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‘Where in the World Would You Like to Go?’ is the question the Travel Committee always asks. Planning for next year, one of the destinations we’re looking at is Peru, Ecuador or the Galapagos Islands. If this is a destination you have on your bucket list, or just want to see, join Toren Forsberg, of Collette Vacations, on Wednesday, May 23 at 10 am. There are several options to consider. RSVP by calling the front desk at 279-4580.


An AARP Driver Safety Class will be held at the Oak Harbor Senior Center, Saturday May 26 from 9 am–4 pm. Class will be taught by Karen Bishop. Cost is $12 for AARP members and $14 for nonmembers. Bring a sack lunch. RSVP by calling the Oak Harbor Senior Center at 279-4580.


Ingeborg Johnston, Oak Harbor’s Unbelievable Adventures Lady, is working on plans for her next book, “Miracles of Touch– Now Needed More Than Ever”. The new book includes expansions of her “Unbelievable Adventures of a WWII German War Bride with Acts of Kindness in War and Peace” including her double life working both sides of the Berlin Wall. Meet Ingeborg at the Oak Harbor Senior Center on Wednesday, May 16 at 10 am and hear about her many adventures. As a German youth, her life dramatically changed because of WWII; she served as a teenage nurse in war-torn Berlin; carried out plans to escape with her mother to America, won the first Mrs. Philadelphia contest and survived Hurricane David aboard her sailboat. She writes about the generosity of strangers, the importance of “Acts of Kindness,” and the need to live every day to its fullest. Her new book continues her amazing story of survival, love, and American patriotism. She still walks regularly, and still works regular hours as president of an online professional teaching and credentialing service that maintains records for national and international professionals. RSVP by calling the Center at 279-4580. Space is limited.

You’re “Never Too Old To Play!” Older AMERICANS MONTH 2012


he theme for Older Americans Month 2012—Never Too Old to Play! —puts a spotlight on the role older adults have in sharing their experience, wisdom, and understanding, and passing on that knowledge to other generations. This year’s theme recognizes the value that older adults bring to their communities. As large numbers of babyboomers reach retirement age, they find meaningful opportunities to remain physically and socially active through their 80s and beyond. They account for an evergrowing percentage of participants in community service positions, faith-based organizations, online social networking as well as arts and recreational groups. Lifelong participation in social, creative, and physical activities has proven health benefits, including retaining mobility, muscle mass, and cognitive abilities. Older adults are not the only ones who benefit from

report that these relationships helped shape their values, goals, and life choices and gave them a sense of identity and roots. In addition to the services, support, and resources provided year-round, The Oak Harbor Senior Center offers many opportunities to play. Never Too Old To Play! is a great

reminder of the importance of play. “Play energizes us and enlivens us. It eases our burdens. It renews our natural sense of optimism and opens us up to new possibilities. Play keeps us fit physically and mentally.” - Stuart Brown, MD, contemporary American psychiatrist. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “It is a happy talent to know how to play.” “Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning.” - Diane Ackerman, contemporary American author. “The opposite of play is not work. It’s depression.” - Brian Sutton Smith, contemporary American folklorist. Bring a friend and join us at the Oak Harbor Senior Center for a “Play Date” and celebrate Older Americans Month 2012. There are many opportunities to play board games, paint, shoot pool, ping-pong. Bingo, exercise, Wii Bowling, wood carving, line dance, go out for lunch or dinner, travel with a group and much more. We invite you to join in the fun!

Especially For You! Raffle Our May raffle is for a $100 Gift Certificate from Tacoma Custom Jewelry. Owner-Creator Shelly Smith will design and create a beautiful piece of jewelry ‘Especially For You’ or for whoever you wish to gift it to. Tickets are $1 each and the drawing will be held Wednesday, May 30 at noon. You may see Smith’s designs at her website Proceeds benefit the Oak Harbor Senior Center and programs the center provides.

Inside this Edition Laughter: The Shortest Distance Pg. 2

their engagement in community life. Studies show their interactions with family, friends, and neighbors across generations enrich the lives of everyone involved. Young people who have significant relationships with a grandparent or elder

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Photo by Roxann Dunn-Terry


May 2012 | Vol. 4 | Issue 1

Congratulations to Nancy Simmons who won the Coffee Lover’s Basket! Nancy is pictured with the Center’s new machine.

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The Bridge | May 2012

Heart Prints the shortest distance “Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”

By Roxann Dunn-Terry WARNING! If you are still

breathing at the time of reading this, don’t look for your name here. Originally I was going to say if you ain’t dead yet, don’t look for your name. (But don’t feel bad, I’m glad you’re still around.) One of my favorite quotes is by Eleanor Roosevelt, “Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your

heart.” I would like to reminisce about some of the footprints that have been left on my heart this Memorial Day. There are many but I only have space for a few at this time. I treasure the many friendships I have made here at the Oak Harbor Senior Center. Unfortunately, most of the people that were here when I began are now gone. I miss them all. One of the first people I knew was Big Mac MacLaughlin. This man knew every inch of this building. When it was being built back in 1985-86, he sat in his truck then later brought a lawn chair, and watched every piece of material that went into the construction. He knew it inside and out. He volunteered everywhere. He knew exactly how many chairs needed to be put up for any event. He was a WWII vet and was “old school.” I loved to listen to him answer the front desk phone, “MacLaughlin here.” I thought I was on the ship or in the shop.

Soft spoken Lee Holt was another great guy. It always amazed me how he could move and set up the tables by himself and that was when we had the old, heavy ones. He loved his farm and animals. One time he told me whenever he’s feeling a little blue, he’d go out and talk to his cows, rub their noses and everything would be all right. I didn’t know how Bingo would survive without Don Dunn. I first met Don when he ran the Bingo Tent during the Old Fashioned 4th of July down at City Beach. I would leave my two little sisters there at the Bingo tent while I took off. They would tell me about this guy who teased them about being their dad (same last name). When I came to the Center, Don asked if I was another lost daughter. Berniece Hall always brought me fudge at Christmas, always. We couldn’t have a raffle without Marty Rodriques. She could sell raffle tickets of ice water to Eskimos. Everyone was greeted with “Hello Friend” and a hug. Ivy Palmer and Thelma Kellogg were the best of friends but you wouldn’t know it when they were doing the books for

the Boutique. We would have to put them in the Health room and close the door. They were part of the Crafty Ladies and couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t name them the “Oak Harbor Senior Center’s Happy Hookers.” ?????? (That’s what they wanted to name their crochet group). Recently we lost Berta Wallin. She was part of the original Vagabonds Senior Traveling group. She wore several caps – volunteer driver, escort, planner. She was there for everything. When a sign up was involved for the Christmas Dinner or other events, she not only signed herself up but brought other people – 5-6, who she felt shouldn’t be home alone. She worked tirelessly for the Widow/Widowers Support Group. The best thing she ever taught me was the saying, “Lord, Keep Your Arm Around My Shoulder and Your Hand Across My Mouth.” I’m working on it Berta. So many great memories and role models. I know someday we’ll all be together again. Thank you for not just leaving footprints but for stomping on my heart.

> MAY event spotlight

Do 1 Nice Thing Ideas for May



The Old Time Fiddlers will play Friday, May 4 at 6:30 pm at the Oak Harbor Senior Center. Admission is by donation to the Old Time Fiddlers. Everyone’s welcome.

Saturday, May 12 from 12 – 5 pm. Meet at Windjammer Park to pick up map. Visit and write at Whidbey Coffee, Wind & Tide Bookshop, Whidbey Wild Bird, and Smith Park. End at Oak Harbor Library to share writing and enjoy refreshments. Supported by Midway High School, Whidbey Coffee, Wind & Tide Bookshop, and Whidbey Wild Bird. Funded by the Friends of the Oak Harbor Library

1. Help House - 158 more food baskets have been given out this year than last year!

COUNTRY DANCE A “Country Line Dance” will be held Friday, May 11 from 7 - 10 pm, at the Oak Harbor Senior Center. Admission is $5 per person – $9 per couple, $1 discount for Senior Center Members. Open to the Public.

SENIOR NIGHT OUT Ole! Senior Night Out will meet at Jeda’s Tai Kitchen, for fun, friendship and great food on Wednesday, May 16. Meet at 5 pm. RSVP by calling the Center, 279-4580, May 11. (Gratuities not included.)

FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY 19th ANNUAL TEA The Friends of The Library’s 19th Annual Tea will be held Thursday, May 17 at 3 pm. Enjoy an afternoon of refreshments and entertainment honoring the Friends of the Oak Harbor Library. Featuring musician

theBridge Editor | Roxann Dunn-Terry Oak Harbor Senior Center is located at 51 SE Jerome St. Oak Harbor, WA 98277 Business Hours: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

360-279-4580 Yearly Membership Dues - $30.00 Send comments/suggestions to: To advertise, call 360-675-6611.

and singer Sharon Abreu. Open to the community.

LIBRARIANS AS INFORMATION GUIDES In-depth classes designed for adults, led by information experts. Preregister online, by calling 360675-5115 or in-person at the library. Funded by The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation and Sno-Isle Libraries Foundation. Myth Busting Science Information Wednesday, May 2 from 2 – 4 pm Be An Informed Consumer Wednesday, May 16 from 2 – 4 pm Downloading Ebooks at Your Library Wednesday, May 23 from 2 – 4 pm Healthy & Happy For Life Wednesday, May 30 from 2 – 4 pm

2. Don’t forget the annual mail carriers food drive on May 12. You can either put a bag of food by your mailbox or drop off food at the post office. 3. THEY DELIVER - Where would we be without our dedicated letter carriers.  Say “thank you” by leaving a snack and a note for yours. 4. Smile at someone (You might be the only bright thing they see today.)

{online at} Oak Harbor Senior Services Mike McIntyre Senior Services Administrator Roxann Dunn-Terry Program Coordinator Pat Gardner Administrative Assistant Travel Desk — 279-4587

The Bridge is a joint publication of Oak Harbor Senior Services and the Whidbey News-Times and is distributed to more than 7,000 North Whidbey homes monthly on the last Wednesday of the month. Printing any advertisement herein does not constitute an endorsement by the City of Oak Harbor Senior Services or its Senior Center. Opinions of columnists do not reflect the opinion of the City of Oak Harbor Senior Services or its Senior Center. Editorial content is compiled by the staff of the Oak Harbor Senior Center and design/ layout/printing/distribution by the Whidbey News Times.

May 2012 | The Bridge

health & wellness | Page 3

health briefs & helpful info Better Speech And Hearing Month “If you think your hearing has changed, you are probably right. If you think no one else has noticed, you are probably wrong.” May is Better Speech and Hearing Month! To schedule a free hearing test with Jeanette Fiorini, of Oak Harbor Hearing Aid Service, Monday, May 14 from 1–3 pm, call the Center, 2794580. This is an opportunity to find out if you are one of the 25 million Americans who have decreased hearing.

Senior Services Of Island County Information and Assistance for Seniors: Job Bank, Free Notary Service and more– call 675-0311.

Especially suitable for people who have recently had a loss. No charge. No pre-registration. For more information, please phone Hospice of the Northwest, 360-814-5550.

Alzheimer’s Support Group Meets the first Thursday of the month from 2:30-4:30 pm at the Meeting House, just west of Home Place Special Care Center, 171 SW 6th Ave., Oak Harbor. Call 360-2792555.

Parkinson’s Support Group May 4 at Cherry Hill Club House, 547 NW 12th Loop, Oak Harbor. Group facilitator is Carolyn Hansen, 279-1785.

Foot Care Clinic


Appointments are available for Tuesday, May 8 and Wednesday, May 9. To make an appointment, call

Living with Grief Information and Support The Grief Support Group will meet Monday, May 14 from 1:00 to 2:30 pm. Find healing and hope, and learn about helpful resources. Open to adults who have experienced the death of someone significant. WEEK 1 Tues Wed Thurs Fri

1 2 3 4

Carrot Ginger Soup & Cheesebread Taco Salad w/Salsa Hearty Jambalaya Oven 'Fried' Chicken

7 8 9 10 11

Salisbury Steak & Potatoes Salad Bar w/Variety of Vegetables Basil 'Fried' Rice w/Chicken Mikey's Stew Fish Sandwich w/Lettuce

14 15 16 17 18

Chicken Parmesan w/Marinara Turkey Pesto Burger w/Tomato Fish Florentine & Rice Pilaf Turkey Tetrazzini Chile Relleno Bake & Spanish Rice

21 22 23 24 25

Chicken w/Sour Cream Sauce Salad Bar w/Variety of Vegetables Beef & Broccoli Stir Fry Red Pepper & Ham Strata Herb Baked Chicken

28 29 30 31

Holiday - Meal Sites Closed Hawaiian Pizza & Salad French Dip & Oven Fries Claudia's Peanut Butter Soup

the Front Desk at 279-4580. Foot Care Clinic is held at North Whidbey Caregiver’s Cove.

Vision Impaired Support Group Tuesday, May 15 at 2 pm. For more information, contact Paul Bovey at 679-8293.


Appointments are available on Wednesdays, from 9 – 11:30 am. For appointments call the Oak Harbor Senior Center at 279-4580. SHIBA (Statewide Health Insurance Benefits Advisors) Help Line is a FREE service of the Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner, sponsored locally by Island Hospital. The volunteers are trained to inform people of their options regarding health insurance, Medicare (Supplements, Advantage Plans or Part D) disability, individual, long term care, COBRA, or VA plans. For assistance with claims or billing problems, please call the local SHIBA sponsors @ 360-675-2229 ext 1342, and you will be directed to someone to help you.

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri

WEEK 4 Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri

WEEK 5 Mon Tues Weds Thurs

meal sites & hours Cam Bey Apartments 50 N. Main, Coupeville Mon. - Fri. at noon 360-678-4886

Oak Harbor Senior Center 51 SE Jerome St., Oak Harbor Mon., Wed., Fri. at 11:45 am 360-279-4580



Hear what you’ve been missing!

Oak Harbor Hearing Aid Service Jeanette Fiorini Hearing Aid Specialist Since 1993

May Is Better Hearing Month! • FREE consultation & In Office Hearing Aid Demonstration • 12 Months No Interest Payment Plans • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee Serving Whidbey Island Since 1988

285 NE Midway Blvd, Suite 3, Oak Harbor (Across from the big log building)

(360) 675-5193

Trusted by the Whidbey Island Community for nearly 50 years. Providing burial and cremation choices that are affordable for every family!

WEEK 2 Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri

Eating a healthy diet is also key to remaining fit long into your golden years.

Linda Haddon,

Advance Planning Director

Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Serving Families Since 1962.

OAK HARBOR • 360-675-3192

Page 4 | games & classes

The Bridge | May 2012

Fun Fitness

Play Dates!

A Fun Fitness program conducted by the North End Fitness Center. Must be a paid member of the Oak Harbor Senior Center to attend classes at OHSC.

Make a play date at the Oak Harbor Senior Center. Lots of things to do and places to go. Make new friends. Membership in the center is only $30 per year and provides many programs and opportunities. You’re Never Too Old Too Play!

Spring Schedule:

Yoga – M & W, 8:30 am Chair Conditioning (Seated Aerobics) - M & W, 9:30 am Zumba Gold – T, 9 am Aerobics – TH, 9:00 am Zumba Gold – F, 9 am (held at North End Fitness Center) Gentle Yoga – F, 10:30 am (held at North End Fitness Center) For $21.74 (including tax) Unlimited Senior Class Card you may take all four classes held at Senior Center & Friday Zumba Gold & Gentle Yoga held at North End Fitness Center. Also available – a full NEFC gym membership for $27.18 (including tax). This includes all the Senior Center and NEFC classes. To register, call North End Fitness at 675-1111.

Art with Dottie Sanders For beginners to experts, a continuing painting class, Mondays, from 1–4 pm. Work in any and all paint mediums. of Cost is $5 per session-Members / $10 NonMembers. RSVP by calling 279-4580.

Wood Carving Tuesdays, 9 am with instructor Dick Weber. Classes are $5 per session and open to all levels of carving experience. New students welcome.

“Get Moving... Start Improving!”


een thinking of an exercise program? Is Yoga for me? What’s the equipment at a gym like? Find out more on Friday, May 25, as we celebrate the 19th annual National Senior Health & Fitness Day at an open house at North End Fitness Center. Anytime between 8 am and 8 pm, drop in for free Open Gym, equipment use and classes. At 9 am is Zumba Gold and 10:30 am is Gentle Morning Yoga. Meet the teachers and trainers. The common goal for this day: to help keep older Americans healthy and fit.

Photo by Roxann Dunn-Terry


Members of the Tuesday morning exercise class invite you for a Play Date! Line Dance

Hula Classes

Tuesdays, 1 pm with instructor Jean. $10 per month-Members. No partners needed.  

Wednesdays, 3 pm. Taught by Erlinda Gillett. Class fees are $20 for Beginners and $30 for Intermediates and Advanced students a month. Payable to teacher at the first class.

Spanish For Seniors Conversational Spanish, Wednesdays with Al Enriquez. Intermediates at 1 pm, Beginners at 2 pm. Maximum ten students. Costs: $30 a month payable first day of class. RSVP by calling 279-4580.

Tai Chi & Qigong Jill Reed teaches Tai Chi on Mondays at 5 pm, and Fridays at 9 am. To register, call Jill at 675-1464.

games &fun


The Senior Center Foundation’s Memorial Fund supports the Oak Harbor Senior Center. For those who donate $250 or more in memory of a loved one or friend, a leaf will be engraved with their name and put on the Remembrance Tree in the lobby at the Center. To make a donation, come to the Center or mail it to 51 SE Jerome St., Oak Harbor, WA, 98277. Checks should be made out to “The Oak Harbor Senior Center Foundation.” For more infor-mation, call the center at 279-4580.

$25 Jackpot Bingo Games

Feel Lucky? Welcome to our new first Thursday bingo sponsor– Regency on Whidbey will sponsor a $25 Jackpot Bingo on Thursday, May 3; Harbor Tower Village Retirement Center on Thursday, May 10; Greg Smith of Edward Jones on May 17; and Banner Bank on May 24. Cards for the $25 Bingo game available at intermission for $1. Bingo is played Thursdays from 12:15 – 3:30 pm. Packet $4. Soft cards for special games 50 cents each.

Nintendo Wii Bowling

Mondays, Tuesdays (No Wii the first Tuesday of the month) and Thursdays, 9:30 am. Enjoy fun and exercise with Wii Bowling. No special shoes required or heavy balls.

Chess Players

Tuesdays, NEW TIME – 12 Noon.

Party Bridge

Wednesdays, 12: 30 pm. Must RSVP by 2 pm Monday afternoon.

Backgammon or Acey Deucy Group

Thursdays from 1–3 pm. Bring your Backgammon board.


Thursdays, 12:30–3 pm. Bring your cribbage boards.


Fridays, 12:30 pm. Potluck lunch. ...More Games & Activities on Calendar. See Page 5

May 2012 | The Bridge sunday


For details or a comprehensive list of events, please visit the Oak Harbor Senior Center at 51 SE Jerome Street or call 360-279-4580



Do Something Just Plain Fun This Month!

calendar | Page 5

8:30 – Yoga 9:30- Conditioning 9:30 – Nintendo Wii Bowling LUNCH 1 – Knitting Circle 1 – Dottie’s Painting Class 5 – Tai Chi













9 – Lapidary 9 – Zumba Gold 9-12 – Wood Carving 10 – Travel Committee 1 – Japanese Women Group 12 – Chess 1 – Line Dance

9 – Lapidary 9 – Zumba Gold 9-12 – Wood Carving 9:30 - Nintendo Wii Bowling 9:30-3 – Foot Clinic (Day Break Bldg.) 1 – Chess 1 – Line Dance 1 – Mac Seminar 7 – Stamp Club



8:30 – Yoga 9 – Lapidary 9 - Aerobic Exercises 9- Quilting 9 – SHIBA 9:30 – Nintendo Wii 9:00 – Tai Chi 9:30- Conditioning Bowling LUNCH LUNCH 10 –Creative Writing 12:30 – Pinochle 12:30 – Ping Pong 12:15-3:30 –Jack Pot 6:30 – Old Time Fiddlers 12:30 – Party Bridge Bingo- Regency On Whidbey 10-12:30 – Ping Pong, 1 – Beginning Bridge Pool, Pinochle 12:30 – Cribbage 1 - Intermediate Spanish 1-3 - Backgammon/ 2 – “MONEYBALL” 2 - Beginning Spanish Acey Deucy Free popcorn & admission 3 – Hula 1 – SVC History Class Movie at The Oak 7 – Gem Club 7 – Wire Wrap Harbor Library

8:30 – Yoga 9 - Aerobic Exercises 9 – Lapidary; SHIBA 9:30 – Nintendo Wii Bowl9:30- Conditioning ing 9:30-3 – Foot Clinic 10 –Creative Writing (Day Break Bldg.) 12:15-3:30 –Jack Pot LUNCH Bingo- Harbor Tower Village 12:30 – Party Bridge 12:30 – Ping Pong 12:30 – Cribbage 1 – Beginning Bridge 1-3 - Backgammon/ Acey Deucy 1 - Intermediate Spanish 1 – SVC History Class 2 – Beginning Spanish 7 – Wire Wrap 3 – Hula

9- Quilting 9:30 – Tai Chi LUNCH 12:30 – Pinochle 7 – Country Western Line Dance

Pool, Pinochle 2 – “AFRICAN CATS” Free popcorn & admission Movie at The Oak Harbor Library


happy MOTHER’S day



16 8:30 – Yoga




22 9 – Lapidary


249 - Aerobic Exercises 258 - 8 – Open House 26




8:30 – Yoga 9:30- Conditioning 9:30 – Nintendo Wii Bowling LUNCH 1 – Grief Support Group 1 – Knitting Circle 1 – Dottie’s Painting Class 5 – Tai Chi

8:30 – Yoga 9:30- Conditioning 9:30 – Nintendo Wii Bowling LUNCH 1 – Knitting Circle 1 – Dottie’s Painting Class 5 – Tai Chi


9 – Lapidary 9 – Zumba Gold 9-12 – Wood Carving 9:30 - Nintendo Wii Bowling 1 – Chess 1 – Line Dance 2 – Vision Support Group

9 – Zumba Gold 9-12 – Wood Carving 9:30 – Nintendo Wii Bowling 1 – Line Dance 7 – Stamp Club

9 – Lapidary 9 – Zumba Gold 9-12 – Wood Carving 9:30 – Nintendo Wii Bowling 1 – Line Dance


9 – Lapidary; SHIBA 9:30 – Conditioning 10 – Unbelievable Adventures WWII Bride LUNCH 12:30 – Party Bridge 12:30 – Ping Pong 1 – Beginning Bridge 1 - Intermediate Spanish 2 – Beginning Spanish 3 – Hula 5 – Senior Night Out!

8:30 – Yoga 9 – Lapidary; SHIBA 9:30- Conditioning 10 – Peru, Ecuador, Galapagos Islands LUNCH 12:30 – Party Bridge 12:30 – Ping Pong 1 – Beginning Bridge 1 - Intermediate Spanish 2 – Beginning Spanish 3 – Hula

8:30 – Yoga 9 – Lapidary 9 – SHIBA 9:30- Conditioning LUNCH 12:30 – Party Bridge 12:30 – Ping Pong 1 – Beginning Bridge 1 - Intermediate Spanish 2 – Beginning Spanish 3 – Hula The Bridge comes out

9 - Aerobic Exercises 9:30 – Nintendo Wii Bowling 10 –Creative Writing 12:15-3:30 –Jack Pot Bingo- Edward Jones 12:30 – Cribbage 1-3 - Backgammon/ Acey Deucy 1 – SVC History Class 17 – Wire Wrap

9:30 – Nintendo Wii Bowling 10 –Creative Writing 12:15-3:30 –Jack Pot Bingo- Banner Bank 12:30 – Cribbage 1-3 - Backgammon/ Acey Deucy 1 – SVC History Class 7 – Wire Wrap


9 - Aerobic Exercises 9:30 – Nintendo Wii Bowling 10 –Creative Writing 12:30 – Cribbage 1-3 - Backgammon/ Acey Deucy 1 – SVC History Class 7 – Wire Wrap


12 10-12:30 – Ping Pong,

9- Quilting 9:30 – Tai Chi LUNCH 12:30 - Pinochle

Senior Health & Fitness Day at North End Fitness! “Get Moving...Start Improving!” 9- Quilting 9:30 – Tai Chi LUNCH 12:30 – Pinochle


10-12:30 – Pool, Pinochle, Ping Pong

9-4 – Driver Safety Class 10-12:30 – Ping Pong, Pool, Pinochle

Beautiful Rhodies are blooming all over Whidbey just in time for Mother’s Day

MAY IS PUGET SOUND STARTS HERE MONTH @ THE OAK HARBOR LIBRARY The library is located at 1000 SE Regatta Drive. For more information, please call 360-675-5115, or visit Oak Harbor Library opens at 9 am Monday through Friday, 10 am on Saturday, and 1 pm on Sunday. Book a librarian for free one-on-one help with any computer, technology or online question.

“Lost and (Puget) Sound”

Friday, May 11, at 3 pm. A 30-minute movie presentation.

“Whidbey’s Special Places”

Friday, May 18, at 3 pm. Meet author and photographer Dan Pedersen.

“Pigeon Guillemots on Parade”

Friday, May 25, at 3 pm. A program presented by Pigeon Guillemot Research Group.

Page 6 | travel & trips

May trips 8 – Wing Luke Museum, Chinatown Tour & Lunch 9 – Tulalip Casino 11 – Mother’s Day High Tea & 3 Nurseries 15 – Skagit Valley Casino 18 – Mystery Lunch 20 – Million Dollar Quartet 21-26 – Discover Oregon! 29 – Angel of The Winds 31 – Boeing Tour - Everett

The Bridge | May 2012 Complete descriptions of all trips are found in the Spring 2012 Travel Brochure.

Save Gas & Leave The Driving To Us! DISCOVER OREGON Monday - Saturday, May 21-26, 2012 Cost: $595 - P.P. Double Occupancy / $835 - Single    Depart: 8 am   Return: 6:30 – 7 pm Six wonderful days of fun and discovery.. This six-day adventure will take you to the beautiful Oregon Gardens, where you may also tour the Gordon House that was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum to see the Spruce Goose, the Oregon Coast to ride the sand dunes and visit the Seal Lion Caves. Includes transportation, five nights in the newly re-modeled Best Western Hotel with Wi Fi and HD TV Screens in each room, baggage handling, five breakfasts, admission to the Oregon Gardens & Tram Ride, Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum, Big Buggy Tour on the Sand Dunes and the Sea Lion Caves. 16 seats. Sign up with a $100 deposit. Final payment May 1.

NEW – SIGN UP NOW! LES MISERRABLES • 25TH ANNIVERSARY PRODUCTION 5th Avenue Theatre, Seattle Saturday, June 30, 2012 Cost: $115 - Members / $125 - Non-members   Departure: 10 am / Return:  7 - 7:30 pm Cameron Mackintosh presents the brand new 25th anniversary production of the legendary musical, LES MISÉRABLES, with glorious new staging and dazzlingly reimagined scenery inspired by the paintings of Victor Hugo. Breaking box office records it qualifies as a truly extraordinary theatrical experience where high-tech wizardry blends seamlessly with old-fashioned storytelling, framed within a glorious musical score. Gone is the turntable that gave a vivid sense of the sweep of the saga, replaced by projections inspired by Hugo’s moody, atmospheric paintings and cinematic video and lighting sequences that make the audience members feel like they’re on the streets and in the sewers with the characters. Based on Victor


You can apply for a Passport book or card at the Oak Harbor Senior Center (51 S.E. Jerome St.). Passport appointments available 10 am– 3 pm, Monday – Friday.  For an appointment call 279-4580.  For additional information call 279-4582 and/or visit Hugo’s classic novel, LES MISÉRABLES is an epic and uplifting story about the survival of the human spirit.  The magnificent score includes the classic songs “I Dreamed a Dream,” “On My Own,” “Stars,” “Bring Him Home,” “Do You Hear the People Sing?,” “One Day More,” “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables,” “Master Of The House” and many more. This production is so breath taking, you simply won’t want it to end. Come, Dream The Dream. Time for lunch/shopping before the show. Orchestra Seating & Transportation. 20 tickets.  Sign up with deposit by May 31 with final payment due June 18.

WING LUKE MUSEUM, CHINATOWN TOUR & LUNCH Downtown Seattle Tuesday, May 8, 2012 Cost: $70 - Members / $100 - Non-members Departure:  8 am - Return 5 - 5:30 pm A 90 minute walking tour of the acclaimed Wing Luke Museum, Tsue Chong Fortune Cookie Factory, Uwajimaya, Monhei Bakery, Hing Hay Park and more.  After the tour enjoy an authentic Chinese lunch served family style.  Tour includes transportation, walking tour, and lunch (including tax and tip for lunch) 22 seats - Sign up with payment TODAY, Wednesday, April 25.

MOTHER’S DAY HIGH TEA & 3 NURSERIES Friday, May 11, 2012 Cost:$39 - Member / $69 - Non Member Departure: 9 am   Return: 5-5:30 pm Visit 3 wonderful nurseries. Visit Christianson’s Nursery with an 1888 one room schoolhouse and beautiful surrounding gardens.  Next, Skagit Valley Gardens to enjoy a High Tea Lunch of scones, sandwiches fruit and dessert.  Last, Azusa.  Tour includes transportation and high tea lunch (tax and tip included.) 20- seats - Sign up with payment by May 4.

MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET at the Paramount, Seattle Sunday, May 20, 2012 Cost: $95 - Members / $125 - Non-members   Departure: 4 pm / Return:  11:30 – 12 pm. Inspired by the true story of the famed recording session that brought together rock‘n’roll icons Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins for the first and only time. The score of rock hits include Blue Swede Shoes, Fever, That’s All Right, Sixteen Tons, Great Balls of Fire, Walk the Line, Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On, Who Do You Love?, Matchbox, Folsom Prison Blues, Hound Dog and more. No meal stops, bring a snack. Ticket & transportation. 20 tickets.  Payment due May 10.

SAN JUAN ADVENTURE & WHALE WATCHING To Friday Harbor with San Juan Cruises Tuesday, July 17, 2012 Cost: $100 - Members  /  $130 - Non-members Departure: 7:30 am  / Return: 7:30 pm Welcome aboard! Enjoy for the sights & sounds of the incredible wildlife that abound on a narrated cruise through the San Juan Islands on our way to Friday Harbor. You’ll have lunch, of barbeque chicken, pasta salad, baked beans, cole slaw, fresh baked biscuits with honey butter, fruit and decadent brownies for desert. during our whales and wildlife tour before arriving in Friday Harbor between 1 and 1:30 pm. 22 seats.  Sign up with deposit.  Final payment  by July 5.

EVERETT PERFORMING ARTS CENTER Play Dates on the water! Join us for some amazing trips!

2012 - 2013 Season Tickets Saturday Matinee Performances - 2 pm Season Tickets - $195 by May 15. BIG RIVER, FIDDLER ON THE ROOF, THE MOUSETRAP, TRAILS, & CHICAGO.

May 2012 | The Bridge

>may special interest groups New England Group Will meet Tuesday, May 8, at 11:30 am at Whidbey Country Club. Call Evelyn at 675-5106.


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purchase cabs and wire for future projects. Contact Dick James, 6759396.

Quilting Group Friday mornings, 9 am.

MAC Computer Seminar Monthly seminar scheduled for Tuesday, May 8, 1 pm.

Whidbey Island Stamp Club Meets the second and fourth Tuesdays at 7 pm. New members welcome. Free evaluations on stamp collections provided. Contact Lee Dougherty, 675-9674.

Lapidary Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at 9 am.

Whidbey Island Gem Club Will meet Wednesday, May 2 at 7 pm. There will be a general meeting of the membership. Interested and potential members, ages 8 to 100+ are invited to attend. Contact Chip Batcheller, 679-9397

Wire Wrap Thursdays at 7 pm. New people welcome. Create unique jewelry. A cab and the wire needed for your first project will be provided. May

Widows and Widowers of Whidbey Island Fun supportive people with common interests. Monthly dinner at NAS Whidbey Chief Petty Officer’s Club the second Friday of the month at 5 pm. Every Sunday, Call Phyllis Hofkamp, 675-3628 for breakfast location and call Roz Davis, 675-3171 for dinner location.

EVENTS AT THE OAK HARBOR LIBRARY The library is located at 1000 SE Regatta Dr. For more information, please call 360-675-5115, or visit Oak Harbor Library opens at 9 am Monday through Friday, 10 am on Saturday, and 1 pm on Sunday. Book a librarian for free one-on-one help with any computer, technology or online question. FRIENDS OF THE OAK HARBOR LIBRARY Become a member of the Friends of the Oak Harbor Library, an organization dedicated to helping the Oak Harbor Library with money and volunteers, and providing programs and information about the library. Dues are just $5 per year. Pick up an application form at the library or Senior Center. OAK HARBOR BOOK CLUB Friday, May 25 at 2 pm. Share your love of reading! Join the discussion of “ZEITOUN” Books available for check-out at the library. MYSTERY BOOK LOVERS Thursday, May 31 at 3 pm. Friends of the Oak Harbor Library invite you to choose any book by Laurie R. King and join the discussion.

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Whidbey Island Genealogical Searchers meet h at 2720 Heller Rd., at the fire station just north of Crosby Rd. Next meeting is Tuesday, May 8 at 1 pm. Our program will be by Denise Bradshaw, who is a local lady. She will be talking about the history of Oak Harbor and Whidbey Island. Bring your questions and comments, especially those who are also from the island. There will be information for all, refreshments and raffles. All are welcome.  Contact  Ruth Hancock at 675-4086, randr.hancock@ for more information; Gordon Garnhart at 360-240-8875,; Betty Leitch at 675-3722,

The Line Dance Group invites you to come play and dance!

Meet poets from Skagit River Poetry Festival Irish Poet: Tony Curtis

Sponsored by Skagit Valley College. Monday, May 7 at 12 pm

Sherwin Bitsui: Poetry Reading

Sponsored by Skagit Valley College. Wednesday, May 16 at 12 pm


Hear the World Around You ... Island Family Hearing Clinic offers a full range of services including: • Comprehensive hearing evaluations • Free hearing aid cleanings, checks and in-office maintenance services • 60 day money back guarantee with every hearing aid purchase

OAK HARBOR (360) 279-1229

380 SE Midway Boulevard

Dr. Peter Keating Audiologist

FREELAND (360) 331-1415

5570 Harbor Ave., Suite B


678-CARE • 360-321-6600 • 311 NE 3rd Street • Coupeville

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The Bridge - May Edition  
The Bridge - May Edition