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Jazz and pop singer/ pianist Spencer Day performs March 30 at the Admiral Theater.

SPENCER DAY PERFORMS MARCH 30 AT THE ADMIRAL BREMERTON — Jazz and pop singer/pianist Spencer Day brings his smooth voice, breathtaking ballads and bittersweet lyrics to The Admiral Theatre on March 30, 8 p.m., 515 Pacific Ave., Bremerton. Tickets are $18 to $30, available at or (360) 373-6743. Day’s music is an eclectic mixture reminiscent of Cole Porter, Joni Mitchell and Paul Simon. Day appeared on the CBS show “Star Search” in 2002-03, and his 2005 song “Movie of Your Life” was used by Dolby Laboratories in its global launch of the Dolby 7.1 system. In March 2008, Day opened for Rufus Wainwright at the Napa Valley Opera House. He appeared at the Tanglewood Jazz Festival in the summer of 2008. Of his Tanglewood performance, NPR’s David Lyon said of Day, “(He) can croon with the best of them.” The San Jose Mercury-News described Day as “a balladeer for the new century.” Admiral Theatre ticketoffice hours are 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Visit

‘It’s like

a fair every week’ ’Tis the season. Here’s a look at Kitsap’s farmers markets. — Story, page 2

Fresh Food & jazz

The Kitsap County famer’s market lineup and Spencer Day


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Salmon from the classroom, to the trail waters For more than 20 years, students visit Clear Creek to release salmon BY KRISTIN OKINAKA KOKINAKA@SOUNDPUBLISHING.COM

After Davion Busby’s first visit to Clear Creek Trail, he said he would return. The 3rd grader at Emerald Heights Elementary School said he would return to see if his tree grows and if any salmon returned to the stream. “I liked it because you actually

got to look at them,” Davion said of being able to release salmon fry into Clear Creek. Several classes from Emerald Heights Elementary School spent last Friday morning at the Silverdale trail testing the water quality, learning about bug life, planting trees and releasing salmon fry into the water. The students had been raising the salmon in their classrooms and it was time to let the fry be in their native habitats. The program, Salmon in the Classroom, has been around for more than 20 years and is a partnership between Kitsap County SEE SALMON, A9

Kristin Okinaka/staff photo

Third grader Davion Busby, from Emerald Heights Elementary School, looks at his salmon fry last Friday before releasing them into the water at Clear Creek.

Brownsville custodian wins state award Going above and beyond to keep a school clean BY KRISTIN OKINAKA KOKINAKA@SOUNDPUBLISHING.COM

Kristin Okinaka/staff photo

Pat Nicholson, custodian at Brownsville Elementary School, talks about “Fang,” his floor scrubber painted to be a saber tooth tiger Tuesday morning. The balloons tied to Fang were in celebration of Nicholson being awarded the Washington Education Association’s state classified employee of the year.

Fang is like his trusty sidekick. The floor scrubber is painted to look like a saber tooth tiger and frequently roams the halls of Brownsville Elementary School with Pat Nicholson. “I would have touched up Fang’s teeth if I knew you were coming,” Nicholson joked Tuesday. Nicholson, a custodian at Brownsville, was awarded the Washington Education

Association’s state classified employee of the year during a school assembly Tuesday morning — an achievement that had been kept a secret from him until he walked into the gymnasium. “I don’t know what to say,” Nicholson said. “I would not have gotten this award without each and every one of you.” He spoke before students, staff, school district administrators and guests who minutes before, cheered as he walked down a red carpet set up just for him. After the ceremony, Nicholson went straight to work and tried to roll up the carpet on which he received the day’s award, but others told him not to and took up the chore.

Working at Brownsville for 12 years, Nicholson has spent a total of 28 years in the Central Kitsap School District. Prior to working at Brownsville, he had been the lead custodian for the district but said he wanted to go back to working in a school. “I really like the kids — relating to them,” he said. Creating Fang 11 years ago was just a way for the students to relate and become engaged with his cleaning regimen. Nicholson said his cleaning program is health-based rather than cleaning for appearance. A few years ago, he also received a national award for introducing “green” cleaning to schools. SEE CUSTODIAN, A6

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Creating the engineers of tomorrow

Kristin Okinaka/staff photo

Fifth and 6th grade students from Silver Ridge Elementary School maneuver their remotely operated vehicles in the Central Kitsap School District pool last Thursday.

Underwater robotics introduced to elementary students at Silver Ridge By KRISTIN OKINAKA

Not often do elementary school students design their own remotely operated vehicle and test it in the waters as if navigating the robot in the Navy on a mine-clearing mission. Students at Silver Ridge Elementary School in the Central Kitsap School District did just that.

Fifth and 6th graders at Silver Ridge are the first of elementary students to participate in a robotics program as an extension to the regular science curriculum. The program is in partnership with Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. Last Thursday, students tested their ROVs in the school district pool as a culmination of the project. “We’re taking it

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through a mission to pick up things,” said 5th grader Meghan Duarte, who compared the task to how the military may find a bomb using an ROV. “It’s really cool.” Robotics programs have been established for junior high and high school students in the district, both in underwater and land vehicles, where they design and build — and sometimes even compete. See ENGINEERS, A10

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Kristin Okinaka/staff photo

Jessica Gosselin and Meghan Duarte test out their team’s ROV last Thursday.

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Friday, March 30, 2012 |

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Parking committee Ice arena seeks permission to serve considers three-hour alcohol to boost revenue stalls downtown by KATE WHITTLE

Parking regulations in downtown Bremerton could soon be changed to allow six hours of free parking in hopes of a dual effect to deter serial parking offenders and encourage shoppers to stop downtown. The Bremerton City Council Ad-Hoc Parking Committee met Tuesday to debate what options to recommend to city council, with the goal of having signs changed by the time construction on Fourth Avenue is complete in mid-May. Municipal code currently allows vehicles to park on the same street for two hours at a time, except for the parking around the future Bremerton Cinema, which will accommodate movie-goers with three-hour spots. Committee chair and councilman Roy Runyon said they’re considering adding “re-park once” option, which would only allow anyone parking on a downtown street to park for three hours and move their car once to any other spot. Currently that move is prohibited. The parking committee’s efforts seek to prevent “shufflers,” the drivers who work all day downtown and move their cars every few hours rather than paying for space in a commercial or city lot.

Committee member Peggy Nord owns Simply Renewed Antiques at 301 Pacific Ave. “Businesses I’ve spoken to are mostly concerned about parking punishing the customer, rather than the ‘shuffle,’” she said. Her impression of parking downtown is that the construction on Fourth Avenue is creating more problems than anything else, and she’s not convinced the “re-park once” will prevent people abusing parking. “One of the issues is punishing the wrong people,” Nord said. “Any time you ask a customer to get in their car and move, there’s a chance they’re gonna drive off and not come back.” During the initial meeting, committee members estimated about 20 drivers are habitual shufflers, most of whom are employees at the stores downtown. It’s difficult to know exactly how big of a problem shufflers are, said Christine Coyne, ImPark office administrator. ImPark manages parking and ticketing downtown. Not every business knows they can write off parking garage passes as a tax-deductible expense and at least half of the cars downtown belong to business workers, she said. “Patrolers just know cars we see all the time,” she said. The committee also discussed whether to change to

three-hour parking rules or give businesses the option to validate parking passes, but Runyon said most members seemed to prefer the “repark once” model. Runyon said the cost of changing signs would have to be determined by the city, but he was told by the Public Works Department that installing one parking sign and post costs $800. Joyce Brown, assistant to the public works director, said the figure seemed high, but she couldn’t confirm it without more context. “There’s a lot of variations as to what costs what,” she said. The next committee meeting is April 10.

Operators say alcohol sales won’t cause bar-like environment by KATE WHITTLE

The Bremerton Ice Center operators say plans to serve beer and wine during hockey games and events won’t turn the local skating rink into a night club. The Bremerton Ice Center, which is privately owned by Joanne Haselwood but sits on city land located at 1950 Homer Jones Drive, is again asking Bremerton City Council for permission to serve alcohol. The rink is open yearround and hosts public skating, figure skating


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and ice hockey programs. When the ice center originally went before the city council with an October 2011 request to serve alcohol, the discussion ended in a tied vote. This week, ice rink staff hope to show councilmembers during a Wednesday study session that alcohol sales won’t turn the rink into a nightclub, said Derek Donald, ice center general manager. The arena would serve beer and wine at functions like private parties and hockey games. “That beer and wine

would be served responsibly to users and to the audience and appropriate,” Donald said. He said he’d have more specific details at the Wednesday meeting. Alcohol sales will also be a way for the ice rink to bring in more revenue and offset high overhead costs, said Parks and Recreation Director Wyn Birkenthal, who recommends that council approve the change. “It’s nice we can provide recreation that doesn’t cost the city anything,” he said. “It’s in the city’s interest to make sure it’s there in 10 or 15 years.” Birkent ha l sa id the Olympic Sport See ICE ARENA, A6

OPINION Bremerton

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Write to us: The Bremerton Patriot

welcomes letters from its readers. Letters should be typewritten and not exceed 300 words. They must be

signed and include a daytime phone. Send to 3888 NW Randall Way, Suite 100, Silverdale, WA 98383; fax to 308-9363; or email; letters may be edited for style, length and content.

Friday, March 30, 2012 | Bremerton Patriot

Under the walnut IN OUR OPINION

This week we asked the City of Bremerton to let us see under the three walnuts that constantly sit upon their budget table. Again, they refused to lift shells. We sought to know how much money the city has spent on police overtime for the investigation into the murders of Sarah Burke and Melody Brannon and the attack on the one known survivor. The city finance director said it would be May before they would be able to say how much overtime has gone into the homicide investigations and at what cost to the city’s budget. We believe that the city should be as quick reporting to the community the actual costs of the investigation as Bremerton Mayor Patty Lent was to proclaim the city would do “whatever it takes” to a room full of scared and concerned Union Hill residents (potential voters) seeking answers and information on the Bremerton Police investigation into the three violent crimes haunting their neighborhood and that police say they think are connected. One citizen, that night, asked what the effect of the promised increased police presence was. “Whatever it takes,” Lent quipped to a growing applause. What it takes is accountability of action. With no word from police in recent weeks regarding the investigation, a simple accounting of overtime hours worked, or not worked, would give the community a base of knowledge from which to gauge how well their city is serving them in regards to their safety. Knowing how much actual work has gone into the investigation, that has pushed aside other major crime investigations for nearly a year, is essential to that understanding. Given the mayor’s promise of all resources to the police department and the fact that every Bremerton City councilmember, that expressed an opinion on the 2012 budget they passed, said that they had little faith the money would cover the year, it is paramount the city know now what the investigation cost is and what citizens are getting in return. Let us see under the shell.

Patriot Bremerton

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Member newspaper


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Playing nice in the city sandbox I would like to were going on Everything apologize to readbetween key ers for not having a city leaders Bremerton column last week. both elected It was the first time and appointed. I missed a week in Ideas were the two years I have shared and the been writing. A pros and cons nasty chest cold had were debated me struggling just to and considered get better. I still have and staff mema lingering cough, bers were able Colleen Smidt but am pleased to to chime in say I am feeling like with additionmyself again. al information This past week a retreat was and professional opinions. All held between Bremerton City without the stiff, formal and at Councilmembers, Bremerton times defensive “them against Mayor Patty Lent and nearly us” posturing that is typiall of the main city depart- cally apparent during normal ment heads. Because of my full Bremerton City Council meettime job, I am hard pressed ings, presentations and public to make public meetings that hearings. start before 5 p.m., so I arrived It was clear that every sinabout 40 minutes into the near- gle person in the room had ly four-hour session. Finding brought passion and concern the mayor’s conference room for this community, along with where the meeting was being a true desire to do the hard held was also not very easy. work and accomplish certain The meeting was not what goals, to the table and checked I expected and I say that in a their individual agendas, attigood way. For the first time in a tudes and politics at the door. very long time, I felt that some I would also like to thank the truly open, honest, relaxed facilitator of the meeting, forand respectful discussions mer Mercer Island Mayor Jim

Pearman. What an impressive individual. He did a fantastic job and easily commanded the attentive respect of every single person in the room. As a citizen, I now have a kernel of hope that as a city and community we are going to make it through this next year and come out on the other side with certain improvements in place despite the massive financial and operational hardships ahead. There is still a lot of work to do. It will not be easy. Several of the issues that were prioritized at this meeting are going to be contentious as decisions are made and the details are worked out. If not handled properly they could be divisive for the community. It is my hope that this will not be the case and that the professional attitudes and respectful approach that I witnessed in the retreat, translates to the future meetings to come. Excellent job, City of Bremerton. Keep up this kind of good work and continue to build upon it.

Friday, March 30, 2012 |

Harrison investigating allegations it overlooked injuries, failed to provide adequate care By RICHARD WALKER

11:00 AM - 4:00 PM

MARCH 31, 2012

Harrison Medical Center is investigating allegations made by a Seattle couple that the medical center failed to identify their injuries from a vehicle collision and provide adequate care. In a March 15 letter to Harrison CEO Scott W. Bosch, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services — a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services — found the hospital failed to enforce policies to ensure compliance with the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act and failed to provide an appropriate medical screening examination. “We are responding to this aggressively,” Bosch said March 23. “We have

a very strong commitment to patient safety and obeying the laws of the land. We do not turn anybody away based on their ability to pay. From May 1 through February, we have provided $17 million worth of free care to those who don’t have the ability to pay. That demonstrates a massive commitment to all patients.” Harrison spokeswoman Jacquie Goodwill said March 23 that the allegations, if true, are a “complete departure from our mission.” She said Harrison is working with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, or CMS, “to find out what the truth is.” “We’re working to determine why CMS came to those conclusions,” she said. “If we did something wrong, we’ll own it.” Joseph and Debra

Snowden were taken to Harrison after a car crash on Hansville Road in Kingston Dec. 30. Joseph Snowden said his left leg received 30 stitches but doctors failed to diagnose a broken right foot. He said his wife’s injuries were overlooked and that they were sent home with a prescription for medication. “We were told all was fine and released shortly after,” Joseph Snowden wrote. Four days later, they returned to Harrison because Debra Snowden’s pain hadn’t subsided and she was having difficulty breathing. “My wife had to have an emergency operation because she had been bleeding internally and had four broken ribs and a fractured sternum,” injuries not diagnosed during the first visit to the


emergency room, according to his complaint. In addition, her spleen had ruptured and had to be removed. Joseph Snowden had a smashed right foot, which was not recognized “because they refused to X-ray it, they said nothing was wrong” and he had to have reconstructive surgery at a Seattle hospital. The Snowdens complained to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. On the department’s behalf, the state Health Department investigated Feb. 8; the investigation included “a review of … policies and procedures, interviews with staff, review of a sample of emergency room medical records, and a (Quality Improvement Organization) case review by a physician who is a specialist in the area under review,” according to the CMS letter. Harrison has until March 25 to respond in writing to the state Department of Health and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Harrison must either prove “that the deficiencies didn’t exist,” or provide a plan for correcting those deficiencies, according to the letter. A plan of correction must be submitted no later than April 14, according to the letter. Failure to prove or correct could lead to termination of Harrison’s participation in Medicare effective June 13.

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Bosch declined to discuss details of the Snowdens’ complaint because of the investigation. He said that to the best of his knowledge, “this is our only EMTALA violation,” using the abbreviation for the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act. Asked if he was saying there had been a violation, he said, “I can’t say that. It’s part of the investigation. I can’t comment on it because we’re investigating it.” After a story about the Snowdens’ case was posted on NorthKitsapHerald. com March 22 (it was published in the Herald March 23), Harrison issued a summary of the notification to its department heads. “As you may know, Harrison Medical Center was recently surveyed by the Department of Health due to an allegation from a patient of non-compliance with the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA). This act requires us to provide screening and treatment of patients, regardless of their ability to pay. “On March 15, Harrison received a notice from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) stating that, based on this survey and subsequent investigation, that there were grounds for a determination of noncompliance. With this determination, Harrison

must respond with a plan of corrective action to address each of the allegations/deficiencies by March 25. “Harrison takes any complaints about the quality of care provided very seriously and we have completed our own investigation. We have responded fully to the CMS notice and will continue working with them to reach a satisfactory resolution. Harrison is absolutely committed to complying with all state and federal laws in all that we do. Harrison Medical Center has 2,400 employees and its emergency room treats 70,000 patients a year, Bosch said. Ninety-two percent of emergency room nurses are certified in emergency nursing, and all ER doctors are board-certified in emergency medicine, Bosch said. Because the notice has not been made public by CMS, the agency could not comment last Thursday, except to confirm that Harrison was placed on a termination track, CMS employee Stephanie Magill said. The Snowdens, 57 at the time of the crash, are selfemployed. Their medical bill is about $200,000, Mr. Snowden said. The couple has not been able to work since December after the collision, and are “getting around by the graces of our friends.”

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Friday, March 30, 2012


“You motivate kids every day. You carry it to the local and state and national level,” Stacy Roberts said to Nicholson after he received the award. Roberts is the Emerald Heights Elementary School office manager and the two are members of Central Kitsap Educational Support Professionals and a WEA state team. Not only does Nicholson do a good job at his job, he can also work well with anyone. “Pat is absolutely loved by everyone in school,” said Sandra Horst, principal of Brownsville. She added that he is always enthusiastic and that attitude resonates with others.

Horst said Nicholson is also a wonderful role model for students, especially with “job squad.” He’s passionate about his work. Job squad is a volunteer program at the school where students help with different tasks around the building such as cleaning down tables before lunch. Nicholson will show students the ropes to building essentials including checking the temperature on thermostats, Horst said. “He brings his heart to his work,” she added. Nicholson, who is also known around the school for wearing Chuck Norris kicks, said that the students and staff make his job easy. He added that there is also another custodian at Brownsville to make a great team. “I’m just doing what I do,” Nicholson said.


and Soccer Center at Pendergast Park has been allowed to serve alcohol at events since 2008, and he said police haven’t seen any public drunkenness or DUI incidents. Three people wrote the city to protest the Ice Center serving alcohol in October, including Bremerton resident Cathie Knox-Browning, who Monday said she was still concerned about people drinking and driving past the YMCA and daycare facilities in the area. “I’m concerned drivers will be impaired,” she said. “Usually, beer and wine is allowed in more commercial areas.” She doesn’t think the alcohol at Pendergast Park compares, since it’s in a relatively isolated area. If council approves alcohol sales at the ice center, Bremerton City R isk Ma nagement Specialist Thelma Swem said they’ll have to add liquor liability coverage to their insurance, but it won’t cost the city anything. She noted the ice rink’s insurance coverage is currently in “good order.” City council will discuss the Bremerton Ice Center’s request to serve alcohol at a March 28 study session and vote at its April 4 meeting.

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County commissioner race begins By Richard Walker

Chris Tibbs and Linda Simpson announced on Thursday their candidacies for the Kitsap County Commission, districts 1 and 2. The announcements were made at the meeting of the Republican Party’s 23rd Legislative District Committee at the Silverdale Community Center. Tibbs, who is seeking the District 1 position, and Simpson each spoke for about five minutes about their candidacies. Tibbs ran in November, receiving 34,633 votes to Democrat Rob Gelder’s 37,864 votes, for the right to finish the term vacated by Steve Bauer, who resigned. Simpson, of Bremerton, is a Navy reservist and community volunteer who ran for 35th District state House in 2010. Democrat Charlotte Garrido was elected District 2 commissioner in 2008, defeating Republican Tim Matthes 57,648 to 55,992. Matthes is now Port Orchard’s mayor. Garrido lost a 2004 bid for County Commission to Republican Jan Angel, 58,932 to 51,221.

County commissioners are elected for four years. They are paid $109,907 per year; they approve laws, set policies and manage a $325 million budget. The party is emboldened by Tibbs’ performance in the Nov. 8 general election and by the chance to win two of three seats on the County Commission. “How can you be happy with a county government that is in permanent threeday weekend mode,” asked Jack Hamilton, chairman of the Kitsap County Republican Party. “Our county government worries more about trails worry than we do about cops,” he said, adding that county government’s statemandated responsibilities are land use, law and justice, and roads. “It would be nice if county government worried more about economic development than taking away private property,” he said, referring to policies involving development setbacks and buffers near critical areas. “It would be nice if county government didn’t balance the budget by cutting government back. What kind of approach is that? Taxes don’t stop on

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Johnny Walker/Photo

Chris Tibbs tells 23rd Legislative District Republicans about his candidacy for Kitsap County Commission, District 1. At left is Linda Simpson of Bremerton, candidate for County Commission, District 2. Friday. Maybe if we didn’t pay taxes on Friday, it would be OK.” That’s what Tibbs is preaching: Restore the county’s focus on a balanced budget; on law and justice, land use and roads; and a Monday through Friday schedule in county offices. Much of what Gibbs promoted in 2011 is part of his platform this year: — County government needs to reprioritize its services. Seventy percent of the population lives in unincorporated Kitsap County, and the critical issues there are law and justice, roads and land use, he said. (The county’s jurisdiction could become more rural if residents of urban Silverdale vote

to create Kitsap’s fifth city.) — Consolidation of district and municipal courts would eliminate “overduplication” of services because district and municipal courts have the same authority. — There needs to be more balance between environmental protection and development rights. Last year, regarding changes to the Shoreline Master Program, which regulates development and other uses in shoreline areas, he supported grandfathering properties that would be considered “non-conforming” under new development rules. If a house is listed as non-conforming — meaning it doesn’t conform to current codes — a buyer could have trouble getting financing,

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and a property owner won’t get a permit for site improvements. “We need to keep Kitsap rural as best we can, but we have to balance that with respect for individual property rights,” he said at the time. — He believes county commissioners could focus on county business and be more accessible to the public if they delegated representation on area boards. Besides his responsibilities as commissioner, Gelder serves on the Kitsap Health District board, CenCom Policy Board, Hood Canal Coordinating Council, Housing Kitsap, Kitsap County Emergency Management Council, Kitsap County Lodging Tax Committee, Kitsap Regional Coordinating Council, Kitsap Transit, North Kitsap Conservation Project, Washington State Association of Counties board, and Washington State Council on Aging. Likewise, Garrido serves on 14 boards; District 3 Commissioner Josh Brown serves on seven. The primary legislative powers of county commissioners are found in RCW 36.32.120. The powers include: construction and maintenance of public buildings; granting licenses; fixing and collecting the tax levies for the county; authorizing


Two county republicans throw hats in for District’s 1 and 2

Page A7



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Friday, March 30, 2012

55 Gallon



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Clean Burn Premium Wood Pellets Basic Shed 40# Bags $4.89 ea.

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10 13 Landscape

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Friday, March 30, 2012

LOOKING FOR OUR LATEST ISSUE? FIND IT at one of these newsstand locations:

Veterans Life

(more locations to follow)

BAINBRIDGE ISLAND American Legion, Post 172 Bainbridge Ferry Madison Avenue Laundry Town & Country Market Streamliner Diner Pavillion Jiffy Mart, Rolling Bay Bainbridge Island Ferry American Legion, Post 172


Jimmy D's Timberland Regional Library Sandy's Deli/Shell Short Stop Deli Belfair QFC Les Schwab Chevron Market Place Grocery Ben’s Deli Mart


Cafe Noir Silverdale Beach Hotel Christa Shores Albertsons Silverdale Grocery Outlet Aloha Kitchen Los Cabos Central Kitsap Reporter/Bremerton Patriot United States Submarine Veterans Bremerton Base VFW 4992

BREMERTON Chevron, Wheaton Way Walgreens YMCA Kitsap Regional Library Family Pancake House, Wheaton Way Harrison Medical Center Tracyton Market Fairgrounds 76 Hank's Grocery Yak's Disabled American Veterans Fleet Reserve Center Ralph's Red Apple Family Pancake House, Kitsap Way West Hills 76 Rob's Quick Stop American Legion Post 149 DAV, Chapter 5

A Sound Publishing Monthly Magazine

2315 Burwell Avenue Fleet Reserve Association, Branch 29 Marine Corps League, Det. 531

Navy League, Bremerton-Olympic Peninsula NABVETS, Kitsap Chapter VFW Post 239 US VA Benefits Administration West Sound/Bremerton Pre-Separation Office US VA Health Administration Community-Based Outpatient Clinic Chevron, Kitsap Way La Poblanita Bremerton Ferry Terminal Puget Sound Naval Museum Turner Joy Gift Shop Bremerton Convention Center Midtown Market Fraiche Cup CJ's Evergreen Store TLC Cleaners & Laundry 7-11, Wheaton Way Exxon Station Island Kitchen Midway Inn Golden Mum Restaurant VFW 4992 Truck Town Navy Federal Credit Union Thomas’ Lincoln Mercury West Hills Chrysler Jeep Hoover Kia Oyster Bay Inn Flagship Inn Advantage Nissan Parr Volkswagen Heartland Toyota Haselwood Buick West Hills Honda Peninsula Subaru American Legion Post 149 VFW Post 239 7-11, 6th Street Windermere Real Estate Bremerton Chamber of Commerce NABVETS Kitsap Chapter


Washington Veteran's Home Port Orchard Foot Ferry Marina Mart Annapolis Ferry Dock Southworth Ferry Dock PJ's Market Sav-A-Lot Grocery Shari's Restaurant Gorst Gas Mini Mart Airport Diner American Legion Post 30

April 2012

In your name

Veterans legislation ❚ pg. 11

VFW Post 2669 WDVA Building 9 Veterans Service Center King’s Fish & Chips Lucky One Grocery Sudz-O-Rama Holiday Inn Express Hi-Joy Bowl Spiro’s Restaurant Shell Station Bay Ford Goodyear Tire Pizza Factory Tobacco Depot Walt’s Car Care China West American Legion #30 VFW #2669 Jiffy Lube Seabeck Pizza Sudz-Ez Laundry 7-11 Navy Federal Credit Union Car Stereo Liquidators Geico


Kingston Ferry Terminal Albertsons Thriftway Port Gamble General Store

VFW 2463 Pizza Factory Kingston Library/Chamber of Commerce Kingston VFW #2463

POULSBO 76 Gas (Central Market) Wilson Shell/Subway Les Schwab Albertsons Allen’s Laundry

Siam Palace American Legion #245

Bayside Engravers North Kitsap Herald JC's Grocery Suquamish Shell American Legion Post 245 GORST DAV Chapter 22 SUQUAMISH Suquamish Tribe Veterans Office Suquamish Warriors

Veterans Life

Or drop by our office: 3888 NW Randall Way, Suite 100, Silverdale, WA 98383 360-308-9161

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Kristin Okinaka/staff photo

Salmon fry await to be released into the water of Clear Creek last Friday. Elementary school classes care for salmon eggs in classroom tanks and release the fry every March as a “Salmon in the Classroom” program.


Public Works, Kitsap Public Utility District, Suquamish Tribe and the Clear Creek Task Force. Inviting students in grades 3 to 5 from the Central Kitsap and Bremerton school districts, as well as area private schools, to explore Clear Creek was first started by the Central Kitsap Kiwanis Club and when the group disbanded several years ago, the task force and others took to continuing the educational program, said Pat Kirschbaum, education and outreach coordinator with Kitsap County Surface and Stormwater Management Program. The program is about more than releasing the fry into natural waters and students going back to the classroom. “It’s to get students aware of the environment through the salmon,” Kirschbaum said. “It’s learning something that’s a piece of our community.” The Emerald Heights students were one group of many students who participated in the Clear Creek outing last week and the week before. Kirschbaum added that the program is not deterred by weather and she and some students experienced the first snow accumulation during Salmon in the Classroom during the week of March 12. In January, participating classes received their tanks with the salmon eggs and observed the eggs hatch and turn into fry. By the second or third week of March they are ready to be released, said Kirschbaum. On the morning’s excursion, students participated in the activities with the help from task force members, Target employees, parents,

Kristin Okinaka/staff photo

Nasir Grier and Logan Bennett plant a tree along Clear Creek Trail with their class from Emerald Heights Elementary School last week. “Salmon in the Classroom” is a program involving students from the Central Kitsap and Bremerton school districts to learn about the salmon cycle and native plants. Kirschbaum and other community volunteers. Many of the students enjoyed releasing the fry and planting trees that they named, whether being at the trail was new or a frequent place to them. “I always come here. I come here for exercise,” said 3rd grader Jaden Ritscher.

Task force member Mary Earl said that since the program has been around for a while, there are adults who say they remember being in the program when they were kids. “We have some people bringing their kids and coming back,” she said.


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Kristin Okinaka/staff photo

Kalista Flores ties the name tag of her planted tree with the help of a volunteer while Jaden Ritscher looks on. The 3rd graders from Emerald Heights Elementary School visited Clear Creek Trail for “Salmon in the Classroom” last week.

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PORT ORCHARD 591 BETHEL ROAD Phone: 360-874-9170 Walk-ins are indeed welcomed.

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the project and prior to testing their ROVs in the pool, they tested them in CONTINUED FROM A2 a horse trough outside their school building. Central Kitsap High They did nearly everySchool students par- thing short of cutting the ticipated in a robotics PVC pipes that the ROVs regional competition in were made of. Seattle last week, which “We get to build it out revolved around building of our design and see how a robot that would shoot it works,” said 6th grader a basketball into hoops. Caleb Shaw. Wanting to introduce Some students overrobotics to younger stu- came zip-ties that dents, teachwouldn’t stay ers hope an tied onto interest in their ROVs or “It’s like one of math and scimerely getence will stem those hands on ting used to science projects from it. the control C a t h e r i n e that you don’t panel to naviTo w n s e n d ’s get a whole lot gate the vehim u l t i l e v e l of in this grade cle to move classroom of in a specific Silver Ridge level,” direction. 5th and 6th – Chase Hampton For 6th graders startgrader Chase ed the underHampton, water robotics navigating the project about ROV wasn’t two months difficult – the ago and built control systheir ROVs tem is simiin about three weeks. lar to the Xbox games he Townsend said she plays. Chase enjoys buildhopes the pilot program ing things and hopes to will continue next year become a mechanical with more elementary engineer. He said the schools. underwater robotics pro“Hopefully we’ll devel- gram was a fun compoop Naval engineers of the nent to the class. future,” she said. The project allowed her Townsend said her students to go through students had control of the entire scientific pro-

Friday, March 30, 2012


Kristin Okinaka/staff photo

Sixth grader Chase Hampton controls his ROV to move through an obstacle course last Thursday. While robotics programs have been ongoing at the secondary level, this was the first year elementary students participated in the program. cess, Townsend said. She added that the science unit of study had been “variables,” which played into the underwater

robotics project as well. “It’s like one of those hands on science projects that you don’t get a whole lot of in this grade level,” Chase said. Corinne Beach, the shipyard’s STEM outreach coordinator, said the underwater vehicles program is in a total of 18 area schools with 1,800

students. The STEM outreach includes about 2,000 students, she added. The programs are supported by the shipyard and Naval Base Keyport. Last year, the material costs for all STEM outreach were covered by a $30,000 Navy Defense grant, Beach said. “If you give them a



Veterans Life

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hands on application, it may spur them to think it’s fun and see the application for it,” Beach said. And, starting with younger students can just plant the seed earlier. “I’ve always wondered how remote control things were built and now we get to,” Meghan said.

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Page A11

‘Mobbing’ a local business near you Cash Mob movement brings community together, keeps dollars local By KRISTIN OKINAKA

One Bremertonian lived a few blocks away but had never been to CJ’s Evergreen General Store and Catering. Last Saturday’s cash mob changed that. “She just thought it was beers and cigarettes. It’s way more than that,” said Robin Henderson of a 12-year Bremerton resident who visited CJ’s for Bremerton’s first cash mob. Cash Mob Bremerton

Cash Mob Bremerton on Facebook: Cash Mob, Bremerton started from a Facebook page that Henderson created a few weeks ago. Henderson, a 20-year Bremerton resident, thought starting a cash mob would be a way to bring the community together while also supporting local businesses. Cash mob is a movement where people “mob” a business at a set time and date, usually spending at least $20. “It’s primarily about supporting these local businesses but also to get people out to take a look at these businesses that they never have before,” Henderson said, adding that it can lead to making new friends and network-

Silverdale Self Storage

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ing. About two-and-a-half weeks old, the Cash Mob Bremerton’s Facebook page had 165 “likes” Wednesday. After creating the page, Henderson started out by connecting with area organizations and local businesses. CJ’s was selected as the first business to mob by a vote on the social networking site and the organizers expect to have at least one cash mob a month in Bremerton at a different location. Michael Strube, Bremerton Area Chamber of Commerce executive director, said nothing like cash mob has been done in Bremerton before that he is aware of. He said it’s a unique concept to get the community behind one business at a time. “She was very appreciate after a slow winter,” said Strube of CJ’s owner. “She’s got a unique store, local produce. They do readymade dinners, which a lot of people don’t know about.” The cash mob began at noon and Henderson and Strube said about 30 to 40 people participated. The store had been notified beforehand of the

Courtesy photo

People gather at CJ’s Evergreen General Store and Catering on Park Avenue Saturday for Bremerton’s first cash mob. Cash Mob is a movement where people “mob” a local business at a set date and time. “mob” and agreed to it. Henderson said people will not be organized to mob any business that does not want to participate in a cash mob. “I would like to thank all of you that came by the store for the first Bremerton Cash Mob yesterday. I really appreciate all the people that came out. We feel that it was a success. We were so glad


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“It’s kind of an evolving thing,” Henderson said. “There are new groups sprouting up in Kitsap.”

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The event coincided with March 24 being International Cash Mob Day, Henderson said.

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Elmo’ s ADULT BOOKS We welcome all men, (360) 692-1129

to see so many new people and returning customers,” Cynthia Jeffries-Cyr, owner of CJ’s, wrote on Facebook Sunday. An employee at the store who started work toward the end of the cash mob said Tuesday that the turn out was great and it was a fun experience.

2811 Wheaton Way • Bremerton BREMERTON

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Silverdale gets its own American Legion post Post 109 starting up, recruiting new members By KRISTIN OKINAKA

There are an estimated 177 local U.S. military veterans with a Silverdale address and now they have an American Legion post to call their own. On Monday, American Legion Post 109 held its first official meeting in Silverdale and voted on officers, instated bylaws and had its charter approved. The Silverdale post gathers at the meeting room of the Central Kitsap Fire and Rescue station on Silverdale Way and its next meeting is scheduled for April 16. The group currently has 24 members. “That should do nothing but grow,” said Russ Jerabek, vice commander of the new Silverdale

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post. While the goal is to have their own building to gather and hold meetings, Jerabek said that is something that will take time to establish. For the time being, they are focusing on recruiting members. “The more people you have, the more ideas you have, the more resources you have available,” Jerabek said. The new post is the 12th post to be established in the third American Legion district of the state. The third district extends up north to Port Angeles and Forks and as far south as the Tacoma Narrow Bridge. Forks also established an American Legion post a few months ago. American Legion Post 68 in East Bremerton

closed last year following a scandal involving a former commander that left the long-time post in financial trouble enough to drive them into bankruptcy and the loss of their charter.

American Legion Post 109 Next meeting: 7 p.m., April 16 10955 Silverdale Way NW, Silverdale The American Legion was established after World War I to help support veterans, said Ron Coglon, third district commander and American Legion Post 1972 commander on Bainbridge Island. “There was no GI Bill, no VA,” said Coglon. “It addressed a segment of the population. It’s become more like a service now.”

Post 109 is the first American Legion post established in Silverdale, said Coglon. There are more than 2.4 million members in 14,000 posts worldwide, according to the American Legion website. American Legion posts are nonpartisan nonprofits. Jerabek, originally from Minnesota, was in the Air Force from 1968 to 1972 and retired as a civilian from Naval Base Bangor two years ago. He hopes the new post in Silverdale will serve fellow vets in the area, which would cut back on driving time to other posts. The post may also fill a void created by the closure of Post 68 in Bremerton, said Jerabek. Coglon and Jerabek said the Silverdale post members would be involved within the community with outreach and service projects — as

Legal Notices Notice Of Intent Owner: Port of Bremerton Attn: Fred Salisbury 8850 SW State Highway 3 Bremerton, WA 98312 Port of Bremerton is seeking coverage under the Washington Department of Ecology’s (NPDES) General Permit for stormwater discharges associated with the proposed construction activity. The site’s address is 8850 SW highway 3, Bremerton, WA 98312. The site is located north of Imperial Way, in the Olympic View Industrial Park. The proposed development is the N.E. Campus, Basin 7 Industrial Park. Stormwater from the site will be conveyed to the proposed Regional Infiltration Pond. Temporary Best Management Practices (BMPs) during construction include, but are not limited to sediment pond and trap, silt fencing, interceptor ditches, and construction of a stabi-


lized construction entrance, and catch basin inlet protection. The total disturbed area is approximately 20.00 acres. Any person desiring to present their views to the Dept of Ecology concerning this application may notify Ecology in writing within thirty- (30) days of the last date of the publication of this notice. Comments may be submitted to: Washington Dept. of Ecology, Water Quality Program, Stormwater Unit - Construction, P.O. Box 47696, Olympia, WA 98504-7696. Date of first publication: 03/23/12 Date of last publication: 03/30/12 BP374208



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in the later of: (I) Thirty days after the personal representative served or mailed the notice to the creditor as provided under RCW 11.40.020(1)(c); or (2) four months after the date of first publication of the notice. If the claim is not presented within this time frame, the claim is forever barred, except as otherwise provided in RCW 11.40.051 and 11.40.060. This bar is effective as to claims against both the decedent’s probate and nonprobate assets. DATED this 26th day of March 2012 Rondo L. Britt 9490 Monte Vista Ln Nw Bremerton Washington, 98311 CK367443 Published: 03/30/2012

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is common among many posts. One issue in particular that the post will contribute to will be to help the county’s homeless vets, said Coglon. “We’re a ready pool of people to draw from,” said Coglon, adding that helping with potential disaster relief is something the post would prepare for. American Legion Post 149, located on Kitsap Way in Bremerton, recently

returned from a twomonth tour to Japan for Operation Tomodachi, to help with relief from last year’s earthquake. Post 149 has from 400 to 500 members, said Coglon. While discussions to start up the new Silverdale post began four months ago, Jerabek said members are excited to get things going. “To me, this is a good thing for Silverdale,” he said.

A Great place to gather with family and friends!


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Swim Lessons – Group & Private Call to Register Today! 1909 NE John Carlson Road • 360-692-8075 •

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Tricare, GEHA & Most Major Insurances Accepted

Call Today 1-888-207-6790 9990 Mickelberry Rd NW Silverdale • Located Inside Pearle Vision

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Page A13


Silverdale incorporation success projected to cost county $33 million in tax receipts over five years

on staff would come and revenue decline as a “fall- governmental operations sume $37 million of the what continued declin- ing knife” in its effect on expectations with big budget. ing tax and grant monies staff numbers and the cuts to payroll and make That the primary dismight have. With county overall “big picture” out- county government more cussion revolved around services cut to the bone look at the county level. “realistic” in size in accor- staff and their concerns, and operating four days a Brown said he hopes dance with the county’s rather than the effect on the county is facing an week, the county primarto avoid the same “bud- new reality of the com- services to the public, By GREG SKINNER BEST OF thestaff expenses P estimated loss of $33 milKITSA RAL ily has only bined less tax revenue and is a result of an instituCENT t of... BEST OF annualget grind” as the previous Bes RTON ME REin the fifth The P four rounds. lion sales tax revenue OF RAL KITSA BEST CENT left to cut. Since the recesless federal and state dol- tional culture according of... t p Bes ON the Kitsa al KITSA RTON curCentr REMERT annuPal RAL fifth CENT The of...estimated Bestan The expected loss to the without sion began, rter lars for services. to Gelder. To employees, Repo REMESilverdale’s annupal County Commissioner al Kitsa fifth The Centr choic r’sKitsa CHOICE reade READER’Shave p e Charlotte Garrido reserved 2013 Kitsap County bud- rent contributions to the 200 employees al rter been Centr “How do we reset?” he the budget represents pay Repo AWARDS ds, awarrter choicee r’s insid reade READER’S CHOICE Repo get if Silverdale success- operations budget county- cut from the payroll. Much much of her comment on asked before explaining and benefits, to citizens AWARDS e e choic insid r’s ds, CHOICE reade awar CENforecast READER’S TRAL KsayITSAPone way to pursue it.kitsaMake Haunmoney tings, pwe p weeek AWARDS by k the COM | 50¢ portrayed fully incorporates by vote wide.| Vol. 13, No. 41 WWW.BREMERTONPATRIOT.concern ds, inside the financial variequates police awar C EN Histori 2011 c 28, homes, TR pum BER AL Y, OCTO K FRIDA IT Haunpkin SA tings, paved roads and kitsa P historic pwe p wee 50¢ | haunts ek k COM At| Vol. least two previous this summer is projected 28, 2011 C heads was ing that she’s just begun deep enough employee services, ERTONPATRIOT.ous department s EN .BREM off TR WWW lay 41 AL walk No. xes 13, K s and, ITSAP Haun Histori tings c ek homes, kitsahistoric pumpkin pwe p wee k COM | 50¢ City mi FRIDAY, OCTOBER incorporation ERTONPATRIOT.for haunts attempts to be $3.5 million –Y, OCTO theBER 28, 2011 | Vol. 13, No. 41 WWW.BREM the s to look at the county’s Historic homes, the Cit lacky of cost of cuts to ensure a modest inspections of the buildoff y pum laylivpkin walkRock xes s and FRIDA mi historic haunts tax rty pe pro d s an off Horr or lay walk xes s and mi the Rock y equivalent of 44 county have failed. Cit ing raises during recent financial picture down the y cost of living increase. ings they live and work in, tax rty Pictu petorty FRIDce pro AY, OCTOBER 21, 2011 | Vol. 27, No. the an HorrRock y said. orre Show lan batax sepe K it sap C ou nt y years. an 6 WWW.CENTRALKITSA jobs. road. incddrea Cuts year after year hurts Gelder PREP pro : ORTE Kitsa R.CO p Wee Horr M | 50¢ Pictuorre Showk FRIDce AY, OCTOBER 21, 2011 | Vol. 27, No. lan balan topendsethe 6 WWW and reaofbu This is combined with Commissioner inc .CENTRALKITSA insid Regardless One that moral, heR.CO said. He described the meete pShow Pictu et PREPORTE FRIDce re dg : Kitsa AY, OCTO Wee BER 21,budget 12 M | 50¢ k 20 2011 | Vol. 27, area ba to se No. 6 WWW.CENTRALKITSAPREPORTE rea inc :insid Kitsaepas R.CO Wee an additional projections Silverdale resident Josh ing Silverdale M k | 50¢ incorporaD’Amato pointed out as The question was largeing a dialogue about et dg bu 12SKINNbuER dget 20 BY GREG inside 12 of diminishing cash flow Brown said a successful tion of 20 the county’s pri- a know and predictable ly left alone by the dozens the “what ifs” in county ERfixes and budget patches all used up, SKINNid GREGBand-A BYWith little choice but to Bremer of corridor, ER ton says it has all CitySKINN from $1.2 million in lost incorporation would cre- mary retail GREG dozen BYthe entity is grant funds. She gathered. budgeting. two thanall up, used off more laybudget and patches ty taxes and proper raise id fixes Band-A With d budget to butCity a balance choice to to send has little effortton an in says it s up, worker Bremer used and of alltwo vote City patches the Decem budget sales taxes also expected to ate a “drag” on county revenue raise dozen andlay early an off fixes is not keeping up said that departments Bright budget news At the same time the idtaxes thanber before more Band-A action Withproper il for ty and to Counc but choice it has littled budget to City Bremer tontosays of Citysn. send a balance the adoptio dozen twovote that in an effortand ees than worker employ city and 25 Decem tomore ber sent taxes before werelay proper begin in 2013 from various resources. anoffearly y,tynotices raise Monda with the departmental over predict the came with word that bencounty faces cuts, it is City to always action the es il for d budget Counc l approv aif balance send the counci to off effort laid an be in s to d worker expecte and are vote n. ber Patty Decem adoptio Mayor early that an ton ees Lent before Bremer employ d bysent city fory, action ilbudget to 25 unveile Counc were 2012 notices Amber D’Amato, coun- expenditures session municipal annexations of Monda l study across the grant money they receive. the efits costs were down in growing its reserve. With counci es city a approv l during g counci n. the Coast Guard off if 25 city employees that sdaydevenin adoptio Wedne to be laid sent expecte are to ton Mayor Patty Lent were Bremer y, notices Monda matter. thebudget the e on es unveiled by l lapprov d to combin 2012 counci the unfille if awill session off ns choo study the county’s tax base. As ty budget director, said board. D’Amato to be d evenin ses counci nallaid citygo said the None were correct for 2011 2011 for the first time Lou $11 million in the bank, expecte additio are isian during gpositio Eight Lent a Patty Coa sday Mayor st Wedne ton Gua ns. Bremer rd positio s by unveiledcity worker 2012 savings abudget for the session endamatter.on 32 com on recomm counci e s lastudy a city include or during d to combin g positio ed budget evenin bigmillion go unfille Coa propos will choostpetit ns 2012 Gua Thesday ses a result, the county gov- that the county would not primaryWedne nal rdfor Lou additio rate be way to offset it, is and it does skew in a while. However, the isian $7.9 carried over Eight a t proper curren ns. ty tax planning, s positio matter. the city staff, worker onfor by e city the buy tion, on 32that combin balto d Its a savings le. unfille go allowab willinclude choo ns um comses maxim nal positio s a recommendat,edthe petitLou additio isian or Eight by 1 percen for big budget a 2011, the county has raised propos ns. ty tax the The 2012 s positio ernment is looking at two lose all of the sales tax reduced forexpenses. rate be budget, she said. Only worker e.curren reduction was largely the from 32 city on proper increas t the savings on a the relies that ance endastaff, is e com BY TOM increas s atyrecomm buy petit tion, by cityproposedlayoffs, tax le. JAME include orSfor big Its balproper budget the um allowab 2012 with t, the The maxim Combi 1 percen byned raised t proper gap.ty tax rate be curren the e. the budget that staff, cover city byrelies largely potential options for the that Silverdale generates. buy d toon Browntion, tried to focus on tax revenue projec- result of years of layoffs moved to within a few expecte balthe increas Itsthe de to ance um is was BY TOM JAME S entallowab increas the maxim t, layoffs, docum taxle.release ty not percen 1ned ed budget the proper raised The Coast Guard has passed Thebypropos with to read and Combi chance the up e. had l increas the counci gap. on the budget ty tax increas SAFE ance public edistoe Boats the relies BY largely cover the TOM Interna tobefore dbudgets deadlin 2013 budget, reductions The county will still get 15 where past JAME expecte after S tional, a Port of to the standard ed not have tions were accurate, she and benefits are projected points the proper happen release layoffs, which with ned ent was Combi docum r Wedne Orchar budget dCoast conside firm,Guard ed sday, le for ahas availab The The propos gap. be $180,10 to d budget 0,000 and the expecte read to was cover passed largely the chancereleased to to before up The d paper. contrac expecte counci l had this thebudget for public t to replace SAFE not the force’s was Boats the ent e workInterna docum deadlin tional, a Port or deeper cuts and leaves percent if incorporation missed the ed budget ay afterno mark. Year happened after added. to increase again by 3 permunicipal reserve goal of The small Thursd The propos horse by Coast whichon. Guard sday, andle online boats. read r Wedne Orchar expectpassed up d firm, conside the had whatd was l was for has on chance a $180,10 ionexpecte totobeanavailab the ’scounci discuss 0,000 before SAFE month last Boats the Accord budget Since Interna The ingreplace to materia tional, contrac this paper. a workls posted forpublic t to Port happened after deadline on the which on. force’s sday, rbyWedne Orchar the d firm, afterno Coast le ay open the possibility of up continues, she said. for Guard availab a Thursd be $180,10 horse after yearconside the county has “It’s tricky to preto cent in 2013. website 16 percent of the annud small boats. online paper. The budget was expecte , the0,000 conwas an expectwhat on contrac ion tract for this t to discuss replace ’s to replace month the force’s According to the Respon Since last seworkBoaton. materia ls posted on horse small Small online by Thursday afterno boats. was Guard awardewebsite the Coast d to Louisia Most of Monday’s had to cut to 59 layoffs in 2013. ion on what was an expectna when projecdict grant money,” she With the county’s largal operations budget in , the month ’s discuss conAccord Since last firm ing Metal to materia Shark tract to replace ls posted Alumin umseBoats. on the Respon Boatthe Coast The Coast website Guard Small called the wasGuard the conawarde purd to , Louisia na tract The budget warnings roundtable discussion fol- tions haveMa Murreletacknowledged. chase replace notrbl met est expense being employ“one edbudget thereserve. of Responboat the firmto largest se BoatMetal Shark buys Alumin um Boats. Small of was for its Coast awarde type” dcalled the agency. to Louisiana The Guard the purfirm let Metal The Shark rre origina l Alumin Mu chase fleet um came during a six-year bud- lowing the news focused expectations. Boats. ofFor “one ed Respon of the Brown said BOCC Chair Robert ees and their benefits, The cuts first time in rbl se the largest Ma boat buys Boats-S for Guard mall, ns called was of itsCoast cer the purtype” con foror purtheRBS’s, let agency. ses rre rai Mu chase “one chased ed of the by rbl the largest Coast Ma boat The Guard buysse origina under l fleet of Respon get forecast given Monday specifically on the 2013 2013 would be the ofan fourth Gelder offered up what to find a balanced budget years, the county did not itsemerge type” for the ncy agency. directo Boats-S for rate mall, or RBS’s, after ns cerLisatns was Sept. concer purses The 11. origina rai Accord fleet chased the of Respon Coast by ing se thel to Guard Coast jec Guard under pro Boats-S vy con website mall, Stirrettfor preparations, straight year Nases by county staff to Kitsap budget , the ordirecto , a local RBS’s, vessels without a cost an emerge heandcalled over the next 10 months borrow money to make was are nationally recognthe used purncy widely rai rate ized glass “800-pound after Sept. artist, holds a pink rimmed chased raffled off during the Art for on by waterw the ays,Coast 11. According sea form from a collection called under and coastal Cure open house to be held toports theGuard Coast Guard t Stirrett “Awareness,” which will be jec emergency directo at Stirrett Glass Art Studio areas. ates, arisk pro evalu Lisa vypro rateused EIS website afterwidely Na ntal Sept. , the vesselspayroll local County Commissioners. which begin in the coming of living increase and nationally recogn are ale on Thursd Suppleme for staff. gorilla” when asked in Silverd will likely come from 11.anpayin 2011. ay, Oct. 27. ized glass artist,he ing to ports the Coast Guard holds a pink rimmed sea form raffled on Accord waterw t offcould during ays, jec the Art and for coastal Cure ion from Lisa vy open house to be held at Stirrett website a collection called “Awareness, Stirrett Na local and nationally recogn or cons areas. , the vessels are used widely ates, a risk that Bang ” which will be evalu Glass Art Studio in Silverdale EIStruct ized glass artist, holds a pink leme raffled off duringif on During the next five years, months, and what effects He described Supp waterways, ports and coastal on Thursd thental county’s rimmed was time to “reset” roll. Salaries alone areas. conay, 27. bird. open house ed nger to be held at Stirrett Glass Art sea form from a collection calledOct. riskthe Artitfor Cure “Awareness,” which will ates could evalu ion pose for the enda EIStruct




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the fifth annual central kitsap reporter

the fifth annual central kitsap reporter



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Port Gamble Ghost Conference explores the paranormal. See story, page 2

Port Gamble Ghost Conference explores the paranormal. Port Gamble Ghost See story, page 2 Conference explores the paranormal.




SAFE SAFE FEs SA Bo at Boseat atsssou Bo lo t lo se s ou loses outt See story, page 2









Greg Skinner/staff photo Greg Skinner/staff photo

Br em er to nn H ig hh gr ad ua te Br em er to H ig gr ad Br ua em te er to n nu H ighe ris m be gr rs ad on ua th te e nu m be rs on th thee ris risee numbers on

or cons Bangntal Supp thatleme could construction of Navy for ion ed bird. nger or cons endatruct the for SON that SWAN pose BY JJ Bang a second explosives hanbird. ed suppor to ction oft wharf dling constru pose for the endanger Navy for


Greg Skinner/staff photo

Studio in Silverdale on Thursd ay, Oct. 27.




Greg Skinner/staff photo

in effort Atlantic Giant to perform an autopsy Murphy cuts into the back of an Greg Skinner/staff photo Local giant pumpkin grower Mark page A10. next year. See the full story on in effort to gain ideas for bigger results Giant to perform an autopsy Greg Skinner/staff photo Atlantic an of back the into Murphy cuts A10. Local giant pumpkin grower Mark autopsy in effort story onofpage the fullthe next year. See an Atlantic Giant to perform an results back into cuts ideas for bigger Murphy to gain Local giant pumpkin grower Mark page A10. next year. See the full story on to gain ideas for bigger results


Missile SON t D-5ves JJ SWAN BYThe hanTriden explosi shores and old- athe second of SAPREPORTER.COM Navywharf m.constru suppor t progra toction JSWANSON@ CENTRALKIT forests SONsurrou nd- for dling JJ SWAN BYgrowth ves hansafety explosi nst for second nat- a the Concer a oldareER.COM D-5theMissile Canal Triden Hood ing and SAPREPORT tet shores CENTRALKIT The tod suppor JSWANSON@ murrel wharf marble dling the of endanthe of m. ural habitat surrou nd- progra forests and Missile to growth D-5 t Navy the Triden oldthe et, causing safety are the murrel shores d are a natTheHood marble Concer ns for gered Canal ing . et m. with caution nd- progra procee d murrel forests odied growth the dmarble of endana small-b the seabird ofsurrou habitat safety the the ural of for ns release natConcer the a Navy to ed under Hood protect et, areAfter isCanal causing the ing murrel which dare et marble murrel gered d marble the d with caution. the endanof This area is ofprocee habitat law. ural seabird odied small-b Navy afederal the T, A8 of to et,BY are causing KRIST MURRELE SEEthe the ated IN d murrel OKIN design release AKA site gered the After ed under also marble is protect which caution. d with procee seabirdKOKINAKA@ odied CENTRALKIT SAPREPORTER.COM small-blaw. a federal This area is of the release theMURRELE AfterIN ed under T, A8 BY KRIST protect is SEE which ated OKIN design AKA site Not one specific program or also the isKOKINAKA@ change can federal law. This area BY CENTRALKIT be pinpoin ER.COM T, A8 KRIST ted MURRELE asSAPREPORT SEEOKIN helping IN more students to AKA also the site designated gradua te high school KOKINAKA@ Not CENTRALKIT in Bremer one specific SAPREPORT program Butcan ER.COM or ton. change numbe rs show anhelping be pinpoin increasemore in gradua ted as tion student Notthere s torate one and specific are program many gradua factors or change te high that school haveBut can contrib in Bremer ton. be pinpoin uted ted as helping to rs it. show numbe more student s to rate an increase in graduation gradua te high Inthere the school 2002-2 in 003 and Bremer school are many factorsyear, But Bremer ton thatton. have numbe contrib High rs show School an increas had uted to it. 57.3 percent e in gradua tionsrate of student andIn there are many factors that have contrib the 2002-2 003 school year, Bremerton uted it. HightoSchool had 57.3 percent of students In the 2002-2 003 school year, High School had 57.3 percent Bremerton of students

Parent involvement key Parent involvement key Parent involvement key

graduate on time and since then has increased with the 2009-2 the number 010 school year, thetemost recent gradua on time ationthe availab andinform since then le, r numbe seeing 87.5 ed percent has increas gradua te on010 with time. the It has 2009-2 school gradua te on now time andnumbe ed recent since state year,surpass then the most theavailab rs numbe with the inform state ation has increas le,r on-tim edpercent e87.5 with gradua tes the 2009-2 seeing atgradua 76.5 010 percent school , accordte on time. It has year, ing most data from the inform nowtothe state ation surpass Office edrecent state ofavailab le, Public numbe rs with the state seeing Instruc percent gradua on-tim87.5 te on etion. time. gradua It has tes at 76.5 percent, accordnow surpass ed state snumbe s program ingVariou rs withesthe to and strategi data from state the state have Office of Public on-tim allowed e tion. gradua the Bremer tes atton 76.5School Instruc percent , accordDistric t to ing to data increas e gradua the state tion Variou over ofeslast sfrom program Public the srates andOffice few strategi have Instruc years tion. while allowed thesimulta decreas Bremerneously ing ton dropSchool Distric t Variou to out rates, program said and Patty increas e sgradua es last district have tions Glaser, spokesratesstrategi over the allowed few woman .the Bremer School Distric years while simultaton t todropneously ing increas e gradua tion rates overdecreas out rates, the last few said Patty Glaser, district spokesyears while woman . simultaneously decreasing dropout rates, said Patty Glaser, district spokeswoman.

Chris Swanson, college and career counselor at Bremerton High, who has been with theChris school for 11n,years saidand Swanso the career develop college ment counof some program selor s such at Bremer aswho earning ton course High, has been Chris with credit Swanso from n,years college an11 Interne the and school t-based for curricu counlum said thecareer develop selor ment at student allows Bremer High, ston who of some who mayas has program not been do with well s such in a traearning course the school ditiona foran11om l classro years said credit succeed the from develop . Throug Interne ment hout t-based his curricu oftime lum some program at student the swho school, such allows as earning themay counse course ling s staffinhas not do well credit a trafrom also become andata Interne t-based ditiona curricu l classro to track lums’his omdriven student succeed allows hout progres s who may not. Throug s.the school, time atstudent well in ahas trathe counsedo ling staff ditiona l classro It’s the om cumula succeed also become datation of the various hout driven pro-his to. Throug track student time s’ at the grams that have helped the counse progres lingtrend with the s. school, staff has of also become more gradua data driven tes, both It’s the cumula Bremer student ton tion at and ofto thetrack various progres pro-s’ throug hout the state. grams s. that have helped with the trend It’s of cumula morethe various gradua tes, tion bothofatthe Bremer tonprograms and througthat houthave the helped state. with the trend of more graduates, both at Bremerton and throughout the state.

State graduation numbe SEE SAFE, A8 rs have ing upward since 2007 and Nathanbeen inchOlson, spokesm an of the State gradua Office of Public tionstate numbe rs have been inchInstruc tion, since said that ing upward many district 2007 sOlson, are and Nathan Statevarious doing gradua tion numbe things spokesm rs“early from have an been of the detectio state Office n” of Publicinching upward of at-risk since drop out2007 andsNathan Instruc student tion, to Olson, said one-on that -one many district s are spokesm tutorin of the g.anThe state state Office doing various does of not Public have things from “early quantif detectioi-n” Instruc able tion, data said on that what manycauses of at-risk exactly drop s are out the student trend, sdistrict to one-on doing -one various he added. things from tutorin “early g. The state does not havedetectio quantifn” ofable at-risk iSwanso outthat n said student scauses to one-on in 2004, datadrop on what Bremer exactly ton also the -one tutorin trend, began g. The state student -led does he added. notnces, confere havewhich quantif ihave able dataencour helped onn what exactly agethat more causes in Swanso parents theparticip said trend, in 2004, atBremer he ton added. also ing. In student fall 2003, began estimat ed 23which -ledanconfere percent of nces, Swansoorn guardia have parents saidage that 2004, helped nsinattende encour dBremer ton also the more parents in conferparticip began atences, which -led confere primar ing. Instudent nces, ily include fall 2003, which d have notifica an estimat tions ed 23 percent of helped of theirencour age childre n’smore parents parents grades. or guardia in With theparticip ns attende studentatd the confering. In fall led confere 2003, an nces, estimat student ences, ed 23 which s also share primar theirof ily include d percent notifica parents tions academ guardia icchildre goals ns attende in of theiror each d of the their confern’s grades. Withclasses. In fall the student ences, which 2010, 81.2 primar percent include led confere ofilyparents notifica nces, guardia student tions ns s alsoofdshare ofparticip their their childre ated inn’s the academ confere ic goals nces.the studentingrades. each ofWith their classes. led confere In fall “When student the student 2010, s also s are 81.2 nces, share theof percent their ones of parents present guardia academ ns ing, ic goals the parents each of more participated their even ininare engagedIninfall confere nces.classes. 2010, 81.2 percentthe of parents “When of guardia the student ns s are the ones present particip SEEconfere in the S, A8 ing, theated nces. parents areNUMBER even more engaged in “When the student s are the ones presenting, the parents are more SEE even NUMBER S, A8engaged in SEE NUMBERS, A8

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Ferry Terminal Ferry Terminal Grocery Outlet – Bremerton Ferry Terminal Grocery Outlet – Bremerton Hi Lo’s Cafe Grocery Outlet – Bremerton Hi Lo’s Cafe R& H Market Hi Lo’s Cafe R & H Market – Kitsap Way RRed & HApple Market Red Apple – Kitsap Way Red Apple Perry Ave Red Apple –– Kitsap Way Red Apple – Perry Ave RK Mart Red Apple – Perry Ave RK Mart Walgreens RK Mart – Wheaton Way Walgreens – Wheaton Way Walgreens – Wheaton Way


76 Station – Fairgrounds 76 Station – Fairgrounds Albertson’s Bucklin Hill Rd 76 Station – –Fairgrounds Albertson’s – Bucklin Hill Rd Aloha Kitchen Albertson’s – Bucklin Hill Rd Aloha Kitchen Bremerton Transit Terminal Aloha Kitchen Bremerton Transit Terminal Cafe Noir Transit Bremerton Terminal Cafe Noir Chevron – Newberry Hill Rd Cafe Noir Chevron – Newberry Hill Rd Cigarland– Newberry Hill Chevron Rd Cigarland Grocery Outlet – Silverdale Cigarland Grocery Outlet – Silverdale Handy Andy’s Grocery Outlet – Silverdale Handy Andy’s Men’s Club Barber Shop Handy Andy’s Men’s Club Barber Shop Men’s Club Barber Shop

Oxford Inn Oxford Inn Petco -Inn Wheaton Way Oxford Petco Wheaton Way Pip’s Bagels Petco - Wheaton Way Pip’s Bagels Red Robin Pip’s Bagels Red Robin Safeway Red Robin– Bucklin Hill Rd Safeway Bucklin Hill Rd Safeway ––– Bucklin McWilliams Rd Safeway Hill Rd Safeway – McWilliams Rd Shari’s ––Silverdale Safeway McWilliams Rd Shari’s – Silverdale Tracyton Market Shari’s – Silverdale Tracyton Market Tracyton Market

Or drop by our office: OrSuite drop by our offi office: ce: 360-308-9161 Or drop our 3888 NW Randall Way, 100, by Silverdale, WA 98383

3888 NW NW Randall Randall Way, Way, Suite Suite 100, 100, Silverdale, Silverdale, WA WA 98383 98383 360-308-9161 360-308-9161 3888 |

Drunk man fires pistol at Silverdale Lanes By Jessica Ginet

Kitsap County Sheriff ’s Office responded to reports of a drunken man firing a gun in the parking lot at All Star Lanes Bowling Center in Silverdale on Thursday, March 22. Lynn Radford, 37, of Bremerton, was arrested March 22 for reckless endangerment and first degree malicious mischief. A second man contacted at the scene, also from Bremerton, was detained and then released after further investigation. Both suspects were believed to be highly intoxicated. A firearm was recovered and investigators determined Radford fired two shots into the pavement and one into a parked vehicle. Sheriff ’s patrol deputies established a perimeter containment area. Upon reports of shots being fired in the parking lot, the bowling center staff began lockdown procedures for their building.

“They came in intoxicated and we told them they had 30 minutes. I got the guys french fries and one of them a soda. They sat by lanes one and two for 15, 20 minutes and then we told them they had to leave so we could clear out and oil the lanes for leagues,” said All Star Lanes General Manager Jim Monahan. The response from the sheriff ’s department was quick, he said. According to the sheriff ’s office, deputies contacted a man wielding a handgun. The suspect complied with verbal instructions given by contact deputies and was detained without further incident. “I’m glad nobody got hurt,” Monahan said Monday. “Out of all the years I’ve been here, there’s bizarre stuff happening in the county lately. It’s scary.” Deputy Scott Wilson, a Sheriff ’s Office spokesman, confirmed as of Monday, Radford remains in custody. Bail is set at $75,000.

Kitsap Audubon Society meeting The Kitsap Audubon Society will meet Thursday, April 12 from 7 to 9 p.m. in the lower level of the Poulsbo Library. Jeff Larsen, an award-winning photo journalist, will present the program, ‘Birds of winter, the Pacific Northwest’. Larsen’s talk takes an active look at birds that call the Pacific Northwest home during the winter. All of the birds Larsen features in the show were photographed this winter in the region. The event is open to the public. For more information, visit or call (360) 692-8180.


Page A14

Juvenile in custody for firearm possession A 15-year-old student at John Sedgwick Junior High School was arrested on March 22 and transported to juvenile detention. He was booked for possession of a dangerous weapon on school facilities. Based on information released by the Kitsap County Sheriff ’s Office, the sheriff ’s school resource officer was notified by a parent that a

Friday, March 30, 2012

student had witnessed a fellow student in possession of a firearm and had shown the handgun to several students at the school. The weapon, a 10mm semiautomatic handgun, was retrieved out of the student’s backpack. The gun was not loaded and ammunition was not found in the backpack or on the student. No injuries were reported in connection with the investigation. The case has been turned over to sheriff ’s detectives for additional follow up concerning the firearm’s history and ownership since manufacture.

Kitsap Admirals basketball dance team tryouts The Kitsap Admirals Dancers, the dance team and cheer squad for the Kitsap Admirals, Kitsap County’s first ABA professional basketball team, will hold dance team auditions Saturday, May 5. Auditions are scheduled from 2 to 5 p.m. at the Olympic College Gym. People interested in auditioning should arrive at least 15 to 20 minutes early to allow time to park, turn in paperwork and warm up. Applicants need to bring in a non-returnable photo, head shot or full length, $10 audition fee in cash or check

and must be at least 18 years old as of October 2012. Those planning to audition should plan on wearing fitted shorts and tank top type clothing. The Kitsap Admirals Dancers will represent the basketball team by performing at its 10 to 15 home games at home court, the OC Gym. Dancers will also attend and make appearances at promotional events in the community. Anyone considering to audition for the squad is highly encouraged to attend an audition prep class from 2 to 4 p.m. Sunday, April 22 at the Northwest School of Dance in East Bremerton. The May 5 audition will include learning and performing a jazz and hip-hop routine, demonstrating across-the-floor technique a personal interview and sideline routine. The auditions are closed to the public. For more information on the tryouts or the audition prep class, visit or call (360) 509-7515.

New ABA basketball team in Bremerton The Kitsap Admirals, a new American Basketball Association team, is comSee BRIEFS, A15

SUBSCRIBE TO VETERANS LIFE Receive the ONLY publication in the market designed for Veterans of Kitsap County, delivered to your door!

$24.00 per year! Name Address Phone Veterans Life

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Signature Send To: 3888 NW Randall Way, Suite 100, Silverdale, WA 98383 360.308.9161

Sound Publishing 3888 NW Randall Way, Suite 100 • Silverdale, WA 98383 • 360.308.9161

Friday, March 30, 2012


ing to play in Bremerton for the 2012-2013 season. From 3 to 6 p.m. on Saturday, March 31, at Olympic College, 1600 Chester Ave., Bremerton. The first ABA professional basketball team in Kitsap County will introduce themselves to fans. The event is open to the public.

County to begin annual roadside vegetation clearing Kitsap County Public Works will begin its annual roadside herbicide treatment on April 3. The annual maintenance program continues through mid-June. It includes different types of management strategies depending on the vegetation zone. Zone 1 begins at the outer edge of the pavement and extends to where the base material intercepts native soil. Zone 2 continues to include areas where regulatory and adviso- |

ry signs are placed, as well as horizontal curves and intersections. Zone 3 includes the areas that extend from there to the end of the right-of-way. Each zone uses a different strategy to maintain vegetation. Specific information related to the zones is available online at the county’s website. Treating roadsides to maintain vegetation helps keep sight distances clear, Don Schultz, county road superintendent, said in a March 23 statement. He added that reducing roadside vegetation can also reduce animal fatalities because animals will less likely be feeding along the road. After the initial vegetation management, the county’s noxious weed program will begin.

This program will identify harmful weeds that are non-native that can be hazardous to people, animals and the environment. Brush species including scotch broom that take space from native plants will also be targeted. This program will run through November.

Walk MS in Central Kitsap Walk MS in Kitsap County is scheduled for Saturday, April 14 at Klahowya Secondary School. Registration begins at 9 a.m. with the program at 9:30 a.m. and the walk starting at 10 a.m. People are able to create a team of walkers, join an existing team or walk as

an individual. Supporters are also able to pledge a walker. The Greater Northwest Chapter of the National MS Society has set a total fundraising goal of $1.87 million for the state. The Central Kitsap event is one of 11 events in Washington state to promote working toward a world free of multiple sclerosis. Walk MS takes place in 600 communities across the country to support services and programs for people living with MS as well as research into the causes, treatments and a cure. Multiple sclerosis is a chronic disease of the central nervous system. It usually affects people between the ages of 20 and 50 with varied unpredictable symptoms including


MON - SAT 11am to 6pm 6721 Kitsap Way • 360-377-2595 (Across from Red Apple)

40% of Fatal Crashes involved alcohol (for fatal crashes occurring from midnight to 3am)

77% of Crashes involved alcohol (2000 Crash Statistics) Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS)

Please Don’t Drink & Drive! This ad is placed in this newspaper as a courtesy for M.A.D.D.

Bay View

Mini Storage

Rent a unit for 1 month get the 2nd month


“A place where those with memory loss never forget that they are loved”

Come explore

the great outdoors!

50 % OF

from all of us at


Lodgin The Marine Courte program focuses on supporting persons Active g For D with memory loss rather than challenging them. Our expert Secon uty on d Nigh t care staff approaches each day based on the residents Retirement Community

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fatigue, numbness, loss of balance, vision problems and paralysis. There is currently no cure for MS.


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schedule and their individual needs, not ours. Freedom of choice and movement are the cornerstones of our innovative programming. Everything at Marine Courte is carefully crafted for therapeutic value with optimum security. Spacious living quarters, numerous sitting areas and lush outdoor areas offer privacy and relaxation.

Memory Care Community at Bay Pointe Memory Care Community 888-674-3554 Call today: (360) Bremerton, WA 373-9904 Ashford, WA 966 Oyster Bay Courte,

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If you have any questions please call 360-373-9904 966 Oyster Bay Court, Bremerton, WA

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Friday, March 30, 2012


announced his candidacy Feb. 28. Garrido announced her candidacy earlier in the month. Gelder said his year in office has been a productive one. “I’ve been able to work with the community to realize their dreams and aspirations,” he said. He’s an advocate for the Kitsap Forest and Bay Project, an effort to acquire 7,000 acres of North Kitsap forest land and shoreline from Pope Resources for use as public open space and trails. “It’s an environmental asset, but also a tourism and economic development and quality of life asset that will make North Kitsap all that more desirable a place to live and build a business,” he said. Last summer, he helped work out a compromise on construction of the proposed boat launch at Point No Point. Gelder said he and the commission have been working to make government more accessible. The county will begin using the SMARTgov software system in May, which will enable the public to file permit applications online and track the progress of their permit. Gelder said SMARTgov will give residents more empowerment in the permit process. He said building inspections are done five days a week. The county is looking at flex schedules and other measures to increase the number of days various agencies are open to the public. Gelder said the commission is already looking at delegating some of its responsibilities on local boards, but noted that it makes sense for a commissioner to be involved if the county has a financial responsibility for the service provided. Tibbs, 31, is sales manager for Ootopia Coffee Roasters. He dropped out of Bainbridge Island High School his junior year to help his single mom support the family, and swept floors, washed dishes, delivered newspapers. “Ever since I was 13, I’ve made a buck,” he said last year. In 1999, he joined Sound City Food in Bremerton, working his way up to general manager. He took some classes at Olympic College in 2000. In 2001, he ran for North Kitsap School Board against Bethany McDonald, getting 2,753 votes to her 7,380. In 2003, he started four espresso stands, but in two years was forced to seek Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection.



ON DOC TOR S’ DAY, w e e x p R eSS Ou R gR AT I T u De TO Ou R COM M u N I T Y p H YSIC I A NS. Have a great experience to share? write us to thank your doctor at

Referral & Information 866-844-WELL |

kitsapweek week M a r c h 3 0 — A p r i l 5 , 2 012

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Jazz and pop singer/ pianist Spencer Day performs March 30 at the Admiral Theater.

SPENCER DAY PERFORMS MARCH 30 AT THE ADMIRAL BREMERTON — Jazz and pop singer/pianist Spencer Day brings his smooth voice, breathtaking ballads and bittersweet lyrics to The Admiral Theatre on March 30, 8 p.m., 515 Pacific Ave., Bremerton. Tickets are $18 to $30, available at or (360) 373-6743. Day’s music is an eclectic mixture reminiscent of Cole Porter, Joni Mitchell and Paul Simon. Day appeared on the CBS show “Star Search” in 2002-03, and his 2005 song “Movie of Your Life” was used by Dolby Laboratories in its global launch of the Dolby 7.1 system. In March 2008, Day opened for Rufus Wainwright at the Napa Valley Opera House. He appeared at the Tanglewood Jazz Festival in the summer of 2008. Of his Tanglewood performance, NPR’s David Lyon said of Day, “(He) can croon with the best of them.” The San Jose Mercury-News described Day as “a balladeer for the new century.” Admiral Theatre ticketoffice hours are 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Visit

‘It’s like

a fair every week’ ’Tis the season. Here’s a look at Kitsap’s farmers markets. — Story, page 2

A section of the Bainbridge Island Review | Bremerton Patriot | Central Kitsap Reporter | North Kitsap Herald | Port Orchard Independent

page 2 kitsapweek Friday, March 30, 2012

Markets are a treat for the senses and the table BY RICHARD WALKER KITSAP WEEK


or the first time, you’re tasting ice cream made from Icelandic skyr and you’ve fallen in love. Now, the scent of tamales is teasing you (got to get some of those. Ooh, fresh salsa too). The live music reminds you of James Taylor in 1985 at Irvine Meadows. You’re singing along as you browse, “Well, I’m a steamroller, baby, I’m bound to roll all over you,” when you’re steamrolled by other visual and taste sensations. You might have errands to run this afternoon, but this morning is all sunshine and art and flowers and food. You bump into friends you haven’t seen in a while and chat. “It’s like having a fair every week,” artisan Paula Strid said. Ahh, it’s Farmers Market season. There are farmers markets in Bainbridge, Bremerton, Kingston, Port

BAINBRIDGE SUMMER MARKET When: Saturdays, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., April 14 to Nov. 10; July to Labor Day, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Where: Town Square at City Hall Park. Info: www. bainbridgefarmersmarket. com BAINBRIDGE WINTER MARKET When: Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., mid-November to mid-December. Where: Eagle Harbor Congregational Church.

The Suquamish Farmers Market is open on Wednesdays. Claire Hewitt checks out Nita Blair’s handmade dreamcatchers. Brad Camp / 2010 Orchard, Poulsbo, Silverdale, Suquamish and, to an extent, Port Gamble (more on that in a minute). Historically, farmers markets have been community gathering places and showcases for locally grown

Info: www. bainbridgefarmersmarket. com BREMERTON THURSDAY MARKET When: Thursdays, 4-7 p.m., May 3 to Oct. 18. Where: Evergreen Park in downtown Bremerton. BREMERTON SUNDAY MARKET When: Sundays, 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., June 3 to Sept. 30. Where: Bremerton Boardwalk. Info: http://

and locally made products. Kitsap’s farmers markets are all that and more — they’ve become incubators for emerging businesses as well as centers of learning, where you can take classes on cooking, creating and

growing. All that, combined with efforts to “buy local” and eat foods grown close to home, have made farmers markets increasingly successful and compelled them to expand their seasons.

FARMERS MARKETS bremertonmarket. KINGSTON When: Saturdays, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., May 5 to midOctober. Where: Mike Wallace Park (Central Avenue and Washington Boulevard). Info: http:// kingstonfarmersmarket. com. PORT GAMBLE (TERRAPIN FARMS) When: Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.,

May 4 to mid-October. Where: 4700 block of NE State Highway 104, across the street from Mike’s Four Star BBQ Info: www.terrapinfarms. com. PORT ORCHARD When: Saturdays, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., April 14 to Oct. 13 Where: On the waterfront (Harrison Avenue, between Amy’s on the Bay Restaurant and Marina Park, behind Peninsula Feed Store).

“We had 70 vendors last year and we’re hoping for that many and more,” said Strid, president of the Poulsbo Farmers Market Association. This year’s features include a Mother’s Day Weekend broadcast on KMPS 94.1, chef demonstrations beginning in June, and the return of Market U, a series of classes on various culinary topics. The Poulsbo market placed a close second in voting for Farmers Market of the Year in the state in 2011, and it’s attracting vendors from an increasingly larger swath of western Washington. A shellfish vendor from Port Townsend will be selling clams, clam chowder, crabs and oysters here this year. Jose’s Famous Salsa, from Sequim, will be selling salsa, guacamole and tamales. Clark Farms brings 100 percent grass-fed beef, pasture-raised pork and poultry from Sequim. “We have fish, chicken,

meat, handmade knitted items, handmade children’s clothing, jewelry, furniture — all sorts of things,” Strid said. “All of our favorites are returning.” The hours and locations of the farmers markets are located below this story. There are midweek markets, weekend markets, winter markets and one year-round market. The Bainbridge Farmers Market is known for its arts and crafts, farm products, plants and flowers, and specialty foods. The Bremerton Farmers Market started as a small gathering of local farmers and crafters in the courtyard of the old Cafe Destino in 2004. By 2008, it grew to 30 vendors, added live music and began accepting coupons from the Women/Infants/Children and Senior Farmers Market Nutrition programs. The market moved to Evergreen Park in 2009 and added a

Info: http://

Silverdale Way NW. Info: http:// silverdalefarmersmarket.

POULSBO When: Saturdays, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., April 7 to Dec. 22. Where: Poulsbo Village Medical/Dental Center(corner of 7th and Iverson.) Info: www. SILVERDALE When: Fridays, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., year-round. Where: Near the entrance to Kohl’s Department Store, 10315

See MARKETS, Page 3

SUQUAMISH When: Wednesdays, 3-7 p.m., April 18 to Oct. 24. Where: On Suquamish Way in Suquamish Village, across the street from Village Shell Gas. Info: www. suquamishfarmersmarket. org.

WE WORK ON ANYTHING From your diesel truck, RV, marine engines & beyond!

• 10,000 sq ft Shop • Diesel, Heavy Machinery Repair & Welding • 3 Fully Equipped Service Trucks • Over 100 Years Combined Experience ASE Certified Mechanics

Authorized DOT Inspection Station

Certified Emergency Vehicle Technicians

Locally Owned & Operated for Over 10 Years (360) 638-0044 or (360) 620-9589 Kingston

Japanese Dining

in an Elegant Setting

Dine In Take Out Reservations Lunch: Tue–Sat 11:30am to 2:15pm Dinner: Tue-Sun 5pm to 9:15pm 206-855-7882 | 403 Madison Ave. N., Suite 150, Bainbridge Island

This fast moving, slap-stick farce proves that, if marriage is hell, divorce is hilarious. Fridays & Saturdays 8 p.m., Mar. 23-Apr. 7 Sunday matinees 2 p.m., March 25, April 1 & 8 Tickets/Reservations:,, (360) 697-3183.

225 Iverson St., Downtown Poulsbo

Friday, March 30, 2012

Get your taste buds out of hibernation Organic Smokey Aji Panca Mesquite Honey Dressing


t is time to come out of hibernation! It’s spring and this salad dressing is sure to wake up your taste buds. It only takes a few minutes to mix up and


Continued from page 2 Sunday market in 2011. The Kingston Farmers Market is located on a beautiful, grassy lawn at Mike Wallace Park at the Port of Kingston Marina, near the walk-off ramp of the Edmonds-Kingston ferry. The market is known for its handmade arts and crafts, baked goods, fruits and vegetables, honey, jams, pickles, and freshly prepared coffee. There are special events almost every weekend. Every year, the market asks art teachers at local elementary schools to have students make marketrelated art; a few pieces are selected to be made into postcards, available at the market. The Port Orchard Farmers Market was established in 1978 “to help preserve the agricultural identity and quality of rural life by providing a place for our local farmers to market their produce and farm products to the communities of the Kitsap Peninsula.” The market is located on the downtown Port Orchard waterfront (you

1 Tbs Zócalo Gourmet

Aji Panca Paste 1 Tbs Zócalo Gourmet Organic Mesquite Honey 1/2 tsp Matiz España Arvum Pedro Ximenez Sherry Vinegar 3 Tbs Matiz España Spanish Olive Oil 1/4 tsp fresh ground

Black Pepper 1/4 tsp + a pinch Matiz España Flor de Sal 1/2 tsp lemon or lime juice When you first open your jar of Aji Panca paste, add the lemon juice to the jar with a pinch of Flor de Sal

and mix well with a small spoon. This will help to wake up the flavor of the Aji Panca and to add a little natural preservative to the jar because the Organic Aji Panca pastes do not have preservatives in them. Add the Aji Panca Paste,

can walk, bike, bus or drive, or take the passenger ferry from Bremerton). Vendors offer arts and crafts, fish, flowers, foods and produce — rain or shine. All non-farm vendors are Kitsap County residents and most of the farmers are too. Master Gardeners offer free gardening advice clinics. There are activities for children, live music, demonstrations, and presentations by non-profits, community service organizations and local schools. The Suquamish Farmers Market fills a need in its community — it’s located seven miles distance to any full-service grocery store, so it’s a walkable way to pick up food, flowers, handmade clothing and gifts. Among the features of the market: Wyckels Farm’s heirloom vegetables; Made In Manette’s aprons, clothespin bags, felted pot holders, knits, soaps, tea cozies and wash cloths; Victoria's Ventures Pottery; Northwest Coast Native art; and dinners prepared by the Jones Family. The Silverdale Farmers Market is located at the Kitsap Mall near the entrance to Kohl's Depart-

ment Store. The market is in its 13th year and last year expanded to year-rounds. “(We’re) always growing and expanding to provide the community with the best variety of produce and art vendors,” the association states on its website. The market is known for Amy Chocolates, Bella Bella Cupcakes, arts and crafts, fresh baked bread, jams and jellies, lavender, and veggie starts. You may also find eggs, flowers, honey, and handcrafted items. Port Gamble no longer presents a farmers market, so Terrapin Farms has stepped in to fill the void. Terrapin operates a 20- by 30-foot farm stand with berries, salad fixings, seasonal fruits and vegetables, hanging baskets, and products from other local companies: CB’s Nuts, Crimson Cove Smoked Salmon, Mirracole Morsels, Stedman’s Bee Supplies, and Williams Family Salsa. “We’re a ‘buy local’ store,” owner Ken Vasey said. “We’ve been involved in farmers markets for 15 years and we work with other farmers in the area. “Several people in town utilize our farm stand like a pantry. But one surprise is

the number of tourists who shop here. Being part of the community, we anticipate local traffic, but there’s an ample number of people driving out to the Olympic Peninsula who like to stop for a little stretch break and buy some goods.” Out of the gate, Terrapin has early season crops such as asparagus, chives, garlic, leeks, lettuce, onions, potatoes, radishes, rhubarb, spinach. It also has a variety of starts, including broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, fennel, lettuces, peppers, strawberries, tomatoes so you can start growing your own salad. Peter Crabtree knows well the boost a farmers market can give to a new business. He was 15 when he started making chocolates, after taking a culinary arts class at West Sound Academy in Poulsbo. He began selling chocolates to friends, then teachers, then to shoppers at the Poulsbo Farmers Market. “By the end of summer, I decided I wanted to take it to the next level and began selling through Central Market. It got to where we needed to lease our own space,” he said. The result was ChocMo

in Poulsbo Village. Last year, when Crabtree turned 21, he expanded it again: It’s now ChocMo Bistro, with food and desserts, selected beers and wines, and seasonal gifts. “The farmers market was a great experience. You get out and talk to folks in a low-key atmosphere, in a supportive environment where you can test out new stuff at a price that is

you are ready to serve it with your favorite spring mix green salad, grilled or smoked meats and vegetables. Make it fresh and double or triple the recipe if it is for more than 2 people. Ingredients













Dr. David M. Gent D.P.M.

Living with gout Gout is a type of arthritis characterized by redness, swelling, and a burning pain. Often affecting the toes, gout is caused by a build-up of uric acid, a by-product of urate, which is naturally produced by the body and certain high-protein foods. Your podiatrist can prescribe medication that will help prevent gout, but there are steps you can take to make it less likely to occur. Keeping your weight down will lessen the amount of pressure on your joints. Limit the amount of protein you eat. Limit your alcohol intake, as alcohol inhibits the breakdown of uric acid. Also be sure to drink plenty of fluids. New patients welcome and seen on the same day. Early & late appointments available. Most insurances accepted.

Kitsap Foot and Ankle Clinic

900 Sheridan Road, Suite 101, Bremerton



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Mesquite Honey, Sherry Vinegar, Spanish Olive Oil, Black Pepper and Flor de Sal to a small mixing bowl. Use a whisk to mix well. Let sit to meld for 15 minutes, mix again then serve. This recipe is Gluten Free and Vegan. Happy Spring! Salud! — Lisa Garza’s Gluten Free Foodies blog is featured on all Sound Publishing Co. websites.

reasonable.” In a style befitting one of the farmers market brethren, he uses nuts from CB’s Nuts in Kingston, smoked salmon from Crimson Cove, beef from cows in Kingston. He also serves Viking Feast ice cream. — ON THE COVER: Artwork by Dana SteegeJackson, artist and coowner of Around the Table Farm.

page 4 kitsapweek Friday, March 30, 2012

A look at some of the best Syrahs in the region BY ANDY PERDUE AND ERIC DEGERMAN

Wine Press Northwest


or the better part of 15 years, the wineries of the Walla Walla Valley have built a reputation using Syrah, Washington’s third-most planted red wine grape. And build a reputation they have. Our blind judging in February of 147 Syrahs proved that 11 of the 17 top-ranked wines come from the Walla Walla Valley. In the past, one criticism of Walla Walla Valley wineries is they use grapes from outside of the region, relying on fruit from the broad Columbia Valley instead. While that was true as recently as five years ago, it is not so today, as seven of those 11 top wines used Walla Walla Valley grapes. “I love Syrah,” said Chad Johnson, co-owner of Dusted Valley Vintners. “It is definitely one of our focuses.” Johnson and co-owner Corey Braunel have made as many as five different Syrahs under their Dusted Valley label (and another with their Boomtown brand). While they have backed off slightly from that, they did submit six wines, including multiple vintages of current releases.


We can do more “UNITED” Than we can alone

And three of their Syrahs earned our top “Outstanding” rating, proving their prowess with the grape most closely associated with France’s Rhône Valley. Saviah Cellars, another Walla Walla winery, won two top ratings for its Syrahs. Why is the Walla Walla Valley so strong with Syrah? A couple of reasons are apparent. First, winemakers in the region are talented. “For us, the bar was set pretty high when we got here to take winemaking seriously,” Johnson said. In other words, there is pressure to perform so as to uphold the reputation of the region, not unlike Napa Valley. Second, the Walla Walla Valley is more mild than other regions of the Columbia Valley. Syrah tends to be fascinating in somewhat cooler areas, and that seems to be true in this case. This week, we will look at top Syrahs from Walla Walla Valley grapes, while next week, we will review Syrahs from wineries elsewhere in the Northwest. Ask for these wines at your favorite merchant or contact the wineries directly.

■ Dumas Station Wines 2009 Estate Syrah, Walla Walla Valley, $30: This opens with aromas of cured meats, porcini mushrooms, blackberries and blueberries, followed by plush flavors of boysenberries and Marionberries. The ripe fruit is integrated with mild oak and approachable tannins. ■ Zerba Cellars 2007 Syrah, Walla Walla Valley, $30: This Syrah reveals a deft touch, opening with aromas of mincemeat, peppered jerky, purple fruit and hints of chocolate. It’s equally complex on the palate, with flavors of ripe Saskatoon berries, boysenberries and Marionberries. It’s beautifully textured and is showing a bit of maturity that adds to its depth. ■ Saviah Cellars 2009 Syrah, Walla Walla Valley, $32: Owner/winemaker Rich Funk’s big Syrah shows youthful exuberance from the first whiff, with aromas of ripe cherries and plump purple fruit. On the palate, it reveals aromas of Rainier cherries, black licorice and a rich mouth feel. It is so delicious now yet has a ton of potential ahead. ■ Dusted Valley Vint-

In the past, one criticism of Walla Walla Valley wineries is that they use grapes from outside of the region, relying on fruit from the broad Columbia Valley instead. While that was true as recently as five years ago, it is not so today, as seven of those 11 top wines used Walla Walla Valley grapes. Chrisada Sookdhis / Contributed ners 2009 Tall Tales Syrah, Walla Walla Valley, $53: This Syrah includes 9 percent co-fermented Viognier. The result is a big, fragrant wine with aromas of berries, chocolate, spices and smoked ham, followed by plush, delicious flavors of chocolate-covered blueberries and ripe plums. It’s a big, yummy wine with a long finish. ■ Adamant Cellars 2009

You Can Serve

Syrah, Walla Walla Valley, $25: This gorgeous Syrah opens with aromas of blueberries, blackberries and dark chocolate, followed by plush flavors of black tea, ripe blackberries and exotic spices. This is a complete wine. ■ Otis Kenyon Wine 2008 Syrah, Walla Walla Valley, $30: This opens with aromas of wonderful blackberries, plums, sage


During this Holiday Season please Our Nation’s Heros are assets to remember those communities. There are many who have been our less fortunate during this past year. opportunities to use your skills, talents, and experience to continuein their lives. Together we can make a difference to serve in your community. Lend a hand You canclose serve. to home a hero in your community! Give to Be United Way of Kitsap County. Thank you for supporting theater dancers

Dear Kitsap Week, Dance Arts Theatre would like to thank the community and all involved in our production of “Sleeping Beauty” for supporting our dancers. The weekend performances were a great success — beautiful and enjoyed by all. Irene Miller, artistic director of Dance Arts The-

and lavender, followed by delicious flavors of ripe black fruit, black licorice, dark chocolate and espresso. It provides nice weight on the palate that gives way to a memorable finish. — Andy Perdue and Eric Degerman are the editors of Wine Press Northwest magazine. Read the freshest reviews at

Codey Poole and Olivia Nelsen portrayed Prince and Aurora in ‘Sleeping Beauty.’ Dance Arts Theatre

atre, is owner and director of Irene’s School of Dance in Silverdale. Dance Arts Theatre is a non-profit organization dedicated to the cultural enrichment of the community through the dance arts. Dancers in the company range in age from 10 to 22 years old. Approximately 65 company dancers and extras were in the production. Dance Arts Theatre Silverdale

Friday, March 30, 2012


page 5

Learn some of the Bloedel Reserve’s secrets Saturday Andy Navage of the Bloedel Reserve talks about the reserve’s successes and failures at the Bainbridge Home & Garden Show, March 31.

BAINBRIDGE — The ninth annual Bainbridge Island Home & Garden Show is March 31, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., at Woodward Middle School, 9125 Sportsman Club Road, Bainbridge Island. The Home & Garden features more than 60 exhibitors and a full day of speakers showcasing alternative energy, energy conservation, gardening, home and landscaping improvements, interior design, kitchen design, and sustainable practices. Admission is free and open to the public. The keynote speaker is Andy Navage, horticultural director of the Bloedel Reserve, revealing at 2 p.m. “Secrets of the Bloedel Reserve: Great Successes & Abysmal Failures.” With 18 years at the Reserve, Navage has some amazing stories to tell. He’ll also cover topics

Bloedel Reserve / Contributed

ty Energy Solutions, “Solar Energy in Washington.” ■ Saffronia Baldwin of Saffronia Baldwin Design, “How to Design a Beautiful Interior in 7 Bite-sized Steps.”

Generated by on Thu Jun 25 18:50:01 2009 GMT. Enjoy!



Sudoku is a number-placing puzzle based on a 9x9 grid with several given numbers. The object is to place rating the numbers 1 to 9 in the empty squares so that each row, each Puzzle 1 (Easy, difficulty 0.43) column and each 3x3 box contains the same number only once.




8 4

8 9 7

1 6 5


7 2 4 3


2 6

1 4 5 8

5 4

7 1 9

Puzzle 1 (Easy, difficulty rating 0.43)

41. “Cut it out!” 43. Ugly or ill-tempered woman 45. Inflammatory swelling or sore 46. Small evergreen trees cultivated for their fruit 47. Itsy-bitsy 49. “The Crucible” setting 51. Any time 52. ___ Verde National Park 53. Western blue flag, e.g.





40. Payment by one nation for protection by another




Generated by

April featured artist:artist: February feature: december featured

kit SIMS TAYLOR the 2012 alan NEWBERG

in memoriam old & new: 1983-2011 Lots to See at The CVG! CVG watercolors, SHOW Vipers to Vespers: Brazil to Braga

36. Those who provide an index 38. Unrestrained




7. Hound resembleing a foxhound but smaller


24. Long narrow inlet of

6. Cool


22. Show through movement

5. Small crude shelters


20. University in Paris

4. Schuss, e.g.


19. Measure

3. Head on a structure


18. Carbonium, e.g.


16. Relief aid


2. Peace of mind

35. Calphalon product


15. E or G, e.g.

1. Insight




14. Prosperous landed peasant in tsarist Russia


64. Cousin of -trix

12. Arctic ___


9. Blue


63. Reproductive structure


4. Persian potentates


62. Beast of burden

Easy, difficulty rating 0.43


1. Parenthesis, essentially

34. Mr., abroad



61. Bright





32. Squeezing (out)


Generated by on Thu Jun 25 18:50:01 2009 GMT. Enjoy!


60. Depleted Across



59. “Dear” one


30. Chester White’s home 31. Brooks Robinson, e.g.

2 1


57. Informal discussion









56. “... ___ he drove out of sight”



55. ___ oil





52. Assortment





50. Scene of Jesus’s ministry





48. ___ Island National Monument

29. Chucklehead





27. Dome-shaped shrine erected by Buddhists





23. English exam finale, often




45. Short order, for short

21. Any lecanora that yields the dye archil




42. Not alfresco



39. Doctor Who villainess, with “the”

17. Violin made by Antonio†Stradivari




13. Having nine units or components

44. Again

44 49

34. Cathedral topper

40. Conforming†to a type


43 48




39 42

29 33



12. ___ orange



28 32

33. Furnace output

38. Improperly forward or bold



11. Fraction of a newton

37. Arctic bird



31. Elderly person

7 2





























10. Long, long time





28. Leftover





9. Shallow




26. Hail Mary, e.g.




25. Charlotte-to-Raleigh dir.

8. Elevated box for viewing sports

seabetween steep cliffs



Designer.” ■ Rebecca Slattery of Persephone Farms, “Tips & Tricks for Growing Organic Vegetables in the Pacific Northwest.” ■ Joe Deets of Communi-


Losing Heat Out of Your Drafty House — Fundamentals of Whole House Air Sealing.” ■ Molly McCabe of A Kitchen That Works, “How to Hire a Contractor and/or

including spring plants, woodland gardens, and gardening with and in spite of wild creatures. Other speakers: ■ Rick Blumenthal of RePower Bainbridge, “Stop



The show is produced by the Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce. Premier sponsor is Puget Sound Energy. Additional sponsors are Bainbridge Gardens, Bainbridge Island Ace Hardware, Fairbank Construction, and Rainier View Construction & Roofing. For a list of vendors, visit www.bainbridgechamber. com.



in the Gallery: See theBoardroom State’s Finest Art! in the Boardroom:

mary McINNIS

Show opens January 28, Saturday 1-5 pm marie weIchMAn Gallery - Saturday 10-5 eyes &open earsTuesday Sundays Jan 29 through February 1-5 pm Coverings Artists’ reception: 2nd, 5 to 8pm Show February Artists’ closes reception: AprilDecember 6th, 525th to 8pm 331 Pacific Ave, Bremerton 331 Pacific Ave,Sat. Bremerton Tues. through 10 to 5 •• 360.377.8327 360.377.8327


POULSBO LIONS CLUB will come get your old or unused, running or non-running car or truck

54. Dour


58. Marienbad, for one

Call Kevin Hogan




















page 6 kitsapweek Friday, March 30, 2012

kitsapcalendar ART GALLERIES THE WORK OF JOHN NEELY AND DAN MURPHY: The Island Gallery, 400 Winslow Way East, No. 120, Bainbridge Island. Exhibit showcases both sculptural and utilitarian ceramic forms, from Murphy’s crusty and organic vase forms to Neely’s more utilitarian yet inventive vessels. Through April 29. Info: (206) 780-9500 or SCHMOOZING WITH THE JEWELERS: April 6, noon to 8 p.m., April 7, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., and April 8, noon to 4 p.m., Bainbridge Arts and Crafts, 151 Winslow Way E., Bainbridge Island. Meet more than a dozen artists who’ll be making jewelry with a variety of materials and methods. Artists include Joanna Beachy, Kristin Carman, Annie Huntley, Poppy Knopf,

Carolynn Lancaster, Barbe Martin, Michele McCarter, Shane Miller, Shirley Moss, James Powell and Glynn Schultz, Lisa Ronay, and Passiko True. Info: (206) 842-3132, www.bacart. org/exh-current.html. KIT SIMS TAYLOR — VIPERS TO VESPA: April 6, 6-8 p.m., Collective Visions Gallery, 331 Pacific Ave., Bremerton. Photographs taken in Braga, Portugal during Easter festival, Semana Santa, and while retracing Humboldt’s expedition of 1800 through the Amazon basin. Craig Alden Dell will play flamenco and classical guitar. Info: (360) 377-8327, MARIE WEICHMAN — “COVERINGS”: April 6, 6-8 p.m., Collective Visions Gallery, 331 Pacific Ave., Bremerton. Info: (360) 377-8327, Mixed media installation comprised of two 8 by 8 rubber latex “quilts.” Info: (360)

377-8327, DANGER AT FIRST FRIDAY ARTWALK: April 6, 6-8 p.m., 285 Winslow Way E., Bainbridge Island. Sally Prangley is the featured artist in Danger for the month of April. Sally blends traditional basketry and wirework techniques to create her wire artwork. BAINBRIDGE LIBRARY FIRST FRIDAY ARTWALK: April 6, 5-7 p.m., 1270 Madison Ave. N. “Celebrate Exuberant Joy” by Nikki Wheeler, fiber and mixed media. Free. Info: (206) 8424162, VERKSTED GALLERY: Featuring Mary Lynn Smaaladen calligraphy and watercolors; Dan Spence mixed media animals from glass and vintage typewriter parts; jewelry artist Susie Hornseth. Located at 18937 Front St., Poulsbo. Info: (360)

AT OOOOOOO CCCCCCC Taking classes in Bremerton made it so much easierto finish school!

697-4470, BLUEWATER ARTWORKS GALLERY & FRAMING: Featuring bronze art by Roy Peratrovich Jr., Tlingit and a member of the Raven Clan. Located at 18961 Front St., Poulsbo. Info: Lise Williams (360) 598-2583, BAINBRIDGE ISLAND HISTORICAL MUSEUM FREE FIRST THURSDAY: Currently featuring Ansel Adams’ photos documenting the incarceration of the Japanese at Manzanar Relocation Center during WWII. Located at 215 Ericksen Ave. Info: (206) 8422773, www.bainbridgehistory. org.

BENEFITS AND EVENTS ALAN PEDERSEN “ANGELS ACROSS THE USA” TOUR: April 4, 7-9 p.m., Rice Miller Fergus Building, 275 5th St., Bremerton. Free; donations appreciated. Info:, (360) 692-0217. Alan Pedersen, bereaved father, nationallyrecognized singer, songwriter, and speaker on grief and loss, will present a mix of music and straight-from-the-heart talk to bring hope and encouragement to families who have lost a child. FAMILY SCIENCE SATURDAYS: April 7, 10 a.m. to noon, Naval Undersea Museum, 1 Garnett Way, Keyport. Featuring exploration of magnetism and electricity. Free. Info: www. OLYMPIC EVANGELICAL FREE CHURCH EASTER EGG HUNT: April 7, 10-11 a.m., 14861 Silverdale Way NW, Poulsbo. Ages 0-12. Info: Bart Lesco, (360) 6216866,

HUNT: April 7, noon, Muriel Iverson Waterfront Park, Poulsbo. Everyone welcome. Info: (360) 779-5209, http:// EASTER CANDY HUNT: April 7, 1 p.m., Raab Park, 18349 Caldart Avenue NE, Poulsbo. Parks and Recreation hosts the 18th annual Easter Candy Hunt, a free family event. Children ages 1-11 will be divided by age groups. Sponsored by the Poulsbo Lions Club, the Poulsbo-NK Rotary Club and Dan Spence’s mixed media art, in April Central Market. Info: (360) 779-9898. at Verksted Gallery in Poulsbo. CONGREGATION KOL SHALOM PASSOVER KINGSTON EASTER EGG HUNT: SEDER: April 7, 5:30 p.m., 9010 April 7, 10 a.m., in the Village Miller Road, Bainbridge Island. Green Park, off of NE West Potluck seder led by Lewis Kingston Road next to the tenMandell, all are welcome. If you nis courts. For children ages have any questions on what 3-10, with separate hunting is or isn’t Kosher for Passover, areas provided according to age and grade. Every child goes please contact admin@kolshahome with a bag of candy. Each or (206) 842-9010. area features a “Gold Egg” and REDEEMER UNITED METHODIST “Silver Egg,” which provides a CHURCH EASTER EGG HUNT: April basket prize to the child that 8, 10 a.m., 9900 Shorty Campfinds it. Info: Bayside Church, bell Road, Kingston. Church (360) 297-2000. service, followed by egg hunt for ages 1-14. Contact church HANSVILLE EASTER EGG HUNT: at (360) 297-4847 or Pat Menge April 7, 10:30 a.m., Greater (360) 297-3482. Hansville Community Center, Buck Lake Park, Hansville. Infants to age 10. Free. Each age group will have its own area for hunting. MANCHESTER ANNUAL BUNNY HOP: April 7, noon to 3 p.m., Manchester Library, 8067 E. Main St., Manchester. Easter Bunny, hunt for eggs, play games and make crafts. www. GREAT DECISIONS AT THE See CALENDAR, Page 7 SONS OF NORWAY EASTER EGG


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110 Golf Course Road | Port Angeles | 452-6822 | Open Monday - Saturday 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. See our entire inventory at RUDDELLAUTO.COM

Friday, March 30, 2012


Continued from page 6 LIBRARY — ENERgy Geopolitics: March 31, 9:30-11 a.m., Bainbridge Public Library, 1270 Madison Ave. N. Free discussion will be moderated by Jimmy Jia, CEO of Distributed Energy Management, which commercially develops Smart Grid technologies, and an instructor at the Bainbridge Graduate Institute. Co-sponsored by the Bainbridge Island Arts & Humanities Council and the Kitsap Regional Library. Info and background readings: (206) 842-7901, www. Occupy Kitsap speaker: April 1, 10:30-11:30 a.m., North Kitsap Unitarian Universalist Church, Poulsbo Library, 700 NE Lincoln Road. Jo Walter is a teacher, storyteller, and social justice activist. She will talk about the connection between her Unitarian values and the long range vision of the Occupy movement. Hosted by North Kitsap UU Church. Info: (360) 394-3945, f:67 Camera Club: April 2, 6:45 p.m., Room 117 (Rotunda), Engineering Building, Olympic College campus. Regular projection night for “Slides” and “Digital Images.” The subjects are “General”covering all subjects and “Photojournalism” for the “Category” subject. Visitors are welcome. Info: (360) 2753019, AARP Tax Assistance: April 2, 10:30 a.m. – 1 p.m., Bainbridge Public Library, 1270 Madison Ave. N. Free walk-in tax assistance through April 16. Info: (206) 842-4162, South Kitsap Conservative Republican Women: April 5, 10:30 a.m., McCormick Woods Clubhouse, 5515 McCormick Woods Dr., Port Orchard. Speaker: Doug Richards at 11:30 a.m., guests and new members welcome. Info: (360) 876-4772. West Sound Military Vehicle Preservation Club: April 5, 6 p.m., Family Pancake House, 3900 Kitsap Way, Bremerton. The mission of the club is to promote and support the acquisition, restoration, preservation and enjoyment of historic military vehicles and present those vehicles to the public in a manner that reflects positively on the military, its history and the club. Visitors are welcome. Info: or (206) 384-6128. Glass Odyssey Corvette Club: April 5, 7-8:30 p.m., Central Kitsap Fire Station 41, 7600 Old Military Road NE, Bremerton.

The group participates in a variety of activities throughout the year, such as cruises, local parades, picnics, progressive dinners, tours, Vettes for Vets, and support of local charities. Info: George Rose, (360) 4345765, webmaster@kitsavettes. org. Alzheimer’s Association Caregiver Support Groups: Third Tuesday of each month, 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at Linda’s Knit ‘N‘ Stitch, 3382 NE Carlton St., Silverdale. Info: Cyd Wadlow, (360) 779-9064. At Ease Toastmasters: Wednesdays, 7-8 p.m., Subway meeting room, 3850 Kitsap Way, Bremerton. Learn valuable public speaking, evaluation and leadership skills in a friendly, supportive atmosphere. Visit Info: Dave Harris, (360) 4787089 or harriscd.wa@comcast. net. Family Support Group/National Alliance of Mental Illness: Last Tuesday of every month, 7-8:30 p.m., The Doctors Clinic, 2011 Myhre Road, Cavalon Place, Silverdale. Info: Joy, (206) 753-7000; or Barb, (360) 204-0706. Knitting Group: Wednesdays at 3 p.m., Liberty Bay Books, 18881 Front St. NE, Poulsbo. All skills welcome. Info: Suzanne Droppert, (360) 779-5909, Navy Wives Clubs of America: First Tuesday each month at 7 p.m., Jackson Park Community Center, 90 Olding Road, Bremerton. Regular membership is open to spouses of active duty, reserve, retired and deceased members of the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. Info:; Ruthann Langkamp, (360) 876-4768; or email OfficeXpats networking: First Wednesday, 5:30 p.m., 403 Madison Ave. N, Bainbridge Island. Share information about your business in a large group setting. Free. Info: Ann Whitmore, (206) 890-4797, ann@ Poulsbo Waterfront Professionals Networking Group: Wednesdays, 7:30 a.m., The Loft Restaurant, 18779 Front St., Poulsbo. Meet other professionals in town and learn how to expand your marketing team by partnering with complimentary businesses. Currently seeking an attorney, licensed massage therapist, bookkeeper or CPA, and others. Info: Jessie. Rotary Club of Silverdale: Every Thursday, at 12:15 p.m.,

at Silverdale Beach Hotel. Info: Jack Hamilton, (360) 308-9845. Wine & Book Club: Third Wednesday of the month, 6:30 p.m., Liberty Bay Books, 18881 Front St. NE, Poulsbo. Participants select a book, drink wine and eat food that hails from the country the book is set in or that the author is from. Cost: $7.50 each time. Info: Suzanne Droppert, (360) 779-5909, Women and Cancer Support Group: Second Thursday of the month, 6 p.m. at Harrison Medical Center Oncology Conference Room (second floor), 2520 Cherry Ave., Bremerton; first and third Thursday of the month, 10:30 a.m. at Harrison Poulsbo Hematology and Oncology, 19500 10th Ave. NE, Suite 100, Poulsbo. Info: cancersupport@

Sports, Fitness & kids Messy Friday: March 30, 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Kids Discovery Museum, 301 Ravine Lane NE, Bainbridge Island. Join KiDiMu instructor, Ms. Tess Sinclair, for hands-on projects. Free with admission or membership. Info: (206) 855-4650 or www. Playground Workshop & Story Time at KiDiMu: March 31, 10:30 a.m., Kids Discovery Museum, 301 Ravine Lane NE, Bainbridge Island. Children will help design a real playground for the Grow Community neighborhood, and at 12:30 p.m., an award-winning children’s book author and storyteller will share his favorite stories. Free with admission or membership. Playground RSVP: Info: (206) 855-4650 or Spring Break Fun at KiDiMu: April 2-6, Kids Discovery Museum, 301 Ravine Lane NE, Bainbridge Island. Monday Story Time, Tuesday Tunes, Wednesday Dollars & Sense, and the Taste of Summer camp previews. Free with admission or membership. Thursday is a free-admission day. Detailed info: (206) 855-4650 or www. Easter Egg Hunt at KiDiMu: April 7, 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m, Kids Discovery Museum, 301 Ravine Lane NE, Bainbridge Island. Enjoy theme crafts and the Museum’s annual drop-in, indoor Egg Hunt for all ages. Free with admission or membership. Info: (206) 855-4650 or www.

Kitsap Week is published every Friday in the Bainbridge Island Review, the Bremerton Patriot, the Central Kitsap Reporter, the North Kitsap Herald and the Port Orchard Independent Publisher: Donna Etchey, Editor: Richard Walker, Calendar: Megan Stephenson, Advertising: Bainbridge Island: 206.842.6613, Central Kitsap: 360.308.9161 North Kitsap: 360.779.4464, South Kitsap: 360.876.4414 Kitsap Week is a division of Sound Publishing, copyright 2012 19351 8th Ave. NE, Suite 106, Poulsbo, WA 98370 / 360.779.4464 Toddler Dance Party: April 2, 10:30 a.m., Bainbridge Public Library, 1270 Madison Ave. N. Come shake your sillies out and dance with your friends. Toddlers, preschoolers and families. Free. Info: (206) 842-4162, Spring Break: Teen Gaming: April 2, 3-5 p.m., Bainbridge Public Library, 1270 Madison Ave. N. Grades 7-12. Come and play the Wii and PS3! You can bring your own games, as long as they are rated Teen and under. Free. Info: (206) 842-4162, Lego Building Challenge: April 3, 10:30 a.m. to noon, Bainbridge Public Library, 1270 Madison Ave. N. Lego building skills, compete in speed building challenges and show off your creativity. For kids in grades K- 4. Free. Info: (206) 842-4162, Real-Life Survival Stories: April 3, 3:30-4:30 p.m., Bainbridge Public Library, 1270 Madison Ave. N. Did you love “The Hunger Games” and want to learn more about survival? Learn tips and hear stories from survival expert Teresa Barnet, a long-time member of Kitsap Search and Rescue; and a K9 Search and Rescue dog. Grades 5 and up. Free. Info: (206) 8424162, Pajama Storytime: April 3, 7-7:30 p.m., Bainbridge Public Library, 1270 Madison Ave. N. Enjoy stories and songs in your pajamas, fun for children of all ages, their families and caregivers. Free. Info: (206) 842-4162, Elephant and Piggie Day: April 4, 10:30 a.m., Bainbridge Public Library, 1270 Madison Ave. N. Watch live performances, make crafts and celebrate Mo Willem’s Elephant and Piggie books. Grades K- 3. Free. Info: (206) 842-4162, Spring Break Movie & Pizza: Scott Pilgrim: April 4, 1-3 p.m., Bainbridge Public Library, 1270 Madison Ave. N. Watch “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” (PG-13) and enjoy pizza from Westside Pizza. Grades 7-12. Free. Info: (206) 842-4162, Free First Thursday at KiDiMu: April 5, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Kids Discovery Museum, 301 Ravine Lane NE, Bainbridge Island. On the first Thursday of each month, families are invited to explore KiDiMu free of charge, sponsored by Wells Fargo. Info: (206) 855-4650 or Spring Break: Scratch Programming: April 5, 1:30-3:30 p.m., Bainbridge Public Library, 1270 Madison Ave. N. Scratch is a program created by MIT that makes it easy to create your own online stories, animations, games, music and art. Basic introduction followed by an open lab. Grades 4-12. Free. Space is limited, sign-up at the reference desk or email crau@ Info: (206) 842-4162, Shrek-along: April 6, 1 p.m., Bainbridge Public Library, 1270 Madison Ave. N. Share your love of Shrek by singing along


page 7

Calendar submissions The Kitsap Week calendar is a free listing section for events happening in Kitsap County. If you’d like to submit an event, please include the name of the involved organization, the event’s date, purpose, cost (if applicable) and contact information. Submissions should be received one week prior to the desired publication date. All submissions will be considered for publication. Inclusion in the Kitsap Week Calendar is based on editorial space available and the discretion of the editor. Submissions may be edited, and preference will be given to events based on the date they occur. To submit information, email and talking back to the Shrek characters in this audience participation show. Costumes encouraged. For all ages. Free. Info: (206) 842-4162, www.krl. org. KiDiMu Summer Camp Registration: Early bird registration deadline April 6. From Grossology to the Readers’ Theater, the Kids Discovery Museum, 301 Ravine Lane NE, Bainbridge Island, presents summer adventures in art, cooking, drama, photography, science and more. Ages 3 – 10. Info: www. Registration: (206) 855-4650. Kids’ Night at the Museum (Aka Parents’ Night Out): April 6, 5:30-9:30 p.m., Kids Discovery Museum, 301 Ravine Lane NE, Bainbridge Island. Fun-filled evening of museum playtime, a movie and pizza dinner, made possible by Port Madison Enterprises. Recommended ages: 3.5-10. Registration required by noon the day before. Members: $30 per child/ non-members& $40 per child/ $10 off per sibling. Info: (206) 855-4650 or South Kitsap Ultimate Frisbee: Weekly pick-up game Saturdays, 2:30 p.m., in Port Orchard. All skill levels and ages welcome. Location varies. Email or see the pick-up section on www.

Literary “PowerHiking Seattle” reading: April 1, 3 p.m., Eagle Harbor Book Company, 157 Winslow Way E, Bainbridge Island. “PowerHiking Seattle: Fourteen Great Walks Through the Streets of Seattle and Environs” by Carolyn Hansen and Cathleen Peck. Info: (206) 842-5332. Books on Tap: April 4, 7:30-9:30 p.m., Treehouse Cafe, 4569 Lynwood Center Road NE, Bainbridge Island. Come for an hour of literary pub trivia and team games, followed by an hour of open word-game play. If you’re feeling competitive, stop by the Bainbridge Public Library for a booklist. Free. for ages 21 and older. Info: Friends of the Library Book Sale: April 5, 1-4 p.m., Bainbridge Public Library, 1270 Madison Ave. N. Info: (206) 8424162, Field’s End Writers Conference: April 28, 8:45 a.m. to 6 p.m., IslandWood, 4450 Blakely Ave. NE, Bainbridge Island. Registration is $165. Register online at or pick up forms at the Bainbridge Public Library or Eagle Harbor Books. Silverdale Writers’ Roundtable: every Saturday, 9:30 a.m., Cafe Noir, 3261 NW Mount Vintage Way, No. 101, Silverdale. See calendar, Page 8

People helping pets...pets helping people. Boo (shorthaired tuxedo) & Smokey (medium haired grey and white) are 6yr old declawed brothers. Boo is the brave one. He came out of his kennel when he arrived at the Cattery and immediately began to explore. Smokey shot straight from his kennel to a hidey hole in a cat tree and tried to be invisible. We took him to the Adoption Center and he was out an about visiting with people and letting them brush him. Both cats are very friendly and like to be around people. They have been indoor only so new things are a bit scary at first. They’ve been through alot together and we are adopting them out that way. Boo & Smokey will be hanging out at the Poulsbo Petco this week hoping to meet their new family.

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page 8 kitsapweek Friday, March 30, 2012



Looking for aspirating writers. Free. Info: Bob, (360) 830-4968. SPRING STORY TIME FOR LITTLE ONES: Tuesdays at 10:30 a.m., Through May 15. Share stories, rhymes and songs with our children’s librarian. Manchester Library, 8067 E. Main St., Man-

CELTIC JAM SESSIONS: Third Sunday of the month, 2-5 p.m., at Hare & Hound Public House, 18990 Front St., Poulsbo. Listeners and players welcome. Bring favorite Cape Breton, Irish or Scottish tunes to share.

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UNG SYMFONI CONCERT: April 3, 7:30 pm, Poulsbo Sons of Norway, 18891 Front St. NE. Poulsbo. Suggested donation: adults $10, younger than 17 $5. Ung Symfoni is a youth symphony from Bergen, Norway. It consists of 75 members ages 14 – 25. Ung Symfoni, directed by Kjell Seim, is considered Norway’s premier youth orchestra. Guest soloist Eldbjorg Hemsing will play her Hardanger fiddle

Easter Brunch & Easter Egg Hunt!

Tucker’ T

Dining & Entertainment

Greater Kitsap

and a 1754 Guadagnini violin. Info: ONE PIANO, SIX HANDS: April 21, 3 p.m., Port Madison Lutheran Church, 14000 Madison Avenue NE (corner of Torvanger and Madison), Bainbridge Island. Debra Dewey, Natalya Ageyeva and Lisa Bergman from Seattle present a fun-loving program of music from Denmark, Rus-

Sunday April 8Th 2012 Dining time 9:00am to 3:00pm

at g o l d m o u n t a i n

Easter Egg Hunts 10am to Noon

A Dining Experience! Steak, Salmon, Scallops, Lobster & More!

Free CHICKEN DINNER on your birthday

(With a group of six or more) Gift cards available

Caesar & Mixed Green Salad Featured Salad: Waldorf ~ Seasonal Fruit & Cheese Northwest Herb Crusted Chicken Served with a Roasted Tomato salsa Charbroiled Pacific Salmon Served with a Lemon-Caper sauce ~ Beef Medallions Charbroiled medallions accompanied by a cracked peppercorn and mushroom sauce Omelets & Waffles ~ Freshly Shucked Oysters Chef Carved Honey glazed Pit Ham Hickory Smoked Bacon and Sausage links Blintz ~ served with Strawberries or Blueberries Biscuits & Homemade Gravy Garlic Chive Duchess Potatoes ~ Steamed Vegetables Spectacular dessert selection 26.99 for adults / 19.99 for Seniors over 60 12.99 for children / 6 and under ~ Free!


Reservations made between 9am-10am and 2pm-3pm Receive and Extra 10% off your total bill! Limited Space Available Reservations recommended!

9989 Silverdale Way NW, Silverdale

Please call 360-415-6895

360-415-6895 • 7623 W. Belfair RD., Bremerton Tucker’s at Gold Mountain

sia and America. Admission is free (offering will be taken for church renovations). Info: (206) 842-4746,

THEATER BROKEN UP: Through April 8, Jewel Box Theatre, 225 Iverson St., Poulsbo. Fridays and

Saturdays, 8 p.m.; Sundays, 2 p.m., Tickets: $16 adults, $14 others, available online at (Search: Poulsbo), via e-mail at, or by phone at (360) 697-3183. Season Presenting Sponsor: Liberty Bay Bank. More info:



$2 OFF


1 coupon per table not valid with any other offer. Exp. 3/30/12


FRIENDS MEETING FRIENDS SINCE“1963” 1034 Bethel Ave Port Orchard


4115 Wheaton Way E. Bremerton (360)479-0788

3900 Kitsap Way Bremerton (360)479-2422

Get to The Point. You deserve it!

If you’re looking for a good time, great food and a friendly place known for real fun, then you’re a winner at The Point Casino. Enjoy Slots, Blackjack, Craps or Live Poker. They’re all here at The Point.

March Madness March 1st – 28th | Monday - Wednesday 1:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Randomly each hour for a total of 8 drawings each day. Win up to $1,200! All Wildcard Club members may earn entries for every 300 points earned on the Wildcard Club card 7 days a week 8:00 AM to 4:00 AM.

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TPC-4249-4 Kitsap_Week.indd 1

1.866.547.6468 7989 Salish Lane NE Kingston, WA 98346 3/21/12 10:14:45 AM







Featured Homes Of The Week For Friday, March 30th, 2012 H OP O EN U SE

See Page 5 for Details

ay rd u t Sa

Port Orchard




Home & Dog Grooming Business






▼ Only 2 Remaining!






PAGE 2, Real Estate Now/Kitsap Classifieds, Friday, March 30, 2012


OPEN HOUSES Barber Cut-off Rd, Kingston $199,900 OPEN SATURDAY & SUNDAY 1 - 4

New homes within walking distance to town, ferries, marina and beaches. Tucked in the waterfront community of Kingston, Drew’s Glen offers Green Built, energy efficient plans, including the popular one story plan, to meet a variety of lifestyles and needs. Ask about the $10,000 buyer bonus. Scott Anderson 360-536-2048 / Lorna Muller 360-620-3842 Suquamish #312409 $219,000 OPEN SUN 2:30-4:30. 7200 NE Pebble Beach Dr Remember when homes were built to last? This sunny, craftsman cottage sits perched atop Pebble Beach Drive on a shy acre. Lovely kitchen & eating area, the enclosed porch & patio have a water view. Original fir floors, a vintage tile fireplace & a gracious family rm w/high ceilings. 3 bdrm septic, wiring & plumbing updated in 1995, new bathroom, new foundation & a newer roof. Endless possibilities! Catrice Elms 360-779-5205.

Silverdale #276096 Starting at $239,950 THURS-SUN 12-4. 4391 NW Atwater Loop

Come visit the charming new home community of SILVERLEAF, where you purchase not only a well-built home, but a lifestyle. Distinct cottage-style Craftsman homes are available in 6-8 floor plans. The neighborhood features front porches, tree-lined streets and a park all in a convenient central location. Summer Davy 360-535-3625 or Steve Derrig 360-710-8086.

WATERFRONT 320 Washington Ave, Bremerton Harborside Condos! Saturday 1 to 4 by appointment! Enjoy living on the edge of Bremerton’s stunning waterfront, view condos. Starting at $249,000, VA, FHA & FNMA approved and 85% sold! Very close to PSNS and ferry. Amy Allen or Penny Jones 360-627-7658. Bremerton #315613 OPEN Sat & Sun 1-4. 2171 Goldenrod Place NW $300,000 This immaculate newer 2003 home features 2990 SF, 3 lrg bdrms, 3.5 bths plus huge bonus room w/vaulted ceilings. Kitchen has granite countertops and natural gas stove. Daylight basement is completely finished with media room/gym/office or a 4th bdrm w/ full bath. Kristina Togia 360-536-5275

W AT E R F R O NT 7736 Chico Beach Way NW Starting at $359,950 01&/4"563%":46/%":rUPQN 150 ft of prime Dyes Inlet WATERFRONT, min from Silverdale. Movein-ready ‘pocket neighborhood’ of 7 custom-crafted, artfully-designed homes w/community in mind. Choose 2 or 3 BR’s, each w/main floor mstr suites, open floor plans w/natural light, granite, SS, garages. Built Green/Energy Star. Created by renowned The Cottage Company, your private beach is steps away! Bring your kayak & prepare to FALL IN LOVE! Christine Brevick 360-779-5205 or 360-509-0132 Poulsbo #330622 $389,000 OPEN SUN 1-4pm. 682 NE Matson Street Stately 2948 sqft classic downtown Poulsbo home w/breathtaking views of Liberty Bay & Olympic Mts. Versatile floor plan w/3 spacious living areas & potential for 3, 4 or even 5 bedrooms. Constructed in 1951, w/extensive remodel/addition in 2007. Sophisticated finishes incl. hardwood, tile, & charming color palette. Enormous bsmt utility room could serve as workshop. Detached 2 car garage; level backyard w/mature plantings. Stroll downtown, or to nearby public parks, beach. Timeless elegance. Norma Foss 360-620-1888 Bremerton #332745 $465,000 OPEN SAT 1-4. 6297 NW Gross Road Beautiful 2008 4 bdrm, 2.75 bth 3216 sq.ft. hm sitting on 6.30ac. This hm has it all. Tile flrs, wood stove, lrg open kit, mstr on the main w/gorgeous mstr bth, 2 more bdrms on main flr. Downstairs has a bdrm & lrg 3/4 bth w/a lrg rec rm & space for an office. Jeanette Paulus 360-692-6102/360-286-4321.

OPEN HOUSES Hansville #300785 $675,000 OPEN SUN 1-4. 4431 NE Key Place Stand at the water’s edge! 162’ of primo unobstructed Olympic Mtn & Hood Canal views. Wonderful bright & light 2 bdrm/2 bth home w/2 car detached garage that has guest room. This is without a doubt just a magnificent bulkhead waterfront property. Community has a marina, boat launch, pool, private beach & club house. This is paradise! Chris Moyer 360-779-5205

BAINBRIDGE ISLAND OPEN HOUSES 5445 Diamond Place NE #308095 $479,000 Sun 2-4. Sunny, serene .87-acre. New roof, paint & carpet make this terrific 4BR home move-in ready. Practical, open layout. Carleen Gosney 206-909-2042, 9610 NE North Town Loop $518,000 Sun 1-4. Just Listed! Excellent floor plan including 3 bedrooms & recreation room w/home office. Beautiful private yard, good sun and wonderful neighborhood. Ty Evans 206-795-0202 392 Cosgrove Street NW #334901 $530,000 Sun 1-4. Just Listed! Craftsman-style home in desirable Winslow’s Cove. Large bonus room, 3-car garage, fenced yard, great condition! Sarah Sydor 206-683-4526, 10281 NE Garibaldi Loop #331098 $549,000 Sun 1-4. Spotless & spacious, beautifully-appointed home has a flexible floor plan incl 4BR+den, 3BA. Just mins to ferry! Ana Richards 206-459-8222 Host Joe Richards 206-459-8223 11287 Fieldstone Lane NE #333956 $625,000 Sun 1-4. Just Listed! Sunshine in & out‌4BR/3.5BA, huge kitchen, private main floor master. Upstairs bonus, family room, office. Level .49-acre lot. Molly Neary & Joanie Ransom 206-920-9166 6650 NE Bayview Boulevard #299111 $689,000 Sun 1-4. Low-bank Manzanita Bay WFT home w/4000+ sq ft, 4 frpls, formal living/dining, 3BR plus 2 guest rooms. Gardens & shop. Susan Burris 206-498-8479 Beverly Green 206-780-7678 665 Tiffany Meadows Drive NE #320820 $739,000 Sun 1-4. Beautiful new construction just 3 blocks to the ferry! Upgrades galore, fabulous light-filled master, main floor den & bedroom w/bath. Stainless kitchen. Ana Richards 206-459-8222 3500 Crystal Springs Drive NE $949,000 Sun 1-4. Architect’s own WFT home drenched in sun—all on one level —with low-bank beach right across the road! Photos at HuntWilson. com. Bill Hunt 206-300-4889 Mark Wilson 206-919-8039 6969 NE Day Road West $1,185,000 Sun 1-4. Stunning! Architecturally-designed, quality 3BR rambler w/ bonus.Private 6+ acres in equestrian area.100+ yr old barn. Lorraine “Laurenâ€? Davee 206-794-3397, 3199 Pleasant Beach Drive NE #201146 $1,195,000 Sun 1-4. New Price! 1955 home with 180 degree views of Rich Passage & Olympic Mountains plus 100+ ft. of “Gold Coastâ€? nobank waterfront. Susan Grosten 206-780-7672 15400 Broom Street NE $1,325,000 Sun 1-4. Stunning NW modern ranch-style design & pool on this spectacular estate parcel w/150 ft of no-bank WFT and all-day sun! Jackie Syvertsen 206-790-3600,

BAINBRIDGE ISLAND Hidden Cove #273656 $312,000 Solidly built home on over an acre with established landscaping and all-day sun. This 2,368 sq ft home includes new kitchen appls & Pergo flooring. Betsy Atkinson 206-818-5556 Seabold Waterfront #333961 $729,000 Easy beach access, west-facing views of the Olympics, end-ofthe-road privacy & classic Pan-Abode home w/detached oversized 4-car garage/shop plumbed for bath. Tim Bailey 206-780-7682

Arrow Point Waterfront #302021


Captivating contemporary home connects sleek architectural elements with sea & mountains. 3BR/3BA plus designer finishes throughout. Terry Klein 206-949-3360



Kingston #296204 $87,500 Immaculate view condo in centrally located Bay View Estates. Tastefully updated 2 bed, 1 bath unit has partial views of the water, mountains & marine traffic. New eco friendly wood flooring, appliances, & fresh paint. Covered view deck with large storage closet. Wood burning fireplace offers plenty of warmth. Walk to the ferry, beaches, & amenities of downtown Kingston. Catherine Arlen 360-340-8186 Kingston #335066 $165,000 Charming rustic Northwest cabin offers partial views and easy access to private community beach. Home includes an open floor plan with vaulted ceilings and many unique touches throughout. Enjoy privacy and tranquility of nature while just a few minutes from shopping and the Kingston Edmonds ferry. Megan O’Dell 360-551-9107 Kingston #327453 $255,000 NEW PRICE! Welcome home to this cozy covered front porch leading to this wonderful 3 bdrm, 2 1/2 bath home complete w/ fresh paint, carpeting & laminate floors. Free standing propane stove in the living room. Master has walk-in closet & attached bath. Enjoy hot tub, fully fenced backyard, two Asian Pear Trees & RV parking. Close to schools & ferry. Two community parks, one being a beach front park with a playground, picnic pavilion and boat launch. Melody Butler 360-633-5991 Kingston #220053 $325,000 Expansive Southern views of Mt. Rainier, Seattle skyline, shipping lanes, Olympic Mts. & breathtaking sunrises & sunsets! This penthouse condominium has 2 bdrms, 2 baths, kitchen w/lg. pantry, master incl. 5 piece bath & walk-in closet. Easy access with underground parking & elevator. Kim Poole 253-670-281 Poulsbo #328453 $439,000 Immaculate home on .88 acres located in Tree Ridge Estates. Quality built by Joe Gates Const., this home shows pride of ownership. Wonderful open floor plan w/a lrg great rm, vaulted ceilings, gas frplc w/beautiful mantle, spacious kitchen w/2-tier island, & maple shaker cabinets. Separate dining rm, den w/ builtin desks & bookshelves. The yard is your own private retreat and backs up to acres of greenbelt. Kevin Hannah 360-779-5205.

Port Orchard #333173 $149,500 Over .5ac lot w/trees & creek meandering through the SE corner. Modest rambler w/full unfinished daylight basement & shop area. Covered deck off dining room. New interior paint, new range & hood. Buyer bonus of $3500. Judy Bigelow 360-692-6102/360-509-1128 Port Orchard #234790 $384,000 Eagle’s view of Sinclair Inlet & Manette is the attraction! This newly painted 4 bdrm, 2.75 bth home is ready to enjoy. Family style kitchen has granite & SS appliances & open eat-in kitchen. Wrap-around deck is perfect to relax & enjoy sunsets over the Olympics. Put this on your list of homes to see! Jessica Kennedy 360-509-1284. Port Orchard #332314 $389,900 Whether arriving by ferry or town, this homes new owner will be delighted to get home. Placed strategically to maximize view, the multilevel tech decking is a perfect place to Relax. Beth Sturdivan 360-876-9600

CEN T R A L K ITS A P Bremerton #326466 $109,000 Fixer with a view...deeded beach access. 1390 sf, 2 bedroom plus bonus rm, 2 bath. Downstairs bonus room, full bath with laundry and family room. Romelle Gosselin and Terry Burns 360-779-5205 or 360-271-0342. Silverdale #325167 $295,000 Private, level, sunny acreage w/mature landscaping in a convenient location! Well maintained home just mins from the heart of Silverdale & desirable CK schools. The flexible floor plan takes full advantage of the beautiful views of the property from every window. You’ll love the river rock frplc, all of the natural light & the 2 lrg bdrms - each could be a master suite. A terrific value! Bridget Young & Joni Kimmel 360-779-5205. Silverdale #334440 $306,950 Silverleaf: New hms, high-quality appointments & a great price! Just minutes to shopping, waterfront, hwy & military bases. This hm features 3bdrms, plus den, 2.5 bths. Steve Derrig & Summer Davy 360-692-6102/360-710-8086.

BR E M ERTON Bremerton #251302 $115,000 Big Stucco in the City! 2 plus bedrooms, wood floors, extra family room and basement. A great opportunity to own real estate in Bremerton. With a little love, you could make this home shine. Close to ferry, ship yard, bus line & just about everything. Kim Stewart 253-225-1752 Evergreen Park #123020 $120,000 NEW PRICE! 3 bdrm, 2.5 bth home in Bremerton’s park district. Short sale opportunity! Kathy Olsen 360-692-6102/ 360-434-1291 Manette #311508 $169,900 Classic 3 bdrm, 1.75 bth with a view. Bring your skills and visions to restore. Fantastic wood staircase shows what 1910 charm could be. Large corner lot w/outbuildings plus area for gardens an outdoor living! Prime location near the vibrant heart of Manette. Dino Davis 360-850-8566 Bremerton #334139 $189,777 This 1 story home is full of charm while boasting 2.5 acres on the Union River. Well laid out living space featuring 3 bedrooms and a shy 1500 SqFt. The backyard featuring a large deck, pond, with just the touch of privacy everyone needs. James Bergstrom 360-876-9600

LOTS & L A ND Port Orchard #28859 $29,000 1+ acre lot close to town on a quiet street. Build your dream home here. Power is in the street, private yet easy to find. Denise Raught 360-876-9600 Bremerton #331850 $69,500 Come build your dream home! Illahee area parcel. Nice level lot! 200 ft X 150 f. Centrally located and just minutes from Silverdale and Bremerton. Seller financing available. Spacious .69 acre lot. Molly Ells 360-692-6102/360-620-2690 Port Orchard #170568 $119,950 This 5 acres is located close to shopping centers & schools. Jennifer Connelly-Delay 360-876-9600 Port Orchard #140661 $195,000 NE Corner lot of Baby Doll Road and Mile Hill Road just East of South Park Village. Zoned Commercial (HTC). Includes an occupied 2 bdrm rental home. Also 4.5 acres. Excellent location on the outskirts of fast growing Port Orchard. Jack Stodden 360-710-1369 McCormick Woods #242497 $199,000 Beautiful building site in McCormick Woods. This lot has views of the eighth & ninth fairway and includes a lovely view of the clubhouse. Arguably one of McCormick’s most beautiful fairway views & situated on a private cul-de-sac. Ready for your new home. Art Conrad 360-620-3300 Silverdale #321875 $235,000 Fully Developed industrial lot in an eight-lot development. Prices vary based on public visibility. Lots 1-5 have strong public visibility. Quality controlled by CC&Rs. Retail activity may include - plumbing, electrical, tools, paint, fasteners, auto parts, home decorating, etc. Owner can build-to-suit. Bob Guardino 360-692-6102/360-710-7844 Seabeck #193244 $249,000 NEW PRICE! Rare opportunity to own one of the finest waterfont properties in Seabeck, WA. With a few steps to the beach, this unique wft. has 270 degree views of the Hood Canal & Olympic Mt’s. 90’ of low-bank pebble beach & lush Oyster/Clam beds. What a perfect spot to build that dream waterfront home. Doug Hallock 360-271-1315 Manchester #207476 $299,999 8 large approved View Lots! Ready to develop, the market is stable & now is the time to buy. Located in the very desirable community of Manchester with great views of Clam bay, Rich Passage & Bainbridge. Barry Jones or Dana Soyat 360-876-9600

COM M ERCI A L Port Orchard #193493 $395,000 This space includes a kitchen, bar & a 2 bdrm apt & a sleeping apt. All kitchen & bar equipment goes with the building. This downtown location is 1 block from the foot ferry. Bryan Petro 360-876-9600

M A SON COUN T Y Belfair #290423 $199,950 This unit is being rented as a duplex. New floors & Screen door in Unit 41. Newer windows in the units. New roof in March 2007. Back unit has new flooring & windows in 2011. Marilyn Dick 360-876-9600

BAINBRIDGE ISLAND Windermere Real Estate/Bainbridge Island, Inc. tXXX8JOEFSNFSF#BJOCSJEHFDPN

KINGSTON Windermere Real Estate/West Sound, Inc. tXXX8JOEFSNFSF,JOHTUPODPN

POULSBO Windermere Real Estate/West Sound, Inc. tXXX8JOEFSNFSF1PVMTCPDPN


PORT ORCHARD Windermere Real Estate/Port Orchard, Inc. tXXX1PSU0SDIBSE3FBM&TUBUFDPN


Friday, March 30, 2012, Real Estate Now/Kitsap Classifieds, PAGE 3 Real Estate for Sale Manufactured Homes Vashon

real estate for sale - WA

1992 DOUBLE WIDE manufactured home. 1,200 SqFt, excellent Real Estate for Sale condition. 3 bedroom, 2 Kitsap County bath, hardwood floors, BREMERTON skylights, woodstove, fire sprinklers. 2x6 exterior walls, all drywall, 3 tab roof. No leaks. N A DA b o o k l i s t e d a t $32,000. Selling for $22,500. Must move to your site by May 15th. BEAUTIFULLY Remod- P h o t o s a v a i l a b l e . eled 1940’s Charmer! 4 (206)463-2152 B R , 1 . 7 5 B A h o m e . Get the ball rolling... Newer metal roof, ener- Call 800-388-2527 today. gy efficient windows & completely rewired. B ra n d n ew h o t wa t e r heater. 5 minute bike ride to PSNS. A commuters dream, near freeways & ferry! Large corner lot with fenced yard. MLS# 309556. Offered fo r s a l e by ow n e r a t $141,000. Willing to pay real estate 2.5% buyers agent comfor rent - WA mission, must incorporate into selling price. For showing, call: 360- Real Estate for Rent 830-4143 by appointKitsap County ment only. BAINBRIDGE ISLAND $ 1 1 9 5 / M O - W i n s l ow POULSBO townhouse unit in duplex. 2 bedroom, 1.25 bath. Lots of closet space, living room cathederal ceiling, propane stove, kitchen and dining room. Newly decorated. All appliances except 3 0 ’ PA C I F I C Y U R T. W / D. N O P E T S . N o Everything including the smoking. 1 year lease k i t c h e n s i n k ! ! 1 - 1 / 8 â€? with annual rent incenfloor, custom kitchen, loft tive of half off your 12th and full bath. Excellent month on continuing recondition! Heavy duty newal. First month and top & sides. Tall walls. deposit plus half of last R - 2 2 i n s u l a t i o n . 2 2 0 m o n t h . C r e d i t c h e ck . amp service. Wind/snow C a l l ( 2 0 6 ) 8 4 2 - 5 6 0 8 , kit to 90 mph. Skirting, (206)817-0285 covered porch, queen size futon, range and BAINBRIDGE ISLAND plumbing. Move to your $1295/MO - 2 bedroom, property. $15,000 360- 1.25 bath, free standing townhouse in Winslow. 697-6172. Huge walk-in closet, thedral living room, fireis an online real estate place, kitchen and dining room. Lots of windows community that and light. All appliances, exposes your proďŹ le fenced yard. NO PETS. and listings to two No smoking. 1 year lease with annual rent million readers from incentive of half off your our many publications 12th month on continuin the PaciďŹ c Northwest. ing renewal. First month and deposit plus half of Log on to join our last month. Credit check. network today. Call (206)842-5608, (206)817-0285 Bainbridge Island

real estate for sale Real Estate for Sale Lots/Acreage

A BEAUTIFUL Cottage. 800 SF. Walk to ferr y. 637 Lovell. 1 bedroom, 1 b a t h . N ew c a r p e t i n g , fireplace, deck, yard, washer/ dryer. No smoking/ pets. 1 year lease. $850 month. 206-8426763 BAINBRIDGE ISLAND

1 9 . 8 Tr e e d a c r e s, 1 0 minutes north of Reardan, WA. Secluded Co. rd., has water/power/phone in. Beautiful view west over Spokane River Valley, bldg site cleared. $88,500. Jeff (360)201-2390 or 360)366-5011 Kingston

COUNTRY CORNERS, across from Albertsons. 3 tax parcels, (5 acres, 5 acres, and 7.5 acres) $24,000/obo per acre. Call 360-790-7507

Beautiful home 4 bedrooms, gourmet kitchen, Large yard w/ maintenance incl, 2 car garage off Pine Street only $2450 a month. Private 1 bedroom guest house w/1 garage, all appliances, yard to enjoy. $1050 a month.

Real Estate for Rent Kitsap County

Bayview Apartments in Bremerton. 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom apartments. Prices start at $675 per month. Located up the road from Lions Field. On bus line, close to hospital, shopping & schools. Call: 360-373-9014. Hansville Open 7 days, 9am-5pm CLIFFSIDE near Hans- ville. 750 SF, 2 bedroom 100 Sheridan Ave. cabin, high bluff Hood Bremerton, WA. Canal. Views of Olympic Mountains, Point Gam- SOLD IT? FOUND IT? ble, Bridge. Deck, beach Let us know by calling access. 2/3 acre, fenced 1-800-388-2527 so we with gate. All appliances. can cancel your ad. Wood fireplace inser t. BREMERTON $985, last and $500 de- 600 SF, 1 BEDROOM, posit. (360)297-4181 ve r y n i c e. O n G r e e n BREMERTON

2 BEDROOM DUPLEX, large fenced yard, 2 car parking and very clean! Garbage included. $850/ Month. First, last, $500/ deposit. 360-967-6038, 360-535-1651.

Mountain. Washer, dryer. Smoking and pets okay. $815 includes all utilities, DISH TV and Wi-Fi. 360-830-0337


HRB – Housing Non-Profit MUST SEE! Hood Canal View! 2 bedroom, 1 b a t h . Wa s h e r, d r y e r. Beach access. $760, deposit, first and last. 360297-3152

(206) 842-1909

Commercial Rentals Office/Commercial


Varying sizes and configurations available. North Poulsbo area. Call Mark, Connie, or Christine at: 360-779-7266


Legal Notices

Fo u n d R i n g i n e a r l y March. Call to ID and Claim. Case #20120314. Please Contact Bainbridge Island Police 206-842-5211.

vs. UNKNOWN HEIRS OF JOHN A ROBBECKED; WENDI L. ROBBECKE; P.S.C., INC; WASHINGTON STATE DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL AND HEALTH SERVICES; occupants of the premises; and any persons or parties claiming to have any right, title, estate, lien or interest in the real property described in the complaint, Defendants, NO. 11-2-01019-0 SHERIFF’S PUBLIC NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL PROPERTY TO: UNKNOWN HEIRS OF JOHN A ROBBECKE; WENDI L. ROBBECKE, et al judgment debtor(s) The Superior Court of Kitsap County has directed the undersigned Sheriff of Kitsap County to sell the property de-


PELVIC/ TRANSVAGINAL MESH? Did you undergo transvaginal placememnt of mesh for pelvic organ prolapse or stress urinary incontinence between 2005 and the present time? If the patch required removal due to complications, you may be entitled to compensation. Call Johnson Law and speak with female staff members 1-800-535-5727


SOCIAL SECURITY Legal Notices DISABILITY BENEFITS. W I N o r Pay N o t h i n g ! IN THE SUPERIOR Start Your Application In Under 60 Seconds. Call COURT OF Today! Contact Disability WASHINGTON FOR Money to Group, Inc. Licensed AtKITSAP COUNTY Loan/Borrow torneys & BBB AccreditBANK OF AMERICA, L O C A L P R I VAT E I N - ed. Call 877-865-0180 N.A., SUCCESSOR BY VESTOR loans money Shop for bargains in MERGER TO BAC HOME on real estate equity. I the ClassiďŹ eds. From l o a n o n h o u s e s, r aw LOANS SERVICING LP, land, commercial proper- tools and appliances to it’s successor in interest ty and property developfurniture and and/or assigns ment. Call Eric at collectables. Plaintiff (s) (800) 563-3005.


Open 24 hours a day.

continuted on p.6...


1 BEDROOM Countr y Cottage by pond near Kingston. $850 month. First, last, deposit. Call 360-297-2327 KINGSTON

$100 OFF!! 1-2 BEDROOMS


No pets. Credit check. Valley View Apt.

Available Now!

360-779-4679 POULSBO

FJORD VISTA II 19581 1st Ave NE 1 M I L E TO F E R RY Char ming, remodeled studio guest house, with sleeping loft, full kitchen, 3/4 bath. $700/ Month. $550/ security deposit. 360-297-6864.

Very Nice 2 or 3 BR Apt. Rent Is Based On 30% Of Income. Income Limits Apply 360-779-6939

announcements Announcements

ADOPT -- California Music Executive, close-knit family, beaches, sports, playful pup, unconditional love awaits 1st mirac l e b a b y. E x p e n s e s paid. 1-800-561-9323

Advertise your product or service nationwide or by region in up to 12 million POULSBO households in Nor th WINDSONG APTS America’s best suburbs! POULSBO Place your classified ad 19880 3rd Ave NW Advertise your product or Very Nice 1 or 2 BR. service nationwide or by Short Waiting List! region in up to 12 million Rent Is $585 or $685/Mo households in Nor th Income Limits Apply America’s best suburbs! 360-779-6244 Place your classified ad TDD: 711 in over 815 suburban newspapers just like this WA Misc. Rentals one. Call Classified Ave4 ACRE EQUESTRIAN Property with 3 BR, 2 BA Duplexes/Multiplexes nue at 888-486-2466 or go to www.classifiedavehome. Home has a large BREMERTON living/ family rooms, eat- 2 BEDROOM: large and in kitchen, laundry room very clean! Washer/ dry- ANNOUNCE your festi& spacious bedrooms. er hookups, dishwasher, va l fo r o n l y p e n n i e s. L a r g e d e c k a n d d e - garage and fenced yard. Four weeks to 2.7 million tached 6 car open gar- N o p e t s o r s m o k i n g . readers statewide for age. The proper ty has $700/ Month plus $500 about $1,200. Call this been cross fenced into security deposit. 206- n e w s p a p e r o r 1 multiple pastures. Barn 463-2529. (206) 634-3838 for more pasture also has a riding details. arena. No cats. 1 dog W E ’ R E L O O K I N G To OK. No smoking. Call Adopt: Happily married with questions. $1,600/ loving couple desires to month. 360-692-6102. give your newbor n SILVERDALE Wa r m H a p p y H o m e , 2 B E D RO O M , 1 b a t h L ove & S e c u r i t y. E x mobile at 4165 Newberpenses paid. Krisry Lane, off Chico Way. tine/David 888-869-2227 Washer, dryer included. real estate Get the ball rolling... $675 plus deposit. 360rentals Call 800-388-2527 today. 275-5633. Apartments for Rent Kitsap County

$99.00 Move-in Special Lund Village, Port Orchard

Now renting 3 bedroom 2 bath. Walking distance t o s h o p p i n g a n d bu s line. Pets welcome. Garages available. Please call (360) 895-7731 Bainbridge Island

2 BEDROOM, $850/mo. Near library, shopping and bus line. W/D.


Independent Realty Group

Need Assistance Finding Affordable Housing in Kitsap Cty? Free Info & Referrals w/ HomeShare/HomeFinder Program

Call Penny Lamping


Both available now.

Apartments for Rent Kitsap County

TDD: 711

Can you use $ 100 in gas money? Can you use $400 off your first month rent?


1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments

Prices start at $695/month



Property Management 206-498-8533




OPEN HOUSE–POULSBO $247,900 SAT.-SUN. 1-4. 1417 NW Watland St. DD: From Poulsbo take Hwy 3 twrd BI to E on Forest Rock to R on 12th st to L on Watland St to site. 2 bd/2 ba twnhm w/loft, 2-car gar & more Tommy Jones 360-731-9685 View at OPEN HOUSE–POULSBO $249,000 SAT. 1-4. 21755 Clear Creek Road NW Minutes to the entrance of Bangor, homeowners and investors alike will appreciate this completely remodeled 3 BDRM + office home. 2 car garage w/ shop included. Eileen Black 206-842-5636 View at


BREMERTON $44,900 Won’t take much to make this home a charmer! Just needs paint & elbow grease. Bank owned, 3% down for buyers, no investor offers for 1st 15 days on market. JOHN L. SCOTT 360-876-7600 View at PRICE REDUCED–BREMERTON $49,950 Wonderful ground unit condo overlooking the Sound & has 2bdrms,fireplace,master bath & wet bar. Inside has been recently painted & bathroom has been remodeled. Donny Reece 360-509-5249 View at OPEN HOUSE–BREMERTON $78,500 SUN. 12-4. 1003 NE Saturn Lane NE 1003 NE Saturn Lan NE. DD:Central Valley between Fairgrounds Rd & Mc Williams. Stay on Saturn to “T�, L @ Libra, L @ Saturn to hm on Rt. Close to RV parking! Phyllis Hoepfner 360-698-8157 View at PRICE REDUCED–BREMERTON $129,950 Spectacular waterfront condo w/amazing views! Features 2 bdrms, granite counter tops in kitchen, private balcony & walking trail to beach. This is a must see! Donny Reece 360-509-5249 View at OPEN HOUSE–BREMERTON $249,950 FRI.-SUN. 1-4. 2317 Schley Blvd. 2317 Schley Blvd. Welcome to Eastpark. New Construction 2 stry 3 bd/2.5ba hm, bamboo flrs, ss appls, & shaker style cabs. Next to the Bremerton YMCA. Silverdale Office 360-692-9777 View at

SOUTH KITSAP NEW LISTING–PORT ORCHARD $120,000 Classic cottage w/curb appeal. Located amongst the best of old & new Port Orchard. Remodeled beauty is all yours at an amazingly affordable price. Move in Ready. Tommy Jones 360-731-9685 View at

LOTS AND LAND HANSVILLE $11,500 Boating, fishing, crabbing. Sunsets, private beach, pool, community center. Great amenity lot, not buildable. Steel it for the fun! Jan Zufelt 360-297-5550 View at HANSVILLE $109,500 Beautiful level acreage close to lighthouse, parks, trails. Water hook-up fee paid & meter on site. Beach access. Jan Zufelt 360-297-5550 View at BREMERTON $399,000 Great potential! Two tax parcels, one is 8 acres the other 40 acres! Grand total of 48 acres. Rural & peaceful property with easy access to Brem/ Belfair/PTO! Marcie O’Brien 253-549-5657 View at

BAINBRIDGE ISLAND OPEN HOUSE $499,000 SUN. 1-4. 15445 Sunrise Drive NE This home offers multigenerational possiblities with a 1884 sq ft 3 bdrm Main house, a 1 bdrm Carriage house, workshop, and garden shed. Set on a forested acre. Eileen Black 206-842-5636 View at

JOHN L. SCOTT KITSAP COUNTY OFFICE LOCATIONS Bainbridge Island | Vicki Browning, Managing Broker............. (206) 842-5636 Kingston | Tom Heckly, Managing Broker.......................................... (360) 297-7500 Port Orchard | Jacqui Curtiss, Managing Broker .......................... (360) 876-7600 Poulsbo | Frank Wilson, Managing Broker ........................................ (360) 779-7555 Silverdale | Lee Avery, Managing Broker ............................... (360) 692-9777 John L. Scott Real Estate has 122 offices, some offices are independently owned and operated.

PAGE 4, Real Estate Now/Kitsap Classifieds, Friday, March 30, 2012




Waterfront, Close to Ferries, Spectacular Views, Cheaper than Rent. MLS# 317013, Penny’s Team Penny McLaughlin. For 24 hour information simply dial 1-800-504-0090 enter code 5015. www.

18110 Cherry Tree Lane, Suquamish

Sun 1-4

Just Listed! Craftsman-style home in desirable Winslow’s Cove. Large bonus room, 3-car garage, fenced yard, great condition! #334901. Sarah Sydor 206-683-4526, Windermere Real Estate/BI, Inc.


392 Cosgrove Street NW, Bainbridge Island

Sun 1-4


21755 Clear Creek Road NW , Poulsbo


10281 NE Garibaldi Loop, Bainbridge Island

Sun 1-4


20247 Fortune Pl NE, Poulsbo


4062 Crystal Springs Drive, Bainbridge Island


11287 Fieldstone Lane NE, Bainbridge Island

Sun 1-4


475 Cosgrove St, Bainbridge Island

Sun 1-4


6650 NE Bayview Boulevard, Bainbridge Island

Sun 1-4


14730 Sunrise Dr., Bainbridge Island

Sun 1-4


665 Tiffany Meadows Drive NE, Bainbridge Island

Sun 1-4


9797 Sunny Hill Circle, Bainbridge Island


3500 Crystal Springs Drive NE, Bainbridge Island

Sun 1-4


6969 NE Day Road West, Bainbridge Island

Sun 1-4


3199 Pleasant Beach Drive NE, Bainbridge Island

Sun 1-4


11024 Arrow Point, Bainbridge Island

Sun 1-4


15400 Broom Street NE, Bainbridge Island

Sun 1-4


7733 Hansen Road NE, Bainbridge Island

Sun 1-4

Sat 1-4

Attention investors! Bangor Naval Station is currently in-processing thousands of new personnel, meaning demand for off base rentals.This home is minutes to the Bangor entrance! Complete remodel recently. DD: Hwy 3 N, Finn Hill Exit, left on Rude Rd, right on Clear Creek. Eileen Black (206) 696-1540

Sat-Sun 12-4

Chateau Ridge - Central Highland Builder’s (also the builders of Poulsbo Place II), are now introducing their newest neighborhood, Chateau Ridge! Located at the top of Forest Rock Hills on Caldart Ave. Craftsman & Cottage-Style homes ranging from 912 to 2,200 SF & prices starting in the low $200’s. Offering several one-level floor plans, as well as, 2-level plans. Built Green, Energy Star appliances, & 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty. Neighborhood is centrally located to North Kitsap Schools, local markets, shopping in the ever-popular downtown Poulsbo, local parks & more. Breathtaking Olympic Mtn Views. MLS# 267886. Karen Bazar, John L Scott Real Estate, Poulsbo, 360-981-0098 or email Call today for more details.


19442 Willet Lane NE, Poulsbo Place II, Div 7

Sat-Sun 12-4

A Central Highland Builder’s Project. Our newest Poulsbo Place neighborhood located on 4th Avenue is now underway. Featuring lots w/sweeping views that overlook the charming Poulsbo Place community, Liberty Bay, & the Olympic Mountains. With 14 customizable floor plans to choose from, this is an outstanding opportunity to select the home of your dreams with breathtaking views. Quality finishes inside & out. Low maintenance, safe & secure living in the master-planned community in the heart of the waterfront village of Poulsbo. Floor plans vary from 876 - 3,000 sq. ft., 2 - 4 bedrooms, 1 - 3.5 bathrooms & a 2-10 home warranty. Close to shopping & restaurants. MLS#296132. Karen Bazar, John L. Scott Real Estate, Poulsbo, 360-981-0098 or email Call today for more details.


37404 Loki Bluff Dr NE, Hansville

Sat 1-3


1821/1803 NW Pioneer Hill Rd, Poulsbo

Sat 1-4.

Amazing views up and down the Sound and gorgeous sunrises over the Cascade Mountains. Great home has 2-Bedroom septic but 3rd room is there. Huge picture windows. New paint, mature pretty landscaping & beautiful new deck. Close to Waterfront Park & Point No Point Lighthouse. MLS#248002 +BO;VGFMU +PIO-4DPUU ,JOHTUPOKBO[VGFMU!UFMFCZUFDPNrXXXKPIOMTDPUUDPNKBO[ Great Opportunity to have Large home on 5 Acres !!! 1897sq main and 2282sq partial finished daylight basement separate living space with own entrance and garage. Circulator driveway, Large Covered Deck. 3 bedroom, 1 full bath + 2 partial bath, 4,579 SqFt. Agent: Michelle Girard, Cell: 360.509.8755, ZipRealty


792 Madison Avenue #792, Bainbridge Island

Sun 1-3

Neat & tidy 1-level 2BR near downtown Winslow. Living rm FP, dining rm, deck overlooking lawn & gardens, b’fast bar, newer appls, sep laundry rm. MBR w/private BA + walk-in closet. EZ access to everything. No one above or below. Covered parking underneath incl 2 lrg spaces & storage closet. 2 pets OK. Move in ready. MLS 328478. Coldwell Banker McKenzie / Bill Barrow & Chris Miller 206.842.1733 x 124.


5445 Diamond Place NE, Bainbridge Island

Sun 2-4

Sunny, serene .87-acre. New roof, paint & carpet make this terrific 4BR home move-in ready. Practical, open layout. #308095. Carleen Gosney 206-909-2042, Windermere Real Estate/BI, Inc.


15445 Sunrise Drive NE, Bainbridge Island

Sun 1-4

New Listing! Multi-generational opportunity with this 1884 sq ft main house, 750 carriage house, huge workshop, and garden shed. Set on 1 forested acre close to Fay Bainbridge. DD: Day Rd. North on Sunrise Dr. 150 ft before entrance to Fay Bainbridge Park, turn left onto road (follow directional signs) up hill, downhill. Take hard right (follow signs) to homes at end of road. Eileen Black (206) 696-1540


4479 Pinto Court NE, Bainbridge Island

Sun 1-4

This Architectural NW Contemporary has features rarely found in a home at this price point. Large windows w/transoms above create light filled intimate spaces. A Stunning river rock fireplace, wood casement windows and wonderful outdoor living spaces complete this 3bdrm 2.25 bath home. Split bdrm design consists of a large master with sitting room and full 5 piece master bath. Two bedrooms share a Jack and Jill bath. Just shy of 1 acre, this home offers exceptional privacy and style! MLS # 335810 Sonja Jones, Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty 206.769.0669


9610 NE North Town Loop, Bainbridge Island

Sun 1-4

Just Listed! Excellent floor plan including 3 bedrooms & recreation room w/home office. Beautiful private yard, good sun and wonderful neighborhood. Ty Evans 206-795-0202

Spotless & spacious, beautifully-appointed home has a fabulously flexible floor plan incl 4BR+den, 3BA. Great nbrhd just mins to ferry! #331098. Ana Richards 206-459-8222 Host Joe Richards 206459-8223. Windermere Real Estate/BI, Inc.

Sat-Sun 1-4 PM

Offering a Western View Home 3220 Sq. Ft with Beach Access below Home. MLS#320943 Jack Vidano Real Estate Broker (206) 200-8973

Just Listed! Sunshine in & out‌4BR/3.5BA, huge kitchen, private main floor master. Upstairs bonus, family room, office. Level .49-acre lot. #333956. Molly Neary & Joanie Ransom 206-920-9166. Windermere Real Estate/BI, Inc.

Winslow’s Cove - one of the most sought-after locations on Bainbridge Island. 3600 s/f w/4 BDRMs plus den & bonus room. Extensive hardwood floors throughout, slate entry along w/ custom interior paint colors make this entire home feel cozy & warm. Raised deck, spacious patio & garden areas. Stone throw to waterfront path to Winslow! MLS 32695. Coldwell Banker McKenzie / Hosted by Pamela Van Vleet 206.734.6061. Low-bank Manzanita Bay WFT home w/4000+ sq ft, 4 frpls, formal living/dining, 3BR plus 2 guest rooms. Gardens & shop. #299111. Susan Burris 206-498-8479 Beverly Green 206-780-7678. Windermere Real Estate/BI, Inc. At 3579 sq. ft., this home, with sweeping views of the Sound and Cascades, is an exceptional value! Three bedrooms and 2.5 baths are in the main part of the home. A recent addition features an elegant library with a separate entrance ideal for a home-based business. Guest quarters below offer privacy and comfort for extended guests or a nanny. A short stroll down a private lane reveals your deeded beach where you can play among the driftwood. DD: 305 to E on Day to N on Sunrise. Patti Shannon 206.755.5139, High Point Realty Group LLC. MLS #300522

Beautiful new construction just 3 blocks to the ferry! Upgrades galore, fabulous light-filled master, main floor den & bedroom w/bath. Stainless kitchen. #320820. Ana Richards 206-459-8222. Windermere Real Estate/BI, Inc.

Sat/Sun 1-4

Magnificent Roger Katz designed home on wooded 2.5 acres in exclusive sunny south end neighborhood. This home is beautifully finished with everything you would expect! DD: From Blakely Ave, right on Country Club, right on Ft. Ward Hill, left on Sunny Hill Circle to home on right. Kevin Pearson (425) 247-4323

Architect’s own WFT home drenched in sun—all on one level—with low-bank beach right across the road! Photos at Bill Hunt 206-300-4889 Mark Wilson 206-919-8039. Windermere Real Estate/BI, Inc. Stunning! Architecturally-designed, quality 3BR rambler with bonus room.Private 6+ acres in equestrian area w/100+ yr old barn. Lorraine “Lauren� Davee 206-794-3397, Windermere Real Estate/BI, Inc. New Price! 1955 home with 180 degree views of Rich Passage & Olympic Mountains plus 100+ ft. of “Gold Coast� no-bank waterfront. #201146. Susan Grosten 206-780-7672. Windermere Real Estate/ BI, Inc. Inspired by grand lodges of the Pacific Northwest, this stunning home offers the perfect blend of indoor living and outdoor lifestyle. Privately situated on over 2 acres of land waterside along Manzanita Bay DD: Hwy 305 N to Koura (West), left on Miller. Right on Arrow Point. Home is on the right down share driveway to sign. Eileen Black 206-696-1540 HOST: Don Rooks Stunning NW modern ranch-style design & fabulous pool on this spectacular estate parcel w/150 ft of no-bank WFT and all-day sun! Jackie Syvertsen 206-790-3600, Windermere Real Estate/BI, Inc. One of a kind style by noted architect Stuart Silk. Inspired by the Mediterranean, this colorful contemporary features a classic Northwest setting surrounded by majestic evergreens, stunning gardens, 2.5 private acres, 151’ of waterfront and your own custom 2000 bottle wine cellar. Listed by Dennis Paige/ Sonja Jones, hosted by Gigi Norwine, Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty 206.427.6492

Submit Your Open House Listing by calling: ttt

Friday, March 30, 2012, Real Estate Now/Kitsap Classifieds, PAGE 5


OPEN HOUSE Sunday 1-4


OPEN HOUSE Saturday 1-3


Phenomenal Water Views!

Love dogs? Want a home business? The seller will even look at a lease option making startup a breeze! Make an appointment to see this unique property today. Seller used to generate over $4,000 a month, but is moving out of

Amazing views up and down the Sound and gorgeous sunrises over the Cascade Mountains. Great home has 2-Bedroom septic but 3rd

the area. Business name is Country Clippin’ dog grooming, business also features plenty of room for dog handling classes. Spotless home on the property has a large deck for enjoying a break from the day.

Dana Soyat

Location 6275 Bethel Road SE Price $229,900 Features Cable TV, Deck, Partially

Office 360-876-9600 Cell 360-710-853 Windermere Real Estate MLS #265558

Fenced, Outbuildings, RV Parking



Move-in ready town home

Saturday 1-4

Great Central Kitsap location, only 11 minutes to PSNS or Bangor. Beautifully maintained & upgraded with fully fenced backyard and large 2 car garage. Open & light with living and dining area open to kitchen with tons of cabinets including new pullouts and newly added composite granite sink & great pantry area. All bedrooms are large including the wonderful master suite with corner fireplace, huge walk-in closed & spacious bathroom. To top it off all appliances are included.

Wendy Crenshaw

Cell (360) 271-6743 Office (360) 871-2332 Coldwell Banker Park Shore Real Estate

MLS #263790



360-620-0499 Windermere RE/Kitsap, Inc. MLS #281684

Jan Zufelt

John L Scott, Kingston MLS #248002

Location 37404 Loki Bluff Dr NE Price $299,500 Features 2 Bedrooms, 1.75 Baths, 1,856

SQFT. New roof 2006.


OPEN HOUSE Sunday 1-4

New Green Glen Listing! Lovely 3-bedroom, 2.5 bathroom home in centrally located Green Glen. Freshly painted, just move in! At 1513 sq. ft. plus attached garage, this is one of the largest homes in this community, one of few with a gas fireplace, and in a desirable setting with extra parking across the street. The open floor plan on the main floor is great for entertaining. The second floor has 3 large bedrooms, 2 full baths and laundry room with storage closet. A sunny, flat yard includes both patio and deck.

Location 143 NE Tucannon Ct. Price $149,900 Features Fireplace in master BR, Deck,

Fully fenced, corner lot, wall to wall carpet


Why are you renting when you could OWN your Home? There are just two Homes Available at Bowwood! This popular Neighborhood is almost SOLD OUT! 100% financing available with the USDA loan program. Spacious Floor Plan, Featuring oak cabinetry, slate/stone backsplash, Microwave oven, Gas Heat and water tank. All back yards fenced, and front yards are landscaped. Playground, with picnic area. Central Kitsap Schools, minutes to Shopping, PSNS, & Bangor. Come see why so many are already calling Bowwood Home! Ask about our $5,000 Buyer BONUS!

Amy Allen

room is there. Huge picture windows. New paint, mature pretty landscaping & beautiful new deck. Close to Waterfront Park & Point No Point Lighthouse.

Location 4867 Bowwood Circle Lot #24 Priced From $189,500 Features 3 bedroom/2.5 bath, 1415 square


Robb Bowman

360-710-9425 High Point Realty Group LLC MLS #335276

Location 1919 Green Glen Lane Price $174,500 Features 1513 sq. ft., 3 Bedrooms,

2.5 Baths, Gas Fireplace

SEABECK Stavis Bay

550 feet of waterfront enhance the beauty & privacy of this well appointed 3751 square foot home situated along Hood Canal’s Stavis Bay! The dramatic beauty of the Olympic Mountains, breathtaking sunsets, soaring eagles, watching orcas at play plus the bounty of seafood waiting to be harvested from the beach are just some of the many reasons why this home is so exceptional! Situated on over 5 acres of pristine waterfront, the home offers a completely private escape from everyday life!

Eileen Black

(206) 696-1540 John L. Scott Bainbridge Island MLS #334722

Location 7456 Mac Lane NW Price $898,000 Features 3751 Sq Ft on over 5 acres of

pristine waterfront

PAGE 6, Real Estate Now/Kitsap Classifieds, Friday, March 30, 2012 Legal Notices

Legal Notices

continuted from p.3 Bellevue, WA 98006 scribed below to satisfy a judgment in the above-entitled action. If developed the property address is: 14403 Crescent Valley Road Southeast fka 14411 Crescent Valley Road Southeast, Olalla, WA 98359. LEGAL DESCRIPTION: ALL THAT PORTION OF THE SOUTH 112 FEET OF THE NORTH 172.20 FEET OF THE SOUTH HALF OF THE NORTH HALF OF GOVERNMENT LOT 1, SECTION 10, TOWNSHIP 22 NORTH, RANGE 2 EAST, W.M., LY I N G E A S T E R LY O F THE CRESCENT VALLEY COUNTY ROAD; TOGETHER WITH TIDELANDS OF THE SECOND CLASS AS CONVEYED B Y T H E S TAT E O F WASHINGTON SITUATE IN FRONT OF, ADJACENT TO AND ABUTTING THEREON. SITUATE IN THE COUNTY OF K I T S A P, S T A T E O F WASHINGTON. Assessors Property Tax Parcel or Account Numb e r : 102202-2-005-2007 The sale of the above described property is to take place: Time: 10:00 am Date: Friday, May 4, 2012 Place: Main Entrance, Kitsap County Courthouse 614 Division Street, Port Orchard, WA The judgment debtor can avoid the sale by paying the judgment amount of $214,025.73, together with interest, costs and fees, before the sale date. For the exact amount, contact the Sheriff at the address stated below: STEVE BOYER, SHERIFf Attorney for Plaintiff: Routh Crabtree Olsen, P.S. Janaya L Carter 13555 SE 36th St., Ste 300

(425) 458-2121 By: Katherine Collings Lieutenant Support Services Section Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office 614 Division Street Port Orchard, WA 98366 Phone: 360-337-7104 Date of first publication: 03/30/12 Date of last publication 04/20/12 PW600598

To: UNKNOWN HEIRS AND DEVISEES OF LESLIE E. HARRIS, DECEASED; KENNETH BALL; NORA MAE WOOD; Occupants of the Premises; and any persons or parties claiming to have any right, title, estate, lien or interest in the real property described in the complaint, SUPERIOR COURT OF WASHINGTON IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF KITSAP BANK OF AMERICA, N.A., SUCCESSOR BY MERGER TO BAC HOME LOANS SERVICING, LP F/K/A COUNTRYWIDE HOME LOANS SERVICING LP, its successors in interest and/or assigns, Plaintiff, v. UNKNOWN HEIRS AND DEVISEES OF LESLIE E. HARRIS, DECEASED; KENNETH BALL; NORA MAE WOOD; Occupants of the Premises; and any persons or parties claiming to have any right, title, estate, lien or interest in the real property described in the complaint, Defendants. No. 09-2-01973-0 WRIT FOR ORDER OF SALE (ZERO MONTH REDEMPTION PERIOD)

Legal Notices

Legal Notices

AN ORDER OF SALE HAS BEEN ISSUED IN THE ABOVE CAPTIONED CASE, DIRECTED TO THE SHERIFF OF KITS A P C O U N T Y, C O M MANDING THE SHERIFF AS FOLLOWS, WHEREAS, FROM: THE KITSAP COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT CLERK’S OFFICE TO: THE SHERIFF OF K I T S A P C O U N T Y, WASHINGTON On February 7, 2012, a Judgment and Decree of Foreclosure (“Judgment”) was entered in favor of Bank of America, N.A., successor by merger to BAC Home Loans Servicing, LP f/k/a Countrywide Home Loans Servicing LP (“Plaintiff”) against the defendants Unknown Heirs and Devisees of Leslie E. Harris, deceased; Kenneth Ball; Nora Mae Wood; Occupants of the Premises; and any persons or parties claiming to have any right, title, estate, lien or interest in the real property described in the complaint (“Defendant”). The Judgment forecloses the interests of all the Defendants in and to the following described property (“Property”) commonly known as 708 Roswell DR, Bremerton, WA 98310 for the total sum of $222,271.54 with interest thereon at the rate of 5.875% per annum from February 9, 2012. The Property situated in Kitsap County, State of Washington, is legally described as: LOT 32, ROSWELL ADDITON, ACCORDING TO THE PLAT RECORDED IN VOLUME 14 OF PLATS, PAGE 23, 24, 25 AND 26 IN KITSAP C O U N T Y, WA S H I N G TON.

THEREFORE, pursuant to RCW 61.12.060, and in the name of the State of Washington, you are hereby commanded to sell the Property, or so much thereof as may be necessary, in order to satisfy the Judgment, including post-judgment interest and costs. MAKE RETURN HEREOF within sixty days of the date indicated below, showing you have executed the same. Pursuant to RCW 6.21.050(2), the Sheriff may adjourn the foreclosure sale from time to time, not exceeding thirty days beyond the last date at which this Writ is made returnable, with the consent of the plaintiff endorsed upon this Writ or by a contemporaneous writing. WITNESS, the Honorable JEANETTE DALTON Judge of the Superior Court and the seal of said Court, affixed this 22nd day of February, 2012, at Port Orchard, Washington. By: David W. Peterson Superior Court Clerk By: Kristen Kinsley Deputy Clerk THE SALE DATE HAS BEEN SET FOR FRIDAY, A P R I L 2 0 , 2 0 1 2 AT 1 0 : 3 0 A M . , AT T H E MAIN ENTRANCE, KITSAP COUNTY COURTHOUSE, PORT ORCHARD, WASHINGTON. Y O U M AY H AV E A RIGHT TO EXEMPT PROPERTY FROM THE S A L E U N D E R S TATUTES OF THE STATE, INCLUDING SECTIONS 6.13.010, 6.13.030, 6.13.040, 6.15.010 AND 6.15.060 OF THE REVISED CODE OF WASHINGTON, IN THE MATTER DESCRIBED IN THOSE STATUES. STEVE BOYER, SHERIFF BY: DAVID WHITE CHIEF OF INVESTIGATIONS & SUPPORT SERVICES

Legal Notices

Date of first publication: 03/02/12 Date of last publication: 04/06/12 (PW590517) IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF WASHINGTON FOR KITSAP COUNTY JP MORGAN CHASE BANK, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, SUCCESSOR BY MERGER TO CHASE HOME FINANCE LLC, it’s successors in interest and/or assigns, Plaintiff, vs. UNKNOWN HEIRS OF CALVIN BLAIR JEFFS AND ROXANN JEFFS; SUSAN BAKER; RICHARD CLARK; AMANDA PEDRO; ARIC JEFFS; GLENN JEFFS; WASHINGTON STATE DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL AND HEALTH SERVICES; Occupants of the Premises; and any persons or parties claiming to have any right, title, estate, lien or interest in the real property described in the complaint, Defendant(s) NO. 11-2-01617-1 SHERIFF’S PUBLIC NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL PROPERTY TO: UNKNOWN HEIRS OF CALVIN BLAIR JEFFS AND ROXANN JEFFS; SUSAN BAKER, RICHARD CLARK; AMANDA PEDRO; ARIC JEFFS; GLENN JEFFS;, et al Judgment Debtor(s) The Superior Court of Kitsap County has directed the undersigned Sheriff of Kitsap County to sell the judgment debtors interest in the property described below to satisfy a judgment in the above-entitled action. If developed the property address is: 14356 Carney Lake Road SW, Port Orchard, WA 98367. Legal Description: LOT 46, WYE LAKE ACREAGE TRACTS, ACCORDING TO THE PLAT RECORDED IN VOLUME 16 OF PLATS, PAGES 62, 63, 64 AND 65. RECORDS OF KITSAP COUNTY, WASHINGTON. Assessor’s Property Tax Parcel/ Account Number: 4870-000046-0005 The sale of the above described property is to take place: Time: 10:30 am Date: Friday, May 4, 2012 Place: Main Entrance, Kitsap County Courthouse 614 Division Street, Por t Orchard, WA The judgment debtor can avoid the sale by paying the judgment

Employment General

Legal Notices

amount of $214,026.47. together with interest, costs and fees, before the sale date. For the exact amount, contact the Sheriff at the address stated below: STEVE BOYER, SHERIFF By: Lt. Katherine Collings, #8 Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office 614 Division Street Port Orchard, WA 98366 Employment Phone: 360-337-7104 Professional Attorney for Plaintiff: Routh Crabtree Olsen, P.S. Business Manager, Lauren Davidson Humphreys Full Time. 13555 SE 36th St., Ste. 300 Bellevue, WA 98006 Bookkeeping, A/R, A/P, Phone: 425-458-2121 operations mgmt. & cust. Date of first publication: service exp. required. 03/30/12 Date of last publication: Email or mail cover letter 04/20/12 and resume by 4/20 to: PW600606 Greg Robinson, Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, Sell it for FREE in the PO Box 11413, Bainbridge, WA 98110, Super Flea! Call


866-825-9001 or email the Super Flea at theflea@

For details, visit: EOE

Carriers The North Kitsap Herald has openings for Carrier Routes. No collecting, no selling. Friday mornings. If interested call Christy 360-779-4464 INCOME OPPORTUNITY! The Bainbridge Island Review newspaper seeking quality motor route carriers. Thursday night delivery. No collections. Must be at least 18 years of age. Reliable people with reliable vehicle please call Brian. 206-842-6613

Sell your stuff free in the Super Flea! Your items totalling $150 or less will run for free one week in your local community paper and online. Call today to place your ad 866-825-9001

Rent It homes apartments houseboats vacation homes

Toll Free 800-388-2527 Fax 360-598-6800

email: web:


Start your Career Shopping Today!

RN MDS NURSE Sequim Health & Rehabilitation, an Extendicare facility, is now interviewing for an experienced MDS Registered Nurse to add to our team. Enjoy an excellent support system from our Regional MDS team, which offers assistance in problem solving and implementing systems. We offer an extremely competitive wage and benefit package including paid benefits during your introductory period. You must be licensed in WA as an RN and have a working knowledge of MDS 3.0 to be considered for this position. Interested candidates contact: Christina Kirsch, Area Recruiter Email: Extendicare Health Services, Inc is an EOE that encourages workplace diversity.

Foster Parents Needed Kitsap Mental Health Services is looking for foster parents to provide foster care and respite care for foster children. We are there for you in this important work. We offer in-depth training, superior staff support and up to $1600 per month reimbursement. Being a foster parent requires flexibility, commitment and the knowledge and desire to help foster children. For more information please email Make sure to include your phone number in your email. Or call Lindsey at 360-479-4994.

Looking for a change? Looking for supplemental income? Contact us about these pier diem/part time opportunities......

FT Occupational, Physical & Speech Therapists, Registered Nurses, Home Health Aides (CNA) Flexible scheduling to meet your career needs!

Call Christie Clark today! 253-466-3560 Or stop by our Bremerton Branch: 4060 Wheaton Way, Suite A Bremerton WA 98310 Come home to Gentiva. America’s home healthcare leader. AA/EOE/M/F/D/V encouraged to apply

Friday, March 30, 2012, Real Estate Now/Kitsap Classifieds, PAGE 7


Have a service to offer? Contact Jennie today: 866-296-0380

Professional Services Legal Services

DIVORCE $135. $165 with children. No court appearances. Complete preparation. Includes, custody, support, proper ty division and bills. B B B m e m b e r . (503) 772-5295. www.paralegalalter Whether you’re buying or selling, the Classifieds has it all. From automobiles and employment to real estate and household goods, you’ll find everything you need 24 hours a day at Home Services


MESSERSMITH WOODWORKS Furniture repair, stripping, refinishing, veneering, chair caning, much more. If you can’t find it, we can make it! Phone: 360-394-6280

Home Services Hauling & Cleanup


WE TAKE IT ALL! Junk, Appliances, yard debris, etc. Serving Kitsap Co. since 1997

360-377-7990 206-842-2924

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Home Services Hauling & Cleanup

Andy’s Landscape & Excavation WINTER CLEANUP


WE BUY $ Junk Cars, Trucks, Semis, Busses & Heavy Equipment Any Condition With or W/out Title

360-340-0032 Home Services

House/Cleaning Service

HOUSEKEEPER FOR HIRE I have been cleaning Port Madison Lutheran Church for 12 years and have several years experience cleaning homes on Bainbridge Island. $20 per hour. Limited 3 hours work.


Shovel snow, remove debris, bark, prune, protect plants, etc. Pre-plan for your lawn maintenance, decking, fencing, retaining walls, pathways, etc.



Lic# ANDYSLE893JA, Bonded, Ins

Countryside Landscaping and MAINTENENCE Land Clearing! Prune, Pressure Wash, Bark, Retaining Walls, Plant, Fe n c i n g ! Fr e e E s t i mates! 360-265-7487 Lic# COUNTLM932JE.

Spring Cleanup Reasonable! Weeding ~ Trimming General Clean-Up Great Equip.! 4 hr min. Call John


Serving Kitsap County

Home Services Landscape Services



Home Services Lawn/Garden Service

ALL GROUNDS CARE Spring Clean-Up! Pruning, Full Maintenance, Hedge, Haul, Bark/Rock, Roof and Gutter, Etc


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PAINTING & CONSTRUCTION Siding & Remodeling *Call for Free Estimate*

360-895-5405 Lic#LONESPC927QC/Bonded/Insured

Count on us to get the word out Reach thousands of readers when you advertise in your local community newspaper and online! Call: 800-388-2527 Fax: 360-598-6800 E-mail: classified@ Go online: Home Services Remodeling

REMODEL & REPAIRS 360-509-7514 www.lewisandclarke Lic# LEWISCC925QL

* Rock Walls * Patios * Waterfalls, Ponds & Sprinkler Systems * Pressure Washing * Pruning * Mowing * Gravel * Debris/Hauling

Call: 360-621-3566

Home Services Painting

Home Services Landscape Services

360-698-7222 MIKE’S YARD SERVICE Mowing, Trimming, Pruning, Clean-Up and More! Very Reasonable!

Need an employer who gives you your own parking spot? Maybe it’s time to change jobs. Our online job search solution will provide you with job listings where you can view jobs that match your category. Your path to a better job begins at Home Services Roofing/Siding


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“Divorce For GrownupsTM”


Law Offices of Lynda H. McMaken, P.S.

Yard Care & More! Trimming, Weeding, Mowing, Clean-Up & Hauling, Etc

Lowest Rates ~ Refs Call Today For Free Estimate!


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DRIVER -- New to Trucking? Your new career starts now! * 0$ Tuition cost * No Credit Check * Great Pay & Benefits. Short employment commitment required. (866) 306-4115

**Able to Travel** Hiring 10 people, Work-travel all states, resort areas. No exp. Paid training/ Transportation provided. 18+ 1-888-853-8411 w w w. p r o t e k c h e m i

REPORTER The Central Kitsap Reporter in Silverdale, WA is seeking a general assignment reporter with writing experience and photography skills. This position includes general-assignment coverage o f a c i t y, a n U r b a n G r ow t h A r e a , c o u n t y government and naval base. Coverage stretches from the deeply rural to the “other Washington” in scope. News, narrative features and photography are at the center of the job. Applicants must be able to work in a team-oriented deadline driven environment, display excellent w r i t i n g s k i l l s, h ave a knowledge of community n ew s a n d b e a bl e t o compose ar ticles on multiple topics. This is a full-time position and includes excellent benefits, paid vacation, sick a n d h o l i d ay s. P l e a s e send resume with cover letter, 3 or more non-returnable clips in PDF or Text format and references to or mail to: GAREP/HR Sound Publishing, Inc. 19351 8th Ave. NE, Suite 106 Poulsbo, WA 98370

The Bainbridge Island Review, a weekly community newspaper located in western Washington state, is accepting applications for a parttime general assignment Reporter. The ideal candidate will have solid reporting and writing skills, have up-to-date knowledge of the AP Stylebook, be able to shoot photos and video, be able to use InDesign, and contribute to staff blogs and Web updates. We offer vacation and sick leave, and paid holidays. If you have a passion for community news reporting and a desire to work in an ambitious, dyn a m i c n ew s r o o m , we want to hear from you. E.O.E. Email your resume, cover letter and up to 5 non-returnable writing, photo and video samples to Or mail to BIRREP/HR Dept., Sound Publishing, 19351 8th Ave. NE, Suite 106, Poulsbo, WA 98370. Salesperson Needed to work in a fun, fast-paced environment! Little Nickel, a division of Sound Publishing, Inc. is seeking an experienced Inside Advertising Sales Consultant. Position will be based out of our Eve r e t t o f f i c e. We a r e looking for candidates who are assertive, goaldriven, and who possess strong interpersonal skills—both written and verbal. Ideal candidates will need to have an exceptional sales background; print media exper ience is a definite asset. If you thrive on calling on new, active or inactive accounts; are self-motivated, well organized, and want to join a professional, highly energized and competitive sales team, we want to hear from you. Must be computer-proficient at Word, Excel, and utilizing the Internet. Compensation includes a base wage plus commission and an excellent group benefits program. Please email resume and cover letter to:

D R I V E R S - - F l ex i bl e Hometime! Up to $.42/mile plus $.02/mile quarterly safety bonus -Daily pay -- New trucks --CDL-A, 3 months recent exper ience required. 800-414-9569


Gross $4,100 month, 100% Paid Benefits, get paid weekly & take truck home! CDL-A, 2yrs OTR Exp. 1-888-880-5921 DRIVERS -- Inexper ienced/Experienced. Unbeatable career Opport u n i t i e s . Tr a i n e e . Company Driver. Lease Operator Ear n up to $ 5 1 k . L e a s e Tra i n e r s earn up to $80K. (877) 369-7105 w w w. c e n t r a l d r i v i n g Health Care Employment


Every moment is an opportunity for an extraordinary experience

Openings for:


13.53 - $15.20 per hour starting CNA base rate



Night Nurse P/T

New Hire BONUS for more information call 206-567-4421

CNAs Life Care Connections is a private duty home care agency providing n o n - m e d i c a l c a r e fo r seniors. We are currently seeking CNAs in the Bremer ton/Kitsap, and Gig Harbor areas. We 4AKEååSPECIAL !DVERTISEåYOURåVEHICLE å offer P/T flexible schedules. Contact Life Care BOAT å26åORåCAMPER Connections at: å,INES ååWEEKS (253)858-2011 #ALLå  åTODAY

or MAIL to: Sound Publishing, Inc. 19426 68th Avenue S. Kent, WA 98032 ATTN: HR/LNIS EOE

Employment Transportation/Drivers

$2,000 SIGN ON bon u s ! ! RV, m o t o r i z e d , Haul N Tow and low boy units needed! Deliver trailers, boats, RVs and anything on wheels! Go to

Business Opportunities

Un de rcove r Sh op pe rs Needed to Judge Retail & Dining Establishments Experience Not Required Call Now 1-888-8914244

AIRLINES ARE HIRINGTrain for hands on Aviation Maintenance Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualifiedHousing available. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance (877)818-0783

INTERNATIONAL CULTURAL Exchange Representative: Earn supplemental income placing and supervising high school exchange students. Volunteer host families also needed. Promote world peace! Make Up To $2,000.00+ Per Week! New Credit Card Ready Drink-Snack Vending Machines. Minimum $3K to $30K+ Investment Required. Locations Available. BBB Accredited Business. (800) 962-9189 Schools & Training

ATTEND COLLEGE DEGREE ONLINE from Home. *Medical, *Business, *Criminal Justice. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. SCHEV certified. Call 800-488-0386

ATTEND COLLEGE online from home. *Medical *Business *Criminal Justice. *Hospitality. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. SCHEV cer tified. Call 8 6 6 - 4 8 3 - 4 4 2 9 .

stuff Appliances

FRENCH DOOR Refrigerator with Bottom Drawer Freezer, $795. Glasstop Range, $175. REPORTER Upright Freezer, $195. Reporter sought for staff C h e s t Fr e e ze r, $ 1 9 5 . opening with the Penin- 360-405-1925 sula Daily News, a sixd a y n e w s p a p e r o n MATCHING Washer and Washington’s beautiful Dryer set, $340. GuaranNorth Olympic Peninsula teed! 360-405-1925 that includes the cities of Firewood, Fuel Por t Angeles, Sequim, & Stoves P o r t To w n s e n d a n d Forks (yes, the “Twilight” Forks, but no vampires DRY or werewolves). Bring FIREWOOD your experience from a Burn Now! weekly or small daily -from the first day, you’ll Full Cords $260 be able to show off the Cut~Split~Delivered writing and photography skills you’ve already acMadrona available quired while sharpening your talent with the help o f ve t e ra n n ew s r o o m leaders. This is a general assignment reporting position in our Port Angeles office in which being a self-starter must be demonstrated through professional experience. Port Angeles-based Peninsula Daily News, circulation 16,000 daily and 15,000 Sunday (plus a website getting up to one million hits a month), publishes separFlea Market ate editions for Clallam and Jefferson counties. Check out the PDN at 10 House Plants, $3 to w w w. p e n i n s u l a d a i l y - $5 each. 360-373-9388 and the beau- Illahee area. ty and recreational oppor tunities a t 18 PIECES NEW http://www.peninsuladai- Spring/ Summer clothes, l y n e w s . c o m / s e c - 14/16 or L/XL. Tank and tion/pdntabs#vizguide. sleeveless tops, shorts In-person visit and tryout in var ious colors and are required, so Wash- s t y l e s . $ 1 5 0 f o r a l l . ington/Northwest appli- Smoke free home, phocants given preference. tos available, all prices Send cover letter, re- O B O. 3 6 0 - 4 7 9 - 1 3 0 7 , sume and five best writ- cash or Pay Pal only. Employment Media


flea market

i n g a n d p h o t o g r a p hy clips to Leah Leach, managing editor/news, P.O. Box 1330, 305 W. First St., Port Angeles, WA 9 8 3 6 2 , o r e m a i l

3 0 ’s, 4 0 ’s, 5 0 ’s L I F E magazines. $150 obo. Will sell separate. 360377-3213. DRYER, gas, white, excellent condition, $100. 360-613-5034

PAGE 8, Real Estate Now/Kitsap Classifieds, Friday, March 30, 2012 Flea Market

Home Furnishings


(4) - 175/70R14 Pacemark All Weather Tires, mounted on 2006 Hyundai Accent wheels. 1/2 tread left. $135 obo for all 4. (360)698-2833 ARCHITECTURAL/ Engineering Drafting Set. Consists of 18”x24” Board, with metal edges and T-Square, Triangles, Various Templates, Various French Curves, Protractor, Architectural and Engineering Scales and Bow Compass. 24 pieces in all. $65 (cash only) for all. Call: 360-4791307 F I L E C A B I N E T, f o u r drawers, mint condition, $100. (360)621-5601 FOR SALE: 2 each, 7” thick, used Seally Posture Premierx Mattresses and 2 each, 5” thick, used foam mattresses. $ 6 0 fo r a l l . 3 6 0 - 7 6 9 7311 I TA L I A N G O L D b o x style chain for necklace, $100. 360-475-8644 K i t c h e n Ta b l e w i t h b e n c h s e a t s a n d t wo chairs. Easily sits 5-6 people. (we have sat 9 people. Fits in a corner. Chocolate brown in excellent condition. $150. 360-471-1386 Kitsap PRESSURE COOKER, M i r r o. 6 q u a r t , g a g e, gasket. $25, cash only. 360-692-6295 RO L LTO P d e s k . M i n t cond, endless storage, $150. (360)621-5601 SAPHIRE pendant surrounded by Cubic Zirconia Stones. Resembles P r i n c e s s D i a n a ’s E n gagement Ring, $53. NECKLACE, gold chain w i t h r o u n d d i m e - s i ze Green Jade pendant and Chinese characters for “Good Luck”, $62. 360475-8644 Sigma 18-125mm zoom lens with front/ rear caps & hood. Great shape $125. 360-477-4776. T i r e c h a i n s fo r l a r g e tires, call for size, $49 OBO, (360) 697-1816 WASHING MACHINE, Whirlpool, White, excellent condition, $125. 360-613-5034

NEW QUEEN pillowtop mattress set w/warranty. Sell $149. 253-537-3056 --------------------------------KING PILLOWTOP mattress set, 3 piece, brand new in wrap. $249. 253539-1600 --------------------------------NEW CHERRY Sleigh bedroom set. Includes dresser, mirror & nightstand. Still boxed. Will let go $599. 253-5373056 --------------------------------FULL OR TWIN mattress sets, new. $120. 253-539-1600 --------------------------------N E W A D J U S TA B L E b e d w / m e m o r y fo a m m a t t r e s s. L i s t $ 2 8 0 0 . S a c r i f i c e, $ 9 5 0 . 2 5 3 537-3056 --------------------------------L E AT H E R S O F A & loveseat, factory sealed w/lifetime warranty. List $3500. Must sell $795. 253-539-1600

DISH Network. Starting at $19.99/month PLUS 30 Premium Movie Channels FREE for 3 Months! SAVE! & Ask About SAME DAY Installation! CALL - 877-9921237

Free Items Recycler

13’ ROWING BOAT, plywood, needs some repair. Located on Bainbridge. Call: (206)8422744 Free books, 50 Reader’s Digest Condensed Books. 360-373-9388 Illahee area. FREE TREADMILL; Spor ts Ar t 3100. Paid $2300. Wor ks fine. Needs some maintenance. You move. Bainbridge Island. 206-8428631.

Jewelry & Fur

Dish Network lowest nationwide price $19.99 a month. FREE HBO/Cinemax/Starz FREE Blockbuster. FREE HD-DVR and install. Next day install 1-800-375-0784


Edible Plant SALE Sat. 3/31 Sun. 4/1 10am - 4pm Bargain Prices See

6837 New Brooklyn GREENHOUSE/ Sunroom Windows!

L A R G E H OT T U B , 6 p e r s o n , wo r k s gr e a t , ev e r y t h i n g i n c l u d e d , $1800. Heavy pool table, s l a t e t o p, $ 7 0 0 . Yo u haul. (360)297-2327 MANTIS Deluxe Tiller. NEW! FastStart engine. Ships FREE. One-Year Money-Back Guarantee when you buy DIRECT. C a l l fo r t h e DV D a n d FREE Good Soil book! 866-969-1041

I B U Y G O L D, S i l ve r, D i a m o n d s, W r i s t a n d Pocket Watches, Gold and Silver Coins, Silverware, Gold and Platinum Antique Jewelry. Call Mi- Newspaper Roll Ends For Sale c h a e l A n t h o ny ’s a t (206)254-2575 C l e a n , n ew s p r i n t r o l l ends. Perfect for moving, kid’s projects, table Mail Order covering, etc. North Kitsap Herald/ 100 Percent Guaranteed Sound Classifieds Omaha Steaks - SAVE 65 percent on the Family 19351 8th Avenue NE, Suite 205, Poulsbo Value Collection. NOW (2nd floor, through the O N LY $ 4 9 . 9 9 P l u s 3 double glass doors) FREE GIFTS & right-tothe-door delivery in a reOffice Hours usable cooler. ORDER 8:00am - 5:00pm TODAY at 1-888-697Monday - Friday 3965 or, use * R E D U C E Y O U R CABLE BILL! * Get a 4code 45069NVJ. Room All Digital Satellite ATTENTION DIABETICS s y s t e m i n s t a l l e d f o r with Medicare. Get a FREE and programming FREE Talking Meter and star ting at $24.99/mo. diabetic testing supplies FREE HD/DVR upgrade at NO COST, plus FREE for new callers, SO CALL home delivery! Best of NOW. 1-800-699-7159 all, this meter eliminates painful finger pricking! SAVE on Cable TV-Internet-Digital Phone. PackCall 888-903-6658 ages start at $89.99/mo Attention Joint & Muscle (for 12 months.) Options Pain Sufferers: Clinically from ALL major service proven all-natural sup- providers. Call Acceller plement helps reduce t o d ay t o l e a r n m o r e ! pain and enhance mo- CALL 1-877-736-7087 bility. Call 888-474-8936 to try Hydraflexin RISK- SAWMILLS from only FREE for 90 days. $3997 -- Make and save money with your own ATTENTION SLEEP AP- bandmill. Cut lumber any NEA SUFFERERS with d i m e n s i o n . I n s t o c k M e d i c a r e . G e t F R E E ready to ship. Free InC PA P R e p l a c e m e n t fo/DVD: www.NorwoodSupplies at NO COST, S aw m i l l s. c o m 1 - 8 0 0 plus FREE home deliv- 578-1363 Ext. 300N ery! Best of all, prevent red skin sores and bacterial infection! Call 866- Musical Instruments 993-5043

Diabetes/Cholesterol/ Weight Loss Bergamonte, a Natural Product for Cholesterol, Blood Sugar and weight. Physician recommended, backed by Human Clinical Studies with amazing Home Furnishings results. Call today and save 15% off your first BEDROOM SET: Solid bottle! 888-470-5390 Oak, 6 years old. Q u e e n s i ze b e d w i t h UP TO $26/BOX. PRE S e r t a m a t t r e s s , b o x PA I D S H I P P I N G L A spring, frame, head- BELS. HABLAMOS ESb o a r d ( a l s o f l a n n e l PANOL! 1-800-267-9895 sheets). Double dresser, w w w . S e l l D i a b e t i c m i r r o r a n d t w o n i g h t stands. High quality wood, (not veneer), solMiscellaneous id construction. Made in the U.S.A. Moving, can’t AT & T U - V e r s e   f o r t a ke w i t h m e. $ 1 0 9 5 . just $29.99/mo!  SAVE Deliver y possible with when you bundle Intera d d i t i o n a l f e e . net+Phone+TV  and get (360)286-2144 up to  $300 BACK!  (SeUse our handy online lect plans).  Limited Time CALL NOW! 800-341ad 24 hours a day 2726 

form by clicking the “Place an ad” link at to put an ad in the Classifieds online and in your local paper.

Get the BEST DEAL & S AV E o n T R I P L E PLAYS, Cable, Internet + Phone! High Speed Int e r n e t u n d e r $ 2 0 / m o. CALL NOW! 800-4181404

Yard and Garden

1963 BALDWIN PIANO; Acrosonic Spinet with bench. Smaller size, fits well in small spaces. Perfect for beginner or advaced player. Medium color, solid wood. Great c o n d i t i o n ! $ 7 0 0 o b o. Can email more information. Please contact Martha at 360-341-5158 or 425-418-0091. Clinton, Whidbey Island. GRAND PIANO, K . K aw a i G S - 5 0 6 ’ 9 ” . A p p r ox 2 5 ye a r s o l d . One adult owner/pianist. Glossy black, well maintained with regular tunings, voicings/regulation. GS = Grand Supreme, the highend Kawai model of the time. And the GS-50 was a a favorite with beautiful bass and well balanced tone. $ 1 2 , 7 4 5 / o b o. S t e v e , (360)697-6453 or 206450-4581

Perfect for deck enclosure! New, double insulated tempered. Cost was $2400; 12 only $690! CAN DELIVER!


pets/animals Dogs

(2) AKC COCKER Spaniel boys offered by Prarie Colors Farm. One Buff, one Tough! Buff would be happiest in a cuddly home centered placement, Tough (looks like the pup in the old suntan ad - tan & white parti) will be your partner on all adventures! Exceptionally well raised, will h a ve a l l t h e i r p u p py s h o t s , c r a t e & Ko n g trained, good overnight and using the doggy door! $600. Health guarrantee. Free puppy play classes, ongoing support. Email for complete info and pictures: 360-672-8024

Marine Power


AKC REGISTERED Lab Puppies. Over 30+ titled dogs in the last 5 generations. Sire is a Master Hunter and Cer tified Pointing Lab. OFA Hip and Elbows, Dews Removed, First Shots, Dew o r m i n g . 5 M a l e s ( 4 garage sales - WA Black, 1 Yellow), 5 Fem a l e s ( 3 Ye l l o w , 2 Garage/Moving Sales Black). $700 each. Call Kitsap County Mike, 360-547-9393 D A C H S H U N D S . BAINBRIDGE Miniature Puppies. 2 Fe- HUGE MOVING Sale! males, 2 Males. Blue 3/31- 4/1, 9am- 4pm. and Tan Dapple, Red Furniture, tools, sportDapple, Black and Tan. ing goods, books, ma$ 4 5 0 t o $ 6 0 0 . T h e s e rine gear, sewing mapuppies have great tem- c h i n e s , p r i n t e r s , p e r a m e n t s . S h o t s , smokers, arts & craft w o r m e d a n d v e t supplies, holiday checked. Home raised l i g h t s , B C N a u t i c a l w i t h b o t h p a r e n t s o n Charts, clothes, toys, site. Born 2/18/12. Call games, garden tools, or text for more informa- d i s h e s , c o o k w a r e , tion and pictures 360- s m a l l a p p l i a n c e s , poster art, new 969-1622 Schwinn stationary bike (model 213), fencing, chipper, rototiller! 9911 NE Knight Road.

GERMAN SHORT Hair Puppies. 4 males, $400 each. 5 females, $450 each. A large yard is mandatory. hunters and great family dogs. Interested? Call 360-8291 2 3 2 fo r a n a p p o i n t ment. Ask for Mark or P a t t y. P u p p i e s a r e available March 24th but will be previewed beginning March 17th. Mother is also onsite. Bring your ow n c o l l a r a n d $ 1 0 0 non-refundable deposit. Remainder will be due on day of pickup. Tails are cropped, de-clawed, wormed and first shots. G I A N T S C H N AU Z E R puppies. Black, 16 weeks. Both parents onsite. Champion bloodlines. This athletic dog requires an active family. Puppies will mature in the 80-100 pound range. If you are firm, positive, active and disciplined, this dog is a joy to own! 2 females, 5 males. 3 show quality, $2000. 4 pet quality, $1500. 206851-6308, 360-649-4713

Bremerton Friday March 30th and Saturday March 31st 9am-3pm, Westgate Fire Hall 1550 Rocky Point Rd. Many bikes child to adult, 30 gal fish tank, furniture, books, quilting material, jewelry, baby items. MOVING SALE. Furnit u r e a n d c o l l e c t i bl e s. Reasonable prices, negotiable. Ever ything goes! 360-307-0956

AKC German Shepherd DDR Puppies!! Excellent Schutzhund pedigrees. Tracking, obedience and protection. Champions Bloodlines. Social with loving playful temperaments! Shots, wormed, vet checked. Health guarantee. Puppy book includes info on lines, health & more! 2 Males. 2 Females. $800 each. Call Jodi 360-761-7273. COLLIE PUPPIES AKC 10 wks. Beautiful Champion sired. Rough Collie Puppies. Lassie like, tric o l o r & s a bl e. Pe t & S h ow. B o r n 1 2 / 1 5 / 1 1 See pictures & info at:

Call: 425- 445-5277


with or without Titles Locally Owned

360-275-0696 Automobiles Volkswagen

C A R R AC K w i t h b i ke tracks: Thule 50” square locking bars (1 p a i r ) a n d 4 o f R o ck y Mount’s “Nomad Long Tray ” b i ke ra ck s. P u t bikes on top of your car, making it easy to get into and out of the trunk. $520 bougt new. In good cond! $250 for the lot. Eastsound, San Juan Islands. 360-376-4490. Miscellaneous Autos

DONATE YOUR VEHICLE Receive $1000 GROCERY COUPONS. UNITED BREAST CANC E R F O U N D AT I O N . Fr e e M a m m o gra m s, Breast Cancer Info Poulsbo w w w. u b c f. i n fo F R E E MISC HOUSEHOLD, Of- Towing, Tax Deductible, f i c e S u p p l i e s , To o l s , Non-Runners Accepted. Garden Supplies and 1- 800-728-0801 More! Sunday, April 1st, 7-11am, 1017 NE Holm Reach thousands of Court, off Fjord.

2007 TOYOTA Tundra Crew Max. Only 23,900 m i l e s ! V- 8 , 5 . 7 L , 6 Speed Automatic. 4WD, TRD Off-Road Package, Stability Control, ABS, A/C, Power Everything, Cruise Control, Tilt Wheel, MP3 Multi Disc Premium Sound Package, Bluetooth Wireless, Parking Sensors, Backu p C a m e ra , D u a l A i r B a g s, D u a l Powe r Seats, Sliding/Tilt Sun Roof, Running Boards, H a r d To n n e a u C ove r, Bed Liner, Towing Package, Alloy Wheels, Upgraded Exhaust and Air Breather. Kelley Blue Book Value: $37,940. Asking $35,000. 360632-4385 Utility Trailers

D U A L A X L E Tr a i l e r ; Flatbed steel frame, 8’x16’ foot bed, 2 spare tires and heavy duty torsion bars included. Excellent condition! $1,500 c a s h . Fr i d ay H a r b o r, San Juan Islands. 360298-0213. Auto Service/Parts/ Accessories

SEATS: 1999 Astro van bench seats. Grey cloth, good condition, $100. Call Jeff, (360)297-2061 Motorcycles

2008 HARLEY Davidson XL 883 Custom. Spring is Here, Time to Ride! Excellent condition. miles. Lots and readers by advertising 6,000 Lots of Extras. Had your service in the Heart Surgery in August, Doctor Says Don’t Ride. Service Directory of It! Always kept unthe Classifieds. Get 4 Dang der cover and in carport. weeks of advertising in $6,500 OBO. (360)620your local community 1114

Marine Power

Tack, Feed & Supplies

CASH FOR CARS Junk Car Removal

Special: Four full weeks of advertising starting at $40. Call 800-388-2527 to place your ad today.


A K C G R E AT D A N E Puppies. Now offering Full-Euro’s, Half-Euro’s & Standard Great Danes. Males & females. Every color but Faw n s , $ 5 0 0 & u p. Health guarantee. Licensed since 2002. Dreyersdanes is Oregon state’s largest breeder of Great Danes. Also; selling Standard Poodles. Call 503-556-4190. S TA N DA R D Po o d l e s , purebred, black and cream. $350 for males, $450 for females. 9 weeks old, home raised, shots and wormed. Located in Por t Ludlow. Call: (360)774-0375

Automobiles Classics & Collectibles

CASH FOR CARS! Any M a ke, M o d e l o r Ye a r. We Pay MORE! Running or Not. Sell Your Car or Tr u c k T O D AY. F r e e Build up your business Towing! Instant Offer: with our Service Guide 1-888-545-8647


ADORABLE BICH-APOO puppies. Super smar t crossbreed. Will be 9-12 pounds mature. First shots, worm negative, 1 year genetic health guarantee. Excellent with children, elderly and for apartment living. Picture doesn’t do them justice! $425. Call: 360697-9091 Poulsbo

2 8 ’ B AY L I N E R 2 8 5 5 Ciera, 1991. 7.4 litre Mercury Cruiser, Bravo II Ster n Drive. Engine hours: 850. Shore power, depth sounder, GPS. Good Condition. Fish or Cruise - It’s Ready for T h e Wa t e r ! $ 1 2 , 0 0 0 . Call for More Info: 509264-8260 or 509-6635723. Moored in LaConner.

Pickup Trucks Toyota

newspapers and on the web for one low price. Call: 1-800-388-2527 Go online: or Email: classified@ Pickup Trucks Ford

13’ ZODIAC YL380 DLX, 2004. Like new. Suzuki 4 0 H P 4 S t r o ke O u t board incredibly silent with less than 10 hours. This Zodiac is loaded. Always garaged, never left in water, VHF radio, Depth Sounder, Keelguard Protection Kit, Spotlights, Compass, GPS, Footwell Lights, Running Lights, Automatic Bildge, EZ-Loader Tr a i l e r, F u l l H i g h e s t Quality Custom Cover. $14,500. 360-298-0415 or 360-378-6118. Friday Harbor 2 0 0 5 1 7 ’ D C Tra cke r. Deep V Aluminum boat. 2005 4 Stroke Merc, 115 HP. 2005 4 Stroke Merc 9.9 HP, 50 HP electric t r o l l i n g m o t o r. H u m m i n g b i r d G P S, C h a r t P l o t t e r, F i s h F i n d e r, Stereo, 1 Downrigger, Bimini Top. Ready to fish! $10,500 OBO. Call Tr o y, 3 6 0 - 5 4 4 - 2 2 1 7 . Email for photo:

2002 FORD RANGER. $6300. Runs great!! 1 0 2 , 0 0 0 m i l e s . V- 6 , stepside, 4 door extended cab. 2WD, automatic, power steer ing, Edge package on this truck includes: Air conditioning, cloth/ vinyl slit bench seat, power mirrors, power windows, power door locks, remote keyl e s s e n t r y. S e c u r i t y alarm. Extra tint on the windows (looks great with the color). Easy clean vinyl floor interior. 206-498-7433 Pickup Trucks Toyota

2007 TOYOTA TUNDRA 2 w d , a u t o, A C , 2 d r, white, 26k. Clean . Non smoker. Good condition. 5.7 liter, 61/2 ft. bed. $13,000 OBO. 360-9700169


For Sale 37’ Winnebago n ew f r i d g e, n ew H W, n ew f u r n a c e . $ 9 , 0 0 0 OBO 360-620-1198

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Bremerton Patriot, March 30, 2012  
Bremerton Patriot, March 30, 2012  

March 30, 2012 edition of the Bremerton Patriot