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The women of

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015 • The Islands’ Sounder

ERIN QUIES WILD, LMP 360 298 0733 | erinquies@gmail.com www.cascadiaholistichealth.com HEALING ARTS CENTER

Kristin Mierau • Jodi Linnes Margi Miles • Amber Langworthy Susan Scales • Tina Brown

Hair & nail services, tanning & great entertainment! 188 A Street, Eastsound, 376-7667 Mention this ad and receive 15% off your next session

Festina Lenta I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the amazing women who patronize Siren Boutique. Your loyalty to my business and its values allowed me to live and thrive in this creative and diverse community. With your support it has been possible for me to run my own business, raise my daughter and donate my free time to such outstanding Orcas based non-profits like The Funhouse and the Orcas Film Festival. Having the opportunity everyday at home, Siren or in the privet sector to educate and enrich people’s lives has brought me much joy. A special thanks to Deborah Sparks, Abby Rueb and Diane Bareth. Sincerely, Thank you!

(360.317.6958) 269 MAIN STREET, EASTSOUND

Tina Whitman restoring habitat at Shoal Bay Lagoon on Lopez.

“I’m happiest at a beach - for work or play - that’s why I’ve spent the last 14 years helping to better understand, protect and restore the shorelines of the San Juan Islands for people and nature.” – Tina Whitman, Science Director, Friends of the San Juans Tina Whitman and her co-workers at Friends of the San Juans use a combination of science, education, and citizen engagement to restore habitat and protect the shorelines, forests, and iconic species that support thriving communities here in the San Juans.    Contact Tina to learn more about your favorite beach, to sign up to help restore habitat or to join us in exploring the islands. 360.378.2319, tina@sanjuans. org, www.sanjuans.org.

The women of the Lower Tavern Giving the gift of healing touch

Wednesday, October 21, 2015 • The Islands’ Sounder


As a pre-med student, Erin Quies Wild loved the nuances of anatomy and physiology. Yet she wanted a life that was more than flexible than being a doctor. “Massage therapy became a middle path for me,” she said. “There a lot of people in this world who don’t receive enough loving, therapeutic, healing touch.” Wild has been sharing her gift of healing since 2004 through her practice Cascadia Holistic Health (www.cascadiaholistichealth.com), offering massage, injury treatment, holistic wellness guidance and Mayan abdominal therapy. She is also a birth doula and facilitates retreats and ceremonies. Wild focuses on injury treatment and post-surgical healing, and accepts Premera and Regence health insurances and works with labor and industry claims. She works out of


the Healing Arts Center in Eastsound. “I love the connections I have with people and the satisfaction of seeing people improve in their bodies, whether it’s from an injury

“I am tending to attract people who are ready to go beyond the physical and see their bodies as a vessel that holds our emotional stories and houses our spirit.” — Erin Quies Wild

or committing to self-care for the first time,” she said. Wild spent time in Belize and studied Mayan abdominal therapy, a practice that works with physical, spiritual and emotional elements.

Aside from digestive and reproductive ailments that she focuses on, Wild says there are many emotional and spiritual layers to that part of the body that rarely receive attention. “We have a lot of power in the abdominal section, but there is also shame, anger and grief,” she said. “As my practice evolves, I am tending to attract people who are ready to go beyond the physical and see their bodies as a vessel that holds our emotional stories and houses our spirit,” Wild said. A large part of Wild’s capacity as a healer has come through her own grief and loss. While in college, her father passed away. She later spent time visiting with her grandmother as she aged in a care facility, which is where she first noticed that the residents received very little touch. This year, her mother died suddenly, shortly after Wild and her husband Issa welcomed their daughter

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Satya Curcio photo

Above: Erin Quies Wild and her husband Issa Wild with their daughter, Matia. Erin has been offering massage, injury treatment, wellness guidance and Mayna abdominal therapy through her business Cascadia Holistic Health on Orcas Island since 2004. Matia into the world. “I am being stretched between immense gratitude and grief,” she said. “I feel the love of my mom so deeply, and I get to channel it into my daughter now.” Over the past two years, Wild has been studying the link between “the individ-

ual and the collective” and reconnecting with her love of “deep ecology,” which is our psychological and emotional connection to the natural world. She leads retreats on Orcas, exploring how we internalize the suffering from the world around us,

46 Prune Alley, Eastsound www.lowertavern.com • 376-4848

and how to move forward in our lives with a greater sense of connection, solidarity and sometimes even hope. “We are feeling a lot of loss on the planet right now, and concurrently, there is a lot of healing to experience,” she said.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015 • The Islands’ Sounder

When hair and therapy come together Home | Auto | Commercial A Chele Enterprises Company

What a year! When I moved the office just down the way to Suite #106, I had no idea that I would take over the entire space (both the main floor and the executive loft), add Judi Madan to my team Michele Wiley and negotiate a reciprocal licensed independent agent partnership for health and life with Harald Schot of LifePlan Financial Inc, that included an office in Stanwood and still keep my mainland presence. We’ve incorporated the Madrona Point Insurance brand with Chele Enterprises LLC, and are proud to be the “locally owned” insurance service on Orcas Island! We are “Woman In Business” who live, serve and are supported by our community! A huge THANKS to you all. 365 North Beach Road, #106, Eastsound 360-376-5707 office | 360-722-2802 direct


Orcas Fire & Rescue thanks its women firefighters & EMTs


Kristin Mierau enjoyed doing her friends’ hair in high school yet it would take many years for her to realize it was her life’s calling. “I went to college because that’s what was expected of me,” said Mierau, pictured above. “I thought I would work as a therapist instead of a ‘hair-apist.’” She attended St. Cloud State University in Minnesota, near where she grew up, earning a degree in applied psychology and human relations. After her first internship, she began to have second thoughts about the profession. “I realized there is a space for holding your compassion separate from your own feelings but I couldn’t keep that boundary. I was miserable,” she said. Mierau had been visiting Orcas Island –where her mother, grandmother and aunt all lived – during her summer breaks and decided

to move to the San Juans in 1992 with her daughter Brittany, then two. “I always felt like I was coming home when I would get to the Anacortes ferry dock,” she said. Mierau worked in the food and beverage industry until she paid off her student loans. The month she wrote that last check, she took out new loans to attend cosmetology school. It was the same institution her daughter would later attend and teach at: the Bellingham Beauty School. Mierau earned the highest score in the state of Washington on her practical board exam – and it’s a record she still holds today. After moving back to Orcas, Mierau met her future fiance Adam Bartram and started working at the salon Shear Design. She later opened a full service salon and spa called Northwest Vogue with several friends. Then came going out on her own and launching Salon Mir Toi with Annette Deon.

DH Jones Design Interior Consulting • Venetian Plaster • Interior Paint

With over 15 years of experience, Deborah Jones offers:

Interior Consulting

EMT/FF ladies of Orcas Island Fire and Rescue Back Row L-R: Karey Keel-Stidham, Jaylin Peacock, Virginia Carrick; Second Row: Jill Sherman, Kari Schuh, Annalies Schuh, Jane Gray Morris, Carolyn Fiscus; Front Row; Rita Harvey, Cindie McKenna, Lesley Preysz Elysse Lightpool, Courtney Ray, Shawn Petro Patricia Ayers, Maria Nutt

Architectural Color Consulting Surface ApplicationColor and Fixture Consulting Architectural Consulting Tile and Floor Design Art Commissions Venetian Plaster, American Clay Plaster and Faux Finishes Please contact me to discuss your next project Contractor Liaison Custom Art Please contact me to discuss your next project. Deborah Jones lic. # # DHJONJD882KA DHJONJD882KA lic.


(360) 298-4558

They owned that business together – in several different locations – for more than a decade. Now she has her own salon called Studio Mierau in the athletics building in Eastsound. She employs two stylists – Susan Scales and Amber Langworthy – and Margi Miles provides pedicures, manicures and reflexology. In addition to full hair services, the studio offers tanning and wedding and special occasion styling. “I really love my space here,” Mierau said. “It’s the perfect blend of personalities. I have a charmed life. I work hard and play hard and have surrounded myself with the most amazing people on the planet.” Her daughter, who is now 26 and lives in Bellingham with her husband James, often comes to Orcas to help out at the salon on weekends. She cherishes that time with her family – especially babysitting her twoyear-old grandson, Tristan. Mierau and Bartram are also the proud parents of Boston Terrier Fargo, the former mayor of Eastsound. “We’re good homebodies,” she said. “We work in the garden, remodel the house and exercise our sense of humor.” Mierau says there are few occupations that allow such a personal relationship with clients. It’s a closeness that is appreciated by her loyal patrons as well. Sylvia McKenney, who has been Mierau’s client for 19 years, said, “Kristin is the most positive person I have met in my entire life.”

Women in print The National Women’s History Museum created an online exhibit “Women with a Deadline.” The following features excerpts from it, which can be found at www. nwhm.org. Some of the information is also from www.nysl.nysed. gov/. Women have been integral to the development of printing and journalism in North America since the earliest settlers landed in


Women of the Islands’ Sounder

Colleen Smith Armstrong, editor and publisher.

Bridget Wright, circulation manager.

Cali Bagby, Journal and Weekly editor

Anna V. Smith, Journal and Sounder reporter

Kathryn Sherman, graphic artist.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015 • The Islands’ Sounder


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A trio of felting friends by MEREDITH M. GRIFFITH Sounder contributor

Bossy the sheep was quite the character. When she had birthed a new lamb, she would nudge the little one over to Amy Lum and her family, as if to say, “Look what I did!” And when Lum brought home her first newborn baby, Martha, Bossy poked her woolly nose right into the blanket to give an admiring sniff. The Lums have seen ewes come and go in their years of farming on Orcas Island. “Of all the sheep we’ve ever had, she was the one,” says Lum. “She was a stunning companion, a really good flock leader, a fantastic mother.” And the Lums had piles of her warm fleeces in their basement. That was the beginning of Bossy’s Feltworks. It was 2006 when Lum’s friend Kari Van Gelder came up with the idea to felt the stockpiled wool into balls, and Mandy Troxel joined in to form the trio of uncertain felters. “We got together and sorta looked at this pile of wool and tried to figure out what to do with it,” said Lum, adding, “It was like

moving heaven and earth to get time to mess around with a project; we all had very small children.” Their first attempts involved sharing just one felting needle and dyeing the balls with Kool-Aid. After making a few balls, they raised their sights to creating – what else? – white sheep. “The first sheep was really hard,” chuckles Lum. “It took two hours, and it was pretty homely,” adds Van Gelder. But when Lum’s daughter Rachel asked for a pink sheep with a blue head, and the moms realized they could use pipe cleaners as frames, “then we realized we could make anything,” laughed Lum. The world opened up. The women’s first foray into farmer’s markets and then a Christmas fair was a huge success, and they decided to go bigger. Bossy’s Feltworks is now a force to be reckoned with, recognized as a 2011 featured seller on Etsy. The business hosts a bustling stall at the weekly Orcas Island Farmer’s Market, a website and a Facebook page. The women have turned down a

television appearance with Martha Stewart, a feature in Better Homes and Gardens and more than one craft book offer because they want to make their products themselves, and that means keeping the business manageable. Even so, each Christmas brings an average of 1,100-1,200 ornament orders to fill. Now in their ninth farmers’ market season, Lum, Troxel and Van Gelder still meet weekly at their workshop for “Bossy Days,” a time to sit, catch up over a cup of tea and dream up and craft felted creatures. They craft their best-selling items collaboratively, but also specialize in certain animals: Troxel with pigs; Lum with ponies and Van Gelder, geese. On other fronts, Van Gelder serves as CEO and logistics manager and does the dyeing; Lum shears sheep, processes wool and ships product; and Troxel provides photography, social media and design expertise. They supplement Lum wool with pure white wool raised by a Lum relative in Vermont. “We are so grateful to be doing what we do on Orcas

Meredith M. Griffith/Staff Photo

The women of Bossy’s Feltworks, L-R: Mandy Troxel, Amy Lum and Kari Van Gelder. Island,” said Troxel. “The enthusiasm of this community has been such a motivator for us. This community values the arts, supports local businesses, and is generally very enthusiastic about unique ways of living on the island.” The ladies’ latest whimsical creations include friendly Sasquatch delivering valentines; exuberant-looking

parachuting chickens; families of fluffy sheep nestled amongst pasture flowers; curious spring chicks peeking out of felted pastel eggshells; nests packed with trios of hungry baby birds; pincushions with mischievous whiskered cats perched atop; “Lovebugs;” and sheep bedecked in colorful superhero costumes, complete with masks and

The Women of

capes. Van Gelder said the women study photos of real animals carefully when coming up with designs, giving their creations a kind of “tongue-in-cheek realism” with a folk art touch and a Waldorf-inspired aesthetic. “Friends who routinely check in with us asking,


T Williams Realty

Top Row: Mandy Randolph, Sandi Friel, Marlis Sandwith. Front: Mary Ann Sircely, Tina Brown, Teri Williams and Beth Holmes.

When it comes to integrity, energy, experience, and professionalism with a smile, you’ll appreciate working with T Williams Realty. Success comes to us through referrals, intentional communication and partnerships that invest in the wellbeing of our island community. Then, we go a step further to nurture these partnerships into lasting friendships. If this sounds like your idea of how your Orcas real estate experience should unfold, please give us a call.

From left to right: Ursula Pamatian, Luann Pamatian, Debbie Shaw, Rita Bailey, RDH Adrienne Vierthaler, Janna Carter, Suzanna Smith, RDH Heidi Crosson (not pictured - RDH Traci Martinson)

Monday-Friday 8 to 5 p.m. 376-2656 • 83 Mt. Baker Road

www.orcasdentist.com cavityslayer@gmail.com


Williams Realty

Call 360-376-8374 365 North Beach Road Eastsound


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BOSSY FROM 5 ‘What’s new?’ have a been a huge motivator for us to keep new ideas coming,” said Troxel. “We don’t take this enthusiasm lightly and are so grateful, especially as we round up the farmer’s market season, or finish up another weekend with the

JOURNALISTS FROM 4 For more than 30 years, Darvill's Bookstore has been Orcas Island's premier independent bookstore. Owner Jenny Pederson is proud to employ amazing island women both in the book-selling department and behind the counter of their coffee shop, where they offer Batdorf and Bronson beans.

mon-sat 8:30 - 5:30, sun 8:30 - 4:30 360-376-2135 • 296 Main Street • Eastsound WA 98245

the New World. Less than 200 years after Johannes Gutenberg’s 1450 introduction of the printing press, Elizabeth Glover crossed the Atlantic, bringing the first press to be operated in the British colonies. In the 1700s, women edited 16 of the 78 small, family-owned weekly newspapers circulating throughout the British colonies. Women worked as publishers, printers, typesetters, journalists

Wednesday, October 21, 2015 • The Islands’ Sounder

Artisan’s Faire.” As for the remarkable Bossy, she lived a long, happy life of some 14 years on the Lum farm and is fondly remembered. “I still have some of her wool tucked away,” said Lum. “We were all pretty attached to that girl.” But Bossy’s legacy lives on

through the nimble fingers and playful imaginations of her three old friends at Bossy’s Feltworks. “We’ve built a business that works for us as moms, and with the other things we want to do with our lives. We’re grateful for that. We’re almost 10 years old and we’re still friends,” said

Van Gelder. The Bossy crew will be at the artisans’ faire on Orcas Dec. 5-6 and on Nov. 7 at the Lopez Island Interisland Creative Affair at Woodmen Hall. Their studio is open to visitors as well. Visit https://bossysfeltworks.wordpress.com/ for more information.

and carved engravings. In 1738, following the death of her publisher husband, Elizabeth Timothy became the first female newspaper publisher and editor in America. At the beginning of the 19th century, women were encouraged to submit their writing from home and to use pseudonyms. Nevertheless, determined women sought a place in this traditional male domain beyond the society pages of newspapers.

The Civil War opened new opportunities to women, including jobs in journalism. By 1879, women comprised 12 percent of the journalists credentialed for admittance to the press galleries in the Capitol. In the early 20th century, newspaper tycoons Hearst and Pulitzer understood that many readers of their penny papers were young female factory workers or domestic servants, and the two publishing magnates hired women to write for

their papers. In 1937, Anne O’Hare McCormick was the first woman in “New York Times” history to sit on the editorial board. In 1958, Judith Crist was named drama critic of the “New York Herald Tribune,” the first woman to hold such a title for a major daily. In 1975 Mary McGrory became the first woman to win a Pulitzer for her columns about the Watergate scandal in the “Washington Star.”

Wednesday, October 21, 2015 • The Islands’ Sounder


Center Works Studio

Our Women In Business


188 A Street (in the front of the Athletic Building)

We also offer:

Secure Online and Mobile Banking  Wireless Credit Card Services  Loans and Lines of Credit including Home Energy Improvements  Affordable Housing Specialist 

~Community Banking Since 1981~

ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES NOTARY PUBLIC Contact: jenisand@live.com 360-472-1359 Bookkeeping includes Accounts Receivables and Payables, Account Reconciliations and Employee Payroll. Using Quickbooks Pro, Quickbooks online or software of your choice, for small businesses or personal accounts. Working in my home or traveling to your home or office. I have lived on Orcas Island since 1988, raising two daughters. I would be happy to talk to you about your bookkeeping needs. First meeting is free of charge.

Bossy’s Feltworks Kari Van Gelder, Mandy Troxel & Amy Lum





475 Fern St. Eastsound, WA 98245 (360)376-2265 (BANK)


The women of…

Our attentive team provides a professional suite of Consumer and Business banking products.

Pilates and Gyrotonic (TM) to transform your body, your life, your world Teaching since 2005, Anne Marie Schultz is delighted to be joined in the studio by fellow teachers Renee Segault and Vicki Sare. Together we invite you to join us for inspired teaching and the compassionate support to create the strength, flexibility, and change you dream of in your body and your life. We welcome athletes, people who love a good workout, people who need to get back to working out, people who's bodies are healing or are in recovery. Curious? Call for your free consultation today!

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PTA Karey Keel-Stidham Patient Coordinator Anne Pekuri PT Alyson Stephens, MSPT PTA Nancy Frey Accounting Assitant Blythe Simpson P.T. Tech/Aide Heather Ostle P.T.Tech/Aide Tech/AideNancy RenaeBlystone Harvey P.T. Mon-Fri 8-4, by Appointment • 376-6604 www.OrcasIslandpt.com

The clinical staff at

Orcas Family Health Center Heather Thomas has been working with Orcas Family Health Center since June 2011. Her responsibilities at the office include medical assisting, phlebotomy, and radiography. This year she received her national certification as a medical assistant. Heather considers herself very fortunate to work in such a caring, productive office, with great co-workers and friendly, appreciative patients. She has also been a volunteer EMT for Orcas Fire and Rescue since 2003.Heather attended PIMA Medical Institute in Seattle, Washington. Phoebe Hershenow, ARNP (Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner) has been at Orcas Family Health Center for almost five years. She's happy to find herself at this tiny independent outpost of our massive, morphine, confusing, patchwork health care system and very grateful for the opportunity to get to know each patient and their families personally, and help them to make a plan to get or to stay healthy and keep their care close to home. And, if they do need to venture off, to help them navigate and e in a sensible and organized way. Certified Physician Assistant Karen Caley Orr joined the Orcas Family Health Center team in 2013. She is a native of Seattle, Washington and has spent most every summer of her life on Orcas. She relocated to the island in June of 2012 and brings with her 15 years of urgent care experience. Karen is proficient with medical issues ranging from pediatric to geriatric and everything in between. Karen also has knowledge and interests in promoting fitness and wellness. She holds a degree from Seattle Pacific University in Exercise Physiology and has worked in Sports Medicine as well as a Personal Trainer. Karen herself can be spotted jogging around the San Juans. Masha is the newest addition to the OFHC team. She joined the Center less than a year ago and thoroughly embraced her relationship with the patients and the staff. Masha graduated from Washington State University in May 2012 and started exploring the medical field under the excellent supervision of Dr. Shinstrom. While honing her medical assistant skills, she is also working toward her master’s degree in speech-language pathology. She enjoys working with patients and seeing smiles on their faces.

1286 Mt. Baker Rd. Suite B102 • 376-7778 OrcasFamilyHealthCenter.org


Liane Olsan

ACE-Certified Personal Trainer

Fitness training at home or Orcas Athletics

360-376-5511 • leo@rockisland.com

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Veterinary Service

Angela Douglas I have been Co Owner of Orcas Athletics and CrossFit for over 7 years. Having a passion for health and fitness since an early age, I understand the importance of never taking the little things in life for granted. In 2002, I was the only survivor in a horrific car accident that almost cost me my life. I was told I

would never walk again and was confined to a wheelchair for months. Beating the odds, I came out stronger and healthier than before. It’s this life experience I draw upon to push limits and help others get out of their comfort zones. Owning the gym and coaching CrossFit has been amazing but seeing my athletes reach their goals is the biggest reward! We offer Crossfit, personal training, Group Ride, Group Power, Booty Barre, yoga, ageless strength, water aerobics, swim lessons, and much more. Give us a call today!

Dr. Swaran Dhaliwal CVA, CVFT

Thank to the women Thankyouyou tomany our Orcas in business who make our Island business women community special!


376.6361 • 188 A St • Eastsound www.OrcasAthletics.com

Rachel Newcombe, L.I.C.S.W

Wednesday, October 21, 2015 • The Islands’ Sounder

An integrative veterinary providing conventional and holistic practice (acupuncture, herbal medicine) care to both large and small animals Visit us at our new website

www.orcasvet.com Mon - Fri 9:30 am to 4:30 pm Closed for Lunch 12:15 - 1:00 pm

429 Madrona Street, Eastsound • 376-6373

LOCATED IN OUR HOUSE MALL (360) 376-4538 KAY MORGAN MILLER OWNER I have enjoyed watching the community thrive and being an active volunteer in many organizations. My shop focus is to have just the right thing for you – antiques, collectibles, furniture, accent accessories, art, books, jewelry, Persian rugs (which are a particular interest of mine), and other treasures of the heart – to help give our lives more sparkle. I’ve been in business on Orcas since 1974, which probably makes it the oldest business on the island.

Victoria Shaner Tetsie Wong

Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis

Wendy Thomas

374 North Beach Road Eastsound, WA • (360) 376-5883

Mary Clure

Orcas Island Canvas Tara Hubbard, owner of Orcas Island Orcas Island Canvas, canvas saIls designs and and creates

customized canvas for Tara Hubbard, the boats, outownerawnings of Orcas and Island door furniture. Canvas and Sails, has been an avid sailorinand boater Specializing marine for nearly her entire life. canvas, Tara also enjoys After working in a sail loft working create unique and in Seattlewith for 8customers years, Taratoestablished her own personalized covers and enclosures Orcas Island based canvas company, for their specializing in marine canvas and sail repairs. homes, decks and outdoor living spaces. designed, IfTara youhas have a canvascreated projectand thatrepaired you’ve customized canvas for boats, awnings, outdoor been thinking of or you need to repair existbathtubs, outdoor furniture, and even a saw ing givetoTara a call atconstruct 376.7245typical or mill!canvas, She loves design and email her orcasislandcanvas@gmail.com. and unusual projects, and welcomes even the most unique and creative opportunities. Tara offers pick up and delivery service.

Lisa Botiller Wolford

Need a Marketing Lift?

Asya Eberle

Writer and graphic designer Mary Ann Sircely is a seasoned marketing professional who brings more than 25 years of experience to businesses and nonprofits on Orcas Island. Her passion is to help others succeed by putting smart marketing strategies and creative design to work for clients in print and on the web. Turn to Sircely Marketing & Design for exceptional: • Marketing strategies • Branding and logo design • Website design, website development and search engine optimization • Print and promotional materials. MARY ANN SIRCELY

Call 360.376.2830 | www.sircely.com

360.376.2145 www.orcasislandrealty.com 123 North Beach Rd Eastsound, WA 98245

Profile for Sound Publishing

Women in Business - Women in Business 2015  


Women in Business - Women in Business 2015