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Inside What you’ll find, and where, in the Almanac Quick reference guide Tide tables Island civics On the ballet this year Voter info Index of services Neighborhoods and services Clubs and organizations Arts and culture Empowering kids through play Island inspirations Map of Bainbridge Island Island treasures Sports and recreation Parks What were we thinking? Bainbridge by the numbers Events Business and commerce Island schools Spirituality and faith

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Photo credit: Luciano Marano

Bainbridge Island Almanac is an annual publication of the Bainbridge Island Review and Sound Publishing

911 Hildebrand Lane NE, 202 Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 206-842-6613 | 206-842-5867 (fax)


ADMINISTRATION Publisher: Lori Maxim Office administrator: Nicole Clapp

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EDITORIAL Editor: Brian Kelly; Staff writers: Luciano Marano and Seraine Page

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ADVERTISING Advertising director: Donna Etchey; Marketing Representatives: Bainbridge Island: Marleen MartĂ­nez; North Kitsap: Mary Mollohan, Frank Portello and Annie LaValle CREATIVE TEAM Creative services manager: Bryon Kempf; Marketing artists: Vanessa Calverley, Mark Gillespie, John Rodriguez and Kelsey Thomas

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Quick Reference

Superior Court: 360-337-7140

Bainbridge Parks

Emergency Bainbridge Island Police Department Emergencies Only: 911 Business: 206-842-5211 Bainbridge Fire Department Emergencies only: 911 Business Mon-Fri 8 a.m.-5 p.m.: 206-842-7686

Bainbridge City Hall Bainbridge Island City Hall 206-780-8591

Courts Bainbridge Municipal Court 206-842-5641 Kitsap County Courthouse District Court: 360-337-7144

Bainbridge Island Metropolitan Park & Recreation District District Office: 206-842-2306 Aquatics Center: 206-842-2302 Senior Center: 206-842-1616

Bainbridge Public Library Bainbridge Island Public Library 206-842-4162

Bainbridge Schools - Public Bainbridge Island School District 206-842-4714 Bainbridge High School Main office: 206-842-2634 Attendance: 206-780-1256 Captain Johnston Blakely Elementary School 842-4752

Commodore Options School 206-780-1646 Ordway Elementary School 206-842-7637 Sonoji Sakai Intermediate School 206-780-6500 Captain Charles Wilkes Elementary School 206-842-4411 Woodward Middle School 206-842-4787

Bainbridge Schools - Private Bainbridge Cooperative Nursery School 206-842-4077 Bethany Lutheran Preschool 206-780-7752 Carden Country School 206-842-6510 First Years Children’s Center 206-842-6363

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Hazel Creek Montessori 206-780-1928

Voyager Montessori 206-780-5661

Hyla Middle School 206-842-5988

West Sound Academy 360-598-5954

Island Children’s Montessori School 206-842-8770 Island Cooperative Preschool 206-842-3013 The Island School 206-842-0400 Leaps and Bounds Montessori 206-842-0852


Saint Barnabas Day School 206-855-8969 Saint Cecilia Catholic School 206-842-2017

Taxis & Tours 206-842-7660 Kitsap Transit ACCESS & Dial-a-Ride: (800) 422-2877

Bainbridge Island Downtown Association 206-842-2982

Kitsap Transit Bus Service Carpool & Ride Share: (800) 501-7433 (RIDE)

Kitsap County Health District 360-337-5235 Virginia Mason-Winslow 206-842-5632 Harrison Bainbridge 206-855-7510 The Doctors Clinic 206-855- 7700

Montessori Country School 206-842-4966

Bainbridge Island Taxi 206-842-1021

Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce 206-842-3700

Medical Care

Madrona School 206-855-8041


Traffic Conditions Including ferries, Hood Canal Bridge and passes: 511 Washington State Ferries Fares & Schedules: (888) 808-7977

Utilities Puget Sound Energy (888) 225-5773

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1/17/14 3:18 PM

Dedicated Professionals Serving Generations of Islanders

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Tide tables for Eagle Harbor, Bainbridge Island from May to August 2015

MAY May 1

03:53 AM 10:35 AM 05:03 PM 10:33 PM

May 2

04:19 AM 11:02 AM 05:42 PM 11:12 PM

May 3

04:47 AM 11:30 AM 06:19 PM 11:50 PM

May 4

05:16 AM 12:02 PM 06:56 PM

May 5

12:29 AM 05:47 AM 12:36 PM 07:35 PM

May 6

01:10 AM 06:20 AM 01:15 PM 08:17 PM

May 7

01:54 AM 06:57 AM 01:56 PM 09:03 PM

May 8

02:44 AM 07:40 AM 02:41 PM 09:52 PM

May 9

03:40 AM 08:31 AM 03:31 PM 10:44 PM

May 10

04:45 AM 09:35 AM 04:26 PM 11:39 PM

May 11

05:57 AM 10:54 AM 05:26 PM

May 12

12:33 AM 07:07 AM 12:21 PM 06:32 PM

May 13

01:23 AM 08:06 AM 01:47 PM 07:39 PM

May 14

02:10 AM 08:56 AM 03:06 PM 08:43 PM

May 15

02:52 AM 09:42 AM 04:13 PM 09:43 PM

May 16

03:33 AM

10.6 H 1.4 L 9.6 H 4.6 L 10.6 H 0.7 L 10.1 H 5.0 L 10.6 H -0.1 L 10.5 H 5.4 L 10.5 H -0.7 L 10.9 H 5.8 L 10.4 H -1.2 L 11.2 H 6.1 L 10.3 H -1.5 L 11.3 H 6.4 L 10.0 H -1.5 L 11.4 H 6.5 L 9.7 H -1.3 L 11.4 H 6.5 L 9.2 H -0.8 L 11.3 H 6.3 L 8.7 H -0.1 L 11.3 H 5.7 L 8.2 H 0.8 L 11.4 H 4.6 L 8.1 H 1.7 L 11.5 H 3.2 L 8.4 H 2.6 L 11.7 H 1.7 L 9.1 H 3.3 L 11.8 H 0.2 L 10.0 H 4.0 L 11.9 H

10:24 AM 05:13 PM 10:39 PM

May 17

04:13 AM 11:06 AM 06:06 PM 11:32 PM

May 18

04:54 AM 11:47 AM 06:56 PM

May 19

12:25 AM 05:35 AM 12:29 PM 07:44 PM

May 20 01:18 AM 06:19 AM 01:11 PM 08:31 PM

May 21

02:12 AM 07:05 AM 01:54 PM 09:17 PM

May 22

03:10 AM 07:54 AM 02:38 PM 10:03 PM

May 23

04:12 AM 08:49 AM 03:24 PM 10:49 PM 05:21 AM

May 24 09:53 AM 04:13 PM 11:36 PM

May 25

06:29 AM 11:07 AM 05:06 PM

May 26

12:21 AM 07:29 AM 12:30 PM 06:06 PM

May 27 01:04 AM 08:16 AM 01:55 PM 07:10 PM

May 28

01:44 AM 08:53 AM 03:10 PM 08:13 PM

May 29

02:20 AM 09:25 AM 04:09 PM 09:10 PM

May 30 02:54 AM 09:55 AM 04:56 PM 10:00 PM

May 31

03:27 AM 10:26 AM 05:37 PM 10:46 PM

-1.0 L 10.7 H 4.7 L 11.8 H -1.9 L 11.3 H 5.2 L 11.6 H -2.4 L 11.7 H 5.7 L 11.2 H -2.5 L 11.9 H 6.0 L 10.7 H -2.3 L 11.9 H 6.2 L 10.0 H -1.7 L 11.8 H 6.2 L 9.3 H -0.9 L 11.6 H 6.0 L 8.5 H 0.1 L 11.3 H 5.7 L 7.8 H 1.2 L 11.1 H 5.0 L 7.3 H 2.4 L 10.9 H 4.2 L 7.2 H 3.5 L 10.8 H 3.3 L 7.4 H 4.4 L 10.7 H 2.3 L 8.0 H 5.1 L 10.6 H 1.4 L 8.8 H 5.7 L 10.6 H 0.5 L 9.5 H 6.1 L 10.6 H -0.4 L 10.2 H 6.4 L

JUNE June 1

04:00 AM 10:59 AM 06:13 PM 11:28 PM

June 2

04:33 AM 11:34 AM 06:50 PM

June 3

12:11 AM 05:09 AM 12:12 PM 07:28 PM

June 4

12:55 AM 05:49 AM 12:53 PM 08:07 PM

June 5

01:42 AM 06:33 AM 01:36 PM 08:49 PM

June 6

02:33 AM 07:23 AM 02:21 PM 09:33 PM

June 7

03:29 AM 08:21 AM 03:10 PM 10:19 PM

June 8

04:31 AM 09:30 AM 04:02 PM 11:06 PM

June 9

05:36 AM 10:49 AM 04:59 PM 11:54 PM

June 10 06:41 AM 12:19 PM 06:02 PM

June 11

12:42 AM 07:40 AM 01:52 PM 07:12 PM

June 12 01:29 AM 08:33 AM 03:18 PM 08:23 PM

June 13 02:15 AM 09:21 AM 04:28 PM 09:30 PM

June 14 03:00 AM 10:05 AM 05:25 PM 10:30 PM

June 15 03:44 AM 10:47 AM 06:14 PM 11:26 PM

June 16 04:27 AM

11:28 AM 06:58 PM 10.6 H -1.2 L 10.7 H 6.7 L 10.5 H -1.8 L 11.2 H 6.8 L 10.5 H -2.2 L 11.5 H 6.8 L 10.3 H -2.4 L 11.8 H 6.7 L 10.1 H -2.3 L 12.0 H 6.4 L 9.7 H -1.9 L 12.1 H 6.0 L 9.1 H -1.1 L 12.1 H 5.3 L 8.5 H 0.1 L 12.1 H 4.4 L 8.0 H 1.5 L 12.0 H 3.1 L 7.9 H 2.9 L 12.0 H 1.8 L 8.3 H 4.1 L 11.9 H 0.4 L 9.1 H 5.1 L 11.9 H -0.8 L 10.0 H 5.8 L 11.7 H -1.7 L 10.8 H 6.2 L 11.5 H -2.3 L 11.4 H 6.4 L 11.2 H

June 17 12:18 AM 05:11 AM 12:08 PM 07:37 PM

June 18 01:08 AM 05:55 AM 12:49 PM 08:15 PM

June 19 01:57 AM 06:42 AM 01:29 PM 08:51 PM

June 20 02:47 AM 07:31 AM 02:09 PM 09:26 PM

June 21 03:37 AM 08:23 AM 02:50 PM 10:03 PM

June 22 04:30 AM 09:21 AM 03:33 PM 10:40 PM

June 23 05:25 AM 10:28 AM 04:19 PM 11:20 PM

June 24 06:19 AM 11:45 AM 05:10 PM

June 25 12:00 AM 07:10 AM 01:12 PM 06:10 PM

June 26 12:42 AM 07:55 AM 02:40 PM 07:18 PM

June 27 01:23 AM 08:36 AM 03:51 PM 08:27 PM

June 28 02:03 AM 09:14 AM 04:42 PM 09:28 PM

June 29 02:43 AM 09:52 AM 05:23 PM 10:20 PM

June 30 03:23 AM 10:30 AM 05:59 PM 11:06 PM

-2.5 L 11.7 H 6.5 L 10.8 H -2.4 L 11.9 H 6.4 L 10.3 H -2.1 L 11.9 H 6.3 L 9.7 H -1.5 L 11.8 H 6.0 L 9.1 H -0.7 L 11.7 H 5.6 L 8.5 H 0.3 L 11.6 H 5.1 L 7.9 H 1.5 L 11.4 H 4.5 L 7.4 H 2.7 L 11.2 H 3.8 L 7.2 H 4.0 L 11.0 H 2.9 L 7.3 H 5.2 L 10.8 H 2.0 L 7.9 H 6.1 L 10.6 H 1.0 L 8.7 H 6.7 L 10.6 H 0.1 L 9.5 H 7.1 L 10.6 H -0.8 L 10.2 H 7.2 L 10.6 H -1.6 L 10.8 H 7.2 L

JULY July 1

04:03 AM 11:10 AM 06:33 PM 11:50 PM

July 2

04:46 AM 11:51 AM 07:09 PM

July 3

12:35 AM 05:32 AM 12:34 PM 07:46 PM

July 4

01:23 AM 06:23 AM 01:18 PM 08:24 PM

July 5

02:13 AM 07:18 AM 02:03 PM 09:04 PM

July 6

03:07 AM 08:19 AM 02:51 PM 09:46 PM

July 7

04:04 AM 09:28 AM 03:41 PM 10:30 PM

July 8

05:05 AM 10:46 AM 04:36 PM 11:16 PM

July 9

06:08 AM 12:18 PM 05:40 PM

July 10

12:05 AM 07:10 AM 01:59 PM 06:55 PM

July 11

12:56 AM 08:08 AM 03:29 PM 08:15 PM

July 12

01:47 AM 09:00 AM 04:35 PM 09:28 PM

July 13

02:38 AM 09:48 AM 05:27 PM 10:30 PM

July 14

03:27 AM 10:31 AM 06:09 PM 11:23 PM

July 15

04:14 AM 11:12 AM 06:45 PM

July 16

12:09 AM 04:59 AM

11:51 AM 07:16 PM 10.7 H -2.2 L 11.3 H 7.0 L 10.7 H -2.6 L 11.7 H 6.7 L 10.6 H -2.7 L 12.1 H 6.2 L 10.4 H -2.4 L 12.3 H 5.5 L 10.0 H -1.7 L 12.4 H 4.7 L 9.4 H -0.5 L 12.5 H 3.9 L 8.8 H 0.9 L 12.4 H 2.9 L 8.3 H 2.6 L 12.2 H 1.9 L 8.2 H 4.2 L 12.0 H 0.8 L 8.5 H 5.5 L 11.7 H -0.2 L 9.4 H 6.3 L 11.4 H -1.0 L 10.2 H 6.7 L 11.2 H -1.5 L 10.9 H 6.7 L 10.9 H -1.8 L 11.3 H 6.5 L 10.6 H -1.8 L 11.5 H 6.3 L 10.4 H

July 17

12:51 AM 05:43 AM 12:28 PM 07:45 PM

July 18

01:31 AM 06:28 AM 01:06 PM 08:12 PM

July 19

02:10 AM 07:14 AM 01:43 PM 08:42 PM

July 20 02:51 AM 08:02 AM 02:20 PM 09:13 PM

July 21

03:33 AM 08:55 AM 02:59 PM 09:47 PM

July 22

04:18 AM 09:53 AM 03:40 PM 10:24 PM

July 23

05:07 AM 11:01 AM 04:25 PM 11:03 PM

July 24 05:59 AM 12:22 PM 05:21 PM 11:46 PM

July 25

06:53 AM 01:54 PM 06:32 PM

July 26 12:32 AM 07:44 AM 03:16 PM 07:52 PM

July 27

01:21 AM 08:33 AM 04:13 PM 09:01 PM

July 28 02:10 AM 09:19 AM 04:53 PM 09:56 PM

July 29 02:58 AM 10:04 AM 05:28 PM 10:43 PM

July 30 03:46 AM 10:47 AM 06:01 PM 11:27 PM

July 31

04:36 AM 11:31 AM 06:35 PM

Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015 | 9

-1.7 L 11.6 H 6.0 L 10.0 H -1.3 L 11.6 H 5.6 L 9.7 H -0.7 L 11.6 H 5.2 L 9.3 H 0.1 L 11.5 H 4.7 L 8.8 H 1.0 L 11.4 H 4.2 L 8.4 H 2.1 L 11.3 H 3.7 L 8.0 H 3.3 L 11.0 H 3.1 L 7.7 H 4.6 L 10.8 H 2.5 L 7.7 H 5.8 L 10.5 H 1.8 L 8.1 H 6.7 L 10.3 H 1.0 L 8.8 H 7.2 L 10.2 H 0.1 L 9.6 H 7.4 L 10.3 H -0.8 L 10.2 H 7.2 L 10.5 H -1.5 L 10.8 H 6.8 L 10.7 H -2.1 L 11.3 H 6.2 L 10.9 H -2.3 L 11.7 H

AUGUST August 1 12:11 AM 05:27 AM 12:15 PM 07:10 PM

August 2 12:58 AM 06:20 AM 01:00 PM 07:47 PM

August 3 01:46 AM 07:17 AM 01:45 PM 08:26 PM

5.5 L 10.9 H -2.2 L 12.1 H 4.7 L 10.8 H -1.6 L 12.3 H 3.8 L 10.5 H -0.6 L 12.4 H

August 4 02:37 AM 08:18 AM 02:33 PM 09:07 PM

August 5 03:32 AM 09:25 AM 03:23 PM 09:51 PM

2.9 L 10.0 H 0.7 L 12.4 H 2.1 L 9.4 H 2.3 L 12.1 H

August 6 04:29 AM 10:42 AM 04:20 PM 10:38 PM

August 7 05:31 AM 12:14 PM 05:28 PM 11:31 PM

August 8 06:36 AM 01:57 PM 06:53 PM

1.4 L 8.9 H 3.9 L 11.8 H 0.9 L 8.8 H 5.3 L 11.3 H 0.4 L 9.1 H 6.3 L

August 9 12:30 AM 07:40 AM 03:22 PM 08:22 PM

10.9 H 0.0 L 9.8 H 6.6 L

August 11 01:31 AM 08:38 AM 04:22 PM 09:34 PM

10.5 H -0.4 L 10.5 H 6.5 L

August 20 02:30 AM 09:30 AM 05:08 PM 10:30 PM

10.3 H -0.7 L 10.9 H 6.1 L

August 12 03:25 AM 10:15 AM 05:45 PM 11:14 PM

10.2 H -0.7 L 11.1 H 5.7 L

August 13 04:13 AM 10:56 AM 06:14 PM 11:52 PM

10.1 H -0.7 L 11.2 H 5.3 L

August 14 04:57 AM 11:33 AM 06:38 PM

10.0 H -0.4 L 11.2 H

August 15 12:25 AM 05:39 AM 12:08 PM 07:01 PM

4.8 L 9.9 H 0.0 L 11.1 H

August 16 12:57 AM

4.4 L

06:20 AM 12:43 PM 07:24 PM

9.8 H 0.6 L 11.1 H

August 17 01:29 AM 07:02 AM 01:18 PM 07:51 PM

3.9 L 9.6 H 1.3 L 11.1 H

August 18 02:03 AM 07:46 AM 01:53 PM 08:21 PM

3.4 L 9.4 H 2.1 L 11.0 H

August 19 02:41 AM 08:34 AM 02:30 PM 08:54 PM

2.9 L 9.1 H 3.1 L 10.8 H

August 20 03:21 AM 09:26 AM 03:10 PM 09:29 PM

2.5 L 8.9 H 4.2 L 10.5 H

August 21 04:07 AM 10:26 AM 03:55 PM 10:08 PM

2.2 L 8.6 H 5.3 L 10.2 H

August 22 04:57 AM 11:37 AM 04:51 PM 10:53 PM

1.8 L 8.5 H 6.2 L 9.8 H

August 23 05:54 AM 01:01 PM 06:05 PM 11:46 PM

1.5 L 8.6 H 7.0 L 9.6 H

August 24 06:54 AM 02:24 PM 07:30 PM

1.0 L 9.1 H 7.2 L

August 25 12:46 AM 07:52 AM 03:25 PM 08:42 PM

9.6 H 0.4 L 9.7 H 6.9 L

August 26 01:47 AM 08:47 AM 04:08 PM 09:35 PM

9.8 H -0.3 L 10.3 H 6.4 L

August 27 02:44 AM 09:37 AM 04:43 PM 10:20 PM

10.1 H -0.9 L 10.9 H 5.6 L

August 28 03:39 AM 10:24 AM 05:17 PM 11:03 PM

10.6 H -1.2 L 11.3 H 4.6 L

August 29 04:32 AM 11:10 AM 05:51 PM 11:46 PM

10.9 H -1.2 L 11.7 H 3.5 L

August 30 05:25 AM 11:55 AM 06:26 PM

11.2 H -0.8 L 12.0 H

August 31 12:31 AM 06:20 AM 12:41 PM 07:04 PM

2.5 L 11.2 H 0.0 L 12.2 H


Doug Schulze became city manager in 2012. Schulze, who has a master’s degree in urban and regional studies from Minnesota State University, has more than 25 years of experience in local government management. He was previously the city Doug Schulze manager of Normandy Park and before that, Medina, and was also the city administrator in Sandstone, Minn.

MUNICIPAL Bainbridge Island City Hall

Hours: 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday-Friday 280 Madison Ave. • 206-780-8591

Finance & Administrative Director Ellen Schroer 206-780-8668 • Accounts Payable: 206-780-8615 LID Assessments: 206-780-8610 Utility Billing: 206-780-8603

City Information

General Information: 206-780-8591 Public Works Operations & Maintenance: 206-842-1212 Bainbridge Island is at The website includes a calendar of upcoming meetings (with agendas), as well as archived minutes and agendas, information on pending city projects, proposed land-use actions, and a “How Do I” section with information on applying for building permits, special event permits, building inspections and more. City Manager Doug Schulze 206-842-2545 •

City Clerk Roz Lassoff 206-780-8624 •

City Council

The council meets at 7 p.m. Tuesdays unless otherwise noted. The council alternates between business meetings and study sessions. 206-842-2545 •

Anne Blair, Mayor (North Ward, Pos. 2) 206-214-7907 • ablair@ Anne Blair, a Colorado native and University of Washington graduate, is a 35-year resident of Bainbridge Island. She was Anne Blair elected to the council in 2011 and currently serves as the council-appointed mayor in addition to her council duties. She has more than 30 years of experience as a professional nonprofit manager and executive director. Val Tollefson, Deputy Mayor (North Ward, Pos. 7) 206-660-6350 • vtollefson@bainbridge Val Tollefson is a retired trial lawyer, mediator and Val Tollefson long-time community volunteer. He moved to Bainbridge in 1977, and was elected to the council in 2013.


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275 High School Road Island Village next to Safeway • Bainbridge Island, WA

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Steve Bonkowski (At Large, Pos. 1) 206-855-0764 • sbonkowski@bainbridge Steve Bonkowski has been a Bainbridge homeowner since 2001 and was elected to the city council in 2011. A retired vice president from Northrop Grumman Corporation, he has also served as a Special Assistant S. Bonkowski at U.S. Department of Interior and was responsible for offshore oil exploration and drilling policy. Roger Townsend (South Ward, Pos. 3) 206-898-2616 • rtownsend@bainbridge

Roger Townsend

Roger Townsend moved to the island in 2005. A litigation attorney, he works for the Seattle law firm of Breskin Johnson Townsend. He was elected to the council in 2013. Michael R. Scott (Central Ward, Pos. No. 4) 206-842-5504 • mscott@bainbridgewa. gov Michael R. Scott was appointed to the city council in 2015. A Bainbridge Island resident since 1989, he is an attorney and chairman of the Hillis Clark Martin & Peterson Litigation Group. He is a graduate of Stanford Law School.

Wayne Roth worked in public media for more than 40 years, including 30 years as the president and general manager of KUOW Public Radio. He has been an island resident for the past 18 years, and was elected to the council in 2013.


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Michael Scott

Wayne Roth (Central Ward, Pos. No. 5) 206-780-0756 • wroth@ Wayne Roth

Lance Lance F. Wicklund, DMD, DMD, FAGD FAGD F. Wicklund, Fellow of the of the Fellow



Academy of General Dentistry Lance F.Academy Wicklund, DMD, FAGD of General Dentistry Lance F. Wicklund, DMD, FAGD Fellow of the of theDentistry AcademyFellow of General Academy of General Dentistry (206)(206) 842-6624 842-6624

Service Remodel New Construction

360-779-2777 360-779-2777 206-842-9592

360-297-9592 360-297-9592 206-385-2595 206-842-9592 206-385-2595

206.842.6624 727 Ericksen Ave. NE, Suite 727 Ericksen Ave. NE,1Suite 1 (206) 842-6624 Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 (206) 842-6624 727 Ericksen Ave. NE, Suite 1 727 Ericksen Ave. NE, Suite 1 Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 Bainbridge Island, 98110 we welcome newWA patients




550 Winslow Way East | Steps from the Bainbridge Ferry Terminal | 206.842.4451 |

Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015 | 11



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299 Madison Avenue N

Barb McKenzie

Sherri Snyder

Lisa Paxson

Wendy Burroughs

Arthur Mortell

Bill Barrow

Georg Syvertsen

Marilyn Allen

Carii Clawson

Chris Miller

Tom Schirle

Pamela Van Vleet

Deborah Allen

Omana Taylor

Norm Barquist

Cheryl Mauer

Patrick Miller

Mark Hildebrand

Principal Managing Broker

12 | Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015


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Sarah Blossom (South Ward Pos. No. 6) 206-715-3240 • sblossom@bainbridgewa. gov Sarah Blossom is an attorney who was elected to the Bainbridge Island City Council in 2011. She is a lifelong, fifth-generation Islander and a graduate of Seattle University and the Seattle University Sarah Blossom School of Law.

City Department of Planning & Community Development 206-780-3750 (main number) Director Katharine Cook 206-780-3756 • pcd@ Planning Counter Hours Monday, Tuesday, Friday 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday 8 a.m. - Noon

Kathy Cook CIVICS:

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The Gospel Can Change Anyone At Anytime. MEETING AT BAINBRIDGE HIGH SCHOOL COMMONS Sunday at 10 am 206-842-6898

Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015 | 13

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Bainbridge Municipal Court

Judge Sara McCulloch Rolling Bay Courthouse 10255 NE Valley Road 206-842-5641 • court@ Judge Sara McCulloch S. McCulloch was sworn in as Bainbridge Island Municipal Court Judge in December 2013. She was previously a senior deputy prosecutor for King County, and had worked in the Prosecutor’s office since 1999. McCulloch was a senior specialist for sex offender registrationrelated cases and issues.

City Police Department

Police Chief Matthew Hamner 625 Winslow Way E. Emergencies Only: 911 Business: 206-842-5211 policedept@bainbridge Chief Matthew Hamner became Police Chief in June 2013. He was previously the chief’s executive ofM. Hamner ficer in the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. During his 23-year career in Indianapolis, he served in numerous positions in the department, including in the Neighborhood Resources Unit, Crime Prevention, School Resource Officer Unit, and Community Affairs.


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City Public Works

Director Barry Loveless 206-842-2016 • pw admin@ci.bainbridge-isl. Operations & Maintenance 206-842-1212 • pwom@bainbridgewa. gov Barry Loveless was Barry Loveless named the city’s Public Works Director in October 2013. Loveless previously worked as Public Works Director for the city of Poulsbo. He is licensed professional engineer and has a master’s degree in construction management from Georgia Tech University.


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Hillstrom Insurance Agcy Inc Phil Hillstrom CASL CLU, Agent 175 Parfitt Wy SW Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 Bus: 206-855-0855 Fax: 206-201-3865


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of homeowners insurance. That’s where I can help. Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.® CALL US METODAY. TODAY.

State Farm Fire and Casualty Company, State Farm General Insurance Company, Bloomington, IL

Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015 | 15

Voted BEST DENTAL OFFICE on Bainbridge

Providing outstanding dental services to the Bainbridge Island community. • • • •

Digital Xrays Preventative Care Tooth-colored Fillings Implant Crowns


• ZOOM Whitening • Onlays & Crowns • Veneers • Bridges/Partials

P.O. Box 11548, Bainbridge Island, Washington 98110

“We’re There Because We Care” Proudly serving the community of Bainbridge Island since 1945 – our first ambulance was purchased and staffed by The American Legion Colin Hyde Post – we honor this heritage Who we are: • We are a 501.C.3-registered non-profit organization • We are staffed by dedicated volunteers from Bainbridge able to respond 24/7 • Over 24 State-certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) • Providing the Basic Life Support (BLS) transports for the Bainbridge Island Fire Department, local clinics, and skilled nursing facilities. • 24 Hour service 206-842-2676 8am-4pm Mon-Fri After hours 206-423-9212 Manager: Rena Beyke Board Members: Greg Keyes, William Biscomb, Janice Pyke, Larry Whyte, & Jason Livdahl

16 | Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015


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Bainbridge Island Metropolitan Park & Recreation District Director: Terry Lande Strawberry Hill Park 7666 NE High School Road • PO Box 10010 District Office: 206-842-2306 Aquatics Center: 206-842-2302 Teen Center: 206-780-9622 (after 3 p.m.) Senior Center: 206-842-1616 Park Board: Ken DeWitt, Kirk Robinson, Lee Cross , Tom Swolgaard, Jay Kinney

Bainbridge Fire Department

Fire Chief: Hank Teran Station 21 (Main): 8895 Madison Ave. Station 22: 7934 Bucklin Hill Road Station 23: 12985 Phelps Road Emergencies only: 911 Business Mon-Fri 8 a.m.-5 p.m.: Hank Teran 206-842-7686 Fire Chief Hank Teran came to Bainbridge in August 2007. Teran spent 28 years on the front lines with the Long Beach Fire Department and was a deputy chief for the Southern California department before taking the job as Bainbridge’s new chief. Fire Commissioners: Chairman Scott Isenman (Position 1), YongSuk Cho (Position 2), Dan Morrow (Position 3), Eileen McSherry (Position 4), Teri Dettmer (Position 5)

Bainbridge Island School District

Superintendent: Faith Chapel Faith Chapel became superintendent in 2008. She was previously the deputy superintendent for curriculum and instruction, and joined the Bainbridge administration in 2001 as assistant superintendent for Faith Chapel instructional services, following a directorship with Central Kitsap schools and administrative posts in suburban districts in three other states.


for the Entire Family Headaches,

Neck and Back Pain Auto, Sport and Work Injuries Geriatric and Aging Issues Pain Control for Cancer Custom Orthotics Preferred Provider for Medicare and Most Major Insurance Plans

Dr. Lucia Vracin 206.842.6655 9431 Coppertop Loop | Suite 204 Providing Patient-Centerd Care on Bainbridge Isalnd for Over 17 Years


Cell: 206.595.2299 lizacohen@ I believe that exceptional customer service is a necessity for an ultimate client relationship. Looking forward to serving you with concierge level service to meet your real estate needs.

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Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015 | 17

urgent care

Now open daily here on Bainbridge

Real life shouldn’t need an appointment. Now offering walk-in care for minor injuries, illness and X-rays — when you don’t need an emergency room but don’t want to wait. • No appointment needed • Weekdays: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. • Weekends: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Urgent, primary and specialty care for you and your family. (206) 842-5632 380 Winslow Way East


And yes it does have something to do with grilled salmon. Bigger than life. That’s a good way to describe Melvin. When he enters a room, he completely fills it with his personality. And when he enters a kitchen, well, let’s just say you’re in for a treat. For over 18 years Melvin has been serving our residents mouth-watering meals, creating chicken Provencale one day, throwing together a delicious taco salad the next. And it’s all so delightful, like eating at a four star restaurant run by a four star chef. With a four star personality.

18 | Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015


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School Board: Board President: Mev Hoberg (District 3), Patty Fielding (District 1), Mike Spence (District 2), Tim Kinkead (District 4), Sheila Jakubik (District 5) 8489 Madison Ave. 206-842-4714 • www.bainbridge.wednet. edu

KITSAP COUNTY Kitsap County Offices

360-337-5777 or 206-842-2061 County Assessor: Phil Cook (R) 360-337-7160 • County Auditor: Dolores Gilmore (D) 360-337-7129 • County Clerk: Dave Peterson (D) 360-337-7164 •

County Commissioners: 360-337-7146 Robert Gelder (D-Dist. 1 NK)

Charlotte Garrido (D-Dist. 2 SK)

Edward E. Wolfe (R-Dist. 3 CK)


Kitsap County Courthouse

Hours: 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Mon-Fri 614 Division St., Port Orchard District Court: 360-337-7144 Superior Court: 360-337-7140

Kitsap County Health District

Health Officer: Susan Turner, M.D. Hours: 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Mon-Fri Main office: 345 Sixth St., Suite 300 Bremerton 360-337-5235 • Vital Statistics (birth and death certificates) Hours: 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Mon-Fri Clinic Services: 360-337-5235 Parent & Child Health: 360-337-4821

OTHER LOCAL Power Outage:

Puget Sound Energy: (888) 225-5773

Street Light Outage:

Puget Sound Energy: (888) 225-5773

Traffic Signal Outages: WSDOT: 360-874-3050

Department of Licensing Driver Licensing

Poulsbo: 19045 Highway 305 NE, Suite 140 Hours: Tue, Wed & Fri: 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Thur 9:30 a.m.-5 p.m., Sat 8:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. 360-779-5547

Vehicle & Vessel Licensing

B.I. Chamber of Commerce 395 Winslow Way E. Hours: Tues, Wed, Thur 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Fri 9 a.m.-6 p.m.; Sat 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Lunch Closure: Tues-Fri 1-2 p.m. 206-780-5306

Office of the Governor

Gov. Jay Inslee (D) 360-902-4111 •

State Legislators

Sen. Christine Rolfes (D) 360-786-7644 • Rep. Sherry Appleton (D) 360-786-7934 • Rep. Drew Hansen (D) 360-786-7842 •


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Summer Tour: August 14, 15 & 16 Winter Tour: December 4, 5 & 6 Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015 | 19


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Olympia Legislature Hotline

(800) 562-6000 •

FEDERAL U.S. House of Representatives

Derek Kilmer

Rep. Derek Kilmer (DSixth District) Derek Kilmer, a Gig Harbor Democrat, was elected to his second term in Congress in 2014. Bremerton Office 345 Sixth Street, Suite 500, Bremerton 360-479-4011 800-947-6676 •

U.S. Senate

Sen. Patty Murray (D) 206-553-5545 (Seattle) Sen. Maria Cantwell (D) 206-220-6400 (Seattle)

Postal Service (800) 275-8777

Patty Murray

Bainbridge Island (ZIP 98110) 271 Winslow Way E. 206-855-9571 Rolling Bay (ZIP 98061) 10355 Valley Road 206-842-3261

Maria Cantwell



• Fly Fishing Gear • Classes • Guided Trips

(360) 394-1599

On the ballot this year Bainbridge voters will pick a new majority for the Bainbridge Island City Council this year, with four of seven seats on the council up for election. A majority of the five-member school board will also be decided in November, with three positions up for election. General Election, Nov. 3 Bainbridge Island City Council Council District 1, At-Large [Currently held by Councilman Steven Bonkowski] Council District 2, North Ward [Currently held by Councilwoman Anne Blair] Council District 4, Central Ward [Currently held by Councilman Michael Scott] Council District 6, South Ward [Currently held by Councilwoman Sarah Blossom] Bainbridge Island School Board Director, District 1 [Currently held by Patty Fielding] Director, District 3 [Currently held by Mev Hoberg] Director, District 4 [Currently held by Tim Kinkead] Bainbridge Island Fire Department Board of Commissioners Commissioner, Position 1 [Currently held by Commissioner Scott Isenman] Commissioner, Position 5 [Currently held by Commissioner Theresa “Teri” Dettmer]

VOTER INFORMATION Kitsap County Auditor & Election Results:

Washington Secretary of State:

Bainbridge Island Metropolitan Park & Recreation District Board Commissioner, Position 2 [Currently held by Commissioner Ken DeWitt] Commissioner, Position 4 [Currently held by Commissioner Jay Kinney] Registration Requirements To register to vote in Washington, you must be: • A citizen of the United States; • A legal resident of the state of Washington; • 18 years of age by the next election; • Not under the authority of the Department of Corrections for a Washington felony conviction; and • Not disqualified from voting due to a court order. Registration Deadlines for Elections • 29 days before an election: Deadline for mail and online voter registrations, updates and changes. • 8 days before an election: Deadline for new Washington State voter registrations (in person only). Registration deadlines do not apply to military and overseas voters who may register through Election Day.

Poulsbo Village - Easy Access on Hwy 305

20 | Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015


Photo by Keith Brofsky

Index OF SERVICES PUBLIC SAFETY Bainbridge Police:

206-842-5211 (non-emergency)

Bainbridge Fire Dept:

Family friendly Restaurant & Sports Bar LOCATED IN ISLAND VILLAGE

206-842-7686 (non-emergency)

U.S. Coast Guard: 206-217-6000

DNR Forest Fire Reports: (800) 562-6010

Hazardous Substances info: (800) 633-7585

Kitsap County Sheriff: 360-337-7101

Dept. of Health Beach Closures: (800) 562-5632

MEDICAL CARE Bainbridge Island Ambulance: 206-842-2676 (non-emergency)

Crisis Clinic of the Peninsula: 206-855-7700

YWCA ALIVE Domestic Violence Hotline:

206-780-2931 or (800) 500-5513

Harrison Bainbridge: (866) 844-9355

HIV-AIDS Hotline: (800) 272-2437

Hospice of Kitsap County:

360-698-4611 •


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ting More Tha

6013 NE State Hwy 104 Kingston, WA 98346 360.881.0369

Hit Refresh.

mmunity ving Children n 4 0 Ye a r s S e r , Families & Co B A I N B R I D G E I S L A N D , WA A walk through our series of gardens and forests rejuvenates even the most bogged-down.

It’s like one giant refresh button for the soul. Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015 | 21


Your Local Residential & Commercial Driveway Paving Specialist

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Kitsap Public Health District:

Traffic Conditions

Peninsula Community Health Services:

Washington State Ferries:

360-377-5235 • www.kitsapcounty (at Poulsbo Medical Clinic) 360-478-2366 or 360-779-1963

• Driveways • Parking Lots • Shared Roads • Curbing • County Approaches • Drainage • Grading • Gravel

• Patching • Crack Sealing • Over 20 Years Experience • Longest Warranty In The Industry • We Specialize In Shared Community Roads

Free On-Site Estimates 360.598.5402

(800) 501-7433 (RIDE) • www.kitsap

Suicide Prevention & Veterans’ Crisis Line: (800) 273-8255

Virginia Mason-Winslow: 206-842-5632

Ferries, Hood Canal Bridge & passes: 511 Fares & Schedules: (888) 808-7977

SERVICES/UTILITIES AT&T Customer Services: (800) 288-2747

Bainbridge Disposal: 206-842-4882

Comcast Cable TV Customer Service:

Washington Poison Center:

(888) 266-2278


Bainbridge: 206-855-9571 Rolling Bay: 206-842-3261

(800) 222-1222

Post Offices:

Bainbridge Island Taxi:

Puget Sound Energy:

Taxis & Tours:




Kitsap Transit:

ACCESS & Dial-a-Ride: (800) 422-2877 •

Kitsap Transit Bus Service, Carpool & Ride Share:

(888) 225-5773 (800) 244-1111

Call Before You Dig, Locating, Inc.: (800) 424-5555


22 | Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015

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B.I. Historical Museum:

206-842-2773 •

Bainbridge Island Public Library:

State Dept. of Fish & Wildlife:


Kitsap Humane Society & Animal Control:

Bainbridge Island Metropolitan Park & Recreation District:

West Sound Wildlife Shelter:

Bainbridge Island Review:

PAWS of Bainbridge Island/ North Kitsap:

Bainbridge Performing Arts

360-902-2200 •

206-842-2306 •

360-692-6977 206-855-9057 • 206-842-2451 or 888-558-PAWS Adoption Center 206-780-0656 •


206-842-6613 • Box Office: 206-842-8569

Bainbridge Youth Services:

206-842-9675 •

Helpline House:

206-842-7621 •

B.I. Aquatic Center:

Bainbridge Island Senior Community Center:

206-842-2302 • andfacilities/ifaquaticscenter.html

206-842-1616 • www.bicommunity

B.I. Chamber of Commerce: 206-842-3700 • www.bainbridge

Teen Center:

206-780-9622 • programsandclasses/teen_center.html

B.I. Downtown Assoc:

206-842-2982 • www.bainbridgedown

Locally owned Westside Pizza Bainbridge featuring pizzas made to order with fresh ingredients and our signature dough made daily ORDER AHEAD FOR PICK UP with our online ordering: Visit us on Facebook Join us at our new location! •Local beers on tap •Wine •Vintage Pinball Machine & Video games •Three Flatscreen TVs including our 80” - perfect for Seahawk, Sounder & Mariner games! 323 High School Road, Suite 1 • Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 • 206-780-0755

Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015 | 23

Neighborhoods & SERVICES NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATIONS Association of Bainbridge Communities (ABC)

ABC was founded 30 years ago by residents concerned about the island’s water supply. The association represents more than a dozen neighborhoods. 206-842-5313 •

Bainbridge Island Concerned Citizens

Mason Smith & Jessie Hey Focuses on ferries and shipyard. 206-842-4055

Neil Johannsen: 206-842-7298

East Central Bainbridge Island Community Association Joyce Depue: 206-842-4500

Murden Cove Preservation Assoc. Olaf Ribeiro: 206-842-1157

Seabold Community Club

Maintains Seabold Hall for public use. Joan Bickerton: 206-842-4283 Rental info: 206-842-2306, ext. 116


Bainbridge Island Japanese American Community

Wing Point Neighborhood Assoc.

Boaters and Mariners of Bainbridge Island

Meets 7:30 p.m. first and third Fridays at the Legion Hall except in July and August.

206-842-4772 •;

Charles Schmid: 206-842-5313


Cave Neighborhood Community Council

Dale Perry: 206-780-1439

American Legion Colin Hyde Post 172

NEIGHBORHOODS: Continued on Page 25

with KiDiMu!

Voted the Best Place to Host a Kid’s SetBirthday Sail for High Adventure BOOK YOUR NEXT Children’s Birthday Party, Baby Shower, Special Event or Meeting

GUARANTEE SMILES for guests of all ages and enjoy a special $10 OFF ANNIVERSARY DISCOUNT * celebrating 10 years of

Join Kids Discovery Museum for the 10th anniversary festivities this year and a free BIRTHDAY BASH on June 6! LEARN MORE: or 206.855.4650

empowering kids through play

April 11 through November 14 • 9am to 1pm

2005 - 2015

* Mention this ad at the time of booking. Expires: December 31, 2015.

206-451-4040 24 | Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015

Broker/ Real Estate Specialist

Brian Kelly photo

Boy Scouts and others watch solemnly as tributes are paid by American Legion Post 172 to Bainbridge Island’s veterans during a Memorial Day service last year at the Veterans Memorial on the campus of Bainbridge High School. NEIGHBORHOODS: Continued from Page 24 7880 Bucklin Hill Road 206-842-5000 (voice mail) or 206-842-8837

Friends of the Library

Sells books to benefit the Bainbridge Library, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. three times monthly at the library. 206-842-4162 •

Habitat for Humanity of Kitsap County

Works with volunteer labor and donations of money and materials to build simple, decent housing in partnership with low-income residents. PO Box 5347, Bremerton, WA 98312 360-479-3853 • director@kitsap

Kiwanis Club of Bainbridge Island Tom Watson, club president Funds scholarships and leads community service projects. Meets 7 a.m. Wednesdays at Wing Point Golf & Country Club, 811 Cherry Ave. PO Box 10602 •

Masons Renton Lodge No. 29

Lodge meets 7:30 p.m. second Mondays (except July and August) at the Bainbridge Masonic Temple. 1299 Grow Ave. 206-842-8846

d Dream Own Enjoy d

One Call for All

Supports community organizations through one annual island-wide appeal for funding, “One Call for All” (aka the Red Envelope drive). PO Box 10487 206-842-0659 •

NEIGHBORHOODS: Continued on Page 26

Island Volunteer Caregivers Kaycie Wood, administrative director Karen Carson, program director Trained volunteers provide respite care, transportation for medical appointments, shopping and home visits to the elderly and needy. Caregivers group meets at 2 p.m. Tuesday, and grief group at 5 p.m. Thursday at Rolling Bay Presbyterian Church. 206-842-4441 •

Island Health & Rehabilitation Center Volunteer Program 835 Madison Ave. 206-842-4765 or

cell: 206.948.7135

Jazzercise on Bainbridge – Island Center Hall n

Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015 | 25


NEIGHBORHOODS: Continued from Page 25 Puget Sound Blood Center Holds regular blood drives on Bainbridge. (800) 398-7888 •

Rotary Club of Bainbridge Island

Sponsors community service projects, including the annual Rotary Auction and Rummage Sale. Meets Mondays 11:45 a.m. except for the first Monday of the month which is a dinner only meeting and every Monday at 6:30 p.m. Both meetings are held at the Wing Point Golf & Country Club.


Support for families of alcoholics. Al-Anon groups meet regularly on Bainbridge. Visit the website for a list of meeting times.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous meets daily on Bainbridge. Visit the District 10 website for a list of current meeting times. 206-855-8366 •

Anxious shoppers blast off from the start line at the beginning of the Bainbridge Rotary’s top fundraising event: the Rotary Auction and Rummage Sale. The 2014 sale grossed approximatley $466,793, a new record. Cecilia Garza photo

Attention Deficit Disorder

The Kitsap Branch of CHADD, an attention deficit disorder support group, meets 7 p.m. second Tuesdays, Sept. to June. 10452 Silverdale Way, Silverdale. •

YWCA-ALIVE Bainbridge Island

The YWCA-ALIVE Bainbridge Island Domestic Violence Program provides a comprehensive range of services for domestic violence victims and their children, including advocacy-based counseling, legal advocacy, support groups and education. Business hours: 206-780-2931

NEIGHBORHOODS: Continued on Page 27

Natural Remedies, Vitamins, Skin Care & Healthy Foods We specialize in gluten free foods 169 Winslow Way E. • Bainbridge Island 206.842.2759

Acu Shiatsu gentle & effective Kindergarten through Fifth Grade • Rich, Engaging Curriculum • Small Class Sizes 8553 NE Day Road • Bainbridge Island • 206-842-0400

Stephen Brown

licensed acupuncturist


26 | Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015

401 Grow


NEIGHBORHOODS: Continued from Page 26 24-hour emergency hotline: (800) 500-5513

Bainbridge Youth Services

Champions the development of Bainbridge adolescents. Programs include no-cost confidential counseling, job referral and community service opportunities. Bainbridge High School, 100 Building 206-842-9675 • www.bainbridgeyouth

Kitsap Cancer Services

Provides free, life-enhancing support services for cancer patients, family members, friends and caregivers in a serene, nurturing environment. Women’s‚ men’s and grief support groups available. 360-204-6399 •

Dispute Resolution Center of Kitsap County Helps parents and youth work on communication issues, supports peer mediation programs in the schools, mediates between juvenile offenders and those they have harmed, and provides mediation and facilitation training. 9004 Washington Ave. N., Silverdale 206-842-3215 •

Grief Support Group

Support for anyone who has lost a loved one. Second and fourth Thursdays, 5-6:30 p.m. at Rolling Bay Presbyterian Church. Sponsored by Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers. 206-842-4441 •

Helpline House

Provides counseling, food, clothing and housing assistance, and other services. Open 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. Mon-Fri. Food Bank Hours MonFri, 9:30-12:30 p.m. and 1:30-4:30 p.m. 282 Knechtel Way NE 206-842-7621 •

Hospice of Kitsap County

Care and support for the terminally ill and their families. Offers nine-week grief support groups and ongoing groups in Poulsbo and Silverdale. 360-698-4611 •

Housing Resources Board

Phedra Elliott, associate director Local community land trust providing affordable rentals, housing assistance programs, and home ownership to island families. 250 Madrona Way NE, Suite 110B 206-842-1909 • phedra@housing

Literacy Council of Kitsap County

Offers adult classes in reading, writing, math, basic literacy and English as a Second Language (ESL). 360-373-1539 •

Low Vision Support Group (Visually Impaired Persons Group)

Meets 1 p.m. second Wednesdays in the meeting room of the Bainbridge Library. Transportation is available. 206-842-4462 or 206-842-1324 or

Narcotics Anonymous

Recovering addicts meet regularly to help each other stay clean. Meets 6 p.m. Mondays and Fridays at the Rhododendron Apartment Community Center. (877) 861-6156

National Alliance on Mental Illness NAMI-Kitsap sponsors a monthly support group from 7-8:30 p.m. second Mondays. Jeanette Rerecich: 360-697-5531 Joan Pearson: 206-842-5324


Overeaters Anonymous

A 12-step program of support and recovery, OA meets every Saturday at 9:15 a.m. at Eagle Harbor Congregational Church and Wednesdays at 5 p.m. at the Island Terrace Apartments clubhouse.

Parkinson’s Support Group

Meets most first Mondays at 1 p.m. at the Phelps Road fire station. Call ahead to verify. Lana Gillis: 360-779-7178

Peninsula Community Health Services

A community-based nonprofit organization that provides primary medical care services for children and adults in Kitsap County. Services are charged on a sliding scale based on income. Also accepts DSHS/medical coupons, Basic Health, Medicare and other private insurance. Low-cost dental services available at the Bremerton clinic. Poulsbo: 360-779-1963 PCHS administration: 360-478-2366

First Sundays Concerts First Sundays Concerts First Sundays Concerts

Ovarian Cancer Support Group

Meets 1 p.m. third Tuesdays in the Rose Room of Harrison Hospital in Silverdale.

Music Up Close on Bainbridge Island Music Up Close on Bainbridge Island Music Up Close on Bainbridge Island

2015 2015 CONCERT CONCERT SERIES SERIES 2015 SERIES Presented by CONCERT Bainbridge Community Piano Asssociation 2015 CONCERT SERIES Music Up Close on Bainbridge Island

Presented by Bainbridge Community Piano Asssociation Presented by Bainbridge Community Piano Asssociation Presented by Bainbridge Community Piano Asssociation January 4 Tony Foster Jazz Trio Tony Foster Jazz TrioTrio January 4 January 4 Tony Foster Jazz February Moon Baroque Blue Moon Baroque January 48February 8 Blue Tony Foster Jazz Quartet TrioQuartet February 8 Blue Moon Baroque Quartet March 1 Meg Brennand, cello & David White, piano March 1 8 Meg cello Quartet & David White, February Blue Brennand, Moon Baroque Partington, guitar & David White, March 1 April 12 MegMichael Brennand, cello April Michael Partington, March121 May 3 MegMarc Brennand, celloguitar & David White, Seales Jazz Trio April 12 Michael Partington, guitar September 13 Sasha Starcevich, piano May Marc Seales Jazz Trio April312 Michael Partington, guitar May 3 Seales Jazz Trio October 4 Marc Janet See, flute & John Lenti, lute September 13 Sasha Starcevich, piano May 3 Jazz Trio November 1 Marc GailSeales Pettis, jazz vocalist September 13 Sasha Starcevich, piano October 4 13 at: Janet flute & John Lenti, lute September SashaSee, Starcevich, piano Tickets $20 adults - $10 youth October 4 Janet See, flute & John Lenti, lute November Gail jazz vocalist at 4:00pm - Waterfront Park Community Center OctoberSundays 4 1 JanetPettis, See, flute & John Lenti, lute November 1 Gail Pettis, jazz vocalist Information: 206.842.3380 November 1 Gail Pettis, jazz vocalist

piano piano piano

Tickets at: $20 adults - $10 youth Tickets at: $20 adults - $10 youth Tickets $20 adults Center - $10 youth Sundays 4:00pm - Waterfront Park Community

Sundays at 4:00pm - Waterfront Park Community Center Information: 206.842.3380 Sundays at 4:00pm - Waterfront Park Community Center Information: 206.842.3380 Information: 206.842.3380

Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015 | 27


and organizations Bainbridge Amateur Radio Club

Breakfast meetings first Sat. of every month at Doc’s at 9:30 a.m. Visitors welcome. 206-780-5585 •

Bainbridge Conservation Voters

A local environmental advocacy group that informs the public on voter issues and the positions of city officials on conservation topics. Meetings every third Monday of the month at 7 p.m. Everyone welcome. 206-855-4690 bainbridge-conservation-voters

Bainbridge Garden Club

The Bainbridge Island Gardening Club meets from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. the second Monday Sept. through June at the First Baptist Church. 8810 Madison Ave. Peggy Adkins: 206-780-2536

Bainbridge Island Fire Cadets

Bainbridge Fire Department Volunteer Program Coordinator, Jay Rosenberg Hands-on training in fire and aid service for high school-age youth. 8895 Madison Avenue • 206-842-7686

B.I. Genealogical Society

Discussion and speakers on genealogical research methods and resources. Meets 10 a.m.-noon third Fridays at the library.


Weed Warriors heed the call to battle Weed Warriors are not about dandelions; that battle was lost decades ago. The Weed Warriors are a volunteer coalition of amateur and professional gardeners serving various organizations including but not limited to the Bainbridge Island Land Trust, city of Bainbridge Island, Sustainable Bainbridge, Bainbridge Island Parks & Rec, Watershed Council, and Kitsap Weed Board. In general the goal is to have at least one action and/ or educational event a month focused on removal of noxious weeds and restoration of native plants. (Community service hours available to students, of course!) As an island, Bainbridge is at particular risk of non-native invasive plant species that can wipe out stream, wetlands and desirable species such as huckleberries and trilliums. But because we live on an island, we also have enormous potential to vanquish these invaders. Weed Warriors were founded 12 years ago and its largest annual event is Earth Day at Pritchard Park, which has topped 100 participants. In 2015, the Weed Warriors will again be at Pritchard from 1 to 3 p.m. Saturday, April 18.

Weed Warriors works to remove invasive plants so native plants, such as trilliums, can thrive. The organization has a monthly newsletter that goes to almost 200 people. To be added to the list go to weed-warriors.aspx or contact Jeannette Franks, PhD jfranks1@comcast. net. Resources: Kitsap Weed Board list http:// uploads/sites/21/2014/01/kitsapweed-list-2013-short1.pdf Washington Native Plant Society

Continued on Page 29

Local • Trusted • Respected • Island Brokers | 168 Winslow Way West | Bainbridge Island | 206.842.4099

28 | Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015


Continued from Page 28

B.I. Land Trust

Asha Rehnberg, executive director Preservation and stewardship of Bainbridge Island’s natural environment. 221 Winslow Way, #103 206-842-1216 •

B.I. Park District Trails Committee

A volunteer group building, preserving and maintaining public island trails. Work parties fourth Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. 206-842-3373 •

Bainbridge-Ometepe Sister Islands Assoc.

Fosters cultural exchange between Bainbridge Island and the island of Ometepe, Nicaragua. Sells fair-trade coffee through Pegasus Coffee House and Town & Country Market. 206-842-8148 •

Bainbridge Republican Women

Luncheon meeting is 11 a.m. second Wednesdays at the Wing Point Golf and Country Club. 206-337-5543

Bainbridge Toastmasters

Teaches communication and leadership skills. Meets noon-1 p.m. first and third Thursdays at the Winslow Arms clubhouse. 220 Parfitt Way • 206-842-2441

Battle Point Astronomical Assoc.

Promotes the study of astronomy by providing facility, equipment, educational programs and astronomy events. 206-842-9152 •

Boy Scouts of America Jim Sutton, central contact


Continued on Page 30

B.I. Sportsmen’s Club

Alan Kasper, president Promotes conservation and gun safety; sponsors springtime youth fishing derby. Newly improved pistol, rifle and trap ranges. 8203 Sportsman Club Road 206-780-9374 •

Tasha Zetty, CDPE/CNE

Associate of the Year 2014

B.I. Weed Warriors

Work to combat invasive, non-native weeds on the island through public education and weed-pulling work parties. Jeannette Franks: 206-755-8461 Dan Hamlin: 206-245-7385

Managing Broker Certified Negotiation Expert REMAX Victory


Voted best in client satisfaction by Seattle Magazine 2009-2013 10516 Silverdale Way Suite 110 B • Silverdale, WA 98383 •

Specializing In Specializing In Kitchen Bath Kitchen & & Bath Design Designand and Construction Construction

Certified edSustainable Sustainable Certifi Design& &Construction Construction Design Professionals Professionals

Phone 206•780•1906 Phone 206•780•1906 Lic.#: KITCHKT891DB


10994 Arrow Point Drive NE, Bainbridge Island (206) 842-4966

Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015 | 29


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For boys aged 5-18. Four Bainbridge Island troops. 206-842-2441 •

The West Sound Wildlife Shelter has been in existence on Bainbridge Island since 1999, when it started as the Island Wildlife Shelter. The shelter treated a record number of animals last year, an increase of 202 more than 2013. Wildlife admissions • Number of wildlife patients treated in 2014: 1,320 • 135 different species By type • 746 birds • 566 mammals • 8 other (reptile, amphibian) • 78 percent of animals came from Kitsap County, with 252 of 1,320 animals coming from Bainbridge Island (19 percent of the total)

Camp Siberia

A nonprofit organization working to enrich the lives of Russian orphans and Bainbridge youth through a summer camp program. 206-842-7036 •

Hare Raisers etc. 4-H Club

Joan Vassiliadis 206-780-6971 • www.hareraisers4h.


A 255-acre outdoor learning center to inspire lifelong environmental and community stewardship. 4450 Blakely Ave. 206-855-4300 •

Kitsap County Republicans

Jack Hamilton, chair Executive Committee meetings first Monday of most months at 7 p.m. Silverdale Beach Hotel. 360-308-9845 •

Kitsap League of Women Voters Linnea Hirst and Kim Abel, co-presidents

Record year for West Sound Wildlife Shelter

A nonpartisan political organization that promotes informed and active participation of citizens in government and influences public policy through education and advocacy. 206-622-8961 •

Where children grow in mind, body and spirit

St. Cecilia Catholic School Preschool - 8th Grade Before & After School Care, Foreign Language, Sports, Off-Island Transportation & Orchestra Tuition Assistance Available

206.842.2017 • 1310 Madison Ave. N., Bainbridge Island YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR #1 GOAL SERVICE AND REPAIR OF

11216 Sunrise Drive NE ROLLING BAY

206-842-7678 (corner of Sunrise & Valley, across from Bay Hay & Feed)

Mon-Fri 8AM - 5PM



To & From ANYWHERE on Bainbridge Island!

Education programs • Total number of people reached through live-bird education programs: 7,410 • Total number of educational programs: 115 • Educational outreach has reached almost 700 children in Bainbridge Island schools through 13 programs Volunteers and donations Volunteer hours donated (including internships): 14,515 • Although volunteers come and go, one-third to one-half of the shelter’s volunteers are from Bainbridge Island at any given time. • Bainbridge Island accounts for 29 percent of the total donations to the shelter (the majority of gifts received each year). • WSWS is part of One Call For All.

Natural Landscapes Project

Cara Cruickshank or Bobbie Morgan Education on water quality protection. 206-842-4815 •

Sustainable Bainbridge

Supports cooperation among a broad-based network of local organizations, businesses, government and individuals to protect and strengthen our community’s social, environmental, and economic sustainability. Meets at 7 p.m. the first Monday of the month excepting Sept. at Community Center. 206-842-4439 • info@sustainable

SWERV - Savvy Women Exchanging Relevant Views

Savvy Women Exchanging Relevant Views meets from 10:30-noon the second Tuesday of the month at Seabold Community Hall.

23rd Legislative District Democrats •

The Netza Project

Lisa Martin Dedicated to providing equal access to quality education and literacy for indigenous children of Zihuatanejo, Mexico, while honoring their native dialects and culture. 508-284-0078 •

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and culture

Beautiful Bainbridge Island is not only renowned for its natural glamor, but for its culture and vibrant artistic community as well. As the sun sets and visitors and residents alike head home from the beaches, forests and trails, a whole other world of island allure begins to shine. Bainbridge Performing Arts, Island Theatre and Ovation! Musical Theatre all offer acclaim-garnering productions on a regular rotating basis. Both the historic Lynwood Theater and Bainbridge Cinemas offer a visual one-two punch of first-run flicks and speciality programs such as live ballet and concert productions from around the world via satellite. You’re never very far away from a chance to dance, either. The Treehouse Cafe, the Bainbridge Brewery, Pegasus Coffee and several other venues offer regular live music performances almost every week. The island is perhaps most celebrated for its galleries and museums, including the downtown art world mecca, the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art. Within a short walk, you can also enjoy the historical museum and a bounty of boutiques and galleries including Bainbridge Arts & Crafts, Danger, Roby-King Galleries, the Steven Fey fine art photography gallery and more.

Image courtesy of BIMA

A Rachel Feferman retrospective was an integral part of the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art’s sixth exhibition changeover late last year. The Bainbridge Island Museum of Art enjoyed its first full year of operations in 2014, and museum officials offered a few highlights of the past year. How many people visited the museum in 2014? 2014 was the museum’s first full year of being open to the public and since

the grand opening on June 14, 2013 it has served more than 120,000 visitors. BIMA’s mission is to engage a diverse audience with the art and craft of our region and our time. The art museum provides a unique and accessible resource for local residents and tourists alike. BIMA:

Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015 | 31

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The Gallery at Bainbridge Arts and Crafts exhibits fine crafts and contemporary art by local and regional artists and supports art education in the schools and community. 151 Winslow Way E. 206-842-3132 •

Bainbridge Island Arts & Humanities Council

Photo courtesy of the Bainbridge Island Historical Museum

This photo was taken about 100 years ago of the third Port Blakely mill, which was built between 1907-1909. It is of interest in that it is one of only a few old images showing the concrete generator building that is still standing.

New improvements, new exhibit at historical museum


he Bainbridge Island Historical Museum has made its impressive facility even better. This year marks the completion of a $120,000 renovation project to make the annex more efficient space-wise. The renovations — paid for by the Bainbridge Island Rotary Club and the Fletcher Bay Foundation — included new LED lights, wood flooring, sturdy cabinets and a new bathroom and kitchenette.

New to the collection The Politkofsky cannon is one of the museum’s newest donations. It is currently undergoing restoration and will be on display as part of the Port Blakely exhibit. The Politkofsky, a so-called Russian gunboat, was launched from Sitka in 1861 and began duty as a tugboat in

“There’s more room for traffic and student groups and meetings,” said Rick Chandler, museum curator. “Your historical museum is a great place for families and student groups with our teacher docent team and their educational activities. Groups and clubs can have customized tours or meetings in our newly improved library,” noted Katy Curtis, education outreach for the HISTORY:

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“unfriendly” waters. The vessel, which was the harbor tug for the Port Blakely Mill for many years around the turn of the century, had an armament of at least six cannons. Other donations in recent years Bottles and chopstick holders from Yama (Jacques Alloin donation) Winslow Shipyard records (Jennifer James-Wilson) Lillian Meigs crib (Museum of History and Industry) Scoop from ferry Illahee (Gerald Elfendahl) Whale rib bone (Tom Thatcher)

Creates an environment in which arts and humanities flourish by helping local organizations and individuals deliver cultural services and programs; sponsors arts and humanities events. 221 Winslow Way W., Suite 201 206-842-7901 •

B.I. Arts Education Community Consortium

A Washington State Arts Commission-funded consortium of arts organizations, businesses, artists and the B.I. School District working to deepen arts learning in the public schools. Programs include artist-led projects in the schools, teacher training in integrated arts, performances, Art Docent Resource Center and Arts Mentorship Program. Administered by BIAHC. 221 Winslow Way W., Suite 201 206-842-7901 •

Bainbridge Island Metro Park & Recreation District

Sue Hylen, cultural arts manager Offers a wide variety of cultural arts classes, workshops, programs, concerts and special events for all ages throughout the year. 7666 High School Road 206-842-2306, ext. 116 or

Bainbridge Music & Arts Legacy Scholarship

Awards yearly $1,000 scholarship through Bainbridge Foundation to Bainbridge High School seniors in piano and instrumental, dance, voice and drama. Apply to school counselor. 206-842-5754

Bainbridge Public Library

Rebecca Judd, branch manager Open 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Mon.-Wed.; 1-5:30 p.m. Thurs and Fri; and 10-5 p.m. Sat. Hosts speakers, discussion groups, activities and cultural events. Maintains a collection of books,


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The museum’s main focus is showcasing under-recognized artists and special art collections from the Puget Sound region. In 2014, BIMA created and hosted 23 exhibitions which included rotating the permanent collection, showcasing the Heikki Seppa exhibition and rotating the Artist’s Book room three times. The museum’s solo exhibitions were: Elizabeth Reed Smith, Joseph Rossano, Tracy Lang, David Eisenhour, Fred Lisaius, Romson Bustillo, Max Grover, Jenny Andersen, Larry Ahvakana, Rachel Feferman, Harry Longstreet, and Karen Hackenberg. BIMA’s group shows included: Inner Portraits, Twelve Years in the Woods: Arts Studio Gallery, A Community Builds an Art Museum as well as a special show on Children’s Book Illustrators. Were there any particularly noteworthy acquisitions made last year? A noteworthy acquisition this year was the gift of the Heikki Seppa collection, hand-formed works in silver and other metals. This master artist was originally from Finland, and spent his last years on Bainbridge Island. Internationally known and collected, Seppa taught numerous metals students over the decades – he brought techniques to the United States, and also invented others. Which exhibit saw the most visitors? The summer exhibitions season is by far the busiest averaging about 250 visitors per day from locals to international tourists. Summer exhibitions included: Jenny Andersen: Offerings; Max Grover: Hunter, Gatherer, Painter; Romson Regarde Bustillo: Dugay na; and Fred Lisaius: Terra Sublime.

One big draw was the Annual Family Art Day (July 19, 2014), highlighting the work of Max Grover in partnership with KiDiMu, Bloedel Reserve, Kitsap Regional Library, Bainbridge Island Metro Park & Rec, BI Storybook Makers and more. Last year also saw the first annual Military Appreciation Day (Aug. 29), Brian Kelly photo in partnership with Artist David Eisenhour, right, works to hang his installation “Dialogue KiDiMu and the with Nature” at BIMA last year. Bainbridge Historical Museum. included many years at Washington UniVisitors also enjoyed free hands-on art versity in St. Louis, where he was known workshops, Art in Action, throughout the for teaching and/or inventing techniques summer. in synclastic and anticlastic raising, and A description of BIMA’s newest acqui- reticulation. sition: His book, “Form Emphasis for MetalA total of 30 works of art by Seppa have smiths” (1978) is still widely used by been formally donated to the permanent metals students around the world. art collection. Greg Robinson, BIMA’s executive The donation has been in the works for director and curator said that, “This the past year — including confirming the major donation of artworks is a unique, history, materials and processes involved special collection, and reflects the best in creating each of the artworks. of silversmithing and the broader crafts Donated pieces include jewelry art, func- field. BIMA is very honored to have tional works including a silver coffee set, been trusted with this collection, and will conceptual sculptures, and demonstrawork to further research and illuminate tion pieces from Seppa’s many classes Seppa’s amazing artistic and educational and workshops. Materials used include legacy.” sterling and alloy silver, bronze, brass, BIMA has displayed most of these and copper, with enhancements including artworks since its opening in June 2013, jade and pyrite. during the research period. The new Seppa was born in Finland in 1927 and acquisitions will be featured Feb. 28 passed away on Bainbridge Island, where through June 7 in the second floor Garhe retired, in 2010. His prominent career den Gallery.



“We Care, Call Us First!” Whether you need Property Management or are looking for a Rental… We specialize in Quality Residential Property in Kitsap County. 2 0 6 - 8 42-5 851 8 8 8 - 8 42-5 851

w w

365 Ericksen Ave. Ste. 313 Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

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Bainbridge Public Library 2014 By the Numbers

magazines, audio books, DVDs, CDs and extensive electronic resources. Ongoing programs include children’s story times, family storytelling, teen events, Library Speakers Forum, travelogues, play readings and opera previews. Friends of the Library holds used book sales three times per month to support library programming. 1270 Madison Ave. 206-842-4162 • •




American Needlepoint Guild

Meets 10 a.m. fourth Monday at Rolling Bay Presbyterian Church. Donna Brookfield: 206-780-6733

Embroiderers Guild of America

Meets 10 a.m. third Tuesday at member homes. Anne Stern: 206-842-3932

Bainbridge Island Quilters

Meets 7-9 p.m. first Thursday at Wyatt House. Quilters of all levels welcome. Honora Dunkak: 206-842-7358 or Carol Winston: 206-842-0535

Churchmouse Charity Knitters

Meets 1-3 p.m. third Thursdays at Churchmouse Yarns and Teas, 118 Madrone Lane. Laura Alonso: 206-780-2686

PHOTOGRAPHY Bainbridge Island Photo Club

Meets at 7-9 p.m. second Wednesdays at the Bainbridge Commons, 370 Brien Dr. Meetings alternate between club competition and education. Visitors and interested photographers are welcome. Paul Brians, 206-780-5926 or 360-297-2447


Bainbridge Library Book Group & Third Tuesday Book Group

The BLB group meets at 7 p.m. on the fourth Wednesday of each month at the B.I. Library and the TTB group at 1 p.m. on the third Tuesday at the Senior Center. 206-842-4162

Eagle Harbor Book Company

Organizes readings, book groups & writers’ workshops. 157 Winslow Way East 206-842-5332 • www.eagleharborbooks. com

Field’s End

An organization devoted to inspiring writers and nurturing the written word. Offers


Circulation (number of items checked out): 383,563 People count: 247,597 Public computer sessions: 25,403 In library: 12,489 (419 programs, average of 30 attendees) One-on-one assistance: 485 people helped Outreach: 9.035 (352 programs, average of 26 attendiees) Number of active volunteers: 253 Brian Kelly photo Number of children in summer reading program: 1,594 Puppeteer Mary Shaver gets Shoemaker the puppet Teens at programs/class visits: ready before the start of her show at the Bainbridge 3,915 Public Library in December. Number of islanders who used their library card in the last three years: 15,124 (66 percent)


Number of items in library: 87,500 Library size: 15,500 square feet Size of staff: 14.15 full-time equivalents

DIGITAL ACROSS KITSAP REGIONAL LIBRARY Overdrive (ebooks, e-audio): 197,828 Zinio Magazines: 20,476 Freegal Music: 35,090

The Bainbridge Public Library’s Most Widely Read Books of 2014 FICTION “Invention Of Wings - A Novel” by Sue Monk Kidd “Gone Girl - A Novel” by Gillian Flynn “Cuckoos Calling” by Robert Galbraith “Signature Of All Things” by Elizabeth Gilbert “Goldfinch” by Donna Tartt NON FICTION “Unbroken” by Hillenbrand Laura “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed “Quiet” by Susan Cain “David and Goliath” by Gladwell Malcolm “Boys in the Boat” by Daniel Brown

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Bainbridge Island Historical Museum. “Educators from across the world, including Bosnia, Japan, and Ometepe make us an annual stop for lessons they teach,” she said. The museum had a record number of student visitors in 2013, and hosted more than 60 groups from local schools and universities from surrounding communities. More than 950 students from Bainbridge schools alone visited the museum. In 2014, more than 800 youngsters stopped by. Overall, the total number of visitors was 14,886 last year, an increase of 22.5 percent over 2013. Visitors came from all 50 states, Washington, D.C. and 46 countries. The museum’s newest exhibit is “Port Blakely: Portrait of a Mill Town.” Today’s casual visitor to Port Blakely might be astounded to learn that the quiet harbor was once the scene of a bustling maritime industrial complex that at one time laid claim to being the largest and highest producing sawmill in the world. The collection of photographic images of the mill — which burned to the ground and was rebuilt twice — depict the multiple faces and facets of Port Blakely. Documenting this era of growth and change are the photographs of several notable photographers including William Hester, Carleton Watkins and Asahel Curtis. Museum officials say some of the strongest images are thanks the photographic talent of Tamegoro Takayoshi and especially to Charles J. Lincoln. Lincoln — a distant relative of President Abraham Lincoln — left a legacy of some 950 glass-plate negatives which are now housed at the museum. They have all been digitized and give a brilliant glimpse into the Blakely lifestyle. The museum is featuring selections from his series of landscapes, buildings, boats, industrial scenes, pets and people. Be sure to see his “Lincoln’s Ladies Collection” that features models, dancers, friends and relatives posing in the elaborate fashions of the era. The glass plate format has captured striking detail and there is a modern lifelike beauty preserved in these 100-year-old images. Other aspects of the exhibition include a diorama model of the mill and surrounding structures and details of the

Who’s who at the Bainbridge Island Historical Museum

Photo courtesy of the Bainbridge Island Historical Museum

Early transportation on the Port Blakely boardwalk. Yama mill worker village archaeological site. The museum is open every day from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. It is located at 215 Ericksen Ave. There’s more than one way to travel back in time beyond the exhibits, such as the museum’s annual fundraising cruise on the restored steamship, the Virginia V, in July. The museum will again host Clay Jenkins and his portrayal of Roosevelt this coming November.

The museum’s Board of Directors: Karen Wilson, President Tom Thatcher, Vice President Carolyn Hart, Treasurer Bernie Baker, Secretary Andrea Mercado, Secretary Karen Beierle Jim Chapel Bill Covert Kathleen Daugherty Everett DuBois Anita Evans Tom Lamping Deena Poole Staff Hank Helm, Executive Director Rick Chandler, Curator Katy Curtis, Education/outreach Dan Groff, Administration Coordinator


Serving Traditional Chinese food, Sushi Bar, Seafood, Beer & Wine Bar 21303 Olhava Way (Next to WalMart & Wendy’s)

360-598-2926 Open 7 Days a Week

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classes, workshops, lectures and other events and activities to further the art and craft of writing. Free monthly Writers Roundtable at the Bainbridge Public Library. or

YES! A Journal of Positive Futures

National quarterly magazine promoting positive change in the global community. 284 Madrona Way, Suite 116 206-842-0216 •

MUSEUMS Historical Society & Museum

enjoy exhibits, films and access to a research library. 215 Ericksen Ave. 206-842-2773 •

Classic Cycles Museum of Bicycling

Open 10 a.m.-6:30 p.m. Mon-Fri; 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Sat; noon to 4 p.m. Sun. Cycling history with an emphasis on American cycle racing with famous racing bicycles on display. Bicycle rental all year round. 740 Winslow Way 206-842-9191 •

Kids Discovery Museum

Nov.-Mar.: Mon-Fri 10 a.m.-4, Sat & Sun 1-4 p.m. April-Oct.: Daily 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Local history comes alive as visitors to the museum

An interactive, educational destination, where parents and children can discover the joy of learning together and experience hands-on exhibits, creative projects and rotating daily

programming that combines art, culture and science. 301 Ravine Lane 206-855-4650 •

Bainbridge Island Museum of Art

The island’s newest museum opened in June 2013. The Bainbridge Island Museum of Art features local and regional art for the unbeatable admission price of — free. 100 Ravine Lane NE, Suite 201 206-842-4451 •

MUSIC Grupo Meridional

Performs festive music with a Latin American influence. Alan Simcoe: 206-842-4120


Continued on Page 37 Celebrating 20 years of full service real estate on Bainbridge Island

Debra Nitsche

Managing Broker 206.714.6190

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Bainbridge Chorale

Michael A. Miller Jr., director Community choir which performs at two or three yearly concerts. 206-780-2467 •

Bainbridge Chorale Young Singers Program

Jeremy Rothbaum, director Community choir for youth grades 1-8. 206-780-2467 •

Bainbridge Community Piano Association

Darden Burns, president A nonprofit that maintains and rents the grand piano in the Bainbridge Commons and sponsors student recitals and First Sundays at the Commons concert series. 206-842-3380 •

BI Youth Orchestra

Joel Martin, president Wesley Schultz, music director Bainbridge Island Youth Orchestra’s mission is to foster musicianship and camaraderie within

the community through education and performance. Formed in 2001 by a group of parent/ teacher volunteers; two youth orchestras provide an opportunity for young musicians to make friends and beautiful music together.

mances by local and nationally known musicians. Offers Kindermusik instruction. 10598 Valley Road 206-780-6911 •

Bainbridge Symphony Orchestra

A nonprofit music organization preserving the heritage of live performance. Bringing musicians and venues together. 8563 NE Day Road • 206-842-3185

David Waltman, artistic advisor An all-volunteer, classical community orchestra for adults and advanced youth players performing baroque, classical, romantic and modern repertoire. Auditions in September each year, season is fall to spring. Opportunities for smaller ensembles in chamber orchestra works. 206-842-4560 • www.bainbridge

Community Singers Ensemble of local musicians and singers whose aim is to bring music and joy to the community. Performances at nursing homes and holiday events. No auditions or singing experience necessary.

Music Community Resources

PERFORMING ARTS & SERIES Bainbridge Performing Arts

Presents year-round live entertainment and education with theater, live comedy improv, music, dance, youth theater classes, school outreach and adult workshops. 200 Madison Ave. Box Office: 206-842-8569 Administrative Office: 206-842-4560

Island Music Guild

A nonprofit organization of music professionals, students and music enthusiasts offering lessons, ensemble opportunities and perfor-


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Tooth Truth Would you like a tooth extracted with your next hair cut? From the middle ages to the 19th century, barbers routinely performed dental procedures.

We’ve come a long way.

Comprehensive Family & Cosmetic Dentistry Fillings • Crowns • Root Canals Extensive Surgery Experience and many services some dentists refer out including: • Pediatric Dentistry • Oral Surgery • Implants • Invisalign Orthodontics

Nathan G. Russell, DDS 727 Ericksen Ave NE • Suite 2 • 206-780-1010

Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015 | 37

Luciano Marano photo

A row of the string section of the Bainbridge Symphony Orchestra works through a practice session. ARTS:

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Ron Milton, artistic director, Local theater company produces plays, musicals, revues, cabarets and more. 9630 NE Raccoon Lane 206-842-0472 •

Island Theatre

Mark S. Swaney DVM Lianne K. Tabata DVM Eva M. Pinto DVM

Staged readings at the Bainbridge Public Library; potluck play readings in homes; and full stage productions. Shows that are geared toward mature audiences push the intellectual envelope. Robin Simons: 206-780-4353 • www.islandtheatre. org

Bloedel Reserve Spring & Summer Concerts

Musical and theatrical performances for adults & children. 206-842-7631 •

First Saturday Dance at Island Center Hall

A 30-year tradition Nordic and Scandinavian folk dancing first Saturdays, Oct.-June. Potluck

dinner at 6 p.m., dance 7-10 p.m. 8395 Fletcher Bay Road Fred Aalto: 206-780-8036

First Sundays at the Commons

Darden Burns, musical director Bainbridge Community Piano Association hosts monthly chamber music and jazz ensemble performances at 4 p.m. first Sundays of the month at the Commons. 402 Brien Drive by Waterfront Park

Pegasus Live Music

Live music performances and open mics Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 131 Parfitt Way 206-842-6725 • www.pegasuscoffee

Seabold Second Saturdays

A community “open mic” with a featured folk, blues, or world music act. 7:30 p.m. second Saturday of every month at Seabold Hall. Sign-ups start at 6:30 p.m. 14451 Komedal Road

38 | Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015

CELEBRATING A DECADE OF EMPOWERING KIDS THROUGH PLAY Kids Discovery Museum is turning 10 this year. A bigger-than-ever Birthday Bash is in the works along with other festive surprises throughout the anniversary year. “We are excited to invite the community to celebrate with us and recognize a momentous occasion when we all came together to create a home for early learning on Bainbridge Island,” said KiDiMu’s executive director Susie Burdick. The museum first opened in the Packard Building on Madison Avenue in April 2005 and then, in June 2010, moved to its permanent home in the current Island Gateway location.

2014 Highlights: First Kids for KiDiMu walk On May 3, KiDiMu held its first “FUNdraiser” for young philanthropists, sponsored by Harrison Medical Center. Children and their families joined a walkathon to support the museum’s educational mission and ensure that KiDiMu continues to thrive and bring generations together. At the finish line, participants joined Recess Monkey for a rocking finale. In 2015, the event is planned for May 2 and will feature new attractions along the route. Growing up safe and prepared In 2014, KiDiMu introduced a monthly program and new additions to “Our Town” exhibit hall to make young visitors familiar with important safety and emergency preparedness issues and help families tackle them with no fear. Each month the museum partners with local specialists to present a new subject, from natural disasters to kitchen safety, and more. The program was made possible thanks to generous support from Bainbridge Community Foundation, Puget Sound Energy and Rotary Club of Bainbridge Island. New climbing wall exhibit

Luciano Marano photo

Carly Hart, 8, reacts with surprise after opening her eyes to find out she’s just been kissed by Lumpy, an American alligator. Hart said she was “kind of scared,” but did not open her eyes until Peterson told her to. She did not expect the animal kissing her to be an alligator, she said. Isaac “Reptile Boy” Peterson introduced the guests at 2014’s Kids Discovery Museum Birthday Bash to some of his favorite cold-blooded party animals. In the spring KiDiMu opened a new outdoor exhibit featuring a climbing wall. KiDiMu kids can practice motor skills and have fun outdoors rain or shine, as the wall is sheltered by a big yellow sail. It has quickly become a visitor favorite!

2015 Highlights New exhibit: microeye microscope In the beginning of the year, KiDiMu will bring more science fun into focus with a Jeff Etchey, Owner

Etchey’s Trimworks When Quality Matters


Island Music Guild 10598 NE Valley Road Bainbridge Island, WA 360-780-6911

new installation in the Science Hall. With the help of MicroEye, a large-scale microscope, visitors will be able to investigate various small specimens and see them enlarged on a big screen. The exhibit was made possible thanks to the support from D.V. and Ida McEachern Charitable Trust and visitor donations. The museum is also planning further enhancements to its outdoor exhibit. Visitors should stay tuned for details.

Quality, Custom Work • Kitchen & bath remodels • All interior trim work installation


Cell 360.689.0421

• Custom built mantles, closets, bookcases • Door replacement • Laminate countertops


30 Years Experience • Licensed & Bonded #ETCHET*895QC

Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015 | 39

ISLAND inspirations

Island life, one inch at a time Vincent Mattson has spent a good chunk of the last 20 years looking out for rain. When it comes, he is never upset. Through drought and deluge, the 91-year-old Air Force veteran, a World War II bombardier and former civil engineer with the Washington State Department of Transportation, has used his affinity for numbers and order, an extension of his chosen occupations and naturally organized mentality, to create a very special and specific picture of the times. When the clouds gather and the sky opens up, Mattson collects, measures and records the precipitation for his meticulous personal files, which he has kept with loving dedication since 1993 using only an antique typewriter and a very basic rain gauge posted out on the deck of his home. Then, every month or two, he makes a select few copies of his charts and records for delivery to several special recipients, including city hall and the office of the Bainbridge Island Review. “I make seven copies,” he said. “I give a copy to the city and the fellow that gave me the rain gauge, I give him a copy. And other people, engineers and whatnot, that are interested in the rainfall.” It’s a hobby he came to later in his retirement, he said, but one of significantly more importance than playing games or working on jigsaw puzzles. “It’s a hobby, but I think it’s useful because you can’t rely on Bremerton’s rain experience as being indicative of ours even though we’re so close,” Mattson explained. “We’re a lot more tied in with Seattle, but there’s even differences on

the island.” The impetus of his newfound labor of love was quite simple, and Mattson remembers it in the same humble, matterof-fact way in which he relates anything else. “I think it’s because somebody gave me a gauge,” he said. “I think that it was one of the science teachers at the high school. So, I put it up outside, and that Luciano Marano photo was it.” Vincent Mattson, a World War II bombardier and former civil “It’s been very engineer with the Washington State Department of Transportation, interesting, really, to has been keeping a meticulous record of the monthly and annual see just how changeprecipitation on Bainbridge Island since 1993. able things are,” he added. “This is a difily in Gamlakarleby, Finland. ficult area to be a weather forecaster in. Further down the list are trips back and When you start comparing from one year forth across the United States - they’ve to the next, you can see.” been to every state - as well as Norway, Rain isn’t the only record that Mattson Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria, keeps. He has lists and files, all made on Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Thailand, the same classic typewriter, of everyMalaysia, Japan, China and some even thing from home improvements to family more exotic locales, and they brought trips, all of them carefully organized their four children along on many of the and dated. He and his wife Kathryn can adventures. literally tell you everywhere they’ve ever The family’s globe trekking began in been, and exactly when they were there. earnest, Mattson remembered, when he That is even more impressive when retired from the highway department you see how many places they’ve been. of the Washington State Department Mattson’s “Family Travels” file dates of Transportation in 1976. It was the back to the summer of 1928 when he culmination of more than three decades went with his parents and older sister of government service, including his on the Swedish-American liner ship SS Gripsholm to visit his father’s family on INSPIRATIONS: Continued on Page 45 the Aland Islands and his mother’s fam-

STORY BY LUCIANO MARANO 40 | Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015

Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015 | 41

42 | Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015

Bainbridge Island Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015 | 43

“Susan was absolutely great. We really enjoyed working with her. So personable and so professional.” “Susan was a joy to work with - she exceeded all expectations and sold our house in five days!”

“Susan was kind but honest with us throughout the process. I really appreciated her patience and understanding.” “Susan is such a wonderful agent. We are very happy in our new home.”

Susan Grosten Managing Broker 206.755.8411 call/text

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time as an Army Air Forces bombardier during World War II. “We could retire after 30 years, which included service time,” Mattson explained. “First day I could retire, I did.” The family moved to Bainbridge Island in 1977, into a house which had been owned by his wife’s grandparents. It was a long way from his first home. “I was born in Brooklyn,” Mattson remembered. “I went through the school system there until 1937, which included the first years of high school. They had accelerated programs, so I did two years of junior high school in one year.” It was shortly after that, while visiting some of his mother’s family in Everett, that Mattson’s mom decided that Washington was the place for them. No matter what his dad said. “My mother got smitten with the area, because then, when we got back “First day to Brooklyn, she I could talked my dad into moving out here,” retire, I did.” he said. Vincent Mattson “That would be just like you talking me into moving to Florida,” he said with disbelief to his wife. His father proved easier to uproot, however, and later that year the family made the drive across the country in the midst of the Great Depression in a 1928 Dodge. Mattson graduated from high school in Everett and then, after studying aeronautic construction through a mail-order course and brief stints of employment with Boeing and then at Paine Field, enlisted in the Army Air Forces. It was early 1943. “I enlisted and got into the cadet program,” Mattson remembered. “I wanted to be a navigator. I didn’t want to be a pilot, but I finally ended up graduating from bombardier school.” Mattson ultimately flew 32 combat missions during World War II as part of the 99th Bomb Group. He remembered that his unit’s primary objectives included taking out the enemy’s oil refineries, aircraft manufacturing plants and transportation facilities. “They were shooting at us all the time,” he said. “But, this was after the D-

Day landings. Prior to that, the 15th Air Force had an awful lot of German fighter opposition. After the June landings, that tapered off a lot. “Timing is everything, as they say,” he laughed. After a brief stint at home, Mattson reported for reassignment, having served his time with the 99th. “They said, ‘You’ve got battle fatigue,’” he laughed. “So, they sent me up to Spokane, Washington for R&R. Then back to California for reassignment, and the war ended in August.” It was late 1945. Shortly afterward, while studying at

the University of Washington, Mattson met his future wife Kathryn “Kay” Bergman, a nursing student there. Mattson graduated as a civil engineer and moved on to his next — considerably safer — career adventure, which actually turned out to be historic as well. “(I) got involved in the design and construction of the first freeway in the state of Washington,” he remembered. “The Vancouver Freeway, it was Highway 99 at the time because the interstate system hadn’t been established. That didn’t come until ’56.” INSPIRATIONS: Continued on Page 46

An outreach service of volunteers assisting the elderly and persons with disabilities to enable their independence, dignity, health and well-being.

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Colleen Adams


Managing Broker, GRI, CRS, CRB, CLHMS, MBA c 206.355.6822 | h 206.842.8468 | f 206.780.6098 P.O. Box 4604 | Rollingbay, WA 98061

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2015 Island Treasures Three island artists have been recognized as this year’s newest recipients of the Island Treasure award, joining a roster which includes some of the most famous names in Bainbridge culture. The 2015 awardees are Diane Bonciolini and Greg Mesmer of Mesolini Glass and photographer Art Grice. Grice, an island resident since 1977, has worked as an architectural and fine arts photographer for more than 40 years. He has also been a gallery owner, mentor and teacher. The island photographer is also noted for the tireless work he has done to promote and support other artists. As founding members of the Bainbridge Island Studio Tour, Bonciolini and Mesmer proved tireless in their encouragement of new artistic talents. Their latest nonprofit endeavor, the Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network, is currently working to create a community center focused on craft and invention, with special programs to be geared toward children and young adults. Originally conceived in 1999, the Island Treasure Award honors excellence in the arts and/or humanities and is presented annually to individuals who have made outstanding contri-

Greg Mesmer and Diane Bonciolini butions in those areas in the Bainbridge Island community. Candidates must Art Grice live on Bainbridge, have displayed an ongoing commitment to their chosen field and serve as an inspiration to those in their field and others in the community to become more involved in local arts and humanities. The Island Treasure selection process was modeled after the MacArthur Genius Awards Program. Ten nominators chosen from a pool of community members each identify one or two potential candidates, whose names and accomplishments are submitted to a five-person jury. The final two are then approved by the Arts & Humanities Council Board.

INSPIRATIONS: Continued from Page 45 After his retirement, and their international travels and adventures, Mattson said he and Kathryn are taking things easier back on Bainbridge these days. “We don’t go anywhere anymore,” he laughed. But the records remain, as well as the photos and, best of all, the stories. The stories — some of war, some of parenthood and many of travel by plane, car and ship — Mattson recalls with that same humble, matter-of-fact tone again, the same one he uses when he


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Past winners 2000: 2001: 2002: 2003: 2004: 2005: 2006: 2007: 2008: 2009: 2010: 2011: 2012: 2013: 2014:

Jerry Elfandahl and Joel Sackett Bob McAllister and Norma Edens Frank Kitamoto and Kim and Ela Esterberg Richard Stine and Janice Shaw Maggie Smith and Hidde Van Duym Jenny Anderson and David Korten Gayle Bard and Barbara Helen Berger David Guterson and David and George Lewis Kristin Tollefson and Alice Mendoza Alan Simcoe and Kathleen Thorne Kathleen Alcala and Frank Buxton Ann Lovejoy and Sally Robison George Shannon and Michele Van Slyke Cynthia Harrison and Johnpaul Jones Janie Ekberg and John Willson

discusses his latest rainfall figures. Regardless of all the places he’s seen, Bainbridge, Mattson said, is a good place to live. “You find on Bainbridge that people have a lot of interesting backgrounds because, for the most part, they have been doers,” he said. “That’s what I like about this. We have a wide variety of individuals, and they’re willing to use their talents to help out.” Mattson’s own life stands as testament to that statement, as he himself continues to help out, too, every single time it rains.






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2005 2006



2009 2010

2011 2012 2013 2014

As measured on Green Spot Place NE, Bainbridge, by Vince Mattson Precipitation measured around 8 a.m.

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Island SPORTS AND RECREATION Opportunities to get in on the action on Bainbridge are everywhere, and whether you’re going out for the team or looking for something a little more off the beaten path, the island has what it takes to get you moving. Though it may seem that much of the local emphasis is on youth sports, the high school’s many championship-earning teams and clubs as well as the various youth leagues, old-timers too will find plenty of ways to shake the dust off as they explore and enjoy the multitude of recreational options on the island. Whether you’re looking for beaches to relax on, trails to hike and bike, boats to sail or games to play, Bainbridge has it all.

BHS Sailing team The Bainbridge High Sailing Team was formed in 1988 by a few students who had been sailing in the Bainbridge parks summer program and who wanted to sail as a high school sport. At that time there were no other local high school sailing teams, but there were many sailing teams throughout the country governed by the Interscholastic Sailing Association. John DeMeyer was the original coach and coordinator at parks, and he recruited others in the area to form teams from five schools to create the Northwest District of ISSA. Along with the first two team captains and their parents, he also successfully lobbied to have the school jointly sponsor the sailing team with the park district. The sailing team’s first season was in 1996. 2014 NWISA Doublehanded Fourth place NWISA Team Racing Champions

2013 Northwest District Interscholastic Sailing Association: Double-handed Second place NWISA Team Racing Champions Interscholastic Sailing Association: National Team Racing 11th place NWISA Singlehanded Radial Champion

ADULT SPORTS Agate Pass Sail & Power Squadron

Encourages and supports Boat Smart classes and vessel checks. Marty Schwartz: 360-271-6185

8521 Madison Ave. 206-842-2302, ext. 0 •

Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 48

April Cheadle, head coach Open to swimmers of all ages and abilities.

The civilian, all-volunteer group provides boating safety, vessel checks and education. Meets 7 p.m. first Tuesdays at the Poulsbo Marina & the B.I. Commons.

Bainbridge Aquatic Center

Bainbridge Athletic Club

Bainbridge Aquatic Masters

Two indoor pools; Ray Williamson Memorial Pool is a 25-yard, six-lane pool with 1-meter board. The Don Nakata Memorial Pool has four lap lanes, a slide, a separate diving area, a lazy river, spa and tot pool.

Full-fitness facilities and indoor tennis center club. See website for more information. 11700 NE Meadowmeer Circle


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Thanks forfor helping us collect and preserve Thanks helping us collect and preserve thecolorful colorful history of Bainbridge the history of Bainbridge Island! Island! Award-winning multi-media •“An “An IslandIsland Story” Story” Award-winning multi-media exhibit in ourexhibit originalin our original 1908 one-room schoolhouse.

one-room schoolhouse. 1908Port Blakely Portrait of a Mill Town  “Ansel Adams: Portrait • Port Blakely Portrait of aAMill Town of Manzanar”

Relocation Center” Manzanar, CA in 1943.

Images from the “War

• “Ansel Adams: A Portrait of Manzanar” Images from the “War Relocation Center”AManzanar, in 1943. From The Ferry Terminal Located ShortCAWalk Located A Short Walk From The Ferry Terminal

Now Open Every Day — 10:00 am until 4:00 pm Now Open Every Day — 10:00 am until 4:00 pm 215Ericksen Ericksen Phone: 206-842-2773 215 AveAve NE NE Phone: 206-842-2773

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Grandparents Grandma and Grandpa always supported us...


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206-842-5661 • info@bainbridgeathletic

Bainbridge Island Metropolitan Park & Recreation District

Julie Miller, sports and fitness coordinator Sports for adults and youth, exercise classes, martial arts and summer camps. 206-842-2306, ext. 114 •

Bainbridge Island Rowing

A nonprofit that offers community recreational and competitive programs spring, summer and fall for ages 13 and older. Morgan Seeley: 206-842-2004

B.I. Park District Trails Committee

A volunteer group building and maintaining the island’s public trails. Work parties on fourth Saturdays, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Dan Hamlin: 206-842-3373

Bainbridge Island Senior Community Center (BISCC)

At Liberty Shores I know the support will continue. At Liberty Shores Assisted Living Community and Harbor House Alzheimer’s Community, we understand the needs of your loved ones.

Bainbridge Island Softball Assoc.

Part of the BI Metro Park and Rec District ASA-sanctioned league offering all-male and mixed programs. Adults of all skills level are welcome. Season starts in May. 206-842-2306 •

Liberty Shores

Bainbridge Island Yacht Club


Scott Isenman, commodore Activities center around boating and harbor stewardship. Eagle Harbor Marina, 5834 Ward Ave. 206-842-4003 •

Harbor House MEMORY CAR E


19360 Viking Avenue N.W., Poulsbo

Open 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m. Mon.-Fri. Promotes wellness, friendship, learning, sharing and involvement for adults 55 and older. Offers social, cultural, health and fitness, recreational and physical activities, including a softball team, classes, travel and lots of volunteer opportunities. 370 Brien Drive SE 206-842-1616 •

Cascade Bicycle Club LIKE US ON

Produces the annual Chilly Hilly, Seattle Bike Swap, Bike Expo, Bike to Work Day, Commute Challenge, Flying Wheels, Seattle to Portland


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Bicycle Classic, Cyclefest, RSVP, Ride Around Washington, High Pass Challenge and the Kitsap Color Classic. Runs numerous summer bike camps for kids and advocates for better biking across Washington. 206-522-3222 or 206-522-2453 or

Eagle Harbor Yacht Club

Rick Randall, commodore Members from the Island and Seattle area. Winslow Wharf Marina 206-842-4202 • www.eagleharboryacht

Fly Fishing Club

Meets at 7 p.m. the last Tuesday of each month at Seabold Hall. Dave Boyce: 206-842-8374


Association walking club. Regular Saturday walks. site


The Hill family takes the business of moving personally

Meadowmeer Golf & Country Club Semi-private golf course. 8530 Renny Lane 206-842-2218

The Mountaineers, Kitsap Chapter

Hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, kayaking and other sports with experienced leaders. Meets at Mike Raymond, Kitsap Branch chair, (This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) Kitsap Cabin at 3153 Seabeck Highway, Bremerton 360-204-2111

Squeaky Wheels

Pool kayak roll classes and regular social paddles. Back of Beyond 206-842-9229 •

We Deliver Peace of Mind...

Supports the bicycling community and nonmotorized transportation options on Bainbridge. Hosts a chili feed fundraiser the day of

Find out why many families on the move look to us, whether their journey is across town or around the world. We take care of every step and enjoy a long list of repeat customers. • Drug Free Professional Business • FREE No-Obligation Estimates

Kitsap Volkssporters Walking Club Kitsap affiliate of the American Volkssport


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Your West Sound Benjamin Moore Dealer

• Our people and our materials set us apart

Another Generation Moving Up Pictured: Emma Hill & Sarah Hill Cook

“our name is on our trucks our reputation is on the line!” BAINBRIDGE ISLAND 937 Hildebrand Lane 206.842-2227 Facebook “f ” Logo

CMYK / .ai

Facebook “f ” Logo

CMYK / .ai

206-842-6715 • 360-697-3969 26394 Pioneer Way NW Poulsbo WA, 98370 US DOT 534666 HG 43090

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Photo courtesy of Pam Sharman

Anna Warga, Sarah Sharman and Abigail Harrison during their world championship-winning routine in Orlando, Florida. RECREATION:

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Chilly Hilly, the last Saturday in February, and the annual Bike for Pie Ride in August. Meets third Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. at the Marge Williams Center, 221 Winslow Way W. #307. Gordon Black, president 206-780-2434 •

Wing Point Golf & Country Club

Bob Hollister, general manager 811 Cherry Ave. 206-842-2688 •

Port Madison Yacht Club

Private yacht club at the island’s north end. 8478 Hidden Cove Road

EQUESTRIAN FACILITIES Bainbridge Island Pony Club

Bainbridge Saddle Club

Whitethorn Farm

Countryman Stables


Kristi Barr Private facility for shows, clinics, competition and pleasure riding. 7650 Day Road 206-842-1812 • Kathy Countryman Horse boarding, training and lessons. 5349 MacDonald Avenue 206-842-1408 • www.countryman Haven Farm

Mollie Bogardus Boarding, training, hunter/jumper lessons, lesson horses and show barn. 10300 Secretariat Lane 206-999-1181 •

Park Arabians

Riding and horse management skills for ages 6-25. Karen Dacek: 206-842-3644 • kadacek@ SueAnn McClelland: 360-280-8004 •

It was another title-filled year for jumpers from the Bainbridge Island Rope Skippers. Three members of the Bainbridge Island Rope Skippers earned the title of 2014 “Grand National Champions” at the USA Jump Rope National competition held in Long Beach, California which concluded Sunday, June 29. Anna Warga, Abigail Harrison and Sarah Sharman performed a no-miss, high difficulty Double Dutch freestyle routine at Grand Nationals, the final day of competition, featuring the “best of the best” from Nationals. The Bainbridge trio earned a gold medal at Nationals in the 18-to-22 age division, earning them the chance to compete for the Grand National championship title and trophy. The trio also competed in — and ultimately won — the 2014 World Jump Rope Championships in Orlando, Florida. Warga, Harrison and Sharman won the gold medal with a nearly flawless Double Dutch freestyle routine.

Saradel and Bud Parker Polish and Crabett Arabian horses. Breeding, lessons, showings and sales. 5524 Lynwood Center Road 206-842-7329 •

Janet Grunbok USDF-certified instructor specializing in dressage; boarding available. 7130 NE Day Road. 206-842-6421 •

Babe Ruth Baseball

Sign up online in January; teams start play in March for ages 13-15.

Bainbridge Island Diving Team

Chris Miller Competitive springboard diving at intermediate and national level. 206-780-6146 •

Bainbridge Island Wrestling Club

Dan Pippinger For youths in third grade through sixth grade. Winter and spring seasons. 206-855-0500 or 206-842-1481


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Bainbridge Island Little League

Major and minor leagues for T-ball, softball and All-Star teams.

Bainbridge Island Gymnastics Club Bryan Garoutte For boys and girls ages 6-18. 206-842-2306, ext. 117 • bryan@biparks. org gymnastics.html

Bainbridge Island Junior Football For youth, ages 8-14 (Grades 3-8).

B.I. Metropolitan Park & Recreation District

Julie Miller Offers soccer, basketball, gymnastics and other organized youth sports, as well as martial arts and an open gym. 206-842-2306, ext.114 •

Bainbridge Island Volleyball

Julie Miller Volleyball for adults or youths of all ages. 842-2306, ext. 114 •

B.I. Roller Hockey League

Coed youth recreational league for ages 7-17. Registration in February. Season is May-July. or

Bainbridge Water Polo Aquatics Center Water polo for ages 8-13. 206-842-2302

B.I. Rope Skippers

Shield CELEBRATES Spartan football legacy Bainbridge High School ensured the continuation of its proud football program legacy in 2014 with the unveiling of the Spartan shield plaque. The custom-designed decoration will be engraved with the names of every Spartan football player that had played all of their eligible years in high school throughout the past several decades before eventually being put up Luciano Marano in a place of display at the BHS coaches display the Spartan shield plaque at the school. first-ever Spartan Bowl season opening picnic and The innovative project scrimmage event prior to the start of the 2014 season. and accompanying plaque are part of a renewal of Cal Barash-David and Carter Daniels interest in the football program at the were co-winners of the special teams high school, and a celebration of its im- MVP award. portant legacy, said Kimberly Raymond, Thomas was also named “Best Blocker.” a Spartan “team mom” supporter. Roth was named “Best Tackler” and Kyle 2014 SPARTAN FOOTBALL Jackson was awarded “Most InspiraPOST-SEASON AWARDS tional.” Gareth Grindeland was given the covAs decided by a vote by the coaches, eted Gordan Prentice Memorial Award. Peter Lindsey and Alstofo Rueda were The team’s offensive MVP was Ben named the “Most Improved” players. Fisher, as decided by a vote by the enThe staff also named Coltrane Brooks, tire roster. Riley Dunn, Ben McDonald and Eric Max Thomas and Sam Roth were coJung as “Rising Stars” to watch this winners of the defensive MVP award. coming season.

Jump in all kinds of events and competitions, with medals in national and world competitions. Junior and senior teams. Classes and summer camp are offered through Park District for ages 6-12.

B.I. Youth Soccer Club

Recreational & competitive soccer for ages 3-18. (888) 360-9908 •

Bainbridge Community Tennis Assoc.

Elementary school tennis at Blakely, Odyssey, Ordway and Wilkes. Program runs after school, Jan-Feb, in each school’s gym for 8-10 year olds; ends with all-school tournament. 206-855-0632 •


Lacrosse: Boys


Boys lacrosse (grades K-12). 206-780-6809 •



Lacrosse: Girls

Nicole Wortley Girls lacrosse (grades 3-12).

Spartans Baseball Club

Select baseball team for ages 13-16.

Visit Our Studios 365 Days a Year!

Bainbridge Working Studio’s 2015 Showcase August 14-16 2015 • December 4-6 2015

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Island boasts thousands of acres for active and passive park users When it comes to open space and outdoor recreation, the citizens of Bainbridge Island can’t get enough. You might think that this Puget Sound island would be satisfied to rest on its nearly 1,000-acre laurels, but no; every year the island renews its commitment and expands its public lands. In the most recent case, the Bainbridge Island Land Trust acquired the 31-acre Hilltop property, linking the east and west segments of the Grand Forest. The Bainbridge Island Metropolitan Park & Recreation District was involved in part of the purchase and will be the property’s overseer; it has also built a trail linking the two Grand Forest properties, which the district also manages. Red Pine Park, Bainbridge’s newest park, was donated to the parks district last year by Sue Cooley. Named after the Japanese tree which symbolizes patience and perseverance, the passive park at Parfitt Way and Wood Avenue features a gravel path that leads through an open lawn with a mixture of Japanese Red Pines and native plants to 11 raised community garden beds, an orchard and berry beds. Fort Ward Park, located at the island’s south end, is a 137-acre outpost with a boat launch, underwater park for scuba diving, walking trails, picnic areas, and one campsite for kayakers. Enjoy 4,300 feet of waterfront along Rich Passage or wander through the remains of World War I era gun emplacements inland. Follow Pleasant Beach Drive south from Lynwood, or find the upper parking area off Fort Ward Hill Road. Fort Ward Parade Grounds Park is a 1.5-acre neighborhood park located at the end of Parade Grounds Avenue. The site is a portion of the previous marching and parade area for Fort Ward. Nutes Pond is a 31-acre passive park with a captivating landscape whose central feature is a tranquil pond. Located off Toe Jam Hill Road at the island’s south end, this park purchase was in conjunction with the Open Space Bond fund and conveyed to the park district in 2011. Moving north, a trail system connects Fort Ward to Blakely Harbor Park, which boasts 40 acres of waterfront and woods around a historic millpond and stone jetty. Once the center of a booming timber industry, the inlet is a serene spot amid water, sky and birds. Eagledale offers an ambitious little park

Luciano Marano photo

Sophia Marchinek, 5, and Evelyn Browning, 6, test the early spring waters in the pond at Battle Point Park. near the south end of the island, including a cultural arts building and pottery kiln. There is a fenced, off-leash dog area; play equipment; a covered picnic area; tennis, sports, and volleyball courts; a stone labyrinth and a fine view of Mount Rainier, all on 6.7 acres off Rose Avenue. For a secluded escape, Gazzam Lake Preserve and contiguous properties offer more than 400 mostly wooded acres, including a quiet 14-acre freshwater lake/ wetland area. Most folks head up Marshall Road past the recycling center and park at the north gate. For a real workout try the shore-to-shore walk. Two satellite properties off Crystal Springs Drive are well worth exploring. The Gazzam Beach property, Close Beach, stretches 550 feet along the rocky beach near the foot of Baker Hill Road. An upland area includes seven rough acres of green space. The park has no amenities at this point but offers spacious views. Just to the south, Point White Pier, a former Mosquito Fleet and ferry dock, is an ideal spot for fishing and scuba diving. Located a few miles north of Gazzam Lake Preserve at 8395 Fletcher Bay Road is Island Center Park, which includes a historic community hall and a picnic area on its three acres.

The 90-year-old facility has a rich and varied history, and has a large room, corner stage for a variety of uses, a kitchen and two bathrooms. When park classes are not in session, the facility is available for rent from the park district. Waterfront Park on Eagle Harbor is one of several green spaces tucked into the Winslow area. Its 5.5 acres bridges downtown to the harbor and features a covered picnic building, tennis courts, a lower picnic area, bandstand and boat launch. The connecting Waterfront Trail begins at the ferry and runs west along the water before turning up into downtown Winslow. Hawley Cove, just east of Winslow, offers good ferry watching and, at low tide, 330 feet of driftwood-strewn beach. Its 12 acres include a boardwalk through a wooded upland and a lower marsh. Reach the park from either of two directions. From Winslow, hike down Hawley Way past the sewer plant, then scramble over the driftwood and you’re there. Or park off Wing Point Way, near Azalea Avenue, and look for the trailhead. Follow the wooded path and fork left at the bottom to find the beach. Camp Yeomalt is a long-time scout


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camp with trails on three acres at the corner of Yeomalt and Park Avenue. The classroom and Depression-era log cabin with performance stage are available for rental. At the southwest corner of Aaron and Grand avenues, Aaron Avenue Tot Lot is a small playground with horseshoe pits and a picnic table. Kenneth H. Gideon Park is a 2.5-acre playground and field at the corner of Grow Avenue and Gideon Lane. Proposed improvements include new play equipment and trail upgrades. Ballplayers of all sizes can boot balls or take a few practice swings at the ten-acre property of Sands Avenue Ball Fields. A regulation soccer pitch and Babe Ruth baseball diamond (with grass infield) have vaulted the park to the pinnacle of island ball facilities. Rotary Park is another stop for sluggers with two baseball fields and a picnic area on 10 acres. It’s on Weaver Road between High School Road and Wyatt Way. Strawberry Hill Park, west of town, is a decommissioned Nike missile site from the Cold War era and the HQ for park district activities. Aside from offices, the park hosts a tennis court, baseball and softball diamonds, a football field, a play area, a covered picnic area, and an indoor mini gym (call the park district at 206-842-2306 for programs and rental) all on 25 acres. Also here: a world-class skateboard park, the Rotary Skate Bowl (helmets required). The park is off High School Road, between Fletcher Bay and Sportsman Club roads. Grand Forest, a 240-acre park in several parts, anchors a mid-island greenway and wildlife corridor. True to its name, the parcels include 75-year-old evergreen forest, wetlands and wildlife habitat that

are popular with hikers, bikers and equestrians. The 1.2-mile Forest to Sky Trail begins at Grand Forest on Miller Road and dives west into robust woodland. Visitors cross a thriving wetland on a boardwalk and the ruts of a historic logging road before arriving at Battle Point Park. Though known mostly for its World War II military installations, Battle Point Park was named for a much earlier skirmish between a resident Suquamish band and raiders from a northern tribe. The park’s 90 acres of open space include two ponds (complete with ducks), picnic areas and a shelter, a smooth jogging/walking trail, a fitness course, several soccer and softball fields, two tennis courts, a roller hockey court, a sand volleyball court, two basketball courts, horse area and community gardens. From the northern end of Battle Point take a trail across Frey Avenue to find Fairy Dell Park, a 2.5-acre nature area. The park includes shoreline access at the base of a sylvan ravine. Meigs Park is a 120-acre inland wetland and wildlife habitat intended for nature study. It is covered by a conservation easement held by the Land Trust. Access is off Highway 305 and Koura Road. Ted Olson Nature Preserve encompasses 15 acres of woods with a .3-mile nature trail, a small natural amphitheater and parking for 10 vehicles. The park is on North Madison Avenue, just south of Wilkes Elementary. For a day out with a hoofed companion, Manzanita Park offers 120 acres of woods laced with horse and pedestrian trails. Its 2.27-mile nature trail is best enjoyed in late summer and early fall. There is also a covered picnic shelter and a controlled group camping area. The park is next to the Saddle Club off Day Road West.

Hidden Cove Ball Fields, located on Phelps Road (northeast off Day Road and Highway 305), hosts ball fields and access to an extensive trail network. The 9.5-acre site has a Little League field and a soccer practice area. Take a trail north to Hidden Cove Park and another six-acre parcel, which has space for picnics, 200 feet of shoreline and a dock for small watercraft. Nearby T’Chookwap Park, maintained by the park district, is a half-acre water view property on Spargur Loop Road, with a footpath to the bluff overlooking Port Madison. Facing east on Puget Sound, Fay Bainbridge Park showcases a 1,420-foot sandy beach with impressive driftwood piles. It also has the only overnight camping facilities on the island, with 36 standard sites, 26 water-only hookup sites and 10 primitive spaces for tents. The park, which previously was a State Parks property, includes a play area, two covered picnic facilities, volleyball and campfire pits. Find the 17-acre park off Sunrise Drive. West Port Madison Nature Preserve has 13 acres with 0.2-mile trail and picnic shelters, barbecue pits, and bird watching. From SR-305, follow West Port Madison Road to County Park Road and turn right. Bloedel Reserve, just north of Port Madison, is an internationally renowned public garden composed of 150 acres of forest, stately gardens, ponds, meadows, and the Bloedel family’s former estate home. This renowned garden welcomes the public. Go east on Agatewood Road to the gated entrance. Located deep inside Eagle Harbor off Weaver Avenue, the 4-acre Strawberry Plant Park property, once a berry cannery and commercial center, offers wildlife habitat, a non-motorized boat launch, picnic area, 80-foot-wide view corridor and a walking path with water access.

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What we were thinking? Or, what were we thinking? Bainbridge Islanders entered 2015 thinking that last year was pretty good, (Yes 66.7, No 33.3), but there was a little more doubt that this year will be a bit better (Yes 64.7, No 35.3). And a bit more of us were convinced the Seahawks would win the Super Bowl than at the start of last year. At least, that’s what people told us on our online polls at Here’s a look back at some of our opinions over the past year.

Will the Seahawks win the Super Bowl?

79.2 No 20.8 Yes Was the city’s hearing examiner correct in approving the new shopping center on High School Road? March 28, 2014



Jan. 20, 2014



60 50

Will the Seahawks win the Super Bowl?

Jan. 19, 2015




40 20








10 0


Should medical marijuana dispensaries and collective gardens be phased out and medical marijuana instead sold through retail pot shops? March 10, 2014






NO 63.6 YES 36.4

NO 86% YES 13%

Should e-cigarettes be banned in public places? March 5, 2014


60.4 39.6

Will you watch President Obama give the State of the Union speech?

2014 No 37.5 Yes 62.5

YES NO 56.3 43.8



2015 No 66.7 Yes 33.3

Should the city appeal the judge’s decision that said the city violated the Public Records Act by not releasing emails from city council members?



Jan. 29 5, 2014

Did you keep your 2014 New Year’s resolutions?

June 17, 2014

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33.3 66.7

Bainbridge by the numbers ON THE ROAD Miles of roadway on Bainbridge: 137 miles Amount of square feet of concrete and asphalt on island roads: 15.9 million Replacement cost of road system: $108.2 million Replacement cost per mile: $776,000 Number of parking ticket cases filed and charged, 2012: 2,404 Number of parking ticket cases filed and charged, 2013: 1,613 Number of parking ticket cases filed and charged, 2014 (estimated): 1,512 Number of parking ticket cases filed and charged, 2015 (estimated): 1,600

Number of traffic infractions, 2012: 630 Number of traffic infractions, 2013: 755 Number of traffic infractions, 2015 (estimated): 700 Traffic accidents, 2013: 202 Traffic accidents, 2014 (estimated) 220

Average permit turnaround, 2012: 42 days Average permit turnaround, 2014 (estimated): 48 days Total assessed property value on Bainbridge Island, 2015: $5.7 billion

IN THE PIPELINE Number of building permits issued, 2012: 489 Number of building permits issued, 2013: 509 Number of building permits issued, 2014 (estimated): 650 Number of building permits issued, 2015 (estimated): 675

Home Repairs “Done Right...the First Time.”

206-494-3339 Contractor License #CHRISC*878Q7

835 Madison Avenue North, ...helping people 835 Madison Avenue North, ...helping people livebetter better Bainbridge Bainbridge live Island, WAIsland, 98110 WA 98110 Quality Care right

here on Bainbridge. Call us today for a personal tour.

• CMS 5-Star

CMSFacility 5-Star Rated ••Medicare 5-Star Rated Facility Rated Facility • Customer Call us today for a Satisfaction ••Customer 206.842.4765 CustomerAward personal Calltour. us today for a •Satisfaction Six Day Therapy Award Satisfaction Award personal tour. 835 Avenue Northhere • Bainbridge Island, WA 983110 • • SixMadison Day Therapy Quality Care right on Bainbridge.

Madison Avenue North, ...helping Quality Care rightpeople here on835 Bainbridge.

live better

• CMS 5-Star Rated Facility • Customer Satisfaction Award • Six Day Therapy

Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

us today for a Serving children from infancyCall through adolescence.

lunch, dinner, weekend brunch

personal tour.

Wendy Hawley, MD Linda Warren, MD Quality Care right here on Bainbridge. To schedule an appointment call 360-626-4031

22180 Olympic College Way NE, Suite 203, Poulsbo Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015 | 55

CAFE NOLA 101 Winslow Way E 842-3822 •

EVENTS across Bainbridge Island ONGOING The EDGE Improv

Live comedy at BPA First Saturday of every month. www.bainbridgeperforming

Battle Point Astronomical Assoc.

Second Saturdays. Planetarium shows and weather-dependent star viewing. Times vary by season. Ritchie Observatory at Battle Point Park

First Sundays Concerts

Bainbridge Commons

First Friday Art Walk

Every first Friday of the month, 6-8 p.m in downtown Winslow.

Free First Thursdays at Kids Discovery Museum

10 a.m.-4 p.m. Sponsored by Wells Fargo.

Luciano Marano photo

Bainbridge Library Speakers’ Forum

A series of monthly lectures, begins in October at the Bainbridge Public Library.

Lunch & Learn

Every Thursday at noon, rotating roster of community leaders dicuss Bainbridge Island’s hot to pics. The public is encouraged to attend.

Field’s End Writers’ Roundtable

Old Glory makes her way through Winslow during the 2014 Fourth of July Parade. Kids’ Night at the Museum

First Friday and Third Saturday, January – May and October – December at Kids Discovery Museum sponsored by Port Madison Enterprises. Registration required. Movies, pizza & playtime for ages 3½ to 10. 7-9:30 p.m. Kids Discovery Museum, 301 Ravine Ln NE

Third Tuesday each month in Bainbridge Public Library meeting room. 7-8:30 p.m. Classes, workshops and events to further the art and craft of writing.

Sensory Sunday

Library Book Clubs of the Bainbridge Library

Bainbridge Farmers Market

Wednesday Book Group meets every fourth Wednesday 7-8:30 p.m. at library. Senior Center Book Discussion meets the third Tuesday every month from 1-2:30 p.m. at the BI Senior Center Club Cervantino de Lectores (Spanish Book Club) meets fourth Thursdays from 7-8:30 p.m. at the BPL Board Room.

Autism and SPD Support Program on the Fourth Sunday of each month, 10 a.m.11:30 a.m. April through November. Saturdays 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Town Square at City Hall Park

Swing Dancing

Every Second Saturday (except June) at Island Center Hall.

Second Saturday Dances at Island Center Hall

Singles/couples; adults/teens. Dressy casual. Doors open 7:15 p.m. March 10, April 14, May 12

Camp Yeomalt Song Circle

Free all-ages music jam. Bring instrument. Every fourth Friday through May. 7:30-10 p.m. Historic Camp Yeomalt Cabin.

Field’s End Roundtable

Every second Tuesday 7-8:30 p.m. at BI Library. Free. Noted authors address the craft of writing. Speaker schedule at:

Bainbridge Arts & Crafts’ Art Book Drive

Benefiting the Bainbridge Library. The drive begins in March and continues through the year.


56 | Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015

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Bainbridge Island... Come for a visit. Stay for a lifetime! Professional Real Estate Representation Paperless Transactions 15 years Experience Guiding Sophisticated Clients to Success


Waterfront Properties, Estate Homes, Relocation

Kimberly Malzahn direct - (206) 849-8123



403 Madison Ave N, #240, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 - DOL #19117 - DOL #109170


Retrofits & New Construction Industrial, Commercial & Retail Free Lighting Audits Custom Solutions Available Bainbridge Island Company

LED advantages:

Less Electricity for More Light Lower Electrical Bills Eliminate Bulb Replacement Better Quality Light 100% Mercury Free

IT’S NOT EVERYDAY that you have the opportunity to make a valuable contribution to the well being of our planet and experience a better quality of life, all while saving money. With ROI’s often less than 2 years, there really is no down side. Call for a Free Consultation

Richard Malzahn

VP Sales - NW Region

(661) 294-0788

Craig Heisinger

VP Sales - NW Region

(206) 650-5394

uHM HuHM industrial lighting and supply company

. .part of the solution. Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015 | 57


Continued from Page 56


Sing Along Alive

Tuesdays from 7:30-9 p.m. Island Music Center No experience needed. Songbooks provided.

Library U: Great Singers

Free First Thursdays at BI Historical Museum

10 a.m.-4 p.m. The rich history of Bainbridge Island in photos, artifacts and exhibits.

Arts in Education

Jan.-June, artist residencies in B.I. School District classrooms.

Parent Talks at KiDiMu

Interactive lecture series for caregivers and educators on the second Thursday of the month, 6-7:30 p.m. Some months excluded. Check the website for topics and detailed schedule.

Battle Point Astronomical Society Amateur astronomy course begins April 10.

W A L DCamps O R F at ED UCATION Summer KiDiMu June 30 – Aug. 21. Kids Discovery Museum ON



March 1, 2 p.m. March 14, 2 p.m. March 30, 7 p.m. Bainbridge Public Library Featuring commentary by Norm Hollingshead with musical excerpts from his own collection of rare recordings.

“Raise the Roof”

March 1 Bainbridge Symphony Orchestra Performance starts at 3 p.m. Tickets cost $19 (adults), $16 (seniors, students, military and teachers) Youth 18 and under – Free with paying adult

Chamber concert for First Sunday

Sunday, March 1, First Sundays Concerts presents Meg Brennard and David White at 4 p.m. at Waterfront Park Community Center.

“Our Japanese to Enemy Aliens: Incarceration and the Role of the Local Press” Tuesday, March 10 10, 7 – 8:30 p.m. Bainbridge Public Library

“Snow Falling on Cedars”

March 13-29 Bainbridge Performing Arts Performances are Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 p.m. and Sundays at 3 p.m.

Conference Day Sports and Activity Camp

March 18-20 Ages six and up can join recreation and fitness specialists for an all-day multi activity camp. Weather permitting, kids will explore the Grand Forest, hike through the woods, look for critters under logs and enjoy the outdoors. Bring a lunch. Snacks provided.

Teen Avengers Movie Marathon March 20-21 Bainbridge Public Library

What Do You Know

206-855-8041 • G R A D E S 1 - 8 K I N D E RGA RT E N P R E S C H O O L PA R E N T - C H I L D •

206-855-8041 •

March 25, 7 p.m. Knowledge Explorations Led by Community Experts: Join garden author Ann Lovejoy for a conversation covering garden prep and garden planting, pests and problems, seed starting and seed saving, all with a maritime Northwestern slant. Bring your notebooks and your questions and our local expert will give you her best answer.

Luciano Marano photo

Frankie Rohan, 2, gives the Easter Bunny a big hug at the annual Easter egg hunt at Strawberry Hill Park last April.

Lincoln Day Dinner

March 28. The Kitsap County Republican Party will hold its Lincoln Day Dinner at the Kitsap Conference Center, 100 Washington St., Bremerton. The chairman’s reception is 6:30 p.m., followed by the general reception and dinner at 7 p.m.

Spring Break Shakespeare Teen Camp

March 30-April 3 The Taming of the Shrew with Ron Milton

APRIL National Poetry Month Celebration

April, month-long celebration with a culmination reading, date and location TBA.

Teen Flashlight Egg Hunt

April 3. Ages 13-18, 9 p.m. at Battle Point Park Shelter.

Traditional Egg Hunt

Saturday, April 4 Children ages 1-12 can visit with the Easter bunny and pet bunnies starting at 10 a.m.


58 | Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015

G R A D E S 1 - 8 K I N D E RGA RT E N P R E S C H O O L PA R E N T - C H I L D •

Continued on Page 59

Wine Weekend

April 26-27, seven local wineries open for tours one day; central tasting with all the wineries at one location or another

Bainbridge Farmers Market

April 11 through October. Saturdays, 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Town Square at City Hall Park

Artists’ Marketplace Sale TBD Bainbridge Arts and Crafts Luciano Marano photo

Islanders march in the annual Scotch Broom Festival, a quirky island tradition involving an unscheduled tidily winks match, a surprised and sometimes reluctant queen and a spur-of-themoment downtown parade in celebration of the beloved island weed. EVENTS:

Continued from Page 58

All hunts begin at 11 a.m. at Battle Point Park

Easter Egg Hunt at KiDiMu

Saturday, April 4 Enjoy theme crafts and drop in anytime between 10:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. to find eggs, choose your prize and then hide the eggs for the next hunter. Rain or shine. All ages welcome.

Weekend Geo-Hunt

Saturday, April 4, 9 a.m. Geo-caching on park properties across the island.

Wet & Wild Egg Scramble (hunt)

April 4, ages 2-12, seek eggs in the pool; open swim included. B.I. Aquatics Center

Spring Break Glee Camp

April 4. The Ovation! Performing Arts Academy presents its Spring Break Glee Camp with Todd Hulet Gala Performance, 7:30 p.m. in the BHS Theatre. Tickets are $5 to $10. March

Bloedel Reserve’s Annual Premier Plant Sale Date TBD.

“String Stories”

April 10 Bainbridge Performing Arts Andre Feriante and The Bohemian Entourage present “String Stories” Performance is at 7:30 p.m.

Artist’s Marketplace – A Spring Sale by the Bainbridge Island Studio Tour TBD Woodward Middle School


First Sundays Concert

Amy Award

April 12, 4 p.m. Michael Partington, guitar. Waterfront Park Community Center.

May, recipients TBA.

Winslow Tree Walk

EVENTS: on Page 60 SVP, Regional RetailContinued Banking Manager

Date TBD. See the historic & champion trees of Winslow with Olaf Ribeiro. Reservations required.

Ovation! Crescendo Adult Vocal Ensemble Spring Concert April 15, 7:30 p.m. Waterfront Park Community Center

“Shakespeare: Comedy and Tragedy with the BPA Shakespeare Society”

April 18,19 Bainbridge Symphony Orchestra Performances are Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday at 3 p.m. Tickets cost $19 (adults), $16 (seniors, students, military and teachers) Youth 18 and under – Free with paying adult

Barbara Kaye

A 38 year banking veteran, Barbara is a Regional Retail Manager covering 13 branches in Pierce and Kitsap Counties and the Olympic Peninsula for Columbia Bank. She also manages the residential lending for the entire Columbia Bank footprint in Washington and Oregon. As a long-time resident of Bainbridge Island, the importance of maintaining a community-focused bank is a priority. Barbara remains committed to community involvement and enjoys building relationships throughout the peninsula.

Taking A Local Interest Comes Naturally To A(206) Local Bank 855-8546 Columbia Bank ... all the modern including people.Way E Winslowconveniences Way Branch, 249 Winslow

West Sound Wildlife Shelter

April 25. Call to the Wild, annual gala auction event, 5-9:30 p.m. Kiana Lodge, 14976 Sandy Hook Road, Poulsbo

Spring Egg Scramble (hunt)

April 19, festivities begin at 10 a.m.; eggs hunt for ages 1-12 at 11 a.m. Strawberry Hill Park Member FDIC

Equal Housing Lender

208 High School Rd NE • 842-1035 249 Winslow Way E. • 842.5651

Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015 | 59


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Kids for KiDiMu Walk

May 2. Children’s Walkathon and Family Fun to Benefit the Kids Discovery Museum, 9 a.m.–11 a.m.

First Sundays Concert

May 3, 4 p.m. Marc Seales Jazz Trio. Waterfront Park Community Center.

Girls’ Night Out

TBD. Downtown Bainbridge Association presents its popular Girls’ Night Out, with activities and deals galore in Winslow for the ladies.

Bainbridge Arts & Crafts Student Art Shows

Student Shows of middle school and high school artwork at Bainbridge Arts and Crafts. May 1-June 1.

“The Drowsy Chaperone” Brian Kelly photo

Recess Monkey rocks out for a group of youngsters at last year’s birthday bash at Kids Discovery Museum. The popular group will return for another show during this year’s KiDiMu anniversary.

May 8-24 Bainbridge Performing Arts Performances are Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 p.m. and Sundays at 3 p.m.

Spring Choir Concert

TBD. Ovation! presents its Ovation! Spring Show Choir Concert in the BHS Theatre. Tickets are $5-$10.

Petroglyph Walk

May TBD.

Ovation! Annual Gala May 16, 6 p.m. Grace Church

“Gershwin’s Piano Concerto”

May 30-31 Bainbridge Symphony Orchestra Performances are Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday at 3 p.m. Tickets cost $19 (adults), $16 (seniors, students, military and teachers) Youth 18 and under – Free with paying adult

JUNE Children’s Summer Reading Program at Bainbridge Library June through August.

M-F: 4 - close | Sat: 2 -10:00 Sun: 2:00 - 9:00

music every fri night 7 - 9:00 and sat 5 - 7:00!

Bloedel Reserve Botanical Art Exhibit EVENTS:

60 | Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015

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June 2-Aug.2

Performances are 7 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday, with an additional matinee at 2 p.m. on Saturday.

Ovation! Summer Musical

10th Anniversary KiDiMu’s Birthday Bash

June 6, 10 a.m. Join Kids Discovery Museum for a free community celebration, featuring Recess Monkey, Roberto the Magnificent, The Reptile Man and more family fun, including special 10th anniversary surprises.

Spring Play Festival

June 6, 7 and 8. BPA Theatre School’s Spring Play Festival. June 6, Youth Production I and Teen Shakespeare. June 7, Youth Production II and Teen Shakespeare. June 8, Youth Production I and Youth Production II.


June 13. Bainbridge High Class of 2014 graduation ceremony.

Student Performance at BPA

Bainbridge Dance Center’s 34th Annual Student Performance June 23-27. BPA presents six great performances that showcase more than 150 students, ages 4-18.

June 26 to July 12 Performances at Fri and Sat at 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and 3 p.m. Sunday, in the BHS Theatre

Rotary Auction/Rummage Sale June 27. Sale starts at 8 a.m.

JULY Bainbridge Island Downtown Association Street Dance

July 3. Annual street dance in Winslow for the Fourth of July.

Grand Old Fourth of July

Parade celebration in downtown Winslow B.I. Chamber of Commerce.

Performances Concert Series July-Aug.

Wednesday Evening Concerts

July-August at a variety of B.I. parks. See website for locations.

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

July 9-12, July 15-19 and July 22-26. Bainbridge Performing Arts All performances are at 7 p.m. Tickets cost $19 (adults), $16 (seniors, students, military and teachers) Youth 18 and under – Free with paying adult

Bainbridge in Bloom

July 10-11. At gardens around Bainbridge.

Youth Summer Camp

TBD. Bainbridge Chorale will present “Young Singers Summer Experience!” Held at Island Music Guild, 10598 NE Valley Road.

Bainbridge Island Fireworks over Eagle Harbor

Wednesday Evening Concerts

Bloedel Reserve Summer

Virginia V Cruise Around Bainbridge

July 4. Start time TBA.

July-August at a variety of B.I. Parks. See website for locations and times. July, aboard the last of the steam-powered “Mosquito Fleet” vessels. Reservations required.


Bainbridge Island Summer Studio Tour

Aug. 14-16 Seven studios on Bainbridge Island

Friends of the Farms Annual Farm to Table Dinner

TBD. With 10 local restaurants, bakeries and wineries. Town Square on Madison Avenue

Bike for Pie

Bainbridge Island favorite since 1980

397 Winslow Way E (206) 842-8595 Serving breakfast, lunch & dinner See website for details

Aug. 9, Squeaky Wheels. Registration for the challenge ride starts at 8:30 a.m. The family ride is at 10 a.m. The ride path returns to the park for live music and the event ends at 1 p.m.

Youth Soccer

Aug. 21-23. BIFC’s fifth annual Island Cup. 888-360-9908 •


Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015 | 61

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Continued from Page 61

SEPTEMBER Kiwanis Summer Challenge Bike Ride

First Sundays Concert

Oct. 4, 4 p.m. Janet See and John Lenti Waterfront Park Community Center

Bloedel Reserve Squash Scavenger Hunt

TBD. Three routes: 16, 24 & 52 miles.

Trick Or Treat Downtown

Celluloid Bainbridge Film Festival

Sept. 13, 4 p.m. Sasha Starcevich Waterfront Park Community Center

Halloween Costume Swap

October, Dates & Times TBD. Kids Discovery Museum.

Date TBA.

First Sundays Concert

October date TBA. Hundreds of lighted pumpkins

Oct. Date & location TBA.

Oct. 31, 4-6 p.m.


One Call for All

First Sundays Concert

September TBA at Johnson Farm.

Drive begins in Oct. Fund-raiser for island nonprofit organizations.


Bainbridge Gardens’ 20th Annual Pumpkin Walk


Harvest Fair

Nov. 1, 4 p.m. Gail Pettis Waterfront Park Community Center

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Poulsbo Mercantile Vendors & Consignment

35 Vendors • Antiques • Local Artisans Furniture • Native American Art

360-930-8709 • 20530-C Viking Way • Poulsbo Mon.-Sat 10-6, Sun 11-5


Taqueria los Cazadores Enchiladas • Tortas • Carne Asada • Tacos & Burritos • And More

UE R TAQLOS IA CAZADORES Punch cards available!

Now Five Locations to Serve You

Poulsbo • Bainbridge Island Port Townsend Bremerton • Gig Harbor Bring in this coupon 360.779.6995 937 Hildebrand Ln. for your savings! 20530 Viking Way • Poulsbo Bainbridge Island • 206.842.2227 Exp. 12/31/15

Monday - Thursday 3 - 5pm

Mon - Fri 11-9pm • Sat 10:30-9pm Closed Sunday 19559 Viking Ave NW#A, Poulsbo


New & Used

SAVE $5 OFF Per Gallon Premium Ben Moore Paints & Stains with coupon

25% OFF

Children’s Clothing • Maternity • Toys Furniture & Accessories


Open: M-F 9:30am-5:00pm • Sat 10am-4pm

697-2464 19470 Viking Ave Suite 201, Poulsbo

62 | Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015

Winter Farmers Market

B.I. Winter Studio Tour

November-December. Saturdays, 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Eagle Harbor Congregational Church

Dates TBA, studios/community halls on Bainbridge Island.

Ovation! Holiday Musical

Date TBA.

Holiday Open House & Community Tree Lighting

Nov. 28, 10 a.m.-7 p.m. Tree lighting at 5:30 p.m. on Madrone Lane.

Holiday Passport

Nov. 28-Dec. 24 in Winslow.

Dec. 4 to Dec. 20 Performances at Fri and Sat at 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and 3 p.m. Sunday, in the BHS Theatre

Winter Musical

Dec. 6-22. Ovation! Musical Theatre Bainbridge presents it’s Winter Musical. Tickets are $19-$27.

Viking Ave. Junction B’s Fabric Fun & Sewing

Dates TBA.

Noon Year’s Eve


Bloedel Reserve Plein Air Painting Exhibit

Bloedel Reserve Holiday Village & Model Train Display

Dec. 31. Family New Year Celebration and Countdown to Noon at the Museum, 10:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m. Kids Discovery Museum, 301 Ravine Ln NE

Gingerbread Houses at KiDiMu

December, dates/times TBD.

Community caroling

Dec. 19. Eighth annual community caroling event presented by Ovation! Musical Theatre Bainbridge and Bainbridge Chorale from 4 to 5 p.m. at Eagle Harbor Congregational Church.

Poulsbo Red Apple Market

Olvera Massage

Taqueria Los Cazadores

Finn Hill

Viking Ave Rumple New Skins



Martinson House Landmark

Poulsbo Mercantile

Fish Park

Peninsula Paint


Petroleum• •Feed Feed•• Seed Seed ••Fertilizer Petroleum Fertilizer• Chemicals • Chemicals

20370 Viking Ave NW, Poulsbo, WA 360-779-2527 • 800-813-7151 PROPANE • PREMIUM DIESEL • ETHANOL FREE GAS

B’s Fabric Fun & Sewing

20441 Viking Ave NW • Poulsbo

Like Us On

360.779.4422 - 7am-10pm 7 days a week

Specializing in Deep Tissue Massage

Your Authorized TinLizzie Dealer in Kitsap County

• Relaxation Massage • Deep Tissue • Sports/Medical Massage • Soft Tissue/Whiplash Injury KPS, Regence, Group Health, Premera, L&I, PIP

360-930-8210 •

19467 Viking Ave • Poulsbo

Mon - Saturday 10-5pm • Sun - Closed

Olvera’s For appointment call (360) 271-1374 Therapeutic Victor Olvera, LMP • 16 years experience Massage, LLC 19623 Viking Ave. NW, Suite 100 • Poulsbo Lic#MA00009028

10030 Silverdale Way NW • Silverdale

Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015 | 63

Like us on

Port Gamble

Shopping • Dining • Romance • Culture • Entertainment • Recreation

32379 Rainier Ave, Port Gamble Classes • Trips • Rentals • Sales (360) 297-4659

Cheryl Spofforth Rhea Schneider

Gifts, Cards, Jewelry, Vintage & Home Decor “For Something Different”

32220 Rainier Ave. NE Port Gamble



64 | Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015

The Artful Ewe Hand-Dyed Yarns, Spinning Fibers, & Weaving Studio 360-643-0183 Spinning Wheels, Looms and Supplies for the Fiber Artist


Seraine Page photo

Barrecor owner Emiliana Prado trains her newest instructors in her new studio. Prado said she found the island needed a barre studio.

Barrecor brings new energy to island While it’s sad to see businesses close, there’s plenty of new ones creating a buzz of excitement out in the community. Barrecor is one of the newest businesses to open on the island in 2015. Owner Emiliana Prado brought her barre studio to the Hildebrand Village in January. “This is my own thing,” she said of the studio. “It’s barre. We teach one type of class, but we’re very good at it.” Prado’s classes are a mix of Pilates, yoga and ballet. Clients use dumbbells, balls, stretch bands and a ballet barre during the course of the class, along with mat work. Participants can expect a one-


hour class in a group setting set to high energy music. The owner discovered and fell in love with barre five years ago. Despite

Prado’s interior design background, she felt a calling to teach barre in her own BARRECOR:

Continued on Page 66

Physical Therapy & Movement Education – I believe you can move through life with more comfort and ease no matter your current situation –

Marsha Novak PT

Feldenkrais® Practitioner Anat Baniel Method sm for children

MOVE BETTER, FEEL BETTER, LIVE BETTER Winslow, Bainbridge Island | 206-842-4608 |

Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015 | 65


Continued from Page 65

studio. As someone who embraces fitness, Prado hopes her studio will encourage others to love it, too. So far it looks as though islanders — both men and women — are open to trying barre. Before even officially opening her doors, more than 300 people signed up for the complimentary classes she offered. “It was my way to say, ‘Hi, we’re here,’” she said. “I wanted to offer a good service.” Xio Lugo, who started training to be an instructor in January, said barre workouts have changed her mentality when it comes to the gym. Instead of dragging herself out of the house to exercise, she’s found barre classes to be challenging and exciting enough to get her pumped up. “It’s the perfect mix of yoga, Pilates and ballet,” she said. “You feel energized, unlike a gym, because it’s a community.” “I think the island needed this,” Lugo

BUSINESS ASSISTANCE Bainbridge Island boasts a “shop local” mantra, and its residents view the economy as closely related with the community. An estimated 3,150 business licenses were issued on the island for 2014, and the city of Bainbridge Island expects to issue 3,200 in 2015. Nearly 200 businesses span the downtown core in Winslow while other centers of commerce have risen out of places such as Lynwood, Coppertop Loop and Day Road. The island’s business community is supported by two organizations: the Bainbridge Island Downtown Association and the Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce. B.I. Sub-Agency Tues.-Thurs., 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; Fri., 9 a.m.6 p.m., Sat., 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Closed weekdays 1-2 p.m. Washington State Department of Licensing, City of Bainbridge Pet Licenses. Offers vehicle tabs and registrations, boat and trailer registrations, pet licenses, and public notary service.


Continued on Page 74

Seraine Page photo

Emiliana Prado stands with her staff in Barrecor, a new exercise studio in the Hildebrand Village. Her studio offers classes that are a mix of Pilates, yoga and ballet. added. Visit Barrecor at 360 Tormey Lane,

Suite 194, or check out www.barrecor. com for more information.

The New Guys in Town Café Trios Salt House Plum The Lost Quill van der Veen Jewelers Bainbridge Bakers II Alehouse on Winslow Starbucks The Barn Cat Hammy’s Burgers Thuy’s Pho House Heyday Farm Store Westside Pizza Company The Plate and Pint Sash Mercantile Meli-Melo Salty Dog Wash Jake’s Pickup Harrison Bainbridge

So Long, Farewell... Four Swallows Island Grill Bainbridge Island Floor Covering

Theresa Collier inside her new store, Plum.

Steve Shawley and Judy Dulay pause for a photo on their last day in their Winslow Way store, Bainbridge Floor Covering & Supply Inc.

66 | Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015

Unique • Local • Adventure

All Handmade Artisan Items 18850 A Front St. Downtown Poulsbo

Studio Wide Mouth Frog |

Visit Nordic Santa and enjoy carridge rides every weekend, Certified Paint Classes and Shop small business on 11-29 for special deals. and Retailer of

Amy Howard at Home Paint.




(360) 930-0119 | 18833 NE Front St, Suite B Poulsbo, WA Breakfast • Lunch • Dinner Soda Fountain • Milkshakes

Beer • Wine Cocktails

in the 2014 Best of North Kitsap

• Family Dining Lunch & Dinner • Banquet Room for Parties

asa Luna Mexican Restaurant

(360) 779-7676

In the Alley • 18830 Front St. Downtown Poulsbo Open Wed - Sat: 11am to 9pm • Sun: 12-9

The Nordic Maid Scandinavian Specialties & Fine European Gifts

Gluten, Dairy, Nut Free Options Available

Open 7 Days a Week 8am-9pm (Sunday ‘til 8pm)

360-697-3449 • 18820 Front St. • Poulsbo

Antiques & Collectibles • 25 Vendors with Unique Treasures • Jim Shore Disney Collectibles

• Scandinavian-themed Art • Music • Books • Sweaters Jewelry • Linens • Novelty Shirts & More

18911 Front St • Downtown Poulsbo (360) 697-1902

18954-C Front St. • Downtown Poulsbo • 360-779-9863

Open Daily Since 1994

Voted #1 - Best of North Kitsap 2014 Not your Ordinary Pet Store Gifts • Toys • Treats • Food Decor & More HOTSHO TSJAVA.COM

All our Coffee choices are 100% Organic Fair Trade Gift Cards Available

Voted Best Coffee & Espresso in North Kitsap since 2008

Downtown Poulsbo • Front St. • 360-779-2171

Grooming Coming Soon!

BOOMER’S PET BOUTIQUE Front St. - Poulsbo 360.930.0361

Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015 | 67

Find us on

Unique • Local • Adventure • FOOTWEAR • OUTERWEAR • APPAREL

Designer Consignments Poulsbo 360-598-2515 • 18940 Front Street Bainbridge Island 206-842-1515 • 562 Bjune Dr. PHOTOGRAPHY & STYLING - DEANNA DUSBABEK PHOTOGRAPHY: HAIR & MAKEUP - ALISON HANFORD: MODEL - CARLY DANIELS; WARDROBE - CLOSET TRANSFER.

RUSTIC FOOD & FINE SPIRITS Breakfast • Lunch Dinner • Full Bar European Fare • Craft Brew • Deck Dining

18928 Front St. • Downtown Poulsbo • (360) 394-0080

Best Local Beer Line-up & Fresh Cask A Family Friendly pub Voted Best Tavern Best Fish & Chips Best Bartender

Follow us on Check website for events


Corner of Jensen & Front St. • Downtown Poulsbo (360) 440-9583 •

18924 FRONT ST NE • DOWNTOWN POULSBO 360.697.7463 •


Antiques & Collectibles Located in Historic Downtown Poulsbo 10:30am - 5pm • 7 days a week 18937 Front St, Poulsbo, WA (360) 598-1984

Featuring Over 12 Dealers. Collectibles, Vintage Toys, Nautical Items, & Small Furniture .

Authentic Italian Cuisine Spanish-inspired Tapas & Paella Open 7 days a week Buy s Burrata:.............4:30 - 9:30 pm d Gift Caer Paella: .........................1-10:30 pm Her

Happy Hour:1-5:30 pm & 9-Close

2 y alit nce 194 u Q es si lat hoco


Sugarfree available


19006 Front Street, Suite 100 Downtown Poulsbo 360-930-8446

w w w. b u r r a t a b i s t r o - p a e l l a b a r. c o m

68 | Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015

Shop • Dine • Play Always beautiful. Always unique.

b e l e C

18946 Front Street Downtown Poulsbo


art G


Since 1989

galleries L




Join us for our monthly 2nd Saturday Art Walks from 5-8 pm Special events, live music, late night shopping & dining.


18801 Front Street, Poulsbo, WA 98370 360.779.2388

Fine Art Gallery and Framing showing over 100 local artists • Expert framing design • Full in-house service • Competitive prices • Archival and restorations • Military and specialty shadowboxes 18961 Front Street • Open 7 days a week

360-598-2583 •

Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015 | 69


Voted North Kitsap’s Best Asian & Lunch Vegetarian Restaurant 2009 - 2014

An Authentic Taste of Vietnam

PHO (Vietnamese Noodle Soup)

Spring & EggRolls • Stir Fried Egg or Rice Noodles • Vermicelli Noodle Bowl Bánh mì • Rice Platters • Fried Rice • Bubble Tea


Mon-Sat 10:30am-9pm • Sun Closed • (Poulsbo Village) 7th Ave NE


Celebrating 15 years Improving Kitsap County

THERAPY & WELLNESS Where everyone achieves more...

Remodels • Repairs • Renovations Baths • Kitchens • Additions • Decks

NOW SILVERSNEAKERS AND SILVER AND FIT CERTIFIED We can check if your supplemental covers either

360-697-9434 19351 8th Avenue NE, Suite 208 Poulsbo, WA


License# ISLANDHL01SR9

360-697-3003 – 19351 8TH AVE. NE, SUITE 200 – POULSBO

Toys Etc Imaginative Toys For Creative Minds

Toys Kites Windsocks Games

Puppets Puzzles Books Hobbies Art Supplies and more...

19425 7th Ave Ne # 101 • Poulsbo, WA 98370 360-779-8797

Open 7 days a week • Located in Poulsbo Village

THE SPORT HAUS Specialists in running shoes... we make happy feet!

Running Walking Baseball

Soccer Tennis Football

Poulsbo Village Shopping Center

(360) 697-2311 Mon-Fri 9:30am-7:00pm • Sat 9:30-6:00pm

We Pride ourselves on being the Best in Customer Service

Voted the Best Hardware Store in North Kitsap! Like us

360-779-2000 • POULSBO VILLAGE

Basketball Volleyball Lacrosse

Dance & Performing Arts Coming June 26 - 27, 2015

Galletta Dance Presents


360-779-1122 | off Hwy 305 70 | Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015

Ballet • Pointe • Jazz Modern • Tap Hip-Hop • Lyrical Acting • Voice Wedding Choreography Sr. Company Member Becky Darrow

19351 8th Ave NE Suite 100 Poulsbo WA, 98370

POULSBO VILLAGE NORTH KITSAP’S SHOPPING CENTER SHOPPING | SERVICES | DINING CHOICES | GROCERY | SPECIALTY SHOPS Albertson’s Allen’s Cleaners A New Beginning Bebe Nails Burger King Chung’s Teriyaki Cleaver Construction Coast Do It Best Hardware Cobbler Shoppe Cut it Again Sam Dahlquist’s Fine Jewelry Defensive Driving School

Dollar Tree Domino’s Pizza Edward Jones Investments El Huarache Restaurant Elmer’s Restaurant Gallery of Hair Design Golden Lion Restaurant Harrison’s Comfort Footwear Island Hammer LLC Liberty Tax Service McBride’s Hallmark North Kitsap Herald

Papa Murphy’s Pizza Peninsula Outfitters Pho T&N Restaurant Poulsbo Animal Clinic Poulsbo Village Chiropractic Richie’s Burger Urge Rite Aid Sport Haus Sprint Store St. Charles Anglican Church Starbucks Coffee Superior Pet Foods

Sound Publishing Sound Classified Sunrise Dental The Galletta School of Dance The New You The UPS Store The Wild Bird Toys Etc. Ultimate Performance Rehabilitation and Wellness Village Laundromat Woodwork Tattoo

Off Hwy 305 • Poulsbo •

– ALSO IN POULSBO VILLAGE – Building Relationships That Strengthen Our Community TM

Voted N.K. “Best Athletic Club” 7 Years in a Row

Poulsbo Athletic club Open 7 days a week • M-F 5am-10pm Sat 7:30am-5:30pm • Sun 8am - 2pm

360.779.3285 • 19611 7th Ave Ne • Poulsbo (360) 779-4567

(located behind RiteAid & Albertsons)


Salon & Spa 2 01 2 - 2 01 4

Voted #1 Salon in North Kitsap for the past 7 years!

Bumble and Bumble Dermalogica • Goldwell • Loma Moroccanoil • Kenra • DevaCurl


• Rehabilitation & Sport Massage • Pediatric Massage • Evening & Weekend Appointments Available

19880 7th Ave., NE, Suite D Poulsbo, WA 98370

Eric Thanem CPMT, LMP #MA 22333

360-440-3555 • 360-779-3285

Poulsbo Athletic club

Most Insurances Accepted

19611 - 7th Ave. NE


Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015 | 71


You cannot drive 55 on

or you’ll miss these great businesses!

Retail, Restaurants, Services, Medical, Grocery, Fitness, Home, Garden & More Poulsbo

Shear Designs 10th Avenue


Enjoy $5 off Lunch or $10 off Dinner when you purchase two entrees and two beverages. 360-779-7427 • 19045 Hwy 305 • Poulsbo • www.aztecamex. com

Poulsbo location only. Must present coupon for “dining only”. Exp 12/31/15. Not valid with any other offer. One coupon per table.


OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK! Darla Webb - Owner/Master Stylist

Jessica Tucker • Laura Pfund • Nicole Blake • Krissy Wilhellm Ali Davis • Shawna Norberg • Brandi Leritz - Master Stylists


19723 10th Ave N Suite 108 • Poulsbo

Now Blending

Poulsbo Dairy Queen

• Running • Fitness • Triathlon



18945 State Highway 305

Quality Products and Expert Advice! • 19980 10th Ave. NE #101, Poulsbo (Next to Central Market)

72 | Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015

You cannot drive 55 on

or you’ll miss these great businesses!

“Quality denture & dental care for your entire family!” You'll love what we can do for your smile! • Denturist & Dentist on Staff • Crowns & Bridges • Cosmetic & General Dentistry • Denture Repair

• Crown & Denture Implants • Relines (while you wait) • Extractions • Emergency Care • Dentures / Partials



Most Insurances Accepted

19410 8th Ave. N.E., Suite 102, Poulsbo 360-779-1566 • 800-990-9116 Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015 | 73

New patient consultation and oral exam *X-Rays excluded. Must present this ad to receive.


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780-5306 or 842-3700

B.I. Farmers Market Association

Summer market is at Town Square (in front of Bainbridge Performing Arts) 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturdays, April through Oct. with live music & events. Winter Market runs 10 a.m.-3 p.m. the six Saturdays preceding Christmas at Eagle Harbor Congregational Church at Madison Avenue and Winslow Way. Open to farmers, craftspeople & concessionaires from Bainbridge & surrounding areas; contact the market for a vendor application. 206-855-1500 •

Sustainable Business Network of Bainbridge Island A membership-based network of locally owned businesses, organizations and citizens, dedicated to strengthening our local economy through education, networking, marketing, & the promotion of business practices and policies that are socially, environmentally & economically responsible. Marge Williams Office Center 221 Winslow Way West 206-842-4439 (message only)

Bainbridge Graduate Institute Offers state-authorized MBA programs and business classes. Curriculum focuses on sustainability, ethics, responsibility & entrepreneurship.

284 NE Madrona Way, Suite 124 206-855-9559 • or www.bgi. edu

B.I. Downtown Association

Jerri Lane, executive director A Main Street organization certified by the state and the National Trust for Historic Preservation, to preserve the economic and cultural vitality of historic downtown Winslow. 206-842-2982 •

B.I. Lodging Association Association of inns, B&Bs, guest houses and rental cottages for short and extended stays on Bainbridge Island.



• Deli–Daily Specials, Breakfast, Sandwiches, Soups, Salads • Wine, Beer, Groceries, Ice Cream • Friendly Service


This coupon is good for one menu item when you purchase one menu item. Not valid if duplicated.

GREAT FOOD • GREAT FUN Happy Hour Menu • Appetizers • Lunch & Dinner Steak • Seafood • Chicken • Desserts Room For Large Groups • Full Bar • Outdoor Patio

Keyport Mercantile & Deli • 360-779-7270

15499 Washington Ave. • Keyport (Keyport Exit off Hwy. 3)

Dine in or Take-Out Open 7 Days A Week

Let Keyport Auto Handle Your Vehicle’s Needs • Diesel Trucks & Cars • Minor/Major Services • Plus many other services • Tune-ups • Service reputation • Shocks and workmanship that • Brake inspection/ meets tough, demanding replacement standards • Tire rotation • Foreign & Domestic • Lube, oil & filter service • Transmissions & Clutch Work Complete Car Care

360-779-3481 • 1783 NE State Hwy 308 Keyport




Gets You On The Road !

(360) 698-9528 or (360) 779-5232 • Mon - Fri 8:00–5:30pm • 1954 St. Hwy. 308 • Keyport

74 | Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015

Island SCHOOLS PRIVATE SCHOOLS Bainbridge Cooperative Nursery School For children ages 3-5; served the Bainbridge community since 1963. 501 Cave Ave. 206-842-4077 •

Bethany Lutheran Preschool

Johnny Bregar photo

Education & Christian values for preschool ages 3-5. 7968 Finch Road • 206-780-7752

Helpline House’s Project Wishbone gratefully received many boxes and bags of holiday food donations delivered by these happy fifth-graders from The Island School this past holiday season. Project Wishbone provides Thanksgiving meal ingredients to Bainbridge Island families in need.

Carden Country School K-8

Children ages 1-5. A cooperative preschool through age 5. Emphasis is on the social, emotional, physical & intellectual development of each child. 6894 NE Seabold Church Road 206-842-3013 • info@IslandCoop

The Carden method of incremental teaching in a Christian environment. 6974 Island Center Road 206-842-6510 •

First Years Children’s Center

Preschool and childcare for ages 4 weeks to 8 years old. 621 High School Road NW 206-842-6363 • www.firstyearschildrens

Hazel Creek Montessori

Preschool, kindergarten, & before-and afterschool care. Horse riding & swimming lessons. 8903 NE Koura Road 206-780-1928 • janice@hazelcreek

Hyla Middle School

Serves grades 6, 7 & 8, focusing on middle school development with participatory curriculum, small classes & strong connections with teachers. 7861 Bucklin Hill Road 206-842-5988 •

Island Children’s Montessori School

Preschool & kindergarten. Fun Fridays, Summer Camps for children, & Love & Logic Seminars for parents. 9723 Coppertop Loop, Suite 203 206-842-8770 •

Island Cooperative Preschool

Preschoolers & parents learning together: A program of Olympic College. Classes for

The Island School

Rich, engaging curriculum for kindergarten through fifth grade. Small class sizes and extended day program. 8553 NE Day Road 206-842-0400 •

SCHOOL DAYS TO REMEMBER First day of school: Wednesday, Sept. 2 Winter Break: Dec. 21-Jan. 1 Mid-Winter Break: Feb. 16-19 Spring Break: April 4-8 BHS Graduation: Saturday, June 11 Last day of school: Wednesday, June 15 Possible makeup days: Thursday, June 16; Friday, June 17

Leaps and Bounds Montessori

For ages 2½-6. 13984 Toad Holler Place • 206-842-0852

Madrona School

Awakening the mind, nurturing the soul. Waldorf education for parent-tot, preschool, kindergarten and grades 1-8. 219 Madison Ave. 206-855-8041 •

Montessori Country School Toddler through kindergarten. 10994 Arrow Point Drive 206-842-4966 • countryschool@

Northwest College of Art

Classes taught by professional artists and designers. Offers a double major BFA degree in Visual Communication in 36 months. 16301 Creative Drive, Poulsbo (800) 769-ARTS or 360-779-9993 or

Saint Barnabas Day School

Nondenominational preschool for ages 3-5. 1187 Wyatt Way 206-855-8969 •

Saint Cecilia Catholic School

Preschool through eighth grade. Catholic & non-Catholic students welcome. 1310 Madison Ave. 206-842-2017 •

Salish Sea Expeditions

Stephen W. Streufert, executive director This nonprofit teaches kids about Puget Sound’s marine environment through handson scientific inquiry aboard a 61-foot sailing research vessel/floating classroom.


Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015 | 75

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647 Horizon View Place NW 206-780-7848 •

Voyager Montessori

Elementary School. First-sixth grades. 8225 High School Road, P.O. Box 11252 206-780-5661 •

West Sound Academy

A college preparatory, independent school for grades 6-12. International Baccalaureate curriculum for grades 11 & 12. 16571 Creative Drive, Poulsbo 360-598-5954

PUBLIC SCHOOLS Bainbridge Island School District


A Vibrant Community Space For Everyone Recipient of Nonprofit of the Year and Best Community Resource Awards in 2014 1270 Madison Avenue • 842-4162 •

8489 Madison Ave. Main office: 206-842-4714 Superintendent: Faith Chapel: 206-780-1050 Curriculum & Instruction: Julie Goldsmith: 206-780-1067 Instructional Support Services: Community Relations: Galen Crawford: 206-780-1398 Business Office: 206-780-1061 Capital Projects: 206-780-1595 Indian Education: 206-780-1887 Operations/Maintenance: 206-842-4117 Transportation Services: 206-842-4641 BISD Parent-Teacher Organization

Bainbridge High School 9330 NE High School Road Principal: Mary Alice O’Neill Grades 9-12. Main office: 206-842-2634 Attendance: 206-780-1256 Counseling: 206-780-1251

Blakely Elementary School

Principal: Reese Ande. Grades K-4 4704 Blakely Avenue • 206-842-4752

Commodore Options School

Principal: David Shockey Commodore Options School houses four school programs, with common beliefs in personalized, student-centered learning. These programs include Eagle Harbor High School 9530 High School Road (grades 9-12); Odyssey Multiage Program (grades 1-8), & the Mosaic Home Education Partnership (grades


76 | Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015

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K-8). 9530 High School Road • 206-780-1646

interest loans to post-secondary students in our community to defray the costs of college, university or vocational education. 206-842-0659 •

Spartan Booster Alumni Club

Ordway Elementary School

Sonoji Sakai Intermediate School

Principal: Jim Corsetti. Grades 5-6. 9343 Sportsman Club Road • 206-780-6500

Parent/student group raises money for Bainbridge High School extracurricular activities with an emphasis on athletics. 206-842-0593 • www.bainbridgeboosters. com

Wilkes Elementary School


Principal: Melinda Reynvaan. Grades K-4. 8555 Madison Avenue • 206-842-7637

Principal: Sheryl Belt. Grades K-4. 12781 Madison Avenue • 206-842-4411

B.I. Community Connections

Woodward Middle School

Principal: Mike Florian. Grades 7-8. 9125 Sportsman Club Road • 206-842-4787

EDUCATIONAL FUNDING Bainbridge Schools Foundation

A community-based nonprofit organization that directly supports K-12 school district funding needs. 8489 Madison Ave. • 206-855-0530

An innovative collaboration among many of Bainbridge Island’s social service agencies & the Health, Housing & Human Services Council. 221 Winslow Way, Suite 203 • 206-842-9335



Just Know Coalition

Dedicated to supporting Bainbridge Island families. Programs are designed to build a strong nurturing community, encourage healthy and safe choices for all children, and provide relevant youth and parent education. or

Bainbridge Student Loan Fund


Continued on Page 78













. C









One Call For All funds are used to make low-



It’s never to late to be a kid in a candy store at Bon Bon. final color PMS 872 (metallic)

or PMS 132 (100%, 30% and 10%) Bon Bon is a specialty confections store centrally located on Winslow Way on Bainbridge Island.

We specialize in Bainbridge Island Fudge, in addition to providing a wide selection of chocolates, truffles, caramels, taffy, licorice, sugar free sweets, nostalgic candies and assorted gifts. Store Hours: Monday thru Saturday 10;00 am to 6;00 pm Sunday 12;00pm to 5;00 pm


(206) 780-0199 230 Winslow Way East, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated. Seller reserves the right to change the product offering without notice.

Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015 | 77


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B.I. Child Care Centers

Children’s Center (2½-6 years of age) 502 Cave Avenue • 206-842-6525 Big Kids (K-Grade 2) 8533 Madison Avenue • 206-842-0238 Kids’ Club: Dedicated to providing nurturing quality education; child care before and after school and summer camps. 8533 Madison Ave. • 206-780-1870 or

B.I. Adoptive Families

Charlotte Rovelstad 206-780-0786 •

B.I. Special Needs Foundation

Supports young adults with profound disabilities and their families living on Bainbridge Island. Operates Stephens House, a hands-on vocational learning center for young adults with developmental disabilities. 191 Winslow Way 206-780-1211 •

La Leche League

Melissa Bonghi Breast feeding education & support. Meets

10 a.m. third Tuesdays at Rolling Bay Presbyterian. All pregnant & nursing moms & their children welcome. 206-780-3210 •

Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS)


and Faith

Meets 9:30-11:30 a.m. second and fourth Fridays from September through May at Island Church. Meet other moms for demonstration, speakers, crafts and support. Childcare provided. All mothers welcomed regardless of religious affiliation. Island Church; 9624 Sportsman Club Road 206-842-4288 •

Agate Passage Friends

Peacock Family Services

Monthly introduction meetings. Holds first Sunday interfaith devotional meetings. Also weekly children’s classes, meditation and arts time. 206-780-0835

Promotes the healthy social & emotional development of children by providing nurturing child care, open play & enrichment within a community of support for parents and caregivers. 305 Madison Ave. 206-780-1505 •

Boys & Girls Club of B.I.

After-school drop-in programs for grades K-8, as well as holiday, early release, spring break, and summer day camp programs. Adults & youth volunteers needed. 8521 Madison Ave. (next to Aquatics Center) 206-855-8486 •

The Teen Talking Circle Project

TTC offers local teens weekly Teen Talking Circles and GenderTalks Circles. Also offers adults facilitator trainings and retreats. 206-842-3000 •

Bainbridge Youth Services

Champions the development of Bainbridge adolescents, ages 12-19. Programs include nocost confidential counseling, job referral and community service opportunities. 9330 High School Road, in 100 Building 206-842-9675 • www.bainbridgeyouth

Teen Center

This Bainbridge Island Metro Park & Recreation District program provides Bainbridge teenagers with a safe, supervised, drug- and alcohol-free environment for recreation, study and social interaction. Open from school dismissal until 7 p.m. Mon.-Thurs., until 10 p.m. Fri., and from 6 p.m. to midnight on Sat. Closed Sundays and holidays. Open yearround on the Bainbridge High School campus. Business Hours: 206-842-2306 After 3 p.m.: 206-780-9622

Quaker silent meeting for worship, 10 a.m. Sundays in Seabold Hall, 14451 Komedal Road. A fellowship period follows, 11 a.m.noon. Craig Jacobrown: 360-297-4160

Bahai’s of Bainbridge Island

Bainbridge Bible Chapel

Services Sundays at 10 a.m. 9010 Miller Road bainbridge-bible-chapel.html

Bainbridge First Baptist Church

Sunday School 9:45 a.m., Sunday morning worship 11 a.m. and evening 6 p.m. 8810 Madison Ave. 206-842-3022 •

Bethany Lutheran Church

Sundays: 8:30, 9:30, and 10 a.m. 7968 Finch Road 206-842-4241 • info@bethanyof

Cedars Unitarian Universalist Church Co-ministers Barbara ten Hove and Jaco ten Hove. Meets 10 a.m. Sundays at Island School. 8553 NE Day Road 206-780-0373 •

Chavurat Shir Hayam

An unaffiliated, participatory, inclusive chavurah celebrating the full Jewish calendar. Religious education provided. 206-567-9414 •

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Bishop Bradford Hepworth. Worship 10 a.m. Sundays. Sunday School 11:20 a.m. 8677 Madison Ave. 206-780-5544

SPIRITUALITY: Continued on Page 79

78 | Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015

SPIRITUALITY: Continued from Page 78 Congregation Kol Shalom

Rabbi Mark S. Glickman, Rabbi Paul Strasko Services are 9:30 a.m. Saturdays. Affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism. All interested in Judaism are welcome to regular Shabbat services and holiday celebrations. 9010 Miller Road 206-842-9010 •

Cross Sound Church

David Sellers, pastor Services at 10 a.m. Sundays at the Commons at Bainbridge High School. 206-842-6898 •

Eagle Harbor Congregational Church, United Church of Christ

Rev. Dee Eisenhauer, pastor Services 9:30 a.m. Sundays. An inclusive, progressive, and welcoming Christian community; “thinking people who take the Bible seriously but not literally.” 105 Winslow Way 206-842-4657 • www.eagleharbor

First Church of Christ, Scientist

Services & Sunday School 10 a.m. Sundays. Testimony meeting 7:30 p.m. Wednesdays. Reading room located at 295 Winslow Way open 11 a.m.-3 p.m. M-F, 3-7 p.m. Thursdays, Mon.-Sat. 11 a.m.-3 p.m. and Thursdays, 11 a.m.-7 p.m. 1261 Madison Ave. 206-842-5205 • halfmac/CS-BI/CSB/Home.html

Grace Episcopal Church

Bill Harper, vicar Services: 8 a.m. & 9:30 a.m. Sundays; 10:30 a.m. service & Bible Study Wednesdays. 8595 Day Road NE 206-842-9997 •

H.O.P.E. Center for Christian Unity Rev. Robert Bily Sunday service 11 a.m. 9191 Moran Road 206-842-4915 •

Island Church

Grant & Jenni Brewster, pastors Services 10 a.m. on Sundays. 9624 Sportsman Club Road 206-842-4288 •

Nipponzan Myohoji

Buddhist Temple Senji Kanaeda, Rev. Gilberto Perez

Prayer, meditation at 6 a.m., 5:30 p.m. daily. Sunday morning prayer & breakfast. 6154 Lynwood Center Road 206-780-6739 or 206-419-7262 • www.

Port Madison Lutheran Church

Ron and Lori Luciano Marano photo Hoyum, pastors Volunteers and congregation members work to ready the 4th Annual Sundays: 8:30 a.m. & 11 a.m. worships; Bethlehem Experience drive-through village at Rolling Bay Presbyterian Church. The previous year’s event saw more than 300 cars and 1,000 9:45 a.m. Sunday school & bible study. visitors attend the growing island holiday tradition. 14000 Madison Ave. 206-842-4746 10598 Valley Road 206-842-1015 • michael@spiritual Rolling Bay Presbyterian Church Reverend Marty Shelton-Jenck, pastor 9 a.m. traditional service & 11 a.m. contemporary service Sundays. Adult education Sundays. 11042 Sunrise Drive 206-842-3098 •

Saint Barnabas Episcopal Church

Rev. Dr. Dennis S. Tierny, rector Services Sunday 8 a.m. & 10 a.m., Thursday 9:15 a.m. 1187 Wyatt Way NW 206-842-5601 •

Saint Cecilia Catholic Church

Father Joseph Mitchell Mass at 5 p.m. Saturdays, 8 a.m., 10 a.m. & 7 p.m. Sundays. 1310 Madison Ave. 206-842-3594 • parishoffice@

Leaders Making a Difference

Seabold United Methodist Church

Sunday worship at 9-10:30 a.m.; Sunday school during the 10:30 service for preschool through youth. 6894 Seabold Church Road 206-842-3622 •

Spiritual Enrichment Center of West Sound

Ministry, Michael Bogar Meets 10:30 a.m. Sunday at Island Music Center.

For more information about Rotary and how it tries to make Bainbridge better for everyone, please visit us at or like us on Facebook

Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015 | 79

We’re with you every step of the way.

Bainbridge Island

| Poulsbo | Por t Orchard | Silverdale

Excellence in Patient Care (360) 855-7700 80 | Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015

Bainbridge Homes











Julie knows how to...

 Focus the search for your perfect home  Price your property  Market your property  Negotiate for the best price  Guide you through the entire process from start to finish

Julie Meyers Managing Broker/Owner (206) 817-3402 | |

In the Heart of Downtown Winslow!

| 166 Winslow Way E | Bainbridge Island, WA | 206-842-4400 | |

Ferries — instrumental to island life From a ferry yard on the shores of Eagle Harbor to a boat being included on the seal of the city, ferries are tightly woven into the fabric of Bainbridge Island. Washington has 22 ferries running between 20 ports throughout Puget Sound. One of the most popular routes is between the island and Seattle. With two boats servicing the island — the Tacoma and the Wenatchee — the route is a major gateway onto the Kitsap Peninsula. The ferry run between Bainbridge and Seattle carried 6.1 million riders in 2012, including 2.9 million walk-on passengers.

Sailing Schedule Bainbridge Island to Seattle AM Times • PM Times Monday through Friday Saturday, Sunday and 4:45 10:25 4:35 11:35 Holidays 5:20 11:30 5:30 12:55 5:20 12:20 6:30 1:25 6:20 12:20 6:30 7:05 1:10 7:10 7:05 1:10 7:10 7:55 2:05 8:10 7:55 2:05 8:10 8:45 2:55 8:55 8:45 2:55 8:55 9:35 3:50 9:45 9:40 3:50 9:45 10:25 4:35 10:30 11:30 5:30 Midnight

Seattle to Bainbridge Island AM Times • PM Times Monday through Friday 5:30 11:25 5:30 12:15 6:10 12:20 6:20 1:35 7:05 1:10 7:20 7:55 2:05 8:10 8:45 3:00 9:00 9:35 3:45 10:05 10:40 4:40 10:55

Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 6:10 1:10 7:20 2:10 7:55 2:05 8:10 8:45 3:00 9:00 9:35 3:45 9:45 10:35 4:40 10:40 11:25 5:30 11:15 12:20 6:20 12:45

Schedule updates: (800) 843-3779 or

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Bainbridge Homes











Honesty | Integrity | Skill | Success Bainbridge Island, the shortest distance between paradise and the place you call home. Teamwork from a team that works Gabrielle Ritter (206) 866-8136

Krista Murphy (360) 917-6270

In the Heart of Downtown Winslow!

| 166 Winslow Way E | Bainbridge Island, WA | 206-842-4400 | | 82 | Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015


TAk Dr hO Up

For truly exceptional kitchens, two names stand out.




Small-Town Service, World-Class Brands 750 Ericksen Ave. Bainbridge Island


Eagle Harbor Window Coverings


937 Hildebrand Ln NE Ste 102 Bainbridge Island WA M-F: 10:00 AM - 5:30 PM Saturday 10:00 AM - 1:30 PM Closed 206-842-2241 ®


Alustra Woven Textures shades bring one-of-a-kind beauty and light filtration to your home. An innovative alternative to solar screens and woven wood shades, this collection offers an array of distinctive fabrics that bring depth, richness and incomparable style to your décor. ®


Eagle Harbor Window Coverings

937 Hildebrand LnFacebook NE Ste 102 Follow us on Bainbridge Island WA Coverings Eagle Harbor Window M-F: 10:00 AM 5:30 937 Hildebrand Ln NEPM Ste 102 Eagle Harbor Window Coverings Saturday 10:00 AMIsland - 1:30WA PM Bainbridge 937 Hildebrand Ln NEClosed SteWindow 102 Eagle Harbor Coverings M-F: 10:00 AM 5:30 PM Bainbridge Island WA Ln NE Ste 102 937206-842-2241 Hildebrand Saturday 10:00 AM -WA 1:30 PM M-F: 10:00 AM Bainbridge - 5:30 PM Island INSPIRE YOUR HOME WITH EXTRAORDINARY STYLE. Saturday 10:00M-F: AM -10:00 1:30Closed PM 48109 AM - 5:30 PM Closed Saturday 10:00 AM - 1:30 PM 206-842-2241 206-842-2241 Closed WOVEN TEXTURES ALUSTRA INSPIREINSPIRE YOUR HOME WITH EXTRAORDINARY STYLE. YOUR HOME WITH EXTRAORDINARY STYLE. © 2014 Hunter Douglas. All rights reserved. All trademarks used herein are the property of Hunter Douglas.






WOVEN TEXTURES ALUSTRA WOVEN TEXTURES ALUSTRA Alustra Woven Textures shades bring one-of-a-kind beauty and light BY HUNTER DOUGLAS. WOVEN TEXTURES ALUSTRA filtration to your home. An innovative alternative to solar screens and BY HUNTER DOUGLAS. Woven Textures shades bring one-of-a-kind beauty and light BYan HUNTER DOUGLAS. woven woodAlustra shades, this collection offers array of distinctive fabrics Follow us on Facebook Alustra filtration WoventoTextures bringalternative one-of-a-kind beauty and light your home.shades An innovative to solar screens and that bring depth, richness and incomparable style to your décor. Alustra Woven Textures shades bring one-of-a-kind beauty and light wood shades, this collection offers an arrayto of solar distinctive fabrics and filtration woven to your home. An innovative alternative screens Follow us on Facebook filtration to your home. An innovative alternative to solar screens and that bring depth, richness and incomparable style to your décor. woven wood shades,woven this wood collection offers an array of distinctive fabrics fabrics shades, this collection offers an array of distinctive Follow Facebook Followus us on on Facebook that bring depth, richness and incomparable to your décor. that bring depth, richness and incomparable style to yourstyle décor. ®



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Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015 | 83

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© 2014 Hunter Douglas. All rights reserved. All trademarks used herein are the property of Hunter Douglas.

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84 | Bainbridge Island Almanac 2015

Almanacs - 2015 Bainbridge Island Almanac  


Almanacs - 2015 Bainbridge Island Almanac