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Islanders Bank

We take great pride in being the local bank providing our island communities financial products & services with a personal touch.

“The Buck $tays Here” Our Three Full Service Banking Offices: Friday Harbor Branch 225 Blair Avenue Friday Harbor, WA 98250 (360)378-2265

Lopez Island Branch 45 Weeks Road Lopez Island, WA 98261 (360)468-2295

Orcas Island Branch 475 Fern Street Eastsound, WA 98245 (360)376-2265

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his magazine is for islanders and anyone wanting to learn more about the islands, and is especially useful for those planning to move here. Use this magazine as your relocation guide. It contains information about health care, local government and schools. You’ll see what we pay in taxes, who to call for public services, where to get day care for your child, where to have fun — and who we are as islanders. If you need more information, contact us: The Journal of the San Juan Islands, 360-378-5696; and The Islands’ Sounder, 360-376-4500. Or visit us at SanJuanJournal.com and IslandsSounder.com. The San Juan County Economic Development Council provided much of the economic information for this Book of the San Juan Islands. Besides producing economic statistics, reports and research studies, the EDC provides small-business support in business plan development, navigating regulations, and managing assets. The EDC provides classes, many of them free, to help emerging and existing small businesses with customer service, financial planning, and marketing. We appreciate the EDC’s help in making this Book of the San Juan Islands a more complete picture of the economic climate – and the vibrant future ahead – on the islands

A LOOK AT WHO WE ARE Population, overall San Juan County’s population was estimated to be 15,900 in 2007, which makes it the eighth smallest county in the state. Of the 2007 population total, 13,680 were living in unincorporated areas of the county. The largest and only incorporated city in San Juan County is Friday Harbor, with an estimated population of 2,220. The Office of Financial Management predicts that San Juan County’s population will grow at a 1.9 percent annual rate between 2006 and 2025 — more than twice the national rate and 1.5 times the state rate. The 2025 projected population of San Juan County is 22,231. Population, by age and gender There isn’t much of a gender gap in San Juan County: As of April 1, 2007, the population was comprised of 7,793 male islanders and 8,109 female islanders.



The largest population group in 2007 was between the ages of 40 and 64. The median age has crept up too — to 49.9, above the earlier 47.4. Almost two-thirds of the San Juan County population are over the age of 40. Compare this figure to the national and state figures, each at about 44.0 percent. Conversely, less than 26 percent of the San Juan County population is under the age of 30. For the nation and state, this figure is about 41 percent. Here’s a look at San Juan County’s population by age and gender: Age Total Male Female 0-4 552 274 278 5-9 716 359 357 10-14 935 475 461 15-19 785 414 371 20-24 493 262 231 25-29 513 257 256 30-34 528 255 273 35-39 824 396 428 40-44 1,103 506 598 45-49 1,532 743 789 50-54 1,803 849 954 55-59 1,701 843 858 60-64 1,432 726 706 65-69 942 505 437 70-74 672 356 317 75-79 573 258 315


80-84 405 182 224 85+ 390 133 256 Median age: Total: 49.9. Male: 49.7 Female: 50.06. Source: Washington State Office of Financial Management Population, Marital Status Now married: 60.4 percent Never married: 17.1 percent Divorced: 14.8 percent Widowed: 6.6 percent Separated: 1.1 percent Population, ethnic San Juan County had about 15,700 residents in 2006, when these figures were determined by the state Office of Financial Management. The islands — originally the home of Coast Salish peoples, and later the home of immigrants lured by the islands’ bountiful resources — have historically had a diverse population. Here’s the breakdown: ■ White/Caucasian: 15,138 ■ Hispanic: 369 ■ Two or more: 235 ■ Asian/Pacific Islander: 180 ■ American Indian/Alaska Native: 127 ■ Black/African American: 20 Source: San Juan County Auditor’s Office

A look at the San Juans

WHERE ISLANDERS LIVE Of the county population, 75 percent live outside its three urban village areas: Friday Harbor, 2,045; Eastsound, 980; Lopez Village, 190. The county land area is 174.9 square miles (fewest in Washington). There are 90.9 people per square mile (10th among Washington counties). Lopez Island: 2,396 residents, 1,922 housing units. Orcas Island: 4,894 residents, 3,249 housing units. San Juan (uninc.): 5,214 residents; 3,217 housing units. — Friday Harbor: 2,150 residents, 973 housing units. Shaw Island: 246 residents, 166 housing units. Total county: 15,900 Source: Washington state Office of Financial Management

WHERE PROPERTY OWNERS LIVE The San Juan County Treasurer’s Office mailed nearly half of all 2007 property tax statements to addresses outside of San Juan County. Treasurer Jan Sears performed an analysis in response to a County Council inquiry during the current round of budget presentations. Sears found that of the 19,608 statements mailed, 30 percent (5,830) went to other cities in Washington State; 19 percent (3,628) went to 47 other states; and 88 statements were mailed to addresses in 20 foreign countries. Not all of the statements sent out of county represent nonresidents, however. Sears said many island residents have winter addresses in warmer climes and that some statements are mailed directly to financial institutions on the East Coast or to taxpaying services in the Midwest.

In 2005, personal income (total earnings from wages, passive enterprises, and investment interest and dividends) in San Juan County was $44,053, higher than the state average ($35,479) and the national average ($34,495).

Net Worth Total $0 or Less 792 $1-$5000 913 $5,000-$10,000 490 $10,000-$25,000 889 $$25,000-$50,000 997 $50-000-$100,000 1,273 $100,000-$250,000 1,538 $250,000-$500,000 625 $500,000 or more 343

Percent 10.5 12.1 6.5 11.7 13.2 16.8 20.3 8.3 4.5

Source: Washington Department of Community Trade and Economic Development

WHAT ISLANDERS EARN In 2006, San Juan County averaged nearly 5,400 jobs covered by unemployment insurance, with a $148 million payroll. The county’s annual average wage was $27,563, well below the state average of $42,881. In 2006, the county ranked 35th in total covered wages. Wages in utilities were the highest at $53,457. The next highest wages were paid in educational services ($36,976), followed by finance and insurance ($36,060). At the other end of the spectrum were wages in arts, entertainment and recreation ($15,315), real estate and rental and leasing ($17,296) and accommodation and food services ($17,655). In 2005, the San Juan County median hourly wage was $16.66, ninth highest in the state.

Households by Type Family households . . . . . . . . . . . . 62.1% With children 18 or younger . . 22.9% Married couple/family . . . . . . . . . 51.8% With children 18 or younger . . . 15.3% Female head of household . . . . . . 6.9%

San Juan County Population Forecast 2000: 14,077 2005: 15,500 2010: 17,327 2015: 19,150 2020: 20,857 2025: 22,513 2030: 24,041 Source: Washington Department of Financial Management

With children 18 or younger . . . . 5.0% Non-family households . . . . . . . . 37.9% Householder living alone . . . . . . 30.6% Householder 65 and older . . . . . 10.7% Households with individuals younger than 18 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24.1% Households with individuals 65 and older . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28.5% Source: U.S. Census Bureau



A look at the San Juans

How islanders vote Nov. 4, 2008 general election: 11,624 registered, 10,635 ballots cast, 91.49 percent turnout. Aug. 19, 2008 primary election: 11,042 registered, 7,267 ballots cast, 65.81 percent turnout. Feb. 19, 2008 presidential primary election: 10,858 registered, 7,025 ballots cast, 64.7 percent turnout. Nov. 6, 2007 general election: 10,852 registered, 6,690 ballots cast, 61.65 percent turnout. Nov. 7, 2006 general election: 10,656 registered, 8,304 ballots cast, 77.93 percent turnout. Sept. 19, 2006 primary: 10,531 registered, 5,828 ballots cast, 55.34 percent turnout. Nov. 8, 2005 general election: 10,777 registered, 7,322 ballots cast, 67.94 percent turnout. Sept. 20, 2005 primary: 11,713 registered, 6,388 ballots cast, 54.54 percent turnout. Nov. 2, 2004 general election: 12,035 registered, 10,149 ballots cast, 84.33 percent turnout. Sept. 14, 2004 primary: 11,384 registered, 6,312 ballots cast, 55.45 percent turnout.

Educational Attainment San Juan County residents are a fairly educated group of people. According to 2006 Washington state statistics, 95.7 percent of islanders graduated from high school, compared to the state average of 80 percent. Some 42.7 percent have at least an undergraduate degree, compared to 27 percent in the rest of the state. Here’s a glimpse of the level of educational attainment of county residents, according to the Washington state Department of Community, Trade and Economic Development: Less than ninth grade . . . . . . . . . . . .0.4% Ninth to 12th grade, no diploma. .4.3% High school graduate . . . . . . . . . . 18.5% Some college, no degree . . . . . . . 28.0% Associate degree . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6.1% Bachelor’s degree . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26.4% Graduate or professional . . . . . . . 16.3%

Source: San Juan County Elections Office

Total (age 25 and older) . . . . . . . . . 100%


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These people are elected or appointed to serve you With just 175 square miles of land, San Juan is the smallest of Washington state’s 39 counties. But the daily tasks of county government are more complicated than in other counties because of our fractured geography. San Juan County provides taxpayer-supported services to four ferry-served islands and several smaller, less populated islands. County government is headquartered in Friday Harbor, the county’s only incorporated town. Here, you’ll find the County Courthouse and the Legislative Building, home of the County Council and the administration departments. Some county government offices are also located on Lopez and Orcas islands and, to a lesser degree, on Shaw Island. If you’re moving to the islands, or if you are already a resident, here are the people you need to know when you have a question or concern about public services. (Visit the county’s Web site, www.co.sanjuan.wa.us)

SAN JUAN COUNTY Adult Probation Services: Brad Fincher, probation officer. Courthouse, 350 Court St., Friday Harbor 98250. 378-8208. Assessor: Charles Zalmanek. Courthouse, 350 Court St., Friday Harbor 98250. 378-2172. E-mail assessor@sanjuanco. com Auditor: Milene Henley. Courthouse, 350 Court St., Friday Harbor 98250. 378-2161. E-mail auditor@sanjuanco.com Communications: Stan Matthews, manager. Legislative Building, 350 Court St., No. 5, Friday Harbor 98250. 370-7405. E-mail stanm@sanjuanco.com Community Development and Planning: Rene Beliveau, director. 135 Rhone St., Friday

Harbor 98250. 378-2116. Email reneb@sanjuanco.com County Administrator: Pete Rose. Legislative Building, 55 Second St., Friday Harbor 98250. 378-3870. County Council: Legislative Building, 55 Second St., Friday Harbor 98250. 378-2898. Email council@sanjuanco.com District 1 (San Juan South): Lovel Pratt. District 2 (San Juan North): Rich Peterson. District 3 (Friday Harbor): Howie Rosenfeld. District 4 (Orcas West): Richard Fralick. District 5 (Orcas East): Patty Miller. District 6 (Lopez/Shaw): Jamie Stephens. District Court: Judge Stewart Andrew. Courthouse, P.O. Box 127, Friday Harbor 98250. 378-4017. Marion Melville, court administrator. E-mail dstct@sanjuanco.com Elections: Doris Schaller, supervisor. Legislative Building, 55 Second St., P.O. Box 638, Friday Harbor 98250. 378-3357. E-mail elections@sanjuanco. com Health and Community Services: John Manning, director. 145 Rhone St., Friday Harbor 98250. 378-4474. Human Resources: Pamela Morias, manager. Legislative Building, 55 Second St., Friday Harbor 98250. 378-3870. Juvenile Court Services: Tom Kearney, director. Courthouse, 350 Court St., Friday Harbor 98250. 378-4620. Lopez Island: 468-4274. Orcas Island: 376-4970. E-mail juvenile@ sanjuanco.com Land Bank: Lincoln Bormann, director. 328 Caines St., Friday Harbor 98250. 378-4402. E-mail lincoln@rockisland.com Parks and Fair Department: Dona Wuthnow, superinten-

dent. 105 Second St., Friday Harbor 98250. 378-8420. Email parks@sanjuanco.com Prosecuting Attorney: Randy Gaylord, prosecutor. Courthouse, P.O. Box 760, Friday Harbor 98250. 378-4101. E-mail randyg@sanjuanco.com Public Defender: Joan Pedrick (juvenile), Thomas Pacher (adult). 378-4017. Public Works: Jon Shannon, director. 915 Spring St., Friday Harbor 98250. San Juan Island: 370-0500. Orcas Island: 376-4089. Lopez Island: 468-2273. E-mail pubwks@ sanjuanco.com Senior Services: 145 Rhone St., P.O. Box 607, Friday Harbor 98250. 378-4474. Lopez Island: 468-2421. Orcas Island: 376-2677. San Juan Island:

378-2677. Sheriff: Rob Nou. Courthouse, 96 Second St., P.O. Box 669, Friday Harbor 98250. 378-4151. Emergency: 911. Superior Court: Judge Donald E. Eaton. Courthouse, 350 Court St. Friday Harbor 98250. 378-2163. Superior Court Clerk: Joan White. Courthouse, Friday Harbor 98250. 378-2163. Email joanw@sanjuanco.co Treasurer: Jan Sears. Courthouse, P.O. Box 639, Friday Harbor 98250. 378-2171. Email treasurer@sanjuanco.com WSU Cooperative Extension: Tom Schultz, agent. 221 Weber Way, Suite LL, Friday Harbor 98250. 378-4414. http:// sanjuan.wsu.edu. E-mail sjce@ wsu.edu.




Signs that the downward trend is coming to a close BY RICHARD WALKER

state in December, you got the feeling that the economy is headed in the right direction,” OB Jacobi, a Northwest MLS board member, said in a year-end report. “That increase in consumer confidence is the boost the real estate market needs.” Buyers are taking their time. “One of our agents worked with a couple for over a year before a higher-end home they’d been eying for months had a price drop and they jumped on it,” Jacobi said. “Whether it’s a starter home or a luxury property, to sell in today’s market a great home also needs to have a great price.”

If trends mean anything, Steve Buck of Coldwell Banker San Juan Islands said his010 was a tough year to try and sell tory indicates this year will be a good one a home in San Juan County. for real estate. John L. Scott Real Estate in “According to our statistics, the slugFriday Harbor closed, and its staff gish market in the 1980s lasted five years, moved down the street to Windermere from 1981-86. The downturn we’re in now Real Estate. Thus ended a real estate office started in January 2006, so we’re coming that was founded in the early 1950s as up on five years this January, and it has Dougherty Real Estate. That leaves four been bouncing along bottom for over a agencies with storefronts on San Juan year now,” he wrote in a column in The Island; the others are Coldwell Banker San Journal of the San Juan Islands and The Juan Island and Kent Meeker Real Estate Islands’ Sounder. Services. “In 2010, we had a 16 percent increase But there were some signs of new life, as in sales, both in dollar volume and numhomebuyers took advantage of ber of transactions. This was a federal tax credit for first-time our first increase since 2005. We homebuyers and prices lowered had a similar increase in sales MEDIAN HOME PRICE in response to the Great Recesfrom 1986-87. Following that, we sion. experienced a 66 percent increase Year to date median home prices By year-end, the volume of in sales from 1987-88, a 21 pending sales around Western Jan. 1 to Oct. 31 percent increase from 1988-89, a Washington nearly matched 44 percent increase from 1989-90 Single-family and condos combined the total for the same month in and a 58 percent increase from 2009, and regionwide the real 1990-91. Then the Gulf War hit, 2003: $300,000 estate industry enjoyed its best so we had a two-year downturn. December since 2006. Sales picked up again in 1993 2004: $375,000 At the end of the year, there and continued to do so until 2005: $427,500 were 336 total active listings 2001 when it slowed down, but in the San Juan Islands, down just for that year. Then we had 2006: $450,000 from 429 in December 2009. substantial annual increases from 2007: $500,000 There were 12 pending sales, 2002-06.” up from 8 the same month a Buck said the market is already 2008: $472,500 year earlier, and 14 closed sales, feeling the impact from these 2009: $443,500 up from 11. The median home factors: price was $562,500, up from The Seattle area has a much 2010: $397,500 $357,000. That’s the highest in more diverse economy than in Source: Northwest Multiple Listing Service the 21 counties in the Norththe 1980s, with comparatively west Multiple Listing Service. high pay. “As the economy builds King County was second with a steam, many will be looking for median price of $342,400. escapes and the San Juan Islands The “median” home price Lawrence Yun, chief economist for the offer one of the best, if not the most desirmeans one half of all homes sold higher, National Association of Realtors, deable, locations.” and one half lower, than that price. The scribed continuing gains in home sales as Technology is making it so that increasmedian home price is one of the most encouraging. He believes all the indicator ingly more people will be able to live and common measurements used to compare trends are pointing to a gradual housing run their businesses in places like the San real estate prices. It is said to be less biased recovery. Juan Islands. than the average price since it is not as “In addition to exceptional affordability Interest rates are at nearly record lows, heavily influenced by small numbers of conditions, steady improvements in the compared to 16- to 22-percent interest very highly priced homes. economy are helping bring buyers into the rates during much of the 1980s. Of the 21 counties in the Northwest market,” he said. However, he cautioned, Mortgage rates are starting to climb, Multiple Listing Service, eight including further gains are needed to reach normal which leads to the availability of more San Juan had year-over-year increases in levels of sales activity, and home price money to lend. “It also stimulates people pending sales for December. prospects will vary depending largely to decide to purchase while they can still “If you were in any mall in Washington upon local job market conditions. get the best rates,” he wrote.




LOPEZ ISLAND ISLAND PROFILES QUICK FACTS Lopez Island COUNTY COUNCIL Jamie Stephens 468-3331 (office) 468-4408 (home)

FIRE DEPARTMENT Jim Ghiglione, chief 468-2991

LIBRARY 2225 Fisherman Bay Rd. 468-2265

MEDICAL CLINIC 103 Washburn Place Lopez Village 468-2245

SENIOR SERVICES Lopez Isl. Senior Center 468-2421

SHERIFF’S DEPT. 3345 Fisherman Bay Rd. 468-2333 Emergency: 911

UTILITIES/SERVICES CenturyTel (800) 201-4102 Fisherman Bay Sewer Dist. 468-2131 Fisherman Bay Water Dist. 468-2002 Inter Island Petroleum 1593 Mount Baker Road Eastsound 376-4512 Orcas Power & Light 376-3500 (office) 376-3599 (outages) San Juan Propane 981 Dill Road 468-4621

Where everybody knows your name BY COLLEEN SMITH ARMSTRONG


opez Island is called the “Friendly Isle” for good reason: It’s the only island where passing motorists have a long-standing tradition of waving to one another, whether they know you or not. With lush farmland and flat roads ideal for bicycling, Lopez Island is a top destination for visitors to the San Juans. It’s also the closest of the ferry-served islands to Anacortes, making it a quick and convenient trip. Most of the island’s businesses are located in Lopez Village, a smaller version of the villages found on Orcas and San Juan. On Saturday mornings in the summer, you’ll find shoppers milling around the Farmers Market, islanders chatting in the coffee shops, and children playing in Lopez Village Park. Although Lopez Island’s population is small (around 2,400 people), it has a wide variety of community services, many of which are made possible by the dedication of volunteers. Fund-raisers and benefit concerts are a staple of the community — non-profits rely on the generosity of Lopez Islanders to keep them going throughout the year. Lopez Center for Community and the Arts opened 11 years ago, thanks to thousands of volunteer hours and more than $1 million in fund-raising. It is the site of most island benefits, concerts and community events. Also on Lopez Center’s property you’ll find Sally’s Garden, Lopez Children’s Center (preschool and day care), the skateboard park and Lopez Island Family Resource Center. Lopez’s Fourth of July celebration is one of the most treasured island events. The day begins with 5K and 10K fun runs and includes a quintessentially Lopez parade, followed by a salmon barbecue at Lopez Center. The day finishes with a first-class fireworks display known to be one of the best on the west coast. Many come to the island just to watch the display, which is put on by a group of dedicated and highly skilled volunteers. The Lopez Island Chamber of Commerce sponsors a tree-lighting ceremony to kick off the winter holidays. The Chamber also sponsors Tour de Lopez in spring, a non-competitive bicycle tour of the island with faithful attendants from across the country as well as throughout the San Juans. The number of participants continues to grow each year; last year it reached 850. The ride concludes in the Village Park with a barbecue lunch for bicyclists as

well as local residents. The Lopez Island School District offers individualized education for students in grades K-12. The farming community on Lopez is continuing to flourish. Many of the island’s farms sell dairy products, fresh produce, island-raised meat, and jams at the Farmers’ Market. In addition, local grocery stores carry their products. Check out some of the winter farmstands scattered throughout the island. Lopez Island Medical Clinic and emergency medical services from the Lopez Island Fire Department provide care to islanders. When serious medical emergencies occur, Airlift Northwest provides helicopter service to mainland hospitals. San Juan Airlines offers daily scheduled flights to and from Anacortes, Bellingham and Seattle, as well as to the other islands in the San Juans. Island Air has offered charter service based in Friday Harbor since 1992. Float plane service between Lopez and Seattle is available by Kenmore Air from the Lopez Islander Resort dock.

PUBLIC SERVICES ON LOPEZ Airports Lopez Island Airport: Port of Lopez, 672 Airport Road, Lopez Island. Scheduled landings. San Juan Airlines. (800) 874-4434. FAAapproved; unmanned. Small terminal with one telephone but no fuel or food service. Campgrounds Odlin County Park: 468-2496. Great for campers. Flat, low-bank waterfront campsites. Picnic tables, baseball field, large sandy beach and a boat-launching ramp and dock. Reservations suggested, otherwise campsites are first come, first served. Open year-round. Spencer Spit State Park: 468-2251. General information, (360) 902-8844. Camping open from the first weekend in March to the end of October; (888) 226-7688. Churches Grace Episcopal Church: 468-3477. Sunday service, 10 a.m. Lopez Island Community Church: 91 Lopez Road. 468-3877. Sunday school, 9:45 a.m.; worship service, 11 a.m. Lutheran Church of the San Juans: Lopez Center Church, Davis Bay Road. 378-6310. Sunday service, call for time. St. Francis Catholic Church: Lopez Center Church, Davis Bay Road, 378-2910. Sunday



Lopez Island

Tanks of all sizes

Nationally accredited locally recommended water is what we do!

360-468-2612 www.RainBank.info Ken Blair • ken@rainbank.info Serving San Juan & Skagit County

service, 2 p.m. Christ the King, meets at Woodmen Hall on Sundays at 10 a.m. Quaker Worship Group: contact Jerry Graville, 468-2602. Clubs and organizations Lopez Animal Protection Society: Joyce Myhr, 468-2258. Lopez Chamber of Commerce: Provides visitor information, office located in Lopez Village in the Bay Building. (360) 4684664, toll-free: (877) 433-2789, www.lopezisland.com. Lopez Children’s Center: Home to the Cooperative Pre-school and the Play and Learn (PAL) childcare program. 468-3896. Lopez Community Land Trust: 468-3723, www.lopezclt.org. Lopez Island Family Resource Center: Has support services for students and their families. Also coordinates summer workshops for kids and adults. 468-4117, www.lifrc.org. Lopez Island Garden Club: Stimulates the knowledge and love of gardening, community beautification. Meets monthly second Thursdays from Sept. to June. Call Linda Zerbst at 468-4544. Lopez Island Golf Club: The nine-hole course is private, but is open to the public when no member events are scheduled. 4682679. Lopez Island Grange 1060: 452 Richardson Road, Lopez Island. For rentals, contact Janet O’Bryant, 468-2757. Lopez Island Historical Society: Director Mark ThompsonKlein, 468-2049. Collects and preserves regional history of Lopez and the San Juan islands. Lopez Island Hospice and Home Support: A volunteer organization providing quality no-cost hospice and home support services and resources to the Lopez Community experiencing illness and/or loss. 468-4446. Lopez Island Lions Club: President Cheryl Perera, 468-3260. Raises money for eyesight preservation and disease prevention.

We’ll Build

YOUR House

info@mitreboxcw.com www.mitreboxcw.com mitrei•930jb 12


Lopez Island Sponsors Fourth of July parade. Supports youth programs and thrift shop. Lopez Island Yacht Club: Commodore Bill White, 468-3408. Lopez Thrift Shop: Located on the corner of Eads Lane and Tower Road, shop hours are Wednesday through Saturday, 11 a.m to 3 p.m. All proceeds are donated back to the community through grants. Lopez Senior Center: Activities include weekly lunches, exercise classes, bingo, and bridge. 468-2421. San Juan Preservation Trust: The mission of the San Juan Preservation Trust is to preserve and protect open spaces, scenic views, forests, agricultural lands, habitats, watersheds, riparian corridors, wetlands and shorelines in the San Juan Archipelago. 468-3202. www.sjpt.org. Dentist Dr. Christine Aufderhar: Bay View Dental Center, Cormorant Building, 3109 Fisherman Bay Road, Lopez Island. 468-2551. Hours Monday through Wednesday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Domestic violence Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services: Has offices on Lopez, Orcas, and San Juan Island. The DVSAS office numbers are Lopez, 468-4567; Orcas, 376-5979; San Juan, 378-8680. The 24-hour crisis lines are Lopez, 468-4567 (same as the office line); Orcas, 376-1234; Friday Harbor, 378-2345; You can also visit www.dvsassanjuans.org. Entertainment venues The Galley Restaurant & Lounge: Fisherman Bay Road. Restaurant, 468-2713; lounge, 468-2874. Lopez Center for Community and the Arts: 204 Village Road, Lopez Village. 468-2203. Office hours: Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. lopezcenter@rockisland.com, www.lopezcenter. com.

Lopez Islander Lodge & Marina: Fisherman Bay Road. 4682233. Reservations, (800) 736-3434. Woodmen Hall: Call Lopez Senior Center, 468-2421. Fire Protection & EMS San Juan County Fire District 4 (Lopez): 468-2991, Chief Jim Ghiglione. Library Lopez Island Library: Librarian Lou Pray, 468-2265. The library is housed in the 70-year-old Little Red Schoolhouse. Open Monday through Saturday. www.lopezlibrary.org. Medical Lopez Island Medical Clinic: Dr. Robert A. Wilson, 103 Washburn Place, Lopez Village. 468-2245. Museums & Historic Sites Lopez Island Historical Museum: Lopez Village, 468-2049. Features artifacts reflecting Lopez’s contributions to maritime, fishing and farming. It has an extensive archive of documents of local history and artifacts depicting late 1800s to early 1900s Lopez life. Open May through September, or by appointment for research during the winter. Tours: 468-2049. Port Stanley Schoolhouse: Port Stanley. Built in the 1900s, restored to its original condition by volunteers from the Lopez Island Historical Society. For tours or appointments for research, call 468-2049. Richardson Village: South end of Lopez Island. This sleepy village — homes, pastures, fuel docks and a pier — on the south end of Lopez Island was founded in 1874. Steamers once hauled freight, produce, livestock and passengers to and from here. Parks Agate Beach County Park: This picnic area and beach is at the





378-2898 (office) 376-6840 (home) Richard Fralick (Orcas West) 378-2898 (office) 376-2500 (home)

FIRE DEPARTMENT Mike Harris, chief 376-2331

LIBRARY 500 Rose St., Eastsound 376-4985

MEDICAL CLINIC Orcas Family Health Center 1286 Mount Baker Road, Eastsound 376-7778 Orcas Family Medicine 33 Urner St., Eastsound 376-4949 Orcas Medical Center 7 Deye Lane, Eastsound 376-2561

SENIOR SERVICES Orcas Island Senior Center 376-2677 Emergency: 911

UTILITIES/SERVICES CenturyTel 800-201-4102 Orcas Power & Light 376-3500 (office) 376-3599 (outages)


There is plenty to do on the Emerald Isle BY MEREDITH GRIFFITH


rcas Island provides a perfect middle ground between San Juan Island, the county’s (relatively) busy commercial hub; and Lopez Island, nicknamed “Slow-pez” by locals because of its laid-back pace. Orcas Island provides plenty to do and see, from outdoor activities to wildlife, from entertainment to culinary delights. It has the most varied terrain, with Moran State Park’s Mount Constitution providing a delightful vertical challenge and spectacular 360-degree ocean views. But the population is still small enough that it’s a good idea to learn your cafe waiter’s name: you’ll probably see him or her at the Farmers Market, pondering the organic fingerling potatoes at your elbow as you browse the floral bouquets. The horseshoe-shaped island boasts 57 square miles and 70 miles of shoreline dotted with secluded bed and breakfasts, inns, and lodges. Among the roughly 5,000 year-round residents are lifelong islanders, retirees and young families, from the diamond-soled to the down-at-heel. Artists, CEOs, farm workers, inventors, musicians, physicists — even a moon-walking astronaut — hang their hats in Orcas homes, from luxury mansions to yurts and tents. You’ll bump into them in “town,” or Eastsound. Eastsound is the island’s main center of commerce and home to numerous gourmet restaurants, most offering locally-grown, organic fare. Many buildings are heritage homes now housing a bookstore, two groceries, a public library, a movie theater, a pharmacy, realty offices, and shops selling arts and crafts, kids’ toys, handmade jewelry, home decor, thrift items and more. The Village Green, with its bandshell built with gleaming, burnished tree trunks, hosts the weekly summer Farmers Market and Sunday evening Music on the Green events. Eastsound is also home to the Fun House, a spot for kids and teens to work on art projects, conduct science experiments, work on computers, play with technology and more. Children’s House and Kaleidoscope day care facilities both offer drop-in childcare on a space available basis. Just ouside Eastsound is public Buck Park, home to the Orcas Skate Park, tennis courts, soccer fields and a playground. Also on


the borders are two waterfront parks: Crescent Beach, a long narrow swath edging Crescent Beach Road, and North Beach, a short strip of sandy beach at the end of North Beach Road, where you can sit back against a driftwood log and view the Canadian coastline while the sunset kindles the ocean flame-colored. Eastsound is located at the bend in the island’s “horseshoe,” with main roads running from it in both directions: southwest to the ferry landing and Deer Harbor, and southeast to Olga, Doe Bay and beyond. Island hamlets include Orcas Village, where you’ll find the ferry landing, a gourmet grocery, a post office and specialty shops. Deer Harbor, on the sunny west side of the island, has lodging, a restaurant, a marina where boats can be rented, and more. Deer Harbor is so-called because Hudson Bay Co. hunters came to hunt deer in the late 1800s to supply the company’s post in Victoria. Olga is a tiny town perched on the east shore, with an art gallery and cafe, post office, and a few homes. If you venture out along the island’s main road even further, you will come to Doe Bay Resort, which features a restaurant with open mike nights and other musical performances, general store, lodging, and a clothingoptional hot tub. Moran State Park, nestled between Eastsound and Olga, is home to Cascade, Mountain and Twin lakes, numerous tent and RV campsites, and hiking trails. Cascade Lake has a fishing dock, swimming area, and pedal-boat rentals in the summer. Campsites fill up quickly during busy summer months, so reserve your spot ahead of time.

ORCAS ISLAND SERVICES Airports Orcas Island Airport. Port of Orcas, P.O. Box 53, Eastsound. 376-5285. Length of runaway: 2,900 feet. Terminal size: 1,200 square feet. Wingspan limitation: 49 feet. Companies operating out of Orcas Island Airport: Aeronautical Services (DHL, UPS), FedEx, Island Air, Northwest Sky Ferry, Westwind Aviation, Kenmore Air, Magic Air Tours, Rose Air, and San Juan Airlines. Flight instruction through Orcas Island Flying Services. Car rental is available through San Juan Airlines and Island Shuttle. www.portoforcas.com. Churches Christian Science, Orcas Elementary School

Orcas Island


West Sound on Orcas Island.


Library, 376-5873. Service Sunday, 10 a.m. Lighthouse Christian Center, Eastsound. 62 Henry Rd. 3766332. Service Sunday, 10 a.m. www.lighthouseministries.net. Emmanuel Episcopal Parish of Orcas Island, 242 Main Street, Eastsound. 376-2352. Check online calendar for service times: www.orcasislandepiscopalchurch.org. Lutheran Church in the San Juans. Services on first and third Mondays, 10 a.m. at Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Eastsound. 378-6310. www.rockisland.com/~lutheransanjuans. Pastor John Lindsay. Orcas Island Community Church, 176 Madrona St., Eastsound. 376-6422, www.orcaschurch.org. Pastor Dick Staub. Sunday worship services at 9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m., coffee hour following services. Mondays: AWANA children’s program (3 yrs. to 6th grade), September - April. Wednesdays at 6:15 p.m.: The Gathering for high schoolers, September - June. St. Francis Catholic Church, 956 North Beach Road, Eastsound. 378-2910. Sunday Mass at 11:30 a.m. Seventh Day Adventist Church, 107 Enchanted Forest Road, Eastsound. 376-6683. http://islandsadventist.org. Pastor William Hurtado. Saturday Bible study/children’s workshop at 10 a.m.; service at 11 a.m. Clubs and organizations 4-H. Children ages 5-19. Call Cindy Gauthier, 370-7662. American Legion Post 93. Commander Larry Everett, 2983011. Auxiliary President Kathy Everett, 298-3008. Sons of the American Legion, Shawn Elliff, 376-2516. Animal Protection Society. 376-677. www.orcaspets.org. Boy Scouts of America, Troop 91. Scoutmaster Wade Lucas. 376-2050. Fidelis Circle of West Sound. President Carol Kulminsky, 3764198. Friends of the Library. President Pierrette Guimond, 376-4264. League of Women Voters of the San Juan Islands. Marjory Stanley, 378-5769. Madrona Club (since 1906). Diane Simonian, 376-2960. Odd Fellows Lodge. Jay Kimball. 376-5640. www.oddshall.org. OPAL Community Land Trust. Executive Director Lisa Byers. 376-3191. www.opalclt.org. Orcas Island Chamber of Commerce. Lance Evans, Executive Director, 376-2273. www.orcasislandchamber.org. Orcas Island Community Foundation. Hilary Canty, Executive Director. 376-6423. www.oicf.us. Orcas Island Education Foundation. President Janet Brownell,



Anthony J. Giefer, MD, MPH Jim Litch, MD, DTMH Jean Bried, PA-C, MPH



Orcas Island www.oief.org. Orcas Island Garden Club. www.orcasislandgardenclub.org. Orcas Island Historical Society. 376-4849. Web site: orcasmuseum.org. Orcas Island Kiwanis Club. President Bill Hagen, 376-4867. Tuesday lunch meeting, Orcas Homegrown upstairs. Orcas Island Lions Club. President Jim Biddick, (888) 6986607. Recreational clubs and organizations Orcas Island Junior Sailing. Paul Kamin, 376-2732. Summer junior sailing program for ages 7-14. Orcas Island Sportsmen’s Club. 376-5660. Orcas Island Yacht Club. Commodore Len Rickey, 376-4533. www.oiyc.org Sail Orcas. President Barry Neville, 376-4410. www.sailorcas. org. Dentists Dr. Steven Bailey, 83 Mount Baker Road, Eastsound. 376-2656. Dr. Brenda Ivans, 469 North Beach Road, Eastsound. 376-4774. Dr. Michael D. Triplett, Orcas Island Dentistry, 445 Madrona St., Eastsound. 376-4301. Dentists, orthodontics only Dr. Trevor Deltkamp, 469 North Beach Road, Eastsound. 360676-2770. Visits periodically. Dr. Paul Halgren, visits monthly, 83 Mt. Baker Rd. 376-2656. Dr. Michael D. Triplett, Orcas Island Dentistry, 445 Madrona St., Eastsound. 376-4301. Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services DV/SAS. 24-hour Crisis Line: 376-1234, director Anita Castle: 376-5979. www.DVSASsanjuans.org. Entertainment venues Actors Theater at the Orcas Island Grange, Orcas Road. Con-

tact Doug Bechtel 317-5601. American Legion Post 93, 793 Crescent Beach Road, Eastsound. 376-4987. The Funhouse Discovery Center, 30 Pea Patch Lane, Eastsound. Executive Director Pete Moe, 376-7177. www.thefunhouse.org. Odd Fellows Hall, 114 Haven Road, Eastsound. For rental information call 376-5640. www.OddsHall.org Orcas Center. 917 Mount Baker Road, Eastsound. 376-ACT1 (2281) www.orcascenter.org. Outlook Inn, Main Street, Eastsound. 376-2200. Rosario Resort, 1400 Rosario Road, Eastsound. 376-2222. Sea View Theatre, A Street, Eastsound. 376-5724. Vern’s Bayside Restaurant & Lounge, Main Street, Eastsound. 376-2231. West Sound Community Club. Betsy Wareham, 376-2314. Golf courses Orcas Island Golf Club, 2171 Orcas Rd., Eastsound. 376-4400. www.orcasgolf.com Health care alternatives Healing Arts Center, North Beach Road, Eastsound. 376-4002. Inter Island Chiropractic Offices, Wausau Station, 441 North Beach Road, Eastsound. 376-2100. Family Tree Chiropractic, 376-5575, Urner St. Building. Historic sites Crow Valley School Museum, one-room school in Crow Valley from 1888 to 1918. Museum is open summers by appointment. 376-4849. Crow Valley Pottery. Orcas Road, across the street from the golf course. 376-4260. Historic 1866 log cabin, now a pottery shop. Deer Harbor Community Club, built in 1905, was a school

Orcas Island Chamber of Commerce

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Offfice, Arrt Offi rt & School Supplies Photo Frrames es & Albums Prrinte teer Pa aper & Ca artrid dges Speccia al Pa aper & En Env nve veelo opes Draf aft ftting Ma Mat ate teeria als • Gi Gif ift ft It Ite teems Ext Ex xte teensiv ive ve Arrra ray ay of Arrt Supplies es, s, Oils & Wa Wat ate teerc rco cooloors Sole Distribut uto toor of Dannieel Smitth Oil & Wa Wat ate teer Cooloor Paain int nts ts Co opying (C (Co Co olo or & B & W) Laminat atting Fax Fa axxing ng, g, Scanning & E--Maailing Phooto Prrintting Re Res esstoora rat attioon Passsport Phootoos Located next to the Post Office Eastsound t

Orcas Island until 1925, is now used for clubs and is considered a memorial to those who contributed to the early development of Deer Harbor. Emmanuel Church, Eastsound. 376-2352. Built in the late 19th century, it is a living history of its members and the milestones in their lives. Orcas Hotel, Orcas Ferry Landing. 376-4300. Established as a store and hotel in 1904. Listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Orcas Island Art Works, Olga. 376-4408. Built in 1938 as a strawberry processing plant and cannery. Orcas Island Historical Museum, Eastsound. 376-4849. www. orcasmuseum.org.

Orcas Island Pottery. West Beach 376-2813. Hand-hewn cedar cabin built in 1860. Oldest studio pottery in the Northwest. Outlook Inn, Eastsound. 376-2200. One of the island’s earliest hotels, established in 1891 as the Eastsound House. Over the years it has been known as Mount Constitution Inn, The Beach Lodge, The Beach Hotel and Bakers Beach. Rosario Mansion, One Rosario Way, Rosario. 376-2222. Built by Robert Moran, retired shipbuilder and former Seattle mayor, who lived there from 1909-1938. The Music Room features a stained glass window imported from Brussels and a 1,972-pipe Aeolian pipe organ, at the time the largest built in a private home in the U.S.




Orcas Island

Family Medicine, PC


David L. Russell, MD, Board Certified Family Physician

(Member of the American Academy of Family Physicians and the American Academy of Home Care Physicians)


We offer an intimate setting for the utmost in privacy and individualized attention.

33 Urner Street, Ste. 5, Eastsound


(After hours, call the main office number to reach the on-call doctor)


s established members of the hometown business community, we understand the security of dealing with people you know you can trust. We’ve built our reputation on this trust. We also understand the importance of family. As a family owned business, we are committed to always being there when you need us. Call or stop by today and let our family help your family make arrangements that are right for you.



SAN JUAN ISLAND ISLAND PROFILES QUICK FACTS San Juan Island COUNTY COUNCIL Richard Peterson (S.J. North) 378-2898 (office) 378-8758 (home) Lovel Pratt (S.J. South) 378-2898 (office) 378-7172 (home)

FIRE DEPARTMENT Steve Marler, chief Fire District 3, 378-5334

LIBRARY 1010 Guard St., FH, 378-2798

MEDICAL CENTER 550 Spring St., FH, 378-2141

SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT Rob Nou, sheriff 378-4151 (main) Emergency: 911

SENIOR SERVICES Mullis Center 589 Nash St., FH 378-2677

UTILITIES/SERVICES Orcas Power and Light Coop. 376-3500 (office) 376-3599 (outages) San Juan Propane FH, 378-2217 Windjammer Cable 570 Guard St., FH, 378-4661 Vander Yacht Propane Friday Harbor, 370-5511


Not a traffic light to be found... BY SCOTT RASMUSSEN


here’s not a single traffic light to be found on San Juan Island. Two-lane roads wind from the ferry landing to Roche Harbor Village, and to the westside and its stunning views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and through the heart of the island and its farmland valleys. San Juan Island is home of the only incorporated town in San Juan County, Friday Harbor — the county seat and the island’s leading center of commerce. And yet, the frustrations many mainland motorists feel are non-existent here (though downtown Friday Harbor can be crowded when the ferry is off-loading during the lunch hour in summer). Wild animals are an integral part of the landscape. It’s never long before a new resident, even those who live in town, spies a deer munching flowers in the front yard, catches a glimpse of a fox darting across the road, or sees a killer whale hunting for salmon in the waters off the west side. Living on an island has been compared to living on a ship at sea. Out here in the northwesternmost county in the continental United States, islanders depend on each other. Witness the number of local non-profits and service agencies that help meet the needs of islanders in a rough patch. This island is a melting pot of history and modern development, of people and wildlife, of quiet farms and a bustling town and village, of beaches and parks, forests and vistas, hills and valleys. Roche Harbor played a prominent role in putting San Juan Island on the map. British Royal Marines were the first to quarry and process lime here. John S. McMillin, an enterprising Tacoma attorney, founded Roche Harbor Lime Co. in 1886; it became the largest lime-manufacturing operation west of the Mississippi and was the island’s leading employer. Industries have come and gone since that time. Farming, once a profitable venture, faded into the background after dams were built on the Columbia River and Eastern Washington became the state’s leading agricultural producer. Similarly, dwindling salmon runs and sweeping rule changes adopted in the 1970s led to the demise of a once-sizable fishing fleet. Islanders adapted. Today, tourism, construction and real estate are the backbone of the island’s economy. San


Juan County government, with a workforce of about 200 (full-time, part-time and seasonal workers combined), is the county’s single largest employer. But the Internet offers another avenue for local businesses to bridge the island’s geographic hurdles and promote products and services. It’s been a boon for local students as well. Skagit Valley College and Washington State University offer online courses, as well as standard classroom curricula, at San Juan Center in Friday Harbor. Local K-12 schools consistently rank among the state’s top performers. While tourism is a major contributor to the local economy, the San Juans have long been treasured as a destination. Coast Salish peoples favored the islands for their temperate climate, safe harbors and abundant natural resources. Change is inevitable, even on San Juan Island. But chances are that 150 years from now, there still won’t be a traffic light. For more information, contact: San Juan Island Chamber of Commerce, P.O. Box 98, Friday Harbor, WA 98250. www.sanjuanisland. org. 360-378-5240.

PUBLIC SERVICES ON SAN JUAN Airports Friday Harbor Airport. Operated by the Port of Friday Harbor, 800 Franklin Drive, Friday Harbor 98250. 378-4724. Aviation museum, commercial service, emergency helicopter landing, fueling for light planes, mechanical service. Length of runway: 3,400 feet. Animal Shelter Animal Protection Society. Animal Shelter, 111 Shelter Road, P.O. Box 1355, Friday Harbor (south of airport runway). 378-2158. Campgrounds Lakedale Resort, 378-2350. www.lakedale. com San Juan County Park, 378-2350. Located on the west side of San Juan Island, not far from Lime Kiln State Park. www.sanjuanco.com. Churches Calvary Chapel, 620-B Guard St., Friday Harbor. 378-7268. www.calvarysanjuan.com. Christian Science Society, 506 Guard St., Friday Harbor. 378-4773. Christ the King, Meets in Paideia School, 265 Price St., Friday Harbor. 378-6543. E-mail jim. cole@ctkonline.com. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints,

San Juan Island 1013 Lampard Road, Friday Harbor. 378-4162. Friday Harbor Presbyterian Church, 425 Spring St., PO Box 946, Friday Harbor. 378-4544. www.fridayharborpresbyterian.org Islands Community Church, 127 Gilbert Lane, Friday Harbor. 378-4154. Jehovah’s Witnesses, 225 Malcolm St., Friday Harbor. 378-2861. Lutheran Church of the San Juans, worships in St. Francis Church on San Juan, Center Church on Lopez, Emmanuel Church on Orcas. 378-6310. lutheransanjuans@rockisland.com. St. David’s Episcopal Church, 780 Park St., Friday Harbor. 378-5360. www.saintdavidsepiscopal.org. St. Francis Catholic Church, 425 Price St., Friday Harbor. 378-2910. www.stfrancissji.org. Seventh Day Adventist Church, 1121 San Juan Valley Road, Friday Harbor. 378-4164. Transformation (Assembly of God), 7075 Airport Center. 378-2789. Clubs and Organizations American Legion Post 163. Commander Shannon Plummer, 378-5705. www.post163.org CATS (Community Arts Theatre Society). President Don Pollard, 378-3005. www.sjctheatre.org Democrats of San Juan County. Chairwoman Rena Patty, 376-6864. www.sjdemocrats.org. Friday Harbor Sailing Club. Commodore Ed Hale, 378-9797. www.fridayharborsailing.com Friends of the San Juans. President George Lawson, 468-4005. Executive Director Stephanie Buffum-Field, 378-2319. www. sanjuans.org. Friends of the San Juan Island Library. Board Lynn WeberRoochvarg, 378-6691. www.sjlib.org/fotl/index.html.

Green Party of San Juan County. 378-5879. www.sanjuangreens.org Kiwanis Club of Friday Harbor. President Tammy Cotton, 378-4014; tammycotton@gmail.com Inter Island Medical Guild. Co-presidents Ann Benedict and Pierrette Rouse, 378-4224. Island Stage Left. 1062 Wold Road. Director Helen MachinSmith. www.islandstageleft.org. League of Women Voters. Co-Chairwomen Liz Illg, 378-6104, Ann Jarrell, 378-4939. Rotary Club of the San Juan Islands. President Michael Griffin, 378-9638. www.clubrunner.ca/CPrg/Home/homeS.asp?cid=1358 San Juan Anti-Litter Initiative. Co-leaders David Dehlendorf and Lori Stokes, 378-1082 San Juan Community Theatre. President Patricia Nieman, 378-5170. Executive Director Merritt Olsen, 378-3211. www. sjctheatre.org San Juan County Republican Party. Chairwoman Cindy Carter, 376-2187, 378-1970. www.sjcrp.org. San Juan Golf and Country Club. President Bob Wingate; G.M. Bryan Germain, 378-2342. www.sanjuangolfclub.com San Juan Historical Society and Museum. President Mary Jean Cahail, 378-2294. Museum Coordinator Kevin Loftus, 378-3949. San Juan Island Chamber of Commerce. President Julie Corey, 378-4424. Director Tom Kirschner, 378-5240. 378-3984 (fax). www.sanjuanisland.org San Juan Island Grange. For Grange Hall rental, call 378-4600. Other questions, call the State Grange, (800) 854-1635. San Juan Island Trails Committee. Chairman David Zeretzke, 378-5114. sanjuanislandtrails.org San Juan Island Yacht Club. 273 Front St., Friday Harbor. Com-

Alan, Patt and Mark

A Building Experience Crafted To Meet Your Needs New Construction r Remodels r Additions r Decks r In-House Design Located In the Friendly Isle Building, 182 Lopez Road, Lopez Island SWALLCL95108 (360) 468-2830 www.swallechconstruction.com



San Juan Island modore Jim Corenman, 378-5156. San Juan Lions Club. President Brian Brown, 378-4851. San Juan Pilots Association. President Bob Brunkow, 378-3409; president@sanjuanpilots.com. Soroptimist International of Friday Harbor. President Patty Brightman, 378-5167. Women’s Study Club. Kathryn Chadwick, 378-8838. Dentists Dr. Michael Horn, Friday Harbor Dentistry, 530 Spring St., Friday Harbor. 378-4944. Dr. Susan Kiraly, Spring Street Dentistry, 815 Spring St., Friday Harbor. 378-5550. Dr. Michelle Reynolds, Tooth Ferry Dental Office, 385 Court St., Friday Harbor. 378-5300. Dr. Winston Rogers, 110 Rhone St., Friday Harbor. 378-2888. Dr. Bo Turnage, 180 First St., Friday Harbor. 378-4913. Dr. J. Stanford Wakeman, Dental Arts, 278 A St., Friday Harbor. 378-5580. Dr. David J. Weed, (orthodontics only), P.O. Box 3022, Friday Harbor. 378-6177. Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services 24-hour Crisis Line, (360) 378-2345. Administration, 378-8680. Emergency medical Emergency Medical Services, 378-5152. Entertainment venues American Legion Post 163, First and Court streets, Friday Harbor. 378-5705. China Pearl, 51 Spring St., Friday Harbor. 378-5254. Front Street Ale House, 1 Front St., Friday Harbor. 378-2337. Herb’s Tavern, 80 First St., Friday Harbor. 378-7076. Isle Be Jammin’, 310-B Spring St., Friday Harbor. 378-5151.

Jack Fairweather Park, Port of Friday Harbor, 378-2688. Palace Theater, 209 Spring St., Friday Harbor. 370-5666. Paradise Lanes, Argyle Avenue and Spring Street, Friday Harbor. 370-5667. Roche Harbor Village, Roche Harbor. 378-2155. San Juan Community Theatre, 11 Second St., Friday Harbor. 378-3211. www.sanjuanarts.org. San Juan Fitness, 435 Argyle St., Friday Harbor. 378-4449. Skate Park, San Juan County Fairgrounds, 660 Argyle Road, San Juan Island. Fire protection San Juan Island Fire Department, 1011 Mullis St., Friday Harbor. 378-5334. Chief Steve Marler. With stations in Friday Harbor and at Cape San Juan, Eagle Crest, Little Mountain, Roche Harbor and Sunset Point. Golf courses San Juan Golf and Country Club, 806 Golf Course Road, San Juan Island. 378-2254. Nine- and 18-hole. Historic sites Roche Harbor Village. 378-2155. San Juan Island National Historical Park (American Camp and English Camp). P.O. Box 429, Friday Harbor 98250. 378-2240, 378-2902. Injured wildlife Marine Mammal Stranding Network, (800) 562-8832. Wolf Hollow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, 378-5000. Law enforcement Sheriff ’s Department, 378-4151. Helpline (non-emergencies only), 378-4357.


Less time getting there. More time being there.

Arctic Raven Gallery Tom Hunt Kwagiulth

Daily service to Lopez, Orcas & San Juan islands GSPN4FBUUMFPOXIFFMTøPBUTtNJOVUF øJHIUUJNFTt'SFF4FB5BDTIVUUMF “Hawk’s Sunâ€? Carved red & yellow cedar 8.5' w x 7.5' h x 14" d

360.378.3433 130 First Street South . Friday Harbor, WA 98250 www.arcticravengallery.com



866.435.9524 • KenmoreAir.com

FRIDAY HARBOR ISLAND PROFILES QUICK FACTS Friday Harbor COUNTY COUNCIL Howard Rosenfeld 378-2898 (office) 468-5788 (home)

FIRE DEPARTMENT Steve Marler, chief 378-5334

TOWN GOVERNMENT Mayor: Carrie Lacher Town Council: Carrie Brooks, Anna Maria de Freitas, Felix Menjivar, Noel Monin, Barbara Starr. Treasurer: Wendy Picinich Friday Harbor Town Hall 60 Second St., 378-2390

SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT Rob Nou, sheriff Courthouse, 378-4151 Emergency: 911

UTILITIES/SERVICES Orcas Power & Light 376-3500 (office) Windjammer Cable 570 Guard St., Friday Harbor 378-4661 Town of Friday Harbor (Sewer, water) 60 Second St., Friday Harbor 378-2390

VOTER INFO Elections Office 378-3357

At a glance.... BY RICHARD WALKER


riday Harbor, population 2,260, prides itself on its small-town feel, but there’s a reason why some islanders call it the Big City. It’s the county seat, where you’ll find the courthouse and county government offices. It’s one of about 350 ports of entry in the United States. It’s the home of the Friday Harbor Port District, which manages Friday Harbor Marina and Friday Harbor Airport. The town is the provider of a variety of public services, including water service and wastewater treatment. Downtown Friday Harbor is the center of shopping for San Juan Island. The town is also a cultural center of sorts. Coast Salish house posts, carved by internationally known Musqueam artist Susan Point, are on display at Jack Fairweather Park, overlooking the marina. The house posts are a reminder of the island’s Coast Salish heritage. Several downtown buildings date to the 1890s and early 1900s and are listed on registers of historic buildings. Friday Harbor encompasses 690 acres, more than one square mile. About 45 percent of the town is developed. The town has 1.3 miles of shoreline. The elevation at Town Hall is 70 feet. Average rainfall is 26.5 inches. Median temperature is 48 degrees.

NEW HOSPITAL TO BE BUILT The town annexed 22 acres for the proposed Peace Island Medical Center, at 1049 San Juan Valley Road. PeaceHealth purchased the property partly with a grant $1.2 million for grant from the San Juan Island Community Foundation. Peace Island Medical Center is expected to cost $30 million. The San Juan Community Hospital Committee is raising one-third of the cost through philanthropy; PeaceHealth is paying the other two-thirds. Under an agreement between the local hospital district and PeaceHealth, approved in March 2009, PeaceHealth will own the property and the new hospital, and will have full responsibility for the cost and delivery of patient care, staffing and operations. The 10-bed hospital will have a 24hour emergency room, an expanded primary care and specialty clinic, and an expanded diagnostic services center. The hospital district — officially known as San Juan County Public Hospital District No. 1 — will close Inter Island Medical Center when

Peace Island opens but will continue to operate San Juan EMS and will own the new EMS center at the hospital. The hospital district will contribute a little over $1 million a year in property tax revenues for 50 years to subsidize medical care. Peace Island Medical Center is expected to open August 2012.

REVENUES STILL AT 2004 LEVELS Sales and lodging tax revenues in Friday Harbor remained at 2004 levels for the second consecutive year, thanks to the Great Recession. Sales tax goes into the town’s Current Fund, which — with property tax, leasehold tax and fees — pays for community development, general government, parks, public safety and streets. Sales in January, February, April and July lagged behind the same months in 2009; March was about par. Sales were strong in May, June, August and September. All told, by October the town had received $795,806.58 as its share of sales tax revenue generated within the town limits. That’s down from $828,925 in 2009, $956,646 in 2008 and $1,039,281 in 2007, when the town’s economy started to slide. However, town lodging tax revenues were up. By October, the town had received $117,196.75 in each of the two lodging tax revenues it collects — one, for tourist-related facilities; two, for tourism promotion. Last year to date, the town had received $110,634 from each lodging tax. Town employees helped keep the budget balanced by volunteering to take nine unpaid furlough days. Vacated positions went unfilled, and other positions were cut as well. The austerity paid off: The 2011 town budget is balanced and requires no utility rate increases or unpaid furloughs, Treasurer Wendy Picinich reported. In the Current Fund budget, the town carried $146,000 over into 2011. The town projects $1,683,990 in revenue in 2011; with the carryover added in, that’s $1,829,990. The town projects $1,760,465 in expenses, for a year-end balance Dec. 31, 2011 of $69,525. All told, the town budget is comprised of 22 funds. The total 2011 budget projects expenditures of $13.2 million and a year-end balance of $11.1 million. — For more information about Friday Harbor, contact: San Juan Island Chamber of Commerce, P.O. Box 98, Friday Harbor, WA 98250. 378-5240. Visit www.sanjuanisland. org. Or contact the Town of Friday Harbor, 60 Second St., Friday Harbor. 378-2810. Visit www. fridayharbor.org.



San Juan Island

SAN JUAN ISLAND FROM 16 Emergency, 911. Internet Service Providers CenturyLink, (800) 201-4102, www.centurylink.com The Computer Place, 435 Argyle Ave., Friday Harbor. 378-8488. www.compplace.com. Rock Island Communications, 345 Court St., Friday Harbor. 378-5884. www.rockisland.com. Windjammer Cable, 378-4661. www.windjammercable.com. Library San Juan Island Library, 1010 Guard St., Friday Harbor. 378-2798. Director Marjorie Harrison. Marinas Friday Harbor Marina, 204 Front St., Friday Harbor. 378-2688. www.portfridayharbor.org. Jensen Boatyard and Marina, 1293 Turn Point Road, Friday Harbor. 378.4343. www.jensenshipyard.com. Roche Harbor Marina, Roche Harbor Village. 193 Reuben Memorial Drive, Roche Harbor. 378-2155. Electricity, fuel dock, showers, water. Shipyard Cove Marina, Turn Point Road, Friday Harbor. 378-5101. Snug Harbor Marina, 1997 Mitchell Bay Road, Mitchell Bay. 378-4343. www.snugresort.com. Marine, air emergency U.S. Coast Guard: (206) 217-6231 (Bellingham), (800) 586-3590; (206) 286-5400 (fax) Mental health Compass Health, San Juan Islands: 378-2669. Medical Inter Island Medical Center, 550 Spring St., Friday Harbor. 378-2141. Emergency: Call 911. A sheriff ’s dispatcher will page the doctor on call. Life Care Center, 660 Spring St., Friday Harbor. 378-2117. San Juan Healthcare, 689 Airport Center, Suite B, Friday Harbor. 378-1338. Museums American Legion Museum, First and Court streets, Friday Harbor. 378-5705. San Juan Historical Museum, 405 Price St., Friday Harbor. 378-3949. The Whale Museum, 62 First St., Friday Harbor. 378-4710. (800) 946-7227. Parks American Camp. Part of San Juan Island National Historic Park. Follow Cattle Point Road out of town. Visitors’ center displays more than 100 Pig War-era artifacts. Cattle Point Interpretive Center. This small park, just past the Cattle Point Lighthouse at the southern tip of the island, offers a number of picnic tables, interpretive signs, and two small beaches. Eagle Cove Park. Just before you get to the first entrance to American Camp, Eagle Cove Road leads to the right. The road bends right; the park is on the left. English Camp. On Garrison Bay near Roche Harbor. Several buildings dating from 1859 to 1871. Fourth of July Beach Picnic Area. Entrance to the small park is on your left about a quarter mile before the South Beach entrance. Picnic area and gravel beach on the shores of Griffin Bay.



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110 Spring Street West (360) 378-4593 'SJEBZ)BSCPSt4BO+VBO*TMBOE

Go Topside in our elevator At Corner of Spring St. and First St.

San Juan Island Jackson’s Beach. Drive out Argyle Avenue until you see Turn Point Road on the left. About a mile down you’ll see the beach and picnic area to the right. Jakle’s Lagoon. On the left past the South Beach entrance, another section of American Camp that offers a variety of hiking trails. Lime Kiln Point State Park. Located off West Side Road on rocky cliffs overlooking Haro Strait. Reuben Tarte Park. Turn right on Rouleau Road off Roche Harbor Road, about 10 miles from town. At the top of the hill take a right on Limestone Point Road, stay to the right at the T, the park is to the left. San Juan County Park. Continue north on West Side Road from Lime Kiln Park for a few more miles until the road widens. Eighteen campsites, picnic tables, boat-launch ramp. Westcott Bay Reserve Sculpture Park. From Friday Harbor, drive north on Roche Harbor Road until you get to archway entrance of Roche Harbor. Turn left to parking lot. Free admission. Nineteen acres of sculptures, ponds, prairie and trees. Pharmacy Friday Harbor Drug, 210 Spring St., Friday Harbor. 378-4421. Senior Services San Juan Senior Services, 589 Nash St., Friday Harbor. Coordinator Curt Van Hyning, 378-2677. Senior lunches, home-delivered lunches, medical transportation, shopping, in-home care information and social services. Storage One Stop Boat & RV Storage, 2427 West Valley Road, Friday Harbor. 378-6634.

Safe Harbor Storage, 1953 Egg Lake Road, Friday Harbor. 3788444. San Juan Business Park, 47 Waypoint Road, Friday Harbor. 378-4815. San Juan Storage, 479 Ellsworth Avenue, Apt. 1, Friday Harbor. 378-8637. Sound Storage, 840 Mullis St., Friday Harbor. 370-5111. Surina Business Park & Star Storage, 50 Malcolm St., Friday Harbor. 378-4555. Store More Storage, 250 Store More Way, Friday Harbor. 378-7095. The Storage Place, 845 Argyle Ave., Friday Harbor. 378-2311. Utilities, neighborhood Cape San Juan Water District, 317-8335. Cattle Point Water District, 378-4788. Friday Harbor town water and sewer, 378-2390. Orcas Power and Light Cooperative, 1034 Guard St, Friday Harbor. 376-3550. Roche Harbor Water, 8484 Roche Harbor Road, Friday Harbor. 378-3500. Recreation San Juan Island Park and Recreation District. 580 Guard St., Friday Harbor. Director Sally Thomsen. 378-4953; www.islandrec.org/index.shtml. Voter registration Elections Department, Second and Reed streets, Friday Harbor. 378-3357.


ǭǭDz0ßô1ÿĄĄþĂĉ3ÿùôt&ĂąÄƒÄ„ÄƒĂżÄ…ĂžĂ´8"dzDzǏǎǯ Over 60 years in business in West Beach area

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ith just 175 square miles of land, San Juan County is the smallest of Washington state’s 39 counties. But several organizations are involved in conservation to help protect scenic and environmentally sensitive areas from being altered by development, encourage public access to those places, and promote economic development. The San Juan County Land Bank (www.sjclandbank.org) is funded by a 1 percent tax on local real estate purchases. The Land Bank manages a multi-million dollar portfolio of conservation easements, historical preservation agreements

and nature preserves that has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception in 1991. To date, the Land Bank has purchased a combined total of 3,267 acres on the four ferryserved islands, the majority of which is managed as part of an extensive inventory of nearly 20 nature preserves, where low-impact recreation, mainly hiking, is allowed. That includes Turtleback Mountain, purchased in partnership with the San Juan Preservation Trust and the Trust for Public Land for $18 million in 2006. At 1,578 acres, Turtleback Mountain Preserve accounts for nearly half of that total by itself. In addition, the Land Bank has purchased and manages

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A San Juan Island beach.

1,753 acres of conservation easements located on seven different islands. Such easements restrict the nature and the degree of development that can occur on each of these privately-owned properties. Founded in 1979, the San Juan Preservation Trust (www. sjpt.org) has ensured that 34.7 miles of shoreline and 14,019 acres on 19 islands in the San Juan archipelago remain permanently protected from development. Much of that land is managed as nature preserves, parks, and working farms and forests. The Preservation Trust is also managing a successful effort to reintroduce bluebirds to the San Juans. Kathleen Foley, the trust’s director of education and outreach, was named one of six international Disney Conservation Heroes in

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2010 for her leadership of the Western Bluebird Reintroduction Project.

MITCHELL HILL NOW PART OF NAT’L PARK The National Park Service’s acquisition of Mitchell Hill, 312 acres that will become the park of San Juan Island National Historical Park’s English Camp, was finalized in 2010. Islanders and several groups campaigned for acquisition of the land after resort developer Tim Blixseth emerged as a potential buyer after the state Department of Natural Resources declared the land surplus. The response was an example of how islanders feel about their open spaces and special places.


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PROPERTY TAX SYSTEM Property taxes vary on the islands, depending on taxsupported services established by voters of those islands. The amount you pay can change based on public approval of new tax levies to support certain services, and expiration of existing levies. Here’s what you need to know about the taxes you pay, according to the San Juan County Assessor’s Office.

PROPERTY VALUES â– Market: This method uses sale comparisons of properties to provide estimates of value for similar property. â–  Replacement Cost: This method determines the reproduction or replacement cost less accrued depreciation of the improvements. â–  Income: This method measures the income stream which would be expected from a prudently managed piece of property. The income method may be used for business property valuation.

Real property is revalued every three years, or whenever there is new construction. If you think the assessment of your property does not reflect market value, you should consult the county Assessor’s Office. The appraisal will be reviewed, and if you still think the assessment does not reflect market value, you may petition for a hearing before the county Board of Equalization by July 1 or within 30 days of the mailing of the revaluation notice. Property tax statements are mailed in February. To avoid penalties, at least half of the amount due must be paid by April 30 and the balance by Oct. 31. You may pay your property tax in person or by mail. When paying by mail, be sure to write the tax parcel or account number on your check and include the tax statement payment stub. Many lending companies pay the property tax for the homeowner from a property tax

reserve account. In this case, tax statements are sent directly to the lending company. If your lending company pays the tax directly and you would like to receive information, contact the county treasurer’s office.

DEFERRAL PROGRAMS â– Damaged property: If your property is damaged or destroyed, you may qualify for a reduced assessed value for taxes payable in the following year. â–  Current Use/Open Space Program: Owners of agricultural, open space or timber land may qualify for a reduced assessed value under the current use/open space program. Tax, penalties and interest charges may apply when property is removed from this classification. Applications must be made by Dec. 31 for classification in the following year. â–  Three-Year Tax Exemption on Value of Remodel: If you improve your single-family

residence, such as adding a new room, deck or patio, you may qualify for a three-year tax exemption on the value of the improvements. Normal maintenance does not qualify. ■Senior Citizens and Disabled Person Property Tax Exemption Program: This freezes the value of your residence, exempts all excess levies, and may exempt a portion of regular levies, thereby reducing the amount of property tax due. The Senior Citizen and Disabled Person Property Tax Deferral Program allows you to defer your property taxes and special assessments in an amount up to 80 percent of the equity in your home. ■ Other Exemptions: Churches, government units and many non-profit agencies are exempt from property tax if they use property for a taxexempt purpose. — Visit www.co.san-juan. wa.us/assessor to do an online parcel search, view a parcel map, and read property tax statistics.




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Gateway to the San Juans



nacortes, on Fidalgo Island, is the last mainland city you see before departing for the San Juans and Sidney, B.C., and your port of entry when going from the islands to the mainland. But this city of almost 17,000 people is more than just a point of entry or departure. It’s a city with a rich cultural heritage and beautiful forests, harbors and parks. According to the City of Anacortes, the “Gateway to the San Juan Islands� has 20.3 miles of saltwater shoreline, 3,091 acres of city-owned forestlands and city-owned parks, and five freshwater lakes in or near the city limits. At 1,270 feet, Mount Erie provides one of the most breathtaking viewpoints in the region. And Fidalgo Island has the distinction of having an island within the island — an uninhabited isle in Lake Campbell, which is popular for recreation. Anacortes has one of the lowest, if not the lowest, property taxes in the state. In 2009, property owners paid $7.53 per

The Canoe Journey is a gathering of Salish Sea First Nations. $1,000 of assessed property valuation. In 2007, the median household income in Skagit County was $51,486 annual, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. That year, the median home price was $361,049. Even if you are on your way to or from


the islands, do more than just pass through Anacortes. Here’s what you need to know.

ARTS AND SHOPPING Art galleries, antique stores, book stores and ethnic restaurants are located in the picturesque section known as Old Town.






Lopez continued

The Anacortes Community Theatre, 918 M Ave., stages live comedy, drama and classic theater productions year-round. Must-see annual events: The Waterfront Festival in May, the Fourth of July Parade, the Canoe Journey in July, the Anacortes Arts Festival in August, and the Oyster Run, the largest motorcycle run in the Northwest (the next one is Sept. 25). Special events are planned from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day each year; visit www.anacortes.org for more information. Don’t miss the Anacortes Farmers’ Market, which begins during the Waterfront Festival and continues through the second Saturday in October. It’s located at Seventh and R avenues, on the grounds of the Depot Arts Center, Anacortes’ historic train station.

CULTURE AND HISTORY Anacortes is the ancestral home of the Samish people. The Samish Indian Nation owns the Samish Gallery of Native Arts at 708 Commercial Ave.; and Fidalgo Bay Resort, overlooking Fidalgo Bay. The gallery is a showcase of art by prominent Coast Salish artists; the resort will be the next-to-last stop on the 2011 Canoe Journey, a gathering of First Nations from around the Salish Sea. Modern Anacortes was founded in 1877 when a post office was established there; the city was incorporated 14 years later. The first postmaster was Anna Curtis Bowman; the name “Anacortes” is derived from her name. Murals on the exterior walls of local businesses depict life a century ago in this maritime city, where boat building is still a significant industry. Historic Walking Tour brochures are available at the Anacortes History Museum, the Visitor Information Center and other sites around Anacortes. You can also download one at http://museum. cityofanacortes.org. The Anacortes History Museum, 1305 Eighth St., has collections and exhibits on the fishing, maritime and timber industries that built this city. The W.T. Preston Sternwheeler, at 703 R Ave., is a 163-foot-long snagboat that once removed navigation hazards from bays, harbors and waterways in Puget Sound and the tributary rivers of Lake Washington.

HEALTH CARE Island Hospital (www.islandhospital.org) is a 43-bed hospital with a medical staff of more than 100 physicians. It offers an array of services typically found in a larger medical center, including a Level III emergency room, acute/critical care, birth center, cancer care center, cardiopulmonary rehab, diagnostic imaging, full rehab services, inpatient surgery, laboratory, outpatient surgery, physical therapy, prenatal care center, and respiratory care.

RECREATION In Anacortes, you can bowl, camp, comb beaches, dive, fish, golf, hike, kayak, sail, swim, or go bird watching or whale watching. Anacortes has more boating services than any other community north of Seattle. It is the home port for powerboat and sail charters, and has four full-service marinas and three public boat launches. Notable parks include: Causland Memorial Park, across the street from the Anacortes Museum, is noted for the artistry of its rock and mosaic walls and gazebo. Mount Erie City Park, at 41st Street and North Avenue, offers spectacular views of the San Juan Islands and nearby waters from the summit. Washington Park, west of the ferry landing, has hiking trails, a public access beach, a playground, and picnicking and camping areas. For more info about Anacortes and Fidalgo Island, contact the Visitor Information Center, 819 Commercial Ave., (360) 2937911, or visit www.anacortes.org

The fully restored Port Stanley Schoolhouse, a historical landmark on Lopez Island.GEORGE WILLIS PHOTO.

LOPEZ FROM 9 end of MacKaye Harbor Road at the south end of the island. Odlin Park: This county park is very popular during the summer; make camping reservations by calling 4682496. Get to the park by taking a right on Odlin Park Road a mile south of the ferry landing. Two picnic areas, a baseball field, full-time ranger, camping area and boat launch. Open year round. Otis Perkins Day Park: Take a right on Bayshore Road at the south end of Fisherman Bay. Picnic tables, one of the longest beaches in the county, agate hunting and a lagoon where great blue herons nest. Shark Reef Sanctuary: Head farther south on Fisherman Bay Road. Take a right on Airport Road, then a left on Shark Reef Road. Hike through the quiet forest to a long, rocky cliff along San Juan Channel. Spencer Spit State Park: This 130-acre park offers history as well as beauty. Take a left on Port Stanley Road just south

of the ferry landing. The park is to the left. Camping area, picnic sites, boat moorage and a pioneer cabin on its original site. The park has 37 standard campsites, two group camps by reservation, three marine trail sites, 16 mooring buoys, and bicyclist/hiker sites. First-come first-served. Upright Channel Park: Located south of Odlin Park, this park offers several picnic sites and a hike down to a sandy beach. You can hike the tidelands for a mile north to Odlin Park. Get there by taking a right on Military Road. Look for the park on the right. Pharmacy Lopez Island Pharmacy, Lopez Village. 468-2616. Storage Ferry Road Storage, 4682115. Lopez Storage Inc., 4683772. Utilities OPALCO (Orcas Power and Light Cooperative), 376-3500. Outages, 376-3550. Fisherman Bay Water Association, 468-2002.




FIRE DEPARTMENT Brud Joslin, chief 468-2908

LIBRARY 468-4068

MEDICAL Airlift Northwest 800-426-2430

SHERIFF’S DEPT. Houston Taylor, deputy 298-4002 (cell) 378-4151 (main) Emergency: 911

UTILITIES/SERVICES CenturyLink (800) 201-4102 Inter Island Petroleum 1593 Mount Baker Road Eastsound 376-4512 Orcas Power & Light 376-3500 (office) 376-3599 (outages) San Juan Propane 376-2215

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haw is the smallest ferry-served island, at 7.7 square miles, and has a population of about 165. Cyclists and walkers appreciate its less-traveled, winding roads and fairly flat terrain. It’s the perfect place to visit for a serene day of contemplation or wildlife observation. Residents have passed restrictions to ensure that there are bed and breakfasts, no hotels, no restaurants, no tourist shops on the island. The only overnight accommodation is camping at 60-acre Shaw County Park, two miles from the ferry landing. Part of the Cascadia Marine Trail system, the park has beach access, a boat launch and 11 campsites. If you’re camping in winter, you’ll need to bring in your own water, since the park’s water system is closed then. The island has one grocery store, the Shaw Island General Store at the ferry landing. The Shaw Island Library and Historical Society provides a quiet respite among books and magazines, in a log cabin that served as the island’s first post office. Many activities on Shaw are organized by Shaw Islanders, Inc. Its community center offers monthly classes like tai chi and yoga, and is the venue for island concerts. Visit www.shawislanders.org for a calendar of events. The Kitchen Garden Co., sells fresh seasonal foods and offers cooking classes and culinary tours, as well as personal chef services and wedding and event planning. Two Catholic orders of nuns reside on Shaw. The Sisters of Mercy own a 60-acre farm that they use as a retreat. Our Lady of the Rock, a Benedictine order, welcomes visitors to visit its monastery, a 300-acre farm. Visit ourladyoftherock.com for more information. Shaw is home to musical talent as well: It’s the home of the Island Sinfonia chamber orchestra, founded around 1984 and conducted for 20 years by Mother Kateri Visocky of the Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist. The orchestra also performs on Lopez, Orcas and San Juan islands. For more information about Shaw Island, contact Shaw Islanders, Inc., P.O. Box 443, Shaw Island, WA. 98286, or visit shawislanders.org.

PUBLIC SERVICES ON SHAW Services available for Shaw islanders, guests or visitors:



Churches Non-denominational worship, Sundays, 11 a.m., Shaw Island Community Building. Our Lady of the Rock Chapel, call 468-2321 before visiting. Clubs and Organizations Shaw Islanders, Inc. Promotes and sponsors programs and services for the community. Web site: www.shawislanders.org/. Shaw Island Cemetery Board. President Alice Nelsen, 468-2314. Shaw Island 4-H. Jan Sanburg, 468-4682. Shaw Island Historical Society. President Chris Hopkins, 468-3147. Shaw Island Hookers. Liz Stedman, 468-3321. San Juan County Textile Guild. Lola Deane, 468-3351. Entertainment Venues Shaw Island Community Building. 468-2908. Events, meetings, classes. Fire District San Juan County Fire District 5. Emergency: Call 911. Brud Joslin, chief, 378-7880. Historic Sites Shaw Island Museum. Housed in a log cabin that served as the island’s first post office. Next to the library. Shaw Island School. 468-2570. Formerly a one-room schoolhouse, listed on state and national registries of historic places. Law Enforcement San Juan County Sheriff ’s Office. Emergency, 911. Business, 378-4151. Library Shaw Island Library and Museum. Chris Hopkins, board president, 468-3147. Jody Schmidt, librarian, 468-3715. Medical Emergency: Call 911. By cell phone, 3784141. Local EMS coordinator: Helen Riggins, 468-3602. Parks Shaw County Park is located on the shore of Indian Cove on the south end of the island. General number, 378-8420. Reservations (seasonal), 378-1842. Voter Registration San Juan County Elections Department: 3783357 or visit http://wei.secstate.wa.gov/sanjuan/ Pages/default.aspx.

RECREATION Bicycling & Mo-Peds Adventure Attractions Northwest, San Juan Island. 378-1323. Cascadia Kayaks & Bikes, Lopez Island. 468-3008. Deer Harbor Marina, Orcas Island. 376-3037. Dolphin Bay Bicycles, Orcas Island. Sales only. 376-4157. Island Bicycles, San Juan Island. 378-4941. Lopez Bicycle Works, Lopez Island. 468-2847. San Juan Outfitters, San Juan Island. 378-1962. Susie’s Moped Rentals, San Juan Island. 378-5244. Wildlife Cycles, Orcas Island. 376-4708. Boating A Trophy Fishing Charters, San Juan Island. 378-2110. ABC Yacht Charters, San Juan Island. 378-7196. Captain Carli’s Charters, San Juan Island. 378-0302. Caramel Sailing Cruises, San Juan Island. 378-9816. Classic Day Sailing, Orcas Island. 376-5581. Deer Harbor Charters, Orcas Island. 376-5989. Emerald Isle Sailing Charters, Orcas Island. 376-3472. Fantasy Cruises, San Juan Island. 378-1874. Grey Eagle Charters, San Juan Island. 378-6403. Harmony Charters, Lopez Island. 468-3310. Island Commuter Service, San Juan Island. 378-3499. Kismet Sailing Charters, Lopez Island. 468-2435. Lieber Haven Resort & Marina, Orcas Island. 376-2472. Mainstay Marine, San Juan Island. 378-5473. Maya’s Westside Charters, San Juan Island. 378-7996 or 622-

San Juans Vision Source

6305. Mitchell Bay Landing, San Juan Island. 378-9296. North Shore Charters, Orcas Island. 376-4855. Orcas Boat Rentals and Charters, Orcas Island. 376-7616, 4720020. Orcas Island Eclipse Charters, Orcas Island. 376-6566. Orcas Outdoors Sea Kayak Tours, Orcas Island. 376-4611. Pacific Catalyst II, Inc., San Juan Island. 378-7123. Salish Sea Charters, San Juan Island. 378-8555. San Juan Boat Tours, San Juan Island. 378-3499. San Juan Excursions, San Juan Island. 378-6636. San Juan Kayak Expeditions, San Juan Island. 378-4436. San Juan Safaris, San Juan Island. 378-1323. Scamper Charters, San Juan Island. 472 0212. Snug Harbor Resort Marina, San Juan Island. 378-4762. Western Prince Whale Watch Tours, San Juan Island. 378-5315. Bowling Paradise Lanes, Friday Harbor. 370-5667. Dancing A Place to Dance, Orcas Island. 376-6549. Dance Happy, San Juan Island. 378-9628. Dance Workshop II, San Juan Island. 378-4572. Scottish Country Dancing, San Juan Island. 378-4992. XYZ Movement Arts Center, Friday Harbor. 317-7178. Diving Naknek Dive and Charters, San Juan Island. 378-9297. Mainstay Marine, San Juan Island. 378-5473. Fishing A Trophy Charters, San Juan Island. 378-2110.


West Sound Marina, inc. The Service Center of the San Juans

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RECREATION FROM 25 Lakedale Resort, San Juan Island. 378-2350. Mainstay Marine, San Juan Island. 378-5473. North Shore Charters, Orcas Island. 376-4855. Outdoor Island Expeditions, Orcas Island. 376-3711. Hiking Gnats Nature Hikes, Orcas Island. 376-6629. San Juan Island Trails Committee, San Juan Island. www.sanjuanislandtrails.org. Horseback Riding Orcas Island Trail Rides, Orcas Island, 376-2134. Horseshu Guest Ranch, San Juan Island. 378-2298. Kayaking A Seaquest for Whales by Kayak, San Juan Island. 378-5767. Crescent Beach Kayaking, Orcas Island. 376-2464. Crystal Seas Kayaking, San Juan Island. 378-4223, (877) 732-7877. Discovery Sea Kayak, San Juan Island. 378-2559 or 866-4612559. Eclipse Charters, Orcas Island. 376-6566. Lopez Bicycle Works & Kayaks, Lopez Island. 468-2847. Orcas Outdoors Sea Kayaks, Orcas Island. 376-4611. Pacific Catalyst II, San Juan Island. 378-7123, (800) 378-1708. San Juan Kayak Expeditions, San Juan Island. 378-4436. San Juan Safaris, San Juan Island. 378-1323, (800) 450-6858. Shearwater Sea Kayak Tours, Orcas Island. 376-4699. Snug Harbor Marina & Resort, San Juan Island. 378-4762.

Skateboarding Lopez Island SkatePark, Lopez Village. Orcas Island Skate Park, Eastsound. www.skateorcas.org. San Juan Skate Park, San Juan County Fairgrounds, Friday Harbor. www.islandrec.org. Sporting Goods Nash Bros. Sporting Goods, San Juan Island. 378-4612. Eastsound Sporting Goods, Orcas Island. 376-5588. West Marine, San Juan Island. 378-1086. Spas/Massage/Fitness The Spa by the Bay at Rosario Resort, Orcas Island. 376-2222, ext. 601, www. rosarioresort.com Island Athletic Events. 472-0908, www.islandathleticevents. com. Lavendera Day Spa, San Juan Island. 378-3637, www.lavenderadayspa.com. Orcas Spa & Athletic Center, Orcas Island. 376-6361, www. orcasspaandathletics.com. San Juan Island Fitness, San Juan Island. 378-4449, www.sanjuanislandfitness.com. Spa d Bune, San Juan Island. 370-5027, www.spadbune.com. Xtreme Fitness, San Juan Island. 370-5636, www.xtremefitnesssji.com. Visitor Information Lopez Island Chamber of Commerce, Lopez Island. 468-4664, (877) 433-2789, www.lopezisland.com. Orcas Island Chamber of Commerce, Orcas Island. 376-2273, www.orcasislandchamber.com. San Juan Island Chamber of Commerce, San Juan Island. 3785240, www.sanjuanisland.org. San Juan Islands Visitors Bureau, San Juan Island. (888) 468-3701, ext. 1, www.visitsanjuans.com.

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here are some things that you can predict about weather in the San Juans. Sunshine? Yeah, we got that — 247 days of sunshine or your money back, as local real estate agent Jim Carroll likes to boast. But there are things about weather in the San Juans that are unpredictable. In winter 2008-09, we experienced some of the coldest temperatures since 1990. Ultimately, however, winter’s chill gives way to the ahhh-some sights and scents of spring ... the warmth of summer ... the vibrant colors of fall. And we’re sure we got our 247 days of sunshine. Weather is one of the most desirable attributes of the San Juan Islands (Condé Nast Traveler magazine named the San Juan Islands ninth on its list of “Top 10 Islands in North America.”). Temperatures rarely top 80 degrees in the summer

and rarely fall below 30 degrees in the winter. The Cascade range, 50 miles east, provides a 6,000- to 10,000foot barrier to bitter cold weather sweeping into the U.S. from Canada. In addition, the islands are in the shadow of the Olympic mountain range to the southwest. Most of our weather comes from the Pacific and the Olympics draw most of the rain before fronts arrives here; as a result, rainfall on the islands averages 29 inches a year, about half that of Seattle. A complete weather summary can be heard on NOAA’s 24-hour weather station, 162.55 MHz on VHF radio. Weather information can also be found at 161.65 MHz, broadcast from Victoria, B.C. Another great source for weather information is KVOSTV Channel 12 in Bellingham (its transmitter is situated atop Mount Constitution on Orcas.)

www.Orcas Family Health Center.org Full family medicine services. We provide considerate, respectful, and quality medical care to residents and visitors. Insurance accepted, payment plans, and sliding fee scale available. David C. Shinstrom, M.D., A.B.F.P. Phoebe Hershenow, A.R.N.P., A.B.N.P.

Located west of the airport in the Airport Center 1286 Mt Baker Rd, Suite B102; Eastsound, WA 98245

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AFFORDABLE HOUSING 2010 was a big year for home trusts and land trusts in the San Juan Islands: National awards, project completion, and expansion into economic development.

WHO TO CALL Homes for Islanders: Visit www.homesforislanders. org. Lopez Community Land Trust: Sandy Bishop, executive director, 468-3723. www.lopezclt.org. OPAL Community Land Trust: Lisa Byers, executive director, 376-3191. Visit www.opalclt.org. San Juan Community Home Trust: Nancy DeVaux, executive director, 378-5541. www.hometrust.org. The Community Land Trust of Waldron Island: Contact Peter Alexander, Community Land Trust of Waldron Island, 472-1103; e-mail waldronlandtrust@ gmail.com.

TRANSPORTATION Airlines Island Air, 360-378-2376 or 888-3782376, www.sanjuan-islandair.com. Kenmore Air, 866-435-9524, www. kenmoreair.com Northwest Seaplanes, 800-690-0086, www.nwseaplanes.com. Northwest Sky Ferry, 360-676-9999, www.northwestskyferry.com. Rose Air, 503-860-6389, www.roseair. com. San Juan Airlines, 800-874-4434, www. sanjuanairlines.com. Westwind Aviation, 360-378-6991, www.westwindav.com. Airport shuttle Airporter Shuttle/Bellair Charters, 866235-5247, www.airporter.com. Island Airporter, 360-378-7438, www. islandairporter.com.

Ferries Washington State Ferries, 800-84-FERRY, www.wsdot.wa.gov/ferries. Vehicle and passenger service between Anacortes, the San Juan Islands, and Sidney, B.C. Passenger-only boats ABC Yacht Charters, 800-426-2313, www.abcyachtcharters.com. Clipper Vacations, 800-888-2535, www. clippervacations.com. Island Express, 1-877-473-9777, www. islandexpresscharters.com. Outer Island Expeditions, 360-376-3711, www.outerislandx.com. Paraclete Charter Service, 1-800-8082999, www.paracletecharters.com. Puget Sound Express, 360-385-5288, www.pugetsoundexpress.com. Victoria San Juan Cruises, 800-443-4552, www.whales.com.

Located in the heart of Lopez Village (360)468-3344/(866)468-3344 wrehome@wrelopez.com - www.wrelopez.com

Rental cars, mopeds, and taxis M&W Auto Sales and Rentals, 725 Spring St., Friday Harbor, 360-378-2886, 800-323-6037, www.sanjuanauto.com. Orcas Island Shuttle, 360-376-7433, www.orcasislandshuttle.com. Orcas Mopeds, Orcas ferry landing, 360376-5266, www.orcasmopeds.com. Susie’s Mopeds, 125 Nichols St., Friday Harbor, 360-378-5244, www.susiesmopeds.com. Bob’s Taxi & Tours, 360-378-6777 - San Juan Classic Cab Company, 360-378-7519 - SJ Friday Harbor Taxi, 360-298-4434 - SJ Island Tours Taxi, 360-378-4453 - SJ San Juan Taxi & Tours, 360-378-3550 - SJ San Juan Transit, 360-378-8887 or 800887-8387 - SJ Orcas Island Shuttle, 360-376-RIDE Orcas Island Taxi, 360-376-8294




EDUCATION Here are the enrollment numbers for public and private schools in the San Juan Islands. These numbers reflect the total head count of students as of November. That number could be higher than the average daily attendance of full-time equivalent students, which is reported to the state Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

LOPEZ ISLAND Lopez Elementary School, 86 School House Road, Lopez Island. 468-2202. Grades K-5. Enrollment: 93 (2010-11), 88 (2009-10), 86 (2008-09), 93 (2007-08), 85 (2006-07), 89 (2005-06), 93 (2004-05); 101 (2003-04). Lopez Middle and High School, 86 School House Road, Lopez Island. 468-2202. Grades 6-12. Enrollment: 129 (2010-11), 136 (2009-10), 132

(2008-09), 147 (2007-08), 151 (2006-07), 153 (2005-06); 161 (2004-05); 163 (2003-04). Early childhood education Lopez Children’s Center, 160 Village Road, Lopez Village. 468-3896. Director Jane Hobbs. www.lopezchildrenscenter.com.

ORCAS ISLAND Public Orcas Elementary School, 611 School Road, Eastsound. 376-2286. Grades K-6. Enrollment: 208 (2010-11), 214 (2009-10), 215 (2008-09), 210 (2007-08), 228 (2006-07), 234 (2005-06), 224 (2004-05), 217 (2003-04), 208 (2002-03), 234 (2001-02). Orcas Middle School, 715 School Road, Eastsound. 3762287. Grades 7-8. Enrollment: 68 (2010-11), 52 (2009-10), 68 (2008-09), 68 (2007-08), 64


(2006-07), 77 (2005-06), 70 (2004-05), 70 (2003-04), 81 (2002-03), 101 (2001-02). Orcas High School, 715 School Road, Eastsound. 3762287. Grades 9-12. Enrollment: 151 (2010-11), 147 (2009-10), 129 (2008-09), 146 (2007-08), 151 (2006-07), 185 (2005-06), 183 (2004-05), 199 (2003-04), 199 (2002-03), 192 (2001-02). OASIS Alternative Learning Program, 577 School Road, Eastsound. 376-2286. Grades K-12 since 2006, K-8 before 2006. Enrollment: 233 (2010-11), 53 (2008-09), 36 (2007-08), 27 (2006-07), 14 (2005-06), 15 (2004-05), 17 (2003-04), 29 (2002-03), 23 (2001-02). Private Orcas Christian School, 107 Enchanted Forest Road, Eastsound. 376-6683. Grades K-12. Enrollment: 80 (2010-11), 103 (2009-10), 103 (2008-09), 78 (2007-08), 65 (2006-07), 82 (2005-06). Early childhood education The Funhouse. 30 Pea Patch Lane, Eastsound. 376-7177.

Director Peter Moe. Afterschool program (age 9 and older), www.thefunhouse.org. Kaleidoscope, 1292 North Beach Road, Eastsound. 3762484. Director Amber Paulsen. Daycare (ages birth-12). Orcas Montessori School, 1147 North Beach Road, Eastsound. 376-5350. Director Teresa Chocano. www.orcasmontessori.org. Orcas Island Children’s House, 36 Pea Patch Lane, Eastsound. 376-4744. Program director Jana Albright. School of the Salish Sea – Waldorf Initative PO Box 2024 Eastsound, 376-4552, www.schoolofthesalishsea.org, email: orcaswaldorf@yahoo. com. Salmonberry School, 867 North Beach Road, Eastsound. 376-4310 (preschool), 3766310 (elementary). Director Paul Friedman. www.salmonberryschool.org.

SAN JUAN ISLAND Public Friday Harbor Elementary


A Clean Marina Leadership Award Recipient.



Post OfďŹ ce Box 889 FRIDAY HARBOR Friday Harbor, WA 98250 VHF66A U 360-378-2688 U Fax: 360-378-6114 U www.portfridayharbor.org



t Comfortable Waterfront Rooms with Private Decks Overlooking Cascade Bay and Rosario’s Moran Mansion and Marina t One & Two Bedroom Suites with Fireplaces and Full Kitchens t Hike to Moran State Park t Families Welcome t No smoking t No pets

Cascade Harbor Inn (800) 201-2120 • (360) 376-6350 www.cascadeharborinn.com

School, 95 Grover St., Friday Harbor. 378-5209. Enrollment, grades K-6: 416 (2010-11), 418 (2009-10). Enrollment, grades K-5: 355 (2010-11), 361 (2008-09), 369 (2007-08), 382 (2006-07), 378 (2005-06), 407 (2004-05), 387 (2003-04), 391 (2002-03), 394 (2001-02), 412 (2000-01). Friday Harbor Middle School, 85 Blair Ave., Friday Harbor. 378-5214. Enrollment, grades 7-8: 144 (2010-11), 156 (2009-10). Enrollment, grades 6-8: 205 (2010-11), 219 (2008-09), 207 (2007-08), 198 (2006-07), 202 (2005-06), 226 (2004-05), 229 (2003-04), 224 (2002-03), 265 (2001-02), 243 (2000-01). Friday Harbor High School, 45 Blair Ave., Friday Harbor. 378-5215. Grades 9-12. Enrollment: 276 (2010-11), 306 (2009-10), 279 (2008-09), 327 (2007-08), 292 (2006-07), 309 (2005-06), 335 (2004-05), 358 (2003-04), 331 (2002-03), 321 (2001-02), 322 (2000-01). Griffin Bay School, 245 Blair Ave., Friday Harbor. 378-3292.

All grades. Enrollment: 23 (2010-11), 65 (2009-10), 42 (2008-09), 29 (2007-08), 44 (2006-07), 59 (2005-06). Private Paideia Classical School, 265 Price St., Friday Harbor. 3788322. Grades K-8. Enrollment: 33 (2010-11), 29 (2009-10), 43 (2008-09), 49 (2007-08), 49 (2006-07), 44 (2005-06) Stillpoint School, 775 Park St., Friday Harbor. 378-2331. Grades: K-5. Enrollment: 20 (2010-11), 16 (2009-10), 12 (2008-09), 7 (2007-08). Spring Street International School, 505 Spring St., Friday Harbor. 378-6393. Grades 6-12. Enrollment: 60 (201011), 67 (2009-10), 71 (200809), 66 (2007-08), 71 (200607), 69 (2005-06). Early childhood education Alphabet Soup, 300 Marguerite Place, Friday Harbor. 378-9166. Director Jeannette Mayes. Children’s House Montessori School, 761 Park St., Friday Harbor. 378-5255. Director Janice Otto.

Walking On? Rent a $FROM 39.95


4 HRS or




24 HRS.

Merci, mon amis! For a wonderful year in our new location on Spring St. You have made Be Chic Boutique a regular stop in your shopping for fine fashion.


We have a


rent and for sale

Teri McPadden

Also rentals at Orcas Landing: 376-5266

Be Chic


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Dr. Loftus and Oliver

Animal Inn and Wellness Center Your Pet’s Home Away From Home

Day Care and Overnight Care Indoor/Outdoor Dog Runs Private Cat Suites Special Needs Room Pampered Pet Suite Massage, Acupuncture, Veterinary Services Friday Harbor/Roche Harbor Pick Up/Delivery Available

Veterinarian owned- Michelle Loftus DVM 25 Boyce Road, Friday Harbor, San Juan Island t'JOEVTPOGBDFCPPL XXXBOJNBMJOOXFMMOFTTDPN



Harbor Insurance Agency, Inc. “Welcome to the San Juans!â€? tGBY PO Box 2718, 849 Spring St. Friday Harbor, WA 98250 ellen@harborinsurance.us reni@harborinsurance.us www.harborinsurance.us

)0.&t"650 #64*/&44t:"$)5 $0/53"$5034 $0..&3$*"-#6*-%*/(4

Ellen Johnson Agent/Owner

Reni McCutcheon Agent

Continuing a Tradition of Fine Art by Island Artists for Two Decades Gift Gallery

Head Start, 97 Grover St., Friday Harbor. 378-6030. Center manager Sarah Werling. Lighthouse Preschool, 425 Spring St., Friday Harbor. 3784885. Director Becce Bettridge. Stepping Stones Early Learning Center, 720 Park St., Friday Harbor. 378-4455. Director Bridget Altena.

DECATUR ISLAND Decatur Island School. 375-6004. Grades K-8. Enrollment: 1 (2010-11), 5 (200910), 3 (2008-09), 2 (2007-08), 4 (2006-07), 5 (2005-06), 6 (2004-05), 6 (2003-04).

SHAW ISLAND Shaw Island School, 4682570. Grades K-8. Enrollment: 21 (2010-11), 15 (2009-10), 13 (2008-09), 12 FT and 5 PT (2007-08), 13 (2006-07), 17 (2005-06).

Made in the San Juan Islands WA

Owner, Claudia Fullerton

4QSJOH4USFFU 'SJEBZ)BSCPS 8"r www.islandstudios.com

STUART ISLAND Stuart Island School, 3784133. Grades K-8. Enrollment: 2 (2010-11) 2 (2009-10), 2 (2008-09), closed (2007-08),

6 (2006-07), 5 (2005-06), 6 (2004-05); 6 (2003-04).

WALDRON ISLAND Waldron School. 376-2284. Grades K-8. Enrollment: 15 (2010-11), 10 (2009-10), 13 (2008-09), 13 (2007-08), 8 (2006-07), 9 (2005-06), 10 (2004-05), 14 (2003-04), 12 (2002-03), 12 (2001-02).

POST-SECONDARY EDUCATION Institute of Global Education, P.O. Box 1605, Friday Harbor, WA 98250. Contact Dr. Michael Cohen, 378-6313. www.ecopsych.com. Skagit Valley College San Juan Center, Friday Harbor. 378-3220. www.skagit.edu. Washington State University Center for Distance Education (at Skagit Valley College San Juan Center). 800-222-4978. http://online.wsu.edu. UW Friday Harbor Laboratories, 378-2165. http://depts. washington.edu/fhl.

Explore nature at Orcas Island. Come and enjoy the gorgeous Pacific Northwest sunsets at The Resort at Deer Harbor. Each of our freestanding cottages has its own private outdoor hot tub in which to pamper yourself while enjoying the gorgeous views of our beachfront property.

To book your reservation call 1-800-867-2095 and mention code THE BOOK and get up to 25% off your stay or for more information visit, http://www.greatpricedcondos.com/dh/. Rates and reservations based on availability



San Juan Island’s Favorite Corner — Since 1920 —

Painted by Lanny Little, the front of the store features the interior of the original pharmacy based on photos from Al Nash Jr. Art donated by A&H Stores, owners.


210 Spring Street, Friday Harbor WEEKLY RUNS TO THE ISLANDS! $PNNFSDJBM"WFt"OBDPSUFT 1-800-555-8894

t378-4421t Mon.–Sat. 9 a.m.–7 p.m.; Sun. 10 a.m.–4 p.m.



Industrial. Commercial. Residential. READY-MIX CONCRETE | CONCRETE PUMP TRUCK Asphalt Paving | Land Clearing Road Building | Site Preparation Ponds & Dams | Septic System & Installation Crushed Rock Products | Rock Bulkheads

For guaranteed satisfaction call the proven professionals

8FTU7BMMFZ3E'SJEBZ)BSCPStGBY richlawson@interisland.net Owner Operator: Lawson Quarr y

San Juan Jewels, Ltd.



A General Contracting Corporation


Contract Lic# RI-CH-AL-C998P6


San Juan Interiors is proud to announce the opening of our new Orcas Island store in Eastsound. v $"31&5"3&"36(4 v 5*-&

Beautiful colors & textures

v (3"/*5&$06/5&35014 450/& 4-"5& Large selection of surfaces & sizes


v )"3%800%~ solid & engineered v #".#00 $03, -".*/"5& Something for every room

v ."3.0-&6. ."3.03&55& 7*/:The newest in floor coverings v 8*/%0853&"5.&/54 Casual to formal

We’re here from start to finish.


Sarah, Gabe, Michel

Wovens, wools, berbers & patterns

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Almanacs - 2011  


Almanacs - 2011