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Jorgenson chosen for School Board

Clean water for Nepal

Congressman Adam Smith at Chamber lunch tomorrow Representative Adam Smith, 9th District Representative to the U.S. House of Representatives will speak at the Mercer Island Chamber of Commerce monthly membership luncheon at noon, May 7, at the Mercer Island Community and Event Center. Reservations are now closed. Call 232-3404 to find out if space is available.

Board votes to appoint Jorgenson to fill open school board seat By Reporter Staff

A blood drive at Northwest Yeshiva High School is between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m., with a break between 11a.m. and noon, May 12 in the bus at the parking lot at 5017 90th Ave. S.E. For more visit

Restore Clarke Beach A Mercer island Parks and Recreation Forest Stewardship event iis between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., May 9, at Clarke Beach on Mercer Island. Meet in the parking lot. Register at www.earthcorps. org. Saturday, May 9. 10 am - 2 pm. For a complete list of volunteer opportunities, visit

life Have the ! you want

Students say less bullying at school Survey shows smoking down, vaping up, more seniors binge drinking By Katie Metzger

Results of the Healthy Youth Survey, taken by students in grades 6, 8, 10 and 12 across Washington State in Fall 2014, show “areas of celebration and areas of concern” for the Mercer Island community. Jennifer Wright, director of Learning and Technology Services for Mercer Island School District

(MISD), presented highlights of the survey results at the joint City Council-School Board meeting on April 30. The survey, administered in the fall of even numbered years, collects data from Mercer Island youth to compare to previous years and statewide averages. The survey asks 250 questions related to students’ increased risk of injury, poor health outcomes and alcohol and drug use. Results are used by schools, communities, state and local health departments and other agencies, such as Mercer Island’s Youth and Family Services (YFS), to plan programs to support youth and reduce their risks. About 65 percent of students

participated in the survey. The data is self-reported, but “representative,” Wright said. Smoking is down, but binge drinking is up, according to survey results. “Students don’t smoke at this point in time … in what we think of as traditional smoking,” Wright said. This is the first year e-cigarette and vape pen use was reported. It is an area of concern at the middle school and high school, and will be tracked closely, Wright said. Current cigarette use remains at or below state averages, which Wright said is fairly low, though concern remains about the passage of I-502 allowing for the legalization of possession marijuana by adults over 21 in Washington State. Results didn’t show an increase marijuana use among any grade level, but the perceived risk associated with use decreased, as did

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Blood drive May 12

Gavin Gough / Special to the Reporter

People in Bhaktapur, Nepal gather around a Splash drinking station at Kanya Co-Education Secondary School after the recent earthquake. Splash is a international nonprofit committed to providing clean water and economic opportunities to the poor. A representative of the Seattle-based nonprofit spoke to Mercer Island High School students just three days after the 7.9 magnitude earthquake.

Mercer Island

Community members are invited to learn more about the Town Center code update at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, May 11. The new code should yield larger, better designed plazas, more mid-block pedestrian connections, increased building setbacks, more public parking and more affordable housing. Call Kirsten Taylor, assistant city manager, at 275-7661 for more information.

At a special Board of Directors meeting Saturday, May 2, the Mercer Island School Board selected and appointed Ralph Jorgenson from a field of four applicants. He will complete the 2015 term for Board Position No. 5, which will be vacated by Janet Frohmayer on May 14. Jorgenson and his wife have two daughters, in grades 7 and 10, who have been students in


Town Center open house is May 11

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Page 2 | Wednesday, May 6, 2015



Wendy Weiker to run for City Council seat By Reporter Staff

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endorses Weiker. “Wendy has the charWendy Weiker, a mem- acter, experience and ber of the city’s Utility enthusiasm to be a great Board and Town Center Councilmember. She is stakeholder group, is the exactly the kind of new first non-incumbent to voice and innovative thinkannounce her intent to run er that we need at this critifor City Council. cal time when the Council is Weiker will run for wrestling with difficult and Position No. 3, currently divisive issues,” Senn said. held by Mike Cero. Cero Weiker, a Community said he will not run again in Services Manager at Puget November. Sound Energy, has served “This is an exciting time for five years on the Utility for our communiBoard, which is a citty,” Weiker wrote izen group charged in a press release. with advising Mercer “We’re planning Island’s staff and and preparing for City Council about the Island’s future the city’s water, at our schools, storm sewer and in our town censanitary sewer utiliter, and with our ties. Weiker is curpublic infrastruc- Wendy Weiker rently assisting in the tures. If elected, I review of programs will work with Islanders to to update the city’s water keep our community safe utility, following last year’s and vibrant while ensuring boil water alert. that regional growth does Weiker’s professional not change what we all trea- background includes 20 sure about this city.” years of communications Weiker applied for the and public relations work Council vacancy earlier for local area companies this year, to fill the seat left and nonprofit organizaby Rep. Tana Senn. Senn tions. She holds a Master

City briefs At their May 4 meeting, after the Reporter deadline, the City Councimembers received updates on many city initiatives, including: Bus intercept—Sound Transit’s proposal to build a bus intercept on 80th Avenue S.E., near the planned light rail station, isn’t sitting well with many Islanders. The Council subcommittee has “serious doubts as to the viability of Bus Intercept on Mercer Island as presented,” according to the agenda. “There does not seem to be any combination of minor revisions and mitigating efforts that could lead us to recommend its consideration or anticipate its approval by the City Council,” it states. “The magnitude of the proposed facility and the operating flexibility that Sound Transit and Metro seem to require make it more important than ever that these and all relevant agencies revisit other options to locating Bus Intercept on Mercer Island.” An operation and physical infrastructure of the

scale that was presented would not be compatible with the available physical area, existing road/pedestrian/bicycle network or surrounding uses, “nor would it bring any obvious benefit to Islanders,” according to the agenda. Cross connections— Following the boil water advisory event in fall 2014, Mercer Island city staff members have been working to update elements of the city’s Cross Connection Control Program (CCCP). On Monday night, staff presented an overview of the city’s current CCCP and discussed next steps in the update process. A cross connection is any physical connection between a drinking water system and any other nonpotable substance (liquid, solid, or gas). It can be a permanent connection (such as an irrigation system or fire sprinkler system) or a temporary connection (such as a hose in a bucket). An unprotected cross connection can lead to contamination of the city’s drinking water. State law requires public

of Public Administration (MPA) degree from the University of Washington Evans School of Public Affairs. Weiker has also been involved with Mercer Island’s public schools as an active PTA participant at Island Park Elementary, Islander Middle School, and Mercer Island High School where she currently serves on the Executive Committee. She has helped raise funds for the Mercer Island Band Booster program. Weiker has a passion for the environment and serves on the EarthShare Washington Board of Directors. EarthShare Washington works with companies to provide employee education, volunteer and giving opportunities for many of the region’s outstanding environmental organizations. Weiker and her husband, Aric, have a daughter, Rose, who attends Mercer Island High School, and a son, Henry, who attends Islander Middle School. They have lived on the Island for 10 years. For more, email or call 206-214-6424.

water systems to develop and implement CCCPs, which requires specified water system customers to install backflow prevention assemblies. Currently, 4,614 backflow prevention devices (at 3,257 sites) are tracked, and require annual testing. The water utility has 7,418 customers. An annual letter is sent to customers to remind them to have their backflow prevention devices tested. During the boil water advisory, the city worked to get another letter out to the 370 customers identified as having untested backflow prevention devices at the time of the event. The list of untested backflow devices was reduced from 370 to 69. Staff has also developed a survey to be sent to all lakefront property owners, where high health cross connection hazards are likely to exist. The “high health cross connection hazard” businesses on the Island include medical, dental, and veterinary facilities, dry cleaners and one car wash. An ordinance regarding the CCCP will be brought to the Council on May 18.



Development impact fees on new construction to change School district needs dollars to keep up with enrollment growth Katie Metzger

Anticipating the need for additional space and resources coming with an expected increase in students, the Mercer Island School District (MISD) has decided to change the way it calculates fees for development that brings more families to the Island. The School Board and the City Council discussed the switch, which will be from SEPA mitigation fees to Growth Management Act (GMA) impact fees, at their joint meeting on April 30. The point of these fees is not to “maximize revenue, but make sure we get enough fees to cover impact of additional students,” said Dean Mack, Mercer Island School District COO/CFO. For multi-family units, the impact fee is slightly lower than the mitigation fee, but total revenue increases, Mack said. Mitigation fees ($5,791.40 per unit, after a recent formula change) are only charged for units with two or more bedrooms, while impact fees ($4,760

per unit) apply to all units. MISD charges $8,906.65 per unit in mitigation fees on single-family units, though they can only apply to developments of five or more units. This creates exemptions that concern residents and school officials, such as subdividing and short platting lots. Under the impact fee model, the district would be able to collect $18,823.78 in fees for single-family units of two or more units. According to the school district, 25 percent of the growth on the Island is the result of the GMA and policy choices for high density development in the Town Center. The district calculates that there are 109 students living in apartments in the Town Center. The other 75 percent coming from redevelopment of property, as existing lots are subdivided, new homes are constructed and many homes are sold by seniors to a younger population that is just starting or might already have young families. “A lot of the growth is coming from empty nesters moving on and families moving in,” Mayor Bruce Bassett noted at the joint meeting. Mack said that’s generally

true. But school enrollment fluctuates on Mercer Island. In 2007, after a period of declining enrollment, the district opened its doors to off-Island students for the first time in 15 years. In 2013, voters approved a $99 million construction bond to add more classroom space to overcrowded schools. Mack said that while comparing impact and mitigation fees, he considered the different restrictions on how each fee can be used. Mitigation fees must be expended within five years on projects at the school directly impacted by the development, while impact fees can expended within 10 on projects throughout the district. The cost of building a new classroom is used as the baseline for impact fee calculations. The school impact fee formula still ensures that new development only pays for the cost of the facilities necessitated by new development. In order to mitigate the disproportionate singlefamily fee, as compared to


Wednesday, May 6, 2015 | Page 3

Applied physics

Impact fees Impact fees are only used to fund facilities that are directly associated with new development. Mercer Island School District used the cost of a new classroom in calculating how much could reasonably be charged per development. The district could charge $4,760 per unit on multi-family housing and $18,823 on singlefamily units, though that number would probably be discounted.

Put the phone away, and live another day Randy Bolerjack

Special to the Reporter

Mercer Island High School (MIHS) sophomore Garrett Dubofsky was recently Garrett awarded a $1,000 scholarship for a physics-based public service announcement about distracted driving. “In Physics 2 Honors, students study forces and motion. In both units, we incorporate a theme of driving safety,” said physics teacher Brian Hampsch. “At the end of the unit I asked students to produce a public service announcement about distracted driving.” Hampsch gave students the opportunity to enter their work into a contest sponsored by Drive Smart: No Distraction, No

the cost of the impact created by the development, the district may apply a 25 percent discount on the impact fee charged for single-family units. The impact fee formula will provide for a credit for the anticipated tax contributions that would be made by the development based on historical levels of voter support for bond issues in the district.

Excuses. “Garrett’s entry was the runner-up winner and he will receive a $1,000 scholarship for his work,” said Hampsch. As his mentor, Hampsch will also receive $250 for his classroom. Dubofsky’s entry, “Put the phone away and live another day,” included a video and a graphic describing the rate and distance a car can travel, and how little reaction time a distracted driver might have if an object or person is in a car’s path. “At 60 miles per hour you can travel up to 528 feet, which is almost two football fields, before you hit the brakes. And when you do hit the brakes, it doesn’t look good for the pedestrian,” Dubofsky said. “There’s an average of 11 teens who die each day due to distracted driving. Let’s change that. Let’s make zero the standard.”

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Breakfast Of Champions Donations Top $410,000 for Bridge 2015 Campaign! THANK YOU FOR BEING A CHAMPION OF EDUCATION! On Tuesday, April 28th, the Mercer Island Schools Foundation held the 12th Annual Breakfast of Champions! If you were unable to join in the celebration, it’s not too late to show your support for our excellent Mercer Island public schools!

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Page 4 | Wednesday, May 6, 2015

CITY | FROM 2 Town Center code revision—The Town Center Liaison Group meets May 6 at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall, and there will be a public input meeting Monday, May 11 at 5:30 p.m. at the Mercer Island Community and Event Center. The Stakeholder group met May 5, after the Reporter deadline, to provide one final review and check-in prior to proposals going to the City Council. The Council will review the proposals this month.

Sister City sculpture Mercer Island’s Sister City, Thononles-Bains, is celebrating its 15-year relationship with Mercer Island. In July, French delegates, including the


mayor of Thonon-les-Bains, will be visiting Mercer Island. The Mercer Island Sister City Association will host a re-dedication of the Sister City relationship on Saturday, July 11 at Summer Celebration! During the delegation’s visit, the Mercer Island Sister City Association will present a Twin Foxes sculpture by Georgia Gerber. The sculpture will then travel to Thonon-les-Bains, where it will be installed to honor the two cities. The Mercer Island Sister City purchased the Twin Foxes sculpture for $3,300. They requested from the Mercer Island Arts Council that a second Twin Foxes sculpture be acquired and purchased through the “One Percent for Art” fund. The second sculpture would remain on Mercer Island and installed in a


public location, with a base and a plaque including an inscription recognizing the 15-year Sister City relationship with Thonon-les-Bains.

Parents’ Night Out Need an idea for a great Mother’s Day gift, or a night without the kids, but can’t find a babysitter? How about five hours out? Parents’ Night Out will be from 5-10 p.m. on May 9. Have your kids and their friends all meet at the Mercer Island Community and Event Center for an action-packed night. There will be a movie, munchies and games to play throughout the night, all led by city recreation staff. Pre-registration is required. The event is geared toward ages four – 12. The fee is $30, plus a $14 sibling fee. Call 275-7609 to register.

City recognized with Blue Planet Recycling Award By Reporter Staff

Republic Services, a contractor for garbage and recyclables collection, is celebrating the achievement of its highest performing clients in King County. Mercer Island made the 2014 list, tied for first place for the County’s landfill diversion champion, as measured in total of yard waste, organics and recycling. “They say that since King County leads the State in these measures, Mercer Island therefore ranks very highly at the state level too,” said Ross

Freeman, city sustainability and communications manager. The County averages were a 55 percent rate for recycling and organics, a 32 percent rate for recycling only and 25 pounds disposed per household, per week. Mercer Island tied with Bellevue, Kirkland and Lake Forest Park for the highest rate of recycling and organics disposal: 65 percent. A representative from Republic spoke to this achievement at the May 4 Council meeting, after the Reporter deadline.

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Physics lesson

To the editor

arrett Dubofsky won a $1,000 scholarship for a public service announcement he put together in a science class. It is about the dangers of distracted driving, geared specifically to teens. Island students win scholarships all the time. But this one caught our eye. The public service announcement came from a class and a teacher and a real life lesson in how the laws of physics can change a life in a nanosecond. Islander physics teacher Brian Hampsch, a 14-year veteran teaching at Mercer Island schools, knows his students. Most of are new drivers, he said. In his Physics 2 Honors classes, students study forces and motion, he explained, and “we incorporate a theme of driving safety.” Whether it is the amount of stopping distance, the force generated by air bags when they deploy or the how seat belts stop forward motion, the students become schooled in the kind of power they are piloting when behind the wheel. Combining those effects with the variables of reaction times and the force and motion of-oncoming vehicles, students learn how quickly things can go awry in a moving vehicle. Most of all, they begin to understand what could happen when perhaps, they look away for just a second. The random element is the distraction, whether it is tuning a radio station or picking up a cell phone. Students in Mr. Hampsch’s class learn how a simple act can turn to tragedy. The teacher moves the lesson one step further—encouraging students to spread the word. So here we have it. Education in action. Teachers who think outside the box to engage students. Students use analytical (quantitative) thinking to address and understand behavior and its connection to the real world. Using various media tools, such information can be effectively communicated to the world.

Thank you for the article about the “Ballard House” house on First Hill. As neighbors we have always appreciated Ralph Anderson’s understated but classic design, but were unaware of the impress i v e histor y of the Send your letters to: house. I t ’ s Keep it brief, courteous, ironic and sign your name. that it is just two doors away is another architecturally classic home designed by Gene Zema, one of his first as well. It was sad to learn from your article that the house will be demolished. Anderson’s appreciation of the land is evident in the design of this house. From inside it feels as if you are in a tree house. The park like landscaping with its carefully chosen native plants was a source of great pride for previous owners. In addition, the removal of the firs on the northeast corner of the property will mean the end of the eagles we have delighted in watching and hearing each year as eaglets hatch and grow in the nests in those trees. The eagles, like the house, are part of the character of our neighborhood.


‘Fundamentals of force and motion connect with life-saving behaviors’


“It must be strange for the players, granted it was a one-time thing.” EMILIE KAUFMAN Insurance Kirkland


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Demolition of classic Island homes a tragedy

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Find out how to join in relief efforts for Nepal After reading Taylor Caldwell’s letter to the editor requesting support for the Pitzer College Nepal Relief Fund, I was inspired to act quickly and join the effort. As owner of our local yoga studio, Yogabliss, I am rallying our members and friends to offer financial support to the victims of the recent earthquake. As Taylor pointed out last week, The Pitzer Fund sends all con-

tributions directly to the Nepalese of the mountain villages that were devastated on April 24. We researched the options and chose this as a safe, effective method to send our donations. We spoke to Taylor about the process and will happily answer any of your questions. Please call us at Yogabliss 206-275-2300. We are collecting checks at Yogabliss to “Pitzer College Nepal Relief Fund” or you can donate directly online at http:// We are keeping a running total of MI’s support, so please let us know the amount of your contribution by emailing We want to help and invite each of you to join our effort. Maria Bliss Yogabliss


What did you think of the MLB holding a baseball game closed to the public in Baltimore?

“It was surreal to see an empty stadium during a Major League game.” JACK COUNIHAN MIHS Senior Mercer Island

“That would make sense to me. You wouldn’t want riots in the stadium.”

William Shaw, Publisher Mary L. Grady, Editor Katie Metzger, Joseph Livarchik Staff Writers Melanie Morgan, Production Theres’a Baumann, Advertising

“It makes sense. Safety should be a priority.”

TOM HUGGINS Contractor Mercer Island


LIZELLE HUFANA Aviation Renton

“They should expanded media coverage in the area and get the peaceful protests.” KIERNAN COLES MIHS Senior Mercer Island




competition and anxiety and depression, that often manifest themselves in unhealthy behavior, like drugs or (MIHS) seniors participate in binge alcohol or other unsafe actions.” The schools are “growing in numdrinking—consuming five or more alcoholic beverages in a row—more bers and complexity,” he said. “I don’t see that decreasing, so I see than other students in the state. School Board and City officials worry that a us continuing to look for service as the social-emotional issues high level of competibecome more complex in tion among students a school that is actually causes anxiety and growing,” Dr. Plano said. a need to “blow off The model that blends steam.” service and funding The discussion between the school’s acaabout the survey demic counselors and results followed an school/city’s YFS mental analysis of the YFS Gary Plano health counselors may funding shortfalls and needs assessSuperintendent, Mercer change when the State ment, when officials Island School District Legislature comes to a decision on how to fund talked about the basic education and meet importance of having mental health counselors in schools to the demands of the McCleary decision, Dr. Plano said. help combat some of these issues. Drug and alcohol intervention is a “As I look at the horizon, I see a more complex world for teenag- “stubborn issue,” but “a need that is ers,” said MISD Superintendent Dr. demonstrable in our school and in our Gary Plano. “I see more issues around community,” he said.

“As I look at the horizon, I see a more complex world for teenagers.”

Crime/safety briefs On Wednesday, April 29, Mercer Island Police Department (MIPD) reported that there are some active car prowlers again working the Island. “They are hitting in the early morning hours, around 4 a.m.,” said Commander Leslie Burns. They are “equal opportunity thieves,” according to a Facebook post on the city’s Police and Emergency

Management page. They are not only accessing unlocked cars, but also smashing windows with a center punch. On Tuesday, April 28, a resident captured the prowlers on her home video system. Two prowlers (possibly one male and one female, wearing hats) crept up the driveway with flashlights, looked in three cars, motioned to each other which cars they were going

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to break into, used center punches to simultaneously break windows, reached in and grabbed what had caught their eye and scooted back to their car and took off. The entire prowl lasted less than 30 seconds. “Unfortunately the surveillance video is not going to be very helpful. The quality of the video is not good enough to identify any faces,” Burns said. Burns said that she would try to post the video on Facebook if she gets permission from the homeowner.

Police noted that car prowls can be avoided by parking cars inside the garage, not leaving anything visible in your car, like a gym bag, laptop or wallet, and arming vehicle alarms. “At least if a prowler breaks into one car and the alarm goes off, it may encourage them to leave the neighborhood and hopefully the Island because they will not want to encounter a homeowner or the responding police,”

LETTER | FROM 5 MI Destination Imagination teams need help to compete at national finals Two teams from the Mercer Island School District, The Seven Sparks and Team Sushi, will be representing the state of Washington at Destination Imagination’s Global Finals in Knoxville, Tenn. This event takes place this month and includes 16,000 participants from 18 different countries. The Seven Sparks will compete in the elementary Technical Challenge and its members are: Anantika Mannby, Andrew Yeh, Vishy Kamalapuram, Aidan Klein, Sai Pipavath, Agnes Mar and Thorin Finch. Team Sushi will compete in the middle school Structural Engineering Challenge and its mem-

bers are: Nico Galvin, Ichi Nakata, Sophia Ristuben, Justin Skene, Ryan Shobe, Alex White and Lila Shroff. Destination Imagination is designed to let the kids become independent in their creative and critical process. It allows kids to learn problem solving, project management and how to work together as a team. The cost of participating at Global Finals is high, and this is where you can help. The estimated price per student (airfare, room and board and the shipping of the teams’ props) is $1,800. If you would like to help support these students, please send a check, payable to West Mercer ASB, to West Mercer Elementary School, 4141 81st Ave. S.E., Mercer Island, WA 98040. Please be sure to note “2015 Global Finals” in the memo section of the check. Any amount of will be greatly appreciated. Kimberly Klein


arah ord

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The increase in binge drinking may be linked to the survey administration within two weeks of Homecoming. Grade 12 students reported an increased percent riding with a drinking driver, which may also be related to Homecoming, Wright said. The survey also addresses mental health and school safety issues. Findings show that feeling safe at school remains high and that students reporting bullying in the last 30 days is down in grades 8, 10 and 12. Mercer Island students report depressive thoughts and contemplation of suicide at rates that are not as high as the state, but still concerning. A variety of school programs are offered, such as BRIDGES at MIHS, WEB at IMS, required health curriculum and access to counselors and caring adults at both schools. “We think of these children as our children. They’re the city’s children, they’re the school district’s children,” Wright said.

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ery red ev Delive ay d s e n Wed 1306384

More car prowls



Page 6 | Wednesday, May 6, 2015

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APRIL 15 COLLISION: A 53-year-old Lake Stevens man was driving and turning left at the intersection between 77th Avenue S.E. and S.E. 27th Street, and hit a pedestrian, an 83-year-old Island woman, in the crosswalk.

APRIL 16 FRAUD: A 54-year-old Island

man at the 9700 block of S.E. 40th Street reported fraud and identity theft on his IRS federal income tax return. He received a letter from the IRS addressed to his residence, but to an unknown recipient.

FRAUD: A 47-year-old Island male at the 33800 block of 83rd Avenue S.E. said that his Social Security number was stolen and used to files his taxes fraudulently.

APRIL 17 PROWLING: A vehicle belonging to a 57-year-old Island woman was prowled near her residence at the 4200 block of 95th Avenue S.E. Officers discovered a second vehicle prowled roadside in the same area. Both vehicles were locked, and forced entry was attempted by breaking the windows. No thefts occurred. PROWLING: A car belonging to a 52-year-old Island man at the 4100 block of 75th Place S.E. was found to have been prowled as police were investigating another prowling report (see above). FOUND PROPERTY: An attorney for a deceased homeowner was cleaning the house at the 4400 block of East Mercer Way and found a Taurus .41 man stainless revolver in a cupboard. He turned it in for destruction. WARRANT ARREST: A 35-yearold Seattle man was stopped at the 7200 block of North Mercer Way for expired tabs. His vehicle had an associated Mercer Island warrant to a male

driver for driving with a suspended license. The warrant was confirmed, and the driver was arrested with an amount of bail of $1,000.

S.E. fell on her face, injuring her nose. She was treated at the scene by an MI Aid unit and transported to the hospital.



THEFT: A 63-year-old woman at the 5600 block of East Mercer Way reported that two bicycles and a set of golf clubs were stolen from her open carport at the 5600 block of East Mercer Way, for a loss of $4,600.

TRAFFIC OFFENSE: A 66-yearold Fife man was stopped for expired registration at the 4400 block of West Mercer Way. He was found to be driving with a suspended license, and his vehicle was impounded.

RUNAWAY: A 45-year-old

FRAUD: A 70-year-old Island

Island woman reported that her 16-year-old daughter was missing from her home at the 9000 block of East Shorewood Drive.

man at the 8200 block of S.E. 29th Street reported that 38,700 miles had been stolen from his American Airlines account.



INFORMATIONAL REPORT: A 59-year-old Seattle man was riding a bicycle and crashed coming down the hill on the bike path from the Lid tennis courts area to West Mercer Way. There were no witnesses, and the rider had no memory of the incident. He sustained minor visible injuries, and was transported by MI Aid to Overlake Hospital for evaluation.

FRAUD: The identities of a 48-year-old man and 42-year-old woman who live at the 2400 block of 66th Avenue S.E. were used to fraudulently file a tax return.

APRIL 20 INFORMATIONAL REPORT: A 45-year-old Island woman wanted police assistance in leaving her residence at the 3800 block of East Mercer Way without her husband's interference. She made multiple allegations toward her husband, but refused to cooperate with a police investigation. WARRANT ARREST: A 30-year-

old Shoreline man with a Mercer Island warrant was taken into custody at the 2700 block of Bellevue Way S.E. by Medina Police. He was transported to Issaquah City Jail.

APRIL 21 INFORMATIONAL REPORT: A 65-year-old Island woman walking on an irregular piece of sidewalk at the 2700 block of 77th Avenue


old Island man at the 6100 block of 79th Avenue S.E. turned in 128 rounds of assorted .22 caliber ammunition and 21 rounds of 12 A # 6 Shot Remington ammunition in for destruction. He was the owner of the ammunition. THEFT: A Rite Aid employee recognized a man who has previously stolen from the store, targeting high end cosmetics. The suspect entered the store at the 3000 block of 78th Avenue S.E. and left with his pockets stuffed, without making a purchase, and left the scene in a white Lexus SUV.

CRIME | FROM 6 according to the post. “These prowlers are stealing everything from gym bags which likely have no value to the prowler, to laptops and wallets. If the prowler sees a lump of something through the darkened windows, it will become a target for them. If they don’t see anything, they will likely move on.” If you hear your car alarm go off, dogs barking unusually, footsteps, voices out of the ordinary or the hair just goes up on the back of your neck, call 9-1-1 and officers will respond. MIPD responded to nine car prowls in the month of April, Burns said, and arrested a prolific car prowler in March who often targeted the Park and Ride and Luther Burbank Park.

Island police to conduct ‘seatbelt patrols’ Beginning Monday, May 18 through Sunday, May 31, MIPD Officers will be conducting extra patrols along with other King County agencies as part of the 2015 “Click It or Ticket” campaign. This campaign is also aiming to deter cell phone use among drivers, all in an effort to reduce traffic accidents, injuries, and fatalities. Make sure



Simple Cremation



Direct Burial Bellevue 425.641.6100 Federal Way 253.874.9000 Online arrangements available

Joseph Adamek

Joseph Adamek, age 95, born on January 15, 1920, died April 27, 2015. “There is great joy in heaven over one sinner that repents.” “Death is swallowed (make away with, destroy, devour) up in victory (resurrection victory)”... “Thanks be to God, which gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ!” 1 Corinthians 15:54,57 A graveside service was held.




WEDNESDAY, MAY 6, 2015 | PAGE 7 to always wear your seatbelts and only use your cell phones in Bluetooth/ hands free mode.

Solicitor activity on the rise In April, MIPD experienced a steep uptick in the amount of calls regarding solicitors and some of their odd activity. It is legal for solicitors to be on the Island and go door to door, but there are steps to take to help prevent negative or unwanted encounters, including posting a “No Solicitor” sign in a very conspicuous location and large enough to be seen during the day and into the early evening when the light is beginning to fade. If an unwanted solicitor does come to your home, you are not required to open the door for them. You may talk to them through the closed door, advising you are not interested in their services. If you have a posted “No Solicitor” sign, point it out to them and ask them to please leave.

MIPD has received many complaints in the past about the aggressive nature of some solicitors so be firm and consistent, but do not resort to rude comments. If they do not go away and you feel they are aggressive, tell them you are calling the police, then call 9-1-1 and an officer will respond, attempt to locate the solicitor(s) and have a few words with them regarding tactics.

Paws on Patrol/ Block Watch Islanders involved in the new Paws on Patrol program, which encourages dog walkers to be alert for suspicious activity in their neighborhoods and call the police if they see anything, had their third meeting and training session on Thursday, April 30 at Luther Burbank. Contact Anna Ormsby for more information. Block Watch is another program that involves neighbors watching out for each other. To develop a Block Watch program, call 206-275-7905.

Estelle Asher Wertheimer In loving memory of Estelle Asher Wertheimer, born in Portland, Oregon on May 2, 1924. Known as Stuff to many of her dear friends, she lived on Mercer Island for more than fifty years. When she decided to downsize, she moved to Horizon House in downtown Seattle, close to friends, concerts, ballet, restaurants, and museums. After a brief illness in 2013, Estelle passed away peacefully in the comfort of her lovely home at Horizon House on November 8, 2013. She was 89. Our mother wore many hats throughout her life. During her college summers, she worked in a candy factory and drove a forklift truck at a naval shipyard. She always laughed when recalling those early jobs. Estelle graduated from Reed college in Portland in 1946 and moved to Seattle shortly thereafter and then to Mercer Island in 1957. She was assuredly a life long learner, an adventurous world traveler, a politically active and articulate voter, and a volunteer with the League of Women Voters for decades. She also volunteered at the Youth Service Center in the 1960s and for many years at the Seattle Art Museum Rental Loft and was a member of the Women’s University Club. She was also a gourmet cook, a green thumbed gardener, a passionate lover of the arts, an avid reader and lover of poetry, and a dear friend to so many. Of all these things, closest to our hearts is of course, being our wonderful Mom and Gramma to Emily her sole grandchild. She raised us solo back when that was unusual, with love, humor, grace, and wisdom. We miss you so much Mom, especially today on your Birthday. Your loving family, Brian, Linda, Sheri and Emily We want to thank all of our mother’s friends, who have shown us such kindness, given us wonderful stories and comforting condolences. 1307195

Page 8 | Wednesday, May 6, 2015

the District since kindergarten. Jorgenson graduated from Mercer Island High School in 1983. He co-chaired the 2014 Bond and Levy Campaign, working collaboratively with school advocates, reaching out to community leaders and engaging many Island groups. He also led the PTA Advocacy Team. “We have and continue to advocate in Olympia Ralph for school Jorgenson funding, developed advocacy statements, as well as advocate for City Council support on certain issues that relate to education on Mercer Island,” he wrote. Jorgenson said some of his goals are: continuing the pursuit of educational excellence, emphasizing the whole student, planning, preparing and opening four new elementary school communities, working on school funding and continuing to engender the public trust. The other applicants for Board Position No. 5 included: Tracy Drinkwater, David D’Souza and Bill Hochberg. The four-member board, acting as a committee of the whole, elected Jorgenson in the sixth round of voting at the special meeting. Board Member-Elect Jorgenson will be sworn in at the May 14 meeting in the Council Chambers at Mercer Island City Hall.


Schools Foundation Breakfast raises $410,000 Amount down $80,000 from last year’s event By Joseph Livarchik

Over 400 supporters of Mercer Island schools turned out for the Schools Foundation’s annual Breakfast of Champions fundraiser Tuesday, April 28 at Mercer Island High School. The event raised $410,000 toward its $1.2 million goal for its 2015 spring campaign, its lowest total in several years. Though MISF Executive Director Penny Yantis said the Foundation only targets to fundraise as much as the breakfast can bring in. “It was a fabulous program,” Yantis said. “I think the value of the event is that it truly showcases the best our schools have to offer. It’s something I wish every parent in the community could see.”

Geared toward mainby the world in which we taining smaller class sizes live,” Plano said. “You and as well as providing fundI didn’t do that at 8 or 12 ing for school staff, the or 16. Today’s education event was hosted by KING requires more funding 5 news anchor and MIHS than was available to us, alumna Jean Enerson and and not less.” featured a keynote speech The Schools Foundation from Superintendent awarded MIHS senior Dr. Gary Plano, which Leah Fisk its $1500 scholtouched on the arship, the state-funding first of its shortfalls the kind. Fisk school district shared has experiher story enced under of being the McCleary diagnosed decision. Plano with central noted Mercer auditory Island’s low processing ranking for disorder, state and federa clinical al funds: 282nd disabilout of 295 ity which Washington includes Leah Fisk school disdyslexia, tricts. which con“Our students live in a tributed to her struggles thinking world, flooded with reading and math. with instantaneous facts Seeking alternative and figures, that demand instruction options, Fisk higher cognitive levels of was able to enroll in a analysis and processing, foundation-supported and to use their instant audio book program, a access of information to series of audiobooks that find solutions demanded complemented text and

Emanuels is WIAA scholarship winner By Reporter Staff

Mercer Island senior David Emanuels is one of two recipients of the Smart Choices Scholarship, the WIAA, Dairy Farmers of Washington and Les Schwab Tires announced Friday. Emanuels and Loryn Musgrove of Kelso High School each will receive a

$5,000 scholarship to the being scholars in the classschool of their room, volunteering choice. countless hours in “David and their communiLoryn are two ties and boasting exceptional stuoutstanding athletic dents,” WIAA achievements. This Executive scholarship was creDirector Mike ated to honor stuColbrese said in David dents like these.” a press release. A three-sport Emanuels “They exemathlete at Mercer plify the term Island, Emanuels student-participants by played four years of foot-

Stewart Lumber & Hardware Co.

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Excludes Sushi Bar. Not to be combined with any other offer. Dine-in only. Good through 5/31/2015

By Reporter Staff

In his State of the County Address on April 21, King County Executive Dow Constantine said that abuse, mental illness, juvenile delinquency and other problems that follow a person from child to adulthood can be prevented with the right tools and support early in life. He outlined an initiative called Best Starts for Kids, which “will provide the resources needed to prevent negative outcomes in the community and put every child on a path toward lifelong success.” It would focus on ending racial disparity in the juvenile justice system, preventing homelessness and treating mental illness and partnering with schools and law enforcement to prevent the ‘school to prison’ pipeline. Investing in young children can in turn, save tax dollars, Constantine said. That’s the reasoning behind the six-year levy to raise $58,000,000 a year and cost the average homeowner about $56 annually. The county’s annual general fund is more than $1 billion dollars. About 73 percent is spent on criminal justice. The Best Starts For Kids levy now goes before the County Council. If it’s approved, it will be on the November ballot.

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by The Great Cover-Up

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County Exec hopes to place ‘Starts for Kids’ levy on ballot



• Valid photo ID required


ball and basketball and participated one year in track and field. He was honored by the Seattle Seahawks and by the WIAA as an Athlete of the Week during the football season. He will graduate Mercer Island as the valedictorian with a 4.0 GPA, and will have completed 18 total AP/Honor courses. Emanuels has committed to Dartmouth College to play football and study biomedical engineering. To view the complete press release, visit wiaa. com.

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reading materials for nearly all MIHS core subjects. “The program has helped to take me from barely surviving as a student to excelling as a proud member of National Honor Society,” Fisk said. “I cannot express how thankful I am to the foundation for having the foresight to support this program.” The Schools Foundation will continue its fundraising efforts through June 1, with each Mercer Island school holding its own individual event. “The PTAs are trying to build awareness and educate the parent community about the real needs around funding and what it takes to keep our schools on top and make them the best that they can be,” Yantis said. “It’s never too late to give their gift online. It’s not over yet.”

Custom slipcovers on the Eastside since 1985 1303132



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Ready to change the world IMS students take giving spirit to ‘We Day’ in Seattle By Randy Bolerjack

Special to the Reporter

Thanks to year-long efforts to help local and global communities, Islander Middle School (IMS) students earned tickets to attend We Day in Seattle on April 23. One Mercer Island High School (MIHS) student, Kat Tiscornia, even spoke to the We Day Seattle crowd of 16,000 students and teachers about her personal philanthropic journey. We Day is an educational event that brings together thousands of youth, showing them that they are not alone in their journey to make a difference. The event showcases world-renowned social advocates and highlights relevant issues with an empowering message about how youth can make a difference. “I can’t express how impacted I am! I’m so excited to keep changing this world. I am glad I got this experience,” said seventh grader Sydney. “We Act was the most life changing experience of my life. I was so moved by all of the speeches, inspiration, and motivation given by my idols,” said Isabella, another seventh grade student “Telling me that I matter and can change this world influenced me so much. I hope to one day inspire other kids like they did to me.”

Contributed Photo

Mercer Island High School student Kat Tiscornia spoke at ‘We Day’ in Seattle. Tiscornia, who has Ewing Sarcoma, led a team of fellow students to raise money for a cure. Tiscornia, a sophomore, spoke to the crowd about being diagnosed with cancer and turning that experience into a philanthropic group named Kat’s Crew. “After many tests, a lung and thigh biopsy surgery, and a stressful couple of weeks I was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer – Ewing Sarcoma,” says Tiscornia. “During my treatment I spent some time thinking about why cancer happened to me. Ultimately the only answer that made any sense is so that I can make a difference for kids who get this in the future. My goal is to raise money to help my doctor, Dr. Douglas S. Hawkins, improve cure rates, treatments, and reduce the risks of long-term effects from this

disease and the associated treatment.” Tiscornia has raised more than $400,000 toward a goal of $500,000. “We Day is a wonderful piece of a larger lesson about service and engagement,” said Mercer Island School District Superintendent Dr. Gary Plano. “It was so meaningful for our young learners to see Kat, a fellow Mercer Island student, on such an important stage, sharing how she has been challenged and turned adversity into a beautiful movement to help others.” Tickets for We Day cannot be purchased, only earned through service projects. IMS students started the year with the “We Scare Hunger” food drive for Mercer Island Youth and Family Services. More than 1,100 students participated and were able to collect more than 3,500 items within their school community. In February, they invited a Free The Children facilitator to help kickstart their global project. “Students discovered their global passion in supporting healthcare initiatives in Haiti,” said IMS Associate Principal Tara Stone. To raise funds, students are planning a coin drive where they can donate money to have teachers perform embarrassing acts. They also plan to have a crafts sale. “We are so inspired by the hard work and passion that Islander Middle School students are putting into supporting their local and global communities,” said Stone. “They are truly being the change they want to see in the world.”

Wednesday, May 6, 2015 | Page 9

Staff Photo

Above, a construction crane appears to rise out of the hillside at the corner of 74th Avenue S.E. and S.E. 27th Street.

Concierge Medical Care Dr. Robert Goode provides the best available, personalized primary healthcare for his patients. Experience the benefits of concierge medicine here on Mercer Island. • • • •

Email and cell phone access after hours Thorough, unhurried visits Same day or next day urgent care appointments Retainer fee $79 / month if under 65, $99 if 65 and over. Insurance billed for the visit. 8015 SE 28th St. #310 (206) 898-2416

"Having Dr. Goode be my primary doctor feels like someone is truly on my side. He takes much more time understanding me and focuses on trying to keep me well rather than quickly addressing symptoms." Bharat Shyam, Mercer Island resident. "Robert Goode is a rarity among physicians today. He has the warmth and compassion of an 'old fashioned' doctor and all of the information and technology that is available in today's ever changing medical world." Linda Brower, Mercer Island resident




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Page 10 | Wednesday, May 6, 2015



Nepal water expert discusses clean water with MIHS students By Joseph Livarchik

Prakash Sharma was traveling the U.S. on business for Seattle-based nonprofit Splash when he found out about the devastating 7.9 magnitude earthquake that hit his homeland of Nepal on April 25. “I came to know at 5 a.m. in the morning, there were multiple calls on my cell,” said Sharma, who works and lives in Kathmandu. Sharma fortunately was able to contact all his family members and co-workers. Knowing the safety of his loved ones was assured, Sharma decided to stay stateside, following through with his scheduled commitments, which included a stop on Mercer Island. Sharma, along with Splash Executive Director Peter Drury, came to Mercer Island High School (MIHS) to speak about Splash’s mission of bringing clean water to kids, an issue that has garnered much more attention in the aftermath of the earthquake. MIHS senior Ian Platou, who was doing research for a global issues project, contacted Splash about coming to the school for a presentation. “I found a couple of different organizations [around Seattle] and I noticed that Splash specialized in clean water for kids,” Platou said. “I’ve always been interested in the cause of getting water to everyone on

Joseph Livarchik/Staff Photo

Splash Nepal Director Prakash Sharma, left, leads a discussion about water quality with fellow Splash Executive Director Peter Drury Wednesday, April 29 at Mercer Island High School. the planet because I know water is a necessity.” Founded by Eric Stowe in 2006, Splash is the only organization driven specifically by kids and water, with the organization also currently present in China, Cambodia, Ethiopia, India and Bangladesh to fight the global water crisis, Drury said.



The The Pearly Jones Pearly Jones Adult Family Adult Family Home Home On Mercer Island On Mercer Island Moody Anna Anna Moody Provider Provider (206) 465-9441



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“The basic idea that Eric [Stowe] launched with was the idea that children are more adversely impacted by the water crisis than anyone else on the planet,” Drury told a classroom of Mercer Island High School students. “If you take the AIDS crisis and the malaria crisis and you add those together, you still don’t have as many deaths

as you have from the water crisis. And of the deaths from water-borne illness, over 90 percent of them are children and youth.” Sharma told students 68 percent of schools in Kathmandu had E. coli present in their water, a statistic that hit home with a community that experienced its own water crisis last September. Splash currently works in 149 schools there, and is working to be in 600 schools. “What we do [providing] safe drinking water for the kids and the people of Nepal is a calling coin to our presence there,” Sharma said. Drury believes there’s no better time to tackle such an international issue than now. “I think we live in a time when young minds can figure out how to solve the world’s problems,” Drury said. “There are so many things about our system that were possible to a 33-year-old in 2006 that he could start running [Splash].” Sharma says after finding out all of those close to him are OK, the attention shifts to rebuilding the infrastructure that was destroyed in the devastation. “That’s what we’re doing; [figuring out] how we can strategize this thing on the priority level so that we can reach out to the people at the earliest [time] possible that they are expecting us,” he said.

24 Healt

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015 | Page 11

Illuminating the I-90 bridge By Reporter Staff

More than 1,000 glassybaby candles illuminated I-90 between Mercer Island and Mount Baker on May 1 ‘Light the Bridge,’ which helped launch the glassybaby white light fund. “We appreciate everyone who joined us today and showed the world that kindness is contagious, and what can happen if you just get up early enough,” glassybaby

founder Lee Rhodes stated. More than 1,200 people arrived at the I-90 Bridge at 4:30 a.m., and spanned the length of the bridge, each holding a special edition white light glassybaby. The Light the Bridge ticket price was $44, with 100 percent of the proceeds being donated to the 23 non-profit organizations that rallied the largest teams of ambassadors to be at the early morning event. Family

Law CASA, via the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority at the University of Washington, received a $30,000 grant, and $10,000 was given to American Cancer Society Relay for Life and Seattle Children’s Hospital. The event raised $83,000 in total. To date, glassybaby has donated $3.1 million to more than 230 organizations that provide hope and healing to humans, animals and the environment.

Contributed Photos

A crowd gathers outside Mercer Island High School to watch circus acts at MIPA’s event.

Family fun at MIPA Circus By Reporter Staff

The annual circus event for the Mercer Island Preschool Association (MIPA), held on Saturday, April 25 at Mercer Island High School, drew young families region-wide for a day of fun and community gathering. MIPA’s Circus began in 1966 as a Dr. Seussinspired carnival called Circus McGurkus for the children of Mercer Island. Since then, it has

grown into a festival that attracts hundreds of families from all over Seattle and the Eastside. Kids and families enjoyed pony rides, cake walks, bouncy houses, face painting, carnival games, food trucks and performances by Nancy Stewart, the School of Acrobatics & New Circus Arts, Recess Monkey, the Mercer Island High School Drill Team, the Duwamish Dixieland Band and the Bus Boys.

Contributed Photo

People line up on the I-90 pedestrian walkway early Friday morning for ‘Light the Bridge.’

For information call Barbara 360-532-3235 or

from the artists Estate Collection Friday, May 8th from 10-7 & Saturday, 9th from 9-4 at the Mercer Island Community & Event Center


Mercer Island Community & Event Center • 8236 SE 24th St, Mercer Island, WA 98040 (Take I-90 to Mercer Island, Exit 7A headed eastbound, exit 7 headed westbound- to North Mercer Way, go to 81st Ave SE, Turn right on SE 24th St. and 2 blocks to event center. Visit for information)

Page 12 | Wednesday, May 6, 2015



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New on Market


Sought After North End $1,495,000

Lou or Lori 206.949.5674

2449 63rd Ave SE. The Classic Homes is proud to showcase the “Jewel” built by Aspen Homes NW. Traditional architecture meets a modern floor plan. Time to customize your finishes in this 3BR/2.75BA home. Sought after North End location, near waterfront parks. Martin Weiss 425.417.9595 Betty DeLaurenti 206.949.1222

Move-In Ready

Mountain Retreat $1,249,500

7218 78th Ave SE. This fantastic 4BR/4BA home has craftsman styling w/front porch entry & soaring ceilings. Partially covered back porch w/built-in benches & level grassy, fenced backyard. Wonderful & private cul de sac location.


7228 SE 24th St. This 5BR/4.75BA home offers sweeping views of the Lake, Cascades & Bellevue skyline. Huge gourmet kitchen, elevator, wine cellar & Maple floors are just a few of the spectacular features. Minutes to Seattle/ Bellevue. Craig Hagstrom 206.669.2267

Gracious Home! Move In Ready!


4897 Forest Ave SE. Gracious 4BR/3.5BA home w/ spacious formal/informal living areas, updated kitchen w/ adjoining family rm opening to entertainment deck. New carpets throughout. Dead-end street, play area & garden space. Tim Conway 206.954.2437



Sunny Lakeside Living $1,595,000

Sweeping Views


First Time on Market! $1,295,000

8420 SE 83rd St. This light filled 4BR/2.75BA home features ideal layout for entertaining & everyday living. Formal living & Dining room, dramatic family room w/vaulted ceiling, gorgeous kitchen w/breakfast area & much more. Mark Eskridge 206.251.2760

Lou or Lori 206.949.5674

Picture Perfect Traditional

4038 93rd Ave SE. Unbelievable 4BR/4.5BA home built w/entertaining in mind. Large, level north end lot w/in-ground swimming pool. Master suite w/views. Full bar, wine room & more. Short distance to schools, parks & Shoreclub.


Light Filled


6130 (private lane) E. Mercer Way. Step in & feel light pouring into this 5BR/3.75BA home w/vaulted ceilings, skylights & open floor plan. Beautiful grounds & Lake WA views. Walk down to 20’ of shared waterfront. Lou or Lori 206.949.5674


4020 96th Ave SE. Buchan style 5BR/3.5BA home in lower Mercerwood is move-in ready. Refinished hdwds, new master bath tile, freshly painted interior, gracious entertaining spaces & more! Close to schools, shopping & I-90. Frank Ceteznik 206.979.8400

45609 SE Edgewick Rd, North Bend. NW meets Classic Contemporary for a stylish, unique blend of finishes in this 3BR/3.75BA mountain retreat. Set on 2.19 picturesque acres w/Mtn. views & the whisper of Boxley Creek. 3rd level w/2nd Kitchen & ¾ Bath. Shawn Elings 425.829.5622

Alki Penthouse


1238 Alki Ave SW Unit-602, Seattle. Quintessential 3BR/2.75BA West Seattle Penthouse Condo! Panoramic views of Olympics, Puget Sound & City. Spacious floor plan includes master suite w/fp & deck. 2 parking spaces & dedicated storage unit. Martin Weiss 425.417.9595 Betty DeLaurenti 206.949.1222

Lake Views! $1,199,000 Updates Throughout

8055 E Mercer Way. Well maintained 5 BR/2.5 BA home w/ room for all. Flexible floor plan, updated kitchen & picturesque views of Lake Washington. Private setting w/ level backyard. Do Come See! Tim Conway 206.954.2437




Coveted North End


3630 Gallagher Hill Rd. Impeccably maintained 4BR/2.5 home on the North End has soaring ceilings in the formal living & dining rooms, open kitchen & family room w/ island, wet bar & wine refrigerator. Truly a must see! Lou or Lori 206.949.5674

Immaculate Condo $475,000

7549 SE 29th St. Unit 303. Beautiful, open airy 2BD/2BA condo in immaculate condition! Kitchen w/ ss appliances opens to the family room w/cozy fireplace & deck. Laundry & 2 parking spaces in secured garage. Lou or Lori 206.949.5674

Julia Nordby

Branch Manager

Shawn Elings

Gloria Lee

Nina Li Smith

Mid-Century Modern. $949,000 Exceptional Landscapes

2937 74th Ave SE. Light & bright home w/ exceptional charm & open floor plan. 3BD/1.75BA. 1,730 sq.ft. Gracious & meticulously maintained back yard w/ Koi pond. Great for entertaining. Upgraded appliances in kitchen. A must see! Tim Conway 206.954.2437

Best Buy in Seattle! $400,000

3104 Western Ave, Unit 408, Seattle. Ideally located west-facing condo w/Bay & Park views. Light-filled 1BD/1BA + den/office w/ sliding glass walls for versatility & privacy. In the heart of Seattle near Olympic Sculpture Park and more. Mark Anderson 206.931.9807

Claudia Allard

Mark Eskridge

Sandra Levin

Millie Su

Wednesday, May 6, 2015 | Page 13

Elegant Craftsman

9318 SE 36th St. Fabulous North End 3BR/3BA townhouse that lives like a single family home! Two story great room with walls of windows & skylights that allow light to pour in from every direction.

Tony Salvata 206.915.8672

Lou or Lori 206.949.5674

Garden Level Condo $264,950

Vacant Issaquah Land $205,000

Frank Ceteznik 206.979.8400

Brad Noe 206.940.2299

2500 81st Ave SE, #A-102. North end 2BR/1BA unit with your own yard & patio. Deeded storage & covered parking. Conveniently located near the town center’s vibrant collection of stores, restaurants & parks.

Frank Ceteznik

Craig Hagstrom

Julie Mermelstein

Daryl Summers

Watercourse Place $649,000

4807 50th Ave S, Seattle. Elegant Seward Park Craftsman! This 4BR/2.5BA 3106 sq.ft. home has exquisite finishes throughout. Spacious master has inside/outside deck fireplace, views & walk-in closet. Sunny flat back yard & garden.

Mark Anderson

Lou Glatz



Debbie Constantine

Helen Hitchcock

Brad Noe

Huy Tat

113- 198th Ave SE, Issaquah. Fabulous, South-West facing property on 3.5 acres near the top Squak Mountain w/loads of natural light. Completed and available feasibility report believes property will support a single-family 4 bedroom home of approximately 3000 sq feet.

Cindy Verschueren

5517 Lakemont Blvd SE, Unit 706, Bellevue. Beautiful end-unit 4BR/3BA townhome has a great open floor plan, granite counters, balcony & 2-car garage. No stairs to your front door in a community w/ walking trails, shopping & minutes to I-90. Mark Anderson 206.931.9807

Vacant Corner Lot

Dieter Kaetel

Jimmy Pliego

Petra Walker

Martin Weiss

Visit for All Listings, All Companies 206-232-8600 | 7853 SE 27th Suite 180, Mercer Island


37228 Vista Key Dr. NE, Hansville. Build an ultimate green getaway in Driftwood Keys‌ the hidden jewel of Kitsap! Dbl corner lot on cul-de-sac. Steps away from waterfront clubhouse & community pool. 15 min. to Kingston Ferry. Daryl Summers 206.697.0162

Tim Conway

Lori Holden

Andrea Pirzio-Biroli

Beautiful End Unit $492,000

Betty DeLaurenti

Liz Kenny

Tony Salvata

Gloria Wolfe


Mercer Island finishes third in KingCo

Islanders drop final home contests to Bellevue, Juanita By Joseph Livarchik

In its final matchup of the regular season with crosslake rival Bellevue, Mercer Island was looking to gain ground at the top of the KingCo standings. Only one run separated the two teams through five innings of play. But behind a five-run sixth inning, Bellevue pulled away late to beat Mercer

Island 6-0 Wednesday night at Island Crest Park, clinching the 3A KingCo league crown. The Wolverines held the Islanders to two hits on the evening, with starting pitcher Connor Todd allowing one hit in five innings of work in his second matchup against the Islanders this season. “He’s got good stuff,” Islander coach Dominic Woody said of Todd’s performance. “[He had a] tough angle and got good movement on his fastball. I thought today we made bet-

ter adjustments against him than we did the first time around. When we hit balls hard, they played deep and we hit balls at guys.” Bellevue (15-3, 13-3) broke the scoreless game in the second inning, when Jack Savard reached first on an uncaught third strike. Two batters later, Robby Lundquist brought Savard home, swinging for a double into left-center field to give the Wolverines a 1-0 lead. Through five innings, Mercer Island’s Will Mansfield otherwise kept the Wolverines in check

from the mound, allowing four hits while striking out four. At the plate, the Islanders (14-5, 12-5) stranded a runner at second in the bottom of the third, and had another scoring opportunity with runners on the corners in the bottom of the fifth. But with two outs, Michael Bantle’s screaming liner found its way into the glove of Bellevue’s shortstop. The Wolverines made them pay the following inning. Chris Schasteen



Joseph Livarchik/Staff Photo

Will Mansfield delivers a pitch against Bellevue Wednesday, April 29 at Island Crest Park. Mercer Island fell to the Wolverines, 6-0.

Weinberg celebrates 50 at Rockers’ home opener Girls tennis scores win Longtime softball over Lake Washington pitcher begins 50th By Reporter Staff

season as Rockers beat Seattle

By Joseph Livarchik

After finishing warming up for the Mercer Island Rockers’ home opener, starting pitcher John Weinberg looked toward the bleachers to see his wife, Sherry, in attendance. He had no clue why she was there. “She doesn’t come to very many games, but she was here today and I couldn’t figure out why,” he said. The Mercer Island Rockers starting pitcher cel-


Joseph Livarchik/Staff Photo

The Mercer Island Rockers surprised longtime pitcher John Weinberg (24) with the duty of throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at the team’s home opener Thursday, April 30 at Aubrey Davis Park. Weinberg celebrated his 50th season playing organized softball, dating back to his days in law school at the University of Chicago in the 1960s.

The Mercer Island girls tennis team remained undefeated with a 7-0 win over Lake Washington Thursday, April 30 at Lake Washington High School. In singles action, Gabby Venditti beat Kelly Barnes 6-0, 6-1, while Lydia Venditti beat Sara Tamai 6-0, 6-1. Sarah Sweet defeated Kristi Lynch 6-2, 6-0, and Melanie Lee won over Sharda Tangirala 6-2, 6-0. In doubles, Caroline Hamilton and Sammy Sweet beat Olivia Nguyen and Maia Anderson 6-0, 6-2. Catherine Seifert and Miji Suhr defeated

Sara Subo and Grace Allenstein 6-2, 6-0, and Fiona Brasfield and Claire Mansfield won over Amanda Kaufman and Megan Gertmenian 6-0, 6-2. Mercer Island wrapped up KingCo competition against Bellevue Monday and were scheduled to take on Eastside Catholic Tuesday at MIHS, both after the Reporter deadline. The Islanders will take on Forest Ridge at 3:45 p.m. Wednesday, May 6 at MIHS before beginning KingCo tournament action Monday, May 11 at Eastlake High School.

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Now Serving Breakfast Starting at 7am Monday - Friday and 8am Saturday - Sunday



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Joseph Livarchik/Staff Photos

Left, John Weinberg delivers a pitch Thursday, April 30 against the Seattle Sloop. Above, the 16-inch softball Weinberg threw for the ceremonial first pitch.

ROCKERS | FROM 14 ebrated his 50th season playing softball at the Rockers’ home opener Thursday at Aubrey Davis Park. His team surprised him before the game, having Weinberg throw out the ceremonial first pitch before taking on the Seattle Sloop. Weinberg, 74, went on to pitch the entire seveninning contest, a 15-5 Rocker victory, as Mercer Island improved to 2-0 on the young season. “He’s one of the oldertenured players,” coach Alan Anderson said. “He was the coach before me and he’s been our pitcher

probably since he started playing.” Anderson presented Weinberg with an oldschool 16-inch softball for the first pitch, similar to the ball Weinberg would use when he began playing softball in Chicago’s grassy Midway fields in the ‘60s as a student at the University of Chicago. He’s been hooked on ‘playing ball’ ever since. “I like the thinking part of the game, trying to outsmart the batters and make sure that I and the other fielders are at the right place on each play so before the ball is even pitched, they know where to go or I know where to go if it’s hit to me,” Weinberg said.

Sherry Weinberg, also 74, noted the two have been married “longer than he’s played softball” at 52 years and although they do their recreational activities separately, Sherry being a swimmer and John taking the softball diamond, there was no way she could miss the event. “He loves being a pitcher and takes great pride in not walking people often,” she said. “It’s not a pitching game like baseball, but it does make a difference who’s pitching.” Holding the Sloop to five runs or Tukwila to three runs two days prior in a 20-3 win would indicate that notion. Though Weinberg said there was plenty of praise to go

around. “My team has performed great this year. A lot of good defense, a lot of good hitting, so far we’re 2-0 and that’s wonderful,” Weinberg said. “[I] just hold up my end and just try to throw some strikes and field the position, but the team does it. It’s a team game.” Though one opponent didn’t see things so rosy. As Weinberg came off the field after beating Seattle, he was stopped by a member of the Seattle Sloop. “You remember 49 years ago, I struck you out!” hollered 82-year-old Jerry LaFrance with a grin. “No, I’ll never remember that!” Weinberg responded. “Never happened. I’ll deny it.”

opened the top of the sixth with a single and advanced to third base on consecutive Bellevue ground-outs. After an intentional walk to Savard, Todd swung for a double to score two more for the Wolverines. Following a Mercer Island pitching change, Bellevue scored three more runs before the Islanders could retire the side. “It’s one thing to be down 2-0 and going to hit, but you go from two to three, then all of a sudden it snowballs to five, six,” Woody said. “It’d be difficult against a good pitcher like that to come back from that, and [against] a good ball club.” The Islanders managed to get two runners on in both the sixth and seventh innings, but couldn’t advance past third base. Schasteen and Lundquist each had two hits for Bellevue, while Jordan Flournoy batted in two runs. Alex Shanks registered both of Mercer Island’s hits,

going 2-3 at the plate. As a team, the Islanders drew seven walks.

Juanita rallies past Islanders in finale Scoring four runs in the top of the seventh inning, the Juanita Rebels shocked Mercer Island in their league finale with a 4-3 comeback victory Friday, May 3 at Island Crest Park. The Islanders (14-6, 12-6) took a 3-0 advantage into the game’s final inning, but after loading the bases, allowed Juanita (9-11, 9-9) to climb back. A two-out single from Tanner Peterson gave the Rebels what would be the winning run. The loss dropped Mercer Island to a third-place finish in the KingCo standings. The Islanders will open 3A KingCo tournament competition against Lake Washington at 4 p.m. Saturday, May 9 at Bannerwood Park.

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Mercer Island

206.232.1215 |

Active Senior Fair 2015 Saturday, May 16 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. Westminster Chapel of Bellevue 13646 NE 24th Street This fun, FREE, daylong event features free

Sponsored by

health screenings, mini-seminars and workshops. Enjoy a fashion show and a variety of entertainers. Stroll through vendor exhibits highlighting a wide range of Eastside businesses and organizations. The entire day is geared to the active senior. No registration required. FREE Parking. Don’t miss this fun-filled event!

Supporting Sponsor Aegis Living The Seattle Times

Page 16 | Wednesday, May 6, 2015



Environmental review begins for PSE’s Energize Eastside project Reporter Staff

Joseph Livarchik/Staff Photo

While there were a few clouds in the sky, the Mercer Island Rockers couldn’t ask for a clearer day to kick off their home opener Thursday, April 30 at Aubrey Davis Park.

FOOT & ANKLE Professional. Friendly. Knowledgeable.

• 6-8 p.m. Tuesday, May 26, at Kirkland City Hall; 123 Fifth Ave., Kirkland • 6-8 p.m. Thursday, May 28, in the multipurpose room at Newcastle release Monday, May 4. As a team, the Islanders boasted a GPA of 3.564. Schools that win an Academic State Championship receive points toward their pursuit of the WIAA/National Guard Scholastic Cup, the WIAA award given to each school with the best finish in their respective

Written comments may be submitted at, by email at Scoping@ EnergizeEastsideEIS. org or by mail to David Pyle with the city's Development Services Department at 450 110th Ave. N.E., Bellevue, WA 98004. For maps and other information, visit, http:// www.energizeeastside. com/ visit or the City of Bellevue website at www. classifications based on athletic competition, academic performance and sportsmanship. Academic state champion teams will be invited to attend the state championship of their sport, where they will be honored. To see the complete list, visit

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Meeting schedule:

The Mercer Island boys soccer team won the 3A state academic title for boys soccer, the WIAA announced in a press

Physician and Surgeon of the Foot & Ankle

Dr. Mak Abulhosn

June 15. The city is leading the environmental process, with partnering cities Kirkland, Newcastle, Redmond and Renton.

Islander boys soccer named 3A Academic State champs

MERCER ISLAND Preferred Provider of Mercer Island

The City of Bellevue has begun the environmental review process for Puget Sound Energy's Energize Eastside project. It will include five scoping meetings for the public to weigh in on details they want to see included when preparing the Environmental Impact Statement for the project, as required by the Washington State Environmental Policy Act. The project will run 18 miles of 230kV transmission lines from Renton to Redmond and add another transformer to the system in an effort to prevent capacity issues projected as soon as winter 2017-18. The scoping period for Phase 1 of the EIS closes


SUBMISSIONS: The Reporter welcomes calendar items for nonprofit groups and community events. Please email your Island event notices to Items should be submitted by noon on the Thursday the week before publication. Items are included on a spaceavailable basis. CALENDAR ONLINE: Post activities or events online with our calendar feature at Events may be directly added to the calendar on our home page. Click on the “Calendar” link under Community.




Wednesday, May 6, City Council Chambers, 9611 S.E. 36th St. Serving as a liaison between the public and the City Council, City staff to ensure the public receives sufficient information and opportunity to provide public input. Learn more at FIRST AID AND ADULT CPR WITH AED: 7-9 p.m.,

Wednesday, May 6, Main Fire Station, 3030 78th Ave. S.E. Sign up online at or or via telephone at 206275-7847. Cost is $25. For more, contact Jolene Judd at 206-275-7607. HONOR AND SACRIFICE - THE ROY MATSUMOTO STORY:

7-8:30 p.m., Wednesday, May 6, Mercer Island High School PAC, 9100 S.E. 42nd St. As part of Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month, Mercer Island High School will host a screening of Honor and Sacrifice: The Roy Matsumoto Story, winner of the 2014 Erik Barnouw Award from the Organization of American Historians. For more, contact Ed Puchalla at ed.puchalla@


12 p.m., Thursday, May 7, Mercer Island Community and Event Center, 8236 S.E. 24th St. May’s luncheon speaker is Representative Adam Smith, 9th District Representative to the U.S. House of Representatives. Congressman Smith, in his ninth term, is the Ranking Minority member of the House Armed Services

Committee. $15-20. For more, contact Terry Moreman at info@mercerislandchamberofcommerce. org. MERCER ISLAND VISUAL ARTS LEAGUE - MIHS SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS PRESENTATION AND POTLUCK: 12 p.m., Thursday,

May 7, Emmanuel Episcopal Church, 4400 86th Ave. Mercer Island Visual Arts League awards $1,500 each year. Meet the students and view their artwork. Bring a dish to share. For more, visit or contact Nannette Bassett at or 206-232-8148. MERCER ISLAND VISUAL ARTS LEAGUE GALLERY: 5 p.m.,

Thursday, May 7, MIVAL, 2836 78th Ave. S.E. Gallery and Artist monthly opening, viewing and socializing. View, meet, greet and pick out something unique for Mother’s Day. Over 35 local artists are featured with their handmade fine art, glass, jewelry, fibre, metal and more. For more, visit or contact Nannette Bassett at or 206-232-8148. MERCER ISLAND MASONIC LODGE - OPEN PUBLIC EVENT:

6-7:30 p.m., Thursday, May 7, VFW Hall, 1836 72nd Ave. S.E. Our education program for the evening is open to the public and will focus on Faith as one of the three great virtues of Masonry. The Most Reverend Jeff Craig, Presiding Archbishop

at The Anglican Church USA, is our featured speaker. Dinner is $15 per person. Please RSVP to Dan Taylor at or call 206-232-8698. HIGH SCHOOL LATER STARTTIME COMMITTEE OPEN HOUSE:

7 p.m., Thursday, May 7, Islander Middle School, 8225 S.E. 72nd St. Community members are invited to discuss the possibility of later high school start-times with members of the High School Start-Time Committee, a committee made up of community members from the Bellevue and Mercer Island School Districts. Input and questions may be sent to Todd Kelsay at todd.kelsay@ SWEENEY TODD - SCHOOL EDITION: 7-9:30 p.m., May

7-9, Mercer Island High School PAC, 9100 S.E. 42nd St. The MIHS Drama Department proudly presents Sweeney Todd: School Edition. Welcome to the streets of London, where the talented students of MIHS bring you a dark and witty tale of love, murder, and revenge. $10 pre-sale, $15 at the door. For more, contact Debbie Newell at or call 206-275-9114.


May 8-9, Mercer Island


MEETING NOTICE Mercer Island School District

Unless otherwise noted, school board meetings are held at Mercer Island City Council Chambers at 9611 SE 36th Street. Board meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month. Regular board meetings begin at 7:00 p.m., unless otherwise noted.

Special School Board Meeting Thursday, May 7, 2015 8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. Island Park Elementary School 5437 Island Crest Way Agenda

Purposes of the meeting: Conduct a site visit at Island Park Elementary; and consider revisions to board meeting schedules 8:00 a.m.-8:55 a.m. Call to Order; Visit with staff 8:55 a.m.-9:20 a.m. Meet with Administrative Team 9:20 a.m.-10:30 a.m. Classroom visits 10:30 a.m.-10:45 a.m. Break 10:45 a.m.-11:30 a.m. Meet with parents in library 11:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m. Consider revisions to board meeting schedules 12:00 p.m. Lunch (optional) 1:00 p.m. Adjourn Final action may be taken at this meeting. Times are approximate.

Agenda items are subject to change. Please verify agenda items by going to

MERCER ISLAND SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS Janet Frohnmayer, President Brian Emanuels, Vice-President Pat Braman, Director Adair Dingle, Director Dave Myerson, Director Dr. Gary Plano, Superintendent

WEDNESDAY, MAY 6, 2015 | PAGE 17


9:30-11:30 a.m. and 6-8 p.m., Friday, May 15. Island Books, 3014 78th Ave. S.E. Shop anytime throughout the day and IMS PTSA will receive 20 percent of the sales (just mention IMS). Proceeds go towards enrichment programs at the middle school. EXPLANATIONS SUMMER CAMP REGISTRATION: Register now

for summer programs that focus on particular skill sets for students who learn differently. Our goal is to empower our students to view themselves as strong

learners and to work on strategies to improve academic performance. For more, call 425-378-7634 or email BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB SPRING AUCTION: 6 p.m., Saturday,

May 16, West Mercer Boys and Girls Club, 2825 West Mercer Way. Featuring one-of-a-kind silent and live auction items, dinner and dancing. Tickets are $100. Register at or call 206-232-4548. Registration closes May 8. CERCLE FRANCOPHONE FRENCH CONVERSATION EVENING: 7-9 p.m., Tuesday,

May 26. The Mercer Island Sister City Association will sponsor an informal French

Conversation Evening for anyone who wants to improve his/her French at the home of Beth Brennen on Mercer Island. The only “rule” is that we speak French. All levels of French are welcome – join us! For more information and driving directions, contact Beth Brennen 232-7650 or Monica Howell 232-2983. RUN LIKE A GIRL 5K: 10 a.m., Saturday, May 16, Luther Burbank Park, 2040 84th Ave. S.E. A female 5K run. Dress up for fun and run or walk through beautiful Luther Burbank Park. T-shirts for all participants. Register by May 3 at www. or call 206-275-7609. Cost is $15-20, course no. 15561.

PUBLIC NOTICES PUBLIC NOTICE OF APPLICATION NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that an application has been received for a SEPA Threshold Determination (File#SEP15-003) to update the City of Mercer Island’s 2015 Water System Comprehensive Plan. A SEPA Checklist has been completed for this proposed non-project action as defined by WAC 197-11704(2)(b)(ii). Initial evaluation of the proposal for probable significant adverse environmental impacts has been conducted. The City expects to issue a SEPA Determination of Non-Significance (DNS) for this project. The optional DNS process, as specified in WAC 197-11-355, is being used. Written comments on the application may be submitted on or before 5/20/15 at 5:00 PM either in person or mailed to the City of Mercer Island, 9611 SE 36th Street, Mercer Island, WA 98040. Only those persons who submit written comments as indicated above will become parties of record and have the right to appeal. You may review the file on this matter at the City of Mercer Island, Development Services Group, 9611 SE 36th Street, Mercer Island, WA. Contact Scott Greenberg for more information at or 206-275-7706. Published in the Mercer Island Reporter on May 6, 2015. #1306791. ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS CITY OF MERCER ISLAND, WASHINGTON SE 40th Street Overlay Project DATE OF BID OPENING: May 18, 2015 TIME: 2:00 PM Sealed bids for the 2015 SE 40th Street Overlay Project will be received by the City of Mercer Island at the DSG Permit Counter, 9611 SE 36th Street, Mercer Island, Washington 98040 up to 2:00 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time on May 18, 2015 and will then and there be opened and publicly read. Bids received later than 2:00 p.m., May 18, 2015 will not be considered. DESCRIPTION OF WORK

The work includes furnishing all labor, equipment, and materials necessary for the construction of roadway improvements on SE 40th Street, between 78th Avenue and Island Crest Way. Work consists of temporary traffic control; pavement removals and pavement repairs; asphalt planing; new concrete curb and gutter, sidewalks, and ADA curb ramps; resurfacing of asphalt walkways; hot mix asphalt overlay; storm drainage repairs and extensions; shoulder and landscape restoration; utility adjustments; and pavement markings. A single contract will be awarded to the responsible bidder submitting the lowest bid, taking into account the Bidder’s Qualifications. Each bidder, by submission of the proposal, acknowledges and understands the rights reserved by the Owner in awarding the contract and the Owner’s right to modify the size of the project. The bidder agrees that, if awarded the contract, Final Completion of the entire project will be achieved by October 1, 2015. Each bid proposal shall be accompanied by a bid proposal deposit in cash, certified check, cashier’s check, or surety bond in an amount equal to five percent (5%) of the total amount of such bid proposal. Should the successful bidder fail to enter into such contract and furnish satisfactory performance bond within the same time stated in the Specifications, the bid proposal deposit shall be forfeited to the City of Mercer Island. All bidding and all construction shall be carried out in compliance with the Plans and Specifications for this project. Bids are to be submitted only on the forms provided in the Specifications, and all bids shall be accompanied by the required Bid Guaranty Bond. Bids shall remain opened for a period of sixty (60) calendar days from the opening of the Bid. The City reserves the right to postpone the date and time for opening of bids. The City expressly reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to waive minor informalities

and to award the contract to the responsible bidder that submits the lowest responsive bid. Plans, specifications, addenda, bidders list, and plan holders list for this project are available through the City of Mercer Island’s on-line plan room. Free of charge access is provided to Prime Bidders, Subcontractors, and Vendors by going to: and clicking on: “Posted Projects”, “Public Works”, “City of Mercer Island”, and “Projects Bidding”. Bidders are encouraged to “Register” in order to receive automatic email notification of future addenda and to be placed on the “Bidders List.” This on-line plan room provides Bidders with fully usable on-line documents, with the ability to: download, print to your own printer, order full/partial plan sets from numerous reprographic sources, and a free on-line digitizer/take-off tool. Please contact Builders Exchange of Washington at 425-258-1303 should you require assistance with access or registration. Bidder questions are to be directed to Clint Morris, Street Engineer, by email at or via phone at 206-999-8041. The City encourages the participation of certified disadvantaged businesses and women’s business enterprises to act as prime contractors as well as subcontractors on this project. Ali Spietz City Clerk City of Mercer Island Published in the Mercer Island Reporter on May 6, 2015 and May 13, 2015. #1306646.

To place a Legal Notice, please call 253-234-3506 or e-mail legals@ reporternewspapers. com


CALENDAR | FROM 17 Community and Event Center, 8236 S.E. 24th St. Elton Bennett (1910-1974) was the Silkscreen artist whose artwork was defined by the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. His daughter, Barbara Bennett Parsons, will present and discuss her father’s artwork. Free event. For more, call Barbara Bennett Parsons at 360-532-3235, email or visit www.eltonbennett. com.


p.m., Saturday, May 9, Mercer Island Community and Event Center, 8236 S.E. 24th St. Have a night out while the kids meet all their friends at the Community Center for an action-packed night. Featuring a movie, munchies and games throughout the night, all led by recreation staff. Ages 4–12, cost is $30, $14 sibling fee. Pre-registration is

Officer Jennifer Franklin at jennifer.franklin@mercergov. org or call 206-275-7905. required. Call 275-7609 to register, course no. 15572.


p.m., Monday, May 11, Jazz Alley, 2033 6th Ave., Seattle. The Pacific Jazz Institute at Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley presents the Mercer Island and Bothell High School ensembles with special guest Terell Stafford. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. and the show starts at 7:30 p.m. Cost is $20. For more, call 206-441-9729 or visit


May 12, City Hall Caucus Room, 9611 S.E. 36th St. A quarterly meeting for Adult Family Homes and Long-Term Care Facilities on Mercer Island to discuss how to respond and recover from a disaster. For more, contact

PUBLIC NOTICE Mercer Island School District Mercer Island School District

High High School School Later Later Start-Time Start-Time Open House Open House May May 7, 7, 2015 2015 7:00 – 9:00 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. p.m. Islander Islander Middle Middle School School Library Library 8225 8225 SE SE 72nd 72nd Street Street

The The Mercer Mercer Island Island and and Bellevue Bellevue School School Districts Districts are are conducting conducting a a study study of of the the potential potential benefits benefits and and implications implications of of later later high high school school start start times. times. The The High High School School Start-Time Start-Time Committee Committee will will hold hold an an open-house open-house style style public public meeting meeting for for community community members members to to discuss discuss the the late late start-time start-time project project and and ideas ideas with with committee committee members. members. For For more more information, information, please visit please visit

st Reporter 4

St. Monica

Catholic Church 9:00am - Worship and programs for all ages 10:30am - Worship and Nursery

4301 - 88th Ave S.E., M.I.


Sunday Vigil: Saturday, 5:00pm

3200 78th Ave SE

Sunday: 7:30am, 9:30am, Noon (206) 232-1015




SUNDAY SERVICE 9:00 AM SUNDAY SCHOOL 9:00 AM WEDNESDAY EVENING 7:30 PM Child care at all services & meetings

Christian Science Reading Room th 7605 SE 27 Street, #106 Weekdays 10:30-3:00

Rev. Roberta Rominger as our NEW pastor Congregational Church on Mercer Island United Church of Christ 4545 Island Crest Way 206-232-7800 Worship Service 10:30am


May 12, City Hall Council Chambers, 9611 S.E. 36th St. The Mercer Island Utility Board is an advisory board to the City Council on matters regarding all utilities on the Island. The Utility Board meets, as needed, on the second Tuesday of the month. For more, contact Asea Sandine at


6:30 p.m., Monday, May 4. Phonetic fun presented by Charlie Williams and Nancy Stewart. Sing along and learn other noises for music. SING WITH OUR KIDS-PAJAMA STORIES AND SONGS: 7 p.m.,


Wednesday, May 13, Mercer Island Community and Event Center, 8236 S.E. 24th St. The Arts Council and Parks and Recreation staff provide community activities such as art galleries, concerts and plays and literary events as well as support local artists with grants and acquire public art for the city. For more about the Arts Council, contact Amber Britton at amber.britton@


Monday, May 11 and 18. Presented by Nancy Stewart. Bring your guitar or instrument for a true community sing-along. Lyrics and chords will be projected on a screen to read, sing and play along. Nancy will be glad to tune guitars and help with chords. Linda Ernst, Children’s Librarian, will share a special bedtime story at the end. TEENS BRICK ANIMATION - BRICK BUILDER 2: 1 p.m., Saturday,

May 16. Presented by Clay Animation Network (C.A.N.). Grades 4-8. Depict your slick movie flick with a mix of tricky brick tricks. Participants use iPads (C.A.N provides) to create stopmotion videos based on a theme. Please register starting May 1. TEEN ADVISORY BOARD:

Tuesday, May 19, 7 p.m. Voice your opinions on the programs and services the library offers. Come with feedback and bring your

4400 88TH AVE. S.E. (206) 236-3537 WWW.KCLS.ORG/MERCERISLAND

Reach 2.7 Million Readers Coastal: Eastern: Metro:


May 21, 3 p.m.



Tuesday, May 12, 10:30 a.m. Presented by Molly Hashimoto. Find inspiration in the natural world, using plants and wildlife from gardens and wild places as your subjects. This will be a fun introduction to watercolor, journals, and sketchbooks. Molly will bring lots of props, like flowers, butterfly specimens, and bird photos. This class is appropriate for adult beginners. All supplies are included. Registration is required. COMPUTER CLASS - ONE-ON-ONE ASSISTANCE: Wednesdays, 10

a.m. Need extra help on the computer? A KCLS volunteer instructor can give one-onone assistance. No appointment necessary, assistance


winning children’s book by Seattle author Ken Mochizuki, BASEBALL SAVED US follows the journey of a young boy named Shiro who, along with his family, is imprisoned in a “camp” unlike any other: an internment camp during World War II. As Shiro struggles to learn how to play baseball on the hot dusty fields he learns more than just the game, he learns how to survive. $5-10, includes dessert. Contact Pamela Lavitt at or call 206-388-0832.

THOMAS DENTISTRY A Family and Cosmetic Practice “Where technology meets relaxation.”

Dr. Troy W. Thomas, DMD Dr Lauren Vainio, DDS Now Accepting New Patients

Average cost less than



Call this Newspaper for Details

per paper

80th Avenue Professional Building



Mercer Island Places of Worship 



ELCA ELCA ELCA ELCA ELCA ELCA Welcome toWorship! Worship! Welcome to Welcome to Worship! Worship! to WelcometotoWorship! Worship! Welcome UNDAYS: : SSUNDAYS

SUNDAYS UNDAYS:: SUNDAYS UNDAYS SAM : : with 8:00AM Worship with with 8:00 Worship 8:00--AM - Worship

Sunday Services  Mercer Island Congregation

Come as you are!

4001 Island Crest Way


Lutheran Church


6001 Island Crest Way 232-1711

Sunday Worship | 8 a.m. & 10:30 a.m.

Sunday Worship & Kids' Church 10:00am Fellowship & Bible Study 11:00am

spiritual formation for all ages; includes Godly Play and nursery





 


Special $ 2955 80th Ave. S.E., Suite 105, Mercer Island, WA 98040

ZOOM Teeth Bleaching

Includes 96 Newspapers & 24 Shoppers

provided on a drop-in basis. LETTERS TO JULIET: 10:30 a.m., May 20. Celebrate Older Americans Month: Inspiring Elders Film Series. An American girl discovers a love letter that changes her life in this romantic comedy starring Amanda Seyfried and Vanessa Redgrave. Sponsored by the Friends of the Mercer Island Library.

3801 EAST MERCER WAY (206) 232-7115 WWW.SJCC.ORG


Go Statewide or Target a Region

597,646 readers 601,631 readers 1.3 million readers

(425) 591-4590

ideas to discuss. Eat pizza, too. STUDY ZONE: Wednesdays, 3 p.m. Grades K-12. Drop in for free homework help from trained volunteer tutors. Proofreading help is available. Ask at the Reference Desk for location. SQUISHY CIRCUITS: 3:30 p.m., Thursday, May 21. Stop by to create circuits and explore electronics using play dough, battery packs, LEDs, buzzers, and small motors. Bring a friend and work in pairs. Grades 4-8, no registration.

We’ve Got You Covered

Child Care • Sunday School

To advertise in this directory please call 206.232.1215


Presbyterian Church

SUNDAY, MAY 10, 2015 7:45am Breakfast in the Community Life Center 8:15am Worship in the Community Life Center

8:00 AM - Worship 8:00AM AM Worship with with Holy Communion 8:00 - -Worship with Holy Communion Holy Communion Holy Communion E Holy Communion 9:00AM AM Adult Forum Holy Communion 9:00 AM -- Adult Forum 9:00 --AM Adult Forum && && 9:00 Adult Forum 9:15am 9:00AM AM Adult Forum & 10:00 --Forum Sunday School 10:00 AM -AM Sunday School 9:00 - --Adult & 10:00 AM Sunday School 10:00 AM Sunday School ELCA 10:00 AM Sunday School 10:00 AM -- Traditional &&New 10:35am 10:00 AMto--Worship! Traditional New SongSong Sunday School 10:00 AM Traditional &&New Song 10:00 AM Traditional New Song Welcome 10:00SAM AM-:Worship -Traditional Traditional New Song Worship UNDAYS Worship with 10:00 &&with New with Worship with Song 5:00pm 8:00 AM - WorshipWorship with with Holy Communion Holy Communion Worship with Holy Communion Holy Communion Holy Communion 9:00 AM - Adult Forum & Holy Communion Holy Communion available for all services 10:00Childcare AM - Sunday School Childcare available for all services Childcare available for all services 10:00Childcare AM - Traditional &available New Song all services Childcare available forallallfor services Worship with Childcare available for services Join us! Holy Communion

Joinus! us! Join Childcare available forJoin all servicesus! th us! Join 8501 thSE 40 Street 206.232.3270 us! th us! Join 8501SE SE40 40thJoin Street 206.232.3270 8501 Street 206.232.3270

Christian Education for Adults Worship in Sanctuary Evening Worship in Sanctuary Nursery Available

Top of the Hill on Island Crest Way

8501 40 206.232.3270 Street 206.232.3270 8501 SE 40SE 8501 SE4040ththStreet Street www.htlcmi.org206.232.3270 3605 84th Ave SE 8501 SE Street 206.232.3270 Reconciling in Christ Congregation Reconciling in Christ Congregation (206) 232-5595 | th

Reconciling in Christ Congregation

Reconciling Christ Congregation Reconciling ininChrist Reconciling in Congregation Christ Congregation Reconciling in Christ Congregation Reconciling in Christ Congregation

Mercer Island United Methodist Church SUNDAY WORSHIP 10:00 am Christian Education 11:00 am Worship Service 7070 SE 24th Street Mercer Island, WA 98040



Page 18 | Wednesday, May 6, 2015

PNW MarketPlace!

real estate for sale


real estate for rent - WA


home services




Wednesday, May 6, 2015

We make it easy to sell... right in your community

I Page 19

Local readers. Local sellers. Local buyers.

click! email! toll free! 1.888.399.3999 1.800.388.2527 click! email! classifi call call toll free! 1.888.399.3999 oror1.800.388.2527

print & online 24/7 Office Hours: 8-5pm Monday to Friday

Real Estate for Sale King County Bellevue

Forest Ridge $850,000 Highly sought after nbrhd! Lovely, light and bright 2950sf home with HUGE private deck on real estate greenbelt. 4 large Brs & for sale - WA roomy 3/4 bath allows main fl den/office to be Real Estate for Sale u s e d a s g u e s t s u i t e . #769682 Chelan County Heidi Klansnic LAKE CHELAN 425-830-4199 2 1 AC R E M O U N TA I N Koleen Cook property with Lake View, 425-233-5500 appraised for $147,000. P r i va t e, K i l l e r V i ew s, Borders USFS, Well Drilled, Zoned Residential, 15 minutes to town, $ 2 5 , 0 0 0 o f I m p r o ve ments. First person with Kirkland Houghton kind disposition and $1,085,000 $99,000 cash gets deed. Call Owner at 509-670- Wa ke u p t o t h e l i g h t dancing off of the lake & 3022. No agents. the Olympic mtns framing the Seattle skyline. Real Estate for Sale Designed to take advantage of the views w/3 reIsland County modeled levels. #699431 Freeland Greg Rosenwald Whidbey Island 206-230-5445 $2,250,000 Sunlight reflects off of the waters that front this special island home. Rare 210 ft. steel dock for your boat and pier fishing which is shared Mercer by o n l y o n e n e i g h b o r Beautiful Views #455424 $1,120,000 Doug Shih A view from every room. 206-230-5364 Light & bright open flr plan. 2BRs+flex (guest/office) rm upstairs. Lg rec rm & full bath downstairs. Expansive deck for boat watching. Luxury at its best. Real Estate for Sale #770624 King County Pam Richmond 206-265-9114 Auburn $220,000 What a find! Cute and clean 2 bedroom home with 1,680 square feet in Star Lake community of Mercer MI New List! Aubur n. Great star ter $999,000 home that’s light and br ight with open floor O p p o r t u n i t y k n o c k s ! p l a n . N e w C a r p e t s ! Spectacular 180 degree Lake view home with de#773820 eded 5’ waterfront easeHeidi Melrose ment. 3BR/2.5BA, 425-802-8358 12,000+sf lot. Remodel or rebuild your dream home! #769627 Michele Schuler 206-992-2013 Anastasia Miles Reach the readers 425-260-5881

the dailies miss. Call 800-388-2527 today to place your ad in the ClassiďŹ eds.

Real Estate for Sale King County Mercer

Move Right In! $1,550,000 Sited for pr ivacy near coveted Groveland B e a c h , t h i s ex q u i s i t e Craftsman boasts a grand two-stor y entr y w / g r a c i o u s s t a i r c a s e. 5BR/3.5BA, 3970sf. #760570 Julie Green 206-230-5388

Reach over a million potential customers when you advertise in the Service Directory. Call 800-388-2527 or Mercer

New Construction $2,199,990 This cozy 3571sf JayMarc home offers 5 bedrooms and 4.25 baths, casual dining, tech room, contemporary fireplace & mantel in spacious great room. #753946 Don Samuelson 206-230-5435

Real Estate for Sale King County Renton

Float your boat $348,000 ...or lay by the pool and watch the Seahawks arr ive to wor k in theirs. This waterfront condo is adjacent to the VMAC and enjoys all the benefits of lakeside living. 2 B R / 1 . 7 B A , 2 8 ’ s l i p. #769391 Peggy Watkins 206-230-5444


24 hours a day


Alki $3,125,000 Seven Distinctive, 1800sf c o n t e m p o ra r y 4 l eve l Townhouse units w/Seattle, Elliott Bay & territorial views from roof top decks & covered basement level prkg #756387 Keith McKinney 206-230-5380

New List! $1,058,000 Ideally located in Lakeview Highlands, this Ralph Anderson designed hm is remodeled to perfection! Ideal layout feat a circular floor plan w/floor-ceiling windows. #775183 Paula Holtzclaw 206-708-4721

Alki $521,650 Distinctive Live+Work, 1BR+Bonus+Work Space, 2 1/4BA Townhome. Built Green. Rooftop deck. Multiple townhomes available, call for details! #671103 Keith McKinney 206-230-5380

Judkins $200,000 Light & Bright! Large private balcony offers room to relax! Expansive roof top deck with panoramic sweeping views! Secure parking, storage. Transit to everything! #774016 Barbara Bro 206-459-8411

SHORT SALE$199,900 Private drive ends at this cozy 3BD/2.5BA home, master on main. Spacious living areas, open kitchen and large rear deck and patio with a fully fenced backyard. #494945 James R. Shute 206-230-5421



Washington Park $6,550,000 Gated estate sited privately off coveted McGilvra Blvd. This 2012 Classic Revival home offers the perfect blend of tradition w/all of the amenities for today’s lifestyles. 5BR/7.75BA. #768638 Julie Green 206-230-5388


West Mercer $1,278,000 Stunning Black and C a l d we l l , c u s t o m d e signed for the original owner. Time to add your inspiration to transform this stately lady into her new glory. #757462 Hedy Joyce 206-406-7275

SHORT SALE $229,900 Lovely Seabeck rambler in excellent condition. Kitchen features granite counters and stainless appliances. Tiered media room for movies or the big game! 3BR/2BA #725432 James R. Shute 206-230-5421

Real Estate for Sale Pierce County

Bremerton $499,000 B e a u t i f u l l y c ra f t e d i n award-winning waterfront community. Ideal floor plan: 2 mstr suites w luxur ious baths (1 on main), den/3rd BR, and loft w/sweeping water views. #771008 Cathy Humphries 206-300-6142

Greenwater $118,500 Your year round recreation oasis waits! Enjoy endless summer & winter fun at this pristine Crystal River Ranch proper ty! 1/2 ac+ this flat, corner lot is close to playground & clubhouse. #770312 Carrie Simmons 206-679-7093 Keith McKinney 425-221-8557

Real Estate for Sale Snohomish County


Capitol Hill $350,000 3 adjacent lots totaling 1 5 0 0 0 s q f t . B u i l d yo u r dream home or 2 townhomes. Lake Union & Queen Anne views, c l o s e t o c i t y c e n t e r, Broadway & more. Amazing location! #678887 Patricia Temkin 206-579-5073

Real Estate for Sale Kitsap County Kingston


Real Estate for Sale Kitsap County

Seattle Mercer

Real Estate for Sale King County


SHORT SALE $149,900 You will love this beautiful and well kept Bremerton home! Huge kitchen w/beautiful hardwoods and breakfast nook. Free standing wood stove in living/dining area. #717093 James R. Shute 206-230-5421

Mukilteo $1,290,000 G o l f e r ’s D r e a m ! T h e most beautiful penthouse in Mukilteo. 2-story condo, 3BR+Loft. Located in the heart of Boeing Community, Views of Puget Sound & Olympic Mountains. Gym & Clubhouse. #775742 Shelly Zhou 425-802-5667

real estate for sale Real Estate for Sale Lots/Acreage

26x16 cabin with porch, 19.8 treed acres, outdoor shower and 40 min. to Spokane. Secluded County road., has water/power/phone in. Beautiful view west over Spokane River Valley, bu i l d i n g s i t e c l e a r e d . $94,000. Jeff (360)2012390 or (360)366-5011 Call for additional photos Excellent for HUNTING!

Find your perfect pet in the ClassiďŹ eds. CAMAS COUNTY, ID

BEAUTIFUL ACREAGE. Camas Prairie, 50 miles to Sun Valley. Ski, hunt, fish, fly in. (19) - 6 to 10 acre lots available. Starti n g a t a n a f fo r d a b l e $24,500. Ter ms negotiable. 15% down. Call Bill C. 206-669-5466 or Bill E. 208-358-1295 Mercer

Attn Builders $575,000 Lot For Sale on SW End of Street of Established Homes w/Greenbelt to the West. Beautiful, Natural Setting As Lot Extends From North to South, Stream Runs Through South End of Lot. #775235 Galen Hubert 206-778-9787


Measuring up to your expectations one ad at a time. Are you searching for a better job or a more reliable car? Have you outgrown your apartment? Are you looking to get rid of that old couch and chair sitting in the garage? Whether you’re buying or selling, Sound Classifieds has it all. From automobiles and employment to real estate and household goods, you’ll find everything you need in the Sound Classifieds.

Put Sound Classifieds to work for you, and inch even closer to your goals.

SOUND classiďŹ eds

Build Here $710,000 Dream House LAND FOR SALE, .363 Acre Located on West Side of East Mercer Way. Grab Your Builder & Your Ideas For Your New Home, M ay B e W i n t e r Pe a k V i ew s, D e p e n d i n g o n Your Plans. #775221 Galen Hubert 206-778-9787

Real Estate for Sale Other Areas

In Print & Online!

visit • call toll free 1-800-388-2527 • email

TEXAS Land Sale- Near El Paso. $0 Down. 20 Acres- $128/mo. $16,900. Money Back Guarantee. Beautiful Mountain Views. No Qualifying- Owner Financing. 800-343-9444

Page 20

I Wednesday, May 6, 2015

real estate for rent - WA Apartments for Rent King County BELLEVUE, 98005

1 BR CLEAN, QUIET spacious apt by down town. Includes most utilities & parking. No pets. $980 per month. Call 425-985-3373 or 425-747-7169.

financing General Financial

FREE GOLD IRA KIT. With the demise of the dollar now is the time to invest in gold. AAA Rated!   For free consultation: 1-866-683-5664 G E T C A S H N OW fo r your Annuity or Structured Settlement. Top Dollars Paid. Fast, No Hassle Ser vice!   877693-0934 (M-F 9:35am7pm ET) P RO B L E M S w i t h t h e I R S o r S t a t e Ta xe s ? Settle for a fraction of w h a t yo u owe ! Fr e e face to face consultations with offices in your area. Call 855-970-2032 P RO B L E M S w i t h t h e I R S o r S t a t e Ta xe s ? Wall & Associates can settle for a fraction of what you owe! Results may vary. Not a solicitation for legal services. 844.274.9336 Sell your structured settlement or annuity payments for CASH NOW. You don’t have to wait for your future payments any longer! Call 1-800283-3601 SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY BENEFITS. Unable to work? Denied benefits? We Can Help! W I N o r Pay N o t h i n g ! Contact Bill Gordon & Associates at 1-800706-8742 to start your application today!

announcements Announcements

ADOPTION- A Loving Choice for an Unplanned Pregnancy. Call Andrea 1-866-236-7638 (24/7) for adoption infor mation/profiles, or view our loving couples at Financial Assistance Provided. ªADOPTION:ª A Loving ª Financially Secure ª Family, Laughter, Travel, Beaches, Music awaits 1st baby. ª Expenses Paid ª 1-800-362-7842 ADOPTION: A Loving Financially Secure Famil y, L a u g h t e r, Tr a v e l , Beaches, Music awaits 1 s t b a b e. * E x p e n s e s paid* 1-800-362-7842



Schools & Training

Advertise your product or service nationwide or by region in over 7 million households in North America’s best suburbs! Place your classified ad in over 570 suburban newspapers just like this one. Call Classified Avenue at 888-486-2466

MEDICAL BILLING TRAINEES NEEDED! Become a Medical Office Assistant! NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED! Online training can get you job ready! HS Diploma/GED & PC/Internet needed! 1-888-589-9683

Reach over a million potential customers when you advertise in the Service Directory. Call 800-388-2527 or

PROMOTE YOUR REGIONAL EVENT for only pennies. Reach 2.7 million readers in newspapers statewide for $275 classified or $1,350 display ad. Call this news- paper or (360) 515-0974 You can be career-ready for details. in as little as 3 months Repossession Notifica- for a rewarding new cation of 1991 white GMC r e e r i n t h e g r o w i n g To p / K i c k Tr u c k , V I N healthcare, technology, #1GDJ7H1P2MJ510419 or administration indus, Plate #A31307P, Occu- tries. The U.S. Departp a n t M a l c o m L e i b o l e ment of Labor expects held liable for storage millions of new jobs in lien of said vehicle. Reg- these fields! Get started ister Owner Desert Cool- t o d a y : C a r e e r tronics. Contact informa- tion L & J Storage Inc, Employment M i n o t N D, P h o n e General (701) 839-7858. Possession will take place in 30 Multi-Media days. Advertising Consultant (Bellevue, WA) Struggling with DRUGS Do you have a proven or ALCOHOL? Addicted track record of success to PILLS? Talk to someone who cares. Call the in sales and enjoy manAddiction Hope & Help aging your own territory? Line for a free assess- Are you competitive and thrive in an energetic enment. 844.707.0038 vironment? Do you desire to work for a company that offers uncapped earning oppor tunities? Are you interested in a fast paced, creative atm o s p h e r e w h e r e yo u can use your sales expertise to provide consultative print and digital solutions? I f yo u a n swe r e d Y E S then you need to join the largest community news organization in WashingEmployment ton. Sound Publishing, Media Inc. is looking for selfREPORTER motivated, results-driven T h e a w a r d - w i n n i n g people interested in a newspaper Jour nal of multi-media sales cathe San Juans is seek- reer. Position is responing an energetic, de- sible for print and digital tailed-oriented reporter advertising sales to an to write articles and fea- e c l e c t i c a n d ex c i t i n g t u r e s . E x p e r i e n c e i n group of clients. Sucphotography and Adobe cessful candidates will InDesign preferred. Ap- be engaging and goal plicants must be able to oriented, with good orwork in a team-oriented, ganizational skills and deadline-driven environ- will have the ability to ment, possess excellent g r o w a n d m a i n t a i n w r i t i n g s k i l l s, h ave a strong business relationknowledge of community ships through consultan ew s a n d b e a bl e t o tive sales and excellent write about multiple top- customer service. Every ics. Must relocate to Fri- day will be a new advenday Harbor, WA. This is ture! You can be an intea full-time position that gral part of the Bellevue includes excellent bene- community while helping fits: medical, dental, life local business partners insurance, 401k, paid succeed in their in print vacation, sick and holi- or online branding, mardays. EOE . No calls keting and adver tising please. Send resume strategies. Whether their with cover letter, three or marketing footprints are m o r e n o n - r e t u r n a b l e in Bellevue, all around clips in PDF or Text for- t h e E a s t s i d e , K i n g mat and references to C o u n t y, o r W e s t e r n Washington - you have or mail to: the opportunity to help HR/GARJSJ them with their success. Sound Publishing, Inc. Professional sales expe11323 Commando Rd rience necessary; media W, Main Unit experience is a definite Everett, WA 98204 asset but not mandatory. If you have these skills, Business and enjoy playing a proOpportunities active par t in helping AVON- Ear n extra in- y o u r c l i e n t s a c h i ev e come with a new career! b u s i n e s s s u c c e s s , Sell from home, work,, please email your reonline. $15 startup. For sume and cover letter to: hreast@sound infor mation call: 423-1792 (M-F 9-7 & Sat ATTN: MMSCBLVU 9-1 Central) We offer a competitive Advertise your service c o m p e n s a t i o n ( B a s e plus Commission) and 800-388-2527 benefits package including health insurance, Schools & Training paid time off (vacation, sick, and holidays), and A I R L I N E C A R E E R S 401K (currently with an Start Here – Get hands e m p l o y e r m a t c h . ) on training as FAA certi- Sound Publishing is an fied Technician fixing Equal Opportunity Emjets. Financial aid if p l o y e e ( E O E ) a n d qualified. Call for free in- strongly supports diverformation Aviation Insti- sity in the wor kplace. tute of Maintenance 1- Visit our website to learn 877-818-0783 www.Fix- more about us!



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Employment Transportation/Drivers

CIRCULATION MANAGER Issaquah/Sammamish/ Snoqualmie Sound Publishing, Inc. is currently accepting applications for a Circulation Manager. Position will be based out of the Bellevue office. The primary duty of a Circulation Manager (CM) is to manage a geographic district. The CM will be accountable for the assigned newspaper as follows: Recruiting, contracting and training independent contractors to meet delivery deadlines, insuring delivery standards are being met and quality customer service. Po s i t i o n r e q u i r e s t h e ability to operate a motor vehicle in a safe manner; to occasionally lift and/or transport bundles weighing up to 25 pounds from ground level to a height of 3 feet; to deliver newspaper routes, including ability to negotiate stairs and to deliver an average of 75 newspapers per hour for up to 8 consecutive hours; to communicate with carr iers and the public by telephone and in person; to operate a personal computer. Must p o s s e s s r e l i a bl e , i n sured, motor vehicle and a valid Washington State driver’s license. We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package including health insurance, paid time off (vacation, sick, and holidays), and 401K (currently with an employer match). If you are interested in joining the team at the Issaquah/Sammamish Repor ter and the Valley Record, email us your cover letter and resume to: hreast@ Please be sure to note: ATTN: CMISS in the subject line.


Sound Publishing is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE) and strongly supports diversity in the wor kplace. Check out our website to find out more about us! www.sound


Premier Transportation is seeking Tractor-Trailer Drivers for newly added dedicated runs making store deliveries MondayFriday in WA, OR, ID. MUST have a Class-A CDL and 2 years tractortrailer dr iving exper ience. • Home on a daily basis • $.41 per mile plus stop off and unloading pay • $200/day minimum pay • Health & prescription insurance • Family dental, life, disability insurance • C o m p a n y m a t c h 4 0 1 K , Va c a t i o n & holiday pay • $1,000 longevity bonus after each year • Assigned trucks • Direct deposit For application information, call Paul Proctor at Premier Transportation: 866-223-8050. Apply online at www.premiertrans “Recruiting.” EOE D r i ve r s - We s u p p o r t ever driver, every day, every mile! No experience? Some or LOTS of experience? Let’s Talk! Call Central Refrigerated Home. (888) 793-6503 www.CentralTr uckDr

Experienced Pruners for Shrub Crew Positions are fulltime, year-round. Bi-Weekly Pay. Production and Safety Incentives can b e e a r n e d d a i l y fo r good performance. Up to $120/day Potential. Group Medical and Vo l u n t a r y D e n t a l Ava i l a bl e . R e q u i r e ments: * Must have Vehicle and Valid drivers’ license. * Able to lift 50lbs on a regular basis. Email exper ience to or call 800684-8733 ext. 3434

Looking for a fun summer job with great perks?

Come work for Oki Golf at any of our beautiful golf courses located in the Puget Sound area! Visit our website at No experience required. Please email resume to

2 SIDE BY SIDE PLOTS at Washington Memorial Cemetery Park, SeaTac Section 18, block 168, lot B, plots 3 and 4. Retails $4000 each. Asking $2500 each. Private seller, Call Richard for details today at 541-7529980. 2 s i d e by s i d e p l o t s, Bonney Watson Washington Memorial Park in Seatac. In near ly full Lakeside garden. Section 17, block 41, lot C, spaces 3 & 4. Asking $4,200 for both. Valued at $3,600 each. Seller to pay transfer fees. Call Ann (253)735-9497

2 SIDE BY SIDE PLOTS located in nearly soldout Garden of Good Shepherd, Section 12. Fe a t u r e s i m m a c u l a t e grounds and attentive staff in the well cared for Bonney Watson Memorial Park. Valued at $4795 ea. Asking $2500 ea OR b o t h fo r $ 4 5 0 0 . C a l l John 253-859-2448. (4) CEMETERY Plots Side by Side, Azalea S e c t i o n , G r e e n wo o d Memorial, Renton. Half Price at $16,000. Owners are alive and have relocated permanently to another State. Transferable. Call K. Harrison at 425-677-5688. Antiques & Collectibles

stuff Cemetery Plots

SUNSET HILLS Memorial Park in Bellevue, WA. Garden of Assurance. 2 adjacent plots, last 2 available in LDS section. Lovely view facing SW t o w a r d B e l l ev u e a n d Seattle. Worth $24,000 each, we will sell for $15,000 each or $25,000 for both. (425)457-0559

IN YOUR AREA Call Today 1-253-872-6610

Cemetery Plots

3 SIDE BY SIDE PLOTS in the nearly sold-out Garden of Good Shepherd. Desirable Bonney Watson Memorial Park. Section 12, block 67, lot C, plots 2, 3 & 4. Valued at $4795 ea. Asking $2500 ea OR all 3 for $7000. Call John 253859-2448.

4PREMIUM PLOTS SxS asking $2000 each, valued at $3,995 each. Desirable Garden of Light location at BonneyWatson Washington Mem o r i a l Pa r k , S e a Ta c . Section 20, row A, block 4, lot C, spaces 1-4. Call Donna at 360-757-6540. Antiques & Collectibles

Ja p a nian e s e shadow l a m p : $box 75. Victor Victor ian shadow box frame $125. 206-623frame $28. 206-6233912. 3912.

KILL BED BUGS! Buy Harr is Bed Bug killer C o m p l e t e Tr e a t m e n t Program/Kit. Harris Mattress Covers add Extra Protection! Available: ACE Hardware. Buy Online:

Need extra cash? Place your classified ad today! D i s h N e t w o r k – G e t Call 1-800-388-2527 or MORE for LESS! Start- Go online 24 hours a day ing $19.99/month (for 12 months.) PLUS Bundle & SAVE (Fast Internet K I L L ROAC H E S ! B u y for $15 more/month.) Harr is Roach Tablets. Eliminate Bugs-Guaran800-278-1401 teed. No Mess, OdorDISH TV Star ting at less, Long Lasting. $ 1 9 . 9 9 / m o n t h ( fo r 1 2 Available at Ace Hardmos.) SAVE! Regular ware & The Home Depot Price $32.99 Call Today and Ask About FREE KILL SCORPIONS! Buy SAME DAY Installation! Harris Scorpion Spray. Indoor/Outdoor, OdorCALL Now! less, Non-Staining. Ef855.571.8115 fective results begin afGet CABLE TV, INTER- t e r s p r a y d r i e s . N E T & P H O N E w i t h Ava i l a bl e : T h e H o m e F R E E H D E q u i p m e n t Depot,, and install for under $3 a ACE Hardware day! Call Now!  855-752P r o t e c t Yo u r H o m e 8550 ADT Authorized Dealer: Get The Big Deal from B u r g l a r y, F i r e , a n d D i r e c T V ! A c t N o w - Emergency Aler ts 24 $ 1 9 . 9 9 / m o . F r e e 3 - hours a day, 7 days a Months of HBO, starz, week! CALL TODAY, INS H OW T I M E & C I N E - S TA L L E D T O M O R M A X . F R E E G E N I E ROW! 888-858-9457 (MHD/DVR Upgrade! 2014 F 9am-9pm ET) NFL Sunday Ticket Included with Select Packages. New Customers Only. IV Support Holdings LLC- An authorized DirecTV Dealer. Some exclusions apply - Call for details 1-800-8974169 Electronics

Need extra cash? Place your classified ad today! Call 1-800-388-2527 or Go online 24 hours a day

pets/animals Cats

PIXIE BOBS - TICA Registration possible. Playful, lots of fun! Hypo-allergenic, shor t hair, some polydactyl, shor t tails, very loving and loyal. Box trained. Excellent markings. All shots and wormed. Guaranteed! Taking deposits now! Ready for Forever Homes in June/ July. Prices starting at Mail Order $350. Call for appointment: 425-235-3193 Acorn Stairlifts. The AF(Renton) FORDABLE solution to your stairs! **Limited Dogs t i m e - $ 2 5 0 O f f Yo u r Stairlift Purchase!** B u y D i r e c t & S AV E . AKC Poodle Puppies Please call 1-800-304Teacups 3 Males 4489 for FREE DVD and Black/Red Phantoms, brochure. 1 Male Brown/White Canada Drug Center is Parti, 1 Tiny Toy your choice for safe and Male Brown & White. affordable medications. Full of Love and KissOur licensed Canadian es. Reserve your puff mail order pharmacy will of love. provide you with savings 360-249-3612 of up to 90% on all your medication needs. Call AKC Purebred German today 1-800-418-8975, Rottweiler Puppies with for $10.00 off your first Papers. Huge and great p r e s c r i p t i o n a n d f r e e with kids. Chips, first shipping. s h o t s, d ew c l aw s r e Got Knee Pain? Back moved, tails docked and Pain? Shoulder Pain? dewor med. Ready for G e t a p a i n - r e l i ev i n g l o v i n g h o m e s . $ 8 0 0 . brace -little or NO cost Lake Stevens. 425-280t o yo u . M e d i c a r e Pa - 2662. tients Call Health Hotline A K C R E G I S T E R E D Now! 1- 800-900-5406 Golden Retriever pupMedical Guardian - Top- pies, available now. Exrated medical alarm and cellent bloodlines. Dew 24/7 medical alert moni- claws removed. Shots toring. For a limited time, a n d w o r m e d . V e t get free equipment, no checked. Mom and dad activation fees, no com- onsite. Located in Arlingmitment, a 2nd water- ton. $850. 360-435-4207 proof alert button for free and more - only $29.95 per month. 800-6172809 V I AG R A a n d C I A L I S USERS! 50 Pills SPECIAL - $99.00. FREE Shipping! 100% guaran- AKC Standard Poodle teed. CALL NOW! 855- Puppies. Parents ge409-4132 netically tested, good l i n e s, gr e a t t e m p e ra VIAGRA - Pfizer brand! - m e n t . 2 y e a r h e a l t h Lowest Price from USA guaranteed & up to date Pharmacies. No doctor on shots. visit needed!   Discreet H o m e D e l i ve r y.   C a l l or call 509-582-6027 855-684-5241

flea market

A N T I QU E S G A L O R E ! SIDE TABLE. American Early 19th century, cherry. Reeded twist form, and turned knobs $350. Appraised $900. DINING C H A I R S. 6 A m e r i c a n Mahogany ladder back, English tyle. 1 is an Arm chair. First half 20th centur y. $850. Appraised $1500. DINING TABLE. Gate leg. American, cherr y, 2 drop leaves, squared legs. Early 19th c e n t u r y. $ 7 5 0 . A p praised $1200. JENNY LIND BED. 3/4 size, Mah o g a n y. H e a d / f o o t boards- horizontal / vertical turned dowels. Iron springs. Circa 1920. $350. Appraised $650. CORNER CUPBOARD. A m e r i c a n , Po p l a r. Upper case with ogee molding at the crest, fitted with 2 shelves with p o r r i n g e r ex t e n s i o n s. Lower case- single plain shelf. Plain panel doors and on scrolled bracket feet. Late 18 th century. $2300. Appraised $3500. COMB-BACK ROCKING CHAIR, American Windsor. 19 th c e n t u r y. $ 3 5 0 . A p p ra i s e d : $ 9 0 0 . O P E N ARM CHAIR. Georgianstyle mahogany framed with cabriole legs with raised bands. Red diamond fabric. Early 20 th C. Appraised $600; aski n g $ 3 5 0 . WA L N U T CHEST. American, with beveled marble-top & 3 graduated drawers. Circa 1870. $950. Appraised $1250. CUT G L A S S V I C TO R I A N LAMP $195. 206-6233912.

Miscellaneous Dogs

ALLERGY COMPANION Golden Doodle puppies Ideal non-shed friend for those w/allegies. Gentle, affectionate this breed proves successful as a guide, service, therapy, sniffer and agility type dogs. Prices starting at $800 Call 360-652-7148. CAIRN TERROR, 16 month old male, beautiful dark brindle, AKC, house trained, puppy schooled, current vaccinations. Angus needs a home with a fenced yard and no other pets. Great family dog. Loving, loyal & loves to romp. Sadly unable to keep in our present situation. $600 (360)400-3154

MINI Australian shepherd Purebred Puppy’s, r a i s e d w i t h f a m i l y, smart, loving. 1st shots, wor med. Many colors. $550 & up. 360-2613354


Garage/Moving Sales General

transportation Automobiles Classics & Collectibles

1964 VW FOR SALE New AM/FM radio installed with new speakers. Excellent body condition. New front seat belts installed. New tires installed. Has owner’s manual in vehicle. Contact 206west206@fron with best offer. Owner will accept only cer tified check. Owner reserves right to refuse any low bid offers.

WEST SEATTLE COMMUNITY GARAGE SALE DAY Saturday, May 9th, 9 am-3 pm. Come to Seattle’s largest neighborhood to shop hundreds of sales, big and small, during West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day . We’ll have a printable map/list available for you - and a clickable map to browse Automobiles - starting a week ahead Others of time at A U T O I N S U R A N C E S TA R T I N G AT $ 2 5 / MONTH! Call 877-929Think Inside the Box 9397

Advertise in your local community newspaper and on the web with just one phone call. Call 800-388-2527 for more information.

1.25 million readers make us a member of the largest suburban newspapers in Western Washington. Call us today to advertise. 800-388-2527

id yo


garage sales - WA

I WOULD LIKE TO BUY YO U R O L D E R JA PA NESE DIESEL Tractor 4WD with loader i.e. Kubota, Yanmar, Mitsubishi. Call Dan, pr ivate cash buyer at 360-3041199. Vehicles Wanted

CASH FOR CARS! Any Make, Model or Year. We Pay MORE! Running or Not. Sell Your Car or Tr u c k T O D AY. F r e e Towing! Instant Offer: 1-888-545-8647

DIVORCE $155. $175 with children. No court appearances. Complete p r e p a ra t i o n . I n c l u d e s custody, support, proper ty division and bills. B B B m e m b e r . (503) 772-5295. www.paralegalalter

A & E Concrete

Make a splash, reach new customers today!

Driveways, patios, steps, & decorative stamp. Foundations, repair & waterproofing. Clearing and hauling. 30 years experience. (425)299-8257 Lic/bonded/insured. alaneec938dn

Home Services Hauling & Cleanup


SOUND classifieds SOUNDCLASSIFIEDS.COM 1.800.388.2527

? r a e uh

When it comes to employment,

has it all… the latest job openings, educational opportunities and more.


Professional Services Legal Services

Home Services Concrete Contractors

Sound Classifieds

Garage/Moving Sales King County

GIANT OLYMPUS, 45 PLUS HOMES, NEIGHBORHOOD SALE! Maps available! Saturday, May 9 th from 9 am - 4 pm. Coal Creek Parkway at SE 84th Way.


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

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Pickup Trucks Dodge

SOUND classifieds

In Print & Online!

visit • call toll free 1-800-388-2527 email


Locally/Veteran owned & operated. Telephone Estimates, Ray Foley, 425-844-2509 Licensed & Insured


We remove/recycle: Junk/wood/yard/etc. Fast Service 25 yrs Experience, Reasonable rates

Call Reliable Michael


Home Services Property Maintenance

Home Services

Home Services Landscape Services

TIME FOR SPRING CLEANING ETHICAL ENTERPRISES Family Owned 30+ Years Exp. Customer Oriented Residential & Comm. Call Cheryl / Bob 206-226-7283 425-770-3686 Lic.-Bonded-Ins.


House/Cleaning Service

Find your perfect pet in the Classifieds.

Home Services Landscape Services


* Cleanup * Trim * Weed * Prune * Sod * Seed * Bark * Rockery * Backhoe * Patios 425-226-3911 206-722-2043

$10 off Lawn Mowing for 1st Time Customers

$50 off Full Cleanup Mowing, Thatching & Weeding Blackberry Removal, Gutter & Roof Cleaning

AND MUCH MORE. Check us out Online



Satisfaction Guaranteed LOWEST PRICE Free Estimates Senior Discount Lic/Bonded/Insured CALL JOSE 206-250-9073



DTree Service DHauling DWeeding DPruning DHedge Trim DFence DConcrete DBark DNew Sod & Seed DAerating & Thatching DRemodeling Kitchen & Bath & Painting

Senior Discount FREE ESTIMATE

206-387-6100 Lic#HIMARML924JB

Kwon’s Gardening & Landscaping

All Things Basementy! Basement Systems Inc. Call us for all of your basement needs! Waterproofing, Finishing, Structural Repairs, Humidity and Mold Control F R E E E S T I M AT E S !  Call 1-800-998-5574

Always Low $$ Over 25 Years Exp. * Clean Up * *Hedge * Prune * Mow* Free Estimates


find what you need 24 hours a day


Home Services Lawn/Garden Service

Henning Gardening Plant, Prune, Weed, Bark, Mow and Remove Debris. Call Now. Geoff 206-854-1794 LICENSED. INSURED.

Reach thousands of readers by advertising your service in the Service Directory of the Classifieds. Get 4 weeks of advertising in your local community newspapers and on the web for one low price. Call: 1-800-388-2527 Go online:

or Email: classified@

Home Services Roofing/Siding

CONSTRUCTION & ROOFING • All Types of Roofing • Aluminum Gutters • Home Repairs • Leaks Repaired • Free Estimates Cell

206-713-2140 Office 206-783-3639 Small Jobs & Home Repairs Lic# Bestwc*137lw


Whether you’re buying or selling, the Classifieds has it all. From automobiles and employment to real estate and household goods, you’ll find everything you need 24 hours a day at

Home Services Tree/Shrub Care

DICK’S CHIPPING SERVICE Stump Grinding 20 Yrs Experience Insured - DICKSC044LF

425-743-9640 TREE SERVICE Tree Trimming & Pruning. Medium size Removal. Stump Grinding.



Satisfaction Guaranteed LOWEST PRICE Free Estimates Senior Discount Lic/Bonded/Insured CALL 206-941-2943

We are community & daily newspapers in these Western Washington Locations: • King County • Kitsap County • Clallam County • Jefferson County • Okanogan County • Pierce County • Island County • San Juan County • Snohomish County • Whatcom County • Grays Harbor County Sound Publishing is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE) and strongly supports diversity in the workplace. We offer a great work environment with opportunity for advancement along with a competitive benefits package including health insurance, paid time off (vacation, sick, and holidays), and 401k.

Accepting resumes at: or by mail to: 19426 68th Avenue S, Kent, WA 98032 ATTN: HR Please state which position and geographic area you are applying for.

Sales Positions

• Multi Media Advertising Sales Consultants - Bellevue - Everett - Renton - Whidbey Island • Social Media Producer - Everett

Reporters & Editorial

• Reporters - Bellevue - Friday Harbor • Editor - Port Orchard

Non-Sales Positions • Creative Artist - Everett

Production/Labor • General Worker - Press - Everett


• Circulation Manager - Everett

Featured Position

Current Employment Opportunities at SOCIAL MEDIA PRODUCER (Everett, WA)

The Daily Herald, a division of Sound Publishing Inc., is seeking a Social Media Producer to take our social media efforts to the next level and help grow our digital audience in Snohomish County, Washington. The ideal candidate is knowledgeable and passionate about social media, with professional experience on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, preferably for a media website. You need journalism experience, excellent writing skills and strong news judgment. If you’re the right candidate, you know how to optimize a Web headline for SEO and social engagement, and you know how to use analytics to influence your decisions. You’ll be part of our newsroom team, collaborating with reporters and editors to maximize the reach of our content. You’ll also collaborate with other departments on company initiatives to promote The Herald and its various products and grow our overall audience. Responsibilities: • Lead day-to-day efforts on The Herald’s growing portfolio of with staff writers or blogging and aggregating on your own. social channels. • Track success through engagement rates, growth statistics and • Help our writers and editors package stories for social channels other metrics. and audiences. • Participate in live coverage of news events using social tools. • Set best practices and tone of voice for The Herald’s social channels. • Integrate with Herald marketing and audience development • Monitor trending topics and act on that information by communicating teams to help with broader company aims in social media. Desired skills and experience: • 3-5 years of professional experience in journalism-related social media. Proven track record running social for media outlets or brands preferred. The ability to exercise sound judgment is an absolute must. • Extensive knowledge of mainstream and emerging social channels. • Ability to track your own success and justify decisions with numbers.

• Familiarity with Snohomish County and the Puget Sound area. • Experience with SEO/SEM, paid social advertising, or email marketing a plus. • Experience using professional Web publishing tools, photo editing and video editing a plus.

We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package including health insurance, paid time off (vacation, sick, and holidays), and 401K (currently with an employer match). To apply, please send a cover letter, resume and examples of your work to, ATTN: SMP Sound Publishing is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE) and strongly supports diversity in the workplace. Check out our website to find out more about us!

For a list of our most current job openings and to learn more about us visit our website:

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Mom’s day

Mother’s ther’s Day Day Sunday Sunday, M May 10

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Prices valid through Sunday, May 10, 2015 4/30/15 1:50 PM

Page 24 | Wednesday, May 6, 2015



COLDWELL BANKER BAIN MERCER ISLAND OFFICE | 7808 SE 28th Street #128, Mercer Island |


To see every home that is for sale in Western Washington go to

Washington Park


Gated estate sited privately off coveted McGilvra Blvd. This 2012 Classic Revival home offers the perfect blend of tradition w/all of the amenities for today’s lifestyles. 5BR/7.75BA. #768638 Julie Green 206-230-5388

◆ Mukilteo


Golfer’s Dream! The most beautiful penthouse in Mukilteo. 2-story condo, 3BR+Loft. Located in the heart of Boeing Community, Views of Puget Sound & Olympic Mountains. Gym & Clubhouse. #775742 Shelly Zhou 425-802-5667

MI New List!




Sunlight reflects off of the waters that front this special island home. Rare 210 ft steel dock for your boat and pier fishing which is shared by only one neighbor #455424

Keith McKinney 206-230-5380

Doug Shih 206-230-5364

West Mercer


Stunning Black and Caldwell, custom designed for the original owner. Time to add your inspiration to transform this stately lady into her new glory. #757462 Hedy Joyce 206-406-7275

Forest Ridge


Opportunity knocks! Spectacular 180 degree Lake view home with deeded 5’ waterfront easement. 3BR/2.5BA, 12,000+sf lot. Remodel or rebuild your dream home! #769627 Michele Schuler 206-992-2013 Anastasia Miles 425-260-5881

Highly sought after nbrhd! Lovely, light and bright 2950sf home with HUGE private deck on greenbelt. 4 large Brs & roomy 3/4 bath allows main fl den/office to be used as guest suite. #769682

Float Your Boat



...or lay by the pool and watch the Seahawks arrive to work in heirs. This waterfront condo is adjacent to the VMAC and enjoys all the benefits of lakeside living. 2BR/1.7BA, 28’ slip. #769391 Peggy Watkins 206-230-5444

Whidbey Island $2,250,000

Seven Distinctive, 1800sf contemporary 4 level Townhouse units w/Seattle, Elliott Bay & territorial views from roof top decks & covered basement level prkg #756387

Heidi Klansnic 425-830-4199 Koleen Cook 425-233-5500


Lovely Seabeck rambler in excellent condition. Kitchen features granite counters and stainless appliances. Tiered media room for movies or the big game! 3BR/2BA #725432 James R. Shute 206-230-5421

Beautiful Views


Every room has a view. Light& bright open flr plan. 2BRs + flex (guest/office) rm upstairs. Lg rec rm & full bth downstairs. Expansive deck for boat watching. Luxury at its best. #770624 Pam Richmond 206-265-9114 Natalie Malin 206-790-1778







Your year round recreation oasis waits! Enjoy endless summer & winter fun at this pristine Crystal River Ranch property! 1/2 ac+ this flat, corner lot is close to playground & clubhouse #770312 Carrie Simmons 206-679-7093 Keith McKinney 206-230-5380

Don Samuelson 206-230-5435



Wake up to the light dancing off of the lake & the Olympic mtns framing the Seattle skyline. Designed to take advantage of the views w/3 remodeled levels. #699431 Greg Rosenwald 206-230-5445



Keith McKinney 206-230-5380

◆ Auburn

◆ Judkins


What a find! Cute and clean 2 bedroom home with 1,680 square feet in Star Lake community of Auburn. Great starter home that’s light and bright with open floor plan. New Carpets! #773820 Heidi Melrose 425-802-8358

Attn Builders


Light & Bright! Large private balcony offers room to relax! Expansive roof top deck with panoramic sweeping views! Secure parking, storage. Transit to everything! #774016 Barbara Bro 206-459-8411

Move Right In!


Sited for privacy near coveted Groveland Beach, this exquisite Craftsman boasts a grand two-story entry w/gracious staircase. 5BR/3.5BA, 3970sf. #760570 Julie Green 206-230-5388

◆ New List!


Ideally located in Lakeview Highlands, this Ralph Anderson designed hm is remodeled to perfection! Ideal layout feat a circular floor plan w/floor-ceiling windows. #775183 Paula Holtzclaw 206-708-4721

Capitol Hill


3 adjacent lots totaling 15000sqft. Build your dream home or 2 townhomes. Lake Union & Queen Anne views, walk to city center, Broadway & more. Amazing location! #678887 Patricia Temkin 206-579-5073



Private drive ends at this cozy 3BR/2.5BA home, master on main. Spacious living areas, open kitchen and large rear deck and patio with a fully fenced backyard. #494945 James R. Shute 206-230-5421


Dream House LAND FOR SALE, .363 Acre Located on West Side of East Mercer Way. Grab Your Builder & Your Ideas For Your New Home, May Be Winter Peak Views, Depending on Your Plans. #775221 Galen Hubert 206-778-9787

You will love this beautiful and well-kept Bremerton home! Huge kitchen w/ beautiful hardwoods and breakfast nook. Free standing wood stove in living/dining area. #717093 James R. Shute 206-230-5421

This cozy 3571sf JayMarc home offers 5 bedrooms and 4.25 baths, casual dining, tech room, contemporary fireplace & mantel in spacious great room. #753946

Beautifully crafted in award-winning waterfront community. Ideal floor plan:2 mstr suites w luxurious baths (1 on main), den/3rd BR, and loft w sweeping water views. #771008 8 Cathy Humphries 206-300-6142

Distinctive Live+Work, 1BR+Bonus+Work Space, 2 1/4BA Townhome. Built Green. Rooftop deck. Multiple townhomes available, call for details! #671103

Build Here


New Construction $2,199,990


Lot For Sale on SW End of Street of Established Homes w/Greenbelt to the West. Beautiful, Natural Setting As Lot Extends From North to South, Stream Runs Through South End of Lot. #775235 Galen Hubert 206-778-9787

New on Market

Virtual Tours

Previews International

Stop by our COLDWELL BANKER BAIN Mercer Island office for a Hot Sheet of New Listings, Sunday Open Houses or Sold Properties in your neighborhood!

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Mercer Island Reporter, May 06, 2015  

May 06, 2015 edition of the Mercer Island Reporter

Mercer Island Reporter, May 06, 2015  

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