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I M PROV E M E NT May 27, 2016

Tackling a Home Improvement Project unexpected issues that may arise. DIY OR HIRE AN EXPERT? Some projects are simple enough to DIY, like swapping out the greenery in the yard. But other projects, like installing solar panels or getting a new water heater, may be outside your wheelhouse and better handled by experts. Honestly assess your own level of expertise, permit requirements and local regulations, your budget, your timeline and ultimate goals before deciding whether to DIY or hire an expert. Whether you need a personal organizer or a painter, a foundation specialist or a handyman, if you decide an expert is the way to go, ask friends for referrals and then head online to check business information and dig a little deeper before getting a project bid. GET ORGANIZED. Doing your homework before starting out on a project can help speed things up later on. Create a “mybook®” collection at of professionals you will be working with and all the stores you will source materials from. You’ll have all of the info in one place for followups, and it’s easy to share the info with friends once they start asking for recommendations. Also get a clear breakdown of all elements involved

in each project, how much each step will cost and deadlines for each step along the way. A clear plan of action will help keep the budget and timeline in check. GET SAVVY. One of the best ways to save time and money is to find things second hand. Thrift shops, salvage shops and flea markets are great places to find furniture, appliances and hardware on the cheap. Or, repurpose items you already own by moving them to a different room or by painting them different colors. Explore all of your options and resources before going



out and spending that hard-earned cash. JUST GET STARTED. It’s OK to start small. Swap out the old hardware on your kitchen cabinets or fix the broken brick on your patio. Just start somewhere and build your way up to the larger stuff. If you’re feeling paralyzed, try setting and accomplishing one small homeimprovement goal every week.  To begin researching a project for your home, visit or look for the YPSM app in the App Store for iPhone and through Google Play for Android.



*Any one regular price product under $50, excludes sale items, power equipment & tools, parts & gift cards.

May 27th through June 30th, 2016

Get your home ready for Summer! AgriShop Ace Hardware

308 W Main St, Auburn, WA 98001



(Family Features) Whether you’ve just bought a new home or you’re looking to refresh your familiar abode, chances are good you have a laundry list of home-improvement projects to accomplish. From aesthetic upgrades (like replacing the laminate floors in the kitchen with patterned tile) to practical necessities (like removing the tree roots from the sewage pipes) there is no shortage of projects for homeowners to tackle. With so much to do, home-improvement projects can feel overwhelming. Rely on research tools such as and these five tips from home blogger and author Justina Blakeney to help you get started. TIMING IS EVERYTHING. Prioritize projects by needs, not wants. Blakeney advises making sure important projects like functioning air-conditioning are set before tackling less crucial ones like popcorn ceilings. Create a list of all of the things on your wish list. Then start with the most timely matters and work your way down the list. Be realistic with your goals and always factor in 20 percent more money and time than you think the project will take. This way you leave some leeway for any

May 27, 2016

2016 HOMEimprovement

Home Remodeling Politics

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(Family Features) If you’re voting Democrat this fall, you’re more likely than your Republican-voting counterparts to spend the extra money to hire a professional for your home projects. Political affiliations have a tendency to directly affect attitudes and decision-making regarding home repair

and improvement projects, according to the findings of a recent HomeAdvisor survey. But with improving labor and real estate markets - and an upcoming presidential election - how does partisan thinking factor into home improvement? As it turns out, home improvement spending

crosses political lines. According to HomeAdvisor’s 2016 True Cost Report, all homeowners - Democrats and Republicans alike - are focusing on remodeling, routine maintenance and repair, and energy and security projects. In fact, in the last 12 months the number of homeowners who

reported completion of two home maintenance and repair projects increased nearly 12 percent. Additionally, many homeowners said they expect to increase spending on major home improvement projects in 2016. So what’s with the bipartisan boom? “We attribute this rise to the shrinking housing inventories and increasing home prices, which provide equity for homeowners to boost the enjoyment and monetary values of their existing properties,” said Leah Ingram, HomeAdvisor’s cost advisor. While Republicans and Democrats are both spending money to improve their homes, it’s how they’re spending it that’s different. According to the survey, Republican homeowners are nearly 20 percent more likely than Democrat homeowners to complete home projects when they think it will be too expensive to hire a professional. Further, Democrats are more likely than Republicans to hire professionals and perform projectrelated research - and they’re also willing to pay 1.5 times as much as Republicans on home maintenance and repair projects. Republicans and Democrats may differ politically, but due to an upswing in the U.S. labor and real estate markets, it’s a fact that bi-partisan home improvement spending is on the rise. For more information, visit

2016 HOMEimprovement

May 27, 2016


Welcome to Tile Lines‌ What project are you working on?

We’re a family-owned retail tile and stone showroom located in Kent, Washington. We provide a wide range of quality products to homeowners, designers, and contractors from Seattle, Tacoma, Kent, Renton, Auburn, Federal Way, and the greater King County area. We have a great selection of porcelain tiles, granite and marble tile for floors and countertops, travertine tiles for showers, floors, and backsplash projects. We can help you order solid surface countertops in granite, marble, and quartz. We have many decorative glass, metal, and stone tile and mosaic options on display. In-store designers can assist with ideas and product selection and answer many installation-related questions. We stock many installation supplies, including thinset mortar and grout, as well as shower waterproofing kits such as Wedi and Schluter Kerdi. Unlike the big box home improvement stores, we deal exclusively with tile and tile products; so we have consistently better selection, better information, and better customer service. Stop by today and see what’s in store!

Start your Project & Get Inspired! Allow us to guide you through your next tile or countertop project! Whether you need a kitchen countertop with a coordinating backsplash or are replacing your bathtub with a walk-in shower, we can provide installation advice, design assistance, and one of the biggest selections of tile and stone in the Northwest. We offer complementary design assistance! Our talented staff can help you choose the right tiles, countertops, and decorative pieces to fit your style and your home. We also have numerous in-store design boards, product samples, and idea books that can help with the design process. Frequently Asked Questions about our Products:

I have a tile I’m trying to match, can you help? We’ll certainly try! At least once a week, a homeowner comes to us with a broken piece of tile from a damaged shower or an old floor and asks if we can order it or something like it. Occasionally, we can track down the manufacturer and order more of the exact same tile. But if the tile is out of production or completely unavailable, we’ll let you know up front and recommend alternatives. Submitted by Darrell Helbling, owner of Tile Lines, website

We offer complimentary in-store design assistance and professional installation advice.

Stop by to see thousands of products: from durable lOORTILESTOSLEEKSHOWER tiles, from decorative accents FORKITCHENBACKSPLASHESTO beautiful granite, marble, and quartz for your countertops...

Whether you plan to install YOURNEWSHOWER lOOR  ORBACKSPLASHYOURSELFORIF you’re just supervising, we have the experience and THEKNOWLEDGETOGUIDEYOU through your project! Downtown Kent S Kent Des Moines Rd Willis St

253.872.0449 1531 Central Ave S Kent, WA 98032 Open Mon–Fri 7:30–5:30, Sat 9–5

HWY 167

I found a tile/stone at another store. Can you order it for me? More often than not, yes! We work with over 30 different tile distributors, hundreds of tile manufacturers, and can order over 100,000 tile and stone products. Contact us with the name of the product and when and where you saw it, and we’ll be able to tell you if we can get it and how much it would cost.  However, if a man-made product has been discontinued, is exclusive to another retailer (such as a Home Depot or Lowe’s), or is unavailable in our region, we might not be able to order it. When looking for natural stone products from several different sources; so even if Company A stopped carrying a product, Company B might still have it.  We always recommend seeing a sample of the current batch of any natural stone material in person, due to the high variation inherent in the product. The stone sample you saw three months ago might look very different from a current sample from the exact same company or quarry.

Our new retail showroom is open to homeowners, designers, and contractors.



S 277th St




Why can’t I buy any products on your website? Tile and stone can look extremely different on a computer screen than they do in real life. We strongly recommend you see the color and feel the texture of a tile in person before buying. Choosing a product that you’ll live with for 10+ years without seeing it in person is like buying a new car without taking it for a test drive! We may, in the future, sell non-design items such as thinset and tools on our website and have them available for delivery or in-store pick-up. Subscribe to our quarterly email newsletter, to keep up to date on our latest website and product developments.

Over 1OO,OOO tile options, and we’ll KHOS\RXžQGWKH perfect one.





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May 27, 2016

2016 HOMEimprovement

Tips for Picking the Right Lawn Mower (StatePoint) While a beautiful lawn can be achieved through sweat and determination, you can make the work involved easier and achieve better results by choosing the right mower type and size for your yard. “Take advantage of your local dealer’s perspective when choosing a mower,” says Steve Finkner, senior product manager at Exmark, a leading mower manufacturer. “They know what has worked well for other homeowners in your area, and that perspective can be valuable in helping you confidently purchase the right mower for your lawn.” With that in mind, Finkner offers some factors to consider when choosing a new mower. • The area: How much lawn will you be mowing? A walk-behind mower is a good choice for properties of 1/2 acre or less. If gate access isn’t an issue, a large walk-behind or stand-on machine can be better. For larger properties, a zero-turn riding mower or stand-on riding mower can make lawn care easier and give you more free time. • The landscaping: Is your landscaping fairly straightforward or is mowing complicated by lawn furniture, a kids’ area, flowerbeds or lawn art? If so,

maneuverability is an increasingly important factor. You may want to consider a zero-turn rider, which allows you to mow closer to lawn features with greater control. This can save you considerable time on trim work. • Your budget: Narrow down your mower search by deciding on your budget range in advance. Some manufacturers and retailers offer financing options that can help you more easily afford the right mower for your property.

• Fueling up: One of the most basic decisions you’ll make when purchasing a new mower is fuel type. Propane offers reduced operating costs and an up to 25 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions when compared to gasolinepowered mowers. However, gasoline remains a popular fuel option due to its ready availability. Options such as electronic fuel injection can increase fuel economy and optimize performance for varying environmental conditions. And diesel-powered mowers are a popular choice for parks and municipal mowing crews. • Your search: Free online resources can help you dial in to the best mower for your lawn. You can filter your search on criteria such as fuel type, cutting deck size, price range and payment range. To research mower options, visit For more resources and tips on lawn mower selection, visit You can get your lawn into tiptop shape in less time by choosing the right mower. Do the research up-front and you can be confident your investment will save you energy on lawn care for years to come.







For over 60 years, homeowners have trusted Champion to improve *** the appearance, comfort and energy efficiency of their home. We design, manufacture and install our products, and are proud to offer our exclusive lifetime warranty.*




Call us today for a free in home estimate.

206-902-1080 1612349


** 18 month no interest promotion window beginning with the first transaction. If the balance is paid in full at or before the no interest promotion window expiration date, then all interest will be waived.APR of 17.99 - 26.99% will apply after 18 months on the unpaid balance. Offer of credit is subject to qualifying credit approval. Rate and terms disclosed subject to change. *Discount applies to Comfort 365 Windows®. Buy2Comfort 365 Windows® at regular price and get1additional window free. Free window must be of equal or lesser value. See storeorwebsite for details. Minimum purchase of 6 Comfort 365 Windows® required. See storeorwebsite for details.All discounts apply to our regular prices.All prices include expert installation. Sorry, noadjustments can be made on prior sales. Cannot be combined with other advertised offers. See store for warranty.Offer expires 6-30-16 ©Champion®, 2016CHAMPWC008CJ OFFER CODE: 34354






2016 HOMEimprovement

May 27, 2016

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Room to Shine: Let natural light enhance your home decor



omething about warmer weather inspires homeowners to lavish attention on their homes. While painting and decluttering are great ways to revitalize home decor, there’s no better way to breathe new life into interior spaces than decorating with light. Incorporating light into interior design can go far beyond a few strategically placed, attractive lamps and some upgraded overhead lights. It’s possible to use both natural and artificial lighting to complement other decor and architectural elements, and to create a brighter, upbeat mood that makes your home more enjoyable year-round. Lighting types Every home needs a little of each of the following types of lighting to meet your needs throughout the day: „ Task lighting focuses light into a specific area, for tasks that require more illumination. „ Accent lighting shines a light on decorative elements, such as art or architectural features. „ Ambient lighting provides general lighting for everyday activities. „ Natural lighting from above makes a home feel open and inviting, while also providing balanced light for reading, cooking and other every day activities. Natural beauty plus improved air quality There’s no debating the benefits of natural light for boosting mood. Enhance day lighting by lightening up window treatments to allow for as much sunshine as possible. Choose fresh paint colors that play well with the directional lighting and consider installing skylights in rooms where adding windows isn’t practical or where more balanced natural light can add drama and differentiate living spaces. Adding skylights is a relatively low-cost, but high impact home improvement that

can be accomplished by a professional in a day or two or over a single weekend. They not only enhance home decor, but deliver energy-saving benefits as well. Fresh air skylights can help reduce dependence on artificial lighting and mechanical ventilation, which saves money on electricity bills. Skylights can work in concert with vertical windows to provide improved passive ventilation that improves air quality and energy efficiency. For example, Energy Star-qualified fresh air skylights, such as those (QHUJ\6WDUTXDOLÂżHGIUHVKDLUVN\OLJKWVZLWKGHFRUHQKDQFLQJHQHUJ\HIÂżFLHQW at, let you EOLQGVDGGVW\OHZKLOHSURYLGLQJQDWXUDOOLJKWDQGSDVVLYHYHQWLODWLRQ2SHUDWHG E\SURJUDPPDEOHUHPRWHFRQWUROWKHVRODUSRZHUHGVN\OLJKWVDQGEOLQGVSOXV circulate air in your home LQVWDOODWLRQFRVWVDUHHOLJLEOHIRUDSHUFHQWIHGHUDOWD[FUHGLW with flexible features to Lightening colors match your needs. Some hues absorb more light, making Manual and electric venting models them appear darker and causing the room are available, but top-of-the-line, solarto look dark as well. Fresh paint brightens powered fresh air models offer all the any room, but to amplify the effect choose features of modern, no-leak skylights lighter, less intense colors such as pastels, plus significant savings on product and whites and grays. Remember that colors installation costs. They feature a solar appear truer when they are awash in panel that charges a hidden internal battery, which operates the control system. natural light. Continue the color upgrade through key These skylights require no wiring, making for easy and cost-effective installation. An integrated rain sensor automatically closes the units in case of inclement weather and all Velux skylights offer three layers of water protection backed by installation and no-leak warranties. A variety of light-filtering, light-blocking and light-controlling solar powered blinds are also available in a mix of designer colors and patterns to enhance decor while improving skylight energy efficiency by as much as 45 percent. The skylights, as well as the blinds, are operated by a programmable remote control and are eligible for a 30 percent federal tax credit, as are installation costs.

decorating elements, such as upholstery fabric, accent rugs, window treatments and wall art. Replace heavy drapes with translucent sheers that admit natural light and give rooms an airy, open feeling. Upgrading other light sources While you take steps to maximize the amount of natural light that enters your home, artificial lighting will always be needed, whether at night or for a dreary day. Choose light fixtures – including floor and table lamps – that continue the bright, easy atmosphere you’ve already created with color and natural light. Keep in mind the importance of layering light with a mix of sources throughout a room and choose lighting styles that fit the room’s purpose. For example, in kitchens where a lot of work gets done, overhead and under-counter lights provide the best illumination for cooking and other chores. In bedrooms, wall sconces and table lamps provide softer, more soothing light. Don’t overlook energy efficiency when you’re revamping your artificial lighting. You can boost your home’s energy efficiency by replacing old, electricityguzzling incandescent light bulbs with energy-sipping CFLs and LEDs. For more ideas on lightening up your home and to view the available types of skylights, blinds and accessories, visit


Previous Awards 2010, 2012, 2013

Voted “Best Painter� in Kent

5 Years In A Row!


You Enjoy Your Summer, Let Us Do The Painting! Call Jeff at 206-799-5040 • Lic.# JEFFHHP885MW




May 27, 2016

2016 HOMEimprovement

Ways to Add Luxury to Your Laundry Room (Family Features) Updating your laundry room with a distinctive design and increased functionality can be one of the most exciting ways to refresh your home. Chic decor and elements of personal style can transform a dull, tired space into a luxurious retreat you may find yourself sneaking off to. Use these five tips to breathe new life into a room that is often forgotten. Set the tone with color and texture. Start with sleek quartz or concrete countertops and add a trendy, colorful backsplash to break the mold of monotonous counter spaces and blank white walls. Tile backsplashes are always a safe bet, however, consider venturing outside your comfort zone with reflective surfaces or sleek stone materials. Continue the look with elegant slipresistant stone or tile flooring and a plush area rug for added comfort and depth. Let there be light. Since laundry rooms of the past often occupied dark, windowless spaces, adding glamorous ceiling lighting is a must. Add a chandelier as the centerpiece and flank it with recessed lighting to brighten the

room. Focus on fabric care. Center your design around appliances that not only deliver on style and technology, but deeply clean and care for your clothes like the Electrolux Washer with SmartBoost and Dryer with Instant Refresh. To ensure your favorite pieces look impeccable wash after wash, SmartBoost technology premixes water and detergent before it even hits your clothes, maximizing the cleaning power of the detergent. Not to mention, the pair has a 15-minute fast wash and a 15-minute fast

dry so you can freshen up your outfit for a night out in just half an hour. Play with patterns. Incorporating on-trend patterns, like chevron or an ombre color fade, into decor and accessories can get the creativity and fashion inspiration flowing. Consider the juxtaposition of multiple patterns along with a few pops of color to bring life and style to the room’s design. Reconsider the location. Looking to achieve the laundry space of your dreams? Consider moving the washer and dryer into a walk-in closet. Aside from the stylishness of combining your laundry room and master closet, having the laundry near where you get dressed is also convenient. Just make sure your machines fit in your unconventional space. With reversible doors and the ability to stack the units, Electrolux laundry pairs are designed to fit seamlessly into more spaces in the home. For more laundry room inspiration and solutions from Electrolux, visit

What to Consider When Updating Your Home’s Flooring StatePoint) Are you planning on updating your flooring this season? From performance to style to color, there are many factors to consider before finding flooring that fits your family’s lifestyle. Before making the investment, you should ask yourself these three questions about each room you are remodeling. • Who uses the room? Determining who will use the room on a regular basis is very important. For everyday family rooms, be sure to go with something durable and able to withstand high traffic and activity from kids and pets. However, if you’re installing flooring in a room used only by guests around special occasions, you may want to make a statement, focusing more on style over functionality. • How is the room used? Knowing how your room will be used is key when picking out the best flooring option. For example, if the room will be used for active living, such as for crafts, playtime or as a workout room, look for flooring options that can withstand the constant foot traffic and inevitable spills, and is also non-slip. • What feelings are you trying to evoke? Casual and fun or formal? If you’re trying to go for a fun and inviting feel you may want to lean towards something either light or bright in color. Bright colors scream fun and excitement while light colors make the room feel open and welcoming. For a

Tigressa H20 Carpet makes a great floor choice for high traffic areas.

more formal feel, try something in a dark tone or with a subtle pattern, which can evoke a calming, subdued response. You want to choose a carpet that does not quickly show matting, crushing and wear, so look for carpets that have dense fibers resilient to every day abuse. “Soft” and “strong” are no longer competing priorities thanks to manufacturing innovations. “If your family is busy and active and you have

pets, you’ll want something that offers both style and function. With today’s carpet options, you don’t have to sacrifice either,” says Keesha Hargis, Home Decorating Specialist at Flooring America. A waterproof carpet was only a dream for many homeowners in the past, and now the technology is available. Check out Flooring America, which recently introduced Tigressà H20, a revolutionary carpet that is waterproof, pet-proof, kid-proof, and can withstand the toughest household spills and pet accidents. It’s ideal for busy homes that experience high foot traffic from active kids and pets. If you’re priority is comfort and softness, a good bet is Tigressà Cherish, which is a plush, eco-friendly carpet that, despite being 75 percent finer than current soft carpet standards, is durable enough to last for years, even if you have a busy home. Tigressa Cherish’s color enhancement system protects each fiber, allowing for deeper colors and textures, which keeps it looking beautiful, new and fresh longer than the average carpet. To learn more about innovations in flooring options, visit Flooring choices today are sometimes overwhelming. Check with a trusted local independent flooring retailer who can offer design and performance recommendations based on your priorities.

2016 HOMEimprovement

May 27, 2016

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May 27, 2016

2016 HOMEimprovement

Home Improvement - 2016  
Home Improvement - 2016