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February 17, 2012 •

Hot new hair trends for Spring Maxx Salon


Nicole Wright



Come visit us at Maxx Salon and SPRING CLEAN your look! 10216 NE 183rd Street • Downtown Bothell


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This season is defined by minimalism and natural beauty. If you made your New Years resolution to exercise, be healthier or just take care of yourself, your hair is also a great place to start. At Maxx Salon, one block from downtown Bothell, we have been learning from the best in beauty (in my opinion) Kevin Murphy. All his products and styles are made to make your life easier while always having fabulous hair. Think great hair is difficult

or out of your reach? Check out tips and tricks of the trade on the Internet or YouTube. Having the right tools can simplify your life and shorten your beauty routine. At your next appointment, ask your stylist how you can create fresh and different looks. Learn how to make a sleek ponytail, wavy ocean hair, or just get a bouncy blowout. Our grandmothers’ ways of weekly hair appointments are on the rise again with the many blowout options. Head into the salon on a Monday or Friday to get great hair for the week or weekend. The idea of daily hair washing a thing of the past. Save time in the morning by washing every couple of days; they make dryshampoo for just this reason. You could also turn to the

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BY LARRY RIDER Instructor at Ananda Meditation Temple

Yoga • Meditation • Art of Living

Wouldn’t you like to be happy all the time? Who wouldn’t? The fact is, it’s possible. But, ah, like so many things, there’s a trick. The trick is that happiness does not come from things. “Oh, I know I’ll be happy if I can just get ________ (you fill this in): that promotion, a new car, win the lottery... oh, the list is endless! Those who have learned this secret of happiness attest that happiness is an attitude; it is a conscious choice; it is a deliberate act of will. One who discovers that true happiness is within lives like a king, whether in the sunshine of success or under the clouds of conflict. Some of the key points the author makes in the book include separating needs from wants; living within your means; sharing what you have with others, having a clear conscience; learning proper behavior and attitude; and much more! Happiness can be learned by the calm, steady, day-by-day practice of simple attitudes, affirmations, and techniques. Larry Rider teaches classes on varied subjects at the Ananda Meditation Temple, 23305 Bothell Everett Highway in Bothell, down

How to Be Happy All The Time! 577285

A workshop with Larry & Prem-Shanti Rider February 25, 9:30 am - noon Register online or call 425-806-3700. 578910

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Stylist at Maxx Salon in Downtown Bothell

How to be HAPPY all the time


• Accepting new patients • Same day & Saturday appointments • On-site lab and x-ray • Two locations for your convenience

new take on the old perm, the Beach Wave. It consists of 8 to 10 big sponges that will leave your hair with the soft wave look that’s taking over Hollywood celebs. If curls aren’t your thing, we have the Keratin Express Blowout, which you can add to your haircut service. It is a temporary smoothing treatment that will tame the unruly frizz and dry ends while maintaining great body in your hair. I hope I gave you some good ideas to make your Spring amazing. And remember, small changes, like a good shampoo, can make a big difference.

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Healthy Living - Healthy Living Feb 2012