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Friday, August 2, 2013

On alert


Neighbors want pitbull mix removed after it kills small dog

Once healthy and vibrant, 48-year-old Evan Schrier falls victim to dementia





or five years Evan Schrier, now 48, and his wife, Allyson Schrier, were told Evan had ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). This misdiagnosis, and Evan’s behavior, threw the entire family into a rabbit hole they never expected.

A new retaining wall was needed at their Fall City home, and Evan showed no interest in the project. While she and the boys, with help from neighbors, shoveled heavy rock, Evan stayed inside. Allyson’s anger at his perceived laziness was building up inside. On Christmas Eve 2010, Evan’s parents flew in for the holiday from Rhode Island. “They were in denial,” Allyson said.

Tammy Hessler was walking her four-year-old toy poodle Friday night, July 26, on a leash, when a mixed breed dog, thought to be a pit bull, also on a leash but without a muzzle, lunged at the poodle, inflicting one deadly bite into the dog’s lungs and stomach. The poodle, Jackson, died from his wound said Eric Swansen, operations manager for regional animal services. Swansen said the pit bull, owned by Christina Hart, was being led by a young boy. “We are still investigating,” Swansen said. Swansen said an initial news story that appeared on KING 5 surprised him, because a report hadn’t been made. He said Hessler reported it Monday morning. “She was very distraught,” he said. Neighbor Cassandra Miles said she heard screaming when the attack occurred. “By the time I got out there the dog was dead,” Miles said of Jackson. Miles said the pit bull is usually muzzled. Miles said Hessler is very distraught, but she wishes no ill will on Hart. She said Hart is very interested in animal rescue, and has a big heart. “She (Hart) wants this dog to live, but it’s not okay for a dog to die of an inhumane act so this dog can be saved,” Miles said. It was initially reported by KING 5 that the pit bull was startled as it came face-to-face with the poodle, but Miles said the pit bull was five houses down the street when it spotted Jackson and headed for




Most people associate dementia and Alzheimer’s disease with those of very advanced age. But Evan Schrier’s story blows that theory to pieces. He has frontal temporal dementia, or Pick’s disease, one of the most misunderstood and misdiagnosed of the dementias. There is no cure. Evan was a bright, engaged software engineer with Microsoft when, in 2002, he decided to pursue his Ph.D. in computer science. He was 37 at the time. Six years into the program he was realizing that he couldn’t write a paper. He was missing deadlines on projects, which Allyson said was very uncharacteristic. He couldn’t solve problems, so he abandoned the Ph.D. program. “He was pretty freaked out,” Allyson said. “Like, why can’t I get this done?” He also had been a very engaged dad to the couple’s two sons, Ari, now 16, and Eli, 14. But he started to ignore the boys when he came home from work, preferring to play computer games instead. Gradually he lost interest in the things he loved — kayaking, rafting, backpacking — all the things he and Allyson enjoyed doing together. In 2006 a psychiatrist diagnosed Evan with ADHD. He went back to Microsoft, but six months into the job it wasn’t working because he was tasked with research and writing papers, the very same thing that forced him to drop out of the Ph.D. program at the University of Washington. Allyson said he took a year off while they experimented with different drugs for ADHD. He landed another job, which he was very excited about, with a gaming company called Sucker Punch Productions. By 2009 to 2010, Allyson began to notice social changes. Normally very social and

Allyson Schrier is taking care of her 48-year-old husband, Evan Schrier, who has frontal temporal dementia (FTD), or Pick’s disease, an often overlooked or misdiagnosed form of dementia. LINDA BALL, Issaquah & Sammamish Reporter

PANEL DISCUSSION Monday, Aug. 5, from 9-11 a.m. Allyson will be part of a panel at an Alzheimer’s Association Town Hall meeting on the disease at Swedish Hospital in Issaquah. KOMO news radio’s ConsumerMan Herb Weisbaum will moderate. The panel will highlight and solicit feedback on public policy initiatives, an Alzheimer’s disease plan for Washington state and more. Visit to learn more. outgoing, Evan began to disengage. His friends felt he was angry with them because he was so terse. Within a year, Sucker Punch let him go, which he blamed on the ADHD medications which he said “agitated him.” Allyson said Microsoft took him back in June 2010, but within three months he was complaining that people didn’t respect him. “Things were getting really muddy at home,” she said.

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Friday, August 2, 2013


AUGUST 10 - 11 th




OF THE SUMMER sale pricing celebrated at all locations

Chalk this way

Dozens of kids turned out Tuesday to participate in Issaquah’s annual Chalk Art Festival. The free event, sponsored by the Issaquah Arts Commission, ran from noon to 5 p.m. on the sidewalks in front of the Issaquah Community Center. “This is just awesome,” said Sammamish resident Jeannine Pound, who brought her three girls to the event for the first time. At the end of the day, top participants from various age categories were awarded prizes for their work. Designs this year ranged from cult heroes like Super Mario and Simba from the “Lion King” to abstract creations.

Anjali Patel, above, takes a moment to admire her lady bug design Tuesday. Left, a tropical island and Simba from the ‘Lion King’ were two of the many designs displayed during Issaquah’s annual Chalk Art Festival. KEVIN ENDEJAN, Issaquah & Sammamish Reporter

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Let us help you plan healthy meals for your family. Our goal is to offer meal planning, cooking tips and prepared items so even the beginner can cook successfully at home. Fischer Meats wants your family to enjoy a wholesome home-cooked meal and reap the benefits of making healthier choices.

Open Mon - Sat: 9:00am - 6:00pm

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Zoe Pound, 7, intently works on her chalk design Tuesday in front of the Issaquah Community Center. KEVIN ENDEJAN, Issaquah & Sammamish Reporter

Friday, August 2, 2013



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Sammamish Heritage Society receives $8K grant The Sammamish Heritage Society recently was awarded a grant of $8,000 from the 2013 Landmarks Capital program funded by King County 4culture for the Reard-Freed house located in Big Rock Park. The grant, designated for Sammamish’s only landmarked property, is funded with revenues derived from lodging taxes. With the state’s passage of the biennial budget recently, the Heritage Society also T:4.8”

is assured of receiving a $40,000 grant from the Heritage Capital Projects Fund which will be used to begin work on the porch which was removed in the original move of the house in 2001. The addition of these two grants and donated materials to complete the exterior painting of the house brings the total amount raised by the volunteer group for the restoration of the Reard-Freed house to over $150,000.

Steve Pennington, Steve’s Doughnuts serves up donuts July 25 during Issaquah’s 25th annual Wine, Chocolate and All that Jazz. WILLIAM SHAW, Issaquah & Sammamish Reporter




him. Miles said Hart has another pit bull she rescued that isn’t as aggressive. Swansen said Hart has retained an attorney. The Highlands has covenants, conditions and restrictions (CCRs) that lay out a set of rules. It is his understanding that the homeowner’s association wants animal services to weigh in on the attack. Rachel Garrett, Director of Community Operations for the Issaquah Highlands Community Association said the association is waiting for animal services to finish its investigation. She said the governing documents do include a breed restriction which prohibits pit bulls, any dog registered as a pit bull or Staffordshire Terrier, or has the look of the breed. “We have every intention of enforcing the governing documents,” Garrett said. However, animal services is having no luck talking to Hart. “She has not told her side of the story yet,” he said. “We need a statement.” He said the dog is still in Hart’s home. Swansen said it’s important to report a bite immediately as it is often a matter of safety and health. He said if it’s life-threatening call 9-1-1 to get aid and the police to the scene. Swanson said neither animal is licensed in this case. If they were, it would make it easier to track incidents such as this, or if your dog is lost, they have the records which can help locate the animal.

Licensing your pet is easy and gives your pet an inexpensive insurance policy for its safety and protection. Plus, it is the law. Contact regional animal services at 206-296-2712 or email petlicense@ for more information. To report an aggressive animal or an attack, call 206-296-PETS (7387) or email If you are experiencing a life-threatening animalrelated emergency, call 9-1-1.

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“Neighbors don’t feel safe with this dog in the neighborhood,” Swansen said. Miles said the dog has attacked other dogs twice before – none of it reported. Swanson said public safety is the service’s priority. “Some of these behaviors are dangerous,” he said. “Our animal control officers know animal behavior very, very well. We have some level of presumption when an animal bites a human that rabies are a possibility, so we may have to quarantine an animal. Rabies is 100 percent fatal.” Once the investigation is completed, animal services will issue a notice of violation. He said any time a dog is involved in a vicious attack, the animal can be ordered removed from the home. “This isn’t the right neighborhood for this,” Miles said. “If she had a farm with 10 acres it would be better.”

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Friday, August 2, 2013

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NEWS NOTES Microsoft, baseball and Sir Paul at Safeco


bservers were harsh recently when one of them described as “an absolute abomination” a large entity’s economic news. No, it wasn’t Detroit going bankrupt, but Microsoft reporting its quarterly financials. The company missed analysts’ expectations on quarterly revenue and earnings per share. So, how bad is bad? Microsoft earned only $19.9 billion in the quarter and only had a profit of $4.97 billion. Only? Analysts expected more, but we’re still talking billions in revenue and profits – staggering large numbers. So, no need yet for Wall Street stockbrokers to leap from their buildings or contemplate selling apples on the street corner.


ormer National League MVP Ryan Braun made the right choice when he accepted a penalty for being tied to a Florida clinic accused of distributing performance-enhancing drugs. Braun is suspended for the rest of the season and the postseason, costing him about $3 million of his $8.5 million salary. Another dozen or so baseball players – including former Mariner Alex Rodriguez – have been targeted by Major League Baseball following a report they had been connected with Biogenesis of America, a now-closed anti-aging clinic. Will they all own up as well as Braun? Let’s hope.


rom all reports, Paul McCartney’s concert July 19 at Safeco Field wowed the 47,000 people in the stands with a three-hour set of mostly Beatles songs. Not bad for a 71-year-old playing a lot of “oldies but goodies.” – Craig Groshart, Issaquah & Sammamish Reporter


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Washington’s high cost of doing business


ov. Jay Inslee was in New York for the world rollout of BMW’s new electric car, the BMW i3, which is partially built in Washington. We are all justifiably proud of our state’s role and see the car as a harbinger of Washington’s economic future. The BMW i3 features parts made from carbon fiber Don Brunell processed at the SGL plant in Moses Lake. The $100 million SGL plant is located in Moses Lake largely because of affordable energy from hydropower and tax incentives that encourage companies to locate in rural areas. SGL employs 80 people and we

hope that number will grow. But that growth is not assured. SGL would like to expand its Moses Lake facility, but the tax incentive that helped convince the company to locate there has expired. That puts a microscope on other factors that make Washington a high-cost state in which to do business. For example, workers’ compensation, an insurance program for workers injured on the job. Washington, has the highest workers’ comp benefits in the nation. Another big cost driver for Washington employers is unemployment insurance (UI). Our state’s top manufacturer, The Boeing Company, is dealing with many of these issues. Asked about recent job cuts and future job prospects, Boeing’s chief financial officer, Greg Smith, says the company is focusing on growing jobs

elsewhere, in lower-cost regions of the country. Perhaps it is time to build on the success of tax incentives that convince employers to locate in Washington by offering similar incentives to existing employers to expand and add jobs here. Employers need a consistent and predictable tax and regulatory environment to make long-term plans. Similarly, state lawmakers should constantly reassess the impacts of business costs in Washington and ensure that we offer competitive advantages to employers. Washington state has many attributes that attract new employers to our beautiful state. The challenge may be convincing them to stay here.


amendment is wrong and could hurt us all. Rep. Reichert, please work with your Washington colleagues to strike the harmful King language from the final version of the farm bill.

such a desirable place to live and raise families. We are proud to partner with dozens of other organizations in supporting the levy to preserve, protect and maintain the county’s 200 parks and wildlife habitats. An estimated 90 percent of King County citizens are served by the regional trail system. A “yes” vote is a worthwhile investment to help assure future generations will be able to enjoy King County’s 26,000 acres of parks, trails and open spaces. Joan Probala is 2013 president, Seattle KingCounty Realtors. She works for Windermere Real Estate East, Issaquah

FARM BILL HAS FLAW The House version of the farm bill, which Rep. Dave Reichert sadly voted yes on, includes a potentially devastating provision authored by Republican Rep. Steve King of Iowa. The provision, if included in the final version of the farm bill, will nullify long-standing, vital state legislation created to protect our animals from abuse, our people from food safety violations, and our environment from agriculture-related pollution. This

Stephanie Kuwasaki, Sammamish

INVEST IN PARKS The Seattle KingCounty Realtors urge voters to join us in voting “yes” on Proposition 1 for King County parks. Like other citizens, Realtors and the customers and clients we serve treasure the waterways, trails, parks and open spaces that make King County

Don Brunell is the president of the Association of Washington Business.

Friday, August 2, 2013


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REPORTER Q/A | Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson The Reporter recently sat down with Washington Attorney General BOB FERGUSON to discuss his perspective on goals, challenges in consumer protection, privacy and more.

Bob Ferguson: My father was a veteran. Both my grandfathers, and my great-great-grandfather, were veterans. I’m from a large family. All my uncles served in World War II. Fortunately, they all returned home. I’ve always had strong views about veterans issues, about mental health issues related to vets, the disproportionate number of homeless who are vets and job training. On the King County Council, I got very involved in veterans issues, and proposed the Veterans and Human Services Levy, which voters approved in 2005. I wrote it, I proposed it. One thing I did in taking office was seeing what we do, currently, in the AG’s office around veterans. The answer was ‘not a whole lot.’ We changed that. We have a robust web presence. We’re about to go public with resource guides related to veterans’ legal rights. We want to make sure we’re educating veterans. When someone calls in with a consumer complaint, one question we ask is, ‘Are you a veteran?’ We want to know that, and be able to track cases that are targeting vets. Veterans (and) active-duty (service-people) have

Many scams often have similar aspects. During the summer months, when the weather is good, you see folks come to your door, offering services (and) contractors coming by, offering a great deal. Folks should always go our webpage to get information about the person at their door. Any deal that seems too good to be true, usually is.

certain rights other folks don’t.


You’ve been working with Google on privacy concerns. What are your thoughts about privacy in the digital age? I joined 22 other attorney generals in writing a letter to Google. Google changed its privacy controls, but didn’t notify folks, giving them the chance to opt out or adjust their privacy settings. (That change) shouldn’t happen automatically. (Residents) should have the chance to weigh in and have the settings they want to protect their data as they move through the internet. Technology is moving at a rapid rate. In our office, we have to work hard to keep up with that, and protect customers. It’s our job and responsibility to hold powerful interests accountable who don’t play by the rules. The average Washingtonian can’t afford a high-priced lawyer. We’re the advocate for the people.


Why did the state file suit against Arlene’s Flowers, the Tri-Cities business that refused to serve a gay customer?


Under our consumer protection laws, we have broad authority to make sure businesses follow our laws. Our law against

Bob Ferguson discrimination has a group of protected classes. You can’t discriminate on the basis of race or religion. In 2006, the Legislature added sexual orientation as a protected class. In our view, it’s clear the owner discriminated against an individual because of his sexual orientation: He wanted flowers for his same-sex wedding. We are confident this case will end up in the state’s Supreme Court and that we’ll prevail. Often with a small business, when we think they’re violating our consumer protection laws, we’ll send them a letter. We did that in this case. All (the owner) had to do was agree not to refuse such service in the future. She didn’t have to admit she did anything wrong. She decided to contest it. That’s her right ... I do feel our argument is very strong.

Issaquah transit center to be included in pilot program BY LINDA BALL LBALL@ISSAQUAHREPORTER.COM

The Sound Transit board of directors has approved a pilot program to test the use of parking permits in four of its parkand-ride facilities, including Issaquah’s transit center. The voluntary program, set to begin in 2014, would guarantee users of the parking lot a space for a fee of $5 per quarter for high occupancy vehicles, and $33 per quarter for single occupancy vehicles. The program would allow for 10 percent of spaces to be set aside initially, perhaps 20 percent later. According to Sound Transit, as of May 2013, 13 of 23 Sound Transit-operated customer parking facilities were at or above 90 percent capacity. Demand for park-and-ride spaces will continue to increase as transit service expands and regional population and employment grow. Sound Transit currently manages more than 13,000 parking spaces. By 2020

Correction Last week’s front-page story “Smiles Abound: Challenge Races bring happiness to Issaquah streets for 16th straight year,”

that number is expected to exceed 19,000 parking spaces. “Sound Transit has had concerns over parking for a number of years,” said Sound Transit board member and Issaquah City Council member Fred Butler. “Part of our concern is that we know that a lot of nontransit users use the park and ride lots. This gives transit users the right to have a guaranteed spot.” Butler said people will meet at a park and ride facility, then take off together in one vehicle, never using mass transit at all. Sound Transit also is looking at installing technology that lets motorists know how many, if any, spaces are available in a given lot. This will hopefully cut down on people circling a parking lot searching for an available space Butler said the Sound Transit Board still has some implementing decisions to make. Staff writer Linda Ball can be reached at 425-391-0363, ext. 5052.

left out mention of the Issaquah Rotary Club’s contribution. Rotary has sponsored the event, along with the Life Enrichment Options, the last 16 years.


What do the latest round of state budget cuts mean for your office?

Everybody’s got to do more with less. But to be candid, those cuts have real impacts. I don’t intend to scale back our customer protection efforts. If anything, we should be enhancing those. In a conversation with state legislators, I said, ‘I’m about to hand you a (settlement) check for $5.5 million. Just leave me $2 million.’ They said no. That’s frustrating. (The Attorney General’s) Consumer Protection (Division) brings in millions to the state for education campaigns, for folks to avoid being scammed. Tens of millions of dollars went to organizations that help keep people in their homes. One case generated more money for the state general fund than the state gave to the entire

Consumer Protection Division. Salaries were frozen for our attorneys for a number of years. A first-year attorney makes $50,000. A second-year, third-, fourth-, fifth-, sixth-year attorney makes $50,000 a year. You have a challenge recruiting and retaining the top talent with that system. Our attorneys handle huge tort cases, where the state is being sued for millions. You have to have good attorneys. We’re losing attorneys all the time. Thankfully, the freeze was eliminated this year. Addressing it is tough when our budget is being cut, but I felt something has to be done, because it’ll ultimately cost the state more, as well as being unfair to those who are working extremely hard.


What else are you proud of?

We’ve got 266 people civilly committed at McNeil Island. These individuals are the worst of the worst sexually violent predators. Every year, they come up with the possibility of being released. So we work to keep folks civilly committed. This year, we had 17 cases for recommitment. We have been successful in 16 of those. There are sensitive constitutional issues at play. We take seriously the responsibility to protect the public. We’re taking a look at what we can do, so that the legislature gives us the proper tools to ensure the worst of the worst stay civilly committed.

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You’ve made helping veterans a priority. What are you doing to serve Washington vets?


What are the latest scams that residents should watch out for?

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Friday, August 2, 2013

School districts to use technology to manage busses

Issaquah Mayor Ava Frisinger (right) sports a green shirt and necklace at the ribbon cutting ceremony July 24, for two-plus acres of newly acquired park land. The park will be part of the “green necklace,” a series of parks that will encircle greater Issaquah. Also in the photograp are Issaquah Parks & Recreation Director Anne McGill and Issaquah City Council member Joe Forkner. LINDA BALL, Issaquah & Sammamish Reporter

Issaquah acquires 2-plusacre tract for open space A corner parcel at Northwest Juniper Street and Fifth Avenue N in Issaquah, that was once a tangle of blackberries, is now the latest addition to park land to be included in the city’s “green necklace” vision. The green necklace is a series of parks that will circle around Issaquah. The piece abuts the main stem of Issaquah Creek and is kitty-corner from Duke Berntsen Park, also on the creek. Duke Berntsen was the first fire chief in Issaquah. The city purchased the parcel for

Issaquah Highlands 1052 NE Park Dr Issaquah, WA

$850,000 from Darren Pritt with money from a King County Conservation Futures Grant. Pritt’s mother, Julia Pritt, donated land to start what is now being called the Confluence Park. The new park doesn’t have a name yet. The mayor will appoint a parks naming committee this fall, as the parks department has several new parks to name. Anne McGill, director of parks for the city, said it will be a passive park, not intended for sports or a playground.

The Issaquah and Lake Washington school districts will use Radio Frequency Identification technology from Zonar Systems and AT&T the next school year to improve management of their school buses. Using RFID tags at inspection zones throughout the bus, the system provides realtime data to the districts, which will enable them to conduct accurate preand post-trip inspections. The information allows mechanics to see problems and fix them in a cost-effective manner. On-board telematics


Who’s making news in Issaquah & Sammamish ■ Erika Speckhardt of Issaquah has received $2,500 BECU scholarships for the 2013-14 school year. The scholarship rewards exceptional community service by graduating high school seniors and undergraduate students. Speckhardt, a former student at Issaquah High


A worker demonstrates Radio Frequency Identification technology on busses. COURTESY PHOTO also capture fuel efficiency, number of stops,

vehicle speeds, route maps, and idle times.

School, participated in a 10-day humanitarian aid service project in Romania where teenagers came together from many different backgrounds, beliefs and nationalities to serve the underprivileged. She attends Seattle University.

and a graduate of Issaquah High School.

■ Sarah Greenhall of Issaquah has been named to the dean’s list for spring 2013 semester at Franklin & Marshall College. She is the daughter of Mark Greenhall and Kim Greenhall, Issaquah,

425-369-8445 812872

Mon–Thu: 11am–9pm Fri & Sat: 11am–10pm Sun: 2pm–9pm

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■ Gerald Williamson and Mrs. Jacqueline Williamson, both of Saginaw, Mich., announce the engagement of their daughter, Kathleen, to Peter Hutton. He is the son of Paul Hutton and Nancy Hutton, both of Issaquah. The bride-to-be has a doctorate in physical education from the University of Michigan. The groom-to-be is a 2003 graduate of Skyline High School and has a BA in business management from Washington State University. The couple plan to be married at the Monte Villa Farmhouse in Bothell on Sept. 14, 2013. They reside in Sammamish. ■ Elizabeth Backus of Issaquah has been awarded a Blue Ribbon by Just A Pinch Recipes. She won for her “My Party Pork Roasted Carnitas.” “This is a great party meal to feed a few or a large crowd,” Backus said. “Growing up in a large family, buffet style is how we went about feeding a hungry flock. For every birthday, holiday or special occasion this recipe will leave you satisfied.” Backus’ dish was fullflavored and easy to prepare, according to Just A Pinch Food Editor Janet Tharpe. Selected dishes are prepared in the Just A Pinch test kitchen. If the dish is delicious enough it is awarded a Blue Ribbon.

Friday, August 2, 2013


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What to do about the skate park? The Blotter Issaquah’s skate park sits low between 2nd Avenue and the Rainier Trail. LINDA


On a warm weekday afternoon, a 19-year-old Issaquah man sat on his skateboard outside the Issaquah Skateboard Park, taking a break before leaving for work. He actually uses the park for the purpose of skating. Yet the park has become notorious for not-so-savory activity after dark — a secluded haven for drug use and homeless youths. “I feel like most of the people who do drugs down here don’t use the skate park,” the young man, who did not want to be identified, said. With it’s secluded location, adjacent to the Rainier Trail, between Issaquah Middle School and Issaquah and Tiger Mountain High Schools, he said it draws kids from both sides and has become a common meeting ground. Although hard drug use has been identified in the area of the skateboard park, the young man said he was only aware of pot smoking. A survey of Issaquah residents identified need for a parks bond, but constructing a new skate park somewhere else and repurposing the existing site didn’t make the cut on the $10 million bond which will appear on the November ballot. According to a new proposal created specifically to address the skate park, the city estimates the cost to build a new park and get rid of the existing one will be approximately $350,000. The bill states there are funding sources available through the park mitigation fund, ($200,000), and the real estate excise fund, ($150,000). The bill says if council approves funding, it would move forward with public outreach/input for ideas on where to locate a new skateboard park, and to talk about appropriate amenities for the project. At the July 1 city council meeting, there was plenty of testimony about the scourge that is the skate park. Anne Moore, who is on the Issaquah School District’s board of directors

BALL, Issaquah & Sammamish Reporter

asked for it to be a priority on the parks bond. She has two children who attend IHS with one who walks to Village Theater from IHS who is uncomfortable walking through the area. In comparison, the Sammamish skateboard park is right next to city hall, in a bright, lighted area. A Sammamish couple who testified at that same meeting said they were “horrified” by the Issaquah skateboard park. A downtown Issaquah resident said there was a “very interesting culture” near the skate park. He said the skate park has the feel of a deserted building on a bad street. Judy Brewer is the treasurer of the Issaquah Community Network. ICN’s Drug Free Community Coalition was formed in Sept. 2011, and Brewer said the skate park was the first major project the coalition identified. Members of the coalition were told about the problem by students who had volunteered to be a part of the group. “They spoke very frankly about it,” Brewer said. Brewer said they were shocked that the skate park wasn’t included in the park bond. “I’m not going to throw stones, but this is something we’ve vocalized for some time,” Brewer said. “We were not aware of the public meeting at Pickering Barn (to identify park needs).” She said the Friday night before the July 1 city council meeting, knowing the skate park wasn’t recommended to be a part of the bond, they gathered over 240 signatures on a petition to relocate the skate park. “This is a top priority for us in our

action plan,” Brewer said. She said when the skate park was built, she believes the city didn’t want it to be that visible. “Somewhere after 2002, something changed that was not present in the 90s,” Brewer said. “We’re in a very different time now.” A time that now includes a shift to the use of heroin becoming popular again, as a result of the increased availability of opioids such as OxyContin. But they are expensive and hard to get. Heroin is cheaper and easy to get. In April, the coalition held a spring clean event at the skate park and Rainier Trail, clearing 20 bags of garbage that included beer and alcohol bottles, drug paraphernalia and hypodermic needles. In May, it launched the Rainier Trail Walk-Around program. There are now 25 adult volunteers who walk the trail in pairs. Funding for the walker’s training was from a King County grant. If the city council approves funding, which could happen at its Sept. 3 meeting, after establishing a Citizen’s Advisory Board and holding a series of public meetings among other things, a new skate park could become a reality. Brewer said she thinks the Issaquah School District might even have some money to move the project along. Notes from the services and safety committee meeting July 17 mentions the possibility of partnering with ISD to see if there are potential sites on any of ISD’s properties. “I will be so surprised if the city doesn’t step up,” Brewer said.

Police reports from Issaquah and Sammamish


The following information was compiled from Sammamish & Issaquah police reports:

CAN’T HOLD IT A caller reported an intoxicated man urinating in the bushes near an Issaquah fast food drivethrough about 10 p.m., July 21. Police contacted the man, who was sitting in the passenger seat of a vehicle in the 5500 block of East Lake Sammamish Parkway Southeast. The suspect was accompanied by his sober father, who was driving. The man admitted to urinating in the bushes as he urgently needed to go and couldn’t use the restaurant because the inside portion was closed. He was warned for his behavior.

NO CRACK HERE Issaquah police were dispatched to a call July 23 of a male and a female possibly using a crack pipe. The caller said they were “tripping.” When police arrived in the 1400 block of Gilman Boulevard they contacted the suspects who indicated they were using an electronic cigarette. They showed officers the device.

PEPSI MAX, NOW Police responded to a call July 20 of a man knocking on his neigh-

bor’s doors because he had run out of Pepsi Max and he needed someone to go to the store and restock. The man indicated he needed Pepsi Max for energy because he had several things to do over the weekend.

POLICE CONFRONTATION Sammamish police were forced to deal with an unruly man July 14 after his son was in the process of being taken to jail for being a minor in possession at a Sammamish city park. Just as officers were preparing to take the 19-year-old from the Sammamish Landing, a man waved down officers and stepped in front of their vehicle. He became very animated and told officers he was a member of the Washington State Patrol for 17 years and that “WSP doesn’t take MIPs to jail.” The 52-year-old Sammamish man put himself in position between the officer’s door so he couldn’t shut it. He was told to back away. He continued to rant and it appeared to the reporting officer as though he wanted Sammamish police to change their decision in the case involving the man’s son. At no time did the man become physical.

TREE VANDALS A Sammamish man called police July 14 to report someone broke off the base of two of the four apple trees he had recently planted in the 3500 block of 223rd Avenue Southeast. It appeared as if someone kicked the trees and broke them.


HARTMAN PARK, REDMOND 13U & 14U JULY 27, 2013 - 4:30 TO 6:30PM JULY 28, 2013 - 4:30 TO 6:30PM AUG 3, 2013 - 4:30 TO 6:30PM AUG 4, 2013 - 4:30 TO 6:30PM




w w w. n w t r u ck s h ow. c o m

15U & 16U

JULY 27, 2013 - 5:45 TO 7:30PM JULY 28, 2013 - 5:45 TO 7:30PM AUG 3, 2013 - 5:45 TO 7:30PM AUG 4, 2013 - 5:45 TO 7:30PM

Les Dow



Pre-register 2014:



Advertise GO STATEWIDE OR TARGET A REGION. Your Auction in 102 Community Newspapers and Reach 2.8 Million Local Readers.* *BASED ON STATEWIDE SURVEYS SHOWING 2.3 PEOPLE READ EACH






Page 8



cooking, cleaning — everything — so she decided to go for a walk. “I came back and his car was gone,” she said. “Six hours later, as I was serving dinner he showed up.” She said she cornered him at the door and asked where he’d been. She was astonished to learn that he’d been at the Microsoft office printing out “Dungeons and Dragons,” because he didn’t want to do it on his home computer — on Christmas Eve. By the spring of 2011, Allyson said she knew something was very, very wrong. She knew he was going to lose his job at Microsoft since he was choosing to be belligerent and disengage at work. He would swear loudly at his computer and in front of the kids. By the fall of 2011, Allyson knew they were going to have to sell their home. The first place she lived when she moved west from Connecticut was Issaquah, so she found an apartment in town. She and the boys moved, but Evan chose to stay on the 10 acres in Fall City with their large dog. With a background in technology as well, Allyson was looking for work, but Evan wasn’t. “He came to the apartment every night for dinner, and we spent the weekends at the Fall City house,” she said. At a party a short time later, he blew a gasket because he couldn’t get his boots on when they were leaving. It turned out he was trying to put on someone else’s boots that looked like his, but were much smaller. She had to calm him down, as he was making quite a scene. At that point, in the fall of 2011, she laid out his behavior to her therapist, who recommended that they see Dr. Ileana Calinoiu. Both Evan and Allyson went to see Calinoiu who said this was not ADHD. On the list of possibilities was Pick’s disease. “I researched it and cried and cried,” Allyson said. “I recognized it.” A PET scan revealed the truth. There were holes in his brain. With FTD, or Pick’s, his short-term and long-term memory are fine. “Imagine a road map but someone has erased the roads,” Allyson said. That’s how it is. He can’t get from A to B. Now, she said, he’s like a little kid. When he speaks it’s as though he has marbles in his

mouth. He can’t read books unless he’s read them before — and he can’t write, spell, do math or play computer games. He moved into the apartment, they sold the house in Fall City and found a home to buy in Issaquah close-in so Evan can walk to parks and downtown. The home is also right across the street from a Squak Mountain trail head. Ari and Eli didn’t go to school for weeks when the diagnosis of FTD came, but Ari is enrolled in Running Start for the fall and Eli will attend Issaquah High School. An adult care facility is probably in the future, but right now Allyson does have a friend helping at home. “We have amazing friends,” she said. “One takes him to lunch every Thursday, and he has a guy’s night out once a month. Evan is my hero. He is trying so hard to be a partner to me. And he is trying so hard to be the dad he knows that our boys deserve. He is very sad that he can no longer work, but he continues to do tae kwon do, he works out at the gym, he joins me for walks in the woods, and he helps to the best of his abilities with whatever projects need to be done. His disease prevents him from comprehending the ways in which he is impaired, so he feels pretty normal.” She considers his diagnosis a blessing because she carried so much anger for so many years, but once she knew he had FTD sadness replaced the anger. “It allowed me to go back to why I loved him in the first place,” she said. His doctor, Soo Borsen has retired, so in the fall Evan will have a new doctor. But he is part of a study at the University of California San Francisco, and has already donated his brain to the study when he dies. Allyson and Evan will travel back to San Francisco in the fall for another PET scan, and that will tell them how much and how fast he is regressing. “His doctor said he is a big, healthy guy so he could be around another 10-15 years, but half of that he’ll be in a vegetative state,” Allyson said. Dr. James Leverenz with the University of Washington’s Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center told Allyson that the reason so many people are misdiagnosed is because neurologists are looking for a mass — for a tumor. An earlier correct diagnosis would have saved them both a world of frustration. Staff writer Linda Ball can be reached at 425391-0363, ext. 5052.





Seating opens: 7 pm $5 - live acts | movie trivia | fun Movies @ dusk






Produced by Epic Events - 360.733.2682 -



Kids line up to speak with a Washington State Patrol officer at last year’s “Safe and Sound Sammamish.” FILE PHOTO

Brush up on safety The Plateau will host its annual National Night Out event, “Safe and Sound Sammamish” from 2-5 p.m., Aug. 6 at the Sammamish Commons Plaza next to City Hall. Once a year, people around the country are encouraged to have barbecues, block parties and other social events to solidify the neighborly connections that can serve as a barrier to crime. Sammamish will offer several activities this year, including the viewing of police

vehicles and other displays. Magician Louie Foxx, a two-time Guinness World Record Holder and former contestant on America’s Got Talent, also will perform tricks, while the radio station Disney AM 1250 road crew will be on-site with prizes and interactive entertainment for the whole family. To register a neighborhood for a National Night Out Event visit the Sammamish Citizen Corps website,

Around Town

What’s happening in Issaquah & Sammamish

King County burn ban in effect Due to continued dry weather conditions, King County issued a fire safety burn ban for its unincorporated areas. This is a Phase 1 burn ban, effective July 29, applies to all outdoor burning except for small recreational fires in established fire pits at approved camp grounds or private property with the owner’s permission. Recreational fires must follow specific rules, including being built in a metal or concrete fire pit, grow no larger than 3-feet in diameter, be located near a clear spot free from any vegetation for at least 10 feet in a horizontal direction, be at least 25 feet away from any structure and allow 20-foot vertical clearance from overhanging branches and attended at all times.

Church to give 1,000 backpacks


Friday, August 2, 2013

A huge backpack giveaway and kids activities are all part of a free event Aug. 23 at Eastridge Church in partnership with the Issaquah Food Bank.

The festival, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., will include giving 1,000 backpacks filled with school supplies to needy families. One backpack per child in grades 1-12th. People should preregister by calling the Issaquah Food Bank at 425-392-4123. A limited number of backpacks will be available for those who don’t pre-register. Also a health and wellness fair will feature local organizations that offer resources for families. Eastridge Church is located at 24205 SE Issaquah Fall City Road.

Event helps canine cancer survivors The American Cancer Society will hold its second annual Issaquah Bark for Life on, Saturday Aug. 10. The fundraiser honors canine cancer survivors and caregivers in a festive, dog-friendly environment. Bark for Life will be held from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Issaquah Highlands Bark Park, 2201 NE Natalie Way from. Registration begins at 10:30 a.m. The survivors lap, for dogs and humans, is at

11:30 a.m. There will be contests, pet portraits, raffles and exhibitions. To register in advance visit www.issaquahbark. org. For more information contact Erika Simon at

Church hosts vacation classes “Kingdom Rock, Where Kids Stand Strong for God,” is the theme of Issaquah Christian Church’s vacation Bible school program, from 9 a.m. to noon Aug. 5-9. Cost is $15 and includes a music CD and a special tunic. The program is designed for children age 4 to those who have completed the fifth grade. Registration is at iccweb. org/vbs.html or by calling 425-392-5848. The church is located one-half mile south of Issaquah on Issaquah-Hobart Road SE.

Arts Commission celebrates 10 years The Sammamish Arts Commission celebrated 10 years of existence on July 22. The commission serves as an advisory body to the City Council in matters concerning the promotion and facilitation of public art in the community. It’s mission statement is: “Integrating art and culture to create a sense of place, civic identity, and unique character.”

Friday, August 2, 2013


Sammamish Days

Page 9


August S

30 For

Entertainment Schedule Sat. August 10, 10-2pm 10:00 am Karate West 10:15 am Toymaker 11:00 am Lelavision 12:00 pm Pan Leggo










August Special









Event Sponsors:


1:00 pm Elite Jiu-Jitsu Youth Group 1:20 pm From Within Nucleus 1:35 pm Fabricio Capoeira Food Vendors: • Maximus Minimus- Pulled pork and veggie sandwiches; • Za’a Tar Seattle – Falafel and gyros; • Kettlekorn

30 For $30!


Join either of our Sammamish * locations and your first 30 days are just $30! Come in and experience the best in family health & fitness.

If you are interested in investing in other events at or giving your time, please contact: Dawn Sanders, City of Sammamish Volunteer Coordinator. 425.295.0556 or *Excludes Tennis. Based on a 6 month commitment. Offer expires August 31, 2013.

August Special

30 For $30!


Join either of our Sammamish * locations and your first 30 days are just $30! Come in and experience the best in family health & fitness. *Excludes Tennis. Based on a 6 month commitment. Offer expires August 31, 2013.

Columbia Athletic Clubs – Pine Lake 2930 228th Avenue SE • Sammamish, WA 98075

425-313-0123 Columbia Fitness – Sammamish

Join either of our Sammamish *Join either of our Sammamish locations locations and your first 30 days are just and $30! your first 30 days are just $30! Come in and experience best in family the best in family health & fitness. Come in and the experience health & fitness. * Excludes Tennis and Passport. Based on a 6-month commitment. Offer expires August 31, 2013. *Excludes Tennis. Based on a 6 month commitment. Offer expires August 31, 2013.

Columbia Athletic Clubs – Pine Lake 2930 228th Avenue SE • Sammamish, WA 98075

22840 NE 8th Street, Ste. 105 • Sammamish, WA 98074


Page 10


Friday, August 2, 2013

Saturday, August 10th

Other Events Schedule 9:00 am - 1:00 pm Rotary Challenge Series Race at Discovery Elementary School Join the fun and give support for the 2013 Sammamish Rotary Challenge Series Race. This annual event provides about 24 physically and/or mentally challenged children a chance to race soapbox-derby-style gravity cars down Southeast 24th Street. Community sponsors help finance the event, and extra funds are donated to Life Enrichment Options (, a local nonprofit that assists people with developmental disabilities. The event ends with a picnic and trophy presentations to the racers.

8:00 am Adventure Race to Understand Autism, at Mary Queen of Peace The Adventure Race (approximately 3 miles) will challenge teams to complete tasks throughout Sammamish. Each task is designed to teach individuals about autism. Come with your best running costume and be prepared to have fun for a great cause.

To register visit To view information on past events, visit the Race for Autism blog,

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*$0 down, 0% A.P.R. financing for up to 36 months on purchases of new Kubota equipment is availab

Friday, August 2, 2013

t Only h g ! Ni

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Everything You Need for an Extraordinary Evening ... in One Place for One Price!




Saturday, August 10 • 6:30 pm - 10:00 pm Sammamish Commons

Featuring Jazz Artist Darren Motamedy Signature Entrees from Area Restaurants Wine, Beer & Vodka Art Exhibit by Sammamish Arts Fair Artists

$45 All Inclusive Buy Your Tickets Now!

Building Community One Business at a Time!

What is a Pediatric Dentist?

Live Music Mondays! (Thru the Summer)

After completing dental school, a dentist may choose to become a Pediatric Dentist by going on for two additional years of specialized education and training. They learn how to deal with all aspects of oral healthcare for infants through adolescents, as well as those with special health care needs.

Enjoy Outdoor Seating! (Both Locations)

Dr. John R. Liu Dr. SallySue M. Lombardi Dr. Donna J. Quinby

Call us for Your Child’s First Visit!


185 NE Gilman Blvd. • Issaquah • 425.392.4048


d Early An y p p a H e Lat Hour!


Handcrafted, Local Ingredients • NO Trans Fat or Lard • Sustainable Seafood • Free Range Meats

• Our Very Own Hand Picked Tequila Barrel! • Large Private Party Room in Our Redmond Location!!

42 5. 36 9. 89 00


Pediatric Dentists build a team and set up their offices to be a friendly, fun, and safe environment specifically with children in mind.


Page 12


Friday, August 2, 2013

Look Who’s Coming to Sammamish Nights! William Church

Award Winning Local Sammamish Winery

Winery Convergence Zone Cellars

Live: 4.83" x 6"

Stomani Cellars Twin Cedars Winery QFC Redmond Ridge Winery Chef Lynn Pogacha

Studio Artist: J. WARD

Sammamish Commons

Growlers to Go! Mac & Jack African Amber $9.99 Manny’s Pale Ale $9.99 Lucille IPA $10.99 Huge Selection of Spirits... - Fine Wines - Growlers (12 Taps) - Craft Beers

Production Manager: C. CAPOSINO

- Kegs - Cigar & Cigarettes - Lottery

- Accessories - Ice - Special Order

PLATEAU SPIRITS & WINE 425-836-0222 510 228th Ave NE • Sammamish 98074

Project Manager: J. HARRIS


DPI: 300

6:30pm - 10:00pm $45 all inclusive!

Buy Your Tickets TODAY

Inspected By: Colors: 4/c

Email or call 425-417-8483 for details!


now to next.


Red Sky Winery Sip Red Hook Brewery Sol Stone Agave Cocina Tutta Bella Airfield Estates 005625_SammamishNights_Mech.indd WildFin CoHo Cafe Revision: 1 Created: 7/31/13 Printed @ 100% Client: WM, Inc. Creative Director: Smasne Cellars Fivash Cellars Art Director: Roadhouse Inn Piccola Cellars Bleed: n/a SolaveiCopywriter: Sammamish Cafe Trim: n/a Proofreader: N. TUCKER Alexandria Nicole Project V Distillery

Join us Sunday, August 18, 2013 Sol Stone Summer Sipping Wine Tasting

Saturday August 10

Shen Zen Tea


Rock Meadow Cellars

Building Community One Business at a Time!

Our job is making sure that waste no longer goes to waste. Find out more at

August Back to School Sale

Purchase one pair of glasses and get a

FREE Frame on the second pair!*

Waste Management is proud to partner with the Sammamish Chamber of Commerce to create a zero-waste evening at the 2013 Sammamish Nights. Energy creation. Recycling programs. Closed-loop solutions. Those are just a few of the innovations we’re delivering for customers and communities alike. We live in a world where things can no longer go to waste. That’s why Waste Management is working to ensure that we get the most from our existing resources. It’s good for business and the environment.

602 228TH AVE NE SAMMAMISH 98074 425.836.5352

~ Now Available ~ Online Contact Lens Ordering

©2013 Waste Management, Inc.

005625_SammamishNights_Mech.indd 1

7/31/13 2:34 PM


*A pair of glasses includes frame and prescription lenses, and must include a lens coating.

Friday, August 2, 2013


Page 13

Send news to Josh Suman at

Staying out of trouble On the course with Brian Mogg BY JOSH SUMAN JSUMAN@SOUNDPUBLISHING.COM

Brian Mogg is one of the state’s top prep golfers and is entering his second year in the Bellevue College Running Start program. A member of the Skyline High School golf team, Mogg has made three trips to the state tournament during his time as a prep, finishing in a tie for third place in 2012 and 2013 after a sixth place finish as a freshman. Mogg agreed to spend some time with reporter Josh Suman to break down the game, offer some easy-to-follow tips and provide some insight during this series, which will run throughout the summer. The first installment of the series took a look at playing with pace and patience on the green, one of the most difficult tacts for golfers of all skill levels. This time, Mogg helps explain some of the ways he stays out and gets out of trouble.

Formulate a plan It seems simple enough, but Mogg said before each hole, he plots out his ideal path down the course by first finding his trouble spots. “The first thing I look at is what side I can miss on,” he said. “If there is water left, I want to make sure to miss right to take that out of play.”

Keep the hands quiet Getting the club head square, and keeping it that way through the bottom of the swing can be one of the most frustrating parts of the game. Everyone wants to be able to flex a little muscle with the driver, but Mogg said too much hand motion will cripple that plan before it begins. “The one thing I don’t want is a lot of hand motion, because it gets the club opening and closing,” he said. “When

GET SQUARED UP Mogg says alignment is one of the first things players should be focused on during any stroke, and he has a special tool to help him do the job. He sets a pair of alignment sticks - thin metal sticks that can be purchased at most golf retailers - on either side of his swing path, aimed at the target. “I pick out a foot in front of the ball, and put that in line with where I want to go,” he said.

you get really open on the backswing, you have to flip it over and under pressure it is a lot tougher to control.” Instead of focusing on club face placement, Mogg said keeping alignment in order from the feet up to the shoulders, and keeping the hands quiet, is the key to staying out of trouble off the tee.

Make some lemonade Every round of golf is guaranteed to have a few shots that find the rough or sand trap, but working out of trouble is one of the keys to dropping your score consistently. When Mogg finds himself in the sand or anywhere off the fairway, he said his first task is identification. “If I have a terrible lie, I know I just have to get it out,” he said. “It doesn’t have to be close, I just have to get out of trouble.” Failing to recognize a bad situation can lead to an overaggressive play, but Mogg said when the circumstances are right to go after it, don’t hesitate. “If I have a good lie, I’m trying to get it as close as I can,” he said. “Or even make it.”

Get familiar with the sand Just as is the case on the green, spending some time practicing in the sand can make all the difference. “When you show up to the course, even before you play, hitting shots in the practice bunkers will help you,” Mogg

When Brian Mogg shows up on a course, he first spends time practicing in the sand. ‘Hitting shots in the practice bunkers will help you,’ Mogg says. JOSH SUMAN, ISSAQUAHSAMMAMISH REPORTER

said. Also like greens, sand traps will have a different consistency and makeup depending on the course and weather. Finding out if the sand is hard, soft or sparsely distributed in the bunker can be a big advantage when trouble strikes.

Sports roundup

What’s happening in Issaquah & Sammamish

ELL softball team bows out

The Eastlake Little League Major All-Stars will represent Washington state Aug. 2-9 in San Bernardino, Calif., with a chance of advancing to the Little League World Series.

Eastlake LL begins run in California The Eastlake Little League Baseball AllStars begin their run at a trip to the Little League World Series Aug. 2. The Sammamish team, which lost its first game of the state tournament before rattling off eight straight wins to take the state title July 21, opens the Little League Baseball Northwest Regional Tournament at 9 a.m. against Alaska in San Bernardino, Calif. Eastlake will continue pool play at 5 p.m., Aug. 3 against Wyoming; at 8 p.m.,

Aug. 5 against Montana and at 9 a.m., Aug. 6 against Oregon. The top four teams advance to the semifinals on Aug. 8. The Northwest championship is scheduled for 2 p.m., Aug. 9 and will be broadcast live on ESPN. The winner of the title game moves on to Williamsport, Pa., Aug. 15 for the Little League World Series. All Eastlake’s regional pool games will be broadcast live via the web, on ESPN3 (

The Eastlake Little League Softball All-Stars came up short July 25 in the West Regional in San Bernadino, Calif., finishing pool play 3-2 record. The Sammamish 11and 12-year-olds won their first three games, beating Alaska (11-0), Montana (9-8) and Idaho (11-1). The local team lost its semifinal contest July 24 to Oregon (4-2), before being eliminated by Southern California (4-1). The Eastlake team — coached by Steve Pollis, Don Hines and Steve Olynyk — consisted of Belle deOliveira, Courtney Zaidi, Georgia Robin-

son, Hannah Butterklee, Josie Charles, Kailey Mohamed, Morgan Olynyk, Natalie Guinasso, Regan Hines, Sophia Robinson, Peyton Wright, Ryan Kurtz, Mackenzie Kurtz and Kaitlyn Recob.

Youth Championship Cup at the state level; 926 teams earned a trip to Regionals; 88 teams earned a trip to Nationals; but only 14 teams from U13-U19 were crowned National Champions.

Eastside FC wins national title

Tennis players take titles

Eastside FC, which features four local girls, put their names in the history books July 27 as one of the top youth soccer teams in state history. The 15 girls from the Seattle metro area became the first youth soccer team from Washington to win a U.S. Youth Soccer National Championship since 1996, beating the YMS Xplosion from Pennsylvania 2-1 in Overland Park, Kan. Local girls on the roster include Sammamish residents Cameron Tingey, Alexa Kirton, Molly Monroe and Issaquah’s Kaylene Pang. In all, more than 10,000 teams entered the US

The Columbia Athletic Club’s Pine Lake Traveling Tennis team completed its first tournament July 14, with 14 of 21 players taking home trophies from Spokane. David Wong won the boys 12-year-old singles championship and Lucy Huffman placed second in the girls 16-year-old challenger singles division. The local team consisted of boys and girls aged 10 to 18. Seventeen of the participants were competing in their first United States Tennis Association event. The tournament featured 145 total athletes and was played at two different sites.

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The King County Sheriff ’s department reported that a 31-year-old Issaquah man was arrested Wednesday, July 24, after leaving his 3-month-old son in the car while he shopped at QFC. The car was locked with the windows rolled up. King County Sheriff ’s deputies responded to a 911 call at the shopping center in the 4500 block of Klahanie around 7 p.m. A witness told police she saw the baby in the car in the parking lot — with no one around. The witness went into nearby stores trying to find the owner of the car and had store employees announce the information over the public address system to no response. When police arrived the baby was still in the car. A sergeant immediately grabbed a hammer from his patrol car and knocked out a window to rescue the baby. The baby was lethargic and slow to respond when pulled from the hot car and was taken to Issaquah-Swedish hospital for treatment. The father eventually was located in the QFC. Police believe he left the child in the car for about 20 minutes. He was arrested and booked for second degree child abandonment. Deputies notified child protective services; the child was released to his mother.

Former Issaquah mail carrier sentenced A former Issaquah mail carrier, Annie Y. Wei, was sentenced July 26 to three years on probation and 100 hours of community service for stealing the contents of birthday and condolence cards. She was caught when a postal inspector placed a card on her route and it was found in her purse. Wei pleaded guilty in April of stealing about $500 in gift cards over a six-month period. In a letter to the court, Wei wrote, “I am very sorry for the harm I have caused others. By violating the trust that the people place in me by delivering their mail, I brought shame not only on myself, but on my family as well.” She was sentenced by U.S. Magistrate Judge Brian Tsuchida.


Well-known jazz saxophonist Darren Motamedy and his band will headline Sammamish Nights from 6:30-10 p.m., Saturday, Aug. 10 at the Sammamish Commons. Motamedy, a Northwest native who now lives in Las Vegas, honed his craft in the music rooms of Kentridge High School and Central Washington University. His virtuosity has been recognized by jazz legends with whom he has shared the stage, including Ronnie Laws, Jeff Lorber, Norman Connors and Tom Scott. Motamedy’s twist on smooth jazz has been described as “contemporary urbanville fueled by rhythm.” Presented by the Sammamish Chamber of Commerce, Sammamish Nights brings together restaurants, wineries, breweries, distilleries and a mini art exhibit for an adultsonly night under the stars. “Our event truly is everything you need for an extraordinary evening in one place, for one price,” said Deb Sogge, executive director of the Sammamish Chamber of Commerce. “Our guests love the quality of our featured vendors and the opportunity to enjoy a sophisticated ‘night on the town’ in their own backyard.” All-inclusive tickets to Sammamish Nights are $45 per person and include tastes from 20 wineries, breweries and distilleries, signature entrees from 10 area restaurants, a mini exhibit from Sammamish Arts Fair artists and live music. To purchase tickets, go to

Volunteers needed The city of Sammamish is looking for volunteers for


Place a paid obituary to honor those who have passed away, call Linda at 253.234.3506

its annual Sammamish Days event from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday, Aug. 10 at the Sammamish Commons. Set up is from 8-10 a.m. and includes putting together tents, tables and chairs, helping with decorations and helping sponsors and vendors as needed. Volunteers also will be needed at the info booth from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., for parking from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., and for clean up from 2-5 p.m. Contact Dawn Sanders at 425-295-0556 or dsanders@

Autism Day WA, founded by Sammamish resident Lynn Banki, is scheduled for its 13th annual event, beginning at 11 a.m., Aug. 10 at Jubilee Farm in Carnation. The fun-filled day offers free activities for families and caregivers of people on the autism spectrum. More than 400 people attended the event last summer. The event will include vendors and exhibits specifically designed to serve teenagers and adults who have been diagnosed as autistic.


Things to do in Issaquah and Sammamish Issaquah ArtWalk: 6-9 p.m. Wrap-up of the Menagerie Summer Arts Festival. Several venues up and down Front Street in Historic Olde Town.

8-3 artEAST Art Class: Noon to 5 p.m. Painting in the Spirit of Helen Franken-

thaler, with instructor Gail Baker. $75. Register at Blakely Hall, 2550 NE Park Drive, Issaquah.

8-5 Issaquah City Council: 7 p.m. in council chambers, City Hall South, 135 E. Sunset Way.

8-6 Family Volunteer Event: 10 a.m. to noon, Lower Sammamish Commons, 550 222nd PL SE. Sammamish’s native plant garden is a wonderful place



The Issaquah/Sammamish Reporter HA M IS AMM is published every Friday and delivery H -/ S Q UA R IS S A E T tubes are available FREE to our readers REPOR who live in our distribution area. The tube can be provided to you to install at your convenience next to your mailbox receptacle or at the end of your driveway. Pick up your FREE tube at our Issaquah office, located at 545 Rainier Blvd. North, Suite 8, during regular business hours. (Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

Beginning a noon, savant artist Michael Tolleson will complete an original 48x60 and donate it to a charity that supports children with autism. He is best known for completing his impressionistic images of animals and landscapes in no more than 30 minutes. Tolleson has produced and sold more than 350 paintings in the past 24 months. Additional information on this year’s event is available at Banki can be contacted at or at 425-802-7420. for kids to learn about what stays in a garden. Concert on the Green: 7-8:30 p.m. Kalimba, a tribute to Earth, Wind & Fire, performs at Issaquah Community Center, 301 Rainier Blvd. S. Police National Night out: 5-7 p.m. at the Issaquah Police Department, 130 E. Sunset Way. Safe & Sound Sammamish: 2-5 p.m., City Hall at Sammamish Commons, 801 228th Ave SE. Visit with the Sammamish Police Department during Safe and Sound Sammamish, an annual “National Night Out” com-

545 Rainier Blvd. North, Suite 8, Issaquah 98027 • 425.391.0363 •

munity safety fair.

8-7 Sammamish Farmers Market: 3-8 p.m., City Hall at Sammamish Commons, 801 228th Ave. SE. Donate Blood: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., City Hall at Sammamish Commons, 801 228th Ave. SE. The Puget Sound Blood Center Blood Mobile will be at city hall. Beat the Heat Splash Day: 1-3 p.m. at Issaquah Community Center, 301 Rainier Blvd. S. Water carnival for children under 12. Teen volunteers needed.

8-8 Summer Nights in the Park: 6:30-8 p.m. Cherry, Cherry, a Neil Diamond tribute performs. Free. Pine Lake Park, 2401 228th Ave. SE, Sammamish.


Jan Sigurd Johansen passed away peacefully in his sleep on Sunday, July 21, 2013, at his home in Sammamish,WA. Jan was born in Albany, California on July 27, 1954 to Melba and Gunnar Johansen. The second of 5 children, this strapping towheaded child would grow to be a loving and compassionate husband, brother, father, grandfather, uncle and friend. All through his life Jan strove fervently to serve as a faithful witness to Jehovah. In doing so, his dignity, integrity, honesty and compassion showed in both his personal and professional lives. Known for his kindness and generosity, Jan displayed a love for his family and his fellow man unparalleled by most. Jan had a unique comedic side famous to all who knew him. He could always be counted on for a deadpan joke or a big, boisterous laugh. Jan was survived by his wife Rosa, siblings;Tekla, Nels, Eric, Risé, his sons; Leif and Thomas, daughters; Michelle, Adriana, Angela, Elizabeth, Deborah, grandchildren; Caysi’Rae, Baylee, Nash, Elizabeth, Taylor, Jasmine, Sara, Michael, Marley, Sophia, Jonathan, Isabel, Julia, Malachai and Asher. Services will be held Saturday, August 3 at 3 p.m. at Mt. Si High School in Snoqualmie,WA. We will miss you chickenbutt.

Northwest native Darren Motamedy and his band will headline Sammamish Nights on Aug. 10. COURTESY PHOTO

Event planned Aug. 10 for those with autism


Jan Sigurd Johansen

All notices are subject to verification.

Acclaimed artist headlines Sammamish Nights

8-10 835921

Police break car window, rescue child in Klahanie

Friday, August 2, 2013

Sammamish Days: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. City Hall at Sammamish Commons, 801 228th Ave. SE. Come view live performances, let the kids play and shop a variety of vendors.

Friday, August 02, 2013


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Friday, August 02, 2013

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For Sale Pre-Owned Salon Equipment, 6 P i e c e s, A l l M a t c h i n g Great Condition, $500 For all. 425-747-0564 Cemetery Plots

1 FAMILY CEMETERY Estate at Sunset Hills Memorial Park. Olympic Mountain View from Medical Collective “Large Bench Estate”; 206 and 207 with 8 buriMon-Fri 11-7 al internments overlookSat & Sun 11-5 Our Medibles are Delicious & ing downtown Bellevue & Seattle. Most beautiful Potent! resting place available. We have a wide variety of , Market priced at Clones, and Top-Quality $231,000, now on sale Medicine. for $198,000 including permanent maintenance 360.886.8046 fee. Contact Roger at www.thekindalternative 2 0 6 - 7 1 8 - 7 6 9 1 o r medicalcollective. #1 PLOT IN SUNSET M e m e o r i a l C e m e t e r y, Bellevue. Desirable Garden of Devotion location! Don’t miss this oppotunity, sold out area, only available by private sale! Lot 170A, space 4. OwnSCHEDULE TODAY er will pay transfer fee. 1.800.840.8875 Asking only $8,000. Call Steve at 425-822-9043, MEDICAL CANNABIS please leave message. AUTHORIZATIONS 2 CEMETERY Plots for Safe*Legal*Compliant 24/7 Patient Verification Sale. Cedar Lawns Memorial Park in Redmond. WWW.GMGWA.COM Spaces 3 & 4, Lot 87C of the Eternity Garden. Building Materials Selling 1 for $3,900 or & Supplies both for $7,500 OBO. Please call 253-6787310 to get info on who to contact to see. BEAUTIFUL SETTING overlooking Seattle at Sunset Hills Memorial Cemeter y in Bellevue. Olympic View Urn Garden, Lot 2026, Space “CEDAR FENCING” #18. Includes: Plot, Marble Marker and Installa31x6x6’..........$1.10 ea tion for only $4,000. Val31x4x5’......2 for $1.00 ued at $6,047 per “CEDAR SIDING” Cemetery. Call 425-2929431 or email janet.sli1x8 Cedar Bevel 42¢ LF 31x6x8’ T&G.......59¢ LF SUNSET HILLS Memori“CEDAR DECKING” al Cemetery in Bellevue. 5/4x4 Decking Selling 2 Side by Side 5/4x4 Plots in the Sold Out, 8’ to 16’..............34¢ LF Prestigious Location of 5/4x6 Decking the Garden of Gethse38’ to 16’ Lengths.85¢LF mane. Block 121, SpacComplete Line: es 5 & 6. Each valued at Western Red Cedar $26,500. New, Reduced Building Materials Price! $14,000 each or $27,000 for the pair. Call Affordable Prices 360-474-9953 or 360OPEN MON - SAT 631-4425 SUNSET HILLS Memorial Cemetery in Bellevue. 2 s i d e by s i d e p l o t s available in the Sold Out Looking for Garden of Devotion, 9B, something special? S p a c e 9 a n d 1 0 . Shop the Classifieds $ 1 2 , 5 0 0 e a c h n e g o t i a bl e. A l s o, 1 p l o t 24 hours a day available in Garden of 365 days a year for Devotion, 10B, space 5, great deals on great stuff. $8,000 negotiable. Call Go online: 503-709-3068 or e-mail


Cemetery Plots

Flea Market

Washington Memor ial Park. Section 18 Garden of Flowers. 4 plots, side by s i d e, $ 1 , 7 0 0 e a o r $5,200 for all 4 or $3,200 for 2. 360-2892896 or

Lawn & Leaf Bagger by John Deere $50. (360)378-5826 RV BIKE RACK fits on ladder, holds 2 bikes, $20. 360-830-5979 Set of Golf Irons 6: #5 through pitching wedge, men’s graphite shaft, made in USA. $30. 360830-5979 WHEEL BARROW $15. Call 360-475-8733. Bremerton. YARD ART: 12’ Sailboat, $50. Steel wheeled w h e e l b a r r o w, $ 2 5 . Weather vane, $50. 360871-0190.


DirecTV - Over 140 channels only $29.99 a month. Call Now! Triple savings! $636.00 in Savings, Free upgrade to Genie & 2013 NFL Sunday ticket free!! Star t saving today! 1-800-2793018 Dish Network lowest nationwide price $19.99 a month. FREE HBO/ Cinemax/Starz FREE Blockbuster. FREE HDDVR and install. Next day install 1-800-3750784 DISH TV Retailer. Starting at $19.99/month PLUS 30 Premium Movie Channels FREE for 3 Months! SAVE! & Ask About SAME DAY Installation! CALL - 877-9921237 M y C o m p u t e r Wo r k s. Computer problems? Viruses, spyware, email, printer issues, bad internet connections - FIX IT NOW! Professional, U.S.-based technicians. $25 off service. Call for immediate help. 1-866998-0037 * R E D U C E YO U R CABLE BILL! * Get a 4Room All-Digital Satellite system installed for FREE and programming star ting at $19.99/mo. FREE HD/DVR upgrade for new callers, SO CALL NOW. 1-800-6997159 SAVE on Cable TV-Internet-Digital Phone-Sate l l i t e . Yo u ` v e G o t A Choice! Options from ALL major service providers. Call us to learn more! CALL Today. 877884-1191 SAVE on Cable TV-Internet-Digital Phone-Sate l l i t e . Yo u ` v e G o t A Choice! Options from ALL major service providers. Call us to learn more! CALL Today. 877884-1191 Firewood, Fuel & Stoves

A+ SEASONED FIREWOOD Dry & Custom-Split Alder, Maple & Douglas Fir

Speedy Delivery & Best Prices!

425-312-5489 Flea Market

$10 NEW TIRE CHAINS fit a Volkswagon “Quik Chain” brand. Poulsbo. 360-779-3574. 3 DRIFTWOOD disp l ay s. I n c l u d e s r o p e, chain & buoys. $50 each. 360-871-0190. 3 OLD RADIOS 1946 Emmerson $50. 1960 GE AM $35. 1968 GE AM / FM $25. Bremerton 360-377-7170. B A B Y M o n i t o r, o n l y used 1 month, $20. Poulsbo. 360-779-3574. CHEST Freezer, Genera l E l e c t r i c, 1 0 C u F t , White, $100. Call 360475-8733. CHEST OF DRAWERS 4 drawers. White. $50. Bremer ton. Call 360475-8733. ELECTRIC TRAINS. Chr itmas gift option? Marx Set in Original Box. Misc Lionel - Engine, 7 Cars, Some Track. All O 27 Gauge. $80 for all. 360-377-7170 Brem.


AAA SALMON CHARTERS, Everett est.1989

King-Chinook, Silver- Coho, Pink- Humpies Catching Time! FUN, FUN, FUN Booking by Phone



Food & Farmer’s Market

100% Guaranteed Omaha Steaks - SAVE 69% on The Grilling Collection. NOW ONLY $49.99 Plus 2 FREE GIFTS & right-to-the-door delivery i n a r e u s a bl e c o o l e r, ORDER Today. 1- 8886 9 7 - 3 9 6 5 U s e C o d e : 4 5 1 0 2 E TA o r w w w . O m a h a S Grass Fed Beef. All Natural, no hormones, no antibiotics, no GMO’s for pr icing and more info please visit our website at www.far mbemeats. com or ca ll 360-8 153328. Jewelry & Fur

I B U Y G O L D, S i l ve r, D i a m o n d s, W r i s t a n d Pocket Watches, Gold and Silver Coins, Silverware, Gold and Platinum Antique Jewelry. Call Mic h a e l A n t h o ny ’s a t (206)254-2575 Mail Order

Alone? Emergencies Happen! Get Help with one button push! $ 2 9 . 9 5 / m o n t h Fr e e equipment, Free set-up. Protection for you or a l ove d o n e. C a l l L i fe Watch USA 1-800-3576505 AT T E N T I O N S L E E P APNEA SUFFERERS with Medicare. Get C PA P R e p l a c e m e n t Supplies at little or NO COST, plus FREE home delivery! Best of all, prevent red skin sores and bacterial infection! Call 1-866-993-5043 Canada Drug Center is your choice for safe and affordable medications. Our licensed Canadian mail order pharmacy will provide you with savings of up to 90% on all your medication needs. Call today 1-800-418-8975, for $10. off your first prescription and free shipping. KILL BED BUGS & THEIR EGGS! Buy a Harris Bed Bug Kit, Complete Room Treatment Solution. Odorless, Non-Staining. Available online (NOT IN STORES) Medical Alert for Seniors - 24/7 monitoring. FREE Equipment. FREE Shipping. Nationwide Service. $29.95/Month CALL Medical Guardian Today 866-992-7236 Miscellaneous

FREE ESTIMATE for Purchase of NEW Garage Doors 1-888-289-6945 A-1 Door Serice (Mention This Ad)


HORNETS / YELLOWJACKETS. Free NonToxic Removal Of Most From Not Sprayed “Paperball” Nests, Around Soccer Ball Size Or Larger. venomcollect4 Find your perfect pet in the Classifieds. AKC GERMAN SHEPHERD pups. 3 Females Ready to Go, beautiful WANTS TO purchase black & sable $1,500. minerals and other oil & East German & Czech gas interests. Send de- w o r k i n g l i n e s . H o m e tails P.O. Box 13557, companion, SAR, Sport & family protection. 253Denver, Co 80201 380-0190 Spas/Hot Tubs Supplies


1000 Watt Grow Light Package Includes Ballast, Lamp & Reflector!


2 Locations Fife/Seattle 9100 E Marginal Way, South Tukwilla 206.767.8082 2001 48th Ave Court E Unit #3 Fife 253.200.6653

I Buy Ugly and Old Houses! Grant (206)486-6344 Most of our glass is blown by local artists, hand crafted, a true work of art! water pipes, oil burners, keif boxes, nug jars, holiebowlies, hightimes magazines, calendars, clothing and literature along with a full line of vaporizers.

AKC GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPS 6wks, very intelligent. Parents on site. Health guaranteed, first shots. Top pedigree. $550 part reg., $650 full, 360-5329315. For pics email:


A K C H AVA N E S E ADORABLE PUPPIES-9 weeks old, 3 males/2 females, & ready to go to their new families! Vet checked, 1st shot & dewormed. Family raised, & full of personality! $1,200. Enumclaw 253970-7155 AKC MINI Schnauzer puppies. Variety of colors. Some ready soon, some ready later. Now taking deposits. $400 m a l e s $ 5 0 0 fe m a l e s. 253-223-3506 253-2238382

AKC POMERANIAN puppies. One ready to go, male (red sable). More ready soon. $400 males, $500 females. Extra small $600. Now t a k i n g d e p o s i t s. 2 5 3 223-3506 253-223-8382

AKC Poodle Puppies Teacups & Tiny Toys 3 Females (2 Chocolate/White, 1 Chocolate) 3 Chocolate Males. Little Bundles o f L o ve & K i s s e s . Also 1 4yr old Toy Apricot Female that needs forever home. Reserve your Puff of AKC GIANT SECURITY Love! 360-249-3612

Grand Opening NW Garden Supply Save Up To 50% [17] Dogs

1999 Coleman 400 Spectrum Series Lowboy $1,800. Excellent Condition! Custom 20 jet fiberglass has exterior surround lighting, wood surround, solid cover. Incl Baqua chemicals, skim net, & cleaning products for top. RUNS GREAT! Must sell, bought a trailer & need the room 1 rebuilt pump. 7.5’ long x 6.25’ wide x 2.8’ tall. Cash only. Serious buyers only. Buyer must remove. Please call between noon - 5pm. Kitsap.

Show Dogs! English Mastiff Puppies born April 27th, 2013. Once in a lifetime opportunity for M a s t i f f l ove r s ! Wo r l d Winners are these pups fa m i l y t r a d i t i o n ! T h e greatest genes avail in English Mastiff history! Rare Aicama Zorba De La-Susa stock. $2,000. 253-347-1835


Whenever you see a camera icon on an ad like this:


5/7/13. Gray & white & blue-eyed. Females & males $450 each. 360-520-3023 or 360304-0939.


SW Washington. Vet checked, dew claws, wormed, National MH sire. National FTC Grand sire. Call 360771-2016.


See Photos Online!

Advertise your service

800-388-2527 or

AKC Golden Retriever pups. Excellent blood line. Also Golden Doodle pups. Wormed and shots! $700. 360-6527148

Goin Glass Open 7 days a week! 425-222-0811 Musical Instruments

VIOLIN, full size, hand crafted by local maker, with bow & case. $285. (206)497-4631 Yard and Garden

KILL SCORPIONS! Buy Harris Scorpion Spray. Indoor/Outdoor. Odorless, Non-Staining, Long Lasting. Kills Socrpions and other insects. Effective results begin after the spray dries! Available at Ace Hardware, The Home Depot or Wanted/Trade

CASH FOR ANY CAR! Running or Not! Don’t trade in or junk your car before calling us! Instant Offer! 1-800-541-8433 CASH FOR ANY CAR! Running or Not! Don’t trade in or junk your car before calling us! Instant Offer! 1-800-541-8433 CASH for unexpired DIABETIC TEST STRIPS! Free Shipping, Friendly Service, BEST p r i c e s a n d 2 4 h r p ay ment! Call today 1- 877588 8500 or visit w w w. Te s t S t r i p Espanol 888-440-4001

Just log on to: Simply type in the phone number from the ad in the “Search By Keywords” to see the ad with photo!

AKC GREAT Dane Pups 10% activeduty military discount 503-410-4335 D r eye r s d a n e s n ow i n Want to run a photo Goldendale WA. 5 new ad in Little Nickel? litters! Guarantee healthly males & females. EuJust give us a call! ropean blood line, these 1-800-544-0505 pups are a larger, stockier breed. Beautiful coats Blues, Harlequin, Black, Cats Mantles & Merle. Super sweet. Loveable, gentle Exotic Mix Breed Kittens intelligent giants! $700 G r e a t Pe r s o n a l i t i e s ! and up. $100. Call for Details. 425-870-5597 or 425870-1487 Kittens $50 Cute & Cuddly Call for Details. 425231-0166. MAINE COON & American Bob-tail mix kitten. Will be big. The mom AKC GREAT Dane Pups Maine Coon is 22lbs. 10% activeduty military Dad Amer ican Bob is discount 503-410-4335 28lbs. Loving, docile, D r eye r s d a n e s n ow i n dog-like. Wor med, 1st Goldendale WA. 5 new s h o t s & G u a r a n t e e d . litters! Guarantee health$300. Maine Coon/ Rag- ly males & females. Eudoll mix kittens. Huge, ropean blood line, these a d o r a b l e , f l u f f b a l l s , pups are a larger, stocki$ 3 5 0 . N o C h e c k s er breed. Beautiful coats please. (425)350-0734 Blues, Harlequin, Black, Weekend Delivery Pos- Mantles & Merle. Super sweet. Loveable, gentle sible intelligent giants! $700 RAGDOLL MIX kittens, and up. laid back personality. Big cats, beautiful colors. Rag big foot kittens, $50. AKC POMERANIANS. Older, Free, White $75. Shots & wormed. $500 425-374-9925 or 360- a n d u p. O n e Fe m a l e 651-0987 Message. We black & tan toy $900. 253-886-4836 are in & out.

A K C YO R K I E S. M a l e D.O.B. 5/22/2013 $750 Female D.O.B 2/4/2013 $900 Current shots, wormed! Happy, healthy and playful. AKC Tiny Stud available. 360-9230814 American Bulldog puppies available 11 weeks old (1 Male, 1 Female). They are 100% Johnson bred and come ARF Registered. I own both the Sire and Dame.The parents have been Pe n n h i p ’ e d a n d t h e i r hips scored in the top 100% of all American Bulldogs tested. Their Grand Dame is my Champion SLK’s Harley Girl (UKC Conformation Show Champion) Your pup will come to you vet c h e cke d , U T D s h o t s, wor med and with a 2 year replacement guarantee against hip or Degenerative Joint Disorders. They are family ready!!! $1,000...206794-9582 ask for Steve.

Black, Chocolate & Yellow Field Lab Pups. Ready to be your new family member. Healthy, all shots and dewormed. $350 - $450. Smith Kennels 360-691-2770

[18] Dogs




Garage/Moving Sales King County

NEED A PUPPY? BICHON FRISE puppies. AKC Registered. Ta k i n g d e p o s i t s . Fo r companion only! Will be vet checked and have first shots and be dewormed. Call for information: 360-271-8912, 360-865-3346 or go to website to see our adorable puppies! www.bichonfrise You’ll find everything you need in one website 24 hours a day 7 days a week:

BOSTON TERRIER PUPPIES! Various ages, some ready now. Ask me about my two red & white puppies, and two older ones. Pics available. Starting at $350. Accepting credit cards. 360880-2216, 360-7366292. DACHSHUND PUPPIES. Mini. Blk/tan, red, dapple, brindle. Family raised, first shots & vet checked. $350 - $500 253-653-8346 DOUGE - DE - BORDEAUX (French Mastiff) Puppies. Bor n May 22nd, CKC Registered. $850 - $1000. Call Jenn i f e r, 3 6 0 - 6 2 3 - 4 1 4 3 Olympia area MALTICHON PUPPIES. Mom AKC Bichon Frise. Dad AKC Maltese. Vet checked, 1st shots & dewormed $550 - $650 Visit our website: 360-978-4028 POM PUPS, Beautiful Cream Sable Boy. Energetic & Fun. 1st 2 Shots, Wormed. Ready For Love. Call 425-3771675

ENGLISH BULLDOG PUPS - Gorgeous Red Brindle AKC Registered Puppies. READY to find a new loving home. Socialized, Healthy, Shots & wormed, Potty & Crate trained. CHAMPION BLOODLINES $2,500. Call Kristy Comstock @ 425-220-0015



F Current Vaccination FCurrent Deworming F VET EXAMINED

Farmland Pets & Feed GERMAN SHORT Hair Puppies. 7 males, $400 each. 7 females, $450 each. A large yard is mandatory. hunters and great family dogs. Interested? Call 360-8291 2 3 2 fo r a n a p p o i n t ment. Ask for Mark or P a t t y. P u p p i e s a r e available July 20th but will be previewed beginning March 17th. Mother is also onsite. Bring your ow n c o l l a r a n d $ 1 0 0 non-refundable deposit. Remainder will be due on day of pickup. Tails are cropped, de-clawed, wormed and first shots.

9000 Silverdale Way

(360)692-0415 PUPPIES! Faux Frenchies, Boston’s and Boston x Chihuahuas (Bo-Chi’s) Many colors, shots, wormed. Loved and kissed daily! $450 & up. See webpage: 541-459-5802. PUREBRED

ALASKAN MALAMUTE Puppies, excellent selection, born in June, MINIATURE ready now! Mom & dad Australian Shepherd onsite. Eskimo tested, Puppies. Males and see online, $650. 509females, $650-$750. 682-3284.

Registered, health guaranteed, UTD shots. One 5yr old neutered male available, $450. 541518-9284 Baker City, Oregon.

Need extra cash? Place your classified ad today! Call 1-800-388-2527 or Go online 24 hours a day

U K C “ P u r p l e R i bb o n ” XXL AMERICAN Blue Nose Bullies 2M/1F Beautiful blue coats with blue/ hazel eyes. Razors Edge and Gotti Bloodlines All our pups bred for large heads, wide c h e s t s a n d ex c e l l e n t gentle temperament. This litter will go quick! Call/text for pic’s and m o r e i n fo. ( 5 0 9 ) 7 5 0 1564

REGISTERED TENNESSEE Walkers, top bloodlines, Ready to show or trail ride, (2) Geldings & (3) Mares Starting at $2,500. Call 360-983-3224, Mossy Rock General Pets

Se Habla Espanol! Para ordenar un anuncio en el Little Nickel! Llame a Lia


Services Animals

LOVING Animal Care Visits - Walks Housesitting Home & Farm JOANNA GARDINER 206-567-0560 (Cell) 206-228-4841 Garage/Moving Sales Island County OAK HARBOR

THE GAZEBO HAS been restocked with household bargains! Golf Clubs $1, golf bags $3, bicycles $5 - $10, guy tools, garden supplies, free riding mowers, outdoor furniture, etc. Friday, Saturday & Sunday, 4 pm to 8 pm, 387 Richard Road, Sunrise Hills. Garage/Moving Sales King County

Estate Sale August 2nd & 3rd. 9am-3pm. Full house, furn, collectibles, antiques, lots of items. 14405 NE 65th St. Redmond.

Advertise your GARAGE SALE in the Little Nickel! 2 print editions + online Up to 40 words

only $16 Call 1-800-544-0505 M-F, 8am-5pm


HUGE GARAGE SALE 8/3 & 8/4 from 9 AM - 4 PM in Tam O’Shanter neighborhood. Ever ything from clothes to small appliances to car stuff and more! 17832 NE 12 th Street in Bellevue. Come by and buy! ISSAQUAH

Garage/Moving Sales General

Sammamish Plateau Annual Sale Bellewood Retirement Apartments oLots of Furniture oPlus treasures Something for everyone Saturday August 3rd 9am-2pm 3710 Providence Pt Drive SE

9th Annual NORTHWEST

Garage/Moving Sales Kitsap County BREMERTON

ANNUAL HOLY Trinity Parish Rummage Sale & Silent Auction! Something for everyone! Fr iday, August 2 nd , 9 am- 5 pm and Saturday, August 3rd, 9 am- 1 pm at 4215 Pine Road. Proceeds benefit the high school yo u t h m i n i s t r y p r o gram. No early birds, please! PORT ORCHARD

S AT U R D AY & S U N DAY, August 3rd & 4th from 8am - 3pm, 6211 East Hilldale Road. Elliptical Machine, Kayaks, L aw n Tra c t o r, G u i t a r, Drum Set, Flute, Looms, Spinning Wheel, Furniture, Antique Cast Iron Wo o d S t o ve s , H o r s e Tack & LOTS MORE!

E S TAT E / M O V I N G Sale! New, used, antiques, barn, yard, collectibles, fur niture, household and more! 8/3 POULSBO - 8/4, 9:30 am to 4 pm, ANNUAL MULTI Family 13228 202nd Ave SE, Is- Rummage Sale! Lots of great buys!! Furniture, saquah 98027. house hold items, miscellaneous & tons more! Fr i d ay a n d S a t u r d ay, August 2nd and 3rd from 9 am - 1 pm located at Saint Elizabeth Church; 26580 Breidablik Place LAKE CITY NW. Highway 3, towards Hood Canal Bridge, left Community Center at light on Pioneer Way 12531 - 28th Ave NE NW. Sat...Aug 10th Find your perfect pet in the Classifieds. 9am - 3pm

LION’S Flea Market

For Information Call



TO O M U C H S T U F F ! Perfect for you! Saturday, August 3 rd only. 9 am - 2 pm. No earlies. 8720 Dilworth.

Friday, August 02, 2013

Garage/Moving Sales King County


HAP’S BIG SALE! 30+ Vendors. August 3rd & 4th. Saturday, 8am to 5pm. Sunday, 9am to 4pm. Antiques, Collectibles, New and Junk. Fun, Fun, Fun! 2718 Rude Road, Poulsbo.


GARAGE SALE Evergreen State Fair Grounds June 29th & June 30th

Estate Sales BREMERTON

ESTATE SALE, August 3rd & 4th, 7am to 6pm. Everything must go! Too much to list! Including 1,500 books, furniture including hospital bed, wheelchair, kitchenware, vintage vases, figurines, jewelr y, toys, etc. Erlands Point Road, Look For Neon Pink Signs. Automobiles Classics & Collectibles

8-5 Sat. 9-2 Sun A family friendly safe place to shop and sell. Tools, household items, fishing/camping gear and more treasures await you


for spaces No Admission & Free Parking

1930 FORD Model A. Looks good! Been kept garaged. Almost all original. $19,000 or best offer. Call 425-747-6701 Miscellaneous Autos

SAVE $$$ on AUTO INSURANCE from the maGarage Sale - Fabrics, jor names you know and Quilting Frames, Sewing trust. No forms. No hasMachines, Upholster y sle. No obligation. Call supplies, Christmas, and R E A D Y F O R M Y more! Fri-Sat, August 2QUOTE now! CALL 13, 9 am - 5 pm. 12243 877-890-6843 Dayton Ave N, Seattle


Year Round Indoor Swap Meet Celebrating 15 Years! Evergreen Fairgrounds Saturday & Sunday 9 am - 4pm FREE Admission & parking! For Information call


Auto Service/Parts/ Accessories


Free Pick up 253-335-1232

Wa r e h o u s e C l o t h i n g 1-800-577-2885 Sale - August 3, 9am5pm - 120th Ave NE & Northcreek Pkwy N, BoVehicles Wanted thell - Follow the Yellow Signs - New Brand Name Clothing - $10 or CASH FOR CARS! Any Less. www.discountdi- Make, Model or Year. We Pay MORE! Running or Not. Sell Your Car or Sell your stuff free Tr u c k T O D AY. F r e e in the Super Flea! Towing! Instant Offer: 1888-545-8647 Your items totalling

$150 or less will run for free one week in your local community paper and online. Call today to place your ad 866-825-9001

Got junk cars? Get $ PA I D T O D AY. F R E E towing. Licensed towers. $1,000 FREE gift vouchers! ALL Makes-ALL Models! Call today 1888-870-0422

We are community & daily newspapers in these Western Washington Locations: • King County • Kitsap County • Clallam County • Jefferson County • Okanogan County • Pierce County • Island County • San Juan County • Snohomish County • Whatcom County Sound Publishing is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE) and strongly supports diversity in the workplace. We offer a great work environment with opportunity for advancement along with a competitive benefits package including health insurance, paid time off (vacation, sick, and holidays), and 401k.

Accepting resumes at: or by mail to: 19426 68th Avenue S, Kent, WA 98032 ATTN: HR Please state which position and geographic area you are applying for.

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• Multi Media Advertising Sales Consultants - Whidbey Island - Thurston - Kitsap - Everett - Bellevue • Ad Director - Everett

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Current Employment Opportunities at SALES CONSULTANT Tired of working nights or weekends? Looking for an exciting career in Sales? Sound Publishing, Inc. has an immediate opening for an Advertising Sales Consultant with the Bellevue Reporter. The ideal candidates will demonstrate strong interpersonal skills, both written and oral, and have excellent communications skills; must be motivated and take the initiative to sell multiple media products including on-line advertising and special products, work with existing customers and find ways to grow sales and income with new prospective clients. Sales experience necessary; Print media experience is a definite asset. Must be computer-proficient with data processing and spreadsheets as well as utilizing the Internet. Position requires use of personal cell phone and vehicle, possession of valid WA State Driver’s License and proof of active vehicle insurance. Compensation includes salary plus commission and we offer a competitive benefits package including health insurance, paid time off (vacation, sick, and holidays), and 401K retirement plan. If you’re interested in joining our team and working for the leading independent newspaper publisher in Washington State, then we want to hear from you! Email us your cover letter and resume to: or mail to: Sound Publishing, Inc., 19426 68th Avenue S. Kent, WA 98032, ATTN: HR/BLVU

• Insert Machine Operator - Everett

• General Worker - Everett

For a list of our most current job openings and to learn more about us visit our website:

Friday, August 2, 2013


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THE BACK-TO-SCHOOL & FALL PREVIEW SALE Thursday - Monday, August 1- 5

LEGENDARY BRANDS. ABUNDANT SELECTION. REAL SAVINGS. 50 STORES: Banana Republic Factory Store, Carter’s, Dressbarn, Eddie Bauer Outlet, G.H. Bass & Co., Gap Factory Store, Gymboree Outlet, Jockey, L’eggs Hanes Bali Playtex, Lane Bryant Outlet, Maurices, Motherhood Maternity, Nike, OshKosh B’gosh, PacSun, Reebok, Rue21, Skechers, Stride Rite Keds Sperry, Under Armour, Van Heusen, VF Outlet - Vanity Fair Wrangler Lee, Wilsons Leather and more. Join our VIP Shopper Club to enjoy additional savings at



11959_4279_BackToSchool2013.indd 108

7/16/13 3:37 PM

Page 20


Friday, August 2, 2013



For Dental Implant Treatment, it’s a ClearChoice! ClearChoice team of specialists brings you a dental implant solution that fits your budget ... in just one day!* A LEADER IN DENTAL IMPLANT TREATMENT Virtually every adult will lose a tooth, and as we get older, more Americans will suffer with missing and failing teeth. These days, however, there are dental implant solutions that either didn’t exist in the past or which were difficult to access. But now, ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers are leading the way in innovative dental implant treatments. Dental Implants are a permanent solution for dental problems. And now your treatment, from our team of specialists, can often be accomplished in just one day *… and without the need for additional bone graft surgeries. In fact, dental implants can last a lifetime and have become the treatment of choice for replacement of missing and failing teeth. With more than 10,000 dental implant procedures performed, ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers have become a leader in dental implant treatment delivery. TECHNOLOGY Every ClearChoice Dental Implant Center includes an on-site 3D CAT Scan. The 3D CAT Scan technology costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. This technology provides three-dimensional and crosssectional views that allow ClearChoice doctors to examine the quality and density of the bone that will anchor the dental implants; select the correct type and size of implants; determine the precise placement of implants, and avoid the nerves and sinuses. Since every smile is custom designed, each ClearChoice Center has a specialized Dental Implant in-house lab to custom make your smile.

They said they had specialists, a lab, and high tech equipment all at one location, but I had no idea that they could really do all of this in just one day!*



Actual ClearChoice Patient TEAM OF SPECIALISTS

The technology alone cannot elevate ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers in their field. Our technology is paired with an expert professional team of doctor specialists enabling ClearChoice to empower so many patients around the country to change their lives. These qualified specialists include an oral surgeon who places implants, and a prosthodontist who designs your custom new smile. Each of the doctors has special expertise and can be trusted to deliver your high quality implant care. Dental Implants are a surgical procedure and the ClearChoice doctors have extensive experience in this area including administering anesthesia to provide comfort. Custom fabrication of the patient’s new smile and replacement teeth are accomplished by trained lab technicians in the on-site dental implant lab. Our local specialists are available for a FREE initial consultation or even second opinions. Why wait, call now! SATISFACTION Whether for a missing single tooth, multiple teeth or a whole mouthful of missing or failing teeth, ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers provide comprehensive implant treatment professionally and affordably in a fraction of the time it would take many other professionals. That’s why in an independent study of thousands of patients, ClearChoice patients would overwhelmingly recommend ClearChoice to others†.

— Actual ClearChoice patient

< 3D CAT Scan

“When my teeth started to go bad, I had small children and their care was more important to me than my own. When I finally decided I had to get help I turned to ClearChoice. It was the

best decision I have ever made!” — Christina, real ClearChoice patient

Tooth loss is not your fault. Doing nothing about it is. Come see how easy it is to live the comfortable life you deserve ...

Our risk free consultation will show you how. CALL TOLL FREE

1.888.733.9137 TODAY

and receive a free 3D CAT scan (a $700 value) Michael D. Brooks, DMD, MS • Guillermo Chacon, DDS • Carlos M. Ugalde, DDS, MS ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers are locally owned and operated by licensed dentists, and are part of a professional affiliation of implant practices operated by oral surgeons, prosthodontists and restorative dentists across the U.S. *Qualified patients can have their procedure in one day after initial workup without additional bone graft surgery. Results may vary in individual cases. Limited services available at satellite offices. †Independent Dental Implant Survey March 2011. America’s #1 Choice determined by an Independent Patient Survey 2011. © 2013 ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers

Issaquah/Sammamish Reporter, August 02, 2013  

August 02, 2013 edition of the Issaquah/Sammamish Reporter

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