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Prepare for travel with older adults By Dr. Nick Jansson


reparation for travel

with older adults is important to review year-round. The following tips are not only for seniors but also for family members and caregivers who may be traveling with them. Medicines: Bring a supply of daily medicines to last the trip but also carry an extra two weeks of medicine in case plans change. It’s easy for prescriptions to be transferred to

a pharmacy, but this is difficult to do if you’re cruising at sea! Also, bring important medicines that are only taken as needed but could be potentially life-saving, such as nitroglycerin (for chest pain), asthma inhalers, extra insulin or portable oxygen. ASSISTIVE DEVICES: Make sure to have a standard or folding cane, walking stick or walker for trips involving prolonged walking or standing, particularly the device is something an individual usually uses for walking or balance. AMBULATION: On long car or plane

rides, it is important for seniors to ambulate at least once every one to two hours. Individuals with arthritis should get up and stretch. Moving also helps prevent a type of blood clot called deep venous thrombosis (DVT), which can form when blood doesn’t get pumped up from the legs to the heart as well as when leg muscles are not working as much during rest. These clots can travel to the lungs and cause blockage of blood flow and even death in extreme cases. If it is difficult to ambulate, do leg exercises while sitting. Flexing and extending the calf muscles by pointing toes upward with the heels on the ground (dorsiflexion) or moving heels up off the ground with the toes still planted (plantar flexion) can help contract and stretch calf muscles. Other preventative measures include wearing compression stockings and staying

well hydrated. LISTS: A list of medicines, medical conditions, allergies, surgeries, advanced directives and physicians that the individual sees is important to have at all times in case of medical care or emergency. This list can be typed or written and kept in a purse or wallet. HOSPITAL/AMBULATORY CARE CENTERS: It is a good idea to know of nearby hospitals, urgent care centers or other forms of ambulatory care centers in the area of your travel. These suggestions will help make travel much easier, safer and potentially life-saving for our senior family members! Dr. Nicholas Jansson is a board certified Internal Medicine physician at Franciscan Medical Clinic – Seahurst in Burien, WA.

Finding the Connection en…



Duane & Elane Where it’s home and you’re family.

Providing Premier Memory Care Permanent Residency • Short Term • Day Stay

Call Today for a Tour! 253-630-7496 • www.weatherlyinn.com/kent 15101 SE 272nd St., Kent, WA 98042 Close to Hwy 18 on Kent-Kangley 1158774

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Enjoy your independence, freedom, peace of mind and companionship. FUN: • Indoor pool & spa • BBQ area


• Large community room to watch Seahawks games

name is Ron, I would like to tell you a little about Boulevard Park Place, which is our family-owned and operated active retirement community. We have been in the hospitality business for over 50 years in the Seattle area. This community is the dream and proudest accomplishment of my parents, Merle and Vi Steinman.

• Fitness rooms • Mystery trips • Woodshop

After a construction career beginning in 1949, my father, with my mother’s help, built Boulevard Park Place as a retirement community for both sets of my grandparents. Frustrated trying to find a high quality environment that offered a family friendly retirement lifestyle, dad finally decided to build one himself. It has been a labor of love.

• Craft rooms • For seniors 55+

For the last 25 years we have called this community of apartments our home-awayfrom-home. My father passed away in 2004, but my mother still works here 5 days a week. The beautiful grounds reflect her love of flowers and her hard labor. My parents taught the four of us the value of hard work. The construction and management skills we learned are used daily in maintaining and upgrading Boulevard Park Place. The operations and management was passed along to me more than ten years ago. With the help of family members and live-in managers, we work to keep my parents’ dream a warm, welcoming, safe and lovely home for all of our residents. Our residents are extended family. Sincerely,

YOUR HOME: • 1 or 2 bedroom with paid utilities • Full kitchens • Washer/dryer • Elevator

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tukwila reporter


BESTOF2013 BESTOF2014 56,8*-"t4&"5"$t%&4.0*/&4 AWARDS

56,8*-"t4&"5"$t%&4.0*/&4 AWARDS

• 206.243.0300 • 2805 S. 125th St. • Burien, WA 98168 • www.boulevardparkplace.com


Ron Steinman with Boulevar Park Place re d sident Murie l

A Retirement Community for Active Seniors


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...senior resource guide

Improve your life with dental implants DR. ROBERT ODEGARD

natural tooth roots: maintenance of bone and the preservation of facial structures,” says Dr. An estimated 100 million Americans experiRobert Odegard DDS who provides implant and ence problems associated with missing teeth cosmetic dentistry in the Renton Highlands. such as the inability to smile with confidence, “If a person is going to lose a tooth or muldifficulty chewing, talking or laughing and tiple teeth, they should have implants placed embarrassment eating in public. The problem is in order to prevent significant bone loss and more serious because tooth loss causes facial to preserve their facial appearance,” says Dr. bone loss and collapse of facial structures cre- Odegard. ating an old person appearance. In extreme Dental implants can significantly improve the cases the jawbone continues to deteriorate lives of people who wear dentures or partial and facial muscles change, dentures. With little or no causing the chin and nose dental implants “If a person is going to discomfort, to curve inward towards can be placed to secure the each other, resulting in a lose a tooth or multiple dentures in the mouth or “witch’s beak” appearance. can replace the denteeth, they should have they Wearing dentures actually ture all together. Because accelerates this deteriora- implants placed in order the dentures will no longer tion process. or slip, the improveto prevent significant move The solution is Dental ment in chewing and eating Implant Treatment, today’s bone loss and to preserve is immeasurable. Often the state of the art alternative patient can keep their same their facial appearance” dentures and have them to traditional methods of tooth replacement. Unlike snap on to the implants for dentures or partials, dental improved retention and stability. The patient implants are teeth replacements that actually enjoys much more confidence and a better prevent bone loss that occurs when teeth are quality of life. missing. “As substitute tooth roots, dental Dental Implants have a 95-99% success rate, implants provide virtually the same function as are painless to place and are one of the easi-


est procedures for the patient. Because they are made of titanium, they do not corrode, decay, break down and they are biologically compatible. Once the teeth are attached to the implants it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between real teeth or implants in the way they bite, feel or look. The best part is that they impart a youthfulness to the person who has them and they preserve the persons facial bone for life. There really is no other dental tooth replacement that compares to dental implants. Dr. Odegard can be reached at 425-277-4000 or by e-mail at RLOHPP@qwestoffice.net.

Medical Dictionary implant Pronunciation (im’plant)

1. To graft or insert. 2. A surgically inserted or imbedded graft or device; also, a zone of cells or tissue transferred from another site through a developmental error or neoplastic process. See also: graft, transplant, prosthesis

MT. OLIVET CEMETERY 100 Blaine Ave NE, Renton, Washington, 98056 www.mtolivet.co • 425-255-0323 Serving Western Washington for over 150 years

MT. OLIVET CEMETERY Complete Funeral Services • Funeral Services • Serving All Cemeteries • Church or Graveside CALL 425-255-0323 24 HOURS ......................


Mt. Olivet Crematory • Dignified And Affordable We Accept All Prearrangements • Insurance And Credit Cards



AMERICANMEMORIAL.ORG Serving Our Veterans Is An Honor

Why Pre-Plan? Peace of Mind Many who have undergone the emotional strain of arranging a funeral within hours of losing a loved one have made the choice to pre-plan their own funeral. Doing so lifts the burden from their loved ones by relieving decision-making pressure at a time of grief and emotional stress. Personal Choice Funeral arrangements are a deeply personal choice. Pre-planning provides you with the time needed to make practical, detailed decisions that reflect your standards, lifestyle, taste and budget. And we assure you and your family that the choices you make will be carried out as planned. Lower Costs When you finalize your plan, we can advise you of the total cost. You do not have to set aside funds for your plan, but doing so protects you against escalating funeral costs. By locking in today’s funeral costs and ensuring that the necessary funds are set aside, you help relieve yourself of unnecessary future worry and your survivors of an unexpected expense. 1138531

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GREAT EXERCISES Palm Stretch 1. Open your palm and stretch your fingers freely for five seconds. 2. Touch each finger to your thumb. 3. Repeat the same process on the opposite hand. 4. Repeat 10 times with each hand. Arm Lifts 1. Lay on your back. Place your arms next to your body. Lift one arm straight up until it is 90 with your body. 2. Hold your arm in this position for 10 seconds or more if you do not feel any pain when go-

ing beyond 10 seconds. 3. Lower your arm next to your body. 4. Repeat 10 times with each arm. Straight Leg Lifts 1. Have both legs together, flat on the bed. 2. Slightly lift one leg up. Make sure to keep it as straight as possible. 3. Hold it lifted for 10 to 20 seconds. 4. Return the leg to its original position. 5. Repeat 10 times with each leg. Thigh Squeezers 1. Have your legs together. Bend both legs at the knees with your feet flat on the bed.

2. Place a moderately soft/long pillow or a soft ball between your knees. 3. Squeeze the pillow or ball with your knees and hold it for 10 seconds and release. 4. Repeat 10 times. Hip Lifts 1. Lay on your back with one leg straight on the bed and the other leg bent with the foot flat on the bed. 2. Lift your buttocks toward the ceiling using the muscles of the bent leg. 3. Repeat 10 times with each leg. Dr. Harry Papadopoulos is an Associate Professor of Exercise Science at Pacific Lutheran University.

Have you ever thought of pre-planning your funeral? PLEASE CALL OUR PRENEED FUNERAL COUNSELOR

Make it easier for those you love.


FUNERAL HOME & CREMATORY 713 Central Ave N - Kent, 98032 (253) 852-2620 | www.marlattfuneralhome.com


Serving Families for 54 Years

Owned & operated by Kim & Cindy Marlatt

...senior resource guide Senior center extends hours in bid to attract new retirees BY BRIAN BECKLEY bbeckley@rentonreporter.com

The Renton Senior Activity Center is hoping to draw in some new members by trying something they’ve never done before: evening hours. Beginning this month, the center will stay open on Wednesdays until 9 p.m., instead of closing at 5 p.m. like it does the other days. According to Senior Center Director Shawn Daly, the decision to keep the doors open a little longer came in response to a survey that showed residents would like the facility to stay open later. “Obviously, more and more people – including seniors – are working during the day,” Daly said. The hope, according to Daly, is that the extended evening hours provide an opportunity for the newly retired and the about-to-retire to visit the facility and get involved. To help spur a younger crowd, the senior center hosted a retirement planning seminar on Oct. 8 and again this past Wednesday. Additional seminars are planned for future Wednesday evenings as well. Most of the facilities will be open during the extended hours, though the kitchen, coffee bar and computer room will be closed. Daly said they hope to get computer classes in during the evenings in the future. But aside from those three items, the rest of the center’s facilities will be available, from the pool room to card room to the TV room and even the fitness center, though there is a $1 charge to use the fitness center. Two staff members will be on hand Wednesday evenings and though Daly said the additional staffing would show up in the center’s budget, there is presently enough room in the budget and enough demand for the additional hours to make it work. “It’s something that’s really new to us,” Daly said. “I think it’s really going to take off.” The Renton Senior Activity Center is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Wednesdays. For more information, call 425-430-6633 Reach Editor Brian Beckley at 425-255-3484, ext. 5050.

Begin your Journey to Wellness... One-Hour Hyperbaric Treatments

Serving families for over 40 years in the Renton & Kent communities Estate Planning Wills Living Trusts Powers of Attorney Probate Health Care Directives Elder Law Medicaid Planning Estate Tax Planning Community Property Agreements

Breathe easier with this deal from P+\SHUEDULFV7KH\R̆HURQH hour sessions in state-of-the-art, increased-pressure chambers designed to help your body absorb oxygen.



Designed to improve circulation, aid in mobility, and more.

($50 value)

for a one-hour hyperbaric treatment Please call for your appointment today!



425.227.8700 Visit us at www.dankellogg.com

www.mhyperbarics.com 1137252

Renton, WA


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...senior resource guide Make it easier for those you love‌ KIM, MARLATT FUNERAL HOME www.marlattfuneralhome.com


e all make plans in advance every day of our lives. We schedule doctor and dentist appointments regularly. We save for vacations long before we take them. We buy auto insurance to protect our family in the event of accidents and health coverage for unexpected illnesses. We often carry life insurance intended to cover ongoing living expenses for the family in the event of an untimely death. Equally important is discussing your funeral preferences with your family and setting aside funds for your final expenses. By doing so, you relieve your loved ones of the emotional and financial burdens in the future. You can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having your affairs in order for your survivors. The last thing you want to do is put your family and friends in an unexpected financial position. Families often count on providing for a funeral by using their savings or relying on friends and relatives for financial assistance. Savings‌ ‌May be depleted by cost of extended care during long-term illness prior to death ‌May be tied up in probate ‌May be reduced by taxes and early withdrawal penalties

Parkside Retirement Community

Friends and Relatives‌ ‌May have conflicting views over what to do ‌May have to endure financial strain and pay back debts These may not be wise options: A wiser choice to consider is ForethoughtŽ funeral planning for your planning needs. One of the most satisfying benefits of planning ahead is in knowing that your wishes and desires are aligned with your financial circumstances. Good Record Keeping Record everything you think the executor of your estate will need to know in order to carry out your wishes. Your records should match the information in your will. You should list all your biographical, financial and personal information including: • A will and its location • Marriage certificate • Children’s names, addresses and phone numbers • Insurance policies and their location • Bank accounts and securities and their location • Safe deposit boxes and their location • Benefit entitlements • Any other important documents • Any important contact names and phone numbers Review these records regularly and update accordingly.

MEET MARILYN You’re likely to find Marilyn Rogers at a number of places at Merrill Gardens in downtown Renton. Maybe tending her garden outside her second-floor apartment, rolling a 200 game of Wii bowling, practicing with the bell choir or working out in the wellness center. Marilyn has lived for almost four years at Merrill Gardens. She loves it. “I just don’t think there’s a better retirement anywhere.� The best part: Probably the open dining. “Anytime you want, sit where you want, with whom you want, eat what you want. You can have everything on the menu if you could hold it.� She laughs. Before moving to Merrill Gardens, she visited other retirement communities, but chose Merrill Gardens. Location was a big reason. She can walk to the bank and to the post office. But there’s another reason. “I just found that Merrill Gardens is such a happy place.� And Renton is home. She bought her house in Rolling Hills in 1966 and lived there until she moved to Merrill Gardens. For 20 years, she taught high school PE, first at Renton High School, then transferred to Lindbergh when it opened. She lives independently, but she’s comforted knowing that if she ever needs help with her everyday living, it’s available at Merrill Gardens. “If I need care, here it is.� Marilyn Rogers is a resident of Merrill Gardens 101 Burnett Ave. S. 425-272-1193


    !" ### $ %&'( ') *)

      +('* '(' & , '- '-' .) ., .  - &* *  ()''&  ',/00'*0( '-&


      !       "  #  $ %      

• New manufactured homes for sale • Lots for rent • Affordable rates • Financing Opportunities

PLUS On-site Laundry • Picnic Area • BBQ Grill Furnished Clubhouse w/Kitchen & Library


425-255-8240 To Schedule a Tour


14645 Maple Valley Hwy • Renton

We offer Quality Living with Affordability


A 55+ Retirement Community


Preserved M-H Community. *Low interest Financing OAC 1162425

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...senior resource guide All the freedom, comfort and security you want. Our friendly and professional staff is available round-the-clock to provide compassionate care whenever you need it. We are a smaller, intimate community where you will enjoy daily activities, transportation, housekeeping, and anytime dining restaurant style. Good friends, great staff, and a fun lifestyle.

The only thing missing is you!

Located right next to the Kent Senior Activity Center

Assisted Living for Active Adults

Call us for a personal tour. Stafford Suites PG Kent (253) 850-0333 • staffordcare.com 112 Kennebeck Ave. N., Kent, WA 98030

Where the Living is Easy. 1158803

AARP Foundation Tax-Aide Provides Free Tax Assistance and Volunteer Opportunities The TAX-AIDE program is sponsored by the AARP Foundation and the IRS. You don’t need to be an AARP member or retiree to volunteer, or to receive free tax preparation services from TAX-AIDE. Last year, over 32,000 TaxAide volunteers helped over 2 million people file their personal income tax forms. The program is offered at over 7,000 sites around the country including senior centers, libraries and other convenient locations. Do you enjoy helping others? Do you like to prepare tax returns? Do you have basic computer skills? --Then consider becoming an IRS-certified TAXAIDE volunteer, and see what a difference helping others can make in your life! Volunteers of all ages and backgrounds are

welcome! Training begins in December. All volunteers do self-study, using training materials and software provided by the IRS. They must attend training classes and pass the IRS Test before providing tax assistance for low- and middle-income members of our community. New volunteers work with experienced volunteers at several sites throughout our communities. Join our crew of dedicated TAX-AIDE volunteers. You’ll work your mind and warm your heart! Please contact www.aarp. org/taxvolunteer for an online application. You need to sign up by December to become IRScertified in time for the coming tax season.

Dentures Providing personalized care to give you a lifelike smile.






(253) 813-8000

25052 – 104th Ave SE Suite G • Kent WA East Kent Dental Complex Across from Red Robin


NEW DENTURES Limited to one use per customer.

Lifelike Dentures is a family owned business. Denturist Michael Holden is a second generation denturist. Lifelike Dentures is proud to continue in a tradition of thoughtful care and excellent dentures. As a denturist practice we focus solely on your denture needs, ensuring that you receive the highest quality care and lifelike dentures. Come see us, or give us a call at (253)813-8000.


Repairs • FREE CONSULTATIONS starting at • Dentures • Partial Dentures • Implant Dentures $35 • Repair/Relines (most done while you wait) Bring in this ad to receive • In-house Lab • Dental Insurance Welcome


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...senior resource guide

Volunteers make Renton Senior Activity Center a lasting success

If cremation was your loved one’s choice –

Honor their memory with a final fitting tribute Every memorial is for the living, and every memorial is a gift—a personal reflection of a special life. Let us help you design a tribute that tells your loved one’s story. For us, there is no greater honor.


If cremation was your loved one’s choice, we can help you design a permanent memorial befitting a special life. A memorial can be as simple or elaborate as you like, and there are many options available.


In September 1979, the city of Renton opened the doors to its “new” Senior Center on the Cedar River. Hailed by then Mayor Charles Delaurenti as the “Best on the West Coast,” the center was a dream come true for Renton-‐area senior citizens. Today the Renton Senior Activity Center continues to flourish. A well rounded program of social, health and recreational activities and services makes the center a very important part of the lives of many area senior citizens. The philosophy at the time the facility was built was that one of the keys to the success of the facility would be determined by the commitment and involvement of senior volunteers. It has always been the feeling here that using senior volunteers to their potential would have a very positive effect on the overall attitude of participants and the center’s atmosphere. Senior citizens that volunteer have a vested interest in the program. This is their center, they have helped develop policy in the past, and they will continue to mold its future. Because they truly care about the center and are proud of what we have to offer, they promote the center in a very positive way. They are the ones who deserve the credit for making the Renton Senior Activity Center the special place that it has become. Volunteers donate their time for a number of reasons, but most volunteer because they care about our community and want to give something back. One volunteer recently told me, “You get out of a community what you put into a community”. Our volunteers are simply amazing. They truly are the heart of our senior center and without them we could not survive. Renton-‐area residents age 50 and up are invited to call the Renton Senior Activity Center at 425-430-6633 for further information about the center and about volunteer opportunities available.

Greenwood Memorial Park and Funeral Home 350 Monroe Avenue Ne | Renton, WA 98056 425-255-1511 | www.greenwoodmempark.com For more information, contact your nearest Dignity Memorial® provider.







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...senior resource guide away as part of the “spend-down” plan. Any gifts made within the 5-year “lookback period” prior to application will incur a Medicaid transfer penalty consisting of DAN KELLOGG applicant (or both spouses if the applicant www.dankellogg.com 253-227-8700 is married). With proper planning, Medicaid a period during which the applicant is not eligible for Medicaid. The length of the recovery can be avoided in many cases penalty period depends on the amount of Many individuals will need long-term involving a married couple. the gift. Most importantly, the penalty care later in life. Private payment for that The Medicaid applicant must have no care can be very expensive - - - perhaps as more than $2000 in non-exempt assets. If period commences only when the applicant needs Medicaid. much as $10,000 per month. If it is not the applicant is married, the other spouse For married couples, a very useful strategy feasible to pay privately for the needed must have no more than a minimum of involves the purchase of a specific type of care, an individual must be able to qualify $53,016 or a maximum of $117,240 in nonfor Medicaid. exempt assets, depending upon whether the annuity. A complete description of this Eligibility for Medicaid is a complex applicant is applying for the COPES program complex strategy, and the risks involved, is beyond the space available in this article. subject with rules that change frequently, or Institutional Medicaid. The value of different rules that apply to married couples any non-exempt assets over those amounts However, the permanent annuity is a very and single persons, and different rules must be “spent-down” before the applicant useful way to complete the “spend-down”, that apply to different care environments. will be eligible. In addition, the income of make the applicant almost immediately That is why it is important to seek legal the applicant must be less than the cost of eligible for Medicaid, yet provide for the return of the funds to the other spouse over counsel from an attorney with training and the long-term care. a period of several years. experience in this field. The “spend-down” of non-exempt assets Long-term care expense is a very Strict rules govern Medicaid eligibility. can be accomplished by making personal significant threat to the financial wellSome assets like a home with an equity expenditures for the needed care for the being of most families. But at least for value of less than $543,000, one applicant, or other personal needs of the most married couples, there are strategies automobile and household goods and applicant or spouse. available to protect family wealth while still furnishings are exempt. However, though The rules governing gifts of assets have providing the care needed by the disabled the home is exempt, it is subject to changed very substantially in recent years. Medicaid recovery after the death of the In general, assets should not now be given spouse through eligibility for Medicaid.

Medicaid Planning


for people who

love life

Wesley Homes Communities where people encourage each other to live life to the fullest — with locations in Des Moines and Lea Hill in Auburn.


Des Moines 816 S. 216th St. Des Moines, WA 98198

Wesley Homes Home Health Medicare-certified therapies and licensed nursing care, private duty nursing, chore services and companionship in your own home. 866.850.5774

206.824.5000 855.445.8827(toll-free) Lea Hill in Auburn

Wesley Homes Health Center in Des Moines An array of supportive services, skilled nursing and rehabilitation therapies. 206.824.3663 Visit us online!

wesleyhomes.org wesleyblog.org






Wesley Homes is a not-for-profit organization offering retirement communities and home health services for people who love lifeTM .

32049 109th Pl SE Auburn, WA 98092

855.445.8861 (toll-free)


Earth Friendly VALERIE RAWLINSON RD, CD Wesley Homes Health Center Dietician


rganic, natural, free trade, local, humane — there is a long list of terms applied to foods and drinks today that make them sound more natural or earth friendly, but how to choose? To help clarify, let’s go over some major categories of foods or beverages. Hint: it’s not all about buying organic products or going totally vegetarian! Meat & Dairy: Buying products that are certified USDA organic can reduce environmental impact because no pesticides, fertilizers or antibiotics were used in the animals’ care. However, certified organic meat and dairy can be very expensive or difficult to find. Locally sourced meat and dairy reduces the energy in transporting it to you. You can also reduce your impact and save money by choosing to use these products less. Instead of dairy, try focusing on high calcium plant foods (broccoli, kale) or fortified orange juice or soy milk. Choose beans and legumes for protein instead of meat, eat meat only once daily or have a meatless day once a week. Poultry and Eggs: Certified organic or humanely raised are good options if available and not cost prohibitive. Just use these items

October 31, 2014 [B9]

...senior resource guide Estate Planning Eating! DAN KELLOGG www.dankellogg.com 253-227-8700

less to reduce your impact and save money. Instead of chicken, turkey or eggs a few times a week, go for nuts or beans for your protein in a meal or snack. Try a peanut butter sandwich instead of turkey, or have chickpeas on a salad instead of chicken. Veggies and Fruits: The health benefits of eating more non-organic produce far outweigh the marginal risk of increased pollutant exposure. If organic isn’t available, don’t let that stop you from loading your plate! Keep in mind that almost all of the research that show the tremendous health benefits of a high produce intake studied conventional (nonorganic) produce. You can also buy locally sourced produce to reduce the energy used to transport it. Wash it, peel it and eat up! Water: Most experts concur that tap water is safe and preferable to bottled water. Actually, 25 percent of bottled water is tap water. Tap water saves packaging, saves money and isn’t transported long distances. Water bottles are filling landfills and demand more than 1.5 million barrels of oil annually! Another option is to buy a simple filtration system like Pur or Brita that fits on your faucet or uses a refillable pitcher. For water on the go, treat yourself to an easy-to-wash bottle you can refill it use for years.

Benjamin Franklin famously said: “. . . nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” While this is true, at least most Americans will be able to avoid death taxes. However, for those fortunate to have a taxable estate, there are strategies that can be used to minimize exposure to estate taxes. Generally speaking, for both the federal government and the State of Washington, all assets owned by an individual (including the death benefit of any life insurance) are included in the “taxable estate”. The State Estate Tax has an exemption of $2.0 million for each individual. The rate of estate tax on any assets over that amount is a sliding scale from 10% to 19% of the amount over that amount. An individual or a married couple with a taxable estate of less than $2.0 million need not be concerned with estate taxes. But it is important to note that in the case of a married couple, at the death of the surviving spouse there will be only one exemption of $2.0 million to protect the assets of the surviving spouse from estate taxation. Therefore, it is important for a married couple to plan to minimize estate tax liability if the taxable estate is likely to exceed $2.0 million. One strategy to minimize the value of the taxable estate is to make gifts during lifetime. An individual can give up to $14,000 to any other person during a calendar year without any requirement to file a Gift Tax Return. Gifts in a larger amount made during a calendar year will reduce the Federal Estate Tax exemption amount. However, there is no effect on the State Estate Tax exemption amount. A married couple can provide for the creation at the death of the first spouse of a Credit Shelter Trust (or “A-B Trust”) for the benefit of the surviving spouse. The assets funded in that trust will not be included in the taxable estate of the surviving spouse. This strategy must be created in the estate plan of the first spouse to die. For those persons with a taxable estate with a value in excess of $2.0 million, it is important to seek appropriate legal counsel to explore available strategies to minimize exposure to estate tax liability.

Eat better. Smile more. WORRY LESS! • Dr. Odegard is a diplomat in the international congress of oral implantologists. • CAT scan 3D technology for your safety. • Oral sedation dentistry (relax while you have your work done). • Call today to discuss your problem with Dr. Odegard for no charge. • Dr. Odegard can improve the quality of your life by replacing your missing teeth or securing your dentures with permanent dental implants. Check

with coupon only.

DENTAL IMPLANTS Dr. Robert L. Odegard, D.D.S., 451 Duvall Ave NE • Renton WA Located in the Highland's Professional Plaza across from QFC in the Renton Highlands.


Give us a call

425-277-4000 Mon – Thu 7am – 5pm



Initial exam and implant consultation

ou testimon t our ia on our ls website!

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...senior resource guide

As a Veteran, You Know the Importance of Being Prepared

Resource Center Alzheimer’s Association 206-363-5500

www.seniorservices.org 206-448-3110 1-888-435-3377 www.jewishfamilyservicejfs.com (206) 557-3301

Chinese Info & Service Center 206-624-5633 Evergreen Care Network 425-899-3200

www.aarp.org Toll-free Nationwide: 888-OUR-AARP (888-687-2277) Toll-free TTY: 877-434-7598

Kin On Community Care Network 206-652-2330 ext. 15 or 16

www.valleycitiescounseling.com (253) 245-9829

Crisis Clinic/King County 2-1-1 206-436-2975

www.kccaregiver.org Senior Services 206-448-3110

metro.kingcounty.gov/ 206-205-5000 TTY Relay: 711



Whether you’re handy with a calculator, can organize to perfection or have a ready smile, AARP Foundation Tax-Aide needs your skills. Volunteers prepare tax returns, greet program users and ensure things run smoothly at locations nationwide. Sign up to train for the 2015 tax season at aarp.org/taxvolunteer.

Whether it’s a military operation, a family vacation or a remodeling project, you know how important it is to plan in advance. Your funeral or cremation service is no different. There are dozens upon dozens of decisions that must be made, and by making them now you have added peace of mind that everything will be right. And making your final arrangements today will help protect your family from some of the emotional and financial burdens that often occur after the loss of a loved one. When you plan your funeral or cremation service in advance, you’ll have the opportunity to become informed about your options and their various costs, putting you in full control of your services. You’ll be able to select funeral or cremation services that will truly have meaning to you and your family while properly honoring your military service. Like any special event, a funeral or cremation service gives your family and friends time to support each other, to share memories and to celebrate your life. You can – and should – plan your service to include photographs,

favorite music, special readings, military medals and honors, and the involvement of family members, friends and military comrades. Consider these questions: • What type of funeral or cremation service do you want? • What military protocols or traditions do you want incorporated into your service? • Are there special photographs or medals you wish to have displayed? • What type of casket or cremation container do you want? • What music would you like to have played? • Will it be a private family service, or open to all? • Do you want your military service reflected on your headstone? • Is your family aware of your wishes? These and other questions will help you plan the funeral or cremation service that’s right for you. Greenwood Memorial, 253-255-1511 www.dignitymemorial.com

YOUR LIFEST YLE IS IMPORTANT At Merrill Gardens, We Understand Make the move to Merrill Gardens and choose the way you want to live. Enjoy The Following: • Anytime DiningSM • Full Activities Program

• Weekly Housekeeping • Scheduled Transportation

It’s retirement living your way.

104 Burnett Ave S Renton, WA 98057

(425) 296-1878 merrillgardens.com

Lic #BH 2131


Schedule a visit and enjoy lunch on u s!


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The Village at Judson Park Your Preferred Provider for Short Stay Sub-acute Rehabilitation and Person-Directed Nursing Care.

Full Continuum of Services with breathtaking views

• Inpatient/Outpatient (physical, occupational and speech) therapy Specialized for older adults • 24 hour Registered Nursing staff on site • Physician/ARNPs on site 7 days a week • The Village Medical Director voted Medical Director of the year by AMDA in 2011 • Commission of Accreditation for Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) awarded Judson Park a 5 year accreditation for high quality care/services and appointed the Village a special accreditation in Person-Directed Care • Our therapists specialize in faster recovery, earlier discharge, and enhanced quality of life

The Residences – Come for the View – Stay for the Lifestyle “My Choice� Dining – Restaurants and Bistro Venues where you can choose to dine, where, when and how you want to dine. My Life – Honoring your right to experience life to the fullest through selfdetermination.We are a holistic culture of growth and possibilities where everyone is supported to achieve their greatest potential.

We offer our rehabilitative and nursing services to the greater community as a demonstration of our mission.

The Lodge – Cozy, Friendly Neighborhood where the social program supports your fullest life with help when you want or need it. The Grove – Best Friends Approach to Relationship Based Dementia Care – the 100 most important things about you.

(800) 689-3923 | JudsonPark.com

23600 Marine View Drive South | Des Moines, WA 98198 At Judson Park it’s simple. For every life we touch, we endeavor to do the greatest good. Simply extraordinary! -XGVRQ3DUNLQ' HV0RLQHV:DVKLQJWRQLVPDQDJHGE\$ % +2:D&DOLIRUQLDQRQSUR¿WSXEOLFEHQH¿WFRUSRUDWLRQ ABHOW is a nonsectarian corporation, serving seniors through quality retirement housing since 1949. License #BH-681, DHS #797


In-Home Services – Age where you want, how you want, a full array of social and clinical services delivered to your home.

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Get the smile of your dreams! Dental excellence, isn’t that what we’re all looking for when choosing a dentist? A dentist with outstanding skills, with the experience to really know what they are doing and will focus on successful solutions for each patient’s unique needs. Dr. Lance Timmerman fulfills all those requirements and more!

We Offer a wide range of services • Snoring and Sleep Apnea Treatment Snoring can cost your partner hours of sleep every night and may be a sign of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can be deadly, but perhaps 90% of sufferers don’t know they have it.

• Dental Implants If you have lost one or more teeth, dental implants are the tooth replacement option that is most like your natural teeth. Enjoy all your favorite foods, don’t worry about any special cleaning, and keep your new teeth for the rest of your life.

• Cosmetic Dentistry If you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile, we offer many procedures to help you improve the color, shape, and alignment of your teeth.

• Dentures Dentures have come a long way. Strickland Facelift Dentures™ not only fit better and function better, but they also support your face properly, making you look up to 20 years younger.

• Mouthguards Properly fitted mouthguards are important for anyone who participates in physical activity. We offer a variety of brands and types of mouthguards.

• Porcelain Veneers Porcelain veneers are thin facades of advanced ceramic that can replace the entire front and top surfaces of your teeth. They can be used to correct chipped, gapped, crooked, worn, small, or deeply discolored teeth.

• Invialign

There are three types of dentures - economy dentures, traditional dentures, and now, introducing Facelift Dentures. This amazing breakthrough provides underlying facial support which plumps your lips, lessens wrinkles, helps fill your face out, and provides for a better fit and finish. Patients absolutely love then, calling them the fountain of youth for denture wearers.

Invisalign is a way to straighten your teeth comfortably and discreetly without wires. The clear plastic aligners are removable, so there are no diet restrictions or special cleaning necessary. Treatment is comparable to braces.

• Six Month Smiles Six Month Smiles is a revolutionary approach to orthodontics that means you can have a straighter, more attractive smile in just six months using braces.

• Inman Aligner The Inman Aligner is a removable orthodontic appliance that strengthens your front teeth to give you a beautiful smile in as little as 6-18 weeks.

And Much More.....

Dr. Lance Timmerman

206.241.5533 7100 Fort Dent Way • Suite 270 Tukwila, WA 98188



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Senior Resource Guide - 2014  


Senior Resource Guide - 2014