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Tips for neck and upper back pain relief sides pain there also could be numbness and tingling that occurs down the shoulders, arms and hands. Neck and upper back pain relief can be obtained many ways. In early stages relief can be brought about with stretching, heat, ice and over the counter medications. If these home remedies are not effective a visit to your chiropractor is advised. Your chiropractor will be able to assess your needs and prescribe the right kind of treatment your condition requires. Along with specific spinal chiropractic adjustments to correct the mechanical misalignment of vertebrae,

your Doctor of Chiropractic may use additional therapies to speed your recovery such as cold laser therapy, muscle stimulation, trigger point therapy and other specialized treatments. Many people experience results with a reduction of pain soon after their first treatment. The most important thing is to get pain relief as soon as possible so you can get back to your daily routine and the great thing about chiropractic health Ssciences is that it’s all natural! Dr. Sharon Wagener DeWolf is the owner of Redmond Back & Neck Pain Clinic. Contact (425) 885-9950.

• Customized Facials • Microdermabrasion • Revitalight (LED) Treatment • Waxing • Full Line glo Mineral Makeup Office hours by appointment 17090 Avondale Way • 425-736-3245 • Located inside Jones Family Chiropractic 518460

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How much easier could it be for our family to be part of your family’s daily commute?


provide the personal care services necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Regardless of the treatment you choose, you will leave Health Within feeling more connected to yourself and the world around you.

Independent Living, Assisted Living Memory Care & Respite, Medical Care & Hospice Services

Please call for a tour or just drop in at: 7950 Willows Road • Redmond, WA

At the intersection of Willows Road and Redmond Way (or 85th)

or call 425-885-4157 for information.



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16124 ne 87TH 425.556.0202

For today’s seniors living in retirement communities, there is little reason to reminisce about the good old days because these are the good old days! After all, what could be better than living amidst your peers and loved ones, sharing in the joy of daily life with people with whom you have so much in common? It’s almost like being a kid again except you have the maturity and wisdom to make the most of your time. The fact is that today’s seniors are enjoying better health and greater independence than any previous generation, which enables them to make life decisions based on long-held desires. Many consider the time of their retirement years to be the best of their lives! P.S. Two aspects that seniors enjoy most about living in retirement communities is not having to do yard work and daily maintenance chores, and living in a close-knit community. PETERS CREEK RETIREMENT/ASSISTED LIVING provides and environment that stresses community living. We treat our senior residents like family members, and encourage them to interact. Our wide range of activities and events offer them a myriad of opportunities to achieve and maintain their “personal best”. To learn more, reach us today at (425) 869-2273. Allow us to schedule a meeting and tour of our unique senior community, conveniently located at 14431 Redmond Way. We will exceed your expectations!


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16545 NE 80th St. Redmond

Evergreen Hospital Medical Center have teamed together to sponsor the classes. Preregistration is necessary (one week prior to start) and the classes are not for everyone. A doctor must be consulted to ensure the participant is healthy enough for activity; the participant must be able to walk 150 feet with or without a cane or walker and must walk without the assistance of others. For additional information or to register for the class, call (425) 556-2314 or e-mail rsd@redmond. gov.

Salon Services At Health Within, our mission is to


8151 164th St. • 425-881-6110

The Redmond Senior Center (RSC) at 8703 160th Ave. N.E. is offering a series of free classes to reduce falls among older adults. The classes are for those ages 50 or better and begin Oct. 3 from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. and will run on Mondays and Wednesdays until Nov. 9. Falls are the leading cause of injury-related hospitalization for older adults in Washington and nationwide, about 10,000 older adults die from falls each year. The Redmond Fire Department (RFD), RSC and


Dr. Sharon Wagener Dewolf

a downside to this. The tissues of the neck are susceptible to mechanical irritation which can result in pain. The joints, discs, ligaments and muscles must perform in smooth synchrony in order to transfer forces through the neck properly. Poor posture, repetitious movements, lifting injuries and accidents can cause a loss of normal joint alignment which results in a loss of motion, muscle spasm, joint swelling, nerve irritation and pain. Neck and upper back pain relief is so essential because of the location. The neck pain you are experiencing could refer pain to other areas creating headaches, jaw pain, upper back pain, shoulder and arm pain. Be-



he neck has one of the toughest jobs of the whole body. The job of the neck is to hold up the head and protect the spinal column. This is why people need to ensure the support of a new born baby’s neck until it has developed enough strength. Many people suffer from neck and upper back pain and it can be due to many different things. It could be due to poor posture, repetitious strain, stress or injury. However, the commonality between all of these causes is that each individual will be searching for neck and upper back pain relief. The design of the neck with all of its interconnected structures does give an incredible range of motion; however, there is

Upcoming class series to focus on reducing falls for older adults


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