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Wednesday, October 23, 2013 | 75 cents

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Bonney Lake candidates debate issues Editor’s Note: Candidates for the mayor and City Council Positions answered the questions this week posed by the editorial staff of the Courier-Herald. The candidates are: • Mayor, Neil Johnson and James Rackley • Position 3, Dan Swatman and James ‘’Kelly’’ McClimans, Sr. McClimans did not send answers; • Position 6, Donn Lewis a n d Shawnta Mulligan. Mulligan did not send answers. Question 1: Do impact fees promote or impede business and residential development? What do you see as the advantages and/or disadvantages of impact fees. Rackley: Impact fees have no correlation to construction volume of new homes in Bonney Lake. This is

evident by reviewing city construction records verses all county wide construction for years. While we have seen increased James Rackley construction after lowering these fees over the last year, so has Tehaleh, which has no fees. These costs were all calculated by professionals hired by the city of Bonney lake and are not created out of thin air. During times of very fast growth they can be seen very clearly, as happened over the last decade. Funds were available to expand the sewer system (approximately $10 million) and to build a 15 million gallon water storage tank (approximately $10 million). The same is true for parks, trails

and sidewalks. Johnson: As we review this question, we should keep in mind there has always been a form of Neil Johnson impact fees it is called SEPA. This process was arbitrary and didn’t always account for the appropriate amount of infrastructure that is needed for water, sewer and traffic. It is important that growth pays for itself, however if there is a certain sector that needs to be the focus of the city then you could look at some of the incentive ordinances that were put in place to attract building and retail activity during the recession. The Good Samaritan Medical Building and Franciscan Medical Building are

Bonney Lake and Sumner score victories Page 5

perfect examples of what can be accomplished. Another item to note for us in Bonney Lake, the cost of infrastructure improvements is much higher due to our topography when expanding the water and sewer lines. The other area we have lacked from the 90’s was funding for additional north/south routes on the Plateau. Impact fees do work both ways, you just need to be aware of what the needs and desires are of the citizens. Question 2: Parks are an ongoing discussion in the city. What do you see as the best course for the city to take in the coming years for parks and ball fields. Are there enough in the city, are more needed and if so how should

See COUNCIL, Page 2

Sumner School district builds Wall of Fame

Weather The forecast for today, Wednesday, calls for mostly sunny skies and highs near 60 with light winds. Overnight lows to 40. Thursday and Friday continues with clear skies and highs to 68 and lows to 42. Saturday and Sunday’s forecast calls for mostly clear with highs to 62 and lows to 45.

By Theresa De Lay Staff Writer

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Homecoming Carnival

Ari Cray, 4, tries to bust a balloon during the Sumner High homecoming carnival games Friday at the high school. Sumner won the homecoming game against Washington 55-8. Photo by Dennis Box

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After 15 years of envisioning the possibility, the Sumner School District Athletic Department has found a way to recognize athletic achievements. Individuals and teams that reach the highest standards will be inducted into their respective high school’s Wall of Fame. Friday marked Sumner High School’s first Wall of Fame individual induction ceremony, which honored John Anderson. The announcement came as a surprise to Anderson, who was unanimously selected in secret by the Wall of Fame selection committee, which he is a member of himself. A plaque with his name and accomplishments was placed on the wall, and a replica was handed directly to him. Anderson is a former educator, football coach and athletic director for Sumner High School. His many accomplishments include five league championships,

See FAME, Page 3

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Page 2 • The BONNEY LAKE Courier-Herald • Wednesday, October 23, 2013

DEBATE FROM 1 Johnson: As a city we seem to have enough fields for today’s population, however the biggest issue is looking towards the future. We need to have a financial plan in place to addresses the needs of Bonney Lake and encourage the same of the unincorporated Pierce County areas. A good funding plan could be put together in a bond package for projects and maintenance for the citizens of Bonney Lake to vote on. This package would allow for a detailed list of what will be constructed and maintained over the time frame of the bond. Some of the items we have been told to look at is ball fields, trails, active open space, dog parks and a recreation / community center. In putting together this bond package, the city must reach out to all stakeholders so we can maximize the dollars and efforts by all. I have always been reminded, a healthy community is a strong community. Rackley: The city could use four more baseball and soccer fields right now. Over the last five years the general fund has been very strained and investments in this area have been few, but in the near future more we will begin to do better. It all depends on the economy recovering. It might be possible to increase the parks impact fee to help cover the cost. Question 3: How has the Eastown process been handled by the city and how should it be handled in the future. Rackley: Laurie Carter’s article on Eastown in last week’s Courier-Herald did a good job of explaining the situation in Eastown. I have been trying for years, to persuade, cajole, and even yell a few times to move this forward as fast as possible. If elected I will push even harder. The future of our city is predicated on the income from this infrastructure improvement and subsequent development. We are currently in discussions with the county to annex the county’s urban growth area south of the city. The tax funds from Eastown are needed to help pay for this. Johnson: Here is another area that has been “under” construction for 13 years or so. In 2000, this area annexed into the city, and at that time the folks in Eastown expected to have sewers installed. Since becoming mayor in 2006, I have worked hard with the council to come up with various plans of action that were discussed with many stakeholders. In 2012, a partnership was formed and passed by the council that will have sewers installed in Eastown by 2014. It is important for the city to continue taking an active role in this process so we can make sure the area develops as envisioned in the Eastown plan while providing the necessary services to the citizens of Bonney Lake. • Position 3, Dan Swatman Question 1: Do impact fees promote or impede business and residential development? What do you see as the advantages and/or disadvantages of impact fees. Swatman: Impact fees are a critical part on ensuring that development pays for the impacts, not existing residents. Impact fees have to be at the correct level to be effective. I worked with council approval, to bring a top economist to the city to present information about what level the impact fees should be at in our current economic conditions. Currently these fees have paid for many improvements such as the intersection on 410 by Franciscan, which was a partnership between private and public dollars, the partial improvements to Veterans Memorial and 410, which will be finished through future work at the intersection of 410 funded by payments from the Tehaleh development. By having the correct level of impact fees, private development such as the new Red Robin that is going in by Target, are able to come to Bonney Lake while at the same time providing enough in impact fees for needed improvements. Too low and the taxpayers will get stuck with the bill for improvements and if set too high future councils are likely to overshoot lowering the fees, when the cycle of fee adjustment occurs

See DEBATE , Page 3

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DEBATE FROM 1 Question 2: Parks are an ongoing discussion in the city. What do you see as the best course for the city to take in the coming years for parks and ball fields. Are there enough in the city, are more needed and if so how should would the funding work? Swatman Bonney Lake is a fantastic community to live in and raise a family. Parks, play fields, trails and open space are key elements contributing to the quality of life. As a council member I always look toward the future needs of the community, as the community grows more parks, play fields, trails will be needed. As a council member I support purchasing necessary land when the land is available such as the recent purchase of the property by Victor Falls. This property will provide future room for park space and public access to the actual falls, which are second in height to Snoqualmie Falls. The 45 acres of park in the midtown area, many other smaller pieces and many slivers of property that may be connected for future trails continue to be purchased. Having the property is a critical step, while

FAME FROM 1 two state championships, 1977 State Football Coach of the Year with a 114-526 record. Anderson served eight years as a WIAA executive board member and was inducted into the state Football Coaches Hall of Fame. Candidates for the wall are chosen by a committee. The standards are subjective and can include any individual or group that positively impacts a team,

Wednesday, October 23, 2013 • The BONNEY LAKE Courier-Herald • Page 3 there is no funding for large-scale improvements to many of these areas, having the property will provide options for the future. As opposed to a large openended tax, a specific targeted bond measure with very specific costs and results could be presented to the voters. Question 3: How has the Eastown process been handled by the city and how should it be handled in the future. Swatman: As with any complex issue, a significant amount of time and effort must be done to achieve a solution that works for everyone. Eastown is composed of many property owners and several interest groups who all have specific issues and needs. Finding a solution was often contentious and challenging. Contention is a necessary component during the process of finding a solution. I worked with the administration and several other council members to form a proposal that was approved unanimously by the city council. The current solution is under construction to provide needed infrastructure. The Eastown and Midtown area will conschool or the community. Candidate criteria includes: • The sport or activity being honored must be an activity that was performed at the stadium, which was built in 1959. Some of the eligible sports include track, football and soccer. • Participation at any high school in the Sumner School District. • Team and/or individual league, district or state championship participation. Sumner’s Stadium Wall of Fame is located on the

tinue to be areas that provide the community with commercial opportunities and tax base that will help reduce property taxes and provide general fund revenue. The city plays a key role in providing the necessary infrastructure needed by the private property owners. Planning for these future needs has always been a key issue for me as I look toward the future. The developers will pay their share of the costs of the necessary improvements; failure to plan for these needs leaves the possibility of the taxpayers getting stuck for the bill because of inattention to provide for these future needs.

ly require additional city resources means that this new growth should pay for the required increases and additions needed to supply the water, sewer, and traffic improvements necessary to support that potential new growth. In other words, growth should pay for itself and the city’s impact fees are the way that happens. The new Franciscan Medical Building and the resulting new Downtown Main Street/Highway 410 intersection with new curbs and sidewalks is the most recent result of how the city and a new developer can work together to make these types of improvements happen.

• Position 6, Donn Lewis Question 1: Do impact fees promote or impede business and residential development? What do you see as the advantages and/or disadvantages of impact fees.

Question 2: Parks are an ongoing discussion in the city. What do you see as the best course for the city to take in the coming years for parks and ball fields. Are there enough in the city, are more needed and if so how should would the funding work?

Lewis: The current City Council has always viewed impact fees as a necessity for future growth of the city. As each development takes place, there will be a required impact on the city’s water, sewer, and traffic. The fact that this development will definitenorth wall of the entrance plaza. Current plaques represent league champions and two state champions. Additional plaques are being constructed. The Wall of Fame is sponsored by Sara Johnson, superintendent of Sumner School District; Mark Baumgarten, director of facilities and capital projects; Robert Lindstrom, architect at BLRB Architects; and Brian Bradley, art director at BLRB Architects.

Lewis: Future parks and ballfields are important for all our residents. While today we

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have enough for our current population of over 18,000 people, we know that we must plan for both future growth. Part of this is to work with Pierce County and surrounding towns to ensure the entire area can meet this new demand. With the downturn in the economy, Bonney Lake has seen a reduction in Sales Tax revenue which impacts parks. Our city has looked at ways to pay for future parks and thought the Municipal Park District or MPD might be a possible solution. A few people thought this should be immediately “Turned Down” by the council and not placed on the ballot. I, for one, thought the democratic way of letting the voters decide was the correct way to accomplish it. I voted with other council members to place it on the ballot and let the people decide. Question 3: How has the Eastown process been handled by the city and how should it be handled in the future. Lewis: When I ran for

my current council position four years ago, the position was in Ward 4 (prior to all council positions being at large). Eastown is located in Ward 4 and I’m very familiar with its decadeplus history of trying to obtain city sewers to provide commercial development. When the area was annexed into the city in 2000, the residents in Eastown were under the impression sewers would be installed within a few years. When I was elected to the City Council four years ago, they were still trying to get this accomplished. Both the mayor and city council have worked hard to come up with possible plans of action. Finally in 2012, the current ULA partnership plan for Sewer Extension into Eastown was approved by the City Council and should result in having sewers installed by 2014. The City Council is closely monitoring this sewer installation plan to ensure this resulting new eastern area develops according to its Eastown Plan and the City’s Comprehensive Plan.



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Page 4 • The BONNEY LAKE Courier-Herald • Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bonney Lake



Police Blotter

All persons in the police blotter are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Oct. 9 Theft: A resident of 74th Street East reported the theft of lawn fertilizer and a weed eater from under his carport. No suspect information was available. The responding officer suggested ways to improve home security, such as installing a gate or motion lights. Warrant Arrest: Two officers observed a vehicle driving without headlights on at approximately 11 p.m. Upon contact, the driver was confirmed to possess a misdemeanor warrant with Buckley Police Department. The sub-

ject was transported to Buckley PD and a family member picked up the vehicle. Oct. 10 Shoplifting: An officer was dispatched to a state Route 410 grocery store for the report of a shoplifting incident that occurred a couple weeks prior. The subject was caught stealing alcohol from several local grocery stores in Enumclaw, Bonney Lake, Sumner, Puyallup and Kent. The reporting person wished to press charges for the incident occurring in Bonney Lake. The responding officer forwarded a report to the prosecutor. Oct. 11 Theft from Vehicle: A resident of 188th Avenue East reported theft from a vehicle parked in the driveway. The reporting person was knocked down by the suspect

when she interrupted the vehicle prowl. She was unable to provide a detailed description of the suspects and their vehicle. Officers had no luck locating the suspects during an area check. Stolen Services: Officers were dispatched to a vacant home on the report that a neighbor appeared to be stealing water from the residence. Neighborhood witnesses stated two subjects have been seen stealing services from homes in the area on different occasions. It appeared someone had also attempted to gain entry to the vacant home, but was unsuccessful. Officers were unable to contact the suspects but all three witnesses were asked to complete written statements and the homeowner was advised to watch his utility bill for excess charges, due to the theft. Enumclaw AUTO THEFT: A red, 1992 Honda Prelude with Montana license plates was reported stolen the morning of Oct. 13 from an address on 228th Avenue Southeast. MAIL THEFT: A Michael Avenue resident told police Oct. 12 mail had been stolen and a credit card had been used. There were no immediate suspects. RUNAWAY FOUND: An officer on patrol spotted a runaway juvenile at 11:21 p.m. Oct 12 on Griffin Avenue. The juvenile was transported to the police station and later released to his father. FIREARM CONFISCATED: A citizen advised police Oct. 11 that a man in a black Volkswagen had brandished a firearm in the vicinity of Roosevelt Avenue and McKinley Street. Both parties were contacted and issued statements. A firearm was confiscated. SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY: A night-shift security guard called police shortly after 5 a.m. Oct. 11, reporting he had interrupted a man going scrap metal and cop-

per wiring at a Roosevelt Avenue property. The suspect departed toward state Route 410 and could not be located. Extra patrol of the area was requested. ROAD RAGE: Police took a report of a road rage incident that occurred the afternoon of Oct. 11 on state Route 164 near the White River Amphitheatre. Drivers of both vehicles were contacted and opposing stories were given. Due to the location, all were told they would have to contact the Washington State Patrol if they were to pursue the matter. PARKING COMPLAINT: Police were told Oct. 11 of a vehicle that had been parked at an Olie Ann Place address for several days without moving. An officer marked the tires. The vehicle had not been moved by Oct. 16, resulting in a parking citation being issued. If the vehicle was not moved by Oct. 16, it was to be towed.

Buckley NO ONE HURT: Police responded the afternoon of Oct. 15 to an automobile colli-

sion on state Route 410 at Upper Cemetery Road. No one was hurt and the crash was not blocking the road. It was determined a vehicle driven by an Enumclaw woman had run into the rear of another vehicle; she was issued a citation for following too close. A Washington State Patrol collision report was completed. CARD STOLEN, USED: A victim arrived at the police station the afternoon of Oct. 13, reporting a family member had stolen her credit card and was using it to access a bank account. PHONE TAKEN: A woman arrived at the police station Oct. 11, reporting her son’s cellular phone had been stolen from his backpack while he was at the high school. An officer called the phone, which went directly to voicemail. A report was taken and forwarded for investigation. ACCIDENTAL ASSAULT: An officer was dispatched to Rainier School Oct. 10 after hearing of an assault. It was determined one client threw an item and, accidentally, hit another client. A report was taken.

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The Bonney Lake Courier-Herald •

Wednesday, October 23, 2013 • Page 5

Bonney Lake Panthers finding its stride By Sarah Wehmann Staff Writer

The Bonney La ke Panthers won their second game of the season beating the Enumclaw Hornets 14-7 Friday at Pete’s Pool. The game got off to a slow start with Enumclaw scoring first with 7:44 to go in the second quarter. This would be the only time the Hornets would score. The Panthers intercepted an Enumclaw pass late in the first half but were not able to convert. The Hornets led 7-0 entering halftime. At halftime, coach Jason

Silbaugh said, they challenged their seniors to step up. “We relied on our senior linemen to push us through the rest of the game,” he said. Bonney Lake tied the game 7-7 midway through the third quarter. The Panthers scored one more time early in the fourth quarter on a pass to senior Robert Combs, taking the lead to 14-7. With 4:16 left to play in the game, Bonney Lake fumbled and Enumclaw recovered the ball. The Panthers stopped the Hornets on fourth and 14.

Enumclaw gave the ball over on downs with 1:19 left in the game. The Panthers held onto to the ball for the remainder of the game. Bonney Lake controlled the ball better in the second half with fewer turnovers and defense stepped up making tackles and eliminating Enumclaw’s running game, Silbaugh said. The Panthers have a two game winning streak and improve to 2-1 in league play and 2-5 overall. Bonney Lake faces Lakes at 7 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 25 at Sunset Chev Stadium.

Sumner swim beats Fife

Bonney Lake senior Robert Combs scores a touchdown on a reception from quarterback Isiah Weed on Friday, Oct. 18. Photo by Clara Dodge


(Sumner) at 20:30 Boys Sumner 16, White River 39 Sumner 17, Orting 38 Orting 30, White River 25 Overall winner Jordan Landes (Sumner) at 17:54

Oct. 16

Girls Bonney Lake 18, Decatur 42 Bonney Lake 29, Auburn Mt. View 26 Overall winner Melissa Arima at 20:34 Boys Bonney Lake 18, Decatur 45 Bonney Lake 15, Auburn Mt. View 50 Overall winner Mykel Fisher at 17:28 Oct. 17 Girls Sumner 26, White River 29 Sumner 20, Orting 40 Orting 30, White River 21 Overall winner Abi Hensler

Sumner swimmer Madison Munger won the 200 individual medley, 100 butterfly and was part of the winning 200 medley relay team. Photo by Dennis Box

Boy’s Tennis Oct. 14

Bonney Lake 4 - Enumclaw 1 Singles Michael Williams (E) def Justin Cunningham 6-0, 6-1 Jordan Kurtz (BL) def Christian Sines 6-4, 6-2 Doubles Brian Grob/ Nathan Monsrud (BL) def Duncan Ranft/William Longley 6-3, 6-0 Brody Fitzsimmons/Ethan

Nguyen (BL) def Austin Schuver/ Matt Leavens 6-4, 6-4 Adam Hunt/ Nick Ching (BL) def Anthony Rosenthal/Johnny Longley 6-2, 6-4


Boys Sumner 60 - Clover Park 11 Oct. 15 Tacoma Country Club (Par 35) Medalist: Tie: Matthew Stevens and Johnny Stayley (Sumner) - 39 Girls Sumner 41 - Clover Park 10 Oct. 15 Tacoma Country Club (Par 35) Medalist: Claire Selmer (Sumner) - 54

Special of the Week…

By Theresa De Lay Staff Writer

The Sumner girls swim team competed in two meets last week. They swam short against Enumclaw in a non-conference meet with a final score of 99-86. They came back strong to beat rival Fife with 109-80. The 200 medley relay was won with a time of 2 minutes, 5.46 seconds by Alicia Ditty, Madison Munger, MichaelAnn Wilson and Katherine Korbuszewski. Other winners from the Fife meet include Munger in the 200 individual medley and 100 butterf ly with times of 2.24.16 and 1.05.47, respectively. Wilson won the 50 free style with 28.99, Iliana Kaiser won the 100 free with 1.03.88, and Ditty won the 100 back stroke with 1.10.03. If Sumner can bring home a win from their final meet Thursday, they’ll be celebrating an undefeated season. The meet is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. against Steilacoom, at Clover Park High School.

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The Bonney Lake Courier-Herald • Page 6

Wednesday, October 23, 2013 •

If only D.C. would take author’s advice Have you ever thought about your life as you live it? I have, and I’ve come to the conclusion that each of us struggles to decide what to do with the hundreds of decisions we make each day. Those decisions send us in one direction or the other and make us who we are. Perhaps we can shape the directions of our lives better if we Rich Elfers become more Columnist aware of these daily decisions. In that regard, I’ve thought about the decisions of the president and leaders of Congress toward the government shutdown. Both the president and the Republican House leaders have perspectives that differ over the best direction to take the country. Fortunately for the nation and the world, the deadlock ended Oct. 17. Neither group really knew how the other side would react. We humans are all in the same boat. Time passes and decisions loom, but with all the potential choices before us, none of us is sure which of the many options we should choose. We all take a leap of faith, hoping our decisions are the correct ones. Those consequences bring new problems and new

In Focus

See ELFERS, PagE 8

Volume 10 • Wednesday, April 3, 2013 • No. 21

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Cast your vote responsibly, do your research Nonpartisan is defined as: Based on, influenced by, affiliated with, or supporting the interests or policies of no single political party: a nonpartisan city council. You have recently seen firsthand the effects of partisan politics. Small town politics have no room for such extremism. Cities like Bonney Lake run more smoothly and progressively with consensus building rather than obstructionist tactics. This newspaper does not endorse candidates, but has provided you in depth coverage of the Bonney Lake Chamber of Commerce Candidate forum. However, the News Tribune does give endorsements, and they suggest that when our future depends on it, there is no substitute for experience for Bonney Lake. They endorsed the incumbents in their Oct. 1 editorial. Be sure and read all candidates qualifications in the voter’s pamphlet that was mailed to your home Oct. 10. And your ballot was mailed October 18. For voters’ assistance visit the Pierce County election website or call 253-798-7430. The election is November 5. Vote early, but not before you do your homework. Not everything you need to know is

Carter’s Community Laurie Carter Columnist

in the voters’ pamphlet. Google and Bing the candidates and see what they look like on the web. Right on page 2 of the Oct. 2 edition of The CourierHerald we are reminded we are in the 31st District with an information page shared by state representatives Cathy Dahlquist and Christopher Hurst. Research the 31st District on the web and see who represents you there, your precinct. Are candidates involved in 31st District political activities? What has your local government done for you lately? How do they serve you, the voters, citizens and businesses? I have had columns over the months about the responsibilities of the different branches of city government and how they work together.

Nothing can be accomplished without cool heads, education, thoughtfulness and a spirit of doing what is best for the city, which means the majority of citizens and businesses who live, shop or work here. Having an agenda and pushing back just doesn’t work in small town politics. There is no progress made by refusing to compromise. In this newspaper, you recently read about the purchase of property on Rhodes Lake Road adjacent to the city well with a view of Victor Falls. In that same edition, Theresa De Lay also wrote a story about the Fennel Creek Safe Routes to School Trail link completion and the ribbon cutting to be held Oct. 26 at 1 p.m. at the Willow Brook Storm Pond at 11110 185th Ave E. I have already seen several posts on Facebook of people using the trail. I saw pictures of kids on bikes, families walking and Councilman Donn Lewis shared that Bonney Lake High School teams are using the trail for practice. Look at the ads. There are businesses that promise healthier living

See carter, Page 8

Write to Us: Send letters to 1627 Cole St., Enumclaw, WA 98022, or fax to 360-825-0824, or email to Deadline is 5 p.m. Thursday.

All letters should by typed, and must include a name and phone number for verification. Letters should not exceed 500 words. The opinions of the authors do not necessarily reflect those of the Courier-Herald.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013 • The BONNEY LAKE Courier-Herald • Page 7

Clipping nails needs positive reinforcement Welcome to Buckley Veterinary Hospital’s monthly pet care column. You finally mustered the nerve to carry out the task you’ve been dreading all week. Brush in one hand, nail clippers in the other, you hunt for Fido throughout the house. “I got him. He’s over here!” shouts your significant other or perhaps your roommate or a friend over to help with the task. Many pet parents are afraid or unable to trim their dog or cat’s nails and some are even unable to brush their pets. You might think it’s not a big deal; however, these are essential pet care tasks that may need to be performed on a regular basis. Untrimmed or worn nails can snag on objects and tear as well as cause abnormal walking gait. They can even grow so long that they curve around back into the foot causing lameness and pain. Long nails can also cause damage to furniture and can scratch folks who are playing with their long-nailed pets. Luckily it turns out that both dogs and cats can be trained to allow and even

enjoy grooming and toenail trims. The trick is to pair the event with something positive and to train in systematic steps. For instance, to train a pet to tolerate toenail trim we want to associate the procedure with good things like food or treats. Start with whatever the pet can handle easily. For instance for pets who bolt at the sight of toenail trimmers you don’t want to start by pairing a toenail trimming with food. Rather, pair the sight of the trimmers with good things – place them near their food bowl so the pet has to be near it every day when they eat or put a treat like canned food, peanut butter or spray cheese on the nail trimmer handles so the pet can lick the treat off every time they walk by. Alternatively, for pets who eat inanimate objects with food on them, you can hold the trimmers with treats on it and remove the trimmers once the food is all licked off. Once the pet consistently acts as if she’s about to get treats when she see the trimmers you can go on to

the next step of pairing foot handling with treats. The easiest variation uses two people – one to give treats and one to handle the feet. First have the pet sit in a comfortable position. Start by giving treats and once the pet’s in a happy state start rubbing the feet lightly. The goal is for the pet to focus only on the food, so if he acts like he notices his feet are being touched you’ll need to make the handling even easier, by handling higher up the leg instead. After several seconds of handling and feeding, stop and remove you handling hand and then the food-dispensing hand. Wait about five seconds then repeat the procedure. The timing can be crucial because we want to make it clear that handling the foot equals treats, no handling equals no treats, and we always want the pet in a positive emotional state. When the pet’s good at this step go to pairing more vigorous handling with treats. With each step handle the feet more vigorously, but only go to the next step when you’re sure he associates the previous step with

good things. In later steps, practice putting the clippers over the nail so your pet gets used to the feel paired with treats. And the final step is pairing the actual toenail clipping with treats. Beyond this, you can also progress to clipping the nail and giving the treats afterward, too. Just be sure that when you clip, you avoid clipping into the pink part of the nail that contains the blood vessel and nerves or you’ll set the process back. Sometimes the process takes just minutes. Sometimes it takes a week with twice daily, short sessions. You may also need coaching from a veterinary team trained in these techniques and you may want to find a hospital or groomer trained in these low-stress behavior modification techniques. Education is key. We welcome you to set up a technician appointment to have one of our team members trim your furry family member’s nails and show you how to trim nails if you’d like Special thanks to Pet Health Network and to our readers – we welcome you

Enumclaw Veterinary Hospital

Before tackling a sensitive task like trimming a dog’s claws, try to associate the activity with something positive. back next month. As always, send questions, comments, or suggestions for future columns to us at

Pet Care Column

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unteer to be on the planning commission, design commission, park board and civil service commission. The city is served by t wo dif ferent school districts, Sumner and White R iver and our f ire protection comes from East Pierce Fire and Rescue. The city has a cooperative relationship with other agencies and it’s neighboring cities. We have roads that are maintained and improved and utilities that serve our needs. The above are examples of your city government working for all ages and cooperatively with the business community. If you ask me, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


(Christian Science) 1752 Wells Street, Enumclaw (360) 825-5300 Sunday Service............10:00am Sunday School ............10:00am Wednesday Meeting .........7:30 pm READING ROOM 1752 Wells Street, Enumclaw (360) 825-5300 Mon. & Tues. 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. Wed. 6:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.



begins here. Another says Bonney Lake is better connected. There was a thank you from Beautif y Bonney Lake showing citizens working together with the many sponsors, businesses and private citizens of this community. The event has been ongoing for 10 years in this community. This year the city of Bonney Lake was the top sponsor. Recent ly t here was a story about a private citizen who offered to donate t he estimated value of the old senior center van that was originally scheduled for surplus. This would allow the Bonney Lake/Lake Tapps Senior Citizens to

continue to use the bus as a back-up to support the senior center. The memorandum of understanding and use agreement has approved at the Oct. 8 council meeting. You have heard about the great staff of this city that are the worker bees not only on the job, but volunteering in the community. We have a city that supports non-profits such as Lions 4 Kids House, the Bonney Lake Food Bank, the Community Garden, t he Greater Bonney Lake Historical S o c i e t y, A d o p t-AStreet, Kiwanis, Greater Bonney Lake Veterans Memoria l Committee, Sumner Rotar y Club, homeow ners associations and youth groups. And there are the ma ny cit i z ens who donate their time to vol-








of solving a problem in the short run. If only the president and the House would use Steven Covey’s advice. If only both could have been a little more humble and more open to what Steven Covey warned: “Seek first to understand, and then be understood.” If only our governmental leaders had asked what motivated their opponent(s) and how did they see the world? That would require real listening and the ability to ask probing questions. It would also require humility to believe that perhaps someone else’s point of view had some validity. Perhaps if we all “sought to understand” and “planned with the end in mind” we would make better decisions on a daily and a lifetime basis.


choices for us to make. And so it goes for all our lives. Often we don’t know the impact of our decisions for 20 or more years. By then our children are grown and the damage has been done, or the benefits reaped. As one person noted, once we have been trained to be good parents, we’re out of a job because our children have grown up and left home. Wouldn’t it be easier if we had a crystal ball or the gift of prophecy so we could see the end result of our choices before we made them? What if all of us followed the advice of the late author, Steven Covey, who admonished us to, “Plan with the end in mind.”? Perhaps we

would make fewer mistakes. Possibly we could change the trajectory of our lives if we incorporated that axiom in our decision-making. I know I made better decisions in raising my children because I taught high school students and I saw the effects of parents’ choices on teens. I observed the behavior of my students and then asked myself what attitudes and approaches their parents incorporated to make their children act the way they did. Using that insight, I decided in what direction I should nudge my children to avoid the mistakes and imitate the successes I saw in the students I taught. Steven Covey’s advice really does work, but using it forces us to look to the long term, not the expediency 904239


Everyone Welcome!

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Sumner tennis league champs Spartan’s winning

Sumner boy’s tennis team won all but six matches this season. Courtesy Photo from Rachel Santo Domingo

By Sarah Wehmann Staff Writer

Undefeated seasons don’t happen often, Sumner’s boy’s tennis coach Chris Heacox said. But that’s exactly what

the Spartans did during the 2013-2014 season, they went undefeated 12-0. Sumner only lost six total matches the entire season, ending with an individual record of 54-6. “We knew going in that

we had a very strong team,” he said. “Maybe the strongest in my nine years as the head coach.” Three players rotated through the two singles spots – freshman Zaylan Jacobsen, junior Za k Landers and senior Cody Jagodinski. Heacox credits them as being the reason why the team went undefeated. Jacobsen, Landers and Jagodinski were undefeated in all the matches they played. The highlight for Heacox has been winning the league championship, he said. This is the first time Sumner has won the championship since winning it in 2007 and 2008.

Jacobsen was named the Singles Player of the Year as well as named to the first team all-league. Also, named to the first team all-league was Landers, Jagodinski and doubles player senior Brandon Walsh. Senior doubles player Nathan Santo Domingo was named to the honorable mention all-league. “It feels great going undefeated,” Walsh said. “Being my senior year, makes it that much better.” League tournament play started Oct. 16. and the district tournament is set for Nov. 1 and 2. After districts, those who qualify will continue onto the state tournament in May 2014.

Sumner is scheduled to play at Franklin Pierce, 7 p.m. on Thursday.

Cade and Lindsey Hanbidge. The away game Oct. 15 had a final score of 2-0. The girls also beat Auburn Mountainview and Black Hills at home games with final scores of 1-0 and 3-1, respectively. Bonney Lake will face off against Lakes, 7 p.m. Thursday at Harry Lang Stadium.

streak continues By Dennis Box Editor

The Spartans gave the homecoming fans something big to celebrate – a 55-8 victory over Washington at Sunset Chev Stadium Friday. The undefeated Spartans have two games remaining in the season. Sumner travels to Fife for a 7 p.m. game Friday. The final game of the season is setting up to be a battle of the undefeated teams. Sumner will host White River, the other undefeated team in the South Puget Sound League, 2A. Friday, Sumner posted 21 points in the first quarter,

despite Washington’s physical defense. “We had a good all around game,” coach Keith Ross said. Defensively the Spartans again were dominate. “Jesse Lindahl had 17 tackles,” Ross said. “Austin Striplin played nose guard and had 15 tackles. Jace Johnson had an interception return for 33 yards. We blocked a punt, scored on a fake punt and scored on a fumble recovery. It was a great night and it is always important to get a win on your homecoming game. We are excited to play Fife this week. They are big and physical and will present a great challenge for us.”

Sumner, Bonney Lake girl’s score add to the wins column By Theresa De Lay Staff Writer

Sumner The Spartans girls soccer team remains undefeated after two games last week. They w iped out Washington on Oct. 15 in an away game with a final score of 9-0. Highlights

included junior team captain Brooke Lancaster’s hat trick, three goals and a shutout by keepers Abby Smith and Jamie Lange. The Spartans played White River Thursday at home and won 1-0 in overtime. Freshman Payton Labarge scored the goal during the last minute of the game.

Bonney Lake Bonney Lake girls soccer won three matches last week, which brings their league standing to 4 and 1. Madi Adams scored two goals against Enumclaw with assists from Ashleigh

Sumner junior Brooke Lancaster prepares to pass the ball last week against White River . Photo by Dennis Box

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Page 10 • The BONNEY LAKE Courier-Herald • Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Beautify Bonney Lake successful By Sarah Wehmann Staff Writer

For the tenth year in a row the Beautify Bonney Lake event took place on Sept. 21. About 500 volunteers spent roughly three hours work i ng t h rou g hout Bonney Lake. There were three major projects the event focused on, executive director Lillian McGinnis said. Apart from the major projects of cleaning up around the senior center, working in the midtown park and cleaning up along state Route 410, there were roughly 22 other sites where volunteers worked at.

McGinnis said they have always been pretty lucky with weather, she only remembers it raining once about five years ago. This year, it rained heavily the night before but cleared up in the morning just in time for the event to start. Beautify Bonney Lake always takes place on the third Saturday of September. Fall is the best time of the year to plant, McGinnis said. It also works well with school schedules and those students and scouts that need service hours, she added. “It’s amazing what you can do in three hours when you get 500-600 people together,” McGinnis said.

Police department receives award By Theresa De Lay Staff Writer

For the first time in more than a decade, Lake Tapps wasn’t responsible for any water related deaths in the last year. In recognition of their efforts at the lake, Bonney Lake Police Department received the “Boating Safe Educational Service Award.” The award – presented annually to only one law enforcement agency by the Washington State Parks Department – recognizes Marine Service Units that focus on water

safety education. The summers of 2011 and 2012 saw four combined drownings on Lake Tapps within a 12-month timeframe, said Bonney Lake Sgt. Ryan Boyle. In order to prevent history from repeating itself, Chief Dana Powers and Assistant Chief James Keller asked the Marine Service Unit to push harder on education prior to summer 2013. The unit responded to the request with fervor and they were able to accomplish a lot, thanks to additional funding from the city, Boyle said.

An emphasis on safety patrols was just the tip of the iceberg in BLPD’s education outreach program. The department, assisted by East Pierce Fire and Rescue, conducted water safety assemblies at over 30 schools in the Sumner, Dieringer and Fife school districts this year. They reached over 7,000 students and hope to include more next year, said Bonney Lake Police Officer Daron Wolschleger. “We had a lot of fun at the water safety

See POLICE, Page 15

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Buckley looks to sell natural gas By Kevin Hanson Senior Writer

The city of Buckley hopes to sell its natural gas system and has a willing buyer in Puget Sound Energy – now it’s up to the voting public to decide. Proposition No. 1 appears on the general election ballot that last week landed in the laps of voters throughout Pierce County. The mail-in ballots must be returned by election day, Nov. 5. The idea of selling off the natural gas utility has been years in the making, as the notion of a small town maintaining its own system became increasingly difficult. Everincreasing regulations placed on the natural gas industry have made it difficult for small operators to provide the service at a competitive price. Added to the mix are costs of upkeep on an aging system and the oftenvolatile open market. Finally, earlier this year, members of the Buckley City Council decided to put the natural gas system up for sale, using a competitive bid process. A few suitors expressed interest but, in the end, only Puget Sound Energy jumped in. PSE offered 5.4 million, slightly

more than the city had hoped to get. The city had previously polled its citizens and received resounding support for unloading the gas system. A sale to PSE may benefit both private citizens and Buckley businesses if early numbers are to be believed. Information found in the current voters pamphlet notes that PSE’s residential rates are up to 10 percent less that the city now charges, while PSE’s business rate is, on average, 6 percent less than the city’s. A citizen group favoring the sale adds that Buckley is unable to provide many of the incentives PSE has at its disposal – things like rebates on energeyefficient appliances and weatherization programs. Puget Sound Energy can offer such programs, along with better rates, due to its large customer base. It is the largest natural gas provider in the Puget Sound region with more than 760,000 customers scattered throughout 10 counties. Buckley is one of just three cities in Washington that maintains its own gas utility, the others being nearby Enumclaw and the Kittitas County community of Ellensburg.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013 • The BONNEY LAKE Courier-Herald • Page 11

The science behind big screen TVs Back in the day when I was full of spark and vinegar, television sets, both portable and console, were huge, clumsy things. To move a large console with a 26-inch screen required nothing less than a team of horses or half the neighbors in your block. I had a high-school physics class t hat explained the theory and practical functions of such antiques. Each TV set contained a cathoderay tube. Remember? This cone-shaped contraption shot a bean of electrons from the rear, narrow end of the structure to the face of the tube – that

a retailer and look over the wide selection of truly awesome screens. It might blow you away. Obviously, the cathode tube is terribly Wally DuChateau obsolete so, before I became similarly passé Columnist and ready for the trash pile, I decided to check is, the screen – where out the technology and the electrons arranged theory behind a modern themselves in horizontal TV. At their best, cathlines and “miraculously” ode tubes had roughly 30 formed a picture. pixels (specks) per diagoToday, of course, nal screen inch. Current instead of being two or plasma and LCD sets have three feet deep, TV sets 100 or more pixels per are only a couple of inch- diagonal inch, making a es thick and can easily be picture so sharp and clear carried about and hung you can see the sweat on on a wall. If you haven’t the faces of spectators 20 done so lately, step into rows behind home plate.

Wally’s World

(Math has never been my strong suit but, near as I can calculate, these figures are pretty accurate.) Plasma screens are filled with various inert gases that become very luminesce and brilliant when stimulated by subatomic stuff. LCD screens are something else, again. The acronym stands for “liquid crystal display.” What is that, you might reasonably ask. A “liquid crystal” sounds like an oxymoron and, to say the least, it’s a most unusual and weird state of physical matter, to be sure. Liquid crystals don’t obey the “laws” found in

most high school physics textbooks. They are crystals that have somehow been turned into a thick, slippery syrup, just as their name implies. They refract and ref lect light with all the brightness and sharpness of normal crystals – indeed, they have all the defining characteristics of normal crystals – but they can be poured. Of course, this strange stuff is used in more than LCD televisions. They’re also used in tiny screens like iPhones and iPads and in very large screens, as evidenced by the massive displays in sporting arenas.

Today, TV screens 70 or 80 inches across are still a bit too expensive for the average person, but they’ll become cheaper and rather commonplace in the next few years. Such wall-mounted screens, combined with surround sound, will revolutionize our entertainment world, especially when our computers are also fed into them. I don’t think it bodes well for motion picture theaters, unless they have gigantic screens like Seattle’s Cinerama.

Rules for leading a good life are found in Genesis Most everything I really need to know about how to live on Earth and how to get to heaven can be found in Genesis. Many of you will recognize that I am mimicking the title of a wonderful essay written several years ago by Robert Fulghum which he titled, “Every thing I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.” His essay contains some delightful wisdom about life that inspires this one about keeping it simple as we navigate our pilgrimage to eternity. In the Book of Genesis we learn basic instruc-

Church Corner David Rapp Chaplain, St. Elizabeth Hospital

tions that will keep us on course: • God made us – all of us and each of us – to be the same and that is to be his children made in his image and likeness. We might use the metaphor of saying we share soul DNA. • God is love, the creator; he breathed his life and his spirit into us and

we came to be. We are made to be holy (like God). Don’t belittle God’s work by thinking that being a saint is just for other people. The call to holiness is universal. • Because of our “Genesis DNA,” when Christ took on human f lesh we could claim relationship to every one and each one because we all share him as brother. It is incorrect to think that only Christians are our brothers. We have reason to value and revere every one, each one and all creation. • Death happened by our choice, not God’s.

It is the result of sin. It is real. Sin has consequences despite our present world’s tendency to minimize and even deny its reality. • God is just, almighty and faithful, full of mercy and forgiveness. We should live every day in gratitude. • He has claimed us as his people and proves his faithfulness, giving us reason to live every day in hope also. These truths are planted very, very deep within us, whether we are Christian or not. Our hearts hunger and thirst for God and “will not rest until they rest in Thee,

O Lord” as Augustine of Hippo acknowledged after being freed from his life of sin. Because these truths are universal (from the one creator), many who are not Christian, who have never read or perhaps even ever heard of the Book of Genesis, have come to know them intuitively. One of the most beautiful examples of this that I have heard and appreciate is this quote attributed to Chief Seattle: “Man did not create the Web of Life, he is just one strand in it. What we do to the Web, we do to ourselves.” This is a very clear and accu-

rate way of describing the way that the Genesis account of creation tells us that we are linked to God and to one other. Someone once showed me that the word Bible could be turned into an acronym B.I.B.L.E.: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. So, if you are one of those people who just don’t like to read instruction manuals, take a crack at Genesis. You’ll find most everything that you need to know about what to do and how to be as you navigate our journey before leaving Earth. David Rapp serves as chaplain at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Enumclaw.

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Page 12 • The BONNEY LAKE Courier-Herald • Wednesday, October 23, 2013

“The City of Bonney Lake’s mission is to protect the community’s livable identity and scenic beauty through responsible growth planning and by providing accountable, accessible and efficient local government services.”

REPORTER Cit y of B onney L ake

o C toB e r 2 013

Town TidbiTs �

• During the past several weeks the City has undertaken the following: • —Mayor Neil Johnson proclaimed October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month • —Signed a purchase and sale agreement to acquire a parcel of land contiguous to the City’s current Victor Falls watershed that will serve as a future Victor Falls Park. This parcel includes the best viewing area of Victor Falls, and also features one of the oldest homes in Bonney Lake.

N ewslet ter

City Police Department Receives Award


he City of Bonney Lake’s Police Department and its Marine Services Unit has received the Washington State “Boating Safe Educational Service Award.” The award is presented by the Washington State Parks Department and recognizes Marine Service Units that concentrate and specialize in water safety efforts. This award is given to only one Law Enforcement agency every year in the State of Washington. This year the Bonney Lake Police

Department’s Marine Service Unit (with assistance from the East Pierce Fire and Rescue) conducted over thirty water safety school assemblies in the Sumner, Dieringer and Fife school districts. These water safety assemblies reached over 7,000 students and was part of Mayor Johnson’s SwimSafe campaign. The increased focus on water safety proved to be extremely beneficial as there were zero water deaths on Lake Tapps in 2013. This was the first time since 2001 that there has been no loss of life on Lake Tapps! 

• —City planning and building staff are reviewing revisions made to the tenant improvement drawings submitted by Red Robin restaurant regarding their locating in the Junction 192 shopping center. • —Mayor Johnson proclaimed October as Community Planning Month. • —Received a grant from the WA Administrative Office of the Courts to replace certain computer equipment in the court. • —Signed an Agreement with the Bonney Lake/Lake Tapps Seniors to retain the old senior van as a backup van.

Take The Plunge Against Domestic Violence Saturday, October 26, 2013

• —Mayor Johnson proclaimed October as Community Forestry Month


• —Partnered with Beautify Bonney Lake for another successful community cleanup event September 21st with over 500 community and school volunteers. WEBSITE: WWW.CI.BONNEY-LAKE.WA.US General Business Hours

8:30 am - 5:00 pm

City Mailing Address

P.O. Box 7380 Bonney Lake, WA 98391


(253) 862-8602


(253) 862-8538

Public Works Center

19306 Bonney Lake Blvd.

Public Safety Building

18421 Veterans Memorial Drive E.

Justice & Municipal Center

9002 Main Street E

Senior Center

19304 Bonney Lake Blvd.

10:00am - 11:30am at Allan Yorke Park

ayor Neil Johnson has declared October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month and is supporting Exodus Housing’s 4th annual Take the Plunge against Domestic Violence event at the boat launch at Allan Yorke Park. The PLUNGE is a unique opportunity for individuals, organizations and businesses to support families who are fleeing domestic violence by jumping, walking, or splashing into the frigid waters of Lake Tapps. Register for the category that best fits you-- earn bragging rights for “taking the plunge” or stay warm and dry with immunity! To register visit 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013 • The BONNEY LAKE Courier-Herald • Page 13 PA I D A D V E RT I S E M E N T


Neil Johnson Mayor

(253) 261-5181

Dan Swatman Deputy Mayor (253) 447-4269

Tom Watson

Katrina Minton-Davis

Councilmember (253) 348-7995

(253) 691-4144

FC Trail Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Saturday, October 26

Randy McKibbin


Councilmember (253) 241-0472

Council, Board or Commission City Council Workshop

Councilmember (253) 863-6275

Donn Lewis

Councilmember (253) 826-5431

Meeting Place

5:30 pm - 1st & 3rd Tuesdays

Justice & Municipal Center, 9002 Main Street East

5:30 pm - 2nd & 4th Tuesdays

Justice & Municipal Center, 9002 Main Street East

Community Development Committee

4:00 pm - 1st & 3rd Tuesdays

Council Finance Committee

Mark Hamilton

Meeting Time 7:00 pm - 2nd & 4th Tuesdays

Justice & Municipal Center, 9002 Main Street East

Justice & Municipal Center, 9002 Main Street East

Public Safety Committee

5:00 pm - 1st Monday; 3rd as needed

Public Safety Building, 18421 Veterans Memorial Drive E.

Park Board

6:00 pm - 2nd Monday

Justice & Municipal Center, 9002 Main Street East

Design Commission

Civil Service Commission

5:30 pm - 1st & 3rd Wednesday 6:00 pm - 2nd & 4th Thursdays 5:30 pm - 4th Monday



n April 13, 2013 the City of Bonney Lake held a ground breaking ceremony for the long awaited Fennel Creek/Safe Routes Trail project. Now, six months later, Mayor Neil Johnson and Deputy Mayor (Council President) Dan Swatman will host a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the completion of the new trail link. This 1 mile section of the long-planned Fennel Creek trail runs near Victor Falls Elementary North along Fennel Creek East of the Willow Brook subdivision. This first mile of the Fennel Creek Trail has been completed, and the public is invited to the ribboncutting ceremony that is scheduled for Saturday October 26th at 1:00pm at the Willow Brook Storm Pond located near 11110 185th Avenue E. (same place as the ground breaking). The project was funded primarily by United State Department of Transportation through a Safe Routes to School grant. The same grant also paid for part of a mile of sidewalks and an extensive education and encouragement program in local schools. The City of Bonney Lake. The City just received notice of preliminary approval for another Federal grant to design another section of the trail, a half-mile segment just north of State Route 410. 

(253) 862-5326

City Council Meeting

Planning Commission


Jim Rackley


he Bonney Lake Adopt-A-Street Program is a fun, worthwhile program that gives you, your company, school or organization recognition while saving taxpayer dollars. You can adopt a City street and beautify a part of Bonney Lake in partnership with the City. A great way to promote community pride and goodwill within your organization, and among family and friends. The City recognizes the organization’s concern for the environment with a sign that identifies the organization responsible for the cleanup of that particular street segment. Adopting a street requires litter pickup on your designated street segment (usually a minimum of a 1 mile stretch) at least quarterly over at two-year period. The City will provide a safety vest, trash bags and trash pickup. For information about the program, visit the City’s website at (Click Government/Public Works/ Adopt A Street).To talk to someone about adopting a street, call (253) 447-3101. 

Justice & Municipal Center, 9002 Main Street East

Justice & Municipal Center, 9002 Main Street East

Justice & Municipal Center, 9002 Main Street East

Why Should Your Company or Group Volunteer To Adopt-A-Street?

ü Feel ownership and pride in one’s community.

ü Set an example for others, especially children.

ü Show you care about

environmental issues.

ü Improve the quality of life in your neighborhood.

ü Enjoy the outside with

neighbors or co-workers.

ü Get free recognition for

your company or group.

ü Make a difference - TRASH AFFECTS EVERYONE!

Page 14 • The BONNEY LAKE Courier-Herald • Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Local haunted house a community favorite The annual haunted house collects donations for the Bonney Lake Food Bank By Sarah Wehmann Staff Writer


ummer is long gone now, the air is crisper and Halloween is right around the corner. And for Bonney Lake residents, Rick and Paula Leavitt that means getting ready for their annual haunted house. For the past 10 years, Rick Leavitt said, they have been doing the haunted house for the local com-

munity. “The kids and grown-ups just love it and talk about it all year long,” he said. Leavitt added that they skipped it one year and the kids were pretty sad. “We will most likely be doing it for years to come,” he said. Four years ago, they started collecting canned and dry foods as well as cash donations for the Bonney Lake Food Bank. Leavitt said they were putting so much time and effort into creating the haunted house that they thought why not give back to the food bank. “This time of the year the food bank really needs the communities help,” he said. “It’s just our way to give back a little.”

The Leavitt’s use their three-car garage to house the haunted house. He said they build walls, hallways and chambers managing to fit a lot in there. “It’s pretty scary,” he said. “We have an electric chair, monsters, clowns and zombies.” Friends and neighbors of the Leavitt’s help setup and work the haunted house, they also help hand out candy and hot chocolate. About 200 people attended last year’s haunted house and four barrels of food was collected for the food bank, Leavitt said. The haunted house this year is on Thursday, Oct. 31 from 6 to 9 p.m.


Right: Jim Isabell and Sarra Guck greet visitors at the entrance of the annual haunted house. Above: Mia, Lauren and Chloe pose outside the entrance. Courtesy photos from Rick Leavitt

‘I Voted’ badge goes digital This election season you can digitally encourage friends to vote with the Pierce County Auditor’s new “I Voted” avatar. The transition from the traditional “I Voted” stickers to a digital im-

Join us for an uplifting evening of creativity, fun, sisterhood and fundraising. Support breast cancer screening for underserved and uninsured women in your community. Thursday, October 24, 6 – 8 p.m. St. Elizabeth Hospital Lobby 1455 Battersby Avenue, Enumclaw Come view artfully decorated bras while you enjoy wine and appetizers. Vote for your favorite bra with the purchase of a $1 People’s Choice ticket. Pamper yourself with chocolate, wine, jewelry, cosmetics and other items from a variety of local vendors. Do it all while supporting breast cancer screening in your community! All proceeds will go toward assisting those in need with mammography at St. Elizabeth Hospital. Breast cancer affects one in eight women regardless of socio-economic status. A basic screening mammogram is the best defense against this disease where early detection could save a life.

Register today! Tickets are $10 in advance or $15 day of event Call 1 (888) 825-3227 or visit




age is both cost effective and a reflection of modern communication. “Posting your Pierce County ‘I voted’ avatar to your social media accounts is the modern equivalent of wearing the sticker. Post it as soon as you vote to prompt your friends to vote. It’s also a good reminder that you can vote and return your ballot as soon as you’re ready,” said Auditor Julie Anderson. The Auditor’s Office is providing images formatted for Facebook

profile pictures, cover photos, and for Twitter avatars. These images can be found on the Auditor’s Office Facebook and Twitter accounts. Voter turnout has improved with the shift to Vote-by-Mail, but with expected turnout for the Nov. 5 election at 46 percent, the Auditor’s Office is always looking for new ways to promote voting. Ballots will arrive on Saturday and Monday. You can vote and return your ballot as soon as you’re ready. Ballot Drop Boxes are open now.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013 • The BONNEY LAKE Courier-Herald • Page 15

Sumner School District students drop, cover and hold Staff Writer

Earthquake preparedness is a genuine concern in the Northwest. The state of Washington experienced at least 20 earthquakes that caused damage in the last 125 years, most of which occurred west of the Cascades, according to the state’s Department of Natural Resources. Home preparation is one thing but children spend a significant amount of time at school. The Sumner School District participated in The Great Washington ShakeOut, a statewide earthquake drill, in order to prepare children and staff for the possibility of a major earthquake. The goal of the program is to provide earthquake survivors with the tools they

need for a quick and efficient recovery. The ShakeOut drill took place at 10:17 a.m., Oct. 17. Participants across the state organized a drill in which schools, families, businesses and organizations practiced the “Drop, Cover, and Hold On” technique. The technique encourages earthquake victims to drop under something sturdy, cover the head and neck with one arm and hold on to the sturdy object with the other arm. ShakeOut recommends program organizers also include other aspects of their emergency plans when participating in the drill. SSD took the opportunity to practice evacuation protocol, as well as “Drop, Cover and Hold On.” The district’s earthquake response plan includes evacuation only when nec-

Bonney Lake Police Officers accept the award. Courtesy photo

POLICE FROM 10 assemblies. It’s a great feel-

ing to see the kids enjoy themselves and learn lifesaving lessons in the process,” Wolschleger said.

experience uncompromising service.

essary. The district also urges students and staff to expect aftershocks. “Major earthquakes may happen anywhere you live, work or travel. The ShakeOut is our chance to practice how to protect ourselves, and for everyone to become prepared. The goal is to prevent a major earthquake from becoming a catastrophe for you, your organization and your community,” said a Great Washington Shakeout press release. The ShakeOut is scheduled every year on the third Thursday in October. ShakeOut registration includes access to preparedness tools, activities and information. One highlighted resource is a link to the Washington Military Emergency Management Division, which provides a tool called “Prepare in a Year.” The tool is designed “We’re honored to receive the award and look forward to another year of no drownings at Lake Tapps.” BLPD is eager to provide a fun and safe environment at the lake by continuing their efforts next year but they aren’t doing it alone, Wolschleger said. The SwimSafe coalition is a group of community leaders dedicated to water safety awareness. In addition to BLPD, sponsors include East Pierce Fire and Rescue, Pierce County, the city of Bonney Lake, Cascade Water Alliance, Dieringer School District and Sumner School District.

(from left to right): Victoria, Brian, Rocky & Nicole 253-350-9461


By Theresa De Lay

powered by skyline properties inc

Two children dropped, covered and held on during the ShakeOut drill on Oct. 17. Courtesy photo to give monthly goals – such as devising an action plan, home preparation and conducting hazard hunts

– to fully prepare for an earthquake in a 12-month timeframe. Both individuals and

groups are encouraged to seek more information at



For service information, contact Weeks’ Funeral Home, 360-829-1171 or www.weeksfuneralhomes. com.

Bernice McCauley died Oct. 16, 2013, in Bonney Lake.

On Brin ly 21 g yo + ur I D

November 16

Noon—Midnight $10 Admission

24 brews on tap PLUS Local Brewers! Live Music Delicious Food Game Tournaments Beer Pong~Corn Hole .com Washers & More

Both Events at: Enumclaw Expo Center 45224 284th Ave SE Enumclaw WA 98022

November 22-24

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Get Your Holiday Shopping On! Plus Santa Photos! Huge Variety of Friday 2-4 Vendors Sat 10-12 & 3-5 Scrumptious Food Sunday 12-2 Fun Entertainment


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Page 16 • The BONNEY LAKE Courier-Herald • Wednesday, October 23, 2013



just got


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will be closed to traffic beginning at 5 p.m. Aside from collecting sweet treats from downtown merchants, all can enjoy hot chocolate and cider at the Thunderbird Park gazebo. Additionally, students from the White River High drama department will be strolling through downtown in costume, passing out candy and adding to the festive atmosphere. As an added bonus, the libraries in both Enumclaw and Buckley will offer special programs on the 31st. The King County Library in Enumclaw will pres-

ent “Trick or Treat Tales.” Children of all ages are welcome if accompanied by an adult. Kids are invited to appear in costume for the special Halloween storytime, which will be followed by a Trick or Treat Parade around the library. The event is sponsored by Friends of the Enumclaw Library and more information is available by calling 360-825-2045. The Buckley library will host a free Halloween storytime from 4 to 5 p.m., with trick-or-treat bags handed out to the first 100 kids. 901734



a m i l ies in Enumclaw and Buckley will again be able to enjoy a safe and fun Halloween downtown thanks to the spirited nature of merchants who pass out goodies and the cities, which temporarily close city streets to provide a safe atmosphere. Enumclaw’s Cole Street will be closed from Marshall Avenue to Stevenson Avenue, with the exception of Griffin Avenue, which will remain open to traffic. Hours of the closure are 4 to 6 p.m. In Buckley, Main Street

izes & Door FPorod on Pet

SALE! Pet Costume

Contest & Halloween Festival Join us October 26, 10am-4pm Bring your pets in costume for our Best Pet Costume Contest!

Get a FREE photo taken and VOTE for your favorite!

Serving Spiced Cider, Hot Dogs & Pop!

Smidget Dog Rescue

will be here with beautiful loving dogs for adoption! All proceeds go to Smidget Rescue!


23417 SE 436th, Hwy 164 Enumclaw


Guess the weight of our Giant Pumpkin and WIN a

Gift Basket!

Go to for more news and photos!

• Also in Enumclaw, Hope Lutheran Church will present a free Halloween carnival for the community – and, as usual, promises nothing spooky or scary. The carnival runs from 5 to 7:30 p.m. on the 31st. The event is for preschoolers through elementary school-age children, along with their parents. There will be games, prizes, treats, snacks and candy. There will be a bouncy house for the smaller children and hot coffee for adults. The church is at 1316 Garfield St., across from Montgomery Park. • Also in Buckley, Heritage House, 28833 state Route 410, will host an open house and pass out candy from 6:30 to 8 p.m.

Fright films are in order Horror is in the air come Halloween. For those who enjoy a good fright, watching a scary flick with a bucket of popcorn in hand can be just the trick. The following films make ideal choices for scary Halloween fun. • “Repulsion” (1965): A young, beautiful woman (Catherine Deneuve) is left alone in the apartment she shares with her sister. While alone, she begins to suffer from hallucinations, catalepsy and madness that eventually leads her to murder. This marks the first English-language film for director Roman Polanski. • “Fire in the Sky” (1993): Based on a true story, an Arizona logger disappears

See FILMS, Page 27



Wednesday, October 23, 2013 • The Bonney lake Courier-Herald • Page 17

FILMS FROM 26 for five days in a supposed UFO encounter. Featuring one of the more realistic alien abduction scenes in film history, this film may cause fans to glance nervously at the night skies. • “The Amityville Horror” (1979): Another movie based on alleged real events, “The Amityville Horror” tells the story of the Lutz family of Long Island, N.Y. Newlyweds move into a house where a murder took place and experience strange events that have them running for cover. • “Dawn of the Dead” (2004): Several survivors of a worldwide plague that produced

flesh-eating zombies are forced to take refuge in a Midwestern shopping mall to escape impending doom. This is a remake of a 1978 film of the same name. • “A Nightmare on Elm Street” (1984): Freddie Krueger, a deranged child molester who was burned alive, comes back to haunt the dreams of his killers’ children. Armed with a handful of razor blades, Krueger earned a spot alongside horror movie legends such as Michael Meyers and Norman Bates. • “Paranormal Activity” (2007): Shot in a single-camera style made popular by “The Blair Witch Project,” this film features a slow build of suspense, creating a tension that has viewers enthralled by the disturbing demonic presence.

• “Cujo” (1983): A woman and her son are trapped in a car when a rabid dog terrorizes them intent on the kill. • “The Hills Have Eyes” (2006): A suburban family’s car breaks down while the family travels through a desert area once used for government nuclear testing. But the break-

and I promise I von’t be a pain in your neck!”

of Enumclaw

Fugate Ford Sales Professional

Candy Buy-Back! Earn some cash for your candy!


Bring us your wrapped trick-or-treating candy and in exchange we will PAY you $2 per pound (10 pound max)



Aaron Mayer


down may actually be a trap perpetrated by inhabitants of the site bent on creating a gruesome massacre. • “The Sixth Sense” (1998): A little boy has unusual powers his mother cannot explain, so she seeks the help of a child psychologist in this terrifying thriller.


“Look into my eyes...

New & Used Vehicles at:



Earn $1 extra for wearing your costume Earn $1 extra for bringing a minimum of 2 canned food items Earn 10 Molen Moolah Points for turning in your candy Free Milk and Cookies All candy and canned food will be donated to local charitable organizations, military troops and food banks All trick-or-treaters are welcome to participate


Bring your candy to our Auburn, Enumclaw or Sumner office on Friday, November 1st anytime between 2:30 pm - 6:30 pm.


Page 18 , THE ENUMCLAW, BONNEY LAKE & SUMNER COURIER-HERALD, Wednesday, October 23, 2013


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Real Estate for Sale King County


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November 5, 2013 6:00PM-8:00PM The City of Enumclaw will hold an informational OPEN HOUSE for the 2013 PARKS AND OPEN SPACE PLAN. Copies of the plan will be available for review and city representatives will be on hand to answer questions. Enumclaw City Council Chambers 1339 Griffin Ave For more information, contact Erika Shook, Commuity Development Director (360)825-3593 ext.5725

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RV Space


Fireplace. New carpet & paint. Laundry onsite. W/S/G incl. $1250/mo+$1000 dep


Year Round Creek on 10 Acres with Drilled Well, County Road Frontage. Close to Lake Roosevelt. $59,900 $500 Down $650 Month Also, 9 Surveyed Acres with patented Mining Claims, Close to Metaline Falls & Sullivan Lake. $39,900. $500 Down $417 Month

Wednesday, October 23, 2013, THE ENUMCLAW, BONNEY LAKE & SUMNER COURIER-HERALD, Page 19

Real Estate for Sale Manufactured Homes

Money to Loan/Borrow

L O C A L P R I VAT E I N VESTOR loans money on real estate equity. I l o a n o n h o u s e s, r aw land, commercial property and property development. Call Eric at (425) 803-9061.

Replace Your Mobile Home!

Build this custom home for about the same price as a manufactured or mobile home!

WA Misc. Rentals Duplexes/Multiplexes BUCKLEY

DUPLEX: 2 BEDROOM, quiet residential neighborhood. Washer, dryer, water, sewer and garbage included. No smoking or pets. $865 month, first, last, deposit. 360893-0195.

2112 sq ft Living Space From $104,900 Built On Your Lot!

Frontier 509-468-0483 Real Estate for Sale Manufactured Homes

Brookdale Area Nice 3Bd 2 Ba Will Have Rear Deck & New Appliances on Culdesac Lot Only 109,900 Financing Available Hurry Won’t Last!! American Home Center 253-841-3600

Call for FREE House Plan Guide! On Your Lot, On Time, Built Right!


Doublewide Mobile Home in Mt. Villa Estates, a 55+ retirement community. 1161 Spruce Dr. Call (253)592-9787 or (253)888-2965. $11,500. People Read The Courier-Herald 26,400 households receive the paper each week. There are 2 readers per household. That’s 52,800 impressions. This does not include our website.


Grays Harbor



(866) 407-2074

(866) 854-8671

(866) 407-1976

(866) 839-3239

©2013 HiLine Homes - Wash. Contr. # HILINH*983BD | Oregon CCB# 182300, CCB# 181069, CCB#181652 Above elevation may show added features or features may vary. Pricing subject to change without notice. Not available at all locations. 883212


Page 20 , THE ENUMCLAW, BONNEY LAKE & SUMNER COURIER-HERALD, Wednesday, October 23, 2013 Announcements

COUPLE SEEKING TO ADOPT Loving couple seeking to ADOPT an infant. We can offer your baby a lifetime of opportunity, humor, adventure and financial security. We will provide a happy home, sharing our interests in the outdoors, travel, music, and sports. Let us help support you with your adoption plan. Contact us at direct at 206-920-1376, toll-free at 877-290-0543 or email You can also contact our attorney at 206-728-5858, ask for Joan file #0376.


November 5, 2013 6:00PM-8:00PM The City of Enumclaw will hold an informational OPEN HOUSE for the 2013 PARKS AND OPEN SPACE PLAN. Copies of the plan will be available for review and city representatives will be on hand to answer questions. Enumclaw City Council Chambers 1339 Griffin Ave For more information, contact Erika Shook, Commuity Development Director (360)825-3593 ext.5725

PREGNANT? CONSIDE R I N G A D O P T I O N ? Open or closed adoption.  YOU choose the f a m i l y.  L I V I N G E X PENSES PAID.  Abby’s O n e Tr u e G i f t A d o p t i o n s .   C a l l 2 4 / 7 .  866 716-3042.  Void in Illinois/New Mexico/Indiana/Florida Found

DOG GONE IN BUCKLEY? The City of Buckley has a short term dog pound. If your dog is missing call (360)8293157. Lost

NO QUESTIONS ASKED! Please return daytimer from items stolen Sunday night from blue Jeep with handic a p p e d C a l i fo r n i a l i cense. Call (760)6483989 or mail to address found inside or drop off at Park Center Hotel.


Legal Notices

Town of Wilkeson, Pierce County, Washington NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARINGS T h e W i l k e s o n To w n Council will conduct two hearings to solicit public input on the proposed Tax and EMS Levy’s for 2014. Hearings will be held on Wednesday, October 23, 2013 and Wednesday, November 13, 2013 at 6:30PM at town hall. # 520189 10/16/13, 10/23/13

Legal Notices

Legal Notices

A meeting of the members of the Carbon Water Association is hereby called for the purpose of deciding the future of the Carbon Water Association and the status of its use as a community well. Any parties with holdings or interest in the Carbon Water Association P.O. B ox 3 6 3 C a r b o n a d o, WA. 98323, needs to appear on October 26, 2013 at 9:00 am at the residence located at 19919 S.R. 165 E Carbonado, Wa. 98323 to submit discussion. A vote will be held by the members of the Carbon Water Association to decide the future of the bylaws and well status. Parties need to confirm attendance by notice to above address for the Carbon Water Association. # 189246 10/2/13, 10/9/13, 10/16/13, 10/23/13 CITY OF ENUMCLAW PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE SETTING THE 2014 PROPERTY TAX LEVY The Enumclaw City Council has scheduled three Public Hearings to receive public input on setting the 2014 Property Tax Levy, with estimated amounts. The first will be Monday, October 28, the second will be November 12, and the third will be November 25, 2013, at 7:30 p.m. at City Hall. Comments for or against may be made at the Public Hearing, in writing to the City Clerk at 1339 Griffin Avenue, Enumclaw, WA 98022, or by email to the City Clerk For further information call Stephanie McKenzie, Finance D i r e c t o r, a t 3 6 0 - 6 1 5 5629, from 9:00-5:00 p.m., Mon-Fr i., or s m cke n z i e @ c i . e n u m # 518619 10/16/13, 10/23/13 TOWN OF SOUTH PRAIRIE NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING The South Prairie Town Council will conduct a Public Hearing on Tuesday, November 5, 2013, 7:00 PM or shortly thereafter, at the South Prairie Town Hall, 121 NW Washington Street, to solicit public input and comments on the FY 2014 Budget and Setting F Y 2 0 1 4 L ev y R a t e s . Written comments may be submitted to the Town of South Prairie, PO Box 870, South Prairie, Washington 98385. # 519593 10/16/13, 10/23/13 Town of Wilkeson, Pierce County, Washington NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARINGS T h e W i l k e s o n To w n Council will conduct two hearings to solicit public input on the proposed 2014 budget. Hearings will be held on Wednesday October 23, 2013 a n d We d n e s d ay, N o vember 13th at 6:45PM at town hall. Regular council meeting will follow. # 520194 10/16/13, 10/23/13 Request for Statements of Qualifications for Professional Engineering Services The Town of Carbonado is soliciting for qualified engineers to submit statements of qualification to perform a scope of work that includes: A complete water reservoir analysis and review

fo r t h e p u r p o s e o f a building a new reservoir and to prepare a report to be submitted to the Health Department which will become an amendment to the current water system plan. Planning and design of a new reservoir to include determining the best use or elimination of the existing water reservoir. Preparing bid documents for the construction phase of new reservoir. O ve r s e e i n g t h e c o n struction phase of a new reservoir and the potential elimination of the existing water reservoir A complete qualification package should include: Experience with water systems and reservoirs. Past performance/references Qualifications of personnel that would be working on the project Submissions should be no longer than (10) pages, excluding resumes This project will be funded through a grant by Projects for Jobs and Economic Development. As a result, a number of state and or federal requirements will apply to the selection process and conduct of the project. The Town of Carbonado is an Equal Opportunity and Affir mative Action Employer. Minority and women-owned firms are encouraged to submit Statements of Qualification. Please direct questions to Daill e n e A r g o a t 360-829-0125 or at IN ADDITION: The Town of Carbonado is also soliciting for qualified engineers to submit statements of qualification to hire as our Town Engineer to perform a scope of work that includes: A complete qualification package should include: Experience with water systems and reservoirs. Experience with sewers and sewer systems. Experience with streets and transportation. Preparing grant applications. Experience with all other engineering as needed by the town. Past performance/references Qualifications of personnel that would be working with the town. Submissions should be no longer than (10) pages, excluding resumes. Firms desiring consideration for one or both solicitations shall submit 5 copies of a complete qualification package to: Daillene Argo, Cler kTreasurer, Town of Carbonado, PO Box 91 Carb o n a d o , WA 9 8 3 2 3 , 3 6 0 - 8 2 9 - 0 1 2 5 , Submissions must be received by 5:00 pm on November 6th (Wednesd ay ) . T h e To w n m ay elect to interview any or all firms. # 521993 10/23/13, 10/30/13 SUPERIOR COURT OF WASHINGTON FOR PIERCE COUNTY The Estate of WILLIAM RACK Deceased. Case No. 13-4-01551-2 PROBATE NOTICE TO CREDITORS (RCW 11.40.030) PAU L A J. R AC K h a s been appointed as Executrix/ Personal Representative of this estate. A ny p e r s o n h av i n g a claim against the decedent that arose before t h e d e c e d e n t ’s d e a t h must, before the time the

claim would be barred by any otherwise applicable statute of limitations, present the claim in the manner as provided in RCW 11.40.070 by serving on or mailing to the Personal Representative or the Personal Representative’s attorney at the address stated below a copy of the claim and filing the original of the claim with the Court in which the probate proceedings were commenced. The claim must be presented within the later of: (1) Thirty days after the Personal Representative served or mailed the notice to the creditor as provided u n d e r R C W 11.40.020(1) (c); or (2) four months after the date of first publication o f t h e n o t i c e. I f t h e claim is not presented within this time frame, the claim is forever barred, except as otherwise provided in RCW 11.40.051 and 11.40.060. This bar is effective as to claims against both the decedent’s probate and nonprobate assets. Date of Filing Copy of Notice to Creditors: October 11, 2013. Date of First Publication: October 16, 2013. FA R R L AW G R O U P, PLLC By: M. Owen Gabrielson, WSBA #34214 P.O. Box 890 Enumclaw, WA 98022 Attorneys for Executrix/ Personal Representative /s/ Paula J. Rack Executrix/Personal Representative

Employment General

REPORTER The Enumclaw Courier Herald is seeking a general assignment reporter with writing experience and photography skills. Primary coverage will be city government, business, general assignment stories and could include ar ts coverage. Schedule may include s o m e eve n i n g a n d / o r weekend work. As a repor ter for Sound Publishing, you will be expected to: use a digital camera to take photographs of the stories you cover ; post on the publication’s web site; blog and use Twitter on the web; layout pages, using InDesign; s h o o t and edit videos for the web. The most highly valued traits are: c o m mitment to community jour nalism and ever ything from short, brieftype stories about people and events to examining issues facing the community; t o be inquisitive and resourceful in the coverage of assigned beats; t o b e comfor table producing five bylined stor ies a week; the ability to write stories that are tight and to the point; to be a motivated self-starter; to be able to establish a rapport with the community. Candidates must have excellent communication and organizational skills, and be able to work effectively in a deadlinedr iven environment. Minimum of one year of previous newspaper experience is required. Position also requires # 520251 use of personal vehicle, 1 0 / 1 6 / 1 3 , 1 0 / 2 3 / 1 3 , possession of valid WA 10/30/13 State Driver’s License and proof of active vehicle insurance. We offer a competitive 4000 hourly wage and benefits package including health insurance, paid time off (vacation, sick, and holidays), and 401K (currently with an employer match). Email us yo u r c ove r l e t t e r, r e sume, and include five examples of your best EMPLOYMENT work showcasing your reporting skills and writing chops to: Employment General

INVITATION FOR BIDS The Muckleshoot Housing Authority will receive sealed bids for the construction of the Training and Maintenance Facility located on 158th Ave. SE in Auburn, WA 98092. The intent is to enter into an agreement with a single prime contractor for the work. Sealed bids will be received until 1:00pm Pacific Time, on Thursday October 31, 2013 at the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe Construction Office located at 39009 172nd Ave. SE, Auburn WA 98092. Bids will not be received or accepted after that time. Bidders may obtain Construction Documents by emailing a letter of interest to Chuck Hartung at Contract documents will b e ava i l a bl e O c t o b e r 10th, 2013.

Crystal Mountain Resort Now hiring for all winter 2013/ 2014 seasonal positions. Please apply online at

or mail to: Sound Publishing, Inc., 19426 68th Avenue S. Kent, WA 98032, ATTN: HR/ECH

Sound Publishing is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE) and strongly supports diversity in the wor kplace. Check out our website to find out more about us!

CARRIER ROUTES AVAILABLE IN YOUR AREA Call Today 1-253-872-6610 H o u s e ke e p e r / N a n ny needed to start work imm e d i a t e l y fo r a bu s y family. Duties includes taking care of a 4 year old kid & few household c h o r e s . Pay i s $ 4 8 0 weekly. Send resumes to The Courier-Herald is Fearless & Creative Our award winning editorial staff is not afraid to tackle the tough story while our award winning creative staff will showcase your business at no additional cost.

People Read The Courier-Herald 26,400 households receive the paper each week. There are 2 readers per household. That’s 52,800 impressions. This does not include our website. or Employment

Health Care Employment

Skilled Trades/Construction


Meter Electrician Apprentice $27.56 ? 39.08/hour Plus Excellent Benefits Seattle City Light is recruiting to fill two positions in their apprenticeship program to become Meter Electricians. This is a three-year apprenticeship including bothon-the-job training and evening academic training. For more information and to apply, visit by 10/29/13. The City of Seattle is an Equal Oportunity Employer that values diversity in the workforce.

CNA - Full time. Evening and night shifts. Enumclaw Health and Rehabilitation Center Please apply within; 2323 Jensen. Or call: (360)8252541 E N U M C L AW H E A LT H and Rehabilitation Center. Experienced RN to join our dynamic group. WA license required. For more information please call Mark Censis at: 360825-2541 Business Opportunities

Make Up To $2,000.00+ Per Week! New Credit Card Ready Drink-Snack Vending Machines. MiniEmployment mum $4K to $40K+ InTransportation/Drivers vestment Required. Locations Available. BBB Dr ivers: Local-Home A c c r e d i t e d B u s i n e s s. Nightly! (800) 962-9189 Flatbed & Reefer. Real- Estate $55k - $60k yr & Great Careers Benefits! Earn your real CDL-A, 1yr Exp. Req. Apply estate license 1-866-336-9642 before the market DRIVERS -- Tired of Being Gone? We get you Home! Call Haney Truck Line one of best NW heavy haul carr iers. Great pay/benefits package. 1-888-414-4467 or

goes back up. Evening classes. We Take Payments

Live Instructed. Blue Emerald Real Estate School King Co:

(253)250-0402 DRIVERS -- Whether you have experience or need training, we offer unbeatable career opSchools & Training p o r t u n i t i e s . Tr a i n e e , Company Driver, Lease AIRLINES ARE HIRING Operator, Lease Trainers. (877) 369-7105 cen- – Tra i n fo r h a n d s o n Av i a t i o n C a r e e r. FA A approved program. Fi* * E X P E R I E N C E D nancial aid if qualified C L A S S A D U M P Job placement assisT R U C K & T R A I L E R tance. CALL Aviation InAND SIDE DUMP DRIV- stitute of Maintenance ERS Experienced Class 877-818-0783 A Dump Truck & Trailer and SIDE DUMP Drivers 5000 Well established Dump Trucking Company looki n g fo r C l a s s A C D L Dump Truck and Transfer Drivers for hauling in King, Pierce and Snohomish Counties. Applicants must have a minimum of 3 years PROFESSIONAL experience Dump Truck SERVICES and Trailer experience with the following requirements. Job respon- Professional Services sibilities include: *Class Attorney, Legal Services A CDL Washing- ton Li- Notice to Contractors cense, Meets DOT Drug Washington Te s t i n g a n d C u r r e n t State Law Medical Card Must have (RCW 18.27.100) and maintain a clean requires that all adverdriver’s record, prompt, tisements for construcdependable, hard work- tion related services ining and practices good, clude the contractor’s safe driving skills at all current depar tment of times. *Knowledge of Pit L a b o r a n d I n d u s t r i e s l o c a t i o n s a n d D u m p registration number in Sites in Puget Sound the advertisement. Area *Maintain daily pa- Failure to obtain a certifiperwork and work logs cate of registration from and maintain a profes- L&I or show the registras i o n a l a p p e a r a n c e tion number in all adver*Keeps the truck clean tising will result in a fine inside and out Benefits: up to $5000 against the *Compensation: DOE, unregistered contractor. Full Medical, Dental, Vi- For more infor mation, s i o n a n d 4 0 1 K * Ye a r call Labor and Industries around work on Public Specialty Compliance and Private work Please Services Division at do not respond without 1-800-647-0982 the proper experience or check L&Is internet Employer will interview site at applicants Monday through Friday 8am to Professional Services 4pm. FAX RESUME TO Instruction/Classes 425-432-5515 Karate Lessons GORDON TRUCKING, Mondays & Wednesdays 6PM-8PM Inc. A better Carrier. A Family rates better Career. CDL-A Enumclaw Drivers Needed! Up to (360)825-7273 $1500 sign on bonus! Dedicated Fleet Options. Home weekly available Professional Services Legal Services in some area.. EOE. Call 7 days/week! 866-725- DIVORCE $155. $175 9669 with children. No court appearances. Complete O W N E R O P E R ATO R p r e p a ra t i o n . I n c l u d e s Dedicated Home Week- custody, support, propl y ! S o l o s u p t o er ty division and bills. $175,000/year. Sign-on B B B m e m b e r . B o n u s ! Te a m s u p t o ( 5 0 3 ) 7 7 2 - 5 2 9 5 . $350,000/year. $5,000 www.paralegalalter naSign-on Bonus. Forward Air 888-652-5611

Professional Services Legal Services

Fresh Financial Start

By Filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy * Flexible Payment Plans * Free Consultation * Stop Foreclosure * 25+ Years Experience * Saturday Appts Avail. Call the Law Office of Kevin J. Magorien, PS at

253-854-8116 Professional Services Music Lessons

FUN PIANO Lessons FOR ALL AGES! Free consultation, now is the time! You have always wanted to learn so call Olson Piano Studio 253-891-1299.

PIANO LESSONS For the young and young at heart.

Karen (360)802-9314 Professional Services Professional

Custom Upholstery By Van’s of Enumclaw. Free pickup, delivery and estimates. Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm. 23929 SE 440th, Enumclaw (360)825-5775 The Courier-Herald Reaches Far Beyond Other Advertising Vehicles* +81.4% over direct mail +54.2% over Val Pak +94.1% over Red Plum *Source- Pulse Reports

home services Home Services Appliance Repair




Legal Notices

Serving South King & Pierce Area Since 1973

829-1710 Raymond Stine owner

Appliance Repair - We fix It no matter who you bought it from! 800-9345107 Home Services


BACKHOE Bulldozing, Dump Truck, Clearing, Logging, Foundations, Ecology Block Walls

(253)355-1743 or (253)862-6484 #hillijc232qz or

Gosstekk Carpet & Upholstery

Over 40 yrs. Experience Carpet Cleaning Upholstery Cleaning Carpet Repair Restretching Carpets Pet Odor Removal Squeaky Floor Repair

Free Estimate Excellent Service Competitive Prices (360)825-7877 (253)939-4399


Wrights Services

Dennis Gustafson 360-825-7983 360-239-2203 cell t1BUJPTt8BMLT t4UFQTt#BTFNFOUT t(BSBHFTt4MBCT t%SJWFXBZT Licensed, #POEFE *OTVSFE Lic# 1-"5&$'$#

Home Services General Contractors

Home Construction & Remodeling

Chris Eggers


Our award winning editorial staff is not afraid to tackle the tough story while our award winning creative staff will showcase your business at no additional cost.


Home Services Concrete Contractors

General Contractor



Exposed Aggregate • Colored Stamped • Pavers • Retaining Wall


All Types Of Concrete

25 years experience

Free Estimate


The Courier-Herald Reaches Far Beyond Other Advertising Vehicles* +81.4% over direct mail +54.2% over Val Pak +94.1% over Red Plum *Source- Pulse Reports



Bond • Ins. • Lic #TOMSCCS881DM




One call, does it all! Fast and Reliable Electrical Repairs and Installations. Call 1-800-9088502

SMALL JOBS OUR SPECIALITY 360/893-2429 or cell 253/691-1324 -JDFOTFEr#POEFE 3*$)"#1-

Licensed~ Bonded SCOTTSH897CQ

Home Services Hauling & Cleanup

Free Scrap Metal Pick-up

Appliances, car parts, junk car removal, old car batteries, fencing, pipes. Anything metal hauled away for FREE! (253)397-9100

- Remodel - Kitchens - Repair - Baths - Maintenance - Windows - Roof - Gutters - Storm DamageRepair

Any Size Jobs!

253.863.4243 Cell 206.979.1302


Heating/Air Conditioning

Home Services

Home Services Landscape Services




Sales and Service of Gas, Oil & Electric Forced Air, Quality Air Filters Custom Metal Fabrication


410 Roosevelt East Just off Hwy 410


360-825-2241 LOYDH810MT Home Services Property Maintenance

All Things Basementy! Basement Systems Inc. Call us for all of your Home Services basement needs! WaterHeating/Air Conditioning proofing ? Finishing ? Structural Repairs ? Humidity and Mold Control F R E E E S T I M AT E S ! Call 1-888-698-8150

Heating & Air Conditioning t"OOVBM5VOFVQT t'VSOBDFTt)FBU1VNQT t3FQBJSt"$t8BUFS)FBUFST t*OTQFDUJPOTt3FQMBDFNFOU Furnace $ i Tune-up Heat Pump or $ A/C Tune-up

Bonney Lake Handyman

People Read The Courier-Herald 26,400 households receive the paper each week. There are 2 readers per household. That’s 52,800 impressions. This does not include our website.

30 Ye ars


(253) 862-7533


Free consultations Just give me a call 253-224-9270

Home Services Handyperson



26,400 households receive the paper each week. There are 2 readers per household. That’s 52,800 impressions. This does not include our website.

79 89

253.255-5682 Lic.#SERENAI920L6

The Courier-Herald is Fearless & Creative Our award winning editorial staff is not afraid to tackle the tough story while our award winning creative staff will showcase your business at no additional cost.

CODE MECHANICAL Heating & Air Conditioning Residential/ Commercial Sales & Service Buckley (253)377-2787 CODEMI*932KQ

Home Services

House/Cleaning Service

GREEN CLEAN! Top to bottom, A to Z, Call Julie! Affordable house & office cleaning. Also, Window & Pressure Washing.

253-561-1469 LICENSED

SUZIE’S CLEAN HOUSE SERVICE! Allow me to do the work, you don’t have time for. Senior d i s c o u n t . L ow R a t e s. Free bids. Supplies incl. H o n e s t . R e l i a bl e . 1 0 years exp. & local references. 253-590-3119.

Home Services Painting

* Cleanup * Trim * Weed * Prune * Sod * Seed * Bark * Rockery * Backhoe * Patios 425-226-3911 206-722-2043

Otis Hunter


Danny’s Lawn & Trees Fall Storm Clean Up Thatch, Seed, Sod

All Lawn Renovations Guaranteed! Expert Pruning, Ornamental, Rhodies, Hedges, Trees, Gutters, Roof Moss Control, Pressure Wash, Blackberrys.


End Time On Time Guaranteed! INTERIOR SALE

Senior Discounts Danny: 253-282-2273

10% off

The Courier-Herald Reaches Far Beyond Other Advertising Vehicles* +81.4% over direct mail +54.2% over Val Pak +94.1% over Red Plum *Source- Pulse Reports


FRONTIER LANDSCAPE Serving The Enumclaw, Buckley, Bonney Lake Area We Offer:

Mowing, Pruning & Weeding Call Jeremy TODAY


K&K Landscaping Lawn Maintenance

Trimming, Pruning, Weeding, Clean-up Bark, Hauling All kinds of yard work!

253-862-4347 253-752-6879 Bonded & Insured


Home Services Lawn/Garden Service

K&K Lawn Maintenance (253)862-4347 (253)752-6879

20% off

3rd Generation Residential Expert

• Low Odor - 0 VOC Paint • Fine Finish Trim • Drywall Repair • Expert Texture Matching

Call for a Free Estimate

253-862-4400 A+ Rating with BBB


AK Painting and Construction, Inc Interior & Exterior Painting, Winter Discounts on now for interior painting Discounted Pre-scheduled exteriors for 2014 Roof and gutter cleaning services.

Call Ken For details (253)350-0982 Licensed, bonded, insured KPAINPC957CB

Current Employment Opportunities at We are community & daily newspapers in these Western Washington Locations: • King County • Kitsap County • Clallam County • Jefferson County • Okanogan County • Pierce County • Island County • San Juan County • Snohomish County • Whatcom County Sound Publishing is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE) and strongly supports diversity in the workplace. We offer a great work environment with opportunity for advancement along with a competitive benefits package including health insurance, paid time off (vacation, sick, and holidays), and 401k.

Accepting resumes at: or by mail to: 19426 68th Avenue S, Kent, WA 98032 ATTN: HR Please state which position and geographic area you are applying for.

Sales Positions

• Multi Media Advertising Sales Consultants - Whidbey - Thurston - Kitsap - Everett - Bellevue - Federal Way • Advertising & Marketing Coordinator - Seattle - Everett • Circulation Sales & Marketing Manager - Everett

Creative Positions • Creative Artist - Everett

Reporters & Editorial • Editor - Forks • News Editor - Port Angeles • Sports Reporter - Port Angeles • Reporters - Everett - Mercer Island - Marysville/Arlington

Non-Media Positions • Controller - Everett • Circulation Manager - Whidbey • Truck Driver - Everett


• Insert Machine Operator - Everett • General Worker - Everett

Featured Position




People Read The Courier-Herald

All work owner ďŹ nished

New breaker panel, electrical wiring, trouble shoot, electric heat, Fire Alarm System, Intercom and Cable, Knob & Tube Upgrade, Old Wiring Upgrade up to code... Senior Discount 15%


Lic# allamal921p7




New Construction, Basement, Remodels No Job Too Small!


Interior / Exterior Painting and Home Repairs Build Wood Decks and Fences Dry Rot

Bonded & Insured

“Where Quality is the Difference.�




White Vinyl, Ranch, Horse Fencing Cedar, Chain Link, Repairs, Gates Call James


Home Services Electrical Contractors

The Courier-Herald is Fearless & Creative

**Local Fence Co.**



Home Services Handyperson



Local Family Owned and Operated. 360-825-5607 253-261-4014 Lic#WALTHDC980JH

The Courier-Herald Reaches Far Beyond Other Advertising Vehicles* +81.4% over direct mail +54.2% over Val Pak +94.1% over Red Plum *Source- Pulse Reports

Home Services Drywall/Plaster

Home Services Chimney Cleaning


CONTRACTOR’S NOTICE Adver tising placed by contractor’s must contain the contractor’s true name, address and current registration number according to Washington State Law 18.27,100. Violations could be subject to a civil penalty of up to $1000 per violation. To see if this law applies to you and for information on other provis i o n s o f t h e l aw c a l l Contractors Registration in Olympia. (360)9025226.

Home Services Fencing & Decks


Carpet, Upholstery, RVs, Autos. Call Today for Specials! 360-829-4121 253-389-1698

Wednesday, October 23, 2013, THE ENUMCLAW, BONNEY LAKE & SUMNER COURIER-HERALD, Page 21

Home Services General Contractors


Home Services Concrete Contractors


Home Services Carpet Clean/Install

REPORTER The Mercer Island Reporter is seeking a general assignment reporter with writing experience and photography skills. Primary coverage will be city government, business, general assignment stories and could include arts coverage. Schedule may include some evening and/or weekend work. As a reporter for Sound Publishing, you will be expected to: • use a digital camera to take photographs of the stories you cover; • post on the publication’s web site; • blog and use Twitter on the web; • layout pages, using InDesign; • shoot and edit videos for the web . • The most highly valued traits are: commitment to community journalism and everything from short, brief-type stories about people and events to examining issues facing the community; • to be inquisitive and resourceful in the coverage of assigned beats; • to be comfortable producing five bylined stories a week; • the ability to write stories that are tight and to the point; • to be a motivated self-starter; • to be able to establish a rapport with the community. Candidates must have excellent communication and organizational skills, and be able to work effectively in a deadline-driven environment. Minimum of one year of previous newspaper experience is required. Position also requires use of personal vehicle, possession of valid WA State Driver’s License and proof of active vehicle insurance. We offer a competitive hourly wage and benefits package including health insurance, paid time off (vacation, sick, and holidays), and 401K (currently with an employer match.) Email us your cover letter, resume, and include five examples of your best work showcasing your reporting skills and writing chops or mail to: Sound Publishing, Inc., 19426 68th Avenue S. Kent, WA 98032, ATTN: HR/MIR Sound Publishing is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE) and strongly supports diversity in the workplace. Check out our website to find out more about us!

For a list of our most current job openings and to learn more about us visit our website:

Page 22 , THE ENUMCLAW, BONNEY LAKE & SUMNER COURIER-HERALD, Wednesday, October 23, 2013 Home Services Painting

Home Services Plumbing

e nLin Clea ting Pain ting a & Co

Proudly Painting the Plateau WINTER INTERIOR SPECIAL 25% off 3 or more rooms


Water Heaters Remodeling Drain Cleaning New Construction Your Fast, Friendly, Service Specialists since 1987


Residential & Commercial Service & Repairs

We will MEET or BEAT any reasonable estimate!


360 825-7720 CONTR#JIMWEP#137PB

JT’s Plumbing Repair est 1987

John Long (360)825-3007 (253)334-9698 *Plumbing Repairs *Drain Cleaning *Fixture Installations

Visit us on the web at Like us!

253-334-2860 889601



TOM’S WINDOW CLEANING Commercial, Residential Gutter cleaning, Gutter whitening, Moss control, Pressure washing, New construction Locally owned (360)802-8925 (253)740-3833

American Gen. Contractor Better Business Bureau Lic #AMERIGC923B8

Jim Wetton’s

licensed • bonded • insured Fully OSHA Compliant

Home Services Window Cleaning

Senior Discounts Free Estimates Expert Work 253-850-5405 A+ Rating

• Faux finish- specialty finishes • Millwork/ Trim Specialists • Wallpaper removal • Repair, patch & match • Low VOC • FREE Estimates • Color Consultation • Written Proposal • Featuring Environmentally Friendly Paint

Home Services Roofing/Siding


One call, does it all! Fast and Reliable Plumbing Repairs. Call 1- 800796-9218

Home Services Tile Work

Tikal Ceramic, Marble & Granite

Commercial/Residential Kitchen, Countertops, Vanities, Fireplaces Fabrication & Installation Showers, Floors, Mudpan FREE ESTIMATES! Lic.~ Bonded ~ Insured Call Urbano at:

425-260-7983 Lic# TIKALCM897RK

People Read The Courier-Herald 26,400 households receive the paper each week. There are 2 readers per household. That’s 52,800 impressions. This does not include our website.

Free Estimates Insured & Bonded

253-854-6049 425-417-2444

Removals, Topping, Pruning LIC# JJTOPJP921JJ KNOLL TREE SERVICE

Japanese Engines & Transmissions

• 1000’s In Stock • 1 Year Warranty • Low Mileage Used • Low Prices Now Available:

Domestic & European Engines & Transmissions

FREE Next Day Delivery

(Most Areas)

Se Habla Español



Stokes Consignment Auction Vehicles – Boats - Tractor City Surplus Vehicles Tools – Firearms Sheriff Evidence - Estates Coins - Jewelry Gold & Silver Antiques – Collectibles

Sat., Oct 19, 9:00 a.m. To Be Held at Stokes Auction Acres

8398 Spring Creek Road SE Port Orchard, WA Viewing: Fri, Oct. 18 - 10:00am until 4:00 pm and Sat 8:00 a.m. until auction. Buyer’s Premiums in effect See our website for full details

“The Tree People” Tree Removal and Thinning, Stump Grinding, Brush Hauling, Etc



Over 30 Years Experience FREE ESTIMATES


Licensed~Bonded~Insured Lic. # TEZAKT50330C

The Courier-Herald Reaches Far Beyond Other Advertising Vehicles* +81.4% over direct mail +54.2% over Val Pak +94.1% over Red Plum *Source- Pulse Reports

MISCELLANEOUS Antiques & Collectibles

WE BUY Fixable Cars

+81.4% over direct mail


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The Courier-Herald Reaches Far Beyond Other Advertising Vehicles* +81.4% over direct mail +54.2% over Val Pak +94.1% over Red Plum *Source- Pulse Reports

+94.1% over Red Plum

* Source- Pulse Reports

domestic services


$300 to $5000

All Recovery Services of Washington

What’s in your attic? If it is an old STAMP COLLECTION, bring it to SEAPEX, the Seattle Philatelic Exhibition! Experienced stamp collectors will be manning a table to offer advice on selling it, with dealers at the show looking to buy. Saturday, Nov 2, at the Tu k w i l a C o m m u n i t y Center, 12424 42nd Ave S, 10am to 5pm. Appliances



1 PLOT $7,500 IN Pretigous Sunset Memorial Park in Bellevue. View of the mountains!!! Sold out space in the desirable “Garden of Prayer” section. Lot # 210, space # 5. Owner pays transfer fee & endowment care fee. If available would retail at $22,000. Private owner. 503-412-8424. 1 PLOT IN DESIRABLE Washington Memor ial Bonney Watson Par k. Located in the peaceful Garden of Flowers. Beautiful mature floral landscape with fountain. Va l u e $ 5 , 0 0 0 . O w n e r pays transfer fee. Asking $3000 or best offer. Sea Tac, near Airport. 206734-9079. 2 Plots at Washington Memorial Park. Located in Rock or Ages Garden. Lot A-1&2. $10,000/both plus transfer fee. Private seller. 253-630-9447

DirecTV - Over 140 channels only $29.99 a month. Call Now! Triple savings! $636.00 in Savings, Free upgrade to Genie & 2013 NFL Sunday ticket free!! Star t saving today! 1-800-2793018


2 CEMETERY PLOTS, Asking $8000 ea or both for $15,000. Located in t h e d e s i ra bl e S u n s e t H i l l s C e m e t e r y. We l l manicured Garden of Prayer. Lovely panoramic cityscape setting. Easy access, right off the road located in Lot 78, spaces 3 & 4. Owner pays transfer fee. Private seller. Shir ley at 509-674-5867.

Mountain Crest Memorial Park A Beautiful Resting Place for Loved Ones Pricing from $750 to $7000 36424 312th Ave SE Enumclaw



Building Materials & Supplies

Daycare home in Melod y P a r k , E n u m c l a w. Days, nights or weekends. 26 years experience. 360-802-9514 or 253-951-1298. Lic.#5116. NOTICE TO READERS People providing child care in their home are required to have a state l i c e n s e. C o m p l e t e l i censing information and daycare provider verification is available from the state at 1-800-4461114.

Cemetery Plots


Domestic Services Child Care Offered

Bonney Lake Montessori is now enrolling children 30 months to five years for preschool and childcare programs. We are a State licensed facility, specializing in kindergarten readiness. Call to schedule a classroom tour and meet our teachers! (253)862-8599 or Appliances

The CourierHerald Reaches Far Beyond Other Advertising Vehicles*

Home Services Tree/Shrub Care




The Courier-Herald is Fearless & Creative Our award winning editorial staff is not afraid to tackle the tough story while our award winning creative staff will showcase your business at no additional cost.

“CEDAR FENCING” 31x6x6’..........$1.25 ea 31x4x5’......2 for $1.00 “CEDAR SIDING” 1x8 Cedar Bevel 45¢ LF 31x6x8’ T&G.......59¢ LF


5/4x4 Decking 5/4x4 8’ & 10’ Lengths....25¢ LF 5/4x6 Decking 8’ & 10’ Lengths....69¢LF

Complete Line: Western Red Cedar Building Materials

Affordable Prices OPEN MON - SAT


(206)280-4071 ONE SPACE Available in the Sought After “Garden of Rest” at Sunset Hills Memorial Park in Bellevue. It is Space 8 in Lot 83 which is Beautifully Located. A Real Bargain at $7,600. Please contact Herb at or call 503-624-9020 SUNSET HILLS in Bellevue. 2 Side by Side Burial Sites in the Garden of Assurance. Lot 27, Spaces #4 & #5. $12,000 each. Seller will pay transfer fee. Call 206-683-4732. SUNSET HILLS Memorial Cemetery in Bellevue. Selling 2 Side by Side Plots in the Sold Out, Prestigious Location of the Garden of Gethsemane. Block 121, Spaces 5 & 6. Each valued at $26,500. New, Reduced Price! $10,000 each or $18,000 for the pair. Call 360-474-9953 or 360631-4425 Electronics

I N V E RT E R Tu n d r a E 2000 Watts, truck approved series with smart star t software, owners guide, dash remote & 6 plug outlet. Like New! $180 (360)367-6669

Dish Network lowest nationwide price $19.99 a month. FREE HBO/ Cinemax/Starz FREE Blockbuster. FREE HDDVR and install. Next day install 1-800-3750784 DISH TV Retailer. Starting at $19.99/month PLUS 30 Premium Movie Channels FREE for 3 Months! SAVE! & Ask About SAME DAY Installation! CALL - 877-9921237 The Courier-Herald is Fearless & Creative Our award winning editorial staff is not afraid to tackle the tough story while our award winning creative staff will showcase your business at no additional cost.

M y C o m p u t e r Wo r k s. Computer problems? Viruses, spyware, email, printer issues, bad internet connections - FIX IT NOW! Professional, U.S.-based technicians. $25 off service. Call for immediate help. 1-866998-0037 *REDUCE YOUR Cable bill! * Get a 4-Room AllDigital Satellite system installed for FREE and programming starting at $19.99/mo. FREE H D / DV R u p g r a d e fo r new callers, SO CALL NOW. 1-800-699-7159 SAVE on Cable TV-Internet-Digital Phone-Sate l l i t e . Yo u ` v e G o t A Choice! Options from ALL major service providers. Call us to learn more! CALL Today. 877884-1191 Firearms & Ammunition

1or100: BUYING GUNS Rifles, Pistols, Shotguns and other related items. Complete collections, estates or single pieces!!! Free experienced appraisals 360-791-6133 A SERIOUS GUN COLLECTOR BUYING individual pieces or entire collections/ estates. Fair prices. Rick 206276-3095. People Read The Courier-Herald 26,400 households receive the paper each week. There are 2 readers per household. That’s 52,800 impressions. This does not include our website.

WANTED: Case & buckknives etc. Axes & hatchets. Old Logging To o l s. 2 5 3 - 3 5 5 - 1 7 4 3 , 253-862-6484 Firewood, Fuel & Stoves

NEXT YEARS Firewoodm i xe d l o a d s . 1 c o r d minimum, $200/ cord. Trailer load (3.5 cords) $650. Free Enumclaw delivery, outside areas call for charge. 206-2406786.

Cover Your Toys Protect Your Investment

1-800-370-5735 360-731-3452 Fox Island, WA

Visit Us Online @ Steel Shelters For RVs, Cars, Boats & More


Boardman Orwiler Inc (360) 876-0236 • WA Lic#2059

Built in a Day - Lasts a Lifetime Serving Washington Since 1995 or

Food & Farmer’s Market

100% Guaranteed Omaha Steaks - SAVE 69% on The Grilling Collection. N O W O N LY $49.99 Plus 2 FREE GIFTS & r ight-to-thedoor deliver y in a reusable cooler, ORDER Today. 1- 888-697-3965 Use Code:45102ETA or w w w . O m a h a S

Hitchin’ Post Produce Open Daily New Winter Hours 10am-6pm Sun-Thurs & 9am-6pm Fri-Sat We are winding down for the season. We are closing Oct 31st for a few weeks & then Christmas Trees will be here! We have Squash, a variety of Apples & Homemade Fudge. Don’t forget about your Pumpkins! See you soon! 25901 SE 456th St Enumclaw ORDER NOW FOR HOLIDAYS SMOKE HOUSE & MORE The Best in the Northwest Smoked Turkeys, Smoked Ham, Smoked Prime Rib and Smoked Salmon Available. Custom Smoking Services Also Available 32721 Railroad Ave. Black Diamond (360)886-9293

Top Brand Weight-Loss Supplements That Work Tex t S l i m D ow n To 31996 Or Go To To Order Yours Today! Miscellaneous

Home Furnishings

Alone? Emergencies Happen! Get Help with one button push! $ 2 9 . 9 5 / m o n t h Fr e e equipment, Free set-up. Protection for you or a l ove d o n e. C a l l L i fe Watch USA 1-800-3576505 Canada Drug Center is your choice for safe and affordable medications. Our licensed Canadian mail order pharmacy will provide you with savings of up to 90% on all your medication needs. Call today 1-800-418-8975, for $10.00 off your first prescription and free shipping. KILL BED BUGS & THEIR EGGS! Buy a Harris Bed Bug Kit, Complete Room Treatment Solution. Odorless, Non-Staining. Available online (NOT IN STORES) Medical Alert for Seniors - 24/7 monitoring. FREE Equipment. FREE Shipping. Nationwide Service. $29.95/Month CALL Medical Guardian Today 866-992-7236 TAKE VIAGRA/CIALIS? Get 40 100mg/20mg Pills, for only-$99! + 4Bonus Pills FREE!  #1 Male Enhancement. Discreet Shipping. Save $500.00! Call  1- 877595-1025


BENGAL KITTENS. 1 male, 1 female 4 months. Hypo-alergenic. Full of spots. Very exoti c . B o x t r a i n e d . Ve t checked. $500 253-2170703 KITTENS, FREE To A Good Home. 5 Kittens N e e d To F i n d A N ew Home. Please Text Me If Interested 253-261-3078 MAINE COON Rag Dolls, Main Coon Bengals. Will be big. The mom Maine Coon is 22lbs. Dad Rag Doll 16lbs. Loving, docile, dog-like, huge puff balls. Wor med, 1st shots & Guaranteed. $300. No Checks please. (425)350-0734 Weekend Delivery Possible Dogs

5 AKC LAB Pups. Black or Yellow, Male or Female. $500 to $600. Sell or trade. 360-275-5068, Belfair AKC ALASKAN Malamute pups. Giant lines. L oya l , q u a l i t y b r e e d . Photos and descriptions at 360-7695995, leave message.

AKC Standard Poodle Puppies. Brown males & females, Ready for their new homes Oct. 16th. Healthy & well socialized. Great temperaments and personalities. Please visit or call 509-582-6027 BONNEY LAKE Dog B o a r d i n g . $ 1 5 a d ay, any size dog. No Pits. Over 15 years experience. State and County Licensed. Visit our website to see our facilities: 360-897-9888

CHIHUAHUAS, Puppies $450 and up. Adult Adoptions also. Reputabl e O r e g o n Ke n n e l . Unique colors, Long and Shor t Haired. Health Guaranteed. UTD Vaccinations/ wormings, litterbox trained, socialized. Video, pictures, information/ virtual tour: References happily supplied! Easy I-5 access. Drain, Oregon. Vic and Mary Kasser, 541-4595951 GREAT DANES. Beautiful purebred puppies. Harlequin, Mantle, Blue Merle. Wonderful dispositions! $375 each. Pictures emailed upon request. Call 253-2234315. Tacoma area.

Garage/Moving Sales King County


F1B RED Goldendoodle M a l e P u p py. D a r ke s t Red Pup in the Litter, Smar t, Aware. Gentle Parents. Both Weigh 51 Pounds and Had Eyes Certified & OFA for Hips, Knees. Pup has 1st s h o t s, ve t c h e ck a n d wor med. Ready to go home October 4th. $975. 206-463-3844, allis o n @ d a n c i n or POMERANIANS, AKC Registered. 11 Gorgeous Babies to Choose From. Variety of Colors. 2 Males, 9 Females. Up To D a t e o n S h o t s , Health Guarantee. $400 Males, $500 Females. 253-223-3506, 253-2238382 or

R OT T W E I L E R P u p s , A K C , G e r m a n Vo m Schwaiger Wappen bloodlines. Hips Guarant e e d , R o bu s t H e a l t h , Shots, Wormed & Ready To G o ! $ 8 0 0 . A l s o, 2 Ye a r O l d F e m a l e Ava i l a bl e. 4 2 5 - 9 7 1 4948. The Courier-Herald is Fearless & Creative Our award winning editorial staff is not afraid to tackle the tough story while our award winning creative staff will showcase your business at no additional cost.



AKC REGISTERED Puppies. Males and Females. Ver y Small Father (3 lbs) and Mother Are On Site. Born and Raised In Our Living R o o m . Wo r m i n g a n d First Shots Done. Come and Be Loved By My Little Babies. Call Anytime, 360-631-6256 or 425330-9903 Farm Animals & Livestock

Ask About Our Engine Installation Special

LAST CHANCE - Huge Moving Sale! Everything MUST GO!! October 25th, 26th and 27th from 9am to 6pm. 20111 SE 258th Street, Covington, 9 8 0 4 2 . TO O L S, M a s sage Chair, Futon, Outdoor 2 Person Swing, 19” TV with Stand, Lots of Holiday Items, Lots of Misc, More! Rain or Shine!

Holiday Bazaar & Bake Sale Enumclaw Moose Lodge 24506 SE 448th St Sat., Nov. 2nd 9AM-4PM Save the date! Table space is available Call (253)740-7291 Sherrie Gallion

Wabash MOPS Consignment Sale

18325 SE 384th St, Auburn Fri, Oct 25th, 9AM-7PM Sat, Oct 26th, 9AM-5PM

Grass fed, Organic, no h o r m o n e s / a n t i b i o t i c s. Dexter- Herford bred to black Angus. Calf-April $1,000 each or $900 for mother/daughter. Karen (360)829-1025 MINIATURE DONKEYS: Ver y affectionate and LOVE people. All ages of babies & adults. Some Moms & babies sold as pairs, open & bred jennets, 1 proven breeding jack. All colors, jacks & jennies starting at $900 & up. All can be seen at or email (425)3671007 MINI BABY GOATS!!! Afr ican pigmys, purebred Fainters & purebred Silky Fainters. Lots of color! Moon spots too. Some blue eyes. $85 $150. Registered Miniture Silky Fainting Goats babies $300 each. Bonney Lake area. 253-5793443. Horses

BOARDING/LESSONS Warm stalls, indoor arena, lessons/all seats. Horses provided. Hot wash rack. 24hr care. 360-825-5617. Services Animals

Auto Service/Parts/ Accessories


Free Pick up 253-335-3932 FUGATE COUPON




The Courier-Herald is Fearless & Creative Our award winning editorial staff is not afraid to tackle the tough story while our award winning creative staff will showcase your business at no additional cost.

FREE Admission


The Courier-Herald Reaches Far Beyond Other Advertising Vehicles* +81.4% over direct mail +54.2% over Val Pak +94.1% over Red Plum *Source- Pulse Reports

People Read The Courier-Herald 26,400 households receive the paper each week. There are 2 readers per household. That’s 52,800 impressions. This does not include our website.

Bazaars/Craft Fairs


Sat. Nov 2, 9am-3pm The River Estates,


3611 “I” St NE, Auburn

Christmas Items, House wares, Infant & Toddler Items, Jewelry, A Variety of Specialty Crafts & Much More!

T H E Ke n t l a ke / Ke n t wood Spor ts Medicine Annual “Best Little Class Presents a HoliBazaar in Town” d ay S h o p p i n g Fa i r / 9AM-6PM, Friday, Octo- Fundraiser on Saturday, ber 25th. Union Bank October 26th at Kentlake 112 River St., Buckley. High School, 21401 SE Good prices and variety! F a l c o n W a y, K e n t , 98042. Hours are 11am Coming - 4pm. Home Based November 2nd, Businesses Of Many Our Lady of Lourdes Types Will Be RepreChurch Bazaar sented. at St. Aloysius Parish Hall Buckley 9000 10AM-3PM Enumclaw Danish Lodge Bazaar 1708 Porter St. Nov. 9th, 11AM-2PM. Lunch served 11AM-1PM Raffle drawing at 1:30PM. Info: (360)825-4240


Installation Offer valid with coupon at Fugate Ford, Inc. Not valid with other offers through 10-31-13

FUGATE ENUMCLAW 526 Roosevelt Enumclaw 360 825-7731 800 539-7595


• Low Mileage • 1 Yr Warranty • Low Prices • Tested/Cleaned • INSTALLATION AVAILABLE AONEENGINE.COM


King County

Overstocked with books? Drop off your extras at your local library to benefit programs.





Head Gasket Specialist

REMANUFACTURED ENGINES AVAILABLE TOYOTA • MAZDA • NISSAN • ISUZU • HONDA 7505 Portland Ave E, Tacoma WA Tacoma 253-539-5030 Toll Free 1-877-956-1100


Wiper Blades



SUMNER CAT RESORT Quality boarding with daily loving attention for each kitty! Sharon; The Collectable Cat 253-8260533 253-486-9437



Holiday Bazaar 40+ Crafters Saturday, November 2, 2013 10AM-4PM Buckley Eagles 29021 SR 410 E Buckley

(Most items 1/2 price on Sat.)

AKC POODLE Standard 8100 Super sweet puppies, very intelligent and famil y r a i s e d ! Tw o y e a r health gauruntee. Adult weight between 50 - 55 lbs. Black coloring;2 litters 15 puppies available. 3 Brown coloring. 13 Black coloring. Accepting puppy deposGARAGE SALES its now! $1,000 each. Please call today 503556-4190. Garage/Moving Sales Yorkshire Terriors, AKC, 2 boys, 2 girls ready for their new homes. Parents on site, should be no bigger than 4-5 LBS. All shots, wormed, health verified. 425-5300452

Bazaars/Craft Fairs




50% ARGENTINE Dogo, 50% Great Dane Pups. 4 m a l e s , 5 fe m a l e s . These dogs are going to be big. muscular and athletic. They will make great guard dogs. Both breeds love kids and are expected to be healthy. Pups will be ready by November 15th at 8 weeks old. Taking deposits now. Will be UTD on shots and dewormed. $500 each. Call for pics/ info: 253-359-8703

SAWMILLS from only $4897.00 -- Make and Save Money with your own bandmill. Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship. Free I n f o / DV D : w w w. N o r 1- AKC Black Lab/ German 800-578-1363 Ext. 300N Shepherd pups adorable 7 weeks old $100. Come Yard and Garden see your new best friend today! A few long haired KILL SCORPIONS! Buy puppies. Pictures of parHarris Scorpion Spray. ents & puppies available Indoor/Outdoor. Odor- 2 M a l e s . 4 Fe m a l e s . less, Non-Staining, Long 206-280-7952. Lasting. Kills Socrpions and other insects. Effec- AKC Doberman Pinchtive results begin after e r ’s . B l a c k & Ta n . 6 t h e s p r a y d r i e s ! weeks old $850. 509Available at Ace Hard- 591-7573 ware, The Home Depot AKC Labrador Puppies or Chocolate & Black. Great hunters, companions, playful, loyal. 1st Wanted/Trade shots, dewormed. ParC A S H f o r u n e x p i r e d e n t s o n s i t e. L i n a g e, D I A B E T I C T E S T O FA ’s $ 3 5 0 & $ 4 5 0 . STRIPS! Free Shipping, (425)422-2428 Friendly Service, BEST AKC MINI Schnauzer p r i c e s a n d 2 4 h r p ay - Puppies. Variety of Colment! Call today 1- 877- ors. Now taking deposits 5 8 8 8 5 0 0 o r v i s i t for Late October, mid November. 5 Beautiful Espanol 888-440-4001 White Babies Ready Soon! Shots and WormI Buy HAM Radios, ing Up To Date. $400 Hi-Fi components, large Males, $500 Females. speakers, tubes, etc, 253-223-3506, 253-223Steve 206-473-2608 *OLD GUITARS WANT- 8382 or ED!** Gibson, Mar tin, Fender, Gretsch, Epi- A K C R E G I S T E R E D phone, Guild, Mosrite, GOLDEN RETRIEVER Rickenbacker, Prair ie P U P P I E S . R E A D Y State, D’Angelico, N O W . H A D 1 S T Stromberg, and Gibson SHOTS. 2 MALES & 4 M a n d o l i n s / B a n j o s . FEMALES. $600.00 1920’s thru 1980’s. TOP EACH. CALL 509-952CASH PAID! 1-800-401- 4200 0440 *OLD ROLEX & PATEK P H I L I P P E WAT C H E S WA N T E D ! * * D ay t o n a , Sub Mariner, etc. TOP C A S H PA I D ! 1 - 8 0 0 401-0440

A QU E E N P i l l ow To p Mattress Set, in original plastic, $150. (206) 7144498 Mail Order

Wednesday, October 23, 2013, THE ENUMCLAW, BONNEY LAKE & SUMNER COURIER-HERALD, Page 23 Dogs

Starting At $1,499 Rebate expires 9/30/2013

“Your NW Engine & Transmission Headquarters”

Prices subject to change without notice.


FREE ADS FOR FREE STUFF! Now you can clean up and clear out your item for FREE w h e n yo u ’r e g i v i n g i t away fo r f r e e. O f fe r good for a one week ad, up to 20 words, private party merchandise ad. No business, service or commercial ads qualify for the free offer. Call (360)825-2555 ext. 202 to place your free ad in the Recycler.

Mail Order


Flea Market

Page 24 , THE ENUMCLAW, BONNEY LAKE & SUMNER COURIER-HERALD, Wednesday, October 23, 2013 Auto Service/Parts/ Accessories

Auto Service/Parts/ Accessories

Auto Events/ Auctions


FOR SALE: Rebuilt Chevy 350 4 bolt main with 400 turbo transmission on running engine stand. $2000. Everything goes to make it run. Less than 100 miles on rebuild. 253-948-8450 (Bonney Lake).


Mobile Service for Your Schedule Quality Windshields Certified Technician All Insurance Welcome

Ask About NO COST Chip Repair Latest Technology


All Types of Auto, Truck (foreign & domestic) Glass, Side, Back Mirrors & Back Glass

Auto Events/ Auctions

Pawn your Car, Boat, RV, Motorcycle or ATV Airport Auto & RV Pawn 8500 Old Hwy 99 SE, OLY 1-800-973-7296

(360) 956-9300 Automobiles BMW


BMW 325i STK#80966 ONLY $1,088 4DR PRETTY NICE BIMMER! 1-888-631-1192


VEHICLE AUCTION *Nov 1st, 2013

s 11am ]

Preview: Nov 1st, 2013 8-11am 801 S 176th St. Burien, WA 98148

BMW M2 ONLY $12,482 Stock# H13361A Clean Stylish Car!! 1-888-334-8142 Airport Towing

Automobiles Chevrolet

For a list of cars visit our site

206-243-6252 Burien Towing

Saturday by Appointment

253/261-6066 360/829-9915

$1000 cost $149 APR 105.89% for 3 months


The Courier-Herald Reaches Far Beyond Other Advertising Vehicles* +81.4% over direct mail +54.2% over Val Pak +94.1% over Red Plum *Source- Pulse Reports

01 CHEV MALIBU 4DR STK#08616 ONLY $2,088 GREEN - SUPER TRANSPORTATION!! 1-888-631-1192 CHEVROLET Impala ONLY $10,433 Stock# V12242G SWEET Ride!! 1-888-334-8142

Automobiles Chevrolet

98 CHEV CAVALIER 2DR STK#180104 ONLY $988 SPORTY BLUE! RUNS FINE! 1-888-631-1192

Automobiles Honda

HONDA Accord Only $5,523 Stock # PV4075J 1-888-334-8142 Automobiles Lexus

LEXUS SC 300 Well-maintained Chevy ONLY $ 7859 Silverado for sale. Auto- Stock# H13156D matic with 4WD. V8 5.7 1-888-334-8142 liter engine. 104k miles. Bench seating in back. Automobiles Matching topper too! No Merkur smoke. Asking $5,500 OBO Clean title. 95 MERC MYSTIC (253)324-0205 4DR STK#80991 Automobiles GOLD - AUTO Ford TRANS! RUNS FINE! ONLY $888 1-888-631-1192 98 FORD ESCORT ZX2 Automobiles STK#180580 Mitsubishi Only $988 BLACK - RUNS MITSUBISHI Eclipse SWELL ONLY $9999 1-888-631-1192 Stock# V12228A 1-888-334-8142 FORD Focus Only $7879 Sport Utility Vehicles Stock# H13184A Chevrolet Great first car!! 1-888-334-8142 97 CHEV BLAZER FORD FREESTAR STK#280919 ONLY $4,999 ONLY $1,188 Stock # V13207A 4DR BIG MEATS Clean Ride!! LIFTED 1-888-334-8142 1-888-631-1192 or Sport Utility Vehicles Ford

Misc. Recreational Vehicles

Vehicles Wanted

88 FORD BRONCO XLT FULL SIZE STK#280458 ONLY $1,388 BLACK - NEW RUBBER 1-888-631-1192


CASH FOR CARS! Any Make, Model or Year. We Pay MORE! Running or Not. Sell Your Car or Tr u c k T O D AY. F r e e Towing! Instant Offer: 1888-545-8647

97 FORD EXPLORER 4DR STK#180427 ONLY $1,488 WHITE - 4X4 XLT! 1-888-631-1192


Vans & Mini Vans Chevrolet

00 CHEV ASTO CARGO VAN STK#180878 Only $588 READY TO WORK 1-888-631-1192 Tires & Wheels

AA Used Tire & Wheel

Serving all your used tire and wheel needs. Open 7 days a week. M-Sat 9-6 Sun 9-1. 22212 SR 410 E Bonney Lake (253)862-9442 Proud to be a drug free company.


SHUTDOWN SAVINGS!! Deluxe Daylight Garage 24’x36’x10’

MONEY SAVING COUPON AVAILABLE ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE! PermaBilt Deluxe 2 Car Garage 20’ x 24’ x 8’

$ $ 14,132 184/mo. 12,799 2 Car Garage & Hobby Shop 24’ x 36’ x 9’


$$We Buy$$

ALL BUILDINGS INCLUDE: • 2� Fiberglass Vapor Barrier Roof Insulation • 18 Sidewall & Trim Colors w/45 Year Warranty (Denim Series Excluded) • Free In-Home Consultation • Plans • Engineering • Permit Service • Erection • Guaranteed Craftsmanship • Engineered For 85 MPH Wind Exposure B & 25# Snow Load* *If your jurisdiction requires higher wind exposures or snow loads, building prices will be affected.

Hundreds of Designs Available!

2 Car Garage 24’x24’x9’







Toy Box 36’x48’x14’



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Buildings Built






$ $ $ $ $ 18,744 230/mo. $18,870 247/mo. 17,232 16,932 243/mo.

45 year warranty

Washington #TOWNCPF099LT

As of 9/30/13





Financing based on 12% interest, all payments based on 10 years (unless otherwise noted), O.A.C.. Actual rate may vary. Prices do not include permit costs or sales tax & are based on a flat, level, accessible building site w/less than 1’ of fill, w/85 MPH Wind Exposure “B�, 25# snow load, for non commercial usage & do not include prior sales & may be affected by county codes and/or travel considerations. Drawings for illustration purposes only. Ad prices expire 11/12/13.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013 • The BONNEY LAKE Courier-Herald • Page 25

I-517 allows the public to be heard By Sen. Pam Roach

Special to The Courier-Herald

Last year, Washington’s initiative process celebrated its 100-year anniversary. During that time, people from across the political spectrum have presented their reform ideas to the voters. Each of those qualified initiatives spurred a robust debate and healthy citizen involvement. Voters had the opportunity to learn more about public policy and discuss important issues with friends and family. In the end, the voters had the chance to decide. I support Initiative 517 because I believe in the citizens’ right to have a voice in their government. As chair of the Senate Governmental Operations Committee, I held a hearing on I-517 during the legislative session. During the hearing, we learned that dozens of citizen-spon-

Sen. Pam Roach sored initiatives — liberal and conservative — were blocked from a public vote even though local citizens followed all the rules. People from across Washington testified. Sponsors of local initiatives on red-light ticketing cameras from Bellingham, Wenatchee, Redmond, Longview and Monroe talked about how they were individually sued by the out-of-state red-light camera com-

panies to prevent the vote even though their measures qualified. A library initiative qualified in Renton but was initially blocked from a public vote by the city council. Two initiatives in Spokane qualified for the ballot but special interest groups sued and blocked the vote. The sponsors of an initiative to shrink the size of the King County Council were individually sued by the county, forcing them to incur $250,000 in legal costs. There were many others. All these citizens followed all the rules and qualified their initiatives but were nonetheless individually sued and had their measures blocked from a vote. Over and over again, voters were prevented from having their say. That’s why I-517 is so important. I-517’s primary policy change is guar-

anteeing you the right to vote on qualified initiatives. With I-517, if the initiative qualifies, then the voters decide. That policy is endorsed by the state Supreme Court. In a unanimous ruling, they wrote: “Because ballot measures are often used to express popular will and to send a message to elected representatives, pre-election review unduly infringes on free speech.” That’s what really moves me about I-517 – it guarantees that the people get to vote on qualified initiatives. Whether the initiative is liberal or conservative is not the issue. What matters is this: did the citizens follow the rules and collect the required number of voter signatures in the required time frame? If the answer to that question is yes, then I-517 guarantees a vote. That’s how it works with state initiatives and I-517 sim-

ply applies that same protection to local initiatives. I strongly support that. I-517 also gives everyone greater access to the initiative process. Since 1912, the number of signatures required to qualify for the ballot has skyrocketed almost tenfold, while the time to manually collect signatures has remained the same at six months. Oregon allows two years; Idaho allows a year and a half. I-517 simply matches the national average which is one year to collect signatures. More time means grassroots groups can qualify without big money. I-517 does one other thing that’s really important: it stops initiative opponents from bullying people who want to sign an initiative petition. Bullying – on sidewalks, walkways, and other public places – is becoming far too common and I-517 puts a stop to it. I-517

sets penalties for interfering with or retaliating against petition-signers. I-517 makes it safe for you to exercise your right to participate and vote. I-517 supports democracy, promotes respectful speech and stops bullying. With I-517’s protections, future generations will have the chance to have their voices heard at the state and local level on issues they care about, whether liberal or conservative. Please join me in voting yes on Initiative 517. Sen. Pam Roach, R-Auburn, represents the 31st Legislative District.

General Election

Page 26 • The BONNEY LAKE Courier-Herald • Wednesday, October 23, 2013

White River High graduate honored

A young visitor to Maris Farms enjoyed riding around in style Sunday afternoon, pushed through the patch with a load of pumpkins. Maris Farms, on Sumner-Buckley Highway, is one of several seasonal attractions drawing good crowds this month. Others include Thomasson Family Farm in Enumclaw and Farm Fresh Produce between Buckley and Bonney Lake, along with Buckley’s Fright Factory. Photo by Kevin Hanson

DeAira Handugan, a graduate from White River High School, was recently honored as the “outstanding new professional” by the Washington Association for Career and Technical Education. The award is given annually to a teacher who has shown exceptional dedication to students and the profession. Handugan received her award during the association’s conference in Yakima. Handugan teaches family and consumer sciences at Chief Sealth International High School in Seattle. Within her first three years on campus, she founded a Family, Career and Community Leaders of America Club at Chief Sealth, coached girls varsity softball, advised the Filipino Club, wrote and implemented a program for the student store, partnered with nutrition services to redesign the lunch menu and helped the community urban garden that was featured on NBC. Additionally, she has been a liaison for Ignite – a program to introduce young


women to the information technology field and provide students with job shadows and internships at Microsoft. Within her professional organization, Handugan is a public relations co-chair, organized several conferences and presented at the National Academy Foundation conference. One of her students, Dianlyn Cenidoza, said Handugan “is someone that students can easily get along which makes it easier for us to reach out to her for help; whether it be with class-related issues or personal business. She will always be there whenever someone is in need.” National Academy Foundation Coordinator C. Joanne Patrick said, “DeAira’s insight into the learning styles of her students allow her to adapt lessons to best meet the students’ needs and further engage them in the learning process. She encourages students’ participation in activities outside the classroom and is a role model for them.”

See GRAD, Page 27

OCT. 26 7:05 TH















Wednesday, October 23, 2013 • The BONNEY LAKE Courier-Herald • Page 27

OBITUARIES JEANIE VILCA Enumclaw resident Jeanie S. Vilca, 57, died Oct. 17, 2013. She was born Sept. 6, 1956, in Hastings, Neb. She liked to make jewelry and cook, and she loved animals She is survived by husband Jose Vilca of Enumclaw and son Travis Lear of Kent. She was preceded in death by father Wayne Cherry and mother Shirley Sidlo. For service information, contact Weeks’ Funeral Home, 360-829-1171

WILLIAM SECOR William E. “Bill” Secor

d i e d Sept. 22, 2013, at

William Secor

Enumclaw Health and Rehabilitation Center. He was born June 24, 1933, in Sequim, Wash., to Stanley E. Sr. and Clara Belle (Toney) Secor, the third of 10 children. He spent most of his life in Buckley and graduated in 1951 from White River High School. He served in the U.S. Air Force and was honorably discharged in March 1961. He man-

aged a theater in Enumclaw and later bought and managed a theater in Issaquah. In addition, he worked at Rainier State School. In 1963, he opened a barber shop in Enumclaw and later added a men’s clothing line. After relocating his business, he expanded into antiques, picture framing and the carpet and linoleum business. He retired in 1991. He belonged to the Community Presbyterian Church in Buckley, was a member of the Masonic Lodge and held membership in the Rotary Club of Enumclaw for 30 years. One of his passions was traveling the world and he especially loved India. He enjoyed photography and studied painting, pottery and Spanish. He also sewed quilts, crocheted, carved wood, and tended a garden.

He is survived by longtime companion Angie Bolton; brothers Dick Secor and wife Margarett of Caldwell, Idaho, Dale Secor and wife Linda of Pasadena, Texas, and Tom Secor and wife Nancy of Idaho City, Idaho; sisters JoAnn Presba of Enumclaw, Karen Damer and husband Dave of Manteca, Calif., and Pam Munro and husband Tom of Port Angeles, Wash. He was preceded in death by wife Almeda, brother Stanley E. Secor Jr., and sisters Lois Golden and Beverly Stroud. The family suggest remembrances in his name to The Community Presbyterian Church Buckley, P.O. Box 1930, Buckley, 98321, or the Enumclaw Rotary Foundation, P.O. Box 891,

Enumclaw, 98022. A celebration of life will take place at 1 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 26, at Community Presbyterian Church in Buckley. A potluck will follow the service at the church, 152 South Cottage St. in Buckley. Service are by Weeks’ Enumclaw Funeral Home. All may sign the online guest book at

MARY JANE WILLIAMS-DOCKERY Mary Jane WilliamsDockery, 54, died Oct. 11, 2013. She was born Nov. 20, 1958, in Kenosha, Wis., and graduated from White River High School in 1977 with honors. She is survived by mother Ruth Williams, brothers

Ralph Williams and wife Paula, Ray Williams and wife Julie, George Williams and wife Jeannie and Pat Williams and wife Debbie, all of Buckley, and companion David Lester of Lakewood, Wash. She was preceded in death by her father, Charles Williams. Arrangements are by Weeks’ Funeral Home in Buckley.


Retired Air Force office to speak Oct. 24 ing for horrific injuries, but never losing sight of their compassion for a fellow human being. This struggle continued after returning home. Por t ions of “WOUNDED” have been published by the National Endowment of the Arts and featured in the twotime Emmy winning and Oscar-nominated documentary “Operation Homecom i ng.” Pa r t of Hriv na k ’s work is highlighted in the National Endowment of Humanities 2013 anthology “Standing Down.” This is a collection of significant works of military literature chosen to assist veterans with the transition to civilian life. Hrivnak’s words have been published in the New Yorker, the Seattle Times, the Tacoma News Tribune, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and sever-

al international nursing journals. His war stories have aired on PBS, NPR, ABC World News, and numerous ta lk shows. His w riting was featured in theatrical presentations at Tacoma’s Broadway Center for the Performing Ar ts, and the adaptation Soldier’s Circle was performed at t he Universit y of Louisville. H r iv na k wa s an instructor f light nurse in the Air Force Reserve. He retired as a captain after 20 years of service. A veteran of the first Gulf War and Operation Iraqi Freedom, he also participated in peacekeeping missions supporting Soma lia, Rwanda and the Balkans. P r ior to re t i ri ng , H r iv na k conduc ted resea rch for the Assistant Surgeon General’s Office of the


novative teachers we have been involved with during my son’s education. I am grateful that my son has had a chance to be involved with her. She is a role model for her

students as well as her colleagues. Her commitment and professionalism make her one of the best teachers working in the school today. I wish every teacher were more like her.”

A Chief Sealth parent, Tim Garlock, called Handugan “one of the most dedicated and in-

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U.S. Air Force on the stress of caring for combat casualties. He has lectured at col leges, trauma conferences and to internationa l audiences on this subject.

E duc at i ng c it i z ens about the needs of disabled combat veterans is Hriv na k ’s passion. He continues to ser ve his communit y as an assistant f ire chief for

Central Pierce Fire and Rescue. More i n for m at ion can be found at: https:// w w w. f a c e b o ok .c om / ed.hrivnak.WOUNDED.

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Author and retired air force officer Ed Hrivnak will speak twice in Enumclaw on Oct. 24. His first presentation is at 12:45 p.m. in the Enumclaw High School auditorium, for students and staff only. A second presentation – open to the public – begins at 7:30 p.m. at Enumclaw VFW Post 1949, 44426 244th Ave, S.S. Hrivnak will discuss the themes of his latest publication, “WOUNDED, A Legacy of Operation Iraqi Freedom.” The memoir captures the challenges faced by American ser vicemen and women, narrating their battles and how they were wounded in combat. The book opens a reader’s mind to the true cost of war and how soldiers persevere. The author also details the challenge the medical corps faced car-

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Page 28 • The BONNEY LAKE Courier-Herald • Wednesday, October 23, 2013


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