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Family owned and serving pet owners for 28 years!

FREE Coffee, Cider & Cinnamon Rolls! Saturday, Dec. 15th 8am - Noon


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28606 132nd Ave. SE Kent, WA 98042 253-630-3330 VISIT OUR WEBSITE: REBERRANCH.COM or

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Discount valid on any in-stock item reg retail $25 or more. Valid 12/15 thru 12/16/12. Limit one per customer.

We offer a HUGE selection of dog & cat food, toys & treats!



Saturday Dec. 15th FREE Picture with Santa 10am - 2pm


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$ 28606 -132nd Ave SE - Kent, WA (253) 630 Sale Price Valid 12/7 thru 12/24/12.


We Thank You!

On behalf of the staff at Athens Pizza & Pasta, my brother Tom and I, would like to thank the generous Auburn community for helping us raise nearly $4,300 for our inaugural Feed The Needy Thanksgiving Day Diner. To our loyal customers and first-time patrons that stopped in to give us a try, thank you for reaching in your pocket and donating, from a simple $1 to $250 donation, we did it. To our local businesses that made grand donations, you made such an impact to this event. Our deepest gratitude to all of you. Many other businesses that donated products and food, we appreciate every item so very much. A big thank you to Barbers Against Hunger. We enjoy the partnerships for any cause or fundraising event. They put in much time and effort helping Athens with the event. To our wonderful volunteers that were serving guests, cleaning dishes, wiping tables and slicing up huge quantities of pumpkin pie, thank you. Many of you were here all day. You gave up your own time with family and friends to help out. It was exceptionally heart warming to see the enthusiasm


Pizza & Pasta

Each year Athens Pizza & Pasta will continue to advance its mission of feeding the needy and less fortunate. With this event, our goal is to double and triple the guests we serve each year and make these wonderful people feel welcomed and celebrated. Everyone deserves a hot traditional meal on Thanksgiving Day. We want to make that happen for our community. Next year, spread the word. We want our restaurant to be packed with a line out the door with guests. With the help of donations from supporters, we will continue our event annually. Your commitment in donating to this event is sincerely appreciated. Thanks again for your generous support.

Voted Auburn’s

Best wishes, Bill Contoravdis ER WINN Tom Contoravids Athens Pizza & Pasta REPORTER 959 East Main St. Auburn, WA 98002 253-939-7444 like us on Facebook – Athens Pizza & Pasta Auburn. OF




from our younger generation who volunteered. Its great to see them get excited about serving pie or pouring juice. I believe when people come together for a cause like this, especially on Thanksgiving Day, a bond is created between volunteers.


Italian & Pizza

‘Making Pizza for Over 30 Years’ 253-939-7444 959 E Main St

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