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Looking for a fun and child-friendly atmosphere for your child’s dental needs? Dr. Justin Smith New, state-of-the-art office specializing in “Dentistry for Infants, Children, Adolescents and Special Needs.” The latest in comprehensive care including: digital x-rays, tooth-colored fillings, sealants, laughing gas (nitrous oxide), oral sedation and general anesthesia depending on your child’s needs. Always accepting new patients! Available for exams, cleanings and restorative appointments! We are preferred providers with all major insurance plans and bill all other plans.

3710 168TH ST. NE, Suite B-105 ArliNgToN Roger Miller, who runs Arlington Health Foods on Olympic Avenue, holds a few of the ingredients for his protein shake, ingredients which can be found at his store.

Arlington Health Foods helps break the ‘fast food lifestyle’ In 27 years of running the Arlington Health Foods store on Olympic Avenue, Roger Miller has seen many trends in eating come and go, but the trends that have prevailed the most in that time are also the ones that concern him the most. “Fast food is the big one,” Miller said. “We want to nuke it, eat it and go. When I was a kid, I grew up on a dairy farm. We grew our own meat and vegetables. As our lifestyles have progressed faster and faster, we’ve turned to more and more processed foods, but we’re not giving our bodies what they need to work with and function. I’ve had people come to me asking for energy pills, but what they really need to be doing is eating breakfast, beyond just cold cereals and McDonald’s. It’s destroying their health.” Miller recognizes that many people simply don’t possess the luxuries of time or resources to eat hearty breakfasts as he did in his youth, which is why he offers his customers the recipe for “Roger’s Protein Shake,” a blend of essential oils, See HEALTH FOODS, Page 4


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HEALTH FOODS FROM PAGE 3 bee pollen, greens powder, organic berries and other ingredients available at his store. “It helps your brain and body function better, you won’t crash at 10 or 11 a.m., and you’ll stay energetic through lunch,” Miller said. “I hear about teens with depression and ADD in schools today, and I know they’re under lots of pressure, but in many cases, what’s wrong is that they’re not being fed well enough.” Miller acknowledged that his family wasn’t immune from the effects of modern sedentary indoor lifestyles, since his wife and daughter had both tested positive for Vitamin D deficiency before they started taking it as a supplement. “You get Vitamin D from sunlight, but in the Pacific Northwest there’s not always a lot of it, and with our busy schedules we often don’t get exposed to what little of it there is,” Miller said. “Vitamin D is actually a hormone that was mislabeled as a vitamin, and what they’ve found is that you can’t really overdose on it.” Miller is equally worried about those who lead less active lifestyles, especially among the young. “If you’re texting on your cell phone or sitting in front of the Internet all day, rather than getting outside and getting your exercise, that can cause depression in itself,” Miller said. For those who can’t quite ease off the pace of what


Miller calls the “fast food lifestyle,” even if they have given up eating fast food itself, his store offers a variety of supplements, from Vitamin C and multivitamin pills to flax and fish oils, several of which are also ingredients in his protein shake recipe. “Since I started these shakes for breakfast, I’ve lost weight because I haven’t felt like eating as much,” Miller said. “When you eat nutritionally empty food, you’re filling the void of your stomach, but again, you’re not actually feeding your body, because you’re giving it nothing to work with. If I get my omega oils, protein and fiber, I know I’ll have a good rest of the day. Without it, I get frustrated and I can’t think as well.” Miller noted that his store also carries a selection of gluten-free products for those with celiac disease, which is caused by a reaction to gluten proteins found in wheat, and similar proteins found in other common grains such as barley and rye. “It destroys your intestinal walls,” Miller said. “Those who haven’t been diagnosed with it might wonder why they feel so bad all the time. I’ve heard numbers that say it could be as many as one in every 100, or even one in every 80 people who has it. That’s why we carry a wide range of gluten-free products, which actually taste quite good.” Arlington Health Foods is located at 317 N. Olympic Ave. in downtown Arlington and is open Mondays through Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. You can call them at 360435-4441.


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Arlington Dental Clinic Scott Ballenger broke his neck in 1972 and has been wheelchair-bound ever since, but that hasn’t stopped him from staying active and helping cancer survivors do the same through the Marysville YMCA’s ‘Exercise and Thrive’ program.

Cancer survivors can ‘Exercise and Thrive’ at Marysville YMCA Keeping physically fit can be challenging even for those who are already healthy, so for those who are recovering from cancer it can be especially challenging. That’s why the Marysville YMCA and Livestrong are offering the 12-week “Exercise and Thrive” program for cancer survivors starting Sept. 13. Ronda Hardcastle serves as the health and well-being director for the Marysville YMCA and believes that the camaraderie between fellow cancer survivors can be one of the most useful tools in helping them stick to a fitness program. “When chemotherapy and radiation treatments have attacked your immune system, it’s understandable that you’re not going to feel like working out,” Hardcastle said. “But studies have shown that maintaining even minimal amounts of physical activity can be invaluable.” As she’s spoken to cancer survivors who have gone through the “Exercise and Thrive” program, one of the most frequently repeated pieces of feedback that Hardcastle has received has been praise for the supportive atmosphere that it fosters among the cancer patients.

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“They’re all experiencing a lot of the same things,” Hardcastle said. “If you’re a cancer survivor who might feel dizzy or nauseous some days, they know what you’re going through.” The program is open to cancer survivors 21 years or older who are at least 90 days out of cancer treatment, with no evidence of active disease, and who agree to obtain medical clearance to participate. Although the program is completely free to those who qualify, participants must commit to meeting twice a week for 12 weeks, and to improving their strength and fitness levels. “A lot of people surprise themselves with how much progress they’re able to make,” Hardcastle said. “One lady came to us unable to walk. Cancer had been the final straw for her depression, and her lack of motivation had left her scooter-bound. She still had to use her scooter by the time she left us, but Scott worked with her until she was able to transfer herself onto the exercise machines and do stretching on the mats.” Scott Ballenger broke his neck in 1972 and has been wheelchair-bound ever since, but that hasn’t stopped him from staying active. He now helps other physically disabled people get fit on the Y’s hand-pedaled stationary bikes, and through its other equipment and programs for the physically disabled. “I was in rehab for 19 months after I broke my neck,” Ballenger said. “With the costs of insurance and health care as a whole having gone up since then, it can be as short as six weeks now. We get a lot of referrals here from places like Providence. The Marysville Y has become one of the foremost post-rehab exercise facilities in North Snohomish County. Our administration has had the foresight to design programs with the physically disabled in mind.” Hardcastle saw the difference that Ballenger helped to make in the life of the scooter-bound cancer survivor. “Her whole attitude changed,” Hardcastle said. “She went from being in tears, because she was in so much pain, and being angry and isolated and not wanting to do anything, to laughing and talking with the others by the end.” Another Marysville Y “Exercise and Thrive” graduate, Nelson Cobb, weathered cancer several times and went from not being able to walk to walking a 5K. “We want to find out how much our survivors are able to do, so we ask them to try everything, from cycling and swimming to yoga and resistance bands,” Hardcastle said. “We provide circuit training that mimics the rigors of everyday living. At the end of their 12 weeks, we want people to walk out of here with a sense of what they enjoy doing to stay active, so that they’ll continue to do that and won’t just stop after their 12 weeks are done.” “Exercise and Thrive” is provided through the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Survivorship Program. The Marysville YMCA is located at 6420 60th Dr. NE. You can call Hardcastle at 360-653-9622 or log onto ymca-snoco. org/laf for more information.


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Inez Bill, re-discovery curator for the Hibulb Cultural Center, trims the sage plants at the center’s gardens.

Tulalip Tribes get back to their roots with organic gardening The Hibulb Cultural Center is not only home to the Tulalip Tribes’ historic artifacts, but it also includes close to 600 square feet of gardening space that’s being used to get Tribal members back in touch with their roots. Inez Bill, re-discovery curator for the Hibulb Cultural Center, and garden coordinator Roni Leahy, of the Tulalip Health Clinic Diabetes Care and Prevention Program, See ORGANIC, PAGE 9

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It’s not just a hearing aid. It’s also designed to make TV and music enjoyable again.

American owned and operated since 1967.

Advanced features are designed to: • Reduce listening effort in noisy environments* • Improve listening to music and TV • Help phone calls sound better • Not whistle or buzz • Fit comfortably, designed for your ears Sound from your TV...

Introducing Wi Series by Starkey Designed to enhance hearing in noise. Wi Series features Starkey’s latest noise reduction and speech preservation system, which is designed to deliver more clarity, even in noisy environments. Designed to enhance TV & radio listening. Wi Series can also automatically stream stereo sound directly from your TV, radio or computer to your hearing aids.

when connected to the transmitter...

streams stereo sound directly to your d hearing aids. aids

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ORGANIC FROM PAGE 7 explained that the garden is a means of keeping the Tribal members healthy and reconnecting them to their heritage. Bill noted that Leahy is enrolled in the Washington State University Extension Master Gardener Program, to help tend even better to the variety of organically grown cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes, Brussels sprouts, strawberries, berries, peas, beans and herbs that they harvest. “We started the garden in February with about 65 pots that people kept at their homes,” said Bill, who estimated that participation has wavered between slightly fewer than 30 and slightly more than 60 Tribal members. “By meshing our cultural life-ways with organic gardening, we get closer to nature. We’ve come a long way, but we wanted to make sure our garden was ready for when the museum opened on Aug. 19. That Saturday and Sunday (Aug. 20-21), people still wanted to tour our gardens. We got a lot of compliments on it and on the samples of cucumbers we handed out.” Leahy anticipated that crops from the garden could eventually find their way to the food bank at the Tulalip Red Church. While she and Bill enjoyed rattling off some of the meals that their harvests would help make possible, from salmon rolled in lettuce

Inez Bill, re-discovery curator for the Hibulb Cultural Center, and garden coordinator Roni Leahy, of the Tulalip Health Clinic Diabetes Care and Prevention Program, show off the organic gardens that they hope will help make Tulalip Tribal members healthier. leaves to cabbage soup, they expressed even more enthusiasm for the organic gardening techniques that Leahy has studied at WSU and applied to their gardens. “Rather than using pesticides, you let the insects themselves deal with the bug problem,” Leahy said. “The entomologists from WSU talked about how to keep the insect population down by letting nature run its course. The cabbage moth, for example, is an insect that’s on our side. I get that not everyone can afford organically grown produce, but try to avoid foods that have been sprayed with pesticides and don’t have an outer layer, like berries, because it’s so hard to actually clean those pesticides off.” Leahy recalled a recent meeting with two little boys in the Tulalip Youth Gardeners who, contrary to

popular stereotypes about kids and vegetables, were excited about having broccoli for dinner as a result of their gardening experiences. “Children who garden are interested in veggies and will ask their parents and grandparents about them,” Leahy said. “They’re inspired to consider more greens on their plates.” “Cucumbers taste so different fresh from the garden than when they’re store-bought,” Bill said, before laughing, “The first time Roni pulled a radish out of the ground, she was surprised because she thought they grew in bunches. Without pesticides or food that’s been shipped to us from California, it’s closer to the way we used to live. With the amount of diabetes and high blood pressure our people are dealing with, this benefits our health as well.”

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Gooding’s Guide To Fitness What is a CSA? Thomas Jefferson once said, “Cultivators of the earth are the most valuable citizens. They are the most vigorous, the most independent, the most virtuous, and they are tied to their country and wedded to its liberty and interests by the most lasting bands.” Recently, I met with Mark Lovejoy, owner of Garden Treasures Nursery and Organic Farm located in Arlington. Mark grew up in Silvana and Arlington during the 1980s, and during this time he watched many of Arlington’s farmers go out of business due to increasing competition and the industrialization of the food industry. Mark watched much of Snohomish County’s farmland turn into suburban developments, and witnessed the abrupt changes to America’s food supply. From Mark’s perspective the majority of the changes were because farmers became increasingly detached from the land; instead of caring deeply about their crops and business, farmers who worked for industrial companies were competing to produce as much as possible, as quickly as possible, for as little money as pos-

sible (in other words, cheap food). In his own words, he said gooding’s that “No one could guide to afford to farm on a fitness small scale anymore.” After high school, angie gooding Mark travelled the world and learned how poorer countries cultivated their land and was inspired by their approach to agriculture. Upon his return, Mark (and his wife, Patricia) decided to buy a farm in Snohomish County and made it his mission to protect Snohomish County farmlands, and provide healthy, safe, and organically grown foods to local folks. In case some of you haven’t noticed, there is a growing trend among consumers of food: Most of us want healthier, natural, and organic foods that are conveniently provided to us. That’s quite a tall order, isn’t it? We are demanding; however, demanding isn’t always a bad thing. Many farmSee GOODING, page 11

Offering EVENING and SATURDAY Appointments JENNIFER K. TRAN, D.D.S. RAFAEL D. DIMAYUGA, D.D.S. DONALD KIM, D.D.S WENDY M. TERRY, D.D.S. OTTO J. HANSSEN, D.D.S. Gentle Concerned Dentistry for the Entire Family.

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GOODING FROM PAGE 10 ers of local farms, like Mark Lovejoy, are listening to our wishes and providing options such as CSAs, which stands for Community Sustained Agriculture. According to, “Over the last 20 years, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) has become a popular way for consumers to buy local, seasonal food directly from a farmer. Here are the basics: a farmer offers a certain number of ‘shares’ to the public. Typically the share consists of a box of vegetables, but other farm products may be included. Interested consumers purchase a share (aka a ‘membership’ or a ‘subscription’) and in return receive a box (bag, basket) of seasonal produce each week throughout the farming season.” Many CSA farmers have established places that consumers can pick up their boxes of goodies, or people can pick up their share at the farm itself. The produce provided is always seasonal, and usually comes with recipe ideas. Advantages of CSA’s for farmers: n Get to spend time marketing the food early in the year, before their 16-hour days in the field begin. n Receive payment early in the season, which helps with the farm’s cash flow. n Have an opportunity to get to know the people who eat the food they grow. Advantages of CSA’s for consumers: n Eat ultra-fresh food, with all the flavor and vitamin benefits. n Get exposed to new vegetables and new ways of cooking. n Usually get to visit the farm at least once a season. n Find that kids typically favor food from “their” farm — even veggies they’ve never been known to eat. n Develop a relationship with the farmer who grows their food and learn more about how food is grown. Like I’ve written before, by buying local, we are supporting our local economy, local farm families, and building community. Most of us get to know our hairstylists, our doctors, our personal trainers, and our dentists, so why not get to know the people who grow and provide our food? By eating local foods, we can enjoy eats that have traveled shorter distances which means fresher, better tasting foods from sustainable farms. Better food is better for our bodies and for our world. As always, I welcome questions and comments. I enjoy hearing from readers. Angie Gooding is an educator and a personal trainer certified through ACE (American Council on Exercise) and owner of Inspire Fitness & Training. She lives locally, and trains clients in a private location in Marysville. She can be reached at or www.



Staying fit at the Stillaguamish Senior Center Seniors wanting to get fit and have a healthy lifestyle can find a variety of activities and classes at the Stillaguamish Senior Center. Stillaguamish Health & Wellness Fair Mark your calendars for the annual Stillaguamish Health & Wellness Fair happening Sept. 28, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Many booths will be set up by representatives of local hospitals, nursing facilities and so much more. Lots of info and freebies provided. Also featuring celebrity speaker Graham Kerr. Health and Wellness Screenings Sunrise Services provides free health and wellness screenings, Sept. 22, from 9:30 a.m. to noon. Feel free to drop by and chat about your health concerns. Get your blood glucose checked, ask for a medication review or general health screening. The nurses from Sunrise will be stationed in the Side Room for your convenience. You may also call the front desk 360-653-

4551 to make an appointment. Medicare Seminars The new dates for Medicare Open Enrollments for 2012 are Oct. 15 to Dec. 7. Put it on your calendar. This is the time to review any changes to your Medicare plan’s benefits and/or drug formulary for 2012. It is important to review your coverage every year. If you have questions concerning your health coverage call or see Adele Erbeck at the Senior Center. Erbeck is a SHIBA advisor. SHIBA (Statewide Health Insurance Benefits Advisor) provides free, unbiased information about health care coverage and access. All services are confidential and available to everyone. SHIBA is part of the Office of the Insurance Commissioner. Come join the Medicare Seminar on Thursday, Sept. 18, 10-11:30 a.m. Stilly Walking Groups Don’t like to walk alone? Join our neighborhood walk. The walking group

meets every Wednesday at 1 p.m. at the Senior Center, and takes walks around the neighborhood for about a 45 minute walk; but you can walk less or more and go at your own pace. No cost. New Hiking Group at Stillaguamish Senior Center This group meets every second Thursday of each month at the Senior Center. The group explores different areas to walk and hike trails in the area, such as the Centennial Trail and the Portage Creek Wildlife Area Trail. Sign up at the front desk, or call 360-653-4551. Family Caregiver Support A great resource for reducing stress. Caring for a loved one can be rewarding, but it can also take its toll. Stress is the No. 1 challenge facing the more than 600,000 family caregivers currently helping loved ones in Washington. Information is often See SENIORS, PAGE 14

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Arlington Parks and Rec helps you get fit Airport Run for Hope! 5k/10k Saturday, Sept. 17 Race Starts at 9 a.m. at the Stillaguamish Athletic Club, located at 4417 172nd St. NE. Download the Airport Run for Hope registration form at Creative Dance & Development for Babies The Nurturing Pathways® program is a unique class for you and your baby to explore creative dance. For ages 3 months to pre-walking. For more information go to Held at Community Room at the Arlington Boys and Girls Club, 18513 59th Ave. NE. Fee: $144 plus one time fee $35 for parent pack; payable to teacher. Adult Social Ballroom Dance (For all levels) Ballroom coach Josh Roehl will teach dance moves such as the cha cha, salsa, foxtrot, and the tango. Classes held at

the Stillaguamish Athletic Club 4417 172nd St. NE. The first session is Sept. 14 through Oct. 7, Fridays, 6:30-7:30 p.m., and costs $45 a session. Family Fun Night at Stillaguamish Athletic Club This quarterly event is for the whole family. Bouncy house, open swim with pool toys, Hawaiian dance for the whole family and much more. Hawaiian luau theme Friday, Sept. 16, 5:30-8:30 p.m., $10 per family at event. Tiger Family Martial Arts Program The program teaches the kicks of Tae Kwon Do, the basic moves of Karate, and the stances of Kung Fu with bag kicking and padded sword fighting. Go to www. for more information. Fall Session is Sept. 15 through Oct. 27, 6:45–7:30 p.m., at the Old Arlington High School, 135 French Ave., ‘A’ Building Commons. Fee is $75. An additional AAU fee to instructor $12 youth, $14 adult (annual fee).

Yoga ’Vinyasa’ Flow Series Learn how to effectively flow all parts of the body equally, creating an experience of non-judgment and non-competition within yourself. Held at Denton Massage & Wellness Clinic, 303 N. Olympic Ave., Sept. 12 through Nov. 7 on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4:30-5:30 p.m. Fee is $12 drop in or $100 for 10-class punchcard. TRX® Suspension Training Classes Make your body your machine. The TRX® is a set of nylon straps that create resistance from two sources, bodyweight and gravity. This method of training includes exercises that build power, strength, flexibility, and balance. Classes held Stillaguamish Athletic Club, 4417 172 St. NE. First session is Sept. 12 through Oct. 8, Monday-Friday. Each session is 30 minutes - call 360-435-9404 for available days. The fee is for $40 once a week or $72 for twice a week. Call the club at 360-435-9404 or email to register.

Classes for healthy living in Marysville Health and Fitness for Youth Kids on the Move — Fitness and nutrition class, ages 8-12, 4-5 p.m., Tuesdays, Oct. 6-27, Ken Baxter Community Center, $34. Pre-Ballet and Tap — Learn ballet and tap basics, ages 3-5, Wednesday mornings, Sept. 7-28, Ken Baxter Community Center, $40. Creative Dance — Explore dance and movement, ages 3-5, 10-10:45 a.m., Fridays, Sept. 9-30, Ken Baxter Community Center, $40. Creative Dance Mommy and Me – Moms and tots, ages 1-3, 9-9:30 a.m., Fridays, Sept. 9-30, Ken Baxter Community Center, $28. Tumbling – explore tumbling and movement, ages 3-5, 10:45-11:30 a.m. Fridays, Sept. 9-30, Ken Baxter Community Center, $40. Health and Fitness for Adults Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss — 7-9 p.m., Tuesdays, Sept. 6-27, Ken Baxter Community Center, $125.

Hypnotherapy for Pain Management – 7-9 p.m., Tuesday, Oct. 11, Ken Baxter Community Center, $30. Hypnotherapy Smoking Cessation – 7-9 p.m., Tuesdays, Oct. 18 through Nov. 1, Ken Baxter Community Center, $95. Running – Get Off the Couch and Run!, 8-9 a.m., Saturdays, Oct. 22 through Dec. 17, Jennings Park, $75. Running – Intermediate Base Builders, 9-10:30 a.m., Saturdays, Sept. 17 through Nov. 5, Jennings Park, $85. Boot Camp – Get fit have fun and move, 5-6 p.m. Mondays/Wednesdays, Sept. 12 though Dec. 21, M-PHS, punchcards available. Journey Fit Club & Weight Loss – Nutrition and fitness, 6:30-7:30 p.m., Mondays, Oct. 3 through Nov. 21, Jennings Park Barn, $150. Afro-Peruvian Dance – Upbeat, fastpaced dance, 7-8 p.m., Wednesdays, Oct. 5-26, Ken Baxter Community Center, $45. Belly Dance – Movement and music, 8-9 p.m., Mondays, Sept. 26 through Oct. 24, Ken Baxter Community Center, $54. Salsa Dance – Latin dance styling for


individuals, 7-8 p.m., Wednesdays, Nov. 2-30, Ken Baxter Community Center, $45. Square Dance – Group dancing, 7-9 p.m. Mondays, Sept. 12 through Nov. 14, Totem Middle School, $60. Self Defense for Women – Adult class taught by Kung Fu Northwest, 9-11 a.m., Saturday, Sept. 24, Kung Fu 4 Kids, $25. Yoga and Pilates – Stretching and strengthening body workout, 5:30-6:30 p.m., Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Thursdays, Sept. 6 through Dec. 15, Ken Baxter Community Center and Jennings Park Barn, Punch Cards available. Zumba – High energy fitness dance, 5:30-6:30 p.m., Tuesdays/Thursdays, Sept. 13 through Dec. 15, Ken Baxter Community Center, punchcards available.

Health and Fitness for Adults age 50plus Gentle Yoga – 10:15-11:15 a.m., Tuesdays, monthly, Ken Baxter Community Center, $25. For more information about these classes go to



never so much fun.


the most critical need. Many caregivers are unaware of supportive services, how to find them, or why it is important to use them. Our Caregiver Specialist, Debbie Cook, provides free consultations, and can help give you a tailored assessment and meaningful evaluation of the challenges, stresses and satisfactions of your personal caregiver experience. Call Cook at 360-653-4551, ext. 236, to schedule a confidential appointment. Learn the Wii Come learn how to play many games on the big screen in the Main Hall. Games featured on Wii Sports include bowling, golf, baseball, archery, and so much more. Plus, learn about the Wii Fit that has more than 60 fun-filled activities that help to improve your balance, strength with aerobics and yoga techniques, all tailored to your personal fitness needs. If you are new to the Wii, sign up at the front desk for individual lessons. Staying fit and healthy was

Wii Bowling Team Come join our Bowling team, played on the big screen with the popular Nintendo Wii system. The Stilly “Rock n’ Rollers” meets and practices weekly, and also competes in tournaments with other senior leagues in the area. Sign up at the Front Desk. Fit, Fun & Function Aerobics A one-hour fitness class combining cardio, strength, balance and stretch. All ages, all abilities, no getting down on the floor. Wear comfortable clothing you can move in. 9:45-10:45 a.m., Mondays and Wednesdays, in the Main Hall. Instructor is Jolane Stroh and the cost is $30 per month or $4 per class. Zumba Fitness A fun-filled exercise experience that has upbeat, fast-paced music to dance to while getting into shape. Mondays and Wednesdays, 5:30-6:30 p.m. and 7-8 p.m., in the Main Hall. Instructor is Nancy McFadden.

Hearing Aid Service Crane’s All Ears Hearing Center provides free Hearing Aid Services at the Senior Center every first Tuesday of each month, from 9:30-11 a.m. Appointments made in advance are required; please call the Senior Center at 360-653-4551 to reserve one today. Coming soon — Low-cost Dental Care for Seniors Stillaguamish Senior Center will be offering limited dental care for seniors starting in October 2011. Smile for Life Dental Access Program will be offered the first Tuesday of the month from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Health and Wellness Office of the Annex Building. It’s a way for seniors to obtain important dental screenings, cleanings, and preventive services. It’s not free, but costs are low and discounts and payment plans are available. If necessary, the hygienist will refer patients to an area dentist for additional care and treatment. Application packets are available now at the front desk or call Adele Erbeck at 360-653-4551, ext. 234, for more information.

Quitting Smoking Can Save Your Life!

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease If you are a smoker & need help quitting, Call Nadine Carter at 360-716-5719 for your “Free Stop Smoking Tool Kit


• Chronic Cough • Increase in Mucous • Wheezing • Fatigue • Chest Tightness • Shortness of Breath


Advanced Orthopaedic Institute Office of Jeff Cartwright, M.D. 20218 77th Ave. NE, Ste B | Arlington, WA 98223 360-403-0333 |

Welcome to

Advanced Orthopaedic Institute Dr. Cartwright is a board certified orthopaedic surgeon specializing in shoulders and knees. He offers surgical and nonsurgical treatments that restores function and wellness to patients’ lives. Along with Physician‘s Assistant Bill Brooks, Dr. Cartwright and his highly trained staff, have been dedicated to serving patients in Snohomish and Skagit counties since 2003. Dr. Cartwright is the Chief, of the Department of Surgery, at Skagit Valley Hospital. Our office employs an Electronic Medical Records charting system, offers in-house digital xray and fluoroscopy services for our patients’ convenience. We accept most insurance plans.

When a joint is injured, every aspect of life can be affected. Optimal healing through comprehensive treatment is our goal at AOI.

Dr. Cartwright is an active supporter of his local community, serving as team doctor of Arlington High School athletic program since 2003 and enjoys being a member of the Rotary Club of Arlington.

New Doors Are Opening In October 2011! Our new facility is located at 103 E. Third Street, in Downtown Historic Arlington. We have always been committed to the highest quality of care, treatment and customer service for our patients. With our new and larger site, we will offer additional state-of-the-art equipment and expanded services. Stay tuned for updates on our Open House. We are looking forward to you joining us during our Grand Opening of Advanced Orthopaedic Institute!




Cascade Valley Hospital Skagit Valley Hospital In Partnership for Your Health

Next Generation Local Healthcare Comprehensive local care for every generation is coming to Smokey Point! With top-tier medical practitioners supported by the latest technology and equipment, Cascade Skagit Health Alliance will meet the needs of your entire family. Find your healthcare home with integrated medical care and the services you need under one roof. Primary care, specialists, urgent care, occupational medicine, wellness visits, pharmacy, lab, X-ray, ultrasound, MRI and more — all in the same place. And electronic medical records will ensure that your medical history is always available. It’s a healthcare facility designed from the ground up to help you get better, stay well and live life to the fullest. Watch for our state-of-the-art Smokey Point facility, opening in 2012.

A department of Skagit Valley Hospital

For more information: or call 360.618.7849



Health and Wellness - Arlington/Marysville 2011

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