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The 75¢ Wednesday, November 7, 2012 Vol. 105 Issue 45

of the San Juan Islands

Re-use center draws fire

Ferries run on natural gas?

By Steve Wehrly

WSF gains steam in pursuit of less costly fuel

Journal reporter

By Natalie Johnson

Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber staff writer

Faced with escalating fuel costs and increasingly stringent environmental regulations, the state ferry system hopes to convert at least a quarter of its fleet — including one Vashon boat and two that periodically serve the San Juans — to a new fuel source. At Washington State Ferries’ biannual community meeting Dec. 6, David Moseley, head of the ferry system, will give an update on the state’s efforts to convert six ferries to run on liquefied natural gas by 2015. The ferry system, looking to cut fuel costs, has been studying liquefied natural gas (LNG) for about two years, Moseley told the Beachcomber in a recent interview. LNG seems a logical choice for the ferries. It’s expected to remain significantly cheaper than the diesel fuel that ferries currently use, Moseley said, and it also produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions. WSF recently got preliminary approval from the U.S. Coast Guard to retrofit the six Issaquah class ferries, including the MV See FERRIES, Page 2

Journal photo /Scott Rasmussen

Critics raise concerns about a coal export facility proposed for the industrial area of Cherry Point, near Bellingham, as part of a “scoping” meeting for the project’s upcoming environmental review, Saturday, in Friday Harbor.

Clash over coal hits close to home

Shipping mishap, pollution top list of concern for coal port environmental review By Scott Rasmussen

Journal editor

The bleachers inside the gym were awash and roiling in a sea of red, the color of choice of the anti-coal crowd. Outside the high school, the sidewalks were rimmed with placards touting the jobs and economic opportunities that an export facility built for coal would bring if permitted as proposed to nearby Cherry Point. Battle lines were drawn early on as more than 450 people crowded into Friday Harbor High School, Saturday, to learn more about the Gateway Terminal Project, or to ensure that their opinion will be considered when state, federal and local officials determine “the scope” of impacts that the controversial project might have and just how far

a mandatory environmental review should go in addressing them. An increase in shipping traffic – as many as 480 super-sized container ships carrying coal each year through the San Juans – was on the mind of most. “These are constrained waters with many hazards,” Ken Burtness of Lopez Island, a retired ferry captain, said. A spill of coal or fuel “would be catastrophic to the San Juans,” possibly “worse than Exxon Valdez,” he added. John Brash, a retired merchant sailor, echoed Burtness’ concerns. “We’re going to be in real trouble if a maritime disaster occurs,” Brash said. If approved, the $650 million Gateway Terminal would be the largest bulk export facility on the West Coast, perhaps in the nation. At full capacity, it would be capable of exporting up to 54 million metric tons of coal a year from the plant that SSA Marine, which operates an export terminal at the Port of Seattle, and others worldwide, is seeking to build at Cherry Point, just north of Bellingham. See Coal, Page 4

2011 Special Award; Second Place: General Excellence from the Washington Newspaper Publishers Association

Expressions of concern and even opposition are bubbling to the surface in the saga of Consignment Treasures. Three neighbors of the reuse and recycling center on Roche Harbor Road — Dan Lowe, Mark Larsen and Ross McCallum — on Oct. 30 asked the County Council to regulate, or even halt, the recycling, reuse and resale business. The council is considering whether to amend county landuse laws so that Consignment See Treasures, Page 5

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2 — Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Continued from page 1 Chelan, Sealth and Issaquah which serves Vashon, to run on the new fuel. Later on, the 144-car Olympic class ferries, which are currently under construction, may be converted as well. “I think that liquefied natural gas is a major fuel source of the future,” Moseley said. Costly to convert The ferries division, given a nod from the Coast Guard, is now working to develop more specific plans, which it will present to the Coast Guard as well as the state Legislature for approval as early as this winter. It’s also

searching for a private investor, perhaps a natural gas supplier, to help finance the multi-million dollar project. “It would be a pretty major change for the system,” said Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon (D-Burien), a member of the Legislature’s Joint Transportation Committee. “We want to make sure we look at safety risks and costs and everything before we take any irreversible steps.” The ferry system, which burns 17 million gallons of fuel a year, has taken a hit in recent years as the cost of diesel has climbed. In 2000, fuel consumed about 10 percent of WSF’s budget. Today, fuel costs Ferries $67 million a year, or about 30 percent of the budget. Combine that with decreasing tax revenue, Moseley said, and the state needed to look at its options. “Obviously (fuel) is a huge expense,” he said. Retrofitting the six Issaquah ferries to run on LNG would

save the state $140 million to $196 million in fuel costs over the lifetime of the vessels. The fuel savings would pay for the $103 million conversion in six to eight years, while the boats have 25 to 30 years left on the water, according to a state study. Other estimates show the state might not save so much. A report prepared for the Joint Transportation Committee by the Cedar River Group, a Seattlebased consulting firm that has worked with WSF in the past, put the cost of the retrofit at $144 million, making the savings less than the state estimate. Moseley said Ferries is refining the numbers but noted that despite the differing totals, both studies recommend that the project move forward.

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The Journal of the San Juan Islands |

Journal file photo

The Sealth, one of six Issaquah class ferries, enters Friday Harbor.

said, the ferry system needs to do something to address its greenhouse gas emissions. New federal regulations mandate that the ferry system reduce its emissions significantly in the next 10 years. Converting to LNG would help to meet the new standards, Moseley said. “Both our analysis and the Cedar River Group analysis said this is a direction we should continue to pursue,” Moseley said. As the state moves forward, it’s looking at a number of hurdles in the transition to LNG. Retrofitting a boat would require it to be taken off the water for several months. Liquefied natural gas would have to be trucked from Vancouver, B.C., though it’s possible a plant could eventually be built in the Northwest. The state would also have to change how the boats are refueled. And the U.S. Coast Guard currently has no regulations for LNG-fueled passenger boats, which would be a first in the country. Natural gas, considered a more hazardous fuel than diesel to transport, is currently highly restricted by the Coast Guard. “It’s totally new territory,” Moseley said. The state, however, is working closely with the Coast Guard to find terms

it can agree on, and Moseley feels the conversion is feasible. Norway, which has large natural gas supplies, has been running LNG-fueled ferries successfully for years, he noted. British Columbia and New York are looking to convert some of their ferries as well, and a major cargo shipping line in the Northwest is well on its way to retrofitting some of its vessels. “We don’t see any insurmountable obstacles at this point,” Moseley said.

Volatility raises risks

For the San Juans ferry advisory committee, the top concerns at this point involve questions of security and safety. San Juan Island’s Jim Corenman, FAC chairman, said converting the Issaquah class boats to LNG “seems to be a reasonable proposal”, at least on paper, but that issues other than fuel expense should be considered as well, such as “risks versus rewards”. For example, he said cre-

ating a new process and new procedures for re-fueling the boats, ones that require specialized training because LNG is highly flammable, much more so than diesel, could prove to be a safety risk and add to operational expenses. In addition, he said it’s unclear at this point whether those ferries, equipped with one or two cryogenic tanks carrying up to 50,000 gallons of LNG on top of a passenger cabin, pose a greater security danger than they are today. “I think we and the pubic need to have a discussion about all the safety issues involved and be able to weigh in on that,” he said. “That hasn’t happened yet.” A study is under way that may help shed light on many of the questions involving safety and security, Corenman said. In Olympia, Fitzgibbon said lawmakers were open to considering liquefied natural gas, but there were still many unanswered questions on their end. It will be one of a gamut of ferry-related issues the Legislature considers when it convenes in January. “We like the fact that certainly there would be less greenhouse gas emissions and particle emissions. … We just need more information to find out if this is a realistic plan to move forward with,” he said. – Journal editor Scott Rasmussen contributed to this report.

A Washington State Ferries community meeting will be held from Dec. 6, 5-7 p.m., at the San Juan County Council Hearing Room, Friday Harbor. The meeting will be streamed live to the Lopez and Orcas libraries over the county website. David Moseley and other ferry officials will give an update on current ferry system issues and answer questions.

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From Page One

4 — Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Journal of the San Juan Islands |

Coal: Continued from page 1


The facility, as proposed, would store coal transported by rail from Montana and Wyoming’s Powder River Basin on coal-train caravans, each more than a mile long, circulating daily through the plant. The coal would then be shipped For information & meeting schedule through the Salish Sea and San Juans by cargo ships, many of which measure more then three football fields in length, to Asian markets, where it would be sold as fuel. Critics contend the increase in shipping and rail traffic the facility would demand will produce air and noise pollution, greater traffic congestion and environmental risks, and undermine the region’s quality of life and possibly its draw as a tourist destination. Supporters point to the many economic benefits both the facility and its construction will deliver, including up to 2,000 new jobs and a boost to the bottom line of state and local governments. Some argue the fear of shipping accident is overblown. Michael Gallegos cited a letter from former United States Coast Guard captain Mike Moore, now an executive with Knives, Scissors & Garden Tools Pacific Marine Shipping Association, representing owners and operators of marine terminals and shipping companies. Monday - Friday 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Moore’s letter argues that “this is an incredibly large naviga849 Spring Street Square tional area with wide, deep waterways” which has “relatively low vessel traffic congestion” and “the lowest oil spill rate in the nation when comparing to major port complexes.” Others believe that the San Juans would be better off if the plant were built in Washington state rather than across the border in Canada. Please joinjoin locallocal expertexpert Steve McLean the Please Steve at McLean at the“I would rather see a clean, well-run, state-of-the-art port Bellingham rather than a Canadian port we have no conFriday Harbor SeniorSenior Center for a FREEfor a FREE in Friday Harbor Center trol over,” Friday Harbor’s Greg Hertel said. Reverse Mortgage SeminarSeminar Reverse Mortgage Testimony offered at Saturday’s scoping meeting in Friday Harbor, the second of seven in Washington state, adds to a November 15th at15th 10:30atam10:30 am November growing catalog of information and commentary that “If you“Ifareyou a homeowner, age 62 or ageofficials are a homeowner, 62 or from the Army Corps of Engineers, Washington Department of Ecology and Whatcom County will conolder,older, I can show youshow how you I can youmay how you may


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Journal photo / Scott Rasmussen

Signs placed outside Friday Harbor High School, Saturday tout jobs a proposed coal export terminal would created, if approved.

sidered in determining what impacts should be addressed and where to draw geographic boundaries of a mandatory environmental impact statement. The EIS will then outline modifications, alternatives or “mitigation” measures SSA Marine would need to make in construction and operation of the facility. SSA Marine Senior Vice President for Business Development Bob Watters provided a written statement at Saturday’s meeting. “I want San Juan islanders to know that SSA Marine wants a very thorough science-based evaluation of our project. We believe this process will help bring that about. Most important, the Gateway Pacific Terminal will meet our state’s high environmental standards.” Watters estimates the EIS and permitting process, and the construction phase together might delay the start of operations at Gateway Pacific until 2017. Dr. Joe Gaydos of Orcas Island-based SeaDoc Society noted the Salish Sea is home to 37 species of marine mammals, 172 species of birds and 280 species of fish, adding that one-third of the mammals and birds, and 15 percent of the fish, are listed either as “endangered” or “threatened” under federal law. Gaydos, along with a host of local scientists, argues that the EIS must be “comprehensive, pragmatic”, and even “global”, in its scope. For more info on the Gateway Terminal Project EIS, visit, – Journal reporter Steve Wehrly contributed to this report.

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Continued from page 1 Treasures could obtain an additional conditional-use permit, allowing recycling “collection” in addition to its recycling “processing” business. The first condition listed in Consignment Treasure’s 2008 conditional-use permit decision is: “A recycling drop off point is not allowed unless later authorized by changes to current county code requirements.” The property is owned by F & P Penwell Trust and has a history of business operations extending back to 1978, when Frank Penwell first obtained permits to construct two buildings in order to operate a construction supply and re-use business. Additional permits were obtained in 2005 for operation of re-use and re-sale businesses, and in 2008 for recycling processing. In early 2012, Consignment Treasures became a nonprofit and transferred all operations to the nonprofit. CT currently has five employees. Dan Lowe, whose property adjoins Consignment Treasures, is concerned whether recent expansions of the facility, which now includes four buildings, a large concrete pad and other facilities for handling materials, means Penwell intends to expand his business over the next few years. “I’ve not been vocal about CT,” said Lowe, “but now I’m con-

w el e J

cerned about the business going forward.” Lowe said he and his neighbors “are not real happy” with CT’s growth. Mark Larsen, who lives directly across Roche Harbor Road from CT, told the council, “I’ve seen the place deteriorate” as the business expanded. “Frank should not get more. I hope the council considers that residents live here. He’s even brought in construction equipment,” Larson said after the meeting. Ross McCallum has lived next door to Consignment Treasures for 22 years. Like Lowe and Larsen, he says he’s not interested in a fight, but, “CT keeps growing and growing, far beyond what it was when I moved here.” Friends of the San Juans attorney Kyle Loring concluded his remarks at last week’s meeting by stating, “If Frank Penwell has not complied with the conditional-use permit in the past, perhaps he should not be permitted to apply for another one.” After the hearing, at which the council delayed further action on the land-use ordinance until Nov. 20, Loring elaborated, “CT is a valuable operation on the island, and in my testimony I wanted only to make sure that they are good neighbors by complying with the permit requirements.” On Oct. 30, Penwell sent the council a letter detailing his position and asking for a hearing of the full council. Penwell quoted from an earlier letter to the coun-

of the Salish


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and the announcement of the Island Lights winners, with caroling by the Friday Harbor Elementary School choir and Christmas crafts workshop by Island Rec. Salmon Derby!!! • 360-378-5240

From Page One cil: “If the County makes the choice to force CT into having to apply for additional conditional use permits, or into becoming a nonconforming use, I will simply give up my volunteer activities and recommend to the CT Board that they close down Consignment Treasures.” Reached later, Penwell denied delivering an ultimatum, saying that whatever solution the county proposes, including the amendments currently before the council, would be considered by the nonprofit’s board. But Penwell also said his attorney told him the landuse ordinance amendments before the council would not protect Consignment Treasures, and in his letter to the council Penwell wrote: “The Penwells will not personally apply to become an essential public facility, nor will they apply for any future CUPs. If the County or Community want what CT has to offer, they need to take action to allow it.” In a telephone interview, Penwell said, “everything CT does is recycling” and that he has not violated the terms of either his original 1978 commercial permits or those obtained since. Responding to the Oct. 30 letter, council Chairwoman Patty Miller suggested Penwell meet with San Juan Island council members Rich Peterson, Lovel Pratt and Howie Rosenfeld. That meeting was scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 5.

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6 — Wednesday, November 7, 2012 


The Journal of the San Juan Islands welcomes comment on issues of local interest. Letters to the editor must be no more than 350 words in length and must be signed by the writer. Include address and telephone number for verification purposes. Anonymous letters will not be published. Guest columns are proposed by the newspaper

Opinion Letters to the Editor

Not so scary after all, thanks to you

As a resident of “Halloween Central” here in town, I would like to thank the community for the support they offer to our hard hit neighborhoods come Halloween night. The supplemental candy is appreciated. Four to five hundred children knocking at the door is not an exaggeration. This year, as every year, the children and young adults of our island were polite, funny, creative with their costumes, and thoughtful towards the wee ones. Many were accompanied by helpful parents and family. The happiness in the air was palpable. Thanks too, to our neighbors, especially Richard Pederson, for spending time and dollars to create spooky Halloween fun for our kids. It was a special night, and, I think, a special “island night” reflecting our community’s values and personifying this unique place we all call home. Linda Thompson Friday Harbor

What’s up with the salmon?

Twelve years ago, whenever salmon was on the family dinner menu, I would go out fishing and within a few hours, dinner would be in the boat. I heard many stories about how fishing used to be, before my time, when you could catch dinner in about 10 minutes.

Now, except during the runs, it takes about two days of fishing to catch your limit. Now, as before, people are asking, ‘What’s happening to the salmon?’ What does the reduction of salmon mean to an islander who doesn’t fish? There is a direct link for every one of us, because the economic reality is that the marine environment is our economy. Tourism is the primary industry of the island; reduce the quality of the marine environment, the experience of it, and tourism will decline. Reduce the number of salmon and the orca population will decline. As goes the bellwether orca, so goes tourism. So what is happening to the salmon? I’m not a scientist. I just follow what the fish are telling me. Look at what they’re eating and we know that the vast majority of their diet is forage fish. Forage fish are dependent on eel grass fields and spawning beaches. The eel grass fields and spawning beaches are dependent on shoreline property owners’ stewardship. As with most things in nature, we are living in an interdependent ecosystem. What can we do personally to help the salmon? It is not much of a stretch to suggest that a majority of shoreline property owners would be willing to accept the responsibility of being the steward for sensitive environmental property. This responsibility would be possible if shoreline owners had reliable information about what the concerns are and options for dealing with them. Those of us who live inland can support the marine environment by

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simply paying attention to what we are putting into our land. There are sensitive environmental areas we need to steward with as much care as shoreline areas. Based on my fishing experience, what’s happening to the salmon is that they’re not quite holding their own against a slowly deteriorating marine environment. Each of us can make a difference by taking on the personal responsibility, the stewardship, of those critical areas we own. Steve Revella San Juan Island

With a little help from our friends

Don and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary this week with friends and family. As graduates of Friday Harbor High School, we consider it a privilege to have grown up on San Juan Island in the unique era of the 60s. I remember the little cemetery in the valley where my sisters Gina and Susie were laid to rest about the time Don and I married; so nothing is so dear to my childhood than the little white church in the vale. It was so much fun to attend Friday Harbor High School. And over the years to attend class reunions with those who graduated between 1960 – 1963. Growing up in Friday Harbor together makes us feel like cousins. Our family now includes four children; Dennis, Loree, Russ and Cheryl, their spouses and seven little grandchildren. We want to thank the Friday Harbor community for the love and sup-

Publisher Roxanne Angel, ext. 1050 Office Manager Frances Bacon, ext. 1550 Circulation Manager Gail Anderson-Toombs, 376-4500 Classified Advertising Journal Classifieds, 800-388-2527 Display Advertising Roxanne Angel, ext. 1050 Howard Schonberger, ext. 5054

port that you’ve given us over the years, because no one reaches a 50th wedding anniversary alone. It really does take a community. Don/Jocie DeVries Lynwood, Wash.

Cruel harvest in store with GMOs

The science by Monsanto, of course, has not proved any harmful effects to eating GMO foods. These foods are meant to be sprayed with pesticides, and those pesticides are sold by the same company to be used in conjunction with their seeds. The pesticide is absorbed by the crop or even “produced by the crop” and we eat it. Do you think that eating pesticides is good for you in the long run? People have lawsuits from neurological damage and France has banned their use for a good reason. It is of the upmost vital concern for farmers here

Graphic Designers Scott Herning, ext. 4054 Kathryn Sherman, ext. 4050 Newsroom Editor Scott Rasmussen, ext. 5050 Reporter Steve Wehrly, ext. 5052 Mailing/Street Address 640 Mullis St., West Wing Friday Har­bor, WA 98250 Phone: (360) 378-5696 Fax: (360) 378-5128 Classifieds: (800) 388-2527

that they be able to grow non-GMO crops. If a GMO seed is grown beside their fields and seeds blow into their fields, they can be sued and loose their farm. It has happened all over the country. Monsanto is trying to put small farmers out of business that do not want to grow their seeds and use their pesticides by suing them. The FDA is run by ex-Monsanto employees, so there is no government oversight to protect us. It is up to us to make a stand. Please support our local farmers and vote “Yes” on a GMO ban for our precious islands. Nina Le Baron San Juan Island

IMA offers ‘thank you’ for arts sake

The Islands Museum of Art thanks everyone who donated to Art K-12 education through the San Juan Island Community

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Foundation’s matching grant program. The Community Foundation increased your donations by a 50 percent match, helping us reach our fund-raising goal. These funds are being used in a collaborative effort with the San Juan Island School District to maintain art education at Friday Harbor Middle School and to expand the Art Enrichment program at the elementary school. Art education helps our students develop the visual literacy, problem solving and critical thinking skills needed to succeed and thrive in their careers and lives. This K-12 program is also supported by grants and funding from the Friday Harbor Elementary School PTA and the Washington State Arts Commission. We thank these organization for their support as well. Bo Turnage Friday Harbor; president Islands Museum of Art

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The Journal of the San Juan Islands |

Wednesday, November 7, 2012 — 7


Guest Column

No election required

How are we doing? Better shape


hether you like the election results or not, there are other ways to serve your community — and it doesn’t involve running for office. San Juan County advisory boards and commissions have 33 vacancies, many of them for positions representing each and every island. The town of Friday Harbor has two - the planning commission and the lodging tax advisory committee. County vacancies include the Fair Board, the Parks & Recreation Board, the Ferry Advisory Committee, the Lodging Tax Advisory Committee and 29 others. Check out for a complete list. Whether you have a specific interest in a subject, just want to work on something productive for your community or start building a knowledge base and a network of potential supporters for a future race for public office, participation in the public process on one of the committees can be personally rewarding, educational and sometimes fun as you work with county or town professionals in your chosen field. The duties are serious, but the time commitment is usually minimal — once a month, maybe a little more if you’re working on a special project, and some homework. But you’ll make new friends and maybe some future political allies. Whether you want to get rid of noxious weeds, plan for future park improvements, recommend lodging tax disbursements, or even get elected to public office, serving on a board or commission has one undeniable benefit: doing your part to help your community govern itself. Helping is a reward in itself. Take the plunge.

PUBLIC MEETINGS n SJ Island Fire District Commission, Nov. 8, 3:30 p.m., Mullis Street Fire Station, 1011 Mullis St. n Citizens Salary Commission, Nov. 9, 9:30 a.m., Conference Room, Legislative Building, 55 Second St., F.H. (Commission will meet if Prop. 1 passes). n SJ Library Board of Trustees, Nov. 13, 4 p.m., library, 1010 Guard St.; 2013 final budget hearing n Friday Harbor Port Commission, Nov. 14, 4 p.m., Ernie’s Cafe, 744 Airport Circle Drive. n SJI Hospital Commission, Nov. 14, 5 p.m., Frank Wilson EMS Building, 1079 Spring St. 2013 budget session, SJ EMS & IIMC n OPALCO Board of Directors, Nov. 15, 8:00 a.m., Lopez Islander Resort, Lopez Island. n SJC Park & Recreation Commission, Nov. 15, noon, Legislative Building, 55 Second St., F.H. n SJC Planning Commission, Nov. 16, 8:30 a.m., Council Hearing Room, Legislative Building, 55 Second St., F.H.

Revenues are on the rise; rebound in real estate sales marks biggest gain


By F. Milene Henley / San Juan County auditor

’m not known as an optimist. I’m not a pessimist, really – I just prefer to be surprised by good news rather than by bad news. Lately, I’ve been surprised by a lot of good news. Most recently, the county issued a bond this month to address financing needs in Parks, the Land Bank, and Solid Waste. Although early estimates for the interest rate were greater than 3 percent, the final TIC (true interest cost) came in at 1.62 percent — better than we had dared to hope. A big reason for the low rate was the county’s credit rating. We recently received a very favorable issuer rating of Aa2, the same rating assigned to Los Angeles County and Anchorage Municipality. As an analyst at Moody’s explained to me, “Those counties are bigger, but not in as good financial condition.” In its rating comment, Moody’s singled out the county’s fundamentally sound economic base, its reserve policies, and its low debt ratio. What that means is that the county has managed its resources well through the recent recession. It’s gratifying to have that assessment affirmed by outside agencies. Earlier this year, our state audit team said much the same thing: that financial condition of counties was a focus of audits this year, but that they weren’t concerned about San Juan County’s financial condition because they could see that we are in good shape. Third quarter financial results for the county brought more good surprises. Sales tax recovered from an early slump and looks, after October results, like we will achieve budgeted revenues. Planning and permitting revenues

continue strong and will finish well above budget. But the really great news is in real estate excise taxes, also known as REET. REET revenues are generated by real estate sales, and real estate sales show an active economy. After five years of decreases, real estate excise taxes are increasing by about 25 percent in 2012. In other good news, one of the Milene Henley local banks recently told me that its inventory of foreclosed properties has dropped significantly. An abundance of foreclosed properties tends to depress real estate prices and therefore sales; clearing out that inventory will have a positive effect on both home sales and new construction. Which circles back to the county’s increased permitting revenue, which also suggests a future increase in construction activity. Lest you think I’m getting soft, I’ll also mention a couple of things that are neither surprising nor good. The Critical Areas Ordinance process continues to consume time and money. The promised October adoption of an updated ordinance has come and gone, and there’s still no certainty of adoption this year. County Solid Waste operations, originally planned to cease Sept. 30 of this year, are now anticipated to continue through the first quarter of 2013. For those of you thinking that’s a good thing, let me remind you about the $800,000 bond we issued earlier this year to bail out the Solid Waste funds’ accumulated debt. Okay, that should do it. Now that I’ve reminded myself that it’s not all good news, I can go back to being my usual cautious self. But I have to admit that every time I think about that bond rating, I smile, just a little. — Editor’s note: San Juan County Auditor Milene Henley’s quarterly financial reports are published periodically by the Journal.

Ferry Home Companion

Poor losers make for petty politics Election winners deserve our respect, not our wrath, at least to start By Howard Schonberger Journal columnist


know. It’s probably been decided. But when this column was sent to press on Monday night for printing Tuesday and delivery on Wednesday, as usual, it was far from over. All the polls indicated a very close race, like the one George “Double-you” won despite the majority of voters picking Al Gore. The electoral college, and the supreme court, declared for “Bush the Second”. Now, it’s possible that the Democrats can do that electoral end-around play also. Can’t blame them. The only thing that disturbs me is how we are getting into cruel and unusual punishment of presidential candidates. Have you noticed how much grey hair has tinged that young president who won four years ago. The first few months were not too bad for President Obama, but once he had won his first legislative battle on health care, the honeymoon was over. There was a time when losers at the ballot box gave the winners a chance to try out their approach to solving the many problems facing a new leader. No longer. Fuggidabahdit. Instead of gentlemanly congratulations and promises of cooperating with the winner’s plans, we are now finding that an entire branch of the government is going to the legislative chambers having signed pledges to vote in only their

way, no matter what platform wins the “leadership” of the executive branch. Not only can they vote against the leadership of the White House, but also they can vote against paying for the cost of enforcing the laws which don’t live up to their Tea Party or free-choice platforms. I’ll be damned if we need two legHoward islative branches of tweedledums and Schonberger tweedledees to get big bucks and lifetime Columnist pensions for ignoring the major vote of the voting, tax-paying and often lifesacrificing citizens of these United States. Don’t hogtie our president, whoever we choose. We appreciate the fact that it was easier for Franklin Delano Roosevelt when he ran against Alf Landon… in that case the results showed: “As Maine Goes, So Goes Vermont”. (FDR won over 60 percent of the vote. Landon panicked and suggested FDR was communistically inclined and might behead his opposition). Nonetheless, we saw a lot of independent thinking and no phoney-baloney stuff about citizenship and other cheap shots. The losers gave the winners a chance; they helped our allies against Hitler, Il Duce and Hirohito, and even the Chicago Tribune went for declaring war after Pearl Harbor was attacked. Eisenhower took over and we were respected around the globe. Actually, we still are the strongest and best. Let’s give the victor a chance for this next four years and hear out all sides of different opinions. Compromise is the “The Deal” we need now. — Go with the F.L.O.W. (Ferry Lovers Of Washington)


8 — Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ones…Twos…and Threes Chamber Music San Juans Saturday, Nov. 10 7:30 pm • San Juan Community Theatre

Fall is here! Now serving... Eggnog lattes Pumpkin lattes hot or cold

Drive thru Espresso

25 Nichols St, Friday Harbor, 360-378-8822 Open Daily 6:30-4:30


The Journal of the San Juan Islands |

League offers provocative healthcare film at November meeting The League of Women Voters of the San Juans will present the film, “The Healthcare Movie”, Monday, Nov. 12, as part of its monthly membership meeting. The meeting is at the San Juan Island Library, noon to 2 p.m. A discussion will follow the film. Beginning with essentially the same goals, the healthcare systems in the U.S. and Canada evolved into two completely different entities. The film tells the story of how that happened over time. For those interested in healthcare reform in the U.S., the League believes the documentary is an essential component for your research.

“You change your life by changing your heart.”

~ Max Lucado

CROSSWORD PUZZLE Across 1. Driving around for fun 9. Bug 15. Hired vehicle (3 wds) 16. Spot 17. Poisonous substance obtained from belladonna 18. Cost setter 19. 20-20, e.g. 20. Kind of seat 22. "Laughable Lyrics" writer 23. "-zoic" things 25. Stage item 26. "Empedocles on ___" (Matthew Arnold poem) 27. Archaeological find 29. Like "The X-Files" 31. Long, long time 32. Red ink amount 34. Kind of rule 35. Morgue, for one 36. Badge-earning girl 38. Depth charge target (hyphenated) 40. ___ jacket 41. Certain digital watch face (acronym) 43. ___-friendly 44. Wing of a building at right angles to the main structure 45. Soak 47. Except 51. Bill collector? 53. Like a pitcher's perfect game (hyphenated) 55. "@#$%!," e.g. 56. Go through 57. Summary of an argument 59. Chester White's home


John Brent Hedberg: May 30, 1946 — Oct. 3, 2012

With his family near, John Brent Hedberg left this world to sail off to new adventures on Oct. 3, 2012 at his home in Friday Harbor, Wash. In 2010, after gradually spending more and more time in the San Juan Islands, he and his wife of 31 years, Pam Hedberg, relocated from Portland, Ore., to Friday Harbor as full-time residents. John was diagnosed with brain cancer in July of 2011. He faced it with strength, optimism and the contagious sense of humor he was known and loved for. He is survived by his wife Pam, of Friday Harbor, son John Hedberg Brent Hedberg and daughter Kali Hedberg, both of Portland, Ore., and brother Dennis Hedberg, also of Portland. — Family of John Hedberg

Evans Funeral Chapel We will be your guide. Peace of Mind

Lennie Williams Funeral Director

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8. 1978 John Travolta musical film 9. Arrogant 10. "___ any drop to drink": Coleridge 11. Attendance counter 12. And so forth 13. Empty (2 wds) 14. Series of rock formations 21. Course 24. Fodder holder 28. "Things ___ be worse." 30. Fell off 33. Upright structure to support the rudder 36. Conspicuous feature 37. Machine that arranges sheets in

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Fill in the blank cells using numbers 1 to 9. Each number can appear only once in each row, column, and 3x3 block. Use logic and process of elimination to solve the puzzle. The difficulty ranges from 1-10 (easy) 11-15 (moderate) and 1620 (hard). Today’s puzzle is level 17. Sudoku and Crossword answers on page 20

The Journal of the San Juan Islands |


Wednesday, November 7, 2012 — 9

Lessons from battered, bruised East Coast What can islanders learn in the aftermath of ‘Super-storm’ Sanday? Answer is plenty.


By Brendan Cowan, DEM

We Buy scrap Gold! San Juan JewelS 260 Spring Street 378-5877


Contributed photo / Master Sgt. Mark C. Olsen, U.S. Air Force

Aerial views of the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy to the New Jersey coast taken during a search and rescue mission by 1-150 Assault Helicopter Battalion, New Jersey Army National Guard, Oct. 30, 2012.

The good news is that preparing isn't especially difficult. Food and water for seven days. A way to stay warm if power is out. Flashlights and a radio. Know how to shut off your utilities. And preparing for the quake is really no different than preparing for the winter storms that happen much more frequently. There's no good reason not to prepare. For more info on preparing, visit our website at prepare. And to learn more about quakes & tsunamis, go to Please don't hesitate to contact our office ( / 370-7612) if you need help or have questions. The important thing is to start today.


Disasters are in the news again, and for good reason. On the night of Oct. 28, a massive 7.7 earthquake struck off the coast of northern British Columbia. And then a few days later, Hurricane Sandy devastated a major swath of the East Coast Both events should be a strong reminder to islanders about the importance of being prepared. Ignore the reminder if you want, but know that you do so at your own peril. The B.C. quake is an obvious wake up call to the fact that we live in earthquake country. That quake hit a remote and sparsely populated area, but it could have happened anywhere along the fault that parallels the Washington state coast or even along one of the many fractures that run through Western Washington. It could have been much worse. And one day it will be. And what will the impacts of that quake look like? You only need to look to Hurricane Sandy to understand. A major quake, possibly followed by a tsunami. Homes destroyed, power out, shortages of fuel and food, transportation knocked out, businesses impacted, schools struggling to open, and countless communities fighting to recover, tempers frayed and patience tested. The quake that eventually wallops the Pacific Northwest will shake us deeply, and the best way to ensure a smooth recovery is for all of us to be aware of the danger and be prepared for it when it comes. If we all do what we can now, we'll be able to care of ourselves and each other — and that is the island way. Getting ready for disasters is a funny business. Almost everyone struggles with preparing for things that feel abstract and distant. Unfortunately we can't predict earthquakes like we can forecast hurricanes. We only know that there's a 100 percent chance of one happening here someday. We don't know when, but that alone should be scary enough to motivate you to prepare.

For Diane and I, design is all about Heart and Art. To know the designs we create also touch your heart continually renews and energizes us.

— Editor’s note: Brendan Cowan is director of the Department of Emergency Management for San Juan County and the Town of Friday Harbor.

Ribbon cutting: 11/17, at 11:17 a.m., 1117 Spring Street placed around the medical center, and landscaping should be completed the first week of December.

…Make a wish and let us know!

InterIsland Medical Center staffwill transition to PIMC when it opens. At that time, the number of physicians (including part time visiting specialists) serving the hospital district will nearly double.

We’ll get started on it! By the way, for repair, appraisals, watches, fancy cut and colored diamonds and much more, we recommend

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Burton’s Jewelers of Anacortes, full service, fine jeweler since 1930. Get acquainted with these good folks at Burton’s pre-holiday reception November 10th, 3-7 pm at Friday Harbor House (SJ Island). It should be a “sparkling” event – RSVP 888-293-6469 (toll free).

Serving San Juan County with affordable custom homes since 1973 Come See Our Display Village: 1.800.488.5036

1201 37th NW Auburn, WA 98001


to be on budget and on schedule. As construction wraps up, locally provided or procured art is being

“Voyager’s Anchor”© It’s Holiday wish list time again

Peace Island Medical Center tour and ‘Open House’, Nov. 17 Here’s your chance to check out the new hospital. On Nov. 17, between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m., visitors are invited to tour Peace Island Medical Center at 1117 Spring St. in Friday Harbor. At 11:17 a.m., a special ribboncutting ceremony will be held in the main lobby. Peace Island Medical Center, San Juan Island’s new critical access hospital, will open for business Nov. 26. The result of collaboration between San Juan County Hospital District No. 1 and PeaceHealth, the ten-bed critical access hospital will also house a new primary care and specialty clinic, a cancer center, expanded diagnostic and treatment services, an operating suite for outpatient procedures and a 24-hour emergency department with five beds. The architect for the project is Mahlum. “The new medical center is stunning inside and outside,” Peace Island Administrator Jim Barnhart said. “The open house will be a wonderful opportunity for community members to come see for themselves the technology, services and structure of their new medical center.” The hospital continues

Hand signed

“Golden Snowflake”© Best Holiday Wishes, Dan & Diane Levin Originals 50 First Street • PO Box 1309 Friday Harbor, WA 98250


10 — Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Contributed photos / Scott Rasmussen & Kathryn Sherman

"For every style, home and budget!"

The streets of Friday Harbor turn wild, rowdy and a little wicked, here and there, as elementary school students capture the hearts and imagination of the town in the annual Halloween Parade.

The Journal of the San Juan Islands |

The Journal of the San Juan Islands |

Wednesday, November 7, 2012 — 11

The Journal

Chamber Made

island scene

Vogt, Kostek, Hammill featured in CMSJ next 25th anniversary concert page 12

What’s Happening! Wednesday, Nov. 7 Drop-in Badminton & Ping Pong , 7-9 p.m., Turnbull Gym. Ages 16 and up; $2 drop-in fee. Info, 3784953,

Thursday, Nov. 8 Medicare Part D, Information Forum, 3-5 p.m., library, free. Learn about changes in Medicare Prescription Insurance program for seniors. Bring list of current medications; counselors available to help select a plan; co-sponsored by the library and SHIBA. Info, 378-2798, Adult Indoor Soccer , 6:308:30 p.m., Fair Building. Ages 16 and up; $5 dropin fee. Info, 378-4953, Adult Basketball , 8-10 p.m., Turnbull Gym. Ages 16 and up; $2 drop-in fee. Info, 378-4953,

Friday, Nov. 9 Drop-in Pickeleball , 7-9 p.m., Turnbull Gym. Ages 16 and up; $2 drop-in fee. Info, 3784953, www.islandrec. org. ‘A Walk in the Woods’, 7:30 p.m., Roche Harbor Resort Pavilion. Opening night of Island Stage Left production of Lee Blessing’s Tony-nominated play. Weekend performances through Dec. 9. Info; 378 5649,,

Saturday, Nov. 10 Craft & Flea Market, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Fairgrounds, Main Exhibit Hall, 846 Argyle Ave. Unique bargains, holiday shopping, and more. Info or vendor booth application, online,, 378-4310, or jennifer@ See Calendar, Page 12

By Scott Rasmussen Journal editor


here can you find the creations of 48 local artists all under one roof? The IMA, that’s where. And just in time for the holidays, too. Beginning Friday, Nov. 16, with an opening reception that night, 5-8 p.m. The Islands Museum of Art will present its first-ever Visual Artist Registry Exhibit, a dazzling month-long show that features a wide range of artistic creations from visual artists based on Lopez, Orcas and San Juan islands, and Waldron Island as well. The exhibit, entitled, “Winter is the King of Showmen”, a tip-of-the-hat to a long celebrated whimsical wintertime poem penned years ago by American poet Ogden Nash, the artist registry exhibit is unlike any artistic forum presented by IMA to date. And that’s not just because of the number of artists represented in the show, it’s just as much about the wide assortment and variety of mediums and artistic creations one will find, including sculptures, jewelry, fabric arts, paintings — water colors, acrylics, oils, encaustics —pottery, glass works, photography and more. “You name, we got it,” says IMA’s Beth Hetrick, mover and shaker behind the first-of-its-kind exhibit. “I think everyone’s been amazed at the diversity of the art. And each piece has a winter theme to it.” An artist registry is a fairly new program at IMA, founded a decade ago as a home and promotional venue for artists from across the county. By becoming a member of the museum, artists gain the exposure that the museum provides as a sort of- “one-stop-shopping” gallery for all. A quick glance at the IMA website,, reveals just how alluring that exposure and a listing in the registry can be. Both the registry and the museum itself represent an evolution in the local artistic landscape

and for the San Juans as a budding “destination” for art aficionados, says Hetrick, who has been creating islandi n s pi re d art from her home on San Juan Island for more than two decades. The San Juans are steadily gaining notoriety as a hot bed of originality, she said, and as a home of both skilled and accomplished artist, much like the galleries and artists of Port Townsend or La Conner. “The buzz is growing,” Hetrick said, “that the San Juans have exceptional artists.” The registry exhibit will also have a multigenerational flavor to it, as several artists featured in the show, Maria Michaelson and Fiona Small, for example, not only were born and raised in the islands, but learned their craft here as well. In addition to beverages and snacks, the opening night reception will feature music by local saxophonist Teddy Deane. (Exhibit trivia: In its search for a winter time moniker for the show, IMA turned to Helen Machin-Smith and Daniel Mayes of Island Stage Left, who suggested Nash’s poem for the title).

At a glance n

What: IMA Visual Artist Registry Exhibit

Where: San Juan Islands Museum of Art n When: Nov. 16 - Dec. 22 n Feature: Opening reception, Nov. 16, 5-8 p.m. n


12 — Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Journal of the San Juan Islands |

CMSJ: Concert of ‘ones, twos and threes’ Chamber Music San Juans next concert of its silver anniversary season brings together a trio of CMSJ veterans for a concert brimming with ones, twos and threes… solos, duos and trios— for clarinet, cello and piano. Joining clarinetist and Artistic Director Patricia Kostek at San Juan Community Theatre, Saturday, Nov. 10, at 7:30 p.m., will be pianist Bruce Vogt and cellist Rowena Hammill. Appearing regularly in concert in Canada, Vogt has inspired audiences in England, the U.S., China, and Japan as well. Vogt will perform the magically beautiful “Images” in honor of the 150th anniversary of the birth of composer

Martel Well Drilling

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H Private, community and irrigation wells H Water system design and installation H Well and water system consultant H Pump test and water analysis H Pump sales, service and installation H Camera system well diagnosis

San Juan: 378-2842 Orcas: 376-2769 Denny Martel FAX (360) 378-6375

Licensed & Bonded

Bob Egan FAX (360) 376-6048

Claude Debussy, whose compositions influenced the development of jazz. A native of Australia, Hammill has played on hundreds of film and television soundtracks. A former member of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, she now divides her time between the Northwest and California. Hammill, Vogt and Kostek will present several trio pieces, including what Kostek calls an “energetic and jazzy” Muczynski, and an “excitingly folksy” Glinka. Kostek will perform the rarely heard “Fantasy Pieces” by Danish composer Niels Gade. Tickets: $26 adults, $13 student reserved, $5 student


by an adult. Info, 378-4953,

Fall Mushroom Workshop, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Friday Harbor Labs Lecture Theater, followed by field trip. Sponsored by SJ Nature Institute, the workshop is led by Dr.. Fred Rhoades. Cost; $50. Register online,

Family Open Skate, 7-8:30 p.m., fairgrounds building. Bring your own helmets and skates; music provided. Drop-in fee, $3 per person, $8 family. Helmets required; children under 10 accompanied by an adult. Info, 3784953,

Zumba, 10:00 a.m., $8 Drop In; $28/4 Classes; $52/8 Classes; $72/12 Classes. Cards never expire.Dance Workshop II. Bill & Rita Ament, 378-9628.

‘A Walk in the Woods’, 4 p.m. & 7:30 p.m., Roche Harbor Resort Pavilion. (See listing above, Nov. 9). Info; 378 5649,

Scooter & Trike time, 5-6:30 p.m., fairgrounds building. Drop-in fee, $3 per person, $8 family. Helmets required; kids under 10 accompanied

Chamber Music San Juans, 7:30 p.m., San Juan Community Theatre. Concert features Patricia Kostek, Rowena Hammill, Bruce Vogt on clar-

Continued from page 11

Saturday, November 10 ۰ 7:30 pm SKYFALL

Ones…Twos…& Threes Artistic Director Patricia Kostek is joined by CMSJ veterans Bruce Vogt and Rowena Hammill for a concert brimming with solos, duo and trios for clarinet, piano and cello. Business Partner: MANAGED RELIABILITY


Tickets: Adults $15; Student Reserved $8; and $5 RUSH at the door. To buy tickets on-line and for details on these and upcoming events, check our website: SJCT Box Office: 378-3210

inet, cello and piano. Tickets: $26 adults, $13 student reserved, $5 RUSH at the door. Info, 378-3210, www.

Sunday, Nov. 11 ‘A Walk in the Woods’, 4 p.m. Roche Harbor Resort Pavilion. (See listing above, Nov. 9). Info; 378 5649, www.

Tuesday, Nov. 13 Indoor Roller Hockey, 5:309 p.m., fairgrounds. Ages 4-adults. Drop-in fee; $6 adults, $4 kids. Info, 3784953,

Thursday, Nov. 15 After School Arts: Turkey Decorations, 3:15-4:15 p.m., library, free. Transform a pine cone into a turkey and more as part of Thanksgiving decoration activities. Kids K-6; supplies provided by the library. Info, 378-2798, Literary Salon, 7 p.m., library,

free. Monthly discussion about books, what’s been read and what to read, led by Heidi Thomas; group meets every third Thursday in front of the fireplace. Info, 378-2798,

Friday, Nov. 16 Islanders Holiday Craft Bazaar, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., handcrafted items, holiday gifts, baked goods and lots of stocking stuffers. Event will take place at the Grange. Whiteley Lecture Series, 7 p.m., U.W. Friday Harbor Labs Commons, free. University of Houston’s Mark Smith presents ‘Climate change on Saturn and how Outer Planets can teach us about Earth.” Info, 378-3646. Author Heidi Thomas, 7 p.m., library, free. Novelist and journalist Heidi Thomas discusses here series of novels, “Dare to Dream”, based on the life her grandmother, a rodeo rider in the ‘20s & ‘30s. Info, 378-2798,

Stars: Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem and Naomie Harris

Tickets: Adults $26; Student Reserved $13; and $5 RUSH at the door.

Director Penelope Haskew and more than 50 island kids and adults bring a musical version of Shakespeare’s adventurous play to the Whittier. Think: “something wicked this way comes…with singing and dancing.” Business Partner: KINGS MARKET

Contributed photo

Chamber Music San Juans Artistic Director Patricia Kostek.

Bond’s loyalty to M is tested as her past comes back to haunt her. As MI6 comes under attack, 007 must track down and destroy the threat, no matter how personal the cost.

Chamber Music San Juans

Fri. &Sat., November 16-17 ۰ 7 pm Sunday, November 18 ۰ 2:00 pm SJCT Family Theatre

RUSH at the door. A donor has made free tickets to anyone needing financial assistance to attend a theatre event. For more information, 378-3210, or

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 It has been five years since the disappearance of Katie and Hunter, and a suburban family witness strange events in their neighborhood when a woman and a mysterious child move in.

Stars: Katie Featherston, Kathryn Newton and Matt Shively

★ Held Over: Hotel Transylvania ★


Palace Theatre


New Dining Hours! Starting Sunday, November 11, 2012, The Bluff will be open seven days a week for Dinner and Happy Hour! Indulge in Pacific snapper, vegan risotto, and many other Northwest-inspired dishes. Dinner 7 days a week 5pm to 9pm

Happy Hour 7 days a week 4pm to 5:30pm

Call 360.378.8455 for reservations Visit for menus 130 West Street 360.378.8455

The Journal of the San Juan Islands |


Wednesday, November 7, 2012 — 13

Around Town Where have all the seabirds gone?

Contributed photo / B. Hoglund

Tufted Puffin

SeaDoc Society postdoctoral fellow Dr. Nacho Vilchis will share findings of his soon-to-be published study on the decline of birds of the Salish Sea as part of SeaDoc’s Marine Science Lecture on Nov. 13, on Orcas Island. The lecture begins at 7 p.m., at the Emmanuel Episcopal Parish Hall in Eastsound. Vilchis has spent the past two years unraveling the various factors causing declines in numerous species of birds living in the Salish Sea. The study combines decades worth of data on the status and trends of various marine birds generated in both the U.S. and in Canada, as well as from annual Christmas Bird Counts sponsored by the Audubon Society. Once published, Vilchis’ study and manuscript, and the findings they contain, are expected to galvanize recovery efforts for multiple species of marine birds whose numbers are in decline. A video illuminating those findings will be avail-

able following publication of the study and manuscript. For more info, visit SeaDoc Society at www.

Two new classes offered by Island Arts League

Most everyone has a collection of favorite trinkets or some small pieces memorabilia they would love to put on display, as a wall hanging, perhaps, or simply on a table top. But how? Learn the tricks of the trade in a one-day workshop led by Jan Murphy, Saturday, Nov. 17, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Participants will learn how to set their favorites onto tiles of polymer clay and end up with attractive wall hangings or table top displays. The workshop is one of two early winter classes offered by Island Arts League. Debbie Daniels will lead a five-week “Basic Oil Painting” class that is geared for beginners and for artists of other mediums seeking to expand into oil painting. The class runs five successive Mondays, beginning Nov. 19, from 9:30 a.m. to noon. The workshop fee is $95 for non-league members, $70 for members; the fiveday oil painting class is $114 for non-members, $89 for league members. Register by contacting IAL Education Director David Price, 378-3871; or pay by check, Island Arts League, P.O. Box 1365, FH, WA, 98250 (annual IAL membership is $35).

Bookstore marks or 33 years in biz’ at Holiday gifts ‘Open House’ featured at Bazaar Griffin Bay Bookstore will celebrate 33 years in business in conjunction with its annual Open House, Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. As part of the celebration, Griffin Bay will offer a 20-percent discount on all books on the shelves as a way of saying ‘Thanks’ for the community’s loyal support and ongoing patronage of an independent bookstore. Complimentary snacks and Griffin Bay’s signature coffee, Caffe Umbria, will also be available. For more info, 378-5511.

Audition time for ‘Playwrights’ Showcase

A multitude of roles will be up for grabs when San Juan Community Theatre holds auditions for the 2013 Islands Playwrights Showcase, Monday and Tuesday, Nov. 12-13. Auditions begin at 7 p.m., at the Theatre. Formerly titled the Islands Playwrights Festival, the Showcase will feature eight short comedies, dramas and monologues, with a combined cast of up to 16 males and 10 females. The Showcase runs Jan. 24 thru Feb. 3 in the Gubleman Theatre. Scripts are available at the theatre box office (with a $10 deposit); open Tues-Fri, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturdays, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. For more info, contact Susan Williams, 378-3211, ext. 33,

You’ll find gift ideas aplenty at the annual Islanders Holiday Craft Bazaar at San Juan Island 966 Grange Hall, Nov. 16-17. Doors open at 9 a.m., until 6 p.m., Friday, and 2 p.m., Saturday. A long list of holiday craft and gift items will be on display and available for purchase, including: Bohemian wrapped bracelets, Barbie Dolls, ornaments, sock monkeys, baby blankets and baked goods — jams & jellies — jewelry, aprons, hand-crocheted hats and more. Part of the proceeds will benefit the Grange.

We’re pleased to announce that

Adina K. Cunningham

has joined the firm as a senior associate. Ms. Cunningham comes to us from private practice in Eastsound and Friday Harbor where her practice concentrated on municipal law, land use, and employment law. Previously she was Deputy Director for San Juan County acting as the County’s Risk Manager, Human Resources and Information Services supervisor, collective bargaining negotiator, and supervisor of the County’s public defender program. Prior to practicing in Washington, she was a Deputy Attorney General for the State of Hawaii. Adina got her law degree from Northwestern School of Law (Lewis & Clark College) in Portland, Oregon, where she was on law review. We are excited to put Adina’s knowledge of municipal issues to work on behalf of our clients. Adina will represent our clients from our new office in Eastsound, Washington. The firm continues its exclusive representation of local governments in Oregon and Washington. PORTLAND OFFICE

1750 SW Harbor Way, Suite 380 Portland, OR 97201-5106 503.226.7191 •


441 North Beach Road, Suite A Eastsound, WA 98245 360.375.7048 Scene

14 -- Wednesday, November 2012 14 — Wednesday, November 7, 07, 2012

OPALCO CELEBRATES 75 YEARS! “Like” Orcas Power & Light

Share your own story, photos and memorabilia

Alvord-Richardson CONSTRUCTION

All buildings designed to meet your specific needs. We take care of building permits.

Now Offering Financing

The Journal of the JuanJuan Islands I The Journal ofSan the San Islands |

Like Academy Awards; only better, local Four different financial award programs offered by FH Soroptimists; apply now Fall is awards season for Soroptimist International of Friday Harbor. Local women are encouraged to apply for the Women’s Opportunity Award, the Violet Richardson Award, the Ruby Award and the Fellowship Award. The Women’s Opportunity Award assists a woman to overcome personal difficulties by improving her life through education and skills training. A woman who is the primary wage earner in her household and is pursuing an undergraduate or vocational degree may apply for the award. Applications are due by Dec. 15. For more information, contact Kristine Odle,, or 3782414. The Violet Richardson Award honors a young woman between 14-17 years of age who is helping to make the community and the world a better place through volunteer activities. Applications are due by Dec. 1. For more information, contact Gretchen Staehlin,, or 370-5933.

N ATHAN L. M C A LLISTER , A TTORNEY AT L AW , PS Wi l l s & Tr u s t s • P ro b a t e • C o m m e rc i a l L a w

Proudly serving Whatcom, Skagit, Island & San Juan Counties

360-734-3480 • 800-600-3480 2700 Meridian St. Bellingham

(360) 734-0338

PNW MarketPlace!

click! email! call toll free! 1.888.399.3999 or 1.800.388.2527 Real Estate for Rent San Juan County

Hospice of San Juan

Our trained volunteers are here to support island patients and their caregivers with end of life needs at no charge.

Serving San Juan Islanders for over 25 years

1313 E. Maple St., Ste 210 • Bellingham, WA 98225


The Ruby Award honors a woman who has worked to improve the lives of women and girls through professional or volunteer work. The program enables Soroptimists to thank these women and encourage others to explore ways to assist women and girls. Applications are due by Jan. 15. For more information contact Dana Bune, sdqsbune@rockisland. com, or 378-0857. The Fellowship Award provides a scholarship to a woman returning to an accredited college or university for postgraduate study, leading to a masters degree or doctorate. The local winner’s application will be submitted for an additional scholarship to the Northwestern Region of Soroptimist International. Applications are due by Jan. 10. For more information, contact Lenore Bayuk at bayukll@, or 378-3636. Applications for all awards are available at the Soroptimist website,, or at the Toy Box, 20 First St. N.

We are here to help. 360-472-0322 •

Real Estate for Rent San Juan County

Real Estate for Rent San Juan County

Real Estate for Rent San Juan County

Real Estate for Rent San Juan County




On The Peninsula Cozy 2 BR 1 Bath cabin sits just up from a lowbank beach on Fisherman Bay. Cabin has views across Fisherman Bay to Lopez Island. Otis Perkins & Landbank beaches nearby. LR & small kitchen face the WF. N/S Pets neg. $850

Rosario View Home. 3 BR 2 BA with large family room. Recently remodeled with new carpet and appliances. D/W, W/D. Propane fireplace. No smoking. No pets $1350. F/L/S. Available Now. 2 BR 1BA apartment. Sunny location with private deck. Close to town. Quiet setting. Recently updated with granite counters and new cabinets. W/D, DW, No smoking. $750 includes water, sewer and garbage. Large Sunny 3 BR, 3.5 BA Rosario Highlands home on almost 2 acres w/ small orchard. Partially furnished. Detached garage. 2nd kitchen downstairs w/ family room. Wood, propane, electric heat. W/D, D/W, N/S, no pets. $1300.

Sunny Location in Town: One BR, 1 BA apt with W/D. Water/sewer included. F/L/S, N/S, N/P $775 Waterfront Condo at Roche Harbor – Furnished 1 BR plus loft, 2 BA condo with fireplace, deck, views to the water and resort, community hot tub, D/W, W/D, N/S, pets negot, F/L/S $825

RESIDENTIALS FOR RENT: SAN JUAN ISLAND In Town Upstairs, 2 BR 2 BA apt, wood floors, private setting with balcony W/D , D/W, F/L/S, N/S, N/P. $950 Roche Harbor - 2 BR, 3/4 bath home with nice big yard and deck. Large separate dining room and walk-in closet in master bedroom. W/D, N/S, N/P, F/L/S $750 Beautiful Log Home 2BR, 1.5 BA, with 3 cozy built-in captain’s beds in loft area. Spacious kitchen, hardwood floors, custom touches throughout. Wood stove. Pond, garden areas, fruit trees on 7 acres, $1500. Cabin in the Woods – Studio sized with sleeping loft, deck, and space for extra storage. W/D, N/S, pets negot w/dep, F/L/S, $575 Home in Town – Two BR, 2 BA home with fireplace, W/D, D/W, large deck. N/S, pets negot w/dep, F/L/S $950 Call Susan Barkshire (360) 378-8600 or email


real estate for sale - WA

real estate for sale

Real Estate for Sale San Juan County

Real Estate for Sale Other Areas


$110,000; 2 BR, 2 BA manufactured home. Space rent paid for one year! Newer windows, roof, paint & flooring! Back yard with raised vegetable gardens. Covered carport, with attached storage shed. New interior skylights & appl. Beautiful new deck around the back side of the house. Best location in the Oaks. Faces the pond with large back yard and adds privacy. Call Jenna 360-3787911.

 Place any private party ad for 2 weeks or more and add a photo or bling at no additional charge. Photos are black & white in print and full color online. Call 800-388-2527 to speak with a customer service representative or go to for more information.

20 ACRES FREE! Buy 40 – Get 60 Acres. $0-Down $168/mo. Money Back Guarantee, NO CREDIT CHECKS. Beautiful Views. Roads/ Surveyed. Near El Paso, Texas. 1-800-843-7537 Get the ball rolling... Call 800-388-2527 today.

real estate for rent - WA Real Estate for Rent San Juan County Friday Harbor

COZY craftsman cottage. Excellent in town location, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, office, hardwood, granite. Beautiful landscaping. $1200 month. 360-378-0302 FRIDAY HARBOR

LOVELY 1,400 SF Custom home. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, open floor plan in quiet park-like setting. 3 miles from town. Woodstove plus electric heat. New appliances, separate storage shed. $900 month. 360-298-5699

DOWNTOWN 2 BR Home. Close to Friday Harbor High School. Full kitchen, washer, dryer, private deck, storage garage. $775 month. Pets considered. First, last, deposit. More information 360-378-8637 or Get the ball rolling... Call 800-388-2527 today. Friday Harbor

IMMACULATE Fully Furnished 1 bedroom condo, walking distance to everything in downtown Friday Harbor. All new EVERYTHING. Be the first to occupy since remodel and refurnishing with high quality comfort. Water, sewer and trash paid. Sleep well on the new Tempurpedic bed! No smoking inside. Laundry, gym and pool on premises. $850 month. Fully furnished with all household needs. All new appliances. Pictures: Respond to: s h e r i d a n . a t Find what you need 24 hours a day. FRIDAY HARBOR / SAN JUAN VALLEY

3 BEDROOM, 2 BATH in quiet setting. Just 3 miles from town! Electric heat, washer, dryer. Pets negotiable. Includes water/ sewer. $950 plus all utilities. $1,000 damage deposit. No smoking. Background check required. 509-549-3625

Call Carol Gorton (360)468-3177 or email Find what you need 24 hours a day.

1.25 million readers make us a member of the largest suburban newspapers in Western Washington. Call us today to advertise. 800-388-2527 Thousands of Classified readers need your service. Your service ad will run FOUR full weeks in your local community paper and on the web for one low price with the Service Guide Special. Call 800-388-2527 to speak with a customer representative. Go online 24 hours a day: Or fax in your ad: 360-598-6800.

Call Helene Picone (360) 376-8000 or email Find what you need 24 hours a day.

Get the ball rolling... Call 800-388-2527 today.

1.25 million readers make us a member of the largest suburban newspapers in Western Washington. Call us today to advertise. 800-388-2527

Located on an Acre of sunny property, the two bedroom, 1.75 bath home faces south, has vaulted ceiling in living and dining room. Hardwood floors, wood stove, deck and small fenced area by house. W/D, D/W, N/S, F/L/S $1200 In Town Duplex – Two BR, 1 BA with some view to the harbor, nice sunny deck. W/D, N/S, pets negot, F/L/S $750 Call Susan Barkshire (360) 378-8600 or email

Log on to a website that’s easy to navigate. Whether you’re buying or selling, the Classifieds has it all. From automobiles and employment to real estate and household goods, you’ll find everything you need 24 hours a day at

Find what you need 24 hours a day.

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The Journal of the San Juan Islands I Real Estate for Rent San Juan County

Apartments for Rent San Juan County ORCAS ISLAND

Friday Harbor

$3,500 Unfurnished / $4,000 furnished for RENT - 1 Year lease. 3br 2 bath + 2 - 1/2 baths - 4200 ft; Spectacular Waterfront Secluded Estate (Friday Harbor) This elegantly furnished custom waterfront home overlooks the San Juan Channel with 360 degree water views and Mt. Baker. This three bedroom, two and three quarter bath home has high end finishes throughout that include granite counters in the kitchen and baths, Jenn Air stove, Subzero refrigerator, formal dining, hardwood floors, imported tile, vaulted ceilings, huge stone fireplace, 52 inch LCD TV, and an open floor plan for easy entertaining. The large master also has great water, island and mountain views and includes a two sided fireplace, tiled shower, spa tub, walk in closets and double sinks. The fully finished daylight basement has a home theater and family room, an exercise room and studio room, all with water views. MUST SEE to appreciate the quality and amenities in the home. Call (425) 818-0988 for an appointment. For details visit 104355

STUDIO APARTMENT, fully furnished. Water view and beach access! Obstruction Pass Road. No smoking. No pets. Covered patio, own entry. Year round, $550 a month, plus cable and electric. First and last plus $200 refundable cleaning deposit. By appointment 360-376-2472 WA Misc. Rentals Duplexes/Multiplexes FRIDAY HARBOR

SMALL IN TOWN Apartment. One bedroom, one bath, kitchen and living room with wood stove. No pets. No smoking. Utilities included. $750/ month, $750/ deposit. Call 360-3784864 after 5pm.


real estate rentals FRIDAY HARBOR

DOWNTOWN OFFICE space at 470 Spring Street. 380 square feet on the ground floor. Private entrance and easy access. Includes off street parking. Price reduced to $350 a month. Call 360-378-7048 for more information.

Apartments for Rent San Juan County

284, 376, 426 SF With Parking & Utilities

Friday Harbor

Office Spaces

580 Guard Street



The Madrona Court Large 1 BR with storage. Quiet, mature residents. Cat okay, no dogs. $795, Call for details, 360-378-1320

jobs Employment Finance

Islander’s Bank is currently accepting applications for a

Full Time Teller

At the Friday Harbor Branch. This position is responsible for daily cash handling, processing customer transactions & customer service. Please submit resume to Islanders Bank, Human Resources Dept. PO Box 909, Friday Harbor, WA 98250,

or in person at your local branch. EEOE

Build up your business with our Service Guide Special: Four full weeks of advertising starting at $40. Call 800-388-2527 to place your ad today.

Part-time Bookkeeper Wanted

for non-profit organization in Friday Harbor. Must have working knowledge of Quickbooks and be familiar with basic accounting principles. Approximately 10-15 hours per week - some of which can be from your home. Submit your resume to: jmurphy@ or call Jan at: 360-298-2195.

ADOPT: Adoring young TV producer & attorney, home-cooking, beaches, sports await precious baby. Expenses paid. 1800-562-8287

Employment General

ADOPT: Adoring young TV producer & Attorney, home-cooking, beaches, sports await precious baby. Expenses paid 1800-562-8287 ADOPT: Caring, married couple wishes to give, affection & security to your baby. Expenses paid. Confidential. Call Debbi & Frank anytime 1-888-988-5499

“Afterglow Spa� in Roche Harbor seeking


Part time. Commission DOE. Excellent tips. Licensed LMP please send resume to

or contact Spa Director 360.378.9888

Four Winds Camp in Deer Harbor

financing Money to Loan/Borrow

LOCAL PRIVATE INVESTOR loans money on real estate equity. I loan on houses, raw land, commercial property and property development. Call Eric at (800) 563-3005. Get the ball rolling... Call 800-388-2527 today.

FURNISHED Condo with spectacular harbor and Mt. Baker views! Immaculate 2 bedroom, 1.75 bath. W/D, fireplace, 2 decks, 1 covered parking space. $1050 per month. Call Sondi at 619-980-7814 or email:


Commercial Rentals Office/Commercial


1.25 million readers make us a member of the largest suburban newspapers in Western Washington. Call us today to advertise. 800-388-2527

SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY BENEFITS. WIN or Pay Nothing! Start Your Application In Under 60 Seconds. Call Today! Contact Disability Group, Inc. Licensed Attorneys & BBB Accredited. Call 877-865-0180

Advertise your service

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CONDO FOR RENT. 2 bed, 1 bath spacious harbor view town condo. 2 level, balcony, woodburning stove, all appliances. Common area yard and garden. $900 month includes town utilities. No dogs or smoking. Lease negotiable. Available now! 360-298-0627.

1.25 million readers make us a member of the largest suburban newspapers in Western Washington. Call us today to advertise. 800-388-2527

800-388-2527 or

Find what you need 24 hours a day.

Friday Harbor

CREDIT CARD DEBT? LEGALLY HAVE IT REMOVED! Need a Minimum $7,000 in debt to qualify. Utilize Consumer Protection Attorneys. Call now 1-866-652-7630 for help. Ever Consider a Reverse Mortgage? At least 62 years old? Stay in your home & increase cash flow! Safe & Effective! Call Now for your FREE DVD! Call Now 866-9679407

General Financial

CASH NOW!! RECEIVING PAYMENTS from Mortgage Notes, Structured Settlements, Contest annuity or Cell Tower Lease? SELL PAYMENTS NOW! NYAC 1-800-338-5815 (void CA, NY) CREDIT CARD DEBT? Discover a new way to eliminate credit card debt fast. Minimum $8750 in debt required. Free information. Call 24hr recorded message: 1-801-6424747

ADOPTION: Local, happily-married, & stable couple, eager for baby (0-2yrs). Loving home filled with affection, strong family values & financial security for your baby. Joshua & Vanessa 4 2 5 - 7 8 0 - 7 5 2 6 Advertise your product or service nationwide or by region in up to 12 million households in North America’s best suburbs! Place your classified ad in over 815 suburban newspapers just like this one. Call Classified Avenue at 888-486-2466 or go to

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Wednesday, November 07, 2012 -- 15

General Financial

is hiring for 3 full time positions:

• • •

Registrar/Admin Assistant Maintenance Assistant Groundskeeper

Please visit website for details & how to apply. careers

LOPEZ ISLAND SCHOOL DISTRICT Lopez School is seeking Occupational Therapy services for school year 2012-13, for approximately 2 days per month, or equivalent. May be hired as contractual services or as school employee. Direct service and consultation/supervision of paraprofessional staff service providing, as well as IEP development and other special services input. Inquire to Bill Evans or Christina Krantz, Lopez School, 360.468.2202 AA/EOE

Employment General

Employment Media

Employment Transportation/Drivers

LOPEZ ISLAND SCHOOL DISTRICT Seeks qualified applicants 2012-13 School Year FINANCE MANAGER .6 FTE, 3 days per week

REPORTER Reporter sought for staff opening with the Peninsula Daily News, a sixday newspaper on Washington’s beautiful North Olympic Peninsula that includes the cities of Port Angeles, Sequim, Port Townsend and Forks (yes, the “Twilight� Forks, but no vampires or werewolves). Bring your experience from a weekly or small daily -from the first day, you’ll be able to show off the writing and photography skills you’ve already acquired while sharpening your talent with the help of veteran newsroom leaders. This is a general assignment reporting position in our Port Angeles office in which being a self-starter must be demonstrated through professional experience. Port Angeles-based Peninsula Daily News, circulation 16,000 daily and 15,000 Sunday (plus a website getting up to one million hits a month), publishes separate editions for Clallam and Jefferson counties. Check out the PDN at w w w. p e n i n s u l a d a i l y and the beauty and recreational opportunities at In-person visit and tryout are required, so Washington/Northwest applicants given preference. Send cover letter, resume and five best writing and photography clips to Leah Leach, managing editor/news, P.O. Box 1330, 305 W. First St., Port Angeles, WA 98362, or email

EXPERIENCED DRIVERS -- $1000 Sign-On Bonus! Excellent Regional Truckload Opportunities in Your Area. Be Home Every Week. Run Up To 2,000 Miles/Week. 866-333-1021

Responsibilities include all financial reporting such as monthly reports to the school board, year end financial statements, budget prep and monitoring, etc., plus supervision of payroll, HR, AP, AR, and purchasing, audit coordination, and grant coordination. This position works with the superintendent on bond and levy planning, union negotiations, and “big picture� financial recommendations. Accepting applications until filled. For information or an application packet please contact Christina at 360-468-2202 ext 2300 or AA/EOE

&INDĂĽIT ĂĽ"UYĂĽIT ĂĽ3ELLĂĽIT NW ADSCOM REPORTER The Bainbridge Island Review, a weekly community newspaper located in western Washington state, is accepting applications for a parttime general assignment Reporter. The ideal candidate will have solid reporting and writing skills, have up-to-date knowledge of the AP Stylebook, be able to shoot photos and video, be able to use InDesign, and contribute to staff blogs and Web updates. We offer vacation and sick leave, and paid holidays. If you have a passion for community news reporting and a desire to work in an ambitious, dynamic newsroom, we want to hear from you. E.O.E. Email your resume, cover letter and up to 5 non-returnable writing, photo and video samples to Or mail to BIRREP/HR Dept., Sound Publishing, 19351 8th Ave. NE, Suite 106, Poulsbo, WA 98370.

Employment Transportation/Drivers

DIVORCE $155. $175 with children. No court appearances. Complete preparation. Includes custody, support, property division and bills. BBB member. (503) 772-5295.

DRIVER --$0.01 increase per mile after 6 months and 12 months. Choose your hometime. $0.03 Quarterly Bonus. Requires 3 months recent experience. 800414-9569

San Juan County

Great Pay, Hometime! No-Forced Dispatch! New singles from Seattle, WA to surrounding states. Apply: or 888-567-4861

seeks a

For application materials and information about this full-time, grant-funded position, visit: or call Human Resources 360-370-7402 Screening begins 11/13/12. EOE.

Need an employer who gives you your own parking spot? Maybe it’s time to change jobs. Our online job search solution will provide you with job listings where you can view jobs that match your category. Your path to a better job begins at

TIRED of Being Gone? We can get you Home! Call Haney Truck Line one of best NW heavy haul carriers. Great pay/benefit package. 1888-414-4467. Health Care Employment


CERTIFIED NURSING ASSISTANTS Life Care Center of San Juan Islands

Full-time positions available for Washington-certified nursing assistants. Long-term care experience is preferred. We offer great pay and benefits, including medical coverage, 401(k) and paid vacation, sick days and holidays. Jean Staben, Interim Director of Nursing Phone: 360-378-2117 Fax: 360-378-5700 660 Spring St. Friday Harbor, WA 98250 Visit us online at: LCCA.COM. EOE/M/F/V/D – 35655


Use our handy online ad 24 hours a day form by clicking the “Place an adâ€? link at to put an ad in the ClassiďŹ eds online and in your local paper.


LUXURY Oceanfront Condos 2BR/2BA was $850k now $399,900 Resort Spa Restaurant Golf Marina 1-888996-2746 x 5466

Drivers: CDL-B:

DRIVERS -- Inexperienced/Experienced. Unbeatable career Opportunities. Trainee, Company Driver, Lease Operator, Lease Trainers. (877) 369-7105 w w w. c e n t r a l d r i v i n g


Life Care Center of the San Juan Islands in Friday Harbor Full-time night shift position available. Will work 32+ hours a week with set days off. Boarding is available if relocating from mainland to island. Must be a Washington-licensed RN. Previous experience in a long-term care facility a plus. We offer great pay and benefits, including medical coverage, 401(k) and paid vacation, sick days and holidays. Mercedes Carrion, Director of Nursing Phone: 360-378-2117 Fax: 360-378-5700 660 Spring St. Friday Harbor, WA 98250

Visit us online at: LCCA.COM. EOE/M/F/V/D – 36331

Health Care Employment


We are seeking qualified candidates for clinical and administrative positions for our programs in Skagit County & San Juan Island! Chemical Dependency Counselor PT or on-call. Mt. Vernon or Friday Harbor available. Clinician I or II F/T (40 hrs/wk) 41601. Mt. Vernon. Medication Nurse RN FT (40 hrs/wk) 41601. Mt. Vernon. PACT Team Leader/ Manager F/T (40 hrs/wk). Everett or Mt. Vernon available Peer Counselor P/T (20 hours/week). 41601. Mt. Vernon. Program Manager FT (40 hrs/wk). Friday Harbor. 12000 & 13000. Visit our website at: to learn more about our open positions. Please send rĂŠsumĂŠ & cover letter to: Compass Health, Human Resources Department PO Box 3810 MS 42 Everett, WA 98213 Email is preferred: Business Opportunities

A REWARDING CAREER that lets you earn money while helping others! Want to be your own boss, set your own hours? Independent Consultants needed for Unlimited Earning Potential. No previous sales experience req’d. Tools & full training provided. Learn more at Make Up To $2,000.00+ Per Week! New Credit Card Ready Drink-Snack Vending Machines. Minimum $4K to $40K+ Investment Required. Locations Available. BBB Accredited Business. (800) 962-9189 Schools & Training

AIRLINES ARE HIRINGTrain for hands on Aviation Maintenance Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualifiedHousing available. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance (877)818-0783Â ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE from Home. *Medical, *Business, *Criminal Justice. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. SCHEV authorized. Call 800-488-0386



*Medical, *Business, *Criminal Justice, *Hospitality. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. SCHEV authorized.

Call 800-488-0386

16 -- Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Schools & Training

ATTEND COLLEGE online from home. *Medical *Business *Criminal Justice. *Hospitality. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. SCHEV certified.. Call 866-483-4429.


DirecTV & DISH Network Serving the Islands Since 1998

domestic services

360-378-8260 SAN JUAN WIRELESS

DIRECTV Ultimate BUNDLE! TV plus Hi-Speed Internet plus Phone all for $29.99/month. LOCK in savings for 2 years on best packages! Call TODAY for details 1- 888717-4241

Domestic Services Adult/Elder Care

Is Your Loved One Getting The Quality, Personalized 24/7 Care They Deserve?

home services Home Services Kitchen and Bath


Dish Network lowest nationwide price $19.99 a month. FREE HBO/Cinemax/Starz FREE Blockbuster. FREE HD-DVR and install. Next day install 1-800-375-0784

Adult Family Home


Respite, Adult Day Care, Long Term Care, Transition to Hospice. State Lic. Private Care

For more selection, go to

DISH Network. Starting at $19.99/month PLUS 30 Premium Movie Channels FREE for 3 Months! SAVE! & Ask About SAME DAY Installation! CALL - 877-9921237

Advertise your service

800-388-2527 or

One Day Bath Remodeling Seamless Acrylic Wall Systems Lifetime Warranty

Easy access TUB to SHOWER Conversions

Home Furnishings

LIC. CAREGIVER I Care for Social through Terminal Life, Dementia, Alheizmers, Hospice & Copes Patients. 20 yr exp. Excellent References! Nights or Weekends

WWWNW ADSCOM ,OCALĂĽJOBSĂĽINĂĽPRINTĂĽANDĂĽON LINE *REDUCE YOUR CABLE BILL! * Get a 4Room All-Digital Satellite system installed for FREE and programming starting at $19.99/mo. FREE HD/DVR upgrade for new callers, SO CALL NOW. 1-800-699-7159


No tub rail to climb over. Safety bars & seats installed to your preference.

SAVE on Cable TV-Internet-Digital Phone. Packages start at $89.99/mo (for 12 months.) Options from ALL major service providers. Call Acceller today to learn more! CALL 1-877-736-7087

A+ rated on BBB & Angie’s List

Brad Wallace 360/391-3446


C.L. BATHFF97606


flea market Food & Farmer’s Market

SHARI`S BERRIES - Order Mouthwatering Gifts for any occasion! 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed. Hand-dipped berries from $19.99 plus s/h. SAVE 20 percent on qualifying gifts over $29! Visit or Call 1888-851-3847 Wrap up your Holiday Shopping with 100 percent guaranteed, delivered–tothe-door Omaha Steaks! SAVE 68 percent PLUS 2 FREE GIFTS - 26 Gourmet Favorites ONLY $49.99. ORDER Today 1- 888-697-3965 use code 45102ALN or www.Omaha Free Items Recycler

FREE 35� TV in excellent condition. Includes remote. You move. Friday Harbor. Call 360378-3186. Heavy Equipment

MANTIS Deluxe Tiller. NEW! FastStart engine. Ships FREE. One-Year Money-Back Guarantee when you buy DIRECT. Call for the DVD and FREE Good Soil book! 866-969-1041 Home Furnishings

Train for hands on Aviation Maintenance Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified − Housing available

CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance


ANTIQUE WARDROBE Beautiful crown molding! 2 Pine front doors and Walnut sides! Two large storage drawers. 80� tall, and 45� wide. 20� deep which is perfect for hanging clothes. Excellent cond! Loving transported from Minesota. $900. Bainbridge Island. Call Donna for an appointment to see this functional, gorgeous piece!! 206-780-1144.

DINING ROOM SET: All solid Maple, in exellent shape! 44� Round pedestal table (extends to 67�) and four chairs. Matching cut-away hutch 52�w x 75�h x 19�d. $900 OBO; will sell separately. 360-370-5023. WWWNW ADSCOM &INDüYOURüDREAMüJOBüON LINE Mail Order

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Medical Equipment

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Accepting resumes at: IS!TPVOEQVCMJTIJOHDPN PSCZNBJMUP,$&%)3 4PVOE1VCMJTIJOH *OD UI"WFOVF/&4VJUF 1PVMTCP  8" Please state which position and geographic area you are applying for.


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PUBLIC AUCTION SAN JUAN STORAGE Sat. Nov. 10th, 9am 2 units up for auction. Roche Harbor Road facility - 79 Eureka Dr. For more information & pre registration go to: or pick up flier at ACE Hardware


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Wednesday, November 07, 2012 -- 17



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, , Ê6°Ê",-"


" * / "  / ,  Ă&#x160;*  9 -    ~Â&#x201E;Â&#x201A;Ă&#x203A;JÂ?Ă&#x203A;9LIC@E>KFEĂ&#x203A;9CM;Â? 9LIC@E>KFEÂ&#x2022;Ă&#x203A;N8Ă&#x203A;Â&#x2020;Â&#x2026;Â&#x20AC;Â&#x20AC;Ă&#x203A; CF:8K<;Ă&#x203A;@EĂ&#x203A;:FJK:FĂ&#x203A;





ELECTRICAL Lew & Debbie Dickinson

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18 -- Wednesday, November 07, 2012

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The Journal of the San Juan Islands I

Marine Power

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San Juan County, as an Equal Opportunity Employer, does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, or veteran status in the provision of services, in programs or activities or employment opportunities and benefits. Direct inquiries to Administrative Services at (360) 378-3870. TTD relay at 1-800-833-6388. NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING TO CONSIDER CHANGES TO SAN JUAN COUNTY ADOPTED BUDGET FOR 2012 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the San Juan County Council will conduct a public hearing for the purpose of receiving testimony on 2 proposed Ordinances: Ordinance Revising County Budget for Supplemental Appropriations; and Ordinance Revising County Budget for Emergency Appropriations. The public hearing will be held in the Council Hearing Room at 55 Second Street, Friday Harbor, Washington on Tuesday, November 20, 2012 beginning at 10:15 AM. The hearing may be continued from time to time and place to place as may be desired by the Council without additional written notice. At the hearing, members of the public will be invited to speak and/or provide written statements regarding the proposed Ordinances. After the

public testimony portion of the hearing has ended, the Council will deliberate and consider modifications to the Ordinances that are proposed by members of the public, county employees or the Council. The proposed Ordinances may then be adopted with or without modifications. The Ordinance Revising County Budget for Supplemental Appropriations adds supplemental appropriations in the amount of $41,600. The Ordinance Revising County Budget for Emergency Appropriations increases the County appropriations in various funds by a total of approximately $859,080. All persons wishing to be heard on this matter are encouraged to attend. Written comments may be submitted in advance of the hearing by mail or at the hearing by delivery in person. Please deliver 8 copies of all written comments to the Clerk of the San

Juan County Council at 55 Second Street, Friday Harbor or mail to 355 Court Street#1, Friday Harbor, WA 98250. The Ordinances are filed at the Office of the County Council, 55 Second Street, Friday Harbor, WA and may be inspected and copies obtained at the Council offices during each business day between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. The Ordinance may also be viewed 24 hours a day at the County website at A copy of the proposed Ordinance/Resolution will be mailed without charge upon request. For more information please contact the Clerk of the County Council at 360-370-7472 and/or County Auditor Milene Henley at 360-370-7558. Legal No. SJ436034 Published: The Journal of the San Juan Islands, The Islandsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Sounder. November 7, 14, 2012.

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING TO DISCUSS REVENUES OF SAN JUAN COUNTY NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the San Juan County Council will conduct a public hearing for the purpose of receiving testimony on the Revenues of San Juan County. The public hearing will be held in the Council Hearing Room at 55 Second Street, Friday Harbor, Washington on Tuesday, 20, 2012 beginning at 8:45 AM. The hearing may be continued from time to time and place to place as may be desired by the Council without additional written notice. At the hearing, members of the public will be invited to speak and/or provide written statements regarding the Revenues. All persons wishing to be heard on this matter are encouraged to attend. Written comments may be submitted in advance of the hearing by mail or

at the hearing by delivery in person. Please deliver 8 copies of all written comments to the Clerk of the San Juan County Council at 55 Second Street, Friday Harbor or mail to 355 Court Street#1, Friday Harbor, WA 98250. For more information please contact the Clerk of the County Council at 360-370-7472 and/or the Audtorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Office at 360-378-3356. Legal No. SJ436039 Published: The Journal of the San Juan Islands, The Islandsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Sounder. November 7, 14, 2012.


Project Description

Tax Parcel Number Project Location Island

Applicant / Agent Name and Address


Reclassify as Farm & Ag Conservation Land

251233001, 567 Center Road, Lopez Island

John & Carol Avent, 567 Center Rd. Lopez, WA 98261


Add rooftop antennas to building

262114010, 65 Orcas Hill Road, Orcas Village, Orcas Island


Stairs to the water, after-thefact


Stairs to water


Joint-use dock

152950043, 1047 Chinook Way, Center Island 161024008, 1442 Pioneer Hill Road, Orcas Island 241023001, btwn 328 and 344 Burt Rd., Lopez Island 363431004, 498 Shoreline Road, San Juan Island

Seattle SMSA LP (Verizon Wireless), c/o Madeline Chaney, Odelia Pacific Corporation, 425 Pontius Ave. N., Suite 200, Seattle, WA 98109 David Milne, c/o Jeff Otis, 393 Bobbyann Road, Eastsound, WA 98245 Don Stillman and Judith Scott, c/o Jeff Otis, 393 Bobbyann Road, Eastsound, WA 98245 John Pohl & Susan Wycoff Pohl c/o Jeff Otis, 393 Bobbyann Road, Eastsound, WA 98245 Lisa Spader c/o SJ Prop. Mgmt., Travis Mager, PO Box 2717, Friday Harbor, WA 98250

Other Date of Date Required Application Complete Permits*

SEPA Existing End Date End Date** Hearing Threshold Environmental for SEPA for Project Body Determina Documents Comments Comments tion

Hearing Place

Hearing Date




Farm Plan




County Council

Council Hearing Room

11/20/12 10:15 am



Building permit











SEPA checklist







SEPA checklist






HPA, Sect. SEPA checklist, 10 Dive survey




Hearing Islanders Examiner Bank admin. bldg. Hearing Islanders Examiner Bank admin. bldg Islanders Hearing Examiner Bank admin. bldg..

1/9/13 1/9/13 2/13/13

Vacation rental of 3-bedroom 10/31/12 10/31/12 None Exempt NA 11/28/12 house Vacation rental 272211005, PPROV0- of either 2-bdrm Heidi S. Hudlet, PO Box 508, 192 Maddie Lane, 10/26/12 10/26/12 None Exempt NA 11/28/12 12-0030 house or 1Eastsound, WA 98245 Orcas Island bdrm ADU Desal system Islanders 271124010, NPDES, PSJ000ESWA c/o Richard Hobbs, PO Box SEPA checklist, Hearing for Eastsound Band admin 1/9/13 far end of Nina Lane, 10/10/12 10/10/12 HPA, DNS 11/21/12 12/7/12 12-0012 Water Users 4307, Roche Harbor, WA 98250 wetland report Examiner bldg. Orcas Island Sect.10 Assoc. SEPA Determination: San Juan County has determined that the projects SEPA Comments: Anyone desiring Application Comments: Any file may be NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARINGS: Hearing Examiner noted above with a DNS or MDNS will not have probable significant adverse to comment on the Threshold examined by appointment during regular business meetings on San Juan Island start at 10:00 a.m., in the impacts on the environment and has issued a Threshold Determination Determination can do so by hours at the San Juan County CD&P, Courthouse Islanders Bank Admin. Building downstairs meeting pursuant to Sections 197-11-310 and 197-11-340 WAC. An Environmental submitting a written statement to Annex, Friday Harbor. Anyone desiring to room, 225 Blair Street, Friday Harbor. Planning Impact Statement will not be required under Section 43.21C.030 (2)(c) RCW. CD&P, P. O. Box 947 (135 Rhone comment on the Notice of Application can do so by Commission meetings begin at 8:45 am. Any person This determination was made after review of the environmental checklist and Street), Friday Harbor, WA. 98250 no submitting a written statement to CD&P no later desiring to comment prior to the hearing shall submit a other environmental information on file at Community Development and later than the comment date specified than the end date for project comments specified statement in writing to CD&P, PO Box 947, Friday Planning (CD&P). The County has determined that the requirements for above. The Threshold Determination above. Anyone who desires to provide testimony Harbor, WA. 98250. Written comments may also be environmental analysis, protection, and mitigation measures have been may be appealed by submitting a in the public hearing or desires a copy of the submitted at the hearing. A copy of the staff report for adequately addressed in the development regulations and comprehensive written statement of appeal along with decision for this project may do so by requesting this hearing may be obtained generally 7 days prior to plan adopted under Chapter 36.70A RCW, and in other applicable local, the basis for the appeal and a fee to such from CD&P. A copy of the staff report for this the public hearing from CD&P at the address above. state, or federal laws or rules, as provided by Section 43.21C.240 RCW and CD&P within 21 days after the end of project may be obtained from CD&P generally 7 * As directed by applicant, per UDC18.80.030.A.3.f Section 197-11-158 WAC, or as may be conditioned within any MDNS. the SEPA comment period. days prior to the public hearing. ** Suggested, Per UDC 18.80.030.B. PPROV012-0031

NOTICE OF DECISIONS: Hearing Examiner decisions are posted on the County website at: LEGAL NO. SJ701277 Published: The Journal of the San Juan Islands, The Islandsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Sounder, NOVEMBER 7, 2012

The Journal of the San Juan Islands I

Wednesday, November 07, 2012 -- 19

TOWN OF FRIDAY HARBOR LEGAL NOTICES ORDINANCE NO. 1498 AN ORDINANCE amending FHMC 13.20 relating to sewer service disconnections was adopted by the Town Council on Thursday, November 1, 2012. The full text of this ordinance shall be mailed upon request to the Town Clerk, POB 219, Friday Harbor, Washington, 98250 / (360) 378 2810.

Legal No. FH436047 Published: The Journal of the San Juan Islands. November 7, 2012. PUBLIC NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the Council of the Town of Friday Harbor, Washington has placed on file with the Town Clerk its preliminary 2013

Budget for the Town of Friday Harbor. A copy will be available for review at Town Hall, 60 Second Street, Friday Harbor, WA 98250 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. The Council of the Town of Friday Harbor, Washington will hold a PUBLIC HEARING on revenue resources for the 2013 Town Budget at 12:25

p.m. on November 15, 2012 at Town Hall, 60 Second Street, Friday Harbor, WA 98250. PLEASE PUBLISH AS LEGAL November 7th and 14th, 2012 Thank you! Legal No. FH436024 Published: The Journal of the San Juan Islands. November 7, 14, 2012

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MISCELLANEOUS LEGAL NOTICES 7301.28367 Grantors: Northwest Trustee Services, Inc. CitiMortgage, Inc. Grantee: Richard E. Callahan and Nancy C. Callahan, as Trustees of the Callahan Family Trust Dated March 24, 1998 Ref to DOT Auditor File No.: 20060227023 Tax Parcel ID No.: 351149056000 Abbreviated Legal: Unit 6 Victoria Crossing Notice of Trustee’s Sale Pursuant to the Revised Code of Washington 61.24, et seq. THIS NOTICE IS THE FINAL STEP BEFORE THE FORECLOSURE SALE OF YOUR HOME You have only 20 DAYS from the recording date on this notice to pursue mediation. DO NOT DELAY. CONTACT A HOUSING COUNSELOR OR AN ATTORNEY LICENSED IN WASHINGTON NOW to assess your situation and refer you to mediation if you are eligible and it may help you save your home. See below for safe sources of help. SEEKING ASSISTANCE Housing counselors and legal assistance may be available at little or no cost to you. If you would like assistance in determining your rights and opportunities to keep your house, you may contact the following: The statewide foreclosure hotline for assistance and referral to housing counselors recommended by the Housing Finance Commission Telephone: Toll-free: 1-877-894-HOME (1-877-894-4663). Web site: The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development Telephone: Toll-free: 1-800-569-4287. Web site: e x . c f m ? w e b L i s t A c t i o n = s e a rc h & s e a rc h state=WA&filterSvc=dfc The statewide civil legal aid hotline for assistance and referrals to other housing counselors and attorneys Telephone: Toll-free: 1-800-606-4819. Web site: I. On December 7, 2012, at 10:00 a.m. inside the main lobby of the San Juan County Courthouse, 350 Court Street in the City of Friday Harbor, State of Washington, the undersigned Trustee (subject to any conditions imposed by the Trustee) will sell at public auction to the highest and best bidder, payable at time of sale, the following described real property “Property”, situated in the County(ies) of San Juan, State of Washington: Unit 6, Victoria Crossing, a Condominium according to the Declaration thereof recorded June 29, 1990, under Auditor’s File Number 90166738, and Survey Map and Plans thereof recorded in Volume 1 of Condominiums at Pages 39, 39A, 39B, 39C, 39D and 39E records of San Juan County, Washington. Together with limited common element parking space No. 6. Situate in San Juan County, Washington Commonly known as: 740 Guard Street #6 Friday Harbor, WA 98250 which is subject to that certain Deed of Trust dated 02/13/06, recorded on 02/27/06, under Auditor’s File No. 20060227023, records of San Juan County, Washington, from Richard E. Callahan and Nancy C. Callahan, husband and wife as community property and as joint tenants with right of survivorship and not as tenants in common, as Grantor, to First American Title Insurance Company, as Trustee, to secure an obligation “Obligation” in favor of Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. solely as nominee for Metrocities Mortgage, LLC, as Beneficiary, the beneficial interest in which was assigned by Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. solely as nominee for Metrocities Mortgage, LLC to CitiMortgage, Inc., under an Assignment/Successive Assignments recorded under Auditor’s File No. 2012-0403016. *The Tax Parcel ID number and Abbreviated Legal Description are provided solely to comply with the recording statutes and are not intended to supplement, amend or supersede the Property’s full legal description provided herein. II. No action commenced by the Beneficiary of the Deed of Trust is now pending to seek satisfaction of the Obligation in any Court by reason of the Grantor’s or Borrower’s default on the Obligation secured by the Deed of Trust. III. The Beneficiary alleges default of the Deed of Trust for failure to pay the following amounts now in arrears and/or other defaults: Amount due to reinstate by 07/28/2012 Monthly Payments $14,129.40 Late Charges $642.00 Lender’s Fees & Costs $233.34 Total Arrearage $15,004.74 Trustee’s Expenses (Itemization) Trustee’s Fee $607.50 Title Report $674.83 Statutory Mailings $20.00 Recording Costs $14.00 Postings $70.00 Sale Costs $0.00 Total Costs $1,386.33 Total Amount Due: $16,391.07

Other known defaults as follows: IV. The sum owing on the Obligation is: Principal Balance of $153,838.02, together with interest as provided in the note or other instrument evidencing the Obligation from 07/01/11, and such other costs and fees as are due under the Obligation, and as are provided by statute. V. The Property will be sold to satisfy the expense of sale and the Obligation as provided by statute. The sale will be made without representation or warranty, express or implied regarding title, possession, encumbrances or condition of the Property on December 7, 2012. The default(s) referred to in paragraph III, together with any subsequent payments, late charges, advances costs and fees thereafter due, must be cured by 11/26/12 (11 days before the sale date), to cause a discontinuance of the sale. The sale will be discontinued and terminated if at any time before the close of the Trustee’s business on 11/26/12 (11 days before the sale date), the default(s) as set forth in paragraph III, together with any subsequent payments, late charges, advances, costs and fees thereafter due, is/are cured and the Trustee’s fees and costs are paid. The sale may be terminated any time after 11/26/12 (11 days before the sale date), and before the sale by the Borrower, Grantor, any Guarantor or the holder of any recorded junior lien or encumbrance paying the entire balance of principal and interest secured by the Deed of Trust, plus costs, fees, and advances, if any made pursuant to the terms of the obligation and/or Deed of Trust, and curing all other defaults. VI. A written notice of default was transmitted by the Beneficiary or Trustee to the Borrower and Grantor at the following address(es): NAME AND ADDRESS Richard E. Callahan 740 Guard Street #6 Friday Harbor, WA 98250 Richard E. Callahan PO Box 1406 Carmel, CA 93921 Nancy C. Callahan 740 Guard Street #6 Friday Harbor, WA 98250 Nancy C. Callahan PO Box 1406 Carmel, CA 93921 by both first class and either certified mail, return receipt requested on 04/03/12, proof of which is in the possession of the Trustee; and on 04/03/12 Grantor and Borrower were personally served with said written notice of default or the written notice of default was posted on a conspicuous place on the real property described in paragraph I above, and the Trustee has possession of proof of such service or posting. VII. The Trustee, whose name and address are set forth below, will provide in writing to anyone requesting it a statement of all foreclosure costs and trustee’s fees due at any time prior to the sale. VIII. The effect of the sale will be to deprive the Grantor and all those who hold by, through or under the Grantor of all their right, title and interest in the Property. IX. Anyone having any objection to the sale on any grounds whatsoever will be afforded an opportunity to be heard as to those objections if they bring a lawsuit to restrain the sale pursuant to RCW 61.24.130. Failure to bring such a lawsuit may result in a waiver of any proper grounds for invalidating the Trustee’s sale. X. NOTICE TO OCCUPANTS OR TENANTS - The purchaser at the Trustee’s Sale is entitled to possession of the property on the 20th day following the sale, as against the Grantor under the Deed of Trust (the owner) and anyone having an interest junior to the deed of trust, including occupants who are not tenants. After the 20th day following the sale the purchaser has the right to evict occupants who are not tenants by summary proceedings under Chapter 59.12 RCW. For tenant-occupied property, the purchaser shall provide a tenant with written notice in accordance with RCW 61.24.060. The trustee’s rules of auction may be accessed at and are incorporated by this reference. You may also access sale status at and EFFECTIVE: 07/28/2012 Northwest Trustee Services, Inc., Trustee Authorized Signature P.O. BOX 997 Bellevue, WA 98009-0997 Contact: Claire Swazey (425) 586-1900. (TS# 7301.28367) 1002.212263-File No. LEGAL NO. J434202 Published: The Journal of the San Juan Islands. November 7, 28, 2012.

IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON FOR SAN JUAN COUNTY LAWRENCE H. TEW, a single person, Plaintiff, v. LILLY C. ANDERSON a.k.a. L. C. GROSS, a single person; and all other persons or parties unknown claiming any right, title, interest or lien in the real estate described herein, Defendant. NO. 12-2-05160-8 SUMMONS BY PUBLICATION The State of Washington to the said LILLY C. ANDERSON, a.k.a. L.C. Gross, defendant: You are hereby summoned to appear within sixty (60) days after the date of the first publication of this summons, to wit, within sixty (60) days after the 7th day of November, 2012 and defend the above-entitled action in the above-entitled court, and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Lawrence H. Tew, and serve a copy of your answer upon the undersigned attorneys for plaintiffs, Thomas D. Sandstrom, of the Law Offices of Skinner & Saar, P.S., at their office below stated; and in case of your failure to do so, judgment will be rendered against you according to the demand of the complaint, which has been filed with the clerk of said court. This action is being brought forth to seek quiet title of real property located in San Juan County, Washington. DATED this 1st day of November, 2012. LAW OFFICE OF SKINNER & SAAR, P.S. P.O. Box 668 Friday Harbor, WA 98250 By:Thomas D. Sandstrom / #41370 Attorneys for plaintiff/interpleader LEGAL NO. J435972 Published: The Journal of the San Juan Islands. November 7, 14, 21, 28, December 5, 12, 2012.

IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF SAN JUAN IN PROBATE In The Matter of The Estate of GEORGIANA FERN CHRISTENSEN, (aka Fern Georgeann Christensen) Deceased. NOTICE TO CREDITORS PROBATE NO. 12 4 05054 4 The Personal Representative named below has been appointed and has qualified as Personal Representative of this estate. Persons having claims against the decedent must, prior to the time such claims would be barred by any otherwise applicable statute of limitations, serve their claims on the Personal Representative or the attorney of record at the address stated below and file an executed copy of the claim with the Clerk of this Court within four months after the date of first publication of this notice or within four months after the date of the filing of the copy of this Notice with the Clerk of the Court, whichever is later or, except under those provisions included in RCW 11.40.011 or 11.40.013, the

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claim will be forever barred. This bar is effective as to claims against both the probate assets and nonprobate assets of the decedent. DATE OF FILING COPY OF NOTICE TO CREDITORS with Clerk of the Court: 10/8/2012 DATE OF FIRST PUBLICATION: 10/24/2012 Dated this 4th day of October, 2012. /s/ Rena Joan Jorgenson Personal Representative Attorney for the Estate: Diana G. Hancock, WSBA #29325 175 Village Road P.O. Box 160 Lopez, WA 98261 (360) 468-3871 LEGAL NO. S432040 Published: The Islands’ Sounder October 31, November 7, 14, 2012 NOTICE An FCC licensed facility is proposed for modification at 108 Spring St. Friday Harbor, WA 98239. The FCC is seeking public comment on the proposed project as part of the review process by the Washington Department of Archeology and Historic Preservation. Please respond within 30 days of this publication to: Adapt Engineering Inc., 10725 SW Barbur Blvd., Suite 200, Portland, OR 97219 Attn: WA12-17848-016 LEGAL NO. J434991 Published: The Journal of the San Juan Islands. November 7, 2012. NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING TO CONSIDER PROPOSED RESOLUTION: A RESOLUTION REVISING HEALTH AND COMMUNITY SERVICES FEE SCHEDULE FOR ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH AND PERSONAL HEALTH SERVICES NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the San Juan County Board of Health will conduct a public hearing for the purpose of receiving testimony on a proposed resolution Revising Health and Community Services Fee Schedule for Environmental Health and Personal Health Services. The San Juan County Board of Health has scheduled a public hearing for Wednesday November 14, 2012, at 11:45 a.m. in the Legislative Hearing Room, 55 2nd Street, Friday Harbor, Washington. The hearing may be continued from time to time and place to place as may be desired by the Board without additional written notice. The following is a summary of the proposed changes to both fee schedules: to increase all Environmental Health fees by 10 percent; to modify the temporary food service permit to include four categories and fees based on risk and number of events; and to increase the Personal Health Services administrative fee charge for our adult private pay vaccines from $19.00 to $23.00. Copies of the resolution and proposed fee schedules are available at San Juan County Health and Community Services, 145 Rhone Street, Friday Harbor, phone number (360) 378-4474. Questions regarding Environmental Health fees should be directed to Mark Tompkins. Questions regarding Personal Health Services fee scheduled should be directed to Susan Leff. At the hearing, members of the pub-

lic will be invited to speak and/or provide written statements regarding the proposed resolution. After the public testimony portion of the hearing has ended, the Board will deliberate and consider modifications to the resolution that are proposed by members of the public, county employees or the Board. The proposed resolution may then be adopted with or without modifications. All persons wishing to be heard on this matter are encouraged to attend. Written comments may be submitted in advance of the hearing by mail or at the hearing by delivery in person. Please send eight copies of all written comments to the San Juan County Board of Health, c/o San Juan County Health & Community Services at P.O. Box 607, Friday Harbor, WA 98250 (360) 378-4474. For more information you are encouraged to contact San Juan County Health & Community Services. LEGAL NO. J433903 Published: The Journal of the San Juan Islands. October 31, November 7, 2012. NOTICE The Regular San Juan County Fire Protection District #5 (Shaw Island) Board of Commissioners Meeting and the 2013 Budget Hearing will be held on Monday, November 12, 2012, at the Shaw Community Building at 5:00 pm. LEGAL NO. J430560 Published: The Journal of the San Juan Islands. November 7, 14, 2012. NOTICE The Regular San Juan County Fire Protection District #5 (Shaw Island) Board of Commissioners Meeting and the 2013 Budget Hearing will be held on Monday, November 12, 2012, at the Shaw Community Building at 4:30 pm. LEGAL NO. J430662 Published: The Journal of the San Juan Islands. October 31, November 7, 2012. NOTICE The San Juan School District is accepting bids for the following surplus sports equipment and books. Sealed bids will be accepted until noon, Friday, Nov 30, 2012 at the District Administrative Office, 285 Blair Street P.O. Box 458, Friday Harbor, WA 98250. Roller Skates, 58 pairs, Jogger and Krypto, various sizes 1-10 and “baby” sizes 8-13 Obsolete textbooks and a variety of young adult classic paperback novels Contact Maude Cumming, Admin Assistant San Juan Island School District (360) 378-4133, for more information and a complete list. LEGAL NO. J434188 Published: The Journal of the San Juan Islands. October 31, November 7, 14, 2012.

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20 — Wednesday, November 7, 2012

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Library drive-thru book return bin Just in time for the rainy season, San Juan Island Library’s new drive-up book return bin opened for business on Oct. 31. While accessible from the driver’s car window, the drive-up return bin can also be used by pedestrians, or those in a wheelchair, on a bicycle, with a stroller, or even from a skateboard. Like the library’s original book-return slots, the new return bin is available 24 hours a day, including holidays, when the library itself is closed. Purchase of the drive-up was financed by Friends of the San Juan Island Library. Convenient drive-up book return was identified as a top priority by the public and patrons as part of the library’s recent long-range planning effort. In addition to its collections of books, audio books and DVDs to loan, the library also provides computers for

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public use. The library web site offers 24/7 resources on consumer, financial and academic information, language learning, and test preparation. Library hours: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Tuesday and Thursday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Sunday, 1-5 p.m. Library cards are free to island residents, proof of residency required.

Autumn on Whidbey Wine & Art Tour November 10 - 11, 2012 Tickets: $20 advance $25 at event

or call 360-321-0515



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Outsmart the elements; drive-by, drop-off now available at San Juan Island Library.

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The Medicare Enrollment Deadline is December 7.

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Register for a local Medicare seminar where you can learn more about your options from a Regence Medicare expert. Get infoRMation about: • SilverSneakers® Fitness Program included in your membership • No referrals needed when you see a specialist • Routine vision and preventive dental care The Microsoft Store, Meeting Room 116 Bellevue Square, Bellevue Thursday, November 8, 10:00 a.m.

Regence BlueShield, Glacier Peak Conference Room 1800 9th Ave., Seattle Thursday, November 8, 10:00 a.m. Tuesday, November 27, 10:00 a.m.

Federal Way Community Center 876 S. 333rd St., Federal Way Friday, November 9, 10:00 a.m.

Renton Community Center 1715 SE Maple Valley Highway, Renton Tuesday, November 13, 10:00 a.m.

The Polyclinic Broadway, General Meeting Room 1145 Broadway, Seattle Thursday, November 15, 10:00 a.m.

Old Redmond Schoolhouse Community Center 16600 NE 80th St., Redmond Friday, November 16, 10:00 a.m.

1-866-650-2389 (TTY users should call 711) Monday–friday, 8 a.m.–8 p.m. |

the benefit information provided herein is a brief summary, not a comprehensive description, of available benefits. for more information, contact the plan. Limitations, copayments and restrictions may apply. benefits may change on January 1 of each year. a sales person will be present with information and applications. for accommodation of persons with special needs at sales meetings, call 1-888-734-3623, 48 hours in advance. ttY users should call 711. Regence blueShield is a Health plan with a Medicare contract. Regence blueShield is an independent licensee of the blue Cross and blue Shield association. H5009_SWPa4Wa aCCePted

Journal of the San Juans, November 07, 2012  

November 07, 2012 edition of the Journal of the San Juans

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