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COMMUNITY | Mayor names Andy Hwang new police chief [2]

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OPINION | Safe streets: New chief outlines police priorities [4] Roegner: City attorney made two bad calls [4] BLOTTER | Stranger scares children at elementary school [7] BEST OF FEDERAL WAY | The Mirror recognizes winners of 2014 [See insert]

SPORTS | Beamer snags fifth-place FRIDAY, MARCH 14, 2014 | 75¢ trophy [8]

Fire chief’s complaint prompts investigation

Eide won’t run again

By Carrie Rodriguez

From staff reports

Sen. Tracey Eide, DFederal Way, announced on Monday that she will not seek re-election this November in the 30th District. “Shortly after my reelection in 2010, I decided that this term would be my last and that I would pour myself into this term and then open the door for someone else. That time is here,” Eide wrote in a statement. “After 18 years in the Legislature, including 16 in the Senate, I leave with mixed feelings. I’ve taken joy and satisfaction in every successful effort on behalf of my constituents and my state, and I’ve agonized over those that came up short. It has been a point of privilege and honor to represent my district. I wish I could have done even more, but I’m sure every legislator feels that way. Eide came to the Legislature as a PTA mom and “never lost my passion for fighting to improve opportunities for our students. From leading the fight for simple majority legislation to eliminate the supermajority voting requirement to pass school levies, to funding the Digital Learning Commons, I’ve never stopped fighting that fight ...” Former state Rep. Mark Miloscia announced on March 6 his bid for Eide’s seat. The former Democrat is running as a Republican.

COUNCIL | Council reviews plan for federal entitlement funds [13]

Mark Freitas

The South King Fire and Rescue board reprimanded a fellow commissioner Monday night after an investigation found he made “age-related”

comments to fire Chief Al Church. The board hired an outside investigator, Russ Ferigio, last December after Church filed a complaint in October against Commissioner Mark Freitas. The 10-page complaint alleged that Freitas urged the chief to retire

in Freitas’s Feb. 15, 2013 evaluation of Church — a request that Church interpreted as “age discrimination.” Church also accused Freitas of stalking him, making personal snipes to Church, staring at him during meet[ more FIRE, page 6 ]

Federal Way residents find ‘The Price is Right’ One woman wins big on show; another woman’s show to air soon by Greg Allmain


wo Federal Way residents, Jackie Jarvis and Mimy Evans, got chances of a lifetime recently, with the two friends both getting the opportunity to participate in a taping of that classic American gameshow “The Price is Right.” While Evans episode won’t air until April, which restricts her from being able to talk about it much for now, Jarvis’s episode aired on Wednesday morning. Jarvis truly did find the price to be right, as she won in every round she participated in, including the Showcase Showdown, netting her a total of $34,899.36 in cash and prizes. “It’s always been a dream, so I got some tickets online and wanted to make sure it would happen,” Jarvis said. She and her husband, along with a friend, went to the taping to try and fulfill that dream. A big part of trying to make sure you get selected is answering a brief interview question posed to audience members and potential contestants while everyone waits to file into the studio. For anyone who knows Jarvis, her effervescent energy was probably not hard to notice, and it seemed that the show runners did indeed notice. “Finally, the producer moves on to me, and goes alright, ‘What do you do then?’” Jarvis recalled. “So, I’m like moneybags over here needs a trophy wife.”

Jackie Jarvis, and her husband Matt, celebrate Jackie’s successful appearance on “The Price is Right.” Jarvis was a big winner on the show, netting approximately $35,000 in cash and prizes. Jarvis’s friend, Mimy Evans, also made it on a couple of weeks later. contributed Jarvis’s husband Matthew is a financial advisor in Federal Way, and had alluded to such in his short interview. Jarvis then said the next question was, what was their favorite game on the show? “I said my favorite game is ‘Swap Meet,’ and they’re just stunned. I know everybody says ‘Plinko,’ but (for me) it’s ‘Swap Meet.’ And he’s like, ‘That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard,’” she said. “I didn’t want to tell the true story, but he called me out and said, ‘It’s an easy game.’ I said, ‘Yes, that’s the real reason. It’s an easy game and there are lots of prizes.’” Jarvis shared the experience of

being in “The Price is Right” audience, saying that one of the show’s requirements is that everyone in the audience has to keep a high level of energy. Because of this, the sound inside the studio is “deafening,” according to Jarvis. So much so, that she was uncertain if she heard correctly when her name was called. “Drew (Carey, ‘The Price is Right’ host), sends it over, and goes, ‘Alright, who’s our next contestant?’ And I hear, ‘Jackie Jarvis, Come on down, you’re the next contestant on ‘The Price is Right,’” she said happily. “I’m cheering with Matt, and I’m like, ‘They just said Jarvis!’ I had to rewind in my head to figure out RIGHT AUTO SALES Quality Cars 33333 Pacific Hwy S • 253-839-4701

$500 OFF Downpayment Does not apply to already discounted internet/car sticker prices.

which Jarvis they just said. I think it’s Jackie! And I’m looking everywhere, and it’s so deafening loud so they hold up signs with your name on it, and I’m just in this panic wondering where the sign is.” Jarvis said she stood up and realized she was the only one doing so for a moment. She decided to roll with it, saying, “I guess I’m just going down!” “I’m jumping up and down, I pass Matt, who was still sitting down apparently, and hug everybody else in my row, I’m already down there, hugging the most random strangers,” she said. [ more PRICE, page 2 ]



[2] March 14, 2014

[ PRICE from page 1] The experience of being called on and heading down to Contestant’s Row was intense, Jarvis said, sharing how people just stick their hands out to give you a high five or attempt to give you a hug. “All of a sudden, you’re the superstar, your name was called,” she said. Jarvis recalled that her first bid on Contestant’s Row was for an elliptical machine, one which every other contestant overbid on, leaving her the winner. “I get to go on stage, I go up on stage. This is the one thing I remember, I say, ‘Drew, the 12th Man brings their love,” she said, because the taping of the show was held the week leading up to the Seattle Seahawks playing the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship game. For her game, Jarvis got to play the Bargain Game. In this game, two items are presented to the contestant with the prices altered, and it’s up to the contestant to guess which one is the better bargain. Jarvis said her choice was between a refrigerator and a scooter. She had a good idea on how much the refrigerator was worth (approximately $2,900). The scooter, she said, she had no idea about. Like any good contestant, she looked to the crowd for help.

Hwang named new police chief From staff reports

Federal Way Mayor Jim Ferrell announced this week that he has named Federal Way Police Department (FWPD) interim chief Andy Hwang as permanent chief. The appointment is subject to Council approval, which is scheduled for the Council’s regular meeting on March 18. “During the past twoand-a-half months as interim chief, Andy has proven to be an outstanding leader for Federal Way’s Police Department,” Ferrell said in a press release from the city. “Andy is a person of exceptional character and integrity, and has demonstrated his commitment to community service and public safety throughout his career.” Hwang had served in the interim role since mid-January, when former police Chief Brian Wilson was named as Ferrell’s chief of staff. The new chief has “I look out to the crowd … and everyone is pointing to the fridge, so I’m like, cool! All the fans back up what I think too, I gotta go with the refrigerator,” she said. “I win that, I win big. They hook a microphone up to me and I’m running around like crazy … I was floating.” Up next was spinning the big wheel, Jarvis recalled. She said she got 75 cents on her first spin, which tied another contestant. They went to a spin-off, and Jarvis came out the victor and headed to The Showcase Showdown. Her fellow contestant passed on the first showcase, which Jarvis ended up bidding on. It consisted of two trips, along with a 15-foot sailboat. The sailboat, Jarvis said, seemed to throw the audience off a bit in properly evaluating the package. “I think most of the crowd thinks a 15-foot sailboat is really expensive,” she shared. “We’re from Seattle, we’re from the land of the boats. A 15-foot sailboat is nothing.” With this bit of knowledge in her mind, Jarvis bid her showcase at $26,500, with the actual price being $27,700. She said her competition overbid their showcase, so she had to wait in suspense that she hadn’t met the same fate. “They did hers first, and then they did mine. I’m thinking, ‘As long as I didn’t go over, as long as I didn’t go

Andy Hwang was named the new chief of the Federal Way Police Department this week. contributed photo been involved with FWPD since its inception, an asset that Ferrell said made him an easy choice for the city’s top cop. “Over the past 18 years, Chief Hwang has served the city of Federal Way with honor and distinction. He is well respected in the Federal Way community

and by his colleagues in the law enforcement profession,” the mayor said in the release. “I am excited about this appointment and look forward to Chief Hwang’s leadership of the Police Department as he continues and improves its standards of excellence and service to the community.”

over,’” she said. “I’m hearing the number $27,700. That means I got it! I got it right? But I don’t want to freak out and look dumb, so I’m waiting for them to officially tell me.” Jarvis said she ran straight to the boat and started celebrating, with Matt running up to her and the two sharing a big embrace. “We’re just dancing around, it was an unbelievable day,” she said. For Evans, the “Price is Right” was also a lifelong dream, one that she and her three sisters decided to make a reality. Evans can’t yet say much about her episode, but could share a bit about the pre-show interview process. “I had some things in mind, but I just wanted to say whatever was at the top of my head at the time, I didn’t want to seem too

forced, but at the same time, I was just so nervous,” Evans said. “I was with my siblings, and they were all nervous and needed help, so I had thought up things for them to say. But I really couldn’t really think of something clever for me to say. And then this angel called me on a whim.” Evans said Jarvis went into coaching mode, making sure she was in the right head space for the pre-show process. The two settled on a jokey reference to Evans’s work as a flight attendant. “I tell her, tell them you get high for a living,” Jarvis said, laughing with Evans. “But don’t let them pass before you say you’re a flight attendant. But then, you need to add, at the very end, that you’re from Washington, where it’s legal.”

Pet of the week: Meet Cecilia Meet lovely little Cecilia, a one-and-a-half year old Min Pin mix. Check out her airplane ears. She is a fun little girl who gets along so great with other dogs. Cecilia is cheery, playful and spunky. She would do best with an energetic human that can take her out to the park daily, or on hikes and jogs. Cecilia is also very affectionate and prefers to cuddle close with her humans during nap time. Cecilia chases cats, so Simply Paws recommends a home without cats for her or a home with a very dog savvy cat. Cecilia weighs about 9 pounds. She is quick and agile and has a deer-like gracefulness about her. She is up-to-date with vaccines, flea treatment, microchipped and spayed. Who could not love her shiny copper coat and adorable stubby tail? She is currently in a foster home in Federal Way. Email rescuinganimals@gmail.

Cecilia is available for adoption. contributed photo com or submit an adoption application at www.

Local makes Bentley University Dean’s List From staff reports

Heather Hallstrom, of Federal Way, was recently named to the Dean’s List at Bentley University. Hallstrom is a senior at the college. To be named to the Dean’s List, a full-time student must have a grade point average of 3.3 or higher.

...obituaries Mari ‘Melissa’ Reeves-Simmons Mari ‘Melissa’ Reeves-Simmons passed away on 2/27/2014 in Tacoma, WA. She was born on 7/7/1952. She survived by her loving husband, Robert Simmons of Federal Way & two daughters of Puyallup. Her life will be celebrated on March 23rd at 2pm at the Twin Lakes Country Club, 3583 SW 320th St Federal Way WA 98023

bration of Life For e l e C

more story online…

Sunday, March 16, 2014 2:00pm-5:00pm ANCHORMAN 2 R 3:35, 9:40 THOR 2 2D PG-13 12:30, 5:10, 10:00 AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY R 12:50, 6:40 THE NUT JOB 2D PG 12:20, 4:45, 9:15 THE NUT JOB 3D PG 2:35, 7:00 THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY PG 12:05, 2:40, 5:05, 7:30, 9:55 THE HOBBIT :DESOLATION OF SMAUG 2D 11:30, 6:30 WALKING WITH DINOSAURS 2D PG 3:05, 7:45

I, FRANKENSTEIN 2D PG-13 12:00, 2:50, 7:35 JACK RYAN:SHADOW RECRUIT PG-13 11:55, 2:15, 4:50, 7:10, 9:30 HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE PG-13 11:40, 3:00, 6:45, 9:45 THE HOBBIT: DESOLATION OF SMAUG 3D PG-13 2:45, 9:45 THE LEGEND OF HERCULES 2D PG-13 4:55, 9:50

Friends, family and community members are welcome to join us in honoring Mary Lou at: Twin Lakes Golf and Country Club 3583 SW 320th St Federal Way, WA 98023 Remembrances can be made to the Mary Louise Goss Educational Scholarship for Decatur High School, c/o Heritage Bank, Attn: Janice Siebenaler, 32303 Pacific Hwy. S, Federal Way, WA 98003.

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am honored to serve as your police chief as I enter my 26th year as a law enforcement officer, with almost 18 of those years with the Federal Way Police Department (FWPD). I was named to the position this week, after serving more than seven years as deputy chief. In all my assignments over the years, I have never lost my enthusiasm for the job, nor my affection for the organization and for the men and women who sacrifice their safety to protect our citizens. There is no nobler profession than that of providing safety and security to the community. Next time you see one of our police officers or civilian staff, please take the time to remember the unselfish acts of our police staff as they put their lives on the line every day to protect others. We are proud to serve a population of nearly 90,000, responding to nearly 70,000 calls-for-service each year. We do this with an incredible staff of dedicated police professionals and civilian staff. Since the formation of the FWPD in 1996, the department has progressed to one of the finest departments in the region. FWPD has taken creative approaches to foster an efficient citizen-police partnership to ensure a safe and secure community. Moving forward, the FWPD will continue to play a key role in keeping our schools, neighborhoods and our community safe through professionalism, citizen involvement and creative approaches to public safety. Our top priorities are to fight and reduce crime and keep our streets safe through traffic education, prevention and enforcement, such as reducing DUI and distracted driving, which pose the greatest risk to our law abiding citizens. As trends shift and move, it is important that we remain flexible and able to respond to those priorities that impact crime, safety and quality of life in Federal Way. Our commitment is to remain proactive and vigilant to ensure that Federal Way remains a safe place for our families. We are pleased to report that the crime rate in 2013, in comparison to 2012, remained relatively flat with an overall reduction of 1 percent. There are many exciting things underway in Federal Way. Our commitment is to continue to work hard to provide our citizens with the highest level of service possible. We will continue working towards strengthening our relationships and partnerships with the citizens we serve. Again, thank you for letting us serve you, and know that our police officers and civilian staff embody our guiding principles as they perform their duties for you on a daily basis: Integrity, communication, teamwork, accountability and respect. Andy Hwang

Fire chief throws away more taxpayer money Regarding South King Fire and Rescue Chief Al Church’s complaint about Mark Freitas’s supposedly age-related comment. “Maybe the Chief should retire” could have just been a too-polite alternative to “let’s fire the chief ” and get someone in here who can run this department in a fiscally sound manner. Could this be why the chief overreacted and

City attorney’s office made 2 bad calls An old political saying is still as true today as it was decades ago. “There are two things the public should never see being made, sausage and laws.” Recently, the Federal Way mayor and Council held a special, and unnecessary, council meeting to vote on whether to release to the public the names of the 20 candidates for the Council seat vacated by Jim Ferrell when he was elected mayor. The agenda bill gave them the option of voting to release the names or not. The Council eventually voted to release the names and, to their credit, didn’t seem to have any reluctance in agreeing to the request to protect the public interest. The result was correct and the mayor and Council established a precedent for future situations. But how they got there and how the issue was presented was not the best of evenings for thoughtful debate or the city attorney’s office. The Mirror had requested several weeks ago that they be provided the applications. The Mirror was acting on behalf of the public’s right to know who wanted to represent the citizens on the council. The Mirror’s request to the city was a simple legal standard. “Are applications for appointment to the city council public documents that must be released to the media?” Based on legal advice, the Mirror believes the documents were open to the public. Other cities have willingly provided the information to the media. According to the Attorney General’s Office, ap-

plications for appointment to the council should be thought of as a “mini-election,” and much like an election, most everything included in documents filled out by candidates is open to public review. However, the Mirror’s request was denied as the city attorney’s office held that the candidates should be treated as “employees” and by extension applicants for employment. However, like an election, only one is going to be an “employee” and even then elected officials have a different category. Worse, the legal context was misapplied and when presenting the issue to the mayor and Council, it was represented to be almost a “favor” to the Mirror, due to publication timetables. That was not the case at all. Had the information been provided when originally requested, the timing would have never come in to play. Also, the representation had the ring of an “exception” being made to the usual process. That is probably correct. But that only means the city process has also been flawed in the past. By way of illustration, only those residents attending the meeting were informed for the first time that four candidates had withdrawn. Two didn’t meet the residency requirements. Isn’t that something that the public might like to know? And of more importance, the city attorney never mentioned to the Council during the meeting the Attorney General’s opinion supplied by the Mirror. This meeting never should have occurred. All the city attorney had to do was note the [ more ROEGNER, page 5 ] Bob Roegner


The Mirror’s editorial board: Rudi Alcott, publisher; Carrie Rodriguez, editor; Karen Brugato, community volunteer; Patrick Godfrey, retired political advocate; Joan Tornow, author, school volunteer and mentor; Bob Case, journalism trainer and former news announcer; Don Hyun, tech industry consultant. Contact the board: editorialboard@

New chief outlines police priorities




f e d e r a l way


[4] March 14, 2014

● L E T T E r S - Y o u r opinion C o u nts :

To submit an item or photo for publication: email Letters may be edited for style, clarity and length. threw away more taxpayer money in legal fees for this imagined age discrimination fiasco?

Gary Adams, Federal Way

Disturbed about government spending I was disturbed to learn that, in his budget request on March 4, the Obama administration asked

Congress for $80 billion for Overseas Contingency Operations that is in addition to core Pentagon spending of Sound about $500 billion. This Overseas Contingency Operations account was created to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. With those wars over, the account should disappear.


Instead, it seems to be becoming a permanent slush fund that could help the Pentagon get around the effect of budget cuts - a luxury that no other parts of the government have.

Gina Pantier, Federal Way

Applaud for Miloscia, but not his party I applaud Mark Milos-

cia for being an honest guy in revealing his change in parties from Democrat to Republican before the election for the state Senate seat. He is unlike Rodney Tom and Tim Sheldon, who conned the Bellevue voters. However, I cannot vote for Mr. Miloscia because the Republican party caused most all of our country’s problems. They believe they come first and not the country.

Clement Savaikie, Federal Way [ roegner from page 4]

Attorney General’s opinion and advise the mayor and Council that she was releasing the names. No meeting. The attorney has that power. The reason a meeting was called was Ferrell read the Attorney General’s opinion and overruled the attorney. And with the concurrence of Deputy Mayor Jeanne Burbidge, Ferrell called for the special meeting. But behind the scenes, the mayor, likely in an attempt not to embarrass the attorney, suggested the Mirror’s request was an “evolving public discussion.” Cities have been filling council vacancies for decades, just because some cities continue to try and keep the information secret doesn’t change the interpretation. Applicant information for a council vacancy is public, although some personal information may be private. But the moves and spin control, combined with how the issue was presented to the Council, suggests the city attorney’s office has a different understanding of state law than the Attorney General’s Office. Fortunately, the public interest was served as the Mirror was able to run pictures and bio’s just before the interviews. But what happens next time or a citizen asks for public documents? It only took a few days to find out. Even after Ferrell announced his nominee to be the city finance director, the city attorney would still not release the nominee’s resume and application. Even the Council didn’t get the information until minutes before they were expected to vote. The public had no time or information with which to offer an opinion on the mayor’s choice to handle their tax dollars. The choice might be great, or it might not. But we have no way of making our own judgment. Even if you subscribe to the city attorney’s legal ruling on the finance director, does it make any sense to keep the information secret after the mayor releases the name? Wouldn’t you want to reassure the public of your choice by releasing as much as possible to build community support for your bosses’ choice? Other strong mayors have willingly released the information. Ferrell and the Council took one step forward by releasing the council candidate names. And they should be applauded if they did it for the right reason. But if they did it as a “favor,” rather than because it is the law, then they took two steps backward. And not releasing the nominee’s background after the mayor’s announcement was simply a bad management decision by the city attorney. Worse, it undermined Ferrell’s previous support for transparency. The city attorney’s office made two bad calls.

Bob Roegner, a former mayor of Auburn: bjroegner@

Join us for a fun-filled evening of roller skating to raise funds for Reach Out’s Winter Shelter Program For Homeless Adults

MONDAY, MARCH 31, 2014 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM Pattison’s West Skating Center 34222 Pacific Hwy South, Federal Way, WA 98003

$5 for students / $10 for adults / $25 for family of 5 or more; includes skates. Contact Valerie Danforth at to pre-register yourself or your team.


Lamar Neagle,

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Awards for “Largest School Team” and “Largest Team Donation”

Allen Schauffler, Correspondent for AI Jazeera America

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March 14, 2014 [5]

[6] March 14, 2014 [ fire from page 1]

via the newspaper, that he would involve outside legal counsel to overturn the conings to intimidate him and harassment, tract vote. amongst more than a dozen allegations. Church also accused Freitas of making During the meeting, Freitas’s family, innumerous comments to Church’s direct cluding his wife, two daughters and infant staff behind his back and attempting to grandson, sat in the back of the room as a intimidate and stalk him. show of support, while the board took ac“He sits during commissioner meetings, tion against the commissioner. Church was often staring at me, unchecked, red in the not present for personal reasons. Freitas vehemently denies the allegations, face and glaring,” Church wrote, noting that his administrative staff noticed this he told the Mirror. behavior. “I make a habit not to look at him unless he is speaking to avoid the attempted Stalking, staring and sniping intimidating stare.” “I find it very difficult to write this letter Church said on several occasions Freitas to my board of fire commissioners,” Church moved his place setting, so that he sits wrote in the complaint. “However, after so directly across from Church, “and stares at many years of sniping, personal attacks, me throughout the entire process …” behaviors that I consider unethical, stalkHe urged the board to investigate the ing and unlawful insinuations against me issue not to “isolate, triangulate or demonpersonally, I can no longer sit back and be ize” Freitas, but to “identify and purge a thick-skinned.” behavior that is destructive, malicious, He outlined his work relationship with lacks integrity and has caused both me and Freitas, noting that his initial exposure my staff more stress than is acceptable in to the commissioner was “not pleasant.” the workplace.” He said the union, IAFF Local No. 2024, However, the investigator noted in his encouraged Freitas to run for the posireport that while Freitas’s statement urgtion during a difficult labor/management ing Church to retire in his period, “where he was looked to evaluation was inappropri“He sits during as being someone to challenge ate and inconsistent with both (then-administrator) Jim commissioner the district’s equal opporHamilton and myself.” meetings, often tunity employment policy, He said his relationship with the statements themselves Freitas at that time was “strained, staring at me, were “unlikely to constitute as exemplified by his snipes dur- unchecked, red unlawful age discriminaing commissioner meetings … tion.” and during station tours where he in the face and Freitas noted that the lost his temper with me and sev- glaring.” chief had “many proeral other chief officers, relative Chief Al Church motional opportunities to the maintenance of food for available to him” and he emergency management, flies he was only “urging him to found in an overhead light fixture consider retirement.” and a set of bunker gear that he The investigator interfound in a shop lockup, which he viewed 10 staff members found offensive.” and commissioners, including Church and Church noted in 1998 or 1999, their reFreitas. lationship became “so bad” that he worked Regarding the alleged stalking, Freitas with the commissioners to bring in a contold the investigator that both he and the sulting firm to try and work through “all chief have busy schedules, so he has found the contentious issues involving Freitas.” it easier to touch bases at the end of the He said after he was promoted to fire day. He said he may have driven into the chief in 2001, he worked to be supportive parking area on multiple occasions to see if and friendly with Freitas, tolerating his Church was there. “driving through the parking lot always Freitas also said he drove by Church’s ‘looking for the chief ’ at the headquarters home on one occasion to pick up a lease station … often stopping by at unique times paper from a business associate who lives (such as on Friday evenings to come in and nearby. talk).” The investigator found that Freitas also During the last five years, their relationdid not violate district policy by driving by ship became “much worse,” Church said. He noted on one occasion, he said Freitas the chief ’s house for legitimate reasons. The investigation report outlined other accused him of “triangulating” him and areas where Freitas did not violate the commissioner John Rickert in order to get district’s policies. However, the investigaa new personal services contract adopted. tor noted that the board should take action Church admits he lost his temper and told against him to discourage certain perceived Freitas that the board came to him to ask inappropriate behavior. him to entertain extending his contract beyond 2013 to ensure he stayed to lead the department after the district’s investment in his education. Church requested some modifications to his contract, including a severance package, should the board decide to eliminate him, to preserve his ability to reach his full retirement, he said. He said before the board approved his new contract, Freitas tried to table the issue and then further threatened,

Federal Way organization to break ground on Veteran’s Housing Project From staff reports

Funding is complete on a new Veteran’s Housing Project to serve low-income and

Left to right, South King Fire and Rescue board vice chair James Fossos, commissioner Mark Thompson and chair Bill Gates, during a special meeting on Monday night. carrie rodriguez, The Mirror

Following a 15-minute executive session during the special meeting on Monday, the board approved making the investigation report available to the public. The board also unanimously voted to carry out the investigator’s recommendations, including to remove Freitas’s comment urging Church to consider retirement,

from the district’s files and records. Freitas recused himself from all motions that were made during the meeting. The investigator also recommended to inform Freitas that the board expects him to follow district policies and refrain from making age-related comments in personnel matters. In addition, the board also informed Freitas to refrain from discourteous and disrespectful public statements and behavior to district staff, making unnecessary provoking and disrespectful public sentiments and behavior to district staff and “engaging in physical behavior that can reasonably be perceived as intended to be intimidating.” The motion also called for Freitas to comply with the commissioner’s guidelines, including to treat every district employee and the board with respect; to exhibit respect when expressing criticism during a public meeting; not to influence the selection of district personnel, other than performing appropriate oversight duties regarding the chief; and for him to direct requests for information to Church, consistent with the board’s guidelines. The meeting heated up when board vice chair James Fossos made another motion to censure Freitas. Fossos asked for the censure as a gesture “to signify that this board condemns and does not condone his behavior as set forth in this investigation report … “ Board chair Bill Gates seconded the motion. Board member John Rickert called the motion “punitive and meaningless” and didn’t believe the board had the authority to censure a fellow commissioner. However, Fossos disagreed, saying Frietas’s alleged behavior “leaves this board in a libelous situation.” “The purpose of the motion is to demonstrate to the public, the fire chief and all of our employees that actions by one commissioner are not the action of this whole board or any of the other commissioners,” Fossos said. “Remember that this resulted from the actions of commissioner Freitas and that we need to disagree with him.” The motion failed 2-2, with Mark Thompson and Rickert casting no votes. Gates wrapped up the meeting, casting the district’s actions in a positive direction. “As someone said, it’s time to move forward, get back to business and heal wounds,” Gates said. “We are adjourned.” But for Freitas, the matter is not over.

“There are inaccuracies in the report,” Freitas told the Mirror following the meeting. “None of the comments were made under penalty of perjury and I have issues with the report as it was written and accepted.” He said he did not violate any of the commissioner’s guidelines. “I’m frustrated, I’ve served this community for a long time,” Freitas said. “I’ve done everything that I think is prudent, everything that I’m obligated to do, to do a good job for the taxpayers.” He also emphasized that this was an investigation, not a trial. He noted that while the district paid for the investigator, he paid for his own representation. “My only recourse is to file a lawsuit, but I’ve got to talk to my attorney,” Freitas added. Church wrote in an email that he is sure the overall process determined “an outcome that will allow the department and all members, elected and otherwise, to move forward.” Freitas’s daughter, Rosa Freitas, said she hasn’t seen the investigation report as it was just made public on Monday. However, “I know that my dad’s always acted in the best interest of the district and stands up for what he knows is the right thing, even if it ruffles a few feathers along the way with the district management,” Rosa said. “He’s just not a rubber-stamp board member who will simply do what Al Church wants. He has the district’s interest at heart always.” Rosa added she was frustrated that “people question his integrity.” Jerry Galland, who attended the meeting, said the board showed “a real lack of integrity” in their actions. “In a glaring failure at leadership, integrity, accountability and good of the district, Chairman Bill Gates embraced the convoluted motion addressing the trumped up complaint, validated through discussion that it originated as a mere slight, blown grossly out of proportion, and then openly condoned the frivolous action at our expense,” Galland wrote in an email. “Instead of dealing with the issue as a leader, of the only district employee he has oversight of, this resulted in meaningless, and demeaning to the district in general, actions by 80 percent of the board, again at great expense to the taxpayer in high-priced attorney fees and multiple non-open meeting costs for a non-factual investigation.” Gates declined to comment further.

homeless veterans in South King County. Multi-Service Center (MSC) in Federal Way recently announced that funding for the project is complete. The center expects to break ground on the project in early fall and anticipates the building will be ready for occupancy by the end of 2015. According to the 2013 King County Veteran’s and Human Services Levy report, 43

percent of King County’s veterans reside in South King County. Within King County, these veterans represent the largest number of veterans with disabilities, and the largest proportion of veterans facing poverty and financial emergencies. MSC’s housing project will provide permanent housing for those veterans who need it. Robin Corak, MSC’s CEO, has stated

that the MSC began seeing an increasing need for services for veterans in South King County a few years ago. The roughly $13 million housing facility is being developed in partnership with Shelter Resources Incorporated and will be located at 294th and Pacific Highway in Federal Way. The project will offer 44 one, two, and three bedroom units to veterans.

Board reprimands Freitas

March 14, 2014 [7]

Stranger scares Golfers subdue woman who kidnapped girls children at elementary school A By Carrie Rodriguez

This week’s…

Police Blotter Following is a sample from the Federal Way police log: Stowaway: At 5:27 a.m. on March 9 in the 30000 block of Ninth Ave. S., a person reported that they had discovered an unknown person in the back of his or her truck after driving home from Burien. According to the report, the unconscious stowaway was involuntarily checked into a local hospital. Coins stolen: At 8:15 a.m. on March 9 in the 30000 block of Pacific Highway S., unknown suspects stole approximately $150 in coins from a machine at a carwash. Wreathes stolen: At 2:29 p.m. on March 9 in the 2400 block of SW 349th Place, the victim reported that unknown suspects had stolen two decorative wreathes from his or her property. According to the victim, the two wreathes total value was approximately $500. The victim believed an in-home care nurse assigned to them may have been responsible for the thefts, but could provide no evidence to back the allegation. Expensive sunglasses stolen: At 2:34 a.m. on March 7 in the 2000 block of S. 320th St., unknown suspects broke into the victims vehicle and stole a number of items within. According to the report, the victim reported that one of the stolen items, a pair of sunglasses, was valued at $3,000. Man has gun pointed at him: At 3:09 a.m. on March 8 in the 28000 block of Military Road S., a man reported that an unknown suspect pointed a gun at him. According to the report, the man was in his vehicle driving when the suspect brandished the weapon. The report was unclear whether the suspect was also driving a vehicle or not, although it did note an area check of police was unsuccessful in locating the suspect. Man stabbed in neck: At 6:13 a.m. on March 8 in the 27000 block of Pacific Highway S., a woman stabbed her boyfriend in the neck with a kitchen knife. According to the report, the motive for the stabbing was the boyfriend attempting to pass off a pair of used shoes as a gift to the woman. Counterfeit bill: At 12:02 a.m. on March 7 in the 31000 block of 20th Ave. S., a man paid for a delivery pizza with a counterfeit $50 bill. The

Police nab armed robber from staff reports

Federal Way detectives nabbed an escaped sex offender wanted for multiple counts of armed robbery after a standoff Tuesday.

bill was handed over to police as evidence. Gas siphoned: At 8:23 a.m. on March 7 in the 100 block of S. 344th St., a business reported that unknown suspects had cut the fuel lines on two of the company’s vehicles and siphoned the fuel from those vehicles. Hacker embarrasses girl: At 9:37 a.m. on Feb. 25 at an undisclosed address, a father reported that an unknown hacker had gained access to his 16-year-old daughter’s iCloud account. According to the report, the unknown hacker used that access to send nude photos the girl had stored in her iCloud account to the father. Squatters rousted from old district building: At 6:11 p.m. on March 7 in the 31000 block of 18th Ave. S., police discovered five squatters inhabiting the old Educational Service Center building. According to the report, the interior of the building was in bad shape and it appeared that many people had been stripping copper wire, etc. out of the building recently. Stranger worries children: At 8:59 a.m. on March 7 in the 200 block of S. 328th St., police responded to a suspicious person call at Mirror Lake Elementary. According to the report, four students had been waiting for the bus on South 328th, when a man across the street motioned for them to come over to him. The report notes the “children thought this was concerning and began running towards First Avenue South, where they met up with a parent.”The man “started jogging east bound on South 328th” and “never spoke to the children and only made motioning gestures for the children to come to him.” Women accuses firefighters of stealing purse: At 11:27 a.m., on Feb. 26 in the 1900 block of SW Campus Drive, a woman reported that she believed South King Fire and Rescue personnel had stolen her purse while they treated her on Feb. 23. According to the report, the woman has no recollection of the day she was treated and only recalls waking up in the hospital the next day. The report notes the woman had asked the hospital if they had her purse, with the hospital indicating they did not. The report notes that when asked if she or anyone else witnessed SKFR personnel stealing her purse, the woman replied, “You guys always stick together.” The woman was advised to gather information on the day she was treated by SKFR and advised to file a complaint with SKFR.

Detectives received a tip that 29-year-old Stephen Paul Rodrigue was at at the Villa Capri apartments in Federal Way. SWAT removed bystanders from the four units, surrounded the complex and after a standoff, a K-9 took down Rodrigue and he was arrested.

5-year-old’s stuffed zebra, ripped its ears off and told the girl she would rip her ears off too, the girl told police. The woman also allegedly yelled at the older girl to get out of the vehicle while it was still moving, but the girl stayed so she could protect her younger sister, the report continues. Hulme drove the vehicle to Meeker Street, near the Riverbend golf course in Kent, where she stopped, possibly due to the flat two front tires. Witnesses said the woman walked down Meeker Street and attempted to get into several vehicles that were stopped due to rush hour traffic. Hulme was able to get into the passenger side of a vehicle, where she allegedly climbed on top of a preg-

nant woman, according to court documents. The pregnant woman claimed Hulme elbowed her in her stomach while she grabbed for the steering wheel, causing the pregnant woman pain. A bystander pulled Hulme out of the vehicle and several golfers subdued her until police arrived. The pregnant woman was transported to the hospital. Hulme is being held at the King County Jail and her bail was set at $200,000. Her criminal history includes felony convictions for possession of stolen property, forgery and drug charges. She also has nonfelony convictions for hit and run, theft, shoplifting, obstructing a false charge and failure to transfer a title.




Lakewood woman who allegedly kidnapped two girls from a Federal Way store parking lot, stole the vehicle the girls were in and attacked a pregnant woman was finally subdued by several golfers in Kent until police arrived on Feb. 28. Natalie Merriam Hulme, age 49, was charged with two counts of first-degree kidnapping, vehicle theft and attempted vehicle theft on March 5 in King County Superior Court. Before Hulme kidnapped the girls, video surveillance shows her approaching the girls’ mother in the parking lot of “We Buy Gold,” located in the 33600 block

of Pacific Highway S. in Federal Way. The mother later told police that Hulme asked her if she was going into the store and then held the door open for her. The mother left her keys in the ignition of her vehicle, along with her 5-year-old in the front seat and her 2-year-old in a carseat. Hulme then stepped around the mother, ran to the truck and locked both the driver’s side door and the passenger door where the girl was sitting, according to charging documents. The girl opened her door, but Hulme backed out of the parking lot, drove over a curb, hit a set of mailboxes and drove off with the passenger door still open. While she was driving to Kent, Hulme took the

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[8] March 14, 2014

Beamer snags fifth-place trophy


Megan Huff, Beamer

Todd Beamer senior guard Trey Burch-Manning goes to the basket during the Titans’ loss to Issaquah Saturday at the Class 4A Hardwood Classic inside the Tacoma Dome. Burch-Manning finished with 16 points. casey olson, The Mirror

cal-berkley wins pac-12 swimming championship at kcac California took home its second-consecutive title, winning the 2014 Pac-12 Men’s Swimming Championships on Saturday evening at the Weyerhaeuser King County Aquatic Center. The Golden Bears scored 786 points en route to the victory, more than 100 points over second-place finisher Stanford and thirdplace finisher USC. Arizona came in fourth in the final standings, followed by Utah at fifth and Arizona State at sixth. UC Santa Barbara placed seventh and Cal Poly rounded out the standings at eighth.

Beamer leads All-City Girls Basketball

Titans win first-ever state tournament game Thursday over Gonzaga Prep, lose two in a row to Richland and Issaquah By CASEY OLSON

The Todd Beamer boys basketball team picked up the school’s first-ever state tournament trophy Saturday afternoon inside the Tacoma Dome. It just wasn’t the trophy they had hoped to be holding after advancing into the semifinals with a win over Gonzaga Prep Thursday in the opening round of the Class 4A Hardwood Classic State Boys Basketball Tournament. The Titans (22-6) finished in fifth place Saturday afternoon with a 60-49 loss to the Issaquah Eagles in the third/fifth game in Tacoma. The defeat came a day after losing to previously-unbeaten Richland in the semifi[ more beamer page 19 ]

Beamer senior Bogdan Bliznyuk grabs the ball during the Titan’s loss to Issaquah on Saturday in the third/fifth game in Tacoma.

The 6-foot-2 Huff was a force in the middle of the Titans’ offense and defense. Huff was a first-team, All-SPSL South selection after leading Beamer in scoring and rebounding. Huff averaged 13.5 points a game and had a high game of 25 points during a win over Bellarmine Prep at the West Central/ Megan Huff Southwest District Tournament. Huff also had 24 during a loss to Mount Rainier in the SPSL Championship game. Huff and Beamer missed out on qualifying for the program’s first-ever state tournament with an overtime loss to Arlington at Regionals, 35-33. The Titans finAll-City Girls ished a perfect Basketball 16-0 in the SPSL Megan Huff, Beamer South. Huff is headed Nia Alexander, Beamer Quinessa Caylao-Do, to the UniverBeamer sity of Hawaii Bria Rice, Beamer in the fall to play volleyball Kayla Smith, Federal Way after signing in November. Huff was a four-year starter at Beamer. During her senior season, Huff led the Titans in kills with 212 and aces with 54. She was a first-team, All-SPSL South selection. Since 1997, the Rainbow Wahine have led the nation in home game attendance, with a cumulative average of more than 6,800 fans per match. The program is the second-largest source of financial income for the University of Hawaii athletic department, behind only the school’s football program. [ more all-city page 19 ]

MLS: Beamer grad, Sean Okoli, shines in Sounders FC debut Forward replaces TJ’s Lamar Neagle in 86th minute and assists Seattle to a 1-0 victory By MATT GASCHK

Beamer graduate Sean Okoli made his first appearance for the Seattle Sounders FC Saturday during their 1-0 win over Sporting Kansas City. courtesy

The chants of “2-5-3” echoed through CenturyLink Field as Sean Okoli subbed on for Lamar Neagle in the 86th minute of Sounders FC’s season-opening match against Sporting Kansas City on Saturday. The cheer from the Emerald City Supporters acted as an hom-

age to a Federal Way native and Thomas Jefferson High School product in Neagle and as a welcome to a Todd Beamer High School alum in Okoli, with their home area code acting as a rallying cry. Okoli, 21, made sure that his time on the field would be as memorable as his entrance, changing the point of attack for Seattle as he was able to create havoc with his speed up the right side and eventually setting up the game-winning goal with a cross that found Clint Dempsey in the box after a redirection at the near post and Chad Barrett finished the rebound. “When I came in the coaches

told me to do the best I can to get in behind the defense and try to make an impact. So I just tried to get the ball at my feet and get a couple of touches in,” Okoli said. “On the counter, Clint found me on the far side, and I just whipped the ball in. It was a mosh-pit in there so it was good to see our guys get on the end of it.” Okoli was able to cause a particular matchup problem for Kansas City’s left back because of that speed. With Seth Sinovic out with a hip injury, Josh Gardner – who played in the midfield for the Sounders in the USL in 2007 and 2008 – started in his place. Okoli got up the right side in the 88th [ more okoli page 19 ]

March 14, 2014 [9]

Truman High School to undergo program change T

ruman High School will unveil a new program next fall for its students, called the “Life Prep Flex” program. The program will be in a “blended learning” model, which involves a mix of online learning and more traditional learning methods, and will mostly replace the current “Career Academy” model at Truman, according to Adam Kulaas, principal at Truman Career Academy. “We offer an opportunity or an educational path for our students that highlights relationships, they highlight smaller learning environments in a non-traditional structure,” Kulaas said during the Federal Way Public

Schools (FWPS) board credits completed, and not meeting on Tuesday. “Toby what year they should night I’m here to present a be in or by their age. program that will open in Kulaas highlighted that the fall of 2014, this program entitled Life “We have brilliant is the result Prep Flex. It an intense kids in our district, of is a blended process and it’s about program.” involving stuKulaas said dents desires, creating an Truman will and studyopportunity to serve ing various continue to “serve all kids” every one of them blended and that Life learning under one roof.” Prep Flex won’t programs change that re- Adam Kulaas throughout ality “in terms the nation of this blended that are aloption we’ll be ready seeing offering to our success. kids.” Kulaas Kulaas said the new program summarized the shift and will target ninth and its implied benefit as “a 10th graders, but qualilearning model that places fied those designations by the student in the center of pointing out that at Truthe learning process.” man, those terms refer to “So in their online

content, (students) are attached to a Federal Way certificated teacher, across the board. Whether it’s an English class or a Spanish class, they’ll have access, anytime, anywhere,” Kulaas said. “They’re also on-site at Truman. There will be three certificated teachers in the areas of mathematics, humanities and social studies. We’ll run those three, on-site certificated teachers.” There will also be coaches/facilitators available to students. Kulaas noted that one of the strengths he perceives from this shift in educational programming is the ability to create personalized learning plans. “Students will go through a process that allows them to identify

Program change at Truman draws concerns Teachers tell board they feel “blindsided” by seemingly sudden shift by Greg Allmain

Truman High School will see a significant program change beginning next fall, mostly shedding the Career Academy program for what will be known as the Life Flex Program. The new program is considered “blended learning,” meaning it will include a combination of Internet learning and face-to-face learning for students enrolled. While the building administrators responsible for the program, most notably principal Adam Kulaas, feel this is a positive step for the school, Federal Way Public Schools (FWPS) board members, and two FWPS teachers, were not quite so sure about the proposed change. Both groups provided their input about the change during the board’s meeting on Tuesday. Board vice president Geoffery McAnalloy led the way with a series of questions. “How many teachers do you have staffed today?” he asked Kulaas. “Currently, I have 10 full-time teachers,” Kulaas replied. “And you said we’re going to three?” McAnalloy followed up. Kulaas replied in the affirmative, with McAnalloy

continuing his questioning by asking how much students and parents have been informed regarding these changes. “So we have a parent meeting scheduled for tomorrow night, and then two follow-up meetings later this month,” Kulaas said. “Was teacher input added to this?” McAnalloy continued. “Some of the teachers have seen different parts of this plan since August, since its inception,” Kulaas said. “So we’re going to displace 7.7 teachers with doing this, right? And also, it will have a student impact, right? I’m not trying to pooh-pooh it, but I’m just trying to understand it logistically,” McAnalloy said. “My current students can all either stay in this program, we’ll continue to serve them,” Kulaas said. “None of our students will be displaced unless they choose to or are already planning to do other pieces/approaches.” Board president Carol Gregory also pressed Kulaas on what exactly this change will mean for students and staff. “I’m just going to react because unfortunately we just got this material so I

really haven’t had a chance to explore this fully,” she began. “It seems like there’s a missing piece here … I can’t, from your discussions, understand where (teachers) fit in this process. I hear ‘I’ but I don’t hear ‘We’. That’s confusing me. Do you all of a sudden just tell a group of teachers that … the program is changed and you’re moving on?” Kulaas replied by saying the process for building the new program has been “student centered.” Director of Instructional Technology for the district Ron Mayberry also interjected, saying the displaced teachers may be picked up by the district’s Internet Academy. The Life Flex Program will draw upon Internet Academy resources, he said, so it seems like a good fit to shift those teachers over. Kulaas also pointed out that part of the intent in creating the Life Flex program is to allow students at Truman to draw upon resources Truman doesn’t have because of its status as an alternative high school. “Right now, in our current delivery model, we can’t provide (students) the pieces that would make access (to post-secondary education/opportunities) a reality,” he said. Truman’s principal also pointed out that staffing at Truman is somewhat problematic as it is, because of continued decreases in enrollment and students

struggling with attendance. “It’s a tight rope, a balancing act with those components,” Kulaas said. “Change is personal, I understand it, I’ve been through it. By no means is disrespect meant to the adults that are invested in our kids. A blended model shifts focus on that delivery (of education to students). We’re still accessing all of our teachers, it’s just in a different format.” Truman teacher George Bechara pointed out that, at least from the teachers’ perspective, they feel as though a bait-and-switch routine was pulled on them by building administrators. “The idea (of a blended learning program) was welcomed warmly at Truman High School, when we were informed of this decision last spring, as we admired the idea of having additional educational opportunities for our students,” Bechara said. “Now, after we were informed of the different model on Feb. 14, we were blindsided, as it was nothing like the one from last spring.” Bechara noted that internal staff conversations last spring had teachers believing that only one or two positions would be eliminated with the transition, and not the six to seven positions being discussed. “Unfortunately, we knew nothing about this until Feb. 14, and in addition to that, we’re going to lose all [ more truman page 10 ]

what they’re doing and what they want to do. It will allow us to capture their baselines, so they can celebrate momentum in terms of growth across the academic areas,” he said. Kulaas said this new program will also focus on the idea of student entrepreneurship, whether that’s defined by its more traditional meaning, or some of the newer meanings that have been given to the word in recent years. “With things that we’ve introduced as a district to our students, they’re starting to explore the idea of ‘social’ entrepreneurs, or ‘creative’ entrepreneurs, and thinking outside of the box of solely making money,” he said. “(It’s) the idea of allowing them or

providing them a platform that allows them to chase dreams, or chase ideas and things that may not exist yet.” The school day will be split into two parts, one part of the day in the more traditional setting of being in a classroom and doing work. The second part of the day will be more nontraditional, where students will collaborate “in groups with students of similar interests, academic and personal.” “We have brilliant kids in our district, and it’s about creating an opportunity to serve every one of them under one roof,” Kulaas concluded. To learn more about the Life Flex Program, visit life.

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[10] March 14, 2014

Q&A with Mr. FW: District responds to junior varsity soccer question

Best of 2014

Above, Kim Pang, owner of Twin Lakes Hair Salon, styles Councilmember Susan Honda’s hair during the Mirror’s Best of Federal Way event at the Federal Way Community Center on Wednesday. The salon won three “best of” awards during the event. Right, Mirror sales consultant Cindy Ducich (left) awards a Black Bear Diner representative a Best Breakfast award. The business also won three other awards for Best Brunch, Lunch and Family establishment. Black Bear Diner won the most awards during the event, followed by the Twin Lakes Hair Salon. carrie rodriguez, The Mirror

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cause it’s not a comprehensive high school, because it’s an alternative high school, it appears that it’s okay by the administration to make wholesale changes.” Transparency has been a buzzword at district meetings for a number of years now, Mayer noted, and he pointed out how the district’s issues with the idea stem from changes such as this. “This is exactly what I’m talking about. I’ve talked about my concerns with policy governance, if policy governance says that the administration can simply make and take wholesale changes to our schools and doesn’t have to get approval from you folks, and doesn’t have to include the community, then there is a fundamental flaw in policy governance,” he said. To learn more about the new program slated for Truman, visit https://schools.

13th PL S

[ more MR. FW, page 12 ]


of our career and technical education staff members,” Bechara said. “Please make sure the decision you make on the direction of the program really ensures that the 100plus students’ needs are met.” Mark Twain elementary teacher Steven Mayer asked board members to imagine if it was announced that one of the four comprehensive high schools was making a wholesale change, such as the change that will be made at Truman next fall. “Thomas Jefferson is going to drop the current program they have, and completely change their International Baccalaureate program into STEM,” he said. “Imagine if we made such a statement. The public outcry would be incredible. Tonight we heard there’s going to be a huge, fundamental change at one of our high schools, and be-

has helped close the gap. But we continue to see a decline in girls participation in the sports already provided district-wide. By solely providing a JV boys soccer program, we would drop further out of compliance. In doing so, we risk losing federal support dollars.” But Blauser didn’t close the door on JV boys soccer in the future. He has asked the district’s athletic directors to continue to look for ways to include it. “I too, want to find a way, within the policies and funding available, to get more students on the soccer field. I believe strongly that athletics plays a vital role in the development of our youth.” Q: Mr. Federal Way, why is there a new, huge speed limit sign in front of Twin Lakes Elementary? A: The new, bigger speed limit sign on 320th in front of Twin Lakes was recently installed as part of the Drive 20 campaign. Over the next year, the city of Federal Way will invest more than $400,000 to install these larger speed limit signs, variable speed limit signs at some locations, and upgrades to student crosswalks, among other features. Completing upgrades at all locations will take until 2017 and cost an estimated total of $1 million. According to the city, locations were prioritized based on speed studies, traffic volume, accident history and other factors. Funds for the project come from traffic safety camera revenues, which are restricted for

Cel ebr

[ truman from page 9]

population was made up of 51.4 percent boys and 48.6 percent girls. In contrast, the percentage of students participating in athletics was 40.6 female and 59.4 percent male at the four Federal Way high schools. Title IX essentially states that the gender percentages of the overall student population should match the percentage of students participating in athletics, which means the Federal Way school district is out of compliance with Title IX. Back in 2011, the district and the U.S. Department of Education entered into an agreement after an allegation was filed that Federal Way wasn’t offering equal sports opportunities for girls. That complaint essentially led to the district adding girls-only wrestling and bowling to its roster of sporting opportunities. Now, Beamer, Jefferson, Decatur and Federal Way offer 12 sports throughout the year for girls. In contrast, 10 sports are offered for boys only. But, that doesn’t matter, in terms of Title IX, according to the email from Blauser. “We have worked diligently to provide a more balanced opportunity for girls to participate in sports, adding girls wrestling and girls bowling to our sports selections over the past two years,” Blauser wrote. “This

9th Ave S

Q: Mr. Federal Way, I heard there’s an update on the question you answered last week about the school district offering boys junior varsity soccer. Can you please give us that update? (Being honest, Mr. Federal Way emailed Mr. Federal Way this question, because Mr. Federal Way received an “update” about JV soccer). A: Wow, what a great question. Whoever emailed this question to Mr. Federal Way must be one of the smartest people in the area. According to an email obtained by Mr. Federal Way from Vince Blauser, the director of secondary schools, the biggest reason why JV soccer isn’t offered in Federal Way has to deal with Title IX. It’s something that is too bad, especially for dozens of boys who would like to play soccer for their respective high schools, but can’t because there is only a varsity team. Title IX is the national mandate that holds school districts accountable for equity in gender opportunities in athletics. That response begs the question — is Title IX serving its intended purpose? Mr. Federal Way isn’t so sure. It seems to Mr. Federal Way that there just aren’t as many girls that turn out for sports than boys at the four high schools. For the 2010-11 school year, Federal Way’s school

OId Federal Way Branch

S 336th ST


Member FDIC

Equal Housing Lender

March 14, 2014 [11]

City should embrace Olympic attitude


he Olympics are over but Federal Way can learn a lot about becoming a better city from the world of elite athletics. Years of focus, training and maintaining a positive attitude no matter what are what make these athletes impressive. Also, most represented themselves, their sport and country with dignity. Federal Way native J.R. Celski is an exemplary example of work ethic, love of sport and class. A positive attitude is

Keith Livingston


infectious. Team sports are about learning to work together and an Olympic team is about capturing imagination and setting dreams in motion. Think Jamaican bobsled team and you just smile. Two athletes from a country without snow or bobsled-training facilities found a way to Sochi to compete and live the experience. They may have come in last place in the competition, but their effort to get to the Olympic games is what makes them

hometown heroes and fan favorites. The daily medal count is an exhibit of national pride and score keeping. But think about success on a national basis and consider population. The U.S. has a population of 310 million, compared to Norway’s 5 million. The U.S. sent 230 athletes to the Sochi games, which was the game’s largest contingent, and Norway sent 134. Norway is the most successful nation in the history of the Olympic winter games, both in terms of gold and total medals won. This comparative thought

is about proportionality, clarity of focus and excelling at what you do best. The U.S. sends a large, well trained and financed team to the games. But a small country can excel with focus and choosing its events carefully. Small cities can achieve Olympic status by focusing on niche opportunities. As a country, we love our athletes and chant “USA” when they win. We do not truly appreciate the endless hours of training but vicariously we share in their joy and feel their moments of defeat when our favorite athletes or our fellow citizens succeed. Where should Federal

Perfect guide for memoir classes or groups!

33 yEars ExpErIENCE

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”—Anaïs Nin

Way’s focus be as the energy of the 2014 Winter Olympic games fades? As individuals, I hope we find some Olympic spirit in our souls and do what we do in life better. Let’s challenge Federal Way to embrace a positive Olympic attitude toward renewing this city and taking it to a new level of competitiveness. Federal Way does not have to do much of anything well to be a city. It can choose to be mediocre or great. As residents, it is our choice. We need to set a higher standard, expect more from our leaders and ourselves. We have to want to invest in a better future. Greatness comes from residents and businesses having a team spirit

for this city and a willingness to improve at all levels. Think about it – Federal Way on a medals stand, a leader of cities within the Puget Sound. Will this city make the investments necessary to become competitive at a higher level and earn the respect of the greater community? This city needs to create a new vision for itself. Dream about building a city that can compete on a world stage. Its vision statement should spark our imagination and be worthy of an Olympic chant – Go Federal Way!

Federal Way resident Keith Livingston:

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[12] March 14, 2014

Man robbed at gunpoint at The Commons mall From staff reports

Federal Way police are searching for a woman who robbed a man at gunpoint in The Commons mall parking lot on March 5. The robbery took place in the late morning as the 49-year-old victim exited his vehicle to enter the mall. The victim related to police how the suspect approached him in the north parking lot of the mall and initially asked him for a ride to the rear of the mall, according to the police report. The victim refused, at which time the suspect asked for money to pay her cell [ mr. FW from page 10] phone bill. The victim reached to give the suspect a dollar when the suspect “seemed to start crying and pulled a gun out,” the report continues. The suspect then said, “I know you got the money.” The victim, who was “caught off guard but felt she would shoot him if he did not comply,” handed over his money clip and cell phone to the suspect, according to the report. The suspect then “put her gun in her pocket and walked to the mall.” The victim described the woman as a black female, about 40-45 years and approximately 5 feet, 6 inches, according to the police report. She was wearing black plants, a black jacket and a black knit cap.

traffic safety efforts such as this. Seems like a giant waste of money to Mr. Federal Way. How many reminders does a driver need in a school zone? Speaking of the Twin Lakes school zone on 320th, there is already flashing yellow signs, a speed limit sign and a traffic-safety camera. That wasn’t enough? Mr. Federal Way guesses not, which is why the larger speed limit sign was installed. According to Mr. Federal Way’s thinking, if you need all of these reminders to slow down to 20 mph in a school zone, than you are too old or too dumb to be driving. Might be time to

home, auto, property, restaurant, investment professionals

turn in the old driver’s license. Please, just take some responsibility for your actions and slow down to 20 mph when you see the flashing yellow signs in a school zone. It’s really not that hard. Q: Did you watch the season finale of “True Detective” on HBO? That Matthew McConaughey is quite an actor. It’s easily the best show on TV and he doesn’t wear deodorant. A: None of your business.

Got a question for Mr. Federal Way? Email



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March 14, 2014 [13]

Council reviews ‘action plan’ for federal entitlement funds plan, and also presented recommended uses for the approximately $610,000 the city anticipates receiving from the federal government this year. “The city’s annual action plan is the city’s formal application to (the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development HUD) for its entitlement grant,” Bennett said. “It

by Greg Allmain


he Federal Way City Council unanimously approved the 2014 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) action plan during the council’s March 4 meeting. Community services manager Jay Bennett touched on the need for the

must address … critical needs.” Those critical needs include economic development, neighborhood revitalization efforts, housing, public facilities and/or public services for low-tomoderate income people. Bennett noted that the basic fund is in strong shape, thanks to approximately $562,545 in car-

ryover from the city’s 2012 CDBG allocation. Combined with the estimated $610,000 the city will receive this year, and $3,000 in “program income,” the city will have approximately $1.2 million available to distribute throughout the community. Along with this, the city also provided a contingency for reception of $3


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million in what’s called a Section 108 loan. That loan essentially allows the city to borrow in advance on its CDBG entitlement for five years, and also gives the city up to 20 years to repay the money. Bennett also noted there’s the possibility of $100,000 for what’s known as the Neighborhood Stabilization Program. On the expenditures side, Bennett related how the city is allowed to allocate up to 20 percent for planning and administration costs, and up to 15 percent for public services expenditures. For planning and administration costs, the action plan has budgeted $80,000 for staff costs, $15,000 for professional services for the Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area Plan, $2,500 for fair housing education, and $24,500 for professional services regarding a program known as the New Markets Tax Credit program. The public services funding will see $25,437 going towards the Federal Way Community Center’s inclusion program, $16,007 for Health Point health services, $16,007 for the Multi Service Center’s (MSC) “Yes” program, $23,007 for the MSC’s Emergency Assistance program, and $16,007 will go towards the Institute for Family Development. “I call your attention to these agencies that were awarded (funds) in the 2012 application period, and (as part of that) were awarded allocations for 2013 and 2014,” Bennett said. “We’ve actually give a little bit more this year.” Another part of CDBG expenditures is known as Community Economic Revitalization Funding (CERF). These funds go towards helping businesses and other entities throughout the community. For 2014, $80,000 is budgeted for small-business loans and the same amount is also allocated for micro enterprise loans. $105,000 was budgeted for “commercial exterior improvement(s),” while $250,000 was allocated for an emergency housing repair program. About $102,300 will be directed to Highline Community College and its small business development program, while $30,000 will be awarded to Parkview Services to acquire a house. Approximately $214,000

will fund a small business retention program, while $15,000 will go to remodeling costs for a project house in the Westway Neighborhood. Finally, $50,000 has been set aside to employ a part-time code enforcement officer. Bennet says many of these funds have already had, and will continue to have, a positive impact for Federal Way residents. “(The emergency housing repair) program is just unbelievable and it really helps homeowners,” he said. “The small business retention program is new, and would be assistance to small businesses. This is for job retention, for businesses who may be in danger of losing employees. (The program is) to make sure we’re not only creating jobs, but retaining good Federal Way jobs.” The part-time code enforcement officer is also a new addition to the plan, Bennett said, and supports Mayor Jim Ferrell’s effort to reconnect City Hall with the community. “The mayor’s initiative of wanting to get in neighborhoods, to be proactive and work with people, the Community Development Block Grant (program) can help with that … While (the code enforcement officer) is working in low-to-moderate income neighborhoods, that is an eligible expense for Community Development Block Grants.” Councilmember Bob Celski asked Bennett about the small business retention program, wondering if there’s already a program in place for how those funds should be used, or if the city is following someone else’s lead. “It looks like we’ve allocated $214,000, which is a pretty substantial amount from the total allocation,” Celski noted. Bennet said that is an issue that he and his staff are currently working on. “Next up on my plate is putting some meat around the bones of that program. I’ve already had some conversations with Seattle and Tacoma, and with another program across the country,” Bennet replied. “This is a great use of those funds. Retaining and building small businesses, I’m fully supportive of that,” Celski added. To learn more about CDBG funding, visit www. aspx?nid=555

[14] March 14, 2014


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March 14, 2014 [15] Employment Services

Business Opportunities

T H E C L E A N I N G AU Real- Estate THORITY 6348 6th Ave Careers S S e a t t l e, WA 9 8 1 0 8 Earn your real CALL/LLAMAR 206-352estate license 9888 206-352-9555 before the market HOUSECLEANERS goes back up. NEEDED!! Ear n up to Evening classes. $11.25/hr with bonus We Take Payments pay for dr ivers (must have car & ins.) Earn up Live Instructed. to $10.25/hr with bonus pay for non-drivers Paid Blue Emerald Real Estate School We e k l y Pa i d M i l e a g e and Travel Time Monday King Co: ? Friday: 8 am to 6 pm (253)250-0402 No evenings or weekends Car & Licensed Preferred Solicita personal para limpiar casas The Unique Company Business School no experiencia necesaTuition only $500 rio, tener carro, y licenc i a va l i d a . C o m p a n i a Guaranteed verde. Ganar mas $11. Employment 25/hr para empesar con 10K a month potential os bonas. Se Pagan mil253-517-8698 las de manejo. Lun a Vie 30-40 hrs. X semana. Find your perfect pet No noches o fines de semana. Interesados lle- in the Classifieds. nen una aplicación o llamen. CALL 206-3529888 Employment Transportation/Drivers

Come join our team! Federal Way Transportation is looking for SUBSTITUTE SCHOOL BUS DRIVERS. A good driving record and a positive attitude are required. We provide paid training. This is a great par t-time job for stay at home parents or retirees. For information and application go to or call 253-945-5943

Schools & Training

AIRLINES ARE HIRING – Tra i n fo r h a n d s o n Av i a t i o n C a r e e r. FA A approved program. Financial aid if qualified Job placement assistance. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance 877-818-0783

For application information, call Paul Proctor at Premier Transportation: 866-223-8050. EOE • $1,000 longevity bonus after each year • Assigned trucks • Direct deposit DRIVERS -- Whether you have experience or need training, we offer unbeatable career opp o r t u n i t i e s . Tr a i n e e , Company Driver, Lease Operator, Lease Trainers. (877) 369-7105 Local-Home Nightly! Sumner, Kent & Auburn. G r e a t Pay, B e n e f i t s ! CDL-A, 1yr Exp. Req. Estenson Logistics Apply 1866-336-9642 O W N E R / O P E R AT O R $5,000 Sign-on Bonus! Teams up to $350,000/ ye a r. S o l o s u p t o $175,000/year. $2500 Sign-on Bonus! Dedicated Home Weekly! Forward Air 888-652-5611 Business Opportunities

Make Up To $2,000.00+ Per Week! New Credit Card Ready Drink-Snack Vending Machines. Minimum $4K to $40K+ Investment Required. Locations Available. BBB A c c r e d i t e d B u s i n e s s. (800) 962-9189


Repo Sears deluxe 20cu.ft. freezer 4 fast freeze shelves, defrost drain, interior light

*UNDER WARRANTY* Make $15 monthly payments or pay off balance of $293. Credit Dept. 206-244-6966

Sell your stuff free in the Super Flea! Your items totalling $150 or less will run for free one week in your local community paper and online. Call today to place your ad 866-825-9001


Heavy duty washer & dryer, deluxe, large cap. w/normal, perm-press & gentle cycles.

* Under Warranty! *

Balance left owing $272 or make payments of $25. Call credit dept.


NEW APPLIANCES UP TO 70% OFF All Manufacturer Small Ding’s, Dents, Scratches and Factory Imperfections

*Under Warranty*

For Inquiries, Call or Visit

Appliance Distributors @ 14639 Tukwila Intl. Blvd.



DRIVERS Premier Transportation is seeking Tractor-Trailer Drivers for newly added dedicated runs making store deliveries MondayFriday in WA, OR, ID. MUST have a Class-A CDL and 2 years tractortrailer dr iving exper ience. • Home on a daily basis • $.41 per mile plus stop off and unloading pay • $200/day minimum pay • Health & prescription insurance • Family dental, life, disability insurance • C o m p a n y m a t c h 4 0 1 K , Va c a t i o n & holiday pay


stuff Appliances

Custom deluxe 22 cu. ft. side-by-side, ice & water disp., color panels available

UNDER WARRANTY! was over $1200 new, now only payoff bal. of $473 or make pmts of only $15 per mo.

Credit Dept. 206-244-6966


Deluxe 30” Glasstop Range self clean, auto clock & timer ExtraLarge oven & storage *UNDER WARRANTY* Over $800. new. Pay off balance of $193 or make payments of $14 per month. Credit Dept.


Professional Services Attorney, Legal Services

Home Services General Contractors

Home Services Landscape Services

Notice to Contractors Washington State Law (RCW 18.27.100) requires that all advertisements for construction related services include the contractor’s current depar tment of Labor and Industries registration number in the advertisement. Failure to obtain a certificate of registration from L&I or show the registration number in all advertising will result in a fine up to $5000 against the unregistered contractor. For more infor mation, call Labor and Industries Specialty Compliance Services Division at 1-800-647-0982 or check L&Is internet site at



Professional Services Consultants


DIVORCE $155. $175 with children. No court appearances. Complete p r e p a ra t i o n . I n c l u d e s custody, support, proper ty division and bills. B B B m e m b e r . (503) 772-5295. www.paralegalalter

Fresh Financial Start


By Filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

* Under Warranty *

* Flexible Payment Plans * Free Consultation * Stop Foreclosure * 25+ Years Experience * Saturday Appts Avail. Call the Law Office of Kevin J. Magorien, PS at

Deluxe front loading washer & dryer. Energy efficient, 8 cycles. Like new condition Over $1,200 new, now only $578 or make payments of $25 per month


LEGAL NOTICES CITY OF FEDERAL WAY REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL I. PURPOSE OF REQUEST. The City of Federal Way (“City”) is requesting proposals for the purpose of Rock Climbing Services at the Federal Way Community Center. The City’s needs are outlined in the following Request for Proposal (“RFP”). II. TIME SCHEDULE. The City will follow the following timetable, which should result in a selection of the winning contractor by March 28, 2014 Issue RFP March 7, 2014 Deadline for Submittal of Proposals M a r c h 2 1 , 2014 Preliminary Selection of Firm March 28, 2014 Notify Firm Chosen April 4, 2014 III. INSTRUCTIONS TO PROPOSERS. A. All proposals should be sent to: Kimberly Shelton, Fitness/Athletic Coordinator City of Federal Way 876 S. 333rd St. Federal Way, WA 98003-6325 (253) 835-6932 All proposals must be in a sealed envelope and clearly marked in the lower left-hand corner: “RFP” Rock Climbing Services. All proposals must be received by March 21, 2014, at which time they will be opened. No faxed, emailed or telephone proposals will be accepted. PLEASE SEE THE FULL ADD ON OUR WEBSITE Published in the Federal Way Mirror, March 7, 2014 & March 14, 2014 FWM 2112


* Basic Remodel * Carpentry * Painting * Flooring * Windows * Doors * Decks * Minor Electric & Plumbing

* Wood Fences * Pressure Washing

* Roof & Gutter Cleaning

253-945-9887 AJS****001BG

P E R S O N A L I N J U RY ATTORNEY, Auto injury, wrongful death, insurance claims, medical malpractice, nursing home negligence, defect i ve / u n s a fe p r o d u c t s, Free Consultation CALL 1-800-352-6061

Appliance Repair - We fix It no matter who you bought it from! 800-9345107 Home Services Concrete Contractors


Exposed Aggregate • Colored Stamped • Pavers • Retaining Wall

D Custom Tile D Windows

D Fences D Decks Ref.avail. 253-486-7733 D

Lic/Bond/Ins allsec021lq

Home Services Electrical Contractors

New breaker panel, electrical wiring, trouble shoot, electric heat, Generator transfer switch, Fire Alarm System, Intercom and Cable,Knob & Tube Upgrade,Old Wiring Upgrade up to code... Senior Discount 15%

Lic/Bond/Insured DSELE**088OT


Free Estimate One call, does it all! Fast and Reliable Electrical Repairs and Installations. Call 1-800-9088502 Home Services Hauling & Cleanup

*EZ-Haulers Junk Removal

We Haul Anything!


Lowest Rates! (253)310-3265

Home Services Property Maintenance

Home Services Landscape Services


* Cleanup * Trim * Weed * Prune * Sod * Seed * Bark * Rockery * Backhoe * Patios 425-226-3911 206-722-2043 Lic# A1SHEGL034JM


253-862-4347 253-752-6879 Bonded & Insured


Find your perfect pet

LATINO’S LAWN & GARDEN ALL YARD WORK AND LANDSCAPING $50 off Full Cleanup Mowing, Thatching & Weeding Blackberry Removal, Gutter & Roof Cleaning

AND MUCH MORE. Check us out Online



Satisfaction Guaranteed LOWEST PRICE Free Estimates Senior Discount Lic/Bonded/Insured CALL JOSE 206-250-9073

MIGUEL’S LAWN SERVICE $10 off Lawn Mowing for 1st Time Customers

Mowing, Pruning Trimming, Thatching, Aerating, Weeding, Bark Spreading Blackberry Removal and MUCH MORE

ALL YARD WORK Free Estimates Satisfaction Guaranteed Licensed - Insured CALL MIGUEL


Home Services Lawn/Garden Service

K&K Lawn Maintenance (253)862-4347 (253)752-6879

Cleanup*Lawn Care Shrub/Tree Pruning Thatch & Aeration Pressure Washing


20+Yr Experience

Free Estimates



Bond • Ins. • Lic #TOMSCCS881DM

Think Inside the Box Advertise in your local community newspaper and on the web with just one phone call. Call 800-388-2527 for more information.

Picture it sold! Include a photo in your classified ad and show thousands of readers what you’re selling. Go online to or call 1-800-388-2527 for information on our 5 week photo specials.

Lawn Maintenance

DS ELECTRIC Co. in the Classifieds.


25 years experience


Trimming, Pruning, Weeding, Clean-up Bark, Hauling All kinds of yard work!

Remodel D Home repair D Baths D Kitchens D Basements D Add-On D Cabinets D Counters


Home Services Appliance Repair


Over 30 yrs exp. in:

ALL Service Contracting

All Things Basementy! Basement Systems Inc. Call us for all of your basement needs! Waterproofing ? Finishing ? Structural Repairs ? Humidity and Mold Control F R E E E S T I M AT E S ! Professional Services Call 1-888-698-8150

Buying Estates If you have an estate give us a call and we can make a free quote. Clean outs too. 360-393-2631 WAestatebuyer

ALL YARD WORK Affordable Prices. General Clean Ups Mowing, Pruning Hauling Thatching. Licensed and Insured. Free Estimates Satisfaction Guaranteed

K&K Landscaping




Home Services Lawn/Garden Service

Mowing; Weekly Bi-Weekly and Monthy. Call

206-962-9998 Need help with your career search? There is help out there! and you can access it at whatever time is convenient for you! Find only the jobs in your desired category, or a specific location. Available when you are, 247. Log on at or call one of our recruitment specialists, Monday-Friday 8am-5pm 800-388-2527 Home Services Plumbing

One call, does it all! Fast and Reliable Plumbing Repairs. Call 1- 800796-9218 Home Services Roofing/Siding

Quality Roofing at Reasonable prices! We’re Licensed, Bonded and Insured. Quick Ser vice, crews standing by. We do repairs, and complete installations. Free Estimate, or let us beat someone else’s! 360970-5983 3treeroofing. com

ROOFING & REMODELING Senior Discounts Free Estimates Expert Work 253-850-5405 American Gen. Contractor Better Business Bureau Lic #AMERIGC923B8

Home Services Tree/Shrub Care


Free Estimates Insured & Bonded

253-854-6049 425-417-2444

Removals, Topping, Pruning LIC# JJTOPJP921JJ

Find your perfect pet in the Classifieds.

TREE SERVICE Tree Trimming & Pruning. Medium size Removal. Stump Grinding.


Satisfaction Guaranteed LOWEST PRICE Free Estimates Senior Discount Lic/Bonded/Insured CALL 206-941-2943


[16] March 14, 2014

Auctions/ Estate Sales

Auctions/ Estate Sales

FEDERAL WAY Public Auction/ Landlord Lien Foreclosure Sale 3/21/14 at 9 AM.

FEDERAL WAY Public Auction/ Landlord Lien Foreclosure Sale 3/21/14 at 9 AM.

Cemetery Plots

1976 POROY 60/14 mobile home, Camelot Square Mobile Home Park #251, 3001 S 288 St PH: 253-839-7575

2006 FISTI MOB mobile h o m e. B e l m o r Pa r k Space 252, 2101 S 324 St PH: 253-838-0517

1.25 million readers make us a member of the largest suburban newspapers in Western Washington. Call us today to advertise. 800-388-2527

Cemetery Plots

2 CEMETERY PLOTS $4,000 ea or best offer at Greenwood Memorial Park in Renton. Located in the Holly section. Seller pays transfer fee. For sale by owner call Jim 206-228-3356.

Stokes Consignment AUCTION Many Vehicles 59¡V%RDWV Tools & Shop Equipment Estate Items Antiques & Collectibles


Cemetery Plots

Cemetery Plots

(2) PREMIUM, SIDE by Side Indoor Mausoleum Casket Spaces at the B e a u t i f u l Wa s h i n g t o n Memorial Park in Seatac. In the Sold Out Garden Court Mausoleum. Current Value: $16,495 for both. Asking $13,000 or best offer. Or $7,000 each. 425-836-0302 1 PLOT $3,500 OBO. Valued at $5,000. Located in the peaceful Garden of Flowers. Beautiful mature floral landscape with fountain at the desirable Bonney Watson. Sea Tac, near Airpor t. Please leave message, I will return your call 206734-9079. 1 PLOT $7,500 IN Pretigous Sunset Memorial Park in Bellevue. View of the mountains!!! Sold out space in the desirable “Garden of Prayer� section. Lot # 210, space # 5. Owner pays transfer fee & endowment care fee. If available would retail at $22,000. Private owner. 503-412-8424.

Reach the readers the dailies miss. Call 800-388-2527 today to place your ad in the ClassiďŹ eds.

$6000 FOR 2 PLOTS, located in Gethsemane, Federal Way. Includes 2 openings & closings (fee is already prepaid $600 value). Nice setting in a mature, manicured landscape. Level ground location, off main road coming in, not too far behind the main building. 3 LOTS HILL TOP VIEW Section D. Private seller, in the sold out Garden of call 253-333-1462. Gethsemane. Originally C E M E T E R Y P L O T $ 2 2 , 0 0 0 e a . A s k i n g available in the beautiful $7,500 ea. Plots 7, 9 & Mountain View Ceme1 0 o ve r l o o k S e a t t l e ! ter y in Tacoma. West Sunset Hills, Bellevue. L a w n l o c a t i o n . W a s Available by private sale $3,600, now selling for only, for more informa- $1,500! Call: 253-565tion, call: 503-722-7254. 2827 (4) CEMETERY Plots GREENWOOD MEMOSide by Side, Azalea RIAL Park, Renton. (2) S e c t i o n , G r e e n wo o d Side by Side plots in Memorial, Renton. Half (sold out) “Heather SecPrice at $16,000. Own- tion�, Plots 3 & 4. Monuers are alive and have ments are OK. Valued at relocated permanently to $10,000 each. Sell for another State. Call K. $7,900 each. Save $800 Harrison at 425-677- a n d b u y b o t h f o r 5688. $ 1 5 , 0 0 0 . S e l l e r p ay s $7,700=2 SIDE BY SIDE transfer fees. Andrew, plots in highly desirable 206-373-1988 “Lords Prayer Memorial� Reach over a million area Evergreen-Washelli Memorial Park. Valued potential customers at $5,750 ea. Section when you advertise in 17, lot 214, graves 6 & the Service Directory. 7 . 1 1 1 1 1 Au r o ra Ave N o r t h , 9 8 1 3 3 . G l o r i a Call 800-388-2527 or go online to 480-361-5074.


Your Dream Building At The Best Price... Guaranteed!

8398 Spring Creek Road SE Port Orchard, WA Viewing: Fri, March 14- 10:00am until 4:00 pm and Sat 8:00a.m. until auction. Buyer’s Premiums in effect See our website for full details

• Garages • Shops • Carports • Barns • RV Covers • Custom Designs

Ark Custom Buildings, Inc. Our reputation, quality & service can’t be matched!

Call For FREE Estimate Lic# ARKCUBI991J1



DirectTV - 2 Year Savings Event! Over 140 channels only $29.99 a month. Only DirecTV gives you 2 YEARS of savings and a FREE Genie upgrade! Call 1-800279-3018

Enumclaw Expo Center


Gun & Knife **Show**

March 15--16

Sat 9-5 & Sun 10-3 Admission $7

Discover the Satellite TV 1-800-659-3440 Difference! Lower cost, B e t t e r Q u a l i t y, M o r e Choices. Packages ****************** star ting at $19.99/mo. FREE HD/DVR upgrade Place an advertisement for new callers. CALL or search for jobs, NOW!! 877-388-8575 DISH TV Retailer. Starting at $19.99/month (for 12 mos.) & High Speed Internet starting at $14.95/month (where available.) SAVE! Ask About SAME DAY Installation! CALL Now! 800278-1401 Need extra cash? Place your classiďŹ ed ad today! Call 1-800-388-2527 or Go online 24 hours a day

M y C o m p u t e r Wo r k s. Computer problems? Viruses, spyware, email, printer issues, bad internet connections - FIX IT NOW! Professional, U.S.-based technicians. $25 off service. Call for immediate help. 1-800681-3250

A SERIOUS GUN COLLECTOR BUYING individual pieces & entire collections / estates. Fair pr ices! Call Rick now 206-276-3095.

Buildings Can Be Customized Just The Way You Want!


AT&T U-Verse for just $29/mo! BUNDLE & SAVE with AT&T Internet+Phone+TV and get a FREE pre-paid Visa Card! (select plans). HURRY, CALL NOW! 1800-256-5149

Firearms & Ammunition

See Our “Special Offers� @

Firearms & Ammunition


Advertise your upcoming garage sale in your local community paper and online to reach thousands of households in your area. Call: 800-388-2527 Fax: 360-598-6800 Go online:

homes, merchandise, pets and more in the ClassiďŹ eds 24 hours a day online at Firewood, Fuel & Stoves

NOTICE Washington State law requires wood sellers to provide an invoice (receipt) that shows the s e l l e r ’s a n d b u y e r ’s name and address and the date delivered. The invoice should also state the price, the quantity delivered and the quantity upon which the price is based. There should be a statement on the type and quality of the wood. When you buy firewood write the seller’s phone number and the license plate number of the delivery vehicle. The legal measure for firewood in Washington is the cord or a fraction of a cord. Estimate a c o r d by v i s u a l i z i n g a four-foot by eight-foot space filled with wood to a height of four feet. Most long bed pickup trucks have beds that are close to the four-foot by 8-foot dimension. To m a k e a f i r e w o o d complaint, call 360-9021857. WeightsMeasures/Fire woodinformation.aspx

flea market Flea Market

CELL PHONE, new in b ox , Kyo c e ra S 2 1 0 0 , camera phone with bluetooth wireless, mobile web and more, $20. MICROWAVE, white, Haier 0.7 cu.ft., 700 watts, like brand new, only used a few t i m e s. $ 4 5 O B O. Federal Way. 253-8748987 C H E V RO L E T 1 2 b o l t 4.56 ring & pinion, excellent condition $100. (253)537-7932 F u r Ja cke t , K a l i n s k y mink, perfect condition. Size M. $150 253-8748987 M O RO S O 6 q u a r t o i l p a n & p i ck - u p. F i t s 62-67 Nova small block. $150. (253)537-7932 NEW FENCING: Chainlink, 6’H x 35’L. $35. Call (253)638-8984 Mail Order

Canada Drug Center is your choice for safe and affordable medications. Our licensed Canadian mail order pharmacy will provide you with savings of up to 90% on all your medication needs. Call today 1-800-418-8975, for $10.00 off your first prescription and free shipping. The opportunity to make a difference is right in front of you. Recycle this paper. KILL BED BUGS & THEIR EGGS! Buy Harris Bed Bug Killer Comp l e t e Tr e a t m e n t P r o gram or Kit. Available: Hardware Stores Buy Online (not in stores):Â VIAGRA and CIALIS Users! 50 Pills SPECIAL $99.00. FREE Shipping! 100% guaranteed. CALL NOW! 855-409-4132

We are community & daily newspapers in these Western Washington Locations: • King County • Kitsap County • Clallam County • Jefferson County • Okanogan County • Pierce County • Island County • San Juan County • Snohomish County • Whatcom County Sound Publishing is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE) and strongly supports diversity in the workplace. We offer a great work environment with opportunity for advancement along with a competitive benefits package including health insurance, paid time off (vacation, sick, and holidays), and 401k.

Accepting resumes at: or by mail to: 19426 68th Avenue S, Kent, WA 98032 ATTN: HR Please state which position and geographic area you are applying for.

Sales Positions

• Multi Media Advertising Sales Consultants - Everett - King Co. - Whidbey - Issaquah/Sammamish - Bellevue - Friday Harbor

Reporters & Editorial • Reporters - Everett - Sequim - Whidbey - San Juan

Non-Media Positions • Circulation Manager - Kirkland


• Insert Machine Operator - Everett • General Worker - Everett

Featured Position

Current Employment Opportunities at

Multi-Media Advertising Consultant-Inside Be a part of the largest community news organization in Washington! The Daily Herald/HeraldNet. com, a division of Sound Publishing, Inc. is looking for a self-motivated, results driven person interested in a career in multi-media sales. In this exciting role you will leverage your drive and creativity to develop, customize, and sell online and print marketing programs to local businesses and private party advertisers. Qualified candidate will be able to: • Sell advertising to meet and exceed goals • Make sales presentations and close sales over the phone • Provide a high level of customer service to meet and exceed client expectations • Prioritize workflow and thrive in a very fast-paced environment with short deadlines • Candidate must have a minimum of one year prior outbound phone sales experience. You will receive thorough training on our products and solutions as well as successful sales techniques. We are committed to our team and actively promote from within, opening doors for your future growth. If you have the noted skills, please email your resume and cover letter to: hreast@ This position, which is based in Everett, receives hourly pay plus commissions and a benefits package including health insurance, paid time off, and 401K. Sound Publishing Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE) and strongly supports diversity in the workplace. Visit our website to learn more about us!

For a list of our most current job openings and to learn more about us visit our website:

March 14, 2014 [17]

Mail Order

Medical Guardian - Toprated medical alarm and 24/7 medical alert monitoring. For a limited time, get free equipment, no activation fees, no commitment, a 2nd waterproof alert button for free and more - only $29.95 per month. 800-6172809 Miscellaneous

CASH FOR CARS Running or Not We pay the most! Pickup right away!

day o T l l a C 52 5 9 4 2 (800) 8

206-307-3092 K I L L ROAC H E S ! B u y Harr is Roach Tablets. Eliminate Bugs- Guaranteed. No Mess, Odorless, Long Lasting. Available at Ace Hardware & The Home Depot.



CASH for unexpired DIABETIC TEST STRIPS! Free Shipping, Friendly Service, BEST p r i c e s a n d 2 4 h r p ay ment! Call today 1- 877588 8500 or visit w w w. Te s t S t r i p Espanol 888-440-4001 C A S H PA I D - U P TO $ 2 5 / B OX fo r u n ex pired,sealed DIABETIC TEST STRIPS! 1 DAY PAYMENT & PREPAID shipping. BEST PRICES! Call 1-888-389-0695 TOP CA$H PAID FOR O L D R O L E X , PAT E K PHILIPPE & CARTIER WATCHES! DAYTONA, S U B M A R I N E R , G M TMASTER, EXPLORER, MILGAUSS, DAY DATE, etc. 1-800-401-0440 TO P C A S H PA I D fo r OLD GUITARS! 1920’s t h r u 1 9 8 0 ’s . G i b s o n , Martin, Fender, Gretsch, Epiphone, Guild, Mosrite, Rickenbacker, Prair ie State, D’Angelico, Stromberg, and Gibson M a n d o l i n s / B a n j o s. 1 800-401-0440 Find your perfect pet in the Classifieds.



4” Concrete floor w/fibermix reinforcement & zip-strip crack control, (2) 10’x7’ raised panel steel overhead doors, 3’x6’8” PermaBilt door w/self-closing hinges & stainless steel lockset, 18” eave & gable overhangs, (2) 12”x12” gable vents (not shown), 2’ poly eavelight. $






Concrete Included!

4” Concrete floor w/fibermix reinforcement & zip-strip crack control, 16’x7’ raised panel steel overhead door w/mitered corners, 3’x6’8” PermaBilt door w/self-closing hinges & stainless steel lockset, (2) 4’x3’ double glazed cross-hatch vinyl windows w/screens, 18” eave & gable overhangs, 10’ continuous flow ridge vent. $ $ $




DELUXE 3 CAR GARAGE 24’x36’x9’ Concrete Included!

(1) 10’x9’ & (1) 4’x4’ Metal framed sliding door, (2) 4’x8’ split opening unpainted wood Dutch doors, 3’x6’8” PermaBilt door w/ self-closing hinges & stainless steel lockset, 18” eave & gable overhangs, 2’ poly eavelight, 10’ continuous flow ridge vent. $ $ $



Concrete Included!


RV GARAGE 32’x36’x12’

4” Concrete floor w/fibermix reinforcement & zip-strip crack control (3) 10’x8’ raised panel steel overhead doors, 3’X6’8” PermaBilt door w/self-closing hinges & stainless steel lockset, 18” eave and gable overhangs, 2’ poly eavelight, 10’ continuous flow ridge vent. $




Concrete Included!





4” Concrete floor w/fibermix reinforcement & zip-strip crack control, (2) 12’x7’ raised panel steel overhead doors, 3’x6’8” PermaBilt door w/self-closing hinges & stainless steel lockset, (4) 5’x2’ double glazed cross-hatch vinyl windows w/screens, 12’x28’ 50# loft w/3/4” OSB, 4’ 50# L-shape staircase, (2) pitched dormers w/(2) 5’x2’ sliding double glazed cross hatch vinyl windows w/screens, 18” eave & gable overhangs, 10’ continuous flow ridge vent.







GARAGE w/PORTICO 20’x24’x9’


HIGH BAY GARAGE & SHOP 14’x30’x16’

w/ (2) 30’x12’x9 WINGS

4” Concrete floor w/fibermix reinforcement & zip-strip crack control, 10’x8’ & 12’x14’ raised panel steel overhead doors, 3’x6’8” PermaBilt door w/self-closing hinges & stainless steel lockset, 4’x3’ double glazed vinyl window w/screen. $ $ $









4” Concrete floor w/fibermix reinforcement & zip-strip crack control, 8’x9’ raised panel steel overhead door, 3’x6’8” PermaBilt door w/self-closing hinges & stainless steel lockset, (2) 3’x4’ & (4) 3’x2’ double glazed vinyl windows w/screens, 8’x4’ portico, 18” eave & gable overhangs, (2) 12”x12” gable vents. $


10’ Continuous flow ridge vent, 2” fiberglass vapor barrier roof insulation, 18 sidewall & trim colors w/45 year warranty. $






ONE CAR GARAGE 16’x20’x8’ Concrete Included!

Concrete Included!

4” Concrete floor w/fibermix reinforcement & zip-strip crack control, (2) 10’x8’ raised panel steel overhead doors, 3’X6’8” PermaBilt door w/self-closing hinges & stainless steel lockset, 3’x3’ double glazed vinyl window w/screen, 10’continuous flow ridge vent.



Concrete Included!


2 GARAGE & HOBBY SHOP 24’x36’x9’



Concrete Included!

4” Concrete floor w/fibermix reinforcement & zip-strip crack control (1) 10’x12’ & (1) 9’x8’ raised panel steel overhead doors, 3’x6’8” PermBilt door w/self-closing hinges & stainless steel lockset, 3’6”x3’9” PermaBilt awning w/enclosed soffit, 5/12 roof pitch, cofer truss, 2’ poly eavelight, 10’ continuous flow ridge vent. $ $ $


4” Concrete floor w/fibermix reinforcement & zip-strip crack control, 12’x8’ sliding door w/cross hatch, 3’x6’8” PermaBilt door w/selfclosing hinges & stainless steel lockset, 10’ continuous flow ridge vent. $ $ $

• 2” Fiberglass Vapor Barrier Roof Insulation • 18 Sidewall & Trim Colors w/45 Year Warranty (Denim Series Excluded) • Free In-Home Consultation • Plans • Engineering • Permit Service • Erection • Guaranteed Craftsmanship • Engineered For 85 MPH Wind Exposure B & 25# Snow Load* *If your jurisdiction requires higher wind exposures or snow loads, building prices will be affected.

GRID BARN 30’x36’x10’


2 GERMAN SHEPHERD puppies. German Bred. Will be big and heavy boned. Mom & Dad on s i t e. S h o t s, w o r m e d , chipped. December 11 th litter. Black coat $500. B l a c k a n d Ta n l o n g haired coat $750. 425367-1007. ( 2 ) PA RT I C O L O R E D Chocolate Havanese Females available for adoption. Both Parents are rare Chocolate Havanese and are our p e t s. T h e p u p s w e r e born and raised in our fa m i l y r o o m a n d a r e loved by children and adults daily. Havanese are sturdy, fun loving little dogs that are great companions. Hypo-allergenic and low shedding. $1,200. 503-812-9217 ROTTWEILERS, Purebred German, AKC Papered. $800. Only 3 Females Left! HUGE & Great with Kids. 425280-2662. Serious Inquiries only.


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4” Concrete floor w/fibermix reinforcement & zip-strip crack control, 14’x7’ raised panel steel overhead door, 3’x6’8” PermaBilt door w/selfclosing hinges & stainless steel lockset, 10’ continuous flow ridge vent. $ $ $




SQUARE BUILDINGS FEET BUILT 20,640,409 19,383 AS OF 2/22/2014 995287

The opportunity to make a Recycle this newspaper. difference is right in front of you.

[18] March 14, 2014

AKC AMERICAN Bull Mastiff - Golden Retriever Cross Puppies. Black, White, Dark Silver B r ow n s w i t h B r i n d l e. Shor t muzzles, no papers for this surprise litter. Vet paper health folio started. Only informed buyers for our pup’s positive futures. Superb disposition. real people dogs! Calm, energetic, smart, devoted protectors. Loving companions to children. Faithful, sweet and playful goofy personalities. Want to be included in your daily ever ything. When duty calls, they block or hold intruders rather than hurt them. Instinctually protective. Ready on St. Patrick’s Day. Puppy packet bag included. $500 each. C a l l D i a n e, 3 6 0 - 6 5 2 1223, please lv msg.


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Newfoundland’s Purebred with champion bloodlines. Very Healthy & quick learners. . Beautiful! These are a large breed. Starting at $1,000 (425)327-2236 For pics: biscuitcity

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March 20

Chef’s Showcase: Foundation House of Federal Way will host a Chef’s Showcase from 5:306:30 p.m. Thursday, March 20 at Foundation House, 32290 First Ave. S., Federal Way. Awardwinning Chef David Ariz will deomonstrate how to prepare healthy culinary delights up close and in person. You’ll have the opportunity to taste the delicious creations as it is created for those who may need extra attention to their meals. This is a fun and tasty event for seniors as well as for caretakers and family. Call or email for reservations, 253-838-8823 or lfleming1@

March 22

Scouting for Food: Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts will be in Federal Way neighborhoods “scouting for food” – collecting food donations for local food banks, traditionally low this time of year. They will be scouting for food from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, March 22. If you don’t see them at your door, you can bring food donations to Jet Chevrolet at 35700 Enchanted Parkway S., Federal Way, which is also, the site of the Hylebos District Annual Pinewood Derby. After food donations are collected, the racing will get underway and the public is invited to come for the fun.

March 27

Annual Spring Fashion Show: St. Francis Hospital Auxiliary’s annual spring fashion show “Girls, Pearls and Studs” will take place on Thursday, March 27 at the Twin Lakes Golf and Country Club in Federal Way. The luncheon show runs from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and the dinner show from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Tickets are $40 each and proceeds benefit the music and

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healing program. For questions and reservations, email

March 31

Rollermania 2014: Reach Out’s Rollermania is a fun family-friendly event to raise funds for the Reach Out winter shelter program for homeless adults in Federal Way. The event will run from 6-9 p.m. Monday, March 31 at Pattison’s West, 34222 Pacific Highway S., Federal Way. Cost is $5 students, $10 adults and $25 for families of five or more. For information, visit


Free tax preparation: AARP Foundation TaxAide offers free, individualized tax preparation for low to moderate income taxpayers, especially those 60 and older. Walk-ins are welcome from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays at the Federal Way Regional Library, located at 34200 First Way S., Federal Way. For information, call (253) 838-3668. Computer classes for seniors: The Federal Way Senior Center, 4016 352nd St. S., Auburn, hosts several classes that teach the basics of personal computers, including Windows and other programs. To learn more about costs and schedules, contact Larry Malcom at lgmalcom@ or (253) 839-5418. Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden: The blooming world-class garden is open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday at 2525 S. 336th St. Admission is $8 for adults, $5 for seniors/students, free for ages 12 and under. Contact or (253) 838-4646. Clothing donations: The Multi-Service Center Clothing Bank in Federal Way is in need of clothing donations for all members of the family. Contact (253) 838-6810.

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Community CALENDAR


Chess Club: The club meets from 8-9:15 a.m. on the second, third and fourth Saturdays of

Tents & Travel Trailers

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each month at the LDS Church building, room 13, 841 S. 308th St., Federal Way. For information, visit Town Criers Toastmasters Club: Polish your public speaking and leadership skills at this weekly meeting, which runs 6:30 a.m. to 7:45 a.m. Thursdays at Panera Bread restaurant, 2107 S. 320th St. Contact toastmaster2577@gmail. com or (253) 735-5749. The St. Francis Hospital Auxiliary: Group meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month in the Medical Office Building, located next to St. Francis Hospital. Social Time is 6:30 p.m. with the meeting at 7 p.m. Call Andrea at (253) 9447960. South King County Gluten-Free Support Group: These free meetings are held 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. the third Monday of the month at Marlene’s Market and Deli, 2565 South Gateway Center Place, Federal Way. Speakers include respected dietitians, naturopaths, restaurant owners and more. Contact alandnanherg@ or (253) 839-3499. Crazy Quilters of Federal Way: Group meets second and fourth Thursdays, starting with social hour at 6 p.m., at Emeritus Assisted Living, 31002 14th Ave. South, Federal Way. Call (253) 344-1767. Adolescents of Divorce: Space is available in an adolescent patient divorce group for kids ages 10-17. The group meets monthly on the first Thursday of each month from 5:30 to 7 p.m. at 33919 Ninth Ave. S., Suite 201. The cost is $32 for a group. Initial assessment with a therapist will be conducted prior to the first group. Contact Tracey Hunt at (253) 335-2412.


Drivers needed: Volunteer drivers are needed to transport elderly residents in King County. Contact: (206) 326-2800 or Send Community Calendar items to

Richland 75, Beamer 61

The Bombers remained unbeaten on the season with the impressive win over the Titans Friday night in the Class 4A semifinals at the Tacoma Dome. That they did from the start, leading 14-12 after one quarter and then 33-20 at the half, shooting 52 percent from the field. Beamer was never really in the game during the second half of play. The closest the Titans got during the third quarter was when a Bliznyuk 3-pointer cut the Richland lead to 10 points, 48-38 with two minutes remaining. But the Bombers doubled the lead to 20 points midway through the fourth

[ okoli from page 8]

minute and found Barrett at the top of the box for a shot. Minutes later, Gardner was replaced by Mechack Jerome in stoppage time, but that couldn’t prevent Okoli from continuing to run rampant. His debut, while limited in minutes, was impactful and a sign of his growth over his first two months as a professional. “He has been improving all preseason. He’s gotten better each preseason game. He played as a forward at Wake Forest, so he’s learning a little more how to play wide,” said Schmid, noting that Okoli’s youth was never going to hinder his playing time. “You’re not old or young; you’re either a good player or a bad a player.” One of five players on Seattle’s roster who grew up in the Puget Sound area, Okoli draws on Neagle and

beamer 57, gonzaga prep 49

For the first time in school history, a Beamer basketball team won a game at the state tournament. The Titans used a frantic comeback in the second half to down the Gonzaga Prep Bullpups Thursday night at the Class 4A Hardwood Classic, 57-49. The win moved the Titans into the 4A Final Four. Beamer struggled big-time in the first half inside the massive Tacoma Dome. The Titans tallied only 16 points during the first 16 minutes of action to trail the Bullpups by 12 points, 28-16, at halftime. The Titans finished 0 for 6 from beyond the 3-point line during the first half, which was a far cry from what Beamer did Saturday during a Regional Tournament win over Bothell. The Titans had eight different players make a 3-pointer against Bothell. Beamer also turned the ball over 12 times during the first half, resulting in only 21 shot attempts in the first and second quarters. Williams led the Titans with six points in the first half. The SPSL South Division Player of the Year, Bliznyuk, had just two points. But it was all Beamer in the second half. The Titans outscored Gonzaga Prep, 41-21, during the third and fourth quarters. Beamer took its first lead on a 3-pointer from Bliznyuk midway through the fourth quarter, 44-42, and the Titans dominated from then on. Beamer was also clutch from the free-throw line down the stretch, making 5 of 6 in the final 22 seconds. Williams, the Titans’ point guard, led the way with 18 points. Burch-Manning finished with 15 and Bliznyuk chipped in 13, which was seven points below his season average. Sam Dowd and Brendan McClary each scored 12 points for Gonzaga Prep.

DeAndre Yedlin for advice. As the club’s first Homegrown Player signing, Yedlin set the bar high with an AllStar season in 2013, but he also paved the way for other products of the Sounders FC Academy system. “Watching ‘D’ do his thing last year made me more excited and gave me a lot of confidence to step in and start my career on a good note. It’s nice to see us going out there and doing well,” Okoli said. “Lamar helps me out a lot on the field, so it was nice to make an impact when I came in for him.” His performance on Saturday was one he won’t soon forget, nor will the 39,240 in attendance at CenturyLink Field. And while there is plenty of local pride on display, the most may have come from Yedlin, who grew up playing with Okoli.

Nia Alexander, Beamer

The 5-foot-9 wing was a first-team, AllSouth Puget Sound League South Division selection by the league’s coaches after a stellar sophomore season for the Titans. The daughter of Beamer head coach, Alexander averaged 10.5 points on the season, which was third on the ultra-deep Titans. But Alexander always seem to play big during the biggest games of the season, averaging 12 points during the postseason. Alexander’s high scoring game of 21 points came during a regional-clinching win over Kentridge on Feb. 15. She also had 17 during a loss to Mount Rainier in the SPSL Championship game.

Quinessa Caylao-Do, Beamer

The sophomore had another impressive season for the Titans and was named a firstteam, All-SPSL South selection. Caylao-Do is a 5-foot-9 guard and averaged 11.1 points for Beamer during the season. She finished in double figures 14 times during the year and had a high game of 24 during a win over Emerald Ridge. CaylaoDo also finished with 12 points during the Titans’ season-ending loss to Arlington at the Regional Tournament.

Bria Rice, Beamer

The 5-foot-8 Rice was the point guard for the Titans for the second year in a row and was named a second-team, All-SPSL South selection. Rice averaged 8.2 points a game and led Beamer in assists. She had her best scoring game of the season during the Titans’ impressive 64-59 victory over Mount Rainier during the regular season. Mount Rainier went on to win the SPSL, West Central/Southwest District title and finish as the state runnerup. Rice finished with 16 points against the Rams on Dec. 27. Rice will return for the Titans next season, along with Alexander and Caylao-Do. Beamer should be an early-season favorite to win the state championship.

Kayla Smith, Federal Way

Smith led the Eagles in scoring this season at 13.5 points a game. The 6-foot senior was an honorable mention, All-SPSL South selection by the league’s coaches. Smith

scored in double figures 11 times during the season and led Federal Way to eight wins. Smith scored a season-best 23 points during a 56-55 win over Battle Ground on Jan. 4 and had 22 during a season-opening loss to Auburn Mountainview. She also had 20 points during a loss to Curtis on Jan. 21.

SPSL 4A North

MVP—Brittany McPhee, Mount Rainier Coach of Year—Bob Bolam, Mount Rainier; Bob Sandall, Kentridge FIRST TEAM Sarah Toeaina, Sr., Kentwood; Jordan McPhee, Sr., Mount Rainier; Courtnae Williams, Sr., Kentridge; Chardonae Miller, Sr., Tahoma; Emily Fiso, Jr., Mount Rainer. SECOND TEAM Kate Kramer, Sr., Kentwood; Alicia Dugan, Jr., Kentridge; Brittany Williams, Jr., Auburn Riverside; Jenny Johnson, Sr., Kentwood; Brianna Aldridge, Fr., Tahoma. HONORABLE MENTION Auburn — Seandalynn Faleagafulu. Auburn Riverside — Simona Allen, McKenzi Williams, Emily Valnes. Kent-Meridian — Savannah Lackey. Kentlake — Morticia McCall, Sydney Peterson, Jada Leonard. Kentridge — Bobbi Westendorf, Michelle Keowla. Kentwood — Alycea DeLong, Ashley Rolsma, Zaria Jones. Mount Rainier — Aqeelah Williams, Kaiti Freeberg. Tahoma — Rachel Paulsen, Kaelan Shamseldin.

SPSL 4A South

MVP—Megan Huff, Beamer Coach of Year—Jackie Thomas, Curtis FIRST TEAM Quinessa Caylao-Do, So., Beamer; Riley Clarke, Jr., Emerald Ridge; Braylie Jeffers, Sr., Puyallup; Sierra Dean, Sr., Curtis; Nia Alexander, So., Beamer. SECOND TEAM Bria Rice, So., Beamer; Maloree Miller, Sr., Rogers; Marissa Miller, Sr., Puyallup; Addie Picha, Sr., Puyallup; Kayreeona Mack, Sr., Bethel. HONORABLE MENTION Bethel — Peyton Schwartz. Curtis — Murielrose Shipp, Makenna Woodfolk, Qua’Shaya Hammon. Emerald Ridge — Alyssa Heslip, Kayla Frank, McKayla Mattes. Federal Way — Zaedrea Robinson, Kayla Smith, Sydney Dewitt. GrahamKapowsin — Hannah Kennach.

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nals. Issaquah lost to Garfield, the eventual state champions, in the other semifinal Friday. Garfield’s title was the 12th the school has won, which is a state record. Beamer’s appearance at the state tournament was just the second in the history of the school. The Titans’ other appearance came in 2009, when they lost their only two games at the state tournament. Thursday night’s win over Gonzaga Prep was the first-ever state tournament win by a Beamer basketball team. Against Issaquah, Beamer played solidly during the first three quarters. The Titans clung to a 36-33 lead entering the final eight minutes of the game. But that’s when Issaquah and star senior guard, Ty Gibson, took over. The Eagles started the fourth quarter with a 13-0 run to take a commanding 10-point lead and put the game away. Gibson hit several clutch 3-pointers during the fourth-quarter run and finished with 18 points after scoring just three during the first half. Trey Burch-Manning led Beamer with 16 points and seven rebounds. Bogdan Bliznyuk had eight points and five rebounds. The Titans were outscored 27-13 in the fourth quarter. The loss ended the most successful season in Beamer history. The Titans won the school’s first-ever South Puget Sound League South Division championship and the program’s first West Central/Southwest District Tournament title.

quarter. Richland shot 49 percent from the field (25 of 51) and 36 percent (7 of 19) from 3-point range for the game. Steven Beo led Richland with 29 points, while Jacob DeVries added 18. Quadir Williams’ 14 points led the way for Beamer.

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March 14, 2014 [19] [ all-city from page 8]

[20] March 14, 2014

KUBE 93 Comedy Jam Battle at the Boat 95 Starring Nick Cannon

Keith Sweat

Michael McDonald

Mar 14, 8:30pm

Mar 22, 7pm

Mar 29, 8:30pm

Apr 5, 8:30pm

I-5 Showroom $20, $30, $40, $45

I-5 Showroom $25, $40, $100

I-5 Showroom $30, $40, $55, $60

I-5 Showroom $40, $60, $95, $100

MORE Winners, MORE Often! 1-888-831-7655 • EQC I-5 (I-5 Exit 135): 2024 E. 29th St., Tacoma, WA 98404 • EQC Hotel & Casino (I-5 Exit 137): 5700 Pac. Hwy E., Fife, WA 98424 You must be 21 to enter the casino. Management reserves the right to change any event or promotion. Tickets available at the EQC Box Offices. EQC is not responsible for any third party ticket sales.

Federal Way Mirror, March 14, 2013  

March 14, 2013 edition of the Federal Way Mirror

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