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FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 2012 | Vol. 27, No. 23 | 50¢

Authorities move to connect Burke and Brannon murders

Police: Union Hill residents should pay attention and be alert By GREG SKINNER gskinner@soundpublishing.

Kristin Okinaka/staff photo

Kelsey Johnston, center, and Caitlin Collins, right, conclude their junior Girl Scout Troop 42621 meeting last Thursday with their “friendship circle” as they hold hands and sing a song. Girl Scouts will celebrate the nonprofit’s 100th anniversary.

It’s more than just selling cookies Girl Scouts celebrate nonprofit’s 100th anniversary By KRISTIN OKINAKA

Kelsey Johnston had never done archery before and was nervous she wouldn’t be able to shoot any of the arrows on the target. A few months ago the fourth-grader proved herself wrong when she earned the archery patch as a junior Girl Scout. “I was scared I would miss every one and not get it until I was 50 or something,” Kelsey said with a grin last Thursday at her troop’s weekly meeting. But, she even hit the bull’s-eye more than once.

Part of Girl Scout Troop 42621, a junior troop, Kelsey has learned new activities and has made friends through scouting. Girl Scouts of the USA has been teaching girls like Kelsey for a while — 100 years in March to be exact — to build confidence and become leaders in their own way. About 150 Girl Scouts, including troop 42621, will celebrate the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouts at Silverdale SongFest at Kitsap Mall Sunday, Feb. 26. Girl Scout Troop 42621 has eight girls in grades four and five. The troop is part of an East Bremerton scouting service unit and there are a total of three service units in Central Kitsap. There are about 15 to 20 troops in each service unit. Heather Parrish and Tina Johnston, Kelsey’s mother, are the leaders of troop 42621. Johnston, who also leads

another troop for her high school daughter, said many of the girls continue in scouting together because it’s a safe space for them to explore new ideas and express themselves. She said the girls in her older troop are all college bound. “A lot of it has to do with scouts,” said Parrish. “It’s down in their bones.” The local troops and services units are part of Girl Scouts of Western Washington, which is headquartered in Seattle, and serves more than 26,000 girls throughout 17 counties. The first Girl Scout Troop was organized on March 12, 1912 in Savannah, Ga. Parrish and Johnston lead their junior Girl Scout troop in a variety of activities and field trips including See Scouts, A10

Bremerton Police investigators are now working on a theory, with the FBI, that the city’s two unsolved murders and a violent assault are connected. The news comes from an update in the investigation into the Feb. 3 murder of Melody Brannon. The 61-year-old was killed between 5:30 and 6 p.m. on the 1300 block High Avenue in a manner yet unreleased by police, who have also released a sketch of a “person of interest.” Now, that suspect is also being looked at in relation to the May 3, 2011 murder of 19-year-old Sara Burke, who was stabbed, in the neck, in the 800 block of Warren Avenue at about 9 p.m. Also under consideration is the June 20, 2011 afternoon violent stabbing assault of a man walking down Burwell Street – not far from High Avenue. Bremerton Police Lt. Peter Fisher would not say whether Bremerton Police or the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit decided to pursue a connection between the three crimes. “Bremerton police are working in concert with

the FBI,” Fisher said Monday. What connects the crimes remains largely undisclosed, however Fisher said he could say that the crime locations, the fact that the victims were alone and that the attacks were random are part of the connecting considerations that he could release. Several Union Hill residents say they feel like the neighborhood has long suffered crime, but that the crime rate has been “escalating” recently. Police crime statistics for the few blocks surrounding the murder sites and the attack location show that between Jan. 7, 2009 and Feb. 3, 2012 more than 90 “minor” assaults punctuated with domestic violence assault and three charges for deadly weapons were listed. However, those numbers of total reported assaults have decreased each year, with 42 reported in 2009, 37 reported in 2010 and 26 reported in 2011. Fisher said that he did not have data from which to answer questions See MURDERS, A7

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Parents, authorities won’t help find children By JJ Swanson

“If a 15-year-old female is sick of mom and dad’s rules and runs away to party or be with her boyfriend and then shows up two or three days later, that’s not something that we’re going to look into,” said deputy Scott Wilson, spokesman for Kitsap County Sheriff ’s Office. “They’re not actually

missing.” Wilson said that in 2011, there were approximately 236 cases of teens reported “missing” by their families in Kitsap County, “almost one for every day.” However, a teen must fall within a five-point criteria to be deemed missing and not just a “runaway” by the Sheriff ’s Office and Bremerton Police Department.

Spokesmen for both departments said that they do not put resources into investigating runaways in their jurisdiction. Parents of teens who have disappeared in the county in the last year are accusing police of using the distinction between missing person and runaway as an “excuse” to not investigate their children’s disappearance. The criteria to be a missing person are disability, being physically in danger, involuntary “coercion” which could also involve a

juvenile and an “overage” adult or disaster victim separated from family, according to Wilson and Lt. Peter Fisher of the Bremerton Police Department. Star Sierra, mother of 13-year old runaway Rachelle Nopp, said that she spoke with the sheriff ’s office about looking for her daughter as a missing person after she ran away on Jan. 3, but was told that her daughter was not considered missing. “She suffers from depression; she’s a cutter, and she’s 13 years old out on the streets with a 15-year-old boy. How could that not fit criteria for “at risk?” said Sierra. Sierra said that she was told by Sgt. Jim White, and several other deputies, that since Nopp was classified a runaway, the department did not have the money to look into her case. “We don’t have resources for runaway cases. They usually resolve themselves in two or three days,” said Wilson. “We have dealt with these many times over by the thousands.” Nopp’s parents

JJ Swanson /Staff Photo

Nathan Wellington and Heather Potter hold a missing person flyer of their son David Wellington Feb. 15. approached the Bremerton police about putting up a flyer in their lobby. The department does not accept or post flyers of runaways. The U.S. Post Office on National Avenue. also stopped posting flyers of runaways due to “budget cuts,” said Dale Goforth, postmaster. However, the branch said that it is considering putting up flyers again this year. “It’s truly shocking,” Sierra said. “You can’t even take a picture of her in case you see her around?”

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The Naval Criminal Investigative Service eventually intercepted Nopp and Keith Bolstad, her 15-year-old boyfriend in front of Popeye’s Chicken on Wheaton Way. During her weeks away she lived on the streets of Seattle before returning. A CUT ABOVE The Navy became involved since Bolstad was a military dependent. Sierra said that NCIS agents360-479-4414 responded to their 450 National • Bremerton 9-1-1 call atAve 6 S. a.m. Jan. 4 within 20 minutes and worked with both families almost every day while the teens were missing, updatFir had ing them onGreen tips they


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Sheriff’s Office cites resources, BPD says no teens missing

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Friday, February 17, 2012 |

County seeks to ‘save’ by Residents comment on holding morning meetings updated county UGAs Residents criticize idea, say it would limit peoples’ access By KRISTIN OKINAKA

Kitsap Board County Commissioners seek to move their public 7 p.m. meetings to 10 a.m. Citing a lack of public attendance, the BOCC said the move could save the cash strapped government money. Under the BOCC proposal, regular business meetings would move from 7 p.m. Monday to 10 a.m. beginning in March. Or, the evening time could be pushed to start a few hours earlier for the twicemonthly meeting held in the commissioners chambers at the county administration building in Port Orchard. “Very seldom do I oppose the commissioners, but on this one I do,” said Jim Sommerhauser, a Central Kitsap resident. The retiree, who often attends county meetings, said that it was a shame that a crowd of 15 people at Monday’s evening meeting was a “turn out” but that moving the meetings to the mornings would make it even more difficult for people to attend. “I’m retired, I can come day or night but there’s a lot of people that cannot do that,” he said. “I think this is a step back.” County commissioners say there has been a lack of attendance during the evenings in the past year and costs for staffing could save the county some money. County staff say no money would be saved because those at BOCC meetings are salaried. There is no “right answer,” according to commissioners who held a public hearing Monday to listen to community members respond to moving evening meetings to 10 a.m. All of those that testified —

six people — were not in favor of having the regular business meeting be in the mornings. However, the start time for the meetings could remain unchanged — or even be split between one of the month’s meetings being in the morning and the second in the evening. Meetings were moved from a morning to a 7 p.m. start in 2007 in effort to encourage more community participation. Commissioners say that other than public hearings, there has been little change in

“When I hear from them that it needs to be in the evening, it’s not an honest assessment from them.” Commisioner Josh Brown participation. Commissioner Josh Brown said discussions to push the meeting start time to the morning began a few months ago, especially after the meeting where commissioners approved of the county budget at the end of 2011 to an empty room. “There was literally nobody here in the chamber,” said Brown after Monday’s public hearing. “There was not one citizen in the room.” Brown said it is difficult to come to a solution that will please everyone because there will always be someone who will say any time of the day will be a poor choice. Commissioners suggested moving just consent agenda items to a morning meeting because those items are usually not controversial and the general public rarely comments on the consent agenda. Commissioner Rob Gelder



said if a person had a comment about an item on the consent agenda, the individual could fill out an online form addressing the item and leave contact information for the commissioners. By moving the general business to a morning meeting, commissioners would also have the flexibility to hold public hearings at other times — likely evenings — and closer to the constituents’ area, rather than have people drive down to Port Orchard all the time. For instance, if an issue strictly had to do with North Kitsap, commissioners could hold the meeting up north to make it easier for those community members. Some people commented that if this were to happen, the meetings or hearings that would occur away from Port Orchard would still need to be broadcast live and be available later for rebroadcasting. Although some community members said having an online form available to comment on the consent agenda is a positive idea, it cannot replace normal human interaction. “I really think we need to keep the face-to-face human interaction,” said Mark Miller, of Olalla. Kristina Nelson, who testified as a South Kitsap resident, but is also a senior program manager with Kitsap County Public Works, commented that moving the meeting to the morning would cost the county the same amount of

Many say areas with existing utilities are ‘urban areas’ By KRISTIN OKINAKA

To many people, it’s logical to cite an area that already has sewer capabilities as an “urban area” and thus should be included within boundaries to Kitsap County’s Urban Growth Areas. More than 50 people attended the Kitsap County commissioners’ public hearing Feb. 6 on preliminary drafts to updates to the county’s urban growth areas. Twenty-seven people gave testimony and many addressed the Silverdale and Central Kitsap UGAs with some saying to add or cut specific spaces while others said to be mindful

of where utilities already exist and to include those areas. The county is in the process of updating its Urban Growth Areas — likely reducing their sizes because the Central Growth Management Hearings Board ruled that the county must re-examine its UGAs that were expanded during the 2006 Comprehensive Plan update, said Eric Baker, special projects director for Kitsap County commissioners. The four draft alternatives for each of the county’s UGAs — Silverdale, Central Kitsap, East Bremerton, West Bremerton, Gorst, Kingston, McCormick Woods and Port Orchard/South Kitsap — each have versions of a lower density up to a high density one, that residents could give

public comment on at the hearing. They test not only geographic trends but internal density trends, said Baker. The county has until the end of August to make changes to the eight UGAs. Teresa Osinski, executive director of the Home Builders Association of Kitsap County, said in her testimony that the timeline for the process is unreasonable. “Haste makes waste and this is not an ideal approach,” she said, adding that it’s just an unfortunate situation for the county as well as others working on the process to be in. Osinski added that one concern on the preliminary alternatives she has is that some of them are shrinking and that “urbanesque” areas may need consideration to be added. Some of these urban-type See residents, A14

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Quote of the week goes to Kitsap County Commissioner Josh Brown who said, “When I hear from them that it needs to be in the evening, it’s not an honest assessment from them,” in response to citizen testimony given during a public hearing. Brown’s disparaging response sheds light on the eventual outcome of the Board of County Commissioners move this week to change regular meeting times to fit within bankers’ hours. The three commissioners on the board simply want to work less and show that they are willing to cut away the little public participation remaining in the county’s bureaucracy. Citing lack of public participation and attendance, the BOCC argues there is no need to hold public forums during non-work hours. Perhaps instead of serving themselves, the BOCC could engage the community they are to serve. The proposed move to morning meetings would make life easier for our newspaper staff too, but we don’t support the attempt to cut public participation, and it should not happen. Though the public galley may often be empty during evening meetings, citizens have the chance to watch live on cable T.V. at home. Until meetings are available live online, most citizens would have zero chance to view or participate in the one part of county government they have access to without taking a day off from work. Right now, the BOCC is lobbying the Legislature – at a $60,000-a-year cost to taxpayers – for greater local control of revenue raising and use constraints currently in place. As the three members of the BOCC seek more autonomy, they also propose to limit their accountability and direct exposure to the citizenry by holding Monday morning meetings. Perhaps they are too burdened by the rigors of their executive jobs, for which they are paid more than $100,000 annually. The switch to morning meetings is nothing less than an attempt to lighten their work load. In the face of public criticism, the BOCC calls on-the-record the public concern “cute” and disingenuous. It’s simply demeaning. Meetings should be scheduled when the largest percentage of the at-large public can attend, not at the connivence of wellpaid elected leaders who prefer to keep bankers’ hours.

Two u nsolved homicides and an increase in other violent crime in a neighborhood and Bremerton Mayor Patty Lent has “instructed” BPD to “increase the police presence.” The reality is that when manpower is redirected

into one neighborhood, it is only because an officer is removed from another neighborhood. There are no extra cops! The BPD manpower is down eight bodies from where it was five years ago, while the area they patrol has increased in size. Just a few years ago, crime statistics showed Bremerton was the most violent city in the state. As the BPD manpower increased, we lost that title.   It

now appears that we are again in the running for that distinction. The mayor can instruct, redirect and prioritize where she wants, but until there are more cops on the street, the trend will unfortunately continue.  Valerie Endicott Bremerton

Community comment In the later part of health of every Everything my three years serving building and the Bremerton School facility in the Bremerton District via the District district is not Finance Committee, updated and the possibility of a made available capital improvement to the comlevy needed today was munity on an revealed two years annual basis. ago. Educating the After reviewing community the list of recomabout the condiColleen Smidt mendations made by tion of facilities, the District Facility upcoming manCommittee this fall – dated upgrade which was very difficult to locate requirements and the repair or on the district website – I find that replacement rotations should have the information available to the begun more than a year ago. community at this time is too limSchool district properties are ited for an informed, honest and community buildings that house detailed discussion on whether or community children. not the levy should proceed. This The equivalent of a yearly physilack of detail and information cal report back to the community about what would be included in is not too much to ask. By not makthe capital levy, combined with a ing this information known well very short discussion and submis- in advance, the district is hanging sion timeline has impacted and on to a possible levy passage or limited community attendance failure via an uninformed slippery and contributions. slope of apathetic public opinion I am at a loss as to why known instead of a well traveled, highly information about the state and populated, easy path that consists

of a year’s worth of established facts and big picture community understanding. As for my position on the projects known to me at this time, I am for a capital levy that includes the district kitchen facility replacement/upgrade. I have been following the Wellness Facility/Teen Center project that will soon be located on the old East Bremerton Junior High School property. I have testified more than once to the Bremerton City Council on the passage of resolutions that have to do with the continuation of city involvement or funding for the project. I also personally and financially support the existing Boys and Girls Club at Naval Avenue. Anytime you have a community project of this scope that is a joining of public dollars, combined resources and private sector investments through various community partners it is a positive situation for everyone involved. This is an opportunity for the See SMIDT, A5

Friday, February 17, 2012 |


community to invest in itself and its youth. The Bremerton School District should make every effort to do its part and make a valuable contribution in the form of new up to date kitchen facilities. I am against the STEM expansion at West Hills being a part of the capital levy. If private dollars through community partners can be found, then the expansion should proceed. If the district cannot pay for their portion of it, after community partner contributions, through the existing budget, then the expansion should not occur. I am the parent of a current STEM student. I have attended several presentations over the past year on the STEM program. The West Hills STEM program was originally sold to this community as a program that would not increase costs to the district. Because of its popularity, and the popularity of the Montessori program, an increased number of indistrict and out-of-district students want to attend West Hills. I have a real issue with an increased financial burden of this expansion being placed on Bremerton taxpayers for expenses incurred by an increased out of district student

population. It would be a complete violation of trust between the community and the district if the district decided to proceed with a capital levy for a couple of programs it originally touted as self-sustaining. I want the STEM program to continue to be a success and model for other districts to follow. However, funding sources other than a capital improvement levy for any expansions should be used. I favor including the roof replacements at the schools that are at or near the end of their life expectancy. Repairs such as these are routine and expected. The current operations and maintenance levy is set to expire in 2014. That means if the burden of the capital levy is considered to be too hefty and too steep by this community, a voter backlash over the passage of renewing the operations and maintenance levy will occur in 2014. The district simply cannot survive financially without a renewal under the current funding by state legislature. Despite the statistics from the past, this community suffers under economic conditions that have not been experienced by taxpayers for decades. Taxpayers are getting hit with increased taxes and fees from nearly every taxation district that has the jurisdictional power to

impose these increases. The Citizens for Good Schools Bremerton committee has a lot of work ahead of them. Work, to some extent, that could have been alleviated by a better communicating school district and continuous sharing of information with the community about the ongoing status and state of district facilities every year instead of waiting until nearly the last minute to release only a marginal amount of information as it asks for more public money. The topic of improved communication has been one both the district and the school board has labeled as a need for improvement. The current situation with the possible upcoming capital levy and the lack of community knowledge and participation makes it very obvious that a considerable amount of improvement in this area is still needed.

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Friday, February 17, 2012


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Friday, February 17, 2012


regarding any potential tie-in to the neighborhood’s overall crime rate and the murder investigations. Police will not say when they will release more information on the Brannon murder or the possible connection to Burke’s death. The Kitsap County Sherrif’s Office and the Port Orchard Police are assisting the investigation. Residents can expect an increased police presence in the neighborhood with “high visibility” patrols and officers will be out educating residents on ways to increase their “personal safety” as they go about their daily lives in the neighborhood a few blocks from the police station, such as avoid walking alone, carry an alarm, be alert, walk confidently and bring your cellphone. “If you see something suspicious call 9-1-1,” Fisher said.


members required for the competition, Kreifels said that students are able to show up Saturday and compete in the bowl if they desire. Since Klahowya’s team is not funded by the school, Kreifels said they do fundraisers such as running the concession stand at school basketball games, to raise money. Kreifels estimates the cost for a student to compete at nationals to be about $800 to $1,000 per person, including airfare. What isn’t covered through fundraised money, students and parents will pay out of pocket. Junior Alyson Kreifels, Jeff Kreifels’ daughter who is also on the team, said while she likes history and testing her knowledge through History Bowl, it is something she does for fun and doesn’t foresee a future involving history. “I wouldn’t want to major in it,” she said. “I want to be a baker when I grow up.” Alyson Kreifels, Whetsel and Wolking are part of the varsity team that will compete in nationals in April along with senior Dane Ballou, senior Mitchell Flowers and junior Andrew Walters. Not only are the students thirsty for knowledge, they like the challenge of testing it. “We’re trivia geeks,” Flowers said. |

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday, February 17, 2012 |

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food drives, volunteering at retirement homes and sewing. They have plans to take the troop on a field trip to Mt. Rainier in the summer. Last Thursday evening, the troop researched different Girl Scout troops around the world to prepare for presentations that they would later give. “We want to teach them to give back and see other aspects of the world — to not be afraid of people with differences,” said Johnston about the troop’s community service projects. The attitude of openness can |

also be applied to their other activities as well, she added. Girl Scouts is divided into six separate ranks beginning with Daisies, which are the youngest scouts, who are in kindergarten and first grade. Next come Brownies, Juniors, Cadets, Seniors then Ambassadors. Girl Scouts are never “held back” from continuing to the next level said Parrish, adding that each group is divided by grade levels in school. While many may only associate Girl Scouts with the boxes of cookies they sell as fundraisers during spring, some of the girls said they do enjoy selling

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Girl Scouts Silverdale SongFest Noon - 2 p.m. Feb. 26 Kitsap Mall cookies. “Sometimes it’s kind of weird,” said Jenna Hooker, a fifth grader in the troop. “But, I get to meet new friends and talk to people.” Kelsey said she likes selling cookies because it makes other people happy. “I like going out and seeing their happy faces and they say, ‘Oh, it’s cookie time,’” she said. For Caitlin Collins and Olivia Skillings, both fourth graders in the troop, they said they like that they have been able to make new friends through Girl Scouts. They also enjoy the

Friday, February 17, 2012

outings. “I like the field trips — like whale watching in Poulsbo,” Cailtlin said. The junior Girl Scouts can earn “fun badges” from outings such as going to a pumpkin patch together but Parrish said the girls need to complete six activities in order to receive an earned badge. Meagan Johnston, Tina Johnson’s oldest daughter who is an ambassador Girl Scout, said Girl Scouts is significantly about more than selling cookies. She is currently a leader-in-training and helps her mother and Parrish with the junior troop. The 16-year-old is also planning on working toward achieving the Girl Scout “gold award” — one of the most difficult badges to receive — through coming up with a community service plan and spending at least 80 hours of volunteer hours. “It definitely takes a lot of work — especially the older you get,” Meagan Johnston said.

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Kristin Okinaka/staff photo

Girls Scouts have “earned badges” on the front of their vests.

SPORTS Central Kitsap

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Friday, February 17, 2012 | Central Kitsap Reporter

Gausta leaves a big legacy behind

By KIPP ROBERTSON North Kitsap Herald Education/Sports Reporter

Contributed photo by Robert Hawkinson

Chet Gausta crouches down next to his state record 70.5 pound chinook salmon caught on Sept. 16, 1964 at Pillar Point near the Sekiu River. Gausta still owns that record for which he was inducted into the Kitsap Sports Hall of Fame in 1995.

Chester “Chet” Gausta was not someone to gloat about his accomplishments, of which he had many. Possibly best known publicly as an inductee to the Kitsap Sports Hall of Fame and for catching a state record 70.5-pound Chinook salmon, Gausta clearly left a mark on the North Kitsap community. For those closer to him, his smile and positive attitude will also leave a lasting impression. Whether he was fishing or playing a competitive sport Gausta, who was 96 when he died Jan. 16, always had a smile on his face, said cousin Robert Hawkinson. It was a kind of smirk, but not one that was meant to be offensive. “Not the smirk you would get today,” Hawkinson said. “The kind of smirk like he was proud of what he had just done with a play.” Gausta, a 1937 graduate of North Kitsap High School, still holds the state record for catching a salmon, which weighed in at 70 pounds, 8 ounces. He was inducted into the Kitsap Sports Hall of Fame in 1995. Hawkinson, born in 1950, was taught how to throw a knuckle ball around the age of 9. His first memories of his cousin were from when Gausta worked for Jim Anderson, who owned Richfield Station — Kitsap Tire — and later Jim’s Auto Wrecking — Yank-A-Part. See GAUSTA, A13

We need to win the battle for salmon recovery

We are loswe are runBeing Frank ing the battle ning out of for salmon time. recovery That’s why in Western we are asking Washington the federal because government salmon habito come tat is being to align its destroyed fastagencies and er than it can programs, and be restored. lead a more By Billy Frank, Jr. Despite mascoordinated Chairman sive cuts in salmon recovharvest, careful Northwest ery effort. Indian Fisheries use of hatchWe want the eries and a United States Commission huge financial to take charge investment in of salmon restoration during the past recovery because it has the four decades, salmon conobligation and authority to tinue to decline along with ensure both salmon recovtheir habitat. As the salmon ery and protection of tribal disappear, so do our tribal treaty rights. That responsicultures and treaty rights. bility is alive today, just like We are at a crossroads, and the treaties.

We held up our end of the bargain when we ceded most of the land in Western Washington to the U.S. government through the treaties of 1854-1855. In those treaties, we retained certain rights for ourselves, such as the right to harvest salmon in our traditional fishing places as we have always done. But those rights are meaningless if the salmon disappear. Already some of our tribes have lost even their most basic ceremonial and subsistence fisheries, the cornerstone of tribal life. We began our effort to get the federal government to take charge of salmon recovery when we traveled last summer to Washington, D.C., to meet with the White House. Follow-up meetings with federal leadership have

been encouraging. Attention is being focused on increased enforcement of existing habitat protection laws, protecting instream flows for salmon, and ensuring that federal actions are helping to meet salmon recovery needs and goals. Too often, federal actions and federally funded state programs don’t contribute to salmon recovery, and sometimes even make it more difficult. A recent lawsuit filed by environmental groups over floodplain management in Western Washington provides a good example. The environmental groups want the U.S. government to stop issuing flood insurance in some parts of Puget Sound until floodplain management plans are changed to reflect the needs not only

of developers, but of endangered salmon and orcas as well. We couldn’t agree more. Floodplains are low-lying areas that allow rivers to spread out during high flows. They help provide important salmon habitat for migration, rearing and spawning. Dikes, overdevelopment and other floodplain impacts restrict the ability of that habitat to support salmon, and can lead to more costly damage when flooding occurs. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Floodplain management that is good for flood control can also be good for salmon habitat. Up until now, the federal government’s main response to declining salmon runs has been to restrict harvest.

That’s a recipe for failure. Habitat must be held to the same standard as harvest if we are going to recover salmon. Before tribes can go fishing, we are required to show that our fisheries will contribute to salmon recovery under the Endangered Species Act. Those who damage or destroy habitat must be held to the same standard. No amount of fishery restrictions can restore salmon unless they have enough good spawning and rearing habitat. We believe that salmon recovery must take place at the watershed level because that’s where salmon begin and end their lives. We already have developed See SALMON, A13

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received and leads that they were following. When Bolstad and Nopp were eventually found, NCIS agents were dressed in workout clothes – it was the investigators’ day off, said Angela Goodwin, Nopp’s mother. “They stopped everything they were doing to help,” Sierra said. “Without the fact that our daughter was with that Navy boy, there’s no telling what would have happened.” NCIS spokesperson John Salazar confirmed that the Navy did work the NoppBolstad case even though Nopp was not a Navy dependent and that they do not have an investigative team devoted to missing people. “Good for them, they have the resources to devote

to a full-time investigator. Maybe they don’t get too many navy dependents that leave housing on base,” Wilson said. Fisher said that there are “currently no missing children in the City of Bremerton” according to their definition. The last missing person was in 2006. Bremerton resident Heather Potter has been searching for her son, David James “DJ” Wellington, 17, for more than a month. Wellington attended Bremerton High School and was last seen Jan. 8. “The police are supposed to protect and serve but they aren’t doing anything to find our children,” said Potter. Potter said that Seattle Police Department contacted her a week ago to say that they had her son, but released him before she

went to pick him up citing Scott’s case has been that being a runaway is not assigned a detective through a crime. the sheriff ’s office since his Wellington was a youth disappearance happened group leader through a fos- soon after a jaw surgery, ter camp and the teen at church, might be in and Potter “She suffers from danger withsaid that depression; she’s a out his meditheir famcation. ily had cutter, and she’s 13 C o r y “a v e r a g e years old out on the Brooks, a hormonal streets with a 15-year- schoolmate, teen prob- old boy. How could said that lems” but that not fit the criteria Scott’s famnothing ily has been to explain for ‘at risk?’” asking all of the sud- -Star Sierra, mother of his friends to den disap- 13-year old runaway help post flyRachelle Nopp pearance. ers around Mi g u el the neighborS o n n y hood and talk Scott, 19, was last seen at to people. Evergreen Park in Bremerton “The police aren’t realand has been missing since ly helping,” Brooks said. October 2011. Scott’s family “Miguel’s mom is really offering a $5600 reward for upset.” information that leads to his Alexx Michael Lee location, according to their Ohnemus, 15, was last latest flyer. seen at the Kitsap County

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Juvenile Detention Center Jan. 24. His family said they are working with Bremerton Police Department since Ohnemus was on parole violation for skipping school while on the state’s juvenile rehabilitation program. “We haven’t heard anything back from the police,” said Gary Wynn, Ohnemus’ grandfather. “We’re waiting.” Sierra said that parents who put their faith in the sheriff ’s office or police department are “setting themselves up for disappointment.” She and her partner Goodwin are trying to get the community involved in finding runaway children. Nopp’s parents formed the Facebook group “Missing Kitsap” after Nopp was found so that families will have a place to post their flyers and share tips or organize search events.

The group has expanded to 63 members with requests to expand to include all of Washington. This month, they changed the name to “Missing Washington State.” Potter said that the community has “given her hope,” especially the Bremerton Foodline, where she visited during the snow storm in case her son was there seeking shelter. “They sat with me for a long time, I couldn’t stop crying,” Potter said. “They took his photograph and are helping me send it to different groups. They took my phone number and said they would call. The director hugged me so tight. It doesn’t seem like very much, but it meant a lot.” Goodwin said that Coffee Oasis on Burwell Street also helped when they were looking for Nopp. The nonprofit caters to runaways and atrisk kids with drop-in centers for homeless teens. “But we’re not the police, and we don’t consider ourselves that. That’s their job,” said Dave Frederick, owner of Coffee Oasis. Frederick adds that even if a parent is looking for the teen, reconciliation might not be the best thing for the runaway depending on the home situation. However, the group has helped parents reunite with their children in the past. “Unfortunately, it’s becoming totally up to us to find our missing children,” Potter said. “Who is looking for them? Our children are not back.”

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Friday, February 17, 2012


Before graduating high school, Gausta had played three years of football basketball and baseball. He was offered a scholarship to play basketball for Washington State College — now Washington State University — but decided to play for the Poulsbo Town Team instead. Basketball scholarships were not as important, Hawkinson said; there was no NBA to advance to. He played shortstop for semi-professional baseball Poulsbo Town Team and helped bring the VFW basketball team to the 1948 national tournament to play for second place. Hawkinson described Gausta as being a “sparkplug” player. He had quick reactions, but never over-thought things. Whatever he was playing, he played happy, his cousin said. Jim Anderson was the manager of the basketball team for a time and worked with Gausta when he owned Jim’s Richfield. Anderson said Gausta never had a temper, either playing sports or at work. It was never Gausta’s goal to be inducted into the hall of fame. Playing sports, Hawkinson said, was something everyone did during that time. The North Kitsap community was enthusiastic about sports, much like it still is today, he said. Like sports, fishing was also something most of the Poulsbo community did. Fishing was done either recreationally, commercially, or both. Gausta’s family was into

commercial fishing, which he picked up recreationally. Though he was doing what everyone else was, he managed to make the most of it. Among the fishing derbies he competed in, he won a red Pontiac Firebird in 1969. “He was always catching fish,” Hawkinson remembers. “Either the most or the biggest … This was well before the state record.” When the season was right, Anderson would give Gausta time off work to go smelt fishing. The employee’s of Jim’s Richfield would take annual fishing trips up to places such as Sekiu. Sekiu, the same place Gausta, his brother, and uncle would launch from before a record setting catch. Catching the big one The Labor Day weekend fishing trip on Sept. 6, 1964 began with three men on a trip up to Coho Resort in Sekiu. Carl Knutson, Lloyd Gausta and Chet Gausta, setting off from Poulsbo, took the three-and-a-half hour drive to the resort, where they would launch the Pacific Mariner. The fishermen went in the direction of Slip Point where, as Chet Gausta wrote in a report, the “action remained quite slow.” The first catch of the day was a 20-pound chinook caught by Lloyd. It would not be the last. Approaching Pillar Point, which Chet Gausta described in as a landmark known to anyone who fishes on the Strait of Juan de Fuca, the sun was out to make for a warm day. The fishermen were in a “lethargic state” because of the lack of action and warmth |

of the day, Gausta described in the report. This feeling, just before catching a recordsetting salmon. “My reel let out a clicking sound like I’d never before experienced during the fifty or more years of salmon fishing,” Gausta wrote. “Without a doubt, this noise brought the three of us out of our sleepy, relaxed, day dreaming postures, and ready to do battle with whatever had triggered my Penn 3450 to emit such a sweet sound.” The ensuing battle with the 70.5 pound chinook took more than an hour. The salmon was 54 inches long, caught on 12-pound test line. Knutson used a gaff hook — what is used in troll fishing — to help haul the salmon on the boat, because the fishing net was too small. After returning to port, Gausta described being “the subject of camera buffs,” wanting photos of the record catch. The fishermen posed for four hours holding the salmon, before retiring for a night’s rest. Gausta had the salmon mounted immediately. The meat was canned. Some of the meat, Hawkinson said, still exists — he would not recommend eating it. At one point, Gausta’s record was erased. Not because someone caught a bigger fish. The state reset all the records. His brother, Lloyd, who predeceased him, fought to have the record reinstated. Gausta’s family is now in the final stages of bringing the salmon to the Poulsbo Historical Museum in City Hall. Because family will

continue to use it for various occasions, the mounted 70.5-pounder may not be permanently housed at the museum. More recently, Anderson said Gausta visited him. Anderson found a photo of Gausta with the salmon and had him pose for a photo. “He held it up and we took pictures of him,” Anderson said. “He was happy as a lark.” Person of interest, a show of character After the record-setting catch, Gausta wouldn’t mind sharing that story with those interested. He would not initiate the conversation, however. When he wasn’t fishing or playing sports, Gausta also wrote for an outdoor magazine and was a columnist for the Herald. He took care of his wife, Barbara, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, until her death. Hawkinson said Gausta would not leave her alone and would never ask for help caring for her. “I’ve never known a person with that type of stamina,” Hawkinson said of his cousin’s determination. He was the son of Albert Gausta and Inga (Tideman) Gausta. Predeceased by wife Barbara, brothers Ralph and Lloyd and an infant sister. He is survived by nieces nephews, cousins and Barbara’s three children and their families. “He was a good citizen,” Anderson said. In fact, Anderson believes Gausta may have never even had a speeding ticket. “He was a good man.”


recovery plans and identified barriers to salmon recovery for most watersheds in Western Washington. Those plans must be implemented and those barriers fixed, and it needs to happen soon. One thing is clear. By every measuring stick we use, salmon habitat continues to disappear at an alarming rate, and that trend shows no signs of improvement. What we have been doing isn’t working. If we are going to succeed with salmon recovery, the federal government must use its authority to honor our treaties and put us all back on the path to salmon recovery. Billy Frank, Jr. is Chairman Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission

Give us your input! Take the Online Survey!

Your overwhelming support of our recent community budget forums gave us a better understanding of what’s important to you. Based on your feedback, we developed a new online budget survey. This survey will help guide us as we develop budget options for the 2012-13 school year.

Please take the online survey February 21-27

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Page A13

It’s Black History Month! WA Black Notables Contest ANSWER KEY Congratulations to our $100 Cash Prize Winner!

“We’ve come a long way… but You can’t stop fighting ignorance.” ~Lillian Walker Al Colvin- Tuskegee Airman/Council man Bishop Lawrence Robertson - Religious Leader Cynthia Galloway- Guidance Counselor/ School Bd. Dianne Robinson- Historian/Council Member Epiphany Nick- Miss Silverdale, 2012 Faye Flemister - Council Member /Business Owner Gwen Shepherd - Health Equity Advocate Harriette Bryant - Kitsap Community Foundation I - Free Space Judge Theodore Spearman Karen Vargas-Kitsap County Commission Lillian Walker - Civil Rights Pioneer Maya Clark-Kitsap Co. Commission, CKSD Youth Rep. New Phase New Ways - Cultural Awareness Firm Opal Robertson - Co-Founder, Embassy Ed. Ctr Pastor David Malcolm, Jr. - Ebenezer AM Church Q - Free Space Robert Boddie - Mentor, Junteenth Day Founder Shirley “Marty” Crutcher -B.I.G/Council Man/NAACP Thelma Jackson -Education Advocate Unique Experience-Embroidery and Silk Screening V - Free Space Walter Washington - Kitsap County Auditor X-Free space. You are Sustainable, LLC - Environmental Consulting Zachary Jenkins - Clinical Psychology Sponsored by: Sustainable You, LLC 5050 State HWY 303, Suite 103, PMB 155, Bremerton, WA 98311 WA Black Notables copyright pending.

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money since county staff that would be at the meetings are salaried, so it would not matter if they were working during the day or evening. She added that the county needs community members to be involved and that having 10 a.m. Monday meetings would not be conducive to that. Commissioners said they would leave written public comment open until Thursday and then they would discuss the matter Feb. 22 and make a decision on future business meeting times at the Feb. 27 commissioners meeting. The Feb. 27 meeting will remain scheduled for 7 p.m. at the commissioners chambers. Brown said that many other counties in the state have their business meetings during the day rather than evenings.

Mason County commissioners meet at 9 a.m. and the Pierce County Council at 3 p.m. He added that many of the people that testified Monday saying that they oppose the morning meeting, would be able to attend a morning time because they are retired. “When I hear from them that it needs to be in the evening, it’s not an honest assessment from them,” Brown said. Those individuals were not just looking out for themselves, but for all community members, said Ginger Sommerhauser, Jim Sommerhauser’s wife. Just like many others, she stressed the importance of face time. “If they’re working, they can’t come [in the morning.] There’s no way to get to you,” said Ginger Sommerhauser. “It doesn’t give them an opportunity to stand here and look you in the face.”

Legal Notices IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF YAKIMA Estate of DOUGLAS KENNETH BEAGLEY, Deceased. Probate No. 11-4-00708-8 PROBATE NOTICE TO CREDITORS RCW 11.40.030 TO: CREDITORS OF THE ESTATE OF DOUGLAS KENNETH BEAGLEY The personal representative named below has been appointed as personal representative of this estate. Any person having a claim against the decedent must, before the time the claim would be barred by any otherwise applicable statute of limitations, present the claim in the manner as provided in RCW 11.40.070 by serving on or mailing to the personal representative or the personal representative’s attorney at the address stated below a copy of the claim and filing the original of the claim with the court in which the probate proceedings were commenced. The claim must be presented within the later of: (1) Thirty days after the personal representative served or mailed the notice to the creditor as provided under RCW 11.40.020(1)(c); or (2) four months after the date of first publication of the notice. If the claim is not presented within this time frame, the claim is forever barred, except as otherwise provided in RCW 11.40.051 and 11.40.060. This bar is effective as to claims against both the decedent’s probate and nonprobate assets. Date of first publication: February 3, 2012 Personal Representa-

tive: Lynn Rowley 1212 5th Place Kirkland, WA 98033 Attorney for the Personal Representative: Dana P. Gailan ENGLUND LAW P.S. Address for Mailing or Service: Dana P. Gailan ENGLUND LAW P.S. 105 So. 3rd Street, #105 Yakima, WA 98901 Date of first publication: 02/03/12 Date of last publication: 02/17/12 (BP363129) SUPERIOR COURT OF WASHINGTON IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF KITSAP Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation., Plaintiff, v. John Doe, Jane Doe, AND ALL OCCUPANTS OF THE PREMISES LOCATED AT 3700 Seabeck Highway Northwest, Bremerton, WA 98312, Defendants. No. 12-2-00164-4 SUMMONS BY PUBLICATION THIS IS NOTICE OF A LAWSUIT TO EVICT YOU. PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY. THE DEADLINE FOR YOUR WRITTEN RESPONSE IS: 5:00 P.M. ON February 29, 2012 TO DEFENDANT(S): John Doe, Jane Doe, AND ALL OCCUPANTS OF THE PREMISES LOCATED AT 3700 Seabeck Highway Northwest, Bremerton, WA 98312. This summons is served under an order of this court dated January 27, 2012. A lawsuit has been started against you in the Superior Court of


areas that need to be added to the UGAs include places that already have sewer lines, several people said at the hearing. An ongoing example throughout the evening given by residents included the area north of Waaga Way in Silverdale, where sewer exists. “Put your boundaries where utilities exist. Think about extending out to include these areas,” said Robert Ross, a longtime county resident, who was in support for extending the Silverdale UGA to include the portion north of Waaga Way. Ron Ross, who is just across from Waaga Way, said he would like to be part of the updated UGA.

He has a vision for his property there to be turned into a senior center where there would be space for those 55 years and older to garden or play outdoors with their grandchildren, he said to the commissioners. Mary Earl, secretary of Citizens United for Silverdale, was also in support for including the portion north of Waaga Way in the Silverdale UGA. She also addressed that the area north of Island Lake should not be included in the UGA since it has separate water and school districts. “They’ve never aligned with Silverdale,” Earl said. Citizens United for Silverdale is the volunteer-committee pushing for Silverdale cityhood that eliminated most of the Island Lake area from its proposed city boundaries. Mary Zabinski, a Chico resident, suggested that the commissioners use the alternative 3 option for the

Friday, February 17, 2012

Silverdale UGA because she said it would provide the county with a wide range of options from an environmental impact statement. After commissioners and staff go through the public comments, commissioners will select three alternatives — that may be current versions or new options from the preliminary alternatives — and an EIS will be drafted from the three selected options. “The purpose of an EIS is to understand a full range of impacts,” Zabinski said, adding that the county has also worked hard on caring for the Chico Creek and Watershed and that to ensure a continual sound plan for the waterways, they should also be included in an EIS. Some people indicated while the UGA remand is at no fault of the county, commissioners should look into getting local control of the Growth Management Act so

that this process doesn’t have to happen again soon. Jon Rose, who works with Kingston property groups, said that $10 million to $15 million have been spent since 1998 on modifications to UGA and the money — as well as thousands of volunteer hours by community members — are going to waste when the boundaries must be redone over and over again. “Make some modifications for the [Growth Management Act] to get back local control,” Rose said to commissioners. “I’m sorry for 1,000 hours spent on this by volunteers.” The Hearings Board ruled in August 2011 that the county’s eight UGAs are noncompliant with the Growth Management Act. Commissioners plan to discuss the public comments at their afternoon meeting next Monday. “We want to get the ball rolling,” said County Commissioner Josh Brown.

For Kitsap Countywide Legal listings, please turn to Real Estate Now/Kitsap Classifieds

Kitsap County by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation., plaintiff. Plaintiff’s claim is stated in the written Complaint for Unlawful Detainer, a copy of which is served upon you with this Summons. This is notice of a lawsuit to evict you from the property, which has been foreclosed by your lender or the lender of the owner of the property. The new owner is asking the court to terminate your occupancy and or tenancy and direct the sheriff to remove you and your belongings from the property. In order to defend against this lawsuit, you must respond to the complaint in this action by stating your defense in writing, and by serving a copy upon the undersigned attorney for the Plaintiff on or before 5:00 P.M. ON February 29, 2012 or a default judgment will be entered against you without notice. The date of first publication in this matter is February 17, 2012. You can respond to the complaint in writing by delivering a copy of a notice of appearance or answer to undersigned attorney by personal delivery, mailing, or facsimile to the address or facsimile number stated below TO BE RECEIVED NO LATER THAN THE DEADLINE STATED ABOVE. Service by facsimile is complete upon successful transmission to the facsimile number, if any, listed in the summons. The notice of appearance or answer must include the name of this case (plaintiff(s) and defendant(s)), your name, the street address where further legal papers may be sent, your telephone number (if any), and

your signature. If there is a number on the upper right side of the eviction summons and complaint, you must also file your original notice of appearance or answer with the court clerk by the deadline for your written response. You may demand that the plaintiff file this lawsuit with the court. If you do so, the demand must be in writing and must be served upon the person signing the summons. Within fourteen days after you serve the demand, the plaintiff must file this lawsuit with the court, or the service on you of this summons and complaint will be void. If you wish to seek the advice of an attorney in this matter, you should do so promptly so that your written response, if any, may be served on time. You may also be instructed in a separate order to appear for a court hearing on your eviction. If you receive an order to show cause you must personally appear at the hearing on the date indicated in the order to show cause IN ADDITION to delivering and filing your notice of appearance or answer by the deadline stated above. IF YOU DO NOT RESPOND TO THE COMPLAINT IN WRITING BY THE DEADLINE STATED ABOVE YOU WILL LOSE BY DEFAULT. THE PLAINTIFF MAY PROCEED WITH THE LAWSUIT, EVEN IF YOU HAVE MOVED OUT OF THE PROPERTY. The notice of appearance or answer must be delivered to: Routh Crabtree Olsen P.S. 13555 SE 36th St.,

Suite 300 Bellevue, WA 98006 Phone: (425) 586-1991 Fax: (425) 283-5991 You are further notified that this is an action for unlawful detainer and that the relief sought in this action is for restitution of the premises located at 3700 Seabeck Highway Northwest, Bremerton, WA 98312, Kitsap County, Washington; for forfeiture of your tenancy of these premises; for the damages incurred by plaintiff due to the unlawful detainer; for plaintiff’s costs and disbursements; and for such other relief as the court finds just and proper. This Summons is issued pursuant to Rule 4 of the Superior Court Civil Rules of the State of Washington. DATED on February 14, 2012. ROUTH CRABTREE OLSEN, P.S. By Janaya L. Carter, WSBA #32715 Lauren Davidson Humphreys, WSBA #41694 Valerie I. Holder, WSBA #42968 Attorneys for Plaintiff Date of publication: 02/17/12 (BP366163) SUPERIOR COURT OF WASHINGTON IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF KITSAP Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, Plaintiff, v. Fidel Pablo Perez, AND ALL OCCUPANTS OF THE PREMISES LOCATED AT 161 Sheridan Road Unit B, Bremerton, WA 98310, Defendants. No. 12-2-00162-8 SUMMONS BY PUBLICATION THIS IS NOTICE OF A LAWSUIT TO EVICT YOU.

PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY. THE DEADLINE FOR YOUR WRITTEN RESPONSE IS: 5:00 P.M. ON February 29, 2012 TO DEFENDANT(S): Fidel Pablo Perez, AND ALL OCCUPANTS OF THE PREMISES LOCATED AT 161 Sheridan Road Unit B, Bremerton, WA 98310. This summons is served under an order of this court dated January 29, 2012. A lawsuit has been started against you in the Superior Court of Kitsap County by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, plaintiff. Plaintiff’s claim is stated in the written Complaint for Unlawful Detainer, a copy of which is served upon you with this Summons. This is notice of a lawsuit to evict you from the property, which has been foreclosed by your lender or the lender of the owner of the property. The new owner is asking the court to terminate your occupancy and or tenancy and direct the sheriff to remove you and your belongings from the property. In order to defend against this lawsuit, you must respond to the complaint in this action by stating your defense in writing, and by serving a copy upon the undersigned attorney for the Plaintiff on or before 5:00 P.M. ON February 29, 2012 or a default judgment will be entered against you without notice. The date of first publication in this matter is February 17, 2012. You can respond to the complaint in writing by delivering a copy of a notice of appearance or answer to undersigned attorney by personal de-

livery, mailing, or facsimile to the address or facsimile number stated below TO BE RECEIVED NO LATER THAN THE DEADLINE STATED ABOVE. Service by facsimile is complete upon successful transmission to the facsimile number, if any, listed in the summons. The notice of appearance or answer must include the name of this case (plaintiff(s) and defendant(s)), your name, the street address where further legal papers may be sent, your telephone number (if any), and your signature. If there is a number on the upper right side of the eviction summons and complaint, you must also file your original notice of appearance or answer with the court clerk by the deadline for your written response. You may demand that the plaintiff file this lawsuit with the court. If you do so, the demand must be in writing and must be served upon the person signing the summons. Within fourteen days after you serve the demand, the plaintiff must file this lawsuit with the court, or the service on you of this summons and complaint will be void. If you wish to seek the advice of an attorney in this matter, you should do so promptly so that your written response, if any, may be served on time. You may also be instructed in a separate order to appear for a court hearing on your eviction. If you receive an order to show cause you must personally appear at the hearing on the date indicated in the order to show cause IN ADDITION to delivering and filing your notice of appearance or answer

by the deadline stated above. IF YOU DO NOT RESPOND TO THE COMPLAINT IN WRITING BY THE DEADLINE STATED ABOVE YOU WILL LOSE BY DEFAULT. THE PLAINTIFF MAY PROCEED WITH THE LAWSUIT, EVEN IF YOU HAVE MOVED OUT OF THE PROPERTY. The notice of appearance or answer must be delivered to: Routh Crabtree Olsen P.S. 13555 SE 36th St., Suite 300 Bellevue, WA 98006 Phone: (425) 586-1991 Fax: (425) 283-5991 You are further notified that this is an action for unlawful detainer and that the relief sought in this action is for restitution of the premises located at 161 Sheridan Road Unit B, Bremerton, WA 98310, Kitsap County, Washington; for forfeiture of your tenancy of these premises; for the damages incurred by plaintiff due to the unlawful detainer; for plaintiff’s costs and disbursements; and for such other relief as the court finds just and proper. This Summons is issued pursuant to Rule 4 of the Superior Court Civil Rules of the State of Washington. DATED on February 7, 2012. ROUTH CRABTREE OLSEN, P.S. By Janaya L. Carter, WSBA #32715 Lauren Davidson Humphreys, WSBA #41694 Valerie I. Holder, WSBA #42968 Attorneys for Plaintiff Date of publication: 02/17/12 (BP365096)

Friday, February 17, 2012 |

Getting their history on By KRISTIN OKINAKA

Some of them read a lot of books on their own time. Several of them often watch Jeopardy on TV. Most of them have taken every Advanced Placement history class offered at Klahowya Secondary School. All of them enjoy testing their history knowledge by being on the school’s History Bowl team. “It’s like Jeopardy, but on steroids,” said Boyd Wolking, a senior on the team. Klahowya will host the Washington State Championships of the National History Bowl and Bee Saturday, Feb. 18. One of the school’s varsity teams has already qualified for the April national bowl competition in Washington, D.C. from winning the Central Washington History Bowl competition in January. From that competition, Wolking

also qualified himself for the national history bee, an individual competition. History Bowl is similar to Knowledge Bowl — in which most of the Klahowya students are participants to both teams — except History Bowl tests U.S. and world history knowledge while Knowledge Bowl tests math and science as well. Klahowya has a total of about 15 active students on the team including both varsity and junior varsity. Wolking, who captained last year’s varsity team that competed in nationals, said he enjoys the friendly competition that History Bowl produces. While he and his peers work together as a team to score points, they each are able to buzz in on their own and must answer a question individually without discussion with their teammates. Jeff Kreifels, a Klahowya history teacher who coaches the team, said in the competition, there

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is one out of four quarters where students have brief moments to discuss answers with one another. While practicing last Tuesday in Kreifel’s classroom after school, the students answered questions ranging from topics covering yellow fever to Annie Oakley and British kings to the Maori people of New Zealand. Carly Whetsel, a senior, said she likes when she is able to recall a fact that she didn’t think she would remember — or maybe even know. “It’s fun because you get to test what you remember from [classes] you’ve taken

in the past,” she said. Whetsel has taken AP U.S. History and AP World History at Klahowya and Wolking has also taken those classes in addition to AP European History. He said the “euro” class isn’t offered every year at the school but he was able to snag it. Although the two students have gone through all the history classes at Klahowya — Wolking said he never has to study ahead of time for regular tests because he easily retains information — and are on the History Bowl team, they don’t get made fun of by their peers, aside from playful joking, for being involved in “nerdy”

Page A15

activities. “Nerdiness is encouraged at this school,” said Wolking. Whetsel added that both students and teachers are supportive and it may have to do with the fact that the school isn’t very strong in sports. Kreifels said it’s fun to see the students answer random history questions and to hear where they learned of it — aside from classes, it’s from reading books, watching movies, from conversations or even from time spent surfing Wikipedia. “Those things are in there rattling around in your brain and we want them to come out,” Kreifels said to his students. Kreifels was recently awarded the Washington State Veterans of Foreign Wars Citizenship Education Teacher of the Year award. Even though the questions in competitions can

be from U.S. or world history, Kreifels said he tells his students to study U.S. presidents, vice presidents, first ladies and secretaries of states because those are “basic ones” that are bound to come up. The varsity and junior varsity do not do any studying together to prepare for competitions other than practice rounds of buzzing in answers to questions that Kreifels reads aloud. They practice together two or three times a month. National History Bowl and Bee started in 2010 with just three states and expanded to other states including Washington last year, said Kreifels. Last year was therefore the first time Klahowya participated in the competitions. Because there is no minimum number of team See history, A7

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Port Orchard

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kitsapweek week F e b r u a r y 17 - 2 3 , 2 0 12

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Classifieds REAL ESTATE





‘Talking With ...,’ a collection of monologues, will be performed March 9-18 in Bremerton Eagles Aerie 192.


Pain, healing

& gaman

The Changing Scene Theatre Northwest presents “Talking With...” on March 9-18, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 p.m., Sundays at 2 p.m., in Bremerton Eagles Aerie 192, 205 6th St., Downtown Bremerton. “Talking With...,” written by Jane Martin and directed by Pavlina Morris, features 11 actresses performing 11 monologues. Tickets are $15 adults; $12 seniors, students, military. Group discounts available. Before and after the play, take in the panoramic view of the Bremerton waterfront from the Aerie’s second floor. Martin, a Pulitzer Prize nominee and winner of several American Theatre Critics Association awards, first came to national attention for “Talking With...” Reservations: (360) 8131820 or

MEET YOUR LEGISLATORS Discuss the issues with your 23rd District legislators Saturday. Sen. Christine Rolfes and Reps. Sherry Appleton and Drew Hansen will host town hall meetings 10-11:30 a.m. at the Eagle’s Nest Fairgrounds, 1200 NW Fairgrounds Road, Bremerton; and 1:30-3 p.m. at Poulsbo City Hall, 200 NE Moe St.

70 years ago Sunday, FDR signed an order sending 120,000 people of Japanese ancestry, including residents of Bainbridge Island, to internment camps / page 2

A section of the Bainbridge Island Review | Bremerton Patriot | Central Kitsap Reporter | North Kitsap Herald | Port Orchard Independent

page 2 kitsapweek Friday, February 17, 2012

70 years ago Sunday, President Roosevelt signed an order that led to the internment of 120,000 people of Japanese ancestry. Among the first to be interned were residents of Bainbridge Island

From pain to message of hope



hat Lilly Kodama remembers most about March 29, 1942 was she was too excited to sleep. The next day, her family and all other families of Japanese ancestry living on Bainbridge Island were to take the ferry to Seattle. Once in Seattle, they would travel by train to an unknown destination. “My mother said it would be like a vacation,” Kodama said. And for a 7-year-old girl who had never been on a train before, her excitement trumped fear — even when she saw soldiers carrying guns. “Because the trip was overnight, our family got to sleep in a Pullman car,” Kodama recalled. “I remember arguing with my siblings about who got to sleep on the top bed.” But Kay Nakao was more aware of what was happening. At 22, she had a good sense that she and the other 275 Bainbridge Island Nikkei (people of Japanese ancestry) weren’t going on

Soldiers post signs instructing all Bainbridge islanders of Japanese ancestry to report for transport to the War Relocation Center in Manzanar, Calif., in 1942. Sunday is the 70th anniversary of President Roosevelt’s order.

a holiday. “We were frantic,” the 92-year-old Bainbridge resident remembers. “In the beginning, the government said just the aliens were being sent away. Then we were told, ‘A Jap is a Jap’ and that everyone was going.”

EXECUTIVE ORDER 9066 Seventy years ago, on Feb. 19, 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066. The order designated certain areas as military zones and led to the internment of 120,000 people of Japanese ancestry — regardless of whether they were United States citizens — for the duration of World War II. On March 24, 1942 soldiers posted notices on Bainbridge Island, alerting residents that on March 30, 1942 all Nikkei would be evacuated. For six days, JapaneseAmerican families prepared for their departure. As one can imagine, six days wasn’t long to tie up loose ends before leaving for an indefinite amount of time. Because of the recent attack

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on Pearl Harbor, many Americans were suspicious of all things Japanese-related and the families who were forced to evacuate

destroyed items with ties to Japan. “Anything pertaining to Japanese was burned, buried or thrown into the

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ARRIVAL When the train arrived at its final destination, the 276 displaced people found themselves at the War Relocation Center in Manzanar, Calif, near the Sierra Nevada Mountains. (Later, they were transferred to the Minidoka internment camp in Idaho.) From the signing of Order 9066 in late February to their arrival in early April, rudimentary buildings were erected to house the Bainbridge Island internees — the first JapaneseAmericans in the country to arrive at the camps. The buildings were See INTERNMENT, Page 3

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outhouse,” Nakao said. It wasn’t until after the war, when Nakao returned to Bainbridge Island, that she discovered some relics

her family forgot to destroy. In an upstairs bedroom, inside a trunk was a seashell corsage her grandmother had sent her, along with a doll dressed in a kimono. “Usually I get so mad at myself for forgetting things,” Nakao said. “Not that time. That was one time I didn't regret it.” (The belongings are now displayed at Sonoji Sakai Intermediate School on Bainbridge Island.)

2 3 4

Carson Farley 360.779.8097 10 years teaching experience in Kitsap County

Movie Night at the Museum

Tuesday, February 28th • 6pm Huchoosedah: Traditions of the Heart with Vi Hilbert

Saturday, March 10, 2012 • 5:30-9:00 pm Hood Canal Pavilion • Port Gamble $50 per person

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Lunch: Tue–Sat 11:30am to 2:15pm Dinner: Tue-Sun 5pm to 9:15pm 206-855-7882 | 403 Madison Ave. N., Suite 150, Bainbridge Island

Friday, February 17, 2012


At the internment camp at Minidoka, Frank Kitamoto dressed in Army gear from the Sears Roebuck catalog.

Continued from page 2

hastily constructed out of tarpaper and raw lumber. In the heat of the desert, the lumber would shrink, causing gaping holes. Often, the residents would wake in the morning, covered in sand. “We were uprooted. Could only bring what we could carry. We didn’t know where we were going,” Nakao said. Perhaps because of her young age at the time, Kodama doesn't harbor any resentment about the internment. “People have asked me, ‘Don’t you feel any bitterness?’ And until people asked me that, I never thought I should,” Kodama said. “Why don’t I, I wonder? Part of it is because of the culture of the Japanese.”

Frank Kitamoto collection

A memorial wall in Eagledale marks the place where 276 Bainbridge islanders of Japanese ancestry were removed to internment camps.

GAMAN: TO PERSEVERE According to the Bainbridge Island Japanese American Community website, the Japanese word “gaman” means patience and tolerance. The word is frequently used when talking about how JapaneseAmericans handled the internment. Growing up in eastern Washington, Clarence Moriwaki, who identifies himself as American-Japanese, wasn’t alive during World War II. Although he had relatives interned during the war, it wasn't until he was a freshman at the University of Washington that he found out about the

Erin Jennings / Kitsap Week

internment. He remembers meeting up with other JapaneseAmerican students at the undergraduate library and the question arose, “What camp did your parents go to?” “I’m thinking summer camp. So I said, ‘I’m a

farmer’s kid. They didn’t have time to camp,’ ” Moriwaki said. But the students weren’t discussing canoes and s’mores. “They said, ‘Concentration camp, you moron.’ It was the first I had heard of it,” he recalled.

Over the Thanksgiving school break, Moriwaki asked his father about the internment. It was one of the first times he recalls his father pausing and being silent. His father wasn’t interned during the war — the demarcation line in Washington was the Columbia River; those who lived east of it weren’t sent away — but he had relatives who were. Moriwaki’s father used the word “gaman.” He believed it was his job


page 3

as a parent to make his children’s life as good as possible and not to bear his pain or his shame. That was why he never discussed the camps with his son. Similarly, parents played an important role in the internment camps. They tried to make life as normal as possible for their children. School dances were planned and sports teams were organized. Toys were crocheted. Crafts projects were organized. See INTERNMENT, Page 4

page 4 kitsapweek Friday, February 17, 2011

A Bordeaux variety with strong Northwest roots BY ANDY PERDUE AND ERIC DEGERMAN

Wine Press Northwest


s a grape variety, Cabernet Franc has neither the pedigree nor the adoration of Cabernet Sauvignon. In fact, it’s often hidden away in blends both in its native France as well as on the West Coast. Yet in the past half-decade, more vintners are allowing this important red grape to play a central role in their winemaking by bottling Cabernet Franc on its own. Cabernet Franc is believed to have originated in southwestern France and now is important both in Bordeaux and the Loire Valley. In Bordeaux, it is one of five grapes used to craft the world’s most famous red blends. In Loire, it is the most important grape in the Chinon region. About 15 years ago, researchers discovered that Cabernet Franc and the white Sauvignon Blanc grapes were the parents of the now more famous

Cabernet Sauvignon. Cabernet Franc has been planted in Washington since at least the 1970s and has played an important viticultural role because it can survive the Columbia Valley’s occasionally harsh winters better than most varieties. Today, Cabernet Franc is Washington’s fourth-most important red grape, after Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah. In 2010, winemakers crushed 2,500 tons of Cabernet Franc, a number consistent since 2005 but down a bit from a decade ago. Generally speaking, Cabernet Franc is smoother and lighter than Cabernet Sauvignon and often is used to tame the latter’s bold tannins. In the Northwest, classic versions of Cabernet Franc can reveal notes of herbaciousness or even pipe tobacco along with red cherries, raspberries and black pepper. It will pair nicely with lean grilled meats, pepperoni pizza or polenta-based dishes. While you won’t find Cabernet Franc dominating

grocery store shelves, it is not hard to find dozens of examples from Northwest regions at your favorite wine merchant. Here are a few we have tasted recently. ■ Arbor Crest Wine Cellars 2009 Conner Lee Vineyard Cabernet Franc, Columbia Valley, $18: The nose revives memories of cassis and sage, backed by coffee, chocolate mint, graphite and a bit of spiciness akin to red pepper flakes, followed by flavors of black currant, blackberry and coffee. ■ DiStefano Winery 2007 Sogno, Columbia Valley, $25: The theme of high-toned red fruit includes cassis and strawberry, and it’s balanced by a strong thread of tannin. Just underneath are strips of cedar and a pinch of oregano. ■ Grande Ronde Cellars 2008 Cabernet Franc, Walla Walla Valley, $25: This will appeal to “Francophile” fans, those who appreciate the tones of red currant, Van cherry, oregano and green bell pepper. The

Arbor Crest’s Cabernet Franc follows with flavors of black currant, blackberry and coffee.

subdued barrel notes and sandy tannins give this lots of food applications. ■ Walla Walla Vintners 2009 Cabernet Franc, Columbia Valley, $28: The nose is rich with blueberry, Marionberry, cherry, cracked black pepper, black olive and porcini mushroom earthiness. On the palate, it picks up black cherry, cassis and blueberry flavors, fine-grained tannins and a pleasing dose of acidity. ■ Woodslake 2007 Cabernet Franc, Columbia Valley, $20: Aromas of poached plum, vanilla bean and fresh-baked brownie still allow for hints of tobacco and dolma grape leaf to emerge. There’s amazing richness on the palate with lots of plum, deep, dark cherry and blackberry. — Andy Perdue and Eric Degerman are editors of Wine Press Northwest magazine,

Internment Continued from page 3

AFTER THE WAR When the war ended in 1945, many of the Bainbridge Island internees returned home to the island and were warmly greeted by the community. The Bainbridge Island Japanese-American community partially credits the kind reception to the owners of The Bainbridge Review, Walt and Milly Woodward. During the war, the Woodwards actively spoke out against the internment. They also hired correspondent reporters in the internment camps, which helped promote dialogue between the residents of Bainbridge Island and those who were sent away. But it wasn’t until the mid-1980s that the Japanese community began to really talk about what happened during World War II. “We kept it inside for a long time,” Nakao said. In the late 1990s, the Japanese-American community of Bainbridge Island began to work on plans to acknowledge that Bainbridge Island was the first place Japanese-Americans where forced from their homes. Now, a serene wall marks the area in Eagledale on Bainbridge Island where 276 people were loaded onto the ferry. The wall is 276 feet long— one foot for each person, along with each person’s name — and weaves along

“We didn’t want it to be about blame, shame or guilt. Instead, we wanted a message of hope.” — Clarence Moriwaki, who served on the memorial planning committee

a gravel path overlooking the harbor. The Bainbridge Island Japanese American Exclusion Memorial is called Nidoto Nai Yoni, which translates to “Let it not happen again.” So do they fear something similar could happen again? After Sept. 11, 2001, the thought went through Nakao’s mind. “I thought, ‘Oh, brother!’ We have to talk more about the internment or it will happen to some other group,” she said. Moriwaki, who served on the memorial planning committee, said the group spent eight months coming up with a name for the site. “We didn’t want it to be about blame, shame or guilt,” he said. “Instead, we wanted a message of hope.”

70TH ANNIVERSARY Plans are in the works to commemorate the day 276 people were forced to leave Bainbridge Island. Check the website, www., for more details on the March 30 event.

Choreography Showcase 2012 Presented by

Peninsula Dance Theatre

Music by Bob Johnston & Nancy White Book by Jeff Hochhauser Lyrics by Nancy White, Bob Johnston, & Jeff Hochhauser

"Experience a genre of dance from classical ballet to contemporary modern" Saturday, February 25th at 7:30 pm Sunday, February 26th at 3 pm Bremerton High School Performing Arts Center

Tickets available at Bremerton Dance Center 515 Chester Ave. by phone 360-377-6214, or online at

Friday, February 17, 2012

kitsapcalendar ART GALLERIEs The Sculptor’s Eye: Through Feb. 26, The Island Gallery, 400 Winslow Way East, No. 120, Bainbridge Island. Works of Nathan Christopher, Brad Davis, Wendy Dunder, Debra Greiner, Cecil Ross, Alan Vogel. Info: (206) 780-9500, Old Town Custom Framing & Gallery artist reception: For Joanne Morris, featured artist, Feb. 25, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., at 3295 NW Lowell St., Silverdale. Morris will discuss and answer questions about her work. The event is free and open to the public. Info: (360) 698-1507, Collective Visions Gallery: Ken Van Der Does, “Mold, Model, Make, Devise, Plot, Put Together,” on exhibit in March. Artists’ First Friday Reception, March 2, 5-8 p.m. Arts Poetica, where art meets poetry, March 25, 2 p.m. Gallery located at 331 Pacific Ave., Bremerton.

Benefits and events Bainbridge Island Ski Bus: Feb. 25 to March 24 (Crystal Mountain). Offered by Bainbridge Island Park and Recreation Department. Info: (206) 8422306 or Messy Friday at KiDiMu: Feb. 17, 24, 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., 301 Ravine Lane NE, Bainbridge Island. Join KiDiMu instructors for season-inspired hands-on art projects. Free with admission or membership. Info: (206) 855-4650 or Winter Book Sale and Silent Auction for Friends of the Manchester Library: Feb. 18, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Manchester Library, 8067 E. Main St. Gently-used

books for sale and silent auction, hosted by the Friends of the Manchester Library. Also seeking donations for upcoming Spring Plant & Book Sale on April 28. Bring them to Carol Campbell (or to the Manchester Library), (360) 871-7820. Both events are sponsored by the Friends of the Manchester Library and are fundraisers to help support the library. A Sweet Heart Celebration: Feb. 18, 4-7 p.m., Faith Fellowship Church, 6251 NW Newberry Hill Road, Silverdale. A dinner for developmentally disabled adults. Registration $10. Info and RSVP: Barbara Zak, program director of Abled Network, (360) 649-8429. Kids’ Night at the KiDiMu: Feb. 18, 5:30-9:30 p.m., 301 Ravine Lane NE, Bainbridge Island. On the first Friday and third Saturday of each month, children are invited to KiDiMu for a funfilled evening of museum playtime, a movie and pizza dinner. Made possible by Port Madison Enterprises. Recommended ages: 31/2-10. Registration required by noon the day before. Cost: Members $30 per child, non-members $40 per child, $10 off per sibling. Info: (206) 855-4650 or Bay Street Bash & Casino Night: Feb. 18, 6:30 p.m., Port Orchard Pavilion, 701 Bay St. Mardi Grasthemed Casino Night to benefit the South Kitsap Rotary Foundation. Tickets: $40 per person, includes admission, casino match play, light Cajun-style dinner. Raffles and a no-host bar. Info: Nat Potter, (360) 3403283, Nighttime Bremerton Pier Exploration: Feb. 18, 7:30-8:30 p.m., Bremerton Marina Pier. Join the WSU Kitsap Extension and Washington Sea Grant Beach naturalists on a nighttime beach walk. Info: Lisa Rillie, (360) 337-7157 Ext. 3244,

Frustrated with

Macular Degeneration

or other types of vision loss? Even if you’ve been told nothing more can be done, you owe it to yourself to seek a second opinion. Find out if special telescopic / low vision glasses can help you see better than you ever thought possible. Call today for a FREE phone consultation. Offices located throughout Washington

Toll Free (877) 823-2020 Dr. Ross Cusic, OD Dr. Ross Cusic, OD .com LowVisionOptometry .com (425) 285-1230 LowVisionOptometry

Story Time with Ms. Holly at KiDiMu: Feb. 20, 27, 11:30 a.m., 301 Ravine Lane NE, Bainbridge Island. On Mondays, Ms. Holly, local performing artist Eon Photog Smith, invites families to KiDiMu for a reading of favorite children’s stories. Free with admission or membership. Info: (206) 855-4650 or www. Bremerton Fire & Bremerton Bar and Grill cancer fundraiser: Feb. 23, 5-10 p.m., 190 Pacific Ave, Bremerton. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Info about the Scott Firefighter Stair Climb: www. Roller Hockey Open Skate: Feb. 26, 2-4 p.m., Battle Point Park Roller Rink, Bainbridge Island. Bring your helmet, skates, and protective gear and get a taste of this fun and fast sport. KiDiMu Summer Camps Registration opens: Feb. 27. 301 Ravine Lane NE, Bainbridge Island. From Grossology to Readers’ Theater, the Kids Discovery Museum presents amazing summer adventures in science, art, drama, cooking, photography and more. Ages: 3-10. Info: Registration: (206) 855-4650. Free First Thursday at KiDiMu: On the first Thursday of each month, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., families are invited to explore KiDiMu free of charge. 301 Ravine Lane NE, Bainbridge Island. Sponsored by Wells Fargo. Have fun with a variety of hands-on exhibits and art activities. Info: (206)855-4650 or www.kidimu. org. Bainbridge Island Farmers’ Market call for vendors and musicians: The Bainbridge Island Farmers’ Market is now accepting farm, processor and craft vendor applications for the 2012 season. Deadline for application submission is March 1. Applications and rules can

be downloaded at or sent by request to manager@ Interested musicians may inquire by email, Poulsbo Garden Club grants: Application deadline Feb. 28. Poulsbo Garden Club is offering grants to foster knowledge and interest in gardening and promote civic beauty in North Kitsap. Funds available for agriculture, forestry education, horticulture or landscape design. Info: Janice, (360) 697-3277. Bainbridge Island Student Art: March 4, 403 Madison Ave. NE. Children in grades K-12 can enter their art in the 12th annual Student Art Contest. Entries must be registered from 9:30 a.m. to noon. The exhibit is open from noon to 5 p.m., followed by the award ceremony. There is a $3 entry fee per piece. See rules at www. Info: Dinah Satterwhite, (206) 842-0504. Nominations for Women of Achievement: Deadline March 2 for YWCA of Kitsap County’s 23rd anniversary “Women of Achievement” luncheon April 24, noon to 1:30 p.m. Forms can be emailed or mailed to YWCA of Kitsap County, P.O. Box 559, Bremerton, WA 98337. Info: (360) 479-0522, email, or www.

Classes Coast Guard weekend navigator course: Begins Feb. 21, 6:309:30 p.m., Kingston Cove Yacht Club, Kingston. For experienced and novice powerboat and sailboat operators. Learn skills required for a safe voyage on a variety of waters and boating conditions. Offered Feb. 21, 23, 28; March 1, 6, 8. Cost: $75, includes class materials; additional family members $35. Class size is limited. Reservations and info: Steve Hyman, (360) 297-2494. How to Use Sea Currents in Trip Planning: Feb. 22, noon to 1:30



Dr. David M. Gent D.P.M.

If you notice a bump on the side of your foot by the big toe, you probably have a bunion. The skin that covers the bunion may be red and tender, and wearing shoes may be painful. The pressure from the big toe pushing on the other toes may actually force the second toe to overlap the third toe. Untreated bunions can lead to bursitis and even arthritis. Add bunions to the list of problems that can be caused by wearing ill-fitting shoes, especially those that are too tight on the toes. Prevention is the best medicine, so wear shoes that give your feet enough space, and avoid high heels. If bunion pain is making it difficult to walk, you may need surgery. New patients welcome and seen on the same day. Early & late appointments available. Most insurances accepted.

Kitsap Foot and Ankle Clinic

900 Sheridan Road, Suite 101, Bremerton



page 5

Calendar submissions The Kitsap Week calendar is a free listing section for events happening in Kitsap County. If you’d like to submit an event, please include the name of the involved organization, the event’s date, purpose, cost (if applicable) and contact information. Submissions should be received one week prior to the desired publication date. All submissions will be considered for publication. Inclusion in the Kitsap Week Calendar is based on editorial space available and the discretion of the editor. Submissions may be edited, and preference will be given to events based on the date they occur. To submit information, email p.m., Wooden Boat Chandlery, 431 Water Street, near Point Hudson, Port Townsend. Using Washburn’s Tables, Ports and Passages and other reference materials, you can plan your trip easier and safer. Join Ace Spragg as she plans two imaginary trips — one north and one south, using Tides and Currents reference materials to enhance the cruising experience. Free and open to the public. Reservations required: email or call (360) 385-3628, ext. 101. AARP Safe Driving Class: Feb. 22, 23, 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Eagles Hall, 4001 Jackson St., Port Orchard. Cost: AARP members $12, non-members $14. Info: (360) 895-3173 to sign up. Organic Vegetable Gardening classes: Beginning Feb. 25, 10 a.m. to noon, Poulsbo Parks and Recreation Building, 19540 Front St. Six-week course with professional horticulturist

Gayle Larson. Info and registration: (360) 779-9898

clubs, meetings, support groups Bainbridge Island Genealogical Society: Feb. 17, 10 a.m., Bainbridge Public Library meeting room. “Document Analysis for the Genealogist: Changes in Handwriting Over the Last Five Centuries,” presented by Eileen Johnston, Port Townsend genealogist. Suggested donation for non-members is $5. Info:, (206) 855-9457. Town Hall meeting with 23rd District Legislators: Feb. 18, 10-11:30 a.m., Eagle’s Nest Fairgrounds, 1200 NW Fairgrounds See CALENDAR, Page 6

North Kitsap Kitsap Soccer North SoccerClub Club 2012Programming Programming Begins 2012 Begins •• Competitive Tryout Registration (U11-U18) Competitive Tryout Registration (U11-U18) ** OPEN NOWNOW ** ** OPEN ** also looking great coaches. Playing and We areWe alsoare looking for greatfor coaches. Playing and coaching experience desired, trainingdesired, available/included . coaching experience training available/included. Contact Ed Skelly: Contact Ed Skelly:

• Spring Academy Registration (ages 5-12) • Spring Academy Registration (ages** 5-12) ** COMING SOON ** COMING SOON **

See www.northkitsapsoccer for See fordetails details Come team! Comejoin joinour our winning winning team!

Promote Promote your your EVENT EVENT across the entire across the entire state! state!

Easy peasy. Easy peasy. Just place one ad this size through

Just place one this sizenetwork throughof us to access thead powerful us toCommunity access theNewspapers powerful network 106 acrossof 106 Community Newspapers across Washington for one flat price. (Also Washington one flatreal price. (Alsoetc.) perfect for jobforlistings, estate, perfect for job listings, real estate, etc.)

Request a free Request a free information kit: Central Kitsap 360.308.9161 information kit: Bainbridge 206.842.6613 Poulsbo 360.779.4464 Port Orchard 360.876.4414 Bremerton 360.782.1581

A Division of Sound Publishing

People helping pets...pets helping people.

Charles is an 11 yr old medium haired cremesicle orange

male with white on his feet, chest, and belly. He came to us when his owner went into a nursing home. Charles is a very sweet boy who loves to be with people. He has lived with at least one other cat his entire life. He gets along well with the other senior cats he’s been hanging out with in the senior loft. Charles loves to be brushed and petted. He likes to hang out on the fenced in porches in the sunlight watching the bird and squirrel show at the feeders. Charles will be at the Poulsbo Petco this week looking for a new family.

1-888-558-PAWS •

page 6 kitsapweek Friday, February 17, 2012


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Dining & Entertainment

Greater Kitsap

Road, Bremerton. Sen. Christine Rolfes and Reps. Sherry Appleton and Drew Hansen invite their constituents to come and ask questions, get answers and talk about what’s most important to them. Great Decisions at the Library: Cybersecurity: Feb. 18, 9:30-11 a.m., Bainbridge Public Library, 1270 Madison Ave N. Free dis-

cussion moderated by Dr. Barbara Endicott-Popovsky, director of U.W. Center for Information Assurance and Cybersecurity. Co-sponsored by the Bainbridge Island Arts & Humanities Council and the Kitsap Regional Library. Info: (206) 842-7901 or www. Dances of Universal Peace: Feb. 18, 7-9 p.m., Suquamish UCC Church, 18732 Division St, Suquamish. New and regular dancers welcome; dances are taught and easy to learn. Info:

A Dining Experience! Steak, Salmon, Scallops, Lobster & More!

Free CHICKEN DINNER on your birthday

(With a group of six or more) Gift cards available


9989 Silverdale Way NW, Silverdale



$2 OFF


1 coupon per table not valid with any other offer. Exp. 2/29/12


FRIENDS MEETING FRIENDS SINCE“1963” 1034 Bethel Ave Port Orchard


4115 Wheaton Way E. Bremerton (360)479-0788

3900 Kitsap Way Bremerton (360)479-2422

Elizabeth Dequine, (206) 8425181. Kitsap Senior Singles: Feb. 19, 1 p.m., 3201 Pine Road NE, Willows Senior Apartments, first floor, Bremerton. All seniors welcome for a potluck. Bring a dish to share, cards and games to play. Directions: (360) 4798522. Info: (360) 275-3256 or (360) 698-1175 f:67 Camera Club: Feb. 20, 6:45 p.m., Olympic College, Engineering Building, Room 117, Bremerton. Regular print night, covering all subjects. Category subject: “Plants.” Open to the public. Info: (360) 275 3019, Former City Councilman Bill Knobloch at Kiwanis: Feb. 22, 7 a.m., Wing Point Golf and Country Club, Bainbridge Island. “The Politics of Municipal Finance with our New Form of Government.” Community members are cordially invited to attend, breakfast $10. Info: Don Macaluso at 842-4904. Edward Jones retirement seminar: Feb. 23, 5:30 p.m., Edward Jones Investments, 2416 NW Myhre Road, Silverdale. Donald Logan, an Edward Jones financial adviser in Silverdale, is hosting a free 35-minute educational seminar, “Annuities and Your Retirement.” Space is limited. Reservations: Donald or Sarah Bartley, (360) 692-1216. DOCtalk seminar: Feb. 23, 7 p.m., Haselwood Family YMCA, 3909 NW Randall Way, Silverdale. Mark Hainer, DO and Christopher R. King, MD: “Importance of CardioPulmonary Rehabilitation after Heart Attack and Open Heart Surgery.” RSVP: (360) 7446760 or www.harrisonmedical. org/doctalk. Kitsap Photography Guild “Perspectives in Landscape Photography:” Feb. 23, 7 p.m., Cavalon Place Building, third floor, 2011 Myhre Road, Silverdale. Nature

photographer Kevin McNeal. Open to photographers of all skill levels. Info: Military Officers Association of America luncheon: Feb. 24, 11 a.m., Elks Lodge, 4131 Pine Road NE, Bremerton. Luncheon begins at noon. Guest speaker Lt. Col. Jay Ebberson of Madigan Hospital will explain Madigan benefits to members. RSVP by Feb. 20 to Myra Lovejoy, (360) 769-2412. Red Cedar Circle: Feb. 24, 6-10 p.m., Sacred Groves, Holly Farm Lane, Bainbridge Island. Donations accepted on a sliding scale. Info:,, or (206) 842-7141. Overeaters Anonymous workshop “A Plan of Action:” Feb. 25, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Eagle Harbor Congregational Church, corner of Madison Avenue South and Winslow Way, Bainbridge Island. A speaker from Alaska will highlight the theme of OA’s newest Tool of Recovery, “A Plan of Action.” Open to the public. Suggested donation: $5. Info: Sara, (206) 276-2633; or Clancy, (206) 499-5218. Great Decisions at the Library: Feb. 25, 9:30-11 a.m., Bainbridge Public Library, 1270 Madison Ave. Topic: Exiting Afghanistan and Iraq. The discussion will be moderated by Kelly Ericksen, visiting assistant professor in politics and government at the University of Puget Sound. Cosponsored by the Bainbridge Island Arts & Humanities Council and the Kitsap Regional Library. Info: (206) 842-7901 or www. Operation Christmas Child Celebration: Feb. 25, 1 p.m., St. Charles Church, 20295 Little Valley Road NE, Poulsbo. Find out how the shoebox kits impacted their recipients, and plans for 2012. Info: Tamara Henry, (360)

509-4338, tamarahenryocc@ WWU Environmental Studies Degree info session: Feb. 28, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., Olympic College, Bremerton Student Center. Earn a B.A. or B.S. in Environmental Studies from Western Washington University’s awardwinning Huxley College of the Environment in Bremerton. Program details are online at huxley/index.shtml or call (360) 417-6521. Roller hockey registration: Feb. 28, 6-8 p.m., Sakai Intermediate School, 9343 Sportsman Club Road NE, Bainbridge Island. Bainbridge Roller Hockey League’s drop-in registration for returning and new players. Teams are co-ed and newly formed each year for ages 7-17. The season is April through July. New this year: more games, fewer Sunday games. All games are played at the Battle Point Park hockey rink. Info: (206) 842-8596, registrar@bihockey. org, visit to download required forms and review the season schedule. Alzheimer’s Association Caregiver Support Groups: Third Tuesday of each month, 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at Linda’s Knit ‘N‘ Stitch, 3382 NE Carlton St., Silverdale. Info: Cyd Wadlow, (360) 7799064. At Ease Toastmasters: Wednesdays, 7-8 p.m., Subway meeting room, 3850 Kitsap Way, Bremerton. Learn valuable public speaking, evaluation and leadership skills in a friendly, supportive atmosphere. Visit Info: Dave Harris, (360) 4787089 or harriscd.wa@comcast. net. Family Support Group/National Alliance of Mental Illness: Last Tuesday of every month, 7-8:30 p.m., The Doctors Clinic, 2011 Myhre Road, Cavalon Place,

Silverdale. Info: Joy, (206) 7537000; or Barb, (360) 204-0706. Kitsap Fly Anglers: Meets the first Wednesday of each month, 7 p.m., in the community center at Island Lake Park in Silverdale. The speaker will be from Sage Rods will discuss fly lines, eliminating some of the mystery. Navy Wives Clubs of American meeting: Meets the first Tuesday each month at 7 p.m., Jackson Park Community Center, 90 Olding Road, Bremerton. Regular membership is open to spouses of active duty, reserve, retired and deceased members of the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. Info:; Ruthann Langkamp, (360) 876-4768; or email johnlangkamps@ Rotary Club of Silverdale: Meets every Thursday, at 12:15 p.m., at Silverdale Beach Hotel. Info: Jack Hamilton, (360) 308-9845. South Kitsap Ultimate Frisbee: Players invited to join a weekly pick-up game, Saturdays at 2:30 in Port Orchard. All skill levels and ages welcome. Location varies. Email chrismueller90@ or see the pick-up section on Women and Cancer Support Group: Second Thursday of the month, 6 p.m. at Harrison Medical Center Oncology Conference Room (second floor), 2520 Cherry Ave., Bremerton; first and third Thursday of the month, 10:30 a.m. at Harrison Poulsbo Hematology and Oncology, 19500 10th Ave. NE, Suite 100, Poulsbo. Info: cancersupport@

Literary New York Times bestselling author J.A. Jance reading: Feb. 17, See CALENDAR, Page 7

Give $10, Ask 5 Kitsap County is a great place to live, but the current economy has hit us hard.

Give $10, Ask

Give $10, Ask 5

Kitsap County is a gre

Kitsap County is a great place Please help: Give to live, but$10the curr to live,and but the current ask 5 friends to do economy has hit us economy has us hard. thehit same.

Open for Breakfast & Lunch Tuckers offers a blend of casual dining, good service & pristine views of the

With your help, we

help: Please Please help: Give $10Give and $1 can invest a $Million our ask 5 friends dointothe ask Dollars$ 5 to friends tosame. do the community to help our With your help, wein can With your help, we can neighbors need.invest a $Million Dollars$Dollars$ into our in a $Million Please mail your check give our community to or help community to help on-line at: neighbors in need.

Olympic Mountains. You don’t have to be a golfer to visit Tuckers Restaurant at Gold Mountain. Come meet a Client or friends for Breakfast or Lunch and enjoy the scenery and delicious food, You’ll be glad you came.

Weddings & Receptions • Anniversary Parties Corporate Functions • Any Special Event Parties of 3 to 300 360-415-6895 • 7623 W. Belfair RD., Bremerton Tucker’s of Gold Mountain

647 4th Street Bremerton, 647 WA 4th 98337 Street

neighbors in nee Please mail your check or give 647 4th Street, Bremerton, WA 98337 Please on-linemail at: your check on-line at:

Friday, February 17, 2012

Some films are not suitable for children


ettling into a darkened movie theater, large popcorn in hand, ready to sit back and enjoy the show, when in walks a parent with small children. A typical scene when watching any Disney flick, but this is no animated tale. Rather it’s an “R” rated, extremely violent film. This situation happened recently to a friend. She wrote of the children, “They really should be at home watching movies about rainbows and butterflies.” I had a similar experience last summer while watching an “R” rated comedy. I’m no prude, but thinking about the movie still causes me to blush. And it really made me squirm to sit in a packed theater next to a stranger’s


Continued from page 6 noon, Barnes & Noble, 10315 Silverdale Way NE, Silverdale. J.A. Jance reads from her newest suspense novel, “Left for Dead.” Seattle author Matt Ruff presents latest novel: Feb. 19, 3 p.m., Eagle Harbor Bookstore, 157 Winslow Way E, Bainbridge Island. Award-winning Seattle author Matt Ruff presents “The Mirage,” a novel which focuses on a shadow world that is eerily recognizable but, at the same time, almost unimaginable. Writing as a Healing Art: Feb. 21, 6 p.m., Bainbridge Library, 1270 Madison Ave N, Bainbridge Island. The Amherst Writers and Artists method of writing offers time for you and your writing, support to find and use your unique writing voice, an opportunity to share and celebrate your writing with others, encouragement to overcome writer’s blocks and release the voice within you. Info: Georgann Turner, (916) 505-8510,, Professor, author Mark Auslander presents: Feb. 23, 7:30 p.m., Eagle Harbor Bookstore, 157 Winslow Way E, Bainbridge Island. Central Washington University professor presents “The Accidental Slaveowner: Revisiting a Myth of Race & Finding an

ASK ERIN By ERIN JENNINGS daughter who couldn’t have been older than 8. I know “R” means “restricted” and those younger than 17 must be accompanied by an adult. But what about the discomfort others feel having those whippersnappers watch the movie with us? It turns out this is a com-

American Family,” to celebrate Black History Month. Silverdale Writers’ Roundtable: every Saturday, 9:30 a.m., Cafe Noir, 3261 NW Mount Vintage Way, No. 101, Silverdale. Looking for aspirating writers. Free. Info: Bob, (360) 830-4968.

MUSIC Live music at El Coral: Feb. 17, 6-9 p.m., El Coral Mexican Restaurant, 536 4th St., Bremerton. Overton Berry, piano, with saxophonist Mark Lewis. Info: (360) 479-2239. Payday Daddy performance: Performance Feb. 18, 9 p.m. to 1 a.m., J.R.’s Hideaway, Belfair. Impromptu Ensembles Trio: Feb. 19, 4 p.m., Silverdale Antiques, 9490 Silverdale Way, Silverdale. Hosted by Debbie and Denis Housen of Silverdale Antiques, who host a free, monthly classical concert at their shop. Info: (360) 692-2462. Bluegrass Music Jam: Feb. 19, 2-4 p.m., Port Gamble Theater, 4839 NE View Drive. Welcoming musicians of all levels and anyone who loves to listen to great music and make new friends. It is a free event but donations will be accepted to help cover event space utilities. Winter Celtic harp classes: Six-week term starts Feb. 20, 6-7:25 p.m., at Magic Hill Stu-

mon occurrence. I talked to local theaters and was told it’s up to the parents, some of whom believe their children are mature enough to handle the blood spilling or Fbomb dropping. And who am I to secondguess their parenting? I may be aghast at their choice for “family movie night,” but they may be equally disturbed to know I occasionally allow my children to eat Cap’n Crunch for dinner. At this same violent movie, my friend sat in front of a 2-year-old who cried throughout the movie. The mom continued to “Shhhhh” the child in an equally loud voice. Now, this is when taking children to a theater goes beyond parenting choice

and becomes rude. You, as a movie patron, should politely turn and ask the offender to please stop talking or kicking your seat. If the rude behavior continues, it’s perfectly fine to tell the theater management. The offender will be given a warning and if bad behavior doesn’t cease, will be asked to leave the theater. After all, you plunked down your hard-earned money for a ticket and you deserve to have an enjoyable experience. Even if it does involve mass blood shed. Or language so foul it causes your toes to curl. — Have a question you’d like answered? Write Ask Erin, Kitsap Week, P.O. Box 278, Poulsbo 98370 or e-mail

dio in Olalla (10 minutes from the Southworth ferry dock). Beginning and Intermediate Celtic Harp. Harps are available for rent or purchase from the instructor, Philip Boulding. Register online at Info: (253) 8573716; or www.magicalstrings. com. Live music at El Coral: Feb. 24, 6-9 p.m., El Coral Mexican Restaurant, 536 4th St., Bremerton. Chuck Easton, guitar. Info: (360) 479-2239. Payday Daddy performance: Feb. 25, 9 p.m. to midnight, Brother Don’s in Bremerton. Shot Through the Heart performance: Feb. 26, 3 p.m., Admiral Theatre, 515 Pacific Ave., Bremerton. Kitsap Pride presents the Seattle Women’s Chorus performance of love songs, “Shot Through the Heart.” Info and tickets: http:// shotthroughtheheart.asp Music of the Bach Family: Feb. 26, 4 p.m., St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, 1187 Wyatt Way, Bainbridge Island. Jan Weinhold of Germany and Jeffrey Cohan will play music of Johann Sebastian Bach and his sons. Presented by St. Barnabas Parish and Concert Spirituel, part of Salish Sea Early Music Festival. Suggested donation $20, 18 and under free. Info: (206) 842-5601,

Celtic Jam Sessions: The third Sunday of the month, 2-5 p.m., at Hare & Hound Public House, 18990 Front St., Poulsbo. Listeners and players welcome. Players and singers, bring favorite Cape Breton, Irish or Scottish tunes to share.

Kitsap Week is published every Friday in the Bainbridge Island Review, the Bremerton Patriot, the Central Kitsap Reporter, the North Kitsap Herald and the Port Orchard Independent Publisher: Donna Etchey, Editor: Richard Walker, Writer: Erin Jennings, Calendar: Megan Stephenson, Advertising: Bainbridge Island: 206.842.6613, Central Kitsap: 360.308.9161 North Kitsap: 360.779.4464, South Kitsap: 360.876.4414 Kitsap Week is a division of Sound Publishing, copyright 2012 19351 8th Ave. NE, Suite 106, Poulsbo, WA 98370 / 360.779.4464

THEATER “If We Are Women”: Feb. 18-19, 7:30 p.m., Bainbridge Public Library, 1270 Madison Ave N. An Island Theatre production; by Joanna McClelland Glass, directed by Rozzella Kolbegger: Four women from three generations gather at Jessica’s beach house. BPA Auditions for “The Full Monty”: Feb. 21 and 23, 6:30-9:30 p.m., Bainbridge Performing Arts, 200 Madison Ave. North, Bainbridge Island. With one exception, all roles require that participants be 18 or older at the time of the auditions. Run dates are May 11-27. Those auditioning are asked to prepare one, 1- to 2-minute memorized dramatic monologue and one Broadway style song in the style of but not from this musical. Info: Stage Manager Deirdre Hadlock, dhadlock@, or (206) 842-4560. Visit BPA on Facebook or Kitsap Forest Theater auditions: for “Fiddler on the Roof” and “Footloose, The Musical,” to be presented in the amphitheater in Bremerton. Auditions Feb. 23, 7:30-9 p.m., Bremerton; Feb. 25, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., TPS Rehearsal Rooms, fourth floor, Seattle Center House, 305 Harrison St., Seattle; Feb. 26, 2-6 p.m., TPS Rehearsal Rooms, fourth floor, Seattle Center House, 305 Harrison St., Seattle. Call (206) 542-7815 or email with your preferred time.


page 7

40-Hour Professional Mediation Training Presented by the Dispute Resolution Center of Kitsap County Master the fine art of facilitated negotiation for use in your professional and personal life.

Mar. 8th, 5-9pm • Mar. 9th & 10th, 8:30am-5pm Mar. 15th, 5-9pm • Mar. 16th & 17th , 8:30am-5pm Location: Oxford Suites Hotel, Silverdale, WA

$745 early bird rate (ends Feb. 24th) $795 full tuition rate

Group discounts available. 35.5 WSBA CLE credits available.

To register call 360.698.0968

or go online to

Chocolate Tasting Events

Xocai, The Healthy Chocolate Weekly Tasting Events in Poulsbo starting Jan 15th Join us & learn about “The” Antioxident Benefits include: weight loss, anti-inflammatory properties, sports enhancement, lower cholesterol, improved mood & energy and diabetic friendly. Please RSVP Barbara McDonald 360.779.6836 Looking for extra income? Business opportunities as an independent consultant available

Prepare one song (bring taped accompaniment or use the theater’s accompanist) and a 1– to 2-minute memorized monologue or scene cutting. A resume with photo is desired. Warm up physically and vocally prior to your audition. “Nunsense the Musical”: through Feb. 26, Fridays and Saturdays 7:30 p.m., Sundays 5 p.m., Western Washington Center for the Arts, 521 Bay St., Port Orchard. Award-winning musical comedy. Tickets: adult $17; family, military, senior, youth, $13. Info: www.wwca. us. Improv at the Jewel Box Theatre: Feb. 24, 25, 8 p.m., 225 Iverson St., Poulsbo. The Portable Reality Show presents: Cinemaprov! Celebrate Oscar weekend with a fully improvised play performed in the movie genre of your choice. Tickets: advance $8, www.brownpapertickets. com; $10 at the door and $8 for seniors, students, military. No phone reservations. Info: www. Bella Signature Design presents “The Women”: through Feb. 26, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 p.m., Sundays at 3 p.m., at Bainbridge Performing Arts, 200 Madison Ave. North, Bainbridge Island. This comedy by Clare Boothe Luce weaves together friends, lovers, gossip, scandal, fashion, divorce, shoes, babies, nails, and amore — all painted jungle red. Tickets: $27 adults, $22 seniors, and $19 military, students, teachers, youth. Info: (206) 842-8569 or

Children of the Nations, Rotary team up on water SILVERDALE — Last fall, the Rotary Club of Silverdale provided the funds for water purification systems to be installed in two of the five communities Children of the Nations serves in the Dominican Republic. The installation process has already begun, and members of the Rotary Club will travel to the Dominican Republic on Saturday to observe the installation and witness the transformation their gift brings to the community. Currently, residents of the communities of Los Robles and Pueblo Nuevo have no access to clean water. Families have the option of buying partially purified water from a water truck, or simply drinking from the unclean taps that run through the village. According to Children of the Nations, children are constantly sick from waterborne illnesses, most commonly diarrhea, which prevents children from attending school regularly. Children of the Nations has high hopes for the Rotary Club’s clean-water projects. Rotarian Jason Mayer hopes to show Rotarians how great of an impact they can make. “We can’t save the world but we can help one child know they are loved and that they have a purpose.”

page 8 kitsapweek Friday, February 17, 2012


Rake in the Savings…



antiques & vintage thrift

The Junction Variety Mall

A “TRUE” Variety Mall • Vintage & Antique Furniture • Quality Affordable Appliances • Professional Services, Resume & Copies • Videos, Knives, Jewelry • Small Engine Service & Repair • Recycle Appliance Drop-Off • We Buy Scrap Batteries 360-598-1682 20180 Viking Ave NW, Poulsbo



1. Ask if there is a specific item you are looking for in the back 2. Some consignment vendors will allow another price offer 3. Plan out your day. If visiting multiple shops see what is close by to save you time and gas money

$399 Corner Station

Boutique Consignment

(360) 779-1192 19062 St Hwy 305 NE, Suite 203 Poulsbo

Kitsap Office Furniture, Inc. New & Used Office Furniture

(360) 297-6721 8202 NE St Hwy 104 Kingston

You won’t believe your eyes - boutique shopping, quality apparel, accessories and house wares, but at thrift store prices! All proceeds go to support North Kitsap Fishline Food Bank and Emergency Services. New merchandise comes in every day, so shop often for best selection. SECONDthe SEASON THRIFT STORE A DIVISION OF NK FISHLINE



Women’s Fashion Boutique OPEN MON-Sat 10-5

9135 Silverdale Way PO Box 3683 Silverdale, WA 98383 360-698-2311


Get Great Deals Help a Worthy Cause!

Comfortable sizing • timeless fashions new • resale • re-purpose & Consignment

Remember us when you do your Spring Bring this original ad for 20% off a single item cleaning! Drop off your gently-used clothing/ Open 10 am - 5 pm house wares and receive coupon for The largest,amost comprehensive thrift store in Monday - Saturday town, offering 20% OFF any item in the store  Top quality, like new clothing and accessori 18825 Anderson Parkway In Old Town Poulsbo

Second Season Thift Store 360-598-5190


Donations are accepted Mon-Sat at the store or Saturda

10 am—12 pm in|the Albertson’s parking lot 360-598-5190 Open Mon-Sat 10-5 18825 All net profit thatAnderson earned from your Parkway purchase or donation supports the c munity services that Fishline provides such as homeless shelter, food, Downtown assistance, utilities and medical Poulsbo co-pays. on the waterfront

25960 Central ave ne • Kingston (in Cle0’s landing) (360)297-4414 • www.diVaKingston.Com

Advertise your store in the Consignment page. North Kitsap Herald 360-779-4464 Contact your local marketing representative today.

Bainbridge Review 206-842-6613

 Housewares and decorator items  Furniture All at rock bottom prices

Bremerton Patriot 360-308-9161

Central Kitsap Reporter Port Orchard Independent 360-876-4414 360-308-9161

Get to The Point. You deserve it!

If you’re looking for a good time, great food and a friendly place known for real fun, then you’re a winner at The Point Casino. Enjoy Slots, Blackjack, Craps or Live Poker. They’re all here at The Point.

,000 $10 Mid-Winter Madness

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tuesday: February 21st | Thursday: February 23rd 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM randomly every 2 hours a cash drawing will take place for a total of 4 drawings.

Get Out of the Dog House Belated Valentine’s Surprise In The Pit

We’re Giving Away $10,000!

Play the Perfect “10” Birthday game board.

Hourly random cash drawings. 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Tuesday, February 28, 2012 one drawing at 6:00 PM where one (1) winner walks away with the “Get Out of the Dog House” gift basket valued at $400.00!

Visit our website and FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK! See Wildcard Club for complete details. Must be a member of The Point Casino Wildcard Club to participate in some programs. Some restrictions may apply. Point Casino promotions, offers, coupons and/or specials may not be combined without marketing management approval. Management reserves all rights to alter or cancel without prior notice. Must be at least 18 years old to participate in gaming activities and at least 21 years old to enter the lounge area. Knowing your limit is your best bet—get help at (800) 547-6133.

TPC-4219-5 Kitsap_Week.indd 1

1.866.547.6468 7989 Salish Lane NE Kingston, WA 98346 2/15/12 11:08:30 AM







Featured Homes Of The Week For Friday, February 17th, 2012 See Page 5 for Details

Everything New!

1.33 Acres!

Bremerton Area




Long Lake Area




South Kitsap

▼ Port Blakely Area Home




Bainbridge Island



PAGE 2, Real Estate Now/Kitsap Classifieds, Friday, February 17, 2012


OPEN HOUSES Shorewoods #296203 Sun 2-4. 5950 Ponderosa Blvd. NE


Enchanting cottage. Shy 1/2-ac w/native lndscping. 768 SF hm w/1 bd & main level ž bth/laundry rm. 2 bd septic. Newer roof, windows & sliding door. Open liv & din areas & kitchen on main. Shore Woods community offers access to pvt beach, tennis courts, plygrnd, pool, clubhouse. Sherri Galloway 360.536.0349/Catherine Arlen 360.340.8186

WATERFRONT 320 Washington Ave, Bremerton Harborside Condos! Saturday 1 to 4 by appointment! Enjoy living on the edge of Bremerton’s stunning waterfront, view condos. Starting at $249,000, VA, FHA & FNMA approved and 85% sold! Very close to PSNS and ferry. Amy Allen or Penny Jones 360-627-7658.

Bremerton #280887 Sat & Sun 1-4. 4831 Bowwood


Welcome Home to Bowwood! The Cedar is a 4 bdrm/2.5 bth, 1552 SF home with designer color palette and features a 2-car garage. All home lots are fenced & front yards are landscaped. Play and picnic area in neighborhood. Other plans are available. Amy Allen 360-620-0499.

Barber Cut-off Rd, Kingston $199,900 OPEN SATURDAY & SUNDAY 1 - 4

New homes within walking distance to town, ferries, marina and beaches. Tucked in the waterfront community of Kingston, Drew’s Glen offers Green Built, energy efficient plans, including the popular one story plan, to meet a variety of lifestyles and needs. Ask about the $10,000 buyer bonus. Scott Anderson 360-536-2048 / Lorna Muller 360-620-3842

Bremerton #320763 Sun. 1-4. 7590 Falcon Place


Finely tuned & tucked on a generous lot boarding a green belt in the CK district this 1602 SF, 3bdrm/2.5 bth home boasts a large kitchen, warm laminate flooring & a fully fenced back yard with room for boat parking. Lorna Muller 360 620-3842

Kingston #310109 Sun. 1-4. 11314 NE East 2nd St.


Charming town home in dwntwn Kingston–short walk to ferry, shopping & cafes. Mstr ste w/views of Seattle & Sound shipping lanes. Impressive high-quality finish work. Features include formal din & liv areas, a gas frplc, den, 2 lg bdrms w/private bths, laundry area, powder rm & storage rm. There are only 5 units in this complex. Each hm w/its own private entrance, patio area & 1-car gar. Dave & Lorna Muller 360-620-4299

OPEN HOUSES Keyport # 318842 SUN 1-4. 1662 NE Grandview Blvd.

Created with an infusion of artistry this lovely WFT hm feels like magic. Spectacular views of Liberty Bay from each room. Lrg, level side yard & expansive entertainment deck. Complete w/MIL cottage that currently is a rental. Located in Keyport Village. This hm can be lived in yearround or as a weekend retreat. A word of caution, you will not want to leave at the end of a weekend. Catherine Jones 360-779-5205.

8997 Springwood Avenue NE #289216

Bremerton #296113 SUN 1-3. 5625 Iskra Blvd

11108 Genevieve Place NE #293750


Come home to desirable Whisper Ridge. This classic Stafford home is one of the larger floor plans featuring a bonus room on the main floor & 4 bdrms upstairs. Bonnie Michal 360-692-6102/360-981-5691.

Waterfront 7736 Chico Beach Way NW Starting at $359,950 01&/4"563%":46/%":r/PPOUPQN

150 ft of prime Dyes Inlet WFT, min from Silverdale. Move-in-ready ‘pocket neighborhood’ of 7 custom-crafted, artfully-designed homes w/ community in mind. Choose 2 or 3 BR’s, each w/main floor mstr suites, open floor plans w/natural light, granite, SS, garages. Built Green/Energy Star. Created by renowned The Cottage Company, your private beach is steps away! Bring your kayak & prepare to FALL IN LOVE! Christine Brevick 360-779-5205 or 360-509-0132

Poulsbo #270423 SAT & SUN 12-3. 640 NE State Hwy 308

Come visit the charming new home community of SILVERLEAF, where you purchase not only a well-built home, but a lifestyle. Distinct cottage-style Craftsman homes are available in 6-8 floor plans. The neighborhood features front porches, tree-lined streets and a park all in a convenient central location. Summer Davy 360-535-3625 or Steve Derrig 360-710-8086.

Gig Harbor #314126 SAT 1-4. 3603 140th Street Court NW


Stunning open floor plan 3 bdrm, 2 full bth rambler w/RV pkg. This hm was just updated, new kit cabinets, slab granite counter tops, flring, gas frpl. Very spacious hm w/vaulted ceilings, skylights, din rm & lrg liv rm. Jeanette Paulus 360-692-6102/360-286-4321.

Poulsbo #317097 SUN 3-5. 1954 Cardinal Lane NE


Location, location, location...This is your chance for an affordable, valuepriced hm in desirable & rarely available neighborhood of Lemolo! First time on the market, this well kept attractive hm sits on .5-ac surrounded by open space creating great privacy. Vaulted ceilings, newer carpet/ paint, laminate flooring, updated counters & new lifetime roof included. Easy access to Poulsbo/ferries. Catrice Elms 360-799-5205.

Bremerton #315613 Sat & Sun 1-4. 2171 Goldenrod Place NE


This immaculate newer 2003 home features 2990 SF, 3 large bdrms, 3.5 bths plus huge bonus room with vaulted ceilings. Kitchen has granite countertops and natural gas stove. Daylight basement is completely finished with media room/gym/office or a 4th bdrm with full bath. Kristina Togia 360-536-5275.


Beautifully maintained craftsman-style hm on 1.22-acre lot with approx 138’ of footage. This home greets you with a covered deck for entertaining. Step inside the formal entry with 16-ft. ceilings, private dining area, bright kitchen with custom cabinets. Hosted by Joe Krueger 360-692-6102/360-620-4220.

Woods & Meadows #313974 SUN 1-4. 23481 Warwick Place NW


First time on market! Impressive & comfortable 4-bdrm Chaffey hm in a desirable neighborhood w/meandering streets & nearly ½-ac lots. An entertainer’s dream, w/open floor plan featuring dual staircases, soaring entry, spacious kitchen, & 2 bonus rms providing a great flow to the hm. Master suite looks out over a private, natively lndscped back yard. Backs up to community open space. Bobbi Neal 360-779-5205.

Poulsbo #315910 SUN 1-4. 19801 4th Ave NE


Breathtaking views of Liberty Bay and Olympic Mountains from this 2666 sf home! Entire upper floor is a master suite with huge bath and walk-in closet. Two additional bedrooms, family room and storage. Kitchen has bamboo floors, stone tile countertops, maple cabinets and SS appliances. Owner financing avail with 25% down. Sandie Rumble 360-779-5205 or 360-620-6102.

Hansville #300785 SUN 1-4. 4431 NE Key Place Silverdale #276096 Starting at $239,950 THURS-SUN 12-4. 4391 NW Atwater Loop




Stand at the water’s edge! 162’ of primo unobstructed Olympic Mtn & Hood Canal views. Wonderful bright & light 2 bdrm/2 bth home w/2 car detached garage that has guest room. This is without a doubt just a magnificent bulkhead waterfront property. Community has a marina, boat launch, pool, private beach & club house. This is paradise! Monika Reidnor 360-779-5205.


From $195,000

Sat 12-2. New, cottage-style homes built to Energy Star & Evergreen Sustainable Development Standard. Income qualified. Carleen Gosney 206-909-2042 Host Wendy Indvik 206-276-1031

300 High School Road #306 #204475


Sun 12-3. 2 bdrm, 964 sq ft condo w/cherry cabinets/flooring & granite counters, All appliances stay. Nice balcony, end unit that’s SW facing, lots of light. Close to ferry, 2 parking spaces in garage. Jeanette Paulus 360-692-6102/ 360-286-4321.


SAT 12-3. True NW Craftsman tucked away on a lovely 1.44 ac. Lot w/ in 5 mins to the Seattle Ferry, shopping & public beach access. Stone & shingle exterior accents, circular drive & manicured lndscpe create instant curb appeal. Open flr plan offering a family rm. Liv rm, din rm, den/office & bonus rm. Ted Abernathy 360-692-6102/360-509-0627.


Sun 1-4. Meadowmeer w/golf included! Just steps to Grand Forest & athletic club. 3900+ sq ft custom Craftsman w/3BR, 4BA plus bonus, quality millwork & more. Diane Sugden 206-355-9179

WAT ER FRON T Hansville #319901




9700 NE Winther Road #312200


Poulsbo #320010

665 Tiffany Meadows Drive NE #320820


16937 NE Sanwick Place #319439


Sun 1-4. Great 3600+ sq ft, 4BR/3.25BA layout on 4+ acres‌ main floor master, beautiful kitchen, big yard, excellent condition. Photos at Host Lorraine Davee 206-794-3397 Sun 1-4. Just Listed! Beautiful new construction just 3 blocks to ferry. Upgrades galore, fabulous light-filled master, main floor den & bedroom w/bath. Stainless kitchen. Ana Richards 206-459-8222 Sun 1-4. First time on market in over 4 generations! Charming remodeled home plus sep living space. Private acreage w/sandy beach. Ty Evans 206-795-0202 Host Wendy Indvik 206-276-1031

1195 Irene Place NE


Sun 1-4. New Listing! Amazing no-bank waterfront, steps to ferry. Sunny Rainier view with one-level gem of a house & exquisite yard. Bill Hunt/Mark Wilson 206-300-4889,

BAINBRIDGE ISLAND Port Madison #279884


Winslow #258552


Well-maintained 2BR log cabin home. Short stroll to community beach & dock. Sunny, quiet parcel w/tall trees. Build your dream home or great getaway! Jim Lundwall 206-780-7699 New Price! Stylish townhome offers easy, in-town lifestyle close to everything. Two bedroom suites, large living spaces, 2-car garage. Ron Mariotti 206-914-6636,

Close to Winslow #263240


Charm, privacy & sunshine! Updated home w/Salisbury hdwd floors, fireplace, large deck & hot tub. Built-in BBQ. Susan Murie Burris 206-498-8479 Marilyn McLauchlan 206-842-0339

Rolling Bay #282141


Fabulous south-facing, architecturally-designed modern cottage close to Rolling Bay Hamlet. 5 Star Built Green, innovative, energy smart design. Julie Miller 206-949-9655

Striking architecturally designed hm on 130’ of Agate Pass WFT. Set privately on 1.58 AC, this hm evokes the feel of an upscale lodge with a modern twist. Spectacular water views, lots of natural light, warm wood & stone finishes thru-out. Gourmet kit wi/Wolfe range, master suite w/ frplc & spa bath, great rm w/solarium, en suite guest qtrs, office, bonus rm & more. Terraced patio w/hot tub plus a lrg garden & greenhouse/ shop/studio. Easy beach access. Cathy Morris 360-271-8448

LOTS & L A ND Grapeview #282847

Arrow Point Waterfront #302021


Captivating contemporary home connects sleek architectural elements with sea & mountains. 3BR/3BA plus designer finishes throughout. Terry Klein 206-949-3360

PIERCE COUN T Y Lakebay #302864


This is a beautiful newer home with lots of space! It’s located on a quiet cul-de-sac. Raised beds in the fenced backyard, also a large garden area that is already established. Kim Bartell 360-876-9600

BR E M ERTON Bremerton #318587



This 4 bdrm/3 bth house has over 2800 sqft of living space, including a mother in-law, or separate apt with its own entrance. Built-in sauna in the spacious daylight basement. Kelli Johnson 360-876-9600


Last one acre parcel available in 20+ acre parcel located just off Hwy 3. Surrounded by 15+ acres of green belt buffer & wildlife preserve, very private & secluded near Mason Lake & Pickering Passage for boating & fishing. 3 golf courses 20 minutes away. Christy Fancher 360-536-3993.

Kingston #87965


Superb northern views of Apple Tree Cove, Puget Sound, Mt Baker and Cascade Mountains from this premier cleared 1/2 acre close-in building site. One of two .62 acre view lots, MLS #87965 & #87961. Doug Hallock 360-271-1315

COM M ERCI A L Grapeview #186600


This unique property is perfect for an owner who would like to have your own business in your own backyard. Office building, 3 bdrm, 2 bath, 1300 sq ft apartment upstairs, huge shop, large office space & more. Barry Jones 360-876-9600

Port Orchard #CBA501062

Great retail or office location on the corner of a busy intersection in Port Orchard. Bob Guardino 360-692-6102/360-710-7844.

M A SON COUN T Y Tahuya #309371

Bremerton #319196

Sun 1-4. Sunny 3BR home near Gazzam Lake & 10 mins to ferry. Designer colors, 5-panel doors, hdwd, stainless & granite kitchen, home office/media room & bonus. Ty Evans 206-795-0202


Sun 1-4. Just listed! Short stroll to Manitou Beach & Rolling Bay from this 3BR/2.5BA American country-style home with large bonus. Ty Evans 206-795-0202 Host Jen Pells 206-718-4337

5685 NE Wild Cherry Lane #309727


South Kitsap #302595

Attention all investors! Motivated sellers–Almost 3 acres, includes a manufactured home, stick-built home & huge 30x15 garage w/shop & shed. All this for one low price. Jennifer Connelly-Delay 360-876-9600

10891 Manitou Beach Drive NE

Sun 1-4. New Price! Classic lodge design on 2nd fairway. 3BR/2.5BA w/master, bonus & fam rooms; lrg deck. Near club/ tennis. Sid Ball 206-617-7098,



This 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath home in a 55+ park is for you! This home has a newer furnace, water heater, roof etc. Joan Taie 360-876-9600

Views from Port Townsend to Mt Baker & beyond are yours to enjoy from this high bank WFT home. Sit back & enjoy on your deck & watch the shipping lane parade of cruise ships & cargo containers – you’ll see it all. Situated on 1.37 acres w/rolling lawn & garden space galore. Oversized 2-car garage w/shop space. Kim Poole 360-297-6420

This immaculate condo is convenient to everything and completely remodeled in late 2002 including new bath, new paint and carpet & marmoleum in kitchen and bath. Don’t miss the tiled island in kitchen. Front loading W/D. Cozy up by the fire or just relax on the deck. Mike Draper 360-731-4907.

11031 Forest Lane NE #302906

SOU T H K ITS A P Port Orchard #317221


Beautiful 1.2 acre yard surrounded by trees in this very private community alongside the Tahuya river. 3 bdrms, 2.75 bth, 1600 sf home has hot tub, detached two car garage & shed. Friendly community has playground. LaVonne Berentson 360-473-0232.

Lakeland Village #317327


Belfair #313958


Lake access available–View of 3 fairways. Beautiful lot below assessed value, perfect for daylight or rambler, 27-hole golf course, one of the best. Over 1/2 acre .51 lot access to boat launch. Marilyn Dick 360-876-9600 Enjoy country living in this tranquil setting just min to town. Private 1.19 level acres features patio area, playset & swings, firepit & 3 outbuildings. Well kept & very clean 1296 sf home, 3 bdrm, 2 bth home. Lrg living rm has cozy woodstove, dining rm w/built-in hutch, kitchen w/plenty of storage & counter space. All appliances. Less than 4 miles to Belfair for amenities. Easy commute to PSNS. Romelle Gosselin 360-779-5205 or 360-271-0342.

MU LT I-FA M ILY Bremerton #306205


Check out the largest unit in Sunn Fjord! Beautiful 180° view of Sound & Mt. Rainier from this 2 bdrm/1.75 bth, 1251 SF condo. Freshly painted & ready for new owner. Spacious open living rm & lrg MBR w/walk-in closet plus 3/4 bth. Jill Wallen 360-340-0777.

BAINBRIDGE ISLAND Windermere Real Estate/Bainbridge Island, Inc. tXXX8JOEFSNFSF#BJOCSJEHFDPN

KINGSTON Windermere Real Estate/West Sound, Inc. tXXX8JOEFSNFSF,JOHTUPODPN

POULSBO Windermere Real Estate/West Sound, Inc. tXXX8JOEFSNFSF1PVMTCPDPN


PORT ORCHARD Windermere Real Estate/Port Orchard, Inc. tXXX1PSU0SDIBSE3FBM&TUBUFDPN


Friday, February 17, 2012, Real Estate Now/Kitsap Classifieds, PAGE 3 Real Estate for Sale Kitsap County

Real Estate for Sale Clallam County Sequim

3 BEDROOM, 2.5 BA, split-entry. Approx 2700 SqFt. Near Silverdale. Large lot. Mountain V i ew. C K s c h o o l s . $360,000. (360)6983613 evenings

BEAUTIFULLY REMODELED 1940s Charmer. 4 Bedroom, 1.75 Bath. Newer metal roof, energ y e f f i c i e n t w i n d ow s, completely rewired. B ra n d n ew h o t wa t e r heater. Will replace appliances prior to sale. 5 minute bike ride to PSNS. Near freeways and ferry, A commuters dream! Large corner lot with fenced yard. MLS#309556. Offered fo r s a l e by ow n e r a t $160,000. Willing to work with buying real estate agent. For showing, call: (360)830-4143 By appointment only.

HOUSE FOR SALE, 55+ Community. 2 Bedroom, 2 bath, 1+ car garage with opener. High quality wood cabinets. Storage in garage. Garden beds, hobby shop. Appliances included. Low maintenance yard. Covered patio and deck. Many upgrades. $45,000 360-683-8324 Need extra cash? Place your classiďŹ ed ad today! ,OOKINGĂĽFORĂĽAĂĽNEWĂĽPLACEĂĽ Call 1-800-388-2527 or #HECKĂĽOUTĂĽ WWWPNWHOMElNDERCOM Go online 24 hours a FORĂĽLOCALĂĽĂĽNATIONALĂĽLISTINGSĂĽ day

Extra auto parts bring in extra cash when you place an ad in the ClassiďŹ eds. Open 24 hours a day SUQUAMISH

3 BEDROOM, 2 Bath, 1548 SF Rambler. .44 Acres. 4 miles from Poulsbo, 2 miles from Suquamish. Easily Maintained Landscaping. L a r g e D e ck w i t h H o t Tub. Quiet, Serene Setting. Close to Kingston and Bainbridge Ferries. Close to Waterfront and O l y m p i c Pe n i n s u l a . $217,500. Call 360-7792217 or 360-434-4108


CENTRAL KITSAP OPEN HOUSE–Central Kitsap $290,000 SAT 1-4. 4068 Redwing Trail NW DD: Newberry Hill Road to left on Seabeck Hwy. Right on Holly Rd, right on Redwing Trail to address on right. Remodeled rambler w/majestic views of Oly Mtns & Lake Symington all sitting on over 1 acre. Bill Flewell 360-698-8144 View at

LOTS AND LAND HANSVILLE $11,500 Amenity lot-not buildable. But-clubhouse, pool, community private beach. Drop a boat to fish, crab, get shimp. Buy today-play tomorrow! Jan Zufelt 360-297-5550 View at PORT ORCHARD $49,500 Come check out this 1.61-AC secluded parcel close to downtown! All you need is the permit to build the right home. Water, power, gas & sewer available. Fred Depee 360-895-5218 View at

Bainbridge Island

Apartments for Rent Kitsap County Bainbridge

A B E AU T I F U L C e d a r Cottage. Walk to ferry. 637 Lovell. Immaculate 1 bedroom, 1 bath. Fireplace, deck, yard, washer and dryer. No smokreal estate ing, no pets. 1 year lease. $900 month. 206for sale 842-6763 WATERFRONT condo adjacent to ferry. 1 bedReal Estate for Sale Bainbridge Island room, 1 bath, covered Lots/Acreage parking. Unfurnished. No Kingston smoking/ pets. $1050 COUNTRY CORNERS, month. (206)390-4153, across from Albertsons. (206)842-8183 3 tax parcels, (5 acres, 5 acres, and 7.5 acres) Bayview Apartments in $24,000/obo per acre. Bremerton. 1, 2 & 3 BedCall 360-790-7507 room apartments. Prices CHARMING SEASIDE start at $675 per month. Reach thousands of 2+ bedroom cottage with L o c a t e d u p t h e r o a d readers 1-800-388-2527 grand view and beach from Lions Field. On bus access. All appliances, line, close to hospital, Real Estate for Sale wood stove, no pets, no shopping & schools. Other Areas smoking. $1100 month. Call: 360-373-9014. COMMERCIAL building Available February 1st. Open 7 days, 9am-5pm and shop with live in 206-295-5772. 100 Sheridan Ave. a p a r t m e n t , K i m b e r l y, Kingston Bremerton, WA. Idaho. 4,000s.f., Walk to bank, postal, grocer y SMALL, OLDER 2 bed- BREMERTON and restaurants. Ver y room, 1 bathroom with 600 SF, 1 BEDROOM, S e c u r e c o m p o u n d , bonus room on Lindvog ve r y n i c e. O n G r e e n $265,000 owner financ- R o a d i n K i n g s t o n $ 7 7 5 . 0 0 p e r m o n t h . Mountain. Washer, drying (208) 420-4129 L a u n d r y r o o m w i t h er. Smoking okay, pets negotiable. $815 inReal Estate for Sale washer/dryer hookups. Stove and Refrigerator cludes all utilities. 360Services furnished, water & sewer 830-0337 for all informaBUY NOW, low prices, paid. $300.00 damage tion. low interest rates seller deposit. Small Pets acHRB – paid costs, free repo cepted with a non-reHousing Non-Profit lists, state payment sub- fundable $150.00 depossidy, Dream Home Real it. All Electric. 1 year Need Assistance Estate, Inc. 1-888-675- l e a s e r e q u i r e d . C a l l Finding Affordable 5520 (360) 297-9558 Housing? PORT ORCHARD Free Info & Referrals w/ HomeShare/HomeFinder Program

Call Penny Lamping

(206) 842-1909

POULSBO $359,500 PRICE REDUCED. 3000 sq ft home w/outstanding views of Liberty Bay, Virginia & Pearson Point, 3-car garage/shop, viewing deck, “mother-in-law� apartment or office suite. Teri Hewson 360-779-8539 View at SUQUAMISH $470,000 PRICE REDUCED. Own it by Summer! Private WFT w/stunning views of Puget Sound,Seattle & Mt Rainier. 2bd + huge bonus rm. 2.5 ba.Gorgeous kitchen. New carpet, tile, paint, landscaped. Jamie Jensen 360-620-9351 View at

Real Estate for Rent Kitsap County



real estate for sale - WA

Real Estate for Sale Kitsap County

real estate for rent - WA Real Estate for Rent Kitsap County BAINBRIDGE ISLAND

BREMERTON BREMERTON $219,000 3 bedroom, 1.75 bath rambler with 2-car garage, excellent floor plan, gas fireplace, Bonus room and private back yard. A must see! Judy Reets 360-340-7923 View at OPEN HOUSE–BREMERTON $259,950 Thurs-Sun 1-4. 2317 Schley Blvd. Welcome to Eastpark. New Construction 2-story, 3 bd/2.5ba home, bamboo floors, stainless steel appliances, & Shaker-style cabinets. Next to the Bremerton YMCA. Silverdale Office 360-692-9777 View at

SOUTH KITSAP OPEN HOUSE–SOUTH KITSAP $799,999 SUN 1-4. 14525 Crescent Valley Rd SE DD: Hwy 16 take the Purdy exit. Turn right on 144th St NW follow for 2.4 miles, turn left on Crescent Valley Dr. Garry Wanner 360-265-9809 View at


PORT ORCHARD $82,500 City says Zoned Commercial! Use your imagination, home is a tear down. Value is in the land. Interior access w/a reasonable offer. One parcel from SKHS! Anna Lee Todd 360-876-7600 View at

BAINBRIDGE $157,500 Charming authentic log cabin nestled in the woods near Gazzam Lake & city owned trail to the Sound. With a little TLC this will be a great hm for a lifetime! Grace McKinnon-Weeks 206-619-2025 View at

HANSVILLE $109,500 Acreage that’s private, but still part of a great little community. Minutes to store, lighthouse, parks, trails, beach. Water hookup fee paid, meter on site. Jan Zufelt 360-297-5550 View at

BAINBRIDGE $560,000 This home offers island living with all the extras: home office, bonus room, 9-ft. ceilings, fresh paint, new Trex deck. Minutes to beach. Eileen Black 206-780-3320 View at

JOHN L. SCOTT KITSAP COUNTY OFFICE LOCATIONS Bainbridge Island | Vicki Browning, Managing Broker............. (206) 842-5636 Kingston | Tom Heckly, Managing Broker.......................................... (360) 297-7500 Port Orchard | Jacqui Curtiss, Managing Broker .......................... (360) 876-7600 Poulsbo | Frank Wilson, Managing Broker ........................................ (360) 779-7555 Silverdale | Lee Avery, Managing Broker ............................... (360) 692-9777 John L. Scott Real Estate has 122 offices, some offices are independently owned and operated.

$ 1 1 9 5 / M O - W i n s l ow townhouse unit in duplex. 2 bedroom, 1.25 bath. Lots of closet space, living room cathederal ceiling, propane stove, kitchen and dining room. Newly decorated. All appliances except W/D. No smoking or pets. 1 year lease. First, last and deposit. Credit check. Call (206)8425608, (206)817-0285

H I G H L A N D S TO W N HOUSE. Large end unit with views. 3 bedroom, 2.5 baths, large walk-in closet. All appliances including washer/ dr yer. Fireplace, 2 car garage and storage. Close to everything! No smoking/ pets. $1350 month. Call (360)769-7071


$1295/MO - 2 bedroom, 1.25 bath, free standing townhouse in Winslow. Huge walk-in closet, cathedral living room, fireplace, kitchen and dining room. Lots of windows and light. All appliances, fenced yard. No smoking or pets. 1 year lease. First, last and deposit. Credit check. Call (206)842-5608, (206)817-0285


KINGSTON 2 BEDROOM, 1.5 BATH Townhome Apts. 1/2 Mile to Ferry Park-Like Setting Income Limits Apply Section 8 Welcome

360-297-4144 POULSBO



WATER VIEW Beautiful 2900+SF home 2 BR/2.5 bath. All appliances. Located near downtown Poulsbo. $2190/month.


No pets. Credit check. Valley View Apt.

Available Now!


WA Misc. Rentals Parking/RV Spaces


WANT TO RENT: Secure space or garage for delivery truck. 14’ high, 12’ wide, 45’ long. 24/7 access. Hood Canal Bridge area. With electric preferred. 360-4776837

ANNOUNCE your festiva l fo r o n l y p e n n i e s. Four weeks to 2.7 million readers statewide for about $1,200. Call this newspaper or 1 (206) 634-3838 for more details.

WA Misc. Rentals Want to Share

RESPONSIBLE male roommate seeking house or condo near B.I. ferr y. Or small 1 bedr o o m / s t u d i o. A c t i v e , semi retired, clean. Male or female. References. Non smoking/drinking. 6 month minimum. (360)632-9187

real estate rentals Commercial Rentals Office/Commercial


Varying sizes and configurations available. North Poulsbo area. Call Mark, Connie, or Christine at: 360-779-7266 Vacation/Getaways Rental

CABO SAN LUCAS for Spring Break! Sun, Sand and Surf! April 2nd-9th. Hacienda Del Mar Resort. Presidential Suite (2 bedroom). $2,100. Call Don: 206-293-1120

Sell it for FREE in the Super Flea! Call 866-825-9001 or email the Super Flea at theea@


DARLING I LOVE YOU with all my hear t! Will you be my valentine forever? Signed; Lover. FROZEN YOGURT fundraiser for KHS GRADS! Sat., March 3, 11:30am-4pm Stop in at YoG’s Frozen Yogurt Shop across from Poulsbo Walmart. Bring friends & family to build your o w n Fr o z e n Yo g u r t Sundae with a multitude of toppings! 20% helps send our KHS Grads on their senior trip! And help a local business t h a t g i ve s b a ck t o o u r community!

HOMEOWNERS Learn to utilize Kitsap Permits 2/22; 6:30pm-8 Dennis D. Reynolds, one-of-the-best Land Use Attorney’s, will discuss current Land Use Policies Lively conversation at Silverdale Community Center, 9729 Silverdale Way NW, 98383, in the Evergreen room. PELVIC/ TRANSVAGINAL MESH? Did you undergo transvaginal placememnt of mesh for pelvic organ prolapse or stress urinary incontinence between 2005 and the present time? If the patch required removal due to complications, you may be entitled to compensation. Call Johnson Law and speak with female staff members 1-800-535-5727

One call gets your ad in your community newspaper and on the web. Call 1-800-388-2527 or go online to for more information.

Rental Living

financing Money to Loan/Borrow


1 BEDROOM, Liber ty Bay View condo. Quiet community. 10 minutes t o B a n g o r / S i l ve r d a l e. Seasonal pool, sauna & hot tub. $695 plus deposit. Water, sewer, garbage, basic cable paid. No smoking or pets. (360)876-7200 POULSBO

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Call us and $ $ we will show $ $ you your new home! $ $ $ BAYVIEW APARTMENTS $ 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments $ Prices start at $695/month $ $ $ 360-373-9014 $ $ 4IFSJEBO3Et#SFNFSUPO $ $




FJORD VISTA II 19581 1st Ave NE Very Nice 2 or 3 BR Apt. Rent Is Based On 30% Of Income. Income Limits Apply 360-779-6939 TDD: 711 POULSBO

WINDSONG APTS 19880 3rd Ave NW Very Nice 1 or 2 BR. Short Waiting List! Rent Is $585 or $685/Mo Income Limits Apply


TDD: 711

L O C A L P R I VAT E I N VESTOR loans money on real estate equity. I l o a n o n h o u s e s, r aw land, commercial property and property development. Call Eric at (800) 563-3005.

legals Legal Notices

NOTICE The FY 2012 PHA Annual Plan for the Kitsap County Consolidated Housing Authority, dba Housing Kitsap, is available for public review at the main office of the Housing Authority. The office is located at the Norm Dicks Government Center, 345 6th Street, Suite 100, Bremer ton, WA 9 8 3 3 7 . B u s i n e s s hours are 8:00 A.M. to 4 : 3 0 P. M . M o n d a y announcements through Friday (except Federal holidays). Written comment will be accepted until the Annual Announcements Plan public hear ing, A D O P T - - D o c t o r & which will be held at the Banker lovingly wait for main office on Tuesday, 1st baby to love, cherish Apr il 3, 2012 at 9:00 & devote our lives. ExContinued on penses paid. 1-800-5628287 page 6 next page.....

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6695 Plum Street, Suquamish

SUN 1-4


11031 Forest Lane NE, Bainbridge Island

SUN 1-4


5685 NE Wild Cherry Lane, Bainbridge Island

SUN 1-4


10625 Falk Rd NE, Bainbridge Island

SUN 1-3


2910 NE Yankee Girl Circle, Bainbridge

SUN 1-3


6527 NE Fletcher Bay Road, Bainbridge Island

Sat. 1-4


11108 Genevieve Place NE, Bainbridge Island

SUN 1-4


10891 Manitou Beach Drive NE, Bainbridge Island

SUN 1-4

4 bedroom, 3 bath, 1.33 acres manicured and landscaped, main level master suite, two bonus rooms, 10x12 outbuilding, dog run and a 4-car garage. MLS# 317156, 24 hour information simply dial 800-504-0090 X5068, Penny McLaughlin,


9700 NE Winther Road, Bainbridge Island

SUN 1-4



665 Tiffany Meadows Drive NE, Bainbridge Island

SUN 1-4


7254 Madrona Dr, Bainbridge Island

SUN 2-4

Everything new! New roof, carpet, kitchen, floors, doors, hot water heater. Convenient to everything! 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. MLS# 314695 24 hour information simply dial 800-5040090 X5098. Penny McLaughlin,

From $219,000 4th Ave, Poulsbo Place II, Div 7, Poulsbo

Sat-Sun 12-4

A Central Highland Builder’s Project. Our newest Poulsbo Place neighborhood located on 4th Avenue is now underway. Featuring lots with sweeping views that overlook the charming Poulsbo Place community, Liberty Bay, & the Olympic Mountains. With 14 customizable floor plans to choose from, this is an outstanding opportunity to select the home of your dreams with breathtaking views. Quality finishes inside and out. Low maintenance, safe and secure living in the master-planned community in the heart of the waterfront village of Poulsbo. Floor plans vary from 876 - 3,000 sq. ft., 2 - 4 bedrooms, 1 - 3.5 bathrooms and a 2-10 home warranty. Close to shopping and restaurants. Karen Bazar, John L. Scott Real Estate, Poulsbo, 360-981-0098 or 360-394-0006.

From $219,000

Chateau Ridge (located at the top of Forest Rock Hills, Poulsbo)

Sat-Sun 12-4

A Central Highland Builder’s Project. Located at the top of Forest Rock Hills on Caldart Avenue, Poulsbo. Central Highland Builders, builders of Poulsbo Place II, are now introducing their newest neighborhood, Chateau Ridge! Located at the top of Forest Rock Hills on Caldart Ave. Craftsman and Cottage-Style homes ranging from 912 to 2,200 SF and prices starting in the low $200’s. Offering several one-level floor plans, as well as, 2-level plans. Built Green, Energy Star appliances, and 2-10 Home buyers Warranty. Neighborhood is centrally located to North Kitsap Schools, local markets, shopping in the ever-popular downtown Poulsbo, local parks and more. Breathtaking Olympic Mtn Views. Karen Bazar, John L Scott Real Estate, Poulsbo, 360-981-0098 or email at Call today for more details.

BREMERTON $259,000

7870 Oxbow Lane NE,Bremerton

Sat & Sun 1-4

MUST SEE...�Extensive Upgrades� inside and out. Beautiful tri-level home with 1,970 sq ft has 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths & an open floor plan. New kitchen with Jenn-Air convection down draft stove, Fisher Paykel double drawer dishwashers, & in kitchen seating for six. New high efficiency furnace and double paned windows insure comfort . Large manicured corner lot with a fully fenced back yard, gorgeous landscaping, garden shed & RV parking.�on sewer w/gen. MLS# 281135, Jim Lake John L Scott - Poulsbo 360.337.9817 or360.779.8533,


From $195,000

5578 NW Millglade Lane, Bremerton

Ferncliff Village, Bainbridge Island

Sun 1-4

SAT 12-2

New, cottage-style homes built to Energy Star & Evergreen Sustainable Development Standard. Income qualified. #317910. Carleen Gosney 206-909-2042 Host Wendy Indvik 206-276-1031. Windermere Real Estate/BI, Inc.

New Price! Classic lodge design on 2nd fairway. 3BR/2.5BA w/master, bonus & fam rooms; lrg deck. Near club/tennis. #302906. Sid Ball 206-617-7098, Windermere Real Estate/BI, Inc. Sunny 3BR home near Gazzam Lake & 10 mins to ferry. Designer colors, 5-panel doors, hdwd, stainless & granite kit, home ofc/media room & bonus. #309727. Ty Evans 206-7950202. Windermere Real Estate/BI, Inc. Mount Rainier View plus F.R.O.G Rolling Bay view home with Finished Room Over Garage. Good yard for sun and flower beds. Nearby beach and conveniences. Popular neighborhood. 3 BR/1.5BTH $549,500 MLS 288955. Coldwell Banker McKenzie / Chris Miller & Bill Barrow 206.842.1733 x 124. Now completed! This brand new home has been built Green! Main floor master with full bath and office. Enjoy evenings next to the indoor/outdoor fireplace making it easy to enjoy nature from your beautiful deck. Spacious interior with 10-foot ceilings, lots of natural lightfilled rooms, slate, bamboo and carpet flooring. Surrounded by acres of open space. MLS #268012 Marleen Martinez 206-778-5164. Marleenmartinez@ johanssonclark.comChris’ Opens 2/17 New home by Ferguson & Cole. Tastefully finished home with main floor master situated on a picturesque 2.35-acre parcel. Luxurious bath, walk in closets, walk-in pantry, granite counters, Hardwood & Slate flooring. DD: From Hwy 305 to High School Road, west on High School to end south on Fletcher Bay to address. Peter Handel – Johansson CLARK Real Estate 206-842-7601 Meadowmeer w/golf included! Just steps to Grand Forest & athletic club. 3900+ sq ft custom Craftsman w/3BR, 4BA plus bonus, quality millwork & more. #293750. Diane Sugden 206355-9179. Windermere Real Estate/BI, Inc. Just listed! Short stroll to Manitou Beach & Rolling Bay from this 3BR/2.5BA American country-style home with large bonus. Ty Evans 206-795-0202 Host Jen Pells 206-718-4337. Windermere Real Estate/BI, Inc. Great 3600+ sq ft, 4BR/3.25BA layout on 4+ acres‌main floor master, beautiful kitchen, big yard, excellent condition. Photos at #312200. Host Lorraine Davee 206794-3397. Windermere Real Estate/BI, Inc. Just Listed! Beautiful new construction just 3 blocks to ferry. Upgrades galore, fabulous lightfilled master, main flr den & bdrm w/bath. Stainless kitchen. #320820. Ana Richards 206-4598222. Windermere Real Estate/BI, Inc.


Lovely and comfortable, 1 bdrm, 1.5 baths, den, condo on corner location, multi-windows (light), custom blinds. Easy access, patio surrounded by verdant landscaping. Stainless appliances, hardwood floors, washer/dryer, granite counters, garage. View with CBDA broker 206-669-0152.

145 Ferncliff Ave NE, 239D, Bainbridge Island

WING POINT AREA HOME...stunning views of Mt Rainer, Seattle Skyline & Shipping Lanes. Deep Wft lot w/ meandering driveway to architecturally designed home by Hal Moldstad. New exterior stain & new roof. Wonderful attention to detail w/ clear vertical grain fir exterior & interior accents, H/W floors, 3BR/2.75BA, View Kit w/ pantry, lrg laundry rm & lots of storage. Decks on both east & west side of home. MLS 307036. Coldwell Banker McKenzie / Hosted by Wendy Burroughs 206.399.4488.


5348 Ruby Place NE, Bainbridge Island


16937 NE Sanwick Place, Bainbridge Island

SUN 1-4


1195 Irene Place NE, Bainbridge Island

SUN 1-4

Sun. 1:30-3:30

Sun. 1-4

Completely remodeled in every way. Light-filled open floor plan perfect for entertaining. New polished hardwood floors, custom kitchen, stainless steel appliances, cozy propane fireplace and more. DD: West on Wyatt, Right on Lynwood Center, Right on Emerald Heights, Right on Diamond, right on Ruby Place to address. Hosted by Kim McLaughlin 206-948-7135 Johansson CLARK Real Estate

Submit Your Open House Listing by calling:

First time on mkt in over 4 generations! Charming remodeled home plus sep living space. Private acreage w/sandy beach. #319439. Ty Evans 206-795-0202 Host Wendy Indvik 206276-1031. Windermere Real Estate/BI, Inc. New Listing! Amazing no-bank waterfront, steps to ferry. Sunny Rainier view with one-level gem of a house & exquisite yard. Bill Hunt/Mark Wilson 206-300-4889, Windermere Real Estate/BI, Inc.


Designated Drivers Save Lives This ad is placed in this newspaper as a courtesy for M.A.D.D.

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Bremerton Area Home on Acreage

Suquamish Area Home



Penny’s Team

24 hr information simply dial: 1-800-504-0090 X5068 Penny McLaughlin 360-697-9966 MLS 317156

Location 5578 NW Millglade Lane Price $390,000 Features 4 bedroom, 3 bath


OPEN HOUSE Sat - Sun 1 - 4

Drew’s Glen

DD: In Kingston Hwy 104 to Barber Cutoff. 360-620-3842

Scott Anderson 360-536-2048

Location 25899 Barber Cutoff Road Prices Starting at $199,900 Features Covered, exposed aggregate

porches, gas-log fireplaces, hardwood flooring & decorating coloring

OPEN HOUSE SUnday 1 - 3

206-778-5164 MLS #268012

Long Lake Home

OPEN HOUSE Saturday Noon-4

Judy Snyder

Direct: (360) 731-4675 John L. Scott Real Estate Email: MLS #320802

Location 5100 SE Disney Way, Port Orchard Price $334,000 DD: East on Sedgwick to right on Long Lake

approx. 2.4 miles to address on left.



Must Sell This Weekend – Must See!

Sat. & Sun. 1 - 4

&YUFOTJWF6QHSBEFTJOTJEFBOEPVU5IJT beautiful tri-level home with 1,970 sq ft has 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths & an open floor plan. /FXLJUDIFOXJUI+FOO"JSDPOWFDUJPOEPXO draft stove, Fisher Paykel double drawer EJTIXBTIFST BOEJOLJUDIFOTFBUJOHGPSTJY /FXIJHIFGĂ DJFODZGVSOBDFEPVCMFQBOFE windows ensure comfort. Large manicured corner lot with a fully fenced back yard, gorgeous landscaping, garden shed and RV parking. With generator, and on sewer line.

/PXDPNQMFUFE5IJTCSBOEOFXIPNF IBTCFFOCVJMU(SFFO.BJOĂĄPPSNBTUFS XJUIGVMMCBUIBOEPGĂ DF&OKPZFWFOJOHT OFYUUPUIFJOEPPSPVUEPPSĂ SFQMBDF NBLJOHJUFBTZUPFOKPZOBUVSFGSPNZPVS beautiful deck. Spacious interior with 10-foot ceilings, lots of natural light-filled rooms, slate, bamboo and carpet flooring. Surrounded by acres of open space.

Marleen Martinez



24 hr information simply dial: 1-800-504-0090 X5098 Penny McLaughlin 360-697-9966 MLS 314695

Custom 3 bedroom, 2 bath rambler with 1900 sf on .50 acre with a 3-car garage. Den/office, heat pump with air, hardwood floors. The great room opens to the kitchen which features stainless appliances, granite countertops, and a walk-in pantry. Covered patio. Fully landscaped.

/FXIPNFTXJUIJOXBMLJOHEJTUBODFUP town, ferries, marina and beaches. Drew’s Glen offers Green Built, energy efficient plans, including our new rambler design for $199,900, to meet a variety of lifestyles. "NFOVPGTFMFDUJPOTBOEVQHSBEFT BTXFMM as additional plans, allow for customization. Visit our model & ask about the $10,000 buyer bonus.

Lorna Muller

Location 6695 Plum St., Suquamish Price $169,000 Features 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths

Penny’s Team

Location 2910 NE Yankee Girl Circle Price $595,000 Features 3 bedrooms/2.50 baths,

.64 acres, 2395 sq. ft., 2 Car Garage

Jim Lake

360-337-9817 John L Scott - Poulsbo MLS #281135

Location 7870 Oxbow Lane NE Price $259,000 Features 1,970 SF, 4 BR, 2.5 BA,

Open Layout, Landscaped, Large Backyard, Fruit Trees, Mtn View

PAGE 6, Real Estate Now/Kitsap Classifieds, Friday, February 17, 2012

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A.M. Any request for reasonable accommodation by a person with a disability should be directed to Christine Buc h a n a n a t (360) 535-6132 at least 48 hours before needed. Date of publication: 02/17/12

Employment Computer/Technology

Employment General

Employment General

Information Technology Manager

Part-time Volunteer Program Manager

Salesperson Needed to work in a fun, fast-paced environment! Little Nickel, a division of Sound Publishing, Inc. is seeking an experienced Inside Advertising Sales Consultant. Position will be based out of our Eve r e t t o f f i c e. We a r e looking for candidates who are assertive, goaldriven, and who possess strong interpersonal skills—both written and verbal. Ideal candidates will need to have an exceptional sales background; print media exper ience is a definite asset. If you thrive on calling on new, active or inactive accounts; are self-motivated, well organized, and want to join a professional, highly energized and competitive sales team, we want to hear from you. Must be computer-proficient at Word, Excel, and utilizing the Internet. Compensation includes a base wage plus commission and an excellent group benefits program. Please email resume and cover letter to:

IslandWood, a growing nonprofit on Bainbridge Island, seeks a full-time skilled IT Manager to oversee all technology systems. Complete job description and application instructions at: No phone calls please Employment General



jobs Employment Administrative


Must be good on computer and have people skills. 12-15 hours a week. $13 an hour. Send resume to: Fjord Prop, Inc., P.O. Box 10657, Bainbridge, WA 98110

Use our handy online ad 24 hours a day form by clicking the “Place an ad” link at to put an ad in the Classifieds online and in your local paper.

We need an enthusiastic, motivated sales person to sell advertising to our clients on Bainbridge Island. The successful candidate must be dep e n d a bl e a n d d e t a i l oriented with effective telephone, telemarketing and customer ser vice skills required. Previous s a l e s ex p e r i e n c e r e quired. Media sales a plus! Reliable insured transportation and good driving record required. We offer base salar y plus commissions; a great work environment with opportunity to advance. EOE. Please send resume with cover letter in PDF or Text format to or mail to: HR/BIRADSALES Sound Publishing, Inc. 19351 8th Ave. NE, Suite 106 Poulsbo, WA 98370 Carriers The North Kitsap Herald has openings for Carrier Routes. No collecting, no selling. Friday mornings. If interested call Christy 360-779-4464

position with the Vashon Maury Community Food Bank. This position will work closely with Executive Director, volunteer coordinator, and program staff. Activities will involve being part of a team, working with consultants, to assess our volunteer program which will result in a repor t, recommendations and an implementation plan. Coinciding duties include working with Executive Director and Board of Directors to create, implement and be held accountable for long range strategy for the Volunteer Program, creating written materials, presentations, recruitment, and appreciation plans as well as record keeping and volunteer relationship mgmt. This position may also be called upon to assist the Executive Director in various additional duties as assigned. Skills required: Solid proficiency in Microsoft Office applications, Adobe In-design experience a plus, solid writing and communications skills a must. Proven competencies in strategic planning, mgmt, p r e s e n t a t i o n s, vo l u n teer/donor relationship mgmt, acknowledgments, and records ke e p i n g s t r o n g l y d e sired. Please submit a resume and include a cover letter that expresses why you want to work with us, and explains how you meet the above core competencies and skills through your experience and education. Submit via email:

The Northwest’s largest classified network in print and online. Go to find Reviews of resumes will what you need or to begin immediately. place an ad.

or MAIL to: Sound Publishing, Inc. 19426 68th Avenue S. Kent, WA 98032 ATTN: HR/LNIS EOE INCOME OPPORTUNITY!

The Bainbridge Island Review newspaper seeking quality motor route carriers. Thursday night delivery. No collections. Must be at least 18 years of age. Reliable people with reliable vehicle please call Brian. 206-842-6613

SOLD IT? FOUND IT? Let us know by calling 1-800-388-2527 so we can cancel your ad.

JOB FAIR Island Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Helping people live better

Port of Bremerton Director of Business Development The Port of Bremerton, Bremerton, Washington, is inviting qualified candidates to apply for the position of Director of Business Development; a multi-faceted department level management position. Duties of this professional management position generally include managing Port industrial properties through the administration and negotiation of all Port real estate leases and sales, and marketing Port industrial, marine, and airport properties leading to economic growth. Full job announcement, application, and job description are available at or at the Port of Bremerton administrative office located at Bremerton National Airport. Position closes at 2:30 pm, Friday, March 2, 2012

NOW HIRING CNA and RN’s! Full time, Part time and On-call positions available We offer:

Competitive wages 401K Medical Insurance Dental and Vision plans Free Life Insurance Tuition Reimbursement $12 per day gas incentive for driving more than 25 miles one way

….and many career advancement opportunities!

At Island we are composed of compassionate and dedicated professionals who are committed to providing for the needs of others. We are seeking those who share in our mission to join our team and “help people live better, one life at a time.”

Please apply online: or go to the center to apply in person: Island Nursing & Rehabilitation Center is located at: 835 Madison Avenue North Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 EOE

Employment General

Employment Transportation/Drivers

Local Bainbridge home cleaning business is growing. We’re hiring! Employee must have own transportation and have a keen sense of organization & cleaning. $10-15/hr. If interested or have any questions, email. Employment Sales & Retail

R E A L E S TAT E a n d mor tgage officers, for team par ticipation, lic e n s e d , o r w i l l t ra i n , l e a d s ava i l a bl e, h i g h commissions, Dream Home Real Estate, Inc. 1-888-844-1683. Employment Transportation/Drivers

DRIVER -- $0 Tuition CDL (A) Training & a job! Top Industr y Pay, Quality Training, Stability & Miles. Short employment commitment required. 800-326-2778 D R I V E R - - I n ex p e r i enced/experienced. unbeatable career opportun i t i e s . Tr a i n e e . Company Driver. Lease O p e ra t o r. E a r n u p t o $51K. Lease Trainers earn up to $80K. (877) 369-7105 Need extra cash? Place your classified ad today! Call 1-800-388-2527 or Go online 24 hours a day


New Year! Change Gears! Gross $4,100 month. Paid Benefits! CDL-A, 2yrs OTR Exp. Weekly Pay 1-888-880-5921

DRIVER -- Up to $.42/mile plus a $0.02/mile safety bonus. D a i l y P a y. W e e k l y Hometime. Van and Refrigerated. CDL-A, 3 months recent experience required 800-4149 5 6 9 . w w w. d r i ve k Health Care Employment


Every moment is an opportunity for an extraordinary experience

Schools & Training

ALLIED HEALTH career training -- Attend college 100% online. Job placement assistance. Computer Available. Financial Aid if qualified. SCHEV cer tified. Call 8 0 0 - 4 8 1 - 9 4 0 9 . ATTEND COLLEGE online from home. *Medical *Business *Criminal Justice. *Hospitality. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. SCHEV cer tified. Call 8 6 6 - 4 8 3 - 4 4 2 9 .

4’X10’ BURIAL PLOT At Maple Leaf Cemeter y. L o v e l y, w e l l k e p t grounds & year round maintenance included. As seasons change the picturesque view is gorgeous! Friendly, helpful staff. Asking below cemetery price at only $800, cash only. Interested please call Mary Ann 360-675-3074. Firewood, Fuel & Stoves


Cut~Split~Delivered Madrona available


13.53 - 15.20 per hour starting CNA base rate


Full Cords $260

Openings for: $

Cemetery Plots



New Hire BONUS

We provide Ferry Tickets for more information call 206-567-4421

stuff Antiques & Collectibles

EARLY BIRD Automobile, Antique and Collectible Swap Meet. Puya l l u p Fa i r gr o u n d s, Fe b r u a r y 1 8 a n d 1 9 , Saturday, 8-5. Sunday 9-3, admission $5.00. Sell it for FREE in the For infor mation call 1 (253) 863-6211.

Super Flea! Call 866-825-9001 or Appliances email the Super Flea at theflea@ JENN AIR Duel Fuel Range, $900. Upr ight Business Opportunities

P RO F I TA B L E WA S H INGTON Businesses For Sale by Owners. Many Types, Sizes, Locations, Terms. $25K to $15M. Other States Available. 1-800-617-4204

flea market Flea Market

10 large houseplants, $5-$10/each. Call 360373-9388, Kitsap area.

1 2 ’ R a t c h e t L a d d e r, folds to 6’, aluminum. Freezer, $180. Under- $30. 2 chain link fence counter Ice Machine, s e c t i o n s, 4 ’ x 6 ’ e a c h , $300. 360-405-1925 $100 - valued at $250. 360-871-0190. Advertising doesn’t have to break the 1 2 ’ R a t c h e t L a d d e r, bank. The Classifieds folds to 6’, aluminum. $30. 2 chain link fence has great deals on everything you need. Antique chest of drawers. Low boy style, solid O a k , MATCHING Washer and g o l d e n Dryer set, $340. Guaran- 39”Wx29”Hx18”D $100. 360-871-0190. teed! 360-405-1925

Start your Career Shopping Today! Port Madison Enterprises

Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort Accounting Accounting Manager (FT) Cage Soft Count Team Member (PT) Food and Beverage #BS4VQFSWJTPS 15 r#BSCBDL 15


%.0 15 r4IPSU0SEFS$PPL 15 r%FMJ$BTIJFS 15

Keno Supervisor (FT) Slot 4VQFSWJTPS$BTIJFS '5 r$BTIJFS '515


Table Games Dealer (FT) Port Madison Enterprises offers an excellent benefits package for FT employees. Please visit to submit an application online. Recruiter: 360-598-8717; Jobline 360-598-1360 DFWP, PME expressly promotes Tribal Preference

Friday, February 17, 2012, Real Estate Now/Kitsap Classifieds, PAGE 7 Flea Market

Flea Market

32” Sony TV with stand. LADIES LONG size 14 $150/OBO. Bainbridge dark blue winter coat. Looks nice. $10 cash. 206-842-3692 call: 360-692-6295 34 Jim Beam Christmas c o l l e c t i o n d e c a n t e r s, L o n g c u r v e d c o u c h , $50 for all. Port Orchard. lovely gold velvet, great cond, comfy and beauti(360)876-9730. ful. Moving, must sell 9’ Long, Liquid Filled $ 1 5 0 . 2 0 6 - 9 1 3 - 9 8 5 6 Baseboard Heater, $50. Poulsbo Port Orchard. (360)876Mother’s Day is coming 9730. soon! Princess House Armoir computer center, Heritage Collection: Cut 68Hx38Wx21D, with pull crystal ice champagne out shelves and closing bucket $25, cut crystal doors, excellent cond, creamer open sugar set $40. 360-697-3046. with tray $25, cut crystal B a b y C a r S e a t $ 3 5 . round dish $10, cut crysHigh Chair $15. 360- t a l bu d va s e $ 5 , e n graved crystal wine bot990-4477 tle stopper $5, handBaby walker & Hiking blown condiment jar $5, pack. $30 ea. 360-990- and etched S&P shakers $10. Mikasa cut crystal 4477 2-tier ser ver made in Bar Stools; wrought iron Germany $20, set of 2 bar stools. Barely used vintage Tuscany 24% $25. Light colored crib lead crystal candle sticks with new mattress, un- 10” tall $20, Oneida silder drawer and bedding. ver-plated 11” oval serv$75. 360-271-5870. ing tray $10, Eterna silB e a u t i f u l g i f t s f o r ver-plated bud vase $5, Mother’s Day. 2 Gorham set of 5 silver-plated lead 4” x 8” crystal bowls coasters made in Italy made in Germany $25, $5, set of 4 silver-plated large Mikasa cut crystal round serving trays $5. 6” x 10” bowl made in Inquire for photos or inGer many $50, Mikasa formation. Will consider cut crystal 5” x 5” serv- any reasonable offer. ing bowl made in Ger- Cash or Pay Pal, 360m a n y $ 2 5 , H o f b a u e r 479-1307. West Germany cut crys- RECLINER, anti-gravity, tal 6” etched bell $20. In- luxur y 10-motor masquire for photos or infor- sage system. Very good mation. Will consider c o n d i t i o n . $ 6 5 C a l l any reasonable offer. (360)697-5985 Kitsap Cash or Pay Pal, 360SINK, Elkay gour met, 479-1307. stainless steel. $150 C O P P E R K I T C H E N obo. 360-779-3574. Wall ornaments. 9 copper mold ornaments. Ex- S m a l l a p p l i a n c e s : 1 2 cellent condition. $55 cup coffee maker $5, OBO for all. 253-857- Hand mixer $10, Toaster,$5, Blender with many 2623 attachments, $10. Elect Dog Kennel, airline ap- c a n o p e n e r $ 3 . C a l l proved, 22Hx28Lx18H, 360-373-9388, Kitsap $30. Wicker bed & mat- area. tress, $10. (360)871STARGATE ATLANTIS 2820 Kitsap TV series season 1-5 on G U N L O C K S - M a s t e r DVD. Excellent condipadlock trigger lock’s set tion. $95 OBO 253-857of 2,for 2 guns both for 2623 $15 call 253-857-2623 H e a d B o a r d , Tw i n , Brass Finish, New Cond, $10.360-613-5433 HIDE-A-BED, Moving, must sell, queen size, green velvet. Comfortable and pretty. Moving, must sell. $150. 206-913-9856 Poulsbo

Home Furnishings



ANTIQUE OAK Roll Top Desk, 42”x45”x26”, excellent condition, $400. Body-by-Jake Bun and Thigh Rocker, like new, $10. 206-780-1671 Newspaper Roll Ends For Sale C l e a n , n ew s p r i n t r o l l ends. Perfect for moving, kid’s projects, table covering, etc. North Kitsap Herald/ Sound Classifieds BEAUTIFUL, HEAVY Ar- 19351 8th Avenue NE, Suite 205, Poulsbo moire that is suited for a (2nd floor, through the TV, and includes shelvdouble glass doors) ing and drawers. Features a pull out shelf for Office Hours the TV. Glass panes on 8:00am - 5:00pm the front doors. Doors Monday - Friday fold back nicely when opened. Excellent condi- SAWMILLS from only tion! Overall dimensions $3997 -- make and save are: 38”W x 7’H x 28”D. money with your own T V d i m e n s i o n s a r e : bandmill. Cut lumber any 32”W x 24”H. $245. Ask d i m e n s i o n . I n s t o c k about other furniture for ready to ship Free Info/DVD: www.Norwoodsale. 206-842-8633. S aw m i l l s. c o m 1 - 8 0 0 NEW QUEEN pillowtop 578-1363 Ext. 300N mattress set w/warranty. Sell $149. 253-537-3056 Musical Instruments --------------------------------KING PILLOWTOP mat1963 BALDWIN PIANO; tress set, 3 piece, brand new in wrap. $249. 253- Acrosonic Spinet with bench. Smaller size, fits 539-1600 --------------------------------- well in small spaces. NEW CHERRY Sleigh Perfect for beginner or bedroom set. Includes advaced player. Medium dresser, mirror & night- color, solid wood. Great stand. Still boxed. Will c o n d i t i o n ! $ 7 0 0 o b o. let go $599. 253-537- Can email more information. Please contact Mar3056 --------------------------------- tha at 360-341-5158 or F U L L O R T W I N m a t - 425-418-0091. Clinton, tress sets, new. $120. Whidbey Island. 253-539-1600 Need an employer --------------------------------N E W A D J U S TA B L E who gives you your b e d w / m e m o r y fo a m own parking spot? m a t t r e s s. L i s t $ 2 8 0 0 . Maybe it’s time to S a c r i f i c e, $ 9 5 0 . 2 5 3 change jobs. Our 537-3056 --------------------------------- online job search L E AT H E R S O F A & solution will provide loveseat, factory sealed w/lifetime warranty. List you with job listings $3500. Must sell $795. where you can view 253-539-1600 jobs that match your

You’ll find everything you need in one website 24 hours a Jewelry & Fur day 7 days a week: I B U Y G O L D, S i l ve r, D i a m o n d s, W r i s t a n d Pocket Watches, Gold and Silver Coins, Silverware, Gold and Platinum Antique Jewelry. Call Mic h a e l A n t h o ny ’s a t (206)254-2575

pets/animals Dogs

5 PUREBRED Miniature American Eskimo puppies for sale. $650 each. Great with kids, family raised. Mom on-site. Ready for their forever home. If interested, please email: or call 360-675-6117

AKC POODLE Puppies. Brown Standard. 9 wks o l d o n Fe b r u a r y 1 s t . First shots and wormed. Very beautiful, intelligent loving. Parents have had pre-breeding & genetic testing, also good hips, elbows & eyes. Home raised with with loving care. 7 females, 2 males. $1200/each. See puppies online: Call Rober ta 360-2866845.

Professional Services

AKC GERMAN Shepherd puppies, bred for sound temperament and train a b i l i t y. A l l G e r m a n bloodlines. Parents onsite and family raised. Males / females. $700. 360-456-0362 Get the ball rolling... Call 800-388-2527 today. BOSTON TERRIER

BOSTON TERRIER Puppies. Purebred, born December 4th. Excellent markings & conformation! 2 males & female. Paper trained with first category. Your path to shots. Family raised! Sua better job begins at per friendly dispositions! Only $800 each. Harriet 360-929-0495 or 360679-2500 Whidbey land.

COMPUTER REPAIR No Fix - No Fee Policy! Virus Removal Software/Hardware Repair Microsoft/Unix PC/ThinClient/Network Free Phone Estimates $10 Flat Fee Pickup & Delivery

Port Orchard Only

Tony ~ 360-232-6860 Think Inside the Box Advertise in your local community newspaper and on the web with just one phone call. Call 800-388-2527 for more information. Professional Services Legal Services

DIVORCE $135. $165 with children. No court appearances. Complete preparation. Includes, custody, support, proper ty division and bills. B B B m e m b e r . (503) 772-5295. www.paralegalalter

Home Services


MESSERSMITH WOODWORKS Furniture repair, stripping, refinishing, veneering, chair caning, much more. If you can’t find it, we can make it! Phone: 360-394-6280

Home Services

House/Cleaning Service


CLEANING SERVICES * Residential * Office Buildings * One-time Clean Outs * Windows * Condos * Hauling Home Services Free Estimates Gutter Services Bonded & Insured (360) 697-4010 G U T T E R & W I N D OW Cell (360) 286-7284 Cleaning!! Reasonable winter rates. 17 + years Home Services local experience. Call Jeff, JM Young & Asso- Landscape Services ciates 360-876-5854. Licensed. Andy’s Landscape Home Services Hauling & Cleanup

TOY POODLE, 8 weeks o l d . M a l e, bl a ck w i t h white paws, chin and neckline. CKC Registered. Tail bobbed, dew c l aw s c l i p p e d , p u p py shots and partially potty trained. $450. (307)2592 3 0 7 Po r t O r c h a r d . Email for pictures:

& Excavation


The Classifieds: Part of the largest suburban newspaper group in western Washington. Go online 24 hours a day: or call us today: 1-800-388-2527 for more information.

garage sales - WA

wheels Marine Power

1 9 8 1 2 4 . 5 ’ TA N Z E R . Shoal keel, main, jib, spinner. Two burner alcohol Stove, Sink, Ice box. Drop down table. forward “V” berth, Portapotty, 8 HP 4 cycle Honda outboard. PFDs, extra fuel tank. New seat covers. Inflatable raft. Very stable boat under sail. Easy to handle! $ 4 , 0 0 0 . O a k H a r b o r. John 360-240-8332;

Domestic Services Child Care Offered

COUNTRYSIDE LANDSCAPING & MAINTENENCE Prune, Pressure Wash, Bark, Retaining Walls, Plant, Fence! All types of winter cleanup. Free Estimate! 360-265-7487 Lic# COUNTLM932JE.

REMODEL & REPAIRS 360-509-7514 www.lewisandclarke Lic# LEWISCC925QL

PROFESSIONAL Child Care provider available for care in your home. ECE certified, 15+ years exper ience. Excellent refs. Call 510-717-4880 or email for more info:

Reach the readers the dailies miss. Call 800-388-2527 today to place your ad in Home Services Lawn/Garden Service the Classifieds.


Professional Services Legal Services

SOLD IT? FOUND IT? Let us know by calling 1-800-388-2527 so we can cancel your ad. Professional Services Legal Services

Mowing, Trimming, Pruning, Clean-Up and More! Very Reasonable!

360-286-7598 Home Services Painting

360-377-7990 206-842-2924


Lic# ANDYSLE893JA, Bonded, Ins


Home Services Remodeling

PAINTING & CONSTRUCTION Siding & Remodeling *Call for Free Estimate*



pets and more in the Classifieds 24 hours a day online at

Home Services Landscape Services

WE TAKE IT ALL! Junk, Appliances, yard debris, etc. Serving Kitsap Co. since 1997

A K C G R E AT D A N E Puppies. Now offering Full-Euro’s, Half-Euro’s & Standard Great Danes. Males & females. Every color but Faw n s , $ 5 0 0 & u p. Health guarantee. Licensed since 2002. Dreyersdanes is Oregon state’s largest breeder of Great Danes. Also; sell- Place an advertisement ing Standard Poodles. or search for jobs, homes, merchandise, Call 503-556-4190.

Have a service to offer? Contact Debra today: 866-603-3215

Shovel snow, remove debris, bark, prune, protect plants, etc. Pre-plan for your lawn maintenance, decking, fencing, retaining walls, pathways, etc.


ESTATE SALE. SW Indian r ugs, NW crafts. Mid-late 50s furniture, freezer, microwave, TVs, computer/ printer set, stereo, records, electric hospital bed. Low-vision reading system, large desk, 2 lateral & 2 legal file cabinets, wall art & decorative items, household, glassware. Scuba g e a r. R o c k H o u n d s : rocks & more rocks. J ew e l r y m a k i n g s u p plies, Garden stuff. Much more. Priced to sell. Cash! Sat, 2/18-19, 9am-3pm. 19321 Viking Ave, Poulsbo.

Tack, Feed & Supplies

GOLDEN DOODLE Puppies, ready March 3rd. Small, medium and large size. Blacks, Reds and Blondes. F1B’s, 3/4 Poodle. Hip, eye, elbow clearances. Dew claws removed, wormed and 1st shots. Hypoallergenic, non-shedding, smart, calm and really cool. $900-$1600. Email me for more pictures and info r m a t i o n : p u p s n d o o or call 360-420-2277 Reach the readers the dailies miss. Call 800-388-2527 today to place your ad in the Classifieds.

Garage/Moving Sales King County Poulsbo



Computer Systems/Service



360-895-5405 Lic#LONESPC927QC/Bonded/Insured

“Divorce For Grownups”


Law Offices of Lynda H. McMaken, P.S.

PAGE 8, Real Estate Now/Kitsap Classifieds, Friday, February 17, 2012

For All Your Recruitment Needs


Tiffany Walker Recruitment Solutions Specialist 10 years print media experience 866-603-3213 With options ranging from one time advertising to annual campaigns, I have the products and the expertise to meet your needs. Whether you need to target your local market or want to cover the Puget Sound area,


Selling Something? Picture This! Schedule your ad for two or more weeks and we will add a photo in print and online for FREE!*

Call Today!

(800) 388-2527 *Private party only. No commercial advertising.

Marine Power

1 9 6 5 R E S TO R E D 3 1 ’ Pembroke Sedan Cruiser, possible live aboard. Mahogany lapstrake hull on oak frames, full keel with bronze skeg, rudder & cutlass strut; deck & coach roofs covered with glass cloth; Perkins diesel, Borg Warner Velvet D r i ve t ra n s m i s s i o n & bronze prop. 100 gal fuel tankage, 80 gal water tankage. Pressure hot & cold water for shower, wash basin & sink. Electric Head, diesel range, ac/dc refrigerator, microw a v e . V H F, d e p t h sounder, autopilot, spotlight, battery charger, ac to dc converter, 2 bilge pumps. Inflatable dingy, 2 a n c h o r s w i t h r o d e, boat hooks, fenders, & mooring lines. Sleeps 2 in large V-berth, dinette converts to small double berth. Illness forces sale. Boat lying in Por t Orchard. $4,000 or best offer by 3/23/12! No reasonable offer refused. 360-638-1749 or email jimvanvalkenburg@

Marine Power

2 0 0 5 1 7 ’ D C Tra cke r. Deep V Aluminum boat. 2005 4 Stroke Merc, 115 HP. 2005 4 Stroke Merc 9.9 HP, 50 HP electric t r o l l i n g m o t o r. H u m m i n g b i r d G P S, C h a r t P l o t t e r, F i s h F i n d e r, Stereo, 1 Downrigger, Bimini Top. Ready to fish! Call Troy, 360-5442217. Email for photo: Marine Sail

Boat Auction 2/28, noon, 141 Parfitt Way SW 30’ Fraiser SAILBOAT for sale. Closed bid.



Marine Storage


33’ slip & up $5.95 per ft.

Automobiles Acura

1994 ACURA Integra stk#1561. $4488. 1-888-354-3149 Dlr.* Automobiles Buick

2000 BUICK Regal stk#1631. $6999. 1-888-354-3149. Dlr.*



1985 CHEVY Blazer ( bl a ck ) S t k # 2 7 8 1 2 3 . $988. 1-888-631-1192. vin#1g8ek18h2ff187273. Dlr.* Automobiles 1992 CHEVY S-10 Saturn Blazer(red) stk#278671. 1995 SATURN S Series $888. 1-888-631-1192. (burgandy) Stk#179086. vin#jt2at00n9s0031587. $ 5 8 8 . Dlr.* vin#1g8zk5274sz34375. Sport Utility Vehicles 1-888-631-1192. Dlr.* 1997 PONTIAC Sunfire (blue)stk#178954. $588. vin#1g2jb5249v7511639 . 1-888-631-1192. Dlr.*


Automobiles Toyota

Vans & Mini Vans

1995 CHEVY Impala SS. Original owner; only 49,000 miles; Corvette with this ad 350 engine; factory upCall graded brake system; Port Washington dark green/grey metallic Marina paint, grey leather interior; Pioneer 12 CD sys(360)479-3037 tem with remote; electric windows, seats, door Automobiles locks; original wheels; Classics & Collectibles r e g u l a r m a i n t e n a n c e. C o m fo r t a b l y s e a t s 4 CASH FOR CARS adults perfect for those Junk Car Removal who like to get out and d r i ve . $ 1 3 , 4 9 9 . C a l l : with or without Titles (360)509-5851 Locally Owned

SOLD IT? FOUND IT? Let us know by calling 1-800-388-2527 so we can cancel your ad.

Sport Utility Vehicles Chevrolet

1997 FORD Explorer stk#1381. $4999. 1999 CADILLAC Deville 1 9 9 5 TOYOTA C e l i c a 1-888-354-3149. Dlr.* stk#1673. $5999. (black)stk#79090. $988. 2000 FORD Explorer 1-888-354-3149. Dlr.* vin#jt2at00n9s0031587. stk#1583. $4999. 1-888-354-3149. Dlr.* 2011 CADILLAC DTS, 1-888-631-1192. Dlr.* only 2,200 miles! Red, 4 Sport Utility Vehicles Pickup Trucks door, sunroof. Standard Jeep Dodge Cadillac Premium Care Maintenance includes 2001 DODGE Dakota 1989 JEEP Cherokee scheduled oil changes, stk#1499. $6499. (black) stk#178265. tire rotations, replace- 1-888-354-3149. Dlr.* $588. 1-888-631-1192. ment of engine and cabvin1j4fj58lxkl459535. in air filters and multiDlr.* Pickup Trucks point vehicle inspections Ford Sport Utility Vehicles for 4yrs or 50,000 miles. Suzuki OnStar with improved 1980 FORD F-150 voice recognition capa- ( r e d / w h i t e ) $ 9 8 8 . 2002 SUZUKI Grand bilities. Fully loaded. Ab- stk#179006. Vitara. Stk#1669. $4599. s o l u t e l y s t u n n i n g . 1-888-631-1192 Dlr.* 1-888-354-3149. Dlr.* $32,000. 360-299-3842, 1987 FORD Ranger 360-220-5350 Vans/Minivans (black)Stk#178498. Dodge $988. 1-888-631-1192. Automobiles Vin#1ftcr15t4hpb13366. 1996 DODGE Caravan Chevrolet Dlr.* (green)stk#178254. 1 9 8 8 F O R D R a n g e r $988. 1-888-631-1192 vin#1b4gp54l7tb308851. (blue) stk#178533. $988 vin#1ftcr14axjpb58981. Dlr.* 1-888-631-1192. Dlr.*

$4.95 per ft.

1997 21’ DUCKWORTH Silverwing Semi Hardt o p. “ T h e # 1 C u s t o m Welded Aluminum Boat�. V Hull. Shock absorber captains chairs, bench seats and fish seats. Po l e h o l d e r s. S t e r e o. Dual batteries and more. 2001 Honda 130 Outboard and Merc 15 HP kicker. Priced to sell at $19,995. More Info Available. 360-472-0895 Friday Harbor

Automobiles Pontiac

Automobiles Kia

1996 FORD Windstar. stk#1601. $3999. 1-888-354-3149. Dlr.*

1993 FORD F350 Crew Ford Cab. Stk# 1401. $5999. 1996 FORD Windstar 1-888-354-3149. Dlr.* stk#1572. $2999. 1-888-354-3149. Dlr.* Pickup Trucks Toyota

2003 TOYOTA Tundra TRD Spor t. V-8, 2WD, Automatic. Rare “Terminator� model. One owne r. A l w a y s g a r a g e d . Non-smoker. Bed liner, side steps. Leather seats. 4 door. Towing package. Low 18,500 miles. $18,000. Call 360678-1634. Sport Utility Vehicles Chevrolet

1997 CHEVY Blazer stk#1299A. $4999. 1-888-354-3149. Dlr.*

Tents & Travel Trailers

1987 COLEMAN TENT Trailer, Columbia model, in good shape for this y e a r. R e a d y t o r o l l ! Sleeps 4 comfortably. Includes 12’ aluminum boat. $900 obo. Kings t o n , K i t s a p c o u n t y. Please leave message 360-297-4007 can email photos. ,OOKINGüFORüAüNEWüPLACEü #HECKüOUTü WWWPNWHOMElNDERCOM FORüLOCALüüNATIONALüLISTINGSü

storm preparation and recovery Snow Shovels to Ice Scrapers, Generators to Emergency Kits...

ACE is the place!!

Meet North Kitsap’s Subaru Specialist When it’s cold you wouldn’t dream of heading outside without a heavy coat. Don’t expect your car to function properly without some attention to its winter needs, too. Get the right kind of oil change Windshield Wipers - make sure you can see Battery TLC - look at the date *TJUNPSFUIBOUISFFZFBSTPME Examine your belts and hoses Check your tire pressure Think about switching to snow tires Get the antifreeze mixture just right ... And don’t forget an emergency kit

Bainbridge Island’s Only Full Service Hardware Store

635 High School Rd., Bainbridge Island (Behind McDonalds)


Give us a call or just come in!

Dereck is a Certified Subaru Technician with over 20 years experience.

He Knows your Subaru Inside & Out. With his extensive knowledge it makes choosing Liberty Bay Auto easy for maintaining or repairing your Subaru. To set up an appointment, or to ask Dereck a question, contact:

We’ll have your car ready for winter in no time!


(206) 842-7678

Andy’s Landscape & Excavation WINTER CLEAN-UP

Shovel snow, remove debris, bark, prune, protect plants, etc. Pre-plan for your lawn maintenance, decking, fencing, retaining walls, pathways, etc.

Friendly & Prompt

360-337-9669 Lic# ANDYSLE893JA, Bonded, Ins

Get your message out to those who need your services! Reach over

70,000 Kitsap Homes!


20201 Front Street NE, Poulsbo

For as low as $42.25 per week

Publishes in the Bainbridge Island Review, North Kitsap Herald, Bremerton Patriot, Central Kitsap Reporter and the Port Orchard Independent.

Call: 800-388-2527 Email:

Central Kitsap Reporter, February 17, 2012  

February 17, 2012 edition of the Central Kitsap Reporter

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