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Kindergarten registration begins for Marysville schools BY KIRK BOXLEITNER

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Graham and Becky Larson read from a selection of oversized picture-books that Graham will be treated to when he starts kindergarten this coming school year.


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Vol. 120, No. 31

MARYSVILLE — The Totem Middle School cafeteria was packed with families as the Marysville School District kicked off its kindergarten registration for the coming school year with its annual information fair on Saturday, Jan. 25. Dr. Kyle Kinoshita and Cinco Delgado, both of whom serve as executive directors of teaching and learning for the school district, reported an abundance of attendees who were able to meet with staff members from their children’s schools and to register their children for the 2014-15 kindergarten class. “There were a considerable number of families whose first language was other than English,” Kinoshita said. “District bilingual staff, as well as bilingual Marysville high school students, guided those parents through the entire registration process.” Kinoshita added that cheer-

leaders from the MarysvillePilchuck and Marysville Getchell high school campuses were on hand to greet parents and to pass out informational materials. Marysville dad Quang Phung was among the parents at the info fair who were old hands at this process. Although his daughter Megan will be starting kindergarten this fall, he’s already shepherded her two older siblings through the process. “They both went to Allen Creek Elementary,” Phung said. “One is at Cedarcrest Middle School now, while the other is at Marysville Getchell.” While this was not his first info fair and kindergarten registration at Marysville, Phung noted that this year’s event met his needs better than previous years had done. “They hand you the packages you need right at the doors,” Phung said, gesturing SEE SCHOOLS, PAGE 2

Odor study results fail to halt debate BY KIRK BOXLEITNER

MARYSVILLE — A 13-month study of odors in the Snohomish River Delta by the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency has done little to identify the source of noxious smells that have plagued Marysville and north Everett for years. Representatives of Cedar Grove Composting, which has a facility on Smith Island in north Everett, were first to respond to the recently released results of the study, but representatives of other organizations — including the city of Marysville and the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency itself — soon

offered follow-up responses of their own to dispute Cedar Grove’s characterization of the study results. Cedar Grove Vice President Susan Thoman’s initial press statement touted the study results as a vindication of sorts for Cedar Grove, pointing to the multiple sources of odor that were identified, and citing the modeling results which showed that, during one quarter of the study, odors from the Marysville waste water treatment plant reached 24.9 odor units at the weather station in the center of town, compared to 3.7 from Cedar Grove. The SEE STUDY, PAGE 2

File Photo

Cedar Grove workers at Smith Island move compost after it’s received a thickening agent.

February 1, 2014

study by Odotech defined 5.0 odor units as discernible to the human nose. Joanne Todd, communications supervisor for the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency, pointed out that Cedar Grove was still one of the top three sources of odors recorded. While Cedar Grove came in third for the strongest single-incident odors, behind the Marysville waste water treatment plant in second and the Everett sewage treatment plant in first, data from Odotech’s e-noses placed Cedar Grove first as the source of the most persistent odors, with the Everett and Marysville plants coming in second and third, respectively. Todd likewise relayed the observations of volunteers in Marysville and north Everett, who reported 122 instances of compost smells and 43 instances of fresh yard-and-food waste smells during the time that the odor study was conducted. “Our volunteer sniffers were trained to spot the differences between compost and fresh waste, versus sewage and biogas,” Todd said. “The question became, though, if these odors are being steadily released all the time, why are they only noticed by people at specific times? When we compared those times to our meteorological data, we found that the volunteers’ recordings

“We’ve never denied that there are various odors present in the area, but so few of the rest of them are what our citizens have called to complain about.” Gloria Hirashima, Chief Administrative Officer, Marysville of strong odors overlapped 90 percent of the time with calm winds. Maybe certain smells move through the topography like rivers.” At the same time, Todd joined Cedar Grove in lamenting that the city of Marysville had not agreed to participate in the study by having e-noses placed at the city’s waste water treatment plant. Marysville Mayor Jon Nehring had previously questioned the credibility of Odotech’s e-noses, since Odotech itself was already a vendor for Cedar Grove. Gloria Hirashima, chief administrative officer for the city of Marysville, nonetheless touted the odor study’s executive summary, echoing what Todd cited about how often the human “sniffers” detected the scents of compost and fresh waste. “Those were the most prevalent odors in their observations,” Hirashima said. “We’ve never denied that there are various odors present in the area, but so few of the rest of them are what our citizens have called to complain about.” While the city of Marysville has its own odor expert reviewing the results of the odor study, Hirashima

deemed the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency to be the regulatory agency on point for this issue. “We’ll be looking to them for the solution to this problem,” Hirashima said. Jim Kneeland of Pacific Public Affairs, also speaking for Cedar Grove, downplayed the data from the human volunteers versus that of Odotech’s e-noses, framing it as a matter of arbitrary judgement versus scientific method. “It’d be like if we told state troopers that we were going to take their radar away and have them eye-judge how much drivers might be speeding,” Kneeland said. “About 70 percent of the complaints in the third quarter came from only three out of the 12 participating community members. That’s not a sufficient cross-section. Between its campaign with Strategies 360 and the fines that were imposed against it, the city of Marysville has spent about $1 million of the taxpayers’ money on this cause, rather than on controlling their own odors, and as long as they keep doing that, they’re never going to get to the real source of the smell.”

Silvertips vs. Spokane

Saturday February 1st, 7:05pm Tyler Sandhu Magnet Night: First 1,000 fans will receive a player magnet of 2014 NHL Draft prospect Tyler Sandhu Courtesy of Pratt Pest Management. 972545

SCHOOLS FROM PAGE 1 to the cheerleaders flanking the cafeteria’s entrance. “They’re much more aggressive in directing you where you need to go, and I like this year’s layout a lot better. It flows more organically.” Although Niki Booth will be a first-time kindergarten mom to her son Aden this year, she remembers her own years as a student in the Marysville schools. “Everyone’s just been very helpful as I’ve walked around and asked questions,” Booth said. “The Shoultes Elementary booth in particular did a great job of disseminating information.” While Booth and Phung filled out paperwork, firsttime kindergarten moms such as Becky Larson and Rachel Rui gave some of the features of their kids’ upcoming classes a test-drive. Becky Larson read from a selection of oversized picture-books with her son Graham, who will be treated to that experience with his kindergarten teacher later this year. “It’s great that they have the teachers and activities here so that we can both see what it’ll be like for him,” Larson said. “I’ve been able to meet with math coaches, and he’s gotten excited about playing with blocks. I wouldn’t change anything about this info fair.” Rachel Rui and her son Simon tried their hands at those building blocks with

Silvertips vs. Spokane Sunday February 9th, 4:05pm

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Megan Phung does coloring while her father Quang fills out paperwork to register her for kindergarten on Jan. 25. one of the math coaches, Sarah Poyner-Wallis. “I’ve been able to pick the faculty’s brains,” Rui said. “They’ve given me advice on the sorts of skills he needs to be building over the summer, even down to how to develop his hand-eye techniques through practical applications like Play-Doh.” “What we emphasize is learning through interacting with everyday things,” Poyner-Wallis said. “This can range from identifying shapes of objects to counting steps and even telling which things are heavier or lighter.” Jodi Runyon, executive assistant to the superintendent of the Marysville School District, reported that nearly 90 new kindergarten students were registered that Saturday, a number she deemed a measure of the event’s success. Kindergarten registration resumed on Monday, Jan. 27, and will continue at your neighbor-

Silvertips vs. Vancouver

Friday February 14th, 7:35pm Valentine’s Day Game

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hood schools for the 2014-15 school year. “What we typically see are a few students registering at each of the elementary schools between now and summer break, followed by a surge of registrations before the schools’ offices close in June, with another surge when they reopen in mid-August,” Runyon said. “If your child will be 5 years old by Aug. 31, we strongly encourage you to register them for kindergarten as soon as possible. Early registration helps schools balance their numbers and do all-day kindergarten placements, when applicable, in addition to providing enrollment information so that the schools and the district can communicate early with our new families.” Resources for school attendance areas, transportation and registration are posted on the district’s website at www., under the “Parent” tab. Some schools will again offer all-day kindergarten programs — either by tuition or state-funded — and for more information on those, you can click on the “Enrollment/Registration” tab, under “Quick Links” on the district website. “It was fun and exciting to see all the new faces this year,” Delgado said. “We’re excited to have them become a part of our school community.”

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The Arlington boys basketball team hosts Snohomish on Tuesday, Feb. 4, beginning at 7:15 p.m. On Tuesday, Feb. 4, the Marysville-

The Marysville Library is hosting an eBooks for Kindle class on Tuesday, Feb. 4, beginning at 3 p.m., in the Creative Commons. Use library resources and learn how to browse, borrow and download eBooks. Bring your library card, Kindle

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February 1, 2014

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February 1, 2014

LETTER TO THE EDITOR Marysville Mayor and City Council against Democracy Four years ago, when 19,000 of us in North Marysville were annexed into the city of Marysville it was without a vote. I said then, and I still say now, that if we had a vote and 18,999 voted yes for annexation and my vote was no, I would have no argument over annexation. But we weren’t allowed that fundamental right. Nehring and the City Council just wanted the increased tax revenue. Not democracy. My taxes are higher, services are fewer and I still don’t get a vote on city issues. The Marysville City Council and Nehring still know better than the voters. The new issue is the Transportation Benefit District (TBD), a new taxing district. The City Council late

last year voted to approve a Marysville TBD for city of Marysville. Most other cities put the decision of forming a TBD to the voters, and most were approved. But not the city of Marysville. They just don’t trust the voters. Now the City Council is deciding to authorize a $20 license tab fee for the Marysville TBD. Surprise, again they are not going to let us vote on the TBD or the $20 license fee issues. The City Council approved a Council resolution to encourage the voters to vote for Marysville School District issues. But they won’t allow us a vote on the TBD or the $20 license fees. Democracy in the city limits of Marysville on city is muzzled, suppressed, ignored. Some day, I would like to vote on city spending issues. Michael McAnaw Marysville

Letters To The Editor

Send your Letters to the Editor to or to P.O. Box 145, Marysville, WA 98270. Letters must be signed and include a telephone number where the writer can be contacted during business hours. Letters to the Editor can also be submitted via our websites at and www.marysvilleglobe. com. If you have any questions call Scott Frank, managing editor, at 360-659-1300.


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Invest in the future of our children, vote ‘Yes’ on Feb. 11 P

eople who live within the boundaries of the Lakewood and Marysville school districts will be able to use their ballots to invest in the children in their communities when they cast their vote in the Feb. 11 election. The Marysville School District is putting a pair of levies on the ballot, and the Lakewood School District is asking voters to approve a bond that will renovate Lakewood High School. The two levies in Marysville include Proposition 1, a replacement Educational Programs Maintenance and Operations levy, and Proposition 2, a new Technology levy. It’s is very important to consider that MSD’s Proposition 1 is not a new tax. It is simply replacing the existing M&O levy passed by voters in 2010, which expires in 2014. The M&O levy provides critical funding to the district and accounts for approximately 20 percent of the daily school operating budget. The M&O levy helps fund staffing, salaries and benefits; athletics and after school programs; special education, professional development and textbooks; supplies, insurance, utilities and print shop; and transportation. Should Proposition 1 fail, those vital areas could all face funding cuts. In addition to the replacement M&O levy, the district is asking voters to approve Proposition 2, a new Technology levy. The last Technology levy passed by voters in the Marysville School District expired in 2005, nearly a


decade ago. In that time, much of the district’s technology has become obsolete, with district officials estimating that one-third of the devices used by the district can not be updated. This obsolete technology has a negative impact on our district’s students, teachers and staff. Approval of Proposition 2 would provide some much-needed help to close the technology gap faced by our students and teachers. Proposition 2 funds would be used to enhance and increase connectivity throughout the district; purchase hardware and software; and provide training for students and staff. It will also improve security by providing security cameras at the front door of every school. Another benefit is that WiFi would be available to the public after 5 p.m. at all schools. For more information about the MSD’s levies, log on to www.msvl. Voters in the Lakewood School District are being asked to approve Proposition 1, a $66.8 million bond to renovate Lakewood High School. Bond funding would be used to make major improvements to safety and security, and to heating, plumbing and electrical systems. It

would provide additional space for educational programs, as well as space to accommodate growth in student enrollment. Also included in the funding are improvements that address parking and traffic concerns. The bond would also provide for an auxiliary gym, stadium improvements, an all-weather track and synthetic turf, as well as replacing all existing tennis courts. These are much-needed improvements that will benefit our children and the community, and approval of Proposition 1 will ensure that those improvements can be made. For more information, log onto the Lakewood School District website at While all of these propositions may involve some additional costs to taxpayers, they must be viewed as an investment in our children. When you’re filling out the Feb. 11 ballot, we urge you to vote to invest in our children. If you live within the Marysville School District, vote ‘Yes” on Proposition 1 — the replacement Educational Programs Maintenance and Operations levy, and vote “Yes” on Proposition 2 — the new Technology levy. If you live within the Lakewood School District, we urge a “Yes” vote on Proposition 1 — the bond to renovate Lakewood High School. We owe it to our children to invest in their future.

Scott Frank in the Managing Editor of The Arlington Times and The Marysville Globe, and can be reached at 360-659-1300, or via email at sfrank@marysvilleglobe. com.

The Arlington Times / The Marysville Globe

February 1, 2014


Proposed psychiatric care facility OK’d BY KIRK BOXLEITNER

SMOKEY POINT — US HealthVest’s Certificate of Need application, proposing to establish a 75-bed psychiatric hospital in north Marysville, was approved by the state Department of Health on Jan. 14, clearing the way for an $18.8 million, 60,000-square-foot facility that could open at 15621 Smokey Point Blvd. with an estimated 200 employees as early as 2016. “The approval of a

Certificate of Need always comes with certain conditions that the applicants are required to obey, and the state Department of Health’s conditions on this one were benign and simple,” US HealthVest President and CEO Richard Kresch said. “These are things like, we have to build the facility where we said we would, and we have to provide charity care at or above the average amount provided by other hospitals in the Puget Sound region. We’ve

accepted all of these conditions.” From here, Kresch expects the next month to be spent on assessments by architects and engineers, followed by a six-month design phase. “That’s relatively fastpaced for this type of work, but we’ve done this before, so it should move along pretty quickly,” Kresch said. “The parcel has already been zoned. The preliminary environmental studies have already been conduct-

ed. The land use questions have already been answered. The city of Marysville has been friendly, helpful and cooperative.” Within the next six to eight months, Kresch expects ground to be broken at the site, and while he’s hesitant to be overly specific on the timeline of events that will follow, he estimated that construction could be complete within 18 months, which would allow the facility to open its doors as soon as two years from

HealthVest’s proposed facility, likewise spoke in support of the DOH’s approval of this Certificate of Need application. “Our coalition of city and business leaders worked together to present strategic testimonies through the hearing process for the Certificate of Need, which played a big part in demonstrating that we are a united community, vested in supporting and welcoming this new and clearly needed enterprise,” Rogers said.

now. “The need is here,” Kresch said. “North Snohomish County is an underserved area in an already underserved state for its numbers of psychiatric beds. The people who can’t access that treatment here are having to travel outside the area to get it.” Greater Marysville Tulalip Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Caldie Rogers, who’d written a letter to the state Department of Health in support of US


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Kristiansen, Scott hold Feb. 6 telephone town hall State representatives Dan Kristiansen and Elizabeth Scott are inviting local residents to participate in their 39th District telephone town hall meeting on Thursday, Feb. 6. The community conversation will run from 6:30-7:30 p.m. The state lawmakers will take questions and share their thoughts on the 2014 legislative session. The event’s format is similar to a

call-in radio show. All participants have to do is call, toll-free, 1-800759-5313, and listen in from the comfort of their homes. If they’d like to ask questions, participants can press * (star) on their telephone keypads. “With the size of our legislative district, these telephone town halls make it much easier to reach out to more people,” Scott said. “Our

constituents can participate from the comfort of their own homes, for however long or as little as they like. These events have proved very popular, and are a successful way for us to hear the thoughts and opinions from those we represent in Olympia. With issues such as the budget, health care, the second McCleary ruling from the state Supreme Court, a poten-

tial gas-tax increase and potential environmental regulations being imposed by the governor, we have much to discuss.” Questions prior to the telephone town hall meeting can be directed to Kristiansen at 360-786-7967 or, and to Scott at 360-786-7816 or Local residents are also welcome to leave a

Worship Directory “Our doors are always open, come worship with us.” LUTHERAN


message on the toll-free legislative hotline at 1-800-562-6000. For more information on Kristiansen, visit To learn more about Scott, visit The 2014 legislative session is scheduled to run through March 13. For further details, visit www.


1-888-421-4285 x813

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Classic Worship Celebration . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8:15a.m. Kidz’ Zone . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10:00a.m. Casual Worship Celebration . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10:00a.m. Student Ministries (Jr . High-Wednesday) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6:00 p.m. Student Ministries (Sr . High-Thursday) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6:30 p.m. Hillside Christian Preschool NOW Enrolling for the 2012-13 School Year Groups for Children, Youth, College/Career, Young Marrieds, Families and Seniors



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‘Race: The Power of an Illusion’ screens Feb. 8 MARYSVILLE — The city of Marysville, through the Mayor’s Diversity Advisory Committee, is hosting a community viewing of “Race: The Power of an Illusion” from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 8, at the Marysville United Methodist Church, located at 5600 64th St. NE. Community members are invited to view this eyeopening and powerful threepart series PBS documentary. Each episode will be introduced by facilitators with the Communities of Color Coalition. Each of the three one-hour episodes will be followed by a small panel and facilitated conversation about the film and its relevance today. “Race: The Power of an Illusion” examines the biological myth of race, and its social and political construction. The theme is built around the idea that, until people understand the myths of race, and see its lasting impact on society and in today’s community, we cannot have important conversations that allow us to move forward. Attendance is free, and lunch will be provided. Pre-registration is required. Check in at 8:30 a.m.

For more information about this event and the Diversity Advisory Committee, and to pre-register, contact Buell by phone at 360-363-8086 or via email at The three episodes in the series are as follows: 1. “The Difference Between Us” examines the contemporary science that challenges assumptions that human beings can be bundled into three or four fundamentally different groups according to their physical traits. 2. “The Story We Tell” uncovers the roots of the race concept in North America, the 19th century science that popularized it, and how it came to be held so fiercely in the western imagination. This episode is an eye-opening tale of how race served to rationalize, and even justify, American social inequalities as “natural.” 3. “The House We Live In” asks, if race is not biology, what is it? This episode uncovers how race resides not in nature but in politics, economics and culture. It reveals how our social institutions “make” race, by disproportionately channeling resources, power, status and wealth.

February 01, 2014



Notice is hereby given that the Community Development Block Grant DRAFT Program Year (PY) 2014 Annual Action Plan is available for public review and comment. The DRAFT PY2014 AAP provides specific housing and community development actions for PY2014 in accordance with the adopted 2012 – 2016 Consolidated Plan. The City of Marysville anticipates receiving $320,000 in federal funds in 2014 under the CDBG program. Comment Period: The DRAFT PY2014 AAP is available for public review and comment through March 4, 2014. Comments must be in writing and must be received no later than 4:00 PM, March 4, 2014. Comments received in writing will be taken into consideration by the Marysville Citizen Advisory Committee for Housing and Community Development before forwarding a recommendation onto Marysville City Council. A summary of, and response, to any comments received will be included in the FINAL PY2014 AAP. For additional information, or to comment, contact: Amy Hess 360.363.8215 The DRAFT PY2014 AAP is available for review at the City of Marysville’s web page, Community Development Department, City Clerk’s office and Marysville Public Library. The DRAFT PY2014 AAP will be made available in a format accessible to per-

sons with disabilities, upon request. Published: Feb 1, 2014 #974798 STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA IN THE FAMILY COURT OF THE THIRTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT COUNTY OF GREENVILLE DOCKET NO.: 2013-DR-23-5389 NOTICE OF ADOPTION PROCEEDINGS TO THE DEFENDANT: “JOHN DOE,” BIRTH FATHER YOU ARE HEREBY GIVEN THE FOLLOWING NOTICE: 1. That an adoption proceeding was filed in the Family Court of Greenville County on December 10, 2013, and in this Complaint you are alleged to be the father of an African-American/Hispanic/Native American/Caucasian male child born in Arlington, Washington, on December 2, 2013. 2. That the Plaintiffs in the above captioned Notice are not named for the purpose of confidentiality; however, the Court knows the true identity of the Plaintiffs and in responding to this notice, you are required to use the caption and the number 2013-DR-23-5389. 3. That if Notice to Contest, Intervene or otherwise Respond is filed by you with the Court within thirty (30) days of the receipt of this Notice of Adoption Proceedings, you will be given an opportunity to appear and be heard on the merits of the adoption. To file notice to Contest, Intervene or otherwise Respond in this action, you must notify the above named Court at Greenville County Courthouse, Clerk of Court at 301 University Ridge, Greenville, South Carolina, 29601, in writing of your intention to Contest, Intervene or otherwise Respond. The above named Court must be informed of your

current address and any changes of your address during the adoption proceedings. 4. That your failure to respond within thirty (30) days of receipt of this Notice of Adoption Proceedings constitutes your consent to the adoption and forfeiture of all of your rights and obligations to the above identified child. It is further alleged that your consent to this adoption is not required under S.C. Code Ann. Section 63-9-310 and that your parental rights should be terminated pursuant to S.C. Code Ann. Section 63-7-2570 (7). This notice is given pursuant to S.C. Code Ann. Section 63-9-730 (E). Raymond W. Godwin, Esq. (SC Bar #2162) Julie M. Rau (SC Bar #69650), 1527 Wade Hampton Blvd. Greenville, SC 29609. PH (864) 241-2883 FAX: (864) 255-4342 ATTORNEYS FOR PLAINTIFFS Date: December 30, 2013 Published: February 1, 2014 #968820


In the Matter of the Estate of ESTHER MAE BAUMGARTNER, Deceased. NO. 14 4 00014 8 PROBATE NOTICE TO CREDITORS The personal representative named below has been appointed as personal representative of this estate. Any person having a claim against the decedent must, before the time the claim would be barred by any otherwise applicable statute of limitations, present the claim in the manner as provided in RCW 11.40.070 by serving on or mailing to the personal representative, or their attorney at the address stated below, a copy of the claim and filing the original of the claim with the

court in which the probate proceedings were commenced. The claim must be presented within the later of: (1) Thirty days after the personal representative served or mailed the notice to the creditor as provided under RCW 11.40.020(1)(c); or (2) four months after the date of first publication of the notice. If the claim is not presented within this time frame, the claim is forever barred, except as otherwise provided in RCW 11.40.051 and 11.40.060. This bar is effective as to claims against both the decedent’s probate and nonprobate assets. DATE OF FIRST PUBLICATION: February 1, 2014. BARBARA J. CLELAND, Personal Representative c/o James L. Kotschwar, Attorney for Personal Representative, WSBA #10823 265 NE Kettle Street; Suite 1, P.O. Box 1593 Oak Harbor, Washington 98277 (360) 675-2207 Published: February 1, 2014 Marysville Globe #972721

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February 1, 2014

Tomahawks fall in OT


MARYSVILLE — Victory was just out of reach for the Marysville-Pilchuck Tomahawks when they lost in overtime to Mountlake Terrace, 62-60, on Jan. 28. The Tommies played with heart and energy as they lead Terrace most of the game, nearly taking the win. M-P were the underdogs going in 7-8 overall, against Mountlake Terrace’s formidable overall record of 12-4. M-P head coach Bary Gould said the Tommies had nothing to be ashamed about in their performance. “Obviously, we’re really young. A couple games ago, we decided we can’t use that as an excuse anymore,” Gould said. “We do have experience now, called ‘this season.’” Gould believed it was the Tomahawks’ best game of the season. M-P junior wing Michael Painter gave a tremendous effort in the game and led the Tomahawks in scoring. Painter accumulated 27 points for M-P, with nine of those points threepointers. “Painter stepped up huge for us,” Gould said. “He was unbelievable.” Painter was a key defensive player as well. He held his own against the much taller Terrace roster. “He basically defended their best player, who happened to be four inches taller

than him,” Gould said. Needless to say, M-P had some tremendous shooters and defensive players. Senior pointguard TJ Rice led in threepointers, making four, while contributing 12 points for M-P total. “We knew we had to improve our post defense and deny those guys the ball,” Gould said. “The guy that is not allowing the ball in gets a lot of the credit, but there’s also a guy behind his off-man, in help-defense, that was doing a great job as well.” M-P opened the first quarter with a three-pointer from Rice, followed by a goal from Painter which handed the lead to the Tomahawks 5-0. After a goal from Terrace, senior pointguard Dante Fields extended M-P’s lead to 7-2, by converting two at the freethrow line. Terrace was catching up quick, but M-P’s scoring and defense kept M-P ahead in the first quarter. M-P junior Bryce Vitcovich closed out the first quarter with an impressive hookshot. M-P led at the end of the first quarter 15-9. M-P repeated much of the same success in the second quarter. By halftime, M-P was ahead 26-20. The game appeared to get closer in scoring in every period. In the third quarter, Terrace improved their scor-

ing by accumulating 14 points to M-P’s 13. Though Terrace was warming up, M-P’s defense was still alive and making plays. Rice stepped up to stop a Terrace breakaway, laying a huge swat and making M-P’s home crowd go wild. M-P was still in the lead at the end of the third quarter, 39-34. It seemed M-P was in control to win the game as the fourth quarter began. “We’ve got to lock em down,” Gould said to his team, prior to the final quarter. Terrace managed to catch up to M-P and tied the game 46-46. As the final quarter entered the final seconds, the coaches traded timeouts to assemble a plan to win the game. Both teams ran out of time in the fourth quarter, with the score at 50-50. In overtime, Terrace swished a threepointer, but so did M-P’s Painter. Terrace picked up a 58-53 lead over M-P, but the Tommies made one more rally in which they tied the game, 60-60. As overtime came to a close, Terrace sank a lastsecond basket, giving them the win. It may have been a tough loss for any team, but Gould and his players are looking forward “to beat” the undefeated Stanwood on Jan. 31. “We’re getting better because of maturity, and we believe that we’re pretty good,” Gould said.

Brandon Adam/Staff Photo

M-P senior pointguard Dante Fields jumps to sink a shot over a Mountlake Terrace defender on Jan. 28.

Stanwood overpowers Marysville Getchell BY BRANDON ADAM

MARYSVILLE — The Marysville Getchell girls basketball team were defeated by the Stanwood Spartans 66-25 on Jan. 29. The growing pains of a school

entering its third year of athletics were apparent as the more experienced Spartans dominated the Chargers. “It’s Stanwood,” MG head coach Shannon Grandbois said. “They have players that have had traditions forever.”

Brandon Adam/Staff Photo

MG freshman pointguard Gabby Grandbois dribbles into Stanwood territory.

Coach Grandbois commended the composure of her developing team as they faced off against the No. 2 team in Wesco 3A North. “I have a raw freshman playing against girls that are juniors and seniors,” coach Grandbois said. “I thought they all did an admirable job.” Freshman pointguard Gabby Grandbois showed tremendous effort against the taller and more experienced Spartans. “I think she did what I asked her to do,” coach Grandbois said. “And that was to take it in regardless of the fouls.” Gabby Grandbois was MG’s highest scorer, hitting for 11 points. On defense, Gabby Grandbois was able to rebound despite the taller competition. Sophomore pointguard Jada Romulus was second in scoring. Her aggressive style of play added five points to MG’s scoring. “Jada takes it in too,” coach Grandbois said. Romulus also contributed on defense by frequently causing loose balls throughout the game. Along with inexperience, another factor for the Chargers was confidence. “It is hard when you have a couple of players who have confidence and the other players struggle,” coach Grandbois said.

As a result, Gabby Grandbois and Romulus were MG’s main scorers. Coach Grandbois said the confidence and experience of her team will improve as the season progresses. “They need experience,” coach Grandbois said. “They’re young. They make young mistakes.” MG competing against a higher ranked team could prove to be beneficial throughout the remainder of the season. Coach Grandbois said this will train her athletes to not fixate on a school’s title or record. “They just have to come out regardless of whatever the name of the team is,” coach Grandbois said. “They need to go out and remember that they are high school athletes, just as they are, and they can be just as competitive.” The Spartans started fast in the first quarter, scoring six unanswered points before MG could get on the board. MG did show some defensive capabilities, securing defensive rebounds, but were unable to convert offensively. The persistence of Romulus paid off as she was able to score a field goal and a free throw for MG. “They played hard to the very end,” coach Grandbois said.

“Regardless of what the score is, they play 100 percent all the way to the last buzzer.” The Spartans’ strong shooting on offense allowed them to outscore MG 15-5 in the first quarter. The Chargers continued to trail Stanwood in the second quarter. The experience showed in Stanwood’s offense as they were one step ahead of MG’s defense as they made passes to wide open shooters. Gabby Grandbois was MG’s lone scorer in the second quarter. Stanwood led MG 28-7 at halftime. In the third quarter, Stanwood continued to display its dominance on both offense and defense. MG improved in scoring by totaling 15 points, resulting in its highest scoring quarter. Though the Chargers felt the offensive pressure from Stanwood, MG’s defense was able to get rebounds and cause a loose ball. But it was Stanwood’s consistent three-point shooting, combined with its regular scoring, that took its toll on the Chargers’ game. Stanwood led MG 52-20 at the end of the third quarter. In the fourth quarter, Stanwood continued its tempo and scored 14 points to the Chargers’ five. As of Jan. 30, MG’s conference record is 1-9 and 4-13 overall.

The Arlington Times / The Marysville Globe

February 1, 2014


Arbitrator rules city must rehire police officer Department,” said Doug Buell, community information officer for the city of Marysville. Carlile was sworn into the Marysville Police Department on Sept. 28, 2009, and placed on paid administrative leave shortly after the March 11, 2012, death of his 7-yearold daughter, who was shot the day before by her 3-year-old brother, when Carlile left his children unattended in the fam-

ily van with his unsecured handgun. The Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office charged Carlile with second-degree manslaughter on May 22, 2012, to which he pled not guilty at a June 5, 2012, arraignment in Snohomish County Superior Court, but prosecutors declined to retry the case after it ended in a mistrial on Nov. 13, 2012, due to a deadlocked jury. The Marysville Police

Department’s internal affairs investigation into the case began on Jan. 8, 2013, making sure to wait until after the Snohomish County Sheriff ’s Office had completed its own investigation, after which the city of Marysville announced Carlile’s firing on May 6, 2013. Carlile was fired for committing a negligent act, endangering himself or others, not promoting a positive image as a police

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tion hearing — which ran Oct. 21-22, 2013, and was closed Dec. 23, 2013 — the arbitrator concluded that Carlile’s off-duty conduct was serious enough to warrant substantial discipline, but not sufficient to warrant his termination, especially in light of his record with the Marysville Police Department and the conclusion that his safety violation was a singular event that will never be repeated.

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officer and conduct unbecoming a police officer. The Marysville Police Officers Association filed a grievance on Carlile’s behalf on May 30, 2013, and the subsequent arbitration hearing followed the dispute process outlined by the city’s labor contract, with city officials pledging to abide by the ruling of the hearing officer who served as the outside arbitrator. Through the arbitra-

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MARYSVILLE — A former Marysville Police officer, who was fired by the city after his daughter was accidentally killed by his own personal firearm, appears set to get his old job back, thanks to a recent ruling by an arbitrator. “The city is prepared to carry out the arbitrator’s ruling and bring Derek Carlile back to a police officer position in the Marysville Police


February 01, 2014

The Arlington Times / The Marysville Globe

‘Million Penny Project’ kicks off on Feb. 7

MARYSVILLE — Those who stop by the Marysville Alfy’s Pizza on State Avenue for the Marysville-Pilchuck High School Life Skills openmic night and pizza party from 5-7 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 7, will also have a chance to contribute to the Life Skills students’ “Million Penny Project,” by dropping off pennies or other donations to help build a school in Africa.

M-PHS Life Skills teacher Jim Strickland explained that roughly 30 of his students will be involved in the project, but he hopes to recruit more from Marysville and Arlington, as they continue to col-

lect pennies in preparation for “We Day” in Seattle on March 21. “Free the Children has built more than 650 schools already, through their We Create Change campaign, and they are committed to building 200 more this year,” Strickland said. “One of these schools will be built by us. A million pennies is $10,000, the amount needed to build an entire school.” Strickland recalled how a group of his Life Skills students had attended last year’s We Day in Seattle, which was the first Free the Children rally ever held in the United States, and which packed 15,000 young people into the Key Arena.

Horse Liniment Erases Pain

HIALEAH, FL – An ingredient often used to treat inflammation in racehorse legs is now back on the market in its original doctor recommended clinical strength formula. According to a national drug survey, the formula at one time became so popular that it rose to the top of pharmacy sales for topical pain relievers. But the company marketing the product at the time changed the formula and sales plummeted. One of the inventors of the original formula has brought it back under the trade name ARTH ARREST and

says it can relieve pain for millions. ARTH ARREST works by a dual mechanism whereby one ingredient relieves pain immediately, while a second ingredient seeks out and destroys the pain messenger signal before it can be sent to the brain. Considered a medical miracle by some, ARTH ARREST is useful in the treatment of a variety of painful disorders. ARTH ARREST is available without a prescription or call 877-581-1502. Now at:

“Free the Children’s policy is that you can’t buy a ticket to We Day,” Strickland said. “You have to earn it by doing one local and one global service project. We’ve done two local projects so far this year, by joining the Soroptimists for a winter coat drive, and collecting 50 gift cards to local restaurants that were handed out to the homeless at Christmas. For our

global project, we decided to participate in the We Create Change campaign to build schools in countries like Ghana, Kenya and Ecuador.” Strickland acknowledged that a target goal of $10,000 will require not only some fundraising brainstorming sessions, but also some letters to be written to local businesses and other organizations, to rally their

potential support as well. “It will be a life-changing experience for our students, who have serious disabilities themselves, to be able to achieve something this great,” Strickland said. “For the rest of their lives, they will know that there is a school for young people less fortunate than themselves because of their efforts. That is powerful.” The M-PHS Life Skills

students have established a donation account at Wells Fargo bank under the name “Million Penny Project,” and donations can be made at any Wells Fargo branch. Strickland hopes they’ll reach their goal by early March, and invited those with questions, comments or concerns to contact him by phone at 425-870-1631 or via email at

Strawberry Festival sets musical lineup MARYSVILLE — The Marysville Strawberry Festival has already secured a diverse array of area talent for their lineup of musical entertainment this summer. Rock-and-roll band “Jette and the Resonators” is set to kick things off on Friday, June 20, having already taken part in several previous years of the Strawberry Festival, in cooperation with the Snohomish County Sheriff ’s Office to benefit “Pennies for Puppies & Ponies.”

On Saturday, June 21, the Strawberry Festival has already secured bluegrass band “The Weavils,” and Arlington’s own singing cowboy, Jesse Taylor. The Strawberry Festival’s schedule of performers is set to be rounded out by Village Community Services’ stylistically eclectic ensemble, “Voices of the Village,” as well as Beatles tribute band “The Soundbeats.” “The Soundbeats are looking forward to their first Strawberry Festival,”

said Jim Smith, who serves as the agent for both “The Soundbeats” and “Jette and the Resonators.” “The Beatles are one of the most popular bands of all time, so that music always goes over well with crowds. And when Jette and the Resonators

book their performances for each year, they make sure to highlight the Strawberry Festival, because they absolutely enjoy being outdoors with all those people who are already having a great time. They love to come back, year after year.”


Courtesy Photo

‘Jette and the Resonators’ will be among the musical artists to perform at this year’s Marysville Strawberry Festival.


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yr yr yr yr

fixed fixed fixed fixed

4.250 3.375 3.000 3.990


1 & 2 bd Apt, 3 bd Home


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Arlington: 2 bd Home

Monroe: 3 bd Home The Rental Connection Inc


% Down



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$95 $95 $95 $705

20% 20% 20% 20%

4.255 3.454 3.076 4.053

(A) (B) 3015 112th Avenue, NE, Suite 214, Bellevue, WA 98004



MORTGAGE RATES & INFORMATION ARE AVAILABLE ON THE INTERNET @ Legend: The rate and annual percentage rate (APR) are effective as of 1/28/14. Š 2014 Bankrate, Inc. The APR may increase after consummation and may vary. Payments do not include amounts for taxes and insurance. The fees set forth for each advertisement above may be charged to open the plan (A) Mortgage Banker, (B) Mortgage Broker, (C) Bank, (D) S & L, (E) Credit Union, (BA) indicates Licensed Mortgage Banker, NYS Banking Dept., (BR) indicates Registered Mortgage Broker, NYS Banking Dept., (loans arranged through third parties). “Call for Ratesâ€? means actual rates were not available at press time. All rates are quoted on a minimum FICO score of 740. Conventional loans are based on loan amounts of $165,000. Jumbo loans are based on loan amounts of $435,000. Points quoted include discount and/or origination. Lock Days: 30-60. Annual percentage rates (APRs) are based on fully indexed rates for adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs). The APR on your specific loan may differ from the sample used. Fees reflect charges relative to the APR. If your down payment is less than 20% of the home’s value, you will be subject to private mortgage insurance, or PMI. Bankrate, Inc. does not guarantee the accuracy of the information appearing above or the availability of rates and fees in this table. All rates, fees and other information are subject to change without notice. Bankrate, Inc. does not own any financial institutions. Some or all of the companies appearing in this table pay a fee to appear in this table. If you are seeking a mortgage in excess of $417,000, recent legislation may enable lenders in certain locations to provide rates that are different from those shown in the table above. Sample Repayment Terms – ex. 360 monthly payments of $5.29 per $1,000 borrowed ex. 180 monthly payments of $7.56 per $1,000 borrowed. We recommend that you contact your lender directly to determine what rates may be available to you. TO APPEAR IN THIS TABLE, CALL 800-509-4636. TO REPORT ANY INACCURACIES, CALL 888-509-4636. sHTTPHERALDNETINTERESTCOM


12 February 01, 2014 February 1, 2014

The Arlington TimesTimes / The Marysville GlobeGlobe The Arlington / The Marysville


P E LV I C / Tr a n s va g i n a l Mesh? Did you undergo transvaginal placement of mesh for pelvic organ prolapse or stress urinar y incontinence between 2005 and the present? If the mesh announcements caused complications, you may be entitled to compensation. Call Charles H. Johnson Law Announcements and speak with female ADOPTION: Financially staff members 1-800secure Christian couple 535-5727 hoping to start a family Find your through adoption. Will provide a loving, safe, perfect pet joy-filled home. Call or in the Classifieds. text Alica and Santino at (206) 618-8007. Email: s a n t i n o a n d a l - Find your perfect pet Or con- in the Classifieds. tact our adoption ney at: (206) 728-5858. Ask for Joan. Reference File # 0705. ADOPTION -- HAPPY, loving, stable, professional couple would be thrilled to expand our fa m i l y a n d g i ve yo u r baby a secure home. C a l l Ve r o n i c a a n d James 1-800-681-5742 Advertise your product or service nationwide or by region in up to 12 million households in North America’s best suburbs! Place your classified ad in over 815 suburban newspapers just like this one. Call Classified Avenue at 888-486-2466 or go to ANNOUNCE your festiva l fo r o n l y p e n n i e s. Four weeks to 2.7 million readers statewide for about $1,200. Call this newspaper or 1 (206) 634-3838 for more details. SEASONAL ALLERGIES? Earn $100. Donate Plasma Now 425-258-3653

Employment General

JIM CREEK NAVY RECREATION FACILITY Arlington, WA CUSTODIAL WORKER/JANITOR (2 Open Positions) April-October 2014. $10.46-$12.19 ph doe. Vacuuming rugs, draperies, shampooing rugs, sweeps, strips, polishes floors using light to heavy industrial-type equipment. Hired subj to security background check. Must be willing to work days, evenings, weekends and/or holidays. Closes: 02/07. Application available at: Mail application : FFRP Bldg 94 HR 610 Dowell St Attn: Human Resources Bldg. 94 610 Dowell St. Keyport WA 98345 Or e-mail to: CP-Personnel.cnrnw@ fax # (360) 396-5445/ (425) 304-5364.EOE.

jobs Employment General

HIRING NOW! Locating, Inc. is how hiring Utility Line Locators in your area. Apply online today: Locating Inc. is an EOE. SOLD IT? FOUND IT? Let us know by calling 1-800-388-2527 so we can cancel your ad. Location: King and Snohomish County Descript i o n : F l a g g e r D o yo u want to be a part of a World Class Team? This position is responsible for Traffic Control Management. Please inquire about open positions and Flagger Certification Classes at http://www.

POLICE OFFICER ENTRY-LEVEL $5064/month $5545 Second year & $6636 Third year

Employment General

Employment General


REPORTER T h e C ov i n g t o n / M a p l e Valley Reporter, a division of Sound Publishing Inc. is seeking a seasoned general assignment reporter with writing exper ience and photography skills. This is a senior position and is based out of the Covington office. The primary coverage will be city government, business, sports, general assignment stor ies; and may include arts coverage. Schedule includes evening and/or weekend work. As a Reporter for Sound Publishing, you will be expected to: generate 8-10 by-line stories per week; use a digital camera to take photographs of the stories you cover ; post on the publication’s web site; blog and use Twitter on the web; layout pages, using InDesign; shoot and edit videos for the web. The most highly valued traits are: commitment to community jour nalism and ever ything from short, brieftype stories about people and events to examining issues facing the community; to be inquisitive and resourceful in the coverage of assigned beats; to be comfor table producing five bylined stories a week; the ability to write stories that are tight and to the point; to be a motivated self-starter; to be able to establish a rapport with the community. Candidates must have excellent communication and organizational skills, and be able to work effectively in a deadline-driven environment. Minimu m o f t wo ye a r s o f previous newspaper experience is required. Position also requires use of personal vehicle, possession of valid WA State Driver’s License and proof of active vehicle insurance. We offer a competitive hourly wage and benefits package including health insurance, paid time off (vacation, sick, and holidays), and 401K (currently with an employer match.) Email us your cover letter, resume, and include five examples of your best work showcasing your reporting skills and writing chops to:

The award-winning newspaper Whidbey News-Times is seeking an energetic, detailedoriented reporter to write articles and features. Experience in photography and Adobe InDesign p r e fe r r e d . A p p l i c a n t s must be able to work in a team-oriented, deadline-driven environment, possess excellent writing skills, have a knowledge of community news and be able to write about multiple topics. Must relocate to Whidbey Island, WA. This is a fulltime position that includes excellent benefits: medical, dental, life insurance, 401k, paid vacation, sick and holidays. EOE . No calls please. Send resume with cover letter, three or more non-retur nable clips in PDF or Text format and references to kgraves@whidbey or mail to: HR/GARWNT Sound Publishing, Inc. 11323 Commando Rd W, Main Unit, Everett, WA 98204

Find it. Buy it. Sell it. Open 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

REPORTER The North Kitsap Herald, a Friday newspaper and daily online site located i n b e a u t i f u l Po u l s b o, Washington, is accepting applications for a fulltime sports and education reporter. The ideal candidate will have solid repor ting and writing skills, have up-to-date k n ow l e d g e o f t h e A P Stylebook, be able to shoot photos, be able to use InDesign and contribute to Web updates. This position includes health insurance, paid Reach more than a vacation, sick leave and million potential buyers holidays, and a 401k (with company match). every day. Place your The Herald, founded in ad at 1901, was a 2012 Newspaper of the Year (Local The opportunity to make Media Association) and a difference is right in a 2013 General Excellence winner (Washingfront of you. RECYCLE THIS PAPER ton Newspaper Publishers Association). If you want to work in an ambiTreasure Hunting? tious, dynamic newsCheck out our Recycler room, we want to hear ads before someone from you. E.O.E. Email else finds your riches your resume, cover letter and up to 5 non-re5 Week Photo Specials turnable writing and phoCall 1-800-388-2527 for to samples to more information. Look online 24 hours a day at Or mail to EPNKH/HR Dept., Sound Publishing, Reach thousands 11323 Commando Rd W., of readers with just Main Unit, one phone call: Everett, WA 98204 800-388-2527 The City of Everett seeks a diverse group of qualified individuals who are interested in a police career that provides professional and personal challenges and rewards. To apply go to: HR Dept., 2930 Wetmore Ave., Suite 5A, Everett, WA 98201, (425) 257-8768 or . Applications must be received by Friday, 2/14/14. EOE.

We’ve got you covered Treasure Hunting? Find what youour needRecycle 24 hours a day. in the Northwest. Check out Call to place your ad ads before someone else finds your riches. today 800-388-2527.


Home Owners and Contractors Sand And Gravel – Topsoil Crushed Rock-Washed Rock Over 35 Products



or mail to: Sound Publishing, Inc. 19426 68th Avenue S. Kent, WA 98032, ATTN: HR/COV Sound Publishing is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE) and strongly supports diversity in the wor kplace. Check out our website to find out more about us! Find It. Buy It. Sell It. Looking for the ride of your life? 24 hours a day Employment Transportation/Drivers

DRIVERS -- Whether you have experience or need training, we offer unbeatable career opp o r t u n i t i e s . Tr a i n e e , Company Driver, Lease Operator, Lease Trainers. (877) 369-7105

Employment Transportation/Drivers

CAB DRIVERS Make up to $200 cash per day! • •

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AIRLINES ARE HIRING – Tra i n fo r h a n d s o n Av i a t i o n C a r e e r. FA A approved program. Financial aid if qualified Job placement assistance. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance 877-818-0783

Call Today:

(425) 609-7777

Home Services Concrete Contractors

Custom Concrete Remove & Replace Driveways, Patios, Walkways, Foundations, Retaining Walls All types of concrete work. 20yrs Exp. Call for Free Estimate


Home Services Electrical Contractors

Fun job! Lots of money! We need Help!

professional services

One call, does it all! Fast and Reliable Electrical Repairs and Installations. Call 1-800-9088502

O W N E R / O P E R AT O R Need to sell old Dedicated Home Weekly! Solos up to exercise equipment? $175,000/year. $2500 Professional Services Call 800-388-2527 to Sign-on Bonus! Teams Attorney, Legal Services place your ad today. u p t o $ 3 5 0 , 0 0 0 / ye a r. $5,000 Sign-on Bonus! Notice to Contractors Washington Forward Air 888-652Home Services State Law 5611 Excavations (RCW 18.27.100) requires that all adverHealth Care Employment tisements for construc- Gregco Excavating Caregivers tion related services inlic#GREGCEL949CB clude the contractor’s 25 Years Experience current depar tment of Residential or Labor and Industries Commercial registration number in *Site Prep *Clearing the advertisement. *Demo *Grading Failure to obtain a certifiWhidbey Island, cate of registration from *Utilities *Drainage Solutions L&I or show the registraMt. Vernon tion number in all adverNo Job Too Small tising will result in a fi ne Days, Swing and up to $5000 against the Call for Estimate Awake overnight, unregistered contractor. 425-320-6283 shifts available. For more infor mation, Working with Adults call Labor and Industries Specialty Compliance Ken’s Bulldozing with Disabilities. Services Division at & Excavation $10.50/hr, Paid training, 1-800-647-0982 Logging/Land Clearing or check L&Is internet KILLER benefits! Excavation site at Good for part timers too! Site Prep & Utilities Grading EOE

Service Alternatives Call or email for info: 1-888-328-3339 employmentopps@

Professional Services Instruction/Classes

U TA H & O R E G O N CONCEALED FIREARMS PERMIT TRAINING CLASSES Mon 2/17 & Mon 3/10, 9amBusiness 2pm in RavensOpportunities dale/Kent area $99 ConA n t i - A g i n g B u s i n e s s tact: Goldmine! Prime turn- for info & to sign up onkey Routes available. line. Baby Boomers #1 De- Professional Services mand= $$$ $20k invest Legal Services = $80k+ yearly, P/T Call 888-900-8276 24/7 DIVORCE $155. $175 with children. No court Make Up To $2,000.00+ appearances. Complete Per Week! New Credit p r e p a ra t i o n . I n c l u d e s Card Ready Drink-Snack custody, support, propVending Machines. Mini- er ty division and bills. mum $4K to $40K+ In- B B B m e m b e r . vestment Required. Lo- (503) 772-5295. cations Available. BBB www.paralegalalter naA c c r e d i t e d B u s i n e s s. (800) 962-9189

Employment Volunteers Needed

Professional Services Logging


SPEEDY TREE SERVICE Topping & Removal Money for Timber

Skidder & Tower, Logging


The Marysville Festival is looking for volunteer Class A CDL driver (s) to drive our GMC 5500 c r ew c a b t r u ck a n d 40ft triple axel trailer. If yo u e n j oy p a r a d e s, helping your local community and traveling to areas around the state, give us a call. For more information please contact: Darren Doty (360)6597664 or (360) 6543324

Need to sell some furniture? Call 800-388-2527 to place your ad today.

Visit Our Store For Specials Hours 7:00 – 5:00 Monday – Friday 5802 Cemetery Road ≈ Arlington WA 98223 360-403-7520 864328

Schools & Training

Free Estimates Lic/Bonded/Insured lic#kensbbe951q8

425-330-3639 Home Services Handyperson


● Rental, Commercial & Residential Property ● Interior/Exterior Repairs ● Plumbing & Electrical ● Remodel, Painting, Texture, Sheetrock, Doors, Flooring, Pressure Washing, Yardwork, Hauling. ● Deck & Fencing. ● Senior Discount Lic. Bond/Insured Lic.CHEAPHS942LF

425-353-5558 425-773-7484 Home Services Hauling & Cleanup

DON’R Construction

Texturing Patchwork


30 years Exp No Job Too Small

Professional Services Professional

Lic# DONRC**994QW

CHRISTIAN MINISTER available for weddings, large & small. Affordable rates. Free Bible. Religious or civil ceremony. Military & LGBT couples welcome. Call Micki at 425-345-8783

home services Home Services Appliance Repair


Debris Removal/Burning Driveway Installation Retainment Systems Drainage - Demolition

Appliance Repair - We fix It no matter who you bought it from! 800-9345107

(360)653-7408 Home Services Property Maintenance

All Things Basementy! Basement Systems Inc. Call us for all of your basement needs! Waterproofing ? Finishing ? Structural Repairs ? Humidity and Mold Control F R E E E S T I M AT E S ! Call 1-888-698-8150

Home & Property Maintenance & Improvements Lic/Bon/Ins

Bob Vos

425-308-0419 vosprpm911m1

The Arlington / The Marysville The Arlington TimesTimes / The Marysville GlobeGlobe Home Services


House/Cleaning Service

A CLEAN SWEEP Cleaning Service Home, office, move outs & occasionals 18 Years Experience




Large selection of Reconditioned Whirlpool, Kenmore & GE Washers, Dryers, Ranges & Frost-Free Refrigerators D Low cost service calls D New & used parts

Serving Snohomish Co. for 20 yrs

February 01, 2014 13 February 1, 2014 Firearms & Ammunition


DISH TV Retailer. Starting $199/month (for 12 mos.) Broadband Internet starting $14.95/ month (where available.) Ask About Same Day Installation! Call Now! 1800-430-5604

Valentine’s Day is Coming!! Sweetheart Special Ruger LCP 380 $297 Greene’s Gun Shop

(360)675-3421 DISH TV Retailer. StartThurs-Fri-Sat ng at $19.99/month Licensed/Bonded/Insurance/BBB ~425-252-7776~ iPLUS 10am-5pm 30 Premium Movie Channels FREE for Limited Stock on Hand A CLEAN SWEEP Cemetery Plots 3 Months! SAVE! & Ask Cleaning Service About SAME DAY Instal2 GETHSEMANE Ce- lation! CALL - 877-992- Reach the readers Home, office, move meter y plots, Federal the dailies miss. Call outs & occasionals Way. Nice setting in a 1237 mature, manicured land- M y C o m p u t e r Wo r k s. 800-388-2527 today 18 Years Experience scape. Level ground lo- Computer problems? Vi- to place your ad in FREE ESTIMATES cation, off main road ruses, spyware, email, the Classifieds. coming in, not too far be- printer issues, bad interhind the main building. net connections - FIX IT Licensed/Bonded/Insurance/BBB Includes two openings & N O W ! P r o f e s s i o n a l , You’ll find everything you need in one closings (prepaid). Sec- U.S.- based technicians. Home Services tion D. Asking $6,000. $25 off service. Call for website 24 hours a Plumbing Private seller, call 253- immediate help. 1-866day 7 days a week: 998-0037 One call, does it all! Fast 333-1462. and Reliable Plumbing 2 SIDE BY SIDE Burial Repairs. Call 1- 800- lots asking $7,700 for *REDUCE YOUR Cable 796-9218 both. Highly desirable Bill!* Get a 4-Room AllFirewood, Fuel “Lords Prayer Memorial” Digital Satellite system & Stoves Home Services a r e a a t E v e r g r e e n - installed for FREE and Remodeling Washelli Memorial Park. programming starting at 11111 Aurora Ave North, $19.99/mo. FREE HD/ A+ SEASONED PIONEER 98133. Section 17, lot DVR upgrade for new FIREWOOD HOME SERVICES 214, graves 6 & 7. Val- c a l l e r s. C A L L N OW ! ! Dry & Custom-Split Quality Construction ued at $5,750 each. Pri- 877-388-8575 Alder, Maple & Since 1945 vate seller, please call Douglas Fir Gloria 480-361-5074. General Contractor Exercise Equipment Speedy Delivery & Additions Repairs 2 SIDE BY SIDE plots at Best Prices! Remodeling, Wood Washington Memor ial Decks, Windows & Park, 4 plots total $6,000 425-312-5489 Doors. Concrete + transfer fees. 253Walks & Patios 630-9447. Plumbing Repair, Reach the readers Consulting the dailies miss. Call Excellent References 800-388-2527 today Landlords Welcome Call now for quality! to place your ad in Chuck Dudley the Classifieds. 425-232-3587 1904 Broadway,Everett

425-303-9717 Lic# PIONEHS999NM

stuff Appliances

APPLIANCES We have the Largest Selection of W/D set, Fridges, standard and SXS Ranges & Dishwashers.

Starting at $75 ea. All come with a Full Warranty Delivery Available Some only 6 mos old WHITE, BLACK, STAINLESS & ALMOND


ACACIA Memorial Park, “Birch Garden”, (2) adjacent cemetery plots, #3 & #4. Selling $4,000 each or $7,500 both. Located in Shoreline / N. Seattle. Call or email Emmons Johnson, 2067 9 4 - 2 1 9 9 , C E M E T E RY P L OT a t G r e e n wo o d M e m o r i a l Park in Renton. Located in the Chimes Section. Sales price includes Concrete Vault. $11,000 Va l u e . S e l l e r p a y s Transfer Fee. $9,000 or best offer. Call Steve at 206-920-8558 Electronics

DirecTV - Over 140 channels only $29.99 a month. Call Now! Triple savings! $636.00 in Savings, Free upgrade to Genie & 2013 NFL Sunday ticket free!! Star t saving today! 1-800-2793018 Dish Network lowest nationwide price $19.99 a month. FREE HBO/ Cinemax/Starz FREE Blockbuster. FREE HDDVR and install. Next day install 1-800-3750784


Aluminum, Brass, Copper & Stainless

COMPLETE WEIGHT System totaling 1000 lbs Quality Body-Smith ProS y s t e m d e s i g n e d fo r rowing, squats, benching, curls, lats, etc. Features Olympic, Billard & plated, nickel steel dumbbell weights. Also, 7’ bar, curling and tricep bars, 2 Dumbbell racks, weight tree, bench w/ attachements for preacher curls, leg curls, etc. Excellent cond, I simply need the room. Located in Redmond. $575. More photos available. Call Gary at 425-861-0855.


(425) 339-2676

Flea Market

Mail Order

BIRD BATH on pedestal, heavy aggregate, $25. Table, Oak, Long, 16” wide x 55” long x 24” high, $35. Metal file cabinet with roll back top, middle file drawer, small 3” deep bottom drawer, $45. Cash Only! 4 2 5 - 7 7 3 - 2 4 5 4 ( Ly n n wood)

VIAGRA 100mg or CIALIS 20mg. 40 tabs + 10 FREE all for $99 including FREE SHIPPING. Discreet, Fast Shipping. 888-836-0780 or

SAWMILLS from only $4897.00 -- Make and Save Money with your own bandmill. Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship. Free I n f o / DV D : w w w. N o r Reach readers the 1daily newspapers miss 800-578-1363 Ext. 300N

when you advertise in the Classifieds. Mail Order 1-800-388-2527 or Canada Drug Center is your choice for safe and affordable medications. Our licensed Canadian mail order pharmacy will provide you with savings of up to 90% on all your medication needs. Call today 1-800-418-8975, for $10.00 off your first prescription and free shipping. Medical Alert for Seniors - 24/7 monitoring. FREE Equipment. FREE Shipping. Nationwide Service. $29.95/Month CALL Medical Guardian Today 866-992-7236


Sporting Goods

WA N T E D O L D S A L Why Your Fat Fr iends M O N P L U G S A N D W i l l H AT E Yo u W h e n BOXES. CASH Phone Yo u L o s e W e i g h t ! 425-775-2674 As Seen On TV, RiskFree 60 Day. Toll-Free Wanted/Trade 1-800-804-1381 Miscellaneous

K I L L ROAC H E S ! B u y Harr is Roach Tablets. Eliminate Bugs- Guaranteed. No Mess, Odorless, Long Lasting. Available at Ace Hardware & The Home Depot.

CASH for unexpired Diabetic Test Strips! Free Shipping, Friendly Service, BEST prices and 24hr payment! Call today 1- 877-588 8500 or visit Espanol 888-440-4001

flea market Flea Market

2 Beautiful Chandeliers. 6 lights & 8 lights. Work perfect $50 ea. “Juice M a n ” Ju i c e r, u s e d 3 times, complete, operDRY Firewood, $240 per ates perfectly! $40. 360cord, delivered. 682-6366. 360-691-7597 BICYCLE, Men’s Trek 800 Eagle Country, 18 speed, excellent condition, $125. Cash Only! 4 2 5 - 7 7 3 - 2 4 5 4 ( Ly n n wood) HEAT MAT, queen size, beautiful design. Like e w ! $ 1 5 0 o b o. O a k 1-800-743-6067 nHarbor. 360-682-6366.


Name: Cinder Animal ID 21905829 Species: Cat Breed: Persian/Purebred Age: 2 years 6 days Sex: Male Size: Medium Color: Grey Spayed/Neutered: Yes Declawed: No Housetrained: Unknown

Name: Beula Animal ID 21902009 Species: Bird Breed: Parakeet (Other)/Purebred Sex: Female Size: Medium Color: Blue/White Declawed: No Housetrained: Unknown

Meet Cinder. He loves to have his head and cheeks rubbed. He's a quiet, calm guy who's looking for a home to match! Is that with you?

Meet beautiful Beula! She's a lovely lady just waiting for the right home, is that with you??

All animals adopted from EAS are neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed and treated for fleas. All cats are tested for FeLV.

See us and other pets at the

Greene’s Gun Shop (360)675-3421

333 Smith Island Rd • Everett, WA 98205

Thurs-Fri-Satur 10am-5pm


Add a photo to your ad online and in print for just one low price 800-388-2527


NOTE: If the particular featured pet is not available, we have many great animals to choose from and you are sure to find the perfect pet for you. email us at Website



• Garages • Shops • Carports • Barns • RV Covers • Custom Designs

• Roll cotton • Some cotton balls • Gauze pads • Gauze tape • Hydrogen peroxide (check the expiration date) • Hydrocortisone ointment • Scissors • Eyewash • Silver nitrate • Tweezers • Oral syringes • Pediolyte® or other balanced electrolyte fluid • Baby food – meat flavors work best • Large towel • Exam gloves • 1-inch white tape (in addition to gauze tape) • Rolls of elastic wrap • Emergency ice pack • Thermometer (both oral and rectal thermometers can be used rectally)

Your Dream Building At The Best Price... Guaranteed!

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NOTICE Washington State law requires wood sellers to provide an invoice (receipt) that shows the s e l l e r ’s a n d b u y e r ’s name and address and the date delivered. The invoice should also state the price, the quantity delivered and the quantity upon which the price is based. There should be a statement on the type and quality of the wood. When you buy firewood write the seller’s phone number and the license plate number of the delivery vehicle. The legal measure for firewood in Washington is the cord or a fraction of a cord. Estimate a c o r d by v i s u a l i z i n g a four-foot by eight-foot space filled with wood to a height of four feet. Most long bed pickup trucks have beds that are close to the four-foot by 8-foot dimension. To m a k e a f i r e w o o d complaint, call 360-9021857. WeightsMeasures/Fire woodinformation.aspx

Firearms & Ammunition

5¢ EXTRA per pound with this coupon! Tracks. Turn Right and Follow Road.

Advertising doesn’t have to break the bank. The Classifieds has great deals on everything you need.

Firewood, Fuel & Stoves

A well-stocked first aid kit for dogs includes:

Sponsored By:

Ark Custom Buildings, Inc. Our reputation, quality & service can’t be matched!

Call For FREE Estimate Lic# ARKCUBI991J1



MARYSVILLE • 1340 State Avenue • 360-658-7817



14 February 01, 2014 February 1, 2014

The Arlington TimesTimes / The Marysville GlobeGlobe The Arlington / The Marysville



*OLD GUITARS WANTED!** Gibson, Mar tin, Fender, Gretsch, Epiphone, Guild, Mosrite, Rickenbacker, Prair ie State, D’Angelico, Stromberg, and Gibson Mandolins/Banjos. 1920’s thru 1980’s. TOP CASH PAID! 1-800-4010440


TOP CA$H PAID FOR O L D R O L E X , PAT E K PHILIPPE & CARTIER WATCHES! DAYTONA, S U B M A R I N E R , G M TMASTER, EXPLORER, MILGAUSS, DAY DATE, etc. 1-800-401-0440 WANTED! Old Guitar’s, B a n j o ’s, V i o l i n ’s & Ukulele’s. Any condition considered. Please call with description 1-800451-9728


pets/animals Birds

AKC ENGLISH BULLDOG PUPS - Gorgeous White w/ Brindle AKC Registered Puppies. READY to find a new loving home. Socialized, H e a l t h y, S h o t s & wormed, Potty & Crate trained. CHAMPION BLOODLINES $2,200. Call Kristy Comstock @ 425-220-0015

SINGING CANARIES Hens & Males, also pairs $ 5 0 - $ 7 5 . R e d Fa c tors/Glosters/Fifes & Recessive Whites. Also for slightly more, Timbrados & specialty colors Auburn, 253-833-8213 Unavailable on Saturdays Dogs

(5) MIN PIN Puppies. 6 weeks old. Tails docked, ears natural, Red color. $300 each. Can deliver. Call: 206-497-1248 or 360-808-4728

AKC Register GOLDEN Retriever puppies ready Febr uar y 8th. Good bloodlines $700. parents on site. Shots, wormed. 509-575-4546 or

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The Arlington Times / The Marysville Globe

February 01, 2014


‘Strawberry City Jam’ draws biggest crowd yet MARYSVILLE — The latest “Strawberry City Jam” on Friday, Jan. 24, scored the monthly event’s largest attendance since it started at the Marysville Alfy’s Pizza on State Avenue last summer. “It was our biggest turnout yet, and our greatest variety of talent,” said Jim Strickland, who started the series of free open-mic nights at Alfy’s on Aug. 22 of last year, because the restaurant had been so accommodating in hosting the Marysville-Pilchuck High School Life Skills Program’s monthly pizza parties. “Our attendance has been hovering around 20 or so since the summer, but this past Friday, we had more than 30 attendees, with some awesome new talent.” Strickland, the Life Skills teacher at M-PHS, wanted to offer an evening of participatory musical entertainment for everyone at Alfy’s, and proudly touted the broad spectrum of ages, from 10 years and younger to senior citizens, of those who stopped by to perform or listen in. “The talent ranged from people singing along with their iPods to singer-songwriters performing

original pieces,” Strickland said. “We had several guitarists and Chelsea Fowler on the clarinet. Mellory Barns, who just moved here from Utah, did two amazing songs on the ukulele.” Of the singer-songwriters in residence, Strickland singled out Austin Shepherd for “blowing us all away” with a few original songs and a blues number, and reported that “Strawberry City Jam” regular Joey Hoerner “showed us again why he’s on a fast track to stardom,” with his “unbelievable talent and infectious energy.” Of Cama Durbin, who played the guitar and sang both an original piece and a couple of cover tunes, Strickland said, “She has a voice that will literally send chills down your spine.” Strickland also praised two members of Village Community Services’ “Voices of the Village,” who called themselves the Cedar House Ladies Club, for taking their turn at the mic. “Word seems to be getting around that the ‘Strawberry City Jam’ is a great opportunity to express your musical self in a very relaxed, informal and supportive atmosphere, with great music, great people, great pizza and great fun,” Strickland said. “I am continuously amazed by

the talent in our community, who need an outlet like this, and I want to keep that going. The more people who come out to listen or perform, the more fun it

is for everyone.” Strickland again extended his thanks to the staff of the Marysville Alfy’s Pizza on State Avenue, whose new man-

ager Diamond Johnston has already promised him that the “Strawberry City Jam” can return to the restaurant from 5-7 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 28.

Kirk Boxleitner/Staff Photo

Jim Strickland, who started the ‘Strawberry City Jam’ series of open-mic nights at the Marysville Alfy’s Pizza last summer, takes his turn at the mic on Jan. 24.


Bingo February MG FEB2




20 Regular Games Pay: $500 Cost: $20/6-on, additional: $10/6-on 2 Blackout Games Guaranteed to Go! $1,000 each! Zombie Costume Contest: 1st Place: $500 | 2nd Place: $300 | 3rd Place: $200





(5) $100 at 11AM & 3PM sessions and (10) $100 at 7PM session. Each guest will automatically be entered into monthly drawing upon initial buy-in starting Feb. 1st - Feb. 22nd with drawing to be held Feb. 23rd.

TUESDAYS FEBRUARY 4, 11, 18 & 25


(2) Winners drawn at Bingo halftime, each winner will choose a “Valentine” to determine cash prize.

FOR MORE MONTHLY EVENTS VISIT TULALIPBINGO.COM Valid 2/2/14 - 2/08/14 MG0214 11AM or 7PM Session.




One offer per guest, per week • Redeem at cashier window - Must present your Winners Club card to cashier - Not valid with any other offer. No cash value. Only original ad will be honored for special offers - no copies. Management reserves the right to cancel or amend promotion at any time.



February 01, 2014

The Arlington Times / The Marysville Globe

Calvary presents ‘Magic with a Message’ BY KIRK BOXLEITNER

MARYSVILLE — Especially in the wake of its relocation last summer, Calvary Chapel Marysville is looking to break out of the box of being an alltoo-well-kept secret, which is one reason why they’re proud to present a free “Magic with a Message” show on Wednesday, Feb. 5, at 7 p.m. C alvar y Chapel Marysville Pastor Dave Woodward saw comedy magician Jeff Martin at a recent pastors’ conference in Mountlake Terrace and was blown away by his performance. “He was very entertaining and funny, which drew us in and lent a real poignancy to his message,” Woodward said. “It was very informal and engaging.” Such a style is perhaps well-suited to Calvary Chapel Marysville, which Woodward described as a house of worship with no pretense, pointing to his own sweatshirt-and-jeans attire as an example. “I get people asking me all the time where the pastor is,” Woodward laughed,


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even as he could point to walls of photos documenting his congregation’s charitable works in Haiti. “This is a place where you come as you are, and our mission statement is to love ‘em, feed ‘em, mend ‘em and send ‘em. We minister to people by feeding them the word of God, and presenting to them the kingdom of God. People need to know that God loves you just the way you are. God wants a relationship with you. He doesn’t want to wait until you’re perfect. He just wants to help you get better.” Calvar y Chapel Marysville has already

hosted a string of community events at their current location, at 1224-B Cedar Ave., from a 250-guest harvest party in October and a 50-meal Thanksgiving dinner in November to a Christmas concert in December, so Woodward hopes Jeff Martin’s show will help keep that streak going, to try and provide a sense of community and a spirit of faith to a corner of Marysville that he sees as often being neglected, between I-5 and State Avenue. For more information, log onto



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Kirk Boxleitner/Staff Photo

Pastor Dave Woodward hopes Calvary Chapel Marysville won’t stay such a well-kept secret.

360-658-0111 360-658-0111

Marysville United Methodist Church † † 360-658-0111 Melody DeLappe, Director Melody DeLappe, Director

Tulalip Liquor & Smoke Shop I-5 Exit 199• Marysville

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Quil Ceda Liquor & Smoke Shop I-5 Exit 200• Marysville


(360) 716-2940


Please Drink Responsibly 953272

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Marysville Globe, February 01, 2014  

February 01, 2014 edition of the Marysville Globe

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