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March 25, 2011 [11]


Choosing a new home, lifestyle for your loved one


private residence. any people have “A good way to examine concerns about this is to use a comparison retirement. But one of the most difficult deci- worksheet to compare a simple monthly rental fee to the sions is where to move when true costs of maintaining a that house you have made private residence,” said Mera home becomes too big or rill Gardens general manager physical assistance is too far Stuart Ostfeld. “Even when away. Here are some general seniors are no longer making tips from Kirkland’s Merrill mortgage payments on a Gardens retirement comprivate home, they still have munity for choosing a new place to call home during the to worry about the cost of property taxes, golden years. insurance, reOne of the “Assisted living pairs, yard work biggest questions retirement and utility bills, for those on a communities are which can add fixed income is based on a social up quickly.” price. The cost model. They are Many people of retirement designed for are surprised at living will vary seniors who want how affordable with location, to maintain their assisted living apartment size, independence and is when they amenities and lifestyle.” consider what is added services. Stuart Ostfeld included in the At Merrent. rill Gardens, Most retiremany things are ment commuincluded in the rental price, including activi- nities are private rentals and differ from skilled nursing ties, transportation, househomes, which is covered by keeping, cable TV, utilities and meals in the community Medicare or health insurance. Some long-term care dining room. Residents usually enjoy the insurance policies will cover some or all of assisted peace of mind they achieve knowing that they (and their living costs. Some veterans can also qualify to receive families) no longer have to worry about the expense and some financial reimbursement through the Veterans time required to maintain a

Five top questions to ask


What is your loved one’s needs physically and medically?


How will the price compare to your loved one’s current lifestyle?


Is your loved one qualified for some financial assistance?

Merrill Gardens General Manager Stuart Ostfeld sits with long-time resident Jane Smith and her son Steve Smith in the dining room of the assisted living facility. Administration. Some retirement communities, including Kirkland’s Merrill Gardens, have state-sponsored programs for some seniors that meet certain income requirements. There are many things to consider outside of price to make a good decision. Consider if the person is able to manage daily tasks and living functions. If not, they may need more assistance. If

there is someone who is able to take care of that person that should also be taken into consideration. If the person wants more activities and the opportunity to interact and make new friends that is also something to look for. Every community offers something different. And while most nursing homes are based on a medical model, assisted living is

based on something else. “Assisted living retirement communities are based on a social model,” said Ostfeld. “They are designed for seniors who want to maintain their independence and lifestyle.”

To learn more about Merrill Gardens at Kirkland, call 425-828-2570 to schedule a tour today.


What are the needs of your loved one socially?


Is there already someone available for care of your loved one?

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Retirement Living How-To Learning Series Join us for this informative, inter-generational seminar series on how to plan for a positive transition to retirement living. Less Is More Wednesday, April 13

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Tips for how to chose a chiropractor


Does the Chiropractor have researched/proven programs for restoring proper healthy spinal alignment?


Does the Chiropractor correct the cause of the problem and not just treat a symptom?


Does the Chiropractor have modern technology that helps diagnose and treat a patient correctly?


Does the Chiropractor follow patient progress closely assuring that patient is responding properly to the care?


How to maintain a healthy spine T

“We really have the only here are many reasons proven effective treatment to see a chiropractor for whiplash,” said Dr. Lyle most of which people Love. “It is crucial because it never think to inquire about can lead to arthritis or other until they have been in pain chronic conditions.” for awhile. Dr. Love said that oftenDr. Lyle Love, owner of times the victim will not feel Kirkland Spine and Posture pain immediately after the Center, said that many of those ailments can be averted accident and feel as if they are okay. with treatment. “But it can take up to two The best way to make weeks for the pain to show sure that different ailments up,” said Dr. don’t creep up Love, who has is to have “some “We really have the regular mainteonly proven effective been in Kirkland for 11 years. “But nance.” Dr. Love treatment for the damage accompares spine whiplash. It is crucial crues over time.” care with taking because it can lead Many people care of your teeth. to arthritis or other also suffer from “You have to chronic conditions.” migraine brush your teeth. Dr. Lyle Love headaches, but You also want to don’t know keep your spine where to turn to healthy throughout your life,” he said. “It’s like when medication and other treatments fail. Dr. Love said getting a cavity - you don’t chiropractic procedures can know it is there until you feel help to ease or even get rid of the pain, but it has still been migraines. there a long time. But when “It is probably the number it comes to the point that it is one thing I see get better in an issue, it is harder to fix.” One of the most critical my clinic,” said Dr. Love. times a person should see Those headaches are a chiropractor is after they caused by the constriction of experience whiplash in a car blood vessels in the brain. But accident or due to a sports that constriction is controlled injury. by the nervous system in the

Dr. Lyle Love, of the Kirkland Spine and Posture Center, stands with his assistant Laura Sheridan. neck and spine. Readjusting the spine and neck can reset all the nerve patterns. Other conditions that greatly improve with treatment and which Kirkland Spine and Posture Center specialize in include Back Pain, Disc Bulges, Sciatica, Neck and Should Pain and Neuropathy. One of the main reasons why people avoid seeing a chiropractor is that they think it will be painful. But Dr. Love offers techniques that put clients more at ease. “We can do light touch, low-force adjusting,” said Dr. Love. “We can make it so that there is no ‘popping.’” Some of the other issues that new clients are con-

cerned about are procedures becoming addicting or that they have to keep coming back over and over again. Dr. Lyle Love said neither are the case and clients can stop whenever they want. When searching for a chiropractor, patients should stay away from chiropractors that base their treatments on insurance coverage, Dr. Love cautions. At Kirkland Spine and Posture Center, patients can receive a consultation and Dr. Love will set up a plan for each individual patient. Dr. Love said his office strives to have all the latest technology, computer adjustment systems and uses research-backed programs. His office even has in-house

X-rays and processing. “It is important to keep up with the science and have modern and up-to-date technology,” said Dr. Love, whose office offers a kids play area for those who can’t find childcare for their exam time. He said it is also important that chiropractors are accredited and can provide testimonials. Dr. Love has gained most of his patients via internal referrals and word-of-mouth. He has also been voted Top 5 Doctor of Western Washington competition for all types of doctors and was voted a top Chiropractor for the Kirkland Reporter’s “Best of Kirkland.”

Back Pain • Neck Pain • Headaches • Migraines • Sciatica Disc Bulges • Carpal Tunnel • Fibromyalgia • Neuropathy

WE CAN HELP! REAL RESULTS! Advanced Chiropractic Computer Adjusting Without Popping, Standard Adjustments Physical Therapy Spinal Decompression like DRX9000 (as heard on radio & TV)

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Spine&Posture center

All Insurance Accepted, Discounted Affordable Cash Plans.

Dr. Lyle Love Mon, Wed, Thurs: 8:30am - 7pm Tues: 8:30am - 1pm



with X-rays

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Does the Chiropractor recommend care based solely on patient health needs and not on how many visits are available through insurance?


March 25, 2011 [13]

How to choose the right hearing specialist D

r. Cherri Hoyden says there is nothing like putting hearing aids on a patient who has lived with a hearing loss for a long time. “That can be very emotional for the patient because all of a sudden they realize what they haven’t been hearing and what they’ve been missing,” said Dr. Hoyden. Hearing loss can be isolating and people with untreated hearing loss often report higher rates of sadness or depression. That’s why Dr. Hoyden enjoys working with patients of all ages to improve their quality of life, and the lives of those around them, through improved hearing at Hearing Specialty Center in Kirkland. An audiologist for 13 years, Dr. Hoyden previously worked for a hospital and decided to start her own practice in Kirkland three years ago because she wanted to offer patients more flexibility with their treatment. At Hearing Specialty Center, Dr. Hoyden does not believe in a one size fits all approach to hearing assessment and rehabilitation, but that there is a best solution for each patient based on their lifestyle and needs.

“We help people of all ages and their needs differ for various reasons,” she said. “Now that I have my own practice, I have the flexibility of spending the amount of time that I feel is appropriate for each patient so that we can achieve a good outcome for every patient.” If you have, or suspect you or a loved one has a hearing loss, Dr. Hoyden recommends finding an audiologist for treatment. She explained that the difference between an audiologist and a hearing aid dispenser is that an audiologist has more in depth training. “Where I have a doctorate degree, a dispenser has a short trade school type training” said Dr. Hoyden, who received her doctorate from Arizona School of Health Sciences. Audiologists are hearing healthcare professionals who hold a Master’s degree or Doctorate in Audiology (the science of hearing), and specialize in hearing evaluations, hearing loss, and the fitting of hearing instruments. Audiologists have undergone extensive training in the anatomy and physiology of the ear and its mechanisms, and have a solid background

Five tips to know

1 2 3 4 5

Get a complete hearing test.

Know what is included in the price of the hearing aid.

discrimination, speech reception thresholds, tympanometry and acoustic reflex testing. Once hearing status is established, Dr. Hoyden said it is important for an audiologist to discuss the patient’s lifestyle and goals with them to allow patients to make an informed choice regarding amplification options. “Do they live in a retirement community where they’re going on activities

Ask if they verify the fit of the hearing aid?

Bring a friend or loved one with so you have a familiar voice to listen to.

Kirkland audiologist Cherri Hoyden assists patient Joe Kohl. from which to evaluate your hearing and make appropriate recommendations for you. She emphasized that it is essential for patients to have a comprehensive hearing test, not just a screening, to determine the type and amount of hearing loss. Hearing Specialty Center offers a comprehensive battery of audiometric hearing tests, such as threshold air and bone pure tones, speech

Ask what type of warranty the hearing aid has.

every day? Do they live in a single family home? Do they anticipate that changing?” said Dr. Hoyden. “An audiologist needs to take the time to find out the patients’ needs, limitations and financial concerns as well.” Dr. Hoyden also recommends that patients find an audiologist that carries more than just one brand of hearing aids. “There’s not really one best hearing aid. The important thing is to

find the hearing aid is going to be a good match for that person given their hearing loss, their needs, limitations and what they are trying to achieve with a hearing aid,” she said, adding that Hearing Specialty Center offers many different brands.

To schedule your free consultation, call 425-821-6600 or visit


You owe it to yourself to experience better hearing, call us today and schedule your complimentary hearing consultation!

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Five top questions to ask


Does your pet’s food label list wholesome main ingredients first, such as chicken, turkey or salmon?


Is the company who makes your pet’s food reliable and use only human grade ingredients?


Is your dog getting enough exercise to burn calories, avoid boredom and stay healthy?


Does your pet supply store offer healthy options for keeping your dogs teeth and gums clean so you can minimize expensive trips to the vet for teeth cleaning?


Did you know that cats get most of their moisture intake from their food, and that fresh or canned food can be a healthier option?

Did you know? Experts say that dogs were domesticated between 12,000 and 25,000 years ago—and that all dogs evolved from the wolf. Since then, humans have selectively bred more than 400 breeds, ranging in size from fourpound teacup poodles to Irish wolfhounds, whose three-foot stature earns them the title of tallest canine. But the most popular pooches are non-pedigree—the oneof-a-kind dogs known as mixed-breeds. Cats were domesticated sometime between 4,000 and 8,000 years ago, in Africa and the Middle East. Small wild cats started hanging out where humans stored their grain. When humans saw cats up close and personal, they began to admire felines for their beauty and grace.


How to keep your pet healthy and happy D

ooley’s Dog House owners Chuck and Marti Bartlett know about keeping pets healthy. Just look at the lifespan of their pets. There is Dooley’s resident cat, Phoebe, who recently turned 20, and Marti’s 12-year-old beagle, Dooley, for whom the store was named. There was also Beans, who Chuck got as a gift when the terrier was a puppy. Chuck took Beans to the vet when the pooch was six months old because he hopped like a bunny, Chuck recalled. “Something was wrong and that vet said that I should just put him down,” said Chuck. “He was going to live a short, painful life. He had arthritis and bad joints.” But putting his dog down was not an option for Chuck, so he studied supplements, remedies and nutrition. Beans lived to be almost 18. “Beans taught me how to read a food label and Twelve-year-old Dooley, center, sits with Marti, left, and Chuck Bartlett at the family’s pet shop in Kirkland. he taught me the value Below is Dooley, right, and his sister Hazel. of nutrition and supplements,” said Chuck. “He dog or cat,” said Chuck. tant thing pet owners can izer and paid “more per was just an inspiration to Instead of focusing on do when choosing the pound for steer manure me and our customers. It a specific problem, Chuck right food for their dog than what people were was why a lot of customsaid it is important for or cat is to read the label, paying for dog food. Now ers came to us because pet owners to be aware of Marti said. what does that tell you they heard a dog or cat’s “It’s just an eye opener about what is going into about Beans.” overall health. to read the labels,” said the dog food?” “Beans taught Chuck At Dooley’s, Marti, noting some of the What is the main me how to read opened Chuck eduingredients found in pet ingredient that customers a food label and Dooley’s Dog cates customfood are “shocking.” should look for in wholeHouse six he taught me the ers that addFor the not-so-healthy some dog or cat food? years ago, ing the right products, Chuck main“Meat,” Chuck says. value of nutrition after he gave supplements tains a “wall of shame” “Dogs are omnivores, but and supplements. up his work to their pet’s that urges customers to cats are carnivores and so He was just an as a business diets “can stay away from certain food needs to have more inspiration to me consultant really change products. meat content.” and our customers. and decided that dog’s life “So I actually say, if your Some good ingredients It was why a lot of to follow his and make vet recommends these include chicken, turkey, customers came passion for them healthifoods, I recommend a new salmon and potato as to us because animals. er overall.” vet,” said Chuck. opposed to grains such as they heard about “We bought There are He also has a display corn or wheat. Beans.” this store just many wholein the store that lists the In addition to pet food, Chuck Bartlett three blocks some pet good, bad and the ugly of the store also carries varifrom our foods availfood ingredients. Some ous pet products, such as home and it able on the of the bad ingredients to quality toys, natural treats, was the right market. At avoid include ground yelsupplies, grooming aids, move,” said Chuck, who Dooley’s, Chuck personlow corn, corn gluten meal beds, medicine, crates has lived in Kirkland for ally investigates each and animal fat. There’s also and supplements. more than 30 years. “It Part of Dooley’s product and ensures the meat by-product, “which is my passion. Both of us manufacturer sources means they’re not telling mission is also love animals.” all the ingredients. you what animal meat it’s adoptA self-proclaimed The store carfrom,” said Chuck. “You ing out nutrition expert, Chuck ries some of know they probably sheltered enjoys researching pet swept it up off the the best animals nutrition and sharing his floor.” dog and and raising knowledge with customHe said it recat food funds for local ers. His store even has ally struck him shelters. The store curavailable, a lending library where a few years rently has two cats up including customers can borrow Orijen, Great Life, ago when for adoption - Petunia books on pet nutrition. Go!, The Natural Marti and Dante. “I just love it when cus- Pet Pantry, Primal “It’s been a carryover bought a tomers come in and they for me because I worked and more. bag of want to talk about their The most impora lot with adopting fertil-

kids out of the foster care system,” said Marti, noting the store hosts various fund-raising events and even “yappy hours.” Over the years, they have raised more than $125,000 towards these efforts. Marti says she enjoys helping animals and just talking with customers. “I feel like our store is a community hub,” she said. “We have a lot of customers who walk their dogs in here daily just to get a biscuit and talk politics.”

Contact Dooley’s Dog House at 425-8892200 or visit www.dooleysdoghouse. com.

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Five top questions to ask


Does the auto repair shop practice honesty and integrity?

2 3

Is safety the auto repair shop’s No. 1 priority?

Is the auto repair shop known for selling unnecessary services to make an extra dollar?


Does someone you know recommend the auto repair shop? Is the shop AAA approved?


Are shop employees well trained and certified?

How to find the best auto repair shop


ay and Kim Henwood in the school’s Key Club live in the community that he helped to start. they serve. That’s the Many students have also main reason why they job shadowed Jay over pride themselves on hon- the years for their senior esty and integrity in auto projects. He is involved repair. in the community as a “We live in this commember of the Kirkland munity and Kiwanis and a want to conLunch Buddy tinue to serve at Peter Kirk “We love to give this comElementary people repair munity for where he menoptions. For years to come tors students. example, if your with reliable, “We went to brakes are at 25 trustworthy school here, percent remaining, service,” said our kids went depending on how Henwood, to school here, much you drive you whose familyso we really could get another owned and love the homesix months out of operated auto town part of them, things like repair shop, it,” Jay said of that. Most people Jay’s Kirkland the Kirkland respond to that Autocare, has community. really well.” served the And cusJay Henwood Kirkland area tomers like the since 1988. hometown feel The shop ofof the shop, fers a variety where they of maintenance and can come in, have a cup repair services, including of coffee and even trade tune-ups, brakes, cooling fishing stories, said Kim. systems, engine repair, Customers also know alignment, electrical and they are going to get an more. honest answer when they A Juanita High School bring their car in for alumnus, Jay is active repairs at Jay’s Kirkland

Autocare. And that’s important when people are looking for a good auto repair shop, said Kim. “If you go in for a routine ‘minor’ repair and the shop calls you with more repairs, it’s worth questioning,” she said. “We see new customers that are constantly coming from other facilities that sell them something they don’t need. That’s not what a good shop is about.” Sometimes other repairs may be needed, but Jay’s Kirkland Autocare employees discuss additional repairs with customers to help them prioritize those repairs based on safety and the customer’s budget. “We love to give people repair options,” Jay said. “For example, if your brakes are at 25 percent remaining, depending on how much you drive you could get another six months out of them, things like that. Most people respond to that really well.” Jay said the best thing for people to do who are searching for a good auto repair shop is to call AAA. “I always say the best thing you can do is ask all your friends, neighbors


Jay and Kim Henwood of Jay’s Kirkland Autocare. and co-workers,” he said. “But beyond that you can call AAA. They’re a really good source for who’s good.” Jay’s Kirkland Autocare is an award-winning AAA of Washington Approved Facility and a NAPA AutoCare Service Center. The shop has been named a AAA Top Shop for the past eight consecutive years. Jay’s also has ASE certified

technicians. Above all else, Jay’s Kirkland Autocare makes safety its No. 1 priority. “Jay tells his staff members to treat each car like your grandmother or your mom is going to drive this car,” said Kim. “It’s going to be safe.”

For more information about Jay’s Kirkland Autocare, call 425-8223333.


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March 25, 2011 [17]

How to find home-care service



ost people have for, said Powers. One of the lived in the same biggest issues for seniors in home for decades letting a stranger come into by the time they are ready to their home and take care of retire. The thought of leaving them is compatibility. the house they have experiIncompatibility can mean a enced great memories in is bad experience that can lead too much to bear for some to conflicts and anxiety for seniors. But many don’t realthe senior. ize that there is an option to Visiting Angels keeps the stay home. same caregiver with the same Home-care services enable client on a consistent basis. a senior to get Some home-care all the help they services just “We always let the need, while alassign caregivers client interview the lowing them to to the client and caregiver before they stay where they the client never start work. I can’t are comfortable. knows who will imagine anything “We provide be coming to see worse than having assistance with them from visit someone come into all the activities to visit. your house that you of daily liv“We always don’t like or can’t get ing, such as let the client along with. That is transportation, interview the meal preparacaregiver before one thing we stress.” tion, bathing, they start work,” Makaylaa Powers dressing, persaid Powers. “I sonal care, light can’t imagine housekeeping. anything worse We are a non-medical agency, than having someone come but we can do medication into your house that you reminders,” said Makaylaa don’t like or can’t get along Powers, director and owner with. That is one thing we of Visiting Angels in Kirkstress.” land. Powers transitioned her Visiting Angels also does career to living-assistance routine checks to make services after dealing with her sure that the relationship own issues of care for her par- continues to be a good one for the client with check-ins ents. When searching for the right home-care service, there and home visits by the client’s are some major things to look Case Supervisor. They also

have surveys done by a third party to make sure the clients are satisfied with service. Choosing an agency that hires experienced caregivers can also have a big impact on the quality of life for the client. “We only hire CNAs, Certified Nursing Assistants,” said Powers, whose company runs an extensive background check and requires multiple references during the hiring process. “They are put through an assessment screening that does cognitive and personality traits so we can gauge where there might possibly be trouble. Once we get a clear picture that things will fit, then we bring them back for a second interview.” But Powers said that one of the biggest things when choosing a home-care service is to pick a company that is prepared for the unexpected by being licensed, bonded and insured. Beyond security and compatibility is convenience. Finding an agency like Visiting Angels that will work around the senior’s schedule and lifestyle is also important. In addition, prompt service is extremely important. The service can be everything from live-in caregiver to just a one-time service.

Five top questions to ask


Is the person able to grow old in their own home or that of their family with some extra help?


Does the company provide services in assisted living facilities?


How does the home-care service cost compare with assisted living or nursing home care?

Makaylaa Powers, director and owner of Visiting Angels in Kirkland, and office assistant Cindy Janssen. But it is also important that the agency provides a wide range of services. Visiting Angels offers hygiene assistance, meal preparation, medication reminders, light housekeeping, errands and shopping, companionship, day and night, temporary or long-term care and respite for family caregivers. The service is also available on weekends and holidays. Visiting Angels takes pride in being able to

staff last minute emergencies. They have on-call staff after regular business hours and guarantee a response within 15 minutes.

Visiting Angels is a franchise with approximately 450 locations across the United States, which was started in 1992 with 12 in Washington State. Contact Visiting Angels at 425-828-4500.


Can home-care services be provided the same day? Will staff come to your home and conduct a free, no obligation assessment?


Can a client easily change the schedule if the person has appointments?

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Five top questions to ask

1 2

Is your Company a banker or broker?

What is your form of communication and are you easily accessible?


How long have you been doing mortgage loans and are you licensed with the state of Washington?

4 5

What sets you apart from other mortgage companies? Do you have the ability to close and underwrite loans in house?


How to find a reliable Mortgage Specialist close to home


he uncertain housing rent economic environment market has left many it is even more important to wonder if and to find a Mortgage Specialwhen they will be able to ist that will work with their buy a home. But Directors client one-on-one. Mortgage is no stranger to Directors Mortgage Inc. getting clients in the homes is a local company based of their dreams. in Lake Oswego, Ore. and The biggest thing is to be specializes in residential informed, according to Sr. mortgage loans, purchases, Mortgage Specialist Gina refinances, construction Koehl. loans, reverse mortgages “Most people and debt conthink it is hard solidation. “Most people think to get a loan, The company it is hard to get a but it’s really has 13 offices loan, but it’s really not,” said Koehl. throughout not. They need to “They need to Oregon and reach out to the Washington. reach out to the lender and get Koehl said that lender and get the the information one of the biginformation or take so they know gest advantages a free class that what is available the company is certified by the or take a free has is it’s not a state.” class that is multi-national Gina Koehl certified by the corporation or state.” national bank. Koehl teaches With that they some of those classes at can just focus on doing Directors Mortgage Inc. in mortgage loans and they Kirkland. Gina has been in don’t have all the different the mortgage industry for layers for decision mak19 years in the Kirkland ing. “All our underwriting area. But just getting the and funding of the loans information is not where is in house, it’s not like the an educated decision ends. big banks,” said Koehl. “If Koehl said that in the curwe need to we can call the

owner of the company and say ‘I think you should look this over and see what we can do.’ If it makes sense we can make it work.” That ability to be nimble allows Directors Mortgage Inc. to keep the best interest of their clients at heart. That connectivity gives Koehl the opportunity to give a faster response time. “You want to go with someone you can call on if you have questions,” said Koehl, who added that Directors Mortgage Inc. loans their own money and is not a mortgage broker, which is a middle man. The one-size-fits-all practice of buying a mortgage from a big bank or a web site might not lead the consumer to the best product for their needs, hence costing them more money in the long run. “People don’t just fit in a box these days,” said Koehl. “We are not just paper pushers. We offer more personalized service ... we find things that fit the clients’ needs to their best advantage.” Directors Mortgage offers

Gina Koehl is a Senior Mortgage Specialist with the Kirkland branch of Directors Mortgage Inc. some programs that other mortgage banks won’t. “We offer a whole wide range of mortgage services,” said Koehl. “A lot of people have been afraid to buy a house for fear of losing their job. The MAP (Market Access Program) is designed for if a client loses their job, their house payments are made for six months.” (Available on USDA loans) Koehl said the best mortgage lending companies rely on experience as the economic unknown is normally the biggest issue.

“Putting a loan together is like a puzzle and all the pieces need to fit tight,” said Koehl. “And you only get that with experience.” Directors Mortgage specializes in mortgage lending all around Washington and Oregon. The company is A-plus rated by the Better Business Bureau.

For more information about Directors Mortgage Inc., call 425-629-3002 or visit


Kirkland 888.636.1112



directorsmortgage net

Locally Owned. Information deemed reliable but subject to change without notice. This is not a commitment to lend. Call for Details. NMLS-3240, CL-3240