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Prevention Club kicks butts

Timber Museum readies for opening

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Search called off

A search and rescue attempt was made Friday afternoon and evening on the Bogachiel River for a missing fisherman after a drift boat capsized just below the Bogachiel Rearing Pond boat launch. Here a person in a drift boat searches the river just below the Goodman Mainline bridge. Rescue attempts continued over the weekend. Photo by Lonnie Archibald

Fishing trip turns tragic

A USCG copter searched the Bogachiel River on Friday evening for the missing fisherman. Photo by Lonnie Archibald

Quillayute Valley Scholarship Auction total update

After the close of the auction Sunday, March 16, at just before 10.p.m. the total was approximately $88,000, but the following few days after the event cash donations were still coming in and it appears the record was not only broken but smashed to pieces with the total now sitting at around $93,000.







PRSRT STD US Postage Paid Permit No. 6 Forks, WA


Last Friday at approximately 5 p.m. William Rusk, of Sequim, and a fishing partner Mark Roller from Canada set out for some drift boat fishing on the Bogachiel River in Forks. Shortly after launching their boat on the river, near the Bogachiel Fish Hatchery, their boat overturned and both men fell into the river. Roller safely made it to shore and after throwing Rusk a life jacket called for help. Rusk held on to the life jacket and the boat as it drifted down the river. The overturned boat later was found on the bottom of the Bogachiel River approximately two miles down river by commercial diver Jack Iotte. Local fishing guide Cody Wilson found a lifejacket on Saturday and authorities confirmed it was Rusk’s. Deputies from the Clallam County Sheriff’s Office, volunteers from the Clallam County Sheriff’s search and rescue team, La Push Police Department and the U.S. Coast Guard conducted a two-day search of the river and surrounding area without results. Rusk was not located during this search. Rusk is described as being 5 foot 8 inches tall, 180 pounds, has grey hair and grey beard, and at the time he went in to the river he was wearing a grey checkered hat, tan jacket, blue jeans and green chest waders. Any persons with information on Rusk are asked to call the Sheriff’s Office at 360-417-2459. As of Tuesday morning Rusk remained missing.


2 • Thursday, March 27, 2014


to the


Cottonwood Campground inspires musical group Forks Weather Report By Jerry R. King March 17-23, 2014 Date 3/ 17 3/18 3/19 3/20 3/21 3/22 3/23

High 48 53 49 50 53 52 55

Low Rainfall 36 0.33 39 0.12 41 0.57 32 0.33 30 0.02 28 0.04 31 0.03

March Rainfall................................. 14.75 Total rainfall for year������������������� 46.35 in. Average rainfall���������������������������41.11 in. March snow.............................................. Snow Year........................................Trace

Hello, My name is Ryan Ramsdell. I am not a native of Forks, rather Tacoma, but have had the great honor of having been a visitor to Forks and the Hoh Rain Forest every summer for the past 35+ years of my 37 total. My grandfather introduced my father and my father to me, the great Hoh rain forest and, in particular, The Cottonwood Campgrounds on DNR land. My grandfather and father are since gone but my brother and I continue to invite our families each year to camp, river raft, fish and generally relax in the tall greens of the forest as well as make our regular sojourn to the Forks Thriftway and the

Robert James Hutton Robert James Hutton, 61, born in Forks, Washington, on July 10, 1952 passed away peacefully on December 10, 2013 after a short battle with cancer. He is survived by his wife, Kelly; two daughters, Trina Hutton and Melissa Hutton; one grandson, Gordon Robert; mother, Ruth Zinter; one sister, Shawna Hutton; and one brother, Terry Hutton. Robert loved steelhead fishing and football but most of all family. He also served in the United States Navy from 1970 to 1973. He will always be missed and loved.

numerous shops around town. Why the long introduction? I am the upright bass player for a band called The Cottonwood Cutups. We are comprised of my brother-in-law Joel, his brother Jesse and myself. We formed out of campfire jams at The Cottonwood Campground and named ourselves after the campgrounds. Our debut full-length album came out on Friday, March 21, and that was followed by a big CD release show in Tacoma on the 22nd. The News Tribune will be adding a story on Friday, about us as well. Our Tacoma weekly article came out Wednesday: www. view/cottonwood-cutups-tocelebrate-debut-release-newfrontier-lounge/. The music is a mix of Americana, bluegrass and a bit of punk. I am unclear if this would make for the appropriate fare for your paper, but I do know that our name has raised a bit of attention

and appreciation for what the woods can bring and the beauty of the area. If you are interested in previewing the album, I certainly would send you a copy. I considered that this could make for an interesting article. One song, in particular: “The River HOH Down” is about some of the locals (sadly, I

have forgotten their names), showing up to our campsite and jamming with us before driving off. My hope is that it may be stocked in Forks soon. It is up on, CDbaby and will be up on iTunes and etc. shortly. Ryan Ramsdell Lakewood




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Rose Mae Moss A daughter, Rose Mae Moss, was born to Cinnamon-Rose and Robert L. Moss on March 16, 2014, at 9:30 p.m. at Forks Community Hospital. Rose Mae weighed 8 pounds, 4 ounces, she joins brothers Robert, Ryan and Calvin and sisters Cherish, Cierra, Ruth, Reyana, Cerise and Caylee.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014 • 3

Forks Middle School Prevention Club Kick Butts

For the past month Forks Middle School Prevention Club students have been planning their second annual Kick Butts Day event. Kick Butts Day, March 19, is a national day of activism that empowers youth to stand out, speak up and seize control against Big Tobacco. They planned fun activities to bring awareness to their peers about the health hazards of tobacco use as well as encourage them to reject the tobacco industry’s deceptive marketing targeting teens and stay tobacco-free. Students were asked to wear boots on the day of the event to “give tobacco the boot.” Activities during each lunch included an information table with handouts, goodies and prizes, jumping rope then breathing through a straw to demonstrate the difficulty of being physically active with smoke-damaged lungs, Pin the Ashes on the Cigarette Butt game and a Tombstone Scavenger Hunt. Each headstone contained a fictitious name and a statistic that is smoking-related. Many students participated and had fun with the activities. Ann Penn-Charles, Youth Prevention Specialist for the Quileute Tribe, joined the students and provided an information table as well to share her knowledge and information. Prevention Club is made up of students in grades 6-8. Their goal is to tackle issues that teens face in their lives such as substance abuse, unhealthy relationships, bullying, dating violence and suicide prevention. Their supervisors are Laura Hahn, FMS counselor and Sandy Heinrich, Readiness To Learn Coordinator/Family Support Advocate. Prevention Club members are grateful for the support

Moe Flores smoothes concrete before stamping mats are applied. Forum Photo

Firehall kindles donation

Phoenix Hestand searches for clues during the Tombstone Scavenger Hunt, during the second annual Kick Butts event. Submitted photo

of Forks Elks Lodge which generously provided them with funds to purchase materials and prizes for the event. Members also were able to wear their new T-shirts that

After smoothing out the freshly poured concrete Flores later used large mats to press a pattern into the cement and color was added. After the concrete is set the entire entrance will be cleaned and then sealed. Flores said he and D & S donated their time and materials because in his words “these guys donate their time and so we just wanted to do something for them.”


A big thAnk you to all the people in Forks and the surrounding area who generously participated in the recent breakfast and silent auction fund-raiser at the Baptist Church for our benefit! We saw a great outpouring of love which was so heartwarming at this time. We received a generous amount, which will go a long way in relieving the financial pressures we have faced. Thanks also to everyone who organized and worked so hard to make this effort a great success. May God bless and keep you, Bill and Karen White

Rusty Gate

Nursery & Building Supply Trees - Fruit, Ornamental, Shade Shrubs & Roses • Primroses & Pansies Veggie Starts Strawberries, Currants and Rhubarb Corner of Wood & Ash

were recently printed thanks to a generous donation from Soroptimist of the Olympic Rain Forest and a bake sale they held at the middle school last spring.

When a portion of the Forks Firehall sidewalk had to be torn up recently to repair an underground water leak it left an open space of gravel in the firehall entrance area. With the weather cooperating last Friday, Dilley and Soloman Logging donated a little over two yards of cement and Moe Flores got out his concrete tools and filled in the void in the sidewalk.

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2972 Old Olympic Highway, Port Angeles, WA 98362 (360) 457-3842

THE REAL FORKS Bottle That and Sell It!

by Christy Rasmussen Like many of you, I come from a long line of logging industry working fools. They weren’t fools because of the dangerous working conditions or long hours in horrible weather, but because they had no bathroom nearby for their entire shift. I would pass on that job, no matter the money. Then again, I suppose girls are different. I highly doubt very many of us would be willing to cut any of our clothes for back-up toilet paper … and we have twice the need for toilet paper anyway. We’d come home near naked every day. On a related note, it wasn’t until I was in my teens that I realized why my dad’s hickory shirts had the pockets and sleeves ripped off. That was one of those, Ewwww … I would have been perfectly fine without that knowledge, moments in life. On another related note, why don’t loggers bring toilet paper out with them? I imagine cotton flannels are nicer, but still … We have had so many logging and timber industry jobs because of the obvious; we have a lot of trees. You’re going to have check with a scientist for sure, but I think this somehow correlates to the fact that we have a lot of rain. Again, I’m not an expert, only speculating here. This is why I’m confused why we are only profiting off of one of these abundant resources. Why are we not profiting from the rain, people?! We have an overload of rain here, much more than we could possibly ever use. I don’t understand why we are not selling it. Instead of just suffering from being soaking wet for 10 months, we could be suffering, soaking wet MILLIONAIRES! Why has no one thought of this yet? Did I just stumble upon a conspiracy of some sort? Seriously, think of how easy it would be to bottle this stuff up and sell it! Step 1: Purchase plastic bottles. Step 2: Place opened bottles outside on porch. Step 3: Wait three minutes. Step 4: Put caps on filled bottles and send to Los Angeles. Step 5: Charge $10/bottle to all the health nuts for 100 percent pure rain water. In fact, some bottles could even be marked as “Twilight Water”. Mark up the price on those though! It’s so easy that it’s ridiculous. I cannot be the first person who thought of this. Next week; profiting from the abundance of spiders. “They taste like chicken!” Letters to the editor policy

The Forks Forum belongs to the readers of the newspaper. The opinion section is the place where reader thoughts appear as letters to the editor. Letters longer than 300 words are sent back to the writer for revision. We only edit for spelling and grammar. Any substantial changes are sent to the letter writer for revision. While we strive to publish all letters, those focusing on local issues take precedence over statewide or national issues. No personal attacks or unsubstantiated allegations are accepted. Those letters are returned to the writer with an explanation why the letter is not going to run in its existing form. Deadline for letters to appear is noon the Monday before publication. Letters are published on a space-available basis, with time-sensitive letters on local issues taking first priority. There are times, therefore, when a letter might not appear for a week or two. Letters to the editor can be mailed to the Forks Forum, PO Box 300, Forks, WA 8331; e-mailed to; faxed to 374-5739; or dropped off at our office at 44 S. Forks Ave. All letters must have a name, address and telephone number for verification purposes. Only the writer’s name and hometown are printed in the newspaper.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Westernmost Newspaper in the Continental U.S.


Can you spell RESPECT? I always have had the feeling that my community of Forks is the Rodney Dangerfield of towns, regardless of what happens good, we only seem to be acknowledged when something bad happens, you know, in the words of the late Dangerfield, “We just don’t get no respect.” It started long before I was born I am sure, Forks was known for its hardworking, hard-living loggers, it was known as a dangerous place, when actually in addition to those wild and crazy loggers there were families raising children and voting for new schools. When television discovered us we were the first story on KING-5. It was a story of tragedy a fire that burned acres of forest and it was bad, as far as I know they never came back and did a story of how the town rebuilt and then grew from that terrible fire and got better. Then those terrible tree cutting loggers got together and decided that the kids in town needed a wonderful toy, a bigger than life artifact that could be for the children of the town for years to come and they worked together to get a train for the newly created Tillicum Park, the land having been donated by one of those loggers, any TV crews, I don’t think so. As time went on every time there was something negative about logging in came the reporters and by the time of the spotted owl it didn’t matter what your profession if you lived in Forks you were guilty of something and the entire community was vilified. It was a difficult time to be from Forks. But it didn’t matter to the people that lived here — they kept donating to the scholarship auction, voting for school levies and continuing to make Forks a better place to live. I remember a census worker that came to Forks from

Tacoma — her family and friends feared for her life because she was coming here? Tacoma? She admitted this story at a chamber of commerce meeting, everyone laughed, but she was serious. Those at the chamber meeting didn’t fear that because she was from Tacoma she was a “drive by shooter” but for some reason we were all labeled dangerous. Just before Twilight happened a travel writer came through Forks. He didn’t stop to chat with the fine people of Forks, he just chose to write in his book about travel that Forks was a festering boil. If he didn’t care for our architecture that is one thing, but did he take two minutes to see how nice we were? Then Twilight arrived and people liked us, they really liked us, for no reason other than we were who we were and we liked most of them back. Then a few years ago a man moved here to open a dog sanctuary and something went wrong and again we were all guilty, a woman recently shared a story that she had gone to an event out of town and when the other people found out she was from Forks, they wouldn’t leave her alone and wanted to know about the dog sanctuary. She told them she didn’t know the man that had it or anything about it but they wouldn’t let it drop, again guilty because she lived in Forks. The dog controversy had finally settled down and one of our finest hours was upon us the scholarship auction it was a new record, what an amazing giving bunch of people, and no TV crews came to do a story, but that’s OK for about a day we basked in the glory of the giving of this little town. Then, some poor excuse for a human being killed two eagles and it was in all the papers and on the Seattle

TV stations and beyond and the negative comments were flowing, should we care what the media says? I don’t know, should we care that possibly someone we know killed two eagles, yes we should, not because it gives our entire community a black eye but because it is truly not who we are. Somebody knows something, we are not all eagle killers, but we are all going to be guilty until the person or persons are identified, well we will still be guilty, but that doesn’t matter, and even though the president has a hard time spelling it this community really deserves it. RESPECT. If you know something about the shooting of the two eagles, please contact WDFW Sgt. Eric Anderson at 360-640-0493 or the department enforcement hotline toll-free at 877-9339847, or can text a tip to 847411. Christi Baron, Editor

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Thursday, March 27, 2014 • 5

Community News Rohrer appointed to another five-year term Erik Rohrer has received Senate confirmation of the governor’s appointment of him to another five-year term on the Peninsula College Board of Trustees. Rohrer says that one of his main goals has been improving the college’s West End presence. Congratulations Erik! Horticulture scholarship offered The Master Gardener Foundation of Washington is accepting applications for the annual Van Bobbitt Scholar-

ship. The $1,000 scholarship is offered to a high school senior or other student entering college to pursue the study of horticulture and its related fields. The recipient of this scholarship is determined by the Scholarship Committee of the Master Gardener Foundation of Washington. A person may receive the scholarship only once and must meet the following requirements. The applicant must be accepted by a recognized accredited college/university and planning a course of study in horticultural, botanical or strongly related fields.

Contact Gary McLaughlin (e-mail: garymc@olympus. net) for more information and an application packet. The deadline for application submission is May 2. Applications will be reviewed and a representative chosen from Clallam County to forward to the state level for the final selection process. Upcoming WEBPA program West End Business and Professional association will have Carol Johnson, North Olympic Timer Action Committee, as guest speaker on April 2. Johnson is the execu-

tive director of NOTAC. WEBPA meets Wednesday mornings at the DNR Conference room at 7:30 a.m. Final Tax-Aide IRS-certified AARP TAXAIDE volunteers will be available on Saturday, April 5, for their final time this tax season, from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. at Forks City Hall. No appointment is required, taxpayers will be served on a first-come, firstserved basis. Volunteers will be available to electronically file your tax returns. The service is free of charge. The TAX-AIDE volunteers

are authorized to prepare most basic tax returns, making sure that the taxpayer receives all eligible deductions and credits. They do not prepare returns for taxpayers that have income from rental properties or for taxpayers with complicated business returns. Planning for Spruce Up Forks Planning for the downtown spring clean-up April 12 is moving along. Volunteers are asked to meet at First Federal at 8 a.m. for assignments, donuts and coffee. Continued on page 6

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6 • Thursday, March 27, 2014

community, from page 5 When the clean-up is over in the afternoon there will be a cook-out at the park for all the volunteers. For questions or more information call Lissy at Forks Chamber of Commerce 3742531. Learn the basicsTrap-Neuter-Return On March 29 1 p.m. - 2:30

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p.m. at the Carver Room at the Port Angeles Library, 2210 Peabody, Spay to Save in conjunction with other animal welfare groups will conduct training on feral cat capture for the purpose of spaying or neutering and then releasing again. The class is free. For questions or to sign up contact Sue at 360-461-5434 or email Quilting and Handicrafts Exhibit opens at Museum at the Carnegie The Museum at the Carnegie is pleased to announce the opening of a new temporary exhibit: Quilting and Handicrafts. The Museum is located at 207 S. Lincoln St., Port Angeles, and is open Wednesday through Saturday from 1-4 p.m. This exhibit features a selection of quilts from the Clallam County Historical Society’s collection ranging from the late 1800s to modern examples. Patterns include Flower Urn and Star of Bethlehem as well as friendship and crazy quilts. Objects used for other types of handicrafts such as sewing, embroidery and lace making are also featured.

Where is Mick?

Lissy Andros, Forks Chamber of Commerce director, is reporting that tourists are coming in to the visitors center and asking about Mick Dodge. So, the VC has made a small display in his honor. Apparently some folks from Texas came looking for the seldom seen man of the Hoh and stopped in at the Peterson’s store, Peak 6, that is located on the road to the Hoh Rain Forest, and who do you think they ran in to there? not Moss Hopper, but Mick! What are the chances? Like Dodge’s show or hate it, it looks like National Geographic is going to do another series of episodes. Quilting and Handicrafts will be on exhibit through the end of May. All ages are welcome and encouraged to visit. Admission is by donation. For further information, please call the Society’s office at 360-452-2662 or send an e-mail to artifact@olypen. com.


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Either you love it, hate it or just don’t understand it — and almost daily citizens hear that the Affordable Care Act, is wonderful, terrible or just plain confusing — but no matter where your opinion falls here are some basic facts provided by Nicole Knieps, Forks Community Hospital: Open enrollment ends March 31; health plans purchased by March 23 at 5 p.m. will be effective April 1 and plans purchased by March 31 11:59 p.m. will be effective May 1. The next open enrollment period will be Nov. 15, 2014-Feb. 15, 2015. To enroll you go to For assistance contact Renee Reed at Forks Community Hospital or ask for an in-person assister at 374-6271. Washington Apple Health (Medicaid) does not have an open enrollment period. Individuals and families will be able to apply and complete their


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The Forks Chamber of Commerce has dedicated a corner to the elusive Mick Dodge. Forum photo

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Thursday, March 27, 2014


Nate Crippen Tournament Results

Braden Decker (10) of D & R Cedar scores against Bay Area in the lower Division championship game Sunday at Forks High School during the Nate Crippen Memorial Tournament. Bay Area of Neah and Clallam Bay defeated D & R 64-58 in double overtime. Also in on the action is D & R’s Leo Gonzales. Photo by Lonnie Archibald

Men’s Upper Division: 1st Place: Black Diamond Electrical (Port Angeles) 2nd Place: Olympic Sporting Goods (Forks) 3rd Place: PA Swimmin Hole & Fireplaces (Port Angeles) Spoons (Bellingham) Women’s Division: 1st Place: Shooting Stars (Neah Bay) 2nd Place: Wa’atch (Neah Bay) 3rd Place: D&C Lock and Key (Forks) Inkredibles (Puyallup) Men’s Lower Division: 1st Place: Bay Area (Clallam Bay) 2nd Place: D&R Cedar (Forks) 3rd Place: Ron’s Food Mart (Forks) LeDukes (Port Angeles) Individual Awards Nate Crippen Award Men’s: Parker Browning (Ron’s Food Mart) Nate Crippen Award Women’s: Jennifer Damon (Steven’s Angels) Most Valuable Player: Men’s Upper Division: Mike Claxton (Black Diamond Electrical) Women’s Division: Cierra Moss (Shooting Stars) Most Outstanding Player: Men’s Lower Division: Danny Angulo (Bay Area) All Tournament Teams: Men’s 1st Team All Tournament: Jeff Nelson (Black Diamond Electrical) “Uncle Walt” Tucker (Olympic Sporting Goods) Beau Pilon (Olympic Sporting Goods) Dave Clark (PA Swimmin Hole & Fireplaces) Pete Carlson (Spoons) Women’s 1st Team All Tournament: Jackie Haltunnen (Shooting Stars) Tawny Juluis (Wa’atch) Ali Crumb (7 Cedars) Shayla Nagel (Wa’atch) Courtnie Paul (D&C Lock and Key) Men’s 2nd Team All Tournament: Jerry Johnson (GHC Finest) Darryl Jordan (Tacoma Hoops) Ryan Franklin (D&H Enterprises) Abe Venske (Ocean Thunder) Fidel Angulo (Bay Area) Women’s 2nd Team All Tournament: Amanda Carper (JK All Nation) Kara Kradow (Weel Road Deli) Jessica “Baby Ca” Greene (Neah Bay) Lisa Haltunnen (Shooting Stars) Dramikah Skaar (Inkredibles) Men’s Upper Championship Game: Black Diamond Electrical - 71 Olympic Sporting Goods - 59 Women’s Championship Game: Shooting Stars - 51 Wa’atch - 37 Men’s Lower Division Championship Game: Bay Area - 64 D&R Cedar - 58

Page 7

Rick Gooding of Olympic Sporting Goods of Forks defends against Port Angeles Swimmin’ Hole Saturday. Olympic Sporting Goods defeated Swimmin’ Hole 6557 during the Nate Crippen Memorial Tournament at Forks Highs School. Photo by Lonnie Archibald

Elizabeth Adams (far) and Brenna King of the Dipsy rush to the ball during their contest with the Thrashers at the FMS gym last week. The season wraps up this week wi t h gam es March 25-27. Photo by Lonnie Archibald


8 • Thursday, March 27, 2014

Here We Go Again!

Last seasons 10-U Forks softball team was honored in a parade and a picnic at Tillicum Park after wining both the state and then regional championships. Photo by Lonnie Archibald

The 2013 state and regional champion Forks 10-U Babe Ruth girls traveling softball team is at it again. Among the many challenges, money for gear and higher than ever fees are huge issues. We are asking for donations to support our girls in their quest to become back to back state and regional champions. All donations will be greatly appreciated, publicly acknowledged and accounted for. Thank You, coach Andy Krume, 327-3293, coach Grant Romberg 640-1798, and athletic director Shauna Peters, 640-2464.

True Value hosts boot Any one that has ever made a purchase at Bob Stark’s True Value at the stoplight knows that Stark has an interesting sense of humor and his checkout counter has hosted many strange donation jars. There was the “Stop the Rain” donation jar and then came the “Stop the Donation Jar” donation jar, but now Stark is hosting a donation boot and this time it is serious. The soldier’s boot in a Plexiglas case has been placed in True Value to raise money for the upcoming West End Veteran’s Stand Down that will take place in Forks from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. May 1 at the Elks Club, 941 Merchant Road, and is sponsored by Voices for Veterans. The money raised by the boot will go for clothing,

Voices for Veterans donation boot is taking donations at True Value.

food and any direct services needed by veterans that come to the Stand Down. Voices for Veterans is all volunteer and 100 percent of the money

raised will go to veterans’ needs. For more information about VFV, visit its website at www.

Got ourselves a ‘Convoy’? “It was the dark of the moon on the sixth of June and a Kenworth pullin’ logs” are lyrics from the truckin’ song “Convoy” and last Friday a string of loaded log trucks made one think of that old CB radio lovin’ song from years ago, as it appears things are fairly busy in the timber industry. Most local logging companies say that they are busy and it appears things will remain

Loaded log trucks approach the intersection at U.S. Highway 101 and LaPush Road last week, two others already had turned heading toward Port Angeles. Forum Photo

busy for a few more years. With extra logging sites in

operation experienced timber workers have been more difficult to find. Locals also may notice many out of area trucks in town too, as companies were unable to find enough local trucks.

truck driver Wanted

Kyle Fukano, DDS Paige Pearson, RDH 421 G. Street, Forks 360-374-2288

Paige, Kristie, Dr. Fukano, Lauren, Diane

with 5 yrs. experience minimum and excellent driving record. $15.20/hr plus health, pension, vacation and holiday benefits. Pay weekly. For more info please call

Allen logging Co. 374-6000

Thursday, March 27, 2014 • 9

Take Advantage of UP to $10,400 in SAVINGS and RATES as LOW as 0% APR for 60 MONTHS with NO PAYMENTS for the next 90 DAYS!

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101 Sequim

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10 • Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mom Was Right. HOSPITAL SERVICES: Acute Care-Hospital Inpatient Cardiology Cardiopulmonary Services Clinics: • Bogachiel • Clallam Bay Diagnostic Imaging: • Bone Density • Mammography • CT • MRI • Ultrasound • Nuclear Medicine • Radiology Emergency Room

When you’re sick, stay home

ENT Gynecology Homeopathy Laboratory Long Term Care Nerve Conduction Studies Obstetrics

At Forks Community Hospital, we believe you don’t have to leave town

Orthopedics Outpatient Services

to get great healthcare. Backed by a full-service medical facility with a long

Outpatient Procedures

history of serving the community; our physicians, specialists and caring staff


stand ready to care for you not only as a patient, but as a friend and neighbor. Additionally, we’re right here at home. It’s the next best thing to mom.

l Way






Forks Timber Museum 101

Rehabilitation Services • Physical Therapy • Occupational Therapy • Massage Therapy Respiratory Therapy Sleep Lab Surgery Telemedicine Urology West End Outreach: • Drug Counseling and programs • Mental Health • Housing

South Forks Ave.

5th Ave.

ay lW

ie ch

Pain Management

Forks Community Hospital 530 Bogachiel Way Forks WA 98331 360-374-6271

SUPPORT SERVICES: Ambulance service Community Health and Patient Assistance Programs Dietary Counseling Grants Programs for Mentally Disabled Financial Counseling Interpreters Pharmacy Social Services


Thursday, March 27, 2014 • 11

Spartans do well at PA Invite

Coach Pam Gale said her track and field team “did so awesome, it was crazy” at their first outing for the season. The meet in Port Angeles included some very large schools and the Forks boys and girls came in ninth out of the 15 schools represented. The best showing was by Sydney Christenson who won the discus with a 92-foot 3-inch throw. Gale said that Miguel Morales and Andrew Armas each came in third, Morales in the shot and Armas in the long jump. Kari Larson took a third in the


800 and 4th in the 3,000. “We were up against big schools, I tell my freshmen, especially, that this is a growth chart, every week we will get better,” Gale said. Gale also singled out Alan Ensastegui saying he had a great showing at the first meet. Gale praised assistant coach Charles Urlacher for doing such a great job with the distance runners. “It is going to be a good year,” Gales said. “I am just so excited.” The Spartans will be in Tenino on Thursday.

Timber Museum looks to season opener












Thank You!

to the individuals, businesses, and employees who contributed $30,474 Baker Overby & Moore Blakeslee Bar & Grill Cape Flattery School District employees City of Forks employees Concerned Citizens for Special Children First Federal Forks Abuse Forks Coffee Shop

Forks Community Hospital employees Forks Outfitters Hungry Bear Café Quillayute Valley School District employees Sterling Bank Subway Sully’s Drive In The Rayonier Foundation Van Riper’s Resort

Clallam County Employees Employee’s Community Fund of the Boeing Company Greater Olympic Peninsula Combined Federal Campaign Washington State Employee Combined Fund Drive

Your contributions support these local agencies and programs year-round:

A pair of longjohns awaits a make believe logger in the bunkhouse display at the Forks Timber Museum. Forum Photo

The Forks Timber Museum board met last week and newly elected president Hop Dhoogghe called the meeting to order. Timber Museum manager Linda Offutt has been cleaning and organizing the museum and hopes to have the building open seven days a week after May 1. Forks High School junior Caleb Norstrom is doing his senior project on the history of the Timber Museum and will be working as a volunteer as part of his project. Board member Tom Rosmond brought up the idea of a website for the museum. Other items of discussion included having Olympic Corrections Center inmates do more cleaning up of the grounds; they already have fixed some of the fencing on the property. The Timber Museum always is in need of volunteers and new members. Membership is: $10 individual, $15 family, $25 organization and $50 business. For information on volunteering, contact the museum at 374-9663.

we can help you


51 Spartan Ave St., Suite D • Forks • 1-800-723-4106 INSURANCE & EXISTING OR NEW LABOR & INDUSTRIES



Parent Line Parenting Matters Foundation Peninsula Behavioral Health Peninsula Dispute Resolution Center Pro Bono Lawyers The Salvation Army St. Andrew’s Place Assisted Living Serenity House of Clallam County Volunteer Chore Services Volunteers in Medicine of the Olympics (VIMO) Clinic West End Youth & Community Club


Open Weds. 9:30-4:00


United Way Community Solutions Early Learning Great Beginnings Clallam County Literacy Council Phone 211 for Access to Help Access to Health Care Coalition American Red Cross of the Olympic Peninsula Boys & Girls Clubs of the Olympic Peninsula Clallam Bay/Sekiu Crisis Center Concerned Citizens for Special Children First Step Family Support Center Forks Abuse Program Forks Community Food Bank Girl Scouts of Western Washington Healthy Families of Clallam County Mosaic Olympic Community Action Programs Olympic Peninsula YMCA


12 • Thursday, March 27, 2014

Project Lifesaver coming to Forks? Forks Police Department’s Administrator Rick Bart is looking at the possibility of implementing Project Lifesaver in the community of Forks. The program is a LoJack Safety Net tracking system used by law enforcement departments nationwide. The tracking system locates adults and children who wander due to Alzheimer’s, dementia, autism, Down syndrome and other related cognitive impairment diagnoses. Project Lifesaver operates in more than 1,000 jurisdictions across the nation. This program has been used in the City of Sequim since early 2007 and the Clallam County Sheriff’s Office joined the program in 2010. The program has reduced search times from hours or days to just minutes. The risks and costs of a typical search also have dropped significantly, with an average rescue time of less than 30 minutes. Participants wear a trans-

mitter on their ankle or wrist, this transmitter is about the size of a watch, which emits an individualized tracking signal on an assigned radio frequency. When caregivers notify police that the participant is missing, a team of specially trained police and fire department personnel responds and uses a mobile locator tracking system to search for the missing person. The transmitter is a batteryoperated radio wrist transmitter emitting an automatic tracking signal every second, 24 hours a day. The signal is tracked on the ground over approximately one mile. Each wristband has a unique radio frequency. Project Lifesaver’s battery provides a continuous signal for 30-45 days. Bart is interested in gauging the local level of participation in the project and is asking that families interested in signing up for this service contact the FPD at 374-2223 or by e-mail at rbar.forks@

• Carports & Steel Buildings • Treated Wood

• Custom Sheds • Steel Roofing & Siding • Asphalt Roof



590 South Forks Ave. • 374-5567 • 374-5564

RAC design and floor plan set City of Forks Attorney/Planner Rod Fleck recently updated the Chamber of Commerce on the RAC rebuild. According to Fleck the design and floor plan are set. Fleck described some of the added interior features of the building that will incorporate wood in various ways. In addition to a wood floor, there will be a “wood grain” paneling that will be created from wood scraps and will incorporate volunteer activity in its creation. The double doors that open up on the performing/multi-purpose room also will be some type of wood with a saw blade effect at the bottom. The concept for the door handles is also hoping to incorporate some type of timber industry tool or item as the pulls. The UW School of Urban Design also will be called upon again to work on sound reflection/absorption requirements. Fleck describes the new building as being “more usable” than the one it replaces and will that it will be fully wired for sound and

Chamber director Lissy Andros and Chinook Pharmacy’s Pura Carlson look over RAC plans with City of Forks Attorney/Planner Rod Fleck. Forum Photo

lighting, but will lack the storage the old building had. Seven companies bid on the project and Monday night the city council reviewed the bids and authorized Mayor Monohon to award the contract to the most eligible bidder after a few minor details are worked out,

Quileute Tribal school targets out of classroom activities

Quileute Tribal School members in grades 7-12 were at the Old Mill Archery Range last week. Forum photo

You can help us protect America! Call 1-866-247-2878 to report suspicious activity on the water and along our coastline.

1-866-247-2878 15

2 12 10


ProMote Your event! The mission of Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Office of Air and Marine (OAM), the world’s largest aviation and maritime law enforcement organization, is to protect the American people and the nation’s critical infrastructure through the coordinated use of integrated air and marine forces to detect, interdict and prevent acts of terrorism and the unlawful movement of people, illegal drugs and other contraband toward or across U.S. borders

which should be sometime next week. The official groundbreaking ceremony will be during Rainfest on April 19 at around noon at the site and if all goes smoothly during the construction faze the grand opening of the building will be during Rainfest 2015.

One Call • One Bill • Statewide “ wnPa imPaCt adS

aCCess a PoWerfuL netWork of

102 CoMMunitY neWsPaPers aCross Washington for one fLat PriCe. ContaCt Your LoCaL WnPa MeMber neWsPaPer to Learn More.


have BeCOme a key element Of Our event marketing Strategy.

~ virginia BlOOm taSte fOr wine & art BlOOmS winery, langley

For the first time this school year Quileute Tribal School members in grades 7-12 took part in archery activities at the Old Mill Archery Range. Those participating spent about an hour being properly fitted for their bow and arrows and testing left and right eye dominance which can alter if a left- or right-handed bow is needed. Facility owner Bill Sperry says that his range is one of the few that offers lefthanded bows. As arrows whizzed toward their targets Jon Claymore, Quileute Tribal School superintendent/principal, explained that the school likes to get the students out to experience other activities and two younger groups of students were at the Forks Aquatic Center swimming and at Sunset Lanes bowling. The archery range is at the 110 Business Park on LaPush Road and those that buy a membership have access seven days a week. In late June the facility will be hosting Olympic Archery Medalist Khatuna Lorig, who trained the “Hunger Games” actors how to properly shoot with bow and arrow. Lorig will spend several days in the West End giving classes.


Thursday, March 27, 2014 • 13

Community Calendar

11:30 a.m. - Forks Timber Museum Board Meeting at the Forks Timber Museum. Public welcome. 7 p.m. – Bogachiel Garden Club, Community Center, Forks, 374-2437.

Fourth Tuesday

5 p.m. — The Board of Commissioners of Clallam County Hospital District 1, FCH conference room.

Every Tuesday 9:30 a.m. — Basic Beginnings Preschool, Forks Assembly of God. Kim, 640-8560. 11:30 a.m. — The Caring Place, a pregnancy resource center, 374-5010. Noon — Free Lunch, Forks Church of the Nazarene, served at Forks Community Center. 1 p.m. — Women’s support group, resource room at Forks Abuse Program facility, Linda, 374-6411. 4 p.m. — Hideaway Teen Center. 87 Sportsman’s Rd. 6 p.m. — Bingo Forks Elks Lodge, Merchant Road. 7 p.m. — Fire Dept. volunteers, Forks, Beaver and Quillayute fire halls.

First Wednesday

11 a.m. — Friends of Forks Animals, Forks Library, 171 S. Forks Ave. 374-0747. 7:30 p.m. — Mt. Olympus Lodge, Masonic Temple, 130 W. Division St.

third Wednesday

7 p.m. – West End Sportsmen Club, Sportsmen Club Road. 640-1497

Fourth Wednesday

7 p.m. — Boy Scout Troop 1467, Forks Congregational Church, Scoutmaster Ron Anderson, 374-2489. 7:30 p.m. — Questers Quilting

Fourth Friday 8:30 a.m. — Olympic Concert Interests, FHS band room. 11:05 a.m. — Olympic Concert Interests, FMS band room.

Every Friday

Noon — Women’s support group, Hoh Tribal Center. Forks Abuse Program, Linda, 374-6411. 4 p.m. — Hideaway Teen Center, 87 Sportsman’s Rd. 7 p.m. — Rainy Day Gamers, ICN Building.

Second Friday 7 p.m. – Forks American Legion Post 106, Masonic Lodge Division St.

Every Saturday

7 p.m. — Hideaway Teen Center, 87 Sportsman’s Rd.

Clallam Bay/Sekiu Every Monday

3 p.m. — T.O.P.S., Clallam Bay Presbyterian Church. 6 p.m. — Crafters’ Creative Night, Chamber of Commerce building. 7 p.m. — Texas Hold’em Tournament, Clallam Bay/Sekiu Lions Club.

First Tuesday

7 p.m. — West End Youth & Community Club, Sekiu Community Center kitchen, 963-2438.

Second Tuesday

11 a.m. — CB/Sekiu Fire Department Board of Commissioners meeting, CB/Sekiu Fire Dept. 10 a.m. - Noon — New Hope Food Bank is open. 7 p.m. — Clallam Bay Clinic Advisory Board, Clallam Bay Clinic.

FouRth Friday

6 p.m. - Clallam Bay-Sekiu Fire District #5 Commissioners Meeting, Clallam Bay Fire Hall.

Every Friday

Noon — West End Seniors potluck lunch, Sekiu Community Center.

Second Saturday

11 a.m. — C.A.T. Community Action Team, Sekiu Community Center.

7 p.m. — How It Works group, Forks Senior Center. 8 p.m. — Sekiu AA, Sekiu Recreation Center. 7:30 p.m. – Miracles Happen group, West End Outreach Center conference room, 530 Bogachiel Way.

24-Hour AA Phone Hotline (360) 452-4212 Al-anon 1-866-452-6973

Neah Bay

Calvary Chapel

Pastor Nathan Abbate 374-3298 Sunday Morning Worship ��������������������������10:30 AM Wednesday Mid-Week Study ����������������������7:00 PM

Clallam Bay Assembly of God

81 Huckleberry Ln. • 374-6909

7 p.m. — Al-Anon, First Congregational Church.


8 p.m. — Sekiu AA, Sekiu Recreation Center.


7 p.m. — How It Works group, Forks Senior Center. 7-8:30 pm — Overeaters Anonymous, Prince of Peace Lutheran

Forks St. Anne Catholic Church Parish

Communion, Singing, Prayer

St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Mission

52 Pioneer Street • Clallam Bay 374-9184 • Fr. Paul Brunet, Pastor Mass • Sunday, 11:00 AM

First Congregational Church (U.C.C.)

Sunday School ������������������������9:45 AM Sunday Morning Worship �����11:00 AM Sunday Evening Service����������6:00 PM Wednesday Kids Programs �����6:30 PM

12-STEP Meetings


Sunday Bible Study ��������������� 9:45 AM Worship������������������������������� 11:00 AM

Worship Service �������������������10:45 AM Sunday Evening Worship ��������6:00 PM Wednesday Prayer Meeting����7:00 PM Awanas, Thursdays �����������������6:30 PM

Forks Assembly of God

Tom Lafrenz, Pastor • 374-6798 Located B St. N.W. and Sol Duc Way Sunday School��������������������������9:45 AM Morning Worship �������������������11:00 AM Prayer & Praises������������������������6:00 PM Wednesday is Family Night

Clallam Bay Church of Christ

First Baptist Church


7:30 p.m. – Narcotics Anonymous, Hope in Recovery, First Baptist Church, South Forks Ave.

Pastor Rick Hull • 963-2857 Sunday Service/ Children’s Church �����������������11:00 AM Wednesday Bible Study���������7:00 PM P.O. Box 336 • Hwy. 112 Clallam Bay, WA 98326

F F 374-5077 • Pastor Bob Schwartz B C Sunday School������������������������9:30 AM

Noon — Women’s support group, Forks Abuse 374-2273.


Church of the Nazarene

Meeting at 451 5th Street, Forks

Every Thursday

7 p.m. — New Beginnings, Forks Masonic Hall.


Church Service D I R E C T O RY

Every Saturday

9 – 10 a.m. Hatha Yoga class at Seiku Community Center. The cost is $2 per person — bring a yoga mat if you have one. 7 p.m. — Texas Hold’em Tournament, Clallam Bay/Sekiu Lions Club.

Locally Focused


THIRD Tuesday

Fourth Wednesday


374-5319 Church Worship Service ��������������� 11:00 AM 978133

Forks Bible Church

Fr. Paul Brunet Saturday.......................................5:30 PM 374-9184 Sunday ........................................ 8:30 AM 511 5th Ave. Sunday - Spanish Mass................5:00 PM Wednesday ..................................5:30 PM Thursday ....................................12:05 PM Friday ...... 12:05 PM Adoration following Benediction .................................5:45 PM

George Williams, Pastor-Teacher • 374-5339 Sunday School������������������� 9:30 AM Sunday Worship ������� 11 AM & 6 PM Christ - Centered • Bible - Based 7th and G St. S.W.

St. Swithin’s Episcopal Church

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church


6 p.m. — QVSD Board of Directors, District Office board room.

9:30 a.m. — Basic Beginnings Preschool, Forks Assembly of God. Kim,640-8560. 11:30 a.m. — The Caring Place, pregnancy resource center, 374-5010. 4 p.m. — Hideaway Teen Center, 87 Sportsman’s Rd. 6 p.m. — Hoh Healing Circle and potluck, Hoh Tribal office. 7 p.m. — Overeaters Anonymous Prince of Peace Lutheran Church 250 N. Blackberry, Forks. 7 p.m. — Forksestra Rehearsal, DNR Conference Rm., 374-6233. 7 p.m. — Bingo, West End Sportsmen’s Club.

Noon — Clallam Bay-Sekiu Chamber of Commerce, business meeting, Sekiu Community Center. 7 p.m. — Clallam Bay Lions, Lions Den in Clallam Bay.

Pastor Pamela Hunter 374-6343 • 250 Blackberry Ave.

Sunday morning Holy Eucharist �������10:30 AM Meeting at Long Term Care, Forks Hospital Sunday Evening Holy Eucharist & Potluck 5 PM Meeting at 250 Blackberry Ave. (Prince of Peace)

To advertise your church call 374-3311!


First Tuesday

Every Thursday

First Wednesday


4 p.m. — Hideaway Teen Center Homework Club, 87 Sportsman’s Rd. 6:30 p.m. — Fletcher-Wittenborn Post #9106 Bingo, Post home on Spartan Ave.

4:30 p.m. — Habitat for Humanity – Forks branch, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall. 5:30 p.m. — Soroptimists of the Olympic Rain Forest business meeting, Masonic Hall. 7 p.m. — West End Thunder Car Club, Forks Fire Hall.

7 p.m. — Narcóticos Anónimos en Español, Cada jueves y viernes. Narcóticos Anónimos en Español. West End Outreach Services, 551 Bogachiel Way. Llama al 274-6271 extension 117 para más información.


Every Monday

First Thursday

10 a.m. — Messy Palette Art League, Sekiu Community Center, 963-2221.

Miguel Morales continues to hold bake sales to raise money for his dream to wrestle at the High School Nationals in Virginia. For those wishing to assist Morales with his goal, and maybe have missed the bake sales, an account has been set up at First Federal and interested parties can stop by and make a donation at the bank. Thank You!

Thursday and Friday

Adult Education ����������������������9:00 AM Family Worship ���������������������10:00 AM Children’s Sunday School ������11:15 AM

Clallam Bay Presbyterian Church 978133

7:30 p.m. — Forks City Council, Council Chambers, Forks City Hall.

Every Tuesday

6:30 p.m. – Narcotics Anonymous, Forks Masonic Lodge, 130 W. Division St.


Fourth Monday

7 p.m. — Women’s Support Group, Three Sisters of Clallam Gallery, Clallam Bay, 963-2854.



7:30 p.m. — Forks City Council, Council Chambers, Forks City Hall.

Fourth Tuesday


Second Monday

7:30 a.m. — West End Business & Professional Association, DNR conference room. Noon — Forks Chamber of Commerce, JT’s Sweet Stuffs. 4 p.m. — Hideaway Teen Center, 87 Sportsman’s Rd.

Morales account set up

Church, 250 N. Blackberry Ave., Forks, 206-999-6335


6:30 p.m. — Quillayute Valley PTA, FMS library.

Every Wednesday

4 p.m. --- Clallam Bay Friends of the Library. Clallam Bay Library, 963-2946


First Monday

Club, 374-2437.



963-2436 Worship Service �������������� 11:00 AM Sunday School������������������� 9:30 AM


14 • Thursday, March 27, 2014 14 D Thursday, March 27, 2014



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Firewood, Fuel & Stoves

Mail Order


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Many items for sale at 124 Sol Duc Way, 10 a.m.- 5 p.m., Tues.-Sat. (360)327-3676

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Make Up To $2,000.00+ Per Week! New Credit Card Ready Drink-Snack Vending Machines. Minimum $4K to $40K+ InYOUR TRASH IS SOMEBODY’S vestment Required. LoTREASURE. ADVERTISE IN cations Available. BBB GARAGE SALES. A c c r e d i t e d B u s i n e s s. (800) 962-9189 Wanted/Trade

CASH for unexpired DIABETIC TEST STRIPS! Free Shipping, Friendly Service, BEST p r i c e s a n d 2 4 h r p ay ment! Call today 1- 877588 8500 or visit Espanol 888-440-4001 C A S H PA I D - U P TO $ 2 5 / B OX fo r u n ex pired,sealed DIABETIC TEST STRIPS! 1 DAY PAYMENT & PREPAID shipping. BEST PRICES! Call 1-888-389-0695

TOP CA$H PAID FOR O L D R O L E X , PAT E K PHILIPPE & CARTIER WATCHES! DAYTONA, DISH TV Retailer. StartS U B M A R I N E R , G M Ting at $19.99/month (for V I AG R A a n d C I A L I S MASTER, EXPLORER, 12 mos.) & High Speed USERS! 50 Pills SPE- MILGAUSS, DAY DATE, Heavy Equipment Internet starting at CIAL - $99.00. FREE etc. 1-800-401-0440 $14.95/month (where Shipping! 100% guaran- TOP CASH PAID FOR SEMI END-DUMP available.) SAVE! Ask teed. CALL NOW! 855- OLD GUITARS! 1920’s About SAME DAY Instal- TRAILER: High lift-gate, 409-4132 t h r u 1 9 8 0 ’s . G i b s o n , lation! CALL Now! 800- ex. cond. $15,000/obo. Martin, Fender, Gretsch, (360)417-0153 278-1401 Epiphone, Guild, MosMiscellaneous rite, Rickenbacker, PraiJerry’s r ie State, D’Angelico, K I L L ROAC H E S ! B u y Stromberg, and Gibson Landscaping Harr is Roach Tablets. Mandolins/Banjos. & Hardscaping Eliminate Bugs- Guaran- 1-800-401-0440 teed. No Mess, OdorWaterfalls, ponds, l e s s , L o n g L a s t i n g . Garage/Moving Sales walkways, walls & patios. Available at Ace HardOther Areas ware & The Home DeMOVING Sale: Fr iday 374-2677 pot. only! 9-4 p.m., In Beaver, last house on W. Lake Pleasant Rd., on left. Everything must go! Cash only! NICE, DRY FIREWOOD $190 cord (360)477-8832


ADOPTION- A Loving Alternative to unplanned pregnancy. You choose the family for your child. Receive pictures/info of waiting/approved couples. Living expense assistance. 1-866-2367638

RUN A FREE AD FOR ITEMS PRICED $200 AND UNDER • 2 ads per household per week • Run as space permits • No firewood or lumber • Private parties only • No Garage Sales • 4 lines, 1Thursday • No pets or livestock

Advertise your product or service nationwide or by region in over 7 million households in North America’s best suburbs! Place your classified ad in over 570 suburban newspapers just like this one. Call Classified Avenue at 888-486-2466

Deadline: Monday at 5 p.m.

Ad 1

ERROR AND CORRECTION NOTICE Adver tisers please check your ad on the first date of publication. While we are happy to m a ke a n y n e c e s s a r y changes or corrections, we can not be responsible for errors appearing after the first publication.

Ad 2

Address Phone No 147 W. Washington St. Sequim, WA 98382

or FAX to:

Bring your ads to: Forks Forum 494 S. Forks Ave, Forks




(360) 683-6670

Employment General

CLALLAM COUNTY SEASONAL PARK RANGER I (2 positions, $10.35/hr) SEASONAL PARK RANGER II (3 positions, $12.30/hr) Parks, Fair, Facilities. Full-time temporary positions at one of three County parks or the fairgrounds. Union-exempt, no benefits. Generally scheduled 40 hrs/wk for 4 months, May 1 - Aug 31 or June 1 - Sept 30. Closes April 4, 2014 at 4:30 PM (postmark accepted). APPRAISER II A s s e s s o r, $ 2 1 . 5 4 t o 26.25/hr DOQ, Full-time (37.5 hrs/wk) union, retirement and benefits eligible position. Perform field inspections to appraise new/existing residential or commercial structures and land to e s t a bl i s h va l u e u p o n which property taxes are assessed. High school grad or GED. Prefer 3 yrs prior property appraisal exp. Other related experience/training considered. Closes April 4, 2014 at 4:30 PM (postmark accepted). Applications and complete job announcements available online at, in front of Human Resources, 223 E 4th St, Por t Angeles, WA 98362, or by calling Clallam County Jobs Line 360-417-2528. Resume in lieu of application not a c c e p t e d . Fa xe d o r emailed applications not accepted. EOE/Dr ug Free Workplace.

Employment General

Employment General

Interested in Community Planning? T h e C i t y o f Fo r k s i s seeking letters of interest from those willing to serve on the Forks Planning Commission. There is currently two openings on the Commission. The Commission meets about once a month, depending upon business needs, and is responsible for the application of the zoning code, the review of conditional use per mits, subdivisions, and updates to the Forks Urban Growth Area comprehensive plan. Individuals interested in serving on the committee should send a letter to Rod Fleck, Attorney/ Planner, at 500 East Division Street, Forks, WA 98331. In the letter please indicate your interest and provide a bit o f i n fo r m a t i o n a b o u t yo u r s e l f. A l l a p p o i n t ments are made by the Mayor with the concurrence of the City Council. For more information, please call Rod at (360)374-5412, or email rodf.forks@


The Sequim Gazette, an award-winning weekly community newspaper in Sequim, Wa., is seeking an experienced reporter. Your assignments will be varied, including everything from local government and politics to investigative pieces and more. If you have a passion for community journalism, can meet deadlines and produce people-or iented news and feature stories on deadline (for print and web), we’d like to hear from you. Exper ience with InDesign, social media and photo skills a plus. Minimum of one year news reporting experience or equivalent post-secondary education required. This fulltime position includes medical, vision and dental benefits, paid holidays, vacation and sick leave, and a 401k with company match. One of the top weeklies in Washington State, the S e q u i m G a ze t t e wa s named the top newspaper in the state in its circulation size by the Washington Newspaper Publishers Association in 2005-2008 and 2010, and among the nation’s best in 2011 and 2012 Permanent and On-call ( N a t i o n a l N ew s p a p e r positions available now Association). We are a newsroom of four, coverat Clallam Bay ing the stories of the SeCorrections Center Correctional Officer 1 quim-Dungeness Valley Pay starts at $16.99 hr., on the Olympic Peninsula. We are par t of the plus full benefits. Sound Publishing newsCloses 4/2/14. gr o u p t h a t b o a s t s 4 3 Apply on-line: n ew s p a p e r t i t l e s, t h e largest community meFor further information dia organization in please call Laura Washington State. at (360)963-3208 EOE Interested individuals TEMPORARY should submit a resume HELP WANTED with at least 3 non-reAuction preparation and turnable writing samples set-up, Forks location, in pdf format to April and May workdays. Auction Date May 17th. or by mail to Call (360)262-9154 SEQ/REP/HR Department Sound Publishing, Inc., The Makah Tribe is requesting proposals for a 11323 Commando Rd. W, Main Unit Fisheries Ocean Policy Everett, WA 98204 consultant. This consultant will assist the tribe with the strategic coastal Schools & Training marine spatial planning process. For further information please contact AIRLINES ARE HIRING Roy Colby at (360)645- – Tra i n fo r h a n d s o n 3150. Sealed proposals Av i a t i o n C a r e e r. FA A need to be submitted to approved program. FiJ a c k i e S v e c , M a k a h nancial aid if qualified Tribe, PO Box 115 Neah Job placement assisBay, WA 98357. Propo- tance. CALL Aviation Insals are due no later stitute of Maintenance than 5 p.m. March 31, 877-818-0783 2014.

Clallam PUD is looking for exceptional people committed to public service to join our utility. Student Brush Cutters Pool Flaggers Get details and application forms from our website or contact us at humanresources Phone 360-565-3276 We also have answers YOUR TRASH IS SOMEBODY’S t o Fr e q u e n t l y A s k e d TREASURE. ADVERTISE IN Questions and EmployGARAGE SALES. ee Benefits information on our website. EOE. The Sophie Trettevick Indian Health Center is seeking a full time RN to work in their ambulatory clinic in beautiful, Neah Bay, WA. Great benefits and pay. For more information please contact Tracey Rascon at (360)645-2412 or

of s d n Frie Library s Fork


Mail to:

Business Opportunities

Guaranteed Income For Your Retirement Avoid market risk & get guaranteed income in retirement! CALL for FREE copy of our SAFE MONEY GUIDE Plus Annuity Quotes from A-Rated companies! 800-6695471 Home Services Appliance Repair

Appliance Repair - We fix It no matter who you bought it from! 800-9345107 Home Services Electrical Contractors

One call, does it all! Fast and Reliable Electrical Repairs and Installations. Call 1-800-9088502 Home Services Property Maintenance

All Things Basementy! Basement Systems Inc. Call us for all of your basement needs! Waterproofing ? Finishing ? Structural Repairs ? Humidity and Mold Control F R E E E S T I M AT E S ! Call 1-888-698-8150 YOUR TRASH IS SOMEBODY’S TREASURE. ADVERTISE IN GARAGE SALES. Home Services Plumbing

One call, does it all! Fast and Reliable Plumbing Repairs. Call 1- 800796-9218

Founded 1930 Home Services Windows/Glass PUBLISHER’S NOTICE Businesses promoting home improvement, including but not limited to, electrical services, insulation, hardwood floors, roofing, carpentry, painting/wallpapering, plaster/drywall, construction, tile, masonry, cement work or landscaping are required to operate with a contracting license if advertising in this section. If you have questions or concerns regarding h o m e s e r v i c e a d ve r t i s i n g , please contact the Washington State Department of Labor and Industry, toll free 1-800-6470982 Real Estate for Sale Clallam County

FORKS: 71 Evergreen Loop, 3 Br., 2 ba, garage made in to extra room, house has been updated, one and a half lots Farm Animals with plenty of room to & Livestock build shop or lg. garage. HAY: Small round bales. Call (360)640-9083 to $4 ea. (360)374-6698. schedule an appt. to see General Financial

E T A S K N O DYOOUR BO Grahn’s Excavating

P RO B L E M S w i t h t h e I R S o r S t a t e Ta xe s ? Settle for a fraction of w h a t yo u owe ! Fr e e face to face consultations with offices in your area. Call 855-970-2032

Drop off at Forks FOR ALL YOUR EXCAVATING NEEDS Septic Installation/Site Prep/Road Building Library any time they are Gary Grahn RSHQ$OOSURFHHGVEHQH¿WWKHOLEUDU\ 360-640-4820 Owner/Operator

General Financial

FSBO: 1,644 sf, custom 3 Br., 2.5 bath, gentle sloping treed 7+ acres, oversized 2 car garage with adjoining RV carpor t, unattached additional garage, dead-end road, Erving Jacobs, between Seq. and P.A., non-smoke. $343,000. (360)460-4868 FSBO: Nearly complete remodel, all new material, including wiring, insulation, and Sheetrock. 1 br., 1 bath, room to expand, large garage, ocean view. Health forces sale. $130,000. (360)928-9920


Thursday, March 27, D 2014 Thursday, March 27, 2014 15 • 15

2 BRs & 3 BRs available. Rents ranging from $450 – $500 per month. Call for more information, 374-6698


Don 640-0499 • Leith 640-4819 Sandy 640-0612 • Carrol 640-0929 • Julie 640-4021



Most batteries $4.99 Cedar Ave. Self Storage • 374-4090 Real Estate for Sale Clallam County

P.A.: Sunny, 2 br., 1,056 sf., walk-in closets, breakfast bar, vinyl wind ow s, n ewe r f u r n a c e and electrical panel, patio, covered deck, car port and shop. $94,500. Great fianancing available! (360)808-4476 Real Estate for Sale Manufactured Homes

P.A.: Gorgeous doublewide 55+ park, 06’ Karsten 28’ x 56’. 3br/2 b a t h , m o ve - i n r e a d y. Stainless appliances, spacious kitchen. Car Port, storage- Avail now for $44k approved fin avail. Call today 206-849-3446 for appt. Real Estate for Sale Other Areas

Commercial Rentals Office/Commercial

TWO OFFICES IN DOWNTOWN SEQUIM GAZETTE BUILDING FOR SUB-LEASE 448-sq-ft for $550 mo., 240-sq-ft for $350 mo. Perfect for accountant or other professional. S h a r e d c o n fe r e n c e room, restroom, wired for high-speed Internet. Contact John Brewer, publisher, (360)417-3500


This attractive and well located two-story building is currently a floral and gift shop, plus studio apt. Asking $140,000


Three bedroom rambler with 1,044 sq feet in residential neighborhood. Floors throughout the house are laminate or vinyl. The covered back deck is a great location for social gatherings or a quiet evening in the hot tub. Covered woodshed and storage outbuilding for all the lawn equipment and firewood.



MOTORHOME: ‘85 Winnebago. Diesel, Mistubishi motor, 4 speed, good tires, good mileage, 2 bed, shower with toilet, s t e r e o, A / C, b o d y i s good, needs some work. $3,500. (360)301-5652. MOTORHOME: ‘89 Toyota Dolphin. Sleeps 4+, low mi., clean, strong, r e l i a bl e, e c o n o m i c a l . See at Mobuilt R.V., P.A. REDUCED: $3,395/obo (425)231-2576 MOTOR HOME: ‘90 Tioga Montara. Class C, 38K orig. mi., new refrigerator and tires, generat o r, s l e e p s 6 , g r e a t shape. $6,900/obo. (360)877-5791 Tents & Travel Trailers

“Remove Road Blocks To Sell Your Home�; “Homeowner Tax Breaks On The House�; “Keeping Your Home Safe While You’re Away�;

Marine Miscellaneous

Automobiles Others

Pickup Trucks Others

B OAT: ‘ 6 7 2 6 ’ C h r i s Craft Cavalier with trailer. 350 Mercruiser, bow thruster, toilet, electro scan, windlass, refer, radar, GPS, sounder, full c a nva s, d i n g hy, 2 h p Honda. Asking $14,900. (360)775-0054

BMW: ‘98 318i. Black, 240k mi., runs well but needs a little work. $1,750. (360)461-9637.

GMC: ‘04 Duramax. 2 5 0 0 H D, 4 x 4 , s h o r t bed, extras, 108K mi. $24,000. (360)461-0088

CATALINA: 22’ sailboat. Swing keel, with trailer, 4 HP outboard. $3,800. (928)231-1511.

DRIFT BOAT: 15’ Valco w i t h C a l k i n s t r a i l e r, TRAILER: ‘12 RPod by $1,500/obo. (360)928-3863 Forest River. Model 171, H o o d R i v e r E d i t i o n . TRAILER 17’ boat/sport/ $10,400. (360)797-1284, utility trailer, LED lights, Sequim. bunks, galvanized, new TRAILER: 25’ HiLo. Ex- tires and spare. $625. (360)681-8761 cellent, all works, H2O Real Estate for Rent h e a t e r, A / C, f u r n a c e. WAKER BAY RIF: 10’ $4,250. (360)963-2156. skiff, new oars/sailing kit, Clallam County new 30 lb. electric mo2 Br. fur nished cabin. TRAILER: ‘77 20’ Kom- tor, fish finder, trailer. $750. All your bills are fort. Good shape. $1,500 $2,000. (360)683-4272. included in rental price, (360)775-1807, 5-6 p.m. including power, gas, TRAILER: ‘89 33’ AirMotorcycles phone, garbage, wire- stream Excella. Double less DSL and satellite axle, new hickory, wood TV. (360)374-2660. floors, ceiling air condi- KAWASAKI: ‘69 TR120 Enduro. Clean bike, no FORKS: 2 Br., middle of tioner unit, new ceramic corrosion, needs minor RV toilet, straight body, town. $700, 1st, last. good condition, includes work, orig. condition. 327-3676 or 780-0368 $500. (360)452-4179. swing arm tow pkg. PUBLISHER’S NOTICE $14,300/obo SUZUKI: ‘02 1400 InAll rental and real estate (360)775-7125 t r u d e r. B l a c k , w i n d for sale adver tising in shield, bags, good conthis newspaper is subdition, 12,200 mi., ject to the Fair Housing g a ra g e ke p t . $ 2 , 9 0 0 / Act which makes it illeobo. (360)437-4065. gal to advertise any preference, limitation or disAutomobiles crimination based on Classics & Collectibles race, color, religion, sex, CHEV: ‘87 Camaro Iroc handicap, familial status or national origin, or an TRAILER: Airstreem ‘93 Convertible. Disassembintention, to make any Excella 1000. 34’, very led, good body, no motor /trans, ready to restore! such preference, limita- nice, in Port Angeles. tion or discrimination Fa- $14.500. (206)459-6420. $500. (360)379-5243. milial status includes FORD: (2) 1966 F100s. children under the age of 5th Wheels 1 long bed, with ‘390’ C6 18 living with parents or tranny, power steering, legal custodians, preg- 5TH WHEEL: ‘01 31’ power disc brakes, runs nant women and people Montana. 2 slides, well and drives. 1 short bed, securing custody of chil- maintained. 6 cyl. 4 speed, nice d r e n u n d e r 1 8 . T h i s $9,900. (360)797-1634. wheels and tires, runs newspaper will not and drives. Both trucks knowingly accept any 5TH WHEEL: Alpenlite $4,000. (360)809-0082. advertising for the rental ‘90 32’, fair condition. or sale of real estate $4,000/obo. YOUR TRASH IS SOMEBODY’S (360)457-5950 which is in violation of TREASURE. ADVERTISE IN the law. Our readers are GARAGE SALES. hereby informed that all 5TH WHEEL: Cobra dwellings advertising in ‘96 RK Corsica, 31’, F O R D : ‘ 3 1 M o d e l A t h i s n e w s p a p e r a r e two slides, A/C, ceiling R u m b l e s e a t c o u p e . available on an equal fan, microwave, radio, Looks and runs good. o p p o r t u n i t y b a s i s. To casssette, TV, large $15,000. (360)681-5468. complain of discrimina- clothes closet, good FORD: ‘63 Fairlane 500. t i o n c a l l H U D a t cond. $6,500. Hard top. $10,000/obo. (360)417-3893 (206)220-5170. (360)808-6198 2 0 A c r e s, $ 0 D ow n , Only $119/mo. Owner Financing, NO CREDIT CHECKS! Near El Paso, Texas. Beautiful Mountain Views! Money Back G u a ra n t e e. C a l l 8 6 6 882-5263 Ext. 81


Previously a meat processing shop with office space, this one story building is ready for a new owner! Asking $120,000

TOYOTA : ‘ 0 7 Ta c o m a access cab. V6, 4x4, extra set of tires and rims w i t h s e n s o r s, a u t o, cruise, A/C, 42k miles. $28,000/obo HYUNDAI: ‘09 Accent. (360)452-7214 Tow car, Manual trans. and Road Master tow Sport Utility Vehicles bar, 19,600 mi. Asking Others $8,900. (360)683-3212. CHEV: ‘86 Blazer. K5, JAGUAR: ‘12 FX. 1 of 4x4, 93k, ex. cond., lots 200 with special sports of restoration. $6,500. 683-7375 or 670-6421 pkg., extra low miles. $43,900 CHEV : ‘92 Suburban. (360)765-4599 New tires, brakes, muff l e r, n ew e r e n g i n e , MAZDA: ‘12 5 Sport Ed. Panasonic stereo, 4WD, 31K, 6 sp. manual, seats auto. $3,250/obo. 6, great gas mi. (360)461-7478 or $13,950. (360)200-8833. (360)452-4156 MERCEDES: ‘75 240D FORD: ‘04 Expedition. Diesel. Runs great. E x . c o n d . , 1 o w n e r, $2,300. Call for more 135k, new tires, ecoinfo at (360)301-3652. nomical 2WD. $5,395. (360)683-7176 S AT U R N : ‘ 0 1 C S 1 . 3 door, 87k, new clutch GMC: ‘95 Yukon. Runs and brakes, 36 mpg. we l l , l e a t h e r i n t e r i o r. $2,600. (360)452-7370. $2,500/obo. (360)461-6659 TOYOTA : ‘ 0 0 C a m r y. A/C, leather seats, 4 H O N D A : ‘ 0 2 C R V. AWD, (2) sets cyl., runs good. $4,999. wheels/tires (snow), tow (360)374-3309 bars on front and back, auto, 115k miles. Pickup Trucks $9,500. (360)461-5190. Others


CADILLAC: ‘02 Deville DTS. Sedan 4 dr, 54,000 mi., black on black, must see. $6,200 (360)681-3093

CHEV: ‘70 K-20. 4x4, partial restoration, auto, 350, extras. $5,500 or part trade. 452-5803. FORD: ‘76 F250. V8, low miles, need mechanic. $1,000. (360)582-9480

ISUZU: ‘99 Amigo. 68K mi., 4WD, V6, auto, air, FM/CD, sunroof, excellent condition. $6,200/ obo. (360)640-2711. Vans & Minivans Others

DODGE: ‘10 Grand Caravan, handicapped conversion. Kneels, infloor wheelchair ramp, passenger transfer seat. $39,000. (360)681-3141.


Level pasture land lot in a quiet area. This 5.04 acre parcel is located beyond the end of the county road, outside of the city limits but within an easy quick drive of downtown Forks. PUD power on property edge, water in street and most homes in the area have conventional septic systems. This is a perfect place to build your dream home and enjoy the serenity that surrounds! MLS 428215 $69,900



Erin Queen 640-2723 Paul Pagac 640-0982 Rachael Seelye 640-0018 • 341 N. Forks Avenue Vehicles Wanted

CARS/TRUCKS wanted! Top $$$$$ PAID! Running or Not, All Makes!. Free Towing! We’re Local! 7 Days/Week. Call 1-800-959-8518




DODGE: ‘98 1 Ton Cargo Van. 360 V8, auto, A/C, new tires, 42,600 miles, can be seen at Ace Auto Repair, 420 Marine Drive. $6,200. (505)927-1248

CASH FOR CARS! Any Make, Model or Year. We Pay MORE! Running or Not. Sell Your Car or Tr u c k T O D AY. F r e e Towing! Instant Offer: 1-888-545-8647

FORD: F-350 1 ton dual- TOYOTA : ‘ 9 8 S i e n n a . ly. Newer engine, dump 179K, great condition, truck PTO. new tires. $4,500. $3,175/obo. 460-0518. (360)775-8296

WE PAY cash for Junk Vehicles with free towing. Rigby’s Auto Body & Towing. (360)374-2150.

FORD: ‘91 F250. 7.3 diesel, 97K mi., tow pkg., tinted windows, auto, 2WD, truck box, new rear tires, runs good. $2,700. (360)477-2809.

Legal Notices General

AUTO AUCTION APRIL 7, 2014 1990 FORD F2 License #B17971W Auction 1:00 pm Previewing 3 hours prior to Auction. Rigby’s Auto Body 65 West E Street Forks, WA 98331 Legal No. 551612 Pub.: FF March 27, 2014


16 • Thursday, March 27, 2014

MORE CHOICES! Over 500 Vehicles to choose from! NEW 2014 NISSAN S PLUS

VERSA NOTE (CVT) with Splash Guards and Floor Mats


WILDER NISSAN You Can Count On Us!

97 Deer Park Road • Port Angeles (360)






*Excludes taxes, title, license and a negotiable $150 documentation fee. $1,999 initial payment required at consummation. (Includes $1,850 consumer down payment, $149 first month payment.) (INCLUDES $75 manufacturer’s rebate applied to $149/Month lease. On Approval of Credit, not all customers will qualify. Offer valid only when financed through Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation.) Subject to residency restrictions. Photo for illustration purposes only. Not responsible for typographical errors. Ad expires 3/31/14.

New 2014 Volkswagen



Lease for




Lease a 2014 Passat S with automatic transmission for $189* a month. 36-month lease, $2,349 due at signing. (Excludes title, tax, options and dealer fees. Excludes TDI® Clean Diesel models). See Wilder Volkswagen for the limited time offer or one of many other great lease deals available on Passat models. Add tax, license and a negotiable $150 documentation fee. Photo for illustration purposes only. **While supplies last. Expires 3/31/14.


Test Drive a New VW & Get a Free ‘Das Auto’ T-Shirt!**

VOLKSWAGEN You Can Count On Us!

97 Deer Park Road, Port Angeles 1-800-927-9395 • 360-452-9268 Check us out online at


125 point comprehensive inspection Complimentary loaner while your vehicle is serviced Complimentary vehicle history report 2 years/30,000 miles of premium quality oil changes Complimentary car wash with service










2008 HONDA CR-V EX-L 4X4




*And much more! See salesperson for details.







































Vehicles are one only and subject to prior sale. VINs posted at dealership. Sale price doesn’t include tax, license and documentation fees. A negotiable dealer documentary fee up to $150 may be added to the sale price. See Dealer for details. Ad expires 4/3/14.

WILDER AUTO You Can Count On Us!

Check us out online at 24-hours a day!

95 & 97 Deer Park Road, Port Angeles



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