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SATURDAY, AUGUST 18, 2012 | Vol. 88, No. 66 | | 75¢

A hot time at the ol’ fair today

Fish farm eyed for Coles Road By JUSTIN BURNETT Staff reporter

Langley may someday be home to a fish farm that rears species of freshwater coho salmon. Property owners Bob Libolt and Ken Hertz, real estate developers from Whatcom County, are looking into the possibility of setting up a facility, about one to two acres, on a 40-acre tract of undeveloped land off Coles Road. It’s the same property that had been planned for the large residential development commonly referred to as The Grove. Libolt said he and Hertz haven’t abandoned plans to build new housing in the area, but are envisioning a mixed use on the property. Building a fish farm, an enterprise Hertz already has experience investing in, may be a good fit. “We’re exploring possibilities and fish farms have come up as one option,” Libolt said. “We’re still weighing the pros and cons.” At this point, the idea is simply being looked at, which makes the submission of a building permit a long way off; the area doesn’t even have the appropriate zoning. However, local elected officials hungry to create jobs in a gasping economy have made it clear they are quite

BY BEN WATANABE Staff reporter

Justin Burnett / The Record

SweetSpring President Per Heggelund, right, explains his fish farm operation to Langley real estate developer Bob Libolt and Mayor Larry Kwarsick. A farm from the same company is being considered within a 40-acre tract of property off Coles Road. receptive to the idea. “Everybody talks about sustainable development,” Mayor Larry Kwarsick said. “This is a pretty good example.” “I think it would be

terrific,” he said.

SweetSpring Kwarsick, Port of South Whidbey Commissioner Curt Gordon, Libolt

and Hertz took a trip to Rochester this past Friday to tour the SweetSpring salmon farm. Hertz is one of See fish, A6

LANGLEY — Long lines and high temperatures greeted visitors on the opening day of the Whidbey Island Area Fair. And the weather is expected to be just as bright and sunny this weekend. A bustling crowd led to a line 40-people deep at one point Thursday, all waiting to buy tickets for the nine rides at the Island County Fairgrounds in Langley. Several were multi-fair attendees who claimed the first day was their preference because of a smaller crowd compared to the rush of weekend visitors. Fewer people made for shorter lines at the rides — once they opened after a safety inspection delayed some rides’ start by about an hour. That suited 11-yearold Langley resident Parker Duncan just fine because he had a mighty appetite for the Super Slide, which he claimed (and to which his mother, Sherry, attested) he rode 20 times. “I like the slide,” Parker said. He also had a tip about the Mardi Gras fun house. “We know a secret button,” Parker said,

elaborating that there is a button on the third mirror from the end that triggers a special sound. The slide was the safe bet after a day full of fair food. Between Parker and his mom, the Duncans consumed classic carnival fare like curly fries, shaved ice, root beer floats, lemonade and an elephant ear. Shaved ice and its myriad flavors from cherry and root beer to Godzilla and Tiger Blood, was a major score in the near 90-degree heat. By mid-afternoon, well before the unusually warm temperatures hit, the shaved ice stand had sold about 40 small orders and 20 large orders. Later in the day, but still before the sun dipped behind the western tree line, people carrying shaved ice cups could be seen across the fairgrounds. With temperatures expected to remain in the 80s through the weekend, the shaved ice stand workers predicted more traffic and more sales Friday and Saturday. The fair is a kid’s paradise. Sugar, fried food, adorable animals and thrilling See fair, A11

People Page A2

Saturday, August 18, 2012 • The South Whidbey Record

notable Photos courtesy of Chief Randy Heston

Chief Randy Heston of the City of Langley Police Department and Janet Ploof show off the first Langley golf cart permit for a street legal six-person cart to shuttle fairgoers between the marina, downtown Langley and the Whidbey Island Fair. Heston said he hopes this will show that it could be a viable business for someone, maybe a college intern during the summer. Shuttle stop signs are posted around town. “The thing is dressed up like a surrey. Very funny and just corny enough for Langley,” Ploof said. A recent ordinance makes it legal to drive golf carts in Langley.

Consultant returns from South Pacific South Whidbey environmental consultant Ben Thomas recently returned from the Pacific islands of Guam and Saipan where he provided technical training for the islands’ operators of underground petroleum storage tanks. Thomas was hired by the environmental agencies of Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands. Thomas led five day-long seminars, training over 220 students. The training is part of a national environmental initiative to ensure all petroleum tank owners, represented largely by gas stations, understand the rules governing the prevention of leaks and spills from underground storage tanks. Leaking underground tanks are considered a major source

Photo courtesy of Ben Thomas

Ben Thomas, front row far left, stands with his class of Saipan tank operators in July in Saipan.

of groundwater pollution. According to Thomas, who runs a national tank operator training company from his home office in the Maxwelton valley, the training was successful in that the classes were full and the students

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were enthusiastic about Thomas traveling to the south Pacific islands. In Saipan, Thomas led field trips to local gas stations to complement classroom training with practical exposure to what to expect at actual

fuel tank sites. According to Thomas, the audience represented the island’s diverse cultures and languages including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Chamorro (the local language), Spanish and English.

TODAY’S EDITION | VOL. 88, NO. 66 BEACH BUMS, A7: South Whidbey’s Falcon football team begins season with a day at the beach. COMMONS KINDNESS, A9: South Whidbey Commons faces possible closure. INSERTS: USA WEEKEND, Big 5 Sporting Goods, USSPI NewsAmerica Blue, Fred Meyer and USSPI Valassis Blue.

Thomas’ 16-year old son Finley, a South Whidbey High School junior, accompanied him and helped organize classes. Both Guam and Saipan are U.S. territories and are located between

Japan and New Guinea. Even though the islands are a long way from Whidbey, Thomas sat next to someone on the plane between Guam and Saipan who was born in Saipan but grew up on NAS Whidbey in Oak Harbor. When Thomas told the story in class the next day, one of the students smiled and said, “That’s my sister. I grew up on Whidbey too.” Thomas has been involved in the underground tank industry since 1986 and has trained tank operators and inspectors all over the country. Thomas’s company was recently approved by the Department of Ecology to provide gas station owner training in Washington and Thomas is planning a local live class this fall on the South End. Island County tank owners who need training can get more information at

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Saturday, August 18, 2012 • The South Whidbey Record

Page A3

Time has come to get serious about 2013 county budget By JUSTIN BURNETT Staff reporter

Island County’s annual budget process will begin in earnest next week with the first of a series of public meetings planned to run into October. Compared to recent years, the county’s budget has stabilized, but public officials are steeling themselves for a difficult budget cycle, one that is expected to last at least six weeks. Based on a tentative schedule, the budget creation process kicks off Tuesday when the commissioners begin to meet individually with the county’s 19 department heads and elected officials. Once those meetings wrap up, the board will dive into a series of eight workshops that are scheduled through September. A public hearing will follow, in which the board

expenditures will take official in 2008 peaked action and forat about mally adopt the “I don’t believe $26 million. That budget. we will have a compares to the That meetdeficit. That is approved 2012 ing begins Oct. 1 and could good news.” budget of about $21.6 million. be continued for Elaine Marlow, H o w e v e r, several days. Island County budget director Marlow said the Island County county’s budCommissioner get woes have Helen Price largely stabiJohnson, who is chairperson of the board, lized as revenues and expensaid she is expecting another ditures are expected to keep difficult budget cycle and the pace with each other over the need for finding efficiencies course of 2013. “I don’t believe we will in spending will be great. “There is going to be some have a deficit,” Marlow said. more tough conversations “That is good news.” But this won’t be an easy because things are still pretty budget process. Department tight,” Price Johnson said. Over the past four years, leaders have been struggling the board has had to cut to make do with less and millions to balance the bud- while they have managed get. According to Budget Clinton Director Elaine Marlow, Clinton current expense fund

well, many are asking for assistance, Marlow said. Budget requests from individual departments haven’t all been reviewed yet, but so far the sheriff, the treasurer, IT and planning have all asked for staff increases. A shortfall may not be eminent, but there isn’t enough money to fund all four requests much less any others, Marlow said. It seems many will be going home disappointed but they will be able to make their case before the board

and other county leaders. A roundtable discussion of all department heads has been scheduled for Aug. 29. “They have been asked to be prepared to address critical questions of their budget,” Marlow said. Price Johnson said there is no magic pot of money to satisfy everyone’s needs; this will be a difficult process. She compared the budget to a pillow — when you push on one side the other moves. “I’ll be looking forward to

working with them to come up with some creative solutions for 2013,” she said. All of this year’s budget meetings will be recorded and made available for general viewing on the county’s website, www.islandcounty. net. Justin Burnett can be reached at 1-877-316-7276, 221-5300 or jburnett@

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Saturday, August 18, 2012 • The South Whidbey Record

NEWSLINE | WEATHER REPORT: Areas with fog Saturday with a chance of thunderstorms at night. Sunny Sunday through Tuesday, highs in the low 70s. SCHOOLS Board to vote on food, leases The South Whidbey School Board will vote on the food service contract renewal with Chartwells at its next business meeting. Demand has increased for schoolprovided meals, especially from students who qualify for free-and-reduced lunch. Chartwells’ quality has been criticized by some parents and community members. The board will also review two lease agreements. The lease with the longest history with the district is the Whidbey

Island Community Education Center, an adult learning program, which applied to rent Bayview School. While the historic building on Bayview Road formerly housed the district alternative high school, the program recently moved to the South Whidbey Primary Campus and merged with Whidbey Island Academy to become South Whidbey Academy, a kindergarten through 12th grade alternative school. The other lease is for the recently vacated twostory building at Langley Middle School, which Island Dance has applied to occupy the space on Camano Avenue. The school board will meet at 6:30 p.m.

Wednesday, Aug. 22 in the board room at the South Whidbey Primary Campus, located at 5476 S. Maxwelton Road.

While the new rules would legalize skateboarding in neighborhoods, they would still be restricted from use in commercial areas. The prohibition would not and does not apply to bikes.



Council considers skateboarding The Langley City Council will consider an ordinance change Monday that, if passed, will legalize the use of skateboards in some areas of the city. The proposal would allow skateboards, scooters, rollerblades, and any other human powered device to be used in residential neighborhoods. Currently, only bicycles are allowed on city streets or alleys.

Prosecutor seeks 80-year sentence Island County Prosecutor Greg Banks wants murderer James Huden to get an exceptional sentence of 80 years in prison. Huden is scheduled to be sentenced in Island County Superior Court Tuesday morning. Following a lengthy trial last month, a jury found Huden guilty of killing

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an isolated spot on Wahl Road under the guise of delivering a gift to him for his wife. “Huden then shot Russel Douglas between the eyes while Douglas was seat-belted in the driver’s seat of his car — completely unsuspecting, isolated from others who may have aided him, utterly defenseless, and unable to flee,” Banks wrote in his sentencing memorandum. Thomas is scheduled to go to trial Nov. 13.

CORRECTIONS A calender item in the Aug. 15 issue of the Record incorrectly stated the admission fee for an adult to the Whidbey Island Fair. The correct price is $8. In the article “Island Transit cuts ribbon for park” in the Saturday, Aug. 4 issue of the Record, Island Transit’s phone number was incorrect. The correct contact numbers for Island Transit are 1-800-240-8747 or 360-678-7771.

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Russel Douglas, a 32-yearold father of two, on South Whidbey nine years ago. Huden was convicted of first-degree murder while armed with a firearm, plus an aggravating factor that allowed the judge to impose an exceptional sentence beyond the standard range. Namely, the jury found that Douglas was particularly vulnerable. Former beauty queen Peggy Thomas, who’s also facing a murder charge, allegedly lured Douglas to


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Opinion Saturday, August 18, 2012 • The South Whidbey Record

Page A5

Letters Current events

Working hard for Social Security To the editor: Dear politicians: Would one of you please explain to me how Social Security is defined as an entitlement program? I would especially like to hear the explanation from one of you who wants to kill the program. I have been putting money into it since I got my first job as a dishwasher at age 14. I am now a 60-year-old mechanical designer and I am still putting money into the system. How is it entitlement if in five or six years I want to start getting some of my money back? David Wright Clinton

In response

Another property tax problem To the editor: This is in response to Robert Louge’s letter regarding property tax issues. We had a different situation with taxes but can appreciate his frustration. In 2009 we paid exactly what our tax statement said — in full and on time. Later, our tax status changed. Three full years later, in late January of this year, we were sent a foreclosure notice stating we owed over $1,300 more from the year 2009. We had 30 days to pay or else. Letters were sent to both Ana Maria d Nuñez and Mary Wilson Engle. Engle didn’t even bother to respond. Ana Maria responded with what we considered a very rude and condescending tone. She told us we “knew” we would owe more, but how could we? A lot can happen in three years’ time and why would we ever think it would take anyone three years to send us anything? We reminded her more than once that the Assessor’s and Treasurer’s offices were the ones who went three years delinquent, not us. We should never have been threatened with foreclosure or saddled with any fees because of their lack of timeliness. We don’t know how a government office can be years behind in their work and think it’s OK to lay a penalty on the public because of it. The citizens of Island County should expect and deserve to have current and up-todate records of their property tax, and public servants like Ana Maria d Nuñez should note she was voted into office and can be voted out. Marv and Luanne Raavel Coupeville

Navy should act like our guests To the editor: Has the Navy forgotten we property owners are not guests on their private island? I think they have. In the North, they want to increase the flight area, and in Coupeville, they want to add more flight hours at the touch-and-go field. Most people want the U.S.A. to have the best trained military personnel in the world, but we don’t want them to infringe on our private rights. They already rob us of sleep by the late night practice flights. Yes, we knew that would be a problem when we moved here. I don’t mind, but I definitely would be upset if those hours were extended. We would like to enjoy a full eight hours’ sleep, and we would like to enjoy our decks and patios now and then, which is impossible when the Navy flies. Listen up, Navy: We pay taxes here. I suspect you don’t. We aren’t your guests. In reality, you are ours. Caralyn Haglund Coupeville

Lauderdale is the Tea Party To the editor: In the Saturday, June 21, South Whidbey Record, commissioner candidate Jeff Lauderdale is reported at the candidate’s

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forum to have “put a little distance between himself, (and) the Tea Party.” There is no doubt that Lauderdale is the Tea Party candidate. As reported in an article for the Whidbey Examiner by Gordon Weeks dated Aug. 15, 2011. Lauderdale announced his candidacy “at the Smugglers Cove home of Whidbey Island Tea Party Patriots members Sam and Debbie Cunningham. Debbie Cunningham is Lauderdale’s campaign manager.” It may be politically inconvenient now, but Jeff Lauderdale is Tea Party through and through, right down to his campaign manager. Marti Anamosa Clinton

Emerson pushes over pillars To the editor: It was with pleasure and pride that I noted our recent Board of Island County Commissioners’ resolution supporting a Constitutional amendment to overturn the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling permitting unlimited and undisclosed political campaign contributions. Counties, cities and states across the land are registering their opposition to that Supreme Court decision. In Island County, Langley was the first town to go on record in defense of “we, the people,” and it is


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heartening that the Island County commissioners were not far behind. My thanks go to Helen Price Johnson and Angie Homola for doing their part to limit the influence of money in politics. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of Commissioner Kelly Emerson, who cast the dissenting vote. She doesn’t seem to realize that elected officials like herself have the most to lose from a “pay to play” system in which those with the most money can speak the loudest and the rest of us can never learn the identity of those wealthy interests. Disclosure and transparency are the twin pillars of a democratic government. Kelly Emerson should have been helping to hold up those pillars instead of pushing them over. What can we expect from the Coupeville and Oak Harbor city councils? I look forward to hearing them debate this critical issue. Dianna MacLeod Langley

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SweetSpring’s investors. Set up on about 15 acres of property, the inland facility raises coho salmon from egg to mature adult. Over the course of six annual harvests, the farm produces a total yearly yield of about 400,000 pounds and employs about 15 people. The company’s roots go back 40 years when it began raising a seed stock of Pacific coho. Over the course of about 20 generations, the fish have been transitioned from a lifecycle that is about 90 percent in saltwater to one spent solely in freshwater. According to Per Heggelund, president and founder of SweetSpring, this is an advantage over more traditional Atlantic salmon farms that raise their fish in saltwater pens in otherwise open water. By keeping their operation to an inclosed freshwater facility, they can fine tune water quality, reducing the chance for disease and virtually eliminate dangerous contaminants, such as mercury and PCBs. “They are essentially water treatment facilities,”

said Heggelund, adding that about 99 percent of the water used is recycled. Several people on the tour noted that they expected to find a “fishy” smell at the farm and were surprised there was none. The general appearance of facilities varied, from shiny modern machinery in the main warehouse to antiquated concrete fish ponds that wept water from old cracks. The company’s freshwater methods recently earned farmed coho — SweetSpring is the only farm to do it — a “Super Green” ranking from Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood. Low impact feeding, adherence to best management and regulatory practices, no detrimental habitat impacts and the elimination of escapement or disease transfer to wild stocks were also factors. Heggelund is proud of the ranking. Not only did it take several years to earn, but it’s important for the company because it helps differentiate them from traditional salmon farming and its many linked problems. While the company also has two facilities in Montana and another is being developed in Shelton, the Rochester farm is its

primary operation. A farm set up in Langley would be miniature by comparison, producing a yield of 100,000 pounds and employing between five and 10 workers. But, it could be grown if needed. “We can add on to that as the market develops,” Heggelund said. The farm would largely act as a community business, producing locally raised fish and serving a market within a radius of 100 miles, he said.

Future hurdles Whether such a business would thrive in South Whidbey or not remains to be seen. However, a lot of stars will have to align before it can even be put to the test. Not only will Libolt, Hertz and SweetSpring all need to agree to move forward, but the city will also need to be on board as the area will need to be rezoned. That can be a lengthy public process, which ultimately ends with a City Council vote. Even if a fish farm didn’t pan out, some council members are eager to look in that direction. Councilman Hal Seligson, who triumphed job creation and economic diversification as a top priority

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Justin Burnett / The Record

A group of developers and South Whidbey elected officials stand near one of several large pens holding farmed coho salmon. The group visited SweetSpring farm in Rochester last week due to interest in setting up a similar albeit smaller operation in Langley. during his bid for re-election last year, is eagerly supporting the creation of a light industrial zone. “It’s essential for the city to expand its economic base,” Seligson said. While he has no visions of belching smokestacks anywhere in the city, he does see the potential for other job-centric and economy-

221-5525 Tickets $7, under 17 or over 65, $5

boosting businesses, ranging from commercial call centers to a fish farm. “I know it can be done in a responsible way that is suitable for our community,” Seligson said. As part of his urging, the issue has been forwarded to the Langley Planning Advisory Board for review. Initially, the group’s busy agenda was going to delay consideration until next year but Kwarsick is planning to expedite the process. Kwarsick said he left the tour particularly impressed Greenbank

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with the “green-ness” of the operation. This is an opportunity to bring jobs to the community through a sustainability-minded business, making it a top priority, he said. “We need to clear the plate of the PAB and get this on the agenda as soon as possible,” Kwarsick said. Port Commissioner Gordon also likes the idea and is eager for the port district to be a partner. Government has a responsibility to help businesses succeed and should work to foster development and growth, he said. This is a chance to do it in a clean, sustainable way. “It doesn’t have to be dirty,” Gordon said. “This is a perfect example of that.” If things indeed work out and plans for a SweetSpring fish farm are pursued, Libolt said the planning process and construction of a facility would take up to two years to complete. This is a new idea and there is still a lot time for discussion, he said.

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Saturday, August 18, 2012 • The South Whidbey Record

Page A7

Falcon football team struggles, unites at beach days BY BEN WATANABE Staff reporter

DOUBLE BLUFF — For the 40 Falcon football players, three days of practice at Double Bluff are far from a day at the beach. Despite the 70-degree temperatures in the morning, the sand, the sun and the surf, the two-hour workouts are arduous, even tedious at times. Sand is an insidious surface to condition on. The grains when dry are loose and give out from under the players’ feet as they run. On the wet sand, it has a bit of subduction to it, sticking to the feet and pulling the soonto-be fully padded linemen, linebackers, running backs, quarterbacks and receivers. Combined with the heat (and a lazy summer for some of the athletes), and the practices are exhausting. That’s no excuse to grab an early drink of water or not pay attention to longtime cohead coaches Mark Hodson and Andy Davis. “Quit acting tired,” Davis said to players as they hunched over, hands on their knees and sucking in air. “I don’t care if you think you’re tired yet because we’re just getting started,” Hodson told the team during the first day of beach practices. “What we’re doing here is getting you to grow up to be men.” Nonetheless, beach days are a tradition for South Whidbey High School’s football program, enough to bring out a few spectators and the principal. There are purposes beyond conditioning, though in the injury-

prone sport of football fitness is crucial, that make a few days at the beach worthwhile. The most important aspect is uniting 40 or more individual athletes into one team. “There’s no reason to be disappointed for something you have not prepared for,” Hodson told the players during a break. South Whidbey High School began its two-a-day practices Aug. 15. Football begins its season earlier than other fall sports, which is allowed by the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association — the state’s ruling athletics organization. About 40 players showed up for the first practice of beach days, which is about 10 fewer than last year. The Falcon football team will usher in a new era for the high school as it begins life as a 1A program. Sports classifications are determined every two years by student enrollment. The number of students enrolled has dropped for the past decade across the South Whidbey School District. South Whidbey High School has an enrollment of 469 students, as listed by the WIAA, which makes it the sixth-largest 1A school. The math is not parallel for football’s numbers, however, and doesn’t mean South Whidbey has the sixth-largest football team. “This is one of the smallest squads we’ve had in a long time,” Hodson said. “It’s a team sport. We have to build the concept of ‘team.’” Like any of the “Rocky” films, the first beach day was full of running on the sand and feats of strength. Players

briefly BBQ planned for Falcon PAC meeting A big barbecue dinner and a guest speaker are set for the Falcon fall sports ParentsAthletes-Coaches meeting next week. Each sports season requires the meeting, and a parent or caregiver for Falcon athletes is expected to attend. General information will be discussed regarding the sports, and each

Ben Watanabe / The Record

Uriah Beason, a junior on the Falcon football team, heads a group of players while lifting a 170-pound log over their heads. With him are Elijah Mathews and Xavier Wilson, who participated in the beach days for Falcon football. warmed up with knee touches, walking about 20 yards while bending down to one knee, bringing their opposite elbow down to the sand then back up. Then they sprinted. And they sprinted again. And they sprinted some more. Sand sprints were brutal, especially the relays. Those relays were made more difficult during ferry rope runs, where players dragged the 15-foot line behind them. And those races were made even more challenging with the 170pound log runs. As players ran from cone

sport will split up for a short meeting to review expectations, field questions and examine details for each sport. The guest speaker will be Sammamish resident Maui Borden, a high school football and basketball coach and a representative of Proactive Coaching. While the meetings generally contain the same information as previous years, the school district adopted a concussion/ head injury policy for the first time. Players suspected of having a concussion are to be removed from play, analyzed by a physician and must have a physician’s approval before returning to play.

to cone, trying to be the first team to finish for points the coaches’ tracked during practice, the sand went from its picturesque tide lines into a mess. On the turns at the cone, players’ feet slipped out from under them, sending the Falcons diving into the sand. There was no laughter from the players, only encouragement to keep running, to push themselves faster to the finish. Those lessons will be needed during the season as South Whidbey finds its way through a new era of 1A football. And that era began with a few days at the beach.

The meeting is scheduled for 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 22 at the South Whidbey High School auditorium.

Whidbey Adventure Swim returns soon The Whidbey Adventure Swim will hit the waters off Langley on Sept. 8 this year. For $40, swimmers can brave the chilly waters of Saratoga Passage for a chance to win the second-annual open water race. The course is split between a 1.2-mile and 2.4-mile category, with the latter doing a second lap of the triangle course before

Ben Watanabe / The Record

Mark Hodson observes the Falcon football team during a recent practice at Double Bluff beach.

swimming back to the shore at Seawall Park in Langley. Day-of and late registration after Sept. 3 will cost $50. Swimmers can find the link to register online at http://

Run benefits island’s homeless youths Ryan’s House for Youth wants some runners to hit the road for a reason: To shelter homeless youths on Whidbey Island. The nonprofit that hopes to build a shelter for Whidbey’s homeless kids will host a 4-mile

and 10-kilometer race Sunday, Oct. 14. The 4-mile race begins at Dave Mackie Park in Clinton and finishes at the site of the shelter in Scatchet Head; the 10K continues to Maxwelton Beach Park. Runners who register before Sept. 30 pay $25, and registration after and on the day of the race pay $30. Registration can be done online at www. or by mail at Run For Ryan’s House, P.O. Box 551, Langley, WA 98260. Checks should be made out to Ryan’s House or Ryan’s House for Youth. A race T-shirt is included in the registration fee.

Page A8

Saturday, August 18, 2012 • The South Whidbey Record

Imprisoned molester, youth leader made way around Whidbey By JESSIE STENSLAND Staff reporter

A former youth director at an Oak Harbor church who was involved in many other youth-related programs and schools on Whidbey Island, all the way down to Langley, was sentenced to prison for the maximum term for molesting two boys. Ronald Asplund’s sentencing hearing was moved forward a couple of weeks to save the city of Oak Harbor some medical costs. He suffers from lung cancer and is wearing a device that pumps chemotherapy drugs into his

Ronald Asplund body. While he’s been in jail since May, it has cost the city about $1,000 a day.


If I knew it would be the last time that I’d see you fall asleep, I would tuck you in more tightly and pray the Lord your soul to keep. If I knew it would be the last time that I get to see you walk out the door, I would give you a hug and kiss and call you back for one more. If I knew it would be he last time, I could spare an extra minute or two to stop and say, “I Love You,” instead of assuming that you KNOW I do. If I knew it would be the last time I would be there to share you day, instead of thinking, “Oh,

for instigating the sexual assaults. Asplund has been around children in the community, often in a position of trust, for years. Asplund volunteered as a middle school ministry coordinator at the Oak Harbor Lutheran Church, which was how he met one of the boys. He molested the boy at a “lock-in” event at the church, according to the police report. In addition, Asplund taught at a private, now-defunct Christian school in Langley from 2001 to 2003. He worked as a substitute teacher at Oak Harbor schools for a limited time in 2000 and 2005. Asplund volunteered as

C. Gary Johannson

Robert Wendell Legg well, I’m sure we’ll have so many more, so I can let this one slip away.” For surely there’s always tomorrow to make up for an oversight, and we always get a second chance to make everything all right. There will always be another day to say, “I love you,” and certainly there’s always another chance. But just in case I might be wrong, and today is all I get, I’d like to say how much I love you and hope we never forget. Tomorrow is never promised to anyone, young or old alike, and today may be the last chance you get to hold your loved one tight. So, if you’re waiting for tomorrow, why not do it today? For if tomorrow never comes, you’ll surely regret the day that you didn’t take that extra time for a smile, a hug or kiss. And you were too busy to grant someone, what turned out to be their last wish. So, hold your loved ones close today, whisper in their ear. Tell them how much you love them, and that you’ll always hold them dear. Take the time to say, “I’m sorry,” “Please forgive me,” “Thank you, or It’s okay.” And if tomorrow never comes, you’ll have no regrets about today.

Internment will take place at Tacoma National Cemetery at a later date with full military honors.

Gary was born Sep. 26, 1931 in Seattle to Hannes Johannson and Josephine (Johnson) Johannson. He passed away August 8, 2012 from complications following back surgery. Gary grew up in Ballard. He graduated from Ballard High School class of 1949. At the outbreak of the Korean War, Gary and several of his buddies joined the Navy Submarine Reserve and spent summers on active duty at the San Diego submarine base. At the same time he found employment at Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company, starting as a Central Office Switchman and working his way up to Chief Switchman. He then became Staff Consultant for Network Services when the company became known as Pacific Northwest Bell. He later held the position of Staff Consultant for Central Office Power Systems for all US West Telephone offices in the Washington and Oregon areas. He retired in 1986 after 34 years. It was at the telephone company where he met and married the love of his life, Carol Mottinger from Bremerton. They made their first home in Ballard where they raised two daughters. Carol and Gary celebrated 56 years of marriage this past June. After his retirement, they moved to Whidbey Island where they built a new home on their waterfront property at Beverly Beach, Freeland. Soon after, Gary founded his own company, South

a mentor through the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Island County. He worked with children through the Navy’s former SAFE program, which offered before and after school day care at Oak Harbor elementary schools. In an interview with the Department of Corrections official, Asplund admitted that he committed a sex act in the presence of a middleschool boy he met through the SAFE program. “Mr. Asplund was a youth director at a local church and a self-proclaimed ‘mentor’ to the young victims. As such, he was in a position of trust, and obviously violated that trust on numerous occasions over a prolonged

period of time,” Community Corrections Officer Rob Diekman wrote in the presentence investigation. “At least one of the sexual assaults occurred inside the church; a place where people should feel totally safe and secure. Mr. Asplund provided gifts to the victims including video games and cell phones. It appears he selected victims who did not have a father figure in their lives. His behaviors, in my opinion, were grooming and predatory in nature.” Jessie Stensland can be reached at jstensland@

Religion notes


Robert Wendell Legg

Robert Wendell Legg (Lt. Col. Ret. USAF) passed away August 6th, 2012, after dealing with Alzheimer’s for the past two and a half years in residence at Homeplace in Oak Harbor. Col. Legg served 33 years as a navigator surviving WW II, the Korean War, the Viet Nam war and the Cold war. Robert was born April 28th, 1921 in Dogway, West Virginia to Thomas and Ester Legg. He graduated Camden High and later obtained a Bachelors’s degree. Robert is survived by his loving wife of 31 years, Jackie and a daughter, LuAnne Standish (James), and granddaughters; Amanda of Spokane Wash., Elia and family of Calif. A son Daniel and four grandsons and a granddaughter of Spokane, A step-daughter, Catherine Jane (Glenn), and grandson, Shane, granddaughter, Brianna of N.S.W. Australia. Robert’s oldest son Robert Jr proceeded his Dad in death. The Lord givith and the Lord taketh away, blessed be the name of the Lord.

Asplund told a Department of Corrections investigator that a doctor said he had one to three years to live. At an Aug. 10 sentencing hearing, Island County Superior Court Judge Alan Hancock followed the recommendation from the prosecution and the Department of Corrections and handed him the maximum indeterminate sentence of 11 years and four months to life in prison. Asplund pleaded guilty to two counts of child rape in the second degree for assaulting the two children when they were 12 and 13 years old. In an interview with the Department of Corrections, Asplund expressed remorse, but also blamed the boys

Hymns and what they mean

Gary Johannson Whidbey Woodworks, building custom cabinets. Gary was active in the Beverly Beach Community Club, serving as President for four terms, and the South Whidbey Eagles Club, serving as Worthy President 1996/97. In 2000, they moved again to Lakeland Village, in Allyn, Wash., where they currently reside. He was preceded in death by his parents, two brothers and a sister. Survivors include his wife Carol, daughter Debbie of Everett, daughter Terry (Ian) Whidbey Island, 3 grandsons, 1 great-granddaughter, many cousins, nieces and nephews. Cremation is under the direction of Tuell-Mckee Funeral Services. A Memorial Service will be held at North Bay Lutheran Church, 221 Lakeland Dr. Allyn, on Wednesday, Sept. 26, at 1 p.m. Remembrances may be made in his name to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital or a charity of your choice. Please sign online guest book at

Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Whidbey Island, 20103 Highway 525, three miles north of Freeland, meets at 10 a.m. Sunday, Aug. 19 to sing hymns. Congregates and visitors will sing old and new hymns while considering how they reflect the Unitarian Universalist principles. Frank and Nola Allen will lead this service. All are welcome. Check for more information.

Peter and his authority

two books attributed to him, had a great deal of influence in the church then and now. Pastor Darrell Wenzek’s sermon‚ at the 10 a.m. service Sunday, Aug. 19 from II Pet. 1:12-18, is entitled “The Authority of Peter.” Join South Whidbey Community Church at 9 a.m. for an adult Bible study in the book of James led by Stan Walker. Refreshments are served at both services. The church meets at the Deer Lagoon Grange Hall, 5142 Bayview Road, on the way to Langley. For more information visit or call 221-1220.

Peter, the author of the

Brought to you by:



P.O. Box 1200 • 107 S. Main St, Ste E101 • Coupeville, WA 98239 877-316-7276 •

Saturday, August 18, 2012 • The South Whidbey Record

Page A9

Commons seeks uncommon kindness in face of closure By Record staff

The popular South Whidbey Commons with its coffee, books and students in job training is facing financial difficulties that could lead to its closure. From outward appearances, the South Whidbey Commons on Second Street in Langley presents itself as a thriving community business. The main focus of the nonprofit organization is the youth workplace training program in its Coffeehouse Bookstore, which has benefited more than 500 participants over the past five years and has given local businesses a more experienced labor pool to draw from. The program has impacted the lives of many local young people, according to a news release, not only by offering an opportunity to acquire skills and experience, but by providing a safe and positive place in which to thrive. Like most nonprofits on South Whidbey, the Commons has felt the effect of a troubled economy. In addition to the revenue generated by the Coffeehouse Bookstore, the organization has relied on other sources of funding, including increasingly scarce grants. “Our community has lost cherished programs in the past, and afterward, we’ve heard people say, ‘If only I’d known,’” said Cathy Rooks, president of the Commons

board of directors, in the release. “That’s why we’re choosing to let people know now that we can continue to offer the program only if the community it serves rallies to support it — both through donations and making the Coffeehouse Bookstore its gathering place.” Clyde Monma, a member of the Commons advisory board, agreed. “To invest in our future — the children and youths of today — we each need to give in amounts that stretch our capacity,” he said. “Can you imagine our community without the Commons? With enough people donating just $5, $10, $25 or $50 per month, its survival would be assured.” In partnership with the South Whidbey School District, the workplace training program at the Commons provides a life application lab that gives middle and high school students school credit for putting classroom concepts and lessons into practice. “The Commons offers a significant learning opportunity for our students in an outstanding local establishment,” said Jo Moccia, superintendent of the South Whidbey School District. “Students contribute their time while learning and developing new skills. In addition, the Commons offers a place for tutoring and homework as well as computer access. This resource must be preserved. I hope that, just as

About the Commons Founded in 2002, The South Whidbey Commons was born of a need in the South End’s rural area for a neighborhood gathering place. It was a place people of all ages, beliefs and interests could come together with the common goal of developing a stronger community identity. The mission of the Commons is to establish programs, services and venues designed to meet these needs and to provide opportunities to gather, learn and grow through interactions, education and community connections. Contact information: South Whidbey Commons, P.O. Box 222, Langley, WA 98260. Cafe: 221-2414 Office: 221-0127 Communications@ SouthWhidbey or SouthWhidbey

Photo by Lucy Brown

Cafe manager Allma Plakos, workplace training participant Hanna Nielson and AmeriCorps member Keppi Ross work at the South Whidbey Commons. I have committed to the price of one cup of coffee per day through a monthly donation, others may follow and help support this valuable community resource.” Funding for the program is generated primarily by the Coffeehouse Bookstore, but it is not enough to offset its cost. “People think workplace training participants act as a free labor force,” said Ron Norman, board treasurer. “But it takes paid staff and about 65

participants each week to run the Coffeehouse Bookstore.” Some teens who have been active in the workplace training program over the years can’t imagine their lives without it. “I’m thankful for the Commons because of the community it gave me,” said K.T. “It really helped me to blossom into the person I wanted to be. For the first time, I felt like I belonged somewhere, and I’ll always treasure those memories. It gave me a haven

from a bad home life, so that I never wanted to leave! I’m thankful for the healthy environment of the Commons. Although I never totally confided about it, the Commons changed my life.” To donate, visit southwhidbey For more information call 221-0127 or email info@

Celebrate Julia Child on her Hundredth Birthday: “Life itself is the proper binge."

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209 First Street, Langley • 221-6962

NEIL’S CLASSICS W E HAVE AIR CONDITIONING Monday Tuesday Evening New York All You Can Eat All You Can Eat Steak & Prawns Alaskan Cod Spaghetti & Meatballs Fish & Chips with Garlic Bread $ 95

Sunday Evening



9 95

Redefining Casual Dining



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Cocktails available!

HWY 525 • BAYVIEW • 321-4120 • All dinner service begins at 5:00PM


Squeaker is a six year old tabby and is described as being a loving and cuddly lapcat who is also talkative and playful. He has good looking olive gold eyes. Squeaker is at the Coupeville Shelter.


Andy arrived at the shelter as a stray and required a few days of extra TLC. He is a sweet, friendly, and outgoing Shih Tzu. Andy is estimated to be 4-5 years of age and is happily waiting at the Oak Harbor Shelter. Meet these and other pets now ready for good homes at the WAIF Animal Shelter, on Highway 20 south of Coupeville, or the Oak Harbor Animal Shelter (Naval Air Station) 360.279.0829 and the Cat Adoption Centers in Freeland and Cat Adoption Center in the Thrift Store on Pioneer Way in Oak Harbor. Visit WAIF at Shelter hours are noon to 4 p.m., Wednesday through Sunday (360) 678-5816. Oak Harbor and Freeland centers need volunteers. Call 360.678.1366 or write to



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Island life Page A10

Saturday, August 18, 2012 • The South Whidbey Record

Good times at the Whidbey Island Fair continue through the weekend

Ben Watanabe / The Record

Deano the Clown, also known as Dean Petrich, sleepwalks through a crowd of about 20 kids during the opening day at the Whidbey Island Fair.

Ben Watanabe / The Record

Oak Harbor residents Isabel Foran, 5, and Emily Foran, 8, giggle after Deano the Clown elicits laughter by sucking his thumb like a baby.

Ben Watanabe / The Record

Above: Clinton residents Chloe Dickerson, 13, and Estlin Coates, 11, stay cool with a shaved ice cup on Thursday at the fair. Right: Skyler Stonebridge, 11, crashes into another driver on the bumper car ride at the Whidbey Island Area Fair. He spent most of the day at the fair with his family Thursday taking in all the rides and exhibits.

Ben Watanabe / The Record

Andrew Stonebridge aims his toy gun on the plane ride. His sister Hope Stonebridge, 7, is none-the-wiser in the backseat.

Saturday, August 18, 2012 • The South Whidbey Record


rides are everywhere. Deano the Clown kicked off the fair’s entertainment and mesmerized more than 20 kids and about 50 adults from the Eva Mae Gabelein mainstage. Dressed in a loose-fitting multi-color jumpsuit and white face paint, Deano rode a unicycle with a seat raised 5 feet in the air, sleepwalked through the crowd and performed magic tricks, all to the trill shrieks of two dozen youngsters. Performing feats and tricks was a hit across the fairgrounds, where Matt Hoar displayed the annual Chicken Olympics. Chickens that stood from 5 to 10 inches tall spun on a wheel, balanced on a teeter-totter, perched on a rod while Hoar juggled bowling pins — all with more than 50 people watching and laughing. Hoar’s tricks were admittedly more impressive than his jokes: “What do you call a row of rabbits walking backward? A receding hare line.” Also in the Poultry Barn, 12-year-old Amber Weireich showed her two Nankin chickens. Swak and Ken, the four-month old orange and red fowls, stood only about

4 inches high and were often plucked out of their cage for onlookers to hold. Once out of the cage, it was easier for Amber, a Coupeville resident, to display her two first-place blue ribbons. “I like it when I win the ribbons,” Amber said, with Swak interrupting with a noisy rooster’s crow. “He crows with a sore throat sometimes.” Thanks to a reduction in the choice of rides, thrillseekers will have less incentive to go hoarse. The fair was without a Ferris wheel and the Yo-Yo circling swing, while multi-ride wristbands remained $30 and were valid from noon to 5 p.m. or from 5 p.m. to close. For frequent fairgoers, the opening day was an allday event. The Stonebridge family arrived around 1 p.m. and planned to hang around until the evening to take in all the rides. After Hope, 7, and Andrew, 9, rode the circling planes, the whole family including older brother Skyler, 11, mom and grandma, made for the bumper cars. At the horticulture exhibits, two teams of three women judges examined flowers on Wednesday. The six National Garden Clubs accredited floral judges came from across the Puget Sound area.

Ben Watanabe / The Record

Amber Weireich, 12, holds her blue ribbon-winning Nankin hen Swak. The Coupeville girl entered a pair of Nankin chickens, with soft orange feathers and bright red faces, that won first-place awards at the Whidbey Island Fair.

Ben Watanabe / The Record

Helen Allan points to the blooms of a fuchsia specimen submitted to the Whidbey Island Fair’s flower show. Allan was one of six National Garden Clubs accredited flower show judges. Her team included June Hassebrook, left, and Carol Larson. Judges examined flower entries for more than two hours Aug. 15, the day before the fair opened. Their criteria was set by the National Garden Club, and each team carried a copy of the Flower Show Handbook, which details how each specimen should look. As the women reviewed the individual entries, they looked for full blooms, healthy leaves, appropriate display. Nothing was more important than adhering to the rules — specifically about how many stems or blooms should be exhibited. While looking at one of the entries, flower judge Helen Allan of Duvall noted that even if the exhibitor had followed the rules, the quality of the petals, leaves and stem were still poor. “She’s not going to get blue (the color of a first-place ribbon) out of this no matter what we do,” Allan said. Added Bea Randall, another judge: “If (the handbook) says to have three stems, it better have three stems.” The fair continues today with the parade at 10 a.m. from downtown Langley into the fairgrounds. The 4-H Auction is at noon. Musical entertainment fixtures The Timebenders play at

Harvesting Lavender!! Visit the farm and watch us distill for essential oil, or pick some for yourself.

Ben Watanabe / The Record

A line of more than 40 people waits to buy tickets for the rides Thursday at the Whidbey Island Fair. Long lines were a common complaint among parents, as well as delayed openings for some of the rides, which are typically ready to roll at noon. 7:30 tonight. Among the Sunday features are the 4-H Parade of Champions at 10 a.m., Chicken Olympics at 12:30 p.m., Bunyon Busters Log show at 1 p.m. and, at 5:30 p.m., “The Magic of Sterling” at the Eva Mae Gabelein mainstage.



STAR STORE in Langley

LIND’S PHARMACY in Coupeville



WHAT’S COOKIN’? in Pt. Townsend

Presented by American Association of University Women CO-SPONSORED BY:

Our gift shop is stuffed with lavender goodies, including lavender ice cream. 2530 Darst Road | | 360-678-0919

Page A11



All proceeds go to educational projects and scholarships for young women of Whidbey Island.

Community calendar Page A12



home gardening from WSU Island County Master Gardeners. For more information, contact Toni Grove at 221-6748 or

Whidbey Fair rolls all weekend

Library shows ‘War Horse’

The Whidbey Island Area Fair continues Aug. 18 and 19 at the fairgrounds in Langley. Enjoy animals, crafts, art, contests, music and much more. Fair hours are 9:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday, and 9:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Sunday. General admission is $16, less for seniors, students and military with ID. Visit www.

Find Shakespeare in the Clinton woods

Plants get help from the masters Master Gardener Plant Clinics are held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. each Saturday at Skagit Farmers Supply Country Store, 5463 Cameron Road in Freeland. Get free answers to plant questions and help with

Whidbey, set for Aug. 18 and 19 at the Pacific NorthWest Art School in Coupeville. The cost is $240. To register, contact jazzcookie@ or call 221-2201.



Movie Matinee at 2 p.m. Aug. 18 at the Freeland Library is “War Horse.” Rated PG-13.

Island Shakespeare Festival’s production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” continues at the Storyhouse on the grounds near the Whidbey Institute in Clinton. The play runs through Aug. 26. Bring a blanket or a lawn chair and a picnic dinner, dress in layers and get comfortable as viewers are transported into the Athenian woods with the capricious Puck as a guide. Remaining curtain times are 5 p.m. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, Aug. 18 to 26. Arrive

…for Real Estate service above & beyond

Marlane Harrington

Photo courtesy of Whidbey Island Fine Art Studio

Robert Liberace will teach a workshop at the Whidbey Island Fine Art Studio from Aug. 20-24, called Rediscovering Velasquez. Students explore the style and technique of the 17th century Spanish master Diego Velasquez. The workshop focuses on using his reserved palette and his extraordinary paint handling.

30 minutes in advance for the best seating. The Storyhouse Stage is located at 6449 Old Pietila Road in Clinton. Visit www. for more info or call 221-1710.

Ferry House and more for a price Ebey’s Reserve on Central Whidbey will be opening the Ferry House for the first time since 2010 to give a rare opportunity for docentguided tours Aug. 18. General admission to the event includes a tour of

the Ferry House and a picnic with local food and music from 5 to 8 p.m. An upgraded golden ticket includes a tour of three other National Register properties in the Reserve from 3 to 5 p.m. including the Comstock Bard circa 1939, Engle Water Tower circa 1911, and Sheepherder’s House circa 1900. Call Mark or Carol at the Trust Board with questions at 678-6084.

Windermere Real Estate/South Whidbey

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Our Community Continues to Grow! OPEN HOUSE Sat & Sun 1-4PM


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Fiddlers perform at Tilth market Talented young fiddlers perform live Aug. 19 at the South Whidbey Tilth Farmers’ Market, which is open from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Arthur Keast, Dustin and Avery Scharwat perform lively tunes. Market visitors can expect lots of fresh local produce, including eggs and unique arts and crafts. Kim McJury, The Leftover Queen, is cooking this week. The market is located at 2812 Thompson Road, off Highway 525. Contact market manager Lynae Slinden, market@ or 360-341-4456.

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Saturday, August 18, 2012 • The South Whidbey Record

New Pre-sale homes available now!

360.221.1026 |

Check out the locally made foods, items and art at the Greenbank Farm’s Sunday Market. It runs from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. every Sunday through September at the Greenbank Farm. Buy and sell locally, including such items as kettle corn, beef

jerky, plants, jewelry and more. Call 678-7700.

Taste for Wine offers live music Sunday afternoons are lively with Blooms Winery’s Taste for Wine & Art Sunday Afternoon Music Series. Enjoy the Latin jazz of Baby Bahia quartet from 3 to 5 p.m. Aug. 19. Taste for Wine is located at 5603 Bayview Road in Langley. For more information, call 321-0515.



Liberace workshop studies Velasquez

Artist Robert Liberace will teach a workshop at the Whidbey Island Fine Art Studio from Aug. 20 to 24, called Rediscovering Velasquez. In this intermediate/advanced workshop, students explore the engaging style and technique of the 17th century Spanish master Diego Velasquez. Liberace received the Portrait Society of America’s Grand Prize Award in their annual International Portrait Competition in 2003 and has created a series of carved marble reliefs which are now permanently located in the National Shrine of the Why w aConception i t to s aveinm on Immaculate n i g h t forDC,a as f rewell e qu Washington, aso te o a life-sized marble statue of Mother Teresa. Visit my



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Saturday, August 18, 2012 • The South Whidbey Record

Page A13

Mountain men, women, rendezvous on Whidbey By Jim Larsen Record editor

People born a couple of centuries too late are making the best of it by reenacting the lives of Mountain Men and Mountain Women this weekend south of Coupeville. They’re having their annual Rendezvous Days Saturday and Sunday to bring back the days before the West started getting civilized in the 1840s. Mountain Men hunted, trapped and made what they needed from wood, leather, fur, flint and obsidian. What they couldn’t make they’d trade for, using pelts from beavers, wolves, foxes and other animals as currency. At the trading post the furs would become iron pots, steel knife blades or the few other things they couldn’t make themselves using their own ingenuity or skills picked up from Indians. At the Rendezvous Saturday and Sunday, some 20 tents filled with Mountain Men and Women will display their wares and way of life. Motorists will see the tents pitched just off Safari Road. Pull in and enter a different time. The kids will be amazed by the lack of cell phones, iPads or other electronic equipment. Well, that’s not precisely true. A Mountain Man who goes by the name of Ram shows off an array of arrowheads and spearheads he knapped himself out of black obsidian, but one piece is white and seems to be made of modern glass of some type. “That’s an arrowhead I made from a computer screen,” he laughs. “It’s the only good use for it.” Kids may be thumbing out out tweets and updates as they walk through the tents, but they will also see buckskin clothing, knives in leather sheaths, leather satchels with animal images stamped on them, and beadwork, jewelry and clothing made by Ram’s wife, who prefers Margaret to Mrs. Ram. “The wife and I make 50 percent of what’s in here,” Ram said of their two tents. “Leather, knapping, arrowheads; my wife does all the jewelry and bead work.” “We don’t get bored,” Margaret added. Chris Eliason, who has organized the event for the Central Whidbey Sportsmen

Association for years, says the number of participants is down because Mountain Men move away or pass on. Some of their skills are in danger of dying out. But there will still be about 20 tents and plenty of education available for curious Mountain Kids. Ram figures he’s taught some 60,000 kids through organized tours over the 38 years he’s been a Mountain Man. There used to be a lot of black powder shooting and knife throwing, but 9/11 changed that for teachers. “They got paranoid, so no guns, knives or sharp instruments,” he said with regret. Not that such instruments won’t be available. The Mountain Men will compete in black powder shooting, hawking (throwing tomahawks) and archery, among other skills. Duane Spangler is always there with his homemade bows and arrows and his replicates of ancient atlatls. Ram can show how to start a fire with flint and a rock in 30 seconds. Many islanders will recognize Rabbi, AKA Dave

Hollett, former director of Island County Emergency Services, and his wife Rope Cutter, AKA Tammy Hollett, who set up camp Thursday in a setting that would have looked normal 200 years ago. “It’s an example of how they lived,” said Rabbi, pointing to their tent and its contents. “I love it,” chimed in Rope Cutter. Hollett, who presently works on the Navy base, said he enjoys the conversation at the Rendezvous. “It’s all about the Mountain Man way of life,” he said. “No commissioners. No politics.” Also, no computers or iPods. Just a trip back in time to show the kids how life used to be lived, and allow modern men and women to marvel at the things Mountain Men and Women could make with their bare hands, natural materials and the simplest tools. The event is free. Hours today are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Assembly of God 360-221-1656 • Langley 5373 Maxwelton Road Loving God, Loving People, Serving the World Sunday Worship Services 8:30AM & 10:30AM Both services offer, nursery for infants and toddlers & kids classes for 3yrs to 6th grade Matt Chambers, Pastor Dareld Chittim, Associate Pastor Mark Brinkman, Youth Pastor Little Lambs Daycare & Preschool 360-221-7161

Calvary Chapel of Whidbey Island Teaching through God’s Word

579-2570 • Clinton 3821 E. French Road Sunday Services 9 & 11AM

Christian Life Center 331-5778

Loving God... Reaching People!

1832 Scott Rd. Freeland Professional Center

Sunday Morning Worship 10:00AM Nursery & Sunday School through 8th Grade Celebrate Recovery Tuesday evenings 7:00 Christian Life’s Ministry Center Pastor Dick Jeffers

Christian Science Church 321-4080 or 222-3182 • Langley 15910 Hwy 525 at Useless Bay Rd Sunday Church Service: 10:30AM Wednesday Service: 7:30PM 1st Wednesday of the month

Jim Larsen / The Record

Rabbi (Dave Hollett) and wife Rope Cutter (Tammy Hollett) make themselves at home in their Mountain Man tent set up for Rendezvous Days.

Jim Larsen / The Record

Ram displays one of his latest pelts, a wolf that was euthanized and sent to a taxidermist in Alaska. “It went in with four legs and came out with three,” he lamented. On the positive side, the wolf’s three paws still have their original claws, which is unusual after going through the taxidermy process. Ram and his wife Margaret spend all winter making leather satchels, sheaths, beaded jewelry and other items to display and sell.

A Newfrontiers Church At House of Prayer 321-6070 • Bayview 5719 Pioneer Park Place, Hwy 525 Sunday: 10:30AM Worship Service Children’s Church Men’s & Women’s Prayer Group Glen Horn, Pastor

Langley CMA Church

Christian & Missionary Alliance Church

221-6980 • Langley 6th & Cascade

“Loving Christ and Others Well” Sunday Worship 10:30AM Sunday School for all ages 9:15AM

Langley United Methodist Church 221-4233 • Langley Third and Anthes Sunday Service 9:30AM Nursery and Sunday School for grades K-12 during service Adult Forum class 11AM Rev. Mary Boyd, Pastor Bill Humphreys, Music Director Eve Carty, Program Associate A Greening and Reconciling Congregation “Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors”

Saint Peter’s Lutheran Church 341-4715 • Clinton 6309 Wilson Pl. (1 block north of Whidbey Island Bank) Sunday Morning Service Bible Study 9:30AM Sunday Service 10:30AM Fellowship 11:30AM Mikkel Hustad, Pastor

South Whidbey

CHURCH DIRECTORY To list your religious service here, call 877-316-7276 St. Augustine’s in the Woods Episcopal Church

South Whidbey Community Church

331-4887 • Freeland 5217 Honeymoon Bay Road Sunday Morning Worship 10:00AM Adult Sunday School 9:00AM Deer Lagoon Grange 5142 S. Bayview Road, Langley Wed. Home Bible Study 7:00PM Darrell Wenzek, pastor Ron Wedeking, pastor

“A Greening Congregation”

Holy Eucharist Sun: 8AM & 10:30AM Nursery & Youth Programs Provided Monday Solemn Evensong 5:30PM Wednesday Holy Eucharist and Ministry of Healing: 10:00AM Rev. Nigel Taber-Hamilton, Rector Shantina Steele, Director of Christian Formation


221-1220 • Langley

Trinity Lutheran Church 331-5191 • Freeland

St. Hubert Catholic Church 221-5383 • Langley 804 Third Street

Masses: Saturday 5:00PM Sunday 8:00AM and 10:30AM Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri. 8:15AM Wednesday 10:30AM Fr. Rick Spicer, pastor Marcia Halligan, pastoral associate E-mail

fax (360) 221-2011

South Whidbey Church of Christ 341-2252 • Bayview Senior Service Center - Bayview Sunday Worship: 9:30AM Sunday Bible Classes: 10:30AM Call regarding Wednesday Bible Class

Woodard Road, Hwy 525, Freeland Sunday Services 8:00 & 10:00 Nursery provided James Lindus, Pastor Dennis Hanson, Pastor Eric Ottum, Pastor Jerry O’Neill, Pastor Karl Olsen, Minister of Music

Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Whidbey Island 321-8656 Freeland 20103 State Route 525

Sunday Service at 10AM Values-Based Religious Education Sept-June Childcare Year-Round Everyone welcome! Minister: Rev. Dennis Reynolds

WHIDBEY Classifieds!

PAGE 14, Whidbey Classified, Saturday, August 18, 2012

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Kiichli’s Bagel Bakery is looking for full and part time Counter Help. Must have great customer service, cash handling exp. Be a self star ter, quick on the feet, energ e t i c, r e l i a bl e, o r g a nized, clean freak. Bring resume to: 11042 State Rte 525 Ste 124, Clinton

Sell it free in the Flea 1-866-825-9001 Employment General

ADVERTISING SALES CONSULTANT The Journal of The San Juans’ in beautiful Friday Harbor, WA seeks an enthusiastic, motivated Advertising Sales Representative to sell advertising to our island clients. The successful candidate must be dependable, detail-oriented and possess exceptional customer service skills. Previous sales experience required and media sales a plus! Reliable insured transportation and good driving record required. We offer base salary plus commissions, excellent health benefits, 401K and a great work environment with opportunity to adva n c e. E O E . P l e a s e send resume with cover letter in PDF or Text format to or mail to: HR/JSJADSALES Sound Publishing, Inc. 19351 8th Ave. NE, Suite 106 Poulsbo, WA 98370

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Employment General

CREATIVE ARTIST The North Kitsap Herald, a weekly community newspaper located on the Kitsap Peninsula in Poulsbo, WA, has an immediate opening for a full-time Creative Artist. Duties include performing ad and spec design, designing promotional materials, providing excellent customer service to the sales staff and clients. Requires excellent communication skills, and the ability to work in a fast paced deadlineor iented environment. Experience in Adobe Creative Suite 2: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat is also required. Newspaper or other media experience is preferred. Must be able to work independently as well as part of a team. Requires f l ex i b i l i t y. We o f fe r a great work environment, health benefits, 401k, paid holidays, vacation a n d s i ck t i m e. E O E . Please e-mail your resume, cover letter, and a few s a m p l e s o f yo u r work to: or mail to: CANKH/HR Sound Publishing, Inc. 19351 8th Ave NE, Suite 106, Poulsbo, WA 98370 Bottomless garage sale. $37/no word limit. Reach thousands of readers. Go online: 24 hours a day or Call 800-388-2527 to get more information.

Fleet & Family Readiness Program (FFRP) Employment At Naval Air Station Whidbey Currently hiring for following open positions: Operation Assistant, Theater Program Closes on: 08/22 Bartender, Kegler’s Kafe Closes on: 08/14 Child Youth Program Assistants, GSE-02/03/04 Regatta/Clover CDC Subject to federal security background check. NAF Application forms and announcement are found at link to jobs. EOE.

MANAGEMENT OPPORTUNITY! Emerald City Pizza is looking for someone to manage our Oak Harbor Pizza Hut. If you love our pizza, you’ll love working here!

Amazing benefits, Bonus potential, AND Discounts!!

Email your resume to: sphinney@


Paralegal/Legal Assistant I for more information

Seeking Self Motivated Gardener/Landscape Assistant, long term, part-time, with a possibility of becoming full-time, flexible weekday schedule, exper ience preferred but not n e c e s s a r y. Fr e e l a n d area. Contact Greg: (425) 238-6551

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MOTOR ROUTE CARRIER NEEDED For the South Whidbey Record. 2 routes available in the Freeland/Greenbank area. Delivering Tuesday and Friday nights. No collecting. Applicants must be ove r 1 8 w i t h r e l i a bl e t ra n s p o r t a t i o n . G r e a t second job! Contact Lynette in Circulation, 360-675-6611 or email

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Are you good at sales? Do you want to stop working weekends and holidays? Are you creative and thrive on success? Would you like to earn $40,000 or more per year in salary, commissions and benefits? Are medical, dental, life insurance and 401k benefits important to you? If your answer is yes, we want to talk with yo u ! T h e W h i d b ey News Group is the island leader in all media on Whidbey. Our team of professional sales people help local businesses increase their sales using the web and print. Join our dynamic team today! Visit us in Coupeville at 107 S Main Street, Suite E-101, and ask to speak to our Advertising Manger, or email your resume to We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

The Bainbridge Island Review, a weekly community newspaper located in western Washington state, is accepting applications for a parttime general assignment Reporter. The ideal candidate will have solid reporting and writing skills, have up-to-date knowledge of the AP Stylebook, be able to shoot SENIOR SYSTEMS photos and video, be ADMINISTRATOR able to use InDesign, and contribute to staff CUSTOMER blogs and Web updates. EXPERIENCE REP We offer vacation and sick leave, and paid holiRECEPTIONIST/ days. If you have a pasCASHIER sion for community news reporting and a desire to For more information work in an ambitious, dyplease visit: n a m i c n ew s r o o m , we want to hear from you. E.O.E. Email your reEEOE sume, cover letter and up to 5 non-returnable List in the Flea writing, photo and video for free! samples to Items selling for $150 or less are Or mail to always listed for BIRREP/HR Dept., FREE in The Flea. Sound Publishing, theea@ 19351 8th Ave. NE, Suite 106, Poulsbo, WA 98370. or 866-825-9001

Full-Time Firefighter/EMT Part-Time Firefighter/EMT Central Whidbey Island Fire & Rescue (CWIFR) is currently accepting applications for Part-Time and Full-Time Firefighter/EMTs. The District will be testing to establish a pool of qualified candidates for these two positions. Part-Time Firefighter/EMTs work a 24-hour shift every nine days and must work an additional two 12-hour day shifts per month (but may work more, up to a maximum of 150.5 hours/month). The pay rate for Part-Time Firefighters is $10.18/hour. Full-Time Firefighters work a 24 hour shift every third day with 12 Kelly Days. The starting salary for Full-Time Firefighters is $43,556.85. CWIFR currently has three Part-Time Firefighter vacancies and anticipates one Full-Time Firefighter vacancy within the next 12 months. This recruitment is being conducted through the National Testing Network Complete job information and on-line application is available at the website above. Applications Close: September 14, 2012 at 4:00 pm.

Temporary Laborer I s l a n d C o u n t y P u bl i c Works has openings for temp road maint laborer for traffic flagging, mowing of roadway shoulders, and performing a varied range of repetitious manual labor. Valid a n d c l e a n d r i ve r ’s l i cense with no restrictions req. Flagger card preferred. Closes 8/28/12. For application and info

or Call (360) 678-7919 o r f r o m S o. W h i d b ey (360) 321-5111 x 7919 EOE

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Workforce Coordinator, Oak Harbor

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REPORTER Reporter sought for staff opening with the Peninsula Daily News, a sixday newspaper on Washington’s beautiful North Olympic Peninsula that includes the cities of Por t Angeles, Sequim, P o r t To w n s e n d a n d Forks (yes, the “Twilight� Forks, but no vampires or werewolves). Bring your experience from a weekly or small daily -from the first day, you’ll be able to show off the writing and photography skills you’ve already acquired while sharpening your talent with the help o f ve t e ra n n ew s r o o m leaders. This is a general assignment reporting position in our Port Angeles office in which being a self-starter must be demonstrated through professional experience. Port Angeles-based Peninsula Daily News, circulation 16,000 daily and 15,000 Sunday (plus a website getting up to one million hits a month), publishes separate editions for Clallam and Jefferson counties. Check out the PDN at w w w. p e n i n s u l a d a i l y and the beauty and recreational oppor tunities at In-person visit and tryout are required, so Washington/Northwest applicants given preference. Send cover letter, resume and five best writi n g a n d p h o t o g r a p hy clips to Leah Leach, managing editor/news, P.O. Box 1330, 305 W. First St., Port Angeles, WA 9 8 3 6 2 , o r e m a i l

N o r t h w e s t Wo r k fo r c e Council seeks to fill the position of Coordinator; to provide career planning and/or training services to assist individuals to obtain employment and work with local busin e s s e s t o m e e t t h e i r ,OOKINGĂĽFORĂĽAĂĽNEWĂĽPLACEĂĽ #HECKĂĽOUTĂĽ workforce needs. Visit: WWWPNWHOMElNDERCOM FORĂĽLOCALĂĽĂĽNATIONALĂĽLISTINGSĂĽ for job description and application procedures. Advertise your EOE

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Volunteer Firefighter Volunteer EMT Volunteer Firefighter/EMT Central Whidbey Island Fire & Rescue (CWIFR) is currently accepting applications for Volunteer Firefighter and Volunteer EMT. No prior experience is required and all training is provided at no cost. Volunteers may serve as a Firefighter, EMT, or Firefighter EMT. Volunteer members are provided with a quarterly stipend ranging from $286 to $720 depending on their role and qualifications. Volunteers respond to emergencies on an as available basis and also work alongside our Full and Part-Time Firefighters to provide on-duty shift staffing. If you are interested in this rewarding and challenging opportunity, call CWIFR at (360) 678-3602 or stop by the Race Road Fire Station for more information and an application.

Saturday, August 18, 2012, Whidbey Classified, PAGE 15 Employment Transportation/Drivers

Real Estate for Sale Island County FREELAND, S. WHIDBEY ISL.

Short Line/ Local Drivers Needed

real estate for sale - WA 3 Home every day 3 Sign on Bonus 3 Excellent pay/Benefits 3 Must have 1yr. verifiable exp. w/doubles exp. 3 O/O’s also welcome

Real Estate for Sale Island County COUPEVILLE

Call Robert: 800-241-2415 or apply online at:

3 BEDROOM, 2 BATH home. 1 block to Holmes Harbor boat launch; Salmon Fishing & Crabbing! Near shopping. Sunny 1.24 acres on pr ivate road. Partial view of water. $280,000. 360-3313763 or 360-331-2995.


Part & Full Time

Please apply in person: Careage of Whidbey 311 NE 3rd Street Coupeville, WA. 360-678-2273 Need extra cash? Place your classiďŹ ed ad today! Call 1-800-388-2527 or Go online 24 hours a day

3 BEDROOM, 2 bath in beautiful Shangri La. Private community par k/ pier with ammenities including fishing, crabbing and clam digging. 2 car g a ra g e, l a r g e m a s t e r suite, open and bright kitchen, mud/ laundr y room, large corner lot. REDUCED PRICE: $207,000. 360-678-4798 FREELAND/ LANGLEY

Front Office Position available in very busy medical office.

M u s t h a v e ex c e l l e n t communication skills, multi-task and computer skills. 2 years experiBELOW ASSESSED ence preferred. VALUE! Only $36,000. 3 Please fax resume: Bedroom, 2 Bath, 1,132 360-679-3118. SF home in Wheel EsMaple Ridge tates, South Whidbey Island. Beautiful private Assisted Living yard & patio. Propane IS GROWING!! fireplace, new roof and ver y clean! Must see! CAREGIVERS Friendly 55+ Park. ConWANTED vienent to Beaches, Lakes, Bayview, FreeApply in person at: land & Langley. Will con1767 Alliance Ave. sider offers. Call 360Freeland, WA. 98249 320-0820, leave message. Business Opportunities



RETIRED COUPLE are seeking modest comfor table home in Oak Harbor in neighborhood $120,000 - $135,000. 509-675-4383.

real estate for rent - WA Real Estate for Rent Island County

Health Care Employment


Real Estate for Sale Wanted or Trade

real estate for sale Real Estate for Sale Manufactured Homes Oak Harbor

FOR SALE 2 and 3 BR mobile homes in familyfriendly park, near schools, shopping, Navy base. $5,000-$18,000. 360-675-4228


Jflk_@jcXe[ Gifg\ik`\j

*-' *+($+'-' The opportunity to make a difference is right in front of you. Recycle this paper.

Real Estate for Rent Island County

Spacious 2BR Clinton Apts

Convenient location, walk to Island Transit, Post Office, grocery store, banks, hardware store, dining, church & ferry landing!



2 BEDROOM, 1 BATH on secluded acreage. Just 10 minutes to ferry! Spacious family room. Relaxing jacuzzi tub. Airtight woodstove keeps heating costs low. Entertaining patio, great for BBQ’ s. Washer, dryer & water incl. No smoke/ pet. $750 month. First, last, $500 damage deposit. 360-579-1371.


DEER LAKE AREA. Two bedroom plus den; 2 bath home; beach access. All appliances; no smoking; close to free public transpor tation. $975 per month with one ye a r l e a s e. 2 0 6 - 2 0 0 4219 or 360-730-1852

2 BEDROOM, 2 BATH Cottage. Washer, dryer and garage. New paint, carpet and deck. On bus line. Water & garbage included. $800 month, $500 damage deposit. 360-321-6396.

2 B E D RO O M , 2 b a t h mfg home on acreage. Office, air tight stove, new carpet. $725 month, First, last, deposit. Ava i l a bl e S e p t e m b e r 15th. (360)331-1088



1,600 SF, 2 bedroom, lower level of home with fireplace on one acre. Huge kitchen, refrigerator, stove, microwave, d i s h w a s h e r. L a u n d r y room with W/D! All utilities included, electric, water, garbage, cable and hi-speed internet. Central heat. Pets ok. $975/mo plus deposit. Ava i l a bl e S e p t e m b e r 1st. 1-805-573-9261 Find what you need 24 hours a day.

2 B R F U R N . B E AC H house! Cozy home on Snakelum Point. Fish, clam & beachcombe right out your front door!!! Avail. after labor day. A steal for the right person! $785 month includes water and cable. Call Greg 360-682-6534. Jim 206-310-9964.

Sell it free in the Flea 1-866-825-9001


1 week only HURRY!!!!!


5777 Captain Vancouver Dr, Langley

Quality custom home in Useless Bay golf course. Home features 3 bedrooms, 3 full baths and a large bonus room above the garage. Amenities include private beach, pool, clubhouse and tennis courts.


Bryan McCourt



Windermere Real Estate/South Whidbey

50% OFF



Real Estate for Rent Island County


945 N Oak Harbor St. Oak Harbor, WA 98277



CABIN, MODERN AND Rustic 1 Bedroom. Private gated property on bus line. Washer, dryer, all utilities included except gas heat. No pets. R e fe r e n c e s r e q u i r e d . Available August 13th. $750 Month, first, last, deposit. 360-579-1814. Clinton COMFORTABLE Older (3) story home, 3+bdrm, 2ba, family room, office, large kitchen, on 1/2 private acre, 4blks to ferry, o n l y $ 1 0 9 5 / m o. , l o n g lease. Call (360)9695069

Real Estate for Rent Island County



Just set up in O.H.’s most beautiful 55+ retirement community! $77,500. Monthy lot rent $425. w/s/g incl. Financing Available

Real Estate for Rent Island County CLINTON


6571 Heggenes Rd, Clinton

3-bedroom, 2.5-bath timber-frame home offering sunny eastern exposure on 7.5Âą acres. Gourmet kitchen. Master on main with bonus/media room on upper level. Large outbuilding.



Ann Muniz 360-303-3367


Call: 360-679-1442 Offer valid 8/15 - 8/21. Windermere Real Estate/South Whidbey






LEXAR™ 2112

Standard Orientation 4 Bedrooms 2 Baths 2112 Sq.Ft. Oversized Kitchen Open Floor Plan

Featured Home starts at


489 Andis Road • Burlington, WA 98233

360-707- 2112 LEXARHB*905RF


CONTACT US FOR YOUR PRIVATE TOUR! A private tour allows YOU to meet us at YOUR convenience.



Koetje Real Estate


PAGE 16, Whidbey Classified, Saturday, August 18, 2012 Real Estate for Rent Island County

Real Estate for Rent Island County Langley


2 BEDROOM home with large master bedroom, n e a r L a n g l e y. N e w floors, washer, dr yer, large deck and covered porch. Cats okay. $849 month. (360)321-0336


B R , 2 B A L O V E LY Newer home with Fairway view! 1,800 SF features granite kitchen, all appliances and gas fireplace. Double garage. Water paid. No smoking/ pets. $1,225/ month. Barbara, 360-221-2151.

Real Estate for Rent Island County

Real Estate for Rent Island County



3BR DUPLEX IN TOWN Newly remodeled! Includes washer, dr yer, 2 B E D R O O M d u p l ex fenced back yard. available. Quiet country $1,100. First, last, $500 setting. Pets negotiable. deposit. 360-969-0489. Water, sewer, garbage paid. $625 per month plus secur ity deposit. &INDĂĽIT ĂĽ"UYĂĽIT ĂĽ3ELLĂĽIT NW ADSCOM 360-679-2677 Find what you need 24 hours a day. Oak Harbor

1,200 SF, 2 bedroom townhouse with washer/ dr yer hook-up. Forest City view! Excellent condition! Garbage included. $775 month. Available August 1st. 360-682-6739.

Deborah Jones 360.331.1989

Real Estate for Rent Island County

Real Estate for Rent Island County


Oak Harbor

HOLMES HARBOR 3 bedroom, 2 bath rambler with double garage. Safe, quiet dead end street! Pets ? No smokers. $1,150 plus $750 deposit. Available August 1st! Call for viewing appointment 425-2808115, 360-654-9995.

1 BEDROOM, 1 bath, p r i va t e h o m e o n 2 . 5 acres. Compact washer and dryer, wood stove, electric heat. Water and s ew e r p a i d . C a r p o r t , storage shed. Non s m o ke r s , p e t s n e g o tiable. Close to Oak Harbor and NAS Whidbey. Ava i l a bl e S e p t e m b e r 1st. $700 per month, first, last & $1000 deposit. 360-929-1999



5 BEAUTIFUL ACRES MINI-FARM Grow your own veggies, pick fruit and nuts, gather eggs, fenced and cross-fenced, pasture & outbuildings. #239977 $299,995

Each office is independently owned and operated.

LANDMARK FARMHOUSE! 5 fenced acres, 5 large buildings. #358020 $349,500

DOWNTOWN LANGLEY Large lot, pretty gardens. #377980 $449,000

SECLUDED HOME at Useless Bay #384289 $219,000

WATCH THE EAGLES from your deck! Beautiful 1 + BR on acerage. Open space with loft, skylights & high ceilings. Gorgeous wood floors in dining/ living. Washer, dryer, elec. heat, wood stove & garage. No pet/ smoke. $875. First, last, dep. 503-341-3799 or Oak Harbor


WAIF ANIMAL SHELTER BENEFITS from sale of this donated double lot. #367482 Only $25,000

10 acres of forest in Langley #302377 $117,000

LARGE CUSTOM HOME with 2nd living apt. on 2.5 acres. #300762 $539,000

2 BEDROOM, 1 bath in t ow n . W / D h o o k - u p, fenced yard. No pets. $895 month + deposit. (360)675-1436 Oak Harbor

2 BR, 1 BA located at 130 SE Pasek Street. $700/mo, $500/deposit. Pe t s o k a y. 3 6 0 - 6 7 5 1815 or 360-672-5195

COUPEVILLE $279,000 Beautiful 1-level home on 2.8Âą private acres. This 2,200Âą sq ft home features an open floor plan, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, hot tub, 2-stall garage. Mature landscaping, fenced garden with raised beds and green house. Dan Fouts 360-969-5957 #390311

WHIDBEY COUNTRY CLUB $314,500 Immaculate 2,200 asf, golf course home offers 3 bedrooms, 1.75 baths and 2 bonus rooms. Oversized lot, 2-car garage plus carport with RV hook-ups, 50-year metal roof and incredible view of the golf course. Annie Cash 360-632-1260 #387626

COUPEVILLE $239,000 Classic rambler in the heart of Coupeville. Practical floor plan, beautiful fireplace. Fenced backyard, fruit trees on sunny lot in lovely neighborhood. Near farmers market, shops and town trails. #386658 Marilyn Sherman Clay 360-678-5858

FREELAND $349,000 Holmes Harbor home with awesome views of Mt Baker, Holmes Harbor, Cascades and golf course. 3 bedrooms, 2.75 baths, Brazilian slate, bamboo and tile floors, granite counters, marble in baths. #391049 Al Chochon 425-327-0918 CLINTON $125,000 Excellent large view lot. Secluded with views of Cascades, Saratoga Passage and ferry. Site registration, septic permit, wetland delineation completed. Great site for custom view home. Steve Strehlau 206-819-3411 #391098

SIERRA COUNTRY CLUB $429,000 New construction! One-level, 3-bedroom, 3-bath home with many upgrades. Gourmet kitchen, wood floors, 2 master suites, vaulted ceilings, skylights, westside view and private beach access. Jim Konopik 360-675-5953 #392698 Sarah Konopik 360-929-0827

LAGOON POINT $339,000 Quintessential cottage in beach community! Westerly water and mountain views, 2 bedrooms, 1.75 baths. Lots of wood, cozy fireplaces and country kitchen. Fabulous furnishings available too. Libby Hayward 360-331-6006 #348542

View all available properties at Oak Harbor 360/675-5953

Coupeville 360/678-5858

Windermere Real Estate/Whidbey Island

FURNISHED Useless B ay S t u d i o. B e a u t i f u l water view, just steps to beach! Includes all u t i l i t i e s , H B O, D S L . $675. 9 month lease. 206-909-5424


5 B E D RO O M , 3 b a t h split level. Washer, dryer, 2 fireplace’s. 2 car garage, yard. Walk to schools. $1,475 + utilities. 360-679-1103. OAK HARBOR

DECEPTION PASS. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car g a r a g e , h o t t u b. N o s m o k i n g , d o g o k a y. $1150 month. 360-6750548 OAK HARBOR

South Whidbey

Central Whidbey

4 BR, 2.75 BA within walking distance to Broadview Elementary and Oak Harbor Middle School. Great house, super location, huge yard, pets ok. $1,400/ Month. Call 360-820-0513.

Freeland 360/331-6006

OAK BAY STATION APARTMENTS 135 NE Barron Dr. Oak Harbor, 98277 2 & 3 BR’s $733-$795 All welcome to apply but prefence given to households of 4 +. Immediate Openings! Income Limits Apply

Please contact for more information 360-240-9828 OAK HARBOR

2 BEDROOM apartment by NAS. Carport, storage, yard & laundr y room with appliances. Includes water, sewer and garbage. Small pet okay. $550 per month. 425-385-2000 or 425760-1614. OAK HARBOR

2 BR UPSTAIRS IN 5 unit building on large lot. Beautiful San Juan Island view! New interior, b a l c o ny, p a r k i n g . N o laundry/ hookups $585. 360-679-1103.

SCENIC HEIGHTS $100,000 Fantastic water and mountain view lot on Walker Heights Place, a new subdivision in area of gorgeous homes. Approximately 0.38 acre. Close to all Oak Harbor services. Seller financing available. #391009 Tom Formeller 360-678-5858 OAK HARBOR $220,000 Located on a quiet cul-de-sac and move-in ready! 4 bedrooms, 2.25 baths, updated living room with hardwood floors and open floor plan. Large kitchen with breakfast nook, deck and fully-fenced backyard. Karen Cox 360-969-1560 #388503


5 MINUTES from NAS. 2.5 acre private setting! 2 bedroom duplex with garage. New windows, 2 BEDROOM, lower lev- doors and bath. Pets el of home. Private park- okay. $800 month plus ing, large yard. No laun- deposit. 360-333-8080 d r y. N o p e t s . Wa t e r, OAK HARBOR sewer, garbage includ- B E AC H F R O N T, P r i ed. $750. 360-675-3537. vate, quiet location. 2 bedroom, 1 bath. Deck. New carpet, new kitchFind what you need 24 hours a day. e n . F i r e p l a c e . C l u b house, parks, pool, boat OAK HARBOR ramp, dock, community beach. $825 month. 425-563-8422


North Whidbey

Apartments for Rent Island County


Oak Harbor

View lot in Freeland #80327 $125,000 Pretty & private 5 acres with view #362667 $165,000

Real Estate for Rent Island County

Langley 360/221-8898

Windermere Real Estate/South Whidbey

Harbor Heights 2 & 3 BR APT’s $610 + & $650 +

1st Full Month Free


31 NW Crosby Ave Oak Harbor

LEXY MANOR. Move-in Special. 1, 2 & 3 bedrooms available. Close to shopping. Families and special needs welcome. Section 8 ok. Rent starts at $556. Call: WONDERFUL 3 BR, 2 360-279-2155 BA home in Oak Harbor. 5 minutes to town and Oak Harbor NAS. Large wood play set with swings! Spa- Madrona Manor CALL FOR cious deck, fenced yard MOVE-IN SPECIALS and 2 car garage. Rent Families and special is $1,225/ month plus needs welcome. deposit. Pets negotiable. 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms Call 360-632-8434 for starting at $615/mo. additional information. Walking distance to beach, park, shopping Apartments for Rent and bus route. Island County Call: 360-240-1606 Oak Harbor ** Section 8 ok 1,025 SF, 2 BEDROOM, 1.5 bath with water view ,OOKINGĂĽFORĂĽAĂĽNEWĂĽPLACEĂĽ #HECKĂĽOUTĂĽ from Master! Quality 2-story townhouse style. WWWPNWHOMElNDERCOM FORĂĽLOCALĂĽĂĽNATIONALĂĽLISTINGSĂĽ Includes fireplace, dishwasher, washer/ dr yer hookups. $750 month. OAK HARBOR 360-675-9596 or 360No Application Fee! 914-0379 Whidbey Resi2 BR Apts dential Rentals Inc. $625/mo Near NAS/town ,OOKINGĂĽFORĂĽAĂĽNEWĂĽPLACEĂĽ Wtr/swr/grbg paid #HECKĂĽOUTĂĽ 360-683-0932 WWWPNWHOMElNDERCOM 626-485-1966 Cell FORĂĽLOCALĂĽĂĽNATIONALĂĽLISTINGSĂĽ

Rogers - Rische - Doll P.M. Inc. 620 E. Whidbey Ave Ste 100 Oak Harbor, WA 98277

Since 1987. Your Local, Full Service Property Management Experts


QUALITY-AFFORDABLE APARTMENTS, CONDOS, and HOMES! Call, or stop by our office for current availability! Scan Code for info: Need a QUALIFIED TENANT for your rental property? Contact us for an appointment!! Check our FLYERS for the latest MOVE IN SPECIAL!!

t email:

Saturday, August 18, 2012, Whidbey Classified, PAGE 17 Apartments for Rent Island County OAK HARBOR

OAK GROVE MOVE-IN SPECIAL 1/2 month rent + $300 deposit. Call 360-675-4002

65 SW 3rd Ave, Oak Harbor OAK HARBOR

S PA C I O U S 2 B D R M Large patio. Clean and quiet! Fireplace, washer, dr yer hookups. Senior discount avail. Garbage included. $725/ Month. 360-675-6642.

SEAGATE APARTMENTS 141 SW 6th Ave, Oak Harbor, 98277 1 & 2 BR’s $650-$775 Immediate Openings! Monthly, 6 months and year leases avail.

real estate rentals Commercial Rentals Office/Commercial OAK HARBOR


Legal Notices

Legal Notices

Legal Notices

Legal Notices

FOUND CAMERA on the beach near one of the West Beach Road access points. Describe the camera and location, I’ll get it back to you. email

LEGAL NOTICE The preliminary budgetfor fiscal year 2012-13 for the Oak Harbor School District has been completed. A public hearing will be held at the regularly scheduled meeting of the Oak Harbor School District Board of Directors on Monday, August 27,2012, at 6:00 p.m. in the Board meeting room in the Administrative Services Center at 350 S. Oak Harbor St. for the purpose of adopting the final budget of the district for the 20122013 fiscal year. Any person may appear and be heard for or against any part of the budget. Copies of the final budget are available at the Oak Harbor School District Administrative Services Center at the above address. LEGAL NO. 412697 P u bl i s h e d : W h i d b ey News-Times, South Whidbey Record. August 11, 18, 2012.

IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF ISLAND In the Matter of the Estate of: MARIANNA WALTON, Deceased. No. 12-4-00184-9 Delete “Probate” if intestate)AMENDED PROB AT E N O T I C E T O CREDITORS RCW 11.40.030 The Personal Representative named below has been appointed as Personal Representative of this estate. Any person having a claim against the Decedent must, before the time the claim would be barred by any o t h e r w i s e a p p l i c a bl e statute of limitations, present the claim in the manner as provided in RCW 11.40.070 by serving or mailing to the Personal Representative or the Personal Representative’s attorney at the address stated below a copy of the claim and filing the original of the claim with the court in which the probate proc e e d i n g s we r e c o m menced. The claim must be presented within the later of: (1) Thirty days after the Personal Representative served or mailed the notice to the creditor as provided u n d e r R C W 11.40.020(1)(c); or (2) four months after the date of first publication of this notice. If the claim is not presented within this time frame, the claim is forever barred, except as otherwise provided in RCW 11.40.051 and RCW 11.40.060. This bar is effective as to claims against both the Decedent’s probate and nonprobate assets. Date of First Publication: August 11, 2012 PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE: WILLIAM W. WALTON /s/ MICHAEL M. WALLER, WSBA No. 6310 Law Offices of Skinner & Saar, P.S. Attorneys for Personal Representative 791 SE Barrington Drive Oak Harbor, Washington 98277 Cour t of Probate Proceedings: ISLAND COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT Cause No. 12-4-00184-9 LEGAL NO. 412727 P u bl i s h e d : W h i d b ey News-Times, South Whidbey Record. August 11, 18, 25, 2012. NOTICE OF TRUSTEE’S SALE Sale set for August 31, 2012 I. N OT I C E I S H E R E B Y GIVEN that the undersigned Trustee will on the 31 day of August, 2012, at the hour of 10:00 o’clock a.m. at the m a i n e n t ra n c e o f t h e Oak Harbor City Hall, located at 856 SE Barringt o n D r. O a k H a r b o r, State of Washington , sell at public auction to the highest and best bidder, payable at the time of sale, the following described real property, situate in the County of Island State of Washington, to-wit: Lots 1 and 2 of Shor t P l a t N o . 036/08R13323-071-298 0, as recorded September 4, 2008 as Auditor’s File No. 4236095, records of Island County, Washington; being a por tion of the Southwest Quar ter of the Southeast Quarter in

Section 23, Township 33 North, Range 1 E.W.M. Situate in the County of Island, State of Washi n g t o n . A s s e s s o r ’s T a x / P a r c e l No.s:R13323-0443120/R13323-095-2980 which is subject to that cer tain Deed of Tr ust dated August 27, 2008, r e c o r d e d Au g u s t 2 9 , 2008, under Auditor’s File No. 4235813, records of Island County Washington, from Ault Field Road LLC, as Grantor to Land Title Company, as Tr ustee, which Trustee has been succeeded by DAVID L. DAY of Fairhaven Legal Associates P.S., to secure an obligation in favor of Columbia Bank, successor in interest to Summit Bank, as Beneficiary. II. No action commenced by the Beneficiary of the Deed of Tr ust is now pending to seek satisfaction of the obligation in any Court by reason of the Borrower’s or Grantor’s default on the obligation secured by the Deed of Trust. III. The default for which this foreclosure is made is/are as follows: For failure to pay when due the following amounts w h i c h a r e n ow i n a r rears, $36,000.00, plus other charges, costs and fees as set forth in the Notice of Foreclosure, and for other than payment of money such as nonpayment of Taxes. IV. The sum owing on the obligation secured by the Deed of Trust is: Principal $615,703.39, together with interest as provided in the Note and such other costs and fees as are due under the Note and Deed of Trust and as are provided by statute. V. T h e a b ove - d e s c r i b e d real property will be sold to satisfy the expense of sale and the obligation secured by the Deed of Tr u s t a s p r ov i d e d by statute. The sale will be made without warranty, express or implied, regarding title, possession, or encumbrances on the 31st day of August, 2012. The default(s) referred to in paragraph III must be cured by the 2 0 t h d ay o f Au g u s t , 2012 (11 days before the sale date) to cause a discontinuance of the sale. The sale will be discontinued and terminated if at any time before the 20th day of August, 2012 (11 days before the sale date), the default(s) as set forth in paragraph III is/are cured and the Trustee’s fees and costs are paid. The sale may be terminated by the Grantor anytime after the 20th day of August, 2012 (11 d ay s b e fo r e t h e s a l e date), and before the sale by the Borrower, Grantor, any Guarantor, or his successor in interest or the holder of any recorded junior lien or encumbrance paying the entire principal and interest secured by the Deed o f Tr u s t , p l u s c o s t s , fees, and advances, if any, made pursuant to the terms of the obligation and/or Deed of Trust, and curing all other defaults. VI. A written Notice of Default was transmitted by the Beneficiary or Trustee to the Borrower and Grantor or his successor in interest at the following addresses:

Regular/Certified Mail: Ault Field Road LLC Sean P. Byrne Theresa E. Byrne P.O. Box 1113 Oak Harbor, WA 98277 POSTED: Au l t F i e l d R o a d L L C Sean P. Byrne Theresa E. Byrne 3288 Old Goldie Rd. Oak Harbor, WA 98277 POSTED: Au l t F i e l d R o a d L L C Sean P. Byrne Theresa E. Byrne 3296 Old Goldie Rd. Oak Harbor, WA 98277 POSTED: Au l t F i e l d R o a d L L C Sean P. Byrne Theresa E. Byrne 3294 Old Goldie Rd. Oak Harbor, WA 98277 by both first class and certified mail on the 17th day of April, 2012, proof of which is in the possession of the Trustee; the Borrower and Grantor or his successor in interest was personally served on the 21st day of April, 2012 with said written notice of default or the written notice of default was posted in a conspicuous place on the real proper ty described in paragraph I above, and the Trustee has possession of proof of such service or posting. VII. T h e Tr u s t e e w h o s e name and address is set forth below will provide in writing to anyone requesting it, a statement of all costs and fees due at any time prior to the sale. VIII. The effect of the sale will be to deprive the Grantor and all those who hold by, through or under the Grantor of all their interest in the above-described property. IX. Anyone having any objection to the sale on any grounds whatsoever will be afforded an opportunity to be heard as to those objections if they br ing a lawsuit to restrain the sale pursuant to RCW 61.24.130. Failure to bring such a lawsuit may result in a waiver of any proper grounds for invalidating the Trustee’s Sale. X. NOTICE TO OCCUPANTS OR TENANTS The purchaser at the trustee’s sale is entitled to possession of the property on the twentieth day following the sale, as against the Grantor under the deed of trust (the owner) and anyone having an interest junior to the deed of trust, including occupants who are not tenants by summary proceedings under chapter 59.12 RCW. For tenant-occupied property, the purchaser shall provide a tenant with written notice in accordance with RCW 61.24.060. DATED this 24th day of May, 2012. F a i r h a v e n Legal Associates By: DAVID L. DAY, Successor Trustee P.O. Box 526 Burlington, WA 98233 (360) 755-0611 LEGAL NO. 403307 P u bl i s h e d : W h i d b ey News-Times, South Whidbey Record. August 1, 18, 2012.

Build up your business with our Service Guide Special: Four full weeks of advertising starting at $40. Call 800-388-2527 to place your ad today. Lost


231 SE Barrington Starting @ $425/mo 735 SF ~ $765+nnn 605 SF ~ $745+nnn


Vacation/Getaways Rental

L O S T : C AT. S m a l l male, short hair, all black with green eyes. Last seen on August 2nd in Oak Harbor. Please call 360-969-3586. LOST: TENNIS Racket, at the Coupeville Town Park Tennis Cour t August 7th. Wilson brand. Call if found: 360-6787172


Please contact for more information 360-240-9828

WA Misc. Rentals Condos/Townhomes OAK HARBOR

2 BEDROOM, 1 bath. Clean. 1 Car Garage. Great Location Near NAS! $750 month. Text or call: 360-3201543

Thousands of Classified readers need your service. Your service ad will run FOUR full weeks in your local community paper and on the web for one low price with the Service Guide Special. Call 800-388-2527 to speak with a customer representative. Go online 24 hours a day: Or fax in your ad: 360-598-6800. OAK HARBOR

2 BEDROOM CONDO in t ow n ! C l o s e t o b a s e. Storage and stackable washer/ dryer. Available now. $695 plus deposit. 360-969-0248. WA Misc. Rentals Duplexes/Multiplexes OAK HARBOR

2 BEDROOM waterview! Old town, quiet neighborhood, near beach! Laundry room, yard, offstreet parking. $735. 360-679-1103.

Sell it for FREE in the Super Flea! Call 866-825-9001 or email the Super Flea at theflea@ WA Misc. Rentals Mobile/MFG Homes


Spring Specials!

$545 - $745 Lease, Purchase or Rental Options SPECIALS OAC

Veteran/Military Discounts


LEASE PURCHASE. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 989 SF, 2 story. Come vacation on Whidbey Island. Wa l k t h e c o m m u n i t y beach. Go swim, fish, hike, kayak the sound. Only $1075 month, $50 toward purchase. References needed. Call now! 360-579-3655 or tallman@ for more info.

legals Legal Notices

ISLAND TRANSIT BOARD MEETING The next regular ly scheduled monthly business meeting of the Island Transit Board of Directors will be on Friday, August 24, 2012, at 9:30 AM, at the Island County Law & Justice Building, 101 NE 6th Street, Room 131, Coupeville, WA. Accommodations will be made available upon advance request for communications assistance. The meeting room is accessible and to the public. announcements isForopen more infor mation, please call (360) 6787771. Announcements LEGAL NO. 407656 P u bl i s h e d : W h i d b ey _ ADOPT _ Active Doc- N e w s - T i m e s , S o u t h tors, playful pups, LOVE Whidbey Record. Auand laughter, stay home gust 18, 22, 2012. parent yearns for 1st bab y. E x p e n s e s p a i d . WHIDBEY WATER Brent & Keri 1-888-411SERVICES, LLC 0530 Small Works Roster _ ADOPT _ Adoring, Whidbey Water Servicathletic, musical profes- es, LLC is now accepts i o n a l s ( s t a y h o m e ing applications from mom) await precious ba- qualified contractors for by. Expenses paid. Da- listing on a Small Works vid & Robyn. 1-800-410- Roster for use by the fol7542 lowing water districts. G&O MINI STORAGE Admiral’s Cove Water Distr ict (Coupeville, New Space WA); Crockett Lake WaAvailable Now! ter District (Coupeville, Some Just Like A Vault! WA); Freeland Water & Hwy 20 & Banta Road Sewer District (Freeland, WA); and Lagoon Point Call: Water District (Greenbank, WA). Projects may include, OHHS CLASS OF 1955! but are not limed to, the Barbara Farmer will be installing water mains, in Oak Harbour August drilling and equipping 2 2 n d . S e e k i n g c l a s s - wells, constructing conmates to go out to lunch crete reser voirs, conwith! Please call 1-214- structing booster pump 263-3677! or pressure reducing valve stations, and supWERE YOU plying and installing waIMPLANTED WITH ter treatment equipment. A ST. JUDE RIATA R e q u i r e d a p p l i c a t i o n for ms can be DEFIBRILLATOR mailed/faxed/emailed to LEAD WIRE you by contacting WhidBetween June 2001 bey Water Services, LLC and December 2010? - Attention: Andy CampHave you had this lead bell, P.O. Box 162 - Clinreplaced, capped or ton, WA 98239. Phone: did you receive shocks (360)-579-1956. Fax: f r o m t h e l e a d ? Yo u (360)-579-2058 or wam ay b e e n t i t l e d t o compensation. LEGAL NO. 411782 P u bl i s h e d : W h i d b ey News-Times, South Contact Attorney Whidbey Record. AuCharles Johnson gust 8, 11, 15, 18, 2012.



IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF ISLAND In the Matter of the Estate of: GARY M. RIVERS, Deceased. No. 12-4-00181-4 AMENDED Delete “Probate” if intestate)PROB AT E N O T I C E T O CREDITORS RCW 11.40.030 The Personal Representative named below has been appointed as Personal Representative of this estate. Any person having a claim against the Decedent must, before the time the claim would be barred by any o t h e r w i s e a p p l i c a bl e statute of limitations, present the claim in the manner as provided in RCW 11.40.070 by serving or mailing to the Personal Representative or the Personal Representative’s attorney at the address stated below a copy of the claim and filing the original of the claim with the court in which the probate proc e e d i n g s we r e c o m menced. The claim must be presented within the later of: (1) Thirty days after the Personal Representative served or mailed the notice to the creditor as provided u n d e r R C W 11.40.020(1)(c); or (2) four months after the date of first publication of this notice. If the claim is not presented within this time frame, the claim is forever barred, except as otherwise provided in RCW 11.40.051 and RCW 11.40.060. This bar is effective as to claims against both the Decedent’s probate and nonprobate assets. Date of First Publication: August 11, 2012 PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE: Tommy L. Rivers /s/ MICHAEL M. WALLER, WSBA No. 6310 Law Offices of Skinner & Saar, P.S. Attorneys for Personal Representative 791 SE Barrington Drive Oak Harbor, Washington 98277 Cour t of Probate Proceedings: ISLAND COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT Cause No. 12-4-00181-4 LEGAL NO. 412724 P u bl i s h e d : W h i d b ey News-Times, South Whidbey Record. August 11, 18, 25, 2012.


Legal Notices

Deceased. No. 12-4-00186-5 AMENDED Delete “Probate” if intestate)PROB AT E N O T I C E T O CREDITORS RCW 11.40.030 The Personal Representative named below has been appointed as Personal Representative of this estate. Any person having a claim against the Decedent must, before the time the claim would be barred by any o t h e r w i s e a p p l i c a bl e statute of limitations, present the claim in the manner as provided in RCW 11.40.070 by serving or mailing to the Personal Representative or the Personal Representative’s attorney at the address stated below a copy of the claim and filing the original of the claim with the court in which the probate were commenced. The claim must be presented within the later of: (1) Thirty days after the Personal Representative served or mailed the notice to the creditor as provided u n d e r R C W 11.40.020(1)(c); or (2) four months after the date of first publication of this notice. If the claim is not presented within this time frame, the claim is forever barred, except as otherwise provided in RCW 11.40.051 and RCW 11.40.060. This bar is effective as to claims against both the Decedent’s probate and nonprobate assets. Date of First Publication: August 11, 2012 PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE: WILLIAM W. WALTON /s/ MICHAEL M. WALLER, WSBA No. 6310 Law Offices of Skinner & Saar, P.S. Attorneys for Personal Representative 791 SE Barrington Drive Oak Harbor, Washington 98277 Cour t of Probate Proceedings: ISLAND COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT Cause No. 12-4-00186-5 LEGAL NO. 412728 P u bl i s h e d : W h i d b ey News-Times, South Whidbey Record. August 11, 18, 25, 2012. BID SOLICITATION LANGLEY MARINA BOAT RAMP IMPROVEMENTS Contractors are invited to submit bids for the L a n g l ey M a r i n a B o a t Ramp Improvements at L a n g l ey, Wa s h i n g t o n . Major items of work include furnishing and installing two (2) boat ramp floats with gangway, four (4) guide piles, and concrete pedestrian ramp, plus demolishing and disposing of eleven (11) existing timber piles. Following bid opening and an expedited award process, Notice To Proceed is expected to be issued in the first two weeks of September 2012, with a Contract Duration of One Hundred and Eighty (180) calendar days. There are also critical permit constraints on specific work activities and schedules which are included in the bid and contract documents and which must be followed by the contractor. The estimated base bid construction cost range is $150,000 to $200,000.

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PAGE 18, Whidbey Classified, Saturday, August 18, 2012 Legal Notices

Legal Notices

Legal Notices

IN THE SUPERIOR D a t e d a t Fr e e l a n d , Washington, August 11, COURT OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON IN 2012. AND FOR THE LEGAL NO. 413359 COUNTY OF ISLAND P u bl i s h e d : W h i d b ey Plans, specifications, ad- N e w s - T i m e s , S o u t h In the Matter of the Esdenda, bidders list, and Whidbey Record. Au- tate of: plan holders list for this gust 15, 18, 22, 25, 2012 CHARLES L. WOODY Deceased. p r o j e c t a r e ava i l a bl e No. 12 4 00190 3 t h r o u g h t h e Po r t o f N O N - P R O B AT E N O South Whidbey. Free NOTICE OF A PUBLIC TICE TO CREDITORS access is provided by MEETING The Notice Agent named going to FRANKLIN MANOR b e l ow h a s e l e c t e d t o and clicking on “Posted CC 12-20 give notice to creditors P r o j e c t s ,â€? “ P u b l i c Notice is hereby given of the above-named DeWorks,â€? “Por t of South that the Oak Harbor City cedent. As of the date Whidbey,â€? and “Projects Bidding.â€? Bidders are Council will hear the fol- of the filing of a copy of encouraged to “Registerâ€? l o w i n g m a t t e r i n t h e this noitce wih the court, in order to receive auto- C o u n c i l C h a m b e r s a t the Notice Agent has no matic e-mail notifications City Hall, 865 SE Bar- knowledge of any other of future addenda and to rington Drive, Oak Har- person acting as Notice b e p l a c e d o n t h e b o r, W a s h i n g t o n o n Agent or of the Appoint“Bidders List.â€? This on- Tuesday, September 4, ment of a personal repline plan room provides 2012, at 6:00 p.m. or as resentative of the DeceBidders with fully usable soon thereafter as pos- dent’s estate in the State of Washington. Accordon-line documents; with sible: Franklin Manor Site ing to the records of the the ability to download, Plan Extension court as are available on print to your own printer, order full/par tial plan M r . N a t F r a n k l i n o f the date of the filing of Windmill Court L.L.C. rethis notice with the court, sets from numerous reprographic sources (on- quests City Council ap- a cause number regardproval of a two-year exing the Decedent has line print order for m), and a free on-line digitiz- tension to the Franklin not been issued to any er/take-off tool. Contact Manor Planned Residen- other Notice Agent and a Builders Exchange of tial Development (PRD) personal repersentative Washington a t Site Plan approved on of the Decedent’s estate 4 2 5 - 2 5 8 - 1 3 0 3 s h o u l d October 19, 2010. With- has not been appointed. out an approved exten- A ny p e r s o n h av i n g a you require assistance. A geotechnical repor t, sion, the site plan is set claim against the Deceentitled “Geotechnical to expire on October 19, dent named above must, E n g i n e e r i n g R e p o r t ,â€? 2012. The approved site before the time the claim d a t e d D e c e m b e r 2 2 , plan is for the construc- would be barred by any 2011, prepared by HWA tion of 158 multi-family o t h e r w i s e a p p l i c a bl e G e o S c i e n c e s I n c . , i s dwelling units on 5.57 statute of limitations, available for bidders re- acres. The project loca- present the claim in the view at the Owner’s of- tion is 1215 SW Swan- manner as provided in fice listed above and on t o w n Ave n u e , p a r c e l RCW 11.42.070 by serving on or mailing to the l i n e a t B u i l d e r ’s E x - #R13203-110-1730. Anyone wishing to sup- Notice Agent’s attorney change. port or oppose this matat the address stated beSealed bids for the “Langley Mar ina Boat ter or provide other rele- low a copy of the claim vant comments may do with the court in which R a m p I m p r ove m e n t s â€? may be hand delivered so in writing or appear in the Notice Agent’s Decor mailed to the Port of person before the Oak laration and Oath were South Whidbey, 1804 Harbor City Council at filed. The claim must be Scott Road, Suite 101, the time and place of presented within the latP.O. Box 872, Freeland, said public meeting. In- er or: (1) Thirty days afW a s h i n g t o n 9 8 2 4 9 , formation is available for t e r t h e N o t i c e A g e n t phone (360) 331-5494. review at the Develop- served or mailed the noThe bids will then and ment Services Depart- tice to the creditor as there be publicly opened ment, City Hall, 865 SE p r ov i d e d u n d e r R C W and read aloud at 2 p.m. Barrington Drive, Oak 11.42.020(2)(c); or (2) on Wednesday, August Harbor, WA 98277, or four months after the 29, 2012. Any bids re- you may also call the date of first publication ceived after the time for Department at (360)279- o f t h e n o t i c e. I f t h e claim is not presented opening cannot be con- 4510. Connie Wheeler within this time frame, sidered. the claim is forever The Owner reserves the City Clerk barred, except as otheright to reject any or all LEGAL NO. 414326 P u bl i s h e d : W h i d b ey wise provided in RCW bids, to waive irregularN e w s T i m e s , S o u t h 11.42.050 and ities or informalities in Whidbey Record. 11.42.060. This bar is the bid or in the bidding, effective as to claims to accept any alternate August 18, 2012 against both the Decebids, and to make such award that it deems to &INDĂĽIT ĂĽ"UYĂĽIT ĂĽ3ELLĂĽIT dent’s probate and nonprobate assets. be in its best interest NW ADSCOM Date of First Publication: and pursuant to the August 18, 2012 ter ms of the General INVITATION TO BID: The Notice Agent deConditions. The Owner PETROLEUM clares under penalty of intends to award a conPRODUCTS perjury under the laws of tract to the lowest reBid Date: August 23, the state of Washington sponsible bidder. 2012 that the foregoing is true Each bid must be acBID NOTICE: c o m p a n i e d b y a Separate, sealed bids and correct. cashier’s check, money for petroleum products SIGNED this 6th day of order or surety bid bond for the 2012-13 school August, 2012, at Oak in the amount of not less year will be accepted by Harbor, Washington than five percent (5%) of Oak Harbor School Dis- /s/ ZITA WOODY the total bid, made pay- trict 201 until 2:30 p.m. Z I TA WO O DY, N o t i c e able to Por t of South Thursday, August 23, Agent Whidbey. Performance 2012 at the administra- /s/ MICHAEL M. WALLand payment bonds will tion office at 350 S. Oak ER b e r e q u i r e d w i t h t h e Harbor St., Oak Harbor, MICHAEL M. WALLER Contract. WA . D e t a i l e d b i d Law Offcies of Skinner & Bidders may not with- specifications may be Saar P.S. draw bids after the hour o b t a i n e d t h r o u g h t h e A t t o r n e y s fo r N o t i c e set for opening thereof mail by calling (360)279- Agent or before award of con- 5000 or picked up at the 791 SE Barrington Drive tract unless said award administration office. At Oak Harbor, Washington is delayed beyond the the end of the 2012-13 98277 date stated in Section 00 school year, the district Court of Notice Agent’s 41 00, Bid Form. The reserves the right to ex- Oath and Declaration right is reserved by the tend the contract for an and Cause No.: Superior Court of Island Po r t t o p o s t p o n e t h e additional two years. award for a period of 30 All bids will be opened County, Washington calendar days after bid and read aloud. Any bid Cause No. 12-4-00190opening. Bid securities received after 2:30 p.m. 3 of the three lowest bid- Thursday, August 23, LEGAL NO. 414332 ders will be held by the 2012 will be retur ned P u bl i s h e d : W h i d b ey News-Times, South Port until official award unopened. of the contract. Oak Harbor School Dis- Whidbey Record. AuThe Contractor will be trict reserves the right to gust 18, 25, September required to comply with reject any or all bids and 1, 2012 all local, state, and fed- t o w a i v e a n y i n f o r eral laws and regulations malities and inequalities pertaining to equal em- in any bid or in the bid- SUPERIOR COURT OF ployment opportunities. ding. WASHINGTON The Port of South Whid- LEGAL NO. 414503 IN AND FOR THE bey is an Equal Opportu- P u bl i s h e d : W h i d b ey COUNTY OF ISLAND nity Employer. N e w s - T i m e s , S o u t h ONEWEST BANK, FSB, its successors in interest Whidbey Record. and/or assigns, August 18, 22, 2012 Plaintiff,

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Legal Notices

v. UNKNOWN HEIRS OF ROBERT E. CAMPBELL; MARY CATHERINE CAMPBELL; WILLIAM CAMPBELL; USEL E S S B AY C O L O N Y, F K A U S E L E S S B AY BEACH AND COUNTRY C L U B, I N C. ; U N I T E D STATES OF AMERICA, S E C R E TA R Y O F HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT; WASHINGTON STATE DEPARTMENT OF SOC I A L A N D H E A LT H S E RV I C E S ; O C C U PANTS OF THE PREMISES; and any persons or par ties claiming to have any right, title, estate, lien or interest in the real proper ty described in the complaint, Defendants. No. 12-2-00111-6 SUMMONS BY PUBLICATION TO THE DEFENDANTS Unknown Heirs of Robert E. Campbell; Occupants of the Premises; and any persons or parties claiming to have any right, title, estate, lien or interest in the real proper ty descr ibed in the complaint: Yo u a r e h e r e by s u m moned to appear within sixty (60) days after the date of the first publication of this summons, defend the real property foreclosure action in Island County Super ior Cour t, and answer the complaint of OneWest Bank, FSB, (“Plaintiff�). You are asked to serve a copy of your answer or responsive pleading upon the undersigned attorneys for Plaintiff at its office stated below. In case of your failure to do so, judgment will be rendered against you according to the demand of the complaint, which has been filed with the Clerk of said Court. The purpose of this lawsuit is to obtain a judgment, and if not immediately paid, to be satisfied through the foreclosure of real property located in Island County, Washington, and legally described as follows: UNIT B202 CONDOMINIUM PLAT OF USELESS BAY BEACH AND COUNTRY CLUB, DIVISION NO. 14, ACCORDING TO DECLARATION THEREOF RECORDED UNDER AUDITOR’S FILE NO. 244779, AND SURVEY MAP AND PLANS THEREOF RECORDED U N D E R AU D I TO R ’ S F I L E N O. 2 4 4 7 7 8 I N VOLUME 11 OF PLATS, PA G E S 4 9 , 5 0 , 5 2 , RECORDS OF ISLAND C O U N T Y, WA S H I N G TON; S I T U AT E I N T H E COUNTY OF ISLAND, STATE OF WASHINGTON. Commonly known as: 5674 McDonald Dr ive # 2 0 2 B , L a n g l e y, WA 98260. DATED this 13th day of August, 2012. ROUTH CRABTREE OLSEN, P.S. B y Ja n aya L . C a r t e r, WSBA #32715 Lauren Davidson Humphreys, WSBA #41694 Valerie I. Holder, WSBA #42968 Gauri Shrotriya Locker, WSBA #39022 Attorneys for Plaintiff 13555 SE 36th Street, Ste 300 Bellevue, WA 98006 LEGAL NO. 414302 P u bl i s h e d : W h i d b ey News-Times, South Whidbey Record. August 18,25, September 1,8,15,22, 2012

Legal Notices

NOTICE OF A PUBLIC HEARING BEFORE THE OAK HARBOR CITY COUNCIL CC 12-21 Notice is hereby given that a Public Hearing will be held before the Oak Harbor City Council in the Council Chambers at City Hall, 865 SE Barrington Drive, Oak Harb o r, W a s h i n g t o n o n Tuesday, September 4, 2012, at 6:00 p.m. or as soon thereafter as possible to consider the following matter: Ordinance - Credit Card Fees An ordinance allowing the City of Oak Harbor to pay the transactional costs related to customer use of debit and credit cards. Anyone wishing to support or oppose this matter or provide other relevant comments may do so in writing or appear in person before the Oak Harbor City Council at the time and place of said public hearing. Information is available for review at the City Hall, 865 SE Barrington Drive, Oak Harbor, WA 98277, or you may also call the Department at (360)2794500. Connie Wheeler City Clerk LEGAL NO. 414341 P u bl i s h e d : W h i d b ey News-Times, South Whidbey Record. A u g u s t 1 8 , 2012

Legal Notices


Ordinance Arts Commission An ordinance amending OHMC Title 2 - Chapter 2.29 - Oak Harbor Arts Commission to reduce the membership of the Ar ts Commission from eleven to seven members and to amend language establishing the term of office. Anyone wishing to support or oppose this matter or provide other relevant comments may do so in writing or appear in person before the Oak Harbor City Council at the time and place of said public hearing. Information is available for review at the City Hall, 865 SE Barrington Drive, Oak Harbor, WA 98277, or you may also call the Depar tment at (360)279-4500. Connie Wheeler City Clerk LEGAL NO. 414343 P u bl i s h e d : W h i d b ey News-Times, South Whidbey Record. August 18, 2012

BEAUTIFUL Elkay Sink for kitchen. Stainless, Complete with Grohe Faucet and Waste King D i s p o s a l . To p m o u n t , double bowl style (1/4�3/4�), o/a 33�x22�. Super condition! $130. 360321-8041 POTTERY EQUIPMENT: Brent CXC wheel, like new, $1000 includes 10 bats & tools; Paragon DTC800 electric Kiln, $1000 with accessories, good condition; Nor thStar Slab roller with table, $500; Nor thStar SS extruder with die kit $300. Excellent condition. Will sell separate or as a package. 425-478-0198 Freeland WE BUY ENTIRE estates, storage units, old cars, tractors, forclose, clean outs, empty out your barn, trailer, death in family, evictions, trash h a u l i n g . Au c t i o n e e r. Free estimates, 360-321 7124 or 632-0175 Musical Instruments

flea market Flea Market

NOTICE OF A PUBLIC HEARING BEFORE THE OAK HARBOR CITY COUNCIL CC 12-22 Notice is hereby given that a Public Hearing will be held before the Oak Harbor City Council in the Council Chambers at City Hall, 865 SE Barrington Drive, Oak Harb o r, W a s h i n g t o n o n Tuesday, September 4, 2012, at 6:00 p.m. or as soon thereafter as possible to consider the following matter:

4� ABS pipe-job leftovers, 37’, $20 obo. 22� Lawn Mower, gas, real strong Tecumsee engine, like new in box, not self propelled, great for small yard, $89 obo. 40� rebounder trampoline, excellent condition, $19. Coupeville. 360678-8377 or 360-9290831.

Ordinance - Noise Permits An ordinance changing OHMC 6.56.030(2)(a) to give administrative approval authority for noise permits to the Mayor or the Mayor’s designee. Anyone wishing to support or oppose this matter or provide other relevant comments may do so in writing or appear in person before the Oak Harbor City Council at the time and place of said public hearing. Information is available for review at the City Hall, 865 SE Barrington Drive, Oak Harbor, WA 98277, or you may also call the Department at (360)2794500. Connie Wheeler City Clerk LEGAL NO. 414342 P u bl i s h e d : W h i d b ey News-Times, South Whidbey Record. A u g u s t 1 8 , 2012

COUCH, long, chocolate color, good condition $50. Dining table, solid wood, 1 extension, $50. Country Style toy kitchen, good condition. $35. Metal file cabinet, 2 d r aw e r s, a l m o s t n ew $15. 360-320-4038.

NOTICE OF A PUBLIC HEARING BEFORE THE OAK HARBOR CITY COUNCIL CC 12-23 Notice is hereby given that a Public Hearing will be held before the Oak Harbor City Council in the Council Chambers at City Hall, 865 SE Barrington Drive, Oak Harb o r, W a s h i n g t o n o n Tuesday, September 4, 2012, at 6:00 p.m. or as soon thereafter as possible to consider the following matter:

BOOKCASE, medium Oak, 30� wide, 70� tall, 8.5� deep, $20. Snowboard, complete with shoes, $125. (360)2218785

ELEGANT DISHES; rose design, full setting for 12, 8 serving pieces $95. Bike Rack for car bumper, very sturdy, $9. C o u p ev i l l e. 3 6 0 - 6 7 8 8377 or 360-929-0831. KENMORE Washer and Electric Dryer. Both for $70. Oak Harbor (360)675-9715 L aw n M o w e r, a l m o s t new. Paid $300. Selling for $150. (360)672-0669 Men’s Harley T-Shirts for sale, slightly wor n, in very good shape, size XL. 10 at $5.00 each. 360-720-4549

VINTAGE STORY and Clark walnut spinnet piano with unique, matching seat and heel mat. Always kept tuned but due to be tuned again. In ve r y g o o d c o n d i t i o n . $400. Call: 360-3763128 Orcas Island Reach the readers the dailies miss. Call 800-388-2527 today to place your ad in the ClassiďŹ eds.

Farm Animals & Livestock


3 Pigmey Goats.


2 AQHA HORSES, starte d w i t h 9 0 d ay s p r o training. Gentle and ready to progress. Both are 2 years old. One mare and one gelding. Partner up! Great project horses and terrific Western Pleasure, Gaming, Trail Potential. UTD on Shots, Worming, H o ove s. C l i p, B a t h e, Trailer, Stand for Farrier. Stanwood location. $2000 each. A Deal! 206-465-8748.

garage sales - WA Garage/Moving Sales Island County GREENBANK/ LAGOON POINT

pets/animals Cats

MOVING SALE! Roll top desk, other fur niture, fishing gear, crab pots, and ever ything that won’t fit on the truck! Saturday, August 18 th from 9:30am to 1pm at 3694 Oceanside Drive. Follow signs from Smugglers Cove Road and West Cliff Drive. Langley

BENGAL KITTENS, Gorgeously Rosetted! Consider a bit of the “Wild� for your home. L i ke a d ve n t u r e ? T h i s may be the pet for you! then click on “Kittens� to see what’s available with pricing starting at $900. Championship Breeder, TICA Outstanding Cattery, TIBCS Breeder of Distinction. Shots, Health Guarantee. Teresa, 206-422-4370. Dogs GREAT DANE

MULCHER: Walk behind Craftsman gas powered m u l c h e r. P i ck s u p leaves, grass, small twigs from lawns and wa l k s. N ew, $ 7 5 . 0 0 . 360-678-1634. Whidbey P r o F o r m Tr e a d m i l l , A K C G R E AT D A N E $125. 360-720-4549 Puppies. Now offering QUEEN Size mattress Full-Euro’s, Half-Euro’s and box spring, like new, & S t a n d a r d G r e a t $125. Queen size frame, D a n e s . M a l e s & f e males. Every color but $20. (360)221-8785 Faw n s , $ 5 0 0 & u p. Health guarantee. LiHome Furnishings censed since 2002. Dreyersdanes is Oregon QUEEN SIZE Bed Set state’s largest breeder of with mattress, $295 obo. Great Danes. Also; sellDining set with hutch ing Standard Poodles. and table, $75. 360-720- 2230 Oak Harbor Call 503-556-4190.

Fantastic Moving Garage Sale! Fr iday and Sat. Aug 17 and 18, 9am to 4pm. We have great inventor y in excellent condition! Washer/Dryer - new LG brand, Honda Generator, Navy Blue Leather Sofa, 3 new Potter y Bar n kitchen bar stools, outdoor/indoor wicker set in perfect condition, with off white cushions: Loveseat, 2 chairs with ottomans, end tables, one lamp, coffee table, washable rug, Outdoor patio furniture, table, chairs, side chairs, umbrella. Many beautiful large ceramic pots with mature plants, outdoor wooden benches, high chair, table with glass top and 4 chairs with table cloth, wood hutch, bakers rack with glass shelves, miscellaneous baskets, kitchen utensils and household items. Address; 2408 Soundview Drive, Langley. Useless Bay road off of 525, stay left at fork, left on Soundview, first house on right. See you there, and bring a dolly if you want to buy furn. or the potted plants. Langley

M U LT I FA M I LY Ya r d Sale. 506 First Street, Saturday, August 18th from 9am to 5pm. Antique Furniture, Household Collectables, Kitchen Misc, Toys, Books, P u z z l e s, L a m p s, A r t , Frames, Musical Instruments, Tools, Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner, Partial Video Lighting System, Girl’s Bike with Training Wheels. No Early Birds!

Saturday, August 18, 2012, Whidbey Classified, PAGE 19 Garage/Moving Sales Island County

Garage/Moving Sales Island County

Oak Harbor


2 FA M I LY Ya r d S a l e . Cleaned out barns, garages, shops, out buildings and house. No more hoarding, come get it. Lots of stuff. 4457 Vanderwell Road, Friday t h r u S u n d ay, Au g u s t 17th - 19th, 9:00am 3:00pm OAK HARBOR

5 FAMILY SALE! Cleaning out storage unit and homes! A var iety of things! Something for everyone! Friday & Saturday, August 17th & 18th from 8am- 3pm, no early birds! 1365 Arnold Road. Oak Harbor

AWESOME Multi Family yard sale. August 18th, 9am - 1pm. Household, kids toys, misc. Something for everyone. 480 SW 4th., near Broadview E l e m e n t a r y. N o e a r l y birds. OAK HARBOR

G A R AG E / R E T I R I N G Sale! Ever ything must go! Early birds welcome! August 18 th & 19 th from 9am to 1pm at 420 NW 3rd Ave. OAK HARBOR

MOVING SALE! Indoor and Outdoor Furniture, Toys and Clothes For Kids, Pet Stuff, Kitchen and Misc Household Items. Saturday, August 18th from 9am to 3pm. 1145 SW Leschi Drive, 20’ BAYLINER TROPHY near Whidbey and Jib. 1994. Includes 1994 Escort Trailer, Mariner 150 OAK HARBOR M OV I N G S A L E ! O ve r HP motor & 9.9 HP Mari2 0 0 h u n d r e d i t e m s ! ! ner motor. Sleeps 3- 4 in Come check it out. Sat- cabin with center table. urday, August 18 th from Stored since 2005. In8am to 3pm, 1676 SW cludes depth finder, ladder, table & porta potty. 16th Ave, Fireside. Good condition! $9,500 Oak Harbor S AT U R D AY, A u g u s t or consider best offer. 18th, 8:00am - 12:00pm, Coupeville, Whidbey Is1 5 0 1 S W Pe r i w i n k l e land. Call 360-678-3945. L a n e , O a k H a r b o r . Games, Clothing, Movies, Music. Good Stuff! Oak Harbor

THREE SISTER’S garage sale! This is the one you’ve been waiting all summer for! Furniture, newer clothing, over a t h o u s a n d c h i l d r e n ’s books, (Hey, Teachers), kitchen items, 2 comm e r c i a l ve n d i n g m a chines snacks and pop, dishwasher, washer and dryer, all kinds of tools, w ay t o m u c h t o l i s t , horse tack, antique horse saddle, good toys s h e l v i n g c h i l d r e n ’s DVD’s’ plus more! Friday & Saturday, 9am to 5pm. 1955 Country Lane (off Ft. Nugent).

GARAGE SALE! August 1 8 th f r o m 9 a m t o 1 2 noon. Lots of items for sale! Clothing, pictures, d r ye r, l a m p s, c o u c h , area rugs, beautiful statues & many more items in excellent condition!! Please no early arrivals. WE BUY BOOKS! Do 700 SW 1 st Ave. Cash you have books to sell? only. Wind and Tide Bookshop will buy your used OAK HARBOR H U G E R E T I R E M E N T books. 360-675-1342 Yard Sale! Saturday, August 18 th , 8am- 2pm at Estate Sales 1 0 7 5 N W K i t s a p Te r race. Antiques, shabby FREELAND chic furniture, tools and HOUSE FULL of youthgarage goodies for the ful things. Furniture, ding u y s, eve n t h e b o a t ! i n g t a bl e, h u t c h , o a k Garden pots and plant- pedestal table, coffee taers, vintage drafting ta- ble, end tables, oak disble, display pieces for play cabinet, vintage bed dealers, pottery, kitchen and dresser, mirrors, art, and enamel ware, lin- area rugs, lamps, bookens, CD’s, new and old s h e l f , k i t c h e n w a r e , books, decor books, fab- d i s h e s, c h i n a , g l a s s ric, bicycles, patio um- ware, sewing machines, brella, crab rings, 2006 fabrics, linens, Womens, H a r l ey U l t ra C l a s s i c, mens & baby clothes, craft supplies and so c o l l e c t i b l e s , t o y s , much more! You don’t g a m e s, p u s h m ow e r, want to miss this one!!! jewelry, womens vintage Great prices and great clothes and accessories, junque for treasure hunt- a n d s o m u c h m o r e . ers!!! Patagonia Clothing Something for everyone. August 17th, 18th, 19th, OAK HARBOR HUGE SALE! Antiques, 9 a m - 5 p m 5 0 5 3 C h i p glassware, manual down s h o t , o f f H o n ey m o o n riggers, camping equip- B a y a n d H w y 5 2 5 . m e n t , s o m e f i s h i n g Watch for signs. equipment, household, s o m e c l o t h e s , 2 b i g Think Inside the Box open lighted glass dis- Advertise in your play cabinets, all kinds local community of stuff! Sat, August 18th from 9am- 3pm. No early newspaper and on birds. 2026 Pine Wood the web with just Way, off West Beach Rd one phone call. OAK HARBOR

LARGE GARAGE Sale incl. themed teaching supplies, tools, household goods and much more! Saturday, Aug u s t 1 8 th f r o m 7 a m 2pm at 1020 SE Pasek St, Oak Harbor.

Call 800-388-2527 for more information.

RARE 24’ OFFSHORE I / O w i t h c u d d y. 1 9 8 8 hull, great shape! 2003 Mercruiser Horizon 6.2 HP?, 320 HP Bravo 3 drive. 16 GPH at 30- 35 knots. Top end 45 knots. Radar and GPS. Hardtop. Was kept indoors in Anacor tes, now on Vashon. Fired up on first crank this spring. Longshaft kicker won’t start (at the moment). Needs a cleaning, but it’s a beast! Switching to more o p e n , s u m m e r fa m i l y b o a t ( d e ck b o a t , e t c ) . 206-427-9651. Marine Sail

1976 33’ RANGER; ONE ow n e r b o a t & a l way s well maintained! New; 25 HP Universal Diesel, 22 gallon fuel tank, 2 batteries, prop, electric marine toilet, Dodger, interior cushions, sailing electronics. Standing rigging & life lines replaced 2007. Refrigeration, Dickinson fireplace, propane cook stove/ oven. Last haul out October 2011. She’s ready for summer cruising! $28,500. San Juan Island. Call 360-378-5111.

Automobiles Dodge

Miscellaneous Autos

Auto Service/Parts/ Accessories


LOADED 2009 Dodge Challenger R/T. Barely d r i ve n ; 1 7 , 7 0 0 m i l e s. Perfect Black exter ior with Dark Gray interior. Dealer maintained. CARFAX available. AC, CD, MP3, Nav System, Bluetooth. 5.7L Hemi V8. Only asking $27,800 ($1,500 below KBB). Ready to SELL TODAY. Call Greg: 843412-7349. South Whidbey. Automobiles Jeep

1996 CHEVY Marquet 1 2 0 , 0 0 0 m i l e s . Ve r y comfortable ride, like sitting on your couch! Great around town car, 2 0 M P G . Pow e r w i n dows & locks. Good condition! $2,995 obo. Oak Harbor, Whidbey. Call Debbie 360-969-0248. Add a photo to your ad online and in print for just one low price 800-388-2527 Automobiles Mercedes-Benz

2000 INTERNATIONAL 4700 TRUCK with tuck away lift gate. Engine -- Diesel - T 444E -- 195 HP. 5 speed m a nu a l t ra n s m i s s i o n . Box -- 24’L x 102’H x 96’W. Roll-up door. Mileage 195,600. Well Maintained. $14,000. Call Karen, (425)355-0717 Ext.1560 Located in Everett.

Sell it free in the Flea 1-866-825-9001 Pickup Trucks Ford

Advertise your upcoming garage sale in your local community paper and online to reach thousands of households in your area. Call: 800-388-2527 Fax: 360-598-6800 Go online:

2006 HARLEY Low Rider. Fuel Injection Twin -INCLUDES TOW. 88, 6 speed, 35.7k FREE METAL RECYCLING Cam miles, well maintained. FAMILY OWNED, LICENSED HAULER. Very low seat height for DOCUMENTATION REQUIRED. short or tall riders. Har675-8442 ley’s special “Profileâ€? LICENSED HAULER Thousands of• 675-8442 chrome laced wheels. subscribers could be Kuryakyn “Switch Bladeâ€? reading your ad in the folding-heel-support forward control foot rests, ClassiďŹ ed Service and Kuryakyn Panacea Directory. Call LED taillight. $9,650 o b o. d i v e r s i f i e d i n t e 800-388-2527 or go online to r e s t s @ y a h o o. c o m o r 253-473-5326 South Tato place your ad today. coma.

Think Inside the Box Advertise in your local community 4 - 18� ALLOY Wheels, with Michelin Pilot Sport newspaper and on T i r e s . D r i ve n 1 0 , 0 0 0 the web with just miles. Good condition. one phone call. $600. 360-682-5415 Oak Harbor, Whidbey Is- Call 800-388-2527 for more information. land

2000 FORD F-250 extended cab with shor t bed. 93,500 miles, V-10 6.8L, AT, 4WD Lar iat. Many options. Remote start, alarm system, air conditioning, power windows, power door locks, power/leather seats, cr uise control, power steering, sliding rear window, rear air bag, tow package, sprayed b e d l i n e r. N ew p r i c e ; $8,950. (206)567-4222 Vashon

2010 TOYOTA Sienna XLE FWD Mini Van, located on Vashon Island. Burgundy color. Includes all extras (e.g., navigation system, DVD, leather seats, Tr i-zone climate control, sun roof, heated driver and front passenger seats). Includes 7 prepaid 5000 mile maintenance certificates. VERY low mileage: 23,400. $28,700. 415-624-9002.


8’ SIDEKICK Cab-Over Camper, 1984, fits long bed truck. Must see to a p p r e c i a t e ! G r e a t fo r hunting, camping, fishing & s u m m e r g e t away s. Self contained including bathroom, stove, sink and bed. Sleeps 2 to 3 people. Great condition! All records included. O n l y s e c o n d ow n e r s. $ 1 , 0 0 0 o b o. Po r t O r chard. 360-895-4202. Motorcycles

2000 INDIAN CHIEF Low miles, 18k. Excellent shape. S&S 88� engine with 4spd tranny, 13� risers. $9400 OBO. Located in Coupeville. (360)678-1333

BEST OF WHIDBEY 08, 09, 10 & 2011




Professional Services Lawnmower Repair

2 2 ’ W I L DWO O D L E Travel Trailer 2006 with hitch. Ready for your summer trip! Awning, 4 Point Jacks, dual axel, spare tire, dual propane tanks and batteries. Bathroom with shower, kitchenette, queen bed & C D p l a y e r. P r o p a n e stove and water heater. Sleeps 4! Excellent cond i t i o n ! Ve r y c l e a n ! $7,000. Eastsound, San Juan Islands. 360-3175843

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t5 Linest5 Weekst


3073 A Oak Harbor Road Oak Harbor


360-331-2848 Home Services Lawn/Garden Service


Kathy & Mike Gurnee

Local Residents Creating Beautiful Gardens for over 20 Yrs

Home Services

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HOUSE KEEPING 321-4718 Home Services Landscape Services


Construction, LLC

Advertise your Vehicle, Boat, RV, Camper or Motorcycle Reach thousands of homes with the

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Island Recycling

2002 26’ PROWLER Travel Trailer. Seldom used! Ready to roll! Perfe c t fo r yo u r s u m m e r tr ip. Sleeps 6; queen bed and couch into doubl e b e d . AC, aw n i n g , stereo & new batteries. Excellent condition! Stored inside. Includes silverware & dishes. Fully self contained. Only $8,450. Call Jack 360579-1507. Clinton, Whidbey Island.

Take 5 Special


Local, legal business serving Whidbey Island for over 30 years!

Tents & Travel Trailers




Tents & Travel Trailers

Tires & Wheels

Vans & Mini Vans Toyota

1984 MERCEDES 280SL European model driven off assembly line by original owner! Beautiful car! Gorgeous blue paint! Smooth gently cared for grey leather int e r i o r. 1 1 0 , 0 0 0 m i l e s w i t h n e w t i r e s ! We l l maintained; cared for by professionals! Both tops, order/ purchase records & repair manuals included. Asking just $13,500. Sweet deal! Call Peter (360)222-3556. Clinton, Whidbey Island


Serving Whidbey Island since 1958!




We Buy...


MOVING/ MULTI Family Sale. Saturday, 7:30am2pm. NE 9th Ave, end of cul-de-sac. Fur niture, twin beds. Tons of items.

Marine Power

800-388-2527 email:

Roads & Driveways Trees, Shrubs Mowing & Cleanup Bonded & Insured t Lic#FROGCCL937BB



Advertise your upcoming garage sale in your local community paper and online to reach thousands of households in your area. Call: 800-388-2527 Fax: 360-598-6800 Go online:

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PAGE 20, Whidbey Classified, Saturday, August 18, 2012


Why stop when you run out of road?

Test-drive the 2012 Outback with road-gripping Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive standard and 29 MPG†. Don’t forget your map. † EPA estimated hwy fuel economy for Outback 2.5i CVT models. Actual mileage may vary.



2.5i Premium



2.5i Limited





VIN#4S4BRBBC7C5300697 STK#700

VIN# 4S4BRBUC7C3260119 STK#655






2.5i Premium


3.6R Limited











Subaru, Forester, Outback, Tribeca, Legacy, Impreza, WRX, STI and SUBARU BOXER are registered trademarks. 1-EPA-estimated fuel economy for OUtback 2.5i CVT models. Actual mileage may vary. 2-2011 Top Safety Picks include the 2012 Subaru Forester, Legacy, Outback and Tribeca. 3-2012 Top Safety Picks. All vehicles are one only subject to prior sale. Price excludes sales tax, license and a $150 negotiable documentary fee. Vins posted at dealership. Sale price ends 9/01/2012.

South Whidbey Record, August 18, 2012  

August 18, 2012 edition of the South Whidbey Record

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