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The Importance of Whole-Person Wellness NATALIE WILCOX MCCANN Director of Resident Services Judson Park Retirement Community


hen area senior Iris Hecks moved into the retirement community where her mother had lived, she knew she would enjoy many aspects of her apartment and assumed she would make more friends. She had no idea she would improve her health and impress her doctors through the improvements in her bone density and strength. Iris is now a poster child for the active, healthy lifestyle promoted in many senior living communities. She now serves as a vital volunteer within the community, connecting with other residents needing more care. She has taken part in Cognitive Health classes to benefit memory and brain plasticity, eventually graduating to become a tutor to other seniors in the community. She rarely misses a day of exercise class, and during recent health challenges, Iris has bounced back quickly. In addition to participating in her church services and activities, Iris find spiritual replenishment through weekly nature hikes. Iris is a wonderful example of Successful Aging and an exemplary model of whole person wellness. Whole Person (or Holistic) Wellness can be defined in many ways. Most definitions reflect that of one’s physical being, one’s emotional status and one’s spiritual strength interplay to create overall wellbeing. A simplistic way of understand-

ing holistic health may be to recognize that the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. Focusing only on one muscle group or characteristic of your health may unfortunately have a negative impact on other critical aspects of wellbeing. Most experts agree that the following five areas are crucial elements of whole-person health: Social/Emotional Wellbeing (being connected, having a support system, managing stress, manifesting optimism) Physical Health (including cardiovascular wellness, flexibility/balance and strength rather than just the absence of disease) Intellectual Health (the ability to use thoughts and logic to solve problems) Spiritual Wellbeing (connectedness with a higher power, the eternal part of one’s self that provides solace in times of challenge) Occupational/Vocational Health (having a sense of purpose or being needed by someone else either for paid or unpaid work) For many older adults, having a longer life is not necessarily the goal. They may have outlived a spouse or friends and may have seen more changes than they thought possible in the world around. Instead, experiencing a quality life, one filled with laughter, meaningful use of time, friendship and respect, is of greater significance. Often we suppose that we have no control of our health

issues, believing that we age as our parents did and that genetics predispose us to the same disease processes. However, the book “Successful Aging,� by Drs. Rowe and Kahn, debunks this myth. Based on a ten-year MacArthur Foundation Study on Aging, “Successful Aging� shares the research which reflects a different reality: while there are some disease processes that are unavoidable, only 30% of the way we age is driven by genetics; 70% is based on our lifestyle choices! What does this mean for those of us looking our older years in the eye? How can we take stock of how we spend our time and make the best decisions possible? Some local seniors, like Iris, have taken advantage of one of the benefits of living at Judson Park Retirement Community in Des Moines, WA, where a partnership exists with another not-for-profit organization, Masterpiece Living. Masterpiece Living was created through the efforts of Dr. Kahn, the co-author of “Successful Aging� who believed that we should not just study the impact of lifestyle choices on aging, but also put what we learn into practice! Masterpiece Living offers tools to promote healthy lifestyle choices which include assessments: the Lifestyle and Mobility Review and Mobility Booster as well as health initiatives including Walk to Wellness, My Stress Solution, Vertical (a Fall Reduction program), Neurobics and more! When asked how the positive lifestyle changes she has made to benefit her whole-person have impacted her life, Iris replied, “Taking part in the programs that Judson Park has to offer has given me a greater sense of self-worth and usefulness. I feel more confident and better about myself.� Iris also stated that knowing she is surrounded by likeminded others and a support structure of a continuing care community like Judson Park has given her peace of mind and a sense of serenity. Now that’s a wonderful example of wholeperson wellness! XXX+VETPO1BSLDPNt

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roudly serving the community since 1910, Greenwood Memorial Park and Funeral home is changing to better accommodate your family’s funeral, burial or cremation needs. We are always striving to serve you better. We have added the Garden of Harmony, the extension of our peaceful Southlawn Garden and the beautiful second phase of our Garden of Eternal Peace. We offer a serene ambience where families come to pay their respects.




Local Families Turn to New Quiz for Guidance with Aging Parents STACEY HILTON

Put these Estate Planning Moves to Work

of the Senior Helpers’ Stay At Home Score RVJ[i*EFWFMPQFEUIJTRVJ[UPHJWFBEVMU children a guideline to determine their parents’ needs, whether they are self-sufficient, if they can live at home with help from an in-home caregiver, or if it’s time to move them to a place where they can get roundthe-clock care.�

Like everyone else, you want to leave a legacy. To make it happen, though, you need to do some estate planning. For most of us, that sounds like a scary :PVKVTUSFUVSOFEIPNFGSPNWJTJUJOH task, but it doesn’t have to be — as long as you break it down into a few key your parents with the horrifying realization moves. UIBU.PNPS%BEOFFETIFMQ:PVLFQURVJFU Here, in a nutshell, are some of the broad-based moves you’ll want to conin front of your parents, not to disrupt the sider: good time, but when you get back home, sett$PNNVOJDBUFZPVSXJTIFT8IFOESBXJOHVQZPVSFTUBUFQMBO ZPVDBOU tled into your routine, Mom’s forgetfulness leave anything to chance — so you need to communicate your wishes PS%BETDMVNTJOFTTIBVOUTZPV:PVBOE Senior Helpers’ Stay At Home Score Quiz in writing. This means you need to draw up the appropriate legal docuyour siblings don’t agree on the severity of (www.stayathomescore.com) UIFQSPCMFN:PVSFQBOJDLFE6OTVSF)PX ments, such as a will and a living trust. If you die intestate (without a TBNQMFRVFTUJPOTɼFSFBSFBOTXFST are you supposed to know if Mom or Dad UIBUSBOHFGSPN/FWFSUP"MXBZT

will), your belongings will be distributed to your “heirsâ€? as defined by needs help and to what degree? 1. Support - My parent has easy access state laws — and these distributions may not be at all what you had in That’s why Senior Helpers, one of the to a caring support system of family and mind. If you want to avoid probate and possibly draw up more complex largest in-home senior care companies in friends that he/she can rely on for daily instructions —, for instance, leaving different amounts of money to the nation, has created the Senior Helpers’ assistance with physical, financial, and different heirs at different points in their lives — you may also need to 4UBZ"U)PNF4DPSFRVJ[*UTBRVJDL FJHIU emotional needs. These family members and create a trust. RVFTUJPORVJ[BEVMUDIJMESFOUBLFUPIFMQ friends can provide this support willingly, determine whether their parents can live t1SPUFDUZPVSGBNJMZ8IFOZPVIFBSUIFXPSETiFTUBUFQMBOOJOH wZPVS without compromising their own daily lives independently in their own home. and schedules. first thoughts may be of what you can leave behind to grown children, ÉĽFRVJ[XBTDSFBUFEGPS4FOJPS)FMQFSTCZ .PCJMJUZ.ZQBSFOUJTWFSZNPCJMF grandchildren and even great-grandchildren. But if you develop your Dr. John Bowling, a professor at Southern and can walk indoors and outdoors easily, estate plan while your children are young — and you certainly should — 0SFHPO6OJWFSTJUZBOEBOFYQFSUPOTFOJPS without falling. He/she can get into and out you should name a guardian for them in case both you and your spouse care and positive aging. After you take the of bed, chairs, showers and tubs easily, and were to die prematurely. Of course, you’ll also need to consider having RVJ[ ZPVIBWFBHPPEJOEJDBUPSJG.PNPS can climb stairs without slipping or pausing. the right type and amount of life insurance for survivor income and loan Dad needs help. He/she can safely operate an automobile repayments. “Aging parents may insist they’re well and navigate city streets and highways. enough to live in their own homes even if This story affects so many in your comt1PTJUJPOZPVSJOWFTUNFOUTUPCFOFĂŤUZPVSIFJST:PVDBOBSSBOHFGPS they’re not,â€? says Dr. John Bowling, senior munity because of the growing population some of your investments to provide significant benefits to your heirs. care and positive aging expert, and creator of seniors who will need help as they age. For example, you can stretch your IRA to extend the key benefit of IRAs ‰UBYEFGFSSFEFBSOJOHT‰PWFSBQFSJPEPGTFWFSBMZFBST:PVTIPVME also make sure you’ve updated beneficiary designations on various accounts, such as annuities and 401(k) plans, to make sure the assets go to the right people. These designations are very important, as they can supersede even the instructions in your will. t1SPUFDUBHBJOTUJODBQBDJUZ/POFPGVTDBOQSFEJDUUIFTIBQFPGPVS physical and mental well-being in the years to come. But to protect your family, you’ll certainly want to be prepared for everything. That’s why you’ll want to make the The Best appropriate arrangements, such as establishing a Quality Care, Inc power of attorney and health care directive, while “We treat your loved one like familyâ€? you’re still healthy. These types of documents will Care by an experienced RN empower family members, or other people close to you, to take the necessary steps to carry out mark@thebestqualitycare.com your wishes even if you become incapacitated. As thebestqualitycare.com with other aspects of your estate plan, however, you’ll want to review these arrangements periodi206-793-1716 cally to make sure they still reflect your current 17434 128 Ave SE thinking. Renton, WA 98058 To make any of these moves — in fact, to make any moves at all related to estate planning — you’ll need to work with a team of professionals, Adult Family Home including your tax, legal and financial advisors. $PNQSFIFOTJWFFTUBUFQMBOOJOHDBOCFDPNQMFY “Experienced and and time-consuming — but it’s worth the effort. Quality Care in a Home Settingâ€? $POUBDU,FWJO)BTTMJOHFSBUPS ,FWJO)BTTMJOHFS!FEXBSEKPOFTDPN sweetcarehome.com 690643


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This article was written by Edward Jones for use by your local Edward Jones Financial Advisor. Edward Jones does not provide tax or legal advice.

Downsize to the Right Size By Catherine Arendt Catherine Arendt is a downsizing expert and the At Your Service Manager at Era Living’s retirement communities.


f you are considering a move to a retirement community, now or in the future, downsizing is likely a hot topic for you and your family. Downsizing, moving, and changing your life is not easy. I like to think of it as a journey. As you embark on the downsizing journey, you will likely feel a mix of emotions. It is important to understand that these feelings are part of the process; keep in mind that you are letting go of things, not memories. Think of the journey as an opportunity to refine your life, to keep the items you love most, and to create a ‘best of the best’ lifestyle. Here are some tips to help you along your downsizing journey: Tips for keeping the peace: t4UBSUXJUIDPNNVOJDBUJPO*OWPMWF your family and friends, ideally in an

in-person meeting. Ask what they hold most important. You just might be surprised at what they share. t"TQFPQMFXPSLUPXBSEBHPBM UIFZ are in a positive position to evaluate disputed items. Focus most of your energy on what you can agree on, and set contentious items aside to work out later. t6OEFSTUBOEBOEDPNNVOJDBUFUIBU there is nothing in the house, and that no “stuff â€? is more important than your relationships with each other. Tips and Tricks of Downsizing: t&YQFDUUPGFFMFNPUJPO*UJTIFMQGVM to begin in a less personal space such as a spare bedroom and build up to the more difficult decisions. t*GUJNFBMMPXT TUBSUTNBMM4QFOE 15 minutes on a drawer you have not opened in a long time. You might think ‘that’s easy’ and tackle two drawers. t$PORVFSUIFCJHTUVĂŞCZTPSUJOH items into things you use every day, items you absolutely love, donations and garbage. For a complimentary downsizing guide, please contact Community Relations at The Lakeshore, an Era Living community, at (206) 772-1200 or visit www.eraliving.com/downsizing






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AT HOME IN PUGET SOUND Look to Wesley Homes for communities where People encourage each other to stay active, keep Learning and live life to the fullest—with locations in Des Moines and Lea Hill in Auburn. WE MAKE HOUSE CALLS Wesley Homes Home Health provides Medicare-certiďŹ ed therapies and licensed nursing care as well as private duty nursing, chore services and companionship.

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Visit us online at www.wesleyhomes.org or join the conversation at www.wesleyblog.org

866.850.5774 LONG-TERM NURSING CARE OR SHORT-TERM REHAB Wesley Homes Health Center in Des Moines offers a wide array of supportive services and therapies to complement our quality nursing care. 206.824.3663


Wesley Homes, a not-for-proďŹ t organization, is afďŹ liated with the PaciďŹ c Northwest Conference of the United Methodist Church.


The Importance of Powers of Attorney MARK ALBERTSON malbertson@hiplawfirm.com

A power of attorney document is an extremely important part of estate planning yet one of the most misunderstood. Everyone has been told that it is important to have a will, but for many older people, the most important documents are powers of attorney. They are, quite frankly, the neglected stepchildren of estate planning, yet in my practice; they serve to be more important that wills. Many people confuse the power of attorney (POA) with a will, but these documents are two very different things and have two very different functions. A will goes into effect on the day you die. A POA applies during your lifetime and ceases to apply when you die. So you actually need both a POA and a will as they complement, and do not overlap, each other. To add a twist to the subject, there are two types of POA: one for finances and legal matters, and one for health care. These two types are completely separate. They deal with different areas of your life and both are required for effective estate planning.

can do. As such, it must be carefully drafted according to your desire. Most POA’s allow a wide-range of things, including: paying bills, selling your home, managing investment accounts and IRA’s, dealing with the IRS (including signing tax returns) Although a POA for property may be used to help you when you can no longer help yourself, it usually goes into effect the day it is signed. It’s therefore essential that you have great confidence in your designated attorney. They must be someone you can trust, without reservation, to use your property for you and not for themselves, or anyone else. You can specify in the POA document that you must be mentally incapacitated for the POA to take effect, but this provision is not recommended. That’s because it’s difficult to define and prove “incapacitated� and could mean that your case goes to court in an attempt to determine whether you can make decisions for yourself or not. Such a lengthy, complicated and expensive legal process defeats the whole purpose of the POA which, as pointed out earlier, is to give your designated attorney fast and easy access to your finances, when necessary. In all cases, you want to choose someone who is good at managing money to be your POA. Your partner may not be the best choice if you know they have difficulty with money. However, if your partner is trustworthy with money, they may be the perfect choice. If you don’t have a valid financial POA in place and you become incapable, the person who wants to manage your property would need to apply to the courts for the right to do so through a process called a guardianship. Many people call the guardianship a “living probate�, and it should be avoided at all cost. The process is time consuming and expensive, especially

“Everyone needs to designate a power of attorney, no matter what his or her financial or relationship status.�

Power of Attorney for Finances and Legal Matters A POA for property gives the designated “attorney� – the person you name on the POA document as your decision maker – legal control over all your property. “Property� refers to both real property (real estate) and personal property (all other assets including stocks IRA’s, and bank accounts). The purpose of a POA is to make it easy for your designated attorney to access your finances and, in that way, take care of your property. The language in the document controls anything the agent

when compared to the costs of putting a POA for property in place. Furthermore, the person who applies for the right to manage your property may not be the person you would have selected. With a POA in place, you can guarantee that a person of your choosing is in charge of your property. Power of Attorney for Health Care A POA for personal care gives your designated attorney the power to make decisions on your behalf in relation to medical issues, hospitalization and long-term care when you are no longer capable of making such decisions yourself. In the case of a POA for personal care, it is a doctor who determines whether you are able to make such decisions. If you have specific wishes for a particular treatment or plan of care, you can write them directly into your POA document. If your wishes are included in the POA document, or if you have expressed your wishes verbally, your attorney is required by law to make decisions based on those wishes. In the absence of any specific wishes, your attorney is left to make decisions based on what they consider to be your best interests. Once again, you will want to designate someone you trust implicitly to serve as your attorney. They will be making very important decisions for you regarding your health and longterm care. Everyone needs to designate a power of attorney, no matter what his or her financial or relationship status. POA ensures that a person of your choosing is the one who retains the undisputed right to make key decisions about your life. Make sure you have created both a both POA’s, in addition to a will. Drafting a power of attorney is inexpensive, especially when compared to the expense potentially created by not having one in place when the need arises. Cost should not be a reason for you to postpone the process of creating your POA. XXXIJQMBXÍSNDPNt

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Walk To A Better You TRESA ERICKSON AdBuilder.com

Your time on the couch in front of the TV has come to an end, and you’re ready to get fit. How you go about this journey is up to you. You could take a martial arts class, you could take up running, you could swim at the local pool, you could enroll in a dance class or you could simply walk. That’s right. Walking half an hour on most days of the week will help you get into shape and stay healthy, and unlike some other disciplines, walking is easy and requires little in the way of equipment. Interested in walking your way to a better you? Read on! Before you get started, you need to take an assessment of your health. Do you have some health issues? If so, you should make an appointment with your physician to ensure you are healthy enough to start a fitness walking program. The same goes if you are over the age of 65. Next, you need to gather the right equipment. Walking doesn’t require much, just some comfortable clothes and a good pair of walking shoes. You will want shoes in good condition that fit well. You may also want to

purchase a water bottle to carry with you on longer stretches. This will ensure you don’t get dehydrated. You also need to consider where you will be walking. Clearly you will want somewhere safe, such as a nearby park, gym or track. You can also walk in your neighborhood or on a local trail. If possible, try to find a buddy. There is safety in numbers, and having someone to walk with will keep you motivated. When you are ready to begin, go slowly. Always take the time to warm up and cool down to prevent injury. Once you have warmed up with some stretches, go for a brisk 10-minute walk. Do this every day for a week, and then tack on another five minutes onto your walks the next week. Continue to do this until you have built up enough strength and stamina to go the distance desired. While you are walking, pay attention to your stature. Are you standing up straight? Are your shoulders relaxed and your head held high? Are your abdominal muscles tight? When done right, walking can improve posture and slim the waistline. As you build your strength and stamina, you can pick up the pace and go for longer stretches at a time. If you are looking to shed some pounds, you will want to walk briskly for 45 to 60 minutes five days a week. Of course, keeping up the program could turn out to be the hardest part. Look to your walking buddy for support and just think of how good you’ll look and feel within a few months!

PLAN YOUR FUTURE Complete Estate, Probate and Trustee Services

Jennifer is pleased to offer affordable estate planning services to people throughout the Seattle metro area. While she has sufficient experience to handle complex estate and probate cases, she also assists clients with basic estate planning services that are affordable for families.

Jennifer C. Rydberg 8407 S. 259th Street, Suite 203 Kent, WA 98030 425-235-5535 www.jcrlaw.com

Are you ready to take charge of your future? Estate planning attorney Jennifer Rydberg can help you explore your goals and draft a legally sound solution that fits your family’s unique needs. Preparing for death or disability is an uncomfortable but necessary task, made easier with the right lawyer. Jennifer Rydberg is an approachable, compassionate attorney with more than 30 years of legal experience. She offers a broad range of estate and probate services, including: • Wills and trusts • Living wills and powers of attorney • Community property agreements • Guardianship and considerations for minor children • Living trusts, testamentary trusts and special needs trusts • Probate and estate administration • Low cost probate alternatives 691099

Discover The Lakeshore The Lakeshore offers a warm, vibrant lifestyle, an array of amenities, rich programming, and exceptional Independent and Assisted Living care – all on the southern shore of beautiful Lake Washington. The Lakeshore Ϳ eraliving.com 11448 Rainier Avenue S, Seattle, WA 98178 Call us at (206) 772-1200 to schedule a personal visit. 687979





our mouth is one of the most important parts of your body that effects your life every day. Millions of Americans are missing part or all of their teeth. These people live a very challenging and difficult existence. When a tooth is lost, the bone and soft tissue in that area are also lost. People who have missing teeth have challenges eating, speaking and smiling. That is a shame and something that is unnecessary with the advancement of dental implants. Dental implants are titanium screws that are inserted into a persons jaw bone painlessly and can be used for a variety of dental situations. For example, a person who wears a denture can have a few dental implants placed and then their denture can be attached to them which provides retention and improves chewing ability tremendously. Often with dental implants, much of the plastic edges of the denture can be reduced so that there is much less bulk in the persons mouth. Many times the entire palate plastic can be removed imparting improved taste and speech. There is very little trouble, very little maintenance and a life of enjoyment with dental implants. Dental implants can also replace a single missing tooth or they can replace large gaps where multiple teeth are missing. Are dental implants expensive? Dental implants are not cheap but they are a significant investment in ones happiness and enjoyment of life. Compared to other things that people spend money on such as sports cars, i-pads, Las Vegas vacations, etc. which give short term pleasure, dental implants improve a persons life every day for their entire life. How do you choose a qualified dentist for your dental implant care? I suggest you choose a dentist who has a lot of experience in implant dentistry. Most dentists will offer a free consultation and should be able to show you many cases that they have treated successfully similar to yours. They should take the time to thoroughly evaluate your situation and be able to offer you different treatment options that will match your budget. After you agree to treatment, the dentist should have a CAT Scan of your mouth and jaws. A CAT Scan allows safe placement of the dental implants because the surgeon can see your teeth, jaw bone and vital structures such as nerves and sinuses etc in 3D. Also, with CAT Scan technology, the dentist can use software to virtually place your dental implants to insure correct size and accurate placement. Its like trial run of the procedure before it is actually done. The dentist will know before the procedure where to place the implants and what to watch out for. If you wish to significantly improve your life, I suggest you investigate the option of dental implants. Take your time, find a dentist you feel comfortable with who has the technology and who takes the time to explain everything to you and answer all of your questions. Your chance of success with your dental implant procedures will be much better if you have established a good relationship with your qualified provider. Dr. Robert Odegard DDS, DICOI is an implant dentist in the Renton Highlands. He can be reached at 425-277-4000. Rentondentalhealth.com








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(StatePoint) Life has its inevitable ups and downs, and the challenges we experience might not always seem fair. But there’s no need let your happiness depend upon life’s uncontrollable circumstances. “What you want and what you get are not always one and the same,â€? says Amy Shea, author of the new book “Defending Happiness and Other Acts of Bravery,â€? a collection of short stories about her life’s journey with adversity. “The key is to find what makes you happy and defend it.â€? In her book, Shea details how tough circumstances have not deterred her from living life on her own terms. For example, she ultimately came to view her battle with breast cancer as a gift of opportunity. “What is possible to do in one’s life changes remarkably when one fears death more than embarrassment,â€? she says. Shea has experienced poverty, divorce, cancer and the daily woes of aging, parenting and being parented, but believes that come what may, she is prepared to defend her right to be happy. She offers these insights for those seeking happiness as they age: t:PVSFNPUJPOTEPOPUOFFEUPCFBOBVUPNBUJDSFBDUJPOUPXIBUIBQQFOTUPZPV#ZCFMJFWing that, you abdicate choice. It is not life that is happy or not. It’s you. t%POUGPSHFUUPTJNQMZTJUGSPNUJNFUPUJNFBOEEPTPNFJOOFSXBOEFSJOH0SJHJOBM thought happens a lot more easily this way than while texting on the treadmill. t-JGFJTOFJUIFSGBJSOPSLJOECVUJUJTGVMMPGCFBVUZBOEIVNPS BOEPQFOUPEJSFDUJPO t8IFOJUDPNFTUPQJDLJOHZPVSCBUUMFT FOFSHZJTMJLFFZFDSFBNFYQFOTJWF4PVTFKVTU what you need and put it right where you want it. t"HJOHXPOUCFTNPPUIBOEĂŤSNBOEĂŹBXMFTT CVUJUJTOPUUIFFOFNZ*OGBDU UIFSFBSF certain things about youth you won’t miss at all. t"MMPGVTIBWFJOEJWJEVBMXJSJOHUIBUDBOHFUCVSJFEGSPNUJNFUPUJNFVOEFSIBCJUTXFWF formed. Be deeply committed toward the wiring that makes you happy. t7JFXMJGFBTBEZOBNJDDSFBUJWFEJTUVSCBODFBOEEPOUGPSHFUUPTIPXVQJUTXPSUIXIBUever trouble it takes. More insights can be found in Shea’s new book and online at www.DefendingHappiness. com. Whether you’re experiencing adversity or simply going through the daily annoyances -you can empower yourself by going after, and protecting your happiness.


The Truth about Dental Implants

How To Stay Happy As You Age

Ask us about Crossroads Retirement Center in Bellevue 2012 SENIOR RESOURCE GUIDE


How older drivers can cut vehicle costs (ARA) - For most of us, driving is a necessity, and so is doing it as cost-effectively as possible - even in retirement when most of us stay in our suburban homes. Saving money on automobile-related expenses like gas and insurance can help free up cash for other important things Fortunately, many tactics can help you minimize vehicle costs, from doing basic maintenance tasks yourself to taking a driver safety course that could qualify you for insurance discounts. The driving experts at AARP recommend drivers 50 and older focus on three key

areas of opportunity for cost-reduction: Insurance Older drivers have lower rates of policereported crashes per capita, limit their driving to familiar routes and better weather, and drive fewer miles than other age groups, but accident rates per mile start increasing when drivers reach 70, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Even if your personal driving record is clean, your age may put you in a demographic that insurance companies view as higher risk - and you’ll pay higher auto insurance premiums because of it.

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* Drive smoothly. Abrupt stops and starts, and fast, erratic movements in traffic all decrease fuel economy. * Try to consolidate trips. Rather than making one trip to the grocery store today, then the doctor’s office tomorrow and your book club the next day, try to group errands together. Starting a cold engine consumes more gas than keeping it running longer. Maintenance With the average age of cars on the road approaching 11 years, according to R.L. Polk & Co., an automotive market research firm, routine maintenance is more important than ever. Doing simple tasks like oil changes, windshield wiper replacement and air filter changes yourself can help save you money. Tasks that you can easily perform yourself include: t$IBOHJOHUIFPJMBOEPJMÍMUFS t$IBOHJOHUIFBJSÍMUFS t.POJUPSJOHUJSFJOÏBUJPOBOEBEEJOH air if needed. t$IFDLJOHBOEDMFBOJOHCBUUFSZDPOOFDUJPOT t3FQMBDJOHXPSOXJOETIJFMEXJQFST t3FQMBDJOHIFBEMJHIUPSCSBLFMJHIUCVMCT Other DIY tasks, like replacing brake pads or sparkplugs, or flushing the radiator, require a bit more know-how. Fortunately, plenty of online resources offer step-by-step guides for doing more complex vehicle maintenance tasks. And, you can always check with your local community college to see if they offer a basic auto maintenance course.

Shopping around for auto insurance may help you secure a better rate, but if you’re facing very high premiums, it may make sense to take an extra step. Many insurers offer discounts to drivers who complete driver safety courses. Check with your insurance company to see if such a discount is available to you, then look for a program, like AARP Driver Safety’s course, that is specifically designed to help people 50 and older refresh their driving skills and adapt to age-related changes. There are no tests to take for the course. To find an in-person course near you, visit www.aarp.org/ findacourse, or sign up for an online course. Fuel efficiency After insurance, fuel can be one of the highest costs of operating a vehicle, especially for those who travel far, such as older drivers commuting from winter to summer residences. Car makers have improved overall fuel efficiency for many newer vehicles, but you can take steps to cut your gas costs more - even if you have an older car. AARP offers these tips for improving fuel efficiency: * Lighten the load. The heavier your vehicle and contents, the more gas it will consume moving down the road. Remove excess weight from the trunk and avoid traveling with luggage or bike racks that create drag, add weight and decrease fuel economy. * Watch your speed. While it’s important to safely keep pace with the flow of traffic around you, keep in mind most cars are at the optimum fuel efficiency around 50 mph.

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Affordable Senior Apartments

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Enjoy an Active Lifestyle You Can Afford

It’s a topic people tend to put off or ignore, but one of the most important things you can do is to develop a sound estate plan. Join us, along with a local estate-planning attorney, for our free Preparing Your Estate Plan seminar. You’ll learn more about: t8IBUUPDPOTJEFSXIFODSFBUJOHZPVSXJMM t5IFCFOFüUTPGUSVTUTJOFTUBUFQMBOOJOH t)PXUPIFMQSFEVDFUBYFTPOZPVSFTUBUF t)PXJOTVSBODFDBOIFMQQSPUFDUZPVSGBNJMZ

Community Amenities Include: Specious 1 & 2 bedroom floor plans Beautiful Mount Rainier Views All utilities paid | FREE Internet Discounted cable and phone service Small pets welcome Rents start at $825.00

Seating is limited, so reserve your place today. Refreshment and light snacks will be served.

Call for details. 253/398-2700

Edward Jones, its employees and financial advisors are not estate planners and cannot provide tax or legal advice. You should contact a qualified tax or legal professional regarding your specific situation.

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Kent Senior Activity Center, 600 E Smith St, Kent, WA


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5IF7JMMBHFBU+VETPO1BSL Serving the Greater Community Rehabilitation and Person-Centered Nursing Care In and Out Patient Therapy - Specialized for older adults r4IPSUBOE-POH5FSN$BSF r.FNPSZ4VQQPSU%FEJDBUFE/FJHICPSIPPE r$$"$$"3'"DDSFEJUBUJPO

At Judson Park it’s simple. For every life we touch, we endeavor to do the greatest good. Simply extraordinary! Full Continuum of Services with breathtaking views

(800) 689-3923 | JudsonPark.com

The Residences – Come for the View – Stay for the Lifestyle “My Choice” Dining – Restaurants and Bistro Venues where you can choose to dine, where, when and how you want to dine. My Life – Honoring your right to experience life to the fullest through selfdetermination.We are a holistic culture of growth and possibilities where everyone is supported to achieve their greatest potential.

We offer our rehabilitative and nursing services to the greater community as a demonstration of our mission.

The Lodge – Cozy, Friendly Neighborhood where the social program supports your fullest life with help when you want or need it. The Grove – Best Friends Approach to Relationship Based Dementia Care – the 100 most important things about you.

••••••••••••••• 23600 Marine View Drive South | Des Moines, WA 98198 Judson Park in Des Moines, Washington, is managed by ABHOW, a California nonprofit public benefit corporation. ABHOW is a nonsectarian corporation, serving seniors through quality retirement housing since 1949. License #BH-681, DHS #797



In-Home Services – Age where you want, how you want, a full array of social and clinical services delivered to your home.



valleymed.org/doc Valley Medical Center proudly offers a network of primary care clinics which serve as a medical home for care management. Urgent care clinics provide a safety net of after-hours care and walk-in consult and treatment, and specialty clinics provide convenient and comprehensive access throughout the district.

Primary Care: Partners for Health & Wellness VMC’s primary care providers get to know you and your medical history, serving as your personal health advocate, and working with you to monitor and improve your health through all life’s stages. ■ ■ ■ ■

Cascade Clinic Covington Clinic Fairwood Clinic Highlands Clinic

■ ■ ■ ■

Kent Clinic Lake Sawyer Clinic Newcastle Clinic Valley Family Medicine Clinic

Urgent Care: Immediate Medical Services It hurts. It itches. It’s swollen. It’s after hours. Urgent Care is a great choice when you can’t wait for an appointment with your primary care provider, or when you need medical care after hours for nonlife-threatening conditions. Enjoy walk-in appointments for acute illness, minor injuries and other services: ■ ■ ■

Auburn Clinic Covington Clinic Newcastle Clinic

■ ■

North Benson Clinic Renton Landing Clinic

Extensive Network of Specialists VMC offers a comprehensive network and board-certified specialists to meet all of your family’s healthcare needs. For a comprehensive list and FREE physician referral, please visit us at valleymed.org/doc or give us a call at 425.277.DOCS.




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Senior Resource Guide - Fall 2012  


Senior Resource Guide - Fall 2012