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the CLASSES OF 2013

Friday, June 14, 2013 | North Kitsap Herald

Suggestions on your matriculation into adulthood By JEFF TOLMAN

2013 graduates: hank you for allowing me to share some thoughts with you on this important day in your lives -- the day you conclude the state’s mandated educational requirements — in many ways the day society matriculates you into adulthood. I remember well the speech given at my high school graduation 42 years ago. The speaker was my Uncle Vern, a funny, brilliant, compassionate college Dean. As he rose to the podium I recall my head being filled with one thought — “Get it over quickly please, Vern. We have a graduation party to get to!” And he did. And I will today. Because this is the end of your twelfth year of public education, I leave you with 12 suggestions as to things I, an observer and liver of life for six decades, think can help you have a happy, healthy well-balanced future. 1. Remember that life is not about you. It is about you and your relationship with others. On my college dorm floor was a fun, charming


young woman who used a wheelchair. One night, as sometimes happens in college dorms, a wisenheimer pulled the fire alarm. As instructed, I got dressed quickly and exited the building down the stairs. I tried to find my friend Bernie. He was not there. I looked and wondered and waited. Soon I saw Bernie, carrying the handicapped young woman down the stairs in his arms. His actions, and mine, said a lot about each of us. I assure you the next time such a fire alarm rings, I will be one of the people at the person’s door who needs help. Because ultimately sometime in this life each of us will be the person needing assistance. 2. Volunteer. Give your time on occasion to make the lives of others better. Helping men and women whose lives are not going well will give you perspective, help you appreciate the gifts in your life and add a small bright spot to theirs. 3. Do something to make your self better each day. There was an aspiring pro golfer some years ago who placed a sign above his apartment door that said, “What have I done today to get me to the PGA

Sylas Navage I hope your dreams take you to the corners of your smiles, to the highest of your hopes, to the windows of your opportunities, and to the most special places your heart has ever known. So very proud of you son. Love, Dad and Mom

Tour?” Your sign can be very different. “What have I done to make me a better teacher?” or “What have I done to show my family I love them?” or “What have I done to make my world better today?” Have a daily, modest goal to improve yourself. 4. Read and watch the news. What is going on elsewhere in the world has a bigger impact on your life than it has on any generation before you. We are one world. Know what is going on in it, so you can understand what is going on in it. 5. Travel. In my bathroom is a small plaque my wife bought in Ireland. It says “I am not the same having seen the moon rise on the other side of the world.” That is true. Through travel we see the world, our selves and others, through a different filter. We grow and learn through travel. Travel doesn’t have to be grand or expensive. Save the change in your pocket at the end of each day and watch it accumulate. National and state parks, for example, are inexpensive and interesting. 6. Keep in contact with those you want as lifelong

friends. I don’t mean the 745 “friends” you have on Facebook. I mean the six people you love and respect, and would ask for help or tell a deep secret to. Friendship is a verb. It requires action and care. Recently a study showed that nearly half of Americans say they have one friend or less. The same study found that people with three or more friends are the happiest. Take steps to be one of the friended, and happy, people. 7. Save some money each month, even if only $5. Saving gives you discipline, an emergency cushion, and is a good habit to have. As a young boy my Dad told me, “It’s not how much you make, it’s how much you save. The person who earns $5 and saves $1 is far better off than the person who earns $10 and saves nothing.” He was, as usual, spot on. 8. Respect your elders — and listen to them. A major difference between humans and other species is our ability to learn from the experiences of others. Watch. See what works. Use the lessons of your elders -- parents, grandparents, family friends -- to your benefit. They know more than you. They

have lived through many situations you will confront. You can learn through their experiences. Many courses of action, and endings, are very predictable. And please never forget that your parents and grandparents would never give you advice they didn’t honestly think was in your best interest. 9. As Little Orphan Annie sang at the beginning of the musical “Annie”, “The sun will come up tomorrow. Bet your bottom dollar.” There will be times when you think the world should stop, that life as you know it has ended. Yet, it hasn’t. And won’t. A few years ago a magazine asked readers for the saying they felt was most true in life. The winner: “This, too, will pass.” You will survive your lost love or bad decision or heart felt trauma. A wiser and stronger person. 10. Consider taking a chance when you are young. Bill Gates did when he left Harvard to work on computers. Mother Teresa did when she, as a mature woman, became a nun. Your twenties are the time to try things, do things. A friend of mine says, “In the end you regret those things in life you didn’t do, more

than those you did.” When my wife graduated from college — at 50 — the graduation speaker’s point was “It’s all practice and chances until you are 30.” Take a chance. Try something you love. 11. Your life outlook will be profoundly effected by whether you view your daily life as half full or half empty. A major decision in your life will be whether you filter your situation through what you don’t have (my life glass is empty in these ways) or what you do have (my life glass is filled with these great things). Each of your lives will be a combination of what you have and don’t have. I hope you will always count your blessings. Family. Good health. A job. Friends. The sun, the world, and your future will seem much better through that view of life. 12. Never speak too long at a graduation. There is only so much you have to say. There is only so much the graduates want to hear. After all, they have family to see and a graduation cruise to attend. Congratulations on your graduation today. — Jeff Tolman has practiced law in Poulsbo for 35 years.

Friday, June 14, 2013 | North Kitsap Herald

the CLASSES OF 2013

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Kingston High School Class of 2013 Motto: The past is my heritage; The present, my responsibility; The future, my challenge. n June 15: Kingston High School Commencement Ceremony NK Stadium 2:00 pm. *= Foreign exchange graduate **= Honor graduate (3.5+ GPA) π = Salutatorian ¥ = Valedictorian

Samantha P Alvarez ** Arturo Arroyo Jr Austin J Ashworth Leticia F Athayde * Rachael R Bain Hanna E Beardsley Melia E Beckwith Andrew E Beversluis Jeanett Bimbela Nicholas A Boles ** Emily E Bowman Paul A Bradley Bryce A Bradwell Leta L Branyord Rebecca Bucher * ** Leah M R Bundang ** Ross W Burk ** Riley A Butler Dakota C Byers Brandyn M Byrnes Paul R Cain Zachary T Caldwell Simon K Campo π ** Amanda L Carper Liam S Carter

Chiara Celia * ** Vincent J Chargualaf Christopher K Charles Hallie Chase ** Tahys Chehade Jalen A Churchwell Kelsey L Claymore Cailyn R Crossland π ** Austin J Curtis Michael W Davis ** Madeline R Dayley K.T. Deam James A Dorsey Kaelei R Dunlap Mason J Enfinger Madeline R Evans Shawn J Evans Antonio J Fajardo Stephen R Fehlman Max M Ferguson Sarah K Fick ** Christine E Fitch ** Rochelle A Forthun Haruka Fujita * ** Dean Fulton Ashley N Gese Thomas M Gill ** Madison R Glines Lenita R Goes Ahead Robert C Griffiths Olivia O Gurney Brooke A Haag Sydney D Halady Kyle D Hall Kyle C Hamal Ansel R Hartman ** Asha J Healy Paige A Heaps Nikole R Hendricks Emily M Holbrook ** Sarah E Holt ** Morgan A Honschke **

Hilary R Howard Samantha L Hunter ** Mathew D Iles Ian A Jackson Devon C Jacob ** Drew M Jasper ** Amanda M Johnston Jeffry W Johnson Kayla B Johnson Marcus T Jones Conor A Kamps Breyer A Kay Megan M Keller Brandi A Kindred Taylor E Klinger Chelsea M Klinkert Valerie A Kranich Maira A Krueger Madison C Kucharik ** Jasmin Kurtulus * Maggie S Levine Andrew D Lopez ** Michelle L Maleski Ross D Malone Anna Marabelli * ** Megan J Martin Richard E Matheson Jr Philip T Maupin Charles P Mayberg Megan B McCalister Kori L McLaughlin Benjiman A McMullen Mackenzie L McMurrin Rebecca L McNurney Brittany N Medlen Michaela K Meeker Ruby S Mercado Lauren I Miller ¥** Bethany J Mitchell ** Victor R Morgan ¥** Rachael Nelson Alexander D Neumann

Jacob L Neumann Jesse T Nichols Miranda K Nicolas Kessa R Ogle ** Jerica R Ostler Joshua Pavloff Jazmin Ramirez Jacob D Rasely Emilie Rasmussen * ** Sonya L Redbird Logan A Reimann Jennifer L Reitan Aidan L Riley Marvin F Robles Ivy O Rodolf Dylan T Rosbach Matthew J Rose Anna M Rushmer Hans P Schippers Paul W Schultz Katharina Schwabe * Britney N Seeley Jarrod J Shlemmer Joshua S Shlemmer Christa M Simmons Johanne B Skjetne * ** James R Sloan Sierra L Smith Colin R Stone Kareena C Story Beau W Stover Tanner T Sullivan Jackson F Suter Ethan K Syverson-Blair Dylan J Szerlog Mackenzie C Szerlog Nicole R Tatum Nicholas V Thibault ** Lucas D Thompson ** Daniel C Thornton Matthew R Tobin Cassidy M Trevors

Savanna M Troka Savannah M Turrieta Daniel J Van Den Handel Silas Van Lieshout Alex C Vandegrift Mathew J Wade Sarah M Wahl ** Alexis N Walgren Alexander D Walker Emma L Walker Connor M Wall Zhe Wang * Korina Waring-Enriquez ** Brooke E Watson Adam Wedig Michael A Weidenheimer Nicole A Westendorp * ** Grace L Wiegenstein Mick E Wiegenstein Karlee R Wilder Sam E Williams Shelby L Williams Anthony G Woelke Jenna E Wright Kathleen Wyatt Connor L.S. Zook Sara L Zuarri **

RUNNING START GRADUATES (AA or AS degree from Olympic College) Miles A Dudley ** Logan A Green ** Jessica N Johnson ** Kyler D Lacey

Victor Morgan, valedictorian

Lauren Miller, valedictorian

Simon Campo, salutatorian

Cailyn Crossland, salutatorian

West Sound Academy 12th Annual Commencement Ceremonies

The 12th Annual West Sound Academy Commencement was held June 6, 2013 at Kiana Lodge in Poulsbo. Graduation Count: 8 International Baccalaureate Diploma Candidates: Mara Rolsky, Evan Romasco-Kelly International Baccalaureate Certificate Students: Morgan Kuntz, Andrew Taylor

Graduation List: • Morgan Kuntz, daughter of Wendy and Todd Kuntz of Billings, Montana • Seoyeon Oh, daughter of Hyun-il Oh and Young-suk Kim of Cheon-an, Republic of Korea • Mara Rolsky, daughter of Robert Rolsky and Laura Mendoza Rolsky of Poulsbo • Evan Romasco-Kelly, son of Mike Kelly and Lisa Romasco of Bainbridge Island • Yiyan Sun, daughter of Wensheng Sun and Yang Liu of Beijing, China • Andrew Taylor, son of Wade and Elizabet

Taylor of Poulsbo • Luyao Wang, daughter of Yunfeng Wang and Kaiquiong Fu of China • Jiawen Wang-Andersen, daughter of Gerald Andersen and May Wang-Andersen of Port Ludlow Accepted at 19 Colleges and Universities Total in merit scholarships: $156,495

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the CLASSES OF 2013

Congratulations and much success!

Friday, June 14, 2013 | North Kitsap Herald

Summer is a great time to start a

Summer is a great time to start a new instrument! new instrument! j j j j j j

1779 Hostmark Street, Poulsbo 360.779.0800

Guitar Piano Drums Flute Clarinet Saxophone

j j j j j

Trumpet French Horn Trombone Euphonium Tuba

Kitsap County's #1 resource for private music instruction


The Music Mansion 19735 10th Ave NE, Suite N103 Poulsbo, WA 98370


Kingston High School Class of 2013 Photo provided by Olympic Photo Group. Kingston High School graduation photos or class group images will be available from after graduation.

Friday, June 14, 2013 | North Kitsap Herald

the CLASSES OF 2013

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Order your Graduation Cakes today!

Back Row

(L-R) Owner - Robin Stringer, Virginia Hawkins(NK), Britney Comstock(OLY), Lindsey Fredricksen(NK), Janelle Mills(NK) Front Row (L-R) Lea Grover(NK), Angela Elhai(NK), Jessie Williams(CK), Amanda Mews(NK) Not Pictured: Travis Bogard(NK), Steven Galas(CK), McKenna Hood(NK)

Congratulations to our 2013 Graduates! 360-697-2992 Poulsbo Dairy Queen State Highway 305

North Kitsap High School Class of 2013 Photo provided by Hudson Photographic Artistry. North Kitsap High School graduation photos or class group images will be available from after graduation.

Our Hats Off to all 2013 Graduates! Stay connected to your hometown no matter where life takes you...

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the CLASSES OF 2013

Friday, June 14, 2013 | North Kitsap Herald

North Kitsap High School Class of 2013 “This is not the end. This is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” — Sir Winston Churchill n June 14: North Kitsap High School Commencement Ceremony 7:00 pm. * = Foreign exchange graduate **= Honor graduate (3.5+ GPA) π = Salutatorian ¥ = Valedictorian Mitchell Adams ** Sydney Allen ** Tanner Allen Helena Anderson * Wynter Anderson ** Briana Arnold Samantha Arquette Anais Baca De Luna Gloria Barber Makenzie Barnes Linnea Barnhart Ian Barrett Kelsey Bates ** Leah Baugh Ashley Beaudet Katharine Beddoe ** Heather Bedwell Rachel Bedwell Caitlin Beh Nathanyl Behrens Garrett Belinski Alexius Berkhout Benjamin Berkimer ** Milton Best Travis Bogard Katherine Borek ** Maria Branco * Brian Bratlien Maximilian Breitbarth ** Reilly Brennan Jessica Brink Brandon Brown Paul Brown Kaylee Bryant Christopher Butler Cassidy Callaham Sara Cannarella Sarah Cappuccino Madison Carden Augustus Cardoso Christopher Carlson Katharine Carlson Connor Cerda Kelcee Chorba Ian Christen ** Alexandra Christian Adeline Clark Robert Clark

Emily Clemons Teila Coen Joshua Conner Christopher Cooper Alexandria Corey Kristyann Correll Joris Crede * Shane Crowell Michael Crumbliss Jacob Dale D’Anne Davidson ** Ashley Day Alexis Debely Michael DeLay Kristen Dipino Jessica Donnelly * Theo Edmison Angela Elhai Benjamin Ellerby ** Austin Elliott Tommie Leanne English Jerrold Erickson Keyton Fairchild Matthew Robert Fisher Colton Fisk Kamina Flemming Eric Flodin Nathan Foster ** Andrew French Derrick Fricke Amie Gallagher Patrick Gilbert Kendal Gill Brandon Girkin Synthia Glispy Khody Golden Zuriel Goodwin Kyler Gracey Lea Grover Sterling Grover Andrew Gunnell Jasmin Guzman Patriciia Halir * Kierstin Hall Christian Halvorson Virginia Hankins Jacob Hardy Noah Harrel ** Riley Harrison Mckinzie Harsila Dylan Hart Payton Harvey Ian Haskell Alexandria Hassett Jacob Hausdorf Alina Haws ** Taylor Hayes ** Megan Helsley Dalia Hernandez Lucas Hernandez Patricia Herron Jacob Hill

Jeremy Hitchcock Kristin Holt ** Miranda Holt Mckenna Hood Hannah Hopkins Mitchell Hostetter ** Sheyanne Hughes Jalen Ives Nathan Johnson Andrew Jackson-Nickel Anton Johnson Garret Johnson Hannah Johnson ** Heidi Johnson ** Noelle Johnson Meagan Johnston Casey Jones Paige Nicole Kaase ** Mitchell Kandlik Heather Kelley Talena Kelln ** Bryson Kinslow Kennan Klaus Logan Kleinman Samuel Klusmeyer Taylor Knutsen Joseph LaCourte Amanda Ladner ** Tia Ladyman Jesse Lang Alexandra Lanzafame ** Lauren Large’ ** Alejandro Larios Alfredo Larios Bethany Laude Lydia Leach ** Jonathan LeFrancois Nerissa Lemon ** Nicholas Lengenberg Mencius Leonard π ** Thomas Leonard ** Christian Liden Riley Lindsey Nolan Lockwood ** Grant Loveless Taani Maama Alma Madrid Rachel Marander Rhiannon Martin Tanner Martin Roberto MartinezMoran Darren Massey Olivia Maund John McCafferty Kali Sue McConnell ** William McDonald Ray McDougall Alison McFall Craig McGinty Tanner McMullen Michael McPherson **

Amanda Mews Bethany Michael Travis Miller Valerie Miller Janelle Mills Arory Milyard ** Colleen Mitchell ** Danielle Moore Sterling Moore Amanda Moreno Tanner Moretty ** Zachary Moss ** Karin Muggli ** Joanna Mumford ** Sergio Munoz Michaela Myers ** Alexandrea NausidNichols ** Sylas Navage John Neer ** Kenneth Nelson Alissa Neuman ** Emmalee Nold Daniel Norberg Nathanael O’Keefe Liam O’Malley Forrest Ohnhaus Ben Olson Daniel Ong Meghan Ottomano Mitchel Parker Zachary Parker Sarah Pearson ** Justin Pennington ** Emely Perez ** Malerie Perez Chellea Perryman ** Megan Peterson ** Melissa Petito Gayton Andrew Phelps Jarin Piecuch Zane Pierce ** Marcus PilkentonDunagan Daniel Poisson Chance Poper Andrew Posten Aleina Puente William Purser Kory Qvigstad Rachel Radetski ** Gisela Ramirez Maria Selene Ramirez Seleni Ramirez Kati Ray Anna Rees ** Taylor Reid Anna Reiersen Tamara Rex ** Zachary Rhodes Christoph Richards Timothy Riden

Deborah Ritter Carson Roberts Camren Robison Alejandro Rosas Jazmine Royal Maria Rubio-DeLuna Matthew Ryan Parker Sampson Madison San Fellipo ** Rebecca Savinski Katlyn Schmalle ** Kyle Schmitt ** Christina Seader ** Kyle Seals Shaughn Seals Nicholas Seferos ** Taylor Selenius Angela Serrato Taylor Seth ** Rachel Sheridan Austin Shipman Nicole Simmons Leon Skipper Kari Slotten ** Bryce Smallbeck Caroline Snook ** Joseph Solis Annie Sorensen Brady Sparrow Kristi Stageberg Andrew Story Victoria Strauss Michael Strong Joaquina Stull Marjorie Stull Randall Tabaquin Emily Thomas Megan Thompson Kylan Thomson Geneva Thornhill Alexis Torres Topete Joshua Tucker ** Megan Uffens ** Benjamin Uhlig Jacob Velarde ** Devyn Vining Dale Battin Walker Jonathan Walker Cooper Wall Nathan Watters **

Kaylin Weatherill Darien West Emelia Wheatcraft Alexander Wilcher Landen Young Olivia Rose Yurjevich Jacob Zudell

RUNNING START GRADUATES (AA or AS degree from Olympic College)

Brittney Brown ** Cassandra Castillo ** Reagan Colyer ¥ ** Elizabeth Donnelly ** Mary Jones Zachery Kuntz ** Scott Leeming Madison Minder Nathan Trivers ** Gregory Warns **

Reagan Colyer, valedictorian

Mencius Leonard, salutatorian

Friday, June 14, 2013 | North Kitsap Herald

the CLASSES OF 2013

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Congratulations Class of 2013!

“All your dreams can come true, if you have the courage to pursue them.” - Walt Disney

Get your slice in life! Poulsbo 360-697-3400 19168 Jensen Way NE

Fri & Sat 11am-10pm, Sun-Thurs 11am-9pm

Congratulations Class of 2013 If you can dream it, you can do it!

American Rose Bridal

North Kitsap’s only full-service bridal and formalwear store 19045 Hwy 305 (Next to DOL) Poulsbo 360-697-9100

May Your Future Be Picture Perfect! 10978 NE SR 104 (IGA grocery mall) Kingston, WA 98346 360-297-1347

Class of 2013 Congratulations!! Achievement Deserves Recognition


(360) 930-3936 19735 10th Ave NE, Suite N102, Poulsbo

360-697-4400 • 1-800-21GUEST

Congratulations Seniors! Dr. Howard & Dr. Marie Robinson Dr. Rachel Strohmeyer Dr. Jim Moore

Apple Tree Cove Animal Hospital


“Congratulations! Today is your day. You’re off to Great Places! You’re off and away!” – Dr. Seuss, Oh the Places You’ll Go!

Like us on

11254 NE East 2nd • Kingston (360) 297-2898 •

The SporT hauS Specialists in running shoes...we make happy feet!

Graduates, you’ve made us proud to be part of your community. We wish you the very best!

Poulsbo Village


Go NUTS Class of 2013 You earned it! 6013 NE STATE HIGHWAY 104, KINGSTON, WA 98346 CBSNUTS.COM • 360.297.1213

Congratulations Class of 2013 for crossing the finish line! 19980 10th Ave, #101 • Poulsbo


Beyond Carpet Cleaning.

CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES! Go Beyond Your Dreams! 1-800-STEEMER (783-3637)

Congratulations Class of 2013 “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest” Benjamin Franklin

26569 Lindvog Road, Suite 201 Kingston, WA 98346 Phone 360-297-4500

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead where there is no path and leave a trail instead.”

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are” - E.E. Cummings

(360) 297-3392

26114 Illinois Ave. • Kingston

The businesses of Poulsbo Village Shopping Center send congratulations to the graduates of 2013. off Hwy 305 in Poulsbo

Gear Up and Look Forward to the Future! (360) 297-2428 10373 State Highway 104 Kingston, WA 98346

Here’s to a Sparkling Future...

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

(360) 297-3499 10373 NE State Hwy 104 • Kingston


Voted #1 Best Jeweler in North Kitsap 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

18946 Front Street • Downtown Poulsbo 360-779-3322 •

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the CLASSES OF 2013

Friday, June 14, 2013 | North Kitsap Herald

CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS Megan Jane Martin It takes courage to grow up OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 and become who you really are. ˜e.e. Cummings CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OFTaylor 2013Alyson CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 Katherine D. Knutsen CLASS Borek OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS CONGRATULATIONS ~ MJ You Did It, Bubba!!! OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 wait CLASS 2013 We are so proud ofOF you and can’t to see what your future holds!! All Our Love,CLASS CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OFMom2013 & Lil Bro Toby OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OFAJ2013 Joanna You have brains in your head. CLASS OF 2013 CLASS 2013 CLASSMumford OF 2013Milyard CLASS You have OF feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself, any direction you choose. OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 – Dr. Seuss CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS Alexandrea Andrew OFGunnell 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 Nicole Nausid-Nichols CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 Emely J. NK Band Seniors Perez CLASS CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS Reilly Katherine Brennan OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS You have become a thoughtful and We are so proud of who you are. OF 2013strong, CLASS beautiful woman. OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 We will watch as you fly. Congratualations on all your We are so proud of you! CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OFachievements! 2013 CLASS Love, Mom and Dad CLASS OF 2013 hard work and OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 CLASS OF 2013 We are so proud of the woman you have become and all you have accomplished. You will do great things in your future and we can’t wait to be a part of it! Love, Mom, Dad, and Colin

You’ve learned to adjust your sails with changing wind. Now is the time to chart your course for your future. Congratulations we love you!! Mom & Dad Rachel, Jenna & Ian

Ali, We are so proud of all you’ve accomplished and the wonderful young women you have become! We can’t wait to see how you change the world. Love, Mom, Dad and Grant


Believe in yourself In your talent and skills Believe in yourself You are someone unique Believe in yourself Make your dreams your reality. Believe in yourself For we believe in you Love, Mom, Dad & Kelsey

The NKHS Band Boosters congratulate all our seniors and wish them the best as they pursue their dreams. The program is what it is today because of you.

We are proud of the young man you have become. Take the next step. Love, Mom, Dad, Kole and MaKenna

Life is a wonderful journey. Wishing you joy on each journey and path you take. Love Mom, Dad, LuLu and Abby

Senior Salute - 2013  


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