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Friday, September 6, 2013

Salmon Days Delay in hatchery project won’t affect Issaquah celebration BY LINDA BALL LBALL@ISSAQUAHREPORTER.COM

A delay in construction of the upper intake for the Issaquah salmon hatchery will not jeopardize Salmon Days, which will be held the first weekend of October as usual. Jane Kuechle, executive director of Friends of the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery, said water is being diverted around the construction area into a large culvert. This limits the amount of water in the hatchery, but she said the fish are already coming back, and can get as far as the hatchery without any problems. Hatchery workers will have to gather up some of the fish, which will then be hauled by a water truck to the upper part of the creek, beyond the hatchery. Brodie Antipa, operations

Helen Banks Routon holds up a new quilt made by one of the quilters in Issaquah’s Needle Brigade. Several organizations make blankets and quilts for babies.

LINDA BALL, Issaquah & Sammamish Reporter

THERE FOR ALL CHILDREN Eastside Baby Corner works to give parents what they need for their children BY LINDA BALL LBALL@ISSAQUAHREPORTER.COM

Seven days a week, 50 weeks a year there is a continuous cycle of intake and outflow at Issaquah's Eastside Baby Corner. The nonprofit

takes in and gives out everything a child needs from birth to 12-years-old. "Our job is to remove barriers that allows parents to get back on their feet," said Helen Banks Routon, director of development and community relations for the nonprofit organization. Every Thursday morning, more than 50 groups that help parents and kids arrive to pick up customized orders for families in need. Eastside Baby Corner doesn't work directly with families. Rather it works with providers SEE BABIES, 8


“Our job is to remove barriers that allow parents to get back on their feet.” – HELEN BANKS ROUTON



WE DO THAT! Thrifty Service LLC General Contractor #THRIFDL893PJ




Rug Corporation 200 ~ 105th Ave NE • Bellevue, WA 98004

425.698.1073 •

• Best Selection of handmade rugs • Cleaning and Restoration available

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Klahanie group wants more time to consider zoning Group also wants vote on community council on ballot BY LINDA BALL LBALL@ISSAQUAHREPORTER.COM

A new group called Klahanie Choice made its first appearance at Tuesday's Issaquah City Council meeting to call for more time to review zoning suggested by the council for the potential annexation area. In a letter from the group's attorney, Rick Amamburu, the group said notice was given only two business days before Tuesday's public hearing, which came on the heels of Labor Day weekend. Klahanie resident Kirsten O'Malley said the zoning the council is proposing is 20 percent denser than King County. The council's bill states that it has been the city's practice to apply city zoning to property in annexation areas that is the same as, or comparable with, King County zoning of the property prior to annexation. Klahanie Choice is asking the council to delay its hearing with the King County Boundary Review Board, scheduled for Sept. 18, until after the next public hear-

ing, which is scheduled for Oct. 7, so interested parties have the opportunity to review the zoning. The pre-annexation zoning map shows most of the residential area in the PAA as single-family-small-lot (SF-S/L) zone which allows 7.26 units to an acre, which increases the density by 20 percent. Single-family-suburban, allows 4.5 units per acre, which Amamburu says is more consistent with the existing community.

Tom Harman who lives in the Klahanie PAA said the community was a master planned community, designed to have four units per acre. He also expressed concern for Queen's Bog, a "world-class wetland," which he said is a very sensitive environmental area. Klahanie Choice also would like the council to put on the ballot a provision for the formation of a community municipal corporation, or a community council. Amamburu said such groups are authorized by state statute. Presently there is a community council in East Bellevue and one in Kirkland called Houghton Community Council, which is named after the area that annexed into Kirkland. "They are a land-use body," Amamburu said. "If one is formed it would have the authority to approve or disapprove subdivisions in the Klahanie PAA." Every four years the Klahanie PAA residents would have the option of discontinuing a community council, but it is a natural location for such a group, Amamburu said, because the development is a master planned community and a community council would allow the residents to maintain local authority over land use matters that are important to them. Staff writer Linda Ball can be reached at 425-391-0363, ext. 5052.

Author Jane Porter to talk at Sammamish library event Celebrated women’s fiction writer Jane Porter will discusses the last book in her Brennan sister’s trilogy, The Good Wife, from 2-3 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 15 at the Sammamish Library. Porter will chat with readers about her inspiration for her trilogy, her favorite characters in the stories and what she’s

working on next. Porter has more than 45 books in print. Porter, who previously lived for 16 years in the Seattle, now resides in California. The library is located at Jane Porter 825 228th Ave. SE.



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100 Front St South, Issaquah 98027 425.295.7658



Bernie Jacobs Quartet

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Friday, September 6, 2013

A good time at the opening of Issaquah’s new Confluence Park Over 500 hot dogs were devoured at the opening of Issaquah’s newest park, for now called the Confluence Park on Wedneday, Aug. 28. East Fork Issaquah Creek flows into Issaquah Creek on this 15.5 acre jewel, set right in downtown Issaquah off Rainier Boulevard. The park is intended as a place for quiet activity. Two older homes on the property eventually will be restored for classrooms. The park also includes a p-patch and a new picnic shelter designed to look exactly like a barn that once graced the property. It took 20 years for the city to acquire four contiguous parcels to create the park. Photos by William Shaw, Issaquah & Sammamish Reporter


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CERT class set in Sammamish

Sammamish will hold a CERT class beginning Sept. 10 for members of a neighborhood or workplace who want to be better prepared for the hazards that threaten their communities. CERT programs were developed to assist communities in taking care of themselves in the aftermath of a major disaster when first responders are overwhelmed or unable to respond because of communication or transportation difficulties. However, as the CERT concept has taken hold across the country, graduates have proven themselves to be an active and vital part of their communities' preparedness and response capability. The class will be held at 6:30 p.m. each week on Tuesday nights through Nov. 5 at Fire Station No. 82, 1851 228th Ave. NE. Each class is two and one-half hours. Fee for class is $35. More information is available at sammamishcitizencorps. com.

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Friday, September 6, 2013

WRITE TO US Send letters and correspondence to


Klahanie shouldn’t get special treatment


group in Klahanie has asked the Issaquah City Council to let them vote on forming a community council when the area votes on annexing to the city next year. It’s a bad idea and the council should say “no.” Residential areas that have a community council enjoy special privileges not given to other residents in a city. Specifically, they have the ability to veto zoning changes in their area. The Klahanie concern stated at Tuesday’s City Council meeting is that the zoning there now that allows 4.5 units an acre, would be included in a zoning classification that allows 7.26 units an acre. Klahanie has a long history as a master planned community and a desirable place to live. But just because the county zone allows for a particular zoning doesn’t mean that an area will morph into more density. What should be the council’s guiding philosophy is that everyone should be treated equally. We think Klahanie is a special place to live, just as are the other neighborhoods of Issaquah.

AN EASY WAY TO HELP The Eastside Baby Corner is having its annual Pants Party on Sept. 7. It’s a worthy effort that all families should support. The organization provides the things that low-income families need for their kids from birth to age 12. While that includes diapers, formula and porta-cribs, it also includes the things needed for older kids – like pants. So, gather up those good clothing items that didn’t sell at a recent garage sale, dig through the closet for things your kids have outgrown, and bring them to Eastside Baby Corner from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday. You’ll get to enjoy some food and fun – and know that you’re making a real difference to families in our community. Eastside Baby Corner is located at 1510 NW Maple St. – Craig Groshart, Issaquah & Sammamish Reporter ISSAQUAH | SAMMAMISH

545 Rainier Blvd. North, Suite 8, Issaquah, WA 98027 425-391-0363; FAX: 425-453-4193 William Shaw, Publisher 425.888.2311 Craig Groshart, Editor 425.453.4233 Sally Cravens, Advertising Manager 425.802.7306

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Susan Skelton, Advertising Executive 425.677.4974 Staff Writers: Linda Ball, Issaquah Josh Suman, Sports/Outdoors Diana Nelson, Creative Designer Classified Marketplace 425.391.0363

For delivery inquiries: Delivery concerns: 1-888-838-3000 Letters

Seahawks bandwagon only one way


or most sports fans there are few things more irksome than bandwagon jumpers. Whether it is hopping on with the shiniest college football team from half a country away, or pledging allegiance to a professional team because of a superstar player or enticing color scheme, marketing and broadcasting have created a sports world where fandom is fluid. And when it comes to our Seahawks, not only one of the trendy picks to make a run to Josh Suman Super Bowl XLVII at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey but also the team that has more than any other come to define the collective sports passion in Seattle, the bandwagon's capacity is being pushed to its limits. From the casual fan getting in the spirit a little earlier than usual to the die-hard who hasn't taken a day off from following the Hawks since the season ended so miserably in the Georgia Dome in January, the excitement toward the franchise has been palpable. But be warned, newcomers, true fans know the ticket onto the Seahawks' express is good for one-way only use. Once you become part of the 12th Man, leaving means forever. Of course, it is impossible to tell

REPORTER’S NOTEBOOK another individual how they feel about a team. Some fans believe the only mission of those in the stands is to unabashedly cheer at every turn, not taking into account the machinations and behindthe-scenes dealings that help shape the on-field product. Others come from the opposite side of the spectrum, viewing themselves as a realtime mirror for the organization to view itself and its shortcomings (usually yelling something like, "I paid for my seat, I can say whatever I want!"). But regardless of how one views the place of the fan within the framework of the game, one thing is not up for debate: at one point, every fan was new. Not all of us are handed fandom as a birthright from an obsessed loved one, destining us for a lifetime of emotional peaks and valleys as our stomachs turn on last-second field goals and critical red zone stops. Most people who come to enjoy a sport or a specific team or individual are introduced to them later, and make a conscious decision to become a fan. But once that decision is made, it cannot be so easily undone. More times than I can remember during the spring and summer, I

have found myself transfixed on the television as the Mariners frittered away another lead, or were unable to muster offensive output at a decisive point in the game. But regardless of the knowledge that they are not a contender for the playoffs and never were in 2013, the emotions come out. Anger when they play poorly, frustration when things break bad, excitement and hope during even the most muted of winning streaks. But once upon a time, I was nothing more than a bandwagon fan. In the summer of 1995, it was the Atlanta Braves who tugged my heartstrings come October. I followed my former hometown team as much as I could from the Pacific Northwest, even as I watched the Mariners come into their own with a group we now know included no fewer than two future Hall of Famers and a defining season for the franchise. It was also the season that made my Mariners' fandom forever. The general rule is a simple one for me when it comes to bandwagon fans: you can only get as excited during the good times as you do upset during the bad. That's why those of us who have been disappointed for as long as we can remember can't wait for 2013 to begin. Staff writer Josh Suman can be reached at 425-453-5045 or

● L E T T E R S . . . Y O U R O P I N I O N C O U N T S : Send letters to: e-mail; mail attn Letters, Issaquah/Sammamish Reporter, 2700 Richards Road, Ste. 201, Bellevue, WA 98005; fax 425.453.4193. Letters are limited to 250 words and may be edited for style, clarity and length.

Friday, September 6, 2013


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The Blotter

Police reports from Issaquah and Sammamish BY LINDA BALL LBALL@ISSAQUAHREPORTER.COM

NO FARE On Aug. 18 a cab driver in the 300 block of Cedar Avenue South in North Bend, reported a customer who did not pay her fare. The driver said he’d picked up the woman from the Issaquah Police Department jail at 7:54 a.m., and drove her to her destination. She got out, saying she’d be right back with the $61 fare, but never returned.

RUDE SHOPPER A man contacted Issaquah police Aug. 23 regarding a possible threat. He said he was crossing the street in the Costco parking lot pushing a shopping cart. He said his wife and son were walking behind him when a black BMW drove by him almost striking his shopping cart.

RECKLESS DRIVER A driver stated he was cut off near Target on Aug 24., followed by the offender doing a "brake check" in front of him.

friend. He further related that he saw a dog off leash at Central Park on Aug. 26 in the Issaquah Highlands.

CARD SHARKS Juveniles were playing cards on the roof of the Community Center in Issaquah on Aug. 27. There were several juveniles on the upper deck outside the entrance. They departed on foot.

LOUD VOICE On Aug. 29 a woman in the 500 block of Newport Way Northwest was asked to quiet her voice when talking outside especially at night when her neighbors had their windows open. She returned home.

DISTURBANCE Officers responded to a disturbance involving an autistic adult in the 18300 Block of Southeast Newport Way. New caregivers became frightened when her behavior went south. Her mother was contacted and on scene before police arrived.



A report was made of a burglary in progress in the 500 block of East Sunset Lane on Aug. 30. The caller reported the front door was unlocked by the subject. She asked "who is there" followed by "my husband has a gun." The intruder then left through the front door and re-locked it.

A caller reported that on Aug. 5, an unleashed dog bit the daughter of his girl-

Staff writer Linda Ball can be reached at 425-391-0363, ext. 5052.

BULLETS FOUND Officers responded to a call from Safeway to investigate some bullets found near the donation bins on Aug. 25.

We think the best way to care for our neighbors is to be in the neighborhood.

Happy 1st Birthday, Baby!

issaqua h pr ima r y ca re clinic we think about you

Same-day appointments Walk-ins welcome

Just as you’ve chosen a pediatrician for your little one, consider the advantages of choosing a pediatric dentist from the very first visit at age one.

Adult and family medicine and chronic disease management

It’s at this first visit when the dentist will discuss early steps to ensure healthy teeth, and identify little problems before they become big problems. Your pediatric dentist will answer your questions about teething, the prevention of baby tooth decay, the benefits of flouride and the need to begin brushing.

Gi l m a n Cl i n ic

I ssaqua h Cl i n ic

450 N W Gilm an Blvd , Suit e 201

5708 E. Lake Sammamish Pkwy. SE

Issa qu ah , WA 98027

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425.688. 5488

Dr. John R. Liu Dr. SallySue M. Lombardi Dr. Donna J. Quinby


185 NE Gilman Blvd. • Issaquah • 425.392.4048

Call us for Your Baby’s First Visit! OVER 8111-3 IssaquahPrimary_RP.indd 1

4/8/13 12:17 PM

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Around Town


What’s happening in Issaquah and Sammamish

manager for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Region No. 4 hatcheries, said it’s a tricky project. “Anytime you’re diverting water, it’s complicated,” Antipa said. He said bank restoration takes time, but echoed Kuechle, assuring that the delay in the project will not hamper Salmon Days. He said the project should be completed in late October. A private landowner whose property has Issaquah Creek running through it has given Fish and Wildlife permission to have the fish trucked to his property. The project, which includes replacing the dam upstream of the hatchery, is necessary because the dam is old, dating back to 1937. Fish often could not make it past the dam. As the bottom of the dam began to erode, a cement shelf was built, but when the water is low in the fall, many fish would just flop on the slab and die before they could spawn. It is being replaced with a natural fish ladder made of a series of rock weirs that are being installed in the creek. The $4 million project, approved by the Legislature this year, will make it easier for fish to make it further upstream to spawn. Staff writer Linda Ball can be reached at 425-391-0363, ext. 5052.

Volunteers sought for Sammamish ARTS Fair The Sammamish ARTS Fair is looking for volunteers of all ages, corporate partners, seniors, artists, art lovers and students 14 and up. Volunteers work with the public and the artists, greet guests, hand out surveys, give directions, assist the artists and performers, smile and promote the fair. All volunteers will be provided training, supervision and support as part of the volunteer force for the city of Sammamish. The seventh annual fair will take place from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Oct. 12-13 at Sammamish City Hall, 801 228th Ave. SE. Those interested can sign up at http://www.sammamish. us/events/Default.aspx?ID=2720 or contact Dawn Sanders, city of Sammamish volunteer coordinator at 425-295-0556 or The fair is a community wide cultural art fair, which is produced in partnership with the participating artists, 4 Culture, city of Sammamish, King County Library, and the Sammamish Arts Commission. The juried art fair is represented by 31 artists on the Eastside and includes fine art, performance art, children’s arts activities, food and interactive art. Admission is free. More information is available at

Food topic at Sammamish Library

A cement shelf built to help salmon leap over the falls is being replaced by a series of rock weirs. FILE PHOTO

Nutrition students, local growers and authors will discuss what’s in the food we eat, what’s in season and food-related reads at 7 p.m. Sept. 25 at the Sammamish Library. Topics will include what is a “whole” food and how cooking and eating with others might change what and how we eat. The library is located at 825 228th Ave. SE.

you’re INVITED



When: Saturday, Sept. 14 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Where: Snoqualmie Falls Park Snoqualmie Falls Hydroelectric Project grand re-opening and community celebration • • •

Park and trail enhancements Guided tours and educational exhibits Food vendors and kids’ crafts

Ask our event staff how to win an overnight stay at Salish Lodge & Spa including an exclusive tour of the hydroelectric project and park. No parking available on-site. Visit for parking information.

Friday, September 6, 2013


Issaquah school board approves budget BY LINDA BALL LBALL@ISSAQUAHREPORTER.COM

The Issaquah School District’s 2013-2014 budget got a boost of $3.1 million from the state as a result of the McCleary decision, which forced the state to live up to its constitutional duty to provide a basic public education to all children in Washington. State revenue will now comprise 6 percent of the district’s operating revenue, an increase of 1 percent over last year. The board approved the budget Aug. 28 which included an additional $1.9 million in local levy revenue over the prior year due to enrollment growth. Revenue expected for the district’s general fund is $180 million, with expenditures of $183 million. The district expects an increase of 260

full-time students in the academic year. The district must maintain an unrestricted reserve fund of 3 to 5 percent of the general fund budget and maintain sufficient reserves for start-up operating costs for new schools. The board-designated emergency reserve fund is limited to $1 million for emergency capital equipment or facility repair/replacement needs, or other unforeseen liabilities or expenses. The budget also states that the superintendent will not allow corporate assets to be unprotected, inadequately maintained, or unnecessarily risked. Approximately 34.5 percent of the district’s funding comes from a maintenance and operations levy. A replacement levy for the levy that is expiring will appear on the Feb. 11, 2014 ballot.

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Teacher of the month is back

Around Town

What’s happening in Issaquah and Sammamish

Findley joins Pacific Northwest Law Group Sammamish resident Dan Findley has joined Pacific Northwest Law Group as counsel to the firm. Findley has practiced law for 15 years in the US, and has work experience in Taiwan and China. He counsels family and business clients in a variety of legal matters related to estate planning and administration, trusts, tax planning, business transactional matters and commercial real estate, for both US and international clients.

Starting in September, local teachers will continue to get recognition for all their hard work. Macaroni Kid is teaming up with Bridget Franklin, a real estate agent from the Thomas L. Macy Real Estate Company, Brunello Ristorante Italiano on Snoqualmie Ridge, Down to Earth Flowers and Gifts in Snoqualmie, Mathnasium of Issaquah, and Issaquah Trophy and Award to organize the third year of “Teacher of the Month.” Parents can help their kids nominate their teachers starting the first week of school. The first teacher of the month will be announced on Sept. 26. Parents can sign up to receive their weekly Macaroni Kid newsletter by visiting

172 Front St. North Issaquah, WA 98027

Ride Like a Girl

(between Bush St & Andrews St)

(425) 295-7024

Pastrami Bacon • Hot Dogs

Purchase any sandwich and receive a free slider.

Sunday, September 15th, 2013 Issaquah, WA

One coupon per customer. Can not be combined with any other coupon Expires 9/13/2013


FREE WUSSY S A N D W I C H Buy a Wussy (6” pastrami) Sandwich, Receive the 2nd FREE One coupon per customer. Can not be combined with any other coupon Expires 9/13/2013

Middle Sister (42 miles) Burly Girl (59 miles)

Little Sister (15 miles) Girly Girl (23 miles)




Pu Ou



ag e







SEPTEMBER 4-8 ~ Quilt Show 13-15 ~ Blues, Brews, and BBQ 21 ~ Salmon Festival 27-28 ~ Summer Framed 27-29 ~ Autumn Leaf Festival OCTOBER 4-5, 11-12, 18-19 ~ Oktoberfest

September 12 - October 20 BoxBox Office: (425) 392-2202 Office: (425) 392-2202••



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Friday, September 6, 2013

Mentors sought for young parents


school districts and various service organizations. The providers let them know what a family needs, and Eastside Baby Corner puts the orders together. Then the cycle begins again as volunteers sort through donated items and place the new or gently used items in various bins – clothing, toys, shoes or hard goods. Clothing is separated by size and gender. While many items are donated by the public, Eastside Baby Corner does purchase food, formula, diapers, car seats, socks, underwear and porta-cribs because they are things that are absolutely needed for a new baby coming home for the first time. Formula for babies is a must, and at $16 for a can of Similac that lasts three days, the cost adds up fast, she said. Diapers are the biggest need. Eastside Baby Corner has increased its distribution of diapers more than 50 percent from the same time period, January to August, over last year. Food stamps or WIC (Women, Infants and Children Food and Nutrition Service) cannot be used for diapers. EBC also assembles and distributes about

HOW TO HELP Bring new or gently used kid’s pants to Eastside Baby Corner’s 4th Annual Pants Party from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 7. The goal is to collect 2,500 pairs of pants for kids in need. Enjoy fun, food, games and tours of the facility. Eastside Baby Corner is located at 1510 NW Maple St., Issaquah. For more information visit babycorner. org or call 425-865-0234 ext. 705.


Diapers are the biggest need for families. Huggies is providing two million diapers over the next two years to Side by Side Northwest, a collaboration of Eastide Baby Corner and West Side Baby in White Center. LINDA BALL, Issaquah & Sammamish Reporter 800 layette sets a year, plus cases of food and formula are distributed to 11 different food banks from Issaquah to Carnation. There are about 50 "core" volunteers who come in on a weekly basis, along with others who help out less often.There are countless jobs for the volunteers to take care of. Volunteer Ali Haywood, who has an 18-month-old son, recently spent hours putting together backpacks with school supplies. Retired engineers and construction workers spend time repairing donated bicycles, strollers and car seats to make sure they are safe. New blankets and quilts are handmade by organizations such as the Issaquah Quilters, Eastside crafters, Stitches from the Heart, the Needle Brigade and Girl Scouts. The organization never has enough pants, especially for boys. Sizes 5 and up are welcome, but boys pants size 10 to 14 are especially needed.

"We run a permanent shortage of clothes for boys," Banks Routon said. "Boys are hard on clothes." Then there are toys that come in and need a little repair. Girls can be rough on dolls, ratting their hair, marking them up with sharpies so volunteers refurbish the dolls, washing and fixing the hair and cleaning them up, putting new clothes on them then wrapping them in cellophane so they look brand new. Brand new toys that are donated are set aside for birthday presents for children who otherwise would not have anything for their birthday. Banks Routon said sometimes they are just supplementing families, where both parents work, but are paid minimum wage, or one has lost a job. "A car breaking down, a death in the family or health issues can put a family right on the edge," she said.

The Healthy Start Parent Mentor Program, a service of Youth Eastside Services, is looking for volunteers interested in guiding young parents toward positive, healthy relationships with their young children. Program volunteers act as mentors, providing first-time young parents them with friendship, support and information that can assist in making healthy choices for themselves and their children. Mentors refer their Healthy Start participant to outside agencies for additional support and encourage steps towards family independence. After screening and training, volunteers will be matched one-to-one with a parent under the age of 23 who is pregnant or parenting an infant. Each mentor spends three to six hours per month, for a minimum of one year, supporting the needs of the family and completing paperwork required for funding. Mentors must be non-judgmental, have excellent communications skills, and be organized. They need to have some flexibility in their schedule and time to form a new, meaningful relationship. Mentors should understand that they will most often have to take the lead in planning activities. Mentors may volunteer in the greater Eastside, Renton, Snoqualmie Valley and North Snohomish County. In addition to English speakers, Spanish speaking volunteers are encouraged to apply. Training will take place at Youth Eastside Services in Crossroads Park in Bellevue in Oct. More information is available by calling Karen Wherlock at 425-586-2320 or via email at KarenW@YouthEastsideServices. org.

Family 5K Run/Walk Before Salmon Days

with the Fishes

9:00 AM Sunday, October 6th, 2013

Where Art and Science of Dentistry Meet



www.IssaquahRun. saquahRun.

(One Per Family. Must become a patient of record. Lifetime offer good with regularly scheduled complete oral evaluations, necessary x-rays & cleanings at Sammamish Plateau Dentistry) Hosted by

Dr. Chan and his team are proud to bring you the best dental care for your whole family. We welcome both kids and adults.

The Foundation of the Rotary Club of Issaquah



We are located in Pine Lake Medical Plaza, Sammamish, WA

22725 SE 29th Street Sammamish, WA 98075



Having worked day-in-day-out with an orthodontist and periodontist for the last eight years he has become very attuned to treating most individual dental needs. Dr. Chan puts patients comfort and the quality of their care first by working in coordination with a variety of specialists to perfect their treatment.

Friday, September 6, 2013


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Swedish choir director to open music school in Issaquah


Dan Hegelund, a choir director and vocal Because he and his artist from Sweden, will open a music school wife have a European in Issaquah. Common Ground Choir Acadbackground, the school emy will offer a broad variety of choirs for also will offer Scandinachildren, youths, adults and seniors. vian choirs as well as a An experienced vocalist and performer, Russian choir. Hegelund will offer private singing lessons. The Scandinavian and Hegelund plans for the choirs to be based Russian choirs will be on music genre. Dan Hegelund open for people with no “That way, you will be able to choose prior knowledge of these a choir according to whatever style you languages. All lyrics will be spelled out in prefer," he said. English phonetics. He plans to offer a gospel choir, an ethnic The school opens Sept. 1 at 160 Gilman choir, a secular pop choir, a musical choir, aT:4.8”Blvd, Suite D. For more information, go to jazz choir and a hymn choir among others.

Members of True Martial Arts in Sammamish helped raise money to purchase 24 backpacks to be distributed by Issaquah Food Bank to local children in need. The students were attending the organization's summer camp. True Martial Arts is located at 2912 228th Ave. SE. COURTESY PHOTO

Around Town

What’s happening in Issaquah and Sammamish

J.A. Jance to talk about her new book Author and Issaquah resident J.A.Jance will speak at the Issaquah Library at 5 p.m.

Sept. 10. Her new book, Second Watch, is the 21st mystery featuring J.P. Beaumont. In the novel, Beaumont is finally getting around to having his knee replacement surgery, but he’s in for more than that. A series of dreams bring him back first to his early days on the force at the Seattle Police Department and then, even earlier, to his days in Vietnam. The library is located at 10 W Sunset Way.


Celebrate Snoqualmie Valley Record’s



want $200? just checking.

A Spotlight on covering 100 Years of Valley History

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ince 1913, the Snoqualmie Valley Record has been covering the history of the Valley. Through challenging times and good ones, each week The Record has given our readers hard news and feature stories, and local sports and club news. For one hundred years, we’ve educated, informed and told the continuing story of the people, places and events, births, deaths, celebrations and growth of the Valley.

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Xanadu to open No recreational pot in Issaquah until March 2014 at Village Theatre BY LINDA BALL LBALL@ISSAQUAHREPORTER.COM

Even though I-502 passed in the November election, allowing adults to possess one-ounce of marijuana for their personal use, the Issaquah City Council has decided to enforce a six-month moratorium on licensing producers, processors or retailers in the city. The moratoria will expire March 3, 2014. The State Liquor Control Board will be the body to implement and enforce the provisions of I-502 and is on track to meet its Dec. 1, 2013 deadline. Taxes from the sale of recreational marijuana will be used for public health programs and youth anti-drug programs. Any marijuana facility must be 1,000-feet from schools,

Ittes Joins Whidbey Island Bank Robert Ittes of Sammamish has joined Whidbey Island Bank as Vice President/Commercial Team Leader for the company’s E. King County region. Ittes has more than

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Real life husband and wife Dane Stokinger (Sonny Malone) and Jessica Skerritt (Kira/Clio) will perform together at the Village Theatre in the spirited tongue-incheek musical comedy based on the 1980 film of the same name, Xanadu. Stokinger and Skerritt met in 2007 on Village Theatre’s stage playing Elvis and Elvis’ girlfriend in Million Dollar Quartet. This fall they will strap on their skates for this hilarious musical-on-wheels. Ancient mythology collides with the world of disco as the Greek muse Kira descends from Mt. Olympus to Venice Beach, California. Love, jealousy and synthesizer music abound as Kira inspires struggling artist Sonny to achieve the greatest artistic creation of his life — the world’s first roller-disco. The musical score includes the hits, “I’m Alive,” “Suddenly” and “Magic” originated by the British rock group Electric Light Orchestra (ELO). The original 1980 film version starring Hollywood heavyweights Olivia Newton John and Gene Kelly was a surprise "flop" while the 2007 Broadway musical version was a surprise smash. Xanadu the musical ran on Broadway for over 500 performances and opened with a cast that included Seattle’s Cheyenne Jackson. The musical was nominated for multiple Tony awards and received both an Outer Critics Circle Award as well as a Drama Desk award. “This show is about the power of love. Well, it’s about the power of love and the power of great rock classics and the awesomeness of roller disco. All of us are working at amping up the wit, the hilarity and the dance moves," said director David Ira Goldstein. Tickets on sale now for the Sept. 12 through Oct. 20 run at

playgrounds, parks, public transit centers, libraries and game arcades. Council member Josh Schaer asked why have a sixmonth moratorium when the liquor control board should have rules in place by Dec. 1. "The schedule I classification comes out of ignorance and lack of science," Schaer said. But he supported the moratorium along with the rest of the council to allow the city time to flesh out the law. However, he said that once the moratorium expires, the council should follow the law and allow peopleto become licensed. There was no public comment on the issue. Staff writer Linda Ball can be reached at 425-391-0363, ext. 5052. 35 years in the Pacific Northwest banking community having served in many senior management capacities which included the founding president of Issaquah Bank and Issaquah Community Bank. His professional and civic affiliations have included the Issaquah Historical Society, IsRobert Ittes saquah Schools Foundation, Issaquah Chamber of Commerce, Issaquah and Sammamish Rotaries. Additionally, Ittes continues to serve as a mentor at Seattle University, working with graduate students.


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Sept. 10 | 6 to 7 p.m. Virginia Mason – Issaquah

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Friday, September 6, 2013


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Sunday, Sept 8th is National Grandparent’s Day

The 2013 grandparent-grandchild knowledge summit September 8 is National Grandparents’ Day, a time to be thankful for the important role grandmothers and grandfathers play in the family structure. Your children might know their grandparents mostly as babysitters or, perhaps, as distant figures who live quietly. They might not know that Gran and Gramps or Oma and Opa or Nana and Nonny are wicked story tellers or former whizzes at cards! Why not arrange a knowledge summit for Grandparents’ Day where these talents can be appreciated and passed on for posterity. Propose different categories and invite grandparents and grandchildren to come together for a grand day of fun and a friendly meal. You might want to leave time for crafts, sports, cooking, and storytelling. Invite grandparents to share a long-lost talent or trick they’ve kept hidden up their sleeve. Was Grammy known for her graceful swan dive in her younger days? Maybe a trip to the pool will result in a demonstration. Was Grampa a ferocious softball pitcher? Head out to the ball diamond together. Was he the best small motor mechanic

on the block? Dress your child in play clothes and let him or her help Grandad tune up the lawnmower motor. Even better, suggest a “workshop” on old-fashioned play. Many of the common school yard games from as few as 20 years ago have been lost to time. Invite Gran to teach the kids some old skipping or clapping songs, ball games, and hopscotch variations. However you all choose to spend the day together, the focus is on Grandmother and Grandfather and on creating a way for their skills and knowledge to shine.

Happy Grandparent’s Day!

Open Mon - Sat: 9:00am - 6:00pm

85 Front Street N • Issaquah • 425.392.3131


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Issaquah High

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Issaquah house featured on modern home tour An Issaquah house will be featured on a tour of modern homes in and around the Seattle area on Sept. 7. Tour organizers, Austin, Texasbased Modern Home Tours, say the homes features "cutting-edge contemporary design that takes advantage of the stunning landscape." In addition to the Issaquah home, seven other homes are located in Bellevue, Seattle and Bainbridge Island. The tour will be from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is self-directed. Advance tickets are on sale through Friday, Sept. 6 at 8 p.m. for $30 each. Tickets purchased after that time must be purchased at any of the tour homes beginning at 11 a.m. on Sept. 7 for $40 each. Children 12 and under are free. The mid-century modern, elegantly simple Issaquah home on Lake Sammamish was rescued from entropy and rebuilt as a better version of its former self. Built in 1963, this was a custom home that remained virtually untouched until it was transferred to the current owners. When this project began in 2011, it was deeply in need of mold remediation, structural/egress/energy upgrades, and a design approach that required a close collaboration between owner, architect, and contractor in a constant cost-benefit exercise to stay within budget. The historic value of the mid-century era design – the simplicity and expression of the post-and-beam construction, and gesture of volumes stepping down toward the water – was to be preserved. The renovation would connect



Things to do in Issaquah and Sammamish

City Council committee work session: 6:30 p.m. in Issaquah City Hall council chambers, 135 E. Sunset Way. Deadline for concept proposals for Lake Sammamish State Park: Submit your proposals no later than 4:30 p.m. at the City of Issaquah’s permit center located at 1775 12th Ave.

9-9 through 9-11 Marshall's hiring event: Blakely Hall, 2550 NE Park Dr. in the Highlands, starting at 9 a.m. each day.

9-9 through 9-27 Ongoing costume swap: Blakely Hall, 2550 NE Park Dr. 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

9-10 The South Lake Sammamish residence in Issaquah features three bedrooms, three bathrooms and is 3,600 square feet. A renovation of the home in 2011 connects the home’s interior to the waterfront and emphasizes the transparency and modularity of the original design. COURTESY PHOTOS by Lara Swimmers

the home’s interior to the waterfront and emphasize the transparency and modularity of the original design. The end result would need to be done with precision and style in homage to the original design, and personalized for the new family of four.

As demolition uncovered significant structural deterioration, the building was reduced to framing and rebuilt with reinforced shear walls, a new moment frame, and a highperformance building envelope. Key decorative elements from the original construction were preserved, including the entry door, bell-shaped fireplace, stair railings, and shoji screens that separate the master bedroom from the double-height living space. Finishes were selected to last another 50 years (terrazzo flooring, walnut casework), and the design was carried out with precision. More information is available at

Council Land and Shore committee: 5:30 p.m. in Issaquah City Hall council chambers, 135 E. Sunset Way. Safeway Career Fair: 2 to 6 p.m. at YWCA in the Issaquah Highlands. Apply online prior to fair.

9-11 Sammamish Farmer's Market: 3-8 p.m. City Hall at Sammamish Commons.

9-12 Grand opening of new boardwalk at Lake Sammamish State Park: 6 p.m. at Lake Sammamish State Park, 2000 N.W. Sammamish Road.

9-14 Welcome the salmon home to Issaquah Creek: Noon to 5 p.m. Friends of Lake Sammamish and volunteer guides will be on hand to explain the ideal creek habitat for salmon, identify the salmon species swimming in Issaquah Creek and describe the salmon lifecycle. The newly constructed boardwalk will be open for the public to explore the delta and lakeshore at the mouth of Issaquah Creek. At Lake Sammamish State Park.


Grand Opening Saturday & Sunday Sept.14th & 15th • Enter to Win a New BBQ Grill • Free Cookout 12 to 2pm Both Days • New Home Releases • Mountain View, Cul-de-sac and Greenbelt Homesites for more information visit: SE 18TH WAY












From I-90: Take Highlands Exit 18 up to Sammamish Plateau.Turn right on Issaquah-Fall City Rd, which turns into SE Duthie Hill Rd.Turn left at Trossachs Blvd SE, turn right at SE 18th Way and entrance to Glencoe will be on your left.

Stephen Tainter 425.503.4158

Each member of the Mur r ay Franklyn Family of Companies is an independent corporation.

Friday, September 6, 2013


Page 13

Send news to Josh Suman at

Questions for the fall

Sports roundup

The Reporter takes a look at five of the biggest questions on the prep sports scene

Sammamish native captures National Championships

What’s happening in Issaquah & Sammamish

Tela Crane, a Skyline High School graduate and Sammamish native, won three championships at the U.S. National Cycling Championships in Rock Hill, S.C. as she prepares to make a run at the 2016 Olympic team that will compete in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Crane, riding for Lake Washington Velo, picked up titles in the Sprint, Keirin and Madison events.


Crossfire boys win title in Snohomish

Can Spartans climb back to top of state in Class 4A?

The Crossfire boys U11 team won the Snohomish United Bigfoot Tournament recently, taking the championship game 4-1 over Seattle United Tango. The team, which is coached by Barry O’Melia, is made up of players from Sammamish, Redmond, Kirkland and Woodinville. Tristan Mirailh, Fischer Dahl and Max Verboort are all from Sammamish. The Crossfire U11 team: Assistant coach Raj Mann, assistant coach Brian Mueller, Nick Hansen, Braden Hoare, Brooks Frankel, Mason Mueller, Luca Andonian, Aanyk Mann, Max Verboort, head coach Barry O’Melia; Front row: Garrett Price, Casey Lenon-Jones, Tyler Ferry, Tristan Mirailh, Bridger Branum, Fischer Dahl, not pictured Reece Campbell

Skyline made it back-to-back 4A state titles with a 1-0 win over rival Issaquah in the championship game last year, and will look to the experience of 17 returning full-time varsity players to go after the state’s first ever threepeat in Class 4A this season. “One thing that helped us be successful in the past is each year, we recognized it isn’t about what the previous team has done,” head coach Don Braman said. “We’re a long way from where we want to be.” Goalkeepers Emily Baril, Jaden Chew and Sydney Martinez all return to the net after a stellar playoff run last year that saw the Spartans hold opponents scoreless in four state tournament wins and Braman said are a decided area of strength for the twotime defending champs. “We’re lucky, with three goalkeepers with varsity experience,” he said. “They are good players who challenge each other and know that on any given day, they are going to be pushed to compete for minutes.” While the Spartans did capture the state’s top crown last year, the road was not without bumps, most notably a loss to Redmond in the conference title game. Non-conference games

Skyline soccer coach Don Braman looks on as his team participates in a scrimmage during practice. The Spartans have won the past two state titles and return a wealth of experience from 2012. JOSH SUMAN, Issaquah & Sammamish Reporter with a host of perennial contenders from Washington along with Tualatin, Ore. will provide plenty of tests for Skyline, which knows its place among the hunted after winning four of the last five 4A state championships.

How do Eagles reload? The final hurdle for the Spartans on the road to last year’s state title was a familiar foe in Issaquah, a team that now has a pair runner-up finishes at state at the hands of their Plateau rivals. Coach Tom Bunnell’s squad dropped only three games during all of last season and loses two-time State Player of the Year Audrey Thomas to graduation, but will return fellow offensive threat and first team All-KingCo selection Rachel Wheeler in 2013.

Does Eastlake run with state’s best once again? The Wolves’ boys were the only local team included in the first coaches

poll of the year in cross country, while the girls checked-in just outside of the top-10. Both will look to take a full squad back to the state meet for the second straight year after top-10 finishes in 2012. Anastasia Kosykh, now a senior, leads the Eastlake girls along with Olivia Latham after both had top-50 individual finishes at state last year. Issaquah’s Ellie Kosykh Clawson also returns for another season after reaching state. On the boys side, Jordan Oldenburg finished in 27th place for the Wolves last year as a junior and will look to improve upon last year’s 10th place showing. SEE QUESTIONS, 14

The Crossfire U11 squad. COURTESY PHOTO

Page 14


Friday, September 6, 2013

Crusaders find new boys lacrosse coach

Prep season kicks off BY JOSH SUMAN




The 2013 prep football season kicks off tonight at fields around the state and the Reporter has a look at the first challenges facing local teams. Skyline begins defense of its backto-back 4A state titles Saturday against Bellevue at renovated Husky Stadium in the finale of the Emerald City Kickoff Classic at 7 p.m. The two did not meet last year as Skyline made another run to the 4A state championship and last played in 2011, a 31-17 Bellevue win at Skyline. The Spartans were also the last team to hand Bellevue a defeat, winning 28-21 in 2010. Issaquah opens against 3A Interlake as it looks to get back to the 4A state tournament behind senior running back and defensive back Jack Gellatly. The Eagles beat the Saints 2413 in last year’s season opener. Eastlake gets things rolling at home against 3A Lakes. New head coach Don Bartel will get his first live look at the Wolves, who endured a difficult 2012 campaign to

Eastside Catholic named a new boys lacrosse coach for the 2014 season, as Luke Christiansen will take over for Lewis Ratcliff, a professional player who spent one year at the helm. Christiansen comes to the Crusaders from Camden Military Academy in South Carolina, and has also coached at the collegiate level as the defensive coordinator of Utah State University. “We’re thrilled to bring Coach Christiansen into the Eastside Catholic family; we know he will continue to build on the great legacy and success of the Eastside Catholic lacrosse program,” said Athletic Director Jeremy Thielbahr said in a statement. “His character, integrity and core values will provide exemplary leadership for our boys lacrosse team and all Eastside Catholic students.” Christiansen will take over a program that reached the state title game in 2012, a first for the program, and made it back to the postseason in 2013 under Ratcliff, reaching the state semi-finals before again losing to eventual champion Bellevue. “Eastside Catholic is a destination job, and I am thrilled to be joining the school,” Christiansen said in a statement. “Very few programs can match the school support, the community involvement and the quality student athletes present at EC. It’s a rare opportunity to develop a program centered on the core values taught at Eastside Catholic. I’m excited to get to work.”

nearly make the state tournament. Eastside Catholic, which is fresh off the best season in program history in 2012 with its first ever appearance in the 3A state title game, opens its third season under head coach Jeremy

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Thielbahr against Liberty. The Crusaders, which welcome back a host of talent from last year’s squad including running back Henry Jarvis, trounced the Patriots 41-14 in last year’s season opener.



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Who makes biggest waves in pool? Skyline and Issaquah each finished in the top-10 at the state meet last season and return a host of swimmers looking to get back to the podium in 2013. Kristaley Umezawa and Stephanie Munoz return to

the pool after helping Skyline to the 200 yard medley relay title at state last year, as does Issaquah’s Gabrielle Gevers, who made state appearances in three events last year as a junior. A pair of divers who finished among the state’s best also return in Kaela Call and Chris Torrente.

Who goes lowest on course? Eastlake provided yet another first in its elite golf pedigree in the spring, winning the 4A state title as a team behind individual runner-up Li Wang. The Wolves welcome back a host of talent this fall despite losing a trio of state placers in Wang, Josh Grace and Will Sharp. Spencer Weiss, who was eighth at state, will be among the top contenders for a title this season, along with Skyline’s Brian Mogg.



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Skyline quarterback Kilton Anderson, a transfer from Naples, Fla., will be counted on to move the offense through the air and on the ground against the five-time defending 3A champs from Bellevue. JOSH SUMAN, Issaquah & Sammamish Reporter


All notices are subject to verification.

Be Bold ! Be Exposed! Friday, September 6, 2013


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Friday, September 06, 2013

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Advertise your upcoming garage sale in your local community paper and online to reach announcements thousands of households in your area. Call: 800-388-2527 Announcements Fax: 360-598-6800 ADOPTION- A loving al- Go online: ternative to unplanned pregnancy. You chose the family for your child. Receive pictures/info of waiting/approved couples. Living expense assistance. 1-866-2367638 Advertise your product or service nationwide or by region in up to 12 million households in North America’s best suburbs! Place your classified ad in over 815 suburban newspapers just like this one. Call Classified Avenue at 888-486-2466 or go to ANNOUNCE your festiva l fo r o n l y p e n n i e s. Four weeks to 2.7 million readers statewide for about $1,200. Call this newspaper or 1 (206) 634-3838 for more details.

Find Your Fabulous CAREER Managers & Sales Associates New Location at the Redmond Town Center Charming Charlie, the award-winning fashion accessories retailer, is the one-of-a-kind source of style that’s been helping people find their fabulous since 2004! Visit careers for more information for more information

PUBLIC SAFETY TESTING For 175+ WA State depts including Police, Corrections, Fire, Paramedic, & Dispatch. To apply visit: or call 1-866-HIRE-911 Various test dates & locations. EOE

We’re Hiring!

House Cleaners

SEEKING TO ADOPT Loving couple seeks to ADOPT an infant. We can offer your baby a lifetime of love, opportunity, and financial security. We will provide a happy home, sharing our interests in the outdoors, travel, music, and sports. Let us help support you with your adoption plan. Contact us at 206-920-1376, 877290-0543 or AndrewCorley@ or our attorney at 206-728-5858, ask for Joan file #0376.

Our Cleaners Earn between $300 & $500 Per Week • • • • • • • •

Benefits Paid Training Paid Vacation Monday-Friday Daytime positions Must have WSDL Insured Vehicle Good people skills • Strong work ethic

Clean & Simple Apply in Person 10 am - 3 pm 18908 Hwy 99, Ste. E Lynnwood, WA 98036

Friday, September 06, 2013 Employment Media

REPORTER The Mercer Island Reporter is seeking a general assignment reporter with writing experience and photography skills. Primary coverage will be city government, schools and sports, and general assignment stories. Schedule may include s o m e eve n i n g a n d / o r weekend work. As a repor ter for Sound Publishing, you will be expected to: use a digital camera to take photographs of the stories you cover ; post on the publication’s web site; blog and use Twitter on the web; layout pages, using InDesign; shoot and edit videos for the web . The most highly valued traits are: commitment to community jour nalism and ever ything from short, brieftype stories about people and events to examining issues facing the community; to be inquisitive and resourceful in the coverage of assigned beats; to be comfor table producing five bylined stories a week; the ability to write stories that are tight and to the point; to be a motivated self-starter; to be able to establish a rapport with the community. Candidates must have excellent communication and organizational skills, and be able to work effectively in a deadline-driven environment. Minimum of one year of previous newspaper experience is required. Position also requires use of personal vehicle, possession of valid WA State Driver’s License and proof of active vehicle insurance. We offer a competitive hourly wage and benefits package including health insurance, paid time off (vacation, sick, and holidays), and 401K (currently with an employer match.) Email us your cover letter, resume, and include five examples of your best work showcasing your reporting skills and writing chops to:


Employment Transportation/Drivers

CAB DRIVERS Make up to $200 cash per day! • Fun job! Lots of •

money! We need Help!

Call Today:

(425) 609-7777 DRIVERS -- Get on the r o a d fa s t ! I m m e d i a t e Openings! Top Pay, Full Benefits, CDL-A, Doubles Required! Haney Truck Line, Call Now. 1888-414-4467. DRIVERS -- Whether you have experience or need training, we offer unbeatable career opp o r t u n i t i e s. Tra i n e e, Company Driver, Lease Operator, Lease Trainers. (877-369-7105 Need extra cash? Place your classiďŹ ed ad today! Call 1-800-388-2527 or Go online 24 hours a day

GORDON TRUCKING, Inc. A better Carrier. A better Career. CDL-A Drivers Needed! Up to $1500 sign-on bonus! Dedicated Fleet Option. Home weekly available i n s o m e a r e a s. E O E . Call 7 days/week! Call: 866-725-9669 NEED CLASS A CDL Training? Start a Career in trucking today! Swift Academies offer PTDI certified courses and offer “Best-In-Classâ€? training.• New Academy Classes Weekly • No Money Down or Credit Check • Certified Mentors Ready and Available • Paid (While Training With Mentor)• Regional and Dedicated Oppor tunities • Great Career Path • Excellent Benefits Package Please Call: (602) 7307709

Business Opportunities

Cemetery Plots

Make Up To $2,000.00+ Per Week! New Credit Card Ready Drink-Snack Vending Machines. Minimum $4K to $40K+ Investment Required. Locations Available. BBB A c c r e d i t e d B u s i n e s s. (800) 962-9189

SUNSET HILLS Memorial Cemetery in Bellevue. 2 s i d e by s i d e p l o t s available in the Sold Out Garden of Devotion, 9B, Space 9 and 10. Also, 1 plot available in Garden of Devotion, 10B, space 5 . A l l 3 ava i l a bl e fo r $ 1 0 , 0 0 0 e a c h O B O. Call 503-709-3068 or email

Schools & Training

AIRLINES ARE HIRING – Tra i n fo r h a n d s o n Av i a t i o n C a r e e r. FA A approved program. Financial aid if qualified Job placement assistance. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance 877-818-0783 Find what you need 24 hours a day.


2SIDE BY SIDE Burial Sites in beautiful Sunset Hills. Sold out area in desirable Garden of Gethsemane, available by p r i va t e s a l e o n l y. $10,000 each or both for $18,000. Seller will pay transfer fee. 206-7159136. BEAUTIFUL SETTING overlooking Seattle at Sunset Hills Memorial Cemeter y in Bellevue. Olympic View Urn Garden, Lot 2026, Space #18. Includes: Plot, Marble Marker and Installation for only $4,000. Valued at $6,047 per Cemetery. Call 425-2929431 or email


Cemetery Plots

2 CEMETERY LOTS directly beneath a large Oak Tree in the “Garden of Light� section at the Bonney-Watson Memorial Park conveniently located off International Blvd in SeaTac. BWMP is currently selling these lots for $3,795 each. We will sell ours for $3,595 each & pay the $195 transfer fee. Please leave message 253-8639168. 2 SIDE BY Side Plots in the beautiful EvergreenWashelli Cemeter y in Seattle / Northgate area. Section 23, Lot 209. Easy access. Retail value: $5,750 each. Will s e l l b o t h fo r $ 7 , 5 0 0 . Owner pays transfer fee. Call 425-391-3604 before 10am or after 5pm. LAKE VIEW, prestigious, historical & well maintained cemetery on Capitol Hill, Seattle. Private Party wishes to sell lot #659 $7,500 OBO


Garden of Gethsemane, 1 space, Sunset Memorial Park. Lot 57 is well maintained. Incl transfer fee. $8,000. This section is closed. Space avail only via pr ivate sale. Please call Darleen 425214-3615. C E M E T E RY P L OT S Greenwood Cemetery in Renton Highlands. View of Jimi Hendrix resting place. Double stacked plot includes headstone, deluxe vase, 2 cement boxes and opening and closing of grave for two p e o p l e . Va l u e d a t $ 1 4 , 6 0 0 . W i l l s e l l fo r Best REASONABLE Offer! 425-255-2154

All Positions For our 11th Puget Sound location opening in late September at The Issaquah Highland Town Center. Apply in Person Monday thru Friday 9am to 5pm. For information call 425-313-0415 Employment Sales & Retail

A M E R I C A N G R E E TINGS is hir ing Retail Merchandisers across Washington! For a full listing of available locations and detailed job information, please visit us at

Alder, Maple & Douglas Fir

Speedy Delivery & Best Prices!


DirecTV - Over 140 channels only $29.99 a month. Call Now! Triple savings! $636.00 in Savings, Free upgrade to Genie & 2013 NFL Sunday ticket free!! Star t saving today! 1-800-2793018 Dish Network lowest nationwide price $19.99 a month. FREE HBO/ Cinemax/Starz FREE Blockbuster. FREE HDDVR and install. Next day install 1-800-3750784 DISH TV Retailer. Starting at $19.99/month PLUS 30 Premium Movie Channels FREE for 3 Months! SAVE! & Ask About SAME DAY Installation! CALL - 877-9921237 M y C o m p u t e r Wo r k s. Computer problems? Viruses, spyware, email, printer issues, bad internet connections - FIX IT NOW! Professional, U.S.-based technicians. $25 off service. Call for immediate help. 1-866998-0037 * R E D U C E YO U R CABLE BILL! * Get a 4Room All-Digital Satellite system installed for FREE and programming star ting at $19.99/mo. FREE HD/DVR upgrade for new callers, SO CALL NOW. 1-800-6997159 SAVE on Cable TV-Internet-Digital Phone-Sate l l i t e . Yo u ` v e G o t A Choice! Options from ALL major service providers. Call us to learn more! CALL Today. 877884-1191

flea market Flea Market [17] Mail Order


Alone? Emergencies Happen! Get Help with one button push! $ 2 9 . 9 5 / m o n t h Fr e e equipment, Free set-up. Protection for you or a l ove d o n e. C a l l L i fe Watch USA 1-800-3576505

SAWMILLS from only $4897.00 -- Make and Save Money with your own bandmill. Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship. Free I n f o / DV D : w w w. N o r 1800-578-1363 Ext. 300N

AT T E N T I O N S L E E P APNEA SUFFERERS with Medicare. Get C PA P R e p l a c e m e n t Supplies at little or NO COST, plus FREE home delivery! Best of all, prevent red skin sores and bacterial infection! Call 1-866-993-5043 Canada Drug Center is your choice for safe and affordable medications. Our licensed Canadian mail order pharmacy will provide you with savings of up to 90% on all your medication needs. Call today 1-800-418-8975, for $10.00 off your first prescription and free shipping.

Magic Chef Microwave only used 2 months, in excellent shape. 1.1 CF $50. Issaquah. 360-9519114. KILL BED BUGS & THEIR EGGS! Buy a Food & Harris Bed Bug Kit, Farmer’s Market Complete Room Treat100% Guaranteed Oma- ment Solution. Odorless, ha Steaks - SAVE 69% Non-Staining. Available on The Grilling Collec- online tion. NOW ONLY $49.99 (NOT IN STORES) Plus 2 FREE GIFTS & right-to-the-door delivery i n a r e u s a bl e c o o l e r, ORDER Today. 1- 8886 9 7 - 3 9 6 5 U s e C o d e : 4 5 1 0 2 E TA o r w w w . O m a h a S

Medical Alert for Seniors - 24/7 monitoring. FREE Equipment. FREE Shipping. Nationwide Service. $29.95/Month CALL Medical Guardian Today 866-992-7236 Miscellaneous

Home Furnishings

LOW MONTHLY PAYMENTS Lease w/option to buy Appliances Furniture Electronics UPTON ELECTRIC 8817 Pacific Ave.


ADOPTION- A loving alternative to unplanned pregnancy. You chose the family for your child. Receive pictures/info of waiting/approved couples. Living expense assistance. 1-866-2367638 Find your perfect pet in the ClassiďŹ eds.

Musical Instruments


Piano Service

George D. Mounce lll -Piano TechnicianTuning & Repair Recondition & Cleaning Regulating & Estimates Ragtimepianoservice


Reach over a million potential customers when you advertise in the Service Directory. Call 800-388-2527 or go online to Yard and Garden

KILL SCORPIONS! Buy Harris Scorpion Spray. Indoor/Outdoor. Odorless, Non-Staining, Long Lasting. Kills Socrpions and other insects. Effective results begin after the spray dries! Available at Ace Hardware, The Home Depot or Wanted/Trade

CASH for unexpired DIABETIC TEST STRIPS! Free Shipping, Friendly Service, BEST p r i c e s a n d 2 4 h r p ay ment! Call today 1- 877588 8500 or visit Espanol 888-440-4001 *OLD ROLEX & PATEK P H I L I P P E WAT C H E S WA N T E D ! * * D ay t o n a , Sub Mariner, etc. TOP C A S H PA I D ! 1 - 8 0 0 401-0440

Vacation Guide Job Summary:

Visit Our Hiring Event: Monday, September 9th 9am-5pm


Wednesday, September 11th

Hiring Event


Job Duties: • • • • • • •

The Issaquah Highlands

Blakely Hall, 2550 NE Park Drive, Issaquah, WA 98029 • Dressing Room Associates • Sales Associates •Cashiers

A person's vacation truly begins as they dream about all of the details of their trip; where they want to visit, how they will get there and what activities they will explore in the surrounding area during their stay. As a vacation planning counselor you will help our owners to make those trips a reality as you receive in-bound calls from, and place outbound calls to, our owners and help them to plan vacations that will create life-long memories for them and their loved ones. We, at Wyndham Vacation Ownership, take great pride in delivering best in class customer service, helping our owners to resolve all of their needs in one call, and building relationships with our internal and external customers. We are focused on fostering an environment that rewards and celebrates teamwork, dedication, and a commitment to excellence by being responsive, respectful and delivering a great experience. If you share these values, we want to hear from you!


Tuesday, September 10th in Issaquah is currently hiring

Dry & Custom-Split


or mail to: Sound Publishing, Inc. 19426 68th Avenue S. Kent, WA 98032, ATTN: HR/REPS

Employment Restaurant


Sell it free in the Flea 1-866-825-9001

Sound Publishing is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE) and strongly supports diversity in the wor kplace. Check out our website to find out more about us!

Firewood, Fuel & Stoves

Cemetery Plots

• Back Room Associates • Customer Service Associates

TJX is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to workplace diversity.

Demonstrate a passion for excellence, a love for service and an innate ability to solve problems to meet our owners' needs Educate our owners on the details of their product so they can maximize the value of their ownership Create a positive work environment by maintaining the highest level of ethics and integrity consistent with Wyndham Vacation Ownership values Provide service that will WOW our owners and their guests, maintaining a positive brand image and company reputation Utilizing solid judgment, product knowledge, technical knowledge, and problem solving, be able to offer detailed insight and alternatives to help owners book their dream vacations Actively participate in driving the culture of our company Remain open to providing and receiving feedback; work with your manager to develop and hone your leadership skills

Qualifications: • • • • • • • • •

High School diploma or equivalent 6 months of customer service experience Solid ability to multi-task with strong computer navigation capabilities Exceptional listener with the skill to effectively communicate. Able to exercise good judgment in making decisions Team-centric and positively motivated to delight our owners and their guests Able to prioritize multiple tasks, convey a sense of urgency and remain detailed oriented in a fast-paced environment Quickly learn and apply new information; be open to change Enjoy talking to different people every day

Apply online at: Keyword: Redmond Or contact Cheryl at 407-626-5965



Friday, September 06, 2013 Dogs

Professional Services

Computer Systems/Service

Homemade Websites We Make Homemade Websites From Scratch Tailored Just For You FREE OF CHARGE! If you have an idea for a website, email us at

homemadewebsites Questions? Contact us at email address above

Advertise your service

800-388-2527 or Professional Services Legal Services

DIVORCE $155. $175 with children. No court appearances. Complete p r e p a ra t i o n . I n c l u d e s custody, support, proper ty division and bills. B B B m e m b e r . (503) 772-5295. www.paralegalalter

Home Services General Contractors

Notice to Contractors Washington State Law (RCW 18.27.100) requires that all advertisements for construction related services include the contractor’s current depar tment of Labor and Industries registration number in the advertisement. Failure to obtain a certificate of registration from L&I or show the registration number in all advertising will result in a fine up to $5000 against the unregistered contractor. For more information, call Labor and Industries Specialty Compliance Services Division at 1-800-647-0982 or check L&Is internet site at

Home Services

House/Cleaning Service

HOUSE CLEANING Also, organization, laundry, errands, etc!


HOUSE CLEANING BY KIMBERLY Commerical and Residential Serving the Eastside 22 yrs. Experience. Apt. Move-in/Move-out, Daily, Weekly or Monthly $25 per hour. 2/hr min. Call for details.


LICENSED AND Insured Maids available 7 days a w e e k . $ 2 5 p e r h o u r. Move in/outs, deep cleaning, general housekeeping. We do it all! www.brookshousekeepHome Services or 1-855-65Electrical Contractors MAIDS One call, does it all! Fast Home Services and Reliable Electrical Repairs and Installa- Landscape Services tions. Call 1-800-908A-1 SHEER 8502

Advertise your upcoming garage sale in your local community paper and online to reach thousands of households Find what you need 24 hours a day. in your area. Call: 800-388-2527 Home Services Property Maintenance Fax: 360-598-6800 Go online: All Things Basementy!

Basement Systems Inc. Call us for all of your Home Services basement needs! WaterAppliance Repair proofing ? Finishing ? Appliance Repair - We Structural Repairs ? Hufix It no matter who you midity and Mold Control bought it from! 800-934- F R E E E S T I M AT E S ! 5107 Call 1-888-698-8150


* Cleanup * Trim * Weed * Prune * Sod * Seed * Bark * Rockery * Backhoe * Patios 425-226-3911 206-722-2043


Reach the readers the dailies miss. Call 800-388-2527 today to place your ad in the Classifieds.

Home Services Landscape Services

Home Services Lawn/Garden Service

Home Services Tile Work



If your TILEmake doesn’t SMILE you

Insured - DICKSC044LF

425-743-9640 Think Inside the Box Advertise in your local community newspaper and on the web with just one phone call. Call 800-388-2527 for more information.


ALL YARD WORK SUMMER CLEANUP Thatching & Aerating, Weeding Blackberry & Ivy Removal Pruning and Trimming, Hedge Trimming, Bark Dust and Mulch, Mowing Lawns & Small Fields, General Labor,

Call us!


Home Services Painting


425-350-6958 425-343-7544

• Excellent Home

• • •

Painting. Interior/Exterior Pressure Washing

Lic/Bond/Insured. WA L&I AGLPAPL87CJ Home Services Plumbing

One call, does it all! Fast and Reliable Plumbing Repairs. Call 1- 800796-9218 Home Services Pole Builder/Storage

AKC GERMAN SHEPHERD pups. Ready to Go, beautiful bicolor, black sable and black. Males $1800, Females $1,500. East German & C ze c h wo r k i n g l i n e s. Home companion, SAR, Spor t & family protection. 253-380-0190

Absolute Tile Restoration “The one to trust with your tile”

Cleaning Regrouting Resealing Colorizing

253.486.6772 licensed-bonded-insured


If your TILEmake doesn’t SMILE you

$1500 ENGLISH Mastiff pups! AKC giant security show dogs! Once in a lifetime opportunity for M a s t i f f l ove r s ! Wo r l d Winners are these pups fa m i l y t r a d i t i o n ! T h e greatest genes avail in English Mastiff history! Rare Zorba stock. Born 4/27. Whidbey Island. $1000 pet quality, no AKC papers. $2500 full breeding rights 253-3471835.

AKC Alaskan Malamute pups. Giant lines. Loyal, quality breed. Photos and descriptions at

360-769-5995 lv msg

AKC GREAT Dane Pups 10% activeduty military discount 503-410-4335 D r eye r s d a n e s n ow i n Goldendale WA. 5 new litters! Guarantee healthly males & females. European blood line, these pups are a larger, stockier breed. Beautiful coats Blues, Harlequin, Black, Mantles & Merle. Super sweet. Loveable, gentle intelligent giants! $700 and up.

Call us!

www.latinoslawn Satisfaction Guaranteed LOWEST PRICE Free Estimates Senior Discount Lic/Bonded/Insured CALL JOSE 206-250-9073

We get it. But we're a different kind of dental office. Really. We focus on complex cases and patients who have dental fears or embarrassment. Your previous dentist may have made you feel bad. But you are welcome here. And you'll be amazed at the difference that makes. Call us with coupon code "long time" to receive a free exam and xrays after a $40 deposit.



AND MUCH MORE. Check us out Online


Maxwell Bloeser DDS, PLLC Queen Anne Hilltop Dental

Pressure washing gutter cleaning, etc. Fence, deck building Concrete, Painting & Repairs. And all yard services. 206-412-4191

Brush chipping and stump grinding



My Prices are Reasonable I Build Custom, Storage Sheds, Garden Sheds, Small Barns Horse Stalls Please call Tim for a Free Estimate

425-486-5046 Lic#602-314-149

Home Services Roofing/Siding

Absolute Tile Restoration “The one to trust with your tile”

Cleaning Regrouting Resealing Colorizing

253.486.6772 licensed-bonded-insured


Honest Bids. Quality Work. Reliable Staff.

New roofs. Re-roofs. Repairs. Cleaning. Inspections. Certifications. All roof types and materials 425-408-1011 Free Same-Day Estimates. Licensed. Bonded. Insured. Lic. # AGILERI878MH


Home Owners Re-Roofs

$ My Specialty

Small Company offers

$ Low prices

Call 425-788-6235

Need help with your career search? There is help out there! and you can access it at whatever time is convenient for you! Find only the jobs in your desired category, or a specific location. Available when you are, 247. Log on at or call one of our recruitment specialists, Monday-Friday 8am-5pm 800-388-2527 Home Services Windows/Glass

Window Cleaning & More

Lic. Bonded. Ins. Lic# KRROO**099QA

* Window Cleaning * Gutter Cleaning * Pressure Washing


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Free Estimates

Senior Discounts Free Estimates Expert Work 253-850-5405 American Gen. Contractor Better Business Bureau Lic #AMERIGC923B8




Find what you need 24 hours a day.

BANKRUPTCY from $150 DIVORCE from $50


AKC GERMAN SHEPHERD PUP. 10 week old male, ver y intelligent. Parents on site. Health guaranteed, first shots. Top pedigree. $550 part registration, $650 full. 360-532-9315. For pics email:

AKC Litter Reg. SIBERIAN HUSKIE PUPS Clearance Sale on Pure White Male Pups Born November 2012 $450.00 Cash Only Call Don or Donna 425-319-5076 or 360691-5591 Granite Falls.

AKC Poodle Puppies 4 Teacup Females 2 Brindle 1 Black/White 1 Brown/White. 1 Tiny Teacup Femaile Black/White 2-2.5lbs at maturity. 1 Teacup Brown/White Male. 1 5mo old Teacup Female Buff/White. 1 Toy Chocolate Male. Little Bundles of Love and Kisses. ReAKC German Shepherd s e r ve yo u r p u f f o f P u p p i e s ! ! E x c e l l e n t love. 360-249-3612 Schutzhund pedigrees. Tracking, obedience and protection. Champions Bloodlines. Social with loving playful temperaments! 5 boys & 3 girls. Shots, wor med, vet checked. Health guarantee. Puppy book inc l u d e s i n fo o n l i n e s, health & more! 2 Black B i ’s $ 1 , 2 0 0 e a c h . Black/tan/sable $900. Call Jodi 360-761-7273. AKC GERMAN Shepherd Puppies, German lines 1 Sable male, 1 black male. They have been socialized from the 1st day! They have shots and are wormed and are ready for their new home. These dogs need room to move and have a job! $600. Please email for pictures: a s h e s r o c k i n a POODLE puppies, cuddly, elegant AKC toys. Loving & smart., black, apr icot, black/white, chocolate. Also Pomapoo’s or tri-poo’s Possible delivery. (541)4753889

Find your perfect pet in the Classifieds.

AKC Standard Poodle Puppies. Brown males & females, Ready for their new homes Oct. 16th. For more info, please visit our web site at: or call 509-582-6027

A K C YO R K I E S. M a l e D.O.B. 5/22/2013 $750 Female D.O.B 2/4/2013 $900 Current shots, wormed! Happy, healthy and playful. AKC Tiny Stud available. 360-9230814 Find what you need 24 hours a day.

Friday, September 06, 2013

AMERICAN ESKIMO P u p p i e s. S m a r t G o r geous dogs! Pure White, wormed, 1st shots, not bred back to family, papered, mom and dad on site, $500. 360-6529612 or 425-923-6555


Marine Power


Automobiles Ford

19’ 1994 SEASWIRL Striper with 120 HP Johnson, 9.9 HP Honda kicker. EZ loader trailer, electric downrigger, CB, a n d F i s h f i n d e r t o o. $8,000. Call for more details 425-252-3422, leave message. 1972 FORD MUSTANG Mach 1 Fastback. Eye Automobiles turner! This vehicle has Classics & Collectibles been stored since 1979 & has just over 100,000 original miles. It comes with black bucket seats. Automatic on floor with c e n t e r f l o o r c o n s o l e. Front air dam, rear spoiler and back window louvers. Dual glass pack 1930 FORD Model A. exhaust! New Cooper Looks good! Been kept t i r e s ! P r i c e : $ 2 9 , 0 0 0 garaged. Almost all origi- firm. Eastern WA. Call nal. $17,000 or best of- 5 0 9 - 9 9 0 - 3 4 5 5 . fer. Call 425-747-6701

Advertise your upcoming garage sale in your local garage sales - WA community paper and online to reach Garage/Moving Sales thousands of households King County in your area. ISSAQUAH Call: 800-388-2527 FRIDAY, SATURDAY & Sunday, September 6th, Fax: 360-598-6800 7th & 8th, 8am to 3pm. Go online:

TALUS Multi Homeowners Garage Sale. Enter Automobiles at Talus Drive at SR 900 BMW in Issaquah and Follow Signs. 06 BMW 330XI, Reach over a million AW D, AT, f u l l y e q u i p, sunroof,57K, Blk, rebuilt potential customers 13800 OBO onionwhen you advertise in, 509the Service Directory. 389-1954

Call 800-388-2527 or go online to

Automobiles Dodge


GARAGE SALE, Rain or Shine! September 6th, 7th. 3024 230th Place NE, Sammamish, WA. Summer Ridge - (end of cul-de-sac) Lots of great “Pier 1 Imports” furniture and more! 1965 DODGE DART GT Rare Model. Very nice looker! Loads of chrome! Beige colored. Nice conditioned bucket seats. Automatic on floor. Slott e d 1 5 ” M a g w h e e l s. Tinted windows. Price: $19,000. Easter n WA. Call 509-990-3455.


Sell it free in the Flea 1-866-825-9001

Automobiles Toyota

1999 TOYOTA Solara. Good condition. V-6, Automatic, sun roof. $6,800 or best offer. Call 425747-6701 Pickup Trucks Dodge

2000 DODGE Dakota. E x t e n d e d C a b, H a r d Cover. 1 of 100 made. C o l l e c t o r s i t e m ! L i ke new, used for car shows only. V-8, 52,000 miles, custom wheels, BIG stereo! $10,000. 253333-2136 Pickup Trucks Ford

Automobiles Others

SAVE $$$ on AUTO INSURANCE from the major names you know and trust. No forms. No hassle. No obligation. Call R E A DY F O R M Y QUOTE now! CALL 1877-890-6843

Reach the readers the dailies miss. Call 800-388-2527 today to place your ad in the Classifieds.

1986 FORD F800 Flatbed Truck. $2,950 OBO. Detroit Diesel 8.2L runs ex c e l l e n t , 1 r e b u i l d , 342,000 miles, 26,000# Gross, Allison automatic transmission, 18’ bed in excellent condition, air brakes, dual diesel tanks, tires 75%, Pintle hinge, Glad hand air to rear, Ratchet straps with straps. Call Tina at 253709-7519 or email

Tents & Travel Trailers


WANTED: MOTOR Home or travel trailer. Must be clean. Looking to buy asap. Must be reasonable. Call 253-470-6542


Free Pick up 253-335-3932 Find what you need 24 hours a day.


30’ WINNEBAGO Class A, 1994. Excellent condit i o n i n a n d o u t . N ew tires, low miles. Walk around queen bed. Couch bed with dining t a bl e s i n m a i n a r e a . Roomy bath and shower. Microwave, 4 burner range and oven, 2 way refrigerator and freezer. Must see! $13,500. Call 360-733-2931 Bellingham 33’ NEWMAR Dutch Star, 2000. V-10 Ford Engine. Super slide, split bath, twin beds, 2 solar panels, 2 air conditioners, 5500 watt generator, hydraulic jacks. No pets, never smoked in. Very clean, always gara g e d . $ 3 5 , 0 0 0 O B O. Call 253-833-6421

YOUR DREAM BUILDING AT THE BEST PRICE... GUARANTEED! • Garages • Shops • Carports • Barns • RV Covers • Custom Designs See Our “Special Offers” @

2 Car Garage

Buildings Can Be Customized Just The Way You Want!

w/Hardi Siding & Cedar Gable

3 Story 60’x66’

Ark Custom Buildings, Inc. Our reputation, quality & service can’t be matched!

Call For FREE Estimate Lic# ARKCUBI991J1 [19]

Auto Service/Parts/ Accessories


Think Inside the Box

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Vehicles Wanted

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A One Japanese Engines: 3colx2” ~LPW-MikeWilson#7405~ #737941 rr

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Prices subject to change without notice.

We are community & daily newspapers in these Western Washington Locations: • King County • Kitsap County • Clallam County • Jefferson County • Okanogan County • Pierce County • Island County • San Juan County • Snohomish County • Whatcom County Sound Publishing is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE) and strongly supports diversity in the workplace. We offer a great work environment with opportunity for advancement along with a competitive benefits package including health insurance, paid time off (vacation, sick, and holidays), and 401k.

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Current Employment Opportunities at SALES CONSULTANT Tired of working nights or weekends? Looking for an exciting career in Sales? Sound Publishing, Inc. has an immediate opening for an Advertising Sales Consultant with the Bellevue Reporter. The ideal candidates will demonstrate strong interpersonal skills, both written and oral, and have excellent communications skills; must be motivated and take the initiative to sell multiple media products including on-line advertising and special products, work with existing customers and find ways to grow sales and income with new prospective clients. Sales experience necessary; Print media experience is a definite asset. Must be computer-proficient with data processing and spreadsheets as well as utilizing the Internet. Position requires use of personal cell phone and vehicle, possession of valid WA State Driver’s License and proof of active vehicle insurance. Compensation includes salary plus commission and we offer a competitive benefits package including health insurance, paid time off (vacation, sick, and holidays), and 401K retirement plan. If you’re interested in joining our team and working for the leading independent newspaper publisher in Washington State, then we want to hear from you! Email us your cover letter and resume to: or mail to: Sound Publishing, Inc., 19426 68th Avenue S. Kent, WA 98032, ATTN: HR/BLVU

- Everett

• General Worker - Everett For a list of our most current job openings and to learn more about us visit our website:

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Friday, September 6, 2013




Friday, Sept 6 • 8pM 21 AND OVER

Sunday, Sept 8 • 7pM Snoqualmie Casino has the music, comedy, and entertainment you crave. All at an elevation where dull cannot exist.



Issaquah/Sammamish Reporter, September 06, 2013  

September 06, 2013 edition of the Issaquah/Sammamish Reporter

Issaquah/Sammamish Reporter, September 06, 2013  

September 06, 2013 edition of the Issaquah/Sammamish Reporter