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Boeing building too many planes? As assembly lines ramp up, market projections suggest demand won’t increase to meet production. By Dan Catchpole Herald Writer

year. He lost about 20 percent of his crop but counts himself among the more fortunate local farmers. The unusually warm weather brought a boon in bugs that hurt crops. Miller said they are expensive to get rid of, especially for organic producers. Many farmers also had to irrigate earlier and more often, which meant hiring extra help and paying for more fuel and water. They faced an uphill battle to keep fields and pastures healthy as days of dry, hot

EVERETT — The world’s two biggest airplane makers are making more airplanes than ever before, and plan to make even more. But based on analysis of their own market projections, the Boeing Co. and Airbus Group are making more airplanes than the market needs. Either current production levels will have to come down or demand for new airplanes will have to come up. Boeing and Airbus are ramping up assembly lines faster than they project demand to grow, according to analysis of their market forecasts by the International Institute of Strategic Leadership. The institute is led by Ted Piepenbrock, a lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The number of new commercial jetliners made in the next 10 years could outstrip demand by more than 20 percent, according to the analyses. Of course, forecasts are just projections. Factors affecting commercial jetliner purchases — such as how often people fly, fuel prices, interest rates and global and regional economic performance — are not beholden to the forecasts, which are

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Mary Vann (left) stacks pumpkins as Jose Tobon (far right) brings another giant to the flatbed truck at Craven Farm in Snohomish. Pumpkins were one of the few crops that weren’t adversely affected by the early dry, hot summer.

Drought and heat hurt Snohomish crops this year, but local farmers say they expect to have to adapt to more of the same By Amy Nile and Kari Bray Herald Writers

MONROE — Nestled in the pastoral Tualco Valley are fields of greens springing from the earth. Willie Greens Organic Farm boasts about 65 acres of crops, buildings made from 100-year-old Montana barn wood, streams, large greenhouses and grassy spaces. Owner Jeff Miller rides his orange Kubota tractor, cultivating spinach, arugula, cabbage, lettuce, kale, collards and chard. He sells to Whole Foods, Charlie’s Produce and other

retailers. Years ago, the former San Francisco chef decided to trade his apron for Carhartts and give farming a go. After nearly three decades of earning his living from the land south of Monroe, this year’s drought took him by surprise. “It was definitely an unprecedented challenge,” said Miller, 53. Though the drought was an anomaly in 2015, it could be the norm by 2050, according to a state climatologist. Like fellow farmers around Snohomish County, Miller’s business took a hit this



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Ice sculptures suffer from balmy weather Associated Press BRUGES, Belgium — Ice sculptures really aren’t really cut out for this kind of balmy November weather. Just a few weeks ahead of global climate change talks in Paris, ice sculpture festivals in Western Europe are feeling the impact of an unusually warm November that spotlights gradually rising world temperatures. In Bruges, at the Ice Sculpture Festival, it means soaring energy bills to keep temperatures at 3 degrees Fahrenheit, while outside, people are soaking up the sun at 61 degrees Fahrenheit instead of previous monthly averages of 10 degrees less. For the artists, the temperature shocks have meant sniffles and colds. “The winter is coming later and later,” said Ice Magic’s managing director Francis Vandendorpe, who has been organizing the festival since 1999. Scientists say the global average temperature has risen by about 0.8 degrees Celsius since the industrial revolution and new weather records in most European countries — precipitation or temperatures, by month or years — keep being set. The issue will be discussed at a major U.N. climate conference in Paris

People are expecting winter, but they don’t get winter. — Francis Vandendorpe, Ice Sculpture Festival


Ice Magic director Francis Vandendorpe checks the quality of the ice on a sculpture in Bruges, Belgium, on Friday


An ice artist works on a sculpture at the festival Friday.

that opens Nov. 30. In Belgium, tourists are still enjoying warm

sunshine on the restaurant terraces of Bruges deep in November. But

one famed brewer has had to postpone beer production because of the balmy weather, and a chocolate maker was hampered in his attempt to break the world record for the biggest chocolate coin ever because the paste won’t harden fast enough. “People are expecting winter, but they don’t get winter,” said Vandendorpe. His 12 cool compressors in his special thermo-isolated hall are working overtime as sculptors from several nations chip, chisel and saw away ahead of the Nov. 20 opening. “Now we can’t give them a break because

the outside temperature is too high.” Vandendorpe said his energy bill is expected to be close to $43,000 for the six-week festival, about $10,000 more than he expected. He said a similar festival in Metz, France faced the same problem. Inside the hall, artist Kim Arents was working on huge slabs of ice to turn them into something recognizable for a festival that will feature anything from Vikings to bumble bees and even an ice-cold super-king-size bed that will be available for about $500 a night. Like many others, the frequent hotcold-hot trips inside and out have affected him. “You get sick from it. People are getting runny noses and it’s pretty hard going. Outside it is too warm, working inside it’s too cold,” he said.

Foo Fighters, Natalie Portman cancel events in Paris Associated Press NEW YORK — The Foo Fighters, Natalie Portman, U2 and other entertainers have canceled events in Paris after deadly terrorist attacks in the city. The Foo Fighters canceled the remaining dates

Medicare Advantage

of their European tour, including a planned show in Paris on Monday. Film distributor Mars said Saturday it had canceled promotional appearances for the film “Jane Got a Gun” starring Portman. The actress was scheduled to appear at the film’s




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Open Mon-Sat. 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

premiere Monday in Paris. “Because of the events (Friday) night, we are canceling TV appearances, junket and preview appearances with Natalie Portman Nov. 15-16,” the film distributor said Saturday. A Sunday photo call for

the film “Bridge of Spies” — where Steven Spielberg, Mark Rylance and Amy Ryan were scheduled to appear — was canceled by the film’s distributor, Twentieth Century Fox. U2 postponed its Saturday night concert in Paris, which was to be aired by

HBO. The Foo Fighters were scheduled to play at the Accor Hotels Arena in Paris on Monday. The Dave Grohl-led band canceled Friday night’s show in Casalecchio Di Reno, Italy, as well as concerts in Turin, Italy; Lyon, France; and Barcelona, Spain.

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SUNDAY, 11.15.2015

ISIS waged ‘act of war’ The Islamic State is extending its reach far beyond the battlefields of the Middle East.

The Washington Post

France: Market will open

People react as they leave the morgue in Paris on Saturday.


Snipers take position atop a building in front of the Elysee palace in Paris on Saturday.


“I’m indignant about the foreign policy of France,” Yannis Hassany, 25, a Parisian student of Syrian and Lebanese descent, said Saturday. He was standing near the bloodstained streets of two of the attack sites, Le Carillon bar and Le Petit Cambodge restaurant. “What we’ve done the last four years is responsible for what happened here. France is implicated. France never should have gotten involved in Syria.” As of late Saturday, at least 10 suspects were arrested in Belgium. During the attacks Friday, six suspects blew themselves up and a seventh was killed by police. The Islamic State, however, claimed that eight men were directly involved in the attacks. ◆◆◆


A man holds his head in his hands as he lays flowers in front of the Carillon cafe in Paris on Saturday.

— remained in serious condition, suggesting that the death toll could increase. The extent of the violence signaled that the Islamic State is extending its reach far beyond the battlefields of the Middle East, prompting much of the rest of Europe to bolster security Saturday, ramping up border checks and patrols at key buildings and transit points. But intelligence officials in Germany and Spain said they were focusing mainly on improving security at French schools and embassies, suggesting how France — a nation more involved in fighting Islamic extremism abroad than any of its neighbors — has emerged as the epicenter of the region’s terrorism threat. “We are facing an act of war organized by an army of terrorist jihadists that had already organized and planned attacks in the past,” French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said Saturday evening. “Five attacks have been thwarted since this summer. But we have always said that there is no such thing as zero risk. We have always said that France could face new terrorist attacks.”

◆◆◆ On Saturday, candles and flowers filled an outdoor terrace at La Belle Equipe restaurant, where gunman shot into the crowd. Notes in the flowers included one that read, in French, “To our friend Guillaume full of joy and kindness, may God keep you close to him.” Another read: “Thoughts for our little Tess and to the children of Lacri. Their parents are in the stars.” The victims at six attack sites — the Bataclan concert venue, a soccer stadium, and bawdy bars and restaurants in east Paris — included Nohemi Gonzalez, 23, a California State University design student spending her junior year abroad. And Bertrand Navarret, 37, a heavy-metal fan from southern France who was among the first to die as the gunmen fired into the crowd at the concert. And two Tunisian sisters celebrating a friend’s birthday on a night out. Many Parisians — as they did after the attacks in January — vowed to hold firm. But some also questioned the wisdom of France’s involvement in the Middle East.

The siege began at 9:20 p.m. local time Friday, and lasted until police stormed the concert hall at 12:20 a.m. The three teams of suicide bombers had spread out across Paris, with two of the groups racing through the city’s streets in a black SEAT León and a black Volkswagen Polo. They deployed “war-type weapons”: Kalashnikov rifles and explosive belts, said François Molins, a prosecutor in Paris. The style of weapons indicates that the assailants “wanted to claim as many victims as possible,” he said. Louis H., a 26-year-old employee at the Bataclan who asked that only his first name and initial be used, said he was attending the concert with his mother. They were sitting in the center of the hall when they heard loud sounds he later realized were gunshots, followed by shouting and a rush of confusion. The band stopped playing and the lights went on. He said he and his mother pretended to be dead, lying on the floor for 10 minutes as they heard more shots and yelling. The gunmen, he said, walked close to him but kept going. Later, someone shouted, “They’re gone,” and he and his mother ran for the exit, passing dead bodies and wounded concert-goers. He said he kept his eyes diverted from the shooters. “If I looked at them, I would die,” he said.

After Paris, U.S. boosts security Associated Press NEW YORK — Times Square, French consulates and sports stadiums saw increased security Saturday, but authorities noted the stepped-up patrols were out of an abundance of caution following the Paris terror attacks that killed more than 120. Consulates in New York and Boston received extra security along with French-owned sites in Washington. But elsewhere, like Minnesota’s Mall of America, it was business as usual. “I think like all New Yorkers, we feel solidarity, we know how

Poland will shun refugees after attack WARSAW — Poland’s new government won’t accept migrant quotas imposed by the European Union, as the terror attacks in France have exposed the weakness in the bloc, the nation’s future minister for European affairs said. “In the wake of the tragic events in Paris, Poland doesn’t see the political possibilities to implement a decision on the relocation of refugees,” Konrad Szymanski was quoted as saying on website Saturday. “The attacks mean there’s a need for an even deeper revision of the European policy regarding the migrant crisis.”

By Anthony Faiola and Souad Mekhennet PARIS — French authorities Saturday said the horrific rampage of bullets and explosions that left 129 dead in Paris on Friday was carried out by suicide bombers connected to the Islamic State who broke into three groups with a single objective: to kill as many people as possible. France — and Europe — was once again confronted with the violence of homegrown terrorism. At least one of the seven dead assailants was a French national — a 29-year-old with a criminal record who had been previously monitored by French intelligence and linked to Islamist extremism. Two others, a senior Belgian official said, appeared to be Belgian foreign fighters, including an 18-year-old who had fought in Syria. A Syrian passport was found near the body of another assailant. Greek officials said the passport holder had arrived in Europe in October along with a record flood of refugees fleeing the war-torn Middle East. The discovery raised the prospect that militants may be using the same porous routes into Europe as migrants. President François Hollande called the attacks an “act of war” by the Islamic State, which issued an extraordinarily detailed claim of responsibility almost immediately after his address. Left behind after the attacks were the latest scars, Pope Francis said Saturday, from the “piecemeal Third World War.” One survivor described gunmen coldly picking off hostages in a packed concert hall as if “we were birds.” The attacks — far more sophisticated and more deadly in magnitude than a siege here in January carried out by three Islamist militants — robbed France’s showcase city of its rhythm of life and put Europe on alert to a new level of terrorism. In the aftermath of the most deadly assault on French soil since World War II, the Eiffel Tower was shut down “indefinitely.” The Louvre closed its doors. And the country, which cherishes secular freedoms, outlawed public gatherings until at least Thursday. France declared a state of emergency — granting police broader powers — for the first time since 2005 riots on the outskirts of Paris. Paris landmarks became ghost towns. The government deployed 1,500 troops to safeguard key buildings. Schools, libraries, food markets, swimming pools and gymnasiums were closed. At least 99 of the 352 who were wounded — most of them injured during a hail of bullets that hit the front rows of a concert at the Bataclan, where 1,500 fans were listing to the Eagles of Death Metal


this feels; it hits home personally,” said Ronnie De La Cruz, who was born in Paris, but has lived in the United States since the 1960s. After leaving a floral tribute at the French Consulate on Fifth Avenue, across from Central Park, he shrugged off any concerns about security. “I think that certainly here in New York is probably about as best as it can be,” he said. Sports venues were mindful of security in response to the attacks, which included suicide bombings outside the Stade de France during a soccer match between France and Germany. Guards at the Naval

Academy’s game against Southern Methodist randomly selected people to screen with metal detectors and fans were asked to unzip their coats before entering Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium. Police in Los Angeles said they would beef up patrols for UCLA’s game against Washington State at Rose Bowl Stadium and at a cricket match at Dodger Stadium. The NFL said it had been in contact with the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI and planned increased security inside and outside stadiums Sunday. League officials

discouraged fans from bringing bags. Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., the ranking member of the House Permanent Committee on Intelligence, said Saturday that there continued to be no evidence of any specific and credible threat targeting the American homeland. A U.S. official briefed by the Justice Department said intelligence officials have detected increased chatter encouraging an attack on the U.S. But the official’s comments about current credible threats mirrored Schiff’s comments: There are none.

French stocks will trade without interruption Monday as investors come to terms with Europe’s worst terror incident in more than a decade. Euronext Paris is planning no alteration to its schedule, a spokeswoman for parent Euronext NV said. Paris’s bourse is located in the district of the city’s 2nd arrondissement, miles from the sites of the shootings and bombings. French stocks, down about 9 percent from their April high, were among the year’s best performing in developed markets through Friday.

High-speed train derails A high-speed train undergoing a test derailed, burst into flames, split apart and plunged into a canal, killing at least seven people and gravely injuring at least 10 others in what officials said appeared to be an accident. There were no indications that Saturday’s crash into the Marne au Rhin canal had anything to do with the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris a day earlier, a spokeswoman of the Bas-Rhin region said. Authorities believe the TGV high-speed train, with 49 people on board, was going too fast, she said.

West Bank: Homes leveled Israeli army units Saturday demolished four homes of families of Palestinians accused of killing Israelis, two days after the action was cleared by the nation’s Supreme Court. Three of the homes, demolished with explosives or heavy drills, were in Nablus and belonged to the families of three Palestinians arrested last month on charges of attacking and killing an Israeli couple Oct. 1 on a road near the northern West Bank city. The fourth belonged to the family of a Palestinian accused of killing an Israeli in June near Nablus.

Russia: Olympic prospects IOC President Thomas Bach said Saturday he is confident Russia will enact the necessary anti-doping reforms in time for its track and field athletes to be cleared to compete in next year’s Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Bach gave his backing to Russian Olympic Committee head Alexander Zhukov, who has been tasked with overseeing reforms to Russia’s athletics federation, anti-doping agency and national drug-testing lab, all of which were implicated in a sharply critical World Anti-Doping Agency independent commission report Monday.

ACROSS THE U.S. Texas: Trump on guns Donald Trump said the tough gun control laws in Paris contributed to the high death toll during a series of terrorist attacks Friday. The attacks, he said, also reveal the danger in allowing Syrian refugees into the country. “You can say what you want, but if they had guns — if our people had guns, if they were allowed to carry — it would have been a much, much different situation,” Trump said to cheers during a rally in Beaumont on Saturday. “I hear it all the time, you know. You look at certain cities that have the highest violence, the highest problem with guns and shootings and killings — Chicago is an example, toughest gun laws in the United States, nothing but problems. So our country better get smart because we’re not smart right now.”

New Jersey: Gas blast The gas company that services a house where an explosion killed one person and critically injured two others this week said no leak was evident when a technician visited the location the day before the blast. A spokesman for Elizabethtown Gas also said the company wasn’t aware that a ground-floor area had been illegally converted into an apartment with gas and electric services that were off the books. From Herald news services


Sunday, 11.15.2015 The Daily Herald

Obama: Help or hindrance for 2016 Democrats? By David Lightman McClatchy Newspapers

WASHINGTON — Do Democratic presidential candidates defend or inch away from President Barack Obama’s record? There’s no easy answer. A new McClatchy-Marist Poll found Americans are split, 48 to 48 percent, on whether they approve of the job Obama’s doing. And by 60 to 35 percent, people see the nation as moving in the wrong direction. Numbers like those usually mean big trouble for the party in power.

“We’re seeing a continuation of Americans being unhappy with the way things are,” said Lee Miringoff, director of the Marist Institute for Public Opinion, which conducted the survey. Democratic presidential candidates have a big challenge. Obama remains overwhelmingly popular among Democrats, particularly key constituencies. Ninety-one percent of African-Americans and 62 percent of Latinos give Obama high marks. The general election, though, will be more difficult terrain. The poll


President Barack Obama walks to board Air Force One on Saturday at Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland. He is departing for a nine-day trip to Turkey, the Philippines and Malaysia for global security and economic summits.



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suggests that an area where Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton could be strongest is one where any Democratic presidential nominee could have a particularly rough time defending Obama — his foreign policy. Obama’s stewardship will be much on display in coming days as he heads to Turkey this weekend to meet with world leaders, including Russian President Vladimir Putin, at the G-20 summit. The Syrian civil war is expected to be discussed. From Turkey, he goes on to Asia for a series of summits. The president gets low ratings for his handling of foreign affairs and efforts to deal with threats posed by the Islamic State. “He’s gotten us into some situations (such as) the Iran deal, giving them a pathway to a nuclear bomb is absolutely terrifying,” said Richard Krobusek, 73, a Plano, Texas, retiree. Obama’s agreement with Iran over its nuclear program infuriated critics who insist Iran can’t be trusted. Republicans have been adamant that Obama’s not doing enough to stop the Islamic State. The poll found 88 percent disapprove of his policies. Democrats are more supportive, as 59 percent back Obama’s strategy. But Clinton said last month she backed imposing a no-fly zone in Syria, a view the White House has rejected. Americans are split over how to handle the Syria situation. Twenty-eight percent want a large number of ground forces, 37

percent want a limited number of troops, and 29 percent want none. To Obama critics, the president’s handling of the Syrian crisis is another example of a feckless foreign policy. “In a world full of governments there are a number of bad actors. This guy empowers and emboldens the bad actors,” said James Milton, 49, a Dallas systems analyst. The president fares better on race relations and economic issues, but here, too, there are warning signs for Democrats. Forty-nine percent approve of how Obama is handling race relations. Forty-seven percent disapprove. Asked about how the president deals with the economy, forty-seven percent approve. Half don’t. “The quality of life is becoming better,” said Ra’Quayle Cooley, 21, of Deerfield Beach, Florida, a sales associate at Gap and a student at Palm Beach State College. Many disagree. “He sold us down the river, he changed his programs, he has brought us closer to socialism and he’s violated the Constitution that he promised to uphold,” said Myra Crettol, 81, an Olympia retiree. Few expect their financial situation to improve anytime soon. Twenty-nine percent see their family finances getting better in the next year, while 17 percent say things will get worse. Fifty-four percent see their status about the same. Briana Wells, 27, an Athens, Georgia, retail sales associate, was pleased. “I thought Obamacare was great. I mean, I get insurance for 20 bucks a month; I don’t see the harm in that,” she said. Tommy Cole, 57, a truck driver and pastor in Kershaw, South Carolina, disagreed. “We will find out the truth about health care next year when the premiums escalate,” he said. Many blame Congress for the turmoil. Its approval ratings have been dismal for years. In the latest poll, 23 percent approve of the job Republicans are doing while 38 percent approve of Democrats’ performance. Republicans have controlled both chambers of Congress since January.

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What happens after you down an energy drink? The Washington Post There’s been a lot of controversy about caffeine-spiked energy drinks in recent years following a spate of deaths and overdoses related to the beverages. In one of the most heartbreaking cases, 14-year-old Anais Fournier of Maryland died after consuming two 24-ounce cans of an energy drink. The Food and Drug Administration has been studying such cases to try to determine if there’s a

causal link and, if so, what to do about it. Makers of energy drinks, meanwhile, have insisted that the beverages are safe and that some of the cases of bad reactions may have been due to pre-existing conditions that the individuals in question had. In an effort to get more information about what happens in your body after you consume one of the drinks, Mayo Clinic researcher Anna Svatikova and her colleagues recruited 25 volunteers.

All were young adults age 18 or older, nonsmokers, free of known disease, and not taking medications. They were asked to drink a 16-ounce can of a Rockstar energy drink and a placebo — with the same taste, texture, color and nutritional contents but without the caffeine and other stimulants — within five minutes on two separate days. The energy drink had the following stimulants: 240 mg of caffeine, 2,000 mg of taurine and extracts of guarana seed, ginseng root and

milk thistle. Researchers took numerous measurements first before they drank and 30 minutes after. With the placebo, there was very little change. With the energy drink, however, many of the changes were marked: Systolic blood pressure (the top number) — 6.2 percent increase. Diastolic blood pressure

(the bottom number) — 6.8 percent increase. Average blood pressure — 6.4 percent increase. Heart rate — none. Caffeine in blood — increase from undetectable to 3.4 micrograms/mL. Norepinephrine level (the stress hormone, which can give you the shakes when you have too much caffeine) in blood

— increase from 150 pg/ mL to 250 pg/ML. Writing in JAMA, the researchers said that these changes may predispose those who drink a single drink to increased cardiovascular risk. This may explain why a number of those who died after consuming energy drinks appeared to have had heart attacks.

U.S. airstrike may have killed ISIS leader WASHINGTON — A U.S. air strike is believed to have killed the leader of the Islamic State affiliate in Libya, Pentagon officials said Saturday, in an attack that did not appear to be related to the terror attacks claimed by the group in Paris. Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook said the strike took place Friday and targeted Wisam al Zubaidi, also known as Abu Nabil al-Anbari, who commands what is the Islamic State’s strongest branch outside of Iraq and Syria, according to U.S. intelligence officials. The former Iraqi police officer was dispatched to Libya in 2014 by Islamic State leader Abu Bakr alBaghdadi to build up the group’s affiliate there. Prior to going to Libya, Zubaidi was a senior Islamic State operative in Iraq. Like Baghdadi, he spent time in a U.S. prison in Iraq after the 2003 American invasion. Cook said that Zubaidi may have been the spokesman in a gruesome video that showed the killing of 21 Egyptian Christians on a beach in Libya earlier this year. Defense officials said the attack involved two American F-15 aircraft that struck a small compound outside of Derna, a militant stronghold in eastern Libya. Several other people were in the same building at the time of the strike, officials said. While officials are still assessing results of the operation, the strike was believed to have killed Zubaidi. Officials said the attack had been planned for some time and was not linked to Friday night’s violence in Paris, which killed at least 129 people and were among the worst terrorist attacks on Western soil since Sept. 11, 2001. The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the coordinated assaults in Paris. Friday’s air strike marked the first time that the United States has struck what American officials believe is an authentic Islamic State operation outside of Iraq and Syria. While militants in places like Afghanistan and Nigeria have affiliated themselves with or declared allegiance to the group, U.S. officials believe those groups are not under the direct command and control of its core operation in Iraq and Syria. In Libya, the presence of Zubaidi, who headed Islamic State operations in central Iraq prior to going to Libya, signals a different level of connection, officials said. Since earlier this year, Islamic State militants have consolidated their control of Sirte, a coastal city in Libya now under the group’s harsh form of extremist rule. Intelligence officials say the Islamic State, also known as ISIS, is a hybrid operation in Libya, led partly by foreign fighters and partly by Libyans with extremist sympathies or who feel disenfranchised in the years following the 2011 revolution that ousted

Moammar Gaddafi. The success of ISIS in Libya is one indication of

the country’s political dysfunction just four years after Gaddafi’s ouster.






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Sunday, 11.15.2015 The Daily Herald

China tries to build legitimacy with lighthouses Bloomberg News HONG KONG — Lighthouses have for centuries guided the world’s seafarers, preventing ships from striking rocks and reefs and helping fishermen find their way home. In the disputed South China Sea, they may be taking on a darker role. China’s program to build

beacons on reclaimed reefs it occupies in the waters — through which about 30 percent of global trade passes — is spooking other claimant countries concerned it will use them as political tools. Having lighthouses perched on top of the reefs, ostensibly to help navigation in the waters, could boost China’s argument for sovereignty.

The country is expediting construction, having built two lighthouses in the Paracel islands and two in the Spratly archipelago as of October. They are part of an array of civilian facilities that China says will serve the public good by providing bases for search and rescue operations and meteorological information. BULLIT MARQUEZ / ASSOCIATED PRESS

Beyond MS Beyond MS Beyond MS Beyond MS Beyond MS Basics Basics Basics Basics Basics Join us for a free,

Protesters rally at the Chinese consulate in Makati, Philippines, on Thursday to protest China’s land reclamation in the disputed Spratly island group in the South China Sea.


There’s potentially another motivation: So that China can promote Join us for aafor free, Join usus for free, Join a afree, Join usfor free, live educational the idea that the reefs it live educational occupies have enough live educational live educational live educational program happening infrastructure — and program happening program happening program happening program happening height — to be regarded in your area. as islands, albeit artificial area. ininyour area. inyour area. inyour your area. ones. It has indicated this You may have been learning about your disease for years. This is like a entitles it to a 12-nautical You may have been learning about your disease for years. This is like a You may have been learning about your disease for years. is like You may have learning about your disease for years. ThisThis is like a like graduate course MS. Join an expert and Biogen™, aThis leader ina MS You may been have been learning your disease for years. is a mile territorial zone in the graduate course ononMS. Join anabout MSMS expert and Biogen™, a leader in MS surrounding waters, somegraduate course on MS. Join an MS Biogen™, a leader in MS graduate course on MS. Join MS and and Biogen™, a leader in MS research, for this informative presentation: graduate course on Join anexpert MSexpert expert and Biogen™, a leader in MS thing recently challenged research, for this informative presentation: research, for this informative presentation: by a U.S. warship that came research, for this informative presentation: research, for this informative presentation: Location: Date: within that range of one Location: Date: reef. Location: Date: The Old Spaghetti Factory Monday, December 7, 2015 The Old Spaghetti Factory Monday, December 7, 2015 Location: Date: Location: Date: “Building facilities on The Old Spaghetti Factory Monday, December 7, 2015 2509 196th Street 2509 196th Street The Old Spaghetti Factory Monday, December 7, 2015 The Old Spaghetti Factory Monday, December 7, 2015 any features for which the Time: Time: 2509 196th Street Lynnwood, WA 98036 Lynnwood, WA 98036 2509 196th Street Check-in: 6:006:00 PM - PM 6:30- PM 2509 196th Street Check-in: 6:30 PM sovereignty is disputed, Time: Time: Lynnwood, WA 98036 Time: and you are building a case Lynnwood, WA 98036 Check-in: 6:00 - 6:30 PM Seminar: 6:30 PMPM 8:30 PM Lynnwood, WA 98036 Seminar: 6:30 Check-in: 6:00 PM -- PM 6:30 PM Check-in: 6:00 PM- -8:30 6:30PM PM toward administrative conSeminar: 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM which can make quite Register or call 1-866-955-9999. Seminar: PM - 8:30 Registertoday or6:30 call 1-866-955-9999. Seminar: 6:30 PM -PM 8:30 PM trol, a difference in internaRegister today at or call 1-866-955-9999. Register today at or call 1-866-955-9999. tional legal proceedings, ” Register today at or call 1-866-955-9999. © 2015 Biogen. All rights reserved. 06/15 FCH-US-0027 v2 said Alexander Sullivan, © 2015 Biogen. rights reserved. 06/15 FCH-US-0027 v2 225 Binney Street,All Cambridge, MA 02142 • 1-800-456-2255 225 Binney Street, Cambridge, MA 02142 • 1-800-456-2255 an associate fellow at the © 2015 Biogen. All rights reserved. 06/15 FCH-US-0027 v2 225 Binney Street, MA 02142 © 2015 Biogen. All Biogen. rights reserved. FCH-US-0027 v2 © 2015 AllCambridge, rights06/15 reserved. 06/15• 1-800-456-2255 FCH-US-0027 v2 Center for a New American 225 Binney225 Street, Cambridge, MA 02142 MA • 1-800-456-2255 Binney Street, Cambridge, 02142 • 1-800-456-2255 Security in Washington.

“Doing things like building lighthouses as opposed to runways or barracks allows them to make the argument they are providing public goods.” China claims more than 80 percent of the South China Sea based on a ninedash line drawn on a 1940s map lodged informally with the United Nations in 2009. The map covers around 2 million square kilometers of maritime space equal to about 22 percent of China’s land area, according to a State Department estimate. It also overlaps claims from Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, Brunei and Malaysia. In the past year China has alarmed some neighbors with a dredging program that has dumped millions of tons of sand and coral onto seven features

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in the Spratlys, creating at least 2,900 acres of land on the features, some of which were previously submerged at high tide. Under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea these are known as “low-tide elevations” that don’t warrant a 12-mile territorial zone. The U.S. last month sailed the USS Lassen within 12 nautical miles of Subi Reef, an artificial island created by Chinese engineers on a low-tide elevation. China’s foreign ministry protested the patrol, saying it passed in waters “near” its territory and “threatened” its sovereignty. Two B-52 bombers flew “a routine mission” this week near the Spratly islands, according to Pentagon spokesman Bill Urban. The planes, which didn’t pass through the territorial zones around the reclaimed reefs, received verbal warnings from Chinese ground controllers and continued their operation in accordance with international law, he said. “China is aware of the situation,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said at a briefing. China “resolutely opposes any country, in the name of freedom of navigation and flight, violating international law and undermining China’s sovereignty and security interests.” China earlier this year mounted a diplomatic campaign contending that the construction blitz, while partly for military purposes, was mainly to improve the living and working conditions of personnel stationed there, as well as better performing its “international responsibilities” by building civilian facilities that neighbors could use. A recent decision by the Permanent Court of Arbitration that it has jurisdiction to hear Philippine complaints about China’s claims in the South China Sea may have implications for China’s approach. When China announced in October that it had completed two lighthouses on two Spratly features — Cuarteron Reef and Johnson Reef — it sparked an angry response from the Philippines. “These actions are obviously intended to change the actual conditions on the ground and aimed at bolstering China’s territorial claim in the South China Sea,” foreign affairs department spokesman Charles Jose said. “We will not accept these unilateral actions as a fait accompli.” China’s construction work was an “unwarranted provocation,” Malaysia’s Armed Forces chief Zulkefli Mohd Zin said last month. “China has pledged to make these facilities available to all ships, and so this very much plays into that idea that they are just providing a public service to the international maritime community,” said James Kraska, of the U.S. Naval War College. “The lighthouses, along with all of the other infrastructure they are putting on these features, at least in China’s mind, will buttress their claims.” Vietnam is also sensitive to China’s construction program in the Paracel islands, occupied by China since 1974. Two lighthouses were completed in the islands, known as Xisha in Chinese, Xinhua reported Oct. 22. Vietnam Foreign ministry spokesman Le Hai Binh said the building on the Paracels infringes Vietnam’s sovereignty, “increases tension, and seriously threatens regional peace and stability.” “China is using the lighthouses to support their claim that the Paracels belong to China,” said Ha Hoang Hop, visiting senior fellow at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in Singapore. “That is the problem.”

The Daily Herald Sunday, 11.15.2015


Clinton, Sanders debate foreign policy Associated Press WASHINGTON — A day after deadly terrorist attacks in Paris, Hillary Clinton cast herself as the strongest U.S. commander in chief in an uncertain world, even as she found herself forced to defend the Obama administration’s response to the rise of the Islamic State militants. “This election is not only about electing a president, it’s also about choosing our next commander in chief,” said Clinton, in her opening remarks. “All of the other issues we want to deal with depend upon us being secure and strong.” But she nearly immediately faced criticism of her own record, when Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders traced


Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley take the stage during a debate Saturday in Des Moines, Iowa.

the current instability in the region to the Senate vote — including Clinton’s — to authorize military action in Iraq in 2002. He said that U.S. invasion “unraveled the region.” Clinton fought back, saying terrorism has been

erupting for decades, specifically mentioning the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. She said the recent unrest in Libya and other parts of the Middle East was symptomatic of an “arc of instability from North Africa to Afghanistan.”

She rejected the idea that she and the rest of the administration underestimated the growing threat of the Islamic State. The early dispute revealed a foreign policy split within the Democratic Party, with Sanders playing to the antiwar activists who boosted then-Illinois Sen. Barack Obama to victory in 2008. Sanders argued for a far more hands-off approach, advocating for Muslim countries to lead the fight and arguing that the war against Islamic State militants is about the “soul of Islam.” Clinton has a history of advocating for more robust involvement across the globe — both as a presidential candidate eight years ago and as Barack

Obama’s secretary of state. In recent weeks, she has advocated for a more aggressive U.S. role in the Syrian conflict, calling for a no-fly zone over the area, a move the Obama administration opposes. The candidates were meeting in the shadow of the Paris attacks that killed at least 129 and wounded at least 352 people. The debate began with a solemn tone, with a moment of silence followed by previously unplanned foreign policy questions. All the candidates denounced the attacks, the first time the Democratic field spoke about the incidents. The Republican presidential candidates condemned

the Paris attacks earlier in the day, coupled with sharp criticism for Obama and his former secretary of state, Clinton. Foreign relations is an area where Clinton, as a former secretary of state, is in the strongest position to talk about the attacks and the U.S. effort to dismantle the Islamic State group. But she is vulnerable, too, her tenure tied to that of Obama, who’s struggled to contain the threat from Islamic militants in Syria and associated terror attacks across the globe. Since the party’s first debate a month ago, Clinton has helped build a lead in the early voting states, an uptick that has come amid other signs the party is coalescing behind her.

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A8 Sunday, 11.15.2015 The Daily Herald

June felt like August. It was a pretty common thing to hear that we were two months ahead. — Karin Bumbaco Assistant State Climatologist


Valeriano Espinoza carries freshly picked dinosaur kale at Willie Greens Organic Farm in Monroe.


Focus on Farming conference

From Page A1

Snohomish County is hosting the 12th annual Focus on Farming conference Thursday at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe. The theme of the day-long event is “Planting Our Future.” Experts plan to share information with local farmers in 24 workshops. Weather and forecasting for farmers is the subject of a lunchtime panel. Registration opens at 7 a.m. and the event ends at 7 p.m. For more information, contact Linda Neunzig at 425-388-7170 or email Registration and schedule are online at

weather turned into weeks. Surviving harsh seasons and unpredictable weather is nothing new for farmers. Heavy storms or too much sun can cripple crops, rapidly driving up the cost of feeding livestock. They’ve learned to diversify their harvests and brace themselves to survive tough years. “It’s just farming,” Miller said. “Farming is a business that’s constantly in flux.”

The drought This was one of the tougher years, though. The first statewide drought in a decade decimated snowpack and withheld rain for months. State officials estimated in April that the drought would cost farmers $1.2 billion statewide. However, that was before Western Washington cities started voluntary water restrictions and Eastern Washington was ravaged by wildfires. The state departments of Agriculture and Ecology are working to figure out how much it actually cost the farming industry. A preliminary report is expected by the end of the year. This oddball year started with unseasonably high temperatures last fall and winter, followed by a dangerously dry spring and summer. Statewide, the average fall and winter temperature was 4.8 degrees Fahrenheit higher than usual. From October 2014 to March 2015, the mean was 40.6 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s compared to the 20th century average of 35.8 degrees for the same months, according to the Office of the State Climatologist. In the mountains, clouds that usually deposit snow dropped rain instead. Snowpack hit record lows. It was “just dismal,” Assistant State Climatologist Karin Bumbaco said. Then Washington entered the warmest and driest spring in recent memory, said Brent Bower, a Seattle hydrologist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Severe water shortage In Everett, a NOAA rain gauge recorded less than 5 inches total from May through September. During the same window in 2014, Everett got more than 7 inches. Rainfall was at or above 10 inches for those months each year from 2010 to 2013. In May, Gov. Jay Inslee declared a statewide drought. The drought strained the supply of water and increased demand. Farmers with irrigation systems paid high prices for workers, maintenance, fuel and water weeks earlier than usual. Those without irrigation risked losing large portions of their harvest.

Mary Vann rests after stacking pumpkins in the trailer with Jose Tobon at Craven Farm.

“June felt like August,” Bumbaco said. “It was a pretty common thing to hear that we were two months ahead.” Farming is a $139.5 million industry in Snohomish County. There are more than 1,400 farms, according to the 2012 U.S. Department of Agriculture Census, a report done every five years. Farmland covers nearly 71,000 acres of the county. Most of the farms are small, with fewer than 50 acres. Common crops are hay, corn, vegetables and wheat. Much of the livestock is beef cattle or dairy cows. This spring and summer, grazing pastures dried up quickly, requiring farmers to tap into their winter hay supply, said Linda Neunzig, the county’s agricultural coordinator. As for crops, some did better than others, she said. Peppers and tomatoes thrive in heat. Grasses and greens can be devastated by it.

Consequences for crops The heat was hardest on hay. A dry spring isn’t necessarily a bad thing, said hay farmer Andrew Albert, who farms 90 acres and leases out 900 more along Highway 530 in Arlington. Sunshine in May means more time to plant. Then June brings a few good rains to spur seed growth. Except the rain didn’t come in June. “I wouldn’t call this year a catastrophe because some crops do favor the heat,” Albert, 32, said. “But for grass, it was a disaster.” In 2014, he produced 43,000 bales of hay. This year he used 10 percent more acreage but came out with 36,000 bales, a 16 percent drop. He has a portable, diesel-powered irrigation system but is able to use it on less than half of his land due to limited water and

equipment access. The irrigated fields yielded a decent crop but it took more water than Albert ever has used before. He measures irrigated water as though it were rain on his fields, in inches. He normally uses the equivilant of about 4 inches of rain in the hottest parts of the summer. This year, he used between 6 and 8 inches, depending on the location and equipment. On fields without irrigation, the first cutting of hay was OK and the second yielded a 40 percent loss. “Our third cutting, well, we didn’t get one,” Albert said. “It was non-existent.” Farmer Mark Craven’s pumpkins fared better. They’re a hearty crop and a seasonal highlight in the Snohomish River Valley. Craven, 57, grows pumpkins, gourds, corn and squash on nearly 100 acres. He’s usually the farmer with extra produce to share. But his gourds, mini pumpkins and squash didn’t weather the drought as well as the pumpkins. Craven had to rely on neighboring farms this year. “We help each other out if we need it,” he said.

Tough decisions ahead If this spring is as dry and hot as the last, Craven is looking at investing tens of thousands of dollars in a new irrigation system. “If we have to, we have to,” he said. “That’s farming.” Albert wants to buy a more fuelefficient system with lines that can carry more water to his fields. Miller expects he’ll need to purchase irrigation equipment and pay more workers to keep up his organic greens farm in the coming years. It’s a delicate balancing act, the farmers said. They need to make smart investments that get them a return on the money they put into their businesses.

The cost of equipment, paired with rising prices of fuel, water and labor, leave farmers with difficult decisions about whether to irrigate more or try to weather the dry years without the extra water. Putting in an irrigation system can cost upwards of $100,000. Decisions come down to how farmers look at the future and whether they think this year is a loner or a harbinger. “I hope it’s not the new normal,” Craven said.

Questions Farmers are a practical, determined bunch. For them, the drought sparked more questions than concerns. They wonder if it’s time to look at growing different crops, or a wider variety. They’re considering drought- or pest-resistant plants. The schedule for planting and harvesting may have to be moved to accommodate changing weather patterns. “As farmers, we need to know, will next year be as bad as this year?” said Neunzig, the county’s agricultural coordinator. “We’re being told to prepare for severe weather events. What does that mean for our fields and our livestock?” The rain is back, and this winter is likely to be a stormy one. Climatologists and hydrologists don’t expect there to be a shortage of precipitation in coming months. But the 2015 planting and harvesting seasons got people thinking about how they should prepare for droughts, Neunzig said. That’s not easy to do with something as fickle as nature. No one has a crystal ball to see what the weather will be in 10 years. Even next year is a stretch. Farmers tend to look at trends because it shapes their plans, including what, where and when to plant. “These aren’t the solutions,”

Neunzig said. “These are the questions.”

The future Early forecasts predict high temperatures again this winter, but likely not as bad as 2014, said Bumbaco. The amount of precipitation should be average or above, but how much comes down as snow versus rain remains to be seen. It is too soon to tell how hot or dry the spring might be, she said. “Is it going to be as bad?” she said. “I wouldn’t bet on it.” A strong El Nino weather pattern is moving in, said Bower, of NOAA. El Nino years tend to be warm and dry. “We may get less snow than normal, but we get such an abundance of rain that it will fill the groundwater. The creeks and rivers will flow,” Bower said. “We get so much rain that it’s likely to reset everything here over the winter.” He thinks there’s “almost no chance it will be as bad as this last year.” However, 2015 might be a glimpse of what’s to come in the next few decades. A lot of winter precipitation mixed with higher temperatures and drier springs is the trend climatologists are tracking for Western Washington, Bumbaco said. “It’s certainly a look at what we would expect in the future with the changing climate,” she said. As usual, Snohomish County farmers stand ready to adapt, whether they’re faced with storms or sunshine, broken equipment or bumper crops. Albert is confident in his industry’s ability to weather droughts. If it was too wet a year, the crops could have been ruined, too. The way he sees it, you just have to roll with what the weather brings. “If you get all stressed out and worried about it, you can’t be a farmer,” Albert said. “Farmers are hopeless optimists.” Kari Bray: 425-339-3439;

The Daily Herald

Sunday, 11.15.2015 A9

Boeing: Forecasts guide product strategy From Page A1

carefully constructed by Boeing and Airbus. Both companies say they tend to underestimate demand in their projections. Overestimating demand could force the airplane makers to cut back production and lead to layoffs. At Boeing, the 20-year forecasts are used to “help shape our product strategy and inform our long-range business plan, including rates of production,” Boeing spokesman Paul Bergman said. “We constantly monitor the markets and work to make judicious decisions about our products and production rates, and make sure that we match production with market demand” The aerospace giant and its European rival have enough firm orders to keep their assembly lines busy for more than six years. However, airlines can always cancel orders. Boeing has been seeing fewer order cancellations, conversions and deferrals from airlines than the historical average, he said. “Airlines are taking the airplanes they order.” Airlines have been on a buying spree in recent years, fueled by strong and sustained profits. Even as air carriers have grown and added capacity, “they are still filling their airplanes and operating profitably,” he said. And aircraft leasing rates are stable — “if there were an oversupply, those rates would be dropping,” Bergman said. Executives for two major aircraft lessors told investors this week that they are seeing demand weaken in some areas. Aircastle has seen prices come down for newer single-aisle airplanes, “which we believe is largely attributable to expectations that fuel prices will remain low for some time,” CEO Ron Wainshal said during the company’s third-quarter earnings call.

There’s been less demand for twin-aisle airplanes for several quarters, he said. “However, it appears to be worsening a bit, as more aircraft are coming into the market, while demand — much of which has been centered in Asia — is waning.” In August, Boeing increased its long-term forecast for airplane demand from China, despite that country’s slowing economic growth. Worries about oversupply for leasing companies are not new. “The general trend over the (past) 25 years has been a consistent upward sloping pattern,” said Steve Zissis, CEO of BBAM, which manages FLY Leasing. Nonetheless, more older twinaisle airplanes are on the market than there is demand for them, he said. Single-aisle planes, especially Boeing’s 737 and Airbus’ A320, “are core aircraft” that are “in demand with most of our clients around the world,” he said. The number of twin-aisle airplanes for sale will “significantly” outstrip demand by 2018, according to projections by industry analysts at UBS, an investment bank. To balance demand and supply, Airbus and Boeing need to cut twin-aisle production by 20 to 30 percent, the UBS analysts said in a report released in late 2014. The airplane makers are focused on increasing output, though. Chatter about airplane oversupply driving down prices is not affecting Qatar Airways’ plans for its aircraft fleet, the airline’s CEO Akbar al-Baker said at an event in Everett earlier this month. He said he is considering changing the Persian Gulf-based air carrier’s 30 options for 787-8s to the larger 787-9. Dan Catchpole: 425-339-3454;; Twitter: @dcatchpole.


The French flag is flown atop of the Space Needle in Seattle on Saturday.

Seattle’s Space Needle flies French flag to support Paris By Martha Bellisle Associated Press

SEATTLE — Seattle sent its thoughts and prayers to the people of Paris on Saturday by hoisting a giant French flag from the city’s iconic Space Needle. “The attacks in Paris on Friday night were so tragic that flying the French flag was the least we could do to show our support,” Space Needle spokesman Dave Mandapat told The Associated Press. Officials had a special flag made on Saturday morning so it could be raised by the afternoon, Mandapat said. It measured 25 feet by 35 feet. Attackers killed 129 people and wounded about 350 in separate terrorist attacks in France’s capital. People living in Seattle

gathered at La Parisienne Bakery in the Belltown neighborhood to show their support for the people of Paris. Seattle Mayor Ed Murray joined the gathering, which included a moment of silence and a singing of “La Marseillaise,” the French national anthem. Murray’s spokesman said they wanted to honor those affected by the horrific attacks. The Great Ferris Wheel that sits on Seattle’s waterfront also changed its colors in honor of Paris. On Saturday, it spun red in center, white in the middle and blue on the outside edge. Seattle’s City Hall was lit in the French blue, white and red colors, and flags outside the building were flown at half-mast. Washington businesses also added their support.

Seattle-based Starbucks sent out a message that it “stands in solidarity with Paris and Parisians” and Bellevue-based T-Mobile sent a news release saying “to help our customers connect with loved ones in the wake of the terrible terrorist attacks in Paris, T-Mobile is making it free to call and text to and from the United States, including Puerto Rico and France this weekend.” Seattle’s CenturyLink Field was lit with the colors of France on Friday night into Saturday. A special ceremony is planned on the field when the Seahawks play Sunday night. The National Football League issued a statement saying that all NFL clubs will use metal detectors and extra layers of security for games, including the Seahawk game against the Cardinals.

Grand Re-Opening Thursday, November 19, 2015 3:00pm ~ 6:00pm

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Sunday, 11.15.2015 The Daily Herald

Old West U.S. nun moves closer to sainthood By Russell Contreras Associated Press

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — An Italian-born nun who challenged Billy the Kid, calmed angry mobs and helped open hospitals and schools in New Mexico territory took a step Friday toward possible sainthood with documents about her purported good deeds

being sent to Rome. In a public Albuquerque ceremony, the Archdiocese of Santa Fe formally closed its inquiry on why Sister Blandina Segale should become a saint and sealed its findings. Church Investigators presented piles of documents they say corroborate the stories about the nun’s legendary clashes with

Old West outlaws and her heroic actions to protect Hispanics and American Indians. They also sealed documents about miracles attributed to Segale, who died in 1941. It’s the first time in New Mexico’s 400-year history with the Roman Catholic Church that an inquiry was completed in the state on

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Photo pamphlets and prayer cards of Sister Blandina Segale sit on a table at the Catholic Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on Aug. 25.

the cause of beatification and canonization. Investigators were able to uncover letters from

New Mexico governors and a former archbishop urging the nun to write a book about her experiences, said

Allen Sanchez, president and CEO of CHI St.Joseph’s Children — a community health organization — and the petitioner for the cause of Segale’s sainthood. The requests came after Segale had published stories about her experiences in some magazines by 1930. “The archbishop said the old-timers remember her to be truthful and that all the accounts in her journal were true,” Sanchez said. Segale, a nun with the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, came to Trinidad, Colorado, in 1877 to teach poor children and was later transferred to Santa Fe, where she co-founded public and Catholic schools. During her time in New Mexico, she worked with poor and sick people, including immigrants. She also advocated on behalf of Hispanics and Native Americans who were losing their land to white swindlers. Segale worked as an educator and social worker in Ohio, Colorado and New Mexico and later published a memoir, “At the End of the Santa Fe Trail,” about her life. But it was her encounters with Old West outlaws that became the stuff of legend and the subject of an episode of the long-running CBS series, “Death Valley Days.” The episode, titled “The Fastest Nun in the West,” focused on her efforts to save a man from a lynch mob — a true story, the inquiry panel concluded. Another story says Billy the Kid and his gang once found Segale in a covered wagon they attempted to rob. The nun had previously convinced the “Kid” not to scalp four doctors so he recognized her and abandoned his holdup. Sanchez said church investigators were able to find a descendant of a passenger in the covered wagon who confirmed the story. “I think we’ve proven that we can trust the stories in (her) book because we’ve verified the stories,” Sanchez said. Officials say it could take years — possibly a century — before Segale might become a saint. The Vatican has to investigate her work and monitor for any related miracles. Retired Archbishop Michael Sheehan, who headed up the inquiry, said he would travel to Rome next month to formally present the Segale case to Vatican officials. He urged supporters to pray for them to advance Segale’s case and to seek her guidance. “If you need something from her, ask now,” Sheehan told an audience at the inquiry. “Because she’s going to be really busy soon.” Every Friday in The Herald

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The Daily Herald Sunday, 11.15.2015


More Central Americans flee violence to enter U.S. Los Angeles Times HOUSTON — The number of families illegally crossing the southern U.S. border has more than doubled over the same period last fall, prompting concern about a new surge of migrants from Central America. Many more unaccompanied children are also crossing, with 4,476 apprehended in September — an 85 percent increase over that month in 2014, according to new Border Patrol data. “If that trend even continues a little bit, if things start to go up in February as they usually do, we could be looking at things getting really high, and by spring, you’re seeing an emergency,” said Adam Isacson, a senior associate at the Washington Office on Latin America, a human rights advocacy group. Marsha Catron, a spokeswoman for the Department

of Homeland Security, said the agency is “closely monitoring this situation,” though the increase “is not entirely inconsistent with historical trends for these months.” The concern among immigration officials and advocates is that the situation is building up to a repeat of the unprecedented influx on the southern border in 2014, when more than 68,000 unaccompanied children and as many families crossed illegally, mainly into Texas. Texas’ Rio Grande Valley has been the epicenter of both the earlier and the latest influx. In 2014, the region saw 77 percent more unaccompanied children and more than four times as many families caught crossing compared with the previous year. The number of families who crossed this September was 5,273, more than twice the

number seen in September 2014. One likely factor in the rising numbers is the increasing success rate of smugglers who, after crackdowns in Mexico and the U.S. last year, appear to have arranged alternative smuggling routes and payoff relationships with Mexican officials, border analysts say. A bigger component is thought to be a recent explosion of violence in El Salvador, which has long been plagued by gang warfare. Last year a two-year truce dissolved between the two largest gangs: 18th Street and Mara Salvatrucha, also known as MS-13, both of which originated in Los Angeles. That drove homicides above even previously troubling levels. During the first 10 months of this year, El Salvador reported nearly 5,500 homicides, according to a congressional report last


“ Michaels service was outstanding ! He was with us every step of the way, arming us with knowledge for us to make informed confident decisions. He exceeded our expectations in virtually every way. He went above and beyond the call of duty”

Robert B. / Everett Wa.

Michael Sorenson

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The number of unaccompanied children from El Salvador apprehended at the border more than doubled to 1,433 this September compared with last year. The one-month peak in the child and family migration surge came in June 2014, when 16,330 families and 10,620 unaccompanied children crossed into the U.S. State and federal authorities cracked down the following month, sending in National Guard troops and opening massive family detention centers. By September of 2014, the number apprehended at the border plummeted: Families dropped to 2,301 that month; children to 2,426. As the numbers dipped,

Sister Norma Pimentel considered closing a humanitarian center operated by Sacred Heart Catholic Church in the most heavily affected town, McAllen, last winter. Then the number of migrants started to climb again this spring, with nearly 800 staying overnight in July — three times as many as at the peak of last year’s summer surge. Instead of closing, Pimentel decided to expand. Last year’s surge of illegal immigration was driven, in part, by rumors that migrant families would be granted permission to remain in the U.S. legally. Many immigrants eagerly surrendered to authorities at the border, thinking it was a step toward residency.

You’re a leader. At work. At home. In the community.

It’s not easy. We know that. What does it take? What would help? Please, take a moment to share your thoughts:

1466548 / Windermere M2 LLC

month. That’s more than any other country not at war, according to Elizabeth Kennedy, a San Diego State University social scientist who has worked with migrants. By the end of this year, the homicide rate in El Salvador — a country of 6.5 million people — may exceed 90 per 100,000, a level of violence, including massacres and killings of police, not seen since the country’s bloody 12-year civil war that ended in 1992. Kennedy said conditions also remain poor in Guatemala and Honduras — two other originators of illegal migration to the U.S. — but El Salvador is worse. “El Salvador is hemorrhaging people,” Isacson said.


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Sunday, 11.15.2015 The Daily Herald

Release this week for convicted Navy spy Jonathan Pollard Associated Press Jonathan



Navy intelligence analyst whose 1985 arrest for selling secrets to Israel set off

a sensational spy saga, is scheduled to be released from federal prison next

week, marking the end of a three-decade diplomatic burr in the relationship


Jonathan Pollard speaks at the Federal Correction Institution in Butner, North Carolina, in 1998.

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between the two allies. Pollard, 61, had been serving a life sentence, but was granted parole this year under sentencing rules in place at the time of his prosecution that made him presumptively eligible for release this month. Although the decision from the U.S. Parole Commission came around the same time as a sharp disagreement between the U.S. and the Israeli governments over a nuclear deal with Iran, officials from both countries have denied the release was in any way tied to that arrangement, or was intended as a concession to Israel. The release, scheduled for next Friday, caps a case that divided public opinion in Israel and America and has been a periodic source of legal and diplomatic wrangling between the two countries. “In terms of the quantity of stuff he gave away and the classification and the damage to relations, it certainly was a significant case,” said Jeffrey Richelson, a senior fellow at the National Security Archive at George Washington University. Pollard’s plans aren’t immediately clear. His lawyers said after the parole decision in July that he had lined up a job and housing in the New York area. His lawyers have said that he will be required to remain in the U.S. for five years, though they called on President Barack Obama to grant him clemency and permit him to move to Israel. But the White House quickly shot down that prospect, saying Pollard had committed “very

serious crimes” and the president had “no intention of altering the terms of Mr. Pollard’s parole.” One of his lawyers, Eliot Lauer, did not respond this week to questions about Pollard’s future and said his client would not be available. The real question, said Washington national security lawyer Mark Zaid, is “not about releasing him, because he’s going to be released. He’s served his time and his sentence is up. ... It’s more about, ‘OK, where does he go?’ ” The case attracted international attention when Pollard was arrested on Nov. 21, 1985, after trying unsuccessfully to gain asylum at the Israeli Embassy in Washington. He pleaded guilty a year later to conspiracy to commit espionage and was sentenced in 1987 to life in prison. He has argued that his guilty plea was coerced and that his sentence was excessive. Justice Department lawyers did not object to Pollard’s release during a hearing this year that took into account Pollard’s behavior in prison and whether he was likely to commit new crimes if released. Under sentencing rules, he was eligible for parole after spending 30 years in custody. Though next Saturday marks the 30th anniversary of his arrest, Pollard is actually due out Friday from the Butner, N.C., prison because releases aren’t scheduled on weekends or holidays, said Bureau of Prisons spokesman Ed Ross. The case has long been a source of tension between the two countries. American presidents have repeatedly denied Pollard’s release even as the Israeli government, which granted Pollard citizenship in the 1990s and recognized him as an Israeli agent, has for years sought his freedom. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in July that he had “consistently raised the issue of (Pollard’s) release in my meetings and conversations with the leadership of successive U.S. administrations.” The U.S. last year dangled the prospect of freeing Pollard early as part of a package of incentives to keep Israel at the negotiating table during talks with the Palestinians. But the peace effort collapsed and Pollard remained in prison. He came up for parole last year but was denied. Pollard’s supporters, including many Israeli citizens, have long maintained he was punished too harshly for spying on behalf of a U.S. ally and that he provided information critical to Israel’s security interests at a time when the country was under threat from its Middle East neighbors. But U.S. officials have condemned him as a traitor who provided volumes of classified information to Israel, including about radar-jamming techniques and the electronic capabilities of nations hostile to Israel, including Saudi Arabia. A damage assessment prepared by the U.S. government after Pollard’s arrest found that he had “eagerly seized an opportunity to volunteer his services to Israeli intelligence,” and after receiving formal instructions and operational planning, began making large biweekly deliveries of classified material and collected a monthly salary for it. A lasting consequence of the case is unusual suspicion within U.S. intelligence toward those who maintain deep Israeli contacts or have spent time there, said Zaid, a lawyer who represents whistleblowers and handles national security matters. But he said that for much of the public, there’s little recollection about it.

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SUNDAY, 11.15.2015

Your guide to managing money, work and the business of life


The retirement gap between women, men

Leveraging changes in FAFSA process Boost your odds of receiving more financial aid By Kaitlin Pitsker |



mericans are still having a tough time meeting their retirement savings needs. According to the Government Accountability Office, among households aged 55 and older, “about 29 percent have neither retirement savings nor a defined-benefit (retirement) plan.” Among those aged 55-64 who have managed to sock away some money for retirement, the median balance is just $104,000 for a household — hardly enough to generate the income most will need to supplement Social Security. Those numbers are sobering enough, but a separate survey from Financial Finesse, a financial education company, found that women are in much worse shape than their male counterparts. The retirement divide between men and women is significant. While neither men nor women are fully prepared for retirement, the average 45-year-old woman is more than $268,000 short of what she needs to retire comfortably at 65 — for the average man, it’s $212,000. There are a variety of factors that explain the retirement savings gap. Because women live about five years longer than men, they need to accumulate larger retirement nest eggs. Additionally, women earn less than men over the course of their work lives, due to a number of factors: They flat out make less money than their male counterparts in almost every field. Many have yet to enter the highestpaying growth fields that require science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) degrees. Many take time out of the workforce to care for children or aging family members. And working mothers often opt for flexibility over compensation to balance their work and family lives. So what’s a woman to do to close the gap? If you have a spouse or partner, it’s imperative to talk to each other. According to an Associated Press poll, two-thirds of Americans say it is harder to talk to their partners about money than sex! Share all financial information. Start by disclosing all accounts, debts and basically coming clean. A number of polls show that couples often keep financial secrets, like a hidden bank account or a credit card that carries a big balance. You should also discuss your retirement priorities to ensure that you are both on the same page. Of course this is likely to be an evolving conversation that will shift over time, but you and your partner need to articulate how you see retirement — do you want to live near family? Would you like to travel? Does one partner want to call it quits, while the other is happy to keep working? For single women, the path is even clearer: You need to commit to putting your retirement ahead of almost all other financial priorities, even helping out your adult children. I recommend using EBRI’s Choose to Save Ballpark E$timate, which is a great resource to crunch the numbers. You can analyze the impact of working longer, saving more and living longer. When you understand your status, you can then commit to changing your behavior. This might mean setting aside more money into retirement savings, reducing your spending or some combination of the two. One thing is clear: Only by tackling the issue headon will you be able to mind and close the retirement gap. Contact Jill Schlesinger, senior business analyst for CBS News, at


pplying for financial aid will soon be less of a hassle for college students and their families. Beginning with the 2017-2018 academic year, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid — used to determine financial aid from the government as well as colleges — can be filed three months earlier, or as early as October 1, nearly a year before a student would start classes the following fall. This shift in timing will allow completed tax returns to be used to report income and assets on the FAFSA. Under current rules, families have to wait until January 1 to start filling out the FAFSA and often file the aid application before completing the income tax return required to verify income for the previous year. For example, if you file the FAFSA in January 2016 for the 2016-17 academic year, you’ll have to scramble to file your tax return early or estimate your 2015 income and verify it later, after you’ve filed your 2015 tax return. But under the new rules, when you file the FAFSA for the 2017-18 academic year, you’ll use your 2015 tax return rather than your 2016 return to report income and assets. With the new FAFSA schedule, you’ll be able to start thinking about financial aid earlier in order to maximize an aid award. You’ll still have until June 30 to complete the form, but applying as early as possible remains important. Most schools dole out financial aid on a first-come, firstserved basis, and a college’s free money runs out fast. If your child is currently a high school senior, college freshman or college sophomore, your 2015 tax information is doubly important because 2015 income will count twice for financial aid purposes — first for the 2016-17 academic year, before the FAFSA changes go into effect, and then again for the 2017-18 academic year, when FAFSA switches to the new timeline. Taking steps to reduce income before the end of 2015 could lower your expected family income and boost your student’s financial aid award two years in a row. Few colleges fill all of the gap between your expected family contribution and the cost of attendance, but lowering your income can lead to substantial increases in financial aid. Income, not assets, is by far the biggest factor in financial aid. “Generally, every $10,000 increase in parent income will cause about a $3,000 decrease in needbased financial aid,” says Mark Kantrowitz, publisher of, a college planning web site. If possible, hold off on taking distributions from retirement plans or realizing capital gains because the money will count as income on the FAFSA. The financial aid formula excludes assets held in retirement accounts, the cash value of life insurance policies, and the value of your home and other personal property (including cars, clothing and furniture). So consider directing a larger portion of your paycheck to your retirement accounts during your FAFSA-filing years. A fat savings account can also lower financial aid because the federal financial aid formula considers up to 5.6 percent of parents’ assets to be available to pay for college. If you’re planning to use cash to buy a new car, do a home-renovation project or make some other large purchase — even to pay down debt — pull the trigger before you file the FAFSA.

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Disputes can be harder to resolve

Keep in mind that neither Amazon nor Etsy has direct access to order information for transactions sold and fulfilled by third-party sellers. As a result, they encourage customers to work through any issues directly Refund and return policies vary with the seller before they’ll When dealing with major retailers, there's comfort in step in. Be sure to document knowing that if you don’t like a purchase, you can always exchange it or get a refund. That’s not always the case when any correspondence you may you buy an item online through a third-party seller. On both have with the third-party seller in case you have to Amazon and Etsy, third-party sellers set their own return, refund and exchange policies. It’s important to read a seller’s escalate the situation to customer service. return policy in its entirety before making a purchase. SOURCE: Kiplinger Washington Editors


Sunday, 11.15.2015 The Daily Herald



The budget bill’s impact on Social Security benefits



The Embraer Legacy 600, above, and the interior of the Falcon 2000, below.

Building a $19M company in a down economy Private jet broker Magellan Jets boosts its sales by targeting an unusual client base — people who already own or lease jets By Jennifer Alsever |


argeting an unexpected market segment (jet owners) and cutting out a huge startup cost (buying planes), Magellan Jets has seen its business really take off. As the 2008 recession decimated the private-jet-rental industry, Joshua Hebert saw opportunity in all those empty planes. He and Anthony Tivnan launched Magellan Jets, an aviation broker offering charter flights and membership programs that include 25- to 200-hour buckets of private-jet flight time. A key to the company’s success at launch was its guarantee to members that they could book a jet virtually anywhere with just 10 hours’ notice. Annual memberships start at $100,000. Revenue grew 1,600 percent in its second year, and the company now guarantees a plane with as little as eight hours’ notice. Magellan’s continued growth, says Hebert, is the result of cultivating deep vendor relationships and identifying an unexpected customer base.

1. Rent, don’t buy Hebert didn’t go out and buy a bunch of planes at $3 million to $50 million a pop. Instead, he became a broker and struck deals with 180 charter operators with their own fleets. Unlike many companies, Magellan prepaid the operators, to build long-term relationships. It also hired former pilots to handle scheduling, which, with their deep knowledge of weather, safety and mechanical issues, they can do more efficiently than the salespeople used by many of Magellan’s competitors. The operators appreciate the pilots’ expertise. “It’s

less headache for them,” Hebert says. This closer link with operators “gives us tons of availability and has allowed us to offer our customers the creamof-the-crop planes.”

2. Make it easy on your customers Many of Hebert’s members are jet owners who need a ride when their plane is unavailable and fractional owners who are over their hourly allotments. To attract potential clients, membership contracts are customizable. Customers use an online tool to select the number of hours they want to fly, the type and size of plane, and add-ons like in-flight catering, fuel surcharge discounts, and ground transportation. Most Magellan competitors don’t offer custom contracts, says Hebert. Such pricing flexibility helped Magellan make members out of people who came to the company looking only for a one-off flight on

a charter. Those fliers have been the fastest-growing segment of the client base for the past two years.

3. Educate, don’t sell Instead of pumping cash into slick advertising, Hebert positioned the company as the go-to spot for learning about private jets. Magellan published white papers penned by outside experts on topics such as buying and selling planes and aircraft safety. It also built an online tool for finding socalled empty-leg flights that usually fly vacant when an aircraft needs to be repositioned for its next trip. Such moves ultimately improved the sales process: Customers better understood the industry and Magellan’s service, so salespeople spent less time pitching and more time assessing individual needs. The strategy “has been a big driver for our revenue growth,” says Hebert. “It was a cost-effective way to do inbound marketing.”

The downside of cheaper gas By Dandan Zou | With gas prices down by more than $1 per gallon in the past year, Americans collectively are spending $350 million a day less at the gas pump than they were a year ago, says the American Automobile Association. But the drop in gas prices, along with a stronger economy, has led to more driving — and more accidents. And that’s adding up to higher insurance costs. Through the first seven months of 2015, U.S. drivers put a record 1.8 trillion miles on the road, says the Federal Highway Administration. The National Safety

Council estimates a 10 percent increase in traffic fatalities over that time compared with a year ago. Geico and Allstate have already reported an increase in the frequency and severity of claims, and both have announced that they are hiking rates. Morningstar analyst Brett Horn expects other insurers to follow suit. It might pay to reshop your policy and to drive as if gas were still expensive. When it is, drivers tend to accelerate and brake gradually and maintain a steady speed to save gas, says Pennsylvania State University professor Guangqing Chi, who has studied the correlation.


n addition to funding the federal government through the 2017 fiscal year, the recent Bipartisan Budget Act introduces important changes to Medicare and Social Security. On the beneficial side, it reduces the proposed increase in premiums of Medicare Part B from 52 percent to approximately 15 percent for those participants not covered by the “hold harmless” provision. The bill also provides additional funding for Social Security disability claims — without which disability payments would have been reduced by approximately 20 percent in 2016. On the downside for many retirees, the law significantly changes the rules regarding eligibility for the “file and suspend” option and for restricted application to collect only a spousal benefit. As I’ve explained before, “file and suspend” is a strategy whereby a person who has reached his or her full retirement age (FRA) files for benefits and then suspends them. This permits him or her to accrue an 8 percent bump-up in retirement benefits for every year of suspension up to age 70. Meanwhile, that person’s spouse and dependent children are entitled to benefits based on his or her work record. The budget act bars the spousal and dependent benefits for those who file and suspend May 1, 2016 and after. You can still file and suspend your benefit, but there will be no other benefit. If you have already filed for it, nothing changes. And if you reach your FRA by the end of 2015, you may file and suspend with spousal and dependent benefits up until April 30, 2016. If you are able to do so, I recommend it. There is no downside. If you wait until after the deadline to file and suspend, you won’t have the flexibility to provide these benefits to your spouse and dependent children. A similar strategy is the restricted application for spousal benefit. This is where a person 62 or older applies only for his or her spousal benefit (equal to up to 50 percent of the spouse’s benefit), and collects that while putting off applying for benefits on his or her own work record, accruing the 8 percent yearly credits for doing so from FRA until age 70. (This option is available only if your spouse is receiving benefits or if he/she has filed and suspended.) Only individuals eligible for restricted status can obtain spousal benefits and also postpone filing for benefits until 70, thus becoming eligible for a higher benefit. Under the new law, if you turn 62 in 2016 or later, you will not be provided restricted eligibility for a spousal benefit. This means that if you apply for SS benefits, either for a spousal benefit or a benefit based on your work record, you will be entitled to whichever benefit is higher. You will not be able to apply for one benefit now and a different benefit later. Widows and widowers will still be able to claim benefits based on their ex-spouse’s record and apply later for benefits based on their work record, and vice versa. Their flexibility has not changed with the new budget act. For additional information, see Michael Kitces’ blog, Nerd’s Eye View. Web Phillips, senior legislative representative of the Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, is another excellent source. Their site contains up-to-date information. The bottom line is the administration and Congress have taken away some favorable options for younger Social Security participants that older individuals still have. And it was done behind closed doors with no public notification. You can complain to Congress and ask them to find other ways to save money. You have nothing to lose. Elliot Raphaelson welcomes questions and comments at elliotraph@

The Daily Herald Sunday, 11.15.2015


Inca boy’s DNA shows how humans spread to S. America Los Angeles Times

It sounds like something straight out of a “Hunger Games” novel: The rulers of a sprawling empire select beautiful children from throughout their vast territories and kill them in a ritualistic event to reinforce their power. During the Inca civilization, which thrived in South America before the arrival of Europeans, these ritual sacrifices were known as “capococha.” One of the victims was a 7-year-old boy who lived more than 500 years ago. His frozen, mummified remains were found at the edge of Argentina’s Aconcagua, the tallest mountain outside of Asia. Hikers found the mummy in 1985. Now, 30 years later, scientists have sequenced some of the boy’s DNA and used it to learn more about the rise and extent of the Inca Empire. Their findings were published Thursday in the journal Scientific Reports. Using a small sample of the boy’s lung, researchers were able to piece together his entire mitochondrial genome. This is the DNA that powers the mitochondria, the energy sources inside cells. Unlike nuclear DNA, which comes from both parents, mitochondrial DNA contains only 37 genes that are passed down virtually unchanged from mother to child. The study authors said this was the first time scientists had decoded all of the mitochondrial DNA from a Native American mummy. Members of the research team — from the University of Santiago de Compostela in Spain and the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team, a scientific nonprofit organization — went to great lengths to make sure that the boy’s DNA wasn’t contaminated by any modern genetic material. They extracted the lung sample in a sterile operating room while wearing fullbody suits, gloves and face screens. All of their equipment was cleaned in an autoclave and irradiated with UV to kill any contemporary DNA that might be present. In addition, everyone who worked with the ancient sample had their mitochondrial DNA sequenced and crosschecked. (There was no overlap between their DNA and that of the Inca boy.) To get the ancient DNA, the researchers extracted a 350-milligram sample from the inside of the boy’s lung and placed it in a Petri dish. The DNA was extracted, amplified in a PCR machine and sequenced in two separate laboratories. Both labs got the same results. Those results placed the boy “perfectly” within a genetic population, or haplogroup, known as C1b that is typical of Native Americans, the study authors reported. Previous research has established that one of the people who first populated the Americas brought this genetic signature from Beringia (the land mass that once connected Siberia and Alaska) or the northern tip of North America. However, the boy’s mitochondrial genome had 10 distinct mutations that had not been seen together before in either ancient or modern DNA. The researchers named this branch of the haplotype “C1bi” (the “i” stands

for Inca). The fact that his genetic signature was unique offers further evidence that the DNA sample wasn’t contaminated, the researchers wrote. Some of those 10 mutations are or were shared by

others, and the researchers used that information to make some educated guesses about the boy’s life and times. Most likely, his ancestors had been in South America for a long time, originating near the

Andes about 14,000 years ago, they wrote. When the researchers looked back to the most recent common ancestors the boy shared with people in other genetic groups, they found that their ages

and locations matched up well with what historians knew about how the Inca civilization spread. If scientists were to test the mitochondrial DNA of many more people alive today, they might turn up

one of the boy’s relatives, they wrote. If they can’t be found, that would also provide important clues about “changes in the gene pool of South America since the period of the Inca civilization,” they wrote.

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Native justice Nearly a century later, a treaty is honored. B3

SUNDAY, 11.15.2015

Teens sentenced for Marysville gun crimes By Diana Hefley Herald Writer

MARYSVILLE — Two teens have pleaded guilty to gun crimes in connection with a drive-by shooting in Marysville earlier this year. Nathan Boswell, 18, was sentenced to 30 days in jail for giving a 15-year-old a handgun. The younger boy pleaded guilty to illegal gun possession and reckless

endangerment. He was sentenced to 10 days in juvenile detention and 56 hours of community service. He’ll be on probation for six months. The Herald is not naming the boy because he was charged as a juvenile. The shooting happened Feb. 23 in the 3600 block of 73rd Drive NE in Marysville. Police found 11 shell casings on the roadway. A witness reported seeing the shots come from a car.

Prosecutors alleged that Boswell was behind the wheel. His cousin, 15, was accused of firing the handgun. No one was injured. Police found the teens a short distance from the house. Their car had a flat tire. They initially denied knowing anything about the gunfire. Officers found a .40-caliber handgun along a fence line near the car. A man at the house told police

he had confronted the 15-yearold about some slashed tires. The boy allegedly said that he would “put a bullet in (the man’s) head,” according to court records. The teen allegedly flashed a gun at the man the day of the shooting. Boswell pleaded guilty on Aug. 5 to delivery of a gun to an ineligible person, a felony. He was out of custody pending sentencing when he and two others allegedly helped break into a Marysville

house. Five guns and a large amount of cash were taken from a safe. A TV and computer monitor also were missing. Prosecutors last month charged Boswell with first-degree burglary. He remained behind bars on $100,000 bail. He is facing two years in prison if he’s convicted of the Sept. 21 burglary. Diana Hefley: 425-339-3463; Twitter: @ dianahefley.


VW owners, think twice about those $500 cards



A construction worker walks the skeleton of a new production facility at Airport Road and 94th St. SW in Everett on Thursday. The Paine Field building, which will be known as 45-12, will support general manufacturing and predelivery work for commercial airplanes.

Former Navy pilot completes mission, finds lost jet at bottom of Puget Sound Heart for adventure

By Debra Vaughn Whidbey News-Times

Peter Hunt peered into the dark, murky depths of Rosario Strait. It was August and the air was hot and still, the water a flat gray sheet. His bones ached from hunching over a six-inch sonar screen on the dash of his powerboat, Sea Hunt. For hours, he’d slowly steered Sea Hunt over a search grid, eyes flicking up for only a few seconds at a time, lest he miss it. He was on the hunt for his own white whale, an A-6E Intruder that crashed just after take-off from Whidbey Island Naval Air Station in 1989. The Navy gave up efforts to salvage the jet after spending three months searching with state-of-the-art technology. A report filed by investigators concluded any further efforts to


Left side air-to-air view of an A-6E Intruder aircraft from Medium Attack Squadron 52 (VA-52).

find the jet were “futile and cost prohibitive.” Hunt wouldn’t let it go. He’d flown the very jet sitting somewhere at the bottom of Puget Sound. The aircrew were from his squadron. From a ready room on base, he’d heard the harrowing

moments before the crash. A quarter-century later, he had to find it. This was his last shot. That day, the sonar showed him the outline of something that caught his eye. He whispered an expletive. What were the chances?

Peter Hunt was born on Long Island in 1962 with a heart for adventure. In middle school, his parents moved the family to Athens, Greece. The family didn’t have TV. He devoured Alistair MacLean novels, snorkeled and spearfished. He swam far out to sea. He climbed down the cliffs to the Temple of Poseidon, god of the sea, located on a craggy spur. His parents worried. As a young man, Hunt pursued his love of diving and crewed on five expeditions to the Andrea Doria, an Italian ocean liner that sank off the coast of Nantucket in 1956. The wreckage site is considered the Mount Everest of diving. Hunt opted to join the Navy, wanting to not just fly but fly in the most challenging conditions See JET, Page B2

Forum to feature leader of Utah’s homeless program Herald staff EVERETT — The leader of the state of Utah’s largely successful program to house the homeless will be the featured speaker at a community forum in Everett on Monday. Lloyd Pendleton oversaw a statewide program based on the Housing First model, which

emphasizes placing people in permanent low-cost or supportive housing as the first step in treating other problems. Utah started building housing units in 2005 and has since housed 1,400 of the state’s 2,000 chronically homeless people. Questions for the forum can be submitted in advance at

This year Everett Mayor Ray Stephanson has proposed $1 million in new funding for housing, diversion and law enforcement related to crime and other street issues. Stephanson has also proposed building 20 units of low-barrier housing with supportive services over the next two years.

The city is also working with Snohomish County and Providence Regional Medical Center on a program designed to identify chronically homeless people in the city and connect them with services. The community forum starts at 6:30 p.m. Monday, Nov. 16 at the Historic Everett Theatre, 2911 Colby Ave.

udy Sexton took a road trip in September. On her three-day drive to Nebraska, fuel costs were no problem. Her 2014 diesel Volkswagen Jetta gets more than 40 miles per gallon. Before buying her Jetta a year ago, the Oak Harbor woman drove an Acura SUV. “I got tired of paying big gas bills,” she said. Her trip to see relatives was fine, but Sexton said people in Nebraska started asking, “Is your car one of those?” At first, she didn’t know what they meant. She knows now. Sexton, 73, is one of some 500,000 diesel Volkswagen and Audi owners in the United States with cars affected by an emissions-cheating scandal. She was shocked when she learned about it. “You don’t expect to be polluting the environment when you buy these cars,” she said Friday. “I felt very confident it was a good purchase. I don’t know what the fix is.” In September, the Environmental Protection Agency found that many newer VW diesel cars have software, a defeat-device, that can detect when vehicles are being tested and change the performance. The German carmaker admitted to cheating emissions tests in the United States. Its chief executive, Martin Winterkorn, resigned. Last week, Volkswagen announced that VW diesel owners caught up in the cheating debacle would get a $500 gift card that can be used for anything, and another $500 for goods or services from a Volkswagen or Audi dealer. Accepting that $500 may not be a smart move. The Burlington Free Press newspaper in Vermont reported Thursday that gift card takers must sign an agreement that could jeopardize the right to a jury trial. Sexton has signed up to be part of a class-action lawsuit against Volkswagen filed by Hagens Berman, a law firm with offices in Seattle and nine other cities. “I was hoping it would make up for any loss when I decide to trade my car,” said Sexton, adding that resale value is a huge issue. Neither managers at Pignataro Volkswagen in Everett nor at Campbell Nelson Volkswagen in Edmonds returned calls for comment Friday. Seattle’s Carter Volkswagen has a page on its website, www.cartervw. com/vw-tdi-owners, devoted to the issue, with a Volkswagen of America statement, a list of affected vehicles, and other information. Like Sexton, Pete Shainin See MUHLSTEIN, Page B3

B2 Sunday, 11.15.2015 The Daily Herald


things started to go wrong. Both men felt a thump. Starling watched the tiny needles of two hydraulic gauges swing downward to zero. It wasn’t big trouble. This happened to Starling four other times — two over land and two at sea — and he landed safely. He contacted the control tower and began readying the plane for landing. He swung the jet west toward Smith Island, dumped fuel and lowered the flaps to slow the jet down. Then he tried to lower the landing gear. That’s when the plane’s other auxiliary system began to fail. He lowered the gear handle, rotated, pulled and held it out. He felt a thump and saw all gear indicators go barberpole — the landing gear was stuck. He held the handle and waited. Nothing. His wingman in the other Intruder flew by and took a peek. He could see the nose gear on Starling’s jet was trailing, the main gear doors were closed and landing gear were in the well. Starling turned the jet gently west, intending to pass between the San Juans and Smith Island. As the Intruder rolled out of the turn, the controls

From Page B1

— from the deck of an aircraft carrier. Hunt earned his wings and as a young officer was stationed at Whidbey Island attached to VA-145, an attack squadron. As a pilot, Hunt learned that to fly a jet, he must believe the worst wouldn’t happen to him. Otherwise, how could he handle the pressure, the danger of landing an aircraft on a rollicking aircraft carrier in the inky night or flying into combat. On Nov. 6, 1989, Hunt witnessed the worst almost happen to two men in his squadron.

Things went wrong It was a Monday around lunchtime. The sky was overcast and drizzly. Cmdr. Denby Starling, 36, and bombardier-navigator Lt. Chris Eagle, 26, blasted off the runway at Ault Field on Whidbey Island. They were on a routine training flight with another Intruder that should have taken them over the mountains. Four minutes after takeoff,

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stiffened under his hand. Ominously, he could hear a telltale whine, the sound of the hydraulic pump self-destructing. “We are losing the combined, get ready to get out of here,” he said to Eagle. The plane began to roll to the right. “Go ahead and get out now!” Eagle didn’t need to be told twice. He grabbed the ejection handle, leaned back in the seat and yanked. Starling followed a few seconds later. Eagle felt the kick of the explosive charge under his seat as it blasted him through the canopy 200 feet farther in the air. His head tossed from sideto-side and for a moment everything went black. Still in his seat, he looked over and saw the pilot floating through space. The world seemed to tumble as his seat fell away. He shook the stars from his eyes. The water boiled and churned below. Nearby, Starling looked up to a beautiful sight, his parachute blooming above him. The men floated down to the frigid waters below. A Navy search and rescue helicopter launched. Within 15 minutes, an air crewman was leaping into the water to help buckle the men into hoist seats, lifting them to safety. They were cut and bruised and Starling was hypothermic — but alive. Later, Starling tracked down the sailor in San Diego who packed his parachute, and thanked him. The Navy spent more than three months searching nearly 30 square nautical miles for the lost Intruder, hoping to salvage it and find out what caused both hydraulic systems to fail. The jet remained lost. Today Starling is a retired vice admiral. When he learned his old buddy Peter Hunt was searching for the

plane, he was pleased, but also bemused. “I wondered why he thinks he can find it when the Navy can’t,” he said.

‘Why are you shaking?’ Peter Hunt remembers the moment when he first realized something was wrong. It was 2005. Hunt had left the Navy and was working as a pilot for United Airlines. He had just finished flight operations and was chatting with the chief pilot when his hand began to shake uncontrollably. He shoved the hand in his pocket. The next trip out, he was greeting passengers as they boarded. The coffee cup in his hand began to shake. “Why are you shaking?” a boy asked. The diagnosis immediately grounded Hunt for life: Parkinson’s Disease. Then, he didn’t know what that meant, other than some vague thoughts about Michael J. Fox. Parkinson’s disease is a progressive disorder of the nervous system that affects movement and can be debilitating. There is no cure. By 2014 the disease was ravaging his body. He took 25 pills a day. He couldn’t sleep more than 45 minutes at a time. During the worst of it, Hunt decided to find the Intruder. He needed a win to prove to himself life mattered. He started investigating the crash. Nearly forgotten in a desk drawer in his Dugualla Bay home were two documents: a salvage report and a firsthand account from bombardiernavigator Chris Eagle. He contacted the crew of both planes in the air that day and grilled them for details. Two friends bought him an $800 Dragonfly, a relatively inexpensive sonar


LOBSTER DINNER $19.95 1347482


scanner to mount on his boat. Unlike professional models that can scan to the side, this recreational depth sounder only scanned the seabed directly below. That spring he made three dives and found nothing but rocks. A friend reminded him of another document that might help, a Judge Advocate General’s report. It’s there he struck pay dirt. Scouring the more than 200-page document, he realized investigators had calculated the position of Starling’s jet using his wingman’s transponder data. All along, they’d been looking in the wrong spot. More searching would have to wait. That fall, Hunt underwent brain surgery. Doctors implanted two devices similar to a pacemaker in his chest and thin flexible wires in his brain. The devices send mild electrical signals that block some of the brain messages that cause motor dysfunction. The surgery was a success. It came with a price. He would never be able to dive deep again. Despite that, he felt well enough to make a final push to find the jet.

The final clues Hunt thought he’d found it. On the sonar the previous year, he identified an object that could only be manmade. Drivers went down to look in May; they found an abandoned tank. Disappointed, Hunt wracked his brain for how he could refine the search. And then the final clues clicked into place. The aircrew in both planes saw the spot the jet plunged into the water. Their accounts varied widely. He decided to ignore the accounts. Everyone believed the currents in the area were fickle. With all the time he’d spent on the Sea Hunt in the area, he’d observed the currents were fairly predictable. He recalled the Coast Guard pulling debris out

of the water after the crash, and using those coordinates was able to better pinpoint the probable location of the jet. That August, staring through the sonar, Hunt was sure he’d finally found wreckage from the jet. But he needed to be sure. He called in divers from Maritime Documentation Society, a nonprofit shipwreck and diving organization. The divers saw a piece of equipment with wires sprouting from it. They photographed it. It had a placard with a serial number. When Hunt researched it, he learned it was made by Grumman, the company that built the Intruder. He sent a picture to everyone he knew from his old squadron. A supervisor wrote back confirming it was a part from the plane’s cooling system. Hunt wasn’t ready to announce the find yet. On Oct. 17, he brought technical divers from the Maritime Documentation Society in Seattle: Dan Warter, Rob Wilson and Paul Hangartner. He waited on board while they probed the depths, taking video. They popped up out of the water and told Hunt it was just a big rock. “Then somebody else said, ‘No, it’s not.’” Grins and high-fives all around. Hunt figures the jet probably sank to the bottom of the sea intact but after 26 years had deteriorated into pieces. The divers could spot both engines, the main landing gear and debris from the cockpit. The Intruder will remain in its spot, too badly corroded and too expensive to haul up. Hunt isn’t sharing the exact location. He accomplished what he set out to do. He plans to write a book about his experience. “It gave me a win on anybody’s terms,” he said. “I’m not just someone afflicted with a disease. In every way it let me give the finger to Parkinson’s. Hey, I can do this.”

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The Daily Herald

Sunday, 11.15.2015 B3

4 held on suspicion of killing Oak Harbor teen By Jessie Stensland Whidbey News-Times

Oak Harbor resident Brian Rayford “carried out a hit against a 17-year-old child” because his friend was upset over the cost of an impound fee, according to a report by a detective with Island County. Rayford, two other young adults and a juvenile are facing murder charges in the death of John “Jay” Johnson. The teenager passed away in Harborview Medical Center on Friday as a result of a gunshot wound to the head. Johnson went to school in Oak Harbor and had a network of friends and family in the community. Detectives arrested three suspects Friday on suspicion of first-degree murder. The fourth suspect, 16-year-old Derek Reeder, was arrested based on

Muhlstein From Page B1

bought his 2013 Volkswagen Jetta TDI at Pignataro. Neither has heard from the Everett dealership since the emissionscheating scandal surfaced, but both received letters from Volkswagen. Shainin, who lives in Skagit County, worries about the cars’ performance if a fix brings them into compliance.

information from the other suspects. In a telephonic hearing Saturday afternoon, the judge found probable John “Jay” cause to hold Johnson all four suspects on suspicion of first-degree murder. The judge ordered Rayford, 20, and David Nunez, Jr., 19, to be held without bail. Kitana Hernandez, 19, and Reeder were ordered held on $500,000 bail each. Early in the morning of Nov. 11, a friend of the Johnson family called 911 after finding the young man unconscious and bleeding at his home on West Green Valley Road on North Whidbey. Johnson was taken to the hospital, where doctors discovered

he had a gunshot wound to the head. Detective Ed Wallace was called in to investigate. Johnson was airlifted to Harborview, but never regained consciousness. Wallace searched Johnson’s home but did not find a gun. Johnson’s 15-year-old girlfriend contacted detectives and explained that she had been video chatting with him just prior to the shooting on the night of Nov. 10. They were interrupted by a knock at the door. According to Wallace’s report, the case quickly came together later in the day after another young woman — who was with the suspects just before and after the shooting — provided crucial evidence, even though she was afraid for her life. The report indicates that Nunez was upset with Johnson over an impound fee. Johnson

had borrowed his car and it was impounded by the Washington State Patrol. Rayford, Nunez and Reeder hatched a plan to either beat or shoot Johnson, Wallace wrote. Reeder kept asking Rayford to let him “do it” but Rayford kept possession of the gun, the report indicates. After his arrest, Rayford admitted to shooting Johnson. Wallace’s report indicates that Hernandez drove Rayford, Reeder and Nunez to Johnson’s house. Rayford and Reeder walked up to the house together. After speaking with Johnson briefly at the front door, Rayford pulled a .22-caliber handgun “out of the pocket of his hoodie, pointed the gun at Johnson, closed his eyes, turned his head and pulled the trigger,” Wallace wrote. Rayford didn’t see where he shot Johnson because he and

Reeder ran back to the car, the report states. Nunez and Hernandez later threw the gun into the water, Wallace wrote. In an interview with the detective, Reeder allegedly admitted that he was in the car on the night of the shooting but claimed that Rayford went to the house alone, came back and said “It’s done.” Wallace wrote that Nunez sanctioned the “hit” and poses a threat to witnesses because he demanded in texts that they remain silent and referred to them as “loose ends,” the report states. Prosecutors have until 4:30 p.m. Wednesday to file charges. If charged with murder, Reeder, a minor, will be charged as an adult in Island County Superior Court, according to Island County Prosecutor Greg Banks.

“They’ve created an expectation, a standard, that you can buy a diesel engine that will get you fantastic mileage and meet all the emissions rules,” said Shainin, 72, who has a mechanical engineering degree and runs a consulting company. Shainin is happy with his Jetta, which he bought after trading in a 15-year-old Mercedes-Benz with nearly 300,000 miles on the odometer. If he receives a notice about a fix that would make his Jetta meet emissions standards,

Shainin said he’s not sure he’ll get the work done. In Skagit County, he said, emissions testing isn’t required for car license renewal. Without the cheat software engaged for emissions testing, those diesel engines out on the open road were found to emit nitrogen oxide pollutants up to 40 times above what’s allowed in the United States, according to news reports. Shainin, who said he respects Volkswagen engineering, isn’t impressed by the offer of $500

and other “goodies.” “I wish they hadn’t done that. I’d rather see them put the money into fixing the problem,” he said. Unlike some VW owners, he’s not calling for the company to buy back his car. “I like my car, I don’t want to give it up,” he said. I like mine, too. I have a fun-to-drive Volkswagen Passat wagon, but it’s a 2008 with a 4-cylinder turbo gas engine. The company lists affected cars as starting with 2009 models through 2015, all with TDI diesel

engines — so mine deserves no dirty looks. But get this: The New York Times reported Nov. 3 that the crisis has expanded. “A limited number of gasoline-powered cars are affected,” VW spokesman Eric Felber was quoted as saying. So really, how do we know if our emissions tests are accurate? How do we know if VW is the only car company cheating, or just the one that got caught? Julie Muhlstein: 425-339-3460;

Yakama man’s 1917 illegal fishing conviction overturned By Kate Prengaman

Yakima Herald-Republic

YAKIMA — Justice can come slowly. In this case it has taken nearly a century. It is the story of treaty rights, Washington state’s belated efforts to correct wrongs and an 81-yearold Yakama man who sought for years to vacate his great-uncle’s 1917 conviction for illegally fishing. George Meninock was 77 when he told a court it’s his right to fish his family’s traditional site near the just-built Prosser Dam. That right, he argued through a translator, was protected by the Yakama Nation’s 1855 treaty that he had watched 14 chiefs, including his father, sign with Washington Territory Gov. Issac Stevens. But by 1916, tribal members were being arrested for fishing at the dam and Meninock allowed himself to be arrested as a way of protest. “Top-tut, where we are arrested for fishing, is one of the old fishing places where the Indians were fishing when Gov. Stevens gave the solemn promise which our people accepted as the pledge of the government,” Meninock told the Washington Supreme Court when it heard the appeal of his case in 1921. “And we say that when your officers punished us for taking fish at the places reserved you violate your treaty and your promise and while you may punish us because you are the power, yet before God, whose justice is more than that of men, we are innocent of having done wrong,” he said. His arguments failed to convince the justices and he was convicted and fined $10. It would be generations of more fishing protests and arrests before a federal court ordered Oregon and Washington in 1974 to respect the treaty rights that Meninock had argued for and another generation still before Washington began offering a path to clear those fishing convictions. “It’s long overdue,” said his 81-year-old great-nephew Johnson Meninick, who pursued


Johnson Meninick, director of the Yakama Cultural Resource program, speaks about his great uncle George Meninock at the Yakama Museum in Toppenish on Friday. Wrongful convictions against George Meninock were recently cleared under a new Washington State law.

I pledge the American to keep this promise as long as the mountains stand, as long as the sun shines, and as long as the river runs. — Gov. Isaac Stevens as recalled by George Meninock in his 1921 testimony about the promise the governor made to allow the Indians to continue fishing in their traditional place in the 1855 treaty between the Yakama Nation and Washington Territory.

having his long-deceased great-uncle’s record cleared as another step in the long fight to have the Yakama’s treaty rights recognized. “He told the court through the interpreter that the treaty protected his right to fish and he would not pay the fine, even when they said well then you’ll have to go to jail,” recalled Meninick, who serves as the director of the Yakama Nation’s Cultural Resources Program. “It took 100 years to clear his name, but my sons and grandsons still fish there at Prosser,” he said. “We’ll feel more comfortable fishing there now.” Meninock’s record is among the first cleared under a new state law aimed at righting historic wrongs from the era when state courts frequently

convicted tribal members for fishing. That was before the landmark 1974 case, known as the Boldt Decision, affirmed that treaty rights entitled Northwest tribes to half the harvest on all traditional fishing grounds, not just on reservations. During a 2014 hearing, the prime sponsor of the law called it a way to apologize for historic wrongs. “This is small, (and) it doesn’t do the times justice. But we can own up to our mistakes,” said Rep. David Sawyer, D-Tacoma. Attorney Jack Fiander, who worked with Meninick on this case, said that they’d had the idea of trying to get the record cleared a decade ago, but there was no pathway or traction to do so. This time he was surprised by the support of state and local courts. In October, State

Attorney General Bob Ferguson expressed his support for vacating the convictions of both Meninock and his friend Alec Towessnute — who was convicted in 1916 and inspired Meninock to take his protest to the courts. A Benton County Superior Court vacated Meninock’s conviction. Towessnute’s case has yet to be reviewed. When the Legislature passed the conviction clearing bill in 2014, it was estimated that about 80 living tribal members could benefit, but there’s no estimate for how many deceased may be eligible as well or how many may be Yakama. Meninick himself is a veteran of the “Fish Wars” of the 1960s and ‘70s and he testified in the Boldt case about state wardens hassling him and other tribal fishermen at Prosser

Dam. In 1914, the dam was built by a local power company and then taken over by the Kennewick Irrigation District, whose canal cuts off from the river there. The dam was built on top of what had been a popular, easy fishing spot with tribal members for generations, according to the book “The Si’lailo Way: Indians, Salmon, and the Law on the Columbia River,” coauthored by University of Washington Law Professor William Rodgers. That fishing spot — among many others — is exactly what his greatgrandfather and the other Yakama Chiefs fought to protect during the treaty negotiations, Meninick said. “Since time immemorial on, from the creator we were given these resources and we are

the caretakers,” he said. “That’s why our chiefs got the reservation and the rights to the usual and accustomed places in the treaty.” In his 1921 testimony, Meninock offered a rare first-hand account of the negotiations that took place through interpreters over several tense weeks on the Walla Walla Council Grounds in 1855, while he was a boy accompanying his father. “When the chiefs at the council did not want to sign the treaty, Stevens asked them why and the Indians said: If we give you possession of the lands we will lose out rights to the fish in the streams, but Stevens said no, the Whites only want to farm and would never interfere with the Indian fishing at their old fishing places,” Meninock told the Washington State Supreme Court in 1921. “But my father said, when we are dead then who will be witness to what you promise? Then Gov. Stevens said I will write it down in the treaty that you and your people have the right to take fish at these old fishing places and I pledge the American to keep this promise as long as the mountains stand, as long as the sun shines, and as long as the river runs. My people believed him and signed the treaty,” he said. “But now I and my Indians have been arrested for fishing and I am here to answer.” Meninock died in 1928, but the Si’Lailo Way authors write that he “achieved more than he dared to believe” — his eloquence inspired the state Legislature to approve a short-lived Indian fishery at Prosser Dam and drew the support of a U.S. Attorney to take up defense of treaty rights. His last words to the court were resigned, but having his name cleared now proves his fight paid off, Fiander and Meninick said. “For years I have been trying to defend the rights of my people.... and the thought that I may die without having secured for them their rights will break my heart but then God knows I did my best.”

B4 Sunday, 11.15.2015 The Daily Herald


Heavy rains, rising rivers lead to rescues in Silvana, Monroe Associated Press and Herald staff SILVANA — Snohomish County emergency crews kept an eye on rising rivers as rescuers helped families escape flooded areas. KOMO-TV reported that a strong rain storm on Friday night led to high water. The town of Silvana sits in the middle of the Stillaguamish River and the only way to get in or out was by hover craft. On Friday evening, a man’s car stalled in water along Pioneer Highway near Silvana. Snohomish County Search and Rescue picked him out of the

water, said Lt. Todd Swenson with the Snohomish Count Sheriff’s Office. Swenson said he was in Silvana on Saturday morning and water had receded below road levels. First responders went house to house, by boat, but many people chose to ride out the storms. A few miles up-river, the Stillaguamish flowed over State Route 530. That led to escorts across the flooded roadway. The sheriff’s office warns drivers to never cross flooded roads. A woman in Monroe called for a rescue Friday when she got trapped with her dogs.

Donald (Don) K. Hallanger

Nov. 25, 1927 - Nov. 10, 2015

ROLL CALL Senate 2016 military budget: Voting 91-3, the Senate on Nov. 10 authorized a $607 billion military budget (S 1356) for fiscal 2016, including at least $50.9 billion for U.S. combat abroad, more than $50 billion for active-duty and retiree health care and $715 million to boost Iraqi forces against the Islamic State. A yes vote was to send President Obama a bill that raises uniformed pay by 1.3 percent, launches a 401(k)-style retirement plan for active and retired service members and bars closure of the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, military prison. Voting yes: Maria Cantwell, D, Patty Murray, D Three years’ highway funding: The Senate on Nov. 10 voted, 82-7, to advance a bill authorizing $325 billion over three years for highway, mass-transit and other

transportation programs. The bill would be funded by receipts from the Highway Trust Fund along with steps such as selling federal oil reserves, raising customs fees and diverting Federal Reserve surpluses to infrastructure accounts. A yes vote was to send HR 22 to a House-Senate conference committee. Voting yes: Cantwell, Murray Dispute over truck lengths: The Senate on Nov. 10 passed, 56-31, a non-binding amendment to keep 28 feet as the top length of each trailer in twin-trailer trucking rigs on interstates and other federally funded roads. A yes vote opposed a provision in HR 22 (above) that would extend the maximum length of each trailer to 33 feet, for a total rig length, including the cab, of about 91 feet. Voting yes: Cantwell, Murray Voterama in Congress

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D o n p a s s e d a w a y p e a c e f u l l y a t P rov i d e n c e Re g i o n a l M e d i c a l C e n te r af ter an extended illness. He was born in Whitehall, Wisconsin to Helmer and Dorothy Hallanger. He is survived by his wife Arlene; children, Cynthia (Ray), Judy, Sharol, Ardis, Rhonda (Albert), Dan; grandchildren, Nikki (Terry), Stephen, Miranda, Leo and Emma, great grandchildren, Heavn and Amythyst, greatgreat granddaughter Kloey, and many nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his son, Donald Jr. Don grew up in Lake Stevens, Wash. where he enjoyed swimming, fishing and boating at Davies Beach. He met the love of his life, Arlene, working at his mother’s restaurant, and knew from the moment he saw her that she was the girl he was going to marry. They enjoyed dancing, watching Seattle sports, and raised a family together for a month shy of 67 years, spending the last 53 years in Snohomish, Washington. At an early age he became a tug boat captain, and towed up and down the west coast, and Alaska, as well as adventuring to Hawaii and the Panama Canal. After retirement, Don and Arlene spent time in their motor h o m e , ex p l o r i n g A r i z o n a , Alaska, and many local spots in the Pacific Northwest. In addition they made wonder ful memories in Boston, L.A., and Japan. Don had a great love for a c qu i r i n g k n ow l e d g e a n d a ny t h i n g m e c h a n i c a l . H e enjoyed sprint car races, traded stocks, tinkered with i nve n t i o n s , a n d c o u l d f i x almost anything! His love of music lasted throughout his life. He star ted on violin, then went on to play guitar, organ, and piano, and led many family singalongs. He brought many smiles to those around him with his jokes and stories. A celebration of Don’s life will be held November 28, 2015, at 2:00 at the Snohomish Senior Center, 506 Four th Street. All are welcome to come and share memories. He will be greatly missed.


Text: 425.905.9941

Frank Henry Cotterill

James L. Davis

Frank Henr y Cotterill, Gentleman Farmer, 89, of Sultan, Washington, passed away November 9, 2015. He was born in Seattle, Washington to Charles and Alice Cotterill. Frank graduated from Edmonds High School in 194 4 and enlisted in the Navy, serving as a Motor Machinist’s Mate. He received the Asiatic-Pacific Area Campaign Medal, the Philippine Liberation Medal, and the World War II Victory Medal. After completing his naval service he moved to Sultan, where he met his future wife, Pat Daniels, and they made their home. It was at this home that he passed, spending over 65 years on the homestead he c r e a te d a n d b u i l t . Fr a n k served his community in a number of ways, including being a Cub Scout Master, involvement with the 4-H and F FA P ro g r a m s , E ve r g r e e n State Fair, and by serving as a School Board Member for the Sultan School District for many years. Fr a n k w a s p r e c e d e d i n death by his wife, Pat; his parents, Charles and Alice C o t t e r i l l ; s i s t e r, D e n i s e Ashcrof t of Hull, England; b r o t h e r, S i d C o t t e r i l l o f Everett, Wash.; and grandchildren, Jamie Cotterill and Casey Cotterill. He is survived by his children, Mike and Diane C o t te r i l l , L a u r i e M o r g a n , Steve and Shannon Cotterill, D ave a n d Tr a c y C ot te r i l l , L i n d a C l a r ke , C h u c k a n d Tina Cotterill, Joe and Michele Cotterill, and Kathy Cotterill. Frank also leaves behind 20 grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren; and numerous nieces and nephews. The family would like to express their sincere appreciation and gratitude to the doctors and staff of the Sky Valley Medical Clinic for their compassion, dedication, and commitment to the Cotterill family, having treated four generations of family members. A date for a memorial ser vice has not yet been determined. I n l i e u o f f l o w e r s , remembrances to the Sky Valley Medical Clinic (Uncompensated Care), 615 W Stevens Ave Suite D, Sultan, WA 98294 are encouraged.

James L. Davis was born August 16, 1934, in Kansas City, Missouri and died at home October 14, 2015, in Monroe, Washington. He was preceded in death by his parents, Vernon and Bernice Davis of Riverside, Missouri. Jim leaves behind his three brothers, Junior (Charlene), E . S t e p h e n ( H i l d a ) , To m (Angie); and many nephews and nieces. His love for his family and friends will forever be cherished by his wife, Elizabeth; the mother of his children, Sharon Henry; and his children: Anthony (Meg) Davis, Jacob (Teri) Davis, Holly (Dennis) Miller, and Heather (Dave) Allen. Jim loved being “PaPa” to his eight grandchildren: Kyle (Lauren), Makinsie, Erin, DJ Davis, Phoebe, Sophie M i l l e r, a n d G r a c e a n d Morgan Allen. In addition, Jim leaves behind good family friends, Dave and Sue Lande. J i m t a u g h t i n t h e Snohomish School District for 17 years before resigning to pursue a deep love for art. He wrote and illustrated the books, The Calling Woods and The Trilogy of Blind Island and sold his art work to many people and businesses all over the world. Jim volunteered to mentor students in art and poetry for many years after his retirement. In 1994 Jim wa s n a m e d A r t i s t o f t h e Year by the Arts Council of Snohomish County in recognition of artistic excellence, ar ts advocacy and community service. The family wishes to thank the Providence Hospice team as well as his respite caregivers, Charity Fox and Stephanie Armstrong, and close family friend, S a r a Cooney. A celebration of Jim’s life will be held in August 2016 when all the grandchildren will be able to attend. If you wish to make a donation in Jim’s name, the family recommends you c o n s i d e r d o n a t i n g to t h e Schaak Arts Center. In this way, Jim’s love for art and mentoring students would continue to impact the community!

Mayedene “Dena” Zachry Morton

(Houghton, Wheat, Hopp) Change of Address

I am no longer at my home in Prosser, Washington. I have moved to my Heavenly home where I was welcomed by my L o rd a n d S av i o u r, Jesus Christ and my Heavenly Father. I came into this world on September 9, 1950, in E ve r e t t , Wa s h i n g to n a n d went to my Heavenly home on October 26, 2015. I graduated from Lake S teven s Hi g h S c h ool a n d then went on to Beauty School in Everett. I met William “Skip” Houghton in 1967. Of that marriage we had a son, David. Skip went to California to find work and we never saw him again. He literally disappeared. Times were ver y hard for me mentally and physically. My Dad’s cousin and wife, Ernie and Lois Epperson came to my rescue and adopted my little boy. I went to Arizona to restart my life and there I met and married John Wheat. We had a little girl, Cameron. She was killed in a car accident at age 16, leaving behind a 3 ½ w e e k o l d d a u g h te r, Ky L e a h . C a m m i e m et m e when I arrived at my new home. John and I divorced w h e n C a m m i e w a s q u i te young. A few years later I met and married Dave Hopp. We had a son, Kevin. We divorced in 1980. I needed to support my family, so I went to work at the family business, Cuz Concrete Products. In 1988 I met the love of my life, Bruce Morton. We were married for 23 years. He had two sons and a daughter. We worked hard at raising our blended family. Preceding me to Heaven were my grandparents, Abner and Iris Zachr y and Vera McElfish; my dear aunt, Althea Epper son; and my dear friends Lois and Ernie Epperson. Left behind to follow me to Heaven, my dear husband, Bruce; my parents Glen and Eilene Zachry; my biological s o n , D a v i d ( D r. B e c k y ) Epperson and their children, Ryan, Kimmberly and Chisomo (Nathan) missionaries to Malawi; son, Kevin (Sarah) and their In Loving Memory children, Camr yn, Tr ystan, David Ellis Kaytlyn, Colton, Kaleigh and April 10, 1956-Nov. 15, 2001 Steffan; step-children, Bruce Jr., Jenna and Paul; step I wish Heaven had visiting g r a n d c h i l d r e n , J e s s i c a , hours or a phone number I Taylor and Zackry; brothers: could call. Still missing you, J o e ( J e a n ) Z a c h r y a n d David!! children, Rachel, Dale, Love your Friends Tuyen, Anthony, Deborah, and Family Mar ty and Gail and their children; Wayne Zachry and his children, Aaron, Brandon Chase, and their children; special friends include Sue Roster and family, Naomi Tutten, Gail Harding, Wendy INFORMATION & PRICES GLADLY GIVEN and Bill Taylor, Debbie and Tim Nelson and Nikki Lutz. Memorial Services will be held at The Grove Church on Contact Us At S a t u r d a y, N o v e m b e r 21 , 2015, at 12:00 p.m.

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The Daily Herald Sunday, 11.15.2015 B5


Henry M. DeRooy Rev. Henry (Hank) DeRooy, born in Everett, Wash. was called home to Heaven Monday, November 9, 2015. Hank was born July 7, 1929, the eighth of ten children, and grew up on Rainier Ave. He attended Everett Christian School and Everett High School. Af ter a brief stint in the printing trade, he was called to the ministry; he courted and married Sylvia DeJong of Sultan, Wash. while attending Calvin College & Seminary in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Hank graduated in 1956 and was ordained in the Christian Reformed Church. His ministr y took him all over the U.S. and parts of Canada, as pastor, church planter and Regional Di rector on the east and west coasts. He and Sylvia settled in Snohomish, Wash. in the 1980’s, where they later retired. He then filled interim pastorships in churches around the country until the early 2000’s, and enjoyed cutting and selling firewood. Hank is survived by wife, Sylvia; three children, ten grandchildren, twelve greatgrandchildren; and sisters, A g n e s a n d Tr u d y i n Michigan. A grave-side service will be held at the Sultan Cemetery on November 20, 2015, at 1 : 0 0 p . m . fo l l o w e d b y a Memorial Ser vice at New Hope Fellowship Church in Monroe at 3:00 p.m. In lieu of gifts or flowers, please send donations to INCOR (International Christian Outreach & Relief).

Gary Ernest Stemler

Lloyd “Sonny” Clauson

Gar y Ernest Stemler, 74, passed away quietly in his home in Camano Island, Wash. on November 6, 2 01 5 , a f t e r h i s s e c o n d battle with cancer. He was born in Des Moines, Iowa to Ernest and Dorothy Stemler. Gary grew up in Tacoma, Wash. where he graduated from Wilson High School. He attended the University of Washington where he earned a degree in Electrical Engineering. While attending the UW, he met and married the new girl in his neighborhood, Cathleen Fouber t. Af ter graduation, they moved to the Portland, Ore./Vancouver, Wash. area where Gary went to work for the Bonneville Power Administration until his retirement in 2001. He enjoyed travel, reading, cars, and especially spending time with his family and friends. G a r y i s s u r v i ve d by h i s l o v i n g w i fe o f 5 4 y e a r s , C a t hy ; t h e i r c h i l d r e n , E d ( Tr i c i a ) , K a r l ( L e e ) , a n d Steve (Karen); eight grandchildren, Heather (Aidan) Hartman, Heidi, Colton, Jake, Angela, S a m m y, N a t e a n d E v a n Stemler; and one greatgrandchild, Hattie Hartman; h i s s i s te r s , B e t t y ( Ke i t h ) Gross and Barbara Boskovich; as well as many nieces, nephews and close friends who were more like family. He was preceded in death by his parents; and his sister, Beverly Trosper. A funeral Mass will be held at St. Cecilia Catholic C h u rc h , 2 6 9 0 0 7 8 t h Ave NW, Stanwood, WA 98292 o n Fr i d ay, N ove m b e r 2 0 , 2015, at 12 noon. Arrangements under the direction of Gilbertson Funeral Home, Stanwood.

Lloyd “Sonny” Clauson 58, of Mar ysville Wash. sadly passed away in his sleep of an apparent heart attack on November 8, 2015. Sonny was born March 16, 1957, to Lloyd Sr. and Betty Clauson in Prineville, Oregon. He was the yo u n g e s t o f h i s s i b l i n g s , Grant and Kathy. He attended high school at Mayfair in Lakewood, Calif. Sonny had two loves during his life. First was Lori Dawn (Slater) with whom he was m a r r i e d to fo r 24 ye a r s . They had two beautiful children, Greg and Cari and five grandchildren: Haley, Madison, Kendall, Silas and Quinn. His children and g r a n d c h i l d r e n we r e a l l a source of joy to Sonny. His second love was Jody Lee Davis his par tner of eight years and wife of four months. Sonny was in the automotive industry for most o f h i s l i fe u n t i l s h o u l d e r injuries forced him to retrain. He became a truck driver two years ago driving on the west coast for WCT in Everett, Wash. Sonny loved to ride his Harley and many times rode with his “brothers” to Redwood and Sturgis. He was a huge football fan and rarely missed watching any games. H e wa s exc i te d l a s t ye a r when his son, Greg took him to a Seahawks game. He was ver y proud of his children and their spouses for all their many accomplishments and his d a u g h t e r, C a r i w a s h i s forever “Princess”. Tattooed on his arms were the names of his two loves, his children and grandchildren. There are some people whom from the first time you meet them leave a big impression and Sonny was this kind of man. He had a wry sense of humor and an enigmatic presence. He will be sorely missed by his family and his friends and eve n t h o s e w h o m et h i m only briefly. S o n ny wa s p r e c e d e d i n death by his father, Lloyd Clauson Sr. He is survived by his wife, J o d y L e e D av i s ; m o t h e r, Betty Clauson and sister, Kathy Miller both of Page A r i z . ; h i s b r o t h e r, G r a n t (Emily), children: Grant and Nicole of S. Carolina; son, Greg (Jen), children: Madison and Kendall C l a u s o n ; d a u g h t e r, C a r i (Jim), children: Haley, Silas and Quinn Bush all of Lake Stevens, Wash.; his “brothers” Lenny, Jay, Fred (RIP) Rob, Mike, Steve and other numerous friends. A celebration of life will be held on Sunday November 22, 2015, from 2-5 p.m. at American Legion Hall, 119 Cedar Ave Marysville, WA.

1940 - 2015

Joseph Richard Krepel

Sept. 27, 1964 - Nov. 9, 2015 Af ter living boldly with cancer for four years, Joe has taken flight to the next realm. He was a dreamer, a philosopher, and a lover of nature with a kind, compassionate, and gentle heart. He spent most of his childhood in Alaska with four years in Minnesota. He attended Seattle University, Arizona State, and Western G ove r n o r s U n i ve r s i t y. H e a l s o l i ve d i n H awa i i a n d spent two years in the Peace Corps. He later moved to Washington where he built his life. He was born to be a daddy and for ten years his daughters were loved deeply by him. Joe leaves his loving wife, M a r g a r e t K i n n ey K r e p e l ; beautiful daughters, Caroline Ruth and Patricia Rose; his parents, Stephen and Ruth Ann Krepel; four brothers a n d t h e i r w i ve s , Pa t a n d Pam, Mike and Jenny, Mark and Kim, and Chris and Kris; as well as a ver y special sister and brother-in-law, Cathy and Brett Campbell. Margaret’s family became Joe’s second family and he leaves Trish Kinney, Karol, Bill and Michael. He is preceded in death by his father-in-law, Cal Kinney. Joe was an uncle to 12 nephews and seven nieces. We will always love and miss him. I n l i e u o f f l o w e r s , donations can be made to Strong A gainst Cancer at Seattle Children’s Hospital. A service will be held on N o v e m b e r 1 8 , 2 01 5 , a t 3:00 at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church, 2316 180th St. SE, Bothell, 98012.

Patti Kinney Pyle

Sept. 30, 1935 - Nov. 1, 2015 Patti Kinney Pyle born September 30, 1935, passed away Sunday, November 1, 2015 in Edmonds, Wash. She was preceded in death by her parents, Glenn and Doris Kinney and brother, Lt. Col. Charles Kinney. She is survived by her son, Jeff Pyle; his wife, Ethel Pyle and her daughter, Jennifer Coleman. Patti was born in Everett, Wash. and graduated from Everett High School in 1953. S h e w o r k e d f o r t h e Gidden’s family at a Paine Field manufacturing company for 27 years. Patti loved music and sang in a barbershop Sweet Adeline’s chorus for 38 years. She met many longtime friends pursuing her passion of music. Patti loved her children more than life and was so very proud of them. There will be a celebration of life memorial service held at Evergreen Funeral Home, 4504 Broadway, Everett, WA in the spring of 2016. Donations can be made to; Providence Home Care and Hospice Foundation, 2731 Wetmore Avenue, Suite 500, Everett, WA 98201.

Margaret W. Schmidt

June 11, 1927 -Oct. 28 2015 M a r g a r e t wa s b o r n a n d raised in Monroe, Wash. and was the fourth daughter of Morris and Kathryn Shrum. She grew up along with her s i s ter s , Ka ty, L oui s e a n d Dorothy on the Shrum dairy farm on the Ben Howard Rd. just outside of town. A Christian upbringing and farm life instilled the values that she carried her entire life. At 17 she, with some trepidation, launched out to t h e b i g c i t y e n te r i n g t h e Columbus Hospital School of Nursing in Seattle, Wash. and graduated three years later. During that time she met her first husband, Brad a n d m a r r i e d a few ye a r s later. They settled in Lake City and were blessed with four sons. Margaret enjoyed 24 years working the night shift at Group Health Hospital on Capitol Hill. Her second husband, Gerald Schmidt, became a wonderful partner for all the a d ve n t u r e s t h ey l i ve d i n hiking, camping and travelling around the US. She took up a keen interest in quilting later in life and spent many hours with friends and fellow church members making craf ting quilts for the needy, including a ministr y for newborns. Margaret is preceded in death by her husband, G e r a l d ; h e r s i s te r s ; s o n , Rick; and great grandchildren, Anna and Sophie. She is sur vived by many who love her including her sons, Steve, Jim and Bryan Bradford and their families including seven grandchildren and six great grandchildren. She is greatly missed. A memorial service will be held for Margaret at 2 p.m. on Saturday November 21, 2 01 5 , a t t h e M e t h o d i s t Church on Lewis St. in Monroe, WA.

In Loving Memory

David A. Ellis April 10, 1956- Nov. 15, 2001

Su Lynn Champion

Gregory Scott Johnston

Still missing you. We love you. We think about you everyday.

Gregory Scott Johnston (b. September 30, 1970) was taken from us too soon on November 4, 2015, after a ten month battle with leukemia. A life-long resident of Camano Island, Wash. Greg loved the outdoors, hunting, f i s h i n g , a n d h i s f a m i l y, demonstrating his love by throwing rolls at us at the dinner table, making fun of us, and being there in any circumstance we could have possibly needed him. His passions included gardening and reading westerns until midnight, which he then got others hooked on as well. He graduated from SHS in 1988, having maintained a youth balanced in troublemaking and being irresistibly adorable, and began a c a r e e r a t Wey e r h a e u s e r, where he earned the nickname “Pooh Bear.” It was impossible to not simultaneously notice his gentle, kind, and generous n a t u r e i n c o n t r a s t to h i s grizzly bear build. Having g row n u p wo r k i n g i n t h e family bulldozing business, Gregor y had a passion for operating large equipment, carefully sculpting the land. He was not afraid of hard work, although it was usually set to a soundtrack of Greg’s eclectic music tastes, which anyone in a nearby vicinity was able to enjoy along with him. On Sunday, you could find him enthusiastically shouting at the T V to his beloved S e a h aw k s o r N A S C A R , o r watching Disney or PBS with his niece and nephews. If you caught him in an idle moment, he would regale you with his big dreams for the future, including but not limited to, gold panning in Alaska, winning the lottery, and buying amazing gifts for everyone around. His generosity was not limited to family, often tipping 100% or g i v i n g h i s d a i l y c a t c h to fa m i l i e s o n t h e s h o r e to m a ke s u r e t h a t t h ey h a d dinner. He leaves behind an amassment of collectibles r a n g i n g f ro m N A S C A R to Disney movies, ten billion CDs ordered from BMG in the 90s, and every birthday and Christmas card he ever received. Gregor y is sur vived by a large, loving family: his parents, Nicki Johnston and Greg Johnston and Cathy Johnson; his siblings, Brenda Leviton, Trevor and Jenna Johnston, Renee and Chris Meyer, and Shannon and Mike Saylor; his niece and nephews, Chloe and Ian Meyer, and Leonidas and Maximos Saylor; as well as countless friends and family. A memorial will be held s o m e t i m e i n D e c e m b e r. Gregory requested that his ashes be spread at his favorite hunting spot. In lieu of flowers, anyone wishing to contribute to Gregor y’s expenses can a c c e s s h i s G o Fu n d M e a t helpgregjohnston.

Su Lynn Champion passed away peacefully on November 6, 2015, in Everett, Wash. at the age of 81. She was surrounded by her entire family. Su was born on February 4, 1934, in Gage, Oklahoma to Richard and Lavelle Bright. Su graduated from High School in 1950 in Las Cruces, New Mexico at the age of 16. She went on to New Mexico State University, graduating with a degree in business at the age of 19. Su married her late husband Benjamin Alan Luchini in 1954. They had three children. In 1967, Su and Benjamin moved their family from Albuquerque, New Mexico to the Pacific Northwest. Su was an accomplished businesswoman and e n t r e p r e n e u r. S h e h a d several career s including real estate with D.A. Duryee & Co, where she was in the Million Dollar Club several years in a row. In 1985, Su and her second husband, Rober t W. Champion designed and created a beautiful proper ty on the Everett waterfront called the Everett Marina Village Inn, which they successfully ran until 2004. She also owned and operated Harbour Winds B o u t i qu e , s p e c i a l i z i n g i n high end clothing for women. Susi loved to say, “you can never eat too much chocolate or have too many clothes. Su is sur vived by her husband, Rober t W. Champion; brother, Richard Bright, spouse, Margaret; children, Deborah Bliss ( D av i d ) , R i c h a rd Lu c h i n i , fo r m e r s p o u s e , M e c h e l l e Luchini, and Rachelle Lu c h i n i - M i l l e r, ( H e n r y Koikoinui), former spouse, David Miller, Mike Champion ( L i n d s ey ) ; g r a n d c h i l d r e n , Richard and Mathew Bliss; Kelsie, Stephanie, and Ryan Luchini; Daniel, Evan, and Adam Miller; Mark, Steve, and Luke Champion. Su always encouraged and supported her children and grandchildren to pursue their goals and always live their dreams. Donations can be sent to the Everett Assistance League. A Celebration of Life will be held from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday November 21, 2015, at the Everett Golf and Countr y Club. All are welcome to attend and celebrate Su’s life. Condolences can be sent to 601 Olympic Blvd, Everett WA 98203. The family would like to thank the caregivers, and the hospital staff at the CCU of Providence Regional Hospital. Su lives on in all of the hear ts of those whom she touched, and she will be dearly missed, and forever remembered by her husband Bob, her children, and her grandchildren.

Love Mom, Dad and Family

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Sylvia Ruth LuckieBenefiel (Gifford) Sylvia peacefully passed away in Everett, Washington on October 20, 2015, at the age of 80. A Celebration of Life will be held on Saturday, November 21, 2015, at 1:00 p.m. at the First Baptist Church in Mountlake Terrace, WA with a reception to follow. Please visit her tribute and sign her guestbook at

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Virginia (Salvadalena) Dickmeyer

Vivian Nelson Kirchgessner

Virginia (Salvadalena) Dickmeyer joined her heavenly father on November 12, 2015. She was born in Monroe, Wa s h . o n S e p te m b e r 15 , 1930, to Gustavo and Emma Salvadalena. Virginia graduated from Monroe High School and was a lifelong r e s i d e n t o f M o n ro e . S h e l ove d to c o o k a n d s p e n t many years in the restaurant business and volunteering at the Monroe Senior Center. She enjoyed being involved in many groups including being a member of the E a g l e s C l u b fo r o v e r 6 0 years. Virginia is survived by her three loving children, Roy D i c k m eye r ( D e n i s e ) , L i s a Sackman (Douglas), and Steven Dickmeyer; four grandchildren, Michael D i c k m eye r ( Ta s h i n a ) , J i l l Hanson (Jacob), Stephanie Sackman (Christopher), and Danica Dickmeyer; two great g r a n d c h i l d r e n ; a n d m a ny nieces and nephews. Virginia was preceded in death by her husband, Norbert Dickmeyer, a baby daughter, her parents, three brothers, and three sisters. Special thanks to St. Jude Comfort Care, Dr. Baker-Hall and staff, and Jen and Brandy at Evergreen Hospice for the special care Virginia received. Service information: Viewing at Purdy and Kerr on Wednesday, November 18, 2 01 5 , f r o m 1 1 : 0 0 a . m . 4:00 p.m. Rosary will also be Wednesday, November 18 at 7:00 p.m. at St. Mary of the Valley Church (Monroe). Funeral Mass will be November 19, 2015, at 11:00 a.m. at St. Mar y of the Valley Church (Monroe). In lieu of flowers please make donations to the Monroe Sr. Center.

Vivian Kirchgessner, 91 of Mar ysville, Wash. passed away peacefully with family present on November 11, 2015. She was born on February 11, 1924, in Marysville. She married Robert Kirchgessner on August 20, 1948. Vivian and Rober t were both involved in raising horses and par ticipated for many years on trail rides with their horse club. Vivian spent 20 plus years working at Lakewood School District as a p l ay g ro u n d s u p e r v i s o r. S h e w a s k n o w n affectionately as “Mrs. K”. She was an avid gardener and loved having many varieties of plants in her yard. She was a member for years of the Arlington Garden Club, the Stillaguamish Senior Center, and the Marysville Historical Society. Vivian loved to go to ya rd s a l e s a n d n u r s e r i e s with her family and both of her older sisters. She is sur vived by her c h i l d r e n , C a ro l M c C ro r i e (Mike), Judy Vaughn (Bill), Tom Kirchgessner (Debbie), and Jim Kirchgessner; her s i s t e r s , E v e l y n Heatherington, Aileen Bellman, and sister-in-law, Joy Davis; numerous grandchildren, greatgrandchildren; nieces, nephews; and many loving friends and neighbors. Her greatest joy was her family and friends and our greatest joy was her. We will remember the long and fulfilling life she had. We are proud of the legacy she left behind. There will be a celebration of Vivian’s life at the family home on Saturday, November 21, 2015, from 1 - 3 p.m. In lieu of flowers please donate to Hospice and Home Care of Snohomish County.

Earl Leonard Senger

Jack L. Sanders

Oct. 4, 1927 - Nov. 7, 2015

March 24, 1944 - Oct. 21, 2015

Earl passed away on November 7, 2015 in Monroe, Wash. H e w a s b o r n i n Manchester, Connecticut to Otto and Margaret Schleminger. Earl is survived by his son, Steven Senger; daughter, Bonnie St. John (Jim) and daughter, Mary Reule (Jay). He also has six grandchildren and three great grandchildren. Earl was preceded in death by his wife, Virginia Senger this year. He was a USMC Veteran of WWII and of the Korean War. As a graduate from Oregon State College, in 1955, he went on to own and operate his own CPA firm for more than 40 years. E a r l w a s a n a v i d outdoorsman who enjoyed fishing, hunting, camping, canoeing and horseback riding. A loving gathering date is yet to be determined. In lieu of flowers please donate to the Alzheimer’s Association.

Jack was born and raised in the Lake Stevens/Everett, Wash. area, and later lived in Des Moines, where he retired from Kenworth Truck Company in 1996. He s e l f l e s s l y a l way s g ave o f himself to his family and friends, without hesitation. He didn’t try to impress his opinions on others; but, was always a “go to guy” for a straight answer -or how. As a d i ve r s e l y av i d r e a d e r, h e enjoyed learning, applying and sharing his many many talents everyday. Jack is the high standard to all husbands, sons, fathers and grandfathers - always making the best of everything. Thank you, We love you... He was preceded in death by his father, Owen Sanders; m o t h e r, M a r y ( A r c h e r ) (Spake) Sanders; father-inlaw, Donald Wilkins; sister, Marguerite (Sanders) Gellerson; brother, Harold Sanders. He is survived by his lifelong wife of 50 years, Liz Sanders; two sons, Don (Meg) Sanders, and Jeff (Deyan) Sanders; two daughters, Heather (Derek) Henley and Holly Clearwater; ei ght grandsons and one granddaughter; mother-inlaw, Wilma (Bates) Wilkins; sister, Lillian (Spake) (Henry) Price and brother, Rodell Spake.

David H. Johnson

June 11, 1937 - November 8, 2015 David H. Johnson, born in S e a t t l e , Wa s h . , J u n e 11, 1 9 37 , d i e d i n E v e r e t t , November 8, 2015 after a long struggle with Alzheimer’s disease. David was a life-long resident of Everett, except for his Army service in the e a r l y 19 6 0 s i n G e r m a ny, and a few years after that, working in Sitka, Alaska in the early sixties. He was the owner of s eve r a l s m a l l a p a r t m e n t buildings in the Everett area. He always wanted to be his own boss and achieved that g o a l i n h i s fo r t i e s a f t e r working several years for Everett Community College. He left that job to manage his own properties. D av i d m o s t e n j oye d h i s family, fishing on his boat, golf and professional sports. He was a free spirit who r e j e c te d p r e te n s e o r to o much structure his whole life. The family wishes to thank the kind staff at A Place for Mom and Dad, where he spent his final years. D ave l e ave s b e h i n d h i s daughter, Kallissa Johnson; grandson, Ben Johnson; brother, Jerry Johnson and cousins, Ed Woodruf f and Marilyn Rotell. He will be missed. No services are planned.

In Loving Memory William Boyd Schmidt

William Boyd Schmidt was born in Fairmont, Minn. on January 24 1938, to Oliver and Lois Schmidt. He met the love of his life, Patricia Ann Ogden in 1954 at Tigard High school in Oregon, then marrying in 1960. He graduated from Oregon State Univer sity in 1961. They went on to have three children and moved to Washington State in 1971. H e wo r ke d fo r t h e E PA government agency for 35 yrs. He retired in 1994 while residing in Bellevue, Washington. They enjoyed t r ave l i n g a n d f r i e n d s fo r seven years, finally settling in Lake Stevens, Washington. William passed away peacefully at home on October 5, 2015. He is survived by his loving wife of 55 years, Patricia Schmidt; children: Karl, Susanne and Pamela; sonin-laws: James and Derick; grandchildren: Dorian, Brianna, Maxwel and Mehleek; and four surviving siblings: Barbara, Dorothy, Richard and Ron. William lef t a great impression on all who knew and loved him. His presence will be greatly missed, but remembered with love and r e s p e c t fo r t h i s a m a z i n g man. A gathering of family and friends will be announced at a later date. Please visit:

Helen Evelyn Petersen

April 23 1913 - Nov. 16 2005 Gone 10 years - wish you were here to share Alexis love. We all miss you ver y much.

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Jean Cordova In Loving Memory

Robert (Bob) Lund Dec. 13, 1924 - Nov. 17, 1992 Helen R. Lund April 10, 1926 - Nov. 20, 2007




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Mom & Dad, Yo u l i ve i n o u r d r e a m s , you’re alive in our stories, you are forever in our hearts! There are moments in life when you miss someone so much that you just want to pick them from your dreams and hug them for real. We all miss you & love you! Rene’, Amber, Todd, Marcy, Brett, Ally, Robin, Blaine & Molly

Jean Cordova, 59, passed away on November 1, 2015 in Granite Falls, Wash. She was born to Paul and Patricia Cordova on November 18, 1955 in Tacoma, Washington. Jean was preceded in death by her father, Paul. She is sur vived by her husband, Richard Pester; children, Valarie and Cor y McCarty; five grandchildren; nine siblings; and 16 nieces and nephews. A Celebration of Jean’s life will be held on Saturday, November 21, 2015, from 2-7 p.m. at the Edmonds Library, 650 Main St.

June 7, 1941 - August 25, 2015 Barbara Joye (Newton) Engebretson passed away holding her beloved husband’s hand and surrounded with family on Tuesday, August 25, 2015 i n h e r Fa i r b a n k s , A l a s k a home after a valiant battle with cancer. A celebration of life will be held Friday, November 20, 2015 at 3:00 p.m. at E ve r et t G o l f a n d C o u n t r y Club. Barbara was born June 7, 1941 in Seattle, Washington. She graduated from Roosevelt High School in Seattle; she then married Richard Lee Engebretson on February 12, 1960. Richard and Barbara raised their fa m i l y i n I n te r i o r A l a s ka , where they resided for nearly 40 years. Barbara is survived by her husband of 55 years, Dick; daughter, Kelly Elbert (Dave) of Barrow Alaska; son, Dale Engebretson (Beth) of Everett, Washington; eight grandchildren; 12 greatgrandchildren; two sisters; and many nieces, nephews, and dear friends. Memorial contributions can be made to The J. Michael C arrol l C an cer Treatm en t Center: 1650 Cowles Street, Fa i r b a n k s , A K 9 97 01 ; o r Fairbanks Memorial Hospital Hospice: 2001 Gillam Way, Fairbanks, AK 99701. Barbara’s final resting place will be at Floral Hills C e m e te r y i n Ly n nw o o d , Washington.

Nov. 10, 1945-Nov. 1, 2015 A Celebration of Jim’s Life will be held on Thursday, November 19, 2015, from 4:00-9:00 p.m. at the VFW, 2711 Oakes Ave, Everett, WA 98201.

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Carolyn Ellene Cepa In Loving Memory of

James Michael Brand

Barbara Joye (Newton) Engebretson

Carolyn Ellene Cepa, 77, of Tulalip, Wash. left this earth to be with the love of her life, Lloyd on November 10, 2015. She was born November 2 5 , 19 37 , i n S e a t t l e , Washington. She worked as a certified nurse assistant at Bethany in Everett, WA. Her children were her pride and joy. She is survived by children, To m D r a ke , S c o t t D r a ke , Ro s a l i e M i l l e r, S t a c y Wallace, Martin Cepa, Adam Cepa, and Carolyn Cepa; 13 grandchildren; and five greatgrandchildren. She is preceded in death by her husband, Lloyd Cepa a n d h e r d a u g h te r, T i n k a Marie Cepa; and best friend, Virginia Brumbaugh. Funeral ser vices will be held Tuesday, November 17, 2015, at 10:00 a.m. at the Tulalip Tribal Gym with burial to follow at Mission Beach Cemetery. Arrangements entrusted to Schaefer-Shipman Funeral Home.

PUBLIC NOTICE FEMA 4242-DR-WA The U.S Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) hereby gives notice to the public of its intent to reimburse eligible applicants for eligible costs to repair and/or replace facilities damaged by a severe windstorm that occurred on August 29, 2015. This notice applies to the Public Assistance (PA) Program and Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) implemented under the authority of the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act, 42 U.S.C. §§ 51215206. Under a major disaster declaration (FEMA-4242-DR-WA) signed by the President on October 15, 2015, Public Assistance has been made available in Clallam, Grays Harbor, Island, Jefferson, Snohomish, and Whatcom Counties. Additional areas may be designated at a later date (see: All areas and federally recognized tribes in the State of Washington may be eligible for HMGP. This public notice concerns activities that may affect historic properties, activities that are located in or affect wetland areas or the 100-year floodplain, and critical actions within the 500-year floodplain. Such activities may adversely affect the historic proper ty, floodplain or wetland, or may result in continuing vulnerability to flood damage. Presidential Executive Orders 11988 and 11990 require that all federal actions in or affecting the floodplain or wetlands be reviewed for opportunities to relocate and evaluated for social, e c o n o m i c , h i s t o r i c a l , e n v i r o n m e n t a l , l e g a l a n d s a fe t y considerations. Where there is no opportunity to relocate, FEMA is required to under take a detailed review to determine what measures can be taken to minimize future damages. The public is invited to participate in the process of identifying alternatives and analyzing their impacts. FEMA has determined that for certain types of facilities there are normally no alternatives to restoration in the floodplain/wetland. These are facilities that meet all of the following criteria: 1) FEMA’s estimate of the cost of repairs is less than 50% of the cost to replace the entire facility, and the total cost is less than $100,000; 2) the facility is not located in a floodway; 3) the facility has not sustained major structural damage in a previous Presidentially declared flooding disaster or emergency; and, 4) the facility is not critical (e.g., the facility is not a hospital, generating plant, emergency operations center, or a facility that contains dangerous materials). FEMA intends to provide assistance for the restoration of these facilities to their pre-disaster condition, except that certain measures to mitigate the effects of future flooding or other hazards may be included in the work. For example, a bridge or culvert restoration may include a larger waterway opening to decrease the risk of future washouts. For routine activities, this will be the only public notice provided. Other activities and those involving facilities that do not meet the four criteria are required to undergo more detailed review, including study of alternate locations. Subsequent public notices regarding such projects will be published if necessary, as more specific information becomes available. In many cases, an applicant may have started facility restoration before federal involvement. Even if the facility must undergo detailed review and analysis of alternate locations, FEMA will fund eligible restoration at the original location if the facility is functionally dependent on its floodplain location (e.g., bridges and flood control facilities), or the project facilitates an open space use, or the facility is an integral par t of a larger network that is impractical or uneconomical to relocate, such as a road. In such cases, FEMA must also examine the possible effects of not restoring the facility, minimize floodplain/wetland impacts, and determine both that an overriding public need for the facility clearly outweighs the Executive Order requirements to avoid the floodplain/wetland, and that the site is the only practicable alternative. State of Washington, local, and tribal officials will confirm to FEMA that proposed actions comply with all applicable State and local floodplain management and wetland protection requirements. FEMA also intends to provide HMGP funding to mitigate for future disaster damages. These projects may include construction of new facilities; modification of existing, undamaged facilities; relocation of facilities out of floodplains; demolition of structures, or other types of projects to mitigate future disaster damages. In the course of developing project proposals, subsequent public notices will be published if necessary, as more specific information becomes available. The National Historic Preservation Act requires federal agencies to take into account the effects of their undertakings on historic proper ties. Those actions or activities affecting buildings, structures, districts or objects 50 years or older or that affect archeological sites or undisturbed ground will require further review to determine if the property is eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). If the property is determined to be eligible for the NRHP, and FEMA’s undertaking will adversely affect it, FEMA will provide additional public notices. For historic properties not adversely affected by FEMA’s undertaking, this will be the only public notice. As noted, this may be the only public notice regarding the abovedescribed actions under the PA and HMGP programs. Interested persons may obtain information about these actions or a specific project by writing to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Region 10, 130 228th Street SW, Bothell, WA 98021-9796. Comments should be sent in writing to Thomas J. Dargan, Federal Coordinating Officer, at the above address within 15 days of the date of this notice. EDH668921 Published: November 15, 2015.

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SUNDAY, 11.15.2015

GUEST COMMENTARY Marijuana and federal law


Align U.S. cannabis law with state laws The U.S. SMART Act would protect marijuana users and businesses in states where it has been legalized. By Suzan DelBene


incorporated into existing K-12 learning requirements. Hats off to our state leaders, yet, as many point out, a classroom course or two is a good start — but it isn’t enough. How much do you remember from your eighth grade social studies class? And what about grown-ups who need financial education? Financial literacy is a shared community priority, and it’s up to the rest of us to pitch in too. Credit unions are in a unique position to help lead this effort. As a member-owned, not-forprofit financial cooperative, BECU has an interest in and responsibility for helping and educating members and their communities. That’s who we are and why we exist. One example of helping

n 2012, voters in Washington state passed Initiative 502, which legalized the sale, consumption and taxation of marijuana products. Including Washington, 23 states and the District of Columbia have legalized some form of marijuana, and in 2016, several more states are expected to consider marijuana legalization ballot initiatives. Yet, marijuana possession or use for any purpose is still prohibited under the federal Controlled Substances Act, leaving participants in all of the state markets — including cancer patients — at risk of arrest by federal authorities. This murky legal environment restricts states from being able to regulate as effectively as possible because they are hamstrung by federal preemption problems. The federal government should provide states already effectively regulating marijuana the certainty that their citizens will not face federal prosecution. That’s why I introduced the State Marijuana And Regulatory Tolerance (SMART) Enforcement Act. It would protect medical patients, recreational users and businesses owners in states that have legalized marijuana from being prosecuted now or retroactively in the future. My bill builds on the current U.S. Department of Justice guidance for marijuana enforcement and recognizes the shared role states have traditionally played in policing marijuana offenses. According to a Pew poll, 60 percent of Americans agree that the federal government should not force its law on states that have chosen to allow the use of marijuana. Washington voters clearly made their decision. It has saved our state in costly legal expenses and created a new, growing industry, including countless small businesses. Since passage of Initiative 502, court filings in Washington for low-level marijuana offenses have dropped by 98 percent, saving the state millions of dollars in enforcement and judicial expenses. Washington has also collected more than $80 million in tax revenue from sales alone. The SMART Enforcement Act would give the U.S. Attorney General the authority to waive the Controlled Substances Act for states that are effectively regulating marijuana themselves, such as Washington. It authorizes a waiver from the Controlled Substances Act for states that meet requirements preventing the distribution of marijuana to minors, violence or use of firearms in cultivation and distribution of marijuana, and drugged driving. And each waiver would have to be renewed after three years, allowing for reasonable oversight and reevaluation of the success of this approach. By waiving the Controlled Substances Act with respect to marijuana, the SMART Enforcement Act would also allow banks to serve businesses in the marijuana industry that are currently being forced to operate on an unsafe all-cash basis. Local business owners in Washington have told me how they live in constant fear of robberies, describing the current situation as a “fire keg waiting for a match.”

See TOOLS, Page B9

See LAWS, Page B9


House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, speaks on the second day of the Republican National Convention at the Xcel Energy Center on Sept. 2, 2008 in St. Paul, Minnesota.

How to follow the money

Democrat, Republican offer a campaign finance fix By Martin Frost and Tom Davis For The Philadelphia Inquirer


hen we sat down to write our new book, “The Partisan Divide: Congress in Crisis,” we knew there was no more important issue than the current campaign finance debacle. The system of unlimited political money — much of it “dark” money that doesn’t have to be publicly disclosed — is threatening the future of our democracy. And even the contributions that must be disclosed often come from just a handful of wealthy families who are not necessarily looking out for the interests of the average voter. We each served as chairman of our party’s House campaign committees. And we both spoke out against passage of the McCain-Feingold campaign finance bill in 2002. We predicted that the legislation, by ending fully reportable political party “soft money” (corporate, labor and large individual contributions), would inevitably divert big money to shadowy outside groups with narrow political agendas. The U.S. Supreme Court in its 2010 Citizens United decision made this come true in spades. Prior to Citizens United, rich individuals could spend unlimited sums to buy political ads to attack candidates. Citizens United extended this right to corporations and labor unions.

Now we have the worst of both worlds. Political parties that have been centering forces in American politics are denied funding to support their candidates; and wealthy individuals and other special interests can give millions of dollars to pollute the airwaves. It’s the Wild West and our democracy is at risk. We made a number of suggestions on the financing of campaigns in our book that we believe would end the partisan divide in our Congress. Let’s start with public disclosure. A significant amount of political money from corporations, unions and the super-rich goes to social welfare organizations — 501(c)(4) groups — that have no obligation to report their donors to the Federal Election Commission. We have proposed that Congress pass legislation requiring that any organization that purchases political ads mentioning a federal candidate by name must disclose its contributors quarterly to the FEC. As is often said, sunshine — or transparency — is the best disinfectant. However, that doesn’t deal with the right of corporations or labor unions to make large contributions to an outside group. That could only be changed by a constitutional amendment that overrides the Citizens United case. It is hard to amend the Constitution but, if the public is mad enough, this could happen. Then there is the case of wealthy individuals making

exceedingly large contributions either to a candidate-specific super PAC, which currently must be disclosed to the FEC, or to 501(c)(4) organizations, which do not have to be disclosed. Altering this would also require a constitutional amendment because there is a long line of Supreme Court cases that protect the right of wealthy individuals to engage in unlimited political activity on the basis that money equals speech. We can’t limit how much money someone spends on politics as long as these contributions do not go directly to a candidate’s campaign and there is no “coordination” between the candidate and the individual or outside group supporting the candidate. This, in reality, is nonsense as there often is plenty of “coordination” in our current system. A possible solution would be a constitutional amendment providing that political contributions by an individual donor do not constitute free speech under the First Amendment and can

be regulated by Congress. We also would have Congress eliminate the provision in McCain-Feingold that prevents individuals, corporations and unions from contributing “soft” money to political parties as long as these contributions are fully disclosed. Amending the Constitution to prevent large individual donations outside the party structure would be very difficult. We make other recommendations, including nonpartisan commissions to draw congressional districts and a uniform national date for U.S. House and Senate primaries to increase voter turnout and lessen the power of well-organized extreme elements in the nomination of candidates. However, it all starts with money. If we don’t address that problem, nothing else may make a difference. Martin Frost, a Democrat from Texas, served in Congress from 1979 to 2005. Tom Davis, a Virginia Republican, served from 1994 to 2008.

The system of unlimited political money — much of it “dark” money that doesn’t have to be publicly disclosed — is threatening the future of our democracy.

GUEST COMMENTARY | Personal finance

Financial literacy provides tools for better life Youths and adults would benefit from education to increase their understanding of personal finance. By Benson Porter


ou don’t have to look too hard to find alarming statistics about America’s level of financial literacy. Survey after survey confirms that many Americans lack the ability to use knowledge and skills to manage their money effectively. U.S. students ranked average or below average compared to students from other countries in the first large-scale international assessment of financial literacy for some 29,000 15-year-olds from 18 countries. These findings were released last year by

the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development/ Program for International Student Assessment based on 2012 test results. Financial literacy levels aren’t any higher for adults. A survey from the FINRA Investor Education Foundation in 2012 asked five multiple-choice questions about topics like interest calculations, mortgage payments and investments. Just 39 percent of the 25,509 adults surveyed were able to answer at least four questions correctly. And a 2014 Retirement Income Literacy Survey conducted for The American College of Financial Services found that just 1 in 5 of the adult participants earned a passing grade on financial questions about retirement. This lack of knowledge about finances comes at a time when

we’ve weathered a volatile economy on an unprecedented scale the past several years. Student loan debt continues to increase at an alarming rate. Some 40 million borrowers owe more than $1.2 trillion, with an average balance of $29,000, second only to mortgage debt in our country Add to all of this the traditional pressures of mortgage loans, retirement savings, credit debt and the ever-rising cost of living, and the crisis is painfully obvious. Many of us simply aren’t adequately equipped to fight the financial firestorm we face. While many solutions are problematic, one clear step is increased education for our kids. Earlier this year, our state enacted legislation requiring financial education to be

Opinion B8






Editorial Board Josh O’Connor, Publisher Jon Bauer, Editorial Page Editor Neal Pattison, Executive Editor Carol MacPherson, Editorial Writer

SUNDAY, 11.15.2015

IN OUR VIEW | Mental illness

We can cure what jails can’t We reached this point gradually over more than 60 years. Beginning in the 1950s, deinstitutionalization shifted those with mental illnesses from state psychiatric hospitals to community-level nursing homes and similar facilities. Then cuts in state and federal funding in the 1980s for those facilities too often shifted those struggling with mental illness to the streets, one of several factors in the growth of homelessness and drug and alcohol addiction our communities now face. The result has been an increase in the use of incarceration at jails and prison to address problems with mental illness, addiction and homelessness. Its impact here in Snohomish County was chronicled recently by Herald Writer Diana Hefley in a four-part series, “What Jail Can’t Cure.” Beginning with the story of Keaton Farris, a 25-yearold from Coupeville who struggled with mental health issues and died at the Island County Jail in Coupeville from dehydration and malnutrition, Hefley examined the failures in Farris’ treatment, but also outlined recent attempts by local officials to address and correct failures

and deficiencies on a broader scale. As Hefley reported, about 2 million people with mental illnesses are booked into jails across the country each year. Of those, nearly 3 in 4 also have issues with alcohol or drug addiction, reports The Stepping Up Initiative, a nationwide organization working to increase awareness and promote action to reduce the number of mentally ill in jails. The problem with using jails and prisons to treat those with mental illnesses, say Stepping Up and others, is that it’s expensive. It’s two to three times more costly to incarcerate those with mental illnesses than those without. Nor is it effective. The mentally ill don’t receive adequate treatment in jail or prisons and are more likely to remain locked up longer. After their release they are at a higher risk of being sent back behind bars. “Law enforcement has been a catch-all solution for too long,” Snohomish County Sheriff Ty Trenary told Hefley. Since he took office in 2013 and following lawsuits stemming from inmate deaths at the county jail, Trenary has launched a series of reforms in his department and the county jail to discourage

the use of the jail as a warehouse for those who suffer with mental illness or who struggle with homelessness. Along with instituting restrictions to limit the number of people booked for nonviolent offenses, Trenary’s reforms at the jail included screenings and the use of electronic records to track the health of inmates, increased training for staff and programs that stem from a partnership with the National Alliance on Mental Illness. We’re also seeing action from the city of Everett’s Streets Initiative that has outlined scores of strategies, including a partnership that has sent social workers out with police to connect people with services rather than use arrests and booking as the default response. The city has strengthened its commitment to that program with $1 million to expand those patrols. Among its recommendations, Stepping Up encourages counties across the nation to adopt a resolution to build a network of counties to share data and ideas. Snohomish County is working on much of what the resolution outlines, but the county council should consider adopting the

By providing housing and social intervention, step by step, peoples lives can be reconstructed. We can’t police ourselves out of this issue. And it is important to remember that the homeless are someone’s son or daughter, maybe someone’s father or brother or sister. It is unconscionable that in our highly developed and rich country we should put people in jail because we don’t have sufficient psychiatric beds for them. The results as happened for Keaton Ferris, are shocking and barbaric. A vast majority of crime and homelessness are related to addictions, so addressing the true nature of the problem can save public dollars and provide real solutions, rather than a revolving door to the jail. I have personal knowledge of people detoxing in the jail, getting put in solitary confinement — this leads to mental health damage, and can be extremely dangerous to the physical health of the person. Treatment centers have special detox under medical supervision due to the dangers for the health of the person. It should not be the responsibility of untrained jail personnel to deal with a person with medical issues like this. I would only urge Sheriff Trenary to include methamphetamine in his wholistic approach. This drug is still rampant in Snohomish County, and very often leads to mental health damage. Any person entering the jail should

be screened for whether they are “tweaking” from meth, or detoxing from heroin or alcohol. The issues related to meth, heroin and alcohol are very important to include in the picture, along with mental health issues, as the county looks to the summit on homelessness. I do hope our new County Executive Dave Somers continues plans for this summit that were started by his predecessor.

resolution to further cement its commitment and focus its continued efforts. There’s work to be done at the state and federal level, too. The state of Washington remains under a federal judge’s injunction and other judicial contempt orders for failing to provide adequate mental health evaluations and treatment in a timely manner for those who are incarcerated. And Friday, federal regulators announced they planned to pull millions of dollars in funding from Western State Hospital in Lakewood because of inadequate staffing that has threatened the safety of patients and staff. One solution offered at the federal level is the Mental Health Reform Act of 2015, which was introduced in the Senate in August. Among other provisions, the act would recommend reforms and establish a number of grant opportunities that could offer solutions for the nation’s broader need to assist those with mental illness and get them the treatment and care they need. This problem has been building for more than 60 years. It shouldn’t require another 60 to fix it.


Make executive job appointed

Poor Dave Somers. He won with endorsements from two groups who regard each other as deadly foes: The environmentalists and the Master Builders. What’s Dave going to do when their interests butt heads? If he sides with the environmentalists against some despoliation by the Master Builders, the Master Builders will foam at the mouth and bite the carpet — “where’s our return on our investment?” — meaning their campaign contributions. If he sides with the Master Builders, maybe by filling in the wetlands, the environmentalists will call him out as a double dealer if not an outright traitor and want his head on a pike. It’s said that if a man tries to serve two different masters at once, he’ll serve neither master well. Dave Somers, by trying to avoid politics, is setting himself up for failure because the job of county executive is all politics, all the time. The only way to get politics out of the county executive’s job is to eliminate the county executive job and go with a county manager who is answerable to only the Snohmish County Council. This may not be such a bad idea. What do you folks think? Tom LaBelle Clearview


Trenary exactly right on issue Thank you for the articles on Snohomish County Sheriff Ty Trenary’s approach to deal with the crisis we are facing with the mentally ill and drug addicted in our jails. (“What Jail Can’t Cure: A sheriff refuses to ‘warehouse the mentally ill.’ ”) I applaud The Herald for bringing this issue to public awareness and discussion. I applaud the sheriff’s approach of seeing this issue as a public health issue, rather than strictly a policing one. Across the country research shows that “housing first” allows the issues of the homeless to be addressed, with positive and lasting results.

Allison Warner Camano Island


Displays of piety are unchristian During my decades of teaching, I had a small poster in my room that read “As long as there are tests, there will be prayer in public schools.” Those silent supplications for strength, spontaneous and individual, are much like the football players who silently fall to one knee when another is injured. These students and athletes are very different than a coach who makes a public display of moving to mid-field/center stage to pray. Academics, politicians and lawyers can argue the constitutional issues until the cows come home. Little had been said about the religious dogma that relates to the issue. Matthew 6: 5-6 clearly speaks to the assistant coach’s actions: And when thou

Have your say Feel strongly about something? Share it with the community by writing a letter to the editor. You’ll need to include your name, address and daytime phone number. Send it to: Email: Mail: Letters section The Daily Herald P.O. Box 930 Everett, WA 98206 Have a question about letters? Call Carol MacPherson at 425-339-3472. prayest thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen by men. ... But thou, when thou prayest enter into thy closet, and when thou has shut the door pray to your father who is in secret, and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.” Religion that is designed for public display does not follow Christian teachings. One of the most Christian people in our country today, Jimmy Carter, makes no public displays of piety, but rather demonstrates his beliefs in his every caring act and word. In the end, that’s what it’s about isn’t it? Janis Case Edmonds

Time to ground frequent flyers in Congress


ouse Republican leaders recently did something that should outrage Americans of all parties and creeds: They declared that the people’s representatives will be working an average of only two days a week next year. The House will be in session just 111 days in 2016. This means the chamber will be closed more weekdays (150) than open, and many of the 111 are partial days. That’s upward of 30 weeks of DANA MILBANK paid vacation for all 435 members of the House. Is it any wonder the House is not doing what the people want? Worse, American taxpayers are subsidizing members of Congress so that they can take more time off. Lawmakers have awarded themselves essentially unlimited travel budgets so they can spend more time at home. It began with good intentions years ago: Members of Congress, out of a desire to be in touch with their constituents, made sure they could travel home to their districts as often as they wished. But this has contributed to a culture in which lawmakers fly to Washington on Tuesday morning and fly out Thursday evening when in session (and perhaps make a quick trip home Wednesday nights for the odd Rotary speech). And how has being closer to their constituents worked out for them? Job approval of Congress stands at 13 percent in polls, near historical lows. Lawmakers are spending too much time at home and not enough solving problems in Washington — and taxpayers are enabling lawmakers to blow off work rather than toil the five-day workweek that other American workers do. A week ago, I wrote that new House Speaker Paul Ryan could solve much of the dysfunction in Washington by moving his family to Washington, D.C., encourage others to do the same and extend the congressional workweek to the standard five days. This would force lawmakers to get to know each other as human beings rather than partisan adversaries, and the result would be a more cooperative, functional legislature. After reading that, lobbyist Vin Weber, a congressman from Minnesota in the 1980s and 1990s and a member of Republican leadership, suggested another measure: curtail the unlimited congressional travel allowances. This would encourage collegiality in Congress while also getting taxpayers out of financing what amounts to an incumbent protection racket. “We’re subsidizing their campaigns,” he said. “The impact is these guys spend no time with each other and less quality time doing their jobs, and it contributes enormously to the dysfunction of the Capitol.” In a statement justifying the twoday-average workweek, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy argued: “This calendar ensures that ‘the People’s House’ always remains in-touch with those back home. Discussing ideas and concerns is a critical function of a responsive, representative democracy, and for this reason, our schedule will continue to provide members considerable time for constituent services in their districts each month.” Nice try. But what we have now is not responsive democracy but reactive democracy, in which lawmakers answer to parochial and shortsighted views — generally those expressed by the last wealthy donor to buttonhole them — rather than thinking about the national interest, or working with colleagues to build a consensus. “It’s a great irony, really, that by every measurement it looks as if Congress is more out of touch with constituents than ever before,” Weber said, “and yet they’ve been back with their constituents more than they’ve ever been.” And we pay for this new parochialism in many ways: free parking spaces for lawmakers at Reagan National Airport, discounted government rates for lawmakers, the privilege of booking themselves on multiple flights while regular fliers get bumped. Powerful lawmakers push airlines to schedule convenient flights to their home states and districts; one has been heard to boast about “my plane” on his flights to and from Washington. And what if lawmakers travel were restricted? Surely, tea party types wouldn’t object to eliminating this welfare for lawmakers and ending this taxpayersubsidized campaigning. Americans of all ideologies can agree that their representatives should spend as much time in the workplace as their countrymen do. Let’s ground Congress. Dana Milbank is a Washington Post columnist.

The Daily Herald

Sunday, 11.15.2015 B9


Emails contain enough artificial intelligence already


et’s look at the silly headlines: ■■“Google’s new AI will reply to your emails so you don’t have to”: Hmm. OK, if you want to hand over the reading of your email to an “artificial intelligence,” as it is known, and in this case what Google calls a “smart reply tool,” go right ahead. Even if it doesn’t seem really intelligent, in reality. The tool is supposed to replace the “tedium” of replying to email. But since you have to read each artificial response, and quite possibly edit it, and then send it, it’s difficult to calculate how much time is saved, or tediousness averted. ■■“Cops pull over Google driverless car — but not for speeding”: It was going too slow. Artificially

QUOTABLE “I cant figure out why somebody would fly a drone so close to other human beings. I don’t get it. I just don’t understand it.”

— Michael Fuqua, who works at the Great Wheel in Seattle, after somene flew a drone into the ferris wheel. Police are investigating.


“These guys are just a bit worried about your presence in our store. They’re just worried you might steal something.” — An Apple Store staffer, in Melbourne, Australia, telling a group of black teens they needed to leave. After the incident was publicized, Apple apologized to the teens via an official statement.


“They were afraid for so many years that the Seahawks were so dominant at home. ... When the league was looking at the schedule, they always want to have compelling games on a Sunday night and the Seahawks were victims, I think, of their own success because they were blowing everybody out 42-3. So, it will be good to get back in there.” — Al Michaels, NBC’s Sunday Night Football broadcaster, confirming that the team in recent years was kept out of the Sunday Night Football spotlight because they were too good.


“I had wheelchairs, walkers, Canadian crutches, regular crutches, and then we got George and I dropped my crutches and started to use him.” — Bella Burton, 11, who has a rare genetic condition, talking about how her life has changed since her family adopted a 2-year-old Great Dane trained as a service dog. She holds onto a harness attached to his back, allowing her to walk and run.


Tools From Page B7

overcome financial literacy is BECU’s Community Day at Junior Achievement’s Business Park. This event gives parents and their teens the opportunity to learn together about money-management by challenging them with real-life, hands-on budgeting scenarios. BECU also offers ongoing webcasts, webinars, classroom courses and seminars that provide a deeper dive into topics such as building credit, buying

CAROL MACPHERSON slow. (24 mph in a 35 mph zone.) Just what we need — more robotic left-lane campers, on which your creative hand gestures and road rage will be totally lost. Google immediately played the robot card, saying that they didn’t think a human would be pulled over for driving too slowly. (Which sounds similar to

what humans say when they get ticketed by a red light camera for not completely coming to a stop before they take a free right turn.) ■■“Donald Trump is either launching a new, even-Trumpier campaign, or he’s self-sabotaging”: Great headline. It’s always fun to when someone’s name works well as an adjective, adverb or whatever. (Try “Clintonian” if you feel Trump is somehow being picked on too much.) ■■“Pastafarian gets to wear strainer on head in license photo”: The Massachusetts woman belongs to Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and won her petition to wear a colander on her head based on religious beliefs — the only exception for allowing

people to wear any kind of hat or headgear in their license photo. The division was born when it split from the strict Church of the Fundamentalist Noodle, whose members still believe that throwing spaghetti against the wall is still the best way to test if its done, among other ancient practices. ■■“Sacrilege? Jeep to make purple Wranglers”: Wow. Childhood dreams do come true! Even if 40-something years later... As a kid, I loved my little purple Tonka toy jeep so much I vowed to own a real purple jeep when I was old enough to drive. So here’s my chance. Uh... Thank goodness no one holds us to our childhood dreams! ■■ “Drone hits Seattle’s Ferris wheel, police investigating”: One

more example why the FAA is (belatedly) going to mandate that all recreational drones be registered. Good grief! These aren’t kites. ■■“KFC to start San Francisco home delivery”: Will they use a drone that looks like a chicken? ■■“Seahawks fans petition to ban FOX’s Buck, Aikman from broadcasts”: Oh, come on, 12s, don’t be so reactionary. If you insist that announcers be “unbiased,” what do you want to do with the beloved but often-unintelligble-becausehe-is-so-excited Steve Raible? Has a gluten-free sect broken away from the Pastafarians yet? Wear a kitchen tool or gadget on your head this week. Carol MacPherson: 425-339-3472;

GOP won’t go near income inequality T he real headline from this week’s Republican debate wasn’t that the candidates clashed over immigration and national security. It was that they agreed on economic policies that have proved unpopular and unwise — and that may make the eventual nominee unelectable. The central issue facing most American families is that incomes, for all but the wealthy, are stagnant. The consensus response from the GOP field is a big collective shrug. The evening began with frontrunners Donald Trump and Ben Carson announcing they would not raise the federal minimum wage, presently a paltry $7.25 an hour. “I hate to say it, but we have to leave it the way it is,” said Trump, the allegedly populist billionaire. “People have to go out, they have to work really hard and have to get into that upper stratum. But we cannot do this if we’re going to compete with the rest of the world. We just can’t do it.” You have to wonder about all those jobs Trump promises to bring to this country from China and Mexico. Are they in sweatshops? Paying starvation wages? Carson claimed that “every time we raise the minimum wage, the number of jobless people increases” — a notion many economists reject — and then launched into a vague spiel about how government should “allow people to ascend the ladder of opportunity” rather than “give them everything and keep them dependent.” It will be news to low-wage workers that they are so coddled. Marco Rubio, who is running third in most national polls, volunteered that “if you raise the

EUGENE ROBINSON minimum wage, you’re going to make people more expensive than a machine.” Then he praised vocational education and came out with one of the debate’s more memorable lines: “Welders make more money than philosophers. We need more welders and less philosophers.” Leave aside the grammatical error — he should have said “fewer” philosophers. Also leave aside what we all learned in Economics 101, which is that if there were more welders, their services would have to become cheaper. As soon as the words were out of Rubio’s mouth, factchecker columnists pounced with data showing that philosophy majors actually make more than welders — and that those who go on to become philosophy professors make a lot more. Ah, but poor, defenseless facts stood no chance in this debate, which aired on Fox Business Network. The moderators used the devastating tactic of giving the candidates ample rope with which to tie themselves in hopeless knots. Carly Fiorina was asked the most incisive question of the evening: Given that the economy added an average of 240,000 jobs a month under Bill Clinton and 107,000 a month under Barack Obama, but only 13,000 a month under George W. Bush, “how are you going to

respond to the claim that Democratic presidents are better at creating jobs than Republicans?” Fiorina’s response was a classic: “Well, first of all, I must say, as I think about that question, I think about a woman I met the other day .... .” She never ventured within a mile of the jobs question, instead announcing that “problems have gotten much worse under Democrats” and repeating her pledge to reduce the U.S. tax code to three pages. I guess she plans to use a really tiny font. Jeb Bush predictably offered a heaping helping of establishment Republican economic orthodoxy: more tax cuts and more deregulation. “I think we need to repeal every rule that Barack Obama has in terms of work in progress, every one of them,” Bush said. “For those that are already in existence ... we have to start over.” There were times when the candidates just made no sense. Ted Cruz, for one, called for a return to the gold standard — a ridiculous idea that, among

other impacts, would threaten the dollar’s status as the leading reserve currency in global finance. Cruz also said he would “absolutely not” bail out the big banks if they got in trouble again like they did in 2008. John Kasich reasonably pushed back at the idea of allowing worldwide financial catastrophe for the sake of ideological purity. Carson weighed in with utter nonsense about how we should have policies “that don’t allow [the banks] to just enlarge themselves at the expense of smaller entities.” He went on to talk about low interest rates, stock buybacks and the “stampede of regulation.” It was, let’s face it, gibberish. What we did not hear Tuesday night was a plan to boost the earnings of middle-class workers. That’s the economic task of our time, but the Republican Party clearly wants no part of it. Eugene Robinson’s email address is eugenerobinson@

OTHER VOICES | Taxpayers paying for patriotism

Pro teams should pay for patriotic displays By the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Editorial Board


rofessional sports teams have collected more than $53 million from the Department of Defense for patriotic displays that cheer the U.S. military. Two U.S. senators who authored a report on the practice decry it as unnecessary and wasteful “paid patriotism.” Let’s not end displays that recognize the sacrifices of men and women in the U.S. military. But if costs are involved, sports teams, not the Department of Defense,

a home, paying for college and avoiding identity theft. We so strongly believe in the importance of financial literacy that BECU closed our doors for half the day on Oct. 20 and sent all of our employees to deliver Financial Reality Fairs at high schools around Puget Sound. We called it “Closing for Good,” and the fairs reached 21 high schools and more than 3,000 students. With curriculum provided by the Northwest Credit Union Association, these were hands-on educational programs where students were assigned a career and salary, and then asked to make real-life decisions about housing,

should pay for them. The report by Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake, both Republicans from Arizona, found that heart-warming displays such as honor guards, giant flags and ceremonial first pitches — even the singing of “God Bless America” — came with a bill. Payments were made to professional baseball, football, basketball and hockey teams, as well as NASCAR. They include $18,000 paid to the Pittsburgh Pirates by the Air Force for the performance of the national anthem, a swearing-in ceremony and 250 tickets in 2014.

travel, food, saving, entertainment and other expenses. The goal was to figure out how to live within their means — a real-life goal for most families. These are small steps, and teaching financial literacy takes a village. With that in mind, I respectfully challenge other organizations to enter the fray with us. Washington state was recently ranked 45th in financial literacy. We can do better. If we work together to address financial literacy, the smart money is on a brighter financial future for all of us. Benson Porter is chief executive of BECU.

Among pro football teams, the Atlanta Falcons collected the most money, $879,000 over four years. Compared with that, the Steelers’ take, $9,000 in 2013 and $27,000 in 2014, was paltry. But it’s not the amount that is problematic, but the practice — and not just because Steelers fans don’t want their tax money going to the Cleveland Browns. No one can question McCain’s patriotism and love for his country; a Navy aviator for 22 years, he was a prisoner of war in Vietnam for more than five years and serves as chair of the Senate’s Armed Services

Laws From Page B7

While Congress could simply legalize marijuana nationally, that isn’t possible in the current political climate. We need a pragmatic and expeditious solution now and my bill would help provide the foundation and information for Congress to evaluate national legalization. As states like ours move forward with legalization, it is foolish to keep businesses,

Committee. But he is appalled at the payment of tax dollars to wealthy sports franchises — as every American should be. Cognizant of how bad the practice looks, the NFL has already asked its teams to stop accepting tax money and said it will conduct an audit and possibly return the funds to the Defense Department. Better, as Sen. McCain has suggested, is to donate the money to veterans’ causes. The above editorial appeared in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on Monday.

communities and lives at risk by making them targets of criminals. We must adapt federal policy to the new reality. It’s long past time for Congress to provide clarity on this issue. The SMART Enforcement Act does this by incentivizing states pursuing legalization to enact strong regulations that will protect public health and safety, allowing the federal government to step aside and leave marijuana regulation to the states. U.S. Rep. Suzan DelBene, D-Wash., represents the 1st Congressional District.

B10 Sunday, 11.15.2015 The Daily Herald



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Late night in L.A. WSU was beating UCLA 21-16 in the fourth quarter when The Herald went to press. Find the story online at

SUNDAY, 11.15.2015

Desert curse continues for Huskies Washington blows a 17-3 halftime lead and falls 27-17 for its exasperating 10th straight loss to Arizona State. By Christian Caple The News Tribune

TEMPE, Ariz. — Line these desert ghosts up side by side, and it’s difficult to decide which is worst. The Washington Huskies don’t win at Sun Devil Stadium anymore, and their recent losses here to Arizona State range from unsurprising (44-20 in 2007) to heartbreaking (Danny Sullivan to Chris McGaha in 2009) to embarrassing (53-24 in 2013).

How to describe Saturday’s defeat, then? All of the above? It was certainly unsurprising, because it was a UW loss to ASU, after all, and the Huskies haven’t beaten the Sun Devils since 2001, a span of 10 games. It was heartbreaking enough, too, because of how well the Huskies played in the first half, and because of how precarious their bowl prospects now become. And it was surely embarrassing, because the Huskies led this game by three scores in the first half,

and by two scores at halftime, and still lost, 27-17, before a crowd of 51,695 who watched the Sun Devils score the game’s final 27 points and hand the Huskies their most inexplicable loss of the season. So take a look at the interview room outside the visitor’s lockers, and how familiar is this? An exasperated head coach lamenting missed opportunities and poor execution. A crestfallen quarterback lamenting missed opportunities and poor execution. A senior receiver lamenting missed opportunities and poor execution. See HUSKIES, Page C3


Washington’s Joshua Perkins (left) fumbles as he is tackled by Arizona State’s Salamo Fiso (right) during a game Saturday in Tempe, Ariz.


Limberg doubles up


Arizona at Seattle, 5:30 p.m.

TV: NBC,5 Radio: ESPN (710 AM)

It’s sinkor-swim time for Seahawks


about his star junior after the meet. “I’m just really happy for her and I’m proud of her,” Whorley said. “She’s worked incredibly hard between last year and this year. Last year, she was trying to hold people off in the freestyle and this year people were going to have a tough time coming to get her.”

he Seattle Seahawks find themselves at the pool, standing at the end of the springboard and staring down at the water. A line of other divers waits impatiently behind them. They have two possible outcomes. They can either springboard themselves into the air so they can land in the water with a big splash. Or they NICK PATTERSON can slip Seahawks off the Game Day, C8 edge of the board and fall flat on their faces. If the Seahawks want to remain relevant in the second half of the NFL season, now is the time they must spring themselves upward and avoid doing a belly flop. Somehow in this topsy-turvy Seahawks season that’s gone up and down more frequently than the Space Needle elevators, Seattle has been done a huge favor by the schedule makers. The Seahawks, having stopped the first-half bleeding to reach .500, are looking at three straight home games following an extra week of recovery from the bye week. If ever there was a time for the Seahawks to make a move, that time is now.





Jackson’s Nicole Limberg cuts through the water on her way to winning the 4A 200-yard individual medley at the state swim meet Saturday.

Jackson junior wins two 4A championships at state swim meet By Aaron Lommers Herald Writer

FEDERAL WAY — As a sophomore, Jackson’s Nicole Limberg broke through and won her first individual state championship in the 100-yard breaststroke. She apparently liked the feeling so much she decided to win two as a junior. Limberg swam to victory in the 200 Individual Medley and the 100 breaststroke

Saturday at the 4A state swimming and diving championships. “It’s really exciting,” Limberg said. “I didn’t know what to think of it, I was like, ‘Oh my God.’” Limberg placed second in the 200 IM with a time of 2:06.14 a year ago. She improved on that time by nearly a second this year, finishing in 2:05.17. “Last year I wasn’t expecting to get second,” Limberg said. “This is year I definitely wanted

MORE PREPS INSIDE ✓ E-W and Arlington soccer teams advance in state tourney, C6 ✓ Archbishop Murphy seniors star at 2A state swim meet, C7 ✓ CPC-Bothell falls in title game, C7 to add more confidence and I could do better.” Jackson head coach Drew Whorley was all smiles talking

GP edges Ballard in 3A state opener Bunt scores five touchdowns as the Grizzlies win 41-33 to set up a rematch with Bellevue in the quarterfinals. By David Krueger Herald Writer


Ballard’s Elijah Davis attempts to tackle Glacier Peak’s Colton Bunt on Bunt’s way to the end zone during a 3A state playoff game Saturday night at Veterans Stadium. Bunt scored five touchdowns the Grizzlies’ win.

INSIDE: Silvertips, C2


Baseball, C2

SNOHOMISH — The wet weather didn’t do anybody any favors Saturday night. The Glacier Peak and Ballard football teams both had a hard time hanging on to the ball in a steady rain, combining for eight turnovers. But the Grizzlies were able to hold on in the end, defeating Ballard 41-33 in the opening round of the 3A state tournament


at Veteran’s Memorial Stadium. “It’s football in November, baby,” said Glacier Peak head coach Rory Rosenbach. “I’m so proud of these guys overcoming the adversity. Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong with turnovers. Both teams were so resilient. Those guys were amazing. They fought back after every single thing that went bad for them too. It was just a great high school football game. We were fortunate to come out on top.”

College football, C4


Auto racing, C5

Glacier Peak’s Colton Bunt led the Grizzlies’ comeback with five touchdowns. The junior had 291 yards rushing on 21 carries. “He’s a beast. He’s a man,” Rosenbach said. “Man, 290 yards? I don’t know what else to say.” “Huge props to the linemen,” Bunt said. “It wouldn’t have happened without them. That was awesome.” The Grizzlies won despite losing four fumbles in the contest. Ballard lost three — along with an interception by quarterback See GRIZZLIES, Page C6


Weather, C10


Sunday, 11.15.2015 The Daily Herald

TELEVISION TODAY 6 a.m. 7:30 a.m. 10 a.m. 11:30 a.m. 6 p.m. 10:30 a.m. 5 p.m. 7 p.m. 9 a.m. 1:30 p.m. 10 a.m. 10 a.m. 1:25 p.m. 5:20 p.m. 10 a.m. 1 p.m. 7 p.m. 9 a.m. Noon 11:30 a.m. 11 a.m. 1 p.m. 2:30 p.m. 9 a.m.

Laurencelle leads Tips to 4-0 win


AUTO RACING NBCS Brazilian GP qualifying NBCS Brazilian Grand Prix ESPN2 NHRA drag racing NBC,5 NASCAR Sprint Cup: Race for Heroes 500 ESPN2 NHRA drag racing BASKETBALL FS1 Wagner at Seton Hall PAC12 Charleston Southern at Stanford PAC12 Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo at UCLA BOXING SHO Russell Jr. vs. Escandon FS1 Gonzalez Jr. vs. Guerfi FOOTBALL CBS,7 Miami at Philadelphia FOX,13 Detroit at Green Bay CBS,7 Kansas City at Denver NBC,5 Arizona at Seattle GOLF GOLF PGA OHL Classic GOLF Lorena Ochoa Invite GOLF BMW Masters SKATING NBC,5 Figure skating CBUT Figure skating SOCCER ESPN Hungary vs. Norway VOLLEYBALL PAC12 Stanford at Wash. St. NBCS AVP Pro Tour PAC12 Cal at Washington WINTER SPORTS CBUT Grand Slam of Curling

SUN 15


MON 16

By Jesse Geleynse

Arizona 5:30 p.m. NBC,5

Herald Writer

Next game: at Kootenay 6 p.m., Tue., Nov. 17

Next game: at Oregon St. 3 p.m., Sat., Nov. 21

Next game: Colorado 7:45 p.m., Sat., Nov. 21

Next game: Mt. Saint Mary’s 7:30 p.m., Thu., Nov. 19 UW MEN UW MEN

Next game: Seattle 7 p.m., Wed., Nov. 18 UWWOMEN WOMEN UW

Sacramento State 2 p.m.

Montana Noon


BASKETBALL 2:30 p.m. ESPN2 UConn at Ohio St. (w) 4 p.m. FS1 Mary.-Baltimore County at St. John’s 4 p.m. ROOT LA-Lafayette at Miami 4:30 p.m. ESPN2 Virginia at George Washington 6 p.m. FS1 IUPUI at Marquette 6:30 p.m. ESPN2 San Diego State at Utah 6:30 p.m. ROOT Northern Arizona at Boise State 8:30 p.m. ESPN2 Baylor at Oregon 10:45 p.m. ESPN2 BYU at Long Beach St. 1 a.m. ESPN2 Nevada at Hawaii 3 a.m. ESPN2 Green Bay at East Tennessee State 5 a.m. ESPN2 Stephen F. Austin State at Northern Iowa FOOTBALL 5:15 p.m. ESPN Houston at Cincinnati SOCCER 11:30 a.m. FS1 Ireland vs. Bosnia and Herzegovina


AUTO RACING 10:30 a.m. 1380 NASCAR Sprint Cup: Race for Heroes 500

Next game: Idaho State 8 p.m., Fri., Nov. 20 WSU MEN

Next game: N. Arizona 6 p.m., Wed., Nov. 18 GONZAGA MEN



BASKETBALL 770 Sacramento St. at Seattle FOOTBALL 10 a.m. 950 Miami at Philadelphia 10 a.m. 710 Detroit at Green Bay 1:25 p.m. 950 Kansas City at Denver 5:30 p.m. 710 Arizona at Seattle 5:30 p.m. 97.3 Arizona at Seattle 2 p.m.

MONDAY 5:20 p.m. 950


FOOTBALL Houston at Cincinnati


By Neil Frankland Associated Press


No events scheduled

REDDING, California — Trinity Lutheran defeated Bethesda University 3-1 on Saturday in a NCCAA women’s regional soccer game.

Trinity Lutheran advances to the NCCAA championship tournament Nov. 30-Dec. 5th in Kissemme Florida. Taylor Alflen, Tia Carrillo and Amanada Martinez scored goals for Trinity Lutheran.

D-backs trade Hellickson to Phils for prospect Assocaited Press PHOENIX (AP) — The Arizona Diamondbacks traded righthander Jeremy Hellickson to the Philadelphia Phillies for righthanded pitching prospect Sam

McWilliams. The 28-year-old Hellickson went 9-12 with a 4.62 ERA in 27 starts after being traded to Arizona from Tampa Bay last offseason. He was the AL Rookie of the Year in 2011.

MELBOURNE, Australia — Holly Holm pulled off a stunning upset victory over Ronda Rousey in UFC 193, knocking out the women’s bantamweight champion in the second round with a powerful kick to the head Sunday. The fight started at a frenetic pace with Holm landing some powerful shots to the unbeaten Rousey’s head, leaving the frustrated champion with a bloodied nose at the end of the first round. Rousey attempted to dominate the second round, pushing Holm around the ring until the challenger snapped a massive kick to the head that instantly dropped her opponent to the canvas. Holm (10-0) jumped on the prone Rousey, delivering several blows to her head before the referee intervened. An ecstatic Holm jumped around the ring as Rousey received medical


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Laurencelle added an exclamation point to the Tips’ evening with a power play goal at 13:33 in the third. From the top of the right circle, Devon Skoleski fed Laurencelle at the left side of the crease and the overager put it past Child. Skoleski completed the scoring with 49 seconds to play as Everett out-shot Swift Current 35-23. The Silvertips embark on a four-game road trip against the WHL Central Division Tuesday with a game against the Kootenay Ice in Cranbrook, B.C., before heading to Alberta for three games. “It could be confidence or it could be our downfall,” Laurencelle said. “I think we have to not worry about it. Obviously when you win two games, some teams — you’ve seen us — sometimes you let back after a few of those games. I think right now we have to worry about playing the same game we played tonight.” Follow Silvertips writer Jesse Geleynse on Twitter @ jessegeleynse. Silvertips 4, Broncos 0 Swift Current Everett

0 2

0 0 — 0 2 —

0 4

1st Period—1, Everett, Laurencelle 4 (Leedahl, Stadnyk), 3:13. 2, Everett, Leedahl 4 (Stadnyk), 3:20. Penalties-Martin S.c (high sticking), 4:02; Spencer S.c (cross checking), 9:33; Khomenko Evt (embellishment), 9:33; Lajoie S.c (tripping), 17:55. 2nd Period—No Scoring.Penalties-Skoleski Evt (too many men), 1:37. 3rd Period—3, Everett, Laurencelle 5 (Skoleski, Davis), 13:33 (PP). 4, Everett, Skoleski 4 (Pfeifer), 19:10. Penalties-Pfeifer Evt (charging), 6:25; Jensen S.c (holding), 11:44. Shots on Goal—Swift Current 8-10-5-23. Everett 1014-11-35. Power Play Opportunities-Swift Current 0/2; Everett 1/3. Goalies—Swift Current, Child 2-3-0-0 (35 shots-31 saves). Everett, Hart 10-5-0-1 (23 shots-23 saves). A-5,197

Holm stuns Rousey with second-round knockout

No events scheduled

Trinity Lutheran women advance to NCCAA national tournament Herald news services

EVERETT — Remi Laurencelle scored two goals, including the overtime game-winner in the Everett Silvertips’ home opener nearly a month ago. Then game a 10-game goal drought. But Laurencelle made up for it Saturday as he scored twice to pace the Tips to a 4-0 victory over the visiting Swift Current Broncos before 5,197 fans at Xfinity Arena. “I think it’s more of a mental thing,” Laurencelle said. “You have to try and not worry about it. Obviously it sucks, but it happens once in a while during the season. Thankfully mine came early and hopefully it doesn’t happen again.” Laurencelle added a goal in Friday’s 5-2 win over Spokane. The three-goal weekend propelled him back into the team lead for goals (five) and tie for the lead in points (11). It was the second consecutive victory for the Silvertips (10-50-1, 21 points), who remain in third place in the U.S. Division by virtue of Spokane’s victory over Kelowna Saturday. Swift Current slipped to 8-10-2-0. “It was our first test of playing three games in four nights and you never know,” head coach Kevin Constantine said. “That’s hard. That’s fatiguing, so we didn’t know how we were going to react to that. We started well. We were pretty consistent throughout the game. Like last

night we were very engaged in the whole process.” Everett also received a stellar effort at goaltender from Carter Hart. The 17-year-old stopped all 23 shots sent his way for his third shutout of the season. Hart took a puck to the upper body while making a save in the second period. It temporarily drove him to the ice, but he remained in the game after he was looked at by a trainer. The Tips got all they needed just three minutes in. At 3:13 in the first, Laurencelle took a pass from Dawson Leedahl, sliced between two defenders in the slot, and fired the puck past Swift Current goaltender Travis Child. “It’s a lot easier that’s for sure, because when you get that first goal a little bit of momentum comes your way,” Laurencelle said. “You always want to be in front.” Leedahl added the second goal seven seconds later as his shot from the left circle went over Child’s left shoulder. Carson Stadnyk earned his second assist of the game on the goal. The seven seconds between goals was one second off the franchise record set by Everett last season. Everett also improved to 8-10-1 when scoring first. “It’s always big, but you can’t go for a lead at the expense of playing the game the right way,” Constantine said. “What you want is to be really into it from the beginning of the game. And then if you’re really into it more often than not you’ll find a way to get that lead.”

treatment. Rousey was unbeaten through 12 UFC fights before meeting Holm, and a win would have been her seventh title defense. Instead, a veteran female boxer from New Mexico has the championship belt. In the other title bout, a bloodied Joanna Jedrzejczyk outlasted Valerie Letourneau to successfully defend her straw-weight belt in a five-round slugfest. Jedrzejczyk won a unanimous points decision over Letourneau, who offered the champion one of her tougher fights in some time. After containing Jedrzejczyk early on, Letourneau was slowed by a powerful front kick to the face with just over a minute left in the first round. The six-time Muay Thai world champion Jedrzejczyk built the pressure in the second round and third rounds with some trademark, lightning-quick combinations to Letourneau’s head, while forcing the challenger to keep her distance with

some effective kicks. Letourneau clawed ground back in the fourth and the pair traded punches, visibly hurting each other, throughout final round. Mark Hunt of New Zealand won his rematch with Brazil’s Antonio Silva by technical knockout after the referee stopped the feature heavyweight fight in the first round. The bighitting Hunt dominated from the start, determined to do better than the five-round draw the pair fought in 2013. Earlier, New Zealand-born Australian middleweight Robert Whittaker was rewarded for his gutsy win on points over Uriah Hall with a deafening roar from the partisan Aussie crowd. Jared Rosholt won a unanimous decision of towering Dutchman Stefan Struve in a scrappy opening heavyweight bout of the main card. The UFC brought its showcase UFC 193 to Australia, with the Rousey-Holm fight overshadowing the men as the main event.


1824 Broadway Ave, Everett

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The Daily Herald Sunday, 11.15.2015

Huskies From Page C1

“We did nothing,” UW coach Chris Petersen said of the second half. He’s not wrong. The Huskies led 17-3 at halftime, gave up 264 yards of total offense in the second half despite allowing only 133 in the first, gave up 17 points in the fourth quarter alone and turned the ball over on their final four possessions. The decisive score was a 48-yard Kalen Ballage touchdown run, which came one play after UW quarterback Jake Browning threw the first of his three interceptions. ASU had already taken a 20-17 lead on a 23-yard Zane Gonzalez field goal, and Browning tried to force a 2nd-and-18 pass that was intercepted by Kweishi Brown at ASU’s 26 and returned to UW’s 48. Browning threw another interception on the Huskies’ next possession, tight end Joshua Perkins fumbled on the possession after that, and Browning capped the game with a meaningless pick in the final seconds. But if the Huskies had converted a handful of scoring chances in the first half, their margin for error wouldn’t have been so slim. Browning lofted a third-down pass toward the end zone from ASU’s 36-yard line on UW’s first possession, but it slipped just off the hands of receiver Jaydon Mickens. The Huskies punted. “A competitive person like me, if it touches my hands I’ve got to come down with it,” Mickens said. “The sun affected the ball and where I knew it was, and I just followed the blind spot of the sun to catch the ball, and it was just a little out of my reach once it came out. But that’s no excuse. I’ve got to come down with those type of plays.” On their next possession, Browning again threw a pair of catchable passes into the end zone, both intended for receiver Dante Pettis. Both flew just out of Pettis’ reach. The Huskies settled for a field goal. After forcing ASU (5-5, 3-4 in Pac12) to punt again, UW did score a touchdown when Myles Gaskin rushed 53 yards to ASU’s 1-yard line, then took the next carry across the goal line. And the Huskies could have scored another touchdown two possessions later when Perkins found himself wide open and running toward the end zone on a 4th-and-4 play from ASU’s 35-yard

line ... but Browning overthrew him, and the pass fell incomplete. “It’s frustrating, because you feel like everything has to be just perfect for us to move the ball, (and to) like sustain things, all the boxes have to be checked,” Petersen said. “We’re not there enough to create some things (when) it’s not all perfectly lined up.” Still, after yet another Sun Devils punt — they punted on eight of their first nine possessions — the Huskies took a 17-0 lead on Browning’s 29-yard touchdown pass to tight end Darrell Daniels. The offense appeared to be clicking. The defense was all over ASU quarterback Mike Bercovici and the Sun Devils’ running game. And the Huskies didn’t score again. Gaskin, who rushed for 100 yards on his first 10 carries, netted only eight yards on his final eight attempts. Browning finished with a career-high 405 yards passing on a career-high 52 pass attempts, but missed a handful of throws to open receivers. Cameron Van Winkle missed a 46-yard field goal attempt late in the third quarter that would have given the Huskies a 20-10 lead. ASU scored its first touchdown on a 3-yard Ballage plunge earlier in the quarter. He finished with 92 yards rushing on 11 carries. Defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski said UW too often failed to wrap up in the second half, repeating that “we’ve just got to finish.” Browning, particularly dejected as he answered questions afterward, said the same. “I felt like we were moving the ball the whole game,” he said. “It’s just we have to finish, and capitalize on the opportunities that are handed to us, and that starts with me.” At 4-6 overall (and 2-5 in Pac12 play), the Huskies now must win their remaining two games, at Oregon State and home against Washington State, to qualify for their sixth consecutive bowl appearance. “We’ve got to see who’s going to be those competitors and those guys that are going to fight no matter what the outcome of the game is,” said Mickens, who moved into second-place all-time on UW’s career receptions list with 183. “They’re just going to go out and give their all. And I believe this team is going to do so. Win or lose, we’re still a team, and we’re still going to fight to the end.” That end just might come sooner than they hope.


Seahawks activate WR Richardson, put WR Lockette on IR Herald news services The Seattle Seahawks activated receiver Paul Richardson off the Physically Unable to Perform list on Saturday, meaning he likely will

Patterson From Page C1

It’s almost as if the schedule makers peered into the future, predicted Seattle’s sluggish start, then set the tables for a midseason revival. Not only did the Seahawks receive a convenient time for their bye week, this stretch means they don’t have to set foot on a plane for a game for more than a month. Seattle will have much to be thankful for when it’s time for gratitude at Thanksgiving dinner. The schedule makers even saw fit to give the Seahawks the exact opponent they need at the start of this stretch, the Arizona Cardinals. Arizona currently holds a two-game lead over Seattle in the NFC West standings. A win Sunday at CenturyLink Field — which is not only a home game but a primetime game, in which the Seahawks are 15-2 since Pete Carroll took over as coach in 2010 — gets Seattle right back in the fray. And after that the opponents get easier the remainder of the homestand. First it’s a rematch with the struggling San Francisco 49ers, a team the Seahawks already beat convincingly on the road three weeks ago. Then it’s a visit by the Pittsburgh Steelers, who have the pedigree, but perhaps not the skill-position players, as top running back Le’Veon Bell is out injured and No. 1 quarterback Ben Roethlisberger may be as well. It’s a far cry from the Murderers’ Row Seattle faced in the first half of the season, which included games against division leaders in Green Bay, Cincinnati and Carolina, two of those coming on the road. The Seahawks themselves refuse to acknowledge how

make his 2015 debut on Sunday when the Seahawks host the Arizona Cardinals. Richardson missed the first half of the season while recovering from a torn ACL sustained in Seattle’s playoff

win over Carolina. To make room on the 53-man roster, receiver Ricardo Lockette was placed on injured reserve, the result of a neck injury he sustained in Seattle’s Week 8 win at Dallas.

crucial this stretch is to their season. To a man, Seattle’s coaches and players this week played down the importance of these games, and Sunday’s game against Arizona in particular. The usual cliches about playing one game at a time, how every game matters and how every game in the NFL is difficult, might as well have been read from a script provided by the front office. “We’ve seen some firstplace teams this year,” Seattle coach Pete Carroll said with a wry grin when asked about the importance of the game against the Cardinals. “We’ve been getting our fill of that. “I’m sure this an exciting matchup looking from the outside in,” Carroll continued. “It’s a big opportunity, as every week is. We’re going to try and play a terrific football game, just like we would no matter what’s going on.” But it’s impossible to look at Sunday’s game at CenturyLink Field and not recognize its significance to the Seahawks. While it would be wrong to describe Sunday’s game as Seattle’s Super Bowl, considering the Seahawks have been to the past two, it certainly could be this season’s make-or-break contest. A loss would drop the Seahawks three games behind Arizona with seven remaining, which would all but knock Seattle out of contention for the division title. According to ESPN. com, Seattle’s odds of winning the division drop to 2 percent with a loss Sunday. However, a win Sunday, followed by two more wins at home, and who knows? The Seahawks would be 7-4 and may even find themselves atop the NFC West and in control of their own destiny. That’s the opportunity this

favorable stretch presents Seattle. The Seahawks better take advantage of this. All it takes is a single loss during this stretch to put Seattle on the brink. A loss to Arizona Sunday would not only sound the death knell of the Seahawks’ division-title hopes, it would likely put Seattle in a position where it needed to win out just to earn a wild-card spot. The past two seasons it required 11 wins to earn a wild card spot in the NFC. Each of the past three seasons there were NFC teams that finished 10-6 and missed out on the postseason. Therefore a loss Sunday, which would drop the Seahawks to 4-5, probably means Seattle needs to win its final seven games to make the playoffs. Sure, the Seahawks can pay lip service to there being no extra urgency during this home stretch, and Sunday’s game in particular. “I don’t’ think our urgency changes at all,” Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson said. “It can’t change. Ultimately, when you focus on just trying to be at your best and just trying to find ways to win and continually win one game at a time, you don’t change your urgency. I think that kind of messes with you a little bit. I think for us we’re just focusing on playing our best football on Sunday.” But we all know better. This is sink-or-swim time for the Seahawks, and how Seattle dismounts the springboard will determine whether there’s meaningful December football for the Seahawks this year. Check out Nick Patterson’s Seattle Sidelines blog at http://, and follow him on Twitter at @NickHPatterson.



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College Football C4






SUNDAY, 11.15.2015



North Stanford Oregon Washington St. California Washington Oregon St. South Utah USC UCLA Arizona St. Arizona Colorado

Montana pummels EWU 57-16

Conf. All W-L W-L 7-0 8-1 4-2 6-3 4-2 6-3 2-4 5-4 2-5 4-6 0-6 2-7 Conf. All W-L W-L 5-1 8-1 5-2 7-3 4-2 7-2 3-4 5-5 2-5 5-5 1-6 4-7

Associated Press

Saturday’s results Arizona St. 27, Washington 17 Oregon 38, Stanford 36 Utah at Arizona, late Oregon St. at Cal, late Washington St. at UCLA, late

Oregon spoils Stanford’s playoff hopes Associated Press STANFORD, Calif. — Vernon Adams threw for 205 yards and two touchdowns and Oregon used its quick-strike offense and a late stop on a 2-point conversion attempt to spoil No. 7 Stanford’s playoff hopes with a 38-36 victory Saturday night. In a game dominated by offenses that combined for more than 900 yards, it was a defensive stop on the 2-point attempt with 10 seconds left that sealed the win for Oregon (7-3, 5-2 Pac-12) and kept the Ducks’ hopes for a conference title alive. After Kevin Hogan lost two fumbles on snaps in the fourth quarter, Stanford (8-2, 7-1, No. 7 CFP) tied it on Hogan’s 4-yard touchdown pass to Greg Taboada with 10 seconds left. Needing a 2-point conversion to tie it, the Cardinal sent Christian McCaffrey out wide and Hogan tried to find tight end Austin Hooper over the middle. But the Ducks stopped the play and held on for the win. Royce Freeman ran for 105 yards and a score and Charles Nelson scored on a 75-yard run on one of the Ducks’ three touchdowns of more than 45 yards. Oregon needs to win the final two games and hope Stanford loses next week at home to California to win the Pac-12 North title. While Stanford is still in control of the division race, the Cardinal had higher goals of making the College Football Playoff if they could win out. But a suspect defense and two costly botched snaps by Hogan helped do them in. Hogan lost one fumble near midfield midway through the fourth quarter with the Cardinal down five. After Oregon kicked a field goal to make it 38-30, Stanford drove inside the 20 before Hogan lost another snap with 2:06 to play. With help from questionable pass-interference call in the end zone on the final drive, Stanford had a chance to tie it but missed on the 2-point attempt. Hogan threw for 304 yards and two touchdowns and ran for another score. McCaffrey set a Stanford record with his eighth straight 100-yard rushing game, running for 147 yards and a touchdown.


Oklahoma wide receiver Sterling Shepard (3) reaches for the end zone and scores a touchdown as Baylor’s Chance Waz (18) defends in the first half of a game Saturday in Waco, Texas.

Oklahoma stuns Baylor No. 12 Sooners top fourth-ranked Bears 44-34 Associated Press WACO, Texas — Sterling Shepard had 14 catches for 177 yards and two touchdowns and No. 12 Oklahoma beat No. 4 Baylor 44-34 on Saturday night to end the Bears’ 20-game home winning streak — and likely their playoff chances. Baker Mayfield was 24 of 34 for 270 yards and three touchdowns and ran for a score to help Oklahoma gain control of its destiny in the Big 12. The Sooners (9-1, 6-1, No. 15 CFP) have won five straight since their loss to Texas. Baylor (8-1, 5-1), the first team left out of the initial fourteam playoff last season, was sixth in the latest College Football Playoffs as an undefeated team with the toughest part of its schedule left. The two-time defending Big 12 champion Bears will certainly drop in the playoff rankings before playing at No. 5 Oklahoma State (10-0, 7-0) next Saturday. The Sooners will be in Stillwater the following week for their regular-season finale. Shepard’s tiebreaking 7-yard TD catch with 9:52 left in the third quarter put the Sooners

ahead to stay, and they became the first opposing team to win in the 11 home games Baylor has played since moving last season into its campus stadium on the banks of the Brazos River. Less than a minute later, after Baylor went three-and-out, Samaje Perine had a 55-yard touchdown run to make it 34-20. Perine finished with 166 yards and two touchdowns. If the Sooners sweep their final two regular-season games, next week at home against TCU before Bedlam against the Cowboys, they would clinch their ninth Big 12 title. It would be Oklahoma’s first since sharing a title with Kansas State in 2012, and end its longest league championship drought in coach Bob Stoops’ 17 seasons. The Bears were trying to be the first team to beat Stoops three times in a row, and the last two were by lopsided margins. Baylor needs help to join Oklahoma as the only teams to win three consecutive Big 12 titles — and even more help to get back in the playoff hunt. Jarrett Stidham, the true freshman making his second

start and first at home since Seth Russell’s season-ending neck surgery, threw for 257 yards and two touchdowns. But he also had his first two interceptions. Shock Linwood had 103 yards on 21 carries for Baylor, while Devin Chafin ran for three touchdowns. FBS receiving leader Corey Coleman was held to three catches for 51 yards and no scores after seven consecutive games with multiple touchdowns. Baylor’s last loss at home had been 49-21 to TCU on Oct. 13, 2012. The Bears had won their first 10 games at McLane Stadium by an average margin or 32 points, with 57 points and 666 total yards a game. The Bears, held to 416 yards by Oklahoma, had also won their last eight home games against Top 25 teams. They beat the Sooners twice in that span after losing their first 20 games against the Sooners. Baylor trailed at halftime for the first time this season after Mayfield made a nice play fake, and rolled around the left side unscathed for a 2-yard TD to make it 20-13 with 28 seconds left in the first half.

Surging Arkansas sinks No. 9 LSU Associated Press BATON ROUGE, La. — Alex Collins kept the resurgent Arkansas Razorbacks rolling at the expense of an LSU squad that has fallen hard and fast. Collins ran for 141 yards and two touchdowns and Arkansas won its fourth straight, 31-14 over ninth-ranked LSU on Saturday night. Combined with Alabama’s victory hours earlier, Arkansas (6-4, 4-2 Southeastern Conference) eliminated LSU (7-2, 4-2) from contention in the SEC West. Only two weeks earlier, the Tigers were unbeaten and ranked second by the College Football Playoff committee. They were No. 9 in the CFP this week after losing for the first time this season at Alabama on

Nov. 7. LSU running back Leonard Fournette had 127 yards from scrimmage and scored his 17th touchdown this season, but that may have done little to help his Heisman Trophy candidacy on a day when Alabama’s Derrick Henry rushed for 204 yards and two scores. Brandon Allen passed for 141 yards, including a 52-yard TD throw to Dominique Reed. Jared Cornelius added a 69-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter that sent much of the Tiger Stadium crowd to the exits. Arkansas, which entered the game with eight sacks all season, took down LSU’s Brandon Harris five times. The Tigers wound up with only 59 net yards on the ground while the Hogs rushed for 299,

highlighted by Collins’ 80-yard touchdown dash in the first half. With LSU trailing by multiple scores much of the game, Harris attempted 35 passes, completing 21 for 271 yards and one touchdown. He also had a pass intercepted in the fourth quarter by D.J. Dean and lost a first-half fumble that set up an Arkansas touchdown. LSU’s Malachi Dupre had eight catches for 109 yards and a touchdown. After a 1-3 start, the Razorbacks have won five of six with the only loss in that stretch coming at Alabama. The Razorbacks still have a chance to finish in a three-way tie for the SEC West if they and Mississippi win their final league games and if Alabama loses the Iron Bowl at Auburn.

MISSOULA, Mont. — The Montana Grizzlies rode three touchdowns from freshman Jeremy Calhoun to a big first-half lead on the way to a 57-16 victory over Eastern Washington in a key Big Sky Conference football game Saturday. Calhoun’s touchdown runs covered 3, 1 and 3 yards, and the Grizzlies (6-4, 5-2) used a fumble return by Herbert Gamboa and an interception return by JR Nelson to push out to a 50-9 lead midway through the third quarter. The victory snapped Montana’s four-game losing streak to EWU, and kept the Grizzlies’ slim playoff hopes alive. Eastern (5-2, 6-4) committed six turnovers, including three interceptions. Eastern’s Cooper Kupp had six catches for 119 yards. The junior moved past Jerry Rice and into seventh in FCS history in career receptions, with 304. He has 106 catches this season, breaking the school record of 104 he set last year.

CWU 34, Dixie State 28 ELLENSBURG — Christian Cummings rushed for a 4-yard touchdown with 1:40 to play as Central Washington rallied for a GNAC win over Dixie State (3-7, 2-4 GNAC). Lakewood alum Justin Lane passed for 239 yards and 1 touchdown and added 75 yards on the ground for the Wildcats (5-5, 3-3)

MAJOR COLLEGE | Scores FAR WEST Air Force 35, Utah St. 28 Appalachian St. 47, Idaho 20 Arizona St. 27, Washington 17 Colorado St. 49, UNLV 35 Montana 57, E. Washington 16 Montana St. 44, Idaho St. 20 N. Arizona 49, Sacramento St. 35 Nevada 37, San Jose St. 34, OT Portland St. 24, S. Utah 23 SOUTHWEST Abilene Christian 21, SE Louisiana 17 Alcorn St. 65, Texas Southern 13 Georgia St. 41, Texas St. 19 Grambling St. 49, Ark.-Pine Bluff 31 Houston 35, Memphis 34 Sam Houston St. 59, Northwestern St. 21 Southern Miss. 65, Rice 10 Stephen F. Austin 55, Houston Baptist 20 TCU 23, Kansas 17 Texas A&M 41, W. Carolina 17 Texas Tech 59, Kansas St. 44 MIDWEST Akron 37, Miami (Ohio) 28 Butler 20, Drake 13 Cincinnati 49, Tulsa 38 Dayton 28, Marist 21 Illinois St. 42, S. Illinois 21 Iowa 40, Minnesota 35 Lamar 28, Incarnate Word 21 Missouri 20, BYU 16 Morehead St. 36, Valparaiso 29 N. Dakota St. 27, Youngstown St. 24 N. Iowa 41, Missouri St. 0 North Dakota 45, N. Colorado 14 Northwestern 21, Purdue 14 S. Dakota St. 30, South Dakota 23 UMass 28, E. Michigan 17 W. Illinois 37, Indiana St. 30, OT SOUTH Arkansas St. 59, Louisiana-Monroe 21 Charleston Southern 31, Liberty 24 Chattanooga 31, The Citadel 23 Coastal Carolina 45, Kennesaw St. 13 E. Illinois 23, UT Martin 21 Georgia 20, Auburn 13 Georgia Southern 45, Troy 10 Louisville 38, Virginia 31 Marshall 52, FIU 0 Morgan St. 21, Florida A&M 7 NC A&T 27, Delaware St. 6 NC Central 41, Howard 6 North Carolina 59, Miami 21 Old Dominion 31, UTEP 21 Pittsburgh 31, Duke 13 SC State 17, Norfolk St. 10 Samford 37, Wofford 27 San Diego 35, Davidson 10 South Florida 44, Temple 23 Tennessee 24, North Texas 0 UTSA 30, Charlotte 27, OT Vanderbilt 21, Kentucky 17 EAST Clemson 37, Syracuse 27 Colgate 49, Lehigh 42 Cornell 3, Columbia 0 Dartmouth 34, Brown 18 Elon 27, Maine 22 Fordham 38, Georgetown 31 Holy Cross 23, Bucknell 7 James Madison 24, Delaware 21 Navy 55, SMU 14 Nebraska 31, Rutgers 14 Penn 35, Harvard 25 Tulane 34, Army 31 Villanova 21, Richmond 20 West Virginia 38, Texas 20 Yale 35, Princeton 28

TOP 25 | How teams ranked in the Associated Press poll fared this week ... 1. CLEMSON (10-0)

6. NOTRE DAME (9-1)

11. FLORIDA (9-1)

16. HOUSTON (10-0)

21. TEMPLE (8-2)

Beat Syracuse 37-27. Next: vs. Wake Forest, Saturday.

Beat Wake Forest 28-7. Next: at Boston College, Saturday.

Beat South Carolina 24-14. Next: vs. FAU, Saturday.

Beat No. 25 Memphis 35-34. Next: at UConn, Saturday.

Lost to South Florida 44-23. Next: vs. No. 25 Memphis, Saturday.

2. OHIO STATE (10-0)

7. STANFORD (8-2)

12. OKLAHOMA (9-1)


22. NAVY (8-1)

Beat Illinois 28-3. Next: vs. No. 14 Michigan St., Saturday.

Lost to Oregon 38-36. Next: vs. California, Saturday.

Beat No. 4 Baylor 44-34. Next: vs. No. 13 TCU, Saturday.

Beat Miami 59-21. Next: at Virginia Tech, Saturday.

Beat SMU 55-14. Next: at Tulsa, Saturday.

3. ALABAMA (9-1)

8. IOWA (10-0)

13. TCU (9-1)

18. UCLA (7-2)

23. WISCONSIN (8-2)

Beat No. 20 Mississppi State 31-6. Next: vs. Charleston Southern, Saturday.

Beat Minnesota 40-35. Next: vs. Purdue, Saturday.

Beat Kansas 23-17. Next: at No. 12 Oklahoma, Saturday.

vs. Washington State, late Next: at No. 10 Utah, Thursday.

Did not play. Next: vs. No. 24 Northwestern, Saturday.

4. BAYLOR (8-1)

9. LSU (7-2)




Lost to No. 12 Oklahoma 44-34. Next: at No. 5 Oklahoma St., Saturday.

Lost to Arkansas 31-14. Next: at Mississippi, Saturday.

Beat Maryland 24-7. Next: at No. 2 Ohio State, Saturday.

Beat N.C. State 34-17. Next: vs. Chattanooga, Saturday.

Beat Purdue 21-14. Next: at No. 23 Wisconsin, Saturday.


10. UTAH (8-1)

15. MICHIGAN (8-2)


25. MEMPHIS (8-2)

Beat Iowa State 35-31. Next: vs. No. 4 Baylor, Saturday.

at Arizona, late. Next: vs. No. 18 UCLA, Saturday.

Beat Indiana 48-41, 2OT. Next: at Penn State, Saturday.

Lost to No. 3 Alabama 31-6. Next: at Arkansas, Saturday.

Lost to No. 16 Houston 35-34. Next: at No. 21 Temple, Saturday.

The Daily Herald Sunday, 11.15.2015

AUTO RACING XFINITY-DAV 200 Saturday At Phoenix International Raceway Avondale, Ariz. Lap length: 1 miles (Start position in parentheses) 1. (1) Kyle Busch, Toyota, 200 laps, 0 points, $67,011. 2. (4) Brad Keselowski, Ford, 200, 0, $43,740. 3. (3) Erik Jones, Toyota, 200, 0, $43,997. 4. (5) Daniel Suarez, Toyota, 200, 40, $40,608. 5. (8) Ty Dillon, Chevrolet, 200, 39, $35,344. 6. (11) Regan Smith, Chevrolet, 200, 38, $32,557. 7. (12) Chase Elliott, Chevrolet, 200, 37, $32,297. 8. (10) Darrell Wallace Jr., Ford, 200, 36, $32,312. 9. (17) Elliott Sadler, Ford, 200, 36, $29,844. 10. (16) Kasey Kahne, Chevrolet, 200, 0, $24,330. 11. (13) Brian Scott, Chevrolet, 200, 33, $29,278. 12. (6) Brendan Gaughan, Chevrolet, 199, 32, $29,127. 13. (7) Chris Buescher, Ford, 199, 31, $28,950. 14. (2) Austin Dillon, Chevrolet, 199, 0, $24,090. 15. (9) Kyle Larson, Chevrolet, 199, 0, $23,103. 16. (15) Ryan Sieg, Chevrolet, 199, 28, $28,592. 17. (18) J.J. Yeley, Toyota, 199, 27, $28,380. 18. (19) Dakoda Armstrong, Ford, 197, 26, $28,219. 19. (14) Ross Chastain, Chevrolet, 197, 25, $28,308. 20. (26) Blake Koch, Toyota, 196, 24, $28,497. 21. (28) David Starr, Toyota, 196, 23, $27,885. 22. (35) Harrison Rhodes, Chevrolet, 195, 22, $27,770. 23. (20) Ryan Reed, Ford, 194, 21, $27,634. 24. (33) Anthony Kumpen, Chevrolet, 194, 20, $27,523. 25. (32) Joey Gase, Chevrolet, 194, 19, $27,611. 26. (34) Eric McClure, Toyota, 192, 18, $27,427. 27. (31) Timmy Hill, Chevrolet, 191, 0, $27,391. 28. (36) Mario Gosselin, Chevrolet, 191, 16, $27,320. 29. (21) Landon Cassill, Chevrolet, engine, 188, 15, $27,245. 30. (22) Jeremy Clements, Chevrolet, 186, 14, $27,510. 31. (39) Mike Harmon, Dodge, 184, 13, $27,154. 32. (38) Korbin Forrister, Chevrolet, 174, 0, $27,119. 33. (29) Ross Kenseth, Toyota, 149, 11, $21,079. 34. (24) Dylan Kwasniewski, Chevrolet, accident, 56, 10, $27,042. 35. (23) Mike Bliss, Toyota, suspension, 35, 9, $26,995. 36. (37) T.J. Bell, Toyota, brakes, 19, 0, $18,791. 37. (27) B.J. McLeod, Chevrolet, ignition, 19, 0, $17,791. 38. (40) Ruben Pardo, Toyota, engine, 15, 0, $22,791. 39. (30) Carl Long, Dodge, engine, 9, 5, $15,791. 40. (25) Jeff Green, Toyota, rear gear, 3, 4, $14,791.

Brazilian Grand Prix After Saturday qualifying; race Sunday At Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace (Interlagos) Sao Paulo, Brazil Lap length: 2.677 miles Third Session 1. Nico Rosberg, Germany, Mercedes, 1:11.282. 2. Lewis Hamilton, England, Mercedes, 1:11.360. 3. Sebastian Vettel, Germany, Ferrari, 1:11.804. 4. Kimi Raikkonen, Finland, Ferrari, 1:12.144. 5. Nico Hulkenberg, Germany, Force India, 1:12.265. 6. Daniil Kvyat, Russia, Red Bull, 1:12.322. 7. Valtteri Bottas, Finland, Williams, 1:12.085. 8. Felipe Massa, Brazil, Williams, 1:12.415. 9. Max Verstappen, Netherlands, Toro Rosso, 1:12.739. Eliminated after second session 10. Carlos Sainz Jr., Spain, Toro Rosso, 1:13.045. 11. Sergio Perez, Mexico, Force India, 1:13.147. 12. Marcus Ericsson, Sweden, Sauber, 1:13.233. 13. Felipe Nasr, Brazil, Sauber, 1:12.989. 14. Romain Grosjean, France, Lotus, 1:13.913. Eliminated after first session 15. Pastor Maldonado, Venezuela, Lotus, 1:13.385. 16. Jenson Button, England, McLaren, 1:13.425. 17. Alexander Rossi, United States, Marussia, 1:16.151. 18. Will Stevens, England, Marussia, 1:16.283. 19. Daniel Ricciardo, Australia, Red Bull, 1:12.417. 20. Fernando Alonso, Spain, McLaren, DNF.

BASKETBALL NBA WESTERN CONFERENCE Northwest Division W L Pct Oklahoma City 6 3 .667 Denver 5 5 .500 Utah 4 5 .444 Minnesota 4 5 .444 Portland 4 6 .400 Pacific Division W L Pct Golden State 11 0 1.000 L.A. Clippers 6 4 .600 Phoenix 5 4 .556 Sacramento 3 7 .300 L.A. Lakers 1 8 .111 Southwest Division W L Pct San Antonio 7 2 .778 Dallas 6 4 .600 Memphis 4 6 .400 Houston 4 6 .400 New Orleans 1 8 .111

GB — 1½ 2 2 2½ GB — 4½ 5 7½ 9 GB — 1½ 3½ 3½ 6

EASTERN CONFERENCE Atlantic Division W L Pct Toronto 7 3 .700 Boston 4 4 .500 New York 4 6 .400 Brooklyn 1 9 .100 Philadelphia 0 10 .000 Southeast Division W L Pct Atlanta 8 3 .727 Miami 6 3 .667 Washington 4 4 .500 Orlando 5 6 .455 Charlotte 4 5 .444 Central Division W L Pct Cleveland 8 2 .800 Chicago 6 3 .667 4 .600 Indiana 6 Detroit 5 4 .556 Milwaukee 5 5 .500 Saturday’s games L.A. Clippers 101, Detroit 96 Washington 108, Orlando 99 Dallas 110, Houston 98 San Antonio 92, Philadelphia 83 Milwaukee 108, Cleveland 105,2OT Phoenix 105, Denver 81 Golden State 107, Brooklyn 99, OT Sunday’s Games New Orleans at New York, 9 a.m. Memphis at Minnesota, 12:30 p.m. Portland at Charlotte, 2 p.m. Utah at Atlanta, 3 p.m. Boston at Oklahoma City, 4 p.m. Toronto at Sacramento, 6 p.m. Detroit at L.A. Lakers, 6:30 p.m.

GB — 2 3 6 7 GB — 1 2½ 3 3 GB — 1½ 2 2½ 3

College scores Top 25 men No. 2 Kentucky (85, NJIT 57 No. 5 Duke 113, Bryant 75 No. 24 Butler 144, The Citadel 71

FOOTBALL NFL NATIONAL CONFERENCE West W L T Pct PF PA Arizona 6 2 0 .750 263 153 St. Louis 4 4 0 .500 153 146 Seattle 4 4 0 .500 167 140 San Francisco 3 6 0 .333 126 223 East W L T Pct PF PA N.Y. Giants 5 4 0 .556 247 226 Philadelphia 4 4 0 .500 193 164 Washington 3 5 0 .375 158 195 Dallas 2 6 0 .250 160 204 South W L T Pct PF PA Carolina 8 0 0 1.000 228 165 Atlanta 6 3 0 .667 229 190 New Orleans 4 5 0 .444 241 268 Tampa Bay 3 5 0 .375 181 231 North W L T Pct PF PA Minnesota 6 2 0 .750 168 140 Green Bay 6 2 0 .750 203 167 Chicago 3 5 0 .375 162 221 Detroit 1 7 0 .125 149 245 AMERICAN CONFERENCE West W L T Pct PF PA Denver 7 1 0 .875 192 139 Oakland 4 4 0 .500 213 211 Kansas City 3 5 0 .375 195 182 San Diego 2 7 0 .222 210 249 East W L T Pct PF PA New England 8 0 0 1.000 276 143 5 4 0 .556 231 207 Buffalo N.Y. Jets 5 4 0 .556 217 184 Miami 3 5 0 .375 171 206 South W L T Pct PF PA Indianapolis 4 5 0 .444 200 227 Houston 3 5 0 .375 174 205 Jacksonville 2 6 0 .250 170 235 Tennessee 2 6 0 .250 159 187 North W L T Pct PF PA Cincinnati 8 0 0 1.000 229 142 Pittsburgh 5 4 0 .556 206 182 Baltimore 2 6 0 .250 190 214 Cleveland 2 7 0 .222 177 247 Sunday’s games Detroit at Green Bay, 10 a.m. Carolina at Tennessee, 10 a.m. Chicago at St. Louis, 10 a.m. Dallas at Tampa Bay, 10 a.m. New Orleans at Washington, 10 a.m. Miami at Philadelphia, 10 a.m. Cleveland at Pittsburgh, 10 a.m. Jacksonville at Baltimore, 10 a.m. Minnesota at Oakland, 1:05 p.m. Kansas City at Denver, 1:25 p.m. New England at N.Y. Giants, 1:25 p.m. Arizona at Seattle, 5:30 p.m. Open: Atlanta, Indianapolis, San Diego, San Francisco

Monday’s game Houston at Cincinnati, 5:30 p.m.

College scores WEST


GOLF OHL Classic Saturday At El Camaleon Golf Club Playa del Carmen, Mexico Purse: $6.2 million Yardage: 6,987; Par: 71 Third Round a-amateur Derek Fathauer 65-66-66—197 Jason Bohn 70-63-65—198 Russell Knox 70-65-65—200 Justin Leonard 65-68-67—200 Harold Varner III 70-62-68—200 Graeme McDowell 67-63-70—200 Johnson Wagner 67-67-67—201 Freddie Jacobson 70-69-63—202 Scott Brown 67-67-68—202 Spencer Levin 68-66-68—202 Shawn Stefani 65-68-69—202 Brice Garnett 67-66-69—202 Patrick Rodgers 67-66-69—202 a-Jon Rahm 69-68-66—203 Zac Blair 68-67-68—203 Jason Kokrak 68-67-68—203 Will Wilcox 69-66-68—203 D.J. Trahan 66-71-67—204 Colt Knost 67-68-69—204 Tyrone Van Aswegen 70-69-65—204 Michael Thompson 66-68-70—204 Dawie van der Walt 66-74-64—204 Si Woo Kim 68-64-72—204

Lorena Ochoa Invitational Saturday At Club de Golf Mexico Mexico City Purse: $1 million Yardage: 6,774; Par 72 Third Round a-denotes amateur Inbee Park 68-71-67—206 Sei Young Kim 73-66-70—209 Carlota Ciganda 72-69-69—210 So Yeon Ryu 71-70-69—210 Sakura Yokomine 72-70-69—211 Cristie Kerr 74-69-69—212 Pernilla Lindberg 71-70-71—212 Christina Kim 73-66-73—212 Jaye Marie Green 71-70-72—213 Suzann Pettersen 69-71-73—213 Minjee Lee 69-69-75—213 Jennifer Song 72-73-69—214 Caroline Masson 73-71-70—214 Chella Choi 73-71-71—215 Mariajo Uribe 71-73-71—215 Lizette Salas 73-70-72—215 Pornanong Phatlum 72-71-72—215 Angela Stanford 69-70-76—215 Karine Icher 75-70-72—217 Gerina Piller 73-70-74—217 Sydnee Michaels 71-77-70—218 a-Gaby Lopez 71-74-73—218 Hee Young Park 73-71-74—218 Brittany Lang 74-72-73—219 Brittany Lincicome 72-73-74—219 Austin Ernst 73-76-71—220 Lexi Thompson 73-74-73—220 Alena Sharp 76-73-72—221


Metropolitan Division GP W L OT Pts N.Y. Rangers 17 13 2 2 28 Washington 16 11 4 1 23 New Jersey 17 10 6 1 21 N.Y. Islanders 18 9 6 3 21 Pittsburgh 17 10 7 0 20 Philadelphia 17 6 8 3 15 Carolina 17 6 9 2 14 Columbus 18 6 12 0 12 NOTE: Two points for a win, one overtime loss. Saturday’s games N.Y. Rangers 2, Ottawa 1, SO Florida 5, Tampa Bay 4, SO Boston 3, Detroit 1 San Jose 2, Buffalo 1, OT Toronto 4, Vancouver 2 Colorado 6, Montreal 1 New Jersey 4, Pittsburgh 0 Philadelphia 3, Carolina 2, OT Columbus 5, Arizona 2 Nashville 7, Winnipeg 0 Chicago 4, St. Louis 2 Dallas 3, Minnesota 2, OT Los Angeles 4, Edmonton 3 Sunday’s Games Toronto at N.Y. Rangers, 4 p.m. Calgary at Chicago, 5:30 p.m.

GF GA 53 29 50 37 44 40 49 42 36 37 33 50 34 49 45 62 point for

U.S. DIVISION GP W L OTL SOL GF 19 12 6 1 0 68 21 10 8 2 1 65 16 10 5 0 1 38 19 10 9 0 0 66 20 7 12 1 0 59 B.C. DIVISION GP W L OTL SOL GF Kelowna 20 14 5 1 0 80 Victoria 22 14 7 0 1 71 Prince George 18 10 7 1 0 52 Kamloops 17 8 8 1 0 56 Vancouver 20 5 11 2 2 54 EASTERN CONFERENCE EAST DIVISION GP W L OTL SOL GF Prince Albert 20 12 5 2 1 71 Brandon 20 12 6 0 2 72 Moose Jaw 20 11 6 2 1 77 Saskatoon 19 9 7 3 0 66 Swift Current 20 8 10 2 0 52 Regina 17 8 8 1 0 49 CENTRAL DIVISION GP W L OTL SOL GF Red Deer 22 15 7 0 0 85 Lethbridge 19 12 7 0 0 75 Calgary 22 11 10 0 1 63 Edmonton 21 7 11 3 0 53 Medicine Hat 17 6 8 2 1 62 Kootenay 21 4 15 2 0 47 Saturday’s games Red Deer 4 Moose Jaw 1 Brandon 4 Lethbridge 1 Calgary 4 Tri-City 3 Medicine Hat 6 Kootenay 3 Prince George 6 Edmonton 1 Portland 5 Vancouver 3 Everett 4 Swift Current 0 Spokane 4 Kelowna 3 (OT) Seattle 3 Victoria 1 Sunday’s games Lethbridge at Regina Prince Albert at Brandon Prince George at Kamloops Seattle Spokane Everett Portland Tri-City

GA 49 72 33 56 77

Pt 25 23 21 20 15

GA 63 45 47 57 78

Pt 29 29 21 17 14

GA 64 55 62 74 61 63

Pt 27 26 25 21 18 17

GA 63 60 73 71 69 89

Pt 30 24 23 17 15 10

SOCCER MLS Playoffs CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP Eastern Conference New York vs. Columbus Leg 1 — Nov. 22: New York at Columbus, 2 p.m. Leg 2 — Nov. 29: Columbus at New York, 4:30 p.m. Western Conference FC Dallas vs. Portland Leg 1 — Nov. 22: FC Dallas at Portland, 2 or 4:30 p.m. Leg 2 — Nov. 29: Portland at FC Dallas, 2 or 4:30 p.m.

WESTERN CONFERENCE Pacific Division GP W L OT Pts GF GA Los Angeles 17 11 6 0 22 43 36 Arizona 17 9 7 1 19 48 49 Vancouver 18 7 6 5 19 52 46 San Jose 17 9 8 0 18 45 43 Anaheim 17 5 8 4 14 29 45 Calgary 18 6 11 1 13 44 68 Edmonton 18 6 12 0 12 47 58 Central Division GP W L OT Pts GF GA Dallas 18 14 4 0 28 65 47 Minnesota 16 10 3 3 23 48 43 t Nashville 16 10 3 3 23 50 38 NFL St. Louis 17 11 5 1 23 47 41 FAVORITE Sunday Chicago 17 9 7 1 19 45 43 at GREEN BAY 11½ Winnipeg 18 8 8 2 18 48 59 at TAMPA BAY 1½ Colorado 17 7 9 1 15 49 45 Carolina 4½ EASTERN CONFERENCE at ST. LOUIS 7 Atlantic Division New Orleans 1 GP W L OT Pts GF GA at PHILADELPHIA 6½ Montreal 18 13 3 2 28 63 39 at PITTSBURGH 5 Ottawa 17 8 5 4 20 51 53 at BALTIMORE 5½ Tampa Bay 19 8 8 3 19 46 48 at OAKLAND 3 Boston 16 8 7 1 17 52 NB:9.88” 49 at DENVER 6 Detroit 17 8 8 1 17 37 42 New England 7 Buffalo 17 8 8 1 17 40 46 at SEATTLE 3 Florida 17 7 7 3 17 48 45 Monday Toronto 17 5 8 4 14 38 50 at CINCINNATI 10

Chase format ramps up pressure on drivers By David Scott The Charlotte Observer



UNDERDOG Detroit Dallas at TENNESSEE Chicago at WASHINGTON Miami Cleveland Jacksonville Minnesota Kansas City at NY GIANTS Arizona Houston

AVONDALE, Ariz. — Jeff Gordon remembers the first time he heard NASCAR would tinker with its long-time championship format. The 2003 season had recently ended as Gordon stood on a dock in Key West, Fla., waiting to board a boat for a NASCAR-promoted cruise. NASCAR vice chairman Mike Helton and chairman Brian France approached Gordon on the dock. They told him about a new format coming for the 2004 season that would be called the “Chase.” Gordon, who was two seasons removed from his fourth Cup championship under a system that rewarded seasonlong consistency, smiled at NASCAR’s top two officials. “I laughed in their faces because I thought that was the most hilarious thing I had ever heard of,” Gordon said. “I thought it was a joke. Then I quickly realized it was not a joke and I was pulling the laughs back into my mouth. “I was like, ‘Are you serious?’ And they said ‘yes.’ “Of course, I didn’t like it.” Twelve years later and in his final season, Gordon has become this season’s chief beneficiary of NASCAR’s playoff system — one that has evolved since 2004 and now stresses winning races above all else. By prevailing at Martinsville (Va.) Speedway two weeks ago, Gordon is the only driver who has already clinched a spot in the Chase’s

championship round next week at HomesteadMiami Speedway. Seven other Chase drivers — Kyle Busch, Kevin Harvick, Martin Truex Jr., Carl Edwards, Brad Keselowski, Kurt Busch and Joey Logano — will compete for the final three spots at Homestead in Sunday’s Quicken Loans 500 at Phoenix International Raceway. Barring an intrusion from a non-Chase driver (like Jimmie Johnson winning last week at Texas Motor Speedway), there’s significant pressure on all of them to win — automatically sending that winner to the final round with Gordon. The other two would qualify on points. “It’s an emotional game,” said Kurt Busch, who is seventh in points and has advanced through the Chase without winning. “Everybody feels it, everybody is dealing with it. And it is a matter of who deals with it (best).” It wasn’t always this way. Gordon won his four titles under the old system, accumulating points equally throughout the entire season. The Chase, when instituted in 2004, involved the top 10 (later 12) drivers in points in a 10-race playoff over the final 21⁄2 months of the season. The driver with the most points won the title. That changed in 2014, when the Chase was changed to a 16-driver, four-segment format. Four drivers are eliminated through the first three rounds, with winning the only guaranteed way to advance. The highest finisher among the final four at Homestead wins the championship.



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State Playoffs C6






SUNDAY, 11.15.2015


Arlington tops Sumner, on to state semifinals Herald news services SUMNER — Sumner dominated this match. Except on the scoreboard. Nearly everything the Spartans sent at the goal was either directly to Arlington’s goalkeeper or hard off the crossbar, while the Eagles’ cashed in on one of their few looks on Danielle Baker’s goal in the 24th minute for a 1-0 victory on Saturday at Sunset Chev Stadium in Sumner to advance to the 3A state quarterfinals and end Sumner’s season. Arlington will face Southridge in the 3A state semifinals at Sparks Stadium in Puyallup at 2 p.m. on Friday. “I’ve been on both ends of this,” Sumner coach Robi Turley said.

Grizzlies From Page C1

Davine Tullis — to account for the game’s eight turnovers. The Beavers scored the games first 19 points and led the entire first half, with a 26-15 advantage at halftime. A 13-yard run by Iain Black gave Glacier Peak its first lead of the game with 3:33 to go in the third quarter. “When you’re down you can’t just give up,” Bunt said. “The coaches have been pounding on that the whole time. We never felt nervous. We knew we were going to come back. We had to make a couple adjustments. We knew we were a good enough team that we could come back.” The teams continued to battle with Ballard retaking the lead on a 40 yard touchdown pass from Tullis to Simon Robinson IV — the second touchdown for the pair in the contest. The Grizzlies quickly responded, with a pair of touchdown runs by Bunt in the fourth quarter to help Glacier Peak (10-1 overall) recapture the lead. “We knew we could grind them and wear them down in the second half,” Rosenbach said. “They can’t stop you if you keep chugging away.” Fittingly, a lost fumble by Ballard on a punt return with a minute left in the game sealed the victory for Glacier Peak. Ballard (8-3) running back Antoine Patton helped the Beavers build an early lead with two touchdowns in the first half. Patton had 94 yards

“That’s just the game of soccer. You can dominate matches but still not get the ball into the back of the net, while they get one good opportunity and they make the most of it.” Arlington coach Nathan Davis was pleased with how his team played after the halftime break. “We played with a lot of composure in the second half. We were patient and things came our way. Once we got the lead we were smart with the ball,” he said. Sumner (17-3-0) had two shots in the first 17 minutes careen hard off the crossbar. First Sam Larberg in the fifth minute, then Megan McDonald in the 17th. Then Arlington struck. Baker got a near perfect lead pass in front of the goal and around a Sumner

defender and she sent it into the net for the 1-0 lead. “It was pretty great,” Baker said of her match-winning goal. “It’s one of the things that we’ve been working on.” Arlington goalkeeper Kat Sanchez had three crucial second-half saves. She snatched a shot from Hannah Rowen in the 42nd, Jordan Thompson’s hard header off a corner kick in the 68th. Sanchez fell into a save — literally — in the 55th when the rain-drenched ball slipped out of her grasp while she was on the ground. Larberg quickly struck it, but it was right into Sanchez, who was still lying down in front of the goal. “Kat is playing hot right now and

playing with a lot of confidence,” Davis said. It was the fourth consecutive shutout Arlington (17-4-0) has posted in the playoffs and the 13th overall this season, as center backs Kerra Williamson and Kali Knepper continue to shine in front of Sanchez.

2A Ridgefield 2, Shorecrest 0 RIDGEFIELD — Madison Ochoa’s two goals were enough to boost the Spudders over the Scots in a Saturday quarterfinal. Ochoa’s final goal came at the 68-minute mark to seal the game. Shorecrest finishes the season with three losses, but head coach Mindy Dalziel says that she is still proud of her

team’s effort on the season. “It’s never easy to lose in that situation,” Dalziel said. “This group of seniors has been to state every year. It was pretty tough on them, because they expect to be in it. We still had an amazing year.”

1A King’s 2, University Prep 1 SHORELINE — King’s defeated University Prep on Saturday night in a 1A state quarterfinal match. After regulation ended in a 1-1 tie, the Knights won the shootout 4-2. Katie Stella scored for King’s in the 20th minute for King’s and also notched a goal in the shootout. Other shootout scorers for the Knights were Maddie Nielsen, Avalon Albright, and Abby Jenkins. “I just told the girls to enjoy the moment and play their brand of soccer,” King’s coach Nicole Gabelein said.

on nine carries before injuring his left ankle late in the second quarter. The senior had to be helped off the field and did not return to the game. With Patton out, Tullis ran more, gaining 46 yards on 13 carries. The senior quarterback was 12 of 33 for 137 yards, two touchdowns and the interception. The Grizzlies host Bellevue (9-1) next week

“We’re hungry for Bellevue. We’re coming for them.” — Colton Bunt Glacier Peak junior runnng back

in 3A state quarterfinal contest. The Wolverines defeated Glacier Peak 24-6 in a non-conference game in week five to account for the Grizzlies’ lone loss this season. “We’re going to enjoy this one for the night, but let me tell you right now: we’re excited about next week,” Rosenbach said. “We’re excited about getting another crack at those boys.” “We’re hungry for Bellevue,” Bunt added. “We want them. We know they’re a really good team, a really disciplined team. But we’re hungry. We’re coming for them.” Glacier Peak will host Bellevue this Saturday at Veterans Memorial Stadium, with the game set for a 7 p.m. kickoff.


Glacier Peak’s Ricky Kranz tackles Ballard’s Davine Tullis during the Grizzlies’ 41-33 victory over Ballard in a 3A state tournament game Saturday night in Snohomish.


Edmonds-Woodway celebrates their 2-1 win over Central Kitsap Saturday night in a 3A state quarterfinal match at Edmonds Stadium. The Warriors will advance to play Seattle Prep in the semifinals Saturday in Puyallup.

Warriors a step closer

Edmonds-Woodway beats Cougars, drive to repeat still alive By Rich Myhre Herald Writer

EDMONDS — On a soggy evening, the Edmonds-Woodway girls soccer team had plenty of scoring chances against Central Kitsap. As for goals, those were a little harder to come by. But with time winding down in the second half, freshman midfielder Gaby Chappell delivered the game-winner for the Warriors as they bested the visiting Cougars 2-1 in a Class 3A state quarterfinal match at Edmonds District Stadium. “It was a tougher matchup (than expected),” said Edmonds-Woodway coach Bill LeCompte. “(Central Kitsap is) a good squad. They were able to slow us down … and then we didn’t capitalize on opportunities we had. Some days that’s the way it goes, but today was a little more frustrating in that respect. “Ultimately, we came out on the upper side of it,” he said. “So we’ll take it and move on.” The win sends EdmondsWoodway, the defending 3A state champion, on to next Friday’s semifinals. The Warriors will face Seattle Prep, 4-1 winners over Bishop Blanchet on Friday, at 4 p.m. on Saturday at Sparks Stadium. Against Central Kitsap, and in a game played entirely in a cold, drenching rain, both teams had chances in the early minutes. But it was the Warriors that struck first midway through the first half as midfielder Ashleigh Fonsen, working with the ball on the right wing, spun away from a defender and sent


Central Kitsap’s Michaela Wallitner (left) and Edmonds-Woodway’s Gaby Chappell vie for control of the ball Saturday night at Edmonds Stadium in the Warriors’ 2-1 state quarterfinal win. Both players scored in the match.

a low shot that skimmed across the goal mouth and ended up just inside the far post. Alas, the Edmonds-Woodway celebration was short-lived. About two minutes later the Warriors got careless in the back end, and Central Kitsap’s Michaela Wallitner ended up with the ball in front. She sent a low shot toward the left side of the goal that eluded Edmonds-Woodway goalkeeper Hannah Hicks into the net. “We made a mistake with the ball … (We knew) they could all hit from range, and that girl did,” LeCompte said. “She struck it really well from a distance and made it happen.” The Warriors kept up the pressure through the second half, with

most of the action occurring in their offensive end. Inside 10 minutes to play, Edmonds-Woodway had two promising chances to score, with freshman midfielder Michaela Danyo getting free on the right wing and coming in on Central Kitsap goalkeeper Jori Frisinger. But Danyo’s right-footed shot sliced to the left and struck the far post, bouncing away. Minutes later, midfielder Alison Monroe had an attempt from in front, but that also missed. But with about five minutes remaining, Chappell had a clear look at the goal from a right angle. Chappell, who started the season on the Edmonds-Woodway junior varsity before a late-season call-up, sent a shot that clipped a Central Kitsap defender but had enough accuracy and velocity to find the left side of the net. It was her first varsity goal and it was a dandy. “I think that might have been a goal no matter what happened,” LeCompte said. “(Chappell) struck that thing well.” Warriors forward and co-captain Gabby Clark said she was “definitely nervous” in the game’s late moments. “It was like, are we going to go into overtime or what,” she said. “It just seemed like one of those games where we had the right shots, but we were hitting the post or it was just outside. Still, she added, “we were constantly down there on their goal, and it was like we just needed to find the right (shot).” And when Chappell’s shot went in, Clark said, “that was awesome. That was so awesome.”

State Playoffs C7






SUNDAY, 11.15.2015

2A/3A SWIMMING | Roundup

Murphy senior caps career with title By Aaron Lommers Herald Writer

FEDERAL WAY — Archbishop Murphy senior Kaelee McCloskey had accomplished a lot in her high-school swimming career, but the one thing that had eluded her was an individual state championship — until Saturday that is. McCloskey capped off her career with a victory in the 100-yard butterfly at the 2A state swimming and diving championships. Her time of 58.72 edged Squalicum’s Olivia Nielsen, who finished in 59.06. “(It was) really rewarding,” McCloskey said. “In the back of my mind it was like, ‘I have a chance,’ but I didn’t know if it was actually going to happen. To actually have it happen, it felt great.” McCloskey had placed fourth in state as a junior and third as a sophomore in the 100 butterfly before Saturday’s victory. “It’s amazing,” Archbishop Murphy head coach Erin Edmondson said. “She’s a senior and it’s a great way for her to go out.” McCloskey reached the top of the podium a second time, helping the Wildcats’ to a win in the 200 freestyle relay. McCloskey, along with seniors Caitlin Mitchell and Danielle Booth and sophomore Caroline Kowalchuk, finished with a time of 1:41.11, just ahead of Liberty, which finished in 1:41.60. “Our (200 freestyle) relay has three seniors on that relay,” Edmondson said. “For all of them, to get that first place, was an amazing feat and Kaelee finally having that 100 fly was kind of a dream come true for her.” Going into the race, McCloskey wanted to keep it a dream and focus on racing her best. The strategy paid off. “I’ve never gotten nervous, but I didn’t want to think about it because I didn’t want to start imagining it and have it not

Herald staff


Archbishop Murphy’s Kaelee McCloskey pulls herself through the water on her way to winning the 2A 100yard butterfly on Saturday at the state championships in Federal Way.

happen,” McCloskey said. “I was just going to go in and race as hard as possible and see how it turned out.” McCloskey added a fourthplace finish in the 200 individual medley. Booth, who won the state championship in the 100 breaststroke as a junior and finished second in that same event and the 50 freestyle Saturday, was pleased that her teammate got to experience winning a state title as she did a year ago. “I’m so proud of Kaelee,” Booth said. “She worked so hard at practice. We have high school practice every morning before school. She’ll go to club practice and then she’ll go to (high school) practice, so she goes to two morning practices. She works so hard and the fact that she finally got that her senior year, I was almost in tears when she won. I was so happy for her.” Booth didn’t repeat in the 100 breaststroke, but she did reach

the top of the podium again with Wildcats’ relay victory — a moment that meant a lot to the three outgoing seniors. “It meant so much,” Booth said. “Caitlin was practically crying on the podium. Three of us are seniors and we’re all just so close, so being able to share that experience with your friends is just absolutely phenomenal. Being at that podium and getting first and having all your friends cheer for you and all your loved ones cheer for you and just knowing that you did that together is just the most amazing thing ever.” Senior diver Reilly Krueger, who won the state championship as a junior finished third. The Wildcats finished fourth overall behind Anacortes, Squalicum and two-time defending state champion Liberty.

3A Pair of MG divers place Marysville Getchell senior Alex-

Swimming From Page C1

Limberg defended her championship in the 100 breaststroke, finishing first with a time of 1:03.53 and joining Newport’s Yulia Groysman as the only 4A swimmers to win multiple individual state titles this year. Limberg was joined on the podium for the 200 IM by teammate Chloe Limargo, who finished third with a time of 2:07.90. The Timberwolves finished fourth overall one year after tying Richland for the state championship. With a talented freshman class, Skyline won this year’s team title in a run-away. “Kudos to those guys and

Eagles hold heads high despite loss


Kamiak’s Angeline Dovinh captured fourth place in the 200 freestyle at the 4A state championships on Saturday at the King County Aquatic Center in Federal Way.

Newport and Wenatchee,” Whorley said. “We came back and swam faster across the board and that was our goal.”

Carlton and Frey win state titles for Mount Vernon A pair of Emmas delivered state titles for Mount Vernon Saturday.

andra Pimentel placed third in the 3A state diving finals on Saturday in Federal Way. Pimentel was joined on the podium by sophomore teammate Chloe Bishop, who finished eighth with a score of 325.15. It’s the third straight year the Chargers have had two divers in the top 10 in the state. Pimentel placed 10th each of the past two seasons and Brooke Wherley won the title last year as a senior and placed second the previous year as a junior.

Stanwood’s Rimat takes 4th Stanwood junior Karlie Rimat capped off her season with a fourth-place finish in the 500 freestyle at Saturday’s 3A state swimming championships. Rimat finished with a time of 5:09.65, just over 10 seconds behind Seattle Prep’s Cameron Smith, who won her third straight state championship with a time of 4:58.64.

Aaron Lommers covers prep sports for The Herald. Follow him on Twitter at @aaronlommers and contact him at alommers@

Sophomore Emma Carlton won the state championship in the 50 freestyle with a time of 23.29, an automatic All-American time. Later in the meet, sophomore teammate Emma Frey joined her as a state champion with a win in the 100 backstroke in 56.70. Carlton was one of three local swimmers to place in the top eight in the 50 freestyle. Lake Stevens’ Gabby Marlatt finished third in 24.15 and Snohomish’s Madelynn Donohue finished seventh in 25.02. Carlton, who was named the swimmer of the meet, also finished second in the 100 butterfly in 54.44, getting out-touched at the wall by Wenatchee’s Jessica Wierzbicki, who finished in 54.42. Frey added a fourth-place finish in the 200 IM to help the Bulldogs place sixth in the team scores.

Aaron Lommers covers prep sports for The Herald. Follow him on Twitter at @aaronlommers and contact him at alommers@

YAKIMA — The fact that the Cedar Park Christian-Bothell volleyball team was swept by Lynden Christian in Saturday’s 1A state championship match was an afterthought for an already tightknit Eagles squad that was drawn even closer together this season by events beyond its control. In September, Eagles coach Marni Drechsel went into cardiac arrest during a match against Archbishop Murphy. Thankfully, she was tended to promptly, revived and continued to coach Cedar Park Christian all the way to the brink of a state championship. Since that night, Cedar Park Christian’s season has been one long spin of the roulette wheel with house money on the table. “We weren’t disapponted at all,” Drechsel said by phone from the team’s celebratory dinner after the match. “This team faced obstacle after obstacle this year and our season was marked with so many other things that we have no regrets. We left it all out on the floor. We fought hard all weekend and I can’t even say there was any head-hanging afterwards.” The Eagles were handed another hurdle to overcome in warmups, as Tess Biscup, a key weapon in CPC-Bothell’s offensive arsenal landed awkwardly on her ankle and was less than 100 percent during the match. “She did a great job for us, but playing and playing hurt aren’t the same thing,” Drechsel said. “We’re not taking anything away from Lynden Christian. They played really well, but we had to adjust our game plan a little bit.” The Eagles had the luxury of relying on Sam Drechsel, the coach’s daughter, who will play at the University of Maryland next season, and Tess Biscup’s twin sister Chloe. The Lyncs were led by Kara Bajema, who was officially introduced as a member of Washington’s 2016 recruiting class on Saturday. Lynden Christian beat the Eagles 3-1 in a district semifinal on Oct. 28 after CPC-Bothell defeated the Lyncs for the district crown in 2014. “We know them very well,” Coach Drechsel said. “It was just going to be a matter of personnel and who was on. It was a great battle.” Memories of the Saturday’s loss will fade away, but Drechsel and the Eagles have gained invaluable perspective on what is important in life. “These girls see that volleyball is a sport that brings us all together, but what matters in friendships and their lives and living in a way that honors God,” Drechsel said. “We live in an area where we are fortunate enough to play a sport that we love. The perspective of it is so much more than the sport.”

SATURDAY | Scoreboard FOOTBALL 4A State Playoffs Saturday’s games Gonzaga Prep 42, Battle Ground 14 Moses Lake 28, Bellarmine Prep 27 Camas 29, Skyview 22 Skyline 17, Gig Harbor 15 Graham-Kapowsin 38, Mount Si 13

3A State Playoffs Saturday’s games Kennewick 20, Wilson 13 Lakes 53, Kamiak 34 Glacier Peak 41, Ballard 33 Juanita 57, Columbia River 7

Glacier Peak 41, Ballard 33 At Veterans Memorial Stadium Ballard 13 13 7 0 –33 Glacier Peak 0 15 13 13 –41 B–Antoine Patton 24 run (Jack Dineen kick) B–Simon Robinson IV 29 pass from Davine Tullis (kick blocked) B–Patton 23 run (run failed) GP–Colton Bunt 50 run (Kevin Ramsey kick) GP–Bunt 4 run (kick blocked) GP–Ballard punter tackled in endzone for safety B–De’Lovante Sanders 12 run (Dineen kick) GP–Bunt 2 run (run failed) GP–Iain Black 13 run (Ramsey kick) B–Robinson IV 40 pass from Tullis (Dineen kick) GP–Bunt 13 run (pass failed) GP–Bunt 56 run (Ramsey kick) Records–Ballard 8-3 overall. Glacier Peak 10-1.

2A State Playoffs Saturday’s games Sedro-Woolley 34, Olympic 14 Hockinson 42, Liberty 21 Prosser 14, Clarkston 0 Ellensburg 30, Cheney 7 North Kitsap 17, River Ridge 6 Squalicum 32, W.F. West 29

1A State Playoffs

Saturday’s games Zillah 69, Lakeside (Nine Mile Falls) 31 Colville 29, Eatonville 0 Hoquiam 25, Meridian 20 Mount Baker 47, Kalama 42 Montesano 25, Cascade Christian 22

GIRLS SOCCER 4A State Tournament Saturday’s games Gonzaga Prep 2, Bellarmine Prep 0 West Valley (Yakima) 2, Ferris 0 Camas 2, Skyline 1 Issaquah 3, Curtis 2

3A State Tournament Saturday’s games Southridge 2, Holy Names Academy 1 Arlington 1, Sumner 0 Edmonds-Woodway 2, Central Kitsap 1

Arlington 1, Sumner 0 At Sunset Chev Stadium Goals—Danielle Baker (A). Assists—Olivia Larson (A), Player (School). Goalkeepers—Arlington: Kat Sanchez. Sumner: Player name. Records—Arlington 17-4-0 overall. Sumner 17-3-0.

Ed.-Woodway 2, C. Kitsap 1 At Edmonds Stadium Goals—Michaela Wallitner (CK), Ashleigh Fonsen (E-W), Gaby Chappell (E-W). Goalkeepers—Central Kitsap:Jori Frisinger; EdmondsWoodway: Hannah Hicks. Records—Central Kitsap 16-2-1, Edmonds-Woodway 18-1-2.

2A State Tournament Saturday’s matches Ridgefield 2, Shorecrest 0 Ellensburg 3, East Valley (Spokane) 0 Squalicum 6, Black Hills 0

Ridgefield 2, Shorecrest 0 At Ridgefield H.S. Goals—Madison Ochoa (R) 2. Assists—Erin Siegel (R), Taryn Ries (R). Goalkeepers—Shorecrest: Kate Wiper. Ridgefield: Sarah Kaufman. Records—

Shorecrest 17-3-1 overall. Ridgefield 17-2-2.

1A State Tournament Saturday’s matches King’s 1, University Prep 1 (King’s wins 4-2 on penalty kicks) Seattle Christian 1, Seattle Academy 0 Connell 2, Deer Park 1 Cascade (Leavenworth) 2, La Salle 0

King’s 1, University Prep 1 King’s wins 4-2 on penalty kicks At Shoreline Stadium Goals—Katie Stella (K), Ellie Marks (UP). Shootout Goals— Maddie Nielsen (K), Stella (K), Avalon Albright (K), Abby Jenkins (K). University Prep shootout goals not reported. Goalkeepers—University Prep: Not reported. King’s: Nielsen. Records—University Prep 14-3 overall. King’s 15-2-4.

GIRLS SWIMMING 4A State Meet Saturday’s finals King County Aquatic Center Team scores (Top 10): 1. Skyline 293, 2. Newport 257, 3. Wenatchee 235½, 4. Jackson 147, 5. Richland 130, 6. Mount Vernon 108, 7. Gig Harbor 101, T8. Issaquah 100, T8. Kamiak 100, 10. Stadium 89. Other local teams: 14. Lake Stevens 52, 23. Snohomish 23. Winners and local placers only 200 Medley Relay–1. Skyline 1:47.01, 4. Jackson (Madison Pressler, Nicole Limberg, Chloe Limargo, Alexis Nims) 1:49.18; 200 Freestyle–1. Yulia Groysman (Newport) 1:51.21, 4. Angeline Dovinh (Kamiak) 1:55.43; 200 Individual Medley–1. Nicole Limberg (Jackson) 2:05.17, 3. Chloe Limargo (Jackson) 2:07.90, 4. Emma Frey (Mount Vernon) 2:08.02; 50 Freestyle–1. Emma Carlton (Mount Vernon) 23.29, 3. Gabby Marlatt (Lake Stevens) 24.15, 7. Madelynn Donohue (Snohomish) 25.02; Diving–1. Kelsea Hinkley (Richland) 421.70; 100 Butterfly–1. Jessica Wierzbicki (Wenatchee) 54.42, 2. Emma Carlton (Mount Vernon) 54.44; 100 Freestyle–1. Willow Lopez-Silvers (Curtis) 52.39, 5. Angeline Dovinh (Kamiak) 53.60, 6. Gabby Marlatt (Lake Stevens) 53.74, 8. Madelynn Donohue (Snohomish) 55.00; 500 Freestyle–1. Yulia Groysman

(Newport) 4:56.68; 200 Freestyle Relay–1. Newport 1:39.25, 2. Kamiak (Song-Nhi Vo, Rosanna Holod, Stina Seaberg, Angeline Dovinh) 1:39.27; 100 Backstroke–1. Emma Frey (Mount Vernon) 56.70; 100 Breaststroke–1. Nicole Limberg (Jackson) 1:03.53; 400 Freestyle Relay–1. Skyline 3:31.59, 4. Jackson (Chloe Limargo, Alexis Nims, Nicole Limberg, Madison Pressler) 3:37.03, 6. Kamiak (Song-Nhi Vo, Angeline Dovinh, Stina Seaberg, Rosanna Holod) 3:40.07, 8. Mount Vernon (Kaitlyn Ware, Kathryn Larrick, Emma Frey, Emma Carlton) 3:46.22.

3A State Meet Saturday’s finals King County Aquatic Center Team scores (Top 10): 1. Lakeside 297, 2. Mercer Island 266, 3. Bainbridge Island 264½, 4. Bellevue 191, 5. Garfield 158, 6. Roosevelt 149, 7. North Thurston 86, 8. Holy Names 79, 9. Seattle Prep 65, 10. Marysville Pilchuck 62. Other local teams: T16. Edmonds-Woodway 37, 20. Marysville Getchell 27, T21. Stanwood 24, T23 Meadowdale 19, 26. Shorewood 17, 31. Glacier Peak 10, 38. Oak Harbor 4. Winners and local placers only 200 Medley Relay–1. Bainbridge 1:46.72, 7. Marysville Pilchuck (Leah Taylor, Madison Rossnagle, Abby Magee, Rebekah Pusateri) 1:54.41; 200 Freestyle–1. Cameron Smith (Seattle Prep) 1:52.11; 200 Individual Medley–1. Angela Gagliardo (Kennedy) 2:05.14, 6. Abby Magee (Marysville Pilchuck) 2:11.26, 7. Luci Brock (Edmonds-Woodway) 2:11.74; 50 Freestyle– Jocelyn Crawford (Garfield) 23.41; Diving–1. Amber Chong (Lakeside) 413.45, 3. Alexandra Pimentel (Marysville Getchell) 359.70, 8. Chloe Bishop (Marysville Getchell) 325.15; 100 Butterfly–1. Sabrina Kwan (Mercer Island) 56.44; 100 Freestyle–1. Marley Cross (Garfield) 51.65; 500 Freestyle–1. Cameron Smith (Seattle Prep) 4:58.64, 4. Karlie Rimat (Stanwood) 5:09.65; 200 Freestyle Relay–1. Lakeside 1:35.23; 100 Backstroke–1. Jocelyn Crawford (Garfield) 56.37, 8. Britt Blomso (Shorewood) 1:01.03; 100 Breaststroke–1. Mandolin Nguyen 1:04.55; 400 Freestyle Relay–Lakeside 3:33.53.

2A State Meet Saturday’s finals King County Aquatic Center Team scores (Top 10): 1. Liberty 310, 2.

Squalicum 283, 3. Anacortes 186, 4. Archbishop Murphy 175, 5. Sehome 155, 6. Port Angeles 148, 7. North Kitsap 118, 8. Pullman 112, 9. Cheney 108, 10. Highline 101. Other local teams: 25. Shorecrest 11. Winners and local placers only 200 Medley Relay–1. Squalicum 1:48.52, 3. Archbishop Murphy (Kaelee McCloskey, Danielle Booth, Caroline Kowalchuk, Caitlin Mitchell) 1:52.78; 200 Freestyle–1. Krista Wilson (Ellensburg) 1:55.27; 200 Individual Medley–1. Taylor McCoy (Pullman) 2:07.82, 4. Kaelee McCloskey (Archbishop Murphy) 2:14.09; 50 Freestyle–1. Makenzie Norman (Cheney) 24.22, 2. Danielle Booth (Archbishop Murphy) 24.41; Diving–1. McKenna Troje (Sammamish) 394.55, 3. Reilly Krueger (Archbishop Murphy) 342.95; 100 Butterfly–1. Kaelee McCloskey (Archbishop Murphy) 58.72; 100 Freestyle–Makenzie Norman (Cheney) 52.74; 500 Freestyle–1. Ellie Hohensinner (Liberty) 5:07.66; 200 Freestyle Relay–1. Archbishop Murphy (Caitlin Mitchell, Caroline Kowalchuk, Kaelee McCloskey, Danielle Booth) 1:41.11; 100 Backstroke–1. Taylor McCoy (Pullman) 56.45; 100 Breaststroke–1. Yanran Le (Squalicum) 1:04.68, 2. Danielle Booth (Archbishop Murphy) 1:05.68; 400 Freestyle Relay–1. Liberty 3:40.09.

VOLLEYBALL 4A State Tournament At Toyota Center, Kennewick Saturday’s semifinals Emerald Ridge 3, West Valley (Yakima) 0 Curtis 3, Battle Ground 2 Consolations Loser out Central Valley 3, Jackson 0 Mead 3, Monroe 1 7th/8th place Central Valley 3, Tahoma 1 5th/6th place Mead 3, Bellarmine Prep 2 3rd/4th place West Valley (Yakima) 3, vs. Battle Ground 2 Championship Curtis 3, Emerald Ridge 1

3A State Tournament At Toyota Center, Kennewick Saturday’s semifinals

Kennedy Catholic 3, Auburn Riverside 2 Columbia River 3, Shorewood 0 Consolations Loser out Holy Names Academy 3, Mt. Spokane 1 Lakeside 3, Mercer Island 0 7th/8th place Auburn Mountainview 3, Bishop Blanchet 0 5th/6th place Holy Names Academy 3, Lakeside 1 3th/4th place Auburn Riverside 3, Shorewood 1 Championship Kennedy Catholic 3, Columbia River 1

2A State Tournament At St. Martin’s University, Lacey Saturday’s semifinals Ellensburg 3, Ridgefield 2 Burlington-Edison 3, Woodland 1 Consolations Loser out Archbishop Murphy 3, North Kitsap 1 Tumwater 3, White River 0 7th/8th place Selah 3, Anacortes 1 5th/6th place Tumwater 3, Archbishop Murphy 2 3rd/4th place Ridgefield 3, Woodland 2 Championship Burlington-Edison 3, Ellensburg 1

1A State Tournament At Yakima SunDome Saturday’s semifinals CPC-Bothell 3, Cascade (Leavenworth) 1 Lynden Christian 3, Kalama 2 Consolations Loser out Naches Valley 3, King’s Way Christian 0 Freeman 3, Montesano 0 Charles Wright Academy 3, Lakeside 2 King’s 3, Columbia (Burbank) 1 7th/8th place Freeman 3, Naches Valley 1 5th/6th place King’s 3, Charles Wright Academy 1 3th/4th place Cascade (Leavenworth) 3, Kalama 2 Championship Lynden Christian 3, CPC-Bothell 0

Seahawks Game Day C8


11.15.15 Arizona






SUNDAY, 11.15.2015


Seattle’s final eight regular-season games of the 2015 season

11.22.15 San Francisco


11.29.15 Pittsburgh

12.13.15 Baltimore


12.20.15 Cleveland



01.03.16 Arizona

St. Louis

5:30 p.m. | TV: NBC

1:25 p.m. | TV: FOX

1:25 p.m. | TV: CBS

10 a.m. | TV: FOX

5:30 p.m. | TV: NBC

1:05 p.m. | TV: FOX

1:25 p.m. | TV: FOX

1:25 p.m. | TV: FOX

This is the big showdown, giving the Seahawks a chance to pull within one game of the NFC West lead.

Blaine Gabbert has been named the starting QB for the 49ers in place of Colin Kaepernick, but does it really matter?

Pittsburgh lost top running back Le’Veon Bell, and the Steelers may be without quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, too.

This could be an opportunity for the Seahawks to beat a team they may have to catch to earn a wildcard spot.

A battle of fourthquarter strugglers. The Ravens’ record may be ugly, but Baltimore’s losses came down to the last drive.

It’s been another lost year for the Browns, which could equate to a lateseason breather for the Seahawks.

Seattle seeks revenge for its seasonopening defeat, but the Seahawks haven’t had the Todd Gurley experience yet.

If the Seahawks need a win on the final week to make the playoffs, they couldn’t have picked a more difficult scenario.

FIRST HALF (4-4): Rams (L, 34-31 OT); Packers (L, 27-17).; Bears (W, 26-0); Lions (W, 13-10); Bengals (L, 27-24 OT); Panthers (L, 27-23); 49ers (W, 20-3); Cowboys (W, 13-12)

Cardinals (6-2) vs. Seahawks (4-4)


Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer ranks third in the NFL in passer rating at 110.2

SERIES HISTORY Sunday’s game is the 33rd meeting between the Seahawks and Cardinals. The series is knotted 16-16, but Seattle has won seven of the past 10. The Seahawks won both meetings last season, prevailing 19-3 at home and 35-6 in Arizona. The second victory, which came in the second-to-last week of the season, put Seattle in pole position to win the NFC West and subsequently earn homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. The Seahawks are 15-11 against the Cardinals since moving into the NFC West in 2002.

KEY MATCHUP Seahawks’ pass protection vs. Cardinals’ blitz Perhaps the biggest area of struggle for Seattle’s offense this season has been pass protection. Through eight games, Seahawks QB Russell Wilson was sacked a league-high 31 times, and he’s been the subject of 60 QB hits. The Seahawks say they have made progress in that regard. In their last game, a 13-12 victory at Dallas two weekends ago, they managed to get through the entire game without Wilson being sacked, the first time this season Wilson wasn’t brought down — he was sacked at least twice in each of Seattle’s first seven games. But whether that improvement in pass protection is legitimate will be severely tested by blitz-happy Arizona. The Cardinals, under previous defensive coordinator Todd Bowles, became known as arguably the most aggressive defensive unit in the NFL, and that’s continued under his successor, James Bettcher. According to, Arizona has blitzed on 44 percent of the opposition’s pass plays this season, ranking second in the league. Those blitzes haven’t resulted in many sacks — Arizona is tied for 28th in the league with just 13 sacks — but it causes no end of distress on the quarterback. “They take a lot (of risks),” Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell said. “That’s one of the things that they do. I think they’re still pretty sound with what they do. It’s not like the old Jim Johnson defense where you kind of called them ‘retirement blitzes’ because there’s people out of position all the time. They’re sound with their blitzes and they do a nice job with it. They’re going to do it early, often and throughout the game.” Meanwhile, Seattle has struggled against

the blitz. Again according to, Wilson has a 79.0 passer rating when facing the blitz, down from his overall passer rating of 95.0. So handling the blitz will be crucial for the Seahawks. “Protection is obviously real key for us,” Bevell said. “Hot answers will be one. Russell and the offensive line having great communication, being very clear with where we’re going with our protection, and then his answers versus whatever pressures they bring (will be another). “We’re going to have to really be on our assignments, on our techniques to make sure we do a great job in the run game with some of the pressures they bring, but as well in the pass game to make sure we protect the quarterback.”


Arizona’s point differential this +110 season, which ranks second in the NFL, behind only the undefeated New England Patriots.

IMPORTANT INJURIES Seahawks — RB Marshawn Lynch surprisingly showed up on the injury report as questionable because of an abdominal injury, though Seattle coach Pete Carroll said he expects Lynch to play. WR Ricardo Lockette (neck) will eventually be placed on injured reserve. T Russell Okung (ankle) is slated to return after missing one game. WR Paul Richardson (knee) will be activated from the physically-unable-to-perform list, and CB Jeremy Lane (arm/knee) may join him. Cardinals — Arizona, which like Seattle is coming off its bye week, is largely healthy. Starting C Lyle Sendlein (shoulder) and key WR John Brown (hamstring) are both listed as questionable, but the Cardinals otherwise appear good to go

BREAK IT DOWN The Seahawks will win if they … >> Get Beast Quake 3.0: Last season Lynch sealed Seattle’s victory in Arizona with a devastating 79-yard fourth-quarter touchdown run dubbed Beast Quake 2.0. Lynch had been getting back to full speed the previous two games after struggling with niggling injuries early in the season. A big game from Lynch, or back-up Thomas Rawls, would be a big help not only in gaining yards, but also taking the pressure off

By the Numbers CATEGORY SEA ARI Total First Downs 147 182 Rushing 59 49 Passing 85 113 Penalty 3 20 3rd Down: Made/Att 41/109 42/91 3rd Down Pct. 37.6 46.2 4th Down: Made/Att 4/5 3/5 4th Down Pct. 80.0 60.0 Possession Avg. 30:45 30:38 Total Net Yards 2825 3339 Avg. Per Game 353.1 417.4 Total Plays 510 497 Avg. Per Play 5.5 6.7 Punts/Average 40/47.6 27/39.5 Net Punting Avg. 39.1 34.5 Penalties/Yards 51/459 47/378 Fumbles/Ball Lost 6/4 15/8 Touchdowns 16 32 Rushing 3 8 Passing 9 20 Returns 4 4 RUSHING Net Yards Rushing 1116 998 Avg. Per Game 139.5 124.8 Total Rushes 245 222 PASSING Avg. Per Game 213.6 292.6 Sacked/Yards Lost 31/169 11/55 Gross Yards 1878 2396 Att/Comp 234/161 264/169 Completion Pct. 68.8 64.0 Had Intercepted 6 6 SCORE BY Q1

the passing game. >> Make WR Larry Fitzgerald and RB Chris Johnson look their age. Both Johnson and Fitzgerald are in the midst of resurgent seasons, but Fitzgerald is 32 and Johnson is 30, which is old in NFL terms. The Seahawks need to make those two play like they’re in their 30s. >> Control the clock. Arizona is second in the league in points per game and fourth in yards per game, largely because of its spread passing game. The best way for Seattle to slow the Cardinals’ offense is to keep it off the field. A good run game will help accomplish that. The Cardinals will win if they … >> Get a quality performance at QB. Last season Arizona, because of Carson Palmer’s knee injury, used Ryan Lindley and Drew Stanton at QB, with predictable results. Two seasons ago Palmer played both games, but was intercepted six times in the two contests. Palmer is in the midst of his best season, ranking third in the NFL in passer rating, and the Cardinals need him to continue that level of play. >> Connect on big plays. Arizona likes to go deep. The Cardinals rank third in the league with 37 pass plays of 20-plus yards and are tied for third in the league with eight pass plays of 40-plus yards. Seattle prides itself in limiting explosive plays, so a few of those would knock the Seahawks for a loop. >> Feed the Honey Badger.Tyrann Mathieu has become one of the top free safeties in the league. He currently has nine passes defensed and two interceptions, returning one of those picks for a touchdown, and he’s a threat on the blitz.Arizona would receive a boost should Mathieu produce a big play on defense.

PICK Seahawks 20, Cardinals 17 The Seahawks absolutely need to win this game to have a chance of catching the Cardinals in the standings — a loss would drop Seattle three games back in the NFC West. Arizona looks good on paper, but the Seahawks have the setting they need, playing at home and in prime time. And the Cardinals haven’t exactly proven they can win on the road, beating lowly Chicago, Detroit and Cleveland, but losing to Pittsburgh without Ben Roethlisberger. — Nick Patterson, Herald Writer

Q2 Q3 Q4 OT Pts Seattle 33 43 58 33 0 167 Arizona 59 85 56 63 0 263

TOP PERFORMERS Seattle PASSING ATT CMP YDs TD INT LG R. Wilson 234 161 1878 9 6 50 Rating: 95.0 RUSHING NO. YDS AVG LG TD T.Rawls 69 376 5.4 69t 1 M.Lynch 103 375 3.6 24 2 R.Wilson 58 303 5.2 24 0 RECEIVING NO. YDS AVG LG TD J.Graham 38 450 11.8 45 2 D.Baldwin 31 345 11.1 46 2 J.Kearse 21 338 16.1 50 1 T.Lockett 20 253 12.7 43t 1 INTS NO. YDS AVG LG TD E.Thomas 2 32 16.0 32 0 K.Chancellor 1 6 6.0 6 0 PUNT RETS NO. YDS AVG LG TD T.Lockett 24 195 8.1 57t 1 R.Sherman 1 64 64.0 64 0 KO RETS T.Lockett

NO. YDS AVG LG TD 14 356 25.4 105t 1

Miscellaneous Sacks (20): M.Bennett 6.5, B.Irvin 4.5, C.Avril 3.5, C.Williams 1.0, D.Shead 1.0, M.Morgan 1.0, A.Rubin 1.0, B.Mebane 0.5, B.Wagner 0.5, D.King 0.5

Arizona PASSING ATT CMP YDs TD INT LG C.Palmer 260 168 2386 20 6 60t Rating: 110.2 RUSHING NO. YDS AVG LG TD C.Johnson 141 676 4.8 62 3 A.Ellington 24 160 6.7 63t 2 D.Johnson 25 109 4.4 14 3 RECEIVING NO. YDS AVG LG TD L.Fitzgerald 55 706 12.8 44 7 J.Brown 37 562 15.2 49 3 M.Floyd 20 319 16.0 60t 3 INTS NO. YDS AVG LG TD R.Johnson 4 21 5.3 11 0 T.Mathieu 2 50 25.0 33t 1 P.Peterson 2 41 20.5 40 0 T.Jefferson 2 26 13.0 26t 1 PUNT RETS NO. YDS AVG LG TD P.Peterson 18 144 8.0 38 0 KO RETS NO. YDS AVG LG TD D.Johnson 13 390 30.0 108t 1

Miscellaneous Sacks (13): D.Freeney 2.0, F.Rucker 2.0, A.Okafor 2.0, C.Campbell 1.5, T.Mathieu 1.0, M.Golden 1.0, L.Woodley 1.0, J.Mauro 1.0, J.Powers 1.0, K.Martin 0.5

The Daily Herald Sunday, 11.15.2015 C9

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C10 Sunday, 11.15.2015 The Daily Herald TODAY

Western WA Northwest Weather


A couple of showers today.

Bellingham 48/36

Early rain, then showers


46°44° Chilly with periods of rain, breezy



Stanwood 47/37

Arlington Eastern WA 45/33 Granite A shower today, except Falls rain and snow showers Marysvile 44/33 with little or no accumu46/36 lation in the east; cooler Langley EVERETT Lake Stevens in the south. 44/37 47/39 44/33 Mukilteo Snohomish Gold Bar 47/39 46/34 45/33 Lynnwood Mill Creek Index Monroe Sultan 46/37 43/34 46/37 46/34 45/33

53°47° 48°40°

Kirkland 47/38

Rain to showers


46°36° Stray showers possible

Mount Vernon 46/35

Oak Harbor 48/40

Downpours; windy, not as cool


Cloudy today with periods of snow, some heavy, continuing into tonight, accumulating 3-6 inches. Freezing level 4,000 feet.

Seattle 47/38

Redmond 47/36

Bellevue 47/38

Port Orchard 46/33

Everett Low High Low High



12:33 a.m. 7:51 a.m. 1:27 p.m. 6:02 p.m.


-0.7 11.4 6.7 9.3

Puget Sound

Wind southwest 7-14 knots today. Seas 3-5 feet. A little rain. Wind southwest 7-14 knots tonight. Seas 3-5 feet. Some clouds.

Port Townsend High Low High Low


7:35 a.m. 12:29 p.m. 5:09 p.m. ---



Whidbey Island

Air Quality Index


Sun and Moon

through 5 p.m. yesterday High/low ..................................... 48/43 Normal high/low ....................... 50/41 Records (1934/1993) ................... 62/0 Barometric pressure (noon) ... 29.75 F 24 hours ending 5 p.m. ............... 1.13” Month to date ............................. 3.35” Normal month to date ............... 2.81” Year to date ............................... 21.71” Normal year to date ................. 27.47”

Yesterday’s offender ....... Particulates

Good: 0-50; Moderate: 51-100, Unhealthy (for sensitive groups): 101-150; Unhealthy: 151-200; Very unhealthy: 201300; Hazardous: 301-500 WA Dept. of Environmental Quality

More Information Road Reports:

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Burn Ban Information: Puget Sound: 1-800-595-4341 Website:

through 5 p.m. yesterday High/low ..................................... 46/43 Normal high/low ....................... 50/41 Records (1976/2014) ................. 55/16 Barometric pressure (noon) ... 29.78 F 24 hours ending 5 p.m. ............... 0.73” Month to date ............................. 3.34” Normal month to date ............... 3.09” Year to date ............................... 33.87” Normal year to date ................. 37.64” Rises Mercury ..... 7:12 a.m. Venus ......... 3:06 a.m. Mars ........... 2:33 a.m. Jupiter ........ 1:25 a.m. Saturn ........ 8:17 a.m. Uranus ....... 3:06 p.m. Neptune ..... 1:50 p.m. Pluto ......... 11:03 a.m.

Sets ........ 4:27 p.m. ........ 2:58 p.m. ........ 2:46 p.m. ........ 2:20 p.m. ........ 5:18 p.m. ........ 4:08 a.m. ...... 12:29 a.m. ........ 7:48 p.m.

World Weather City

Today Hi/Lo/W Amsterdam 59/52/r Athens 69/51/s Baghdad 74/54/pc Bangkok 92/79/pc Beijing 57/38/c Berlin 56/50/r Buenos Aires 83/63/s Cairo 80/63/pc Dublin 59/44/sh Hong Kong 81/76/pc Jerusalem 73/58/pc Johannesburg 87/54/s London 61/52/c

Tomorrow Hi/Lo/W 58/50/sh 69/57/s 72/59/c 93/79/t 46/29/c 57/48/c 82/64/pc 77/62/s 49/42/sh 83/77/t 69/54/pc 75/53/t 57/50/c

Washington Bellingham Colville Ellensburg Forks Friday Harbor Moses Lake Ocean Shores Olympia Port Angeles Pullman Spokane Seattle Tacoma Walla Walla Wenatchee Yakima Idaho Boise Coeur d’Alene Sun Valley Oregon Astoria Bend Eugene Klamath Falls Medford Portland

Today Tomorrow Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W 48/36/pc 48/25/sh 46/25/r 48/37/pc 48/40/sh 50/27/pc 50/48/sh 47/34/r 47/36/pc 48/29/c 48/27/sn 47/38/r 48/35/r 56/36/sh 49/30/r 53/27/pc

47/45/r 40/34/pc 44/35/c 52/49/r 48/46/r 46/41/pc 56/55/r 47/46/r 49/45/r 40/36/pc 39/36/pc 47/46/r 48/45/r 47/45/pc 44/36/r 51/37/r

54/29/sh 48/30/c 43/28/c

41/33/pc 41/35/pc 35/22/c

52/42/sh 39/26/sn 50/35/r 38/25/sn 47/36/r 51/39/r

55/52/r 43/39/sn 50/45/r 40/32/c 46/43/r 49/47/r

National Weather

Auburn 47/36

Tacoma 48/35



Feet 8.8 6.4 7.3 ---

through 5 p.m. yesterday High/low ..................................... 49/44 Normal high/low ....................... 51/40 Records (1995/1955) ................. 60/12 Barometric pressure (noon) ... 29.79 F 24 hours ending 5 p.m. ............... 0.70” Month to date ............................. 2.98” Normal month to date ............... 1.53” Year to date ............................... 18.05” Normal year to date ................. 16.31”

Sunrise today ....................... 7:14 a.m. Sunset tonight ..................... 4:32 p.m. Moonrise today ................. 10:37 a.m. Moonset today ..................... 8:08 p.m.

First Nov 18

Full Nov 25


Last Dec 2

New Dec 11

Today Tomorrow Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W Madrid 67/40/s 66/39/s Manila 92/80/pc 91/80/s Mexico City 69/50/pc 74/52/pc Moscow 30/26/sn 30/26/r Paris 61/50/s 59/55/sh Rio de Janeiro 83/73/c 81/73/t Riyadh 80/49/s 80/51/s Rome 66/46/s 66/46/s Singapore 90/78/t 87/78/t Stockholm 42/31/c 42/37/r Sydney 68/58/sh 71/58/sh Tokyo 69/59/r 67/62/pc Toronto 57/36/s 50/38/s


Today Tomorrow Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W Albany 56/44/s 56/28/s Albuquerque 56/42/sh 49/29/sh Amarillo 62/51/t 69/35/t Anchorage 10/-1/s 7/-2/pc Atlanta 61/44/pc 64/53/c Atlantic City 60/48/s 63/49/s Austin 73/67/c 80/60/t Baltimore 61/38/s 64/40/s Baton Rouge 70/59/c 77/69/c Billings 58/36/pc 43/27/pc Birmingham 62/47/pc 69/61/c Boise 54/29/sh 41/33/pc Boston 55/44/s 56/35/s Buffalo 56/41/s 56/39/s Burlington, VT 51/36/pc 45/26/pc Charleston, SC 65/46/s 71/54/c Charleston, WV 62/33/s 66/42/pc Charlotte 62/35/s 65/42/pc Cheyenne 58/27/s 46/22/r Chicago 62/43/s 55/47/r Cincinnati 62/37/s 60/46/c Cleveland 62/39/s 62/46/s Columbus, OH 60/34/s 61/46/pc Dallas 60/57/sh 73/60/t Denver 61/33/s 47/26/r Des Moines 62/47/s 56/50/sh Detroit 62/37/s 61/47/pc El Paso 66/53/t 65/37/pc Evansville 65/40/s 57/51/r Fairbanks -4/-17/c -13/-21/c Fargo 58/46/s 55/45/c Fort Myers 81/70/pc 85/70/sh Fresno 54/38/r 56/36/s Grand Rapids 60/38/s 60/46/pc Greensboro 62/38/s 65/42/pc Hartford 56/40/s 60/29/s Honolulu 85/75/pc 87/73/pc Houston 72/63/c 77/71/t Indianapolis 63/38/s 56/45/r




Kelowna 44/24

Calgary 49/27 Everett 44/37 Medicine Hat Seattle 56/30 47/38 Spokane Libby Tacoma 53/28 48/27 48/35 Yakima Coeur d’Alene 53/27 Portland 48/30 51/39 Great Falls Walla Walla Newport Lewiston Missoula 58/31 56/36 50/41 53/36 48/28 Salem 50/38 Helena Pendleton 52/30 53/33 Eugene Bend 50/35 Butte 39/26 41/20 Ontario 51/30 Medford Boise 47/36 54/29 Klamath Falls Eureka 38/25 Idaho Falls 52/38 Twin Falls 50/26 55/27 48/36

Port Angeles 47/36

Redding 58/37

Roseburg Salem Montana Butte Great Falls Missoula Alaska Anchorage City

48/38/r 50/38/r

51/49/r 50/48/r

41/20/pc 58/31/c 48/28/c

29/16/c 42/27/c 37/27/c



Today Tomorrow Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W Jackson, MS 65/52/c 75/66/r Kansas City 62/47/pc 60/52/r Knoxville 59/35/s 62/46/c Las Vegas 67/46/pc 56/38/pc Little Rock 63/48/c 65/60/r Los Angeles 64/49/pc 65/44/s Louisville 65/40/s 59/50/sh Lubbock 63/54/t 71/38/t Memphis 65/50/pc 67/62/r Miami 81/74/sh 83/75/sh Milwaukee 61/45/s 56/46/r Minneapolis 58/46/s 52/47/sh Mobile 68/55/pc 74/68/pc Montgomery 66/46/pc 73/59/c Newark 59/45/s 64/41/s New Orleans 70/65/c 80/71/c New York City 57/48/s 61/42/s Norfolk 61/44/s 64/49/s Oakland 60/42/r 62/47/s Oklahoma City 56/50/c 68/51/t Omaha 62/48/s 57/53/sh Orlando 80/66/pc 83/67/pc Palm Springs 71/53/pc 69/46/s Philadelphia 60/45/s 64/45/s Phoenix 68/53/pc 61/40/pc Pittsburgh 58/37/s 61/44/s Portland, ME 52/35/pc 51/28/s Portland, OR 51/39/r 49/47/r Providence 56/42/s 60/32/s

Barrow -2/-9/c Fairbanks -4/-17/c Juneau 36/27/sf British Columbia Chilliwack 45/32/pc Kelowna 44/24/r Vancouver 46/38/c Victoria 47/39/pc

-3/-10/c -13/-21/c 34/20/c 43/41/r 37/32/r 46/43/r 48/46/r


Today Tomorrow Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W Raleigh 62/37/s 66/41/pc Rapid City 65/32/s 54/29/pc Reno 47/26/sn 39/26/pc Richmond 61/36/s 65/40/s Sacramento 60/40/r 59/40/s St. Louis 68/46/s 55/51/r St. Petersburg 79/69/pc 85/71/s Salt Lake City 56/37/c 39/24/sn San Antonio 72/68/c 82/62/t San Diego 68/56/pc 65/48/s San Francisco 59/47/r 62/50/s San Jose 58/41/r 60/44/s Stockton 61/41/r 59/40/s Syracuse 57/39/pc 52/31/s Tallahassee 74/57/pc 80/63/pc Tampa 82/69/s 86/71/pc Tempe 66/50/pc 59/36/pc Topeka 64/48/pc 62/56/r Tucson 69/49/sh 53/32/pc Tulsa 59/49/c 65/60/t Washington, DC 62/44/s 65/46/s Wichita 61/49/pc 67/54/c Winston-Salem 62/38/s 64/42/pc Yuma 77/54/pc 67/48/s Weather(W): s-sunny, pc-partly cloudy, c-cloudy, sh-showers, t-thunderstorms, r-rain, sf-snow flurries, sn-snow, i-ice.

National Extremes (for the 48 contiguous states) High: Marathon, FL .......................... 87 Low: West Yellowstone, MT .............. 3

TULALIP Forecasts and graphics, except the KIRO 5-day forecast, provided by AccuWeather, Inc. ©2015

Shown are noon positions of weather systems and precipitation. Temperature bands are highs for the day.


3 0 M I N U T E S N O R T H O F S E AT T L E

888.272.1111 | TULALIPCASINO.COM 1443888

The Good Life SECTION D






SUNDAY, 11.15.2015

TECH SUNDAY | Disconnecting

not always so smart


What’s not to like about mobile device lifestyle?



echnology, culture, and psychology come together and create new social customs. In the 1960s, color televisions and TV dinners brought families together to eat dinner in front of the TV. Video games in the 1980s created a new form of social connection for kids. Personal computers transformed the social landscape of communication: email and online chats. The Internet launched all of us into an information age that we could barely imagine. Facebook changed the meaning of staying in touch. Now smartphones have

taken us into an entirely new social universe — texting and instant communication. I was at a meeting the other day, and each person in the meeting whipped out their smartphones — like six shooters — and laid them on the conference table at the ready. During the meeting, practically everyone glanced at their phone, reviewed either emails or texts, and silently tapped out responses. Had they been talking on their cellphone in the middle of the meeting, they would have been met with stony stares. But no one batted an eye. This is the new social norm.

I rarely hear cellphones ring any more, instead I hear the steady tones of a text arriving, like the pitter patter of rain falling on the roof. Why call anyone when you can text them? Phone calls will soon disappear like phone booths. I know I must be getting old. In addition to my thinning hair and growing paunch, I have resisted joining this new culture of communication. What’s wrong with me? I am clearly missing out on daily one-liners from my kids, my friends and my coworkers. I am quickly becoming out of touch with popular culture — the first sign of old age. Soon,

my friends tell me, I will be irrelevant. What’s not to like about this new form of social intercourse? There is nothing wrong with texting, but like many aspects of American life, we tend to overdo everything. Teens may have to join T.A. or “Texters Anonymous.” Many kids are sending over 100 texts a day. Adults are quickly catching up. So what’s my beef? Constant texting and continual communication interferes with being in the here and now. It diverts our attention from See PHONE, Page D3

A kitty muse for the great masters

Don’t hold still: An app for gifs

Choose your own Twitter adventure

Michael Frith spent the bulk of his career working with the Muppets, but his latest project has him reimagining history in the world of mobile gaming. “Leonardo’s Cat,” released last week by StoryToys on Apple’s app store, is a child-friendly game with an educational bent, grown-up-worthy brainteasers and the voice of “Star Trek’s” Patrick Stewart as Leonardo da Vinci. Using Frith’s animated designs, twhe game imagines an alternate history, one where Da Vinci and Michelangelo were thieving rivals and a cat was a muse. The game costs $2.99, for iOS. — Todd Martens, Los Angeles Times

It’s a gif world, and we’re just living in it. Those short, looping (often loopy) animated files pop up just about everywhere on the Web and in social media. Now, it’s easier than ever to make them yourself. Instagram’s new app, Boomerang, makes it very easy to make your own 1-second gifs for sharing on Instagram, Facebook and your phone’s camera roll. The process couldn’t be simpler. Just find something moving that you want to shoot, hit the capture button and keep as still as you can for a second or so. You can shoot from either rear-facing or front-facing camera. To work, the app will need permission to access those cameras, as well as your phone’s storage. Free, for iOS and Android. — Hayley Tsukayama, The Washington Post

A very fun choose-your-own adventure game — playable entirely on Twitter — went live earlier this month, complete with pixel art, secret hints, and lots of surprising ways to die. The game’s called Leon, and it comes from pixel artist Leon Chang, who uses a whole bunch of Twitter accounts to make the game work. Each account represents a move, and players are given a few handles to choose from in each step. You click the handle to make your choice, and repeat. Once players figure it out, though, there’s a lot to explore. Game play is short, but encourages repeated play throughs pretty explicitly. You’re not going to find out everything hidden within on the first run, in other words. — Abby Ohlheiser, The Washington Post

INSIDE: Bardsley, 2


Entertainment, 4


Puzzles, 6


Dear Abby, 6


Hops & Sips, 8

D2 Sunday, 11.15.2015 The Daily Herald

Dog offers mystery, amusement The time to live your life is now T here is a new guy in my life. He is handsome, physically fit, a good listener and totally committed to me. I am of course talking about my poodle, Merlin. His devotion is so steadfast that he even keeps me company when I fold laundry. Merlin stares at me while I brush my teeth. When I come home from the grocery store Merlin is at the window, awaiting my return. From a writing standpoint, Merlin is an especially exciting addition to our family because I can reveal his name. I keep my family members’ names out of print to protect their privacy, but Merlin is fair game. “Are you OK with me sharing this?” I always ask my kids if the story is about them. They usually offer an opinion, but Merlin doesn’t care. Every last embarrassing thing Merlin does is fodder for public amusement. Like for example,

JENNIFER BARDSLEY I BRAKE FOR MOMS Merlin has a predilection for ladies of a certain age. To him, Baby Boomers with gray hair are GILFs: “Grandmas I’d Like to Fawn over.” If you have gray hair, watch out. Merlin will hop in your lap faster than you can say “I’m not really a dog person.” Or then there was the time we came home and found Merlin standing on the kitchen table eating my daughter’s left-over Cheerios. Since then the kids have magically learned how to bring their breakfast dishes to the sink. As a shelter rescue,

Merlin’s past life living in New Mexico, Arizona and Texas will never be accurately discovered, so I have invented his backstory. In my best poodle voice I help Merlin explain to the kids how he was once a circus performer who had a love affair with a shitzu named Fifi. He quit the circus in solidarity with the elephants and has been awaiting a new home ever since. Now that Merlin can talk he communicates with our pack on a regular basis. Every morning he helps motivate my daughter to leave the house in time for school. “Where is my girl? We need to leave right now! I have a bunch of trees to pee on.” At night, he shepherds my son to bed at 9 o’clock. “I’m exhausted and I need my boy to cuddle so I can fall asleep.” After three months of cohabitation we have decided that poodles make everything better

— except for white carpet. Merlin claims that when he performed for the circus the ringmaster told him he could pee wherever he wanted. Fifi thought it made Merlin a bad boy, and she liked that about him. But Merlin’s new boy and girl are not so impressed, especially since they are responsible for cleaning up the mess. My daughter works the paper towels and my son is in charge of carpet solution. Meanwhile, I study a book about crate training older dogs. “Geesh, Mom,” Merlin says when he sees what I’m reading. “White carpet is boring. I was just trying to help.”

Jennifer Bardsley lives in Edmonds. Her book “Genesis Girl” is scheduled to be released in 2016. Find her online on Instagram @the_ya_gal, Twitter @jennbardsley or at teachingmybabytoread. com.


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unanticipated health problems increases with age. So what does this mean? What can we do? If you have something that you want to do, do it. Don’t put it off. I wanted to start writing a book that has been in germinating in my mind for a long time. Also, I wanted to spend a chunk of time living in Europe. With the support of my workplace, I took a twomonth leave of absence last year and worked on my book in Spain. Surely, this could have been a retirement dream, but instead I made it a reality in the here and now. My book is launched and living in Spain was a wonderful, enriching experience. Want to learn a foreign language? Take an art class? Learn an instrument? Climb Mt. Rainier? Take ski lessons? Find a way of doing it today, even if it is on a smaller scale. Perhaps you won’t be able to do everything you dream about, but get started. Are you dreaming of a vacation in Italy? Start saving today, even if it is just a few dollars a day. Reflect: Am I doing what is important to me? It’s not necessary to be diagnosed with a terminal disease to consider what is central to you. Am I living the life I want to live? Am I the person I want to be? Life reflection and contemplation can be a regular activity in your life, not reserved for a life crisis. This kind of activity enables you to make more frequent course corrections when needed. Do you want to make a major life change? So many adults stay in jobs that are not for them or in unhealthy relationships. Of course, it’s scary to make a major life change. After much consideration and reflection, don’t be afraid to steer your ship in another direction. Life can be short. Be prepared for tomorrow, but live today.

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Google Review


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The Daily Herald

Sunday, 11.15.2015 D3

Phone Museums adapting to interactive culture really listening to each other, smelling the air on an autumn day, hearing the birds sing, and paying attention to what’s happening around us. It stops us from noticing and experiencing ourselves. It keeps us away from living the moment. Do we have to be doing something every minute of the day? Yes, it’s nice to know that someone else is thinking about you. It can help us feel connected to the vast social world we live in. But how meaningful is the content of these messages or posts? Are we trivializing our lives by taking pictures of a meal and posting it on Facebook? Does pressing “like” really mean anything? Or is it just making believe that we are paying attention to each other? Here’s my suggestion for living in the moment and forming more substantial connections with friends and family: Turn off your phone for some time every day. Turn off your phone when you are having meals with friends and family. Leave your phone off when you are taking a walk. Spend some time alone, just with yourself, without distraction. Spend time with loved ones, without any interruptions. You won’t be sorry. Check social media and email less frequently. How about looking at Instagram or Facebook only once or twice a day? Just because you have a smartphone doesn’t mean that you have to use it every minute. How about a phonefree day? See what happens. You might find yourself walking around with a smile. Dr. Paul Schoenfeld is Director of The Everett Clinic’s Center for Behavioral Health and has been a clinical psychologist for more than 30 years. Read more of his blog at the Family Talk Blog at www.everettclinic. com/family-talk-blog.

By Jessica Gelt Los Angeles Times

LOS ANGELES — The museum of the future knows exactly where you are and maybe even what you want. Enabled by tiny Bluetooth beacons positioned strategically around its galleries and grounds, the museum of the future sends a push notification to your phone urging a visit to the nearby Jackson Pollock exhibit it thinks you’ll like, based on the Willem de Kooning and Lee Krasner art you browsed in the online collection. The museum of the future functions as seamlessly as an Apple store, makes recommendations like Amazon, speaks in hashtags, loves Tumblr and is ready for its selfie. The museum of the future hasn’t quite arrived, but institutions are quietly updating and innovating this kind of technology to engage with their audiences. However, as Newton’s third law states: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. So, for every app-loving, gadget-embracing museum curator or visitor there is a solitude-craving, analog enthusiast who feels that pixelated screens and interactive devices interfere with the very soul of the museum-going experience. Their goal is to stand quietly in front of art and ponder its significance and place in history — without technological intrusion. Regardless of the tension between the two philosophies, everyone agrees: Museums are changing, perhaps at the fastest clip since the introduction of rudimentary audio guides in the 1950s. The institutions are updating themselves in hopes of staying relevant in a world where video killed the radio star — and where Snapchat killed the Facebook meme.

“Museums are not easy institutions. They have a reputation for being very closed, very formal, with too many rules,” says Susana Smith Bautista, director of public engagement at the USC Pacific Asia Museum and author of “Museums in the Digital Age: Changing Meanings of Place, Community, and Culture.” “Technology is a bit more accessible and familiar. It’s a fun way to get to your end goal, which is to help people appreciate and learn about the work.”

Museum apps Los Angeles County Museum of Art recently launched a mobile app with audio tours, a searchable database of art on view, online collection information and push notifications alerting visitors when the bulbs on Chris Burden’s landmark “Urban Light” sculpture turn on (6:11 p.m., on a recent evening) and how many solar panels sit above your head when you walk from one building to the next (493). The new Broad in Los Angeles has a similarly enabled location-aware app that directs visitors to points of interest, which are elaborated upon by audio guides, including one for children that is narrated by LeVar Burton, one for architecture and one that features artists talking about their favorite works by other artists at the Broad — Sterling Ruby on Ed Ruscha’s “Heavy Industry,” for example, or Jeff Koons on Roy Lichtenstein. The Cleveland Museum


Kenny Weissman, 52, uses the LACMA’s mobile app at the museum last month.

of Art boasts a 40-foot touch screen Collection Wall that can display all art on view from the permanent collection — more than 4,200 works at any given time. The Tate Modern in London has Bloomberg Connects, whose interactive thrills include a 21-foot-long touch screen loaded with more than 35,000 works by 750 artists in its collection. Touch tables at Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum in New York allow users to access the collection and request information and images. But because a key function of a museum is to encourage a personal experience with an object, some curators and visitors get annoyed seeing so many faces buried in screens and phones. Those responsible for visitor involvement are often conflicted about how and when to introduce



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Digital push However, the technology debate has not stopped many museums from


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pushing further into the digital space. “I think it’s assumed that we want the galleries to be as quiet as a library, but that’s not necessarily true,” says Amy Heibel, vice president of technology, Web and digital media at LACMA. “I think it’s been proven over time that the use of technology in museums doesn’t really detract from the experience of a work of art. It’s optional, but a lot of people are already doing it - posting selfies and starting conversations on social media. It’s what they’re using, and we want to meet them there.” Karen Wise, vice president of education and exhibits at the Natural History Museum, says her institution has asked visitors what they want, and the answer is clear. “They say more live people and more interactive experiences,” she says.

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technology into a gallery. Helen Molesworth, chief curator at MOCA in Los Angeles, agrees. “The experience of the viewer first and foremost should exist in real time in the museum, so I wouldn’t necessarily want there to be a screen culture in the gallery, because it takes us immediately away from what we’re doing,” she says. “Museums are one of the places in culture where it really does look better on the wall than it does on the screen.” For that reason, MOCA is focusing on a robust website filled with detailed information about its collection, as well as special features such as discussions between artists about their work, rather than an app.

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Treasure this album, Adelephiles, because who knows when the next one is coming. Assuming there’s any sort of pattern between “19,” “21,” and now “25,” we could maybe see Adele’s fourth studio album when she’s 31. Or if she’s just going to double the number of years between each successive release, perhaps the next album will be “33.” But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. “25” hasn’t even dropped yet; it comes out Nov. 20, and the masses whose ears have been touched by Adele’s golden voice are happy just for that. Adele is a rare bird these days, a contemporary pop artist who actually allows herself to go away and be missed.

SUNDAY, 11.15.2015

10 p.m. tonight; AMC (cable)

If you like martial-arts fights scenes, you just might love “Into the Badlands.” It’s a rollicking and breathtaking action drama about

By Soraya Nadia McDonald


a deadly warrior (Daniel Wu) living in a dystopian world ruled by rival Barons who challenge each other for control.

Throwback diva gets away with defying every rule of pop-music domination

Ubiquity drives modern celebrity these days, especially in the music business. Just ask Lil Wayne and Kesha, both embroiled in conflicts with their record companies and anguishing over the fact that litigation and contractual red tape has thwarted their ability to release new music. Even in the bombastic, farcical universe of “Empire,” Hakeem Lyon decides to go rogue and leak his album, which belongs to Empire, after he and Cookie, banned from the company, establish a record company of their own. And here’s Adele, who joined Twitter in 2010 and has tweeted, as of this publishing, a total of 226 times since. Adele has proven that’s it’s possible for a celebrity to disappear when they want to and

remain relatively unbothered. Remaining visible is a deliberate decision, and it’s one most pop stars have to make on some level. It is possible for someone to stay away for too long. “Someone” however, does not seem to include Adele. How does she get away with it? Everything about her suggests that Adele is an old soul. Her styling hearkens to a bygone era when stars could still seem mysterious and you needed a subscription to a magazine like Confidential to find out the more sordid bits about their lives. Lana Del Rey also has a more classic vibe, but Del Rey certainly could not pull off what Adele has: to disappear from music for three years and then emerge with a video that with 27.7 million views surpassed Taylor Swift’s record

(20.1 million for “Bad Blood”) for single-day views. Even Adele’s decision to step away from music, raise her 2-year-old son and enjoy country life in West Sussex with her partner, Simon Konecki, feels retro. The “Mad Men”-styling is part of what makes Adele exceptional, as is her fairly conservative release strategy. There’s no surprise. The possibility of an early release is doubtful. She teased her lead single, “Hello,” and then published the video. She’s granted one interview to Vice i-D and has everyone abuzz. The song is on track to becoming the fastest-selling U.K. single of 2015. Adele has won by exercising restraint, but she simply wouldn’t be able to do it if she didn’t produce popular music that feels thoughtful and personal and real.

‘Master of None’ a new definition of Netflix-and-chill By Hank Stuever The Washington Post

“Master of None,” Aziz Ansari’s refreshingly optimistic Netflix comedy about yet another emotionally tentative, occasionally lovelorn New Yorker, bears at least a passing resemblance to FX’s “Louie,” the ingenious quasi-comedy starring Louis C.K. as a divorced father and comedian who also endures a series of strange personal encounters in the city, seen from the downhill slope that begins in the mid-40s. Adhering to a Woody Allen aesthetic, both men write and star in shows that are about a version of themselves and their

“Master of None” 10 episodes, streaming on Netflix worldviews. But halfway through “Master of None’s” 10 episodes (which began streaming Friday), I realized that I was bingeing — and straight-up enjoying — a show that could just as easily be called “Millennial Louie.” The differences are as striking as the similarities. As Dev, a 30-year-old IndianAmerican actor who works mainly in TV commercials, Ansari (who is 32) seems physically and psychologically

incapable of summoning the neurotic sadness of a character who experiences anything like the banal inhumanity that accompanies one of Louie’s rainy days. Ansari just isn’t Gen-X enough for the deeply dyspeptic — and I mean that as a compliment, not only to him, but also to his ilk. They’re just happier. Sunshine practically bursts out of Dev’s eyes and ears. The weather in his world is always cloudless and bright; Dev is happy-go-lucky even when his character experiences a momentary setback, whether he’s realizing (for a big example) that his role as an infected immunologist in a mediocre disaster movie called “The Sickening” is

not the big break he hopes it will be, or discovering (for a small example) that the taco truck he’s spent hours researching online has run out of tortillas just as he’s arrived. He’s a child of immigrants who brushes all bummers aside, whether he is experiencing racist attitudes at a sitcom casting call or waiting too long for a bartender to finish assembling an artisanal cocktail. Yet, despite his positivity, Dev seems to think his life requires ennui or existential fretting in order to be worthwhile. Dev and his friends (played by Eric Wareheim, Kelvin Yu and Lena Waithe as Arnold, Brian and Denise, or, categorically, a big white dude, an Asian

guy and a black lesbian) are highly skilled at conversational sarcasm and hipster indifference. They were brought up in a world drenched in irony and crankiness, but they’re just too darn fuzzy and warm to sustain a negative outlook. The word we landed on when the subject was Zooey Deschanel (of Fox’s “New Girl”) was “adorkable.” “Master of None” is deeply, unabashedly adorkable. At the same time, “Master of None” partakes in Dev’s generation’s obsession with identity politics. Our satirists and joketellers have become the new pundits — and in “Master of None,” that role can sometimes feel obligatory.

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SUNDAY, 11.15.2015

A death, then a Spree

BOOK EVENTS Penny Buse 4 p.m. Nov. 15, Norgaard Center

The joy of theatrical pop-rock group Polyphonic Spree has its roots in deep sadness By Chrissie Dickinson Chicago Tribune

For a band known for exuding love and joy, the Polyphonic Spree rose from the ashes of great sorrow. Band founder Tim DeLaughter formed the group 15 years ago in the wake of a beloved friend’s death. The singer, songwriter and guitarist had spent nearly the entire 1990s in the psychedelic rock band Tripping Daisy. His bandmate, guitarist Wes Berggren, died of a drug overdose in fall 1999. By the following December, Tripping Daisy had disbanded as a group. A year later the Polyphonic Spree was born, a large orchestral pop-rock outfit known for its effusive theatrics. Shortly after forming, the band recorded a 10-song demo, which was later released as the group’s first album. Did Berggren’s tragic passing influence those initial songs? “Without a doubt,” says DeLaughter, calling from a tour stop in Athens, Georgia. “It was one of the most devastating times in my life. Wes wasn’t just our guitar player. He was a dear friend. It knocked me off my feet when it happened. ... When (Wes died), it showed me how fragile we were. It gutted us all. A lot of the lyrics of our first record were a direct reaction to that.” It has been a long and circuitous road for this high-energy outfit with its charismatic frontman and rotating cast of musicians. In the past, band members have numbered as many as 28, including the musician and singer-songwriter Annie Clark who went on to solo fame as St. Vincent. For this tour, there will be 18 musicians and singers on stage. Polyphonic Spree’s soaring sound is built on the traditional rock lineup of electric guitar, bass and drums combined with a wide range of symphonic instruments including cello, chimes, horns and a vocal choir. To accommodate the sprawling ensemble, the band travels on a bus normally used to transport hockey teams. The wildly energetic stage show

Graham Kerr 7 p.m. Nov. 18, Village Books Baby boomers remember Kerr as TV’s Galloping Gourmet, but the life of the former Camano Island chef and author has been so much more. Kerr, now 81, will read from his new memoir, “Flash of Silver: the leap that changed my world” at Village Books, 1200 11th St., Bellingham. The title comes from a comparison of his life to that of the life cycle of a chinook salmon.

Mitch Albom 7 p.m. Nov. 20, University Book Store

Lead singer Tim DeLaughter and the Polyphonic Spree will perform tonight in Seattle.

If you go Polyphonic Spree will perform at 8 p.m. Nov. 15 at the Tractor Tavern in Seattle. For more information or to buy tickets, visit www. is a mix of gospel choir fervor and frenzied ecstasy. With its unabashedly sincere and positive outlook, the band has never been in step with the snarkier side of pop culture. “We live in a cynical world and God knows I’ve experienced all the sarcasm and cynics in the world with this band,” DeLaughter says. “But I am who I am, and I’m doing what I’ve been doing my whole life. The Polyphonic Spree keeps going. I’m still talking about it 15 years later. Everyone doubted but us. And here we are.” When DeLaughter formed

the group, he thought he was just coming up with the concept and orchestrating the first show. Initially he didn’t foresee himself being a featured player, let alone fronting the large ensemble on the road. But after the group pulled off a well-received debut gig in its Dallas home base, he began to think the band might have legs. Not everyone felt the same. In the beginning there were naysayers skeptical that this hardto-categorize group could make a go of it in the post-grunge era. They also insisted that such a large band would be a logistical nightmare on the road. DeLaughter was undaunted and pushed forward. The going was indeed tough at first. “We couldn’t get gigs because we were too big,” he recalls. “There were club owners and promoters who just didn’t get it. That’s when we made the CD ‘The Beginning Stages of ...’ in three days as a demo.”


With that promotional release in hand, the group started playing as many venues as possible. They landed a fortuitous slot at the 2002 South by Southwest Music Conference. A Polyphonic Spree concert feels much like a secular church service with lots of jubilation, dancing, clapping, singing and positive vibes. Does DeLaughter hear from fans who feel a spiritual connection to the music? “Oh God, yes,” he says. “Big time. A lot of people come up after a show, or write through email or social media, and tell me how much this band means to them, how it saved their life and how it’s made such a difference. People have told me they wanted to kill themselves and all of a sudden they listen to Polyphonic Spree and they change their minds. It’s testimony after testimony. There is a spiritual element that is definitely in the air with this band.”

Jeff Lynne and ELO are back, minus the excess By Greg Kot

and classical music? Why not? ELO went for it in a big way, Jeff Lynne’s resurcrafting elaborate rected ELO shares plenty melodies layered of similarities with the with instruments — U.K. band that he led not just keyboards to ’70s pop dominance that sounded like “Alone in the with 19 top-40 hits. But orchestras, but fullthere is one crucial differon string and brass Universe,” Jeff ence. Back then, nobody sections. Lynne’s ELO ★★★ did excess quite like the In the ’80s and Electric Light Orchestra. In ’90s, Lynne focused on procontrast, “Alone in the Universe” ducing, working on major albums (Columbia), the first ELO album by Tom Petty, George Harrison, since 2001, wears its pop-rock Paul McCartney and Roy Orbison. pomp lightly. He also joined Petty, Harrison, When Lynne cofounded the Orbison and Bob Dylan in the Electric Light Orchestra in the multimillion-selling super group early ’70s, the progressive-rock the Traveling Wilburys. era was dawning, the Beatles Much of it was technically had just broken up, and anything impressive but emotionally anonseemed possible. Combining rock ymous — Lynne rarely revealed Chicago Tribune




Alderwood, 425-776-3535

“The Bazaar of Bad Dreams” by Stephen King (Scribner, $30) “Rogue Lawyer” by John Grisham (Doubleday, $28.95) “The Crossing” by Michael Connelly (Little, Brown, $28) “See Me” by Nicholas Sparks (Grand Central, $27) “Depraved Heart” by Patricia Cornwell (Morrow, $28.99) “The Immortal Nicholas” by Glenn Beck (Mercury Ink, $26.99) “The Survivor” by Flynn/Mills (Atria/ Bestler, $28)

HARDCOVER NONFICTION “The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Dinnertime” by Ree Drummond (Morrow, $29.99) “Killing Reagan” by O’Reilly/Dugard (Holt, $30) “Troublemaker” by Leah Remini (Ballantine, $27) “Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates” by Kilmeade/Yaeger (Penguin/ Sentinel, $27.95) “Crippled America” by Donald J. Trump (S&S/Threshold, $25) “A More Perfect Union” by Ben Carson (Penguin/Sentinel, $26.95) “Guinness World Records 2016” by Guinness World Records ($28.95) “Extreme Ownership” by Willink/Babin (St. Martin’s, $26.99)

Stanwood Area Historical Society hosts a lecture by Buse, the author of “Stuck in the Mud: The History of Warm Beach,” at the Floyd Norgaard Cultural Center, 27130 102nd Ave. NW in Stanwood. Buse, a former teacher, plans to talk about Esther Ross, who spent most of her life fighting for federal recognition for her tribe, the Stillaguamish. The program is free.

The 33 (PG-13) 12:30-3:25-6:409:40 Bolshoi Ballet: Jewels (Not Rated) 12:55 Bridge of Spies (PG-13) 12:1012:40-3:15-6:30-7:00-9:35 Hotel Transylvania 2 (PG) 12:002:15-4:30-7:10-9:25 The Intern (PG-13) 3:05-6:20-9:15 The Last Witch Hunter (PG-13) 12:35-7:20 Love the Coopers (PG-13) 12:503:45-6:50-10:05 Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (PG13) 3:55-9:45 Sicario (R) 3:50-9:55

Alderwood Mall, 888-2624386

Burnt (R) 9:10-12:00-5:30-8:1011:00 Goosebumps (PG) 11:40-2:30-5:207:50-10:30 The Martian (PG-13) 9:20-4:10-7:20 The Martian 3D (PG-13) 12:5010:35 Miss You Already (PG-13) 9:00-5:40 My All American (PG) 10:50-1:504:40-7:40-10:45 Pan (PG) 9:15-12:05-2:40 Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension (R) 8:30 Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension 3D (R) 10:55

much of himself through his work. His songs were self-effacing to a fault, grasping for universal themes wrapped in sumptuous three- and four-minute packages of melody. But there’s a wistfulness to “Alone in the Universe” that works well with his expertly sculpted chord progressions. “When I was a Boy” underlines that Lynne’s love of music was a lifeline while growing up in Birmingham, England. He was the kid born to live inside recording studios, surrounded by instruments and a need to conjure melodies as transformative as the ones that poured from his radio. The one-man orchestra touches on gospel (“Love and Rain”), disco (“One Step at a Time”) and the operatic ballads of his late friend Orbison (“I’m Leaving

The Peanuts Movie (G) 10:0011:00-11:50-12:30-1:30-2:503:20-4:00-5:50-6:40-8:20-10:50 The Peanuts Movie 3D (G) 9:002:20-4:50-7:30-9:50 The Phone (Not Rated) 9:30-12:403:50-6:50-9:55 Prem Ratan Dhan Payo (Not Rated) 10:20-2:00-6:00-9:40 Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (R) 10:20 Spectre (PG-13) 9:40-10:10-11:301:00-1:40-3:00-4:30-5:10-6:308:00-8:40-9:30-10:00-11:10 Spectre: The IMAX Experience (PG13) 12:10-3:40-7:10-10:40 Steve Jobs (R) 10:05-1:10-4:00-7:15 Suffragette (PG-13) 10:30-1:204:20-7:00-10:10

Cinebarre Mountlake Terrace, 425-672-7501

The 33 (PG-13) 9:50-12:40-3:407:15-10:15 Bridge of Spies (PG-13) 12:10-3:257:10-10:25 Crimson Peak (R) 3:45-10:35 The Intern (PG-13) 10:00-12:507:35 Love the Coopers (PG-13) 10:301:15-3:55-7:30-10:10 The Martian (PG-13) 12:45-6:45 The Martian 3D (PG-13) 3:30-9:50 The Peanuts Movie (G) 10:15-4:0010:05

You”). His guitar playing isn’t showy, but masterfully subtle: the contrast between chunky rhythm and lighter, more elegant phrasing on “Love and Rain”; the brief but elegiac solo in the title track; the call-and-response between the singer’s vocal and guitar in the chorus of “One Step at a Time.” ELO was loved and reviled for the ear candy the group routinely dished out during its heyday, and Lynne retains his talent for assembling notes and tones that become little sonic forgot-menots. But he pulls back on the extravagance to create something a touch more personal and concise: 10 songs in under 40 minutes. This is high-end craft from a 67-year-old studio pro with a charming tinge of melancholy in his voice.

The Peanuts Movie 3D (G) 1:057:20 Spectre (PG-13) 9:45-11:45-12:003:00-3:15-6:30-7:00-10:00-10:30

Spectre (PG-13) 11:30-12:00-12:302:00-2:50-3:20-3:50-5:30-6:206:50-7:20-9:00-9:40-10:10-10:40 Woodlawn (PG) 6:45-9:35

Spectre (PG-13) 3:00-6:00

The 33 (PG-13) 10:45-1:35-4:257:20-10:20 Bridge of Spies (PG-13) 11:50-3:156:40-9:55 Goosebumps (PG) 1:50-7:25 Goosebumps 3D (PG) 11:10-4:3510:10 Hotel Transylvania 2 (PG) 12:152:40-5:10-7:45-10:05 Love the Coopers (PG-13) 11:051:55-4:45-7:30-10:20 The Martian (PG-13) 11:15-2:506:25-9:50 The Peanuts Movie (G) 11:20-2:002:45-4:30-7:15-7:40-9:45 The Peanuts Movie 3D (G) 12:105:15-10:15 Spectre (PG-13) 10:30-11:00-11:3012:00-2:00-2:30-3:00-3:30-5:306:00-6:30-7:00-9:00-9:30-10:0010:15

Edmonds Theater, 425-7784554 Everett Stadium, 425-3533505

The 33 (PG-13) 1:00-4:00-7:0010:05 Bridge of Spies (PG-13) 11:35-2:406:00-9:15 Crimson Peak (R) 7:15-10:15 Goosebumps (PG) 1:10-3:40-6:108:50 Hotel Transylvania 2 (PG) 11:452:10-4:30-6:55 The Intern (PG-13) 1:30 The Last Witch Hunter (PG-13) 4:407:30-10:20 Love the Coopers (PG-13) 11:552:30-5:10-7:50-10:30 The Martian (PG-13) 11:50-9:55 The Martian 3D (PG-13) 3:10-6:40 Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (PG-13) 9:10 My All American (PG) 12:20-3:306:30-9:20 Pan (PG) 1:20-4:10 The Peanuts Movie (G) 12:05-1:552:20-4:50-7:10-9:50 The Peanuts Movie 3D (G) 11:4012:40-3:00-4:20-5:20-7:40-10:00

Galaxy Monroe, 360-8630909

Marysville, 360-659-1009

The 33 (PG-13) 1:20-4:20-7:2010:20 Bridge of Spies (PG-13) 12:10-3:206:30-9:40 Burnt (R) 9:20 Goosebumps (PG) 12:45-10:15

The Mill Creek Town Center branch of the book store, 15311 Main St., hosts a reading and signing by Albom, who is known for his inspirational fiction and nonfiction. He also is a songwriter and lyricist. In his new book, “The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto,” Albom blends storytelling and music in the Forrest Gump-like life story of Frankie Presto, a war orphan raised by a blind music teacher who becomes the greatest guitarist who ever lived.

Mindy Hardwick 11 a.m. Nov. 28, Mimi’s Boutique

Hardwick will be on hand to read and sign books at the Country Chic Shabby Boutique, 111 Glen Ave, Snohomish, until 1 p.m. that Saturday. Hardwick is known for her small-town stories that celebrate art and community in the Pacific Northwest. Her latest contemporary holiday romance is “Sweetheart Cottage.”

Sno-Isle Libraries author programs Oak Harbor Library: 2 to 3:30 p.m. Nov. 16, 1000 SE Regatta Dr., with authors Deb Lund, Art B., C.J. Booth, Lois V. Harris, Donna Hood, Rick Lawler, Sandra Pollard and Rick Vander Kam. Sultan Library: 1 to 2:30 p.m. Nov. 21, 319 Main St., with authors J. Anderson Coats, Holly Cupala, Mindy Hardwick, Roy Kindelberger, Sharlene Nusser, Susan Schreyer and Richard Spelman. Mountlake Terrace Library: 2 to 3:30 p.m. Dec. 5, 23300 58th Ave W, with author Greg Bear, Carole Dagg, Nancy Horan, Gloria Koll, Loretta Martin, Craig Orback and Trudi Trueit. Langley Library: 6:30 to 8 p.m. Dec. 17, 104 Second St., with authors Allan Ament, Margaret Bendet, Kay Foss, Lenita Graves, Garr Kuhl, Judy Lynn and Dan Pedersen. To submit news for the book calendar, contact reporter Gale Fiege: 425-3393427; gfiege@heraldnet.

Goosebumps 3D (PG) 3:30-7:45 Hotel Transylvania 2 (PG) 1:103:50-6:20 The Intern (PG-13) 3:20-9:20 The Last Witch Hunter (PG-13) 12:40-3:40-6:15-10:10 Love the Coopers (PG-13) 1:404:40-7:40-10:30 The Martian (PG-13) 12:30-9:45 The Martian 3D (PG-13) 3:35-6:40 Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (PG13) 12:20-6:20 My All American (PG) 1:00-4:006:50-9:50 The Peanuts Movie (G) 1:30-4:107:10-9:40 The Peanuts Movie 3D (G) 1:504:40-7:30-10:00 Spectre (PG-13) 12:00-1:00-2:003:30-4:30-6:00-7:00-8:00-9:3010:30

Stanwood Cinemas, 360629-0514

Bridge of Spies (PG-13) 1:10-4:056:35-9:25 The Peanuts Movie (G) 1:40-8:50 The Peanuts Movie 3D (G) 3:406:40 Spectre (PG-13) 1:00-3:45-6:309:00 A Walk in the Woods (R) 1:20-4:156:45-9:30 Woodlawn (PG) 1:30-3:55-6:509:20

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THREE-PEAT, By TRAcy GRAy, PuzzlEs EdiTEd By Will sHoRTz


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Vinland explorer circa A.D. 1000 Opponents for Perry Mason, for short Winning blackjack pair Send Romance novelist Banks Going out

101 Dutch town known for tulip tourism 102 Au courant 103 Miners’ entries 104 Ruy ____ (chess opening) 105 Skirt style 106 Nutritionists’ prescriptions

heard numerous people say they didn’t see this coming. She was 92! My wife’s family has excellent genes and very good luck; this is the first funeral my wife has been to for family (she is 28). I can see where she views me as cold, but I can’t help but view her as naive. I don’t know how I should say this to her, or if I should say anything at all. — Anonymous How’s this for a frame?: “Given how young my father was when he died, it was hard for me to see your grandmother’s death as anything but what I’d hope for for myself — a long life and a peaceful death. And I knew this would be insensitive to you all in your grief, so I just kept my mouth shut. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to do so more gracefully.” Just don’t use this to frame any commentary on theatrics. Beyond explaining your reticence, the less said the better. (c) 2015, Washington Post Writers Group

DEAR ABBY | Abigail Van Buren

Husband now must heal himself psychotherapist. Dear Abby: I am considering proposing to my girlfriend, “Angela.” My problem is, I’m having doubts because I don’t know if she is “The One” — or if such a thing really exists. I don’t want to lose her because I’m searching for some mythical goddess on a pedestal. Angela is my best friend and I’d do anything for her. I don’t want to string her along, but I’m not sure if what I’m experiencing is just cold feet. Next year I will be in medical school through the military. I think I want to move our relationship forward, but I could use some advice. Please help me make sure I don’t hurt her, either by proposing when I shouldn’t, or by leaving in search of the Holy Grail of relationships. — Anonymous



Dear Abby: When reading letters in your column concerning breast cancer, my heart goes out to every single person who has ever been diagnosed with this terrible disease. I have no respect for any man who cuts and runs when his wife is diagnosed with cancer. But what do you think about a woman who is diagnosed and whose husband remains with her through the fear and worry, the chemo, radiation, hair loss and all the follow-up? A husband who worries constantly for her and whose biggest fear is losing his wonderful wife, and after all this — she leaves him for another man? It has been more than seven years. I’m asking for feedback in the hope that people can view this issue not just from my perspective, but also from the afflicted loved one’s perspective as well. — Still Wondering Dear Still Wondering: A diagnosis of a life-threatening illness can make a marriage stronger or it can destroy it. While I’m reluctant to attribute a reason for what your wife did without hearing from her, I can’t help but think that she left because the cancer made her realize how short life is and, as much as you loved her, the marriage wasn’t a fulfilling one for her. How sad for you, and I’m truly sorry. Because it’s clear you haven’t yet been able to get beyond what happened, you could benefit from discussing this with a licensed

In America

Dear Anonymous: Why are you are putting this pressure on yourself now? Because you are unsure, you should leave for medical school. Once you are there, you will be immersed in your studies and you will also meet others. If your feelings for Angela are as strong as they are now after six months, revisit the idea of proposing marriage. But don’t do it now if in your heart you’re looking for a woman with qualities Angela doesn’t possess, because it would be unfair to both of you. Contact Dear Abby at www. or P.O. Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA 90069. Universal Uclick


pressure, reached an agreement to open Gaza’s borders. Baseball players and owners agreed on a tougher steroidstesting policy. Albert Pujols of the St. Louis Cardinals won the National League MVP award. Today’s birthdays: Judge Joseph Wapner is 96. Actor Ed Asner is 86. Singer Petula Clark is 83. Comedian Jack Burns is 82. Actress Joanna Barnes is 81. Actor Yaphet Kotto is 76. Actor Sam Waterston is 75. Classical conductor Daniel Barenboim is 73. Pop singer Frida (ABBA) is 70. Actor Bob Gunton is 70. Former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson is 68. Actress Beverly D’Angelo is 64. Director-actor James Widdoes is 62. Rock singer-producer Mitch Easter is 61. News correspondent John Roberts is 59. Former “Jay Leno Show” bandleader Kevin Eubanks is 58. Comedian Judy Gold is 53. Actress Rachel True is 49. Rapper E-40 is 48. Country singer Jack Ingram is 45. Actor Jay Harrington is 44. Actor Jonny Lee Miller is 43. Actress Sydney Tamiia (tuh-MY’-yuh) Poitier is 42. Christian rock musician David Carr (Third Day) is 41. Rock singer-musician Chad Kroeger is 41. Rock musician Jesse Sandoval is 41. Actress Virginie Ledoyen is 39. Actor Sean Murray (TV: “NCIS”) is 38. Pop singer Ace Young (TV: “American Idol”) is 35. Golfer Lorena Ochoa is 34. Hip-hop artist B.o.B is 27. Actress Shailene Woodley is 24. Actress-dancer Emma Dumont is 21. Thought for today: “To oppose something is to maintain it.” — Ursula K. LeGuin, American writer (1929- ). Associated Press

to you, and not a mysterious Other, that’s also when you’ll make the best decisions; instead of worrying about your worthiness of them, you’ll be able to focus on their worthiness of you. Dear Carolyn: My wife’s great-grandmother passed away last week quietly in her sleep at the age of 92. We just returned from the funeral services and my wife asked me last night why I was so “cold” during them. I suggested we talk about it during a less charged time, which is true, but I am also trying to frame my thoughts properly. My biological father passed when I was 4 and I was raised by my mother and stepfather, who are wonderful. But I think this experience so early in life gave me a different viewpoint about grieving and death than my wife. I think we should all be so lucky to live to 92 and die quietly in our sleep. Her death is sad, absolutely, but not a tragedy. My wife’s family was very theatrical and dramatic in their grief, and I frankly didn’t know how to respond to it. I




82 85

104 111

TELL ME ABOUT IT | Carolyn Hax

Adapted from a recent online discussion. Dear Carolyn: I’m a (girl) college freshman who has never had a boyfriend. I have feelings for some guys, but even though we get along as friends nothing more seems to happen (despite subtle hints). I feel frustrated because I don’t know what I am doing wrong. I am decently attractive, fit and intelligent. I was more reserved in high school and have just started opening up to boys, but I don’t know quite what to do to get them interested in me. — Confused Girl Try being incrementally less subtle — meaning, nudge the boundaries of your comfort zone, versus jumping out of it completely. More important, be patient. The more comfortable you are with yourself, the more comfortable you’ll be around people in general — and the less of an issue this will be, since familiarity will allow you to both give and receive more effective signals. When you get to the point where guys are just people









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Boys seem indifferent to student

TODAY IN HISTORY Today is Sunday, Nov. 15, the 319th day of 2015. There are 46 days left in the year. Today’s highlight: On Nov. 15, 1315, in the Battle of Morgarten, Swiss Confederation forces lying in wait attacked and defeated invading Austrian troops. On this date: In 1777, the Second Continental Congress approved the Articles of Confederation. In 1806, explorer Zebulon Pike sighted the mountaintop now known as Pikes Peak in present-day Colorado. In 1864, during the Civil War, Union forces led by Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman began their “March to the Sea” from Atlanta; the campaign ended with the capture of Savannah on Dec. 21. In 1889, Brazil was proclaimed a republic as its emperor, Dom Pedro II, was overthrown. In 1935, the Commonwealth of the Philippines was established as its new president, Manuel L. Quezon, took office. In 1939, President Franklin D. Roosevelt laid the cornerstone of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. In 1942, the naval Battle of Guadalcanal ended during World War II with a decisive U.S. victory over Japanese forces. In 1959, four members of the Clutter family of Holcomb, Kansas, were found murdered in their home. (Ex-convicts Richard Hickock and Perry Smith were later convicted of the killings and hanged.) In 1964, Bonanza Air Lines Flight 114, a Fairchild F-27A, crashed outside of Las Vegas, killing all 29 people on board. In 1985, Britain and Ireland signed an accord giving Dublin an official consultative role in governing Northern Ireland. In 1990, Bulgaria’s Grand National Assembly voted to change the country’s name from the People’s Republic of Bulgaria to the Republic of Bulgaria and invalidate the Communist constitution of 1971. In 2005, Israel and the Palestinians, under strong U.S.









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Fills to capacity How you can’t sing a duet Yellowfin and bluefin Cell that has multiplied? Place to retire Like sushi or ceviche ____ knot, rug feature Some bunk-bed sharers, for short Concubine’s chamber Half-baked Slanting Caterpillar machine It comes with a charge Iraqi city on the Tigris Like one side of Lake Victoria Ones calling the shots, for short? Chatterbox Ballet headliner Slightly depressed Workers on Times tables, briefly? California wine region Bread substitute?





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Second-largest dwarf planet Cuisine that includes cracklins and boudin Turn a blind eye to One spinning its wheels? Some I.R.A.s All the rage Pinpoint Greek sorceress Nicholas Gage memoir Anakin’s master in “Star Wars” Bridge words Amateur botanists’ projects Yellow dog in the funnies Morales of HBO’s “The Brink” John in the Songwriters Hall of Fame Writes in C++, say Utensil’s end “A Doll’s House” playwright Lawyer’s clever question, say Showtime crime drama, 2006-13 One who has crossed the line? Janis’s husband in the funnies Rock, paper or scissors Phishing lures Places for links? Hit AMC series that ended with a Coca-Cola ad Iffy Immediately preceding periods Hokkaido port Magician’s word

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Pushovers Horn of Africa native Pushed forward, as a crowd Wellesley grads “Same here!” Paternally related 1982 Arnold Schwarzenegger film Vintner Paul who would “sell no wine before its time” Knot on a tree ____ of the earth Like a chestnut ____ Joaquin, Calif. Fell for an April fool, say Verses with six stanzas Bringer of peace between nations ____ qué (why: Sp.) NPR host Shapiro Worked to the bone State bordering Texas Actress Pflug of “M*A*S*H” Dummy Wishing sites Author who inspired the musical “Wicked” Chiwere-speaking tribe Bygone office worker 65 or so Rose buds? Spruce up Op-Ed columnist Maureen Spanish airline



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Puzzle solution below

110 Grp. of teed-off women? 113 Snoop group, in brief 114 POW/____ bracelet (popular 1970s wear) 115 Neither red nor blue?: Abbr. 116 Tres menos dos

HOROSCOPE Happy Birthday: Do your best to take control and stay on top of what is going on economically, professionally and personally. Balancing your time will be difficult, but necessary in order to keep the peace and avoid costly setbacks. Your numbers are 7, 13, 22, 29, 31, 37, 46. ARIES (March 21-April 19): Separate work from pleasure. You need to relax and spend time with someone you love. Don’t let emotional situations get you down. Live in the moment and enjoy the day. Physical activities will ease your stress. ★★ TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Getting involved in something out of the ordinary will be eye-opening. What you learn through conversations with people with different life experiences than you will be enlightening. ★★★★★ GEMINI (May 21-June 20): You will be tempted to get involved in something that is expensive or can lead to workrelated difficulties. Put greater emphasis on improving yourself instead of getting involved in other people’s dilemmas. ★★★ CANCER (June 21-July 22): Embrace something you have never tried before and discuss your thoughts with people from totally different backgrounds. Together you will come up with some interesting ideas and build a long-lasting friendship. ★★★ LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Focus on friends and family and do your best to please. Don’t feel you have to overspend to win favors. It’s your time that will make the biggest impact on the people who are most important to you. Don’t take a financial risk. ★★★ VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Open up communication with friends or someone you enjoy sharing information with, and you will be enticed by an idea that can lead to a lucrative partnership. An investment will pay off, giving you greater financial freedom. ★★★★★ LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Personal problems will surface. Don’t make assumptions or let jealousy or suspicion take over. If you jump to conclusions or get angry, you will have regrets. Get to the root of the problem and fix it before it’s too late. ★★ SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Organization and preparation will give you the confidence required to step up and make a difference. Your insight will help you offer workable solutions that will be praised by those you encounter along the way. ★★★★ SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): You’ve got the energy and wherewithal to get things done. Don’t let your emotions stand between you and your goals. Someone is likely to feed you poor information in an effort to deter you from following through with your plans. ★★★ CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Someone you least expect will encourage you. Don’t get angry with those who backed out or let you down. The experiences you have dealing with others will be a revelation that will help you make wiser choices in the future. ★★★ AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Put time and effort into physical accomplishments and fulfilling promises you made to the people you care about most. Don’t let what an outsider says upset your world. Live your life according to what works for you. ★★★ PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): A partnership will help you make substantial gains. Collaborating with someone unusual will excite you. Move forward and embrace working with someone who is as creative and goal-oriented as you. ★★★★

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The Daily Herald Sunday, 11.15.2015


Nine food, wine pairings that fit well By Fred Tasker Tribune News Service

Maybe the proudest day of my wine fan life was when I took a bottle of dry gewurztraminer to a pig roast and was stunned to receive a round of applause. The honeysuckle aromas, the tart flavors of grapefruit and lychee, the alcoholic heft interacted perfectly with the sweet fatness of the pork to create a whole that was gloriously greater than the sum of its parts. You’ve been there, right? You can close your eyes and picture that moment — in a restaurant, at your dining room table, around your barbecue grill — when it all came together and you achieved a little moment of nirvana. The usual rules — red wine with red meat, white with white, sweet with spice — were transcended in a glorious epiphany. Wine fans tend to be foodies as well, so it makes our day/ week/year when we come across — by studied inspiration or simple accident — that perfect pairing of food and wine. This is all supremely subjective, in my mind. My

philosophy is you should drink what you like, never minding the so-called rules. But I also love to hear other wine fans’ peak food/wine matching moments, so I can try them for myself. So here are some of my favorite food/wine pairings, in no particular order. I want to see if you can top them. Brie with white dessert wine. The sweetness and crisp acids of the wine are great with the creamy, salty cheese. It can be a wallet-busting French sauternes blend of sauvignon blanc and semillon or a more moderate California orange muscat. Pure decadence. Fried chicken with sparkling wine. This might seem to be a Princess-and-the-Pauper juxtaposition. But the wine’s scrubbing bubbles deftly scour the chicken’s fat from your palate, refreshing it for the next bite. It doesn’t have to be expensive. A Spanish cava or Italian prosecco will do fine. Raw oysters and bone dry white wine. They say it was a brave woman or man who first pried one open and slurped it. And it was a wise one who first paired the briny morsel with a

light, dry, puckery white wine such as a French muscadet or a New Zealand sauvignon blanc. Slurp, smile, repeat. Spicy Thai curry with succulent white viognier. My favorite Thai dish is chicken with spicy red curry paste, ginger, lemongrass and creamy coconut milk. With it I like the lush, low-acid honeysuckle and peach flavors of viognier. The spicier the better. Grilled New York strip steak with a muscular cabernet sauvignon. The fat in a wellmarbled steak is cut by the puckery tannins, astringent acids and high alcohol of the wine. It’ll put hair on your chest (yes, yours too). Wild boar with Chianti classico. This was a peak culinary moment of my life. In Italy’s Tuscany region, hunters stalk wild boars to stop them from rooting out valuable crops. They roast them and serve them with robust, spicy, black raspberry flavored Chianti classico, based on the sangiovese grape. In South Florida, boars are hunted in the Everglades. Cheeseburgers with malbec. The cheeseburger, in all its humble richness, is the

Match a bottle of Washington Hills Cabernet Sauvignon with a grilled New York strip steak.

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quintessential American casual meal served around that other American institution, the backyard grill. A lush malbec, loaded with black cherry and dark chocolate flavors, brings out the best in the cheddartopped meat. Even better with grilled onions. Macaroni ‘n’ cheese with Italian lambrusco. Mac ‘n’ cheese is the ultimate comfort food. So rich and creamy you hardly need to chew. With it I like the lightly sweet, softly bubbly red Italian wine called lambrusco. Its bubbles cut through the creaminess, letting even more of the pasta slide down the hatch. Whitefish en papillote. Delicate white fish topped with herbs and veggies, wrapped in foil or parchment paper and roasted, produces subtle flavors that are sublime with an equally delicate and perfumed pinot gris. Elegant dinner fare. Readers, what are your favorite food/wine pairings? Email them to me at and I will share them with others. Follow Hops and Sips on Twitter at hopsandsips. Have a comment?

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SUNDAY, 11.15.2015

Crucible’s double IPA has that cat pee smell, and that’s a good thing By Scott Wetzel Special to The Herald


rucible Brewing is the newest brewery in Everett, which isn’t saying a lot since Everett has a surprisingly small amount of new breweries for being in the middle of a craft-beer-crazy landscape. So whenever I hear new brewery and Everett in the same sentence, I know I need to see what’s going on. I visited Crucible on a recent evening last week, and since I hadn’t been before, I ordered a flight with all of their beers to decide, in my mind, which of its beers was best. I’ve mentioned before that I’m an IPA guy. I’m an equal opportunity drinker but my go-to style is IPA. They didn’t have an IPA on tap the night I visited, but they did have a double IPA. Even though one of my favorite beers on this planet, or any planet really, is a double IPA, I generally lean toward standard IPAs as my drinking partner. That said, Crucible’s Millennium Falconer Double IPA was definitely the winner. Brewed with Millennium and Falconer’s Flight hops, hence the name (sorry “Star Wars” fans), the beer was cloudy and gold in color. The haziness was thick enough that I couldn’t see through it. A good sign. The nose drew me in deeper. It was bright and citrusy. There was just a hint of cat pee smell as well. In my house that’s a bad thing. In my beer that’s a good thing. Seriously, I love me some cat pee smell. So, on account of the cat pee smell, I was super excited to taste this thing. The mouthfeel was so rich it felt like it was coating my tongue. Very rich. The first tasting note was as bright as the nose would imply and very juicy. It moved into a rich sweetness. Not a cloying sweetness, but more like candied pineapple. The taste soon turned bitter as most IPAs are known for, but that bitterness just grew and grew. It was the kind of bitter that you could taste two days later, as if you slept with a grapefruit rind in your CPAP mask. All in all this was a great Double IPA and I can only hope for more of these crazy well-hopped beverages to come from this new brewery (I mentioned it was new, right?). And if your beer isn’t hoppy enough, ask for the hop press (below). It’s essentially a poor man’s Randall, think French press filled with beer and hops to add a little punch to your palate. It’s a pretty cool toy and a must have if you are hard pressed for more hops. Scott Wetzel owns Fresh Bread Design, an Arlington graphic design business that works with breweries and distilleries. Follow him on Twitter at @freshbreadd

Dick Mergens (left) and Shawn Dowling opened Crucible Brewing along Everett Mall Way in October.

Childhood friends open new brewery in Everett By Aaron Swaney Dick Mergens and Shawn Dowling knew they wanted to open a brewery before they ever brewed a batch of beer. In October, that dream became a reality. Located in a strip mall along Everett Mall Way, Mergens and Dowling, who grew up together in Pacific County near Raymond, opened Crucible Brewing on Oct. 2. It was the culmination of a long road, which started when the two would talk about opening their own brewery over beers. “We were like ‘Wouldn’t this be cool if we could do this full time,’ ” Dowling said of brewing. The two began brewing in 2010. Dowling, who worked as a system administrator for a software company in Portland, Oregon, would travel up to Mergens’ home in Lynnwood once a month and the two childhood buddies would brew. Mergens, who is the head brewer for Crucible, decided to take it a step further. He quit his day job at Lowe’s and took a job at Redmond brewery


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A coffee press is used to infuse hops into a freshly pulled nano-brew at Crucible Brewing in Everett.


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Crucible Brewing offers a samplers of their microbrews.

Mac & Jack’s Brewery. He worked his way up to the brewhouse at Mac & Jack’s, before moving to another Redmond brewery, Hi-Fi Brewing. He later would take a job at Red Hook. At Mac & Jack’s, Mergens worked with American Brewing head brewer Adam Frantz and learned how to be an efficient brewer in a commercial brewhouse. “They call it the ‘Academy’ ” Mergens said of Mac & Jack’s. “They push their capacity to the extreme. You get worked to death over there but you learn a lot.” While he was at Red Hook, Mergens won the prestigious Glen Hay Falconer scholarship, which is named after the influential Oregon brewer who died in an accident in 2002. The scholarship is open to all home and professional brewers and the winner gets to attend Siebel Institute’s World Brewing Academy in Chicago. Mergens attended in 2013. Crucible’s double IPA is called Millenium Falconer for the hop blend, Falconer’s Flight, they use in it. The Falconer’s Flight hop blend is named after Falconer and

proceeds from the sale go to scholarship foundation. “It’s important to me to use that hop in large quantity,” Mergens said. Mergens and Dowling, who moved to Everett earlier this year and still works remotely for the software company in Portland, incorporated the brewery this past December and had hopes to open in either Lynnwood or Shoreline, which has only one brewery between them (Lynnwood’s Big E Ales). But they found property managers more amenable in Everett and landed in their current building along Everett Mall Way, just a few steps from two other brewers, Lazy Boy Brewing and Middleton Brewing. But that proximity has been anything but a competitive disadvantage for Crucible. “We’ve found that our competitors are really our best friends,” Dowling said. “We’ve had so many great referrals from Shawn (Loring, owner of Lazy Boy) and Geoff Middleton over at Middleton.” It took some time for Mergens to adjust going from

the large barrel systems at Mac & Jack’s and Red Hook to the 3-barrel system at Crucible. He got an assist from friend and fellow brewer, Beth Bechtel at Bear Island Brewing in Boise, Idaho. Before Crucible opened, Mergens traveled to Boise and brewed some batches on Bear Island’s 3-barrel system in order to dial in the recipes. In March, Crucible plans to brew a collaboration beer, a dry Irish Potato Stout, with Bear Island, which is famous for its IPA, or Idaho Potato Ale. Mergens and Dowling have been floored by the support they’ve received from local brewers. Loring allowed Crucible to borrow a pitch of yeast when the yeast in one of their batches went bad and Rich Neishem, of Woodinville’s Triplehorn Brewing, gave the two invaluable advice on the technical aspects of opening a brewery. Mergens, who is being assisted in his brewing responsiblities by friend and former Mac & Jack’s colleague Jason Ward, has some exciting beers in the works. A big sour beer fan, Mergens wants to get some sours barreled as soon as possible and is hoping to have a kettle sour on tap soon. He also just put some of the brewery’s Russian Imperial Stout in bourbon barrels from J.P. Trodden.





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SUNDAY, 11.15.2015


Research gives clues about how bats live


Gold Butte Lookout, which can be rented overnight, looks out on Mount Jefferson.

Bring on the storms Cozy up inside a fire lookout high in the Cascade mountains By Zach Urness

Gold Butte Lookout

Statesman Journal

DETROIT, Ore. — The arrival of a storm is a glorious sight from inside a mountaintop lookout. Snug within glass windows, you watch dark clouds crawl up the mountains, seep into the valleys and knock on your door with a rattle of wind and rain. There’s a feeling close to guilt as you sit cozy and warm while the rain pours down, just imagining anyone outside trying to set up a tent or sprint back to their car. Suckers. The thrill of enjoying a storm — as opposed to trying to escape it — is among the many reasons Oregon’s decommissioned fire lookouts are the state’s best places to spend a night. Over the past few years, I’ve been making an attempt to spend a night in all 20 of Oregon’s lookouts. Recently, I finally got the chance to enjoy Gold Butte Lookout north of Detroit. Built in 1934 and active during World War II as a station for spotting Japanese air attacks, Gold Butte was refurbished for public use in 2007 by the Sand Mountain Society. The lookout is so beloved that it’s almost impossible to rent unless you start working at it six months in advance. The views from Gold Butte are spectacular even by lookout standards. Every major Cascade peak from Mount Hood to the Three Sisters is visible, and nearby Mount Jefferson is the main attraction. The cabin is an exact replica of what you’d have found in 1934 and quite spartan. There’s a twin bed and cots to sleep up to four, a desk, cabinet, fire-finder and a


There’s one small bed and a few cots for those spending the night at Gold Butte Lookout.

wood stove. Nothing more. There’s no electricity, and you have to pack in your own water, stove, lantern and food, along with packing out your garbage. “The main thing people need to remember to bring is extra water — there’s none at the lookout, and it’s a fairly steep hike,” said Josh Weathers, developed sites recreation manager for Willamette National Forest. The hike into Gold Butte is short but fairly steep, meaning you’ll need a big backpack to haul in all your gear. But once you get settled and take in the view — or, if you’re lucky, watch a storm roll in across the mountains — any inconvenience becomes a distant memory.

The trip Even if Gold Butte is within striking distance of civilization, the journey is by no means simple. The drive — about two hours from the Capitol City — requires navigating one of the roughest

gravel roads in Willamette National Forest, Forest Service Road 4697. “The last three miles is the worst road many people are ever going to drive,” Weathers said. “We recommend a high-clearance vehicle with something better than standard street tires. “Also, make sure you have the ability to put on a spare tire.” Some people come just to hike to the lookout, without a reservation to stay overnight. If that’s the case, the trek begins at the first green gate you encounter and follows the road and a trail 1.6 miles to the lookout (3.2 miles round-trip) with 800 feet of climb. If you’re staying overnight, you’ll have a code to unlock the first green gate and drive to a second gate. From here, it’s 0.75 miles to the lookout (1.5 round-trip) with around 400 feet of gain. The hike follows the road before turning onto a proper

What: A rentable mountaintop lookout tower that sleeps four north of Detroit in Willamette National Forest How to do it: Visit Reservations.Gov What to bring: Water, stove, lantern and food Hike in (without reservations to stay the night): 3.2 miles round-trip, with 800 feet of climb Hike in (with reservations to stay the night): 1.5 miles round-trip, with about 400 feet of climb Remember: Pack out your garbage Driving: About two hours from Salem. The final stretch has rough road, so high-clearance vehicle is recommended. Directions: From Salem, drive east on Highway 22 to Detroit. Turn left onto Breitenbush Forest Service Road 46. Drive Forest Service Road 46 for about 4 miles and turn left on FSR 4696. Drive FSR 4696 about three-quarters of a mile to FSR 4697. Turn left (north) onto FSR 4697 and drive about 5 miles to the saddle, or split in the road. Turn right onto possibly unmarked FSR 451 and proceed a short distance to the first road on the right (unmarked FSR 453). If hiking to the lookout and not staying overnight, park here. If staying the night, enter code and proceed through the gate half a mile to the parking area at the second green gate.

See LOOKOUT, Page E2


Learn how to make the best decisions to avoid dangers of avalanches

The Northwest Avalanche Center will present a session to help you make better decisions in the backcountry from 5:30 to 9 p.m. Nov. 19 at REI in Seattle. Human factors lead to more than 90 percent of avalanche accidents. Lynne Wolfe, editor of The Avalanche Review and an

avalanche class teacher, will talk about using a systems analysis approach to stay safe in the mountains. Part of the class will include an interactive session to help students apply the tools to their own situations. $10 for REI members, $15 for non-members. Go to for more information. Bikes: Sharing Wheels is looking for donations of

single-speed children’s bikes in good condition. The bikes will be refurbished and donated to Christmas House for kids in need. They also need volunteers to help spruce up the bikes. Volunteers with all levels of experience welcome. Work parties are 6 to 9 p.m. Nov. 18 and Dec. 2 and 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Nov. 22. The shop is at 2531 Broadway, Everett. Call 425-252-6952 for more information.

Rainier: Mount Rainier National Park is working on a Wilderness Stewardship Plan to guide the use and preservation of wilderness in the park. A public meeting is 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Nov. 16 at Seattle Public Library, 2300 E. Yesler Way. You can learn about the plan and offer input. Get more information and learn about other ways to comment at — Herald staff

ats can hear an insect walking. They eat up to 1,000 mosquitoes in an hour, live as long as 40 years and are the only mammal to truly fly. And one bat species may have a bachelor pad in the San Juan Islands. Rochelle Kelly, a University of Washington doctoral candidate, is studying bats to add to the limited information on their foraging habits, reliance on forests, and how sensitive they are to an isolated habitat. Bats are difficult to study because they are creatures of the night. “We don’t even know some of the basics of their biology,” Kelly said. “But they are incredibly diverse and have many amazing adaptations. They’re underappreciated. But once I held my first bat, it was all over for me. And I’ve always been a fan of the underdog.” On 217-acre Vendovi Island, Kelly trapped only two species on two outings, about 40 individuals, all male. “That was surprising. I called it the bachelor pad,” Kelly said. One hypothesis was that the more bats relied on unfragmented forests, the less likely they were to cross water. “If that’s true, they probably don’t interbreed across islands,” she said. Kelly spent last summer trapping bats on 13 islands, two to 10 nights on each. She’ll continue the research next year. She uses mist nets to capture the bats, setting them in the best foraging areas such as near ponds, open fields next to woods and on trails with a natural overstory. One surprise was on 564-acre Sucia Island, which had a really high diversity of species. Generally, the closer, larger islands had more species than the more distant, smaller islands. But Sucia is really isolated and in two nights Kelly captured five species. “That’s a higher number on a few nights sampling relative to other survey efforts on larger islands. They might be more abundant on Sucia perhaps because there’s more (unfragmented) forest. It may not be an issue just of how much forest but how much is suitable habitat,” she said. There are 15 species of bats in Washington, 10 in the San Juans. Once captured, bats are placed in small bags and processed. The bag is also a handy fecal matter catcher, important for her study of guano back at the Burke Museum in Seattle. Kelly sifts through fecal samples, extracts DNA and identifies insect parts to determine what different species like to eat. By analyzing the distribution and diets of bat species, she may be able to determine whether populations are regularly foraging and interbreeding or if certain species reside year-round. Kelly does not set her nets on a full moon. “Stories of bats at full moons are rampant. But they have reduced activity during a full moon. I don’t sample on a full moon. Maybe they’re less likely to fly in the open where they’re visible in the moonlight and more likely to hunt in darker habitats.” Columnist Sharon Wootton can be reached at 360-468-3964 or

E2 Sunday, 11.15.2015 The Daily Herald

From dancing to dining, a feast of Greek pleasures I t’s a joy to surrender to the Greek way of living. Greece’s welcoming people, mouthwatering food and drink and joyful music and folk dances make it easy to immerse yourself into the easygoing lifestyle. When I’m in Greece, I eat as the Greeks do. Around 9 p.m., I head to a taverna and order a medley of “mezedes” (appetizers) and share it family-style. The selection, while predictable, never gets old for me: garlic dip, fava bean dip, tzatziki dip (made from yogurt, cucumber and mint), or all three on a single serving platter; fried eggplant or zucchini; Greek salad; and big grilled peppers — red or green — stuffed with feta cheese. Most of my meals also include something from the sea, such as grilled calamari or octopus, sardines, or a plate of fried small fish

RICK STEVES (three inch), very small fish (two inch), or very, very small fish (one inch). With three-inch fish, I leave the head and tail on the plate (and try not to wonder about the once inky, now dry black guts). With the smaller fish, I leave nothing but a line of greasy fingerprints on the fringe of my paper tablecloth. In Athens, I enjoy visiting Central Market, where many locals come to do their weekly grocery shopping. It’s a living, breathing, smelly barrage on all the senses. You’ll see drippingfresh meat, livestock in all


The Earth is running into comet debris Available from about Nov. 10 to Nov. 20th Best seen after midnight to just before morning twilight Peak: Pre-twilight hours on Wednesday, Nov. 18th At the peak you may see 15 to 50 meteors an hour (if you’re out of the range of city lights) Lie on the ground or a reclining lawn chair and roll your eyes all around the sky, slightly favoring the eastern heavens

Leonids spew fire in the night skies


he Leonid meteor shower, one of the better meteor showers, peaks in the early morning sky from after midnight to the start of morning twilight. The constellation Leo, the great lion in the sky, will be coughing up streaks of fire moving at speeds over 40 miles per second If you’re in the countryside away from heavy city lighting, you may see more than 20 meteors or “shooting stars” an hour, but there’s always a chance you’ll see even more. While this shower isn’t as great as the Perseids in August or the Geminids coming up in December, conditions for this year’s Leonids are favorable because the skies will be nearly moonless after midnight. Last year there was a last quarter half moon in the predawn hours that washed out much of the meteor show. You’ll be able to see the Leonid meteor shower most of this coming week, especially in the early morning hours Wednesday. You might see some meteors before midnight but you’re better off waiting until after midnight. If you have the discipline to set your alarm at 2 a.m. and get outside, that’s great, too. This week Earth will be in the maximum debris trail left behind by Comet Temple-Tuttle, which last visited this part of the solar system in 1998. Meteor showers occur when the Earth, in its orbit around the sun, crosses into debris trails left behind by comets. Every time a comet swings close to the Earth and melts a little, particles are released, mostly the size of dust grains but some a little larger than pebbles. Meteors in a meteor shower are best seen after midnight, because that’s when you’re on the side of the rotating Earth that’s plowing into the comet debris. It’s kind of like driving cross country on a warm summer night. You get more bugs smashed on your front windshield than you do on your rear window. After midnight we’re facing the “front windshield” of the

traveling Earth. The trail of debris strikes our atmosphere at speeds from about 20 miles a second to over 40 miles a second. That kind of speed generates so much air friction that the tiny particles are quickly vaporized. There is just about no way they can reach the Earth. But you may be wondering, how can particles not much bigger than pebbles cause such bright streaks of light? It’s certainly more than just combustion. In fact, most of the light that you see from meteors is caused by the materials traveling as fast or faster than speeding bullets, temporarily ripping apart the atomic structure of the column of air they are traveling through. Many times it takes a second or two for the atoms and molecules to get their act back together once a particle passes. That’s why the meteor trail can remain visible for a few moments after it completes its unsuccessful journey toward Earth’s surface. Sometimes you’ll also see different colors in the meteors, depending on how fast they are coming in and what kind of gases they are coming through. These meteors are called the Leonids since they seem to emanate from the constellation Leo the Lion in the eastern sky after midnight. That’s because Leo the Lion happens to be in the same direction in space where the debris trail and the Earth’s atmosphere are colliding. Meteors will spread out in all directions from Leo, the constellation that looks like a backward question mark. That makes Leo the radiant of this meteor shower. That doesn’t mean that you should restrict your meteor hunting to the area around Leo. The meteors can show up anywhere in the sky, but their tail will seem to point back in the direction of Leo. In fact, the best way to watch for the Leonids is to lie back on a lawn chair after midnight, preferably after 2 or 3 in the morning, roll your eyes all around the night sky and see how many meteors you can spot in a given hour.

stages of dismemberment and still-wriggling fish. The fruit and vegetable stalls, just outside the market, are flanked by shops selling feta from the barrel and countless varieties of olives. My favorite stop at the market is the Karayiannis Ouzo Bar. This fun place, in the middle of the fish market, is a memorable setting for a drink and snack. And it’s cheap. About 3 euros gets you an ouzo (aniseflavored liquor) and little plate of mezes to enjoy at the bar while taking in the action. Just as important as food is religion. Ninety-five percent of all Greeks consider themselves Orthodox, even if they rarely go to church. Orthodox elements appear everywhere. Icon shrines dot the highways. Orthodox priests — with their Old Testament beards, black robes, necklaces,

cake-shaped hats and families in tow — mingle with parishioners on street corners. During the course of the day, Greeks routinely pop in to churches to light a candle, asking for favors. Even local teens who seem far from religious make the sign of the cross when passing a church. Easter is a big deal in Greece — and not surprisingly, food plays a big role. Easter is not Easter without lamb, often eaten as part of a huge after-midnight feast. Wandering through a village one Easter, I noticed every family seemed to be roasting an entire lamb on a spit. I’ll never forget watching the lamb go limp when my host withdrew the skewer. He then laid it across a chopping block, pulled out a big cleaver, and, in about two minutes, reduced the entire roasted lamb to two platters of meat.

When celebrating special events, especially at weddings and baptisms, Greeks love to dance. Popular dances include the graceful “kalamatianos” circle dance and the “syrtaki,” done with arms outstretched or thrown across one another’s shoulders as immortalized by Anthony Quinn in the film “Zorba the Greek.” A few dancers might get carried away, “applaud” by throwing plates or flowers and then dance on the tables into the wee hours. Music is not only for special events — it’s part of everyday life. Wander through any town on a weekend summer evening and there’s a decent chance you’ll come across musicians sitting around an outdoor table playing traditional folk music on their bouzouki (a long-necked mandolin). When the weather cools

down, they move inside to tavernas to entertain the late-night local crowds. Greeks tend to show hospitality with drinks — often ouzo. You don’t drink ouzo straight; instead, you add ice or water, which turns the ouzo from clear to milky white. When Greeks really want to show hospitality, the drink is tsipouro. Similar to Italian grappa, this brandy-like firewater is about 40 percent alcohol and makes ouzo seem like kid stuff. The last time I had it, I had a hard time holding my camera steady as I took “going local” to a very tasty extreme. But that’s part of the appeal of this place. When in Greece, sometimes it’s best to put down the camera, ditch the plans and join in the fun. ©2015 Rick Steves. Distributed By Tribune Content Agency, LLC.

EARTHWEEK A Diary Of The Planet | By Steve Newman Uncharted territory The level of carbon dioxide collecting in the atmosphere due to greenhouse gas emissions hit a new high in 2014, moving the world into what the United Nations terms “unchartered territory at a frightening speed.” The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said CO2 levels hit a record high for the 30th year in a row. “It means hotter global temperatures, more extreme weather events like heat waves and floods, melting ice, rising sea levels and increased acidity of the oceans,” WMO Secretary-General Michel Jarraud said in a statement.

Desert swarms The Arabian Peninsula and parts of northeastern Africa are threatened with plagues of desert locusts because of unusually heavy rains brought on during recent weeks by two freak tropical cyclones and the intensifying El Niño phenomenon in the Pacific. The Food and Agriculture Organization warned that the extreme weather conditions have moistened the soil around Yemen and the Horn of Africa, providing a favorable environment for locusts to lay their eggs. Sprouting vegetation during the remainder of this year in the typically arid region is likely to provide food and shelter for the emerging young locusts.

Record drought South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal province is currently suffering from its most parching drought in over a century. The country’s weather agency says the prolonged dry spell is due to a worsening El Niño, and follows the driest period since at least 1900. It was also the third-driest season for South Africa as a whole since the country was in the midst of the Great Depression during the early 1930s. Starving cattle have become traffic hazards around Durban, where motorists are dodging livestock that have resorted to grazing next to roadways. The automobile association says that what little rain has fallen simply flowed off the pavement to create narrow corridors of fresh vegetation that attract the animals.

Lookout From Page E1

trail, which switchbacks uphill to the lookout’s perch — its own little island in the sky.

Restoration Gold Butte Lookout looks so much like a classic fire lookout, it would be easy to imagine that it’s been sitting atop this peak unchanged since the 1930s. That’s not quite true. The lookout was staffed for fire watching until around 1972. That included a stint during World War II when people — often a married couple — watched for invading Japanese airplanes. (The Japanese did make an offensive attempt against Oregon, dropping two incendiary bombs near Brookings on Sept. 9, 1942, with the goal of igniting a forest fire. This being Oregon, and the forest damp, the bombs did little but smolder before being doused. You can hike this spot today on the Japanese

Kate 4.2 Megh

3.6 5.3 6.8


+111° Beitbridge, Zimbabwe

-65° Vostok, Antarctica

Week Ending November 13, 2015

Earthquakes One person was killed and four others injured when a 5.3 magnitude temblor struck the mountains of western Venezuela’s Mérida state. • Earth movements were also felt in northern Chile and adjacent areas of Argentina, Java, a wide area around India’s Nicobar Islands, Hawaii’s Big Island and the Oklahoma-Kansas border region.

Eruption Indonesia’s Mount Rinjani continued to erupt with clouds of ash that kept some nearby airports closed for days on end. But favorable winds allowed Bali’s international airport to reopen, freeing thousands of tourists who had been trapped with no easy way home without the grounded jetliners. Seismologists said ongoing tremors mean Rinjani could produce an even stronger eruption at any time. The volcano first erupted on Oct. 25, sending superheated clouds of debris soaring 10,000 feet into the sky west of Bali. That blast was stronger than the volcano’s previous eruptions in 2004 and 2009.

Tropical cyclones The second tropical cyclone to strike Yemen within about a week left 14 people dead and inflicted extensive damage to the remote Yemini island of Socotra.

Bombing Site Trail No. 1118). Anyway, while Gold Butte Lookout never saw assault from the Japanese, it was viciously attacked by an infestation of carpenter ants. “They turned the framing in the west, south and east walls into Swiss cheese,” said Don Allen, a former Forest Service employee. “In the late 1970s and early 1980s, there was talk of ‘disposing of’ Gold Butte Lookout.” Allen and a group of others opposed that plan. Eventually, they got a hold of the Sand Mountain Society, a group of volunteers who do their utmost to save any U.S. Forest Service fire lookout that’s left, and began work restoring Gold Butte. “It was taken apart, piece by piece, all the way to ground level,” said Allen, now a volunteer with the Sand Mountain Society. “Each piece of interior siding was cataloged so it could go back in the same precise order.” Using as much of the original wood as was possible, “the lookout was painstakingly reconstructed using as much


Cyclone Megh followed nearly the same path as Chapala, which killed 11 the week before. Yemen had never before been hit by even a single cyclone during its recorded history. • Hurricane Kate formed near the Bahamas, then lost force over the cooler waters of the North Atlantic.

Viral zoo Some monkeys in Asia harbor the same viruses that cause infectious gastroenteritis and diarrhea in humans, as well as diseases found in other animals. A study of more than 900 wild primates in Cambodia and Bangladesh revealed that macaques are the first species outside of humans known to carry human astroviruses. But the scientists were unable to determine if the animals have been made ill by the infection, which can also result in hepatitis and encephalitis. Writing in the journal PLOS Pathogens, the University of Washington researchers cautioned that even though the monkeys live side by side with humans, it’s still not known if the viruses can be spread between the species. The monkeys were also found to be carrying astroviruses from cattle, birds and dogs. “If you are a bat, you have bat astrovirus, but if you are a monkey, you could have everything,” said study co-author Lisa Jones-Engel. Distributed by: Universal Uclick © MMXV Earth Environment Service

original fabric as possible,” Allen said. The lookout was finished and opened to the public in 2007.

At the lookout It’s the simple, everyday chores that I love most at a mountaintop lookout. Cooking dinner and washing dishes, when you’re peering out glass windows at the Cascade Crest, becomes a thrill. So does just reading a book. The hike to this mountaintop Marriott does take some time, however. After the bumpy ride up Forest Service Road 4697, I parked at the green gate trailhead and, carrying a pack overloaded with items like a lantern and extra water, headed to the lookout. I was joined by my dog Mater — dogs are allowed at the lookout — and we trekked up the road for half a mile to where a trail shoots into the forest. The trail climbs a final 0.25 miles to the lookout, showcasing increasingly beautiful views until the lookout appears on a crest overhead.

As I entered my abode for the night and got supplies organized, two different groups of hikers showed up to check out the view. Everyone was friendly, though somewhat envious that I was staying the night. The only problem with staying at a fire lookout is that once you set up and explore the area, there isn’t much to do. While Mater attempted to smell every smell, and pee on every tree, I placed a chair on the lookout desk and dug into a book, looking out at the view every few moments. The sky moved from bluebird to cloudy to threatening as afternoon became evening. I made a small fire in the wood stove, filling the cabin with a toasty heat, and made dinner as the storm clouds wrapped themselves around the surrounding mountains and began blowing across Gold Butte. As I ate pasta with pesto with a few cold brews — and Mater enjoyed his kibble — we soaked in the glory of being high and dry and warm in the middle of a storm.

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Dream job: the harder I work, the more money I make.

SEASONAL TEAM MEMBERS Our Snohomish County stores are now hiring! Help us make children’s wishes come true this holiday season. WE ARE HIRING FOR: • Sales Team Members • Off Hours Stock Crew BENEFITS: • Discount On Most Purchases • Flexible Schedules • Possible Full-time or Part-time positions after season Apply online at: Equal Opportunity Employer


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Flowing Lake Area Snohomish, 5 acres with well cared for 1,600 sf, 3 Br., 2 ba rambler, 2 car garage and other outbuildings, open pasture area, large deck for enter taining. Quiet and peaceful, located within 10 min. of 3 different lakes. $392,500. Call for details and private showing. Call Randy McMillan 425-327-9015 RealityOne Group, Preview

$12,500 Marysville 55+ park. Quaint older single wide, 809 sf, 2 Br., 1 ba waiting for your personal touch. Features include handicap ramp, covered parking, upgraded windows and flooring. Lot rent $545 mo. W/S/G included. Vacant soon. Others Available We Specialize Call Randy McMillan 425-327-9015

Near Smokey Point 1999 Oakwood mfg. home. 1,782 sf, 3 br., 2 b a , m ove - i n r e a d y i n quiet/clean all age park. Asking $43,300. Financing Available (OAC) Others Available We Specialize Call Randy McMillan 425-327-9015 RealityOne Group, Preview

RealityOne Group, Preview

Everett: 1 & 2 bd Apts, 3 bd hm


Randy McMillan

Manufactured/Mobile Home Specialist FOR BUYERS AND SELLERS

Listed And/Or Sold Over 500 Manufactured/Mobile Homes Put my Experience to Work for You!


2 bd Home The Rental Connection Inc

425-339-6200 EVERETT: 3 bd 2.5 ba... $1695 LYNNWOOD: 2 bd... $1350 3 bd 2.5ba... $1850 206-546-6235

RealityOne Group, Preview

Central Everett Area 1988 large double wide, 1,620 sf, 2 Br., 2 ba in quality senior park. Homes large deck overlooks quiet wooded creek setting, covered parking. Asking $65,000. Financing Available (OAC) Others Available We Specialize Call Randy McMillan 425-327-9015

C a s h fo r L o t s, P l a t s & Houses. Robinett & Assoc Inc. 425-252-2500 We Buy Land, Lots, Plats & Houses. Mietzner Homes. 425-212-2490 x204

RealityOne Group, Preview

Alderwood Dance Spectrum presents:

“A Storybook Nutcracker� Thurs, 12/10, 12:15pm Fri 12/11, 9:45am & 7pm Sat, 12/12, 2 & 7pm

Tickets: $15 at or at the door More info at or


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Only $

EVERY BUSINESS has a story to tell! Get your message out with C a l i fo r n i a ’s P R M e d i a Release – the only Press Release Service operated by the press to get press! For more info STANWOOD HOLIDAY contact Elizabeth @ MARKET 916-288-6019 or h t t p : / / p r m e d i a r e - L o o k i n g fo r Fa r m e r s Market vendors for our nia indoor Stanwood Holi(PNDC) d ay M a r ke t ! We a r e holding this special Severe event in our retail space to help our local farmers Allergies? a n d fo o d p r o d u c e r s . Contact us at Salt & Earn $200 Thistle Provisions 360939-0105 or follow us on per plasma donation! Facebook for vendor apCall today to see plication.


Park Place Apts 3515 Hoyt Ave Everett, 98201 ARLINGTON We s l e y Po i n t e A p t s 1 & 2 bdrm apts. Spacious, affordable family housing. Close to shops, on site maint. & laundr y. Disabled of any age are welcome. U S DA - R D I n c o m e Limit Restrictions apply. Availability - Wait L i s t O n l y . WWW.GRES.COM for photos. 360-435-9241


Spacious 1 & 2 bds

Washer/Dryer Elevator access Pet Friendly (restrictions) Private Dining Rm Movie Theater Garden area Controlled access Vintage at Lakewood 844-879-4908 2131 172nd St NE Marysville, 98271

BRAND NEW! Affordable Studio, 1 & 2 Bd apt homes for SENIORS 55+

W/D, micro. On site Yoga Studio, Beauty Shop, Theater Rm, Entertainment Lounge, Fitness Center, Controlled Access, Reserved Cvrd Prkg. Pet friendly. Exc location! MUST SEE! The Reserve at Everett 8920 Evergreen Way


on sm. 1 bdrms! SS appliances, Hrdwd floors, Secure Bldg, Social Rms, Ourdoor Social areas, Elevator, DW, built-in Micrwowaves. Pets Okay.

1 & 2 bd apt homes. W/D, Pool, controlled Access. We Pay W/S/G. Vintage at Everett

Affordable housing for independent low income seniors 55+ 1 & 2 br apts Full size W/D, Elevator, Controlled Access, Fireplace. Pets welcome (restrictions). Call today Holly Village 425-355-0646


Separate Parklike setting. Gated, private, Studio Apt on 10 Acres, 2 Bdrm, 1 bath. Owners on property. Covered Parking, Storage. Quiet, Responsible Long Term Tennants w/References please. $950/mo. 1st & Last for Move in. NS/ND/NP 425-334-1468

Marysville Senior Living Live Life on Your Terms. Up-Scale 1 & 2 bd apts for adults 55 years of age or older. Windsor Square Independent Living Apts 360-653-1717



52nd & Evergreen Way. Nice Furnished room (in apt.) $600 w/utilities paid, $400/dep. Free laundry. Yard, Free parking. No Smoking/No Pets. Can show after 3:30pm. 360-654-8172

STANWOOD- ROOM w/huge closet, directv in rm, w/d, EZ I-5 $375 + $85/util; 360-631-2391 Newspaper advertising is still one of the most effective ways to market your home. Contact Us Today!


Income Restrictions Apply

W/S/G Paid • W/D Hookup Covered parkiOH Pets Welcome Professionally Managed by Guardian Management

Cedar Landing Apartments

360-658-4889 Marysville

Please Call For Pricing And Deadlines

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Taking applications for waiting list on 2bd/2 bath & 3bd/2 bath apartments

if you qualify

Sell your structured settlement or annuity payments for CASH NOW. You don’t have to wait for your future payments any longer! Call 1-800914-0942 (PNDC)

Arlington: Rm for rent, in town, tidy & quiet, $475/mo, incl util & TV NS, NP. 425-280-1468


SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY BENEFITS. Unable to work? Denied benefits? We Can Help! W I N o r Pay N o t h i n g ! Contact Bill Gordon & Associates at 1-800879-3312 to start your application today! (PNDC)

Trailer Space For Rent Sultan: Only 3 trailers o n w o o d e d p r o p e r t y. $425 mo., 1st, last, refs. checked. (352)391-5994

MARYSVILLE: Fur n. rm, pvt hm, incl all utils, cable, wi-fi. $495/$200 dep, ns, np. Clean/Sober house. Avail 12/1/15. 425-501-5677


REWARD-DIAMOND Engagement Ring Ring taken from grandmothers house in the early/mid 1990’s. Ye l l ow g o l d w / c e n t e r stone. 2 stones on each s i d e o f c e n t e r s t o n e. t h e n t h i n g o l d b a r. 5 small stones on each side after the bar. Email:



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BRAND NEW 55+ apartment community

Adult Community

Studios: $695 1 bd: $745 Lrg 1 bd: $895 2 bd: $950

To Advertise call 425.339.3100

AFFORDABLE Senior Housing 55+


LAKE STEVENS 2 buildable waterfront lots, approx. 1/2 acre each. Pilchuck River, power and water avail. Will sell individually or both for reduced price. 425-418-2301

EVERETT WATERFRONT VIEW 1 Bdrm, Newly Remodeled, NS/NP, $695/mo 425-882-3635 or 206-595-8139

To advertise, call 425.339.3089 |



NOTICE OF BOARD MEETING PUBLIC HOSPITAL DISTRICT NO. 2 OF SNOHOMISH COUNTY, WASHINGTON NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Commission of Public Hospital District No. 2, Snohomish County, Washington, will hold its next regularly scheduled monthly Board Meeting in the Cedar Room at the Verdant Community Wellness Center, 4710 196th St. SW, Lynnwood, Washington 98036 on November 18, 2015, at 8:00 a.m. The meeting agenda may be obtained at Fred Langer President of the Commission Public Hospital District No. 2 Snohomish County, Washington Published: November 15, 2015. EDH668910

TOWN OF DARRINGTON Notice is hereby given that the Town of Darrington has issued a Determination of Nonsignificance for the consideration of the a d o p t i o n o f a Te n - ye a r m a j o r a m e n d m e n t u p d a t e t o i t s Comprehensive Plan, a non-project action under WAC 197-11704(2)(b). The DNS has been signed by Raelynn Jones, Deputy Clerk on November 10, 2015 and sent to the Department of Ecology. Comments may be submitted via mail or email to Raelynn J o n e s , S E PA O f f i c i a l f o r t h e To w n o f D a r r i n g t o n . Darrington Town Hall P.O. Box 397, Darrington, WA 98241 Published: November 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 2015. EDH668292

SUMMARY OF ORDINANCE NO. 2015-799 of the City of Mill Creek, Washington On the 10th day of November, 2015, the City Council of the City of Mill Creek passed Ordinance No. 2015-799, a summary of the contents of said Ordinance, consisting of the title, provides as follows: AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF MILL CREEK, WASHINGTON, AUTHORIZING AN INCREASE IN THE REGULAR AND EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES LEVY LIMITS DUE TO SUBSTANTIAL NEED. The Ordinance will become effective 5 (five) days after publication of this notice. The full text of the Ordinance will be mailed upon request. DATED this 11th day of November, 2015. Kelly M. Chelin, City Clerk Published: November 15, 2015. EDH668914

ABANDONED VEHICLE AUCTION Rescue Towing 2604 Hartford Dr. Lake Stevens, WA Phone # 425-334-5821 FAX (425) 335-7497 Auction: 11/20/15 at 4:00 PM Viewing: Starts at 3:00 PM 1991 Fd Explor, 1994 Niss Path, 1995 Dodge Intrep, 1995 Acura Int, 1996 Chev G1 VAN Published: November 15, 2015. EDH668928

Abandoned Vehicle Auction a t M a r y ’s Tow i n g , 1 3 3 0 3 Hwy 99, Everett, Sunday, November 22, 2015. Preview @ 8am, Auction @ 10am. V i ew l i s t o f ve h i c l e s @ or pickup f l y e r a t M a r y ’s To w i n g , 13303 Hwy 99, Everett Published: November 15, 2015. EDH668911

The Daily Herald Sunday, 11.15.2015 E5

Items Over $100

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Packages $


as low as

Includes FREE photo! Items under $100-FREE!

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Antiques & Collectibles

Estate Items (425)776-7519 Call Anytime - Thanks!

ANTIQUE DOLL & TOY MARKET Sunday Nov. 15, 11-4 50+ select dealers selling dolls, teddy bears, toys, access, miniatures, doll repair & more. Free parking, free verbal appraisals after 1:30pm. Red Lion, 11211 Main St Bellevue, WA 98004 BUYING OLD COINS Collections, gold, silver.


James G. Murphy Co 425-486-1246 www.murphyauction. com

Need extra cash? Place your ad.


1995 GOLDE 48X28 manufactured home VIN: GM14729, Circle H MHP #44 6413 123rd Ave SE PH: (425) 760-3471

CEMETERY PLOTS 4 premium lots, Cypress Lawn in Everett, Rhododendron Garden section, Together or separate. Cost $8,200 ea., will sell for $4,100 ea. (360)794-7625

L i fe A l e r t . 2 4 / 7 . O n e press of a button sends h e l p FA S T ! M e d i c a l , Bone dry hard wood mix, Fire, Burglar. Even if you Cut & split, $275/cord; c a n ’ t r e a c h a p h o n e ! $750/3-cords text/call FREE Brochure. CALL Craig 425-348-8665 800-250-4607. (PNDC)


N E I G H B O R S WA N T E D Plots 11 & 12, Camellia G a r d e n s F l o ra l H i l l s, $6000/ea 206-524-5365

AT&T U-Verse Inter net starting at $15/month or TV & Internet starting at $49/month for 12 months with 1-year agreement. Call 1- 800716-0874 to learn more. (PNDC) DID YOU KNOW 7 IN 10 Americans or 158 million D i r e c T V S t a r t i n g a t U.S. Adults read content $19.99/mo. FREE Instal- from newspaper media lation. FREE 3 months each week? Discover o f H B O S H O W T I M E the Power of the Pacific C I N E M A X , S TA R Z . Nor thwest Newspaper F R E E H D / DV R U p - Advertising. For a free grade! 2015 NFL Sun- brochure call 916-288day Ticket Included (Se- 6 0 1 9 o r e m a i l e l i z a l e c t Pa c k a g e s ) N e w (PNDC) Customers Only. CALL 1-800-410-2572 (PNDC) Call Classifieds

Come Visit Everett’s 1st Recreational Marijuana Store! High Society “Where the Grass is always Greener� 1824 Broadway Everett, 98201 425-374-3772

M - Th: 10:30am - 8pm Fri - Sat: 10:30am 9pm. Sun: Noon - 7pm



How to Reach Us: The Customer Service Center for the Snohomish County Planning and Development Services is located on the 2nd floor of the Robert J. Drewel Building at 3000 Rockefeller Avenue, Everett.

Planning and Development Services

Everett Recycling

221 inc. Premier 21+ Rec. Marijuana

North Snohomish County’s Premier 21+ Cannabis Shop. 100’s of products available! Daily specials! Knowledgeable staff. Come see us today!


1 blk E of I-5. PaciďŹ c & Chestnut


18729 Fir Isl. Rd, Ste C Mt Vernon, 98273

This product has intoxicating effects and may be habit forming. Marijuana can impair concentration, coordination, and judgement. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the inuence of this drug. There may be health risks associated with consumption of this product For use only by adults 21 and older. Keep out of the reach of children

Need Extra Cash?

Turn your unwanted items into extra cash! Place your classified ad today! 339-3100

Cedar 1-person Sauna. New Generation Infrared Therapy. Call for details $1400. 425 263-9760

FREE Estimates + Call Today! 877-844-8637 Lic# ARKCUB1991J1

“Snohomish County’s ~ MARYSVILLE, WA ~ Post & Stick Frame Buildings Experts!�



County Administration Building 3000 Rockefeller Avenue, M/S 604 Everett, WA 98201 Phone: 425-388-3311 TTY FAX: 425-388-3872

Drive on Scale Metal Buyers & Auto Wreckers

Prices To Fit Your Budget!

/RFDWHG3DFLĂ€F &KHVWQXW F &KHVWQXW /RFDWHG3DFLĂ€ /RFDWHG3DFLĂ€ F &KHVWQXW 1 block block East East of I-5 I-5 )) (( 1 of ( 1 block East of I-5 )

List it or find it in The Daily Herald.

To appeal a decision: • Department decisions (including SEPA threshold determinations): submit a written appeal and the $500 filing fee to PDS prior to the close of the appeal period. Refer to SCC 30.71.050(5) for details on what must be included in a written appeal. • A SEPA appeal also requires that an affidavit or declaration be filed with the hearing examiner within seven days of filing the appeal, pursuant to SCC 30.61.305(1). • Hearing examiner decisions issued after a public hearing are appealable as described in the examiner’s decision. Notice of those decisions is not published. You must have submitted written comments to PDS or written or oral comments at the public hearing in order to appeal a hearing examiner’s decision. • Building and Grading applications associated with a Single Family Residence are not subject to the County’s appeal process. To file a judicial appeal in Superior Court, refer to WAC 197-11-680 and RCW 43.21C.075.

This product has intoxicating effects and may be habit forming. Marijuana can impair concentration, coordination, and judgement. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the inuence of this drug. There may be health risks associated with consumption of this product For use only by adults 21 and older. Keep out of the reach of children.

• Garages • Shops • Barns • Arenas • Guest Houses • RV & Boat Storage • Custom Designs & Much More!


To comment on a project: • Submit written comments to PDS at the address below. All comments received prior to issuance of a department decision or recommendation will be reviewed. To ensure that comments are addressed in the decision or recommendation, they should be received by PDS before the end of the published comment period. • Comments, on a project scheduled for a hearing before the hearing examiner, may be made by submitting them to PDS prior to the open record hearing. • PDS only publishes the decisions as required by Snohomish County Code. Persons will receive notice of all decisions that they have submitted written comment on, regardless of whether or not they are published. • You may become a party of record for a project by: 1. submitting original written comments and request to become a party of record to the county prior to the hearing, 2. testifying at the hearing or 3. entering your name on a sign-up register at the hearing. NOTE: only parties of record may subsequently appeal the hearing examiner’s decision or provide written or oral arguments to the county council if such an appeal is filed.


CPAP/BIPAP supplies at little or no cost from Allied Medical Supply Network! Fresh supplies delivered right to your door. Insurance may cover all c o s t s. 8 0 0 - 4 9 2 - 6 4 4 9 . (PNDC)

Dish Network – Get MORE for LESS! Starting $19.99/month (for 12 months.) PLUS Bundle & SAVE (Fast Internet for $15 more/month.) CALL Now 1-800-308-1563 (PNDC

If you or a loved one took the blood thinner Xarelto and had complications due to internal bleeding after January 2012 you MAY be due ďŹ nancial compensation. Call Injur yfone 1-800594-2107. (PNDC)


Cypress Lawn, 4 premium plots, SxS in sold out Rhododendron Garden, (value $6200), $4K/ea 360.675.7411

Drive on Scale


Dry & CustomSplit Alder, Maple & Douglas Fir Speedy Delivery & Best Prices!

Got Knee Pain? Back Pain? Shoulder Pain? G e t a p a i n - r e l i ev i n g brace -little or NO cost to you. Medicare Patients Call Health Hotline Now! 1-800-285-4609 (PNDC)


No Minimums No Reserves KESSELRINGS GUN SHOP INC. 9AM - WED & THURS - NOVEMBER 18 & 19 880 N. HILL BLVD Burlington, WA Final Receivership Liquidation Auction Retail Guns, Reloading Equipment & Accessories 900 LOTS OF OPTICS 1500 LOTS OF AMMO 200 FIREARMS 40+ KRIEGHOFF SHOTGUNS AND MUCH MORE!!! BID LIVE or BID ONLINE Terms: Cash, Cashier’s Check, MC/Visa Cards ONLY



House Calls Available


ADA NOTICE: Snohomish County facilities are accessible. Accommodations for persons with disabilities will be provided upon advance request. Please make arrangements one week prior to hearing by calling the Hearing Examiner’s office, 425-388-3538 voice, or contact (PDS) at 425-3887119 voice, or 388-3700 TDD

NOTICE OF APPLICATION File Name: Howard Creek Bridge File Number: 15 117322 SHOR Project Description: Replace Howard Creek Bridge #496 on Index-Galena Road, Milepost 9.014. Tax Account Number: 281130-001-001-00 Applicant: Snohomish County Public Works Date of application/Completeness Date: November 3, 2015 Approvals required: Shoreline Substantial Development permit. Comment Period: Submit written comments on or before December 16, 2015. Project Manager: Frank Scherf, 425-388-3311, ext. 2725 Project Manager e-mail: EDH668800



SNOHOMISH Public Auction/ Landlord Lien Foreclosure Sale 11/17/15 at 10:00 AM.


Publication Date: November 15, 2015 • Call the planner assigned to the project. • Review project file at Snohomish County Planning and Development Services (PDS) 2nd Floor Customer Service Center. • *NEW * Permit Center and Record Center Hours are o 8:00 a.m. to Noon & 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Mon, Tues, Wed and Fri o 10:00 a.m. to Noon & 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Thurs o Please call ahead to be certain the project file is available. o Please Note: submittals of projects are now taken by appointment only

File Name: McCarty SFDU File Number: 15 117385 SPA, 15 117387 LDA Project Description: Administrative Site Plan for 4 Single Family Detached Units, subject to Urban Residential Design Standards. Location: 14301 47TH PL W, Edmonds, WA Tax Account Number: 006581-000-001-00 Applicant: Mike Mietzner Date of application/Completeness Date: November 4, 2015 Approvals required: Site Plan Approval, Land Disturbing Activity and all related construction permits. Concurrency: This project will be evaluated to determine if there is enough capacity on county roads to accommodate the project’s traffic impacts, and a concurrency determination will be made. Notice of the concurrency determination will be provided in the notice of project decision. The notice of decision will be provided to all parties of record for the project. Comment Period: Submit written comments on or before December 7, 2015. Project Manager: Stephen Fesler, 425-388-3311, ext. 2053 Project Manager e-mail: EDH668802

NOTICE OF APPLICATION File Name: Andrew Wheat File Number: 15 117495 ACUP Project Description: Administrative Conditional Use Permit to establish an 842 square foot detached accessory apartment Location: 12820 - 68th Street NE, Lake Stevens Tax Account #: 300629-004-003-00 Applicant: Andrew Wheat Date of application/Completeness Date: November 6, 2015 Approvals required: Administrative Conditional Use Permit and associated land disturbing activity and building permits Comment Period: Submit written comments on or before December 7, 2015. Project Manager: Jennifer Lenz 425-388-3311, ext. 2823 Project Manager e-mail: EDH668806

NOTICE OF APPLICATION File Name: Tom Johnson File Number: 15 117326 ACUP Project Description: Applicant seeks an Administrative Conditional Use permit for Temporary Dwelling. Location: 11312 156TH ST NE. ARLINGTON Tax Account #: 310631-001-018-00 Applicant: Tom Johnson Date of application/Completeness Date: November 3, 2015 Approvals required: Administrative Conditional Use Permit & Mobile Home Permit Comment Period: Submit written comments on or before December 7, 2015. Project Manager: Jennifer Lenz 425-388-3311, ext. 2823 Project Manager e-mail: EDH668808

NOTICE OF APPLICATION File Name: Bing Short Plat File Number: 14 102166 001 00 WMD Project Description: Modification to use new landscaping code to create tree canopy. Location: 725 Bing RD, Lynnwood Tax Account Number: 004732-000-001-00 Applicant: Mike Mietzner - Mietzner Brothers Properties LLC Date of application/Completeness Date: November 10, 2015 Approvals required: Landscaping Modification Comment Period: Submit written comments on or before December 7, 2015. Project Manager: Paul MacCready, 425-388-3311, ext. 2943 Project Manager e-mail: 1467172 EDH668812

GREAT DEAL! 2 Inch Ad 30 Days Print & Online


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Offering a service and don’t see a classification that fits?


Call us, we will happily find a suitable one.

425-339-3100 ďż˝

NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS: Washington State law (RCW 18.27.100) requires that all advertisements for construction - related services include the contractor’s current Department of Labor & Industries registration number in the advertisement. Failure to obtain a certificate of registration from L & I or show the registration number in all advertising will result in a fine up to $5000 against the unregistered contractor. For more information, call Labor & Industries Specialty Compliance Services Division at 1-800-647-0982 or check out L & I’s internet site at


Detail Window Tint Paint Protection Wraps

Autos, Boats & RV’s

17545 Aurora Ave. N. Shoreline, 98133 (inside Doug’s NW Cadillac)


Residential, Agricultural & Commercial. New Additions & Remodels Free Estimates... (800)310-2136 Lic.SPANEBI141JD

*Wallboard Installation *Taping & Finishing *Smooth Wall *Priming & Texturing *Drywall Repairs *Licensed *Bonded*Insured Lic# ORTHSCC 865BN

Company Coming? Need that extra room painted? Your house Cleaned? Check our Service Directory for the best selection of Snohomish County businesses.

CALL 425.339.3100

30 years Drywall Experience ORTHS CUSTOM CARPENTRY

Dale Orth


Dean Posner’s Tree Services 360-941-4991

Handyman Sevice


Call Rod 425-773-5906 Lic.# CCPREUSPP918DL




Approximately 50 words!

A-1 Economy Gardening & Landscaping

•Pruning •Seeding •Mowing •Trimming •Weeding •Hauling •Bark •Rototilling New Sod •Retaining walls Pressure Washing

Complete Yard Work

Year Long Maintenance Established in 1981


Call 425-344-7394 360-651-0971



G & D Landscaping

Free Estimates •Thatching •Pruning •Weeding •Hedge •Bark •Rototilling •Mowing •Sod & Reseed •Fencing •Retaining Walls •Pavers •Pressure Washing Family Owned. 27 + Years 360-659-4727 425-346-6413 Lic/Bond/Ins

WHISPERING Pines Custom Landscapes, LLC For all your landscape needs

•Retaining walls/paverpatios •Flagstone patio/paths •Yard renovations/design •Sod/Planting Installations •Irrigation systems/repair •Water features •Low voltage outdoor lighting •Yard clean-ups






“FROM Small to All Give Us A Call� Lic. PACWEWS955PK, Bonded, Insured Eastside: 425-273-1050 King Co: 206-326-9277 Sno Co: 425-374-3624

Construction... RooďŹ ng... Gutters...

(800)310-2136 Lic.SPANEBI141JD

Some of best bargains in town are advertised in the classified columns!

South County Plumbing, Inc.

Jalen’s Gardening Landscape, Yard or Garden Lawn Mowing Trim Trees Trimming & Pruning Leaf Removal Gutter Cleaning Weeding Seeding & Sodding Pressure Washing Pavers Fencing


WARREN MASONRY BRICK BLOCK STONE MFG. STONE Del Warren 360-691-6323 Lic # WARREM*141MS Lic. bonded, ins.


RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL Service, Repair, Remodeling, 24 Hr Emergency Service In Business since 1970. 3 Generations of Plumbers! Ask about our Coupon

425-775-7377 425-778-6092 1-800-481-7733

10% OFF any tree service! Your Local Arborists, Specializing in Service. CertiďŹ ed



Free Estimates

Serving all of Snohomish & North King Counties!

Storm Clean-ups! Landscape Pruning, Tree removal, Tree trimming, Hedge trimming, Chain sharpening & Misc. services

Firewood Available Find us on Facebook Angie’s List & Yelp!

Family owned Honest, Conscientious & Careful of your property


Free Estimate on Post or Stick Frame Buildings including Garages, Shops, Barns, Arenas, Guest Houses, RV & Boat Storage. Custom Designs & Much More!

Our reputation, quality & service can’t be matched! 1-877-844-8637

List it or find it in The Daily Herald. 425-339-3100

Ark Custom Buildings •

E6 Sunday, 11.15.2015 The Daily Herald


HENRY — He is an active young guy who is looking for his forever home. He can be picky about his canine friends, and would really prefer to be your one and only. Henry would be best with kids 8 years or older. If your looking for a fun and lively little guy to keep you entertained, come meet Henry today at The NOAH Center. He weigh 8 lbs.

JUICY — Juicy is 6 years old and knows several commands. She does bark, so no apartments for this girl. She has lived with cats but she does not appreciate the antics of children. Juicy has never lived with another dog so a meet and greet with any resident canines is a must. She does have accidents in the house, so her new family must be willing to patiently work with her.

For adoption information, call N.O.A.H., (360) 629-7055.

For adoption information, call the Everett Animal Shelter, (425) 257-6000.

Super Seller!

32 Garage Sales


4 Lines Text Free Photo 30 Days!



TRI-BREED PUPPIES: St Bernard Newfoundland Great Pyrenees 509.322.1356

AKC DOBERMAN Pinscher Puppies for Sale 2 MALES Left! Both parents on site. Beautiful Dogs Vet Exam shots worming up to date. 12 wks old Dana 425-322-9508 call or text. $1000./ make offers

BORDER COLLIE Male, 10 weeks $600. 360-691-5340 COCKER BABIES $900 & up, Terms/Trade 425-334-6100

Ginger’s Pet Rescue, specializing in death row dogs CONTACT US

360-793-6698 8am - 8pm www.gingers

Boston Terrier Puppies 6 wks old, Purebred CKC registered; Mom 15#, Dad 17#; $1200 2 Females & 1 Male

AKC Golden Retriever Puppies 3 females, 9 weeks old. First shots, vet exam, Av i d m i c r o - c h i p, d e wormed, dewclaws removed. Family raised in our home. $1,000. Both parents on site. Arlington 425-355-1469

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ENGLISH MASTIFF Puppies. Purebred AKC Intellingent, loving, easy going gentle giants. Wor ming & 1st shots. Pet price $700 - $900. CHIHUAHAUS - Long & Registered price $1,000 Smooth coats, up for - $1,200. Reserve now, P U P P I E S ! R i d g e b a c k adoption, pics avail upon ready before Christmas. /Lab mix. Born 9/17. 3 request 360.830.9755 360.787.6937 male, 3female, all super cute. Color ranges from black to dark chocolate, List it or find it in The Daily Herald. w i t h d i s t i n c t i ve w h i t e b a d g e s & h ave n i c e shar p r idges on their backs. Good with kids a n d o t h e r p e t s. F i r s t shots & de-wormed. Ready for a good home t o d a y. C a l l o r t e x t (206)579-8930


Westie Pups, o u t o f A.K.C. parents with C H, bloodlines but go as pest only parents on site --shots, wormed, 1 yr replacement on in side things little ears, right coats, -socialized in home, been breeder 47yrs now retired $1,200 M $1,300 F. No text 360-722-1974. War m Beach exit 199 Marsville

D AY V I L L E H AY a n d G R A I N . To p Q u a l i t y H ay . W e g u a r a n t e e our feed! Many varieties and deliver y available......

To advertise, call 425.339.3100 | Mon-Fri - 8AM-5PM ZZZ+HUDOGQHWFRP&ODVVLĂ€HGV

ANNUAL FALL COIN & STAMP SHOW Nov. 21st - 10-5 Nov. 22nd - 10-3:30 Free Admission 12810 35th Avenue Southeast Everett, WA 98208 Annual Holiday Bazaar Saturday Nov. 21, 2015 9-4 Everett United Church of Christ 22 vendors selling handmade & commercial gifts in one place. Cedar Park Northshore Christmas Bazaar Nov 21st, 9am to 4pm 18737 68th Ave NE, Kenmore Many exciting and unique hand crafted items for everyone on your list! Call Jenni at 425-939-1377 or email

Holiday Toy Sale & Vendor Fair 20,000 sf of amazing deals on gently used & new toys, games, books, winter coats & so much more! Just in time for the holidays! Make your budget stretch fur ther this season. And over 25+ vendors showcasing their unique products & ser vices- there is something for everyone at this sale event! Nov. 19-21st Gold Creek Church 4326 148th St SE Mill Creek Thurs.,5-8pm Fri., 9-7pm Sat., 9-3 (many items 50% off on Sat!)


Sat., Nov. 21 10 a.m.-4 p.m. New Life Church 6830 Highland Drive Everett 50+ Vendors Gifts, Crafts, Home decor, Jewelry and Much More



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AUTOS 425-339-3100

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“FOLLOW THE STARâ€? Arts & Craft Fair Friday, November 27th Saturday, Nov. 28th 10 am-4 pm *Over 60 Tables of Handmade Crafts* *Delectable Lunch in the Starlight CafĂŠ* Sponsored by: Analia Chapter #112 O.E.S. Edmonds Masonic Center, 515 Dayton, Edmonds


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VFW Holiday Bazaar Nov. 20-21, 10a-4p 2711 Oakes Everett, WA 98201

D I D YO U K N OW t h a t not only does newspaper media reach a HUGE Audience, they also reach an ENG A G E D AU D I E N C E . Discover the Power of Newspaper Advertising Puget Sound Artists’ in five states – AK, ID, Gift Show M T, O R & WA . Fo r a Sat 11/21, 10-6pm free rate brochure call at Ar tWor ks, 201 2nd 916-288-6019 or email Ave S. Edmonds. 30 art- e l i z a b e t h @ c n p a . c o m ists, High quality, one-of- (PNDC) a-kind gifts by local professional artists. pottery, jewelr y, wood, photo, paintings, cards, calendars, scarves, purses, c h o c o l a t e s , h o n e y, MONROE soaps. free parking, free Year Round Indoor admission. Swap Meet Celebrating 19 Years! Evergreen Fairgrounds Every Saturday & Sunday OPEN:10/17 to 6/26 9am-4pm Free parking & SEATTLE admission; HOLIDAY BAZAAR Family Friendly Gifts, Crafts, Baked For info: 425-876-1888 Goods, Treasures and much more... Friday, 11/20, 9am-4pm Satur., 11/21, 9am-3pm BALLARD NW SENIOR CENTER, 5429 32nd Ave n u e N W, S e a t t l e, WA 9 8 1 0 7 ( 2 b l o c k s North of Locks)

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$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ROY ROBINSON Roy Robinson RV Pays Cash for Used RV’s!

CALL: (360)-659-6236 $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

2007 Ford Mustang GT Convertable 1 OWNER Stk 9594 $23,942 2014 Chevrolet Sonic LS Stk C150464A $9,992 HARRIS MITSUBISHI 877-270-6241

2006 Ford Mustang Stk 16149B $10,486 1-866-662-1718

Ford 1977 2 - D o o r Coupe Mustang, 4 cyl, 4spd, $8000; Vintage 1972 Balco Flatbed Sports trailer for Suv’s, $400. 425.366.0582

2007 Ford Mustang WHITE STRIPES Stk 13377A $9,923 HARRIS MITSUBISHI 877-270-6241

Home of the Lifetime Warranty Used Car Superstore


Klein Honda in Everett

2009 Ford Focus SE Stk 13593 $4,995 HARRIS MITSUBISHI 877-270-6241

2010 Hyundai Genesis NAV NAV, LEA, Roof, Luxury Stk 28934PA $16,288

1997 Honda Accord LX 237K Miles Stk V5004A $2,999 Vin# JTDKN3DU3AO168774


2002 Audi S6 4DR WGN AVANT Stk P21426 $9,192 HARRIS MITSUBISHI 877-270-6241

2006 Chevy Colbalt LT We want your trade! 112% KBB very good cond. Stk# 32590A $4,999

MAZDA OF EVERETT 1-888-871-8777

MAZDA OF EVERETT 1-888-871-8777

2013 Hyundai Elantra Limited Limited Leather, Sunroof, Leather, 20k Stk 28917PD $15,788



2000 Lexus ES 300 4DR SDN AT Stk 14447 $8,991 HARRIS MITSUBISHI 877-270-6241

MAZDA OF EVERETT 1-888-871-8777

MAZDA OF EVERETT 1-888-871-8777

2014 Mazda2 Touring Stk P3179 $14,696

2012 Mitsubishi iMiEV Stk 14348 $8,951 HARRIS MITSUBISHI 877-270-6241

MAZDA OF EVERETT 1-888-871-8777 2014 Hyundai Sonata Stk P3122 $14,375


2013 Chevrolet Spark LS Stk U13787A $9,991 HARRIS MITSUBISHI 877-270-6241

Looking for a car? 425.339.3100

2001 Ford Mustang Deluxe Stk 9419A $5,995 MAZDA OF EVERETT 1-888-871-8777

7 Available CertiďŹ ed Nissan Altima Starting at $14,999


2006 Saturn Vue 4DR Manual We want your trade! 112% KBB very good cond. Stk# 32726A $5,999 Home of the Lifetime Warranty Used Car Superstore


MAZDA OF EVERETT 1-888-871-8777 2014 Mazda3 Hatchback iTouring Stk 929413 $16,164


Klein Honda in Everett

Home of the Lifetime Warranty Used Car Superstore

Klein Honda in Everett

FOOTHILLS (360)757-7575


2001 Daewoo Nubira 4DR We want your trade! 112% KBB very good cond. Stk# 32126A $3,999 1-866-662-1718


2001 Nissan Altima GXE Stk 14278A $2,991 HARRIS MITSUBISHI 877-270-6241

MAZDA OF EVERETT 1-888-871-8777

2015 Kia Soul Stk P3094 $14,235

2013 Chevrolet Sonic LT Stk P3150 $10,750

6 Available CertiďŹ ed Nissan Rogue Starting at $17,900

2001 Pontiac SunďŹ re SE Stk 351898B $2,998

No Charge To You!

Home of the Lifetime Warranty Used Car Superstore

Klein Honda in Everett

20 Available CertiďŹ ed Nissan Sentra Starting at $13,999

FOOTHILLS (360)757-7575

Klein Honda in Everett Used Car Superstore 2012 Ford Taurus Leather Stk P3128 $14,794

2006 MINI Cooper S Stk 160105A $9,591 HARRIS MITSUBISHI 877-270-6241

2006 MX5 Miata Stk 1961 $12,454

2013 Mazda CX-5 Touring Stk 8981A $21,863

2006 Chev Malibu LT We want your trade! 112% KBB very good cond. Stk# 32555BLL $6,999




MAZDA OF EVERETT 1-888-871-8777

Klein Honda in Everett 2016 LOOK Cargo Trailer, 7 x 14 tandem axle. Has ramp & side doors. Brand New. Only used once. Located in E ve r e t t . $ 4 8 0 0 / O B O. Call 602-689-1243



7 Available CertiďŹ ed Nissan LEAFS Starting at $11,999


SATURN: ‘04 Ion. Black exterior, gray interior, 4 door, 4 cyl, new brakes, r e g u l a r m a i n t e n a n c e, runs great. $2,990. (360)912-2656

MAZDA OF EVERETT 1-888-871-8777

40 year annversar y ‘04 M u s t a n g C o nve r t i bl e. Deluxe version w/all the features, $6250 obo 425.737.3523

Klein Honda in Everett

2004 Ford Taurus We want your trade! 112% KBB very good cond. Stk# 31222BL $4,777 Home of the Lifetime Warranty Used Car Superstore


2009 Hyundai Accent Man GLS Stk U13583 $6,995 HARRIS MITSUBISHI 877-270-6241

1998 Isuzu Rodeo 4WD We want your trade! 112% KBB very good cond. Stk# 32624BL $4,999

2014 Nissan Sentra Stk P3132 $14,693

Home of the Lifetime Warranty Used Car Superstore


MAZDA OF EVERETT 1-888-871-8777


MAZDA OF EVERETT 1-888-871-8777

2000 Ford Explorer Sport Stk T16367C $2,498

Looking for a Car? 1-866-662-1718

Classifieds have the largest selection in Snohomish County



2012 Kia Rio SF Stk 14131A $9,991 HARRIS MITSUBISHI 877-270-6241

2010 Nissan Murano SL AWD 84K Miles Stk 5182A $15,999 Vin# JN8AZ1MWXAW


2010 Hyundai Accent Stk 9152A $6,949

Klein Honda Used Car Superstore

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We Want Your Trade 112%* KBB VERY GOOD COND.

2005 Scion Tc auto, sunroof, new tires Stk 28914TA $5,988

* For Details

FOOTHILLS (360)757-7575


2012 Honda Civic EX-L 47K Miles Stk 4955A $15,459 Vin# 19XFB2F93CE310015

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1991 PLYMOUTH Acclaim. 4 cyl., auto, blue, very dependable. $1,800 425-485-5236.

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2008 Scion tc Stk 9113A $9,996 MAZDA OF EVERETT 1-888-871-8777

The Daily Herald Sunday, 11.15.2015 E7

Klein Honda in Everett


2002 Subaru Outback 2.5L AWD We want your trade! 112% KBB very good cond. Stk# 32641BL $5,999 Home of the Lifetime Warranty Used Car Superstore

2014 Toyota Prius 0% APR up to 36 mos. O.A.C. Certified, Gas Saver Stk 28868PA $18,288

1999 Volkswagen GLS Stk 352752A $1,361

FOOTHILLS (360)757-7575 1-866-662-1718

2011 Ford Ranger 2WD, Sprt, Tool Box, Low 29k Miles. Stk 28893TA $16,988

2010 Ford Escape XLS Stk 254010A $9,283 HARRIS MITSUBISHI 877-270-6241




Klein Honda in Everett


Klein Honda in Everett

2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo Stk T360088A $3,850

2010 Toyota Highlander LTD Hybrid, Loaded, Great MPG, AWD Stk 28910TD $24,788 1-866-662-1718

FOOTHILLS (360)757-7575

VIN# JTDKN3DU3A0168774

1999 Subaru Legacy 30th Ann. SUS Stk 352964B $699


1999 Ford F-150 Stk T352571A $2,999 1-866-662-1718 1-866-662-1718

ROY ROBINSON 1-866-662-1718

2002 GMC Envoy 4WD We want your trade! 112% KBB very good cond. Stk# 32568BL $6,999 Home of the Lifetime Warranty Used Car Superstore


FOOTHILLS (360)757-7575

FOOTHILLS (360)757-7575

2004 Volkswagen Passat GLS Stk 353283A $1,499 1-866-662-1718

2011 Hyundai Tucson Stk P3162 $15,696

FOOTHILLS (360)757-7575

MAZDA OF EVERETT 1-888-871-8777


Vin# 3VWFP7ATXEM622999


Klein Honda in Everett 1-866-662-1718


Home of the Lifetime Warranty Used Car Superstore


2005 Chevrolet Colorado Stk U13967 $9,991 HARRIS MITSUBISHI 877-270-6241

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Recycle your old car!

2003 Ford Explorer XLT Stk 253923A $3,992 HARRIS MITSUBISHI 877-270-6241


2005 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT Stk T360154A $8,999

Stk T352317B $3,985 1-866-662-1718 1-866-662-1718

2012 Dodge Journey AWD 3rd Row Stk 28892TA $15,488

Klein Honda in Everett


1997 Honda Odyssey EX We want your trade! 112% KBB very good cond. Stk# 32033BLL $4,499

1999 Toyota Sienna

DONATE YOUR CAR, TRUCK OR BOAT TO H E R I TAG E F O R T H E BLIND. Free 3 Day Vacation, Tax Deductible, Free Towing, All Paperw o r k Ta ke n C a r e O f. CALL 1-800-401-4106 (PNDC)

Got an older car, boat or RV ? D o t h e h u m a n e thing. Donate it to the Humane Society. Call 1800-205-0599 (PNDC)

Home of the Lifetime Warranty Used Car Superstore


1995 Chevrolet Astro Stk T16220B $4,999

FOOTHILLS (360)757-7575

2002 VW Beetle 2DR GL We want your trade! 112% KBB very good cond. Stk# 32793BL $5,999

2000 Lexus RX 300 Stk T353302A $6,888

2014 Jeep Cherokee 2WD, Low 14k Miles, Gas Saver Stk 29050TA $20,488

2001 Ford Explorer Sport Stk 254185A $5,991 HARRIS MITSUBISHI 877-270-6241


FOOTHILLS (360)757-7575

MAZDA OF EVERETT 1-888-871-8777

2005 Volvo V70 Stk 360543A $8,999

FOOTHILLS (360)757-7575

2014 Hyundai Elantra Sedan SE 7k miles Stk 5204A $14,999

FOOTHILLS (360)757-7575 1-866-662-1718

2008 Chevrolet Equinox Stk 8974A $10,874

2014 Volkswagen Beetle Coupe 2.5L 34K Miles Stk 5182A $12,900 2013 Toyota Venza AWD Certified Stk 28976TA $22,488

2008 KIA Sorento EX Trim 4WD, Sunroof, Leather, Low Miles Stk 29036TB $12,988

ROY ROBINSON 2008 Toyota Tacoma Crew Cab 4x4, Long Box, Low Miles, Trd Sport Stk 28912TD $22,988 1-866-662-1718

2011 Toyota Camry SE Certified, Low Apr. Stk 28869PA $15,988

FOOTHILLS (360)757-7575

2012 V/W Beetle ZDR Auto, Leather, New Tires, Gas Saver Stk 28927TD $11,988 2012 Toyota Prius C Certified, 0% APR up to 36 mos. O.A.C. Stk 28932PA $15,488

2004 Volkswagen Jetta GLS Stk 352768A $4,046

Home of the Lifetime Warranty Used Car Superstore

2005 Mazda MPV Stk T360330B $4,999


ROY ROBINSON Toyota Prius IV 46k miles Stk 5047A $15,949

1999 Dodge Grand Caravan We want your trade! 112% KBB very good cond. Stk# 707657A $3,999


Klein Honda in Everett

2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee We want your trade! 112% KBB very good cond. Stk# 13759BL $4,779 Home of the Lifetime Warranty Used Car Superstore


Klein Honda in Everett 1-866-662-1718 2014 Subaru Forester LTD, 4x4 NAV, LEA, Roof Stk 29050TA $24,888

FOOTHILLS (360)757-7575

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Klein Honda in Everett

1998 Chrysler Town & Country AWD We want your trade! 112% KBB very good cond. Stk# 31999A $4,999

1999 Honda Odyssey EX We want your trade! 112% KBB very good cond. Stk# 32728BL $5,999 Home of the Lifetime Warranty Used Car Superstore


Home of the Lifetime Warranty Used Car Superstore




877-270-6241 Additional Discounts for Boeing Employees & Families*

Washington, Oregon and Idaho


Sale Price: ............................................ $11,499 Mitsubishi Factory Rebate:..................... $1,250 Military Holiday Cash: ............................... $250 Mitsubishi Loyalty Rebate: ........................ $500 Military Discount: ...................................... $500


at Final Price: One this price!




VIN: FH055695


• 140 Mirage available and on the ground now! • 43 HWY MPG

Sale Price: ............................................ $35,795 Military Discount: ...................................... $500 Mitsubishi Loyalty Rebate: ........................ $500

One at Final Price: this price!



VIN: JA32W8FV9FU018666

• 25 in stock. • 8 Final Editions available • Turbo, AWD, Loaded, Final Edition

All prices do not include tax or license. A $150 documentary service fee may be added to the sales price or capitalized cost. Pictures are for illustration purposes only. Subject to prior sales. *See dealer. **According to Mitsubishi Motors Sales Records for 2014 YTD. Mitsubishi loyalty rebate applies to current Saturn, Suzuki or Mitsubishi owners. Military rebate must meet certain requirements of service. Mitsubishi service rebate for $500 in future Mitsubishi service. Subject to credit approval. This offer cannot be combined with other customer loyalty rebates. See dealer for details. Offer expires 11/30/2015.


12620 Hwy 99 – South Everett

E8 Sunday, 11.15.2015 The Daily Herald

of EVERETT no payments until 2016

0% on 11 Models


56 total in stock

2015 ALTIMA 2.5 S Total savings of

MSRP: ..................................... $25,645 Nissan Customer Cash: ............. $1,000 Magic Discount: ......................... $2,670

Total savings of

$3,670 OFF MSRP


2 at this price. Stock# 5346, vin# 1N4AL3AP3FC576235. Stock# 5371, vin# 1N4AL3AP8FC578191. Expires 11/30/15. W/QUICK CHARGE PACKAGE

2015 LEAF S

MSRP: .......................................... $18,525 Nissan Customer Cash: ..................... $500 Nissan Customer Bonus Cash: ......... $500 NMAC APR Cash:.............................. $250 Magic Discount: .............................. $1,300

Total savings of

$2,550 OFF MSRP

15 total in stock

MSRP: .......................................... $32,525 NMAC APR Cash:........................... $5,000 Federal Tax Savings:........................$7,500 Magic Discount: .............................. $4,400

Total savings of

*Net Value After Tax Savings:

*Complimentary Level 2 Home Electric Vehicle Charging Station. - With the purchase or lease of a new 2015 Nissan LEAF -See dealer for details. Expires 11/30/15. - Installation not included.



27 total in stock

$16,900 OFF MSRP

Magic Price:

2 at this price. Model# 12015, Stock# 5359, vin# 3N1AB7AP1FY342917. Stock# 5366, vin# 3N1AB7AP4FY281675. Expires 11/30/15.

Magic Price:


2 at this price. Model# 22815, Stock# 4954, vin# 5N1AT2MV2FC829278. Stock# 5315, vin# 5N1AT2MV8FC927313. Expires 11/30/15.

26 total in stock

MSRP: .......................................... $24,725 Nissan Customer Cash: .................. $1,500 Nissan Customer Bonus Cash:.......... $500 NMAC APR Cash:.............................. $750 Magic Discount: .............................. $3,000

$5,750 OFF MSRP

Magic Price:


25 total in stock

2 at this price. Stock# 5249, vin# 1N4AZ0CP9FC331174. Model# 17015, Stock# 5412, vin# 1N4AZ0CP8FC334891. Expires 11/30/15.


9 total in stock

MSRP: .......................................... $32,805 NMAC APR Cash:.............................. $500 Nissan Customer Cash: .................. $1,500 Magic Discount: .............................. $3,830

Total savings of

$5,830 OFF MSRP

MSRP: ...........................................$16,745 Magic Discount: .............................. $2,968

Magic Price:

Magic Price:


2 at this price. Model# 21015, Stock# 5112, vin# 5N1AR2MM7FC613979. Stock# 5115, vin# 5N1AR2MM8FC634856. Expires 11/30/15.

$15,625 ***


2 at this price. Model# 11514, Stock# 4316, vin# 3N1CE2CP4EL436365. Stock# 4317, vin# 3N1CE2CP0EL436525. Expires 11/30/15.

10500 HWY. 99 • EVERETT

Vehicles shown for illustration purposes. All offers on approved credit, not all customers will qualify at lowest rates. A $150 Negotiable documentation fee may be added to the price or capitalized cost. . Pre-owned Leafs 0% up to 60 months on approved credit. Subject to prior sale. NMAC Rebate Offer valid only when financed through Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation. Does not include tax, title, and license. Subject to prior sale. NMAC APR Cash must finance through NMAC. Lease offers valid only when financed through Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation. 2015 LEAF S model 17015 is subject to availability to wellqualified lessees through Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation. All lease offers $0.15 per mile for mileage over 12,000 miles per year. Lessee is responsible for maintenance and repairs. A disposition fee is due at termination of lease term. No security deposit required. See dealer for details. Offers expire 11/30/15.







Corolla LE

Camry LE

MSRP: ...................... $19,700 Magic Savings ............ $1,520 TFS Cash Rebate: ......... $750 FINAL PRICE:

MSRP: ...................... $24,144 Magic Savings” ........... $2,120 TFS Cash Rebate: ...... $1,250 FINAL PRICE:

MSRP: ...................... $26,405 Magic Savings: ........... $2,120 TFS Cash Rebate: ...... $1,000 FINAL PRICE:

MSRP: ...................... $25,235 Magic Savings: ........... $2,220 TFS Cash Rebate: ...... $2,500 FINAL PRICE:









for 24 months $ 1,599 due at signing





for 24 months $ 1,999 due at signing

2 available at this price.

2 available at this price.

Model # 1852 Stock number: 60003, 60011 VIN number: 2T1BURHE8GC484131, 2T1BURHE6GC486492

Model # 2532 Stock number: 60042, 60084 VIN Number: 4T4BF1FK1GR522811, 4T4BF1FK1GR519956

RAV4 LE AWD Prius Two Liftback









for 24 months $ 2,829 due at signing

Model # 4432 Stock number: 52484, 52923 VIN Number: JTMBFREV4FJ037247, JTMBFREVXFJ045367

21300 HWY. 99 • EDMONDS

Vehicles shown for illustration purposes. A $150 documentary service fee may be added to the price of the vehicle or capitalized cost. Subject to prior sale. Must finance through TFS. $0.15 per mile for mileage over 12,000 miles per year. Prices do not include tax or license. 2016 Toyota Corolla LE (model 1852) MSRP $19,700. Adjusted Capitalized Cost is $16,868. Lease-end purchase option $14,177. 2016 Camry LE (model 2532) MSRP $24,144. Adjusted Capitalized Cost is $20,541. Lease-end purchase option $16,901. 2015 RAV4 LE AWD ( Model 4432) MSRP $26,405, Adjusted Capitalized Cost is $22,689. Lease-end purchase option $19,238. 2015 Prius Two (Model 1223) MSRP $25,225. Adjusted Capitalized Cost is $21,163. Lease-end purchase option $16,396. Payment with approved credit through Toyota Financial Services – Tier 1 Plus only. Not all customers will qualify for lowest rate. Delivery must be taken from new 2016 dealer stock between 11/3/15 and 11/30/15 and is subject to availability. Lease offer may not be combined with APR offer. See Magic Toyota for complete details. All offers on approved credit. Offers expire 11/30/15




for 24 months 1,999 due at signing

2 available at this price. Model # 1223 Stock number: 52840, 53034

November 15, 2015





TV Week


We N eed You! Lynnwood WA FOR 30 PEOPLE TO




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© 2015 NuEar. All Rights Reserved. 09227-15

© 2015 NuEar. All Rights Reserved. 09227-15





206-743-9274 206-973-0930 Mark Adams 425-361-0519 4519 California (Wells Fargo Building) Everett, WA 98201 253-200-1607 425-305-2873 A-Plus Hearing Aid Ave. S.W.


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1440 Gilman Blvd., Ste. M2 Owner A-PlusIssaquah, Hearing Aid A-Plus Hearing 1201 Pacific Seattle, Ave., Ste.WA 60998116 253-200-1607 425-305-2873 WA 98027 Aid A-Plus Hearing Aid 3224 Colby Ave., 206-973-0930 509 Olive Ste. Way,BSte. 1325 • Seattle Tacoma, WA 98042 425-361-0519 1002 E 35 Park Avenue N., SuiteEverett, (Free (Wells Fargo Building) WAparking, 98201 Medical/Dental Bldg) Renton, WA 98057 A-Plus Hearing Aid *Deposit may be required 425-305-2873 206-673-3876 ©2015Aid NuEar. All Rights253-200-1607 Reserved. LETR2992-00-EE-NE A-Plus Hearing *Deposit may be required 1446442 ©2015 NuEar. All Rights Reserved. LETR2992-00-EE-NE 206-743-9274 509 Olive Way, Ste. 1325 • Seattle Mark Adams 1002 Park Avenue N., SuiteAid E A-Plus Hearing (Free parking, Medical/Dental Bldg) Owner *Deposit may beA-Plus Renton, WA 98057 Hearing Aid 1201 Pacific Ave., Ste. 609 required 206-673-3876 ©2015 NuEar. All Rights Reserved. LETR2992-00-EE-NE 206-743-9274 3224 Colby Ave., Ste. B Tacoma, WA 98042 Mark Adams 35 A-Plus Hearing Aid (Wells Fargo Building) Everett, WA 98201 Owner A-Plus Hearing Aid 1201 Pacific Ave., Ste. 609 253-200-1607 425-305-2873 3224 Colby Ave., Ste. B Tacoma, WA 98042 35 (Wells Fargo Building) Everett, WA 98201 *Deposit may be required 253-200-1607 425-305-2873 ©2015 NuEar. All Rights Reserved. LETR2992-00-EE-NE YEARS



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“Committed to providing Seniors and their families comfortable, compassionate living and rehabilitation options.” G IMPAIRE RIN D EA


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Issaquah, WA 98027

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1002 Park Avenue N., Suite E 206-743-9274 Bothell, WA 98011 98133 (FreeSeattle, parking,WA Medical/Dental Bldg)A-Plus Hearing Aid A-Plus Hearing Aid 206-973-0930 Mark Adams Renton, WA 98057 425-361-0519 425-305-2874 206-905-4519 Hearing AidSte. Aid 10413Hearing Beardslee Blvd. 1833 N.Hearing 105th, 101 206-673-3876 A-Plus Aid A-Plus A-Plus A-Plus Hearing Aid 206-743-9274 Owner A-Plus Hearing AidA-Plus WA 980111201 Seattle, WA 98133 A-PlusBothell, Hearing AidHearing Mark Adams Pacific Ave., Ste. 609 Aid A-Plus Hearing Aid10413 509 Olive Way, Ste. 1325 • Ave., Seattle Ste. B Beardslee Blvd.S.W. Colby A-Plus Aid3224 425-305-2874 206-905-4519 1002Ave., Park Avenue N., SuiteHearing E Ave. 4519 California 3224 Colby Ste. B (Free parking, Medical/Dental Bldg) 1440 Gilman Blvd., Ste. Tacoma, WA 98042 Owner A-Plus Hearing Aid M2 1201 Ste. 609 Renton, WA 98057 Seattle, WAAve., 98116 Bothell, WAPacific 98011 Everett, WA 98201 206-673-3876 Issaquah, WA 98027 35 (Wells Fargo Building) A-Plus Hearing Aid 3224 ColbyEverett, Ave., Ste.WA B 98201 Tacoma,Aid WA 98042 A-Plus Hearing

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2520 Madison Street Near I-5 in So. Everett

1833 N. 105th, Ste. 101 Seattle, WA 98133

425-305-2874 206-905-4519 A-Plus Hearing Aid206-973-0930 Centers 425-361-0519 509 Olive Way, Ste. 1325 • Seattle 1002 Park Avenue N., SuiteAid E A-Plus Hearing Aid (FreeAid parking, Medical/Dental Bldg) A-Plus Hearing Aid A-Plus Hearing A-Plus Hearing A-Plus Hearing Aid California Ave. S.W. Renton, WA 98057 A-Plus Hearing Aid 1440 Gilman Blvd., Ste. M2 Ste.4519 A-Plus Hearing Aid Centers 10413 Beardslee Blvd. N. 105th, 101 206-673-3876 5091833 Olive Way, Ste. 1325 • Seattle Seattle, WA 98116

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10413 Beardslee Blvd. Bothell, WA 98011

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ONE WEEK ONLY! 4519 California Ave. S.W. 1440 Gilman Blvd., Ste. M2 ONE WEEK TH Hearing Aid Seattle, WA 98116 A-Plus Issaquah, WAOFFER 98027 HURRY! NOV.ONLY! 30 A-Plus HearingENDS Aid

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FOR THOSE WITH A SEVERE LOSS • BRING SOUND BACK TOSte. LIFE purchase of hearing aids could•beBeardslee atBRING NO COST TOSOUND YOU! 10413 Blvd. 1833 N. 105th, 101 EVEN BACK TO LIFE EVEN THOSE WITH A SEVERE LOSS Bothell,FOR WA THOSE 98011 FOR Seattle, WA 98133 WITH A SEVERE LOSS ATTENTION FEDERAL EMPLOYEES 425-305-2874 206-905-4519 A-Plus Hearing A-Plus Hearing Aid Whether you’re a current or retired federal employee, the Aid purchase of hearing aids could be at 10413 NO COSTBeardslee TO YOU! Blvd. 105th, Ste. 101 Hearing Aid A-Plus A-Plus Hearing Aid1833 N.the you’re a current or retired federal Bothell, WAemployee, 98011 Seattle, WA 98133 Whether you’re a currentWhether or retired federal the employee, 4519 California Ave. S.W. 1440 Gilman Ste.TOM2 of hearing aids could beBlvd., at NO COST YOU! purchase of hearing aidspurchase could be at NO COST TO YOU! 425-305-2874 206-905-4519 Seattle, WA 98116 Issaquah, WA 98027 Aid Hearing Aid A-Plus Hearing Aid A-Plus 206-973-0930 A-Plus Hearing Aid A-Plus Hearing 425-361-0519

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in Senior Citizen Information and Services ★★★★★ Rating (*by CMS) Offering A Continuum of Care

• BRING BACK TO LIFE EVEN ONE WEEK ONLY! PERFORM NOISE • SOUND AidtheWELL INA-Plus Hearing Aid Whether you’re a currentA-Plus or retired Hearing federal employee,

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S. Epatha Merkerson stars in "Chicago Med," premiering Tuesday on NBC.



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Whether you’re a current or retired federal employee, the DesigneD to: • BRING SOUND BACK TO LIFE EVEN purchase of hearing aids could be at NO COST •TO IMPROVE YOU! THE CLARITY OF SPEECH DesigneD to:

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Sunday, November 15, 2015 The Daily Herald Sunday, November 15, 2015 The Daily Herald BY JAY BOBBIN detective Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer). Colin Donnell (“The Affair”), Torrey detective(“The Jay Halstead Lee Soffer). Colin DonnellWorld”) (“The Affair”), Torrey Vampire(Jesse Diaries”), Brian Tee (“Jurassic and Rachel DiPillo BY JAY BOBBIN DeVitto

“Chicago Med” premieres on NBC. “ChicagoTuesday Med” premieres Tuesday on NBC.

‘CHICAGO ‘CHICAGO MED’ MED’ officially officially

opens its doors on NBC opens its doors on NBC The characters and actors of “Chicago Fire” and “Chicago PD” have spent a lot of

Theoncharacters andshows, actors and of “Chicago Fire”another and “Chicago have spent a lot of time each other’s now, there’s series forPD” them to share. time on eachproducer other’s shows, and now, another to share. Med” Executive Dick Wolf scoresthere’s a Windy City series triple for playthem as “Chicago Executive producer WolfNov. scores Windy triple play as “Chicago Med” makes its NBC debut Dick Tuesday, 17.aSome of City its players already have turned up makes NBC debut– Tuesday, Nov. 17.episode Some oflast its season playersserved alreadyashave turned up on the its other dramas a “Chicago Fire” the new show’s on the other dramas a “Chicago episode season plans, servedothers as the also newwill show’s backdoor pilot – but –due to castingFire” changes and last expanded be backdoor pilot – but due to casting changes and expanded plans, othersgets alsogoing. will be introduced as the filmed-on-location, hospital-themed spinoff officially introduced as the filmed-on-location, hospital-themed spinoff officially As administrators, Wolf-series veterans S. Epatha Merkerson (alias Lt. gets Anitagoing. Van As administrators, Epatha Merkerson Lt. Anita Vanroles, Buren through most Wolf-series of the run ofveterans “Law &S.Order”) and Oliver (alias Platt reprise their Buren most of(“Whitney”) the run of “Law & Order”) Oliver friend Platt reprise their roles, as doesthrough Yaya DaCosta as a nurse who’s aand longtime of “Chicago as doesCasey Yaya DaCosta (“Whitney”) as a Direct nurse who’s of “Chicago Fire’s” Severide (Taylor Kinney). lineagea longtime to anotherfriend established character Fire’s” Casey (Taylor(“Shameless”) Kinney). Direct lineage to another is supplied bySeveride Nick Gehlfuss as the doctor brother established of “Chicagocharacter PD” is supplied by Nick Gehlfuss (“Shameless”) as the doctor brother of “Chicago PD”

DeVitto Diaries”), Brian Tee high-pressure (“Jurassic World”) Rachel DiPillo also play (“The medicsVampire dealing with the fast-paced, workand environment. also playaim medics fast-paced, high-pressure workget environment. “The here dealing is every with week,the if you watch the show, you will at least one piece aiminformation here is everythat week, you watch theknow,” show, you get”And at least of “The medical youifprobably don’t Wolfwill says. thatone canpiece be of medical that information you probably don’t know,”inWolf says. ”And that can be something is in the that consciousness of the country, the zeitgeist. The Ebola something that is in the consciousness of the country, but in the zeitgeist. Themedical Ebola story was obvious because it was a matter of concern, there are other story was obvious a matter of everything concern, but there are other medical stories in terms of because the rightittowas life, and how from organs is transmitted stories in terms of the life, and how everything from organs is that transmitted and what that leads to,right to sextoeducation for kids in school. Everything touches andour what that leads to,physical to sex education forgame kids for in school. on medical or our lives is fair us.” Everything that touches onWhile our medical or our physical lives has is fair game DaCosta’s character largely been seenfor upus.” to now in relation to “Fire’s” While DaCosta’s character largely has been seen up to now in relation to “Fire’s” Severide, the actress maintains her April Sexton is established quickly as someone Severide, her April Sexton is established quickly as someone who’s her the ownactress personmaintains and “usually in charge. She’s the nurse that the doctors turn who’s hersomething own person andto “usually in charge. She’s the nurse thatallthe turn to when needs get done. She’s the liaison between thedoctors other nurses to when something needs done. She’s thetoother and the doctors, as well as to theget patients whenthe theliaison doctorsbetween are too all busy speaknurses to the and the doctors, well as the patients when the doctors speakthat to the patients in a calm,as compassionate way and explain things.are Sotoo she’sbusy the to person patients in a calm, compassionate and explain things. So she’s the person that kind of keeps the hospital running,way generally.” kind of may keepscome the hospital running, generally.” That as a surprise to Chicago Med operations chief Sharon Goodwin, That may new comecharacter. as a surprise to Chicago Med for operations Sharon Goodwin, Merkerson’s “It was a no-brainer me,” thechief Emmy-winning actress Merkerson’s new character. “It wastour a no-brainer for Wolf. me,” the Emmy-winning reflects of signing up for another of duty with “I love working withactress Dick. of productions signing up for another tour of duty with Wolf. love working with Dick. Ireflects love the that we’ve done together. I love the “I people that he surrounds I love the productions that we’ve done together. I love the people that he surrounds himself with.” himself with.” Stage and screen veteran Platt (“Bulworth,” “The West Wing,” “The Big C”) also Stage to and screen veteran Platt (“Bulworth,” “Thejournalism West Wing,” “The Big C”) also returns Wolf ’s company, having done the NBC drama “Deadline” returns ’s company, having done the NBC drama “Deadline” with himtoinWolf 2000-01. “I’m incredibly excited aboutjournalism shooting in Chicago and getting with himChicago in 2000-01. “I’m excited about Chicago and getting to know better,” theincredibly New York-based talent shooting says, “butinthe community that to know Chicago NewisYork-based talent of says, “but the shows. community I’m actually excitedbetter,” about the joining the community these three What that is I’m actually excited about joining the community of Ithese shows. really remarkable – and I speak forismyself, and I think speakthree for the rest What of theiscast – and I speak myself, and I think the rest PD.’ of theThey cast –really is theremarkable sense of community thatfor exists on ‘Chicago Fire’I speak and onfor‘Chicago – is the community that exists on ‘Chicago Fire’ and on ‘Chicago PD.’ They made us sense feel soofwelcome. made us clearly feel so enjoy welcome. “They each other so much, and I think it’s palpable on the screen,” “They clearly each other and I think on the screen,” Platt adds. “Andenjoy in a larger sense,sothemuch, idea of what Dickit’sis palpable doing is actually pretty Platt adds. “And in a larger have sense,spun the idea of what Dick...isbut doing is actually pretty exciting. I mean, franchises off shows before never into a sort exciting. I mean, franchises haveofspun shows before ... butaired. neverAnd intothat’s a sortthe of an active matrix, if you will, theseoff shows that are being of an active that matrix, you will, of these shows that are being aired. And that’s the community I’m ifexcited about.” community that I’m excited about.”

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Nov. 13-19:


The Edmonds Theater • 415 Main St. Edmonds (425) 672-9366 •

No sales tax or no payment and interest until 2017 A word from one of our customers:“The kitchen removal went very quickly. All of the workers were very polite and professional. The finished work exceeded my expectations.” ~Lona B., Bothell, WA 98012 Contact Us Washington State Kitchen & Bath Phone: (800) 935-5524

BBB Accredited WSKB has maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau since 2005.

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• We pick up your vehicle, RV, trailer, motorcycle, boat or aircraft. • Junk cars accepted! • We do the paperwork. • Pick up is fast. • Your vehicle donation will help people in Western Washington. • Your donation is tax deductible.


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Fri & Sat: 3:00, 6:00, 9:00 Sun: 3:00 (w/captions for the deaf and hard of hearing) & 6:00 Mon-Wed: 4:00 & 7:00 • Thu: 4:00

2802 Broadway, Everett • 425-259-3191 •

Real Wood

The Daily Herald

Unfinished, Finished & Custom Finished Furniture

Furniture Shoppe

Sunday, November 15, 2015 3

Since 1975


15115 Highway 99


1025 153rd St. SE, Suite 102 Mill Creek, WA 98012



2531 Broadway, Everett, WA


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Open Mon-Fri 10am – 6pm Saturdays by 9am-4pm • Sun Closed


3331 Broadway | Everett, WA 98201

Tim (Graham) Verchere Annie (Genevieve) Buechner Turkey (Hollow)


3 Rooms Cleaned Cleaning


• Dries soft-residue free • No soaking carpet • Fast drying (about 1 hour) • No toxic chemicalschild & pet safe • Guaranteed deep cleaning Love Your Carpet Again!

t Cleaning Carpe

Services include: Pre-spotting, de-odorizing 5andRooms Groomingand (up toHallway 600 sq. ft.) Includes: Cannot (up to combine 1500 ft.)




$ Whole House Cleaning Includes: 5 Rooms and Hallway (up to 1500 sq. ft.) $ Small furniture moving only. Stairs extra Upholstery Cannot combine coupons Cleaning

Small furniture moving only. Stairs extra. Cannot combine coupons


Upholstery Cleaning Sofa 75 • Love Seat 65 $


$ • Love Seat 65 ReclinerSofa or Chair75 50 • Minimum Charges Apply Recliner or Chair $50 • Minimum Charges apply



Cannot Looseback backcushions cushionsextra extra Cannot combine combine coupons coupons••Loose

OxyPower 360-658-4156 Licensed • Bonded • Insured

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Schaefer-Shipman ~Funeral Home~ 360-659-3711 804 State Ave • Marysville

~Caring for our Community since 1904~

We’re dedicated to serving families with compassion and care.

• Our compassionate professionals are knowledgeable in Funeral & Burial customs of all faiths & culture • Pre-Planning - Personalized services • Cremation Services • Exclusive Dignity Memorial Benefits


Pet Removal

Enjoy a healthy home with our Environmentally preferred GREEN cleaning system that is Safe for your Family and Whole House Pets


EE FRSta in

4229 76th St. NE Marysville Reservations: 360-659-7305

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Adversity Monsters (Howling) Hoodoo Thanksgiving Ludacris © Zap2it

3 Rooms (Up to $ 600 TILE &Cleaning GROUT C$89 LEANING 99Sqft)

Visit us for breakfast, lunch, high tea, or make a reservation for your special event. Holiday Open House 11/28 6pm-8pm Tea with Santa 12/5 reservations required

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Emmerson (Family) Ron (Jay) Harrington (Aunt) Cly (Mary) Steenburgen

Open every day!

1/2 mile South of Mukilteo Speedway, Lynnwood


Tuesday thru Saturday 10am-6pm Closed Sunday & Monday

Real Low Prices We carry desks and office furniture

Framing • Gallery • Art Supplies

• Orthodontics • Invisalign • Sleep Apnea • Free Consulations


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Sunday, November 15, 2015 The Daily Herald

Sportszone h AUTO RACING Sunday 6:00 a.m. NBCS Formula One Racing Brazilian Grand Prix, Qualifying. (1:30) 7:30 a.m. NBCS Formula One Racing Brazilian Grand Prix. (2:30) 11:30 a.m. KING NASCAR Racing Sprint Cup Series: Quicken Loans Race for Heroes 500. Å


7:00 p.m. NBCS Formula One Racing Brazilian Grand Prix. (2:00)

Monday 8:00 p.m. NBCS Formula One Racing Brazilian Grand Prix. (2:30)

Thursday 4:00 p.m. NBCS NASCAR Racing K&N Pro West Series: Casino Arizona 100. (1:00)

Friday 9:00 a.m. NBCS NASCAR Racing Sprint Cup Series: Ford EcoBoost 400, First Practice.


10:30 a.m. NBCS NASCAR Racing XFINITY Series: Ford EcoBoost 300, Final Practice. (2:30) 3:00 p.m. NBCS NASCAR Racing Sprint Cup Series: Ford EcoBoost 400, Qualifying. (1:30)

Saturday 7:00 a.m. CNBC NASCAR Racing XFINITY Series: Ford Ecoboost 300, Final Practice. (1:00) 8:00 a.m. CNBC NASCAR Racing XFINITY Series: Ford Ecoboost 300, Qualifying. (1:30) 10:00 a.m. NBCS NASCAR Racing Sprint Cup Series: Ford

EcoBoost 400, Final Practice.

d BASKETBALL Monday 2:30 p.m. ESPN2 Women’s College Basketball Connecticut at Ohio State. (2:00) 4:00 p.m. ROOT College Basketball Louisiana-Lafayette at Miami. (2:00) 4:30 p.m. ESPN2 College Basketball Virginia at George Washington. (2:00) 6:30 p.m. ESPN2 College Basketball San Diego State at Utah. Å (2:00) ROOT College Basketball Northern Arizona at Boise State. (2:00) 8:30 p.m. ESPN2 College Basketball Baylor at Oregon. Å


10:45 p.m. ESPN2 College Basketball BYU at Long Beach State.


1:00 a.m. ESPN2 College Basketball Nevada at Hawaii. (2:00) 3:00 a.m. ESPN2 College Basketball NIT Season Tip-Off — Green Bay at East Tennessee State. (2:00) 5:00 a.m. ESPN2 College Basketball Stephen F. Austin State at Northern Iowa. (2:00)

Tuesday 7:00 a.m. ESPN2 College Basketball Valparaiso at Rhode Island. (2:00) 10:00 a.m. ESPN College Basketball Alabama at Dayton. (2:00) 12:00 p.m. ESPN College Basketball Colorado at Auburn.




ROOT College Basketball Jacksonville at Florida State. (2:00) 7:00 p.m. ESPN College Basketball State Farm Champions Classic — Kansas vs. Michigan State.


5111 Claremont Way in Everett!

8:30 p.m. ROOT College Basketball Northern Arizona at Boise State. (2:00)

(425) 259-7206


Evergreen Lanes & Restaurant

1/2 Block off of Evergreen Way on 52nd! Expires 11/30/2015 One coupon per check, per visit. Not valid with any other coupons or promotional offers. Coupon has no cash value. Taxes and gratuity not included. Alcoholic beverages not included. 1424171

10:00 a.m. ESPN2 College Basketball Puerto Rico Tip-Off, First Semifinal: Teams TBA. (2:00) 2:00 p.m. ESPN2 College Basketball 2K Classic — Wisconsin vs. Georgetown. (2:00) 4:00 p.m. ESPN2 College Basketball 2K Classic — Duke vs. VCU.

12:00 p.m. KING NASCAR Racing XFINITY Series: Ford Ecoboost 300. Å (3:00)

2:00 p.m. ESPN College Basketball Oklahoma at Memphis. (2:00) 4:00 p.m. ROOT College Basketball St. Bonaventure at Syracuse. (2:00) 4:30 p.m. ESPN College Basketball State Farm Champions Classic — Duke vs. Kentucky. (2:00) 6:00 p.m. ESPN2 College Basketball Georgetown at Maryland.

$5.00 OFF



4:00 p.m. ROOT College Basketball Wofford at North Carolina.


5:00 p.m. ESPN NBA Basketball New Orleans Pelicans at Oklahoma City Thunder. (2:30) 6:00 p.m. ROOT College Basketball Northern Arizona at Gonzaga. (2:00)


5:00 p.m. ESPN NBA Basketball San Antonio Spurs at New Orleans Pelicans. (2:30) ROOT College Basketball McNeese State at Oklahoma.


Andy Dalton leads the Cincinnati Bengals against the Houston Texans Monday on ESPN. 7:30 p.m. ESPN NBA Basketball Chicago Bulls at Phoenix Suns.


8:00 p.m. ROOT College Basketball Loyola-Chicago at New Mexico. (2:00) 10:30 p.m. ESPN2 NBA Basketball New Orleans Pelicans at Oklahoma City Thunder. (2:00) 11:00 p.m. ROOT College Basketball Northern Arizona at Gonzaga. (2:00) 12:00 a.m. ESPN NBA Basketball Chicago Bulls at Phoenix Suns.


4:00 a.m. ROOT College Basketball Illinois at Providence.

(2:00) Thursday 2:00 p.m. ESPN2 College Basketball Puerto Rico Tip-Off — Miami vs. Mississippi State.


4:00 p.m. ESPN2 College Basketball Puerto Rico Tip-Off — Texas Tech vs. Utah. (2:30) ROOT College Basketball Northern Arizona at Gonzaga.


5:00 p.m. TNT NBA Basketball Milwaukee Bucks at Cleveland Cavaliers. Å (2:30) 6:00 p.m. ROOT College Basketball Illinois at Providence.


6:30 p.m. ESPN2 College Basketball Gildan Charleston Classic — Bradley vs. Virginia. (2:00) 7:30 p.m. TNT NBA Basketball Golden State Warriors at Los Angeles Clippers. Å (2:30) 8:00 p.m. ROOT College Basketball Loyola-Chicago at New Mexico. (2:00) 8:30 p.m. ESPN2 College Basketball Southern Methodist at Stanford. Å (2:00) 11:00 p.m. ROOT College Basketball Iowa at Marquette. (2:00) TNT NBA Basketball Milwaukee Bucks at Cleveland Cavaliers. Å (2:30)

7:30 p.m. ESPN NBA Basketball Chicago Bulls at Golden State Warriors. (2:30) 12:00 a.m. ESPN NBA Basketball Chicago Bulls at Golden State Warriors. (2:00) 1:00 a.m. ESPN2 NBA Basketball San Antonio Spurs at New Orleans Pelicans. (2:00)

Saturday 6:00 p.m. ROOT College Basketball Mount St. Mary’s at Gonzaga. (2:00) 2:00 a.m. ROOT College Basketball Mount St. Mary’s at Gonzaga. (2:00) 4:00 a.m. ROOT College Basketball Brown at Providence.


s BOXING Friday 7:00 p.m. TRUTV Boxing (2:00) 2:00 a.m. TRUTV Boxing (2:00)

e FOOTBALL Sunday 10:00 a.m. KIRO NFL Football Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers. Å (3:25) KCPQ NFL Football Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers. Å (3:00) CIVT NFL Football Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers. (3:05) 12:00 p.m. ROOT College Football Eastern Washington at Montana. (3:00) 1:25 p.m. KIRO NFL Football Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos. Å (3:05) 5:20 p.m. KING NFL Football Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks. Å (3:10) 10:00 p.m. ESPN2 College Football Florida at South Carolina.


11:00 p.m. ROOT College Football Utah at Arizona. (3:00) 12:30 a.m. ESPN College Football Washington State at UCLA. Å


2:00 a.m. ROOT College Football Kansas State at Texas Tech.


Monday 5:15 p.m. ESPN NFL Football Houston Texans at Cincinnati Bengals. (3:05) 8:30 p.m. ROOT College Football Eastern Washington at Montana. (3:00)


1:30 a.m. ESPN College Football Mississippi State at Arkansas. Å (2:00)

3:00 p.m. ESPN2 College Football Toledo at Bowling Green. Å


11:30 p.m. ROOT College Football Oregon at Stanford. (3:00)


12:30 a.m. ESPN2 College Football Toledo at Bowling Green. Å


2:30 a.m. ROOT College Football Oregon at Stanford. (3:00)

Wednesday 5:00 p.m. ESPN2 College Football Western Michigan at Northern Illinois. Å (3:00) 1:00 a.m. ROOT College Football Eastern Washington at Montana. (3:00)

Thursday 4:30 p.m. ESPN College Football East Carolina at Central Florida. (3:00) 12:00 a.m. ESPN College Football East Carolina at Central Florida. (2:00)

Tuesday 4:30 p.m. NBCS NHL Hockey Minnesota Wild at Pittsburgh Penguins. (2:30)

Wednesday 5:00 p.m. NBCS NHL Hockey Washington Capitals at Detroit Red Wings. (2:30)

Saturday 4:00 p.m. CBUT NHL Hockey Toronto Maple Leafs at Boston Bruins. Å (3:00) CKVU NHL Hockey Philadelphia Flyers at Ottawa Senators.

(3:00) 7:00 p.m. CBUT NHL Hockey Chicago Blackhawks at Vancouver Canucks. Å (3:00)

Friday 4:30 p.m. NBCS College Football Brown at Columbia. (3:30) 6:30 p.m. ESPN2 College Football Air Force at Boise State. Å

R RODEO Tuesday 11:00 p.m. ROOT Rodeo Chase Hawks Rough Stock. (1:00)



10:30 p.m. ESPN2 College Football Air Force at Boise State. Å


Saturday 9:00 a.m. KOMO ESPN ESPN2 College Football Teams TBA.


11:00 a.m. ROOT College Football Montana at Montana State.


11:30 a.m. NBCS College Football Harvard at Yale. (3:30) 12:30 p.m. KOMO KCPQ ESPN ESPN2 College Football Teams TBA. (3:00) KIRO College Football LSU at Mississippi. Å (3:30) 2:30 p.m. ROOT College Football Colorado State at New Mexico.


4:00 p.m. ESPN College Football Mississippi State at Arkansas. Å (3:00) 4:15 p.m. ESPN2 College Football Tennessee at Missouri. Å


4:30 p.m. KCPQ College Football Teams TBA. (3:30) NBCS College Football Boston College vs. Notre Dame. (3:30) 5:00 p.m. KOMO College Football Teams TBA. Å (3:30) 7:30 p.m. ESPN College Football Teams TBA. Å (3:00) 7:45 p.m. ESPN2 College Football Colorado at Washington State. Å (3:00) 8:00 p.m. ROOT College Football Montana at Montana State.


11:00 p.m. ROOT College Football West Virginia at Kansas.


12:00 a.m. ESPN2 College Football Teams TBA. (2:00)

Sunday 11:30 a.m. ESPN Soccer UEFA Euro 2016 Qualifier — Hungary vs Norway. (2:15) 3:00 p.m. ROOT College Soccer Conference USA Tournament, Final: Teams TBA. (2:00)

Tuesday 11:30 a.m. ESPN2 Soccer UEFA Euro 2016 Qualifier — Denmark vs Sweden. (2:15)

Friday 4:30 a.m. NBCS English Premier League Soccer Watford FC vs Manchester United FC. (2:00)

Saturday 7:00 a.m. NBCS English Premier League Soccer Teams TBA.

(2:00) USA English Premier League Soccer (2:00) 9:30 a.m. KING English Premier League Soccer Manchester City FC vs Liverpool FC. Å

(2:00) E TENNIS Thursday 12:00 p.m. ESPN2 ATP Tennis Barclays World Tour Finals, Round Robin. (2:00)

Friday 12:00 p.m. ESPN2 ATP Tennis Barclays World Tour Finals, Round Robin. (2:00)

Saturday 2:00 a.m. ESPN2 ATP Tennis Barclays World Tour Finals, Semifinals. (4:00)

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Questions: 1) In what year did the team begin play in the NFL as the Baltimore Colts? 2) In 1956, future Hall of Famer Johnny Unitas joined the Colts after being released by what NFL team? 3) In the landmark 1958 NFL Championship Game, what running back dove across the goal line in the closing seconds to give the Colts a 23-17 win over the New York Giants? 4) In 1965, what running back memorably filled in as emergency quarterback when Unitas and backup Gary Cuozzo were lost to season-ending injuries? 5) What future Hall of Famer was the Colts’ coach when they were upset by the New York Jets in Super Bowl III? 6) What Colts quarterback was suspended for gambling in 1983? 7) In what year did the Colts execute their infamous “midnight move” to Indianapolis? 8) Who kicked a 32-yard field goal in the closing seconds that gave the Colts a 16-13 victory over the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl V? 9) In 1972, owner Carroll Rosenbloom “traded” the Colts and $3 million to Robert Irsay for what NFL franchise?


In the world of college football there’s sometimes little conversation about teams or players that sit outside the top 25, at least until draft day. When two Mid-American Conference powerhouses, Bowling Green and Toledo, square off Tuesday, Nov. 17, on ESPN2, fans of both college and NFL football should pay attention. Bowling Green’s Senior quarterback, Matt Johnson, has been quietly at or near the top in passing yardage for a good part of the season, surpassing the likes of TCU’s Trevone Boykin. Many major college programs that passed on Johnson as a recruit are now wishing they had the pro-style quarterback running their offense. Johnson is surely NFL bound and is being compared to the likes of Drew Brees, who he could potentially succeed in New Orleans. It’s anyone’s guess where a top quarterback could wind up but teams like Dallas and Denver would be wise to consider Johnson as a future successor to their star quarterbacks. Johnson, meanwhile, is enjoying the year he’s having in Bowling Green. Since losing to Tennessee in their opener, the Falcons have only lost one other game as of press time, which was a disappointing one to Memphis. Throughout, Johnson has put up stellar numbers with multiple touchdown games that will likely see him top his 2013 passing yards total of 3,467, fourth best in school history. As for the Toledo game, the 19th ranked Rockets will be more than a formidable foe. It is quite possible these two teams could meet again in the MAC championship game in December.


FULL NAME: Matthew Quinn Johnson BORN: Sept. 9, 1992 BIRTHPLACE: Harrisburg, Penn. HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6 foot/215-pounds POSITION: Quarterback NO.: 11

9) The Los Angeles Rams 8) Jim O’Brien 7) 1984 6) Art Schlichter 5) Don Shula 4) Tom Matte 3) Alan Ameche 2) Pittsburgh Steelers 1) 1953

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TEAM: Bowling Green Falcons, 2011-present HONORS AND ACHIEVEMENTS: MAC Championship game MVP, 2013; fourth best passing yards in a season for Bowling Green (3,467), 2013.

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Curling Grand Slam of Curling: The National. (N) (CC) Figure Skating Smartest Grand Designs Our Vancouver This Week With Attkisson Animal Jack Han- Ocean Born to Sea Res- World of X Games Family Skating Tribute Skaters and their George... Rescue na Mys. Explore cue (N) (CC) children perform. (N) (CC) Figure Skating ISU Grand Prix: Trophee Eric CountNASCAR Racing Sprint Cup Series: Quicken Loans Race for Heroes 500. (N) Clangers Earth to Bompard. (Taped) (S) down (S Live) (CC) (N) Luna! CBS News Sunday Morning (N) Face/ The NFL Today (N) NFL Football Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers. (N) (Live) (CC) NFL Football (1:25) Kansas City Chiefs at Denver (S) (CC) Nation (Live) (CC) Broncos. (N) (Live) (CC) Sunday Morning News (N) (CC) Block Context Osteen Paid Noon News Hour Cancel Christmas (NR, ’10) ››› Cake Wars (CC) Curious Curious Daniel Daniel Sesame Space Sid the SciGirls Earth’s Natural Won- Continental Railway Wheat Belly Total Health With Aging Backwards WomGeorge George Tiger Tiger Street Racers Science (S) (CC) ders (CC) Journeys William Davis, MD en-Age Survivorman Liquida Paid Paid Paid Wild Things Pckg Paid Church Illu Escape Family Survivorman Close Up Kings In Touch W/Charles Christian Worship Medicare Great The Im- Real Es- Sexy Abs! Make $$ in Real Es- Paid Prog. 21 Day Fix Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Great Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Stanley Hour Meal pact tate tate Locally Meal West Ministry Search Speak Feldick P. Kroeze Estate Back Estate Fish Oil Tummy Islands Estate Gilligan Gilligan Happy Laverne Key of J. Van Fox News Sunday FOX NFL Sunday (N) NFL Football Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers. (N) (S Live) (CC) The OT Avoid a The Pacifier (PG, ’05) ›› Vin Diesel, Lauren David Impe (CC) (N) Facelift Graham. (CC) Well Estate Paid Estate WEN Drill Paid Cos Meet the Press Osteen Kevin Kds Think Biz Kid Wild Holly WEN Ladder Great Franklin Turning Walk Winning Prince Carpen Schuller Touch Power Written Path Super Kelinda Jesse Hagee Marrg BL G. Jakes Meyer Apostolic Faith Medi Feel FOX NFL Kickoff DOC Estate Feel Paid Estate Paid Estate Paid Bridget Jones: Edge Object-Affect. Mes Crossfire Serv. FWC Family Worship Center Sunday FWC Music Generation Family Worship Center Sunday FWC Living Waters Home House Paint Paint B. Wolf Tracks Members’ Choice Members’ Choice A.M. Weekend Marilyn Denis Question Period Operation Smile NFL Football Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers. (N) NFL Cash Marilyn Denis The Social (CC) Real Estate Jere Youssef In Touch Bob Bob Olly Olly Paid Program Point Break (’91) ››› Patrick Swayze. The Ringer (’05) ››

SaveCor KOMO 4 News Sunday 6:00am Meet the Press (N) (CC) KIRO 7 News Sunday Morning Inven 8 In a Thomas Peg & Fr. 10 CityLine (CC) Real Es- Paid Prog. tate Abbott 12 Abbott Paid Prog. WEN Hair



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Paid Paid Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter Beyond Scared Beyond Scared Beyond Scared Nightwatch (CC) Nightwatch (CC) Nightwatch (CC) House of Flying Dag- Shaolin (R, ’11) ›› Andy Lau, Nicholas Tse. A betrayed general The Matrix (R, ’99) ››› Keanu Reeves. A computer hacker learns Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (R, ’03) ››› Uma Thurman, Lucy Liu, Kill Bill: gers (4:30) takes refuge at a Shaolin temple. his world is a computer simulation. Vivica A. Fox. Vol. 2 Crocodile Hunter Crocodile Hunter Crocodile Hunter To Be Announced Paid Paid Paid Creflo P. Po P. Chris Bobby Jones Voice November Rule (10:32) (NR, ’15) House of Payne Payne Payne Payne Payne Payne Watch Untying the Knot Untying the Knot Housewives/Atl. Housewives/OC OC Vanderpump Rul Vanderpump Rul Housewives/Atl. Housewives/Atl. Housewives/Atl. Fighting Medi CIZE Paid Cos Paid Paid Paid Medi Medi Cook/ Paid Safety Paid Medi Bissell WEN Medi Bob Medi State of Union Fareed Zakaria Reliable Sources State of Union Fareed Zakaria CNN Newsroom CNN Newsroom CNN Newsroom CNN Newsroom CNN Newsroom CIZE! Total Sub-D Paid The Girl Next Door (8:12) (NR, ’04) ›› Emile Hirsch. Me, Myself & Irene (11:01) (R, ’00) › Jim Carrey. Austin Powers in Goldmember ›› Washington Newsmakers (S) Washington This Week (S) Newsmakers (S) Paid David Paid Amaz Osteen Touch Pacific Warriors Men, Women Gold Rush (CC) Gold Rush (CC) Alaskan Bush Ultimate Homes Ultimate Homes Wil. Pirates Doc Mickey Sofia Goldie LivGirl Austin Bunk’d LivK.C. Best Fr. Best Fr. Best Fr. Dog Dog Dog Austin Austin X-Men 2 (6:15) (’03) ››› Patrick Stewart. A powSo I Married an Axe Murderer Legends of the Fall (10:15) (R, ’94) ›› Brad Pitt, An- Capote (R, ’05) ››› Philip Seymour Hoff- In Cold Blood (S) (Part 1 of 2) er-mad militarist pursues the mutants. (8:35) (’93) ›› (CC) thony Hopkins. iTV. (S) (CC) man. iTV Premiere. (S) (CC) SportsCenter (N) NFL Insiders Sunday NFL Countdown (N) (CC) Who’s Football Final Soccer: UEFA Euro 2016 Qualifier ESPN Cross CrossFit Games Cross Outside Sports SportsCenter (N) Fantasy Football Now (N) (Live) NHRA Drag Racing 30 for 30 Shorts 30 for 30 30 for Schuller Mass The Three Musketeers (PG-13, ’11) › Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides ›› National Treasure (PG, ’04) ›› Nicolas Cage. Treas Ride-Whirl Man of the House (’95) ›› Wooly Boys (8:15) (PG, ’01) ›› Peter Fon- Mighty Joe Young (PG, ’98) ›› Charlize Spy Hard (PG-13, ’96) ›› Leslie Going Overboard (R, ’89) › Pe- Judge Dredd (3:15) Chevy Chase. (CC) da. (S) (CC) Theron. (S) (CC) Nielsen. (S) ter Berg. (S) (CC) (’95) ›› FOX and Friends Maria Bartiromo MediaBuzz (N) News House News HQ Fox News Sun. Bob Jour. News HQ MediaBuzz Fox News Sun. Paid WEN Rachael Ray’s Con Giada Pioneer Guy’s P. Hea Valer Holiday Pioneer South Brunch B’foot Contessa Diners Diners Diners Diners Paid Medi Ellen Buffy, Slayer Mike Mike Mother Mother Mother Mother Men in Black 3 (PG-13, ’12) ›› Will Smith. Iron Man 2 (’10) ›› In Love & The Sweet Ride (6:45) (R, ’68) ›› Tony John and Mary (8:40) (’69) ››› Kiss Me Goodbye (10:15) (PG, ’82) ›› Sally Won’t Back Down (PG, ’12) ›› Maggie Gyllenhaal, Love & Other Drugs (R, ’10) ›› War Franciosa. (CC) Dustin Hoffman. Field, James Caan. (CC) Viola Davis, Holly Hunter. (CC) Jake Gyllenhaal. The Thanksgiving House (’13) A Very Merry Mix-Up (NR, ’13) A Princess for Christmas (’11) ›› ’Tis the Season for Love (NR, ’15) I’m Not Ready for Christmas (’15) Mrs. Doubtfire (6:15) (PG, ’93) ››› Robin Williams, Alvin and the Chipmunks (’07) The Unborn (PG-13, ’09) › Fight The Leisure Class (12:15) (’15) Real Time With Bill The Diplomat (2:45) (NR, ’15) Sally Field. (S) (CC) ›› Jason Lee. (CC) Odette Yustman. (S) Game Scottie Thompson. Maher (1:45) (S) (CC) Paid Elbow Love It or List It Love It or List It Love It or List It Love It or List It Love It or List It Love It or List It Flip or Flip or Flip or Flip or Flip or Flip or Coin Dr. Ho More Extreme Marksmen (S) (CC) Weird Weapons Forged in Fire Forged in Fire Forged in Fire Forged in Fire Forged in Fire Forged in Fire FeelSexy Paid Prog. In Touch W/Charles Amazing Jeremiah Joel Os- Cindy’s Project Runway: Ju- Killer Crush (NR, ’14) Daveigh Chase, Rick The Preacher’s Sin (NR, ’15) JR Bourne, Allie Damaged (NR, ’14) Stanley teen Skin nior (CC) Roberts. (CC) Gonino. (CC) Chris Klein. The Bachelor (6:15) (PG-13, ’99) › Chris Kissing a Fool (R, ’98) › David Blackhat (9:35) (R, ’15) ›› Chris Hemsworth, Tang Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo The Namesake (1:20) (PG-13, ’06) ››› Kal The MaO’Donnell. Premiere. (S) Schwimmer. (S) Wei, Viola Davis. (S) (CC) (11:50) (R, ’99) › (S) Penn, Tabu. (S) (CC) rine Up (N) Melissa Harris-Perry (N) Weekends With Alex Witt (N) Meet the Press Caught Camera Caught Camera Caught Camera Caught Camera Broke Broke Broke Kicking & Screaming (’05) ›› Will Ferrell. Bruce Almighty (’03) ›› How High (12:10) (’01) › Method Man. Ridic. Ridic. Ridic. Formula One Racing Formula One Racing Brazilian Grand Prix. F1 Ex NAS Motorsports Motorsports Volleyball Wakeb. DRIVE Post NAS George George Spong Spong Rang Al Al Spong Spong Spong Turtles Bread Al Al Al Al Spong Spong Spong Spong Total Paid Medi Paid House (S) (CC) House “Half-Wit” Snapped (CC) Snapped (CC) Snapped (CC) Snapped (CC) Snapped Snapped (CC) Paid Paid NoWrin Quest Paid Paid Blender Paid Rocket! Paid Paid Blower College Football Eastern Washington at Montana. College Soccer Play It Compared to What? Journey of Inside the NFL (S) Waterworld (PG-13, ’95) ›› Kevin Costner. A loner St. Vincent (PG-13, ’14) ››› Bill Snowpiercer (1:15) (R, ’13) ››› Chris Evans, Song Listen to Barney Frank (CC) navigates a future world. (S) (CC) Murray. (S) (CC) Kang-ho, Tilda Swinton. (S) (CC) Me No Out Total CIZE Paid Paid Off Engine Truck Muscle Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops A Guy The Emperor’s Club (6:35) (PG-13, ’02) ›› Scary Movie 4 (8:25) (’06) ›› Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 (9:50) (PG, Da Vinci’s Demons Ash-Dead Die Hard With a Vengeance (12:55) (’95) Take: Ash-Dead Thing Kevin Kline. iTV. (S) (CC) Anna Faris. (CC) ’15) › iTV. (S) (iTV) (CC) ››› Bruce Willis. Night Paid Paid Paid Paid Zone The World Is Not Enough (PG-13, ’99) ›› Die Another Day (PG-13, ’02) ›› Pierce Brosnan. Land of the Lost (PG-13, ’09) › Sein Sein Sein Sein Friends Friends Friends Friends Duplex (’03) ›› Ben Stiller. (CC) Role Models (R, ’08) ››› Happy Gilmore (PG-13, ’96) ›› Passage to Marseille The Glass Key (NR, ’42) ››› Please Don’t Eat the Daisies (NR, ’60) ››› Leave Her to Heaven (NR, ’45) ››› Gene Green Mansions (NR, ’59) ››› Audrey Funny Lady (PG, ’75) ›› Barbra (5) ››› Brian Donlevy. (CC) Doris Day. (CC) (DVS) Tierney. (CC) Hepburn, Anthony Perkins. Streisand. (CC) Paid BODY Paid Paid Medi Be Say Say Say Say Say Say Sister Wives (S) Sister Wives (S) Sister Wives (S) Sister Wives (S) Last Keep Lovesick (NR, ’14) Matt LeBlanc. Bandits (PG-13, ’01) ›› Bruce Willis, Billy Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom (10:05) (PG-13, ’13) Public Enemy: Live Serendipity (PG-13, ’01) ›› John Boyhood (3:05) (’14) (S) (CC) Bob Thornton. (S) (CC) ›› Idris Elba. (S) (CC) Cusack. (S) (CC) ›››› (CC) Law & Order “True Law & Order (S) (CC) Law & Order “The Law & Order “HitLaw & Order “Open Law & Order “Aster- Unknown (’11) ›› Liam Neeson. An accident victim A Time to Kill (R, ’96) ››› SanCrime” (S) (DVS) Ring” (S) man” (S) Season” isk” (S) finds a man using his identity. dra Bullock. Teen Transf. Poké Teen Teen Teen Teen Teen Teen Teen Teen Teen Wabbit Wabbit Teen Teen Regular Regular Regular Regular Paid Medi BODY CIZE! Medi PiYo Cook/ Medi Road Road Ad. Ru Ad. Ru Ad. Ru Ad. Ru Top Funniest Top Funniest Top Funniest Golden Golden The Golden Girls Golden Golden Golden Golden Golden Golden Golden Golden Golden Golden Reba Reba Reba Reba Reba Reba White Collar Paid Paid P. Chris Paid Chrisley Donny! NCIS (S) (CC) NCIS “Cloak” (S) NCIS “Dagger” NCIS (S) (CC) NCIS (S) (CC) NCIS (S) (CC) VH1 Plus Music VH1 Plus Music The 20 The 20 Couples Therapy VH1 Big Music in 2015 Love & Hip Hop T.I.-Tiny T.I.-Tiny T.I. and Tiny

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Back Exhibition The Game Plan (PG, ’07) ›› (S) (CC) Heartland “Fearless” Canada’s Smartest Dragons’ Den (S) The National (N) (CC) CBC fifth est. The Wildlife Rock the KOMO 4 World News KOMO 4 News Sunday America’s Funniest Home Once Upon a Time “Birth; The Bear King” Zelena’s Quantico “Over” (N) (S) KOMO 4 Castle Docs Park (N) News 6:00pm (N) (CC) Videos (N) (S) pregnancy accelerates. (N) (S) (CC) (CC) News (11:35) (S) Football Night in America (N) (S Live) NFL Football (5:20) Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks. (N) (S Live) (CC) 5th Quarter KING 5 News (N) Dateline NBC “Fatal AtKING 5 News Up Late NW (CC) traction” (S) (CC) (N) NFL Football Pets.TV (N) KIRO News KIRO News Evening KIRO News 60 Minutes (N) (S) (CC) Madam Secretary (N) (S) The Good Wife “Driven” CSI: Cyber “Corrupted KIRO News KIRO News (CC) News (CC) (N) (S) (CC) Memory” (N) Holiday Baking Tackle News News Hour (5:59) (N) Security Emer Madam Secretary (N) The Good Wife (N) Simpsons Simpsons News Block Glorious Women Never Father Brown (S) (CC) NewsHour A Chef’s Life Downton Masterpiece Classic Working class Masterpiece Classic (N) Murder on the Home Front (NR, ’13) Pat- Scott & BaiAge Wk (N) Abbey prime minister is elected. (CC) rick Kennedy. (S) (CC) ley (S) Storage Storage Two Men Two Men Pckg Deal Liquidator Broke Girl Burgers Mindy Brooklyn Fam. Guy Last Man Broke Girl Two Men Murdoch Mysteries The Middle King of Mike & Molly Mike & Molly 2 Broke Girls 2 Broke Girls Blue Bloods “Loose Lips” Blue Bloods “Most Want- The Closer “Off the Hook” Seinfeld (S) Seinfeld (S) Family Guy Bob’s Burg(CC) Queens (CC) (CC) (CC) (CC) (S) (CC) ed” (S) (CC) (CC) (CC) (CC) (CC) ers Love Lucy Love Lucy The Love Boat The Love Boat Griffith Griffith Columbo “A Stitch in Crime” M*A*S*H Odd Cple. Honeymnr Cheers Newhart Two and Half Q It Up Sports Seahawks Paid ProTwo and Half Two and Half The SimpBob’s Burg- The SimpBrooklyn Family Guy Last ManQ13 FOX Q It Up Q13 FOX Person of Men Gameday gram Men Men sons (S) ers sons (S) Nine-Nine (N) Earth News Sports (S) News at Interest Estate Paid Prog. Extra (N) (S) (CC) No Sleep? Traveler Raw Trav. Short Circuit (PG, ’86) ›› Ally Sheedy. News Inside Ed. Tosh.0 (S) Tosh.0 (S) Lead Way BlessLife J. Osteen K. Shook Copeland Creflo D. In the Beginning... 46th Annual GMA Dove Awards Object-Affect. Paid Prog. Celebrity Celebrity Monopoly Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang News Q Sports How I Met How I Met Friends Friends Family Worship Center Sunday FWC Music Family Worship Center Sunday Live Service FWC Music Jimmy Swaggart Members’ Choice (2) Members’ Choice etalk Santa Claus Parade CTV News Saving Hope (S) Once Upon a Time “Birth; The Bear King” Quantico “Over” (N) News CTV Ringer Me, Myself & Irene (R, ’00) › Jim Carrey. (S) Me, Myself & Irene (R, ’00) › Jim Carrey. (S) The Ringer (’05) ›› Johnny Knoxville. Point Brk. The First 48 (S) (CC) The First 48 (S) (CC) The First 48 (S) (CC) The First 48 (S) (CC) The First 48 (S) (CC) The First 48 (S) (CC) The First 48 (10:01) The First 48 (11:02) Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (3:30) (R, ’04) ››› Uma Thurman. An assassin con- The Walking Dead A new face appears; The Walking Dead “Now” The Walking Dead (N) (CC) Into the Badlands “The Talking Dead (10:55) (N) fronts her former boss and his gang. trust issues form. (CC) (CC) Fort” (CC) (CC) To Be Announced To Be Announced North Woods Law (N) North Woods Law (N) Rugged Justice (N) North Woods Law (S) House of Payne Payne Payne Payne Payne Payne Payne Payne Payne Payne Payne Being Mary Jane The Westbrooks Housewives/Atl. Housewives/Atl. Housewives/Atl. Housewives/Atl. The Real Housewives of Atlanta Après Ski Housewives/Atl. Happens American Greed American Greed American Greed American Greed American Greed American Greed American Greed CIZE! Paid Prog. Anthony Bourd. Anthony Bourd. Anthony Bourd. Somebody’s Anthony Bourd. Anthony Bourd. Somebody’s CNN Newsroom Live Superbad (3:59) (NR, ’07) ››› Jonah Hill. (CC) Step Brothers (6:35) (R, ’08) ›› Will Ferrell. (CC) Pineapple Express (R, ’08) ›› Seth Rogen. (CC) Pineapple Washington This Stacy Schiff Capitol Hill Hearings Road to the White Stacy Schiff Capitol Hill Hearings Road to the White Capitol Hill Hearings Last Frontier Last Frontier Last Frontier Last Frontier Alaska Last Frontier Alaskan Bush People Men, Women, Wild Austin Jessie (S) Jessie (S) Jessie (S) K.C. K.C. Liv-Mad. Liv-Mad. Planes (’13) ›› (CC) Bunk’d (S) Girl Meets Austin Bunk’d (S) Best Fr. In Cold Blood (4:05) Two ex-convicts a X-Men 2 (5:40) (PG-13, ’03) ››› Patrick Stewart. iTV. A power-mad Mad Max (R, ’79) ››› Mel Gibson. iTV. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (9:35) (PG-13, ’14) ›› Andrew Garfield, murder wealthy family. militarist pursues the mutants. (S) (CC) (S) (CC) Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx. iTV. (S) (CC) CrossFit SportsCenter (N) 2015 World Series of Poker Final Table. (Taped) SportsCenter (N) (Live) (CC) SportsCenter (N) (Live) (CC) SportsCenter (CC) 30 for 30 30 for 30 NHRA Drag Racing Auto Club Finals. From Pomona, Calif. ESPN FC (N) (CC) College Football Florida at South Carolina. National Treasure: Book of Secrets (3:30) The Hunger Games (PG-13, ’12) ››› Jennifer Lawrence. Sleepy Hollow (9:15) (R, ’99) ››› Johnny Depp, Christina Ricci. Judge Dredd (3:15) (R, ’95) The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (R, ’74) Night of the Living Dead (NR, ’68) ››› An American Werewolf in London (8:15) (R, ’81) ››› Underworld (R, ’96) › Denis Leary, Joe The Plague ›› (S) (CC) ››› Marilyn Burns. (S) Duane Jones. (CC) David Naughton. (S) (CC) Mantegna. (S) (CC) FOX Report (N) Fox News Reporting Stossel Greg Gutfeld Fox News Reporting FOX Report Greg Gutfeld Fox News Sunday Diners Diners Chopped (Part 4 of 4) Holiday Baking Guy’s Games Guy’s Games Holiday Baking Cutthroat Kitchen (N) Cutthroat Kitchen Iron Man 2 (2:30) ›› Iron Man 3 (PG-13, ’13) ››› Robert Downey Jr., Don Cheadle. Fast & Furious 6 (PG-13, ’13) ›› Vin Diesel, Paul Walker. Fast & Furious 6 ›› Love-Other FXM PresParental Guidance (PG, ’12) ›› Billy Crystal, Bette Parental Guidance (PG, ’12) ›› Billy Crystal, Bette Stealing Harvard (PG-13, ’02) › Jason Lee, Tom Green, Stealing Harvard (’02) › Drg ents Midler, Marisa Tomei. (CC) Midler, Marisa Tomei. (CC) Leslie Mann. (CC) Jason Lee. (CC) A Cookie Cutter Christmas (NR, ’14) A Boyfriend for Christmas (’04) ››› Christmas Incorporated (NR, ’15) Premiere. A Bride for Christmas (’12) Arielle Kebbel. The DiploDawn of the Planet of the Apes (PG-13, ’14) ››› Andy Face Off, Run All Night (R, ’15) ›› Liam Neeson, Ed Harris, Joel The Leftovers (N) (S) (CC) Getting On TogetherLast Week The Leftmat (2:45) Serkis. (S) (CC) Max Kinnaman. (S) (CC) (N) (S) ness (CC) To. overs (S) Flip or Flip or Flip or Flip or Flip or Flip or Flip or Flip or Hawaii Hawaii Island Island Island Island Hunters Hunt Intl Forged in Fire (CC) Forged in Fire (CC) American Pickers (S) American Pickers (S) American Pickers (S) American Pickers (S) Hunting Hitler (CC) American Pickers (S) Damaged (3) (NR, ’14) His Secret Family (NR, ’15) Haylie Duff. (CC) A Wife’s Nightmare (NR, ’14) Jennifer Beals, Dylan A Mother Betrayed Premiere. (N) (CC) A Wife’s Nightmare (11:02) Chris Klein. (CC) Neal, Lola Tash. (CC) (NR, ’14) (CC) The Marine (3:25) (’06) › The Knick “Whiplash” (S) Queen of the Damned (R, ’02) › Stuart Blackhat (7:45) (’15) ›› Chris Hemsworth, Tang Wei. A furloughed Poltergeist (PG, ’82) ››› Craig T. Nelson, JoBeth WilJohn Cena. (CC) Townsend. (S) (CC) convict and his partners hunt cybercriminals. liams, Beatrice Straight. (S) (CC) Juveniles Sex Slaves: Las Ve Locked Up Abroad Locked Up Abroad Lockup: Raw “SEG” Lockup Lockup Meet the Press (CC) Ridiculousness (4:15) Ridic. Kicking & Screaming (5:25) (’05) ›› Will Ferrell. Bruce Almighty (’03) ›› Jim Carrey. How High (R, ’01) › Method Man. (S) NASCAR Victory Lap Mecum Auto Auctions “Anaheim” (N) Formula One Racing Brazilian Grand Prix. NASCAR Victory Lap (S) Off the Adventure Sports Alvinnn!!! Alvinnn!!! Nicky Game Thunder Henry Splitting Adam (’15) Jace Norman. (S) (CC) Full H’se Full H’se Full H’se Full H’se Friends Friends Snapped (CC) Snapped (CC) Snapped (CC) Snapped (CC) Snapped Snapped: Killer Snapped (CC) Snapped: Killer College Soccer Go Fish Golf Life Ship Red Bull X Fighters (N) World Poker World Poker Tour World Poker Tour College Football Listen to Me Marlon (3:30) The Salvation (5:15) (R, ’14) ››› Mads Mikkelsen, Eva Homeland Saul orders a The Affair Helen makes a Homeland Carrie reconThe Affair (N) Homeland Carrie recon(’15) ››› (CC) Green. (S) (CC) sweep. (CC) decision. (S) nects with friends. nects with friends. Bar Rescue (S) Bar Rescue (S) Bar Rescue (S) Bar Rescue (S) Bar Rescue (S) Bar Rescue (S) Bar Rescue (N) (S) Bar Rescue (S) Da Vinci’s Demons (3:55) The Wedding Singer (4:50) (’98) ››› Ash vs Evil Da Vinci’s Demons “The Flesh and Bone “Cannon Flesh and Bone “Cannon Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 (PG, ’15) › Kevin Ash vs Evil (iTV) (S) (CC) Adam Sandler. (CC) Dead Labrys” (iTV) Fodder” (S) Fodder” (S) James. iTV. (S) (CC) Dead King Kong (PG-13, ’05) ››› Naomi Watts. A beauty tames a savage beast. (CC) Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (’08) ›› (CC) Timeline (’03) ›› Due Date (R, ’10) ›› Robert Downey Jr. The Hangover (’09) ››› Bradley Cooper. We’re the Millers (R, ’13) ›› Jennifer Aniston. We’re the Millers (R, ’13) ›› Funny Lady (2:30) (PG, ’75) The Strange One (NR, ’57) ››› Ben Gazzara, George Something Wild (NR, ’61) ›› Carroll Baker, Ralph Traffic in Souls (NR, ’13) ›› Jane Gail, Matt Moore, Nights of Cabiria (NR, ’57) ››› Peppard, Pat Hingle. Meeker. (CC) Ethel Grandin. ›› (CC) Sister Wives (S) (CC) Sister Wives (S) (CC) Sister Wives (S) (CC) Sister Wives (S) (CC) Sister Wives (S) (CC) Sister Wives (N) (CC) 90 Day Fiancé (N) (S) Sister Wives (11:04) Boyhood (3:05) (R, ’14) ›››› Ellar Coltrane, Patricia Dick Tracy (PG, ’90) ››› Warren Beatty, Madonna, Bandits (’01) ›› Bruce Willis. A neglected wife hooks Mission: Impossible III (10:05) (PG-13, ’06) ››› Tom Arquette. (S) (CC) Charlie Korsmo. (S) (CC) up with two quirky bank robbers. Cruise, Ving Rhames. (S) (CC) A Time to Kill (2:30) (R, ’96) ››› Sandra The Blind Side (PG-13, ’09) ››› Sandra Bullock. A well-to-do white The Librarians (N) (CC) Agent X John protects a The Librarians (CC) Agent X John protects a Bullock. (CC) (DVS) couple adopts a homeless black teen. former lover. former lover. We Bare We Bare Clarence Clarence Teen Teen Gumball Gumball Adventure Adventure Burgers Burgers American Fam. Guy Fam. Guy Rick truTV Top Funniest truTV Top Funniest truTV Top Funniest truTV Top Funniest truTV Top Funniest truTV Top Funniest truTV Top Funniest truTV Top Funniest Reba (CC) Reba (CC) Reba (CC) Reba (CC) Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond King King King King Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond NCIS (S) (CC) NCIS (S) (CC) NCIS “Toxic” (CC) NCIS “Legend” (CC) NCIS “Legend” (CC) NCIS (S) (CC) NCIS Tense reunion. Mod Fam Mod Fam T.I.-Tiny T.I.-Tiny Love & Hip Hop Love & Hip Hop Love & Hip Hop Boyz N the Hood (R, ’91) ››› Larry Fishburne. (S) Black Ink: Chicago Ink


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Early Edition Super Arthur Mob Tiger Super Napkin KOMO 4 News Good Morning America Live With Kelly News Today Today KIRO News CBS This Morning Make a Deal Morning News Morning Huntley Arthur Odd Wild Wild Curious Curious Tiger Tiger Breakfast Television (5:58) CityLine Wom Robison Cope Paid Paid Paid Million. Million. Meyer Robison Brady Petti Hillbil Hillbil Perry Mason News Q13 FOX News This Morning Q13 FOX News Extra Inside KING 5 Morning News on KONG The 700 Club Creflo Hagee Prince Y’r Day Cope Varied Programs Varied Paid Ray Ray Com Celeb Judge Mathis FWC Insight Frances and Friends FWC Swagg’t Members’ Cho. Omaha Beach Victory Garden Be Fit Katie North Start Globe Trekker Steves Steves Be Fit Liv’g Jour Mack Antiques Antiques Be Fit P Allen Focus Jour NOVA (S) Nature (CC) Be Fit B. Wolf KBTC Encore Secrets-Althorp Secrets-Tower Be Fit Old CTV Morning Live Vancouver Live With Kelly Varied Paid Paid Feldick Paid Paid NUMB3RS











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Paid Paid Parking Parking Dog Dog Dog Dog Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Criminal Minds The First 48 The First 48 Cancer Paid Paid Medi Paid Paid Exit Wounds (R, ’01) ›, DMX (CC) Out for Justice (R, ’91) ›› (CC) Black Dog (PG-13, ’98) ›› (CC) Under Siege (R) Paid Paid Medi Paid Paid Paid The Badlands GoodFellas (R, ’90) ›››› Robert De Niro. (CC) Max Payne (’08) › Mark Wahlberg. Few Good Men Paid Paid Paid Medi Paid Paid Never Finding Neverland (9:28) ››› A Few Good Men (11:32) (R, ’92) ››› Tom Cruise. Godzilla (2:31) (’98) ›› Paid Paid Medi Paid Paid Paid Stooge Stooge Godzilla (PG-13, ’98) ›› Matthew Broderick. (CC) National Lampoon’s Vacation ›› Ghostbusters Paid Paid Paid Paid Medi Paid Stooge Stooge Ghostbusters II (PG, ’89) ›› Bill Murray. The Outsiders (PG, ’83) ›› The Karate Kid (PG) ››› Oran Eden Big Cat Big Cat Crocodile Hunter Animal Cops Animal Cops Pit Bulls-Parole Pit Bulls-Parole Fatal Attractions Monsters Inside TBA Paid Paid Prince Meyer Payne Payne Prince Prince Movie (10:08) Payne Payne Prince Prince Prince Martin Martin Housewives/OC OC Vanderpump Rul After Below Deck Below Deck Below Deck Below Deck Below Deck Below Deck Below Deck Couch Couch Couch Below Deck Below Deck Below Deck Below Deck Below Deck Below Deck Below Deck Après Ski Après Ski Après Ski Couch Couch Couch Untying the Knot Untying the Knot Million Dollar LA Million Dollar LA Housewives Housewives Housewives Housewives Housewives Housewives Housewives Housewives Housewives Housewives Untying the Knot Untying the Knot Untying the Knot After OC Million Dollar LA Million Dollar LA Below Deck Below Deck Below Deck Below Deck Squawk on the Street Squawk Alley Fast Money Power Lunch Closing Bell Fast Varied Mad Money CNN Newsroom CNN Newsroom At This Hour Legal View Wolf CNN Newsroom CNN Newsroom Jake Tapper Situation Room Situation Room CIZE Paid PiYo Paid Paid Paid Com Nightly Daily Sat. Night Live Sat. Night Live Key Key Key Key Key Key & Peele CIZE Walk Paid Paid ID Theft Paid Com Nightly Daily Sat. Night Live Sat. Night Live Drunk Drunk Drunk History Work. Work. Work. Paid Trans Paid Paid Paid Paid Com Nightly Daily Sat. Night Live Sat. Night Live South South South Park (CC) South South South Trans Turkey Paid Medi Paid Paid Com Nightly Daily Sat. Night Live Sat. Night Live Archer Archer Archer Tosh.0 Tosh.0 Tosh.0 (3:15) Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Com Nightly Daily Sat. Night Live Sat. Night Live Me, Myself & Irene (12:33) (R, ’00) › (CC) South South Washington U.S. House of Representatives Varied Programs House, Reps. Varied Programs Paid Paid Paid Paid Meyer Paid Varied Programs Octo Wil. Pirates Mickey Tmrrwl Mickey Varied Goldie Sofia Doc Varied Mickey Mickey Sofia Varied Programs Teen Wolf Too (5:45) › Surf’s Up (7:25) ››› In Good Company (8:55) ››› Girl, Interrupted (10:50) (’99) ›› Flightplan (’05) ›› (CC) Gridiron Gang (2:40) (’06) Invasion-Body Guarding Tess (6:50) ›› 102 Dalmatians (’00) ›› Cars (10:15) (G, ’06) ››› iTV. (S) (CC) The Ides of March (12:20) Capt. America: Winter So I Married Mask (’85) ››› Eric Stoltz. (CC) Flash Gordon (9:10) (’80) › (CC) Hoosiers (11:05) (’86) ››› (CC) Blue Streak (1:05) (’99) › Airplane! (2:40) (’80) ››› Dutch (5:10) ›› The Buddy Holly Story (’78) ››› Coneheads (’93) ›› (CC) When the Game Stands Tall ›› Raging Bull (’80) ›››› (CC) X-Men 2 (2:40) (’03) ››› Dark Coneheads (’93) ›› (CC) Starman (’84) ››› Jeff Bridges. Alien vs. Predator ›› Ronin (11:45) (’98) ›› Robert De Niro. (CC) The Frighteners (1:50) Deliver SportsCenter (N) SportsCenter (N) SportsCenter (N) SportsCenter (N) SportC NFL PrimeTime NFL Insiders (N) NFL Live (N) Ques Around Pardon Monday Night SportsCenter (N) SportsCenter (N) SportsCenter (N) SportsCenter (N) College Basketball College Basketball College Basketball SportsCenter (N) SportsCenter (N) SportsCenter (N) SportsCenter (N) SportC Outside Football NFL Insiders (N) NFL Live (N) Ques Around Pardon SportsCenter (N) SportsCenter (N) SportsCenter (N) SportsCenter (N) SportsCenter (N) SportC Outside Football NFL Insiders (N) NFL Live (N) Ques Around Pardon SportsCenter (N) SportsCenter (N) SportsCenter (N) SportsCenter (N) SportsCenter (N) SportC Outside Football NFL Insiders (N) NFL Live (N) Ques Around Pardon SportsCenter (N) Mike & Mike (3) First Take (N) (S Live) (CC) His & Hers (N) ReOutside Football His/ His & Hers (CC) SportsNation (N) ReWm. Basketball Basketball College Basketball His & Hers (N) SportC Outside Football Soccer: UEFA Euro 2016 Qualifier ESPN Around Pardon College Football Mike & Mike (3) First Take (N) (S Live) (CC) His & Hers (N) First Take (S) (CC) His & Hers (CC) SportsNation (N) ReQues Around Pardon Mike & Mike (3) First Take (N) (S Live) (CC) His & Hers (N) First Take (S) (CC) ATP Tennis College Basketball Mike & Mike (3) First Take (N) (S Live) (CC) His & Hers (N) College Basketball ATP Tennis College Basketball: 2K Classic Meyer Varied Boy... Gilmore Girls Gilmore Girls 700 The 700 Club Varied Programs Middle Varied Programs America’s Newsroom Happening Now Outnumbered Happening Now The Real Story Shepard Smith Neil Cavuto The Five Special Report Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Barbe Varied Programs Cupcake Wars Chopped Pioneer Con Kitchen Varied Giada Giada Paid Paid Argo (R, ’12) ››› Ben Affleck, Alan Arkin. Next (’07) ›› Nicolas Cage. Mother Mother Mother Mother Mother Anger Anger Two Two Paid Paid Next (’07) ›› Nicolas Cage. Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol (’11) ››› Two Two Mother Mother Mother Two Two Mike Paid Paid Buffy, Slayer Gangs of New York (R, ’02) ››› Leonardo DiCaprio. Two Two Mother Mother Mother Mother Two Two Mike Paid Paid Reign of Fire (PG-13, ’02) ›› Act of Valor (R, ’12) ›› Roselyn Sanchez. Two Two Mother Mother Mother Mother Mother Anger Anger Paid Paid Act of Valor (R, ’12) ›› Roselyn Sanchez. The Watch (R, ’12) › Ben Stiller. Two Two Mother Mother Mother Mike Mike Mike Mike Shocking Miss You Were Meant for Me (7:15) Blue Denim (8:50) ›› Teenage Rebel (10:25) Aquamarine (’06) ›› Sara Paxton. Man of the House (’05) ›› (CC) Blue Denim (5:50) ›› Teenage Rebel (7:25) ›› The Farmer Takes a Wife Three Little Girls in Blue Man of the House (’05) ›› (CC) 127 Hours (R, ’10) ››› (CC) In Love The Iron Curtain (6:45) 5 Fingers (8:15) (NR, ’52) ››› The Quiller Memorandum (10:10) Broken City (R, ’13) ›› (CC) FXM Safe House (R, ’12) ›› The Quiller Memorandum Modesty Blaise (7:45) (’66) ›› Monica Vitti. The Kremlin Letter (9:50) ››› Safe House (’12) ›› Denzel Washington. Country Strong (’10) ›› House-Strngrs Madison Avenue (NR) ›› Together Brothers (8:40) (’73) ›› The Last American Hero Country Strong (’10) ›› Gwyneth Paltrow. In Time (PG-13, ’11) ›› Movie Movie Home & Family Home & Family Movie

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Packed in a Trunk Evolution (’01) ›› (CC) 5 Flights Up (9:15) ›› Blades of Glory (10:45) (’07) ››› Ghost Town (’08) ››› X-Men (2:15) (PG-13, ’00) ››› (S) Rio 2 (6:05) (G, ’14) ›› (S) (CC) Good Burger (7:50) ›› Fight Kareem: Minority of One The Good Lie (’14) ››› (CC) Fantastic Four Real Time, Bill Center Stage (PG-13, ’00) ›› (S) The Unborn (’09) › (CC) Draft Day (’14) ›› Kevin Costner. A.I.: Artificial Intelligence (’01) ››› (CC) The Devil Wears Prada (2:15) (’06) Tales Mystery Men (PG-13, ’99) ›› (S) Latin Explosion Lucky You (9:45) (’07) ›› Eric Bana. (CC) Transcendence (’14) ›› (CC) The Saint (’97) ›› Val Kilmer. O Brother, Where Art Thou? ››› Titanic (7:55) (’97) ›››› Leonardo DiCaprio. (CC) Best in Show (11:15) (’00) The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Cotto/Canelo Fantas Paid Varied Programs Hunters Hunt Varied Programs How the States Nostradamus Nostradamus Nostradamus Nostradamus Nostradamus Prophets of Doom (S) (CC) Banned From the Bible II (S) (CC) Paid Paid Secret-Gold America’s Book America’s Book Fort Knox: Secrets Revealed (CC) Jesse James’ Hidden Treasure (S) Quest for the Lost Ark (S) (CC) Paid Paid Wild West Tech Wild West Tech Wild West Tech Amer. Pickers Amer. Pickers Amer. Pickers Amer. Pickers Amer. Pickers Amer. Pickers Paid Paid Pawn. Pawn. Pawn. Pawn. Pawn. Pawn. Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Paid Turkey Modern Marvels Modern Marvels Modern Marvels Modern Marvels Modern Marvels Modern Marvels Modern Marvels Modern Marvels Modern Marvels Paid Paid Medi Balance Mysteries Mysteries Mysteries Frasier Frasier Mother Mother Grey’s Anatomy Grey’s Anatomy Grey’s Anatomy Paid PiYo Paid Balance Mysteries Mysteries Mysteries Frasier Frasier Mother Mother Grey’s Anatomy Grey’s Anatomy Grey’s Anatomy Paid Paid Medi Balance Mysteries Mysteries Mysteries Frasier Frasier Mother Mother Grey’s Anatomy Grey’s Anatomy Grey’s Anatomy Paid Paid Spaces Balance Mysteries Mysteries Mysteries Frasier Frasier Mother Mother Grey’s Anatomy Grey’s Anatomy Grey’s Anatomy Paid Cook/ Spaces Balance Mysteries Mysteries Mysteries Frasier Frasier Mother Mother Grey’s Anatomy Grey’s Anatomy Grey’s Anatomy John Grisham’s The Rainmaker (’97) ››› Out of Time (8:20) ›› 300: Rise of an Empire (10:10) ›› National-Van Wilder Taking Lives (’04) ›› Sexy Beast (’00) The Avengers (6:05) › Before the Rains (7:35) Twilight Zone: The Movie (9:15) Connie and Carla ›› The Insider (12:40) (R, ’99) ››› Al Pacino. (S) (CC) Good Off Air Police Academy 6: Siege Thick as Thieves (8:25) Broken Arrow (R, ’96) ›› (S) (CC) Blackhat (11:50) (R, ’15) ›› (S) Deep Blue Sea (2:05) (’99) ›› Opportunity Knocks ›› In the Land of Women (7:45) ›› Pleasantville (9:25) (’98) ››› (CC) Tammy (R, ’14) › (S) The Mexican (1:10) (’01) ›› (CC) Black Sea (3:15) Poltergeist (4:55) The Salton Sea (6:55) The Ruins (8:40) (’08) ›› Final Destination 3 (10:15) ›› Taking Lives (11:50) ›› Into the Storm (1:35) ›› The Marine › MSNBC Live With José Díaz-Balart MSNBC Live Andrea Mitchell MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts MSNBC Live With Kate Snow MTP Daily MSNBC Live The Dan Patrick Show Sports talk radio. (N) (S Live) Motorsports Motorsports NASCAR 120 (N) (S) NASCAR Pro Off the The Dan Patrick Show Sports talk radio. (N) (S Live) Outdoor Martin Federa White. Outd’r Blitz TV Blue Off Engine DRIVE NASCAR Pro Fantasy The Dan Patrick Show Sports talk radio. (N) (S Live) Fishing Sports FLW Charlie Fishing Bass Sltwtr Ra Onward NASCAR Pro Fantasy The Dan Patrick Show Sports talk radio. (N) (S Live) Charlie Outd’rs Outd’r Sea White. Fisher’s Outlaw Truck Muscle NFL NASCAR Pro Fantasy The Dan Patrick Show Sports talk radio. (N) (S Live) NASCAR Racing NASCAR Racing Mecum Auto Auctions NAS NASCAR Racing George George Spong Spong Al Blaze PAW PAW Mutt Umi Bubble Shim PAW PAW PAW Blaze Al Spong Spong Spong House (S) (CC) Crazy My My My My My She Made Me Snapped: Killer Snapped Snapped: Killer Snapped Snapped: Killer House (S) (CC) Crazy My My My My My Fix My Mom Bad Girls Club Bad Girls Club Bad Girls Club Bad Girls Club Fix My Mom Fix My Mom Crazy My My My My My My My Snapped She Made Me Snapped Snapped She Made Me House (S) (CC) Crazy My My My My My My My Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins Tardy Tardy Tardy Tardy Tardy Tardy House (S) (CC) Crazy My My My My My My My Top Model Top Model Top Model Top Model Top Model Paid Paid Cooker Larry Paid PiYo! The Rich Eisen Show (N) (Live) Paid Paid The Dan Patrick Show Sports talk radio. (N) Paid Paid NoWrin Top Cooker Paid The Rich Eisen Show (N) (Live) K. Ur Paid The Dan Patrick Show Sports talk radio. (N) Paid Paid Paid Quest 21 Day PiYo! The Rich Eisen Show (N) (Live) Paid Paid The Dan Patrick Show Sports talk radio. (N) Paid Paid Paid NoWrin Paid Paid The Rich Eisen Show (N) (Live) Paid Paid The Dan Patrick Show Sports talk radio. (N) Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid The Rich Eisen Show (N) (Live) Top Cooker The Dan Patrick Show Sports talk radio. (N) St Vin Mission: Impossible III (6:45) (’06) ››› Meet Joe Black (PG-13, ’98) ›› Brad Pitt. (S) (CC) Panic (R, ’00) ››› (S) Rampart (R, ’11) ››› (S) (CC) Super Star Dead Poets Society (6:45) (’89) ››› (CC) Safelight (R, ’15) (S) (CC) 21 Years: Linklater Apartment Runaway Bride (1:10) (’99) ›› The Jackal (3:10) 21 Yrs-Linklatr Stakeout (R, ’87) ››› (S) (CC) The Horse Whisperer (’98) ››› Robert Redford. Son-in-Law (11:50) › The Jam: Young Idea Vampire Acad Happy-Go-Lucky Glena (7:15) (NR, ’13) (S) World Trade Center (8:45) (’06) ››› (CC) David Bowie Rampart (R, ’11) ››› (S) (CC) Rounders (’98) ›› Matt Damon. Honey, I Blew Up the Kid Calendar Girls (’03) ››› (CC) Into the Blue (PG-13, ’05) ›› (S) Waterworld (’95) ›› Kevin Costner. (CC) Out of Sight (R, ’98) ››› (S) (CC) Out Cebria Paid Paid Paid Paid Police Videos Police Video Scarface (R, ’83) ››› Al Pacino, Michelle Pfeiffer. (S) (CC) Law Abiding Citizen › Paid Paid Paid Walk Paid Paid Cops Cops Jail (S) Cops Cops Jail (S) Jail (S) Cops Cops Cops Police Videos Police Videos Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Police Videos Police Video End of Watch (’12) ››› Jake Gyllenhaal. 2 Fast 2 Furious (’03) ›› Paul Walker. Pros Paid Paid Turkey Paid Paid A Night at the Roxbury (’98) › American Pie (’99) ››› Jason Biggs. American Pie 2 (’01) ›› Jason Biggs. Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Gangland (CC) Gangland (CC) Gangland (CC) Gangland (CC) Gangland (CC) Gangsters: Evil Gangsters: Evil About Last Night Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 › Million Dollar Arm (’14) ›› (CC) Magic in the Moonlight (10:40) ›› The Royal Tenenbaums Flesh and Bone Pursuit-Happy. Thor: The Dark World (5:55) ›› Still Alice (7:50) ››› The The Evil Dead (9:55) (’81) Da Vinci’s Pompeii (12:20) (’14) ›› Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Alexan Stick It (6:35) (’06) ›› (CC) Mercury Rising (8:20) ›› No Good Deed (10:15) › Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Sex Tape (1:45) (R, ’14) › iTV. (S) Mes Paul Blart-2 Muppets Most Wanted (7:10) ››› The Water Horse (9:05) (’07) ››› Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 › The Think Like a Man Too (’14) ›› Out Cold (2:50) Big Hero 6 (5:55) ››› Housesitter (7:40) (’92) ›› (CC) Striking Distance (9:25) Taxi (11:10) (’04) › Queen Latifah. The Rewrite (1:05) (’14) (CC) Big Hero 6 (2:55) Zone Zone Zone Savage Planet (NR, ’06) (CC) Lost Treasure-Grand Canyon Robin Hood (PG-13, ’10) ›› Russell Crowe. (CC) Timeline (PG-13, ’03) ›› Apocalypse Pompeii (NR, ’14) Zodiac: Signs of the Apocalypse Stonehenge Apocalypse (’10) (CC) Zombie Apocalypse (R, ’11) (CC) Apocalypse L.A. (’14) Justin Ray. Paranormal Wi. Paranormal Wi. Paranormal Wi. Ghost Hunters Ghost Hunters Ghost Hunters Ghost Hunters Ghost Hunters Ghost Hunters Ghost Hunters Zone Zone The Hive (’08) ›› Tom Wopat. High Plains Invaders (’09) ››› Big Ass Spider! (PG-13, ’13) ›› Arachnoquake (’12) ›› (CC) Se7en (R) ››› Zone Zone The Terror Beneath (NR, ’11) ›› Starve (NR, ’14) Bobby Campo. (CC) Se7en (R, ’95) ››› Brad Pitt. (CC) 6 Souls (R, ’10) › (CC) Married Married Married Married Married Married King King King King Cleve Cleve Amer. Amer. Amer. Amer. Family Family New New Hell The Painted Desert ›› The Squaw Man (NR, ’31) ›› Silver Dollar (’33) ››› Annie Oakley (’35) ›› The Arizonian (1:15) (NR, ’35) ›› Dodge City (’39) Watch-Rhine To Have and Have Not (’44) ››› Assignment in Brittany (’43) ›› Edge of Darkness (NR, ’43) ››› Betrayed (’54) ››› Clark Gable. Underground Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo (6:15) ››› Green Dolphin Street (8:45) (NR, ’47) ››› Mighty Joe Young (11:15) ››› Tom Thumb (1:15) (NR, ’58) Time Machine Winner Take All Bureau-Missing Topper Returns (’41) ›› The Babe Ruth Story (’48) ›› Stop, You’re Killing Me About Face (NR, ’52) ›› 3 Sailors & Girl Deadly Spencer’s Mountain (’63) ››› McLintock! (NR, ’63) ››› (CC) The Battle of the Villa Fiorita ›› Big Jake (12:45) (PG-13, ’71) ›› The Wings of Eagles (’57) Alaskan Varied Programs Cake Cake Hard Evidence Hard Evidence Hard Evidence Dateline: Real Dateline: Real Dateline: Real Serendipity (5:55) ›› The Station Agent ››› The Giver (’14) ›› (CC) Dragonheart (10:40) (’96) ›› (CC) World Trade Center (’06) ››› W. (2:40) (’08) ›› (CC) W. (5) (’08) ›› Mr. Holland’s Opus (7:10) (’95) ››› (CC) Evita (9:35) (PG, ’96) ››› Madonna. (S) Match (11:50) (’14) ›› Adventures in Babysitting Amity Horror In the Army Now (5:55) David Beckham Unknown Up Close & Personal (’96) › (CC) The Trip (11:05) (’10) ››› (CC) GBF (R, ’13) ››› (S) Delivery Man (2:35) ›› Lovesick (5:30) Santa Claws (6:55) (’14) Return to Nim’s Island Wish You Well (9:50) (’13) Good Morning, Vietnam (’87) ››› Lee Daniels’ The Butler (’13) ››› Dragon Atari Hannah Montana Some Girl(s) (7:40) (’13) Boyhood (9:10) (R, ’14) ›››› Ellar Coltrane. 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Sunday, November 15, 2015 The Daily Herald


elsey Nixon likes to think of her TV shows as mirrors of her life. BY GEORGE DICKIE

For instance, when she created “Kelsey’s Essentials” for Cooking Channel

in 2010, she was a newlywed setting up her first kitchen, so she was showing her viewers how to do the same. Now a working mom, she’s the host of the recently debuted “Kelsey’s Homemade,” airing Saturdays on Cooking Channel, in which she’s – yep – dispensing time-saving tips for the busy working family. “Where I see ‘Essentials’ is this program where it was all about setting up your first kitchen,” she says, “I look at ‘Homemade’ and I think it’s really about setting up a home. And when I say ‘home,’ I mean that environment where the people that you love come to the dinner table, you sit down, you break bread together and you have a great experience, and somehow doing that without Mom losing her mind or Dad losing his mind. Just a really practical solution for every day.”

Art mirrors life for

Nixon, a native of Salt Lake City now transplanted to New York City with her


husband and young son, invites viewers into the kitchen as she shares shortcuts

on ‘Kelsey’s Homemade’

and time-saving tools, wholesome recipes and last-minute entertaining ideas. She even has friends and family appear in the six half-hour episodes shot in a Cooking Channel studio, talking and sharing a meal. No one has any set lines and everyone just relaxes and dines as cameras roll. “It basically was like, ‘Alright, we’ve made all this food, you guys just sit there and eat it and enjoy each other’s company and we’ll just happen to be rolling the cameras in the background,’ ” Nixon says. “So it was really fun.” And as it turned out, there was a side benefit. “My little boy, Ollie, I didn’t know how he was going to react, and I didn’t want to do it if it wasn’t going to be fun for him,” she explains. “But my goodness, he had the time of his life and is still talking about Paul the audio guy at home. He’ll pretend that he’s the guy who’s putting on the microphone and walking around with a small broom that looks like boom mike. So we made actually really great family memories in filming this show together and it was such a positive experience for us all around. And, hey look, we have family home videos that are really high quality, so I got a two-for-one deal there.”

What book are you currently reading? “I’m currently listening to podcasts like crazy and I’ve almost replaced some of my reading with podcasts. So I am really loving the podcast ‘Mystery Show.’ That would be my answer, is that I’m listening to podcasts more than I am reading.” What did you have for dinner last night? “Chicken piccata.” What is your next project? “I have a line of kitchen products with the Home Shopping Network and we’re launching a few new products this upcoming Sunday, which is really exciting. So I’m heading to Florida to do that.” When was your last vacation, where and why? “Oh gosh, I need a vacation. The last vacation was me and my husband and my son went to Los Angeles and we went to Disneyland. And it was amazing; it was so much fun.”

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1. Oliver Platt drama series (2) 9. __ __ double take; look twice 10. Controversial rights org.




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11. 13. 15. 17.

Brief life sketch Furry swimmer Neckerchief Actress on “Law & Order: SVU” 18. Initials for football’s Elway


of Service

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20. “Whose Line Is __ Anyway?” 21. “The New Adventures of __ Christine” 23. “__ Wednesday”; 1973 Liz Taylor movie 24. Kaiser or Aetna, for short 25. 90 degrees from WNW 26. “__ Ordinary Family” 29. Tallulah’s initials 30. Popular game show host (2)

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Solution found on page 19


34. “__ __ Own” (1994-95) 36. Actress Gillette 38. Prefix for natal or classical 39. West, for one 42. Tit for __ 43. Actor Matthew __ __


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(S) (CC) Fodder” (S) Bugsy Siegel creates Las Vegas. (S) Chris Hemsworth. (CC) Timeline (2:30) ›› Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (’08) ›› (CC) Angels & Demons (PG-13, ’09) ›› Tom Hanks, Ewan McGregor. Identity (’03) ››› Seinfeld Seinfeld American American American American Fam. Guy Fam. Guy Fam. Guy Fam. Guy American American Big Bang Big Bang Conan (N) (CC) Dodge City (3) (’39) ››› My Darling Clementine (NR, ’46) ››› Henry Fonda, Kiss of Death (NR, ’47) ››› Victor Mature, Brian Don- The Egyptian (NR, ’54) ››› Edmund Purdom. An unfortunate physi- Million Dollar Errol Flynn. Linda Darnell. (CC) levy, Richard Widmark. cian ministers to an ailing pharaoh. (CC) Say Yes Say Yes Say Yes Say Yes Say Yes Say Yes 90 Day Fiancé (CC) 90 Day Fiancé (CC) 90 Day Fiancé (CC) 90 Day Fiancé (CC) 90 Day Fiancé (CC) W. 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Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage A Few Good Men (3) (R, ’92) ››› Tom Cruise, Jack Erin Brockovich (R, ’00) ››› Julia Roberts. A woman probes a power company Finding Neverland (PG, ’04) ››› Johnny Depp, Kate Erin Brockovich (11:05) (R, Nicholson, Demi Moore. (CC) cover-up over poisoned water. (CC) Winslet, Julie Christie. ’00) ››› To Be Announced (3) To Be Announced To Be Announced To Be Announced To Be Announced Payne Payne Payne Payne Martin (S) Martin (S) Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds (PG-13, ’12) ›› Tyler Perry. (CC) Being Mary Jane (N) Being Mary Jane Below Deck Below Deck “Fire!” Below Deck Below Deck Below Deck Below Deck The People’s Couch Happens Below The Profit Shark Tank (S) (CC) Shark Tank (S) (CC) The Profit (N) Shark Tank (S) (CC) Shark Tank (S) (CC) The Profit Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Erin Burnett OutFront Anderson Cooper CNN Special Report CNN Tonight Anderson Cooper CNN Special Report CNN Newsroom Live Amanpour News Work. Work. Futurama Futurama Futurama Futurama Drunk Tosh.0 Tosh.0 Tosh.0 Tosh.0 Tosh.0 Tosh.0 (N) Drunk Daily Nightly U.S. House of Representatives (12:30) (S) Key Capitol Hill Hearings Speeches. (S) Key Capitol Hill Hearings Speeches. (S) Moonshiners (S) (CC) Moonshiners (S) (CC) Moonshiners (S) (CC) Moonshiners (S) (CC) Moonshiners: Outlaw Moonshiners (S) (CC) Men, Women, Wild Moonshiners (11:01) Austin Austin Bunk’d (S) Bunk’d (S) Best Fr. Best Fr. Austin K.C. WALL-E (’08) ›››› Voices of Ben Burtt. Best Fr. Austin Girl Meets Bunk’d (S) Capt. Amer- Christine (4:25) (R, ’83) ›› Keith Gordon, John Stock- Guarding Tess (6:20) (’94) ›› Shirley Flash Gordon (PG, ’80) › Sam Jones, Melody AnderCaptain America: The Winter Soldier (PG-13, ’14) ››› ica well. iTV. (S) (CC) MacLaine. (CC) son. iTV. (S) (CC) Chris Evans. iTV. (S) (CC) GameDay College Basketball Top 25 College Basketball SportsCenter (N) SportsCenter (N) SportsCenter (N) College Football College Basketball SportsCenter (N) E:60 NBA 30 for 30 Middle Middle Middle Middle Big (PG, ’88) ››› Tom Hanks. Forrest Gump (PG-13, ’94) ›››› Tom Hanks, Robin Wright. The 700 Club (CC) Ruthless People (R, ’86) ››› Danny The Last Shot (3:25) (R, Straight Talk (6:35) (PG, ’92) ›› Dolly Dancing at the Blue Iguana (8:10) (R, ’00) › Charlotte Curse of the Starving Class (10:15) (R, ’95) ›› James ’04) ›› (S) (CC) DeVito. (S) (CC) Parton. (S) (CC) Ayanna, Daryl Hannah. (S) (CC) Woods, Kathy Bates. (S) (CC) Greta Van Susteren The O’Reilly Factor The Kelly File (N) Hannity (N) The O’Reilly Factor The Kelly File Hannity Greta Van Susteren Contessa Contessa Pioneer Trisha’s Chopped Chopped Chopped Junior (N) Chopped Chopped Chopped Mike 2 Guns (R, ’13) ›› Denzel Washington, Paula Patton. The Avengers (PG-13, ’12) ››› Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans. The Bastard Executioner Bastard The A-Team (PG-13, ’10) ›› Liam Neeson. Former Special Forces FXM PresThe A-Team (PG-13, ’10) ›› Liam Neeson. Former Special Forces FXM Pres127 Hours (R, ’10) ››› James Franco, Amber Tambsoldiers form a rogue unit. (CC) ents soldiers form a rogue unit. (CC) ents lyn, Kate Mara. (CC) Naughty or Nice (’12) Hilarie Burton. Let It Snow (’13) Candace Cameron Bure. Christmas Under Wraps (’14) The Christmas Parade (’14), Drew Scott Getting On Kareem: Minority of One (4:45) The life Fighting (6:15) (PG-13, ’09) ›› Channing Tatum, Ter- The Leftovers (S) (CC) Run All Night (R, ’15) ›› Liam Neeson, Ed Harris, Joel Fight Game U2: Inno(4:15) of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. rence Howard. (S) (CC) Kinnaman. (S) (CC) cence Fixer Upper (CC) Fixer Upper (CC) Fixer Upper (CC) Fixer Upper (CC) Fixer Upper (CC) Fixer Upper (CC) Hunters Hunt Intl Fixer Upper (CC) Holy Grail in America (S) (CC) Hunting Hitler (CC) Drilling Down Digging Deeper The Curse of Hunting Hitler (N) (S) Hunting Hitler (11:03) An Accidental Christmas (NR, ’07) › Cynthia Gibb, Da- On Strike for Christmas (NR, ’10) Daphne Zuniga, Da- 12 Men of Christmas (NR, ’09) Kristin Chenoweth, Josh A Nanny for Christmas (10:02) (NR, ’10) ›› Emmanuvid Millbern, James Hong. (CC) vid Sutcliffe, Julia Duffy. (CC) Hopkins. (CC) elle Vaugier, Dean Cain. (CC) Good Night, and Good Wonder Boys (4:55) (R, ’00) ››› Michael Douglas, Final Destination 3 (6:50) (’06) ›› Mary Into the Storm (8:25) (PG-13, ’14) ›› The Knick “Whiplash” (S) Lingerie Feature 1: Nighty Luck. (3:20) Tobey Maguire. (S) (CC) Elizabeth Winstead. Richard Armitage. (S) (CC) Nighters (CC) Hardball Matthews All In With Chris Rachel Maddow The Last Word All In With Chris Rachel Maddow The Last Word Hardball Matthews Fantasy Factory Ridic. Ridic. Ridic. Ridic. Ridic. Ridic. Ridic. Ridic. Ridic. Ridic. Finding Carter (N) (S) True Life (11:02) (N) NHL Live NHL Hockey Minnesota Wild at Pittsburgh Penguins. NHL Spartan Race (N) (S) Spartan Race (S) Spartan Race (S) Spartan Race (S) DRIVE (S) Sponge. Sponge. Alvinnn!!! Alvinnn!!! Nicky Henry Thunder Thunder iCarly (S) iCarly (S) Full H’se Full H’se Full H’se Full H’se Friends Friends Bad Girls Club Pretty. Strong. Fix My Mom Fix My Mom Fix My Mom Fix My Mom (N) Pretty. Strong. (N) Snapped College Basketball College Basketball Mark Few College Basketball Go Fish Rodeo The Jackal (3:10) (’97) ›› Snowpiercer (5:15) (R, ’13) ››› Chris Evans. Survivors of a second Homeland Carrie reconAll Access Inside the NFL (N) (S) (CC) A Season A Season Inside the NFL (S) (CC) Bruce Willis. ice age live aboard a supertrain. (S) nects with friends. (CC) With With Cops (CC) Cops (CC) Cops (CC) Jail (CC) Cops (CC) Jail (CC) Cops (CC) Cops (CC) Cops (CC) Cops (CC) Cops (CC) Cops (CC) Cops (CC) Cops (CC) Sweat Inc. (N) (S) Da Vinci’s Demons (4:15) Still Alice (5:10) (PG-13, ’14) ››› Julianne Moore, Alec The Beach (6:55) (R, ’00) ›› Leonardo DiCaprio, Tilda Da Vinci’s Demons “The The Holiday (PG-13, ’06) ›› Cameron Diaz, Kate Wins“The Labrys” Baldwin. iTV. (S) (CC) Swinton. iTV. (S) (CC) Labrys” (iTV) let, Jude Law. iTV. (S) (CC) Hostel (R, ’06) ›› Jay Hernandez. (CC) Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever (R, ’09) ›› The Cabin in the Woods (R, ’11) ››› (CC) Zombieland (’09) ››› Woody Harrelson. Friends Friends Friends Friends Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Conan (N) (CC) Underground (3) (’41) Strange Interlude (8:15) (NR, ’32) ››› Norma Shear- The Barretts of Wimpole Street (10:15) (NR, ’34) ››› Strangers May Kiss (NR, ’31) ›› Norma Smilin’ Through (NR, ’32) ›› Norma Shearer. (CC) Shearer. (CC) er, Clark Gable. (CC) Norma Shearer. (CC) (DVS) ››› Jeffrey Lynn. Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake 7 Little Johnstons (N) Cake Cake Amity Horror The Face of Love (4:45) (PG-13, ’13) ›› Annette Ben- The Last Keepers (6:20) (PG-13, ’13) Afflicted (R, ’13) ›› Clif Prowse, Derek The Amityville Horror (R, ’05) ›› Ryan Jessabelle (’14) ›› Sarah ing, Ed Harris. (S) (CC) Aidan Quinn. (S) (CC) Lee. (S) (CC) Reynolds. (S) (CC) Snook. (CC) Castle A relationship ther- Castle “Disciple” (S) (CC) Castle “The Good, the Bad Castle “Limelight” (S) (CC) Castle “Under Fire” (S) Castle The murder of a Castle “Dressed to Kill” (S) Castle “Smells Like Teen apist is murdered. (DVS) & the Baby” (DVS) (CC) (DVS) video store clerk. (CC) (DVS) Spirit” (S) Regular Regular Gumball Gumball Teen Teen We Bare Gumball Adventure Regular King/Hill Cleveland American American Fam. Guy Fam. Guy truTV Top Funniest Ad. Ruins Ad. Ruins Ad. Ruins Ad. Ruins Jokers Jokers Jokers Jokers Jokers Jokers Ad. Ruins Ad. Ruins Ad. Ruins Ad. Ruins Facts-Life Facts-Life Facts-Life Facts-Life Raymond Raymond Gaffigan Gaffigan King King King King Chris Chris How I Met How I Met Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Mod Fam Mod Fam Mod Fam Mod Fam Mod Fam Mod Fam Chrisley Donny! Mod Fam Mod Fam Above the Rim (’94) ›› Duane Martin. Love & Hip Hop Love & Hip Hop Couples Therapy (S) Black Ink: Chicago Above the Rim (’94) ›› Duane Martin.


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The First 48 (S) (CC) The First 48 (S) (CC) Duck D. Duck D. Duck D. Duck D. Duck D. Duck D. Duck Dynasty (CC) Duck D. Duck D. Duck D. Duck D. Godzilla (2:31) (PG-13, ’98) ›› Matthew I, Robot (PG-13, ’04) ›› Will Smith. A homicide detective tracks a Independence Day (PG-13, ’96) ››› Will Smith, Bill Pullman, Jeff Goldblum. Earth- Independence Day (’96) ››› Will Smith. Broderick. (CC) dangerous robot in 2035. (CC) lings vs. evil aliens in 15-mile-wide ships. (CC) To Be Announced (3) To Be Announced To Be Announced To Be Announced To Be Announced Payne Payne Payne Payne Not Easily Broken (PG-13, ’09) ›› Morris Chestnut. Martin (S) Martin (S) Martin (S) The Westbrooks (N) The Westbrooks Million Dollar LA Million Dollar LA Million Dollar LA Million Dollar LA Million Dollar LA Million Dollar LA Untying the Knot (N) Happens Million LA The Profit Shark Tank (S) (CC) Shark Tank (S) (CC) Jay Leno’s Garage Shark Tank (S) (CC) Shark Tank (S) (CC) Jay Leno’s Garage Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Erin Burnett OutFront Anderson Cooper This Is Life CNN Tonight Anderson Cooper This Is Life CNN Newsroom Live Amanpour News South Pk South Pk Futurama Futurama Futurama Futurama South Pk South Pk South Pk South Pk South Pk South Pk South Pk Moon. Daily Nightly U.S. House of Representatives (12:30) (S) Key Capitol Hill Hearings Speeches. (S) Key Capitol Hill Hearings Speeches. (S) Alaskan Bush People Alaskan Bush People Alaskan Bush People Alaskan Bush People Alaskan Bush Alaskan Bush People Men, Women, Wild Alaskan Bush People Best Fr. Liv-Mad. Jessie (S) Girl Meets Girl Meets Girl Meets Bunk’d (S) Austin Teen Beach 2 (8:05) (’15) ›› Ross Lynch. Best Fr. Austin Girl Meets Bunk’d (S) Total Recall (4:10) (R, ’90) ››› Arnold Schwarzeneg- Remember the Titans (6:05) (PG, ’00) ››› Denzel Aliens (R, ’86) ›››› Sigourney Weaver. iTV. Space Marines battle Blue Streak (10:35) (PG-13, ’99) › Martin ger. iTV. (S) (CC) Washington. iTV. (S) (CC) an army of deadly monsters. (S) (CC) Lawrence. iTV. (S) (CC) SportCtr NBA NBA Basketball: Pelicans at Thunder NBA Basketball Chicago Bulls at Phoenix Suns. (N) SportsCenter (N) SportsCenter (N) Storied SportCtr College Football Western Michigan at Northern Illinois. (N) (CC) SportsCenter (N) SportsCenter (N) NBA NBA Basketball Reba (CC) Reba (CC) Reba (CC) Forrest Gump (PG-13, ’94) ›››› Tom Hanks, Robin Wright. Grease (PG, ’78) ››› John Travolta. The 700 Club (CC) Drive (3:15) (’96) ›› Mark Twelve Monkeys (R, ’95) ››› Bruce Willis, Madeleine Judge Dredd (7:10) (R, ’95) ›› Sylvester Stallone, Ar- Scary Movie (R, ’00) ››› Shawn Way- Buffalo 66 (R, ’98) ››› Vincent Gallo, Dacascos. (CC) Stowe, Brad Pitt. (S) (CC) mand Assante. (S) (CC) ans. (S) (CC) Christina Ricci. (S) (CC) Greta Van Susteren The O’Reilly Factor The Kelly File (N) Hannity (N) The O’Reilly Factor The Kelly File Hannity Greta Van Susteren Contessa Contessa Pioneer Southern Thanksgiving Cutthroat Kitchen Clash-Grandma Cutthroat Kitchen (N) My. Din My. Din My. Din My. Din Mike The Avengers (PG-13, ’12) ››› Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans. Thor (PG-13, ’11) ››› Chris Hemsworth. American Horror American Horror Safe House (2:30) (R, ’12) Predators (R, ’10) ›› Adrien Brody. Fearsome aliens Predators (R, ’10) ›› Adrien Brody. Fearsome aliens Priest (PG-13, ’11) ›› Paul Bettany, Karl Urban, Cam Priest (PG-13, ’11) ›› Paul hunt a band of human fighters. hunt a band of human fighters. Gigandet. (CC) Bettany. ›› (CC) The Christmas Parade (’14), Drew Scott Charming Christmas (NR, ’15) Julie Benz. A Very Merry Mix-Up (NR, ’13) Alicia Witt. Moonlight and Mistletoe (NR, ’08) ››› Norbit (4:15) (PG-13, ’07) › Eddie Murphy, Thandie Night at the Museum (6:05) (PG, ’06) ›› Ben Stiller, The Leisure Class (’15) Scottie Thomp- Getting On The Leftovers (10:15) (S) Real Time With Bill Maher Newton, Cuba Gooding Jr. (S) (CC) Carla Gugino. (S) (CC) son. (S) (CC) (9:45) (CC) (11:15) (CC) Buying and Selling Buying and Selling Buying and Selling Buying and Selling Property Brothers Property Brothers (N) Hunters Hunt Intl Property Brothers American Pickers (S) American Pickers (S) American Pickers (S) American Pickers (S) American Pickers (S) American Pickers (N) American Pickers (S) American Pickers (S) Hitch (PG-13, ’05) ››› Will Smith, Eva Mendes, Kevin James. A smooth-talker 27 Dresses (PG-13, ’08) ›› Katherine Heigl, James People’s Sexiest Man Alive People’s Sexiest Man Alive 27 Dresses (11:02) (PG-13, helps a shy accountant woo an heiress. (CC) Marsden, Malin Akerman. (CC) 2015 2015 ’08) ›› Just Friends (3:50) (PG-13, ’05) ›› Ryan Frantic (5:25) (R, ’88) ››› Harrison Ford, Emmanuelle Ouija (PG-13, ’14) › Olivia Cooke, Daren The Knick “Whiplash” (S) 28 Weeks Later (R, ’07) ››› Robert Femme FaReynolds. (S) (CC) Seigner, Betty Buckley. (S) (CC) Kagasoff. (S) (CC) (CC) Carlyle. (S) (CC) tales Hardball Matthews All In With Chris Rachel Maddow The Last Word All In With Chris Rachel Maddow The Last Word Hardball Matthews Are You the One? (S) Are You the One? (S) Are You the One? (S) Are You the One? (S) Are You the One? (S) Are You the One? (S) Are You the One? (N) (S) NHL Live (N) (S Live) NHL Hockey Washington Capitals at Detroit Red Wings. NHL NFL Fantasy World Series of Fighting 23: Gaethje NFL Fantasy Sponge. Sponge. Alvinnn!!! Alvinnn!!! Nicky Henry Thunder Thunder Bella Game Full H’se Full H’se Full H’se Full H’se Friends Friends Snapped Snapped Snapped Snapped Snapped Snapped Snapped Snapped College Basketball College Basketball College Basketball Seahawks Seahawks College Basketball Vampire Bernie (4:45) (PG-13, ’11) ››› Jack Black, Shirley Ma- I Am Giant: Victor Cruz Play It Forward (S) (CC) Homeland Carrie reconThe Affair Inside the NFL (S) (CC) Academy cLaine. (S) (CC) (S) (CC) nects with friends. Never Back Down (PG-13, ’08) › Djimon Hounsou. (S) I Am Legend (PG-13, ’07) ››› Will Smith. (S) 2 Fast 2 Furious (PG-13, ’03) ›› Paul Walker. (S) I Legend The Messengers (3:40) No Good Deed (7:35) (PG-13, ’14) › Idris Ash vs Evil Sex Tape (9:35) (R, ’14) › Cameron Diaz. Ash vs Evil Dead (11:15) Ash vs Evil Whiplash (5:45) (R, ’14) ››› Miles Teller, J.K. Sim(’07) › (CC) mons, Melissa Benoist. iTV. (S) (CC) Elba. iTV. (S) (CC) Dead iTV. (S) (CC) (iTV) (S) (CC) Dead Ghost Hunters (CC) Ghost Hunters (CC) Ghost Hunters (CC) Ghost Hunters (CC) Ghost Hunters (CC) Ghost Hunters (CC) Paranormal Witness Ghost Hunters (CC) Friends Friends Friends Friends Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Conan (N) (CC) The Time Machine (3) (G, Reflections in a Golden Eye (NR, ’67) ›› Elizabeth In Cold Blood (R, ’67) ››› Robert Blake. Two ex-cons terrorize and A Streetcar Named Desire (PG, ’51) ›››› Marlon Ship of Fools ’60) ››› Taylor, Marlon Brando. (CC) murder an innocent farm family. (CC) Brando. (CC) (DVS) Say Yes Say Yes Say Yes Say Yes Say Yes Say Yes Fabulous Fabulous Fabulous: Extra Fat Fabulous Coach Coach Late Joy Fabulous Delivery Man Serendipity (PG-13, ’01) ›› John CuRunaway Bride (PG, ’99) ›› Julia Roberts, Richard Mission: Impossible III (PG-13, ’06) ››› Tom Cruise, Bandits (10:05) (PG-13, ’01) ›› Bruce Willis, Billy Bob (2:35) sack. (S) (CC) Gere, Joan Cusack. (S) (CC) Ving Rhames. (S) (CC) Thornton. (S) (CC) Castle Evidence contraCastle An undercover op- Castle “The Way of the Castle The murder of a The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (PG-13, ’12) ›› Ian McKellen, Martin Freeman. Bilbo Bag- Incredible dicts a confession. eration goes awry. Ninja” (CC) (DVS) Wall Street trader. gins joins the quest to reclaim a lost kingdom. (CC) (DVS) Hulk Regular Regular Gumball Gumball Teen Teen We Bare Gumball Adventure Regular King/Hill Cleveland American American Fam. Guy Fam. Guy World’s Dumbest... World’s Dumbest... World’s Dumbest... Carbon Carbon Carbon Carbon Carbon Carbon Carbon Carbon Road Spill Road Spill Facts-Life Facts-Life The Facts of Life Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond King King King King Chris Chris How I Met How I Met NCIS (S) (CC) NCIS “Smoked” (CC) NCIS “Iceman” (CC) NCIS “Grace Period” NCIS “Choke Hold” NCIS (S) (CC) (DVS) NCIS “Grounded” (S) Mod Fam Mod Fam You Got Step Up Revolution (PG-13, ’12) ›› Ryan Guzman. (S) Couples Therapy (S) Couples Therapy (S) Couples Therapy (S) Couples Therapy (N) Love & Hip Hop

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22 Min Coronat’n The Nature of Things Firsthand (N) (S) (CC) The National (N) (CC) CBC Coronat’n Wheel of Jeopardy! Grey’s Anatomy (N) (S) Scandal “Baby, It’s Cold How to Get Away With KOMO 4 Jimmy KimFortune (N) (CC) (CC) Outside” (N) (S) Murder (N) (CC) News mel KING 5 News Evening (N) Heroes Reborn “11:53 to The Blacklist “Kings of the The Player “Tell” (N) (S) KING 5 News Tonight (N) (CC) Odessa” Highway” (N) (CC) (N) Show The Insider EntertainBig Bang Life in Pieces Mom (9:01) 2 Broke Girls Elementary “Tag, You’re KIRO News Late-Colbert (N) (S) ment Ton. Theory (N) (N) (N) Me” (N) (CC) Ent ET Heroes Reborn (N) The Blacklist (N) (CC) Elementary (N) (CC) News Colbert Rick Steves Europe Marathon Rick Steve’s favorite Quirke “Elegy for April” Phoebe asks Downton Abbey Rediscovered (10:33) European loop. (N) Quirke for help. (S) (CC) (S) (CC) Mod Fam Mod Fam Mr. D Life in Mom (N) Broke Girl Broke Girl Two Men EP Daily Reviews Mike & Molly 2 Broke Girls The Vampire Diaries The Originals “Out of the 2 Broke Girls Mike & Molly Family Guy Family Guy (CC) (CC) “Mommie Dearest” Easy” (N) (S) (CC) (CC) (CC) (CC) (CC) M*A*S*H M*A*S*H Griffith Griffith Doris Day Make R’m Heroes Heroes C. Burnett P. Mason Big Bang Big Bang Bones (N) (S) (PA) (CC) Sleepy Hollow “Novus Q13 FOX News at 10 (N) Q13 FOX Modern Theory Theory (DVS) Ordo Seclorum” (CC) News at Family (S) Inside Ed. Hollywood Dr. Phil (S) (CC) KING 5 News at 9 (N) KING 5 News at 10 The Dr. Oz Show (S) Praise the Lord (N) (Live) (CC) Holy Land Bless Amazing Creflo D. The Song Bless Simpsons Simpsons Mod Fam Mod Fam Q13 FOX News at 9 Big Bang Big Bang Friends Friends Frances and Friends FWC Music Jimmy Swaggart Raising of America The Dust Bowl (S) (CC) (DVS) The Dust Bowl (S) (CC) (DVS) Grey’s Anatomy (N) Big Bang Goldbergs Saving Hope (N) Away-Murder News CTV Blue Bloods (S) (CC) Blue Bloods (CC) Blue Bloods (CC) Blue Bloods (S) (CC) Blue Bloods (S) (CC)

Nightwatch (S) (CC) The First 48 (S) (CC) The First 48 (S) (CC) The First 48 (S) (CC) The First 48 (S) (CC) The First 48 (N) (CC) Nightwatch (10:01) The First 48 (11:02) Ghostbusters (3) (PG, ’84) ››› Bill Mur- Ghostbusters II (PG, ’89) ›› Bill Murray. A long-dead Carpathian The Karate Kid (PG, ’84) ››› Ralph Macchio, Elisabeth Shue. A Japanese handy- The Outsiders (’83) ›› ray, Dan Aykroyd. (CC) warlock attempts to return to Earth. (CC) man teaches a teenager to defend himself. (CC) Matt Dillon. To Be Announced (3) To Be Announced To Be Announced Monsters Inside Me To Be Announced Payne Payne Payne Payne Cadillac Records (R, ’08) ››› Adrien Brody. Martin (S) Martin (S) Martin (S) Being Mary Jane The Westbrooks Vanderpump Rules Vanderpump Rules Vanderpump Rules Housewives/Atl. Housewives/Atl. Housewives/Atl. Housewives/Atl. Happens Vander Jay Leno’s Garage Shark Tank (S) (CC) Shark Tank (S) (CC) The Profit The Profit Jay Leno’s Garage Jay Leno’s Garage Coin Collecting Erin Burnett OutFront Anderson Cooper The Hunting Ground (’15) ››› Sexual Assault The Hunting Ground (PG-13, ’15) ››› Sexual Assault Tosh.0 Tosh.0 Futurama Futurama Futurama Futurama South Pk South Pk Tosh.0 Tosh.0 Tosh.0 Tosh.0 Nathan South Pk Daily Nightly U.S. House of Representatives (12:30) (S) Key Capitol Hill Hearings Speeches. (S) Key Capitol Hill Hearings Speeches. (S) Men, Women, Wild Men, Women, Wild Fast N’ Loud (S) (CC) Fast N’ Loud (CC) Fast N’ Loud (S) (CC) Fast N’ Loud (S) (CC) Fast N’ Loud (CC) Fast N’ Loud (S) (CC) K.C. K.C. Best Fr. Best Fr. Liv-Mad. Liv-Mad. Austin K.C. Bunk’d (S) K.C. Girl Meets Liv-Mad. Best Fr. Austin Girl Meets Bunk’d (S) X-Men 2 (2:40) (’03) ››› Coneheads (PG, ’93) ›› Dan Aykroyd. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (’56) Invasion of the Body Snatchers (PG, ’78) ››› Donald X-Men 2 (’03) ››› Patrick Stewart. A power-mad milPatrick Stewart. iTV. (S) (CC) Sutherland. iTV. (S) (CC) itarist pursues the mutants. ››› Kevin McCarthy. (CC) Football College Football East Carolina at Central Florida. (N) (Live) SportsCenter (N) (Live) (CC) SportsCenter (N) SportsCenter (N) SportsCenter (N) College Basketball: Puerto Rico Tip-Off College Basketball College Basketball NBA E:60 Middle Middle Middle Middle Grease (PG, ’78) ››› John Travolta. Grease 2 (PG, ’82) ›› Maxwell Caulfield. The 700 Club (CC) Supernova (3:25) (PG-13, Arachnophobia (PG-13, ’90) ››› Jeff Daniels, Harley An American Werewolf in London (’81) The Hand That Rocks the Cradle (8:40) (R, ’92) ››› Play It to the Bone (10:35) (R, ’99) › An››› David Naughton. ’00) › (S) Jane Kozak. (S) (CC) Annabella Sciorra. (S) (CC) tonio Banderas. (S) Greta Van Susteren The O’Reilly Factor The Kelly File (N) Hannity (N) The O’Reilly Factor The Kelly File Hannity Greta Van Susteren Contessa Contessa Pioneer Valerie’s Chopped Chopped Diners, Drive Restaurant: Im. Beat Flay Beat Flay Beat Flay Beat Flay Two Men Two Men Mike Thor (PG-13, ’11) ››› Chris Hemsworth. The Guilt Trip (’12) ›› Barbra Streisand. The Guilt Trip (’12) ›› Barbra Streisand. Country Strong (2:30) (PG- Soul Surfer (PG, ’11) ›› AnnaSophia Robb, Helen FXM PresSoul Surfer (PG, ’11) ›› AnnaSophia Robb, Helen FXM PresIn Time (PG-13, ’11) ›› Justin Timberlake, Amanda 13, ’10) ›› Hunt, Dennis Quaid. (CC) ents Hunt, Dennis Quaid. (CC) ents Seyfried, Cillian Murphy. (CC) Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade (’12) Ice Sculpture Christmas (NR, ’15) Christmas Incorporated (NR, ’15) Help for the Holidays (’12) Summer Glau. Eragon (PG, ’06) ›› Ed Speleers, Jeremy Last Week Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (6:15) (PG-13, ’14) ››› Andy Serkis, U2: Innocence and Experience Live in Paris The band performs in Cotto/ Cathouse: Irons. (S) (CC) To. Jason Clarke, Gary Oldman. (S) (CC) Paris. (S) (CC) Canelo Back Flip or Flip or Flip or Flip or Flip or Flip or Flip or Flip or Rehab Rehab Rehab Rehab Hunters Hunt Intl Hunters Hunt Intl Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Grey’s Anatomy A freak Project Runway The win- Project Runway “Season Project Runway: Junior Project Runway (N) (CC) Project Runway: Junior Project Runway: Junior Project Runway: Junior ice storm. (CC) ner is chosen. 14 Reunion” (N) (CC) (N) (CC) (10:02) (CC) (11:02) (CC) Tammy (R, ’14) › Melissa McCarthy, Black Sea (3:15) (’14) ›› 300: Rise of an Empire (5:10) (R, ’14) ›› Sullivan Sta- The Uninvited (6:55) (PG-13, ’09) ›› National Lampoon’s Van Wilder (8:25) A Wife’s Jude Law. (CC) pleton, Eva Green. (S) (CC) Elizabeth Banks. (S) (’02) ›› Ryan Reynolds. Kathy Bates. (S) (CC) Secret Hardball Matthews All In With Chris Rachel Maddow The Last Word All In With Chris Rachel Maddow The Last Word Hardball Matthews Next (4:15) (S) Next (S) Challenge Ridic. Ridic. Ridic. Ridic. Ridic. Ridic. Ridic. Ridic. Ridic. Broke Middle Ridic. NASCAR Racing Mecum Auto Auctions “Anaheim” (N) Nitro Crazy Train Nitro Crazy Train Nitro Crazy Train Nitro Crazy Train Nitro Crazy Train Sponge. Sponge. Alvinnn!!! Alvinnn!!! Nicky Henry Thunder Thunder Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties (’06) ›› Full H’se Full H’se Friends Friends Tardy Tardy Tardy Tardy Tardy Tardy Sleeping With the Enemy (R, ’91) ›› Sleeping With the Enemy (R, ’91) ›› She Made Me College Basketball College Basketball Illinois at Providence. College Basketball Seahawks Seahawks College Basketball Enemies Closer (R, ’13) Jean-Claude Van Pound of Flesh (R, ’15) Jean-Claude Van Listen to Me Marlon (7:15) (NR, ’15) ››› (S) (CC) The Affair Homeland Carrie reconPenn & A Season Damme. (S) (CC) Damme. (S) (CC) nects with friends. Teller With Kick-Ass (R, ’10) ››› Aaron Johnson. (S) Get Him to the Greek (’10) ››› Jonah Hill. Lip Sync Lip Sync Lip Sync Battle (N) Lip Sync Battle (S) Out Cold Flesh and Bone (4:25) (iTV) Muppets Most Wanted (5:40) (PG, ’14) ››› Ricky Ger- Big Hero 6 (7:35) (PG, ’14) ››› Voices of Ryan Potter, Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 (9:20) (’15) › Kev- Flesh and Bone “Cannon (2:50) › (S) (CC) vais, Ty Burrell. iTV. (S) (CC) Scott Adsit. iTV. (S) (CC) in James. (CC) Fodder” (S) Se7en (3) (R, ’95) ››› Brad Pitt. (CC) See No Evil (R, ’06) › Kane. (CC) WWE SmackDown! (N) (S) (CC) Haven (N) (CC) Z Nation Friends Friends Friends Friends Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld Broke Girl Broke Girl Big Bang Big Bang Broke Girl Broke Girl Conan (N) (CC) Three Sailors and a Girl The Good Bad Man (NR, The Half-Breed (’16) Doug- The Mark of Zorro (NR, ’20) ››› Douglas Fairbanks, The Thief of Bagdad (’24) ››› Douglas Fairbanks. Silent. A thief The Black (3:15) (’53) ›› ’16) las Fairbanks. Marguerite De La Motte. must prove himself worthy of a princess. Pirate NY ER (S) NY ER (S) NY ER (S) NY ER (S) NY ER (S) NY ER (S) Save My Life: Boston Save My Life: Boston Save My Life: Boston Save My Life: Boston Save My Life: Boston Dragonheart (3:45) (PG-13, ’96) ›› Den- The Atticus Institute (NR, ’15) William Good Morning, Vietnam (R, ’87) ››› Robin Williams, Lee Daniels’ The Butler (PG-13, ’13) ››› Forest Whita- Beloved (11:15) (’98) ›› nis Quaid. (S) (CC) Mapother. (S) (CC) Forest Whitaker. (S) (CC) ker, Oprah Winfrey. (S) (CC) Oprah Winfrey. Castle “That ’70s Show” NBA Basketball Milwaukee Bucks at Cleveland Cavaliers. From NBA Basketball Golden State Warriors at Los Angeles Clippers. From Inside the NBA (N) (S Live) NBA Basketball: Bucks at (S) (CC) (DVS) Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland. (N) (CC) Staples Center in Los Angeles. (N) (CC) (CC) Cavaliers Regular Regular Gumball Gumball Teen Teen We Bare Gumball Adventure Regular King/Hill Cleveland American American Fam. Guy Fam. Guy Funniest Funniest Billy Billy Billy Billy Jokers Jokers Jokers Jokers Jokers Jokers Jokers Billy Billy Jokers Facts-Life Facts-Life The Facts of Life (S) Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond King King King King Chris Chris How I Met How I Met Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection (’12) ›› Mod Fam Mod Fam Mod Fam Mod Fam Mod Fam A Thin Line Between Love and Hate (3:30) Black Ink: Chicago Couples Therapy (S) Couples Therapy (S) Love & Hip Hop Love & Hip Hop Love & Hip Hop


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Mercer Coronat’n Market Interrupt Wheel of Jeopardy! Last Man Dr. Ken Fortune (N) (CC) Standing (8:31) (N) KING 5 News Evening (N) Undateable Truth Be (N) (CC) (N) Told (N) The Insider EntertainThe Amazing Race (N) (N) (S) ment Ton. (S) (CC) Ent ET Security Truth Be Washington Charlie Rose Easy Yoga for Arthritis Week Mod Fam Mod Fam Undate Sunny Mike & Molly 2 Broke Girls Reign Mary must help (CC) (CC) Catherine. (N) M*A*S*H M*A*S*H Griffith Griffith Big Bang Big Bang MasterChef (N) (S) (CC) Theory Theory (DVS) Inside Ed. Hollywood Dr. Phil (S) (CC) Praise the Lord (CC) The Bible Simpsons Simpsons Mod Fam Mod Fam Donnie Swaggart The preaching ministry. McL’ghlin Northwest Death in Paradise etalk (N) Big Bang The Amazing Race Criminal Minds (CC) Criminal Minds (CC)









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Nightwatch (S) (CC) The Shawshank Redemption (R, ’94) ›››› Tim Robbins. (S) Shining a Light: A Concert for Progress Shining a Light: Race Nightwatch (11:02) The Karate Kid (2:30) (PG, ’84) ››› Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (R, ’03) ››› Uma Thurman, Lucy Liu. An assassin Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (R, ’04) ››› Uma Thurman, David Carradine. An assassin confronts Into the Badlands “The Ralph Macchio. (CC) seeks vengeance against her attackers. her former boss and his gang. Fort” (CC) To Be Announced (3) Tanked: Unfiltered Restoration Wild (N) Tanked (10:02) (N) Restoration Wild (S) Payne Payne Payne Payne Martin (S) Martin (S) Martin (S) Martin (S) Martin Martin Martin Martin (S) Martin (S) Martin (S) Daily Sh Daily Sh Housewives/Atl. Housewives/Atl. Vanderpump Rules Vanderpump Rules Vanderpump Rules After TBA First Vanderpump Rules After American Greed American Greed American Greed American Greed American Greed American Greed American Greed Paid Prog. Cook/Pro Erin Burnett OutFront Anderson Cooper CNN Tonight Anthony Bourd. This Is Life This Is Life This Is Life This Is Life South Park (4:15) South Pk South Pk Futurama Futurama Broad Broad Broad Broad Futurama Futurama Moon. South Pk Archer Archer Key Capitol Hill Hearings (2) Speeches. (S) Key Capitol Hill Hearings Speeches. (S) Alaskan Bush People Gold Rush (S) (CC) Gold Rush (S) (CC) Gold Rush (S) (CC) Gold Rush - The Dirt Gold Rush (9:01) (N) Pacific Warriors (N) Gold Rush (11:03) (S) Best Fr. Best Fr. Girl Meets Girl Meets Austin Austin Austin K.C. Bunk’d (S) Girl Meets Girl Meets Girl Meets Rebels Rebels Bunk’d (S) Girl Meets Deliver Us From Evil (3:45) (R, ’14) ›› Legends of the Fall (5:45) (’94) ›› Brad Pitt. The forces of love and Starman (PG, ’84) ››› Jeff Bridges, Karen Allen, Step Up (PG-13, ’06) ›› Channing Tatum, Jenna DeEric Bana. iTV. (S) (CC) war slowly destroy a Montana family. Charles Martin Smith. iTV. (S) (CC) wan, Mario. iTV. (S) (CC) SportCtr NBA NBA Basketball: Spurs at Pelicans NBA Basketball: Bulls at Warriors SportsCenter (N) SportsCenter (N) College Basketball 2K Classic -- Duke vs. VCU. (N) College Football Air Force at Boise State. (N) (Live) (CC) SportCtr NBA College Football The Lizzie McGuire Movie (3:45) (’03) ›› Freaky Friday (’03) ››› Jamie Lee Curtis. The Hunger Games (PG-13, ’12) ››› Jennifer Lawrence. The 700 Club (CC) American Graffiti (PG, ’73) ›››› Richard Dreyfuss, Kentucky Fried Movie (R, ’77) ›› Evan What About Bob? (PG, ’91) ››› Bill Ruthless People (3:25) Frogs for Snakes (10:10) (R, ’98) ›› Barbara Hershey, (’86) ››› (CC) Ronny Howard. (S) (CC) Kim, Bill Bixby. (CC) Murray. (S) (CC) Robbie Coltrane. (S) (CC) Greta Van Susteren The O’Reilly Factor The Kelly File (N) Hannity (N) The O’Reilly Factor The Kelly File Hannity Greta Van Susteren Top 5 Top 5 Top 5 Top 5 Diners Diners Diners Diners Guy’s Big Bite (N) Diners Diners Diners Diners Diners Diners Anger Anger Two Men Two Men The Croods (PG, ’13) ›››, Emma Stone Despicable Me 2 (PG, ’13) ››› Despicable Me 2 (PG, ’13) ››› In Time FXM PresThe Call (R, ’13) ›› Halle Berry, Abigail Breslin, Morris The Call (R, ’13) ›› Halle Berry, Abigail Breslin, Morris Perfect Stranger (R, ’07) ›› Halle Berry, Bruce Willis, Perfect Stranger (R, ’07) (2:30) ›› ents Chestnut. (CC) Chestnut. (CC) Giovanni Ribisi. (CC) ›› Halle Berry. Help for the Holidays (’12) Summer Glau. A Holiday Engagement (NR, ’11) I’m Not Ready for Christmas (NR, ’15) Best Christmas Party Ever (’14), Steve Lund Fantastic Four: Rise of the Danish Girl Blades of Glory (5:20) (PG-13, ’07) ››› Ride Along (PG-13, ’14) ›› Ice Cube, The Latin Explosion: A New America Real Time With Bill Maher Real Time With Bill Maher Silver Surfer Will Ferrell. (S) (CC) Kevin Hart. (S) (CC) (8:45) (S) (CC) (S) (CC) (S) (CC) Beach Beach Beach Beach Beach Beach Beach Beach Tiny Tiny Luxury Tiny Hunters Hunt Intl Hunters Hunt Intl American Pickers (S) American Pickers (S) Stories from the Road to Freedom (S) (CC) Shining a Light: A Concert for Progress American Pickers (S) American Pickers (S) Whitney (NR, ’15) Yaya DaCosta. Singer Whitney Hous- Tyler Perry’s the Family That Preys (PG-13, ’08) ›› Shining a Light: A Concert for Progress on Race in With This Ring (NR, ’15) Jill Scott, Eve, Regina Hall. ton marries Bobby Brown. Kathy Bates, Alfre Woodard. (CC) America (N) (CC) (CC) The Marine Beauty Shop (4:40) (PG-13, ’05) ›› Queen Latifah, Ali- I Think I Love My Wife (6:25) (R, ’07) ›› A Million Ways to Die in the West (R, ’14) ›› Seth The Knick “There Are The Knick “There Are (3:05) cia Silverstone. (S) (CC) Chris Rock. (S) (CC) MacFarlane. Premiere. (S) (CC) Rules” (N) (CC) Rules” (S) (CC) Hardball Matthews All In With Chris Rachel Maddow Lockup Lockup Lockup: Raw “SEG” Lockup Candy Heiress Basketball Wives LA Basketball Wives LA Follow Follow Follow Follow Challenge Ridic. Ridic. Ridic. Ridic. Ridic. Ridic. Ridic. NASCAR College Football Brown at Columbia. (N) (S Live) World Series of Fighting 25 From Seattle. World Series of Fighting 25 From Seattle. Sponge. Sponge. Alvinnn!!! Alvinnn!!! Nicky Henry Thunder Sponge. Harvey Pig Goat Full H’se Full H’se Full H’se Full H’se Friends Friends Top Model Top Model Top Model Top Model Pride & Prejudice (PG, ’05) ››› Keira Knightley. (CC) Pride & Prejudice Golf Life Ship College Basketball Game 365 Bensinger Football Seahawks Seahawks UFC Reloaded From Winnipeg. The Joneses (4:15) (R, ’09) ›› David Duchovny, Demi Calendar Girls (’03) ››› Helen Mirren. Yorkshire The Affair Last Vegas (PG-13, ’13) ›› Michael The To Do List (10:45) (R, ’13) ›› AuMoore, Amber Heard. (S) (CC) women pose nude for a calendar. Douglas. (S) (CC) brey Plaza. (S) (CC) Cops (CC) Cops (CC) Cops (CC) Jail (CC) Cops (CC) Cops (CC) Cops (CC) Cops (CC) Cops (CC) Cops (CC) Bellator MMA Live (N Same-day Tape) (S) Cops (CC) Cops (CC) Big Hero 6 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (4:40) (PG-13, ’06) ›› Taxi (7:15) (PG-13, ’04) › Queen Latifah, Jimmy Fallon. Big Game (’14) ›› Samuel L. Jackson, Ash vs Evil Pirates of the Caribbean: (2:55) Johnny Depp. iTV. (S) (CC) iTV. (S) (CC) Onni Tommila. (CC) Dead Dead Man 6 Souls (2:30) (’10) › The Omen (R, ’06) ›› Liev Schreiber. (CC) Orphan (R, ’09) ›› Vera Farmiga. (CC) Z Nation (N) (CC) Haven (CC) Friends Friends Friends Friends Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld Broke Girl Broke Girl Broke Girl Broke Girl The House Bunny (’08) ›› Anna Faris. (CC) The Wings of Eagles (2:45) The Hunchback of Notre Dame (NR, ’39) ››› Charles The Quiet Man (7:15) (NR, ’52) ›››› John Wayne. An Irish-Ameri- At Sword’s Point (NR, ’52) ›› Cornel Sinbad the Sailor (NR, ’47) ››› (NR, ’57) ››› Laughton. (CC) (DVS) can returns to Ireland to claim his home. Wilde. (CC) Say Yes Say Yes Say Yes Say Yes Say Yes Say Yes Say Yes Say Yes Say Yes Say Yes Say Yes Say Yes 90 Day Say Yes Say Yes Say Yes W. (3:05) (’08) ›› Josh Boyhood (5:15) (R, ’14) ›››› Ellar Coltrane. A child grows from boyhood to man- Babel (R, ’06) ››› Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett. Strangers’ lives collide The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou (R, Brolin. (CC) hood over the course of 12 years. (S) (CC) on three different continents. (S) (CC) ’04) ›› Bill Murray. (S) Bones “Bodies in the Bones (S) (CC) Resident Evil: Retribution (R, ’12) ›› Milla Jovovich, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (PG-13, ’01) ››› Elijah Wood, Ian McKellen. Creatures unite Book” (S) (CC) Michelle Rodriguez. (CC) (DVS) to destroy a powerful ring and defeat a lord. (CC) (DVS) Regular Regular Gumball Gumball Teen Teen Adventure Adventure Adventure Adventure King/Hill Cleveland Fam. Guy Fam. Guy Jesus Tim Pawn Pawn Jokers Jokers Jokers Jokers Boxing (N) (Live) Jokers Jokers Jokers Jokers Jokers Jokers Facts-Life Facts-Life Breakfast Club (R, ’85) ››› Emilio Estevez. Premiere. King King King King Chris Chris Chris How I Met How I Met Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Satisfaction (N) (CC) The Royals (11:01) Ink Love & Hip Hop Nothing to Lose (R, ’97) ›› Martin Lawrence. (S) Big Daddy (’99) › Adam Sandler. The Dilemma (’11) ›› Vince Vaughn.

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Monster News Animal Super Art Cross KOMO 4 News Satur- Good Morning Ameri- KOMO 4 News Saturday 6:00am ca (N) (CC) day 8:00am Weekend Early Morn- Weekend Early Morn- News ing News ing News CBS This Morning: KIRO 7 News Saturday Morning InnovaSaturday (5) Le Gate. (N) (CC) tion Nat Ances Fishful Saturday Morning News (N) (CC) Thomas Bob the Daniel Daniel Curious Curious & Fr. Builder Tiger Tiger George George CityLine (CC) Survivorman Operation Smile Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Calling Dr. Calling Dr. Dog Town Dog Whis Pol Pol Kotter Kotter Puf Lost Green Green Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Young Live Life Xplor. Outer Icons Planet Space Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid RocK Auto Island Veggie Monster Hopkins Paid Paid Adven. Animals Animal On FWC Music Frances and Friends Travel Steves Victory P Allen Liv’g Knitting Juicebox (S) (CC) A.M. Weekend Int. Paid Paid Paid Wor P. Chris









Our Vancouver Absolutely College Football Teams TBA. (N) (Live)






















Speed Skating Sports Figure Skating Na Hockey College College Football Teams TBA. (N) (Live) College Football Football News English Premier League Soccer: Manches- CountNASCAR Racing XFINITY Series: Ford Ecoboost 300. (N) (S Live) Clangers Earth to ter City vs Liverpool down (CC) Luna! Inspectors Dr. Chris Changers Paid Prog. We Need to Talk (N) College College Football LSU at Mississippi. From Vaught-Hemingway Stadium in Football Oxford, Miss. (N) (Live) (CC) Fishful Fishing Boat TV Driving Noon News Hour Carn Donut Income Bryan Tackle Tourist Wild Wild Odd Arthur (S) Brain Maker With David Perlmutter, MD Dr. Northrup -- Glorious Women Rick Steves Europe Marathon Kratts Kratts Squad (EI) (S) (CC) Never Age Paid Paid Wild Things Close Up Kings Paid Paid Fail Family Escape Mod Mod Hockey Dog Whis Dog Whis Dog Whis Save-Shel- Hatched Dream Words Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Memory- Paid Prog. Joint Reter (N) Quest Loss lief Travel Travel Mystery Mystery Fishing Paid The Big Valley Gunsmoke Bonanza Rawhide Earth 2050 Animal Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Cooking Pregame College Football Teams TBA. (N) (S Live) Science RufAstrob House Home. Old Home Hazel House Garden Garden Rocket! Great Paid Paid Lassie Goliath Ishine Inspir. Stories Veggie Heroes-Bible Bless News The Second Chance (’06) ›› Coolest Zoo Paid Rocket! Paid Paid Paid Paid Laughs Laughs Paid The A-Team (’10) ›› Generation Jimmy Swaggart Living Waters Donnie Swaggart Message-Cross Sew Sew It Sewing Quilting Fit Quilting Quilt Motor Rough Woods. Old House Steves Pépin Written The So Living Cash Written etalk SportsCentre (S) Gas Gas Worst Driver Disrup Money Law & Order Law & Order Law & Order Law & Order Law & Order Law & Order Law & Order

Paid Paid Basic (’03) ›› John Travolta. (CC) Nightwatch (CC) Shining a Light Shining a Light: A Concert for Progress The Shawshank Redemption (’94) ›››› The Rifle- The Rifle- The Rifle- The Rifle- The Rifle- The Rifle- The Rifle- The Rifle- The Rifle- Wyatt Earp (PG-13, ’94) ›› Kevin Costner, Dennis Quaid, Gene Hackman. Portrait traces him from The Green Mile (R, man man man man man man man man man boy to lawman. (CC) ’99) ››› Big Cat Big Cat Cat From Hell Cat From Hell Dogs 101 (CC) Bad Dog! (CC) Bad Dog! (CC) To Be Announced Paid Paid Paid P. Po Prince Prince Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin The Nutty Professor (’96) ››› Eddie Murphy. (CC) Undercover Br. Couch Couch Couch Housewives/Atl. Housewives/Atl. The Real The Real Après Ski Après Ski Vanderpump Rul Paid Paid NASCAR Racing NASCAR Racing Medi Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Cook/ Paid Paid Medi Paid Paid Smerconish (N) CNN Newsroom CNN Newsroom CNN Newsroom CNN Newsroom CNN Newsroom CNN Newsroom CNN Newsroom CNN Newsroom Smerconish Paid Rifles Paid Paid Com South My Best Friend’s Girl (8:58) (NR, ’08) › Waiting... (11:28) (R, ’05) ›› Dinner for Schmucks (1:42) (’10) ›› (CC) Washington Washington This Week (S) Com Wash Cook/ Paid Rifles Paid Paid Paid Vegas Rat Rods Vegas Rat Rods Street Outlaws Street Outlaws Moonshiners (S) Moonshiners (S) Moonshiners (S) Wil. Mickey Sofia PJ Pirates Tmrrwl Rebels Rebels LivK.C. Bunk’d Bunk’d Bunk’d Girl Girl Girl Austin Austin Austin Jessie Pearl Harbor (5:45) (’01) ›› Ben Affleck. Best friends become Selena (8:50) (PG, ’97) ››› Jennifer Lopez. Legends of the Fall (11:05) (R, ’94) ›› Brad Pitt, An- White Noise (1:20) (’05) › MiDoom (3:05) (’05) ›› fighter pilots and romantic rivals in 1941. iTV. (S) (CC) thony Hopkins. iTV. (S) (CC) chael Keaton. (CC) The Rock. College GameDay (N) (Live) (CC) College Football Teams TBA. (N) (Live) Score College Football Teams TBA. (N) (Live) Score SportsCenter (N) (Live) (CC) College Football Teams TBA. (N) (Live) Score College Football Teams TBA. (N) (Live) Score Cook/ Paid The Lizzie McGuire Movie ›› Herbie: Fully Loaded (G, ’05) ›› Freaky Friday (PG, ’03) ››› Sleepy Hollow (R, ’99) ››› Johnny Depp. Hocus Straight Spy Hard (6:35) (’96) ›› Leslie Mighty Joe Young (8:05) (PG, ’98) ›› Char- Sneakers (PG-13, ’92) ››› Robert Redford, Judge Dredd (12:05) (’95) ›› Turbulence 2 Fear of Flying (1:45) (R, ’99) › Mafia! ›› Talk (5) Nielsen. (CC) lize Theron. (S) (CC) Dan Aykroyd. (S) (CC) Sylvester Stallone. Craig Sheffer. (S) (CC) FOX & Friends Bulls Cavuto Forbes Cash In Bob Jour. America’s News Headquarters (N) News HQ News HQ The Five News HQ Paid Paid Be.Brunch South Trisha’s B’foot Contessa Pioneer Wo. The Kitchen (N) Thanksgiving Holiday Baking Cake Wars Chopped Junior Paid Paid Ellen Anger Anger Two Two Two Two The Croods (PG, ’13) ››› Here Comes the Boom (’12) ›› Identity Thief (R, ’13) › Madison From the Terrace (NR, ’60) ››› Paul Newman, Joanne John and Mary (8:55) (’69) ››› The Terrorists (PG, ’75) ›› Sean Freedomland (R, ’06) ›› Samuel L. Jackson, Julianne The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (PGWoodward. (CC) Dustin Hoffman. Connery. (CC) Moore, Edie Falco. (CC) 13, ’10) ›› A Holiday Engagement (NR, ’11) Best Christmas Party Ever (’14) One Starry Christmas (NR, ’14) I’m Not Ready for Christmas (’15) Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus For Your Consideration (PG-13, The Signal (PG-13, ’14) ›› Bren- Fighting (9:15) (PG-13, ’09) ›› Channing Cotto/ Cotto/ Face Off Fight Kareem: Minority of One (S) Draft Day (PG-13, ’14) ›› Kevin ’06) ››› (S) ton Thwaites. (S) Tatum. (S) (CC) Canelo Canelo Game (CC) Costner. (S) Paid Paid House Hunters House Hunters House Hunters House Hunters House Hunters House Hunters Love It or List It Love It or List It Love It or List It Coin Paid Shelby’s Hits Shelby Shelby Shelby Shelby Shelby Shelby Shelby Shelby Shelby Troy (R, ’04) ››› Brad Pitt, Eric Bana. (S) (CC) Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Medicare Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. People’s Sexiest Man All She Wants for Christmas (’06) Monica Dear Secret Santa (PG, ’13) Tatyana Ali, Alive 2015 Keena, Tobias Mehler. (CC) Lamorne Morris. (CC) Princess Kaiulani (’09) ›› Q’ori- The Painted Veil (7:40) (PG-13, ’06) ››› Grilled (9:45) (R, ’06) Ray Roma- Saving Silverman (11:10) (’01) › Alpha Dog (12:45) (R, ’06) ›› Bruce Willis, The Insider (2:45) (R, ’99) ››› anka Kilcher. Naomi Watts. (S) (CC) no. (S) (CC) Jason Biggs. (CC) Emile Hirsch. (S) (CC) Al Pacino. (S) (CC) Up (5) (N) Melissa Harris-Perry (N) Weekends With Alex Witt (N) Caught Camera Caught Camera Caught Camera Caught Camera Caught Camera Ridic. Ridic. Ridic. Ridic. True Life (S) True Life (S) True Life (S) True Life (S) Bring It On: Fight to the Finish (12:10) ›› Hook (PG, ’91) ››› (S) Soccer Premier English Premier League Soccer Premier NAS NASCAR Racing NAS College Football Harvard at Yale. (N) (S Live) NASCAR George George Spong Spong Al Al Spong Spong Spong Pig Harvey Spong Rang Al Al Al Al Spong Spong Spong Paid Paid Paid Paid Fix My Mom Fix My Mom Fix My Mom SexSexSexSexSexSexSexSexSexSexPaid Paid Dr. Ho PiYo! Paid CIZE! NoWrin Paid Cooker Mari College Football Montana at Montana State. (N) (Live) College Football Into the Blue (5:59) (PG-13, ’05) ›› Paul Inside the NFL (S) A Season Begin Again (R, ’13) ››› Keira Bernie (11:15) (PG-13, ’11) ››› Jack Black. The Salvation (R, ’14) ››› Snowpiercer (2:45) (’13) ››› Walker. (S) (CC) (CC) Knightley. (S) (S) (CC) Mads Mikkelsen. (S) Chris Evans. (CC) Pros Paid Medi Paid Paid Paid Bar Rescue (S) Bar Rescue (S) Bar Rescue (S) Bar Rescue (S) Bar Rescue (S) Bar Rescue (S) Bar Rescue (S) Bandits (4:55) (’01) Annie (7:15) (PG, ’14) › Jamie Foxx, Rose The Freshman (9:15) (PG, ’90) ››› Marlon Big Game (’14) ›› Samuel L. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (’06) ›› Ash-Dead Da Vinci’s Byrne. iTV. (S) (CC) Brando. iTV. (S) (CC) Jackson. (CC) Johnny Depp. (CC) ›› (CC) Paid Paid Paid Paid The Omen (R, ’06) ›› Liev Schreiber. (CC) Silent Hill: Revelation (R, ’12) › Orphan (R, ’09) ›› Vera Farmiga. (CC) Spawn (’97) ›› Married Sein Sein Sein Sein Sein Sein The House Bunny (’08) ›› (CC) Happy Gilmore (PG-13, ’96) ›› Friends Friends Friends Friends We Seven Seas to Calais Batman & Bowery Bombshell (NR, ’46) ›› Murder, She Said (NR, ’61) ››› Cat Ballou (10:45) (NR, ’65) ››› Jane Fon- The Kansan (NR, ’43) ›› Rich- The Big Country (NR, ’58) ››› Gregory (5:30) ›› Robin Leo Gorcey. (CC) (DVS) da, Lee Marvin. (CC) ard Dix. Peck, Jean Simmons. (CC) Paid Paid Medi Paid Paid Paid Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake NY ER NY ER NY ER NY ER NY ER NY ER W. (4:10) GBF (R, ’13) ››› Michael J. Wil- Inside Llewyn Davis (8:05) (R, ’13) ››› Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom (9:50) (’13) The Giver (12:15) (PG-13, ’14) ›› Jeff Six Days, Seven Nights (’98) ›› Serendiplett. (S) (CC) Oscar Isaac. (S) (CC) Bridges, Meryl Streep. (S) (CC) Harrison Ford. ity ›› Idris Elba. (CC) Law & Order “Moth- Law & Order “Cho- Law & Order “Under Law & Order “Absen- Law & Order “Star Law & Order “Bitch” The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (PG-13, ’02) ››› Elijah Wood, Ian Lord ofer’s Day” sen” (S) God” (S) tia” (S) Crossed” (S) McKellen, Liv Tyler. (CC) (DVS) Rings Teen Transf. Teen Teen Poké Teen Teen Teen Teen Teen Teen Teen Wabbit Wabbit Gum Gum Adven Adven Adven Adven Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Super Super Billy Billy Billy Billy Jokers Jokers Jokers Jokers Jokers Jokers Fam Reba Reba (7:12) (CC) Reba Reba Reba Reba Reba Reba Reba Reba Footloose (PG, ’84) ›› Kevin Bacon. (CC) Breakfast Club (’85) ››› White Collar English Premier League Soccer Chrisley Chrisley To Be Announced NCIS (S) (CC) NCIS (S) (CC) NCIS (S) (CC) NCIS “Reunion” VH1 Plus Music VH1 Plus Music VH1 Plus Music The 20 The 20 Miss Congeniality (’00) ›› Sandra Bullock. Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous


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NHL Hockey Toronto Maple Leafs at Boston Bruins. (N) (CC) KOMO 4 News Saturday College Football Teams TBA. (N) (Live) (CC) 4:00pm (N) (CC) Biz Kid$ (CC) Teen Kids KING 5 News (N) Nightly News KING 5 News News (N) (N) RightThisSports Stars KIRO News KIRO News Evening KIRO News Minute (N) News News News Hour (5:59) (N) 8 The Tourist (3:30) (’10) ›› (CC) Rick Steves Happy Holidays: The Best of the Andy NewsHour News Williams Christmas Shows Wk 10 NHL Hockey Philadelphia Flyers at Ottawa Senators. (N) (Live) The Middle King of Family Feud Family Feud Mike & Molly Mike & Molly (CC) Queens (CC) (CC) (CC) (CC) Wanted... Rifleman Rifleman Superman Superman 12 Wanted... College Extra College Football Teams TBA. (N) (S Live)



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Paid Prog. Precious Memories The A-Team (2:30) FWC Donnie Simply Cook Marilyn Denis Law & Order: SVU



Raw Trav. 21 Day In Touch Bones (S) (CC) Frances and Friends Kitchen Cooking The So etalk (CC) Law & Order: SVU



Hollywood Hollywood Hour Power: Schuller Bones (S) (CC) Antiques Roadshow CTV News Law & Order: SVU























NHL Hockey Chicago Blackhawks at Vancouver Canucks. (N) (CC) Post News Canada’s Smartest Pac-12 To- Cougar Town Wheel of Jeopardy! Seattle Re- KOMO 4 Castle night (CC) Fortune (S) (CC) fined News (11:35) (S) Laura McK- Northwest Free Birds (PG, ’13) › Voices of Owen Wilson, Woody Saturday Night Live (S) KING 5 News Saturday enzie Backroad Harrelson. (S) (CC) (CC) (N) Night Live Raible’s The Insider Code Black “Sometimes 48 Hours (N) (S) (CC) 48 Hours (N) (S) (CC) KIRO News Scandal Scouting (N) (S) It’s a Zebra” (11:35) (S) 16x9 (CC) Movie Dual Suspects (CC) News SNL Eric Clapton: Slowhand at 70 -- Live at My Yearbook: 1960-1963 (My Music Happy Holidays: The Best of the Andy Eric Clapton the Royal Albert Hall Presents) (S) (CC) Williams Christmas Shows Liquidator Liquidator Survivorman Illusions Escape Close Up Kings Murdoch Mysteries 2 Broke Girls 2 Broke Girls Rizzoli & Isles “Bloodlines” The Closer Pope gets some The Good Wife “UnBand in Se- Family Guy (CC) (CC) (S) (CC) news. plugged” (S) (CC) attle (CC) Batman Batman Wonder Woman (CC) Star Trek (S) (CC) The Deadly Mantis (’57) ›› Craig Stevens. Seahawks Just for Modern Modern Q13 FOX Seahawks Animation Domination Sat. Laughs Family (S) Family (S) News Sat. High-Def (CC) Access Hollywood Quigley Down Under (’90) ›› Tom Selleck. News Hiring Access Hollywood Graham Classic Love’s Unending Legacy ››› Future Hot Press Top 3 City Xtreme Elementary (S) (CC) Person of Interest (S) News Seahawks Wanted Raymond Raymond Anger Family Worship Center Service Crossfire Service Jimmy Swaggart Keep Up As Time... As Time Goes By Vicar Vicious Dwarf Dwarf Dr. Who Dr. Who W5 (N) (S) (CC) (DVS) Big Bang Anger Mike Cleveland Saving Hope News CTV Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU

Shaw Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage The Green Mile (3) (R, ’99) ››› Tom Hanks, David Morse. A guard thinks an inRemember the Titans (PG, ’00) ››› Denzel Washington, Will Pat- Independence Day (PG-13, ’96) ››› Will Smith. Earthlings vs. evil mate has a supernatural power to heal. (CC) ton, Donald Adeosun Faison. (CC) aliens in 15-mile-wide ships. (CC) To Be Announced (12) Dr. Dee: Alaska Vet To Be Announced Pit Bulls-Parole To Be Announced Undercover Brother (3) ››› Johnson Family Vacation (PG-13, ’04) ›› A Thousand Words (’12) › Eddie Murphy, Cliff Curtis. Life (R, ’99) ›› Eddie Murphy. Vanderpump Rules Housewives/Atl. Housewives/Atl. To Be Announced Enough (PG-13, ’02) ›› Jennifer Lopez. Enough (’02) ›› Undercover Boss (S) Undercover Boss (S) Undercover Boss (S) Undercover Boss (S) Undercover Boss (S) Undercover Boss (S) Undercover Boss (S) Paid Prog. Paid Prog. CNN Newsroom The Hunt The Hunt The Hunt The Hunt The Hunt The Hunt The Hunt Dinner Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle (4:29) Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay (6:37) The Campaign (R, ’12) ›› Will Ferrell. The Change-Up ›› Landmark Cases (S) Washing Key Capitol Hill Hearings Speeches. (S) Key Capitol Hill Hearings Speeches. (S) Men, Women, Wild Men, Women, Wild Alaskan Bush People Alaskan Bush People Alaskan Bush People Wild Border (S) (CC) North America Inside Wild Border (11:02) Jessie (S) Jessie (S) Liv-Mad. Liv-Mad. Liv-Mad. Best Fr. Austin Liv-Mad. Lab Rats Gamer’s Bunk’d (S) Girl Meets Austin K.C. K.C. K.C. Doom (3:05) (’05) ›› The Pearl Harbor (4:55) (R, ’01) ›› Ben Affleck. iTV. Best friends become fighter pilots Predator 2 (R, ’90) ›› Danny Glover, Gary Busey, Ru- Deliver Us From Evil (9:50) (R, ’14) ›› Eric Bana, EdRock. (CC) and romantic rivals in 1941. (S) (CC) ben Blades. iTV. (S) (CC) gar Ramirez. iTV. (S) (CC) College Football Mississippi State at Arkansas. (N) (Live) (CC) Score College Football Teams TBA. (N) (Live) (CC) SportsCenter (N) (Live) (CC) College Football (4:15) Tennessee at Missouri. (N) (Live) (CC) Score College Football (7:45) Colorado at Washington State. (N) (CC) College Football Final (10:45) (N) Hocus Pocus (3:30) (’93) ›› The Hunger Games (PG-13, ’12) ››› Jennifer Lawrence. Twilight (PG-13, ’08) ›› Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson. Sleepy Mafia! (3:30) (’98) ›› Jay Scary Movie (R, ’00) ››› Shawn Way- Frankenhooker (R, ’90) ›› James Lorinz. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (R, ’74) Tales From the Hood (R, ’95) ›› ClarAfter Dark, My Sweet ››› Marilyn Burns. (S) Mohr. (CC) ans. (S) (CC) (S) (CC) ence Williams III. (S) (11:10) (’90) ››› FOX Report (N) Stossel Justice With Jeanine Greg Gutfeld Red Eye-Shillue Justice With Jeanine Greg Gutfeld Red Eye-Shillue Chopped Restaurant: Im. Cutthroat Kitchen Diners, Drive All-Star Thanksgiving Chopped Chopped Chopped Identity Thief (2:30) Battleship (PG-13, ’12) ›› Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgrd. Fast & Furious 6 (PG-13, ’13) ›› Vin Diesel, Paul Walker. Fargo “Rhinoceros” The Twilight Saga: Eclipse The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (PG-13, ’11) ›› Kristen The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (PG-13, ’11) ›› Kristen The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (PG-13, ’10) ›› Kristen (2:30) ›› Stewart. Premiere. Bella and Edward marry. Stewart. Bella and Edward marry. (CC) Stewart, Robert Pattinson. (CC) Meet the Santas (’05) ››› Northpole (G, ’14) Tiffani Thiessen. Northpole: Open for Christmas (’15) Ice Sculpture Christmas (NR, ’15) Draft Day 5 Flights Up (PG-13, ’14) ›› Morgan The Devil Wears Prada (6:05) (PG-13, ’06) ››› Meryl Fifty Shades of Grey (R, ’15) ›› Dakota Johnson, Ja- The Leftovers (10:10) (S) Getting On Fifty Shades (2:30) ›› Freeman. (S) (CC) Streep, Adrian Grenier. (S) (CC) mie Dornan. Premiere. (S) (CC) (CC) (11:10) Love It or List It (CC) Love It or List It (CC) Love It or List It (CC) Love It or List It (CC) Buying and Selling Buying and Selling House Hunters Hunters Hunt Intl Ax Men (S) (CC) Ax Men (S) (CC) Ax Men (S) (CC) Ax Men (S) (CC) Ax Men (S) (CC) Ax Men (S) (CC) Ax Men (S) (CC) Ax Men (11:03) (CC) Christmas in the City (NR, ’13) Ashley Williams, Ashan- The Muppet Christmas Carol (G, ’92) ››› Michael Jim Henson’s Turkey Hollow (NR, ’15) Mary Steenbur- The Muppet Christmas Carol (10:02) (G, ’92) ››› Miti, Jon Prescott. (CC) Caine. Premiere. (CC) gen. Premiere. (CC) chael Caine. (CC) The Insider (2:45) (R, ’99) ››› Al Paci- Snatch (5:25) (R, ’00) ››› Benicio Del Non-Stop (7:10) (PG-13, ’14) ›› Liam Neeson, Julianne The Knick “There Are A Million Ways to Die in the West (R, ’14) ›› Seth no. (S) (CC) Toro, Brad Pitt. (S) (CC) Moore, Anson Mount. (S) (CC) Rules” (S) (CC) MacFarlane. (S) (CC) Scenes From a Murder Lockup: Raw “SEG” Lockup (N) Lockup Lockup Lockup: Raw Scenes-Murder Hook (2:30) (PG, ’91) ››› Dustin Hoffman. (S) Catfish: The TV Catfish: The TV Follow Follow Follow How High (R, ’01) › Method Man. (S) Pregame College Football Boston College vs. Notre Dame. (N) (S Live) Post Onward Premier League Match of the Day (N) (S) Premier Down Sponge. Sponge. The Thundermans (S) Thunder Thunder Henry Henry Henry Game 100 Thunder Full H’se Full H’se Friends Friends Sex-City Sex-City Sex-City Sex-City Sex-City Sex-City Sex-City Burlesque (PG-13, ’10) ›› Cher, Eric Dane. (CC) Burlesque (10:10) (PG-13, ’10) ›› Cher. College Football College Basketball College Football Montana at Montana State. College Football Snowpiercer (2:45) (R, ’13) Homeland Carrie reconThe Affair St. Vincent (7:05) (PG-13, ’14) ››› Bill Murray, Melis- What If (PG-13, ’13) ›› Daniel Radcliffe, Pulp Fiction (10:45) (R, ’94) ›››› John ››› (S) nects with friends. sa McCarthy. (S) (CC) Zoe Kazan. (S) (CC) Travolta. (S) (CC) Cops (CC) Cops (CC) Cops (CC) Jail (CC) Cops (CC) Cops (CC) Cops (CC) Cops (CC) Cops (N) Cops (CC) Vegas Cops (CC) Cops (CC) Cops (CC) Cops (CC) Cops (CC) Da Vinci’s Big Game (4:45) (PG-13, ’14) ›› Samuel Ash vs Evil Dead (6:15) “El Ash vs Evil Ash vs Evil Da Vinci’s Demons “Anima Ash vs Evil Ash vs Evil Da Vinci’s Demons “Anima Ash vs Evil Ash vs Evil Demons L. Jackson. iTV. (S) Jefe” (iTV) Dead Dead Venator” (S) Dead Dead Venator” (S) Dead Dead Spawn (3) (’97) ›› Aeon Flux (’05) ›› Charlize Theron. (CC) Men in Black II (’02) ›› Tommy Lee Jones. Zombieland (’09) ››› Woody Harrelson. Drive Angry (’11) ›› We’re the Millers (3:30) (R, ’13) ›› Broke Girl Broke Girl Broke Girl Broke Girl Big Bang Billy Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Happy Gilmore ›› The Big Country (2) (NR, Bullitt (PG, ’68) ››› Steve McQueen, Robert Vaughn, Point Blank (NR, ’67) ››› Lee Marvin, Angie Dickin- Experiment in Terror (NR, ’62) ››› Glenn Ford, Lee Class of 1984 (11:15) (’82) ’58) ››› (CC) Jacqueline Bisset. (CC) son, Keenan Wynn. (CC) Remick, Stefanie Powers. (CC) ›› Perry King. 48 Hours: Hard Evid. 48 Hours: Hard Evid. 48 Hours: Hard Evid. 48 Hours: Hard Evid. 48 Hours: Hard Evid. 48 Hours: Hard Evid. 48 Hours: Hard Evid. 48 Hours: Hard Evid. Serendipity (3:45) (PG-13, ’01) ›› John Runaway Bride (5:20) (PG, ’99) ›› Julia Roberts, Rich- The Giver (7:20) (PG-13, ’14) ›› Jeff Detention of the Dead (NR, ’12) Jacob The Devil’s Rejects (R, ’05) › Sid Haig. Cusack. (S) (CC) ard Gere. (S) (CC) Bridges. (S) (CC) Zachar. (S) (CC) Premiere. (S) (CC) The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (3:45) (PG-13, ’03) ››› Elijah Wood, Ian McKellen. Humans and Wrath of the Titans (PG-13, ’12) › Sam Worthington, Wrath of the Titans (10:15) (PG-13, ’12) › Sam Worthcreatures unite to battle Sauron and his army. (CC) (DVS) Liam Neeson. (CC) (DVS) ington, Liam Neeson. (CC) (DVS) Teen Teen Clarence Clarence Teen Teen We Bare We Bare Regular Regular Burgers Burgers American American Fam. Guy Fam. Guy Jokers Jokers Jokers Jokers truTV Top Funniest truTV Top Funniest truTV Top Funniest truTV Top Funniest truTV Top Funniest truTV Top Funniest Breakfast Club (2:30) Instant Instant Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond King King King King Chris Chris Chris Chris NCIS (S) (CC) NCIS (S) (CC) NCIS “Child’s Play” NCIS (S) (CC) (DVS) NCIS “Grounded” (S) NCIS (CC) (DVS) NCIS (CC) (DVS) Mod Fam Mod Fam When in Rome (’10) › Kristen Bell. The Dilemma (’11) ›› Vince Vaughn. Miss Congeniality (PG-13, ’00) ›› Sandra Bullock. (S) Miss Congeniality 2

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Long Long runs runs

2) “Meet “The Tonight Show” 3) the Press,” which hasthe aired 3) “Meet Press,” continuously since which has aired 1947, including 18 continuously since seasons in prime18 time 1947, including seasons in prime time 4) CBS 4) Gertrude CBS 5) and Heathcliff 5) Gertrude and Heathcliff

QUESTIONS: QUESTIONS: 1) On what long-running TV variety show would you find a little



ANSWERS: 1) “The Ed Sullivan Show,” ran for 1) “The which Ed Sullivan 24 seasons Show,” which ran for 24“The seasons 2) Tonight Show”

Topo Gigio Topo Gigio

Italian named TopoTV Gigio as ashow frequent guest? 1) On mouse what long-running variety would you find a little Italian named Topo Gigio frequent guest?season. Can 2) This mouse venerable late-night stapleas is a now in its 62nd you name it? 2) This venerable late-night staple is now in its 62nd season. Can youWhat namecurrent it? public affairs network series is the longest-running 3) TV program of allpublic time?affairs network series is the longest-running 3) What current TVOn program of all time? 4) what network did “Gunsmoke” premiere on Sept. 10, 1955? 4) On what network did “Gunsmoke” premiere on Sept. 10, 1955? 5) Can you name the two seagulls who frequently figured in “The Red Skelton Show”the during its 20-season run? 5) Can you name two seagulls who frequently figured in “The Red Skelton Show” during its 20-season run?

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Sunday, November 15, 2015 The Daily Herald


About Last Night (2014) ››› Kevin Hart. (R) (1:45) STARZ 5:05 a.m. An American Werewolf in London (1981) ›››‡ David Naughton. (R) (1:45) FLIX 8:15 p.m. The Blind Side (2009) ›››‡ Sandra Bullock. (PG-13) (2:30) TNT 5:30 p.m. A Boyfriend for Christmas (2004) ››› Kelli Williams. (2:00) HALL 6 p.m. Boyhood (2014) ›››› Ellar Coltrane. A child grows from boyhood to manhood over the course of 12 years. (R) (2:55) TMC 3:05 p.m. Boyz N the Hood (1991) ›››‡ Larry Fishburne. (R) (2:30) VH1 8 p.m., 12:30 a.m. Bugsy (1991) ›››‡ Warren Beatty. (R) (2:20) STARZ 1:15 a.m. Cancel Christmas (2010) ››› Judd Nelson. (NR) (2:00) CHAN 1 p.m. Capote (2005) ›››‡ Philip Seymour Hoffman. (R) (2:00) ENC 12:30 p.m. Cimarron (1931) ›››‡ Richard Dix. (NR) (2:15) TCM 3 a.m. Collateral (2004) ››› Tom Cruise. (R) (2:00) KZJO 2 a.m. The Constant Gardener (2005) ››› Ralph Fiennes. (R) (2:10) HBO 3:30 a.m. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014) ››› Andy Serkis. (PG-13) (2:15) HBO 4:30 p.m. Dick Tracy (1990) ››› Warren Beatty. (PG) (2:00) TMC 6 p.m. Die Hard With a Vengeance (1995) ››› Bruce Willis. (R) (2:10) STARZ 12:55 p.m. The Flowers of St. Francis (1950) ›››‡ Aldo Fabrizi. (NR) (1:45) TCM 1:15 a.m. The Glass Key (1942) ›››‡ Brian Donlevy. (NR) (1:30) TCM 7 a.m. Green Mansions (1959) ›››‡ Audrey Hepburn. (NR) (2:00) TCM 12:30 p.m. The Hangover (2009) ››› Bradley Cooper. (R) (2:00) TBS 6 p.m. Hell’s Heroes (1929) ››› Charles Bickford. (NR) (1:15) TCM 5:15 a.m. The Hunger Games (2012) ››› Jennifer Lawrence. (PG-13) (3:15) FAM 6 p.m. Iron Man 3 (2013) ››› Robert Downey Jr. (PG-13) (3:00) FX 5 p.m. John and Mary (1969) ››› Dustin Hoffman. (PG) (1:35) FXM 8:40 a.m. Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003) ››› Uma Thurman. (R) (2:30) AMC 1 p.m. Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004) ››› Uma Thurman. (R) (3:00) AMC 3:30 p.m. King Kong (2005) ›››‡ Naomi Watts. (PG-13) (4:00) SYFY 4 p.m. Leave Her to Heaven (1945) ››› Gene Tierney. (NR) (2:00) TCM 10:30 a.m. Listen to Me Marlon (2015) ›››‡ (NR) (1:45) SHOW 3:30 p.m. Mad Max (1979) ›››‡ Mel Gibson. (R) (1:35) ENC 8 p.m. The Matrix (1999) ›››‡ Keanu Reeves. (R) (3:00) AMC 10 a.m. Mission: Impossible III (2006) ››› Tom Cruise. (PG-13) (2:05) TMC 10:05 p.m. Mrs. Doubtfire (1993) ››› Robin Williams. (PG) (2:15) HBO 6:15 a.m. The Namesake (2006) ››› Kal Penn. (PG-13) (2:05) MAX 1:20 p.m. Night of the Living Dead (1968) ›››‡ Duane Jones. (NR) (1:45) FLIX 6:30 p.m.

Nights of Cabiria (1957) ›››‡ Giulietta Masina. (NR) (2:15) TCM 11 p.m. Please Don’t Eat the Daisies (1960) ››› Doris Day. (NR) (2:00) TCM 8:30 a.m. Point Break (1991) ››› Patrick Swayze. (R) (2:30) KWPX 12 p.m., 11:30 p.m. Poltergeist (1982) ›››‡ Craig T. Nelson. (PG) (2:00) MAX 10 p.m. Public Enemies (2009) ››› Johnny Depp. (R) (3:00) TNT 12 a.m. Role Models (2008) ››› Seann William Scott. (R) (2:00) TBS 12 p.m. St. Vincent (2014) ››› Bill Murray. (PG-13) (1:45) SHOW 11:30 a.m., 4:55 a.m. The Salvation (2014) ››› Mads Mikkelsen. (R) (1:45) SHOW 5:15 p.m. Skyfall (2012) ›››‡ Daniel Craig. (PG-13) (3:00) USA 1 a.m. Sleepy Hollow (1999) ››› Johnny Depp. (R) (2:45) FAM 9:15 p.m. Sneakers (1992) ››› Robert Redford. (PG-13) (2:15) FLIX 3:30 a.m. Snowpiercer (2013) ›››‡ Chris Evans. (R) (2:15) SHOW 1:15 p.m. The Strange One (1957) ››› Ben Gazzara. (NR) (2:00) TCM 5 p.m.

Debbie Macomber’s Trading Christmas (2011) ››› Tom Cavanagh. (2:00) HALL 2 a.m. Dodge City (1939) ››› Errol Flynn. (NR) (2:00) TCM 3 p.m. Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story (2004) ››› Vince Vaughn. (PG-13) (1:55) USA 12:05 a.m. The Egyptian (1954) ››› Edmund Purdom. (NR) (2:30) TCM 9 p.m. Frankenweenie (2012) ››› Voices of Catherine O’Hara. (PG) (2:00) FAM 12 a.m. Ghost Town (2008) ››› Ricky Gervais. (PG-13) (1:45) HBO 12:30 p.m. Gridiron Gang (2006) ››› The Rock. (PG-13) (2:10) ENC 2:40 p.m. The Hand That Rocks the Cradle (1992) ››› Annabella Sciorra. (R) (2:00) FLIX 5 p.m. Identity (2003) ››› John Cusack. (R) (2:00) SYFY 11 p.m. The Ides of March (2011) ››› Ryan Gosling. (R) (1:50) ENC 2 a.m. In Good Company (2004) ››› Dennis Quaid. (PG-13) (1:55) ENC 8:55 a.m. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) ›››‡ Kevin McCarthy. (NR) (1:25) ENC 5:25 a.m.

Rushmore (1998) ››› Jason Schwartzman. (R) (1:35) TMC 8:30 p.m. Scarface (1983) ››› Al Pacino. (R) (3:30) SPIKE 11 a.m., 12:30 a.m. Sea of Love (1989) ››› Al Pacino. (R) (2:00) FLIX 7 p.m. Sexy Beast (2000) ››› Ray Winstone. (R) (1:30) MAX 3:15 p.m. Silver Dollar (1933) ››› Edward G. Robinson. (NR) (1:30) TCM 10 a.m. Sleepy Hollow (1999) ››› Johnny Depp. (R) (2:30) FAM 6 p.m. Sneakers (1992) ››› Robert Redford. (PG-13) (2:15) FLIX 2:45 p.m. The Station Agent (2003) ››› Peter Dinklage. (R) (1:30) TMC 7:30 a.m. Surf’s Up (2007) ››› Voices of Shia LaBeouf. (PG) (1:30) ENC 7:25 a.m. Under Siege (1992) ››› Steven Seagal. (R) (2:30) AMC 3 p.m. The War of the Worlds (1953) ›››‡ Gene Barry. (G) (1:30) ENC 6:30 p.m. Watch on the Rhine (1943) ›››› Bette Davis. Nazis intimidate an underground leader and his family. (NR) (2:00) TCM 5 a.m. What About Bob? (1991) ››› Bill Murray. (PG) (1:45) FLIX 4:45 a.m.



featuring Storm Large

Thursday, January 14, 2016 | 7:30 pm $79, $74 & $69 The Portland, Oregon-based “little orchestra” was created in 1994 to provide more beautiful and inclusive musical soundtracks for political fundraisers for causes such as civil rights, affordable housing, the environment, libraries, public broadcasting, education, and parks. Pink Martini has expanded to 13 members and performed its multilingual repertoire on concert stages and with orchestras throughout Europe, Asia, Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Canada, and the United States.

1367230 | 425.275.9595 410FOURTHAVENUENORTHEDMONDSWA98020 Superbad (2007) ››› Jonah Hill. (NR) (2:36) COM 3:59 p.m. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974) ›››‡ Marilyn Burns. (R) (1:30) FLIX 5 p.m. A Time to Kill (1996) ››› Sandra Bullock. (R) (3:00) TNT 2:30 p.m. The Wedding Singer (1998) ››› Adam Sandler. (PG-13) (1:40) STARZ 4:50 p.m. X-Men 2 (2003) ››› Patrick Stewart. (PG-13) (2:20) ENC 6:15 a.m., 5:40 p.m.


About Last Night (2014) ››› Kevin Hart. (R) (1:45) STARZ 5:15 p.m. Arachnophobia (1990) ››› Jeff Daniels. (PG-13) (2:00) FLIX 7:30 a.m. Argo (2012) ›››‡ Ben Affleck. (R) (2:30) FX 7 a.m. The Best Man (1999) ››› Taye Diggs. (R) (2:28) BET 6:02 p.m. Blades of Glory (2007) ››› Will Ferrell. (PG-13) (1:45) HBO 10:45 a.m. Bugsy (1991) ›››‡ Warren Beatty. (R) (2:20) STARZ 8:05 p.m. Catfish (2010) ››› (PG-13) (2:20) MTV 11 a.m.

The Italian Job (2003) ››› Mark Wahlberg. (PG-13) (2:30) AMC 8 p.m., 1:30 a.m. John Grisham’s The Rainmaker (1997) ››› Matt Damon. (PG-13) (2:20) MAX 6 a.m. Kiss of Death (1947) ››› Victor Mature. (NR) (2:00) TCM 7 p.m. Mad Max (1979) ›››‡ Mel Gibson. (R) (1:40) ENC 4:50 p.m. Million Dollar Mermaid (1952) ››› Esther Williams. (NR) (2:00) TCM 11:30 p.m. Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol (2011) ››› Tom Cruise. (PG-13) (3:00) FX 4:30 p.m. Mission: Impossible III (2006) ››› Tom Cruise. (PG-13) (2:15) SHOW 6:45 a.m. My Darling Clementine (1946) ›››‡ Henry Fonda. (NR) (2:00) TCM 5 p.m. Panic (2000) ››› William H. Macy. (R) (1:30) SHOW 12 p.m. The Pursuit of Happyness (2006) ››› Will Smith. (PG-13) (2:00) STARZ 3:15 p.m. Rampart (2011) ››› Woody Harrelson. (R) (2:00) SHOW 1:30 p.m.

World Trade Center (2006) ››› Nicolas Cage. (PG-13) (2:10) TMC 12:30 p.m. X-Men (2000) ››› Hugh Jackman. (PG-13) (1:45) HBO 2:15 p.m. You Were Meant for Me (1948) ››› Jeanne Crain. (NR) (1:35) FXM 7:15 a.m.


American Graffiti (1973) ›››› Richard Dreyfuss. Town teens cruise on graduation night 1962. (PG) (2:00) FLIX 8 a.m. The Avengers (2012) ›››‡ Robert Downey Jr. (PG-13) (3:00) FX 7 p.m. The Barretts of Wimpole Street (1934) ››› Norma Shearer. (NR) (2:00) TCM 10:15 p.m. The Best Man (1999) ››› Taye Diggs. (R) (2:30) BET 10 a.m. Betrayed (1954) ››› Clark Gable. (NR) (2:00) TCM 1 p.m. Big (1988) ›››‡ Tom Hanks. (PG) (2:00) FAM 6 p.m. Breach (2007) ››› Chris Cooper. (PG-13) (1:50) MAX 3:40 a.m.

Bring It On: In It to Win It (2007) ››› Ashley Benson. (PG-13) (2:20) MTV 11 a.m., 12:03 a.m. The Cabin in the Woods (2011) ››› Kristen Connolly. (R) (2:00) SYFY 8 p.m., 12 a.m. Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) ››› Chris Evans. (PG-13) (2:20) ENC 2:05 p.m., 10 p.m. Cars (2006) ›››‡ Voices of Owen Wilson. (G) (2:05) ENC 10:15 a.m. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000) ›››‡ Chow Yun-Fat. (PG-13) (2:05) STARZ 2:10 p.m. Dead Poets Society (1989) ›››‡ Robin Williams. (PG) (2:15) SHOW 6:45 a.m. Debbie Macomber’s Trading Christmas (2011) ››› Tom Cavanagh. (2:00) HALL 2 p.m. Edge of Darkness (1943) ››› Errol Flynn. (NR) (2:00) TCM 11 a.m. The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill but Came Down a Mountain (1995) ››› Hugh Grant. (PG) (1:40) FLIX 3:20 a.m. Erin Brockovich (2000) ››› Julia Roberts. (R) (3:00) AMC 6 p.m., 11:05 p.m. The Evil Dead (1981) ›››‡ Bruce Campbell. (NC-17) (1:30) STARZ 9:55 a.m. Evita (1996) ››› Madonna. (PG) (2:15) TMC 9:35 a.m. A Few Good Men (1992) ›››‡ Tom Cruise. (R) (3:00) AMC 3 p.m. Finding Neverland (2004) ›››‡ Johnny Depp. (PG) (2:05) AMC 9 p.m. 5 Fingers (1952) ››› James Mason. (NR) (1:50) FXM 12 a.m. Flatliners (1990) ››› Kiefer Sutherland. (R) (1:55) ENC 12:20 a.m. Forrest Gump (1994) ›››› Tom Hanks. An innocent man enters history from the ’50s to the ’90s. (PG-13) (3:00) FAM 8 p.m. The Good Lie (2014) ››› Reese Witherspoon. (PG-13) (1:55) HBO 11:30 a.m. Good Night, and Good Luck. (2005) ›››‡ David Strathairn. (PG) (1:35) MAX 3:20 p.m. GoodFellas (1990) ›››› Robert De Niro. An Irish-Italian hood joins the 1950s New York Mafia. (R) (3:00) AMC 10 a.m., 2:02 a.m. The Ides of March (2011) ››› Ryan Gosling. (R) (1:45) ENC 12:20 p.m. The Insider (1999) ›››‡ Al Pacino. (R) (2:40) MAX 12:40 p.m. Little Odessa (1994) ››› Tim Roth. (R) (1:50) FLIX 1:35 p.m. Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol (2011) ››› Tom Cruise. (PG-13) (3:00) FX 9 a.m. Mr. Holland’s Opus (1995) ››› Richard Dreyfuss. (PG) (2:25) TMC 7:10 a.m. 127 Hours (2010) ›››‡ James Franco. (R) (1:53) FXM 2 p.m., 10 p.m. Red Riding: 1974 (2009) ››› Andrew Garfield. (NR) (2:00) TMC 12:30 a.m. Red Riding: 1980 (2009) ››› Warren Clarke. (NR) (1:40) TMC 2:30 a.m. Red Riding: 1983 (2009) ››› David Morrissey. (NR) (1:45) TMC 4:10 a.m. Romeo and Juliet (1936) ›››‡ Norma Shearer. (NR) (2:15) TCM 2 a.m. Ruthless People (1986) ››› Danny DeVito. (R) (1:35) FLIX 5 p.m. Snowpiercer (2013) ›››‡ Chris Evans. (R) (2:15) SHOW 5:15 p.m., 1:45 a.m. Still Alice (2014) ››› Julianne Moore. (PG-13) (1:45) STARZ 7:50 a.m., 5:10 p.m.

Strange Interlude (1932) ››› Norma Shearer. (NR) (2:00) TCM 8:15 p.m. The Thief of Bagdad (1940) ›››› Sabu. An Arabian prince tries to regain his throne from a vizier. (NR) (2:00) TCM 4:15 a.m. To Have and Have Not (1944) ›››‡ Humphrey Bogart. (NR) (2:00) TCM 7 a.m. Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983) ››› Vic Morrow. (PG) (1:45) MAX 9:15 a.m. Underground (1941) ››› Jeffrey Lynn. (NR) (2:00) TCM 3 p.m. WALL-E (2008) ›››› Voices of Ben Burtt. Animated. A robot chases a mechanical scout across the galaxy. (G) (1:50) DSY 8 p.m. What About Bob? (1991) ››› Bill Murray. (PG) (1:40) FLIX 1:40 a.m. Wonder Boys (2000) ››› Michael Douglas. (R) (1:55) MAX 4:55 p.m. Zombieland (2009) ››› Woody Harrelson. (R) (2:00) SYFY 10 p.m.

Wednesday A.I.: Artificial Intelligence (2001) ›››‡ Haley Joel Osment. (PG-13) (2:30) HBO 11:30 a.m. Airplane! (1980) ›››‡ Robert Hays. (PG) (1:30) ENC 2:40 p.m. Aliens (1986) ›››› Sigourney Weaver. Space Marines battle an army of deadly monsters. (R) (2:35) ENC 8 p.m. The Avengers (2012) ›››‡ Robert Downey Jr. (PG-13) (3:00) FX 4:30 p.m. Battle of the Bulbs (2010) ››› Daniel Stern. (2:00) HALL 4 a.m. Bernie (2011) ››› Jack Black. (PG13) (1:45) SHOW 4:45 p.m., 3:15 a.m. Buffalo 66 (1998) ››› Vincent Gallo. (R) (2:00) FLIX 10:30 p.m. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000) ›››‡ Chow Yun-Fat. (PG-13) (2:05) STARZ 11:40 a.m. The Devil Wears Prada (2006) ››› Meryl Streep. (PG-13) (2:00) HBO 2:15 p.m. Diamond Men (2000) ››› Robert Forster. (R) (1:45) FLIX 12:30 a.m. End of Watch (2012) ››› Jake Gyllenhaal. (R) (2:30) SPIKE 11 a.m. A Few Good Men (1992) ›››‡ Tom Cruise. (R) (2:59) AMC 11:32 a.m. Finding Neverland (2004) ›››‡ Johnny Depp. (PG) (2:04) AMC 9:28 a.m. 5 Fingers (1952) ››› James Mason. (NR) (1:55) FXM 8:15 a.m. Forrest Gump (1994) ›››› Tom Hanks. An innocent man enters history from the ’50s to the ’90s. (PG-13) (3:00) FAM 5:30 p.m. Frantic (1988) ››› Harrison Ford. (R) (2:05) MAX 5:25 p.m. Gangs of New York (2002) ›››‡ Leonardo DiCaprio. (R) (3:30) FX 8 a.m. GBF (2013) ››› Michael J. Willett. (R) (1:35) TMC 1 p.m. Grease (1978) ››› John Travolta. (PG) (2:30) FAM 8:30 p.m. Green Dolphin Street (1947) ››› Lana Turner. (NR) (2:30) TCM 8:45 a.m. Happy-Go-Lucky (2008) ››› Sally Hawkins. (R) (2:10) SHOW 5:05 a.m. Hitch (2005) ››› Will Smith. (PG-13) (3:00) LIFE 4 p.m. Hoosiers (1986) ››› Gene Hackman. (PG) (2:00) ENC 11:05 a.m. The Horse Whisperer (1998) ›››‡ Robert Redford. (PG-13) (2:50) SHOW 9 a.m.

The Daily Herald

I Am Legend (2007) ››› Will Smith. (PG-13) (2:30) SPIKE 6:30 p.m., 11:30 p.m. In Cold Blood (1967) ›››‡ Robert Blake. (R) (2:30) TCM 7 p.m. The Incredible Hulk (2008) ››› Edward Norton. (PG-13) (2:30) TNT 11:30 p.m. Independence Day (1996) ››› Will Smith. (PG-13) (3:00) AMC 8 p.m., 11 p.m. Ironclad (2011) ›››‡ James Purefoy. (R) (2:05) TMC 12:10 a.m. Mask (1985) ››› Eric Stoltz. (PG-13) (2:10) ENC 7 a.m. Mighty Joe Young (1949) ››› Terry Moore. (NR) (2:00) TCM 11:15 a.m. Mission: Impossible III (2006) ››› Tom Cruise. (PG-13) (2:05) TMC 8 p.m. Moonlight and Mistletoe (2008) ››› Candace Cameron Bure. (NR) (2:00) HALL 8 a.m., 10 p.m. Night of the Living Dead (1968) ›››‡ Duane Jones. (NR) (1:45) FLIX 5:30 a.m. The Quiller Memorandum (1966) ››› George Segal. (NR) (1:50) FXM 10:10 a.m., 5:55 a.m. Remember the Titans (2000) ››› Denzel Washington. (PG) (1:55) ENC 6:05 p.m. The Rocketeer (1991) ››› Bill Campbell. (PG) (1:50) FLIX 8:10 a.m. Scary Movie (2000) ››› Shawn Wayans. (R) (1:30) FLIX 9 p.m. Ship of Fools (1965) ››› Vivien Leigh. (NR) (2:45) TCM 11:45 p.m. Stakeout (1987) ››› Richard Dreyfuss. (R) (2:00) SHOW 7 a.m. A Streetcar Named Desire (1951) ›››› Marlon Brando. A neurotic Southern belle tries to preserve her gentility. (PG) (2:15) TCM 9:30 p.m. Thick as Thieves (1999) ››› Alec Baldwin. (R) (1:35) MAX 8:25 a.m. The Thin Red Line (1998) ›››‡ Sean Penn. (R) (2:55) ENC 2:15 a.m. Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo (1944) ››› Spencer Tracy. (NR) (2:30) TCM 6:15 a.m. Thor (2011) ››› Chris Hemsworth. (PG-13) (2:30) FX 7:30 p.m. The Time Machine (1960) ›››‡ Rod Taylor. (G) (2:00) TCM 3 p.m. Total Recall (1990) ››› Arnold Schwarzenegger. (R) (1:55) ENC 4:10 p.m., 12:15 a.m. The Trip (2010) ››› Steve Coogan. (NR) (1:55) TMC 11:05 a.m. Twelve Monkeys (1995) ››› Bruce Willis. (R) (2:10) FLIX 5 p.m. 28 Weeks Later (2007) ››› Robert Carlyle. (R) (1:45) MAX 10 p.m. 25th Hour (2002) ››› Edward Norton. (R) (2:20) MAX 3:40 a.m. WALL-E (2008) ›››› Voices of Ben Burtt. Animated. A robot chases a mechanical scout across the galaxy. (G) (1:45) DSY 1 p.m. Whiplash (2014) ›››‡ Miles Teller. (R) (1:50) STARZ 5:45 p.m.


Alien 3 (1992) ››› Sigourney Weaver. (NR) (2:30) ENC 2:10 a.m. All I Want for Christmas (2007) ››› Gail O’Grady. (2:00) HALL 2 p.m. American Pie (1999) ››› Jason Biggs. (R) (2:30) SPIKE 11 a.m. An American Werewolf in London (1981) ›››‡ David Naughton. (R) (1:40) FLIX 7 p.m.

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The Hunger Games (2012) ››› Jennifer Lawrence. (PG-13) (3:00) FAM 8 p.m. The Karate Kid (1984) ›››‡ Ralph Macchio. (PG) (3:00) AMC 2:30 p.m. Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003) ››› Uma Thurman. (R) (2:30) AMC 5:30 p.m. Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004) ››› Uma Thurman. (R) (3:00) AMC 8 p.m. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) ›››‡ Elijah Wood. (PG-13) (4:00) TNT 8 p.m. The Mask (1994) ››› Jim Carrey. (PG-13) (2:00) FX 12 a.m., 2 a.m. McLintock! (1963) ››› John Wayne. (NR) (2:15) TCM 8:30 a.m. O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000) ››› George Clooney. (PG-13) (1:55) HBO 6 a.m. Out of Sight (1998) ››› George Clooney. (R) (2:15) SHOW 2 p.m. Pride & Prejudice (2005) ››› Keira Knightley. (PG) (3:05) OXY 8 p.m., 11:05 p.m. The Quiet Man (1952) ›››› John Wayne. An Irish-American returns to Ireland to claim his home. (NR) (2:15) TCM 7:15 p.m.

After Dark, My Sweet (1990) ››› Jason Patric. (R) (1:55) FLIX 11:10 p.m. Begin Again (2013) ››› Keira Knightley. (R) (1:45) SHOW 9:30 a.m. Bernie (2011) ››› Jack Black. (PG13) (1:45) SHOW 11:15 a.m. The Big Country (1958) ›››‡ Gregory Peck. (NR) (3:00) TCM 2 p.m. Breakfast Club (1985) ›››‡ Emilio Estevez. (R) (2:30) TVLAND 2:30 p.m. Bullitt (1968) ›››‡ Steve McQueen. (PG) (2:00) TCM 5 p.m. Cat Ballou (1965) ››› Jane Fonda. (NR) (1:45) TCM 10:45 a.m. The Croods (2013) ››› Voices of Nicolas Cage. (PG) (2:00) FX 10:30 a.m. The Devil Wears Prada (2006) ››› Meryl Streep. (PG-13) (1:55) HBO 6:05 p.m.

Blades of Glory (2007) ››› Will Ferrell. (PG-13) (1:40) HBO 5:20 p.m. Boyhood (2014) ›››› Ellar Coltrane. A child grows from boyhood to manhood over the course of 12 years. (R) (2:50) TMC 9:10 a.m., 5:15 p.m. Breakfast Club (1985) ›››‡ Emilio Estevez. (R) (2:30) TVLAND 5 p.m. Cadillac Records (2008) ››› Adrien Brody. (R) (2:30) BET 10 a.m. Calendar Girls (2003) ››› Helen Mirren. (PG-13) (2:00) SHOW 7:30 a.m., 6 p.m. The Croods (2013) ››› Voices of Nicolas Cage. (PG) (2:00) FX 6 p.m. Despicable Me 2 (2013) ››› Voices of Steve Carell. (PG) (2:00) FX 8 p.m., 10 p.m. Freaky Friday (2003) ››› Jamie Lee Curtis. (PG) (2:00) FAM 6 p.m. House of Strangers (1949) ››› Edward G. Robinson. (NR) (2:00) FXM 1 a.m. The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1939) ›››‡ Charles Laughton. (NR) (2:15) TCM 5 p.m.

The Raid: Redemption (2011) ›››‡ Iko Uwais. (R) (2:30) AMC 2 a.m. Restoration (1995) ››› Robert Downey Jr. (R) (2:00) FLIX 9 a.m. Rushmore (1998) ››› Jason Schwartzman. (R) (1:35) TMC 1:30 p.m. Ruthless People (1986) ››› Danny DeVito. (R) (1:35) FLIX 3:25 p.m. The Salton Sea (2002) ››› Val Kilmer. (R) (1:45) MAX 6:55 a.m. Se7en (1995) ›››‡ Brad Pitt. (R) (3:00) SYFY 11:30 a.m. The Shawshank Redemption (1994) ›››› Tim Robbins. An innocent man goes to a Maine penitentiary for life in 1947. (R) (3:00) A&E 5 p.m. Sinbad the Sailor (1947) ››› Douglas Fairbanks Jr. (NR) (2:00) TCM 11 p.m. The Spanish Main (1945) ››› Paul Henreid. (NR) (2:00) TCM 1 a.m. Spencer’s Mountain (1963) ››› Henry Fonda. (NR) (2:00) TCM 6:30 a.m. Starman (1984) ››› Jeff Bridges. (PG) (2:00) ENC 8 a.m., 8 p.m. Titanic (1997) ›››› Leonardo DiCaprio. A woman falls for an artist

11:14 (2003) ››› Henry Thomas. (R) (1:30) MAX 4:50 a.m. Experiment in Terror (1962) ››› Glenn Ford. (NR) (2:15) TCM 9 p.m. Far and Away (1992) ››› Tom Cruise. (PG-13) (2:25) ENC 5:35 a.m. A Few Good Men (1992) ›››‡ Tom Cruise. (R) (3:00) AMC 1:30 a.m. For Your Consideration (2006) ››› Christopher Guest. (PG-13) (1:30) HBO 6 a.m. Freaky Friday (2003) ››› Jamie Lee Curtis. (PG) (2:00) FAM 11 a.m. The Freshman (1990) ››› Marlon Brando. (PG) (1:45) STARZ 9:15 a.m. Friday (1995) ››› Ice Cube. (R) (2:00) USA 1 a.m. From the Terrace (1960) ››› Paul Newman. (NR) (2:25) FXM 6:30 a.m., 12:30 a.m. GBF (2013) ››› Michael J. Willett. (R) (1:35) TMC 6:30 a.m. The Green Mile (1999) ›››‡ Tom Hanks. (R) (4:00) AMC 3 p.m. Hook (1991) ››› Dustin Hoffman. (PG) (4:00) MTV 2:30 p.m. The Hunger Games (2012) ››› Jennifer Lawrence. (PG-13) (3:00) FAM 5:30 p.m.


aboard the ill-fated ship. (PG-13) (3:20) HBO 7:55 a.m. What About Bob? (1991) ››› Bill Murray. (PG) (1:40) FLIX 8:30 p.m. The Wings of Eagles (1957) ››› John Wayne. (NR) (2:15) TCM 2:45 p.m.




Sunday, November 15, 2015 21 Independence Day (1996) ››› Will Smith. (PG-13) (3:00) AMC 9:30 p.m. Inside Llewyn Davis (2013) ›››‡ Oscar Isaac. (R) (1:45) TMC 8:05 a.m., 5:30 a.m. The Insider (1999) ›››‡ Al Pacino. (R) (2:40) MAX 2:45 p.m. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) ›››‡ Elijah Wood. (PG-13) (4:15) TNT 3:45 p.m. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002) ›››‡ Elijah Wood. (PG13) (3:45) TNT 12 p.m. Love’s Unending Legacy (2007) ››› Erin Cottrell. (1:30) KTBW 8 p.m. Meet the Santas (2005) ››› Steve Guttenberg. (2:00) HALL 4 p.m., 4 a.m. The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (2008) ››› Henry Winkler. (2:00) HALL 12 a.m. The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992) ››› Michael Caine. (G) (2:00) LIFE 6 p.m., 10:02 p.m., 2:04 a.m. Murder, She Said (1961) ››› Margaret Rutherford. (NR) (1:45) TCM 9 a.m. My Lucky Star (1938) ››› Sonja Henie. (NR) (1:25) FXM 4:35 a.m. The Nutty Professor (1996) ››› Eddie Murphy. (PG-13) (3:00) BET 12 p.m. The Other Me (2000) ››› Andrew Lawrence. (1:40) DSY 3 a.m. The Painted Veil (2006) ››› Naomi Watts. (PG-13) (2:05) MAX 7:40 a.m. Point Blank (1967) ››› Lee Marvin. (NR) (2:00) TCM 7 p.m. Pulp Fiction (1994) ›››› John Travolta. Criminals cross paths in three interlocked tales of mayhem. (R) (2:45) SHOW 10:45 p.m. Remember the Titans (2000) ››› Denzel Washington. (PG) (2:30) AMC 7 p.m. St. Vincent (2014) ››› Bill Murray. (PG-13) (1:55) SHOW 7:05 p.m. The Salvation (2014) ››› Mads Mikkelsen. (R) (1:45) SHOW 1 p.m., 4 a.m. Scary Movie (2000) ››› Shawn Wayans. (R) (1:30) FLIX 5 p.m. Secretary (2002) ››› James Spader. (R) (1:55) HBO 1:50 a.m. Selena (1997) ››› Jennifer Lopez. (PG) (2:15) ENC 8:50 a.m., 11:50 p.m. The Shawshank Redemption (1994) ›››› Tim Robbins. An innocent man goes to a Maine penitentiary for life in 1947. (R) (3:00) A&E 1:30 p.m. Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus (2004) ››› Crystal Bernard. (2:00) HALL 2 p.m., 2 a.m. Sleepy Hollow (1999) ››› Johnny Depp. (R) (2:30) FAM 1 p.m., 11:30 p.m. Snatch (2000) ››› Benicio Del Toro. (R) (1:45) MAX 5:25 p.m. Sneakers (1992) ››› Robert Redford. (PG-13) (2:05) FLIX 10 a.m. Snowpiercer (2013) ›››‡ Chris Evans. (R) (2:15) SHOW 2:45 p.m. Tender Mercies (1983) ›››‡ Robert Duvall. (PG) (1:35) FLIX 3 a.m. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974) ›››‡ Marilyn Burns. (R) (1:30) FLIX 8 p.m. Troy (2004) ››› Brad Pitt. (R) (3:30) HIST 12:30 p.m. Undercover Brother (2002) ››› Eddie Griffin. (PG-13) (2:30) BET 3 p.m. War of the Worlds (2005) ››› Tom Cruise. (PG-13) (2:30) TNT 12:30 a.m. Zombieland (2009) ››› Woody Harrelson. (R) (2:00) SYFY 9 p.m.


Sunday, November 15, 2015 The Daily Herald

AMC goes ‘INTO THE BADLANDS’ with contemporary yet ancient action saga In action terms, “Into the Badlands” is a little of this and a little of that ... and that’s exactly how its creator-producers want it. Combining modern and ancient elements, the AMC series premieres Sunday, Nov. 15 – and its mentors, “Smallville” and “Spider-Man 2” veterans Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, agree that it’s a mash-up of virtually everything they’ve done before it. Martial-arts masters Daniel Wu and Stephen Fung also are executive producers, with Wu starring as well as the ironically named Sunny, a celebrated Clipper (or warrior) in a desolate area where he saves young M.K. (Aramis Knight) and then mentors him at a feudal outpost known as The Fort. “It’s everything we love put into a blender, and this is what came out,” Millar allows of “Into the Badlands,” which also was inspired loosely by a 16th-century Chinese novel (“Journey to the West”). “Martial arts, superpowers, the society of ancient Japan ... we put it all together and created something that’s original in its own way with references, if you’re a movie buff, to things you know that way as well.” Aspects of Millar and Gough’s “Shanghai Noon,” which starred Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson, certainly factor into “Into the Badlands” – particularly since the director of the sequel “Shanghai Knights,” David Dobkin, also is involved in the new series. “When we pitched the show to AMC,” Gough reflects, “we said that in order to get the martial-arts aspect right, you needed a full-time Hong Kong fight unit to do it. Having worked with him, we knew David could bring the American cable-drama sensibility, but he also understood how to work with a fight unit.” Millar adds of the participation of fight director Fung, “There‘s a distinct difference between how you shoot Westernstyle action in a traditional movie or TV show, and how you shoot Hong Kong-style. It’s about seeing your hero really fight, and that was the key in terms of making this feel authentic. The action is as important as the drama, and what really makes the show unique is giving respect to that element. That’s why the fights are like nothing you’ve ever seen before.” The producers also made that attempt earlier with star Sammo Hung in the late-’90s CBS series “Martial Law,” and they knew they had to get their principal “Into the Badlands” casting just right. “Daniel was in as an executive producer from the beginning,” reports Gough. “We sort of wrote it with him in the back of our minds, but he was like, ‘I’m too old. I don’t know if I could take the regimen of training.’ He screen-tested with a couple of other guys, to make sure he could look legitimate. Then, casting Aramis was a big piece of the puzzle.” Indeed, Millar says that turned out to be “a classic thing. We’d seen him in (the movie) ‘Ender’s Game’ and everybody liked him, and he was actually the first person we asked to see. Then we probably saw 400 other kids and we hadn’t found anybody, and we thought, ‘You know what? Let’s go back to Aramis.’ He came back in and the chemistry with Daniel was awesome and great, and it just happened. You have to see everybody to come back to the first.” Additional “Into the Badlands” cast members include Stephen Lang (“Salem”), Marton Csokas (“Sons of Liberty”), Emily Beecham, Orla Brady (“American Odyssey”) and Oliver Stark. Also executive producers of MTV’s forthcoming fantasy series “The Shannara Chronicles,” Millar and Gough aimed “Into the Badlands” specifically for AMC, given the cable network’s track record with series on the order of “The Walking Dead” and “Hell on Wheels.” “They bought it in the room (during the initial pitch),” Gough says. “Honestly, they were all in. They’re a network of big swings, and they take pride in that – so you bring them your passion project and tell them, ‘We want to do this martial-arts show set in the future with a Hong Kong fight team.’ And they really didn’t blink.”


Daniel Wu stars in “Into the Badlands,” premiering Sunday on AMC.


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Sunday, November 15, 2015 23

‘MYTHBUSTERS’ announces one final season of mysteries, experiments and explosions

Pictured: Jamie Hyneman (left) and Adam Savage

Luckily, hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman were aware that the show’s upcoming season would be the last and have been preparing accordingly. “It was my greatest fear that ‘Mythbusters’ would just stop and we wouldn’t be able to do proper final episodes,” Savage says. “So whether it’s myths about human behavior or car stories or explosion stories, we tried to find the most awesome example of each category and build on our past history.” The Discovery Channel weighs in on ending one of its longest running shows and how it plans to keep the “MythBusters” spirit alive going forward. “ ‘MythBusters’ is – and will always be – an incredibly important part of Discovery’s history. Adam and Jamie are enormous talents who have brought learning and science to the forefront of this network, and their legacy will continue to live on over at Science Channel,” says Discovery Channel president Rich Ross. “The ‘MythBusters’ library will be moving over to Discovery’s sister network in 2016, where I know audiences new and old alike will be able to experience and learn with Adam and Jamie and the rest of the ’MythBusters’ family.” Savage also adds his sentiments that the show is ending. “Making ‘MythBusters’ has fundamentally and irrevocably altered the way I think as a person, as an artist, and as a scientist. I’m glad for the chance to say goodbye with some of the best television we’ve ever made. I will miss making this show,” he says. To celebrate the show Discovery Channel is asking fans to send their goodbyes via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag MythYouGuys. The Science Channel will also pay tribute by airing every episode of “MythBusters” ever beginning Dec. 23 at midnight and ending Jan. 3, 2016, at 8 p.m. ET/PT. The show’s final season will air on both Discovery and the Science channel in January.




Graham Elliot is a restaurateur and celebrity chef who can currently be seen as a judge on the latest “Junior Edition” of “MasterChef” on Fox.

DID YOU KNOW - Born Graham Elliot Bowles, on Jan. 4, 1977, in Seattle. - He is a self-proclaimed “Navy brat” who has traveled the world and all 50 U.S. states. - Attended culinary school at Johnson & Wales and was off and running, finding his way into inspiring kitchens around the country. - His first position after culinary school was at the Jackson House Inn & Restaurant in Woodstock, Vermont, - In his career he has accrued many prestigious accolades including multiple James Beard Foundation nominations and a spot on Food & Wine Magazine’s best new chefs in 2004. - At the age of 27 he was the youngest Four Star Chef to be named in any city, also earning him a spot on Crain’s Chicago Business list of 40 Under Forty. - In May 2008, he opened his first solo project Graham Elliot in Chicago, a “bistronomic” restaurant that combined fourstar cuisine with humor and accessibility, to another round of

critical acclaim. The restaurant closed at the end of 2013. - In summer 2009, his passion for music led him to be the culinary ambassador at Lollapalooza, a three-day music festival, a position he still holds. - As a current co-host and judge on the Fox hit cooking competition, “MasterChef,” he offers his expert advice to the show’s contestants. - In July 2013, he underwent a sleeve gastrectomy after nearly hitting 400 pounds. After losing more than 150 pounds, he ran his first-ever full marathon in October of 2014 in Chicago. He and his wife Allie ran together for Smile Train, a charity that has provided cleft surgery for children in 87 countries. Their son Conrad was born with a bilateral cleft lip. - In addition to his regular TV work, he also oversees his current restaurant, Graham Elliot Bistro, located in Chicago. - A few weeks ago, his first cookbook “Cooking Like a Master Chef: 100 Recipes to Make the Everyday Extraordinary” was published. - Currently he resides in Chicago with Allie and his three boys, Mylo, Conrad and Jedediah.

Sunday, November 15, 2015 The Daily Herald


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Alderwood Address: 19611 Alderwood Mall Pkwy, Lynnwood • (425) 774-8200 Your Hometown Jeweler since 1991

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SUNDAY, 11.15.15

Everett Daily Herald, November 15, 2015  

November 15, 2015 edition of the Everett Daily Herald

Everett Daily Herald, November 15, 2015  

November 15, 2015 edition of the Everett Daily Herald