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Liquor hits the stores at higher price today By ROCHELLE ADAMS For The Mirror

With the initiative to privatize Washington liquor sales going into effect June 1, consumers can expect to pay higher prices while the state generates more money than before. “No one knows what the actual prices are going to be,” said Brian Smith, spokesman for the Washington State Liquor Control Board. “The marketplace is going to set that. If you look at what the state marks up a bottle of liquor now based on its price at minimum, the distributors and retailers will mark it up at minimum to what the state is now, and mark it up to 20 percent higher.” The process of implementing Initiative 1183, which passed in 2011, has included the creation of a license for retailers who want to sell liquor, and auctioning off the right to sell liquor in a store that’s less than 100 square feet, said Mikahil Carpenter, spokesman with Liquor Control Board.

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WHOOPING COUGH | Vaccine available in Federal Way for pertussis epidemic [2]

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OPINION | Roegner: Please question the claims of your candidates [4] Firearms Lawyer: Commandos reach Federal Way [4] EDUCATION | All four of Federal Way’s high schools make Washington Post list [6] CRIME BLOTTER | Cop catches one couple ‘arguing’ in the backseat of a car [8]

SPORTS | State championship updates in CALENDAR | Upcoming events include the annual Flag Day ceremony on June 9 [9] FRIDAY, June 1, 2012 baseball, softball, tennis, track [15]

Pain at the pump: WA gas prices soar By GREG ALLMAIN

Gov. Christine Gregoire called on the state’s Department of Commerce to assume the lead in trying to bring down gas prices in Washington. Washington is feeling the pain at the pump the most with an average price of $4.24/gallon. Washington ranks behind only Hawaii, Alaska and California. The

current national average is $3.66/gallon. “Washington citizens are frustrated with having to pay gasoline prices that are significantly higher than those paid in other parts of the country,” Gregoire said in an announcement last week. “While gasoline prices in most of the nation continue to slowly decline, prices in Washington and the entire West Coast have risen or held steady over the past month. State residents [ more GAS PRICES, page 2 ]

Washington drivers pay an average of $4.24 a gallon for gasoline, the fourth highest rate in the country. COURTESY PHOTO

For better or worse, fire service evolves with the economy South King Fire and Rescue relies entirely on voters and property taxes By ANDY HOBBS

[ more LIQUOR, p. 23 ] Delivery change: Your Mirror will arrive between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Fridays. If you do not have your paper by 6 p.m., contact (253) 872-6610 or circulation@

Salmon savers: Students help nurse creek to health For 25 years, Spring Valley Montessori School’s annual salmon release has helped revive the salmon population in the West Hylebos Creek, which runs through the campus, located off Pacific Highway in Federal Way near the Pierce County line. The school’s founder, Madeleine Justus, is fascinated by the life cycle of salmon. She wanted to educate her students while also restocking the creek with coho salmon, which at one time flourished in this local Puget Sound tributary. “We used to count 25 to 30 salmon in 30 minutes,” said principal Gulsevin Kayihan as students released hatchlings into the creek May 25. “There were so many. I wish we had pictures. It has dwindled so much.” Read more on page 10 in today’s paper. ANDY HOBBS, The Mirror

South King Fire and Rescue faces a critical financial crossroads in 2012, in what the district calls a permanent reset to its overstretched business model. Fire service and emergency response has evolved in South King County for decades. Over the years, South King Fire added more rescue and medical services to its firefighting duties, mirroring the dual role adopted by most fire districts in the West. Burned by the economy and declining property values, South King Fire struggles to maintain services at pre-recession levels. Before cutting more employees, the fire district awaits the fate of another plea this year to taxpayers for help. For the first time in its history, South King Fire is declining instead of growing. When the chopping block comes out, according to Chief Al Church, “everything’s on the table.” The majority of South King Fire and Rescue’s


In the vote-by-mail Aug. 7 primary election, South King Fire and Rescue proposes an excess levy to voters. The levy needs a 60 percent supermajority to pass. If approved, the levy will generate $3.5 million a year for four years. South King Fire and Rescue will use the money to put one aid car back in service, and to close the budget gap. Learn more online at or nearly 16,000 annual calls for service are for medical emergencies, and all firefighters are trained in EMS. Unlike the East Coast, where firefighters and EMS crews work in separate departments, West Coast fire districts typically provide medical response. It’s a trend that picked up in the 1970s, said Gordie Olson, assistant chief for South King Fire. [ more FIRE, page 22 ]

[2] June 1,2012 [ GAS PRICES from page 1]

and businesses are currently paying some of the highest prices for gasoline and diesel in the nation. If fuel prices remain high for an extended period, they will have a detrimental effect on the state economy.” Gregoire directed the Commerce Department to focus on: • Monitoring Washington and West Coast gasoline, diesel, and other materials prices and regularly report to the governor’s office • Provide assistance to other state agencies in their work related to high gasoline and diesel prices, including reporting any market concerns to the Attorney General’s office • Coordinate information and analysis with the appropriate energy agencies in California and Oregon


• Make recommendations on what, if any action, that the Department of Commerce or governor’s office should take under the Energy Supply Emergencies and Alerts authority, where such action would help reduce petroleum product prices • Provide recommendations that could help reduce petroleum product prices The governor called on every refinery in Washington to maximize output in order to lower the harsh prices citizens are facing at the pumps. Gregoire wrote that they should “take all prudent measures to increase production and supplies sufficiently to reduce the costs for consumers on the West Coast. I would also appreciate hearing any recommendations you might have for actions we might take to help mitigate the causes and impacts of higher gas prices.” The governor’s office notes she intended to send similar letters to every refinery in California.


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JOURNEY 2:THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND 3D PG 12:05, 2:25, 7:20 AMERICAN REUNION R 4;45, 9:45 MIRROR MIRROR PG 11:55, 2:20, 4:50, 7:15, 9:40 21 JUMP STREET R 12:00, 2:30, 5:10, 7:40, 10:10 WRATH OF THE TITANS 2D PG-13 12:15, 5:00, 9:50

WRATH OF THE TITANS 3D PG-13 2:35, 7:30 JOHN CARTER 2D PG-13 12:45, 6:40 JOHN CARTER 3D PG-13 3:40, 9:35 THE LORAX 2D PG 12:10, 5:15, 9:55 THE LORAX 3D PG 2:50, 7:35 THE ARTIST PG13 12:25, 2:55, 7:00, 9:30 THE THREE STOOGES PG 12:20, 2:30, 4:40, 6:50, 9:00

Correction In the May 25 issue of The Mirror, local veteran Dr. Mary Leason related an anecdotal story regarding the origins of TAPS. While an excellent story, it appears the anecdote is a popular misconception of the origins of TAPS. The historically accurate origins of TAPS can be found at http://www.west-point. org/taps/Taps.html.

Whooping cough vaccine battles state epidemic By GREG ALLMAIN

King County announced that low-cost vaccinations for pertussis, better known as whooping cough, are being offered in regional QFC and Bartell Drugs stores. The shot, known as the Tdap vaccine, is offered throughout the state as Washington battles an outbreak of the contagious disease. So far in 2012, there have been a total of 1,738 cases reported statewide through May 19, according to the Department of Health, compared to 146 reported cases in 2011 during the same time period. Whooping cough can last six weeks or more. This bacterial disease is characterized by the “whoop” sound made by the child taking a breath after coughing. In Federal Way, Tdap shots are at: • Fred Meyer located on 21st Avenue SW • Rite-Aid locations at Pacific Highway and 336th Street • The 320th Street Safeway • The Sav-on located at 31009 Pacific Highway S. • All three Walgreens locations in the city The nearest locations for the low-cost vaccine are Bartell Drugs at 3902 A Street SE in Auburn and the Bartell Drugs locations in Des Moines. A full listing of locations giving out vaccines, low-cost or not, can be found at health/pertussis.

So far in 2012, there have been a total of 1,738 cases of pertussis (commonly known as whooping cough) reported through May 19, says the State Department of Health. COURTESY PHOTO The county notes that many community health care clinics and providers are offering low-cost Tdap shots to community members. Through health care providers or pharmacies, a dose may cost up to $15.60. In comparison, the county notes, the regular cost of the Tdap shot without insurance can range between $60 and $100. While whooping cough is a miserable experience for children, teens and adults, it’s an especially dangerous disease to infants and expectant mothers. The county advises residents to check up on their immunization status as a matter of precaution.

Man shot in shoulder at Super 8 Hotel in fight over a woman Mirror staff reports

An argument between two men over one woman ended with a shooting. Federal Way police were dispatched about 7:30 p.m. Sunday, May 27, to the Super 8 Hotel on South 348th Street near the I-5 exit. According to police, the two males in their early 20s were arguing when one of the males shot the other in the shoulder. A friend drove the victim to the nearby Walmart where they called for help. The victim’s injuries were non-lifethreatening, police said. As of press time, Federal Way police were still searching for the shooter, who was identified by the victim and a witness.

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June 1, 2012 [3]

[4] June 1, 2012




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Mark Knapp

Please question the candidates The campaigns are now in full swing. There are clues you should watch for when evaluating the scores of candidates running on the ballot for statewide and local office. Pay particular attention to the local races for the Legislature, where you can meet and ask questions of the candidates on July 10 at Federal Way High School. Some are already out doorbelling, so they might end up on your front porch. One of the most important things for voters is to get good information from unbiased sources about the candidates. The Mirror and other media outlets will offer insight and balanced coverage. Another is the Municipal League, which will provide ratings. The League is also looking for citizens to be part of their candidate evaluation process. The South King County Chair this year is Judy Turpin from Federal Way. Give them a call if you are interested. Remember to read their ratings — they are non-partisan. Pay attention to endorsements. Who is supporting whom will tell you a lot about a candidate, good and bad. Don’t be fooled by the name of a group. If the committee for “Motherhood and Apple Pie” is supporting a particular candidate, that might sound good, but a lot of groups try to hide their special interest agenda with a good sounding name. Make sure you understand who the group is. If it is one you are familiar with, then use the information accordingly. District 30 state representative position one has three well known Republicans running: Federal Way School Board President Tony Moore, Federal Way City Councilwoman Linda Kochmar and Jerry Galland, who has run for

office previously. The Democrats, Roger Flygare and Thom MacFarlane, are not as well known but are just as earnest. Incumbent Mark Miloscia is running for State Auditor. In position two are Republican incumbent Katrina Asay and Democrats Roger Freeman, a member of the Federal Way City Council, and Rick Hoffman. In the top-two format, a lot will be riding on the primary. How will the candidates try and distinguish themselves from each other? How will you decide who to vote for? Candidates themselves will seldom attack their opponent. They will usually get a third party to do it. Think through what you hear. Is something said about a candidate really true, does it make sense or has it been stretched to make it sound worse than it is? Or is it even relevant? Look at the candidates’ differences on policy. Which are you most comfortable with? Every candidate, no matter which party they represent, supports education, public safety, more jobs and improved transportation. All the candidates will try and be as vague as possible on “how” they are going to improve everything. Be cautious when a candidate says they will “always” do something or “never” do something. There aren’t many absolutes in politics. Try and get more details about “why.” Candidates are vague for a reason. They want to avoid too much detail because the more detail they give, the more likely their opponent is going to find something to attack, or some special interest group will find fault. Elections are won by putting together coalitions of groups. [ more ROEGNER page 5 ] Bob Roegner


“Low Level Hell” is the true story of a Loach helicopter pilot, Hugh Mills Jr., who would fly along enemy trails below the tree line and report back signs of the enemy during the Vietnam War. The Loach scouting helicopter gained its nickname from the acronym LOH, which stands for OH-6 Light Observation Helicopter. I recently had the pleasure of meeting Ken Snyder, a former Loach pilot who lives in Federal Way, at a dinner party. We started talking about how he and his wife like to get out and do some shooting. My ears really perked up as soon as he mentioned his experience as a Loach pilot. Mills started conducting his missions much more aggressively than the established policy of just observing and reporting signs of the enemy. To my surprise, Ken had taken over command of the Scout Platoon from Hugh Mills upon completion of Mills’ second tour in 1972. Ken told me: “My tour with C/16 Cav was after the My Lai massacre and the rules of engagement were somewhat restrictive. I know this is going to sound crazy, but the things you do when you’re young! We would aggressively pursue the enemy and expose ourselves deliberately in order to draw their fire. Once they made that mistake, then their a-- was ours! … I’ve observed several LOH pilots fire their pistols at the bad guys while flying with their left hand.” Ken is now a supervisor in the Seattle Flight Standards District Office. Ken and Judith invited my wife and I to their home for dinner. Like many combat vets, he is friendly but not apt to talk too much about his war experiences. So the big surprise was when I started looking at the books on the coffee tables in his home — books like “SOG: The Secret Wars of America’s Commandos in Vietnam.” I asked Ken why he had so many books about the legendary Special Operations Group (code named Studies and Operations Group to make it seem like a liaison to academia). It turns out that, before he flew helicopters, Ken already had served his country in Vietnam as a “One Zero” team lead for a SOG Recon Unit. He and two other Americans worked with a group of about five Montagnards, the mountain people of Vietnam who hated the South Vietnamese as much as they hated the North Vietnamese. Ken grew up in Rockport, Wash., near SedroWoolley. He joined the Green Berets and arrived in Vietnam just as Military Assistance Command Vietnam began to take over certain covert programs from the CIA. The mission involved inserting teams like Ken’s into Laos and later Cambodia in such a way as to maintain deniability. Even their cigarettes had to be Asian in order to maintain the legal fiction that they were not operating within the U.S. chain of command. We have a new generation of warriors now that are returning from combat with similarly legendary reputations. They keep us safer today because of Ken’s experience and the learning curve experienced within groups like SOG — learning now incorporated into the standard doctrine of fighting asymmetrical warfare all over the world. It took a lot of bloodshed to make it possible for me to sit at home and read about the jungles of Vietnam, write about the Second Amendment and hold forth on sundry other topics. Many are convinced that Vietnam wasn’t worth the cost. The Vietnamese people who experienced the oppression of Communism know otherwise. The next time you are at a barbecue expressing your opinion or just talking about your last vacation, think about all the men and women who fought and even died for our freedom. Federal Way resident Mark Knapp:



The Mirror’s editorial board: Rudi Alcott, publisher; Andy Hobbs, editor; Joann Piquette, retired and community advocate; Matthew Jarvis, business owner; Nandell Palmer, author; Bob Dockstader, retired attorney; Amye Bronson-Doherty, former school board member. Contact the board: editorialboard@

Real commando in Federal Way FIREARMS LAWYER

f e d e r a l way


● L E T T E r S - Y o u r opinion C o u nts :

To submit an item or photo for publication in The Mirror: email Letters may be edited for style, clarity and length.

Lakeland Elementary School landscape is a piece of art I am not sure if you have seen any of the new Federal Way school buildings lately, but I thought you should be looking at one in particular. Lakeland Elementary was just opened this last fall, and the building is beautiful. But the most impressive part of the building (I think) is the landscaping. From the front of the building it looks like a very nice place. Grass, trees and

bushes, etc. But, when you view the grounds from the back of the building — wow. Instead of planting grass on the rest of the grounds, they seeded it with wildflowers, and it is ablaze right now. What a welcome change and a relaxing view. It is like being in the middle of a field. You must see it. Now is the time. We actually think it is a piece of art the way it has been designed. Wonderful, wonderful...

Diane Messner, Federal Way

[ more LETTERS page 5 ]

June 1, 2012 [5] [LETTERS from page 4]

‘Husband Confessions’ helped heal our marriage It so disturbs me when I read articles pertaining to divorced couples. I hear or see interviews of people who have separated and what they are saying about their mate is not positive at all. They are

complaining and pointing out all the faults of their mate. I understand why people do this. They haven’t been taught anything differently. They think it is the honest thing to do. The problem is that what you say is what you get and if you continue to say what’s wrong with your mate, you will continue to see that manifested. I had a similar problem many, many years ago. I was complaining about my

[ ROEGNER from page 4] And groups have agendas. Does a particular group’s agenda match yours? There are candidates running for office this year, like most years, that don’t actually understand how government works and what they can actually do if elected. They will try and give simple answers to complex problems. Education funding, as an example, doesn’t have a simple answer. Force the candidates to demonstrate they understand the issues enough to give a thoughtful response. If they want to make education a priority, then ask them what they are going to cut or what trade-offs with other state funding they will support. Nobody wants to raise taxes, but you can’t increase spending for everything either, which is what most candidates would like to do. Every candidate will have pretty much the same priorities, so ask for details. Democrats have been suggesting that the answer is to close loopholes and stop tax breaks for businesses to get extra money. Republicans have countered by saying the government should cut the waste to get more money. Ask which loopholes or tax breaks? Some might have valid reasons for being there, or they would have already been closed. And which government waste? One person’s waste is another person’s necessary program. And after three years of budget cuts, most of the “waste” is probably already gone. Don’t accept either of these answers. Ask for specifics and how their ideas would add up to meaningful changes. Four of the local candidates running for the Legislature are current office holders. That gives them an advantage in name fa-

husband, Bob, and I clearly heard a voice within me say, “Talk about your husband the way I do.” What? I knew it was God prompting me to speak His words over my husband rather than my complaints. I went to the Bible and typed up the “Husband Confessions” below on 3x5 cards and posted it on the mirror in the bathroom, on the window over the kitchen sink and kept one in my purse. I read these words out

miliarity and fundraising. It also gives them a public record you can evaluate. The non-office holders may not have a public record, but if they want to serve in the state Legislature, then you should expect them to be well prepared and knowledgeable. If they aren’t, that’s a bad sign. Keep track of where the candidates’ money comes from. It will give you an indication of who they will vote with in Olympia. With control of the Legislature hanging in the balance, that will be especially true this year. Both seats here in Federal Way are in play and will receive significant attention from outside groups. A candidate’s party label as a Democrat, Republican, independent or even bull moose might give you an idea of their philosophy. Policy disagreements are part of the election process. Look for candidates that elevate the dialogue, not lower it. Neither party has all the answers. Be wary of candidates whose platform is to blame the other party. Which candidates have the ability to work across party lines and actually get something constructive accomplished? Who has creative ideas that aren’t just their party’s talking points? To pass a bill in Olympia, you need 50 votes in the House, 25 votes in the Senate and the governor’s signature. It is unlikely that one party will control all three, so the ability to cooperate is important come January. In the end, vote for the candidate who will care more about good public policy, rather than how their vote will affect their re-election. It’s your government. Vote wisely. Federal Way resident Bob Roegner, a former mayor of Auburn, can be reached at

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loud many, many times: My husband is a believer. I am yoked to a believing husband. My husband is rooted in the Word of God. My husband is blessed by God out of God’s riches in Christ Jesus. My husband loves, nurtures, and encourages me. My husband loves me like Christ loves the church. My husband and I are sensitive to God’s direction and move together in that direction.

My husband and I are working toward the same goals; we are in unity. My husband blesses me. I respect and reverence my husband. I notice him, regard him, honor him, prefer him, praise him, and love and admire him exceedingly. (Ephesians 5:33) I conduct myself in a pure and modest way. I have reverence for my husband which includes: honor, esteem, appreciation, prize, admire, praise, devoted to, deeply love, and enjoy my

husband. (1 Peter 3:2) My husband is God’s gift to me and I highly prize His gifts. Did it work? I think so! We will celebrate our 60th wedding anniversary on June 1. Here’s a clue: The Word of God works if you work the Word of God. What you say is powerful. Say what He says and enjoy the blessings.

Charlotte Jennings, Federal Way

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[6] June 1, 2012

Four high schools make Scholarship rewards collegebound students who behave Washington Post list By Greg Allmain

The Washington Post’s “High School Challenge” list was recently released, and for Federal Way Public Schools (FWPS), it was another cause for celebration. Thomas Jefferson High School, Decatur High School, Todd Beamer High School and Federal Way High School made repeat appearances on the list. The list ranks schools based on the number of Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate or Cambridge tests conducted by a school during a given year, and divides it by the number of graduating seniors. For 2012, only 1,900 schools among the nation’s 22,000 high schools made the list. “This school district, the community, our teachers, our educators, our parents and our students have risen to the challenge of high academic expectations,” said Federal Way Superintendent Rob Neu. “The High School Challenge reflects the belief in the ability of every student to learn at high levels.” For the 30 Washington state schools to make the cut, Federal Way High School came in at number 7, Decatur at number 16, Thomas Jefferson at 26 and Todd Beamer at 27. Beamer and Decatur enjoyed their second year on the list, while Federal

Way High School made the prestigious list for the third year in a row, and Thomas Jefferson marked its fourth year on the list. According to the district, FWHS also had the highest percentage of students who qualify for reduced or free lunch among the Washington state schools, at 56 percent. The only other school that approached that number in the state was Spokane’s North Central High School. The rest of the district’s schools also made the list with higher than average reduced or free lunch rates, an indicator that often predicts a school’s academic success, usually in the negative sense. The district credits policies with the success, most notably the controversial Academic Acceleration policy implemented in the past two years. “I want to applaud the school district, the people sitting in this room, the educators who have wrestled with academic acceleration and the students. (It’s) because this district had the courage to those students that you belong, we have a place for you,” Neu said in his comments at the May 22 school board meeting. The school district plans to continue to challenge students with another program next fall, the “College Readiness Pathway.” The Pathway is aimed at getting students to think about their academic futures as early as middle school, and plan accordingly.

By Greg Allmain

The College Bound Scholarship program is aimed at giving economically disadvantaged students a shot at receiving a scholarship that will cover their tuition costs. The scholarship has a number of requirements, including the student’s enrollment in middle school, maintaining a minimum GPA of 2.0, and staying out of trouble all the way through the student’s senior year of high school. Federal Way Public Schools (FWPS) reviewed its College Bound Scholarship program at the May 22 board meeting. Erin Jones, director of equity and achievement, along with the College Success Foundation’s Marina Espinoza and Megan Urbaitis, said the program is starting to show real results for the district. “68 percent of eligible eighth-graders in Federal Way have completed College Bound Scholarships,” said Urbaitis, who is a support specialist that works in regional districts for the College Success Foundation. “This is significantly farther along than we were last year, so we

have learned a lot as a district in terms of best practices.” The next measure of success for the College Bound Scholarship program is the number of seniors that have filed for FAFSA financial aid through the federal government, Urbaitis said. “83 percent of seniors in Federal Way that have signed up for a College Bound Scholarship have already completed a FAFSA, which is really good,” she said. “Federal Way is considerably higher than the Road Map region with that 83 percent vs. 76 percent.” The Road Map region refers to a coalition of seven districts in the area that are tied together in efforts to improve student achievement in local schools. The coalition helps prepare students for life beyond high school. Federal Way students are above the Road Map average in maintaining their GPA’s above 2.0, with 88 percent of Federal Way students meeting that metric, compared to 85 percent for the area overall. Three high schools in Federal Way sit at 90 percent or higher when it comes to College Bound Scholarship students maintaining a 2.0

GPA or better. The third indicator of the program’s success, Urbaitis said, is the number of scholarship students who have actually applied to college. Again, Federal Way has promising numbers. “83 percent of the college bound seniors in Federal Way have applied to college, and this is our district leader among all the other districts,” Urbaitis noted. The average for the Road Map region is at 71 percent. Another aspect of this program that is promising for Federal Way is what’s known as the Realize the Dream Scholarship, Jones said. The scholarship is aimed at helping students find financial assistance to attend college who might otherwise be denied due to their citizenship status. “I was just at Federal Way High School last week, and I know we have two students who are 4.0 students, who were accepted to University of Washington, but have no money,” Jones said. “What a slap in the face that must be to work so hard your entire high school career and then find out you can’t afford to go to school.”



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June 1, 2012 [7]

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[8] June 1, 2012

Cop catches couple ‘arguing’ in the backseat CRIME

This week’s…


Police Blotter Following is a sample from the Federal Way police log: • Man and woman found in backseat of car: At 1:35 a.m. May 27 in the 1500 block of SW 304th Street, an officer noticed a vehicle parked on the side of the road. When the officer flashed his spotlight on the vehicle, the outline of a man’s head could be seen through the back window. Upon approaching, the officer noticed a woman was in the backseat with the man. According to the report, the duo claimed to have been in an argument, and that the officer did not see any visible signs of injury on either. • Mysterious vehicle fire: At 2:04 a.m. May 27 in the 29000 block of Pacific Highway South, police responded to reports of a vehicle fire. Upon arrival, officers found a vehicle totally engulfed in flames. According to the report, officers took photos of the scene, and had no suspects at this time.

• House burglary nets small but valuable haul: At 4:39 a.m. May 27 in the 32000 block of 46th Place SW, a man reported his house had been burglarized. According to the report, approximately five items had been taken, with an approximate value of $1,500. • Strange man in the parking lot: At 11:31 a.m. May 27 in the 34000 block of 16th Avenue South, a suspicious man was reported sitting in a vehicle in a store parking lot. According to the report, upon contact, police found the man asleep in his car with a shotgun in his lap. A further search netted illegal drugs on the man’s person. The man was arrested for the drugs and for unlawful possession of a firearm because he is a convicted felon. • Woman threatened by boyfriend: At 2:55 p.m. May 27 in the 33000 block of 17th Place South, a woman reported that her boyfriend had assaulted her. Along with this, she reported that her boyfriend had held a gun to her head and threatened to kill her. The report notes the boyfriend had left the scene by the time police arrived. • Criminals of a feather flock

Police nab ‘Little Nutzo’ after standoff that led to lockdown at Jefferson three arrest warrants including escape and assault, Auburn police on prompted the May 18 lockTuesday morning arrested down at Jefferson, which 27-year-old Kent resident began with an eight-hour, Blake B. Bellecourt, the overnight standoff with a fugitive responsible for SWAT team. the May 18 lockdown of Officers first surrounded Thomas Jefferson High a house in the 4800 block of School in Auburn. South 288th Street shortly Police acted on after 8 p.m. May 17, a tip turned into when Bellecourt Crime Stoppers of was seen on the Puget Sound by a grounds. When Q13 Fox “Washingefforts to coax the ton’s Most Wanted” suspect from the viewer. house failed, memPolice surround- Blake B. Bellecourt bers of the Valley ed an apartment Regional SWAT building at 207 D. entered the home St. SE in Auburn, but were unable to locate where Bellecourt, who him inside, authorities. is also known as “Little Police were summoned Nutzo,” was holed up. back to the area on May After initially being told 18 after witnesses reported by Bellecourt’s girlfriend seeing Bellecourt leaving that he was not in the apart- the property. He was later ment and that she didn’t seen on campus at Jefferson even know him, police High School, prompting a searched the residence with lockdown that lasted until a K-9 unit, finding Bel7:55 a.m. lecourt hiding, entwined Bellecourt was the subaround a water heater enject of an ongoing felony closed behind a wood panel investigation. He is wanted in a closet. for a number of incidents, Police took Bellecourt including escape from cominto custody and arrested munity custody and assault. the girlfriend for rendering Bellecourt has prior criminal assistance. convictions for assault Bellecourt, a known gang and illegal possession of a member who is wanted on firearm.

together: At 4:43 p.m. May 27 in the 1900 block of South Commons, a woman was arrested for attempting to steal merchandise from Victoria’s Secret using a foillined bag. According to the report, as part of the investigation, it was discovered that one of the woman’s associates was driving a vehicle with a suspended license, and was also in violation of firearms laws for keeping a loaded handgun unsecured in the vehicle.

• Shooting incident: At 7:38 p.m. May 27 in the 1600 block of South 348th Street, two men were in an altercation. As a result of the altercation, one of the men pulled out a semi-automatic handgun and shot the other. • Woman tries to be nice, gets phone stolen: At 5:12 p.m. May 27 in the 2000 block of South Commons, a woman was sitting in front of the mall when a teenage girl approached her and asked to use

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• Drunken push sends man to the hospital: At 12:42 a.m. May 26 in the 500 block of SW 328th Court, two men were drinking alcoholic beverages. According to the report, at one point, one man pushed the other into a window, resulting in injuries that needed medical treatment for the man who was pushed. The victim indicated he didn’t feel anything malicious was meant by the push and did not press charges.

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6 9


her iPhone. The woman handed over the phone, at which point the girl took off running and promptly left the scene in a waiting vehicle. • Grocery thief gets away: At 9:59 p.m. May 27 in the 2100 block of SW 336th Street, a woman exited a grocery store with a cart full of goods she had not paid for. According to the report, loss prevention officers were unable to apprehend her, and the police were unsuccessful as well.

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June 1, 2012 [9]

Firefighters discover marijuana garden at scene of garage fire

in less than five minutes, according to SKFR. The initial extinguishing of the fire was quick. However, the fire extended into the attic portion and a remodeled roof structure, creating many “hidden Mirror staff reports voids” that took more than an hour to find and extinguish, IN OTHER An indoor marijuana garthe fire district reports. den nearly went up in smoke The electrical fire appears Wednesday in Federal Way. to have been caused by an South King Fire and Rescue illegal service panel modificaresponded to a call at 8:23 p.m. tion at the home, the fire district May 30 from the 2900 block of SW reports. Puget Sound Energy is 342nd Place in Federal Way. investigating. A neighbor called to report heavy The damage is estimated at smoke coming from the garage area $150,000. One firefighter was treated of the home next door. Crews arrived and released at St. Francis Hospital


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for an eye injury. Federal Way police responded to assist fire crews at the scene. Firefighters reported that upon entry into the burning house, they located a large marijuana grow operation, according to a police spokeswoman. Narcotics detectives responded, conducted a search warrant and dismantled the grow operation. The owner of the property rents the house and was not aware of the grow operation, police said. Federal Way police have not identified or arrested any suspects at this time, and the investigation is ongoing.

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CALENDAR Relay for Life: Federal Way’s fundraiser for the American Cancer Society begins 6 p.m. June 1 and ends at noon June 2 at Saghalie Park, 33914 19th Ave. SW, Federal Way. All cancer survivors and their caregivers are encouraged to join in at the opening ceremony. A Community Health and Resource Fair runs 5 to 8 p.m. June 1. Free massages will be offered, along with free acupuncture. There will be businesses from Federal Way and surrounding communities offering a range of information on healthy eating right and cooking, vitamins and yoga, with massages to relieve stress. Hooked on Fishing: The 25th annual Hooked on Fishing derby will run 7 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. June 2 at Steel Lake Park in Federal Way. Kids ages 2 to 12 are welcome to catch fish right off the dock at Steel Lake. Equipment is provided by the Save Our Fish chapter of Puget Sound Anglers. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Fifteen fishing sessions are available. There is only one time slot per child. Cost is $3.50 per child. Registration is required and space is limited. Call (253) 835-6900 or visit www. Furniture sale: The Kiwanis Club of Greater Federal Way will host its charity outdoor patio furniture sale on June 2 and Aug. 4 at the Federal Way Farmers Market, which runs 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturdays at The Commons Mall parking lot. Bonsai auction: The Puget Sound Bonsai Association will hold its 7th annual auction from noon to 4 p.m. June 2 in the courtyard of Weyerhaeuser’s Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection in Federal Way. This event will feature a live auction, silent auction, a professional critique of trees to be auctioned, a bonsai tree styling demonstration and a collected Suiseki stone exhibit. Contact Dancing machines: Pacific Ballroom Dance presents “Dance Into The Light,” an amazing showcase of originally choreographed ballroom dances, featuring Washington’s only youth ballroom formation teams. Show begins at 7 p.m. June 2 at Auburn Performing Arts Center, 700 E. Main St., Auburn. Visit Jazz concert: The Federal Way Chorale presents “How ‘Bout A Little Jazz” at 8 p.m. June 2 and 2:30 p.m. June 3 at St. Luke’s church, 515 S. 312th St. Tickets are $15-$18 (free for children under 12). Concert will feature a variety of jazz pieces from local composers. Visit Leaders speak: The Federal Way Noon Kiwanis meets at noon Wednesdays (6 p.m. first Wed. of month) at Twin Lakes Golf and Country Club. Lunch starts at 11:30 a.m. Upcoming speakers include ‘Top Shot’ contestant Kyle Sumpter of the Federal Way police (June 6). Contact: Seminar for parents: “Shrinking the No’s” seminar runs 5:30 to 7:15 p.m. June 7, focusing on teaching parents ways to spend positive time with their children and reinforce good behavior. To register, call (253) 952-4366. Harmony Kings 51st Annual Show: The Federal Way Harmony Kings Barbershop Chorus will host its 51st Annual Show at 7:04 p.m.

June 9 and 2:04 p.m. June 10 at the Auburn Performing Arts Center, 700 E. Main St. Joining the Kings are the Northwest Vocal Project, Sweet Adelines Jet Cities Chorus, and the Auburn Mountainview A Cappella Choir. Tickets are $18 for general seating, $5 for ages 18 and under. For tickets and info, contact Dick Shenk at (253) 344-1087 or Flag Day Celebration: King County Councilman Pete von Reichbauer and the Federal Way Soroptimists will host South King County’s Annual Flag Day Celebration. This year’s special guest speaker is Col. Robin Blanchard. Reception begins at 9:30 a.m. June 9 at the King County Aquatic Center, 650 SW Campus Drive. The program will honor local first responders with ties to the U.S. Armed Forces. Jazz LIVE at Marine View: Northwest jazz and blues vocalist Maia Santell and House Blend will perform a free all-ages concert at 5 p.m. June 10 at Marine View Church, 8469 Eastside Drive NE, Tacoma. Info: (253) 229-9206 o Highline Community College 50th anniversary: The college will celebrate its 50th anniversary from 6 to 8 p.m. June 11 at 2400 S. 240th St., building 8, Des Moines. Admission is free for all ages. Event features cake and refreshments, along with a concert by Jr. Cadillac. Info: or Elder care classes: Comfort Keepers will host classes for South King County residents about elder care on June 12 (topic is hospitalization) and June 13 (nutrition and healthy living). To register, call (253) 945-1400. Swim lessons: Marine Hills Swim and Tennis Club offers classes, lectures, lessons and more for all ages. For details, contact or visit Jerry Galland campaign: The candidate for District 30 state representative position 1 will hold a campaign kickoff June 13 with a classic car show. Call (253) 8388690 or visit Book group: The Multi Cultural Book Group will discuss “The Lacuna,” a novel by Barbara Kingsolver, at 7 p.m. June 13 at the Federal Way 320th Library. Set in both Mexico and the United States, this book chronicles the story of Harrison Shepherd, his experiences in both countries, his friendship with artist Frieda Kahlo, and the events in both countries during that time period. Newcomers are always welcome. Call (253) 859-8349. Enterprise Elementary garden: The school is having a Garden Celebration featuring the Federal Way Symphony from 2 to 4 p.m. June 18. The Rotary Club of Federal Way has donated funds to support the garden and new tile mural. Call Stacy Traylor at (253) 945-2608. 2012 Summerfest: Federal Way AmeriCorps and Northwest Church will host a community celebration for the whole family 3 to 6 p.m. June 20 at The Norman Center, 33250 21st Ave. SW. Event features health and safety info and outdoor fun. RSVP: (253) 945-2281. PowellsWood Storytelling Festival: This event is coming to Federal Way’s premier private garden on July 13-14. Listen to master storytellers, or hone your own storytelling skills. Storytelling for children will be on hand. Visit

[10] June 1, 2012

Spring Valley replenishes salmon School tradition began with founder’s fascination of life cycle, preservation By ANDY HOBBS

For 25 years and counting, a school tradition gives local salmon a fighting chance. Spring Valley Montessori School’s annual

salmon release has helped revive the salmon in the West Hylebos Creek. The creek runs through the campus, located off Pacific Highway in southern Federal Way. Thirty years ago, salmon

packed the creek, bumping into one another while migrating upstream. “We used to count 25 to 30 salmon in 30 minutes,” said principal Gulsevin Kayihan as students released hatchlings into the creek May 25. “There were so many. I wish we had pictures. It has dwindled so much.” As development spread

across the fledgling city, so did pollution in the creek. “We’d find toilet bowls washed up on the banks of the creek,” she said. “Federal Way’s growth started destroying the habitat of the salmon.” As a result, the salmon population plummeted. Nowadays, one or two salmon swimming in the creek becomes an event for

Spring Valley Montessori School’s annual salmon release took place May 25. Pictured: Students hold plastic cups with coho salmon hatchlings ready to enter the West Hylebos Creek. ANDY HOBBS, The Mirror the whole school to witness. The creek has made a comeback, school staff say, in the years since Spring Valley’s salmon release program began. The city contributes to the restoration by planting bushes, trees and other spots for shade-loving salmon. The ongoing collaborative effort is slowly nursing the waters back to health. Madeleine Justus, 95, founded Spring Valley Montessori School in 1951, the first school of its kind in Washington. The salmon life cycle fascinates Justus, who was inspired by an article more than 70 years ago while living in her native Romania. “She wanted to educate the children on the life cycle of salmon,” said Lori Sweeney about the school’s founder. Sweeney, who leads the salmon program, monitors the hatchlings year-round, even on snow days and weekends, making sure their holding tank stays at 48 degrees. Having grown up to appreciate the outdoors, Sweeney is powered by a passion for the lesson these salmon teach to the school’s nearly 100 students. “I want students to feel like they’ve taken part in something respectful of nature,” Sweeney said. Spring Valley students raise the salmon, starting from the eggs. The older elementary students help their younger counterparts, ages preschool and up, release the salmon into the creek. About 180 to 200 hatchlings make it to the school’s annual salmon release. While standing above the creek on a footbridge, students pour the baby coho salmon down a water slide of sorts and into the stream. State and tribal biologists say 15 percent of the salmon released at Spring Valley will return.







June 1, 2012 [11]

Sprouts of hope for FW families By Tricia Schug

Reader’s Digest prints woman’s WWII anecdote

Multi-Service Center, Federal Way

Mirror staff reports

Students at Nautilus Elementary School in Federal Way are learning valuable lessons in organic gardening and nutrition, while also helping to serve families in need. The student garden is in its second season at Nautilus. Chard, cilantro and artichokes already flourish, while additional tiny seedlings jut from the ground promising a hearty crop of tomatoes, potatoes, onions, peas and more. Some produce will be used in classroom demonstrations of salad bars and salsamaking, but the remainder will make its way to MultiService Center’s Food Bank to feed local families. The garden is a labor of love started by PTA president Melissa Stanley, with the guidance of Mike Stanley (no relation), director of the Federal Way Community Garden Foundation, who designed the garden in a series of raised beds that are easily accessible by people of all ages. With plans in hand, the garden quickly blossomed into reality, thanks to community support, a grant from BECU and fundraising by the PTA. Parents, teachers and other volunteers built the beds, while the Marine Hills Garden Club and the Pierce County Master Gardener Propagation Group donated

Federal Way resident Lorna Packard was featured last month in Reader’s Digest, which selected her submission for “Humor in Uniform,”

a portion of its Humor Section that shares readers’ military-related anecdotes. Her anecdote: Have you heard of World War II?” my husband asked our six-yearold grandson. “Well, I’ve heard of it,” Bronson said tentatively. “But I can’t remember what game it is.” Reader’s Digest, the

world’s largest paid circulation magazine, receives more than 50,000 Humor submissions a year. Reader’s Digest has a global circulation of 17 million and publishes in 70 countries with 50 editions in 21 languages. For decades, Reader’s Digest reigned as the bestselling magazine in the United States.

Congratulations Melissa Stanley, PTA president, shows a class of second-graders what an onion looks like when pulled from the ground. COURTESY PHOTO seedlings. “The main motivation for this garden was to have the kids get excited about gardening and nutrition. Plus, there’s so much they could do with outdoor science as well,” said Melissa. Already, students are responding with delight to the garden. “One girl told me she had so much fun in the garden that she started a small garden at her home,” Melissa said with a smile. On a recent sunlit morning, Mrs. Kay’s second grade class spent time in the garden with barely contained enthusiasm as they wielded spades and plunked tomato plants into holes. Nearby, another group from the class squealed over finding worms wriggling in compost bins, while their classmates sampled cilantro (yum!) and chard (eew!) from the abundant plants. The students’ planting of tomatoes and onions will

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go a long way come harvest time. Last year, the garden yielded 125 potato sacks of produce donated to the food bank. Fresh produce is a highly coveted item at the food bank. “We all know how important it is to have fresh fruits and vegetables in our diets,” said Terri Turner, director, MSC Food and Clothing Banks. “And families who use the food bank are no different in needing healthy food.”

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[12] June 1, 2012

Volunteers build wheelchair ramp for FW couple Diana and Larry Larson are disabled and now can go to and from their Federal Way home without assistance, thanks to Dave Main and Michelle Trey of Creative Home Partners LLC. Their crew volunteered for the Master Builders Care Foundation’s 19th Annual Rampathon. The Larsons’ wheelchair ramp extended the length of their home. Foundation volunteers in the region built 14 free wheelchair ramps for low-income disabled homeowners on May 19. COURTESY PHOTO

AG’s office touts settlement from RealNetworks By Greg Allmain

RealNetworks, a Seattlebased digital media provider, will pay a $2.4 million settlement to customers regarding unfair and deceptive practices, most notably in it’s practices with supposedly “free trials.” According to Washington

State Attorney General Rob McKenna’s office, over 500 complaints have been filed to the AG’s office over the last seven years regarding RealNetworks’ “free” trials. Consumers reported “odd charges” showing up on credit card statements, being billed monthly for premium television services they never agreed to, and sports or game content that they never ordered. “Deceptive pre-checked boxes and fine print obligated consumers to not-so-

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free trials for subscription services they didn’t want in the first place,” McKenna said. “People were charged for months - sometimes years - paying hundreds of dollars for subscriptions they knew nothing about.” The AG’s “Consumer Protection Division” filed a lawsuit and settlement in King County Superior Court earlier this week to end these unfair and deceptive practices. Among the practices noted are what the AG’s office called “free-topay conversions” in which a free trail quickly becomes a paid subscription unless a user takes quick action. Paula Selis, who oversees the AG’s “High Tech Unit,” said that consumers who caught on to the tricks got the runaround by RealNetworks representatives.

Allison Arthur wins scholarship at teen pageant is Joint replacement right for me? thursday, June 14 6 – 7 p.m. Best Western Plus Evergreen Inn & Suites 32124 25th Ave. S., Federal Way register today! Call 1 (888) 825-3227 or visit featuring: Richard Gray, MD Tacoma Orthopaedic Surgeons *Now seeing patients at Federal Way Orthopedic Associates

Allison Arthur, a junior at Thomas Jefferson High School, earned 1st Runnerup and a $2,000 scholarship at Miss Washington’s Outstanding Teen Pageant, held May 26-27 at the Allison Arthur Highline Performing Arts Center. Allison competed against 26 other contestants and also received the top lifestyle and fitness award. As Miss Auburn’s Outstanding Teen, Allison plans to continue promoting healthy lifestyles and fitness in her local community. Allison was invited to perform her talent, a jazz dance, at the Miss Washington Scholarship Pageant to be held July 6-7.

Proposed arena

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Job/File name: FHS_OR12_HKP1_8.16x10.pdf, Ad Code: HKP1_0614, Publication: Multiple, Trim: 8.16” x 10”, Insertion Date: multiple,

The King County Council’s “Budget and Fiscal Matters Management Committee” received its first briefing on the proposed legislation that would bring a new NBA/NHL arena to Seattle’s SODO district. “For many fans this proposal is a reason to have great hope that the Sonics will play in Seattle again,” said committee chairman Joe McDermott. “The council is committed to fully vetting the proposed legislation.” According to the county, the first briefing on the proposed arena legislation touched on the terms of the agreements, timeline, and costs to the county’s taxpayers. An independent panel of experts was also formed.

June 1, 2012 [13]





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[14] June 1, 2012

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June 1, 2012 [15]

f e d e r a l way


morris anderson banks triple-double for bellingham slam The Bellingham Slam, thanks to a triple-double from guard Morris Anderson, earned their second lopsided victory with a 155-101 win over the Japan Tornadoes on Monday at Whatcom Pavilion. The professional basketball team plays in the International Basketball League, which is similar to minor league professional baseball. Anderson’s triple-double, the first of his three-year professional career for the former Federal Way High School and Highline Community College standout, consisted of 19 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists. Anderson is now averaging 18 points and seven assists per game for Bellingham. The Slam completed the first half of their regular season schedule with a 9-1 record, good for first place in the International Basketball League.

2012 Spring Sports State Championships

FW’s Vongsaveng, relay team, Stewart win titles Track and Field: Freshman makes first meet her best in 300 hurdles, Eagle boys continue relay dominance By CASEY OLSON

Federal Way High School freshman Mariyah Vongsaveng didn’t let the big stage of the Class 4A State Track and Field Championships scare her one bit. In fact, Vongsaveng ran the best race of her short Eagle career under the most pressure. The ninth-grader won the 4A girls state title in the 300-meter hurdles Saturday at Mount Tahoma High School in Tacoma. Vongsaveng, who Drew Thompson was also a member of the state-placing Federal Way basketball team, finished with a personal-best time of 44.79 in the final Saturday to outdistance Chiawana’s Sadie Sparks, who ran a 44.88. Sparks, a senior, entered the final with the best qualifying time. What might have also helped Vongsaveng in the 300 hurdles was the fact that she was able to get out some of her freshman jitters Thursday during the preliminary round in the 100-meter hurdles. Before her first-ever state race even began in Tacoma, Vongsaveng false started and was subsequently disqualified. Vongsaveng also helped a pair of Federal Way girls relay teams finish on the podium. The Eagles’ 4x100 team of Karis Cameron, Zaedrea Robinson, Vonsaveng and Autumn Jackson finished second in 49.13 Saturday after clocking the top qualifying time Friday. The 4x200 relay team of Robinson,

Federal Way freshman Mariyah Vongsaveng ran a personal best time of 44.79 Saturday to win the Class 4A 300-meter hurdle championship at the State Track and Field Championships at Mount Tahoma High School in Tacoma. casey olson, The Mirror Cameron, Vongsaveng and Khiana Duncan ended up in third place in a time of 1:42.86. The performances helped Federal Way finish up in eighth place in the 4A team standings. Curtis won the title over Auburn Riverside. The Federal Way High School boys continued their recent success in the relay races with another state championship in the 4x400 relay Saturday. The Eagle team of Ezekiel McNeal, Jeremiah McNeal, Aaron Persinger and Tremaine Rambo easily outdistanced second-place Skyline in a time of 3:19.08. It was Federal Way’s second state title in the 4x400 relay in the last three years. The Eagles set an all-time Washington state record to win the championship in 2010. [ more track page 18 ]

TJ fastpitch, Beamer baseball finish 4th Both state tourney finishes are highest in school history By Kris Hill Covington-Maple Valley Reporter

Jefferson senior Lexi Goranson connects on a double to the fence during the Raiders trip to the 4A State Softball Tournament in Spokane. kris hill, For the Mirror

A road trip to Spokane for the 4A state fastpitch tournament was so much more than that for Thomas Jefferson High School’s fastpitch team. It had been a decade since the Raiders won in the first round in a season in 2002, when that team was immensely successful — except the squad didn’t bring home hardware. This year was different thanks to an opening round 7-4 victory over Central Valley and a second round win, a 10-8 nail [ more softball page 16 ]

Federal Way sophomore Mitch Stewart is seen with Lauren Lang (left) and Mina Park after all three won medals at state. courtesy photo

Tennis: Sophomore Stewart completes perfect season by breezing through draw; Park, Lang finish fourth, Rosa 7th By CASEY OLSON

The season was a perfect one for Federal Way High School’s Mitch Stewart. The sophomore capped his 2012 high school tennis year by capturing the Class 4A state championship at the Columbia Basin Racquet Club in the Tri-Cities last weekend. The four wins during the state tournament completed Stewart’s season with a perfect 25-0 record. He secured the singles championship with a fairly easy 6-2, 6-3 victory over Skyview’s Kent Andreasen in the final. Stewart also beat Andreasen in the West Central/Southwest District championship match in straight Kainoa Rosa sets. Saturday’s win in the Tri-Cities gives Stewart the state title that eluded him last year as a freshman. Stewart lost his only high school match of his two-year career to Jackson’s Michael Chamerski in the 4A championship. In total, Stewart is 50-1 at Federal Way. [ more tennis page 17 ]

[16] June 1, 2012

Baseball: Titans drop both at Final Four Kentwood and Richland too much in first trip to state By CASEY OLSON

It just wasn’t meant to be for the Todd Beamer High School baseball team. The Titans had trouble doing the two things that earned them the program’s first-ever berth into the Class 4A State Baseball Tournament — pitching and playing defense. Beamer (18-8) lost both of their games at the Class 4A Final Four last weekend at Gesa Stadium in Pasco to perennial baseball powers Kentwood and Richland. But the upstart Titans did bring home a fourth-place trophy. Kentwood beat the Titans, 8-5, in the semifinals and Richland outlasted Beamer, 10-7, in the third/ fourth game Saturday afternoon. The Titans committed a total of six errors in the two games. In Friday’s semifinal against Kentwood in Pasco, things started out perfectly for Beamer. The Titans tallied three runs in the first two innings and had their ace, Washington Statebound Matt Bower, on the mound. Bower entered the game with a 6-2 record and a 0.50 earned-run average. He had allowed only four earned runs in 56 1/3 innings pitched. But Friday night, Bower was touched up for seven runs and couldn’t get out of the fifth inning against the eventual state-

The Todd Beamer baseball team poses with the fourth-place trophy after the Class 4A State Baseball Tournament at Gesa Stadium in Pasco on Saturday. collin Sawyer, For The Mirror champion Conquerors. Kentwood’s potent offense plated three runs in the bottom of the second to tie the game back up and all three came with two outs. Kentwood shortstop Kade Kyrzsko connected on a two-run triple and scored the game-tying run on Cash McGuire’s single. Beamer got a pair of runs in the first when Jarred Prather hammered a two-run double off the left-centerfield wall at Gesa Stadium with two outs to give the Titans a quick 2-0 lead. Beamer’s third run came on a Kentwood error in the second. The Titans took the lead back from the Conks in the fourth inning on a sacrifice fly by Lawyer Braun. But that was the last time Beamer would lead in the game.

Kentwood scored a pair in the bottom of the fourth to take the lead back and tallied two more runs in the fifth to take a commanding 7-4 advantage. The Conquerors added an insurance run in the sixth. The Titans finished with 10 hits, compared to nine by Kentwood. Senior shortstop Brett Oyer was 2 for 3 with a double. But Beamer also finished with a pair of errors in the field.

Richland 10, Beamer 7 (third/fourth game)

The Titans just couldn’t overcome the huge 7-0 deficit they found themselves in Saturday at Gesa Stadium. A bulk of the damage came in the second inning when Richland (22-6) sent 11 hitters to the plate and tallied six runs. The Bombers added another run in

Federal Way Public Schools 2012-13 Early Entry to Kindergarten and First Grade Deadlines Early Entry to Kindergarten – Do you have a child who will be five (5) years old between September 01 - October 31, 2012 and live within the Federal Way School District’s boundaries? If so, your child may be eligible for Early Entry to Kindergarten. Your child must be evaluated by a psychologist in six test areas and must pass each test area with a minimum score of 5 years / 6 months. The deadline for application submission is August 15, 2012 for the 2012-13 school year. For information contact Student Support Services 253-945-2080. Early Entry to First Grade – Do you have a child who is not eligible to enter first grade because their sixth (6) birthday falls after August 31, 2012? If so, you may request a waiver of the state age requirement based on successful completion of an approved kindergarten program. The deadline for application submission is August 15, 2012 for the 201213 school year. For information contact Student Support Services 253-945-2080.

the top of the third. Beamer fought back with a pair of runs in the bottom of the third, but Richland plated two in the fifth and one more in the top of the seventh to lead 10-2 going into the Titans’ final at-bat. But, like they have showcased all season long, the Titans didn’t have any give-up in them. Beamer scored five runs with one out in the seventh. But Richland junior pitcher Nate Ruane came on with two runners on and the potential gametying run hitting and struck out both hitters he faced to give the Bombers third place. Offensively, Beamer was led by Oyer, who finished 2 for 3 with run and two RBIs. Daniel Lee knocked in a pair of runs in the seventh on a single and Richie Apigo was 2 for 4 with two runs and an RBI. Freshman Ben Arata scored two runs for the Titans.

Jefferson’s Rocky Hale pitches late in the game against Walla Walla in the Class 4A State Fastpitch semifinal at Merkel Sports Complex in Spokane on Saturday. kris hill, For the Mirror

[ softball from page 15 ]

biter against Monroe that propelled Jefferson into a semifinal against defending state champion Walla Walla. “I’ve always talked about tradition with the girls,” said Jefferson coach Chad Fahnlander. “This is the one group that wanted to take that tradition and do better. They didn’t just want to make it to state, they wanted to place.” In the double elimination tournament, that goal seemed in doubt when Walla Walla took an early 6-0 lead, but an five-run outburst in the bottom of the sixth for Jefferson had the Raiders two runs and three outs away from the state title game and assured of a top-four placing. “It was basically our players, the players came in and said, ‘We’re not going to go down like this,’” Fahnlander said. “Let’s make some memories in this semifinal game.” Instead, Walla Walla put up two more runs in the top of the seventh while Jefferson mustered one more in the bottom half, putting the Raiders into the loser’s bracket. Jefferson bounced back with a 3-0 win over Central Valley and assured the team of a trophy, the first time the program has brought one home in fastpitch. In the final game of the tournament for third and fourth, Jefferson ran out of gas, losing to Richland 13-3. Still, the fourth place finish was what the team wanted to accomplish when the girls stepped onto the bus to head out to Spokane, and Jefferson can add that to its South Puget Sound League title as it capped off one of the best seasons the Raiders have put together in fastpitch in a decade. “It’s been an awesome season,” Fahnlander said.

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[ tennis from page 15 ]

Chamerski, who is a senior this season, did not turn out for Jackson’s tennis team this year to concentrate more on playing national tournaments. Chamerski has already signed to play in the fall at the University of Washington. The 2012 state tournament was pretty much a walk in the park for Stewart. He lost a grand total of six games during his four matches, including a pair of 6-0, 6-0 sweeps. Stewart beat Eastlake’s Vicente Veras 6-0, 6-0 in the semifinals and also swept Richland’s Travis Zuroske in the quarterfinals. Cascade’s Patrick Chung was able to get one game from Stewart during the first round, 6-1, 6-0. After winning the 2012 state title, Stewart’s attention will now turn toward the summer circuit on the tennis court. Following the school year, he will travel to Delray Beach, Fla. to play in the Clay Court Nationals and then head straight to Kalamazoo, Mich. for the Boys Junior National Tennis Championships. Stewart also hopes to play at the US Open Junior Championships at the Flushing Meadows Tennis Center in New York City in August. He is currently the top-ranked Kiele Bowman under-16-year-old player in the Pacific Northwest and 12th-ranked in the United States. But Stewart wasn’t the only Federal Way High School player to stand on the podium at the state tennis championships. The girls doubles team of Mina Park and Lauren Lang snagged a fourth-place trophy after finishing 3-1 at state. Jenny Hoefel The Eagle duo beat Lewis and Clark’s Hayley Strandness and Rachel Smith in a rugged three-setter in their opener Friday, 7-5, 4-6, 6-4. Park and Lang then lost their only match of the weekend to Kamiak’s Alyssa Gilbert and Jenna Gilbert in the quarterfinals, 6-1, 7-6. The team then won both of their consolation bracket matches, including a three-setter over Davis’ Erica DeMond and Megumi DeMond, 7-5, 2-6, 6-4, to earn the fourth-place trophy. Jefferson’s Kainoa Rosa was also able to stand on the podium in the Tri-Cities. Rosa, a senior, finished up in seventh place in the 4A singles competition. Rosa, who also placed in doubles’ action at the two previous state championships, lost to Gonzaga Prep’s Alex Marcinkowski in the fourth/seventh match Saturday, 6-1, 6-3. Rosa beat Gergo Muller in his opener Friday, 6-4, 6-3, before losing to Eastlake’s Vincente Veras in the quarterfinals, 6-1, 6-2. Rosa then beat Richland’s Travis Zuroske in a loserout match, 6-2, 6-3, to guarantee a top-eight finish. The Beamer pair of Jenny Hoefel and Kiele Bowman lost both of their matches in the Tri-Cities. Hoefel and Bowman lost a heart-breaker in their opener Friday to Kamiak’s Annie Yang and Zoe Jovanovich, 4-6, 6-2, 6-4. The duo was then swept in straight sets in their next match, 6-4, 6-0.

June 1, 2012 [17]

Sports Briefs: Two Federal Way boys participate in elite soccer invitational

two boys in the Federal Way Football Club on the state EPD team.

A pair of Federal Way 12-yearolds headed to Southern California after being selected to represent Washington at the Pro+ Invitational in Ventura May 25-28. Evan Brewer and Austin Stafford both play for Federal Way FC ‘98 Blue. The Federal Way duo played against other other top players from California, Washington, Colorado and Texas. U.S. Soccer Hall of Famer Eric Wynalda and Evan Brewer former U.S. Soccer technical director Steve Sampson were guest speakers. Brewer attends Sacajawea Middle School and started playing soccer at age 5 with Federal Austin Stafford Way’s Mod Soccer and moved to the select league when he was 8. This year Evan tried out for the Elite Player Development (EPD) Program and made the player pool as a goalkeeper. The EPD Program is an identification and development program for the best players in the state. Players are trained and selected for regional and national competitions and showcases. Stafford attends Illahee Middle School and has been playing organized soccer since he was 4. He has played his entire career in Federal Way, beginning with Mod Soccer and moving into the select league when he was 8. Brewer and Stafford are the only

• Decatur High School graduate Ciaran O’Brien was back on the pitch at the Starfire Sports Complex in Tukwila Wednesday night. O’Brien and his Atlanta Silverbacks soccer team lost to the hometown Seattle Sounders FC, 5-1, in the opening round of the US Open Cup. O’Brien played the entire 90 minutes in the midfield for the Silverbacks, who play in the North American Soccer League (NASL). During his first season in Atlanta, O’Brien earned All-league honors with four goals and it was announced in November that he would return for his second season with the club. After high school, O’Brien went on to play at the University of San Diego before transferring to the University of California-Santa Barbara. O’Brien was the fifth Ciaran O’Brien overall pick by the Colorado Rapids in the 2008 Major League Soccer (MLS) SuperDraft after leaving Santa Barbara after his sophomore season. O’Brien played in only one game for the Rapids’ first squad in 2008 before being loaned out by Colorado to the lower-level Seattle Sounders, Austin Astex and Montreal Impact, along with the Ireland club, Sporting Fingal, from 2008-10. After his contract ran out with Colorado, O’Brien singed with Atlanta in March 2011. The Sounders will host Cal FC on Tuesday at Starfire in the US Open Cup after the fifth division side knocked off the Portland Timbers


Vincent Thompson

1-0 on Wednesday night for the biggest upset in the tournament. • Federal Way boxer Vincent Thompson won his first bout on national TV by defeating Joell Godfrey on May 25 in ESPN’s Friday Night Fights. Thompson (11-0, 2 KOs) defeated Tennessee fighter Godfrey (14-7-1, 6 KOs) with a unanimous decision in the eight-round heavyweight matchup. Judges scored the fight 8072, 80-72 and 78-74. reports that Thompson controlled the fight from the start against a passive Godfrey, and at one point, knocked one of Godfrey’s contact lenses out. The fight can be seen in its entirety at After the victory, Thompson inked a five-year contract with Banner Promotions. Thompson will fight again on the June 29 undercard on ESPN in Chicago as well as HBO undercards in August and October, according to reports. Former lightweight title challenger Ji-Hoon “Volcano” Kim (24-7, 18 KOs) defeated lightweight Alisher “Ali” Rahimov (23-1, 12 KOs) in the 10-round main event. The fight was held in St. Charles, Mo.

with the Federal Way Chorale Jazz Ensemble Laird M.Thornton, Artistic Director

How ‘Bout a Little

Featuring Local Composers and Choral Jazz Special Guest Artists: CELEBRATION, the Bellevue College Vocal Jazz Ensemble

Saturday, June 2, 2012, 8 pm Sunday, June 3, 2012, 2:30 pm

St. Luke’s Lutheran Church 515 South 312th Street, Federal Way WA 98003 Tickets: $15 Student/Senior; $18 General; Children 12 & under free To Purchase tickets visit or call the Chorale at 253-250-3326


[18] June 1, 2012

Federal Way High School boys 4x400 relay team of Aaron Persinger, Jeremiah McNeal, Ezekiel McNeal and Tremaine Rambo won the Class 4A state title Saturday at Mount Tahoma. todd dearinger, For the Mirror Federal Way finished fourth in the 4x400 last season. The Eagles also snagged a silver medal in the 4x100 relay Saturday at Mount Tahoma High School. Gig Harbor won the state title in 41.43. The Federal Way team of Kerson Lubin, Michael Tate, Persinger and Ezekiel McNeal finished in 41.80, just ahead of thirdplace Mead. The relay success by the Eagle boys helped Federal Way to a third-place finish in the Class 4A team standings with 52 total points. Gig Harbor won the state title with 62 points, followed by Mead in second (58). Last weekend’s meet ended an impressive track and field career for Decatur’s Drew Thompson. The senior almost single-handedly moved the Gators into 18th place in the overall Class 3A team standings

with three top-four finishes at Mount Tahoma. Thompson ran to a thirdplace finish in the 110-meter hurdles in an impressive time of 14.80. Hanford’s Joseph Collett won the race in 14.55. Thompson also ended up third in the high jump, where he equalled his Decatur school record of 6-feet-6. Thompson was one of four jumpers to tie at 6-6, but University’s Eddie Gonzalez won the state title with fewer misses. Thompson also finished fourth in the 300 hurdles Saturday in a time of 39.15. He won all three of the events during the huge West Central/Southwest District Meet.

In other state meet results:

• McNeal proved to be the top sprinter in the district at the state meet. The junior finished fourth in both the 100 and 200 me-

ters. McNeal ran a blazing 10.79 in the 100 finals and finished in 22.31 in the 200. • Federal Way junior Albert Havili ended up third in the discus with a throw of 164-6. The throw was well short of the school record he set in winning the West Central District title at 178-7. Ferris’ Damon Unland won the state title at 174-3. • Tate had a solid allaround meet for the Eagles. Tate helped the Federal Way 4x100 relay team finish second and individually won a bronze medal in the long jump with a leap of 22-3 and finished fifth in the 200 meters in a time of 22.54. • Persinger also had an impressive state meet for Federal Way. The junior qualified for both final heats in the hurdles. He finished fifth in the 110 hurdles (14.95) and was sixth in the 300 hurdles (38.87).

Sometimes it’s easy

Being Green JUNE EVENts The Great Backyard Bird Count Week of June 11-15

Calling all bird watchers to VG’s version of this annual event. Join us in counting and documenting the different species of birds we all enjoy.

Custom Car Show & Barbeque Friday, June 15th, 11:00 a.m.

Join us for a good time and good food hosted by our Cottage residents at our Pacific Coral Frog Pond also known as Froggy Bottoms! Hop on over!

PowellsWood Road Trip Wed., June 20th, departs 10:30 a.m.

Join us for a road trip to PowellsWood for a private tour of the gardens. Take a walk and enjoy all the beauty it has to offer. Lunch to follow.

VGR247 VG June Event_FWM_1C_6-1.indd 1

Decatur senior Drew Thompson finished up in third place in the 3A high jump with a leap of 6-foot-6. He was also third in the 110-meter hurdles and fourth in the 300 hurdles. todd dearinger, For the Mirror Persinger was also a part of both relay teams for Federal Way. • Federal Way sophomore Keenan Curran ended up ninth in the triple jump (42-1) and junior D’Londo Tucker was 16th (40-0). Freshman Robert McClatcher was 12th in the long jump (20-5 1/2). • Beamer senior Willie Roach had an impressive third-place leap of 6-4 in the high jump and also finished 12th in the 200 (23.08). • Beamer senior Austin Hitchcock was 10th in the 300 hurdles and sophomore Adrian Shocks finished 10th in the triple jump for the Titans (41-9). • Both Alanna Vann and Chante Spotser made the

The Village Green lifestyle promotes a life of living green. It’s no coincidence we have “green” in our name. Our staff and residents walk the walk and talk the talk each day aware of our surroundings and the importance of preserving the eco-balance of nature around us. Please visit us and enjoy one of our environmentally friendly events to learn how you can help or just to enjoy the beauty of all nature offers.

final heat in their respective races for Beamer. Vann, a sophomore, suffered an injury and finished eighth in the 100 and Spotser, a freshman, was also eighth in the 400 (59.74). The duo was joined by Nicole Seabolt and Sydney Rogalla to finish 10th in the 4x100 relay (50.08). • Jefferson had five athletes compete at the state meet and were led by the all-around performance of senior Lindsey Dahl, who will continue her career in the fall at the University of Montana. Dahl finished fourth in the javelin (1364), was 10th in the 300 hurdles (46.64) and 13th in the long jump (16-8 1/4). Sophomore Kaya Warrior finished 10th in the girls shot put (37-5), junior McKay Owsley was 11th in the

boys long jump (20-10 1/4), senior Kendall Green was 13th in the boys 400 (51.41) and senior Yobel Mengistu was 15th in the triple jump (40-1 1/2). • Decatur freshman Terrance Taumua ended up 10th in the 110 boys hurdles in a time of 15.66. • Decatur senior Tori Zellerhoff finished her career with a pair of impressive runs at the state meet. Zellerhoff finished 11th in the 3,200 meters (11:20.12) and 12th in the 1,600 (5:10.97). • Jenelta Yates ended up 12th in the 400 meters (1:01.25) and helped the Decatur girls 4x400 relay team finish 15th (4:14.91). • Decatur sophomore Anna Paradee was 14th in the 3A girls pole vault with a leap of 9-6.

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[ track from page 15 ]

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$575 MONTH - 1 BR ground floor apt in 6 unit building. Covered parking, storage locker and laundr y facility. Water, sewer and garbage paid. (253)833-3183 until 6pm FEDERAL WAY

1 BEDROOM CONDOS. Newly remodeled, heated bath floors, washer/ dryer, stainless appliances, deck, fireplace, pool, covered parking. Close to Library, near busline. No pets. $745 month. $100 off 1st months rent! 253-952-7576

1 B E D RO O M C o n d o. Washer, dryer, fireplace, pool. carpor t. Water, garbage, sewer included. Close to Des Moines Marina $800 month. Call for details before 12:30pm, weekdays. 253-631-5187 Federal Way

WA Misc. Rentals General Rentals

R E N TA L S A v a i l a b l e Now. Zaran Sayre & Associates, Property Mana g e m e n t S p e c i a l i s t s. Finding and renting homes since 1981! Call (253)941-4012 and ask about our available units for rent or speak to an experienced, licensed Property Manager about the potential of renting out your own home. See for information. We now have live chat available online! is an online real estate community that exposes your proďŹ le and listings to two million readers from our many publications in the PaciďŹ c Northwest. Log on to join our network today. Money to Loan/Borrow

L O C A L P R I VAT E I N VESTOR loans money on real estate equity. I l o a n o n h o u s e s, r aw land, commercial property and property development. Call Eric at (800) 563-3005.

ANNOUNCE your festiva l fo r o n l y p e n n i e s. Four weeks to 2.7 million readers statewide for about $1,200. Call this newspaper or 1 (206) 634-3838 for more details. 3 B E D RO O M , 2 b a t h home. Small fenced yard, garage. Near shopping/ buses. Included utilities. $1,250. 206510-1103.


2505 E Main, Puyallup, WA 98372 Call For Manager’s Special!

NEW ALASKA RV MOBILE HOME Park, space available. Clean, quiet, 3 minutes to I-5, 15 minutes from downtown Seattle or Tacoma. Lots available from $375 with yard. Close to Saltwater State Park. 206-2299283

1 BEDROOM. Washer, Announcements dr yer, swimming pool. Freshly painted, new tile. $ 6 9 5 . C r e d i t C h e c k . _ ADOPT _ Affection206-228-5464, 253-839- ate, athletic, married, caring lawyers joyfully 5464 await miracle 1st baby Thousands of (will be parents’ 1st subscribers could be grandchild). Expenses reading your ad in the paid. 1-800-816-8424 Advertise your product or ClassiďŹ ed Service service nationwide or by Directory. Call region in up to 12 million 800-388-2527 or go households in Nor th online to America’s best suburbs! to place your ad today. Place your classified ad in over 815 suburban newspapers just like this WA Misc. Rentals one. Call Classified AveDuplexes/Multiplexes nue at 888-486-2466 or go to FEDERAL WAY


6 UNIT SENIOR Apartment. 2 bedroom with w a s h e r a n d d r ye r i n each unit. No smoking. $700 plus deposit. 253735-3131, 253-3320239.

June 01, 2012 [19] WA Misc. Rentals Mobile Home Spaces


WERE YOU IMPLANTED WITH A ST. JUDE RIATA DEFIBRILLATOR LEAD WIRE Between June 2001 and December 2010? Have you had this lead replaced, capped or did you receive shocks f r o m t h e l e a d ? Yo u m ay b e e n t i t l e d t o compensation.

Contact Attorney Charles Johnson 1-800-535-5727 Employment Automotive

MECHANIC WANTED Heavy and Light Duty Tr u c k s ; Tr a c t o r a n d Trailers; Compressors; Forklifts; Scissor Lifts; Rental Yard. Call Barry:


Employment General

ADVERTISING SALES CONSULTANT Sound Publishing, Inc. has an immediate opening for an Adver tising Sales Consultant at the Maple Valley/Covington Repor ter office. The ideal candidate will demonstrate strong interpersonal skills, both written and oral, and have excellent communications skills. Ideal candidates must be motivated and take the initiative to sell multiple media products, including on-line advertising, special products, work with existing customers and find ways to grow sales and income with new prospective clients. Print media experience is a definite asset. Must be computer-proficient at Word, Excel, and utilizing the Internet. Position requires use of personal cell phone and vehicle, possession of valid WA State Driver’s License and proof of active vehicle insurance. Compensation includes salary plus commission. Sound Publishing is an Equal Opportunity Employer and offers a competitive benefits package including health insurance, 401K, paid vacat i o n , h o l i d ay s a n d a great work environment. We recognize that the key to our success lies in the abilities, diversity and vision of our employees. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply. If you are customer-dr iven, success-oriented, self-motivated, well organized and have the ability to think outside the box, then we want to hear from you! Please email us your cover letter and resume to:

or mail to: Sound Publishing, Inc., 19426 68th Avenue S. Kent, WA 98032, ATTN: HR/CMV. No calls or personal visits please. REPORTER

The Bainbridge Island Review, a weekly community newspaper located in western Washington state, is accepting applications for a parttime general assignment Reporter. The ideal candidate will have solid reporting and writing skills, have up-to-date knowledge of the AP Stylebook, be able to shoot photos and video, be able to use InDesign, and contribute to staff blogs and Web updates. We offer vacation and sick leave, and paid holidays. If you have a passion for community news reporting and a desire to work in an ambitious, dyn a m i c n ew s r o o m , we want to hear from you. E.O.E. Email your resume, cover letter and up to 5 non-returnable writing, photo and video samples to Or mail to BIRREP/HR Dept., Sound Publishing, 19351 8th Ave. NE, Suite 106, Poulsbo, WA 98370.


Employment General

Employment Media

Employment Transportation/Drivers

Carriers Wanted: The Federal Way Mirror is seeking independent contract delivery drivers to deliver the Federal Way Mirror two days per week. A reliable, insured vehicle and a current WA drivers license is required. These are independent contract delivery routes. Please call (888) 838-3000 or email

RETAIL SALES MANAGER Are you a dynamic, professional individual with innovative ideas and experience in building business and increasing profits? Then we are interested in you! Sound Publishing, Inc. is currently seeking an experienced retail sales manager to lead a talented staff focused on growing revenue, building business relationships, creating innovative ad strategies and strengthening an already strong brand. This position will manage our Courier Herald publications in E n u m c l a w, B o n n e y Lake, and Sumner. The individual must possess strong leadership skills, b e a n e f fe c t i ve t e a m builder and display a commitment to multiplatform audience development. This position requires an accomplished manager who desires to work with a strong advertising team in a high quality market. The retail sales manager will report to the Vice President of East Sound Newspaper Operations. Responsibilities: Build relationships with key adver tisers, helping them meet their goals and grow their business; direct retail sales and service functions for online, and core products; train, motivate, recruit and develop a creative and energetic sales force; mentor strong and experienced sales staffers in retail advertising; and work with the Vice President to develop and implement strategic goals. Qualifications: Minimu m o f t h r e e t o f i ve years of newspaper advertising experience, to include at least two years managerial experience is required. Bachelor’s degree preferred. A successful track record of growing market revenue share with a proven record of developing and positioning strategic plans, which have resulted in increased sales and profitability. Must be a proven leader who is able to build a strong team and alliances. Must possess excellent communication skills (written, verbal, interpersonal, and presentation) with the ability to influence clients, peers and other appropriate audiences. Strong managerial skills (selecting and developing talent, coaching, and teambuilding) and the confidence to challenge the status quo in a professional manner are essential. We are an Equal Employment Oppor tunity Employer and recognize that the key to our success lies in the abilities, diversity and vision of our employees. Women and minorities are enc o u r a g e d t o a p p l y. Please email resume and cover letter to

D R I V E R S - - F l ex i bl e hometime. Full or Partt i m e. M o d e r n Tr u ck s. Local Orientation. Quarterly Safety Bonus. Single Source Dispatch. Requires 3 months recent experience. 800414-9569 Need extra cash? Place your classiďŹ ed ad today! Call 1-800-388-2527 or Go online 24 hours a day

Employment Media

REPORTER Reporter sought for staff opening with the Peninsula Daily News, a sixday newspaper on Washington’s beautiful North Olympic Peninsula that includes the cities of Por t Angeles, Sequim, P o r t To w n s e n d a n d Forks (yes, the “Twilight� Forks, but no vampires or werewolves). Bring your experience from a weekly or small daily -from the first day, you’ll be able to show off the writing and photography skills you’ve already acquired while sharpening your talent with the help o f ve t e ra n n ew s r o o m leaders. This is a general assignment reporting position in our Port Angeles office in which being a self-starter must be demonstrated through professional experience. Port Angeles-based Peninsula Daily News, circulation 16,000 daily and 15,000 Sunday (plus a website getting up to one million hits a month), publishes separate editions for Clallam and Jefferson counties. Check out the PDN at w w w. p e n i n s u l a d a i l y and the beauty and recreational oppor tunities at In-person visit and tryout are required, so Washington/Northwest applicants given preference. Send cover letter, resume and five best writi n g a n d p h o t o g r a p hy clips to Leah Leach, managing editor/news, P.O. Box 1330, 305 W. First St., Port Angeles, WA 9 8 3 6 2 , o r e m a i l REPORTER The Central Kitsap Reporter in Silverdale, WA is seeking a general assignment reporter with writing experience and photography skills. Join a four-person newsroom in a position that is prim a r i l y b e a t c ove ra g e and secondarily generalassignment coverage of a city, an Urban Growth Area, county gover nment and naval base. Coverage stretches from the deeply rural to the “other Washington� in scope. News, narrative features and photography are at the center of the job. Applicants must b e a bl e t o wo r k i n a team-oriented deadline driven environment, display excellent wr iting skills, have a knowledge of community news and or mail to: be able to compose arti- Sound Publishing, Inc., cles on multiple topics. 19426 68th Avenue S. This is a full-time posiKent, WA 98032, tion and includes excelATTN: HR/SME lent benefits, paid vacaNo calls or personal tion, sick and holidays. visits please. Please send resume with cover letter, 3 or Think Inside the Box more non-retur nable clips in PDF or Text for- Advertise in your local community mat and references to newspaper and on or mail to: the web with just CKRREP/HR Sound Publishing, Inc. one phone call. Call 800-388-2527 19351 8th Ave. NE, Suite 106 for more information. Poulsbo, WA 98370

NEW TO TRUCKING?. Your new career starts now! * $0 Tuition Cost * No Credit Check * Great Pay & Benefits Shor t e m p l oy m e n t c o m m i t ment required Call 8663 0 6 - 4 1 1 5 Business Opportunities

Earn up to $150 per day Un de rcove r Sh op per s Needed to Judge Retail & Dining Establishments Experience Not Required Call Now 1-888-8914244 Make Up To $2,000.00+ Per Week! New Credit Card Ready Drink-Snack Vending Machines. Minimum $4K to $40K+ Investment Required. Locations Available. BBB Accredited Business. (800) 962-9189

Would you like to borrow a real Aladdins “Lamp� for two weeks? Email: Schools & Training

AIRLINES ARE HIRINGTrain for hands on Aviation Maintenance Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualifiedHousing available. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance (877)818-0783Â

Cemetery Plots

3 GORGEOUS VIEW Plots at Washington Memorial in The Garden of Communion. Well kept, lovely & year round maintenance included. Friendly, helpful staff. Section 15, block 232, plots B; (2, 3 & 4), near Veteran section. Asking below cemeter y price, $1,500 each! 206-2460698. Plots located at 16445 International Blvd. Electronics

AT & T  U - V e r s e   f o r just  $29.99/mo!   SAVE  w hen you bundle  Internet+Phone+TV  and get up to  $300 BACK!  (Select plans).  Limited Time CALL NOW! 866-9440810. Dish Network lowest nationwide price $19.99 a month. FREE HBO/Cinemax/Starz FREE Blockbuster. FREE HD-DVR and install. Next day install 1-800-375-0784 Need extra cash? Place your classiďŹ ed ad today! Call 1-800-388-2527 or Go online 24 hours a day DISH Network. Starting at $19.99/month PLUS 30 Premium Movie Channels FREE for 3 Months! SAVE! & Ask About SAME DAY Installation! CALL - 877-9921237 SAVE on Cable TV-Internet-Digital Phone. Packages start at $89.99/mo (for 12 months.) Options from ALL major service providers. Call Acceller t o d ay t o l e a r n m o r e ! CALL 1-877-736-7087 Stop Paying too much for TV! Satellite is CHEAPER than cable! Packages from $19.99/mo- FREE movies, FREE upgrades & FREE HD: Limited Offer- CALL NOW! 800371-7386 Flea Market

ATTEND COLLEGE online from home. *Medical *Business *Criminal Justice. *Hospitality. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. SCHEV cer tified. Call 8 6 6 - 4 8 3 - 4 4 9 9 .

CELL PHONE, new in b ox , Kyo c e ra S 2 1 0 0 , camera phone with bluetooth wireless, mobile web and more, $20. Federal Way. 253-8748987 GOLF CLUBS - complete set with extra covers and all accessories. Perfect for about about 5’4� height. Male or female. $150. Located in Kent. (253)854-4389 N O R I TA K E C H I N A , “ C e r va n t e s � Pa t t e r n , complete 8 piece setting with extra serving pieces, $150. 253-941-3731

Business Equipment

Food & Farmer’s Market

ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE from Home. *Medical, *Business, *Criminal Justice. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. SCHEV certified. Call 800-488-0386

100 Percent Guaranteed Omaha Steaks - SAVE 65 percent on the Family Value Collection. NOW O N LY $ 4 9 . 9 9 P l u s 3 FREE GIFTS & right-tothe-door delivery in a reusable cooler. ORDER TODAY at 1-888-697B U S I N E S S O R F u n d 3965 or www.OmahaSR a i s i n g O p p o r t u n i t y., use Softball, Baseball, Foot- code 45069NVJ. ball, Soccer? Does your team need to raise monHeavy Equipment ey for uniforms, travel, e t c ? T h e n c h e ck t h i s MANTIS Deluxe Tiller. o u t ! F u l l y e q u i p p e d , NEW! FastStart engine. ready to serve, Conces- Ships FREE. One-Year sions Trailer for sale by Money-Back Guarantee local non-profit, $28,500. when you buy DIRECT. Dick at 253-631-4931 C a l l fo r t h e DV D a n d FREE Good Soil book! 866-969-1041 Cemetery Plots

(2) CEMETERY Spaces, side by side, in Sunset Hills Memorial Park, Bellevue. Spaces 11 and 12 in Lot 25 in the Garden o f A s s u r a n c e. Q u i e t , Peaceful Setting. Asking $22,000 each. Call Dawn at (360)757-1476

Home Furnishings

C H I N A C A B I N E T, White, 2 piece, lighted display, silverware and l i n e n d r aw e r s , $ 3 5 0 . C h i n a a n d g l a s swa r e also available, make offer. 253-941-3731

[20] June 01, 2012

Professional Services Legal Services

Home Services Handyperson

Home Services Landscape Services

CREDIT CARD DEBT? LEGALLY HAVE IT REMOVED! Need a Minimum $7,000 in debt to qualify. Utilize Consumer P r o t e c t i o n A t t o r n ey s. Call now 1-866-652-7630 for help.

Handy and Remodeling Service


DIVORCE $135. $165 with children. No court appearances. Complete preparation. Includes, custody, support, proper ty division and bills. B B B m e m b e r . (503) 772-5295. www.paralegalalter SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY BENEFITS. W I N o r Pay N o t h i n g ! Start Your Application In Under 60 Seconds. Call Today! Contact Disability Group, Inc. Licensed Attorneys & BBB Accredited. Call 877-865-0180 Home Services General Contractors

* Basic Remodel * Carpentry * Painting * Flooring * Windows * Doors * Decks * Minor Electric & Plumbing

* Wood Fences * Pressure Washing

* Roof & Gutter Cleaning

253-945-9887 AJS****001BG

ALL Service Contracting Over 30 yrs exp. in:

Remodel D Home repair D Baths D Kitchens D Basements D Add-On D Cabinets D Counters

D Custom Tile D Windows

D Fences D Decks Ref.avail. 253-486-7733 D

Lic/Bond/Ins allsec021lq

Home Services Handyperson

NO JOB TOO SMALL 253-548-4437

www.harlancustom harlach911kk

Home Services Hauling & Cleanup

*EZ-Haulers Junk Removal

We Haul Anything!


Lowest Rates! (253)310-3265

Complete Yard Work DTree Service DHauling DWeeding DPruning DHedge Trim DFence DConcrete DBark DNew Sod & Seed DAerating & Thatching

Senior Discount FREE ESTIMATE

206-387-6100 Lic#HIMARML924JB

Get noticed! Add art to your classiďŹ ed ad and stand out. Call 800-388-2527 to ďŹ nd out how.

Exterior & Interior

Painting Professionals Call Local (Toll Free) NOW for a FREE estimate

877-212-4076 Home Services Roofing/Siding

ROOFING & REMODELING Senior Discounts Free Estimates Expert Work 253-850-5405 American Gen. Contractor Better Business Bureau Lic #AMERIGC923B8


Must Sell! New NASA Memory foam matt. set. Full $375, Qn $400, King $500. New. 20 yr warr. Del. avail. 253-539-1600 --------------------------------Brand New Orthopedic matt. & box spring. Still in plastic. With warranty! Twin $ 175, Full $200, Queen $230, King $350. Call 253-537-3056 --------------------------------Factory Closeout BR set. Incl: bed, nightstand, dresser, mirror. Full/ Queen, $395. King, $495. 253-539-1600 --------------------------------Overstuffed Microfiber sofa & loveseat, new, factory sealed, w/ Lifet i m e w a r r. o n f r a m e . Scotch guarded. Only $695. 253-537-3056 --------------------------------New Adjustable Bed w/ memory foam mattress. List: $2800. Sacrifice, $950. 253-537-3056

AKC GOLDEN Retriever puppies! (2) light golden color. (4) medium golden color. Males $650. Females $700. Pedigree p r ov i d e d . Pa r e n t s o n site. Born April 23rd. Absolutely adorable! Great for children and hunting! Shots & dewormed. Call W i l l i a m o r Ta t i a n a a t 360-642-1198, 901-4384051 or 901-485-2478. Long Beach, WA.

Mail Order

ATTENTION DIABETICS with Medicare. Get a Home Services FREE Talking Meter and Landscape Services diabetic testing supplies is an online real estate LATINO’S at NO COST, plus FREE community that home delivery! Best of LAWN & GARDEN & exposes your proďŹ le all, this meter eliminates ALL YARD WORK painful finger pricking! Lawn Maintenance STORM CLEANUP and listings to two Call 888-903-6658 million readers from r1SVOJOHr8FFEJOH $10 off Lawn Mowing for Attention Joint & Muscle 1st Time Customers r)FEHF5SJNNJOH our many publications Pain Sufferers: Clinically Wind Falling and Dead r#BSLr:BSE$MFBOVQ in the PaciďŹ c Northwest. proven all-natural supWood Clean up, r1BWFSTr1BUJPT Log on to join our plement helps reduce Thatching & Aerating, r3FUBJOJOH8BMMT pain and enhance monetwork today. Weeding r4PE4FFE bility. Call 888-474-8936 Pruning and Trimming, to try Hydraflexin RISKHedge Trimming, Bark Home Services FREE for 90 days. Dust and Mulch, MowTree/Shrub Care #POEFE*OTVSFE ing Lawns& Small ATTENTION SLEEP AP-JD,,-"/,-., Fields, General Labor, NEA SUFFERERS with J&J The Northwest’s largest AND MUCH MORE. Medicare. Get FREE TREE SERVICE Check us out Online C PA P R e p l a c e m e n t classiďŹ ed network in www.latinoslawnandSupplies at NO COST, print and online. Go plus FREE home delivFree Estimates to ďŹ nd ery! Best of all, prevent Satisfaction Guaranteed Insured & Bonded what you need or to red skin sores and bacteLOWEST PRICE 253-854-6049 rial infection! Call 866place an ad. Free Estimates 993-5043 425-417-2444 Senior Discount A-1 SHEER Canada Drug Center is Lic/Bonded/Insured Removals, GARDENING & your choice for safe and CALL JOSE Topping, Pruning LANDSCAPING affordable medications. 206-250-9073 * Cleanup * Trimming Our licensed Canadian LIC# JJTOPJP921JJ * Weeding * Pruning mail order pharmacy will Home Services * Sod * Seed provide you with savings Lawn/Garden Service * Bark * Rockery of up to 90 percent on all *Complete Yard Work your medication needs. 425-226-3911 C a l l To d a y 8 8 8 - 4 5 9 FREE ESTIMATES LAWN 206-722-2043 9961 for $25.00 off your Lic# A1SHEGL034JM first prescription and free MAINTENANCE Tree Removal/Trimming shipping Residential & Commercial Alex’s Gardening Free Estimates Lic. ~ Bonded ~ Insured Diabetes/Cholesterol/ AFFORDABLE! Serving All Counties Weight Loss BergaMowing, Trimming, Call: monte, a Natural Product 253-435-4494 Edging, Cleanup, Bark for Cholesterol, Blood 253-709-8720 Sugar and weight. PhysiSpreading, Blackberry Removal & More! ,OOKINGĂĽFORĂĽAĂĽNEWĂĽPLACEĂĽ c i a n r e c o m m e n d e d , #HECKĂĽOUTĂĽ backed by Human Clini206-327-4272 WWWPNWHOMElNDERCOM cal Studies with amazing Guaranteed Work FORĂĽLOCALĂĽĂĽNATIONALĂĽLISTINGSĂĽ results. Call today and save 15% off your first KNOLL TREE SERVICE Danny’s Landscaping bottle! 888-470-5390 & Tree Service “The Tree Peopleâ€?

KLandscaping K



37 Years Experience

Home Remodeling & MORE!

Home Services Painting



Spring Clean-Up:

Thatch, Weed, Bark, Haul, Tree Removal, Etc. Pruning, Gutters, Roof, Moss Control, Sprinkler Install & Repair

15% Senior Discount




Tree Removal/Thinning, Stump Grinding, Brush Hauling, Etc! FREE ESTIMATES


Want more business this year?

LET ME HELP I can deliver your message to tens of thousands of doorsteps in your market. Call me today to find out more Jennie Morello 866-296-0380 Whether you need to target the local market or want to cover the Puget Sound area, WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED! Garage/Moving Sales King County

Home Furnishings


MULTIQUIP 6000 Watt Surge, 5000 Constant Industrial Style Generator. 120/240V, large capacity steel tank, 11hp Suburu/Robin industrial engine, low oil shut down & auto idle with wheel kit. Sells new for $2200-$2999. Will sell for $700 OBO. 425-9996373. Evenings: 360897-0639 Find what you need 24 hours a day.


WANTED Unexpired diabetic test strips. Up to $26/box. Pre paid shipping labels. HABLAMOS ESPANOL! 1-800267-9895 Dogs

German Wirehaired Pointer 2.5 yrs old & 10 month old pup, $200 to approved homes. 530-945-2165 wirehaired


TWO FAMILY Garage S a l e i n Tw i n L a k e s , 3748 SW 319th Street. 7 piece dining room set with leaves, Elliptical, oak dresser, desk, bar stools, twin oak bed, Christmas decorations, clothing and much more. If you need it, we have it. This Friday and Saturday, June 1st- 2nd, 8am to 4pm both days. Garage/Moving Sales Pierce County

ANNUAL Tapps Island Garage Sales. Saturday & Sunday, June 2nd 3rd 9am - 5pm. 250 plus h o m e s . L a k e Ta p p s 98391. $5 fee per car on Saturday BICHON FRISE puppies. AKC Registered. Taking deposits. $900 e a c h . Fo r c o m p a n i o n only! Will be vet checked and have first shots and be dewormed. Call for infor mation: 360-8747771, 360-621-8096 or go to website to see our adorable puppies! www.bichonfrise


A K C G R E AT D A N E Puppies. Now offering Full-Euro’s, Half-Euro’s & Standard Great Danes. Males & females. Every color but Faw n s , $ 5 0 0 & u p. Health guarantee. Licensed since 2002. Dreyersdanes is Oregon state’s largest breeder of Great Danes. Also; selling Standard Poodles. Call 503-556-4190. Pomeranians Male & Female. $250. Teacup, Mini & Toys. Various Colors. 8wks & up. Shots, Wormed, Health records. Cash! (425)420-6708

Automobiles Lexus

2010 LEXUS RX450 AW D H y b r i d . 8 , 6 0 0 Miles. $43,000. Original Owner! Automatic! Every Option Available! AC/ Climate Control, ABS, Dual Side Air Bags, Cruise Control, Sunroof, Overhead Luggage Rack, Xfiniti Stereo Sound System with 6 D i s c C D, N a v i g a t i o n System, Dual Back-Up C a m e r a s, A n t i T h e f t . Aluminum/ Alloy Wheels, Remote Keyless Entry, Dual Control Heated Seats, Power: Windows, Doors, Locks. Garage Kept and Smoke Free. 253-235-5478 Federal Way Automobiles Mercedes-Benz

Auto Events/ Auctions

1287 Valentine Ave SE, Pacific, WA 98047 253-850-0396

ABANDONED Vehicle Auction Friday, 6/1/12 at 3pm Preview 12 noon

2000 MERCEDES E320 Wa g o n AW D. 8 9 , 9 2 7 miles. All power options included. Great car in good condition! Only second owners. $9,000. Vashon Island 206-4631377 Automobiles Others

Win $4,000 in groceries. Enter to win. Take our survey at and tell us about your household shopping plans and media usage. Your input will help us improve the paper and get the advertising spe,OOKINGĂĽFORĂĽAĂĽNEWĂĽPLACEĂĽ cials you want. Thank you! #HECKĂĽOUTĂĽ WWWPNWHOMElNDERCOM FORĂĽLOCALĂĽĂĽNATIONALĂĽLISTINGSĂĽ Auto Service/Parts/ Accessories

Stan’s Mountain View Towing Inc

Abandoned Vehicle Auction 9000 Delridge Way SW, Seattle WA Wednesday, 6/6/12

Gates Open 9AM, Auction 12 PM


Free Pick up 253-335-1232 1-800-577-2885

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June 01, 2012 [27] June 01, 2012 [21]

LEGAL NOTICES IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON FOR THE COUNTY OF PIERCE UNION BANK, N.A., successor-in-interest to the FDIC as Receiver for Frontier Bank, Plaintiff, No. 12-2-006973-1 vs. IN THEBRINKMAN, SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE GRANVILLE an individual; OF WASHINGTON COUNTY OF PIERCE JUDY M. OLSON dbaFOR JMOTHE ENTERPRISES; UNION BANK, N.A., successor-in-interest and JUDY M. OLSON, an individual, to the FDIC as Receiver for Frontier Bank, Defendants. Plaintiff, The State of Washington to the said Defendant No. 12-2-006973-1 Granville Brinkman: vs. are hereby summoned to appear within sixty You GRANVILLE BRINKMAN, an individual; days after the date of the first publication of this JUDY M. OLSON dbawithin JMO ENTERPRISES; summons, to wit, sixty days after the 11th and JUDY M. OLSON, an individual, day of May, 2012, and defend the above-entitled Defendants. action in the above-entitled court, and answer the The State of the Washington the Bank, said Defendant complaint plaintiff, to Union N.A., and Granville Brinkman: serve a copy of your answer upon the undersigned You are hereby summoned to A. appear withinatsixty attorney for plaintiff, Matthew Goldberg, the days date and, of thein first of this office after statedthebelow, casepublication of your failure so summons, to wit,may within sixty daysagainst after the to do, judgment be rendered you11th acday of May, andofdefend the above-entitled cording to the2012, demand the complaint, which has action in the above-entitled and answer the been filed with the clerk of court, the court. The comcomplaint plaintiff, Union Bank, and plaint seeksofa the deficiency judgment of not N.A., less than serve a copy of your answer upon the undersigned $607,279.75 against Granville Brinkman, arising attorney plaintiff, Matthew A. Goldberg, at Dethe from his for guaranty of the obligations of J.M.O. office statedLLC. below, and, in case of your failure so velopment, to do, judgment may be rendered against you acASSAYAG “ MAUSS cording demand of the complaint, which has Matthewto A. the Goldberg been filed the clerk of the court. The comAttorney forwith Plaintiff plaint deficiency of not less than 2018 -seeks 156th aAve. NE, Ste.judgment 100 $607,279.75 Bellevue, WA against 98007 Granville Brinkman, arising from his guaranty of the of 11, J.M.O. Published in Federal Wayobligations Mirror: May 18, De25 velopment, and June 1, LLC. 8, 15, 2012 ASSAYAG FWM: 1890“ MAUSS Matthew A. Goldberg Attorney for Plaintiff 2018 - 156th Ave. NE, Ste. 100 Bellevue, WA 98007 Published in Federal Way Mirror: May 11, 18, 25 and June 1, 8, 15, 2012 FWM: 1890 REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL I. PURPOSE OF REQUEST. The City of Federal Way (“City”) is requesting proposals for the purpose of Freshwater Benthic Taxonomy of Macroinvertebrate Samples from qualified contractors (“Contractor”). The City’s needs are outlined in the following Request for Proposal REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (“RFP”). I. OF REQUEST. II.PURPOSE TIME SCHEDULE. The City of (“City”) istimetable, requestingwhich prowillFederal follow Way the following posals the inpurpose of Freshwater should for result a selection of a firm Benthic by JuneTax22, onomy 2012. of Macroinvertebrate Samples from qualified (“Contractor”). The City’s needs Issuecontractors RFP May 25, 2012 are outlined in the following Request Deadline for Submittal of Proposals Junefor 15,Proposal 2012 (“RFP”). Preliminary Selection of Firm June 22, 2012 II. TIME Notify FirmSCHEDULE. Chosen June 29, 2012 The City will followTO thePROPOSERS. following timetable, which III. INSTRUCTIONS should result in should a selection a firm by June 22, A. All proposals be sentofto: 2012. Dan Smith Issue May 25, 2012 City ofRFP Federal Way Deadline Submittal of Proposals June 15, 2012 33325 8thforAve S Preliminary of Firm June 22, 2012 Federal Way,Selection WA 98003-6325 Notify Firm Chosen June 29, 2012 (253) 835-2756 III. TO PROPOSERS. B. INSTRUCTIONS All proposals must be in a sealed envelope and A. All proposals be sent to: clearly marked inshould the lower left-hand corner: “RFP Dan 2012Smith Freshwater Benthic Taxonomy of MacroinCity of Federal Way vertebrate Samples” 33325 Ave S must be received by June 15, C. All 8th proposals Federal Way, PM WA 98003-6325 2012, 5:00 PST, at which time they will be (253) 835-2756 opened. Three (3) copies of the proposal must be B. All proposals must or be telephone in a sealedproposals envelope and presented. No faxed will clearly marked in the lower left-hand corner: “RFP be accepted. 2012 Freshwater Taxonomy Benthic of MacroinD. Complete “RFPBenthic 2012 Freshwater Taxvertebrate onomy of Samples” Macroinvertebrate Samples” is available C. All proposals must Way be received June 15, on the City of Federal website by www.cityof2012, 5:00 PM PST, at which time they will be opened. Three (3) copies of Way the proposal Name of Publication: Federal Mirror must be presented. No2012, faxedJune or telephone Dates: May 25, 01, 2012 proposals will be accepted. Daily Journal of Commerce May 30, 2012 D. JuneComplete 06, 2012 “RFP 2012 Freshwater Benthic Taxonomy of Macroinvertebrate Samples” is available City of Federal Way May 25, 2012 on the City of Federal Way website June 15, 2012 FWM 1896 Name of Publication: Federal Way Mirror Dates: May 25, 2012, June 01, 2012 Daily Journal of Commerce May 30, 2012 June 06, 2012 City of Federal Way May 25, 2012 June 15, 2012 FWM 1896

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NOTICE OF MASTER LAND USE APPLICATION AND OPTIONAL DETERMINATION OF NONSIGNIFICANCE (DNS) Project Name: U-Haul Federal Way Project Description: The applicant proposes to redevelop an existing 109,304 square-foot building, NOTICEthe OFuse MASTER APPLICATION changing from aLAND homeUSE improvement warehouse to a self-storageAND center. The U-Haul center OPTIONAL DETERMINATION will provide self-storage, mini storage,OFwarehouse NONSIGNIFICANCE (DNS) equipment storage, truck/trailer rental, towing Project Name: U-Haul Federal Wayas retail sales of sales and installation, as well Project applicant proposes to removing Description: supplies. TheThe project will also include develop existing square-foot building, moval ofan parking lot 109,304 landscaping and parking stalls changing from a home improvement to providethe anuse equipment shunting area and wareaddihouse to a self-storage center. site The improvements U-Haul center tional storage units. Additional will provide self-storage, mini storage, warehouse are also included. storage, rental, towing equipment Applicant:truck/trailer David Pollock, U-Haul International, sales as wellPhoenix, as retail Arizona, sales of 2727 and Northinstallation, Central Avenue, moving 85004 supplies. The project will also include removal of Location: parking lot landscaping and parking stalls Project 35205 Enchanted Parkway to provide an Way equipment shunting area and addiSouth, Federal tional storage units. Additional site6,improvements Date Application Received: March 2012 are included. Complete: May 24, 2012 Datealso Determined Applicant: David Pollock, U-Haul Date of Notice of Application: June 1,International, 2012 2727 North Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona, Comment DueCentral Date: June 18, 2012 85004 Environmental Review: Based upon review of a Project Location: 35205checklist, Enchanted completed environmental and Parkway other inSouth, Federal Waywith the City, it is likely that the formation on file Dateof Application Received: March 6, 2012 City Federal Way will determine that the project Datenot Determined Complete: May 24,adverse 2012 impact will have a probable significant Datethe of environment Notice of Application: Juneto1,issue 2012 a Deteron and expects Commentof Due Date: June 18,(DNS) 2012 for this project. mination Nonsignificance Environmental Review: upon review of isa The optional DNS processBased in WAC 197-11-355 completed checklist, and other inbeing used.environmental This may be your only opportunity to formation on the file environmental with the City, impacts it is likely thatprothe comment on of the City of project. Federal Way will determine that the mitigaproject posed The proposal may include will have a under probable significant adverse impact tion not measures applicable codes, and the reon environment and expects to issuemitigation a Deterviewtheprocess may incorporate or require mination Nonsignificance (DNS)anfor this project. measuresofregardless of whether environmental The optional DNS (EIS) process in WAC 197-11-355 is impact statement is prepared. A copy of the being used. threshold This may determination be your only for opportunity to subsequent the specifcomment thebeenvironmental ic proposalon may obtained uponimpacts request.of the proposed project. may mitigaAgencies, tribes,The andproposal the public areinclude encouraged to tion measures under applicable codes, project and the and rereview and comment on the proposed view process may incorporateimpacts. or requireComments mitigation its probable environmental measures regardless of whether environmental must be submitted by the date notedanabove. impact (EIS) is prepared. A copyIIIof(File the Permitsstatement Under Review: Use Process subsequent threshold Building determination for the specif#12-101022-UP), Permit (File #’s ic proposal may be obtained&upon request. 12-101776, 12-101774, 12-101773-CO) and Agencies, tribes, andPolicy the public are encouraged to State Environmental Act Threshold Determireview (File and #12-101023-SE) comment on the proposed project and nation its probable environmental impacts. Environmental Documents & Studies:Comments Environmust beChecklist submitted by the date noted above. mental Permits Under Review: Documents Use Process (File Relevant Environmental AreIIIAvail#12-101022-UP), Building able at the Address Below: Yes Permit (File #’s 12-101776, 12-101773-CO) and Development12-101774, Regulations&Used for Project MitiState Environmental Act Code Threshold Determigation: Federal WayPolicy Revised (FWRC) Title nation (File #12-101023-SE) 14, “Environmental Policy;” Title 16 “Surface Water Environmental Documents & Studies: Management,” and Title 19, “Zoning and EnvironDevelopmental Checklist ment Code” Relevant Environmental Documents Are AvailPublic Comment & Appeals: Any person may able at the Address Below: on Yesthe land use applicasubmit written comments Development Regulationsimpacts Used for Mitition or the environmental of Project the proposal gation: Federalof Way Revisedand Code (FWRC)DevelTitle to the Director Community Economic 14, “Environmental Policy;” Title18, 162012. “Surface opment by 5:00 p.m. on June OnlyWater perManagement,” andwritten Title 19, “Zoningtoand sons who submit comments theDevelopDirector ment Code” (address below) or specifically request a copy of Public Comment Appeals: Any person may the decision, may &appeal the decision. However, submit written party comments on the the landenvironmental use applicaany interested may appeal tion or thedetermination. environmental Details impactsofofappeal the proposal threshold proceto the for Director of Community Develdures the requested land and use Economic decision will be opment ondecision. June 18, 2012. Only perincluded by with5:00 the p.m. written sons who of submit commentsDetermination: to the Director Issuance Finalwritten Environmental (address or specifically request a copy of The final below) Determination of Nonsignificance (DNS) the appeal the decision. However, may decision, be issuedmay without a second comment period, any interested party may appeal environmental unless timely comments identifythe probable signifithreshold determination. of considered appeal procecant adverse impacts thatDetails were not by dures for the land use decision be the Notice of requested Optional DNS. A copy of thewillDNS included with theupon written decision. may be obtained request. Issuance of Final Environmental Availability of File: The officialDetermination: project file is The final Determination of Nonsignificance (DNS) available for public review at the Department of may be issued a second comment period, Community andwithout Economic Development, 33325 unless timely comments identify 8th Avenue South, Federal Way, WA probable 98003. significant that were not Becky considered by Staff adverse Contact:impacts Assistant Planner Chapin, the Notice of Optional DNS. A copy of the DNS 253-835-2641 may be obtained request. Published in theupon Federal Way Mirror on June 1, Availability of File: The official project file is 2012. available FWM 1898for public review at the Department of Community and Economic Development, 33325 8th Avenue South, Federal Way, WA 98003. Staff Contact: Assistant Planner Becky Chapin, 253-835-2641 Published in the Federal Way Mirror on June 1, 2012. FWM 1898

PUBLIC NOTICE FEDERAL WAY SCHOOL DISTRICT #210 Federal Way, WA 98003 OFFICIAL NOTICE OF THE 2012-2013 BUDGET HEARING and 2012-2013 BUDGET ADOPTION This is to notify patrons of the Federal Way Public NOTICE Schools that the PUBLIC Board of Education will hold a FEDERAL on WAY SCHOOL DISTRICT #210on Tuesday, Hearing the 2012-2013 Budget Federal12, Way, WAat98003 June 2012 7:00 p.m. The location for this OFFICIAL will NOTICE meeting be atOFFederal Way City Hall, Council THE 2012-2013 BUDGET HEARING Chambers, 33325 8th Avenue S., Federal Way, WA and 2012-2013 BUDGET 98003. Then, the BoardADOPTION of Education will hold a This is toHearing, notify patrons of thefix Federal Public second and then and Way adopt the Schools that the Board will hold 2012-2013 Budget duringoftheEducation regular Board Meet-a Hearing on theJune 2012-2013 ing of Tuesday, 26, 2012Budget at 7:00 on pm.Tuesday, The loJune at 7:00 will The locationWay for City this cation12, of 2012 this meeting at Federal meeting will Chambers, be at Federal Way8th City Hall, S., Council Hall, Council 33325 Avenue FedChambers, 8th Avenue S., Federal Way, WA eral Way, WA33325 98003. 98003. Then, the Board of Education will hold Interested citizens may appear at the hearing anda second fixbudget, and adopt speak forHearing, or againstand partsthen of the which the in2012-2013 Board Meetcludes: the Budget General during Fund; the regular Transportation Vehiing of Tuesday, June 26, 2012 at 7:00the pm.Debt TheSerlocle Fund; the Capital Projects Fund; cation of this will be at Federal WayFund. City vice Fund; andmeeting the Associated Student Body Hall, Council isChambers, 8th Avenue S., FedInformation available 33325 at the Educational Service eral Way, WA 98003. Center. Interested citizens may appear at the hearing and Robert R. Neu, Superintendent speak for or the budget, Published in against Federal parts Way of Mirror: June 1,which June in8, cludes: June 15 the and General June 22 Fund; the Transportation Vehicle FWMFund; 1899the Capital Projects Fund; the Debt Service Fund; and the Associated Student Body Fund. Information is available at the Educational Service NOTICE Center. The Light of Christ Preschool, 2400 SW 344th St, Robert R. Neu, Superintendent Federal Way, admits any1,race, Published in WA, Federal Waystudents Mirror: of June Junecol8, or, national June 15 and and Juneethnic 22 origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded FWM 1899 or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin inNOTICE administration of its educaThe of Christ Preschool,policies, 2400 SW 344th St, tionalLight policies, admissions scholarship Federal WA, admits students anyschool-adrace, coland loanWay, programs and athletic or of other or, nationalprograms. and ethnic origin to all the rights, priviministered leges, programs, and1,activities generally accorded Date Published: June 2012 or made available to students at the school. It does FWM 1901 not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of its educaAUCTION NOTICE tional policies,with admissions policies, scholarship In compliance RCW 46.5.130 Express Towing and loan programs athletic or at other school-adLLC will sell to the and highest bidder 1215 S 356th ministered programs. St in Federal Way, WA on Wednesday, June 6, Date Published: 1, 2012 2012 @ 3:00 pm.June Viewing starts at 12 pm. FWM 1902 1901 FWM


Date Published: June 1, 2012 AUCTION NOTICE In compliance with RCW 46.5.130 Express Towing LLC will sell to the highest bidder at 1215 S 356th St in Federal Way, WA on Wednesday, June 6, 2012 @ 3:00 pm. Viewing starts at 12 pm. FWM 1902 Date Published: June 1, 2012 REQUEST FOR RELEASE OF FUNDS On or about June 9, 2012, the City of Federal Way will submit a request to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for the release FY 2012 - 2016 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program funds under Title I of the Housing and Community Development Act of REQUEST FOR 1974 (P.L. 93-383), as RELEASE amended,OFinFUNDS the amount of On or about to June 9, 2012, the of Federal Way $2,250,000 implement the City following projects will to thewithin U.S. the Department of that submit achieve atherequest goals listed City of FedHousing and2012 Urban Development (HUD) eral Way FY -2016 Consolidated Plan:for the release FY 2012 - 2016 Community Development Program Block Grant (CDBG) fundsProgram under Title I of Commercial Exterior Program Improvement the Housing andExpenditure Community$Development Act of Estimated 5 year 500,000 1974 (P.L. #Units 93-383), as amended, in the amount of Estimated Assisted 60 $2,250,000 implement the following projects Provide up toto $10,000 of deferred loan funds for that achieve the listed within the buildings City of Fedimprovement to goals exterior Commercial in eral Way that FY 2012 Consolidated Plan: structure the City will -2016 not expand the existing Program or footprint of the business. The City will review, in Commercial Improvement Program Tier II on a Exterior site specific basis, Historic PreservaEstimated 5 yearChemicals Expenditure tion and Toxic and$ 500,000 Radioactive MateriEstimated Assisted 60 als laws and#Units authorities. Provide Programup to $10,000 of deferred loan funds for improvement to exterior Commercial buildings in Commercial Loan Programs the City that will Expenditure not expand $1,000,000 the existing structure Estimated 5 year or footprint#Units of theAssisted business. Estimated 25The City will review, in Tier II on a site $5,000 specificand basis, Historic PreservaProvide between $75,000 of loan funds tion and Toxic Chemicals and Radioactive to Micro and Small businesses in the City, Materifor the als laws and authorities. business purposes which include, but are not limitProgram ed to startup costs, working capital, purchase of Commercial Loansite Programs equipment, and acquisition/improvements. The Estimated 5 year in Expenditure City will review, Tier II on $1,000,000 a site specific basis, Estimated #Units Assisted 25 Toxic Chemicals and Historic Preservation, and Provide between $5,000 of loan funds Radioactive Materials lawsand and$75,000 authorities. to Micro and Small businesses in the City, for the business purposes which include, but are not limited to startup costs, working capital, purchase of equipment, and site acquisition/improvements. The City will review, in Tier II on a site specific basis, Historic Preservation, and Toxic Chemicals and Radioactive Materials laws and authorities.

Program Emergency Housing Repair Program Estimated 5 year Expenditure $ 750,000 Estimated #Units Assisted 125 The program provides small deferred loans, up to a maximum of $5,000 per qualifying homeowner to address emergency conditions that will not exProgram pand the existing structure or footprint of the Emergency Housing Repair Program home. The City will review, in Tier II on a site speEstimated year Expenditure $ 750,000 cific basis,5Historic Preservation, Noise Abatement/ Estimated #Units Assisted 125 and Radioactive MaControl , and Toxic Chemicals The small deferred loans, up to terialsprogram laws andprovides authorities. aThe maximum $5,000 per homeowner activitiesofproposed are qualifying categorically excluded to address conditions that 58 willfrom not exunder HUD emergency regulations at 24 CFR Part the pand theEnvironmental existing structure or footprint of the National Policy Act requirements. In home. The City review,a intiered Tier IIreview on a site speaccordance withwill §58.15, process cific basis,structured, Historic Preservation, Noise Abatement/ has been whereby some environmental Control , and Toxic Chemicals andreviewed Radioactive laws and authorities have been for Mathe terials authorities. target laws area and (within the entire City limits) and other The activities proposed are categorically excluded applicable laws and authorities will be complied under HUD regulations at 24 CFR the with, when individual projects arePart ripe58 forfrom review. National Environmental Policyhas Actbeen requirements. In Specifically, the target area studied and accordance with the §58.15, a tiered process compliance with following laws review and authorities has been whereby some Management, environmental been structured, established: Floodplain laws and Protection, authorities have been reviewed for the Wetland Coastal Zone Management target areaSource (within Aquifers, the entire Endangered City limits) and other Act, Sole Species applicable lawsScenic and authorities willClean be complied Act, Wild and Rivers Act, Air Act, with, whenProtection individual projects are ripe for review. Farmland Policy Act, Environmental Specifically, theAbatement target areaand hasControl, been studied and Justice, Noise Explosive compliance with the following Airport laws and authorities and Flammable Operations, Clear Zones has been established: Floodplain Management, and Accident Potential Zones, and Coastal Barrier Wetland Coastal Management ResourcesProtection, Act. Copies of the Zone compliance docuAct, Sole Source Aquifers, Endangered mentation worksheets are available at the Species address Act, below.Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, Clean Air Act, Farmland Protection Policy Act,(ERR) Environmental An Environmental Review Record that docuJustice, Noise Abatement determinations and Control, Explosive ments the environmental for this and Flammable Airport Clear review Zones project, and moreOperations, fully describes the tiered and Accident Coastal Barrier process cited Potential above, isZones, on fileand at City of Federal Resources Act.33325 Copies8th of Avenue the compliance Way City Hall, S FederaldocuWay, mentation availableoratcopied the address Washingtonworksheets and may beareexamined weekbelow. days 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. An Environmental Review Record (ERR) that docuPUBLIC COMMENTS ments the environmental determinations for with this Any individual, group, or agency disagreeing project, and more fully describes the tiered on review this determination or wishing to comment the process citedsubmit above,written is on comments file at City to of the Federal project may City Way City Hall, 8ththeAvenue Federal of Federal Way, 33325 Office of Mayor,S33325 8thWay, AvWashington and Way, may be copied weekenue S, Federal WAexamined 98003. Allor comments redays to 5 8, p.m. ceived8 a.m. by June 2012, by 4:00 p.m., will be conPUBLIC sidered COMMENTS by the City of Federal Way prior to authorAny or agency disagreeing with izing individual, submissiongroup, of a request for release of funds. this determination wishing to comment on are the Comments should or specify which Notice they project may submit written comments to the City addressing. of FederalOF Way, Office of the Mayor, 33325 8th AvRELEASE FUNDS enue S, Federal Way,Way WAcertifies 98003. to AllHUD comments reThe City of Federal that, Skip ceived Junecapacity 8, 2012, p.m., will be MayconPriest, by in his as by City4:00 of Federal Way sidered by the of Federal Way prior to authoror, consents to City accept the jurisdiction of the Federizing submission of a isrequest funds. al Courts if an action broughtfortorelease enforceofresponComments Notice they are sibilities in should relationspecify to the which environmental review addressing. process and that these responsibilities have been RELEASE FUNDS satisfied. OF HUD’s approval of the certification satisThe of Federal Way certifies to HUD Skip fies City its responsibilities under NEPA andthat, related Priest, in authorities, his capacityand as City of the Federal Maylaws and allows City Way of Federal or, to accept the jurisdiction of the FederWayconsents to use Program funds. al Courts if anTOaction is brought to enforce responOBJECTIONS RELEASE OF FUNDS sibilities relation to the to environmental HUD will in accept objections its release ofreview funds process and of that theseWay’s responsibilities and the City Federal certificationhave for abeen pesatisfied. HUD’sdays approval of the riod of fifteen following thecertification anticipatedsatissubfies its responsibilities under NEPA related mission date or its actual receipt of and the request laws and authorities, and ifallows of Federal (whichever is later) only they the are City on one of the Way to usebases: Program following (a)funds. the certification was not exeOBJECTIONS TO RELEASE OF FUNDS cuted by the Certifying Officer of the City of Federal HUD to Way its release of fundsa Way; will (b) accept the Cityobjections of Federal has omitted and of to Federal certification for a pestep the or City failed makeWay’s a decision or finding reriod of by fifteen following anticipated quired HUDdays regulations at the 24 CFR Part 58;sub(c) mission or its has actual receipt offunds the request the grantdate recipient committed or in(whichever later) only if they on Part one 58 of bethe curred costsisnot authorized by 24areCFR following bases: the certification notorexefore approval of a(a) release of funds bywas HUD; (d) cuted byFederal the Certifying the City toof 40 Federal another agencyOfficer acting ofpursuant CFR Way; (b) the of Federal Way finding has omitted Part 1504 has City submitted a written that thea step to make from a decision or finding reprojectorisfailed unsatisfactory the standpoint of enquired by HUD regulations at 24must CFR be Partprepared 58; (c) vironmental quality. Objections the recipient has committed funds or inand grant submitted in accordance with the required curred costs(24 notCFR authorized 24 shall CFR Part 58 beprocedures Part 58)byand be submitfore approval of a releaseof ofHousing funds by or De(d) ted to: U.S. Department andHUD; Urban another Federal agency to Avenue, 40 CFR velopment, Seattle Fieldacting Office,pursuant 909 1st Part submitted a written finding that obthe Suite1504 200 has Seattle, WA 98104-1000. Potential project is unsatisfactory fromto the standpoint of last enjectors should contact HUD verify the actual vironmental quality.period. Objections must be prepared day of the objection and Jay D.submitted Bennett in accordance with the required procedures (24 CFR Manager Part 58) and shall be submitCommunity Services ted U.S. Department of Housing and Urban DeSkipto: Priest velopment, Mayor, City ofSeattle FederalField Way Office, 909 1st Avenue, Suite 200 in: Seattle, Potential Published FederalWA Way98104-1000. Mirror, June 1, 2012 objectors should contact HUD to verify the actual last FWM 1900 day of the objection period. Jay D. Bennett Community Services Manager Skip Priest Mayor, City of Federal Way Published in: Federal Way Mirror, June 1, 2012 We’ve got you covered! FWM 1900


[22] June 1, 2012 [ FIRE from page 1] Fire districts incorporated more EMS services in their role as first responders, and the transition seemed to make sense. Over the years, the fire district grew to include Hazmat and water rescue. As the volume of calls spiked, so did the fire district’s reliance on dispatch centers with nurses on hand to handle repeat callers. Sometimes rescue crews responded to a 911 call, arriving at the scene only to find somebody who wanted a flu shot, Olson relayed. South King Fire consists of the former Federal Way and Des Moines fire departments, which merged in 2006. Three decades ago, the volunteer-driven department began transitioning to a staff of career firefighters. Due to training standards and regulations, it was difficult to find volunteers who would commit longer than six months. Incorporating more volunteers into South King Fire, as opposed to professional firefighters, would also lead to less-efficient personnel. “It was a losing proposition,” Church said.

Bargain tax rate South King Fire covers more than 150,000 homes in the Federal Way and Des Moines area, and residents pay the lowest tax rate in the county. The fire district collects $1.50 per $1,000 for both residential and commercial property values. The Kent fire district, for comparison, collects rates at $2 per $1,000 for residential and more than $3 per $1,000 from commercial properties. South King Fire depends on voters to generate revenue above that $1.50 cap, the maximum allowed by law. Other fire departments collect more because their voters approved funding formulas to raise the cap. Emergency service providers across the county split the public funding pie with other taxing entities. Allocating more money to the fire district, for example, competes with another entity’s money. Whether it’s a library or a hospital, no one will lose that money without a fight. To supplement their lean budgets, fire districts commonly propose levies and service benefit charges at elections. In the April special election, South King Fire’s excess levy failed to receive a 60 percent supermajority — falling about 140 votes short. That same excess levy will go before voters for the second time this year on the Aug. 7 primary election ballot. If approved, this levy will raise about $3.5 million in revenue per year for four years. The fire district says the money will put one aid car back in service. The money will also close the $2.5 million budget gap that is currently filled with cash reserves. Voters rejected South King Fire’s last proposed service benefit charge in 2010. The proposal would have restructured the tax collection formula based on the square footage of homes and businesses in the fire district’s service

area. Had the benefit charge passed, the fire district’s tax collection capacity would have been raised an extra 50 cents, which is comparable to Kent and Auburn’s fire departments. Other funding options include bond proposals, but those would require the money to go toward capital projects, not operating expenses. Another option on the table is to charge a fee for transport to hospitals in medical emergencies. SKFR is not in the ambulance business, and only provides medical response with its aid cars. King County Medic currently provides ambulance services for the area. Such a transport fee could bring a ballpark estimate of $300,000 to the fire district’s coffers. However, the extra money would make a minimal impact the district’s operating budget. One recent effort to save money involved shedding a 1.16-square mile piece of coverage territory. The Mirror reported in 2011 that South King Fire agreed to deannex the piece of land in unincorporated King County to avoid losing an estimated $5.3 million in property tax revenue. SKFR reported total operating expenses for 2011 at $22,522,445. Revenues were about $20 million, and nearly $20 million paid employee salaries and benefits. In 2010, SKFR’s operating budget was $23,248,772 — reflecting the property tax values before they dipped again. If the levy fails in August, the fire district will reduce personnel through attrition and layoffs.

South King Fire and Rescue firefighters test the oldest ladder truck (1981) in the fleet at Station 62 on South 312th Street. ANDY HOBBS, The Mirror Between 20 and 25 firefighters could be laid off by the end of 2013, the district reports. South King Fire also expects to close one of its stations.

Efficiency, innovation The diesel-guzzling all-purpose fire engines are stocked with all the necessary firefighting and EMS equipment, ready for any call, anytime, anywhere. Each big rig is the ultimate toolbox on wheels, adding versatility to the fire district’s response. Monetary restrictions have led to reliance on these fire engines as the primary go-to vehicles. South King Fire budgets $150,000 annually to fuel the fleet of pumpers and ladder trucks, alongside aid cars, SUVs and pickup trucks.

These fire engines are deployed with the resources necessary to address the possibility of injury or death for either firefighters and civilians, and prevent property losses caused by fire. Other dual-role fire districts in the nation have sought alternatives that save fuel and reduce response times to emergencies. Paramedics in Austin, Texas, respond to calls on motorcycles, often arriving up to three minutes faster than ambulances. The fleet’s four motorcycles come equipped with life-saving medical technology and first-aid supplies, able to zip through clogged freeways to treat traffic accident victims. According to one report, the motorcycle paramedics can treat minor [ more FIRE, page 23 ]

“The flag of the United States represents our gift of freedom and justice to the world.”

23rd Annual Flag Day Celebration Bring Your Family & Friends!

Sponsored by the Federal Way Soroptimists and King County Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer

Saturday, June 9

Weyerhaeuser King County Aquatics Center - 650 SW Campus Drive, Federal Way 9:30 am Reception • 10:00-11:00 am Program Keynote Speaker Colonel Robin Blanchard, serves with the Washington Army National Guard and is the first female officer to command at brigade level. For Details: 206-296-1007 has been privatized. Smith said a fiscal [ LIQUOR from page 1]

The initiative to privatize Washington liquor sales goes into effect June 1. This display of hard liquor at the Safeway on 320th Street in Federal Way is veiled by a thin curtain. ANDY HOBBS, The Mirror

[ FIRE from page 22] injuries at the scene — and can call off an ambulance to keep it available for a serious emergency. Austin police help train the paramedics, who must also complete motorcycle safety courses. The EMS motorcycle experiment has been successful in Miami, Fla., and already flourishes in congested cities across Europe and Asia. Typical motorcycles average about 35 miles per gallon compared to fire “We are trucks with going to single-digit find a way fuel economy. to make it The Seattle work for Fire Department, which Mr. and is much more Mrs. Smith, no matter urban than what.” South King Fire’s subur- Al Church, ban coverage Fire Chief area, briefly flirted with EMS motorcycles in 2007, but the program did not materialize due to funding. Would an idea like EMS motorcycles catch on at South King Fire and Rescue? Chief Al Church says the motorcycles would lead to faster response times and more efficient service. Keeping in mind that the fire district’s ability to staff emergency response vehicles is driven by the budget, there’s one more obstacle in the way: No employees to staff the motorcycles. For now, South King Fire just wants to keep basic life-saving services afloat for the public during these uncertain economic times. The fire district plans to increase awareness for its August levy and continue educating the public on personal safety and fire prevention. “We are going to find a way to make it work for Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” Church said. “No matter what.”

The two auctions took place in April and late May. Both Federal Way liquor stores were purchased during the first auction. Terry Nguyen bought the rights to the store on SW 336th Street for $100,101. Kulbir Singh purchased the Pacific Highway store for $250,100. “I’m going to try to keep (the products) as low as possible price-wise,” Nguyen said, noting that the cost has to go up no matter what because of the tax increase. “Hopefully it’s going to go well.” The state will bring in more money from the sale of liquor now that liquor

analysis from the state budget office projected that more money will be made from liquor sales after the initiative takes effect than was made under the previous system. Heightened sales are expected as a result of the larger number of liquor outlets, as well as the fees. As part of the transition in implementing I-1183, the state-run stores are being systematically shut down and re-opened under private ownership. While other stores have been closed in the days leading up to the deadline, only 36 state liquor stores will be open June 1, including Federal Way’s store

June 1, 2012 [23] on Pacific Highway, according to the Liquor Control Board. The total number of liquor outlets in the state will go from 328 to more than 1,500, Smith said. In addition, the state-run liquor outlets will go from having 1,400 employees to about 200. A number of those employees might be rehired by the new management at the private stores, Carpenter said. In a lot of cases, the new owners are hiring the staff who worked at them previously. “I’m glad to keep everyone,” Nguyen said. “I want to keep everything the same as much as possible, including the staff and the manager there.”

F r a n c i s c a n H e a lt H s y s t e m


St. Francis

From Federal Way’s Fine st.

Federal Way Police Department

celebrating 25 years of outstanding service to the community! When you need police assistance, Federal Way’s finest are there to serve you, day and night. And for all of your medical needs, St. Francis Hospital is right where you need it—just seconds off of I-5 in the heart of Federal Way. Since we opened in 1987, we’ve grown to be one of the area’s leading hospitals, bringing leading-edge medical services to your neighborhood. From the experienced medical teams at St. Francis Hospital to the growing number of Franciscan primary care physicians and specialists at nearby clinics, we’ve got all of your health care needs covered.

St. Francis Hospital provides: 24-hour Emergency Department In- and outpatient surgery Center for Weight Management Family Birth Center Women’s Health & Breast Center Orthopedic care

You can count on our dedicated team of doctors, nurses and staff to continue our legacy of caring for body, mind and spirit. Today and tomorrow, we’ll help you get back to living the life you love.

Physical, occupational and speech therapies

looking for a st. Francis doctor for your family? call our free physician referral line at 1 (888) 825-3227.

Sleep disorders center

Diagnostic imaging Radiation oncology

FOr aDVanceD meDicine anD trUsteD care, cHOOse st. Francis.

34515 9th Avenue South | Federal Way, WA |

Job/File name: FHS_SFH12_PO_5_8.16x10.pdf, Ad Code: PO_5, Application: Adobe CS 4.0, Publication: Multiple, Trim: 8.16 x 10,

[24] June 1, 2012

Now That’s Entertainment!

August 26 • 7pm Tickets on Sale June 9


Come see Live Performances of all your favorite Jersey Hits! May 31, June 7, June 8, June 21, June 22, June 23, June 28 & June 29 10 General Admission • 15 Reserved Seating at 7PM in the Snoqualmie Casino Cabaret





with special guests

Price: $35 Each ticket price includes • 10 - ¼oz tastings from our local distilleries. • Complimentary appetizers. • Book our Shuttle Bus with the Snoqualmie Casino Express and leave the driving to a professional. 21 AND OVER

Every MONDAY at 6PM, play with your Crescent Card for the chance to WIN $500! 25 Lucky guests will win. See Crescent Club for more details. DRIVING EAST I-90, EXIT 27 DRIVING WEST I-90, EXIT 31 SNOQUALMIE, WA • 425.888.1234 • SNOCASINO.COM Hours, prices, schedule, rules are subject to change without notice. Must be 21+ to gamble.

Chaka KHAN Sunday June 10th at 7pm 21 AND OVER

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June 01, 2012 edition of the Federal Way Mirror

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