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Council to consider new agreement with utility to fund maintenance New rates would help with city expenses BY SARAH KEHOE

The Kenmore City Council will discuss adopting a franchise agreement for water and sewer utilities with Northshore Utility District, at the Feb.

10 city council meeting. The agreement would raise taxpayers’ current water and utility fee by 5 percent and produce around $400,000 per year to the city. Under the assumption a typical household water and sewer

utility bill of $486.52 per month, a 5 percent fee will cost an additional $4.33 per month or $51.96 per year. The fee will not be absorbed by the Northshore Utility District, but will be passed on directly to the rate payers. “Revenue from this

fee will help us keep our city looking beautiful,” said Rob Karlinsey, city manager. Karlinsey stated the city needs the funds from this fee to help offset rising fixed costs, such as street maintenance contracts, fuel and material prices, street maintenance

personnel, and declining revenues available for street maintenance and pavement preservation. “We are a new city and there is still so much to improve upon,” Karlinsey said. “Our priority is making sure our roads are safe for our community.” The city’s street fund

has been subsidized with a general fund transfer each year for 10 years. However, the street fund’s ending balance has been declining as the general fund’s ability to subsidize the street fund has been negatively impacted by the recession and the way [ more RATES page 3 ]

Guards cleared in FDA shooting BY DIANA HEFLEY Everett Herald

Brewing up some new business Tony Ochsner, right, opened Micro Homebrews in Kenmore on Feb. 1. Jim Lanning, left, is the store manager. To read the story on this new Kenmore business see page 2. MATT PHELPS, Bothell Reporter


wo security guards won’t face criminal charges for a shooting outside a federal building in Bothell last year. A 15-year-old boy was shot in the foot during the incident. The guards reported that the teen attempted to run one of them down with his mom’s Chrysler 300. One of the guards was struck by the vehicle. Both fired at the car. The incident happened around 7 a.m. Feb. 8 in the parking lot at the Pacific Regional Laboratory Northwest office. The Food and Drug

Bothell physician suspended for misleading patients BY SARAH KEHOE

Bothell naturopathic physician Dr. John Catanzaro is suspended and facing charges for allegedly duping cancer patients into treatment with an unapproved experimental vaccine. Catanzaro is the founder and president of the

Health and Wellness Institute in Bothell. The Board of Naturopathy and the Washington State Department of Health took the action against the license of Catanzaro for failing to appropriate protocols for implementing cancer research on people and obtaining investigational

new drug approval from the Federal Drug Administration. The charges state Catanzaro, “did not disclose the experimental nature of a cancer treatment to his patients, who believed the vaccine administered to them was effective and that the research was approved when it was not.”

The board found Catanzaro to be an “immediate danger” to the public’s health, safety and welfare. They ordered his credential to practice as a physician be suspended and that all credentials, including wall, display and/or wallet be delivered to the department, according to state

documents. The Reporter repeatedly tried to contact Catanzaro for comment but his employees said legal representatives told them not to comment or give out any information. “I was surprised when I heard about these allegations against John,” said Dr.

Administration site is used to test food products for pesticides and other substances. Snohomish County Prosecuting Attorney Mark Roe concluded that the guards were legally justified in firing their weapons. “When a rapidly moving car is being driven at someone they can’t be faulted for taking action to protect themselves or each other,” Roe wrote in Dec. 30 letter to detectives who investigated the shooting. The letter was released to The Herald under state public records law. Prosecutors continue to review the case against the [ more SHOOTING page 3 ] Jane Guilitinan, Dean of the School of Naturopathic Medicine at Bastyr University in Kenmore. “John was a student of mine when he was completing his degree at Bastyr and always did well in the program; there were never any issues or concerns about him.” If the investigation proves true, Guilitinan said she would be very disappointed in Catanzaro. [ more CANCER page 3 ]

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[2] February 7, 2014 •

Kenmore auto repair owner to open Microbrew Shop By Sarah Kehoe

Tony Ochsner opened a Microbrew shop next to his auto repair shop, Advanced

European Service, Feb. 1. “We want to be a real quality supply shop for home brewers,” he said. “We hope to have anything available that home brewers

need.” Micro Homebrews will have beer, soda pop and wine home brewing kits, kegs, yeast, wheat and other supplies. Ochsner

hopes to eventually grow to have more homemaking kits, such as a cheese-making kit, in his store. “I’m really excited about this place because people that come in are coming in happy and figuring out something they like to do,” Ochsner said. “I bought my car repair shop 12 years ago, and I gotta say, the joke I tell a lot is that most people that come in there are not happy to be there. I mean, they usually have car problems, right?” The focus of Micro Homebrews is to cater to beginning brewers. “We really want to be helpful to beginners,” Oschner said. “Sometimes they come in and they aren’t sure what questions to ask. It can be intimidating and we really want to

Alluring and exotic, these beauties won’t be the only ones blushing this Valentine’s Day.

the place, it’s a real community.” Ochsner met Jim Lanning through friends in the brewing community and hired him as manager for the store. “I was bit by the fermenting bug when I got my first homemade kit a long time ago and the rest is history,” Lanning said. Lanning has been a part of several local home brewing clubs, such as the American Homebrewers Association, and has judged at Beer Judge Certification Program competitions. “The beer world sure is fun,” Lanning said, smiling. “The community is all about networking.” Home Micobrew is located at 17511 68th Ave. N.E. in Kenmore.


February 7-17

Oh my!

help people get started and get everything they need.” Ochsner became interested in home brewing when his children gave him a brewing kit for Christmas a few years ago. “It was called ‘Mr. Beer’ and it was the most basic kit you can get,” he said, laughing. “But I got into it and kept advancing. Many people that like home brewing join clubs and communities, but I really enjoy doing it by myself as a way to escape for awhile.” Ochsner noted brewing has become a popular hobby over the past few years for all kinds of people. “There’s a huge social aspect to it,” he said. “Not only do people brew together or share their beer with others, there are groups popping up all over

The new Kenmore Deputy Mayor is Glenn Rogers, not as spelled in the Jan. 17 issue of the Reporter. The Reporter regrets the error and strives for accurate reportage.

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February 7, 2014 [3] •

Bothell’s State of the City address centers around projects Downtown Bothell’s revitalization, annexation, an economic recovery and a regional fire authority were big topics covered Jan. 15, as Bothell City Manager Bob Stowe gave his annual State of the City address. “Bothell is and always will be an amazing community,” Stowe said. “We have experienced growth and seen our city remain strong despite economic hardships, which has made 2013 a good year for Bothell.” Stowe said the city has hired a new assistant city manager and the city will release that information

[ Cancer from page 1]

“This is clearly not the way we train our medical students at Bastyr to behave,” she said. “It’s true of all patients that you are in a vulnerable place when you come for care, but cancer patients are especially vulnerable because they are afraid and can be susceptible to falling prey to someone that will take advantage of

[ shooting from page 1]

teen. He was arrested after being treated for the gunshot wound. At the time of the shooting, the boy was a freshman at the Northshore School District’s Secondary Academy for Success, an alternative school. The campus shares a driveway with the district’s maintenance and operations building. The FDA building is a few hundred yards away from the school. A security guard reported seeing the car idling in the parking lot. He approached the car and saw the teen inside. There also were piles of boxes inside. The guard was suspicious of the vehicle and asked the teen to step out of the car. The boy complied but ran after the guard asked him

[ RATES from page 1]

Washington state shares its revenues with cities. “If the fee is adopted, it would mitigate the street fund’s declining fund balance and provide added resources to maintain the city’s transportation infrastructure,” Karlinsey said. Kenmore currently does not impose a franchise fee or utility tax for water and sewer. In

next month as they finalize all the hiring details. Stowe mentioned the city’s efforts in securing Bothell’s future with the biggest ongoing construction project in the city’s history. The relocation of SR 522, or the Crossroads project, will add two blocks to the downtown business district and straighten out the busiest roadway in the city. The project is fully funded and costs $54.8 million. It is projected to be completed this summer. “We started this conversation years ago and it is truly amazing watching that vision come to life,” Stowe said.

The project is part of a downtown revitalization, which began in 2005. Along with the Crossroads project, the city has planned to invest $150 million in the various projects. All of the construction projects together are projected to generate 8,400 jobs. The 2013-2014 budget includes $96.1 million Capital Fund infrastructure investments. The investment will leverage $650 million in private investment. The development is also designed to help with city revenue to fund services. “The most important thing about these projects

is that they are designed to provide a return on investment by stimulating private sector growth, specifically in the downtown area, that generates both one time and ongoing revenue sources for the community,” said Stowe. Along with infrastructure improvements, the city also implemented King County annexations that brought in 6,000 new residents to the Bothell community. “We are eager to show our new residents just how special it is to live in Bothell,” Stowe said. Despite it’s successes in 2013, Bothell is struggling with low revenues like

many other cities in the state.The General Fund, for city services, is $78.2 million. “Now we have to think about what services we can afford to keep in Bothell rather than the services we want for our city,” Stowe said. “Throughout the Great Recession and the economic meltdown that followed, Bothell’s commitment to providing nimble fiscal management remained strong. The city consistently reacted wisely and timely to shifting revenue forecasts and implemented course corrections as needed.” Stowe mentioned the

city’s decision for a Regional Fire Authority. The controversial move could ultimately cut costs and increase services. “A Regional Fire Authority would effectively put more boots on the ground,” Stowe said. “It would also give the city a better chance of keeping up with the costs of emergency services longterm.” A Regional Fire Authority would replace the Bothell Fire Department and potentially merge services with departments in other cities. Northshore, Shoreline, Woodinville and Bothell fire departments would merge together.

them.” Guilitinan pointed out that patients should use this as a lesson and remember to always question any health care team or doctor. “Patients should always question everything, do their own research and be clearly informed,” Guilitinan said. “I think one positive thing that has come from this extremely unfortunate incident

is that the Washington State Department of Health’s regulation and licensing system is working, they are investigating and resolving an issue in a timely matter and at least we can rest easy about that.” The documents also cite Catanzaro for not performing thorough clinical exams or keeping adequate patient records, ultimately calling the treatment a risk for

patients, and his use of it, unethical, lowering the standards of his profession under the guise of hope for cancer patients. According to the Department of Health, Catanzaro has not yet notified his patients but has the responsibility to do so. He has 20 days to request a hearing and contest the charges.

The legal documents can be seen online by clicking,

“look up a healthcare provide” at

for some identification, Roe wrote. The guard chased after the boy, but he was able to escape. The teen ran back to the car a short time later. Two guards were unable to reach him before he got inside the car. The guards drew their weapons and ordered the teen out of the car. He reportedly started the engine and rapidly backed out of the parking space, toward one of the guards. The guard was struck by the vehicle. The impact tore off the driver’s side mirror. The guard fired at the car, hitting it numerous times. The second guard also fired at the Chrysler. The car continued backward until it struck a parked car. The teen reportedly sped forward toward the first guard, who fired again.

A surveillance camera captured most of the incident. The teen reportedly drove off and hit another vehicle along Highway 527. The license plate number led Bothell police to a home where the teen was found with a gunshot wound to the foot and minor facial wounds. He was taken to an area hospital. “It is not clear whether the young man was trying to hit the guards, or just trying to get away,” Roe wrote. “Whether the juvenile was trying to hit them, or just trying to get away, they would be just as dead if run over.” The teen reportedly didn’t have a driver’s license or his mom’s permission to drive the car. The shooting was investigated by the Snohomish

County Multiple Agency Response Team in partnership with the Department of Homeland Security. SMART is a special cadre of detectives from local police agencies who investigate police shootings and similar incidents. The security officers in this case are contract employees of the Federal Protective Services, which is part of the Department of Homeland Security.

comparison to other cities, Kenmore’s utility tax and franchise fees in total are lower than the average of other cities, even with the new fee taken into account. For example, Bothell’s weighted average utility rate is $5.93, Kirkland’s is $7.88 and Brier’s is $4.65, according to city manager’s 2013-2014 biennial budget report. If adopted, the fee would take effect March

10, 2014 until Dec. 31, 2016. The city and utility district can terminate the agreement with five years written notice at any time, as long as notice is given prior to Jan. 1, 2017. The Feb. 10 meeting is at 7:30 p.m. in Kenmore City Hall, located at located at 18120 68th Ave. NE. The public is invited to attend and provide their opinion on the franchise fee.

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By Sarah Kehoe

[4] February 7, 2014 •


“Do you think the Seahawks can repeat as Super Bowl Champions?”

Vote online:

Last issue’s poll results: “Do you plan to vote in the special election Feb. 11?” Yes: 72% No: 28%

You said it!


remember watching football with my grandfather. He would teach me about the game. It brought us together. But growing up a Seattle sports fan has always come with a bit of a price — eternal disappointment. Steve Largent never played in a Super Bowl, Ken Griffey Jr. never even won an American League Pennant and Gary Payton got his ring — in Miami. I have friends who have moved away and disassociated themselves from Seattle teams. There are others who have lived here their entire lives, deciding to adopt other teams out of impatience or just frustration. They would make memories with someone else’s team. Sometimes I don’t blame them. But that is not me and it is a not a lot of people around here. Watching the Seahawks win the Super Bowl last Sunday was truly sweet for those of us who never wavered in our dedication to our local teams. Some of us cried, shouted and thought of those sports fans in our lives who didn’t live to see it. Thirty-five years is a long time to wait. I remember my grandfather telling me stories of how Broadway in Seattle was packed with people cheering after the Sonics won the NBA title. I always wondered how that felt. To have that much pride in my team and region that it drove me into the streets. While San Francisco 49er fans have great memories of “The Catch” against the Cowboys and Bronco fans have John Elway flipping into the end zone against the Packers for titles, we had Rick Mirer fumbles and promises that Dan McGwire, of all people, would be the next big thing. I am old enough to remember watching the Hawks lose to the Raiders in the AFC title game

and then get angry as Ken Behring tried to move the team to Los Angeles a decade later. For fans my age, who are diehard Seattle sports addicts, it is a commitment like no other. So, why was winning the Super Bowl so important to Seattle sports fans? Because for the rest of our lives, when our team wins 116 games and fails to make the World Series, appears in the Super Bowl and gets the shaft by the refs or loses during the NBA finals to the greatest player to lace up a pair of sneakers, we can feel good that there was one season our team came through and gave us joy on par with some of the greatest feelings in anyone’s lifetime. Why did this win bring in so many who are not sports fans? It is simple, they felt like they were apart of something bigger. Because little old Seattle won the “big one.” It is the first time that Seattle has won on such a large stage. We live in an isolated part of the country and we take pride in Matt Phelps

Question of the week:

Sports can connect our community like no other

Two Sense




our area. That sense of community is powerful for everyone. We start to feel disconnected from our neighbors and even our family when we have our face glued to our smart phone all day. We don’t talk to our neighbors when there is nothing that connects us. This win connected our region. It was powerful. It is also something that everyone will remember, sports fan or not. Other cities have those memories that bind their community. It binds relationships as well. I sat with my dad, who is not a big sports fan, cheering and screaming for Percy Harvin to keep running. It was an iconic moment for many. We now have the memory of “The Tip” and the 2014 Lombardi Trophy that brought our larger community together. And no one can move that to Oklahoma City or Los Angeles.

Matt Phelps is the editor of the Kirkland Reporter and Bothell/Kenmore Reporter.

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Support the Feb. 11 school measures

all of my fellow citizens to do the same and please don’t forget to vote.

I have lived in the Northshore School District since the very early 1950’s and graduated from Bothell High School in 1963. I have always valued the education I received in this community. We have one of the best school districts in the state because of great teachers and a strong administration. In addition, our three communities have always worked together to ensure that we build schools when we needed them to prevent overcrowding, maintain our facilities to protect our investment, and provide up-to-date technologies to keep our graduates competitive in a fastpaced modern world. Knowing that this area was a wonderful place to raise a family and poised for continuous growth in the future, our forward thinking citizens in the 1950’s and 60’s voted to fund the purchase of lands for future schools. The Northshore community continued that commitment to education as the district grew, never failing a school bond or levy. It is because of that legacy, along with a personal feeling that every student in our community deserves the best education we can provide, that I’m voting to support all three school measures on the ballot Feb. 11. I encourage

Support the school district with your vote

George Selg, Bothell

If you live in the Northshore School District, you and your children have access to a truly superb public education system. In order to preserve and enhance the school district’s ability to provide a first class education to our children, we need to support the district financially. Voting for the three measures, one bond and two levies, is a critical step to promote student learning and to continue to make the Northshore School District one of the best districts in the state. Please vote yes on Propositions 1, 2 and 3 by Feb. 11.

Richard Kobylka, Kirkland

Vote yes on NSD measure I am a parent of two boys at Fernwood Elementary in the north end of Northshore School District. I am also a home owner in a neighborhood adjoining the proposed high school site and despite the challenges that will bring, I am in favor of the upcoming 2014 bond and levies.

My day job as a real estate broker gives me a unique perspective as I work with many buyers comparing housing options within King and Snohomish County. Historically, homes within the Northshore School district have been considered more desirable and have fetched higher prices as a result. This is illustrated perfectly by two new housing developments in north Bothell off 180th, built by the same builder. Although just a block apart, these neighborhoods are serviced by two different school districts, one being Northshore. Based on my conversations with the listing agent and closing data, near identical homes located within the Northshore neighborhood sold for up to $15,000 more than those in the neighborhood serviced by the other. Simply put, today’s buyers see the value of Northshore schools and are willing to invest more. The vote in February has potential to greatly impact our recovering housing market. While I can understand the desire to maintain current tax levels, as a homeowner I have to ask if it’s fiscally responsible to reject a fairly small tax increase and risk a much larger hit to property values not to mention the quality of education our children receive? If Northshore School District cannot effectively meet the demands of the growing stu[ more LETTERS page 5 ]

February 7, 2014 [5] • [ letters from page 3 ] dent population, its overall reputation, and our property values, will most certainly suffer. In order to maintain the high level of excellence the public has come to expect from Northshore, I urge my fellow voters to consider the longlasting, negative ramifications failure would have on our community and stand united in support of the upcoming bond and levies. Finally, as a Fernwood parent for the past six years, I’ve witnessed the growing pains first hand but also the tremendous efforts of staff and teachers to address them with extreme care, always keeping the needs of the students in mind. For that, I’m grateful and want to thank Principal Dickert for his leadership in the face of these challenges. We are fortunate to have such talented educators and I hope we will all be able to breathe easier come February, knowing relief is on its way.

Stacy Rus, Bothell

Solving the problem of overcrowded schools I would like to make a few points about the Northshore School District bond that is on your ballot. Although the bond includes the Woodinville High School Phase III remodel and the general upkeep and security at all school buildings I will focus on the biggest expense and the part I am most knowledgeable about, the new high school and grade reconfiguration. The district has come to the decision to build a new high school and reconfigure grades as a way to deal with the overcrowded schools with a very effective public participation process. They have utilized the volunteer hours of many parents and community members to study the demographic trends and capacity of the schools as members of the Enrollment Demographics Task Force. As a member of the task force for five years now I can tell you that the phrase spoken most often during our grade reconfiguration and new high school discussions was, “What’s best for kids.” There are six parents and community members, serving rotating three-year terms, on the task force; they become quite knowledgeable of all of the data and the district facilities. In August 2012, the task force submitted a recommendation to the school board to build a new high school and reconfigure grades; they also spent many hours participating in retreats and study sessions explaining the reasoning behi nd the recommendation and answering questions from the school board. There is an 86-page summary of this recommendation, titled task force report, on the district website and also two large boxes of reference materials which are stored at the district’s Support Services Office. I would encourage everyone to look at the district website to better understand why this recommendation was made. I would encourage all voters to become informed about the differences between a middle school and a junior high. There are many resources on the district’s Grade Reconfiguration Task Force pages on the district’s website. Moving sixth graders out of the elementary schools and creating middle schools has several academic and social and emotional advantages. The biggest academic advantage that I see is that

our sixth graders will be taught math and science by a teacher that specializes in math and science instead of with a generalist teacher. Although I think our generalist teachers at the elementary level are god-like. I am constantly amazed at what they are able to accomplish. They do have subject areas that they know better than others. Frequently literacy is emphasized at the elementary level and math and science instruction is not. The district motto is “Strengthening Our Community Through Excellence in Education.” Now is not the time to sit back and enjoy our past successes; we must plan for the future. Solving our problem of overcrowded schools by reconfiguring grades and building a new high school will allow the district to continue striving for excellence. Thank you for reading to the end; make sure to send your ballot in by Feb. 11.

Katrina Rose, Kenmore

Vote yes on NSD measures I would like to urge the Northshore School District community to vote for all three ballot measures on Feb. 11. I am a Northshore School District resident and parent of a recent Bothell High School graduate, a current BHS student, and a current Skyview Junior High student. When I moved to the area a little over six years ago, the first criteria for selecting a place to live was the local school district and performance. The NSD has a long and proud history of outstanding performance and it was an easy decision to settle into Bothell. This legacy of high performance is at risk if these three measures are not passed. I would like to make two separate arguments for supporting these three measures on Feb. 11; first, that an inclusionary and comprehensive process, supported and approved by the School District, has brought us to this point, and second, that our continued economic growth is ultimately at stake here. For a number of decades, the NSD has had a number of standing task forces in place to help in its guidance and decision making process. The EDTF, Capital Bond, and Levy Task Forces are made up of professional staff, educators and members of the public. I had the privilege of participating on the Bond Task Force. For well over a year and after spending more than 1200 man-hours of time we were able to bring a recommendation and receive overwhelming approval from the NSD Board for these three ballot measures. As a resident participant on the Task Force, I wasn’t specially selected or asked to be a member. I saw a notice looking for volunteers and I signed up. I was interested in the state of the district and wanted to make a contribution. No one was turned away who wanted to participate. We were given exhaustive amounts of data and information, we toured almost half of the buildings, we learned about building codes, OSHA requirements, and future technologies; all so that we could make the best and most informed recommendation to the NSD Board. And I firmly believe that we have. As I stated earlier, I moved to Bothell to be a resident within the NSD. I am not alone in making this decision. The school district is playing a role in creat-

ing demand for housing and employment in the area. As most of us are well aware, that demand is being met, especially in the north end of the district. It isn’t just the housing that is growing. The Bothell Landing Development, the growth of UW Bothell and Cascadia, and the relocation of businesses to Canyon Park are tremendous economic engines to the area. These large projects bring with them demand and need for small business as support and to service. We are creating a cycle of positive, sustainable growth. However, we must insure that our foundation and infrastructure remain strong. The school district is a critical reason why, and perhaps even a catalyst for this growth.

We cannot abandon the infrastructure now. The wheels have already been set in motion. More and more families with children are coming to the area. They want to come. They are demanding it. We must insure that we have right facilities and support programs in place to continue to educate our children at such a high level. We have a wonderful challenge to address at the ballot on Feb. 11. Vote “YES” three times, for our children’s success Thank you,

Jeffry Borgida, Bothell [ more letters page 6 ]

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[6] February 7, 2014 [ Letters from page 5]

Tear down that seminary

I attended the recent community meeting about Saint Edward’s State Park. I must say it was helpful to get both sides of the story. It was wonderful to see the public come together on this issue. After all was said and done, I came to my own decision about how I’d like to see the situation handled. I personally would like to see the old seminary building demolished and the park continue to be enjoyed as a natural recreation area. Demolishing the building would be a resolution to several issues. My tax dollars would no longer go toward the maintenance and repairs, which are bandaids for a gaping wound of a building that is close to being condemned. Take note, that our tax dollars are also still being used to heat the pool building which essentially is condemned. We won’t have to get into a frenzy every time someone threatens to lease the building. And let’s face it, it will take the likes of Paul Allen to come up with $40 million to fully repair this building. You can call your legislators but I just don’t see people lining up to pay more taxes. Once the building is gone, we’ll have a bit more park space or we can let the creative juices flow for a new sort of structure, one uninhibited by a $40 million repair. I know some will say “but it’s a historical building with a story.” Hey, the trees that you, or the guy before you, cut down to build your house had a story, as did the little lake cottage that got demolished for the new mansion. It’s reality, and in this case, it’s fiscal responsibility.

Susan Vossler, Kirkland

School levies, new bond cost more than $60 per year A foundation for a strong community and healthy democracy is full disclosure of relevant information. We also need great schools. Unfortunately, the initial community newsletter from Northshore School District on the cost of the levies and bond measures • was incomplete and misleading. The district stated on page two that the property tax rate goes down one penny a year but then on page six they show a table where annual tax increases each year an average of $62.50 over four years. Obviously these messages are in conflict, one says down and the other says up. None of them tell us the cost over the life of the bonds or clarify why impact fees are not being charged to new home buyers. I’ve had many conversations and e-mails with district leaders about the communication of costs and I appreciate their efforts to improve the information at the website. They have added many things to help, yet there are three things that are still unclear to most voters: • The cost of a yes vote vs. a no vote on the two levies is over $1,000 per year in taxes for a $400,000 home owner. Simply take the rate from Prop 1 of $2.42 per $1,000 of assessed value plus the rate of 40 cents for Prop 3 for a total new rate of $2.82 per $1,000. $2.82 X 400 = $1,128 for 2014. A no vote avoids this tax – though it would be a drastic cut in operations. The amount in prior years was $60 or so less – but the vote is whether to pay an amount over $1,000 per year during the next four years. • The cost of the new bond is estimated at $257.38 per year for 17 years for the $400,000 homeowner, based on the August, 13, 2013 Capital Projects Memo. I just found this memo on Jan. 31, and had repeatedly asked the district to share their estimate online, which they had not done as of Feb. 3. It is very frustrating that the leaders of the district did not share this information from the outset. Thus, the bond alone costs more than $60 a year, and this cost will continue for 17 or so years. • There is a large amount of classroom “surplus capacity” in various parts of the district, according to page 18 of 2013 Capital Facilities Plan. In 2013 there is 29 percent surplus in the district as a whole and in 2019 it would be 25 percent even without a new high school. The excess capacity means the district cannot charge impact fees, whereby the new homeowners would more equitably pay for new buildings. From a finance perspective, it does not make sense to build something new when there is existing capacity and that capacity keeps us from equitable financing. Based on what I’ve learned, I voted to reject the bond, Proposition No. 2, but I voted yes on the two levies. Hopefully you were fully informed when you voted.

Ken Smith, Kenmore

Educating local kids is a shared responsibility

Force. As a member of the task force for five years now I can tell you that the phrase spoken most often during our grade reconfiguration and new high school discussions was, Educating our students is a shared re“What’s best for kids.” There are six parents sponsibility that benefits all of us - whether and community members, serving rotating we are currently parents of school-age three-year terms, on the task force; they bechildren or not. Of course, educating kids come quite knowledgeable of all of the data is not free and every year the cost to do it and the district facilities. In August 2012, well increases. This month, voters are being the task force submitted a recommendaasked to pass a bond and levies in support of tion to the school board to build a new high our Northshore School District. Read more school and reconfigure grades; they also here: spent many hours participating in retreats aspx?PageID=965. and study sessions explaining the reasoning As a parent of two Northshore students, I behind the recommendation and answering see firsthand everyday the challenges that our questions from the school board. There is teachers and administrators have serving stuan 86-page summary of this recommendadents in schools that are bursting at the seams. tion, titled task force report, on the district Additionally, our district is still functioning website at in the K-6, 7-9, 10-12 grade configuradefault.aspx?PageID=6094 and also tion. Building a new high school will Northshore two large boxes of reference materiallow the district to shift to the K-5, als which are stored at the district’s 6-8, 9-12 configuration that is sorely Support Services Office. I would needed. Academically strong students encourage everyone to look at the in 6th and 9th grades are ready for the district website to better understand challenge that higher level courses offer. why this recommendation was made. But enrolling in them is nearly impossible I would encourage all voters to become because of the current configuration. informed about the differences between a If we want our students to reach their middle school and a junior high. There are potential, we need to continually improve our many resources on the district’s Grade ReNorthshore schools. The February bond and configuration Task Force pages on the dislevies will allow us to do that at the low cost trict’s website. Moving sixth graders out of of $62 per year for an owner of a $400,000 the elementary schools and creating middle home. Aren’t our community kids worth $62 schools has several academic and social and per year? emotional advantages. The biggest academic advantage that I see is that our sixth graders Kirsten Senturia, Woodinville will be taught math and science by a teacher that specializes in math and science instead of with a generalist teacher. Although I think our generalist teachers at the elementary level are god-like, I am constantly I would like to make a few points about amazed at what they are able to accomplish. the Northshore School District bond that is They do have subject areas that they know on your ballot. Although the bond includes better than others. Frequently literacy is emthe Woodinville High School Phase III rephasized at the elementary level and math model and the general upkeep and security and science instruction is not. at all school buildings I will focus on the The district motto is “Strengthening Our biggest expense and the part I am most Community Through Excellence in Educaknowledgeable about, the new high school tion.” Now is not the time to sit back and and grade reconfiguration. enjoy our past successes; we must plan for The district has come to the decision to the future. Solving our problem of overbuild a new high school and reconfigure crowded schools by reconfiguring grades grades as a way to deal with the overand building a new high school will allow crowded schools with a very effective public participation process. They have utilized the the district to continue striving for excellence. volunteer hours of many parents and comThank you for reading to the end; make munity members to study the demographic sure to send your ballot in by Feb. 11. trends and capacity of the schools as members of the Enrollment Demographics Task Katrina Rose, Kenmore


Solving the problem of overcrowded schools

City of Kenmore to hold public hearing on proposed franchise agreement with Northshore Utility District Feb. 10 • 7:30 p.m. • Kenmore City Hall


For details on the agreement, visit


The Kenmore City Council invites the public to provide comments on a proposed franchise agreement for water and sewer services with the Northshore Utility District. The franchise agreement addresses, among other things, costs the City incurs for operating a franchise, including administration costs and impact on City infrastructure. To help recover these costs, a 5% franchise fee is included in the proposed franchise agreement with NUD. Customers will likely see a corresponding increase in their water and sewer utility bills.

February 7, 2014 [7] •

Celebrate the Seahawks Super Bowl XLVIII Victory



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February 7, 2014 •

Kenmore City Council adopts ordinance modifying load limits on Sammamish Bridge Kenmore City Council adopted an ordinance to modify the load limits on the West Sammamish River Bridge at its Jan. 27 meeting. The suggested weight limits set by Kenmore city staff after several surveys are 16 tons for three-axle vehicles, type 3; 25 tons for five-axle vehicles, type 3S2; and 27 tons for six-axle vehicles, type 3-3. “The West Sammamish River Bridge is a local and regionally significant structure — it connects our community,” said Kris Overleese, Engineering and Environmental Services Director at the City of Kenmore. “The bridge will have to be rehabilitated or replaced in the near future and we will begin the pursuit of funding this year.” Kenmore’s 68th Ave. crossing of the Sammamish River is two bridges. The bridge carrying southbound traffic is known as the West Sammamish River Bridge. This bridge was constructed in 1938 and crosses the Sammamish River on 68th Ave. N.E., which is .2 miles south of SR 522. It carries southbound traffic only and is located within the city of Kenmore. Over 13,000 vehicles a day (week day traffic) use this bridge. The adjacent northbound, East Sammamish River Bridge was built in the 1970s and carries over 12,000 vehicles per day. City officials say the number of vehicles crossing the bridge every day are greater than the bridge was designed for and the bridge is showing signs of deterioration such as cracking, leaching and spalling. “Over 13,000 vehicles use this bridge a day which is more than half of Kenmore’s population,” Overleese said. “The proposed weight restriction will prevent further over-stresses on the bridge which will help protect it while the city evaluates whether the bridge should be either rehabilitated or replaced in the near future.” In 2012, the city conducted a routine inspection of the West Sammamish River Bridge and identified additional cracking in the bridge concrete beams and potential soil erosion around two of its piers in the river. As a result, the city embarked upon a more regular

supported on firm soil at the bottom of the piers/pilings for the normal vertical loading. However, there is loose soil material surrounding the pier’s pilings in the river which is not adequate against major earthquake events. “Safety is our number one priority and if a bridge is found to be unsafe, it’s closed. If a bridge can only carry certain loads, it’s restricted,” wrote a city spokesperson in a press release. Even though seismic upgrades were performed on the bridge in the 1990s, the current design is significantly higher than that of the 1990’s and a major earthquake could damage the bridge. “If an earthquake occurs, inspecting this bridge will be a top priority,” Overleese said. Kenmore does not have another public crossing of the Sammamish River within the city. Kenmore staff is coordinating with the city of Bothell to determine the best southbound Sammamish River crossing. The recommended detour will be made available in the near future. The city is currently performing a rehabilitation

• Title Transfer • License Renewal • Vehicle Registration • Boat Tags • Notary

10035 NE 183rd St

Bothell 98011 • 425-481-1644 (Across From City Hall)

versus replacement study to determine the most feasible alternative for the bridge and this study will be completed this spring. Officials will begin applying for either rehabilitation or replacement funding this year. “It is reasonable to expect construction to begin in the next 3-5 years and the weight restriction will be in place until then,” Overleese said. “Increased monitoring frequency of the bridge will continue as well. We would like to stress that this structure is of regional significance and Kenmore alone cannot fund its replacement which is expected to be in excess of $10 Million.”


King County Council members Host Town Hall on Wednesday King County Council Vice-Chair Jane Hague and Councilman Rod Dembowski, Chair of the Transportation, Economy and Environment Committee will be hosting a town hall meeting on Feb. 12 in Kirkland. Topics for discussion include potential transit cuts, roads funding, and other topics of interest

to the residents of the Eastside. The town hall will take place from 7-8:30 p.m. at Finn Hill Middle School, 8040 NE 132nd Street in Kirkland. Dembowski represents District 1 which includes Kirkland, North Seattle, Bothell, Kenmore, Lake Forest Park, Shoreline and Woodinville. He is chair of the Transportation, Economy and Environment Committee. Hague represents District 6 which includes Kirkland, Bellevue, Mercer Island, Medina, Clyde Hill, Hunts Point, Beaux Arts, Redmond, Woodinville and Yarrow Point. She is also chair of the Committee of the Whole.

PUBLIC NOTICES NOTICE OF VACANCIES CITY OF BOTHELL BOARDS AND COMMISSIONS 2014 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the City of Bothell will accept applications from December 2 through February 14, 2014, to serve on the following advisory boards and commissions: Landmark Preservation Board

Two full-term vacancies: 5-year terms— Position Nos. 6 & 7

Library Board

Two full-term vacancies: 5-year terms— Position Nos. 6 & 7

Lodging Tax Advisory Committee

Three full-term vacancies: 2-year terms—Position Nos. 3, 5, 7 One partial term vacancy: expires 3/31/2015 – Pos. No. 6 Special qualifications apply to all four positions; Please contact the City Clerk’s office for information.

Mon-Fri: 8:30-5:30 Sat: 9 am-1 pm


monitoring plan, installing survey points on the bridge and surveying the bridge to determine if it has a settlement problem. They hired a new bridge engineering consultant in 2013. Jacobs Engineering evaluated soil loss around the piers in the river, conducting geotechnical analysis and load rating analysis. The company recommended that the bridge be restricted for the axles/ weights outlined in the fact sheet. They do not recommend any emergency scour repair and believe soil loss around the piers is a result of dredging in the 1960s, said Overleese. “Jacobs highlighted that the bridge is aged, is carrying more and heavier vehicles than designed for, has a heavier dead load on it from asphalt overlay and pedestrian protection barrier installed in the 1990s,” Overleese said. “In summary, it’s an old structure nearing the end of its design life and is experiencing more stress than it was designed for.” Although deterioration is present, a structurally deficient bridge is safe. The bridge piers are well

Bothell Denture Clinic • Repairs While You Wait • Softliners for new or reline

Three full-term vacancies: 3-year terms— Position Nos. 5, 6, 7

Planning Commission

Two full-term vacancies: 4-year terms— Position No. 1, 2

Civil Service Commission

One full - term vacancy: 6 year term – Position No. 2 One partial - term vacancy: Position No. 3 (expires 3/31/2016)

LEOFF -1 Disability Board

One full term vacancy: 2 year term – Position No. 5

The filing period for these positions closes at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, February 14, 2014. Applications are available at the City Clerk’s office, Bothell City Hall, 18305 - 101st Avenue NE, (425) 486-3256. Please consult the City Clerk’s office for membership requirements, meeting times, and locations for the various boards and commissions. Information is also available on the City’s website

• Reline-Same Day Service 10137 Main Street, Suite 7, Bothell (Main Street & 102nd Avenue)


Parks & Recreation Board

Note: Appointments to full-term vacancies will take effect on April 1, 2014, unless otherwise noted. Appointments to partial-term vacancies will take effect immediately upon appointment. Interviews before the City Council are tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, March 11, 2014 with appointments tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, March 18, 2014.

• New Full & Partial Dentures

Kathie Oeser, Acting City Clerk Published in the Bothell/Kenmore Reporter on February 7, 2014. #977620. 972823

By Sarah Kehoe


February 7, 2014 [9] •

Super Bowl XLVIII Champions


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[10] February 7, 2014 •

I-405 tolling plan heads to legislature

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18827 BOTHELL WAY NE #101 • BOTHELL, WA 98011 (425) 487-0577 • Est 2004 “Friend us on Facebook - facebook/alligatorpurse



19103 Bothell Way NE, Bothell



By Bill Sheets The Herald

A long-term plan for toll lanes on I-405 has been sent to state lawmakers. The I-405/SR 167 Corridor Funding and Phasing Report was submitted by the state Department of Transportation to the Legislature and the governor on Jan. 17. The report outlines a two-phase approach for creating a toll-lane system from Lynnwood to Renton on I-405, connecting to existing toll lanes on Highway 167 in south King County. The state is spending $334 million to convert existing carpool lanes into toll lanes, or “HOT” lanes, on I-405 from Lynnwood to Bellevue. Work on paving, striping and barriers for the project has begun. The lanes are expected to be ready for use as toll lanes in 2015. The report recommends allowing two-person carpools to ride for free during off-peak hours and carpools of three or more people to ride for free at all times. Otherwise, drivers using the carpool lane would be charged an electronic toll. Rates have not been set. They will depend partly on how far a driver will travel. The toll will automatically increase and decrease based on how many people are using the lanes. The toll automatically increases when traffic in the express toll lanes is heavier and decreases when traffic is lighter. As drivers approach the entry point to the express toll lanes, they will see a



Northshore School District launches Twitter page Parents and the community now have another way to stay connected with Northshore School District news and information. The Northshore School District created a twitter page Twitter. Alongside Facebook,

sign listing up to three destinations. The toll for each destination at the time is the price of that trip. The lanes would be divided into three areas — Lynnwood-Bellevue, Bellevue-Renton and RentonPacific. One study assumed a minimum toll of 50 cents per area to start, increasing to 75 cents in 2018. Buses and registered vanpools will travel toll-free in the lanes. The second phase would require a new lane to be built from Bellevue to Renton and ramps constructed to connect the lane to existing carpool-toll lanes on Highway 167. That project, expected to cost more than $1.1 billion, has not been funded. The new report recommends using $960 million from the gas tax and collecting the remaining $215 million through tolls to cover the cost. The report is unclear on whether an increase in the per-gallon gas tax would be required to raise the money. The earliest this phase could open is 2020, according to the report. The report was developed by the state with input from an advisory group of elected officials representing communities along the I-405-Highway 167 corridor. The state held four meetings with this advisory group last year. The new report is available at

Bill Sheets is a writer for The Daily Herald in Everett. Twitter will continue to improve district communication with parents, students and community. The account, www., is pushing for followers and “retweets” to help share information. The launch of the Twitter account comes before the launch of the new Northshore School District Web site on Jan. 16. For more information, call 425-408-7670 or email

February 7, 2014 [11] •


BRIEF Kenmore Air has service to Nanaimo, BC Kenmore Air announced the launch of new nonstop service between Seattle and Nanaimo, BC on Vancouver Island beginning March 3. Twice-daily service will be operated us-

ing the airline’s all-weather Caravan and Chieftain wheeled aircraft. “We are very proud to announce this new route that will bring trans-border scheduled air service to Nanaimo,” said Todd Banks, President and General Manager of Kenmore Air. “We will operate out of Seattle’s convenient Boeing Field and offer complimentary ground shuttle service from there to Sea-Tac International Airport.” “Expanding our pres-

ence on Vancouver Island with regularly scheduled year-round service has been a long-term goal of Kenmore Air,” said Banks. “This new route to Nanaimo allows us to better serve the region.” Located on the east coast of south-central Vancouver Island, Nanaimo is a classic west coast community of approximately 80,000 residents located 70 miles north of Victoria. In addition to boasting one of the longest shorelines

You are cordially invited to our “Get Organized” Open House.

in Canada, Nanaimo has a beautiful forested mountain backdrop just outside downtown. The city’s central location also makes it an ideal gateway to explore the rest of Vancouver Island, including Mount Washington and the wild Pacific Ocean towns and beaches of Tofino and Ucluelet on the west side of the island, just about a three-hour scenic drive from Nanaimo. “We believe Seattle residents and visitors to the

Northwest will be excited by this new service,” adds Mike Hooper, President and CEO of the Nanaimo Airport Commission. “In about an hour passengers can be in Nanaimo for a day of business or use Nanaimo as a jumping off point to Central Vancouver Island.” Although the new service will be ideal for leisure travelers, it is expected many business travelers will also take advantage of the new service as it pro-

vides fast and easy accessibility to make day trips between the two cities. “We also offer an option for our frequent travelers called QuickTix,” explains Banks. “Customers can pre-purchase 10 fully transferable one-way tickets for only $1,536, including taxes until March 31, 2014. After the introductory period, the price for QuickTix moves to $1,728, including taxes, for 10 one-way tickets.”

You have an ally in the fight against cancer.

Get here however you can! Thursday, February 20th • 11-4pm Ready to right-size decades of treasures? Don’t be overwhelmed.

EvergreenHealth and SCCA are united in the fight against cancer. If you have cancer, you deserve the best treatment possible. That’s why we’ve united the leading-edge research of Seattle Cancer Care Alliance with EvergreenHealth’s commitment to innovation and compassionate care. Together, we’re delivering national quality cancer care on the Eastside in one world-class location. For more information, visit or call 425-899-6000.

Laura Leist, a Certified Professional Organizer and Transition Specialist, will present “Right-Sizing/Less Stuff=Less Stress” from 1:30-2:30pm. Come early to take a look inside a few exceptional apartment homes and enjoy a light lunch. RSVP (425) 402-7100.

Enter to win Laura’s best-selling book, Eliminate Chaos, or four hours of professional organizing (a $340 value)! 973698

17143 - 133rd Avenue NE • Woodinville • (425) 402-7100


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February 7, 2014 •’s parent

The value in appreciating our children Slow Down

Parents will find it more difficult to feel appreciative of their children if they obsess on what is done wrong or get stuck in worry over grades, eating right and behaving right. In the moments when you want to tell your child what to do or make a critical remark, stop yourself. Make a conscious effort to think about the things your child is doing well or what you are thankful Patti Skelton-McGougan

kids learn to be appreciative by watching others, especially their parents. As parents, it’s easy to get caught in the day-to-day temper tantrums, arguments and homework struggles, and forget the things you really appreciate about your child or teen. Likewise, kids feel lower self-worth when they are not valued, or frequently reminded of what they need to do, or what they aren’t doing.



erriam-Webster defines appreciation as, “To understand the worth or importance of something or someone; to admire and value, or be grateful for.” So, have you appreciated a child lately? Kids of all ages enjoy compliments, even sometimes difficult teenagers. And kids especially appreciate it when you sing their praises to others. I have heard parents complain often of ungrateful kids, and I have witnessed kids be ungrateful. The truth is that

for about them and how you can express it. As an example: your child spills her snack in the living room where she isn’t supposed to be eating, and you come upon her cleaning up the mess. You have a choice to be angry about breaking the rules, or thankful she is trying to clean it up, or maybe pleased that she got her own snack, or chose something healthy. That doesn’t mean you have to allow your child to break the rule, but you can respond this way, “Thank you for cleaning up your spill, I really appreciate it and that you managed to get your own snack today. I would also really appreciate it if we can keep snacks in the kitchen from now on.”

Instead of looking for evidence to justify being angry and critical, look for what can be appreciated in a situation. Here are more examples. Your teen is messy. Might he also be creative or spontaneous, and can you appreciate that? “Jon, I so appreciate how imaginative you are, that’s a great skateboard ramp you built. Could you please put the tools away when you are done with the project?” A young child’s constant need for attention can wear on a parent, but can you appreciate her lovingness? When a child won’t stop talking, perhaps you can appreciate honesty, assertiveness or how he expresses himself. And when a teen

Make an Impact on a Child’s Life Caring Teachers Preschool Classes PreKindergarten Summer Camp Extended Care

Full & Partial Child Care for Ages 2 1/2 to School Age

Helping Children Succeed in School Since 1997



In Kenmore & Woodinville

Celebrate Health. With Care. You are invited to our preschool through 9th grade open house on February 11th at 6:30 pm.

Saturday Hours

Family Medicine • Internal Medicine • Pediatrics • Podiatry


Totem Lake • 425-821-4040

Bothell • 425-486-9131

10025 NE 186th St Bothell, WA 98011 M-F: 8AM – 6PM • Sat: 9AM – 4PM


12710 Totem Lake Blvd NE Kirkland, WA 98034 M-Th: 8AM – 7PM • Fri: 8AM – 5PM

Families may register for a personal tour, the Playdate event, and receive more information about our school by logging onto our website at

19527 104th Avenue NE, Bothell, WA 98011

425.485.2585 •

Make a game out of being grateful A great way to build appreciation in a family is to take time to mention what you appreciate about each other, and what you are thankful for. You can do this in the car on the way to school or practice, even around the breakfast or dinner table. Older kids can be challenged to add why they are grateful. When parents are intentional about appreciating their children, they may begin to see their family in a whole new light – one where peace replaces worry, and struggles become opportunities to bond with your child. If you are not intentional, the moments of frustration will triumph over the good times and will erode at your child’s self-esteem and the relationship between you. Remember that it takes many compliments to overcome even one critical comment.

Patti Skelton-McGougan is executive director of Youth Eastside Services. For more information, call (425) 747-4937 or go to


Interested parents of 2-4 years olds looking at preschools are welcome to join one of our “Preschool Playdates” on Jan 31st , Feb 7th and 14th at 9-10 am.

is lagging on homework or college applications, perhaps you can appreciate a clean room or extracurricular activities, like holding down a job. To maximize the ability to appreciate your children, make sure you have downtime. If that’s not happening, chances are you may feel tired, irritable and overwhelmed – making it much harder to stop and appreciate any situation. So don’t feel guilty about taking a break – a hot bath, walk around the neighborhood or even a night out.

Visit us on line at

February 7, 2014 [13] •’s parent Northshore Schools Foundation announces keynote speaker for luncheon

Can and should your kids volunteer?

Bill LaMarche

ter, throughout her young life, cared and volunteered to protect animals. She volunteered in her own daughter’s school and ultimately became the president of a young woman’s volunteer community action group. She has made an amazing impact on her community. Her husband shares in many of the volunteer efforts and provides an additional example for their daughter. Now, their own daughter volunteers in an animal protection program, participates in fundraising events and is steadily growing into a young woman who wants to help others. Their son volunteered in coaching young athletes, became a counselor in an “outdoor adventure” recovery program for troubled youths and, among other things, vol-


unteered at his daughter’s pre-school to build and rebuild furniture, fix gates, etc. In the same manner, his wife is a tremendous supporter and initiator. Their daughter is still very young but learning to share with others, and to be aware of the needs of others. So - if you want to really give a lasting gift to your children – give them the gift of exposure to volunteering. If you choose to do this, closely evaluate the volunteer opportunity for worthiness, safety and for a continuation of the message you are giving – seeing and acting upon the needs of others, without a return to yourself. Now this is an exciting gift, expect it to go a long way. For volunteering suggestions please consider: Your local food banks; programs providing toys for children; local clothing drives and visitations

to senior centers.

Bill LaMarche is retired and active community, national and international volunteer.

Science and began being active in student leadership. “It became obvious once I started classes, that the jobs of the future were more easily found in the field of computer science,” Kutz said. Kutz has become increasingly involved in socially minded tech organizations and is looking forward to a career in that allows him to use his computer science

degree and his leadership to make a difference in the world. The Lynnwood Convention Center is located at 3711 196th Street S.W., Lynnwood, Washington 98036. To register for the luncheon online, visit www. or For more information, call 425-408-7680.

Serving ages 1 - 5


istra Ope tion Mar ns ch 3 rd !

20012 Filbert Dr., Bothell, WA 98012

425-481-1177 •

Great Frames Great Lenses Expert Advise! 10116 MAIN STREET • BOTHELL • 486-7270 Experienced Opticians | Distinctive Eyewear

972739 682872


hat kinds of positive messaging can we give our children? Ones that they can understand, personalize and carry forward? Volunteering is a powerful message, one they can carry throughout their lives and one that will create a caring, productive citizen. I’ve taken kids with me to the food bank to help not only with sorting and distributing food to needy families but also sorting and distributing toys to needy children. Children have assisted me during story time when I am reading stories and doing crafts with kindergartners and first graders. Kids have assisted in planting and harvesting in my vegetable gardens, the output of which partially goes to a food bank. I see kids assisting often at benefit events by serving the needs of others. I see kids canvassing neighborhoods for donations to worthy causes. I see kids in their schools promoting activities that benefit those in need. Teaching our children to care about others is a gift to all of us. Often we see evidence of this quality and can’t remember planting the seed early in life. A family we are close to planted these seeds in their children when they were young and now they are adults. Their daugh-

higher education on a state wide basis. In his role as Chair of Provost’s Advisory Committee for Students, Kutz has been a key player in the establishment of Annual budgets, tuition levels and admissions for the University of Washington. A 2010 International Baccalaureate graduate from Inglemoor, Kutz was active in the nationally renowned DECA program with an intention to study business. Upon arriving at the University of Washington, Kutz changed his major to Computer


& Enhancement and; Literacy & Arts Support in all thirty-one Northshore schools. Since June 2012, Michael Kutz has served as the President of the Associated Students of the University of Washington. The Associated Students of the University of Washington is the democratic voice of students that engages the campus community through programming, services and advocacy. Kutz strives to enrich student life and develop future leaders through advocating for



he Northshore community lights a fire every spring in anticipation of the annual Light a Fire for Learning Luncheon. Featuring keynote speaker Michael Kutz, President of the University of Washington Associate Student Body and Inglemoor High School Alumni, this annual event will be held from 11:30 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. on April 8 at the Lynnwood Convention Center. The luncheon will wel-

come 500 guests, to celebrate the collaboration between our community and our schools to ensure all Northshore students graduate career and college ready and able to fill the jobs of our future. The goal of the luncheon is to raise more than $120,000 that will fund the Foundation’s continued funding initiatives which include supporting Teacher Excellence; STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Education; Support for Advanced and Disadvantaged Learners; Health



[14] February 7, 2014 •

Rabbit adoption center opens in Kenmore By Sarah Kehoe

Sandi Ackerman was born an animal lover but rabbits became her favorite when she held one for the first time at a pet store about 20 years ago. “I had gone to the shelter to look for a cat and saw a rabbit there,” Ackerman said. “I was struck by what smart, clever creatures they were.” Ackerman started an animal adoption and supply store shortly after that day called Rabbit Meadows, specializing in rabbits, guinea pigs and small rodents. She moved the store from its Lake City location to Kenmore and held a grand opening celebration at the end of December. “We’ve had so many local people come into



Local students make dean’s list Several Bothell and Kenmore residents attending Eastern Washing-

the store,” Ackerman said. “I would guess several hundred have come here during the past few days and we have two rabbits that have been adopted.” Ackerman gets her animals from various animal shelters across the state including the Everett Animal Shelter, Seattle Animal Shelter and a humane society in Bellingham. “We only get our pets from places that euthanize their animals if they have to,” Ackerman said. “I find that the shelters really hope it never comes to that and are glad to give their animals to me.” Ackerman is picky about who gets to adopt her animals. “My commitment is to the animals, I want them to be safe,” she said. “They’ve already been

passed around by the time they get to me and I want them to go into a loving, permanent home.” Ackerman screens each person wanting to adopt by checking to ensure they are home owners. She also requires each hopeful adoptee to buy the right equipment prior to taking an animal home. If a parent is buying the animal for their child, Ackerman wants to the child to be at least 6 or 7 years old. “Sometimes people think a great starter pet for a child is a guinea pig or a hamster, but that is really a bad option for a young child because those animals tend to be really squirmy and quick runners,” she said. “I like to sit with each person coming in and see what they’re looking for and find them

ton University are on the dean’s list for fall 2013. The dean’s list is released after every fall, winter and spring quarter. An undergraduate student who earns 12 quality hours and receives a GPA of 3.5 or better is placed on the dean’s list for the quarter.

Bothell residents on the list are Amanda Hendrickson, Isabella Ishihama and Mitchell Muller. Kenmore residents receiving the honor are Brooke Monson and Paige Monson.

BHS Jazz Ensemble to ll


Mud Bay is open in Canyon Park And, we’re delighted to let you know that we are now open in our new permanent location. With lots more room for healthy food and well made supplies, we look forward to showing you around our new home!

the best pet for them.” Education is a big part of Ackerman’s store. The business offers kids a chance to learn how to brush and pet some of the rabbits and guinea pigs. “It’s really important to me that the people adopting these animals know how to care for them,” she said. Northshore residents can find out if they would like to volunteer to help these special critters while they wait for their forever home or adopt one. The new Rabbit Meadows is located at 8030 B NE Bothell Way in Kenmore.

For more information contact Sandi Ackerman via email at or visit

Sandi Ackerman holds one of the rabbits available for adoption at her store Rabbit Meadows that just opened in Kenmore. Sarah Kehoe, Kenmore

perform in jazz concert

bucks’ ongoing commitment to support the local youth arts community.

Bothell High School’s jazz band was chosen to participate in Starbucks’ 19th annual Hot Java Cool Jazz event to be held at 7 p.m. on April 25 at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle. Bothell will be joined by jazz groups from Ballard, Garfield, Mountlake Terrace and Roosevelt high schools. The five schools will perform in concert, showcasing the Puget Sound area’s finest young jazz talent. All ticket sales proceeds will go back to the schools in support of their individual music programs as part of Star-


Bothell man tries to board school bus without pants Oregon police arrested a Bothell man after he reportedly tried to board a school bus while pantless. On Jan 14, police were told that a man had stopped his car in front of a school bus on northbound Interstate 5 near Creswell, Ore. Later reports said the man looked as if he ran his car into the bus, which had one adult female driver in it but no kids.

He took off his pants and tried to get on the bus. Oregon state troopers, deputies and others responded. A trooper spotted his car going north. It had two flat tires. The trooper tried to stop the car, but the driver tried to get away. He went through a fence and into a pond. His car was submerged up to the windows. The driver got out and was arrested. The Associated Press says the driver is a 38-year-old Bothell man and faces such charges as drunken driving, hit and run and being a felon in possession of a firearm.

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Bothell’s favorite spot for all day breakfast and classic comfort food. Great daily specials and happy hour in the bar from 3-6pm

Open Monday - Friday from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm Sundays 10:00 am to 7:00 pm

Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner Monday through Saturday 6:00am – 9:00pm Sunday 7:00am – 9:00pm

Natural solutions to everyday dog and cat problems since 1988

22620 Bothell-Everett Hwy • Bothell WA 98021 (425) 486-7781



February 7, 2014 [15] •

Kenmore resident uses music talent to raise money for charity


BRIEFS BioLife Solutions announces revenue of $9 million for 2013 Bothell-based BioLife Solutions, Inc. in January announced preliminary revenue of $9 million for the full year 2013. “2013 was another great year for BioLife, made possible by the dedication and commitment of our team, which demonstrated the ability to execute both strategically and operationally. Cell and tissue-based regenerative medicine products and therapies have the potential to transform the way life-threatening and debilitating diseases are treated throughout the world,” BioLife Solutions Chief Executive Officer, Mike Rice said. This represents 58 percent growth over 2012, driven by increased shipments to a large contract-manufacturing customer and expanded adoption of CryoStor freeze media and HypoThermosol storage and shipping media in clinical trial stage cellbased regenerative medicine products and therapies. The company is a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of proprietary clinical-grade hypothermic storage and cryopreservation freeze media and precision thermal shipping products for cells and tissues. It is also publicly traded. “With our proprietary biopreservation media products now incorporated into over 100 clinical programs, BioLife has the potential to significantly grow revenue and profits as our customers obtain regulatory approval and commence manufacturing and distribution of their commercial products,” said

Gambia with members from her band Rebel Rising. The event raised $3,200 to be used for educational funds, food and medical supplies. “This was a thrill to be a part of as there were many great bands in attendance and we were able to support such a great cause,” Yngvason said. Yngvason formed the band Rebel Rising three years ago. “I got introduced to Daniel Travanti, a member of the band The Briefs and Reto Peter, an amazing producer/en-

gineer who worked on Green Day’s records,” Yngvason recalled. “We collaborated on a load of songs that are basically the first half of the new record. Daniel and Reto are based out of Oakland so I’ve got a different live band but they’re rippers too; I’m pretty fortunate to have such a ridiculous team.” Yngvason was half way through the record when her dad got diagnosed with cancer and passed two years ago. She decided to put things

on hold and spend time with her family before moving foreword again. “I’m feeling good about things now and am finally picking up where I left off,” said Yngvason, who graduated from Inglemoor High School. “The benefit concert last month was a kickoff to many shows to come. I’ve been itching to get out and unleash a lot of pent up energy.” Rebels Rising just finished filming their first music video

last month. It was produced by Voda, a Seattle based Production company that filmed Macklemore’s last music video for ‘White Walls.’ “Our video is for a track off the record called ‘Show Me,’” Yngvason said. “We filmed it out in Eastern Washington in Desert Aire with badass muscle cars and tough chicks.” Those interested in Yngvason’s cause in Gambia can still make donations by visiting

photo showing how they Rice. live winter to the fullest. The recently published The goal of the contest is to visiongain Translational Rehave consumers share how generative Medicine market research report forecasts that they get out and make the most of winter, ignoring the the regenerative medicine cold and dark to follow their market comprised of cell passions and engage and gene therapies and their interests. It is tissue-engineered products will grow northshore not necessary to show Essentia or to more than $23 Runa products in billion by 2024. the photo entries The BioLife’s expects grand prize winner to participate in this will be selected by the two market growth by providing brands. Consumers can also biopreservation media and engage friends and share precision thermal packagphotos of how they live wining products used to store, ter to the fullest using the freeze, ship and administer hashtag #bettercupoftea. clinical cells and tissues to Each week a winner will patients. be selected to receive two BioLife announced that cases of Essentia Water and it had applied to trade its four boxes of Runa. From common shares on the the weekly winners, one NASDAQ Capital Market grand prize winner will be on Dec. 16, to be enabled by chosen. Each contest entrant a reverse stock split and the will also receive a printable conversion of all debt into $1 coupon for each brand common stock. redeemable at participating BioLife Solutions expects retailers. to file its 2013 10-K annual “Essentia and Runa both report by Feb. 15. have a commitment to providing health conscious consumers with innovative beverages that support active

lifestyles,” said Paul Curhan, Essentia’s vice president of marketing and innovation. “Staying hydrated and energized during winter is an ideal way to promote good health and positive energy. The contest is designed to inspire consumers to share with one another how they conquer the winter doldrums, as well as to encourage them to enjoy the warm and energizing pick-me-up of sipping Runa’s guayusa made with Essentia.” The Own the Winter partnership will also be promoted throughout natural food and grocery stores in key retail markets shared by Essentia and Runa, including the Northeast, Midwest, South, Northern California, Pacific Northwest and Rocky Mountain regions. Consumers can look for in-store coupons at participating Whole Foods Markets, Stop & Shops and Giant stores. “We are pleased to partner with Essentia on this promotion, and we encourage consumers to beat the winter blues and live life to the fullest this winter and

beyond,” said Tyler Gage, Runa’s co-founder and coCEO. “Drinking Runa made with Essentia results in an electrolyte-enhanced warm winter beverage with double the antioxidant properties of green tea, leaving you fully

alive and more focused on the things that make you tick. We look forward to seeing all of the contest entries and treating the winner to a memorable Amazonian adventure.”


Essentia Water partners with Runa for contest

Bothell-based Essentia Water is partnering with Runa, the first company to bring the guayusa super-leaf to the U.S., to host the Own the Winter photo contest which launched Jan 6. The promotion runs through Feb. 28 and offers a grand prize eight-day trip for two to the Ecuadorian Amazon, which includes round-trip airfare, accommodations, hiking, rafting and participation in a guayusa ceremony. The contest is open to consumers over the age of 18 and will be hosted on both companies’ Facebook pages: and www.facebook. com/drinkruna. To enter, participants must “like” both the Essentia and Runa Facebook pages, complete a simple contest entry form, and upload a

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Places of Worship in Bothell & Kenmore 972043

Shanine Yngvason grew up surrounded by music in Kenmore. Her grandfather was a Flamenco guitar player from Chile, her parents always had music playing in her home and she formed a rock/pop band with her siblings called Zero Ambition. “We used to rehearse in my parents’ basement and play local shows in the area,” Yngvason said. “We always

had support from the locals, with the exception of mom’s neighbor; he would call and complain about the noise and call the cops on us.” Yngvason got her first guitar at age 12. “Me and my grandfather would jam to Ritchie Valens songs and practice playing ‘Malagueña,’ which is a Spanish Flamenco song,” she said. Yngvason used her longtime musical talent to play a benefit concert to raise money for the children of

Northlake lutheraN ChurCh

6620 NE 185th Street

(P. O. Box 82603)

Kenmore – 425-486-6977 ELCA –

TIME! ORSHIP NEW W 10 AM – orship Sunday W


By Sarah Kehoe

To advertise your worship services in this section call 425-483-3732

...obituaries Alan D. Alquist

Alan D. Alquist, 59, of Bothell, WA passed away peacefully, December 29, 2013 in Minneapolis, MN. Preceded in death by father, Severn Alquist. Survived by his fiancée, Brenda Mork; sons, Nicholas and Benjamin; K9 companion, Coyote; mother, Frances Alquist; brother, Larry (Patti) Alquist; sister, Karen Johnson; nieces, Greta and Ingrid Alquist, Katie Johnson; nephew, Erik Alquist; and many other relatives and dear friends. A celebration of Al’s life was held at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Snohomish, WA and can be continued online at http://www. 970975

Glen Edward Herrmann

Hey Boaters & Spectators! We’re throwing an amazing party in Poulsbo, February 7-9.

You don’t have to be a boater to come join the fun! Activities all weekend long • Marine Gear Swap • Poulsbo’s “Beer-muda Triangle” Beer Tour • Live Music • Art Walk • Whiskey Night in P’Bo Glogg Fest Competition • Poker Run • Pancake Breakfast • Raffle Prizes and much more!

Glen Edward Herrmann passed away January 15, 2014. Survived by his wife Toni, children Christina (Brian) Brandelli, Jessica, Brandon, and Bradley Blakesley, mother Lois, and brothers and sisters. Glen loved life, love to tell stories, and loved to make people smile. He was always happy. Glen loved Harley’s and was part of a Classic Motorcycle Club. He enjoyed karaoke (which he was very good at) as well as the Rolling Stones. His amazing smile and blue eyes would light up a room. He will truly be missed. A private memorial service will be held by immediate family. 973075

Place a paid obituary to honor those who have passed away, call Linda at 253.234.3506

[16] February 7, 2014 •

Brewery says Texas A&M issues warning over beer name By Sarah Kehoe

Foggy Noggin Brewing changed the name of their “12th Man Skittles IPA” special batch of beer after they said they received a cease-and-desist order from Texas A&M University. The new name: Cease & Desist IPA. The brewery released it for a tasting on Feb. 1 at Foggy Noggin’s tasting room. “We really want to keep things light and not let this stop us from having a blast watching the Superbowl,” said Jim Jamison, manager of Foggy Noggin prior to the tasting.

The brewery announced two weeks ago that they would release a small batch as a salute to the Seattle Seahawks, who played against the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl. On Jan. 28, the brewery announced that they had received a trademark infringement letter from Texas A&M. “I was blown away that this university even heard about us using that name for our beer,” Jamison said. “I mean, the beer we made will only serve around 55 people, it’s a small keg we planned on filling.” Texas A&M sued the Seahawks for using “12th man” in February 2006. The university and the



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Seahawks ended up settling out of court with the Seahawks agreeing to pay a licensing fee and acknowledging Texas A&M’s ownership rights of the trademarked phrase. The beer was meant to be a special release only available during the Superbowl game. Ingredients for the beer included Maris Otter malt, Skittles and Columbus Centennial hops. “We request that everyone stop talking, blogging and posting anything that associates with the original name of the beer. Foggy Noggin Brewing apologizes for any perceived infringement on any trademarks, as we were only trying to have fun as the Seattle Seahawks get ready to play in the Super Bowl,” Jamison wrote an email to the public and to Texas A&M representatives. “After the university received the email, the attorneys said they’d drop it,” Jamison said. Foggy Noggin isn’t the only brewery to capitalize on the popularity of the 12th Man name - or get into trouble with Texas A&M over it. Dick’s Brewing Co. in Centralia released its 12

Man Pale Ale in December and the beer has quickly become one of its best sellers, according to The Olympian newspaper. But the beer was in the works for two years, because of legal wrangling with the university. Dick’s Brewing named their beer 12 Man, as opposed to 12th Man, the trademarked phrase owned by Texas A&M. Origins of the term “12th man” aren’t concrete to one company or entity, but the traditions in Seattle and College Station where Texas A&M is located date back decades. In 1984, the Seahawks retired the number 12 to honor fans for making their stadium one of the noisiest. Texas A&M traces their use to 1922, when an injury-plagued roster led the team to pull E. King Gill from the stands and suited him up to play. Gill never took to the field, but the legend strengthened campus-wide commitment to support the team. The words “Home of 12th Man” adorn the stadium and the entire school is considered the 12th Man.



Dean’s List at Rocky Mountain College Kenmore resident Gilliam Williams-Burden has been named to the Rocky Mountain College Dean’s List for the 2013 fall semester. In order to qualify for the list a student has to earn a 3.6 grade point average or better.

Bothell adds more acres to protected area The city of Bothell has acquired 5.9 acres of forested land in the North Creek Forest. Added to the 35.66 acres acquired by Bothell two years ago, this brings the total acquisition of North Creek Forest property to over 41 acres. The land was purchased from Tom and Jeanie Robinson who acquired the site several years ago to protect it and donated a portion of the value to the city. The property will remain as open space in perpetuity. The acquisition was approved by a unanimous vote of the City Council on

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is accepting applications for future Pathway to Apprentice #59915 openings at locations throughout the Puget Sound area! Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, have a high school diploma or GED and 1 full year of high school level algebra with a grade of “C” or better or college equivalent. Applications must be submitted by 2/28/2014. PSE is an Equal Opportunity employer. We encourage persons of diverse backgrounds to apply. Visit careers to apply.

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Dec. 10. “Bothell is fortunate to have undeveloped forest in the midst of a rapidly growing area,” said Bothell Mayor Mark Lamb. “Thanks to the hard work of City staff and members of the community, additional acres of North Creek Forest will be protected now and for future generations.” Funding to purchase the property came through a grant from King County Conservation Futures funds and through the Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office which administered the federal Land and Water Conservation Fund grant program. The City worked in collaboration with two community groups, the Friends of the North Creek Forest and Help Our Woods, to apply for grant funding. The entire North Creek Forest is 64 acres in size, consists of mature coniferous forest with large Douglas Fir, Western Hemlock and Cedar trees, and is home to a wide array of plants and animals, including Pileated Woodpecker and Band-tailed Pigeon. The forest is an integral part of the North Creek watershed, which filters water flowing into North Creek, an active salmon stream.

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Feb 07, 2014 [17]

Beauty & Health


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Easy as ABC… Selling? Buying?

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2 SIDE BY SIDE Burial lots asking $7,700 for both. Highly desirable “Lords Prayer Memorial” area at EvergreenWashelli Memorial Park. 11111 Aurora Ave North, 98133. Section 17, lot 214, graves 6 & 7. Valued at $5,750 each. Private seller, please call Gloria 480-361-5074.

You’ll find everything you need in one website 24 hours a day 7 days a week: 2 SIDE BY SIDE plots at Washington Memor ial Park, 4 plots total $6,000 + transfer fees. 253630-9447.

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ACACIA Memorial Park, “Birch Garden”, (2) adjacent cemetery plots, #3 & #4. Selling $4,000 each or $7,500 both. Located in Shoreline / N. Seattle. Call or email Emmons Johnson, 2067 9 4 - 2 1 9 9 , C E M E T E RY P L OT a t G r e e n wo o d M e m o r i a l Park in Renton. Located in the Chimes Section. Sales price includes Concrete Vault. $11,000 Va l u e . S e l l e r p a y s Transfer Fee. $7,000 or best offer. Call Steve at 206-920-8558

COMPLETE WEIGHT System totaling 1000 lbs Quality Body-Smith ProS y s t e m d e s i g n e d fo r rowing, squats, benching, curls, lats, etc. Features Olympic, Billard & plated, nickel steel dumbbell weights. Also, 7’ bar, curling and tricep bars, 2 Dumbbell racks, weight tree, bench w/ attachements for preacher curls, leg curls, etc. Excellent cond, I simply need the room. Located in Redmond. $575. More photos available. Call Gary at 425-861-0855.

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A SERIOUS GUN COLLECTOR BUYING individual pieces & entire collections / estates. Fair pr ices! Call Rick now 206-276-3095.

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NOTICE Washington State law requires wood sellers to provide an invoice (receipt) that shows the s e l l e r ’s a n d b u y e r ’s name and address and the date delivered. The invoice should also state the price, the quantity delivered and the quantity upon which the price is based. There should be a statement on the type and quality of the wood. When you buy firewood write the seller’s phone number and the license plate number of the delivery vehicle. The legal measure for firewood in Washington is the cord or a fraction of a cord. Estimate a c o r d by v i s u a l i z i n g a four-foot by eight-foot space filled with wood to a height of four feet. Most long bed pickup trucks have beds that are close to the four-foot by 8-foot dimension. To m a k e a f i r e w o o d complaint, call 360-9021857. WeightsMeasures/Fire woodinformation.aspx

pets/animals Birds

SINGING CANARIES Hens & Males, also pairs $ 5 0 - $ 7 5 . R e d Fa c tors/Glosters/Fifes & Recessive Whites. Also for slightly more, Timbrados & specialty colors Auburn, 253-833-8213 Unavailable on Saturdays Dogs

(5) MIN PIN Puppies. 6 weeks old. Tails docked, ears natural, Red color. $300 each. Can deliver. Call: 206-497-1248 or 360-808-4728

So easy you could do it standing on your head



*2 AKC WESTIE PUPS* Puppy Kisses for sale t h i s Va l e n t i n e ’s D ay ! We s t H i g h l a n d W h i t e Te r r i e r, yo u c a n ’ t g o wrong with a Westie! Ready to go, 8 week old males $1,000. Call with questions 360-402-6261.

PUPPY KISSES FOR Sale! Bernese Mountain Dog cross puppies. Last two litters, only 5 days apart! Various colors, 5 puppies, choose your color today! 10 week old boys & girls! Super cute! Great family dogs! Both p a r e n t s o n s i t e. C a l l Christine for details $300 - $600. 360-858-1451. SeedMountainFarm

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AKC Poodle Puppies Te a c u p s ; 5 G i r l s , Parti, Apricot, Chocolate, Black & Cream; 4 Boys, Parti, Chocolate and Phantom. Darling Little Bundles Full of Love and Kisses. Reserve your puff of love. 360-2493612 AKC Register GOLDEN Retriever puppies ready Febr uar y 8th. Good bloodlines $700. parents on site. Shots, wormed. 509-575-4546 or A K I TA P U R E B R E D Puppies. Champion bloodlines. Parents on site. 7 weeks old. Will have first shots and puppy packet. 4 Females, 3 Males. Black & White; Black, Brindle & White and Brindle. $850 obo. Call Tony, 505-507-5581 or email: MINI AUSSIE Purebred Pups, raised in family home, sweet parents, 1st shots, wormed, dew claws & tails done, many colors, $395 & up, 360-550-6827

Newfoundland’s Purebred with champion bloodlines. Very Healthy & quick learners. Beautiful colors! These are a large breed. Starting at (425)327-2236 For pics: biscuitcity

Pickup Trucks Chevrolet

‘01 CHEVY SILVERADO Crew Cab, 2500 HD. 6 liter V8. Lots of power! Excellent condition. No damage. Well equipped. Good rubber. Beautiful glossy red! 3” dual exhaust. 140,000 mi. Records avail. Currently licensed. $8,250. North Seattle. 206-363-5848. 2 0 0 4 S i l ve ra d o, H D 2500, Duramax deisel, 6.6L turbo charge, W/Alison trans, 4 x 4, 133,000 STANDARD POODLE m i l e s . $ 1 6 , 2 0 0 / O B O. AKC POODLE Standard Mark 206.650.1050 Super sweet puppies, Pickup Trucks very intelligent & family Dodge raised! Two year health guarantee. Adult weight between 50 - 55 lbs. 12 puppies available. Accepting puppy deposits now! $800 each. Please call today 503-556-2060.

wheels Marine Power

$13,000 28’ BAYLINER Fully stocked, ready to hop in & go! Must see in person, a steal! Comparable boats this size w/equipment are in the $ 3 0 , 0 0 0 p r i c e ra n g e. Won’t last long, act quick before it’s gone! Serious offers will be considered. Also willing to entertain vehicle or property trade. Call Tony 785-320-1448.

2007 37’ 340 SEARAY Sundancer Boat! Fully L o a d e d i n n ew c o n d . Sea Ray’s Flagship for their Cruiser Line-Up. You’re not going to find anything else in this size range that provides the comfort & spaciousness. $139,000. 425-623-5203

2 0 0 1 D O D G E 1 TO N Dually. 5.9 Turbo Diesel 3500, crew cab. Upgraded Laramie pkg. Many after market items & only 134,000 miles. Extremely nice cond! $15,500. Snohomish. For sale by owner, call Max 206660-8034. Pickup Trucks Ford

1999 FORD F250 Super Duty, Super Cab, Long Box $9,000 obo. V8, 7.3 L i t e r Tu r b o D i e s e a l . 120,000 miles. Almost every option on it, that Ford put out. Bells & w h i s t l e s g a l o r e. N i c e clean rig, 5th wheel ready too. Granite Falls. C a l l Tr a v i s 4 2 5 - 3 1 5 6817 or 360-691-6105. Sport Utility Vehicles Jeep

1999 JEEP WRANGLER Sport $5,000 obo. Tow behind ready AT, 4WD & 1 7 0 , 0 0 0 m i l e s. G o o d running gear. Nice driving rig, great shape. All s t o c k w i t h h a r d t o p. Granite Falls. Call Travis 425-315-6817 or 360691-6105.

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X1 DVR™ Service and a Wireless Router included for 2 years

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a month for 24 months

Switch today. Call 1- 866-757-3123 .

Offer ends 3/30/14, and is limited to new residential customers. Not available in all areas. Limited to Starter XF Triple Play with Digital Starter TV, X1 DVR service, Performance HighSpeed Internet, Unlimited Voice service and Wireless Router. Two-year contract required. After 24 months, monthly service charge for all three services increases to $119.99. After promotional periods, or if any service is cancelled or downgraded, regular charges apply. Comcast’s current monthly service charge for Starter XF Triple Play ranges from $144.95$149.95 depending on area, for HD Technology Fee is $10.00 and for X1 DVR service is $9.95 and for wireless router is $8 (pricing subject to change). TV and Internet service limited to a single outlet. Equipment, installation, taxes and fees, including Broadcast TV Fee (currently up to $1.50/mo.) and the Regulatory Recovery Fee and other applicable charges (e.g., per call or international) extra, such charges and fees subject to change during and after the promotion. May not be combined with other offers. TV: Not all programming available in all areas. Basic service subscription required to receive other levels of service. XFINITY On Demand™ selections subject to charge indicated at time of purchase. Internet: Actual speeds vary and are not guaranteed. WiFi claim based on October 2013 study of comparable in-home wireless routers by Allion Test Labs, Inc. WiFi hotspots included with Performance Internet or above. Voice: Text messaging requires XFINITY Internet subscription. Most Live Sports available with Digital Preferred TV and WatchESPN. Additional outlet fee applies to multi-room viewing. Two-year contract required. Early termination fees apply. Call for restrictions and complete details. ©2014 Comcast. All rights reserved. NPA134353-0002

97123_NPA134353-0002 Yes-No Bothell-Kenmore_9.8333x12.75.indd 1

1/17/14 12:35 PM

[20] February 7, 2014 •

Pediatric Associates

Located in the Heart of Your Neighborhood


New! Bothell Clinic

Opening on Monday February 10, 2014 Carol Baer MD, Brianna Label MD, Britt Rodgers MD, Steve Schiebel MD Since 1967, we have been taking care of generations of Eastside children, one child at a time, 365 days a year. • Same day appointments • On site lab and digital x-ray

• Our 8th office serving the Eastside

• 24 hour nurse phone consultations

• On-call pediatrician by phone for urgent questions overnight

• Bellevue and Pine Lake offices open 7 days a week

• Hospital Team at Seattle Children’s for hospitalizations when needed

Teddy Bear and Doll Clinic First 100 families to RSVP receive a free bear!

19801 North Creek Parkway Suite #201, Bothell, WA 98011 Tour our new clinic • Bring your teddy bear or doll for a check- up • Face painting • Snacks

RSVP to:


Saturday, February 8th 11:00 am -1:00 pm

Bothell/Kenmore Reporter, February 07, 2014  

February 07, 2014 edition of the Bothell/Kenmore Reporter

Bothell/Kenmore Reporter, February 07, 2014  

February 07, 2014 edition of the Bothell/Kenmore Reporter