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FRIDAY, September 7, 2012


Reporter’s prep pigskin previews

Changes on Main Street: AleHouse gets relocated

Downtown fixture moves into Preservation Kitchen, Alexa’s now serving wine and beer BY ANDY NYSTROM

Clockwise from top, Bothell coach Tom Bainter fires up his team, Inglemoor players scrimmage at a recent practice, and Cedar Park Christian running back Daniel Watts goes for a carry against Granite Falls last Friday during the Eagles’ 29-0 win over the Tigers. Read more about each team in our annual preview section, pages 10-13. PHOTOS BY TIM WATANABE, Bothell-Kenmore Reporter

After 16 years in business, the Main Street AleHouse & Eatery in downtown Bothell closed its doors and beer taps on Aug. 29. However, according to a sign the owners hung on the establishment’s front window and a notice placed on their Facebook page recently, Susan and Gary Southwick were set on incorporating the restaurant/bar into their other business, Preservation Kitchen, which is located on Bothell Way Northeast. The change took place on Sept. 1. “One section will continue to operate as fine dining while another will be a casual setting for The AleHouse & Eatery. One building with a variety of choices,” read the Facebook notice. “We couldn’t negotiate a new lease,” Susan told the Reporter, adding that she and Gary discussed the situation with their

landlord a month ago. “It’s hard. We were really sad. All new adventures are scary — and exciting and invigorating, too.” Over the last month, Susan said both restaurants’ staffs have “blessed” the Southwicks with their support and help through the transition. AleHouse customers have said they’ll follow the road up Bothell Way Northeast to the newly named Main Street AleHouse and Preservation Kitchen, Susan said. Preservation Kitchen’s back bar and dining room is a little bigger than the AleHouse’s space, and they moved everything from the Main Street location into the new spot. “It’s got that old alehouse feel to the building. It looks great,” Susan said. “I think change is good. It’s my belief that it can solidify our presence in Bothell at this location.” Leigh Henderson, owner of Alexa’s Cafe, is switching things up with [ more ALEHOUSE page 2 ]

Four arrests made in criminal prostitution investigation Several months ago, a citizen issued a complaint with the Bothell Police Department about possible prostitution taking place at a massage and spa business located in the 22900 block of

State Route 527 in Bothell, according to Capt. Denise Langford, public information officer. On Aug. 22, after a lengthy joint criminal investigation with the Bothell Police Department and King County Sheriff ’s Office involving surveillance

and undercover operations, members from both organizations served two search warrants at the Ginger Massage and Spa and a nearby associated apartment located in the 1600 block of 228th Street Southeast. At around noon, Langford said detectives first served a

warrant at the business and then at the apartment and arrested three adult females and one adult male for investigation of prostitutionrelated offenses. “There was no resistance, no injuries and no force. Everything went smoothly,” Langford said.

Langford noted that one female and one male who run the business were booked into Snohomish County Jail for the felony offenses of permitting and promoting prostitution. Snohomish County Superior Court is handling those cases.

The other two female employees received citations for prostitution, which are gross misdemeanor offenses. They were released and will soon appear at Bothell Municipal Court for their hearings. “The detectives are conducting the investigation and [ more CRIME page 5 ]



[2] September 7, 2012 •

Alexa’s now offering appetizers, alcohol [ Alehouse from page 1] her business as well. She’s serving beer and wine at her cafe, which is located next door to the AleHouse & Eatery. The business is now open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, with a 3-6 p.m. happy hour and an addition of appetizers to the menu.

Henderson, who used the AleHouse & Eatery’s closure as a springboard to make changes, wants to draw people downtown during the evenings. “Everybody loves the feel of downtown Main Street,” she said. “I want people to know (Alexa’s) as a destination place. We’re going to compete.”

Alexa’s Cafe’s new hours went into effect on Aug. 27. Henderson said the first night was a success and she “loves sharing that space with our community.” Along with the AleHouse & Eatery, Three Cups of Tea on 102nd Avenue Northeast, off Main, also recently closed up shop.

After 16 years on Bothell’s Main Street, the AleHouse moved to its new location at the Preservation Kitchen on Bothell Way on Sept. 1. Next door neighbor Alexa’s Cafe changed its hours and now serves beer and wine.

“It makes me sad, all the changes,” said Henderson, noting that she hopes that existing Main Street businesses can weather the tight economy and changes on the horizon with the city’s revitalization projects. Three Cups of Tea owner Lea Miller couldn’t be reached at press time.

Andy nystrom, Bothell Reporter

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September 7, 2012 [3] Local Business every week ● In print & Online •

7 deadly mistakes that will cost Bothell/Kenmore sellers thousands when they sell their home

Above: Members from the City of Bothell Fire & EMS team pose for a photo with a group of costumers from Anthropaws, a nonprofit character performance organization. From left: Fire Lieutenant Jim Vandertoorn, firefighters Chad Gustafson and Anthony Savino. Right: Youngsters enjoy the rock climbing wall, one of many kid-friendly activities at Bothell’s annual festival. This year’s RiverFest, themed “Family Fun & Then Some,” took place on Aug. 26 at the Pop Keeney Stadium parking lot. The free event celebrated Bothell’s heritage with a variety of activities including: city show and tell, Brooks Biddle car show, inflatable amusements, family activities, a craft and merchant’s market, pie-eating contest and more. PHOTOS BY BOBBY YADON (ABOVE) AND BRITTANY CALDWELL (RIGHT)




Lots of family fun at Bothell’s RiverFest

on the market. As this report uncovers, most homesellers make 7 deadly mistakes that cost them literally thousands of dollars. The good news is that each and every one of these mistakes is entirely preventable. In answer to this issue, industry insiders have prepared a free special report entitled “The 9 Step System to Get Your Home Sold Fast and For Top Dollar”. To order your FREE copy of this report, call toll-free 800-2691403 and enter extension 2525. You can call any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Get your free special report NOW to find out how you can get the most money for your home.


Bothell/Kenmore - A new report has just been released which reveals 7 costly mistakes that most homeowners make when selling their home, and a 9 Step System that can help you sell your home fast and for the most amount of money. This industry report shows clearly how the traditional ways of selling homes have become increasingly less and less effective in today’s market. The fact of the matter is that fully three quarters of homesellers don’t get what they want for their homes and become disillusioned and - worse - financially disadvantaged when they put their homes

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“Will you be attending football games at Pop Keeney Stadium this season?”

Vote online:

Last issue’s poll results: “Are you interested in the Rosemary McAuliffe, Dawn McCravey legislative race?”

Yes: 72.7% No: 27.3%

You said it! BOTHELL




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It’s been an enjoyable journey, thanks for everything

Andy Nystrom

When I took over the Bothell-Kenmore Reporter editor’s seat 5 ½ years ago, I was thrilled to be back in the area full time after working out of the company’s Bellevue and Kent offices for a few years. I started my journey here in 1997 as sports editor of the old Northshore Citizen, and immediately embraced the Northshore. The sports people were solid. Everyone I met off the fields were top notch, as well, and helped me along the way, showed me around and made me comfortable with the area. It’s been a long and enjoyable ride. Now, I’ll be taking my reporter’s notebook, camera and journalism knowledge up the road to Redmond and take over the editor’s spot. Sound Publishing’s Kirkland ace reporter Matt Phelps will take over my position and will keep things rolling with quality reportage. Former Bothell-Kenmore Reporter sports guru Tim Watanabe is working his magic to help with the transition, so readers are a lucky bunch with these guys on board.




[4] September 7, 2012

The last 18 months of my tenure have been a wild ride of reporting on city council news, crime stories, schools happenings, sporting events and whatever else came my way. I did this mostly on my own, and I think I’m a better editor and reporter because of that. Juggling many things at a time is the way of the world and I believe we should all try our hands at a variety of things in order to become stronger, more well-rounded individuals.

Whether it was during recent times or way back in 1997 and onward, I appreciate everyone in the Northshore area who gave me a story idea, allowed me to interview them and tell their story, supplied me with crucial information or pointed me in the right direction for sources in order to write the best stories I possibly could. You know who you are. And there are many of you, so give yourselves a pat on the back for a job well done. We were all in it together. Take care.

● L E T T E R S . . . Y O U R O P I N I O N C O U N T S : To submit an item or photo: e-mail; mail attn Letters, Bothell-Kenmore Reporter, 11630 Slater Ave. N.E., Suite 8-9, Kirkland, Washington, 98034; fax 425.822.0141. Letters may be edited for style, clarity and length.

Support McAuliffe in November I read with interest two recent letters to the editor related to the candidates running for the District 1 state rep-position. I agree with the writers that Dawn McCravey and Rosemary McAuliffe represent very different choices for this district. I am proud to be a teacher in the Northshore School District, and grateful for the thoughtful leadership provided by Rosemary McAuliffe on education issues. Some may consider it a problem that she does not support charter schools, but I, and my colleagues, support Rosemary McAuliffe’s stance on this question. As professionals, teachers welcome an evaluation system that is rigorous, fair, substantive and tied to our performance and that of our students. Such a system for both teachers and principals is now in implementation stages. For those who fear that the teacher union protects bad teachers (despite the fact that as a group we do not want to protect our jobs at all costs, nor do we welcome working alongside non-performing teachers), the new evaluation system is an appropriate and supportive response to teachers who need interventions in order to meet standard. Charter schools are not the “magic bullet” solution to under-performing schools that those outside the field would like to believe. They are businesses that may or may not be run in a manner that best addresses educational high standards. Studies have shown that in comparing charter schools to public schools, a larger percentage of charter schools perform worse rather than better, and most perform around the same. They may or may not provide professional development for teachers which is critical to the outcomes for students, may or may not

have good curriculum support or curriculum that is non-biased, do not have economy of scale when it comes to administrative support, and have little oversight. At best, I find this kind of solution to low performing public schools a risky and expensive experiment. A recent conversation with a charter school teacher from Phoenix confirmed my worst fears. He noted that the teachers in his school were consistently threatened with losing their jobs if they didn’t like directives, were given a 15-percent pay cut at the end of the year due to cost overruns, and had no professional development or curriculum guidance. Needless to say, morale was at an all-time low and those who could (including him), jumped ship. Obviously, students were negatively impacted. No one can perform to optimum standards in a threatening, and nonsupportive negative environment. I’m thankful for Rosemary McAuliffe’s work in supporting teachers, rather than blindly blaming teacher unions. We are the resource that most affects your child’s education. A rigorous evaluation system, strong curriculum support, continuing professional development, along with fully funding education, will go a long way toward improving education in our state. This is the kind of leadership that has been provided by Rosemary McAuliffe. My hope is that voters will not embrace the charter school solution, and those who support them. I believe the future of education in Washington state is at stake.

Jennie Knapp, Kirkland

Referendum 74 approval: honoring loving relationships Opponents of Referendum 74, the referen-

dum that legalizes same-sex marriage, will soon deluge us with literature, television and radio adds that are fear based, inaccurate, and full of half-truths. They will do this in the name of “religious faith.” It will not matter that Jesus gave us the great commandment to love one another as we have been loved by God. It will not matter that Jesus cautioned all of us not to judge lest we be judged. It will not matter that the referendum clearly states that religious institutions do not have to perform or recognize same-sex marriage. It will not matter that the referendum will in no way penalize those same religious institutions for not performing or recognizing same-sex marriages. Have no doubt: you will not be presented with facts or the truth. The appeal from the opposition will be to emotional fear. What does matter is that approving Referendum 74 will honor the long-term, committed, loving relationships of couples that happen to be of the same gender. What does matter is that there are many people of faith who assert that love is stronger than fear. What does matter is that there are many of us who are people of faith who believe we are being faithful by approving Referendum 74. One of the founders of my faith tradition, Francis David, made the statement in 14th century Europe that I believe applies to our time and this issue: “We need not think alike to love alike.” As a person of faith, recognizing that we do not all think alike, I ask you to join me in loving alike: vote to approve Referendum 74.

Rev. Lois E. Van Leer Woodinville Unitarian Universalist Church

September 7, 2012 [5] •

Andy Nystrom, Bothell Reporter

[ CRIME from page 1]

are trying to glean as much information as they can,” said Langford, who added that the Bothell Police Department called upon the King County Sheriff ’s Office to help because its detectives are experienced in prostitution-related investigations. Langford didn’t know specifics about the citizen’s complaint: “Maybe they heard a rumor or saw something,” she said,

adding that these are the first prostitution-related arrests in Bothell that she can recall. A Bothell Police officer was on duty in front of the business on Aug. 22 in the evening and informed at least one female customer that the

business was closed. The business’ phone number was disconnected at the Reporter’s deadline. The business park where the massage and spa (it’s identified by its former name, the Asian Wellness Center, on the front window) is located

also houses several family restaurants, an insurance agency and a convenience store. Two employees of neighboring businesses noted that they didn’t notice anything unusual taking place at the massage and spa establishment.

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Yes. In Mukilteo.


A Bothell Police Department car is parked in front of the Ginger Massage and Spa (marked on the window as the Asian Wellness Center). The male and female that run the business were booked into Snohomish County Jail for prostitutionrelated felonies.

Family Entertainment w Art Booths w Parade w Lighthouse Tours w Fireworks Fly Over Air Show w Children’s Activities w Art Show w Microbrew & Wine Garden Fudge Carving Contest w Food Booths w Salmon Bake

[6] September 7, 2012 •

READY FOR THE NEW SCHOOL YEAR r New e d n U ship r e n Ow

Kindergartener Joe Adler is excited for his first day of school at Maywood Hills Elementary in Bothell. The Northshore School District welcomed students back to school on Tuesday, Sept. 4.

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September 7, 2012 [7]

hanavi sEt to manage bothell Keybank branch

Sarah Hanavi has been named manager of KeyBank’s new branch in Bothell. The branch, scheduled to open in October, will be located at 240th Street Southeast and Bothell-Everett Highway. Hanavi has worked at two Seattle branches since joining KeyBank in 2011: First Hill and Central District. She began her banking career with Washington Mutual in 2005 after an extensive career in the restaurant industry. She graduated from Seattle Pacific University, recently helped raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association and volunteers with Junior Achievement of Washington.

Silicon Mechanics weathering the economic storm By Andy Nystrom

When disastrous floods hit Thailand last fall, Eva Cherry and her Silicon Mechanics crew had to rack their brains in order to complete their rackmountservers orders. What happened a world away affected the Bothell company since the servers need hard drives, and Thailand is the place where nearly 45 percent of the world’s devices are produced, according to an NPR report. “The hard-drive-manufacturing capacity was reduced by almost 30 percent,” said Cherry, 46, a Kirkland resident and Silicon Mechanics president and chief executive officer. “We just got creative about how to fulfill our orders.” With fewer hard drives available and prices for existing ones skyrocketing, Cherry ordered some devices at reasonable prices from Amazon’s Germany location and some from the United Kingdom. She had some hard drives delivered to her mother in her native Germany, and they were soon shipped to Bothell. “It’s about building flexibility into your business, into the culture to feel, ‘Well,

President and CEO of Bothell-based Silicon Mechanics, Eva Cherry, said her company has remained profitable in the tough economic climate, citing a $30 million profit margin in 2011. Andy nystrom, Bothell Reporter whatever comes our way, we’ll somehow find a way to deal with that and make it through,’” said Cherry of her company, which manufactures rackmount servers along with storage and high-performance computing clusters. The Puget Sound Business Journal recently named Silicon Mechanics one of the Eastside’s 50 fastest-growing

private companies. It made $30 million in 2011 and has been profitable for the last 27 months, said Cherry, adding that the company hopes to hit $35 million in revenues this year. Most of its business is generated in the U.S. and it has 80 to 90 percent repeat customers, from small businesses to larger firms. “The atmosphere right now is extremely busy,

which is great,” said Steve Wiechert, chief operating officer and chief financial officer. “I think key to our success, especially in this difficult economy, is our ability to work more efficiently than the other guy. We’ve put a lot of things in place that have ensured processes are followed; we’re doing better at documentation, we’re getting the right people on board.” Cherry, originally from Zwickau in the former East Germany, received her master’s in business administration from Wits University in Johannesburg, South Africa, and has more than 20 years of executive management experience in technology and manufacturing, including 10 years as a management consultant in Deloitte’s Strategy & Operations and Enterprise Applications practices. She joined Silicon Mechanics in 2008 and stepped into her current role a year later. The company has been located in Bothell since 2006 and presently has 50 employees, with more on the way, Cherry said. Her journey from Germany to South Africa and beyond began after the Berlin Wall fell in 1989. She was in Berlin at the time, and

soon a family friend from South Africa suggested she head to that country to Wits University. “The world’s open all of a sudden,” Cherry said of the wall falling and her ensuing travels. Cherry has found success along the way, but the struggling economy affected Silicon Mechanics a few years ago. In order to weather the economic storm, Cherry, Wiechert and their staff pulled together, were up front with their customers about the firm’s financial situation and kept them on board, informing them that things would soon improve. That’s exactly what happened, and now profits are up, Silicon Mechanics and its valued customers are tighter than ever and Cherry’s employees are thriving under her leadership. “Internally, I started ‘fireside chats’ and we talked about our financial performance, what the market was looking like and what our plans were,” said Cherry, who is married, has a German Shepherd and enjoys skiing, biking and golfing. “It’s neat to see how people have grown over the years, through the tough times,” she added.

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September 7, 2012 •’s parent

Establishing Your Family Routine As many of you know, this is a very stressful time of year. To help you and your family

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work together to get through this stress and move forward to establishing a new routine, please keep the following thoughts in mind. Children often reflect the feelings of adults around them. If you are worried about your

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By Aleksa Overby, Director of Kiddie Academy - bothell

Evergreen Healthcare is now

child starting a new school, your child will pick up on this stress and their anxiety can increase drastically. They may think, “Wow, if Mom and Dad are this freaked out about this new school, it must be something really scary!” Of course, many of us will be a little nervous and there’s nothing wrong with driving behind the bus all the way to school to see your child get off the bus safely for the first time but we need to help children learn to be excited about changes and to view them as new opportunities, not as frightening unknowns. Give yourselves a lot of extra time! No matter how well you plan out your morning, SOMETHING will come up that will alter that ever-so-thought-out plan. If you find that after a few days you really don’t need that extra time in the morning, great! And, going back to

the first point, the last thing that you and your child need to be feeling on top of the excitement of the transition is the feeling of being rushed. Establishing routines takes time. Everyone needs to be patient and not be discouraged when witnessing some less-than-desirable behaviors come out. Some of the common behaviors you will witness during these transitions include being clingy, increased emotional outbursts or crying, excessive tiredness or lack of tiredness, vocalizing that they don’t want to go to school (we would all love to be on summer vacation all year round!), or changing eating or toileting habits. Just remember, that it is our job to use our self-soothing techniques to model for our children that changes can be fun and exciting as long as everyone works together and remembers to breathe.

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E0521A_PrimarySoundPub3_6.5x8.indd 1

8/10/12 10:13 AM •

Allen named director of UW-Bothell’s Nursing and Health Studies program

will introduce a new bachelor of arts degree in David Allen, Ph.D., is health studies. the new director Before joinof the Nursing and ing UW-Bothell, Health Studies ProAllen was the gram at the Univerchairman of the sity of Washington, gender, women Bothell. and sexuality Allen takes the studies departhelm as the Nursing ment at the David Allen and Health Studies University of Program expands its mis- Washington, where he fosion to include a focus on cused on the relationship global and public health. among health care and Next fall, the program political oppression. reporter staff


Northshore School District is seeking applicants for the Capital Bond Planning Task Force (CBPTF). There are four openings for parents/community members on the 13-member task force. These voluntary positions are appointed by the superintendent and last for about one year. The goal of the CBPTF is to prepare a recommended list of capital projects for the Northshore School District Board of Directors to be referred to voters in 2014. The task force typically meets twice each month on the second and fourth Thursdays, 5:30-7 p.m., subject to member approval. Meetings will be once a month through the end of December to accommodate the holidays and will continue until a recommendation is completed or until June 2013, whichever occurs first. The first meeting is scheduled for Oct. 25. More information about the Capital Bond Planning Task Force and the application form is available at capitalbondtaskforce or by calling the Communications Office, (425) 408-7670. Applications are due to the Communications Office by Sept. 21.’s parent

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September 7, 2012 [9]

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Inglemoor grad gunsolus named pacific coast league MVP

Mitchell Gunsolus, a 2011 Inglemoor High graduate and Kenmore resident, was recently named the MVP of the West Coast League (WCL) for his outstanding performance over the summer with the Wenatchee AppleSox. Gunsolus, who played third base, set WCL single-season records in hits, runs scored, at-bats and RBI, batting .371 while leading the team to its fifth championship. The former Viking is starting his sophomore year at Gonzaga and currently plays infield for the Bulldogs’ baseball team. •

Fifth-ranked Cougars ready to bounce back by TIM WATANABE

Some teams in the tough 4A Kingco league would have been quite satisfied to finish the 2011 football season with a 6-4 record, like Bothell High did last year. The Cougars, however, are not one of them. The league powerhouse, fielding one of its youngest teams since head coach Tom Bainter took over in the year 2000, suffered a tough Week 10 defeat last fall to Bethel, 24-22. The team’s early exit left a sour taste in the mouths of the coaching staff and the players, most of whom return this year to start as upperclassmen under the bright Friday night lights. “They’re working hard and they’re doing everything we’ve asked,” said Bainter on his team’s progress during the offseason and summer practices. “Of course, you’re never where you want to be at this point in the year, but we’re steadily working towards getting there.”


With the amount of

seniors taking the field this year for the Cougars, the “growing pains” of last year, which led to early losses to Mount Si and Newport, should be a thing of the past. Every single one of Bothell’s linemen is returning and had started at least four games last year, led by the physically imposing trio of Chase Madsen (6-4, 270), Nick Omberllaro (63, 270) and Dylan Lindsey (6-3, 297). The Cougars are loaded at other positions, including picking up of the state’s best running backs – Juanita transfer and BYU commit Darrin Laufasa – in addition to returners Danny Wilson and Kizhan Proctor. On the receiving end, Jared Berry and Aaron Wilks will be looking to find their way into the end zone. Linebacker Camden McLeod, cornerback Reshon Watson, second team all-Kingco selections last year, will also be impact players for Bothell along with tight end Jeremy Ruef. One position that the Cougars do not have experience at is quarterback,

Sophomore quarterback Ross Bowers gets some reps in during practice at Bothell High School while wide receiver Jared Berry watches. Bowers got the rare chance to play as a freshman last season and was tabbed by head coach Tom Bainter as the starter. Tim Watanabe, Bothell Reporter but Bainter is excited to see how sophomore sensation Ross Bowers develops. “He’s done a great job, got a strong arm, he’s developing a great awareness of our offense and he’s improving daily on defense,” said the 13th-year coach. “He’ll be all right.” Bainter, who takes his outstanding Bothell career coaching record of 110-30 (.785 winning percentage)

into the 2012 football season, said that the keys to making a deep playoff run will be avoiding injury and getting better as the season progresses. “We always talk about staying healthy, that’s going to be key,” he noted. “I think daily improvement is something that good teams that play at the end of the season still do… we’ll have to let Ross develop a

bit, being a younger guy, and the whole team just developing and improving daily.”


The Bothell High School mascot may be the Cougar, but the early part of the team’s 2012 schedule is akin to being thrown directly into the lion’s den. [ more cougs page 12 ]




[10] September 7, 2012

September 7, 2012 [11] • [ COUGS from page 10]

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Corpore Sano Physical Therapy & Sports Performance

Wide receiver Jed Aboulhosn (right) leads the Cougars in some energizing warmups before practice. Aboulhosn scored a fortunate touchdown during the team’s 33-21 loss to Skyline, coming up with a tipped ball from quarterback Ross Bowers for an 11-yard score.

Corpore Sano Physical Therapy congratulates their athletes Erik Moen, Ryan Vanderloop and Justin Berndt for completing the Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race.

TIM WATANABE, Bothell Reporter

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committed coaching staff are as driven as ever to make a push to return to the Tacoma Dome for the state semifinals, a venue that the Cougars have not experienced since 2009. “We’re competitive as a staff… but I like to think this team is driven,” Bainter said. “They’ve certainly worked hard and we’ve talked about our (regular season) goals, how to achieve those goals, and reset new ones. There’s been talk about getting back to where we were in ‘06 and ‘07 and ‘09. Maybe this team can do that.”


Last Friday, the Cougars lost to defending state champion and No. 1-ranked Skyline 33-21, and slated for tonight is a matchup against the Bellevue Wolverines, who have held the 3A state championship trophy since 2008 and are ranked as the 8th-best football team in the nation by ESPN. According to Bainter, the Skyline-Bothell matchup was pre-set, but Bellevue was originally scheduled to play Woodinville and Bothell’s week two opponent was supposed to be Newport. The Knights, however, have played Bothell three times in the last two seasons and were looking for a change of pace, while Woodinville opted out of playing Bellevue, creating a dream matchup for Bainter’s Cougars. “Bellevue called us and said, ‘Do you want to play?’ and we said, ‘Sure,’” he recalled. “We have a real tough schedule, but it’s a good one. It’ll challenge us for sure and we’ll know after the first couple of weeks where we stand.” While kids come and go as they advance through Bothell High’s football program, Bainter and his •


The Inglemoor Vikings, by any stretch of the imagination, are a better football team than their last two season records of 6-4 (2011) and 5-5 (2010) would indicate. But as longtime head coach Frank Naish knows well, thus is life in the 4A Kingco league – a conference that has sent a team to the state finals every year since 2003. The 2012 season once again holds a lot of promise for the Vikings, as many impact players return including

Viking head coach Frank Naish, who serves as the team’s offensive coordinator as well as Inglemoor’s athletic director, goes over a play with his offense at a recent practice. The Vikings fell to Juanita in their season opener, 23-7, and take on Meadowdale tonight at Pop Keeney, kickoff at 7 p.m. Tim Watanabe, Bothell-Kenmore Reporter

Bothell High Cheer Camp Set for September 22nd Bothell High’s Cheer Squad will be holding their junior cheer camp from 9am to 1pm on September 22nd in the school gym. Learn cheers, jumps, chants and dance. Bring a sack lunch, bottle of water and lots of energy. A T-shirt and pom poms are included with registration. Wear comfortable shorts or sweats and athletic shoes. There will be a performance for the parents at 12:30pm. Pre-registration is $45 before Sept. 15th Registration at the door is $55 Send Checks payable to BHS to: Cathy Denny, BHS ASB secretary, c/o Bothell High School 9130 N.E. 180th St., Bothell Wa 98011

For more information call 425.408.7000


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www .Nor thsh oreS choo lsFo ndaou chooulsF tiond www.NorthshoreS

that both of them can play. They’ll both get reps.” Inglemoor got a tough break early this season, losing a key piece of its line, Mikey Tupou, to injury. Tupou is scheduled to return midseason, but Naish is excited to return his entire backfield, some secondary defense and most of his special teams players, in addition to a trio of tailbacks that can fly around the field, led by Jacob Jones. During last year’s season opener, Jones returned a kickoff 70 yards for the only touchdown in the Viks’ 10-0 win over Snohomish. “We’re coming into a season, unlike last year, where we didn’t know anything,” Naish said. “These are guys that really feel they know how to play.” The Vikings haven’t made it past week 10 of the football season since 2007, when they made it to the quarterfinals. That year, they were shut out 35-0 by eventual champion Lewis and Clark, and are looking for a little postseason redemption. “You gotta get to (week 10) and be healthy, last year we were pretty beat up in that game,” Naish recalled. “You gotta get to that game and not have… team drama, team issues, and that was two years ago. Once you get to that level, you better be playing really well.”


Talented Viks ready for redemption

one of the state’s top lineman prospects in Titus Makasini, a 6-foot-5, 270-pounder who loves putting the hurt on the opposition. “Titus is a legitimate D-I prospect,” lauded Naish. “What makes him nice is that he runs really well, he’s not just a big, slow guy – you can use him to pull and run counter plays. He’s effective.” The 34th-year coach also has the luxury of returning both of his quarterbacks from last year, Hans Fortune and Brandon Edwards, giving them depth and options at that position few other teams have. “It’s up in the air still,” said Naish on which of the two would be tabbed as the starter. “I have that much confidence


[12] September 7, 2012

September 7, 2012 [13] •


2011 turnout numbers: 42

TOP RETURNERS • Sr. Daniel Watts, RB/LB: AllLeague MVP, rushed for almost 1,600 yards last year. • Sr. Josh Ionesi, QB/DE: Returning quarterback has big-game experience, strong and quick. • Sr. Daniel Christenson, K/P/TE/ LB: Excellent athlete can play many positions, has great speed and vertical and can boot the ball a long ways. • Sr. Andy Hislop, C/NT: First-team all-league returner at center.

•Sr. Steve Hunsaker, FB/LB: Second-team all-league tight end looks to shine at a new position.

AT THE NEXT LEVEL Chase Houser, Pacific Lutheran Univ. Andy Thomas, Pacific Lutheran Univ.

DID YOU KNOW? Running back Daniel Watts set a Cedar Park school record last year for rushing as a junior, and has a good opportunity to set the 1A state record this season.


“We are returning a great group of athletes. With them running the same system for the second year, we believe we can go far into the state playoffs if we can stay healthy.” — Head coach Todd Parmenter

BIG GAME • Friday, Oct. 12 vs. Cascade Christian: When these two teams met last year, the Eagles upset Cascade Christian 20-14, handing them their first league loss since 2006. The Cougars have made four straight appearances in the Class 1A title game and will be looking to avenge last year’s loss to the Eagles.

Cedar Park head coach Todd Parmenter (middle), in his second year with the Eagles, gives his players a pep talk before their season opener against Granite Falls last Friday night at Lake Washington High School. The Eagles emerged victorious 29-0. Tim Watanabe, Bothell Reporter Serving the Northwest Since 1986 REPRESENTING

State’s No. 2 junior basketball recruit transfers to Bothell

Bothell grad Bedell starting sophomore season for Pacific Univ.

Bothell High graduate Haley Bedell is a returning outside hitter for the Pacific University (Forest Grove, Ore.) volleyball squad. Bedell, a sophomore, appeared in 24 matches last season and finished with 138 kills, 23 service aces and 143 digs. The Boxers’ 13 wins and fifth-place Northwest Conference finish were the best for the team since 2007.

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Seattle Prep standout Josh Martin, one of the state’s top basketball prospects about to enter his junior year, has recently transferred to Bothell High, according Josh Martin to a report by ESPN’s Husky Nation. Martin, a 6-foot-7 power forward ranked as the state’s No. 2 prospect by, will be playing with UCLAbound guard Zach Lavine. Martin has already received an offer to play for the University of Washington. According to a report by the Seattle Times, Martin’s mother Debbie said the relocation was for financial reasons, as her family could no longer afford the tuition at Seattle Prep. The Bothell High boys basketball team, coached by Ron Bollinger, made its first state tournament appearance in 15 seasons last winter, losing twice to Davis and Mount Rainier after beating Olympia in the regional playoffs, 63-54.

Carl & Krista Michelman


Last year: 5-2 1A/2B Nisqually League, 8-3 overall

•Jrs. Connor Johnson, Andrew Rickman, RB: Pair of junior speedsters will cause fits for opposing defenses. Johnson returned five kicks for scores, Rickman ran for 900+ yards last year.



24003 BOTHELL-EVERETT HWY, NEW SUITE 100 LOCATION Bothell, WA 98021 (Across from the new Safeway)



Head Coach: Todd Parmenter, 2nd year

[14] September 7, 2012 •

Webster gives back to the game he loves By Andy Nystrom

Thirty years later, Cody Webster is still tuned in to the Little League World Series. At age 12, he dominated his opponents while pitching Kirkland National Little League to a 5-0 championship win over Taiwan in Williamsport, Pa. He blasted a 280-foot home run during

that game and helped knock the Taiwanese off their fivestraight-titles perch. On a recent afternoon while sitting in a room at the Northshore Sports Complex in Woodinville, the 42-yearold Kirkland resident and Bothell American Legion baseball coach checked out the TV screen while players from Curacao and Japan played on the same field he

did three decades ago. “It’s fun to watch this stuff. These kids seem like they’re bigger, stronger, faster nowadays — they’re so polished,” he said. “I’m pretty sure even if I didn’t experience what I experienced, I’d be watching it because it’s a good show.” Webster was clearly entertained: “Look at how big that kid is — Wow,” he said at one point. “Look how he wears that hat,” he chimed in later. Following his Little League days, Webster attended Juanita High, where his baseball and football teams won state titles. During that time frame, he started thinking about coaching baseball, which is what he’s done on the Bothell baseball scene for the last six years. He currently coaches the local American Legion U-19 squad, which mainly features players from Bothell High, along with


one each from Inglemoor and Cedar Park Christian. Webster has coached most of the players since they were 11, including his nephew, Kellen, who will be a junior at Bothell High this year. While his teams have experienced up and down years, he often plays them against older teams to prepare them for high-school ball. When Webster was about 16 or 17 — the same age range as his players now — he started developing a coach’s mindset. “I started getting interested and started paying attention more to my coaches and how they did stuff and why they did stuff. Kind of looked at the game in that different way,” Webster said. “Obviously when I was 12, I didn’t think that way — I probably thought I was going to play until I was 90.” Whether he’s on the ball

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Bothell’s Cody Webster lived every Little Leaguer’s dream, hitting a home run during the championship game in a 5-0 win over Taiwan to help Kirkland National to the World Series title. Thirty years later, he has returned to the sport he loves, coaching youth baseball. andy nystrom, Bothell Reporter field coaching and running camps, or helping players hone their skills at the Northshore Sports Complex, Webster knows that tons of hard work will go a long way toward a player’s success. He’s relaxed with the kids, works individually with each player to have them playing at a top level and, most importantly, doesn’t put a lot of pressure on them, he said. Pressure was in abundance during Webster’s baseball days, and he wants to stay far away from that, he added. “You’ve got to play every day, you’ve got to put a lot of time and effort into it to be good. That’s what we did, that’s how we won the World Series, that’s what I was taught,” Webster said. “We practiced eight, nine hours a

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day leading up to the tournament. Whatever your ceiling is, you’ll never reach it unless you work your butt off.” Todd Webster, one of Cody’s three older brothers and Kellen’s dad, feels that Cody’s experience as a successful player translates well into the coaching role. He can relate to his players, both on a personal level and skills-wise, Todd said. “He recognizes a skill set and he wants the kids to achieve that,” said Todd, noting that as a father, he knows that Kellen is in good hands with Cody smoothly guiding the teenager to a higher level, as well. Near his desk at the sports complex hangs a large, framed picture of the 1982 Kirkland National team. Webster smiled when he looked at those boys of summer and discussed what that time meant to him. “The thing that I take from the Little League experience is those guys — a lot of them I’m still good friends with. There’s just a special bond there,” said Webster, noting that the supportive coaches and players’ families were also crucial parts of Kirkland’s success. Each time Kirkland won, the boys got to play another day. Everyone was still together when the dust on the baseball diamond cleared. Victory was theirs, right up until the last day of the season. “It was great, we won the World Series,” Webster said. “But it kind of sucked that the summer was over because it was so much fun.” Webster and his Kirkland National teammates started the nonprofit Pat Downs Foundation, named after their 1982 head coach who died in 1997. The foundation raises money for young baseball players who can’t afford the costs to play. For more information visit www.

September 7, 2012 [15] •

Bothell resident completes cross-state bicycle journey Five day, 300-mile trip honors late wife

Mark Gorow recently completed a 300-mile bike ride from Seattle to Spokane to honor the memory of his late wife Shwulih. Courtesy photo miles a day on average with a from Moses Lake and high of 80 and a low of 45. Ritzville. He described the worst “There was absolutely day was his 45 mile ride nothing,” Mark said. “It was

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Bothell resident Mark Gorow completed his five day bike trip Friday from Seattle to Spokane. It was a journey, he said, that was accompanied by the spirit of his wife. “It was a time of solitude and a time to think,” said Gorow. “I felt like she was on the ride with me.” Aug. 27 marked the first day of Gorow’s five-day trip in honor of his late wife, Shwulih, who passed away in 2005 from an inoperable brain tumor. She was 45. To prepare, he rode about 50-100 miles a day, and has participated in the two-day, 200-mile Seattle-to-Portland event the last four years. His daughter, Zoe Gorow, a Bothell resident, saw Mark off at 8 a.m. Monday in Seattle from the Swedish Hospital Neuroscience Institute on Cherry Hill. He stayed with his other daughter Felicia Gorow on day 3 and four other motels along the way.

Mark’s ride raised $1,800 and awareness for the 2012 Seattle Brain Cancer Walk and Team Shwulih. He tweeted and blogged throughout his trip at cyclingforawalk and http://cycling forawalk.word The cyclist rode first to Cle Elum, then to Wenatchee, Moses Lake and Ritzville before hitting Spokane on Aug. 31. He rode 60

they were married three years later. “Six years ago, I started riding as a way to cope with the loss of my wife. For me, it was challenging myself to do something like this to keep me going.” Mark, who works in King County Metro’s Web department, said he hopes to be able to raise money for the Brain Cancer walk again in the same way but maybe next year there will be a different, slightly harder route. “For good or bad,” Gorow said, “I have this thing about topping myself.”



Raechel Dawson & Andy Nystrom

only part of the ride, about four or five hours, but it seemed a lot longer.” But the most rewarding part was the overwhelming support from friends, family and strangers along the way who said he inspired them. “I’m so proud of him. For him to able to do this as his own healing process is really commendable,” said Felicia, who noted that Mark drove back to Seattle after finishing his journey. Shwulih, who was born in Taichung, Taiwan, met Mark at the University of Washington in 1984 and

[16] September 7, 2012


Inglemoor’s Zhou places first in FBLA competition

Inglemoor High junior Kathleen Zhou placed first in Human Resource Management at the national Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) competition held June 29-July 2 in San Antonio, Texas. Senior Emmeline Vu (marketing),

senior Darrek Monaco (help desk) and junior Kevin Jin (marketing) also competed. FBLA-Phi Beta Lambda is the largest and oldest student business organization. More than 8,000 participants from across the United States were in attendance at this conference to sharpen their core business skills, expand their networks and participate in more than 55 business and business-related competitive events.

...obituaries Eleanor Catherine (Bird) Green

Eleanor, born in Seattle on December 17, 1917, died with her family beside her in Kirkland on July 14, 2012, age 94. Her parents were A. Frank and Esther Bird. After Seattle’s Roosevelt High School, she earned a degree in Sociology from the University of Washington in 1939, where she participated in Delta Delta Delta, the YWCA, and student government, serving as president of the Associated Women Photo by Cory Parris Students. Most importantly, she met Ron Green at the Varsity Ball during their freshman year. They married in December, 1939 and settled in Ron’s hometown of Bothell. Following work for the UW ticket office, she devoted herself to home and community life. After Ron joined the Army Air Corps, Eleanor joined him in Hondo, Texas. In Bothell after the war, they kept busy with the family Ford agency and expanding the house to provide room for growing children. In the mid-1960s, Eleanor became Director of Volunteers at Harborview Hospital, then Community Resource Coordinator at the Women’s Prison in Purdy. Retiring in 1980, she and Ron returned to Bothell. Beginning in 1999, they enjoyed living at Brittany Park in Woodinville. After Ron’s death two years ago, Eleanor moved to the Golden Spirit Adult Family Home in Kirkland, where she lived with grace and gratitude. A lifelong believer in civic responsibility and public education, Eleanor helped to found a community cooperative pre-school in the late 1940s and won awards for serving on the Citizens’ Committee and the Recreation Coordinating Council. In the early 1960s, she led a Horizon Club (Camp Fire) group of high school girls, the Bothell Horizon Pioneers. She and Ron served as church historians and as hosts at the Bothell Historical Museum. They helped compile and publish A Slough of Memories, a book of personal accounts of Bothell-Kenmore-Woodinville history. Their interest in international friendships brought frequent guests from abroad into their home, and they traveled extensively during their retirement years. Survivors are her children Ron Green, Jr. (Claudia), Bothell; Janet Hunter (Richard) San Diego; and Darrell Green (Pam), Redmond, and eight grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. She is also survived by two dear exchange student “daughters,” Yoko Ueyama Shiga, Japan, and Ursula Mielke-Hoelscher, Germany. Granddaughter Karen Hunter predeceased her. Ron, her beloved husband of 70 years, died in 2010. A memorial service was held on August 13 at the Bothell United Methodist Church, where Eleanor was an active member for over 70 years. The family suggests memorial gifts to either the Bothell United Methodist Church , 18515 92nd Ave N.E., Bothell,WA 98011; or the Eleanor Bird Green Fund, Camp Fire Central Puget Sound, 4241 21st Avenue West, Suite 200, Seattle, WA 98199-1250.


Place a paid obituary to honor those who have passed away, call Linda at 253.234.3506 All notices are subject to verification.

Senior Citizens’ Day on tap Sept. 11 in Bothell

Committee and participating chamber businesses. Sponsors are EvergreenHealth and Foundation House at Bothell.

The third annual Bothell Senior Citizens’ Day will take place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sept. 11 at the interBothell’s Open road section of Main Street and wine celebrates debut 101st Avenue Northeast. of 2011 barbera The event will feature Bothell’s Open Road giveaways, prizes, live Wine Company is addmusic and entertainment, ing 2011 Barbera to its historical tours and other portfolio of award-winning activities. There’s free parklocal wines. A release party ing and a shuttle service is planned from noon to 7 that will run from the p.m. on Sept. 9. Northshore Senior Center The event will be held (10201 E. Riverside Drive) at Open Road’s new co-op to downtown throughout tasting room, the Mercanthe day. tile Wine & Goods, located Senior• Home Appointments Available Citizens’ Day is • Plans you can customize for your needs at Bothell’s Country Village, produced• Home Appointments Available by the Greater • Plans you can customize for your needs • Call for a Farmers Friendly Review® 23732 Bothell-Everett Bothell Chamber of Com• Call for a Farmers Friendly Review® Highway, Suite B, Bothell. merce’s Senior Resource

Coverage to live the life you want. Coverage to live the life you want. Coverage to live the life you want. Coverage to live the life you want. • Home Appointments Available • Plans you can customize for your needs Coverage to live the life you want. Bob Platte • Call for a Farmers Friendly Review® Bob Platte

• Home Appointments Available 17630 140TH AVE NE STE B • Plans you can customize for your needs WOODINVILLE, WA 98072-6876 17630 140TH AVE NE STE B WOODINVILLE, WA 98072-6876 • Home Appointments Available • Call for a Farmers Friendly Review® • Plans you can customize for your needs Bob Platte • Call for a Farmers Friendly Review® 17630 140TH AVE NE STE B

WOODINVILLE, WA 98072-6876 Bob Platte 17630 140TH AVE NE STE B

Bob Platte WOODINVILLE, WA 98072-6876 17630 140TH AVE NE STE B

WOODINVILLE, WA 98072-6876

Call 425-483-2333 today for Call 425-483-2333 for Auto, Home, Life andtoday Business. Auto, Home, Life and Business.

Bastyr names five new members to board of trustees

Bastyr University announced that it has recently added five new members to its Board of Trustees. They are: • Carrie Louise Daenell, naturopathic doctor — director, American Association of Naturopathic Physicians; founder, LiveWell Center; and co-founder, Success Bootcamp Rx • Gregory J. Goode — executive director of Government Relations, Indiana State University • The Honorable Eric Pettigrew — Washington state senator; director, community and business relations, Regence Blue Shield • Ron Sims — retired deputy secretary at U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development • Ruth Westreich — president, The Westreich Foundation Bastyr University now has 15 members on its Board of Trustees.

Road construction coming to kenmore


Community •

The city of Kenmore participates in the countywide asphalt overlay program, which is part of a maintenance plan designed to prolong the life of city streets. Streets are selected for resurfacing using a pavement

Call 425-483-2333 today for HOME the HEART is Auto, Home, is Lifewhere and Business.

SENIOR HOUSING Call 425-483-2333 todayAND for Auto, Home, Life andtoday Business. Call 425-483-2333 for



n Saturday, October 20, the Reporter Auto, Home, Life and Business.

newspapers on the Eastside are joining forces with ElderMove Alliance and Rotary Club Of Lynnwood Community Foundation to present the 2012 Senior Housing and Health Fair. We’ll get the word out to seniors in the greater Eastside communities with this program of events for the Senior Housing and Health Fair happening Saturday, October 20. The event is always well attended and this year, it will be even better.

Look for this special edition in Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Mercer Island, Issaquah/Sammamish and Bothell/Kenmore in early October.

24% of the residents on the Eastside are seniors and they read Reporter Newspapers! For more information about this upcoming special feature or to inquire about advertising please call 425-483-3732.

management program that rates the conditions of city streets, which allows the city to prioritize streets for maintenance. Streets are then grouped together by location to minimize cost associated with mobilization of paving crews. This year’s overlay program was scheduled to begin this week and run for approximately four weeks. However, weather or unforeseen conditions may affect the overall schedule. Activities will normally take place between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. City officials ask drivers to watch for equipment, flaggers and workers along the road when driving through a work zone, and expect reduced speed limits. Construction is scheduled for the following overlay roads: • Northeast 181st Street from 62nd Avenue Northeast to 67th Avenue Northeast • Northeast 181st Street from east of improvements at 68th Avenue Northeast to 73rd Avenue Northeast • Northeast 182nd Street from 64th Avenue Northeast to 66th Avenue Northeast • Northeast 187th Street/64th Place Northeast from 64th Avenue Northeast to end of road • Northeast 186th Street from 64th Avenue Northeast to end of road • Northeast 193rd Street from 55th Avenue Northeast (western Kenmore border) to 61st Avenue Northeast • 65th Avenue Northeast from 65th Place Northeast to end of road

bothell scouts take 220mile bicycle adventure

Bothell’s Boy Scout Varsity Team 651 recently completed a 220-mile adventure bike-riding trip from Othello to Bothell. They traveled mostly on trails, which included the John Wayne Pioneer Trail from Othello to Rattlesnake Lake just south of North Bend, and the Snoqualmie Valley and Tolt Pipeline trails. They camped overnight and averaged about 45 miles a day Aug. 7-11. Seven boys, ages 14-15, and three adults made the trip. Scouts: David Bellini, Bryn Bills, Chase Horning, Connor Jensen, Justin McCain, Brandon Stevens and Taylor Vastbinder; Adults: Chris Bissenden, Bill Hickman and Rod Nye. •

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Sept 07, 2012 [17]

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Apartments for Rent King County BELLEVUE - MERCER ISLAND



Easternwood (Bothell):

3 BD unit available 992 sq.ft. Washer-dryer hook-ups, dishwasher, garbage disposal and assigned parking.

Rent is $827/mo. Cooperatively managed, resident participation required. No dogs, indoor cats only. Please contact Kerri Berlin at

425-398-8648 or email

Employment Administrative admin

The Strategic News Service ( is seeking an

Administrative Assistant to the CEO If you have a consistently positive attitude and are passionate about improving the world, this j o b m ay b e fo r y o u . Want to help with Global War ming, K12 Education, Healthcare, Orca Relief, and using technology to solve social p r o bl e m s ? T h e s u c cessful applicant will be able to combine intense project focus in quiet environments with meeting and working with global thought leaders. A proven ability in writing, computer use and graphics is a strong plus. Some travel required. Please send a resume and photograph to:



The Bainbridge Island Review, a weekly community newspaper located in western Washington state, is accepting applications for a parttime general assignment Reporter. The ideal can206-255-9688 didate will have solid reNeed an employer porting and writing skills, have up-to-date knowlwho gives you your edge of the AP Styleown parking spot? book, be able to shoot Maybe it’s time to photos and video, be able to use InDesign, change jobs. Our and contribute to staff online job search blogs and Web updates. solution will provide We offer vacation and sick leave, and paid holiyou with job listings days. If you have a paswhere you can view sion for community news jobs that match your reporting and a desire to category. Your path to work in an ambitious, dyn a m i c n ew s r o o m , we a better job begins at want to hear from you. E.O.E. Email your resume, cover letter and up to 5 non-returnable writing, photo and video samples to Muffler/Brake Or mail to Tech Position BIRREP/HR Dept., available at Busy EastSound Publishing, side Auto Repair 19351 8th Ave. NE, Shop. Min. 2 yrs exp. Suite 106, Poulsbo, Please fax or email reWA 98370. sume to: 425-999-8018 Employment General

PRIDE BASEBALL Club is looking for a few more 15U Baseball Players to try out for the 2013 season. $1,700 player fee covers Mickey Mantle League, Tour naments and Training at Rijo Athletics. All home games on High School Fields Nor th Shore and Edmonds Schools. Call John Legault for an individual try out 206-5103114.

Employment Transportation/Drivers

Heavy and Light Duty Tr u c k s ; Tr a c t o r a n d Trailers; Compressors; Forklifts; Scissor Lifts; Rental Yard. Call Barry:

Wonderful mountain cabin near Index total remodel. Logs, stone, great views. River access. 1 BD, 1 BA, $650 per month. (360)7990551

Employment General

Employment Media

REPORTER Reporter sought for staff opening with the PeninCARRIER sula Daily News, a sixROUTES day newspaper on Washington’s beautiful AVAILABLE North Olympic Peninsula that includes the cities of IN YOUR Por t Angeles, Sequim, P o r t To w n s e n d a n d AREA Forks (yes, the “Twilightâ€? Forks, but no vampires or werewolves). Bring Call Today your experience from a 1-253-872-6610 weekly or small daily -from the first day, you’ll be able to show off the Food Service THE PERFECT FIT! writing and photography 22222222 skills you’ve already acquired while sharpening Looking for something your talent with the help to do while your kids o f ve t e ra n n ew s r o o m are in school and earn extra spending money? leaders. This is a general assignment reporting Sodexo Food Services position in our Port Anin the Lake Washington geles office in which beSchool District has ing a self-starter must be cafeteria positions that demonstrated through fit a parent’s schedule professional experience. perfectly: Port Angeles-based Pe11111111 v Work day and hours ninsula Daily News, cirw i l l c o i n c i d e w i t h culation 16,000 daily and 15,000 Sunday (plus a school days & hours. v N o h o l i d a y s o r website getting up to one million hits a weekends. month), publishes separ11111111 ate editions for Clallam Entry-level positions for and Jefferson counties. 3 to 4 hours per day at Check out the PDN at $9.25 per hour w w w. p e n i n s u l a d a i l y For more information and the beauplease call: ty and recreational oppor tunities at 425-936-1393 In-person visit and tryout are required, so WashHouse Cleaners ington/Northwest applicants given preference. F/T, no nights. Send cover letter, reCompetitive wages. sume and five best writApply in person i n g a n d p h o t o g r a p hy 10am - 3pm, Mon-Fri. 13256 NE 20th St, Ste 3, c l i p s t o L e a h L e a c h , managing editor/news, Bellevue 98005 P.O. Box 1330, 305 W. 425-746-2800 First St., Port Angeles, Build up your business WA 9 8 3 6 2 , o r e m a i l with our Service Guide Special: Four full Need extra cash? Place weeks of advertising your classiďŹ ed ad today! starting at $40. Call Call 1-800-388-2527 or 800-388-2527 to Go online 24 hours a place your ad today. day

Premier Transportation is seeking Tractor-Trailer Drivers for newly added dedicated runs making store deliveries MondayFriday in WA, OR, ID. MUST have a Class-A CDL and 2 years tractortrailer driving exp.

• • • • • • • • •

Home on a daily basis $.40 per mile plus stop off and unloading pay $200/day minimum pay Health & prescription insurance Family dental, life, disability insurance Company match 401K, Vacation & holiday pay $1,000 longevity bonus after each year Assigned trucks Direct deposit

For application information, Paul Proctor at Premier Transportation: 866-223-8050. EOE

Short Line/ Local Drivers Needed


flea market

Beauty & Health

Free Items Recycler


Denture & Dental Clinic AExtractions &

Dentures Placed Immediately (onsite) AIn-house Lab AImplant Dentures A1/hr Repair/Reline AFree Consultation

Michael A. Salehi LD

Board Certified Denturist Gabriela Aluas DDS General Dentist 3 Home every day 3 Sign on Bonus 3 Excellent pay/Benefits 3 Must have 1yr. verifiable exp. w/doubles exp. 3 O/O’s also welcome Call Robert: 800-241-2415 or apply online at:

Advertise your upcoming garage sale in your local community paper and online to reach thousands of households in your area. Call: 800-388-2527 Fax: 360-598-6800 Go online:


18521 101st Ave N.E.

425-487-1551 Bellevue

One Lake Bellevue Dr


Wood pallets for firewood or ? (Does not include 48x40 size)

Call Today!

425-355-0717 ext. 1560

Ask for Karen Avis

Take 5 special 5 Lines 5 Weeks Advertise your vehicle, boat, RV, camper or motorcycle in the ClassiďŹ eds Call 800-388-2527 to speak with your customer representative or go online to 24 hours a day.

Home Furnishings Cemetery Plots

2 NICHES AVAILABLE in the gorgeous Orchid Room at the beautiful Queen Anne/ Arthur Columbarium. Located at 520 W Raye St, Seattle. Dimensions are 3� wide by 7.5� long. Helpful, f r i e n d l y p r o fe s s i o n a l staff. Easy parking leads to flat entrance and all inter nal rooms, where your safe from the weather while visiting. Business $1,500 obo. 360-658Opportunities 8594. 2 P R E M I U M S i d e by THE SECRET Side lots. Excellent locaTHEY DIDN’T tion in the Rock of Ages Garden of Washington WANT YOU TO Memorial Park in SeaHEAR ABOUT. tac. $4,800 each or both fo r $ 7 , 7 5 0 . 2 5 3 - 6 3 1 Once In A 3734 Lifetime SUNSET HILLS MemoriOpportunity al Park in Bellevue. 2 For FREE CD Call: C h o i c e S i d e by S i d e Plots in The Garden of 425-698-1910 GIN Rest, Lot 83, Spaces 11 ,OOKINGüFORüAüNEWüPLACEü and 12. Can Buy 1 or Both. $7,500 each or #HECKüOUTü WWWPNWHOMElNDERCOM Discount If You By Both. FORüLOCALüüNATIONALüLISTINGSü Contact me at: 425-8907780 or Need help with your career Reach over a million search? potential customers There is help out there! when you advertise in and you can access it at the Service Directory. whatever time is convenient Call 800-388-2527 or go for you! Find only the jobs online to in your desired category, or Farm Fencing a specific location. Available & Equipment when you are, 247. Log on JOHN DEERE Dozer, at or 450-B, $9,000 OBO. Imcall one of our recruitment maculate! Runs great. specialists, Monday-Friday New radiator, gauges, lights, 7.5’ blade, ripper. 8am-5pm Enumclaw 360-825800-388-2527 0356 or 253-691-1469

B E D : S e l e c t C o m fo r t bed, bought in July. Never slept in. Excellent condition. Paid $2000. Asking $1300 cash. Is being stored at Public Storage in Kent; 6850 S. 238th Street, Kent 98032. Feel free to come by on Saturdays, between 9am & noon, or call: (253)236-4466 for more details

Thousands of ClassiďŹ ed readers need your service. Your service ad will run FOUR full weeks in your local community paper and on the web for one low price with the Service Guide Special. Call 800-388-2527 to speak with a customer representative. Go online 24 hours a day: Or fax in your ad: 360-598-6800. Musical Instruments


MUSIC TO YOUR EARS Fender Jazz Bass Special. Made in Japan. 1984-1987. $475 SWR Workman’s Pro Bass Amp. 100 watt. $375. Poulsbo, Kitsap county

360-434-3296 • Dogs


pets/animals Cats

(3) MINIATURE YORKSHIRE Terrier Puppies Fo r S a l e. T h ey a r e 9 weeks old and ready for a new home. I have 1 female and 2 males left. They are ver y loving, playful, and ready for a n ew a d ve n t u r e. I a m asking $1000 for the female and $800 for the males. Email or call if interested: 425-442-0737

BENGAL KITTENS, Gorgeously Rosetted! Consider a bit of the “Wildâ€? for your home. L i ke a d ve n t u r e ? T h i s may be the pet for you! Need help with your career then click on “Kittensâ€? to search? see what’s available with pricing starting at $900. There is help out there! Championship Breeder, and you can access it at TICA Outstanding Cattery, TIBCS Breeder of whatever time is convenient D i s t i n c t i o n . S h o t s , for you! Find only the jobs Health Guarantee. Terein your desired category, or sa, 206-422-4370. a specific location. Available Dogs when you are, 247. Log on at or 2 CHIHUAHUA’S - Long coat, AKC registered. call one of our recruitment Neutered male, gold with w h i t e m a r k i n g s ; a n d specialists, Monday-Friday spayed female, black & 8am-5pm brown brindle with white 800-388-2527 markings. Dew claws removed. Wormed and all per manent shots. Vet checked. Mother on site. $350 each. Located in Kent. (253)852-5344 AKC Red Doberman Puppies. Born 6/15. Service quality, parents on site, tails and claws. 3 males, 2 females. Cur- C O C K E R S PA N I E L rent shots & dewormed. Puppies; registered litter. E x c e l l e n t fa m i l y a n d Adorable, loving, fluffs of guard dogs. Starting at f u n ! B o r n 7 / 2 5 / 1 2 . 5 $500 or trade. Ready for males and 3 females. All a new home. 253-359- colors. First shots re3802 ceived. References from Sell it for FREE in the previous litter owners. Exceptional dogs, very Super Flea! Call smart and loving. Show 866-825-9001 or quality. Parents on site. email the Super Flea Includes paper : $550 each. For appointment at theea@ please call Dawn 261-0713. Enumclaw.

A K C G R E AT D A N E puppies! Health guarantee! Very sweet, lovable, intelligent, gentle giants. Males and females. Now offering Full-Euro’s, HalfEuro’s & Standard Great Danes. Dreyersdanes is Oregon state’s largest breeder of Great Danes and licensed since 2002. $500 & up (every color but Fawn). Also; selling Standard Poodles. Call 5 0 3 - 5 5 6 - 4 1 9 0 .

KINGSGATE ESTATE/ Moving Sale, September 7th & 8th, 13615 - 116th Ave NE, 98034. 9am 3pm. Heirlooms, 1915 brass bed, reed organ, and more. Chairs, tables, bookcases, toys, tools, office supplies, computer desk, kitchen goods. CASH ONLY!!

Looking for something special? Shop the ClassiďŹ eds 24 hours a day 365 days a year for great deals on great stuff. Go online:

LOADED 2009 Dodge Challenger R/T. Barely d r i ve n ; 1 7 , 7 0 0 m i l e s. Perfect Black exter ior with Dark Gray interior. Advertise your garage sale! For just D e a l e r m a i n t a i n e d . CARFAX available. AC, $37 you can advertise CD, MP3, Nav System, in print and on the Bluetooth. 5.7L Hemi V8. Only asking web for one week ($1,500 below with no limits on how $27,800 KBB). Ready to SELL much you want to TODAY. Call Greg: 843412-7349. South Whidsay in the ad. Call 800-388-2527 today bey.

Log on to a website that’s easy to navigate

866-825-9001 or email the Super Flea Tires & Wheels at theea@ 17� TIRES & WHEELS Automobiles Lincoln

wheels Marine Power

2 0 0 4 L I N C O L N Tow n Car Ultimate. White with Grey Leather Inter ior. Full set of Mounted Studded Snow Tires included. Excellent Condition, 41,000 miles. Selling price: $12,900.

Professional Services Legal Services

Home Services Hauling & Cleanup

Home Services Landscape Services



5th Wheels


Is a Full Service Law Firm Serving Individuals and Small Businesses in Areas Such As: Business Formations, Chapter 7 and 13 Bankruptcies, Real Estate Transactions and Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning. Please contact:

Locally/Veteran owned & operated. Telephone Estimates, Ray Foley, 425-844-2509 Licensed & Insured


We remove/recycle: Junk/wood/yard/etc. Fast Service 25 yrs Experience, Reasonable rates

{AVVO RATING 9.7/10} Principal Attorney


Call Reliable Michael


Home Services Air Duct Cleaning

Home Services

House/Cleaning Service


TAKE A SUMMER VACATION FROM YOUR CLEANING ETHICAL ENTERPRISES Family Owned 30+ Years Exp. Customer Oriented Residential & Comm. Call Cheryl / Bob 206-226-7283 425-770-3686 Lic.-Bonded-Ins.

Complete MOLD, ALLERGY & VOC Testing Services.


ĂĽ"OTTOMLESSĂĽGARAGEĂĽSALE     Home Services General Contractors

Find what you need 24 hours a day.

Set of 4 Michelin tires on aluminum alloy Honda wheels. P225/50R17, Pilot HX MXM4. Excellent condition! Like new. $1200 OBO. Spanaway area. Cash only. 253273-0074

16’ 1969 STARCRAFT Boat, 35 HP Johnson motor & trailer. Good condition! Great for fishing, first beginner-type boat. Covered and stored. $1,500 or best offer. Aubur n. Ask for G e o r g e, i f n o o n e i s home, please leave a message 253-833-8656.


Whether you’re buying or selling, the Classifieds has it all. From automobiles and employment to real estate and household goods, you’ll find everything you need 24 hours a day at

Vans & Mini Vans Toyota

2010 TOYOTA Sienna XLE FWD Mini Van, located on Vashon Island. Burgundy color. Includes all extras (e.g., navigation system, DVD, leather seats, Tr i-zone climate control, sun roof, heated driver and front passenger seats). Includes 7 prepaid 5000 mile maintenance certificates. VERY low mileSell it for FREE in the age: 23,400. $28,700. Super Flea! Call 415-624-9002.


garage sales - WA

Pickup Trucks Dodge

2000 DODGE Dakota. 1 of 100 made. Collectors item! Like new, used for c a r s h o w s o n l y. V- 8 , 52,000 miles, custom wheels, BIG stereo! $12,000. 253-333-2136



2 AQHA HORSES, starte d w i t h 9 0 d ay s p r o training. Gentle and ready to progress. Both are 2 years old. One mare and one gelding. Partner up! Great project horses and terrific Western Pleasure, Gaming, Trail Potential. UTD on Shots, Worming, H o ove s. C l i p, B a t h e, Trailer, Stand for Farrier. Stanwood location. $2000 each. A Deal! 206-465-8748.

Automobiles Dodge

Garage/Moving Sales King County

Home Services Landscape Services


Composite Decks. Porch Roofs. Remodel! Siding, Kitchen & Bath.


206-681-7870 Lic# LFICOCL902LA, Bonded



Tom 425-443-5474 25 years experience


Sell it free in the Flea 1-866-825-9001

24’ KIT Monterey, 1990. Good condition. Air conditioner, microwave, 3/4 bath. sleeps 6 comfortably. New: tires, propane tanks. 2 auxiliary batteries. $3,800. 360829-1323 (Buckley)

* Cleanup * Trimming * Weeding * Pruning * Sod * Seed * Bark * Rockery *Complete Yard Work 425-226-3911 206-722-2043 Lic# A1SHEGL034JM

Any kind of

YARDWORK *Bark *Weed *Trim *Prune *New Sod *Thatching

*Paving Patios *Rockery/Retaining Walls *General Cleanup

Call Steve

206-244-6043 425-214-3391 lic#stevegl953kz

Think Inside the Box Advertise in your local community newspaper and on the web with just one phone call. Call 800-388-2527 for more information. HI MARK LANDSCAPING & GARDENING Complete Yard Work DTree Service DHauling DWeeding DPruning DHedge Trim DFence DConcrete DBark DNew Sod & Seed DAerating & Thatching

Senior Discount FREE ESTIMATE

206-387-6100 Lic#HIMARML924JB

Bottomless Garage Sale Ads

All you can say and MORE! No word limit for only $37!

Garage Sale

Advertise your upcoming garage sale in your local community newspaper and online.

Call: 800-388-2527 Fax: 360-598-6800

Go online: Find what you need 24 hours a day.

Home Services Painting

Home Services Landscape Services


Kwon’s Gardening & Landscaping


Over 25 Years Exp. Clean Up, Hedging, Pruning, Mowing & other services avail

Free Estimates Always Low $$ 425-444-9227 Home Services Lawn/Garden Service

Le’s Landscaping, & Fence Available 7 Days A Week


OFF ANY LANDSCAPE JOB! All work guaranteed! $150 OFF any job $1,000 or more! Soil reconditioning, clearing, sod, beauty bark, fencing, retaining walls, patios & more.

206-251-5933 #LELANLG937JE


Pressure washing gutter, fence, deck, cleaning, etc. Painting & repairs. And all yard services. 206-412-4191 HANDYHY9108

Plant, Prune, Mow, Weed, Bark, Remove Debris Henning Gardening Call Geoff Today:

206-854-1794 LICENSED & INSURED


[18] Sept 07, 2012

Quality Service Since 1979�


“We always respond to your call!�

Home Services Roofing/Siding

Pinnacle Roofing Professionals




5%LIC#PINNARP919MF off Re-Roofing

www.pinnaclerooďŹ 206-919-3538 Lic.# PINNARP917P1

Home Services Windows/Glass

Window Cleaning & More Window & Gutter Cleaning Gutter Whitening Pressure Washing Holiday Lights (Sales/Install) Moss Treatment 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Free Estimates



Domestic Services Child Care Offered

Lic Home Daycare Ages 0-6 Great Preschool Program! Lg Back Yard! Healthy home made meals/snacks


September 7, 2012 [19] •

Now That’s Entertainment!

fight STARTS AT 7pm


text COGA to 88202 for a chance to win free tickets

Special Guest

Special Guest



UFC Welterweight

UFC Lightweight



Tickets available at the Snoqualmie Casino box office or

ARE YOU IN A RUSH? The new Sno Deli will tempt you with savory Neapolitan style pizzas, toasted warm sandwiches made to order, our in-house fresh salad selections, made daily. Open 7 days a week. Adding to your gaming experience here at Snoqualmie Casino.

DRIVING EAST I-90, EXIT 27 DRIVING WEST I-90, EXIT 31 SNOQUALMIE, WA • 425.888.1234 • SNOCASINO.COM Hours, prices, schedule, rules are subject to change without notice. Must be 21+ to gamble.

[20] September 7, 2012 •



For Dental Implant Treatment, it’s a ClearChoice! ClearChoice team of specialists brings you a dental implant solution that fits your budget ... in just one day!* A LEADER IN DENTAL IMPLANT TREATMENT Virtually every adult will lose a tooth, and as we get older, more Americans will suffer with missing and failing teeth. These days, however, there are dental implant solutions that either didn’t exist in the past or which were difficult to access. But now, ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers are leading the way in innovative dental implant treatments. Dental Implants are a permanent solution for dental problems. And now your treatment, from our team of specialists, can often be accomplished in just one day *… and without the need for additional bone graft surgeries. In fact, dental implants can last a lifetime and have become the treatment of choice for replacement of missing and failing teeth. With more than 10,000 dental implant procedures performed, ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers have become a leader in dental implant treatment delivery. TECHNOLOGY Every ClearChoice Dental Implant Center includes an on-site 3D CAT Scan. The 3D CAT Scan technology costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. This technology provides three-dimensional and cross-sectional views that allow ClearChoice doctors to examine the quality and density of the bone that will anchor the dental implants; select the correct type and size of implants; determine the precise placement of implants, and avoid the nerves and sinuses. Since every smile is custom designed, each ClearChoice Center has a specialized Dental Implant in-house lab to custom make your smile. They said they had specialists, a lab, and high tech equipment all at one location, but I had no idea that they could really do all of this in just one day!* — Actual ClearChoice patient

< 3D CAT Scan



Actual ClearChoice Patient

TEAM OF SPECIALISTS The technology alone cannot elevate ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers in their field. Our technology is paired with an expert professional team of doctor specialists enabling ClearChoice to empower so many patients around the country to change their lives. These qualified specialists include an oral surgeon who places implants, and a prosthodontist who designs your custom new smile. Each of the doctors has special expertise and can be trusted to deliver your high quality implant care. Dental Implants are a surgical procedure and the ClearChoice doctors have extensive experience in this area including administering anesthesia to provide comfort. Custom fabrication of the patient’s new smile and replacement teeth are accomplished by trained lab technicians in the on-site dental implant lab. Our local specialists are available for a FREE initial consultation or even second opinions. Why wait, call now! SATISFACTION & WARRANTY Whether for a missing single tooth, multiple teeth or a whole mouthful of missing or failing teeth, ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers provide comprehensive implant treatment professionally and affordably in a fraction of the time it would take many other professionals. That’s why in an independent study of thousands of patients, ClearChoice patients would overwhelmingly recommend ClearChoice to others† and we warranty our work.

“I suffered with bad teeth since I was a teenager. Imagine dealing with failing teeth so young in life.  As a musician, I’m often in front of an audience. I wanted a rock star smile ... and now I have one.” - Kurt C., real ClearChoice patient

Tooth loss is not your fault. Doing nothing about it is. Come see how easy it is to live the comfortable life you deserve ...

Our risk free consultation will show you how.


1.888.733.9137 TODAY

and receive a free 3D CAT scan (a $700 value)

Michael D. Brooks, DMD, MS • Guillermo Chacon, DDS ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers are locally owned and operated by licensed dentists, and are part of a professional affiliation of implant practices operated by oral surgeons, prosthodontists and restorative dentists across the U.S. *Qualified patients can have their procedure in one day after initial workup without additional bone graft surgery. Results may vary in individual cases. Limited services available at satellite offices. †Independent Dental Implant Survey March 2011. America’s #1 Choice determined by an Independent Patient Survey 2011. © 2012 ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers

Bothell/Kenmore Reporter, September 07, 2012  

September 07, 2012 edition of the Bothell/Kenmore Reporter

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