Paz will be a junior at South Kitsap High School. Junior Princess: Hannah Lai will be a sophomore at Bethany Lutheran School. Junior Princess: Delaney Johnson will be in eighth grade at Cedar Heights Junior High. Junior Princess: Samantha Craig will be a sophomore at South Kitsap High School.

group that has been presenting a festival tradition since Port Orchard was young. Fathoms organizes and holds a variety of family activities throughout the year including the annual Grand Parade and fireworks, festival activities, a scholarship pageant, Concerts by the Bay, a craft and vendor show, a street fair, children’s events, and an award-winning community festival­float which appears in parades throughout the state. And this year’s celebration will be no different. “We’ll have great food vendors, and great crafts for people to look at,” said Morehouse, the vendor coordinator. “There’s always the barbecue beef and pork. And the Port Orchard Lions serve breakfast in the morning and then

Philly Steak sandwiches and hamburgers the rest of the day.” Among the vendors are true local artists, the kind who make and sell high quality clothing and jewelry, Morehouse said. But just down a ways on the waterfront where all the action happens is the Saturday farmers market, which is the place to be if you’re more into looking for fresh fruits and vegetables, or even plants. The vendors are expected to sell their wares June 24, 25 and 26. Moorehouse said the waterfront is an excellent location for the festival, but just how many people show up usually depends on the weather. “There’s just no way to count the numbers,” he said. “People come at the festival from five

different directions. We’d never be able to count them.” He said hundreds and hundreds enjoy the parade and the vendors during the weekend. Morehouse, who has been organizing the vendors for at least 18 years, said the only drawback to the location is the wind. “Two years ago, the wind came up and blew down several (vendor’s) tents,” he said. “We’re hoping for ‘fair winds’ this year.” On July 4th, at dusk, a fireworks show to beat all fireworks shows is held on the Sinclair Inlet. This centerpiece of Fathoms’ annual programs draws crowds of hundreds. The show is visible throughout downtown Bremerton, the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, and downtown Port Orchard areas.


JUNE 24, 2016

2016 Fathoms O’ Fun Grand Parade Lineup 1. Tenino Motor Cycle Team 2. South Kitsap Fire & Rescue 3. Leo’s Towing 4. Port Orchard Police Department 5. City of Port Orchard 6. Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office 7. U.S. Congressman Derek Kilmer 8. Washington State Senator Jan Angel 9. Kitsap County Commissioner Charlotte Garrido 10. Washington State Representative Jesse Young 11. Washington State Representative Michelle Caldier 12. Grand Parade Sponsor Columbia Bank 13. Wave - Fathoms O’ Fun July 4th Fireworks Sponsor 14. Man, Woman of the Year - Honorable Grand Marshals 15. 2016 Fathoms O’ Fun Festival Float and Royalty 16. 2016 Fathoms O’ Fun Festival Princess & Dutchess 17. 2016 Fathoms O’ Fun Junior Royalty 2015 Fathoms O’ Fun Royalty 18. Fathoms O’ Fun Honored Past Royalty 19. 1979 El Camino “Hawk Rod” - Tommy Triggs 20. Kitsap Mustang Club 21. SK High School Community Marching Band & School Bus 22. SK School District Transportation 23. Soroptimist Internal. of Port Orchard 24. Port Orchard Library 25. Ronald McDonald 26. USS Turner Joy (DD-951) 27. Bremerton Base, U.S. Submarine Veterans 28. Forks Old Fashioned 4th Festival Float 29. NW Horseless Carriage Replica Builders 30. Tulalip Resort Casino Float 31. Princesses of Elegance Drill Team 32. Elegance Drill Team Ladies of Elegance 33. Saints Car Club 34. Life Care Center 35. Open 36. Just for Kicks School of Dance 37. Sequim Irrigation Festival Float & Royalty 38. Alaska USA Credit Union 39. Open 40. South Kitsap Skate Park Association 41. Air Masters Heating 42. Girl Scouts of South Kitsap 43. Noah’s Ark Preschool 44. Bethany Lutheran Church - Water of Life 45. Mile High Gymnastics 46. Kitsap Humane Society 47. Sea Scouts - SSS Hurricane 48. Washington Explorer Search & Rescue

49. 1928 Model A Ford - Locke 50. 1955 Packard Patrician - Billy McCandless 51. Northwest Nile Shriners 52. Port Orchard Masonic Lodge 53. Rainbow Assembly #61 54. Daffodil Festival Float & Royalty 55. Kitsap Credit Union 56. Washington Diamonds Drill Team 57. Port Orchard Yacht Club 58. Gold Wing Riders 59. Port Orchard Eagles - People Helping People 60. Cub Scout Pack #4526 61. Miss West Sound 62. Miss West Sound Pearl Princesses 63. Miss West Sound’s Outstanding Teen 64. Glass Odyssey Corvette Club 65. Moms Across America March 66. West Sound Treatment Center 67. Olympia’s Capitol Lakefair Festival Float & Royalty 68. Mile High Gems Cheerleading 69. Miss Kitsap Fair and Stampede 70. Miss Katie Kitsap 71. All Around Mopars 72. Miss Silverdale 73. Miss Poulsbo 74. Miss Kitsap 75. Kitsap Propane 76. Soil Science Products 77. Diva UpGrades Drill Team 78. Cub Scout Pack #4529 79. CRISTA Camps - Miracle Ranch 80. Kitsap Classics Car Club 81. Kitsap Derby Brats 82. Mason County Forest Festival Float & Royalty 83. NW Small Equine Club Kitsap 84. Taste and See - Calvary Church 85. Western Washington Fifth Generation Camaro Club 86. Kitsap Saddle Club 87. Kitsap Rifle & Revolver Club 88. Cinderella Scholarship Pageant 89. Miss Viking Fest & Little Miss Viking Fest 90. Regal Majesty 91. Washington Classic Woman All American 2016 92. 26th Legislative District Democrats 93. Re-elect State Rep. Jesse Young campaign 94. Re-elect State Rep. Michelle Caldier campaign 95. Kitsap County Republicans 96. Daughters of Royalty 97. Electronettes Drill Teams 98. Kitsap Destruction Derby




Fathoms O’ Fun Summer Festival

June 24th, 25th, & 26th, July 4th Columbia Bank Sponsors the Fathoms O’ Fun 49th Grand Parade Saturday, June 25th - 6pm Bay Street - Downtown Port Orchard Friday Activities

12pm-6pm ...... Summer Festival Vendor Show & Bouncy Toys 6pm-8pm ....... Dance Party/Karaoke on the Waterfront by Fred the D.J. Guy - Family Friendly

Saturday Activities

8am-11am ....... Firework Fundraiser Pancake Breakfast at Port Orchard’s ....................Lighthouse Restaurant - Cost: $10.00

9am ................. Hot Foot 5K Race, South Kitsap Regional Park ( 9am-9pm ........ Summer Festival Vendor Show & Bouncy Toys 10am................. Horseshoe Tournament, South Kitsap Regional Park 10am-2pm ........ Music and Hawaiian Dancing by Chapinos USA & R&B Bands 11am-4pm ........ Kids Craft in Vendor Area, Sponsored by Tripp Insurance 12pm ................ Frog and Snake Races, Kitsap Bank Drive Thru Parking Lot 3pm-5pm.......... Usual Suspects...The Live Band, Under the Gazebo 6pm-8pm ......... Columbia Bank Presents Fathoms Grand Parade

Sunday Activities 10am-5pm ........ Summer Festival Vendor Show & Bouncy Toys 7:30am ............. 2016 Charity Golf Classic, Horseshoe Lake Golf Course, ....................Elton Goodwin Foundation

1pm-2pm .......... Color with a Princess 1pm-4pm.......... Kids Craft in Vendor Area, Sponsored by Tripp Insurance 1:30pm ............. Cookie Decorating, Nostalgia Bakery located at West Bay Center - Cost: $1.00

July 4th – Monday Activities 11am-4pm ...... Various Bands 5pm-11pm....... Food & Craft Vendors, Bouncy Toys 5pm-11pm....... Handy Andy the Clown & Magician 5:30pm-7pm ... Buck & Elizabeth 8:30pm-10:30pm...Kari Ehli Band 10:30pm .......... WAVE presents 4th of July Fireworks Show

WAVE Sponsors the Fathoms Annual Grand Fireworks Show July 4th at 10:30pm on Sinclair Inlet View from Port Orchard, Bremerton Concerts at the Gazebo 12pm-10:30pm

Fathoms Summer Festival Craft & Vendor Show June 24th, 25th, & 26th Port Orchard Waterfront Great Vendors! Great Food! Farmers Market Saturday 9am-3pm Children’s Activities all weekend!

Hotfoot 5K Races

Presented by SK Fire & Rescue Volunteers Saturday, June 25th - 9am at SK Regional Park


2616 SE Mile Hill Dr. Port Orchard, WA 98366

Concerts by the Bay Weekly 6:30pm at the waterfront Gazebo Last Concert Sunday, September 4th at the Taste of Port Orchard

Info at: 360-871-1805 • 360-876-3505



JUNE 24, 2016

5K ‘HotFoot’ returns to Fathoms weekend By LESLIE KELLY


t’s the perfect name for a run organized by a firefighter. The 5K HotFoot will again be part of the Fathoms O’ Fun weekend on June 25. The event, which offers fun for all ages, benefits the South Kitsap Fire Rescue Volunteer Association. The money is used for scholarships for South Kitsap youth. According to “RS” Scott Lucke, the founder of the event, about 200 people turn out each year to take part. The race begins at 9 a.m. Packet pickup begins at 7:30 a.m. on the day of the race at the South Kitsap Regional Park, where the race takes place. “I wanted to put together a run for South Kitsap, and at the same time, the South Kitsap Fire & Rescue was looking for a fundraiser,” said Locke. “So it just made sense.” That was 15 years ago, Lucke said, who has been a volunteer firefighter with SKFR for the past 21 years. He and other firefighters came up with the name for the race. As a resident of South Kitsap since 1979, Lucke thought about a career in firefighting, but went to work in the engineering department of the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. His desire to help his community, however, stayed with him and he stayed on as a volunteer in the mutual professional/ volunteer fire district.

Contributed Photo

Winners of last year’s Hotfoot were Scott Gammill, left, South Kitsap Fire & Rescue, CJ Godfrey and Kelsi Godfrey. Lucke has been a runner for 30 years. He’s organized a number of local races including the Armed Forces Day 5K, Seagull Splat 5K, Combined Federal Campaign 5K, and Bremerton’s West Sound Senior Games 5K & Track & Field events. This race is a serious 5K for runners and also includes a one-mile run and a kids’ dash.

“The run is entirely on a trail in the (South Kitsap Regional) park,” he said. “It’s a pretty flat course with less than 70 feet change in elevation.” Lucke is proud of the fact that this race has not increased its fees since it started. Entry is only $10 if pre-registered. Race T-shirts are offered for an additional cost and anyone can buy a shirt to promote the run.

And, if you’re not a runner, you can still come and have fun, he added. “We have entertainment,” he said. “There are picture boards for the kids to stick their heads in and get their pictures taken. And there are fire crews who demonstrate hose evolutions for the crowds. We have a small youth fire obstacle course that kids can do.” “The obstacle course was a huge hit at last year’s Ghost Train event as well,” he said. Prizes are awarded to the top male and the top female runner and there’s a prize for the first firefighter who crosses the finish line, too. Registration is at, and there’s more information on Facebook at Hotfoot 5K. The course map, directions, registration information, and more historical information are posted on both. As for costumed runners, it’s not necessary. But it’s OK. “I’ve seen a few tutus go by,” Lucke said. “That’s for sure.” South Kitsap Fire Rescue Volunteer Association (SKFRVA), sponsors other events during the year, including the Fire House Spaghetti Feed in October with proceeds funding local youth sports, “Breakfast with Santa” in December, which provides funds to various local gift tree organizations, and the Olalla Easter breakfast at Station 12.

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JUNE 24, 2016



2016 Fathoms Cruz Car Show set for August By LESLIE KELLY


he Port Orchard Waterfront will be filled with Classic Cars, Street-Rods, Custom Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles again this summer. The Saints Car Club will host “CRUZ 2016” on Aug. 14, marking the 29th anniversary of the event. More than 400 cars are expected to participate and awards will be given to the best in several classes, for cars from the 1910s to present day, said Terry Bontrager, of the club. “We get a really good turn out every year,” he said. “People bring their cars from all over.” Bontrager has been a member of the car club for the past 10 years. He’s the proud owner of a restored 1928 Model A Ford Truck and a red 1985 Mustang with T-tops. “For me it’s a hobby,” he said. “I’ve always loved cars and about 10 years ago I decided I needed to join club. I found this one and been with them ever since.” He also belongs to several other car clubs, three car museums and a handful of fire departments that work on antique fire engines. “I stay busy,” he said. “That’s for sure.” But his work on cars in the past seven years has truly been a labor of love. “About seven years ago, I lost most my sight,” he said. “I can see up close and I see shadowland shapes. But that’s all.” In 2013, he became depressed about his situation and decided that he needed a project. So he tore apart his truck and put it back together again. “I did it mostly by touch,” he said. “But I had help from some other club members who could lift the chassis for me.” His Model A has about $24,000 in its restoration, and the Mustang took about $10,000. The Cruz show was in Bremerton for 10 years, but moved to Port Orchard 19 years ago, because the waterfront in Port Orchard gave them more space. The 65 members of the club arrive there at about 4:30 a.m. on the day of the show to begin setting up. “And we’re there until almost dark cleaning up, too,” he said. Registration begins on Aug. 14 at 7 a.m. and runs until noon. Cost to enter is $15 per vehicle. There is no preregistration. The show is open to the public from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. At 3 p.m. at the Waterfront Gazebo, 60 trophies will be awarded in class categories. Throughout the day, vendors will be on hand selling items and there will be food and drinks for sale as well. 2016 T-shirts will be on sale at the Cruz booth. There will be a raffle drawing for a pedal car. Door prizes will be given to registered exhibitors. And there will be

Bob Smith photo

Above, cars come out in droves to be seen at the Fathoms Cruz Car Show, which is set for Aug. 14. It will be the 29th annual show. a 50/50 raffle, where someone will go home with half of the money entered in the raffle. Bay Street will be closed to traffic during the event, but free shuttle buses will transport attendees to the show from the Kitsap County Courthouse parking lot on Cline Street and from the park and ride lot next to the Armory on Mill Hill Drive in Port Orchard. Visitors from Bremerton can ride the foot ferry for $2 across Sinclair Inlet to the car show on “CRUZ” Sunday. The Saints Car Club was established in the 1950s to promote the interest in building and restoring street-rods, classic cars and other vehicles. The club also supports charitable organizations in the community and to established a South Kitsap High School Automotive Scholarship Fund for students to further their education in the industry. “We have a picnic in the summer and a Christmas party for members, Bontrager said. “And whatever money we make we give away. We support the Retsil Veterans Home, Helpline, the Kitsap Kitchen which feeds the elderly, and we give money to the fireworks show.” Proceeds from the annual car show are donated to charitable community organizations and to the Saints High School Automotive Scholarship Fund Program. For more information email

~ ENJOY THE FESTIVAL! ~ And be sure to visit our downtown merchants for an eclectic shopping experience!

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JUNE 24, 2016


Grand marshals: Bobbi Stewart, Ed Gadberry By SARA MILLER and LESLIE KELLY

The Fathoms O’ Fun group has selected its grand marshals for the 2016 parade. Port Orchard Chamber of Commerce’s Man and Woman of the year, Ed Gadberry and Bobbie Stewart, will sit atop a decorated convertible, waving to all in attendance. “The Fathoms O’ Fun parade has always been a special event for the town and I am looking forward to being a part of it.,” Stewart said. “Not just as an observer, but an actual participant in the event.” Stewart is president of the Bay Street Association and serves on the board of the Port Orchard Chamber of Commerce and the Sidney Art Gallery. After working at Singing Hills Country Club in San Diego as manager and LPGA golf professional for 27 years, she coached the women’s golf team at San Diego State University for five years. She moved to Washington in 1997 to be closer to her four children who live in the area. She and her husband of 34 years, James Stewart, operate the Olde Central Antique Mall on Bay Street. Stewart said sitting in the Grand Marshal’s car during the parade will be nerve-wracking – having everyone’s eyes on her – but she’s thankful she has a companion for the process. “Since Fathoms O’ Fun has chosen the chamber of commerce’s woman and man of the year as the grand marshals, it will

Bobbie Stewart

Ed Gadberry

now be an even greater challenge to live up to the expectation associated with this award,” Stewart said. Stewart said she was honored that the community chose her and it “definitely brought tears to her eyes.” She is an ambassador for the Port Orchard Chamber of Commerce. Her store was honored with the “Small Business of the Year” Award and “Best of

Kitsap” for 2012. Her hobbies include walking, knitting, and volunteering for community events. Stewart recently had the unique privilege of judging the Seagull Wing Cook-off and the Festival of Chimes and Lights Pet

Parade. Gadberry has lived in the area for the majority of his life, graduating from South Kitsap High School in 1968 before joining the Navy in 1969. He served on the destroyer USS Blue as a part of WESTPAC and served in Vietnam. All toll, he had three years and one day in the Navy. “It was leap year,” he said. “So I got an extra day.” He then went to work at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and retired as a heavy equipment operator after a 32-year career. He also worked as a volunteer firefighter for the Port Orchard Fire Department, where his father worked. He is known in the area for his volunteer work with youth baseball. He coached the Pee Wee League and the Babe Ruth League in North Mason County, and then Little League in South Kitsap. He also was a youth soccer coach and took a team to the state championship in 1989-90. Another group close to his heart is the Port Orchard Fraternal Order of the Eagles. He is currently the kitchen manager and volunteers four to six days a week cooking, ordering in supplies and food, and working bingo. Through the Friday “barstool bingo” games, he’s helped earn money for charities and for the maintenance of the lodge. “It took us a couple of years, but we made $11,000 and put in all new carpeting for the (Eagles) hall,” he said.

During his two terms as president of the Eagles, Gadberry championed and increased the support of South Kitsap Helpline and supported the Eagles community involvement in the Port Orchard Chamber of Commerce. He met his wife, Sharon, in high school. “We were high school sweathearts,” he said. “I don’t know how she’s put up with me this long.” They’ve been married 46 years. Their children are Deanna, who is a union flagger, Brian, who works in the shipyard, and Marci, who is a stay-at-home mom. Gadberry also has five grandchildren, Kyle, McKenna, Brody, Ara and Shaydon. Gadberry thinks of Port Orchard as his hometown, although it’s much different from when he was growing up. “When I was young, the sign on the highway read ‘Population: 2,080,’” he recalled. “Now it’s 13,510. This town just continues to grow.” But he said it’s a special place. “We’re a community that is away from a lot of the big city stuff,” he said. “And we work together to make things happen here.” As for what he’s looking forward to in the parade, he’ll you the American Flag. “I like seeing people stand up when the American Flag goes by,” he said. “It makes me proud.” The Fathoms O’ Fun Grand Parade, sponsored by Columbia Bank, will get underway at 6 p.m. June 25. It will travel along Bay Street to Bethel Road.

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Festivals - Fathoms O' Fun - 2016  


Festivals - Fathoms O' Fun - 2016