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The Oroville football team includes (front row, l-r) Stetson Spears, Zane Scott, Andrew Mieirs, Logan Mills, Ezequiel Delgado, Max Turner, Adolfo Delgado, Seth Miller, (2nd row) Brandon Watkins, David Iniguez, Caleb Mills, Connor Godwin, Robbie Dudley, Ryan Scott, (3rd row) Paiton Johnson, Cody Tibbs, Lane Tietje Mick Fulmer, Blake Rise, Charlie Arrigoni, (back row) Nathan Hugus, Jaxon Blackler, Brian Wise, Joseph Sarmiento, Dustin Nigg and Steven Maupin. Not pictured is Leo Curiel.

Brent Baker/staff photo

Expanded league to challenge inexperienced Hornet squad BY BRENT BAKER BBAKER@GAZETTE-TRIBUNE.COM

OROVILLE - Oroville football coach Tam Hutchinson admits that past couple of seasons have left him a bit spoiled.

OROVILLE FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Sep 5 Sep 12 Sep 19 Sep 26 Oct 3 Oct 10 Oct 17 Oct 24 Oct 31 Nov 7

at White Swan 16-28 L Mt. Baker 6:00 pm * Manson 7:00 pm * at Okanogan 7:00 pm Chelan 7:00 pm * at Tonasket 7:00 pm * Brewster 7:00 pm * at Bridgeport 7:00 pm * at Liberty Bell 7:00 pm # League playoff

* League Game # If qualify

Now that Luke Kindred, a Blake Rise, Mick Fulmer, Charlie three-year starter at quarterback, Arrigoni all played either on one has graduated, Hutchinson jokes, side or the other or both. Brian “Now I’ll have to start coaching Wise at tight end played a lot, too. again.” Logan Mills ran the ball some, The Hornets lost far more but he’s our nose guard and that’s than just their quarterback to where we really need him. EZ graduation, though. Most of Delgado at linebacker played their skill posisome, too.” tion players on The offensive backfield offense, as well isn’t completely devoid as their defenof experience. Dustin sive backfield, Nigg, who rushed for just have moved on over 200 yards and four to their posttouchdowns last year, high school and 550 yards and nine lives, leaving touchdowns as a sophoHutchins on more, will be the primary with some big running back. shoes to fill. He also serves as the The offenteam’s placekicker, as sive and defenhe ably demonstrated sive lines, with his game-winhowever, bring Coach Tam Hutchinson ning 41-yard field goal back quite a bit that was the difference of experience, between Oroville and giving the Hornets some blocks Liberty Bell heading to the state to build around. playoffs. “We’ve got some guys that Hutchinson will be groomplayed a lot for us last year,” ing another potential three-year Hutchinson says. “Lane Tietje, starter at quarterback in sopho-

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more Nathan Hugus. “That’s our biggest adjustment,” Hutchinson says. “I haven’t had to do much coaching at that position the last couple of years, so it will take some time. Things don’t look as smooth offensively, but you wouldn’t expect that yet.” That’s one reason why Hutchinson isn’t too concerned about what happens, win and loss wise, in the Hornets’ first two non-league games. A road trip to defending league champion White Swan, along with a home game scheduled at the last minute against defending state runner-up Mt. Baker, will give the Hornets the kind of education they’ll need to know what it takes to compete in the revamped Central Washington 2B League. WIAA reclassification doubled the size of the league, breaking it into north and south divisions. The Hornets and holdovers Liberty Bell, Bridgeport and Manson will be joined by former Caribou Trail League

OROVILLE FOOTBALL ROSTER # Name 7 Dustin Nigg 10 Joseph Sarmiento 34 Cody Tibbs 45 EZ Delgado 50 Steven Maupin 51 Leo Curiel 54 Lane Tietje 62 Mick Fulmer 85 Brian Wise 44 Logan Mills 66 Charlie Arrigoni 76 Blake Rise 79 Brandon Watkins

Pos. Gr RB/FS 12 WR/CB 12 FB/LB 12 WB/LB 12 OL/DL 12 OL/DL 12 OL/DE 12 OL/DL 12 TE/DE 12 FB/NG 11 OL/DL 11 OL/DL 11 OL/DL 11

members Tonasket, Brewster and Okanogan, who dropped down from Class 1A. “I’ve been telling the kids, don’t worry so much about the score, just go out and play some football,” Hutchinson says. “Whatever happens, happens. Of course we’re disappointed if we lose, but the point is to improve and be competitive.” Hutchinson says he feels the Hornets match up well against

11 Nathan Hugus 25 Connor Godwin 38 Stetson Spears 48 Robbie Dudley 60 Paiton Johnson 75 Jaxon Blackler 82 Andrew Mieirs 12 Seth Miller 20 Caleb Mills 32 Maxwell Turner 33 Ryan Scott 55 Adolfo Delgado 64 Zane Scott 70 David Iniguez

QB/CB 10 WR/CB 10 RB/SS 10 RB/LB 10 OL/DE 10 OL/DL 10 WR/CB 10 RB/OLB 9 RB/OLB 9 WR/CB 9 WR/CB 9 OL/DL 9 C/DL 9 OL/DL 9

Head Coach: Tam Hutchinson Assistant Coaches: Justin Helm, Brad Scott

the other teams from the old league - Liberty Bell, Bridgeport and Manson - and figures the other games will be more of a wait-and-see proposition. “Liberty Bell will be tough again - their quarterback is back, and he’s a good one,” he says. “We should do OK with Bridgeport and Manson. “With as much learning as we have to do this year, we’re just looking to be competitive.”

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C. Garcia


A. Knowlton

E. Knowlton








Brent Baker/staff photo

The Tonasket football team includes (front row, l-r) Blake Ash, Eithan Knowlton, Cristian Garcia, Isaiah Albright, Frank Holfeltz, Colton Leep, Dallas Tyus, Austin Knowlton, Morgan O’Brien, Chad Edwards, Brock Henneman, Jesse Manring, Jimmy Coleman, Esgar Mendez, Devyn Catone, (middle) Caleb Lofthus, Trevor Peterson, Zach Lofthus, Jesse Ramon, Carlos Abrego, Christian Garcia, Jerry Albright, Ryan Rylie, Jonathan Freese, Jorge Juarez, Victor Flores, Elijah Harris, Dylan Kalma, Sergy Salas, (back) Alex Palomares, Vance Frazier, Rycki Cruz, Spencer Gariano, Austin Rimestad, Seth Smith, Riley Morris, Joe Ogborn, Jacob Wilson, Lloyd Temby, Jason Whiteaker, Tim Freese, Wyatt Pershing, Chase Reid, Sesar Saldana, Conner Timm and Jordan Sackman. Not pictured are David Moreno, Jesus Garcia and Manuel Puente.

Tigers hoping new league gives chance to rebuild BY BRENT BAKER BBAKER@GAZETTE-TRIBUNE.COM

TONASKET - Jay Hawkins has experienced both the feast and the famine of Tonasket football, at least as far as wins and losses go. His run of coaching the Tigers has included playoff teams (including a state runner-up finish in 2005) and the struggles of playing while overmatched as one of the smallest Class 1A schools in the state the last few years. For the next two years, at least, Tonasket will be one of the larger

TONASKET FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Sep 5 Sep 12 Sep 19 Sep 26 Oct 3 Oct 10 Oct 17 Oct 24 Oct 31 Nov 7

Warden 35-39 L at Lk Roosevelt 7:00pm * at Liberty Bell 7:00 pm * Brewster 7:00 pm * at Bridgeport 7:00 pm * Oroville 7:00 pm * at Manson 7:00 pm * Okanogan 7:00 pm Omak 7:00 pm # League playoff

* League Game # If qualify

schools in its classification after are also returning starters in the dropping to Class 2B in the lat- trenches, while Devyn Catone, est Washington Interscholastic Isaiah Yaussy-Albright, Jesse Activities Association round of Manring and David Moreno reclassification. It’s were also part-time likely to be just a starters. two-year stay, but In other words, it’s a chance for the Hawkins says, Tigers to put the many of the Tigers difficulties of recent will play their first seasons behind meaningful minutes them. of varsity football “I truly believe this season. this, and I’ve thought Senior Colton this all through Leep steps in at our first two and a quarterback. Behind half weeks of prachim at running back tice, we’ve just got is a bevy of playto get some confi- Coach Jay Hawkins ers with a variety of dence,” Hawkins strengths. says. “From the neck “We really have up, gaining some momentum and a nice stable of running backs,” gaining confidence would mean a Hawkins says. lot for this team.” Though include Albright, The Tigers’ roster boasts 19 Knowlton, Manring, Jesse Ramon seniors, but last year’s graduating and Jorge Juarez. class was about as large and kept The Tigers don’t figure to throw many of this year’s upperclass- the ball much in their ball conmen from seeing significant play- trol offense, but tight end Brock ing time. Henneman and receivers David The exception is along the Moreno and Devyn Catone will offensive and defensive lines, be likely targets. which the Tigers will build Defensively, Hawkins says his around. aim this year is for an approach Chad Edwards and Frank that will allow his players to react Holfeltz both were two-way more quickly, rather than think starters on the line last year. about what they should be doing Seniors Dallas Tyus (offense) mid-play. and Austin Knowlton (defense) How this all will play out in the

TONASKET FOOTBALL ROSTER # Name 7 Austin Knowlton 10 Colton Leep 23 David Moreno 24 Isaiah Yaussy-Albright 30 Esgar Mendez 41 Jesse Manring 42 Jesus Garcia 55 Manuel Puente 57 Eithan Knowlton 58 Dallas Tyus 63 Frank Holfeltz 67 Morgan O’Brien 68 Christian Garcia 73 Jimmy Coleman 77 Chad Edwards 80 Devyn Catone 81 Blake Ash

Pos. Gr RB/DL 12 QB/DL 12 WR/DB 12 RB/DB 12 WR/DL 12 RB/LB 12 RB/LB 12 OL/DL 12 OL/DL 12 OL/DL 12 OL/DL 12 OL/DL 12 OL/DL 12 OL/DL 12 OL/DL 12 WR/DB 12 WR/DB 12

revamped Central Washington 2B League, which is split into North and South divisions, remains to be seen. Brewster and Okanogan moved into the 2B ranks with the Tigers, joining holdovers Oroville, Manson, Liberty Bell and Bridgeport in the north. It’s unknown at this point how many state playoff berths will be available for the taking (the WIAA won’t make that decision until Sept. 21-22), but Week 10 will feature both playoff and non-playoff crossover games with the south, which includes White Swan, Kittitas, Lake Roosevelt, Soap Lake (moving up from 1B)

85 Elias Abrego WR/DB 12 87 Brock Henneman TE/DL 12 6 Cristian Garcia WR/DB 11 9 Zach Lofthus WR/DB 11 28 Jorge Juarez RB/LB 11 32 Trevor Peterson WR/DB 11 37 Ryan Rylie RB/LB 11 48 Jeremiah Yaussy-Albright RB/DB 11 70 Jose Ortega OL/DL 11 74 Jonathan Freese OL/DL 11 86 Zach Lofthus WR/DB 11 1 Wyatt Pershing RB/LB 10 3 Vance Frazier QB/DB 10 5 Austin Rimestad TE/LB 10 6 Chase Reid QB/DB 10 13 Victor Flores RB/DB 10 18 Tim Freese WR/DB 10 31 Connor Timm TE/DB 10 52 Dylan Kalma OL/DL 10 53 Lloyd Temby OL/DL 10

and Mabton (moving down from 1A). “It will be interesting to see how things unfold,” Hawkins

60 Seth Smith OL/DL 10 88 Sesar Saldana TE/DL 10 2 Alex Palomares WR/DB 9 14 Rycki Cruz QB/DB 9 29 Sergy Salas RB/DB 9 35 Riley Morris TE/DL 9 43 Jesse Ramon RB/LB 9 50 Chad Bretz OL/DL 9 58 Joe Ogborn OL/DL 9 63 Jacob Wilson OL/DL 9 64 Jason Whiteaker OL/DL 9 71 Jonathan Hempel OL/DL 9 78 Spencer Gariano OL/DL 9 84 Jordan Sackman WR/DL 9 89 Elijah Harris TE/DL 9 Head Coach: Jay Hawkins Assistant Coaches: James Swanson, Shawn Rader, Tyler Thrasher. Jim Whiteaker, Jay Tyus.

says. “Fundamentally, we’ll strike to get better on a daily basis. But more than anything, we just need to gain some confidence.”

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Hornets to follow up playoff run with new coach BY BRENT BAKER BBAKER@GAZETTE-TRIBUNE.COM

OROVILLE - The Oroville girls soccer team qualified for a district tournament playoff spot for the first time in team history last year. Now they’ll move forward with a youthful squad and a new coach. Tony Kindred, a first-time varsity head coach but a longtime assistant in multiple sports a the high school level, takes over the team.


OROVILLE GIRLS SOCCER SCHEDULE Sep 11 Sep 16 Sep 18 Sep 23 Sep 25 Sep 30 Oct 2 Oct 7 Oct 9 Oct 14 Oct 16 Oct 21 Oct 23 Oct 28

* Entiat * Okanogan * at Brewster * Manson * at Tonasket * Liberty Bell * at Bridgeport * at Entiat * at Okanogan * Brewster * at Manson * Tonasket * at Liberty Bell * at Bridgeport

4:30 pm 4:30 pm 4:00 pm 4:00 pm 4:30 pm 4:00 pm 4:00 pm 7:00 pm 4:30 pm 4:00 pm 4:00 pm 4:30 pm 4:00 pm 4:00 pm

* League Game # Playoff schedule TBA, if qualify

Brent Baker/staff photo

The Oroville girls soccer team includes (front row, l-r) Tylynne Watkins, Yessica Nemecio, Kali Peters, Kambe Ripley, (middle) Lindsay Koepke, Areli Ocampo, Perla Salazar, Xochil Rangel, Paz Lopez, (back) Katherine Egerton, Tori Kindred, Marissa Aubin and Keyla Layata. Improving on last year’s finish won’t be easy, what with former Class 1A squads Okanogan, Brewster and Tonasket (all playoff qualifiers at that level) dropping into the Central Washington 1B/2B League for the next two years. “The girls have agreed that they must expect more of themselves individually and from one another,� Kindred says. “They agree that they want to ‘see the

field’ and communicate better as a team. They’ve set the goal to work together as a unit and want to work on their passing game.� The Hornets return seven players from last year’s squad, including three freshmen that were key to last season’s run to the playoffs. Kali Peters is the lone senior. Blending the new with the old into a cohesive unit is Kindred’s goal.

“All but just a few have played soccer since they were young and playing AAU,� he says. “The freshmen are entering their second year of varsity soccer, so they have that experience and should work well with the upperclassmen. “They work very hard on the field and in the classroom. They are a class act and have worked hard in practice, including a core building circuit in the weight

room.� To compete in the upgraded league, Kindred says they’ll need to be at their best. “They can’t stand alone, but must rely on each other,� he says. “They are working to encourage each other, as well as push each other. They are checking to see if their best really is the best and each is working to give more to the team.�

# Name 14 Kali Peters 7 Keyla Layata 24 Perla Salazar 4 Yessica Nemecio 8 Itzel Castillo-Diaz 9 Xochil Rangel 25 Areli Ocampo Lillian Nava 3 Kambe Ripley 5 Tylynne Watkins 10 Marissa Varney 11 Tori Kindred 15 Katie Egerton 20 Tamera VerellEn 23 Paz Lopez 6 Lindsay Koepke

Pos. M M/D D/GK F/M D GK/D D D M/F D/M D/M M/F D/M D/M D F/M

Gr 12 11 11 10 10 10 10 10 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 8

Head Coach: Tony Kindred


TONASKET GIRLS SOCCER SCHEDULE Sep 9 Sep 11 Sep 16 Sep 18 Sep 23 Sep 25 Sep 30 Oct 2 Oct 7 Oct 9 Oct 11 Oct 14 Oct 16 Oct 21 Oct 23 Oct 28

at Omak * at Manson * at Entiat * Liberty Bell * at Bridgeport * Oroville * at Okanogan * Brewster * Manson * Entiat Chelan * at Liberty Bell * Bridgeport * at Oroville * Okanogan * at Brewster


4:30 pm 4:30 pm 7:00 pm 4:30 pm 4:30 pm 4:30 pm 4:30 pm 4:30 pm 4:30 pm 4:30 pm 1:00 pm 4:30 pm 4:30 pm 4:30 pm 4:30 pm 4:30 pm

TONASKET - Despite graduating a talented class of 10 seniors off last year’s district tournament qualifying team, Tonasket girls soccer coach Darren Collins holds high hopes for a promising 2014 season. “We have a small team,� Collins says, with just 17 girls on the ros* League Game ter. “We’re really young. But I still # Playoff schedule TBA, if qualify think we’re going to be good.� Collins is optimistic despite bringing back just seven players ers fill out the Tigers’ roster. It’s the first year for eighth from last year. graders to be eligiHilda Celestino ble for varsity play is the only senior at Tonasket, thanks who played last year. to the Tigers movJordan Sackman also ing to the smaller 2B returns after missing school classification. all of last season due Along with to injury. Okanogan and Juniors Myra Brewster, the Tigers Gaytan, Jaden will join Oroville, Vugteveen and Liberty Bell, Rose Walts played Manson, Entiat and key roles last year, Bridgeport in an and speedy sophoeight-team league more twins Kayla that suddenly moves and Ashlynn Willis up a couple of proved to be danger- Coach Darren Collins notches in terms of ous. competition. Two new seniors, a That means state-ranked 1A pair of first-time juniors, four freshmen and three eighth grad- teams like Cascade and Cashmere are no longer on the schedule. “We’d like to make the playoffs, TONASKET GIRLS SOCCER even as a young team,� Collins ROSTER says. “It’s a little tough when we won’t even know for a few week Name Gr how many (playoff) allocations Maria Abrego 12 Hilda Celestino 12 our league even gets. Jordan Sackman 12 “Okanogan and Brewster for Esmeralda Flores 11 certain will be challenges. We Myra Gaytan 11 haven’t lost to Liberty Bell since Kasey Silverthorn 11 I’ve been here but they finished Jaden Vugteveen 11 third at state last year, so they Rose Walts 11 Ashlynn Willis 10 should be tough, too.� Kayla Willis 10 Collins says that the teams’ Megan Bolich 9 youth was in evidence at the Madison Gariano 9 Tigers’ jamboree with Omak and Morgan Hjaltason 9 Liberty Bell, but that he saw his Mandi Wilson 9 young squad beginning to find Cassidy Caddy 8 Laura Escatel 8 its footing. Madilynn Larson 8 “I think at first we were a little nervous,� he says. “We started Head Coach: Darren Collins four freshmen and an eighth Assistant Coaches: Todd grader. It took awhile to get into Mathews



Brent Baker/staff photo

the flow of the game. But after awhile you could see them get used to the pace, the speed of

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the game, and got used to how good everyone on the field is at this level.


CAR WASH 723 Appleway, Oroville

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“There’s lots of room for growth. But I think over the next

couple of years, we should develop into an outstanding team.�



‘Ž† ‹‰‰‡” ’’Ž‡• ‹• ƒÂ? ƒ‰‰”‡••‹˜‡ …‘Â?’ƒÂ?› ’”‘˜‹†‹Â?‰ …‘Â?’‡–‹–‹˜‡ ”‡–—”Â?• –‘ “—ƒŽ‹–› ‰”‘™‡”•Ǥ —” …‘Â?Â?‹–Â?‡Â?– –‘ Â“Â—ÂƒÂŽÂ‹Â–Â›ÇĄ •‡”˜‹…‡ ƒÂ?† –‡ƒÂ?™‘”Â? ’”‘˜‹†‡• ‘—” ˆƒÂ?‹Ž› ‘ˆ ‰”‘™‡”• –Š‡ •Â?‹ŽŽ• –Š‡› Â?‡‡† –‘ „‡ •—……‡••ˆ—Ž ‹Â? Â–Â‘Â†ÂƒÂ›ĚľÂ• ‰Ž‘„ƒŽ Â?ƒ”Â?‡–• ™Š‹Ž‡ •—’’‘”–‹Â?‰ ‘—” Ž‘…ƒŽ …‘Â?Â?—Â?‹–‹‡• –Š”‘—‰Š‘—– –Š‡ Â?ƒÂ?‘‰ƒÂ? ƒŽŽ‡›Ǥ  ‡ ƒ”‡ †‡†‹…ƒ–‡† –‘ –Š‡ ˆ—–—”‡ ‘ˆ ‘—” ‰”‘™‡”• ƒÂ?† ™‘”Â? ™‹–Š –Š‡Â? ‹Â?†‹˜‹†—ƒŽŽ› –‘ „‡…‘Â?‡ Ž‘„ƒŽ




The Tonasket girls soccer team includes (front) Madison Gariano, (middle row, l-r) Laura Escatel, Megan Bolich, Morgyne Hjaltason, Mandi Wilson, Esmeralda Flores, Maria Abrego, (back) Kasey Silverthorn, Kayla Willis, Myra Gaytan, Ashlynn Willis, Rose Walts, Jensen Sackman, Hilda Celestino, Madilynn Larson and Cassidy Caddy.

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Tiger runners to focus on team aspects of sport BY BRENT BAKER






TONASKET - Cross country is often an individual sport at small schools. But longtime Tonasket coach Bob Thornton is hoping to turn this year’s solid turnout of athletes into a lesson of the team aspects of the sport. “We’re trying to get the whole team to run in a pack,” Thornton says, “so that our top five or seven runners will finish within a minute to a minute and a half of each other. If we can do that we can beat teams that have just one or two good runners. “The team aspect of cross country is something that is not always understood well. A team running together, helping and pushing each other, cannot only make themselves better but beat teams with a couple of better runners.” In cross country, a team is scored based upon the place finish of its top five runners (one point for first place, two for second, etc.), with low scores beating high ones. Sixth and seventh place finishers serve as tiebreakers. With six girls and 12 boys turning out for the teams, the team scoring opportunities that haven’t been there in the past will add a new dimension to competition this year. Plus, the move out of the Caribou Trail League into the Central Washington B League means that, for a change, the Tigers will have more runners than most other league teams, rather than competing as the smallest cross country running school in the CTL (Okanogan has

Coach Bob Thornton TONASKET CROSS COUNTRY ROSTERS BOYS Name Smith Condon Adam Halvorsen Keeton Hoines Abe Podkranic Luis Casarrubias Bryden Hires Adrian McCarthy Rade Pilkinton Teran Rollins Hunter Swanson Justin McDonald Samuel Strandberg

Gr 12 12 12 12 11 11 11 11 10 10 9 9


Brent Baker/staff photo

The Tonasket cross country teams include (front row, l-r) Hayley Larson, Jenna Valentine, Baillie Hirst, Johnna Terris, (middle) Teran Rollins, Bryden Hires, Rade Pilkinton, Luis Casarrubias, Justin McDonald, Samuel Strandberg, (back) Adrian McCarthy, Abe Podkranic, Adam Halvorsen and Smith Condon. Not pictured is Keeton Hoines. not had a cross country team). Returning to lead a young girls squad are junior Jenna Valentine and sophomore Johnna Terris. For the boys, seniors Smith Condon and Abe Podkranic, juniors Bryden Hires and Adrian McCarthy, and sophomore Hunter Swanson return from last season.

Thornton is also looking to make this season a fun one. “We want to eat lots of ice cream and enjoy running,” he says. “Running is a lifetime sport. We have at least two Tiger alumni running half marathons this fall. It doesn’t end with high school, or even college.”

Oct 7 Oct 11 Oct 18 Oct 25 Nov 1 Nov 8

TONASKET CROSS COUNTRY SCHEDULE Sep 9 Tonasket Invitational 4:30 pm Sep 16 at Bridgeport Invitational TBA Sep 20 at Erik Andersen/Runner’s Soul, Spokane Valley (Plantes Ferry Park) 12:30 pm Sep 27 at Manson Invitational 11:15 am Oct 4 at Can-Am Invitational, Colville 11:15 am

Name Baillie Hirst Jenna Valentine Johnna Terris Camille Wilson Katie Henneman Haley Larson

Gr 11 11 10 9 9 9

Coach: Bob Thornton Assistant Coach: Chad Portwood

at Omak Invitational at Cascade Invitational at Oroville Invitational at CWB League Meet (site TBA) at Regional Meet (site TBA) # at State Finals (Pasco)

4:30 pm 12:00 pm TBA TBA TBA TBA

# If qualify



New era begins for Oroville cross country BY BRENT BAKER BBAKER@GAZETTE-TRIBUNE.COM

OROVILLE - Cross country will look a bit different at Oroville High School this year. Sierra Speiker - who won three state titles and was state runnerup once in her four years - has taken her considerable talents to the University of Idaho. And longtime coach Doug Kee, who retired at the end of last year, no longer heads the program. Billy Monroe, one-time holder of the Tonasket course record and a state qualifier in his high school days, takes over a small roster that includes five returners: senior Nahum Garfias, juniors Dakota Haney, and Daniel and Emmanuel Castrejon, and sophomore Phoebe Poynter. Our goal as a team is to push ourselves in everything we do, whether it be practice or races,” Monroe says. “There are other people out there running, but for the most part you are competing

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Brent Baker/staff photo

The Oroville cross country team includes (l-r) Luis Vazquez, Daniel Castrejon, Ryan Marcolin, Emmanuel Castrejon and Phoebe Poynter. Not pictured are Nahum Garfias and Dakota Haney, against yourself. I want my athletes to improve their times each week and each race.” Part of that, Monroe says, is for his athletes to control what they can. What they can’t control is how fast anyone else runs; their own effort is what they can manage. “I tell my athletes, if it hurts when you’re training and it hurts when you’re racing, then you’re doing it right.” Though the Hornets’ first

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competition wasn’t until Tuesday at Tonasket, Monroe says he’s already seen improvement in the pre-season. “In one week of training we had a few athletes drop 15-20 seconds,” he says. “I expect them to be much faster at the end of the season than they are now. “I want them to try their hardest and to put through their minds telling them to stop,” Monroe adds. “Improve every day.”


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BOYS Name Nahum Garfias Daniel Castrejon Emmanuel Castrejon Dakota Haney Ryan Marcolin Luis Vazquez

Gr 12 11 11 11 10 9

Coach: Billy Monroe






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Sep 9 at Tonasket Invitational Sep 16 at Bridgeport Invitational Sep 20 at Erik Andersen/Runner’s Soul, Spokane Valley Oct 4 at Can-Am Invitational, Colville Oct 7 at Omak Invitational Oct 11 at Cascade Invitational Oct 18 at Oroville Invitational Oct 25 at CWB League Meet (site TBA) Nov 1 at Regional Meet (site TBA) Nov 8 # at State Finals (Pasco) # If qualify

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Hornets look to continue rise BY BRENT BAKER





OROVILLE - Oroville’s volleyball team turned in its best season in 18 years in 2013 with an 8-8 record (5-3 Central Washington League) and qualifying for its first district tournament since 1996. The Hornets return five of the eight regulars from that squad. But it will be a more difficult road to hoe for the Hornets as Okanogan, Brewster and Tonasket join the Hornets’ league (Okanogan and Brewster both enjoying playoff success at the 1A level). New head coach Nicole Hugus, who assisted last season, will lean heavily on seniors Rachelle Nutt, Jessica Galvan, Andrea Perez and Monica Herrrera, along with junior Mikayla Scott. “I expect a lot,” Hugus says. “We had a good season last year and have five players returning. The challenges we face are that we have two new setters to the team this year. Communication

Coach Nicole Hugus OROVILLE VOLLEYBALL VARSITY ROSTER # Name 4 Rachelle Nutt 9 Jessica Galvan 10 Monica Herrera 15 Andrea Perez 13 Mikayla Scott 12 Courtnee Kallstrom 6 Hannah Hilderbrand 8 Sydney Egerton

JV/C Squads Beth Vernon, Brittaney Minarcin, Callie Krupkat, Early-Dawn Cantrell, Ellamae Burnell, Estifenny Carrillo, Hannah McCoy, Havannah Worrell, Heidi Gronlund, Jennifer Vazquez, Lena Fuchs, Marcela Ocampo, Narya Naillon, Sarai Camacho, Stephanie Ruvalcaba, Vanessa Velasco, Veronica Iniguez, Victoria Holcomb.

OROVILLE VOLLEYBALL SCHEDULE Sep 9 * Okanogan Sep 16 * at Lk Roos. Sep 18 * at Liberty Bell Sep 23 * Bridgeport Sep 25 * at Manson Sep 30 * Tonasket Oct 2 * at Brewster Oct 7 * at Okanogan Oct 9 * Lk Roosevelt Oct 14 * Liberty Bell Oct 16 * at Bridgeport Oct 21 * Manson Oct 23 * at Tonasket Oct 28 * Brewster *League match

7:00 pm 6:30 pm 6:30 pm 6:30 pm 6:30 pm 7:00 pm 6:30 pm 7:00 pm 6:30 pm 6:30 pm 6:30 pm 6:30 pm 7:00 pm 6:30 pm

Gr 12 12 12 12 11 10 9 9

Head Coach: Nicole Hugus

Brent Baker/staff photo

The Oroville volleyball team includes (front row, l-r) Jessica Galvan, Coutrnee Kallstrom, Sydney Egerton, (back) Hannah Hilderbrand, Mikayla Scott, Monica Herrera, Andrea Perez and Rachelle Nutt. is going to be very important.” Scott developed into one of the league’s better hitters last year, and Nutt cements the defense

# Playoff schedule TBA, if qualify (preceded by JV)

along the net with her blocking. Freshman Hannah Hilderbrand adds some height to the front line that last season’s squad lacked.

Perez, Galvan and Herrera also bring back the experience of last year’s run to the playoffs. With 26 players turning out,

the Hornets are also developing depth in the program that they hope will sustain the success they had last year.

Hugus says she has been impressed by the dedication of her upperclassmen, who will play under their third head coach in three years. Before last season, the Hornet varsity had one just won match in three years before turning things around. “I want to emphasize teamwork and leadership,” she says. “They have shown a lot of commitment and love for the game.”

TONASKET VOLLEYBALL New faces, new league for Tiger volleyball squad




TONASKET VOLLEYBALL VARSITY ROSTER Name Allison Glanzer Rachael Sawyer Alissa Young Kasey Nelson Vanessa Pershing Alexa Sutton Chelsea Vasquez Faith Lofthus Taylon Pilkinton



TONASKET - It’s hard to know what to expect from the Tonasket volleyball team this season. The Tigers have a new varsity head coach in Pam Leslie. They move out of the ultracompetitive Caribou Trail League, which had the top two 1A teams in the state last year, into the Central Washington 2B North Division. Finally, they have only two players who started the season on last year’s varsity squad. “We have only a few seniors and a large number of freshmen (in the program),” Leslie says. “This is going to be a learning and building year. “My focus will be simple: serving and serve receive. If we can be successful at those two things, we should be OK this season.” Seniors Rachael Sawyer and Alissa Young are the two returning seniors, and are joined by senior Allison Glanzer. Juniors Kasey Nelson and Vanessa Pershing are the only upperclassmen on the varsity roster. Leslie says that in order to meet their goals, the team needs to work on becoming stronger and faster, focus on being effective, smart servers, and spend plenty of practice time working on fundamentals and defense. The level of competition should also be better-suited to a young squad. State champion Cascade and state runner-up Chelan are no longer on the schedule (along with Omak and Quincy. Brewster

Gr 12 12 12 11 11 10 10 9 9

JV/C Squads Ellie Burse, Alexia Gavin, Nicole Juarez, Samantha Keller, Shyane Lewis, Serenity Poletti, Rachel Silverthorn, Olivia Sutton, Kyra Whiting, Myhe Williams, Trinity DeJong, Melanie Gronlund, Meri Hirst, Dayzie Keller, Sandra Magdaleno, Alyssa Montenegro, Kally Ray, Zoe Rodriquez, Carmela Salazar, Alycia Tibbs, Cynthia Calderone Head Coach: Pamela Leslie Assistant Coaches: Dave Kirk, Arcelia Carroll


Brent Baker/staff photo

The Tonasket volleyball team includes (front row, l-r) Chelsea Vasquez, Faith Lofthus, Taylon Pilkinton, Alissa Young, (back) Vanessa Pershing, Alexa Sutton, Kasey Nelson, Allison Glanzer and Rachael Sawyer. and Okanogan move into the CWL with the Tigers, but other foes will include Manson, Lake Roosevelt, Liberty Bell, Bridgeport and Oroville, none of which escaped the 2B district


tournament last season. Leslie adds that plenty of conditioning work will be on the

practice menu. “We will likely be the mostconditioned team in the league,”

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Wishing athletes a healthy, successful season!

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302 S. Western, Tonasket z 486-2104 We support our athletes and wish them all


she says. “If we can’t out-play, we will at least be able to outlast other teams.”

Sep 11 Sep 16 Sep 18 Sep 23 Sep 25 Sep 30 Oct 2 Oct 4 Oct 7 Oct 9 Oct 14 Oct 16 Oct 21 Oct 23 Oct 28

* at Manson 7:00 pm * Liberty Bell 7:00 pm * Brewster 7:00 pm * at Okanogan 7:00 pm * Lk Roosevelt 7:00 pm * at Oroville 7:00 pm * Bridgeport 7:00 pm at Quincy Tourn 9:00 am * Manson 7:00 pm * at Liberty Bell 7:00 pm * at Brewster 7:00 pm * Okanogan 7:00 pm * at Lk Roosevelt7:00 pm * Oroville 7:00 pm * at Bridgeport 7:00 pm

* League Game # Playoff schedule TBA, if qualify

Smile...have fun and enjoy the Sports Season!

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The Oroville cheerleading squad includes (front row, l-r) Kylee Davis, Bethany Roley, Pie Todd, (back) Kendal Miller, Bailey Griffin, Faith Martin and (top) Zoe Whittaker.




The Tonasket cheerleading team includes (front row, l-r) Morgan Tyus, Janelle Catone, Ellie Burse, Myhe Williams, Mikah Haney, Shelby Emery, (back) Alissa Young, Sammie Earley, Rose Walts, Esmeralda Cano and Melanie Christensen. Not pictured are Camille Wilson and Katie Henneman.

Brent Baker/staff photo



Booster Club

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CARIBOU TRAIL LEAGUE (1A) Team W L PF PA W L PF PA * Cashmere 7 0 47.1 17.9 11 2 41.5 18.2 * Okanogan 6 1 32.0 20.6 10 2 31.3 19.3 * Chelan 5 2 31.7 15.3 6 4 30.0 16.3 * Cascade 4 3 35.9 22.7 5 5 31.8 23.2 Quincy 3 4 24.3 21.0 4 6 24.3 20.4 Brewster 2 5 23.1 36.4 3 7 23.5 30.1 Tonasket 1 6 12.3 39.0 3 7 17.0 32.8 Omak 0 7 8.0 41.9 0 9 7.2 41.0 * Post-season qualifier State qualifiers: Cashmere (3rd place); Okanogan

CARIBOU TRAIL LEAGUE (1A) Team Pts. W L GF GA * Cashmere 42 14 0 102 5 * Cascade 36 12 2 76 8 * Okanogan 30 10 4 45 22 * Tonasket 22 7 7 38 24 * Brewster 20 7 7 15 40 * Omak 7 2 12 11 64 Chelan 6 2 12 15 80 Quincy 5 2 12 11 70 * Post-season qualifier State Qualifiers: Cashmere, Cascade

W 17 13 11 9 9 3 3 2

CENTRAL WASHINGTON LEAGUE NORTH DIVISION (1B/2B) Team W L RS RA W L RS RA * White Swan 6 0 40.5 20.7 9 2 35.7 20.3 * Oroville 4 2 37.7 20.5 7 3 37.4 20.7 Liberty Bell 4 2 43.0 15.8 4 2 43.0 15.8 Kittitas 3 3 23.7 30.2 3 5 19.3 31.9 Manson 2 4 23.8 44.8 2 7 21.2 45.4 Bridgeport 1 5 23.5 42.8 1 9 20.7 40.3 Lake Roosevelt 1 5 15.5 32.8 4 6 18.8 30.2 * State qualifiers

CENTRAL WASHINGTON LEAGUE (B) Team Pts. W L GF GA * Bridgeport 22 8 0 21 3 * Liberty Bell 19 6 2 30 7 * Entiat 12 4 4 13 18 * Oroville 6 2 6 7 29 Manson 1 0 8 2 16 * Post-season qualifier State Qualifiers: Liberty Bell (3rd place)

W 15 12 6 3 0

L 2 5 6 8 9 14 13 14

T GF 0 119 0 82 0 50 0 55 0 23 0 19 0 20 0 12

GA 9 16 29 34 56 70 86 86

CWL 2B North State Medalists - 5k Liam Daily, Liberty Bell (6th, 16:44.74); Ben Klemmeck, Liberty Bell (7th, 16:50.01). L 2 8 11 13 12

T 0 0 0 0 0

GF 49 56 20 14 2

GA 14 41 42 64 29

BOYS CROSS COUNTRY STANDINGS / STATE QUALIFIERS VOLLEYBALL STANDINGS CARIBOU TRAIL LEAGUE (1A) Team W L GW GL W L GW * Cascade 14 0 42 3 28 4 76 * Chelan 12 2 39 6 29 4 81 * Brewster 9 5 29 18 16 6 47 * Omak 9 5 29 19 9 6 31 * Quincy 6 8 21 26 8 12 28 Okanogan 4 10 14 34 4 10 14 Cashmere 2 12 9 36 2 13 10 Tonasket 0 14 1 42 0 16 3 * Post-season qualifier State qualifiers: Cascade (state champ); Chelan (2nd place)

GL 18 12 26 22 36 34 39 48

CENTRAL WASHINGTON LEAGUE NORTH DIVISION (1B/2B) Team W L RS RA W L * Bridgeport 7 1 21 11 10 10 * Liberty Bell 6 2 22 10 10 6 * Oroville 5 3 19 16 8 8 Lake Roosevelt 1 7 8 22 2 15 Manson 1 7 12 23 3 11 * Post-season qualifier State qualifiers: None

RA 39 22 33 44 36

RS 30 38 34 14 22

Caribou Trail League Finals TEAM 1. Cashmere 42; 2. Quincy 63; 3. Cascade 79; 4. Chelan 83; 5. Omak 87; 6. Tonasket 185; 7. Brewster 201. INDIVIDUAL (TOP 15 AND TONASKET) - 2.8 MI. 1. Spencer Elmore, Quincy, 15:23.2; 2. Daniel Olmstead, Cascade, 15:35.7; 3. Jonathan Mangas, Cashmere, 15:43.5; 4. Ivan Reyes, Chelan, 15:47.3; 5. Victor Salgado, Quincy, 15:50.6; 6. Morgan O’Dell, Omak, 15:51.3; 7. Samuel Goble, Omak, 16:03.9; 8. Drew Van Polen, Cashmere, 16:07.1; 9. Eli Phillips, Cashmere, 16:10.8; 10. Ricardo Naranjo, Cashmere, 16:11.3; 11. Jimmy Garcia, Quincy, 16:11.9; 12. Oliver Fernandez, Cashmere, 16:23.6; 13. Cole Paton, Cashmere, 16:24.4; 14. Ian Allen, Chelan, 16:26.0; 15. Nathan Wells, Cascade, 16:29.8; 31. Adrian McCarthy, Tonasket, 17:46.0; 35. Tim Jackson, Tonasket, 18:18.1; 36. Bryden Hires, Tonasket, 18:23.1; 41. Smith Condon, Tonasket, 19:08.7; 42. Abe Podkranic, Tonasket, 19:11.7; 44. Hunter Swanson, Tonasket, 19:53.3; 46. Keeton Hoines, Tonasket, 21:25.8. CTL 1A State Medalists Spencer Elmore, Quincy (10th, 16:36.66).


1. Ben Klemmeck, Liberty Bell, 17:52; 2. Liam Daily, Liberty Bell, 17:55; 3. Oren Cox, Bridgeport, 18:18; 4. Morgan Ott, Liberty Bell, 18:20; 5. Josiah Klemmeck, Liberty Bell, 18:24; 6. Willy Duguay, Liberty Bell, 18:26; 7. Ryan Widhalm, Riverside Christian, 18:54; 8. Miguel Leyva, Manson, 19:12; 9. Ray Yazzie, Lake Roosevelt, 19:28; 10. Sam Thomas, Manson, 20:21; 11. Logan Szafas, Liberty Bell, 20:24; 12. Marc Martinez, Bridgeport, 20:49; 13. Carter Dornfeld, Liberty Bell, 20:50; 14. Robert George, Lake Roosevelt, 20:58; 15. Brandon Desautel, Lake Roosevelt, 21:06; 16. Diego Santana, Oroville, 21:25; 20. Javier Castillo, Oroville, 22:01; 22. Nahum Garfias, Oroville, 22:40; 26. Emmanuel Castrejon, Oroville, 23:29; 29. Daniel Castrejon, Oroville, 24:19; 32. Dakota Haney, Oroville, 27:05.

Central Washington League North Finals

1. Liberty Bell 18, 2. Lake Roosevelt 62, 3. Bridgeport 73, 4. Oroville 85.


Caribou Trail League Finals

1. Cascade 52; 2. Chelan 56; 3. Omak 77; 4. Cashmere 80; 5. Tonasket 117; 6. Quincy 121, Brewster NS.


1. Erin Mullins, Cascade, 17:14.9; 2. Jennifer Novikoff, Cascade, 19:14.7; 3. Addison Ivory, Chelan, 19:16.1; 4. Sarah O’Dell, Omak, 19:38.7; 5. Lydia Youkey, Cascade, 19:39.1; 6. Breanna Knishka, Cashmere, 19:43.2; 7. Amber Monroe, Tonasket, 19:48.0; 8. Jesica Bauer, Cashmere, 19:49.9; 9. Jessica Oules, Chelan, 19:53.4; 10. Jasmine Gonzalez, Cashmere, 20:07.0; 11. Alexandra O’Dell, Omak, 20:08.7; 12. Abigail Early, Omak, 20:22.2; 13. Daisy Campos, Chelan, 20:23.5; 14. Jessica Galvan, Chelan, 20:24.2; 15. Johnna Terris, Tonasket, 20:38.2; 25. Lea Berger, Tonasket, 22:43.7; 30. Jenna Valentine, Tonasket, 23:12.3; 40. Kallie Mirick, Tonasket, 28:08.7.

CTL 1A State Medalists Erin Mullins, Cascade (State Champion, 18:32.76).

Central Washington League North Finals NO TEAM SCORING INDIVIDUAL (ALL FINISHERS) - 5K

1. Sierra Speiker, Oroville, 18:26; 2. Ashley Palmer, Lake Roosevelt, 22:09; 3. Alexia Hanway, Lake Roosevelt, 24:39; 4. Rhiannon Easter, Pateros, 24:48; 5. Letty Trejo, Bridgeport, 25:25; 6. Lilly Schlotzhauer, Liberty Bell, 25:34; 7. Melissa Gray, Pateros, 27:07; 8. Elsie Valdovinos, Bridgeport, 27:56; 9. Clare Castrodale, Lake Roosevelt, 28:27; 10. Anai Palacios, Bridgeport, 29:03; 11. Annie Miller, Riverside Christian, 29:04; 12. Phoebe Poynter, Oroville, 30:32; 13. Maddy Varrelman, Bridgeport, 31:24.

CWL 2B North Medalists Sierra Speiker, Oroville (State Champion, 18:20.41).

Washington state high school modifications to FIFA soccer rules As much as any game, soccer rules often differ from those seen in the major professional leagues, especially in regards to substitutions. The following is a summary of the modifications made at the high school level to FIFA laws that govern the sport worldwide.

LAW 1: THE FIELD OF PLAY FIELD CONDITIONS Up until the moment the game begins, it is the responsibility of the host institution or game management to judge whether or not the condition of the field, the elements and other conditions affecting the safety of the field of play allow for a safe game to begin. Once the game begins, and until it ends, the determination of whether or not a game may be safely continued shall be made by the referee. LIGHTNING GUIDELINES When thunder is heard, or a cloud-to-ground lightning bolt is seen, the thunderstorm is close

enough to strike your location with lightning. Suspend play and take shelter immediately. Once play has been suspended, wait at least 30 minutes after the last thunder is heard or flash of lightning is witnessed prior to resuming play. Any subsequent thunder or lightning after the beginning of the 30-minute count reset the clock and another 30-minute count should begin.

ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION DEVICES The use of electronic communication devices is allowed in the bench area. These devices, however, cannot be used to communicate with athletes on the field during the game.

LAW 3: THE NUMBER OF PLAYERS SUBSTITUTIONS With the permission of the referee, either team may substitute an unlimited number of players at any stoppage.

CONCUSSION RULE Coaches: • Shall educate their athletes on the signs and symptoms of concussion and encourage athletes to notify a coach if they or a teammate exhibits those signs or symptoms. • Shall immediately remove from participation/competition any athlete who is suspected of sustaining a concussion or head injury. • Shall not allow an athlete who has been removed from play because of a suspected concussion/brain injury to return to play until the athlete has received written clearance from a licensed health care provider trained in the evaluation and management of brain injuries. BLOOD RULE An athlete who is bleeding, has an open wound, has any amount of blood on his/her uniform, or has blood on his/her person, shall be directed to leave the field until the bleeding has stopped, the wound is covered, the uniform and/or body is appropriately

cleaned, and/or the uniform is changed before returning to competition. That player shall leave the field but may be replaced.

LAW 4: THE PLAYERS’ EQUIPMENT COACHES’ RESPONSIBILITY Each head coach shall be responsible for ensuring that each of his/her players is properly and legally equipped. The head coach shall receive the first caution issued for an illegally equipped player. All subsequent cautions for illegally equipped player(s) shall be issued directly to the player(s) and not the head coach. LAW 7: THE DURATION OF THE MATCH LENGTH OF PERIODS The match lasts two equal periods of 40 minutes. The WIAA recommends that middle level schools play two equal periods of 30 minute halves or four equal quarters of 15 minutes. Periods may be shortened

if mutually agreed upon or in any emergency, by agreement of coaches or ordered by the referee, provided it is determined to shorten the periods before the game or before the second period. The referee is responsible for keeping the time of the game. If the field site has a clock, it shall be run to 2:00 then official time will be utilized which includes stoppage time kept on field. The referee will indicate to both coaches as to how much time remains. In the event a game must be suspended because of conditions which make it impossible to continue play, the referee shall declare it an official game if one complete half or more of the game has been played. If less than one-half of the game has been played, the game may be rescheduled from the start, or restarted from the suspension of play.

INTERVALS BETWEEN PERIODS The halftime interval shall be 10 minutes unless opposing coaches mutually agree to a different length.

TIE GAMES State Tournament Games: Two (2) golden goal five (5) minute overtimes. If still tied, kicks from the mark will decide the results. LAW 12: FOULS AND MISCONDUCT PLAYER SEND OFF A player, substitute or substituted player who has been shown a red card may remain in the team area. COACH / ADULT BENCH PERSONNEL A coach or other adult bench personnel, who has been cautioned, should be shown a yellow card. A coach or other adult bench personnel who has been shown a red card must leave the vicinity of the playing area immediately and may not have contact, direct or indirect, with the team during the remainder of the game. Failure to comply shall result in termination of the game. Source: Interscholastic Association

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Sports Preview - Fall Sports Special 2014