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Join the Day of Giving! 24 Hours, 254 Nonprofits



www.kitsapgreatgive.org A special supplement to the Bainbridge Island Review, North Kitsap Herald, Central Kitsap Reporter, Bremerton Patriot and Port Orchard Independent


Join the Day of Giving! 24 Hours, 254 Nonprofits

YOu Can HElP all THE nOnPrOFIT s! H E r E ’ s H O W. . .

Give to the Kitsap Community Foundation Did you know that the Kitsap Community Foundation makes $0 from hosting the Kitsap Great Give? That’s right, while you can donate to us as a participating nonprofit if you want to, we don’t make money from hosting this event. We do this because it is part of our mission: Connecting People Who Care With Causes That Matter The funds we use to host the Kitsap Great Give come from our Operating Fund. By donating to us, you enable us to continue hosting the Kitsap Great Give. Help us help Kitsap by choosing the Kitsap Community Foundation in the Kitsap Great Give. Go to www.kitsapgreatgive.org and select “Kitsap Community Foundation”

Give to the Kitsap Great Give Bonus Pool The Bonus Pool is what makes the Kitsap Great Give so special. Every dollar donated to individual nonprofits is boosted by the Bonus Pool dollars. If you want to help every single nonprofit in the Kitsap Great Give, then you can donate to the Bonus Pool and your dollars will be distributed to every single nonprofit that receives a donation. By donating to the Kitsap Great Give Bonus Pool, your money will: • Help every single nonprofit receiving a donation • Encourage others to participate • Help offset credit card processing costs

Go to www.kitsapgreatgive.org and select “Kitsap Great Give Bonus Pool”


www.kitsapgreatgive.org 3

The Kitsap Great Give

By Kol Medina, Kitsap Community Foundation Executive Director What is the Kitsap Great Give? 2015 was the second year of the Kitsap Great Give. In that second installment, over 3,500 different donors gave $1,017,000 to 230 nonprofits working in Kitsap County. Simply put, that was the greatest single day of charity that Kitsap County has ever experienced! This year, in the third year of the Kitsap Great Give, the goal is to raise at least $1,500,000 in online donations for local nonprofits. Whether or not we reach that goal and provide this amazing gift to our local nonprofits is up to you and the thousands of other residents of this County who we hope will participate on May 3. No donation is too small, so please take part in the Great Give.

Why should I bother to donate online on May 3? There are lots of reasons to take part on May 3. First, you’ll be part of something bigger than yourself, a group of thousands of people who donate that day to celebrate and support 250 nonprofit organizations working in every corner of the Greater Kitsap area. If we all take part, we can smash the goal of raising $1,500,000 that day! Second, this is your chance to learn about all of the wonderful nonprofits that are working hard every day to make our communities better places to live, work, and play. At www. kitsapgreatgive.org you can view the profiles of 250 nonprofits that work in Kitsap County. Third, any donations you make

This publication is produced by:

that day will be magnified by sponsors of the event. For instance, if you donate $100 to a nonprofit through www.kitsapgreatgive.org that day, the nonprofit will actually receive $110 or more dollars. You see, some very generous sponsors have donated over $150,000 to this event. That money will be given to all of the nonprofits taking part on May 3 – the more donations a nonprofit receives, the more of the $150,000 they will receive. So make sure you donate to your favorite nonprofits on May 3 and help them get part of that $150,000! Finally, there are fun prizes throughout the day. For instance, between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. that day, one donor will be randomly chosen each hour. The winning donor each hour will have $250 added to their donation! Take part on May 3 and help “your” nonprofits win these prizes!

So how exactly does it work? It’s very simple. For 24 hours, from 12:00 a.m. on May 3 until 11:59 on May 3, you can go to www.kitsapgreatgive.org, look through the 250 local nonprofits listed there, and donate as much or as little ($10 minimum) to as many nonprofits as you’d like in a single transaction using a credit card. That’s it. The website will keep a running total in real-time of the total amount raised so far; so you can check in throughout the day and see if we’re getting close to the $1,500,000 goal. And you can also see, in real-time, how much money each of “your” nonprofits has raised that day. Help nonprofits. Help our communities. Win prizes for your nonprofits. Feel good about yourself. Please be a part of the biggest day of charity in our County’s history!

The Kitsap Great Give’s Sponsors

2016 Kitsap Great Give Sponsors 2016 Kitsap Great Give Sponsors 2016 Kitsap Great Give Sponsors 20162016 Kitsap Great Give Sponsors 2016 Kitsap Great Give Sponsors Kitsap Great Give Sponsors 2016 Kitsap Great Give Sponsors Presenting Partners Presenting Partners Presenting Partners 2016 Kitsap Great Give Sponsors Presenting Partners Presenting Partners Presenting Partners Presenting Partners Presenting Partners Presenting Partners

Lead Sponsors $20,000+ Lead Sponsors $20,000+ Lead Sponsors $20,000+ Lead Lead Sponsors $20,000+ Lead Sponsors $20,000++ Sponsors $20,000 Lead Sponsors $20,000+ Lead Sponsors $20,000+ Lead Sponsors $20,000+

Media Sponsors Media Sponsors Media Sponsors Media Sponsors

MediaMedia Sponsors Media Sponsors Sponsors

Media Sponsors Media Sponsors

Sponsors $10,000 Sponsors $10,000 Sponsors $10,000 Sponsors $10,000 Sponsors $10,000 Sponsors $10,000 Sponsors $10,000 Sponsors $10,000 Sponsors $10,000 Sponsors $2,500 Sponsors $2,500 Sponsors $2,500 Sponsors $2,500 Sponsors $2,500 Sponsors $2,500 Sponsors $2,500 Sponsors $2,500 Sponsors $2,500 Prize Sponsors Prize Sponsors Prize Sponsors Prize Sponsors Prize Sponsors Prize Sponsors Prize Sponsors Sponsors Prize Prize Sponsors

Regional Advertising Director: Donna Etchey Creative Services Manager Bryon Kempf

19351 8th Ave NE, Suite 106 Phone: 360.779.4464 Fax: 360.779.8726 www.northkitsapherald.com

Production & Layout Design: Bryon Kempf & John Rodriguez Advertising Sales: Priscilla Wakefield Editorial content provided by The Kitsap Community Foundation


Join the Day of Giving! 24 Hours, 254 Nonprofits

The Kitsap Community Foundation

By Kol Medina, Kitsap Community Foundation Executive Director The Kitsap Community Foundation, in partnership with our Presenting Partner, the United Way of Kitsap County, is pleased to produce the Kitsap Great Give. Our mission at the Foundation is to “improve our community’s quality of life by connecting people who care with causes that matter.” The Kitsap Great Give accomplishes that mission in an efficient and county-wide manner. I believe that you are a person who cares and that there are causes that matter to you. If I’m right, than the Kitsap Great Give is a tool that you will want to use; it will allow you to more efficiently and effectively support the causes that matter to you. On page three of this insert, you can read about exactly how the Great Give works.

grants in 1999. Since that time, the Foundation has distributed over $3.5 million dollars to over 200 different greater Kitsap area nonprofits.

Our central program is working to grow an endowment of money that will provide grants to the nonprofits in our community FOREVER. Currently, the endowment is $5.3 million. Our goal is to increase it to at least $10 million within two years and to continue growing from there. Our Please community will be well served by a strong community foundation with a large endowment that is annually providing millions of donate to Kitsap dollars to support our community’s nonprofits.

Community Foundation on May 3 to help the Foundation pay for the costs of producing the Kitsap Great Give!

One of the most popular types of funds in the Foundation’s endowment is a “donor advised fund.” Put simply, a donoradvised fund allows you to donate a sum of money (minimum $10,000) today, or whenever you’d like (including in your will), and to then work with the Foundation to make donations out of your fund forever to the nonprofits you recommend. This is a charitable legacy that can be named after you and can be passed on to your children. And better yet, you get to use the expertise and relationships of the Foundation’s staff and Board to make the most of your giving and to ensure your gifts are used appropriately.

We at the Foundation hope that the Great Give will raise $1,500,000 for local nonprofits on May 3. But we also love this event because, for one day, it will shine a bright light on the hard and important work of nonprofits. And we love this event because of its spirit – it’s a way for all of our local nonprofits to work together to raise the tide for all of them. At the Foundation, we believe deeply in the power of collaboration to improve our nonprofits and our community.

Kitsap Community Foundation is YOUR community foundation. Our purpose is to improve our community by working to better the nonprofits in our community, working to increase philanthropy in our community, and providing leadership in our nonprofit sector. The Foundation is young, having made its first

A strong endowment also strengthens the Foundation itself and that has many benefits for our community. For instance, the Foundation produces the CONTINUED ON PAGE 29


to homes,communities communities hope to build build homes, && hope

Partnering with low income families throughout Kitsap County, Habitat is committed to breaking the cycle of creates povertyopportunities through affordable home ownership and financial responsibility Working Habitat people to live in decent, Weeducation. put faith into action Habitat creates opportunities forforallallpeople to live in decent,affordable affordablehousing. housing. We put faith into action alongside volunteers, theorfamilies build brighter futures and a in safe, affordable place to call home. by helpingour to build, renovate preserve homes, and by partnering affordable home ownership as a by helping to build, renovate or preserve homes, and by partnering in affordable home ownership as a foundation for breaking the cycle of poverty. www.kitsaphabitat.org info@kitsaphabitat.org 360.479.3853

foundation for breaking the cycle of poverty.




www.kitsapgreatgive.org 5

The Kitsap Great Give Sponsors

The Kitsap Great Give would not be possible without the generous support of the event’s sponsors. Together these sponsors donated over $170,000! Please shower the sponsors with your thanks, appreciation, and business. The largest sponsor, and the event’s Presenting Partner, is the United Way of Kitsap County. Kitsap Community Foundation, the organization that is producing the Great Give, is extremely thankful for United Way’s sponsorship, partnership, and dedication to improving our community. The Lead Sponsors of the event are Bremerton Bottling Company, which is our local Pepsi distributor; the A.Y. Petter Fund at the Kitsap Community Foundation; Port Madison Enterprises and the Suquamish Tribe; Total Wine & More; and an anonymous donor. We are thankful for their deep support of the Great Give and our community.

Title Company; and two anonymous donors. Finally, the following organizations sponsored prizes that will be given away during the event: BNY Mellon; Best Western Silverdale Beach Hotel; and the Kitsap Community Foundation Board of Directors. Without all of these Supporters and Prize Sponsors, the Great Give would not achieve its goals. Kitsap Community Foundation and the 250 nonprofits taking part in the Kitsap Great Give deeply appreciate the support of these generous sponsors!


Without the major assistance of the event’s Media Sponsors, the Great Give could not possibly succeed. We are deeply grateful to the Sound Publishing group of papers (Bainbridge Review, North Kitsap Herald, Central Kitsap Reporter, etc.); the Kitsap Sun; West Sound Home & Garden Magazine; Hyper Effects; Mattress Ranch and Bremerton Kitsap Access Television (BKAT).

More than 30 diseases have Peripheral Neuropathy which causes Charcot Foot Deformity. Diabetes is #1 Charcot Awareness Education Foundation P.O. Box 3902 Silverdale, WA 98383-3902 www.CharcotAwareness.org Annita Shaw, Founder

The next level of Sponsors are the Kitsap Credit Union and Orchard Foods (our local Taco Bells and KFCs). We thank these Sponsors for making a substantial donation to the event and doing what they can to make it as successful as possible. Counted as Supporters of the Kitsap Great Give are Tim Ryan Construction; Land 501(c)(3)

SOROPTIMIST Best for women. What the organization strives to be — women at our best, helping other women to be their best.

OUR MAJOR PROGRAMS Live Your Dream Award: Education and Training Awards for Women

To improve the lives of women and girls through programs leading to social and economic empowerment.

Live Your Dream Campaign We appreciate your support! To learn more, please contact the club nearest you.

Women and girls will have the resources and opportunities to reach their full potential and live their dreams.

Soroptimist International of Greater Bremerton Area www.bremertonsoroptimist.org

Soroptimist International of Greater North Kitsap www.signk.org

Dream It, Be It! - Career Support Program for Girls STOP Trafficking Initiative End Domestic Violence in the Workplace Campaign

Soroptimist International of Port Orchard www.siportorchard.com


Join the Day of Giving! 24 Hours, 254 Nonprofits

The Importance of Charitable Giving in our Communities

Mother Teresa once said “To keep a lamp burning, we have to keep putting oil in it.” I like to think of this quote in the context of charitable giving. I think of the size of the flame in the lamp as a sign of the health of our communities; and I think of charitable giving as the oil in the lamp. Charitable giving, the dollars and time that we all give to nonprofits in our community, has a huge impact on the size of the flame because the nonprofits in our community provide so many of the services and qualities that make our communities healthy. The Kitsap Great Give is designed to put a lot of oil in our communities’ lamps. If we all take part in the event, we’ll raise $1,500,000 for nonprofits in our community on May 3. It will be the largest day of charity ever experienced in this County, the single greatest injection of oil ever made into the lamp! 250 different nonprofits are eligible to receive your donations at www.kitsapgreatgive.org on May 3. That’s 250 organizations that educate our children and adults, protect and improve our environment,

take care of our elderly and disabled, provide fun and meaning through arts and culture, support our veterans, provide food to the hungry, give clothes to the poor, and help to heal those suffering from drug addictions and mental health issues.

actual giving, which means it is likely that members of our community –you, me, and all of our neighbors in this County – donated over $150 million to charity in 2008. That ranks Kitsap County as the 255th most giving county in the country (out of 3,115 counties).

I encourage you to go to www.kitsapgreatgive.org on May 3 and, if nothing else, just look through all of the nonprofits listed there and see the immense benefits that nonprofits and philanthropy bring to our community. We need to keep all of these lamps burning brightly.

Also of note is the total revenue of the nonprofits in our community. There are approximately 260 public charities based in Kitsap County. In 2012, they had a combined revenue of $650 million. That’s $650 million that these nonprofits spent to help us, our neighbors, and our families and to make our community a better place to live, work, and play.

As it stands already, a lot of oil is put into our nonprofit lamps in the greater Kitsap area. In 2012, a massive study was released showing the level of giving in each community around our country in 2008 (you can look it up online at “How America Gives” and search by your city). This study found that the good citizens of Kitsap County donated over $105 million dollars to charity in 2008.

Please support these nonprofits by putting oil in the lamp at www.kitsapgreatgive.org on May 3!

And the study was only capturing about 60% Thank youof for

participating in the Kitsap Great Give! Support local historyinand art Thankyou youfor forparticipating participating in the Kitsap Thank the Kitsap Thank you for participating in the Kitsap Great Give! Great Give! Great Give! Sidney Museum and Arts Association Supportlocal localhistory history and Support and artart Support local history and art

SidneyMuseum Museumand andArts Arts Association Sidney Association Interested in local Sidney Museum and Arts Association

history or the arts? Interested in in local Interested local  Volunteerin opportunities Interested local history or or thethe arts? history arts? history or the arts?  Two local museums

 Volunteer opportunities Volunteer opportunities   Volunteer Sidney Artopportunities Gallery  Two local museums Two local museums  Two Art Scholarships  local museums  Sidney ArtArt Gallery Sidney Gallery

 Sidney Art Gallery

 Art Scholarships  Art Scholarships The Hometown Band is a community concert band that has been entertaining Kitsap County audiences since 1982. Comprised of volunteer musicians of varying skill levels, the band provides an opportunity for lifelong music education and fellowship. Local community events are enhanced by the band’s performance of tunes including classical, jazz, patriotic, popular, and seasonal.

Keep instrumental music alive in Kitsap County. Support The Hometown Band through The Kitsap Great Give! The Hometown Band • P.O. Box 2343, Silverdale, WA 98383 www.hometownband.org • Contact: Cathy Bisaillon, Treasurer, cathyb@wa.easterseals.com

 Art Scholarships

202 Sidney Avenue Port Orchard, WA 98366 202 Sidney Avenue “Exposure like Exposureto to cultural cultural institutions, institutions, like 202360-876-3693 Sidney Avenue museums museumsand andperforming performingarts artscenters, centers, Port Orchard, WA 98366 bringsyou youhigher higherlevels levelsofofengagement engagement State brings Sidney Avenue &202 National Historic Building Port Orchard, WA 98366 Site Exposure to cultural institutions, withthe thearts, arts, greater tolerance,like with greater tolerance, 360-876-3693 museums and artsas centers, Exposure to performing culturalas institutions, like Preserving historical empathy, well better History ~ Promoting Art Orchard, WA 98366 historical as well as better 360-876-3693 brings youempathy, higher levels of engagement museums and performing arts centers, State &Port educational memory and critical National Historic Building Site Exposure to cultural institutions, like educational memory and critical with the arts, greater tolerance, brings you higher levels of engagement thinkingand skills. as well arts www.sidneymuseumandarts.com State & History National Historic Building Site 360-876-3693 historical empathy, as better museums centers, Preserving thinking with theskills.” arts,performing greater tolerance, ~ Promoting Art

educational memory and critical brings you higher levels of engagement historical empathy, as well as better Preserving HistoryHistoric ~ Promoting Art Site State & National Building thinking skills.memory www.sidneymuseumandarts.com with the arts, greater tolerance, educational and critical historical as well as better thinkingempathy, skills. www.sidneymuseumandarts.com Preserving History ~ Promoting Art


www.kitsapgreatgive.org 7

The Kitsap Great Give Prizes

In order to make the Kitsap Great Give more fun for everyone involved, a number of prizes will be given away during the event. All of the “prizes” are special donations that will be made to the winning nonprofits. Check out the prizes below and try to help “your” nonprofit be a winner!

Kitsap Community Foundation Board of Directors Early Bird Prize - $1,000

$1,000 prize for the nonprofit that raises the most money by 9:00 a.m.

BNY Mellon Golden Tickets - $250 per hour from 9 a.m.-9 p.m.

Each hour from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., $250 is added to a randomly chosen donation.

Clearwater Casino Prize 1st place $2,000, 2nd place $500, 3rd place $250.

This generous prize will be awarded to the nonprofit that presents the most donation receipts at the Clearwatersponsored KCF nonprofit event on May 3.

The Point Casino Most Donor Prizes for Large Nonprofits 1st Place $1,000, 2nd Place $500, 3rd Place $250

The nonprofit with an annual budget over $100,000 that has the most individual donors by the end of the day wins $1,000. Second prize is $500. Third is $250.

Most Donor Prizes for Small Nonprofits 1st Place $1,000, 2nd Place $500, 3rd Place $250

Silverdale Beach Hotel Category Awards

$500 prize for nonprofit with most donors in each of the following categories: Basic Needs and Human Services.

The nonprofit with an annual budget under $100,000 that has the most individual donors by the end of the day wins $1,000. Second prize is $500. Third is $250.

www.pawsbink.org Join us in creating an environment on Bainbridge Island in which the arts and humanities flourish.

For over 40 years, PAWS has been providing vital services to the dogs & cats of Kitsap County. Your support helps save lives!

The Arts & Humanities Council is an independent, not-for-profit organization serving the people of Bainbridge Island with community programs and cultural services for artists, educators, cultural organizations, and patrons of the arts and humanities. Our Programs Amy Award for Emerging Artists Arts in Education Consortium Bainbridge in Bloom Garden Tour

Celluloid Bainbridge Film Festival Island Treasures Award Poetry Corners Public Art

Our Services Bainbridge Cultural Calendar Currents Magazine Cultural Reps

Creative Professionals Roster Directors’ Forum Marketing Kiosks

www.BainbridgeArtsHumanities.org admin@bainbridgeartshumanities.org — 206.842.7901

People helping pets...pets helping people.


Great Give List of Nonprofits Animal Collar of Hope

www.collarofhope.org We help homeless dogs find their way into furever loving families.

Concern for Animals

www.concernforanimals.org Provide assistance for low-income families with pets in need.

Horse Harbor Foundation, Inc.

www.horseharbor.org An lifelong horse rescue sanctuary and youth equine educational center.

Kitsap Animal Rescue and Education

nwkare.org EDUCATE. ADVOCATE. REHABILITATE. Educating people for the sake of their pets.

Join the Day of Giving! 24 Hours, 254 Nonprofits

Kitsap Humane Society

Rescue Every Dog (R.E.D.)

Art SLAM Studio

Native Horsemanship Youth Program

Senior Dog Lodge

Arts & Humanities Bainbridge

www.kitsap-humane.org KHS’ vision is that every adoptable companion animal has a home.

www.nativehorsemanship.org Free horsemanship lessons for lowincome or disabled youth.

PAWS of Bainbridge Island and North Kitsap www.pawsbink.org Helping local pets and their people build lasting, loving relationships.

Pony Up Rescue for Equines www.ponyuprescue.org We rescue, rehab and rehome horses within WA who are in need due to abandonment, abuse, neglect or starvation.

www.rescueeverydog.org Serving communities while saving the lives of exceptional companion animals.

www.seniordoglodge.com Giving senior shelter dogs a second chance.

West Sound Wildlife Shelter www.westsoundwildlife.org Wildlife rehabilitation and educational outreach throughout the western Puget Sound.

Arts & Culture Admiral Theatre Foundation admiraltheatre.org Kitsap’s Premier Live Entertainment & Events Venue.

www.artslamstudio.org SLAM- Supporting Local Artist & Musicians to impact our community.

ahbainbridge.org Support the cultural community and provide powerful arts education for children.

Bainbridge Arts & Crafts

www.bacart.org BAC is a nonprofit art gallery and art education center.

Bainbridge Chorale

www.bainbridgechorale.org We present concerts, youth choral programs and community outreach events.

Neighbor Helping Neighbor, One Neighbor At A Time

Bainbridge Public Library is proud to participate in Kitsap Great Give! Your support helps us maintain the library’s building and grounds to make BPL a vibrant community space for everyone. Thanks to the sponsoring partners and generous donors who support Kitsap’s vital nonprofit community!

1270 Madison Ave. N, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 www.bainbridgepubliclibrary.org


www.kitsapgreatgive.org 9

Great Give List of Nonprofits continued Bainbridge Island Historical Museum bainbridgehistory.org Collect, preserve, and share the unique history of Bainbridge Island.

Bainbridge Island Museum of Art (BIMA)

www.biartmuseum.org An educational institution engaging a diverse population with the art and craft of our region and our time.

Bainbridge Island Youth Orchestra

biyo.us Teaches and grows Orchestral experience and musical excellence.

Bainbridge Performing Arts www.bainbridgeperformingarts.org Educate, perform, and inspire: community focused performing arts.

Bloedel Reserve

www.bloedelreserve.org A place where people come to connect with nature.

Bremerton Community Theatre

bremertoncommunitytheatre.org To provide the ultimate live theater experience for both audience and actor alike.

Bremerton Historic Ship Association

Central Stage Theater of County Kitsap (CSTOCK)


www.cstock.org CSTOCK is a volunteer-based familyoriented community theater for all ages.

www.kitsapartsandcrafts.com/about.html Funding renewable college art scholarships for Kitsap High School students

Cultural Arts Foundation Northwest

Kitsap Children’s Musical Theatre

Jewel Box Theatre

Kitsap County Historical Society

www.cafnw.org Support local adult artist and students through grants and scholarships.

www.ussturnerjoy.org Naval Heritage education and memorial recognition.

www.jewelboxpoulsbo.org We are a Live Community Theater offering 6 Main Stage Productions a year plus play readings and other theatrical events.

Bremerton Symphony Association

Kids Discovery Museum

www.bremertonsymphony.org We bring communities together by sharing a passion for music.

www.kcmt.org Provide youth an outlet for leadership development through theatrical experience.

www.kitsapchs.org We preserve and share Kitsap County’s stories.

www.kidimu.org An interactive children’s museum serving Kitsap County and the greater Puget Sound area.

Kitsap Opera

www.kitsapopera.org Provides great operas at affordable prices for the Kitsap community.

ASSIST is an evidence-based approach to providing Supported Employment and Community Access for adults with intellectual disabilities, developmental disabilities and acquired brain injury.




Join the Day of Giving! 24 Hours, 254 Nonprofits

Great Give List of Nonprofits continued Kitsap Peninsula Dance Theatre

Poulsbo Community Orchestra

The Changing Scene Theatre Northwest

Kitsap Pride Network

Puget Sound Navy Museum Foundation

The Hometown Band

www.peninsuladancetheatre.org Provide supportive environment to explore the world of dance, and expand the horizons of youth.

kitsappride.org Kitsap Pride is celebrating twenty years of LGBT pride.

Ovation! Performing Arts Northwest

www.ovationmtb.com Ovation! serves the community through quality theatre arts and education programs.

Peninsula Music and Arts Society

themusicandart.com Promoting and supporting The Arts in Kitsap communities.

www.poulsbocommunityorchestra.org Performs free concerts of classical orchestral music for Kitsap community.

www.pugetsoundnavymuseum.org/member. htm Supports Navy Museum exhibits and educational programs.

Sidney Museum and Arts Association (SMAA)

www.sidneymuseumandarts.com Dedicated to preserving local history and promoting Pacific Northwest art.


www.spacecraftpresents.org We bring unexpected music, ideas and experiences to Kitsap County.

changingscenenorthwest.org Fringe theatre organization dedicated to original works and the classics.

www.hometownband.org Brings together musicians that play concert music for the community.

Western Washington Center For The Arts 1 (WWCA) www.wwca.us Live theatre productions, kids’ theatre, acting classes and live artistic performances.

Basic Needs

Foodline Valentinetti Puppet Museum Bremerton bremertonfoodline.org www.ectandpuppets.org Our puppet museum provides tours, workshops, puppets, and shows for all ages.

West Sound Entertainment

www.kitsapconcerts.org We bring affordable family entertainment to the Kitsap community.

Enriching lives of those in need with food assistance and other services.

Canterbury Manor

canterburymanor.org Provides affordable housing & services for independent seniors.

Central Kitsap Food Bank www.ckfoodbank.org Provide food at no cost to people in financial crisis.

Assisting the homeless & poor of Kitsap County as they work toward restoration of body, mind & spirit through Christ-centered Programs. Making a difference since 2009 . . . Did you know that the Latest statistics of Kitsap Homelessness have revealed a 30% rise in homelessness and a 100% rise in the number of unsheltered homeless in our County?

Help us help them…our neighbors in need. Your donations allow us to provide: • A Dayroom: a safe, dry place for respite for men, women and children. • An Overnight Shelter: for men, women, & children, open 7 nights per week. • Nutritious meals 6 days per week at various locations throughout the County. • Clothing, hygiene items, shoes & outdoor gear. • Life restoration programs like Fresh Start, our two year residential program, and Celebrate Recovery. Come join us for a tour & lunch: Sat, Apr 30th , 11 AM – 2 PM


www.kitsapgreatgive.org 11

Great Give List of Nonprofits continued EBC - West Sound

babycorner.org/ebc-west-sound/ EBC - West Sound gives basics to children in need, helping them thrive.

New Day Ministry

www.facebook.com/New-DayMinistry-743969739037841/ New Day provides free hot meals to the Homeless, the elderly and those in need.

North Kitsap Fishline Food Bank and Supportive Services www.nkfishline.org Keeping vulnerable residents of North Kitsap safe from hunger and homelessness.


Seeds of Grace

www.dreambigaskbold.org Building sustainable, organic gardens to feed God’s Sheep.


www.sharenetfoodbank.org ShareNet fights hunger and poverty issues in northernmost Kitsap County.

Sound Works Job Center

soundworks@silverlink.net Provides free employment counseling, resumes, interview training, and job placement.

South Kitsap Helpline

www.skhelpline.org Provides critical food to those in need in our community.

www.seashare.org SeaShare distributes seafood to food banks in Washington and nationwide.

Bainbridge Island Child Care Centers 502 Cave Ave, Bainbridge, 206-842-6525. www.biccc.org "BICCC provides an atmosphere and environment conducive to every child's continued growth and development with respect for each child's uniqueness in development, culture, family and self."

Stand Up For KidsBremerton (SUFKS)

Bainbridge Island Friends of the Library

The Salvation Army

Bainbridge Island Sportsmen’s Club

www.standupforkids.org/bremerton/default. aspx Assist Homeless and At-Risk Teens’ efforts in improving their lives.

www.bremerton.salvationarmynw.org We serve the poorest of the poor without discrimination.

Community Improvement Bainbridge Island Downtown Association

www.bainbridgedowntown.org Our mission is to promote a vibrant downtown economy.

www.bifriends.org BIFOL conducts book sales to fund library programs and build an endowment fund.

biscwa.org We provide a healthy environment for Member’s & Non-Member’s sporting activities.

Blue Star Banner Program

www.bluestarbanner.org Seeks to enhance patriotism throughout Kitsap, Mason, Clallum & Jefferson Counties.

Bremerton Central Lions Charitable Foundation bremertoncentrallions.com Grants for individual, capital and community projects.

www.ywcakitsap.org 905 Pacific Ave Domestic Bremerton Violence WA 98337 www.ywcakitsap.org 905 Pacific Ave (360) 479-0522 affects Bremerton WA 98337 us all! (360) 479-0522

We have been in operation for over 40 years! www.ywcakitsap.org

The YWCA is the only designated provider of services for victims of domestic violence in Kitsap County.



Join the Day of Giving! 24 Hours, 254 Nonprofits

Great Give List of Nonprofits continued Children of The Nations

www.cotni.org Raising Children Who Transform Nations.

Community Endowment Fund

www.kitsapfoundation.org An undesignated fund to be used for the greatest need.

Downtown Bremerton Association

www.downtownbremerton.org We support the continued revitalizing downtown Bremerton and our city as a whole.

Friends of Fort Ward

www.fortwardhall.org We promote historic preservation in Bainbridge Island’s Fort Ward neighborhood.

Habitat for Humanity of Mason County www.habitatmasonwa.org We partner with low-income homeowners to improve home accessibility.

Kitsap Community Foundation

www.kitsapfoundation.org Increasing the culture of Philanthropy in Kitsap County.

Kitsap Great Give Bonus Pool

Increasing the amount of matching money for Kitsap Great Give nonprofits.

NAD Guardhouse Cabin Foundation

www.nadgcf.org Restore the historic log cabin at NAD Park in Bremerton.

Serving our community locally & abroad, since 1976.

100% of donations go directly to service projects including community outreach, youth scholarships and domestic violence abuse prevention. Help Rotary support our community.

Learn more at poulsborotary.org

New Life Community Development Agency

We build solutions for a better life.

North Kitsap Trails Association

www.northkitsaptrails.org NKTA volunteers organize, plan, build and maintain North Kitsap trails.

Port Gamble S’Klallam Foundation & Heronswood

sklallamfoundation.org Preservation and promotion of S’Klallam culture and the Tribe’s work.

Port Orchard Friends of the Library

Financial support for Library programs benefiting youth and the public.

Poulsbo North Kitsap Rotary Foundation www.poulsborotary.org Making a difference in our community, locally and globally since 1976.

Silverdale Rotary Club Foundation

www.silverdalerotaryclub.org We unite community leaders who believe in Service Above Self.

Sustainable Bainbridge

sustainablebainbridge.org Sustainable Bainbridge serves as an incubator for new sustainability initiatives.

Village Green Foundation

www.kingstonvillagegreen.org We are creating a facility to address unmet community needs in Kingston and North Kitsap Peninsula.


www.kitsapgreatgive.org 13

Great Give List of Nonprofits continued Walk in the Light International

witli.com WITLI brings whole person development to communities in Burkina Faso.

Education Albers Vista Gardens

www.albersvistagardens.org Albers Vista Gardens inspires and teaches all who visit about sustainable horticulture.

Bainbridge Cooperative Nursery School (BCNS)

Bainbridge Public Library (BPL)

www.bainbridgepubliclibrary.org BPL operates and maintains a vibrant community space for everyone.

Bainbridge Schools Foundation

www.bainbridgeschoolsfoundation.org BSF funds BISD Staff Salaries, Training and Classroom Innovation.

Battle Point Astronomical Association

bpastro.org We provide Astronomy Science Education for Schools, Organizations and everyone.

www.bcnspreschool.org BCNS, a child-centered preschool, fosters social, emotional, and creative growth through art and music.

Bremerton High School (BHS) Pay It Forward Scholarship

Carden Country School

www.cardencountryscool.org Giving K-8 students the tools to find joy in life.

www.bhspayitforward.org Big scholarships for mid-range, lowincome grads willing to help others.

Charcot Awareness Education Foundation

Bremerton Rotary Foundation

www.bremertonrotary.org The Bremerton Rotary Foundation provides support for overall community improvement.

Bremerton Schools & Alumni Foundation www.bremertonsaf.org We help Bremerton students succeed through scholarships and classroom grants.

C.A.S.T. for Kids Foundation

www.charcotawareness.org CAEF educates about Charcot foot deformity: untreated results in amputation.

Child Evangelism Fellowship of Kitsap County www.cefkitsap.com Guiding a new generation that seeks to honor God.

CKHS Alumni Association

www.ckhsalumni.org The Alumni Association supports the students of CKHS.

www.castforkids.org We give children the opportunity to go fishing.

Provides accessible, affordable, compassionate, quality health care services for our communities. PORT ORCHARD MEDICAL CLINIC



320 South Kitsap Blvd, Port Orchard, WA 98366 Mon - Fri .... 7:30 AM - 6 PM

1950 Pottery Ave, Suite 170, Port Orchard, WA 98366 Mon - Fri .... 7:30 AM - 6 PM

19917 7th Ave, Ste 205, Poulsbo, WA 98370 Mon - Fri ..... 7:30 AM - 6 PM



616 Sixth Street, Bremerton, WA 98337 Mon - Fri ..... 7:30 AM - 6 PM Extended Hours Mon - Fri ..... 4 PM – 7:30 PM

2508 Wheaton Way, Bremerton, WA 98310 Mon - Fri ..... 7:30 AM - 6 PM Extended Hours Mon - Fri ..... 5 PM – 8:30 PM Sat ..... 9 AM – 3 PM

1-360-377-3776 Call for an appointment or more information www.pchsweb.org

Join us on Facebook!


Join the Day of Giving! 24 Hours, 254 Nonprofits

Great Give List of Nonprofits continued Fetu Ta’iala Learning Center www.kitsapfoundation.org/FLTC.aspx Closing educational inequity and advocating for Pacific Islander students in Washington schools.

First Teacher

www.firstteacher.org Providing research-based early childhood parenting education through parenting newsletters.


freedom13.org Freedom13.org educates adults and students about local sex trafficking issues.

Friends of Silverdale Library To provide expanded reading opportunities for the Central Kitsap community.

Friends of the Manchester Library

Kingston High School Band Boosters

Hilder-Pearson PTA 1.7.5

Kingston High School Fine Arts Boosters

www.manchesterwa.org We operate the building housing the Manchester Library.

www.facebook.com/HilderPearsonPTA/ Working for the welfare, safety, education and care of children.


khsbb.org Keeping the Kingston High School Buccaneer Band - Playing for you.

Advocate and fund raise for KHS fine arts.

Kingston Middle School PTSA

islandwood.org Connecting kids to nature.

Kingston Cooperative Preschool (KCP)

kingstoncooppreschool.com Co-op Preschool providing early childhood education.

nkschools.org/domain/758 We work with Kingston Middle School to fund raise and aid in the education of our students!

Kitsap Adult Center for Education (formerly Literacy Council of Kitsap)

Kitsap Community & Agricultural Alliance (KCAA) kitsapag.org Provides education and advocacy for agricultural in Kitsap County and the Greater Peninsula region.

Kitsap Maritime Heritage Foundation

www.kitsapmaritime.org STEM Education, Nautical Experience, Teamwork, and Memories. Come sail with us.

Kitsap Regional Library Foundation

www.krl.org/foundation Provides financial support to enrich library resources beyond public funding.

www.kacewa.org KACE assists adults studying English, basic skills and GED preparation.


Our success is providing critical funding to support Kitsap Strong and our shared mission of reducing poverty in Kitsap County. Our investment in Kitsap Strong gives us the opportunity to help build resiliency in our children, and teach our community about the effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). This community impact project is based on a culmination of years of collaborative work and research. We are very proud to be part of creating a positive impact in our shared community in such a meaningful way. With your help, we can change the way in which our entire community looks at poverty and the steps we can take together to win this fight. The Great Give will allow your United Way to continue this important work, along with our partners, the Kitsap Community Foundation and the Suquamish Tribe. Together, we will build resiliency in our children as we alleviate Adverse Childhood Experiences and break the cycle of poverty in Kitsap County.

We can do more United than we ever can alone! Please give to the United Way of Kitsap County during The Kitsap Great Give.



www.kitsapgreatgive.org 15

Great Give List of Nonprofits continued Leadership Kitsap

www.leadershipkitsap.org Strengthening communities through servant leadership by educating, preparing, and connecting community leaders.

League of Women Voters

www.lwv-kitsap.org LWV works to strengthen democracy through voter registration and education.

Maasai Women’s Education & Empowerment Program (MWEEP)

www.maasaiwomen.org Provides educational opportunities for Maasai girls and women in Kenya.

Master Gardener Foundation of Kitsap County


www.naacpbremerton.com/home We advocate for political, educational, social and economic equality for all persons.

North Kitsap High School Band Boosters

Provides a funding source music education at North Kitsap High School.

North Kitsap Schools Foundation

www.nkschoolsfoundation.org Supports top-quality educational opportunities for North Kitsap students.

Olympic College

www.olympic.edu/ To support Students & Programs of Olympic College.

The Live Telecast on BKAT Tune into Bremerton Kitsap Access Television (BKAT) on the evening of May 3 between 6 and 9 p.m. to watch a live telecast of the Kitsap Great Give! During the telecast, you can meet the people who organized this event; watch interviews with ten of the nonprofits that are taking part in the Great Give; receive updates on the event’s fundraising total; and listen to the Bremerton Symphony. What and where is BKAT? Each year, BKAT cablecasts hundreds of community based programs to approximately 50,000 households throughout Kitsap County. BKAT is a P.E.G. Access television station airing Public, Education and Government programming on Comcast Channel 12 and WAVE Broadband channel 3. Learn more about BKAT’s broadcasts and trainings at http://www.ci.bremerton. wa.us/bkat/.

www.kitsapgardens.org The MGFKC raises funds for Kitsap’s Master Gardener program.


Please help us continue to serve Bainbridge Island. We transport over 1,000 patients each year. Donate on May 3 through the Kitsap Great Give. All Great Give proceeds go to staff training and new life-saving equipment. www.biaa-ambulance.org

Exceptional teachers make all the difference! Join BSF today in helping empower teachers and inspire students. Please give on May 3rd to support island education.



Join the Day of Giving! 24 Hours, 254 Nonprofits

Great Give List of Nonprofits continued Peacock Family Services

peacockfamilycenter.org We provide nurturing, enriching care for children and family support.

Port Orchard Kiwanis Scholarship Trust Fund

kiwanisclubofportorchard.org Provide scholarships to graduating high school seniors in South Kitsap.

Poulsbo Historical Society

www.poulsbohistory.org PHS archives, preserves and exhibits the history of Poulsbo.

Salish Sea Expeditions

www.salish.org Experiential marine science education for middle and high school students.

Silver Ridge Elementary PTA

Soroptimist International of Greater Bremerton Area www.bremertonsoroptimist.org Women at their best, helping women+girls live their dreams.

South Kitsap Band Boosters www.skbandboosters.com Supports the SKHS Marching Band.... musically, academically, socially and financially.

South Kitsap Public Education Foundation

Enhance public education in the South Kitsap School District at all levels.

The Island School

theislandschool.org Engaging curriculum and socialemotional learning in kindergarten through fifth grade.

silverridgepta.my-pta.org Silver Ridge PTA supports our school and education of children!

Bremerton United Methodist Church (BUMC)

Has served the needs of Kitsap County residents for 116 years We are service oriented and a strong advocate of Social Justice & Empowerment

Three goals that the Kitsap Great Give can help us reach in 2016 are: 1. Strengthen and expand our community outreach and services (please see website) 2. Hire a Children/Family Program Person 3. Build a covered entrance with restrooms close to the sanctuary to be accommodating for public events & performances especially for those with physical disabilities Top three reasons for participating in the Kitsap Great Give: 1. Increase community awareness of our presence, services, and impact 2. Reach our goals including expansion of our tutoring program beyond elementary to include middle school students who desperately need help in reading, writing, math and science. 3. Strengthen our communication links with the community through social media Why do we need donors to support us? Because we are one. Faith based organizations are an important part of the fabric of society. They are well springs of volunteerism and unsung services to our community. Major positive life changes are a result. Please give to the church of your choosing. 1150 Marine Drive, Bremerton, Washington 98312 Website: www.bremertonumc.org Email: bremertonumc@yahoo.com Contact: (360) 373-3510


www.kitsapgreatgive.org 17

Great Give List of Nonprofits continued The Paul Linder Education Foundation

Provide educational grants for Central Kitsap Schools to benefit students.

Vinland Lutheran Preschool

www.vinlandlc.org/preschool/index.html Prepares children for kindergarten and a lifetime of learning.

Washington Youth Academy Foundation www.wyafoundation.com Helping high school dropouts succeed in academics and life.

West Sound Academy

www.westsoundacademy.org WSA is a college-preparatory International Baccalaureate for grades 6-12.

West Sound Technical Skills Center Foundation www.westsoundtechfoundation.org Provide educational opportunities for West Sound Tech Students through Scholarships.

West Sound Technology Association | West Sound CoderDojo www.westsoundtechnology.org Educate, influence and promote an innovative and vital technology economy.

Nonprofit’s donations on May 3 (- 5.5% processing fee)

How does the Great Give match work? Match (+10-15%)*

Wolfle Elementary School PTA

TOTAL Received (105-110% of donations)*

www.nkschools.org/Domain/669 Helping students, families, and teachers thrive at Wolfle Elementary School.

*Amount of the matching pool match depends upon amounts raised and is not guaranteed.

Your generous donation helps keep our kids’ voices strong! Please join us May

5-22 for . . .


for Kitsap Kids Join our Great Give on May 3, 2016 at TICKETS AVAILABLE AT KCMT.ORG



Join the Day of Giving! 24 Hours, 254 Nonprofits

Great Give List of Nonprofits continued Environment

Kitsap Audubon Society

Bainbridge Island Land Trust

www.bi-landtrust.org Island People Preserving Island Places. For Everyone. Forever.

Clear Creek Trail

www.clearcreektrail.org Restoration & Maintenance of the Clear Creek Habitat and Trail.

www.kitsapaudubon.org Connect families with birds, wildlife, nature and the environment.

Puget Sound Restoration Fund

restorationfund.org Working throughout Puget Sound on diverse projects to restore iconic marine resources and a healthy ecosystem.

Stillwaters Environmental Center Great Peninsula Conservancy Education www.stillwatersenvironmentalcenter.org www.greatpeninsula.org Great Peninsula Conservancy protects natural habitats and open spaces forever.

Illahee Forest Preserve

illaheepreserve.org Saving a Forest, Salmon Stream, Watershed and Wildlife Habitat.

Engage families and communities for the health of Puget Sound.

The Salmon Center

www.pnwsalmoncenter.org We bring salmon and people together for all generations.

Celebrating 25 Years of Joy in Learning!

We empower students and teachers by providing resources necessary to ensure success in the classroom and beyond. Contribute to the endowment and be part of providing excellence in education for the Bremerton community. Your dollars make a difference! Thank you! • K-8

• Challenging, Christ-centered curriculum with specialists in French, Music, PE and Art. • 5:1 average student to teacher ratio



206-842-6510 • admin@cardencountryschool.org



mise, ys ogotype.


For the third year in row, from United Way of Kitsap County will be the Presenting Partner and want to once again than the e we Kitsap Community Foundation for hit great work in organizing

and managing the Kitsap Great ured Give. We also want to thank the

many sponsors who contribute to the local matching pool of dollars. Due to the overwhelming support from Great Give donors over the past two years, the sponsorship pool has increased again and that means even more matching dollars for those who contribute this year. The Kitsap Great Give is a growing opportunity for everyone; participating charities, donors and the entire community as a whole. It warms the heart to know that the funds raised on this one day of giving help to support the hard working and dedicated nonprofit network of safety net agencies throughout Kitsap County. All of us, the network of nonprofits, United Way of Kitsap County and the Kitsap Community

Salish Sea Expeditions is a catalyst for student-directed oceanographic research on and around the waters of the Salish Sea. On multi-day excursions and week-long summer camps participants work side by side with marine scientists and sailors gathering data and sailing the 61' research vessel Carlyn,our floating classroom.

PMS 185 CMYK: 0C, 91M, 76Y, 0K

www.kitsapgreatgive.org 19 Foundation work hard every day to committed and work hard to raise and human service agencies aid Together provide needed services to those charitable dollars to meet the those most in need. in poverty and to the working most critical needs we can help lift individuals and poor who are so vulnerable as they facing the families out of poverty and create struggle to make ends meet and K i t s a p a better life for their children. keep their family in warm, FONT: The past To those who participate in safe housing. this day of giving, we thank you few years have been a Trajan Pro Regular in advance for partnering with struggle for the entire United Way, Kitsap Community safety net of services Foundation and all of the Great and it is thanks to the Kitsap Great Give Sponsors for your gifts. It Give donors who is through charitable giving that have helped give the Board of Directors at United configurations. (Please use logos located at www.redshieldtoolkit.org.) someAlternate needed relief. Way and the Kitsap Community Foundation are able to help As a Presenting provide a strong and vibrant Partner alongside the community safety net giving those Kitsap Community most vulnerable in our community Foundation, we are an opportunity for a better life. invested in the Kitsap Great Give’s matching David L. Foote funds pool and pledge that Executive Director every dollar pledged to United United Way Communities. Way on May 3rd will also be of Kitsap County invested in programs that help The Kitsap Great Give is one more people in our community who way to help the safety net of health are struggling to survive. We are

Heart to God, Hand to Man We help the poorest of the poor in His name without discrimination

832 6th Street Bremerton or call: 360-373-5550

Bremerton Backpack Brigade

Serving the first needs of the child so they may learn. Bremerton_backpack_brigade.com We are excited to beBremerton a part of the P.O.Box 2533, WAGreat 98310Give!

Each week backpacks of nutriti ouschild food so including milk,learn. fresh Serving the first needs of the they may

fruit and vegetables are sent home to over 250 children in More than childrenElementary in Bremerton elementary needhalf fromthe allyoung six Bremerton schools. schools receive free orsupport reduced makes price breakfasts and lunches each day Community this work possible! For some those are the most nutritious meals they will Bremertonbackpackbrigade.org - P.O. Box 2533, Bremerton WA 98310 receive that day, for others it’s the only meals they receive. Visit our website or Facebook page to learn more about our program. Help us send nutritious, kid friendly, food home on weekends to those children in need.


Join the Day of Giving! 24 Hours, 254 Nonprofits

Great Give List of Nonprofits continued Health Bainbridge Island Ambulance Assoc. Inc.

Central Kitsap Medic One Foundation

BIAA is an non-profit ambulance transporting service serving all Bainbridge Island, for over 75 years.

www.ckfr.org We fund essential equipment for outstanding quality emergency medical care.

cribsforkids.org Providing cribs to needy families to reduce unsafe sleeping.

Foundation for Childhood Pancreatitis www.childhoodpancreatitis.org FCP provides support to children suffering from acute/chronic pancreatitis.

The Friends of the Silverdale Library need your help! In 2015 we supported 44 programs benefiting over 11,000 children! We appreciate your donations of gently used books and/or media!

Cribs for Kids

Weekly book sales fund a multitude of reading programs for all ages and build critical funds for the new Central Kitsap Library in Silverdale.

Good Samaritan Foundation

waystohelp.multicare.org/good-samaritanfoundation The Children’s Therapy Unit empowers children to discover new possibilities.

Harmony Hill Retreat Center

www.harmonyhill.org Wellness education and healing retreats for families affected by cancer.

Harrison Medical Center Foundation www.harrisonmedical.org/giving Making Healthcare Better for our Community.

Jaxon’s Cure

www.jaxonscure.org Raise awareness on SSPE (measles) and the importance of immunizations.

Kitsap Mental Health Services

www.kitsapmentalhealth.org KMHS provides recovery-based behavioral healthcare for people of all ages.

Kitsap Rugby Football Union www.kitsaprugby.com We promote Rugby in Kitsap County.

Please call/email for more information or to schedule a donation David Bonnett 360-710-4963 / bonnettde@gmail.com Daniel Warzynak 702-499-7486 / dwarzynak@yahoo.com


Rehab • Senior Housing • Home Care Care Management • Long Tem Care • Children


www.kitsapgreatgive.org 21

Great Give List of Nonprofits continued Kitsap Tennis & Athletic Center

Mary Bridge Children’s Foundation

Lindquist Dental Clinic for Children

Meals on Wheels Kitsap

www.kitsaptennis.com Family fitness center with an emphasis on aquatics & racquet sports.

waystohelp.multicare.org/mary-bridgefoundation All children receive quality care, regardless of ability to pay.

www.lindquistdental.org Provide dental care to Puget Sound children in need.

www.mealsonwheelskitsap.org Provides healthy, nutritious meals and more for Kitsap County seniors.

Make Some Noise: Cure Kids Cancer - Northwest

MultiCare Health Foundation

www.makenoise4kidsnw.org We raise private donations to fund childhood cancer research & awareness.


KCR provides... Head Start, Early HS & Childcare Homeless and Housing Employment & Training Utility Assistance WIC Nutrition Financial Education BE$T Business Training

And More...

waystohelp.multicare.org/multicare-healthfoundation Kitsap’s fragile newborns thrive at Tacoma General’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

A community action agency relying on private donors like you to serve Kitsap County’s most vulnerable children and families. Help serve families in need. Designate your Great Give gift to KCR!

Hunger Hurts… our neighbors come to us when they

don’t know where their next meal will come from. Thanks to you, the Bremerton Foodline has been helping hungry people in the great Bremerton area for 36 years.

You can help children smile with healthy snacks so they will do well in school! You can help a family know they will have a meal on the table tomorrow! You can make a senior’s life better with nourishing food to maintain their health! Invest in your community by donating today to help with our “2016 Healthy Food for U” program initiative by making a contribution to help your neighbors.

$20 for a Summer Kids Bag of good snacks and easy to prepare foods when school is out $25 for Senior Nutrition Supplemental Bag with fresh veggies and fruit $50 for a Family Food Basket with extra proteins & produce $100 for a “ Friend” sponsorship of locally sold produce $500 for a “Full Plate” sponsorship for one family for a year

Helping put food on the table! 1600 12th street Bremerton | WA | 98337 360.479.6199


Join the Day of Giving! 24 Hours, 254 Nonprofits

Great Give List of Nonprofits continued My Jewels of Hope

www.myjewelsofhope.com Makes and sells jewelry for funding Cancer research at UWMC.

Northwest Derby League

The Tasha Mitchell O.T.T.E.R.S. Fund

www.tashasotters.org Providing assistance to patients suffering from rare and sarcoma cancers.

northwestderbycompany.com NDC is an adult women’s Roller Derby league.

Peninsula Community Health Services

American Red Cross Serving the Kitsap and Olympic Peninsulas

www.pchsweb.org PCHS provides affordable quality health care services across Kitsap County.

www.redcross.org Humanitarian organization that prevents and alleviates human suffering.

Smile Partners


www.smilepartners.org Preventive dental hygiene for lowincome kids and seniors in Kitsap County.

Port Gamble S’Klallam Foundation We wanting to serve theirtheir neighbors with the elderly, personsdisabled with Weconnect connectpeople people wanting to serve neighbors with the elderly, or disabilities or those needingto assistance maintain their independence and quality those needing assistance maintaintotheir independence and quality of life. of life. No fee services include: include: No fee services  Transportation • Transportation for for medical medical or or therapy therapyappointments appointments • Errands Errands • In-home In-home services services such such as as light light housekeeping, housekeeping, help help with with yard yard care care or or pets pets • Respite care and companionship Respite care and companionship www.ivcbainbridge.org 206-842-4441 Thank youfor foryour yoursupport! support! www.ivcbainbridge.org 206-842-4441 Thank you

ShareNet Food Bank serves people in need in the Kingston, Hansville, Indianola, Port Gamble, Eglon and Little Boston communities with emergency food services.

Human Services

www.assistall.org ASSIST provides pre-employment and employment services for adults with disabilities.

Working to increase the understanding of the Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe’s rich cultural heritage with people who reside in the Puget Sound area and visitors from far and wide. The restoration and maintenance of Heronswood Botanical Garden is an exciting focus of our work. We invite you to join us in this effort through a donation today!


Thank you! (360) 297-9623



Fetu Ta'iala Learning Center Education + Wisdom = Endless Opportunities

All Thrift Store proceeds support the food bank.

Pacific Islanders are often overlooked in educational research. Among students of color, they have the highest dropout and suspension/expulsion rates along with the lowest academic achievements in Washington Schools. They are underrepresented and underserved by our Washington educational system. Our students deserve educational equity and need our help to realize their potential.

or PO Box 250, Kingston, WA 98346

Fetu Ta'iala Learning Center (FTLC), or Fetu Ta'iala (for short) is a grassroots nonprofit organization committed to education equity and to close the academic and opportunity gaps for disadvantaged and underserved students with a focus on Pacific Islander students in Washington schools.

Food Bank Hours Tues. & Fri. 10-2 Thrift Store Hours Tues. through Fri. 10-4

360.297.2266 26061 United Rd. NE, Kingston www.sharenetfoodbank.org www.facebook.com/sharenetfoodbankandthriftstore ShareNet is a registered charity; financial gifts are tax deductible.


www.kitsapgreatgive.org 23

Great Give List of Nonprofits continued Bainbridge Island Senior Community Center biseniorcenter.org Enriching Seniors’ quality of life through advocacy, services, and activities.

Bainbridge Island Special Needs Foundation

www.bispecialneedsfoundation.org BISNF offers adults with developmental disabilities a place to create community.


www.housingkitsap.org BASIC increases housing stability with essential outreach services and programming.

Benefits Central

www.benefitscentral.org Assisting people with disabilities who want to work.

Bremerton Backpack Brigade

bremertonbackpackbrigade.org The BBB provides healthy weekend meals for kids at risk.

Community and Family Services Foundation

www.cfsf.net Foster home licensing, child placement, wrap, respite, case aide services.

Bremerton United Methodist Community Frameworks www.communityframeworks.org Church Community Frameworks creates www.bremertonumc.org Serves the spiritual educational and physical needs of Kitsap residents.

affordable homes to make strong, resilient neighborhoods.

Camp Beausite NW

Crossroads Housing

www.campbeausitenw.org Provides recreational, therapeutic, and educational programs for people with disabilities.

Catholic Community Services

www.ccsww.org/site/PageServer Catholic Community Services: Housing, healing, hope, for the poor and vulnerable.

www.crossroads-housing.net House homeless families in Mason County.

Dispute Resolution Center of Kitsap County

www.kitsapdrc.org Strengthens Kitsap County by promoting communication, cooperation, and collaboration.

Easter Seals Washington

www.easterseals.com/washington/ Creating Solutions - Changing Lives.

Faith In Action

fiaws.org We support independent living for our senior and disabled neighbors.

God’s Kitchen at Family of God Lutheran Church

www.myfamilyofgod.org God’s Kitchen is a feeding program for anyone in need.

Habitat for Humanity of Kitsap County

www.kitsaphabitat.org We’re a self-help housing organization partnering with low income families.

Make summer camp dreams come true! Donate to Supporting the Community according to our motto: “Service Above Self”


Bremerton Soccer Club is a youth recreational soccer club. The purposes of this Club are educational and include the following: Develop, promote, and govern the game of soccer. Provide a vehicle through which Youth, Parents, and Coaches may expand their education, skills, and knowledge and to teach through the game of soccer, sportsmanship, physical health, and mental alertness.

www.bremertonsc.org www.facebook.com/groups/bremertonsc.org

Camp Beausite Northwest (Chimacum)

Offering inclusive, week-long summer camps for youth and adults of all abilities, from all areas. Now hiring camp counselors, nurse, and food-service manager.

www.campbeausitenw.org 360-732-7222


Join the Day of Giving! 24 Hours, 254 Nonprofits

Great Give List of Nonprofits continued Helpline House

Island Time Activities

www.helplinehouse.org Social service organization providing services to residents of Bainbridge and North Kitsap.

www.islandtimeactivities.org ITA empowers individuals with intellectual disabilities to live meaningful lives.

Holly Ridge Center

Island Volunteer Caregivers (IVC)

www.hollyridge.org Serves children and adults with developmental delays/disabilities throughout Kitsap.

www.ivcbainbridge.org Helps elderly, disabled and others with tasks to remain independent.

Housing Resources Bainbridge

Kitsap Applied Technologies www.katkitsap.org KAT is a bridge to community employment for disabled veterans and adults with developmental disabilities.

www.housingresourcesboard.org We provide and maintain affordable housing opportunities on Bainbridge Island.

Kitsap Cancer Services

Ibsen Adoption Network

www.ibsenadoption.com Encouraging the adoption of special needs children through education, support, and financial assistance.

Provide life enhancing support services to increase emotional well-being.

Peninsula Dance Theater needs help raising scholarship funds for our company dancers. Many of PDTs Company members will attend Summer programs during our off season in order to keep their training strong. Many camps that our dancers will attend can cost up to $5000 in tuition, travel expenses, room and board. Last year we gave over $3000 in scholarship funds to our students. This year we hope to do the same or more however, our organization has only earned $1000 in scholarship fundraisers. With the support of the Kitsap Great Give we hope to be able to make up that difference.


Your contribution is very much appreciated

Heritage Museum at City Hall Includes the research center 200 NE Moe St. Open Wednesday – Saturday, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Martinson Cabin • Nelson Park, Poulsbo Open Saturdays, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.


Bringing the past to life.

Poulsbo Maritime Museum and Visitor Center 19010 Front St. NE, Poulsbo Open daily, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Phone 360-994-4943

360-440-7354 poulsbohistory@gmail.com ∙ www.poulsbohistory.org

Kitsap Community Resources (KCR)

www.kcr.org “Provide Housing, Employment & Training, Head Start, WIC, AmeriCorps and much more to over 17,000 Kitsap residents annually.

Kitsap County Toys for Tots belfair-wa.toysfortots.org Toys for Tots ensures every kid has a Christmas!

Kitsap Foster Care Association

Kitsap Immigrant Assistance Center (KIAC)

www.kitsapiac.org KIAC helps vulnerable immigrants integrate and participate in American life.

Kitsap Legal Services

kitsaplegalservices.org Matching low-income residents with free attorneys for advice during civil legal turmoil.

Kitsap Rescue Mission

www.kitsapfostercare.org KFCA provides training and resources that support foster families, adoptive homes and relative placements.

kitsaprescue.org Provides services to homeless individuals to bring about personal restoration.

Kitsap Sexual Assault Center www.ksacservices.com Advocacy, therapy services for children/ adult victims of sexual violence.

SeaShare Seafood to Food Banks

When it comes to nutrition, seafood packs a punch, but is a rare commodity at food banks. SeaShare is the only nonprofit dedicated to filling this essential need. For every $1 donated, SeaShare is able to distribute 8 servings of seafood to food banks. Find out more at www.seashare.org

StandUp For Kids – Bremerton

Bremerton@standupforkids.org or like us on Facebook The mission of StandUp For Kids, “SUFKS” is to assist Homeless and At-Risk Teens with essential needs such as clothes, food. hygiene items and other items as needed. Most importantly our mission is to let the teens know there is help if they want it. SUFKS is an all volunteer organization run solely by community donations of clothing, food, sleeping bags, tents, etc, and CASH. We work on the street but primarily through the alternative schools of Kitsap County. You would be amazed at how many teens are on the verge of dropping out because they are having to sustain themselves while struggling to stay in school. Counselors repeatedly tell us that what we provide really makes a crucial difference. Your donation to us during the Kitsap Great Give Event will greatly enhance our ability to serve these teens that are in such great need. StandUp For Kids is a 501(c) (3) organization.


www.kitsapgreatgive.org 25

Great Give List of Nonprofits continued Lutheran Community Services Northwest

North Mason Resources

nmresources.org Assist multiple providers maintain the humanity of life for individuals.

www.lcsnw.org/bremerton/ Provides caregiver support and senior volunteer opportunities to promote independence.

Olympic Mountain Rescue

M.E.N.D. Mommies Enduring Neonatal Death www.mend.org Support for families who have suffered the death of a baby.

Martha & Mary

www.marthaandmary.org Senior healthcare and housing; early learning and childcare programs.

Morrow Manor - the Campaign to Build Brighter Tomorrows

www.olympicmountainrescue.org OMR provides mountain rescue and education services to the community.

One Heart Wild Education Sanctuary

www.oneheartwild.org Advance understanding of the healing capacity within Trans-species Psychology.

Peninsula Services

peninsulaservices.org Peninsula Services provides community based employment services to persons with disabilities.

Pregnancy Resource Services Soroptimist International www.prskitsap.org of Greater North Kitsap Free pregnancy tests, parenting (SIGNK) education, supplies for pregnant women

signk.org Women helping other women and girls to be their best.

& children.

Scarlet Road

www.scarletroad.org Scarlet Road provides exit solutions and support for girls in exploitation.

Seattle Goodwill

www.seattlegoodwill.org Goodwill provides free employment training and adult basic education.

Silverdale Sunrise Lions Provide eyeglasses, hearing aids, diabetes screening for the less fortunate.

Soroptimist International of Port Orchard siportorchard.com Soroptimist improves the lives of women and girls.

South Kitsap Community Alliance Bring hope to the hopeless and homeless of Kitsap County.

www.supportmorrowmanor.org Build housing units for domestic violence survivors and their families.

The BHS Band Boosters fund well over 50% of the operating budget for BHS Band and Guard. The direct link between students who stay involved and students who stay in school is realized everyday in the BHS Band program. The band program help high school youth find a level of comfort, acceptance and support that other activities cannot offer. Please consider a donation to help our kids thrive musically!


Q Youth Resources is an all volunteer organization that works with educators, mental health professionals, Kitsap school districts, and trained volunteers to provide a rich community of support and resources for LGBTQ youth. Donations will help our organization sustain our youth leadership program, Drop-In activities, special events, and educational outreach to LGBTQ youth. LGBTQ youth need safe, dedicates spaces, like the Q Center, to meet their unique needs and celebrate their identities. The Q Center, open Friday nights for youth ages 13-20, provides education, community, and a safe space for queer and allied youth. The Q Center, has far-reaching and powerful impacts on youth. "The Q Center was part of the reason I had the courage to come out. I was offered amazing advice and provided with a wealth of information of sexuality, identity, and gender"- Q Center Youth.

Follow The Q Center on Facebook : www.facebook.com/theqcenter Visit our website at qyouthresources.org Contact theqcenter@qyouthresources.org

MWEEP provides educational opportunities for girls and young women in Kenya. For families struggling to feed their families school is often not a reality for daughters. MWEEP provides cost/share funds that give families an option to send their daughters to school rather than early marriage and unhealthy pregnancies. We are a local Kitsap county all-volunteer nonprofit that sends 90% of every dollar donated to Kenya. To learn more about us or donate please visit our website: www.maasaiwomen.org

645 4th Street, Suite 101 • Bremerton, WA 98337 (360) 782-1058


Education provides the light of hope that penetrates the darkness of poverty.


Join the Day of Giving! 24 Hours, 254 Nonprofits

Great Give List of Nonprofits continued Spirit of Life Lutheran Ministries

Provides for the spiritual, nutritional and developmental needs of the Olalla community.

St. Vincent de Paul Bremerton

www.svdpolypen.org Offering person-to-person service to individuals in need.

Suquamish Community Kitchen

www.suquamishucc.org We provide nutritional dinners and community to our neighbors weekly.

The Arc of Kitsap and Jefferson County

Turning Pointe Domestic Violence Services

www.turningpointe.org We provide emergency housing, programs and advocacy support for survivors of Domestic and Sexual Assault/Abuse, their children and their pets.

United Way of Kitsap County

www.unitedwaykitsap.org We leverage donor dollars to support the community safety net.


www.vadis.org Providing job training, placement and ongoing support for people with disabilities.

Youth Development

Weaver Foundation Georgia Mattson Memorial Shelter

All Teens Matter

West Sound Treatment Center

Bainbridge High School Instrumental Music Boosters

YWCA Kitsap County

Bainbridge Island Boys Lacrosse Association

www.gmweaverfoundation.org Provides an environment unparalleled in advocacy, empowerment and support.

westsoundtreatmentcenter.org Behavioral health treatment and supportive housing for individuals and families.

www.ywcakitsap.org YWCA is the only domestic violence agency in Kitsap County.

www.allteensmatter.com Provide Christmas to 14-18 students in Kitsap County.

www.bainbridgebands.org BHS Band Boosters serve youth with an interest in music.

www.bainbridgelax.com We are a Lacrosse program for boys in grades K-12.

Bainbridge Island Child Care Centers

www.arckj.org The Arc advocates for people living with disabilities at the local, state and national level.

www.biccc.org A nurturing, stimulating, compelling place where kids prosper and thrive.

P.O. Box 10822 Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 206.212.0145 islandtimeactivities.org


Puppet Museum

Island Time Activities (ITA) is working to strengthen the culture of inclusion and equality in Kitsap County by empowering people with intellectual disabilities to lead lives of meaning and self-determination. Your support of ITA through the Kitsap Great Give will help us continue to offer daily social clubs, personal development time, one-on-one mentoring, support, and community access to our members who live in North Kitsap. Visit our website or our Facebook page to learn more about what we do and how you can get involved. We thank you for your support!


Your support helps us to make our programs all they can be. We thank you for all that you do for our members.

Schooner Fiddler’s Dream Our mission is to celebrate our region’s maritime heritage through exhibition, education, and helping people of all ages and abilities to have a hands on nautical experience. S.T.E.M. Dockside Education Program

Providing assistance to patients and families suffering from rare and sarcoma cancers. If you know someone in need, please contact us at 360-990-1340.


Please Give to Youth Maritime Education www.kitsapmaritime.org

Funding will go to various aspects of our operation at the puppet museum like technology upgrades, supplies for puppet workshops, our collection of puppets upkeep, and puppet purchases. These all do not get funded on a regular basis, so the Kitsap Great Give will help us greatly with money for keeping the museum updated and well supplied. Our goal is to raise $4000.

257 4th Street (downtown Bremerton) Hours: Tues. 11-3 Wed. thru Sat. 11-4 www.ectandpuppets.org 360-373-2992


www.kitsapgreatgive.org 27

Great Give List of Nonprofits continued Bainbridge Island FC

www.bifc.net/home.php Participation, education, development and enjoyment are the cornerstone of BIFC.

Bainbridge Island Mountain Biking Club

www.geargrinders.org BIMBC supports youth mountain biking through the Gear Grinders Team.

Bainbridge Roller Hockey League

www.bihockey.org Co-ed, mixed-ability; recreational roller hockey league for players ages 7-17.

Bainbridge Youth Services (BYS)

Boy Scouts of America

www.seattlebsa.org We help youth become GREAT!

Boys & Girls Club of Bainbridge Island

www.bi.positiveplace.org Help kids and teens get on the path to great futures.

Boys & Girls Clubs of South Puget Sound

www.bgcsps.org Youth development ages 6-18 in Bremerton, South Kitsap, North Mason.

Bremerton Soccer Club

www.bremertonsc.org Youth and community development through the game of soccer.

www.askbys.org We support youth with free counseling, internships, tutoring & additional support.

Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

www.campfireseattle.org Featuring Year-Round Youth Programming Including Overnight & Day Camping, Clubs & Teen Leadership! Catholics United for Life www.ignitenw.org Impact youth for the culture of life.

Girls on the Run of WestSound

www.girlsontherunkitsap.org Inspiring girls to be healthy, confident and joyful through running.

Kids In Concert (KIC)

kidsinconcert.org KIC offers free violin and cello classes to Suquamish-area youth.

Kingston High School Athletic Boosters

khsboosters.com Ensure the success of our athletes and the strength of our athletic programs through financial support.

Kitsap Alliance FC

kitsapalliancefc.com KAFC is focused on developing players’ skills and passion for soccer.

Kitsap Child Care and Preschool

www.kitsapchildcare.org We provide quality developmentally appropriate education and care for ages 12mos-5yrs.

Kitsap County 4-H Youth Development Program

kitsap.wsu.edu 4-H empowers youth to reach their full potential.

Georgia’s House is a homeless shelter in Bremerton, WA that helps homeless women and displaced women and their children. It is operated by the Weaver Foundation. The Weaver Foundation was built on the ideals and inspirations of the woman for whom the shelter is named; Georgia Mattson was a caring, giving woman who believed in diversity and acceptance of each person she met. Upon Georgia’s death, a group of people from different walks in life got together and decided to continue her work in the community.

4846 Auto Center Way, Bremerton, WA 98312

Stillwaters Environmental Center 26059 Barber Cut Off Road NE Kingston WA 98346 — 360-297-1226 info@stillwatersenvironmentalcenter.org www.stillwatersenvironmentalcenter.org

Stillwaters engages families, students and the community to advance the health of Puget Sound watersheds and preserve the vitality of our region for the future.. The campus is a field laboratory and outdoor classroom for citizen scientists of all ages. Join us! Stillwaters is a non-profit, 501c3 organization and all donations are fully tax deductible.

(360) 479-9029

Native Horsemanship Youth Program with Lynne Ferguson

The Native Horsemanship Youth Program is a non-profit community organization, operating on the Port Madison Indian Reservation. Our mission is to preserve and teach traditional (Comanche/ Numunu) horsemanship to interested youth and families on our reservation and surrounding community, regardless of their ability to pay and to offer classes to youth and families with disabilities. (We have many participants on the autism spectrum.) We support ourselves with donations, grants, and music fundraisers. We could not operate without your donations. Your support helps feed the horses’ tummies and the riders’ spirits. Thank you so much for your help! VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR OUR FUNDRAISING CONCERTS



Join the Day of Giving! 24 Hours, 254 Nonprofits

Great Give List of Nonprofits continued Kitsap Sailing and Rowing Foundation www.kitsapsailingrowing.org KSRF provides sailing and rowing opportunities with instruction and equipment.

North Kitsap Boys & Girls Club

bgcsc.org/snohomish-clubs/north-kitsap-club/ Offering Kingston Middle School student after-school Boys & Girls Club.

Olympic Aquatic Club (OAC)

www.oacswim.org OAC offers a competitive swim program for ages 5 and up.

Our Girls Empowered Through Mentoring and Service

our-gems.org Mentoring group for young ladies to realize their fullest potential.

Poulsbo Piranha Swim Team (PPST) www.poulsbopiranhas.com To instill a life-long love of swimming and to build a program of excellence in training, team unity, character development and family support.

Q Youth Resources (Q Center)

theqcenter.org We provide education, community, and support to LGBTQ youth.

Royal Family KIDS Camp, Bremerton #46

bremerton.royalfamilykids.org Confronting abuse and changing lives of Kitsap County foster children.

The Coffee Oasis

www.thecoffeeoasis.com Changing the world for homeless youth.

Tracyton Pee Wee Sports Association

www.tracytonpeewees.com Nonprofit youth organization offering Football, Cheer, Basketball and Baseball programs.

West Sound Youth for Christ www.westsoundyfc.org

Sharing the love of Christ with high risk youth.

YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap Tracyton Scout Parents’ Club Counties www.ymcapkc.org Troop 1506 www.troopwebhost.org/Troop1506Tracyton/ Index.htm Provides property, facilities, and support for Tracyton BSA Troop 1506.

The YMCA strengthens communities through youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility.

Warren Ave Pee Wees

www.wapeewees.org Provide positive, safe environment for kids to play organized sports.

Washington Explorer Search and Rescue, Kitsap Unit www.kitsapesar.com Provide trained searchers and K9 to find missing people.

"Empowering People to Resolve Conflict Peacefully"


The Dispute Resolution Center strengthens relationships, families, and communities through mediation, facilitation and training services.

Call 360-698-0968


Thanks to our Donors & Members


9004 Washington Ave. NW, Silverdale, WA 98383


NAACP Bremerton Unit #1134 The mission of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate race-based discrimination.

The Bainbridge Island Youth Orchestra was formed in 2001 by a group of parent and teacher volunteers who wanted young, string musicians on Bainbridge Island to be able to learn quality orchestra repertoire and to play in ensembles together. Our goal is to challenge and nurture young hearts and minds through shared music.



Here are some examples of how your contributions will make a difference: • Supply musical parts • Support our enrichment directives such as collaborations, • Support the cost for concerts, which are free to the public soloists and commissioned pieces • Support our financial need scholarship program The Bainbridge Island Youth Orchestra is an independent non-profit organization complying with section 501(c) (3) of the IRS code. Our tax ID # is 31-1813412. Donate by contacting treasurer@biyo.us or mail to PO Box 10052, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110. www.biyo.us

Please join us at our upcoming FREE concert which will include a collaboration with the Bainbridge High School Photography Dept on May 1st, @7pm. Grace Church, 8595 NE Day Rd E, Bainbridge Island

Please send all mail to NAACP Bremerton PO BOX 1204 Bremerton, WA 98337

★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ ph: 360-350-2252




The Kitsap Community Foundation CONTINUED FROM PAGE 4

Kitsap Center for Nonprofit Excellence, a training and leadership program for local nonprofits. Through this program, the Foundation uses revenue from the endowment to provide topnotch training to local nonprofits and generally to improve and strengthen local nonprofits. Additionally, the Foundation produces communitywide events like the Kitsap Great Give. Through these programs and others, the Foundation works to improve all aspects of our community by improving and supporting all of our community’s nonprofits. Find more information on the Foundation’s website at www. kitsapfoundation.org or by contacting me at kol@kitsapfoundation.org or 360698-3622. I hope to be a partner with you in your personal philanthropy!

www.kitsapgreatgive.org 29

Need Help Donating Online on May 3? Go to the Library!

All of the Kitsap Regional Library branches are open for the Kitsap Great Give on May 3 during the hours listed below. The staff at the library are trained and ready to help you take part in the Kitsap Great Give using a computer at the library. Don’t forget that the Library itself is taking part in the Great Give and would appreciate your donation. Locations: Bainbridge, 10-8 Downtown Bremerton, 10-6 Kingston, 1-8 Little Boston, 1-6 Manchester, 10-5 Port Orchard, 10-8 Poulsbo, 10-8 Silverdale, 10-6 Sylvan Way, 10-8

Thanks for your support! Your donations help us continue providing healthy, nutritious meals and more to medically homebound seniors in Kitsap County.

www.mealsonwheelskitsap.org or call 360-377-8511

Do you carry your belongings around in a trash bag? We don’t think foster kids should. Your contributions today will ensure that local foster children have new socks, d i a p e r s / u n d e r w e a r, pajamas, a toothbrush and a bag to carry it in. Kitsap Foster Care Association also helps foster families with backpacks, school supplies, holiday gifts, and Mariners tickets. Our monthly support group gives foster parents a safe place to network, problem solve and educate themselves and their families so they can provide these children with safe, stable homes in our communities. In your community. You make it possible. Thank you for your generous gift today.

Find us on Facebook PO Box 4542 Bremerton, WA 98312 Email: board@kitsapfostercare.org


Bainbridge Island Mountain Biking Club The Bainbridge Island Mountain Biking Club was formed to develop and support mountain biking on Bainbridge Island. One of our primary missions is to raise funds and support the Gear Grinders middle school and high school mountain biking teams. These teams are not official school-sponsored sports and our funding for coach training, rider development, transportation, equipment, and other supplies comes from membership fees and donations. The current activities of the Club are fundraising for Gear Grinders’ equipment and promoting mountain biking on Bainbridge Island.

BIMBC: John Benjes, jbenjes@hotmail.com

206 913-7484



Join the Day of Giving! 24 Hours, 254 Nonprofits

Want to help all the nonprofits? Don’t know which nonprofits to support?

If you aren’t sure which nonprofits would be best for you to help or you’d like to make a donation that helps all of the nonprofits, we have a solution for you. In fact, we have two solutions.

grant program each year. In short, donating to the Community Endowment Fund is a way for you to make a donation that will give money to local nonprofits each year forever!

Donate to the Kitsap Community Endowment ~ OR ~ The Bonus Pool

During the Great Give, at www.kitsapgreatgive.org on May 3rd, you can donate to the “Kitsap Community Endowment Fund.” All money donated to this fund will be placed into the Kitsap Community Foundation’s Community Endowment Fund. This fund is invested in the market. The investment returns on this fund are donated to local nonprofits through a competitive

Our second solution is the “Bonus Pool.” On May 3rd, at www. kitsapgreatgive.org, you can donate to the “Kitsap Great Give Bonus Pool.” The money you donate to this fund will be split amongst the 250 nonprofits taking part in the Kitsap Great Give this year. There is no better way for you to give a little support to every nonprofit in the community!


Formerly Literacy Council of Kitsap

English as a Second Language GED Preparation Basic Math & Reading




BREMERTON Downtown Library (downstairs) 616 – 5th Street, Bremerton, WA 98337 (360) 373-1539 tel. / 373-6859 fax info@kacewa.org

Supporting Emergency Medical Services for You!


NORTH KITSAP First Lutheran Church 18920 Fourth Avenue #204, Poulsbo, WA 98370 360-551-0824 poulsbo@kacewa.org

SOUTH KITSAP Port Orchard United Methodist Church 725 Kitsap Street Port Orchard WA 98366 (360) 602-0014

SERVING ALL OF KITSAP COUNTY FOR 14 YEARS Offering adults who have developmental disabilities a place to create community. • Monday to Friday activity-based program • DSHS approved Respite Provider

• Served by Kitsap Access • On and off-campus activities

We appreciate yours support and your inquiries.


Albers Vista Gardens is a non-profit botanical organization created for charitable, cultural, scientific, and educational purposes. Donations of any amount are gratefully accepted. Become volunteer of Albers Vista Gardens! We offer our supporters the opportunity to participate in the mission of the garden through volunteerism.

(206) 779-3112

info@albersvistagardens.org www.albersvistagardens.org

How does the Great Give match work?

Nonprofit’s donations on May 3

(- 5.5% processing fee)

Match (+10-15%)*

TOTAL Received (105-110% of donations)*

*Amount of the matching pool match depends upon amounts raised and is not guaranteed.


www.kitsapgreatgive.org 31 Media Sponsors

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The Kitsap Immigrant The Kitsap Immigrant Assistance Center Assistance Centerprovides provides a multitude ofof services toto a multitude services facilitate the integration ofof facilitate the integration immigrants into our immigrants into our community. community.

Citizenship legal help Citizenship Immigration Immigration legal help applications forfor allall applications


WeWe provide dayday to to dayday family support! provide family support!

Social services Social services Monthly on-site Monthly on-site medical clinic medical clinic

Quarterly dental Quarterly dental clinic clinic


Join the Day of Giving! 24 Hours, 254 Nonprofits

Nicole overcame her childhood of neglect and hardship to be the first in her family to attend college.

Drayton survived losing his parents by age 12 and living in an infamous tent city to obtain his degree in organized leadership.

Gabriela is determined to be being the first in her family to go to college and graduate as a nurse.

Profile for Sound Publishing

Kitsap Great Give - 2016 Kitsap Great Give  


Kitsap Great Give - 2016 Kitsap Great Give