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Car Care

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Simple ways to extend the life of your vehicle

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Topics to discuss before hiring your next mechanic

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Learn the proper way to tow cargo safely


Spring/Summer Car Care

April 2014

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Six simple ways to extend the life of your vehicle gas mileage. When possible, leave your car at home on trips into town when you can just as easily walk or ride a bicycle. Over time, reducing the amount of According to data from truecar.com, in 2012, the average new car cost $30,500. short trips you take in your car will greatly reduce wear and tear on your Because new cars have become so exvehicle and improve your fuel efficiency. pensive, more and more vehicle owners are looking for ways to extend the life of n Stick to the manufacturer’s their vehicles. recommended maintenance schedFortunately, there are several steps ule. Adhering to your vehicle’s maintevehicle owners can take that should nance schedule serves many purposes, ensure their vehicles stay on the road including improving the its durability for years to come: and protecting various components, including its cooling system and driven Scale back on short trips. The train. toll cold starts take on a vehicle can While many manufacturers used to add up over time. When a car is started, recommend changing a vehicle’s oil condensation builds up in the vehicle’s every 3,000 miles, many of today’s exhaust system. On longer trips, that condensation will newer automobiles need their oil changed less frequently. gradually evaporate. Check your owner’s manual for manuHowever, on short trips, that condenfacturer recommendations regarding oil sation often does not have enough time changes. to evaporate, and over time too many short trips will lead to an accumulation n Pay attention to brake pads. of water in the muffler that can lead to Brake pads that are allowed to wear rust and rust holes on the muffler. down can cause damage to the brakes’ Short trips also can negatively affect rotors and calipers. That damage can




prove costly and make things harder on your vehicle. Keep an eye on your vehicle’s brake pads, which are far less expensive to replace than rotors and calipers, and do not allow them to wear down to metal. n Keep your tires properly inflated. Tires that are under-inflated will negatively impact your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. In addition, the tires’ life expectancy is reduced considerably when tires are not properly inflated. Routinely check your tire pressure, especially if you drive a lot, and keep tires inflated at the pressure recommended in your vehicle’s owner’s manual. n Be mindful when filling up your tank. Many people do not pay much attention to their surroundings when pulling into the filling station. But when you fill up can impact your car’s life expectancy. Perhaps the worst time to fill your tank is when the fuel tanker is in the gas station refilling the underground tanks. That’s because the process of filling the underground tanks can stir up

sediment that had settled at the bottom of those tanks. If that sediment finds its way into your vehicle’s gas tank, it can clog filters and fuel injectors and negatively affect the vehicle’s performance. So unless your car is running on empty, avoid refilling its gas tank when the tanker is still in the station. n Take care of your vehicle’s interior. Caring for a car is not just about being good to what’s under the hood. Caring for the car’s interior will not necessarily impact its performance, but a well-kept interior will improve how you look at your vehicle and how much you enjoy driving it. Preserve the vehicle’s door and window seals; clean the dashboard, including the gauges, vacuum the floor mats and wipe down the vehicle’s interior, whether it’s cloth or leather. Keeping up the appearance of the car’s interior will make the vehicle more enjoyable to drive and increase its value at resale.





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Spring/Summer Car Care

April 2014


How to protect vehicles in hot conditions story by: METRO CREATIVE SERVICES Dramatic fluctuations in temperature can wreak havoc on automobiles. While cars and trucks are designed to be reliable under various conditions, sometimes the weather can get the best of even the most reliable vehicle. Many people associate car troubles with cold weather. However, cars are susceptible to breakdowns when it is hot outside. Extreme heat adds to an already high temperature under the hood, requiring ventilation and cooling systems to work that much harder. Batteries, alternators, starters, fan motors and cooling systems are particularly vulnerable to high heat. It’s easy for a car to overheat and break down. Proper maintenance and some hot weather guidelines can keep drivers safe and on the road when temperatures soar, whether drivers are going on a quick ride or an extended road trip. Here are a few easy tips to keep your vehicle from overheating in hot weather: n Be sure the radiator is working properly and is filled with fluid at all times. This helps prevent overheating, which can strand a vehicle on the side of the road.

n Hot temperatures cause items to expand, such as the air molecules inside of the tires. Make sure the tires are properly inflated so blowouts do not occur. n Keep up-to-date with oil changes and other routine maintenance. Vehicles that are well maintained are less likely to be susceptible to heat strain. n Proper air flow is essential to cool an engine and keep a vehicle air conditioning system operating efficiently. If the cooling system has not recently been serviced, have it done before the hot weather arrives. n Replace an old battery, and top off a functioning battery with distilled water when necessary, particularly if evaporation has occurred. n Clean the vehicle so that it will better reflect the sun’s rays, cutting down on radiant heat. n When the vehicle is parked, use a car cover or a reflective shade in the windshield to protect the interior from sun damage and excessive heat. n Tinted windows can help block out more of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Make sure that tint is legal and applied properly if it is done after-market. n Plan road trips for early in the morning or late at night to cut down on the amount of time spent driving during the peak heat and sunshine. n Passengers should wear appropriate clothing and

apply sunscreen. Car windows do not block UV light, and passengers may be susceptible to sunburn even when they’re in the car. n Park in the shade whenever possible. n Never leave children or pets unattended in a vehicle, even for short moments. n If the temperature gauge inside of the car reads hot, pull over, open the hood and turn the heat on inside the car to expel some of the pent-up heat. n Keep plenty of water on hand in the event of a breakdown to prevent dehydration until help arrives.






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Spring/Summer Car Care

April 2014

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Five insider tips to save money when buying a car story by: BRANDPOINT As the weather warms, car-buying season gets into full swing. Even though interest rates are still at or near record lows, there are additional ways smart buyers are saving even more cash on their next vehicle and staying within their budgets. Purchasing power is crucial when it comes to buying a vehicle, and it’s important to make sure you’re spending within your financial means Along with conducting research before choosing a make and model, there are steps you can take to ensure you’re getting the best possible deal. Here are five tips to get the most car for your money with a payment you can live with:

Step 1: Know what you can afford Your first step when making any large purchase should be to assess your current financial situation. Review your monthly income, subtract all anticipated expenses and make sure there’s money left to not only afford a new car payment, but also to contribute to your savings. Adding a car payment to your monthly budget shouldn’t leave you without money remaining for things like groceries or unexpected expenses.

Step 2: Review your credit inventory Take a comprehensive look at your current debt. Are you in good standing on all prior loan commit-

ments and credit cards? If not, it may be difficult to obtain financing at a low interest rate, which will result in a higher monthly payment. So, if you’re behind on other loans, take the steps now to get in good shape to purchase a car. Go back to step 1 if need be. Once you’ve made sure all your debts are in good standing and that you’re financially able to take on a car payment, you’re ready for the next step.

Step 3: Check your credit report and score Getting a car loan at the best possible rate requires a good credit score. Before applying for an auto loan, it’s best to get a copy of your credit report. Although financial institutions will check your credit

when applying for a loan, having your report in advance gives you the chance to correct any discrepancies before applying. This leads to a quicker application process and prevents denial because of a credit report error unbeknownst to you.

Step 4: Shop around for the best rate Before walking into a dealership, check interest rates at different lenders and read the fine print for any hidden fees. The key to a good auto loan is striking the right balance between the rate and how long to finance the loan.

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Spring/Summer Car Care

easy DIY tips to maintain your vehicle

blocked from sediment that gets into your vehicle via gasoline. Why keep your fuel injectors clean? When it comes to vehicle maintenance, there are two schools of practice: Driving with dirty fuel injectors can lead to poor acceleration, lower power, “do it for me” and “do it yourself.” The majority fall under the first cat- reduced fuel economy, rough idling and high carbon monoxide emissions. egory, meaning they opt to take their An easy way to maintain your vehicle in for maintenance, mostly fuel injectors is to use a fuel injector because having the ability to lift your cleaner and stabilizer. vehicle for an oil change or having the Use a bottle by simply pouring it into proper tools for a tire rotation are not your gas tank before your fill up at the common in an average garage. We all know about the basic mainte- gas station. Good for both gasoline and diesel venance you should be doing, like getting your oil changed and checking the belts hicles, it can restore fuel economy and clean injectors. and hoses for wear. But did you know there are other Air filter aspects of your vehicle you can easily How often you change your air filter maintain and, by doing so, will extend depends on where you drive. Regular the life of your vehicle? travel in rural areas will require you to Spark plugs change your air filter more often than The role of the spark plug is to ignite you would if the majority of your driving is on the highway. fuel in the cylinders. Spark plugs that Driving with a dirty air filter can aren’t working to their full capacity cause a pressure drop that restricts can reduce gas mileage or cause damairflow, reducing fuel economy, perforage to other parts of the vehicle that mance and emissions. can result in expensive repairs. A good way to determine whether If you choose to replace your own spark plugs instead of having a shop do your air filter is dirty is to remove it and hold it up to the light. If it is caked it, the cost is less than $10 per spark with dirt, you should replace it. plug. Shaking or blowing it out will not Fuel injectors clean it, but only embed the dirt farSimilar to spark plugs, fuel injectors ther into the fibers. are an important component to the life In addition to following a regular of your engine and car, particularly if maintenance schedule for your you make a lot of short trips or have vehicle, checking less-thought-of items many miles on your vehicle. can result in better fuel economy and, Fuel injector openings are half therefore, result in money savings and the size of a pinhole and can become longer life of your vehicle.


April 2014

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Spring/Summer Car Care

April 2014

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Questions to ask your next mechanic story by: METRO CREATIVE SERVICES


Few decisions weigh as heavily on automobile owners as their choice of mechanic. A good mechanic goes a long way toward ensuring that drivers and their passengers stay safe on the road and that those drivers’ vehicles perform at their peak for years to come. That’s an important role to play, and it’s why many drivers acknowledge that choosing a mechanic is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Rest assured you don’t need to be a car guy or gal to find a trustworthy and talented mechanic. You might just need to open a dialogue with a prospective mechanic, discussing a handful of topics that can help you feel more comfortable and know you have made the right choice in automotive service provider once a final decision has been made.

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they will be charged an inspection fee. In addition to any fees regarding estimates, drivers also should inquire about labor costs and the payment policies at the facility. Labor can be quite expensive, so it’s best that you know these rates in advance of any repairs being conducted on your vehicle. It’s also important to get a rundown of the company payment policies, especially if your vehicle is in need of potentially costly repairs. You don’t want the bill to shock you once the work has been completed, so don’t hesitate to be inquisitive before leaving a car at the garage.


Replacing parts on a vehicle is a cause for concern for many drivers, and rightfully so. Consumer-advocacy groups have exposed many mechanics who pass off used auto parts as new parts. While there’s no way drivers can Certification guarantee they won’t fall victim to such Certification can go a long way toward criminal behavior, they can helping drivers find mechanics they can inquire about company policies regarding vehicle parts. trust. Does the garage even install used The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence [ASE] was founded in parts? If so, do they let drivers choose either new or used parts before any 1972 and continues to work to improve work is done? the quality of automotive service and If the garage only uses new parts, ask repair by testing automotive technicians for parts with solid warranties, so if the and certifying those who live up to or part must be replaced, you won’t have to exceed ASE standards. pay for it again. An ASE-certified technician should have his or her credentials readily avail- Documentation able to prospective customers, and these The preowned vehicle market is thrivcredentials list each professional’s area ing, and drivers who take care of their of certification. vehicles have earned the right to reap When shopping for a new mechanic, their rewards for being good owners make sure that he or she is ASE-certiwhen it comes time to sell the car. fied. When interviewing prospective In addition, discuss with the mechanic mechanics, ask if they are willing to his or her work history, including any provide detailed documentation of any additional areas of expertise. work they do on your vehicle. Pricing policies Such documentation can then be shared with prospective buyers when Many mechanics do offer free estiyou want to sell the car, and it also mates, but that should not be taken for serves as a way to keep the garage acgranted. When bringing a car in for an countable for all the work they have perestimate, drivers should confirm with formed on the vehicle throughout your the mechanic who will conduct the relationship. examination if the estimate is free or if

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Spring/Summer Car Care

How to gift a vehicle story by: METRO CREATIVE SERVICES

ferring the title may be as simple as writing “gift” on the title. Otherwise, you may need to fill out forms to transfer the Generous friends or family members title to another person. frequently opt to give away an olderSome people draw up a bill of sale model car to someone who may not have with a nominal dollar amount to include the means to purchase a car of their with the title to show documentation of own. Vehicles are a necessity for those who the transfer of ownership. n Additionally, the recipient of the live in areas where public transportation is unavailable or inconvenient, and gift- gifted car will fill out paperwork, which includes tax information. ing a car can have a significant impact Again, depending on where you live, on the life of someone who will be on the there will be rules about tax exemptions receiving end of the present. or taxes that must be paid on the veWhile gifting a car may seem like a straightforward transaction, some steps hicle. This is another time when contactneed to be taken to ensure the process is ing your motor vehicle department is adviseable. conducted in adherence to the law. Keep in mind that whoever is doing Various states have specific rules, so it the gifting may not be able to use the is best to contact your local department car as a tax write-off. of motor vehicles office. The United States Internal Revenue The following are some general Service notes that you cannot deduct the guidelines: value of gifts you make other than those n Transfering a vehicle to another given to registered charitable organizaperson, whether it is a gift or a sale, tions. involves transfer of the title. n It is common courtesy to ensure A vehicle title is a legal document the vehicle is in good working order naming a person or persons as the prior to giving it as a gift. owner of the vehicle. This way the recipient isn’t faced with The title contains the current owner’s a bevy of costly repairs. Take the car or name and residential address. It also truck in for a tune-up. Be sure it has includes the vehicle’s identification a fresh oil change and that it has been number, or VIN, the date the car was washed and vacuumed. This way the resold and the mileage on the vehicle at cipient gets the maximum benefit from the time of sale. this generous gift. Depending on where you live, trans-

April 2014


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Saving money proved for and what are willing to pay have already been determined. Keep your payment threshold in New vehicles will have a lower intermind and allow your pre-approval to est rate but the monthly payments will lead discussions at the negotiating be larger. Look for the shortest term table. It will result in purchasing a car you can afford without breaking your at a price that’s right for your budget. budget. If you’re looking to purchase a Step 5: Get pre-approved vehicle this spring, follow these five steps to ensure you’re buying within Once you’ve shopped around, increase your buying power by visiting your means and getting the best your chosen lender and getting a quick, possible deal. By doing your homework and pre-approved loan. A salesperson will be more willing to talking with a lender, you’ll save as much as possible. bargain if how much you’ve been ap-

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Spring/Summer Car Care

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Spring/Summer Car Care

April 2014

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Spring/Summer Car Care

April 2014

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Road trip

How to acclimate pets to long car trips story by: METRO CREATIVE SERVICES


e X celon

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Short jaunts in the car can be a special treat for pets that spend the majority of their time at home. Although car trips sometimes mean appointments at the vet, frequently such trips involve visits to family members or opportunities to romp and socialize in the park. Pets that may be perfectly fine on short trips may not be as amenable to longer excursions. Pet owners should have a thorough understanding of their pet’s traveling proclivities and prepare accordingly when the animal will be riding along on a vacation. Animals can experience motion sickness or stress from being in a moving vehicle, and this can result in vomiting or accidents in the car. Furthermore, anguished animals may attempt to jump into the front seat with the driver, which can cause distraction and/or lead to an accident. So it’s best for owners to acclimate their pets to traveling in a car before going on any especially long trips. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals [ASPCA] recommends acclimating pets to the car in a series of steps. The first may be sitting inside a parked vehicle with your pet. Owners can then gradually progress to short trips around the neighborhood, all the while paying attention to pets to see how they are responding to time in the car. Keep the temperature in the car cool and open the window to allow fresh air to flow in. Do not let your pet hang his or her

head out of the window, as debris can blow in the pet’s eyes or ears and pets may be tempted to jump out while the car is in motion. Owners can reward pets that survive long trips by choosing a final destination that pets will find fun. If you are always putting the cat or dog in the car to go to the vet or groomer, your pet may associate the car with bad experiences and never truly adapt to trips in the car. When traveling, pets must be properly secured in a vehicle to prevent injury to drivers, their passengers and even the pet itself. If a dog or cat finds comfort in a crate, use that to secure the animal during the ride. Otherwise, dog seat belts and other restraint systems are helpful. Pets should ride in the back seat, where they will be most safe and less likely to distract drivers. Drivers should resist the urge to have small pets sit on their lap while driving. Should an accident happen, a deployed airbag can injure or kill a pet that’s sitting on a driver’s lap. As a pet gradually acclimates to longer trips, vary the route and subject pets to different sights, sounds and smells. Animals that are particularly skittish or simply do not do well in the car should not be forced to make road trips. Veterinarians can prescribe tranquilizers or motion-sickness medication to make car rides tolerable. Pet owners often enjoy taking pets on car rides or vacations. But not all companion animals are fans of riding in cars, and they may need some practice.

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Spring/Summer Car Care

April 2014


The dangers of smoking while driving




Using a cellphone, texting and drinking alcoholic beverages are all activities that can lead to fines or arrest if done while in a moving vehicle. But in some areas, it is already illegal, or may soon be, to smoke in a vehicle if in the presence of children. Since 2006, several communities across North America have implemented laws to prevent smoking in cars in which children are present, and campaigns for smoke-free car laws are poised to continue. The public has become increasingly aware that there is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke. Secondhand smoke, also known as environmental tobacco smoke, includes the smoke that a smoker exhales and the smoke that comes from burning tobacco products. Thousands of toxic chemicals are present in secondhand smoke, including formaldehyde, lead, butane, cyanide and carbon monoxide. These dangerous can be inhaled and tend to linger in the air for hours or longer. Smoke residue also clings to a smokerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s body and hair, and can even surface

inside of a home or vehicle, according to the Mayo Clinic. Asthma, heart disease and cancer may result from contact with secondhand smoke, according to the clinic. When someone smokes within the small enclosed space of a car, passengers are exposed to air that is many times more toxic than what the Environmental Protection Agency [EPA] considers hazardous air quality, even if a window is down. Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s more, the particulates of tobacco smoke that are absorbed in the upholstery off-gas back into the air even after many days have passed, exposing riders to toxins well beyond when someone smoked in the car, the EPA said. The developing bodies of children and their small stature put youngsters at risk for greater complications from cigarette smoke, although any passenger is at risk, according to EPA officials. Laws vary depending on location and typically apply to children ages 16 and younger. Smokers are urged to quit smoking for their health and the health of others. But those who continue to smoke should refrain from smoking when inside a vehicle, especially when children are present.


Spring/Summer Car Care

April 2014

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Learn the proper way to safely tow cargo story by: METRO CREATIVE SERVICES


Warm weather is on the horizon, and people from all over are preparing their vehicles for another season of road trips. In addition to packing the interior cargo areas full of equipment and luggage, many road-trippers also haul gear and recreational accessories with them. Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s more to towing than hitching a trailer and hitting the open road. A number of factors come into play when towing cargo or another vehicle, including the towing capacity of the vehicle doing the hauling. The following are some safety tips for road trippers hitting the road with trailer in tow:

Different manufacturers offer towing packages equipped to work in concert with your vehicle. Towing packages may include certain types of hitches, batteries, flasher systems, extended-view side mirrors and even special axles and tires. In many areas, a trailer with a loaded weight of more than 1,500 pounds requires a separate braking system and a breakaway switch located on the tongue of the trailer that activates the trailer brakes in the event it separates from the tow vehicle. Having the right equipment can mean the difference between safely towing cargo to your destination or causing an accident along the way.

Tow vehicles While many vehicles have towing capabilities, not all of those vehicles are necessarily right for the job. Review the towing capacities of various vehicles depending on the type of trailer that will be towed. A larger, more powerful vehicle may be necessary if you will be towing something large and heavy, such as a boat or a recreational vehicle. You may need more horsepower to maintain a safe driving speed when towing especially heavy cargo.

Ability Having a lot of power and the right equipment is not enough to safely tow cargo. Recklessness on the road, which includes driving over the speed limit, is a recipe for an accident. It typically takes time and some practice for drivers to grow accustomed to driving while towing cargo. Driving while towing cargo requires that drivers

maneuver their vehicles differently than they would in more typical conditions, and that they drive at slower speeds while leaving room for a larger turning radius. In addition, drivers must accommodate for the extra weight when braking.

Vehicle check Verifying that the trailer hitch is secure is not the only inspection drivers must conduct before hitting the open road. The vehicle doing the towing should be serviced, and any repairs should be made. Check fluid levels, particularly the transmission fluid. In addition, make sure the water level in the battery is acceptable and have the motor oil changed if it is nearing its mileage limit. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s also a good idea to replace the air filter, examine the tires for adequate tread and test the brakes. When the trip begins, give your vehicle and the hitch a once-over to double check that everything is in working order. This can be done during service station stops along the trip. Spring and summer are seasons of recreational fun and long road trips, but it pays to play it safe when towing gear and other cargo.

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Spring/Summer Car Care

April 2014


Common misconceptions about fuel efficiency story by: METRO CREATIVE SERVICES Fuel efficiency is an important issue for car buyers, and understandably so. Conserving fuel is good for drivers’ budgets and the planet, so the concept of fuel efficiency would seem to benefit everyone. But just because fuel efficiency is a good concept does not mean there are not misconceptions about it among drivers and automotive professionals alike. The following are some of the more widely held misconceptions about fuel efficiency: n Full tanks conserve fuel. Many people have long believed that a nearly full tank of gas means the fuel within that tank is less likely to evaporate, and that half-full tanks are losing gas to evaporation. Though this might have been the case years ago, today’s vehicle’s are smarter than ever before, and fuel systems are designed with vapor recovery systems so drivers traveling around with tanks that are closer to empty than full aren’t losing gas to evaporation. n Manual transmissions are more fuel efficient. Technology can once again be credited with turning conventional wisdom on its head.

In the past, manual transmission vehicles might have been more fuel efficient because drivers could more efficiently control engine revving with a 5-speed manual transmission than they could with the standard 3-speed automatic transmission. However, automatic transmissions have evolved over the years, and they are now more adept at controlling revs and conserving fuel than many drivers of manual transmission vehicles. n When you fill up matters. Some drivers have long believed that filling up during cooler hours of the day earns them more gas than filling up when temperatures are at their peak. This theory traces its origins to the fact that liquids are at their most dense when they are cool. But today’s filling stations store their gas in tanks beneath the ground, which is why you might see a tanker emptying its contents into the ground at the filling station. These underground tanks are insu-

cars are no exception. A poorly maintained car will not operate at peak fuel efficiency because it’s likely being forced to work harder to get down the street than it would if it was well kept. A well-maintained vehicle should not grow less fuel efficient over time. n Shifting into neutral while stopping saves gas. This is another misconception that was once true but no longer applies thanks to advances in technology. When engines still had carburetors, shifting into neutral might have helped conserve fuel by stopping the flow of gas into the engine while the car was idling. However, fuel injection systems are now computerized and capable of sensing when an lated from temperature swings, so you engine is revving above idle. This shuts aren’t likely to receive any more gas by off the fuel injectors, preventing gas filling up in the morning than you will from being injected into the engine and when filling up at night. n An old vehicle is destined to be preventing gas from being wasted while the vehicle is stopped as a result. less fuel efficient. Taking steps to conserve fuel is a Any product that is allowed to fall into good way for drivers to save money and disrepair will prove less efficient than benefit the environment. products that are well maintained, and

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April 2014


Spring/Summer Car Care

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dollars on your next road trip

story by: METRO CREATIVE SERVICES In an era of escalated airline ticket prices and extra travel expenses, road trips have emerged once more as a popular and cost-conscious mode of vacationing for individuals and families. Nearly 80 percent of leisure trips in 2012 were made by car, said the U.S. Travel Association.

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Fodor’s Travels advises taking road trips across county in the summer, when temperatures are generally warmer. Various trips exist that can take you through urban or rural areas. Those making road trips may be concerned about keeping costs down, particularly if saving money is the catalyst behind the road trip vacation. The following are a few tips to stretch dollars that much further on your next road trip: n Dine out sparingly. Road stops and drivethrough food expenditures can quickly add up during the course of a road trip. Therefore, pack the majority of the food you will eat in a cooler. Not only will this save money, it will mean food is at the ready when hunger strikes. Food need not be all cold snacks, like sandwiches. Frozen burgers or refrigerated frankfurters can be cooked on a camp stove or tossed on a grill at a park’s picnic area. Save restaurant dining as a special treat during the vacation. n Look for inexpensive lodging. While on a road trip, you may need to compromise some of the comforts of home to save some money. Motel rates are another trip budget-buster. But by mixing overnights at motels with less expensive options you may be able to mitigate costs. Camp out at a safe campsite and purchase a shower ticket so you can enjoy a cheap, hot shower the next day. Spend a few nights under the stars; just be sure you have the right gear. Some also like to plan road trip routes between where relatives live and make

pit stops at a friend’s or family member’s home. When seeking motels, try to bargain and see if you’re eligible for any rebates or coupons due to age or military status. n Map out cheaper gas stations. Today’s smartphones have apps that enable you to find nearby gas stations. Such apps may even shed light on which filling stations offer the best prices on gasoline. n Don’t speed. In addition to being illegal, speeding wastes gas. Stick to the speed limit to avoid potentially costly tickets and improve fuel efficiency. n Bring friends along. Friends will not only make the trip more fun, but they also can take turns driving and sharing the costs of the excursion. n Join a roadside assistance club. Vehicle problems are inevitable if you are a frequent road-tripper who’s driving an older car. To avoid towing costs, join a roadside assistance club that will pay for your vehicle to be towed if necessary. n Have the proper paperwork. Keep a current copy of your car registration, license and proof of insurance with you on a road trip. This makes it much easier to deal with traffic stops along the way. Individuals and their passengers planning on visiting another country must have their passports available and follow the laws regarding bringing food or goods over the border to avoid fines. Road trips can be enjoyable excursions that cost far less than other vacations. Road-trippers can stretch funds even further with these handy tips.

Advertising supplement to Peninsula Daily News and Sequim Gazette

Spring/Summer Car Care

April 2014

Tire maintenance an important safety precaution

story by: METRO CREATIVE SERVICES Tires are the link between a vehicle and the roadway, and tire quality has a direct impact on the performance and safety of an automobile. But tire maintenance is easy to overlook. Ignoring tire maintenance can threaten driver and passenger safety and make a vehicle operate inefficiently. Steering, breaking ability and traction are all governed by good tires. Worn tread can result in longer stopping times and make it difficult to brake immediately in an emergency situation. Although driving tends to be the primary culprit behind worn down tires, sometimes bald or unevenly worn out tread is indicative of a larger problem, such as a misaligned wheelbase, improperly aligned tires or tires that are underinflated. The following are some common problems associated with tires and how to address these issues should they arise:

Blowouts Worn tire treads increase the risk of punctures, which can lead to blowouts. Bald tires also may blowout as a result of friction on roadways that is met with minimal rubber. Getting caught on the side of the road with a tire blowout can be a hassle, so routinely check tire treads and replace tires accordingly.

Tread depth

President George Washington’s head, you have at least 4/32 inch of tread left. Don’t have any currency on hand? Then look at the treadwear indicator bar molded into the tires. When these bars become flush with the adjacent ribs of the tire, the tires should be replaced.

Alignment According to the Rubber Manufacturers Association, improper alignment causes rapid or uneven treadwear. Tires should be aligned and balanced periodically to avoid irregular wear and having to replace tires prematurely.

Tread pattern Tires feature different tread patterns depending on the brand of tire. They may be directional, asymmetrical, nondirectional, and directional/ asymmetrical. When purchasing replacement tires, it is adviseable to match the tread pattern to the existing tires. This helps enhance the performance of the car. In fact, some newer cars require tread to match. Mismatched treads may cause problems with transmission shifting or impact control and steadiness.






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Now through 5/31/14.

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Tire pressure Underinflation of tires can cause failure, stress and irregular wear. Under inflated tires also may contribute to loss of control that leads to accidents. Always maintain the manufacturer’s recommendations for the correct pressure, which should be adjusted based on the temperature. Tires should undergo the same inspection and maintenance as other parts of the vehicle. Tires are a vital component to safedriving, and routine maintenance can help prevent accidents and other unexpected problems.

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Average new tires on cars usually start with 10/32 inch to 11/32 inch of original tread depth. When tread reaches a depth of 2/32 inch, they are considered worn out. There are different ways to gauge tread depth. Insert a penny into the tread groove with President Abraham Lincoln’s head upside down and facing you. If you can see all of Lincoln’s head, it is time to replace the tires. Another coin test is to insert a quarter into the groove. If the tread touches



Spring/Summer Car Care

April 2014

Advertising supplement to Peninsula Daily News and Sequim Gazette




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Special Sections - Car Care, Spring 2014