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T o DO B USINESS in Port MacquariE - hastings region


A V ibrant and D iverse E conomy

Port Macquarie-Hastings is committed to maintaining and strengthening this diversity in order to provide those that live and invest in the area with a broad range of economic opportunities and a stability that comes from a well-balanced economy. the number of businesses with high turnover.

Industries such as agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, construction and retail trade all make significant contributions to the local economy. It also means we have a diversified labour market. The largest proportion of registered businesses in the region are sole owner/operator businesses. Nevertheless in an area where new

The total value of all goods and services produced over the previous year (Gross Regional Product or GRP) is estimated to be $3.2 billion on a turnover of $6.2 billion. The area now sells more products and services to customers outside of the region

ideas, initiative and innovation are encouraged, the

($1.6 billion) than it imports ($1.2 billion), an

past few years have shown a significant increase in

outstanding performance for a regional economy.


$ Million

1,400 1,200 1,000




600 400 200 0 Port Macquarie

Coffs Harbour

Greater Taree



A gro w ing population = strong local market While historically the area may have been seen as a sleepy seaside haven attracting large numbers of retirees with fond memories of summer holidays gone, this is far from the truth today. Today the biggest increases in our population are those aged 35 to 49. With a population in 2012 of 75,693 Port Macquarie-Hastings region is one of the fastest growing areas in New South Wales today. All the evidence suggests Australians will continue to want to live by the coast. With so many reasons for people to choose Port Macquarie-Hastings this growth is only going to continue delivering a growing market for the delivery of goods and services and an increasingly educated and skilled workforce.


We are at the centre of things

The Port Macquarie-Hastings’ strategic location mid way between Sydney and Brisbane makes it the gateway to the Mid North Coast and regions beyond. It is serviced by a network of air, road and rail infrastructure that radiates north, south and west of the region and still has an important sea link to the east to Lord Howe Island. The vital Pacific Highway link connects us not only to Sydney and Brisbane but the major port of Newcastle. Port Macquarie Airport is currently being upgraded to cater for the potential introduction of up to 180-seat B737-800 / A320 series aircraft. On completion, the upgrade will significantly improve the capacity and the potential for new routes. The Airport Master Plan is currently being reviewed to identify further improvements to the terminal and carparking after the completion of major extensions to the runway. The MV Island Trader provides regular sea freight services from Port Macquarie to Lord Howe Island, situated 600 kilometres east of Port Macquarie. A seasonal weekly air service to the Island is also available from Port Macquarie from February to June, and September to December.


A R egional hub We are a regional hub for so many activities, creating a market well beyond our resident population. Within 2 hours of Port MacquarieHastings there is an additional market of 200,000 people which is expected to grow by 28% in the next 20 years. Our regional beacons include our airport, our medical and specialist services, shops, the Glasshouse and the number of major events that now call Port Macquarie home. Day-trippers are now our largest tourist market with 871,000 people a year travelling from out of their region to spend a day and do business in Port Macquarie-Hastings.

Photo: Delly Carr/Sportshoot


A proactive C ouncil

Number of registered businesses in the Port Macquarie-Hastings Region Construction Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Rental, Hiring and Real Estate

Port Macquarie-Hastings Council is a proactive Council with a proven history of outcome focused partnerships. We are committed to fostering balanced and long term outcomes for the region with a new approach to economic development in Council’s management structure and operation. In 2013 we implemented a major review of economic development for the area and what it needs. We established a new Economic Development Steering Group to guide Council with members representing Council, industry and business groups. Through commitment and action, it has declared Port Macquarie-Hastings well and truly open for business.

Retail Trade Professional, Scientific and Technical Financial and Insurance Services Health Care and Social Assistance Transport, Postal and Warehousing Accomodation and Food Servces Other Services Manufacturing Administrative and Support Services Wholesale Trade Education and Training Arts and Recreation Services Not Classified Information Media and Telecomms Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste Public Administration and Safety Mining 0







Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, 8165.0


S ecure and sustainable infrastructure Business needs to be confident that an area can deliver secure and sustainable infrastructure into the future. Port Macquarie-Hastings is a leader in the provision of first-class water collection, treatment and distribution and ensuring the principles of total water cycle management are incorporated into all new developments. Port MacquarieHastings Council is investing more than $120 million in water storage, treatment and reclamation technology, and encouraging a community that continues to be pro-active and well-informed on sustainability. The area has a secure supply of electricity and is a regional centre for energy provider, Essential Energy, a committed supporter of many community events.


B ig picture planning

It is estimated that Port Macquarie-Hastings has the capacity to comfortably accommodate and service growth for another 25 years.

Our well researched and community agreed strategies provide the certainty for anyone in business moving to the area. There are residential land stocks for up to 7,000 new homes while we have superbly located industrial land central to both our workforce and the ever important Pacific Highway and transport corridors. Our commercial strategy ensures the continuation of a vibrant commercial city centre in Port Macquarie, local centres that remain the heart of their villages and that other commercial services will be provided for in new centres of population.


M ajor projects to fuel further gro w th

Over $200 million worth of projects are planned or proposed for Port Macquarie-Hastings and for completion in the short and medium term future. This development activity will underpin long term economic growth and further job creation. Key projects include:

$110 m

$20 m

$40 m

P ort M acquarie B ase H ospital


C harles sturt university campus

$5.9 m

$21 m

$5.3 m




The health, education and airport projects are outlined elsewhere but two other projects indicate the potential for growing the economy and jobs:

F ood , S oil and Water R esearch C entre

A Food, Soil and Water Research Centre is to be built as part of the new science precinct at the Charles Sturt campus at Innes Lakes. The Centre will also provide new facilities for Port Macquarie- Hastings Council which already operates an environmental laboratory for water and other testing services. This new centre of excellence will contribute to research in vital areas such as environmental sustainability, soil quality and water management. Such research is the foundation to strengthen local businesses and opportunities.

P ort M acquarie I ndoor S tadium

Final design work is currently underway for a $5.3 million expansion of the Port Macquarie Indoor Stadium to provide two additional indoor multipurpose sports courts and a PCYC. Located close to town in Stuart Park it is a precinct identified for the expansion of local and regional sporting facilities. This growth will not only assist in attracting more major sporting events to the area but as one of the largest and best equipped indoor venues on the North Coast it will attract major trade shows and exhibitions. Sporting events already contribute over $25 million a year to the local economy. Our goal is “to make events better for tourism and tourism better for events.”


F uture investment hotspots

Future growth is not just about projects with big price tags but making the region known for its centres of excellence. Council has a vision for a number of clusters of like businesses that promote collaboration and using best practices around a specific focus area, driving significant business results. These are: • An

integrated transport cluster

established around a large site at S ancro x

offering immediate access to

and acceptance of Port Macquarie as a serious education destination. A full university campus for Charles Sturt University is also expected to be

the Pacific Highway and providing customers

open in 2015, located in the Lake Innes area.

choice of transport, logistics, heavy industry and

• An

warehousing opportunities. •A

M arine precinct

A irport precinct

access to air transport services and the airport

adjacent to Birdon

land that is available for expanded commercial

Slipway and incorporating the Commercial



• An

• An

E ducation cluster

based on ready

based around the

A llied H ealth and M edical

S ervices cluster

centred on the Port

North Coast Institute of TAFE and University of

Macquarie Base Hospital and surrounding land

Newcastle University precinct aimed at further

aimed at promoting the further development of

developing new markets and raising awareness

the Health industry and its export capabilities.


Talking to people in the kno w

The Port Macquarie-Hastings region has a number of organisations and services that exist to help you start, build or grow your business or business ideas.

C amden H aven C hamber of C ommerce

D ept. of T rade & I nvestment,

Represents many local businesses and is proud to promote the benefits of working, living and holidaying in the Camden Haven. R egional I nfrastructure S ervices

Actively encourages business growth by working with companies at all stages of their development.

E dmund B arton C entre

E nterprise & T raining C ompany Ltd

Created to help sustain economies across regional Australia by providing assistance to both new start up and existing businesses. Specialising in the delivery of employment, training and business services. ETC Business Solutions can provide you with guidance, networking and mentoring opportunities when starting a new business, as well as those established businesses looking to grow. They service many business programs including the: New Enterprise Incentive Scheme; Small Biz Connect; Indigenous Business Australia; Business Enterprise Centre and ETC Business Leaders.

G reater P ort M acquarie T ourism A ssociation

Representing more than 200 tourism businesses it partners with Council to market and promote the Greater Port Macquarie region.

H astings B usiness E nterprise N et w ork

Focuses on the sharing of information, experience and networking opportunities between members to help build better business in the Hastings.

H astings Women ’ s B usiness N et w ork

I ndustry M id N orth C oast

M icro B usiness F orum

M id N orth C oast N S W B usiness C hamber

P ort M acquarie C hamber of C ommerce

R egional D evelopment Australia

Provides Hastings businesswomen with a networking service to help and support them in their chosen careers. Encourages and supports the development and maintenance of a dynamic and sustainable manufacturing industry sector within the Mid North Coast of NSW. Provides an opportunity for business people to meet in a friendly, relaxed environment. Members support each other through utilising services, becoming alliance partners or providing referrals Connects members to information, networking opportunities and advice to assist them to navigate their business challenges. Works to develop and grow local business by creating opportunities that will benefit the business and professional community throughout the Greater Port Macquarie region. Works to bring together all levels of government to enhance the growth and development of regional Australia.

• Wauchope C hamber of C ommerce

A voluntary partnership of business and professional people working together to build better business in the Wauchope region.

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10 best reasons to do Business in Port Macquarie-Hastings