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OPINION | ‘Diversity and tolerance brigade’ prove intolerant [4] City has opportunity to hire new creative staff [4] COMMUNITY | Mayor announces more management reorganization [10] CRIME | Flasher charged with indecent exposure admits to molesting children [16]

SPORTS | Thomas Jefferson gymnasts FRIDAY, APRIL 18, 2014 | 75¢ win academic state title [8]

Woman lends hand to mudslide victims

CALENDAR | Help beautify Federal Way parks on Earth Day [23]

School board member Moore faces jury Trial runs this week for Moore, accused of felony theft; verdict was in the hands of jury as of press time BY CARRIE RODRIGUEZ



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On March 22, all eyes were on Washington state. As the single deadliest landslide in U.S. history tore through the town of Oso, destroying homes and taking lives, the rest of America watched in horror. “To think of people who were on their way to work, or Tricia Ackerman taking care of their children or grandchildren, they’re not here anymore,” said Tricia Ackerman, a Federal Way resident. “It’s very, very sad, it truly makes your heart hurt.” But Ackerman, a Keller Williams realtor and lifelong volunteer, decided to take action. With the assistance of nine Keller Williams offices from Olympia to Bellingham, Ackerman has organized a two-day fundraiser on April 26 and 27 to collect donations for mudslide victims and volunteers. “I think that people who live in this state, particularly, have really been affected by the outpouring of ‘What can we do?’”

Above, Tony Moore rolls a semitruck tire out of the courtroom during his trial that began on Monday at the Multnomah County Courthouse in Portland, Ore. CARRIE RODRIGUEZ, The Mirror

Left, Moore answers questions during a cross-examination on Thursday. Moore, who owns a tire company in Federal Way, was accused of scheming with a tire company employee in Oregon to steal more than $150,000 in semitruck tires in 2011. Visit www. for trial updates. GREG ALLMAIN, The Mirror


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Decatur senior Dom Cooks passes away from brain cancer

Decatur High School senior Dom Cooks, who has been battling an inoperable brain tumor for two [ more OSO, page 3 ] years, passed away Tuesday night at St. Francis Hospital in Federal Way. Cooks was diagnosed with the brain tumor in the spring of 2012 MOUNTING • AIR CHECKS • ROTATIONS and his larger-than-life personality ROAD HAZARDdefined • FLAT REPAIR Decatur during his battle


ormer Federal Way school board president Tony Moore — accused of scheming with a tire company employee in Oregon to steal more than $150,000 in semi-truck tires in 2011 — faced a jury in a courtroom that emitted a rubber odor on Monday at the Multnomah County Courthouse in Portland, Ore. Moore sat at a table behind six large semi-truck tires that both the defense and prosecutor staged to illustrate the tires referenced in the case, while his wife Trisa and his sister sat on a bench behind him. But before the attorneys presented their opening arguments, the trial began with a back-and-forth over whether two phone calls between Moore and his alleged co-conspirator would be admissible. During the phone call, which the Multnomah County Sheriff ’s Office recorded without Moore’s consent, Tracy E. Holmquist told Moore the police were on to them and asked the then-school board president what they should do. Moore instructed Holmquist to tell police that some large cash deposits they found that were made to Holmquist’s bank account were a result of selling cookies on eBay, amongst a host of other alleged concoctions that Dennis Shen, Multomah County deputy district attorney, would later describe during his opening argument. Moore’s attorney Robert Callahan asked Judge Thomas M. Ryan to dismiss the case based on the phone calls, which he referred to as “outrageous government conduct.” He noted that while Oregon is a one-party consent state to phone recordings, in Washington all parties must give consent. Ryan denied the motion. But Callahan later told the jury that there are two sides to every story — including the phone calls. During the prosecutor’s opening argument, Shen



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with the disease. Cooks received an outpouring of support from across the United States during his senior year and touched countless lives. His condition had been worsening in recent days and Cooks had been in a coma since last weekend, said David Brower, Decatur principal. “Our hearts are heavy as we mourn his passing,” he said. “But



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our spirits are lifted as we reflect on the way he has inspired us and thousands across the nation. Dom taught us that tomorrow is not a promise and to embrace each day. Dom’s family has asked for privacy during this time. I ask that you keep Dom and his family in your thoughts and prayers.” Decatur has set up posters around the school’s campus for

staff and students to share their thoughts. Cooks got to live out numerous dreams during his senior year at Decatur. Decatur students appointed him as an Associated Student Body (ASB) officer and named him homecoming king in the fall. Cooks was a standout football and basketball player during his [ more COOKS, page 3 ]

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[2] April 18, 2014 [ JURY from page 1]

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described Moore’s business relationship with GCR Tire Centers in Portland. Moore is owner of William A. Moore Jr. Inc., a familyowned tire wholesaler based in Federal Way. He salvaged used tires from the store’s junk pile and would retread the tires for his business. Shen said Moore approached a company official in 2011 and asked if he could look through the company’s pile of unusable junk tires that did not meet GCR’s standards. The official told Moore he was welcome to take tires for free that the company would not use, as long as he did so under the direction of Holmquist, the company’s yard manager. “You’ve got to work through him, and only him, get his approval to remove those tires and don’t take advantage of the situation … ,” Shen said. “So the business relationship continued; he (Moore) sold tires, he bought a few tires, he took some tires. If that’s all that happened and it all went correctly, we wouldn’t be here today.” Holmquist was later convicted on seven charges of aggravated theft and recently served 19 months in prison. Shen said there were two events leading up to the


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As of the Mirror’s press deadline on Thursday evening, the jury got their instructions and will be deliberating on Friday. The Mirror will post the outcome of the trial at

phone calls that made GCR officials suspect the alleged theft. One of GCR’s big customers Interstate Distributor Co. (IDC) stored its semi-truck tires at GCR’s Oregon plant “under lock and key,” Shen said. But when IDC officials asked for an inventory check of its tires, a GCR official “went out into the yard and looked around and he knew where the tires were kept and to his amazement, instead of seeing a vehicle with thousands of anticipated tires, he saw about 200 — a huge decrease in the amount of IDC tires they should have,” Shen noted. But GCR later got a “lucky break,” Shen said. While officials were figuring out the alleged theft, company sales representative Thomas Lalonde discovered six tires that didn’t belong in a tire shop in Phoenix, Oreg. Lalonde told detectives that these were GCR tires with a proprietary tread design that were used for test purposes only. “It was not to be sold anywhere and he knew that they resided at GCR and were supposed to be at GCR,” Shen added. He said at that point, GCR officials made the connection between Holmquist and Moore. Holmquist, who initially denied his involvement, later told police that in March of 2011, Moore approached him in the tire yard at GCR and asked him if he wanted to make some extra money, Shen said. “So the pattern of deception began in March of 2011,” Shen said. Holmquist allegedly allowed Moore access to newer tires outside of the junk pile between March and October 2011. Holmquist would “roll tires and stage them, and load them into (Moore’s) trailer, who would then drive away …,” Shen said, noting the tires were inventory and not junk. “It was stuff that they would sell on their own or make it into retreads and sell for a lot of money.” He noted that after Moore allegedly sold the tires, he deposited cash into Holmquist’s bank account. “This happened over, and over, and over and over and over — dozens of times it happened,” Shen said.

Holmquist later agreed to cooperate with police and on Oct. 27, 2011 he made the first of two recorded phone calls to Moore. During the recorded conversation, Holmquist told Moore that the police were investigating the case and they had to get their story straight. “And you’re going to hear this in its entirety and it’s very clear,” Shen told the jury about the recordings. “These are going to by crystal clear and not subject to interpretation.” During the conversation, Moore told Holmquist, “Just tell them you sold me a TV for $3,100,” Shen said, noting Moore’s version of what happened “continued to morph many times.” Moore then told Holmquist to tell police that he sold the TV for $6,700, “then it was, just tell the cops you got divorced, you got your ring back, it was a $9,000 ring, you sold it to me and I gave it to my wife. The value of the ring would change,” Shen said. Moore also told Holmquist that there was no way police could trace the cash deposits that Moore allegedly made from Federal Way to Holmquist’s bank account. Shen said Moore then abandoned his previous stories. “He (Moore) said tell the police that you were getting rid of a lot of stuff on eBay, that he (Holmquist) and his girlfriend had been selling cookies on eBay … and he was selling a TV, a football, a sewing machine, his daughter’s bed and that he and his girlfriend are starting an eBay business and that explains all the deposits going into his account,” said Shen, noting that Holmquist didn’t have a girlfriend at the time and had never bought or sold anything on eBay. Moore also told Holmquist he didn’t “even have to tell them (police) the money came from me and he also told Tracy Holmquist not to get too detailed because the details are what will kill you,” Shen continued. During the second recorded phone call on Nov. 1, 2011, Holmquist told Moore that police knew about $10,000 in cash deposits to Holmquist’s bank account. “The defendant said he should tell police that he was selling stuff on eBay,” Shen said. “He assured Tracy Holmquist that the cops could not bankrupt him and … that he should tell them that he doesn’t know anything. All you want to say is, ‘hey, I don’t remember what you’re talking about.’ Well, we know he’s wrong about the bank records because we have them

and they show the defendant made the deposits into Tracy Holmquist’s account.” During Callahan’s opening argument, he spent considerable time speaking about the tire industry, the secondary market for low-cost tires and Moore’s tire business. “Many of these transactions in the secondary market are done in cash,” Callahan said. “You’ll hear from Delores Moore, Moore’s mother. You’ll hear that Mr. Moore is a third generation in his family tire business, that she (Delores) has worked for the entirety of the time since she married her husband as the bookkeeper. And she will tell you that nothing about this surprised her, that cash sales, cash reimbursement, cash happens all the time.” Callahan also said that when Moore first began working with Holmquist at GCR, that Moore wasn’t charged anything for salvaging the junk tires. “He believes that at some point, the people that worked there (GCR) saw that he was doing OK and so they started to charge him for the junk tires,” Callahan said. “They charged him $5 and then as things kept going they charged him a little more, they charged him $20.” Callahan said that Moore tried to pay Holmquist with a check once, but Holmquist told him the company wanted the money in cash. He said Moore knew that was the nature of the tire business. “It wasn’t his business to ask what was going on, he just had a request, he understood that (the company) had made that request to Tracy Holmquist and he did business with him,” Callahan said. He said the GCR official who initially noticed the tires were missing would often engage in conversation with Moore and Holmquist and watch them while they loaded the tires into Moore’s trailer. Moore took that as a sign that everything was “normal.” Callahan added that while this activity occurred, the GCR plant “was in total chaos” and junk tires were mixed in with the usable inventory. He also noted that Holmquist was addicted to heroin and methamphetamine during this time. Holmquist admitted to heroin use but denied using methamphetamine. “As this all boils down, it’s all going to come down to one person’s word against another person’s word,” Callahan told the jury, noting there are two sides to this story.

Dom Cooks died on Tuesday after a long-time battle with a brain tumor. The Decatur High School graduate was 18. FILE PHOTO

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time at Saghalie Middle School and Decatur, before getting the dire diagnosis. But Cooks was able to get back on the football field one last time during the Gators’ homecoming game against Auburn Mountainview during the fall at Federal Way Memorial Stadium. Cooks scored a ceremonial touchdown just before halftime of the game. Cooks also had the honor of being a Decatur High School graduate. The school organized a special commencement ceremony in February. Cooks and his twin sister Diamond received their diplomas in front of a standing-room only crowd, which included a special appearance by Seattle Seahawks wide receiver and Super Bowl champion Doug Baldwin. “Dom has been and remains a visible force here at Decatur, known by nearly everyone,” Brower wrote. “He told me that he believed his purpose in life, which

[ OSO from page 1]

he discovered after being diagnosed with brain cancer, was to teach and inspire others. He has indeed done that.” “We will miss his daily words of wisdom that he shared over the announcements. And we will miss his positive attitude and his irrepressible wit. But he will always be in our hearts. He is a true Decatur Gator and it was a major part of his identity. Though we mourn today, we believe, as he always told us, ‘It is a great day to be a Gator.’” Ironically, on the day of his passing, Cooks officially finished up in third place in the 2014 Air National Guard USA TODAY High School Sports Inspiration contest, which concluded Tuesday morning. Cooks finished with a grand total of 214,260 votes during the final round, which included 10 student/athletes from across the nation. Aaron Gebhart from New Oxford, Penn., won with 335,765 votes.

she said. “We’re all people, we live on a planet, and I think it’s really important to take care of each other.” What started as a series of donation jars in her office and at the local 7-11, has turned into Ackerman’s vision for something much bigger. The nine offices will function as drop-off centers for two days and then a moving company will come to each site to pick up items such as duct tape, socks, heavy-duty garbage bags, five-gallon plastic buckets, gloves, non-perishable food items and cash donations or gift cards, which Ackerman herself will help drive to Oso. “I’m hoping that people will just come,“ she said. “And that they show their support like the people of Washington do.” The event will take place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. April 26 and from 1-4 p.m. April 27. For those who cannot make it, donation items will be accepted beforehand at any of the participating Keller Williams offices: Federal Way, Bellingham, Olympia, Bothell, University Place, Marysville, Seattle, Burlington and Puyallup. Larry McDowell, a lender in Federal Way, has volunteered his barbecuing services, even putting together a menu for the event. “Any time that there is anybody in the

Cooks was awarded a berth into the final round after finishing in 11th place during the semifinal round of voting. But Cooks was awarded a berth into the top 10 after Nicholas Hibbeler gave up his spot. Hibbeler is a soccer player from Park Hill High School in Kansas City and finished in 10th place in the semifinal round. Hibbeler was diagnosed with testicular cancer in July and underwent surgery and six rounds of chemotherapy treatment while also playing high school soccer. It was the second time another student/athlete has thrown their support Cooks’s way. After the first round of voting, Luke Smorey asked his voters to back Cooks. Smorey attends Baldwin High School in Pittsburgh. “Although I am very thankful of everyone’s votes, I would like to ask for all of you to vote for a contestant who I have found much more inspirational than myself,” Smorey wrote in an email. “His name is Dominique Cooks. He was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor and only has a few weeks to live. I feel that someone like Dominique deserves this award much more than I do.”


Decatur will offer counseling for students, as needed, through the end of the school year, Brower said. Parents who need assistance can call their student’s advisor at (253) 945-5200.

community, whether it’s near or far, and they need help and I could do something to help them, if it’s time or money that I could provide, I will do that,” he said. “At this point, it’s time, and this is what I’m going to spend my time doing.” With the outpouring of support, Ackerman says she feels like this event is a true 12th Man effort, making a nod to Seahawks fans in the area. “To me it seems like that 12th Man is just who we are, that we can really step in and be a team all across Washington and be able to extend our arms around all the victims and families and volunteers that are going through what they are doing,” she said. “Washington is just really special that way.” And while support will be needed for Oso long after the two-day fundraiser, Ackerman hopes this is one step in the right direction. “This vision of mine was really just a seed that I planted in my mind,” Ackerman said. “I have no expectations, I don’t know what we will be able to get, how much we will be able to do, but whatever it is I will be most appreciative.”


Keller Williams Federal Way office is located at 33434 Eighth Ave. S., #103.

April 18, 2014 [3]

Make a Neighborhood Connection

NEIGHBORHOOD CONNECTION Meetings are being held throughout the city to discuss services and neighborhood needs.

YOUR CITY WANTS TO HEAR FROM YOU! • Crime statistics and prevention • Neighborhood clean-up and enhancement • Traffic Safety • What’s important in your neighborhood?

JOIN MAYOR JIM FERRELL COUNCIL MEMBERS AND CITY STAFF April 24, 2014 6:00p.m.-7:30p.m. ADELAIDE ELEMENTARY 1635 SW 304th St., Federal Way, 98023 For more information visit or call Mayor Ferrell’s office at 253.835.2402




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Greg Allmain

rendan Eich, the man responsible for computer programming language Javascript and the Internet browser company Mozilla, was yet another victim of the “diversity and tolerance brigade,” well, intolerance, after Eich was forced to step down as CEO of the company he helped create earlier this month. His crime? Giving $1,000 to California’s Proposition 8 campaign in 2008, the citizenled initiative in that state, which wrote into the state constitution that marriage was to be defined as between a man and woman. The gay left and their allies in the tolerance and diversity brigade couldn’t countenance this though, and began an online firestorm of criticism calling for him to be fired or to step down as CEO. Eich finally conceded, and is in an apparent state of suspended animation as of this writing. Now, were there any allegations of discrimination against Eich? No. Was there ever any evidence or allegations that the corporate culture of Mozilla was discriminatory towards gay people? Nope. Instead, a man backed a political initiative he believed in, so apparently that makes him a hateful bigot who deserves to lose employment over his personal beliefs. Good times. Mozilla issued a wonderfully Orwellian response to the whole fracas, with executive chairwoman Mitchell Blake writing on Mozilla’s website: “Mozilla believes both in equality and freedom of speech. Equality is necessary for meaningful speech. And you need free speech to fight for equality. Figuring out how to stand for both at the same time can be hard. “Our organizational culture reflects diversity and inclusiveness. We welcome contributions from everyone regardless of age, culture, ethnicity, gender, gender-identity, language, race, sexual orientation, geographical location and religious views. Mozilla supports equality for all. “We have employees with a wide diversity of views. Our culture of openness extends to encouraging staff and community to share their beliefs and opinions in public.” Just let that sink in for a moment. The Eich episode was strangely reminiscent of the 2012 episode involving Chick-fil-A president and Chief Operating Officer Dan Cathy daring to express, in public, that he feels marriage is a covenant between a man and a woman. Once again, [ more ALLMAIN, page 5 ]

Vote no on Proposition 1 It is increasingly rare that people stand up against more and bigger government seeking an ever deeper reach into your pocket. For example, only two members of the Federal Way City Council wisely voted against taking more of your money in exchange for the estimated $2.3 million enticement (bribe) offered to secure their support. Metro has proven over and over they will deceive

City has opportunity to hire new creative staff With the announcement the city attorney is retiring, the exodus from Federal Way City Hall continues and provides Mayor Jim Ferrell with an opportunity to recruit his own team and start to shape the city’s future. With vacancies in the city attorney’s office, Public Works, Parks and Recreation, Economic Development departments and other key positions, Ferrell can bring new ideas and a renewed energy. That is not to say that the departing officials haven’t been significant contributors to the city’s growth, because they have. But they were all recruited to a city manager form of government and have been together for many years. They, along with some members of the City Council, have grown accustomed to doing things a certain way and don’t seem to recognize that the public voted to change to a strong mayor form of government. Ferrell himself is not particularly knowledgeable about how the new form is supposed to function. But that is why this opportunity is so important to his long-term success. Ferrell’s instincts are much more in tune with a strong executive than his predecessor. While he should not ignore talented candidates just because they come from a city manager form of government, special attention should be given to candidates who have experience in a strong mayor system. That is particularly true in the city attorney’s office. Because they interpret the law, the city attorney can have more influence on decisions in City Hall than anyone other than the mayor. Most mayors will tell you that their success is

partially in the hands of the city attorney, police chief and finance director. Ferrell has already filled two of the three with candidates, though skilled, who don’t have experience in a strong mayor system. If Ferrell can fill the remaining positions with staff more knowledgeable with the new system, they can help train not only Ferrell but the remaining staff. Why is this important? First, because the public made it important by voting to change the government. Secondly, some Council members and some staff do not want to change, despite the public vote. And lastly, the strong mayor system is more suited to the current mayor and the changing economic climate that will need more creative thinking and decision making. And think about what can be accomplished. We desperately need economic activity in our downtown core to go along with the planned park. But that’s not all we need. We need a central plaza, a parade route for events and downtown art, sculptures and murals. We need to move City Hall, the courts and the Police department downtown. Then we need to move the Historical Society downtown. We need summer concerts, with outdoor food vendors and a “stars walk of fame” for our historical contributors who have made a difference in the growth and maturation of Federal Way. We need a focus on making Federal Way a “kid friendly place,” a place with activities that cater to [ more ROEGNER, page 5 ] Bob Roegner


The Mirror’s editorial board: Rudi Alcott, publisher; Carrie Rodriguez, editor; Karen Brugato, community volunteer; Patrick Godfrey, political consultant; Joan Tornow, author, school volunteer and mentor; Bob Case, journalism trainer and former news announcer; Don Hyun, tech industry consultant. Contact the board: editorialboard@

‘Diversity and tolerance brigade’ prove intolerant of diverse opinion






[4] April 18, 2014


To submit an item or photo for publication: email Letters may be edited for style, clarity and length. you to get more money. Many times in the past 14 years Metro came to the voters promising more service if you would just raise taxes. Instead, we have a trail of broken promises, the highest paid drivers in the country and repeated apologies for failing to keep routes open and fares down. The Seattle Times editorial board gave a surprising show of integrity when it came out against Propositioin 1. Recognizing the

repeated lies related to the string of broken promises dating back to 2000, 2006, 2008 and 2013, one newspaper said no. Instead of making Metro clean up its act, reduce unnecessary overhead and keep its promises, Proposition 1 includes a kickback to local municipalities in exchange for endorsements. For this kickback, many cities are willing to greedily encourage their residents to pay millions more than they will see services for.

In the case of Federal Way, your Council members opted to tax you over $5.75 million in return for a mere $2.3 million check, sucking more than $3.4 million out of you and sending it to Seattle. All of the propaganda for the measure says they “could” cut a few routes here and there, not that they would. Are you willing to increase your annual taxes, in a world where nearly every jurisdiction is adding new taxes and

increasing others, by an estimated $120 each year for the next 10 years? This is a vehicle tax, not a car tax. Reading the definition of a vehicle as cited on the ballot measure means cars, trucks of all sizes, motor homes, tandem axle travel, boat and utility trailers. Until Metro cuts waste, which their own facts say they have, I urge a responsible vote on Proposition 1. Vote no.

Jerry Galland, Prop 1 opposition committee [ more LETTERS page 5 ]

April 18, 2014 [5] [ ALLMAIN from page 4]

there was absolutely no evidence or allegations that Cathy’s belief was part of Chick-fil-A’s corporate culture, but that didn’t stop the tolerance and diversity brigade screaming bloody murder about it. Both the left and right coalesced around Chick-fil-A, with the left resorting to boycotts and the right showing their support by a Chick-fil-A Day, in which those who either agreed with Cathy, or agreed with the principle of Cathy having the right to express his belief, showed up in huge numbers across the country. Of course, the left essentially categorized that day as a chicken eating hate-fest, but what can you do? Closer to home, World Vision in Federal Way butted up against much the same crowd as Eich and Cathy, although the repercussions seem to be less severe so far for the wellknown Christian charity. After announcing they would hire Christians in same-sex marriages, the organization quickly reversed the decision after long-time supporters voiced their disapproval. As reported in the Mirror and elsewhere, the upper echelon of World Vision’s management team “sent a letter to supporters saying the board had made a mistake and was returning to its policy requiring celibacy outside of marriage and faithfulness within the Bible covenant of marriage between a man and a woman.” “We have listened to you and want to say thank you and to humbly ask for your forgiveness,” the agency said in the letter, signed by World Vision president Richard Stearns and board chairman Jim Bere. So evil and hateful, you guys. Regardless, the backlash, for whatever reason, hasn’t been as harsh for World Vision regarding this reversal, although readers of the Mirror and one columnist have done a bit of public shaming of them so far. It’s worth noting, again, that the side that prides itself and holds itself as superior for its “tolerance” and “diversity” appears to be fanatically intolerant of any dissent. Bill Maher, who’s been on the side of the tolerance and diversity brigade, perhaps summed this strange dynamic of deep intolerance from certain quarters in his comments on his show “Real Time.” “There is a gay mafia,” Maher said, “(and) if you cross them, you do get whacked.” Ain’t this modern society of ours grand?

Greg Allmain is a reporter for the Mirror.

[ ROEGNER from page 4]

children and families. We need additional neighborhood parks. We need new modern entryway signs that highlight the city we are and can become. And we should start with the sign at 320th. We need to think creatively about where mass transit will go when it gets here. How can we use this new asset to increase economic development, while making it convenient to the people who will actually use it by combining it with atgrade shops, restaurants and stores? This is a short list and more can be added. But we have missed too many opportunities and we can’t afford to miss any more. Think of the energy we can unleash! We have an active mayor, a form of government that can move quickly, an opportunity to hire the new creative staff, an economy on the rebound and a perfect geographic location. Now, do we have the leadership, vision and will to make it happen?

Federal Way resident Bob Roegner is a former mayor of Auburn:

[ LETTERS from page 4]

Olive Garden feeds homeless Homelessness is a problem in Federal Way that many people do not see, or maybe they do and just look the other way. But not Reach Out or the Olive Garden. Reach Out is a program that not only feeds, but houses 25-30 homeless men and women of Federal Way October through April each year. During the winter and spring, Olive Garden has stepped in, along with many volunteers and kept food on the tables. Several churches in the area have taken turns housing these men and women. Hopefully in the near future there will be a hub acquired, giving one central place for our community to serve and be served. Until then, thank you to all those who make this beautiful outreach ministry work.

Lisa Tinsley, Federal Way




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[6] April 18, 2014

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April 18, 2014 [7]

School graduation rate is symptom of parental negativity T their children will do the same. Children tend to repeat or value most what they hear and see at home. If you openly state disdain for their teachers or the schools they attend when you disagree with the way what is being taught or what is asked of you, your negativity may be part of the problem. Apathy toward your child’s education is even worse. If your children do not instantly earn straight “A’s,” is it the school’s failure or a call to action for parents to spend more time understanding the challenges their children may be having with the learning process? As a parent, how do you supKeith Livingston


he open undercurrent of disdain from some in the community for the Federal Way Public Schools system intrigues me. I know there are people who feel positively about the district’s potential, but there seems to be a history of failed funding initiatives and animosity of blaming the board, administration or teachers for the district’s lack of success. I contend that education success starts in the home with a positive attitude. Our Esmeraldas and Jacobs are likely to be little “mini-me’s” when they attend school. If parents see the world through a negative lens, it is likely

port education? Do you encourage your children to read? Are you a reader? Do you make sure their homework is done? Have you prioritized your children’s activities to be education or entertainment centered? Nationwide, according to the U.S. Census, 86 percent of our adult population has a high school degree. Ninety percent of Washington state’s adult population has a high school degree and Federal Way’s adult population is at 89 percent. In 2013, Federal Way’s high school graduation rate was 73.4 percent. I believe the district’s dropout rate and lowerthan-expected recent graduation numbers are a symptom of the community’s undercurrent of

negativity. As parents, are we calling the kettle black when we have not looked at ourselves first? Are we setting a good example by reading and sharing words on a page? I cannot find reading statistics for Federal Way adults, but the website offers a broader national insight into the reading challenge. The site states that 33 percent of U.S. high school graduates never read a book after high school and that 42 percent of college students will never read a book after they graduate. Blaming is always the easiest behavioral route for any problem we encounter. So, school district, please accept that in my eyes, (point of view of some parents), you are a

failure because you did not properly educate my child with my values. My child should have graduated at the top of the class but finished at the bottom of the pack with an uncertain future. I trusted you to overcome my shortcomings and prepare my child for a better future. Now what? The public schools in this country since their inception have undergone scrutiny, scorn and praise But, they consistently produce our nation’s leaders, scientists, doctors, nurses, engineers, artists, authors, homemakers, entrepreneurs, factory workers, farmers and in general educate our future. The intellectual brightness and potential of children from one district to another is not significantly

different but success rates often are. Federal Way schools are graduating students who go onto college or into careers where they are excelling. As parents and community residents, we need to be stewards of our destiny and that starts with education and setting the example in our homes for valuing education, reading, math, science, curiosity, art, dialogue and the pursuit of knowledge. Quality schools start with the behavior of parents and what you choose to do in setting a positive example.

Federal Way resident Keith Livingston: keithlivingstondesign@

Q&A with Mr. FW: Keep your bong at home, but not your kids Q: Mr. Federal Way, I saw someone in the parking lot of a popular restaurant in our city smoking a bong pipe. Is this allowed in Federal Way? Do you care to comment? A: Mr. Federal Way would love to comment, thanks for asking. Despite Washington voters legalizing marijuana last year, it’s still illegal to smoke a bong pipe in a public place, even if it’s a popular restaurant in Federal Way. The marijuana laws in Washington are pretty similar to the alcohol laws when it comes to consuming in public. Unlike Las Vegas, you

can’t walk down the streets of Federal Way with an open Bud Light. It’s the same thing with a bong or joint. It’s illegal to be in public smoking a doobie. The police department looks down on this and can issue a ticket to marijuana smokers. Initiative 502 was approved in November 2012 and defined and legalized small amounts of marijuanarelated products for adults 21 and over. The measure taxes marijuana-related products and designates the revenue for healthcare and substance-abuse prevention and education.

Federal Way city attorney announces retirement FROM STAFF REPORTS

Federal Way’s City Attorney Patricia “Pat” Richardson announced her retirement on Wednesday, after 15 years of service to the city. Brian Wilson, Mayor Jim Ferrell’s chief of staff, said the city wishes Richardson well in this new chapter of her life. “We appreciate her service of the last 15 years, and we wish her well in her retirement,” Wilson said. Richardson’s retirement follows on the heels of former Public Works and Parks Department director Cary Roe’s departure for Kennewick last month, along with Community Services Manager Jay Bennett’s departure for Zanesville, Ohio, which was announced on April 1. Former finance director Tho Krause kicked off this seeming exodus late last fall, when she left the city to take a position with the city of Lakewood.

Possession by anyone younger than 21, possession of larger amounts, and the growing of unlicensed or unregulated marijuana remains illegal under state law. If you need to smoke weed, just do it at home or head back to your Jeff Spicoli van. Mr. Federal Way doesn’t need to see your bong pipe. Q: Mr. Federal Way, did you know that last week was spring break for the school district and that kids now have Thursday and Friday off this week? Seems pretty ridiculous to me. A: Yes, it also seems pretty ridiculous to Mr. Federal Way. The children in the Federal Way school district have attended school three days in the

last two weeks. All Federal Way students had Thursday and Friday off for student-led conferences. According to the district’s website, student-led conferences create a partnership between the home and the school. In today’s world, it’s a rarity that a home in the Federal Way school district isn’t either a single-parent household or a household where both parents have to work to pay the bills. This means it’s very tough to take any time off of work, let alone organize childcare for the entire week of spring break and then to come back the next week and have to organize two more days of childcare. It’s makes no sense. It’s unfair to parents and

students, but it’s also unfair to teachers. After having a week off of school, it takes a few days for the students to get back into the grind of things. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were the transition days from being on spring break mode to school mode. So the kids would be getting back into the grove on Thursday, only to have the day off. What was the purpose of even going back to school Monday through Wednesday? Speaking for Mr. Federal Way’s kids, there was no point. They weren’t assigned any homework and were more excited to plan out what they were going to do on their days off Thursday and Friday. Making matters worse is

the fact that the studentled conferences are optional and Mr. Federal Way’s kids did not even have to attend. There’s really no reason for the kids who are doing well in school to attend these conferences. Maybe next year, the district can plan out their calendar a little better. Q: Mr. Federal Way, did you know there was a Federal Way woman on “The Voice?” Do you watch “The Voice?” Who do you think the best-looking judge is — Shakira, Adam Levine or Usher? A: None of your business.

Got a question for Mr. Federal Way? Email




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Sidelines: Decatur suffers loss of Blindness Cooks, who inspired thousands doesn’t Dom Cooks lived his life to the fullest. It was just a life that was too short. The Decatur High School senior passed away Tuesday night at St. Francis Hospital in his hometown of Federal Way after a two-year battle with an inoperable brain tumor. It’s always a sad day when somebody dies. But it’s an even sadder day when somebody so young passes away, especially from something like cancer. But, if the definition of living a good life is inspiring people, then Dom Cooks lived an amazing life. He literally inspired thousands and thousands of people, both young and old, during his 18 years. As a high school student, you are the one who is supposed to get instruction and guidance from your teachers and administrators. But it was Cooks who was doing the teaching at Decatur during the 2013-14 school year. He made the morning announcements every day, which included some type of inspirational message, and was named an ASB officer by the Decatur students. Cooks was named the homecoming king and the school even held an early commencement ceremony in February so he could call himself a Decatur graduate. Dom Cooks was truly an inspiration. To illustrate that point, all you have to do is look on the USA TODAY’s website. Cooks received an amazing 214,260 votes during the final round of the newspaper’s 2014 National Guard Inspiration contest, which featured some of the most inspirational high school

stop Totem 6th-grader

Ma’alona-Faletogo earns Most Improved wrestler BY CASEY OLSON


Casey Olson



[8] April 18, 2014

TJ GRAD RADFORD EARNS ALL-LEAGUE HONORS Jefferson graduate Eric Radford was named secondteam All-Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SCIAC) after his senior season on the University of Redlands basketball team. While playing in all 16 conference contests, he averaged 12.3 points a game and hauled in 4.5 rebounds. Showing versatility on the floor, Radford shot 47.3 percent from the field, while going an incredible 57.1 percent from 3-point range, which was a new SCIAC record. From the free-throw line, he was also 55-of-67 during conference play for an 82.1 percent average. Radford’s best game came on Jan. 29, when he scored a career-high 21 points against Pomona-Pitzer Colleges. During his career, Radford finished sixth in career 3-point percentage at 46.6 percent. He made 83 of 178 from beyond the 3-point line.

Dom Cooks passed away from an inoperable brain tumor on Tuesday night at Federal Way’s St. Francis Hospital. Cooks was 18 years old. CASEY OLSON, The Mirror athletes from across the country. I first met Dom last October when I was invited into the family’s home the week before the Gators’ homecoming football game. This is when Dom scored his last touchdown for the Decatur football team, completing his “dream” of getting back on turf at Federal Way Memorial Stadium. Just before halftime against Auburn Mountainview, Cooks

crossed the goal line and completed his special “touchdown dance.” It was as poignant of a moment as you can have in life — spanning the emotional scale from tear-jerking to genuine and utter happiness. The thing I realized after spending those couple hours in the family home is that Dom could talk. Boy, could he talk. [ more SIDELINES page 9 ]

Goddess Ma’alona-Faletogo is just your normal, run-of-the-mill sixth grader. Like most 12 year olds, Ma’alona-Faletogo enjoys roaming the halls at Totem Middle School and competing in sports. But Ma’alonaFaletogo isn’t your normal, middleschool athlete. She is blind and was recently voted Most Improved by her teammates on Ma’alona-Faletogo the Totem wrestling team. Wrestling isn’t Ma’alona-Faletogo’s only endeavor into the sporting world. She has also competed in track and field, drill team and was a cheerleader for the SeaTac Sharks Junior Football program during the fall. “We don’t limit her,” said Goddess’s mother, Shannell Ulu said. “We told her, ‘If you want to do it, do it.’ Who would have known? Wrestling?” Ma’alona-Faletogo only wrestled in four matches during her first year at Totem. To accommodate Ma’alona-Faletogo, during practices and matches, opponents would start wrestling while holding hands. This allowed Goddess to know where her opponent was before starting to [ more GODDESS page 9 ]

Sports briefs: TJ gymnastics team wins state academic title MIRROR STAFF

The Thomas Jefferson gymnastics team won the Class 4A state academic championship recently with a 3.824 grade-point average as a team. COURTESY PHOTO

The Thomas Jefferson gymnastics team was recently awarded the Class 4A Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) academic state championship. The Raiders finished the winter sports season with a gradepoint average of 3.824. The team is coached by Kelie Horracks. Participants included Jessica Chebotar, Sierra Kozelisky, Allison Burnham, Charity Fenster, Kira Smith, Tigger Huisinga, Kelsey Barrett, Makayla Risch, Hannah Thoreson and Linda Eng. Any team with an average GPA of 3.0 or higher qualifies for the state award. A team with an average of 3.00 to 3.49 qualifies for the Dis-

tinguished Team Award, where a team with an average of 3.50-4.00 qualifies for the Outstanding Team Award. In addition, the team/group with the highest average GPA for their activities and classification level is recognized as Academic State Champion, which TJ won. • The Bellingham Slam has finalized its coaching staff for the 2014 International Basketball season with the announcement that Decatur High School graduate Rob Oliver will serve as the team’s assistant coach under the direction of new head coach Tyler Amaya. Oliver competed for Western Washington University this past winter, where he was known [ more SPORTS BRIEFS page 12 ]

April 18, 2014 [9]

PREP SPORTS WRAP: Beamer’s Sunitsch throws two-hitter in win over Jaguars Todd Beamer senior Scott Sunitsch was pretty-much unhittable Tuesday afternoon during a 3-1 win over the Emerald Ridge Jaguars. The Washington State-bound left-hander allowed just two hits during the win, striking out eight and walking only two. The victory moved the Titans to 8-2 overall and 5-2 in the SPSL South. Top-ranked Puyallup sits in first place in the division at 10-0. Kepa Sharpe finished with an RBI double and Jalen Prather was 2 for 4 with a run and RBI. Beamer also picked up a nonleague win over Auburn Saturday at Cheney Stadium in Tacoma, 4-3. Dillon O’Grady got the win on the mound and Ben Arata finished 3 for 3. Jefferson — The Raiders (9-3 overall, 6-3 SPSL North) continued their impressive season with a 14-0 win over Kent-Meridian Tuesday. Alex Poltz got the win on the mound, throwing four innings of

[ SIDELINES from page 8 ] I think I might have asked two questions during those two hours, which is a very rare occurrence when interviewing a high school athlete. Pulling a quote out of a kid is sometimes like extracting a tooth. That wasn’t the case with Dom. Once he got going on the topic of basketball or football, there was no stopping him. That’s just how he lived his life. In the end, the only thing that could stop Dom Cooks was that tumor on his brain. Since being diagnosed in 2012, Cooks didn’t want anybody to feel sorry for him and never thought, for a second, that he wasn’t going to beat the awful disease of cancer. “At the beginning of the school year, doctors told me that I had three to six months to live,” Cooks told me back in October. “But nobody is going to tell me stuff like that. Before I got this tumor, I was going to the NBA or the NFL. That’s still what I’m going to do. Can’t nobody tell me any different. I’m definitely going to beat this. I’m kinda self-motivated like that.” My heart goes out to Dom’s family, including his mother, Tasha Wade, aunt Charmayne Harper and

no-hit ball. T.J Byrne led the offense, finishing 2 for 2 with a home run, two stolen bases and two runs. David Jaquish was 3 for 3 with three RBIs and Bryce Blanchard finished 2 for 3 with three RBIs. Poltz also had two hits and two RBIs and Michael Ziccarelli was 3 for 4 with two runs and an RBI. The Raiders also beat Liberty in a non-league game Saturday at Tacoma’s Cheney Stadium, 8-6. Zicarelli was 1 for 1 with two runs, a double and stolen base and Garrett Schubert finished 2 for 2 with two RBIs. Chris Richards got the win on the mound. Federal Way — The Eagles squeaked by the Curtis Vikings Tuesday, 7-6. Federal Way (5-4 overall, 4-4 SPSL South) got three hits from Gabe Togia and Rylan Cratsenberg finished 2 for 3 with three RBIs. Blake Koler got the win on the mound. Decatur — The Gators (9-4 overall, 6-2 SPSL 3A) blew out Lakes Tuesday, 12-1, in five innings. Garrett Westberg allowed just two hits

grandmother, Faye Wade. But, especially to his twin sister Diamond. Nobody has any clue how hard the last two years must have been for her. It’s common knowledge that twins have a special bond. They have the ability to finish each other’s sentences and feel the pain of their twin. With that in mind, Diamond Cooks’s pain must have been unbearable watching her twin brother’s health deteriorate since being diagnosed. My heart also goes out to the Decatur community. Living in Twin Lakes, I have a special bond with this place. My wife graduated from Decatur and my kids are, and will be, attending the school. Cooks’s death marks the latest in a very rough few years at Decatur. In May 2013, thensenior Pavlo Myronets was killed in a car crash on Highway 167. Former Decatur and Twin Lakes swim coach Rob Hill died in a plane crash in February 2012. In September 2011, junior Robert “Hurricane” Harris was at a family barbecue when he drowned in Lake Tapps after trying to retrieve a football that was floating in the water. In June 2010, Decatur seniors Derek King and Nicholas Hodgins were

and struck out five to get the win on the mound. Westberg also finished 3 for 4 with two runs and two RBIs at the plate. Offensively, the Gators pounded out 13 hits. Isaiah Hatch finished 2 for 4 with two runs and an RBI. Tyler Swanson was 2 for 3 with two runs and a double and Brooks Westrick was 2 for 2 with a run and RBI.


Beamer — The Titans tallied 11 runs in the bottom of the third inning on their way to a 14-2 win over Rogers Tuesday. Beamer had six hits, but took advantage of 10 errors by Rogers. The win kept the Titans on top of the SPSL South with a perfect 6-0 record. Megan Jewett-Chan finished with two hits and four RBIs and Analee Scott was 2 for 3 with three RBIs. Maddy Rogers allowed two hits and struck out five on the mound in five innings of work. Federal Way — Puyallup needed [ more WRAP UP page 12 ]

killed when they were struck by a drunken driver on Interstate 5, just three days before their graduation. Former Decatur grad Emmanuel Franco, 21, was killed Dec. 29, 2010, after a drunken driver crashed into him at the intersection of South 320th Street and Pacific Highway South. The Gator Nation will persevere, like it always has, but the loss of Cooks

is going to be a hard one to deal with for Decatur. “Honestly, if it wasn’t for Decatur, I don’t think I would be here today,” Cooks told me. “I just love Decatur. I love the kids at Decatur. It’s one, big happy family. “A lot of kids in school look forward to the weekends. But I wish we had school on the weekends because I love being here so much.”

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wrestle. During the recently completed season for the Totem wrestling team, Ma’alonaFaletogo wrestled a grand total of four matches against all boys. She lost her first three matches before winning her final match of the season at the district tournament. Ma’alona-Faletogo not only won her district match against a Sacajawea wrestler, but earned a pin.“I never got to wrestle any girls,” Ma’alonaFaletogo said. “But it was pretty cool to win my last one.” Ma’alona-Faletogo suffers from Leber’s congenital amaurosis (LCA), which is a rare inherited eye disease that appears at birth or in the first few months of life. The disease affects around 1 in 80,000 of the population. LBA was first described by Theodor Leber in the 19th century. “Basically her pupils can’t be dilated the way they are supposed to,” said Ulu. “She can only see light. She only has light perception and nothing else.” Making it even rarer is the fact that another of Ulu’s five children also has LCA. Her 4-year-old daughter, is also blind because of the disease. “They are still trying to figure out why there are two in one family,” Ulu said. “My three boys can see just fine.” Wrestling is an individual sport. There’s no doubting that. The oldest sport in the world is the act of physical engagement between two unarmed persons, in which each wrestler strives to get an advantage over or control of an opponent. But wrestling is also a sport

that thrives on technique. The great wrestlers have a sixth sense about what to do in certain situations and being able to see the opponent offers a huge advantage. It’s an advantage Ma’alonaFaletogo doesn’t have, thanks to her blindness. But that hasn’t stopped her from putting out the tremendous effort and dedication it takes to participate in the sport. And that’s something Ma’alonaFaletogo takes great pride in. “In wrestling, they thought that I was weak,” Ma’alonaFaletogo said. “That was before I started wrestling. Now, I tell them, to look at my name on the plaque. They can now look in the display case and see that I was Most Improved.” Being a part of the Totem wrestling team has also helped Ma’alona-Faletogo feel like a bigger part of the school’s community. “It makes me feel included,” Ma’alona-Faletogo said. “I also like the fact that I get to slam people.” “I feel like a lot of these kids wouldn’t be able to relate on her level with her condition,” Ulu said. “Now they have something in common with them because of sports. She is entering a new phase. She’s growing older and she wants to try new things. Goddess gives a whole new meaning to blind. She puts a twist on it.” Opportunities to participate in athletics, school clubs and organizations, chorus, band, drama, etc., are available within the school setting throughout the Federal Way school district. Support services necessary for the participation of students in extracurricular activities are provided.

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[ GODDESS from page 8]



[10] April 18, 2014


Stitch is a 4-5 year old Maine Coon male with personality. Stitch is a sweetie, he loves to talk back when you say his name, he rolls around on his back for belly rubs and loves to be carried around in your arms for love and attention. He greets everyone at his cage door to talk to them and is very attentive. He has striking green eyes and a unique meow. Stitch is indooronly and has no experience outdoors, so the shelter is looking for an indoor-only home with no dogs. He would do well with other cats with a slow and proper introduction. Stitch is neutered, updated on his vaccines and microchipped. Visit him at Simply Paws, 35419 21st Ave. SW, Federal Way.

City revamps tourism website BY GREG ALLMAIN

V, the city’s tourism website, has a new look and user experience, one which the city hopes will help bring more people to Federal Way. “It’s really nice, it’s really attractive, it’s got a fresh look,” said Patrick Doherty, Community Development director, at the April 15 Federal Way City Council meeting. “It’s very engaging, we’ve got lots of images, close-ups of people doing things, which is a very good way of bringing people in.” Doherty said the reworked site has a breakdown of things to see and do in Federal Way, including itineraries that run from one to three days, and cover all seasons. “(The site has) places to stay, where to eat, where to shop, fun activities,” he said. “Main highlights of the city, and local events. We have an events calendar on here that we’re going to start maintaining.” Doherty said he’s trying to spread awareness among the business community about the reworked site,

specifically those dealing with hospitality and tourism. As the city continues to develop the site, Doherty said those businesses would be able to request direct access to the site and post their own content/events, etc., as needed. Councilmember Kelly Maloney asked if the city will have ultimate control of the content posted to the website, with Doherty replying in the affirmative. The city’s ability to adequately monitor that content may be contingent upon a proposal between Federal Way and Auburn, Doherty said. “If we’re able to join with Auburn in creating a tourism promotion area, that would bring more funds and would help bring staff that could run this and update it daily, so that’d be really helpful,” he said. Doherty noted that the tourism promotion area idea was set to be discussed at the April 16 Lodging Tax Advisory Committee meeting. “Once we have that ability to bring on staff through that tourism promotion area funding, that person will be up to date on all of that stuff

Fashion and tea

The annual Federal Way Soroptimist fundraiser, tea and awards luncheon was held on April 12 at the Twin Lakes Country Club. Rottles presented a fashion show, featuring models (pictured) Christine Archer, Rose Ehl, Susan Honda, Kathleen Kjelgaard, Deborah Phillipon, Theresa Raleigh, Kelsey Smith, Alicia Talley and Barbara Whitehurst. Federal Way Police Chief Andy Hwang modeled a business-casual style on the runway. For girls 14 to 17 years old, Makayla Long and Cecelia McRoberts-Legg were recognized with the Violet Richardson awards for community service; Tina Marie Maloy and Jamie Jo Ernest received the Woman’s Opportunity Award; Lori Santamaria received the Woman of Distinction Award; Lydia Assefa-Dawson was given the Ruby Award; and the Nellie Fleming Endowment Awards were given to Sandy Allnock, Operation Write Home, Federal Way Care Giving Network, the Federal Way Police and Grace Church for Adopt-a-Family and Reach Out. BRUCE HONDA, Contributed

(search engine optimization and Google analytics), and we’re really hoping we can maximize the utility of this website,” Doherty added. Councilmember Dini Duclos was happy to see the website’s new look. “Deputy Mayor (Jeanne) Burbidge and I were talking about this not too long ago, saying we needed a friendlier website and an updated

website, so I’m delighted to see it,” she said. Duclos added she hopes there’s an appropriate vetting process that will take place with the businesses that seek to gain access to the site. Doherty said the nature of the site means there will be some exclusivity built in. “We have 3,000 businesses in town, we can’t

have 3,000 businesses on this website. So there’d be a focus on hospitality and supporting tourism. There has to be a certain amount of vetting because it needs to be a streamlined website that people can navigate easily, the pages load quickly, and (have it) focused on what people need.”

Mayor announces more management reorganization BY GREG ALLMAIN

Federal Way Mayor Jim Ferrell announced a further restructuring of the city’s management organizational flowchart during the Federal Way City Council’s April 15 meeting. He said that four departments are being moved from under the city attorney’s purview to the

pet of the week sponsored by

mayor’s office, and he also reiterated the separation of a number of departments that had been consolidated as a response in the last four years to the economic downturn. “We have taken the City Clerk’s office, Human Resources, the IT department and emergency management … (and) moved all of those into the mayor’s office and under the direct super-

vision of Brian Wilson, our chief of staff,” Ferrell said. “Those divisions used to be under the city attorney, and it seemed much more logical to have those functions in the mayor’s office.” Ferrell revisited the move to separate out the Economic Development and Community Development offices, a move announced on April 1. Patrick Doherty will remain in charge of the

Pearsall named Federal Way interim city attorney FROM STAFF REPORTS

Locally Owned

• Pet Store • Doggy Daycare • • Grooming •

35419-B 21st Ave SW • Federal Way • 253-839-7297

Federal Way Mayor Jim Ferrell announced that Amy Jo Pearsall was appointed interim city attorney in the wake of former city attorney Pat Richardson’s departure earlier this month. “As of last week, we have a new interim city attorney,” Ferrell said during the Federal Way City Council’s April 15 meeting. “Amy Jo has worked with the city for 11 years, and for 18 months prior to that, with the firm of Kenyon Disend, representing municipalities. She previously served as an assistant city attorney for the city of Tacoma, and served as a DUI/domestic violence prosecutor for the Yakima County

Community Development office, and will also continue to work on the proposed Performing Arts and Conference Center, the mayor noted. The Council also voted on April 1 to recreate the position of Economic Development director, and the city is continuing to search for the right individual for that position, Ferrell said. The mayor also revisited

the separation of the Parks and Public Works departments, saying that for the time being, Marwan Saloum will head up the Public Works department, while Ken Miller will be in charge of the Parks department. This move, said Ferrell, was done “because of all kinds of things,” most notably the departure of Cary Roe for the city of Kennewick’s Public Works department.

Prosecutor’s Office.” Ferrell noted Pearsall also served as a clerk for the Washington State Attorney General office while in law school, and also served with the University of Washington during that time.

Battle of the Books set for April 24 FROM STAFF REPORTS

Students all over Federal Way are gearing up now for the district Battle of Books competition to be held at 7 p.m. April 24 at Decatur High School. Earlier this year, students in grades three through five formed teams and read 16 award-winning books. Elementary schools hold their own battles before sending their champion team onto the district battle.

Left to right, Carole Abernathy, Kiwanis chair; Lori Santamaria; Marie Sciacqua; Byron Hiller; and Beverly Triplett. CONTRIBUTED

Kiwanis presents Everyday Hero awards FROM STAFF REPORTS

The Greater Federal Way Kiwanis Club recently presented the club’s Everyday Hero awards to Lori Santamaria and Byron Hiller for their outstanding community service. The Kiwanis Club has a tradition of giving an Everyday Hero award to individuals who stand out in the community through their actions and activities. They give of themselves and share their talents and time for good causes, especially causes related to helping children.

Santamaria and Hiller donated their time to the club’s Murder Mystery Dinner Show on Feb. 15. All proceeds from that fundraiser will benefit children in the Federal Way community.

Free document shredding event April 19 FROM STAFF REPORTS

Residents can now dropoff confidential documents for shredding at the city of Federal Way’s free spring recycling event from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, April 19 in the Wild Waves parking lot, at 36201 Enchanted Parkway S. Other accepted

items include appliances, branches, tires, mattresses, fluorescent tubes and Styrofoam for recycling, car seats and bicycles for reuse, and non-perishable food donations to support the on-site food drive. “We are continually looking to expand these events to include items that residents want to recycle, but have barriers due to lack of drop-off locations, fees or other issues,” said Jeanette Brizendine-Jurgensen, city’s recycling project manager. Visit for a complete list of items accepted at this event, plus loading order tips to make off-loading during your visit most efficient. The recycling event is intended for residential quantities, and vendors at the event reserve the right to reject any items that do not meet these standards. The city funds this event with grants from King County Solid Waste Division, the Local Hazardous Waste Management Program in King County and Washington State Department of Ecology. Check the calendar at for dates and locations of other nearby recycling events.

...obituaries For more information on placing an obit, please call Jennifer Anderson at 253-925-5565

Gregory A Stensrude

Gregory A Stensrude, born and raised in Redondo/Federal Way area, will be missed by many. We celebrated his life at Redondo in February, where the water was never too cold for him. The song that you sang for many, "He Needed Me," will comfort your friends and family. Now you’ll be singing with the best of God’s Choir. He cared about the homeless, crocheting scarves for them. I miss you terribly; wf.

• John Lee Warner –

John Lee Warner, 78, peacefully passed away at the family home in Federal Way, WA, on April 8, 2014. He was born December 8, 1935 in Three Rivers, Michigan to John K. and Bernice Warner (Garwood). He grew up in Three Rivers and graduated from high school in 1954. After graduation, John spent the next eight years doing a stint in the military and completing a tool maker apprenticeship. Then he moved to the Seattle-Tacoma area where he worked at the Boeing Company for five years. Thereafter, he sold insurance for Farmers Insurance Company for twenty years. He retired at the age of 62. John enjoyed doing many activities after his retirement. These activities included flying, maintaining and collecting cars, scavenging for car parts, square dancing, playing cards with friends and family and just relaxing. He enjoyed traveling, returning to Europe to see familiar sites he visited while in the Army, and most recently, accompanying his wife, Sandra Ka Warner (Jull), on a cruise for their 25th wedding anniversary. He loved helping neighborhood kids by repairing their bicycles, inflating their basketballs and giving them rides in the trailer of his riding lawn mower. The light of his life was the times he spent with his grandchildren. He is survived by his wife of 30 years, Sandra. He is also survived by his sister, Phyllis VanZile (Warner) and children Kimberly (Lyle) Erlewine, Karin Warner, and Kenneth/ Charlie Warner. He loved his grandchildren: Olivia (Charley) Wilson, Roslyn Erlewine, Jesse Varvis, Sharlene and Mitchell Davis, Cory Mathewson and Johnny Schill. He is also survived by a stepdaughter, Kathy (James) Young and his first wife, Marlene A. Chidester (Drew). He leaves behind numerous step grandchildren and great grandchildren. He is preceded in death by his parents, Marvin (Phyllis) VanZile, and Carol (Charlie) Warner. There will be a celebration of life at a later date. Arrangements are being made through Edmonds Memorial. Remembrances may be left at

April 18, 2014 [11]


VETERANS’ EMPLOYMENT FAIR & TOWN HALL sponsored by King County Councilman

Pete von Reichbauer

APRIL 22 1-4 pm

at the Federal Way Community Center 876 S 333rd St, Federal Way 98003

Veterans’ Service Discussion 1:00-2:00 pm

✔ Employment Security Dept. ✔ Federal Way Vet Center ✔ King County Veteran’s Program ✔ Valley Cities Counseling ✔ VFW Post 2886 ✔ WA State Dept. of Veteran Affairs ✔ Wounded Warriors Project

Veteran Focused Employment Recruiting 2:00-4:00 pm ✔ Aerospace ✔ Government Service ✔ Law Enforcement ✔ Manufacturing


[12] April 18, 2014 [ WRAP UP from page 9]

five innings to beat the Eagles Tuesday, 17-7. The win kept the Vikings unbeaten on the season and 5-0 in the SPSL South. Federal Way took a 2-0 lead in the top of the first, scored two more runs in the third and three in the fifth. The Eagles got a pair of tworun home runs, one each from Jessica Kuhn and Tia Thomas.


Federal Way — The Eagles got a hat trick from Fernando Sanchez and beat GrahamKapowsin, 6-1, Tuesday night. The win kept Federal Way in second place in the SPSL South with a 6-2-1 record. The Eagles also got a pair of goals from Devin Pegues and single goal from Joseph Decena. Decatur — The Gators shut out the Enumclaw Hornets, 2-0, Wednesday. Decatur’s goals came from Moses Griffin and Max Henry.


Jefferson — The Raiders remained unbeaten in the SPSL Central with a 5-0 win over Federal Way Tuesday. Jefferson lost a grand total of three games during the match. The Raiders’ wins came from Rileigh Qualls at No. 1 singles over Melissa Duk, 6-0, 6-0, and Makaylie Moore over Stephanie Paraza at No. 2, 6-0 6-0. In doubles’ action, TJ’s wins came from Cindy Park and Crystal Lee over Rozelle Schwyhart and Jenessa Ho, 6-0, 6-1, Coco Hernandez-Tagoe and Gloria Oh over Xenia Vezesco and Anna Rodriguez, 6-0 6-0, and Bethany Stellick and Kayla Stellick over Elsie Tibbs and Sydney Truong, 6-0, 6-2. Decatur — The Gators lost a match to Bonney Lake Tuesday, 3-2. Decatur’s wins came from Maddy Bergstrom at No. 1 singles, 6-2, 6-2, and Maria de Miguel at No. 2 singles, 6-0, 6-4. [ SPORTS BRIEFS from page 8] as a defensive specialist, and recently graduated with a degree in Business Management. He was also a member of the 2012-13 Vikings squad which advanced to the Final Four of the NCAA Division-II National Championship tournament. During his time in Bellingham, Oliver also served as an assistant coach at Sehome High School under head coach A.J. LaBree. Prior to enrolling at WWU, Oliver was a standout player at Decatur, where he helped his team place seventh at the Class 4A State Tournament as a senior. “This is such a great opportunity for me,” commented Oliver. “I really like the team we have right now and I’m looking forward to having a great year.” Having played at Western Washington, Oliver will be familiar with much of the Slam’s personnel on the court, including former Federal Way High School and Highline Community College standout guard Morris Anderson. Anderson is back for his fifth season with the team. The team also recently added guard Darius Alo, a teammate of Anderson’s at Federal Way, to the roster for the 2014 season. Oliver joins a Slam team which is in search of its third straight IBL Championship. The season gets underway on April 25 with the team’s home opener against the Seattle Flight at Whatcom Pavilion. Tipoff is set for 7 p.m. • Todd Beamer Dance Team has had another successful competition season.

The Todd Beamer hip-hop dance team recently finished in second place at the Class 4A WIAA Dance/Drill State Championships in Yakima. COURTESY PHOTO On March 28, the team placed second out of 19 teams in the hip-hop category at the Yakima Sun Dome at the WIAA Dance/Drill State Championships. The Titans, who hold eight out of the last 11 Class 4A hip-hop titles, was defeated by the Pasco High School Bulldogs by a very slim margin with a score of 287.2 to Pasco’s 287.8. Although the Titan’s dance was more technical, the Bulldogs wowed the judges with their big tricks, according to the coaching staff. The Titans have a 24-member team this year coached by Valicia Valiani, with team captains Sarah Clow, Madeline Blauser and Juliana Song. The dance team’s season officially ends with their annual showcase, the Beamer Breakdown, on April 25 and April 26. The Beamer Breakdown is a dance show that features their winning hip-hop





routine choreographed by Daniel Cruz, as well as other dance styles, including ballroom and jazz. Beamer Breakdown has guest performers from all around the greater Seattle area, including Illahee Middle School, Pacific Ballroom Dance, Western Washington University HipHop Team and Team Boogiezone Breed Seattle. This showcase started 11 years ago when Todd Beamer High School first opened and continues to gain popularity year after year. Beamer Breakdown tickets provide the primary source of funding for the team’s costumes, as well as travel and events. Tickets are available at the door for $8 for students and $10 for adults. For group discount rates or other ticket information, contact beckyclow@


Was $139.95






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“Reliable and tough with Easy2Start™ and ease of handling thrown in. It’s a combination that’s hard to beat.”

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4/11/14 11:14 AM

April 18, 2014 [13]

HOME & GARDEN A Special Installation by HILLTOP ARTISTS April 29 - May 31 Tuesday - Saturday 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden

2525 S. 336th St., Federal Way

Admission details at:


Now Open For The Season

Friday, April 18th, 3 - 6 pm (Members enter at 2 pm) Saturday, April 19th, 9 am - 3 pm Featuring the rare, Rare Plant unusual, tried & true! Raffle!

Special Opening Event! Saturday, April 26 1:30 pm

430 S. Dash Point Road April – October Hours: Tues.-Sat. 10am – 3pm Programs, Events, Rentals

Held on the Weyerhaeuser Corporate Campus West Upper level Parking lot • 253‐838‐4646 x. 140

Sponsored by Round Table Pizza, Weyerhaeuser Company & Trader Joe’s

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How dirty are your windows?

FREE WINDOW WASHING! Sliding Glass Door cleaned FREE ($45 value) with home estimate!

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Indoor Heated Dry Storage

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Concierge Services • Pin Code Gate Access & Camera System • Trash disposal • Extra large shower – FREE

Minutes from downtown and waterfront dining Enjoy an unparalleled view of Tacoma’s revitalized downtown and the elegant new Museum of Glass.

Visit or call 253.572.2524 for rates.


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Black Velvet 1.75LL .................................11.99 Black Velvet 750ml ..................................7.99 Canadian-Club 1.75LL ............................17.99 Canadian-Hunter 1.75L......................... L 13.99 Canadian-LTD 1.75L..............................14.99 Canadian-Mist 1.75L............................. L 13.99 Crown Royal 1.75L................................ L 39.99


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Blk Box-Cab,Chard,Mer,PG,Shiraz 3L.. L 15.99 Bota Box-Cab,Chard,Malbec,Mer 3L... L 14.99 Bota Box-OV Zin,PG,Ries,Shz 3L......... L 14.99 Carlo Rossi-Cab,Chard,Mer,WhtZin 4L 10.99 Carlo Rossi-Paisano,Burg,Chabl 4L....... L 9.99 Corbett Canyon-Chardonnay 3LL ............ 8.99 Franzia-Blush,ChRed,CrspWht 5LL ......... 9.99 Franzia-Chard,Cab,Merlot 5L............... L 11.99 Pacific Peak-Cab,Chard,Mer,PG 3L....... L 7.99 Peter Vella-Chablis,Burg 5L..................11.99 Peter Vella-Chard,Cab,Merlot 5L Box... x 11.99 Peter Vella-White Zinfandel 5L Box...... x 11.99

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Arbor Mist--All Flavorss ........................... 4.97 Barefoot Cellars--Cab,Chard,Mer Mosc...8.27 Barefoot Cellars--PG,PN,SB,WtZin.........8.27 Beringer--White Zinfandel ......................7.47 Cavit--Pinot Grigio.................................. o 8.97 Columbia Crest--Chardonnayy ................ 8.97 Columbia Crest--Mer/Cab......................9.97 Concannon--Cabernet........................... t 5.97 Concannon--Chard,Merlot..................... t 5.97 Corbett Canyon--Chard,Cab,Merlott ....... 5.97 Gallo Family Vnyrds--Chard,Cab,Mer..... r 5.97 Gallo Family Vineyards--White Merlott .... 5.97 Gallo Family Vineyards--White Zin..........5.97 Lindeman’s Bins--Cab,Merlot................ t 7.97 Lindeman’s--Chardonnay Bin 65...........7.97 Pacific Peak--Chard,Cab,Merlott ............ 4.47 Riunite--Lambrusco............................... o 7.37 Stimson Estate Cellars--Chardonnayy ..... 7.47 Sutter Home--Chard,Cab,Merlot............ t 6.97 Sutter Home--Moscato.......................... o 6.97 Sutter Home--White Zinfandel ...............6.97 Vendange--Cabernett ............................. 5.57 Vendange--Chardonnay,Merlot.............. t 5.57 Woodbridge--Cabernet/Merlot............... t 8.77 Woodbridge--Chardonnay,Cabernet...... t 8.97 Woodbridge--Merlot,Pinot Noirr .............. 8.77 Woodbridge--Sauvignon g Blanc.............. c 6.87

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Clos du Bois



Pacific Peak Chardonnay, Cabernet, Merlot


14 Hands-Cabernet............................... t 9.87 14 Hands-Chardonnayy .......................... 9.87 14 Hands-Hot to Trot Red.......................7.97 14 Hands-Hot to Trot White.................... e 7.97 14 Hands-Merlot.................................... t 9.87 7-Deadly Zins.......................................10.97 Apothic-Red ...........................................7.97 Arbor Mist-White Pear Pinot Grigio.........3.29 Avalon-Cabernet Napa......................... a 11.97 Barefoot Cellars-Cab,Chard,Mer,Mosc... c 4.97 Barefoot Cellars-PG,PN,SB,Shrz,Riesling....4.97 Barefoot Cellars-Sweet Red,Zinfandel....4.97 Beringer Fndrs-Cab,Chard,Merlot.......... t 6.47 Beringer-White Zinfandel .......................4.47 Blackstone-Merlot,Cab,Chard ................5.97 BV Coastal-Cab,Chard,Mer,PN ..............5.97 Cambria-Chard Katherine’s Vineyard ...15.99 Canoe Ridge-Cabernett ........................ 14.97 Canoe Ridge-Merlot............................. t 14.97 Catena-Malbec.................................... c 14.97 Cavit-Pinot Grigioo ................................... 6.37 Ch St Jean-Cabernet California.............. a 8.77 Ch St Jean-Chardonnay......................... y 8.77 Ch Ste Michelle-Cab,Merlot................. t 10.97 Ch Ste Michelle-Chardonnayy ................. 7.97 Ch Ste Michelle-Gewurztraminer........... r 5.47 Ch Ste Michelle-Pinot Griss ..................... 7.97 Ch Ste Michelle-Riesling ........................5.97 Ch Ste Michelle-Sauvignon Blanc.......... c 7.97 Ch Ste Michelle-Syrah ...........................9.97 Clos du Bois-Merlot................................ t 9.97 Columbia Crest Grand Estate-Cabernet. t 7.97 Columbia Crest Grand Estate-Chard ......7.97 Columbia Crest Grand Estate-Merlot......7.97 Columbia Crest-Cabernet Two Vines...... s 5.97 Columbia Crest-H3 Cabernet................. t 9.97 Columbia Crest-H3 Les Chevaux........... x 9.97 Columbia Crest-H3 Merlot..................... t 9.97 Columbia Crest-Merlot Two Viness .......... 5.97 Columbia Crest-Merlot/Cabernet........... t 5.97 Columbia-Riesling Cellar Master............ r 5.97 Coppola Diamond-Cab,Claret,Mer,PN..11.97 Covey Run-Cabernet.............................. t 5.97 Covey Run-Chardonnay......................... y 5.97 Cupcake-Cab,Chard,Merlot,Red Velvet.. t 7.27 Cupcake-Sauv Blanc Marlborough ........7.47 Dunham Cellars-Three Legged Red.....15.97 Dunham Cellars-Trutina....................... a 21.97 Ecco Domani-Pinot Grigio...................... o 7.47 Edna Valley-Chardonnay........................ y 8.47 Erath Vineyards-Pinot Noir....................12.97 Erath-Pinot Gris...................................... s 8.47 Estancia-Cabernett ................................. 9.97 Estancia-Pinot Noir................................. r 9.97 Ferrari-Carano Fume Blanc.................... c 9.97 Fetzer-Gewurztraminer........................... r 5.97 Fetzer-Vlly Oaks-Chard,Cab,Merlot........ t 5.27 Franciscan-Cabernet............................17.97 Gabbiano-Chianti ...................................6.99 Gascon-Malbec......................................9.87 Gnarly Head-Old Vine Zinfandel .............7.57 Guigal-Cote du Rhone Rouge...............10.57 Hedges-Red Mountain Blend ...............17.97 Hogue-Chardonnay................................ y 5.97 Hogue-Pinot Grigio................................. o 5.47 Hogue-Riesling.......................................4.97 House Wine-Red ....................................7.99 J Lohr-Cabernet Seven Oaks............... s 11.97 J Lohr-Chardonnay Riverstone............... e 8.97 Jordan-Cabernet.................................. t 37.97 Kendall Jackson-Avant Chardonnay.......9.97 Kendall Jackson-Cabernet................... t 14.07 Kendall Jackson-Chardonnayy ................ 9.97 Kendall Jackson-Chard Grand Res...... s 13.97 Kendall Jackson-Merlott ....................... 14.07 Kendall Jackson-Pinot Noir.................. r 14.07 Kendall Jackson-Sauvignon Blanc......... c 8.07 Kim Crawford-Sauvignon Blanc........... c 10.97 King Estate-Pinot Gris...........................13.49 Kris-Pinot Grigioo ..................................... 9.97 Layer Cake-Malbec.............................. c 11.97 Layer Cake-Shiraz................................ z 10.97 L’Ecole #41-Cabernet Walla Wallaa ....... 33.99 Liberty School-Cabernet Paso Robles.. s 10.97 Lindeman’s Bins-Chard,Cab,Merlot....... t 4.17 Louis Martini-Cabernet Napa............... a 21.97 Marietta-Old Vine Red ..........................10.97 Mark West-Pinot Noir............................. r 7.47 Maryhill-Winemaker’s Red Columbia Vlly... y 7.97 Menage a Trois Blanc............................. c 7.47

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Anam Cara Pinot Noir Nicholas, 2010 Oregon, 750ml

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Both stainless steel and oak barrels were used making this Chardonnay, resulting in a balance of crisp fruit and warm caramel flavors.



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Montoya Zinfandel, 2011 California, 750ml



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Crisp, Peach, Light-bodied

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[14] April 18, 2014 April 18, 2014 [15]

[16] April 18, 2014

Flasher charged with indecent exposure admits to molesting kids went outside onto her balcony to smoke a cigarette and sat down to begin watching a movie on her cell phone, according to charging documents. The woman heard a noise A 31-year-old man was charged with felony indecent coming from her neighbor’s balcony. When the woman exposure in King County Superior Court Monday after an looked over, she observed an unknown black male naked incident at a Federal Way apartment complex. and masturbating, the documents According to court documents, the defendant continue. Ngaira Masika Muhanji, of Covington, conAfter getting up from her chair to fessed to exposing himself to his neighbor. go back inside, the man was laughing After being arrested for the April 7 incident, and tried to get the woman’s attention Muhanji also told police that he had exposed by saying “hey” and “hello,” according himself numerous times before and admitted to to documents. The woman then went molesting a young relative and another underinside her apartment and called 911. age girl, according to documents. Federal Way police responded to The Federal Way Police Department is con- Ngaira Masika Muhanji the apartment complex, where they tinuing to investigate these claims. knocked on the neighboring apartAccording to charging documents, Muhanji ment’s door. Muhanji answered the admits that he has sexual urges that he cannot door and allowed the officers into the control. apartment to speak with him, the documents continue. At The latest arrest came at an apartment complex on 25th that time, Mahanji was read his Miranda Rights and asked Avenue Southwest in Federal Way. A 28-year-old female why he was being arrested. BY CASEY OLSON

“Because I exposed myself to the neighbor. The voices in my head told me.”

Child left unattended drinks bottle of cough syrup CRIME

This week’s…


Police Blotter Following is a sample from the Federal Way police log: Woman accuses employer of stealing handicapped placard: At 11:48 a.m. on April 13 in

the 2300 block of SW 336th St., the victim reported that she believed her employer had stolen the handicapped placard from her vehicle. The report notes the woman didn’t want to press charges, but simply wanted the placard back. Trailer stolen: At 1 p.m. on April 13 in the 31000 block of Third Place SW, a woman reported that unknown suspects stole a trailer from T:4.833” in front of her residence.

Woman arrested, claims she was raped: At 2:28 p.m. on April 13 in the 35000 block of Pacific Highway South, police arrested a woman for possession of a stolen vehicle, violation of a no-contact order and for several outstanding warrants. According to the report, the woman indicated she had been raped earlier that day by an unknown male at the Siesta Motel on Pacific Highway. The report

notes the woman was transported to a hospital for a rape kit and was also admitted to the hospital later in the day for an “unknown illness.” The woman successfully escaped police custody while at the hospital, according to the report. Man robbed at Transit Center: At 5:58 p.m. on April 13 in the 31000 block of 23rd Ave. S., police were called to the Transit Center for a strong arm robbery report.


go to

a four-year-old child. According to the report, the child was left unattended in a home and managed to crawl on top of a counter and drank an entire bottle of Dimetapp, leading to the hospital visit. Woman steals beer: At 12:58 a.m. on April 11 in the 31000 block of Pacific Highway S., a woman was detained at an Albertson’s store for stealing a $1.99 can of beer. After running the woman’s information, police discovered she had two active warrants. A search [ more BLOTTER, page 17 ]

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The police made contact with the victim, who was uncooperative with police, the report notes. The man suffered injuries at the hands of his robbers, and also reacted in a similar manner when South King Fire and Rescue treated him for his injuries. The report notes the unknown suspects took his backpack and fled the area on foot. Child ends up in hospital after drinking bottle of Dimetapp: At 11:03 p.m. on April 13 in the 33000 block of 27th Place SW, police were called to St Francis Hospital for a situation involving

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“Because I exposed myself to the neighbor,” Muhanji told the officers. “The voices in my head told me.” According to court documents, Muhanji has previously been convicted of indecent exposure in 2011 for an incident associated with a 2009 Seattle Police Department case and receives mental health treatment and normally takes medication as part of his treatment, but had been off of it in recent days. After being arrested, Muhanji spoke of several previous incidents with Federal Way police. According to documents, Muhanji told an officer that he had recently contacted a 12-year-old female through Facebook with the intent of communicating with her for sex. He stated that he knew the girl was 12 because she is the sister of his friend and he was 20 years old when she was born. Muhanji admitted that he exposes himself about “once a week” to numerous people, has forced a 5-year-old relative to touch his penis and he molested an inebriated middle school girl eight years ago, according to documents. Bail in the Federal Way case was set at $150,000.

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April 18, 2014 [17] [ BLOTTER from page 16] of the woman and her property also uncovered paraphernalia related to heroin, prescription pills and methamphetamine. Bank of America branch robbed: At 3:05 p.m. on April 11 in the 2100 block of SW 336th St., an unknown suspect entered a Bank of America branch and successfully coerced the teller out of approximately $3,300. According to the report, the suspect had a note and acted in a way that implied he was armed. Woman bit by dog: At 3:52 p.m. on April 11 in the 1800 block of S. 312th St., the victim was walking home when she passed a “small, silver sedan” from which a large dog jumped out and bit her on the arm. According to the report, the woman’s injuries from the bite were mitigated because she was wearing a coat at the time. The report also notes that a man and woman, described as in their 20s, exited the vehicle, grabbed the dog, and then left the area without speaking to the victim. House burglarized: At 2:10 p.m. on April 11 in the 1400 block of SW 321st St., a woman reported that

Von Reichbauer to host job fair, town hall FROM STAFF REPORTS

King County Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer is set to host a veterans’ job fair and town hall meeting from 1-4 p.m. on April 22 at the Federal Way Community Center. According to a press release, the job fair is aimed at matching local veterans “with local employers from the aerospace, law enforcement and manufacturing industries.” It’s also aimed at “educating participants on the variety of series that county, state and nonprofit agencies offer to veterans.”

unknown suspects broke into her residence and stole approximately $61,000 in jewelry, electronic items and other personal items. Trouble on bus follows woman off of bus: At 1:58 p.m. on April 10 in the 31000 block of 23rd Ave. S., a woman reported that she was assaulted by an unknown male after getting off of a Pierce County bus. According to the report, the suspect was disruptive on the bus and exited at the same stop as the victim. The report is unclear whether the victim interacted with the suspect, but the suspect is said to have thrown an object at the woman, which left a laceration on the woman’s finger. Woman’s cell phone stolen at mall: At 9:50 p.m. on April 10 in the 2200 block of S. Commons, a woman reported her cell phone was stolen by a group of boys. According to the report, the victim was at the mall and was using her cellphone when a group of boys approached her. The victim indicated that one boy took her phone directly from her hand, and then he and the group dispersed. The report notes the suspect was known to the victim, mostly from skating at Pattison’s West skate rink. While local, regional and state economies seem to finally be coming sluggishly back to life, von Reichbauer noted that there are still many who are in need of employment altogether. “Unemployment and underemployment are too high in Washington state, and especially in South King County,” von Reichbauer said. “As more and more veterans return from overseas, I want to do what I can to ensure these returning service members are able to find civilian employers who will value their extraordinary skills and discipline. There is no greater service one can provide to a veteran than helping him or her find a job.” Pre-registeration is encouraged at www.

Save buses for those who need them the most and keep 30,000 cars off our already congested streets each day.


E S R O D EN Cyrus Habib, State Representative

April 11, 2014

“The bottom line is that transit service is too important — for rich and poor alike.”

Learn more at Paid for by Move King County Now | 603 Stewart Street #819 | Seattle, WA 98101 Top five contributors: Veolia Transportation, Titan Outdoor LLC, Local 1488 AFSCME, Amalgamated Transit Union Local 587, Amazon









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[18] April 18, 2014


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CARRIER ROUTES AVAILABLE IN YOUR AREA Call Today 1-253-872-6610 Carriers Wanted: The Federal Way Mirror is seeking independent contract delivery drivers to deliver the Federal Way Mirror one day per week. A reliable, insured vehicle and a current WA drivers license is required. These are independent contract delivery routes. Please call (888) 838-3000 or email

Earn up to $200 this month by donating plasma 2200 S. 314th St. Federal Way, WA 98003 (253) 275-2243 Publisher/Advertising Manager The Journal of the San Juans, located in Friday Harbor, on beautiful San Juan Island in Washington State, is seeking an experienced, self-starting Publisher/Advertising M a n a g e r. T h r e e - p l u s years of newspaper/media sales exper ience, along with leadership experience required. Responsibilities include: print and digital ad sales; helping local businesses create mar keting and business plans; supervision of a small staff and involvement in the local community. The Journal of the San Juan’s is part of Sound Publishing, the largest community newspaper publisher in Washington State. We offer an excellent salar y plus a bonus/commission plan, a great work environment, medical, dental and vis i o n i n s u ra n c e, 4 0 1 k with company match, paid holidays, vacation a n d s i ck t i m e. E O E . Visit our website at to learn more about us! For immediate consideration, send resume and cover letter to: or mail to: HR/SJJPUBSM, Sound Publishing, Inc., 11323 Commando, Road, Main Unit, Everett, WA 98204.

April 18, 2014 [19] Employment General

Valid DL, reliable trans. and auto insurance req. Must read, write, speak the English language. $10.00/hr Must be 18 yrs/up. Submit resume or letter of interest or Fax 253-735-4712

Advertise your upcoming garage sale in your local community paper and online to reach thousands of households in your area. Call: 800-388-2527 Fax: 360-598-6800 Go online: REPORTER The Federal Way Mirror, a division of Sound Publishing Inc. is seeking a seasoned general assignment reporter with writing experience and photography skills. This position is based out of the Federal Way office. The primar y coverage will be city government, business, sports, general assignment stories; and may include ar ts coverage. Schedule includes evening and/or weekend work. As a Reporter for Sound Publishing, you will be expected to: generate 8-10 by-line stories per week; use a digital camera to take photographs of the stories you cover ; post on the publication’s web site; blog and use Twitter on the web; layout pages, using InDesign; shoot and edit videos for the web . The most highly valued traits are: commitment to community jour nalism a n d ev e r y t h i n g f r o m short, brief-type stories about people and events to examining issues facing the community; to be inquisitive and resourceful in the coverage of assigned beats; to be comfor table producing five bylined stories a week; the ability to write stories that are tight and to the point; to be a motivated self-starter; to be able to establish a rapport with the community. Candidates must have excellent communication and organizational skills, and be able to work effectively in a deadlinedr iven environment. Minimum of two years of previous newspaper experience is required. Position also requires use of personal vehicle, possession of valid WA State Driver’s License and proof of active vehicle insurance. We offer a competitive hourly wage and benefits package including health insurance, paid time off (vacation, sick, and holidays), and 401K (currently with an employer match.) Email us yo u r c ove r l e t t e r, r e sume, and include five non-returnable examples of your best work showcasing your repor ting skills and writing chops to:

Employment General

Employment General

REPORTER T h e C ov i n g t o n / M a p l e Valley Reporter, a division of Sound Publishing Inc. is seeking a seasoned general assignment reporter with writing exper ience and photography skills. This is a senior position and is based out of the Covington office. The primary coverage will be city government, business, sports, general assignment stor ies; and may include arts coverage. Schedule includes evening and/or weekend work. As a Reporter for Sound Publishing, you will be expected to: generate 8-10 by-line stories per week; use a digital camera to take photographs of the stories you cover ; post on the publication’s web site; blog and use Twitter on the web; layout pages, using InDesign; shoot and edit videos for the web. The most highly valued traits are: commitment to community jour nalism and ever ything from short, brieftype stories about people and events to examining issues facing the community; to be inquisitive and resourceful in the coverage of assigned beats; to be comfor table producing five bylined stories a week; the ability to write stories that are tight and to the point; to be a motivated self-starter; to be able to establish a rapport with the community. Candidates must have excellent communication and organizational skills, and be able to work effectively in a deadline-driven environment. Minimu m o f t wo ye a r s o f previous newspaper experience is required. Position also requires use of personal vehicle, possession of valid WA State Driver’s License and proof of active vehicle insurance. We offer a competitive hourly wage and benefits package including health insurance, paid time off (vacation, sick, and holidays), and 401K (currently with an employer match.) Email us your cover letter, resume, and include five examples of your best work showcasing your reporting skills and writing chops to:

Senior Services is looking for

or mail to: Sound Publishing, Inc. 19426 68th Avenue S. Kent, WA 98032, ATTN: HR/COV Sound Publishing is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE) and strongly supports diversity in the wor kplace. Check out our website to find out more about us!

Te m p ( 7 ) Wo r k e r s Flowers Vineyard. Work in grape vineyards-cultivate & har vest crops, identify probems in vineyard by trained eyesight. 2/1/14 - 10/31/14. Travel/subsitence cost to job reimbursed at completion of 1/2 contract, daily travel to worksites at n/c. Harvest pay = 2.00/lug, guarantedd $13.87/hr. Guarantee 3/4 contract h r s . To o l s p r o v i d e d . Free housing for nonor mail to: Sound Pub- commuting workers. lishing, Inc., 19426 68th Call local SWA or CA Ave n u e S . Ke n t , WA SWA @ 916-653-2813. 98032, ATTN: HR/FWM JO#14020986 Sound Publishing is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE) and strongly supports diversity in the wor kplace. Check out our website to find out more about us!

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Two (2) Full Time and Two (2) Part Time


for our Transpor tation Program, ser ving the Auburn area. Schedules m ay i n c l u d e M o n d ay through Saturday shifts. For complete details, including instructions on how to apply, please visit our website: EOE

Employment Transportation/Drivers

Local-Home Nightly! Sumner, Kent & Auburn. G r e a t Pay, B e n e f i t s ! CDL-A, 1yr Exp. Req. Estenson Logistics Apply 1866-336-9642

Advertise your upcoming garage sale in your local community paper and online to reach thousands of households in your area. Call: 800-388-2527 Fax: 360-598-6800 Go online:

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Leapforce At Home Independent Agent - English (US)restr icted to residents of the United States only.This is an opportunity to evaluate and improve search engine results for one of the world’s largest internet search engine companies.Ideal Search Engine Evaluators will possess:In depth/up-to-date familiarity with American culture, Excellent comprehension &written communication skills in English,Possess a high speed internet connection.Search Engine Evaluators provide feedback on search engine results by measuring the relevance and usefulness of web pages in correlation to predefined queries.All candidates are required to take and pass a qualification exam before becoming a Search Engine Evaluator.Please Note: One Search Engine Evaluator position per IP Address. To learn more email:


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AIRLINES ARE HIRING – Tra i n fo r h a n d s o n Av i a t i o n C a r e e r. FA A approved program. Financial aid if qualified Job placement assistance. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance 877-818-0783

Early model single wide mobile home, and all contents therein, Puget View Estates, Space 37, 21908 28th Ct S PH: 360-509-4150

DES MOINES Public Auction/ Landlord Lien Foreclosure Sale 4/25/14 at 9:30 AM.



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FEDERAL WAY Public Auction/ Landlord Lien Foreclosure Sale 4/25/14 at 9 AM.

1 LOT HILL TOP VIEW in the sold out Garden of Gethsemane. Lovely site for family to visit. Originally $22,000. Asking $7,000. Plot 7 overlook Seattle! Sunset Hills, Bellevue. Available by p r i va t e s a l e o n l y, fo r more information, call: 503-722-7254. 1 PLOT $7,500 IN Pretigous Sunset Memorial Park in Bellevue. View of the mountains!!! Sold out space in the desirable “Garden of Prayer� section. Lot # 210, space # 5. Owner pays transfer fee & endowment care fee. If available would retail at $22,000. Private owner. 503-412-8424. 2 PLOTS $7,500 side by side in highly desirable Lords Prayer Memorial. Valued at $11,500. Section 18, lot 214, plots 6-7 Evergreen-Washelli Memorial Park, 11111 Aurora Ave North, Seattle 98133. Call Gloria 480361-5074.

NEW APPLIANCES 4 P R E M I U M S i d e by side lots in the desirable UP TO 70% OFF All Manufacturer Small Ding’s, Dents, Scratches and Factory Imperfections

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ACACIA Memorial Park, “Birch Garden�, (2) adjacent cemetery plots, #3 & #4. Selling $4,000 ea c h or $ 7, 50 0 bo th . T h ey w i l l c h a r g e yo u $5,000 each. Located in Shoreline / N. Seattle. Call or email Emmons Johnson, 206-794-2199,

1975 KENTW 40/12 mobile home, Puget View Estates, Space 21, 21927 28th Ct S PH: 360-509-4150

Cemetery Plots


Cemetery Plots

DES MOINES Public Auction/ Landlord Lien Foreclosure Sale 4/25/14 at 9 AM.

1980 TITEN 60/14 mobile home, Camelot Square Mobile Home Park, #278, 3001 S 288 St PH: 253-839-7575

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ABSOLUTE GOLD MINE!  Absentee ownership!   Candy vending route.   6 new machines placed into 6 new busy stores!   $2500 investment, not employment!   Call after noon only! 951-763-4828

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Garden of Meditation, at Bonney Watson, SeaTac Lot A, plots 1, 2, 3, 4 in section 14, block 110. $8,200 for all, or best offer. Owner pays transfer fee. Call Chr istine at 425-355-2252 or 425359-0694.


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GET DISH AND SAVE! C a l l t o d ay, l o ck i n 2 years of savings. 1-866220-6954 *FREE Hopper Upgrade *FREE Premium Channels *InGREENWOOD MEMO- ternet $14.95 *See dishRIAL Park, Renton. (2) for details Side by Side plots in (sold out) “Heather Sec- M y C o m p u t e r Wo r k s. tion�, Plots 3 & 4. Monu- Computer problems? Viments are OK. Valued at ruses, spyware, email, $10,000 each. Will nego- printer issues, bad intertiate price and sell to net connections - FIX IT best offer. Seller pays N O W ! P r o f e s s i o n a l , transfer fees. Andrew, U.S.-based technicians. $25 off service. Call for 206-373-1988 immediate help. 1-800S A C R A F I C I N G T W O 681-3250 ADJOINING PLOTS IN beautiful Sunset Memo- P r o t e c t Yo u r H o m e rial Park, Bellevue. Lo- ADT Authorized Dealer: cated in the “Prayer Gar- B u r g l a r y, F i r e , a n d den�, block 215, lots 1 & E m e r g e n c y A l e r t s 2 4 2. Rest in comfort, know- hours a day, 7 days a ing your loved one is by week! CALL TODAY, INy o u r s i d e . W o r t h S TA L L E D T O M O R $ 3 4 , 0 0 0 . W i l l s e l l fo r ROW! 888-858-9457 (MF 9am-9pm ET) $20,000. 253-307-2530.

Stokes Consignment AUCTION 9HKLFOHV59¡V%RDWV Tools & Shop Equipment (VWDWH,WHPV-HZHOU\ Antiques & Collectibles


8398 Spring Creek Road SE Port Orchard, WA Viewing: Fri, April 18- 10:00 am until 4:00 pm and Sat 8:00 a.m. until auction. Buyer’s Premiums in effect See our website for full details

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[20] April 18, 2014

LEGAL NOTICES ORDINANCE NO. 14-765 AN ORDINANCE of the City of Federal Way, Washington, relating to the Independent Salary Commission; amending FWRC 2.80.030. (Amending Ordinance No. 03-439) The full text of the ordinance is available by contacting the City Clerk’s office at 253-835-2540. Copies will be mailed upon request, in accordance with the City’s fee schedule. Dated: April 16, 2014 Carol McNeilly, CMC, City Clerk Published Federal Way Mirror: April 18, 2014 FWM 2132

CITY OF FEDERAL WAY REQUEST FOR BIDS LAKOTA MIDDLE SCHOOL – 13TH AVENUE SW SIDEWALK CONNECTION PROJECT RFB # 14-108 SUBMITTAL OF SEALED BIDS: Notice is hereby given that the City of Federal Way, Washington, will receive sealed bids through April 28, 2014, until 10:00 a.m., at the City Hall Purchasing Office or by US Mail at City of Federal Way, Purchasing Office, 33325 8th Ave. S., Federal Way, WA 98003. Proposals received after 10:00 a.m. on said date will not be considered. BID OPENING: All bids will be opened and read publicly aloud at 10:10 a.m. on Monday, April 28, 2014, at The City Council Chambers, 33325 8th Ave. S., Federal Way, WA, for this RFB. All bid proposals shall be accompanied by a bid deposit by a cashier’s or certified check, or Bid Bond in an amount equal to five percent (5%) of the amount of such bid proposal. Should the successful bidder fail to enter into a contract and furnish satisfactory Performance Bond within the time stated in the specifications, the bid deposit or bond shall be forfeited to the City of Federal Way. DESCRIPTION OF WORK: This project shall consist of: Improvements for the Lakota Middle School – 13th Avenue SW Sidewalk Connection Project include the following:

Construction of sidewalk, curb, gutter and American with Disabilities Act (ADA) improved driveway approaches on the south side of SW 314th Street (east of Lakota Middle School to 13th Avenue SW) and on the west side of 13th Avenue SW (from SW 314th St to SW 316th St). Installation of school speed zone flashing beacon. The Contractor shall complete all work within 30 working days. Work must be completed between June 18th, 2014 & August 28th, 2014 The bidder is urged to check the plans and contract provisions carefully. All bid proposals shall be in accordance with the Instructions to Bidders and all other contract documents now on file in the Purchasing Office of the City of Federal Way. Bid documents may be obtained from the Purchasing Department at (253) 835-2526. Any questions concerning the description of the work contained in the contract documents must be directed to Christine Mullen, Street Systems Project Engineer, by facsimile at (253) 835-2709, or by letter addressed to Christine Mullen, Street Systems Project Engineer prior to bid opening date. PURCHASE OF BID DOCUMENTS: Bidders may purchase copies of the Bidding Documents (half-size plans) in person, or by mailing a Twenty-Five and no/100 Dollars ($25.00) (non-refundable) check or cashiers’ check payable to the City of Federal Way, 33325 8th Ave. S., Federal Way, WA 98003-6325, phone (253) 835-2526. If purchasing by mail, please indicate your request for Bidding Documents for RFB #14-108, Lakota Middle School – 13th Avenue SW Sidewalk Connection Project. Informational copies of maps, plans, and specifications are available for review at the Public Works Department, Federal Way City Hall, 33325 8th Ave. S., Federal Way, Washington. Bidding Documents are also available for review at the following Plan Centers: Daily Journal of Commerce, Attn:, 83 Columbia St, Suite 200, Seattle, WA 98104 Daily Journal of Commerce Project Center, 921 SW Washington St, Suite 210, Portland, OR 97205 McGraw Hill, 200 SW Michigan St, Suite 100A, Seattle, WA 98106 Cora Inc., 10002 Aurora Avenue North, #36, PMB 334, Seattle, WA 98133 Reed Construction Data, 30 Technology Parkway South, Suite 500, Norcross, GA 30092 Builders Exchange of Washington, 2607 Wetmore

Firewood, Fuel & Stoves

Avenue, Everett, WA 98201 Contractor Plan Center, 14625 SE 82nd Drive, Clackamas, OR 97015 Contractor’s Resource Center, 2301 So Jackson Street, Suite 101B, Seattle, WA 98144 Isqft Planroom/Cascade A & E, 2606 2nd Ave #244, Seattle, WA 98121 TITLE VI: The City of Federal Way, in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, 78 Stat. 252, 42 U.S.C. 2000d to 2000d-4 and Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations, Department of Transportation, Subtitle A, Office of the Secretary, Part 21, Nondiscrimination in Federally-assisted programs of the Department of Transportation issued pursuant to such Act, hereby notifies all bidders that it will affirmatively ensure that in any contract entered into pursuant to this advertisement, disadvantaged business enterprises as defined at 49 CFR Part 26 will be afforded full opportunity to submit bids in response to this invitation and will not be discriminated against on the grounds of race, color, national origin, or sex in consideration for an award. The City encourages minority and women-owned firms to submit bids consistent with the City’s policy to insure that such firms are afforded the maximum practicable opportunity to compete for and obtain public contracts. A contract goal has been established in the amount of Ten Percent (10%) of the contract total for DBE goals. The Contractor will be required to comply with all local, State, and Federal laws and regulations pertaining to equal employment opportunities. RESERVATION OF RIGHTS: The City of Federal Way reserves the right to reject any and all bids, waive any informalities or minor irregularities in the bidding, and determine which bid or bidder meets the criteria set forth in the bid documents. No bidder may withdraw his bid after the hour set for the opening thereof unless the award is delayed for a period exceeding thirty (30) days. Published in the Federal Way Mirror April 11 & April 18, 2014 FWM 2130

NOTICE Washington State law requires wood sellers to provide an invoice (receipt) that shows the s e l l e r ’s a n d b u y e r ’s name and address and the date delivered. The invoice should also state the price, the quantity delivered and the quantity upon which the price is based. There should be a statement on the type and quality of the wood. When you buy firewood write the seller’s phone number and the license plate number of the delivery vehicle. The legal measure for firewood in Washington is the cord or a fraction of a cord. Estimate a c o r d by v i s u a l i z i n g a four-foot by eight-foot space filled with wood to a height of four feet. Most long bed pickup trucks have beds that are close to the four-foot by 8-foot dimension. To m a k e a f i r e w o o d complaint, call 360-9021857. WeightsMeasures/Fire woodinformation.aspx

Advertise your upcoming garage sale in your local community paper and online to reach thousands of households in your area. Call: 800-388-2527 Fax: 360-598-6800 Go online:

flea market Flea Market

7 PC CHEF KNIFE SET. 4 Henckel’s & 3 misc in almost new condition! All for $45. 35 PORCELAIN MINI figur ines, handcrafted from England. Glazed animals & miscellnious art objects. All for $35. 253.857.0539 C H E V RO L E T 1 2 b o l t 4.56 ring & pinion, excellent condition $100. (253)537-7932 HOME BAR Can deliver. Executive Mahogany top home bar will seat 4 people at the bar comfortably. Excellent! Great Gift or as an addition for your home. 48� long, 20� wide, 41� high. $125. Call 253.857.0539

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We are community & daily newspapers in these Western Washington Locations: • King County • Kitsap County • Clallam County • Jefferson County • Okanogan County • Pierce County • Island County • San Juan County • Snohomish County • Whatcom County Sound Publishing is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE) and strongly supports diversity in the workplace. We offer a great work environment with opportunity for advancement along with a competitive benefits package including health insurance, paid time off (vacation, sick, and holidays), and 401k.

Accepting resumes at: or by mail to: 19426 68th Avenue S, Kent, WA 98032 ATTN: HR Please state which position and geographic area you are applying for.

Sales Positions

• Multi Media Advertising Sales Consultants - Everett - Issaquah/Sammamish - Bellevue - Friday Harbor

Non-Sales Positions

• Market Development Coordinator - Bellevue • Creative Services Manager - Seattle

Reporters & Editorial • Reporters - Everett - San Juan


• Insert Machine Operator - Everett • General Worker - Everett

Featured Position

Current Employment Opportunities at

Market Development Coordinator Sound Publishing, Inc. is seeking a Marketing Development Coordinator to research, plan and implement market programs throughout the organization. This position acts as a consultant and resource to Sound Publishing’s National/Regional Advertising Sales team and senior-level management; and is responsible for developing and implementing brand, market, and account specific sales and marketing presentations. The successful candidate will bring extensive marketing/advertising experience in the print and/or digital media industry. Must be proficient in InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat Pro, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and html5; have the ability to communicate effectively; possess excellent presentation skills as well as basic math and English skills. Candidate will also be a problem solver who thrives in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment with the ability to think ahead of the curve. Position requires a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or related field and three to five years of marketing/ brand experience. We offer a competitive salary and benefits package including health insurance, paid time off (vacation, sick, and holidays), and 401K (currently with an employer match.) If you meet the above qualifications and are seeking an opportunity to be part of a venerable media company, email us your resume and cover letter No phone calls please. Sound Publishing is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE) and strongly supports diversity in the workplace. Check out our website to find out more about us!

For a list of our most current job openings and to learn more about us visit our website:

April 18, 2014 [21]

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Advertise your upcoming garage sale in your local community paper and online to reach thousands of households in your area. Call: 800-388-2527 Fax: 360-598-6800 Go online:

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4” Concrete floor w/fibermix reinforcement & zip-strip crack control, (2) 10’x9’ raised panel steel overhead doors, 3’x6’8” PermaBilt door w/self-closing hinges & stainless steel lockset, 18” eave and gable overhangs, 2’ poly eavelight along one eave, (2) 12’x12’ gable vents. $ $ $



DELUXE GARAGE 24’x36’x16’

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4” Concrete floor w/fibermix reinforcement & zip-strip crack control, (1) 10’x14’ & (2) 10’x7’ raised panel steel overhead doors, 3’x6’8” PermaBilt door w/ self-closing hinges & stainless steel lockset, (4) 4’x3’ white double glazed vinyl windows w/screens, 24’x12’ 50# loft w/L-Shaped staircase, 3’ steel wainscoting, 18” eave & gable overhangs, 10’ continuous flow ridge vent. $ $ $

4” Concrete floor w/fibermix reinforcement & zip-strip crack control, 12’x13’ metal framed sliding door w/cam-latch closers, (2) 10’x12’ raised panel steel overhead doors, 3’x6’8” PermaBilt door w/selfclosing hinges & stainless steel lockset, 10’ continuous flow ridge vent. $ $ $

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L-SHAPED 2 CAR GARAGE & SHOP 20’x30’x9’ w/20’x10’x9’



DUTCH GAMBREL 24’x36’x16’ Conc

rete Included!

4” Concrete floor w/fibermix reinforcement & zip-strip crack control, (2) 10’x7’ raised panel steel overhead doors, 3’x6’8” PermaBilt door w/self-closing hinges & stainless steel lockset, 10’ continuous flow ridge vent. $ $ $


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Concrete Included!



RV GARAGE & SHOP 24’x34’x9’ & 12’x36’x14’ Concrete Included!



CASH for unexpired DIABETIC TEST STRIPS! Free Shipping, Friendly Service, BEST p r i c e s a n d 2 4 h r p ay ment! Call today 1- 877588 8500 or visit Espanol 888-440-4001 C A S H PA I D - U P TO $ 2 5 / B OX fo r u n ex pired,sealed DIABETIC TEST STRIPS! 1 DAY PAYMENT & PREPAID shipping. BEST PRICES! Call 1-888-389-0695 TOP CA$H PAID FOR O L D R O L E X , PAT E K PHILIPPE & CARTIER WATCHES! DAYTONA, S U B M A R I N E R , G M TMASTER, EXPLORER, MILGAUSS, DAY DATE, etc. 1-800-401-0440 Find your perfect pet in the Classifieds. TOP CASH PAID FOR OLD GUITARS! 1920’s t h r u 1 9 8 0 ’s . G i b s o n , Martin, Fender, Gretsch, Epiphone, Guild, Mosrite, Rickenbacker, Prair ie State, D’Angelico, Stromberg, and Gibson Mandolins/Banjos. 1-800-401-0440

4” Concrete floor w/fibermix reinforcement & zip-strip crack control, 16’x8’ raised panel steel overhead door w/lites, 3’x6’8” PermaBilt door w/self-closing hinges & stainless steel lockset, 3’ steel wainscoting, 18” eave & gable overhangs, (2) 18” octagon gable vents. $ $ $

4” Concrete floor w/fibermix reinforcement & zip-strip crack control, 16’x8’ raised panel steel overhead door, 3’x6’8” PermaBilt door w/self-closing hinges & stainless steel lockset, (2) 4’x3’ double glazed vinyl windows w/ screens, 18” eave and gable overhangs, 10’ continuous flow ridge vent. $ $ $









4” Concrete floor w/fibermix reinforcement & zip-strip crack control, (1) 10’x12’ & (2) 10’x8’ raised panel steel overhead doors, 3’x6’8” PermaBilt door w/self-closing hinges & stainless steel lockset, 10’ continuous flow ridge vent. $ $ $





Concrete Included!

Concrete Included!

4” Concrete floor w/fibermix reinforcement & zip-strip crack control, (2) 10’x8’ raised panel steel overhead doors, 3’x6’8” PermaBilt door w/selfclosing hinges & stainless steel lockset, 3’x3’ double glazed vinyl window w/screen, 18” eave & gable overhangs, 10’ continuous flow ridge vent. $



10’x9’ Metal framed split sliding door w/cam-latch closers, 3’x6’8” PermaBilt door w/self-closing hinges & stainless steel lockset, 2’ poly eavelight, 10’ continuous flow ridge vent.

4” Concrete floor w/fibermix reinforcement & zip-strip crack control, 16’x7’ raised panel steel overhead door, 3’x6’8” PermaBilt door w/self-closing hinges & stainless steel lockset, 2’ poly eavelight along one eave, 10’ continuous flow ridge vent.

$ $ $ $ $ $ 17,146 15,658 225/mo. 14,074 10,898 17,658 254/mo. BUILDINGS BUILT


45 year warranty

Washington #TOWNCPF099LT





As of 3/22/14



‘Lincoln welder’, “’225 R a n g e r ” , Ko h l e r e n gine,3.2hrs. Call Dave @ (253-843-0253) Roy,Wa. $3,000.00.

Financing based on 12% interest, all payments based on 10 years (unless otherwise noted), O.A.C.. Actual rate may vary. Prices do not include permit costs or sales tax & are based on a flat, level, accessible building site w/less than 1’ of fill, w/85 MPH Wind Exposure “B”, 25# snow load, for non commercial usage & do not include prior sales & may be affected by county codes and/or travel considerations. Drawings for illustration purposes only. Ad prices expire 5/19/14.

The opportunity to make a Recycle this newspaper. difference is right in front of you.

[22] April 18, 2014

Professional Services Attorney, Legal Services

Home Services



Notice to Contractors BACKHOE Washington Bulldozing, Dump Truck, State Law Clearing, Logging, (RCW 18.27.100) Foundations, requires that all adverEcology Block Walls tisements for construc(253)355-1743 or tion related services include the contractor’s (253)862-6484 current depar tment of #hillijc232qz Labor and Industries registration number in Home Services the advertisement. Failure to obtain a certifi- Concrete Contractors cate of registration from TOM’S CONCRETE L&I or show the registraSPECIALTY tion number in all advertising will result in a fine All Types Of Concrete up to $5000 against the Exposed Aggregate • Colored Stamped • Pavers • Retaining Wall unregistered contractor. For more infor mation, call Labor and Industries 425-443-5474 Specialty Compliance 25 years experience Services Division at Bond • Ins. • Lic #TOMSCCS881DM 1-800-647-0982 Need extra cash? Place or check L&Is internet your classiďŹ ed ad today! site at Call 1-800-388-2527 or Go online 24 hours a Professional Services day Legal Services

Fresh Financial Start

By Filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy * Flexible Payment Plans * Free Consultation * Stop Foreclosure * 25+ Years Experience * Saturday Appts Avail. Call the Law Office of Kevin J. Magorien, PS at


You’ll ďŹ nd everything you need in one website 24 hours a day 7 days a week: Home Services Appliance Repair

Appliance Repair - We fix It no matter who you bought it from! 800-9345107

Home Services General Contractors

AJ’S HOME REPAIR * Basic Remodel * Carpentry * Painting * Flooring * Windows * Doors * Decks

Home Services General Contractors

Home Services Kitchen and Bath

Home Services Landscape Services

Home Services Landscape Services

Home Services Remodeling

“One Call Does It All!�

All BATH & KITCHEN Improvements from design-to-finish We specialize in cabinets, floors, countertops, including all marble, tile or granite surfaces Lic# WILDWRL927BW Call Joyce or Dick 206-878-3964



ALL YARD WORK Affordable Prices. General Clean Ups Mowing, Pruning Hauling Thatching. Licensed and Insured. Free Estimates Satisfaction Guaranteed



Mowing, Thatching & Weeding Blackberry Removal, Gutter & Roof Cleaning

Additions & Remodeling Personal Design Consultant Expert Carpentry, Drywall, Painting, Decks, Fences, Roofs, ALL REPAIRS. Quality, Affordable Services. Lic#WILDWRL927BW Joyce or Dick 206-878-3964

* Windows * Doors * Decks * Fences * Drywall and Repairs * Custom Tile Work

Lic. - Bonded - Insured Steve, (206)427-5949 Home Services Electrical Contractors

One call, does it all! Fast and Reliable Electrical Repairs and Installations. Call 1-800-9088502

Home Services Landscape Services

Home Services Handyperson

ÔInterior Painting ÔTexture Match ÔWall Repair ÔPressure Washing ÔCeramic Tile ÔCarpentry ÔDrain Cleaning ÔGeneral Handyman

253-335-2869 ask for Charlie! Licensed, Bonded & Insured #CHARLHM026D6

* Roof & Gutter Cleaning

Home Services Homeowner’s Help

253-945-9887 AJS****001BG

ALL Service Contracting Over 30 yrs exp. in:

Remodel D Home repair D Baths D Kitchens D Basements D Add-On D Cabinets D Counters

D Custom Tile D Windows

D Fences D Decks Ref.avail. 253-486-7733 D

Lic/Bond/Ins allsec021lq



* Cleanup * Trim * Weed * Prune * Sod * Seed * Bark * Rockery * Backhoe * Patios 425-226-3911 206-722-2043 Lic# A1SHEGL034JM

* Minor Electric & Plumbing

* Wood Fences * Pressure Washing

Additions & Remodeling. Personal Design Consultant Expert Carpentry, Drywall, Painting, Decks, Fences, Roofs, All repairs. Quality, Affordable Services Lic#WILDWRL927BW Joyce or Dick 206-878-3964

ALL ASPECTS LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE Cleanup*Lawn Care Shrub/Tree Pruning Thatch & Aeration Pressure Washing

20+Yr Experience Dave

253-653-3983 Castro’s Landscaping WE HAVE THE LOWEST PRICE!

Clean up, Mow, Edge, Prune, Trim, Beauty Bark, Pressure Washing & More! Call Franco 24/7



K&K Landscaping Lawn Maintenance

Trimming, Pruning, Weeding, Clean-up Bark, Hauling All kinds of yard work!

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Reach over a million potential customers when you advertise in the Service Directory. Call 800-388-2527 or go online to

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THATCH MASTERS Thatching & Aerating


Thatching (debris hauled), Aerating, Over Seeding & Lawn Maintenance Avail.

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Home Services Lawn/Garden Service


Free Estimates Call


Home Services Roofing/Siding

Home Services Lawn/Garden Service



Senior Discounts Free Estimates Expert Work 253-850-5405

Property & Yard Care Trim*Prune*Hedges Cleanup & Hauling Fence & Deck Repair

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K&K Lawn Maintenance Thatching, Aerating (253)862-4347 (253)752-6879 Find your perfect pet in the ClassiďŹ eds.

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Mowing; Weekly Bi-Weekly and Monthy. Call


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VIEWING STARTS @ 10:30AM • AUCTION STARTS @ 1:30PM TUESDAY APRIL 22 nd, 2014 03 AZTEK UTILITY 98 FORD TAURUS TICKET#252493 .....................LICENSE/VIN#5945WS TICKET#252583 ................... LICENSE/VIN#AMF2870

92 BUICK REGAL TICKET#K26290 ....................LICENSE/VIN#AOL6905

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63 CROFT UTILITY TICKET#K26456 ......................LICENSE/VIN#0756TH

94 HONDA CIVIC TICKET#K26505 .................... LICENSE/VIN#ACF1913

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97 GMC YUKON TICKET#K26498 .................... LICENSE/VIN#AKJ4010

02 CADILLAC ESCALADE 94 HONDA CIVIC TICKET#253340 ....................LICENSE/VIN#AJG5632 TICKET#252552 .................... LICENSE/VIN#AJX6872 97 FORD CROWN VICTORIA 87 HONDA CRV TICKET#252584 ......................LICENSE/VIN#129YXG TICKET#252558 ......................LICENSE/VIN#307YKL


00 FORD ESCORT 92 MERCURY SABLE TICKET#252537 ....................LICENSE/VIN#AFN9595 TICKET#252463 .................... LICENSE/VIN#ALF5197


93 FORD FOCUS 94 NISSAN QUEST TICKET#252411 .....................LICENSE/VIN#489XKM TICKET#253295 ....................LICENSE/VIN#ADJ1802 94 FORD RANGER 90 TOYOTA PICKUP TICKET#252410 ....................LICENSE/VIN#B94565U TICKET#253346 ...................LICENSE/VIN#B53763W





“We are in the business of moving your Equipment, Machinery, Mobile Office Space, or anything else you can imagine!�



April 18, 2014 [23]


5 WO N D E R F U L A K C Toy or Teacup Poodle p u p p i e s - 3 M / 2 F. Hypo Allergenic. Red, Black, or unique phantom colors. Very loving, well socialized & raised with children. 4 weeks and 5 months old. Bred for health, disposition, good nature. Current on shots and worming. Includes health warranty a n d s t a r t e r p a ck a g e. Call 206-650-1988 or AKC POODLE Puppies. Beautiful! Ready for their Forever Homes. 1 Male, $250. 1 Female, $450. Very Happy, Loving Babies. Health Guarantee, First Shots. Tails and Dew Claws Done. 360520-3859

Sell your stuff free in the Super Flea! Your items totalling $150 or less will run for free one week in your local community paper and online. Call today to place your ad 866-825-9001 Bassett hounds, 3 males. $400.00 each. Tr icolored, Mar ysville area. text 9283580404. GERMAN SHEPHERD Female, 16 months. AKC, Excellent temperament. Beautiful black and red. Good with children and other dogs. 100% West Ger man lines. Pictures upon req u e s t . w w w. R e d O a k 360262-0706

Community CALENDAR April 18-19

Spring Plant Sale:The spring plant sale is set to run from 3 p.m. Friday until 6 p.m. Saturday, at the Weyerhaeuser Corporate Campus, west upper level parking lot, off South 336th Street. Shop at more than 30 vendors, with annuals and perennials, shrubs and trees, native plants, berries and ferns. The discerning shopper will find the rare, unusual, plus the tried and true. On Saturday Trader Joe’s will be handing out samples and Big Boys Filipino Food Truck will have breakfast and lunch available. For more information, contact info@ The Chancy and Narly Show: Nancy Stewart and Charlie Williams will perform a “nutty” and “phonetic fun” show at 11 a.m., April 19. Ages 3 and older are

GOLDEN DOODLE Puppies, 8 weeks old. 8 Females, 3 Males. R e a d y t o g o. Fa m i l y raised, current on shots and worming, dew claws removed. Blond and Dark Gold. CKC Registered, $800. Call Cat at 253-350-4923 (Auburn)

Auto Events/ Auctions

NEED CASH? $1000 cost $149 APR 105.89% for 3 months

Pawn your Car, Boat, RV, Motorcycle or ATV Airport Auto & RV Pawn

(360) 956-9300 Automobiles Classics & Collectibles

‘78 MERCURY Marquis Classic. Reliable! Good condition! New rebuilt 470 engine, 4 new tires, Garage/Moving Sales radiator & battery. White with red vinyl top. Well King County maintained & records inAUBURN cluded. Asking $2,500. ANNUAL RUMMAGE O B O. M a r k 2 0 6 - 8 2 4 & BAKE SALE 1713 Des Moines.

garage sales - WA

Sat, 4/26, 9am-3pm The River Estates 3611 “I” St NE

Automobiles Acura

Housewares, Jewelry, Crafts, Sporting Goods, Books, Tools, Some “Like New” Items & Much More!

welcome at the Federal Way Library, 34200 First Way S. Basketball Challenge: Federal Way Lion’s sixth annual Helen Keller Day game, Federal Way Police Department versus South King Fire and Rescue game will be at 12 p.m. April 19 at Decatur High School. Free to the public, donations accepted. BBQ King Dogs, chips and drink: $5 donation, $6 at the door. Free Crochet Ergonomics Workshop: Free class from 1-2 p.m. on Saturday April 19th, on how to protect your body while you crochet. From stretches, positioning and products to keep you going without adding undue pain and pressure to your body. Class will be held at Hobby Lobby, 35020 Enchanted Parkway S., Federal Way. Space is limited, e-mail Tasha Lamoree at tashalamoree@ or call 206-999-9768 to reserve space. Free paper-shredding and electronics recycling : From 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, April 19 at BECU Federal Way-Pavilions

Auto Service/Parts/ Accessories


TRANSMISSIONS N Guaranteed N 1996 FORD F250 XLT 4 W D E x t e n d e d C a b. SUBARU Legacy 2006 Only 93,900 mi $11,995. stock # 1973. 253-839Extras Galore! Absolut- 4701 ley excel inside & out! Automobiles Or iginal non smoking Volkswagen owner is selling his toy. High shine gloss black. Factory airbags, full tow package & Line-X Bed Liner. Call Steve to talk shop 253-335-5919, Auburn. Please leave message, I will return your call.

Acura Thru Zepher 2500 in stock

Foreign & Domestic Installation Available Cars Wanted/ Will Tow Federal Way Auto Wrecking 37430 Military Rd So.

425-891-5166 5th Wheels

Tents & Travel Trailers

25’ 2002 HORNET Travel Trailer in very good condition. Fully self contained. Sleeps 6 and has pull out. Features oak cabinets. Ready to roll! Includes stablizer bars. $ 7 , 8 0 0 . Au bu r n . C a l l Mark 253-569-8509. Vehicles Wanted

CASH FOR CARS! Any CARS/TRUCKS WANTED! Top $$$$$ PAID! Running or Not, All Makes!. Free Towing! We’re Local! 7 Days/Week. Call 1-800959-8518 CASH FOR CARS! Any Make, Model or Year. We Pay MORE! Running or Not. Sell Your Car or Tr u c k T O D AY. F r e e Towing! Instant Offer: 1-888-545-8647

Vo l k swa g e n G T 2 0 1 0 stock # 1937. Call 253839-4701 Find your perfect pet in the Classifieds. 1999 GMC Sierra and 1 9 9 9 K o m f o r t F i f t h Use our handy online Wheel for sale. Tr uck has 59,000 miles & 2 ad 24 hours a day FORD Focus 2009, Miscellaneous Autos wheel drive. Trailer has form by clicking the Stock # 2011. 253-83934,000 towed miles & “Place an ad” link at 4701 1999 Dodge Intrepid, ver y well maintained. r u n s & d r i v e s g o o d , Both in excellent condi- to Automobiles clean $2000/OBO. 1991 tion, no pets or smokers. put an ad in the Honda Honda SI, good runner $ 1 3 , 0 0 0 f o r b o t h o r Classifieds online and $1,700/OBO. 2000 Hon- $7,000 for fifth wheel & da Civic, needs some hitch. Call 206-250-3016 in your local paper. work $1,500/OBO. 1979 for more information. Chevy 1 Ton dually, flatbed, road ready $1,500. 1976 Dodge 9000 Pick up, $3,000 (360)4630246, leave message HONDA ACCORD HyAsk About Our bird, stock # 1991. 253- Auto Service/Parts/ TRANSMISSIONS Accessories 839-4701. Engine Installation AVAILABLE Special Whether you’re buying or selling, Head Gasket Specialist the Classifieds has it all. From EMANUFACTURED NGINES VAILABLE automobiles and JUNK CARS & TOYOTA • MAZDA • NISSAN • ISUZU • HONDA employment to real TRUCKS estate and household 7505 Portland Ave E, Tacoma WA goods, you’ll find everything you need Tacoma 24 hours a day at 253-335-3932 Toll Free 1-877-956-1100



ACURA MDX 2006 stock # 1838. 253-8394701. Automobiles Chevrolet


Automobiles Subaru

12’ ALUMINUM BOAT with trailer. New electric motor, new battery, two sw i ve l s e a t s a n d t wo p o l e h o l d e r s. $ 2 , 0 0 0 obo. Kenmore 425-8925730.

8500 Old Hwy 99 SE, OLY 1-800-973-7296

Find what you need 24 hours a day.

Automobiles Ford

1981 CAMARO Z28. All original. Beautiful sleek black crusier is ready to roll. Own the car of your dreams! Excellent cond! $14,000. Lake Stevens. Call Jim 425-244-4336.

parking lot, 31411 Pacific Hwy S. Shred up to three grocery bags, or two banker boxes, full of paper documents containing sensitive and personal information for free. Db Secure Shred, a professional document destruction service with a mobile shredding unit, will be at this location. Also recycle unwanted TVs, computers, computer monitors, laptops and cell phones for free. There may be a small fee to recycle any other items.

April 21

Move and Groove!: Move and Groove starts at 11 a.m. at the Federal way Library, 34200 First Way S., and is aimed at exploring the world through books, songs, sign language, fingerplays and puppets, while enjoying lots of creative movement and music. Kids don’t have to sit still to participate in this story time. Especially geared toward toddlers and young children who have special needs and their families. Children must attend with an adult.

H lland Happening 2014 Viering Koningsdag

(Celebrating King’s Day)

32630 State Route 20 Oak Harbor, WA 98277



Free Pick up

The Rainier Audubon Society: The group’s next meeting is at 7 p.m. April 21 at the Federal Way United Methodist Church, 29645 51st Ave. S. The featured presentation is “Tanzania’s Wildlife” by Dan Streiffert.

April 22

Breakfast For Kids Fundraiser: Lloyd McClendon from the Seattle Mariners will be the guest speaker at this annual event to raise funds for the Boys and Girls Club and the Ron Sandwith Teen Center in Federal Way. Event will be held from 7:30 - 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, April 22 at Emerald Downs. For more information, contact Mark Hendricks at or 253681-6501. Single Seniors Dine Out: Please join the group from 5:30 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday April 22, for a monthly dinner in Black Bear Diner’s private back room, located at 32605 Pacific Hwy S., Federal Way. Enjoy a meal and chat with folks you may have something

Get Your ROYAL Klomp On!





in common with. No agenda and no R.S.V.P. necessary. For more information, contact Barbara, at or 253-3324126. FWCAT Community Meeting: What if sex trafficking was happening in your neighborhood? Please join FWCAT for the organization’s quarterly meeting at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, April 22 at the EX3 Ron Sandwith Teen Center, 31453 28th Ave. S. “Chosen tells the shocking true story of two ‘All-American’ teenage girls tricked into trafficking. Eighteen-year-old Brianna was an honor-roll student, cheerleader and worked at a local café. Thirteen-year-old Lacy was an active member of her youth group and a volunteer in her community. Both were manipulated. Both were exploited. Both were chosen.”

South King County office of the Washington State Department of Revenue will host a free workshop for new and small business owners. Workshop will be held from 1-4 p.m. on Wednesday, April 23 at the Federal Way Library, 34200 First Way S. Participants will learn about Washington excise taxes, reporting classifications, deductions, tax incentives, sales tax collection, and record-keeping requirements. All receive a workbook and helpful reference guide to Department of Revenue rules and regulations. To register, visit or call 425-656-5100. Space is limited. A complete schedule of workshops statewide and a short streaming video version of the workshop is available on the web site.

April 23

Resume Rescue: Resume tips, review and employer pan el from 1-3 p.m. on Thursday, April 24 at Multi-Service Center, 1200 S. 336th St. MSC’s specialists will present

Free Tax Workshop: Business owners in Washington state are responsible for knowing which taxes to report. To help them better understand that process, the

April 24

[ more CALENDAR page 24 ]

Reach 2.8 Million ReadeRs* Go Statewide or tarGet a reGion.

Just By Placing One WNPA Statewide 2x2 Impact Ad.

april 25-27 • Carnival • Street Fair • Dutch Dinner • Grand Parade • Klompen Canal Races • Entertainment Stages

For More Information, Please Visit Online at www.


ADORABLE TOY Poodles, 2 Males left. $1,500 each. Parents are AKC Registered, Companions Only. Vet Health Checked, All Shots and Dewor med. D ew C l aw s R e m ove d a n d Ta i l s H ave B e e n Docked, Also By The Vet. Family Raised, KenDogs nel Trained. 360-6742437. For Pictures and 2 A K C PA R T I - P O M More Info: Male pups, 3.5 months old $450 ea. 2 Parti-Pom m a l e s $ 5 0 0 e a . T i ny black teacup male avail. Female, dar k cream $600. So adorable, with shots and wormed. Parents on site. 253-8864836 360-825-1521. Find it, Buy it, Sell it AKC MINI Schnauzer Puppies. More to come! n�-ads�com N ow t a k i n g d e p o s i t s. Shots and worming up to d a t e . Ta i l s a n d d e w claws done. One year gaurantee. $400 Males. $500 Females. 253-2233506, 253-223-8382 or

Marine Power


contact YouR local WnPa MeMbeR neWsPaPeR to leaRn MoRe.

Mirror 253-946-2890 F E D E R A L WAY

.com com


includes 102 neWsPaPeRs & 33 tMc Publications. *BaSed on Statewide SurveyS 2.3 people read each copy of a community newSpaper.


[24] April 18, 2014 [ CALENDAR from page 23] speakers to in-depth tours of the helpful hints and advice on what makes a resume work. Learn how to get your resume noticed by employers. Employment specialists will be available to review resumes one-on-one and give suggestions that could help your resume make an impact. MSC welcomes local employers who will discuss what they look for during the resume selection, interview and hiring process. Connect with other job seekers in your community and meet representatives from local employers, like Avalon Care and Courtyard Marriott. For more information, contact Melanie Mairs at or 253-838-6810, ext. 176.

April 25-26


RSBG 50th Anniversary Celebration: The 50th anniversary of the Rhododendron Species foundation will be celebrated with a special event beginning at 10 a.m. April 25 and ending at 10 p.m. on April 26 at the Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden, 2525 S. 336th St., Federal Way. This is not an event that any Rhododendron enthusiast will want to miss. From special internationally-acclaimed

RSBG and the opportunity to talk with like-minded horticultural folks, the celebration will be memorable. Registration is required and those interested can contact

April 26

Park Appreciation on Earth Day: Join your neighbors to help make Federal Way an even better place to live by beautifying our city parks from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday, April 26 at Celebration Park, Steel Lake Park, Sacajawea Park or Saghalie Park. Bring rakes, shovels, loppers, clippers, gloves and friends. This is a family event with fun work for all ages. Individuals, as well as groups, of all sizes are welcome. For more information, contact Jason Gerwen at 253-835-6962 or email jason.

April 26-27

Book Sale: Great bargains on gently used books, CDs, VHS, and DVDs. Sale dates and times are as follows: Saturday, April 26 from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. and Sunday, April 27 from 12-5 p.m at the Federal Way Regional Library, 34200 First Way S. The money raised goes toward the many youth programs held at both of the Federal Way libraries.

April 27

Kick Off Event: Re-elect Linda Kochmar, state House representative, 30th District, Position 1 (R.) Come enjoy light refreshements and good friends from 2-4 p.m. on Sunday, April 27 at Twin Lakes Golf and Country Club, 3583 SW 320th St. Children are welcome. For more information, call 253-8397419 or 253-640-0469.


Computer classes for seniors: The Federal Way Senior Center, 4016 352nd St. S., Auburn, hosts several classes that teach the basics of personal computers, including Windows and other programs. To learn more about costs and schedules, contact Larry Malcom at or (253) 839-5418. Amputee Advocates: Amputees and their supporters gather to offer support, share research, challenges and solutions. Group meets from 7-8 p.m. on the second Thursday of each month in the education room at St. Francis Hos-

pital, located at 34515 Nine Ave. S. No meetings during June, July or August. For more information, contact Dan Huntley at 253-9217978 or or Jay Weil at 206-595-3859 or Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden: The blooming world-class garden is open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday at 2525 S. 336th St. Admission is $8 for adults, $5 for seniors/students, free for ages 12 and under. Contact or (253) 838-4646. Clothing donations: The MultiService Center Clothing Bank in Federal Way is in need of clothing donations for all members of the family. Contact (253) 838-6810. Residents Invited to Neighborhood Connection Meetings: City of Federal Way leaders, including Mayor Jim Ferrell and the Council, are hosting neighborhood meetings throughout the community and all are invited. Residents will hear presentations and be given the opportunity to ask questions or voice concerns. The Neighborhood Connection meetings will be held in elemen-

tary school campuses throughout the city. The next meeting is at 6 p.m. Thursday, April 24 at Adelaide Elementary. Learn more at neighborhoodconnection. Family Story Times at the Federal Way 1st Way South Library: Pajamarama!: Bring the whole family to enjoy bedtime stories, rhymes and songs with Miss Lisa. Wear your pjs and bring a blanket or favorite stuffed animal. Pajamarama! is held at 7 p.m. on Tuesdays throughout April. All ages are welcome. Toddler Story Times: Stories, songs, rhymes, puppets and fun with Miss Lisa beginning at 10:15 a.m. on Wednesday mornings throughout April. Ages 2 to 3 with an adult are welcome. Preschool Story Times: Stories, songs, rhymes, puppets and fun with Miss Lisa start at 11 a.m. on Wednesday morning throughout April. Ages 3 to 6 with an adult are invited to attend. Korean Story Times: Please join Meery for stories, songs and rhymes in the Korean language, starting at 7 p.m. on Mondays throughout April. Korean Story Times are a family program and all ages are welcome. Study Zone: Study zone is for grades K-12 and lets students drop-in during scheduled Study Zone hours for free homework help. Federal Way 320th Library: Japanese Story Times: Please join Kaori for stories, songs and rhymes in the Japanese language, beginning at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesdays throughout April. Japanese Story Time is held in the Children’s Section of the library and is a family program open to all ages. Spanish Story Times/Hora de Cuentos: Stories, games, songs and crafts for children in the Spanish language with Julita start at 7:15 p.m. on Wednesdays throughout April. These story times are held in the Children’s Section of the library. Spanish Story Time is a family program and all ages are welcome. Young Toddler Story Times: Rhymes, bounces, songs and stories with Ms. Rowena start at 10:15 a.m. on Thursdays throughout April. Ages 12-24 months with an adult are welcome to attend. Toddler Story Times: Stories, songs and rhymes with Ms. Rowena start at 11:00 a.m. on Thursdays throughout April. Ages 2 to 3

with an adult are welcome. Family Story Times: Stories, songs, puppets, finger plays and fun with Miss Gerry start at 1:30 p.m. on Fridays throughout April. Ages 3 to 6 with an adult are welcome. Study Zone: Study zone is for grades K-12, and lets students drop-in during scheduled Study Zone hours for free homework help from volunteer tutors. To learn more about days and times, call 253-839-0257.

Join the club

Chess Club: The club meets from 8-9:15 a.m. on the second, third and fourth Saturdays of each month at the LDS Church building, room 13, 841 S. 308th St., Federal Way. For information, visit www. Town Criers Toastmasters Club: Polish your public speaking and leadership skills at this weekly meeting, which runs 6:30 a.m. to 7:45 a.m. Thursdays at Panera Bread restaurant, 2107 S. 320th St. Contact toastmaster2577@gmail. com or (253) 735-5749. The St. Francis Hospital Auxiliary: Group meets the second Wednesday of each month in the Medical Office Building, located next to St. Francis Hospital. Social Time is 6:30 p.m. with the meeting at 7 p.m. Call Andrea at 253-9447960. South King County GlutenFree Support Group: These free meetings are held 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. the third Monday of the month at Marlene’s Market and Deli, 2565 South Gateway Center Place, Federal Way. Speakers include respected dietitians, naturopaths, restaurant owners and more. Contact alandnanherg@ or (253) 839-3499. Crazy Quilters of Federal Way: Group meets second and fourth Thursdays, starting with social hour at 6 p.m., at Emeritus Assisted Living, 31002 14th Ave. South, Federal Way. Call (253) 344-1767. Adolescents of Divorce: Space is available in an adolescent patient divorce group for kids ages 10-17. The group meets monthly on the first Thursday of each month from 5:30 to 7 p.m. at 33919 Ninth Ave. S., Suite 201. The cost is $32 for a group. Initial assessment with a therapist will be conducted prior to the first group. Contact Tracey Hunt at (253) 335-2412. “Freedom From Tobacco FREE Support Group”: every Thursday, 6:30-7:30 pm, St. Francis Hospital, oncology waiting area.

come worship with us this week


Reach over 66,000 readers every week in the Federal Way marketplace and watch your congregation grow. Call to advertise here. 253.925.5565

April 18, 2014 [25]

[26] April 18, 2014

Growing up in a Third World nation and Federal Way to school for a start. When I was five, my mom took me to the closest nursery school, which was 10 kilomenters away from our home. There were no buses, no shoes and no packed lunch for me either. And to make sure I got there, I had to run my small feet with my brothers who had to be in class by 7 a.m. come rain or sunshine and be back home after 5 p.m. To compound it, the admission qualification was to touch your ear by passing your opposite hand over your Gitau Wanjiku

of the choices we had, versus what I observed and heard. I had not the slightest clue that later on in life I’d be part of the next generation’s comparative anecdotal character. As I look back and contrast life then and now, striking similarities and differences exist between the Third World kid that I was, and the kids I’m raising in the places that previously only existed in the movies and television shows. Take the matter of going



hen I was growing up in a Third World country, (I still wonder where the other two worlds are), I used to wonder about all those foreign places that we’d read about in the geography books or see in the open air community movie show. The great prairies of Canada, the wild, wild west of horses, lassos and gun-slinging cowboys, of sophisticated people who drove huge cars and drank beer like it was water, of a people who had a lot of wealth at their disposal. I was in awe of the disparity

head. Woe to my big head. I couldn’t reach it so I had to repeat my nursery class for a second year. Having lunch was the rare occurrence; we just didn’t have anything to spare and when we had some leftover supper, I wouldn’t carry it to school and be labeled a baby. No sir. In comparison, for my kid’s school admission here in Federal Way, a birth certificate was the determinant factor. The kids take the bus right from my front door at 8 a.m., take snacks to school, have lunch at school, and are back home by 3 p.m.

EASTER Christ T he Lord Is Risen!

Unity of South Sound

April 20th at 10 a.m.

Knutzen Family Theatre at Dumas Bay Centre 3200 SW Dash Point Road, Federal Way

“The Great Awakening”

Rev. Darlene Strickland Special Music … Stephanie Anne Johnson & More

A Positive Path for Spiritual Living

FRESH-HOT OUT-OF HE-OVEN Yeast Rolls for Ea-T st er!



r’s Dozen ORDER NOW FOR YOUR EA STER MEAL! At Federal Wa y location Cannot be combin ed

only. with other offers .

34902 Pac. Hwy So., Federal Way 253.874.6000

Holy Week at Federal Way The Roman Catholic Community of Federal Way United Methodist Church invites you to join us in celebration of The Resurrection.

Good Friday: April 18 Easter: April 20 7pm: John Rutter’s Breakfast: 8:30 - 11am Requiem orchestra Worship: 9:30 &Way 11am Thewith Roman Catholic Community of Federal

Saint Theresa’s The29645 Roman Catholic Community of Federal Way Parish 51st Ave. S., Auburn

invites you to joinor us visit in celebration of Thefor Resurrection. Call 253.839.9220 more info. invites you to join us in celebration of The Resurrection.

Saint Theresa’s Parish SaintSunday Theresa’s Easter Masses Parish Saint Theresa’s Easter Vigil Parish

The Roman Catholic Community of Federal Way invites you to join usVigil in celebration of The Resurrection. Easter Saturday, April 19th - 8:00pm

Sunday, April 20th 7:30am, 9:30am, 11:30am • 5pm Mass in Spanish Saturday, April 19th - 8:00pm

Easter Sunday Masses Easter Vigil

Saturday, April April 19th -20th 8:00pm Sunday, 7:30am, 9:30am, 11:30am • 5pm Mass in Spanish

Easter Sunday Masses Easter Vigil

Off Hoyt between & 340th • 253-838-5924 Sunday, April 20th Saturday, April 19th 320th - 8:00pm 7:30am, 9:30am, 11:30am • 5pm Mass in Spanish

Easter Sunday Masses

Celebrate Holy Week With Us!

Sunday, April 20th 7:30am, 9:30am, 11:30am • 5pm Mass in Spanish

Off Hoyt between 320th & 340th • 253-838-5924

Hoyt betweenTenebrae: 320th & 340th • 253-838-5924 GoodOffFriday 8:00 p.m.


Off Hoyt between 320th & 340th • Hunt: 253-838-5924 Saturday Easter Egg 10:00 a.m.


CELEBRATE EASTER THIS YEAR with Jovita Baptist Church

Sunday, April 20th

Early Service 8:45– 10:00 ✞ Breakfast 10:00-10:45 Second Service 10:45-12:00

Easter Sunday Worship 8:00, 9:30 & 11:00 a.m.

Highline search of distinguished alumni


Easter Brunch Served from 9:00 - 11:00 a.m. 2400 SW 344th St. • Federal Way 253-874-2517

They can choose from a variety of meals and spend most of the day coloring or doing other crafts. To me, some of the strange activities they participate in do not make effective use of time and resource use, such as going to school in their pajamas or spending the day coloring cartoons. It seems such a waste of a day by my school day’s standards, though they can read, do math and speak better English in first grade than when I was in third grade. On the flip side, my kids cannot walk a mile without complaining and for any small scratched elbow, they want the emergency room now. Only a total limb disability could have kept me away from school. All said, we all learned to read and write, despite the contrasts. The other aspect regards how I spent my spare time while school was out. Whereas my kids now get three consecutive months for the holidays, we had one month of holiday for every three months of school. By age 8, I could make a toy car replica from soft wire, essentially and remorselessly stripped from a neighbor’s pasture fencing. Serious time was spent trying to outdo each other in creating flamboyant car styles with shiny wheels from tin cans, closable luggage hatches, or miniature drivers from rags. Our games involved playing soccer from homemade balls made from polythene shopping bags salvaged from the garbage dumps, nicely wrapped up with twine by a specialist kid. A considerable amount of time was also spent hunting small wild game, such as hares and gazelle, picking delicious wild berries in the forests or sometimes raiding neighbor’s fruit and sugarcane gardens. Many a day would end up with a communal discipline meted out by our parents. I have wonderful memories of successful raids, botched operations and close encounters with angry neighbors.


Missouri Synod

Highline Community College is seeking nominations for the 2014 Distinguished Alumnus Award. This award honors former

For my kids, they spend most of their free time playing online games with their friends and watching TV shows. They talk about Rango, Tom and Jerry, Pink Panther and Dora cartoon characters like they are our next door neighborhood kids. They have to have cartoon-branded bedspreads, a Rango brush and toothpaste and so forth, items I consider as conspicuous consumption. Occasionally and weather permitting, they also play soccer in the synthetic grass field with their branded balls, shin guards and bright uniforms. They just cannot fathom how we managed our free time without having a TV, cell phone and other electronics and believe I make up my life story of abject poverty as justification to denying them their pacifiers. They claim to know that they are protected by the Child Protection Act against real or perceived parental harms and thus believe I am not justified in meting out punishment. I insist to them I do not care about the act and anyone who misbehaves by my standards, I will punish and then ship them back home to my village-based watch and punish system. For now, this seems to be working. At the end of the day, they have their satisfaction when they win an online PS3 game, just like we did after a successful sugarcane raid. I sometimes wish we had all the stuff that they have, though if I was to choose, I’d bet we had more fun than they have growing up. We had our contraptions and a lot of fun; they have their custom made goods and less fun. But like they say, you can’t have your cake and eat it.

Federal Way resident Gitau Wanjiku is an immigrant from Kenya. His sons, ages 8 and 14, attend the Federal Way school district.

Highline students who have made significant contributions through community service, noteworthy professional achievement and/or recognized leadership. For information, visit nominate.php. Send submissions by April 25 to mgridley@

April 18, 2014 [27]

Police taking back unwanted prescription drugs FROM STAFF REPORTS

On April 26 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., the Federal Way Police Department and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) will give the public its eighth opportunity in three years to prevent pill abuse and theft by ridding their homes of potentially dangerous expired, unused and unwanted prescription drugs. Bring your pills for disposal to Federal Way City Hall at 33328 Eighth Ave. S., Federal Way. Weather permitting, the drop-off site will be located outside for easy drive up access, or it will be conveniently located in the Police Department Lobby. The service is free and anonymous, no questions asked. The DEA cannot accept liquids or needles or sharps, only pills or patches. Last October, Americans turned in 324 tons (more than 647,000 pounds) of prescription drugs at more than 4,114 sites operated by the DEA and its thousands of state and local law enforcement partners. When those results are combined with what was collected in its seven previous take back events, DEA and its partners have taken in more than 3.4

million pounds — more than 1,700 tons — of pills. This initiative addresses a vital public safety and public health issue. Medicines that languish in home cabinets are highly susceptible to diversion, misuse and abuse. Rates of prescription drug abuse in the U.S. are alarmingly high, as are the number of accidental poisonings and overdoses due to these drugs. Studies show that a majority of abused prescription drugs are obtained from family and friends, including from the home medicine cabinet. In addition, Americans are now advised that their usual methods for disposing of unused medicines—flushing them down the toilet or throwing them in the trash—both pose potential safety and health hazards. The DEA is in the process of approving new regulations that implement the Safe and Responsible Drug Disposal Act of 2010, which amends the Controlled Substances Act to allow an “ultimate user” (that is, a patient or their family member or pet owner) of controlled substance medications to dispose of them by delivering them to entities authorized by the Attorney General to accept them. The act also allows the Attorney General to authorize long term care facilities to dispose of their residents’ controlled substances in certain instances.

Kindergarten registration begins May 1

South 320th construction work



In Federal Way schools, kindergarten registration officially begins May 1. As part of that, parents are invited to attend “Kindergarten Jumpstart” information and registration events at the elementary schools in May, through the first week in June. These events allow parents and students to see the classroom, meet the teachers and to receive tips for being kindergartenready. Like the current year, all Federal Way elementary schools will provide free all-day kindergarten to all students this coming year. In order to register for kindergarten, the child must be 5 years old by Aug. 31. Parents are invited to stop by during the regular school day; bring a certified copy of your child’s birth certificate or other documentation. Current immunization records are also needed. For more information, go to the district kindergarten enrollment page or call your neighborhood school. Registration at all elementary schools begins May 1, during regular school hours. The dates of Kindergarten Jumpstart programs at each school will be posted on the district website in April.

The South 320th Preservation Project is constructing an asphalt overlay of

South 320th Street between 11th Place South and Interstate 5. Work includes ADA upgrades to impacted ramps and push buttons, replacement of vehicle loop detection with video detection at 25th Avenue South, pavement repairs, surface grinding, asphalt overlay



SEE YOU NEXT SEASON! Opening Night September 20 th, 2014!

and striping. The project work recently began and is expected to be completed in early July. Total cost for the project is estimated at $1.6 million. Funding for the project is through a grant from the Federal Highway Administration of $1.1 million and city funds.

[28] April 18, 2014

Todd Beamer student awarded prestigious scholarship FROM STAFF REPORTS

Madison Weinman of Federal Way was awarded a scholarship for the 2014/2015 academic year and will join a group of 50 American high school students sponsored by ASSE International Student Exchange Programs who will live with a host family and attend high school in Germany for one academic year. As a Congress-Bundestag scholarship recipient, Madison will experience German life firsthand. She will live with a host family while becoming a member of her German host community, attending school, participating in community life and learning more than she ever imagined about another country and culture, about the world and its diversity and about herself. Since 1983, the United States Department of State and the German government have co-sponsored the prestigious Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Scholarship Program to help prepare ambitious young people for a global future. The CBYX program has enabled more than 17,000 students to expand their global perspectives and make new friends. Congress-Bundestag students are youth ambassadors of the United States, sharing their life and culture with their German hosts and building greater understanding of the United States and its diversity. When Madison leaves for Germany, a group of German scholarship students will be arriving to live with American host families while attending high school in the USA. Students and families interested in receiving more information about hosting a Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Scholarship winner from Germany or other ASSE International Student Exchange Programs should call 1-800-733-2773 or visit ASSE’s website at honor of being spelling bee champion. Sara Oh, instructor of the Federal Way Kumon Center, shared with the audience her personal story of how her own daughter gained confidence in school through an opportunity to participate in a school-wide spelling bee. “Every child deserves an opportunity to shine … be it sports, music or academics,” Oh said. “We are thrilled to offer this annual event to our Kumon families and hope that this is one of many events in your children’s lives where they shine.” First place winners include Melinda Nguyen, kindergarten; Shreeansh Ray Samant, first grade; Maya Deaton, second grade; Vardaan Kumar, third grade; Mason Kung, fourth grade; and Iris Hamilton, fifth grade. For more information, visit

Kumon recently held its annual spelling bee. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

Property taxes due for first half of 2014

Advancements in Joint Replacement Thursday, May 8 6 – 7:30 p.m.


Property owners in King County have until Wednesday, April 30 to pay the first half of their 2014 property taxes. After April 30, interest charges and penalties will be added to the tax bill. To make the process easier, King County provides several ways for property owners to pay their taxes quickly and conveniently. Tax payments can be made: • By mail if postmarked no later than April 30. Taxpayers should include their tax statement and write the property tax account number on their check or money order. Cash should not be sent through the mail. • Online using King County’s convenient, secure online eTax application. Taxpayers may pay accounts with a credit card or an electronic debit from a checking account. For taxpayers concerned about the Heartbleed bug, King County has reviewed security on its payment processing system and determined that the bug does not pose a threat to the system or to taxpayers’ personal information. • In person at Treasury Operations, suite 600 of the King County Administration Building, 500 Fourth Ave. in Seattle. Hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. On Wednesday, April 30, Treasury Operations will be open until 5 p.m. • At King County Community Service Centers if paid by check for the exact amount due. Taxpayers can find the address, phone number, and operating hours of the center in their area by visiting The online option provides immediate payment confirmation for current year or delinquent year(s) property tax bills. To pay online or view property tax information, taxpayers can visit

Kumon holds annual spelling bee FROM STAFF REPORTS

Federal Way students had an opportunity to show off their spelling abilities during the third annual Spelling Bee, hosted by Kumon Math and Reading Center of Federal Way. The event was held at Ace Montessori School on April 2 and was attended by dozens of local family members cheering for their spelling bee champions. Kindergartners to 5th graders from the greater Federal Way area competed for the gold medal that came with the

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“Joint Concerns” book

Federal Way Mirror, April 18, 2014  

April 18, 2014 edition of the Federal Way Mirror

Federal Way Mirror, April 18, 2014  

April 18, 2014 edition of the Federal Way Mirror