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Fall Home Guide

• 2011

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Fall Home Guide

• 2011

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f Willy Wonka had an interior design showroom, it may look like Wyland Interior Design. The large showroom is a feast for the eyes with its building materials in different textures and colors —ranging from exotic zebra-striped woods, to Italian glass that appears covered with water droplets. There is even a countertop product made from shredded money. It’s aptly named “Counterfeit Green.” “There are a lot of products that I carry that other people don’t have,” owner Connie Wyland said. “As an interior designer, I go out of my way to find unusual products.” Wyland knows the ins and outs of the items she sells, and about the appropriate use and the best way to install the products. Her knowledge is handy when it comes to warranties. For example, she has had clients who wanted to install wood flooring in bathrooms, but client installation nullifies the warranty. “This stems from doing a lot of commercial interior design for restaurants and movie theaters,” Wyland said. “You have to make sure you get the appropriate product and the correct application.” Wyland, who has more than 28 years of experience in design, has a knack for seeing past four walls. Her architectural knowledge allows her to know which walls are structural and which ones can be bumped out or knocked down. She also tries to maximize the efficiency of a space. To get a sense of Wyland’s gift of interior

THIS NEW KITCHEN has a unique feature: The range is backdropped by a landscape set in tile. The photo at right shows the tile in detail. SUBMITTED PHOTOS

“I strive to have each job look different and unusual. I don’t want to keep repeating the same old thing.” — Connie Wyland, owner Wyland Interior Design

design, a visit to her website shows completed jobs, some with before and after shots. The site also shows a wide-range of different styles, from traditional to contemporary. Wyland makes sure each job is unique. “I strive to have each job look different and unusual,” Wyland said. “ I don’t want to keep repeating the same old thing.” Whether the client

wants contemporary to traditional, Wyland helps design a space that reflects the client’s taste. She knows every nuisance of style. Wyland had a client who told her she wanted a French Country style. It turned out what the client was really after was French Provincial. Yes, there is a difference, and those are the details Wyland knows. For those who think interior designers are for the well-to-do with money to burn, think again. Wyland can design a kitchen or bath (or any space) at a greater savings than a doit-yourself designer. Plus, the one-stop shopping she offers is convenient and saves time, gas and trips to Seattle. And, as long as you purchase the products through her shop, she waves the design fee. Because her shop is

filled with products ranging from high-end to budget-friendly, Wyland helps clients make the most out of their remodeling budget. She said it’s helpful to have a budget in place, but most often, clients don’t know what a remodeling project really costs. To help with this, Wyland designs a space and prices it. Then it’s

up to the client to let her know which items take priority and which items should be substituted with a less-expensive option. Wyland said it’s also important for the space to reflect the client’s style, as well have continuity and flow with the rest of the house. This is obtained by picking up different elements from the rest of the house such as paint colors or similar wood choices.

Fall Home Guide 2011 is a publication of the Kitsap News Group, a division of Sound Publishing Co. PUBLISHERS Bainbridge Island Review: Chris Allen Hoch Bremerton Patriot: Sean McDonald

Wyland understands the vast amount of products choices can be daunting. She estimates her cabinet styles, woods, stains and hardware could be configured in thousands of different ways. She’s there to help guide clients and rein them in. “One thing people complain about is that I have too many options,” she said. But along with the options, she also sees opportunity in repurposing objects. One client accidentally broke a box of her grandmother’s dishes when she was moving. The client was distraught over the loss. Wyland’s solution was to make a mosaic backsplash from the broken china, putting a personalized touch in the client’s kitchen. “It turned out beautifully,” she said. And truly made a house into a home.

Home ome FALL

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Fall Home Guide

• 2011

Follow Miss Snippy’s advice for a fall-ready garden By wendy tweten


iss Snippy has lost patience with all these nambypamby purveyors of horticultural advice. Whether on newspaper or radio, the typical gardening expert responds to all queries — no matter how inane — with an understanding smile and a metaphorical pat on the

head. Pruned your cherry tree down to nubbins? That’s OK. Sprayed all your fruit trees with Orthene when the bees were out? Don’t fret. Enough, I say. While the service-with-a-smile approach may be appropriate for most of those seeking counsel, Miss Snippy feels that what some people want is more of a metaphorical


swift pat on the fanny, and that goes double for garden professionals. First of all, let’s get one important term straight: “Hardy,” as used in gardening, is a specific term indicating a plant’s resistance to cold. It does not mean the plant is bullet-proof. It does not mean “hearty.” Plant a hardy Japanese maple in a swamp and watch it expire.



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Add a hardy Red Jade crabapple to your front yard and, in the summer when apple scab and powdery mildew have reduced it to post-nuclear-war crispiness, the homeowners’ association will be at your doorstep waving torches and pitchforks. Here’s a concept that certain homeowners find difficult: Plants grow. And some grow bigger than others. That cute little redwood may look cunning planted against the porch — but there’s a reason they call them GIANT sequoias. Buy a Sunset Western Garden book and plan before you plant. One of the most disturbing questions, too often heard, is this: “I have (pick one) crane fly, wasps, ant hills, aphids, snakes on my property; how do I kill them?” Kill, kill, kill … die, die, die! It’s the scorched earth approach to gardening. For heaven’s sake, the

FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE, Miss Snippy says, your garden is not a New York penthouse. It cannot, will not and should not be perfected. Wendy Tweten

garden is not a New York penthouse; it cannot, will not, should not be perfected. A few leaves will be

nibbled along the way. Live with it. See MISS SNIPPY, Page 5

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Fall Home Guide

• 2011

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Miss Snippy

“Snakes are your friends — stop being a baby. Slugs are another matter.”

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Miss Snippy wishes to point out that crane fly larvae in the lawn is rarely a serious problem; treatment is recommended only if they are present in huge numbers (more than 40 per square foot). Stop chasing away the starlings and they’ll eat them (the starlings will eat the crane fly, that is; if it’s the other way round, you have my permission to initiate chemical warfare). Ant hills should be admired. Aphids — even those nasty black ones that take over the nasturtiums — usually can be ignored until you finally give up and compost the affected plants (which are often annuals anyway). Spraying and dusting only throw off the balance, often making things harder in the long run. Here’s another radical statement: bald-faced hornets and other papermaking wasps deserve a chance. Experience has taught me they aren’t nearly

— Miss Snippy

as feisty as their reputation suggests (I’ve spent a lot of time walking around and under their nests over the years with no dire result). In addition to being excellent predators of garden pests, they are fascinating to watch (yes, yes … if you’re truly allergic, do what you must). Finally, snakes are your friends — stop being a baby. Slugs are another matter. You have Miss Snippy’s permission to kill slugs. Preferably with a big rock. You are, however, allowed to kill only the non-natives (which is hypocritical, I know, since earthworms and honey bees aren’t native either … but I don’t care). Our native banana slugs are woodland creatures that rarely venture into the garden. When one

does turn up amongst the hostas, it always looks a bit sheepish — like a teetotaler caught having a night on the town. The proper way to deal with the reprobate is thus: pick it up (gardening gloves are recommended, but if none are handy a tissue will suffice — with the added benefit of leaving the offender properly chastened in a white, tar-and-feather fluff). Then toss the big guy back into the forest. A couple verses of “Born Free” and the job is done. And there you have it. Whether you call it tough love or simple surliness, when it comes to gardening, sometimes the only way to encourage growth is with a bit of acid. — Wendy Tweten is an award-winning gardening writer for numerous publications, among them Master Gardener magazine, Northwest Garden News, WestSound Home and Garden, Organic Gardening, and the Kingston Community News. Miss Snippy — her opinionated alter-ego — can be found in Northwest Garden News.

For information about native plants Get more information about native plants from these sources. n Kitsap Conservation District: www.kitsapcd.org (click on Publications/Lat-

est Newsletter, then KCD Winter News 2011). n Kitsap County: www. kitsapgov.com/dcd/lu_env/ native_plants/native_plants. pdf

n Washington Native Plant Society: www.wnps. org/photogallery1.html n WSU Native Plants: http://cahedb.wsu.edu/ nativeplant/scripts/webDisplaySoil.asp


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Fall Home Guide

• 2011

Now’s the time to plant bulbs, veggies, trees By MEGAN STEPHENSON


pril showers may bring flowers, but so do September showers. Many think of spring as the prime planting season. However, local plant experts say soil warmed by summer sun and nourished by fall rain make now the best time to plant a garden. And what better way to brighten up your lawn as we descend into dreary fall days than some bright pansies, or a Golden Mop evergreen? Colleen Miko, horticultural educator at WSU Kitsap County Extension, said the easiest way for beginning gardeners to get into the fall season is to take classes and workshops at local nurseries. “It’s a good time to shop for plants with leaves that change color in fall because one can select the best foliage color when its right there on the plant in front of them,” she said. “There are deals to be had in the autumn at the nursery cen-

ters too, which makes it easier on the pocketbook.” Perennials, vegetables, trees and bulbs are the top choices to plant now, according to Anne Fisher, a landscape designer with Savage Plants in Kingston. Japanese maples and evergreens provide year-round structure and color, she added — and evergreens aren’t just green. “[Conifers] have a lot of color — goldens, white, reds, blues,” she said. “They’re a great way to bring color and texture into your garden ... to carry it through winter.” Pam Sinclair, a horticulturalist with Valley Nursery in Poulsbo, said ornamental plants can’t take all the credit — fall is a great time to plant vegetables. Cauliflower, sprouts, spinach, garlic and root veggies, such as carrots or beets, add green to a garden and to the table. Fall is also the time to plant spring bulbs, such as tulips. For those spring and summer gardeners who don’t want to brave the cooler fall tempera-

top seeds to plant

MELINDA AND JOHN MCKINLEY shop at Savage Plants in September for their fall garden, a seasonal ritual. “I’m the builder, she’s the planter,” John said. MEGAN STEPHENSON tures, Sinclair warned those garden beds shouldn’t stay empty. “Mother Nature abhors a vacuum,” she said. “She’ll plant something, and it may not be something you like.” Sinclair suggested planting a cover crop, which protects the

surface of the soil and adds organic matter for spring planting. All in all, Fisher said, gardening should always be enjoyable. “Don’t be afraid to have fun with it, try something [new],” she said. “It’s your yard.”

Native plants are well adapted to Kitsap County, and thrive with no fertilizer, little extra water once established, and no pesticides. Many local garden centers carry native plants or can order them for you. WSU Kitsap Cooperative Extension, (360) 337-7158, can also provide you with helpful information. Here are some top seeds to plant in fall. Dr. n Gloriosa daisy: perennial. n Heather (evergreen): flowering shrub, changes color during year. n Highbush cranberry: flowering shrub, fruit for wildlife. n Oakleaf hydrangia: flowering shrub.

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Fall Home Guide

• 2011

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Get your lawn in gear for fall After strange summer, lawns need some TLC


espite homeowners’ best attempts to keep lawns lush and green, the summer of 2011 was difficult even for seasoned lawn care pros. “While grass is a remarkable plant and can handle weather extremes with the best of them, sometimes the pressure is just too great,” says Jim Pijan, owner of Spring-Green Lawn Care in Poulsbo. In the Pacific Northwest, the majority of lawns are made up of cool-season grasses: Kentucky Bluegrass, Perennial Ryegrass and Fine Fescue. These grasses grow best at temperatures between 60

system. The cores that are left behind will dissolve back into the lawn and help breakdown any thatch that has developed. For maximum effectiveness, the lawn should have adequate moisture to allow the aeration machine to penetrate the soil more easily.

and 75 degrees and with adequate moisture. When the daytime temperatures approach 85 degrees, cool season grasses begin to decline, making summer the most stressful time of the year. Now that more moderate weather conditions are returning, lawns will begin to recover on their own. However, with a little work, damaged lawns can mend more quickly. Here are some tips from Pijan on the best way to revive a damaged lawn.


For the best results, invest in a good quality blend of grasses. Because seed needs contact with soil to germinate, just spreading seed over a non-aerated lawn will not produce the desired results. Broadcasting seed over a newly aerated lawn, however, allows for better soil-seed contact and better germination. One key advantage of seeding after core aerating is that the seed that falls into the holes will be protected and remain moist longer and provide better


One of the best ways to revive an existing lawn is to first core-aerate the lawn. You or a lawn care professional will use a machine to remove plugs of soil and thatch and deposit them back on top of the lawn to allow for more air, water and nutrients to penetrate into the root zone to help develop a stronger root

germination. As the soil collapses within the hole, the new plants will rise to ground level with a stronger, deeper root system.


Aeration and seeding alone won’t repair a lawn; in fact, one of the main reasons seed doesn’t germinate is due to inadequate watering. Depending on the variety of seed being used, germination rates can vary. For example, it can take anywhere from five to seven days for Perennial Ryegrass or Tall Fescue and up to three weeks for Bluegrass. Keeping the lawn adequately watered for two to four weeks or longer will ensure the new seed becomes well established. Be careful, though, because watering just enough to get the seed to germinate and then stopping will only result in the death of the new grass plants.

FOLLOW THE TIPS in this article and your lawn could look like this. Spring-green


Fall fertilization is critical to help a lawn recover from summer stresses. The lawn’s top growth has slowed so these nutrients go straight to the roots for a strong start next spring. Your turf actually converts the fertilizer into food reserves and loads up its root system so it’s ready, willing and able to get a quick (and healthy) start in spring. Lawns should be fertil-



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ized two or three times during the fall. Most fertilizer bags have instructions on the amount of product to apply per 1,000 square feet. General rule of thumb is to apply no more than one pound of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet. (Editor’s note: Read instructions for proper use in environmentally sensitive areas such as shorelines and watersheds.) See LAWN, Page 8

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Fall Home Guide


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Lower your mower

Your lawn should enter winter without any young, tender growth that could

make it more appealing to winter diseases, like snow mold. New, soft growth on the lawn is also more prone to dry out after the first winter winds come through, leaving you with a tan or brown lawn all win-

ter. So as late fall approaches, bring the cutting height down on your mower a notch or two. For more information about lawn care, contact Pijan at (360) 779-7579 or jpijan@spring-green.net .

Get ready in fall and avoid disasters in winter A little effort now can save you a lot of expense later


Deb & Emilio

Home Owners, Family, Kitchen Masters

We’re Helping Our Neighbors Home Loans

• 2011

ust as “spring forward” and “fall back” are reminders to check the batteries in your smoke detectors, the change in colors is a reminder that winter is only a few months away — and time to get your home ready. Getting your home ready now can save you a lot of headaches — and possibly the expense of damages — this winter. Each year, homeowners suffer hundreds of millions of dollars in damages due to burst pipes, frozen gutters and other cold weather-re-

lated disasters, according to the NW Insurance Council, a nonprofit, public education and trade association funded by member insurance companies in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Winter weather-related losses such as burst pipes, wind damage, ice dams and damage caused by the weight of ice or snow are covered under standard Homeowners Insurance policies. But by winterizing your home, you can eliminate many inconveniences caused by weather-related losses. “Even when you have insurance, the hassle of waiting for your home to be repaired can be a dark cloud over your holiday plans,” said Karl Newman, NW Insurance Council president. “It takes some work, but it's definitely

worth the effort to winterize your home.” Protect your home by following these easy, do-ityourself tips:

Maintain gutters

Remove leaves, pinecones, sticks and other debris from gutters so melting snow and ice can flow freely. This can prevent ice damming, which can push melting water under the roofing and into your attic. You may also consider installing gutter guards. Available at most hardware stores, gutter guards are screens that prevent debris from entering the gutter and blocking drainpipes.

Trim trees, remove dead branches

Ice, snow and wind can cause dead or weak branches and weak trees to See PREPARATION, Page 9

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Fall Home Guide

• 2011

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Puget Sound Energy offers energy efficiency rebates Puget Sound Energy is offering new and increased rebates on energy-efficient windows, space heating equipment and water heating equipment, providing more ways customers can

save energy and money this winter. The new and increased rebates for PSE customers include: n Conversion from electric forced-air furnace to


high-efficiency heat pump: $1,500. n Insulation (floor, attic, and wall): Up to $400 each or up to $1,200 combined. n Ductless heat pump (1 ton minimum): $1,200. n Windows (0.30 Ufactor or better) for electric customers: Up to $750. n Energy Star-qualified heat pump water heater: $500.

Severe Cold Weather,” contact NW Insurance Council at (800) 664-4942 or visit www.nwinsurance.org.

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n Heat pump sizing and lock out control: $300. Residential customers can get PSE rebates on energy-efficient appliances amd heating equipment. Customers can receive up to $3,950 when convert-

ing electric space and water heating equipment to natural gas. The utility also offers customers in-home services such as a free HomePrint™ Assessment and a $450 rebate on Energy Star energy efficiency

home improvements. To learn more, call a PSE energy adviser at (800) 562-1482, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. or visit PSE.com/Rebates.

Another Generation Moving Up

break — damaging your home or car.

Check insulation

Add extra insulation to attics, basements and crawl spaces. If too much heat escapes through the attic, it can cause snow or ice to melt on the roof. The water will refreeze, allowing more snow and ice to build up. This can result in a collapsed roof.

Maintain pipes

Wrap pipes with pipe insulation or heating tape and insulate unfinished rooms such as garages that have exposed pipes. Also, check for cracks and leaks. Repair them immediately to prevent much costlier repairs. (An eighth-inch crack in a pipe can spew up to 250 gallons of water in as little as 24 hours. That’s more than enough to damage hardwood floors, carpet and furniture. Repairs and clean-up costs can be enormous.)

Keep your house warm

The temperature in the home should be at least 65 degrees. The air inside the walls where pipes are located is substantially colder than the walls themselves. A room temperature below 65 will not keep pipes from freezing.

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5 Great Reasons 4. ENERGY EFFICIENCY to Buy or Remodel Today’s new homes are designed to save

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Get to know your plumbing

Learn how to shut off the water and know where your home’s pipes are located. If pipes freeze, you may be able to prevent the pipes from bursting by taking immediate action. Quickly shut off the water and direct your plumber to the problem. For more information on winterizing your home, or for a free copy of “Surviving

3. OUR HOUSING MARKET IS IMPROVING Inventory of homes for sale has been declining. Pending sales have steadily improved. If you’ve been waiting for the “bottom” of the market and don’t act soon — you’ll miss it.


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questions you have. Visit our website at www. 5. PROFESSIONAL BUILDERS, REMODELERS & LENDERS The Home Builders Association of Kitsap County has hundreds of member kitsaphba.com or call us at any 360-479-5778. companies ready to guide you through housing questions you have. Visit our website at www.kitsaphba.com or call us at 360-479-5778. www.KitsapHBA.com

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Fall Home Guide

• 2011

Sentinel likes building, making healthy homes Building a company with caring, and humor

Good things come in small packages. Left, this Grandmother’s Cottage is an 876-square-foot, single-level, energy and costefficient structure. Below left, a Sentinel home energy audit uses infrared to detect leaks in a home. The arrows point to dark areas representing air intrusion.



INGSTON — Sure, Dave Godbolt and Sentinel Construction build homes. They also remodel homes, restore old buildings, make buildings more energy efficient, and do environmental projects. How many homebuilders can display an award for a manure storage building he built to keep farm waste from getting into the watershed? Ah, a perfect segue to some construction humor. After he finished that farm waste project, Godbolt and his wife Barbara visited Lake Quinault and they saw a park that he had built 30 years ago. The park has what Godbolt calls a “glorified four-holer” he built. Barbara quipped, “Your career has come full circle.” (Ba-dum-ching!) Actually, that four-holer could symbolize that no job is too small for Godbolt and company. And they build to last. Photos of their homes have graced the glossy covers of magazines, but they’ve also built carports, cottages, decks, equestrian barns, and playhouses. What matters most to Sentinel is building homes and doing remodels that last, are energy-efficient, and are good to the environment. Sentinel Construction is a certified green builder, committed to minimizing pollution and waste, and reducing the overall environmental impact of a home’s construction. Sentinel’s also accredited as a Salmon-Safe company, committed to site management practices that achieve zero sediment runoff. Godbolt uses the term “high performance” homes — a home that optimizes insulation, has an advanced

ventilation system, and has the correct-size air conditioning and heating. Using advanced framing techniques, Sentinel uses up to 20 percent less lumber, allowing room for more insulation between walls. “This not only conserves wood resources, it lowers your initial construction cost, reduces your energy costs, solves mildew-in-wall problems, and adds years to your home,” he said. With advancements in ventilation and building materials, Sentinel can prevent problems associated with air quality. “We don’t place the heating system in the garage where it is subject to fluctuating temperatures, exhaust and other toxic fumes,” he said. “The mastic-sealed tight duct installation also ensures the heated air is delivered to every room without the traditional leaks, saving you from paying for costly waste.” Sentinel evaluates the

proper size of cooling and heating systems that will keep your home comfortable under any extreme. This is known as the peak load. “Sentinel High Performance Homes have a lower peak load, and thus are able to utilize smaller heating and cooling systems to meet that peak load and still keep the house comfortable,” Sentinel’s Web site states. “This improves the overall energy efficiency of the house. And it will provide a higher level of comfort over a traditional over-sized system during non-peak heating and cooling seasons by being better able to dehumidify without over-cooling.” Sentinel can make older homes perform better, too, resulting in more comfort and lower energy costs. It starts with an energy audit. Sentinel conducts a blower door test and uses infrared photography to identify air leaks. Sometimes, hom-

eowners can do the repairs themselves with caulking, sealants and insulation. On a 1950s house in Tracyton, Sentinel did some minor structural repairs, some venting repairs, and insulated the ceiling. The result: A 20-30 percent improvement in energy efficiency. “In past summers, the owners had to leave the house because it was too hot. They didn’t have to do that this summer,” Godbolt said. A house built in the 1990s required $4,529 worth of work – the largest cost was replacing a refrigerator and insulating the floor. But the homeowner will save an estimated $351 a year in energy costs, and see an annual reduction of greenhouse gases equivalent to not driving a car for two months. Another house required more work. It was built in 1998 – a “nice spec house,” Godbolt said – but a deeper look revealed some issues: There was no plywood sheeting under the siding, the house wasn’t fully insulated, holes drilled during construction were unplugged. “What we did was build a good building envelope,” Godbolt said. “We removed the siding, sheeted it, used a building membrane, resided and trimmed the house, replaced windows that needed to be replaced, and installed a high-

efficiency furnace – an on-demand gas unit. The owner replaced the aging dryer and refrigerator. “To make the house healthier, we pulled out all the carpet and installed white-oak strip flooring throughout the house. It’s beautiful.” And the house is more comfortable and energy efficient. This work fits Sentinel’s philosophy that homeowners should be able to live in their homes their entire lives. Sentinel is a certified Aging-In-Place Specialist, the first to be awarded this honor in Kitsap County. “Aging in place” is the ability to live in one’s own home for as long as confidently and comfortably possible, with the incorporation of design principles, telecare and assistive technologies if and when needed. Older homeowners want to stabilize their housing costs so they can stay in their homes,” Godbolt said. “They don’t want to waste money on heating and cooling costs. They want to be more comfortable, and we can achieve that with some good, common sense stuff.” Sentinel’s commitment to making homes better and healthier has been good for the company, and for homeowners. In 2010, 40 percent of Sentinel’s business was new construction, 60 percent was remodeling. In 2011, the numbers are 25

SENTINEL CONSTRUCTION 26119 Calvary Lane, Suite 700, Kingston , WA 98346 (360) 297-0080 www.sentinelconstruction.com percent new construction, 75 percent remodeling. Including himself, the company employs nine. “I’ve kept all my guys working and all benefits active,” he said. Sentinel’s honors include a Remodeling Excellence Award from the Kitsap Homebuilders Association Remodelers Council for “Residential Kitchen Under $30,000.” Sentinel walks with its clients through the entire building or remodel process, from site preparation to building permits and actual construction. “The client sees the numbers I see,” Godbolt said of budgeting. Sentinel’s work earns high praise from clients. “We had picked Sentinel because they are one of the few companies in Kitsap with an Aging in Place certification,” Laura and Jay Melrose of Keyport said. “That was crucial to us as we transitioned through my husband’s recovery from major surgery. The construction foreman even brought soup to my husband while I was at work. At the end of the project, Sentinel made arrangements for extra materials to be picked up for donation to Habitat for Humanity.” “From the initial discussion of the project to its timely completion, Sentinel Construction maintained regular and open communication which was very much appreciated,” J.A. Martin of Hansville said. “Options were always readily available, if needed, whether it concerned design, products or cost. The quality of construction is immediately recognized.”

Fall Home Guide

• 2011

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Fall Home Guide

• 2011

“Our House will last for generations thanks to Sentinel Construction.” We’ll leave you feeling 100% satisfied from the friendly, professional service we bring to your home or remodel. Not to mention our superb craftsmanship and meticulous detail. Call us today to discuss your project.

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