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Local police reach out to islanders Guns, bicyclists and more discussed at public meeting by CALI BAGBY Staff reporter

Chris Gill photo

Last year, the Seattle Shakespeare Company performed “Hamlet,” pictured above, during the first annual Shakespeare Festival on Orcas. Now the troupe is performing “Julius Caeser.” See what other activities are planned for this year on page 9.

Around 30 members of the community gathered to discuss issues of concern on the island, such as gun safety, speeding cars, bicyclists breaking rules and mental health concerns. The San Juan County Sheriff ’s Office and Undersheriff Bruce Distler hosted the forum at the Orcas Senior Center on Tuesday. Deputy Doug Maya and Sgt. Scott Taylor were also in attendance. “We are trying to keep the community alive and actively engaged and talking to each other,” Distler said. At the start of the meeting, the undersheriff passed around gun locks to distribute to the audience because firearms are a hot topic in counties across the country. “These are meant to make the weapon inoperable for children in the house,” he said. He told the audience that firearms do not have to be registered with the Sheriff ’s Department but firearms are registered in a database once they are purchased. As for how many guns are in the islands, Distler said because they don’t collect gun registrations there is no way to tell the exact number, but according to the Department of

Truths and myths about dry, winter skin by CALI BAGBY Staff reporter

It’s not life-threatening, but can cause serious discomfort and self-consciousness. Whether you suffer from dry patches on your elbows or have white flakes dusting your shoulders, dry skin can be irritating. Here’s how showering less, apple-cider vinegar and a little bit of sun could come to your rescue. Dr. Frank James, San Juan County health officer said “dry skin” is a garbage can word, meaning it’s not an official medical term and could fall under many different categories. Run of the mill dry skin, which is usually genetic, he said, can be treated with emollients in moisturizer or by limiting your skin’s contact with water, which can cause dryness. “People think if you put water on skin it will moisturize it, but water evaporates and skin

becomes drier in the long run,” James said. His wife’s hands have a tendency to get dry so she uses simple techniques of washing dishes with gloves and using moisturizers. According to the Mayo Clinic, limiting your bath or shower time to about 15 minutes or less, and using warm, rather than hot water can also help to reduce drying out. Immediately moisturize your skin after a shower with an oil or cream to help trap water in the surface cells. It’s a common assumption that the changing seasons are responsible for dry skin, but James said that is not the case. In the winter there is more humidity outside, according to James, but inside where wood stoves or electric heat blast the moisture content is lowered. Get a humidifier or buy a “steamer” for your

wood stove, both add moisture to the air and can help prevent your skin from drying out. A common myth is that drinking water helps your skin stay young looking, Mayo Clinic staff say this is not true – though drinking lots of water can never hurt. Other common skin issues are eczema, dandruff and psoriasis. Eczema symptoms include patches of dry flaky skin and can be treated with mild steroid creams. Psoriasis causes flaky, dry skin on elbows or knees and sometimes all over the body. It’s not caused by the dark days of winter, but sunshine can help with symptoms. “It’s one that responds positively to sunlight,” said James.


Licensing there are 981 concealed pistol licenses in San Juan County. Distler said this number is not cause for concern to law enforcement because to register for these permits a person has to undergo federal background checks and the licenses can be revoked at any time. Other questions throughout the evening focused more on the road. One woman voiced her worry about drivers speeding in Moran State Park, especially in areas where pedestrians frequent. “If you’re looking for a place to write tickets, this may be the place,” she said. Distler said he wanted to make sure the community is driving correctly, but also urged citizens to call him if they see any deputies not following the same rules. Morgan Meadows asked if the Sheriff ’s Department was going to teach any bike safety classes at the school. Distler said they would be available to help facilitate a course if the school was interested. Another citizen wanted to see the department release a official report on the rights of bicyclists. Distler


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‘Soup bowl’ fundraising dinner Reagles retires from OPALCO

contributed photo

Penny Sharpe Skye helps students Soeth Quintero and Jeiri Velazquez learn the techniques of bowl making. Inspired by an international project called “Empty Bowls,” ceramicist Mary Jane Elgin of Mary Jane Ceramics and Orcas Open Arts artist Penny Sharp Skye with help from Rose Marie Altberg, Sharon Ho, Chelsea Cates and Evan Allred provided time and talents to Mandy Randolph’s fifth and sixth grade Farm

to Classroom. Students over the past few weeks helped craft charming and unique soup bowls. On the evening of March 15 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., the school cafeteria will be lined with all the bowls they have created, together with additional bowls contributed by other Orcas ceramicists, waiting to be filled with hot and hearty, home

made soup. Fresh breads graciously donated by Rose’s Bakery will compliment the meal. Everyone is invited to share in this event. Come to the school cafeteria, choose one of the bowls, make a donation of any amount you wish, fill your chosen bowl with soup made by chef Zach and then join the party. The bowl is yours to keep as a reminder that you have helped our community. The artists have thoughtfully chosen the Farm to Classroom Project and Farm to Cafeteria Program as recipients of the funds raised by this year’s “Soup Bowl” dinner for their efforts in making sure all our public school students have the knowledge and benefit of healthy, wholesome food regardless of their economic situations. Island potters wishing to donate bowls for this project may contact Mary Jane Elgin at 376-2755.

Final community meal at OCS Residential & Interior Design

Bonnie Ward ASID, IIDA 376-5050


Orcas Christian School will host its last community dinner on Tuesday, March 12. This free, all-you-can eat Italian meal will be served from 5 to 7:30 p.m. On the menu is lasagna, spaghetti, steamed broccoli, green beans, salad bar, french bread, ice cream and biscotti. “Treat yourself to an evening out and let us prepare the meal and do your dishes,” say organizers. The gym will also be open for recreation from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

by Amy SAxe

Member Services Supervisor

After 18 years of dedicated service to OPALCO members, Ginny Reagles has decided to retire. Since 1995, Ginny has been the recognizable “voice of OPALCO” and a familiar face to many members in her role as a member services representative in the Eastsound office. To OPALCO staff, Ginny is a beloved family member.

Her playful sense of humor, knowledge of island history and keen attention to safety and customer service were skillfully woven into her day to day work. Please join me in congratulating Ginny on a long and successful career at OPALCO. May she fully enjoy a happy and healthful retirement. If you wish to send a note to Ginny, her mailing address is: P.O. Box 1766, Eastsound, WA 98245.

Renowned speaker Lauren Winner at Kindlings Winterfest The Orcas community is invited to join Kindlings WinterFest, an annual lecture series featuring leading thinkers on issues of contemporary importance. It is a scaled down, lecture only version of KindlingsFest, the Orcas Community Church’s summer event. Lauren Winner is the featured speaker. The them is “My Spiritual Journey (So Far): Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis.” Winner is the author of numerous books, including “Still: Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis,” “Mudhouse Sabbath: An Invitation to a Life of Spiritual Discipline,” “Girl Meets God: A Memoir” and “Real Sex: The Naked Truth about Chastity.” She has appeared on PBS’s Religion and Ethics Newsweekly and has written for The New York Times Book Review, The Washington Post Book World, Publishers Weekly, Books and Culture, and Christianity Today. Winner has degrees from Duke, Columbia, and Cambridge universities, and holds a doctorate in history. The former book editor for Beliefnet, she teaches at Duke Divinity School, and lives in Durham, N.C. Winner travels extensively to lecture and teach. Winner was born to a Jewish father and

Lauren Winner

a Southern Baptist mother, and was raised Jewish. The Winterfest schedule: Friday, March 8: “Girl Meets God: The Joy of Finding God,” 7 p.m. Saturday, March 9: “The Wall: What happens When you Hit the Wall?” 10 a.m. “Movement: How do you begin moving forward again?” 7 p.m. Sunday, March 10: “Presence: Finding God Again,” 10 a.m. All lectures are at the Orcas Island Community Church. Pre-register by calling 376-6422 or online at There is no charge, but a suggested donation of $80 for the weekend or $25 for a single lecture.

O R C A S I S L A N D R E A L T Y llc Located next to the Historical Museum on North Beach Road

PO Box 171 Eastsound, WA 98245

Private View Acreage

Panoramic Views

Lots of sun on this westerly facing 5 acre parcel with views over Westsound. Building site commands the top of the knoll with good privacy from Orcas Road and year-a-round sunsets. Gently forested.

Sunsets and expansive scenery from the Olympic Mts. to the lights of Vancouver & layers of islands. Well maintained 4500 sf home near Eastsound. Main floor master, separate entry for 2 bedrm apartment. On top of the world yet close to village conveniences.

Stunning 180 degree views and mossy hilltop perch overlooking East Sound. Impeccable craftsmanship and artistic detail throughout, 1bdrm/1bath watchtower retreat. 10 acre magical property with cascading ponds adjacent to Moran State Park.

Mixed use commercial building in prime Eastsound location includes 4 possible Main Street retail/ commercial spaces & upper level with successful Eastsound Suites (business included). The building is divided into 4 condo spaces-2 residential units & 2 commercial units-fully leased.





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A Most Unique Retreat

contributed photo

MLS# 369991

Retail and Residential

MLS# 227188

Wednesday, March 6, 2013 • The Islands’ Sounder


The ‘Tides of March’ Judge rules against the

Herring are the guests of honor at this year’s Tides of March marine education event at Eastsound Fire Hall, organized by Kwiaht and the volunteers of the Indian Island Marine Health Observatory. “Sea cucumber sandwiches, starfish cookies, peanut-worm butter brownies, puff-pastry anemones” and other unusual treats will accompany tea, talk and a bounty of information about marine life on the Eastsound waterfront.The Tides of March is at the Eastsound Fire Hall from 4 to 6 p.m. on March 15; admission is free. In addition to displays on the unusual fish, tide-pool life, plankton, eelgrass and birds of Indian Island, the Tides of March will also feature a slide show presentation by Russel Barsh exploring the life cycle of herring and their role in East Sound ecosystems. “If a herring egg isn’t eaten by a scoter, cormorant or gull within its first few days and lives to hatch,” Barsh says, “the tiny fish faces a gauntlet of predators that make survival to

challenge to charter changes by STEVE WERHLY Journal reporter

reproductive age a very long gamble. Chinook salmon and marine birds seem to prefer herring over all other forage fish. Herring spawning in the San Juan Islands declined sharply about 50 years ago, however, and has remained poor and sporadic, so the possibility of some herring recovery in Fishing Bay is very exciting.” Herring spawned in seaweed around Indian Island in 2011 and 2012. The slide show will also share information on other seasonal visitors to Indian Island such as iridescent squid, bioluminescent jelly-

fish, and free-swimming sea slugs. Dogfish also congregated in Fishing Bay to mate in the past, and were heavily fished by Native peoples as well as more recent residents of the island. Dogfish remains were found in archaeological sites around Eastsound, Barsh notes. Why they disappeared so completely even after the fishery ceased is something of a mystery. Kwiaht asks for your help in reporting herring spawning anywhere in the islands this spring. Email kwiaht@ or call 468-4869.

OIFR town hall meeting Orcas Fire and Rescue is holding a second town hall meeting on Thursday, March 7, 6:30 p.m. at the Eastsound Fire Hall to address questions about possible involvement in a marine operations group. The following topics will be touched upon. • How should OIFR be involved in the operations, maintenance and expenses for the Marine Operations User’s Group? • To what extent should the fire district provide or pay for services outside of the district’s boundaries? • How should the district operate and fund: medical transport to the mainland; marine search and rescue operations; assistance to other islands whose residents do not provide financial support to any fire district; should the district seek reimbursement for any of the services mentioned above?

Funhouse Science fair celebrates 10 years The 10th annual Funhouse Commons Science Fair is scheduled for March 30. To celebrate a decade of fun science, they are opening up the fair to everyone – with a special invitation to island tinkers, inventors and makers. “We will still be thrilled to accept any kind of project – from volcanoes to mentos cannons – as long as it incorporates science,” say organizers. “As always, every kid wins a prize, and middle and high school students can compete for $2,000 in scholarship money. This

Page 3

year special consideration will be given to projects that exhibit the ‘maker’ spirit. And in keeping with the spirit of invention, we are inviting adults to bring in their inventions to show.” The “Maker” movement is an invention of the Internet age. Ideas and technologies are no longer secrets, but powerful and easily accessible tools for anyone with the interest and an internet connection. For more details, go to www.funhousecommons. org or call the Funhouse Commons at 376-7177.

In a clean sweep for supporters of the voter-approved changes to the county charter, all three propositions presented to the people in the November election were upheld in a decision handed down Feb. 26 in San Juan County Superior Court. The ruling means that the election of a new threemember county council will proceed as scheduled on April 23, executive authority will be returned to the county council, and all council meetings, including subcommittee meetings, will be open to the public. In a four-page letter detailing his decision on each of the seven causes of action presented by the plaintiffs, Judge John M. Meyer, as Visiting Judge in San Juan County Superior Court, ruled that the charter amendments do not violate either the Washington or the U. S. Constitution, or state law. On the key issue of the disproportionate populations of the three legislative districts, Meyer wrote, “residency districts, as opposed to voting districts, may be unequal in population and size.” On the other key issue of voting rights, he wrote: “Not one of the propositions put before the voters has an impact on the fundamental right to vote.” Friday Harbor’s Stephanie Johnson O’Day, attorney for the plaintiffs, said she

March madness

The Orcas Christian School Saints’ Boys and Girls Basketball Clubs faced off against stiff competition from select mainland teams this past weekend at the Island March Madness Tournament held at the Orcas Christian School. The Lady Saints battled Bellingham Prostock AAU eighth ultimately falling 38-26. The girls went onto a nail biter against Mt. Vernon Eighth AAU, ultimately losing in the final moments 36-32. The Saints boys team won both contests against Skagit Adventist to bring their record to 3-3. The first game’s final score was 39-31. The second game of the double header was much closer and will go down as one for the record books. The score was 38-37. Sportsmanship awards were presented after each contest to players on the opposing team and a Championship Trophy was presented to Bellingham Prostock Eighth AAU. The next March Madness Tournament is Sunday, March 10 at OCS. The Lady Saints will face off against Mt. Vernon Eighth AAU. The Saints boys’ team will face off in a doubleelimination tourney against Granite Falls Eighth Select and Mt. Vernon Eighth AAU. Games start at 10:15 a.m. and run all day. Call OCS at 376-6683 for specific game times.

would appeal the decision, probably on an emergency basis to the state Supreme Court, and she would renew her request for a temporary injunction halting the April 23 election. “We always anticipated that one side or the other would appeal,” she said. Although not happy with the result, Johnson O’Day is gratified by Meyer’s comments near the end of his decision that the plaintiffs “raised good and debatable issues” and “people participated for more than merely not liking the political

result, but to question the process.” In his decision, Meyer noted that voters basically reinstated the same type of government they had just eight years earlier by approving the three propositions championed by the Charter Review Commission. “Most interesting to me, though perhaps not particularly relevant, is that the Propositions 1, 2 and 3 essentially implement the same system of government that existed before the original was put into effect in 2005,” he said.

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Rainshadow Solar Renewable Energy Systems since 1989


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Wednesday, March 6, 2013• The Islands’ Sounder

Celebrating 100 years of parks by CALI BAGBY Staff reporter

contributed photo/ Martin Taylor

Above: The entrance to Moran State Park.

This month Washington State Parks celebrate 100 years. Moran State Park was added to the list in 1921, but staff and volunteers are gathering to support the inception of all Washington state parks, which occurred

in March of 1913. On March 9, at 11 a.m., volunteers and community members are invited to show their support for state parks by gathering at the historic tower at the top of Mt. Constitution for an aerial photo taken by Martin Taylor from a plane flown by Brent McDonald. “It’s important that the park systems have been in existence for 100 years, especially at a point and time when cutting of funding and closing parks is happening,” said Michel Vekved of Friends of Moran State Park. “When parks were established we were not in a strong economy, but it was established as a part of qual-

ity of life and a drive for the economy that is still especially true on Orcas.” State Parks are currently asking Washington legislatures for 27.3 million dollars from the general fund. On Feb. 12 there was a hearing for Senate Bill 5657. For more info, visit http:// This bill and House Bill 1935 propose that the general fund match Discover Pass funds for the state park budget. The Discover Pass that took effect in July 2011 has fallen far shy of its projected revenue of $65 million within two years. The pass only brought in $7.2 million in its first four months.

But that doesn’t mean crowds aren’t flocking to Moran State Park. Vekved said that park count numbers show that 700,000 to 800,000 visit the every year and many of those visitors make Mt. Constitution their first stop on the island. “It’s great to recognize how long the park system has been here,” said Vekved. “Now we are at a time of crossroads and we need to show our support.”

Upcoming events Upcoming events highlighting supporting the park include an art show collaboration with Crow Valley Pottery on July 27 in the day use area next to kokanee hatchery. There will also be a Moran State Park exhibit at the Orcas Island Historical Museum.

A virtual visit to Turtlehead trail contributed photo

Orcas Islander Will Fisher

Young Orcas Island native Will Fisher has set his sights on a career as a professional photographer and videographer, so his 2012 internship with the San Juan Preservation Trust

Elect Elect

Brian Br i an

Mc Cl er r en McClerren County District CountyCouncil Council District #3 #3 “Vote for Young Working Families” “A Vote for Young Working Families”

Paid for by Brian McClerren – 17 Swal Lech LN Lopez Island, WA 98261

& spirit

Paid for by Brian McClerren - 17 Swal Lech Ln., Lopez Island, WA 98281

Craniosacral Therapy

Replenish your mind, body

Karen C. Russell–CST

at Bywater Health Therapies ph: 376-2800 lic #MA19824

Psychotherapy Sandra L. Burt, MSW

Adult, Child, Family Therapy New Location in the Athletic Center Building Also Friday Harbor 376-7119

Elizabeth Landrum, PhD

Licensed Psychologist Adult therapy: grief and loss, living with illness, life transitions. Lopez Village 317-5178

Call the Sounder 376-4500 $3 per line (5 line min.)

Medical Offices Orcas Family Health Center

David C. Shinstrom, M.D. & Phoebe Hershenow, ARNP. 1286 Mt. Baker Rd., Ste. B10 Rural Health Clinic Care for All. 376-7778 for appointments

Orcas Island Family Medicine, PC.

David L. Russell, MD. Comprehensive health care for your entire family in an intimate and personalized setting. Call 376-4949 for an appointment.

Counseling & Coaching Kristin Fernald, MA LMHC Counseling and Coaching for individuals and couples, Eastsound and Lopez. 468-3785;

Vision San Juans Vision Source Chris T White, O.D., Full service medical eye care facility. 376-5310

Pilates Center Works Studio

Offering Pilates, GYROTONIC®, Wellness. Private, small group, and drop-in classes. Athletic Center Building, Eastsound, 376-3659

Therapy Denise Wolf, M.A.,

Clarity Connection, LLC Therapy, coaching, online video sessions. LMHCA, 360-375-7103 Reasonable rates for uninsured

At Center Works Studio, our mission is to provide our clients a supportive, safe, and inspiring environment in which they experience the transformative powers of movement in their bodies, their lives, and our world. We offer personalized private and semi private sessions in Pilates and the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM ® by appointment, as well as daily drop-in group classes in Pilates and the Barre workout. Instructors Anne Marie Schultz, Lauren Castle-Weaver, Renee Segault, and Torah O’Neal are excited to help you change your body, reduce pain, and increase flexibility. We look forward to working with you!

was a perfect fit. Fisher, 19, graduated last spring from the photography program at the Hallmark Institute of Photography in Turners Falls, Mass. He has spent the past several months roaming the San Juan Islands with his camera, capturing the natural beauty of the Preservation Trust’s conserved lands. His internship took him to outer islands and remote properties, but his final assignment brought him back to a place that is near to his heart: Turtleback Mountain. In late 2012, the Preservation Trust launched an effort to purchase a 111acre property that separates the Turtleback Mountain Preserve from the trust’s lesser-known Turtlehead Preserve and create a new public trail that connects these three properties. Until now, the Turtlehead Preserve has been surrounded by private land and inaccessible to the public. With almost $1.2 million of this $1.3 million project already raised, the Preservation Trust hopes its “Campaign to Complete Turtleback Mountain” can identify the remaining $105,000. To provide a glimpse of what few have ever seen, Fisher made several trips up Turtlehead, bushwhacking his way across the planned trail route. The result is a fast-paced, two-minute video that transports viewers from Turtleback Mountain to Turtlehead. Visit to see the video. View Fisher’s images at

Wednesday, March 6, 2013 • The Islands’ Sounder


Orcas Center volunteer dinner Orcas Center is hosting its annual meeting and appreciation dinner for members and volunteers on Sunday, March 10. The meeting is from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. followed by a thank you dinner from 6:30 to 8 p.m. The meeting will be in the theater for a mix of business and entertainment. A Irish dinner will be held in the Madrona Room. RSVP to 376-2281, ext. 4.

Taylor 2 Dance performance See dance world’s legend Paul Taylor’s Taylor 2 Dance Company at Orcas Center on Saturday, March 9 at 7:30 p.m. Choreographer Paul Taylor is the last living member of the pantheon that created America’s indigenous art of modern dance. Taylor has set works to an eclectic mix that includes Medieval masses, Renaissance dances, baroque concertos, classical symphonies, and scores by Debussy, Cage, Feldman, Ligeti and Pärt; Ragtime, Tango, Tin Pan Alley, Barbershop Quartets and The Mamas and The Papas; and telephone time announcements, loon calls, and laughter. There will be a master class for intermediate/

advanced modern dancers with Taylor 2 Dance Company members on Saturday, March 9 from noon to 1:30 p.m. on Center Stage. Pre-registration is required at 376-2281 ext. 3.

Tickets for Taylor 2 Dance Company are $25, $19 Orcas Center members, $11 students, and may be purchased at or by calling 3762281 ext. 1.

Park and Rec spring activities

Spring into Fashion! New Spring items arriving Daily! Come in & ask about our Easter Bonnet Contest. Happy Spring!

Fashion Fairy Consignment

Eastsound Our House Building Winter Hours Open 11 to 5 pm Wed ~ Sat

OPALCO member bylaw change initiative by Winnie AdAms

Orcas Island Rowing is holding its annual “24-hour row” early in the season this year. The crew team will be outside the Island Market grocery store continuously on a rowing machine. They typically take 30 minute relay sessions. The coaches and a few of the more enthusiastic parents help, but it’s mostly the junior crew members. They will be rowing from noon on Friday March 8 until Saturday, March 9 at noon. The event is a traditional rite of passage for the team as well as a low key fundraiser. The kids will be running a car wash at the same time as rowing Saturday morning across from the market in the Key Bank drive through. For more info: or

ities taking place in the evenings, including adult basketball, volleyball and futsal soccer. Help maintain Orcas Island’s world-class skate park at the Skate Park Clean Up on March 23 at 10 a.m. Bring gloves and helping hands. Park and Rec will also be offering a spring bike tune up in April. To keep up to date on lat-

Guest column

OPALCO board of directors

24-hour rowing event

Spring is just around the corner and Orcas Island Park and Recreation District has a new lineup of activities including spring soccer, spring running club, naturalist hikes and more. All Island Baseball and Softball start on March 18. Find sign up information at T-ball starts April 22. There are also adult activ-

Page 5

est activities, sign up for the online newsletter at www. or call Marcia at 376-PARK.

A group of co-op members on Lopez Island, organized as the Lopez Chapter of Citizens for Safe Technology, recently submitted a petition asking for a change to the OPALCO bylaws related to the construction of wireless facilities. The number of signatures was adequate to meet the bylaw requirements for member initiated amendments (Article XIV, Section 2), however, the proposed language of the bylaw change was ruled impermissible by OPALCO’s legal counsel on the basis that is was in conflict with OPALCO’s articles of incorporation. The letter sent to Citizens for Safe Technology is available to view at http:// This letter is a legal response because, as a cooperative formed and organized under Washington state law, we are sometimes compelled to respond formally and for the record. However, on a higher level, I want to make it clear that the member concerns being raised are taken seriously and will factor into the decision about whether or not it makes sense for OPALCO to move forward with the broadband initiative. We hear loud and clear that some members are concerned

about the use of wireless technology. We will be talking with members and seeking solutions when we get to the stage of finalizing system design. We have begun a member engagement effort, meeting with community groups and organizing opportunities for member dialogue and input into the process. Please let us know if you have a group we can meet with. We have also made the findings of our extensive study available online at www. and are compiling resources and Q&A for member consideration on our website. A group of co-op members has created an online forum to discuss the project at This project will move forward only if there is substantial support (more than half of the membership) from the community. It’s a complicated and multi-faceted initiative and we know that people have a lot of questions. Please stay tuned; we will be publicizing opportunities to ask questions and give feedback on the project on multiple islands. Check the website (www. often for updates, and contact us at if you have a specific issues or question you’d like us to consider.

Nominate a neighbor for a ‘Good Steward’ award Do you have a friend or neighbor that you’ve noticed takes exceptional care of their land? Help the Stewardship Network of the San Juans recognize individuals, students, teachers and businesses that have made a significant impact on the conservation, preservation, and protection of the San Juan Archipelago. Submit a nomination by March 25.

Previous years’ winners, nomination forms and award guidelines can be viewed on the Stewardship Network website at http:// w w w. s t e w a r d s h i p s a n Awards will be announced in the media the

week of April 8 and at the Earth Day Celebration on Lopez Island on Saturday, April 20. Call 378-2461 or or email for more info.

Jean Henigson’s ballet, creative, modern and folk classes for toddlers through adults


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To the Editor:


The great divide

Love is in the air t’s one of society’s oldest traditions: joining two lives as one. The ideal of “happily ever after” is a prominent thread in the fabric of human culture. The legal and emotional significance of marriage is still hotly debated, as some states, like Washington, have passed laws that allow same-sex marriage. We hope straight and gay couples choose the San Juans as their wedding destination this year. We have a bounty of services and offer a majestic background unlike any other venue. See our special pull-out section in this edition. And check out the wedding shows on Orcas and San Juan this month. As the reason for marriage has evolved over the centuries, one motivation has endured: love. Seeking and finding love is one of our greatest desires in life and marriage is the culmination of that journey. Even if you are a twice-divorced skeptic, it’s still moving to watch a flower girl throw petals on freshly mown grass or witness that first, tearful kiss between the newly betrothed. The union of marriage represents hope and faith and loyalty. Renowned couple therapists Julie and John Gottman say that humans are a species that benefit from long-term monogamous partnerships. “When relationships work well, studies have shown that they are a resource for health, speedier recovery from illness, longer life spans, greater wealth and improved well-being of children,” said Julie Gottman. But we aren’t the only ones. Other species that mirror our long-term relationships are gibbons monkeys, swans, wolves, bald eagles and turtle doves. It’s just about time for the launch of “wedding season.” We hope you enjoy our special section and appreciate the beauty of love taking flight.

Public meetings ThuRs., MaRch 7 • Sustainable Orcas Island, 5:30 to 7 p.m., library. • Orcas Fire town hall meeting, 6:30 p.m., Eastsound station, discussion of marine operations group.

TuEs., MaRch 12

• Orcas Library Board, 8

a.m. in the library meeting room. • Eastsound Sewer and Water District, end of Cessna Lane, 4:30 p.m. • Orcas Fire District Commissioners, 7:30 p.m., Eastsound Fire Hall.


Precip in February: 1.91” Precip in 2013: 5.99” Reported by John Willis, Olga

TEMPERaTuREs, RaINFaLL LOPEZ  High Low Precip Feb. 25 49 41 .15 Feb. 26 47 38 — Feb. 27 49 37 — Feb. 28 51 40 .34 March 1 57 49 .30 March 2 54 42 .19 March 3 49 32 —

  March 6 March 7 March 8 March 9 March 10 March 11 March 12

Sounder The ISlandS’

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The polarization of opinion here has reached a fever pitch which is threatening the future of the San Juan Islands. There are environment concerns that are bitterly opposed by property right advocate. This division exists nationally. On the national scene this division in reflected by short term interests of corporations looking at immediate concerns with next quarter’s profits as opposed to long term sustainable growth. Thanks to the Citizen’s United Supreme Court 5-4 ruling money is speech and a few corporate interests such as the Koch brothers Freedom Foundation can drown out the voices of most Americans. What is worse they can use the threat of lawsuits to intimidate such as the Common Sense Alliance lawsuits against council members who for voted for charter reform. The majority of voters wanted charter reform but by filing lawsuits and running up legal costs, the minority anti- environmental forces here are seeking to overcome the votes of the pro-environmental majority by threats. We have to let them know we will not be intimidated and will defend the fragile and beautiful environment of the San Juan Islands. What is next, lawsuits against individuals who express their views in the local newspaper? Rick Steinhardt Deer Harbor

Response to Newtown Thirty-six Orcas Islanders recently spent a total of 15 hours spread over a week’s time in an effort “to reach a consensus on what changes to local practices and attitudes we can make in order to lower the risk of the tragedy at Newtown, Conn. occurring on Orcas Island; and to draft a statement of that consensus to be published and shared with the Orcas community.” This final edit of this statement of consensus entitled, “Strengthening Community on Orcas Island,” and a list of participants can be read in full at:

Publisher/Editor Colleen Smith Armstrong StaffReporter Cali Bagby CountyReporter Scott Rasmussen AdvertisingSales Colleen Armstrong

Circulation/ Gail Anderson-Toombs administrative gandersontoombs coordinator marketing Artist Scott Herning Kathryn Sherman Legals/OfficeStaff


strengthcomm.html. My suggestion is to read it as a description of the common ground found by a diverse group of people who sought a means to address a complex local issue. Using laptops with text projected on a large viewing screen, the statement was drafted by, agreed upon, and accepted by the group in real time during the fourth and final meeting, with the further agreement that it would be “word-smithed” and final-edited; the raw statement can also be read at: http:// html along with the invitation that this group of people responded to along with the process outline for the event. The event was originally titled, “An Orcas Island Response to the Tragedy at Newtown Connecticut,” a subtitle was later added which stated, “Build Trust First ... reaching consensus is the easy part.” Left unstated were the challenges which building trust infers. Fred Klein Orcas Island

Temporary space for the Exchange? Don’t know about you, but I feel separation pangs when the Exchange comes to mind. Where can I take left-over items from the Fidelis Flea Market? Surely someone would like my toosmall sweaters, and this extra mixing bowl; I’d like to pick up some seed trays for my spring planting, and a handle for my garden rake; and a replacement for the coffee pot I broke. I’m making a list for later, when the Exchange gets up and running again. By the way, Mailing/StreetAddress P.O. Box 758, 217 Main Street, Eastsound, WA 98245 Office (360) 376-4500 Classifieds  (800) 388-2527 Fax (360) 376-4501 Copyright © 2012 by Sound Publishing, Inc.

you know you can help by donating to the Exchange Phoenix Fund through Orcas Island Community Fund, But how about a substitute location in the meantime (how long will that “meantime” be?) Odd Fellows Hall is available, but things would have to be brought, and then removed each time. How about a large storage unit or two? Or the former Radio Shack on North Beach Rd? Or another available “for rent” space? Who is willing to organize this temporary space? Help! Margot Shaw West Sound

Discuss broadband I wanted to take this opportunity to let you all know a bit more about the San Juan County Broadband Forum that was just launched a few days ago. This forum is a result of the cumulative effort of five community members from Orcas and San Juan. Our goal is to provide a nonbiased platform to discuss broadband technologies in general, and to also provide a platform for the community to weigh in on the OPALCO plan. It is our desire to make this site the “go to” place to learn about broadband technologies in use around the world and specifically how that relates to our island communities. We have also licensed a customized speed test app that the San Juan Broadband community can use to test their broadband service and those results will then be plotted out on a map of the islands. This map will be avail-


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Wednesday, March 6, 2013 • The Islands’ Sounder


Guest column


Fire chief report stepped up to help OIFR We assisted an ill adult fill a key position until such female who required trans- time as we are able to conport to St. Joseph’s Hospital duct an examination proin Bellingham on Jan. 30. cess. We celebrated our annual Due to weather conditions, awards banquet at Camp there was no aeromedical transport available. OIFR Orkila to recognize and was able to secure marine show appreciation for all transport to the Bellingham member of OIFR. The folarea via a U.S. Customs and lowing are the award recipients for 2012: Border Patrol vessel. Healthy Responder: On Feb. 5, we assisted an adult female who had been Jessica Haug Service Behind the Scene: involved in a significant motor vehicle accident in Pat Ayers, Dwight Guss, the area of Raccoon Point. and the Auxiliary Team Most Inspirational of the The patient was transferred to Airlift Northwest and Year: Rita Harvey, Kevin O’Brien transported to St. Joseph’s. Above and Beyond: Orcas Island Fire and Rescue Captain Bob Nutt Critical Incident Stress was driving by the Orcas Management Team EMS Provider of the Transfer Station in an OIFR Year: Bob Phalan and Alan tanker truck and noticed Stameisen smoke and flames coming The Golden Hour: from the Exchange complex Gulliver Rankin on Feb. 9. Nutt called for Reliable Responder: Liam additional help and began firefighting operations. Nutt Officer of Forty-five OIFR the Year: Bob members and ten Call numbers Nutt units responded Fire Service to the incident Jan. 8 to Feb. 11 Provider of the that lasted over Year: Cameron 67 EMS, 12 fire five hours. Water Fralick, George for the fire was Year to date Schermerhorn transported by 77 EMS, 15 fire Station of the OIFR tenders Year: Search Year to date refrom a pond one and Rescue sponses increased half mile away D i v i s i on/Lt 32.6 percent from the fire. The Rich Harvey cause of the fire Member/ was accidental. Volunteer of the OIFR hosted a “town hall” meeting on Jan. 9 to Year: Ted McKey Medical Program Director ask the public about possible involvement in a Marine Award: Gulliver Rankin Citizen of the Year: Rick Operations User’s Group. Doty, Long Live the Kings We will be hosting a second meeting on Thursday, Volunteers, Jim and Kathy March 7 at 6:30 p.m. in the Youngren The Heritage Club: Rick Eastsound Fire Hall. Anda, Maxx Jones The Maxx: Rita Harvey Service Award: Lindsay Schirmer, The Chiefs Award: Rick Promotions made for vol- Anda unteer lieutenant: Service Recognition Lieutenant 21, George Five years: Jack Delisle, Schermerhorn Ted McKey Lieutenant 22, Ian 10 years: Chad Kimple, Wareham Paul Turner Lieutenant 24, Alan 15 years: Maria Nutt, Bob Stameisen Phalan, Clyde Duke Lieutenant 27, Ted 20 years: Bob Nutt, Perry McKey Pruett, Mik Preysz Jim Schuh received a 25 years: Val Harris, Rita provisional appointment Harvey to Eastside Captain 23. Jim 30 years: Dave Mowrey by Chief Kevin O’Brien


Page 7

OThER NEWS Staff visited the children at the Funhouse Commons after-school program and gave a presentation on fire safety and taught the kids how to use fire extinguishers. Staff assisted Orcas Island Elementary School in the delivery of a hand-washing program designed to prevent the spread of illness. The program focused on teaching kids the importance and practice of sanitary hand washing. Chief O’Brien, his wife, Orcas Elementary School Counselor Nancy O’Brien, and member James Scheib were part of a community workgroup who met to reach a consensus on what improvements to local practices and attitudes we can make to lower the risk of an event occurring on Orcas Island similar to the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. Members attended a regional pediatric medical conference in Bellingham. Staff met with Orcas Senior Center Director Marla Blevins-Johns to discuss a cooperative effort to assist seniors in need of assistance. Contract negotiations have begun with the firefighter paramedic’s union. OIFR continues training of our 23 new recruits with recent ladder and ventilation drills in Friday Harbor and pump operation training at the Eastsound Fire Hall. Special thanks to Captain Jeff Larsen for his service with OIFR. Due to personal career changes, Larsen has requested to change his employment status from fulltime paramedic/duty officer to per diem (“relief ”) status. On April 27, OIFR will be hosting a memorial service for esteemed, retired Battalion Chief John Cavalli.

$5 pizza @ Enzo’s

able on the website as well. The site URL for our SJC Broadband Forum is: http:// Registration is easy and quick. For Facebook users it is a two-click process, for standard registrations there are four fields to complete and that is it. Registration URL is: php. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me or any of our group at: Thank you! Chris Sutton Orcas Island

Fun with art As I was walking past the new Monkey Puzzle workshop, I noticed that the next class was a polymer clay class with Maria Papademitriou. As I have always wanted to do something creative I signed up, and what fun I had! Maria is an inspirational instructor and I came home feeling like an artist and I had a finished product to prove it.Thanks, Sallie Bell for offering these classes. DD Glaze Orcas Island

Possible solution for school library Years ago, I taught in Manlius NY, where the local public library was within the middle school building. It was open during school to students and the community, and accessible after school hours via an exterior door which kept the school facilities separate. It was well used by all, providing valuable inter-generational use and contact, and dispensing with duplication of staff and volunteers, equipment and materials. It saved money all around, as I recall, and made a lot of people happy with increased space, collection and facilities. When I came here, both the school and the library were in the midst of building. I suggested that perhaps a similar situation might be

ORCAS ISLAND HARDWARE North Beach Rd. Eastsound Mon-Sat 8 - 5:30 Sundays 10 - 4


applicable here. Each went on to build their own edifice – within spitting distance of each other. But it allowed purse strings (and power) to be controlled by their entities. Money has such interesting stories to tell, as does power. Bea vonTobel Orcas Island

Hughes for Council Please vote for Rick Hughes for county council. Rick is very concerned on how we solve problems with fairness, openness in a courteous and respectful manner. He is committed to the very important goal that the public and county employees have a good relationship and work with good communication. I have known Rick since he married his wife, Marlace. Rick has quietly shown an amazing support for our community, and I think that needs to be told. His common sense approach and open communication with county departments will serve the taxpayers well. When all the flags were stolen from the cemetery on Memorial Day several years ago, the veterans were devastated. Rick replaced them all! Rick has contributed heavily to the skateboard park, where the kids have a place to play after school hours. Rick and his wife organize and run the roller skate night, which runs for 26 weeks a year. Rick is the PTSA president. Rick also makes regular donations to the food bank, and he is instrumental bringing local eggs to the food bank. He helps with the Farm to Cafeteria program. He cares for our community and its future and has a positive attitude. He knows how important it is for the small business person to succeed. He is how I would like to see our community thrive together. He has my highest recommendation. Susan Fleischer Orcas Island

Pratt for council

take a public position on candidates for office. But I am making an exception for Lovel Pratt because I have worked with her for many years in a broad variety of venues and never failed to be impressed with her thoroughness, community commitment and willingness to just do the work. From the Home Trust start up, to county management, to broader state issues, Lovel has always been ready to dig in and do the hard work. Due to her willingness and effectiveness, she was nominated by the last county council to be on our state legislative steering committee, engaged not only in county business but in broader state issues that would affect us all. She made the arduous weekly trips to Olympia for several years, not just attending the meetings, but establishing good working relationships in hallways and developing serendipitous contacts that ultimately solved serious county problems, getting things done that others only complained about. I have worked with Lovel most recently on state and local derelict vessel concerns and watched her jump in with both feet to help establish better oil spill response solutions and to influence legislation to get proactive with derelict vessel negligence. In the past two years, most of the county council letters to the state senate, house and officials have been drafted by Lovel. She makes sure that Olympia knows we are here and she makes sure that our issues get addressed. Without Lovel on the council, that role is now largely unfilled. Even among those who don’t always see eye to eye with her on issues, Lovel is respected for putting in the effort and not giving up on difficult cases. We need more than another nice guy on our council in this critical transition…we need someone who does the work. Joanruth Baumann Friday Harbor

It don’t usually write letters to the editor nor do I

RAY’S PHARMACY Templin Center, Eastsound 9:30 am – 6 pm Mon – Sat 10:30 am – 4 pm Sunday (Saturday Pharmacy 10:00 am – 4 pm No Sunday Pharmacy Service)


ISLAND MARKET Eastsound Open Mon-Sat 8 am-9pm Sun 10 am-8pm

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Firearm issues gain House attention by Zoey Palmer

WNPA Olympia News Bureau

Four firearms-related bills are expected to continue moving through the House of Representatives after receiving committee confirmation. Those that made it past the deadline include a controversial backgroundcheck requirement for private gun sales; a database for gun-related crime offenders; requiring those served with restraining orders to surrender their guns and

a waiver for background checks on concealed-pistol license holders and police officers. A proposal that would require private gun-sales to be subject to a background check similar to existing requirements for licensed gun dealers was narrowly passed out of committee. HB 1588, sponsored by Rep. Jamie Pedersen (D-43rd District, Seattle), contains exemptions for some antique or rare firearms and buyers who have

Marine Watch DNA Match J-POD As many of you know, on January 7th a orca whale (Killer Whale) calf was found on Dungeness Spit, off Port Angeles. After completing DNA testing, NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center released there findings just days ago. “Preliminary genetic parentage analysis indicates that J28 is the likely mother of the stranded calf. Both these findings are consistent with field data showing that members of J-pod were the only residents sighted in the area near the time of the stranding. Parentage analysis also identified L41 as the likely father.” Sad news about the stranded newborn but interesting that the technology now exists to determine the breeding pair. L-41 is a 30 something male from L pod that is easily identified by a slit in the trailing edge of his six foot tall dorsal fin. J-28 is Polaris, a female from J pod that is also easily identified by a marking on her dorsal fin. J-28 is approximately 20 years old. She has a four year old calf, J-46, Star. Three pods make up the Southern Resident Killer Whales or SRKW’s, J-Pod, K-Pod, & L-Pod. While K&L will frequent our waters mainly from early May until late September, J-Pod will remain in the Salish Sea for most of the year. Having been spotted around the San Juan Islands, every month, for the last forty years, J-Pod is considered the most resident. Please remember to support your local pods, J,K,&L and dispose of toxins appropriately. PCB’s and other toxins accumulate in the higher trophic level animals. Some attribute this accumulation to higher then normal mortality levels.


a state-issued concealedpistol license. The bill, which is supported by members of several law-enforcement organizations and gun-control advocates, was criticized by gun-rights supporters for restricting gun ownership and inconveniencing lawabiding buyers and sellers. The bill’s next step is the House Rules Committee where, if approved, it would head to the House floor, where there is a Democratic majority. It and other gun-control bills moving through the House are likely to have a difficult journey in the Senate, however, where two Democrats – Sens. Rodney Tom (D-48th

DIstrict, Medina) and Tim Sheldon (D-35th District, Potlatch) – have joined Senate Republicans to form a de facto Republican majority. Those guilty of a gun crime may have to register with an offender database. HB 1612, sponsored by Rep. Mike Hope (R-44th District, Lake Stevens), would create a state registry of gun offenders for use by police. Hope, who is also a Seattle police officer, said the registry would help police be more aware of those likely to commit gun violence. “When somebody commits homicide with a gun, they’ve typically and usually had a prior gun offense,”

he said. The database would not be public and would be managed by the Washington State Patrol. The requirement to register or not would be decided by the judge of each criminal case. Those served with certain restraining, no-contact or protection orders would be required to surrender their guns to law enforcement while the order is in place under HB 1840, sponsored by Rep. Roger Goodman (D-45th District, Kirkland). The bill would make it illegal to possess a gun or concealed-pistol license while under a restraining order and determined by the court to be a threat to a significant other or a child. The court would order the person served to relinquish any guns within five days.

skin FROM 1

tion that causes flaky, white to yellowish scales to form. Its caused be an overproduction of the oil gland and sometimes yeast taking up residence. James said there is a difference between dandruff and dry skin on the scalp. James recommends selenium sulfide shampoos, such as Selsun Blue or antifungal treatments for dandruff. Mayo Clinic staff suggest a diet that provides enough zinc, B vitamins and certain types of fats may help prevent dandruff. According to the famed Dr. Oz Show, apple cider vinegar is one homeopathic

cure for dandruff or dry scalp to avoid harsh chemicals that are found in antidandruff shampoos.Mix a quarter-cup apple cider vinegar with a quarter-cup water. Pour this mixture into a spray bottle and spritz it on to your hair and scalp. Wrap your head in a towel and leave on for anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, then remove the towel and wash your hair. Rubbing tea tree oil into your scalp is also a popular alternative treatment for a dry, itchy scalp. According to the Mayo Clinic, this solution has been used for hundreds of years as an

According to the National Psoriasis Foundation, over the counter topical treatments – medications applied to the skin – are usually the first line of defense in treating this skin condition. Dandruff, also known as seborrhoeic dermatitis, or called cradle crap when found in children, is an inflammatory skin condi-

The firearms would be returned when the order is lifted. A bill also sponsored by Goodman would drop the requirement for a state background check when an active police officer or state concealed-pistol license-holder purchases a handgun from a dealer. In 2011, the Legislature passed a law intended to bring Washington’s concealedpistol license requirements up to federal standards, so it would qualify as a substitute for a federal background check. The law, however, didn’t address state gun transfer laws that required a state background check in addition to a federal one. Goodman says he seeks to address that with this bill, HB 1839.

antiseptic, antibiotic and anti-fungal treatment, and it’s a natural alternative for treating scalp problems. It’s time to seek medical attention when you have tried all the common sense approaches to healing dry skin, said James, as the symptoms could point to another condition.


said they have pamphlets about the issue and would consider having more produced for the ferry and other public venues. Another issue raised at the meeting was mental illness and how it affects people on the island. Distler The Office Cupboard said he would like to delve more into that subject in the next meeting hosted by the Sheriff ’s Department. “We’re planning on having more meetings,” said Distler. “We want to know what we can do to make proudly supports the things better.” inaugural 2012 Shakspeare Festival

221 “A” Street, located in the Post Office Building Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30 am - 6:00 pm and Saturday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm 376-2378

For more information regarding this column please contact Tom or Nate Averna at Deer Harbor Charters.

TOLL FREE 1-800-544-5758 (360) 376-5989 Enjoy an informative narrated cruise through the San Juan Islands in search of Orcas (Killer Whales) and Minke Whales Book Online!

Extension programs are available to all without discrimination. Evidence of noncompliance may be reported through your local extension office.

in the


Published by The Journal of the San Juan Islands, Islands’ Sounder and Islands’ Weekly


Dress code:

Golden rules for welcome guests


he San Juan Islands are known far and wide for a quintessentially laid-back lifestyle and certainly for being casual when it comes to clothing But when it comes to an important event such as a wedding, casual may not fly. Be mindful of the tips below when it’s time to select your outfit. For women, there is one golden rule: never wear a white dress. The bride should be the only person to dress in this color; for someone else to wear it would show very poor manners, as if they were trying to steal the show. Provocative styles, such as very short, tight dresses with plunging necklines, should also be avoided. Dresses made of a silky fabric are classics, and a light woven wool is alright, but avoid knits and worn looking fabrics. Hemlines should never go too high — a dress cut just above the knee is the most appropriate choice. For men, a long-sleeved shirt tucked inside the pants with a belt and a tie is a basic courtesy. Smart pants in a dark color complete the outfit. Wearing a sports jacket or suit jacket will depend on the type of wedding you attend. The important thing is to forgo casual clothing and bright colors, like a flashy Hawaiian


Contributed photo / Robert S. Harrison

Don’t forget that this is the bride and groom’s day, not an occasion to try and stand out from the other guests.

shirt. Don’t forget that this is the bride and groom’s day, not an occasion to try and stand out from the other guests.

Island fare adds flair to your wedding feast


ne big decision that can be hard to move past the discussion stage in wedding planning is what to serve the guests. The meal represents a big portion of a wedding reception budget, so it

make your wedding day a class act

Classic Cab Co. 360-378-7519

©James Krall

Contributed photo / Kevin Meyers

A groom offers up a humorous ‘toast’ at wedding reception and dinner at Roche Harbor Resort.


Friday Harbor House 130 West Street, Friday Harbor, WA 98250 (866) 722-7356 Roche Harbor PO Box 4001, Roche Harbor, WA 98250 (800) 451-8910

is important to be absolutely satisfied with the food and its presentation. In the San Juans, you’ll find a long list of caterers and restaurants to choose from, and the islands are quickly earning a reputation for an abundance of locally produced food and for an assortment of prepared culinary delights. In fact, the Lonely Planet, publisher of more than 500 travel guides, named the San Juan Islands No. 3 in its Top 10 U.S. Destinations for 2013, and gave the islands a new moniker in doing so, “The Gourmet Archipelago”. While seafood is one the San Juans’ Islands’ specialties, of course, the islands are also renowned for locally grown lamb, beef, greens, and wines as well. Being able to see and taste each of the dishes that will be served at your reception is essential. An experienced caterer will be prepared to offer you a tasting, as well as references from prior clients. Think about a menu that includes hors d’oeuvres, an appetizer, a main course, and wedding cake for dessert. A major budget factor is whether your meal will be served buffet style or plated as a sitdown meal. When deciding on the menu it is important to provide choices: one for children, one for vegetarians, as well as a general meal for the majority of the other guests. For the first course, choose seasonal products, such as a salad during the summer or a soup in the fall. For the main course, chicken is always good value because it is cooked the same way for every guest. Beef, on the other hand, needs to be offered at a variety of stages of done-ness. Depending on the timing of your wedding, you might also serve a late night snack that includes small pastries, sushi, candies, and tailor-made special coffees.

San Juan Island Grange 52 First Street North FH WA 98250 PO BOX 2013 FH WA 98250 (360) 378-6632


Isle be Wed c/o 50-F Malcom Street, #320, Friday Harbor, WA 98250 (360) 317-5961


Coho Restaurant 120 Nichols Street, Friday Harbor, WA 98250 (360) 378-6330 Vinny’s Ristorante 165 West Street/PO Box 3335, Friday Harbor, WA 98250 (360) 378-1934


Harbor Rental & Saw Shop 890 Guard St., Friday Harbor, WA 98250 360-378-2220


Cakes by Felicitations 50-F Malcom Street, #320 Friday Harbor, WA 98250 (360) 317-5961


Classic Cab Co. (360) 378-7519


James Krall (360) 378-0949 Kevin Meyers Photography (503) 880-4692 KEVIN@KEVINMEYERS.NET Nancy Treder Photography & The Seattle Wedding Bureau 1403 N. 42nd Street (206) 380-4000


FH Schooners North 1 Front Street (360) 378-2224 info@schoonersnorth


he folks at Roche Harbor Resort know a thing or two about weddings. After hosting nuptials by the dozens year-in and year-out, you might say that by now it’s woven into their DNA. And while the picturesque seaside village, with its historic hotel, inspiring array of flower gardens and bustling sun-splashed marina, isn’t the only sought-after spot for a couple to wed in the San Juans, it remains one of the most popular on San Juan Island. It also carries high praise from a legion of newlyweds. In fact, in 2012 Roche Harbor was rated as one of Washington state’s top wedding destinations by, a leading wedding industry website, for the second year in a row. That distinction is based on the feedback of brides who have been there and by newlywed reviews as well. “It’s the second year in a row for us and we think that speaks to our consistency, and that we’re not just a flash in the pan,” said Roche Harbor Lodging and Events Director Sam Jacobson. While Roche Harbor resort is in high demand, Jacobson believes the San Juan Islands are an ideal wedding destination, collectively. The reasons are many.

Contributed photo / Courtesy of Redstone Pictures

Newlylweds take timeout for a kiss during a wedding along the waterfront at Roche Harbor Resort.

“I think people who grow up in Washington want to show off their state

and that the San Juans, with the ferries and the water and the natural beauty, are one of

those quintessential scenic locations in the state,” he said. “And the proximity to Seattle is really helpful when you’re planning a wedding where a lot of your guests may be coming from somewhere out of state.” And there’s more. Like the weather. Situated in the combined rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains and Vancouver Island, the islands receive about one-third of the average amount of rainfall that Seattle, about 65 miles south as the seaplane flies, typically does in any given year. Still, temperatures are generally milder than on the mainland, and most definitely milder than those east of the Cascades, because of the moderating effect from that vast amount of marine water that ebbs and flows across the archipelago. And when it comes to practical matters, the San Juans are well-stocked in that department as well. Three of the four ferryserved islands, Shaw being the exception, are flush with seasoned professionals – caterers, photographers, musicians, event planners, florists – who make it their business to make certain the business end of every soon-to-be-newlyweds’ very special day is remarkable, memorable and complete. — Scott Rasmussen

Goin’ to the chapel? Don’t forget that license to wed

Contributed photo

Newlyweds Amanda and Nathan strike a triumph pose on Friday Harbor’s Spring Street.


aking wedding plans can be an all-consuming task. But don’t forget about that all-important license to wed. In the San Juans, the San Juan County Auditor’s office is the place to go for a marriage license. The folks there are wellschooled in the wedding arena. In fact, 2012 was a banner year at the auditor’s

office, which issued a total of 150 marriage licenses that year. That’s an increase of 15 percent over the 130 applications processed the year before. Holy matrimony! Obtaining a marriage license is a fairly quick and straightforward affair, but there are several documents you’ll want to bring along when you submit your application, and a couple of dates and deadlines to keep in mind. Here’s how it works: The cost is $60, the price of which includes a single copy of a marriage certificate. Additional copies can be purchased for $3. Applications can be obtained in person at the auditor’s office, located at the county courthouse in Friday Harbor, or ordered by phone, 360-378-2161, or by email or “snail mail” (see below), or online, www. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older, and present identification with their picture and date of birth. By law, Washington state has a 3-day waiting period after a license is issued, so applications must be made at least three days prior to a wedding ceremony.

Celebrate all your special occasions with a cake from Cakes by Felicitations 317-5961 • 50 Malcom St #320, Friday Harbor

A license is valid for 60 days from the date it’s issued. (Additional rules apply for anyone 17 or younger; visit the auditor’s homepage, default.aspx, and click on the “licensing” tab for more about these requirements).

Contact info for San Juan County Auditor:

Phone: 360-378-2161 Email: Mail: SJC Auditor, P.O. Box 638, F.H., WA 98250; Online:

Coho Caters


Full Event Catering & Planning On & Off Premise • Full Bar Turnkey Service for 2 to 200 Guests Lodging Available at our Friday Harbor Inns

Fresh From the Island Fare


Pacific Northwest Cuisine with a Mediterranean Flair 120 Nichols St •

San Juan Islands’ Wedding Show 1 Show, 2 Islands, 3 Venues

San Juan Island Yacht Club - Friday Harbor Outlook Inn, 171 Main St., Eastsound Orcas Hotel, 18 Orcas Hill Rd., Eastsound (at the ferry landing)

March 9th • 10am - 4pm For more info call 317-5961 or visit


hat do you do with a one-of-a-kind type of show following its successful debut? Naturally, you head out on the road. That’s precisely what the folks heading up the San Juans one-and-only wedding show, Isle Be Wed, have in store. A year ago, a long list of San Juan Island-based weddingrelated vendors joined forces to launch the inaugural Isle Be Wed, celebrating island wedding fare available to brides and grooms throughout the islands, and beyond. This year, the show will take place at three different locations, simultaneously, on Orcas and San Juan islands. Isle Be Wed Coordinator Felicity Milne, of Cakes by Felicitations, is delighted by both the interest in the show and how it’s expanding. “Because of the overwhelming growth of destination weddings in the San Juan Islands we literally ran out of room,” she said. Mark Saturday, March 9, on your calendar. Isle Be Wed will run from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the following venues: San Juan Island Yacht Club, in Friday Harbor, 273 Front Street (378-3434); the Orcas Hotel, in Orcas Village, 8 Orcas Hill Road (376-4300); the Outlook Inn, in Eastsound, Orcas, 171 Main Street (376-2200). The show offers a forum wherein brides, grooms, planners, family and close friends can meet and interact with nearly 40 different vendors covering everything that a couple would need to make their destination wedding a dream come true, Milne says. This year’s assembly of vendors includes a long list of local caterers, photographers, musicians, lodging establishments, wedding venues, transportation providers, equipment rental companies and more. Individual vendors are listed below. For more info, visit Isle Be Wed’s Facebook page at,, or,, or at Vendors: Lodging: The Island Inn at 123 West, Wanderlust Hospitality, Lakedale Resort, Friday Harbor House, Longhouse B&B, West Beach Resort, Orcas Island Lodgings, Orcas Hotel and Outlook Inn

Power To Go.

$ 999.00

- Super quiet - 53 to 59 db(A) - Lightweight (less than 47 lbs.) - Eco-Throttle - Runs up to 15 Hr on 1 Gals of Fuel - Power to computers and other sensitive equipment - Power for microwave, refrigerators, hair dryer, and small AC units

Contributed photo / Kevin Meyers

Newlyweds Evan and Mandy celebrate their marriage with a kiss and, to underscore the occasion, with a banner of their very own.

Venues: Pelindaba Lavender Farm, San Juan Vineyards, San Juan Island Yacht Club and Red Rabbit Farm Photography: Tim Dustrude Photography, Satya Curcio Photography, Steve Horn Photography, Weddings San Juan Video Catering: Cask and Schooner Restaurant, Happy Place Sushi, Deb Nolan Custom Catering, Deer Harbor Inn, Vinny’s Ristorante

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San Juan: An ‘Isle’ of endless entertainment

There’s good reason why thousands of visitors make their way to San Juan Island every year. Natural beauty aside, the island is a veritable wonderland of outdoor activity, along with its small town charm, and home to a whale-watching fleet, top-notch golf course, numerous parks, myriad hiking trails, a zip-line, scores of fabulous restaurants and art galleries, and much, much more. So, your wedding guests will have plenty options for entertainment to chose from. Below are a few favorites. — Rent a kayak or bring your own for a self-paddled cruise out of Friday Harbor to Turn Island, or out of Roche Harbor to English Camp or Mitchell Bay. All are easy to get to and fun to explore, especially at low tide. If you want to take up a whole morning or afternoon, you can check out any number of places nearby. — Go swimming. There’s water everywhere, including a number of freshwater lakes. A shorty wetsuit will make it comfortable, and fins and a mask will make it adventurous. — Go fishing or cruising. Small boat rentals and fishing guides are available in Friday Harbor. Friday Harbor Marine has a variety of boats for fishing or just sightseeing.

— In summer, spring or fall, go whale watching out of either Friday Harbor or Roche Harbor. Or make your way to Lime Kiln Park: the whales come in close at this picturesque spot on the west side. Whales also come by South Beach, near American Camp (also a good place to visit). — Go hiking or biking. Lots of open space and lots of good biking roads. Mount Finlayson offers some great hikes, and there are others. The Afterglow Drive Mausoleum at Roche Harbor is a nice, cool hike with a broken column colonnade and stone chairs for meditating. — Check out the Island Museum of Art and the half-dozen art galleries in Friday Harbor. Plus, the sculpture garden at the entrance to Roche Harbor is exceptional - and it’s close to the Afterglow Drive mausoleum. — Walk the docks in Friday Harbor. Lots of boats, including some big boats in summer, at the Port of Friday Harbor docks. That’s enough to keep you (and your kids) busy for a week. And there’s more: go to — Steve Wehrly


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Harbor Rental & Saw Shop 890 Guard St Friday Harbor, WA 98250 360-378-2220 * See your participating dealer for details. Read the owner’s manual before operating Honda Power Equipment. Not all dealers carry all products. Consult your local Yellow Pages.

The Journal of the San Juans 640 Mullis St., Friday Harbor, WA 98250. P: 360-378-5696, F: 360-378-5128 - The Islands’ Sounder 217 Main Street, Eastsound, WA 98245. P: 360-376-4500, F: 360-376-4501 - The Islands’ Weekly 217 Main Street, Eastsound, WA 98245. P: 360-468-4242, F: 360-376-4501


he photographer snaps a picture of you in a flowing white dress and your beloved in a black tux. Behind you still blue waters and gentle peaks from surrounding islands gleam in the sunlight. It’s just one possible stunning image you can add to your scrapbook if you choose to have a wedding on Orcas Island. The “Emerald Isle,” as locals call it, offers a wide expanse of pastoral beauty, pebbly shorelines and bucolic farmland. The island’s 56.9 square miles are dotted with small hamlets offering world-class restaurants, boutique shopping and a wealth of activity tours. Scattered among the forests and along the pristine shores are a variety of quaint and lovely bed and breakfasts and hotels. Your guests might enjoy browsing the artisan pottery, jewelry or art at the island’s many galleries. Family and friends visiting for a wedding weekend can also take some free time to explore the many beaches and trails on this small, but lively island. Professional Orcas Island wedding planners are at your service to guide you as you select a venue; experienced wedding photographers; talented local musicians; wedding officiant; or salons offering personalized hair, skin and makeup services. Activities for guests Right off of the boat, the Orcas ferry landing hosts a gourmet grocery and deli,

New bride and groom sharing a special moment near Odd Fellows Hall, Orcas. Contributed photo / Robert S. Harrison

post office, a few small shops, a public dock, boat rentals, whale watching, water taxi, car and moped rentals, and a taxi service. To the east lies a woodsy residential area along Killebrew Lake Road; to the northwest, Orcas Road winds through grassy meadows toward the island’s center, Eastsound. Eastsound is home to an array of charming shops, restaurants and specialty shops. You’ll find a public library, a historical museum, grocery stores, a pharmacy, restaurants and more. Along its north and south shorelines are three public parks, and Buck Park with skate park, playground and soccer fields. Orcas Center hosts a lively variety of musical, theatre and artistic offerings throughout each season. On the southwestern prong of Orcas

Island, West Sound features a cafe, a public dock and a marina, while sunny Deer Harbor offers lodging, a restaurant, and two marinas where kayak, boat and whale watching tours embark. Southeast of Eastsound, Olga Road leads to 5,200-acre Moran State Park. Drive. Hike or cycle to the top of 2,400-foot Mount Constitution, where you can take in breathtaking 360-degree views of the outlying islands and, on clear days, the Cascade Mountain range. Trails provide easy walks or rigorous, hilly climbs that intersect and add on with one another. You can spend all day exploring the island’s treasured state

park. Afterward, you might enjoy picnicking at Cascade Lake’s popular sun-warmed swimming area, with a playground, barbecues and picnic tables - fun for the whole family. Beyond the park lies Olga, with its eclectic art co-op and restaurant; past it you’ll find secluded Obstruction Pass State Park, with hike-in campgrounds along a lovely pebbled beach. Point Lawrence Road leads to the hamlet of Doe Bay, with a great view of gentle waters, a historic resort complete with a delicious restaurant, a sundries shop and hot tubs. Wherever you go on this island whether you are tying the knot or visiting as a guest you will find beauty, tranquility and a sense of escape from the busy world. — Cali Bagby


West Beach Resort 190 Waterfront Way, Eastsound, WA 98245 (360) 376-2240, (877) 937-8224


Orcas Island Chamber of Commerce (360) 376-2273


Cali Bagby


Deer Harbor Inn Restaurant PO Box 151, Deer Harbor, WA 98243 (360) 376-1040

Creating beautiful floral arrangements for hundreds of happy couples is our business. Local, fresh Orcas Island flowers. Visit our website wedding album. Contact us for a free estimate.


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Peace & Plenty Flower Farm (360) 376-5208

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A few hints on how to get past writer’s block


t your wedding ceremony, “I do” are not the only words you’ll have to say. Not to put any pressure on you, but your vows are the reason for your union and should be chosen and spoken with care. If you have opted for a religious ceremony, many priests or pastors will provide you with traditional vows. If that is the case, you won’t have to think too hard. On the other hand, if you have decided on a more unconventional route, writing

your own vows is a wonderfully romantic idea. But what if you can’t quite get your thoughts and feelings down on the page? What if you find yourself stuck in front of a blank page for hours on end? Here are a few suggestions for expressing your love without sounding overly sentimental. Start by asking yourself the right questions. How did you fall in love with your future spouse? What does commitment mean to you? And marriage? Your answers are the best material to use, as they come straight from your heart. Keep your vows simple and concise so they will be memo-

rable and interesting. There is nothing wrong with drawing inspiration from a favorite poet or a line from a movie. Most of all, you don’t want your guests’ eyelids getting heavy, so a good rule to follow is to make the vows about the same length as traditional vows, which are between 30 to 40 seconds long when spoken. You won’t make a mistake if you are speaking from the heart. Once you have your vows down on paper, practice them until you have them memorized perfectly. It wouldn’t hurt to have a copy tucked into your sleeve, just in case your nerves play with your memory.

West Beach Resort

Waterfront site facing due west. Amazing sunsets! Available year round. Beachfront cottages for your guests!

360-376-2240 or 877-937-8224 190 Waterfront Way, Eastsound, WA 98245

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Orcas Island: A place like ‘home’


By Amelia Palmer

y husband and I grew up in the Puget Sound area but had recently moved to Eastern Washington when we got engaged. We knew we wanted to get married somewhere that would feel like “home” to us but that would also be a fun destination for our guests. We hoped the weekend would be an experience that everyone would remember. Orcas was the first place we traveled as a couple and it was an easy location for our families and guests to travel to, so it quickly became our first choice. There were tons of lodging options for couples as well as large groups or families and the local vendors made planning a wedding from six hours away extremely easy. Our guests made the most of Orcas as well. Because we had an early evening ceremony, they had time to kayak, swim, hike, shop, and explore before heading out to the main festivities. The weekend was a success and we aren’t the only ones planning a return trip!


Contibuted photo / Oona Copperhill

Amelia and Blair Palmer on the day of their wedding.

s you peruse the silver-covered magazines, it may seem hard to believe in the possibility of a simple but inspired wedding. But with a few ideas, a bit of initiative, and the cooperation of family and friends, you can arrange an inexpensive wedding that will delight bride, groom, and guests. If you don’t have a big budget, plan on taking advantage of the abilities of those around you. Your best friend’s boyfriend is a photographer? You have a cousin who’s a florist or an auntie who has an immense flower garden? Invite them to contribute their expertise and resources as a wedding gift. Use a computer to design and print your own invitations. Be aware that winter weddings are generally less

expensive, with the prices of reception halls often dropping by 20 to 40 percent between November and March. Church ladies’ committees are often in the business of catering, and church halls are sometimes available for wedding parties. If you opt for that, make sure you know their policies regarding music and dancing! If it’s okay with the manager of the space you’re renting, consider recruiting extended family to cater the meal by contributing two or three dishes each; the approach is close in spirit to a potluck but with all the class of a catered buffet table. This, too, would make a valued wedding gift alternative. All you need is a bit of imagination and willing friends to make your wedding the special occasion it ought to be.


ith rolling offers beautifully landgreen hills, scaped winery gardens many splenfor an intimate outdoor did beaches and waters wedding location; Lopez gently lapping at pristine Islander Resort is located shores, Lopez Island’s on charming Fisherman backdrop is an ideal setBay and includes waterting to start the first day front hotel rooms and of life-long vows. restaurant; The Galley The island, known truly offers a familyas the “Friendly Isle” is friendly environment a peaceful place, but is on Fisherman Bay; the also a top destination for Edenwild Inn with previsitors to the San Juans. mium accommodations Don’t be surprised if felnestled in the heart of low motorists wave to Lopez Village. There are you and your guests - it’s also several quaint and Contributed photo / Robert S. Harrison the island way. Lopez is beautiful churches for Lopez offers unique and picturesque locations to make your wedding memories last a also the closest of the lifetime. tying the knot includferry-served islands to ing Center Church and Anacortes, making it a Grace Episcopal Church. quick and convenient trip for bride and groom and all their friends Activities for guests: What makes Lopez such a romantic setting and family. Plus visitors will get the thrill of surveying the view of is its vast expanses of spectacular beaches, vistas and stunning other islands in the San Juan archipelago as they cruise on to Lopez wildlife. It’s common to see great blue herons and osprey fly into via the ferry. the distance behind you. Take a trip to Odlin County Park and Although Lopez Island’s population is small, around 2,400 peo- Spencer Spit State Park and your wedding guests may also catch ple, it has a wide variety of music concerts, community-inspired a bald eagle soaring overhead or spy a killer whale sighting in events, art shows and cultural events. You’ll find talented wedding the waters below. The Lopez Village, which has a grocery stores, and creative photographers and an eclectic group of musicians to two coffee shops, several boutiques, restaurants, a bookstore, add a unique touch to your special ceremony. Most of the island’s and a bakery, provides the essentials and any last minute items businesses are located in Lopez Village. On Saturday mornings in for your time on the island. If your guests are in need a place to the summer, you’ll find shoppers perusing fresh vegetables at the stay there are plenty of accommodations on the island including Farmers Market, and children playing in Lopez Village Park. a motel, bed and breakfasts, vacation home rentals and three Wedding venues: The island offers a selection of potential cer- campgrounds. emony venues like the Lopez Center for Community and the Arts A wedding on Lopez not only gives you breathtaking scenery, with its wood floors, large windows and outdoor performance but a place to take a deep breath and simply revel in the rustic pavilion; Woodmen Hall offers a one-of-a-kind venue, recently charm and friendly people of the island. renovated to reflect its historical character; Lopez Island Vineyards — Cali Bagby


Woodmen Hall (360) 468-3537 (360) 468-2421 Lopez Island Vineyards & Winery 724 Fisherman Bay Road, Lopez Island WA 98261 (360) 468.3644 winery; (360) 468.4888 tasting room


Lopez Island Catering Chef Peter Neal (360) 468-3949 Vita’s Wildly Delicious (360) 468-4268


Susie Teague, Minister of Walking Prayer (360) 468-0550


Robert S. Harrison Photography

Finding the perfect photographer...


he natural beauty of the San Juans Islands has long served as an inspiration for photographers of all stripes: professional, amateur, novice and now, for just about anyone carrying a cell-phone. But when it comes to a wedding, it’s the skilled, polished professional you’ll want to seek out and trust to capture the mood and the moments, and to help create the memories of that special day. You’ll find many to chose from in the San Juans. It’s a crucial choice indeed, as the photograph album is always a precious souvenir. Looking for a photographer is a little like finding your future partner; you need to discover that rare pearl, the one just right for your style and your personality. It is vital, therefore, to organize a first, informal meeting where general questions can be discussed regarding the photographer’s methods and how he or she intends to recreate your special day in Contributed photo pictures. Some offer eccentric, modified or sepia photographs, others An outdoor wedding in August on Waldron Island proved ideal for newlyweds Rachel Sorensen and Galen Boydston. will talk about a photographic wedding story while some will offer to take the photographs when the light is ideal... even when this is not on the day of your wedding! Whatever is suggested, if it captures your interest always ask to see examples of the photographer’s work, although any professional would have taken care I am honored to facilitate and officiate your special custom to bring a portfolio to the meeting. wedding ceremony. Together, you, your partner and I can This promotional tool should be able design the ceremony of your dreams, one with heart and to speak for itself: no fake expressions, meaning for you both. I am calm, flexible, and organized an atmosphere faithfully captured, natuand will help you tend to all of the licensing details after the ral colours. ceremony. Call or email me for more information. It’s always a bad sign if, from the first Susie Teague, Minister of Walking Prayer encounter, the photographer spends a 360-468-0550 lot of time trying to sell you a package deal in an insistent manner. In the end, it would be best in this instance to think about quality rather than economy.

Hey, you lucky people!

(formerly of the South Island bistro)

will be doin’ some cookin’ this season

at Vita’s! Ask us about catering your next event. 360-468-4268


e has finally proposed? Then your top priority is to do a bit of bragging and tell 7. Book your hair, make-up, esthetician, and manicure appointments several weeks everyone the good news! before the wedding. If possible, plan a test run. Once your initial excitement has calmed down a touch, though, you’ll have to 8. Put all your heart into writing down the vows that you would like to make during take time to do some serious thinking. There the marriage ceremony. If you plan to make are so many details to plan, a budget to draw a speech at the reception, be sure to get that up, and deadlines to be met: it can seem overdown in writing as well. whelming. 9. Plan the reception down to the last detail: If you are finding it hard to get some traccreate the atmosphere you like with suitable tion in launching your wedding planning, here music, entertainment, and a décor that matches are nine tips to give you some direction and your personality. (Don’t forget to decorate the help you get moving: bathrooms, a place everyone will see at some 1. Establish your budget per guest. In fact, point!) this is the perfect time to draw up your guest 10. Organize your honeymoon so that you list. can celebrate your new life together. 2. Order your invitations, being careful to And while we’re talking weddings, here are a include your names, the date, time, and place few other tips to keep in mind: of the wedding and reception, as well as the • Avoid giving important jobs to the parents date by which you need to receive replies. of the bride and groom — unless they really Being clear about this will help you save a lot want to be involved that way. Instead, let them of precious time and money. Be sure to include enjoy being with the guests. stamped, addressed envelopes if you can. • If you intend to create a gift list, be sure to 3. The reception hall is often one of the put it on the Internet so that it will be easily biggest expenses, so be sure to reserve one accessible to everyone. as quickly as possible. If you want to keep • If small children will be at the reception, Contributed photo / Robert S. Harrison plan to have a space available where they can expenses down, think about holding the recepWith weddings plan intact and special day at hand, a bride leads a procession with an tion at a family home or in a garden. play and a quiet room where they can sleep. 5. Make up or order wedding favors for your escort of color-coordinated bridesmaids by her side. • Take photographs of your hair and makeguests. These are put with their place setting or up test runs so you can choose the perfect offered at the end of the reception. Let your imagination run wild: you could offer small combination when you’re well rested. Prepare a make-up kit for any touch-up jobs on homemade soaps, candles, local produce in mini format, bath pearls, or small boxes of your big day. candies. It can also be fun to have a “retro” favor, such as a pack of matches with the bride • Leave a guest book at the entrance of the reception hall. It’s a great souvenir to keep, and groom’s names embossed on the matchbook cover. along with your photo album. 6. Give yourself enough time to find a wedding gown that really suits your personal• Leave a disposable camera on every table so that guests can record magical moments ity. It is also possible to rent a dress for the occasion, much as your beloved can buy or during the reception. rent his tuxedo.

I do…

want a ‘green’ wedding


Chef Peter Neal Full Service Catering Weddings Graduations Holiday Events Drop off Catering For Home, Boat or Business (360) 468-3949

he environmental ethos runs deep in the San Juan Islands. And weddings are no exception. Here are a few suggestions for an eco-friendly day. For the bride’s bouquet choose local wild flowers, such as irises, daisies, or lavender. For boutineers and corsages, some leafy greenery will add a touch of originality to your bridal procession and advertise your commitment to being green. You could also replace the traditional table centerpieces with displays of freshly picked apples from a neighboring orchard — perfect if you’re getting married in September. Have your invitations printed on FSCcertified 100% recycled paper. For your thank-you cards, choose stationery made

from paper in which wild flower are embedded; this kind of paper is available in many garden centers. For your ceremony and reception, choose locations that are easily accessible in order to cut down on car engine emissions. Brides who love their mother’s or grandmother’s wedding gowns can have them altered by a seamstress. Buying a beautiful, recycled wedding band in gold or silver is another great way to be green. The rings can be personalized in the same way as traditional rings. Wedding rings that belonged to family members are also a meaningful option — after all, the Duchess of Cambridge was quite happy to accept Princess Diana’s engagement ring.

Be part of the Lopez tradition

Woodmen Hall

The perfect venue for your wedding reception. Beautiful, warm inviting space, all the amenities you need for that special day: stage, new sound and lighting systems, table settings, professional kitchen, all add to the Hall’s charms. Please call Woodmen Hall (360) 468-3092 or Angie, our experienced Events Coordinator (360) 468-4056

Ad sponsored by The Friends of Woodmen Hall and Lopez Senior Advisory Board

Contributed photo / Kevin Meyers

Newlyweds Chris and Jennifer share a quiet moment together along the waterfront.

WEDNESDAY, March 6, 2013

The Islands’ Sounder •

Island Living

Bard is back Cali Bagby/staff photo

Christopher Evans as Puck during last year’s street performances.

Parade, workshops, live performances and more by COLLEEN SMITH ARMSTRONG



literary rock star is descending on Orcas. The work of the Bard will be performed on the streets of Eastsound and the Seattle Shakespeare Company is presenting “Julius Caesar” during the second annual Shakespeare Festival. Sponsored by the Orcas Island Chamber of Commerce, the event is designed to bring visitors to the island during the off-season. This year will feature workshops, dinner with the actors, a parade, appearances from Shakespeare himself and performances in the school. “This helps lodging, restaurants and businesses,” said Chamber Board President Michell Marshall. “People who come here for the festival may come back and tell friends about it.” Board member Susan Gudgell says it’s important to recognize that these kinds of events contribute to a regional image of Orcas Island. Chimayo and Sazio restaurant owner Bill Patterson gave Marshall the initial idea, after connecting her with the Seattle Shakespeare Company. “It is something that benefits the entire community in the long-run,” he said. “We had an uptick in business, but that’s not the point. It was well received, people participated, the shows were sold out. Michell is the perfect person to run this. We are looking forward to year two.” Actress and life-long Shakespeare aficionado Jane Alden is once again at the creative helm. She

feels strongly about the community connection to the event. “It’s an opportunity for people to come out onto the streets, after being inside all winter, and play with others,” Alden said. “There is such a camaraderie and spirit among the performers … a great thing this year is that kids who grew up here are returning to direct and act during the festival. It’s community-affirming.” Sponsors of the event are Cherie Lindholm Real Estate, Jonathan White, Kenmore Air, Gudgell Properties, Lower Tavern, Office Cupboard, Orcas Lodging Association, Islanders Bank, Island Market, Orcas Net, Sazio di Notte and Turtleback Farm Inn. The chamber is looking for more sponsors to help pay for the event.

Thursday, March 21 Sazio di Notte is hosting a fundraising dinner with the Seattle Shakespeare Company actors from 6 to 9:30 p.m. The cost is $125 per person and includes wine. Contact the chamber at 3762273, Sazio at 376-6394 or the Office Cupboard at 376-2378 for reservations.

Friday, March 22 Casey Brown of the Seattle Shakespeare Company will teach a one-hour adult actors combat class at 4 p.m. in the Victorian Room at The Outlook Inn. The cost is $30 per person. All proceeds will go towards the festival. Earlier in the day, Orcas High School students

will be treated to a performance of “Julius Caesar” and a combat class.

Saturday, March 23 The festival will kick off at 11 a.m. with a parade through Eastsound. Community members are highly encouraged to participate; sign up at the chamber office. Shakespeare (played by Paul Freedman) will be bopping around town in a horse-drawn cart with his entourage until 4 p.m. First he will go the Village Green stage, where he will be presented with a key to city, made by Deborah Sparks, while the Orcas School band performs. Shakespeare will then journey to the Orcas Library to chat with kids and then over to Darvill’s, where he will sign any book in the store that is related to Shakespeare. Town criers, fairies, actors and jugglers will be mingling in town as well. Businesses are encouraged to participate with decorations and special promotions. In addition, there will be performances on the stage throughout the afternoon, including silks dancing and vignettes from plays. Watch for a full schedule in an upcoming edition of the Sounder. Alden is also renaming all of the streets in Eastsound after Shakespeare plays. A flyer with a schedule of events as well as a map of the “new” town will be available soon. The festival will culminate with the Seattle Shakespeare Company’s performance of “Julius Caesar” at Orcas Center, 8 p.m. Tickets are $15. A wine reception will be held at 7 p.m. in the lobby.

PG. 9

Page 10


News briefs Boating safety The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary is hosting a oneday, certificate class entitled “About Boating Safely” on Saturday, March 30 from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the Orcas Landing Conference Room. Pre-registration is

required: (360) 298-0248, or email tribolet@orcasonline. com. The cost is $25. For more info visit www.bliaux. com.

Native Plant Sale The Native Plant Sale order deadline has been

ChurCh serviCes Christian sCienCe

10:00 a.m. Sunday 7:00 p.m. Testimony Meeting First Wed. of the month Orcas Elementary School Library 376-5873

extended until March 28. Order now to take advantage of price discounts through the sale sponsored by WSU Master Gardeners and the San Juan Islands Conservation District. To see the plants and print out an order form go to sanjuan. Pick up is at the Orcas Grange on April 6.

Marine science lecture The SeaDoc Society and YMCA Camp Orkila present “Fishes of the Salish Sea: More Than you Ever Wanted to Know,” a lecture and book signing by Dr. Milton Love, Marine Science Institute UCSB at Tuesday, March 12 at 7 p.m., Emmanuel Parish Hall. The irreverent Dr. Milton Love will grace Orcas Island with an in-depth look at some of the fascinating fishes of the Salish Sea.

Community ChurCh

Friends for the Journey For 129 years We’re here for children (AWANA), teens (Crossroads & The Gathering) men, women (Morning Break), couples, singles, retired, musicians, artists, vagabonds, don’t belongs, seekers, believers, religion haters & everybody in between. Something going on every day of the week & Sunday Worship @ 10AM (With Nursery & Kids SS) For Info: Or call Pastors Dick Staub, Grant Myles-Era, or Scott Harris @ 6422

emmanuel episCopal

Parish of Orcas Island Eastsound (by the water) • 376-2352 Bishop Craig B. Anderson, Rector Baptisms & Weddings SUNDAYS: Holy Eucharist 1st Sunday in month - 10:00 am Other Sundays - 8:00 & 10 am Church School & Nursery THURSDAYS: 12 noon Rector’s Forum & Holy Eucharist

lutheran ChurCh in the san Juans

Sunday 9:15 am St. David’s Chuch 760 Park St., Friday Harbor Sunday 11:00 am Center Chuch 312 Davis Bay Rd., Lopez Island Pastor Anne Hall Sunday 1:15 pm Emmanuel Chuch 242 Main St., Eastsound 468-3025 •

orCas island unitarian universalist Fellowship

2nd & 4th Sundays at 11:00 am West Sound Community Hall All are welcome! •

st. FranCis CatholiC ChurCh Orcas - St Francis Church in Eastsound Mass 1:00 pm Sundays Lopez - Center Chuch Mass 4:30 pm Saturdays

Professsional Design Services 206.343.9907

Benefit concert If you missed the Orcas Has Talent show, now is your chance for a reprieve. Many of the talented performers from that show are donating their talents to help with a project in an impoverished neighborhood in LA. The concert is on Saturday, March 16 at 7:30 p.m. at the Community Church.

Grange Revival A Grange Revival will be held on Saturday, March 9 from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Orcas Island Grange. Enjoy live music and a potluck and membership drive. Carpooling and bringing your own table service is encouraged.

Orcas community council to meet The Orcas Community


Council will meet on March 10 at Heartwood at 70 Langell Lane from 4 to 6 p.m. There will be a community potluck supper. Hosts Gretchen Krampf and Paul King will provide soups and beverages. OCC is a place for community members to share what is on their hearts and minds. Visit or call 317-8220 for information.

SJ Agricultural Summit The San Juan Islands Agricultural Summit is on Saturday, March 16. Join farmers and farm advocates from throughout the San Juan Islands for a weekend of inspiration and education. The summit features internationally renowned mycologist Paul Stamets, workshops on a variety of topics, roundtables, and more. See the

schedule: files/2013/01/Ag-SummitSchedule3.pdf.

Who bombed Judi Bari? On Friday, March 8 there will be a film screening of “Who Bombed Judi Bari?” in the Port Stanley Schoolhouse on Lopez, 7:30 p.m. on International Women’s Day, March 8. The event is sponsored by The film will be followed by a Q&A with producer and car bomb victim Darryl Cherney and Earth First cofounder Mike Roselle.

Harris-Moore exhibit cancelled The Orcas Island Historical Museum has cancelled the May 18 Colton Harris-Moore display “due to the sensitive nature and concerns for our community,” say organizers.

Gottmans’ lecture to explore ‘making love last’ Orcas Crossroads lecture series will host Drs. Julie Gottman and John Gottman, who will present “Making Love Last” on Sunday, March 10 at 2 p.m. at the Orcas Center. In “Making Love Last,” the Gottmans will explore explore the mysteries of love: Where does it come

Find the mortgage that fits your needs PROFESSIONAL • ACCOUNTABLE • INNOVATIVE Available evenings & weekends to better serve you


25+ years experience FREE CONSULTATIONS (800) 555-7968 | (360) 376-6414

from? Why does some love last, and why does some fade? With a gift for translating scientific ideas into insightful and practical advice, the Gottmans share their research about love and what it takes to develop a trustful and intimate bond. Julie is the co-founder and clinical director of The Gottman Institute, and clinical supervisor for the “Couples Together Against Violence” study. A highly respected clinical psychologist, she is sought internationally by media and organizations as an expert advisor on marriage, sexual harassment, rape, domestic violence, gay and lesbian adoption, same-sex marriage and parenting

issues. She is the co-creator of the Art and Science of Love weekend workshops for couples, and she also co-designed the national clinical training program in Gottman Couples Therapy. John has spent decades observing the conversational patterns and biorhythms of couples. Now he applies this research to fundamental questions about trust and betrayal. John will talk about how to identify signs and behaviors that indicate betrayal and will provide strategies for repairing what may seem lost or broken. Tickets are $10 at Darvill’s Bookstore, or at the door. Some complimentary tickets are available in advance at the Orcas Senior Center.

Evans Funeral Chapel ANNOUNCING

Third Thursday of every month

Whidbey Island Bank Friday Harbor Community Room - 10 AM - 2PM Available for questions/assistance

Linda Haddon

Pre-Arrangement Counselor Certified Life Celebrant Our Family Helping Yours Evans Funeral Chapel & On-Site Crematory (360) 378-4567 • 1105 32nd St, Anacortes WA 98221 “Serving the San Juan Islands for over 40 years”

Wednesday, March 6, 2013 • The Islands’ Sounder



Carol at 376-4198 for info.


Wednesday, Mar 06, 2013 • The Islands’ Sounder


DEER HARBOR POTLUCK: Deer Harbor Community Club, 6:30 p.m., March potluck and annual talent show. Bring a dish to share, place setting, and beverage. Call 376-5404 for more info.

SAT., MARch 9


Your Story, 1 to 3 p.m. Orcas Library with JoEllen Moldoff, will explore prompts for memoir writing.


p.m. in the “old gym� at the Orcas Public School. $2 to drop-in or register at www., 16 and older welcome.


Indralaya Library, 7:30 to 9 p.m. Call Rosalyn at 376-6765 for info. Library is open to the public on Wednesdays 1 to 4 p.m. ALCOHOLiCs AnOnymOUs: 5:30 to 6:30 p.m., Benson Hall, Emmanuel Church.


Community Church Fireside Room, 5 p.m. Call Bodgan or

Page 11

p.m., Orcas Longhouse, 236 6 p.m. Prune Ally, Eastsound. WEiGHT WATCHERs: Funhouse WWW.THEISLANDSSOUNDER.COM LiBRARy sTORy TimEs: 11 a.m., Commons, 10:30 a.m. Orcas Island Library chilLiOns CLUB: Weekly lunch, dren’s room, for children 11:45 a.m., Legion. between the ages of three isLEsHARE TimEBAnK: For and six; all kids welcome. orientations, call Morgan Meadows at 376-9213. LiBRARy sTORy TimEs: 11 a.m., ALCOHOLiCs AnOnymOUs: Orcas Library children’s Community Church famroom, for children between ily center, noon. Also 5:30 3 and six; all kids welcome. to 6:30 p.m., Benson Hall, Emmanuel Church.



ALCOHOLiCs AnOnymOUs: 5:30

to 6:30 p.m., Benson Hall, Emmanuel Church. AL-AnOn: 7 p.m., 197 Main Street, Benson Hall, Emmanuel Church.

TUES., ONgOINg Page ALCOHOLiCs AnOnymOUs fOR11 WOmEn: 5:30 to 6:30. Benson Hall, Emmanuel Church. ALCOHOLiCs AnOnymOUs fOR mEn: 7 to 8 p.m. Benson

Hall, Emmanuel Church.

Bluebird Builders, llc



ALCOHOLiCs AnOnymOUs: 8 to 9 a.m. and 7 p.m., Benson Hall, Emmanuel Church. Last Saturday of each month, AA potluck meeting, Emmanuel Parish Hall,

ALCOHOLiCs AnOnymOUs: 5:30 to 6:30 p.m., Benson Hall, Emmanuel Church. CHEss CLUB: Every Sunday noon to 3 p.m., Orcas Library, free.

Sign up Ad #1


AL-AnOn: 5:30 p.m., Benson

Hall, Emmanuel Church. nARCOTiCs AnOnymOUs: 5:30

Jerry Noesen,CPA


OPALCO is proposing a new telecommunications system to provide much better Internet plus phone service for about what you’re paying now.

Income tax Preparation for Individuals, Businesses, Partnerships, LLC’s, Corporations Trusts & Estates

Orcas Seamless

Tye Contracting, Inc.

Aluminum, Steel and Copper Affordable, stainless gutter guards Annual & bi-annual gutter cleaning

Learn more:

109 North Beach Rd., Suite D10 Eastsound, WA P.O. Box 334 360 376 3821 Deer Harbor, WA 98243 Fax 360 376 0531

MarketPlace! PNW MarketPlace! PNW

Joshua Tye (360) 317-5170 (360) 376-5893

Real Estate For Sale

Call for your job quote License # TYECOCl1923KL

Real Estate For Rent - WA



More than half the membership must sign up for the project to go forward. You can sign up online or at your local OPALCO office.

Full Time Orcas Resident House Calls Available

home services



We make it easy to sell... right in your community

Local readers. Local sellers. Local buyers.

click! email! call toll free!We 1.888.399.3999 or 1.800.388.2527 make it Real Estate for Sale Other Areas

Real Estate For Sale

Real Estate For Rent - WA

America’s Best Buy! 20 Acres-Only $99/mo! $0 Down, No Credit Checks, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Owner Financing. West Texas Beautiful Mountain Views! Free Color Brochure 1-800-755-8953


Real Estate for Rent San Juan County EASTSOUND

home services

easy to sell... right in your ORCAS ISLAND community wheels

Real Estate for Rent San Juan County

Real Estate for Rent San Juan County




* 1 BR Eastsound condo, $600/mo * Studio Cottage, Eastsound. Electric, sewer, water incl. $675/mo * Studio Waterfront, Eastsound, $650/mo * 2 BR, 2 BA remodeled condo, $850/mo

Local readers. Local sellers. Local buyers.

Real Estate for Rent San Juan County

click! real estate estate real estate email! call toll free! 1.888.399.3999 or 1.800.388.2527 for sale - WA

for sale

Real Estate for Sale San Juan County

Real Estate for Sale Lots/Acreage

Wetlands Has the new Critical Areas study indicated a wetland on your property? Find out for free. Complete delineations available if you are ready to develop. Need more info before you develop, sell or purchase a parcel? Our Cursory Assessment is available at a fraction of the cost. Ted Tidrington, DBA Salish Environmental Consulting 360-317-4511,


COLFAX -RIVERFRONT. 9 acres was $75,000 now only $39,500. Lender Repo sale. Beautiful valley views, quiet country road with electric. Excellent financing provided. Call UTR 1-888-326-9048.

CUTE Detached Studio for rent. Walk to village! Located at 1231 North Beach. Water and sewer included. $550 per month. Long term rental. First, last and deposit. Available early March. Please call to view the inside 360-298-5437. FRIDAY HARBOR

Country Puget Sound Beach Front Marysville area. Incredible View of Olympics & Islands. One Acre with fruit trees & veg. garden. 2-1 BD Cabins with river rock fireplaces. 136 Ft of Beachfront Peaceful/Magical $389,000. Terry




Visit our web site for great deals

Visit our web site for great deals



real estate for rent - WA Real Estate for Rent San Juan County EASTSOUND

2 BEDROOM, 1 BATH mobile home on 5 acres. Privacy! Wood stove, washer and dryer. 2 car garage, on Enchanted Forest Road. A chicken house, too. $700 per month. 360-376-6161.

4 BR, 3 BA FURNISHED 2,800 SF home in town. Washer / dryer hookups. Great family neighborhood. One block from high school. $1,800/ Month. Call 360-3783031, ask for Peter.


2 BEDROOM Singlewide mobile home, near school. Woodstove, fenced yard, washer/ dryer. New carpet and flooring. $575 plus utilities. ALSO: 2 BEDROOM, 2 bath mobile home on 1 acre. Completely rebuilt. Huge deck, near golf course. Washer, dryer, dishwasher. $695 plus utilities. Call: 360-3176004


Looking for a Long Term Rental? Call Helene (360) 376-8000

Cherie L. Lindholm Real Estate 360-376-2204 Orcas Island ORCAS ISLAND

SPECTACULAR Water views. Single level, upgraded 2 bedroom, 2 bath. Fireplace, garage, spacious decks, washer/ dryer. Lease. $1,295. 360-376-1099 Apartments for Rent San Juan County Eastsound

Beautifully remodeled waterview house in Rosario area. 2BD, 3BA, modern appliances. Oversized deck, open floor plan, energy efficient design. Large private lot. Minutes to Eastsound, Olga and Moran Park. Not furnished. 1 year lease or more preferred. $1700/ month. Contact: 303-277-0037.


Visit our web site for great deals




1 Bedroom Apartment Upper Level. Water, Sewer, Garbage, On-site laundry included. Rent $490-$735/month, some income restrictions apply, $600 security deposit. Available April 1, 2013. Contact: Beth Holmes 360-376-3191 ext. 104 OPAL Community Land Trust. WA Misc. Rentals Duplexes/Multiplexes FRIDAY HARBOR

SMALL IN TOWN Apartment. One bedroom, one bath, kitchen and living room with wood stove. No pets. No smoking. Utilities included. $675/ month, $675/ deposit. Call 360-3784864 after 5pm.


Commercial Rentals Office/Commercial EASTSOUND

Furnished Office In-Town $250/Month!!

(360)622-6003 info@eastsound

ORCAS ISLAND * 10’ x 15’ Storage Units, $85/Mo. * Approx. 600 SF Commercial/Retail Prime Eastsound Location, $700/Mo. Cherie L. Lindholm Real Estate 360-376-2204 Orcas Island


Page 12 General Financial


Ever Consider a Reverse Mortgage? At least 62 years old? Stay in your home & increase cash flow! Safe & Effective! Call Now for your FREE DVD! Call Now 866-967-9407

Money to Loan/Borrow

CASH NOW for Good Notes, Top Dollar from Private investor. Yes, Bajillions Available for quality Contracts, Mortgages, Annuities, Inheritance. Receiving Payments? Call Skip Foss 1-800-637-3677 LOCAL PRIVATE INVESTOR loans money on real estate equity. I loan on houses, raw land, commercial property and property development. Call Eric at (800) 563-3005. General Financial

CREDIT CARD DEBT? Discover a new way to eliminate credit card debt fast. Minimum $8750 in debt required. Free information. Call 24hr recorded message: 1-801-642-4747 3ELLĂĽITĂĽFORĂĽFREEĂĽINĂĽTHEĂĽ&,%! THEFLEA SOUNDPUBLISHINGCOM CREDIT CARD DEBT? LEGALLY HAVE IT REMOVED! Need a Minimum $7,000 in debt to qualify. Utilize Consumer Protection Attorneys. Call now 1-866-6527630 for help.



ADOPTION: Local, happily-married, & stable couple, eager for baby (0-2yrs). Loving home filled with affection, strong family values & financial security for your baby. Joshua & Vanessa 4 2 5 - 7 8 0 - 7 5 2 6


ADOPT: Adoring couple, Architect & Internet Executive yearn for precious baby to LOVE FOREVER! Expenses paid. 1-800-990-7667 ADOPT Adoring couple, Architect & Internet Exec. year for precious baby to love forever! Expenses paid. 1-800990-7667 ADOPTION- A loving alternative to unplanned pregnancy. You chose the family for your child. Receive pictures/info of waiting/approved couples. Living expense assistance. 1-866-2367638 ANNOUNCE your festival for only pennies. Four weeks to 2.7 million readers statewide for about $1,200. Call this newspaper or 1 (206) 634-3838 for more details.



ENTER TO WIN a $1,000 prepaid Visa card! Take our survey at and tell us about your media usage and shopping plans. Your input will help this paper help local businesses. Thank you!

Found digital camera and clothing item, at Spencer Spit State Park on Lopez. Call Chuck at 360-378-4151 reference 13-001217 to describe and claim.



YOU or a loved one have an addiction? Over 500 alcohol and drug rehab facilities nationwide. Very private/Very Confidential. Inpatient care. Insurance needed. Call for immediate help! 1800-297-6815



$500 CASH REWARD! Employment Finance

Islander’s Bank ADOPT Loving, professional, multi-racial married couple wanting to adopt first baby. Offering faith, fun, stable and financially secure home. Call (866) 371-2617. Advertise your product or service nationwide or by region in up to 12 million households in North America’s best suburbs! Place your classified ad in over 815 suburban newspapers just like this one. Call Classified Avenue at 888-486-2466 or go to



Call 800-488-0386

is currently accepting applications for a

Full Time Teller

For information leading to the recovery of a missing Bandit Industries Model 1590 Chipper. License plate 5840TI. The Chipper is all Black and very similar to the picture, with the Diamond Plate boxes on the tongue. Missing since November 19th from the parking lot of Orcas Excavators. Please contact me 360346-0307 or the Sheriff’s Department at 360-3784151.

At the Eastsound Branch. This position is responsible for daily cash handling, processing customer transactions & customer service. Please submit resume to Islanders Bank, Human Resources Dept. PO Box 909, Friday Harbor, WA 98250

or in person at your local branch. EEOE Visit our web site for great deals

Wednesday, Mar 06, 2013 • The Islands’ Sounder Employment Professional

BUCK PARK SEASONAL MAINTENANCE CONTRACT Orcas Island Park and Recreation District is seeking bids for 2013 maintenance season for Buck Park. Services include basic maintenance, lawn care, and park oversight. A business license, sole proprietor, or LLC is required. Necessary equipment includes mowers, weed-eaters, and hauling vehicle. E-mail OIPRD at for a bid packet and proposal form or download the bid packet from our website at Proposals due by 3:00pm, March 12, 2013. We will accept mailed, hand delivered or emailed proposals. We hope to award the contract on/before March 15, 2013 for work starting April 1, 2013.

is now accepting applications for prep cooks, cooks, and dishwasher positions. Come by in person to pick up an application.




Employment General

San Juan County

Water System Operator

is seeking a


For a detailed job description and application materials, visit or call 360-370-7402.

Screening begins 3/11/13 EOE


San Juan County is seeking a


to review permit applications and facilitate processing. Requires an associate’s degree with a working knowledge of adopted construction codes and the ability to read and understand construction documents. For more information and application, visit or call 360-370-7402. Open Until Filled EOE 2EACHüTHOUSANDSüOFü READERSüWITHüONEüCALLü    ü

Employment General

YMCA Camp Orkila

Employment General

WWWNW ADSCOM ,OCALĂĽJOBSĂĽINĂĽPRINTĂĽANDĂĽON LINE The San Juan Islands Conservation District (SJICD) is seeking qualified applicants to fill the position of DISTRICT MANAGER This position requires a high degree of administrative leadership and a solid background in natural resources conservation, grants and finance management, education and outreach, personnel management, program planning and project management, and communications. View the full job description, application form and instructions at: Applications must be received at the SJICD office by 4:30PM, March 8, 2013.

Join a dedicated team at Eastsound Water with assisting w/ Field Operations. Possible full time and part time position for certified water system operators. Drug, alcohol & smoke free workplace. Application through Resume and Cover letter including reference contacts. Mail to: Eastsound Water Users Association, PO BOX 115, Eastsound 98245. Email to: EOE.

Employment Restaurant

Orcas Hotel now hiring for CAFE and FRONT DESK Drop by Hotel for application or send info to


for weekends at Doe Bay Cafe in Olga to begin immediately. Saturday and Sunday mornings, approximately 10-12 hours a week. If so desired, hours will be increased during the summer. Please email or call and leave a message at 376-2291 Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you! Employment Transportation/Drivers

DRIVER --Daily or Weekly Pa., $0.01 increase per mile after 6 and 12 months. $0.03 Enhanced Quarterly Bonus. Requires 3 months OTR experience.. 800414-9569 2EACHĂĽTHOUSANDSĂĽOFĂĽ READERSĂĽWITHĂĽONEĂĽCALLĂĽ    ĂĽ


Accepting resumes at: IS!TPVOEQVCMJTIJOHDPN PSCZNBJMUP,$&%)3 4PVOE1VCMJTIJOH *OD UI"WFOVF/&4VJUF 1PVMTCP  8" Please state which position and geographic area you are applying for.

Sales Positions t.VMUJ.FEJB"EWFSUJTJOH4BMFT$POTVMUBOUT  8IJECFZ*TMBOE - Thurston  3FENPOE t*OTJEF4BMFT  1PVMTCP  4PVUI,JOH$P  1JFSDF$P Printing & Production Positions t(FOFSBM8PSLFS '5 Creative Positions t"SUJTU  &OVNDMBX

Featured Position

Current Employment Opportunities at Multi-Media Advertising Sales Consultants



Wednesday, Mar 06, 2013 • The Islands’ Sounder Employment Transportation/Drivers

GORDON TRUCKING Inc. CDL-A Drivers Needed. Dedicated & OTR Positions Available! Consistent Miles, Benefits, 401k & EOE. Sign On Bonus! Recruiters available 7 days/wk! Call: 866-725-9669 TIRED of Being Gone? We get you home! Call Haney Truck Line one of the best NW heavy haul carriers. Great pay/benefits package. 1888-414-4467. Health Care Employment

Business Opportunities

AIRLINES ARE HIRINGTrain for hands on Aviation Maintenance Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualifiedHousing available. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance (877)818-0783

Do what you love to do and MAKE MONEY at the same time! For a free CD and more information, please call: 206-745-2135 gin


CERTIFIED NURSING ASSISTANT (NAC) Life Care Center of the San Juan Islands in Friday Harbor

Full-time, part-time and PRN positions available for all shifts. Must be a Wa s h i n g t o n - c e r t i f i e d nursing assistant. Longterm care exp. preferred. We offer great pay and benefits to full-time associates in a teamoriented environment. Jean Stabben Phone: 360-378-2117 Fax: 360-378-5700 660 Spring St. Friday Harbor, WA 98250 Visit us online at: LCCA.COM. EOE/M/F/V/D – 38759


Schools & Training

Make Up To $2,000.00+ Per Week! New Credit Card Ready Drink-Snack Vending Machines. Minimum $4K to $40K+ Investment Required. Locations Available. BBB Accredited Business. (800) 962-9189 Employment Wanted

MULTI-SKILLED Islander seeks part or full time position with professional salary. Experienced CEO of profit and nonprofit corporations, vacation rental manager, writer, program developer, teambuilder, coach, public relations maven, master gardener, English teacher, personal assistant and more. Integrity, creativity, good judgment and reliability are my hallmarks. (360)3768375

ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE from Home. *Medical, *Business, *Criminal Justice. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. SCHEV authorized. Call 8 0 0 - 4 8 8 - 0 3 8 6 ATTEND COLLEGE online from home. *Medical *Business *Criminal Justice. *Hospitality. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. SCHEV certified.. Call 866-483-4429. Get the ball rolling... Call 800-388-2527 today.

Professional Services Internet Services

Armando Nunes Media

Get Your Website Today!

* Basic Website, $150 * Standard Website, $350 * Advanced Website, $600 * Business Website, $950 For more info, visit: Email:

or Call:

(360) 376-7867

Professional Services Legal Services

DIVORCE $155. $175 with children. No court appearances. Complete preparation. Includes custody, support, property division and bills. BBB member. (503) 772-5295


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KILL SCORPIONS! Buy Harris Scorpion Spray. Indoor/Outdoor. Odorless, Non-Staining, Long Lasting. Kills Socrpions and other insects. Effective results begin after the spray dries! Available at Ace Hardware, The Home Depot or 2EACHĂĽTHOUSANDSĂĽOFĂĽ READERSĂĽWITHĂĽONEĂĽCALLĂĽ    ĂĽ


Don’t wait - you probably have something you can sell in your garage or closet today! Limit two Super Flea ads per week, per household. Complete phone number including area code must be used. Price of item must appear in the ad. Super Flea ads are limited to private party advertising. No commercial advertising, living items or firewood will be accepted. Sound Publishing reserves the right to refuse or edit any Super Flea advertisement submitted.



“Serving All Your Automotive Needs�




Leif Benson & Randy Davis 1551 Mt. Baker Rd. Eastsound, WA 98245

Eastsound 1402 Mt. Baker Rd. 376-4901



John D. Thompson Owner Over 35 years of construction experience on Orcas Island


Jonathan Wolfson General Contracting, LLC.




360-376-2122 ISLANEI-136CQ




Reliable ~ Responsible ~ Reasonable Additions * Remodel * Repair * New Construction



• Complete Septic Inspection, Phone(360) 376-6390 Installation, O&M, Fax(360) 376-6391 Septic Design Cell (360) 507-2840 • Complete Excavation Services EARTHC1012DJ

360.376.9100 Licensed, Bonded, Insured.

NANCY JONES LICENSED, INSURED Published Garden Writer Post Office Box 254 BA: Graphic Design, Science Orcas Washington 98280




Licensed, bonded & insured: #rainssc906ja Licensed, bonded & insured: #rainssc906ja


Earthworks Company Inc.



You can place your ad by phone on our automated Super Flea line by calling 866-825-9011 or email Super Flea at First time placing a Super Flea ad? Call one of our Super Flea specialists at 800-388-2527, and they’ll be happy to walk you through placing your Super Flea ad.

Basement Systems Inc. Call us for all of your basement needs! Waterproofing ? Finishing ? Structural Repairs ? Humidity and Mold Control FREE ESTIMATES! Call 1-888-698-8150

$BSQFUr)BSEXPPE'MPPST $FSBNJD5JMFr8JOEPX$PWFSJOHT Serving the San Juan Islands for 30 years Open By Appointment

in tree service andsince silviculture. services in the San Juans 2005, with 20 years experience in tree service and silviculture.

You’ll get 20 words to describe the item for sale. Your item or items totalling $150 or less will run one week in your local community newspaper and online! It’s simple and it’s free.

Home Services Property Maintenance


Providing professional, ecologically-based Forestry Services forestry and habitatProfessional restoration services in Providing ecologically-based the San Juans sinceforestry 2005, with 20 years and habitat restoration experience inServices treeJuans service Professional servicesForestry in the San since Providing ecologically-based 2005, with 20 silviculture. years experience and forestry and habitat restoration

The easiest way to get rid of those unwanted items for FREE! It’s easy!

home services



Now buzzing in your local community newspaper...







360-376-2314 M-F 8-4:45 SAT 10-3 525 Deer Harbor Rd





Monty Coffey


360-376-3812 DFMM


Page 14


Home Services Kitchen and Bath

One Day Bath Remodeling


Seamless Acrylic Wall Systems Lifetime Warranty

Cemetery Plots

Easy access TUB to SHOWER Conversions

No tub rail to climb over. Safety bars & seats installed to your preference.

A+ rated on BBB & Angie’s List

Brad Wallace 360/391-3446 C.L. BATHFF97606

Treasure Hunting? Check out our Recycle ads before someone else finds your riches.

2 CEMETERY PLOTS side by side for sale. Maple Leaf Cemetery in Oak Harbor. Located along the road, a short distance South of the cannons, grave plots #10 and #11. Nicely maintained grounds and friendly, helpful staff. $900 each. Call 425745-2419. Electronics

Promotional prices start at $19.99 a month for DISH for 12 months. Call Today and ask about Next Day Installation. 800-246-9039

Dish Network lowest nationwide price $19.99 a month. FREE HBO /Cinemax/Starz FREE Blockbuster. FREE HDDVR and install. Next day install 1-800-3750784 DISH Network. Starting at $19.99/month PLUS 30 Premium Movie Channels FREE for 3 Months! SAVE! & Ask About SAME DAY Installation! CALL - 877-9921237 Find what you need 24 hours a day.

Find your perfect pet in the Classifieds.

*REDUCE YOUR CABLE BILL! * Get a 4Room All-Digital Satellite system installed for FREE and programming starting at $19.99/mo. FREE HD/DVR upgrade for new callers, SO CALL NOW. 1-800-6997159

Wednesday, Mar 06, 2013 • The Islands’ Sounder

Food & Farmer’s Market


flea market Flea Market

MIRROR, approx 28” X 32”. $20. Japan stoneware dish set, service for 6 plus extras, $35. Card table with 4 chairs, Samsonite, $35 for set. 360376-2015. Find your perfect pet in the Classifieds. Treasure Hunting? Check out our Recycle ads before someone else finds your riches. SOFA, like new, powder blue with pattern. Moving, must sell. $150. 360-376-2015.

LOG ON TO A NEW FRONTIER... Whether you’re buying or selling, the classifieds has it all. From automobiles and services to real estate and household goods, you’ll find everything you need at .

100% Guaranteed Omaha Steaks - SAVE 69% on The Grilling Collection. NOW ONLY $49.99 Plus 2 FREE GIFTS & right-to-thedoor delivery in a reusable cooler, ORDER Today. 1- 888-697-3965 Use Code:45102ETA or w w w . O m a h a S

Marine Power


garage sales - WA


Garage/Moving Sales San Juan County EASTSOUND

Home Furnishings

CORNER DESK, Mission Style, $75. Solid Wood Kitchen Work Station, on Wheels, $75. 360-376-2916 TABLE LAMP, Nautical Theme, $45. 2 Drawer File Cabinet, $15. Small Chest of Drawers, $20. Like New Occasional Chair, $35. 360-3762916 Get the ball rolling... Call 800-388-2527 today.

Mail Order

ATTENTION SLEEP APNEA SUFFERERS with Medicare. Get CPAP Replacement Supplies at little or NO COST, plus FREE home delivery! Best of all, prevent red skin sores and bacterial infection! Call 1-866-993-5043 Canada Drug Center is your choice for safe and affordable medications. Our licensed Canadian mail order pharmacy will provide you with savings of up to 90% on all your medication needs. Call today 1-800-418-8975, for $10.00 off your first prescription and free shipping.

Reach thousands of readers by advertising your service in the Service Directory of the Classifieds. Get 4 weeks of advertising in your local community newspapers and on the web for one low price. Call: 1-800-388-2527 Go online: or Email: classified@ VIAGRA 68 x (100 mg) PILLS for ONLY $159.00. NO Prescription Needed! Other meds available. Credit or Debit Required. Call NOW: 616-433-1152 Satisfaction Guaranteed! Miscellaneous

SAWMILLS from only $3997.00 -- Make and Save Money with your own bandmill. Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship. Free Info/DVD: 1800-578-1363 Ext. 300N Wanted/Trade

CASH PAID - UP TO $28/BOX for unexpired, sealed DIABETIC TEST STRIPS! 1 DAY PAYMENT & PREPAID shipping. BEST PRICES! Call 1-888-3660957. FOR SALE OR TRADE; Heated Swimming Pool. My 8’x14’ “Endless” swimming pool is in great condition!!!! Use indoor or outdoor. Get ready for summer now! Purchased brand new, cost is over $25,000. Will sell for $6,500 or trade for Carpentry Labor & materials work. Please call Rob 360720-2564. Oak Harbor, Whidbey Island.

CANE CORSO ITALIAN Mastiff Puppies. Loyal family protection! Raised in home with children and other pets! Distinctive color options; Blues, Reverse Blue Brindle and Formintino. Grand champion bloodlines (GCh). AKC and ICCF Registered. Tails and dew claws docked. Vacines up to date. Ear crop option. Show or Breeding puppy $2,000 each. Pet compainion puppy $1,500. Photos by text available. Call Jeani 509-985-8252. Yakima. GOLDENDOODLE Puppies For Sale. Ready for their new homes March 7th. 7 Puppies left. 2 males, 5 females. Males, $700. Females, $800. Shots, wormed and dew claws removed. Approx weight when grown around 55 lbs. If interested, email: debbie_1819 or call Debbie at 360-540-2545.

MOVING SALE! Queen bedroom set, sofa, loveseat, chairs, power tools, hand tools, band saw, patio furniture, mirrors, all kitchen stuff, tables, wool throw rugs, trash compactor and much, much, more! Friday and Saturday, March 8th and 9th from 10am to 4pm located at 123 Golf Estates Rd. 360-376-2015. Find your perfect pet in the Classifieds. Eastsound

SATURDAY & Sunday, March 9th & 10th, 10am3pm. 79 Bright Water Lane. Furniture, lamps, beds, linens. Hatian, Mexican, Chinese, Native American art; Contemporary art by Gene Larkin, Jerry Rudguist, Jack Baron, Passow, Dryden, and others. Display cases, antique advertising, country store, Christmas, pinball machine and lots of fun stuff.

Need to sell old exercise equipment? Call 800-388-2527 to place your ad today. Find your perfect pet in the Classifieds. GREAT DANE

AVAIL NOW 2 LITTERS Of Full Euro’s; one litter of blues and one of mixed colors. AKC Great Dane Pups Health guarantee! Males / Females. Dreyrsdanes is Oregon state’s largest breeder of Great Danes, licensed since ‘02. Super sweet, intelligent, lovable, gentle giants $2000- $3,300. Also Standard Poodles. 503-556-4190. STANDARD POODLE

AKC POODLE Standard Super sweet puppies, very itelligent and family raised! Two year health garuntee. Adult weight between 50 - 55 lbs. Black coloring; 4 Males & 3 Females. Accepting puppy deposits now! $1,000 each. Also, Great Danes available. Please call today 503-556-4190. Farm Animals & Livestock

FREE TO GOOD Home - 3 Sheep, Lovingly Raised. Two Suffolk and one Icelandic. Great for Kids and 4-H, as well as Fiber Arts, Lawn Mowing and Pets. On San Juan Island. Call 360-378-2660. Treasure Hunting? Check out our Recycle ads before someone else finds your riches.

25.5’ BAYLINER Saratoga, 1980. 350 Chev with Volvo Penta OD. New Bimini, stainless steel supports, new upholstery up top, new Yamaha 9.9 kicker, new stereo with deck speakers. new stove, through hull for water. Double bed amidships below the helm with large forward berth that breaks down to a galley table. Garmin GPS/ fish finder, VHF. In garage on trailer and ready to go. $10,000 firm. Very good price. You’ll love it. We have. 360-317-1575 (Friday Harbor) NOTICE OF PUBLIC Auction: A public auction will be held on Saturday, March 16th, 2013 at 1:00pm at the West Sound Marina, 525 Deer Harbor Road, Eastsound WA for the following: 28’ Tollycraft with onboard equipment. Boat is dry stored. Minimum bid is $500. Terms of sale: 50% down in cash on day of sale, with the balance due within 3 business days. Successful bidder has 6 business days to remove the purchased vessel or make storage arrangements after closing. Property may be inspected beginning at 10:00 AM on day of Auction. All property sold as is. Pickup Trucks Ford


1986 FORD F350, 1 ton flatbed truck. Good condition. New wood deck. Rebuilt engine. $2500. (360)378-5072

Automobiles Classics & Collectibles

Vans & Mini Vans Toyota

1978 CORVETTE Coupe. 350/350, 365 hp ZZ4 motor, built transmission. All the hard stuff is done, just needs finished. All receipts. Many extra parts, some new. Over $25,000 invested, asking $8,500 obo. Moving, must sell. Serious only please. 360-473-6055 (Poulsbo)

2001 TOYOTA SIENNA Minivan 130,000 miles. Well maintained! Good condition! Nice family car; some minor scratches and interior wear. New tires last June. $5,600. Langley, Whidbey Isl. 360-321-5715.

Marine Power

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Wednesday, Mar 06, 2013 • The Islands’ Sounder


SAN JUAN COUNTY PUBLIC NOTICES San Juan County, as an Equal Opportunity Employer, does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, or veteran status in the provision of services, in programs or activities or employment opportunities and benefits. Direct inquiries to Administrative Services at (360) 378-3870. TTD relay at 1-800-833-6388.

NOTICE OF CONSTRUCTION NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN in accordance with RCW 36.77.070 that the San Juan County Council approved the following improvement projects completed by County Forces (using County crews and equipment) in calendar year 2012: Road / Project Name Type Of Work Engineer’s Estimate Gravel Road Conversion C h i p s e a l Gravel Road (False Bay Drive) $169,840 Total: $169,840 Date this 1st day of March 2013. Rachel E. Dietzman, P.E., County Engineer

San Juan County Department of Public Works LEGAL NO. SJ462272 Published: The Journal of the San Juan Islands, The Islands’ Sounder. March 6, 2013.

STATE OF WASHINGTON SAN JUAN COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT JUVENILE DIVISION IN RE THE WELFARE OF: IZEAC SHAWN DAVIS DOB: 01/08/09 NO. 11-7-05007-5 NOTICE AND SUMMONS BY PUBLICATION (DEPENDENCY) TO: ANY AND ALL PUTATIVE FATHERS Of IZEAC SHAWN DAVIS: A Dependency Petition was filed on September 22, 2011; a Fact Finding Hearing will be held on this matter on: March 21, 2013 at 12:30 p.m. at San Juan County Courthouse, 350


this proceeding, go to DATED this 7th day of February, 2013. JOAN P. WHITE Clerk of the Superior Court By Connie B. Sundstrom Deputy Clerk SAN JUAN COUNTY COURTHOUSE 350 COURT STREET #7 FRIDAY HARBOR, WASHINGTON 98250 LEGAL NO. SJ458084 Published: The Journal of the San Juan Islands, The Islands’ Sounder. February 20, 27, March 6, 2013.


Project Description

Tax Parcel Number, Project Location, and Island

Applicant/Agent Name and Address

Date of Date Other Application Complete Required Permits*

SEPA Existing Threshold End Date Environmental Determinat for SEPA Documents -tion Comments

Suggested Project Comments End Date**

Hearing Hearing Body Place

Hearing Date

Council Robert Waldron Transfer 16 acres 350914001, 350914005 Planning Hearing 4/26/13 2/1/13 None Exempt NA 3/27/13 to Farm & Ag Con- 2744 Beaverton Valley 2744 Beaverton Valley Rd 2/1/13 Comm. Room Rd, San Juan Island Friday Harbor, WA 98250 servation Land Council Transfer 38 acres 240242001 Bret A. Fowler Planning POPNSP Hearing 4/26/13 to Farm & Ag Con58 Mud Bay Road 58 Mud Bay Road 11/6/12 2/6/13 None Exempt NA 3/27/13 Comm. -13-0002 Room servation Land Lopez Island Lopez, WA 98261 Council Phyllis Ann Tappan 351532001 Transfer 20 acres Planning POPNSP Hearing 4/26/13 PO Box 1082 2/5/13 2/5/13 None Exempt NA 3/27/13 to Farm & Ag Con- San Juan Valley Road Comm. -13-0003 Room Anacortes, WA 98250 San Juan Island servation Land John Pohl & Susan Wycoff Environmental Islander Restore beach by 241022020, 324 Pohl, c/o Jeff Otis, 393 Chklst; Geology Hearing PSJ000Bank removing rock Burt Road, 2/7/13 2/11/13 HPA DNS 3/20/13 4/12/13 5/8/13 Examiner 13-0001 Bobbyann Road Asmnt; ArchaeAnnex armoring Lopez Island Eastsound, WA 98245 ology Report SEPA Determination: San Juan County has determined that the projects SEPA Comments: Anyone desiring Application Comments: Any file may be NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARINGS: Hearing Examiner noted above with a DNS or MDNS will not have probable significant adverse to comment on the Threshold examined by appointment during regular business meetings on San Juan Island start at 10:00 a.m., in the impacts on the environment and has issued a Threshold Determination Determination can do so by hours at the San Juan County CD&P, Courthouse Islanders Bank Admin. Building downstairs meeting pursuant to Sections 197-11-310 and 197-11-340 WAC. An Environmental submitting a written statement to Annex, Friday Harbor. Anyone desiring to room, 225 Blair Street, Friday Harbor. Planning Impact Statement will not be required under Section 43.21C.030 (2)(c) RCW. CD&P, P. O. Box 947 (135 Rhone comment on the Notice of Application can do so by Commission meetings begin at 8:45 am. Any person This determination was made after review of the environmental checklist and Street), Friday Harbor, WA. 98250 no submitting a written statement to CD&P no later desiring to comment prior to the hearing shall submit a other environmental information on file at Community Development and later than the comment date specified than the end date for project comments specified statement in writing to CD&P, PO Box 947, Friday Planning (CD&P). The County has determined that the requirements for above. The Threshold Determination above. Anyone who desires to provide testimony Harbor, WA. 98250. Written comments may also be environmental analysis, protection, and mitigation measures have been may be appealed by submitting a in the public hearing or desires a copy of the submitted at the hearing. A copy of the staff report for adequately addressed in the development regulations and comprehensive written statement of appeal along with decision for this project may do so by requesting this hearing may be obtained generally 7 days prior to plan adopted under Chapter 36.70A RCW, and in other applicable local, the basis for the appeal and a fee to such from CD&P. A copy of the staff report for this the public hearing from CD&P at the address above. state, or federal laws or rules, as provided by Section 43.21C.240 RCW and CD&P within 21 days after the end of project may be obtained from CD&P generally 7 * As directed by applicant, per UDC18.80.030.A.3.f Section 197-11-158 WAC, or as may be conditioned within any MDNS. the SEPA comment period. days prior to the public hearing. ** Per UDC 18.80.030.B. POPNSP -13-0001

NOTICE OF DECISIONS: Hearing Examiner decisions are posted on the County website at: LEGAL NO. SJ747789 Published: The Journal of the San Juan Islands, The Islands’ Sounder, MARCH 6, 2013

LEGALS SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON FOR THE COUNTY OF SAN JUAN In the Matter of the Estate of: KARIN D.M. HART FUHRING, Deceased. NO. 13-4-05014-3 PROBATE NOTICE TO CREDITORS The personal representative named below has been appointed as personal representative of this estate.

Any person having a claim against the decedent must, before the time the claim would be barred by any otherwise applicable statute of limitations, present the claim in the manner as provided in RCW 11.40.070 by serving on or mailing to the personal representatives or the personal representative’s attorney at the address stated below a copy of the claim and filing the original of the claim with the court. The claim must

be presented within the later of: (1) Thirty days after the personal representative served or mailed the notice to the creditors as provided under RCW 11.40.020(3); or (2) four months after the date of first publication of the notice. If the claim is not presented within this time frame, the claim is forever barred, except as otherwise provided in RCW 11.40.051 and 11.40.060. This bar is effective as to claims against both

the decedent’s probate and nonprobate assets. Date of first publication: March 6, 2013 Personal Representatives: Kirsten M.H. Fuhring Cook Attorney for Personal Representative: Christine R. Kenady Address for mailing service: P.O. Box 107 Eastsound, WA 98245

LEGAL NO. S461897 Published: The Islands’ Sounder. March 6, 13, 20, 2013.

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Islands' Sounder, March 06, 2013  
Islands' Sounder, March 06, 2013  

March 06, 2013 edition of the Islands' Sounder