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CRYSTAL PALACE | City and developer say the money exists for downtown site [2]

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OPINION | Bob Roegner: State politics, national politics ... and Jim Ferrell [4] Amy Johnson: The safer side of online sex [5] CRIME BLOTTER | Suspect pours sour milk all over inside of victim’s vehicle [3] NANDELL PALMER | Federal Way pastors take the stage with Joel Osteen [5]

SPORTS | Games of the week: 1st place FRIDAY, JANUARY 13, 2012 is on the line for basketball teams [14]

COMMUNITY CALENDAR | Check out upcoming events, entertainment [10-11]

DNA opens door in cold case BY CASEY OLSON

Police are hoping new information regarding the identity of the suspect in the decades-old murder of Federal Way High School student Sarah Yarborough leads to an arrest. Yarborough’s murder rocked Federal Way 20 years ago. The 16-year-old was last seen alive on the morning of Dec. 14, 1991, leaving her residence on her way

to school to attend an early morning dance team function. She was later found dead on the school’s campus. Witnesses saw a suspect, and detectives have DNA evidence that is able to be compared to a specific suspect, according to the King County Sheriff. That DNA evidence found at the scene was recently sent to Colleen Fitzpatrick, who is the president of Identifinders International, for examination.

Identifinders International specializes in forensic genealogy in which an unidentified suspect DNA profile can be examined with the use of genealogy databases in an effort to identify the family name of the suspect. Based on the analysis of the suspect DNA profile found at the scene in the Yarborough case, it has been learned that the suspect is a member of the extended family of Robert Fuller, who arrived in Salem, Mass., in the 1630s.

New information has surfaced in the decades-old murder of Federal Way High School student Sarah Yarborough. Back in 1991, witnesses saw a suspect, and two versions of a sketch of the man have been distributed over the years. COURTESY IMAGES Robert Fuller is related to two Fullers who arrived in America on the Mayflower. The suspect in

Feb. special election: Teachers union backs school levy proposals

Longtime coach, teacher Licari dies



Federal Way High School lost one of its most beloved teachers and coaches Sunday. Jean Licari succumbed to cancer after spending her entire 21-year teaching career at Federal Way. Licari taught math and also coached the Eagles cross country and track teams during her tenure, with her athletes Jean Licari winning multiple state championships. The 45-year-old mother of two hailed from Potlatch, Ida. “I think that when people think about outstanding staff members that have made a difference in kids’ lives, Jean would be on that poster at Federal Way High School,” said principal Lisa Griebel. “She is what the staff wanted to be like. She impacted a lot of lives. She taught math to 150-plus kids a year for over 20 years.” [ more LICARI, page 19 ]

Yarborough’s murder may have the last name of Fuller. [ more COLD CASE, page 19 ]

Doug Clerget was an influential leader in Federal Way’s development during the 1960s and beyond. Among his many interests included serving as a boat captain. COURTESY PHOTOS

Remembering a pioneer

Businessman and leader Doug Clerget shaped Federal Way BY ANDY HOBBS

Douglas Clerget was one of Federal Way’s most influential movers and shakers. As a civic and business leader, Clerget had a reputation as a no-nonsense guy whose word was his bond. Clerget died Jan. 6 at age 81, following a years-long struggle with illnesses including leukemia. He was married to his wife, Faye, for 40 years. Among the couple’s most notable accomplishments was helping to bring St. Francis Hospital to Federal Way. He played a key role in securing the land for the hospital while they pushed for the certificate of need.

He later served on the board of directors. The couple designated the hospital as their top charity, contributing to the construction of the emergency room, [ more CLERGET, page 12 ]

The Federal Way Education Association is supporting Federal Way Public Schools’ upcoming levy proposals in the Feb. 14 special election, with president Jason Brown and executive board member Steve Mayer making their support known during the district’s Jan. 10 meeting. Both said that the Educational Programs and Operation (EPO) levy, and the capital levy for rebuilding Federal Way High School, are critical at this junction for the school district — especially considering the ongoing fight at the state level over education funding. “By law, local levy revenues are intended for locally elected enhancements and legally restricted from paying for Washington basic ed programs,” Brown said. “But school districts don’t have a choice, and are paying for more and more basic ed with local dollars. Washington lawmakers have not lived up to their constitutional obligation to fully fund basic education. They’re slighting parents and students in this state

EDUCATION NEWS • Pro-school volunteers miss key deadline for Feb. 14 election voters pamphlet: Page 8 • Federal Way schools will keep an eye on state’s education funding reform following a recent court ruling: Page 8 by cutting corners and changing funding formulas. As a result, levy dollars are desperately needed by school districts to make up the difference between what the state pays, and what it actually costs to operate our schools.” [ more SCHOOLS, page 9 ] Due to the change in delivery, your Mirror will arrive between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Fridays. If you do not have your paper by 5 p.m., please call (253) 872-6610 or email us at

[2] January 13, 2012

Crystal Palace deal delayed, but money is coming BY GREG ALLMAIN

A key project for transforming downtown Federal Way will wait a little longer to reach that first milestone. The closing date for the purchase and sale agreement between the city and ARCADD Inc. for the former AMC Theatre site has been pushed back to April. ARCADD, which put forth an ambitious design known as the Crystal Palace or Crystal Way project, says it’s financing is in no trouble, but that some paperwork was taking longer than expected, thus the need for the extension. The project, slated for a 4.1-acre vacant parking lot on 20th Avenue South near the Federal Way Transit Center, is expected to in-

clude about 500 residential units, 12,000 square feet of office and retail space; 50,000 square feet of recreation, cinema, restaurant and entertainment space; and 75,000 square feet of the “crystal palace” space. It will feature an underground parking structure and public open space. Before ARCADD entered the picture last summer, a proposed three-skyscraper deal for the site had fizzled due to a developer’s inability to secure financing to buy the property. Patrick Doherty, economic development director for the city, updated the council Jan. 3 on the latest project’s status, saying that it appears all is a go for the initial stages, except for this slight delay. “Equity financing for the

project, over $300 million has been approved. The paperwork between the financiers and ARCADD is still in the process, with resolution and availability of the funds seen as imminent,” Doherty said. Outside of that, Doherty said this slight delay would push back another “closing date” deadline to April 2, which would help accommodate ARCADD’s need to provide an independent appraisal of the AMC site’s value. According to Doherty, the city has already completed that part of their due diligence. On Jan. 27, the contract will be executed and will include the earnest money deposit of $150,000. Dr. Hisham Ashkouri, lead architect for ARCADD, made a day trip

to Federal Way from his Boston-based offices Jan. 3. He shared details of the project and its financing. “The money is coming from a private trust, it’s not public money,” Ashkouri reminded the council. “The money has been approved and funded. We’re waiting for the paperwork to clear so we can get the funds issued to us.” Ashkouri said work is proceeding on the project while ARCADD waits for the money to be released. He presented a new concept sketch of the project’s exterior, along with a more detailed interior sketch. Doherty said as of now, the city is limited in its ability to know who the main financiers for ARCADD are, but he doesn’t expect that to be an issue.

The latest conceptual rendering of the proposed Crystal Palace/ Crystal Way, slated for the former AMC Theatres site on 20th Avenue South in downtown Federal Way. COURTESY IMAGE “What we’ve been expecting for a long time is a catalyst project, a transformative project in our city center. That would be sufficient in size and scope to engender regular interest by other investors in our city center,” Doherty said.

Ashkouri feels the project would be “trend-setting.” “What you are doing is establishing a trend. If you develop that site, you will see that people will take initiative all around the site, and that’s what we’re looking for. It’s a catalyst.”

Sign code revisions benefit businesses BY GREG ALLMAIN

Two amendments were approved for a second reading to the city’s sign codes on Jan. 3. The first relates

IN TIME PG-13 11:55, 2:25, 4:55, 7:25, 9:55 HAPPY FEET 2D PG 12:00, 4:40, 9:25 COURAGEOUS PG-13 12:30, 9:30 HAPPY FEET 3D PG 2:20, 7:05 TOWER HEIST PG-13 12:00, 2:30, 5:00, 7:30, 10:00 JACK AND JILL PG 12:05, 2:15, 4:25, 7:10, 9:20

to “high profile” signs — those that are stationed at a number of the city’s large commercial centers, such as the complexes along Pacific Highway South. The amendment would increase

REAL STEEL PG-13 12:25, 3:15, 6:55, 9:45 DOLPHIN TALE 2D PG 3:30, 7:00 IMMORTALS 2D R 12:20, 5:05, 9:40 PUSS IN BOOTS 2D PG 12:15, 5:10, 10:05 IMMORTALS 3D R 2:40, 7:20 PUSS IN BOOTS 3D PG 2:45, 7:35

the number of these signs allowed to three on a given property. The second amendment was made in request to inquiries from smaller businesses and how they could use large wall banners as a form of signage to promote their businesses. Jim Harris, contract planner for the city, said the new amendment would allow for a third large sign to be posted at the city’s larger commercial areas. Under current city code, “high profile” signs have a maximum height of 25 feet, need two supports, and have 400 square feet of sign face. Sites with high-profile signs need to be multi-tenant, and also have a minimum of 250 linear feet along a

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right of way. Harris said seven sites qualify for high-profile signs, and that three sites currently have two highprofile signs. With the new amendment, all of those sites would be allowed a third sign if they so wished. “So what the proposed amendment would do, for those largest sites, again if they have the 2,000 linear feet of frontage on a right of way, is they would be allowed a third high-profile sign,” he said. “A maximum of two high-profile signs would be allowed to front on or be oriented on (a right of way).” The wall banner amendment came in lieu of Java Billiards owners running into code enforcement issues with attempts at promoting their business, located on Pacific Highway South near South 348th Street. Harris said the Land Use Transportation Committee reviewed the code, and decided to amend it so large “wall banners” are allowed under city code. Harris said banners would still be constrained by the already existing size restrictions on signage in the city code, but that a wall banner could only be attached to a business facade. Harris also indicated that such signs could become permanent, if the business owners keep them in good repair. Both amendments were approved unanimously by the council.

January 13, 2012 [3]

City pushes for answers Suspect pours spoiled milk in Sound Transit audit all over inside of victim’s car CRIME

This week’s…


Police Blotter

A state audit of Sound Transit was welcomed by Federal Way officials, as questions remain unanswered as to why the regional transit authority has delayed the extension of light rail to Federal Way — and whether light rail will ever reach the city. State Auditor Brian Sonntag’s office confirmed last week that results from a performance audit of Sound Transit will be available by the summer. According to reports, the audit will focus on ridership statistics and how Sound Transit fulfills obligations to the public. Mayor Skip Priest said that while Federal Way is certainly in the spotlight, it is truly a regional issue. “This isn’t solely a Federal Way issue. The entire Puget Sound region depends on the development of efficient, cost-effective mass transit,” Priest said in a news release. “Sound Transit’s broken promises and failures in South King County suggest that light rail has veered off course.” Priest penned a letter to Sonntag, asking for the state auditor’s agency to pay special attention to a number of critical questions about light rail, Federal Way and South King County. Priest asked for Sonntag and his auditors to: • Determine if Sound Transit knew prior to the 2008 Sound Transit 2 vote that a Federal Way light rail link was not feasible • Determine if Sound Transit acted in good faith and with clear communication with Federal Way from 2008-2011, as the transit agency’s revenue forecasts began to dip • Determine if the policy of “sub-area equity” of Sound Transit is one that is used in a “transparent, consistent and equitable”

Following is a sample from the Federal Way police log: • Malicious mischief: At 9:34 a.m. Jan. 9 in the 1900 block of SW 322nd Place, the victim reported the driver’s-side window of their vehicle had been broken out. According to the report, nothing was stolen from the vehicle, but instead, the unknown suspect poured spoiled milk all over the interior of the victim’s vehicle. The victim believed that a neighbor in the building may have been responsible, but had no proof to verify the claim. • Illegal dumping: At 8:42 a.m. Jan. 9 in the 35000 block of Pacific Highway South, a Federal Way Public Schools bus driver reported seeing individuals illegally dumping a 55-gallon barrel full of waste oil. According to the report, the bus driver was able to get license plate numbers of two vehicles of the people illegally dumping the oil. • Masked burglars: At 10:56 a.m. Jan. 9 in the 34000 block of 16h Avenue South, a business reported it had been broken into and burglarized. According to the report, the unknown suspects broke a window to gain entry. The suspects wore ski masks and used tools to break into the safe. They took a substantial amount of cash, according to the report. • Breaking and entering just to smoke pot: At 11:41 a.m. Jan. 9 in the 27000 block of Pacific Highway South, an apartment complex reported one of its vacant units had been broken into. According to the report, the remains of what looked to be a marijuana blunt were found inside the apartment, and it appeared the unknown suspects had broken into the apartment

A state audit of Sound Transit was welcomed by Federal Way officials, as questions remain unanswered as to why the regional transit authority has delayed the extension of light rail to Federal Way — and whether the light rail will actually ever reach the city. FILE PHOTO manner • Determine if Sound Transit is acting to ensure that it’s cutting costs within the agency itself because of a $4 billion decline in forecasted revenues

Background Despite voter approval for the plan in 2008, Sound Transit has announced an indefinite delay in extending light rail past South 240th Street and into Federal Way. Nearly 80 percent of Sound Transit’s revenues come from sales tax revenues collected from five subareas. The total shortfall for the five subareas is about $3.9 billion, according to Sound Transit. The South King County subarea’s projected sales tax revenues are down 31 percent — a shortfall of about $850 million. According to the original plan, Federal Way was supposed to see a station at South 272nd Street by 2023. The ultimate goal for Sound Transit is to eventually connect the King County system with Tacoma. Federal Way officials estimate the city’s taxpayers will have paid $400 million total into the Sound Transit light rail by the time the project is finished in 2040 — regardless of whether light rail reaches the city. That estimate is for both

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ST1 and ST2, the current voter-approved measures, according to the city. “The inequity being built into the light rail system is nothing for our region to be proud of,” city council member Dini Duclos said in a news release from the city. “Sound Transit takes $13.5 million a year out of Federal Way. Yet, the closest our working class community will get to the light rail they are paying for is when the overcrowded ST Express bus they ride passes the train in Seattle.” Duclos said the language of the 2008 ballot proposition was unclear because Sound Transit has in effect created a permanent transit tax for itself. The transit authority recently retired its debt from bond sales, and will now roll over its taxing authority from the previous packages as a way of paying for ongoing operations and maintenance expenditures.

solely for that purpose. • Residential burglary: At 12:18 p.m. Jan. 9 in the 100 block of SW 301st Street, the victim reported their home had been burglarized. According to the report, the unknown suspects stole a large flat-screen TV, two laptop computers, an iPod and a large amount of jewelry. • Another residential burglary: At 2:28 p.m. Jan. 9 in the 28000 block of 26th Avenue South, the victim reported their home had been burglarized. The report said the unknown suspects forced entry through a back door. The suspects took approximately $8,000 worth of items. • Jewelry stolen: At 4:16 p.m. Jan. 9 in the 2000 block of South 292nd Street, the victim reported their home had been burglarized and that approximately $2,000 in jewelry was stolen. According to the report, this was the second burglary in the area on that day. • Sparkler bomb: At 11:45 p.m. Jan. 9 in the 3000 block of South 288th Street, two security guards at a mobile home complex reported hearing a large explosion. According to the report, the remains of a sparkler bomb were found, and was most likely the cause of the noise.

• Give me my pigs feet: At 4:31 p.m. Jan. 8 in the 27000 block of Pacific Highway South, a woman called police to report an argument with her boyfriend. According to the report, the two were arguing over groceries, specifically a package of pigs feet. • Get robbed, end up arrested: At 5:37 p.m. Jan. 8, in the 28000 block of Military Road South, a man reported to police that he had been forcibly robbed of his cellphone. According to the report, the man himself had an outstanding warrant for a previous incident, and was arrested because of that warrant. • Guns and cash stolen: At 7:32 p.m. Jan. 8 in the 32000 block of 9th Avenue South, a man reported his home had been burglarized. According to the report, two 9-mm handguns and $3,000 in cash were taken. • Impounded vehicle full of surprises: At 11:33 p.m. Jan. 8 in the 34000 block of 16th Avenue South, a truck was towed from the Wal-Mart parking lot. According to the report, the tow truck owner was clearing out the vehicle and discovered heroin, paraphernalia and a fake firearm. Other items in the truck were also thought to be stolen.

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Change is good for city’s schools BY TONY MOORE President, Federal Way School Board



“Nothing is intrinsically valuable; the value of everything is attributed to it, assigned to it, from outside the things itself, by people.” These noted words from Professor John Barth have never been more true. As we stand at the forefront of national education reform, the value of education, its true worth, is what we wrestle with daily in this ever-changing world. We would like to thank parents, students, teachers and staff for their enthusiastic discussions of the recent changes in how we educate and assess our students. The board and administration is listening to every word. Our community has a rich tradition of educating children. Efforts to help students reach their full potential are evident on many levels, both within the district and in the greater Federal Way community. Now more than ever, we must unite to make this a reality. The decisions we make — or fail to make — will echo through generations. In 2009, under the leadership of former superintendent Tom Murphy, the board sought to improve education in the Federal Way School District. Research into national “best practice” led us to a policy of Standards Based Education (SBE). The clarity and transparency inherent in SBE helped the policy to pass unanimously. We are not the only district in the nation implementing SBE. We are, however, part of the leading edge of education reform. I am proud of the courage, foresight and wisdom of our board, administration and teachers who spent countless hours to develop and implement the transition to SBE. It was and is the right thing to do. The transparency and resulting clarity of the SBE policy is one of our major motivators for implementation. Giving parents and students a clear picture of what they will learn and master is a major part of our efforts. Students know what they are expected to learn and earn grades based on what they know. It also allows parents to know the standards and receive clear information showing what their students have learned so far. Recently, one of our teachers remarked that one of the perceptions about transparency is a notion that things should be “easy.” He was right, but the truth is change like this is never easy. We knew this going into the 2011-2012 year. I will readily confess that effective education reform is not easy, nor simple, nor without challenges — but it can be done, and it can be effective. At every turn, the board and Superintendent Rob Neu have and will be looking for “bottom up” solutions, and we welcome ideas from our stakeholders. We are working to ensure that each child achieves mastery of all subjects.

Tony Moore is president of the Federal Way School Board.

Gay marriage: Is this evolution’s plan? It was with interest that I read a front page article in the Jan. 6 edition of The Federal Way Mirror titled “Gov. proposes gay marriage.” Now I don’t pretend to be an expert on either gay marriage or evolution, but I do consider myself a student of science for most of my 65 years. And I was married for almost 28 years and have two adult children, so I know a little

Politics: State, national, Ferrell Last week, we looked at local politics for the coming year. But state and national politics will get most of the attention. And Jim Ferrell? Read on. All statewide offices are up for election along with all members of the state House of Representatives and half of the state Senate. Gov. Christine Gregoire, Secretary of State Sam Reed and Auditor Brian Sonntag are retiring. Also. incumbent Attorney General Rob McKenna is running for governor, creating a vacancy for his office. Democrat Jay Inslee will leave his seat in Congress to challenge Republican McKenna for governor in what is likely to be a two-person race, although Port Commissioner Bill Bryant could still get in. Moderates and Democrats usually win statewide offices, although due to his ties to King County and two statewide races, McKenna appears to be the early frontrunner. Inslee will have to draw out McKenna as a conservative, particularly in voter-rich King County, to even up the race. Democratic candidates for Secretary of State include State Rep. Zach Hudgins, State Sen. Jim Kastama and former State Sen. Kathleen Drew. Thurston County Auditor Kim Wyman will run on the Republican side. Democratic King County Council member Bob Ferguson will run for Attorney General along with fellow council member Reagan Dunn, a Republican. Federal Way State Rep. Mark Miloscia is running for State Auditor along with Sen. Craig Pridmore from Vancouver. State Sen. Glenn Anderson and former legislator Bill Finkbiner,

both Republicans, will challenge incumbent Lt. Gov. Brad Owen, a Democrat. Inslee’s departure from Congress has attracted several candidates in District 1, including Republican John Koster and Democrat Darcy Burner, both of whom have run before. And with redistricting, there are new seats in play. The two most interesting might be the new 10th District, which includes Tacoma and Olympia and no incumbent. Pierce County Council member Dick Muri, who lost to Adam Smith last time, is planning to run. He will likely be joined by Democrat Denny Heck, who lost in the 3rd District last year. The other district to watch is a reconfigured 9th District, where Democrat Adam Smith is the incumbent. The district, which includes Federal Way, will move farther north and east and will pick up his former home base in the SeaTac area along with south Seattle, Mercer Island and Bellevue. It will be the first district that contains a majority of minority voters. Seattle City Council member and fellow Democrat Bruce Harrell is considering the race. Harrell’s name has previously come up in speculations about the Seattle mayor’s job. Three other names have surfaced as possible Republican candidates against Smith, with the most intriguing being Federal Way City Council member Jim Ferrell. Ferrell will have to make a decision very soon if he wants to give Smith a competitive race. On the legislative front, Federal Way City Council member Linda Kochmar, a Republican, has already announced her candidacy for Miloscia’s seat and will have a kick-off fundraiser in [ more ROEGNER page 5 ] Bob Roegner


The Mirror’s editorial board members: Rudi Alcott, publisher; Andy Hobbs, editor; Joann Piquette, retired and community advocate; Matthew Jarvis, business owner; Nandell Palmer, author; Bob Dockstader, retired attorney; Mel West, business owner. Contact the board: editorialboard@




[4] January 13, 2012


To submit an item or photo for publication in The Mirror: email; mail attn Letters, Federal Way Mirror, 31919 1st Ave. S., Suite 101, Federal Way, WA 98003. fax (253) 925-5750. Letters may be edited for style, clarity and length.

about marriage. We’re taught in evolutionary theory that the fittest among us survives, and that through a process called natural selection, a species can gradually change in order to better adapt to its environment. So let’s consider the evolution of mankind. Evolution, or Mother Nature if you will, has in

her wisdom developed a man and woman to be with each other sexually. Any school-age kid studying basic biology knows this. Lest I be branded as homophobic for making this last point obvious, let me clarify. Only the ignorant among us will throw brands around when they feel threatened instead of entering into a rational discussion. I have

no fear of homosexuality as the term homophobic implies, but I certainly don’t embrace it as being in the long-term best interests of the public good, either. It’s argued, “what about love, equality and freedom?” Yes, what about these things? A brother and sister who are of age declare their love for each other and desire to get married. But society is aghast,

“of course not we say.” But what about love, equality and freedom in this instance? These are given no consideration, and there’s good reason for it. What about an older man and an underage girl who declare their love for each other and desire to marry? Again, what about love, equality and freedom? But again, as a society we give these things no consideration because there are overriding concerns. In the same way, using the [ more LETTERS page 6 ]

January 13, 2012 [5]

Nandell Palmer

[ ROEGNER from page 4] erate positions that make late February. Fellow Republican and school board president Tony Moore has already filed the paperwork and places his chances of being in the race at 75 percent. Look for a formal announcement by the first of March. Freshman State Rep. Katrina Asay is expected to run again. Possible Democratic candidates for Asay or Miloscia’s positions include Thom MacFarlane, Rick Hoffman and Roger Flygare. The race for president will pit incumbent Democrat Barack Obama against whichever Republican survives what has become an entertaining, but brutal, “last man standing” primary process. Most likely it will be Mitt Romney. But, with 75 percent of his party favoring someone else, Romney has had to change many of the mod-

him potentially electable into conservative positions that may slide moderates more toward Obama. Whether it is Romney or someone else, their choice of a running mate will be crucial to keeping and attracting voters. Vice-presidential names being mentioned to attract constituent groups are Marco Rubio from Florida, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and possibly former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee. The key for down-ballot candidates here will be the potential “coattail effect.” Lastly, remember the chess board I frequently reference? Watch efforts to place “hot button” issues like same-sex marriage, expansion of gambling, marijuana, taxes and others on the ballot. They are designed with not only public policy debate in mind, but also

≈ Parenting with LOVE and LOGIC™ ≈

to bring out liberal young voters. However, strategic thinking Republicans also want them on the ballot for the same reasons. They will bring out conservative voters. With the significance of the challenges facing the state and the country, be wary of simple superficial answers. Think through what candidates say and “why” they say it. And if all this democracy in action doesn’t excite you, then remember, it’s only a month until the pitchers and catchers report for spring training.

Federal Way resident Bob Roegner, a former mayor of Auburn, can be reached at

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This year, when you think sexuality education, think online. Think text. Think interactive. And no, I’m not talking about sexting or online porn. When young people were asked the number one way they learn about sex, their response was — you guessed it — Google. Thankfully, some very creative and enterprising people have developed a bunch of resources that can help parents and teens tackle sex ed accurately, easily and technologically. While they shouldn’t take the place of conversations, and heart-to-hearts about your values, these resources can augment the sexuality education of your teens. Still think you don’t need to bother? Remember that 50 percent of the 19 million new STDs each year are contracted by 15-24-yearolds. In addition, there are still 56,300 new HIV diagnoses in the U.S. each year, and 14,000 people still die in the U.S. annually of AIDS. (AIDS Council of Northeastern New York). There are several ways to use the information below. Parents: check them out for yourselves and talk to your teens about them. If your parental controls are set to block sites about sex on your computer, you might have to “allow” these sites, or unblock them. Teens: access these sites and know you’re getting a safe site, accurate information and teen-friendly interfaces. Reputable online sites • Scarleteen (scarleteen. com): Scarleteen is the highest-ranked website for sex education and sexuality advice online. The site provides information, message boards for questions, and referrals. • Sex, etc. (

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Sex, etc. is a “by teens, for teens” site run out of Rutgers University. It provides information on topics like health, relationships, LGBTQ, alcohol and drugs. They also have comics, quizzes, videos and a magazine published four times a year. • Go Ask Alice ( Go Ask Alice is run out of Columbia University Health Services. It has information on general health, fitness, alcohol and drugs, as well as sexuality and relationships. It provides information through question and answer archives. • That’s Not Cool ( That’s Not Cool is an interactive website that focuses on digital communication, including topics such as textual harassment, pic pressure, privacy problems and rumors. It features video vignettes and the ability for youth to create their own avatar and interact with scenarios. • Bedsider ( Bedsider is a site devoted to birth control. There are links to finding free birth control, to help you decide which method is right for you, and a reminder service for when to take your pill, change your patch, visit the doctor, etc. Text information • Sex-Ed Loop ( A project of Sex, etc., Sex-Ed Loop is a website with genAmy Johnson

his message of hope with a 15-city book tour, packing stadiums and arenas nightly. On April 28, the team will descend on the other Washington, Nationals Park, in the heart of the nation’s capital, with mega-smiles, highpowered music and an inspirational message of hope. The televangelist’s motivational message has attracted millions of followers globally via his weekly television/cable broadcasts/ podcasts. Osteen is considered America’s most popular preacher. His mega-church, former home of the Houston Rockets (the Compaq Center), is America’s largest church. If the message alone doesn’t seem to attract the crowd, Osteen has made certain to select the best vocalists and musicians for a most memorable night. Dove-Award-Winning artists like Cindy Cruse Ratcliff, Da’dra Greathouse, and Steve Crawford have never disappointed an audience, in my opinion. The renowned worship leader, Israel Houghton and New Breed, are also from Lakewood Church. Osteen’s mission for coming to Seattle, he said, was to lift people’s spirit and let [ more PALMER page 19 ]


Rich Stearns, CEO of World Vision, and two Federal Way pastors shared the stage with televangelist Joel Osteen last Friday night at Seattle’s KeyArena. Pastor Casey Treat of Christian Faith Center (CFC), and Pastor Joseph Bowman IV of Integrity Life Church were chosen among several other Washington state pastors to address the packed arena. Each man spoke words of goodwill, health, prosperity and love into the lives of government leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, and rank-andfile denizens throughout the region. Osteen, pastor of the 40,000-member Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, has partnered with World Vision — headquartered in Federal Way — to do a series of crusades in major U.S. cities for 2012. This partnership will bring awareness and aid to disadvantaged children, both in the U.S. and throughout the world. Stearns, author of “The Hole in Our Gospel,” was also called onstage by the mega-church pastor to shed light on the plights of the forgotten children around the globe who desperately need help. Dubbed “A Night of Hope with Joel & Victoria,” an outreach of the Joel Osteen Ministries, Osteen is also complementing

The safer side of online sex Sex in the Suburbs

Federal Way pastors share the stage with Joel Osteen

eral information for everyone and some information specific to Chicago area teens. You can text “sexedloop” to 61827 to receive weekly sex-ed info on your cellphone. Data rates apply. • In Case You’re Curious ( rocky-mountains): This service is run through Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains and allows you to text in questions anonymously and get accurate information texted back within 24 hours. It does not diagnose conditions or give personal medical advice. To sign up, text ICYC to 66746. Text message rates apply. STD info and help • GYT (itsyoursexlife. com/gyt): An MTV-run site with the mission to reduce the spread of STDs through information. Includes information about what you need to know, how to protect yourself, how and where to get tested, talking to partners and more. • inSPOT ( InSPOT provides resources about STD testing. They also provide a free, anonymous e-card service to let partners, past and present, know if you’ve been diagnosed with an STD so they know to get tested. This year, use these resources to get technical about sexuality education.

Amy Johnson, MSW, is a local coach, educator and trainer and co-author of “Parenting by Strengths: A Parent’s Guide for Challenging Situations.” Contact:

Team You Can Trust.

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[6] January 13, 2012

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in the media, same-sex relationships are even more principles of love, equality honored than traditional and freedom as a justificaones. tion for gay marriage is If we could discuss this baseless. There are overridwith Mother Nature, I ing considerations. wonder what she would say I try to donate blood about same-sex marriages. whenever I qualify. Every I can’t help but think she time I go to the donation would say that it doesn’t center, one of the questions fit with the evolutionary is always the same: have I design. Why honor and ever had sex with another legalize a behavior man? It’s obvious to that’s so greatly me why such a quesFEDERAL WAY disease-ridden, tion is being asked. therefore making But even though more humans more it’s obvious, I still unfit? And why sometimes ask them diminish the honor why they ask it. “Is this of a man and woman who an unhealthy behavior?” I’ll marry or who at least have ask. The answer, without the potential to procreate, exception, using a slang even if they don’t? term is, “Duh?” If the movie makers and Why isn’t it broadly the media want to continue publicized what percentage their barrage in favor of of gays have HIV/AIDS or same-sex marriages in orsome other STD? Oh, there der to fool Americans into are all sorts of statistics to be found. But what percent- thinking that it’s in our best age is it within the gay com- interests, then let it be on their heads as we eventually munity? It’s very difficult to find current data, especially go the way the once great Roman Empire did. in areas like San Francisco With that, I will yield to and Seattle. Sometimes I the experts and the politiget the feeling that someone cians who so obviously dedoesn’t want the general populace to know the truth. sire to ingratiate themselves to special interest groups, Others will argue, how the health and what’s best will it hurt heterosexual for society as a whole be married couples if we perdamned. mit gays to marry?



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A short time ago, I heard a story about a woman who had just earned her doctorate degree. She was proud of it and felt quite honored that now she could be included in this select group of people. With diploma in hand, she went to her bank to get the title “Dr.” added to her name. The bank associate was glad to help her, filled out the necessary paperwork, and told the woman that her new checks would arrive in the mail. “But what about my diploma?” she asked. “Aren’t you even going to look at it?” The bank associate told her it wasn’t necessary, and the woman went on her way. The woman thought later, apparently just about anyone can get Dr. added to their name. They don’t even need a diploma. Whether this story is true isn’t the point. The point is that in more and more states, being a heterosexual couple is no longer a prerequisite for marriage. If we approve same-sex marriages in our state, then gone is the honor felt by the men and women when marriage used to be reserved exclusively for them as they have helped to make our nation great. And not only does the honor for healthy male/ female marriages diminish, but from what I observe

Larry Ebaugh, Des Moines

Constitution vs. gay marriage Well here we go again, another elected person, our governor, is thumbing her nose at the Washington State Constitution about marriage. Interesting, since those in Washington, D.C., who were also elected, from our state, doesn’t believe in the Constitution of the United States of America, either. In case many of your readers did not study Washington state history during their school days, maybe it’s time for them to go back and read the Washington State Constitution, which says in part under marriage in our state: marriage in the State of Washington is between one man and one woman. This is also true about the U.S. Constitution about marriage. But what do I know? I have never ran for an office. I take that back, I was involved with PTA for 13 years when my children were in grade school. Nor do I give myself raises, without the vote of the people. So now this governor has decided it is not up to the voters of Washington state to vote for or against “same-sex marriage.” Of course, this didn’t [ more LETTERS page 7 ]

January 13, 2012 [7] [ LETTERS from page 6]

work for those voters living in California, when they voted against same-sex marriages, and a federal judge overturned it. Just like when we voted for “term limits” several years ago, and a former Senator by the name of Tom Foley from Spokane took it to court and had it overturned because Foley would have to give up his seat in Olympia. It’s obvious that those we vote for don’t give a hang about the citizens, but what is popular amongst the Hollywood types.

Pat Gee, Federal Way

City pays tribute to MLK’s life From staff reports

The city invites Martin Luther King residents to a celebration in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King

Charlotte Jennings, Federal Way


for donation to help assist the Multi-Service Center food bank. The 2012 celebration will feature the music from the jazz bands of Decatur High School and Lakota Middle School. Members of World Vision’s Youth Empowerment Program are also slated to participate in the celebration. To learn more, contact (253) 835-2401.

Fight hunger: Volunteers are needed for the Federal Way Diversity Commission food drive. The commission is hosting the food drive Jan. 14, in conjunction with the Martin Luther King holiday weekend. Donations will be collected between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. and will benefit the Multi-Service Center’s Federal Way Food Bank, which is one of the largest food banks in South King County. Volunteers are needed to help staff the grocery stores. Contact (253) 835-2401 .

CASTING CALL: READY TO MAKE YOUR DREAMS A REALITY? Macy’s is teaming up with Clinton Kelly and TLC to help you bring your dreams to life. To submit your application from January 3 - 31, 2O12, go to †No purchase necessary; complete details online. Employees of Macy’s, Inc. not eligible.



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Puzzles of life We all have people in our lives that motivate and encourage us. We have seven wonderful children and they are all motivators and encouragers to others. If you had told me that our second child (born with learning disabilities and epilepsy) would touch so many people, I probably would have dismissed the idea. How could that be? Leanne just finished her 100th jigsaw picture puzzle on Jan. 5, 2012. She started putting puzzles together in 2007. She has a unique way of sorting out the pieces. She sorts them by color and arranges them on pieces of cardboard. Her husband, Rocky, sometimes helps her when he is not working at the Old Country Buffet. We thought putting picture puzzles together would be good exercise to stimulate her brain. She had brain surgery in April 2008 — they removed a portion of her brain that was triggering the seizures. She has been seizure free since then. Praise God! And thank you, Dr. Vossler. Leanne’s father glues the puzzles, frames them and then takes a picture so she can put it in her picture album. She has given framed puzzles to members of her family, local businesses (e.g., UPS store in Federal Way), friends and neighbors. The walls of Leanne and Rocky’s “play room” are covered with framed puzzles. How many of us are willing to stick with a project until we get all the pieces put together? She will be honored with a party. What is strange is that it is just a few weeks before her birthday, which is Feb. 14, and she turns 58. You’ll know her by her smile and watch out — she’s a hugger. She is blessed to be a blessing.

from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 14, at Our Savior’s Baptist Church, 701 S. 320th St. The keynote speaker will be Sarah Collins Rudolph, the surviving sister of Addie Mae Collins, one of the young girls killed in the 1963 Sixteenth Street Church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama. Attendees are asked to bring non-perishable food items


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1/4/12 5:38 PM

[8] January 13, 2012

Pro-school volunteers miss key election deadline

A volunteer group that supports Federal Way Public Schools has missed the publication deadline for pro-levy statements in the voters pamphlet. The Feb. 14 special election contains two levy proposals that, if approved, will generate money for Federal Way schools. Prop. 1 calls for an Educational Programs and Operations (EPO) replacement levy. Prop. 2 seeks a capital projects levy aimed at rebuilding Federal Way High School. Citizens for Federal Way Schools authored statements for the voters pamphlet in support of both levy proposals. The group president emailed the statements 16 minutes past the 4:30 p.m. Jan. 3 deadline. In addition, the group’s statement for Prop. 2 (capital projects levy) exceeded the 200-word limit by 12 words. Last week, King County Elec-

tions initially rejected both state“These deadlines are predements. The deadlines are in place termined and posted,” she said. because of the work involved in “The second measure (from the preparing the ballots and voters pro side), it was late and over the pamphlets to comply with fedword limit. We don’t have suferal law, said Kim Van Ekstrom, ficient time to make exceptions.” communications officer for King Kelley Tanner, Citizens for County Elections. Federal Way Schools presiThe county is required dent, just wants the public to translate ballot meato read the information ELECTION sures into other languages about the levy proposals. such as Chinese and “As a leader of an allVietnamese. With pro and volunteer group, I take full con statements in the voters ownership for it not being pamphlet, each side is allowed to there,” Tanner told The Mirror. review and rebut the other side. “It’s unfortunate that the district For the Federal Way ballot may have to pay the price of all measures, an exception will be the information not getting out.” made for printing the pro side’s King County Councilman Pete Prop. 1 statement, Van Ekstrom von Reichbauer, who represents said, because no one filed a statethe Federal Way area, expressed ment against Prop. 1. his disappointment over the initial However, an opposing staterejection of the pro committee’s ment was submitted for Prop. 2. statements. He emailed elections Therefore, an exception cannot be director Sherril Huff, asking her made for publishing the pro side’s to resolve the issue because “so Prop. 2 statement, Van Ekstrom much is at stake for the children said. of the school district.”


I think they’re stuck with that date, which is good, because now they’ll have to Federal Way Public move forward.” Schools will continue to State superintendent keep an eye on education Randy Dorn says he plans funding issues throughout on keeping a close eye 2012, said school board on the Legislature and its member and legislative liaiefforts to fund son Ed Barney. “The ruling confirms education in the At the board’s what I have been state. In a Jan. 5 Jan. 10 meeting, response, Dorn saying for many Barney touched said he was happy years: education on the Washingto see the State ton State Supreme funding has not Supreme Court Court ruling that been adequate, and vote in favor of the state Legisla- further cuts are out the students, and ture has failed to of the question.” he stands ready to meet its constitu- Randy Dorn, state keep fighting. tional obligation superintendent “(The) unaniin funding public mous ruling by education in the the State Supreme state. Barney said the Jan. 5 Court is a clear victory for ruling is a step forward. the students of Washing“Last Thursday, the ton State,” Dorn said. “The Washington State Supreme ruling confirms what I Court ruled that the state have been saying for many had not complied with years: education funding its obligation for public has not been adequate, and school education, and the further cuts are out of the court has deferred it to question. The court could the Legislature to fix the not have been clearer about problem. The state has been this when it wrote ‘The state given until 2018 to make has failed to meet its duty those reforms,” Barney under article IX, section 1, said. “The 85-page opinby consistently providing ion said, however, that the school districts with a level judiciary would keep an eye of resources that falls short on the lawmakers to make of the actual costs of the sure they fully implement basic education program.’” education reforms by 2018. “I am also glad that By Greg Allmain

the court will continue to monitor the case, and I stand ready to help the Legislature identify the basic elements of basic education that remain unfunded or inappropriately funded,” Dorn added. Outside of the Supreme Court case, Barney also touched on Gov. Christine Gregoire’s State of the State Address, given on Jan. 10. In her address, Gregoire once again pushed for a three-year, half-cent tax increase to help continue funding public education. One of the mechanisms that this is done through is what’s known as Levy Equalization funds, or Local Effort Assistance (LEA) funds, a revenue stream that puts approximately $7 million in the Federal Way Public Schools coffers each year. Barney shared statistics on LEA funds and district’s in the state. “We have a lot of things moving along in the state, and hopefully, we’ll be able to not see any cuts in the levy equalization. 90 districts do not rely on LEA. Out of the 256 (districts in the state), there’s 166 that are heavily reliant on LEA funds to fund basic education,” Barney said.

Special election details The Feb. 14 special election for both levy proposals will cost the school district about $200,000, according to the district. The special election is necessary because teachers must be notified by May 15 if they will have a contract for the next school year, and teachers’ salaries are wrapped up in the EPO levy, according to the district. If Federal Way voters reject either levy, the district can pres-

ent the proposals to voters on one more ballot in 2012, likely in April. Both proposals need a simple majority (50 percent plus one) to pass. The ballots and voters pamphlets for the special election will be mailed together on Jan. 25. Voting for the Feb. 14 special election will be done entirely by mail. For mail and online voter registration and transfers for the special election, the deadline is Jan. 16. The special election ballot includes the following participating jurisdictions: • Auburn School District • Federal Way School District • King County Fire Protection District • Renton School District • Tukwila School District • Vashon Island School District To learn more about the special election, or to see the voters pamphlet, visit elections.

...obituaries For more information on placing an obit, please call Mary Lou at 253-925-5565 ••••••

FW schools will watch state funding reform

“This is a case where the director of elections should make a decision based on common sense,” von Reichbauer told The Mirror. The con statement for the capital projects levy was coauthored by Federal Way resident and former school board member Charlie Hoff, along with Kurt Peppard, who is active in the District 30 Democrats. To read statements for both sides, visit

•Thomas C. Regan•



Thomas C. Regan of Federal Way, WA passed away peacefully on January 8, 2012. He is survived by his wife Diane daughter Cathy and son Joe. A memorial service will take place at Tahoma National Cemetery, Kent, WA January 19, 2012 at 1:30 with a reception to follow. Please see Tom’s full obituary at

•••••••••••••••••••••••• Eddie Marker was born August 24, 1941 and grew up in Ruislip, England. She died January 6, 2012 in Federal Way, WA at the age of 70. Eddie came over to the United States in 1965 to be a stewardess with United Airlines, and met and married Jess Marker in 1967. Eddie enjoyed spending time with her family, and traveling. Eddie is survived by her husband Jess Marker; daughter Piper Marker; two granddaughters Kayla, and Gillian Zilke. Memorial Service Thursday, January 12, 2012 at 1:00PM at Church of the Edwina “Eddie” Good Shepherd, 345 S. 312th St. Federal Way, WA 98003. Please sign the online memorial at MARKER ••••••••••••••••••••••••

• Gertrude Cousland • Born Gertrude Debuque, Oct. 7, 1921, in Snohomish, Wa – 90 years young! She was known by her family as “Nana”. She left us very peacefully Jan 1, 2012. She truly will be missed by her 5 generations– Her husband and best friend, John, of 70 years will dearly miss her. They had a wonderful early retirement – travelling to Hawaii, loving our oceans, and gardening on their own property in Yelm. Her three children, Georgia, John Jr., Wally & their spouses. Her five grandchildren, Debbie, Cheryl, Wendi, Jodi and Katie and their spouses. Four greatgrandchildren, Danielle, Trever, Jeni, and Erica and their spouses. Plus, four great-great grandchildren, Joey, Gage, David and Bailey. John & Gigi moved from Yelm about 14 years ago to be closer to us. She has had many great friends along the way – at S.H.A.G. in Federal Way and about 5 years at Emeritus of Federal Way, many thanks to her many friends and staff at Emeritus for allowing us to have a very peaceful closing. She fought cancer for three long years – but now she can rest pain free. We are having a family closing for her on 1-12-12 which was her choice.

January 13, 2012 [9] [ SCHOOLS from page 1] Brown said the Legislature’s failure to act will only lead to greater harm for students. “Their failure leaves district’s like ours asking, ‘Please sir, can I “The current have some economy has more?’ Our put a strain on lawmakmany families, ers cannot but without continue to these much balance the needed levy budget on dollars, it’s our the backs of kids,” he students will said. “The wind up paying the price.” current Jason Brown, economy president, Federal has put Way Education a strain Association on many families, but without these much needed levy dollars, it’s our students will wind up paying the price.” In a Feb. 14 special election, the district will ask voters to approve two levy proposals: • The EPO levy will continue what Federal Way taxpayers are already paying for the general operations of their schools. The school district seeks a $53 million levy that will last two years. The current levy, which was approved three years ago, expires in 2012. About 80 percent of this levy money goes to basic education. • A six-year $60 million capital levy will help rebuild the aging Federal Way High School. Some of the money will be earmarked to help build play structures and play areas at 19 of the district’s elementary schools. Mayer said the executive board of the FWEA supports the levies, and as part of that, donated $1,000 to the Citizens For Federal Way Schools organization. “I am thankful that you decided to put the two levies before the voters. I am thankful, because it gives our community a chance, once again, to support vital programs in our district,” Mayer said. “However, with the state, as determined by the (state) Supreme Court, not adequately funding our basic needs, our levies must provide basic support. Our community must stand up and provide that basic support.” Opposition is beginning to form regarding the capital levy and the intention to rebuild/remodel Federal Way High School. Former school board member Charlie Hoff and resident Kurt Peppard authored an opposing statement for the Feb. 14 special election voters pamphlet. “There is no doubt that

the current Federal Way High School is in need of replacement. Before committing ourselves to a $110 million capital expenditure, we believe that far more realistic planning is needed,” reads part of the opposing statement. “School Management and Planning placed the median cost for

comparable high schools nationwide to be around $45,000,000. FWPS cost analysis does not demonstrate that proper planning was implemented in preparing the Capital Levy request.” The opposing statement criticizes the school district’s planning and

implementation of construction of another school, Todd Beamer High School. The statement calls for more public discussion and participation by principal employers in the region. Mayer said he feels the capital levy is needed, no matter what. “I drive by Federal Way

High School, and I can see, it looks just fine. But as an employee, I get to go in and and have meetings, and I see what it’s like. And my kids have friends there, and we know this school was built in 1492 or somewhere thereabouts, and has not grown the way it needs to be and is not designed for

current (teaching practices). You can have all kinds of debates about what it should look like, whether it should be Boeing’s design, or Gates’ design, or Steve Mayer’s design. You gotta have money, or it simply doesn’t matter.” More on the levies can be found at

[10] January 13, 2012

State of the state: Gregoire targets CALENDAR jobs, transit, oil, same-sex marriage Community


Gov. Christine Gregoire gave her annual State of the State address on Jan. 10. She said the way forward for Washington should include focusing on jobs, transportation, education reform and other hot-button social issues. Gregoire announced a $3.6 billion, 10-year transportation package intended to create 5,500 jobs in an effort to maintain the state’s critical transportation infrastructure. In the Puget Sound region alone, transportation has become a hot issue, with fights over mass transit funding having taken place in the latter half of 2011, with the citizens of Seattle notably

taking on an extra car tab saddle our future generafee to keep Metro Transit tions with the repairs we at current service levels. failed to make. This is our According to the governor, year to act and approve a her package would include jobs package and invest in a new $1.50 fee on each our future,” Gregoire said. barrel of oil proOutside of that duced in the state. package, GreThe governor goire also said took a tack that the Connecting seems par for the Washington Task course in today’s Force has outlined political environ$21 billion in road ment, taking a jab Christine Gregoire improvements and at oil producers in projects across the the state. She said state. it’s time they pay up and “Our transportation help the state. system is the lifeblood of “Our oil companies are the economy,” she said. “It getting all the profit and moves people to work and leaving us with the bill. goods to market, and supWe can do better. We can’t ports our tourism induswait until roads, bridges try. If we don’t maintain and ferries are falling apart and grow, we come to a to fix them. We can’t kick standstill.” the can down the road and Gregoire also came back to her proposed half-cent sales tax increase she first come worship with us this week brought up in November. Her office projects that the increase would raise approximately $494 million, with $400 million of that set to go toward schools. Reach over 66,000 The remainder would go to readers every week in the safety net programs for the vulnerable and needy. The Federal Way marketplace governor said failure to implement it would leave students and the most and watch your vulnerable in the state out in the cold. congregation grow. “While I know the sales Call us to advertise here. tax is regressive, you know what I find even more regressive?” Gregoire asked. 253.925.5565 “It’s cuts in education that will hit our low-income

...WORSHIP DIRECTORY Rissho Kosei-kai of Seattle’s



Services: English: Sat & Sun 9am Japanese: Fri - Mon 10am Lotus Sutra Lessons: Wed 7 - 9pm


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students hardest. It’s more cuts in our social safety net to poor seniors and people with developmental disabilities. And it’s cuts to public safety that will impact our poor neighborhoods the most. That’s regressive.” The Governor also touched on education reform and same-sex marriage. The education reforms would focus on the “implementation of a new teacher and principal evaluation system,” connecting struggling schools with local universities, reduce requirements on teachers and students so more time is able to be spent on instruction, and would also include a “new, executive-level office to focus on educational attainment.” The governor’s push for same-sex marriage is meeting resistance, but she is moving forward, calling it an issue of equality that needs to be addressed here in Washington. “Our Washington has always fought discrimination,” she said. “It’s time to do it again. It’s time for marriage equality. Let’s all stand together and make it happen. Let’s tell the children of same-sex couples that their parents’ relationship is equal to all others in the state.” To read the governor’s State of the State address, visit

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35419 First Ave. South, Federal Way, WA 98003 VGR222 VG Jan Event_FWM_1C_12-28.indd 1

12/19/11 11:16 AM

JANUARY 2012 U.S. Marine: The Historical Society of Federal Way will be at the Federal Way Regional Library from noon to 3 p.m. Jan. 14, featuring guest speaker Elwin Hart, who enlisted in the Marines at age 16 and served in World War II. Hart recently published a book on his experiences. Call (253) 945-7842. Fight hunger: Volunteers are needed for the Federal Way Diversity Commission food drive in January. The commission is hosting the food drive Jan. 14, in conjunction with the Martin Luther King holiday weekend. Donations will be collected between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. and will benefit the MultiService Center’s Federal Way Food Bank, which is one of the largest food banks in South King County. Volunteers are needed to help staff the grocery stores for this year’s drive. Contact Brook Lindquist at (253) 835-2401 or brook. MLK celebration: A city-sponsored celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day will run 5 to 7 p.m. Jan. 14 at Our Savior’s Baptist Church, 701 S. 320th St. Keynote speaker is Sarah Collins Rudolph, the surviving sister of Addie Mae Collins, who was killed in the 1963 Sixteenth Street Church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama. Bring a canned food donation for the Federal Way food bank. Call (253) 835-2401. Occupy Federal Way: The group will hold an “informational protest” in memory of Martin Luther King’s dream for all humans from 4 to 7 p.m. Jan. 14 at Our Saviors Baptist Church, 701 S. 320th St. Email AAUW: The Federal Way Branch of AAUW will meet at 10:30 a.m. Jan. 14 at Christ Lutheran Church, 2501 SW 320th St. The speaker will be Deana Rader, Director of Women’s Programs and Work First Services at Highline Community College. Contact: (253) 344-1087. Financial Peace University: This faith-based seminar is for people of any financial status. First class starts Jan. 25 in Federal Way. To learn more, call (253) 941-2711. Birds: Rainier Audubon Society will meet 7 p.m. Jan. 16 at the Federal Way United Methodist Church, 51st Avenue and 296th Street. Meeting features a presentation by Gary Luhm on “Adventures in Bird Photography.” Art history: High gothic and renaissance art will be the topics for a weekly art history class that runs Jan. 17 to Feb. 28 at Village Green Retirement Campus in Federal Way. Cost is $55 for non-residents, $40 for residents. To register, call Jane Fitch at (253) 952-7714. Doktor Kaboom: Centerstage Theatre presents “Dr. Kaboom!” at 7 p.m. Jan. 20 at Knutzen Family Theatre, 3200 SW Dash Point Road. This is an interactive one-man science variety show suitable for all audiences. The creation of actor/comedian David Epley, “Doktor Kaboom!” creatively blends theatre arts with the wonders of scientific exploration. Single tickets are $19.50 for adults, military, students and seniors; $10 for youth 17 and under. (253) 661-1444 or Washington State Commission on Hispanic Affairs: Public

meeting will run 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Jan. 20 at Federal Way City Hall, 33325 8th Ave. S. The commission wants to give the Hispanic community the opportunity to dialogue with local government and address issues. Interpreter services will be available during the meeting. Visit or call (800) 443-0294. FW Chorale auditions: Auditions for the Federal Way Chorale will begin at 10 a.m. Jan. 21 at Thomas Jefferson High School, 4248 288th St., Auburn. Call (253) 250-3326 to schedule with Director Laird Thornton. Basses and tenors especially needed. Visit www. Child car seat recycling: Free dropoff for unusable, expired and/ or recalled child car seats from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Jan. 21 at the Federal Way Community Center Health and Safety Fair, 876 S. 333rd St. Call (253) 835-2771 or visit www. Game day for blind people: A free luncheon and game day begins at noon Jan. 21 at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, 515 S. 312th St. in Federal Way. They’ll have Scrabble, Bop-it and card games adapted for low-vision and blind people. Contact (253) 217-9586. The Making of America: A study class on free market economics will run 4 to 6 p.m. Jan. 22 at the Federal Way Regional Library, meeting room 2, 34200 1st Way S. Free movie (“Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”) follows class. Email Seattle Philharmonic Orchestra: Centerstage announced the third annual concert by the Seattle Philharmonic Orchestra at the Knutzen Family Theatre. Show begins at 2 p.m. Jan. 22. The concert will feature Suite for Winds, Op. 4 by Richard Strauss; Music for the Royal Fireworks by George Frideric Handel; and Beethoven’s Symphony No. 6 in F, Op. 68, the Pastoral. Single tickets are $19.50 for adults, seniors, military and students and $10 for youth 17 and under. Call (253) 661-1444 or visit Leaders speak: The Federal Way Noon Kiwanis meets at noon Wednesdays at Old Country Buffet on South 320th Street. Upcoming guest speakers include Federal Way Public Schools budget director Sally McLean (Jan. 18) and sleep expert Dr. Morris Chang (Jan. 25). Sex offenders: An interfaith symposium for churches and faith communities dealing with sex offenders moving into their neighborhoods will be held 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Jan. 25 at Palisades Retreat Center, 4700 SW Dash Point Road, Federal Way. Sponsored by the King County Sexual Assault Resource Center. Register online at High School Planning Night: All eighth-graders and parents are invited to their respective high school’s planning night. Starting time for all events is 6 p.m. Planning nights are slated for Jan. 25 at Thomas Jefferson High School, Feb. 2 at Federal Way High School, Feb. 6 at Decatur High School and Feb. 8 at Todd Beamer High School. Contact (253) 945-2262 or dturner@ [ more CALENDAR page 11 ]

January 13, 2012 [11] [ CALENDAR from page 10]

College admissions: A free overview of the SAT and ACT exams will run 7 to 8:30 p.m. Jan. 25 at the Federal Way Regional Library, 34200 1st Way S. Learn tips and tricks on how to score your best. Seminar is for teens and parents, and is presented by Sylvan Learning. Contact: (253) 838-0507. Pro-Life Connections: South King ProLife Support Network will meet at 1 to 4

p.m. Jan. 28 at the Federal Way Regional Library, 34200 1st Way S., to learn more about life in the womb. Contact Patricia Conant at (253) 632-0961. Give blood: Cascade Regional Blood Services is hosting multiple blood drives in Federal Way in January. For locations and appointments, contact Robin Lulich: (253) 927-0540 ext. 202. Volunteer drivers: The Multi-Service

Center seeks volunteer van drivers to assist with the food and clothing bank. Contact Terri Turner: (253) 838-6810.


Concert for tots: Federal Way Symphony presents “Let your Music Shine” concert for tots, with music educators Lisa Grace Allison and Linda Sebenius and local musicians. The 30-45 minute show features “Mother Goose Goes to the Symphony

featuring the Trumpet, Trombone and Tuba.” Show is designed for ages birth to 8. Show runs at 10 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. Feb. 4 at St. Luke’s, 515 S. 312th St. Tickets are $7 per person. Call (253) 529-9857. Federal Way Symphony Swing Band: Guest artist Vern Sielert is an acclaimed trumpeter, arranger, composer and jazz educator who will play with a classical swing band. Show begins at 2 p.m. Feb. 5 at St. Luke’s, 515 S. 312th St. Tickets are $30 for


JAN. 14



adults, $25 for seniors, free for students 18 and under. Call (253) 529-9857 or visit Kochmar campaign: Linda Kochmar will kick off her campaign for 30th District State House position 2 at 7 p.m. Feb. 23 at Best Western Plus Evergreen Inn and Suites, located at I-5 and S. 320th St. To learn more, call (253) 640-0469. Send listings to:


WINTERHAWKS @ 7:05 PM ShoWare Center







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1426 S. 324th St., #B201 • Federal Way • 253.839.9988 From I-5, Take Exit #143 Located in Celebration Plaza . . . across from SEARS in the Commons Mall with more than 100 Japanese dishes and American dishes to choose from, exclusively at MAIN Japanese BUFFET . . .

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[12] January 13, 2012 Kiwanis, and served on the [ CLERGET from page 1] birth center and more. Clerget’s wife talked about how much he enjoyed mentoring people and teaching them how to be successful in business. He also enjoyed the great outdoors, hunting, driving boats and piloting airplanes. Over the years, he served as water commissioner and fire commissioner, was a member of the Federal Way Chamber of Commerce, belonged to the

King County Transportation Board. Faye Clerget loved her husband’s “glad to be alive, how can I help you” type of attitude. “He really left a mark on the world,” she said, noting how Doug always kept a positive outlook and never boasted of his accomplishments. “They threw the mold away when he was born. He was the last of his kind.” A chaplain who vis-

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31919 1st Ave. S., Suite 101, Federal Way, WA 98003

253.925.5565 ited Clerget in his final hours handed Faye a note containing her husband’s last words: “I know why the good Lord has kept me around. I only took what I needed and spread the extra around. I am so blessed.” Doug Clerget even has his own file at the Historical Society of Federal Way headquarters. The file contains news clippings that span decades, including ads for his business American Concrete Inc. In the late 1970s, Clerget helped organize and establish Sound Bank, a locally-owned state bank. The intention was to keep money and deposits in the community. Another clip describes his work regarding flooding issues on Pacific Highway South in 1981, while in a photo from 1973, Clerget is honored as citizen of the month. In 2000, the Federal Way News named Doug and Faye Clerget as Citizens of the Century for their local contributions. Clerget helmed one of the first major businesses in the Federal Way area. He owned and operated the Evergreen Truck Stop and industrial park, located at South 348th Street and Pacific Highway. He eventually sold the property, which now houses The Crossings shopping center, along with the site that became Costco.

The Evergreen Truck Stop was a top employer in the area, along with generating crucial tax revenue before Federal Way incorporated as a city. “He obviously made a long-lived contribution to the area’s economy,” said Mayor Skip Priest, who said Clerget mentored him about Federal Way history and business in the mid1980s. Priest said Clerget was not just a business owner, but a model business leader because of his community engagement. “If the community is successful around you, you’ll have a more successful business, and Doug recognized it,” Priest said, likening Clerget to his generation’s version of Jeff Stock, who runs Wild Waves Theme Park and owns ample real estate in Federal Way. “Doug would make decisions that impacted all of us.” Clerget is preceded in death by his parents and 2 children. He is survived by his wife, Faye; 5 children; 12 grandchildren; and 7 great-grandchildren. A funeral mass was held Jan. 12 at Saint Andrews Church in Sumner. Rosary services were held Jan. 11 at Bonney-Watson Federal Way Funeral Home. An online guestbook is available at

Economic forecast for 2012: ‘It’s going to be a lot like last year’ Last week, Patti Mullen started as the new CEO of the Federal Way Chamber of Commerce. Mullen was formerly head of the West Seattle Chamber. She moderated a forum at the Federal Way Chamber’s 2012 Economic Forecast Breakfast, held Jan. 11 at The Commons. The event featured a panel including Suzanne Fletcher of the Washington Tourism Alliance, Dave Gering of the Manufacturing Industrial Council, and Jan Teague of the Washington Retail Association. Keynote speaker was Richard S. Davis of the Washington Research Council, who delivered his forecast of what to expect in 2012: “It’s going to be a lot like last year, I’m afraid.” Read more at about Davis’ observations as well as the panel discussion regarding the economic impact of tourism, manufacturing and retail businesses. ANDY HOBBS, The Mirror



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Business buzz: Mall earns recycling award from city The Commons at Federal Way has earned Federal Way’s 2011 Leadership in Recycling Award. This award recognizes local businesses that increase recycling, reduce generation of waste and adopt other sustainable practices. The mall reduced solid waste by 22 percent in the last quarter of 2011 compared with 2010. The 42,220 pounds of garbage diverted, in addition to the change in recycling service provider, saved the Commons $3,376 in the first quarter alone. Annual savings due to increased recycling are expected to exceed $13,000 per year. The award was presented Jan. 11 at the Federal Way Chamber of Commerce Economic Forecast Breakfast. Pictured: Cynthia Stanley-Lee (General Manager) and Eric Mattison (Assistant General Manager) of The Commons and Federal Way Mayor Skip Priest. COURTESY PHOTO

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[14] January 13, 2012

Basketball: First place on the line Kelyn Rowe goes third in the MLS SuperDraft BY CASEY OLSON

TICKETS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE FOR 2012 OLYMPIC DIVING TRIALS Tickets are available for the 2012 U.S. Olympic Team Trials — Diving. The Trials will be held June 17-24 at the Weyerhaeuser King County Aquatic Center. More than 100 of the nation’s best divers are expected to vie for 16 spots on the 2012 U.S. Olympic Team in London. Tickets will be priced at $135 for an all-session pass and $100 for finals-only. General admission tickets are $15 for finals, $10 for semis and $5 for prelims. Purchase tickets at

Federal Way senior Dyesha Belhumeur will attempt to lead the Eagles to a victory over the Emerald Ridge Jaguars Tuesday at Federal Way High School. The Jags beat the Eagles in overtime earlier this year. Both have one loss. CASEY OLSON, The Mirror

Gator boys take on Lakes today and FW girls will battle EmRidge Tuesday BY CASEY OLSON



A pair of division leads will be on the line this week on the South Puget Sound League basketball court. On the boys’ side, the defending Class

3A champion Lakes Lancers will travel to the Gator Dome to battle Decatur in a matchup of the two lone unbeaten teams in the SPSL 3A division. Both the Lancers and Gators are 3-0 in league play entering the 7 p.m. Friday (Jan. 13) game at [ more GAME OF THE WEEK page 17 ]

Kelyn Rowe will be traveling across the country to begin his professional soccer career. The New England Revolution took the Federal Way High School graduate with the third overall pick in Kelyn Rowe Thursday morning’s Major League Soccer SuperDraft at the Kansas City Convention Center. “I love to go forward,” Rowe said. “I love the ball at my feet. I definitely want to bring that to New England. I want to bring that attacking force, and hopefully goal-scoring force, to the team.” Rowe recently completed his sophomore season at UCLA and became the fourth Bruin player to be named Pac-12 Player of the Year [ more ROWE page 18 ]

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January 13, 2012 [15]

Prep sports wrap: Federal Way boys take control of South Eagles down Beamer in first-place battle in the SPSL South race; Titans gym and wrestling win By CASEY OLSON

The Federal Way Eagles took control of the South Puget Sound League South Division Friday night with a hard-fought, 61-55, win over Todd Beamer. The two teams entered the game tied atop the SPSL South. Now, Federal Way leads the division at 8-1 and Beamer and Curtis follow with two losses in league play. Beamer (8-4 overall, 7-2 SPSL South) rolled out to a 19-point lead late in the second quarter, but Federal Way outscored the Titans 39-21 in the second half thanks to the play of DeeShawn Tucker and Deonte Anderson. Tucker tallied a game-high 17 points and Anderson added 11 for the Eagles. Beamer got 15 points from senior Thomas Rhodes and 11 from Roosevelt Jones. The Eagles also beat Puyallup Tuesday, 63-49, thanks to 18 points from Anderson and 16 from Tucker. Beamer got back on track Tuesday with a 57-45 win over Emerald Ridge. Jones finished

with 25 points. Decatur — The Gators (9-4 overall, 3-0 SPSL 3A) remained perfect in SPSL 3A play with a pair of wins over Enumclaw and Bonney Lake. Decatur beat Enumclaw, 77-55, Tuesday. Dom Hunter and Markus Rawls both finished with 20 points against the Hornets. The Gators downed Bonney Lake, 69-58, Friday night on the road. The Panthers led 21-16 after the first quarter, but Decatur outscored Bonney Lake, 41-24, in the second and third quarters to take control. Hunter finished with 17 points, Rawls ended up with 16 and Abraham Ferrell-Logan chipped in 11. Jefferson — Kentlake outscored the Raiders, 22-15, in the fourth quarter to beat TJ, 74-72, Friday night. Jefferson also lost to Kentridge Tuesday, 60-54. The Raiders (5-7 overall, 3-6 SPSL North) were led by the 18 points of Kendall Green, 13 from Daniel Park and 12 from Daryon James against Kentlake. Jacob Thoreson led the Raiders with 18 points against Kentridge.

Girls basketball Federal Way — The Eagles (10-2 overall, 8-1 SPSL South) remained in a first-place tie with Emerald Ridge with a pair of wins. Federal Way beat Puyal-

lup Tuesday, 56-50, and downed Beamer Friday, 68-51. Against Puyallup, Raven Benton finished with 24 points and helped the Eagles come back from a 23-17 halftime deficit. Dyesha Belhumeur added 16 points. The Eagles were playing without leading scorer Darah Huertas-Vining. Against Beamer, Federal Way got 24 points from Belhumeur and 21 from Benton. Federal Way led 30-19 at halftime before tallying 27 points in the third quarter to put the game away. Beamer (5-7 overall, 2-6 SPSL South) was again led by Megan Huff and Meghan Graf. The pair scored 42 of the Titans’ 51 points. Huff had 22 and Graf finished with 20. Beamer also lost to Emerald Ridge Tuesday, 65-47. Jefferson — The Raiders (5-8 overall, 3-6 SPSL North) snuck by Kentridge Tuesday, 51-49. Jada Piper finished with 20 points and helped TJ withstand a fourthquarter comeback. But TJ lost another heartbreaker Friday, this time to the Kentlake Falcons, 43-42. Jefferson has lost three games this season by one point. The Raiders got 18 points from Piper, nine from Lindsey Dahl and eight from Chevay Warnes. Decatur — The Gators (5-6 overall, 2-1 SPSL 3A) were beaten by Enumclaw Tuesday, 55-33. The Hornets outscored Decatur, 35-10, during the

Todd Beamer’s Brian Dykman (top) started a six-match pin streak for the Titans during a 46-33 victory over Curtis Wednesday night. charles cortes, For the Mirror first and third quarters. A’yesia Rogers led the Gators with 15 points.

Gymnastics Beamer — The Titans dominated a four-team meet Wednesday, scoring 169.5 points. Tahoma finished second at 145.75, Rogers third at 141.45 and Kentwood was fourth with 137.05 points. Three Beamer gymnasts swept the all-around. Sam West won with 36.9 points, Leah Freeborn was second with 35.3 and Kasey Johnson was third with 35.1. West also won the individual titles on the vault (9.25), bars (9.0)

and balance beam (9.1). Freeborn won the floor exercise with a 9.65.

Wrestling Beamer — The Titans beat Curtis Wednesday night in University Place, 46-33. The Titans dominated the middle weights during the SPSL South dual. Beamer won six-straight matches by pin, starting with Brian Dykman at 126 pounds. Ares Carpio followed at 132, Aron Set-Heit at 128, Deshar House (145), Blake Hansen (152) and Lance Gibson at 160. The Titans’ other wins came from Jordan Rhodes at 106 and Brett Dykman at 113.

Federal Way’s Celski suffers ankle injury, done for year By CASEY OLSON

It looks like the season is over for twotime Olympic bronze medalist and Federal Way native J.R. Celski. An ankle injury will keep the 21-year-old out of the Short Track Speedskating World Championships. Celski suffered the injury last month during a three-skater crash at a World Cup event in Japan. He attempted to skate on the ankle last weekend at the U.S. National Championships in short track at the Utah Olympic Oval, but couldn’t. “It’s a bummer, but in the long run, this is not that important of a meet to risk (further) injury,” Celski told ESPN on Jan. 6. Celski started the race in Utah just so he could qualify for a possible spot on the United States relay team at the World Championships. A five-member selection committee made Celski a discretionary pick on Sunday. He will be eligible to compete in individual events in the remaining World Cup races but only in the relay at worlds. It’s still unclear if Celski’s ankle will be healed by the time to race in the relay at the season-ending World Championships, which are scheduled for March in Shanghai, China.

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Federal Way’s J.R. Celski still hopes to skate at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia. file photo “I was on the bottom of the pile and came out the unlucky one,” he said of the Dec. 4 crash in Nagoya, where he won a silver medal in the 1,500 meters earlier in the competition. According to Celski, the ankle injury won’t put an end to his quest at competing in his second Olympic Games. The 2014 Olympic Winter Games are slated for Sochi, Russia. And this won’t be the first time that Cel[ more celski page 16 ]

Entertainment subject to change without notice. Management reserves all rights.

2402 Auburn Way S. | Auburn, WA 98002 800.804.4944 |

RG Bounceback 1-13.indd 1

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[16] January 13, 2012

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• The Seattle Sounders FC will hold open tryouts on January 21-22, 2012, at the team’s training fields at the Starfire Sports Complex in Tukwila. Tryouts will be conducted from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day. The tryouts are open to male soccer players ages 18 years and older. Tryouts will feature small-sided as well as 11v11 games. Players will be assessed by members of the Sounders FC technical and coaching staffs, including Head Coach Sigi Schmid, General Manager Adrian Hanauer and Technical Director Chris Henderson. In addition, other approved assessors will oversee the tryouts including goalkeeper coaches. “We continue to seek the best domestic and foreign talent that can help the Sounders be more successful on the pitch,” said Sounders FC Technical Director Chris Henderson. “Anytime a player has a chance to perform in front of a professional coaching staff with hopes of pursuing his lifelong dreams, it is very exciting.” The registration cost for each player is $125. Space is limited and will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. To register, visit Once applications are accepted participants will receive email notification. • Federal Way National Little League will be hosting three in-person registration events. The first will be from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Federal Way Regional Library on 1st Avenue on Jan. 14, the second will be from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the library on Jan. 21 and the last will be from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Federal Way National Little League Complex on Jan. 28. Steel Lake Little League will also be hosting registration from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Federal Way Regional Library on Jan. 14 and 21. • The Federal Way High School girls basketball team, along with the Thomas Jefferson boys will be playing at the 2012 ShoWare Showcase on Monday, Jan. 16 at Kent’s ShoWare Center. The Federal Way girls will take on Kentwood at 1 p.m. and the TJ boys will play Kentwood at 7:30 p.m. There will be a total of seven games during the day, including two girls and five boys.

[ celski from page 15]

ski has had to come back from an on-the-ice injury before the Olympics. As a 19-year-old, Celski had a 6-inch gash sliced into his left thigh at the 2010 U.S. Olympic Trials. The cut, caused by a skate, required 60 stitches to close. But Celski acquired enough points before the injury at the Olympic Trials to qualify for the Vancouver Winter Olympics, where he won two bronze medals just five months after the injury. Following the 2010 games, Celski took a year off from skating to complete a 90-minute documentary about the Seattlearea hip-hop scene. The documentary is set to debut at some film festivals later this year. Celski returned to the ice in October and swept the

American Cup 1 event in Missouri. “Before I left, I was just kind of that kid out there having fun, doing what I did best and didn’t really take it seriously outside of the rink,” he said in October. “Now, coming back, I want to do everything right. I want to be consistent for the next three years and know I can be the best in the world.” Celski’s skating career started as a 4-year-old inline skater at Federal Way’s Pattison’s West with his father, Bob, and two brothers, Chris and David. After numerous inline national championships, Celski switched over to the ice as a 12-year-old to follow in the skates of his idol, Apolo Ohno, who was also a former Pattison’s skater and Olympic gold medalist.

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January 13, 2012 [17] [ game of the week from page 14 ]

Decatur. ca Game in New Orleans. On the girls’ side, the But Olson is gameFederal Way Eagles will planning that Banner, who take on the Emerald Ridge is averaging 15.2 points a Jaguars at 7 p.m. Tuesday game, will be on the court. (Jan. 17) at Federal Way Andrew Holloway is leadHigh School. The two teams ing the team in scoring at sit atop the SPSL South 16.2 a game. Division with identical 8-1 “We’ll have to battle league records. him by committee,” Olson The Lakes Lancers, unsaid of Banner. “And try to expectedly, have struggled keep him off the boards as a little bit during the early much as possible and likely part of the season. Lakes double him if he does get it has lost four on the block.” games and had “The tough earlyThe Gators will season schedule to overcome a continue to count first-half deficit has really forced us on Dom Hunter, Tuesday to beat to raise our level Markus Rawls and of play. I think it’s Bonney Lake Abraham Ferrellon the road, Logan. The three paying off now, 57-54. although (the Lakes guards are all avBut Lakes’ eraging in double game) will be the 6-4 overall figures, led by the real test to see record is a 20.2 points a game where we are at.” bit deceiving. by Hunter. Rawls Decatur head coach Three of their is scoring 14.9 Kevin Olson four losses and Ferrell-Logan have come to is tallying 11.2 a national comcontest. petition. The Lancers lost If Tuesday night’s SPSL three of four games during South girls basketball a holiday tournament in showdown between Federal Nevada and were beaten up Way and Emerald Ridge by third-ranked Lincoln on is anything like their first Dec. 22. meeting of the season, then “Lakes is very athletic fans are in for something and quick,” Olson said. special. “We’ll really have to contain The Jaguars handed the the basketball and get out to Eagles their first SPSL loss their shooters.” in close to two seasons on The Gators (9-4) have Dec. 8 in overtime, 89-82. played a challenging Federal Way rolled through preseason schedule and last season with a perfect have also lost four games. 16-0 record in the SPSL But Decatur has won sixSouth. straight games, including This time around, the five by double digits, and Eagles will have to do a seem to be rolling. better job defending Em“The tough early-season erald Ridge’s talented point schedule has really forced guard, Taylor Buie. The us to raise our level of senior finished the first conplay,” Olson said. “I test with 47 points, think it’s paying off including all 12 of now, although (the the Jaguars’ points Lakes game) will be in overtime. the real test to see Buie also hit an where we are at.” improbable 3-pointThe Lancers are er to tie the game at playing this season the end of regulaDom Hunter without Nate Guy, tion that bounced the SPSL 3A MVP off the shot clock from a season ago. before dropping at The versatile 6-foot 6-inch the buzzer. She is leading wing is in the middle of the SPSL in scoring at 25.5 an eligibility dispute with points a game. the WIAA as a fifth-year But the Eagles also senior. The team is waiting feature a high-powered for a final ruling on Guy’s point guard in senior eligibility. Darah Huertas-Vining. But It also looks like Lakes Huertas-Vining, who leads might be playing without the team at 17.9 points a another preseason all-state game, hasn’t played in the selection. The Lancers’ Eagles’ last two games, wins 6-foot-9, 320-pound Zach over Beamer and Puyallup. Banner has a football During the absence, recruiting visit set for this Federal Way has been lead weekend to the University by seniors Raven Benton of Southern California, but and Dyesha Belhumeur. there is word that the visit The pair have combined might be pushed back. Ban- for 85 points in the last two ner missed last weekend’s games, or nearly 70 percent SPSL 3A game against of the team’s total output. Auburn Mountainview beBenton is averaging 14.1 cause he was playing in the points and Belhumeur is Under Armour All-Americhipping in 12.5.

[18] January 13, 2012 we added a critical player to [ ROWE from page 14] with 10. Rowe also tallied six goals and led UCLA to the semifinals of the NCAA College Cup. “We went into this thing and wanted to get the best player at that pick,” said New England manager Jay Heaps. “We really felt like

our team in Kelyn.” This offseason, Rowe made his camp debut with the United States under-23 National Team after earning six caps on the U-20 squad. He finishes his UCLA career with 13 goals, 20 assists and 46 points in 46 games played. “I’m primarily an attacking player,” Rowe said. “I love to get the ball and run at the back four. I have good vision, decent pace and my ability to play the dangerous ball is something I think coaches like about me and I bring to the field.” Rowe is one of five college underclassmen to join

MLS through the Generation Adidas program this year. The players will receive unprecedented opportunities to develop their game with one of the MLS’s 19 professional clubs. Players also receive educational

grants to further their college education and don’t count against an MLS team’s salary budget. Heaps will have plenty of time to ease Rowe, a 5-foot-8 midfielder, into action. Rowe will compete for minutes as


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a rookie with Bennie Feilhaber, club legend Shalrie Joseph and veteran Clyde Simms, among others. New England finished tied with Vancouver for the fewest points in MLS last season with 28 and failed to make the postseason. “We are trying to maintain that mentality that we want to attack,” Heaps said. “Kelyn’s in the midfield for us and he’s very versatile, from what we’ve seen.” Rowe joins an impressive group of UCLA alums in MLS, including Feilhaber, Kevin Hartman, Amobi Okugo, Sal Zizzo, Marvell Wynne, Nick Rimando and Jordan Harvey. UCLA has produced the most MLS players of any college in the league’s history. Rowe was not be the first Federal Way school district grad to use the Generation Adidas platform to enter the MLS. Decatur’s Ciaran O’Brien was the fifth overall pick by the Colorado Rapids in the 2008 MLS SuperDraft after leaving the University of California Santa Barbara after his sophomore season. O’Brien played in only one game for the Rapids’ first squad in 2008 before being loaned out by Colorado to the lower-level Seattle Sounders, Austin Astex and Montreal Impact, along with the Ireland club, Sporting Fingal, from 2008-10. After his contract ran out with Colorado, O’Brien singed with the North American Soccer League Atlanta Silverbacks in March. He won first-league honors with four goals and Atlanta announced in November that O’Brien would return for the 2012 season.

1/9/12 4:18 PM

Former Todd Beamer High School graduate Travis Crumb will play baseball at Jamestown College in North Dakota. Jamestown head coach Tom Hager announced this week that Crumb has signed a national letter of intent to join the Jimmie baseball program beginning in the spring. Crumb, a sophomore right-handed throwing/ hitting outfielder, transfers from Tacoma Community College. Last season at TCC, Crumb hit .156 with three RBIs in 32 at bats for the Titans. Tacoma finished the 2011 season with a 24-16 overall record and finished third in the NWAACC West Division.

January 13, 2012 [19] [ LICARI from page 1] Health problems first turned up last year when Licari started experiencing a shortness of breath. She went into the doctor for some testing and it was thought she was suffering from a blood clot in her chest. Doctors put Licari on medication that was supposed to dissolve the clot, Griebel said. It wasn’t until Licari collapsed during a Federal Way High School track practice last spring that doctors discovered that the problem wasn’t a blood clot after all. After collapsing, Licari went in for further tests in Seattle, with doctors finally recommending open-heart surgery to find a definitive answer. That’s when a tumor was found in her chest. The cancer treatment proceeded from there. “She was just a deeply caring person,” said John Meagher, who worked with Licari for the past 17 years at Federal Way. “There was never an issue too small for her. She always worked for the benefit of others. I know that she made a difference. She was just an inspiration.” Licari died from a rare form of cancer called LMS, or Leio-

[ PALMER from page 5] them know that 2012 is going to be a good year. He told the rapt audience that the Year of Jubilee in the Jewish tradition normally comes around every 50 years, signifying new beginnings. But he was giving them the go-ahead to declare their year of jubilee in 2012. Back to our featured Federal Way ministers. How were they selected among thousands of other Washington preachers to rub shoulders with the Osteens onstage? Relationships, indeed, don’t exist in a vacuum. Casey and Wendy Treat and the Osteens have had a decades-long friendship. In fact, Dodie Osteen, the matriarch, along with her two daughters, was at CFC last October for the church’s annual women’s conference. The Treats are overseers of the largest church in Washington. And to ensure that charity begins at home, the church has done its part in giving back to its community. In 2009, the Treats gave $10,000 to Rainier View Elementary School, the largest private donation ever to that school, to purchase digital projectors for several classrooms. The church has given tons of food annually to area food banks from its seasonal food drives, and has a cadre of prayer partners and people who visit the sick and shut-in at hospitals and nursing homes. CFC supports missions

myosarcoma. It is a malignant husband, Pat, and two daughters, cancer of smooth muscle. LMS Katelin and Madison. Pat Licari is can be very unpredictable and an assistant track and field coach can remain dormant for long at the University of Washington. periods of time. It is a resistant During his 15-year tenure at UW, cancer, meaning generally not Pat Licari has developed some of very responsive to chemotherapy the nation’s premier pole vaulters, or radiation. including one Olympian, three “The kids are just sad,” NCAA champions and Griebel said about the stu10 different All-Amerident body at Federal Way cans. He was head cross High School. “It’s not recountry and track coach ally that shocking because at Highline Community she’s been sick. But there College from 1991-96 is just sadness.” before moving over to the Following the openHusky program in 1997. Jean Licari heart surgery in May, As far as teaching Licari was actually back at awards go, Licari was the work at Federal Way when recipient of the Carnegie school opened in September. She Learning 2006 Distinguished even remained on as the Eagles’ Educator Award. Carnegie Learncross country head coach during ing is a leading research-based the fall sports season. mathematics curricula provider But Licari’s health continued to and recognizers one teacher who deteriorate. She was forced to take is using their products to change a leave of absence from teaching the way students think about and just a month into the school year apply math to their lives. in October, according to Griebel. During her teaching career, “She was pretty sick at the beLicari taught all levels of math at ginning of the year,” she said. “She Federal Way, including algebra knew that she wasn’t doing well. and geometry for freshmen She needed to take care of herself through seniors. and spend time with her family.” Licari was also instrumental Licari is survived by her in engineering a credit retrieval

in Bulgaria, China, South America and Africa, along with monthly support to World Vision, right there in its backyard. At 36 years old, Joe Bowman is one of the youngest pastors in Federal Way today. Married to the lovely songbird, Pamela, Bowman is the senior pastor of Integrity Life Church — one of the fastest growing churches in the region. He is the former National Youth Congress President for Federated Pentecostal Churches International (2006-2007). Additionally, he is the recipient of the prolific “Leadership Award” from his former employer, Financial Pacific Leasing — a local, multimillion-dollar company in Federal Way. He is a board member of Federal Way Community Gardens Foundation, pastoral liaison for City Vision, advocate and supporter of Federal Way Caregivers Network, and a member of Federal Way Pastors for a Better Community. Integrity Life Church and the Bowmans have availed themselves in doing a lot of community-inspired projects. Both churches had a lot of members in attendance at the KeyArena, many working as greeters and booksellers. Kudos to Rich Stearns and the faithful and dedicated servants of World Vision. Federal Way is once again proud of you!

Federal Way resident Nandell Palmer runs Write A Blessing Media:

[ COLD CASES from p. 1] Back in 1991, witnesses saw a suspect, and two versions of a sketch of the man have been distributed over the years. At the time, the suspect was described as a 5-foot-10 to 6-foot white male in his 20s with shoulder-length dirty blond/light brown hair. He had a medium build and was wearing a trench coach and dark pants. If you have info related to the Yarborough case, call the King County Sheriff ’s Office at (206) 296-3311. The new emphasis into cold cases like Yarborough’s has been made possible by the King County Sheriff ’s Office, along with the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, dedicating more resources to review each of the county’s unsolved homicides. Since 2006, detectives and deputy


program at Federal Way High School. The program was engineered, along with help from Heather Wren, to allow students to complete both their core classes as well as independent study to allow students with poor grades to graduate on time. All students who entered the program had to sign a contract, and there are strict consequences for their actions: A third strike against them and they are out. The program, which kicked off in 2008, has been instrumental in allowing students who wouldn’t have graduated to get their diplomas. “This is one of the most rewarding things as a teacher I have ever done,” Licari said in a 2009 story in The Mirror. “She was a cornerstone in our building for many years and made differences in the lives of her students, athletes, staff and coaches,” said current Federal Way athletic director Miguel Perez. “Obviously, she was a great teacher,” said Meagher, who received an interview at Federal Way because of Licari. “But from my perspective from the coaching world, she was just consis-

prosecuting attorneys have identified 193 homicides and missing person cases believed to be homicides, dating back to 1942. The term “cold case” refers to a crime that has not yet been solved or is the subject of a recent criminal investigation, but for which new information could emerge from new witness testimony, re-examined archives, retained material evidence and fresh activities of the suspect. In total, King County’s Cold Case Squad has filed 18 murder cases since its inception. The Cold Case Squad includes Det. Scott Tompkins and Det. Jake Pavlovich, both experienced homicide detectives. The team also includes civilian analyst Tom Jensen, a retired sheriff ’s detective with more than 20 years experience working the Green River Killer homicides, the most famous cold case

tent, caring and competitive and always did what was right for the kids. She came to embody the girls track and cross country teams at Federal Way.” “I took some time to read through some posts on her Facebook and there were posts from kid after kid that she touched in a meaningful way. Some said that they would have never graduated without her. That’s the impact she had.” While attending the Federal Way-Beamer basketball game Friday night, Greibel was talking to a parent of a former student of Licari’s, who gave her the ultimate compliment. “I just have a heads up that she was not doing well,” Griebel said. “He told me that his daughter is finishing medical school and that she would not have gotten that far if it wasn’t for Jean Licari. She had the unique ability. She loved math and helped kids love math.”

Donations The Federal Way High School Foundation has established a fund to help support the Licari family. Donations can be made online at

in King County’s history. The threesome gave the Cold Case Squad a little more beef when they were assigned full time in 2009, thanks to a $500,000 grant from the National Institute of Justice, an arm of the U.S. Justice Department. The grant has assisted the squad in investigating and resolving unsolved homicides and missing person cases.

How to help A webpage has been set up on the King County Sheriff ’s Department website ( sheriff/Contact/TIPS.aspx) describing the nearly 200 outstanding cold cases from the last 40-plus years. The cases are specifically directed toward homicides or missing person cases thought to be homicides. Detectives are asking the public to report any information related to these crimes.

[20] January 13, 2012

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WANTED: Your Diabetes test strips. Unexpired. We buy Any Kind/Brand. Pay up to $22.00 per box. Shipping Paid. Hablamos espanol. Call 1800-267-9895 Lost

LOST: CAT, Male. Tan and white. Last seen at Vets For Less on 348th a n d H w y 9 9 , Fe d e ra l W a y, S a t u r d a y, 1 / 7 . Please call with info: 253-334-6229

jobs Employment General

New Year, New Sales Career Reputable Tree Service provider in Business since 1986 and A+ Rated with the BBB is immediately hiring for an Outside Sales Rep. with Strong Closing Abilities. We provide leads but Cold Calling is required and highly compensated for. O u r To p R e p s e a r n $60-$100k+ per year.

Employment General

ADVERTISING SALES CONSULTANT Sound Publishing, Inc. has an immediate opening for an Adver tising Sales Consultant at the Maple Valley/Covington Reporter. This position will be based out of our Maple Valley office. The ideal candidate will demonstrate strong interpersonal skills, both written and oral, and excel in dealing with internal as well as external contacts on a day-to-day b a s i s. C a n d i d a t e w i l l need to have an exceptional sales background and print media experience is a definite asset. Must be computer-proficient at Word, Excel, and utilizing the Internet. Position requires use of personal cell phone and vehicle, possession of valid WA State Driver’s License and proof of active vehicle insurance. Compensation includes a base plus commission and a competitive group benefits program. EOE Sound Publishing, Inc. is Washington’s largest private, independent newspa per com pany. Ou r broad household distribution blankets the entire Greater Puget Sound region, extending northward from Seattle to Canada, south to Salem, Oregon, and westwa r d t o t h e Pa c i f i c Ocean. If you thrive on calling on new, active or inactive accounts both in person and over the phone; if you have the ability to think outside the box, a r e c u s t o m e r - d r i ve n , success-oriented, selfmotivated, well organized and would like to be part of a highly energized, competitive and professional sales team, we want to hear from you! No calls or personal visits please. Please email your cover letter and resume to: or mail to: Sound Publishing, Inc., 19426 68th Avenue S. Kent, WA 98032, ATTN: HR/CMV

Sound Publishing, Inc. is currently accepting applications for CIRCULATION MANAGER positions in East and South King County.


Flexible Schedule. IN YOUR Full Time, year round work! AREA • 10%-18% commission earned for Company & Self-Generated sales. Call Today • Travel, cell phone and 1-253-872-6610 medical allowances available. Carriers Wanted: • Company vehicle proThe Federal Way Mirror vided to Top Reps. is seeking independent contract delivery drivers Skills/Requirements: to deliver the Federal • Minimum 5 Years Out- Way Mirror two days per week. A reliable, inside sales experience. • Cold Calling experi- sured vehicle and a cure n c e a n d O n e C a l l rent WA drivers license is required. These are Closing. • M u s t l o v e w o r k i n g independent contract delivery routes. Please call outdoors. • Goal oriented & suc- (888) 838-3000 or email circulation@federalwaycess driven a must! • Experience in the Tree Care Industry a plus Manager/Leasing but not required.

• •

Please apply online TODAY at or submit resume to

1-800-684-8733 Ext. 3434 or 3321

Employment General

Agent for 64 unit apt complex.

Job entails answering phones, showing apts, collecting rents, preparing lease docs, move in/out inspections and day to day activities. Will be working with owner on a near daily basis. Minimal experience required-will train. Salar y+bonus. Benefits include free apt, cable and utilities. Send resume to: “Resume� 12932 SE Ke n t - K a n g l ey # 1 1 5 , Kent WA 98030

The primar y duty of a Circulation Manager (CM) is to manage a geographic district. The CM will be accountable for the assigned newspaper as follows: Recruiting, contracting and training independent contractors to meet delivery deadlines, insuring delivery standards are being met and quality customer service. Position requires the ability to operate a motor vehicle in a safe manner; to occasionally lift and/or transport bundles weighing up to 25 pounds from ground level to a height o f 3 fe e t ; t o d e l i v e r newspaper routes, including ability to negotiate stairs and to deliver an average of 75 newspapers per hour for up to 8 consecutive hours; to communicate with carriers and the public by telephone and in person; to operate a personal computer. Must possess reliable, insured, motor vehicle and a valid Washington State driver’s license.

Rental Living Federal Way

Discover The Comforts Of Home! Nice Quiet Community! Full size W/D & fireplace. Near Commons Mall. Easy I-5 access! Pet friendly.

1 BR $645 2 BR $865 Section 8 Welcome View At Redondo 253-945-6800

Have Units To Fill?

Sound Publishing is an Equal Opportunity Employer and offers a competitive benefits package including health insurance, 401K, paid vacat i o n , h o l i d ay s a n d a great work environment. If interested in joining our team, please email resume and cover letter to:

OR send resume and cover letter to: Sound Publishing, Inc. 19426 68th Avenue S, Kent, WA 98032 ATTN: CM



Debra West 866-603-3215

Reaching over 110,000 households with 5 community papers our apartment guide will help you ďŹ ll those vacancies. Whether you need to target the local market or want to cover the Puget Sound area, WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED!

n e e d e d fo r Fe d e ra l Way Alteration Shop. Experience required. Call: 253-205-9233 or 253-839-8300

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Go online to to find what you need.



  !-.+*%./$!)+./+),-!$!*.%1!,-+1% !-+" ! 0/%+*(..!..)!*/,-+ 0/..!-1%!.* .+(0/%+*.!-!(++'%*#"+-+((!#!#- 0/!./+ -! * .+-!./0 !*/!..4.+*/!),+--4.%./ +0-00-*!-"+-)*!+-%*#!*/!-% /-%*%*# 2%((!#%*/$!"%-./2!!'%*-$"+-/$!.!.%3/+!%#$/ 2!!'.+-%*#.!..%+*.0!.."0(!),(+4!!.)4! .'! /+2+-' %/%+*(,-+&!/.




       4  ,!),'( 22 -*)(- 3,(- .')/(.!), #-./ (., -*)(- -), '*&)2 -( ,()( 0 ,"  

#)/,1$.#.# *). (.$&.) ,('),  4 )/,&23 

#)/,'*&)2 -)'* (-.  !&.#)/,&2,. !),.$' 1),% 2$(, - - )(.# #)/,&2,. $& -.)( -,  1, .0,$)/-.#, -#)&- 4 2#$!.


*' 4 # &),- ", , +/$, /.$.'2 $((2!$ & 4 $&& , +/$, .)*,)0$ *,))!)! &$"$$&$.2.)1),%$(.# 

+02%((*!!  *+((!#! %,(+)+-""%%( -*.-%,/ +0)!*//%+* "+-* 



      /$/-!!//!  00-*   # !"     ##    #!  "  # Auctions/ Estate Sales

DRIVERS -- Company Lease - Work for us or let us work for you. Unbeatable career opportunities. Trainee. Company Dr iver. Lease Operator ear n up to $51K. Lease Trainers earn up to $80K. (877) 369-7105 w w w. c e n t r a l d r i v i n g

Federal Way Public Auction/ Landlord Lien Foreclosure Sale 1/20/12 at 9 AM.


stuff Antiques & Collectibles

Local Kent Flatbed, Curtainside Runs. Great Pay, Benefits! CDL-A, 1yr Exp. Req. Estenson Logistics. Apply: 1-888-598-7244 is an online real estate community that exposes your proďŹ le and listings to two million readers from our many publications in the PaciďŹ c Northwest. Log on to join our network today.

GOT ANTIQUES? Rem o d e l fo r c e s s a l e o f 1920-1930 Beautiful, Rare, Unsual Antique China Hutch and Buffet. Solid Walnut with Walnut Burl Inlay. Must see to believe. Email or call for more pictures or to set up appointment to view. Ser ious inquires only please. Asking $5,500 OBO. joycebarron@hotD R I V E R - - W e e k l y 253-863-8958 hometime. Dry and Re- Lake Tapps Area frigerated. Daily Pay! Local Orientation. Newer Think Inside the Box trucks. CDL-A, 3 months Advertise in your current OTR experience. local community 800-414-9569. www.drinewspaper and on the web with just Need extra cash? Place one phone call. your classiďŹ ed ad today! Call 1-800-388-2527 or Call 800-388-2527 Go online 24 hours a for more information. day

Cemetery Plots

1976 SLVCR 68/24 mobile home, Camelot Square Mobile Home Park #316, 3001 S 288th St - Ph: 253-839-7575 ACACIA Memorial Park, “Birch Gardenâ€?, (2) adjacent cemetery plots, #3 Cemetery Plots & #4. Selling $5,000 each or $8,000 both. Lo2 PERSON PLOT For cated in Shoreline / N. Sale. Sunset Hills Me- Seattle. Call or email morial Park Cemetery. Emmons Johnson, 425R e t a i l s Fo r $ 2 6 , 5 0 0 . 4 8 8 - 3 0 0 0 , Asking $14,000. Prime Location, Near The Top Of The Hill In The Gar- C E M E T E RY P L O T S , den Of Memories, Lot Double Lawn Cr ypt at 2015, Space 1 And Is A Sunset Hills Memorial D o u b l e D e p t h L a w n Park in Bellevue. GarC r y p t , N ex t To T h e d e n o f Fa i t h , L o t 3 1 , Walkway Path. Please Space 9. Retails for over Call Mark At (206)510- $ 2 6 , 0 0 0 . B o t h f o r $12,000 and I pay for 4760. transfer of deed. 253CEDAR LAWNS, Red- 212-1174 mond. 2 Spaces - 1 and 2 - For Sale in Eternity &INDĂĽ)TĂĽ"UYĂĽ)TĂĽ3ELLĂĽ)T L o t 6 1 - D. B e a u t i f u l , ,OOKINGĂĽFORĂĽTHEĂĽRIDE OFĂĽYOURĂĽLIFE Peaceful Setting. Valued at $3,500 Each But Will WWWNW ADSCOM ĂĽHOURSĂĽAĂĽDAY Sell Both For $6,000. All M a i n t e n a n c e Ta k e n GREENWOOD MemoriCare Of By Cemeter y. al Park in Renton. One (425)823-1677. Will Pay plot available in beautiful Transfer Fee. Rhododendron section. Purchased in 1966 CEMETERY plots, 3 ad- among Renton families jacent, Sunset Hills, Gar- and veterans. This secden of Prayer in Belle- tion is filled, lock in price v u e . $ 1 0 , 0 0 0 e a c h , now! $4000. For more $25,000 for all, or best details, call Alice: 425offer. 360-367-6479. 277-0855

Cemetery Plots

Mail Order


SUNSET HILLS Memorial Park Cemetery Plot for sale. Lincoln Memorial Garden Lot 45 Space 12. This section is filed. Stunning view of Seattle, Bellevue, the Olympics and Mt Rainier. Retail $22,000 will sell for $15,000. Please call Steve 206-235-8374

AT&T U-VERSE for just $29.99/mo! Save when you bundle Internet+Phone+TV and get up to $300 back! (Select plans). Limited Time C a l l n ow ! 1 - 8 6 6 - 9 4 4 0810

F1b GOLDENDOODLES for Chr istmas! Small, Medium. Red and black s m a l l g i r l s , bu f f a n d black medium girls and black boy. Blacks with blue skin shine! Parents are 35-46 pounds, gentle, smar t, tested. Choose pup now, bring home after decorations away, mid Jan. $975. 1st shots, vet check, wormed. vashonislandgolden 206-463-3844

Farm Fencing & Equipment

SAWMILLS from only $3997 -- make and save money with your own bandmill. Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship Free Info/DVD: www.NorwoodS aw m i l l s. c o m 1 - 8 0 0 578-1363 Ext. 300N Firewood, Fuel & Stoves

APPLE, Fir/Pine Firewood

1.800.848.4141 Reach the readers the dailies miss. Call 800-388-2527 today to place your ad in the ClassiďŹ eds.

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Home Services Landscape Services

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ALL Service Contracting

Danny’s Landscaping & Tree Service



Over 30 yrs exp. in:

Remodel D Home repair D Baths D Kitchens D Basements D Add-On D Cabinets D Counters

D Custom Tile D Windows

D Fences D Decks Ref.avail. 253-486-7733 D

Lic/Bond/Ins allsec021lq

Winter Clean-Up: Thatch, Weed, Bark, Haul, Tree Removal, Etc. Ornamental & Fruit Tree Pruning, Gutters, Roof, Moss Control

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AJ’S HOME REPAIR * Basic Remodel * Carpentry * Painting * Flooring * Windows * Doors * Decks * Minor Electric & Plumbing

* Wood Fences * Pressure Washing * Roof & Gutter Cleaning

253-945-9887 AJS****001BG

January 13, 2012 [21]

Employment Transportation/Drivers to ďŹ nd the perfect home for sale or rent. Home Services Hauling & Cleanup

*EZ-Haulers Junk Removal

We Haul Anything!


Lowest Rates! (253)310-3265


WINTER SPECIAL: 50% OFF Yard Clean up, Wind Falling and Dead Wood Clean up, Thatching & Aerating, Weeding (hand pulling or spraying), Pruning and Trimming, Hedge Trimming, Gravel Laying, Bark Dust and Mulch, Mowing Lawns and Small Fields, General Labor, AND MUCH MORE. Satisfaction Guaranteed LOWEST PRICE Free Estimates Senior Discount Licensed Bonded & Insured CALL JOSE 206-250-9073 or 253-273-3242

Senior Discounts Free Estimates Expert Work 253-850-5405 American Gen. Contractor Better Business Bureau Lic #AMERIGC923B8

Sell it free in the Flea 1-866-825-9001 Home Services Tree/Shrub Care


Free Estimates Insured & Bonded

253-854-6049 425-417-2444

Removals, Topping, Pruning LIC# JJTOPJP921JJ

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LET ME HELP I can deliver your message to tens of thousands of doorsteps in your market. Call me today to find out more Jennie Morello 866-296-0380 Whether you need to target the local market or want to cover the Puget Sound area, WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED!

CHILD JACKET: Helly Hansen 104/cm, size 4 with snap off hood. Excellent condition. Red, w h i t e a n d bl u e. $ 2 7 . Federal Way. 253-8748987

100% Guaranteed Omaha Steaks - save 64% on the Family Value Collection. Now only $49.99 plus 3 free gifts & rightto-the-door delivery in a reusable cooler, order Today. 1-888-543-7297 and mention code 45069SKS or www.OmaNEW FRIEND for your New Year! AKC German Must Sell! New NASA Shepherd Pups; cute, Memory foam matt. set. cuddly & ready to go. Full $375, Qn $400, King Born 10/28, first shots, $500. New. 20 yr warr. w o r m e d & C h a m p i o n Del. avail. 253-539-1600 blood lines. Parents on --------------------------------- site. Gorgeous females Brand New Orthopedic available at $500 each. matt. & box spring. Still Two Sables. One Black in plastic. With warranty! & Tan. Call Melanie at Twin $ 175, Full $200, 2 5 3 - 5 0 8 - 9 6 7 1 t o d ay. Queen $230, King $350. Enucmlaw. Call 253-537-3056 --------------------------------Factory Closeout BR set. Incl: bed, nightstand, dresser, mirror. Full/ Queen, $395. King, $495. 253-539-1600 --------------------------------Overstuffed Microfiber sofa & loveseat, new, factory sealed, w/ Lifet i m e w a r r. o n f r a m e . YO R K I E / YO R K S H I R E Scotch guarded. Only Terrier AKC Registered, $695. 253-537-3056 Born October 21st, --------------------------------- 2011. Home raised! Will New Adjustable Bed w/ be small approx 3.5 to memory foam mattress. 4.5lbs. Very friendly and List: $2800. Sacrifice, loving puppies, full of $950. 253-537-3056 mischief! Mother & father on site. Wor med READERS & MUSIC lovtwice & first shots. Feers. 100 Greatest Novels males, $1,100 and (audio books) Only males, $900. Call 360$99.00 (plus s h.) In653-3240 or 425-330cludes MP3 Player & Ac9903 c e s s o r i e s. B o n u s : 5 0 Classical Music Works & Cats Money Back Guarantee. Call Today! 1-888-7993451

LARGE CHINA Curio Cabinet with drawer base. Excellent condition. Walnut wood. 56� wide, 53� high. Lighted glass shelf. $450. (253)740-4034

1 9 9 3 F O R D Ta u r u s . $2,495 Only 57,000 miles. Stock# 11000. 1-888-207-6977.Dlr.* Automobiles Nissan

1 9 9 0 N I S S A N S e n t ra Stock # 278642. $638. 1-888-631-1192. Dlr.* 1995 NISSAN Maxima. $2,995. Stock# 10992. 1-888-207-6977. Dlr.* 1997 NISSQAN Sentra. Stock# 178337. $1,138.1-888-631-1192. Dlr.* Automobiles Plymouth

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1992 FORD Explorer. Stock#178169. $938. 1-888-631-11192. Dlr.* 19967 FORD Expedition. $3,999. Stock# 10995. 1-888-207-6977. Dlr.* 1996 FORD Explorer. $3,295. Stock# 10999. 1-888-207-6977. Dlr.* Sport Utility Vehicles Jeep

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1988 JEEP Cherokee. $738. Stock# 178906. 1-888-631-1192.Dlr.* Utility Trailers

2003 24’ ROLLING Star Custom Cargo Trailer. Excellent Condition. 12,000 GVWR. Dual Axel, Electric Brakes, Goodyear Radial Trailer 6-Ply Tires - Low Mileage, Rear Ramp, Reese Sway Bar Hitch System, Leveling Jacks. No Interior Wheel Well Bumps. Floor 100% Usable Space. Interior 12V Lights. $5,999. Call Scott, 360-654-1783 Vans & Mini Vans Chevrolet

1993 CHEVY Van. $888. Stock# 77518. 1-888631-1192. Dlr.* 1987 CHEVY Astro Van. $688. Stock# 178823. 1-888-631-1192. Dlr.* 1998 CHEVY Venture Va n . $ 2 , 9 9 5 . S t o c k # 10997. 1-888-207-6977. Dlr.* Auto Service/Parts/ Accessories

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1 9 9 9 AU D I Q u a t t r o . Stock#11004. $4,995. 1-888-207-6977. Dlr.* Automobiles Chrysler

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[22] January 13, 2012

LEGAL NOTICES CITY OF FEDERAL WAY REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL I. PURPOSE OF REQUEST. The City of Federal Way (“City”) is requesting proposals for the purpose of Aquatic Plant & Algae Management in 2012 from qualified contractors (“Contractor”). The City’s needs are outlined in the following Request for Proposal (“RFP”). II. TIME SCHEDULE. The City will follow the following timetable, which should result in a selection of a firm by February 10, 2012. Issue RFP January 4, 2012 Deadline for Submittal of Proposals January 20, 2012 Preliminary Selection of Firm F e b r u a r y 3 , 2012 Notify Firm Chosen February 10, 2012 III. INSTRUCTIONS TO PROPOSERS. A. All proposals should be sent to: Jeri-Lynn Clark Purchasing Department City of Federal Way 33325 8th Ave S Federal Way, WA 98003-6325 (253) 835-2526 B. All proposals must be in a sealed envelope and clearly marked in the lower left-hand corner: “RFP 2012 Aquatic Plant & Algae Management” C. All proposals must be received by January 20, 2012, at which time they will be opened. Three (3) copies of the proposal must be presented. No faxed or telephone proposals will be accepted. D. For the complete copy of “RFP 2012 Aquatic Plant & Algae Management” please go to the City of Federal Way website www.cityoffederal FWM1831 First Date Published: January 6, 2012 Last Date Published: January 13, 2012 PUBLIC NOTICE FEDERAL WAY SCHOOL DISTRICT #210 Federal Way, WA 98003 OFFICIAL NOTICE OF SCHOOL DISTRICT DIRECTOR BOUNDARY CHANGE HEARING and SCHOOL DISTRICT DIRECTOR BOUNDARY CHANGE ADOPTION This is to notify patrons of the Federal Way Public Schools that the Board of Education will hold a Public Hearing at the regularly scheduled School Board meeting on January 10, 2012 to propose a change to Director District boundaries due to the 2010 census in accordance with RCW 29A.76.010. Then, the Board of Education will adopt the Director Boundary changes during the regular Board Meeting of Tuesday, January 24, 2012 at 7:00 pm. The location of these meetings will be at Federal Way City Hall, Council Chambers, 33325 8th Avenue S., Federal Way, WA 98003. Written comments prior to the hearing may be addressed to:, or mailed to Sally McLean 33330 8th Ave. So. Federal Way, WA 98003-6325 Robert R. Neu, Superintendent FWM1836 First Date Published: January 6, 2012 Last Date Published: January 20, 2012 AUCTION NOTICE In compliance with RCW 46.5.130 Express Towing LLC will sell to the highest bidder at 1215 S 356th St in Federal Way, WA on 1/20/12 @ 3:00 pm. Viewing starts at 12 pm. FWM1842 Date Published: January 13, 2012 CITY OF FEDERAL WAY REQUEST FOR BIDS 2012 ASPHALT OVERLAY PROJECT RFB # 12-101 SUBMITTAL OF SEALED BIDS: Notice is hereby given that the City of Federal Way, Washington, will receive sealed bids through February 15, 2012, until 10:00 a.m., at the Purchasing Office, City Hall, 33325 8th Avenue South, Federal Way, Washington 98003. Proposals received after 10:00 a.m. on said date will not be considered.

BID OPENING: All bids will be opened and read publicly aloud at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, February 15, 2012, at the City Hall Hylebos Conference Room, 33325 8th Avenue South, Federal Way, Washington, for this RFB. All bid proposals shall be accompanied by a bid deposit by a cashier’s or certified check, or Bid Bond in an amount equal to five percent (5%) of the amount of such bid proposal. Should the successful bidder fail to enter into a contract and furnish satisfactory Performance Bond within the time stated in the specifications, the bid deposit or bond shall be forfeited to the City of Federal Way. DESCRIPTION OF WORK: This project shall consist of furnishing all materials, equipment, tools, labor, and other work or items incidental thereto (excepting any materials, equipment, utilities or service, if any, specified herein to be furnished by the Owner or others), for the construction, sequencing and traffic control plan for overlaying existing asphalt concrete pavement in up to nine (9) different locations within the City of Federal Way. The work shall include but not be limited to: Hot Mix Asphalt pavement overlay (17,000 tons) and Hot Mix Asphalt pavement, pavement repair, planing of asphalt pavement, paving fabric, sidewalk repair, curb and gutter repair, truncated dome retrofit, adjustment of existing utilities, traffic markings, traffic signal loops, wheelchair ramps, and all items necessary to complete the work as described in the Contract documents. The Contractor shall complete all work within 80 working days. The bidder is urged to check the plans and contract provisions carefully. All bid proposals shall be in accordance with the Instructions to Bidders and all other contract documents now on file in the Purchasing Office of the City of Federal Way. Bid documents may be obtained from the Purchasing Department at (253) 835-2526. Any questions concerning the description of the work contained in the contract documents must be directed to Jeff Huynh, Street Systems Engineer, by facsimile at (253) 835-2709, or by letter addressed to Jeff Huynh, Street Systems Engineer prior to bid opening date. PURCHASE OF BID DOCUMENTS: Bidders may purchase copies of the Bidding Documents (half-size plans) in person, or by mailing a Twenty-Five and no/100 Dollars ($25.00) (non-refundable) check or cashiers’ check payable to the City of Federal Way, 33325 8th Avenue South, Fede r a l Wa y, WA 98003-6325, phone (253) 835-2526. If purchasing by mail, please indicate your request for Bidding Documents for RFB #12-101, 2012 Asphalt Overlay Project. Informational copies of maps, plans, and specifications are available for review at the Public Works Department, Federal Way City Hall, 33325 8th Avenue South, Federal Way, Washington. Bidding Documents are also available for review at the following Plan Centers: Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce, Attn:, 83 Columbia St, Suite 200, Seattle, WA 98104 Valley Plan Center, 10002 Aurora Avenue North, #36, PMB 334, Seattle, WA 98133 Reed Construction Data, 30 Technology Parkway South, Suite 500, Norcross, GA 30092 Builders Exchange of Washington, 2607 Wetmore Avenue, Everett, WA 98201 Daily Journal of Commerce Plan Center, 921 SW Washington St, Suite 210, Portland, OR 97205 Contractor Plan Center, 14625 SE 82nd Drive, Clackamas, OR 97015 Contractor’s Resource Center, 2301 S Jackson Street, Suite 101F, Seattle, WA 98144 McGraw-Hill Construction, 200 SW Michigan Street #100B, Seattle, WA 98106 The City, in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, 78 Stat. 252, 42 U.S.C. 2000d to 2000d-4 and Title 49 C.F.R., Department of Transportation, Subtitle A, Office of the Secretary, Part 21, Nondiscrimination in Federally-assisted programs of the Department of Transportation issued pursuant to such Act, hereby notifies all bidders that it will affirmatively ensure that in any contract entered into pursuant to this advertisement, disadvantaged business enterprises as defined at 49 CFR Part 23 will be afforded full opportunity to submit bids in response to this invitation

and will not be discriminated against on the grounds of race, color, national origin, or sex in consideration for an award. The City encourages minority and women-owned firms to submit bids consistent with the City’s policy to insure that such firms are afforded the maximum practicable opportunity to compete for and obtain public contracts. The Contractor will be required to comply with all local, State, and Federal laws and regulations pertaining to equal employment opportunities. The City anticipates awarding this project to the successful bidder and intends to give Notice to Proceed as soon as the Contract and all required associated documents are executed in full. However, regardless of the date of award, or Notice to Proceed, the Contractor must complete all work under this project by October 31, 2012. RESERVATION OF RIGHTS: The City of Federal Way reserves the right to reject any and all bids, waive any informalities or minor irregularities in the bidding, and determine which bid or bidder meets the criteria set forth in the bid documents. No bidder may withdraw his bid after the hour set for the opening thereof unless the award is delayed for a period exceeding thirty (30) days. Dated the 13 day of January, 2012 FWM1843 Date First Published: January 13, 2012 Date Last Published: January 20, 2012 CITY OF Federal Way NOTICE OF PLANNING COMMISSION PUBLIC HEARINGS Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan and Twin Lakes Commercial District Subarea Plan The City of Federal Way’s Planning Commission will conduct two public hearings on Wednesday, February 1, 2012, at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers located at 33325 8th Avenue South, Federal Way, WA 98003. The commission will consider and provide a recommendation to the City Council regarding the following two planning documents: 1. File 11-105067-UP - Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan Planning document containing goals and objectives related to bicycling and walking in Federal Way. In addition, the master plan contains background information and analysis of existing bicycle and pedestrian facilities and recommendations for proposed future bicycle and pedestrian facilities. 2. File 11-101366-UP - Twin Lakes Commercial District Subarea Plan Planning document containing goals and policies relating to building/site design, economic development, non-motorized mobility, and healthy food access. Focus area boundaries of this plan include the Neighborhood Business (BN) zoning designation centered at the intersection of 21st Avenue SW and SW 336th Street/SW Campus Drive, and properties within ¼ mile of the BN zone. The official files are available for public review at the Community and Economic Development Department (address above). Any person may submit written comments to the Planning Commission prior to the hearing; present comments to the commission during the hearing; and/or may appear at the public hearing to provide verbal testimony. For additional information regarding the Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan, please contact Senior Planner Janet Shull at 253-835-2644, or jan For additional information regarding the Twin Lakes Commercial District Subarea Plan, please contact Associate Planner Matthew Herrera at 253835-2638, or FWM1844 Date Published: January 13, 2012 ADVERTISEMENT TO BID South King Fire & Rescue will be accepting bids for Landscape Maintenance services for eight fire department sites. Bid opening will be at the headquarters station located at 31617 1st Ave S., Federal Way, WA 98003 on February 16th, 2012 at 3:00 P.M. There will be a MANDATORY walk-thru held on January 26, 2012 at 8:00 A.M. Bid packets will be provided at the walk-thru. The department contact person will be D/C Mike Knorr

(253-946-7250). FWM1845 Date Published: January 13, 2012

CITY OF Federal Way NOTICE OF MASTER LAND USE APPLICATION AND OPTIONAL DETERMINATION OF NONSIGNIFICANCE (DNS) Project Name: Celebration Square Building I/Pad C, Phase B and C Project Description: Proposal to demolish a 16,152 square-foot portion of building I, construct a 20,000 square-foot addition to the south, and develop pad C with a 3,443 square-foot drive thru restaurant. Associated site improvements include parking, landscaping, and underground storm drainage pipes. Applicant: Randy Kyte, Harsch Investment Properties LLC, 1121 SW Salmon Street, Portland, OR 92101 Project Location: 32057 Pacific Hwy South, Federal Way, WA 98003. Parcel #150050-0110 Date Application Received: December 21, 2011 Date Determined Complete: January 5, 2012 Date of Notice of Application: January 13, 2012 Comment Due Date: January 27, 2012 Environmental Review: Based upon review of a completed environmental checklist, and other information on file with the City, it is likely that the City of Federal Way will determine that the project will not have a probable significant adverse impact on the environment and expects to issue a Determination of Nonsignificance (DNS) for this project. The optional DNS process in WAC 197-11-355 is being used. This may be your only opportunity to comment on the environmental impacts of the proposed project. The proposal may include mitigation measures under applicable codes, and the review process may incorporate or require mitigation measures regardless of whether an environmental impact statement (EIS) is prepared. A copy of the subsequent threshold determination for the specific proposal may be obtained upon request. Agencies, tribes, and the public are encouraged to review and comment on the proposed project and its probable environmental impacts. Comments must be submitted by the date noted above. Permits Under Review: Use Process III (File #11105020-UP), Building Permit (File 11-105022-CO) and State Environmental Policy Act Threshold Determination (File #11-105021-SE) Environmental Documents & Studies: Environmental Checklist, Geotech Addendum Relevant Environmental Documents Are Available at the Address Below: Yes Development Regulations Used for Project Mitigation: Federal Way Revised Code (FWRC) Title 14, “Environmental Policy;” Title 16 “Surface Water Management,” and Title 19, “Zoning and Development Code” Public Comment & Appeals: Any person may submit written comments on the land use application or the environmental impacts of the proposal to the Director of Community and Economic Development by 5:00 p.m. on January 27, 2012. Only persons who submit written comments to the Director (address below) or specifically request a copy of the decision, may appeal the decision. However, any interested party may appeal the environmental threshold determination. Details of appeal procedures for the requested land use decision will be included with the written decision. Issuance of Final Environmental Determination: The final Determination of Nonsignificance (DNS) may be issued without a second comment period, unless timely comments identify probable significant adverse impacts that were not considered by the Notice of Optional DNS. A copy of the DNS may be obtained upon request. Availability of File: The official project file is available for public review at the Department of Community and Economic Development, 33325 8th Avenue South, Federal Way, WA 98003. Staff Contact: Assistant Planner Becky Chapin, 253-835-2641 FWM1846 Date Published: January 13, 2012

So easy you can do it standing on your head

January 13, 2012 [23]


FAMILyYhoFusUe N! Federal Way Community Center and St. Francis Hospital present the

Bounc s g in t t fi t e lm e h le c y ic B Car seat recycling


Health & Safety Fair Saturday, January 21 • 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Federal Way Community Center 876 S. 333 rD St., FeDeraL WaY Wa

SPEAKERS Preparing Your Feet for Sports

Paul D. Coulter, DPM Podiatrist 10:15–10:45 a.m.

Living Well for Women

Jessica Rowan, ARNP, CNM Nurse practitioner & midwife 11 a.m.–noon

Understanding the Nutrition Label Amy Thul, RD Registered dietitian 12:15–1:15 p.m.

Visit dozens of booths from local clinics and providers for free: Body composition tests Children’s ID kits Bone density tests Chair massage Posture screening and more!

Cholesterol and glucose screenings on site for only $10 ScreenPointe will provide testing and Nawang Sherpa, MD, Franciscan Medical Group, will review your results and answer any questions you may have.

Group Fitness Demonstrations 8–9 a.m.–Jazzercise • 9:10–10:10 a.m.–Group Power • 10:15–11:15 a.m.–Group Kick • 11:15 a.m.–12:15 p.m.–Zumba • 12:30–1 p.m.–SilverSneakers Muscular Strength & Range of Motion • 1:15 p.m.–1:45 p.m.–SilverSneakers YogaStretch

[24] January 13, 2012

Federal Way Mirror, January 13, 2012  

January 13, 2012 edition of the Federal Way Mirror