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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

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Fireworks fun still on at different spot Nesting eagles force fireworks to move; display will now be on school property

Fourth of July is just the start of a busy festival season

Dennis Box

By Kevin Hanson

The Fourth of July fireworks celebration planned for the Expo Center has taken a quick right turn and shifted locations because of the proximity of bald eagle nest. Mayor Liz Reynolds reported the display has been relocated to Enumclaw School District property between Southwood Elementary and the Boise Creek Sixplex. Viewing of the fireworks will be from the soccer fields. “Thank you Enumclaw School District and Superintendent

The Fourth of July falls on a Wednesday, providing a mid-week break and a full day of entertainment. The local Stars and Stripes Committee has been busy organizing the annual parade and fireworks display that provide a bookend for the holiday. The parade begins at noon this year and will follow the traditional course, rolling south over Cole Street.

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Organizers expect a healthy turnout of entries, featuring the usual assortment of civic groups and businesses. As usual, the parade will begin with children on bicycles, tricycles and scooters. There’s a change this year, as the organizing committee will no longer provide kids with brightly-colored decorations; those wishing to head up the parade will have to arrive downtown with their rides already decked out. That night, at about dusk, a professional fireworks show will light up the sky. There’s a change in venue this year, as the pyrotechnic display will take place on school district property near Southwood Elementary School (see

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Sparks fly during hearing for terminated lieutenant

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By Dennis Box

The case revolved around several incidents that were presented in detail to the commission through The Enumclaw Municipal Court testimony and documents. was the stage for dramatic and The commission heard conoften tense exchanges during the tradictory testimony concerning appeal hearing concerning the some of the most incendiary alletermination of Eric Sortland, a gations involving insubordination, lieutenant with the city’s police misrepresentation and discriminadepartment. tion against female police officers. Sortland was terminated Oct. At the end of the two days, near31, 2011, for insubordination ly 13 hours of testimony and more toward Police Chief Jim Zoll. He than 10 witnesses, Kugler said in his appealed the decision to the city’s closing arguments, “Somebody is Civil Service Commission in not telling the truth here. November. Lt. Sortland would have Sortland had been with you believe he’s telling the police the Enumclaw Police department truth and everyone else in Department since 1985 the department is a liar. and had served as a lieutenThat decision is up to you.” ant since 1997. Purtzer said in his opening The three-member commission remarks the issues centered on disheard testimony and was presented putes between Zoll and Sortland. two notebook binders full of docu“What you will hear is that the ments during Friday and Saturday department was basically dysfuncsessions in a quasi-judicial setting. tional regarding chain of comThe members of the commis- mand. Reporting things other offision are chairman Michael Stensen cers thought was misconduct. It and commissioners Jerry Metcalf just didn’t happen…. It all stems and Jan Molinaro. Advising the from Chief Zoll, not from Lt. commission was P. Stephen DiJuli, Sortland.” an attorney with the Seattle law Later in his argument, Purtzer firm Foster Pepper. stated, “This is not a situation of Representing the city was attor- insubordination. It is indeed an ney Tom J. Kugler. Representing argument between senior comSortland was Brett Purtzer from Tacoma’s Hester Law Group. See SORTLAND, Page 3 Editor


Today, Wednesday, should bring sunny skies with highs near 72, changing to partly cloudy overnight with lows near 50. A 30 percent chance of rain creeps back in Thursday with highs near 70. The weekend brings a chance of showers every day with highs in the mid-60s.

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Gettin’ it done

Rod Boustead and Darrell Durbin compete in the Buckley Log Show Saturday with the Insanesaw. Dennis Box, Courier-Herald. Check the website, for results and a slideshow.

Page 2 • The ENUMCLAW Courier-Herald • Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The heart of the city’s case against Sortland involved two incidents that resulted in the termination and other allegations of insubordination and poor judgement. In one 2007 incident, during a felony arrest, Sortland gave an assault rifle to Corrections Officer Chris Grant, who, according to the city, was not certified to carry the weapon. The chief stated Sortland broke the department policy and it was a liability for the city and department. The chief asked for a fiveday suspension. This lead to a “no-confidence letter” from the guild regarding unfair disciplinary treatment of Sortland. The city administrator at the time, Mark Bauer, reduced the suspension to a written reprimand. There was an allegation Sortland engineered the writing of the letter and split departmental loyalties by retaliating against those who would not sign it. Sortland testified he was not involved with the letter and giving Grant the weapon was appropriated under the dangerous circumstances of the situa-

EAGLES FROM 1 Mike Nelson for saving the Fourth of July celebration,” Reynolds said. The mayor stated there will be no personal fireworks allowed. The city was notified on June 12 by Lindsy Wright, U.S. Fish and Wildlife biologist, of a bald eagle nest within a half-mile of the traditional fireworks site at the Expo Center. Because there is not a wooded area between the display and nest, the distance between the fireworks and nest needs to be one mile, according to the

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Federal Eagle Act, meaning there was not a viable spot on the Expo Center grounds for the fireworks to be ignited. In the letter sent to the city, Wright wrote, “This is a new nesting pair in this area, and we suspect this is their first nest. The nesting pair have two eaglets currently in the nest, and neither the adults or eaglets are likely acclimated to loud intermittent noise associated with fireworks, therefore, we expect that disturbance is likely to occur. “Based on the timing the pair started nesting, and the color and size of the eaglets at present, the two eaglets in the nest will likely

be fledging near the time of the fireworks display is proposed to occur at the fairgrounds. Loud intermittent noises startle bald eagles and can cause the juveniles to jump or prematurely leave the nest before they can fully fly, potentially resulting in injury or death.” A violation of the Eagle Act, according to U. S. Fish and Wildlife, “can result in a fine of $100,000 ($200,000 for organizations), imprisonment for one year, or both, for a first offense. Penalties increase substantially for additional offenses, and a second violation of this Act is a felony.”

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The Aug. 4 incident in Huebler’s office brought conflicting testimony. Huebler was the only other witness to the incident and testified for the city. “I could tell that the chief was ready to leave the room,” Huebler said. “But Mr. Sortland just stood there, arms crossed. As a matter of fact, in watching, observing his (Sortland’s) physical demeanor, it was more of a challenging demeanor… I could tell this was not a normal discussion. This was one where he was actually angry.” He thought Sortland was angry about the chief requiring that Sortland perform self-audits of the property room. Sortland was contending the chief had told him to stop. “The chief has never told us as managers not to do something like self-audits,” Huebler said. “Self-audits are a very good thing.” Huebler described the

SEASON FROM 1 accompanying story). There was concern earlier in the year that funds would be scarce and the fireworks show would have to be scrapped. Sufficient donations were received to cover the costs, however, and the show will go on. The Independence Day celebration kicks off a busy July in Enumclaw. • Creation Festival returns to the Expo Center July 18-21, attracting tens of thousands of followers that fill the city’s streets, stores, restaurants and

contact between the chief and Sortland. “The chief told him to get out of the way and he did not,” Huebler said. “The chief turned to go sideways and he had to fit through an area about 6 or 8 inches deep.” After the chief passed, Huebler said Sortland tapped his chest and said that was an assault and he wanted Huebler to file charges. Huebler said he told Sortland, “That was not an assault. You need to settle down.” Zoll’s testified he told Sortland, “Eric, why would I tell you to stop doing selfaudits? I’m a proponent of self-audits.” The chief described the encounter as escalating at that point. “He started getting very angry,” Zoll said. “His voice went way up. He started getting very angry. He moved toward me between the desk and the table we’ve been talking about today. Stood there, his feet were apart, his chest was out, his arms were crossed. It’s the same stance he would take in front of my door from time to time and I knew where we were going.” Zoll said he told Sortland the conversation was over and told him to get out of the way. “There was a slight opening to his left side,” Zoll said. “I turned sideways. My goal was to not have any contact… there was a touch. It

was inadvertent. He turned sideways and started yelling at the top of his lungs, ‘You touched me. You touched me. That’s assault.’ And I just kept going out of the office.” Sortland took the stand Saturday and gave a very different account of the incident. He described the disagreement over the auditing by the police department, stating Zoll told him to stop the selfaudits for budget reasons. “It went back and forth for a brief period of time with both our voices raised,” Sortland said. “We were roughly 6 to 8 feet away…. And then he said I don’t want to argue about this anymore or I’m done arguing about this with you. My response was so am I. And it was a stop…. Then he took a step or two toward me. I could tell he had no intention of getting, walking by me…. Instead he got approximately 8 to 12 inches from my face. I could smell and feel his breath. He was that close.” According to Sortland the chief began the argument again and then told him to get out of the way. “From the time he said get out of my way, to the time he made contact with me was approximately one second,” Sortland said. “He didn’t just brush me. He struck me with his chest, left chest kind of stomach area with enough force where I stepped back with my left foot to regain

coffee shops – not to mention the grassy fields surrounding the Expo Center that are transformed into a tent village. • At the same time, on July 20-21, downtown Enumclaw plays host to the annual Street Fair. Cole Street is blocked off as more than 150 vendors set up shop. Adding to the fun is a carnival, a regular rotation of live entertainment, miniature golf and pony rides. The Saturday morning of the event, runners and walkers are invited to turn out for a 5K event. • Also on the busy week-

end of July 21-22 is the annual handcar and lawnmower races in Wilkeson. It’s the biggest weekend of the summer in the small town, featuring an 11 a.m parade, along with food and entertainment. • The last weekend of the month, July 27-29, will see the Scottish Highland Games and Clan Gathering return to the Enumclaw Expo Center. It’s a celebration of all things Celtic, with plenty of pipes and drums, traditional athletic competition, authentic food and plenty of vendors.

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and Chilman she was under extreme pressure and any mistake was magnified to make her look bad. The scrutiny, she said, stemmed from her being a woman. Zilbauer said she didn’t report the problems to the chief because, “I was of afraid of getting a lot more pressure than I was already getting from Sortland and a lot more backlash. I just wanted my job.”

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the discussion was over. Sortland was standing between the door and Zoll, next to a conference table. City documents stated Zoll ordered Sortland to get out of the way, but Sortland remained with his arms crossed, blocking the chief’s path. When the chief squeezed past Sortland, the lieutenant said the chief touched his chest. Sortland requested assault charges be filed against Zoll. The Auburn Police were called to investigate the charge and determined there was not an assault. Other issues that came out during the two-day hearing included allegations of a hostile work environment created by Sortland and sexual harassment and discrimination. The sexual harassment and discrimination allegations involved Police Officer Nona Zilbauer and Corrections Officer Amber Brunelle. The city recently settled a claim of sexual harassment, discrimination and fraud by Zilbauer and Brunelle for $15,000 each. Named as defendants in the Brunelle claim were Sortland, Sgt. Tyler Chilman, Officer Chris Grant, the police department and the city. Zilbauer’s claim was the same except Grant was not named. Zilbauer testified on video at the hearing, stating while in corrections and supervised by Sortland


mand staff…. This is a police department, not a daycare.”

tion. Another incident involved a missing cash box and ledger from the property room on Aug. 2, 2010. The funds in the cashbox were used for purchasing drugs. The missing cashbox was reported during an inspection by the state auditor. The cashbox– which was Sortland’s responsibility – was found. According to Sortland’s testimony, Det. Grant McCall had moved the box to a more secure location. Zoll sent an email to Sortland Aug. 3 concerning the cash box because he found out about it from the auditor rather than from Sortland. The chief wanted an accounting from Sortland as to where the funds were and the places searched. The termination document stated the box was found Aug. 4, which precipitated an incident that resulted in Sortland being fired. Zoll was in Lt. Bob Huebler’s office. Sortland went to the office to discuss the cashbox and selfaudits of the property room Zoll said needed to be done annually. An argument broke out between the two when Sortland stated Zoll had told him to stop doing selfaudits. Zoll said that was not true. As the argument continued, Zoll told Sortland


SOrtland FROM 1

Wednesday, June 27, 2012 • The Enumclaw Courier-Herald • Page 3

Brent A. Skovmand, DDS Linh K. Nguyen, DDS

2617 Griffin Ave., Enumclaw


Page 4 • The ENUMCLAW Courier-Herald • Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Late June is a busy time for area gardeners The end of June is when most of the foliage from spring-blooming bulbs can be removed to tidy up the beds. Wait until the daffodil, tulip or hyacinth greens have either turned brown or when the clump of leaves pulls away easily from the buried bulbs with just a slight tug. The dying foliage is sending nourishment to

next spring’s flowers. This is also a good week to stake your tomato plants before the stems become heavy with fruit. Strips of cloth or nylon stockings make great ties for the succulent tomato stems. June is also the month to trim evergreen hedges

ming large hedges be sure you leave the top of the hedge slightly more narrow than the bottom. This shape will allow rain water and sunshine to reach Marianne Binetti the root zone of the Columnist hedge. June is the month that belongs to roses, like boxwood, arborvitae and laurel. When trim- weddings and summer

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012 • The Enumclaw Courier-Herald • Page 5

OBITUARIES RONALD BURRER Ronald Christian “Ronnie” Burrer, 35, died June 16, 2012. He was born Nov. 16, 1976, in Renton, Wash., to Kim and Ron Burrer. He was raised by parents Kim and Rick Lindula in Buckley where he graduated from White River High School 1995. An electrician by trade, he will be remembered for his witty sense of humor and caring heart. He is survived by parents Kim and Rick Lindula of Buckley; sisters Barbie Francis and husband Ronald Burrer John of Enumclaw, Beckie Burrer or Renton and Mandee Bell and husband Jecoa of Buckley; grandparents Marilyn Boyse of Silver Creek, Wash., Maxine and Norm Huffman of Goldendale, Wash., and Verne Knott of Black Diamond. He was preceded in death by father Ron Burrer; grandfather Ken Boyse and grandmother Paula Boyse; grandfather John Burrer; and grandparents Walter and Doris Lindula. A celebration of life took place at 1 p.m. Monday, June 25, at Week’s Funeral Home in Buckley, with a reception at the Eagle’s Hall. All are invited to sign the online guest book at

LYLE KNOCK Longtime area resident Lyle Dean Knock, 62, died June 17, 2012, in Tacoma. He was born Nov. 5, 1954, in Sioux Falls, S.D., to parents Wayne and Katie Knock and in 1961 moved to Enumclaw where his family operated a dairy farm. He joined the Air force in 1970 and returned to South Dakota while he was stationed at Ellsworth AFB. He started his Air Force career working in transportation and then completed training to become an aircraft mechanic. Eventually he returned to McChord AFB in 1978 where he worked as a C-141 expediter for the 62nd AGS until his retirement from the Air Force in December of 1990. He continued his work at McChord after his retirement as a groundskeeper for

the McChord medical group and eventually worked as a warehouse worker at the McChord Clinic where he continued to work for the last 15 years. He was an avid bowler but above all loved to hunt. He is survived by sister Dianna and many other extended famLyle Knock ily members. He was preceded in death by his parents and brother Darrel Knock. A viewing is scheduled for 10 a.m. to noon Saturday, June 30, and a graveside service with full Air Force honors will follow at 12:15 p.m. at Evergreen Memorial Park in Enumclaw. Services are by Weeks’ Enumclaw Funeral Home. All are invited to sign the online guest book at www.

ETHEL JOHNSON Ethel Sofie Johnson, 89, died May 26, 2012. She is survived by a son; two daughters; a brother-in-law and sister-in-law; six grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. She was preceded in death by husband Bert, grandson Toby and sister Mary. A memorial service took place June 2 at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Buckley. Ethel Johnson Arrangements were by Weeks’ Funeral Home.

SKYLAR SPERRING Skyler Cayson Sperring, age two weeks, died June 19, 2012. He was born June 4, 2012. He is survived by mother Jessica Sperring of Enumclaw; father Jacob Redd of Port Angeles, Wash.; brothers Hunter and Ethan Sperring; sister Victoria Sperring; grandparents Dave and Leigh Skylar Sperring Whitmarsh of Enumclaw and Bob and Sonja Pullen of Pendleton, Ore.; and great-grandmother Wanda Silva of Enumclaw. A memorial service is planned for 3 p.m. Saturday, June 30, at Weeks’ Funeral Home in Buckley.

CARD OF THANKS We would like to thank everyone who provided their love and support to our mom during her final days. Your cards, flowers and visits really helped to keep her spirits up. To Karen Bertrand and staff at Cascade Caregivers who took such loving care of Mom during the last 18 months of her life. You are all angels here on earth. To the Franciscan Hospice and Palliative Care team who assisted Mom during her final months. Your support of both her and our family helped us in processing each change as it came. She had a very peaceful passing. For all the people from Sacred Heart Catholic Church who assisted us in the planning of her funeral Mass. You helped us to give her a beautiful service and luncheon. It was a fitting tribute to a woman who lived her faith every day. She is at peace and smiling down on us from heaven. The family of Rita Puttman Richter • • • I would like to thank B’s Place in Burnett, Wash., for the excellent, loving care they gave my mom Grace Doty this past year. Also, the Eastern Star Ladies that conducted part of the graveside services and the luncheon they provided. I thank all of you for the love and support you shared with me through cards, floral arrangements, emails and phone calls. God Bless each and every one of you. Geanellen (Doty) Kuranko • • • The family of Duffy Patten would like to extend their heartfelt thanks to everyone who has provided flowers, food, cards, prayers, words of care and concern, and their wonderful stories about Duffy. We would also like to thank Pierce County Fire District Station 16 for answering our call for help, Weeks Funeral Home for all of their assistance, the Boeing Fire Department Honor Guard for a wonderful, beautiful service, and Fire Chaplain Jerry Montgomery for his sincere words and wisdom. The after gathering at the Buckley Eagles, with help from Pat with the Ladies Auxiliary, was a wonderful way to end the day. The great food and conversation was made possible by dear friends Mari Hamilton, Kathy Bartoy and Julie Scott. Thank you to everyone for your continued support as we learn to live life without Duffy. He will be in our hearts forever. Dolores Patten, Deborah Patten, and the extended family of Duffy Patten, Jill King, Mishele and Chenelle Barnett

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The Enumclaw Courier-Herald • Page 6

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012 •

If you have it, you Letters thanked for all just want to use it Teacher he did for EHS students So I am in the process of updating my phone. See, I am still about four or five years behind the curve on this one, at a minimum. But with the pending nuptials, The Girl and I are consolidating our phone lines – “bundling,” as the kids are calling it—to save a little extra scratch. So, I figure the time has finally come to upgrade. But here’s my worry: I don’t want to become one of those guys. You know, those guys that are constantly hunched over their phones, texting with the person sitting next to them, playing Pictionary (or whatever that app is called) or creBrian Beckley ating some goofy Staff Writer new cat-based, misspelled meme. But I know I will be. It’s human nature. When we get a new toy, we want to use it. We look for reasons to use it. We invent reasons. Literally, in the case of smart phones. I was thinking about this in the wake of this spring’s gun violence in Seattle. In the grand scheme of things, and especially to a guy who grew up on the East Coast where the major cities have on average more than one shooting death a day, it’s still a very minor issue in western Washington. But frankly, one is too many. The common denominator through all of the recent shootings was, well: Guns. I won’t totally condemn guns or say that people shouldn’t have them. I’m from Upstate New York. The first day of hunting season was an unofficial holiday at my school. And I will say it: I support the Second Amendment and even though I disagree somewhat with the Supreme Court’s ruling that the Constitution allows for a personal right to own a gun (as opposed to say, as the amendment actually says, in the context of a wellorganized militia), I believe we should have the right to do so. But the Second Amendment was written at a time when there was no standing army and states had to be able to call up a militia for protection. I just think we should make guns a little more difficult for the average person to obtain. That’s not to say they shouldn’t be able to get them, just that we put a few more hoops in the way for a potential gun-owner – like myself, now that I have a place in Renton – to jump through. I don’t think that’s too much to ask and I do not buy the argument that we can’t regulate guns because of an amendment in the Bill of Rights. Considering we put restrictions on speech (can’t yell fire in a theater, can’t start a riot, etc…), and that’s

LAST WEEK: Can a candidate’s stand on a single issue alter the way you vote?

Over the past year I have had the opportunity to get to know a unique person to Enumclaw and our school district. He is easily one of the most influential and inspiring people I have ever met. In school, there were days that he made worthwhile and provided such incredible insight I did not want to leave his classroom. I am fully aware that I cannot speak for all of the students at Enumclaw High School, but there are individuals that would agree with me. He provides both an educational and a personal relationship with students. He pushes for the best in students and does not change his standards for anyone. He runs an effective learning

environment by passionately lecturing the importance of whatever his English classroom brings to the table. Often times, walking by his classroom, I will see someone in there talking to him. He takes time out of his own day to help the students who need it. Whether it is personal or school-related problems, he will help you understand both sides of the situation. There was a time where I waited one and a half hours in the hallway after school just so I could talk to him about a situation I was going through. I had to wait that long because he was helping someone before me. There are students I know who stand up for him in other classrooms. There are students I know that can go to him and talk to him about anything because they have no one else to talk to. There are students I know that are going to miss his presence at Enumclaw High School. He has earned a respect that I have never seen

in anyone else. It is my opinion that we need more teachers like Don Bartel at Enumclaw High School. I would like to thank him for all he has done for the students and all he has brought to the Enumclaw community. Caleb J. Gwerder Student body president 2012-13

Takes issue with tone of Church Corner column It has been a year since I responded to another Church Corner column and as my eye caught this one I could not resist my desire to comment. In “Day Will Come When Sinners Run To God” (Church Corner, June 20) the opening paragraph is so light and welcoming. How could we do anything less than respond lovingly to someone who loves us?

See LETTERS, Page 7

Boomers must set example

Many of you who are reading this I really like to do. article are Baby Boomers. Others are the I love teaching, so the summer before generations that will follow in the wake I retired I took some methods courses in of the Boomers. Like it or not, you’ll teaching English as a Second Language. have to live with our decisions about I also volunteered to teach ESL at the retirement because our great numbers library for a year to see if I liked it. I Rich Elfers will suck much of the Social Security did. I took a risk, but it paid off because Columnist fund up before you get a chance to use I got hired part time at Pierce College it for yourselves. We Boomers can set a six months after I retired, teaching ESL good example for the younger generato immigrants. tions that follow us or we can set a bad example. We will Eventually I was offered a job teaching high school hisdefinitely set an example no matter what we do. tory at Green River Community College to international I retired from teaching high school social studies six students. I am able to use my history background and my years ago. A year or two before that time I thought about ESL experience at the same time. The job has not only what that retirement might look like. I knew there was given me extra money, but also medical benefits – one very going to be no sitting on the beach, soaking up the sun for See ELFERS, Page 7 me. I wanted to challenge myself, and I wanted to do what

In Focus

100 Years on the Plateau!

See CORNER, Page 12

Volume 111 • Wednesday, June 27, 2012 • No. 41

1627 Cole Street, Enumclaw, WA 98022 360-825-2555 • Fax: 360-825-0824 E-mail: Web site:

This photograph of the Black Diamond garage on Railroad Avenue was taken June 22, 1925. The truck in the right foreground was a Studebaker used to haul wrecked vehicles. This building was originally constructed in Black Diamond’s commercial district around 1900 and was initially known as the Black Diamond Store. After 1913, the northern half (to the right in this photo) was used as a pool hall and tavern, while the southern half was successively a warehouse, butcher shop, Ford dealership, garage and then the Diamond Stage bus line office. For a number of years, King’s Tavern operated out of northern space. In 1995, Bob Charles opened Baker Street Books on the site. Photo by Asahel Curtis. Negative number 48374, from the photo collection of the Washington State Historical Society.

LETTERS FROM 6 Then the tone descends into fear. The rest of the article bases all motivation and context on the premise of contempt for our spiritual soundness and worthiness. The good pastor spins off into a narrative of the essence and origin of sin, the consequences to us personally and then ends with the “good news” that the world is ending and that we need to run to God. Does anyone else see the inherent confusion and unfortunate message of this? Why does our local newspaper acquiesce so willingly to the presentation of concepts and belief systems that attack our very spiritual worthiness and being? Not to mention generating fear and the concept to impressionable minds that we are in such abject need. A rhetorical question at best I know, however, I sincerely believe that not every reader of this paper is necessarily a subscriber

ELFERS FROM 6 important issue I had not considered before retirement. I proposed a credit course in Modern Middle Eastern History to the social science division at GRCC, but was rebuffed. They did suggest that I might teach continuing education to adults. While I don’t get paid much for these Prime Time courses it has forced me to keep studying to learn what’s going on in the world right now. You have read some of the fruits of that effort in this column. I have learned the hard way that ignorance is not bliss. That’s why I share what I have learned. I also wanted to experience government firsthand

Wednesday, June 27, 2012 • The Enumclaw Courier-Herald • Page 7 to this form of uncertainty and fear. It seems to me that the real need here is to lay aside the fear, shame and willingness to receive contempt from those who wish to save us. Can we instead use this wonderful community medium to extol the positive aspects of our human nature and our potential to enjoy and contribute to this temporal “heaven”? Or must we remain mired in the archaic belief that we are broken, implying that we do indeed need to “do something” and run…. away from who we are, resplendent in the creative genius of being human, and to an ethereal creation of salvation somewhere distant and outside of our innate being. If indeed the gift is as unconditional as this author suggests…why the urgency and the implication of desperate need for action and imminent disaster? Yes indeed, I agree. A “bummer.” Perry Chinn Enumclaw

Depression-era ideas could serve country now

and to use my history and political science study in a practical rather than just theoretical way. I attended City Council meetings and went to committee sessions for more than a year before I ran for office. I did this to see if I could put up with what elected officials have to do. I spent four exciting and challenging years learning the ropes of being a public figure. I ran for re-election but unfortunately lost to a wellknown local businessman. But, because of my letters to the editor in the news media, coming out in favor or against different issues before the city, I was asked to write this column. In doing so, I’ve discovered that in many ways writing a column has more influence than being one of seven

council members. This is my story. Your story might be completely different. The point is that we need to continue to challenge ourselves in order to stay sharp and grow. Retirement can be filled with twists and turns, detours and roadblocks, surprises and disappointments. It certainly should not and need not be boring. Would you like to join me in my adventure? I’ll be teaching a course on a purpose-driven retirement for GRCC’s continuing education program on Oct. 20 in the evening. Come and see what the road might be like for you. We Boomers are going to set an example to the generations after us. Let’s make it a positive one.

Since I was born in 1924, I spent my “growing up years” during the 10 years of the Great Depression. During the Depression there were several so-called “stimulus projects” developed by the U.S. government. I would like to mention a few that seemed to have worked well. Variations of these may help our country today. The Civ ilian Conservation Corps enlisted unemployed young people to work in national parks and forests building roads, bridges, trails, shelters and the like. Timberline Lodge in Oregon’s Cascade Mountains was one such project. The workers were given a small stipend but also learned skills that could be used after their stint in the CCC was finished. The Works Project Administration also used unemployed persons to work on roads and streets

Time to sign up for Rotary’s 5K A summer tradition now in its fourth year, the annual 5K run/walk presented by the Enumclaw Rotary during the Enumclaw Street Fair will take place July 21. The 3.1-mile course begins and ends at the corner of Railroad Street and Myrtle Avenue, adjacent to the Enumclaw library. Participants will travel north on Railroad, turn right on Battersby Avenue, proceed to Ellenson Park and then loop back into downtown. The race will begin at 9 a.m. Registration forms can be found at www. Early registration ends July 1; entry fees are $20 for adults and $15 for those 12 and

younger. A family pass, good for two adults and one child, is $50. After the early registration date, the cost until July 15 increases to $30 for adults and $20 for those 12 and younger; the family pass increases to $65. Registration also will be taken at 7:30 the morning of the event. Participants will receive a T-shirt at check-in and prizes will be awarded to those with the fastest times in each gender and age category. Added this year is a kids’ 1-mile fun run that will start at 8:45 a.m. The cost is $8 until July 1 and after that will be $12. It will start and end at the corner of Railroad and Myrtle Street as well.

in urban areas. However, the WPA did not seem as proficient as the CCC, for I can remember my dad saying that most of them learned how to lean on their shovels well. Another program, under the umbrella of the WPA, engaged researcher and writers in each state to produce books about their states, similar to parts of today’s AAA Tour Books. These volumes were placed into each state’s libraries for all to use. Some libraries may still have copies in

their stacks. Likewise, artists and painters embellished local post offices with murals depicting their parts of the country. This made going to the post office doubling rewarding to its citizens, as well as providing income through artistic endeavors. Many people survived and were rewarded financially by these and other programs. World War II and our entrance into it in 1941 made these programs almost unnecessary and

they came to an end. The Great Depression was a long 10 years for most Americans, who barely survived the hardships of that era. However, the above described U.S. government programs helped them provide for their families. I suggest that the current administration consider creating programs today to employ not only many young persons but also older unemployed citizens as well. Karyl Dean Enumclaw

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Page 8 • The ENUMCLAW Courier-Herald • Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mother, daughter bring life to Buckley café Bonna Hanna and I have known one another for at least 35 years and yet, for whatever reason, we’ve never been especially close. One could say we’re casual acquaintances; that is, we always greet one another with a smile while passing through the colorful neon and multi-hued mirrors of one bar or another.

when the Ad-lib, on the east hill of Kent, was the hottest place in the area. The disco scene was never popular in Enumclaw, but there Wally DuChateau were a few ladies, Columnist like Bonna, who carried the era’s fashWe first met during the ion and attitude into coke-fueled days of disco the local clubs and, as best

Wally’s World

they could, introduced New Wave to a bunch of stale hippies in the Rainier and conservative businessmen in the Lee. There was a time when she and a girlfriend, whose name escapes me if, indeed, I ever knew it, climbed on top of the bar in the Mint and demonstrated a few modern dance steps to a Donna Summer tune

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on the jukebox. (Surely, you remember the late Donna Summer, don’t you?) Given the 3-inch, wooden soles of her shoes, which were all the rage of the day, it’s a wonder Bonna didn’t twist an ankle or, far worse, fall head first onto the floor. Following this little escapade, she bartended for a number of years in various local clubs. The customers liked her, she knew everyone and she mixed a damn good drink. Be that as it may, she decided to move on to other things and places. Bonna disappeared for several years. (At least I didn’t see her.) Then, three years ago, she showed up in another local lounge and started bartending there. And one night I happened to stumble into one of my favorite haunts and discovered her daughter, Heather, was bartending – which served as a blunt reminder that I wasn’t getting any younger. Heather has inherited many of her mother’s admirable traits, including her ability to blend all those off-thewall concoctions, from a Cosmopolitan to Sex On the Beach, often without a moment’s hesitation.

So now, guess what? Mother and daughter have decided to open their own club. They’ve taken over the old 410 Café in Buckley. With considerable help from friends like Steve Douglas, Jim Hall, Jim Crews, Vince Flores and others, they’ve remodeled the kitchen, updated the plumbing and gas lines, done a lot of painting and generally slapped the place into shape. They were wise enough to leave the physical decor of the lounge intact. (As you may recall, it’s a pleasant little place just the way it is.) Bonna has installed an Internet jukebox because, of course, the digital age has rendered the CD machines terribly obsolete, which seems to be the inevitable result of anything the digital age touches. There’ll also be a dart board, perhaps a video game or two, and a largescreen TV. But let’s remember, this is a family restaurant, not a family gin mill. As such, it has a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu filled with many interesting selections. It will offer a different culinary special every day of the week. Given the experience of both mother and daughter and given their large following of loyal customers, I suspect their business will be quite successful. By the time you read this, the place should be open or, if not, it surely will be in a few days. In one or two weeks, there’ll be an official, grand opening. See you there.

Stillness • Reflection • Prayer



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Contemplative Worship Experience Sunday, July 1 7:00 p.m. Hope Lutheran Church 1316 Garfield St. Enumclaw, WA 98022

Created for adults, young and old alike. All are welcome at this non-denominational gathering. Sponsored by: Living Room at Twin Creeks, Hope Lutheran Church, Calvary Presbyterian Church & Trinity Lutheran Church

For more information contact Living Room at Twin Creeks: or 360-825-2377 or Hope Lutheran Church: 360-825-2420 or Calvary Presbyterian Church: 360-825-3820 or Trinity Lutheran Church: 360-825-6561 636355


The Enumclaw Courier-Herald •

WRHS staff nets yearbook honor

SCHOOL NEWS Desmul is newest rep to Enumclaw School Board Following a rigorous interview process with four candidates, Reilly Desmul was selected as the student representative to the Enumclaw School Board for 2012 through 2014. Desmul said she sought the position because she believes she Reilly Desmul can make a positive difference in her school by effectively communicating the needs and ideas of her classmates to the board. She is involved with Key Club and has served as a team captain for Relay for Life, aside from maintaining a 4.0 grade-point average while competing in track and cross country.

White River High School’s yearbook, “The 1’s to R e m e m b e r,” has again been recognized for excellence and featured in a b e s t- of-t he best celebration of yearbook design and creation. The yearbook was created by Chase Callison, Adam Carrier, Trevor The White River crew celebrates its award-winning Christie, Israel yearbook, the second year the staff has received bestFlorez, Willow of-the-best recognition. Submitted photo Foley, Kari Daniels, Tessa Yoder, Lindsay Glasgow, Blair Harder, Jenae Hernandez, Joshua Krebsbach, Carla Lee, Shae Lee, Brittany Sticka, Jacob Nygren, Justin Parkes, Mackenzie Sautner, Cheyanne Silbernagel, Linsey Shepard, Sierra Wasilk, Alexandria Zirkle, Anna Engel, Dustin Hauswirth, Tia Johnson, Mercedee Croppi and Evan Mays-Scriven. Students were under the direction of yearbook adviser Nicholas Cochran. “It is an honor receiving the Jostens National Yearbook award two years in a row,” Cochran said. “The staff worked tirelessly to create a piece of art that stands out from any yearbook I have ever seen.” The White River effort was one of 400 yearbooks selected from approximately 3,000. The 2012 panel of judges was comprised of nationally-recognized scholastic journalism professionals and award-winning yearbook advisers. Cochran and his yearbook staff received a copy of Jostens’ 2012 Gotcha Covered Look Book and plaque from Jostens to recognize their achievement.

We Want Your Lawn!

Westwood highlighted for conservation efforts Sixty-four schools in 15 school districts across King County – including Enumclaw’s Westwood Elementary – have earned recognition for their successful conservation practices from the county’s Green Schools Program. “Staff and students at these 64 schools have embraced recycling, reducing waste and other conservation actions,” said Dale Alekel, program manager. The program has three levels which involve students and staff in learning about and practicing conservation of natural resources. Students and staff at Westwood

Rotary scholarships go to six from area schools Enumclaw Rotary has announced the following scholarship recipients. Alexis Lorenz, the daughter of Joe and Karen Lorenz of Enumclaw, graduated from Enumclaw High School with a 3.76 grade-point average and also received an associate of arts degree from Green River Community College. Active in all aspects of Enumclaw’s drama department, she has also participated in the choir and Girl Scouts. She plans to attend the University of Washington this fall to pursue a career as a geneticist. ($2,000 scholarship) Sara Mongrain, daughter of Kelly Mongrain of Enumclaw, graduated from Enumclaw High School. She was a 4.0 honor student and senior class secretary. She dedicated herself to giving to the local community and beyond through her volunteer work with the food bank, Relay For Life, youth camps and with the Orphans Africa Organization. She plans to attend Graceland University in Iowa this fall and major in deduction with an emphasis in mathematics. ($1,000 scholarship) Ryan Chynoweth, son of Regina and Tony Chynoweth of Enumclaw,

graduated from Enumclaw High. A 3.99 honor student and varsity athlete, he took AP classes, participated in National Honor Society and turned out for football, basketball and track. He was captain of both the varsity football and basketball teams and was also senior class treasurer. He plans to attend Pacific Lutheran University and study mathematics education. ($1,000 scholarship) Luke VanKooten, son of Priscilla VanKooten of Enumclaw, attended Collins Alternative Program. He received recognition of excellent work in both English and civics. He plans to attend Bates Technical College this fall and obtain a commercial drivers license. ($1,000 scholarship) Hannah Miltimore, daughter of Richard and Heidi Miltimore of Buckley, attended White River High School. She was a 4.0 student and was on the honor roll, the president’s list and was named November’s Rotary Student of the Month. She was involved in several school groups including Club Interact, Friends of Rachel, dance team and varsity cheerleading. She plans to attend Eastern Washington University in the fall and ultimately plans to become an oral surgeon. ($1,000 Scholarship) Chloe Sharp, daughter of Robert and Kim Sharp of Buckley, attended White River High School. With a 4.0 GPA she was also the senior class president and Interact Club president as well as a four-year varsity soccer player. Her awards include Outstanding Junior Award, Athletic Scholar Award and Rotary April Student of the Month. She plans to attend Washington State University in the fall and major in biology. Her ultimate goal is to become a physical therapist. ($1,000 scholarship).

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Elementary were among the 25 schools recognized for completing Level One. Schools achieved Level One status by expanding their recycling practices and focusing on wastereduction strategies like decreasing paper use. The program has served a growing number of schools each year, with 100 schools participating in 2009-10, 120 in 2010-11 and 154 this year.

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Page 10 • The ENUMCLAW Courier-Herald • Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Allergies could be reason for pet scratching

DOWN 1. The genus Rhus 2. The 7th planet 3. 17th century courtance 4. Hill site of Rome’s 1st settlement 5. One of the common people 6. Saccharum bengalense 7. Liquorice-flavored liqueur 8. A waterproof raincoat 9. Actress Thurman 11. An inferior dog 13. A disdainful grimace 16. Actress Bacall 18. Moderate to inferior in quality 21. Atomic #86 24. Queen’s Gambit defense 26. Behave in a certain manner 27. The 17th Greek letter 29. Not achieving a purpose 30. Rubber wheels (Br. var.) 34. Centrally placed 35. Showed submission or fear 36. One of the Greats 37. “Honeymooners” neighbor Ed 38. Money-dispensing machine 39. Actress Zadora 43. Outpouring of gossip 44. Smother 46. Sodium 47. Fraudulent scheme 50. Short literary composition 52. Freshwater mussels 53. Ireland 55. British Air Aces 56. A siemens 57. Cologne

Answers on Page 15

The information in this piece is provided to you in part by Pet Health Network. Just as allergies are increasing among humans, veterinarians are seeing significant increases in allergies in pets. Interestingly, the symptoms of canine and feline allergies cause different symptoms than typical “hay fever” – known clinically as allergic rhinitis in people. While people sneeze and wheeze, pets tend to itch and scratch. Allergies can be divided into three main categories: flea allergy, environmental allergies (atopic dermatitis) and food allergy. Although flea allergy and environmental allergies are most common, often pets can have multiple allergies so a thorough evaluation by your veterinarian or a veterinary dermatologist is recommended.

Flea allergy

Flea allergy is caused by an allergic reaction to flea saliva. Pets are exposed to flea saliva when bitten by fleas, and it doesn’t take many bites to cause an allergic reaction. Pets with flea allergy typically

Allergies in pets can crop up for a variety of reasons. The common theme is a miserable life for your dog or cat. The good news is that such difficulties can most often be treated. develop itching over their backs, legs, bellies and tail. This condition is known as flea allergy dermatitis. The itching and allergic reaction can cause development of “hot spots” and secondary bacterial infections. Diagnosis is made based on the pattern of itching, which your veterinarian can help to identify. In many cases (but not all) there will be visual evidence of fleas such as flea “dirt” (flea feces appearing as black specks). However, visual evidence of fleas is

Enumclaw Veterinary Hospital

not always present as fleas spend the majority of their lives off of the pet and fleas can be removed in the process of scratching and grooming by the pet. Treatment includes  preventing exposure to fleas in your pet’s environment in combination with strict flea prevention methods.

Environmental allergies (atopic dermatitis)

Environmental allergies include both indoor

allergens (house dust mites, molds) and outdoor allergens (pollen, weeds, grasses, trees). These are the same allergens that cause hay fever in people. When concentrations of these airborne allergens increase, it can trigger itching and secondary ear and skin infections in some dogs. Certain breeds of dogs appear more likely to develop these types of allergies, including many terrier breeds, golden retrievers, Labradors and share pies.

See PETS, Page



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ACROSS 1. Total 4. Parts per million 7. A Dalton (Physics) 10. Acid causing gout 12. Grad 14. Yes (Arabic) 15. Pallas’scat 17. Tonight’s host 18. Isinglass 19. Frogs, toads, tree toads 20. Solemnly renounce 22. Billiards stick 23. Twin City university 25. Cause to be beloved 28. Illuminated by stars 31. Scratch 32. Skullcap 33. Iron Chancellor Von Bismarck 34. Two things coming together 38. One who imitates another 40. Mistake 41. A shade of a color 42. Evening parties 45. The first canonical hour 48. Examines animals 49. Fed 51. One who left a dangerous place 54. Fragrant iris rootstock 56. Nothing more than specified 58. Indigo 59. ____ off: dismisses (Br. slang) 60. Own (Scottish) 61. Deep, slimy soil 62. W. African language 63. Office of Urban Development 64. Largest English dictionary (abbr.) 65. Grassland, meadow

gies than come with seasonal changes, we are touching on allergies that may affect your furry family members.


Welcome back to Buckley Veterinary Hospital’s monthly pet care column. With warmer weather on the horizon and the aller-

28801 HWY 410 E | Buckley | 360.829.1515

Wednesday, June 27, 2012 • The Enumclaw Courier-Herald • Page 11

County hoping to rehabilitate Big Spring Creek near Enumclaw Habitat would be restored for endangered salmon and other fish and wildlife along one mile of Big Spring Creek and 20 acres of wetlands on the Enumclaw Plateau under terms of a proposal issued by King County Executive

Dow Constantine. The executive’s plan, released last week, calls for King County to partner with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on the project. Constantine noted that by partnering with the

Army Corps the county can leverage federal funds for nearly two-thirds of the cost of the project. The total cost of the restoration is pegged at $4.1 million. Under the proposal sent recently to the Metropolitan King County Council, the County would provide more than $1.4 million in funding and in-kind services, with the federal government paying the rest.

Located just north of Enumclaw, Big Spring Creek is a tributary to Newaukum Creek, which flows into the Green River near Flaming Geyser State Park. It’s a key cold-water source for Newaukum Creek, which is home to federally-protected Chinook salmon. Big Spring Creek also is said to be a haven for coho salmon – a candidate for listing across Puget

Sound under the federal Endangered Species Act. Early in the 20th century, Big Spring Creek was channelized into a roadside ditch to increase the amount of arable farmland on the Enumclaw Plateau. Such actions were common at the time, but degraded the quality of the stream’s fish and wildlife habitat. If the project partnership is approved, the King

County Department of Natural Resources and Parks would begin restoring the creek by building a new three-quarter-milelong stream channel and routing the stream from its roadside ditch into the new channel.

Hit the trail east for some Old-Timey Patriotic 4th of July Family Fun!


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401 W. 1st. St.

✰ Fireworks ✰ Boccie Ball ✰ Horseshoes ✰ Live Music

For area info call 509-674-5958 or


Next Big Event Ride the Hurricane August 5

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Page 12 • The ENUMCLAW Courier-Herald • Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Bring the family down for this tradition on Cole Street. Kids, decorate your bikes at home and join in on the parade if you want! Those interested, meet at parade staging at 11:45am.

in the First Amendment, it only seems logical that we are allowed to put restrictions on the Second. And restrictions simply do not mean outlawing them. That is a logical fallacy; it’s just nonsense. Can you still get a gun if we make you wait five days or take a class? Yes. So was a right to own a gun violated? No, you still have a gun. You just had to wait for it or take a class first. You don’t have a right to instant gratification. Now, it should be said that there is no way to

know if any additional regulations or waiting periods or what have you would have had any effect on the recent events in our state. In fact, I’d be willing to be that in most cases from the past few weeks (the gang violence, specifically), those guns were illegally obtained. But I also think if we make guns more difficult

to obtain, there might be fewer of them f loating around. And I think people who obtain a gun want to shoot it in the same way I will want to play with my new smart phone. While we should have the right to buy a gun, we also have the right – and the duty – to regulate the market.

Gather your picnic, lawn chairs, and blankets and claim your spot on the Southwood Soccer Field! The show will go off in the field to the South. BLACK DIAMOND MINERS DAY


Join Us As We Celebrate Our Coal Mining Heritage! Activities am ActivitiesBegin Begin at at 10 9 am Jim & Nancy Jim & Nancy Merril Merril Paul Rossman Paul Rossman

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Chalk-In ◆Coal Miners Classic 5K Run ◆ Live Bands ◆ Beer Garden/Brats Children’s Craft Booth

◆ Flaming Geyser Chili Cook-Off ◆ Fashion Show

Historical Society Museum Tours ◆

The Bronze Coal Miner Statue Plans

BD First Fire Engine Remodel ◆ BBQ ◆ Railroad Ave. Booths ◆ Dunk Tank Wine Tasting ◆ Shuttle Parking Available ◆ Fun for the Whole Family! 641098

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Our Coal Mining Heritage! Activities Begin at 9 am Downtown Black Diamond

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washington tractor

603 Harrison St. | Sumner | 253-863-4436 | OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK. Please always wear Protective aPParel when oPerating any outdoor Power equiPment. SNW12-522-102185-6.indd 1 6/19/12 9:48 AM

PETS FROM 10 Symptoms can be seasonal or nonseasonal, depending on what specific allergens are bothering your pet. Facial rubbing and foot licking are the most common types of itching seen; repeated ear and skin infections are common. Diagnosis is made based on the pattern of itching and eliminating all other causes of itching (bacteria and yeast infections, food allergy, flea allergy and other parasitic infections like lice and mites). Unfortunately, there is no cure for environmental allergies and therapy for this disease is lifelong. However, symptoms are

Wednesday, June 27, 2012 • The Enumclaw Courier-Herald • Page 13 highly manageable. Milder cases are often controlled with antihistamines and topical therapy alone. In more severe cases, your veterinarian or veterinary dermatologist may recommend allergy testing (skin or blood testing) which can be used to identify specific allergens to which your pet is reacting. Allergy injections given over time can then help reduce your pet’s sensitivity to these allergens. Because this therapy can require six to 12 months for benefits it is often combined with other anti-itch therapies (drugs, topical shampoos, rinses and sprays) to help keep your furry family member happy and comfortable.  

Food allergy

Although food allergy is

the least common allergy in pets, it can mimic other allergies so it is important to eliminate it as a cause of itching in pets with nonseasonal allergy symptoms. In some dogs and cats it can also cause gastrointestinal symptoms (vomiting, diarrhea). As with other types of allergy, itching with ear and skin infections are common. The only way for your veterinarian to diagnose food allergies is through a strict hypoallergenic dietary trial for eight to 12 weeks. Protein sources are the most common food allergens. Therefore, novel protein diets are most often recommended as they contain unique protein sources (rabbit, venison and duckbased diets) to which your pet has not been exposed


ns Balloo

~ Readings by Debra ~

• Metaphysical Therapy • 1 on 1 Available • Aura Readings & Past Life Readings • 25 Years Experience • Available for Parties and Fundraisers

FREE Palm Reading call for details

3253 Porter Street, Enumclaw • 360-802-2222

Open1 July 640892


Licensed Spiritual Consultant • Psychic Palm & Card Reading • True & Accurate Psychic Advice • Specializing in Matters of Love • Business, Family & Career

to in the past. Prescription diets are preferred because these diets are highly purified and not contaminated with other protein sources (like beef or chicken) which can occur under less strict manufacturing processes. Once food allergens are identified, control is through strict avoidance of these ingredients. What to watch for Consider speaking with your veterinarian about allergies if your pet suffers from: • Seasonal or non-seasonal itching, licking, scratching, rubbing • Foot licking, face rubbing/scratching • Rashes or patchy areas of redness • Recurrent ear infections or head shaking • Recurrent skin infecFac Paintine g

July 4th Grand Celebration Hot Dog Eating Contest at 1pm ood Free F12-1 winner receives a from GOLDEN TICKET chili dog for life!


tions • Patchy hair loss • Sneezing, coughing, and wheezing – especially if the pet has asthma     • Itchy, runny eyes • Ear infections • Vomiting or diarrhea • Snoring caused by an inflamed throat • Paw chewing or swollen, sensitive paws There are a variety of allergens that cause these symptoms: • Pollen, grass, plants, mold, mildew, and other

organic substances • Food • Perfumes and colognes • Fleas or flea-control products • Household cleaning products • Prescription drugs • Some cat litters Thank you to our readers – we welcome you back next month. As always, send questions, comments, or suggestions for future columns to us at

OPEN HOUSE June 29th & 30th 11:00-3:00

6.86 Acres



Truly custom built. Pioneer log home, on a private 6.86AC offers top of the line quality and unparalleled craftsmanship. 4 beds, 4 baths, 4130 sq. ft. Open & rustic kitchen boasts: Slate floors, Island bar seating, Hickory cabinets w/custom Concrete counter tops & SS appliances. Slab granite in all baths. 2nd kitchen, full bath & bedroom in the daylight basement, MIL ready. Wrap around, covered porch and elevated concrete deck is perfect for entertaining. Come see, this home will not disappoint. MLS 370670 Virtual Tour


See it today! 32338 SE 307th St. Ravensdale, WA 98051



1547 McHugh by Chevron • (206) 747-8077


DIN LS! DEA Our grill masters have created a signature 4th of July BBQ menu that is guaranteed to satisfy! Choose from Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner for only $9.95 See Spice Bay Buffet® for all the details. While supplies last. Management reserves all rights.


2402 Auburn Way S., Auburn, WA 98002 800-804-4944 |

Go to: for more news and photos

Arts & Culture

The Enumclaw Courier-Herald •

Wednesday, June 27, 2012 • Page 14

Discover what art means Zydek work on display to you at local gallery By Krista Little

Arts Alive! Gallery Manager

Art can be serious or playful, literal or abstract, activist or ignorant. Art can address and undress social issues and can lead us to beauty and truth. Art can perform utilitarian purposes. Art can focus on tuning the artist and the audience into specific senses such as hearing music, tasting food, feeling the texture and fit of clothing, seeing a photograph. How do I explain what art is? By considering what art does. By considering what art does for the Gateway to Washington’s Wine Country

Specialty Beers On Tap! Light Menu Wines by the Glass 1528 Cole Street, Enumclaw


Metalsmithing & Jewelry Design

Limited spaces available

Call or email for reservation

$58 per 6 hours

Starts July 3, Tuesday Midnight Show Mon.11:59 pm

$15+ lab/ materials fee

Studio in Enumclaw

Discover the Magic of Molten Metal!

Fabricate jewelry components from clasps to focal pieces. ♦ Make custom bezels and set your own stones. ♦ Texture and shape basic metal sheet into beautiful one of a kind jewelry. 642012



Wednesday 6pm - 9pm



1721 Wells St. Enumclaw 825-3881


Sallie Zydek’s artwork will be featured in the City Hall gallery beginning July 5. Her work these days is in scratchboard and stippling. Zydek’s work will be on exhibit at City Hall’s Gallery 2012 July 5 through July 31. Gallery 2012 is in council chambers at Enumclaw City Hall, 1339 Griffin Ave. Hours are 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. For more Information, contact the Enumclaw Cultural Programs office at 360-802-0239.

Local artists get funding A pair of Enumclaw organizations made the cut when 4Culture’s board of directors approved funding to support 66 artist-generated projects to benefit the citizens of and visitors to the region. Cascade Foothills Chorale received $1,000 for its Home Town Christmas project and Imagination Theatre received $1,500 to support its summer theater workshop. The Group Arts Projects review panel looked at 123 applications that included requests totaling $712,310. Panelists rec-

ommended that 60 organizations receive $215,500. The criteria for this program includes artistic excellence, project feasibility and the public benefit to the citizens and visitors of King County. 4Culture is committed to advancing community through culture. The organization operates on the belief that public exhibitions and performances, public art, preservation of significant sites and interpretation of local history deepen connections to the places in which local residents live and work.



FRI-SAT-SUN-MON 5:40 & 8:30 Starts TH 29 MATINEES June

SAT & SUN 3:00


258 Roosevelt Ave. Enumclaw 825-3888


Take an Additio nal 10% Off thru 7/10/12

Always 20% New Books! 1634 Railroad St., Enumclaw 360-825-3144





artist who forms it it beckon your and the audience heart to believe who sees it. that even beauty is In her book not always smooth “What Is Art For?,” and polished? Ellen Dissanayake Does the vibranwrote, “Perhaps cy of color in the if we examine gentle blending of Krista Little what the arts do a pastel drawing for people (rather almost release the than what they appear to be aroma of the flowers you in their various manifesta- held on your wedding day? tions), we might find a satis- Has the true character of factory starting point from a loved one whom you’ve which to understand and come to know over the span describe art…” More than of 40 years been captured 2,000 years ago, Aristotle in the millisecond moment may have considered a of a photograph? similar approach when he Art provides a form and wrote, “The aim of art is to means for making staterepresent not the outward ments, asking questions appearance of things, but and telling stories. Art pertheir inward significance” forms as a vehicle for com(as cited by Fujimura, 2009, munication and expression. p. 109). Art offers a language that While a particular pretty often defies verbalization. picture may well resemble a What is art? It is an expresparticular mountain, tree, sion of inward significance flower or loved one, we are made visible and it is always still left to consider if this doing something. expression on canvas rings One place you can enter true with our inward expe- into a conversation with art rience. Does the mountain is the Arts Alive! gallery. painting shout out for you To discover more ways to the pure joy you felt after encounter local art, visit an extensive climb to the our website (www.platop? Does the pen-and-ink or stop drawing of a tree capture by A Lot of Art from 10 the texture of bark so well a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday in you can nearly feel its rough the parking lot behind the beauty with your eyes? Does gallery.

For Sallie Zydek, artistic interests were first expressed as a young girl. Since that time, she has traveled through life with an interest in animals and well-developed skills in the arts. Born and raised in Buckley, she has been interested in wildlife and artwork since grade school. She attended White River High School, Tacoma Community College and the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, then completed some graduate work at the University of Nebraska in Omaha. She worked with the Corps of Engineer, Omaha District, for 19 years, and while there became a graphics illustrator. She has been a member of the group out of Canada and is a member of the Arts for Conservation Foundation. She also has had many pictures shown in the Wildlife Art magazine. “I have taken many art classes to learn the different uses of pencils, acrylics, pastels and India ink,” she writes. “It is amazing to me what one can do with a bottle of ink, a scrapper pen or an engineer’s rapidograph pen.”

The Gallery and so much more! Find out what we are all about. Scan to visit our website >>>

Connecting the community to local artists.

Call Carol for reservations

Happening at the Gallery Saturday, May 12, we are pleased to participate in 2 events: Enumclaw Artist’s Studio Tour 10 AM - 5 PM followed by the Enumclaw Summer Wine Walk 5 PM - 9 PM. Join us!

Gallery Hours: Monday thru Saturday 11 AM-4 PM • Creative Space open for classes as scheduled. Visit our website for complete information.


Wednesday, June 27, 2012 • The Enumclaw Courier-Herald • Page 15

Question is, how will you respond to Jesus? How about the man freed from the demon? All he desired was to be close to the man Peter Little who freed him from his demon-posCommunity Presbyterian sessed prison. He Church of Buckley responded to Jesus in faith. He invited Jesus’ presence and was causing all sorts of havoc, some fairly unpre- influence and control into dictable and troubling his life because he had seen things happen, threaten- that when Jesus is in the ing the norms local towns- driver’s seat, life to the fullpeople. Predictably, they est is possible. And then there’s the asked Jesus to leave. They couldn’t handle Jesus being woman who had suffered in town because living with a man who has that much See CHURCH, Page 15 power meant they must lose control. CROSSWORD Again, the townspeople show us that to respond ANSWERS in faith means more than believing Jesus has tremendous power. To respond in faith is to personally accept the presence of Jesus in your life and thus the loss of control that comes with his presence. Jesus’ unpredictable and irresistible presence has a tendency to disrupt the norm.

Church Corner

We Invite You to Come Worship With Us!

Our Redeemer Lutheran Sunday School 9am • Family Worship Sunday 10am


12407 214th Ave. E. • Bonney Lake


Pre-K and Kindergarten Now Enrolling! 253-229-6782

12407 214th Ave. E. • Bonney Lake

Enumclaw Seventh-day Adventist Church Saturday Morning Worship 9:30 and 11:00 am 3333 Griffin Ave. 825-4155


Pastor: Dan Martin

“A Joyful Family Centered in Christ”

Pirates Party

Opening Ceremony Noon, July 14

join Come s of lot us for nment tai Enter un! and F

July 14 & 15 Pirates Party


Community Presbyterian Church

Sunday - 10:40 am Easy atmosphere Casual style The coffee’s on!

Christ our center Love and service our purpose ❖

192 Cedar St. Buckley, WA

152 S. Cottage St., Buckley, WA

Real - we value authenticity. Loving - we honor God and each other. Growing - we submit to His process in us.

Worship Service 10:30 am


Share your place of worship schedules with the community. Place your ad in the...

Church Directory


First Baptist Church Enumclaw

The Friendliest Church in Town!

Celebrate the Lord with US!

Sunday Services

Senior Pastor James D. Dunn

Bible Classes for all ages..................................................................................9:30am Morning Worship............................................................................................11:00am Sunday Evening Bible Classes.............................................................5:30-7:00pm

Wednesday Services

Prayer/Bible Study ............................................................................................6:30pm Worship Teams ..................................................................................................7:30pm 3466 Porter • (360)825-1111 •



July 14 & 15 JJ Smith Elementary


Experience Joy!

February 7, 6:00 pm

Relay For Life Hope Lutheran Church of Enumclaw


First, raging waters are instantly calmed. Then a demon is cast out. Third, a woman is healed of her chronic hemorrhaging. And finally, a tween is resurrected from the dead. These rapid-fire miracles can all be found in Luke 8, along with the diverse responses of those who experienced it all. The 12 disciples, in their usual confused fashion, respond with a question, “Who is this guy?” In a twist of irony, the demon answers their question: “Jesus, Son of the Most High God!” It turns out the demons have magnificently a This underscores the fact that faith is more than good theology. Faith moves far beyond intellectual consent to data about Jesus. The demons cognitively grasped who Jesus was, but this is not faith. Faith is accepting the truth about who Jesus is as the basis for our whole lives. Faith is more than belief; it is trust. After Jesus cast out the demon from a man who


Saturday Night Worship 7 pm Sunday Morning Worship 9:30 am Pastor: Fred Davis Assoc. Pastor: Cindy Ehlke Youth Dir.: Ben Auger 1725 Porter St., Enumclaw 360-825-3820

630775 630760

Page 16 • The ENUMCLAW Courier-Herald • Wednesday, June 27, 2012

CHURCH FROM 15 from hemorrhaging for 12 years; no doctor or magician had been able to help. Her faith led her to believe

that if she could get close enough to Jesus, if she could simply touch his garment, then she would be healed. She desired proximity to Jesus... kind of like the man

freed from the demon. After she experienced Jesus’ unpredictable and irresistible power, how does she respond? “Falling down before Jesus, she declared in

Dennis (Poncho) Schweikl Dennis (Poncho) Schweikl passed away at his residence in Enumclaw, WA on June 18, 2012. Dennis was born July 22, 1948 to Leonard and Barthella Schweikl in Enumclaw, WA. He lived, worked and played in the area his entire life. He was a White River High School graduate in 1967, where he achieved success in both basketball and football. He was a long time member of the local teamsters #174.

the presence of all the people why she had touched him, and how she had been immediately healed” (8:47). She declared what Jesus had done for her...kind of like the man freed from the demon who “went away, proclaiming throughout the city how much Jesus had done for him” (8:39). So the man freed from the demon and the healed woman got it. Not only did they know who Jesus

is, they based their whole lives on him. Not only did they recognize and respect Jesus’ power, they invited his continuing presence into their lives. This sets them apart from the demons (whose theology was spot on) and the townspeople (who had no doubts in their minds about Jesus’ power). The question being begged here is: how will you respond to Jesus? Will you

Dennis will be remembered by friends and family as a hard working, dedicated, giving individual who shared his many talents with anyone needing his expertise and wide ranging experience. More than anything, he loved his time on the waters and landscapes of Eastern Washington; fishing, hunting and enjoying the area while bringing many pleasant memories to those of us fortunate enough to have shared these special times with him. Dennis made an impression on all who knew and loved him...He will be missed.

simply cognitively consent to the data? Will you simply recognize and respect the power of Jesus? Or will you respond in 3-D faith that 1) Desires to be with Jesus, 2) Declares what Jesus is doing in your life, and 3) is Desperate for Jesus to do what only Jesus can do that is, provide restoration, wholeness, freedom and life to the fullest? Peter Little can be reached at

Now Serving

He was preceded in death by his mother and is survived by his father, brother Gary (Dawn) Schweikl, sister Janet (George) Richardson, children Denise (Aaron) Fouch, Martina (Tom) Cummins, Tony Schweikl, six grand children and nieces and nephews.


Please join us at the Buckley Eagles on June 28th at 2:30 pm to celebrate Dennis. 642091

100+ drink choices!

Put Your Business First!

We invite you to join us.


Wabash Church


CHRIST at Kibler Avenue

Speaking the Truth in Love Sunday Bible Classes 9:45 a.m. Sunday Morning Worship 10:45 a.m. Sunday Evening Worship 6:00 p.m. Wednesday Bible Classes 7:00 p.m.

Sunday Worship at 9:30 am Children’s Sunday School, Adult Education & Youth Class at 11:00 am (Located between Auburn & Enumclaw)


Worship Service 10:45am • Sunday School 9:30am

18325 SE 384th St. 253.939.1330



On Hwy 410 across from Mazatlan Restaurant


Hwy. 169


825-5437 630749

Loving Jesus




MOPS meets here!

9:30 am Service 11:00 am Bible Study

Hwy. 164 Griffin Ave.

To list your church in this directory call Jen T. at: 360 825-2555

Enumclaw Church of Christ


Morning Worship....................10:30 a.m. Evening Worship.......................6:30 p.m.

WEDNESDAY WORSHIP: Evening Bible Classes..............7:00p.m. Come be our welcome guest! (360) 825-2182


Now Meeting at 26007 SE 425th, Enumclaw WA 98022 SUNDAY WORSHIP: Morning Bible Classes .............9:30 a.m.

2627 Kibler Avenue Enumclaw, WA 98022 (360) 825-5903

Enumclaw Community

Jim Miller Anthony Wilson


(Christian Science) 1752 Wells Street, Enumclaw (360) 825-5300 Sunday Service............10:00am Sunday School ............10:00am Wednesday Meeting .........7:30 pm READING ROOM 1752 Wells Street, Enumclaw (360) 825-5300 Mon. & Tues. 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. Wed. 6:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Everyone Welcome!


10:00am Worship Service Pastor Dan Wilson Lutheran Counseling (253)839-1697 ext. 3 1316 Garfield St. Enumclaw, WA 98022 (360) 825-2420


Call 360-825-2555 or 253-862-7719


Our Doo rs are Always Open

Enumclaw • 865 Watson St. N • 360-825-5180 Bonney Lake • 21503 Hwy 410 E • 253-826-6474

Front Page Advertising Guaranteed!


try something new today!



IN WASH Food & Farmer’s Market

WA Misc. Rentals Rooms for Rent

Call Today!! Chinook Park Apartments Contemporary Apartments At a price you can afford! Ask about our spectacular specials! 360-825-7050 or


LEE HOTEL, Clean rooms at an affordable price. Includes utilities and basic cable. 253617-8622. 1110 Griffin Enumclaw.


The Verandas Apartment Homes Vintage, affordable, cozy! (360) 825-7050


1 & 2 BEDROOM apartm e n t s i n E n u m c l a w. Washer, dr yer in unit. Covered parking. Small pets ok. $725-$850 month. (360)825-0707

12565 SE Green Valley Rd. Auburn, WA

Locker Meat Beef, Pork, Buffalo Lamb, Poultry. Custom Cutting and Wrapping, Sausage, Jerky, Pepperoni Farm Slaughtering 48 Years Experience (253)833-8131

Home Services Carpet Clean/Install Gosstekk Carpet & Upholstery Special 4 ROOMS & HALLWAY $100 360-829-4121 253-389-1698

2 BEDROOM plus den townhouse close to schools, 1.5 bath. Large storage area. Full size W/D in unit. W/S/G paid. $900 month. (360)8250707

Free rent and reduced rates at Aspen Glade Apartments where apartm e n t l i v i n g fe e l s l i ke country living with our beautiful landscaping a n d m o u n t a i n v i ew s ! (360) 825-1168




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For 20 words or less. Additional words are 25¢ per word. Mail checks to: PO Box 157, Enumclaw, WA 98022


Classified ads will be accepted until 12:00 PM MONDAYS for the current week’s issue of the newspaper. They cannot be taken for the current issue after that time. Please arrange to have your classified ads into our office BEFORE 12:00 PM MONDAY, after which time we will be happy accept them for the following week.

NEW OUTDOOR Stora g e Fa c i l i t y. C l e a n , S e c u r e S i t e . RV s , Boats, Campers, Vehic l e s, e t c . $ 3 0 - $ 7 5 month. 313 Rainier Ave n u e, E n u m c l aw. 253-670-8789

Home Services Fencing & Decks

Local Fencer

Cedar & Chain Link Repairs ~ Custom Gates Farm/Horse Fencing Bonded ~ Insured

Free Estimates Call James




WRIGHTS SERVICES Carpet cleaning, carpet repair Serving your town and neighbors since 1973

FREE Estimates (360)825-7877 (253)939-4399

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Retired General Contractor BRINN

CONSTRUCTION Small jobs All phases of Construction Contact Liam (425)891-6052 (253)862-0223 Lic.# BRINNC*949NG

Yard and Garden

ENUMCLAW SALES PAVILLION PLANT SALE! Lots of bedding plants, hanging baskets and vegetables! Saturday, June 30th 12:00 NOON Come Join Us at 22712 SE 436th Enumclaw, WA 98022 (360)825-3151 or (360)825-1116

Home Services Lawn/Garden Service


Mowing (most yards $30) Trimming, Pruning, Hedge Work, Bark Spreading, Hauling, Fence Repair Senior Discounts Free Estimates Call Randy: (253)350-1539 Licensed & Insured

Home Services Window Cleaning

Professional Services Music Lessons

TOM’S WINDOW CLEANING Commercial, Residential Gutter cleaning, Gutter whitening, Moss control, Pressure washing, New construction Locally owned (360)802-8925 (253)740-3833

PIANO LESSONS For the young and young at heart.

Karen (360)802-9314

Bottomless garage sale. C O U N T RY G A R D E N BOUQUETS offers sea- Extra auto parts bring in $37/no word limit. Reach thousands of readers. sonal bouquets, wreaths & other hand- extra cash when you place Go online: GUARANTEED DELIVERY crafted local items in an ad in the ClassiďŹ eds. 24 hours a day or Call Guaranteed delivery may be purchased at “The Shopâ€? (360)825- Open 24 hours a day 800-388-2527 to get oof NOTan annual RETURNED byKing these deadlines will be considered correct AS IS. rate of $15 in our and Pierce 3976 (253)332-9466 more information. County delivery areas. Those wishing to

Display Ads Due: 10am Monday ssified Ads Due: 5pm Friday

cial reimbursement will not be made for corrections not meeting this deadline.

Home Services Painting

AK Painting and Construction, Inc

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Pruning, Weeding, Hedge Trimming, Bark, Yard clean-up, Pavers, Patios, Retaining Walls, Sod & Seed

253-230-1235 Bonded & Insured



purchase guaranteed delivery should mail their check to: Courier-Herald, Circulation Dept. PO box 157, Enumclaw, WA, 98022.























Real Estate 100 Rentals 500 Financial 2000 Announcements 3000 Legals 3030 Employment 4000 Services 5000 Misc. 6000 Pets 7000 Garage Sales 8100 Transportation 9000


Real Estate for Sale King County

Real Estate for Sale Lots/Acreage





Real Estate for Sale King County Enumclaw

2.5 ACRE home, 5 bedroom, 3 bath with daylight basement, 3000 sqft, well, outbuildings, more. By owner. $325,000. 253-334-8141

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real estate for sale

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1,600 SF, 3 BR, 2.5 BA Deer Park 0LACEĂĽAĂĽPRIVATEĂĽPARTYĂĽ home in desirable Rainer Trails. Family friendly ADĂĽFORĂĽĂĽORĂĽMOREĂĽWEEKSĂĽ community! New winANDĂĽADDĂĽAĂĽPHOTOĂĽATĂĽNOĂĽ dows, siding & garage CHARGE ĂĽBOTHĂĽINĂĽPRINTĂĽANDĂĽ 65 ACRES For Sale By doors. Spacious 3 car ONLINE Owner. Can be divided garage, features plently of room! Fenced back #ALLĂĽ  ĂĽORĂĽGOĂĽ i n t o 1 0 o r 2 0 p l o t s. yard. FSBO $268,000. TOĂĽWWWNW ADSCOMĂĽFORĂĽ S p o r t s m a n Pa ra d i s e ! $230,000. 425-292-9576 Call Mike 253-606-4801. MOREĂĽINFORMATION or 425-922-7658


Real Estate for Rent King County Covington

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Beautiful Studio with all utilities included. Huge tiled shower and bathroom. LG washer and dryer an covered BBQ area. 1st, last and security deposit. $750 call Susan (253)350-5430 Buckley

#755 Spacious 2 BR, 2 BA townhouse in quiet gated community, walking distance from historical downtown. Bright, open, updated! Gas fireplace, private patio, attached garage and playground on site. BEST DEAL IN TOWN, $995/month, $800/deposit. Contact onsite m a n a g e r S t a c y, 2 5 3 223-3926. BUCKLEY

Apartments for Rent King County

Apartments for Rent Pierce County

Call Today!! Chinook Park Apartments Contemporary Apartments At a price you can afford! Ask about our spectacular specials! 360-825-7050 or

Large 2 bedroom apartment, Buckley area. Covered deck, newly refurbished, W/S/G included, laundry facilities on site. Must have at least 6 months work record. $750/month, 1st, last, $500 deposit. Credit Check. (360)825-7620 ENUMCLAW

1 & 2 BEDROOM apartm e n t s i n E n u m c l a w. Washer, dr yer in unit. Covered parking. Small pets ok. $725-$850 month. (360)825-0707 ENUMCLAW

1 O N LY ! ! 2 b e d r o o m downstairs apar tment. Washer & dryer in unit. WA Misc. Rentals $750 month. First, last, Duplexes/Multiplexes deposit. (360)825-0707 ENUMCLAW

2 BEDROOM plus den townhouse close to schools, 1.5 bath. Large storage area. Full size W/D in unit. W/S/G paid. $900 month. (360)8250707

$575 MONTH - 1 BR ground floor apt in 6 unit building. Covered parking, storage locker and laundr y facility. Water, sewer and garbage paid. Cat approved with deposit. Verifyable rental history and stable income required. (253)833-3183 until 6pm


The Verandas Apartment Homes Vintage, affordable, cozy! (360) 825-7050



3 bedroom house on large city lot. Appliances. Near Montgomery Park, schools. $1050 + utilities. (360)825-4472.

ENUMCLAW Newly Remodeled

Rainier Glen Apt.’s Rent: $699.00

3 BEDROOM, 1 Bath W/D hook ups, garage. Close to schools and parks. No smoking, no pets. $1,095 per month, Section 8 OK. Call 253887-1964. Auburn

“Low Income Housing�

2 bdrm Wait List

Must Income Qualify


TDD#711-for Relay Srv. FEDERAL WAY

#701 Private, clean 1 BDRM, 1 BATH units in quiet single-story community. On-Site laundry, close to Walmart, Restaurants, stores and transit center. $650/mo, water/sewer/garbage included! $500/deposit. Call Carol for a tour, 253-941-1464. 31010 1 8 t h Ave S , Fe d e r a l Way, WA. See pics at Free rent and reduced rates at Aspen Glade Apartments where apartm e n t l i v i n g fe e l s l i ke country living with our beautiful landscaping a n d m o u n t a i n v i ew s ! (360) 825-1168

STUDIO house, residential neighborhood. Re- Apartments for Rent cently remodeled. No Pierce County smoking, no pets. $495 month plus utilities. First, Bonney Lake last, deposit. 745 Jeffer- STUDIO Apar tment. 6 son Avenue. 360-893- month lease. Washer/ dr yer. 1 person septic 0195 design. Cat only. $475, Enumclaw #187 3 BR, 2 BA 1320 first and last required. sq.ft. country home with 253-245-0968 new wood floors, open Buckley floor plan. Large deck 2 BEDROOM, 1 bath dugreat for enter taining! p l e x , $ 7 5 0 m o n t h + Large fenced yard and utilities. 1st, last + $500 ex t r a fe n c e d p a r k i n g deposit. 230 B Street. area with shed. Located Available now. (253)719in a peaceful rural area. 8042 $1495/mo, $1000/dep. BUCKLEY Call for a tour, 253-941- G R E AT D OW N TOW N 4012. For pictures go to location! 2 bedroom, 1 . b a t h . Wa s h e r / d r y e r hookup. $675 month. No Apartments for Rent smoking, no pets, no exKing County ceptions. 360-825-8309 Auburn

Think Inside the Box Advertise in your local community newspaper and on the web with just one phone call. Call 800-388-2527 for more information.

$885 MONTH, 2 bedroom, approx. 900 SF t ow n h o u s e i n 4 - p l ex . One car garage, wall to wall carpeting. Washer/ dryer hookups. Water, sewer, garbage included. Located on deadend street with fenced yard. Near Green River a n d Pa r k s. N o p e t s. Please call 206-2760737 for viewing Buckley

1 BEDROOM with dressing room/ den. 1 bath. Laundry with washer/ dr yer. Quiet, countr y setting. $675 plus deposit. No smoki n g / p e t s. C a l l B e t t y, 253-686-9875. Buckley

MOUNTAIN VIEW from large deck. Quiet setting. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car g a r a g e w i t h s t o r a g e. See-thru fireplace between large living room and dining room. $1250 plus deposit. No smoking or pets. Call Betty, 253-686-9875 ENUMCLAW

2 BEDROOM. Spacious in 4-plex. Move-in discount for cleaning and repairs. Washer, dryer & fireplace included. $750, $700 damage deposit, first, last. Section 8 welcome. 206-369-5304. FEDERAL WAY


FURNISHED STUDIO Apar tment. Utilities included. $600/ month. First & deposit. References. No pets. No smoking. 360-663-2395. Lake Tapps

1 & 2 BEDROOM Apartments. Quiet, countr y setting, Appliances included. Free Laundr y. No Pets. Rents starting at $600. 253-891-9128

3 BR, 2 BA HOME! Inc l u d e s g a ra g e, s m a l l fe n c e d y a r d & s o m e utilities. Duplex is near s h o p p i n g a n d bu s e s. $1,150. Call Brad 206510-1103. Quiet Buckley 2 bedroom duplex. Near town. Lawn mowing included. No smoking. No pets. $650/month. Senior Discount. (360)829-1842

360 825-2555tBonney Lake 253 862-7719tToll Free 1-800-388-2527 or

Page 18 , THE ENUMCLAW, BONNEY LAKE & SUMNER COURIER-HERALD, Wednesday, June 27, 2012 WA Misc. Rentals General Rentals

PUBLISHER’S NOTICE All rental and real estate for sale adver tising in this newspaper is subject to the Fair Housing Act which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or an intention, to make any such preference, limitation or discrimination Familial status includes children under the age of 18 living with parents or legal custodians, pregnant women and people securing custody of children under 18. This newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for the rental or sale of real estate which is in violation of the law. Our readers are hereby informed that all dwellings advertising in this newspaper are available on an equal o p p o r t u n i t y b a s i s. To complain of discrimination call HUD at (206)220-5170. R E N TA L S A v a i l a b l e Now. Zaran Sayre & Associates, Property Mana g e m e n t S p e c i a l i s t s. Finding and renting homes since 1981! Call (253)941-4012 and ask about our available units for rent or speak to an experienced, licensed Property Manager about the potential of renting out your own home. See for information. We now have live chat available online!



FINANCE Money to Loan/Borrow

L O C A L P R I VAT E I N VESTOR loans money on real estate equity. I l o a n o n h o u s e s, r aw land, commercial property and property development. Call Eric at (800) 563-3005.

Accept Credit Cards on your Smar t Phone. FREE equipment. No monthly fees. No monthly minimums. No Cancellation Fee. Takes only 5 m i n u t e s t o s i g n u p . w w w. s m a r t p h o n e s CREDIT CARD DEBT? LEGALLY HAVE IT REMOVED! Need a Minimum $7,000 in debt to qualify. Utilize Consumer P r o t e c t i o n A t t o r n ey s. Call now 1-866-652-7630 for help. SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY BENEFITS. W I N o r Pay N o t h i n g ! Start Your Application In Under 60 Seconds. Call Today! Contact Disability Group, Inc. Licensed Attorneys & BBB Accredited. Call 877-865-0180



LEE HOTEL, Clean rooms at an affordable price. Includes utilities and basic cable. 253617-8622 1110 Griffin Enumclaw. ORTING home to Share. Downtown. Remodeled. Keyed lock bedrooms. Fenced Backyard. Covered patio. Fur nished. Quiet, Secure Neighborhood. No Smoking. $400/month, (253)8913905.

real estate rentals Commercial Rentals Office/Commercial

O F F I C E S PAC E AVAILABLE Downtown Enumclaw 232 to 273 sq. ft office spaces. Each office equipped with two phone lines and two Ethernet ports for internet ready capability. High Speed Internet available immediately. Garbage and cleaning of common area included. Utilities prorate by s q u a r e fo o t o f o f f i c e s p a c e . C a l l To d a y. (360)802-8220.

1.25 million readers make us a member of the largest suburban newspapers in Western Washington. Call us today to advertise. 800-388-2527


General Financial

WA Misc. Rentals Rooms for Rent

B E D R O O M & B AT H available in town! Shared kitchen/ laundry. No pets. $425 plus $100 deposit. includes all utilities and Internet. 3 6 0 - 8 2 9 - 1 0 8 8 , l e ave message.

FOUND: DOGS. 2 ShihTzu on State Highway 4 1 0 , T h u r s d ay, J u n e 1 4 t h n e a r E nu m c l aw. Not chipped. They are constantly together and love to be on laps or near people. Have been very well loved and want to come home. Please call: (425)822-6704 to identify and claim.


_ ADOPT _ A young successful married business owner (at-homeparent) & nurse yearn for precious baby. Expenses paid. 1-800-5628287 Advertise your product or service nationwide or by region in up to 12 million households in Nor th America’s best suburbs! Place your classified ad in over 815 suburban newspapers just like this one. Call Classified Avenue at 888-486-2466 or go to ANNOUNCE your festiva l fo r o n l y p e n n i e s. Four weeks to 2.7 million readers statewide for about $1,200. Call this newspaper or 1 (206) 634-3838 for more details.

Open Jewelry Studio; SATURDAYS: 10am-6pm June 30th, July 14th & 21st Come watch local artist; Samantha Rheinford; create art jewelry pieces Avail to Purchase 1408 Porter Street, Enumclaw Found

DOG GONE IN BUCKLEY? The City of Buckley has a short term dog pound. If your dog is missing call (360)8293157.

REWARD. Missing white (yellow) female lab. 18 months, microchipped, spayed. Lost since June 15. Had on black leather collar with ID. Missing her terribly. Please call w i t h a n y i n fo r m a t i o n (253)261-1960.


LEGALS Legal Notices

ENUMCLAW SCHOOL DISTRICT SURPLUS SALE Open to the public: We d n e s d ay, Ju l y 1 1 , 2012, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. This sale will consist of items that the district no longer needs and has declared sur plus, i . e. b o o k s, f u r n i t u r e, computer parts, interactive whiteboards, school buses, shop truck, Jacobsen mower, etc. A complete list of items c a n b e fo u n d o n o u r w e b s i t e h t t p : / / w w w. e nu m under District Departments/Business & Operations/Sur plus Sale. Sale Location: JJ Smith Elementary School, 1640 Fell Street, Enumclaw. # 389415 6/6/12, 6/27/12 City of Bonney Lake – Notice of Application Determination of Nonsignificance and Notice of Public Hearing By direction of the Hearing Examiner, City of Bonney Lake, Washington, notice is hereby given that, pursuant Bonney Lake Municipal Code 14.70.070, the City of Bonney Lake Hearing Examiner will convene a Public Hearing at 9:00 am on Tuesday, August 7, 2012, in the City Council Chambers at the Ju s t i c e C e n t e r, 9 0 0 2 Main St. E., Bonney Lake, Washington to receive public testimony o n t h e A l l a n Yo r k e Pa r k / D i ke 1 3 P r o j e c t Shoreline Substantial Development permit and the Determination of Nonsignificance. Project Name: Allan Yorke Park/Dike 13 Project Application Number: PLN-2012-01531 Name of Applicant: Gary L e a f, C i t y o f B o n n ey Lake, 9002 Main St. E. Bonney Lake, WA 98391. Site Location: The project is located at 19810 We s t Ta p p s H i g h way East within Section 27, To w n s h i p 2 0 N o r t h ,

Legal Notices

Range 05, W.M., Bonney Lake, WA, fur ther identified by Pierce County Assessor Parcel Number 0520273019. Project Description: The City of Bonney Lake desires to improve the public usability and size of Dike 13 by adding fill; improve public safety by constructing a sidewalk in the Right-of-way (ROW) along West Tapps Highway; and discourage illegal or illicit activity in the area. The filled area will be planted with grass, thereby improving its permeability. There will be a gradual slope towards West Tapps Highway, landscaping, a retaining wall, and sidewalk/curb/gutter in the ROW. Environmental Determination: The Determination of Nonsignificance (DNS) is being issued u n d e r W A C 197-11-340(2) on June 27, 2012 and public comments will be accepted through July 12, 2012. The appeal period on the DNS ends on July 20, 2012. S t a f f C o n t a c t : R ya n Harriman, Assistant Planner, City of Bonney Lake Community Development Department Phone: (253)447-4350, E m a i l : h a r r i Written comments may be submitted to the C o m m u n i t y D eve l o p ment Department, P.O. Box 7380, Bonney Lake, WA, 98391 or delivered to the City Hall Annex at 8720 Main St. East, Bonney Lake, WA on or before 5:00 pm on Friday, July 20, 2012. The application is available for public review at the C o m m u n i t y D eve l o p ment Department at the City Hall Annex. For Citizens with Disabilities who are requesting translators or adaptive equipment for communication purposes, the City is asking to be notified as soon as possible of the type of ser vice or equipment needed. # 398907 6/27/12 CITY OF BUCKLEY NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING “CITY’S NATURAL GAS UTILITY” N OT I C E I S H E R E B Y GIVEN that the Buckley City Council will hold a Public Hearing shor tly after 7:00 PM at its regular meeting on Tuesday, July 10, 2012, at the Buckley Multipur pose Building, at 811 Main Street, Buckley. The City has owned and operated its own Natural Gas System since 1957. For years the benefit of having this system be City owned has outweighed any alternative; however, with extreme energy market volatility the last few years and increased Federal and State Regulatory requirements, this is becoming more and more difficult. Due to these factors the City’s operational and supply costs have increased and as a result natural gas prices to the customer have soared over the last 4-5 years, significantly increasing the burden to rate payers by the increased cost to heat your homes and businesses. In an effor t to gather citizen input and evaluate potential options the City Council is soliciting public input and comment from interested individuals or groups concerning this

Legal Notices

issue to help guide the City Council in making decisions regarding the future of the City’s Natural Gas System. Buckley does not discriminate on the basis of disabilities. If you need special accommodation, please contact City Hall within three business days prior to the Public H e a r i n g a t ( 3 6 0 ) 8 2 9 - 1 9 2 1 , ex t . 200. Comments may be presented orally at the Public Hearing or submitted in writing to Dave Schmidt, City Administrator, P. O. Box 1960, Buckley, WA 98321, or by e-mail to:, prior to 5 : 0 0 P M o n M o n d ay, July 9, 2012. Questions m ay b e a n swe r e d by contacting City staff at ( 3 6 0 ) 8 2 9 - 1 9 2 1 , ex t . 200. DATED this 19th Day of June, 2012. Posted: June 20, 2012 Published: J u n e 2 7 , 2012 and July 4, 2012 # 398906 6/27/12, 7/4/12 IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON IN AND FOR PIERCE COUNTY NO. 11-2-16916-8 SUMMONS ANGELA TOMAN, Plaintiff, v. THE CITY OF BUCKLEY, Defendant- Third Party Plaintiff. TO: Third-Party Defendant All Other Persons o r Pa r t i e s U n k n o w n Claiming Any Right, Title, Estate, Lien, or Interest in or to the Real Estate descr ibed in the Complaint herein Yo u a r e h e r e by s u m moned to appear within 60 days after the date of the first publication of this summons, to wit, within sixty days after the 20th day of June, 2012, and defend the above entitled action in the above entitled court, and answer the complaint of the third-party plaintiff, City of Buckley, and serve a copy of your answer upon the undersigned attorneys for the City of Buckley, at their office below stated; and in case of your failure to do so, judgment will be rendered against you according to the demands of the complaint, which has been filed with the clerk of said court. Kristin N. Eick and Jamie D. Allen Ogden, Murphy, Wallace, P.L.L.C. 1601 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2100 Seattle, WA 98101

Legal Notices

Legal Notices

Legal Notices

The object of this action is to quiet title to an easement by prescript i o n fo r p u r p o s e s o f drainage on the following properties commonly known as 834 Sheets R o a d , B u c k l e y, W A 98321 Dated this 11th day of June, 2012 Ogden Murphy Wallace P.L.L.C. by Kristin N. Eick, WSBA #40794 Jamie D. Allen, WSBA #35742 Attorneys for Defendant/ Third-Party Plaintiff City of Buckley # 396871 6/20/12, 6/27/12, 7/4/12, 7/11/12, 7/18/12, 7/25/11 IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON IN AND FOR PIERCE COUNTY NO. 12-2-09115-9 SUMMONS IN A CIVIL ACTION CITY OF BUCKLEY, Plaintiff, v. PROVIDENT FUNDING ASSOCIATES, L.P, a California corporation; KEYBANK, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION; FIRST AMERICAN TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY, a California corporation; MORTGAGE ELECTRONIC REGISTRATION SYSTEMS, INC., a Delaware coporation; and all other persons or parties unknown claiming any right, title, estate, lien, or interest in the real estate described in the complaint herein, Defendants TO: All Other Persons or Parties Unknown Claiming Any Right, Title, Estate, Lien, or Interest in or to the Real Estate described in the Complaint herein, Defendants. Yo u a r e h e r e by s u m moned to appear within 60 days after the date of the first publication of this summons, to wit, within sixty days after t h e 2 3 r d d ay o f M ay, 2012, and defend the above entitled action in the above entitled court, and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, City of Buckley, and serve a c o py o f yo u r a n sw e r upon the undersigned attorneys for the City of Buckley, at their office below stated; and in case of your failure to do so, judgment will be rendered against you according to the demands of the complaint, which has been filed with the clerk of said court. Kristin E. Eick and Jamie D. Allen Ogden, Murphy, Wallace, P.L.L.C. 1601 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2100 Seattle, WA 98101

The object of this action is to quiet title to an easement by prescript i o n fo r p u r p o s e s o f drainage on the following properties commonly known as 724 Klink S t r e e t , B u c k l e y, WA 98321 Dated this 23rd day of May, 2012 Ogden Murphy Wallace P.L.L.C. by Kristin N. Eick, WSBA #40794 Jamie D. Allen, WSBA #35742 Attor neys for Plaintiff City of Buckley # 389410 5/23/12, 5/30/12, 6/6/12, 6/13/12, 6/20/12, 6/27/12 PUBLIC NOTICE STATE ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY ACT (SEPA) DETERMINATION OF NONSIGNIFICANCE (MDNS) FOR Treat assisted living facility Permit Application Number: SEPA Environmental Checklist File #12095 Applicant: Dave Treat, Finn Investments, LLC Description of Proposal: Construct a three-story assisted living facility consisting of 59 assisted living units (made up of studios, one and two bedrooms) and 4 memory care units (20 rooms) with the appropriate inf ra s t r u c t u r e i m p r ove ments including: 41 covered and uncovered parking stalls, a drop-off area along Dickson Ave, and a shared access with the Treat Heating and Cooling property to the north. Location of Proposal: The 2.145-acre site is located on King County Parcel No. 203010-0451 and a portion of KC Parcel No. 203010-0450, south of 844 Mountain Villa Drive, further described in ENLLA #12-04. Other Permits Required: The proposed action will require the following approvals: (1) City of Enumclaw Conditional Use Permit, (2) Ecology Stormwater Construction Permit; (3) City of Enumclaw Engineer ing and Grading Permits, and (4) City of Enumclaw Building Permit(s). Dates: This application was submitted: April 25, 2012. This application was deemed complete on: June 21, 2012. This notice was published on: June 27, 2012. Environmental Studies and Suppor ting Documents: 1.Critical Area Study November 17, 2010 Watershed Dynamics 2.Scoping Report March 2012

Gibson Traffic Consultants 3 . Tr a f f i c I m p a c t Analysis April 2012 Gibson Traffic Consultants Lead Agency: City of Enumclaw, 1309 Myrtle Avenue, Enumclaw, WA 98022. Determination of NonSignificance: The lead agency for this proposal has determined that it does not have a probable significant adverse impact on the environment. An environmental impact statement (EIS) is not required under RCW 43.21C.030(2)(c). This decision was made after review of a comp l e t e d e nv i r o n m e n t a l checklist and other information on file with the lead agency. This information is available to the public on request. Comment Per iod: The lead agency will not act on this proposal for fourteen (14) days from the publication date identified above. Written comments must be received by 4 : 3 0 p m , Ju l y 1 1 , 2012. Contact the Community D eve l o p m e n t D e p a r t ment for copies of the proposed amendments by calling 360-825-3593. C o m m e n t Pe r i o d fo r Other Agencies: This MDNS is issued under WAC 197-11-350. Commenting agencies should submit any comments within the above-stated period. Upon request, the City will reconsider its lead agency status, the issuance of this MDNS, or any mitigating measures. ATTACHMENT A - Conditions Required for Mitigation A.Depending upon the final fire flow requirement for the proposed facility, replacement of the existing water main in Mtn. Villa Dr. may be required f r o m D i ck s o n Ave. t o Roosevelt Ave. with the final pipe size and extent of replacement to be determined as part of the permit review process. The scope of pavement repair for the water main trenching work may include pulverizing and repaving half of the street pavement with minimum 3” of HMA, depending upon the location of the water main trench in the right-of-way and the existing pavement condition. The City’s decision on the scope of water main replacement and pavement repair shall be final. Administrator of Development Regulations and Responsible SEPA Official

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Legal Notices

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Date of filing copy of Notice to Creditors: June 1, 2012 Date of first publication: June 13, 2012. HARRY LEE DOTY Personal Representative TRIP HART WSBA # 8913 Attor ney for Personal Representative Address for Mailing or Service: 1224 Griffin Avenue Enumclaw, WA 98022-3012 (360) 825-5581 # 394609 6/13/12, 6/20/12, 6/27/12 SUPERIOR COURT OF WASHINGTON FOR KING COUNTY The Estate of MAXINE M. BURSON, Deceased. Case No. 12-4-03529-3KNT PROBATE NOTICE TO CREDITORS (RCW 11.40.030) JANICE D. BINETTI has been appointed as Executrix/ Personal Representative of this estate. A ny p e r s o n h av i n g a claim against the decedent that arose before t h e d e c e d e n t ’s d e a t h must, before the time the claim would be barred by any otherwise applicable statute of limitations, present the claim in the manner as provided in RCW 11.40.070 by serving on or mailing to the Personal Representative or the Personal Representative’s attorney at the address stated below a copy of the claim and filing the original of the claim with the Court in which the probate proceedings were commenced. The claim must be presented within the later of: (1) Thirty days after the Personal Representative served or mailed the notice to the creditor as provided u n d e r R C W 11.40.020(1) (c); or (2) four months after the date of first publication o f t h e n o t i c e. I f t h e claim is not presented within this time frame, the claim is forever barred, except as otherwise provided in RCW 11.40.051 and

11.40.060. This bar is effective as to claims against both the decedent’s probate and nonprobate assets. Date of Filing Copy of Notice to Creditors: June 8, 2012. Date of First Publication: June 20, 2012. FA R R L AW G R O U P, PLLC By: M. Owen Gabrielson, WSBA #34214 P.O. Box 890 Enumclaw, WA 98022 Attorneys for Executrix/ Personal Representative /s/ Janice D. Binetti Executrix/Personal Representative

Erika Shook, Community Development Director 1309 Myrtle Avenue Enumclaw, WA 98022 Phone 360-825-3593 x. 5725 FAX 360-825-7232 # 398911 6/27/12 SUPERIOR COURT OF WASHINGTON COUNTY OF PIERCE IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF GRACE WALLOU DOTY, Deceased. NO. 12-4-00816-0 NOTICE TO CREDITORS RCW 11.40.030 The personal representative named below has been appointed and has qualified as Personal Representative of this estate. Any person having a claim against the decedent must, before the time the claim would be barred by any otherwise applicable statute of limitations, present the claim in the manner as provided in RCW 11.40.070 by serving on or mailing to the personal representative or the personal representative’s attorney at the address stated below a copy of the claim and filing the original of the claim with the court in which the probate proceedings were commenced. The claim must be presented within the later of: (1) Thirty days after the personal representative served or mailed the notice to the creditor as provided und e r R C W 11.40.020(1)(c); or (2) four months after the date of first publication o f t h e n o t i c e. I f t h e claim is not presented within this time frame, the claim is forever barred, except as otherwise provided in RCW 11.40.051 and 11.40.060. This bar is effective as to claims against both the decedent’s probate and nonprobate assets.

# 396210 6/20/12, 6/27/12, 7/4/12


Employment General

Employment General

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Employment Media

CIRCULATION ASSISTANT The Snoqualmie Valley Record, a division of Sound Publishing, Inc. is seeking a Part-Time Circulation Assistant who can be a team-player as well as be able to work independently. Position is PT 16 hrs/wk (Wednesday & Thursd ay ) . D u t i e s i n c l u d e computer entr y, route verification, paper set up & carrier prep. Must be computer-proficient, able to read and follow maps for route delivery, and able to lift up to 40 lbs r e p e a t e d l y. A c u r r e n t WSDL and reliable, insured vehicle are required. EOE Please e-mail or mail resume with cover letter to:

NOTICE TO READERS This newspaper makes ever y effor t to ensure you are responding to a legitimate job opportunity. Most employers do not ask for money as par t of the application process. Do not send money, especially out of state, give any credit card information or call a 900# in order to respond to an employment ad. The majority of our job opportunity ads are for wage based positions; however; some are commission based, as well as, multi-level marketing, self-employment and independent contract opportunities, in some cases, a small investment may be required and you may be asked to work from your home. Readers may want to obtain a repor t by the Better Business Bureau, Washington Attorney General’s office or the Federal Trade Commission. PUBLISHER Sound Publishing is seeking a proven leader with the entrepreneurial skills to build on the solid growth of its twice weekly community newspapers and its 24/7 online presence on the beautiful Whidbey Island. Ideally, the candidate will have a good understanding of all facets of newspaper operations with emphasis on sales, marketing, and financial management. The publisher will help develop strategy for the newspapers as they continue to serve a rapidly expanding and diverse suburban marketplace. Sound Publishing Inc. is Washington’s largest private, independent newsp a p e r c o m p a n y. I t s broad household distribution blankets the entire Greater Puget Sound region, extending nor th from Seattle to Canada, south to Portland, Oregon, and west to the Pacific Ocean. If you have the ability to think outside the box, a r e c u s t o m e r - d r i ve n , success-or iented and want to live in one of the most beautiful and livable areas in Washington State, then we want to hear from you. Please submit your resume, cover letter with salary requirements to:


RETAIL SALES MANAGER Are you a dynamic, professional individual with innovative ideas and experience in building business and increasing profits? Then we are interested in you! Sound Publishing, Inc. is currently seeking an experienced retail sales manager to lead a talented staff focused on growing revenue, building business relationships, creating innovative ad strategies and strengthening an already strong brand. This position will manage our Courier Herald publications in E n u m c l a w, B o n n e y Lake, and Sumner. The individual must possess strong leadership skills, b e a n e f fe c t i ve t e a m builder and display a commitment to multiplatform audience development. This position requires an accomplished manager who desires to work with a strong advertising team in a high quality market. The retail sales manager will report to the Vice President of East Sound Newspaper Operations. Responsibilities: Build relationships with key adver tisers, helping them meet their goals and grow their business; direct retail sales and service functions for online, and core products; train, motivate, recruit and develop a creative and energetic sales force; mentor strong and experienced sales staffers in retail advertising; and work with the Vice President to develop and implement strategic goals. Qualifications: Minimu m o f t h r e e t o f i ve years of newspaper advertising experience, to include at least two years managerial experience is required. Bachelor’s degree preferred. A successful track record of growing market revenue share with a proven record of developing and positioning strategic plans, which have resulted in increased sales and profitability. Must be a proven leader who is able to build a strong team and alliances. Must possess excellent communication skills (written, verbal, interpersonal, and presentation) with the ability to influence clients, peers and other appropriate audiences. Strong managerial skills (selecting and developing talent, coaching, and teambuilding) and the confidence to challenge the status quo in a professional manner are essential. We are an Equal Employment Oppor tunity Employer and recognize that the key to our success lies in the abilities, diversity and vision of our employees. Women and minorities are enc o u r a g e d t o a p p l y. Please email resume and cover letter to

REPORTER The Central Kitsap Reporter in Silverdale, WA is seeking a general assignment reporter with writing experience and photography skills. Join a four-person newsroom in a position that is prim a r i l y b e a t c ove ra g e and secondarily generalassignment coverage of a city, an Urban Growth Area, county gover nment and naval base. Coverage stretches from the deeply rural to the “other Washington” in scope. News, narrative features and photography are at the center of the job. Applicants must b e a bl e t o wo r k i n a team-oriented deadline driven environment, display excellent wr iting skills, have a knowledge of community news and be able to compose articles on multiple topics. This is a full-time position and includes excellent benefits, paid vacation, sick and holidays. Please send resume with cover letter, 3 or more non-retur nable clips in PDF or Text format and references to or mail to: CKRREP/HR Sound Publishing, Inc. 19351 8th Ave. NE, Suite 106 Poulsbo, WA 98370

or ATTN: HR/SCA, Sound Publishing, Inc. 19426 68th Avenue S., Kent, WA 98032

EMPLOYMENT Employment General

C a l va r y P r e s by t e r i a n Church is seeking to fill two part-time positions: Chancel Choir Director and Praise Team Coordinator. Call or email for infor mation, 360 8253820, office@calvar Cutoff date is July 15, 2012

CARRIER ROUTES AVAILABLE IN YOUR AREA Call Today 1-253-872-6610 SOLD IT? FOUND IT? Let us know by calling 1-800-388-2527 so we can cancel your ad. LABORER for small roofing company. No experience necessary. Must be 18 and have own transportation. Call 360-886-7125


Are you a dynamic, professional individual with innovative ideas and experience in building business and increasing profits? Then we are interested in you! Sound Publishing, Inc. is currently seeking an experienced retail sales manager to lead a talented staff focused on growing revenue, building business relationships, creating innovative ad strategies and strengthening an already strong brand. This position will manage our Courier Herald publications in Enumclaw, Bonney Lake, and Sumner. The individual must possess strong leadership skills, be an effective team builder and display a commitment to multi-platform audience development. This position requires an accomplished manager who desires to work with a strong advertising team in a high quality market. The retail sales manager will report to the Vice President of East Sound Operations. Responsibilities: Build relationships with key advertisers, helping them meet their goals and grow their business; direct retail sales and service functions for online, and core products; train, motivate, recruit and develop a creative and energetic sales force; mentor strong and experienced sales staffers in retail advertising; and work with the Vice President to develop and implement strategic goals. Qualifications: Minimum of three to five years of newspaper advertising experience, to include at least two years managerial experience is required. Bachelor’s degree preferred. A successful track record of growing market revenue share with a proven record of developing and positioning strategic plans, which have resulted in increased sales and profitability. Must be a proven leader who is able to build a strong team and alliances. Must possess excellent communication skills (written, verbal, interpersonal, and presentation) with the ability to influence clients, peers and other appropriate audiences. Strong managerial skills (selecting and developing talent, coaching, and teambuilding) and the confidence to challenge the status quo in a professional manner are essential.

We are an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer and recognize that the key to our success lies in the abilities, diversity and vision of our employees. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.

Please email resume and cover letter to or mail to: Sound Publishing, Inc. 19426 68th Avenue S. Kent, WA 98032 ATTN: HR/SME No calls or personal visits please.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012, THE ENUMCLAW, BONNEY LAKE & SUMNER COURIER-HERALD, Page 19 Employment General

CREATIVE ARTIST The North Kitsap Herald, a weekly community newspaper located on the Kitsap Peninsula in Poulsbo, WA, has an immediate opening for a full-time Creative Artist. Duties include performing ad and spec design, designing promotional materials, providing excellent customer service to the sales staff and clients. Requires excellent communication skills, and the ability to work in a fast paced deadlineor iented environment. Experience in Adobe Creative Suite 2: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat is also required. Newspaper or other media experience is preferred. Must be able to work independently as well as part of a team. Requires f l ex i b i l i t y. We o f fe r a great work environment, health benefits, 401k, paid holidays, vacation a n d s i ck t i m e. E O E . Please e-mail your resume, cover letter, and a few s a m p l e s o f yo u r work to: or mail to: CANKH/HR Sound Publishing, Inc. 19351 8th Ave NE, Suite 106, Poulsbo, WA 98370

Advertise your upcoming garage sale in your local community paper and online to reach thousands of households in your area. Call: 800-388-2527 Fax: 360-598-6800 Go online: EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY All employment advertisements in this newspaper are subject to Federal and State laws which make it illegal to a d ve r t i s e a ny p r e fe r ence, limitation or discrimination based on age, sex, marital status, race, creed, color, national origin or the presence of any sensor y, mental or physical handicap, unless based upon a bona fide occupational qualification. This newspaper will not knowingly accept any adver tisement for employment which is in violation of the law. It is the advertisers responsibility to be aware of federal, state and local laws and regulations pertaining to employment. It is this newspaper’s right to refuse all advertisements which do not comply with regulations.

or: Sound Publishing Inc., Human Resources/ Publisher, 19351 8th Ave NE, Suite 106, Poulsbo, WA 98370.

The Classifieds: Part of the largest suburban newspaper group in western Washington. Go online 24 hours a day: or call us today: 1-800-388-2527 for more information.

Reach thousands of readers by advertising your service in the Service Directory of the Classifieds. Get 4 weeks of advertising in your local community newspapers and on the web for one low price. Call: 1-800-388-2527 Go online: or Email: classified@

The Bainbridge Island Review, a weekly community newspaper located in western Washington state, is accepting applications for a parttime general assignment Reporter. The ideal candidate will have solid reporting and writing skills, have up-to-date knowledge of the AP Stylebook, be able to shoot photos and video, be able to use InDesign, and contribute to staff blogs and Web updates. We offer vacation and sick leave, and paid holidays. If you have a passion for community news reporting and a desire to work in an ambitious, dyn a m i c n ew s r o o m , we want to hear from you. E.O.E. Email your resume, cover letter and up to 5 non-returnable writing, photo and video samples to Or mail to BIRREP/HR Dept., Sound Publishing, 19351 8th Ave. NE, Suite 106, Poulsbo, WA 98370. Classifieds. We’ve got you covered. 800-388-2527 Employment Sales & Retail

Wanted: Energetic self starter!

Long term. Great benefits. Fun place to work. Will train right person. Gamblin Motors, Enumclaw. Ask for Rick Josie or Tom Rebek.

(360)825-3567 Employment Media

REPORTER Reporter sought for staff opening with the Peninsula Daily News, a sixday newspaper on Washington’s beautiful North Olympic Peninsula that includes the cities of Por t Angeles, Sequim, P o r t To w n s e n d a n d Forks (yes, the “Twilight” Forks, but no vampires or werewolves). Bring your experience from a weekly or small daily -from the first day, you’ll be able to show off the writing and photography skills you’ve already acquired while sharpening your talent with the help o f ve t e ra n n ew s r o o m leaders. This is a general assignment reporting position in our Port Angeles office in which being a self-starter must be demonstrated through professional experience. Port Angeles-based Peninsula Daily News, circulation 16,000 daily and 15,000 Sunday (plus a website getting up to one million hits a month), publishes separate editions for Clallam and Jefferson counties. Check out the PDN at w w w. p e n i n s u l a d a i l y and the beau- ty and recreational opor mail to: por tunities a t Sound Publishing, Inc., http://www.peninsuladai19426 68th Avenue S., WA 98032, tion/pdntabs#vizguide. ATTN: HR/SME In-person visit and tryout No calls or personal are required, so Washvisits please. ington/Northwest applicants given preference. Send cover letter, re- Add a picture to your ad sume and five best writand get noticed i n g a n d p h o t o g r a p hy 1-inch photo clips to Leah Leach, 1-inch copy managing editor/news, 5 weeks for P.O. Box 1330, 305 W. one low price First St., Port Angeles, Call: 1-800-388-2527 or WA 9 8 3 6 2 , o r e m a i l go online

Employment Transportation/Drivers

DRIVERS --New Freight lanes in your area. Annual Salar y $45K to $60K. Flexible hometime. Moder n Fleet of trucks. CDL-A, 3 months current OTR experience. 800-414-9569 Health Care Employment


E N U M C L AW H E A LT H and Rehabilitation Center is in need of a Certified Nursing Assistant for all shifts. Please apply within during normal business hours, 2323 Jensen. E N U M C L AW H E A LT H and Rehabilitation Center Experienced RN to join our dynamic group. WA license required. For more information please call Mark Censis at: 360825-2541 Business Opportunities

INTERNATIONAL CULTURAL Exchange Representative: Earn supplemental income placing and supervising high school exchange students. Volunteer host families also needed. Promote world peace! Make Up To $2,000.00+ Per Week! New Credit Card Ready Drink-Snack Vending Machines. Minimum $4K to $40K+ Investment Required. Locations Available. BBB Accredited Business. (800) 962-9189 Employment Volunteers Needed

NON-PROFIT seeking families to host exchange students. Students study at local high schools semester/school y e a r. Fa m i l i e s o f a l l types are encouraged to host. 1-888-266-2921 Schools & Training

AIRLINES ARE HIRINGTrain for hands on Aviation Maintenance Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualifiedHousing available. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance (877)818-0783


Karen (360)802-9314 Professional Services Professional


Construction 578384

Licensed, Bonded, Insured

360897-2573 Lic#JRDCO**044DK



Serving South King & Pierce Area Since 1973

829-1710 Raymond Stine


Licensed, #POEFE *OTVSFE Lic# 1-"5&$'$#

SMS CONSTRUCTION Driveways Sidewalks Patios Garage Slabs Excavation

Shawn M. Shippey 253-709-1030 577963

Home Services Appliance Repair

General Contractor SMSCOC19760E

Home Services General Contractors

“One Call Does It All!� * Windows * Doors * Carpentry * Decks * Fences * Framing * Drywall and Repairs Lic. - Bonded - Insured Steve, (206)427-5949




Cont. Lic# RICTHBR985P4

Garages Shops Barns Arenas

Full Steel Construction All Types of Outbuidings Since 1979

Ric Thiele (253)261-5121 CONTRACTOR’S NOTICE Adver tising placed by contractor’s must contain the contractor’s true name, address and current registration number according to Washington State Law 18.27,100. Violations could be subject to a civil penalty of up to $1000 per violation. To see if this law applies to you and for information on other provis i o n s o f t h e l aw c a l l Contractors Registration in Olympia. (360)9025226.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

by ALL PRO BUILDERS Home Interior Remodeling 360.825.1957 Celebrating 25 years of local service! LIC# ALLPRB1012BK

Retired General Contractor BRINN

CONSTRUCTION Small jobs All phases of Construction Contact Liam (425)891-6052 (253)862-0223 Lic.# BRINNC*949NG



410 Roosevelt East Just off Hwy 410

Home Services Handyperson

Builder/ Remodeler, Inc

• • • •


30 Y Experi ears ence!



206-387-6100 Lic#HIMARML924JB

K&K Landscaping

House/Cleaning Service

360/893-2429 or cell 253/691-1324 -JDFOTFEr#POEFE 3*$)"#1-

Bonney Lake Handyman - Remodel - Kitchens - Repair - Baths - Maintenance - Windows - Roof - Gutters - Storm DamageRepair

Any Size Jobs!

253.863.4243 Cell 206.979.1302


bonneylakehandyman .com BONNELH953P8

Home Services Hauling & Cleanup

*EZ-Haulers Junk Removal

We Haul Anything!


Lowest Rates! (253)310-3265

Appliances, car parts, junk car removal, old car batteries, fencing, pipes. Anything metal hauled away for FREE! (253)397-9100

GREEN CLEAN! Top to bottom, A to Z, Call Julie! Affordable house or office cleaning. 253561-1469. Licensed. Home Services Landscape Services



Tom 425-443-5474 25 years experience



25% OFF!

All kinds of yardwork: sod, seed, tree pruning mowing and fencing. Senior Discount

We accept all credit cards!

253-228-9101 206-229-5632

Lic# quickl*984cr *Bonded/Insured


* Cleanup * Trimming * Weeding * Pruning * Sod * Seed * Bark * Rockery *Complete Yard Work 425-226-3911 206-722-2043 Lic# A1SHEGL034JM

Danny’s Landscaping & Tree Service Spring Clean-Up: Thatch, Weed, Bark, Haul, Tree Removal, Etc. Pruning, Gutters, Roof, Moss Control, Sprinkler Install & Repair

15% Senior Discount

253-353-9948 You’ll ďŹ nd everything you need in one website 24 hours a day 7 days a week:



INTERIOR SALE $150 or 20% off

Lawn Maintenance

Pruning, Weeding, Hedge Trimming, Bark, Yard clean-up, Pavers, Patios, Retaining Walls, Sod & Seed

253-230-1235 Bonded & Insured



Call for a Free Estimate

253-862-4400 " 3BUJOHXJUI###

-*$&/4&% #0/%&% */463&% -JD)6/51*#.

Local Fencer

Interiors Exteriors Repaints

Cedar & Chain Link Repairs ~ Custom Gates Farm/Horse Fencing Bonded ~ Insured

Free Estimates Call James



Home Services Lawn/Garden Service


Mowing (most yards $30) Trimming, Pruning, Hedge Work, Bark Spreading, Hauling, Fence Repair Senior Discounts Free Estimates Call Randy: (253)350-1539 Licensed & Insured

Home Services


Free Scrap Metal Pick-up

CODE MECHANICAL Heating & Air Conditioning Residential/ Commercial Sales & Service Buckley (253)377-2787

Senior Discount FREE ESTIMATE

Otis Hunter

Need to sell old exercise equipment? Call 800-388-2527 to place your ad today.

K & K Landscaping Lawn Maintenance

Mowing, Edging, Yard Clean-up

253-230-1235 Bonded & Insured


Free Estimates Handyman Services Available


AK Painting and Construction, Inc

Interior to Exterior Painting, Remodels, Gutter Cleaning, Drywall, Roof Cleaning, Roofing, Pressure Washing, Commercial Offices Day or Night Jobs Big or Small 22 Years Experience Call Ken

(253)350-0982 Licensed, bonded, insured KPAINPC957CB

Build up your business with our Service Guide Special: Four full weeks of advertising starting at $40. Call 800-388-2527 to place your ad today.

e nLin a e l C ting Pain ting a & Co

Proudly Painting the Plateau

Is this the year to repaint your home? Let us tackle your project & provide a superior custom paint job at a competitive price.





Home Services Plumbing





Licensed and insured


LLOYD’S Sales and Service of Gas, Oil & Electric Forced Air, Quality Air Filters Custom Metal Fabrication

Got Gutter Trouble? FREE Estimates



Enumclaw Rain Gutters

Call now and save 10%


Larry Biller Over 30 Yrs. Experience Commercial - Residential

Dennis Gustafson 360-825-7983 360-239-2203 cell t1BUJPTt8BMLT t4UFQTt#BTFNFOUT t(BSBHFTt4MBCT t%SJWFXBZT

home services



253.255-5682 Lic.#SERENAI920L6


Custom Upholstery By Van’s of Enumclaw. Free pickup, delivery and estimates. Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm. 23929 SE 440th, Enumclaw (360)825-5775

General Contractor

79 89

Complete Yard Work DTree Service DHauling DWeeding DPruning DHedge Trim DFence DConcrete DBark DNew Sod & Seed DAerating & Thatching

Home Services Painting


For the young and young at heart.





Home Services Concrete Contractors

Professional Services Music Lessons

Home Services Gutter Services

Home Services Painting


FREE Estimates (360)825-7877 (253)939-4399



DIVORCE $135. $165 with children. No court appearances. Complete p r e p a ra t i o n . I n c l u d e s custody, support, proper ty division and bills. B B B m e m b e r . (503) 772-5295. www.paralegalalter



WRIGHTS SERVICES Carpet cleaning, carpet repair Serving your town and neighbors since 1973

Professional Services Legal Services


360-829-4121 253-389-1698


(253) 862-7533





All work owner ďŹ nished

Heating & Air Conditioning


Gosstekk Carpet & Upholstery Special

Chris Eggers

New Construction, Basement, Remodels No Job Too Small! or Home Services Landscape Services




Heating/Air Conditioning

“Where Quality is the Difference.�

Home Construction & Remodeling

Home Services Carpet Clean/Install

Home Services


BACKHOE Bulldozing, Dump Truck, Clearing, Logging, Foundations, Ecology Block Walls

(253)355-1743 or (253)862-6484

Home Services Drywall/Plaster


ATTEND COLLEGE online from home. *Medical *Business *Criminal Justice. *Hospitality. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. SCHEV cer tified. Call 8 6 6 - 4 8 3 - 4 4 2 9 .


Home Services General Contractors


ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE from Home. *Medical, *Business, *Criminal Justice. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. SCHEV certified. Call 800-488-0386

Home Services


Schools & Training

447-8754 360/825-1493 253/



Are you a dynamic, professional individual with innovative ideas and experience in building business and increasing profits? Then we are interested in you! Sound Publishing, Inc. is currently seeking an experienced retail sales manager to lead a talented staff focused on growing revenue, building business relationships, creating innovative ad strategies and strengthening an already strong brand. This position will manage our Courier Herald publications in Enumclaw, Bonney Lake, and Sumner. The individual must possess strong leadership skills, be an effective team builder and display a commitment to multi-platform audience development. This position requires an accomplished manager who desires to work with a strong advertising team in a high quality market. The retail sales manager will report to the Vice President of East Sound Operations. Responsibilities: Build relationships with key advertisers, helping them meet their goals and grow their business; direct retail sales and service functions for online, and core products; train, motivate, recruit and develop a creative and energetic sales force; mentor strong and experienced sales staffers in retail advertising; and work with the Vice President to develop and implement strategic goals. Qualifications: Minimum of three to five years of newspaper advertising experience, to include at least two years managerial experience is required. Bachelor’s degree preferred. A successful track record of growing market revenue share with a proven record of developing and positioning strategic plans, which have resulted in increased sales and profitability. Must be a proven leader who is able to build a strong team and alliances. Must possess excellent communication skills (written, verbal, interpersonal, and presentation) with the ability to influence clients, peers and other appropriate audiences. Strong managerial skills (selecting and developing talent, coaching, and teambuilding) and the confidence to challenge the status quo in a professional manner are essential.

We are an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer and recognize that the key to our success lies in the abilities, diversity and vision of our employees. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.

Please email resume and cover letter to or mail to: Sound Publishing, Inc. 19426 68th Avenue S. Kent, WA 98032 ATTN: HR/SME No calls or personal visits please. or Domestic Services Child Care Offered


NOTICE TO READERS People providing child care in their home are required to have a state l i c e n s e. C o m p l e t e l i censing information and daycare provider verification is available from the state at 1-800-4461114.

Free Estimates Insured & Bonded

Jim Wetton’s

PLUMBING Residential & Commercial Service & Repairs




360 825-7720

253-854-6049 425-417-2444

Removals, Topping, Pruning LIC# JJTOPJP921JJ KNOLL TREE SERVICE

“The Tree People� Tree Removal/Thinning, Stump Grinding, Brush Hauling, Etc! FREE ESTIMATES


JT’s Plumbing Repair est 1987

John Long (360)825-3007 (253)334-9698 *Plumbing Repairs *Drain Cleaning *Fixture Installations

for Summer & Fall 2012 6:30am6pm Mon-Fri Potty Trained thru 8

All Aspects


Lic# joesp183tq

Preschool Childcare is




(253)862-1700 Lic. # TEZAKT50330C

Home Services Window Cleaning

TOM’S WINDOW CLEANING Commercial, Residential Gutter cleaning, Gutter whitening, Moss control, Pressure washing, New construction Locally owned (360)802-8925 (253)740-3833

All Meals provided & on site.

Field trips to visit our various farm animals & gardens.

(360) 825-8886

A place where children can


JTSPLR*110JP Home Services Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing Window Washing Gutter Cleaning Commercial, Residential Free Estimates! Competitive Prices!

(253) 205-4390 Reach readers the daily newspapers miss when you advertise in the ClassiďŹ eds. 1-800-388-2527 or Home Services Roofing/Siding

ROOFING & REMODELING Senior Discounts Free Estimates Expert Work 253-850-5405 American Gen. Contractor Better Business Bureau Lic #AMERIGC923B8


domestic services Domestic Services Child Care Offered

Bonney Lake Montessori is now enrolling children 30 months to five years for preschool and childcare programs. We are a State licensed facility, specializing in kindergarten readiness. Call to schedule a classroom tour and meet our teachers! (253)862-8599 Daycare home in Melody Park, Enumclaw. Days, nights or weekends. 23 years experience. 360802-9514 or 253-9511298. Lic.#5116.

ENROLLMENT 2012 - 2013 School Year Preschool & Kindergarten

MISCELLANEOUS Business Equipment

BUSINESS OR Fund R a i s i n g O p p o r t u n i t y. Softball, Baseball, Football, Soccer? Does your team need to raise money for uniforms, travel, e t c ? T h e n c h e ck t h i s out! Fully equipped, ready to serve, Concessions Trailer for sale by local non-profit, $28,500. Dick at 253-631-4931 Extra auto parts bring in extra cash when you place an ad in the ClassiďŹ eds. Open 24 hours a day Cemetery Plots

3 GORGEOUS VIEW Plots at Washington Memorial in The Garden of Communion. Well kept, lovely & year round maintenance included. Friendly, helpful staff. Section 15, block 232, plots B; (2, 3 & 4), near Veteran section. Asking below cemeter y price, $1,500 each! 206-2460698. Plots located at 16445 International Blvd. ACACIA MEMORIAL Park and Funeral Home, 14951 Bothell Way NE, Seattle, 98155. Tandem C r y p t ( Tw o c a s k e t s lengthwise or two urns). Cr ypt located in Lake View Mausoleum. Current retail price is $12,698. For sale for $7,695. Will consider offers. Phone 206-3646769. Email:

Limited space available

3 yrs - Kindergarten Mornings and Afternoons Summer Camp Available

For more info call Connie


Cemetery Plots

Flea Market

Home Furnishings

Yard and Garden

CEDAR LAWNS Memorial Park in Redmond. 1 plot available. Choice location in the Garden of Resurrection, near the f r o n t g a t e. Va l u e d a t $5,000. Asking: $3,000. (360)678-6764

Plate glass shelving, 17x23.5, $5. Happy Birthday Windmill, 21.5� high, with candles. 18 numbers for all birthdays ove r 1 0 0 , $ 4 0 . S l a n t board, good condition, $35. Padlock keys, all kinds, 5lbs, $2 per lbs. Mirro-Matic 6 qt press u r e c o o k e r / c a n n e r, holds 7 pints, booklet, works great $35. Collectible 4 wire bale, half gallon, glass ball jars, with glass lids, $15 each. 253-852-6809

Must Sell! New NASA Memory foam matt. set. Full $375, Qn $400, King $500. New. 20 yr warr. Del. avail. 253-539-1600 --------------------------------Brand New Orthopedic matt. & box spring. Still in plastic. With warranty! Twin $ 175, Full $200, Queen $230, King $350. Call 253-537-3056 --------------------------------Factory Closeout BR set. Incl: bed, nightstand, dresser, mirror. Full/ Queen, $395. King, $495. 253-539-1600 --------------------------------Overstuffed Microfiber sofa & loveseat, new, factory sealed, w/ Lifet i m e w a r r. o n f r a m e . Scotch guarded. Only $695. 253-537-3056 --------------------------------New Adjustable Bed w/ memory foam mattress. List: $2800. Sacrifice, $950. 253-537-3056

ENUMCLAW SALES PAVILLION PLANT SALE! Lots of bedding plants, hanging baskets and vegetables! Saturday, June 30th 12:00 NOON

C E M E T E RY P L O T Prestigious Greenwood Memorial Park in Renton. One plot available in beautiful Rhododendron section. Purchased in 1966 among Renton families and veterans. This section is filled, lock in price now! $3000. No fee for transfer. For more details, call Alice: 425-277-0855 EVERGREEN - WASHELLI Cemetery, on Aurora Avenue in Seattle. 2 p l o t s a va i l a b l e , w i t h head stones, in the sold out Pacific Lutheran Section 5. $5,000 each or best offer. 206-2482330 SUNSET HILLS Memorial Park in Bellevue. 2 C h o i c e S i d e by S i d e Plots in The Garden of Rest, Lot 83, Spaces 11 and 12. $10,500 each. Contract Possible - Lets Ta l k ! C o n t a c t m e a t : or 425-890-7780 WASHINGTON MEMORIAL Park in Seatac. 1 plot in Section 20, Row K-3. Year round maintenance. Nice, peaceful s e t t i n g n e a r r o a d fo r easy access. Pr ice if purchased from Cemetery: $3,795. Asking $2,800. Call: 206-3269706 Electronics

AT & T  U - V e r s e   f o r just $29.99/mo!  SAVE w h e n y o u bundle  Internet+Phone+ TV  and get up to  $300 BACK!  (Selectlans).  Limited Time CALL NOW! 866-944-0810 Dish Network lowest nationwide price $19.99 a month. FREE HBO/Cinemax/Starz FREE Blockbuster. FREE HD-DVR and install. Next day install 1-800-375-0784 DISH Network. Starting at $19.99/month PLUS 30 Premium Movie Channels FREE for 3 Months! SAVE! & Ask About SAME DAY Installation! CALL - 877-9921237 SAVE on Cable TV-Internet-Digital Phone. Packages start at $89.99/mo (for 12 months.) Options from ALL major service providers. Call Acceller t o d ay t o l e a r n m o r e ! CALL 1-877-736-7087

ACACIA Memorial Park, “Birch Gardenâ€?, (2) adjacent cemetery plots, #3 & #4. Selling $4,000 each or $7,500 both. Located in Shoreline / N. ,OOKINGĂĽFORĂĽAĂĽNEWĂĽPLACEĂĽ Seattle. Call or email Stop Paying too much for Emmons Johnson, 206#HECKĂĽOUTĂĽ WWWPNWHOMElNDERCOM 7 9 4 - 2 1 9 9 , TV! Satellite is CHEAPER than cable! Packages FORĂĽLOCALĂĽĂĽNATIONALĂĽLISTINGSĂĽ from $19.99/mo- FREE movies, FREE upgrades & FREE HD: Limited Offer- CALL NOW! 800371-7386




A Country Garden Montessori




Domestic Services Preschool Openings

Over 30 Years Experience FREE ESTIMATES

Repair, Remodel, Water Heaters, Hose Bibbs. Low Rates. Free Estimates


Home Services Tree/Shrub Care


Home Services Plumbing

7605 Myers Rd. Bonney Lake

Want more business this year?



I can deliver your message to tens of thousands of doorsteps in your market.

Call me today to find out more Jen Tribbett 360-825-2555 Whether you need to target the local market or want to cover the Puget Sound area, WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED!

Flea Market

CELL PHONE, new in b ox , Kyo c e ra S 2 1 0 0 , camera phone with bluetooth wireless, mobile web and more, $20. Federal Way. 253-8748987 FREE ADS FOR FREE STUFF! Now you can clean up and clear out your item for FREE w h e n yo u ’r e g i v i n g i t away fo r f r e e. O f fe r good for a one week ad, up to 20 words, private party merchandise ad. No business, service or commercial ads qualify for the free offer. Call (360)825-2555 ext. 202 to place your free ad in the Recycler.

Come Join Us at Venetian window blind, A l m o n d c o l o r, 5 ’ 1 0 â€? 22712 SE 436th w i d e, g o o d c o n d i t i o n Enumclaw, WA with hardware, $25. Venetion blind, Almond col98022 or, 3’6â€? wide, good con(360)825-3151 or dition, with hardware, (360)825-1116 $15. Pull down vinyl window shade, white, good Think Inside the Box condition, $5. Plastic Coca-Cola bottle, 23â€? Advertise in your tall, $10. 10 little wood local community boxes, 9â€?x12â€?x3â€?deep, newspaper and on great for little drawers, $2 each. Collectible the web with just Mail Order cardboard shoebox, one phone call. holds 9 pairs of shoes, ATTENTION DIABETICS Call 800-388-2527 really neat! $15. 253with Medicare. Get a for more information. 852-6809 FREE Talking Meter and diabetic testing supplies Food & at NO COST, plus FREE Wanted/Trade Farmer’s Market home delivery! Best of all, this meter eliminates W A N T E D : R A D I O GREEN VALLEY painful finger pricking! Tu b e s , H a m R a d i o , MEATS Call 888-903-6658 Phone Equipment, Large 12565 SE Green Valley Attention Joint & Muscle Speakers. Cash Paid! Rd. Auburn, WA Pain Sufferers: Clinically 503-999-2157 Locker Meat Beef, proven all-natural sup- 7000 Pork, Buffalo Lamb, plement helps reduce Poultry. Custom pain and enhance moCutting and Wrapping, bility. Call 888-474-8936 Sausage, Jerky, to try Hydraflexin RISKPepperoni FREE for 90 days. Farm Slaughtering 48 Years Experience ATTENTION SLEEP AP(253)833-8131 NEA SUFFERERS with SAVE 65 Percent & Get M e d i c a r e . G e t F R E E 2 F R E E G I F T S w h e n C PA P R e p l a c e m e n t ANIMALS you order 100 Percent Supplies at NO COST, guaranteed, delivered – plus FREE home delivery! Best of all, prevent to - the-door Omaha Dogs Steaks - Family Value red skin sores and bacteC o m b o N O W O N LY rial infection! Call 866AKC GOLDEN Retriever $49.99. ORDER Today 993-5043 1 - 8 8 8 - 6 9 7 - 3 9 6 5 u s e Canada Drug Center is puppies! (2) light golden c o d e 4 5 0 6 9 T L S o r your choice for safe and color. (4) medium golden affordable medications. color. Males $650. Fevalue75 Our licensed Canadian males $700. Pedigree order pharmacy will p r ov i d e d . Pa r e nrdt s o n SMOKE HOUSE & mail provide you with savings site. Born April 23 . AbMORE of up to 90 percent on all solutely adorable! Great The Best your medication needs. for children and hunting! in the Northwest! C a l l To d a y 8 8 8 - 4 5 9 - Shots & dewormed. Call 9961 for $25.00 off your W i l l i a m o r Ta t i a n a a t Salmon, Chicken, first prescription and free 360-642-1198, 901-438Jerky, Pepperoni, 4051 or 901-485-2478. shipping Hams. Custom Long Beach, WA. D i a b e t e s / C h o l e s t e r o l / AKC GOLDEN Retriever smoking services available. Bring your W e i g h t L o s s B e r g a - puppies. DOB 5/2/12. 6 monte, a Natural Product males, 3 females. Range meat to me. for Cholesterol, Blood 32721 Railroad Ave. Sugar and weight. Physi- in colors & coat lengths. Pad trained. Love snugBlack Diamond c i a n r e c o m m e n d e d , gling and the outdoors! (360)886-9293 backed by Human Clini- Raised with young chilcal Studies with amazing dren. Both parents on results. Call today and s i t e. T h e s e p u p s w i l l Heavy Equipment save 15% off your first make a great companion MANTIS Deluxe Tiller. bottle! 888-470-5390 and/ or member of the NEW! FastStart engine. Over 30 Million Woman family! Looking for loving Ships FREE. One-Year Suffer From Hair Loss! families! $300. Buckley. Money-Back Guarantee Do you? If So We Have 253-732-4265. when you buy DIRECT. a Solution! CALL KERAC a l l fo r t h e DV D a n d NIQUE TO FIND OUT FREE Good Soil book! MORE 888-481-2610 866-969-1041 TAKE VIAGRA/CIALIS? Advertise your Get 40 100mg/20mg Pills, for only- $99! +4 upcoming garage Bonus Pills FREE! #1 sale in your local Male Enhancement. Discommunity paper creet Shipping. Save $500.00! Call  1- 877and online to reach BEAUTIFUL AKC Engthousands of households 595-1025 lish Cream Golden ReWhether you’re in your area. triever Puppies. Have buying or selling, Call: 800-388-2527 had 1st shots and health the ClassiďŹ eds c h e ck u p. T h ey h ave Fax: 360-598-6800 has it all. From been raised in the beauGo online: tiful country, are well soautomobiles and cialized, and are good employment to real with little children. ParHome Furnishings estate and household ents temperaments are goods, you’ll ďŹ nd calm, loving, and smart. DOWNSIZING! All in exeverything you need Price $800. For more incellent condition. 3 year 24 hours a day at formation: 360-520-9196 old Kenmore side x side or www.mountainsprings almond color refrig with ice/water in door. 6x9 all Miscellaneous wool, hand knotted rug, BONNEY LAKE Dog blue back ground. 2 B o a r d i n g . $ 1 5 a d ay, wo o d t r i m m e d u p h o l - C O U N T RY G A R D E N any size dog. No Pits. stered chairs with otto- BOUQUETS offers sea- Over 15 years experib o u q u e t s , ence. State and County man. Some accessories s o n a l to match. By appoint- wreaths & other hand- Licensed. Visit our webment. Priced to sell. Call crafted local items in site to see our facilities: ( 2 5 3 ) 8 7 4 - 7 4 0 7 Tw i n “The Shopâ€? (360)825- 3976 (253)332-9466. Lakes area. 360-897-9888



SUMNER CAT RESORT Quality boarding with daily loving attention for each kitty! Sharon; The Collectable Cat 253-8260533 253-486-9437

BICHON FRISE puppies. AKC Registered. Taking deposits. $900 e a c h . Fo r c o m p a n i o n only! Will be vet checked and have first shots and be dewormed. Call for infor mation: 360-8747771, 360-621-8096 or go to website to see our adorable puppies! www.bichonfrise

Log on to a website that’s easy to navigate. Whether you’re buying or selling, the ClassiďŹ eds has it all. From automobiles and employment to real estate and household goods, you’ll ďŹ nd everything you need 24 hours a day at G E R M A N S H E PA R D Puppies, only 5 left! Parents on premises. Bred for Family and Protection. Bor n on Mothers D ay, R e a d y Ju l y 1 s t . First shots included. 4 2 5 - 9 2 3 - 8 2 3 0 Ta k i n g Reservations Now. Located at Arlington Doggie Day Care.

GOLDEN DOODLES F1B Puppies! Low allergen, low shedding and long lived companions! Home raised. Parents are smar t, gentle and tested for hips, knees and eyes. Vet check with first shots & wor med. Ready for homes mid July. Will range from 35 t o 6 5 l b s. 5 B l a ck . 1 Cream. 2 Beige/ Apricot. 2 Black Females. Starting at $975. 206-4633844. www.vashonisland goldendoodles.shutter allison@dancingleaves. com



Marine Power

GARAGE SALES Garage/Moving Sales King County AUBURN

MULTI FAMILY Garage S a l e ! F u r n i t u r e, k i d s clothes, toys, household items, spor ting goods and more! Saturday & Sunday, June 30th & July 1st from 10am to 4pm in Aubur n Lakeland Hills Community at 5216 Mill Pond Drive SE. Enumclaw

A K C G R E AT D A N E Puppies. Now offering Full-Euro’s, Half-Euro’s & Standard Great Danes. Males & females. Every color but Faw n s , $ 5 0 0 & u p. Health guarantee. Licensed since 2002. Dreyersdanes is Oregon state’s largest breeder of Great Danes. Also; selling Standard Poodles. Call 503-556-4190. Horses

E&K Farms

40 Acres, Covered & Open Arenas, Pasture, Stall Boards, Large Obstacle Course, Trails Auburn/Enumclaw


STALLS AVAILABLE! Friendly full care facility. Covered arena/ track/ obstacles. Lots of food/ bedding. Lessons; English/ Western. Cowboy Dressage 360-825-5617

Storewide Sale Open: 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th 11AM-5PM Furniture, Primitives, Collectibles, Jewelry, Clothes, Home Decor, Vintage Schwinn Bike and more!!!

SUMMER HORSE CAMPS! Horses provided. English & Western. Vet care. Feeds. Fun! 360-825-5617.

Always Reasonably Priced 29393 Hwy 410 Rose’s IGA Complex Buckley

Country Soul

Services Animals

PROFESSIONAL PET & FARM SITTING Licensed and insured. Serving Orting, Buckley Bonney Lake, Enumclaw 360-870-8209

Estate Sales KENT

ESTATE SALE! Tools, fur niture, dishes, new r iding mower and too much more to list! June 2 9 th- 1 st, 9 a m - 4 p m , 30130 170th Place SE.

Pickup Trucks Chevrolet

Auto Service/Parts/ Accessories

1998 FORD Mustang 2 Door Convertible. Enjoy Summer with the top down, and the wind blowin in your hair.Only $8,999.stock# V12328B. 1-888-334-8142.Dlr.* 2008 FORD Focus 2 dr. Coupe. Clean Car! $10,999 stck# PV3937A 1-888-334-8142. Dlr.* 2010 FORD MUSTANG $17,000 -SILVER GORGEOUS Looks and drives like NEW! Stock#B-6819A. 1-888-537-4593. Dlr.*

1999 CHEVROLET Silverado 1500 P.U. 4 wd Only $8,999 Great Deal. Stock#H12104G 1-888-334-8142. Dlr.* 2008 CHEVROLET Silverado C1500. 4 door ext cab. What A steal! Only $18,888. Wont last! 1-888-494-6861.


Automobiles Honda

ULTRA PRISTINE 2003 56’ Meridian 580 Pilothouse Motoryacht. Meticulously maintained and moored in freshwater since new! Only 723 hours; twin 635 HP Cummins. Includes 1800 GPD, watermaker, furnace, 14’ Avon dinghy with 50 HP Yamaha, full electronics! Too many options to list! Only $598,000. Mercer Island. Call Dale 503-519-4235.

Bir thday Bar n Garage Sale. June 29th-30th, July 1st, 9AM-4PM. Oak Automobiles horse buggy, blacksmith fo r g e / h o o d & t o o l s , Classics & Collectibles household items, furniture, clothes, garden/ tack shed and misc. items. 23818 SE 440th St 1973 DODGE Charger. One owner, engine reENUMCLAW built to approx. 340, au**FRIDAY ONLY** tomatic transmission, 6/29; 9am - 5pm complete service 2507 Harmony Ln records, original paint and top. New Edelbrock Multi Family Yard carburetor, radiator, alSale offering home ternator, electronic ignigoods, furnishings tion, power steering collectibles, video p u m p , b a t t e r y, r e a r games, clothes & spr ings. Great dr ive. Many other items rebuilt Much, More! or replaced. $15,500. Enumclaw Contact Al 360-678Garage Sale. Saturday, 0960 Whidbey Island Ju n e 3 0 t h , 9 A M g a t e 1 9 7 9 R A L LY S P O RT opens. RV stuff, tools Camaro. 350 V-8 needs etc. 38222 297th Pl SE. ove r h a u l , 2 0 1 3 t a b s. N e e d s T L C bu t g o o d ENUMCLAW GARAGE SALE! Satur- project car for folks that th day, June 30 from 9am can work on cars. Good to 3pm. Leather recliner, tires and new exhaust hide a bed couch, Ethan system. Has been sitting A l l e n w i n g b a c k , l o t s last 10 years. Don, 253more!!! 3120 Chelsea 941-5108 Lane.

HORSE Boarding. Full care. 12’x12’ stalls. Daily turnout. Covered arena. Wash rack. $325/month Enumclaw GREAT LIVING Estate (360)829-0771 Sale! Household goods, HORSE SALE Stylish home decor, enOPEN CONSIGNMENT tertainment and kitchen July 1, 2012 treasures. Couch, dressTack at Noon ers, beds, coffee tables Horses at 3PM a n d s h e l ve s. C l o t h e s Enumclaw Sales and books. Christmas Pavillion (pre-lit tree, banister gar22712 SE 436th l a n d , e t c ) , Ta s t e f u l l y Enumclaw, WA 98022 decorated 3300 SF (360)825-3151 or home downsized to 1/3 (360)825-1116 size, everything must go! Sale June 29th, 30th Get the ball rolling... Call 800-388-2527 today. a n d J u l y 1 s t . Fr i d ay 8 a m - 2 p m , S a t u r d ay Reg. Kentucky Rocky 8am- 2pm & Sunday 8Mountain Horse. 13 yr. 1 2 n o o n . 2 9 0 2 1 S E Gelding. Gaited. Choco- 4 7 2 n d S t r e e t , E nu m late. $2500 OBO. Reg. claw. approx. 2 miles Palomino Morgan Geld- past the Fairgrounds. ing. 12 yr. Gaited. $2500 O B O. ( 3 6 0 ) 3 1 9 - 4 0 6 0 Garage/Moving Sales Pierce County Buckley area.

When you’re looking for a new place, jump into action with the classiďŹ eds.


Automobiles Ford

2008 HONDA CRV $ 18,997 GOLD # 1 Selling Crossover SUV a n d p e r fe c t . H o n d a ’s pride and joy! Stcok#B-2879A 1-888-537-4593. Dlr.*

Pickup Trucks Dodge

2008 DODGE TRUCK 1500. Stock# B-7932A. $21,000 WHITE G o anywhere, do anything RAM! 1-888-537-4593. Dlr.* Pickup Trucks Ford

2000 FORD Ranger 2WD Regular Cab 6 Ft Box XL stock #V12231D Only $5,999. 1-888-3348142. Dlr.* 2007 FORD TRUCK SPORT TRAC. $15,997. Automobiles stock# 2 Hyundai 1496AA.BLACK B l e n d of truck and SUV, does it 2008 Hyundai Sonota Only $14,999 !! Clean all! 1-888-537-4593 Dlr.* Car, rides smooth! 2009 FORD Ranger stock # H13001A. $8,299. Clean Truck! 1-888-334-8142. Dlr.* stock# 33252. 1-888-369-3481.Dlr.* Automobiles Lexus

2010 LEXUS RX450 AW D H y b r i d . 8 , 6 0 0 Miles. Price Reduced! $41,950. Original Owner! Automatic! Every Option Available! AC/Climate Control, ABS, Dual Side Air Bags, Cruise Control, Sunroof, Overhead Luggage Rack, Xfiniti Stereo Sound Syst e m w i t h 6 D i s c C D, Navigation System, Dual Back-Up Cameras, Anti Theft. Aluminum/Alloy Wheels, Remote Keyless Entry, Dual Control Heated Seats, Power : Windows, Doors, Locks. Garage Kept and Smoke Fr e e. 2 5 3 - 2 3 5 - 5 4 7 8 Federal Way

Easy as ABC With just one phone call, you can advertise in your local community newspapers and on Automobiles the web. Lincoln Call: 800-388-2527 2006 LINCOLN LS or go online to $15,000 stock#B-9880A SILVER Grand Tourning luxury in pearl today for more white- NICE! 1-888-537-4593. Dlr.* information. Sport Utility Vehicles

3ELLüITüFORüFREEüINüTHEü&,%! Jeep Automobiles THEFLEA SOUNDPUBLISHINGCOM 1 9 9 7 J e e p W r a n g l e r. Acura N e w t i r e s . N e w t o p. 2003 ACURA MDX 4WD 112k miles. 4 cyl. ExcelAutomobiles Touring with Navigation lent condition. $6500. Mercury and rear entertainment (360)825-9083 1999 MERCURY Grand system! Only $15,999. Marquis. 4 Dr.. Sedan 2007 JEEP G R A N D stock# H12259. Call LS. Nice Vehicle! Only CHEROKEE. $16,994. 1-888-334-8142. Dlr.* S t o c k # B $5,999. stck#PV3958G 0605A. BLACK 1-888-334-8142. Dlr.* Automobiles The sports car of SUV’s. Chevrolet


1-888-537-4593. Dlr.*

2004 CHEVROLET Sport Utility Vehicles Mitsubishi Impala. $7,499 Sweet Toyota 2007 MITSUBISHI Ride! Stock# 33264 Galant $10,999 Sweet 2001 TOYOTA 1-888-639-3481. Dlr.* Highlander. Room for Ride! stock# 33181. Everyone! Only$10,999 Automobiles 1-888-639-3481. Dlr.* stock# PV3978. Call Chrysler 1-888-334-8142. Dlr.* Automobiles 2005 CHRYSLER 300 Others Series. 4 Dr. Sedan Only Vans & Mini Vans $15,999. Don’t miss this Win $4,000 in groceries. Ford Deal! stock#H12104D Enter to win. Take our 2007 FORD Cargo Van 1-888-334-8142.Dlr.* survey at $ 5 , 9 9 9 L e t ’s G e t To and tell us about your work!! Stock# 33227. 2006 CHRYSLER h o u s e h o l d s h o p p i n g 1-888-369-3481. Dlr.* PACIFICA $13,678 plans and media usage. stock#B-8816A BLUE Vans & Minivans All Wheel Drive, quiet Your input will help us improve the paper and Pontiac and comfortable. get the advertising spe- 2008 PONTIAC 1-888-537-4593. Dlr.* cials you want. Thank M O N T A N A . 2008 CHRYSLER Se- you! Stock#B-2613A bring Touring Hardtop $11,000 Convertible. Black, 6 cylAutomobiles SILVER Excellent inder, Automatic TransPontiac condition 1 of a kind! mission, Air Condition1-888-537-4593. Dlr.* ing, Power Equipment, 2009 PONTIAC G6 AM/FM/XM/CD. 25,000 S t o c k # B - 4 6 8 2 A . Auto Service/Parts/ miles. Excellent Condi- $14,365.SILVER S p o r t y Accessories tion. Includes Mainte- performance on a budget.1-888-537-4593. nance Contract. Always Garaged. $15,500. Call: Dlr.* 253-237-5018 Automobiles Dodge

Automobiles Toyota

2009 TOYOTA PRIUS 2005 DODGE Neon $18,411 WHITE 4 Door Sedan. Clean Ummm, how does 45 Car! Only $6,999. Won’t m p g grab ya? last! Stock# V12284D. Stock#B-9650A 1-888-334-8142. Dlr.* 1-888-537-4593. Dlr.*



Years in Business!

Pickup Trucks Nissan

2 0 0 7 N I S S A N T I TA N King Cab. Death in the family, must sell, I just don’t dr ive it. Only 3 5 , 0 0 0 o r g i n a l m i l e s. Sleek Charcoal with grey i n t e r i o r. L o o k s s h a r p driving down the road. Pe r fe c t c o n d i t i o n ! A l l The Bells & Whistles including tow package & h i t c h ! $ 1 4 , 5 0 0 o b o. Enumclaw. Days 360825-5628. Evenings 206-375-2457.


Free Pick up 253-335-1232 1-800-577-2885

Auto Service/Parts/ Accessories


360-825-3567 Gamblin Motors 1047 Hwy. 410 Enumclaw


Services Animals


Ads with art attract more attention. Call 800-388-2527 to talk to your customer service representative. BOTTOMLESS GARAGE SALE All you can say and more! No word limit! Advertise your upcoming garage sale to thousands of readers in your local community newspaper and online for only $37! Call: 800-388-2527 Fax: 360-598-6800 Go online: or Email: classiďŹ eds@

FOOTHILLS AUTO GLASS Mobile Service for Your Schedule Quality Windshields Certified Technician All Insurance Welcome Ask About NO COST Chip Repair Latest Technology All Types of Auto, Truck (foreign & domestic) Glass, Side, Back Mirrors & Back Glass 632225


Saturday by Appointment

253/261-6066 360/829-9915






Vehicle repairs over $250 Offer valid with coupon at Fugate Ford, Inc. Not valid with other offers through 6/30/12





Detail Engine Compartment, Clean Interior w/ Carpet Shampoo, Buff and Wax Exterior.

Full vehicle. Interior, exterior and engine compartment detail. Not valid with other offers. Buffing may not remove all scratches. Some interior stains may not come out. Taxes extra. Offer valid with coupon at Fugate Ford, Inc. through 6/30/12 631859

526 Roosevelt Enumclaw 360 825-7731 800 539-7595 RV Spaces/Storage

NEW OUTDOOR Storage Facility. Clean, Secure Site. RVs, Boats, Campers, Vehicles, etc. $30- $75 month. 313 Rainier Avenue, Enumclaw. 253-670-8789 Vehicles Wanted

CASH FOR CARS! Any M a ke, M o d e l o r Ye a r. We Pay MORE! Running or Not. Sell Your Car or Tr u c k T O D AY. F r e e Towing! Instant Offer: 1-888-545-8647 DONATE YOUR VEHICLE Receive $1000 GROCERY COUPONS. UNITED BREAST CANC E R F O U N D AT I O N . Fr e e M a m m o gra m s, Breast Cancer Info w w w. u b c f. i n fo  F R E E Towing, Tax Deductible, Non-Runners Accepted. 1- 800-728-0801

Bottomless Garage Sale Ads All you can say and more! No word limit for only $37! Advertise your upcoming garage sale in your local community newspaper and online to reach thousands of readers in your area.

Call: 800-388-2527 Fax: 360-598-6800 or log on:


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Page 24 • The ENUMCLAW Courier-Herald • Wednesday, June 27, 2012


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1. Open your barcode scanner application 2. Scan the barcode. 3. Instant access to the ECJDR contact information right on your phone.


WAREHOUSE PRICING • 48,000 Sq. Ft. Warehouse • Factory Direct Savings • 1% Lower Sales Tax

New & Used Vehicles


tooth Blue

MSRP: ................................................... $22,875 ECJDR DISCOUNT: ...................................... $887 CONSUMER CASH: .................................... $3000





31 ! MPG

MSRP: ................................................... $29,690 ECJDR DISCOUNT: .................................... $1702 CONSUMER CASH: .................................... $2000





her Leat

MSRP: ................................................... $34,625 ECJDR DISCOUNT: .................................... $2887 CONSUMER CASH: .................................... $1750





18 • Shop Inside & 201 1’s Out of the Weather st i l l rem • Shop Online 24/7 ain! • Access to 100’s of


29 MPG

MSRP: ................................................... $16,920 ECJDR DISCOUNT: ...................................... $932 CONSUMER CASH: .................................... $1000 BONUS CASH:.............................................. $500






rican Ame lue Va ge a Pack

#CT345112 VIN# 3C4PDCAB8CT345112


#J12131 VIN# 1C4AJWAG1CL193701




MSRP: ................................................... $24,265 ECJDR DISCOUNT: .................................... $2227 CONSUMER CASH: .................................... $2500 BONUS CASH:.............................................. $750





MSRP: ................................................... $22,945 ECJDR DISCOUNT: ...................................... $957 1 ONLY AT THIS PRICE



rican Ame lue Va ge a Pack


MSRP: ................................................... $20,985 ECJDR DISCOUNT: .................................... $1497 CONSUMER CASH:....................................... $500

12 RAM 1500 REG CAB

MSRP: ................................................... $21,990 ECJDR DISCOUNT: .................................... $1502 CONSUMER CASH: ...................................... $500




V8 er Pow

MSRP: ................................................... $35,595 ECJDR DISCOUNT: .................................... $2857 CONSUMER CASH...................................... $2500 BONUS CASH:.............................................. $750






MSRP: ................................................... $32,330 ECJDR DISCOUNT: .................................... $2342 CONSUMER CASH:..................................... $1000




rican Ame le c u M s

MSRP: ................................................... $26,190 ECJDR DISCOUNT: .................................... $1702 CONSUMER CASH:..................................... $1500




Max Tow lly Dua

MSRP: ................................................... $43,675 ECJDR DISCOUNT: .................................... $5187 CONSUMER CASH:..................................... $2500 RAM HEAVY DUTY TRADE ASSISTANCE: ...... $1000




Brand spanking used! We clobber big city prices! 2004 Ford Focus .................... Stk#CV11046B ............... $7998 2007 Saturn Vue..................... Stk#CV11025A ............... $9998 2007 Jeep Compass .............. Stk#CVD12067B ..........$11998 2006 Chevy Cobalt ................. Stk#DRAC173A............$12998


2010 Dodge Caliber ............... Stk#DRAC170 ..............$13998


726 HWY 410

2007 Chrysler Pacifica........... Stk#C12022 ................$14998 2008 Dodge Charger .............. Stk#11033...................$16998 2005 Jeep Wrangler............... Stk#C11029B ..............$15998 2006 Chrysler Crossfire ......... Stk#C12011A ..............$16998 2006 Honda Accord V6 .......... Stk#J12144A...............$15998 2011 Dodge Caliber ............... Stk#CVC12017A ..........$16998 2008 Dodge Ram 1500........... Stk#11028................. $16,998 2009 Dodge Journey .............. Stk#CV11027A ............$16998 2011 Kia Forte ........................ Stk#11037A ................$16998 2007 Dodge Nitro ................... Stk#D12107A ..............$17998



All prices plus applicable tax, license and a negotiable dealer documentary fee up to $150 may be added to the sale price or capitalized cost. All vehicles are subject to prior sale and one at the sale price unless otherwise stated. One advertised sale vehicle per household. No dealer purchases allowed. Pictures are for illustration purposes. Dealer is not responsible for typographical errors. Advertised specials my not be combined with other offers. Subject to prior sale.Trade in figures subject to our appraisal. See dealer for details. +EPA hwy miles. All specials APR’s with approved credit. All 2010 or newer vehicles pre-owned. Ad expires 7/3/12.

Enumclaw Courier-Herald, June 27, 2012  

June 27, 2012 edition of the Enumclaw Courier-Herald