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Queen Miranda welcomes you to the Fair OKANOGAN - Welcome to the 67th annual Okanogan County Fair. My name is Miranda Cleveland, and I am your 2014 Okanogan County Fair Queen. It is with great pride and honor that I represent this year’s Okanogan County Fair. I am 18 years old and a recent graduate of Okanogan High School and the Running Start program at Wenatchee Valley College in Omak. I have lived in Okanogan all of my life, which has instilled me with an agricultural way of thinking, and many country roots to depend on. I enjoy many activities such as horseback riding, Four-wheeling, traditional native beading, horse showing, and much more. I have been a member of 4-H for the past ten years and have participated in the Shooting Sports, Baking, Market Lamb, and Horsemanship Projects. I am currently attending college at Washington State University and majoring in Animal Sciences. My hopes are to become a veterinarian.

It is an Honor to represent Okanogan County as the 2014 Fair Queen. I have participated in the Fair for the past ten years showing market lambs, horses, and still life exhibits. I never could have imagined the all of the amazing experiences, and great events that I have gotten to take part in during my reign. The Colorama Parade, the Omak Stampede, and many more. But the Best of all is coming upon us quickly; The Okanogan County Fair. I will never forget the experiences that I have gained by participating in the fair, or my year of being the Fair Queen. So, I would like to invite you all to come and join me and the rest of the exhibitors at the Okanogan County Fair for days filled with fun, great food, wonderful crafts, and beautiful animals. This is more than a simple community event; it is a place where you can be seen in your boots, play in the barns, and lay down some good old fashioned Country Roots. Queen Miranda Cleveland

Okanogan County Fair Queen Miranda Cleveland




We have two candidates for the 2015 Okanogan County Fair queen: Lexee Howell from Tonasket and Lily White from Twisp. Lexee is 16 years old and a Junior at Tonasket High School. Her parents are Kyle and Marcie Howell and she has one sister, Breanna. Her fair project this year is a horse. She has been active in the Fair since she was seven years old when she showed her first animal (a rabbit). She is active in 4H as her club’s current president, as well as FFA, and she is an ASB officer. She wants to welcome everyone to Barns, Boots and Country Roots at this year’s Okanogan County Fair. Lily is a 17-year-old Senior at Liberty Bell High School. Her parents are Paul and Erica White; she has a younger brother (Nicholas, age 9) and sister (Emma, 7). She has two fair projects this year: a market swine and a horse. She has been competing in the Okanogan County Fair for the past 12 years. She is a member of the Methow Valley Cascaders 4-H club and enjoys eventing on her pony, playing the violin and baking. The girls are excited for this year’s fair. They participated in their first event together on Friday, Aug. 22, as they had a

radio interview on Openline.

Sunday (Sept.7) at 2:00 p.m. also on the

• Portfolio Madison Shellenbarger/submitted photo

Lily White (left) and Lexee Howell have thrown their hats into the ring for the right to be named 2015 Okanogan County Fair Queen. They have a busy schedule as fair participants and queen candidates. In addition to their regular classes, they will be participating in royalty activities during fair, some of which include the Pageant on Thursday (Sept. 4) at 5:45 p.m. on the Rotary Main Stage, and the Coronation on

Rotary Main Stage. As candidates the girls are judged in four areas: • Pageant, which includes modeling, speech, and impromptu questions (always lots of fun!) • Personal Interviews with the judges.

• Secret Judging. There is a secret judge watching them during Fair, to make sure they are representing the Fair properly. We are always looking for girls interested in trying out for Fair Queen. For more information contact Royalty Adviser Madison Shellenbarger at 509-485-3118.

Good Luck Fair Participants! 512 S. Whitcomb, Tonasket



PAUL’S SERVICE There’s something for everyone at the Fair!

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Chickens popular with kids starting out at the fair Local business applauded for its support BY GARY A. DE VON MANAGING EDITOR

OROVILLE – While there are bigger animals, and perhaps even cuter animals, chickens seem to be popular with Oroville kids starting out exhibiting at the fair. The Booker boys – Kane and Brody - Reagan Whiteaker and Kylar Anderson, are all raising chickens for this year’s fair. While not known for their beauty, Kane and Reagan both describe their birds as “pretty.” Reagan, 10, is raising a Phoenix for the fair, one of about 30 chickens she raises with her dad Dan Whiteaker. “They’re free range chickens and they eat corn and pellets,” said Reagan, who also helps raise ducks and pigs, but her favorite animals are horses. Last year was her first year at the fair and she got a blue ribbon for her chicken. She likes showing at the fair and decorating the cage for showing. She also likes getting money for the sale of her chicken at the market sale – last year it was bought by Jack Hughes from Hughes Department store. “Jack is a big supporter of the kids at the fair,” said Reagan’s

Gary DeVon/staff photos

Left, Reagan Whiteaker and her Phoenix chicken that she is training for the fair. which she describes as “pretty.” She and her dad are raising 30 chickens in all. Right, Kane and Brody Booker with their rooster and hen. They are excited about showing at the fair again this year.

Good Luck to all Okanogan County Fair Participants!


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CHICKENS | FROM A1 grandmother, Joanne Whiteaker. Whiteaker’s great grandkids, Kane, 7, and Brody, 5, are also raising chickens again this year. Their dad Ed, agrees that Hughes has been very supportive of the Oroville kids. “The boys went to ‘Chick Days’ at the warehouse and we ended up getting 40 chickens,” Booker said. “Most of those went to meat, but we kept a few, including the two the boys are raising for the fair.” Chick Days included a guest speaker that helped the family decide what types of feed to give the chickens for meat and for show. Hughes also supplied the pizza for the event. “We learned what we were feeding them was the wrong thing... it was like giving them candy,” he said. “We have since switched to something more suited to the bird’s needs. The information on what was good for meat and was good for eggs was really useful.” Booker added that they get all their feed from Hughes’. “Last year Jack was extremely supportive of the Oroville kids, he bought both the boys’ birds and then let them keep them. They

like to take him eggs from their chickens in trade,” said the boys’ dad. The boys have learned that they need to dress appropriately for showing, that they need to keep their animals’ area clean, as well as help with cleaning the whole barn. “They’ve learned that it’s not just about their bird, but about the whole barn. It’s a family event and everyone in the barn becomes part of the family,” he said. While the Bookers have one chicken named “Monster Truck,” Kane’s chicken, which he describes as “just a pretty rooster,” doesn’t have a name yet. Brody said his red hen is named “Bulldozer.” “I think next year Kane will show pigs,” said Booker, “but we’ll have to do that outside of town.” Although the chickens seem to have the run of their backyard in town, they do have a pen in the back corner. That won’t do for a pig and they will probably locate the pig at one of their relatives outside of town. Kylar, 9, is also in her second year at the fair and she is raising a Polish chicken named “Stardust.” One of several the Andersons got shipped through the mail from the McMurray hatchery. The

Dave’s Gun & Pawn

Anderson’s live outside of town and their Eastlake backyard is quite the menagerie, with chickens, ducks, geese, Guinea hens, rabbits and at least one dog. “There are about 100 animals,” said Kylar, who helps her mom take care of them all. In order to train your chicken, “You have to feed them out of your hand and hold them,” she says. “You have to answer the judge’s questions about your chicken,” said Kylar, adding that her grandma and grandpa, Steve and Claire Bayley, bought her ribbon-winning chicken last year. The Andersons pride themselves on their free range chickens and other birds. They have the run of most of the backyard which is next to a pond. They also enjoy leftover fruits and vegetables from Taber’s Taste of Summer Fruit Barn and some organic wheat. This week they had oyster shells that the chickens could peck at which is good for the eggs, about three dozen a day, which they sell to family and friends, according to Kindra Anderson, Kylar’s mom.

Gary DeVon/staff photo

Kylar Anderson and her Polish chicken. The Andersons have a lot of livestock at their home outside Oroville. Among the fowl alone there are chickens, ducks, Guinea hens and geese.


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Fairgrounds open to public Jerry Breeden, Strolling puppets Market Swine Judging Rabbit Judging *PUD Youth Pole Climb (Horse classes) Intermediate and Adult Horse Fitting & Showing - North Arena; Adult Riding and Halter classes - North Arena; Intermediate Riding classes - North Arena; Senior and Junior Fitting & Showing - South Arena; Youth Halter classes - South Arena; Senior and Junior Riding classes - South Arena Produce Judging Contest-south of Arts & Crafts Building Mutton Bustin’ *PUD Electricity Safety Demonstration Jerry Breeden, Ventriloquist - Rotary Stage FFA Tractor Driving CDE Competition-Infield Bottle Baby calf show in beef show ring Market Lamb judging Jerry Breeden, Ventriloquist - Small animal barns area The Wicks - Rotary Stage Davis Shows Northwest Carnival opens Good4U Band - Rotary Stage Sheep Fitting & Showing demonstration Little People Fitting & Showing (Sheep) Royalty Pageant - Rotary Stage Lads & Lassies (Sheep) competition Mutton Bustin Cat Type Classes followed by Cat Fashion Show Youth Horsemanship Class sponsored by Sam & Raci McKee-Large Arena Sammy Steele Band - Rotary Stage Fairgrounds closed to public

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 2014: 9:00 am Throughout day 9:00 am 9:00 am - 3:00 pm 11:00 am 11:00 am 11:30 am 12:00 pm 1:00 pm 1:00 pm 1:00 pm 3:00 pm 3:00 pm 4:15 pm 4:30 pm 4:30 pm 5:00 pm 6:00 pm 6:30 pm 6:30 pm 7:00 pm 7:00 pm 8:30 pm 10:00 pm

Fairgrounds open to public Jerry Breeden, Strolling Puppets Rabbit, Goat & Livestock Fitting & Showing (Horse classes) Horse Trail classes (all ages) - North Arena; Youth Western classes - South Arena; English classes - South Arena; Driving classes - South Arena *PUD Electricity Safety Demonstration Poultry Fitting and Showing - poultry barn Mutton Bustin’ Jerry Breeden, Ventriloquist - Rotary Stage Poultry & Sheep Fitting & Showing Okanogan Bluegrass Company - Rotary Stage Bottle Baby calf show in beef show ring Local Youth Musicians, Kathleen Christensen - Rotary Stage Davis Shows Northwest Carnival Mutton Bustin’ Midnight Run, Band - Rotary Stage Dynamic Duos (Sheep) competition Adult Fitting & Showing (Sheep) Barry Black, Acoustics - Rotary Stage Mutton Bustin’ Cat Fitting & Showing classes Truck & Tractor Pull - Grandstands Rabbit Agility Love Stitch, Band - Rotary Stage Fairgrounds closed to public

* PUD events subject to crew availability due to regional disaster response efforts

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 2014: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm 9:00 am 9:00 am Throughout day 10:00 am 10:00 am - 2:00 pm 11:00 am 11:00 am 11:00 am 11:30 pm 12:00 pm 12:00 pm 1:00 pm 1:00 pm 2:00 pm 3:00 pm 3:00 pm 3:00 pm 4:00 pm 5:00 pm 6:00 pm 7:00 pm 7:00 pm After Rodeo 8:00 pm 11:00 pm

Horse Gaming in both Arenas Fairgrounds open to public Livestock Judging CDE; Agronomy Judging CDE to follow Jerry Breeden, Strolling Puppets Round Robin Fitting & Showing Contests - Small Animals Photography Scavenger Hunt - start in Photo Barn Round Robin Fitting & Showing Contests - Large Animals Best Dressed Rabbit contest Kids Races/Games at south end of fairgrounds Mutton Bustin’ John Jones, Fiddler- Rotary Stage Okanogan Roping Club Team Roping & Women’s Barrels - Rodeo Arena Horse Races Low Rider Racing - in between Horse Races Poultry Costume Contest Jerry Breeden, Ventriloquist - Rotary Stage Market Livestock Sale - Berg Pavillion Davis Shows Northwest Carnival The Wicks, Band - Rotary Stage Mutton Bustin’ Good4U, Band - Rotary Stage Rabbit Agility contest Rodeo - Grandstands Fair Queen autograph signing (next to Rotary Stage) The Olson Brothers, Band - Rotary Stage Fairgrounds closed to public


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Submitted photos

The Okanogan County 4-H Pre-fair shoot was held Saturday, Aug. 16, at the Okanogan Wildlife Council Range. New 4-H entries for the 2014 Okanogan County Fair include, (left) Archery (with 4-H member Sarah Dixon); (center) Air Rifle in Standing position (with 4-H member Spenser Cleveland); (right) .22 Rifle in Prone position 4-H members (with Certified Shooting Sports 4-H leaders Ralph Malone and Monte Andrews).

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Richeys carry on family tradition Pigs, steer and bottle calf ready for the Okanogan County Fair BY BRENT BAKER BBAKER@GAZETTE-TRIBUNE.COM

TONASKET - If there is a rodeo or a fair going on in the area, it seems as if the Richeys are always on hand. The Okanogan County Fair is no exception as Karlie, Brooke, Jacie and Ben Richey have all been readying their animals for this year’s judging. All of the kids are well-versed in the ways of the Fair - even Ben (age 5), preparing for his second trip. Ben has been readying his bottle calf, Pinky, and says he hasn’t been letting his sisters do all the work for him. “I feed him every morning and night,” he says. “Grain and hay.” He says that when he first got Pinky, though, there was a lot more work involved. “We put milk in a bottle for her,” he says of the first four months of working with the calf. “We did it a lot of times.” He’s also been busy guiding Pinky on walks, as well as giving baths. Come September, Ben is looking forward to his favorite part of the Fair: “Showing,” he says. Jacie, 8, is also a big fan of showing. She’ll be taking her steer, Marvin, to the Fair and his hoping to repeat her success of last year, where she won Grand Champion for her feeder steer.


Brent Baker/staff photo

Left, Jacie Richey and Marvin will be ready for the Okanogan County Fair, Sept. 4-7. Above, younger brother Ben has been working with his bottle calf, Pinky, for several months.

Enjoy the Okanogan County Fair!

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RICHEYS | FROM 11 “I showed horses for one year, and then did a bottle calf,” she says. Last year’s champion feeder steer was her bottle calf from the previous year. This is the first year that she can sell. Meanwhile, she’s getting Marvin ready for the fair, walking, feeding and brushing him. “I really like showing the steer,” she says. Brooke, 10, is also taking a steer and, while she likes the whole Fair, says she is looking forward to Market the most. “I took horses my first three years,” she says. “Then I showed pigs for a year. This is my third year with a steer.” Brooke has won a few blue ribbons for her steers, but she was Grand Champion in horses several years ago. Bo, her steer, weighs in at about 1,300 pounds. “I’ve been breaking him to lead,” she says. “I’ve been washing him off and getting him used to the bath for the Fair. Then we just feed him a lot so he keeps gaining weight.” Speaking of gaining weight, Karlie, 12, has her pair of pigs gaining about three pounds per day. “Right now I cant really decide which one to take,” she says of Mango and Tango. “I’m kind of leaning toward Mango but I’m not sure yet. (She’ll choose) probably by weight. Right now one of them is on a diet.” Last year, Karlie won Grand Champion in Fitting and Showing, while the year before she won Reserve Champion. She started out by taking horses to the Fair for three years, then moving on to pigs for the past three years. She has several Grand and Reserve Champion ribbons for horses. “I’m hoping to go for the Grand again,” she says.

Brent Baker/staff photos

Left, Karlie Richey will be taking one of two pigs - Mango or Tango - to the county fair next weekend. Above, Brooke is getting 1300-lb. Bo ready to show.

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What’s happening at your county fair? Highlights include a number of new events BY GARY A. DE VON MANAGING EDITOR

OKANOGAN – While you’ll still see everything you love about the fair – kids showing their prizewinning animal, adults exhibiting their blue ribbon fruits and vegetables, horse races and the carnival, 2014’s Okanogan County Fair has many new exciting activities, according to Naomi Boesel, entertainment committee chairperson. “There’s quite a few things that are new in the entertainment world. We have horse games and a kid’s play day in the arena,” said Boesel. On Saturday there will be kid’s footraces and other games on the side of the arena. These will feature things like capture the flag, the three-legged race, the cherry pit spitting contest and more. Saturday also features a pie eating contest, with the first 10 people to sign up getting to compete. That takes place in Jone’s Hall between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., said Boesel. The horse games kid’s play day will be Sunday and feature several events for both kids and their horses – Musical Pairs, Cowhide Races, Sweetheart Race, Slick Pig, Stick Horse Race, Chicken Scramble, Boot Race and much more. The sign up for these events will be on Friday and Saturday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the Rodeo Arena. “We’re excited about this, the cowhide race which hasn’t been done in a number of years. One

kid is the rider pulling a cowhide behind the horse and another kid jumps onto the cowhide and is dragged to the other side of the arena,” said Boesel. Also on Sunday, the adults will get a chance to participate in the Wild Cow Ride in which six businesses have agreed to form threeperson teams made up of two men and a woman each. The team has to saddle up the cow and ride it. “The public can bid on the team they think is going to win, the winning bidder wins half the prize money and the other half will go to help the victims of the Carlton Complex Fire through the Community Action Council,” said Boesel. In the world of entertainment, there’s lots that’s new. “We’re super excited to have the Sammy Steele band coming from Vegas. They’re an amazing Country-Rock band and will be releasing their second album soon,” she said. Hughes Department Store is sponsoring Steele on Thursday on the Rotary (Main) Stage after the pageant. The Wicks will also be performing on Thursday on the

Rotary Sage and on Saturday as well. The Friday entertainment includes local youth musicians Kathleen Christiansen and later the Midnight Run Band, Love Stitch then Barry Black on the Rotary Sage. “Black was featured on ‘The Voice’ last fall, Midnight Run is a blues band and Love Stitch is a rock band,” said Boesel. Fiddler John Jones will take the stage on Saturday, as well as the Olsen Brothers Band. The Olsen Brothers are an up an coming teen boy band that sings country. “They just released their first album and they’ve been all over the state performing at fairs,” said Boesel. Ventriloquist Jerry Breeden performs throughout the fair on Thursday, Friday and Saturday – he’ll have his strolling puppets on Thursday and later will perform his ventriloquist act in the small animal barn area. Strolling puppets again on Friday and Saturday mornings and his ventriloquist act on the Rotary Stage later in the afternoon. Okanogan County PUD usually has an electrical safety demonstration – this year, however, it


is unconfirmed due to the recent fire activity placing a strain on PUD manpower resources. Due to FEMA being in the Annex, the PUD will have its booth inside the Agriplex this year. Shannon’s from Tonasket will be manning the fair kitchen this year. They are currently planning on offering a steak dinner on Friday and Saturday nights. Mike Egerton, from Oroville, is in charge of the vendors this year. Other food offered at the fair this year include: tamales, fish and chips, chicken strips, corn dogs, hot dogs, corn on the cob, burgers, brats, pulled pork sandwiches, curly fries, taco salads, elephant ears, funnel cakes, Espresso, deep fried Twinkies (and Snickers, Oreos and Reeses), donuts, shaved ice, kettle korn, beef and chicken skewers, stir fried veggies, noodles and rice, breakfast buns and gravy, nachos, roast beef sandwiches, sloppy joes, cinnamon rolls, ice cream cones, lemonade,


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Diane MacFarland, P.T.


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39 Clarkson Mill Rd., Tonasket

onion rings, jalapeno poppers, blended coffee drinks, Italian sodas, fry bread, indian tacos and more. Throughout the weekend there will be a silent auction taking place to raise money for victims of the Carlton Complex Fire, with signed items from some of the performers, as well as items like a golfing package for Gamble Sands golf course, newly opened between Bridgeport and Pateros. The auction takes place in the Commercial Building and is being held by the Okanogan County Community Action Council. New this year, the judges will have iPads to record exhibit winners and should make the process much more streamlined, according to Boesel. Tickets are $8 for a daily pass, $5 on Sunday or $20 per person for a four-day pass. A one-day pass for a family is $25. Kids five and under are free. See pages 6 and 7 for the full schedule and times of appearance.

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County Fair - Okanogan County Fair 2014  


County Fair - Okanogan County Fair 2014