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Arts and entertainment for the Eastside October 2011

Trick or Treat? Way better than a haunted house, Nightmare at Beaver Lake heats up Halloween

16-year-old filmmaker Bellevue teen Ben Kadie destined for greatness on the big screen

Inside scoop: dine

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THE scene

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Before Bakker, before Swaggart, before Robertson, there was Aimee Semple McPherson, the first media superstar evangelist. Her spectacular fall from grace is a real-life story tangled with scandalous love affairs and a tabloid-frenzied trial.

Sept 30 - Oct 29, 2011 WWW.5THAVENUE.ORG (206) 625-1900 GROUPS OF 10 OR MORE: 1-888-625-1418 OFFICIAL SPONSORS OF THE 5TH AVENUE THEATRE 2011-2012 SEASON:

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Inside Story


Photo by Chad Coleman

It’s a little spooky this month Dear reader, I have a mission for you – if you dare. Grab your coats, hop in the car and hit the road to Sammamish. Here, you will find strange and eerie delights and confront some of your worst fears at Nightmare at Beaver Lake – similar to the idea of a haunted house – but taking place over three-quarters of a mile in Beaver Lake Park. Walking (or running, if you’re like me and are easily terrified) through the dark woods, you will meet ghouls, deranged fiends and freakish characters. Depending on how you do with horror movies, it’s either the worst, or best, Halloween you could hope for. Scariness-wise, it makes most haunted houses look like a “Sesame Street” set. When people attend this haunt, featured on pages 1011, they probably have all the expectations that come with Halloween. It will be dark, macabre, and leave visitors high on adrenaline, hearts pounding with fear. But what they may not realize, is something good comes out of it, and I’m not just talking about the visitor’s thrill of being freaked out. Over months of planning, training the actors who make the haunt come alive and building the fantastic sets, the organizers of this event form friendships and for some, finally find a place where they belong. Additionally, scaring people actually helps people. When you attend Nightmare at Beaver Lake, bring some non-perishable food or canned goods. You’ll get $1 off your ticket price and donate to a worthy cause like Eastside Domestic Violence Program. Last year, the haunt generated $7,000 for local charities and organizations and donated more than 2,000 pounds of food. In other words, have fun, do good. Happy Halloween!





Nightmare at Beaver Lake will leave you screaming

The key to life is all about picking, searching, wiping – and sucking

Our take on Fashion’s Night Out at The Bravern


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Need stuff to do this October? We got you covered

16-year-old director Ben Kadie

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Morning meals in downtown Bellevue

Drink bridges a seasonal gap

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THE scene

Calm Experienccing a Pan Pacifiic sttay and the fulll service Vidaa Spa is sheer pleasure. Your journey begins shortly after check-in with a retreat to the spa, putting you into utter euphoria with a 90 minute Ayurvedic massage that includes the specialized Swedana or Shirodara enhancement. Then sink into our premium accommodations for a well deserved rest. Package includes: Luxurious overnight Deluxe accommodations One 90 minute Swedana or Shirodhara massage (one per night) Ayurvedic Aromatherapy Tri-Dosha Kit Pacific Rim breakfast for two Late check-out at 3:00 p.m. Mention ‘The Scene’ upon arrival and receive two complimentary drinks in The Bar. To book, please call 206 264 8111 or visit

Bali, Bangkok, Dhaka, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Ningbo (2012), Perth, Seattle, Singapore, Suzhou, Vancouver, Whistler, Xiamen, Yokohama

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The Drink

Hard ciders go down easy Red Barn Cider 16163 State Route 536, Mount Vernon (206) 321-9424 Red Barn Cider is located deep in the heart of apple country in Mount Vernon. Red Barn features a variety of choices, based on Jonagold apples, some of the most flavorful in the state. With seven different types of cider, Red Barn can satisfy everyone, from those with the taste for the driest varieties to a sweet cider aficionado. You can find any of Red Barn's flavors at QFC on Bellevue Way and in Crossroads.


As the 80 and 90-degree sun-splashed days cool down, and skies begin to gray, our collective winter-phobia begins to set in. But not so fast; we still have the fall. It's a time full of foliage and football, and pumpkin is in everything. But there is one more treat we all look forward to this time of year, hard cider. Bridging the gap from light summer beers and winter-time hot drinks, hard cider is a highlight of the season. Despite its reputation for apples, Washington is a bit thin on hard cider breweries, but that doesn't mean there aren't options Alpenfire Orchards 220 Pocket Lane, Port Townsend (360) 379-8915 Located in beautiful Port Townsend, Alpenfire claims to be the sole organic cider brewery in the state. The brewery is only two years old, but the owners have long held a passion for hard cider, dating back to their college days in the 1970s. They have created a variety of options including critically acclaimed Organic Pirate's Plank "Bone Dry" Cider ($12.50 a bottle, $135 a case). It can be found at stores and bars throughout the Seattle area, including Pete's Wines Eastside and Whole Foods on Lake Bellevue Drive in Bellevue.

Westcott Bay Cider 12 Anderson Lane, San Juan Island (360) 378-3880 With more history than you can ask for, Westcott has been a powerhouse in the cider industry for more than a decade. San Juan is well known for its fruit producing exploits, and Westcott sits on an orchard that has been in operation since the 1870s. With only three brands of cider, Westcott doesn't offer the kind of variety other places boast, but what it does produce is well received. You can order one of each of the three varieties – dry, very dry and medium sweet – for $24 before shipping. Or you can head over to Whole Foods in Bellevue and pick up a bottle.





Want to participate? Call 425.688.3384 to get a vendor application.



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A special place for women

Comfort Food.



Warm your home with the scents, colors & tastes of casseroles, soups & stews, pot roast, lasagna & a favorite baking recipe.



he name of Belladonna Breast Imaging Center, (BBIC), in Bellevue says it all. Bella Donna means “beautiful womanâ€? in Italian – and that reflects the founder Dr Marita Acheson’s vision. Each woman who walks through her door is a beautiful, unique person who will receive one-on-one attention and consultation as opposed to being treated like just another number. From the heated robes patients receive, to the welcoming softly lighted rooms- it is a stark contrast from the often glaring, impersonal environment of a typical breast imaging facility. Most of the time, Acheson is able to give patient’s results the same day as the appointment. “I wanted to create somewhere where women feel very comfortable and relaxed,â€? Acheson said. “Even though it is a very high technology sophisticated environment, I didn’t want it to be intimidating. Patients feel that when they come in.â€? With a hand selected, experienced and knowledgeable staff, BBIC uses the latest in integrated digital technology to perform screening mammograms and diagnostic examinations, breast ultrasound including ShearWave™ Elastography, (recently FDA approved technology), ultrasound guided and stereotactic biopsies, fine needle aspirations, cyst aspirations and pre-operative guide-wire localizations. Belladonna Breast Imaging Center is the only Marita Acheson M.D. independent female owned practice dedicated exclusively to Director & Founder of BBIC breast screening and diagnosis in the region. With the best technology and unparalleled in patient care, Acheson hopes to help women take charge of this crucial aspect of their health. The American Cancer Society estimates that more than 230,480 women will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer and 57,650 women with in situ breast cancer in America in 2011. Second only to skin cancer, it is the commonest form of cancer in women in the USA. Today, there are over 2.5 million breast cancer survivors in the USA. Women have approximately a 1 in 8 lifetime risk of getting breast cancer. Every one of us, whether we have personally been diagnosed with breast cancer, or have a mother, sister, daughter, grandmother, aunt, friend or co worker diagnosed with breast cancer, have been affected by this common disease. Women who are age 40 and older should come in and have a screening mammogram every year, as advised by the American Cancer Society, the Society of Breast Imaging and numerous other medical professional organizations. If you have a family history or other risk factors, you might need to start annual screening earlier. Having a screening mammogram every year is important. Screening every year from the age of forty will save 71% more lives than just screening every two years from age 50 to 74. Keeping up with one’s breast health is a crucial responsibility for all women. Never ignore a lump, or any other breast changes, always have changes evaluated by your healthcare provider. At BBIC, Acheson strives to detect breast cancer at its earliest stages, which increases survival. “If we can detect breast cancer early, we can save women’s lives,â€? she said. Unfortunately many women do not have regular mammograms because they do not think they are at risk if they do not have a strong family history of breast cancer. The majority of women diagnosed with breast cancer are in the average risk group. Every woman is at risk. Others just don’t get around to having the exam, because they are too busy, or have had a bad experience. Don’t compromise your health. “At BBIC we make it easy to schedule, will have your records transferred for you, and with our experienced technologists will make the exam as comfortable as possible,â€? said Acheson. Dr Acheson reads on average more than 7,000 breast imaging exams per year, for a total of approximately 100,000 exams over the last 15 years. Who is interpreting your mammogram? “I tremendously enjoy my patients and making a difference in their lives,â€? Acheson said. “Whether it is telling a woman that her mammogram is normal, or helping her through the biopsy, informing her of her biopsy results, and if needed helping find breast surgical, radiation and medical oncology specialists to meet her needs, it is all part of the service we provide here. At BBIC, we appreciate the trust our patients have in us, and treat them like the family and friends they are.â€?



Eastside Professional Center t 1810 116th Ave NE, Suite 101 t Bellevue, WA 98004 Tel: 425-974-1044 t Fax: 425- 974-1033 t Email: t

NSKDVMJOBSZDPNt/&UI4U#FMMFWVFt Offer expires on 10/31/11 and does not include sale items.

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Breakfast in Bellevue



Downtown Bellevue isn’t just about a flashy night out. After the flood of mini-skirts and shiny shoes recedes from the sidewalks Saturday morning, locals take a few hours to enjoy the empty streets and the company of neighbors. A few restaurants, some serving whisky by night, open to this community for some of the best breakfasts around. This guide is more about where to find breakfast in downtown Bellevue, aside from hotels and Starbucks, than it is about what’s the absolute best. So grab friends and family and let’s go. Lot No. 3 460 106th Ave. NE 425-440-0025 A hipster whisky bar by night, Lot No. 3 has comfort food that surprises, even for breakfast. In the morning, its tall draperies are drawn back to reveal deep leather sofas, perfect for reading and sipping on perhaps the best black coffee in town. While the menu is short, it changes seasonally. Its Eggs Benedict varieties change the most, but the dish is considered a favorite. The hollandaise has a DELISH: Lemon ricotta pancakes, a seasonal offering at Lot No. tart lemon finish, and the eggs are 3. poached perfectly, leaving a thick yolk to drizzle down the muffin. The pork belly version is a fun alternative to canadian bacon rounds. The salty meat is crisp on the outside and pulls apart in the middle. Pumpkin pancakes are slated to replace their lemon-ricotta pancakes this October, but if the lemon flapjacks are any indication of flavor, they’re worth a try. If you order the malted waffles, take a moment to consider the taste of the flour. Its boxes hold little bits of fleur de sel, which balance the sweetness of real maple syrup. Don’t forget to order a side of candied bacon, which they serve as an appetizer at night. Gilbert’s on Main 10024 Main St. 425-455-5650 A well-known bagel deli, Gilbert’s is a staple for the Main Street neighborhood. Marked by white adirondack chairs and true sidewalk dining, don’t let its curious sandwich combinations pull you away from the breakfast board. Gluten lovers can find satisfaction in their bagels, which are soft and airy. They come toasted with cream cheese and jam. The pesto bagel comes with a whole slice of tomato baked on top. Arrive early to ensure [more BREAKFAST on page 9] your choice.

BELLEVUE SQUARE heats up the weekend with restaurant-inspired cooking demonstrations. See delicious dishes created by Head Judge on Top Chef, Tom Colicchio and Chefs from The Bellevue Collection. Tom is Chef and owner of Craft, Colicchio & Sons, Craftbar and Craftsteak. Support Hopelink with the purchase of the Special Edition “Taste for Giving” booklet containing exclusive offers and recipes from participating restaurants at The Bellevue Collection. All sales FIRI½X,STIPMRO[LSWIVZILSQIPIWW and low income families.

Tom Colicchio of Top Chef presents on Sunday, October 16th.

For information on the event, Taste for Giving booklet and the schedule of Chef Demonstrations, visit


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Cultu r Cross al roads Fe s t i v al Nove












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Dine Omelets and scrambles are filled and mixed to the max with goodies. The lox and cream cheese, a classic deli selection, is a good way to treat yourself. Ask, and they’ll top your bagels with just about anything. Paddy Coyne’s 700 Bellevue Way NE 425-453-8080 Like most Irish food, breakfast at Paddy Coyne’s dominates with meat and potatoes. Rashers, a thick form of Irish bacon, and bangers, big breakfast sausages, stay true to their Irish roots. Try pairing them with red potatoes and eggs. For the inordinately hungry, the Irish Breakfast, a plate loaded with about eight different things, is also a tribute to culture. The baked beans and broiled tomato are unusual for an American breakfast, but fitting. The soda bread is sweet and dense like pound cake, and served with orange marmalade butter. A favorite of many is the corn beef hash. The corned beef is chopped so finely its hard to see the potatoes. Top that goodness with fried eggs and a generous scoop of hollandaise and it’s indisputably the epitome of satisfying breakfast food. CafÊ Pirouette 14 102nd Ave. NE #3 425-637-9988 CafÊ Pirouette offers French favorites for an American breakfast. Once a tea house five years ago, delicate China tea cups still line a cabinet by the espresso machine. The cafe is bright and filled with European knickknacks. The fruit crepes are a warm welcome on a cool morning. When possible, try to order BITE ME: Pork Belly Benedict at Lot No. 3. what fruit is in season, as all the fillers are made from scratch. Most of the crepes are thicker than a true Frenchman might like, but being heavier, they can hold more goodies. The Pirouette Crepe is loaded with veggies and lightly seasoned. For omelets, try the ham and swiss. The eggs are both firm and moist, and the cheese is gooey. A bit of advice: On a busy day, there can be a 45 minute wait for food. Still, for those content to sip on tea, it’s a pleasant place to wait. Palomino 610 Bellevue Way NE 425-455-7600 Considered to be the breakfast for powerhouse figures from Monday through Friday, look beyond the continental breakfast and berry parfaits and dive into the full menu. Favorites are the French Toast, served with sweet cream butter, and its traditional Eggs Benedict, made the classic way but with a housemade shallot hollandaise. The menu includes a variety of egg dishes, from scrambles and omelets to a frittata topped with roasted peppers and mozzarella. Sides range from Hempler’s smoked bacon to Uli’s chicken apple sausage links and pork sausage patties.

Da On yO e nly

Dull Knives?


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[BREAKFAST from page 7 ]


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Visitors come face-to-face with nightmares at Beaver Lake Park GABRIELLE NOMURA At first glance, Dana Young is the last person who would scare you. The stay-at-home mom loves to bake and solve puzzles. She volunteers in her kids’ schools and greets her Microsoft husband at the end of each day. Plus, her 5-foot-2-inch stature is not what you’d call intimidating. But beware – appearances can be deceiving. Each Halloween season, this suburban mom transforms like a werewolf beneath a full moon. Young and 300 other volunteer actors are what make the haunted adventure, Nightmare at Beaver Lake, come alive with gory ghouls and spooky characters each year. Their one mission – scaring you. This is not the typical haunted house with mechanical crows, pop-up monsters and the lackluster finale of a man holding a rubber chain saw. It’s a nightmare come to life, a thrill-seekers paradise. “Our haunt is different because it’s theatrical, actors are coming up and interacting with you,” says Young, who has played every character from lunatics, to half-animal/ half-humans. “There are a lot of ways actors can scare you including startling, staring, sniffing and acting in a way that’s unexpected. Even if you came through the haunt twice, it would be different each time.” This improvised show put on by the actors is an essential part of the haunt, which takes place over three-quarters of a mile of haunted wood in Beaver Lake Park in Sammamish. The path winds through sets with spooky graveyards, carnival kitchens or giant, swirling vortexes with trippy black light and clowns, depending on the theme that year. This October, visitors will face a haunt called “We Know What Scares You.” As usual, Young is looking forward to the adrenaline rush she loves, scaring the wits out of people’s minds – and sometimes, even something wet from people’s pants. “We do have a Pisser Pants Award for whoever can confirm making an adult pee their pants first,” said Young, the proud recipient of last year’s award. Young emerged as the winner when, in character as a ghoul, she went up behind a woman and sniffed, like an animal surveying its prey. That was all it took. Young’s victory was confirmed by a security guard on hand, who happened to be carrying a flashlight. Several of these or similar “little accidents” happen each year. “Instead of trying to keep it a secret, people always seem to throw their hands up in the air and say, ‘Oh my God, I just peed my pants,” Young says. But Young isn’t on a mission to make people pee-their-

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AM their worst in Sammamish

pants-scared, per se. “At 5’2,” I don’t mess with anyone who’s shorter than I am,” Young says. “My favorite part is when they scream, and then they laugh.” Bringing the joy of scaring people to Sammamish was originally for the teenagers there, who, between school and home, were fairly bored on the plateau, according to responses from a survey put out by the Sammamish Rotary Club in 2004, asking participants how the city could be improved. That same year, the haunt was born, giving something for teenagers to both attend and participate in. Nearly 4,000 people screamed their way through the

GHOSTS, GHOULS AND GORE – OH MY! : Dana Young (top left) and Andy Nix (center) in full Nightmare at Beaver Lake makeup. CHAD COLEMAN, Photos. Two scenes from last year’s haunt (above and bottom left), a vortex with clowns and an electric chair, complete with victim. COURTESY PHOTO nightmare over a four-night period. Last year, more than 9,700 people enjoyed the haunt over 11 spooky nights. Teens, as well as community members like Young bring it to the next level each year; adding more elaborate sets, such as a giant trebuchet and organizing an event filled with actors that jump out of nowhere, and somehow, know visitors by name (a sneaky trick). But aside from the customer who pays to get spooked, Nightmare at Beaver Lake benefits people in need by donating food and money to charities. Visitors receive $1 off their ticket if they bring a food donation, and last year, the haunt raked in 2,430 pounds of canned goods and non-perishable items that were donated to Eastside Domestic Violence Program. Additionally, organizers made donations totalling $7,000 to groups that helped out with the haunt, the Issaquah Senior Center and Sammamish Youth Board, among others. The fact that scaring people helps others is what makes Nightmare a perfect volunteer activity for ordained minister, Rev. Shane Mitchell, who’s been involved since the haunt’s early years. Finding a safe, positive and fun environment to let human emotions of hate,

anger or even insanity be channeled in a way that benefits charity is one big “love fest,” as Mitchell puts it. “When I found scare, I found a way to express those things society says we can’t do,” Mitchell says. “That was cathartic for me.” Mitchell, an advanced scarer, once frightened a teenage girl through the haunt, onto the shuttle that takes visitors back to the parking lot, and even jumped into the car with her confused dad, speaking in a deranged voice that he was going to “live under her bed from now on.” The girl was freaked out – but she couldn’t get enough of it, Mitchell says. Scaring is a free, legal high that really does benefit everyone involved, Young says. The visitor gets an unforgettable Halloween, charities receive a donation and the person doing the scaring benefits in many ways, too: finding a passion for set, costume and makeup design, having the time of one’s life each October and finding a community of like-minded individuals. “Many of us are the freaks, the geeks the misfits,” Mitchell says. “We may not have been the kids on cheerleader squads or the football team, but we need something that we can be a part of too, and that’s what we find in scare.”

Schedule and ticket information: Oct. 20, 7-7:45 p.m. Family Scare; 8-10 p.m. Full Scare Oct. 21, 7-7:45 p.m. Family Scare; 8-11 p.m. Full Scare Oct.22, 7-7:45 p.m. Family Scare; 8-11 p.m. Full Scare Oct. 23, 7-7:45 p.m. Family Scare; 8-10 p.m. Full Scare Oct. 24 and Oct. 25, Closed Oct. 26, 7-7:45 p.m. Family Scare; 8-10 p.m. Full Scare Oct. 27, 7-7:45 p.m. Family Scare; 8-10 p.m. Full Scare Oct. 28, 7-7:45 p.m. Family Scare; 8-11pm Full Scare with special guest character Jason Voorhees available for photos and autographs Oct. 29, 7-7:45 p.m. Family Scare; 8-11 p.m. Full Scare with special guest character Jason Voorhees available for photos and autographs Oct.30, 7-7:45 p.m. Family Scare; 8-10 p.m. Full Scare Oct. 31, 7-7:45 p.m. Family Scare; 8-10 p.m. Full Scare Prices: Family Scare, $8; full scare Sunday-Thursday $12; Friday and Saturday, $15. Bring a can of food to donate and save $1 off the ticket price. Beaver Lake Park: 244th Ave. SE, Sammamish;

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Learning the essentials: wiping, sucking

loud & about

Years ago, I began keeping a list I call Crucial Life Skills for Babies. It was born of my realization that successful adulthood requires a child to learn a myriad of skills beyond reading, writing and arithmetic. In fact, these vital lessons may be more valuable than traditional education â&#x20AC;&#x201C; certainly more practical for everyday use than algebra or Shakespeare. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s possible to categorize many of these key learnings into an abbreviated lesson plan of sorts, focused on four categories: Picking, Searching, Wiping, and Sucking. Picking Many of the mini-dramas and traumas we navigate each day are centered around the seemingly simple act of picking: Picking an outfit, picking HEIJA NUNN the bathroom door lock when your sister is taking too long, picking your battles, picking your nose (privately if youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re smart, publicly if youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re under five). Mastering the art of picking is important. How your child handles picking teams now may indicate her ability to pick a mate later. Super bonus to the parent of the child who invents a way to pick your family, they

will be heroes to many. Hopefully theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll pick you to keep you around for the I.P.O. Searching I spend half my life searching. Anyone who has coached my kids knows this, having rolled their eyes as my shoeless, pad-less and ball-less spawn arrive at practice. We are all perpetually searching. Searching for solutions, searching the crowd, searching for acceptance, searching for data, searching for socks, searching for Mom, who is searching for something to write withâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;AGAIN! Learning the art of searching early is lucky, as long your kids donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t enjoy searching for trouble, like I did. Wiping Parents everywhere do a happy dance the day their kid masters the delicate art of wiping. There is a remarkable sense (and reality) of liberation when Junior learns how to wipe: How to wipe his nose, his bottom, the milk he just spilled all over the kitchen table. Basic wiping skills are important and lead to more detailed wiping skills such as sunscreen application, waxing dadâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s car, applying acne meds and using my favorite Costco Kirkland brand disinfecting wipes to clean toilets. If you have boys you know that last one is not only crucial, but life-enhancing for the whole family. Sucking One of the most amazing and adorable tricks a baby





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Painless Care

o need to snap, crack or pop the neck or lower back! Dr. Mark Doyle and Dr. Nelson, with over 35 years of practice and experience, believe painful treatment to be counterproductive to getting a patient well fast and in a shorter period of time. With the technology we have incorporated into our facility, we use a combination of sophisticated spinal adjusting, in conjunction with laser therapy for disc conditions and contemporary spinal rehab. We address all tissue components of a painful condition, the nerve, the muscle, soft tissues, disc and joint alignment. We also address the mind-body connection with effective stress reduction processes we provide our patients in the office. 10635 NE 8th Street, Ste. 104 | Bellevue 425-455-1881

ADVANCED EYECARE SOLUTIONS Bellevue 425-283-0440 | Woodinville 425-486-3937

Dentistry for your Lifetime Smile!

can perform intrauterine is sucking its thumb. It is our most instinctual and oft-used skill. Think about it. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re born, and itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s all â&#x20AC;&#x153;Welcome to the World, Life Sucks, Suck This!â&#x20AC;? And so it begins. Babies suck in their first breath and then spend their first days searching for something to suck. They almost immediately graduate to picking; breast or bottle, binky or thumb? Meanwhile, they are getting constantly wiped on one end or the other until the day arrives that they can do it themselves. But the sucking doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t stop with weaning. It just changes. They still have to learn diplomacy skills or rather, how to suck up; beginning with grandparents, moving on to teachers, bosses etc. By the time we have our own children weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re expected to know and teach others how to traverse that fine line between practical suck-uppery and sycophantic blather. And then of course there is the cold reality of having to deal with lifeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s disappointments. Whether itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not getting the same teacher as your best friend, getting passed over for promotion or missing out on that rare YSL nail polish color by just one customer, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s crucial we learn there are times in life where we just have to suck it up!


COMPLIMENTARY OFFER For New Patients Spinal Treatment & Laser Pain Relief + Spinal Decompression (if applicable)

Dr. Rocco Nelson â?Ś Dr. Mark Doyle

1-888-Burn-Fat (425-455-1881) 10635 NE 8th Street, Ste. 104 | Bellevue, WA 98004

10635 NE 8th Street, Ste. 104 | Bellevue 425-455-1881 t

THE scene

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CONFIDENT COMMUNICATION Feel Empowered â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Not Fearful A Personal Development Workshop for Women Wednesday, October 26 5:30pm â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 7:30pm Hotel Bellevue 4&UI4Ut#FMMFWVF



Light refreshments will be served

any women need to give presentations at work and in life. They are called upon for community and social events, Chamber functions, proposals to customers, prospects, staff and more. The majority of people experience some â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;butterfliesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; and fear in these situations. In a non-threatening, upbeat and fun way, Eileen Shenker, president of Success Seminars, will teach: t)PXUPNBOBHFGFBST QSFQBSFXJOOJOHQSFTFOUBUJPOTBOEIBWFB dazzling delivery every time one has to speak in front of others t"TJNQMFGPSNVMBGPSFÄ&#x152;FDUJWFBOEQFSTVBTJWFQSFTFOUBUJPOT t8BZTUPEFMJWFSBOZNFTTBHFXJUIJNQBDU t&BTZUPSFNFNCFSiGFBSÄ&#x2022;HIUFSwUPIFMQGSFFCVUUFSÄ&#x2DC;JFT Read what others are saying about this workshop: i:PVHBWFNFUJQTUPPWFSDPNFNZGFBSBOETUFQTGPSQSFQBSBUJPO Ä&#x2021;  JTXBTTPXPSUINZUJNFwChristine LaBoy, Ronald McDonald House i:PVSQSFTFOUBUJPODPOOFDUFEUPUIFOFSWPVTOFTTBOEIPXUPPWFS DPNFJU:PVFOHBHFUIFBVEJFODFXJUIZPVSEFMJWFSZÄ&#x2021;  JTXPSL TIPQJTEZOBNJDBOEWFSZFÄ&#x152;FDUJWFwTerry Tellez, Ethan Allen Confidence will be high the next time one has to present in front of any group from 5 to 200 or more. Make your reservations soon, seating is limited to 100. Register online at or call Celeste at 425-453-4276. Cost of the workshop is $20.

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B F : @ B G @  < > G M > K

14 | | october 2011

Style Watch

Sign up for classes now at Follow BC on Facebook.

The Road to Life . . . Good Coffee, Good Food, Good Wine and Good Company

Featuring: t&TQSFTTP 5FB(FMBUP t"NB[JOH&VSPQFBO.FOV t'JOF8JOF4FMFDUJPOT Weekend Brunch: Sat & Sun 10 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 2 | Daily Happy Hour 4 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 6 Belcarra Building | 10688 NE 10th Street | Bellevue, WA 98004 {425} 449-8917 | | Free Garage Parking off 106th

High End Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Consignment Clothing and Accessories


137 106th Ave NE Bellevue, WA 98004 425.455.0343 Mon-Fri 10 AM - 6:30 PM Sat ".1.tSun 12 - 4 PM

Dan Larsen Until Oct. 9


Uniquel y



top and pause in European styleâ&#x20AC;Ś savoring a cup of coffeeâ&#x20AC;Ś or a glass of wine. Enjoy espresso and pastries in the morning. Have lunch and slide right into Happy Hour with a selection of nibbles and wine.

425.283.0461 On the Hyatt Courtyard

Rose Dennis

by wearing the perfect outfit These guests know how to look perfect on the red carpet. They selected the right outfit that nicely showcased their body silhouette and their photo pose and smile shows that they are comfortable being in the spotlight. Rose Dennis is a Greater Seattle style icon. Singled out by numerous publications, such as Seattle Magazine, sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s been crowned as Seattleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Best Dressed, a Signature Style Uptown Girl and as a reigning tastemaker.

Relax with friends over dinner as Chef Philip Collins showcases the artistry and unique flavors of the European cuisine. Top it off with your favorite gelato!

Tiller â?° Don Oct. 12 - Nov. 6

Art in Bellevue

Stylish guests attended Fashionâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Night Out (FNO) on Thursday, Sept. 8 at The Shops at The Bravern. This global event was created in 2009 in NYC by Vogue Editor Anna Wintour, with the goal of putting excitement back into the retail industry. FNO is now a global event from New York to Seattle, Australia to Russia. Upon arriving on the red carpet in Bellevue, guests had the opportunity to pose for that perfect photo and be interviewed on camera by Joan Kelly and Duell Fisher. The highlight for many of us was the runway fashion show at Neiman Marcus, where beautiful models wore the key trends for fall 2011. The â&#x20AC;&#x153;Lady Chicâ&#x20AC;? look stood out: pumps, pencil skirts, dresses, leather pants and skirts, fur collars and shrugs and handheld handbags. The new hot color for fall is Bordeaux. All shades of burgundy, red, and pink accents, were showcased with shoes, sweaters, necklaces and cuffs and leather gloves. FNO was a memorable evening where everyone took the time to be seen


Some people talk about doing great things. Others just do them.

Key fall trends seen at Fashionâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Night Out

10688 NE 10th St. Bellevue, WA 98004 {425} 449-8917 Free Garage Parking off 106th

Clockwise from bottom left: Molly Mesnick with fashion stylist Darcy Camden. (top right) Alain Garcia and Darnell Sue. (Bottom right) Ian MacNeil, Elizabeth Waldron-Nagy, Christian Shevchenko and Joan Kelly. Photos by Team Photogenic.

october 2011 | | 15


Jim Breuer The ‘Half Baked’ star talks SNL, Dave Chappelle, and the joys of dad life.

BY GABRIELLE NOMURA Even as a high school student in Long Island, N.Y., Jim Breuer knew he wanted to be a standup comedian. Little did he know he’d grow up to star on Saturday Night Live (SNL), making fan-favorite roles for himself as the original character “Goat Boy” or co-star in the cult favorite “Half Baked” with Dave Chappelle. In addition to touring the country as a comedian and his projects in film, TV and radio, Breuer enjoys spending time with his wife and three daughters in their New Jersey home, playing pick-up games of baseball and watching the New York Mets.

JB: No, I don’t think so. My awareness of who is staring and looking at me has changed though. I constantly want to set up an example. If anything, it changed me for the better. When I’m out with my kids or my father, I want to be an example so people will say, ‘If that famous guy can do it, so can I.’

scene: You’ve done TV, standup, radio and film. Is there a medium you feel most at home in? JB: That’s a hard one. Radio, because you don’t have to be hilarious the whole time, just entertaining. I can do that for hours.

scene: Which cast members were the most fun to work scene: Describe your standup in one word. JB: Animated.

scene: What was it like working with Chappelle in the movie “Half Baked”? JB: It didn’t suck. Working with Dave was like working with your clown best friend. I didn’t even audition for the movie. He trusted me enough to put me in a co-starring role. When someone gives you that much trust, it’s the greatest feeling in the world.

scene: Tell me about going on tour with your 84-year-old father in 2008. Footage from those adventures with your dad eventually became the documentary “More Than Me.” JB: That was one of the most challenging, funny, inspiring and testing times in my whole life. It changed my future with standup, it changed the way I love, it changed the things I made. It kept one foot of mine in humanity and reality.

scene: Has fame changed you?

with during your time on SNL, 1995-1998? JB: I’m going to say Tracy Morgan, Colin Quinn and Darrell Hammond. We come from the same tribe. We understand each other. We knew each other’s language; how we ticked. At the end of the day, we had each other.

scene: What’s one thing your fans would be surprised to learn about you? JB: I’d say it’s the deep spiritual side, not religious, but spiritual. There’s a big difference.

scene: What’s the best thing about being a dad? JB: Watching life all over. Watching home videos of your life. I had a great childhood. And now, I get to watch and enjoy life through their eyes. It’s the most powerful, giving thing. I never laughed so hard. I’ve never fought so much. Breuer will perform at the Parlor Live Comedy Club Oct. 7-8. For tickets, go to For more information, go to

16 | | october 2011


Local filmmaker continues his coming of age story

enjoy a full three-course meal INCLUDES A STARTER, ENTREE, PERSONAL SIDE & DESSERT





come visit us for prime hour in our bar and lounge PRIME BITES $2.95â&#x20AC;&#x201C;$4.95 ½ LB. CHEESEBURGER W/HAND CUT FRIES $4.95 PRIME SLIDERS $4.95 PRIME COCKTAILS & MARTINIS $3.95 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; $4.95 PRIME BEER $2.95 & PRIME WINE $3.95

565 Bellevue Square




11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

4:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Dinner Selections Are Also Available At Lunch

Private Dining Available Reservations Recommended


4â&#x20AC;&#x201C;7PM & 9â&#x20AC;&#x201C;11PM NIGHTLY, 9â&#x20AC;&#x201C;10PM SUNDAYS Happy Hour Specials Available Daily in Our Bar and Lounge 4â&#x20AC;&#x201C;7pm & 9â&#x20AC;&#x201C;11pm Nightly 9â&#x20AC;&#x201C;10pm Sundays

g5 48 3u


 7:   3 3 u






Ben Kadie's age shows on screen. His earlier work included purely green-screened backgrounds resembling mob movies and comedies starring his friends. The over-the-top concepts were full of shootouts and one-liners. But the now 16-year-old junior at Interlake High School is growing up, and the evidence of that can be seen in his latest film. Kadie is in the midst of shooting his most mature, hard-hitting film yet, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Alone Together.â&#x20AC;? The story focuses on two families who take a trip to a fictitious Chilean Island (portrayed by beaches on Whidbey Island, and forested areas on Cougar Mountain) only to become ship wrecked. The majority of passengers escape on a life raft, but the teenage stars of the movie, Brendan (Asher Jordan) and Eloise (Bellevue High School graduate Brianna Massie) are stuck on the island together. This development represents a fantasy for Brendan, who has held unrequited feelings for Eloise much of his life. "He can choose to keep Eloise there [so that sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll] still be with him or leave the island because he found a working radio," Kadie said. "It's selfish love versus selfless love." Kadie has been working on the concept for nearly a year. Like his past projects, the director is keeping â&#x20AC;&#x153;Alone Togetherâ&#x20AC;? lowbudget. But heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s made a number of changes to his style for this picture. For example, he made more of an effort to shoot in real locations, rather than green BEN KADIE shoots a scene in â&#x20AC;&#x153;Alone Togetherâ&#x20AC;? at screens. Other than the Whidbey Island/ Northwest Seaport in Seattle. NAT LEVY, Photo Cougar Mountain shots, Kadie and his crew were able to secure use of the Arthur Foss from the Northwest Seaport. The 1889-built vessel serves as the boat taking the two main families to the Chilean island. He's shot underwater, and put together a shipwreck sequence of the century-old boat. Kadie's emphasis on believable sets, comes with a more professional cast. For the first time, he was able to audition actors and actresses for the character-driven film. "I think as I've just gotten older, I've become more interested in stories about characters rather than stories about explosions," he said. And the actors took notice. More than 60 people tried out for the leads of Brendan and Eloise. For Massie, who has been acting since the fourth grade, working with Kadie was a pleasant experience. "Ben is only 16 and he hasn't been on many professional shoots," said Massie, 18. "He is more professional and nice to work with than other directors because he cares about his projects in an innocent way." The 19-minute film is another step for Kadie up the ladder into the film-making world. Kadie is primarily a self-taught director, who uses minimal gear. He has stepped up his supplies this time around, using boom mics and a new camera. All of this leads to a goal of continuing his self-education as a filmmaker. [more KADIE on page 17]

THE scene

october 2011 | | 17

[KADIE from page 16 ]

Heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s attended film camps and learned new skills during his high school career. He has submitted his films to festivals and posted many of them on YouTube. His website, gives a potential audience the chance to view all his movies and keep up with his projects. Kadieâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ultimate goal is to attend film school to become a director. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Alone Togetherâ&#x20AC;? will likely be done in December, and it represents one more step in the evolution of the self-taught filmmaker, who does almost all of the production work himself. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Just doing it so much is whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s taught me the best.â&#x20AC;?

HUBBA HUBBA: Brendan (Asher Jordan) and Eloise (Brianna Massie) act in â&#x20AC;&#x153;Alone Togetherâ&#x20AC;? BEN KADIE, Slugco Films.

Best Italian Dining on the Eastside


tucked away in the Crossroads District Now serving gluten-free pasta

1*;;&3*"t41"()&55&3*" 425-614-0007



15600 NE 8th | Bellevue, WA Across From The Cinema At Crossroads Mall

Free Valet Parking Voted Bellevueâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Best Happy Hour and Best Lunch by 425 Magazine QFBSMCFMMFWVFDPN]#FMMFWVF8BZ/& 4VJUF #FMMFWVF 8"]

18 | | october 2011

Out & About

Best of October

Need something to do this month? We’ve got you covered. October – all month long Pumpkin Patch at Trinity Tree Farm, every Thursday through Sunday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Trinity Tree Farm, 14237 228th Ave. SE, Issaquah Saturday 10-1 Issaquah Salmon Days Grande Parade, 10 a.m., Issaquah Saturday-Sunday 10-1 and 10-2 Issaquah Salmon Days Festival, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Historic Downtown Issaquah

YOU TASTE DELICIOUS: “Dracula” the ballet is Oct. 28 and 30.

Eastside Lyric Theatre presents The Sorcerer as “The Flim Flam Man”, 8 p.m. Saturday and 3 p.m. Sunday, Ivanhoe Theatre, 16661 Northup Way, Bellevue.

Sunday 10-2 Lyric Light Opera of the Northwest presents “The Music Man,” 2 p.m., Kirkland Performance Center, 350 Kirkland Ave., Kirkland 35th Annual Issaquah Rotary Run at Salmon Days, 9 a.m., Issaquah Monday 10-3 Late Night Movies at LOT No 3, “The Dark Knight” 10 p.m., LOT No 3, 460 106th Ave. NE, Bellevue Friday 10-7 Kirkland Performance Center presents “Antonio Zambujo”, 7:30 p.m., Kirkland Performance Center, 350 Kirkland Ave., Kirkland Saturday 10-8 Kelsey Creek Farm Fair, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Kelsey Creek Farm, 410 130th Pl. SE, Bellevue Saturday 10-15 Kirkland Arts Center presents “REDUX”, 5:30 p.m., Meydenbauer Center, 11100 N.E. Sixth St. Bellevue

TRICK OR TREAT: “Halloween” (c) 2006 Hanna Horwarth and made available under a Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 license. Thursday 10-20 Kirkland Performance Center presents “The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra”, 7:30 p.m., Kirkland Performance Center, 350 Kirkland Ave. Kirkland Thursday to Wednesday 10-20 to 10-31 Nightmare at Beaver Lake, go to www.nightmareatbeaverlake. com for a list of times, Beaver Lake Park, 25101 SE 24th St., Sammamish Friday – Sunday 10-21 through 10-23 International Ballet Theatre’s “Dracula.” Times vary by day, Meydenbauer Center, 11100 NE Sixth St., Bellevue Saturday 10-22 Kirkland Performance Center presents “Evan Flory-Barnes: Acknowledgement of a Celebration”, 8 p.m., Kirkland Performance Center, 350 Kirkland Ave., Kirkland Friday 10-28 International Ballet Theatre’s “Dracula”, 7:30 p.m., Meydenbauer Center, 11100 N.E. Sixth St., Bellevue Friday to Monday 10-28 to 10-31 Bellevue Youth Theatre presents “Frankenstein”; go to for a list of times. Bellevue Youth Theatre, 16661 Northup Way, Bellevue Saturday 10-29 Boo Carnival, 10 a.m. to noon, Renton Community Center, 1715 Maple Valley Highway, Renton Downtown Trick or Treat & “Olde” Fashion Halloween Party, 1 - 4 p.m., Downtown Renton

All Hallows Feast at the Bors Hede, 6 p.m., Camlann Medieval Village, Camlann, 10320 Kelly Road NE, Carnation Pumpkin Push 5K , 8 a.m., Seward Park, 5902 Lake Washington Blvd. S., Seattle Meydenbauer Center presents “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, 8 p.m., Meydenbauer Center, 11100 NE Sixth St., Bellevue The Ultimate Halloween Bash, 8 p.m., The Showbox at the Market, 1426 1st Ave., Seattle Sunday 10-30 Run Scared 5k, 9 a.m. Seward Park, 5902 Lake Washington Blvd. S., Seattle

DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN: At the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” on Oct. 29.

International Ballet Theatre’s “Dracula”, 7:30 p.m., Meydenbauer Center, 11100 N.E. Sixth St., Bellevue

Available on the Eastside

THE scene

october 2011 | | 19

5 Bedrooms 4.75 Bathrooms 5,715 SqFt Home Shy Acre Lot Gated Estate Stately craŌsman Main floor master Media room Covered outdoor kitchen MLS# 194976


5 Bedrooms 4.75 Bathrooms 6,227 SqFt Home 1 Acre Lot Gated community Professional kitchen Media room Entertainment deck Expansive lawn MLS# 271228

Bridle Trails | Bellevue

Bridle Trails | Bellevue

4 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms 4,760 SqFt Home 2.23 Acre Lot Renovated rambler Sunlit great room Luxurious master suite Bonus room, sauna Pasture, trail access MLS# 260309


4 Bedrooms 3.5 Bathrooms 4,280 SqFt Home 1 Acre Lot Custom built estate Easy flowing floor plan Main floor guest wing Vaulted master suite Entertainment deck MLS# 223267

Pike’s Peak | Bridle Trails | Bellevue

Bridle Trails | Bellevue

4 Bedrooms 2.25 Bathrooms 3,060 SqFt Home 1.16 Acre Lot TradiƟonal 2-story Master suite Stainless steel kitchen Serene seƫng Entertainment paƟo MLS# 272364




2 Bedrooms 2 Full Bathrooms 1,024 SqFt Home Lovingly cared for Private deck Backs to natural seƫng Great room Individual garage Walk to Main Street MLS# 274837

Union Hill | Redmond

Meydenbauer | Bellevue

Coldwell Banker Bain Int’l Presidents Premier Top 1%, CRS, GRI 425-450-5208


Style for your windows, savings for you. With their beautiful colors, fabrics and designs, Hunter Douglas window fashions are always a smart choice for creating inviting, attractive spaces. And now through December 12, mail-in rebates let you enjoy select styles at a savings of $25 to $300 per unit.* Purchase and install their energy-efficient Duette® Architella® Honeycomb Shades before the end of this year, and you may qualify for a federal tax credit of up to $500.** Ask us for details. Clockwise from top left: Silhouette ® Window Shadings, Luminette ® Privacy Sheers, Duette ® Architella® Honeycomb Shades, Skyline ® Gliding Window Panels

*Manufacturer’s rebate offer valid for purchases made 9/13/11 – 12/12/11. Rebate offers may not be combined; there is a limit of one rebate per qualifying unit. For each qualifying unit purchased, the higher applicable rebate amount will apply. Other limitations and restrictions apply. All rebates will be issued in U.S. dollars, in the form of an American Express® Prepaid Reward Card. **For tax credit details and restrictions and a list of qualifying products, ask a salesperson or visit Hunter Douglas and its dealers are not tax advisors. The tax credit for 2011 is subject to a limitation based in part on the amount of Section 25C credits taken in prior years. It is recommended that you consult your tax advisor regarding your individual tax situation and your ability to claim this tax credit. ©2011 Hunter Douglas. ® and TM are trademarks of Hunter Douglas.

The Scene - October 2011  


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