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Friday, April 26, 2013

AROUND THE HORN Laughter is best medicine for Sammamish comedian

Adrianne Haslet-Davis and her husband Adam


Local victim



eremy Horn is well known for providing nutritional products and advice in Issaquah and Sammamish.

It’s what the 34-year-old owner of Good Health does after hours that surprises most people. For the last four-plus years, the Sammamish resident has performed hundreds of stand-up comedy acts around the country — something he said very few of the clients at his Pine Lake Village store are aware of. “This is something that I do after-hours, kind of a like Batman, just a whole different world people don’t know exists,” Horn said. In the world of stand-up, Horn has worked his way quickly up the ladder, opening for popular acts like Louie Anderson and Andy Kindler. He was recently named the host of the “Huge Comedy Show,” May 3 at the Kirkland Performance Center. The event is part of a promotional tour for the television show, “The 206,” and will feature headliners John Keister and Brooks McBeth of “Almost Live” fame. “You never know when you’re going to get your opportunity,” Horn said. “Everybody thinks life is like a PG-13 movie or American Idol where some agent hears about you from this or that.” Horn got his start in comedy a little later than some, but said it was always something near and dear to his heart. In high school, he and his father, Kevin, spent countless hours watching Comedy Central and HBO specials. “My dad was very cautious about violence on TV and movies and things like that, but had no problem with watching (George) Carlin and (Richard) Pryor,” Horn said. “In his mind, it was saying honest things that reflected on society and not gratuitous violence.” After his father died of cancer in 2003, Horn, who took over the family business, was inspired to take a chance. “For the first time I thought, nobody’s guaranteed tomorrow,” he said. Motivated to honor the bond he and his father shared through comedy, Horn started going to open-mic shows at Giggles in Seattle. He observed acts for months before finally taking the stage himself. “I basically went in fully expecting to fail,” he said. I fully expected to try it a couple of times and it wouldn’t work out, but on my death bed I would be able to tell my grandkids, ‘I tried it, it was horrifying.’”

Issaquah native loses foot, lower leg in Boston bombings BY LINDA BALL LBALL@ISSAQUAHREPORTER.COM

Jeremy Horn, owner of Good Health in Sammamish, surprises many of his patrons when he tells them about his after-hours career as a comedian. KEVIN ENDEJAN, Issaquah & Sammamish Reporter

WATCH JEREMY LIVE 8:30 p.m., May 2 at Laughs Comedy Spot, Kirkland w/ROBO. Tickets $10 8 p.m., May 3, at Kirkland Performance Center w/Brooks McBeth, John Keister and Jubal Flag. Tickets $20 The result was the exact opposite. Not only did Horn keep getting invited back to clubs, but established comedians wanted to bounce ideas off him. “That’s when I said, ‘well I guess I’ll invest in it and see how far I can go,’” he said. Horn said he has since lived out a life-long dream of performing at The Comedy Store, the world famous club in Hollywood. “I just remember thinking, this is exactly

what we worked for, this is the mission my dad trained me for,” he said. Along with rubbing shoulders of big-name acts, Horn also has written several jokes for some of the headliners he’s performed with. He admits he isn’t sure where comedy will eventually lead him. It could be a career in stand-up or one as a writer. For now, Horn said he’s just glad to spread joy through comedy — something that he knows from experience can heal the soul. “That’s the No. 1 most rewarding thing ... when somebody comes to me and says you have no idea how much I needed that,” he said. “Nothing gets you out of the darkness more than a laugh.” Assistant editor Kevin Endejan can be reached at 425-391-0363 ext. 5054 or

A 1998 graduate of Issaquah High School, Adrianne HasletDavis, 32, remains hospitalized while she recovers from serious injuries resulting from the bombings at the Boston Marathon. Haslet-Davis, who now lives in Boston, was standing with her husband, Air Force Capt. Adam Davis, near where the second bomb went off, according to a phone interview with Seattle’s KOMO TV. Haslet, whose parents still live in Issaquah, is a professional dancer. “We heard the first bomb go off and we saw the smoke. I remember the impact of the air and the bomb hitting my chest and pulling me back,” she told the news organization. The couple were knocked off their feet. She said they didn’t feel heat, but her foot hurt. She said her husband held up her foot and they both started screaming “bloody murder.” She also lost the hearing in her right ear. The right side of her body was covered in shrapnel. Davis suffered broken bones in his left foot and his legs were lacerated with shrapnel. He had just returned safely from Afghanistan. SEE HASLET-DAVIS, 2

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Issaquah kids have fun with fry

Friday, April 26, 2013

Contest seeks best T-shirt design Entry deadline set for May 2


Third-grader Anna Berge begins her “swim” upstream to find her way home, in an exercise where the students had to recognize a smell to find the right stream to go home to, just as salmon do. LINDA BALL, Issaquah & Sammamish Reporter instantly the various matter made it into the storm water system, and into the “lake.” The final station was designed to better understand how the fish come home to where they started. Each child was blindfolded and asked to smell something in a container. Then, with lines set up to represent a creek system, parent volunteers had them smell containers they were holding. If the smell matched, they went in the direction of that smell. There was some confusion, but as the docent said, sometimes even the fish get confused, forcing them to turn around and go back until they find their way home. Staff writer Linda Ball can be reached at 425-391-0363, ext. 5052.




Davis pulled off his belt using it as a tourniquet tying it around his wife’s leg to

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The Daily Plant-It

Mad Hatter’s


stop the bleeding. Haslet-Davis didn’t think she was going to make it. But once she saw the firefighter, who lifted her into safety, she knew she would live through it. She is determined to return to the dance floor and even run in the Boston Marathon next year.

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A T-shirt design from the 2012 event from Issaquah High School.


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Cycle the WAVE (Women Against Violence Everywhere), which raises awareness of and funds for domestic violence programs across Washington state, is looking for the perfect T-shirt for its annual bicycle event. Eastside students are stepping up to help. Samantha Garrard (senior, Issaquah High), Katarina Schrag (Running Start student at Bellevue College) and Brittany Bahk (junior, Issaquah High) have launched a contest that is open to all students from all high schools to design the most creative and appropriate T-shirt. It will be worn by more than 200 students expected in this year’s event and used in the organization’s newsletter. Guidelines for the contest include: Branding tagline to


On a very rainy Friday, Issaquah Creek looked more like a river. “They should make it to Lake Sammamish pretty quickly,” Issaquah Mayor Ava Frisinger told third-graders from Issaquah Valley Elementary School. The students, from Leona Keltner’s class, were there to release Kokanee fry into the creek to begin their life journey. Three docents split the class up as the kids went to four different learning stations. At the creek’s edge, King County ecologist Hans Berge, whose daughter is in Keltner’s class, helped each child individually release their fry. Scooping some out of a large bucket into a cup, the kids sent the little creatures on their way one-by-one. Berge explained that they will stay in Lake Sammamish three to four years, before returning to the hatchery. Kokanee are the land-locked form of sockeye salmon. Because they never migrate out to the ocean to feed, kokanee are often much smaller than sockeye. “It’s going to be really hard for them to come upstream,” said student Zarrina Nurullina when docent Grace Reamer asked the students about the raging state of the creek that day. Two stations taught the kids about what happens to the watershed as a result of development. A model of a community with a creek running through it was used to communicate how pollutants can make their way to Lake Sammamish. Kids took turns dumping dirt, oil, trash and fertilizer onto the little town. There was even a little farm in the area. “Is that supposed to be the poop?” asked Markus Santos, as the docent dropped brown matter onto the cow field. Then, using eye-droppers they created rain. Almost

Friday, April 26, 2013

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Friends of Lake Sammamish State Park ready to take action BY linda ball

Based on the attendance at Gibson Hall April 18, there are many citizens of Issaquah who want to help improve the ailing Lake Sammamish State Park. “I watched my kids play soccer (at the park) never knowing what was on the other side of the invasive blackberry patch,” said chairman Chris Kovac. The other officers are Jim Berry, treasurer, and Connie Marsh, secretary. Park ranger Rich Benson said the lack of money for state parks has been an issue for “many, many years.” He said five to six years ago, 60 percent of the park’s funding came from the state general fund, and he would like to see it get back to that level. There is a good chance that state funds will be available to build a new bathhouse and refurbish Sunset Beach. The capital budget proposed by the senate includes more than $3.5 million for both projects. The existing bath house is a cinder block building that has been there since the ‘50s and is in rough shape. The design is already completed for a new structure, that would include concessions and a covered area. Starting in July, construction on a boardwalk will begin, which has been designed and funded. It will be at the mouth of

The Blotter

Issaquah Creek. Benson said it should be completed by Labor Day weekend. And even though there is still construction activity at the new boat launch, it is open. People at the meeting were asked to identify what is important to them at the park. “Our goal is to figure out what we can do to see the park used year-round,” Berry said. Interest was expressed in somehow making the park self-sustaining, since state funding is such an unknown. As it is now, any money the park makes goes to the state parks, resources and stewardship account, Benson said, not into the state general fund. He said this is so the state can divide money equally between all state parks because they’re all ailing. With three city council members in attendance, the question was raised as to whether or not the park could be somehow transferred to the city of Issaquah. Benson said he doubts that could happen because the state wants to retain the income it receives off its Discover Passes from people who use the state parks. The bike trail on the west side of the park is near completion, and there are plans for a dedicated bike trail system in the park. The group is seeking help with documents to set up its 501c3 status, as well as its website. Those who can help are asked to visit Friends of Lake Sammamish State Park on Facebook.

We think the best way to care for our neighbors is to be in the neighborhood.

issaqua h ca rdiolog y clinic we think about you

suspicious car parked in the 24000 block of Northeast 30th Place, across the street from the home of neighbors who were out of town. When the woman approached the car, it quickly sped off.

Police reports from Issaquah and Sammamish

Cardiologists and pulmonologists available Convenient Issaquah location


BY kevin endejan

The following information was compiled from city of Sammamish police reports:

SIGN DESTRUCTION A Sammamish man called police April 16 to report the destruction of his personal street sign, a plastic reflective sign shaped like a child and said “slow” near the roadway in the 20000 block of Northeast 42nd Street. The man said people often speed down the street.

SUSPICIOUS VEHICLE A concerned neighbor contacted Sammamish police April 15 after witnessing a

A woman contacted Sammamish police April 12 after taking her daughter’s car to the repair shop to have a taillight replaced. Body shop workers told the woman it looked like someone backed into the car causing more damage than she realized. The trunk was damaged so badly it couldn’t be opened.

Comprehensive cardiac care

1740 N W Mapl e St reet , Suit e 207 Issa qu ah , WA 98027 425.391.8626

MISSING EMAILS A Sammamish woman contacted police April 8, regarding the deletion of specific emails in her personal account related to her ex husband and an ongoing child pornography case. The woman said she believes someone accessed her account by answering security questions and deleted the emails. y

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Friday, April 26, 2013

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Former Issaquah resident shows indomitable spirit


e can’t imagine the horror and agony of former Issaquah resident Adrianne HasletDavis, who was terribly injured at the Boston Marathon bombing. Haslet-Davis, a professional dancer, lost her left foot in the terrorist act when she and her husband were standing near where the second bomb went off. We’re also in awe of her courage when she said she intends to return to the dance floor and even run in the Boston Marathon next year. Saying she has grit and determination is an understatement. She’s been invited to the ABC televi- Adrianne sion show, “Dancing with the Stars,” Haslet-Davis next week, where she will be introduced to viewers. We don’t know what madness prompted the two young men to commit this murderous act. But we know, now more than ever, that our country and its people have the courrage to endure.

The danger of blame


t didn’t take long after the Boston Marathon attack for some people to blame Muslims. After all, the attack had all the characteristcs of devices used by terrorists who give themselves that name. But blaming Muslims for the attack at the Boston Marathon makes no more sense than blaming Christians for the bombings and killings by white supremists. Radicals exist in every movement and religion. Muslim leaders and organizations have condemned the bombings and killings. All right-thinking people – of every faith – mourn this tragedy. – Craig Groshart, Issaquah & Sammamish Reporter ISSAQUAH | SAMMAMISH

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Small acts of kindness go a long way


hen I was in high school one of my friends launched a group called Random Acts of Kindness, built on a simple principle of sharing small gestures of humanity with other peers on campus. It seemed a silly idea to me at the time. Some days the students stood at the entrance to our cafeteria, offering hugs to kids bustling between classes. Another morning they Celina Kareiva placed yellow daffodils on the desks of each teacher. When my friend asked me to help with one of their projects — handing out small care packages before final exams — I scoffed at the idea. How much impact could these silly gestures have? Besides, I didn’t know half the students I was trading glances with. But in light of recent tragedies — the bombing in Boston and countless other misfortunes that don’t always command the same media attention

REPORTER’S NOTEBOOK — these small acts of kindness seem to take on a new meaning, especially in an increasingly anonymous world. Like many people, after hearing news of the bombings, I felt a wave of despair. Social media sites seemed to erupt with the same anguish – users claiming they’d given up on humanity and couldn’t understand the source of such evil. “Where is the love?” shared one friend over Facebook. That frustration was hardly misplaced, but in addition to the usual fundraisers that crop up around these tragedies, there’s something to be said for such small acts of kindness. “Walking through the University of Washington campus Monday afternoon I can remember simmering in my own sadness after getting off the phone with a friend who’d be in the marathon. Rounding the corner, I came across a small cluster of students handing out flowers. One smiled ear-

to-ear before passing me a tulip. The gesture was so effortless and genuine, it caught me off guard, and put me strangely at ease.” “Have a good day,” she said, as if to a friend. Empathy can make itself felt in many small ways. It’s understandable and even important to feel moments of grief after these events, but I think one of the greatest ways to heal is to remind ourselves of the humanity around us. I often forget it myself. Waiting for the bus at the end of a long day, my usual stance is to plug in my earphones and block out the world, shrugging my shoulders when somebody asks for bus money, even though I know I have at least a dollar to spare in pocket change. But in an increasingly anonymous world, even a smile can go a long way. And as my high school friend understood, these gestures shouldn’t be limited to moments of tragedy. Celina Kareiva can be contacted at 425-453-4290 or

WE LIKE LETTERS We encourage letters from our readers. Here is a quick reminder about our guidelines: Submissions should be no longer than 200 words. If the letter responds to a story in The Reporter, please include the title of the story, preferably in the subject line. We do not accept letters that are part of letter-writing or petition campaigns. We also do not accept letters that appear to have been sent to more than one publication. We require a name, a city of residence and a daytime phone number for verification. We will publish your name and city of residence only. Please resubmit your letter in the body of an e-mail message to Letters become the property of The Reporter and may be edited. They may be republished in any format.

Friday, April 26, 2013

www.issaquahreporter.comPage 5

Long-time Sammamish, Issaquah residents to run for council spots The first candidate for four open Sammamish City Council positions has thrown his hat in the ring. Bob Keller, a 17-year resident of Sammamish, announced April 18, that he will run for City Council Position No. 3 in the November election. The spot is held by John Curley, who announced earlier this year that he will not run for reelection. Bob Keller Keller, the president of the Sammamish Kiwanis, served on the city’s initial Planning Advisory Board which created the first vision statement and Comprehensive Plan. He then served four years on the Sammamish Planning Commission, his final year as chair. “Most of us moved to Sammamish because of the quality of life it offers — great schools, safe neighborhoods, a pristine natural environment, and parks and recreational opportunities,” Keller said. “As we move into the future, we need a council that understands our vision, listens to our community, understands complex information, and makes reasoned decisions.” Keller, who brings more than 20 years of business experience as a document management and office automation consultant, said keeping the city’s finances in order will be of primary concern. “We have a long track record of fiscal

responsibility,” he said. “We must continue to ensure the city’s long-term economic stability and avoid future tax increases.” Keller lives with his wife Shannon in their north Sammamish home.

Pauly announces bid Mary Lou Pauly, a 20-year resident of Issaquah, has announced her candidacy for Issaquah City Council Position 1, held now by Joe Forkner, who is running for Issaquah mayor. Forkner was appointed to the seat, which was vacated by Mark Mullet. Pauly, 52, a retired engineer, most recently worked for Conestoga-Rovers, an environmental engineering consulting firm. Pauly has a long history of PTA volunteerism and recently served on the environmental Mary Lou Pauly impact statement reader team for the Central Issaquah Plan. She is a member of the Klahanie annexation task force and a volunteer for the Imagine Housing capital campaign steering committee. Pauly also is a member of the Expanding Your Horizons Middle School Conference for girls interested in STEM careers as well as the newly formed Friends of Lake Sammamish State Park. She is married to Karl Pauly; they have two grown children, ages 23 and 26.

We think the best way to care for our neighbors is to be in the neighborhood.

issaqua h pr ima r y ca re clinic we think about you

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     

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           

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Issa qu ah , WA 98027

Issa qu ah , WA 98029


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• Flexible... in home child care, up to 45 hours per week

• Choose… an au pair from France, Germany, China, Spain, Brazil

Choose... au pairchild fromcare, France, Spain, •• Flexible... inmany home up toGermany, 45 hoursChina, per week andan other countries

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Intercultural Child Care Programs

Intercultural Child Care Programs

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Call us today ext.2 800-333-3804 800-333-3804 ext.2

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4/8/13 12:17 PM


Friday, April 26, 2013


New construction projects are popping up like mushrooms in Issaquah. The active projects list, defined as one which an applicant has applied for a permit, had 30 projects on the list as of March 21. The majority of actual construction and dirt moving is in the Issaquah Highlands, although Alta at the Lake, a development of 80 town homes on the cusp of Sammamish, has sold out its first phase with three or more phases to come. On the commercial side, most of the construction is taking place in the Highlands Grand Ridge Plaza, a 280,113-square-foot retail center. The 12-screen Regal Cinema will open sometime in early summer in time for the summer movie season according to Christopher Wright, project oversight manager for the city. Three new restaurants will open sometime this summer, and Safeway plans to open a grocery store and fueling station in September.

Discovery Heights in the Issaquah Highlands has 243 apartments in Phase I and 50 multi-family units in Phase II. LINDA BALL, Issaquah & Sammamish Reporter Other high-profile businesses slated for Grand Ridge Plaza are Marshalls, HomeGoods, DICK’S Sporting Goods and Zumiez. Outside of the Highlands, in the Rowley development, a 120-room extended stay hotel has received planning approval. Just north of Grand Ridge Plaza, construction will begin this summer on 12 town homes, called the Issaquah Highlands Townhomes, a product of Ichijo USA. Each townhome will have approximately 2,200 square

feet, 3 bedrooms, a den, 3.5 bathrooms, a rooftop deck and a double garage. These units are directly across from the retail center/movie theater. The units are estimated to be complete in late fall or early December. Price point is yet to be determined, but they will likely be in the upper $400s to low $500s, said Amy Tovell, marketing agent for Ichijo. Tovell said the company is going through the approval process on a subdivision in the High-

lands of 36 single family homes that they hope to break ground on at the end of the year. Ichijo has an almost completed 3,700 squarefoot, built green, five-star rated, single-family custom home on a view site in the Highlands, which it plans to showcase through open houses by the end of May or early June. Part of the old Lakeside development property, the eastern tract, has been purchased by Polygon Homes. Lakeside had a previous filling and grading permit, which it is working on now. Polygon is tentatively planning a development of 260 multi-family homes on the 13-acre tract. A pedestrian-friendly neighborhood is planned near Highlands’ retail center, also by Polygon Homes. The Brownstones at Issaquah Highlands, still in the review stage, calls for 176 townhouse-style condominiums. The project is on 8.48 acres north of the Discovery Heights apartment homes and south of Grand Ridge Plaza. Construction is expected to start later this year, with project completion slated for 2015.

Shaw promoted to Regional Publisher

William Shaw, a fourth generation Eastsider, has been named Regional Publisher of the Bellevue Reporter, Mercer Island Reporter, the Issaquah & Sammamish Reporter and the Snoqualmie Valley Record. In 2012, he was made Publisher of the Issaquah & Sammamish Reporter. “Shaw is great community builder that brings a high level of experience and proven performance to the group publishing role,” said Josh O’Connor, Bill Shaw Vice President of East Sound Newspaper Operations. “Bill’s connection to the community will benefit both the newspaper and the city of Bellevue.” Shaw and his wife, Mary Beth Haggerty-Shaw, have lived in Issaquah for 30 years Shaw and have raised two children, Liam and Mora, both of who are graduates of Issaquah High School. Shaw also has served on the Issaquah Sister Cities Commission.

O’Connor named publisher of Herald Josh O’Connor has been named publisher of The (Everett) Daily Herald, effective May 1. O’Connor will continue to serve as Vice President of Sound Publishing, Inc., a position he has held since 2008. “Josh is an accomplished publisher with extensive experience in print and digital operations,” said Sound Publishing President Gloria Fletcher. As Vice President of East Sound Josh Newspaper Operations, O’Connor was O’Connor responsible for 18 publications, including the Issaquah and Sammamish Reporter. He lives in Issaquah with his wife and two children.

Issaquah Women’s & Family Clinic

...Where you and your needs are the number one priority. Services Include -

Dr. Mabel Obeng OB/GYN

Dr. Maria Holmes OB/GYN

• Family Medicine • Obstetrics • Gynecology • Infertility • Menopause • Urinary Incontinence • Bioidentical Hormones • In office Novasure for heavy periods • In office Adiana for permanent birth control • Diabetes • Anxiety and Depression

• Preventative Care

(men, women, and well child exams) and school, sports and employment physicals)

• Common Dermatology / Skin Procedures • Weight Loss and Lifestyle Management • Aesthetics - Botox - Juvederm - Latisse - Obagi

Evening and Saturday Appointments Available

Call today to schedule your appointment 425.651.4338 22500 SE 64th Place • Suite 120 • Issaquah, WA 98027 • Monday-Friday 8am-5pm


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Friday, April 26, 2013

www.issaquahreporter.comPage 7

Bengal tigers turn 6

What’s happening in Issaquah & Sammamish

Drug take back event in Issaquah On Saturday April 27, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., the Issaquah Community Network and Drug Free Community Coalition are supporting the National Take Back initiative. Drop off prescriptions at the Issaquah Police Department.

Disaster preparedness fair Almos plays with his birthday gift Saturday at the Cougar Mountain Zoo. keegan prosser, Issaquah & Sammamish


Sammamish Citizen Corps will host a disaster preparedness fair from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., April 27 at City Hall. Learn more about being

prepared for disasters at home and work.

Local schools win awards Twenty schools from the Lake Washington School District, including four from Sammamish, will be honored April 30 with 2012 Washington Achievement Awards from the Office of Superintendent of Public Schools and the State Board of Education. Carson Elementary, Eastlake High School, Blackwell Elementary and McAuliffe Elementary will be honored.

Unlike Any Other!



Explore An Issaquah Neighborhood


Issaquah residents had much to celebrate on Saturday afternoon. In addition to recognizing another Arbor Day on the Eastside, those visiting the Cougar Mountain Zoo got a chance to attend a tiger birthday party for a pair of the zoo’s Bengal tigers. Celebrating their sixth birthday, zoo favorites, Taj and Álmos, were treated to a variety of gifts: birthday boxes painted to reflect the party’s theme, “Happy bEARTHday!” scraps of raw meat, blood and bamboo. Cougar Mountain Zoo general curator Robyn Barfoot said tigers living in captivity generally live to be around 15-years-old, approximately twice as long as they are able to survive in the wild. Barfoot, who has been at Cougar

Mountain for seven years and in the zoo business for 16, has worked with the tigers since they were just weeks old. As part of the celebration, Taj and Álmos were released into the larger, outdoor tiger enclosure, where they were given free reign on their birthday gifts. The recycled boxes, decorated in non-toxic tempura paint and put together using no tape, staples or glue, were created by the zoo’s staff and volunteers. Barfoot said the Cougar Mountain Zoo has been celebrating the tigers’ birthdays since they were brought to Issaquah as cubs. In previous years, themes have included “mythical creatures” and “hunting for prey.” “They really enjoy it,” Barfoot said. The zoo has another pair of male tigers, Bagheera and Vitéz, that will celebrate their fourth birthday in May.



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Friday, April 26, 2013

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Send news to Josh Suman at

Freshmen fill void on course

Sports Roundup What’s happening in Issaquah & Sammamish sports

Northwest Paddling Festival headed back to Issaquah


For most high school golf teams, losing a four-time state qualifier would be the main ingredient to a down year. At Eastlake, it is an opportunity for a new class to make their mark. Megan Wotherspoon made the 4A state tournament in each of her four seasons with the Wolves, making the cut her final three trips and earning a career-best 15th place finish in 2011 as a junior. Last year, she was one of only two Eastlake players who shot their way to MeadowWood in Spokane. But even with her graduation, Eastlake looks poised to take a deep and talented group to this year’s state tournament behind Wotherspoon’s former playing partner in Jamie Midkiff and a pair of state-caliber freshmen in Ashley Fitzgibbons and Maddie Nelson. “It’s been totally different,” Midkiff said of the team dynamic compared to last year. “I know they have the same goals as me and it’s been easy to connect with them.” Nelson said she and Fitzgibbons have grown up together playing at Sahalee and both have been excited to join a team for the first time after competing individually in junior tournaments and other events as youngsters. “When we first moved here, I saw all the girls on the high school team,” Nelson said. “Now I’m finally here. It’s exciting.” That excitement may not have translated to the rest of 4A KingCo, which has been forced to contend with the newcomers on the course, but it certainly has for Eastlake coach Pat Bangasser. “They enjoy being part of a team,” he said of his freshmen class, which

Eastlake’s Ashley Fitzgibbons (left) and Jamie Midkiff are both in the top-10 in 4A KingCo in points with only a pair of regular season matches remaining. JOSH SUMAN, Issaquah & Sammamish Reporter

also includes Jessica Rame. “I’ve been aware of them for a few years and waiting for them to be on our team.” Bangasser added while their exceptional talent has never been a question mark, it has been their ability to adjust to a team-setting in prep competition that has made the difference. Instead of analyzing a putt or plotting their next tee shot alone, they are able to consult with teammates and approach the course and match together. As the only returning state qualifier, Midkiff has taken on the role of leader. “Her game is evolving,” Bangasser said. “I think the fact she has talented youngsters on the team has helped her maintain a sharp focus on her game.” Despite qualifying for the 4A tournament as a sophomore, Midkiff said there is much more on the table and hopes her offseason work pays dividends down the stretch. After playing only sparingly between her freshman and sophomore years, Midkiff said she was on the course daily this year in preparation for another run at the state’s top golfers and she didn’t have to wait until the postseason to get her shot. Newport finished fourth in the team scoring last year at state after unseating Redmond atop the conference and breaking the Mustangs’ 93

match winning streak and broke their streak of eight consecutive conference titles. The Knights opened 2013 with a decisive win over three-time defending state champion Bellarmine Prep, but were only able to sneak past Eastlake on a tie-breaker after the two finished tied through nine holes. Even though the match ended in a loss (Eastlake had one player with a double-par score on a hole, which meant they did not get a chance at a playoff to decide the match), Midkiff and her teammates said going strokefor-stroke with the conference leaders on their own course at China Creek was encouraging and a sign of things to come. “It was a big boost, even though it was obviously disappointing we lost,” Nelson said. “If we play well and drop a couple of strokes here and there, we have a chance.” Only rival Redmond and Issaquah have been able to get within 10 strokes of the Wolves during the conference season, and Eastlake sits at 8-1 as a team with matches against Skyline and Ballard remaining before the KingCo Medalist Tournament on May 6 and 7 at Willow’s Run in Redmond. The state tournament is May 21 and 22 at Club Green Meadows in Vancouver.

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Lake Sammamish State Park will play host to the Northwest Paddling Festival for the second consecutive year after the event moved from West Seattle to Issaquah in 2012, drawing paddlesports enthusiasts from around the region. This year’s version is Saturday, May 11 and will feature sea kayak tours, introductory classes for stand-up paddle boarding, kayak and SUP races and dozens of vendors featuring top brands and the newest technologies. Admission is free and parking is available with a Discover Pass for $30 or a $10 one-day pass into the park. SUP demos include a $5 registration fee. For more information or to register for the races, visit the festival online at northwestpaddlingfestival. com.

Sammamish EX3 Teen Center hosts second annual 10K/5K run Runners, walkers and youngsters are invited back to Sammamish and the Boys and Girls Clubs of King County’s EX3 Teen Center on Sunday, May 5 for the second annual 10K/5K, the only of their kind with routes exclusively in Sammamish. Last year’s inaugural event served as both a fundraiser for the new Teen Center as well as a way to create awareness for kids and adults in the area and said the hope is to better the already solid turnout from 2012. “It was really exciting to see,” he said. “There was a ton of positive feedback and it was a lot of fun for the families.” Along with the 10K and 5K, there will be a 1K for kids age 10 and under. Registration prices vary and are available online and in-person at Plateau Runner, located in the Saffron shopping center across from EX3. The 10K run starts at 7:30 a.m., with the 5K 15 minutes later and the youth fun run at 8:45. An awards ceremony will follow and the Teen Center will also host booths related to healthy living, running, walking and other outdoor activities.

Harlem Globetrotters offering basketball clinic in Issaquah The Harlem Globetrotters will be in Issaquah again from July 22-24, at 24 Hour Fitness (5712 E. Lake Sammamish Pkwy.) to host a basketball skills clinic for children ages 6-12. Registration is $59 and is available online.

Friday, April 26, 2013

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Lawyers contact DNR about Squak

The attorney representing the Issaquah Alps Trail Club and the organization Save Squak (mountain) has made it clear to the Department of Natural Resources, that the new forest practices application filed by Erickson Logging does not meet several requirements. In a letter to Bruce McDonald, forest practice district manager, south Puget Sound region, attorney Wyatt Golding said that the proposed timber harvest needs further evaluation. For example, Golding said there is a subdivision application pending for the entire parcel, not just the 95 acres that Erickson scaled down his application to from the entire 216 acres. The subdivision application goes with whoever owns the property. Therefore, the trails club and Save Squak has asked that DNR transfer authority for consideration of the application to King County, or at least involve the county in the decision making process and conduct a SEPA (environmental) review. Even though there is a six-year moratorium between logging and a potential development, Wyatt states “the land is almost certainly going to be converted to another use, namely ‘Serenity Estates’ subdivision. Because the development plans are active and on-going, logging the property constitutes an active use which is not compatible


Things to do in Issaquah and Sammamish

4-26 Friends of Issaquah Library Spring Book Sale: 5:30 p.m. member preview (join at the door - $10 individual memberships; $20 family memberships). Issaquah Library, 10 W Sunset Way.


with timber growing. Moreover, the land will likely not be reforested.” The letter also reiterates the concern over flooding of May Creek and protection of wildlife, specifically fish and the endangered species, the small bird called the marbled murrelet. The Department of Fish and Wildlife has determined that there are sufficiently large trees with platforms that would support murrelets. The trails club and Save Squak have requested DNR require a 300-foot no-harvest buffer surrounding unsurveyed stands determined to be suitable marbled murrelet habitat. Dave Kappler, the president of the trails club said the county looks at critical areas as a permanent situation, whereas forest practices looks at critical areas as limited. “The county will look at this through different eyes,” he said. On Saturday, April 27, the King County Conservations Futures Citizens Committee will tour the property. The committee reviews applications for requests for money from the Conservation Futures fund and parks levy fund. The committee makes its recommendation in June, with the King County Council deciding in November which properties to “save.” Erickson has agreed to sell the property to the county if it can come up with the money. Staff writer Linda Ball can be reached at 425-391-0363, ext. 5052.

Issaquah City Hall, council chambers, 135 East Sunset Way.

Friends of Issaquah Library Spring Book Sale: 1 p.m. Issaquah Library, 10 W Sunset Way.


4-30 Opera Preview: 7 p.m. Discussion of Seattle Opera’s upcoming double bill of Poulenc’s La Voix Humaine and Puccini’s Suor Angelica. Issaquah Library, 10 W Sunset Way. Hearing Examiner: 2 to 4 p.m.

Assisted Living from ACT Theatre: 7 p.m. Community reading of comedy by Seattle native Katie Forgette. Sammamish Library, 825 228th Ave. SE.

Go Statewide or tarGet a reGion.

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A U C T I O N Lake Roosevelt View Estates

Legato, Inc. DBA Taco Time, 3300 Maple Valley Hwy. Renton, WA 98058, is seeking coverage under the Washington State Department of Ecology’s Construction Stormwater NPDES and State Waste Discharge General Permit. The proposed project, Issaquah Plaza 221 Development is located at The SW corner of SE 56th St and 221st Pl. SE in Issaquah, in King. This project involves 3.36 acres of soil disturbance for commercial construction activities. Stormwater will be discharged to underground detention vault on site, then to the North Fork of Issaquah Creek. Any persons desiring to present their views to the Washington State Department of Ecology regarding this application, or interested in Ecology’s action on

this application, may notify Ecology in writing no later than 30 days of the last date of publication of this notice. Ecology reviews public comments and considers whether discharges from this project would cause a measurable change in receiving water quality, and, if so, whether the project is necessary and in the overriding public interest according to Tier II antidegradation requirements under WAC 173-201A-320. Comments can be submitted to: Department of Ecology Attn: Water Quality Program, Construction Stormwater P.O. Box 47696, Olympia, WA 98504-7696 Published in Issaquah/Sammamish Reporter on April 26, 2013 and May 3, 2013. #771570.

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Master Gardeners: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Get advice on gardening questions. Squak Mt. Greenhouses and Nursery, 7600 RentonIssaquah Road SE, Issaquah. Issaquah Farmer’s Market: 9 a.m. to 2 p.m at Pickering Barn.

4-27 Friends of Issaquah Library Spring Book Sale: 10 a.m. Issaquah Library, 10 W Sunset Way. Master Gardeners: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Get advice on just about any gardening questions you might have. Squak Mt. Greenhouses and Nursery, 7600 Renton-Issaquah Road SE, Issaquah. Issaquah Farmer’s Market: 9 a.m. to 2 p.m at Pickering Barn, 1730 10th Ave. N.W. Issaquah.

Eastlake High School will perform its annual spring play April 25-27 with its rendition of “Bye Bye Birdie.” There are evening shows April 26 and 27 beginning at 7 p.m., and a 1 p.m. matinee April 27. Tickets are $12 for general admission and $9 for students. The play is under the direction of Rachelle Horner with the musical direction of Kelly Willis.


ENT-13-Ad 3.166” x10” Issaquah Sammamish Reporter

BY linda ball

Eastlake High School spring play, ‘Bye Bye Birdie,’ underway


Two Beautiful Estates located on 20+/- Acres each and Offering Spectacular Views Overlooking Lake Roosevelt

63 Windy Ridge Lane Selling Absolute! | 18 Windy Ridge Lane

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32630 SR 20 OAK HARBOR, WA



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Thursday, May 2, 6-7:30 p.m. Swedish/Issaquah 751 N.E. Blakely Dr., Issaquah

A nonprofit organization

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Friday, April 26, 2013

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Friday, April 26, 2013 Beauty & Health


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Cemetery Plots

Floral Hills- (Lynnwood) 2 Plots C38, Spaces 15 & 16 $6500.00 for both value is $3995.00 each $200.00 transfer fee we will pay. (360)897-8382

ACACIA Memorial Park, “Birch Garden”, (2) adjacent cemetery plots, #3 Call Dave 425- 867- 0919 & #4. Selling $4,000 each or $7,500 both. LoFarm Fencing cated in Shoreline / N. & Equipment Seattle. Call or email Emmons Johnson, 206- 710 Kubota diesel Trac7 9 4 - 2 1 9 9 , tor with tiller needs work $ 9 0 0 . Tw o Tr oy B u i l t walk behind tillers Horse LYNWOOD CEMETERY model needs work $500 TA N D E M C R Y P T - for both 360-779-5181 $9700.00 OUTDOOR A Z A L E A F O U N TA I N David Brown 12 12 Now M AU S O L E U M . V I E W Known as Case Tractor O F 3 5 F O OT F O U N - Front end loader, 3 point TAIN AT FLORAL HILLS hitch. Runs Good. 1976. CEMETERY. TANDEM $3500. 360-631-6089 CRYPT WITH 2 RIGHTS, LEVEL ‘H’. LAST ONE AVAILABLE THIS LOCATION. LISTE D P R I C E I S $12,300.00, SAMLYN3@COMCAST.NET (NO HYPHEN)

SUNSET HILLS Memorial Cemetery in Bellevue. 2 s i d e by s i d e p l o t s available in the Sold Out Garden of Devotion, 9B, Space 9 and 10. $15,000 each negot i a bl e. A l s o, 1 p l o t available in Garden of Devotion, 10B, space 5, $10,000 negotiable. Call both for $3795.00 Call 503-709-3068 or e-mail 253-813-6681 Two side by side plots, Evergreen Washelli PaFind what you need 24 hours a day. cific Lutheran, Section 5, 2 BEAUTIFUL Adjacent Lot Tier 164, Plots 3 and Lots, in the Immaculate 4. Evergreen Washelli Rock of Ages Garden of 206.362. 5200. jean.winWashington Memor ial d l e y @ c o m c a s t . n e t . Pa r k i n S e a t a c . We l l $ 5 , 0 0 0 . 0 0 e a c h , $ 9 , m a i n t a i n e d . Pe a c e f u l 000.00 sold together. setting. $4,500 each or both for $7,500. 253Electronics 631-3734 between 10am and 7pm. Dish Network lowest na-

2 CEMETERY PLOTS Peaceful rest for your loved one or yourself. Gorgeous and locally operated establishment; Sunset Memorial Park in Bellevue. The Garden of Rest; side by side plots; spaces 1 & 2, lot 118. $19,000 each or negotiable. 1215 145 th Place SE 701-269-2890.

tionwide price $19.99 a month. FREE HBO/ Cinemax/Starz FREE Blockbuster. FREE HDDVR and install. Next day install 1-800-3750784

DISH Network. Starting at $19.99/month PLUS 30 Premium Movie Channels FREE for 3 Months! SAVE! & Ask 3 PLOTS; BEAUTIFUL About SAME DAY InstalG r e e n wo o d M e m o r i a l lation! CALL - 877-992Park! Located in the se- 1237 rene Azaleas Garden, in M y C o m p u t e r Wo r k s. Renton. Nice level lawn, Computer problems? Vispaces are a short walk ruses, spyware, email, from the road. Call today printer issues, bad interg r e a t d e a l a t o n l y net connections - FIX IT $15,000 for all. Priced to N O W ! P r o f e s s i o n a l , steal at well below retail U.S.-based technicians. value of $24,000! Please $25 off service. Call for leave message 253-631- immediate help. 1-8665099, I will return your 998-0037 call, thank you. *REDUCE YOUR Cable 3 SUNSET HILLS Plots bill! * Get a 4-Room AllMemorial Park, Bellevue Digital Satellite system WA. First plots, right off installed for FREE and the road makes walking programming starting at in easy. Located in the $ 1 9 . 9 9 / m o . F R E E serene Lincoln Garden, H D / DV R u p g r a d e fo r right on Lincoln Drive. new callers, SO CALL Gorgeous placement di- NOW. 1-800-699-7159 rectly across from the beautiful Prayer Statue. SAVE on Cable TV-InLot 280A, spaces 10, 11 ternet-Digital Phone-Satand 12. Section is filled! e l l i t e . Yo u ` v e G o t A Spaces are avail only by Choice! Options from private sale. Retails at ALL major service pro$22,000 each. Asking viders. Call us to learn only $12,000 each. 360- more! CALL Today. 877884-1191 886-9087.

ROLLING STONES Magazine Collection 1975 to 1996 $50 obo, takes all. Call Bob 4258 1 4 - 3 7 5 6 l e ave m e s sage.

Jewelry & Fur

I B U Y G O L D, S i l ve r, D i a m o n d s, W r i s t a n d Pocket Watches, Gold Firewood, Fuel and Silver Coins, Silver& Stoves S o n y Tr i n i t r o n L a r g e ware, Gold and Platinum A+SEASONED S c r e e n Tu b e T V, $ 4 0 Antique Jewelry. Call Mic h a e l A n t h o ny ’s a t OBO 360-373-9767 FIREWOOD (206)254-2575 STYLISH LADIES COAT Dry & Custom-Split Nice lightweight leather. Alder, Maple & Worn very little and in Find what you need 24 hours a day. Douglas Fir excellent shape! Calf Speedy Delivery & length, size 9, black. Mail Order Best Prices! $150. Call after noon: 12pm. 425-885-9806 or AT T E N T I O N S L E E P (425)508-9554 cell: 425-260-8535. APNEA SUFFERERS with Medicare. Get Quality Food & C PA P R e p l a c e m e n t Farmer’s Market Firewood Logs Supplies at little or NO 100% Guaranteed OmaCOST, plus FREE home Delivered ha Steaks - SAVE 69% delivery! Best of all, preLog Truck Loads on The Grilling Collec- vent red skin sores and tion. N O W O N LY bacterial infection! Call Fir/Tam 4 9 . 9 9 P l u s 2 F R E E 1-866-993-5043 Lodgepole, Birch. $GIFTS & r ight-to-the- Canada Drug Center is Please call for door deliver y in a re- your choice for safe and usable cooler, ORDER affordable medications. prices. Today. 1- 888-697-3965 Our licensed Canadian Use Code:45102ETA or mail order pharmacy will 425-530-1332 w w w . O m a h a S - provide you with savings of up to 90% on all your The opportunity to medication needs. Call Flea Market make a difference is today 1-800-418-8975, for $10.00 off your first 2 old Flexible Flyer snow right in front of you. p r e s c r i p t i o n a n d f r e e Recycle this paper. shipping. sleds $75/each? Offers? 206-725-2343 32” JVC TV Great picture. Wor ks perfect. Quality brand! Not a flat screen. $75. Call after noon: 12pm. 425-8859806. Cell 425-260-8535 3 old 1930’s-1940’s boys baseball gloves $50/each? 206-7252343 4 B I K E ; B I K E R AC K ; Thule Parkway 956; this rack carries 4 bikes & will swing down to unblock the rear hatch or trunk. Fits into a class 3 hitch. Hitch lock, and key included. Asking $150. Lightly used. Contact Dave 360-434-3296 Poulsbo, Kitsap. CHAINSAW; STIHL 031 good shape. Runs well! New bar and chain with case $150. 360-5365925. COAT, Suede, Ladies, street length with Mink collar. Excellent condition. Size 8. $125. 425864-2608 Bellevue DRESSER, New, Mahogany, with mirror. Like new condition. Approx. 5’ long. Call for more infor mation. $150. 206842-0272 Bainbridge N-SCALE MICROTRAIN Rolling stock. Brand new! $150 for all or offer Bremerton 360-3773213



PLAYBOY MAGAZINE Home Furnishings Collection 1970 to present $150 obo, takes all. Kirkland. Call Bob DOWNSIZING MOVING 4 2 5 - 8 1 4 - 3 7 5 6 l e a v e Sale! 3 Barstools, custome, upholsetered, $50 message. each. Side board buffet ROCKER Recliner, La- $100. Coffee table and 2 Z-Boy, Blue, good condi- m a t c h i n g e n d t a b l e s tion, $50. (2) ELECTRIC $ 1 5 0 . Wo o d e n m e n ’s Train Sets. O 27 Gauge. valet $25. All excellent Lionel, $35. Marx, $45. condition and prices ne360-377-7170 Bremer- gotiable. 425-898-0696. ton [13] Mail Order

Medical Alert for Seniors - 24/7 monitoring. FREE Equipment. FREE Shipping. Nationwide Service. $29.95/Month CALL Medical Guardian Today 866-992-7236 TAKE VIAGRA? Stop paying outrageous prices! Best prices ... VIGRA 100MG, 40 pills+/4 free, only $99.00. Discreet shipping, Power Pill. 1-800-368-2718 VIAGRA 68 x (100 mg) P I L L S f o r O N LY $159.00. NO Prescription Needed! Other meds available. Credit or Debit Required. Call NOW: 616-433-1152 Satisfaction Guaranteed! Miscellaneous

1/2 OFF Glass w/ Purchase of Garage Door 1-888-289-6945 A-1 Door Service

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FREE ESTIMATE for Purchase of NEW Garage Doors 1-888-289-6945 A-1 Door Serice (Mention This Ad)



425-248-9066 APPOINTMENTS ONLY KILL SCORPIONS! Buy Harris Scorpion Spray. Indoor/Outdoor. Odorless, Non-Staining, Long Lasting. Kills Socrpions and other insects. Effective results begin after the spray dries! Available at Ace Hardware, The Home Depot or

Flat plate solar water heater $200; Round fib e r g l a s s wa t e r t a n k , 5’x3’ $100; Karrite van ra ck $ 1 5 0 ; 3 w i n d ow s e t s, 1 9 2 8 c ra f t s m a n $50-$250. 206-4849981, Vashon SAWMILLS from only LOSE WEIGHT and get $3997.00 -- Make and Increased Energy with- Save Money with your o u t j i t t e r s o r m o o d own bandmill. Cut lumswings. Contact me to- ber any dimension. In day so I can tell you how stock ready to ship. Free to finally take off the I n f o / DV D : w w w. N o r weight for good. toniar- 1800-578-1363 Ext. 300N





Lucky Greenhouse & Light 1000 Watt Grow Light Package includes Ballast, Lamp & Reflector! $179 1000 Watt Digital Light Package includes Ballast, Lamp and Upgraded Reflector! $249 3323 3rd Ave S. Suite 100B, Seattle

See Photos Online!

206.682.8222 Most of our glass is blown by local artists, hand crafted, a true work of art! water pipes, oil burners, keif boxes, nug jars, holiebowlies, hightimes magazines, calendars, clothing and literature along with a full line of vaporizers. Goin Glass Open 7 days a week! 425-222-0811


Whenever you see a camera icon on an ad like this:

Just log on to: Simply type in the phone number from the ad in the “Search By Keywords� to see the ad with photo! Want to run a photo ad in Little Nickel? Just give us a call! 1-800-544-0505 SINGING CANARIES Hens & Males, also pairs $ 5 0 - $ 7 5 . R e d Fa c tors/Glosters/Fifes & Recessive Whites. Auburn, 2 5 3 - 8 3 3 - 8 2 1 3 Unavailable on Saturdays

WA N T S TO p u r c h a s e Cats minerals and other oil & gas interests. Send de- Long Hair Sweet Calico tails P.O. Box 13557, Kittens, 3 and 4 color Denver, Co 80201 tortoise shell, polydactl ( extra toe) $150. Mixed Maine Coon & Ragdoll, Wanted/Trade great personality $150. Call 425-870-5597 or CASH FOR ANY CAR! 425-870-1487 Running or Not! Don’t trade in or junk your car RAGDOLL Mix Kittens, before calling us! Instant Ve r y P r e t t y. S i a m e s e Himalayan Color. Ver y Offer! 1-800-541-8433 Friendly, Loving, Social C A S H PA I D - U P TO Cats. 1st Shot. $85 $28/BOX for unexpired, $125. 360-651-0987 or sealed DIABETIC TEST 425-374-9925 S T R I P S ! 1 DAY PAYM E N T & P R E PA I D shipping. BEST PRIC- Find what you need 24 hours a day. ES! Call 1-888-3660957. www.Cash4DiabeDogs 4 month old male dachsRECORDS hund puppy/first shots/ deworming solid black WANTED w/white patch on his Top prices paid for chin single puppy litter 450/OBO both parents in used vinyl & CD’ home 206-941-1704 House call available AKC COCKER Babies most colors, beautiful, 206-632-5483 s o c i a l i z e d , h e a l t h y, raised with children. WANTED: Reel to Reel Shots, wor med, pediTapes, Record LPs, 45s, grees. $600 up. Terms? CDs. 206-499-5307 425-750-0333, Everett

AKC COLLIE Puppies, bor n 3/13/13. Sables (Males) and Sable Merle (Males). DNA/ genetic health screening completed thru Paw Prints Genetics:, plus all recommended health exams, shots, worming & CERF exam by WSU. Most puppies will be CEA NE with some NC. ALL are MDR1 mutant nor mal. Puppies are h e a l t h y, h a v e g o o d structure and meet the collie breed standard for beauty! Website: Transport to Seattle area ava i l a bl e we e ke n d o f 5/11/13. 509-496-9948 AKC German Shepard Pups, available May 4th Family raised, health guaranteed. 4 males, 4 females. See pups at w w w. wa r n e r h a u s. c o m $850. Call Rose at (509)994-6704 cell (509)732-4555 weekend



AKC German Shepherd Puppies: Is it time for you to own a Wor ld known champion bloodline. Your puppy will be eligible for registration with American Kennel Club A.K.C. in your name unlimited. Dam is from German impor t and strong schutzhund bloodlines. Grandfather is Jello vom Michelstadter Rauthaus VA 5 . B u n d e s S i e g e r Zuchtschau In Wort Und Bild Karlsruhe This Carlyson, typical of his sire was again able to present an absolutely positive progeny group. Sire is Schh3 kkl1 from Ger man impor t Wor ld Seiger VA1. We hired sire at stud but he is available for viewing by photos and call us for his bloodlines. Excellent! Puppy can be trained to compete in protection, tracking, obedience and confirmation. They have strong schutzhund blood in their lines from both parents. They have a h i g h d r i ve t o p l e a s e. D a m a n d Au n t ra r e l y stop working. Puppies will be dewormed, vaccinated and ready to go with puppy care packages.They come with health guarantees. Dam is black and red. Sire is black and very very red. 206 853-4387

AKC POMERANIAN puppies. Variety of colors. $400 males, $500 fe m a l e s . E x t r a s m a l l $600. Some ready now, some later. Taking deAKC Golden Retriever p o s i t s . 2 5 3 - 2 2 3 pups. Excellent blood 3 5 0 6 2 5 3 - 2 2 3 - 8 3 8 2 line. $500 males. $600 females. Wor med and AKC REGISTERED Yelshots! 360-652-7148 low Labs Pups for Sale AKC Labrador Puppies $650.00 Our Female is a C h o c o l a t e & B l a c k . family pet - Not a puppy Great hunters, compan- mill. (360)631-6089 ions, playful, loyal. 1st shots, dewormed. Par- Dachsund Terr ier Mix ents on site. OFA’s $450 Puppies for Sale. Pictures Available. Puppies & $550. (425)422-2428 can be seen in Monroe. AKC MINI Schnauzer Call or text 406-839puppies. Some ready to 4140 or 360-794-5902 go now, some ready late r. Va r i e t y o f c o l o r s. GERMAN ROTTWEIL$ 4 0 0 m a l e s $ 5 0 0 fe - ER, Purebred, AKC’d males. Now taking de- Papered. 4 Yr Old. Vom p o s i t s. 2 5 3 - 2 2 3 - 3 5 0 6 Keiser Wappen Bloodline $1500. Call Now! 253-223-8382 425-280-2662


A K C W E S T I E P U P S. We s t H i g h l a n d W h i t e Terriers. Four litters to choose from. $1,000. Will take deposits. Call with any questions. You can’t go wrong with a Westie 360-402-6261

AVAIL NOW 2 LITTERS Of Full Euro’s; one litter of blues and one of mixed colors. AKC Great Dane Pups Health guarantee! Males / Females. Dreyrsdanes is Oregon state’s largest breeder of Great Danes, licensed since ‘02. Super sweet, intelligent, lovable, gentle giants $2000- $3,300. Also Standard Poodles. 503-556-4190.

Friday, April 26, 2013 Dogs

MINI LABRADOODLES Stunning colors, eight weeks on 4/10/13. Hypoallergenic therapy companions. 541-519-1725


Black & Yellow Lab Field Pups. Ready to be your n e w f a m i l y m e m b e r. Healthy, all shots and dewor med. $350 $ 4 0 0 . S m i t h Ke n n e l s LABRADOr AKC yellow & black pups, excellent 360-691-2770 pedigrees, blocky head, both parents on site, full registration, vet check, 1st vacc, de-worm program. Ready now. Happy, healthy pups. Males & females. Blacks $500, Yellows $600 Michelle 360-490-3311 Chris 360-490-1372 C O C K E R S PA N I E L Puppies; registered litter. MALTICHON PUPPIES. Adorable, loving, fluffs of Mom AKC Bichon Frise. f u n ! B o r n 3 / 6 / 1 3 . 4 Dad AKC Maltese. Vet males. All colors. First checked, 1st shots & deshots received. Refer- wormed $550 Visit our ences from previous lit- 360-978-4028 ter owners. Exceptional website: dogs, ver y smar t and l ov i n g . S h ow q u a l i t y. MINI AUSSIES! Shots Parents on site. Includes and wormed. Great famipaper: $550 each. For ly dogs, easy to train. appointment please call $500 up. Call 360-893D a w n 2 5 3 - 2 6 1 - 0 7 1 3 6568 or Picture at: Enumclaw GERMAN SHEPHERD pups. AKC/UKC, Czech lines. Parents Penn certified. Raised in home w i t h g r a n d k i d s. Tw o beautiful females. Five robust males. DOB 4-51 3 . Ve t c h e cke d , 1 s t shots & wormed. $1,000. $500 down gets choice. 360-239-9129 360-2642616 Leave message.


F Current Vaccination FCurrent Deworming F VET EXAMINED

Shih Tzu Pups 11 w e e k s , S h o t s , Ve t Checked, Wor med, Paper training. Male/Females $450 Your Pick. 360-631-5989 Farm Animals & Livestock

Trout Donaldson Rainbow Fingerlings for your pond, very fast growing, u-haul. Miller Ranch Inc Yacolt WA 360-686-3066

Farmland Pets & Feed

General Pets

9000 Silverdale Way

Se Habla Espanol!

POM PUPS, 12 weeks, 1st 2 Shots & Wormed. Darling personalities, 1 Black & tan Girl, 1 Black Boy. $375-400. 425-377-1675

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PUPPIES! Faux Frenchies and Bo-Chi’s Many colors, shots, wormed. Loved and kissed daily! $650 & up. See webpage: 541-459-5802.



Services Animals

LOVING Animal Care Visits - Walks Housesitting Home & Farm JOANNA GARDINER 206-567-0560 (Cell) 206-228-4841

Small miniatures, registered, rare colors. Garage/Moving Sales E x c e p t i o n a l l y n i c e. Island County Shots, wormed, $250$350. Ready to go! FREELAND HARRY’S ESTATE Sale! 360-273-9325 Friday - Saturday, 4/26

ROTTWEILLERS or DOBERMANS: Extra large. Family raised. Adults and puppies. Free training available. 360-893-0738; 253770-1993; 253-3042278 No texts please!

4/27, 9am - 3pm. Antique farm equipment, bicycles, windows, ladders, wooden wheels, chains, nails, horse coll a r s a n d mu c h m o r e ! 1039 Timber Lane, 98249. Take Bush Point Road, go South on Mutiny Bay Road.


Accepting resumes at: ISFBTU!TPVOEQVCMJTIJOHDPN PSCZNBJMUP UI"WFOVF4 ,FOU 8" ATTN: HR Please state which position and geographic area you are applying for.

Sales Positions


Reporters & Editorial t3FQPSUFS  7BTIPO

Creative Position t"SUJTU  &WFSFUU  8IJECFZ Circulation t$JSDVMBUJPO.BOBHFS  8IJECFZ

Featured Position



Friday, April 26, 2013 Garage/Moving Sales Island County FREELAND

HUGE GARAGE SALE!! Outdoor furniture, excersize equipment, furniture and alot more!! Saturday, 4/27 from 9:00am 3:00pm located at 5614 Eveningside Lane. Garage/Moving Sales King County KIRKLAND

6 th ANNUAL NORKIRK Neighborhood Sale 4/27! 38 + homes participating!! Saturday from 9am4pm, North of downtown Maps available day of sale at 529 8 th Ave or participating homes. SALE LADY BIG Moving Sale! Friday & Saturday, 26th & 27th. 9am-4:30pm. 25515 SE Mirrormont Blvd, 98027 (off Issaquah/Hobart Rd). Some collectibles & Antiques. Antique Toolbox, old Christmas decorations, oak rolltop desk, sofa & loveseat, silver plate items, 2 wingback chairs, book cases & books, dolls, dining room table & chairs with china cabinet, an old brass washtub, miscellaneous tools, coffee tables, yard & garden items, mallard decoys, sets of china & porcelain, iron skillets & miscellaneous kitchen items, old childrens toys, floor & table lamps, free-standing dressing mirror, Lowery Spinet Piano, sheet music, linens, electric power washer, patio table and chairs, Coleman gas stove, small compact refrigerator. Lots of Miscellaneous! Sales tax will be collected.


Year Round Indoor Swap Meet Celebrating 15 Years! Evergreen Fairgrounds Saturday & Sunday 9 am - 4pm FREE Admission & parking! For Information call

360-794-5504 Estate Sales


ESTATE SALE. Saturday, April 27th, 9am 3pm, 937 Madison Avenu e. Wa s h e r, D r ye r, Wo o d s t o ve , S n a p p e r Riding Mower, Honda Mower, Edger, Hoses, Garden Tools, Ladders, HP Printer, Nikon S-10 Camera, Books, Household Items. Too Much To List! Marine Miscellaneous


GIGANTIC Multi Family Church Rummage Sale. S a t u r d ay, A p r i l 2 7 t h , 9am- 5pm, 20789 NE Division, corner of Midway and Division at Indianola Church. KINGSTON

GARAGE SALE. Housewares, Furniture, Gardening and More. 26260 NE Barrett Road on Saturday, April 27th from 9am - 4pm. POULSBO

Home Services General Contractors

Home Services Hauling & Cleanup

Home Services Landscape Services

Se Habla Espanol!

Outdoor BBQ, Bricks & Block Rock Walls, Driveways, Drywall & Iron Work, Exavating, Home Inprovment, Landscaping, Masonary, Vaneer, Stucco, Foundations. Honest & 25 years Experience, Honest Apina Contractor (206)641-6964 UAgeneral


Any kind of

Notice to Contractors Washington State Law (RCW 18.27.100) requires that all advertisements for construction related services include the contractor’s current depar tment of Labor and Industries registration number in the advertisement. Failure to obtain a certificate of registration from L&I or show the registration number in all advertising will result in a fine up to $5000 against the unregistered contractor. For more information, call Labor and Industries Specialty Compliance Services Division at 1-800-647-0982 or check L&Is internet site at


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Auto Service/Parts/ Accessories


Free Pick up 253-335-1232 1-800-577-2885

866-580-9405 Professional Services Instruction/Classes

ART INSTRUCTION Nationally Recognized Artist

Acrylic, Gouache, Drawing Teenage to Seniors. $25/hr. Refs upon req. Peter: (360)769-7394 Professional Services Legal Services

BANKRUPTCY Friendly, Flat Fee FREE Phone Consultation Call Greg Hinrichsen, Attorney 206-801-7777 (Sea/Tac) 425-355-8885 Everett

2008 Holiday Rambler, Admiral 30’. Full length slide out, complete package, stored inside, like n e w, 1 4 , 0 0 0 m i l e s , $75,000. Very, Very clean. Like New (360)653-8681 Vehicles Wanted

CAR Donations Wanted! Help Support Canc e r R e s e a r c h . Fr e e Next-Day Towing.  NonRunners OK.  Tax Deductible.  Free Cruise/ Hotel/Air Voucher.  Live Operators 7 days/week.  Breast Cancer Society #800-728-0801.

A MASSIVE SALE!! Too much crap to list!!! You just won’t believe it!!!! Friday, April 26 th from 8am to 4pm located at 19342 23 rd Ave NE, off CASH FOR CARS! Any Mesford, near N.K.H.S., Make, Model or Year. We Pay MORE! Running 98370. or Not. Sell Your Car or Garage/Moving Sales Tr u c k T O D AY. F r e e General Towing! Instant Offer: Garage Sale Friday, 4/ 1-888-545-8647 26, 9 am to 4 pm, Household items, give NOTICE OF away prices, some free DEADLINE CHANGE: 312 128th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA Effective April 29th, 2013 MONROE Year Round Deadline for Indoor Swap Meet Classified Word Ads: Celebrating 15 Years! 4 pm Wednesdays. Evergreen Fairgrounds Saturday & Sunday Call 9 am - 4pm 800-388-2527 FREE Admission & or email parking! classified@sound For Information call


Professional Services Farm/Garden Service

C A N O E S : O l d To w n Tripper canoe, paddles, stabilizer $1300; Tradit i o n a l c a nva s c a n o e, paddles, $3000; Grumman Sport canoe, motor, oars, sail rig, etc, $1350.

SAVE $$$ on AUTO INSURANCE from the major names you know and trust. No forms. No hasGarage/Moving Sales sle. No obligation. Call R E A DY F O R M Y Kitsap County QUOTE now! CALL 19th annual West Seattle 877-890-6843 Community Garage Sale Day, 9 am-3 pm SaturMotorhomes d ay, M ay 1 1 t h . M o r e than 200 sales! Map available by 5/4 at

Reach over a million potential customers when you advertise in the Service Directory. Call 800-388-2527 or go online to [15]

Garage/Moving Sales General

DIVORCE $155. $175 with children. No court appearances. Complete p r e p a ra t i o n . I n c l u d e s custody, support, proper ty division and bills. BBB member. (503)7725295.


Home Services Electrical Contractors

DS ELECTRIC Co. New breaker panel, electrical wiring, trouble shoot, electric heat, Fire Alarm System, Intercom and Cable, Knob & Tube Upgrade, Old Wiring Upgrade up to code... Senior Discount 15%

Lic/Bond/Insured DSELE**088OT


Free Estimate Home Services Excavations

Home Services Asphalt/ Paving

CUSTOM PAVING No Job Too Big or Small! 40yrs Exp.


New Driveways, Parking Lots, Repair Work, Sealcoating, Senior Discounts Free Estimates


Home Services Concrete Contractors


All Phases - All types Excavations, for ms, pour & finish. 30+ years exper ience, r e a s o n a bl e p r i c i n g . Call for free estimates.

Concrete Design Larry 206-459-7765



Spring Special! 2nd load 1/2 price 25% Discount Specialing in House, garage & yard cleanouts.

206-478-8099 Want Your Business Noticed? Call Cathy Harry at the Little Nickel for your print & online options

Excavation Work Specializing in Small & Medium Jobs Demolition Trenching & Grating Brush/Stump Removal Hauling Services Top Soil/Bark/Rock

206-510-3539 Licensed, Bonded & Insured Home Services Handyperson

HANDYMAN SPECIAL 2 hours ~ $75 50% Savings!


425.444.6735 Home Services Hauling & Cleanup

Home Services Property Maintenance

All Things Basementy! Basement Systems Inc. Call us for all of your basement needs! Waterproofing ? Finishing ? Structural Repairs ? Humidity and Mold Control F R E E E S T I M AT E S ! Call 1-888-698-8150 Home Services

House/Cleaning Service

HOUSE CLEANING BY KIMBERLY Commerical and Residential Serving the Eastside 22 yrs. Experience. Apt. Move-in/Move-out, Daily, Weekly or Monthly $25 per hour. 2/hr min. Call for details.

Home Services Landscape Services

$10 OFF First Service! Lawn & Garden Maintenance, General Clean Up, Bark, Pruning & Top Soil Instillation. Free Estimate! R & Jose Landscaping


* Cleanup * Trim * Weed * Prune * Sod * Seed * Bark * Rockery * Backhoe * Patios 425-226-3911 206-722-2043


Junk, Appliances, Yard Debris, etc. Serving Kitsap Co. Since 1997

Stump Grinding & Brush Chipping 20 Yrs Experience Insured - DICKSC044LF




All Grounds Care Clean-Up, Pruning, Full Maint., Hedge, Haul, Bark/Rock, Roof/Gutter

Free Estimates

360-698-7222 Home Services Painting

Call Steve

206-244-6043 425-214-3391



Dullovi Landscaping


• • • •

Lawn Caring Accurate Work Well Maintained Neat Clean Yard

206-383-6716 *Liscensed~Bonded~Insured*


Home Services Roofing/Siding

*Paving Patios *Rockery/Retaining Walls *General Cleanup

Spring Clean-Up


360-377-7990 206-842-2924

*Prune *New Sod *Thatching




*Bark *Weed *Trim

I Can Make Your Phone Ring!


Professional Services Professional

Z e ke ’s Pa i n t i n g i s l i censed, bonded and insured. Check out and call 425-377-4025 for a free e s t i m a t e. Z E KESP871JE

Storm Cleanup, Hauling, Yard Waste, House Cleanup, Removes Blackberry Bushes, Etc.


Home Services Lawn/Garden Service


General Yard Cleaning Trim, Mow, Weeding, Blkberrry Removal, Gutters, Haul Downed trees, Pruning, Pressure Washing and

• • • •

425-343-7544 425-350-7958

Excellent Home Painting. Interior/Exterior Pressure Washing

Lic/Bond/Insured. WA L&I AGLPAPL87CJ

House Painting Special! 1 story starting at $29.25 Interior/Exterior Licensed

(206)851-5975 Home Services Plumbing

SO MUCH MORE!! Affordable Prices FREE Estimates.

425-244-3539 425-971-4945

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HI MARK LANDSCAPING & GARDENING Complete Yard Work DTree Service DHauling DWeeding DPruning DHedge Trim DFence DConcrete DBark DNew Sod & Seed DAerating & Thatching

Senior Discount FREE ESTIMATE

Pressure washing gutter cleaning, etc. Fence, deck building Concrete, Painting & Repairs. And all yard services. 206-412-4191 HANDYHY9108

MIKE’S YARD SERVICE Lawns, Pruning, Cleanup, Handyman! Very Reasonable!

Serving Kitsap County

360-286-7598 Professional Lawn, Maintenance and Hauling Services. Residential, Commercial and HOA’s. 206-372-5112 yardsmenlandscapi Licensed, bonded and insured.

$500 OFF

Complete Reroofs (Most Roofs) All Types of Roofing: 3 Reroofing 3 Repair 3 Cleaning Free Estimates

Lic-Bond-Ins Lic. #Tilers*988JH


“FROM Small to All Give Us A Call” Licensed, Bonded, Insured -PACWEWS955PKEastside: 425-273-1050 King Co: 206-326-9277 Sno Co: 425-347-9872

Robison Plumbing Service Your Local Plumber

For 27 Years

On Duty 24/7 Never Any Overtime Fee!

Home Services Pole Builder/Storage



(Res. Roofing Specialist)


Home Services Lawn/Garden Service

Lic # 603208719

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ALL AROUND LAWN LAWN MAINTENANCE. Brush cutting, mowi n g , h e d g e s, we e d eating, hauling, & pressure washing. R & R MAINTENANCE 206-683-6794

American Gen. Contractor Better Business Bureau Lic #AMERIGC923B8

Tile Roof Specialties

206-387-6100 Lic#HIMARML924JB

Senior Discounts Free Estimates Expert Work 253-850-5405


Free Estimate on post or stick frame buildings including garages, shops, barns, arenas, carports, mini-cabins & sheds Our reputation, quality & service can’t be matched! Call Chris @ Ark Custom Buildings 1-877-844-8637 Home Services Remodeling

LEWIS AND CLARKE Construction Remodel & Repairs


lewisandclarke LEWISCC925QL

Home Services Roofing/Siding


Home Owners Re-Roofs

$ My Specialty

Small Company offers

$ Low prices

Call 425-788-6235 Lic. Bonded. Ins. Lic# KRROO**099QA

Home Services Tree/Shrub Care


“The Tree People” Tree Removal/Thinning, Stump Grinding, Brush Hauling, Etc! FREE ESTIMATES


Home Services Window Cleaning



360-440-6301 Serving KITSAP County

Home Services Windows/Glass

Window Cleaning & More * Window Cleaning * Gutter Cleaning * Pressure Washing 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Free Estimates www.windowcleaning



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Friday, April 26, 2013


WE’RE BACK! REdmond SAtuRdAy mARKEt mAy 4th - 9:00 Am

you don’t want to miss this opening day. 764184 Happy Valley Grange

Best r ou H y p p Ha e! d i s t s a E on the


Margarita/Beer Garden (Fri, Sat & Sun)

Daily Special to our 5 Day Countdown to Cinco de Mayo (Wed-Sun)

Margarita/Beer Garden (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) • Food and Drink Specials • Door Prizes/Giveaways

Tent Outdoors Seating (Rain or Shine)


Issaquah Highl



Issaquah/Sammamish Reporter, April 26, 2013  

April 26, 2013 edition of the Issaquah/Sammamish Reporter

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