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Brent Castano Automobile Salesman


Consumer Tips 1. Longevity: Years of service to your community is important. 2. Research the Dealer: Utilize the Web – Google Reviews, for instance. 3. Relax: Be comfortable with the sales person high-pressure sales should be a thing of the past. 4. Question the finance arrangements: Ask, am I getting the best deal available? 5. Full service dealership: One-stop auto service is vital.


The staff at Roy Robinson Chevy/Subaru in Marysville.

How to Choose a Car Dealership


oy Robinson has been in business since 1958 and our business cards still bear the original motto: ‘In Low Overhead Marysville,’”said Brent Castano, automobile salesman. “Gordon Bjorg, the current owner, has been involved here since 1970. He is active in the daily business as is Mark King, General Manager, who’s been here since 1989. Gordon Bjorg, Jr. is our Dealer Principal, and the whole company continues with Roy Robinson’s number one ideal: Customer Satisfaction Comes First. “My family was buying cars from Roy Robinson before I was born and I am still in awe of the way this dealership treats its customers. Google Review on the internet, for example, gives Roy Robinson Chevrolet-Subaru a 28 out of 30 score. That is rated ‘Extraordinary to Perfection,’ by the Google folks. We were just awarded the Subaru Satisfaction Award for the highest customer satisfaction in our district, dealerships in Washington and Alaska, and we have 85 percent repeat referrals. In fact, Roy Robinson recently acquired a couple of fourth-generation car buyers,” said Castano. Castano said that price is no longer a private thing, due to the power of the Web. “Buyers are doing so much research that they know what they want and what they should pay, and our sales personnel have to be welleducated. What buyers want now is to be sure of the follow-up service,” he

said. “But ‘Low Overhead Marysville’ is still a watchword, due to lower sales tax. Buyers can save $250 and up on a new car over prices in the Seattle area, and $1,000 or more of the sales tax on a new Winnebago or Itasca at our RV dealership next door.” Roy Robinson employs more than 100 Snohomish County people in its auto and RV dealerships, and 60 percent of those employees have longev-

“My family bought cars from Roy Robinson before I was born. I am still in awe of the way this dealership takes care of its customers.” — Brent Castano

ity of five or more years. Castano said that the dealership treats its employees well and that is reflected in their respect for and treatment of its customers. “We are the number one Winnebago-Itasca RV dealer west of the Mississippi,” Castano continued. “And that, too, is due to customer satisfaction with our sales and service. Repeat business flourishes. “Our fourth consumer tip is of vital importance. Question the finance arrangements. Ask if you are getting the best deal possible for your circum-

stances. There are huge variances in finance rates, depending on the lender,” Castano said. “We check rates daily to be sure we have the best available for both our new and pre-owned auto and RV buyers. And special financing is available, for first-time buyers or those who are rebuilding their credit. “Roy Robinson recently received the Diamond Dealer Award, one of only 38 in the United States, from Wells Fargo Dealer Services,” Castano said. “When you have found the car or RV you want and have been given the best financing rate possible, what’s left? After-sales service, of course. Roy Robinson is a full-service dealership – parts, repair service, body shop, or just free advice. “We have 70 loaner cars, available at no cost to our repair shop customers. From the bright smile at the reception desk until you drive your new purchase home, you will feel the impact of Roy Robinson’s original and only ideal: Customer Satisfaction Comes First,” Castano concluded. Roy Robinson Chevrolet-SubaruWinnebago/Itasca Motorhomes and Preowned Vehicles is located at 6616 35th Avenue NE in Marysville, just across the street from the Quil Ceda Creek Casino’s parking lot. Its hours are 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturday, and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday. The phone number is 360-659-6236.

Winnebago Itasca Travelers Club Winnebago Owners!

Keep Your Eyes Open for Our BIG BARBECUE


Cruze, Silverado 1500 and Spark


I-5 Exit 199 In Marysville


6616 35th Ave. N.E. Marysville/Tulalip 98271


Brenda Litke Hearing Instrument Specialist


Consumer Tips 1. Connect: Be comfortable with your specialist, to reconnect with your world. 2. Longevity: Make sure you find a reliable provider. 3. Schedule hearing aid consultation: Good time to learn about your hearing loss and how hearing aids can reconnect you to your world. 4. Don’t skimp: Choosing a hearing aid solely on price can lead to dissatisfaction due to being fit with technology that is not suited for you. 5. Take care: Have your hearing checked annually and your hearing aids checked every 4 – 6 months. 752525–A

The staff at Cascade Medical Group is ready to help you with your hearing needs.

How to select a hearing specialist and aid


t Cascade Audiology,” said Shonie Hannah, one of Cascade’s licensed audiologists, “we help to reconnect people who have hearing loss with their world. Even a mild hearing loss can greatly impact someone’s life. The listening world is so demanding. Hearing loss is subtle,”Hannah continued. “Hearing loss is complicated. There is more to restoration of hearing than just fitting and programming a hearing instrument. Cascade Audiology is a medical model; we consult with our on-site doctors. And our goal is to provide each patient with a personalized hearing solution. We have a relationship with our patients, helping them to reconnect with their lives. Cascade is with them throughout their whole journey.” People equate hearing loss to aging, when in fact the majority of people with a hearing loss are younger than 65. Untreated, it can lead to depression, isolation from enjoyed social activities, and can negatively impact their relations with their loved ones. Mumbling is the first of the first signs and complaint from someone with a hearing loss. “A hearing consultation often begins with the patient saying, ‘I don’t have a problem hearing, but my family thinks I do.’ Nudges from family and the people around them are the foremost reasons for people to seek a hearing evaluation in the first place. ‘I’m just here to satisfy my wife or husband,” is often heard at a first session.” Hannah said. Brenda Litke is a board-certified hear-

ing instrument specialist at Cascade Audiology in Arlington. She delights in being involved in the patient’s whole hearing journey, and says longevity is important. “A reliable provider is essential,” said Litke. “Cascade has been serving the Arlington area for over 20 years, and has been in business for over 30.” Both Hannah and Litke stress that folks should schedule a hearing aid consultation even if they are not ready

Hearing loss is complicated. There is more to restoration of hearing than just fitting and programming a hearing instrument. — Shonie Hannah

to begin wearing hearing aids. This is where they learn about their hearing loss, how it impacts their life, and what personal hearing solutions are available to them. “Success is determined in several ways,” Hannah said. “Hearing aids will not be an immediate or complete solution. Family involvement beginning at the consultation and throughout the journey is just as essential for success. The new wearer of hearing aids needs time to adjust to them. We remind patients that their hearing loss was gradual, so it will take time for their brains to readjust to hearing sounds

they were missing.” “A mild loss is not small loss, and when it comes gradually it becomes a way of life with many individuals. They can become disconnected from their world, dropping out of activities formerly enjoyed. Often it is a nudge from a spouse – ‘I’m tired of repeating myself over and over,’ for instance – that sends them to Cascade Audiology for a consultation,” Hannah and Litke said. “When choosing a hearing aid, price should not be the deciding factor. The emphasis should be on the tailored hearing solution they choose for their own lifestyle. Hearing aids are innovative. Manufacturers produce products that have several features that work behind the scenes to enhance hearing in a variety of situations. Cascade Audiology and Hearing Aid Center uses more than one leading manufacturer for this reason – delivering the precise solution for each individual’s needs,” Litke said. “People deserve good hearing.” said Litke. “We see them through the early acclimation times, when they sometimes think the world has become sharp, harsh and tinny. We continue to see them every four to six months, together for their whole journey.” The whole journey is worth it, both professionals agreed. “Nothing can match the look on a grandparent’s face when they tell of really hearing the grandchild’s soft little words for the first time,” one said. Cascade Audiology is at 20302 77th Ave NE in Arlington. For more information, call 360-435-6300.



Maya Osseiran Marketing Manager


Consumer Tips 1. Think About Your Budget: Value is more important than cost. 2. Know Your Space: Take measurements; bring a drawing. 3. Consider Your Life Style: Be comfortable in your own home. 4. Take Your Time: Don’t be rushed; select exactly what you want. 5. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask: Our sales people are trained on each product.


One of the many living room displays featured in the showroom. There are numerous bedroom and dining displays as well.

How to Choose the Right Furniture for Your Living Room, Dining Room & Bedroom


ustomer satisfaction is our primary goal,” said Maya Osseiran, manager of Marysville’s 20,000-square-foot Costless Warehouse Furniture store. “We spare no effort to get you the perfect furniture for your budget and lifestyle. Living room pieces, for instance, are the focal point of your home. Our extensively trained sales personnel will ask how long you want to live with the furniture, since a good living room can last 10 years.” Kevin Zuber is the sales representative at Costless’ Marysville location. “Kevin has 10 years’ furniture experience and can guide you to sofas, chairs, tables and accessories that will fit your needs. And our prices are astounding. Every item is 40 to 60 percent less than the manufacturer’s suggested retail. But value is more important than cost, and a quality sofa may cost a bit more but last much longer, wear better and look nicer,” Osseiran continued. With a 15,000-square-foot local warehouse in addition to its giant showroom, Marysville’s Costless Warehouse Furniture location will usually be able to immediately provide just what the customer wants. “But we ask you to go shopping a month or so ahead of the time you want your room completed, in case your perfect furniture piece has to be ordered. Our special order times are two to four weeks, compared to the average six weeks of most stores,

and you will be less stressed if you take your time,” Osseiran said. Osseiran acts as the Marketing Manager for Costless’ three stores: Marysville, Southcenter and Lynnwood. A fourth store will open in Tacoma this summer. “Ours is a family-owned and operated, Western Washington company featuring quality brands such as Englander, Lady Americana, Porter overstuffed furniture and tables, and

“Costless spares no effort to provide you with the perfect furniture for your budget and your lifestyle.” — Maya Osseiran

Alpine wood products. Our stores offer many sustainable products made of beautiful bamboo. We stock many American hardwood pieces for bedrooms and dining rooms, and are open 7 days a week to better serve you,” Osseiran said. Lucky, her Great Dane, accompanies Osseiran on leash to the Marysville store, and sleeps in an oversized doggy bed when not posing for pictures with visiting children. “Your life style is paramount when considering a new living room,” she said. “Different fabrics

are better suited to children and pets, for instance. And a furniture protection plan is available. What you love is always in style; be comfortable in your own home. “Finally, as stated in our fifth consumer tip, don’t be afraid to ask,” Osseiran continued. “You are making a major purchase and our trained salespeople are here to help you. Financing may be important to you; we have No Credit Check financing, we offer layaway and accept credit cards. Delivery service is available, and items in stock can be delivered the same or the next day.” Other Costless Warehouse Furniture stores include Southcenter at 1181 Andover Park West, Tukwila, phone 206-575-0999, and Lynnwood at 4601 200th St. SW, No. G, phone 425-6721000. The huge showroom at Costless’ Marysville location has everything you might want for your home, from original paintings by local artists to a hot tub and shuffleboard. “Kevin or I will help you with every purchase, from furniture selection to colors and accent pieces,” said Osseiran. “Your satisfaction with your new room is our prime concern.” Costless Warehouse Furniture in Marysville is located at 9315 State Ave., and its phone number is 360322-7244. It’s business hours are Monday-Saturday, 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday, 11:00 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Steve Ahmann President


Consumer Tips For Buying Marine or RV Batteries 1. Voltage: Decide if you should stick with 12 volt Deep Cycle or 6 volt golf cart type. 2. Type of Battery: Determine if you want wet lead acid batteries or AGM (absorbed glass mat). 3. Metering: Use onboard digital volt meter in addition to the usual analog red/green gauge. 4. Be Confident: Ask probing questions about your battery needs until you feel confident. 5. Keep it Local: Buy locally, from a company that actively promotes proper recycling. 753973–A

The Pacific Power Battery staff, like this one located in Marysville, are your reliable and knowledgeable experts.

Pacific Power Batteries Can Meet All of Your Battery Needs


y wife, Robin, and I leased our first store in Arlington in 1985, for commercial battery sales only,” said Steve Ahmann, President of Pacific Power Batteries. “Our first retail outlet was in Marysville in 1987 and we added Monroe, Mount Vernon and Wenatchee one by one, first leasing and then buying the store locations.” He said his first how-to tip is of vital importance; if you have the flexibility of room in the boat or RV compartment, you should use 6 volt Golf Cart type batteries over any 12 volt batteries. “Batteries don’t die. More often, their owners kill them. Here in our Marysville store, Rick Hazelbrook is the store manager and handles battery warranties with aplomb and a smile. His records indicate that 1.5 percent of failure is due to old age and 98.5 percent of those batteries were killed by improper use,” said Ahmann. AGM batteries have some cleanliness and performance features – no corrosion, generally – but can cost 2 or 3 times more than wet batteries and have about 10 percent less rated capacity. “However, AGM’s cycle to as low as 20 percent of their rated capacity (compared to 50 percent), recharge faster and last sometimes twice as long as their wet brothers,” Ahmann continued.

“The use of an onboard digital volt meter is important in knowing the exact voltage of your batteries,” said Ahmann. “The difference of 13.4 and 13.9 charging float volts can greatly affect the life of your batteries, no matter what brand you buy.” Pacific Power Batteries employs 20 in its five company stores. Salespeople are trained and retrained until they are conversant with all types of batter-

“Batteries don’t die. More often, their owners kill them.” — Steve Ahmann

ies and the battery needs of any customer. “And we have a happy staff. We treat our folks right and they pass that attitude on to our customers. Last year alone, those employees divided more than $101,000 in bonuses and profit sharing rewards,” Ahmann said. He noted that 60 percent of retail and commercial sales are batteries for starting, lighting or ignition, and that Pacific Power Batteries is a specialty store. “Our guys know batteries, and we have a battery for every thing and

for every budget. Our reconditioned automobile batteries, for instance, are 50 percent of the new price and come with a warranty,” said Ahmann. Ahmann said that his fourth tip is important. Ask questions, he advised, until you feel confident that the salesperson knows about amp/hour capacity and the principles of charging. “Beware of people,” he warned, “who will only recommend one brand or chemistry of battery and still can’t tell you why their recommended type excels. Generally, a store manager will be best qualified to answer technical questions.” Bellingham is the location of Pacific Power Batteries’ first franchise outlet, and the Ahmanns are actively seeking other franchisees. Ahmann states that all local stores actively promote proper recycling, and will make you comfortable when returning for questions, concerns or warranties. “You want to buy locally from a company that makes you feel comfortable and for batteries, we’re it,” said Ahmann. Pacific Power Batteries is located at 720 Cedar Ave. in Marysville. Its phone number is 360-653-8654. Hours of operation are Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. You are invited to visit the website at, or to email your questions to


Brent Emory Vice President E&E Lumber


Consumer Tips 1. Be Thorough: Look for locally owned and longevity. 2. Variety: Do they stock a variety of products? 3. Ask Questions: Are instructions, advice, other services available? 4. What Kind of Materials: Do they stock decking materials? 5. Wood Quality: Is their framing lumber Douglas fir, kiln-dried?


Brent Emory shows us one of the decking displays in his Marysville store. E & E lumber has the largest deck displays in the Northwest.

How to Select and Utilize an All-Round Home Improvement Store


y dad and my uncle, Gil and Leonard Emory, started this business in this location 44 years ago,” said Brent Emory.“ Dad was a mill worker all his life and had a manager for the store when my uncle left the business. Our manager had a heart attack and I became E & E Lumber’s manager a quarter of a century ago.” Passersby probably can’t tell the size of E & E Lumber, next to the Chase Bank on State Street, because it sits way back from the street. “We have a 20,000-square-foot showroom alone,” Emory said. “Our customers can purchase a small paintbrush or a whole kit of lumber to build a house, right here on this floor. As one of the few local home centers left, we have dedicated these 44 years to providing quality products and professional service at competitive prices.” Don’t expect only piles of wood products, roofing and decking when you visit E & E Lumber. Stacks of lawn fertilizer bid welcome to Spring in the entryway, side by side with wood pellets for Snohomish County’s last cold days. Lining the complete north wall of the showroom are many rows of shelving that contain a complete hardware store, and in the rear is a fullservice paint center that features major brands, tools, and advice. “We have a full line of construction hardware, also. And we are affiliated with Do It Best,

a Co-op group specializing in home improvement. Our E & E Home Center Tool Book is available at the customer service counter. It features two dozen brands including Stanley, Black & Decker, DeWalt, Skil & Rockwell,” said Emory. “Knowledgeable employees, from the top down, are the backbone of our business,” he continued. “Repeat orders from long-time customers kept

“Right here, you can buy a tiny paint brush or a lumber kit to build a whole house, all backed by our 44 years in Marysville.” — Brent Emory

us solid through these past three years of downturn in the economy, and we had no layoff of employees here. Now, the economy’s upturn is a blessing to E & E, as we are one of the only locally owned lumber centers left.” Look for the construction going on at the front of the E & E lot in early April. “We’re the largest Fiberon decking dealer in Washington state,” said Emory, “and we are going to feature deck building beginning April 5, with whole decks displayed in our ‘front yard’ and virtual displays in the showroom. Our

customers will be able to see the deck they want on the TV screen, and we will custom order special lumber and materials if necessary. Timbertech, Trex, Azek, Redwood and Hardwood decking are all on display, and any type handrail. “We are also the largest cedar lumber distributor in the area, serving all of King, Snohomish, Skagit, Whatcom and Island Counties. We also ship to Eastern Washington. And, thanks to our repeat customers and our well-trained employees, in 2013 we have already sold more house building packages for this time of year than in any of the past five years. Last year our customers bought more composition decking here than ever before,” said Emory. Emory stated that E & E’s employees, both here and in the 37-year location in Sedro- Woolley, are long-term, trained and qualified, and that 50 percent of the staff has been with E & E for over 20 years. We take care of our people, and they, in turn, take good care of our customers,” Emory concluded. E & E Lumber is located at 1364 State Avenue in Marysville, phone 360-6597661. Its business hours are 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sunday. Have a home improvement question? Ask them on the Web at www.eelumber. com/pagecontactus.


John Cronin Marketing Manager


Consumer Tips 1. Swipe your Totem Club Card: Swipe it every day for chance at $1,000,000. 2. Get Qualified: Qualify for the Poker Room’s $50,000 Free Roll Tournament. 3. See What’s New: Check out the new location for table games. 4. Keno: Enjoy the live Keno action in Snohomish County’s only Keno Room. 5. Dining: Use your 15% Totem Club Card discount on buffets and all fine dining.


Nino Maltas and Vera Johnson man the roulette wheel at Angel of the Winds Casino.

How to Have More Fun at the World’s Friendliest Casino


ur big news is the April and May promotion,” said John Cronin, Marketing Manager. “Every day, swipe your Totem Club card at the special 8-foot slot machine for a free spin. Win $1,000,000 or one of over 29,000 other prizes. See the Totem Club for details.” Speaking of big money, Angel of the Winds’ Poker Room is hosting a $50,000 free roll. “It’s easy to accumulate 80 hours of play in the Poker Room through May 31,” Cronin said. “Then you are qualified for the annual $50,000 tournament – no entry fee. Check with our poker room for details of our daily tournaments.” Slot tournaments are held every Tuesday at noon, both Tuesday and Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. “Try your luck on some new games – Day of the Dead, Jewel of the Dragon, On the House, Golden Emperor and Snow White. Or play an old favorite – we have over 1,000 machines,” Cronin said. “And when playing a tournament you can watch yourself winning on the big screen TVs.” Table Games has moved. Take a look at Angel of the Winds’ new pit, now located in the center of the action. Twelve table games include Craps, Roulette, Progressive Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Progressive Four Card Poker, Pai Gow and Progressive Three Card Poker with a six card bonus. “Of course, we have Double Double Down Span-

ish 21 and various versions of Blackjack, featuring hand shuffled and Double Deck Pitch,” Cronin continued. Live Keno is available at Angel of the Winds. “We are the only casino in Snohomish County to play Keno,” Cronin said. “We offer Penny Keno which is 1,000 games for just $10 and you have a year to redeem your winning ticket. Sit in comfort and watch your numbers or take advantage of the Keno runners

Swipe your Totem Club Card every day in April and May, for a million-dollar free spin! — Brent Emory

on the casino floor. You can play from anywhere in the building. “Win extra cash in both monthly Keno tournaments, only $5 buy in. Watch for them in the Keno Lounge on Wednesday, April 10, at 7 p.m. and Sunday, April 28, at 1 p.m.,” said Cronin. Katie’s Kitchen is cooking all your favorites. April features a burrito for 99 cents. Katie’s is open 24 hours every day, and is still home to their famous 99 cent specials, $1.49 classics and a full menu. You can use your Totem Club points to pay for your meal.

The Watershed Restaurant is featuring a special “Early Bird” dinner from 3-6 p.m. every Sunday through Thursday. Appetizer and your choice of two featured entrees for only $19.95. Totem Club members get the same 15 percent discount as they do on all buffets and fine dining. “We have recently upgraded our buffet. The new Blue Water Select Dinner Buffet every Monday through Thursday is $15.99, 4-9 p.m. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday is Prime Rib and Seafood Buffet, for only $22.99,” he said. Lunch buffets are Monday through Friday starting at 11 a.m. for only $9.99 or Soup and Salad Bar for $5.99. And, Saturday/Sunday Brunch Buffet includes a glass of champagne – 9 2 p.m., for $15.99. “Angel of the Winds’ Fuel Station is open 24/7. Featuring Diesel, premium, mid-grade and regular unleaded gasoline, they offer 7 cents discount per gallon at the pump when you use your Totem Club card. The kiosk is open daily, 9 a.m. to 1 a.m., and features items that you and your vehicle might need when visiting the World’s Friendliest Casino,” said Cronin. Angel of the Winds is located just north of Marysville at I-5 exit 210. Look for the big freeway sign. The casino is three minutes east of I-5 and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Phone 360-474-9740 or visit



Paul Brown Publisher


Consumer Tips 1. Know your audience: Who are they, what do they want, where do they come from and where are they getting the message from? 2. Plan ahead: Keep in mind exactly what consumer needs you want to serve with your business, and set aside money in your budget for advertising 3. Do Your Homework: Research the market and all avenues of advertising available 4. Be Precise: Print and online ads should be simple, easy to read and communicate only the information that the consumer cares about and needs to know. 5. Consistency: It’s a fact that most people do not act without seeing a product or a message at least six times. 759485–A

Louis DeRosa and Teri McClay, advertising representatives, Melody Faust, inside sales consultant and office administrator, and Paul Brown, publisher of The Marysville Globe and The Arlington Times.

How to Stretch Your Advertising Dollars


uring tough economic times, local businesses are finding it harder than ever to cut costs while still drawing in new customers. While it’s clear that advertising is an expense that can’t be eliminated completely, Paul Brown, publisher of The Marysville Globe and The Arlington Times, explained how to make the most out of limited advertising funds. “Well, the most important thing is consistency, consistency, consistency,” Brown said. “There is an equation we use in the advertising industry that says frequency plus reach equals response. This means that the more people you can reach and the more often that you can reach them, the higher the response rate that you’re going to get. So somebody who runs a one-time ad, or a two-time ad and they expect to have all the results in the world, well, marketing is not that way. That’s why we talk about advertising in terms of an advertising campaign — it’s an ongoing process.” For a business that can not financially support advertising campaigns across all media — print, radio, television and online — Brown suggests starting with the newspaper. “Print is tangible, where radio advertising and television advertising is not tangible. And what I mean by that is with print, you physically have it in your hand. Once the radio ad or TV ad has passed, it’s gone. If you have a print ad in hand, it’s something that not only you can go back and refer to many times over, but it’s something you can see, feel and touch. That’s why often we find that print advertising is a much stronger medium for the consumer. And the cost is generally considerably less as well.” Starting to advertise in the local newspaper can be a little overwhelming, especially for a local business owner who is just starting out.

“First of all, they need to be clear on what their objectives are. What are they looking to accomplish? Whether it’s increased flow to to their store or whether it’s driving more traffic to their websites, they need to be clear on what their objectives are,” said Brown. “The next thing they need to understand is: What is a good offer? A lot of people will come in with an offer of maybe a 10 percent discount and generally speaking a consumer is not going to respond to a 10 percent discount. They’re going to be looking for something

“We don’t sell ads, we offer solutions — I think it’s important to distinguish that. We are offering marketing solutions.” — Paul Brown, Publisher

that is more substantial, to really get them to come in. My advice is always to ask themselves deep down, is this something that they would respond to? If you can say deep down inside yourself that, ‘No, this isn’t something I would respond to,’ then you can believe that the buying public is not going to respond to it either. That’s where consultation with a good advertising consultant can guide you through the process and help you to come up with something that is going to be substantial to the consumer.” Brown added, “Coupons work well if the offer is strong. If you have a restaurant that says 10 percent off your first meal, generally that’s not a good offer. A good offer would be free. Anything that’s put in the ad free is

going to be something that people will want to look at. Free is a good strong word. So if it’s something to the effect of, ‘Purchase your first meal, the second meal is free’ — that’s going to generally draw a response. If you are advertising a product it’s the same way. If you have a product where there are accessory items that can come with the product, then offer ‘Purchase this product and receive two accessories for free.’ They try the product, they try the service, they like it and now you’re drawing in repeat business and that’s ultimately what advertisers want to do. They want to get that new consumer in the door and they want to have that consumer continually coming back — that’s where they are going to make their money.” The Marysville Globe and The Arlington Times have three advertising representatives who can help local businesses starting to advertise in the newspaper — Melody Faust, Teri McClay and Louis DeRosa. “All of our sales reps are highly trained and we provide them with ongoing training and many research tools that will help our advertisers make the proper decision on their advertising,” said Brown. “I wanted to also mention that The Marysville Globe and The Arlington Times are established papers within the community. For example, The Marysville Globe has been in business since 1892, over 120 years. And The Arlington Times is the oldest continuously running publication in the state of Washington and in the Pacific Northwest. We are established, the community knows us and the community relies upon us. Not only for effective and accurate hyperlocal news, but they rely upon us to find out what businesses are offering, what products and services can be found locally as well.” For more information or to start advertising with The Marysville Globe or The Arlington Times call 360-649-1300.


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How To Guide - How-To Guide 2013