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GRADUATES | Juanita High School graduates 289 students; Emerson high schools graduate 23 [3, 8]



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Fireworks | Donors, new company step up and save Kirkland’s fireworks [4]

FRIDAY, JUNE 28, 2013


300 call on legislators to pass budget at rally


early 300 Kirkland residents and members of political action committees chanted “Courage for kids” and “Kids and families first” at a rally on Wednesday evening to let legislators know they want a budget passed - and one that reflects amply funded education as well. Meanwhile, Washington state Sen. Andy Hill supporters attempted to block protesters with high-held picket signs on the sidewalk near the rally at Heritage Park in Kirkland. The rally, organized by Our Economic Future coalition, was to call on Sen. Hill, R-Redmond, and Sen. Rodney Tom, D-Medina,

to pass a state budget before the inaction causes a government shutdown on July 1. But the protesters not only want a budget before government shuts down. Many, who were with the Washington Education Association, want a budget that is aligned with the Washington Supreme Court’s mandate for the Legislature to amply fund education. Proposed budgets only allocate $250 to $300 million in additional revenue for education, despite the McCleary decision, which calls for $1 billion this year alone, said Steven Miller, who is vice president-elect of the Washington Education Association. [ more RALLY page 5 ]

Nearly 300 Kirklanders and members of political action committees gathered at Heritage Park on June 19 to let legislators know that they want a budget passed that reflects amply funded education. State legislators need to pass a state budget before the inaction causes a government shutdown on July 1. RAECHEL DAWSON, Kirkland Reporter

Girl’s memory lives on, project helps students at Peter Kirk

Remembering a man who preserved city’s history BY CARRIE RODRIGUEZ


After months of helping their peers at recess, 33 fifth-graders at Peter Kirk Elementary will pass on their duties at Kelsey’s Corner to next year’s students. The five-month-old Kelsey’s Corner project was created in January with a mission to make recess more engaging by encouraging volunteers to befriend or connect others with fun games during recess. It was started to honor fifth-grader Kelsey Jensen who came up with the idea, but unexpectedly passed away soon after the initial project launched last year. Every day at recess the students alternate between days to meet at a corner on the outskirts of the Peter Kirk

Kelsey Jensen, a fifth-grader at Peter Kirk Elementary, died unexpectedly last December. Last school year, she created a project in which student volunteers help fellow students during recess. Students this year have carried on her project – now called Kelsey’s Corner – in her memory. CONTRIBUTED playground. They put on special vests and bring out a tub of toys and sports equipment. “They spread around the playground and look for those kids that really don’t have anything to play, or you know, they don’t have any friends, or they want to play a game but aren’t sure how to get into it,” said Erika Keck, a fourth-grade teacher and coorganizer of Kelsey’s Corner. “So they’re just kind of on the lookout for those kids who maybe are just walking by

themselves … because that was a really big concern for Kelsey.” Last spring, then-fourthgraders Kelsey and her best friend created Kid’s Corner in an effort to give their peers something more to do during recess, such as playing new games or meeting new friends. “They really wanted to keep a positive spin on it,” said Kelsey’s mom Carol Jensen. “It wasn’t a place for kids [ more KELSEY page 5 ]

Robert Glen Burke did not tie himself to the old church or even lay down in front of it to protest its demolition in 1999. But he did so metaphorically before the Kirkland City Council, and in a way that was graceful in the true Burke fashion that he was known for. “The council did not have much of an appetite for saving the building and was inclined to just let it be demolished,” recalled Santos Contreras, who served on the council when the 1922 Christian Science Church was spared from demolition. “Bob would not

hear of it and prodded the tage Society, where various council …” local artifacts are preserved. After the council voted That was just one historito save the building, the cal contribution that Burke council “just looked left the city. at each other and Burke passed shrugged our away unexpectshoulders,” said edly at his Kirkland Contreras, adding, home on May 20, “He wouldn’t let just shy of his 79th up. Without Bob birthday on June that building would 28. The community have been demolwill hold a celebraRobert Burke ished - period.” tion of life for him And now Kirkat Heritage Hall on land has Burke to thank for July 6. that building, which is now An Idaho native, Burke Heritage Hall - a miniature worked as an architect and White House of sorts that urban planner for the Port stately stands before Market of Seattle and various cities Street, with a view of Lake for many years. He was also Washington. The structure president of the planning also houses Kirkland Heri[ more BURKE page 6 ]










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[2] June 28, 2013

Thanks to these

KIRKLAND HOMETOWN HEROeS we get to celebrate the 2013 Kirkland 4th of July Parade Presenting Sponsor

Schedule of Events:

7:00 AM Parade Route and Staging Route cleared Cars and vehicles will be towed 9:30 AM Parade Route Closes and Detours in Place 10:00 AM Children’s Decorating Event at Marina Park Pavilion, tattoos, flags and tons of fun 11:30 AM Children’s Walking Parade begins at Market & Central 12:00 PM Old Fashioned Downtown Parade begins at Market & Central 1:00 to 10:30 PM Join all your friends and neighbors at Marina Park! Food and sponsor vendors in the park or bring your own Picnic Basket 5:00 PM to FIREWORKS Music in the park 10:15 PM Fantastic Fireworks Display on the lake with viewing from most downtown parks

Special Notice about the Fireworks for 2013 HEADS UP! And turn ‘em just a little bit to the South. We are moving the fireworks barge about 350 yards to the south of the regular location to minimize the effect of the noise over the bowl. This will be less stressful for the two eaglets in the nest at the North end of Heritage Park and will have the effect of maximizing viewing from the rest of our beachfront parks. Our hope is that this move will also help facilitate the massive traffic back up following the display. Let’s all have something to celebrate!


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June 28, 2013 [3]

Juanita High School graduates 289 students Karina Glass, Anthony Xavier Gomez, Matthew Grant Gonzalez, Samantha Granados, Samantha Rae Grandy, Rileigh Shannon Green, Teran Gregson, Tyler Phillip Griffith, Zachary Floyd Griffith, Evelyn Alise Guerra, Da Guo, Jose Luis Guzman, Maria Elizabeth Guzman, Sepehr Haghi, Kristian Gregory Haglund, Alexandra Halls Halls, Grant Robinson Hanner, Kylee Keilani Te Ao Hansen, Brittney Renae’ Hard, Sarah Christine Hartman, Natasha Rene Hatch, Brianna Heredia, Colin Seiji Higashi, Joel Wallace Hilborn, Riley Arthur Hilliker, Shaifa Azad Hirji, Nicholas Frederick Horne, Brittney Ka Yen Hoy, Jasmin S Hurst, Maryam Zahra Hussain, Brennan Michael Jeffers, Nicholas Robert Jensen, Tia Leona Jerome, Pablo Nuno Jimenez, Amanda Nicole Johnson, Nathan Albert Johnson, Stephen Wesley Johnson, Taylor Sue Johnson, Devon Mikaela Jones, Mikayla Nicole Jones, Nicole Renee Kalda, Yoshiteru David Kamioka, Jennifer

Soraya Karami, Katharine Marie Kent, Ryan Michael Keyes, Hannah Khablein, Samuel Naim Koppel, Sopathia Kotalas, Lucas Don Kristiansen, Alexander Michael Kroczak, Regina Ann Lammers, Eric Dorian Lane, Stephanie Rose Langford, Davis Michael Law, Ha Lee, Nicholas Charles Lemmer, Thomas Benjamin Lewis, Emma Kay LewyMorgan, Evan Mowei Lin, Tayler Sierra Lloyd, Tanner Justin David Longie, Gonzalo Lopez, Nina Sofia Lottsfeldt, Nicola Elizabeth Love, Jordan Timothy Lucia, Elisabeth Rose Ludvigsen, Vincent Joshua Ly, Ivan Marentes, Carla Marigmen, Aleczander Douglas Martin, Daniel Richard Martin, Breana Kathryn Maughan, Joshua Hendrik Maxwell, Scott Weiland Maxwell, Jordan Maynard, Heather Dawn McAllister, Joshua Allen McGrath, Pacific

McLanahan, Trayon Quintell McNairy, Jake Thomas Michajla, Anna Elaine Michel, Baxter Tristan Miller, Chase Douglas Miller, Cramer Timothy Montgomery, Tawni Allison Moore, Thomas Patrick Moore, Joshua Ryan Moran, Jessa Renee Morissey, Gabriel Carter Morris, Madison Sue Marie Morris, Donald Mullen, Selena Muong, Kendrick Irvin Murphy, Micheii Mariko Nading, Bill Narita, Alan Hai-Jen Ng, Jennifer Phoung Nguyen, Larry Liem Day Nguyen, Thuy Bich Nguyen, Tommy Quoc Nguyen, Leah Claire Nielson, Kira Nicole Nipper, Joel Robert Norris, Sarah Jean Noyes, Dulce Nunez, Allison Kathryn Nunn, Frances Elise Olson, Beatrice Ostasuc, Abagail Storey Oswald, Cody Michael Ernest Otterholt, Yvette Magat Pabustan, Yvonne Magat Pabustan,

Johanna Adair Smith, Keenan Gordon Smith, Ruben Soto, Mary Claire Squires, Harleen Kaur Sran, Izabella Stanford, Molly Cristin Steck, Michayla Rose Steiner, Mark David Stevens, Daniel Warner Stone, Matthew James Stone, Brianna M Streiff, Naomi Maria Tataran, Jacob Ben Tatelman, Bailey Elizabeth Tax, Logan James Taylor, Megan M Taylor, Rose Mary Tegtmeier, Paul Thompson, Alyanna Villanueva Thongoulay, Eric Phi Tran, Tony H Tran, Thanh Loc Truong, Allia Madison Tuttle, Lena Kaily Udom, Debbie Snow Ung, Isabel Sarai Vega, Shelbi Rose Walter, Victor Ryan Walter, Janeth Catherine Waters, Jon Reid Watson, Robert Andrew Weatherford, Brianna Renee Wells, Forrest Quinton Wells, Garrison Earl Whaley-Sharp, Amanda Carol Whitacre, Taylor Nicole Williams, Ashley Lauren Winstead, Tessa Ashley Wuchter, Cameron Shea Wunderlich, Maxwell Thomas Wunderlich, Yeng Xiong, James Jinhong Xu, Arianna Camille Yob, Santos P Zaid and Thomas Jesse Zapleta. tips Affordable Basic



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uanita High School graduated 289 students during a commencement ceremony at the school on June 14. The following students earned diplomas: Brendon P Aguallo, Alex Frank Anderson, Trevor Clifton Andrews, Michael Riley Antonsen, Amanda Nicole Aponte, Mason Douglas Arney, Arielle Keyella Rhea Atkinson, Brianna Nicole Bailey, Ty Friddell Baird, Mitchell Edward Baker, Madilyn Rose Bechtel, Grecia Mara Beltran, Elijah Bengochea, Kelsey Sabrina Benslimane, Jacob Michael Benson, Amanda Lynn Bergman, Mariah Bianca Binag, James Jordan Bliesner, Ian Dominic Bochner, Noah Apollo Bochner, Casey Boles, Eric Boonto, John David Bradley, Sharon Michell Bravo, Sean Donald Brennan, Katherine Madison Brezicha, Jeffrey Jose Briones, Avery Alexander Britton, Brian S Brooks, Molly Earth Brunnenkant, Madeleine Elizabeth Burt, Kelsey Marie Camilleri-Espinoza, Brandon Cole Campbell, Gabriela Elizabeth Carrillo, Jacob Allen Carroll, Breanna Joy Carter, Hayley Carter, Amanda Rochelle Cartwright, Eleuterio Castro, Selena Chardonae Chambers, Kathleen Chang, Katarzyna Grace Chodakauskas, Teja Anna Christensen, Elizabeth Arely Cisneros, Brandon Cooper, Mary McKenna Cowan, Jesse James Crim, Kevin Javier Cruz, Kialen Ross Cunnigan, Mario F CurayF, Moira Anne Darragh, Blake L Davis, Nichole Ann Davis, Zachary C De Vries, Olivia Denea DeRobbio, Joshua J Diederich, Frances Catherine Dierken, Anthony Sieu-Vi Do, Aundrea Adeline Dodge, John Edward Donahue, Adam Douangphachanh, William Roger Dudley, Amira Alexis Dugan, Bayley Jo Edwards, Jacob Daniel Eggers, Curtis Michael Eichner, Martin S Emmons, Tyler Jordan Eng, Danielle Taylor Faist, Tess Diane Farley, Rosalee Farmer, Christian Kenneth Fenstad, Jade Kesone Finau, Andrew Bruce Fitzgerald, Alyssa Rae Forrester, Harley James French, Mitchell Lewis Friedrich, Emily Diane Fries, Emma Jean Frostad, Oscar J Fuentes, Raelhiya F Fulmer, Maria Fernanda Garcia-Arteaga, Kyle Ryan Gates, Taylor Danine Gentile, Daniel J Gettleman, Haley Christine Gilbert, Jasmine

Rachel Elizabeth Padilla, Teaz Na Padilla, Matthew David Paige, Colin Wesley Pate, Cassandra Lynn Pellett, Stephen George Peppes, Juliette Beatrice Perez, Alicia Ann Peterson, Cami Jo Pettengill, Mark Angel Quiroz, Jordan Nicholas Rackley, Vanessa Annie Rasavong, Hunter Lawrence Rector, Race Patrick Rennick, Aracely Reyes, Makinzie Gainey Rich, Caitlyn Marie Richter, Taylor Riekstins, Ahmed Raza Rizvi, Kaitlin Elizabeth Robbins, Ethan Paul Robinson, Jacob Louis Rodriquez, Timothy Ray Roetcisoender, Itzell Rolon Villarreal, Jade M Rosse, Mana Rouholfada, Elizabeth Jayne Roy, Gabriel Richard Rubinov, Conner James Rusch, Rachel Marie Russell, Khoosheh Salas, Erika Lynne Savage, Sheldon Marcus Sawyer, Mark Sayakhom, Matthew Anousai Saysanasy, David J Sego, Mahdis Shakoori, Shanli Shakoori, Zachary Grant Sharpe, Sierra Alexandra Sherrell, Nick J Shirley, Rachel Dianna Sibley, Katy Elizabeth Sjolund, Brandon James Slavin, Chase Walker Ryan Slayton,



[4] June 28, 2013

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Time for lawmakers to pass budget, go home


tate lawmakers have 231 million good reasons to agree on a new two-year state budget. Revenue forecasts predict an additional $231 million in revenue during this fiscal year and over the next two years. That money, plus $90 million in savings from fewer services being needed, could be enough to do a deal and go home. There could be an end to the Legislature’s special sessions after all. Or, as Sen. Rodney Tom, D-Medina, so aptly put it: “We should just be able to say OK … let’s wrap up the people’s business and move on.” The Legislature is now into its second special session. If lawmakers can’t come up with a budget by the end of the month, the state could begin to shut down non-essential services. There’s no need for that. Both the Republic/Democrat coalition in the Senate and the Democrat-controlled House have been sparring over a number of other issues. House Democrats want to end some tax breaks. The

Senate Coalition wants to make changes in such things as the state’s workers’ compensation system. Both houses are using these and other measures as trading chips to get an agreement on the budget. While discussion on such issues is justified, it isn’t as

critical as making sure the state has money to pay its bills come July 1. Our lawmakers have spent enough time in Olympia. It’s time to craft and pass a budget and go home.

● L E T T E R S . . . Y O U R O P I N I O N C O U N T S : To submit an item or photo: email;

mail attn: Letters, Kirkland Reporter, 11630 Slater Ave. N.E., Suite 8/9, Kirkland, Washington, 98034; fax 425.822.0141. Letters may be edited for style, clarity and length.

Fireworks and Asians A recent letter writer asks how Asians feel about fireworks, implying we should dislike them because they have had no other association throughout history than wanton American killing of Asians. This Asian feels absolutely great about American fireworks. And about Blue Angels’ jet noise too. Maybe not warm and cozy, but definitely safe, and alive. Many of the Asians in King County wouldn’t be here – or anywhere – without the American strength they represent. American firepower saved far more Asians than it killed. My ancestors survived World War II in southern China. My parents, as young children, saw many of their friends dead on the streets, killed by Japanese soldiers. If it weren’t for American firepower, the Imperial Japanese Army likely would’ve massacred them and millions more, repeating the 1937 “Rape of Nanking” in dozens of cities. I hear no disapproval of that from the letter writer. Fireworks were invented in China, 600-700 years before there even was a white America. Asianon-Asian war casualties, in terms of percentage of population, go back thousands of years before that and far exceed the rates of any war America has been involved in. There certainly were fireworks celebrating Chinese victories. I hear no disapproval of that from the letter writer. The Communist Chinese, who would’ve killed my grandparents if the Japanese didn’t, killed somewhere between 10 and 50 million of their fellow countrymen for purely political reasons. I hear no disapproval of that from the letter writer. Pol Pot killed one-third of his country. The north Vietnamese, after defeating the south and then defeating the Viet Cong – and throw in a short war against China in 1979 – killed hundreds of thousands. Captured female soldiers were subjected to unspeakably and gratuitously violent and demeaning tortures such as being formed into chain gangs by stringing barbed wire through their female parts. I hear no disapproval of that from the letter writer. The writer might not like the sound of fireworks, but I imagine he’d much more dislike the sounds of friends screaming from enemy gunshot wounds outside his doorstep like my parents heard, of

enemy planes and exploding enemy bombs in his neighborhood, and of enemy firing squads executing him for criticizing their fireworks. I gratefully celebrate the sounds honoring those American service members who protect him from those fates that killed far more Asians than Americans did.

K-Y Su, Kirkland

Better education funding without slashing social services I live in Kirkland, in the 48th Legislative District, and I am a volunteer through Page Ahead as a storyteller to five kindergarten classes and one first-grade class in a poverty area in south Seattle. Compared to our elementary schools in the Kirkland area, this district has very little to support these kids. The storytelling and reading efforts have many statistical measures indicating student improvement. Sounds good, right? But when you go to the classrooms and see the kids trying to stay awake - the ones who have difficulty concentrating because they are hungry, the ones who come in a mishmash of clothing because they can’t afford more, or the ones who are obviously sick and have not had treatment - you begin to wonder about not only educational funding, but also the family food and health needs. This school district has one of the highest “movement” rates of any in our state, i.e. parents who are constantly having to move to cheaper housing, or to get jobs elsewhere, etc. Tax support declines each time. I can attest to the quality of the teachers and the administration in this school district. They are committed, determined and focused on growing each student into a successful citizen. They give of themselves enormously for very little recognition. Every student is important to them. They have very few resources. Funding education more strongly (a court requirement) is necessary - but tying it to the reduction of social services (specifically hunger and health-related services) makes no sense. The Hill/Tom combination professes “prudence” and responsibility, but instead resists the obvious in-

equality of taxation, closing of loopholes and preys upon political gain. Contrary to the Hill/Tom effort, we can have both - better education funding, and save social services if we focus on closing tax loopholes and redirection of subsidies to the education and social services arena. We are citizens of our entire state; we need to think beyond just Kirkland and consider that the next brilliant idea for our education, economy, and governance may come from just one of the students that our current system is making it more difficult to succeed. Just one student – I have 143. Imagine! This – as one of the presenters in the rally indicated – is really an “easy” decision. It’s time our legislators thought about the needs of our citizens rather than being Pollyannas and looking for publicity that might move them to the next political position.

Bill LaMarche, Kirkland

Kirkland’s fireworks saved Friends and community members of Kirkland, we did it! Because of hundreds of donations, big and small, and because Nytec CEO, Richard Lerz stepped up to close the gap, we will have a fabulous 4th of July, including fireworks over the lake. Lerz stated that Nytec, a 35-year-old electron design and engineering company, is ecstatic to help make Kirkland’s 4th of July a huge success this year. Nytec will be opening a 20,000-square-foot stateof-the-art facility in late 2013. They have adopted the Sixth Street trail crossing portion of the Cross Kirkland Corridor, which is the property they will occupy and on June 11 participated with future neighbor Google and members of both Moss Bay and Everest neighborhoods in a cleanup and clearing of the tracks. Their new facility plans to incorporate the corridor into their landscape and design plan, with features such as outdoor art, open space, picnic benches and gathering places along the track. With this donation, Nytec joins an incredible membership of major sponsors of our 4th of July celebration, including premier parade sponsor and longest-term supporter, Lee Johnson Auto Family, as well as the city of Kirkland, Fairfax Hospital, Wave Broadband and Overlake Oil.

Penny Sweet, Kirkland

June 28, 2013 [5]



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[ KELSEY from page 1]

that didn’t have any friends to go. It was a place to just be able to have something to do if your friends were sick that day or if you were sick of what you normally do at recess.” Jensen said Kelsey expressed it could be awkward making friends at recess when her friend was gone on vacation or wasn’t at school that day. Keck, who was Kelsey’s fourth-grade teacher, said it also bothered Kelsey that some kids didn’t have anyone to play with at recess and she wanted them to have a place to play and feel Peter Kirk Elementary fifth graders get ready to volunteer as part of Kelsey’s Corner, a project that was safe and included. started by Kelsey Jensen, who passed away last December. CARRIE RODRIGUEZ, Kirkland Reporter The girls made a sign, which is still hanging on the wake up … “ sure everyone has something she wanted,” said fifthside of a school building, Jensen described her to do at recess,” said Michele grader Lauren Bowser, who and they created a scheddaughter as energetic, funLiggett, a third-grade teacher was friends with Kelsey last ule. With the help of some loving and happy. at Peter Kirk, who helped year. teachers, the girls convinced “I mean every mom organize Kelsey’s Corner. Many of the teachers many student volunteers to thinks their kid is perfect Kelsey’s mom also are not only thrilled at help out. but she was an amazing girl,” donated some of the funds Kelsey’s Corner’s success, But Kid’s Corner was a towards the program that but because many boys success for only a few weeks. Jensen said. After Kelsey passed away, the family received from unexpectedly gave up their It was difficult for teachers teachers in the school’s culthe Kelsey Jensen Memorial recess to volunteer for the to help run Kid’s Corner ture committee approached Fund. recess project. during their lunch breaks, Jensen with the idea to Now, students and and, on top of it all, the more story online… continue Kelsey’s mission of teachers report nothing but school year ended. helping kids at recess. success. Jensen said Kid’s Corner This time it would be “[Kid’s Corner] didn’t eventually lost steam. work as well as Kelsey’s Then one day last Decem- called “Kelsey’s Corner.” “We thought this would Corner is now, but I think ber, Kelsey’s family suffered a be a wonderful way to keep it worked better [this year] horrific experience. her memory alive and also because we’re doing it “She was a completely pass on her desire to make because it’s something that healthy 10-year-old one minute … ,” Jensen said of Kelsey. “And she complained of a headache and got super nauseous and had to lay Auto, Home, Business, Life & Health insurance down, and was unconscious within five minutes.” Insurance questions? Contact us, we can After the paramedics arhelp with any of your insurance needs. rived to take her to Harborview Medical Center, doctors discovered Kelsey had 425-827-7400 • an arterial veinal malfunction, which caused a rupture 416-6th Street South • Kirkland, WA 98033 Companies represented include: Liberty NW, Safeco, CNA, Travelers, Hartford/AARP, in her cerebellum. NSM Homebuilders, Progressive, Unigard, Encompass, Kemper, Chubb, Zurich “We spent 10 days in HarReal people caring about your insurance needs. How can we help you? borview, keeping her stable and trying to assess how much damage there was to her brain stem,” Jensen said. “But after 10 days, we found out the damage was too much for her to be able to

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However, a spokesman for Hill said the Senate budget allocates $1 billion in additional funding for education and the House of Representatives allocated $905 million in their base budget as well as $1 billion in a proposal if specific tax increases were enacted. The two senators have significant influence on the budget process, as Hill is the chair of the Senate Ways and Means Committee and Tom is the leader for the Senate Majority Coalition Caucus. The Legislature is in the midst of a second special session due to a lack of compromise, and rally-goers believe Republican leaders in the Senate have held the budget “hostage” in an attempt to pass policy bills. “It’s already starting to affect us because we’re at the end of the school year and our principals are trying to plan for next year,” said Miller, who is also a social studies teacher in the Bellevue School District. “They don’t know if they’re going to be able to fill all of their positions. This is not a budget issue, this is the state Republican senators trying to force policy down everyone’s throat in the second special session.” But Hill said in a statement on Thursday the Legislature has all of the resources they need to pass a budget. And in just the past week have they had $480 million in additional money become available, which is “more than enough to bridge the gap between the Senate and House of Representatives.” “My colleague Senate Majority Leader Rodney Tom has made it explicitly clear that a suite of reform bills have been removed from negotiations in order to get leadership from the House of Representatives to commit to passing a budget,” Hill said. “There is absolutely no reason that we cannot and should not finish our work quickly and I’m continuing to have comprehensive negotiations with the Governor and House of Representatives.” Hill said a government shutdown is “completely out of the question” and that both sides will immediately come together over a final plan. Hill said the Senate budget plan has $200 million more for basic education than the House of Representatives’ plan. However, Kirkland City Councilwoman Shelley Kloba spoke at the rally and urged citizens to get involved and write to legislators about how they are affected by budget decisions. She told the community to stand together to demand legislators agree on a budget that does not present

the “false choice” between education and critical needs of the most vulnerable. “We can build a worldclass education system but if the kids are hungry and stressed because of instability in their home environments, then we will not be successful,” said Kloba. “It is so important to provide the support that families need so they don’t have to choose between healthcare and putting food on the table.” She said the Kirkland community values all people and that the budget needs to reflect the realities of diverse families that are consistent with the values of a strong education and a stable family. However, three Hill supporters think many statefunded programs should simply be shutdown. “Taxes are already too high,” said Bob Abbot. “Spending is out of control. Many programs in the state should simply be abandoned and shutdown.” Dale Fonk said Hill is doing a fabulous job as leader of the Ways and Means Committee and thinks “these folks” want more money on top of the proposed $1 billion to education the Senate budget proposal calls for. “The claim about holding the budget hostage could be applied equally to the Governor’s office or the House,” Fonk said. “They’re all digging in their heels and so you can’t point your finger at any one of them and say they’re holding the budget hostage any more than any of the others.” Some rally attendees criticized both legislators. Kirkland resident Vicki Neumeier, who works as a Seattle nurse, said Hill and Tom are putting tax breaks for special interests ahead of funding healthcare for parttime state employees, which include part time nurses, she adds.


[ RALLY from page 1]


[6] June 28, 2013

...Senior Lifestyles Madison House resident to turn 104 years old Helen Haberkamp, a resident of Madison House Retirement in Kirkland, will turn 104 years old on June 29. There are several lessons she’s learned in her lifetime. “Always pay your bills,”

she said. She also feels it is very important to get out of her apartment every day, “even if you don’t feel like it and see what’s going on.” Haberkamp was born in Arlington, Ill. in 1909. She was raised in the Lutheran – Missouri Synod and she attended parochial school, which taught in both English and German. She learned to

read the Bible in German. She was born the eldest in her family. Her younger sister is 101 and her baby sister recently passed away at 89 years old. She has a daughter and son, two grandsons and three great-grandchildren. Haberkamp worked for the U.S. Postal Service after raising her children and, after retirement, worked in private childcare. She loves

children and also taught Sunday school for eight years, saying, “It is wonderful to see what kids think.” She finally stopped driving at 95 when she retired at Madison House. She travelled extensively around the world until well into her 90s. She went on an African safari, saw the Great Wall of China and even rode on the Trans-Siberian Railroad in Russia.

[ BURKE from page 1] firm McConnell/Burke, Inc. He brought his background in architecture and urban planning to the city of Kirkland when he served as chair on the city’s Planning Commission in the 80s. “Robert really cared about preserving a sense of place in Kirkland,” said Barbara Loomis, who met Burke on the Planning Commission and was his significant other for more than 25 years. She said Burke helped to “restore the historic fabric” in Kirkland to create that sense of place. “Robert, because he was a planner, years ago was able to convince the city to get into place in the Comprehensive Plan and zoning code language that the city does want to preserve its community character and sense of place,” said Loomis. So years later when Burke fought to save the building that is now Heritage Hall, he was able to point out that language to the council, she said. “He was a visionary who realized part of our past is also a part of our future,” said

You’re invited to our Classic Car Show & Open House! Zoom on over Saturday, July 13th, 10am-2pm Fun, food, music, prizes and cool cars. Bring a friend. It’s going to be a blast! All the hep cats are bopping on over to Fairwinds - Brittany Park in Woodinville

Helen Haberkamp, a resident of Madison House Retirement in Kirkland, will turn 104 years old on June 29. CONTRIBUTED Michaele Muse, who was the mayor of Kirkland during the Heritage Hall acquisition and worked with Burke and the Kirkland Heritage Society to secure the building. She now lives in Portland, Ore. and plans to attend Burke’s celebration of life on July 6 with her husband. “I know one of my favorite things to do is to go back to Kirkland and see that building sitting there in the park,” added Muse. Dave Ramsey, former city manager, recalled working with Burke when the city acquired the former church building and moved it from First Street by City Hall to Heritage Park. “I think this project illustrated Bob’s very effective working style,” said Ramsey. “He was a passionate advocate for preserving Kirkland’s history and it’s heritage … yet he was a very effective working partner. That’s a tricky combination to achieve and Bob did it with passion, but also with grace and humor.” He said Burke often spoke up during council meetings to speak about land-use and

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Comprehensive Plan issues. “Sometimes he was applauding the city, sometimes he was encouraging us to do better and sometimes he even disagreed with what we were doing,” said Ramsey. “But he was effective that he could do all of the above and come out of it with everyone’s respect.” Loomis said before Heritage Hall came along, Burke stored some of Kirkland Heritage Society’s collection in a bedroom at his home, including thousands of photographs of historic Kirkland. The organization also did not have a centralized meeting place. “We were meeting at the Kirkland Library, the Kirkland Congregational Church - wherever we possibly could,” she recalled. “Moving in to Heritage Hall gave us the opportunity to move everything together in one place.” Burke also helped raise $250,000 for the restoration of Heritage Hall, and even designed a glass case that currently stores some of the organization’s collection. Other historical contributions that Burke made to the city include convincing the city in 1994 to put into its Comprehensive Plan a policy to celebrate the city’s centennial in 2005; organizing the city’s Peter Kirk Family Reunion event and he was the “primary watchdog” in the effort to restore the historic Anderson Ferry clock in downtown Kirkland that was re-dedicated in January, said Sue Contreras. Loomis said Burke was so passionate about historical preservation that he even moved his 1910 craftsman bungalow years ago from Totem Lake to the Norkirk neighborhood, where he renovated the home. A celebration of Burke’s life will be held at 5 p.m. Saturday, July 6 at Heritage Hall. Remembrances can be made in his memory to the Kirkland Heritage Society.

more story online…

June 28, 2013 [7]

Kirkland man receives hero award for saving man’s life The Kirkland City Council and the Kirkland Fire Department recently recognized David Gregg for performing CPR on a pedestrian last month. City officials presented Gregg with a Citizen Hero Award for his life-saving efforts during the June 18 council meeting. Gregg was riding his bicycle to the library during lunchtime on May 4 when he came upon Kent Besaw face down on the shoulder of Northeast 100th Street. Gregg checked the man and found him to be unconscious and without a pulse. Another passerby, James Ruddy, called 911. Kirkland fire Capt. Larry Peabody, upon arrival, observed Gregg performing CPR on the victim. Gregg continued performing CPR while the Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) was prepared. Peabody said, “Mr. Gregg did an awesome job with chest compressions while I readied the AED.”

Q&A with Council candidate Jay Arnold Kirkland City Council candidate Jay Arnold will be having a “Q&A with Jay” event at the O.O. Denny Park picnic shelter on Saturday, June 29. Kirklanders are invited to drop by and chat with Arnold between 9-11 a.m. Arnold will serve breakfast. The park is located at 12032 Holmes Point Drive NE, Kirkland. Arnold is running for council Position 1, which is currently held by Mayor Joan McBride, who is not running for re-election. Arnold is serving in his second term as a Planning Commissioner, and is a former chair. RSVP to the event and support Arnold’s campaign on Facebook at facebook. com/VoteJayArnold.


This week’s…


Police Blotter The blotter feature is both a description of a small selection of police incidents and a statistical round-up of all calls to the Kirkland Police Department that are dispatched to on-duty police officers. The Kirkland Reporter police blotter is not intended to be representative of all police calls originating in Kirkland, which average about 1,000 per week. Between June 14-20, the Kirkland Police Department reported 551 traffic violations (five DUIs), 22 traffic accidents, 11 school zone traffic violations, 24 alarm calls, 32 noise complaints, 13 calls of disturbance, 13 thefts, nine car prowls, four car thefts, 10 calls of civil disturbance, six reported burglaries, 12 domestic violence calls, four calls for harassment, two reports of illegal drugs, three assaults, four juvenile crimes, nine acts of fraud, one malicious mischief report, three suicides and three sex offenses. At least 35 people were arrested.

June 18

was a student.

Malicious mischief: 6:10 p.m., 12900 block of 126th Court NE. A 15-year-old girl was arrested after she threw her mother’s cell phone and destroyed it. While in jail, the girl made several suicidal attempts and was taken to EvergreenHealth Medical Center for her statements and previous history of attempts.

June 17 Assault: 8:50 p.m., 10 Kirkland Ave. A 25-year-old man was arrested for assaulting his 22-year-old ex-girlfriend. There were two witnesses and six others involved in the incident. Assault: 9:10 a.m., 10100 block of NE 132nd St. A 13-year-old boy was arrested after he allegedly grabbed a 27-year-old woman’s crotch and pulled her hair. The boy

Domestic violence: 2:13 p.m., 11200 block of NE 141st Place. A 23-year-old man was arrested for fourth-degree assault and for interfering with reporting domestic violence. A 56-yearold woman with the same last name was reported to be his victim.

June 16 Domestic violence: 9 p.m., 11200 block of NE 128th St. A 50-year-old woman was taken into custody for biting her 48-year-old husband’s arm after he took her keys. Trespass: 10:40 p.m., 11600 block of 98th Ave. NE. A 20-year-old man was arrested for violating his no trespass order at Walgreens.

June 15 Noise violation: 11:10 p.m., 13800 block

of 90th Ave. NE. A 34-year-old woman was cited for a noise violation after a 62-year-old man reported a barking dog complaint. The owner was warned about her dogs in the past.

June 14 Harassment: 5:20 p.m., 9700 block of NE Juanita Drive. A 26-year-old man was cited for harassment after an investigation revealed he threatened a 31-year-old man. The men and the suspect’s girlfriend had an argument over the girlfriend’s dog being off-leash in a park. Domestic violence: 9:26 p.m., 11300 block of NE 144th Place. A 36-year-old woman was arrested and booked into jail after she and her 42-year-old husband were in a physical altercation. Domestic violence: 11 p.m., 9800 block of NE 125th Lane. A 16-year-old boy was arrested for fourth-degree assault after he pushed his 43-year-old mother into the wall two times.

June 20 Minor in consumption: 1:32 a.m., 12800 block of 100th Ave. NE. An 18-year-old man was arrested for blowing a 0.161 after dumping garbage all over the roadway.

June 19 Order violation: 4:30 p.m., 11900 block of NE 80th St. When a 21-yearold man and a 20-year-old woman attempted to check into Camp Unity, they were taken into custody. The man had violated a Redmond no-contact order for the woman he was with. Upon his arrest, the woman fought with officers and was subsequently arrested for obstruction.



The remaining dispatched units arrived in short order and they relieved Gregg of performing CPR. “The bottom line is that this resuscitation may not have been successful without Mr. Gregg starting CPR as soon as he did,” said Peabody. He asked Gregg if he had performed CPR before and Gregg said no, but he had taken a CPR course.


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[8] June 28, 2013 Hailee Costa; Emily Drew; Christopher Neal; Kyle Armour; Andrew Frank Belmonte; Kendall Vern Compton; Matthew Cole Corson; Savannah Jeanne Debruyn; Pamela Wendolin Estevez; Brianna Renee Jergesen; Maya Lee Ledbet-

Emerson High School and Emerson K-12 recently graduated the following 23 students: Sean Ben-Zvi;

PUBLIC NOTICES IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF WASHINGTON FOR SNOHOMISH COUNTY IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF: ELAINE M. LARIMORE, Deceased. NO. 13-4-00786-5 NOTICE TO CREDITORS (RCW 11.40.030) The personal representative named below have been appointed as Personal Representative of this estate. Any person having a claim against the decedent must, before the time the claim would be barred by any otherwise applicable statute of limitations, present the claim in the manner as provided in RCW 11.40.070 by serving on or mailing to the Personal Representative, or the Personal Representative’s Attorney at the address stated below, a copy of the claim and filing the original of the claim with the court in which the probate proceedings were commenced.. The claim must be presented within the later of: (1) Thirty days after the Personal Representatives served or mailed the notice to the creditor as provided under RCW 11.40.020(1)(c); or (2) four months after the date of first publication of this notice. If the claim is not presented

within this time frame, the claim is forever barred, except as otherwise provided in RCW 11.40.051 and 11.40.060. This bar is effective as to claims against both the decedent’s probate and nonprobate assets. Date of filing copy of Notice to Creditors: June 5, 2013. Date of first publication: June 14, 2013. DENNIS LINN, Personal Representative Attorney for the Estate: LAW OFFICE OF MICHELE O. PARATTE, Attorney at Law 1802 Grove Street Marysville, WA 98270 360.659.0833 Fax: 360.657.2465 Published in Kirkland Reporter on June 14, 2013, June 21, 2013 and June 28, 2013. #809330.

ter; Karen I Lopez; Anayeli Heritage Park nest has a K Molina; Andrea Molina; special place in downtown Matthew Aaron Robb; Jacob Kirkland and along the July Nathaniel Sanborn; Joshua Fourth parade route,” said William Shular; Oscar D Andy McCormick, president Velazco; Teresa M Villeda; of Eastside Audubon. “We Kendal John Walker; Shelby are very happy that Celebrate Lea Whipple; and Charles Kirkland! understood the Michael Wilson. benefit to the eagles of having the fireworks display farther away from the nest to reduce the risk of disturbing the two eaglets that have not yet fledged and cannot fly. It will be a great day to celebrate the birth of our country and the bald eagle.” For Fourth of July celEastside Audubon is apebrants who would like to plauding a Kirkland group’s see the baby eagles, Eastside recent decision to shift the Audubon will be at Heritage position of the Fourth of July Park with spotting scopes fireworks barge to protect pointed at the nest high in a two baby bald eagles still in fir tree over the lake. Hightheir nest at Heritage Park. power scopes allow viewing “The bald eagle is our at a distance with no disturnational symbol and the bance to the nesting birds,

Kirkland group to move Fourth of July fireworks to protect bald eagles

To place your Legal Notice in the

...obituaries Place a paid obituary to honor those who have passed away, call Linda at 253.234.3506

Kirkland Reporter e-mail legals@

Paid obituaries include publication in the newspaper and online at All notices are subject to verification.

A Kirkland group will shift the position of the Fourth of July firework’s barge to protect two baby bald eagles at Heritage Park. CONTRIBUTED and will be available after the parade and for two hours before the fireworks show. Along with McCormick, Kirkland resident and Eastside Audubon member Nancy Roberts met with Penny Sweet of Celebrate Kirkland! last week to request the move of the fireworks barge. U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service guidelines require

fireworks displays to be located at least a half-mile from an active bald eagle nest and recommend a distance of one mile. As a result of the meeting, the fireworks barge this year will be farther south and the fireworks shells will be directed away from Heritage Park in an effort to prevent frightening the young birds.

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Bogarting is now the law!

Cemetery Plots

Complete Line: Western Red Cedar Building Materials

Affordable Prices OPEN MON - SAT


1.25 million readers make us a member of the largest suburban newspapers in Western Washington. Call us today to advertise. 800-388-2527

DISH TV Retailer. Starting at $19.99/month PLUS 30 Premium Movie Channels FREE for 3 Months! SAVE! & Ask About SAME DAY Installation! CALL - 877-9921237 FREE 10� Internet tablet when your order DISH installed free. Free HBO. Offer ends Soon Call for details. 1-866-845-7776. Restrictions apply with approved credit. M y C o m p u t e r Wo r k s. Computer problems? Viruses, spyware, email, printer issues, bad internet connections - FIX IT NOW! Professional, U.S.-based technicians. $25 off service. Call for immediate help. 1-866998-0037

u COMPUTER u RUNNING SLOW? Or Not Responding? u Computer Network Svc u Instruction ARepair u System Setup uHouse Calls uOffice Calls

Call Dave

425- 867- 0919

Firewood, Fuel & Stoves

A+ SEASONED FIREWOOD Dry & Custom-Split Alder, Maple & Douglas Fir

Speedy Delivery & Best Prices!

425-312-5489 425-508-9554

Quality Firewood Logs Delivered (Logs Only) Green or Seasoned. 7 Cord Minimum Log order. Full loads (10 cords or more) start at $130 per cord delivered to most areas. Please call Ralph at


flea market Flea Market

32� JVC TV Great picture. Wor ks perfect. Quality brand! Not a flat screen. $65. Microwave, $40. Call after noon: 12pm. 425-885-9806. Cell 425-260-8535

Heron Landing Senior Apartments A Great Place to Call Home! Spacious 1 & 2 BR now available! An apt. community for Seniors over 62 Conveniently located in Kenmore Small pets welcome, van service, controlled access entry system. FOR AN APPLICATION PLEASE CALL

425-398-1688 or 425-487-6000 Income Restrictions Apply



[10] June 28, 2013 Flea Market

STYLISH LADIES COAT Nice lightweight leather. Worn very little and in excellent shape! Calf length, size 9, black. $140. Call after noon: 12pm. 425-885-9806 or cell: 425-260-8535. Food & Farmer’s Market

100% Guaranteed Omaha Steaks - SAVE 69% on The Grilling Collection. N O W O N LY $49.99 Plus 2 FREE GIFTS & r ight-to-thedoor deliver y in a reusable cooler, ORDER Today. 1- 888-697-3965 Use Code:45102ETA or w w w . O m a h a S Free Items Recycler

FREE: PAINT. About 1 g a l l o n o f L i g h t B l u e, Light Green and Light Grey Interior Latex Satin. Also 3 gallons of Exterior Flat in Brown. Call to arrange pick up, 425888-0762 Home Furnishings

B E AU T I F U L C O U C H ! “Fosters” Sectional couch; black / brown. Special order custom three piece set. Like new condition! Asking $4,000 but make us your best offer. Original retail value $4,800. 206-7808800. Moving Must Sell Murphy Bed with Computer Desk Shelves Drawers White Fullsize, Lighted headboard, Excellent Conditon. Quality Made. Must See. Buyer Moves. $3500. 425-636-8634 Home Furnishings

Mail Order


LIVING ROOM and Dining Room Furniture and Shelving Units Available. Various Sizes, All Priced To Sell. Call for info: 425-822-7078

KILL BED BUGS & THEIR EGGS! Buy a Harris Bed Bug Kit, Complete Room Treatment Solution. Odorless, Non-Staining. Available online (NOT IN STORES) TA K E V I AG R A ? S t o p paying outrageous prices! Best prices… VIAGRA 100MG, 40 pills+/4 free, only $99.00. Discreet Shipping, Power Pill. 1-800-368-2718

KILL SCORPIONS! Buy Harris Scorpion Spray. Indoor/Outdoor. Odorless, Non-Staining, Long Lasting. Kills Socrpions and other insects. Effective results begin after the spray dries! Available at Ace Hardware, The Home Depot or

Jewelry & Fur

I B U Y G O L D, S i l ve r, D i a m o n d s, W r i s t a n d Pocket Watches, Gold and Silver Coins, Silverware, Gold and Platinum Antique Jewelry. Call Mic h a e l A n t h o ny ’s a t (206)254-2575


Most of our glass is blown by local artists, hand crafted, a true work of art! water pipes, oil burners, keif boxes, nug jars, holiebowlies, hightimes magazines, calendars, clothing and literature along with a full line of vaporizers.

L OW E S T P R I C E S o n quality hot tubs! New hot tubs starting @ $2995, spa covers from $299. Saunas as low as $2195! Filters & parts, pool & spa chemicals. Service & repair. Financing available, OAC. Hrs: 10-6 Mon.-Sat.. SpaCo 18109 Hwy 9 SE, Snohomish, (5 minutes Nor th of Woodinville) 425-485-1314 Sporting Goods

1000 Watt Grow Light Package Includes Ballast, Lamp & Reflector!

Wanted! Used Golf Balls

ELK HUNT LEASE Private Ranch SW Washington Exclusive two week two hunter early elk archery season (in the r ut). For bulls only. Semi guided. Perfect for senior, disabled, or youth hunt. Ground blinds, guest house, almost everything included, 360-771-2016

Min. 1,000 to 10,000 No old or cracked balls

Yard and Garden


The more the better!

Mail Order

Goin Glass

Alone? Emergencies Happen! Get Help with one button push! $ 2 9 . 9 5 / m o n t h . Fr e e equipment, Free set-up. Protection for you or a l ove d o n e. C a l l L i fe Watch USA 1-800-3576505 AT T E N T I O N S L E E P APNEA SUFFERERS with Medicare. Get C PA P R e p l a c e m e n t Supplies at little or NO COST, plus FREE home delivery! Best of all, prevent red skin sores and bacterial infection! Call 1-866-993-5043 Canada Drug Center is your choice for safe and affordable medications. Our licensed Canadian mail order pharmacy will provide you with savings of up to 90% on all your medication needs. Call today 1-800-418-8975, for $10.00 off your first prescription and free shipping. Medical Alert for Seniors - 24/7 monitoring. FREE Equipment. FREE Shipping. Nationwide Service. $29.95/Month CALL Medical Guardian Today 866-992-7236

Spas/Hot Tubs Supplies

Open 7 days a week!

Grand Opening NW Garden Supply Save Up To 50%

2 Locations Fife/Seattle 9100 E Marginal Way, South Tukwilla 206.767.8082 2001 48th Ave Court E Unit #3 Fife 253.200.6653

I Buy Ugly and Old Houses! Grant (206)486-6344 MINI FARM, SE Nor th Dakota $45,000, (4) acres, old barn, Silo, river, secluded; ND 20% of 362 mineral acres $10,000. Details, call Jack (701)799-9151

425-222-0811 Wanted/Trade

H O R N E T S / Y E L L OWJAC K E T S. Fr e e N o n Toxic Removal Of Most From Not-Sprayed “Paperball” Nests, Around Football Size Or Larger. 425-485-0103 or venom *OLD GUITARS Wanted Gibson, Martin, Fender, Gretsch, Epiphone, Guild, Mosrite, Rickenbacker, Prair ie State, D’Angelico, Stromberg, and Gibson Mandolins/Banjos. 1920’s thru 1 9 8 0 ’s. TO P C A S H PAID! 1-800-401-0440

pets/animals Dogs

I Pay Cash!!


Garage/Moving Sales King County KIRKLAND

OUR REDEEMER Lutheran Church, 11611 NE 140th Street, Kirkland (Kingsgate area). Having a Garage Sale, S a t u r d ay, Ju n e 2 9 t h , AKC GREAT Dane Pups 9am - 4pm. Furniture, 10% activeduty military Collectibles, Clothes, discount 503-410-4335 Toys, Books and More! D r eye r s d a n e s n ow i n WOODINVILLE Goldendale WA. 5 new litters! Guarantee healthly males & females. European blood line, these pups are a larger, stockier breed. Beautiful coats Blues, Harlequin, Black, Mantles & Merle. Super sweet. Loveable, gentle intelligent giants! $700 and up. HUGE CHURCH RumAdvertise in the mage Sale! Large choice Classifieds to reach of new and gently used; thousands of readers antiques, books, kitchen looking to use your items, china, furniture, household, collectibles, service. Call 1-800ar t, clothes, spor ting, 288-2527 to place tools, garden, toys and your ad in the Service much more! Friday, June 28 th & Saturday, June Directory. 29th from 9am to 3pm located at Nor thshore UCC, 18900 168 th Ave NE, Woodinville, 98072.

Call (425)372-6000 WA N T S TO p u r c h a s e minerals and other oil & gas interests. Send details P.O. Box 13557, Denver, Co 80201 2012 SNAPPER Coronet RE-200 Series Rider Musical Instruments Mower. 14.5 Gross HP with 30” Mower Deck. PIANO, YAMAHA Baby A l m o s t N ew. A G r e a t Grand. Black Satin Fin- Deal at the Newly Reish, Excellent Condition d u c e d P r i c e o f w i t h B r i g h t To n e a n d $1999.99! Available to Quick Action. 2 Bench- see at True Value Sere s I n c l u d e d . $ 3 5 0 0 v i c e C e n t e r, Va s h o n . O B O. R o c h e H a r b o r. 206-409-6414 Contact Dave: 360-2980213 Wanted/Trade Need extra cash? Place your classified ad today! CASH FOR ANY CAR! Running or Not! Don’t Call 1-800-388-2527 or trade in or junk your car Go online 24 hours a day before calling us! Instant Offer! 1-800-541-8433

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CASH for unexpired Diabetic TEST STRIPS! Free Shipping, Friendly Ser vice, BEST pr ices and 24hr payment! Call today 1- 877-588 8500 or visit Espanol 888-440-4001

(5) MINIATURE YORKSHIRE Terrier Puppies Fo r S a l e. T h ey a r e 8 weeks old and ready for a new home. I have 3 female and 2 males left. They are ver y loving, playful, and ready for a n ew a d ve n t u r e. I a m asking $1200 for the female and $900 for the males. Email or call if interested: 425-442-0737

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CHIHUAHUAS, Puppies $350 and up. Adult Adoptions also. Reputabl e O r e g o n Ke n n e l . Unique colors, Long and Shor t Haired. Health Guaranteed. UTD Vaccinations/ wormings, litterbox trained, socialized. Video, pictures, info/ virtual tour: References happily supplied! Easy I-5 access. Drain, Oregon. Vic and Mar y Kasser, 541-459-5951

wheels Marine Power

RARE 1991 BOSTON Whaler 16SL. Dual console, 90 HP: 2 stroke Mercury, 8 HP Mercury Kicker, EZ Steer, dual down riggers, water-ski pylon, depth finder, canvas cover, anchor with rode, anchor buddy, & EZ Loader Trailer. Safety equipment including fire extinguisher, throw cushion & more. One owner! Professionally maintained! Located in La Connor. $9,500. 206726-1535.

garage sales - WA Find what you need 24 hours a day.

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June 28, 2013 [11]

Automobiles Mercedes-Benz

2000 MERCEDES Benz E-430 4Matic. 5 Passenger, Automatic, 88,205 Miles, Br illiant Silver, Ash Leather Interior, Excellent Condition, Kept Garaged. $9,300. 404394-7973 (cell)


Professional Services Farm/Garden Service

Se Habla Espanol! Para ordenar un anuncio en el Little Nickel! Llame a Lia 866-580-9405

32’ WINNEBAGO Elandon Motorhome, 1990. Good Condition. Ver y clean, never smoked in. New Refr igerator and To i l e t . G e n e ra t o r, A i r Conditioning, Microwave, 2 T V s. L o t s o f Closet Space. Full bath. Queen bed in back. Sleeps 4 comfor tably. Auburn area. A Bargain at $8,000 Cash. 253653-0055 Vehicles Wanted

CASH FOR CARS! Any Make, Model or Year. We Pay MORE! Running or Not. Sell Your Car or Tr u c k T O D AY. F r e e Towing! Instant Offer: 1-888-545-8647 Got junk cars? Get $ PA I D T O D AY. F R E E towing. Licensed towers. $1,000 FREE gift vouchers! ALL Makes-ALL Models! Call today 1888-870-0422

Se Habla Espanol! Para ordenar un anuncio en el Little Nickel! Llame a Lia 866-580-9405

Find your perfect pet in the Classifieds. Professional Services Lawnmower Repair

Lawn Mower Repair And All Power Tools Authorized Dealer

PACIFIC NAIL CO. 11332 120th Ave NE

Near Kirkland Subaru

425-828-6694 Professional Services Legal Services


7 days a week

Friendly, Flat Fee FREE Phone Consultation Call Greg Hinrichsen, Attorney 206-801-7777 (Sea/Tac) 425-355-8885 Everett

425-483-0354 or


Reach thousands of readers with just one phone call.

All Types Of Concrete


Storm Cleanup, Hauling, Yard Waste, House Cleanup, Removes Blackberry Bushes, Etc.

Bond • Ins. • Lic #TOMSCCS881DM

Summer Special!

Exposed Aggregate • Stamped Color • Pavers • Retaining Wall

25 years experience

A & E Concrete Driveways, patios, steps, & decorative stamp. Foundations, repair & waterproofing. Clearing and hauling. 30 years experience. (425)299-8257 Lic/bonded/insured. alaneec938dn

Home Services General Contractors


SPRING SPECIAL $250 OFF New Decks or Deck Repair.

Call Lenny 206-681-7870

Advertise your service

800-388-2527 or

Notice to Contractors Washington State Law (RCW 18.27.100) requires that all advertisements for construction related services include the contractor’s current depar tment of Labor and Industries registration number in the advertisement. Failure to obtain a certificate of registration from L&I or show the registration number in all advertising will result in a fine up to $5000 against the unregistered contractor. For more information, call Labor and Industries Specialty Compliance Services Division at 1-800-647-0982 or check L&Is internet site at Home Services Excavations

206-842-8363 Professional Services Tutoring/Lessons

Vashon Tutors & More Math, Reading, Etc All Areas of Academics incl. Special Needs All Ages Welcome!


206-408-7559 Home Services Asphalt/ Paving

CUSTOM PAVING No Job Too Big or Small! 40yrs Exp.


New Driveways, Parking Lots, Repair Work, Sealcoating, Senior Discounts Free Estimates


2nd load 1/2 price 25% Discount Specialing in House, garage & yard cleanouts. VERY AFFORDABLE

Excavation Work Specializing in Small & Medium Jobs Demolition Trenching & Grating Brush/Stump Removal Hauling Services Top Soil/Bark/Rock

206-510-3539 Licensed, Bonded & Insured

Home Services Hauling & Cleanup



Locally/Veteran owned & operated. Telephone Estimates, Ray Foley, 425-844-2509 Licensed & Insured


Home Services Landscape Services


* Cleanup * Trim * Weed * Prune * Sod * Seed * Bark * Rockery * Backhoe * Patios 425-226-3911 206-722-2043


Any kind of

YARDWORK *Bark *Weed *Trim *Prune *New Sod *Thatching


*Paving Patios *Rockery/Retaining Walls *General Cleanup


Call Steve

We remove/recycle: Junk/wood/yard/etc. Fast Service 25 yrs Experience, Reasonable rates

Call Reliable Michael



WE TAKE IT ALL! Junk, Appliances, Yard Debris, etc. Serving Kitsap Co. Since 1997

360-377-7990 206-842-2924 AT YOUR DISPOSAL

206-244-6043 425-214-3391 lic#stevegl953kz

De Roman Landscaping Have all your yard needs done your way! Bar k, Small tree removal, Thatching, Seeding, Yard clean-up, Trimming Pruning, Weeding. What ever it is you need done! Free Estimates Pricing is r ight for your budget! Hard Working Men R e a d y To S e r ve Yo u ! Call 425-458-8248 Spanish/English or 206234- 3004 English Email

DICK’S CHIPPING SERVICE Stump Grinding & Brush Chipping 20 Yrs Experience Insured - DICKSC044LF


HAWKS....... Experienced * Polite Punctual * Insured


Man & Truck for Hire Hauling & Light Moving, Power Washing. Will do your yardwork with your tools. Also Avail.for Day Labor.

Call Roger at 206-643-2141

Home Services Property Maintenance

Divorce For Grownups Law Offices of Lynda H. McMaken P.S.

Home Services Hauling & Cleanup


Lic# LFICOCL902LA, Bonded


The Most Cash for your Car or Truck Running or Not

Home Services Concrete Contractors

All Things Basementy! Basement Systems Inc. Call us for all of your basement needs! Waterproofing ? Finishing ? Structural Repairs ? Humidity and Mold Control F R E E E S T I M AT E S ! Call 1-888-698-8150

Hard Working College Student

Available For Work

Will work rain or shine. Pickup truck available for hauling. $15/hr, 4 hr min. Please call: 206-719-0168 Home Services

House/Cleaning Service


HOUSE CLEANING Ref’s Upon Request Senior Discounts Serving Kitsap County Since 2007!


....LANDSCAPING Spring Clean-Up

General Yard Cleaning Trim, Mow, Weeding, Blkberrry Removal, Gutters, Haul Downed trees, Pruning, Pressure Washing and

SO MUCH MORE!! Affordable Prices FREE Estimates.

425-244-3539 425-971-4945

Reach the readers the dailies miss. Call 800-388-2527 today to place your ad in the Classifieds.

HI MARK LANDSCAPING & GARDENING Complete Yard Work DTree Service DHauling DWeeding DPruning DHedge Trim DFence DConcrete DBark DNew Sod & Seed DAerating & Thatching

Senior Discount FREE ESTIMATE

206-387-6100 Lic#HIMARML924JB


DTree Service DHauling DWeeding DPruning DHedge Trim DFence DConcrete DBark DNew Sod & Seed DAerating & Thatching DRemodeling & Painting

Kwon’s Gardening & Landscaping

Over 25 Years Exp. Clean Up, Hedging, Pruning, Mowing & other services avail

Free Estimates Always Low $$ 425-444-9227 ~Landscaping~ 3Weeding~Pruning 3Trimming~Mowing 3Painting~Cleanups 3Pressure Washing

Good Prices~ Call Anytime


Free Estimates Commercial~Residential


Home Services Lawn/Garden Service

ALL YARD WORK SUMMER CLEANUP Thatching & Aerating, Weeding Blackberry & Ivy Removal Pruning and Trimming, Hedge Trimming, Bark Dust and Mulch, Mowing Lawns & Small Fields, General Labor,

206-747-0732 Joseph 20% Off for Seniors

Plant, Prune, Mow, Weed, Bark, Remove Debris Henning Gardening Call Geoff Today:

206-854-1794 LICENSED & INSURED

* SILVER BAY * All Grounds Care Clean-Up, Pruning, Full Maint., Hedge, Haul, Bark/Rock, Roof/Gutter

Free Estimates

360-698-7222 Home Services Painting



Quality Service Since 1979”


“We always respond to your call!”


AND MUCH MORE. Check us out Online

425-350-6958 425-343-7544

www.latinoslawn Satisfaction Guaranteed LOWEST PRICE Free Estimates Senior Discount Lic/Bonded/Insured CALL JOSE 206-250-9073

Home Services Lawn/Garden Service

ALL AROUND LAWN LAWN MAINTENANCE. Brush cutting, mowi n g , h e d g e s, we e d eating, hauling, & pressure washing. R & R MAINTENANCE 206-304-9646 Lic # 603208719

• Excellent Home

• • •

Painting. Interior/Exterior Pressure Washing

Lic/Bond/Insured. WA L&I AGLPAPL87CJ Home Services Plumbing


Pressure washing gutter cleaning, etc. Fence, deck building Concrete, Painting & Repairs. And all yard services. 206-412-4191 HANDYHY9108


*Gardening * Mulch* Weeding*Paverstone *Edging*Walkways* *Patios*Call Tim*




Home Services Pressure Washing

HOME SERVICES Pressure Washing Window Washing Gutter Cleaning Commercial, Residential Free Estimates! Competitive Prices!

(360) 886-8935


Home Services Remodeling

LEWIS AND CLARKE Construction Remodel & Repairs


lewisandclarke LEWISCC925QL

Home Services Roofing/Siding


Home Owners Re-Roofs

$ My Specialty

Small Company offers

$ Low prices

Call 425-788-6235 Lic. Bonded. Ins. Lic# KRROO**099QA



“FROM Small to All Give Us A Call”

King Co: 206-326-9277

My Prices are Reasonable I Build Custom, Storage Sheds, Garden Sheds, Small Barns Horse Stalls Please call Tim for a Free Estimate 425-486-5046


Eastside: 425-273-1050



Home Services Tree/Shrub Care

Licensed, Bonded, Insured -PACWEWS955PK-

All Year Lawn Care Aeration & Dethatching Clean-up & Restoration Senior & Mil. Discounts

Home Services Pole Builder/Storage

Low Cost Lawn & Tree Service. Hauling & Yard Cleanup


Senior Discount FREE ESTIMATE


Find what you need 24 hours a day.

Home Services Landscape Services


SAVE $$$ on AUTO INSURANCE from the major names you know and trust. No forms. No hassle. No obligation. Call R E A DY F O R M Y QUOTE now! CALL 1877-890-6843


Auto Service/Parts/ Accessories

Sno Co: 425-347-9872

Tree Removal/Trimming Residential & Commercial Certified in Power Line Clearance ISA Certified Arborist Lic. ~ Bonded ~ Insured Serving All Counties

253-435-4494 Home Services Windows/Glass

Your Local Plumber

For 27 Years

On Duty 24/7 Never Any Overtime Fee!



Find your perfect pet in the Classifieds. Home Services Pole Builder/Storage

Free Estimate on post or stick frame buildings including garages, shops, barns, arenas, carports, mini-cabins & sheds Our reputation, quality & service can’t be matched! Call Chris @ Ark Custom Buildings 1-877-844-8637

Window Cleaning & More * Window Cleaning * Gutter Cleaning * Pressure Washing 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Free Estimates www.windowcleaning



Domestic Services

Home/Convalescent Care

Professional Home Care Certified Aide Over 6 years experience Willing to travel throughout King County Flexible schedule and affordable rates Please call anytime Ula (206)434-3659

[12] June 28, 2013


e 4 th o f J u l y G u i d e



$500 OFF Re-Roofing

Let’s get aquainted!


Any lube, oil and filter for any Audi or VW

Any Service of $250 or More

Must be presented at time of write up. Not valid with other offers. Expires 07/15/13.

Must be presented at time of write up. Not valid with other offers. Expires 07/15/13.

including synthetic oil

10 AM-10:15 PM Fireworks at 10:15 PM

FREE Brake Inspection


14235 100th Ave NE, Kirkland

Car Service




25% OFF


City of Kenmore Fireworks Show


All Smoke and Vapor Products

10 PM at Log Boom Park

Open on 4th of July All Day

15 Lake St, Kirkland, WA



y l f u o th J 4 E L SA

Coupon never ends save code “SmokeShopKirkland”

7 AM-10 PM Fireworks at dusk

Up to


The Great Carnation 4th of July Celebration

Have You Washed Your Doggy Lately?

Fourth On The Plateau 6 PM-10 PM Fireworks at 10 PM fourthontheplateau.aspx

Redmond Derby Days July 12th-13th Fireworks at 10 PM, July 13

Bellevue Downtown Association

Men’s haircuts on the 4th of July 122 KIRKLAND Ave

425.828.4411 *New customers only and men we haven’t seen in over 1 year.


10 OFF 50 OFF







Family Owned & Operated Est. 1935

Is it time for that larger


2 PM-10:30 PM Fireworks at dusk www.bellevuedowntown. org/events/familyfourth

City of Renton 4th of July Celebration 12 PM-10 PM Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park Fireworks at 10PM

BIG DIAMONDS, small prices.

12559 116th Ave NE, KIRKLAND (Totem Lake West)




813182 425.455.5881

Watch the parade while getting your hair cut!

Established in 1973 Jewelry Designers and Manufacturers Goldsmith and Gemologist In-Store

Kids Eat FREE!!! every night at

Gift Cards Available Now Offering Self & Full Service Dog Washes and Expert Grooming Avail 7 Days a Week 9718 NE 119th Way, Kirkland, WA 98034 (In Juanita Village across from Starbucks)


Kirkland, 98034 425.823.0123 4 pm - 10 pm


12106 NE 124th

Juanita Village 815618

Hours: Mon thru Fri 10 am-6 pm Saturday 9 am-5 pm Sunday 11 am-5 pm

Kirkland Reporter, June 28, 2013  

June 28, 2013 edition of the Kirkland Reporter

Kirkland Reporter, June 28, 2013  

June 28, 2013 edition of the Kirkland Reporter