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Real Estate in the 

San Juan Islands April 2015

Published the third Wednesday of each month by the Journal of the San Juan Islands, Islands’ Sounder and Islands’ Weekly

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Views from Timber Frame

Stunning Waterfront

Beautifully crafted Timber frame home on 5 acres, with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths. Open floor plan with a lovely kitchen and living spaces that open to large decks and water views! Lower level has separate entrance to an apartment, garage, plus shop space. Great value and seller financing.

A west-facing waterfront home surrounded by a lush, beautifully landscaped 5-acre park. Magnificent views. Designed by architect William Trogdon, FAIA. Only 5 minutes from Eastsound. Dramatic vaulted skylighted ceiling in the 2242 sf main house and 2 BR/2 Ba guest house. Waterfront access, 2 permitted buoys.



Brent Ramenofsky Kathryn Sherman photo

MLS# 617131

Harvey Olsan

Lisa Botiller

Mary Clure

Locally Owned and Operated

MLS# 474659

Victoria Shaner

Asya Eberle

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PO Box 171 Eastsound, WA 98245 360.376.2145 www.orcasislandrealty.com

Tranquil Water Views

Big Marine Views

Main Street Building

Golf Course Views

Serene & private location with water views close to Eastsound Village. Exquisitely crafted 3 bed/2.5 ba home & roomy guest house on 3+ ac. Views over Judd Cove & East Sound. Beautifully designed, finely crafted, simply lovely. Garage & carport. Established gardens throughout the grounds.

Private location w/ big marine views to the Peapod Rocks from 10 acres, 2 lots, pond & areas for gardening. Well built, 3841 sq.ft. home. Alder floors & cabinets, open plan kitchen with bar, 2 walk-in pantries. Main floor master with double closets & vanities, private suite upstairs, attached 2+ car garage. 2 Doe Bay Water memberships.

Beautifully constructed Main St. commercial building could easily be converted to residential. Located in Eastsound on 2 lots near Madrona Point & Crescent Beach. Currently housing an Internet-based tech company might be altered to create a perfect residence or Inn.

Enjoy west facing views across greens and pond to preserved Turtleback Mountain . Lot 1 slopes gently to the southwest across the fairway from the Club House. Conveniently located between Eastsound Village & the Orcas Landing. Water hookup available. Seller financing available.





Brent Ramenofsky

MLS# 688388

Harvey Olsan

MLS# 742973

Lisa Botiller

Mary Clure

MLS# 666727

Victoria Shaner

MLS# 682767

Asya Eberle

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Residential and Commercial Architecture P.O. Box 995, Eastsound, WA



Cherry Blossoms.

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The Knowledge You Need To Make the Right Move

Find more great properties on www.twilliamsrealty.com.

Magical Setting, Exceptional Property, Rare B&B Opportunity Stop dreaming! You can live on Orcas Island and enjoy a steady, reliable income. Offering profitable Otters Pond Bed and Breakfast near Moran State Park as a home and turn-key business featuring five guest rooms, each with private bath, a three-bedroom owner’s residence, and all furnishings, amenities and equipment needed to run this successful inn. You will appreciate the natural beauty of this impeccably maintained 4.1-acre property, on two parcels, situated amid lush gardens on a large natural pond and protected wetland teeming with abundant wildlife. #566788 $1,150,000

Call Teri Williams at 360-376-8374. www.otterspondbandbforsale.com

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MARCH REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS Decatur Island March 6 L. Wylie Johnson of Burlington sold land only to Ross Wylie Johnson, Trustee of the Wylie Johnson Trust for $108,900

Lopez Island March 3 Colin Doherty and Brenna Nies of Lopez sold land and a building, 441 Sweetbrier Lane, to Louise Acheson of Cleveland, OH for $163,387

March 5 William and Carolyn McGowan of Lopez Island sold land and buildings, 3523 Mud Bay Road, to Steven and Deborah Hainsworth of Seattle for $468,000 Scott and Susan Jennings of Twisp sold land and a building, 151 Richwood Lane, to Lazy L Recreation LLC of Seattle for $360,000

March 19 Patricia Blair of Seaview sold land only to Marc Haugen and Jilly Goldring, trustees of the HaugenGoldring Family Revocable Trust of Hillsborough, CA for $161,000

Orcas Island March 2 Dan and Kathleen Tryfter, trustees of the Tryfter Revocable Trust of Goodyear, AZ, sold land only, 380 Raccoon Point, to Alan and Kitrina Bryant Revocable Trust of Evergreen, CO for $100,000

March 3 James and Holly Richardson of Issaquah sold land and a build-

ing, 265 Miguel Lane, to James Blewett and Jennifer Wallace, Trustees of the James R. Blewett Trust of Eastsound, for $555,000 Denise Thomasin Nunes of Eastsound sold land and a building, 2232 Enchanted Forest Road, to Alejandro Cordova and Danielle Clearwater of Boulder, CO for $360,000

March 4 Marian Gentry, Trustee of the Marian M. Gentry Revocable Trust of Lake Oswego, OR sold land and a building, 339 Glenwood Inn Road, to Blisshaven LLC of Lake Oswego, OR for $383,253

March 10 Betty Barats of Eastsound sold land and a building, 474 Rosario Road, to Michael Boero and Valerie Woodruff of Mohamet, IL for $320,000

March 13 Robert and Judith Spring of Eastsound sold land and a building, 50 Marilee Drive, to James Stephens and Antoinette Botsford for $332,000

March 16 William and Kelly Koral as joint tenants with right of survivorship sold land only, 35 Main Street, to Elizabeth Leroy of Mercer Island for $227,500

March 17 Edward Smith III, successor of Edward and Rose Smith Trust of Walnut Creek, CA sold land and a building, 350 North Beach, to Prune Alley LLC of Eastsound for $185,000 Wesley and Wilma Ray of Malone

* In case you missed February’s Transactions

sold land and a building, 61 Indralaya Road, to Grant Heitman for $249,000 Wells Fargo Bank of Frederick, MD sold land and a building, 1669 Day Lake Road, to David and Sue Robertson of Houston, TX for $400,000

March 18 Capital Income and Growth Fund LLC of San Jose, CA sold land and a building, 661 Buckhorn Road, to Griffin Berlin for $185,000

March 19 Island Storage of Eastsound sold land only, 16 Commercial Park to Orcas Island Storage of Olga for $2,150,000

March 20 Suzanne Witterholt Ramsey sold a condo, 67 Main Street, to Posemarie Altberg, trustee of the Rosemarie Altberg Revocable Trust for $150,000

March 25 Marilyn Parman of Eastsound sold land and a building, 63 Rosehip Road, to Richard Horton of Eastsound for $90,330

San Juan Island March 5 King and Pamela Finch of Friday Harbor sold land and a building, 570 Guard Street, to Timothy Jodkins for $222,700

and Charles Karpf as executor to the Estate of Charles and Tiffany Karpf of Friday Harbor sold land and a building, 560 Guard Street,

as to an undivided half interest, and San Juan Preservation Trust of Friday Harbor sold land only to San Juan Preservation Trust for $7,000

to Kelly Unger of Friday Harbor for $360,000

Josephe and Sandra Pond of Gig

March 9

Harbor sold land and a building, 476 De Haro Lane, to David and Rhonda Zygocki, trustees of the Zygocki Family Trust, for $2,250,000

March 24 George and Judith Farley of Friday Harbor sold land and a building, 64 Danger Rocks Road, to David Smith and Jane Well for $950,000

March 25

March 23

Gary Roberts of Friday Harbor sold land and a building, 540 Maple Street, to Jeffrey and Mary Catherine Johnston of Bellingham for $142,000

March 10

James Rigby, trustee for Douglas and Susan Hayes Bankruptcy Case of Bothell sold land and a building, 351 Davison Head, to Barnaby and Jan Zall of Rockville, MD for $885,000

Wells Fargo Banks, as trustee for Leham Mortgage Trust of Lewisville, TX sold land and a building, 539 White Point Road, to K. and E. Kucur of Friday Harbor for $478,800

Dona Owens, Trustee of the Todd Owens Trust of Friday Harbor sold land and a building, 81 Evans Way, to Real Trust IRA Alternatives of Chealan for $103,333

Greg Avery of Yountville, CA sold a vacant lot to Judy Taylor 50%, Lyndsey Taylor 25%, and Jordyn Taylor 25% of Friday Harbor for $612,500

David Robin Knight of Friday Harbor sold land only, 131 Garrison Drive, to Robert Lawrence-Moore of Freeland for $1,205,000

Lawson Ridge Development of

Friday Harbor sold land only to the San Juan County Land Bank for $1,325,000 Lawson Ridge Development of Friday Harbor sold land only to the San Juan Preservation Trust for $175,000

March 16 Norma Mason of Friday Harbor sold land and a building, 202 High Haro Drive, to Michelline Halliday as an undivided 65% interest, Benjamin Bama as an undivided 35% interest of Friday Harbor for $742,000 Denis Murphy-Goudie and Elizabeth Covert of Friday Harbor, as their separate estates sold land and a building, 352 Byron Road to Cy and Alyzyryean Seammell of Friday Harbor for $525,000

March 17

Kurt and Jennifer Willows of Gig Harbor sold land only, 25 Hillcrest Place, to Michael and Crystal Hainsworth of Seattle for $44,000

Federal Home Loan Motrtgage Corporation of Carrolton, TX sold land and a building, 45 Scenic Place, to Patrick Fox of Friday Harbor for $157,625

March 6

March 20

Joann Karpf as her separate estate,

Mert Meeker as his separate estate

Wild Roses.

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IRS section 1031 – tax deferred exchange Another positive sign of real estate market recovery for our County is an increase in buyers and sellers utilizing a 1031 exchange. During the recession when appreciation was non-existant there were no gains for buyers and sellers to defer. Many sellers decided to hold off and wait for more recovery. As a 1031 exchange is a handy tool for deferring income tax on the sale of real estate, I thought you might desire more details about the program. As typical for any IRS code, the description material tends to be dry so reading this article may function as a sleep aid as well. What is an IRS Section 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange? Quite simply, it allows you as the owner of investment property (almost all property that is not your personal residence or second home) to sell your property and buy another investment property, deferring the tax on your capital gains. You do not have to find someone to accept your property in trade for the one you buy. The steps for performing an exchange are not significantly different from those for completing a standard sale. You list the property, hopefully with me, and then market it for sale just like any other property. A Buyer is located and escrow is opened. An Intermediary is brought into the transaction prior to closing. Suitable replacement property is purchased and the exchange is concluded. When considering the sale of income or investment property, you as a seller must consider the taxation. When selling property you could owe federal and, in some areas, state capital gains tax. This could mean paying 15% to 40% in taxes on the gain. Instead of paying a large amount to the IRS in taxes you can use that money to buy more real estate. Property that qualifies for preferential tax treatment under Internal Revenue code section 1031 (IRC 1031) is treated quite differently. IRC Section 1031 states: "No gain or loss shall be recognized if property held for productive use in a trade or business or for investment purposes is exchanged solely for property of a like-kind". Investors do not have to exchange for exactly the same type of property as they relinquished. "Like-Kind" does not refer to the nature, character or type of property but just that it also be held for productive use or for investment purposes. Therefore, if using IRC section 1031, you can exchange raw land for a rental home, an apartment complex, or for a shopping center. The use of the property is the factor in determining the tax treatment. Provided the property is initially acquired and held for either business or investment purposes, it can qualify as a suitable replacement property. You must trade "equal or up" in equity and value to completely defer taxes. If you dispose of a property at one value and acquire another property at a lesser value, taxes are due on the difference. No cash can be received from the transaction (boot), whatever cash is received is taxable. In a 1031 exchange, receipt of cash cannot be offset with a larger debt.

You can dispose of property and have 180 days to acquire another property, the pressure of trying to structure simultaneous closings no longer exists. You are not required to find replacement property which can close the same day of the property being sold. The delayed exchange begins when you enter into a purchase contract. After the first closing, the exchange clock starts ticking. From the settlement date you have 45 days to identify replacement property. From the sale settlement date you have 180 days to actually acquire one or more of the identified properties. These regulations also require the use of a qualified intermediary in deferred exchanges. Use of a professional Intermediary with no other relationship to the exchangor provides you the mandatory "Safe Harbor" to perform a non-taxable sale. An Intermediary is substituted, into the contract to sell the property. In theory, the Intermediary becomes the seller but the sale is reported on the tax ID number of the Seller. This is perfectly legitimate under the Treasury guidelines written to clarify Internal Revenue Code Section 1031. The sale will not be delayed, the buyer will purchase the property for the same contracted price. But instead of paying taxes on the sale, you save 100% of the net equity available for purchasing a replacement property. When a replacement property has been found and an offer accepted, the Intermediary will again be substituted as the Buyer of the new property to complete the exchange. The intermediary will use the proceeds from the sale of the original property to purchase the replacement property. The intermediary holds your sale proceeds during the exchange period and you generally will earn interest on these funds. Further, the code procedure allows you to acquire investment real estate now, when an excellent investment may be available and to sell your property later, when a better price might be obtained, so long as this all happens within 180 days. This is called a reverse exchange. This procedure greatly expands your ability to take advantage of changes in the marketplace and to improve your investment position. The IRS allows the deduction of brokerage commissions from exchange proceeds as they reduce the amount of equity the tax payer realized. The IRS requires that only the net equity be transferred to the replacement property. If you are still reading, below is my standard disclosure: This material is intended to be informational and is not all inclusive; no effort has been made to summarize all of the requirements and issues that may be applicable to a particular situation. This material should be not used as a substitute for independent financial or legal advise. Please consult with your CPA or tax advisor. – Merri Ann Simonson – Managing Broker, Coldwell Banker San Juan Islands, Inc.

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New nature preserve for San Juan Island

The San Juan Preservation Trust and the San Juan County Land Bank are collaborating on an exciting land acquisition project on San Juan Island that, if successful, will become an extraordinary nature preserve accessible to all. Long valued by adventurous hikers willing to trespass to capture its stunning 360-degree views, this 141-acre ridgetop property had been subdivided into 12 view lots and listed for sale as “Lawson Ridge,” an exclusive residential development. A portion of this property drains into Trout Lake, the Town of Friday Harbor’s primary source of drinking water, and includes important native plant and animal habitat, lush wildflower meadows, miles of trails and easy road access to the summit and its spectacular panoramic views. On March 9, the San Juan Preservation Trust, a private nonprofit land trust, and the San Juan County Land Bank, an agency of San Juan County, made a $1 million down payment on the $3 million purchase. A $2 million sellerfinanced loan is secured by the land itself; should this conservation partnership default on this loan, the sellers would likely relist the lots for sale as private residential estates. The preservation trust will launch a community fundraising campaign on San Juan Island to raise the remaining funds needed to complete the purchase. “If we succeed, this could provide San Juan Island with the very first place where visitors with mobility restrictions can enjoy such sweeping vistas,” said Tim Seifert, executive director of the San Juan Preservation Trust. A sweeping view of the Salish Sea from Mount Grant. Robert Hare Stavers/ Contributed Photo “We all have friends or family that are elderly, or physically disabled, or that have young children unable to hike up to the few will be honored in the new preserve. If fundraising is successful, the “Mount Grant Preserve” will dramatic outlooks we have on this island. Imagine how much fun it would be to share this place be owned and managed by the Land Bank, and the Preservation Trust will hold a conservation with them.” easement that permanently protects its natural values and ensures public access. The Preservation “There is still a lot of fundraising to do, but it is very clear that the San Juan Island community Trust will launch "The Campaign to Save Mount Grant" in April. cares deeply about this place,” said Lincoln Bormann, director of the San Juan County Land Bank. "We will be casting a wide net and making it easy for everyone to participate," said Thor “Once you go up there and take in those views, you can understand why so many islanders have Hanson, come to us to ask for our help.” co-chair of the campaign. "Mount Grant has so much to offer, and we need our whole island Early San Juan Island maps identify this ridgeline as Mount Grant, and this historical name community to play a part in making it a reality."

Find the mortgage that fits your needs


PROFESSIONAL • ACCOUNTABLE • INNOVATIVE Available evenings & weekends to better serve you

Islanders Bank


25+ years experience • FREE CONSULTATIONS (800) 555-7968 | (360) 376-6414 tpollard@centurylink.net • www.tammypollard.com

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“Islanders helping Islanders since 1981” We take great pride in being the local bank providing our Island Communities financial products & services with an Islanders touch.

Tony Fyrqvist Bruce Martin NMSL# 619914 NMLS# 328045

Mike Taylor NMLS# 720611

Loreen Arnold NMLS# 619915


Terry Clem NMLS# 609762

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ALL ISLANDS Island Expertise Global Connections ORCAS ISLAND

Spectacular 3,259 sq ft waterfront home close to Roche Harbor. Unforgettable sunsets and breathtaking views. Seller is licensed broker.

“OUTLOOK” inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water. Situated on 5 acres with unobstructed views, a modern masterpiece.

This home has it all! 263 feet of waterfront, steps to private beach, boating buoy, gazebo, wine cellar, grotto, workshop, privacy galore.

MLS#220220 $2,395,000 Chita Miller

MLS#319255 $1,150,000 Roger Williams

MLS#751578 $1,558,000 Kathryn Bowes


4 acre lake view parcel with incredible knoll building site. Amenities include underground utilities and NEW WELL. Ready for your dream home.

Shaw Island waterfront home. 3+ bedrooms & 1.75 baths. Two 3 car garages. Neck Point Coves offers community moorage & seasonal pool.

Spectacular water view over San Juan Channel. 10 acre parcel is ideally located between Friday Harbor and Roche Harbor.

MLS#718036 $179,000 Roger Williams

MLS#557214 $1,495,000 Chris Spaulding

MLS#462453 $450,000 Chita Miller

Shaw Island home on 5 acres overlooking a forest to gorgeous sunsets. 4 bedrooms, fenced garden, heated greenhouse & community beach with mooring buoy.

Private wooded parcel. Close proximity to town of Friday Harbor. Adjacent to University of Washington acreage which will not be built upon.

Las Tres Vistas- Situated on.77 of an acre with 565’ of waterfront. 3 bedroom home offers a 270 degree of view. Deep water dock for yachts up to 60’.

MLS#756823 $550,000 Diana Clark

MLS#544324 $125,000 Chita Miller

MLS#760550 $1,750,000 Chris Spaulding


Download our mobile app to get FREE instant access to local homes from ANY cell phone Text SIR to 87778 Chita Miller chita@rockisland.com 360-378-2153

Chris Spaulding chris@sanjuans.com 360-378-8108

Diana Clark

Paul LeBaron

Tim Spaulding

diana@sanjuanchoice.com 360-317-8616

paul@sanjuans.com 360-378-7646

tim@sanjuans.com 360-317-4740

Kathryn Bowes kathryn@sanjuans.com 360-317-6337 Serving Orcas Island

Roger Williams roger@sanjuans.com 360-472-1000

Tom Street tom@tomwstreet.com 360-224-2755 Serving Whatcom County

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Residential Real Estate • Luxury Properties Land Development • Commercial & Investment

SYBiL MAGER 360 298 0627

TRAViS MAGER 360 298 0628



Don’t miss our ferry catalog deadline! If you’re thinking of selling your property

Call Us Now!

$1,960,000 Cameron Place on Shaw Island. 3 architectural gems on 2.7 gated acres. Colorful sunset views, 650+/- ft waterfront with garden, gazebo, tennis court and modern treehouse. MLS #585309

$1,695,000 One-of-a-kind Blind Bay property on Shaw! Private dock & moorage, 2 homes, 2 boat houses – too much to list! Manicured grounds and meticulously maintained homes. Enjoy the water and privacy. MLS #745286

$1,788,000 Shy 10 acre estate with

4200 sf lodge style home and stunnning panoramic waterviews, valley views, and mountain views. A true island retreat! MLS #551475

We helped our clients sell over $15 million in real estate in 2014...how can we help you in 2015?

Annie comes to our team as a well-grounded, observant individual with an innate sense of practicality and the ability to see the big picture. Her life growing up on the island, traveling the world, and earning a business degree has led her back to her roots with the desire to bring people together to facilitate the lifestyle the San Juan Islands offer.

$345,000 Amazing view lot minutes from town! Spectacular, birdseye view of the San Juan Channel. Incredible sunrises, watch the ferry and boats go by! MLS #715708

$1,950,000 Enjoy views of Haro Strait to

$965,000 Spacious, Move-in Ready Waterfront Home w/Mooring Buoy! 4800+ sf, 3 bed, 3 bath, den/office, exercise room, sunroom, with wonderful views, just minutes to town. MLS #736420

$149,000 2.5-3 acre parcels in 52ac Lake Edna Estates. Minutes from Friday Harbor & Roche Harbor. Lovely park-like setting on Lake Edna. Water, power and phone. Starting at $149,000.

Vancouver Island from this magnificent 6800+sf home on 3 acres. Orcas, eagles and sunsets! The idyllic San Juan Island property! MLS #629289


www.SanJuansRE.com • info@SanJuansRE.com 50 Spring Street, Friday Harbor, WA 98250

Greg King 360 298 0390 • Sybil Mager 360 298 0627 • Travis Mager 360 298 0628 • Annie Bryant 360 298 0649

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Waterfront Home w/Mooring Buoy! 4800+ sf home w/3 bd, wonderful views, mins to town. Granite countertops, hardwood floors, & a wonderful beach. ANNIE BRYANT

Mountaintop Waterview Home! 4200 sf, 3bd/4bth Craftsman on 10+ac in 2 tax parcels. Hardwoods, gourmet kitchen, 4000sf deck w/spa, outdoor kitchen. Park-like setting. ANNIE BRYANT

Amazing view lot minutes from town! Spectacular, birdseye views of San Juan Channel & San Juan Islands Archipelago. Enjoy paved road access and the convenience of town water hookup. ANNIE BRYANT







Sunny Strait & Mt. view home & studio, 2.7 park-like ac. 3bd/2.5bth quality home, fruit trees, garden shed & tree house. Walk to National Park trails & beach. SAMANTHA BRYNER

8+ ac W facing & overlooking Haro Strait & Canada. 2000+/- sq ft w/gourmet kit. (all Viking appliances) granite, wd flrs, bunk hs & 2+ bed/3 bath. SAMANTHA BRYNER

Sunny south-facing lot in desirable neighborhood close to town. ¾+ ac mossy knolls, firs. Unimproved. Beautiful building site. SAMANTHA BRYNER







Sunny Westside water view lot overlooking Straits & Olympic Mts. ½+ ac level land facing south. Community beach. 3 BR septic. SAMANTHA BRYNER

Very nice 2.81 ac of park-like property overlooking Lake Edna. Water, power, phone, septic & driveway installed. Easy owner terms. Great building site w/ lake view. SAMANTHA BRYNER

Sweeping water views & southern exposure! Pristine & manicured 4 acres. Fully fenced w/pond, septic & well, like-new barn w/ loft space. SAMANTHA BRYNER







In town 2BD/2BA condo with open living & dining area. Clean and ready to move in, this 1,115sqft condo is just steps to the ferry. BETTE CANTRELL

Super clean 2bd/2bth 1924 sq ft house & 1 bd 656 sq ft guest house on 1.38 ac in Gull Cove. Finished 2 car garage w bath, laundry room. Outbuildings wired for power. JOHN LACKEY

60.06 ac , 6 parcels, 8-11.8 ac each. Water, power, phone. Woods, meadows, pasture, rocky knolls, views. Truly unique estate property. Priced below assessed value. JOHN LACKEY





6 unit waterfront condo complex. New roof, decks, interior upgrades, furnishings, tile & flooring. Roche Harbor resort managed. JOHN LACKEY


Fabulous custom Westside home, “World Class” views, gorgeous interior finishes and exotic detailing. Lovely adjacent guest house offers more versatility. JOHN LACKEY


Unobstructed views of Spieden Channel boat traffic. Close to Roche Harbor amenities. Lg deck, hot tub, community beach. Vacation rental. JOHN LACKEY

Request the latest copy of Market Information from: • Vist our blog at www.fridayharborsji.com Deep Smarts, Biginfo@windermeresji.com Hearts, Remarkable Results

50 Street, Spring (360)378-3600 Street, (360)378-3600 or (800)262-3596 • www.windermeresji.com 50 Spring or (800)262-3596 • Open Everyday • www.windermeresji.com

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Sweet Craftsman 3 Bd home on acreage! Convenient yet private, with fenced gardens, fruit trees & outbuildings. Separate (rentable!) guest quarters. DENECE KOST

Picturesque Westside Waterfront Estate! Views of Haro Strait to Vancouver Isle. 6800+ sf home, indoor swimming pool, hot tub, saunas. 3 ac estate w/245+/- feet of waterfront. TRAVIS MAGER

Cameron Place on Shaw Island. 3 architectural gems on 2.7 gated acres. Colorful sunset views, 650+/- ft waterfront with garden, gazebo, tennis court and modern treehouse. GREG KING





Blind Bay Retreat on Shaw Island! 2 parcels, 2 homes, 2 boat houses, private dock & moorage! Manicured grounds, shop, garden, fruit trees, views of Blind Bay. One-of-a-kind property! GREG KING


High bank waterfront lot w/great views to Shaw & Orcas Isles. Approved septic design. Commun. beach. Quiet, private. 10 mins to Friday. Most affordable waterfront lot on San Juan Isle. MICHAEL LINEHAN


Vintage Friday Harbor home w/wonderful harbor views in one of Friday Harbor’s most desirable neighborhoods. 2bd/2bth, 3 decks, det. studio. PAT O’DAY

The Difference a Year Can Make Some points to consider: • The latest Freddie Mac Primary Mortgage Market Survey reports the 30-year fixed rate at 3.7%. • Freddie Mac's projection for Q2 2016 is that the rate will be 4.7% (a full percentage point higher) • The Home Price Expectation Survey predicts that home prices will appreciate by 4.4% during this same time The impact waiting a year to purchase your dream home can make on your monthly payment is significant. Contact a Windermere Real Estate professional today to discuss your options before the experts' predictions become reality!

Request the latest copy of Market Information from: • Vist our blog at www.fridayharborsji.com Deep Smarts, Biginfo@windermeresji.com Hearts, Remarkable Results

50 Street, Spring (360)378-3600 Street, (360)378-3600 or (800)262-3596 • www.windermeresji.com 50 Spring or (800)262-3596 • Open Everyday • www.windermeresji.com

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San Juan Islands, Inc.

Nancy Young Real Estate

(360) 317-1755


WATERFRONT ESTATE. On 50 acres with main house, caretakers house, guest house and barn. #339230 $1.662m

SUNNY AND LEVEL ACREAGE near town. Over 1.5 acres, with water , power, $129k and phone. #735782 NEW

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. Wildwood Manor B&B Victorian view home with guest house on 9+ acres. #741276 $1.475m REDUCED

CAPE COD HOME. 180° ocean and mountain views from this custom 3200 SF home w/beach access. #631285 $950k

ONE SPECIAL PROPERTY. This Westside waterfront offers views into Canada, the $595k Olympics, and Straits. #760917 REDUCED

WESTSIDE WATERFRONT on 1.8 acres with beach and buoy. Custom home, guest house, 2 lots! #496154 $1.395m

FANTASTIC VIEWS. Outer island & boating views. Large beam, stone/wood construction on 1.35± ac. #465794 $575k REDUCED

BEAUTIFUL HOME. On 5 private acres with access to ponds, trails and horse $449.9k barn. #555156 NEW

CHARMING 5-bedroom, 2 3/4 plus bath rambler style home located in the town $339.7k of Friday Harbor. #759961

NANCY YOUNG | 105 spring street | friday harbor | 360.317.1755 | www.buysanjuanrealestate.com

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Sunset over Falses Bay.

Steve E. Martin photo


360.317.8753 | www.sanjuanproperty.com

Exceptional Waterfront | #27985 $495k

Amazing Estate | #612544


Home on 10 Acres | #464324

In-Town Home | #635875



105 Spring Street | Friday Harbor | Washington 98250 | debras@sanjuanislands.com

Waterview Home | #388621

Waterview Property | #764258



San Juan Islands, Inc.

Charming Condo | #764350


Page 14 • Real Estate in the San Juans • April 2015

SAN JUAN ISLAND San Juan Islands, Inc.

merriann WATERFRONT COMPOUND offering 4173 sf, guest house, shop on 7.6 acres with 753 feet of $7m low bank frontage. #487230

HAND-HEWED LOG HOUSE. 2,000± sq ft home on 2.29 acres. Warm and spacious floor $359k plan & large deck. #717289


WATERFRONT HOME on Garrison Bay. 2 bedrooms, 1 bath with open floor plan on 1.47 $425k acres. #80263

WATERFRONT BUILDING LOT Great opportunity, south facing with no-bank sandy beach. #611427 $365k


HOME WITH HANGER. 2 bedrooms, den, 2 baths plus a Hangar with access to the Roche $415k Harbor airstrip. #610980


BRIDLE TRAILS LOT with paid Roche Harbor water system hook up. Lot offers 1.48 acres and $99k is nicely wooded. #739799

WATERFRONT CABIN close to town with 182 feet of frontage, terrific views, and gravel beach. #237376 $699k



MINERAL HEIGHTS LOT. Scenic views of San Juan Channel. One acre with 126-foot frontage. Driveway to possible building site. #608203 $350k


SHAW ISLAND WATERFRONT ESTATE with private dock. 2 bedrooms, guest house, with $1.51m stunning marine views. #763618


GARRISON BAY waterfront home. The one level home offers approx. 1712 sf with 3 bedrooms, 2 $679.5k full baths on .69 acres. #688912





BEST PRICED WATERFRONT HOME. Quality constructed Cape Cod style home features 2 BR, $565k 2 BA totaling 4.45 acres. #608904

www.sanjuanrealproperty.com | www.victoriatelford.com

ROCHE HARBOR RESORT LOT with water, power, sewer, and phone in the road. Resort $199k offers vacation rental pool. #513799

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HOME ON ACREAGE Secluded 23± acres adjacent to 450± acre town watershed, 3400± sf, 2 bed/2 bath main house with 2 living rooms & 2 kitchens, hot tub, decks, 320± sf guest house, large shop, and two ponds. #668667 $899,000

UNDEVELOPED LIGHT INDUSTRIAL Condo parcel with 4000± sf footprint (increase sf with 2nd story), paved road and all utilities – ready to build. Start paying off your building instead of someone else’s! #715710 $135,000

WEST SIDE WATERFRONT HOME 2040± sf, 2 bed/2 bath, 2 car garage, 1.57± acres & 210’+ waterfront (2 lots), magnificent views that include mountains, islands, sunsets, boats & whales, and a nice community beach up the road. #718911 $1,100,000

WATERFRONT HOME WITH PRIVATE DOCK Roche Harbor area with 320’± low-bank waterfront, a private dock with 88’ float, 3.3± acres (two tax parcels), 2800± sf home, 750± sf remodeled guest house, fenced pasture and outbuildings. #611193 $3,295,000

WATER VIEW HOME 4200± sf with 3 bedrooms, master bedroom w/His & Hers dressing rooms, large kitchen, decks on 3 levels, back-up generator, and views of the Straits & Olympic Mtns. #9797 $679,000

WATERFRONT ACREAGE DECATUR ISLAND 3± acres, 280’± of high bank beachfront, southeast exposure, power, telephone, road to the property line, and a well will be provided. Island amenities: public roads, airstrip. #448234 $335,000

HOME ON ACREAGE 3400± sf, 3 bedrooms, large kitchen, dining room, 2 office areas, a bonus room, and attached 2-car garage. On 2.4± acres bordering 25 acres of common area with small lake. #29043152 $595,000

WATER VIEW HOME Old English Country Cottage architecture on 32± acres (2 parcels) with stunning sw views to the Olympic Mountains. Includes: a 2200± sf, 3 bedroom/3.5 bath main home, a guest house, & outdoor pool. #513463 $1,950,000

WATERFRONT HOME AND GUEST HOUSE Designed by architect Tom Kundig and located on a spectacular SW shoreline with a 2844 ± sf main house, a 520± sf guest house on 3.8 ± acres & 250’ ± wf with whale watching, and stunning sunsets. #597251 $3,500,000

WATERFRONT HOME Updated with 3166± sf, 4 bed / 3 bath, detached 2-car garage with shop, direct access to community gravel beach, protected mooring buoy, 153’± low-bank waterfront, and expansive views across channel to Orcas Island. #453893 $925,000

WATERFRONT LOTS Two adjacent WF lots each with: 3/4± AC and 100’± WF, water hookup, partially cleared level ground, east facing, and good sun exposure. One lot has 4 bedroom septic permit. #462968 $375,000 & $385,000

WATERFRONT HOME Cobblestones, warehouse beams, and extensive masonry are the hallmarks of this beautifully appointed 3900± sf southfacing waterfront home with a private & protected deep water dock including a 65’± float near Roche. #553607 $2,995,000

WEST SIDE WATER VIEW HOME 10± acres, high end NW contemporary with 2200± sf, in-floor radiant heat, fireplace, granite counters, a 450± sf guest house w/ deck & water view, and walk to 150 acres of public waterfront. 29052901 $995,000

ROCHE HARBOR AIRSTRIP LOT Corner lot on Roche Harbor Airstrip. Direct paved access to 3,600’ paved runway (WA09). Lot is county approved for a 3 unit, 10,000 sf hangar complex with carriage house. #223389 $299,500

WATERFRONT HOME 1792± sf, 3 bed/2 bath, vaulted ceiling, a clear cedar deck, concrete pad for RV parking, 1.2± acres, 170’± medium-bank waterfront, and beautiful views. Located 3 lots away from a waterfront county park. #757536 $695,000

WATERFRONT HOME PEARL ISLAND SW-facing, 157’± waterfront with beach, 1200± sf cabin, guest quarters, small bunk house, shop, storage building, shared dock, power & water to dock, mooring ball, and close to Roche Harbor. #587750 $930,000

WATER VIEW HOME 3500± sf, 3 bed/4 bath; 800± sf in-law apartment, 2-car garage, comprised of 2 lots bordering a 1.6± acre common area w/ 295’± of no bank gravel beach w/buoy. If you like “out of the box”, check this out! #718768 $1,100,000

WEST SIDE WATERFRONT HOME Premier setting perched into a rocky bluff overlooking the Straits & Olympic Mtns, this 2100± sf, 2 bed/3 bath home features floor-to ceiling windows from which the whales can be closely observed. #670808 $895,000

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Linda McMahon

Call me for a free evaluation of your property in today’s market. 50 Spring Street, Office: (360)378-3600 or (800)262-3596 www.sanjuanlife.com • linda@sanjuanlife.com

San Juan Island

Mountainside Retreat

Mountain side house & guest house on 13 private acres. Sweeping North West views of the Canadian Gulf Islands and Speiden Channel. 2241 Sq ft two bedroom home. Master bedroom is on the upper level, main level has a bedroom 3/4 bath and a open living room, large sunny kitchen with bay window and deck great for outdoor barbecuing, with 960 sq ft unfinished basement. The guest house is 785 sq ft with deck includes a kitchen, living room area, bathroom, upstairs sleeping loft and a utility room. #756253 $575,000




Bank Approved Short Sale $950,000. Priced $96,000 below assessed value for quick sale. Secluded Waterfront on 10 acres. Spectacular views of Mt. Baker, Deer Harbor & ferries passing through San Juan Channel & Wasp Pass with exquisite sunrises. No expense spared on this beautiful architecturally designed 4,312 SF home.

5 acre parcel 2 cleared. Sunny building site great south facing sun for gardening with private well. With provisional work permit you can have a cottage industry with up to 6 employees with 5 business round trips per day, you can farm it, run livestock, put a manufactured home, weekend trailer or a stick built home on it. Power to the property line, partially forested.




Turn-key, this 2-bed/2bath home sits on the hill in a classic neighborhood of historic Roche Harbor Village. Custom design w/historic trim details & a designer interior features granite counters, custom cabinets, propane FP, forced-air propane furnace & heated tile floor in master bath Resort amenities available. #583341





3.64 acre parcel situated in the 52 acre Lake Edna Estates, 25 acres of common area for the residents including the use of the 3+ acre Lake Edna. Includes community water and a septic design and permit for 3 bedroom system. #142848


Westside Water View Acreage. The most incredible vistas on Mount Dallas. See the twinkling lights of Victoria and coast of Vancouver Island to Sydney B.C. View across the International waters and shipping lanes of Haro Straight. 1720 sq. ft. home open floor plan on 24.4 acres in 2 parcels. Close to Whale Watch Park and San Juan County Park (Boat Launch).


Stable tenancy with lease expiring 1/31/18 annual CPI. Street Frontage Nichols Walk Stand Alone Commercial Condominium with interest in common area. Close to the new Farmers Market “Brickworks”. Located in the core of Friday Harbor within walking distance to many town amenities and the Ferry Landing. This property has an excellent future. #620945






NOW INCLUDES TWO LOTS! Large waterfront home on west facing Fish Creek lot. Many updates including modern kitchen, bar, decks and windows. Well maintained with recent roof, furnace, water heater, etc. 2 master suites, 5 toilets, large rooms, great sun and views. Total Assessed value is $871,900. Concrete boat launch ramp. #625066



5 secluded acreage surrounded by forest and beautiful rocky knolls. Migratory birds enjoy the seclusion of the huge pond on the lower end of the property. Potential for a view of San Juan Channel and outer Islands. Property borders 76 acres of Land Bank Property. #574477

Unobstructed views of the Olympics, Straits, Victoria, whales and ship traffic. 3-bedroom home with gourmet kichen and views from every window. Huge attached shop, with RV parking. Over 4 acres of level grassy pasture, ideal for horses. Three-stall barn. Drought resistant landscaping with flagstone path.







See the lights of Victoria and coast of Vancouver Island to Sydney B.C. View the International waters and shipping lanes to Canada and Alaska. Beautifully constructed drive to the building site. Close to Whale Watch Park and San Juan County Park (Boat Launch). #674187



50x17.5 foot slip #24 at Capron’s Landing Warbass Way Marina. Views of Friday Harbor, Mt. Baker & boating activity.Duesincludeuseofwater,pump out facilities w/restrooms, shower & coin-operated laundry, washers/dryers. Power and phone available @ slip. In addition to a common 3-car short term parking area, 72 hr parking is available onstreetaswellaslongtermparking@ asharedlot@theendofHarrisonStreet. #568131







MAKE OFFER - MOTIVATED SELLER! 30x9.75 Ft slip #26 at Capron’s Landing Warbass Way Marina. Adjacent slip #27 available combined width 19.5ft wide. Dues include use of water, pump out facilities w/restrooms, showers & coin operated laundry pwr/ph. Common 3 car short term parking area, 72 hr parking is available on street as well long-term parking shared lot at the end of Harrison Street.Tenant pays monthly $100.00. #358993


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Real Estate in the San Juan Islands - April 2015  


Real Estate in the San Juan Islands - April 2015