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Deal would make light rail ‘shovel ready’ Cooperation is sought from city leaders BACKGROUND INFORMATION

SPORTS | Key wrestling matchups this weekend. Plus: Thoughts on the NBA’s return to the region [12] OPINION | City leaders learn a political lesson from light rail, says columnist Bob Roegner. Plus: Fight for your family planning rights, says columnist Amy Johnson [4] BUSINESS | PJ Pockets Casino closes less than two years after city cuts gambling tax in half [10]

MORE ONLINE ELECTIONS | Check our website next week for results in the Feb. 14 allmail special election that features two school levies. LETTERS | Due to finite print space, more letters are at CALENDAR | The Mirror has unveiled a new online calendar for readers to post local events. The system does not require a username or password. Just submit the information online at calendar by clicking on “Add an Event.” Due to the change in delivery, your Mirror will arrive between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Fridays. If you do not have your paper by 5 p.m., please call (253) 872-6610 or email us at

A typical morning line-up for the ST Express Route 577 bus at the Federal Way Transit Center. Along with light rail, the city is addressing concerns of bus overcrowding with Sound Transit. COURTESY PHOTO

Federal Way wants bus reform BY ANDY HOBBS

Aside from a sidetracked light rail project, Sound Transit’s bus service in Federal Way is under scrutiny. City officials have expressed concerns about overcrowded buses, especially the ST Express Route 577 to Seattle. Commuters fill those buses at peak morning times, standing in line before sunrise, often waiting through one or two boardings before scoring a seat.

In response, Sound Transit says it spends $12 million a year on three express bus routes at the Federal Way Transit Center: • Route 577 to downtown Seattle. This service provides 27 daily weekday bus trips. • Route 574 to SeaTac airport to the north and Tacoma/Lakewood to the south. This service operates all day, every day, with a total 77 daily weekday bus trips. • Route 578 to downtown Seattle, and Auburn, Sumner and Puyallup to the south. This route has 53 daily weekday bus trips. [ more BUS, page 8 ]

• In 2008, voters approved the ST2 plan to build light rail to South 272nd Street, linking Federal Way with Seattle and the airport. • Last spring, Sound Transit delayed the extension to Federal Way until at least 2040, citing a 31 percent shortfall in tax revenue from South King County. According to the original plan, Federal Way was supposed to see a station at South 272nd Street by 2023. The ultimate goal for Sound Transit is to eventually connect the King County system with Tacoma. • Federal Way officials estimate the city’s taxpayers will pay $13.5 million a year for light rail, regardless of whether the project becomes a reality. • Read more online at


A plan by two regional lawmakers may breathe life into the quest to bring light rail to Federal Way. King County Councilman Pete von Reichbauer, working with State Sen. Tracey Eide (D-Federal Way), will seek NEWS an amendment to Sound Transit’s 2012 budget. The amendment would put $24 million toward making light rail “shovel ready” in Federal Way. The money would help fund the necessary studies, such as environmental impacts and engineering reviews, during the next four to five years. Ideally, this would place Federal Way in prime position to receive federal or state grant money, should it become available. This plan is also intended to provide a better idea of the final construction costs and logistics for light rail. “My goal is to put Federal Way at the front of the line,” von Reichbauer said Monday at a press conference in Seattle. With the amendment to Sound Transit’s budget, the additional $24 million would prepare the city for light rail construction — specifically, between South 200th Street to the Federal Way Transit Center, located 7.6 miles away near South 320th Street. [ more LIGHT RAIL, page 8 ]


City expects reimbursement for storm response bill BY GREG ALLMAIN

Federal Way was one of the hardest hit areas in last month’s winter storms that temporarily crippled the region. Local efforts went well to clear the streets of snow and ice, and afterwards, clear them from fallen debris. The city has an established snow route map that prioritizes which streets will be cleared first, said Cary Roe, Federal Way’s Public Works and Parks Director. The order of priority is arterials,

collector streets and steep residential streets, and then general residential streets, he said. Roe updated the city council regarding Federal Way’s response to the snowstorm, which hit Jan. 18-19. Roe also reviewed the amount of materials used and the man-hours spent in keeping Federal Way streets clear of snow and ice. The city applied 160 tons of sand, 100 tons of salt and 4,000 gallons of deicer. “Total hours of operation through Monday, February 6: Labor is 1,719 hours.

That’s primarily parks and public works staff. 756 hours of overtime in that same period, and 1,886 hours of equipment use,” Roe told the council Feb. 7. For the snow removal efforts, Roe said the bill will be approximately $104,000. Combined with the residential and right-of-way debris cleanup and pickup, the city is looking at a tab of approximately $165,000 for the storm. Roe said there is a chance that most of this cost to the city will be reimbursed from disaster funds.

“It appears King County has reached the damage threshold of $6.55 million, so King County will be eligible (for federal disaster relief aid). That will be submitted to the governor, and then the governor will make an assessment on whether to forward it to the federal government,” Roe said. “If all of that occurs, some of these funds will be eligible for reimbursement. Generally speaking, that involves about 75 percent of the amount spent.” Roe said the city has [ more STORM, page 11 ]

SNOWSTORM 2012 Overall, more than 250,000 people lost power as snow and ice coated the region Jan. 18-19. Federal Way experienced up to 5.5 inches of snow, which was more than Seattle saw (about 2 inches), but less than the Olympia area, which was hit by more than 12 inches of snow. The weight of the snow, and subsequent ice from freezing rain, caused tree limbs to snap and power lines to collapse.

[2] February 10, 2012

The Triangle Project at State Route 18 and Interstate 5 will reach a milestone this weekend as crews begin the first

3.1666x8 WDYWI.indd 2

of three major weekendlong closures to set girders across I-5. Crews must close all lanes of southbound I-5 on Friday and Saturday nights, Feb. 10 and 11. Crews will begin closing lanes at 9 p.m. with all lanes closed by 11 p.m. Lanes will reopen by 7 a.m.

the following day. The closure will affect thousands of southbound I-5 and westbound SR 18 drivers. Overnight travelers should add an extra 30 minutes to their trip. The five-mile signed detour will direct drivers onto South 348th Street to Highway 99, then to 54th Avenue East in Fife to rejoin southbound I-5. This work is part of the $112 million “triangle project” to build two new flyover ramps: one between westbound SR 18 and southbound I-5, and the other between eastbound SR18 and northbound I-5. The ramps are expected to open this summer.



Cops find BB gun in bra CRIME

This week’s…


Police Blotter Following is a sample from the Federal Way police log: • Packing heat: At 2:04 p.m. Jan. 28 in the 1700 block of SW 359th Street, a woman was unlawfully trespassing on a property. According to the report, when the woman’s name was searched in police records, she had an outstanding warrant out of Everett. The woman was taken into custody. As she was searched during her arrest, police discovered what they believed to be a semi-automatic handgun concealed in the woman’s bra. The report notes that upon further

examination, the gun discovered was actually an AirSoft BB gun. • Quiet burglars: At 8:54 a.m. Jan. 29 in the 100 block of SW Campus Drive, the victims reported their apartment had been burglarized. According to the report, two of the roommates living in the apartment were home at the time of the burglary, but did not hear anything. They only discovered the burglary the morning after, when they discovered their TV had been stolen. The report notes the unknown suspects made entry through an unlocked window. • Laundry fight: At 11:45 a.m. Jan. 29 in the 2500 block of SW 334th Street, police responded to a possible domestic violence call. According to the report, a brother and sister had gotten into an argu-

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Traffic alert: Night closures at I-5 and SR 18

ment about who would get to do their laundry first. The brother lost the argument, at which point he punched a wall, causing a picture frame to break, injuring his hand. • Babies having babies: At 1:08 p.m. Jan. 29 in the 1800 block of South 281st Street, police responded to a possible domestic violence call. According to the report, two people were in an argument, but there was no physical altercation. The argument concerned one of the people, a 14-year-old girl, not helping enough with raising her 4-month-old baby. • Harassing text messages: At 3:09 p.m. Jan. 29 in the 4600 block of SW 327th Street, the victim reported receiving harassing text messages. The victim’s soon-to-be ex-wife was sending threatening text messages to the victim, and the victim’s new girlfriend. • Buy one, steal one: At 4:07 p.m. Jan. 29 in the 27000 block of Pacific Highway South, two men stole a can of Sparks malt beverage from a store. The two men paid for a can of Sparks, in an attempt to allay suspicion about the can they were attempting to steal. The store clerk called them out on it, at which point they fled the store and left in a vehicle. • Fake IDs: At 5:32 a.m. Jan. 28 in the 100 block of SW Campus Drive, store employees notified police of a woman attempting to use fraudulent checks and ID. According to the report, when the woman was taken into custody, a search of her purse revealed a number of other fake IDs, along with drug paraphernalia. • Work vehicle stolen: At 7:15 a.m. Jan. 27 in the 700 block of South 356th Street, a company reported that one of its vehicles had been stolen. The unknown suspects cut a chain to enter the property, and then punched out a deadbolt lock to gain entry into the garage where the vehicle was stolen. The report notes that surveillance footage was being reviewed to attempt to identify the suspects. • Shed burglarized: At 2:37 p.m. Jan. 28 in the 2500 block of SW 325th Place, the victim reported that a standalone shed they have on their property had been burglarized. According to the report, about $1,950 worth of personal belongings were taken. • Bud Light: At 1:23 p.m. Jan. 28 in the 29000 block of Pacific Highway South, two men each stole an 18-pack of Bud Light. The two men fled in a vehicle, from which a witness was able to get the license plate number, which ended up belonging to another vehicle.

FW admin guru takes new job in Portland

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On Feb. 7, Park Pals was honored by the Federal Way City Council for its efforts to improve French Lake’s offleash dog park. To learn more about Park Pals, visit GREG ALLMAIN, The Mirror

Park Pals scoop up projects for city’s off-leash dog park BY GREG ALLMAIN

Park Pals, the volunteerdriven group responsible for creating the city’s first off-leash dog park at French Lake Park, was honored by the Federal Way City Council on Feb. 7. Park Pals president JoAnn Hugill, along with a number of her volunteers, were praised at Tuesday’s council meeting for their impact on Federal Way. “They are an excellent example of the ways citizens can help identify a community need, and take actions to address that need,” Councilwoman Susan Honda said. “Park Pals voiced the need for Federal Way to have an

off-leash dog park. They also did something that I greatly admire. They helped provide a solution.” Honda commended Park Pals on their willingness to perform upkeep on the park, given the budgetary constraints the city faces with park staff. Honda also congratulated them on their acquisition of a water fountain in the park that serves both humans and dogs. Hugill shared some of Park Pal’s upcoming plans. A work party is scheduled for Feb. 11-12 at the park, located on 1st Avenue South between South 320th and South 312th streets. “(The city) is very busy cleaning up all the parks after the snowstorm, so we’re going to have a work party

this weekend to pick up all of the limbs,” Hugill said. “If anyone has a wheelbarrow or two, that would be great.” Hugill said the Park Pals have started a tribute garden for pets who have died. Along with that, their next big project is to create a shelter of some sort at the park, so owners have somewhere to stand out of the rain. Two other projects include getting a boot scraper installed at the park, and adding quarry sand in some of the park’s more muddy areas.

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Bryant Enge, the city’s administrative services director, is leaving Federal Way to take a job as Portland’s Director of the Bureau of Internal Businesses Services. Federal Way’s administrative everyman will head south on Feb. 17 to start his new role. Enge’s departure was announced by Mayor Skip Priest during the council’s Feb. 7 meeting. “Bryant has been an integral member of our management team since he joined Bryant Enge the city in 2008. The work he has done with the Performing Arts Center, CDBG (community development block grants), and I don’t know how many other projects, will continue to enhance the city of Federal Way long after he’s gone,” Priest said. Enge began his stint in Federal Way as the assistant city manager, then as financial services administrator, before taking on his current title. In the four years he’s spent in Federal Way, Enge said it’s been a rewarding and enriching experience. Among the things he’s done in Federal Way, Enge said he was proud to be part of the team that made serious progress on advancing the plan for a performing arts/civic center. He helped produce workable budgets during the economic downturn. His more recent experiences with transitioning the city’s human services department from a consortium model to a direct entitlement entity is something he was proud to have worked on. Enge said the most memorable part of working in Federal Way was the fact that in a city of about 88,000 people, he was able to make close personal connections with his colleagues and the community.

February 10, 2012 [3]

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REAL STEEL PG-13 2:20, 7:25 IMMORTALS 2D R 12:20, 5:05, 9:55 PUSS IN BOOTS 2D PG 12:15, 5:10, 10:05 IMMORTALS 3D R 2:40, 7:45 PUSS IN BOOTS 3D PG 2:45, 7:35 THE MUPPETS PG 11:55, 2:30, 3:10, 5:00, 7:30, 8:10, 10:00

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Fight for family planning rights




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State rep. supports FW school levies I am writing today to ask you to vote yes on Prop. 1 and Prop. 2 on your ballot today. Last December, I had the privilege of spending some time with the students and teachers at Federal Way High School. I was amazed at what I saw and heard. As the students, filled with pride, showed me around the school, they were careful to make sure I didn’t trip on the towels on the

Amy Johnson

[ more JOHNSON page 5 ]

King County Councilman Pete von Reichbauer and State Sen. Tracey Eide demonstrated once again why they are two of the most successful and skilled political problem solvers in the region, as they found a solution to the Sound Transit-Federal Way light rail connection dilemma. The two South King County leaders have brokered an agreement that will not only put the Federal Way connection back on track, but extend it to South 320th Street. von Reichbauer, who is a member of the Sound Transit Board, was scheduled to make the formal proposal to the board Thursday. Eide and von Reichbauer were joined at Monday’s press conference by King County Executive Dow Constantine and Pierce County Executive Pat McCarthy, and King County Councilman Joe McDermott. It is unlikely the press conference would have been held unless the proposal’s passage were secure. McCarthy’s support is critical. She is not only the Sound Transit chair, but she needs the Federal Way connection to ensure the route goes on to Tacoma and Pierce County. The proposal would allocate an additional $24 million toward engineering and environmental studies to ensure the Federal Way connection is shovel ready and able to compete for future grants. Not a perfect solution, but still a significant success. Approximately a year ago, Sound Transit announced that due to the economic downturn, there simply wasn’t enough money to maintain the 2023 connection date to Federal Way. The projected date was moved to 2040. Federal Way city leaders were outraged. While some in the region cautioned the city to seek a positive political solution, the city

seemed to reject that notion. Instead, Mayor Skip Priest and the city council reacted aggressively as they were frustrated with Sound Transit — and felt Sound Transit wasn’t listening to their concerns. Federal Way citizens would continue to be taxed without getting the promised service, and there was also community pressure on city leadership to try and reverse the decision. The mayor, with council support, hired two lobbyists to work regionally and in Olympia to pass legislation to dismantle Sound Transit. The city also hired Phil Talmadge, an influential former judge and state legislator, to review legal options in anticipation of a lawsuit. The city filed several requests for public documents in an attempt to prove Sound Transit had acted in a disingenuous manner to mislead the voters in the 2008 transit election. They also seemed to personalize the issue by questioning Sound Transit’s staff salaries. Recently, they raised the ante by supporting an audit of Sound Transit’s financial records by the state auditor. Several regional leaders commented privately that they felt the mayor and council had gone far beyond their role of defending their citizens and were risking alienating some of the people they would need now — and in the future. While the city’s attacks on Sound Transit initially garnered hometown political support, some community leaders had recently begun to question the long-term viability of Federal Way’s strategy. In fact, many regional leaders felt the audit request and legislation to dismantle Sound Transit was almost the tipping point and [ more ROEGNER page 5 ] Bob Roegner


Political lesson for city leaders INSIDE POLITICS


The Mirror’s editorial board members: Rudi Alcott, publisher; Andy Hobbs, editor; Joann Piquette, retired and community advocate; Matthew Jarvis, business owner; Nandell Palmer, author; Bob Dockstader, retired attorney; Mel West, business owner. Contact the board: editorialboard@

Last Monday found me on a bus to Olympia to lobby against proposed family planning cuts in the state budget and for reproductive parity. With about 200 other people from all over Washington, I gathered at United Churches in Olympia and walked to a rally on the capitol steps, then to appointments with legislators about these important issues. As we divided into legislative districts, I found that there were only two of us from the 30th District: myself and retired United Methodist pastor, Rev. Kathryn Everett. With her collar and my cross, we represented not only the 30th Legislative District, but also women who are Christian and passionate about women’s health care rights and equality. Rev. Everett and I quickly bonded over our experiences as progressive women of faith. We enthusiastically headed off to visit the offices of Sen. Tracey Eide and Reps. Mark Miloscia and Katrina Asay. Family planning in Washington has already been cut by $3.55 million over the past three years. Eight clinics have closed their doors, with each of them serving 1,450 people annually. Do the math. That’s nearly 12,000 people who have less or no access to affordable family planning. Now consider that for some women, family planning provides their only health care, and the numbers speak even louder. Family planning services encompass contraception, screenings for breast and cervical cancer, disease prevention and intervention, and more. A few months ago, the American Cancer Society reported that although the overall number of deaths due to breast cancer is declining, poor women are the most likely to die of the disease due to less access to screening and treatment — screening and treatment they don’t get when clinics close due to lack of funding. We also know from careful tracking that for each family planning dollar cut, the state ends up spending over four dollars — within the same year. The proposed $1.8 million cut to family planning will cost more than $7 million, which we will begin to feel by the end of 2012. Why? One reason is that Medicaid costs rise as pregnancy rates increase. This short-sighted reduction in funds puts a much larger burden on taxpayers and families. It doesn’t make any sense to implement a supposed cut that will quickly cost us so much and further drain an already overburdened system. I feel a responsibility to use my voice to help speak for those women who have lost access to services. Many women don’t feel their voices are heard by decision-makers. And why would they? Though we vote over and over to grant women

Sex in the Suburbs



[4] February 10, 2012


To submit an item or photo for publication in The Mirror: email; mail attn Letters, Federal Way Mirror, 31919 1st Ave. S., Suite 101, Federal Way, WA 98003. fax (253) 925-5750. Letters may be edited for style, clarity and length.

floor or get hit with the ceiling tiles that tend to fall in one of the gyms. I was struck with the commitment to learning that both the teachers and the students showed. It was obvious that the dedicated staff could teach these students in a barn and be successful — but they shouldn’t have to. The commitment to learning from students, teachers and

administrators is why I am writing this letter to implore you to vote for the Federal Way School District levies. Both levies are needed. One levy merely continues the funding for the school programs that are there today and replaces the one expiring. The other makes wise use of your tax dollars by leveraging them to replace the old, loved but decrepit

Federal Way High School. They’ve shown that they have the commitment, ability and perseverance to succeed. Now, let’s give them the tools to succeed. Please vote for Propositions 1 and 2 on the ballot sitting in your home. Then don’t forget to get it in the mail by Feb. 14.

State Rep. Katrina Asay (R-District 30)

Reject school levies to protest grading Make your vote count and let your voice be heard. Vote no on Propositions 1 and 2, the operations and capital levies, for the Federal Way School District. I am not against supporting the Federal Way schools. I have two teenagers who attend school in the district. However, I am against the Standards Based Education system (SBES) that has been thrown onto [ more LETTERS page 5 ]

[ JOHNSON from page 4] reproductive health care rights, legislation gets proposed over and over to take those away. Even if you and I differ on certain aspects of these issues, certainly we can agree that costing the state more money, especially in the current climate, is not a good idea. I hope we can agree that prevention is better than any of the options available for an unintended pregnancy, and that women deserve breast cancer screenings, pap smears and other health care.

[ ROEGNER from page 4] could have undermined von Reichbauer and Eide’s efforts to fashion an agreement, as it came at a delicate point in the discussions. Some were concerned that the city was going down a path of isolation that could jeopardize a solution, and if one were found, it might be “in spite of City Hall,” rather than because of it. Sound Transit Executive Director Joni Earl had never stopped working to find a solution that helped Federal Way, but didn’t jeopardize other cities’ projects. But more political muscle was needed. That was provided by Eide and von Reichbauer, who had been using their diplomatic channels for months to try and fashion a solution. They were continually confronted with both financial and political hurdles. Neither of the political leaders would comment, but several sources confirm that many of the key people who were necessary to achieve a solution were reluctant to reward what they perceived as the high-handed and “bullying” tactics employed by Federal Way city leaders. As a result, von Reichbauer and Eide’s negotiations were done quietly

What can you do about it? Call your legislators today at (800) 562-6000. Tell them not to make any more cuts to family planning in Washington. Tell them that you don’t want them to balance the budget on the backs of poor women. It’ll only take a few minutes. As for you, it’s like eating your vegetables: you’ll feel better after you do it, and you’ll be helping not only yourself, but also a lot of women in Washington, stay much more healthy. Amy Johnson, MSW, is a coach, educator and trainer in the area: behind the scenes. The two worked together to persuade key politicians to set aside their frustration with Federal Way leaders and focus on the needs of the citizens of Federal Way, all while appealing to a shared commitment to building a regional transit system. Federal Way leaders were noticeably absent from the Feb. 6 press conference, and that wasn’t an accident. They appear to have been excluded, as part of the negotiations, to send them a political message. Many felt Federal Way leaders had become part of the problem. However, von Reichbauer and Eide also tried to get them back in the game on better terms by calling upon Mayor Priest and the city council to join in the spirit of cooperation as a regional partner and become part of the solution. Three-county regional politics is a tricky endeavor, and von Reichbauer and Eide demonstrated what bi-partisan regional leadership and quiet diplomacy looks like. Sometimes it isn’t pretty, but in this case, it was effective. Now the region is watching to see what lessons Federal Way learned and how its leaders react.

Federal Way resident Bob Roegner, a former mayor of Auburn:

February 10, 2012 [5] that will pay off in the future. We all [ LETTERS from page 4] our students and teachers. I believe that the SBES has been poorly implemented without working out all the fine details, sufficiently testing the system, or effectively phasing such a system into the schools. The result has been a befuddled system that has left our students and teachers frustrated and stressed. So if you are like me, very unhappy with the SBES, and feel that district administrators are not listening to the cries of teachers, students and parents, then make your vote count and let your voice be heard by voting no on Propositions 1 and 2. It is not a vote against schools. It is a vote that shows support to our students and teachers with what they have been put through implementing SBES. It is the strongest way we can get the district’s attention on how seriously disappointed we are with SBES. I’m holding my “yes” vote for when the district comes to its senses and removes the SBES. When the Federal Way School District goes back to a saner grading system, I will gladly cast a “yes” vote for school levies.

know that good schools mean good communities. Good communities bring people to the city, and for many of us, that can only help improve our home values. Business owners in the city will benefit as well with more consumers in the community. The thinking that the district needs to do more research or planning at this point instead of asking for a new levy is a little like putting the cart before the horse. The cost to the district to get any definite building plans or any further in the consultation process would be substantial. Would you pay an architect to design your new home without having any idea when, if ever, you would be able to build that home? The district has done preliminary groundwork and has consulted with stakeholders in the design of the new school. The bottom line is this: we need to invest in our schools so that Federal Way can give its students what they deserve — a first class education in a building that supports that type of learning. Please join me in voting yes for both levies. Invest in the future of our kids and our city.

Linda Johnson, Federal Way

Tina Bomgardner, Federal Way

School levies are worthy investments

Kudos to Federal Way’s ice storm response

By now you all have received your ballot for the Feb. 14 election. On this ballot, there are only two items, and both of them are for the Federal Way School District. The first levy is a replacement Education Programs and Operations (EP&O) Levy. With the budget cuts our state is considering, the impact to our schools is largely unknown. We must make sure that our district is not forced to make even larger cuts in a budget that is already cut to the bone. The EP&O Levy makes up about 25 percent of the operating budget for our district. Since this is a replacement levy, there should be no significant, if any, impact on what taxpayers already pay. The second levy on the ballot is a construction levy that will include the rebuilding of Federal Way High School, and our elementary schools will receive much needed renovations or replacements of their playgrounds. I know that many of you may be struggling with this levy and the thought of another added cost to your personal budget. However, we must look at this as an investment

Last month, we had an ice storm, which on first appearance appeared to be rather pleasant. The weather was 28 to 33 degrees Fahrenheit where we got some snow and sleet. After a night of this, dawn came, revealing a landscape of glittering ice and snow. At first we marveled at its beauty until we looked on the ground and saw huge tree limbs 4 inches thick and 20 feet long lying on our lawn. Some of our bamboos were bent so low with ice that their branches touched the ground. I took our dog for her daily walk. I saw even more damage outside. Trees had fallen on rooftops; others fell across roads and fences. The whole place was a mess. I could not walk my dog because of the fallen trees. After seeing this, I realized our home was not safe because we have fir trees only 20 to 30 feet away. They may crack at any time from the encrusted ice and fall on our house as they did elsewhere. Before long people started coming out of their homes with power saws. They cut the trees that fell across their lawns and fences. Then trucks

You’re Invited!

James C. Su-Brown, Federal Way

Let residents protect their farm animals (RE: “Federal Way resident wants to shoot coyotes”): In the contest between the local coyotes and the farm animals belonging to Don Barovic and Delores Warner, I believe fairminded people should support farm animals over predators. If not, the animals will be decimated. What is more reflective of our nation’s rural history than raising farm animals? Years ago, a farmer could protect his stock with guns and no one complained or interfered. Everyone in the community considered the protection of animals essential. Since then, most of us have transitioned to an urban lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean farm animals within city limits need less protection. Surely the Federal Way City Council can find the means to allow Don Barovic and Delores Warner to legally protect their animals.

Don Payne, Federal Way

Coyote suggestions Our hearts went out to both Ms. Torrey and Ms. Warner regarding the problems they continue to experience with the local coyotes and predatory birds (letters, Feb. 3). While we are fortunate to only hear [ more LETTERS page 6 ]

Azonic Custom Dentures

Communities In Schools of Federal Way Annual Fundraising Breakfast Friday, February 24, 7:30 – 8:30 a.m. Doors open at 7:00 AM Where: Christian Faith Center 33645 20th Ave. S., Federal Way, WA 98003 Goal: Raise $50,000 Purpose: Funds raised go to support the students and families in Federal Way Public Schools. RSVP: Caitlyn Remington, Development Coordinator 253-528-0847 or

came and workmen showed up clearing off the debris. A few hours later, our gardener came. He had our place cleaned up within a few hours. Outside, the public streets were still a mess. Before long, our city had trucks out and cleared the main roads so traffic could pass. The sidewalks remained blocked. However, today about two weeks later when I went out to walk our dog again, not only was our sidewalks cleaned up and cleared of fallen branches, but our dog walk (bicycle path) in the woods was cleaned up as well. The fallen branches and other debris were cleared away. I was amazed. Because our city had to let go a lot of people due to our recession, I thought to myself that the maintenance and care of our roads would also suffer. However, the inconvenience was minimal. I am proud of the way our city took care of our roads, sidewalks and even our dog walk in the woods. We live in unusual times. We also have a city to be proud of!


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[6] February 10, 2012 [ LETTERS from page 5]

coyotes howling at night, and watch as the eagles swoop over the Puget Sound near our home, we love all animals (our two cats in particular). And even though we are not familiar with the exact layouts of each of the letter writers’ properties, would like to offer the following suggestions: 1. Coyotes have not been known to be “upside down” climbers, so, along with razor wire at the top of the fence, we would suggest adding a fence extension (wire overhand) that tilts back toward the outside area. This should, in effect, stop the coyotes’ climb at that point. Barbed wire on the ground should keep them from digging. 2. In regards to the birds of prey, netting is expensive, and if the area you wish to protect is small enough (like a yard), you might try erecting a pole a few feet higher than the surrounding fence in the middle of the area, tying strings from the pole to the top of various sections of the fence, then tying 2-foot-long pieces of shiny mylar to those strings at various intervals. Birds of prey will see the mylar blowing, and will usually not take a chance of getting their wings entangled in order to grab a snack. These are, of course, simply suggestions, not guarantees. However, we sincerely hope that one or more of these techniques will prove to be successful for your readers.

Brian and Jini Allen, Federal Way

Abortions will spice up elections What do you think about abortion? This is a question that will soon be in the news in this country as we lead up to the election. Pro-choicers support abortion. Pro-lifers do not. Prochoicers say it is legal. The Supreme Court said so. Besides, an abortion simply terminates a fetus. Pro-lifers say it might be legal, but that does not make it right. An abortion kills a human being. Last week, this issue came to the forefront in the news. One of the largest private charity organizations, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, announced that it was temporarily discontinuing contributions to Planned Parenthood. Since Planned Parenthood performs more than 300,000 abortions in a year, apparently the Komen Foundation did not want its contributions paying for abortions. Immediately, pro-choicers went into orbit. It was amazing to see how quickly they were able to muster all their ammo and fire at Susan G. Komen. Komen was called names, they were threatened and there were lots of bullying tactics. One day later, Susan G. Komen capitulated! A private organization was dictated to as to how it is to donate. One must wonder if this is a foretaste of things to come in this election cycle. One must wonder, too, how the Catholic Church will respond when Obamacare goes into gear and all hospitals will be required to perform abortions. Indeed, this will be an interesting year.

Leo J. Thoennes, Federal Way

Letters: email us at:

What the Butler Saw by Joe Orton

directed by Cynthia White

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February 10, 2012 [7]

Flygare joins race for Miloscia’s District 30 state rep. position Flygare will run as a Democrat in a race that’s expected to draw more candidates. Former city council Federal Way City Councandidate Roger Flygare cilwoman Linda Kochmar, has announced his bid for a Republican, announced District 30 state represenher candidacy for the tative position 1. position in November. The position is held by Flygare owns a small Roger Flygare Democrat Mark Miloscia, business that deals with who is forgoing re-eleccourt reporting. He has tion to the Legislature in order to worked with state lawmakers to run for state auditor in 2012. pass bills related to the court re-

porting profession, such as license requirements and protection of job performance. “I know the ins and outs of the Legislature and I’m confident I will fit well with the Legislature,” he said Feb. 6 at his Federal Way office. If elected, he also plans to be active with legislation on human trafficking, along with cutting out “red tape” and “getting rid of stuff that delays progress.” In November, Flygare finished


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second to Susan Honda in a bid for Federal Way City Council. To learn more about Flygare’s campaign for the Legislature, visit Facebook or call (253) 640-1111. Linda Kochmar will hold her formal campaign kickoff Feb. 23. Contact (253) 839-7419 or District 30 State Rep. Mark Miloscia announced his candidacy for state auditor in September 2011. Miloscia, who will finish

his current term in 2012, was first elected to the state House in 1998. Brian Sonntag, the current state auditor, is a Democrat who plans to retire at the end of his term in 2012 after two decades in office. The State Auditor’s Office is a watchdog agency that independently serves Washington residents by promoting accountability, fiscal integrity and openness in state and local government. Learn more at



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[8] February 10, 2012 [ LIGHT RAIL from page 1] that she feels assured that The proposal awaits approval by a Sound Transit committee Thursday (at press time), then the ST governing board. “Getting this project shovel ready is the most important thing we can do. It keeps us on track, it keeps us on the ball,” Eide said at the press conference, noting

Sound Transit is committed to delivering what was promised. “I call upon the city of Federal Way to be a committed partner in a renewed process.”

City’s reaction Federal Way leaders, most notably Mayor Skip Priest and the city council, have been vocal in their

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includes your photo & 150 words dissatisfaction over light rail’s delay. The city is behind a handful of bills in the Legislature aimed at reforming Sound Transit. Among other actions, the bills seek to require more transparency and audits of Sound Transit, along with allowing cities to opt out of funding the transit agency in certain circumstances. Other bills seek to replace Sound Transit’s 18-member governing board — which consists of public officials from three counties — with a fivemember elected board. Despite Federal Way’s

public stance on finding a solution, city officials were unaware of the developments related to the shovelready amendment until the press conference was announced. In response to Monday’s press conference, the city issued a statement from Priest, who praised von Reichbauer and Eide in “pressing Sound Transit for positive solutions.” Neither Priest nor any city council members attended the press conference because they were not invited, said city spokesman Chris Carrel.

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Our hard hats are off to you! What a week. Snow . . . ice . . . wind . . . fallen trees. And a whole lot of heart. The January storms knocked out the power, but not our spirit. Neighbor helped neighbor, friend helped friend – and we all got through it together. On behalf of the 2,000 PSE employees and contractors who worked to restore power to our customers, impacting some 450,000 local homes and businesses, we thank you for your endurance. Life without electricity is uncomfortable, and sometimes frustrating. Life in a community that meets a challenge is uplifting.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and support.

Kimberly Harris

Bill Ayer

President and Chief Executive Officer Puget Sound Energy PSE Natural Gas Customer - Seattle

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“The planning proposal suggests Sound Transit is considering positive steps and that’s a good sign,” Priest said in the city’s news release. “At the same time, our commuters can’t ride a plan. Tomorrow morning our transit center will be full of commuters who can’t get to work on time because of crowded Sound Transit buses. Additional steps are needed.” Two different media reporters asked why Federal Way leaders were not present at Tuesday’s press conference. In December, no elected officials from Federal Way attended a summit at Highline Community College. The summit consisted of regional leaders who gathered to discuss the future of light rail and transportation in the region. “I don’t want to focus on what they haven’t done. Let’s focus on what they can do. They can come and respond to this great opportunity that we have before us,” von Reichbauer said of Federal Way, referencing the city’s involvement in legislation aimed at Sound Transit. “And if they do, I think we can start using stones to build bridges, not throwing stones.”

[ BUS from page 1] Opened in 2006 on 23rd Avenue South, the Federal Way Transit Center was funded by nearly $40 million from Sound Transit. The agency teams with Federal Way police for public safety and security. King County Metro and Pierce Transit buses also use the transit center. To address overcrowding, Sound Transit has purchased new buses and added routes for peak periods. Standingroom only buses and packed parking lots are common at these times for any transportation provider, said Sound Transit CEO Joni Earl. Service areas in East King and Snohomish counties deal with even busier routes, she said. The city’s complaints about crowded bus service coincide with its response to the delayed extension of light rail to Federal Way. The city has launched a factfinding mission, including extensive public disclosure requests, for information on Sound Transit’s resources and operations.

February 10, 2012 [9]


Pl., Federal Way. Call (206) 547Women’s Club: Monthly lun9854 or visit cheon meeting will be held at Library anniversary: The Fed11 a.m. Feb. 15 at the Twin Lakes FW Lions Basketball Chaleral Way Library 20th Anniversary Golf and Country Club. Cost is $13. lenge: The fourth annual Helen Celebration runs 10:30 a.m. to 1 Dancers from the Pacific Ballroom Keller Day charity basketball game p.m. Feb. 11 at 34200 1st Way S. Dance School will entertain. Newbetween the Federal Way Police Free food, fun activities, door prizes comers always welcome. ReservaDepartment and South King Fire and a Rodney The Shark puppet tions: (253) 878-5977. and Rescue will begin at noon Feb. show. Call (253) 838-3668. 18 at Decatur High School. AdmisAnger management AAUW: The Federal Way sion is free and open to the public, class: An all-day class Branch of AAUW will COMMUNITY is being taught Feb. 18 and donations are accepted. For meet at 10:30 a.m. Feb. a $5 donation, attendees can get in Federal Way. Price is 11 at Christ Lutheran a “BBQ King Lion Dog,” chips and $99. Contact elizabeth_ Church, 2501 SW 320th St. a drink. Proceeds benefit Federal Commissioner Connie Bacon Way Lions charities. Contact (253) Leaders speak: The Federal from the Port of Tacoma is the 941-2715 or (253) 874-4282. Way Noon Kiwanis meets at noon speaker. Call (253) 924-1661. Email: Wednesdays (6 p.m. first Wed. of Jazz LIVE at Marine View: The Birds: The Rainier Audubon Somonth) at Twin Lakes Golf and Janette West Group will perform Country Club. Lunch starts at 11:30 ciety will meet oat 7 p.m. Feb. 20 a free concert at 5 p.m. Feb. 12 at at Federal Way United Methodist a.m. Upcoming speakers include Marine View Church, 8469 Eastside Communities in Schools of Federal Church (51st Avenue and S. 296th Drive NE, Tacoma. Janette began Street) for a featured presentation Way’s Doug Baxter (Feb. 15), CEO singing at a very early age, moved on “The Great Washington State Rajiv Nagaich on elder care and to the Seattle area in the 1970s, aging (Feb. 22) and car repair radio Birding Trail” by Christi Norman. worked with R&B organ trios for show host Tom Turner (Feb. 29). Kochmar campaign: Linda years, and opened for acts like Jimi Contact: Kochmar will kick off her campaign Hendrix and Tina Turner. Now she is for 30th District State House posifocused on her own quintet, show- Prenatal health: Join this lotion 1 at 7 p.m. Feb. 23 at Best cal psychotherapist/movement casing her vocal talents in swing, Western Plus Evergreen Inn and instructor team to learn acupresLatin, R&B, standards and ballads. sure techniques and yoga practices Suites, located at I-5 and S. 320th Info: or St. Call (253) 640-0469. that will positively impact your (253) 229-9206. baby’s health and well-being. Free What the Butler Saw: When Sweetie Pie Social: Jet Cities program for parents and caretakers Chorus will host the annual event 2 starts at 7 p.m. Feb. 16 at Marlene’s a young woman applies for the position of secretary at a psychip.m. Feb. 12 at Todd Beamer High Market, 2565 S. Gateway Center School, 35999 16th Ave. S. $12 general admission, $10 students/ seniors. Admission includes piece of pie and beverage. Jet Cities Chorus and Chorus Quartets. Special guests Illumni Men’s Chorale as seen on “America’s Got Talent.” Call Jolene Hamel at (206) 229-9756. Singing Valentines: Send your ★WINNER★ special person two songs, a red rose and a Valentine card with a personal message, delivered by a quartet singing in barbershop We appreciate your business! harmony style. Messages can be sent Feb. 13-15. Cost is $40 for an unspecified time; add $10 for exact Any Large Specialty time within 30 minutes. Brought to you by the Federal Way Harmony $ 99 BEST Kings. Portion of the proceeds will Pizza PIZZA benefit local charities. To place Please bring this coupon. Offer expires 2/29/12. orders, contact Dick Shenk at (253) (not good with any other offer or discount) 344-1087 or rshenk3@comcast. net. Area covered is Seattle/South 34410 16th Ave. So. (Next to Wal-Mart Super Center) Federal Way • 253.941.4000 King Co./Tacoma.


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atric hospital, she soon discovers that the patients are saner than the people in charge. There are no butlers here. The title, with its whiff of Edwardian peep shows, announces a low farce rife with fallen trousers, carnal indiscretions,

mistaken identities and shocking puns. Show runs through Feb. 26 at 8 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays, with 2 p.m. Sunday matinees (Saturday matinee on Feb. 25). Show is for mature audiences ages 17 and up. Call (253) 661-1444.

Human trafficking: “The End of Trafficking Begins With You,” a community awareness event featuring a Q&A with a panel of experts, will run 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Feb. 29 at Federal Way City Hall. Contact

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[10] February 10, 2012

Business news: PJ Pockets closes 18 months after city cuts gambling tax BY ANDY HOBBS

PJ Pockets Casino has closed again, this time for

good. The casino, located at South 324th Street and Pacific Highway, shut down Jan. 31. A woman speaking on behalf of the casino said

Lift Your Valentine’s Spirits for Valentines Day. Send in the...

a lack of business and cuslord, PJ Pockets reopened tomers led to the closure. in October 2010. However, PJ Pockets, which embusiness was slow for the ployed about 100 people, casino, especially during the had closed for five months past five months, according in 2010. Casino manageto one former employee. ment blamed a lagging At one time, Federal economy and a high Way had five card local gambling tax. rooms, and city BUSINESS In response, leaders worried the Federal Way about the venues’ City Council voted clientele breaking unanimously to cut the law. In 1998, the city’s gambling tax the city’s gambling in half — from 20 percent tax ordinance was raised of gross gambling receipts from 11 to 20 percent, the to 10 percent. As the city’s maximum allowed per state only “card room” establishlaw. The measure was taken ment, PJ Pockets contribto halt the proliferation uted nearly $840,000 of the of gambling activities and city’s gambling tax revenues establishments. ($1.1 million) in 2009. The average tax for simiWith Federal Way standlar card rooms is about 9.9 ing to lose about $420,000 percent, according to the per year, cutting the Washington State Gamgambling tax was seen as bling Commission. Most the best way to keep some neighboring cities have card of the revenue, rather than room tax rates around 10 lose it all. In addition to and 11 percent. reducing the tax on card rooms, the council voted unanimously to lower the tax on pull tabs from 5 percent to 3 percent. Harbor Freight Tools After finalizing a new opened Jan. 27 in downlease with its property land- town Federal Way.


merry maids






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Harbor Freight Tools opens

PJ Pockets Casino, at South 324th Street and Pacific Highway South, closed permanently on Jan. 31. ANDY HOBBS, The Mirror The discount hardware retailer occupies the former Gen X store at the northwest corner of South 320th Street and Pacific Highway. A grand opening celebration is slated for Feb. 15. The Federal Way location employs 18 people, with six of those full time. “We’re great for the handyman person at home or at a general business,” said store manager Rick Saunders. “A lot of companies can’t touch our prices.” Headquartered in Calabasas, Calif., Harbor Freight Tools has 370 stores nationwide. Other local locations include Tacoma and Kent.

Most of the products sold at Harbor Freight Tools are private label store brands. The discount store sells everything from power tools and hand tools to garage and shop equipment, lawn and garden items, welding machines, generators and more. Harbor Freight Tools (31858 Pacific Highway S.) is located at the city’s busiest intersection. Former building tenant Gen X was evicted in January 2011 after the clothier apparently failed to make much of its 2010 rent and property tax payments to the building owner.


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February 10, 2012 [11] [ STORM from page 1] collected 111 tons of debris from residential curbside pick up, and also picked up about 58 tons of debris from Federal Way’s major arterials. The city follows the same pattern as snow removal when it comes to debris removal, meaning it focuses on the major streets first before working its way into neighborhoods and other areas. At the peak of the storm, Roe said 29,000 Federal Way residents were without power, and approximately 11,000 homes or housing units were dark. The community

center was used as a temporary shelter for the first time, with 80 people sheltered overnight between Jan. 19-21. In addition, 192 meals were served, along with 450 snacks. The city partnered with Red Cross to make the community center a welcoming place during the cold and frustrating days following the storm, he said. Councilwoman Dini Duclos thanked Roe and his staff for their hard work, and also thanked them for taking care of some local roads that don’t necessarily fall under the purview of the city, such as Dash Point Road SW and parts of Pacific Highway South.

‘One Day Federal Way Walk for the Homeless’ is scheduled for Feb. 21 Join the Advancing Leadership Youth Class of 2012 at 10 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 21, for “One Day Federal Way Walk for the Homeless.” Students will be working with the Reach Out Federal Way program to support homeless men and women in the community. To join the 5K walk, the donation fee is $25, which covers the cost of supporting one homeless person for a night. For about $25, Reach Out is able to provide staffed housing, a hot dinner, a hot breakfast and a sack lunch to one homeless person. The event will be held at Our Savior’s Baptist Church, 701 S. 320th St., Federal Way, and will feature plenty of activities and entertainment. Contact or visit Also visit for more information.

Sturm scholarship: Decatur High School junior Stephanie Stanek was selected to participate in the Robert B. Sturm Youth Leadership Mission, one of 12 winners chosen from the Puget Sound area. Students will take a three-and-a-half day trip to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial MuseStanek um and Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., in March. The goal is to connect the lessons of the Holocaust to contemporary issues and offer modern day examples and role models for standing up against bigotry. Participants will be ambassadors, carrying the lessons they learn on the mission back to their own schools and to other teens throughout the year. Stanek has a 4.0 GPA, is Decatur’s junior class secretary/treasurer, DECA vice president, and is a member of the Federal Way Youth Commission. She also has two jobs, is on the Decatur tennis team, is a regular blood donor and volunteers for numerous causes. — Staff reports

...VALENTINE’S DAY 8 romantic ideas for Valentine’s Day By JASON COLEMAN, Federal Way resident Co-author, “Discovering Your Amazing Marriage”

1: Recreate your honeymoon. Book a night or weekend at the hotel or getaway you stayed at the night of your wedding. 2: Have one of your favorite wedding pictures blown up poster size as a gift. 3: Book a local hotel for the night. Check in prior to your wife’s knowledge and set up the room with rose petals leading from the door to the tub and the bed. Put wine on ice, spread chocolates and confetti on the floor and the bed. Use foil confetti in the colors of your wedding. She will be completely surprised when you both arrive at the hotel and everything is set up. 4: Design a “Build-a-Bear” that is your wife’s favorite animal. Name it after your wife and dress it with a mini

version of her wedding gown. 5: Take your spouse on a picnic. If available, on horseback. Ride (walk or drive) to a secluded place and spend the afternoon together. If you are daring enough, make love after lunch if your site is secluded. 6: Rent a local billboard or reader board and purchase a message for your spouse. 7: Take your bride out in a limo to a nice restaurant followed by a couples massage. After the massage, buy her sexy lingerie and celebrate the anniversary all night long. Cap it off with breakfast in bed. 8: Surprise her (or him) with breakfast in bed and a new outfit to wear to work. Have flowers and a bear sent to the workplace. Stop by the workplace and stuff her/his car with balloons. Plan a romantic dinner at your favorite restaurant or a candlelit dinner at home.

Don’t Want To Be In The Doghouse? Buy your sweetie a one-hour massage.

2201 SW 356th St., Ste. A - Federal Way 253.838.1441

Weekend Special

Valentine’s Day Rose for Every Lady

Sunday Brunch … $13.95

All-You-Can-Eat Tender Lamb • Tandoori Chicken • Chicken Tika Marsala 5 Vegetarian Dishes (minimum) • Variety of Soups and Salads • 5 Desserts … also includes choice of Beer or Wine or Champagne or Juice or Soft Drink or Chai Tea or Mango Lassi

Lunch Buffet … $9.95

All-You-Can-Eat • Tender Lamb • Tandoori Chicken • Chicken Tika Masala 5 Vegetarian Dishes (minimum) • Variety of Soups & Salads • 5 Desserts

From I-5, Take Exit #143 Located in Gateway Center Plaza, near Hampton Inn & Suites

Enjoy delicious food in a romantic atmosphere.


31845 Gateway Center Blvd. S • Federal Way • 253.529.9292





[12] February 10, 2012

HIGH SCHOOL RESULTS ARE ONLINE AT FEDERALWAYMIRROR.COM For complete results of all high school basketball, wrestling, gymnastics and swimming events from last weekend, check Also, a complete schedule of high school events, including the South Puget Sound League tournaments in both boys and girls basketball, regional wrestling tournaments and the West Central District Gymnastics Meet will also be on

Wrestling: Decatur trio shooting for state Karis, Gaydosh and Gleed hoping to continue Gators’ postseason success

The wrestling room at Decatur High School has seen its fair share of battles during head coach Mike Bressler’s 14 years at the helm. Bressler has coached his Gator wrestlers to Nick Karis numerous individual state championships and even won back-to-back titles himself at Evergreen High School. But this year might be the strongest group of wrestlers, from top to bottom, that Bressler has ever had at Decatur. The Gators are led by three juniors — Nick Karis, Rowland Gaydosh and Kyle Gleed. The trio is a combined 89-10 on the season and all three won titles last weekend at the

South Puget Sound League 3A Tournament. “They’ve been a pretty good group,” Bressler said. “They bang heads in practice.” Karis (160 pounds) and Gaydosh (170) wrestle in backto-back weight classifications, meaning they go after one Kyle Gleed another every day in practice and have been doing so for the last six years. “We get pissed at each other sometimes,” Karis said with a smile. The pair both started wrestling at Lakota Middle School in the sixth grade and have excelled ever since. As a sophomore, Karis finished up in sixth place at the 2011 Mat Classic State Wrestling Meet inside the Tacoma Dome. Gaydosh didn’t place a

Lisa Griebel FWHS

The Celski Family


Randy Kaczor

villAge green – where fAmily And friends All shAre

A love for life

Decatur junior Rowland Gaydosh is 28-1 on the season and hoping to make a return trip to the Mat Classic. Gaydosh and other district wrestlers will compete at regionals this weekend. CASEY OLSON, The Mirror season ago, but got some much-needed experience under the lights. “Wrestling Rowland helps me because he’s really strong,” Karis said. “He’s the strongest guy I wrestle.

I help him more with his technique. Wrestling each other makes us tougher.” Karis is 30-6 this season in one of the toughest weight classes in the state. He has won several tournament titles this season, including the coveted SPSL Tournament during the Christmas break. But, to illustrate how tough the 3A 160-pound bracket is, Karis is the fifthranked in the classification

by Gaydosh, who is an ultraimpressive 28-1 on the season, is hoping to improve on last year’s performance at the Mat Classic, where he finished 1-2. Gaydosh’s only loss came to Bonney Lake’s Jake Lueders during the regular season, who he has beaten twice since. “The first time I went out there, I was kind of in [ more WRESTLING page 18 ]

Joann Piquette & Michele Piquette Mayberry

584439 nicole Moore moore & Associates

Illahee PTSA

Village Green Retirement Campus: a place where people from different walks of life come together to live an enriching senior lifestyle. Please join us for one of our events to see if you or a loved one can picture living this kind of worry-free lifestyle.

Aging with Dignity – Five wishes Presented by Lisa Hanson, CSA Fri., Feb. 10th, 1:00 p.m. Lisa discusses how to inform your family and health care professionals of your wishes in health care, medical treatment and end of life decisions.

All attendees receive a FREE copy of Five Wishes!

Jeanne & Jim Burbidge

Wolf Chiropractic

Public School Employees (FWPSE)

The Natural Choice for Senior Living


See our website for details and other great February events!

35419 First Ave. South, Federal Way, WA 98003 VGR228 VG feb Event_FWM_4C_2-10.indd 1

Rick Leavitt

2/1/12 1:42 PM

February 10, 2012 [13]

Soccer recruits: Dismuke headed to UW, Sweeney to Seattle U The Federal Way school district has long been a hotbed for some of the best soccer players in the state. This year’s senior class is no different. Decatur’s Dom Dismuke and Beamer’s Austin Sweeney both inked their national letters of intent last week to play at a pair of Division-I soccer programs. Dismuke, a striker, signed with the University of Washington and Sweeney, a midfielder, will play across town at Seattle Dom Dismuke University. Both Dismuke and Sweeney were two of 14 players on the Seattle Sounders FC 18-under Academy Team to sign to play college soccer. The National Letter of Intent signing period began on Feb. 1. “We are very proud of the student athletes in the Sounders FC Academy program,” said Darren Sawatzky, the Director of Youth Development and a former Jefferson grad and coach. “The Letter of Intent day is an exciting time for these boys considering the hard work and focus they have spent in the classroom

and on the field. We wish all the players the very best and look forward to watching their progress.” Dismuke is ranked the No. 7 player in the Western United States by During his junior season, he led the Gators with 14 goals, five assists and four multi-goal games. Dismuke currently leads the Sounders U-18 Academy Team and the Northwest Academy Division with 11 goals. “I grew up watching UW play and it’s always been my No. 1 school,” Dismuke said. “Once I came on my visit, I fell in love Austin Sweeney with the campus and all of the facilities. It’s just a great place to play and get your education.” The Huskies finished the 2011-12 season with a 12-4-2 record and were 7-3-0 in the Pac-12 Conference, barely missing out on a berth into the NCAA Tournament. “In our opinion, Dom is the best senior forward in the state,” said Washington head coach Jamie Clark said. “He has the ability to stretch defenses with his pace, but also has very good feet and has a nose for goal. He is one of the top scorers in the academy league at

Sharon Gilmore Birth to Three

DLR Group

Kim & Todd Suchan

Tony Moore

Kelley Tanner

Peggy & Ed Novak


Patci Serrano FWHS

Jerry & Donalea Brooks

the half way point in the season and I’m sure he will continue to find the net for the rest of this season and in seasons to come.” While Dismuke is a natural at putting the ball in the net, Sweeney is more of a set-up man. The central midfielder has put together a stellar career at Beamer. As a junior, he totaled eight goals and seven assists and took a bulk of the Titans’ corner

Kris Milholland

and free kicks. Seattle University finished up just 2-13-2 in the rugged Mountain Pacific Sports Federation, which includes programs like New Mexico, Air Force and San Jose State. The Redhawks are hoping to turn things around next year after hiring Pete Fewing as the new head coach recently. Fewing was

the head coach at Seattle U from 1988 through the 2005 season, when he accumulated a record of 220-125-26 (.628) during his 18 seasons at the helm. He led Seattle U to the 1997 NAIA National Championship and the 2004 NCAA Division II National Championship. “I am thrilled to have this opportunity to return to

Seattle University,” Fewing said. “My goal is to build the program to winning conference championships and competing in the NCAA Tournament.” Sweeney will join Thomas Jefferson graduate Tyler Hanson on the Redhawks’ roster. Hanson started 11 matches during his junior year and had 11 shots for Seattle.

love [ luhv ] /verb/

To have passionate affection for. The Edmiston Family

Example: “I love my Simply Smart checking account because Red Canoe sends me a check at the end of the year. How cool is that?” -Becky M., member since 2006

Sylvan Learning Center

Bob & Bev Dockstader

Experience the difference of Red Canoe today.


Amye & Patrick Bronson-Doherty

Sidelines: Is NBA back in Seattle just a pipe dream? I’ve heard plenty of pipe dreams about a National Basketball Association team returning to Seattle. Heck, I’ve floated a few of them out there myself.

But this time around, it seems the dream of bringing an NBA team back to the Pacific Northwest actually has some weight to it. A plan was made public earlier this week regarding the NBA, and potentially a National Hockey League franchise, coming to Seattle. Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn and his office have

Grace Church

...obituaries For more information on placing an obit, please call Mary Lou at 253-925-5565 •

confident that with a little effort and creativity, we can find a solution that meets our needs and the city’s/ state’s desire to get a team back to Seattle without a large public outlay,” Hansen wrote in a June 16 email to Julie McCoy, chief of staff to Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn, and Ethan Raup, the mayor’s director of policy and operations. Seattle hasn’t had an NBA team since 2008, when now-hated owner Clay Bennett moved the Sonics to Oklahoma City and renamed them the Thunder. The NHL has expressed an interest in placing a team [ more sidelines page 15 ]

The Spallino Family

Brett & Pam Thomas

Cindy Ducich

Crossfire Youth

Nancy J. Swan of Auburn died Friday January 20, 2012 in Tacoma, Washington. She was 72. Nancy was born February 3, 1939 in Aurora, Illinois. She grew up in Aurora and is a graduate of West Senior High School class of 1957. After high school, she attended Northern Illinois University where she was a member of the Kappe Delta Sorority. Nancy worked for the Federal Way School District as a secretary and library book binder. She also worked for a time as a dental hygienist. In addition to her membership in Kappe Delta sorority, she was a PTA member in Federal Way Schools and the Tennis Club in Federal Way. Nancy enjoyed softball, tennis, running, bicycling, knitting, painting and playing organ. Nancy is of Christian affiliation and was very active in her church. Nancy is survived by her children, Kelly Earl Swan of Montesano, Washington and Randy Alan Swan of Columbus, Ohio, brothers, Richard Lockhart of Plainsfield, Illinois and Lincoln Lockhart of Naperville, Illinois and 2 grandchildren. She is preceded in death by her parents, Henry P. Lockhart and Ellen L. Lockhart. Arrangements are entrusted to Whiteside Family Mortuary in Aberdeen.

Michael G. Rebar, a resident of Judson Park Retirement Community in Des Moines, Washington, passed away at the age of 99 on January 23, 2012. He was born on October 6, 1912, in Robbins, Ohio. Mr. Rebar was a member of Christ the Savior Orthodox Church of Byesville, Ohio. He was preceded in death by his wife, Marie Olson Rebar; his father and mother; 3 brothers & 3 sisters. He is survived by 1 brother, 2 sisters, his daughter, Colleen Hill, and granddaughter, Sharon Hill, both of Des Moines, Washington, as well as many nieces and nephews. Mr. Rebar was World War II veteran of the U.S. Army. He fought on Guadalcanal, Admiral Island and Iwo Jima, receiving three Bronze Medals. Services and burial with graveside military rites will be held in Ohio.

Nancy J. Swan

align for this to work, and I can’t predict whether everything will align or not,” McGinn told 710 ESPN Seattle radio. According to the documents, Hansen has a real interest in relocating the Sacramento Kings to Seattle. The Kings have a March 1 NBA deadline to produce a viable plan for a new arena. Sacramento is under intense pressure to construct a new basketball arena to keep the team in the California capital. “I really appreciate it and look forward to making this happen in Seattle. I genuinely mean that and am

• Michael G. Rebar •

Dick Mayer

been working with multimillionaire Christopher Hansen, a Seattle native who now manages a hedge fund in San Francisco, on the possibility of constructing a new basketball/ hockey arena south of Safeco Field and CenturyLink Field. The Seattle Times obtained documents under a public-disclosure request that stated McGinn’s office and Hansen have been working behind the scenes for eight months to build an arena and could bring an NBA team to Seattle as early as next season. “A lot of things have to

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32015 23rd Ave. S., Federal Way 253.839.6693

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With Purchase of 2 Meals & 2 Beverages

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Mexican Restaurant & Cantina

29100 Pacific Hwy. S., Federal Way

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February 10, 2012 [15] [ sidelines from page 14] in Seattle, leading to speculation about the Phoenix Coyotes. The Coyotes were taken over by the NHL after financial struggles. But Seattle would have to build a suitable arena before the possibility of moving Phoenix to the Pacific Northwest, the NHL has said. And that’s where the problem could possibly lie. The people of Seattle and the rest of King County have said time and time again that they don’t want to pay for another stadium

through public funds. In 2006, Seattle voters overwhelmingly approved an initiative that says the city must make a profit on any investment it makes in a sports arena. “We have to protect our budget,” McGinn said. “We’re not necessarily going to go out and create some entirely new tax to pay for something. We have to try to figure out how to pay for it in a way that protects us. If things go well, we’ll be able to go to voters and say, here’s the financing

a selection of fine restaurants and catering

proposal.” But Hansen reportedly already owns a block of land south of Safeco Field, which is a big-time asset in his attempt to build a new arena, making him a very viable option. “I think it’s fair to say that what we have is a serious and committed investor in Chris Hansen, who’s doing his analysis of what it would take to make it work for him,” McGinn said. “And you have a city that — as you can see, we’ve taken it very seriously about what

we take to work from our side. So that makes it a lot different from just, say, rumor and speculation. You actually have people taking the time to try to figure it out. Again, will everything align? Will we get to a finish line? I can’t make that prediction, but both sides are taking it very seriously. And that’s different than what we’ve seen over the past few years.” Even one of the most hated men within the Seattle basketball community, NBA Commissioner David

...bon appetit

Stern, has said he’s open to the league coming back. Stern admitted to meeting with Hansen. “We had heard reports of some interest in Seattle and the name of the person who’s associated with it is not totally unknown to me,” Stern said in an interview Monday with The Salt Lake Tribune. “I think he came in and I met with him, it must be a year ago. Just a general conversation; he was brought in by a mutual friend. We know nothing of the specifics.” Stern also told The Tribune, which covers the Utah Jazz, that Seattle

would be “a great city for us, or it was.” “And everyone says to us, ‘Well, would you consider going back?’ Of course, if they have a building. And so that’s where it’s left. We have no involvement. But we certainly are — if anyone asks us, we tell them what we know and we’re happy to talk to them,” Stern said. In conclusion, it’s still a pipe dream to get the Sonics back. But that buzz is starting to wear off a little bit, reality is setting in and things are looking pretty good. Let’s just wait and see.

Deb Stenberg

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Linda & Bob Bjorneby

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Alicia Talley Hypnotherapy

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Authentic Mexican Food in the Twin Lakes Shopping Center 2323 SW 336th St. • FEDERAL WAY

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will be an extra charge Q: How important is wheel alignment? A: Think of it this way. Reasearch indicates that the average vehicle is driven about 12,000 miles a year. A car with a toe angle misadjustment of 0.34 degrees (only 0.17 inches) out of specification will drag its tires sideways for more than 68 miles by the end of the year! Expires 3/15/12


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Your Authorized Ford Dealership

[16] February 10, 2012


Real Estate for Rent King County


click! email! classified@ call toll free! 1.888.399.3999 or 1.800.388.2527 Real Estate for Sale Grays Harbor County

Real Estate for Sale King County


#290 THIS IS A STEAL! Large 2 stor y townhouse, 3 BR, 2 BA, short term lease through August. 1 BR downstairs with full bath and living. 2 BR upstairs with full kitchen, dining, bath and large living room. Fe n c e d i n b a c k y a r d , great location. $1000/mo, $900/deposit. Call Zaran Sayre & Associates, 253-941-4012. Go to for pictures. Commercial Rentals Office/Commercial FEDERAL WAY

BE SUCCESSFUL with us! Nice central single story office/ retail space with good parking. Located at 1648 South 310 th St. $280- $680/ mo. Peter 253-839-2947



1,884 SF GOLF Course Home includes wheel chair ramp. 3 bedroom, 2 + bath has oak kitchen, granite countertops, propane fireplace & heat pump. Low maintenance yard, and spacious 3 car garage. 8 Full size windows face fairway, offering gorgeous relaxing view! $190,000. FSBO. Dona 360-581-9650.

2 BEDROOM, 1.5 bath on .3 acre lot. Heat pump with A/C & humidifier/ air cleaner. Large kitchen with built in oak cabinetry desk/ buffet. Back yard par tially fenced, curbed grass, tile roof. Easy access to I-5, Highway 18, mall, stores. Quiet Federal Way n e i g h b o r h o o d . $230,000 253-952-4357.

Rental Living Federal Way

Discover The Comforts Of Home! Nice Quiet Community! Full size W/D & fireplace. Near Commons Mall. Easy I-5 access! Pet friendly.

1 BR $645 2 BR $865 Section 8 Welcome View At Redondo 253-945-6800

Apartments for Rent King County FEDERAL WAY

#701 1 BR, 1 BA at Greystone Apartments. Small, well-kept, private single-story community. Short walk to shopping, restaurants, and transit center. $625/mo, $600/dep, water/sewer/garbage included. Call 253-941-1464 and ASK ABOUT MANGER’S SPECIAL! Go to for pictures.

LG RV SPACES FULL HOOK-UP Beautiful, quiet, high & dry in Orting! $390.



WA Misc. Rentals General Rentals

R E N TA L S A v a i l a b l e Now. Zaran Sayre & Associates, Property Mana g e m e n t S p e c i a l i s t s. Finding and renting homes since 1981! Call (253)941-4012 and ask about our available units for rent or speak to an experienced, licensed Property Manager about the potential of renting out your own home. See for information. We now have live chat available online! Money to Loan/Borrow

500$ LOAN service. No credit refused. Fast and secure. Easy on the budget. Payments spread out over three months. Toll free: 1-855626-4373. L O C A L P R I VAT E I N VESTOR loans money on real estate equity. I l o a n o n h o u s e s, r aw land, commercial property and property developFEDERAL WAY SENIOR 6 UNIT Apart- m e n t . C a l l E r i c a t ment. 2 bedroom with ( 8 0 0 ) 5 6 3 - 3 0 0 5 . w a s h e r a n d d r ye r i n each unit. $650 plus deposit. 253-735-3131, Announcements 253-332-0239. ADOPT -- Doctor & Banker lovingly wait for WA Misc. Rentals Duplexes/Multiplexes 1st baby to love, cherish & devote our lives. ExSOUTH HILL/ PUYALLUP penses paid. 1-800-5624 YEAR NEW 1,350 SF 8287 3 bedroom, 2 bath dup l ex r a m bl e r. M a s t e r ANNOUNCE your festiwith bath & walk in clos- va l fo r o n l y p e n n i e s. et. Also, fireplace, se- Four weeks to 2.7 million curity system & all appli- readers statewide for ances. 2 car garage & about $1,200. Call this large fenced yard. No n e w s p a p e r o r 1 pets or smoking. $1,235 (206) 634-3838 for more month & $1,200 deposit. details. Ye a r l e a s e. 2 5 3 - 3 1 2 Employment 9151. General

Employment General



  !-.+*%./$!)+./+),-!$!*.%1!,-+1% !-+" ! 0/%+*(..!..)!*/,-+ 0/..!-1%!.* .+(0/%+*.!-!(++'%*#"+-+((!#!#- 0/!./+ -! * .+-!./0 !*/!..4.+*/!),+--4.%./ +0-00-*!-"+-)*!+-%*#!*/!-% /-%*%*# 2%((!#%*/$!"%-./2!!'%*-$"+-/$!.!.%3/+!%#$/ 2!!'.+-%*#.!..%+*.0!.."0(!),(+4!!.)4! .'! /+2+-' %/%+*(,-+&!/.

WA Misc. Rentals Parking/RV Spaces




       4  ,!),'( 22 -*)(- 3,(- .')/(.!), #-./ (., -*)(- -), '*&)2 -( ,()( 0 ,"  

#)/,1$.#.# *). (.$&.) ,('),  4 )/,&23 

#)/,'*&)2 -)'* (-.  !&.#)/,&2,. !),.$' 1),% 2$(, - - )(.# #)/,&2,. $& -.)( -,  1, .0,$)/-.#, -#)&- 4 2#$!.


*' 4 # &),- ", , +/$, /.$.'2 $((2!$ & 4 $&& , +/$, .)*,)0$ *,))!)! &$"$$&$.2.)1),%$(.# 


Employment General

Employment General

ADVERTISING SALES CONSULTANT Sound Publishing, Inc. has an immediate opening for an Adver tising Sales Consultant at the Maple Valley/Covington Reporter. This position will be based out of our Maple Valley office. The ideal candidate will demonstrate strong interpersonal skills, both written and oral, and excel in dealing with internal as well as external contacts on a day-to-day b a s i s. C a n d i d a t e w i l l need to have an exceptional sales background and print media experience is a definite asset. Must be computer-proficient at Word, Excel, and utilizing the Internet. Position requires use of personal cell phone and vehicle, possession of valid WA State Driver’s License and proof of active vehicle insurance. Compensation includes a base plus commission and a competitive group benefits program. EOE Sound Publishing, Inc. is Washington’s largest private, independent newspa per com pany. Ou r broad household distribution blankets the entire Greater Puget Sound region, extending northward from Seattle to Canada, south to Salem, Oregon, and westwa r d t o t h e Pa c i f i c Ocean. If you thrive on calling on new, active or inactive accounts both in person and over the phone; if you have the ability to think outside the box, a r e c u s t o m e r - d r i ve n , success-oriented, selfmotivated, well organized and would like to be part of a highly energized, competitive and professional sales team, we want to hear from you! No calls or personal visits please. Please email your cover letter and resume to: or mail to: Sound Publishing, Inc., 19426 68th Avenue S. Kent, WA 98032, ATTN: HR/CMV

Community Services Manager $5,966-$7,555/month (253) 835-2531 An equal opportunity employer.

IN YOUR AREA Call Today 1-253-872-6610


Real Estate for Sale King County

Real Estate for Sale King County

Employment General

ON SITE MANAGER DES MOINES CONDO Maintenance and bookkeeping required. Salary plus condo and utilities. Resume & Refs to: South Shore Condominium Association, 22315 The primar y duty of a 6th Ave S, Unit 100, Des C i r c u l a t i o n M a n a g e r Moines, WA 98198 (CM) is to manage a geographic district. The ,OOKINGüFORüAüNEWüPLACEü #HECKüOUTü CM will be accountable for the assigned news- WWWPNWHOMElNDERCOM FORüLOCALüüNATIONALüLISTINGSü paper as follows: Recruiting, contracting and Troy University, training independent part of the State of contractors to meet deAlabama University livery deadlines, insuring system, is looking for an delivery standards are ENROLLMENT being met and quality COORDINATOR customer service. Position requires the ability f o r T R O Y ’ s T a c o to operate a motor vehi- ma/Seattle site. Posicle in a safe manner; to t i o n i s t o a s s i s t w i t h occasionally lift and/or strategies and activities transport bundles weigh- t h a t s u p p o r t t h e ing up to 25 pounds from University’s Strategic ground level to a height Plan by establishing reo f 3 fe e t ; t o d e l i v e r cruiting strategies and newspaper routes, in- g r o w i n g n e w a n d / o r See cluding ability to nego- smaller markets. tiate stairs and to deliver job description & apply on line at an average of 75 newspapers per hour for up to 8 consecutive hours; to Minimum Qualifications: communicate with car- Bachelor’s degree from riers and the public by an accredited university, telephone and in person; minimum 1 year profesto operate a personal sional work experience computer. Must possess in college admissions reliable, insured, motor and/exper ience in rev e h i c l e a n d a v a l i d cruitment and retaining W a s h i n g t o n S t a t e students. Must apply on line. Opened until filled. driver’s license. Tr oy U n i ve r s i t y i s a n Sound Publishing is an AA/EEO employer.  Equal Opportunity EmTroy University, ployer and offers a compart of the State of petitive benefits package Alabama University including health insurance, 401K, paid vaca- system,  is looking for an t i o n , h o l i d ay s a n d a EXPERIENCED great work environment. BUSINESS DEVELOPER If interested in joining for the Tacoma/Seattle our team, please email area.    Position will be resume and cover letter responsible for planning, to: coordinating, and ing strategies and acOR send resume and tivities that enhance encover letter to: rollments by attracting Sound Publishing, Inc. new students. See job 19426 68th Avenue S, description & apply on Kent, WA 98032 line at ATTN: CM  Travel required & will be Carriers Wanted: The Federal Way Mirror funded on a reimburseis seeking independent ment basis.   Minimum contract delivery drivers Qualifications: Bacheto deliver the Federal lor’s degree in Marketing Way Mirror two days per or related field from an week. A reliable, in- accredited college or sured vehicle and a cur- university, one year of rent WA drivers license recruiting and/or sales is required. These are experience, exceptional independent contract de- communication, presenlivery routes. Please call tation and interpersonal (888) 838-3000 or email skills with the ability to circulation@federalway- establish rapport with a diverse customer base, superb organizational The opportunity to skills and acute attention make a difference is to detail.  Must apply on right in front of you. line. Opened until filled.  Recycle this paper. Tr oy U n i ve r s i t y i s a n AA/EEO employer.  Sound Publishing, Inc. is currently accepting applications for CIRCULATION MANAGER positions in East and South King County.

Real Estate for Sale King County

Real Estate for Sale King County

Employment Transportation/Drivers

DRIVER -- Hometime C h o i c e s : W e e k l y, 7/On-7/Off, 14/On-7/Off. D a i l y o r We e k l y Pay. Late model trucks! CDLA, 3 months recent experience required. Top Benefits! 800-414-9569. DRIVER: Inexperienced/ Experienced. Unbeatable career opportunities. Trainee. Company Dr iver. Lease O p e ra t o r. E a r n u p t o $51K. Lease Trainers earn up to $80K. (877) 369-7105 w w w. c e n t r a l d r i v i n g ,OOKINGĂĽFORĂĽAĂĽNEWĂĽPLACEĂĽ #HECKĂĽOUTĂĽ WWWPNWHOMElNDERCOM FORĂĽLOCALĂĽĂĽNATIONALĂĽLISTINGSĂĽ DRIVER -- New Career for the New Year! No experience needed! No Credit Check! Top industry pay/quality training. 100% paid CDL training. 8 5 5 - 7 4 6 - 8 7 2 5


Local *New Account* Great Paying Kent, WA Flatbed Runs. Great Benefits! CDL-A, 1yr Exp. Required. 1-888-598-7244


New Year! Change Gears! Gross $4,100 month. Paid Benefits! CDL-A, 2yrs OTR Exp. Weekly Pay 1-888-880-5921 Business Opportunities


Wanted: Entrepreneurial Woman desiring a home b a s e d bu s i n e s s w i t h proven water based skin care. Local family owned company. Great earning potential. Starter kits as low as $29.99. (800)423-3600 Schools & Training

ALLIED HEALTH career training -- Attend college 100% online. Job placement assistance. Computer Available. Financial Aid if qualified. SCHEV cer tified. Call 8 0 0 - 4 8 1 - 9 4 0 9 . ATTEND COLLEGE online from home. *Medical *Business *Criminal Justice. *Hospitality. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. SCHEV cer tified. Call 8 6 6 - 4 8 3 - 4 4 2 9 . Antiques & Collectibles

Your guide to real estate in and around Federal Way

EARLY BIRD Automobile, Antique and Collectible Swap Meet. Puya l l u p Fa i r gr o u n d s, Fe b r u a r y 1 8 a n d 1 9 , Saturday, 8-5. Sunday 9-3, admission $5.00. For infor mation call 1 (253) 863-6211. Auctions/ Estate Sales

+02%((*!!  *+((!#! %,(+)+-""%%( -*.-%,/ +0)!*//%+* "+-* 



      /$/-!!//!  00-*   # !"     ##    #!  "  #     


Both Suites Include Lobby, Reception, 4 OfďŹ ces, Utilities (except electricity), Free Parking, Comcast Business Class Cable.

Suite #100 830 sq ft $1280/mo. (negotiable)

Suite # 500 965 sq ft $950/mo. (negotiable)

Call NOW to Lease! 253-640-1111 rg

Federal Way Public Auction/ Landlord Lien Foreclosure Sale 2/17/12 at 9 AM.

1963 KIT 55/10 mobile home - 3001 S 288th St, Space 40 - Ph: 253-8397575 Cemetery Plots

B E AU T I F U L F L O R A L HILLS in Lynnwood. Two person plot for sale in Evergreen Gardens. $1400 (includes transfer fee). (206)755-3742 Cemetery Plots

ACACIA Memorial Park, “Birch Garden�, (2) adjacent cemetery plots, #3 & #4. Selling $5,000 each or $8,000 both. Located in Shoreline / N. Seattle. Call or email Emmons Johnson, 4254 8 8 - 3 0 0 0 ,

Think Inside the Box Advertise in your local community newspaper and on the web with just one phone call. Call 800-388-2527 for more information. CEMETERY plots, 3 adjacent, Sunset Hills, Garden of Prayer in Bellevue. $10,000 each, $25,000 for all, or best offer. 360-367-6479.


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February 10, 2012 [17] Home Furnishings

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LEGAL NOTICES NOTICE On April 17, 2012, South King Fire and Rescue will be placing an excess levy on the ballot in an attempt to try and maintain its current level of emergency operations without any further loss of personnel or a continued reduction in services. This excess levy is for approximately $0.29 cents per $1,000 of assessed value for four years, costing the average homeowner approximately $5 per month. If you would like to be named to a committee “for� or “against� the fire department proposition, please contact the fire department via or, by no later than 4:30 pm on Friday, February 10, 2012. FWM1850 Date First Published: February 3, 2012 Date Last Published: February 10, 2012

NOTICE Quadrant Corporation, 14725 SE 36th Suite 100, Bellevue, WA 98006, is seeking coverage under the Washington State Department of Ecology’s Construction Stormwater General Permit. The proposed project, Campus Crest, is located SE of Campus Drive at 7th Way SW in Federal Way, King County. This project involves 22.4 acres of soil disturbance for residential construction activities. Stormwater will be treated and discharged from a City of Federal Way stormwater facility to Panther Lake. Any persons desiring to present their views to the Department of Ecology regarding this application, or interested in the Department’s action on this application, may notify Ecology in writing within 30 days of the last date of publication of this notice. Comments may be submitted to: Department of Ecology Water Quality Program P.O. Box 47696 Olympia, WA 98504-7696 FWM1853 Date First Published: February 10, 2012 Date Last Published: February 17, 2012

PUBLIC NOTICE FEDERAL WAY SCHOOL DISTRICT #210 Federal Way, WA 98003 OFFICIAL NOTICE OF SCHOOL DISTRICT DIRECTOR BOUNDARY CHANGE HEARING and SCHOOL DISTRICT DIRECTOR BOUNDARY CHANGE ADOPTION This is to notify patrons of the Federal Way Public Schools that the Board of Education will hold a Public Hearing at the regularly scheduled School Board meeting on February 14, 2012 to propose a change to Director District boundaries due to the 2010 census in accordance with RCW 29A.76.010. Then, the Board of Education will adopt the Director Boundary changes during the regular Board Meeting of Tuesday, February 28, 2012 at 7:00 pm. The location of these meetings will be at Federal Way City Hall, Council Chambers, 33325 8th Avenue S., Federal Way, WA 98003. Written comments prior to the hearing may be addressed to:, or mailed to Sally McLean, 33330 8th Ave. So. Federal Way, WA 98003-6325. Robert R. Neu, Superintendent FWM1854 Date Published: February 10, 2012


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JUST CARPET ORDINANCE SUMMARY At their February 7, 2012 Regular Meeting, the Federal Way City Council passed the following Ordinance(s): ORDINANCE NO. 12-715 AN ORDINANCE of the City of Federal Way, Washington, relating to high profile pylon and pole signs; amending FWRC 19.140.140. (Amending Ordinance Nos. 07-554, 06-523, 05-486, 99-348, 95-235, 07-559, 05-504, and 96-270) The full text of the ordinances are available by contacting the City Clerk’s office at 253-835-2540. Copies will be mailed upon request, in accordance with the City’s fee schedule. Dated: February 8, 2012 Carol McNeilly, CMC, City Clerk FWM1855 Date Published: February 10, 2012

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[18] February 10, 2012

[ wrestling from page 12] on the team. He has gotten awe about how it it was,” Gaydosh said about the Mat Classic in the Tacoma Dome. “I’m now used to it. I just have to get used to different styles and techniques. That will make me even better.” Gleed is in somewhat of a different situation than his teammates. The heavyweight didn’t start wrestling until his freshman year at Decatur and really didn’t take the sport seriously until this season. The payoff has been a 31-3 record and numerous tournament titles. “He’s hit the weight room and lifts with me,” Bressler said about the 6-foot-3, 275-pound Gleed. “He has realized that he can wrestle with these guys. He made a commitment.” Despite being new to the sport of wrestling, Gleed still qualified for the state tournament a season ago. He finished 1-2 at the Mat Classic, including a 17-2 loss to Mount Si’s Josh Mitchell in the opening round. Mitchell went on to win the state title and is the prohibitive favorite this year. Gleed is the fourthranked 3A heavyweight in the rankings. “That’s a big step being there once,” Bressler said. “I’ve only had one kid get there for the first time and doing well and that was (Tevyn) Tillman. But nothing bothered that kid.” Tillman won back-toback state championships in the heavyweight class in 2008 and ‘09. “Gleed has been really surprising,” Karis said. “I think he had a losing record as a freshman. When he was a sophomore, he started surprising everyone

a lot better and he’s coming back and beating kids he had lost to earlier. He has just been working hard everyday.” The three Decatur juniors are also using the unfortunate death of classmate Robert “Hurricane” Harris as a motivation. Harris drowned in Lake Tapps in September. Last year, Harris narrowly missed qualifying for the Mat Classic state wrestling tournament after finishing in fourth place at the South Puget Sound League 3A Sub-regional wrestling tournament at 130 pounds. “It was a big motivation for me,” Gaydosh said of Harris’ death. “We were pretty good friends. It pushes me to work harder to become the best in the state.” “He was the hardest worker, for sure,” Karis said. “He made us a lot tougher. When I think of him, it pushes me to work harder.” Karis, Gaydosh and Gleed aren’t the only talented wrestlers at Decatur. Senior 126-pound Nick Lindholm also won an SPSL 3A Sub-district championship last weekend and is 29-6 on the season. “He is having a great year, only losing to some very good wrestlers,” Bressler said. “He has a great chance of placing high at state.” Individually, the Gators will have to “earn” their way to the 2012 Mat Classic, which is scheduled for Feb. 17-18. Decatur will be a part of the Region III Tournament Friday and Saturday at Bonney Lake. The tournament includes wrestlers from the SPSL 3A, Narrows and the Greater St. Helens leagues. The three leagues just happen to have

the top-five ranked teams in the Class 3A — Yelm, Enumclaw, Bonney Lake, Kelso and Decatur. The top-five finishers in each 12-man weight class will qualify for the Mat Classic. “If we have six or seven kids get to state, that would be nice,” Bressler said. “We’ll see. You are going to have to earn your way in.” Other Federal Way wrestlers with impressive resumes heading into regionals:

Arian Carpio, Beamer

The Beamer freshman is 31-0 on the season and the top-ranked 106-pounder in girls wrestling. Last year, she was the first female in Federal Way to win a middle school district championship against the boys. Carpio also won the USA female national championship last spring. Carpio also cruised to the SPSL Sub-regional championship last weekend with a pair of pins and will be the favorite to win the regional championship this weekend at Emerald Ridge High School.

Ares Carpio, Beamer

Just like his younger sister, Arian, the Beamer senior is also unbeaten entering regionals. Ares Carpio Carpio is a perfect 20-0 and the second-ranked 126-pounder in Class 4A, according to Carpio trails Tahoma’s Stephen Hopkins. Carpio won the 119-pound state champion-

ship as a sophomore two years ago and finished third last season, so the bright lights inside the Tacoma Dome should have no negative effect on him. Carpio will wrestle next year at Arizona State University. Carpio and the rest of the Beamer wrestlers will be at the 4A Region II Tournament at Rogers High School. The tournament will include the nine SPSL South teams, along with the 11 KingCo teams. The top-five finishers in each weight class will advance to the Mat Classic.

K.W. Williams, Jefferson

The senior, who is headed to Idaho State to play football, is 36-1 on the season after winning the SPSL North title last weekend. The 195-pound Williams finished second at 189 at last year’s state championships and is looking to finish his wrestling career with a state title. He is currently the second-ranked 195-pounder behind Curtis’ Kadyn Del Toro, who handed Williams his lone defeat this season. The two KW Williams don’t have the possibility of meeting again until the state tournament. Williams will wrestle on his home mats this weekend at the 4A Region III Tournament at Jefferson Saturday. The tournament kicks off at 10 a.m. and championship bouts will start at 5 p.m. The top-four finishers in each weight class will advance to the Mat Classic. During the tournament,

live updates will be posted at narrowsleaguewrestling. com/RegionIII.aspx.

Bianca Arizpe, Federal Way

The Eagle junior leads a group of 11 girls from Federal Way who will wrestle at the regional tournaBianca Arizpe ment. Arizpe is 17-2 on the season with 10 pins and ranked as the top 112-pounder in the state. Arizpe finished in fourth place at last year’s state championships.

Brett Dykman, Beamer

The sophomore has been a very good surprise for

head coach Brett Lucas. The 113-pounder is currently 29-6 on the season and won the SPSL South championship last weekend. Dykman will have to deal with a pair of Skyline wrestlers this weekend at the 4A Region II Tournament to get to his second Mat Classic. Both Justin Manipis and Joseph Dematteo are also highly talented wrestlers.

Deshar House, Beamer

The senior is the fourthranked wrestler at 138 pounds in the 4A classification and finished second to Graham-Kapowsin’s Ian Steen at the rugged SPSL South Tournament. House has been to a pair of Mat Classics, but has yet to place in Tacoma. House is currently 28-8 on the season in the stacked weight class.

Sports briefs: Diving tickets now on sale By CASEY OLSON

Single-session tickets for the 2012 United States Olympic Team Trials – Diving are currently available for sale. The Trials will be held June 17-24 at the Weyerhaeuser King County Aquatic Center and will spotlight the best divers in the United States. The Trials will serve as the final team selection for the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Competition will include men’s and women’s individual 3-meter springboard and 10-meter platform, and men’s and women’s synchronized 3-meter springboard and 10-meter platform competition. Single-session general admission tickets are $15 for the finals, $10 for semifinals and $5 for prelims. Reserved tickets are $100 for all sessions and $75 for finals only. Single session reserved tickets are $25 for finals, $15 for semis and

$10 for prelims. Premium tickets are $135 for all sessions and $100 for finals only. Single session premium tickets are $35 for finals, $25 for semis and $15 for prelims. Tickets can be purchased at For group tickets of 20 or more, call (206) 461-5865. • A 30-race stakes schedule featuring the 77th running of the $200,000 Longacres Mile (G3), four stakes double-headers and Washington Cup X has been announced for 2012 at Emerald Downs. The 81-day season, the 17th at Emerald Downs, begins Friday, April 13, with racing offered every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Thursday racing is added July 12 to Aug. 23 and Monday holiday racing will be held May 28 and Sept. 3. There also will be special Tuesday racing on July 3 followed by the popular fireworks extravaganza.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Seeking information from anyone who worked for/at the Boeing Plant in Auburn, WA between the years of 1950 and 1980.

Please call Joe Zuar toll free at 580649



February 10, 2012 [19]

You’re Invited To…


FREE ADJUSTMENTS When: February 4 & 11 *



IT’S OUR WAY OF SAYING THANK YOU! *Please bring a non-perishable donation for Multi Service Center


MARGARET HOLZER Swimming World Record 2004 and 2008 Olympian!

MELANIE ROACH World Record 2008 Olympian

JACK ERLANDSON Weight Lifting World Champion

DR SUMMERS JOEY MANTIA 28 Time World Champion Speed Skating

MIKE WALLER Track World Champion

ARIANA KUKORS Swimming World Record


2201 SW 356th St. Federal Way • (253) 838-1441


1 4 4 1 8 3 8 3 25

[20] February 10, 2012

Federal Way Mirror, February 10, 2012  

February 10, 2012 edition of the Federal Way Mirror