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Denied treatment, family speaks out

Province won’t cover drug that helps PKU patient lead normal life Brent Richter

A North Vancouver family says the province is unfairly denying them treatment for a rare disease that threatens to leave their son with devastating brain damage. The Ministry of Health announced last month that it would not offer PharmaCare coverage for Kuvan, a new and costly drug for the treatment of phenylketonuria (PKU), a genetic disorder that causes the body to metabolize regular protein into a dangerous neurotoxin. The reasons given: too expensive without adequate proof of benefit. For 18-year-old North Vancouver resident Svenga Forstrom, who is one of just 250 people in the province with the disease and one of only 60 who would reportedly respond to treatment with the drug, the decision means a much more difficult life ahead, according to his family. PKU sufferers must adhere to an extremely strict low-protein diet that eliminates almost

all regular food or face gradual brain damage. Left unmanaged, PKU would lead to such severe mental incapacitation that the patient would have to be institutionalized, according to John Adams, president of CanPKU, a group lobbying provincial governments to cover the new drug. Svenga has been taking Kuvan since being approved for a drug trial two years ago. He says it has made a dramatic difference in his life. “(Kuvan) makes it easier for me to keep track of what I’m eating, or not have to worry so much about keeping track. It’s great,” he said. “It can be overwhelming to have to break down every single thing you eat into portions and then figure out how much phenylalanine was in each portion for everything.” “His tolerance for normal dietary protein has at least doubled — probably somewhat more than doubled — while being on this drug,” said John Forstrom, Svenga’s father. “That increase makes a huge difference in terms of his general quality of life.” The results are even more profound among some other patients, Adams said. Svenga is one of a very lucky few to have access to the drug, which is 90 per cent covered by his father’s private health insurance. But the day looms when he will not longer be covered by his father’s private plan.

See Drug page 3

Con artist ripped off multiple homeowners in skylight scam

Crooked N. Van contractor gets house arrest Jane Seyd

A North Vancouver contractor who specialized in putting holes in his clients’ bank accounts has been handed a six-month conditional sentence, including three months of house arrest, after being found guilty of fraud. Judge Joseph Galati of the Vancouver provincial court handed the sentence to Don Nelsen Oct. 24 after concluding that Nelsen took deposits from two customers then took off without doing the work or returning the money. “I find that Mr. Nelsen, in each case, committed an objectively dishonest act,” wrote

Galati. During an earlier trial, two families, in North Vancouver and Vancouver, testified about their renovations gone wrong with Nelsen. In each case, the customers hired Nelsen to replace or install skylights in their home and paid Nelsen a deposit. Nelsen then delayed starting work, made excuses and never returned to complete the jobs or give back the deposits. In the first case, one family paid Nelsen $5,000 as a deposit to replace skylights. Nelsen made excuses for not showing up to start work, telling the homeowner he was busy with other jobs. “There appear to have been numerous conversations and numerous broken promises as to when the work would be done,” wrote See Fraudster page 5

NEWS photo Mike Wakefield

NORTH Vancouver resident and PKU sufferer Svenga Forstrom, 18, with his hugely expensive medication and food supplements. Forstrom has just a few more years of coverage under his father’s private insurance plan before he will be forced to stop treatment. His family is lobbying to have the medication covered by B.C.’s PharmaCare.


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A2 - North Shore News - Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday, November 2, 2012 - North Shore News - A3

WV water fight goes to court Entrepreneur sues B.C. in 80s-era dispute

Jane Seyd

Brent Richter

A West Vancouver businessman who claims actions of the provincial government unfairly robbed him of a million dollars is finally getting his day in court. A lawsuit launched by Colin Beach, owner of Rain Coast Water Corp., is being heard this month before a B.C. Supreme Court justice, 20 years after Beach says the government of the day dammed up his business plans while showing preferential treatment to a competitor. Beach is claiming the government misconduct caused him to lose a million NEWS file photo, Terry Peters dollars. In the mid-to-late 1980s, WEST Vancouver businessman Colin Beach is suing the provincial government for what he says was unfair both his company and a treatment of his water exporting business. The dispute dates back to the era of Premier Bill Vander Zalm. competitor, Western Canada Water, were vying for a chance to export B.C.’s a bulk water contract from the Goleta Water District the same government granted a licence with much water in bulk to parched areas of California that in California, rains returned, ending the drought more favourable terms to Western Canada Water Enterprises to take water from a lake near Ocean and making the import of water unnecessary. were experiencing a drought. In an earlier court decision, Justice Peter Leask Falls. Beach alleges the Social Credit government of the That company received a longer lease, was day gave unfair advantages to his competitor while ruled there were enough inconsistencies in affidavits remaining unduly harsh and unaccommodating concerning the potential California water contract allowed to make payments in installments and was that the issues would have to be decided in a full excused from many of the application fees required towards his own business plans. of Rain Coast, Beach argues. The province later banned bulk water exports in civil trial, currently being heard. He claims that gave his competitor an unfair According to court documents, Beach first the early 1990s. In the lawsuit, launched by Rain Coast Water approached the province about taking water advantage. The competitor later went bankrupt, but not Corp., Beach argues he could have had a successful from Freil Lake in Hotham Sound in the mid before a period of considerable business success with company if it hadn’t been for government 1980s. His company was granted a 15-year water both domestic and export sales of water under the interference. He is also arguing the province had no licence and foreshore licence to build a plant, but Canadian Glacier brand, according to the lawsuit. right to disallow bulk water exports. Michael Weiner of White Rock, a former business Along with the province, the lawsuit names under terms requiring Beach to pay all of the fees former Social Credit premier Bill Vander Zalm — totaling almost $100,000 — upfront, regardless marketer, testified in the trial. Weiner told the judge he got involved with and the estate of Elwood Veitch, former minister of how much water he actually used. According to court documents, when Beach Beach over the prospect of marketing his water in of international business and immigration, as defendants, along with several other former Social asked for a break from the government, the province the late 1980s. At that time, there was a good market for that refused, saying it would set a precedent. Credit cabinet ministers from the 1980s. Later, the province abruptly cancelled the licence, kind of business, he said. “It was a very, very pure The province has argued that regardless of source.” provincial actions at the time, Beach didn’t suffer saying Beach hadn’t paid his fees. The trial is continuing in B.C. Supreme Court. But at the same time, according to the claim, any business losses, because before any company got

Drug company challenges treatment cost estimate

From page 1

“There’s no way I’m going to be able to afford to cover this drug myself. My diet would go back to being as restrictive as it was before,” he said. Usually, the only food options for PKU sufferers are specially-made low-protein alternatives, but they cost about 10 times more than their regular grocery store equivalents. Those alternatives are subsidized in every province but B.C. and P.E.I., Forstrom said. But the Ministry of Health stands by its decision. “The ministry completed its Sapropterin (Kuvan) drug review this summer, and has decided to accept the

Common Drug Review’s and the B.C. Drug Benefit Council’s recommendation to not fund Kuvan for PKU patients because of unclear benefits and high drug costs. No other provincial drug plan currently covers Kuvan,” it said in a statement. “The annual cost per patient for the medication can be up to $180,000 per year for an adult, depending on dosing and the patient’s weight. Manufacturers — and not taxpayers — should be responsible for demonstrating that the drug provides clear benefit.” But the ministry’s cost estimate is way out of line, according to Eugenia Shen, spokeswoman for Kuvan’s developer BioMarin.

“That’s extremely high,” she said with disbelief. “I’m not sure where the miscommunication is, but it’s certainly not that high. . . . I don’t know where that number is coming from.” The average cost is closer to $80,000 per year, she said — a price the company is currently negotiating with other provinces’ health ministry drug plans. The price is still high, Forstrom admits, but he remains committed to lobbying the government until it reverses its decision. “That’s why we have socially supported medicine — to make sure those treatments are attainable and to make sure everybody gets the best healthcare that’s available to them,” he said.

Daylight savings change prompts warning from ICBC Brent Richter

IT’S time again to turn the clocks back, start the griping about loss of sleep, and heed the twice-annual warning about road safety following the time change. 4.

The clocks turn back at 2 a.m. on Sunday, Nov.

Although the phenomenon was once thought to be urban myth, the uptick in auto collisions associated with the shift is actually a measurable problem,

Gun belt antics draw censure

according to the Insurance Corporation of B.C. “There is a 10 per cent increase in the average number of crashes in the Lower Mainland during the late afternoon commute in the two weeks following the end of DST compared to the two weeks prior to the change,” said John Vavrik, an ICBC psychologist, in a press release. “We see this crash rate increase slightly outside of the Lower Mainland, where road conditions can become more challenging earlier in the season.” People often forgo the “extra hour” of sleep that comes with fall daylight savings by simply staying up later, and the quality of sleep goes down as people’s

natural circadian rhythms are thrown off, Vavrik added. It all amounts to drivers being less alert behind the wheel. To help mitigate the risk, ICBC has a number of recommendations: Keep to your regular sleep/wake cycle; don’t assume you are more rested and alert following the change as the quality of your sleep is likely down; slow down, especially with the darker afternoons and worsening weather; and make sure your vehicle’s headlights and windshield wipers are in good condition. Pedestrians are advised to take more caution when crossing streets.

A West Vancouver Police Department constable has been reprimanded after photos of a civilian woman wearing his gun belt appeared online. The accusation and punishment came to light in the recently released third-quarter report from the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner, the provincial agency in charge of investigating misbehaviour among municipal police officers. “It was reported that the member allowed a member of the public to wear aspects of his uniform and have pictures taken, which were then posted to a social media site,” the report states. Specifically, the officer’s misconduct is listed as “improper use or care of firearms.” The incident took place sometime in 2012 at a District of West Vancouver-owned facility with a civilian woman connected to the police department, according to Rollie Woods, deputy police complaint commissioner. “The stupid thing was that he allowed it to happen in the first place,” said Woods. “And the really stupid thing was that he posted it on Facebook so it appeared in a stupid way.” By way of discipline, the report states the officer was advised against the behaviour and ordered to take additional training, which will stay on his professional service record for three years. Despite that reprimand, and another minor one for an officer who made disparaging remarks about a fellow officer to a member of the public, the OPCC receives very few complaints about the West Vancouver Police Department these days, Woods said. That’s something he attributes to changes in leadership in recent years. “You can see the drastic change in the numbers of complaints and the way they are dealt with, and the members’ conduct seems to be improving, probably because of an emphasis of preventing complaints in the first place,” Woods said. While the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner has had to quickly adapt to the growing use of social media by police officers and the different types of complaints that result, the existing regulations around misconduct have not had to change to address the problem, Woods said.

A4 - North Shore News - Friday, November 2, 2012



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Friday, November 2, 2012 - North Shore News - A5

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NEWS photo Paul McGrath

Home, tweet home

(total value $175 Exam, X-Rays and Cleaning required)

MAX Goodman (left) and Bruce Qin put the finishing touches on a birdhouse at Mahon Park under the guidance of Stephanie Levy, Evergreen community development program manager. The nonprofit group held a work party on Oct. 27 focused on invasive plant removal, birdhouse installation and water quality monitoring.

Fraudster bilked victims for thousands From page 1

Galati. Eventually the clients weren’t able to reach Nelsen at all. Nelsen, who testified in his own defence, said he didn’t return the deposit because he’d already bought the skylights for the job. But the judge didn’t believe him, pointing out the skylights Nelsen claimed to have bought for the job were different sizes than the ones eventually installed in the house. The same year, another family paid Nelsen $4,000 as a 50 per cent deposit for skylight replacement but Nelsen again failed to start work on the job. Family members said when they spoke to Nelsen, “he would promise to do the work in the near future,” said Galati. He he never showed up, and eventually stopped returning calls. It isn’t the first time the North Vancouver contractor has been connected with renovations from hell. In 2010, B.C. Women’s Hos-

pital hired the contractor to finish installing a specialized skylight in the building’s entrance. But after Nelsen was paid an $18,000 deposit, he failed to finish the $60,000 contract. Nelsen told the North Shore News at the time it was all a misunderstanding. Some of his other former customers might not agree. In 2007, Nelsen was convicted of five fraud offences for bilking 10 customers out of more than $34,000. In all of those cases, Nelsen was paid deposits for work that was never completed. Nelsen was in the process of being sentenced on those offences when he committed the frauds he was recently found guilty of. Two companies operated by Nelsen — Skylights Only and Canadian Skylights Inc. — have both received an “F” rating by the Better Business Bureau for failing to respond to complaints. The RCMP has also previously put out a fraud warning about him.


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A6 - North Shore News - Friday, November 2, 2012

VIEWPOINT Published by North Shore News a division of LMP Publication Limited Partnership, 100-126 East 15th Street, North Vancouver, B.C. V7L 2P9. Doug Foot, publisher. Canadian publications mail sales product agreement No. 40010186.

Red shift W

E learned this week that a West Vancouver police officer was reprimanded for letting a civilian put on his gun belt and for posting the pictures to Facebook. While definitely a breach of policy, it was a minor incident and no real harm came of it. It was a stupid oversight and the officer’s superiors held him to account. And that’s what’s important here — accountability. In the vast majority of cases, our officers adhere to extremely high standards in what they do. But a series of high-profile incidents and even higher profile cover-ups by police in B.C., both municipal and RCMP, have left the public deeply skeptical about these organizations. As a society, we grant our police the authority to be the frontline arbiters

of the law; however, we only do so on the condition that they remain totally accountable to the society that grants them that power in the first place. In these recent cases, B.C.’s police brass has given the impression that their image matters more to them than this needed transparency. But things appear to be turning around. By the account of the deputy police complaint commissioner, grievances about municipal forces are down thanks to positive changes in leadership. And the RCMP, which has been its own worst enemy in the battle for its public image, has acknowledged there must be a shift in its internal culture if they ever want to win back the proud reputation the red serge has earned. Let’s hope this trend continues, and that it leads to lasting change.


Dense, dense revolution

Dear Editor: It seems that we are living the war against low density on the North Shore. Not a long time ago, an editorial by the North Shore News commented on the timing around resident input into proposed developments (Tower To The People, Oct. 21), saying that if residents did not complain — or voice support — during the allocated time, they would miss their opportunity to be heard. I couldn’t agree more, with a covenant: That statement would be valid if North Shore municipalities only occasionally considered new high-density developments, but this is not the case. In less than a year, more than 20 high-density projects have been put forward — for “consideration,” they say — including Lower Capilano (Larco et al) to the Safeway site on Lonsdale Avenue (Onni), Seylynn Village in the District of North Vancouver (Seylynn (North Shore) Properties), Evelyn on Taylor Way (Onni) and Grosvenor’s proposal for the 1300block Marine Drive in West Vancouver. It is an open war against the lower density communities where we decided to live. The sad part is that these changes are fueled by the municipal staff and our elected officials, who once in power quickly forget that we voted them in to represent us and not the developers’ interests. I openly challenge the councils and staff of all North Shore municipalities to answer in an open letter the following questions: What service and infrastructure improvements will be made to meet this new density, for example: ■ Hospitals: We only have one. It’s good but small, limited and overcrowded. ■ Schools: They would need to be adequately sized with


safe buildings (not portables) and teachers and staff located in the communities where the students live. ■ Fire departments: They will need enough resources and the appropriate equipment to deal with new, taller buildings in the event of fires or evacuations. ■ Police: More density will mean a greater need for policing services. ■ Parks and recreation: The number of affordable recreational facilities is already limited and they are overcrowded. ■ Water: Where is the water going to come from and at what cost? ■ Sewer: Do we have capacity to collect and treat the additional black water? ■ Roadways: They are already crowded and insufficient (is there a new Marine Drive in the works that we don’t know about?). ■ Public transit: In most areas, service is very limited. ■ Urban interconnections: Both Lions Gate Bridge and Ironworkers Memorial Second Narrows Crossing are already saturated, and line-ups keep getting longer. Not one of the new proposals falls within the limits of the corresponding OCP. They are all trying to lure the people with “community enhancements,” “sustainable LEED projects” and “designs that promote a car-free lifestyle.” It does not matter how nicely you dress them up, they are all unsustainable and will bring the North Shore to its knees. Sooner rather than later, we the people who actually live in these communities and pay the taxes will have to move elsewhere, and this Golden Goose that we call home will have changed for the worse forever. Elias B. Merkins West Vancouver

One thing West Van should develop: a plan

Dear Editor: I appreciated Trevor Lautens’ piece in the North Shore News on Friday last (A Grandiose WV Plan — With No Parking, Oct. 26). He astutely points out the woolly thinking by the municipality in its efforts to revitalize Ambleside in West Vancouver. If we look to our history, Ambleside at 17th Street and Marine Drive formed the heart of John Lawson’s village community. Shops sprang up, serving local cottagers. Initially robust, its vibrancy waned after the first shopping centre in Canada was located at Park Royal. On the premise that more density would “revitalize the village,” a three-block area around Ambleside was rezoned in the ‘60s for highrise development. Decline continued. New street furniture and sidewalks in 1985 did little to stop it. The cinema closed, and butcher Peter Black moved to Park Royal. Ironically, the mall then expanded, creating its own “village” and continues to expand, with the implicit agreement of council. The sale of the police station site on Marine Drive was the first step by council in a cascade of changes aimed again at revitalizing Ambleside. Hence the proposal to shoehorn the new costly public safety building into a too-small site adjacent to Municipal Hall and to sell the fire hall site for more revenue to pay for the project. Council then plans to move the historic Gertrude Lawrence building adjacent to Municipal Hall so that the land can be sold for yet more housing. The mayor referred to Ambleside in the media as a “shanty town” following council’s misguided decision to sell the police site to Grosvenor. He went on to say “it is now up to Grosvenor to sell the community on what it wants on the site.” Clearly, it is unwise to let business interests interpret what is best for Ambleside, as if it were See Gallery page 7





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Friday, November 2, 2012 - North Shore News - A7

Dix has some unlikely friends to dinner

TWO events in the past week provide a neat glimpse into where our two major provincial parties appear to be headed.

At one, NDP leader Adrian Dix attracted hundreds of people who have probably never voted for his party before. At the other, Premier Christy Clark spoke to hundreds of supporters whose blind loyalties mask the serious problems on the horizon. Dix was speaking at a fundraising dinner that was targeted at the corporate sector. He went looking for support from the business community, and he got it, as almost 900 people shelled out $375 to hear him speak (the audience also included a hefty presence from organized labor). Clark was speaking at her party’s annual convention. The two-day affair was essentially a pep rally designed to whip up some enthusiasm in the ranks of a party that hasn’t had much good news lately, and to that end it ranked as some

View from the Ledge Keith Baldrey

kind of success. But Clark and the B.C. Liberals have yet to demonstrate an ability to connect (and be supported by) people who are not particularly politically active. It is one thing to win the support of the political elite — members of riding association executives and the like — but it’s quite another to reach out to the much larger pool of voters who determine who holds power in this province. In the last election, slightly more than 751,000 people voted for the B.C. Liberals. I seriously doubt that if an

election were held today that anywhere near that number would vote the same way. Clark got a few standing ovations from the 500 or so supporters at her party’s convention, but there’s no evidence many more people are applauding her or her party these days. Dix, on the other hand, appears to be taking his party to new levels of support. The fact he attracted such a large crowd from a sector not known for its support for his party is telling. The business community appears to have gone from fearing Dix, to being at the very least curious about him and his party and perhaps even getting to the point of being supportive. This developing situation reminds me of former NDP leader Mike Harcourt’s reachout to the business community prior to the 1991 election. At that time, the corporate sector was getting its head around the idea that the NDP would likely be forming the next government, and so realized it had better try to know what it was in for.

Gallery could be Ambleside’s art and soul From page 6

a “Hail Mary” pass in the fourth quarter hoping for the best. There seems to be little understanding of the problems facing Ambleside or the solutions to them. As history proves, density and new street furniture do not ensure vitality. We read in the press that the Audain Gallery will go to Whistler when this could be, should be located in Mr. Audain’s West Vancouver community — perhaps on the police building site in the 1300-block of Marine Drive. This could

provide the focus for the needed cultural niche. Revitalizing Ambleside requires real meat on the bones of a thoughtful municipal plan, not the hijacking of a community’s tradition by a developer filling a void. What will it take for council to recognize the need for an imaginative plan for Ambleside and to implement it before the opportunity is lost and more effort is wasted? Hopefully, others who share this view will let council know. Gary Hiscox West Vancouver

The same scenario appears to be occurring now. Clark may have enjoyed a good party convention, but unless there is some evidence the general public is warming up to her and her party, she may find herself shunted to the sidelines by the very people who have supported her party for so long. ••• In announcing the consultation process on the future of the B.C. Ferry system, the government released some fascinating financial data about what that system costs on a route-byroute basis. For example, B.C. taxpayers subsidize every vehicle travelling to the Gulf Islands to the tune of $120-

$130 per round trip. On the Tsawwassen-Duke Point run, which loses $30 million a year, the subsidy is $100 round-trip. Just two of 25 routes make money, while all the others lose between $2 million and $30 million a year. Of course, all transportation and transit systems require a public subsidy. We all pay for the construction and upkeep of those systems across the province, no matter where we live. The question for B.C. Ferries is not whether or not we should susbsidize the system. The question is how large that subsidy should be. B.C. taxpayers will contribute more than $1.5 billion to B.C. Ferries over the

next decade. Is that enough, or too much? I doubt the consultation process will reveal any startling new insights into how the system should be run, but I suspect it will eventually lead to some significant reductions in ferry service in some areas. Just to take one example: The 6 a.m. daily sailing from Nanaimo to Gabriola Island is usually filled to less than 10 per cent capacity, yet we all subsidize each vehicle on that route more than $13 per trip. I suspect sailings like that one — and there are many with similar numbers — are about to end.

Keith Baldrey is chief political reporter for Global BC

Request for Proposals Food Concession Operations Ambleside Park and Dundarave Park

(RFP12 08 and RFP12 51)

The District of West Vancouver invites proposals from qualified food service operators for the management and operation of the existing Concessions at Ambleside Park, 1201 Marine Drive, West Vancouver and Dundarave Park, 2506 Bellevue Avenue, West Vancouver. The District envisions Concessions that meet the needs of the community for take-out food service at two public waterfront parks. Proposals with emphasis on innovative, fresh, and healthy menu offerings, and with emphasis on environmental best practices, are encouraged. Sealed proposals (4 copies required) clearly marked ‘RFP12 08 – Food Concession Operations, Ambleside Park’ or ‘RFP12 51 – Food Concession Operations, Dundarave Park’ are to be delivered to the Purchasing Department, at the District of West Vancouver Operations Centre, 3755 Cypress Bowl Road, West Vancouver, BC, V7S 3E7 up to 2 p.m., local time, November 21 2012. Proponents can provide submissions for either or both RFPs, however each RFP will be evaluated independently. Site tours of the facilities can be arranged by contacting: Ian Haras, Manager of Parks Operations Tel: 604-925-7143 or email:

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This Request for Proposal is being issued electronically through the BC Bid website ( where any interested party may download the Proposal documents directly from this website. No contractual obligations will arise between the District and any Proponent who submits a Proposal in response to these RFPs until and unless the District and a Proponent enter into a formal, written contract for the Proponent to undertake the services described in these RFPs.

Enquiries regarding these Requests for Proposals are to be directed to: COUPON



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Brenda Williamson, Senior Buyer, Purchasing Department Tel: 604-925-7165 or email: Proponents are encouraged to submit enquiries regarding these RFPs prior to November 14, 2012.

A8 - North Shore News - Friday, November 2, 2012

Philosophies collide at density debate At issue: What should city get for taller towers?

Brent Richter

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HOW much extra density should developers be allowed on a project in the City of North Vancouver, and exactly how much should they be giving back to the city in exchange? Those are the questions council will have to clarify as it moves to update its density bonusing policy for the new Official Community Plan. Councillors spent three hours listening to suggestions, questions and grievances about the current system whereby extra density is traded for community perks at a special workshop held Monday night. Under the existing OCP, the city can use extra density as incentive for developers to include affordable or below-market rental housing, market rental housing, heritage preservation, community amenity space, adaptable design ideal for seniors and people with disabilities, higher environmental building standards and employment-generating commercial space — most of which are not profitable enough for developers to do on their own in today’s market. But those policies — like every line of the OCP — are up for review as council marches toward a fall 2013 target for implementing a new plan. Among the more frequently mentioned ideas from the approximately 60 attendees at the workshop: increasing transparency

around the density bonusing process, having more consistent guidelines and ensuring the community gets a fair deal. Every member of council agreed the public deserved to have access to a transparent system of bonusing, but fundamental disagreements about development philosophy and city priorities quickly arose. Any system that allows council to routinely approve projects with double the density allowed by the OCP is fundamentally flawed, Coun. Rod Clark argued. “That, to me, throws the Official Community Plan out the window and will guarantee gridlock and the unlivability of our city in very, very short order,” he said. The remedy would be a “cleaner and simpler” system, along the lines of developers contributing to a fund within proscribed limits. While the amenities achieved from bonusing are laudable, Coun. Pam Bookham agreed the system was out of control. “I don’t think the community is happy with what they see as a constant game of Let’s Make a Deal,” she said. “There is a point where the community is saying: ‘Too much, too fast, too unpredictable.’” The city shouldn’t shy away from density in exchange for community benefit, argued Coun. Guy Heywood, a frequent critic of the city’s practice of trading density for market rental housing, but it should change its priorities for what will be included in the bargain. “Every dollar we spend trying to promote rental over ownership, we leave behind and make unavailable to rebuild Harry Jerome (Community Recreation Centre) or North See NV page 10

Friday, November 2, 2012 - North Shore News - A9

In Vancouver, soccer is a game of chants

SOCCER fans do some weird things.

“Honey, have you seen the Ziploc bags?” “Great idea, we should bring sandwiches to the game. The bags are under the sink.” “Sorry baby, no sandwiches. I’m going to fill these with my urine while we’re in the stands and then throw them at the other team’s goalie. If you’re really hungry, we can stop on the way to the stadium and get some Arby’s.” Just an FYI: I’m not being gross for gross’s sake. That actually happens in some soccermad countries. But soccer fans also get a lot of things right. Here in North America our live sporting events sometimes leave a lot to be desired. Baseball’s biggest selling points are beer, sunshine and the crack of the bat. I can easily enjoy the first two things on my patio, and here in Vancouver I’m sure I could walk a couple of blocks and find some crack. Hockey games leave little room for independent thought. Every second that the puck isn’t in play you’re being told what to do. Now clap rhythmically. Now sing along with Guns N’ Roses. Now feel sorry for the team’s owner because he can’t afford a backup yacht. Football games contain less than 15 minutes of actual game action. The rest of the time is filled with cheerleaders, hot dogs, and people from the suburbs saying horrible things.

Laugh All You Want Andy Prest

Soccer doesn’t have those problems. What it has is 90plus minutes of action — or as grumpy North American sports fans like to call it, “action” — with no rock music or commercial breaks. Serious soccer fans are brilliant at filling the noise void with chants, songs and hilarious swearing. When the Whitecaps went big time a couple of years ago, joining Major League Soccer, Vancouver developed its own fun little soccer-supporter culture. I’ve been on baby-raising duty for a couple years, so I haven’t had the chance until recently to see for myself, but with the Whitecaps on the verge of becoming the first Canadian team to make the MLS playoffs, I had to check it out. I made plans with a guy from the Vancouver Southsiders supporters group to meet up before the game and join their traditional march to the stadium. On the day of the match

I popped out of the SkyTrain station late, fuming over missed transit connections. As I walked through Yaletown, certain that I’d missed the march, I heard a strange sound that lifted my spirits like the Grinch on Christmas morning. When I finally caught up, it was quite the sight. Singing, chanting, flag waving, costumes — it was the best co-ordinated activity I’d seen in these streets since the big Stanley Cup fire sale of 2011. I watched the first half of the game from the press box, curious to see what the atmosphere inside cavernous but newly renovated BC Place would be like. I was dubious about the idea of watching soccer in that huge space, but the team’s plan to put some lovely drapes over the upper bowl actually worked pretty well. Nice to see someone finally get some use out of that HGTV program Holmes on Domes. Having failed to rendezvous with my guide outside the stadium before the game, I decided to take a shot in the dark inside it. “Pardon me guys,” I said to a quartet of dudes wearing Southsiders scarves. “Would any of you happen to know Brett?” “Yeah, we know Brett,” one replied. “He’s dressed as Wario, purple from head to foot.” “Thanks,” I said, walking away from one of my favourite out-of-the-blue conversations ever.

I found Brett down low in the Southsiders section. His buddies failed to mention that he was also wearing an amazing fake moustache. Cheering alongside him were men dressed as Mario, Luigi and Toad. I snuck in beside them, standing out like I was Stephen Harper trying to join a drum circle. Soon enough, though, I got caught up in the fun. For the rest of the game, the supporters kept up their songs without a moment of silence. The official chants were led

plumbers on the field who decide the actual outcome. This story is a bit of a cliffhanger. I’m writing before the Whitecaps play a one-game playoff in Los Angeles, but by the time you read this it’ll be over. If they’ve won, they’ll host their first-ever home playoff game. Go check. Buy a ticket. Join the fun. If they’ve lost, well . . . I guess I’ll have to find something else to do with all these Ziploc bags.

by a man with a megaphone who was dressed like LMFAO. Unofficial chants rang up too, one particularly funny and slanderous verse accusing the Portland goalie of inappropriate distribution of candy to children. The mood was only slightly spoiled by the huge poop the Whitecaps were taking on the field — they lost 1-0 without generating a single good scoring opportunity. It just goes to show, no matter how many Marios you cram into the stands, it’s up to the

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A10 - North Shore News - Friday, November 2, 2012

INQUIRING REPORTER AFTER a bitter, yearslong campaign that saw $2 billion in election spending and the emergence of Big Bird as a political player, the 2012 U.S. presidential race will come to a head Tuesday, Nov. 6, as Americans finally go to the ballot box to choose their next leader. Most polls favour President Barack Obama over his Republican challenger Mitt Romney, but not by a wide margin. Although we have no say in the outcome, many Canadians will be glued to their TV’s, watching with bated breath as the results trickle in. —Brent Richter

Andrew Beacock Vancouver “Probably. How could I not?”

Will you watch the U.S. election results come in live on Tuesday?

Christina Kruger-Woodrow North Vancouver “I don’t mind if I find out later. . . . No, I kind of really want to know. It’s like the hockey game; I want to see it.”

Che Davies Vancouver “No I won’t. I don’t have cable, and I don’t feel like going out somewhere that covers it just to watch.”

Jackie Fekete North Vancouver “For me it’s obvious, yes, but I’m a dual citizen, so I’m kind of obligated to watch it.”

Randy Iverson North Vancouver “I will be. I’m generally interested in it. I usually always watch it.”

NV rec centres at stake, say supporters

From page 8

Shore Neighbourhood House,” he said. The system as it stands now is shrouded in mystery, Coun. Don Bell agreed, and it’s incumbent upon council to make its density decisions more up front — especially when it comes to how much more density it will allow. “I think the bonus-limits approach should be studied, so that we have a clear policy that we will bonus a certain percentage,” he said. “That will provide some clarity as to what’s going to happen and make people feel more comfortable.” But the city’s existing policies still have advocates on council. Allowing the city and staff to negotiate with developers provides an opportunity for “flexible innovation,” Coun. Linda

Buchanan said, and it means the city can respond to residents’ many requests without raising taxes. “What I hear is: They want new infrastructure; they want a new Harry Jerome; they want a museum; they want new amenities . . . they want affordable housing; they want daycares,” she said. Coun. Craig Keating said he could not support a system that allows the city to accept money in lieu of perks, arguing it would do nothing to increase transparency. Beyond that, council needs to consider the good that has come from density bonusing before deciding to do away with it. “If we want to make radical change to the way we’re doing density bonus policy, ask the question this way: Which of the amenities that we’ve achieved over the last 20 years do you want to do away with? That’s the question,” he said. “No John Braithwaite? No library? No Market rental housing?”

Mayor Darrell Mussatto thanked the meeting’s participants and acknowledged the difficult task of striking a balance. “I’ve heard many people say the City of North Vancouver’s policy is working, because it’s pissing off both residents and the developers,” he said, tongue-in-cheek. But, like Keating, Mussatto made a long list of much-loved community assets that wouldn’t have been possible without trading density for amenities. Staff will take the suggestions from the workshop and include them in a future report to council.

if you see news happening call our news tips line 604 985 2131

Friday, November 2, 2012 - North Shore News - A11

NEWS photo Cindy Goodman

Walking in circles

VISITORS wind their way through a meandering labyrinth that was recently completed in the parking area of Mount Seymour United Church. The painted design was launched Sunday Oct. 21st and allows users to reflect and have a personal experience as they walk through the pattern.

Nation looks to draw crowd to pipeline forum Brent Richter

THE Tsleil-Waututh Nation is hoping to draw residents from the North Shore to speak against a proposed pipeline expansion on Burrard Inlet at an information meeting this weekend. The band issued a statement Thursday asking the public to


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121–1433 Lonsdale Ave. 604.980.8011 TUE - SAT 9-5PM

“attend and respectfully voice their concerns” about Kinder Morgan’s proposal to twin its Trans Mountain pipeline, a change that would more than double capacity and increase oil tanker traffic in Burrard Inlet. “Unless the public voices its concerns through this forum, their silence may be deemed consent,” said Chief Justin George. The North Vancouver meeting will take place Saturday, Nov. 3, at North Shore Neighborhood House, 225 East Second St. from 4 to 7 p.m.

Calvary Chapel You are invited to join us, Sunday Mornings at 10:00 Teaching through the Bible, verse to verse chapter to chapter with Pastor Ken Scheel Meeting at Silver Harbour Centre 144 E. 22nd Street, North Vancouver • 604.250.2368

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A12 - North Shore News - Friday, November 2, 2012


by Kevin Hill

Capilano Rugby Club breast cancer fundraiser

Jacklyn Simington, Taryn Patterson and Lisa Bjornson

Jordan Reid-Harvey, Caylee Gaudette and Tim Russ Members of the Capilano Rugby Club hosted a fundraising party for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation at their clubhouse Oct. 13. The event had a “pink out” theme and those in attendance wore their finest rose-hued garb in honour of the cause. The event followed an afternoon of rugby games played by Capilano and Burnaby men’s and women’s teams at Klahanie Park, with half of the ticket sales supporting the foundation. Those who attended also received a commemorative pin.

Gary Cartwright, Chris Robinson, Hailee Turpin and Jesse Ryan

Adam Zaruba, Todd Bavin and Cormac Power

Mike McDonald and Laura Ellwood

Kelsi Carleton, Craig McLaren, Candace Barry and Daniel Hickey

Blake Sanford and Michelle Burrows

Jessica Hanna, Trevor Wicken and Hayley Rawle

Please direct requests for event coverage to: For more Bright Lights photos go to:

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Friday, November 2, 2012 - North Shore News - A13



Win tickets to see Ballet B.C.’s In/verse: Page 15 Kieran Strange: Stranger in a strange land: Page 17 Danny Michel builds his latest album from scratch in Belize: Page 18 MOA pottery exhibit sheds light on the creative process: Page 19 Denzel Washington at his best in first-rate Flight: Page 43 Local film festivals focusing on cultural diversity: Page 44 Ian Wallace merging media at the Vancouver Art Gallery: Page 48 Train Wreck Photo Tour of Whistler: Page 51 More online at entertainment

photo Hamilton Mehta Productions

SHAHANA Goswami and Ronit Roy are featured performers in Midnight Children’s ensemble cast. The film, based on Salman Rushdie’s epic novel and directed by Deepa Mehta, opens today at Cineplex Odeon Park & Tilford Cinemas.


Midnight magic

■ Midnight’s Children. Directed by Deepa Mehta. Starring Satya Bhabha, Shriya Saran, Shabana Azmi, Anupam Kher, Siddharth Narayan, Shahana Goswami, Samrat Chakrabarti and Rahul Bose. Starts today at Cineplex Odeon Park & Tilford Cinemas.

Jeremy Shepherd

MIDNIGHT’S Children was born over dinner.

No, that won’t do. Filmmaker Deepa Mehta and author Salman Rushdie were enjoying a meal. Mehta, perhaps best known for directing the Academy Award nominated film Water, had expressed an interest in adapting Rushdie’s novel Shalimar the Clown, but for some reason, her mind drifted to a different book. “I turned to him and said: ‘Who has the rights for Midnight’s Children?’” Mehta recalls. “I think he said he did, and I said, ‘Well, I’m interested in making it into a movie.’ And he said, ‘Sure.’ It was that simple.” Four years later, the film version of Midnight’s Children tumbled forth into the world. A political fairy tale and a merging of history and magic, the film tells the story of a child who is born at the stroke of midnight on August 15, 1947, the date of India’s independence from British rule. The film spans 60 years over love, betrayals, wars, poems, political assassinations, and a form of telepathy made possible by the protagonist’s nasal cavity. “It was completely impulsive, and I’m glad it was, because if it wasn’t I would’ve been too scared, it was such of a mammoth task,” Mehta says. “For

me, the film is not only the coming of age . . . of a young man, but it’s also the coming of age of a country.” Speaking from a hotel room in Toronto, Mehta struggles with a case of laryngitis as she reflects on the first time she cracked the spine of Midnight’s Children. Reading the novel in India in 1982, Mehta was moved by the story’s humanity. “It became the definitive book on post-colonial literature for me,” she says. “The book was very familiar to me because I felt that many of the characters were like my own family members. My grandfather, my mother, my father.” Midnight’s Children begins with a nose, a ‘mad plantain’ with a bridge that could almost let you cross a river. But when casting the picture, it was a pair of eyes that struck Mehta. Port Moody actress and playwright Anita Majumdar plays Emerald, a character who is either vicious, practical or romantic, depending on your point of view. “I loved her range,” Mehta says of Majumdar. “She’s got very expressive eyes. When I auditioned her she understood the humour in the character of Emerald. Everybody just went for her darkness and nobody went for her quirkiness, and I felt that Anita really captured that.” Majumdar plays Emerald with grace, while being completely unaware of possessing a heart that could freeze the spice out of curry. “I loved Emerald. I still love Emerald. Everyone who talks to me tells me, ‘Oh, she’s such a spoiled brat,’ or ‘She’s so mean,’ and I’ve never seen her that See Rushdie page 40

A14 - North Shore News - Friday, November 2, 2012




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AKA Tom-bo Sushi 751 Lonsdale Ave., NorthVancouver 604.929.9999 • 604.984.7777 Open Daily 11:30am - 10pm Experience West Vancouver like never before

kay meek centre 1700 Mathers, West Vancouver


photo supplied

Jens Lekman plays Venue tonight

SWEDEN’S Jens Lekman performs tracks from his new album, I Know What Love Isn’t, tonight at Venue. The 10-track disc was released in September on the Secretly Canadian label. Taken by Trees (the solo project of Victoria Bergsman, former lead singer for The Concretes) opens the show. Tickets $25. Doors 8 p.m.

SUN NOV 4, 8:00pm

Finland’s Circo Aereo is known for their barrier-breaking approach to the various forms of the performing arts. Motet—a collaboration between Finland’s creative Circo Aereo and Britain’s acclaimed gandini juggling—is a “mysterious and living world that might swallow the performers.” Performance Sponsor


Canada’s oldest Indian dance company presents the stunning beauty of traditional Indian dance fused with contemporary dance styles from around the world.


SUN NOV 18, 8:00pm

Co-presented with the North Shore Credit Union Centre for the Performing Arts

Guitar virtuosos Byron Mikaloff and Christian Roberge, and jazz bassist Alex Morissette combine their love of 80s’ pop music to create an irresistible sound and style that crosses borders. Hear favorites from Canadian stars like Corey Hart, Bryan Adams, Rush and Men Without Hats!

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See more page 21



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Tickets online at or by phone 604-981-6335

Thursday, 11:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m., Friday and Saturday, 11:30 a.m.-7 p.m. Info: Members of The North Shore Artists’ Guild display a variety of original art including oil paintings, watercolours, acrylics and mixed media on an ongoing basis with new works every month. Buckland Southerst Gallery: 2460 Marine Dr., West Vancouver. Info: 604-922-1915. www.bucklandsoutherst. com. Café for Contemporary Art: 138-140 East Esplanade, North Vancouver. Hours: Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-7 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday, 8 a.m.-7 p.m. Info: 778-340-3379 or Idle Wild: An exhibition of new works by DRIL, a collaborative artist collective, will run until Nov. 16. Caroun Art Gallery: 1403 Bewicke Ave., North Vancouver. Info:, 778-372-0765 or Gallery hours: Tuesday to Sunday, noon to 8 p.m. Casa Del Caffe: 116 East 14th St., North Vancouver. Info: 604-983-2233. Centennial Theatre: 2300 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver. Info: CityScape Community Art Space: 335 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver. Info: 604-988-6844 or www.


GALLERIES Artemis Gallery: 104C-4390 Gallant Ave., North Vancouver. Hours: Tuesday-Sunday, noon-5 p.m. Info: 778233-9805 or The Bakehouse: 2453 Marine Dr., West Vancouver. Hours: Monday-Saturday, 8 a.m.-4 p.m., Sunday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. The Bakehouse in Edgemont Village: 1050 Queens Rd., North Vancouver. B.C. Mills Museum at Lynn Headwater Park: 4900 Lynn Valley Rd., North Vancouver. Info: 604-224-5739. B.C. Binning Residence: 2968 Mathers Cres., West Vancouver. Info: 604-733-2313 or Bellevue Gallery: 2475 Bellevue Ave., West Vancouver. Gallery hours: Tuesday-Friday, 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m., Saturday, 11 a.m.-5 p.m. and outside gallery hours by appointment. Info: The Name of this Tree: An exhibition of paintings by Pari Azarm Motamedi will run until Nov. 10. Binkley Sculpture Studios: 535 East First St., North Vancouver. Info: or 604-9848574. Brewster’s Coffee: 2436 Marine Dr., West Vancouver. Hours: Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-5:30 p.m., Saturday 8 a.m.5:30 p.m. Sunday, 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Info: 604-925-9820. BrushStrokes Gallery: Lonsdale Quay, 123 Carrie Cates Court, North Vancouver. Hours: Sunday, 11:30 a.m.-6 p.m.,

1653 Columbia Street (at Lynnwood Marina), North Vancouver • FREE PARKING 604 988 0038 •

Friday, November 2, 2012 - North Shore News - A15


photo of Alyson Fretz by Michael Slobodian

Win tickets to see Ballet BC at the QE Theatre Ballet BC presents In/verse featuring the North American premiere of A.U.R.A (Anarchist Unit Related to Art) by Italian choreographer Jacopo Godani as well as world premieres of new works by Nicolo Fonte and Emily Molnar at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre Nov. 22-24 nightly at 8 p.m. For a chance to win two tickets to the Friday, Nov. 23 performance tell us the name of Maurice Béjart’s international dance centre in Brussels, Belgium. Email your entry to Ballet BC Contest at Deadline for the contest is Nov. 19, 5 p.m. Only residents living in the Lower Mainland/Greater Vancouver area are eligible to enter. Winners will be chosen in a random draw. For more information visit

Ye a t s S t u d i o & G a l l e r y

Shirley Thompson

Saturday 3rd November to Friday 23rd November 2012 2402 Marine Drive, West Vancouver, BC. V7V 1L1 Tel: 778 279 8777

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Luxury Resort-Inspired Rental Retirement Living

Upcoming Meetings

Following is a list of North Vancouver District Council meetings for the upcoming month. Please note that this list is subject to change and new agenda items/meetings may be added during the month. Monday, November 5, 7:00p.m. Monday, November 19, 7:00p.m.

Council Workshops: Tuesday, November 13, 6:30p.m.

• Lions Gate Treatment Plant • Seymour Golf Club Public Play Days Monday, November 26, 7:00p.m.

Tuesday, November 6, 7:00p.m. • Re: Seylynn Tuesday, November 20, 7:00p.m.

For more information: • visit for agendas, minutes and a complete schedule of upcoming meetings • call 604-990-2315 for a recorded listing of agenda items • visit to have agendas delivered to your inbox • visit any District Library to view a copy of the agenda which is available the Friday before the regular Council Meeting All regular Council Meetings are open to the public and held in Council Chamber at District Hall, 355 West Queens Rd. District of North Vancouver 355 West Queens Road, North Vancouver, BC V7N 4N5 Main Line 604-990-2311

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Dining Room

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Park Royal Shopping Centre


Public Hearings:

Aquafit Pool


Council Meetings:

Rose & Crown Pub

Amica at WestVancouver

Clyde Avenue

Marine Drive

A16 - North Shore News - Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday, November 2, 2012 - North Shore News - A17

MUSIC Memorable


Marlin Travel & Transat Holidays ONE good holiday just got better! Experience TWO destinations in ONE holiday package: Manzanillo & Guadalajara Manzanillo & Puerto Vallarta Santo Domingo & Punta Cana Mention this add and receive 25 AIR MILES® reward miles when you book.



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if you see news happening call our news tips line 604 985 2131 NORTH SHORE CREDIT UNION CENTRE FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS 2012-2013 Season


Nov. 3 @ 8pm | $35/$32

Featuring Martin Taylor (UK), and Solorazaf (Madagascar). photo supplied

KIERAN Strange performs at Steamworks in Vancouver on Nov. 24.



Stranger in a strange land ■ Kieran Strange, Steamworks, 375 Water St., Vancouver, Saturday, Nov. 24. For more info visit

Nicholas M. Pescod Contributing Writer

AS a teenager she’d always wanted to be in a band. So when it came time to decide on a career Kieran Strange elected to pursue music and she chose to do it more than 7,000 kilometres away from her Selsey, England home.

“I packed up everything and left home and moved to Vancouver and started a band,” Strange says. Long before Strange moved to Canada to pursue a career in music, she had always aspired to be a singer. When she was a little girl Strange and her best friend would often perform shows in their parent’s backyard. “Ever since I was a little kid I wanted to be a musician,” Strange says. “I was in a band with a friend of mine. We had an old drum set . . . it was just drums and vocals.” Even though Strange was academically successful throughout school, she had always considered a career in music. However, she decided to pursue another path. “I visited Vancouver and I went to some shows. I saw my favourite band play, which is My Chemical Romance, and I started to think about my life again.” Eventually she moved to British Columbia to pursue her dreams. “I told my mom when I came back from Canada when I was 17 that I wanted to move to Canada,” Strange says. She made good on her word and packed up her belongings and moved to British Columbia. “I had a lot of friends in Vancouver and Edmonton who put me up while I was working on my visa,” she adds. On Mar. 31, the Vancouver resident released a three-song EP titled Adamantine Heart. According to Strange the hardest part was convincing people to call the album Adamantine Heart.

“I sat down with my co-writer and she said if you can fit the word adamantine into a song and have it sound good then we will call the song Adamantine,” Strange says. “So I took the challenge. I sat down and I managed to fit it in and everyone really liked the sound of it.” “Adamantine means to have a really hard, solid, unbreakable, substance. So the idea of having a heart made out of that is taking everything you stand for and not allowing people to take that away from you and being strong in what you believe in,” she adds. Strange says she enjoys bands such as The Used, AC/DC, and Muse. She also admires female musicians such as Joan Jett, Pink and No Doubt. “I really love strong female musicians who don’t have to take all their clothes off to sell CDs,” she says. Strange mostly writes songs about her experiences in her life. “Mostly I draw inspirations from things that happen to me and it doesn’t have to be an entire story, it can be just an idea,” she says. “When I have an overwhelming emotion the only way to get it out is to write a song about it.” Strange says that she doesn’t like to write about some of the more common topics that some female singers sing about today. “I think the hardest part is being a female musician and being taken seriously as a female musician who doesn’t’ want to write songs about having sex with all the guys,” Strange says. “I think that’s the hardest part, is just being taken seriously as a female musician who doesn’t want to sing those kinds of songs.” As a musician, Strange believes it is extremely important to put on an excellent performance for her audience. “That is what I focus on. I am very energetic when I am on stage. I try and involve the crowd and I try to give them a great show,” she says. “People don’t go to a show to hear music they go to a show to see music.” Strange is extremely active on the social media front. She See Strange page 18


Nov. 18 @ 8pm | $28/$25

Gypsy jazz like you’ve never heard before.


Nov. 29 @ 8pm | $30/$27

An American original, folkblues with mighty guitar chops.



Dec. 9 @ 8pm | $23 (advance)

Hunter is an authority on seven and eight-string guitar.


Dec. 12 & 13 @ 7:30pm $37/$34

A festive shows of harps, medieval instruments and singers.

Box Office: 604.990.7810 Online:


A18 - North Shore News - Friday, November 2, 2012


Strange bullied in school From page 17 currently has more than 12,000 followers on Twitter and over 4,000 likes on Facebook. Aside from the 50,000+ tweets she has made, Strange is into video blogging on YouTube. “I started my video blogs back up again,” Strange says. “I actually did one about the Amanda Todd situation. It is just my thoughts about the situation and paying my respects to her.” Earlier this month Strange wrote an anti-bullying song. She says bullying is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly in any situation. As victim of frequently bullying herself, Strange can relate to the story of Amanda Todd. “I was bullied horrendously throughout school. It was a horrible part of my life. I know what it is like to fake sick because you don’t want to go to school and show your face,” Strange says. “It really upset me that this poor girl put a video up on YouTube saying she needed help and she didn’t get that help. I am not saying that people should be blamed for it but it is sad that she genuinely felt like she had nobody there for her.” For more information on Kieran Strange visit or follow her on Twitter @KieranStrange.


Shop the North Shore It can make a



photo supplied

DANNY Michel will perform tracks from his new album, Black Birds are Dancing Over Me, at North Vancouver’s Centennial Theatre on Sunday, Nov. 4.


Michel built new album from scratch in Belize ■ Danny Michel, Centennial Theatre, Sunday, Nov. 4, 7:30 p.m. Tickets $30/$27. For more details www.

John Goodman

FOR his new album Toronto rocker Danny Michel decided to do something completely different from anything he’d done before.


By shopping and doing business north of the border, it keeps your hard earned dollar working here where you live.

His new eight-song disc, Black Birds are Dancing Over Me, recorded last winter in Belize, features Michel performing with musicians from the Garifuna Collective. The recording sessions took place over several months but the actual concept for the album started percolating in Michel’s subconscious many years before. “I first went to Belize over 10 years ago on a trip, loved it, and I’ve gone back every year since,” he says. I got more and more involved in the community and started working with a school there and always kept thinking it would be great to make a record there. The music and the vibe has been slowly sneaking into my music over the last few records and this time I thought ‘let’s do it right’ and do the whole album there.” Hanging out on Caye Caulker, a small island off the north coast of Belize, Michel listened to a lot of local Garifuna punta music including records by Andy Palacio and the Garifuna Collective produced at Ivan Duran’s Stonetree Studios. “They do all these records and I thought why don’t I just ask these people if they’d be interested in doing a record with me,” says Michel. The Canadian musician contacted producer Ivan Duran by email and sent along a link to a video of what he’d worked on previously. Duran liked what he saw and invited Michel to come down to his studio. Stonetree, based in Benque Viejo del Carmen, inland near the Guatemalan border, is on the opposite side of the country from where Michel was staying. Travelling back and forth to record the album he now knows Belize like the back of his hand. “It’s been a big, long adventure,” he says. “We talked about doing it in the summer of 2011 and I said, ‘OK, I will come down for November, December and January and

hangout and we’ll work then. We picked a date and I showed up. I came down with no songs, no guitar, nothing and just walked into a room with complete strangers. I just wanted to get outside of my comfort zone and challenge myself. It was an incredible experience.” Michel was used to writing and recording quite differently from Duran and the Stonetree musicians but they figured out a collaborative process that would work for everybody. “We just started recording sections,” says Michel. “We didn’t even know each other. We just looked at each other and went OK here we go. We would sit around playing ideas and grooves and stuff. He was like, ‘That’s really cool let’s record that.’ We would record a groove for a little while and these things would turn into songs which is the exact opposite of how I would ever write a song. “The most interesting part was all the equipment, the gear. We’re so spoiled here. We have so much fancy equipment and they don’t have access to that. It was a real eye-opener for me to record on guitars that, I don’t want to say they’re bad but they’re not up to North American standard instruments. You get handed a guitar and it’s missing a string. It’s got five strings. And then the answer to that was: ‘Learn how to play your song with five strings. Deal with it. There’s lots of songs I’m playing guitars that are missing strings. “It actually changed my whole perspective of guitars. I came home to nice guitars and I look at them and go, “Hmm, I’m not interested in you anymore. I’m looking for all these weird half-working interesting guitars now.” The album was recorded over a three-month period last winter with Michel returning to Canada over Christmas. Everybody in the band (who go by the name the Benque Players for the project) is a master stylist with guitarists Sam Harris and Al Ovando, percussionist Rolando “Chichiman” Sosa, and vocalist Desiree Diego all adding their respective talents to the percussion-heavy mix. “They were incredible,” says Michel. “I learned a lesson too about playing with heart. They may not have the best gear but they play better because of that. They were just so welcoming and so fun, so relaxed and so great to me. It was beautiful and I don’t even think I realized it until it was all over.” Black Birds are Dancing Over Me by Danny Michel and the Benque Players is available now on Six Shooter Records.

Friday, November 2, 2012 - North Shore News - A19


Exhibit sheds light on creative process Museum of Anthropology opens major pottery show

■ Pleased to Meet You: Introductions by Gwyn Hanssen Pigott, at the Museum of Anthropology Nov. 3-March 24, 2013. Opening reception: Tonight, Friday, Nov. 2 at 7 p.m. Info:

Erin McPhee

HAVING spent two separate intensive two-month periods with Australian-based potter Gwyn Hanssen Pigott learning the ins and outs of her creative process, West Vancouver ceramic artist Lisa Henriques’ own approach to her craft has been forever changed.

NEWS photos Mike Wakefield

POTTER Lisa Henriques working in her home studio in West Vancouver. She studied with Gwyn Hanssen Pigott in Australia and says the ceramic artist opened up a whole new world for her.

“She opened up another world to me,” says Henriques, 43, referring to the countless lessons learned as a result of Hanssen Pigott’s generosity, both of her time and opening up of her studio. “The woman is a force,” she adds. Henriques is excited that other Vancouverites will have an opportunity to get a glimpse into Hanssen Pigott’s creativity thanks to a show opening at the Museum of Anthropology this evening. The exhibition, entitled Pleased to Meet You: Introductions by Gwyn Hanssen Pigott, features the display of objects selected by the award-winning contemporary ceramic artist, chosen from the museum’s permanent, world-wide collection, which she then reassembles with her own works. The show’s curators say Hanssen Pigott’s resulting groupings create “surprising new relationships” and, as the pieces aren’t placed within any historical or cultural context, illustrate that, regardless of social or cultural background, makers share similar aesthetic choices. The commonalities among artists working in clay, despite differences in culture and technique, is something that has long captivated Henriques. “There’s an indelible thread there. . . . We are the same,” she says. Henriques, who typically creates hand-built bowls that

CentennialTheatre PRESENTS

See Henriques page 20

Danny Michel

Sunday November 4 at 7:30 pm

Juno nominated singer-songwriter Danny Michel performs music from his brand new release Black Birds Are Dancing Over Me. Danny’s straightforward lyrics, vivid performances and witty stage banter have earned him a devoted global fan base. If you’ve seen Danny in concert, you’re probably already a fan. If you haven’t, don’t miss this chance! Tickets $30/$27 “By this point… Danny Michel must be a bit weary of being ranked as one of this country’s undiscovered musical treasures. But it’s true.” - The Toronto Star

LISA Henriques was recently awarded the 2012 Carter Wosk Eighth Annual B.C. Creative Achievement Award for Applied Art and Design. 2300 Lonsdale, North Van Box Office: 604-984-4484

Centennial Theatre is operated by the North Vancouver Recreation Commission.

A20 - North Shore News - Friday, November 2, 2012


Henriques first studied pottery in Ghana

From page 19

are quite large in scale, is a celebrated contemporary potter in her own right and was

recently awarded the 2012 Carter Wosk Eighth Annual B.C. Creative Achievement Award for Applied Art and Design. Her experience working with Hanssen Pigott is among the

PUBLIC HEARING Seylynn Village


Public Hearing on proposed Zoning Amendment Bylaw 7955 and Phased Development Agreement (Seylynn Village) Bylaw 7957, 2012

When: Where:

7:00 pm, Tuesday, November 6, 2012 Council Chamber of District Hall, 355 West Queens Road

Site Map

“I figured the best way to honour that is to learn as much as I can with my fingers and keep those techniques alive and pass them on to somebody else,” she says. Henriques’ most recent trips were her mentorships in Australia with Hanssen Pigott, helping her prepare for wood firings twice last year. “The way she does wood firing, it’s quite rare. It’s quite subtle,” says Henriques. “She also uses porcelain and she works with it so it’s translucent. And making translucent porcelain and putting it into a wood fire kiln, she’s one of the first people I ever came across that did that and I fell in love with her work.” Henriques took a series of photos and videos during both trips that are featured as part of the Museum of Anthropology exhibition. “Carol Mayer at the Museum of Anthropology had asked me to take some pictures and it was fantastic because I got to really sit there and stare with the excuse of a camera,” she says. Hanssen Pigott taught Henriques about the qualities of form, colour and space. “Essential to all of these things, and a focus that is reflected in the new exhibit at the Museum of Anthropology, is the dialogue between the objects she creates,” she says. “Gwyn is interested in the ‘space between.’ The relationship between inside and outside, space and form, movement and stillness. To me, her still-life groupings speak of the ‘inseparable’ space that connects us. Her work is quiet and powerful, just like the space between.” For more information on Lisa Henriques and her work, visit her website, lisahenriques. com. Her work is available at Provide, at 529 Beatty St., in Vancouver.

many international educational experiences she’s undertaken over the course of her career. Receiving a bachelor of fine arts in ceramics from Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design in 1999 and a master of visual arts, also in ceramics, from Australia National University in 2011, Henriques has continued to travel the globe in search of new pottery techniques and processes. Her first experience was at age 23 in 1993 when she travelled to Ghana, ending up in a pottery village, the result of a Canada World Youth program exchange. Initially thinking photography would be her artistic medium of choice, the trip quickly changed her focus. “The village that I was in, they made huge hand-built water pots . . . and I was hooked. I’m still learning from the potters that I got to work with every day there,” she says. “I found that was the best way for me to learn. I had such an amazing experience, that that’s all I wanted to do, was go and learn about traditional pottery around the world.” Henriques has since travelled to Mexico, India and China, completing apprenticeships with a diverse array of ceramic masters, not only learning about their approach to the craft, but documenting their processes via photography. “I just picked up pieces along the way,” says Henriques. “When I go to these places I just try and learn as much as I can and I find when I come back is really when I find out what I’ve learned, pieces that stick with me and become part of my own practice.” Apart from insight into their creative processes, it’s also been interesting to see the different reasons behind the creation of objects, whether for utility or art for art’s sake and how they’re therefore valued, both monetarily as well as from a cultural perspective.



What is it?

The proposed bylaws amend the existing high density, mixed use zoning for “Seylynn Village”, the property north of Fern Street and east of Mountain Highway.

What changes?

The “Seylynn Village” property was rezoned in 2009. Changes in the proposed development format and road network necessitate updates to the zoning bylaw and legal framework for the project to recognize the change in site layout, land use mix, and building forms. Associated with the rezoning proposal are bylaws related to a housing agreement, phased development agreement and waiver of the Development Cost Charge Bylaw for the proposed affordable rental building.


4 $

EVERY DAY until November 11, 2012

When can I speak? Please join us on November 6 when Council will be

receiving input from the public on this proposal. You can speak in person by signing up at the Hearing, or you may provide a written submission to the Municipal Clerk at the address below or at before the conclusion of the Hearing.

Need more info?

The bylaw, Council resolution, staff report, and all other relevant background material are available for review by the public at the Municipal Clerk’s Office or online at Office hours are Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

District of North Vancouver 355 West Queens Road, North Vancouver, BC V7N 4N5 Main Line 604-990-2311


Capilano Village • 801 Marine Drive, North Vancouver



604-990-2387 or



98 Plus Taxes

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2 CROISSAN’WICH with egg and sausage or bacon, 2 hashbrowns and 2 small coffees, OR 2 ENGLISH MUFFINS with egg and sausage or bacon, 2 hashbrowns and 2 small coffees...OR 1 of each.

Who can I speak to? Michael Hartford, Community Planner, at


Available during breakfast hours only.

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2CAN DINE for $ 98 Plus Taxes

Buy any 2 WHOPPER, 2 Original CHICKEN, 2 BK VEGGIE OR 2 BK BIG FISH sandwiches, 2 medium FRIES and medium SOFT DRINKS for only $8.98. ®



Please present this coupon before ordering. Limit one per customer per visit Not to be used with any other coupons or offers. Not valid with KING DEALS®. Valid at 801 Marine Drive location in North Vancouver only. TM & © 2012 BURGER KING CORPORATION. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, Coca-Cola” is a registered trademark of Coca-Cola Ltd., used under license.

Offer expires: NOVEMBER 20, 2012.

Friday, November 2, 2012 - North Shore News - A21

CALENDAR From page 14 Gallery hours: Tuesday to Saturday, noon to 5 p.m. Ethereal Landscapes: A collection of landscape art by Maegan Harbridge, Galen Felde and Tracey Tarling will be displayed until Nov. 17. Talk and slideshow presentation: Saturday, Nov. 3, 1-2 p.m. Call for Artists: The North Vancouver Community Arts Council is looking for artists to participate in the upcoming Anonymous Art Show. Deadline for submissions: Saturday, Nov. 3, 4 p.m. Coastal Patterns Gallery: 582 Artisan Lane, Bowen Island. Hours: WednesdaySunday, noon-5 p.m. or by appointment. Info: 604-762-4623, 778-997-9408 or Cove Creek Gallery: 4349 Gallant Ave., North Vancouver. David Pirrie Studio: 1210 Arborlynn Dr., North Vancouver. Info: www. David Neel Gallery: 104 West Esplanade, North Vancouver. Info: 604-988-9215, Delany’s Coffee House: 2424 Marine Dr., West Vancouver. Info: 604-921-4466. Delany’s Coffee House: Park Royal Village, West Vancouver.Cas District Foyer Gallery: 355 West Queens Rd., North Vancouver. Gallery hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Info: 604-988-6844 or The North Vancouver Community Arts Council presents an exhibition of oil on canvas paintings by Olga Zakharova and sculptures by Julie Emerson until Nov. 13. Charlene Long exhibits mixed media paintings and Laza Fonkin shows glass sculpture, Nov. 14 to Jan. 8. Opening reception Thursday, Nov. 15, 6:30-8:30 p.m. See more page 22

In Remembrance

NEWS photo Cindy Goodman

CLYDE Mitchell rehearses with Pandora’s Vox earlier this week in preparation for Lions Gate Sinfonia’s concert with the vocal ensemble at Centennial Theatre on Saturday, Nov 3. The show officially starts at 7:30 p.m. with a special pre-talk by Mitchell beginning at 6:30 p.m. As a bonus the Lions Gate Youth Orchestra will be sitting in for three pieces. Tickets $39/$35/$12 available at the box office. For more information visit

A fantastical comedy about love, deception, and mistaken identity.



NOVEMBER 15-17, 21-24 8 PM NOVEMBER 18 & 24, 2012 2 PM TICKETS $22 | $15 | $10

A22 - North Shore News - Friday, November 2, 2012

CALENDAR From page 21 District Library Gallery: 1277 Lynn Valley Rd., North Vancouver. Info: www. The North Vancouver Community Arts Council will present a photographic exhibition by Mike Wakefield that explores industrial landscapes until Dec. 4. Feast in the Village: 3183 Edgemont Blvd., North Vancouver. Info: 778-340-2223. Ferry Building Gallery: 1414 Argyle Ave., West Vancouver. Admission to all shows is free. Info: 604-925-7290 or www. Gallery hours: Tuesday-Sunday, 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Closed Mondays. Mixed Media: An exhibition of works by Ray Bradbury, Clancy Gibson, Monique Martin and Tom Smith will run until Nov. 11. Natural Elements: Ceramic works by Steve McGroty, fibre by Fariba Mirzaie, tar and watercolour on canvas by Einoddin Sadeghzadek, and plaster and porceain by Russel Hackney. The exhibition runs Nov. 13-25. Opening reception Tuesday, Nov. 13, 6-8 p.m. Meet the artists Saturday, Nov. 17, 2-3 p.m. The Gallery at Artisan Square: 587 Artisan Lane, Bowen Island. Info: 604-9472454 or Hours: Friday-Sunday, noon-4 p.m. Gallery Jones: 1725 West Third Ave., Vancouver. Info: 604-714-2216 or Exhibition: New paintings by Ross Penhall will be on display from Nov. 1 to 24.

Opening reception: Thursday, Nov. 1, 5 p.m. Gallery YoYo: 312 East Esplanade, North Vancouver. Gallery hours: Wednesday to Saturday, 1-5:30 p.m. or by appointment. Info: 604-983-2896. Gordon Smith Gallery of Canadian Art: 2121 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver. Gallery hours: Wednesday-Friday, from noon to 5 p.m. Adult admission by donation/ children free. Info: 604-903-3798. Graffiti Co. Art Studio: 171 East First St., North Vancouver. Gallery hours: TuesdayFriday, 1:30-6:30 p.m. or by appointment. Info: 604-980-1699 or www.gcartstudio@ Kay Meek Centre: 1700 Mathers Ave., West Vancouver. Info: or 604-981-6335. On Our Walls: Paintings by Grazyna Wolski will be on display. Lions Bay Art Gallery: 350 Centre Rd., Lions Bay. Gallery hours: Monday-Sunday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Info: www.lionsbayartgallery. com or 604-921-7865. Featuring established and upcoming artists. Loutet Farm: East 14th Street and Rufus Ave., North Vancouver. Exhibition: Conceptual artist Iain Baxter& (pronounced Baxterand) will have his work on display until Dec. 30. Lynnmour Art Studio and Gallery: 3011467 Crown St., North Vancouver. Info: or 604-929-4001. Gallery hours: Saturday and Sunday, noon to 5 p.m. or by appointment. Contemporary and abstract paintings by Gordon Oliver, See more page 23

NEWS photo Mike Wakefield

FANS award honours Coupland

CANADIAN novelist, visual artist and designer Douglas Coupland accepted the 2012 Distinguished Artist Award at this year’s FANS Tribute to the Arts at the Gordon Smith Gallery of Canadian Art on Oct. 25. Past recipients have included Nicola Cavendish, Jay Brazeau and Bryan Adams.

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needs Volunteers... It’s SAFE! It’s EASY! It’s FUN! How it works Between 9 pm and 3 am, volunteers working in teams of three people, will be the designated drivers to escort car owners and their cars home safely. The service is FREE, but donations are welcome.

Volunteer yourself or as a team of three with a driver, an escort and a navigator or as a dispatch operator Choose a night: November 30, December 1, 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, 22 and 31.

Call Rudy’s volunteer hotline 778-288-8996 for a volunteer form or check the website: or email: Brought to you by the Rotary Clubs of the North Shore. Donations support youth programs in North and West Vancouver. Follow ORN on Facebook:

Friday, November 2, 2012 - North Shore News - A23

CALENDAR Vancouver. Hours: Tuesday-Sunday, noon-5 p.m. Info: 604987-5612 or Exhibition: Conceptual artist Iain Baxter& (pronounced Baxterand) will have his work on display until Dec. 30. North Vancouver Experience, an ongoing exhibit defining life in North Vancouver. Presentation House Gallery: 333 Chesterfield Ave., North Vancouver. Gallery hours: Wednesday -Sunday, noon-5 p.m. Info: 604986-1351 or Frank Horvat, a pioneer in fashion photography, will have his work displayed until Dec. 23. Presentation House Satellite Gallery: 560 Seymour St., Vancouver. Gallery hours: Wednesday-Saturday, noon-6 p.m. Info: Dorothy: A new series of works by artist Myfanwy MacLeod will run until Nov. 10. The exhibition will feature origami made from pages of Playboy magazines in which playmate

From page 22 Robert Botlak and Gary W. Eder. The Music Box: 1564 Argyle Ave., West Vancouver. Mystic Mask Art Studio: 319 West 28th St., North Vancouver. North Vancouver City Library: 120 West 14th St., North Vancouver. Info: 604-998-3455 or Exhibition: Conceptual artist Iain Baxter& (pronounced Baxterand) will have his work on display until Dec. 30. North Vancouver Community History Centre: 3203 Institute Rd., North Vancouver. Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, noon-5 p.m. Info: 604-990-3700, ext. 8016 or www. Wallpaper — Posters and the Art of Persuasion: A selection of posters from the archive’s ephemera collection will run until Dec. 22. Exhibition: Conceptual artist Iain Baxter& (pronounced Baxterand) will have his work on display until Dec. 30. North Vancouver Museum: 209 West Fourth St., North

See more page 28

Name: couch potato; Width: 40p11.999; Depth: 10.417 in; Color: Black; Ad Number: -

String session

photo supplied

Fall Custom Order Sale

SCOTTISH jazz guitarist Martin Taylor joins Madagascar Solorazaf and Brian Gore for International Guitar Night at Capilano University tomorrow night at 8 p.m. for an evening of solos, duets and trios that demonstrates the virtuosity and diversity of the instrument. Tickets $35/$32.

Sunday, November 4 11:00 am– 4:00pm MEC North Vancouver 212 Brooksbank Avenue

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Join us for a celebration of winter fun. This free, family-friendly event has something for everyone: + 6/%4 642$) 2 $32-# ;% =#33 &%9! old skis, snowshoes, and winter clothes – or score a sweet deal %/ $!#(3%8#, >#2!' + *3:/:-=) 3#2!/ 20%9; =;2&:/> =2"# :/ avalanche terrain or learn to tune and care for your skis or snowboard. + .:,= 2!#2) 2 $32-# "%! >21#= 2/, snow-themed crafts. + 7#2! ,#1%=) -<#-5 %9; ;<# 32;#=; gear and get ready to shred, roam, and herringbone. + *%119/:;& >!%9$=) 1##; 9$ 4:;< 3%-23 =/%4=$%!;= #/;<9=:2=;=) -390=) 2/, %9;,%%! >!%9$=' Find out more at

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The store that friends tell friends about

A24 - North Shore News - Friday, November 2, 2012


Friday, November 2, 2012 - North Shore News - A25


NEWS photo Cindy Goodman

NEWS photo Paul McGrath

ANN Lonergan models an Etro top, Gucci bag, vintage earrings, Prada pants and coat from Leone at Caliente Fashions Oct. 4. The Ambleside samples and consignment clothing boutique raised funds for West Vancouver Fire Fighters Charitable Society.

A Passion For Fashion model shows a patchwork sweater coat, Cecile Benac drape-neck top and fleece-lined tights, all from Orquidea boutique. Congregation Har-El’s annual fashion fundraiser was Oct. 16.

TWEET CHIC Follow us on Twitter @NSNLook.

NEWS photo Paul McGrath

Fall fashion

NEWS photo Paul McGrath

HEIDI George (centre) hosts area merchants and guests, including Stacey Minichiello and Sally Soo at her Unity Clothing Inc.’s Oct. 11 Lolo Living block party.

JACQUI Brownridge wears an InWear sequined cardigan and grey skirt with Michael Kors boots at the Marilyn’s Anniversary of Style event Oct. 24 at Marilyn’s Boutique in Caulfeild Village. See more photos at



Discounts on all floor models. Plus no HST


740 Marine Drive, North Vancouver 604-904-3939 •

In November we are moving across the street to 500-801 Marine Dr., North Vancouver


730 Marine Drive, North Vancouver 604-924-8100

A26 - North Shore News - Friday, November 2, 2012


J-,-0+ 5+5J</L 5,.5H/KGH /.-6KG

Mo money 51?!E;% ?29?P;#NP; E=? 9%? 7!9#QE9? C?E791 EBB?;;N=1 )N= 9N@E1R; C7;1 4NQEPF .%?1R=? PN9 E >%E;?FFF 9%?1R=? E !#)?;91!?(


| &D*F"AAFJ</L O'A$*M

."$$ 40/!3' )/!&'1 %',* &03+2(&'/1 -+ # ,*$! %&+# ",!+)('

Just in time

for Christmas!

Auction Live October 27-November 3 Here are just a few examples of the great deals to bid on: Canadian Tire - North Van

$100 Auto Dept Gift Certificate

The Living Lab

$500 Home Decor Gift Certificate

Lions Gate Health Centre

$150 Beauty Treatment Gift Certificate

Moe’s Home Collection

Gift Certificates up to $2,500

Gift Certificates up to 50% OFF

NEWS photo Paul McGrath

SHEAR Bliss Hair Studio’s Lynne Kotze (left), owner Corene Lane and Athena Revill will be donating $1 from each haircut to Movember, a Prostate Cancer Canada fundraiser that lasts for the month of November. The studio will also provide haircuts by donation ($20 minimum) on Friday, Nov. 30 and host an after-shave party Dec. 1 at Mist Ultra Lounge. Tickets, $30, and appointment bookings by calling 604-926-0168. The salon is at 155 - 1425 Marine Drive, West Vancouver.

fashion file Crème de la Crème Grand Wedding Showcase is Sunday, Nov. 4, 11 a.m.-6 p.m. at Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver, 791 West Georgia St. with a haute couture fashion show, trendsetting designs, and showcase of

products and services that convey style, artistry and excellence. New to the runway this year are designs by Reem Acra, Marchesa and Jenny Packham. Tickets: $45 per person, online at Thrifty chic: The Thrift Shop at Mount Seymour United Church (1200 Parkgate Ave.,

just off Mount Seymour Parkway) is open Thursdays, 2-8 p.m. — Compiled by Layne Christensen Fashion File is a weekly column. Send your info as early as possible to lchristensen@nsnews. com.

Over $2,000,000 and still counting! The Canadian Cancer Society Cops for Cancer 2012 Tour de Coast team, Support Crew and Steering Committee would like to thank all sponsors, supporters and school communities on behalf of each child who will benefit from their generous contribution. TOUR SPONSOR


Big White Ski Resort Family Vacation Package Value $2,200

Black Rock Oceanfront Resort


2 Nights plus a $100 Resort Credit Value $550

Arts Club Theatre Company

Four tickets to “Its a Wonderful Life” Value $196

Hart House Restaurant $100 Gift Certificate

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Friday, November 2, 2012 - North Shore News - A27



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A28 - North Shore News - Friday, November 2, 2012

CALENDAR From page 23 Dorothy Stratten appeared. Ron Andrews Community Space: 931 Lytton St., North Vancouver. Info: 604980-7182. Pottery, Prints and Paintings: Pottery by Jack Ploesser and a collection of original silkscreens, etchings and paintings from North West B.C., China and Egypt will be on display until Dec. 2. Seymour Art Gallery: 4360 Gallant Ave., North Vancouver. Gallery hours: 10 a.m.-5 p.m. daily. Info: 604-924-1378 or www. Traveling Women: An exhibition by Kwan S. Yu in oils that portrays transit riders will run until Nov. 18. Artist talk: Sunday, Nov. 11, 2 p.m. Shelton Art /Studios Gallery: 3540 Marine Dr., West Vancouver. Studio visits by appointment. Info: 604-922-5356 or www. Silk Purse Arts Centre: 1570 Argyle Ave., West Vancouver. Gallery hours: Tuesday to Sunday, noon-4 p.m. Info: 604-925-7292 or The Life Around Me: Watercolour artist Jong Sook Lee’s work will be on display from Oct. 30 to Nov. 11. Opening reception: Tuesday, See more page 37

Open invitation

photo supplied

THE Borealis String Quartet are performing a free concert at Centennial Theatre, Thursday, Nov. 8 at 7:30 p.m. to celebrate Donald Munro’s 60 years in Canada. Free tickets can be obtained by phoning 604-986-8214 or at Centennial Theatre’s box office from noon to 5 p.m. Monday to Saturday at 604-984-4484 or in person at Silver Harbour Centre. Refreshments to follow. Everybody’s invited.

Friday, November 2, 2012 - North Shore News - A29

Athletics program growing every year

The senior girls volleyball team at Lions Gate Christian Academy is ready to compete.

It has been in similar fashion over the past few years that a small gathering like this has occurred. For athletics at Lions Gate Christian Academy, the motto for growth has been and continues to be, “If you build it they will come.” It has been a slow process that has not been easy. With a small group of eager students divided in age, it has been a challenge to muster a full squad of any sort to play and an even more difficult challenge to produce a group that is competitive. However, this year seems to be different. “I think our students are encouraged by the progress that has been happening over the last few years,” says Michael Speak, the school’s athletic director. “At one point in time we had students in grades 9 and 10 playing up with our seniors because there were not enough students for them to play at their designated level. This year we have seen a boom in athletics, specifically at the high school level of play.” This year marks the first time Lions Gate Christian Academy has been able to field teams in bantam, junior, and senior divisions. The result: a more balanced approach to athlete development. “It is great to see students in our thriving elementary school athletics


LAST September, on a cool night in a glowing white dome on North Vancouver’s Harbourside Waterfront, nine high school students gathered in a close huddle to cheer before kicking off their volleyball season at home.

PRIVATE SCHOOLS program make the transition to the high school ranks under the same gym roof,” says Speak. “Traditionally we have seen a flux of students move on looking for more athletic opportunities. Now we are retaining our numbers as well as attracting new and interested athletes. We are able to continue the development of our athletes over several years, resulting in a

cohesive group of students who want to be competitive.” Athletics at Lions Gate Christian Academy is now a growing culture thanks to the pioneers who have stuck with the program and helped to establish it. Now the school is reaping the benefits of the few who were not afraid to get involved and blaze a new trail, a new culture.



The Brockton Experience Offering a personalized academic experience, guaranteed small class sizes and a vibrant school community. • Exceptional IB Programme • Guaranteed small class size • Enriched academic curriculum

• Vibrant visual arts curriculum • Extensive athletics programme

I dream of being an engineer and designing amazing structures around the world. - Chris, Grade 9

• Engaging co-curricular activities

• Outstanding IB and BC certified faculty

• Onsite after school care

• Outdoor School and Leadership Programme

• New Graduation Programme

• World-class music programme

OPEN HOUSE November 15th, Thursday 10am - 12pm / 6pm - 8pm For Grades K to 12


A non-denominational, co-ed Kindergarten to Grade 11 school Grade 12 to commence in September 2013 | 604-929-9201 | 3467 Duval Road, North Vancouver

A30 - North Shore News - Friday, November 2, 2012


Community part of program Facilities

ATHLETICS is fundamental in the development of our students’ characters and capabilities.

Nick Fitzpatrick and Rajwi Rangiga go for a run.

and enable all students to try something new, team sports are not for everyone. Brockton has a thriving athletics department led by two larger-than-life coaches who bring energy and professionalism to the athletics program. Brockton has a very strong athletics program, drawing on the depth of experience and passion of the athletics department, and the huge support of parents and the wider Brockton community. The athletics department is building a robust foundation that boosts the confidence of students and in turn increases participation. In doing so Brockton is developing not only a tradition of excellence, but is providing a solid foundation for our students’ physical and social development.

Making a decision about where your child’s first formal school experience will take place is not always easy. As a parent, it is important to find a school where the staff get to know your child almost as well as you do.


re you looking for a school community that your child can belong to from Kindergarten through to high school?

One that

• wants to develop excellentcommunicationwithyou aboutyourchild on a dailybasis? • provides individualized curricular, emotional and social experiences that embrace a child’s natural curiosity and love of learning? • provides multiple daily opportunities for movement in avariety of outdoor settings? • supports hands on learning and small class sizes at all grade levels?

Magnussen School - serving students from Kindergarten to Grade 9 School Bus Transportation Available Magnussen School

#204- 6190 Agronomy Rd Vancouver, BC


We give our students an avenue to participate in a wide range of sporting activities and help bring pride to the Brockton community through a competitive athletics program. In physical education class our students don’t just play games, they learn to observe and analyze performance, develop strategies and tactics, and understand the importance of being physically active for life-long fitness and health. In the 21st Century, education is not just about the use and integration of technology, it is also about trying new strategies to engage all children in life-long physical activity. Our students are encouraged to live the IB learner profile and use sports to demonstrate how they can be principled, caring, reflective, open-minded and balanced communicators, risk-takers, inquirers and thinkers. These elements are the foundation upon which our school programs are built and are essential to the success of any team and any individual in a sporting situation. More than 85 per cent of the student body is participating in our co-curricular activities. Our co-curricular programs encourage teamwork and fair play. They offer competitive play for all students and an opportunity to develop leadership skills through coaching and refereeing. As an International Baccalaureate World School, we are keen to engage all of our community members and bring the community into our school. We have made partnerships with two local clubs: North Shore Archers and North Vancouver Fencing. These provide excellent opportunities for our students to participate in two alternative sports. Our budding archers are embarking on a junior Olympic program and the hope is, like our fencers, they will be able to transfer to the community club and compete at a higher level. We believe that it is important to offer variety in our sports programs

It is integral to the wholeness of a Collingwood four-stranded education, embracing academics, athletics, the arts and service. From junior kindergarten to Grade 12, our students are taught by physical education specialist teachers, all of whom have been university team athletes and who continue to be high level athletes in a wide variety of sports. The coaching staff is unsurpassed in its excellence with a high number of ex-national, provincial or intercollegiate athletes. The physical education curriculum builds from fundamental movement patterns, games and physical literacy in the younger years to skill development in a wide variety of sports. Across the curriculum, the focus is on participation, improvement, and skill acquisition. Our fitness centre provides the ideal setting for our strength and conditioning

Student athletes strive for excellence at Collingwood. program, with a class set of spin bikes and rowing machines and a fully equipped weight room. Weoffercustomizedtraining for sports and high performance athletes. For those student athletes involved in high-level training, Collingwood works with students on an individual basis to customize and accommodate their training and sports schedules. Yoga, trail running, tennis, karate and our house intramurals at lunchtime help to instill healthy lifestyle habits. From Grade 4 to Grade 12, we offer 17 different sports with a total of 55 teams. There really is a sport and team for everyone. Collingwood has a strong history in athletics, having won 20 provincial titles in team sports. We have won multiple individual gold medals in provincial swimming and wrestling. Our rowers have won five national titles. Our Grade


offer ideal settings

ATHLETICS at Brockton School is integral to the culture of the school.

6/7 soccer and basketball teams have combined to win five Canadian Accredited Independent Schools National U13 titles. Our senior sports teams travel the world, offering our athletes unique experiences that push them to greater heights on the playing field/court and enrich them as individuals. With the completion of renovations at our Wentworth campus,ourjuniorkindergarten to Grade 7 students now have access to an artificial turf field and two gymnasiums. The new gyms and artificial turf field at our Morven Campus (grades 8-12) will give Collingwood the best facilities on the North Shore. Including the new full gymnasium at Wentworth, Collingwood students and coaches will have access to four full-size courts for games and practices. Go Cavs go!

Friday, November 2, 2012 - North Shore News - A31


Intramurals prove popular

OVER the last five years, all the teachers at St. Edmund’s elementary have put in a substantial effort to create fitness and athletic opportunities for our students.

Inspiring Excellence in Education and Life

Students at St. Edmund’s play in the new playground area.


On the surface, it would appear that athletics would only have an indirect connection to the philosophy of a faith-based school. However, while we are “committed to excellence in Catholicity,” this also includes all areas that promote the development of the whole child to his or her full potential. Our students’ first experience with athletics begins in gym class and we supplement our physical education classes with sports teams and an intramural program. Students are permitted to sign up for intramurals when they are in Grade 4, and all but a handful of students from grades 4 through 7 participate. Students sign up for teams, and a team is made up of Grade 4 through 7 students. The teams are named around a theme, such as candy (Nerds, Gobstoppers, etc.) or dogs (St. Bernard’s, Chiwawas, etc.). The games are fun, but intense. There are all skill levels on the floor, and everyone is putting out a full effort. After some round-robin play, the top four teams make it into the playoff tournament, which adds to the excitement. Intramurals are broken up into three seasons: indoor soccer, handball, and floor hockey. The other important aspect of our athletic program is our sports teams. In the fall, we run soccer for boys and volleyball for girls. As always, our emphasis is on participation and skill development. Every student that wants to play is on the team, no one is cut. In the winter sports season, we run basketball teams for each of the grades, for both boys and girls. Like in soccer and volleyball, the emphasis is on participation and skill development. We do generally have one team per sport make the playoffs. It is the spring sports


season where students have the most choice, with three teams running simultaneously. Girls have their soccer season and the boys can join floor hockey. The school hosts its own floor hockey tournament that the other students always come down to watch. However, our largest team is the track team, typically with around 40 members from grades 3 to 7. The peak of the track season is the Catholic school’s meet at Swanguard stadium in late May/early June (this meet is one of the largest elementary track meets in North America). Having a vibrant athletic program makes students that much more enthusiastic about coming to school, creating a wonderful positive energy and school spirit. In addition, once students from a class have a chance to work with each other as teammates, it really does strengthen their social relationships. Athletics are part of the fabric of our school, and provide us with so many teachable moments for our students.

St Alcuin College

Bringing a Liberal Arts Educa!on to the North Shore

Experience the Mulgrave difference:

· World class IB Pre-K to 12 programmes · Skilled, caring and committed teachers · Small class sizes · Outstanding university preparation · Rounded education with a focus on

Kindergarten Open House Tuesday, November 6th 10 am - 11 am


Wednesday, November 7th 7 pm - 8 pm


personal growth and leadership Innovative school focused on 21st century skill development Key features include Mandarin and IT

Open House: Tuesday, November 6, 2012 7:00pm to 8:30pm

Kindergarten to Grade 12 Early learning provides the basis for success in the later years. Our focus is on a highly personalized, emergent, liberal arts curriculum that combines inquiry-based learning with an emphasis on founda!onal skills. At St Alcuin, we provide an educa!onal environment that nurtures crea!ve, physical, social and cogni!ve growth. Spaces are limited for 2013/2014 enrolment. 604-360-8656 1044 St. Georges Ave., North Vancouver

Join us for a tour. Phone: 604-913-6018 Email:

A32 - North Shore News - Friday, November 2, 2012



Why Parents Should Attend the Vancouver Private School Expo ^ <=- YB7 B\ 9&- &7\9 +B= 9&- H-;9 A=$5J9- ;E&BBc +B= YB7= E&$cC@ ^ .$;& 9&-=- 3J; J AcJE- YB7 EB7cC (B 9B \B9 B\cY (-9 J A=$`- c$;9 B+ BA9$B\; H79 Jc;B ;A-J! 9B ;E&BBc BWE$Jc; J\C -1A-=9; +JE-M9BM+JE-@ ^ Q-=&JA; YB7_=- $\9-=-;9-C $\ c-J=\$\( `B=- JHB79 A=$5J9- ;E&BBc; J\C 3&J9 9YA- B+ ;E&BBc `$(&9 H- =$(&9 +B= YB7= E&$cC@ V+ YB7 J\;3-=-C Y-; 9B J\Y B+ 9&- ?7-;9$B\; JHB5-N "B$\ R7= U$C; T-C$J J9 9&- Vancouver Private School Expo 9&$; Y-J= +B= J B\-MB+MJM!$\C -1A-=$-\E-* .&-9&-= YB7_=- cBB!$\( +B= J ;E&BBc \B3 B= -1AcB=$\( BA9$B\; +B= 9&- +797=-N 9&- 41AB $; J (=-J9 AcJE- 9B ;9J=9 YB7= =-;-J=E&L ]- cJ=(-;9 -5-\9 B+ $9; !$\CN 9&- 41AB &J; H--\ $\ /J\EB75-= +B= \-J=cY 9-\ Y-J=; J\C A=B5$C-; AJ=-\9; 3$9& 9&- BAAB=97\$9Y 9B ;A-J! 3$9& ;E&BBc; J\C E7==-\9 ;97C-\9; J\C ;E&BBc =-A=-;-\9J9$5-; +=B` /J\EB75-=N -c;-3&-=- $\ :8N 8J\JCJ J\C $\9-=\J9$B\JccYL

November 11


R5-= DI ;E&BBc; 3$cc H- =-A=-;-\9-CN $\Ec7C$\(d 4c-`-\9J=YN `$CCc- J\C ;-EB\CJ=Y ;E&BBc;a :BY; J\C ($=c; ;E&BBc;a /J\EB75-=N :8N 8J\JCJ J\C V\9-=\J9$B\Jc ;E&BBc;a J\CN 0A-E$Jc9Y ;E&BBc; SB `J99-= 3&J9 9YA- B+ ;E&BBc YB7_=- $\9-=-;9-C $\ B= 3&-=- YB7_=9=J5-c$\( +=B` 9B J99-\CN 9&-=- J=- private school education experts J\C ;E&BBc; YB7 EJ\ ;A-J! 3$9& B\-MB\MB\-a Jcc $\ B\- CJYa Jcc $\ B\- cBEJ9$B\L


]- /J\EB75-= Q=$5J9- 0E&BBc 41AB $\9-\C; 9B A=B5$C- YB7 3$9& J; `J\Y =-;B7=E-; J; AB;;$Hc- 9&=B7(& information seminars J\C A-=;B\Jc `--9$\(; 3$9& ;97C-\9; J\C =-A=-;-\9J9$5-; $\ B=C-= 9B `J!9&- H-;9 C-E$;$B\ +B= YB7= E&$cC_; +797=-L

TIME: 10:30 AM TO 12:00 PM

2B= `J\Y 5$;$9$\( 9&- 41AB; +B= 9&- b=;9 9$`-N ;A-J!$\( +JE-M9BM+JE3$9& ;E&BBc =-A=-;-\9J9$5-; J\C E7==-\9 ;97C-\9; &J; H--\ ;B AB3-=+7c 9&J9 J99-\C--; c-+9 $\+B=`J9$B\ ;-`$\J=; -J(-= 9B J99-\C 9&- BA-\ &B7;-;N J\C 3$9& =-;B7=E-; J\C ?7-;9$B\; 9B -1AcB=- +7=9&-=L





EXHIBIT HALL: 12:00 TO 4:00 PM

get 50% off admission tickets

register now PRESENTED BY


G[]- 41ABO &J; =-JccY BA-\-C `Y -Y-; JHB79 9&- 5J=$-9Y B+ ;E&BBc; J5J$cJHc- +B= B7= E&$cCL V &JC J =-JccY &J=C 9$`- b\C$\( $\+B=`J9$B\ B\ `Y B3\L :-$\( JHc- 9B J;! ;E&BBc; ;A-E$bE ?7-;9$B\; J\C 9Jc!$\( 9B ;97C-\9; 3J; $cc7`$\J9$\(LX PElina Mer (mother of two-year-old daughter Lillian), 2011 attendee QJ;9 41AB; &J5- +-J97=-C c$5- HcB( E&J9;N -1A-=9 panel question and answer sessionsN J\C $\5$9-C AJ=-\9; J\C ;97C-\9; 9B "B$\ $\ 9&EB\5-=;J9$B\ B\ Jcc 9&$\(; ;E&BBc HB9& B\c$\- J\C $\ A-=;B\L ]$; Y-J= 3- $\5$9- YB7 9B "B$\ 7; J(J$\ $\ /J\EB75-= +B= $\MC-A9& EB\5-=;J9$B\; J\C $\E=-C$Hc- c-J=\$\( -1A-=$-\E-;L ]- Vancouver Private School Expo 3$cc H- &-cC B\ Sunday, November 11th, 2012 J9 9&- Westin Bayshore B\ F'IF :JY;&B=- 6=$5-N /'Z D/,L V\+B=`J9$B\ ;-`$\J=; H-($\ J9 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM J\C 9&- -1&$H$9 &Jcc 3$cc H- BA-\ +=B` 12:00 PM to 4:00 PML

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J9 &99AdKK333L;E&BBc-1ABLEJL 2B= `B=- $\+B=`J9$B\ -`J$c EB``7\$EJ9$B\;>B7=!$C;L\-9 B= EJcc FM#%%MD%DMF#,)L

Friday, November 2, 2012 - North Shore News - A33



Enrichment options include dance

THE physical education program at North Star Montessori is “totally awesome” according to the students.

Like all things Montessori, the program varies depending on the stage of development the children are in and builds on previously learned physical, organizational and leadership skills. The kindergarten program focuses on the development of gross motor skills and how to play and interact with peers. Children are introduced to a variety of games and activities that promote gross motor skill development, sportsmanship, communication, and listening skills. Some of the enriched programming for kindergarten students includes ice skating, marital arts and Bollywood dancing. The lower elementary

program(grades1-3)exposesthe students to a variety of activities both within the school facility and in the community at large. In addition to building onto the skills acquired in kindergarten, lower elementary students also participate in rock climbing, hiking, and mountain biking to name a few. At this level, an interdisciplinary approach is taken. For example, when hiking, children also observe nature, making connections to their botany and geography lessons while building fitness. The upper elementary program (grades 4-6) is where the physical education program is really unique. Having had a previous experience across many activities in lower elementary, the students now have an idea of what activities they enjoy and would like to repeat gaining a more refined skill set. They are also given the opportunity

Preparing young people to thrive in meaningful lives

ne f its ma ny op po rt un iti es an d be he t of t lis t or sh a ’s re He en joy ev er y ye ar : t hat C ol lingw oo d st ud ents faculty

to research and suggest new activities they would like to try. The class votes on activities that will be part of the program the following year. The upper elementary students are empowered to build their program, identifying the benefits of different activities, as well as deciding on what time of year the activities will take place. Do they want to go hiking in November when it is likely to rain every day? Or do they want to go hiking in May when the chance for nicer weather is possible? The icing on the cake for this program, as well as our fieldtrip programs, is when the students set up the program for the group, independent of an adult. Planning the route and organizing transportation (hired bus or public transit) can also be part of their responsibilities reinforcing practical life skills.


Our physical education programs are designed to develop the body and gross motor skills of our students, and are presented with games and activities that children truly enjoy. Our programs are designed to instil a lifelong love of fitness, team sports and outdoor activities. This is also done through the introduction of a variety of sports each month, including soccer,

volleyball, and basketball amongst others. Another much-loved element of our program is yoga, which teaches our students breathing techniques and yoga poses that enhance concentration, increase flexibility and balance, boost confidence and relax their minds. Our yoga program has shown to effectively increase self-control, self-confidence, self-respect, positive communication and listening skills. Children learn to appreciate themselves and their peers, and show increased empathy and compassion for others.

Small class sizes and


ention individualized att

interim reports, otated report cards, sonalized and ann Per ! er Interviews and Parent-Teach Grades 8-12 course options for program and Pre-AP vanced Placement Ad ! university tours ts in Grades 8-12; tment for all studen par De nce ida Gu es ! University championship titl with 20 provincial lastic sports teams cho ers int 55 n ! More tha ssical and jazz, gram including cla trumental music pro ! Choral and ins certs and festival participation with evening con ts Grade 8 -12 studen ma productions for ale dance and dra l-sc Ful ! labs, the-art language puter labs, state-ofSMART Boards, com lum ricu ! gy across the cur integrated technolo

! ! !

Yoga enhances overall learning program

AT CEFA (Core Education and Fine Arts), we understand the importance of physical education.

nal and dedicated

Positive, professio


nal service trips Local and internatio m nal Exchange Progra Reciprocal Internatio , Grad Ball program, Grad BBQ our Kindie-Buddy ing lud inc nts eve Grad encement emonies and Comm formal Closing Cer

r chi ld Al l this and more awaits you at C oll ingwo od Schoo l. educat ion Disc over why a C oll ingwo od ld! chi r you is the best choice for

Call or email our Admissions Office to schedule a tour: 604-925-3331 or Grades 8 - 12: 70 Morven Drive, West Vancouver / JK - Grade 7: 2605 Wentworth Avenue, West Vancouver


"*/# !&/ 1&(,*$ "*/(& ')$/+$(! "*/# %(-'.# ./!&+ 0

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


A34 - North Shore News - Friday, November 2, 2012


Fitness plans individualized THE past two months have been a series of firsts for St. Alcuin College: First day of school, first assembly, first Adventure Week, first university visit, and the list goes on.

AFTER beginning her high school career in Chile, Flo Belanger-Jones joined the Mulgrave School community in Grade 9 and experienced a bit of culture shock.

Students navigate through a relay.


“It’s very exciting to see our students making community connections in their learning,” states Head of School and co-founder, Stella Ablett. St. Alcuin’s philosophy is based on personalized learning, community partnerships and an emergent curriculum, one that is personal in its design and application, and is tailored to the student’s unique strengths and abilities. The physical education program has also been developed utilizing a very personalized approach. “We are focusing on personal physical fitness,” explains Mark Renneson, physical education teacher at St. Alcuin. Renneson has brought a progressive, studentcentred approach to his classes, drawing from his extensive experience as a high performance tennis coach and coaching educator. All students from Grade6anduparedevisingtheirownindividualized fitness plans for the school year. Included in their school tuition is a one-year membership at the Harry Jerome Community Recreation Centre where they have the opportunity to participate in specialty classes and work with a fitness instructor. “When someone pursues a sport or physical activity that he or she truly enjoys, there is a deeper level of engagement,” says Renneson. It gives them a sense of ownership for their personal health and fitness. At St. Alcuin, the most recent independent school to open on the North Shore, students are learning the importance of adopting a healthy and active lifestyle. “We’reveryfortunatetoliveontheNorthShore and to be able to enjoy all it has to offer in terms of active living. We have a unique vantage point and will certainly be incorporating many outdoor activities into our PE program,” states Renneson.

Sport is a vehicle for core values

In addition, this level of personalization makes it easier to support students who are participating in a sport outside of school, as is the case with Grade 10 student Shant Basmadjian. Shant is a nationally ranked fencer who was U15 national champion last year and qualified to compete at the North American fencing cup in mid-October. “The level of commitment and amount of time required to compete nationally is substantial,” says Ablett. “Shant is able to arrange his program of studies at St. Alcuin to accommodate his training as well as his areas of interest.” St. Alcuin is establishing strong community relationships to ensure their students exceed the B.C. daily physical activity recommendation and to fully develop a passion for active living that can last a lifetime.

“Everyone here was involved in all aspects of student life: arts, service and athletics, as well as academics. There was an expectation that I would get involved in these different strands, and when I did, I went all in.” Three years later, she is actively involved in student service initiatives, is a member of multiple competitive and developmental sports teams, and is this year’s Head Girl. BelangerJones exemplifies the Mulgrave motto: Inspiring Excellence in Education and Life. With the passion she throws into every pursuit, it is no surprise BelangerJones has found success both on and off the basketball court. While basketball is her favourite sport, she admits it hasn’t come easy. “There are two parts to basketball: skill and heart. I started playing with a lot of heart, the skills had to be developed after.” Mulgrave athletics director

Student Flo BelangerJones meets with Mulgrave athletic director Claude LeDuc. Claude Leduc notes this didn’t hold her back. “Every student athlete at Mulgrave is accepted and appreciated for who they are and what they bring to the sporting arena.” The coaching philosophy at Mulgrave, a prekindergartenGrade 12 co-ed International Baccalaureate World School, is to use sport as a vehicle to teach and develop the core covenants of commitment, communication, confidence and heart. Students are instilled with the type of lifelong passion for sport and active living that keeps them coming back long after graduation. Belanger-Jones lists Mulgrave alumni Kaitlin Cyr (Class of 2009) as a role model and mentor for the work she has done as assistant coach of the senior girls’ basketball team. A taekwondo nationals contender, as well as an avid basketball and soccer player, current Grade 11 student


Yahya Sahiholnasab has also learned a lot about mentorship through sport after having the opportunity to coach the Grade 7 boys’ basketball team. “I really enjoyed my first coaching experience. Sports are more than just fun. They teach you how to relate to people and how to achieve your goals. I will play sports for the rest of my life.” Many student athletes graduate from Mulgrave with a similar promise. Graduates have gone on to join varsity teams. Kevin Catliff, 2012 graduate, is playing for the Western Mustangs, considered to be one of the best university teams in Canada. Belanger-Jones has chosen to use her passion for sport to drive her in a different direction: sports medicine. In the meantime, she plans to enjoy the pursuit of excellence in academics and athletics knowing one day the two will merge into a successful career.



Friday, November 2, 2012 - North Shore News - A35


PARENTS and educators are always on the lookout for that special programme or approach that will enhance learning in children.

The vocabulary of schooling has expanded to embrace a wide varietyof“best”approaches,such as International Baccalaureate (IB), Advanced Placement (AP), Montessori, and more. We are encouraged to send our children for tutoring. We are told that this packaged programme, or that series of textbooks, or those technological resources are the be all and end all. No wonder we are confused. However, there is one, low-cost, readily available strategy that has been proven to consistently improve student performance and help children maintain focus during the school day. It is called “exercise.” Researchers in Canada and the United States have found strong evidence of a significant positive relationship between physical activity and academic performance. A recent study indicated that this could be because exercise helps cognition by increasing blood and oxygen flow to the brain. Physical activity

could also reduce stress and improve mood, making children more likely to focus and engage in the classroom. Canadian schools are just beginning to track the effects of physical activity on learning. In one school, math scores jumped by 23 per cent compared to falling two per cent for those who did no gym activity. Writing scores were up 60 per cent and reading 23 per cent, compared to falling 13 per cent and increasing only nine per cent for those who were not active. At Kenneth Gordon Maplewood School, we take this research to heart, building regular physical education and outdoor activity into our daily routines. Our gym and playing fields are in constant use during the school day and our staff take an active interest in keeping their students moving and shaking to support their academic pursuits. The level of energy is infectious, and the results for learning are very positive. School and learning are fun. After all, too many of us spend our adult lives chained to a desk in a dreary office building, let’s not impose it on our children. Regular physical activity is the key to both a healthy lifestyle and academic success. Let’s go for it!


Exercise integral to education plan Ultimate Frisbee is a popular choice at Island Pacific School.

Students getting into the spirit of the game ISLAND Pacific School is an independent grade 69 middle school that is located on Bowen Island.

The school’s signature sport is ultimate Frisbee, a cross between soccer and basketball that is played on a field with a regulation 175-gram disc. In an ultimate game there are no referees, players call their own fouls, and a distinguishing feature is something called “spirit of the game,” an understood ethic that does not countenance cheap shots and bogus fouls, but instead encourages participants to play with a sense of class. IPS students practise ultimate after school and participate in a North Shore league. They also regularly attend the largest middle school tournament in North America. IPS has chosen ultimate as a defining part of its overall program because the central tenets of the game (fair play, personal responsibility, and a shared celebration of excellence) so closely reflect and embody the school’s own core values. The school’s distinctive approach to organized sport seems to be resonating with many, as more than 30 per cent of their student population now comes from the North Shore. For more information, consult the IPS website at islandpacific. org.


Providing an education as unique as your child. Fostering independence, responsibility and a life-long love of learning. Preschool to Grade 7 Call us today: 604 980


Click! -)1/)45

Photo galleries online.


Eaton Arrowsmith Vancouver

Eaton Arrowsmith School is the only school in Vancouver that focuses on the potential of children with learning disabilities to benefit from the brain’s ability to change itself in order to improve cognitive functioning for life. Strengthening learning capacities instead of accommodating for learning weaknesses. School bus service available for students

CONTACT US AT or 604.264.8327 for more information.

-),2 /%, 21%))0 /%,$ "//,*- 4,"00$ +"//,45 &, /%#*3 2)'''1)+, -#21)(,4 &%$.

631: H6EI1THURSDAY :6C1=;1! *8GH5 (,** OPEN HOUSE NOVEMBER 15TH *, >= 2 ( 3=.< 3= 2 4 3=

1?+@D-"9BDF 1'@&FF&B@& ! A"B?&0$D0-&B -9 J0D?& *( 6B2/"-& ;&%90& ) >%-&0 I@#99F 7D0&

925 Harbourside Drive, North Vancouver (by N.S. Auto Mall) ✦ 604-984-8226

A36 - North Shore News - Friday, November 2, 2012

Only the best! - .5><!577& 5A#0 5 4=2=4<4 )* 05&@ "%! 456=4<4 >#20#!2#@@ - ,<> "!%4 >?# >%$ *)( %" ,5250=52 /// 3##" - 9<5!52>##0 >% 3# >#20#!+ ;<=1& ' "75:%<!"<7 %! &%<! 4%2#& 3518

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Friday, November 2, 2012 - North Shore News - A37

CALENDAR From page 28 Oct. 30, 6-8 p.m. Space Emmarts Studio: 195 Pemberton Ave., North Vancouver. Info: 604-375-0694 or Show and Sale: The first Saturday of each month noon-5 p.m. Starfire Studio: 6607 Royal Ave., West Vancouver. Info: 604-922-5510 or Studio Art Gallery at Capilano University: 2055 Purcell Way, North Vancouver. Gallery Hours: Monday-Friday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Info: 604-986-1911, local 2053. Studio 195 Gallery: 195 Pemberton Ave., North Vancouver. Hours: Wednesday-Friday, 2-5 p.m., Sunday, 11 a.m.-2 p.m. and by appointment. Info: 604-209-1197 or First Saturdays: Community artists will open their studios the first Saturday of every month, noon-5 p.m. Tartooful: 3183 Edgemont Blvd., North Vancouver. Gallery hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Info: 604-9240122 or Delivery: A new series of works by Kathryn Lissack will be on display until Nov. 14. Teck Gallery: SFU Vancouver Campus, 515 West Hastings. Open during campus hours. West Vancouver Memorial Library: 1950 Marine Dr., West Vancouver. Info: 604-925-7407 or www.westvanlibrary. ca. Changing Time — West Vancouver Then and Now: An exhibition of photographs from the library’s digital collection will juxtapose historical images with modern renditions Nov. 4 to Jan. 4 West Vancouver Municipal Hall: 750 17th St., West Vancouver. Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Info: 604-925-7290. West Vancouver Museum: 680 17th St., West Vancouver. Museum hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Info: 604925-7295 or Photographing Mid-Century West Coast Modernism: The launch of a book dedicated to photographs by Selwyn Pullan will run until Dec. 15. Admission by donation. CONCERTS Capilano University Performing Arts Theatre: 2055 Purcell Way, North Vancouver. Tickets: 604-990-7810 or Cap Global Roots — International Guitar Night: Brian Gore will be joined by Martin Taylor, Solorazaf and Guinga Saturday, Nov. 3 at 8 p.m. Tickets: $35/$32. Café for Contemporary Art: 138-140 East Esplanade, North Vancouver. Hours: Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-7 p.m. and See more page 38

photo supplied

THIS five-foot-diameter reclaimed cedar and aluminum wall carving was recently created by Geoff Ross for a North Vancouver home. Ross will have smaller pieces available at the Circle Craft Christmas Market.

Circle Craft showcases artisans

NORTH Vancouver artist Geoff Ross has some of his art work for sale in this year’s Circle Craft Christmas Market which takes place Nov. 7 to 11 at the Vancouver Convention Centre West. More than 300 artisans from across the country will show their work (including pottery, wood, glass, metal, fibre, fashion and jewellery) in the 39th edition of the popular seasonal fair. All Ross’ pieces are hand-carved primarily using reclaimed cedar and copper. “My work doesn’t necessarily represent animals or

spirits found in traditional native art, but my art is neither traditional nor native,” he says. “When I was two, my parents adopted my younger brother whom is of Interior Salish descent. As my parents wanted my brother to be connected to his heritage, the entire family was exposed to Native art and culture. As an artist inspired by First Nation’s art and contemporary design, my goal is to present abstract images asking the viewer what they symbolize. Hopefully, every individual will see something different.” Ross, self-taught and starting his sixth year of designing and carving, works from his lower Lonsdale studio. Pieces at the Circle Craft Christmas Market will be priced from $50 - $1,200. For more information visit

Bid,Buy, Save with Featuring hundreds of Gift Certificates

On Now at The Brick! For more details go instore or online




Bid Online Oct. 27 – Nov. 3 Check it out today!

A38 - North Shore News - Friday, November 2, 2012

CALENDAR From page 37 Saturday and Sunday, 8 a.m.-7 p.m. Info: 778-340-3379 or Centennial Theatre: 2300 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver. Info: Box office: 604-984-4484. Music of Remembrance: Lions Gate Sinfonia will perform with guest ensemble Pandora’s Vox Saturday, Nov. 3 at 7:30 p.m. There will be a pre-show chat at 6:30 p.m. Electric Evenings: Songwriter Danny Michel will perform Sunday, Nov. 4 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets: $30/$27. With Glowing Hearts — Marching Down Broadway: The B.C. Military Music Society will present an evening of music and song from Broadway’s glory days Wednesday, Nov. 7 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets: $15. The Borealis String Quartet will perform a free concert to celebrate Donald Munro’s 60 years in Canada Thursday, Nov. 8 at 7:30 p.m. Deep Cove Coffee House: Mount Seymour United Church, 1200 Parkgate Ave., North Vancouver. Info: lindabates@ or 604-929-4019. Deep Cove Shaw Theatre: 4360 Gallant Ave., North Vancouver. Tickets: or 604-929-9456.

Highlands United Church: 3255 Edgemont Blvd., North Vancouver. Ambleside Orchestra: Nicolas Krusek conducts. Pieces by Bizet, Rossini, Saint-Saens, and more. Friday, Nov. 16, 7:30 p.m. Admission by donation, $15 suggested. Tickets: 604987-5843. Scottish Music and Dance: The Vancouver Fiddle Orchestra and the R.S.C.D.S. Vancouver Dance Demonstration Team will perform Saturday, Nov. 10 at 7:30 p.m. Admission: $15. Tickets: 604-980-6071 or at the door. Kay Meek Centre: 1700 Mathers Ave., West Vancouver. Tickets: or 604-981-6335. Chamber Music Concert: Pro Nova String Ensemble will perform Sunday, Nov. 4 at 7:30 p.m. Admission by donation. Info: 604-921-9444 or Lynn Valley United Church: 3201 Mountain Hwy., North Vancouver. Info: Mount Seymour United Church: 1200 Parkgate Ave., North Vancouver. Mulgrave Academy Theatre: 2330 Cypress Bowl Lane, West Vancouver. Bonjour de St. Tropez: The Sea to Sky Wind Ensemble, the See more page 49

NEWS photo Cindy Goodman

Pottery, prints and paintings

ROBERTS Creek potter Jack Ploesser is showing his ceramic art at Ron Andrews foyer gallery during the Pottery, Prints and Paintings exhibit running until Dec. 2. The show also is displaying a collection of original silkscreens, etchings and paintings from northwest B.C., China and Egypt.


NOV. NOV. 23 - 27 21-25


HERE’S HOW TO ENTER: HERE’S HOW TO ENTER: Nopurchase purchasenecessary necessary enter win. Must years older enter No to to enter or or win. Must bebe 1818 years or or older to to enter on on behalf a child. Disney is neither a sponsor nor endorser this contest. behalf of a of child. Disney is neither a sponsor nor endorser of this of contest. Deadlineto to enter enter is is Friday, Fri. NOV. 18. Drop off your coloring sheetsheet entryentry to: to: Deadline Nov. 16. Drop off your colouring Surrey Now,News, #201,#100 7889 -132nd Street, V3W 4N2. North Shore 126 East 15thSurrey, Street, BC North Vancouver, BC V7L2P9.

COLORING CONTEST PARENT’S NAME ___________________________________________________ CHILD’S NAME ________________________________________AGE ________ ADDRESS _________________________________________________________ CITY_____________________________________STATE______ZIP___________ DAY PHONE _______________________________________________________ PARENT’S E-MAIL___________________________________________________ ! No, I do not want to receive advance notice or special offers for shows coming to my area.


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Friday, November 2, 2012 - North Shore News - A39


Introducing North Vancouver, an exciting new way to shop that combines in-person and online shopping.

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A40 - North Shore News - Friday, November 2, 2012


photos Hamilton Mehta Productions

(LEFT photo) Saleem (Satya Bhabha) and Parvati (Shriya Saran) in a scene from Midnight’s Children. (Right photo) Author Salman Rushdie with director Deepa Mehta. The film opens today at Cineplex Odeon Park & Tilford Cinemas in North Vancouver.

Rushdie’s story tackles universal themes From page 13

way. I think she’s fascinating,” Majumdar says. In one of Emerald’s defining moments she chooses her prospective husband over the safety of a political dissident. “It looks like she sells out her family and she does, but at the same time I don’t think she thinks of it that way, she thinks of it as her family sold her out,” Majumdar says. “No one thought to ask Emerald.” That pridefulness is evident in Majumdar’s physicality. “For me as an actor there was a lot of really thinking as though there’s a string attached to my sternum because there’s this sort of puffed chest, puffed sense of ego, and at the same time, propriety,” she says. Majumdar was first introduced to Rushdie’s work as a student at UBC. She was studying theatre, English, and South Asian languages when a professor told her about the way Rushdie plays with both Hindi and English phrases. “I went to the bookstore and got Midnight’s Children and started reading it because of that reason, but then became really engrossed in the actual book,” she says. “For me, and my connection to my culture, and my connection to . . . ancestry, it was all really, really important.” The Partition of India, installed during the time of British rule, formed a religious divide between India and Pakistan. “As a young person living outside of India I’ve always been deeply fascinated by Partition and the effects that we live with today in sort of a neo-colonist regime,” Majumdar says. The film centres on Emerald’s nephew, Saleem. Born at midnight and using the power of his nose, Saleem is able to summon all the other Indian children born during the first hour of India’s independence into a shared dream. Emerald is close to that magic, but never truly inside of it. “Emerald is someone who actually attains everything, so she doesn’t actually need magic.” Majumdar says. “I think she’s a dreamer as well, it’s just that her dreams are very rooted in reality.” Majumdar’s own dreams and reality collided when she got a phone call from Mehta. “Deepa called me directly and said, ‘I think you would make a great Emerald. Come to my office,’” she says, recalling Mehta’s words. “Within six hours of me being taped, it was official. I had got the part.” Asked how often an actor wins a role that way, Majumdar replies: “It never happens that way, ever. . . . Deepa’s kind of spoiled me. Now I go to auditions and I just expect, ‘Well, obviously you want me, so why haven’t I heard from you within four hours?’” The actors rehearsed extensively, according to Majumdar, who says Mehta would host intricate discussions on the nuances of each crucial scene. But on the day of filming, everything could change. “There’s a kind of magic in that that allows you to take new risks,” Majumdar says.

EMERALD (played by Vancouver’s Anita Majumdar) and General Zulfikar (Rahul Bose).

WEE Willie Winkie (Samrat Chakrabarti) and Young Shiva (Purav Bhandare) in Midnight’s Children. While primarily set in India, the film was shot in Sri Lanka. “Sri Lanka has a lot of old colonial architecture, and India just doesn’t have that architecture anymore,” Majumdar explains. “It’s also sadly been in a civil war, which has stopped now, for 30 years,” Mehta explains. “The result of which was that there was no rampant industrialization or development of real estate the way it has been in India. So when we tried to look for locations in India we just could not find anything that would fit the era we were looking for because everywhere you looked there were highrises, flyovers and monorails. It was impossible. But because of Sri Lanka being in the situation it was in, sort of a time warp, and it’s rapidly changing now, but we could find locations that were really perfect for us.” The shoot was halted for three days after a protest was lodged from either the Iranian embassy or the foreign ministry in Iran, according to Mehta. Filming resumed when Sri Lanka’s president returned to the country. “He said, ‘This is rubbish, I’m not going to be bullied by anybody, so carry on,’” Mehta recalls. Filming in slums and forests and colonial mansions gives

the film an authenticity lacking in many epics. For inspiration, Mehtra drew on Visconti’s The Leopard, an Italian film that deals with the last days of an aristocrat and his aristocracy, as well as Mizoguchi’s Ugetsu, a Japanese picture dealing with warfare and survival. Midnight’s Children is narrated by Rushdie. Like the decision to make the film to begin with, the decision to have Rushdie narrate was an instinctive one. “When we finished doing the film . . . I really felt there was something missing and that was: I missed the words. One of the main things I’d fallen in love with in the novel was the words,” Mehta says. “I wanted to capture the magic of his words.” Despite achieving fame as a writer, Rushdie was initially resistant. “He said, ‘Absolutely not,’” Mehta recalls. “Then I convinced him and he said, ‘OK, but only if I reserve the right to fire myself.’” Rushdie finally decided to let himself keep the job. “He’s got such a beautiful voice and it works so well, makes it so personal. He likes it too, now,” Mehta says. As the author of plays like The Misfit and Fish Eyes, Majumdar believes being part of Midnight’s Children has changed her. “Saying more with less is one of the big lessons,” she says. “As a young playwright in this country, I’m awestruck to think that one man can have so many stories and tell those stories with such impactful phrases and such economical sentences. It’s pretty inspiring.” For Mehta, she hopes her film crosses lines and attracts moviegoers from all walks of life. “I think it’s pretty much a universal song. I feel it’s very timely because it’s the search for home, search for an identity, search for family, those are all subjects that are all so universal today,” she says.

Friday, November 2, 2012 - North Shore News - A41


"KF 3QE6 G36 KJJKIGF.2- GK KD. Q .6D L!O67IKK/ H2.406 5Q/20C 3K/6 D2G3 Q 5F00 OQH6/6.G Q.7 ,+ HGIQGQ 566H HGQIG2.4 5IK/ K.0C 'LA?#?@N* "KFI KD. 3K/6 Q.7 0KG* >6 K.6 K5 KFI BIHG A OFC6IH Q.7 I6M62E6 Q HJ6M2Q0 6QI0C O2I7 2.M6.G2E6 JQM1Q46P%

A limited collection of heritage inspired single family homes.




104 AVE 102B



200 ST


240 ST

8QJ06 (2746


A42 - North Shore News - Friday, November 2, 2012

Sea. City. Sunset. Your views.

This could be the view you wake up to each morning, and the last thing you’ll see every night. Enjoy morning coffee and sunset dinners on your generous, west-facing deck: 265 sq ft of outdoor living space. Intelligently designed with functional floorplans and quality concrete construction, right in the heart of Central Lonsdale, from the mid $500’s. It’s the best value per square foot—visit our Pre-View Centre to see why, and to select your dream view.

Home 04


















604 969 3333 THEPRESCOTT.CA





1 1TH ST W




Pre-View Centre Open Daily 12–5 · 101 – 1133 Lonsdale Ave North Vancouver











This is not an offering for sale. Any such offering can only be made with a Disclosure Statement. E.&O.E. The developer reserves the right to make changes and modifications to the information contained herein. Renderings, plans, photos and sketches are representational only and may not be accurate. The Prescott, a Wesgroup Properties project, developed by 1250 Lonsdale Developments LP.

Friday, November 2, 2012 - North Shore News - A43


Denzel at his best in first-rate Flight

■ Flight. Directed by Robert Zemekis. Starring Denzel Washington. Rating: 8 (out of 10)

Julie Crawford Contributing Writer

I know what you’re thinking: this time around it’s a plane; last year it was a train, and wasn’t it a subway car the year before that? What is it with Denzel Washington and transportation as co-stars?

photo supplied

DENZEL Washington plays airline pilot Whip Whitaker in Robert Zemekis’ Flight. The film opens today at Empire Esplanade 6.

But take heart: what begins as a big-budget disaster beast reveals the heart of an indie character study, with Washington delivering a career best. The film begins like any other day: Whip Whitaker (Washington) wakes up drunk, with a cute companion in his bed. A little weed, a little coke, and it’s all good. But Whip’s not any other man: in the next scene we see him in his pilot’s uniform, preparing to fly an Atlantabound plane with 102 souls on board. See In-your-face page 46

We start by listening – and build from there.

Let’s start by talking – and build from there. If you’re thinking of building a custom home – we should talk. To arrange a private, no obligation Custom Home Consultation with a member of our Custom Homes Team, please call 604.420.5220 today. For more information please visit us online at

A44 - North Shore News - Friday, November 2, 2012


Festivals focusing on cultural diversity Cheryl Rossi Contributing Writer

IF you feel like you let the film-loving part of yourself down by missing the Vancouver International Film Festival, don’t despair.

Three film festivals will have you feeling cultured in no time from now until mid-November.

photo supplied

ROB Leickner’s film Lost Lagoon receives its world premiere tonight at Cineplex Odeon International Village Cinemas at 9:30 p.m. as part of the Vancouver Asian Film Festival. For more details visit

— South Asian Film Festival, Oct. 31 to Nov. 4 The first South Asian Film Festival to hit Vancouver, Surrey and Abbotsford spices up the Lower Mainland with 40 films from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, the Maldives and Bhutan. The festival will showcase documentaries, dramas, shorts and animation and includes master classes and public forums with South Asian film artists. Actress, member of the Indian parliament, environmentalist and human rights activist Jaya Bachchan will introduce the opening film, Adwait Sangeet: Two Voices, One Soul at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. The film’s subjects, brothers Pandit Rajan and Pandit Sajan Mishra, See Festival page 47



Join us at participating Shoppers Drug Mart ® stores for our PRETTY LITTLE PINK GALA in support of Look Good Feel Better. Enjoy complimentary makeovers, skin care consultations, free samples, prizes, gift basket giveaways, refreshments and more! Saturday November 3, 2012 10 am – 8 pm

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Friday, November 2, 2012 - North Shore News - A45

FILM SHOWTIMES EMPIRE ESPLANADE 6 200 West Esplanade, North Vancouver 604-983-2762 Flight (14A) —Fri, Mon-Thur 6:30, 9:25; Sat-Sun 12:30, 3:35, 6:30, 9:25 p.m. Cloud Atlas (14A) — Fri, Mon-Thur 8:10; Sat-Sun 12:50, 4:30, 8:1 p.m. Alex Cross (PG) — Fri-Thur 9:55 p.m. Looper (14A) — Fri, Mon-Thur 6:40, 9:35; Sat-Sun 12:40, 3:45, 6:40, 9:35 p.m. Wreck-It Ralph 3D (G) — Fri, Mon-Thur 6:50, 9:15; Sat-Sun 3:55, 6:50, 9:15 p.m. Wreck-It Ralph (G) — Sat-Sun 1 p.m. Fun Size (PG) — Fri, Mon-Thur 7:10; Sat-Sun 1:20, 4:20, 7:10 Here Comes the Boom (PG) — Fri, Mon-Thur 7, 9:45; SAT-SUN 1:10, 4:10, 7, 9:45 p.m.

PARK & TILFORD CINEPLEX ODEON 333 Brooksbank Ave., North Vancouver 604-985-3911 Midnight’s Children (PG) — Fri 7, 10:10; Sat-Sun 12:30, 3:45, 7:00, 10:10; Mon-Thur 8 p.m. The Man With the Iron Fists (18A) — Fri 7:50, 10:15; SatSun 12:40, 3:00, 5:25, 7:50, 10:15; Mon-Thur 7:40, 9:50 p.m. Hotel Transylvania 3D (G) — Fri 7:10, 9:25; Sat-Sun 4:50, 7:10, 9:25; Mon-Thur 7:15, 9:25 p.m. Hotel Transylvania (G) — Sat-Sun 2:30 p.m. Thur 1 p.m. Argo (PG) — Fri 6:50, 9:45; Sat-Sun 1:10, 4, 6:50, 9:45; Mon-Thur 7, 9:45 p.m. Silent Hill: Revelation 3D — Fri, Mon-Thur 10; Sat-Sun 4:30, 10 p.m. Pitch Perfect (PG) — Fri, Mon-Thur 7:30; Sat-Sun 2, 7:30 p.m. Seven Psychpaths (18A) — Fri, Mon-Thur 7:10, 9:40; SatSun 1:40, 4:15, 7:10, 9:40 p.m.

PACIFIC CINEMATHEQUE 1131 Howe St., 604-688-FILM 17th annual Vancouver Amnesty International Film Festival Nov. 2-4 The following films are scheduled to be screened at this years festival: Grace On the Line Big Boys Gone Bananas! Ai Wei Wei: Never Sorry Even the Rain Tahrir: The Good, The Bad and The Politician Under Rich Earth The Storm Umoja – No Men Allowed For more information on this year’s festival visit amnesty. ca/topics/vff/.

November Specials… Mushroom & game specials Beaujolais Nouveau starts Nov. 15th! also available

Table D’hôte & early bird specials 1373 Marine Drive, West Van. | 604.926.4913

ThErE’s A neW Bird in toWN.

A46 - North Shore News - Friday, November 2, 2012


In-your-face approach adds suspense From page 43

photo supplied

THE success of Flight hinges on its ability to segue from a disaster movie into a compelling legal and human drama without losing any of its intensity.

Saturdays or Sundays. We Deliver The Goods. 20


That jarring juxtaposition prepares us for what comes next: the plane’s malfunction, terrifying dive, and intense crash. Director Robert Zemekis, back with live-action after a decade of pioneering stop-motion films (The Polar Express, Beowulf, A Christmas Carol) employs in-your-face filmmaking from the very start, so that whether it’s a shot of the anxious co-pilot (Brian Geraghty), or up-close gauge readings, we feel as though we’re right there in the cockpit. It’s one of the best airline-disaster sequences in recent memory, but Zemekis infuses the chaos with a poignant moment, when Whip coolly tells the lead flight attendant (Tamara Tunie) to leave a message for her son for when they eventually find the black box recordings. Whip is hailed as a hero for saving most of the passengers but dread sets in as soon as the pilot wakes up and sees his old Navy buddy (Vancouver’s Bruce Greenwood) at the foot of the bed. “It’s a bit of a show,” warns Charlie, as reps from the pilots’ union, the NTSB and the media all line up for Whip’s side of the story. And if Whip’s toxicology report gets out, they’ll be shouting for blood. He fares no better when he meets his lawyer, Hugh Lang (Don Cheadle) whose first words to Whip are “death demands responsibility.” We’re trying to get it designated an Act of God, says Hugh. “Whose God would do this?” asks Whip. At first glance Whip has nothing in common with rockbottom addict Nicole (Kelly Reilly, fantastic) but a primer on the extent of Whip’s alcoholism proves they couldn’t be more similar. A tenuous relationship develops, ever tested by Whip’s refusal to get treatment — or even to get sober long enough for legal proceedings — and Nicole’s terror that Whip will bring her back into her dark addiction. The success of the film hinges on its ability to segue from a disaster movie into a compelling legal and human drama without losing any of its intensity, and Zemekis pulls it off seamlessly. New suspense threads are introduced via when and how Whip will implode, and the depths that “the suits” will sink to in order to save the airline. John Goodman enters at key moments to advance this storyline — as Whip’s dealer and only friend — but those in the audience who think that his character is strictly for laughs fail to see the pathos of the situation. A few sequences are eked out for too long (the wise and wise-cracking cancer patient, for example) and become preachy towards film’s end, but they do not detract from Washington’s virtuoso performance as a man clinging to his own lies, whatever the cost.


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HAPPY HOUR DAILY from 3-5:30pm! Special Drinks • Appies available

Open daily for Lunch & Dinner from 11am Gus invites you to be his guest! Family owned for over 33 years.

6330 Bay Street, Horseshoe Bay West Vancouver • 604.921.8184

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Festival paying tribute to Ridge at gala

From page 44

world-renowned Indian classical music singers, will perform, director Makahar Brahame will answer questions and the night will end with a performance choreographed by Shiamak Davar. See — Vancouver Asian Film Festival, Nov. 1 to 4 The 16th annual VAFF kicks off with the Canadian premiere of Daylight Savings, a followup to last year’s sold-out closing night film Surrogate Valentine. Daylight Savings picks up where Surrogate Valentine left off with affable indie musician Goh Nakamura’s life one year later. Preceding Daylight Savings is the short film Bleached in which a Filipino-American teenager is forced to model her mother’s skinlightening cream. VAFF celebrates local talents with director, writer and producer Rob Leickner’s film Lost Lagoon and seven Vancity Shorts. Lost Lagoon tells the story of Mi-Ran, a long-distance runner born in Korea who moves to Vancouver under the guise of studying English. Unbeknownst to her family, she is in Vancouver to be closer to North American underground music, easily accessible running paths and her Internet friend Georgia. VAFF features 40 films from 10 countries at International Village Cinemas. See

photo supplied

SUNSET Stories, co-directed by Ernesto Foronda and Silas Howard, screens at Cineplex Odeon International Village Cinemas on Saturday, Nov. 3 at 7 p.m as part of this year’s Vancouver Asian Film Festival.

— Vancouver Jewish Film Festival, Nov. 7 to 15 Canada’s longest-running Jewish film festival and one of the longest-running North American film festivals will celebrate 24 years with 27 international films that showcase multiculturalism, diversity and Jewish heritage. This year’s festival includes 13 Canadian premieres. The opening film, A Bottle in the Gaza Sea, is a modern-day Romeo-and Juliet tale set in Israel and Gaza during the conflicts of 2007 and 2008. David tells the story of Daud, a lonely Muslim boy growing up in Brooklyn. The only son of a devout imam struggles with his #4 DARIAN DURANT

father’s expectations and feelings of isolation until he inadvertently befriends a group of Jewish boys who mistake him for being Jewish. Director and writer Joel Fendelman will attend the screening. Just before making The Artist, Oscar winners Jean Dujardin (best actor) and Michel Hazanavicius (best director) teamed up to make the politically incorrect spy spoof OSS 117: Lost in Rio. Set in the 1960s, French secret agent OSS 117 is sent to Brazil to track down a Nazi-held microfilm containing the names of French Nazi collaborators during the Second World War that will embarrass the French state. The film is reminiscent of the classic Pink Panther movies with Dujardin giving a valiant performance inspired by

Peter Sellers. Fan-favourite A.K.A. Doc Pomus closes the festival. The documentary tells the story of the most unlikely of rock icons to be elected into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Paralyzed with polio as a child, Jerome Felder reinvented himself first as a blues singer, renaming himself Doc Pomus, then as a songwriter who created hits that include “Save the Last Dance for Me,” “This Magic Moment” and “Viva Las Vegas.” The evening will feature a surprise musical performance. The festival screens at The Ridge and will pay tribute to the theatre at its Nov. 15 closing gala. For more information, see vjff. org.




Presented by

» Thank YOU fans, for all the support throughout the regular season & powering us to a 1st place finish » Join us for a half-time tribute to our nation’s veterans » Come early to attend the NISSAN Street Party BEST VALUE – SAVE $10 PER PAIR OF TICKETS; $76/PAIR INCL. HST & FACILITY FEE - PLUS, 2 FREE OFFICIAL BC LIONS HATS INCLUDED! (RETAIL VALUE OF $40)*



A48 - North Shore News - Friday, November 2, 2012


photo Thomas Svab/Vancouver Art Gallery

IAN Wallace: Lookout (1979). 12 hand-coloured silver gelatin prints. Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery.


Merging media

■ Ian Wallace: At the Intersection of Painting and Photography. Vancouver Art Gallery. Until Feb. 24, 2013. For more information visit exhibit_ian_wallace.html.

Jen St. Denis

“THIS is really Vancouver art. I’m not making a big thing about it, but the unique esthetic of the city and its people comes through in the work.” Artist Ian Wallace is speaking by phone from the East Vancouver studio he’s occupied since 1985. He’s repeating what he told a tour of Vancouver Art Gallery docents just a few days before. The tour went two hours longer than planned, he says — he simply had so much to say about the work, spanning over 40 years, now on display. Ian Wallace: At the Intersection of Painting and Photography, explores the internationallyrenowned artist’s creative journey from the 1960s to today. From an experimental slide show (Poetry Must be Made by All) to elaborately staged, large-scale photographs (Lookout) and many works that combine photographs and abstract painting (Clayoquot Protest, At the Crosswalk), the exhibit documents Wallace’s preoccupations with cinema, urban landscapes and the process of art making. Steely downtown Vancouver is the subject of many of Wallace’s large photographs, but Wallace says his formative years in bucolic West Vancouver played a big part in his development as an artist. In 1954, Wallace, then 11, moved with his parents and four younger brothers to Palmerston and 21st Street — at the time “the top” of West Vancouver. “From our house down to the water was people and West Vancouver, from our house up above was wilderness,” says Wallace. “There was this total kind of contrast between the wilderness and the mountains — what we always called the bush — and the town below.” Wallace remembers going into “the bush” in the morning and not coming home until dinner time. “We used to build our own little gold rush town . . . It was very worked out with costumes and everything. We’d have all these narratives, we’d have robberies and chase each other through the woods,” says Wallace. Encouragement of the arts at West Vancouver secondary and “incredible teachers” also played a role. “The atmosphere in the school was great,” says Wallace. “There was real encouragement, even though there were no real resources.” Wallace says that hijinks got him kicked out of an industrial drafting class; as punishment, he was sent to the art class, where he specialized in drawing portraits of pretty girls. He also published cartoons and poetry in the school newspaper. When he moved out of his mother’s house after high school, it was into an old house at Robson and Burrard — then an epicentre of beatnik culture — with two other former West Vancouver secondary students and aspiring artists, Terry Reid and King Anderson. “I followed them into beatnik territory,” laughs Wallace. (His brothers Ken and Keith also work in the art world, Ken as a painter and Keith as a curator.) There was also the Question Mark — a club at 15th Street and Marine Drive in West Vancouver where jazz or poetry were on offer almost every night of the week. While Wallace was interested in poetry, filmmaking and playing jazz (“I was never good enough,” he says of his attempts with guitar and tenor sax), art is where he finally settled, although he has continued to bring elements of those other art forms into his work. On the

photo Trevor Mills/Vancouver Art Gallery

IAN Wallace: At Work (2008). Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery. first floor of the exhibition, which deals with his earlier work, film stills from Jean-Luc Godard’s Masculin-Feminin make up one piece. Poetry and text are incorporated into other works. On the second floor, Wallace’s interest in urban landscapes, institutions like museums and the artist’s studio as a place of work are on display. Many of the pieces are large photographs which incorporate abstract paintings: In his At the Crosswalk series, two city dwellers on opposite street corners are separated by stark painted blocks in the centre of the photograph. Dwarfed by the office buildings in the background, the people also seem to be separated by an insurmountable gulph. “I’m rescuing painting from oblivion by making it the ground for the photograph,” states Wallace, moving into art history mode, a subject he taught at UBC in the 1960s and 70s. He explains that he incorporates painting with photography as a way to merge the more highbrow medium of painting with the more common, found-everywhere photography. “Everybody’s telephone has a camera,” Wallace points out. Photography and film took over where paintings used to hold sway, providing realistic portraits of important cultural moments and stories. Abstract art and Cubism were responses to this, says Wallace. For him, merging the two media is his way of maintaining “values about humanity, subjectivity and who we are as individuals.” After decades of depicting urban life, Wallace is now thinking about using “the bush” as subject matter. The retrospective exhibition has given him an opportunity to look back and reflect on a body of work. But he hasn’t finished adding to it yet. “I’ve got a lot of things in my backpack waiting to be unloaded,” says Wallace.

Friday, November 2, 2012 - North Shore News - A49

CALENDAR From page 38 WVYB Symphonic Band and the visiting La Croix Valmer will play a joint concert Saturday, Nov. 3 at 7:30 p.m. Admission by donation. Info: 604-921-3412. Presentation House Theatre: 333 Chesterfield Ave., North Vancouver. Tickets: or 604-990-3474. Cap Jazz at PHT: Two student bands from Capilano University perform with special guests Steve Kaldestad (tenor saxophone) and Chad Makela (baritone saxophone). Wednesday, Nov. 21, 8 p.m. Admission: $15. Jazz at Presentation House Studio: A weekly series embracing the full spectrum of jazz and improvised music Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Tickets: $10 at the door. Silk Purse Arts Centre: 1570 Argyle Ave., West Vancouver. Info and reservations: 604-925-7292 or Gitlin and Klukas: Clarinetist Connie Gitlin and pianist Suzanne Klukas will perform Thursday, Nov. 8 at 10:30 a.m. Tickets: $15/$12. St. Catherine’s Anglican Church: 1058 Ridgewood Dr., North Vancouver. The Gentlemen of Fortune Men’s Barbershop Chorus will perform Sunday, Nov. 4 at 2 p.m. Admission: $20/$10. Tickets: 604-985-0666 or

Traditional Teahouse: 1552 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver. Info: 604-551-1642. Talent Show: All with talent are invited to participate and watch a live local show every Thursday from 7 to 10 p.m. Admission: $5. Performance application fee: $10. West Vancouver Memorial Library: 1950 Marine Dr., West Vancouver. Info: 604-925-7446 or www.westvanlibrary. ca. Friday Night Concert Series — The Rakish Angles: The Rakish Angles will perform a blend of gypsy jazz, Latin, “newgrass,” and old-time music. Friday, Nov. 16, 7:30 p.m. Free. THEATRE Anne MacDonald Studio: 333 Chesterfield Ave., North Vancouver. Grand Theft Impro: An improv sketch show that uses audiences suggestions to create 90 minutes of stories, scenes, songs and comedic chaos, the last Saturday of every month at 10:30 p.m. Tickets: $12. Café for Contemporary Art: 138-140 East Esplanade, North Vancouver. Hours: Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-7 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday, 8 a.m.-7 p.m. Info: 778-340-3379 or

Capilano University Performing Arts Theatre: 2055 Purcell Way, North Vancouver. Tickets: 604-990-7810 or Centennial Theatre: 2300 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver. Info: Box office: 604-984-4484. Deep Cove Shaw Theatre: 4360 Gallant Ave., North Vancouver. Tickets: 604-929-9456 or firstimpressionstheatre. com. Shooting Star: A romantic comedy about a couple who previously had a relationship and meet unexpectedly in an airport Wednesdays to Saturdays, Nov. 8-24 at 8 p.m. Tickets: $18/$16. Kay Meek Centre: 1700 Mathers Ave., West Vancouver. Info and tickets: or 604-981-6335. Waiting for the Parade: A reflective look at war from five women’s point of view Wednesdays-Saturdays, Nov. 3-17 at 8 p.m. with a matinee Nov. 10 at 2 p.m. Preview Nov. 2 for $12. Tickets: $20/$18. Presentation House Theatre: 333 Chesterfield Ave., North Vancouver. Tickets: or 604-990-3474. *Where the Wild Things Are: Maurice Sendak’s beloved story comes to life in Kim Selody’s Dora-nominated See more page 50


restaurant guide $ Bargain Fare ($5-8) $ $ Inexpensive ($9-12) $ $ $ Moderate ($13-15) $ $ $ $ Fine Dining ($15-25) LIVE MUSIC

AUSTRIAN Jagerhof Restaurant


Best Little Schnitzel House in Town 71 Lonsdale Ave, N. Van. 604-980-4316

BISTRO Blue Eyed Marys


Blue Eyed Marys has come ashore! After 13 years of you coming to us on Bowen Island,we’ve come to you at 1735 Marine Drive, West Vancouver.We serve the same regional food in a beautiful new room.Lunch and dinner Tuesday-Saturday 1735 Marine Drive, W. Van. 604 921 2583

BRITISH The Cheshire Cheese Restaurant & Bar



Excellent seafood and British dishes on the Waterfront. Friday and Saturday, Prime Rib Dinner. Sunday,Turkey Dinner.Weekends and Holidays, our acclaimed Eggs Benny. Open for lunch or dinner, 7 days a week. 2nd Floor Lonsdale Quay Market, N. Van. 604-987-3322


North Shore’s best variety & quality Chinese food.Serving Lunch & Dinner 7 days a week.Eat in,10% off takeout.Free delivery min.$20.00 order within 3 kms. 1352 Lonsdale Ave., N. Van. 604-988-9885


An epicurean experience 3700’ above the twinkling lights of Vancouver. Grouse Mtn, 6400 Nancy Greene Way, N. Van. 604-998-4403

The Salmon House


Serving spectacular views and fine, indigenous west coast cuisine for over 30 years. Lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch. Live entertainment in Coho Lounge on weekend evenings. 2229 Folkestone Way, W. Van. Reservations: or call 604-926-3212

FRENCH Chez Michel



Neighbourhood Noodles House

The Observatory



A West Vancouver Favorite for 25 years. Daily specials. 1373 Marine Dr. (2nd flr) W. Van. 604-926-4913

Kypriaki Taverna

PUB $$

Win a FREE dinner during our “Dinners On Us” giveaway. 1 in 6 wins. 1000s of dinners will be given away. Now featuring Live Music every Friday @ 8pm. Open everyday @ Noon for lunch.Voted one of the top 5 Greek restaurants in the Lower Mainland.With our outstanding food, reasonable prices, friendly service and candle-lit charm you will see why so many people call it their favourite restaurant. Call for delivery/take out tonight or come in for a relaxing Mediterranean experience. 1356 Marine Dr, N. Van. 604-985-7955

INDIAN Handi Cuisine of India



Reader’s Choice 2006 Winner offering Authentic Indian Cuisine. Open for lunch and dinner,7 days a week.Weekend buffet,ocean view,free delivery. 1340 Marine Dr., W. Van. 604-925-5262

Palki Best Indian Cuisine $ $

Where one spicy sauce does not fit all.Readers’Choice award winning restaurant for 5 years! Open for Lunch & Dinner.Lunch Buffet $10.95. 116 East 15th St, N. Van. 604-986-7555

The Black Bear Neighbhourhood Pub

Village Tap House $$

The Black Bear – An award winning pub that offers weekly and daily food specials, featured drinks, prizes plus a full, kid friendly Take-Out menu. Reserve your parties of 15-30 ppl except Friday’s.Trivia played every Monday night. Free parking & close to public transit. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. 1177 Lynn Valley Road, N. Van 604.990.8880

The Rusty Gull


A Lower Lonsdale legend for 23 years. Home to the best in live music Wed, Fri, Sat & Sun nights. Great food selection that surpasses the norm.The best weekend breakfasts ‘til 2pm. Great selection of import draft.All Canucks PPV games on the big screens. 175 East 1st St., N. Van. 604-988-5585

Sailor Hagar’s Neighbourhood Pub



Offers an excellent menu, the best craft brewed ales & lagers in Vancouver, live music, satellite sports, pool table, dart boards & heated patio with a spectacular city view. 86 Semisch Ave., N. Van. 604-984-3087


Damn good pub! We try to take everything that’s good about a pub, and leave out what’s not, then add lots more good… Start with a comfortable room around a giant fireplace, add 20 ice cold brews on tap, really damn good food, some awesome events, and pretty much the most personable group of folks you’ll ever meet… and welcome to the Village Tap House! Come in for dinner, to catch the game on our dozens of high-def flat screens, or check the events page to see what’s happening this week. 1C - 900 Main Street, Village at Park Royal, West Vancouver 604-922-8882

SEAFOOD C-Lovers Fish & Chips


The best fish & chips on the North Shore! Marine Dr. @ Pemberton, N. Van. 604-980-9993 & OUR NEW LOCATION: 6640 Royal Ave., Horseshoe Bay, W. Van. 604-913-0994

Montgomery’s Fish & Chips$

The fastest growing Fish & Chips on the North Shore. International Food Court, Lonsdale Quay Market 604-929-8416

THAI Thai PudPong Restaurant


West Vancouver’s original Thai Restaurant. Serving authentic Thai cuisine. Open Monday-Friday for lunch. 7 days a week for dinner. 1474 Marine Dr., W. Van. 604-921-1069

WEST COAST The Lobby Restaurant at the Pinnacle Hotel


Inspired by BC’s natural abundance of fabulous seafood and the freshest of ingredients, dishes are prepared to reflect west coast cuisine. Open 7-days a week for breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night lounge. 138 Victory Ship Way, N. Van. 604-973-8000



Enjoy your Waterfront dining experience with our extensive menu.From eggs benny to juicy burgers during our popular brunches to our famous prime rib, hot scallop salad,clam chowder, king crab,steaks,seafood style cordon bleu.Rooms available for private parties and free parking. Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner seven days a week.View full menu 1653 Columbia St, N. Van. (2 blks South of Main & Mtn Hwy under the bridge) 604-988-0038

A50 - North Shore News - Friday, November 2, 2012

CALENDAR From page 49 production, Nov. 9-18. At 7 p.m. on Friday, at 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Tickets: $15. *One Man In His Time: Antony Holland was called into His Majesty’s Armed Forces as a signalman at the onset of the Second World War. In this one-man show, he recounts his experiences during the North African campaign. Nov. 24, 8 p.m., and Nov. 25, 2 p.m. Tickets: $23/28. Theatre at Hendry Hall: 815 East 11th St., North Vancouver. Reservations: 604-983-2633 or www. DANCE Kay Meek Centre: 1700 Mathers Ave., West Vancouver. Tickets: www. or 604981-6335. The Menaka Thakkar Dance Company will perform a fusion of Indian with contemporary dance styles Friday, Nov. 2 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets: $28/$25/$12. Live, Love, Dance: An evening of dance and live entertainment Saturday, Nov. 3 at 6 p.m. All proceeds will support Chelsea Steyns who is battling a rare form of brain cancer. Tickets: $100. CLUBS AND PUBS See more page 52

photo David Cooper

She Stoops to Conquer

NORTH Shore actress Melissa Oei (right with Jennifer Mawhinney) is a featured performer in the Arts Club Theatre Company’s production of Oliver Goldsmith’s classic comedy of manners She Stoops to Conquer. For more information on the production, on stage until Nov. 18, visit


NORTH VANCOUVER Sat. November 3, 2012 4 pm to 7 pm North Shore Neighbourhood House 225 East 2nd Street


WEST VANCOUVER Wed. November 7, 2012 4 pm to 7 pm Kay Meek Centre 1700 Mathers Avenue 12340 Fort Road

We invite you to !nd out more and join the conversation about the proposed expansion of the Trans Mountain Pipeline. Talk with project staff and give us your feedback. Attend in person or join the discussion online: 1.866.514.6700 @TransMtn





Friday, November 2, 2012 - North Shore News - A51


Whistler from a local’s point of view

Layne Christensen

SOME of my best vacation photos were taken on a camera with manual settings.

These days, holiday picture-taking consists of a quick aim of the iPhone and a hurried post to Instagram. But every now and then, I do feel the urge to stretch my photography skills and capture that perfect Kodak moment. So, I was intrigued when an invitation to step out with Whistler photographer Darby Magill crossed my desk. Magill is a professional photographer who is working with Pan Pacific Whistler Hotels to offer a unique experience to groups of three or more guests staying at the Pan’s Whistler Village or Mountainside properties. The hotels introduced the photo hikes this summer to offer groups of guests a personal and authentic experience from a local’s point of view. Private Baptiste power vinyasa classes with Whistler yoga practitioner Erin Anderson are another option. Magill’s three-hour guided tours take photo enthusiasts to local spots not found in Whistler travel guides. Her two most popular tours are Train Wreck, a jumble of graffiti-adorned freight cars near the Cheakamus River, and Ghost Town, an abandoned mill site on Green Lake. Magill, who graduated from Victoria’s Western Academy of Photography, takes me on the Train Wreck tour. We meet at Pure Bread bakery in Function Junction, where she tells me “Train Wreck has a lot to offer. You’ve got nature. You’ve got industrial. And you’ve got art.” We walk out along the rail line and a few minutes in, reach our first photo op: a view of a massive log jam across the roaring Cheakamus River. I fire off a couple of shots to get a feel for my borrowed G11, Canon’s top-of-the-line compact digital camera. We

leave the train tracks and venture down a nature path to our second river vantage point: a rocky promontory above the canyon’s swift rapids. I click away at treefringed shots of the churning white water as Magill chats about depth of field, shutter speed and ISO ratings. As we climb steadily up the trail, we stop to fire off a few close-up shots of plants and flowers on the forest floor. I play with my camera’s macro settings, attempting an artsy image of an exposed tree root snaking up a boulder. And that’s when my camera battery dies. Magill graciously shares her camera with me for the rest of the hike, letting me look through the lens of her hefty Nikon D700 as she chats knowledgeably about the basics of manual photography. Before long, we reach the train wreck, site of a decades-old derailment that was deemed too costly to clean up. The seven train cars are works of art, their twisted and rusted hulls the canvas for layer upon layer of graffiti art. I wander around the site, capturing the scene in close-up and wide angle shots. As we peek inside one rail car, we see the word “LOVE” spelled out in pinecones and it inspires Magill to pick up her lens. “That’s what I love about this place,” she says of this newest guerrilla art installation. “It’s always changing.” Out into a clearing we snap a couple of shots of the last of the rail cars and then we’re back on the path and out onto the tracks for the short trek back to Function Junction. It’s these little surprises that keep Magill coming back and leading groups on photo tours when she’s not busy with commercial and wedding photography assignments. Magill plans to offer the guided tours to hotel guests through the fall. The cost is $50 per person. To book group guest rooms and outings, guests should contact TaraLyn Batson in the sales department at the Pan Pacific Whistler Village Centre at taralyn.batson@panpacific. com or by phone at 604-905-2999.

Book review

USSR trips inspired Jazz with Ella ■ Jazz with Ella by Jan DeGrass. Published by Libros Libertad, 226 pages, $23. Available at 32 Books in North Vancouver and Save On Foods at Pemberton Plaza.

THE Cold War between the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and Canada is brought back to life in Jan DeGrass’ debut novel, Jazz With Ella, a story of international intrigue and young love. The story was sparked by cultural trips DeGrass took to the USSR in 1973 and ’74. Designed to immerse students from the University of Waterloo (not the fictional University of

Vancouver used in the book) in the enigmatic eastern country. The lines between fiction and fact blend often in both characters and customs. While we may now find the rumours of microphones in every venue habituated by westerners to be far-

fetched, that was the reality, DeGrass said. Along with the ongoing bugging was the recruiting of Canadians to remain in the country. “If they suspected they could turn you there was a lot of encouragement (for you) to stay in the Soviet Union,” she said. “Western groups were very carefully handled and managed by the tourist guides. The key difference was that our group could speak the language. The ’70s had relaxed over the ’60s but they really didn’t want us talking to any Russians.” Some of the fascinating details in the story are based on her unique experiences. “The cruise on the Volga River was special. We were the first Westerners some of those people had seen. They were as surprised by us as we were by them.” — Cathie Roy

photo Darby Magill

WHISTLER’S train wreck offers photo enthusiasts a unique blend of nature and streetart to capture in digital imagery or film. Advertisement

Is your home insurance earthquake ready? Following the events of the past weekend, B.C. residents are advised to consider the consequences of an earthquake and review their insurance coverage to ensure protection against such disasters. Generally, earthquakes are not covered by basic home insurance, and BCAA suggests keeping the following things in mind when adding earthquake coverage to your policy: ! Mild earthquakes can cause major damage. A slight shift in your foundation can result in repairs that may cost more than your earthquake insurance deductible. ! Understand the risk. While any natural disaster is difficult to predict, small- to medium-size earthquakes are common in B.C. and more than 1,200 are recorded annually. ! Decide what you want covered. You can choose to cover your building only or include your contents as well. Coverage costs will depend on the value of your home/possessions, location, or the earthquake deductible you choose. ! Cost of additional living expenses. Earthquake insurance covers a range of additional living expenses incurred in the event it is unsafe to stay in your home. ! Replacement costs can add up. Replacing one or two belongings may be manageable, but collectively replacing contents bought over a lifetime all at once can be prohibitively


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To learn more call 310-2345 or click on Insurance is sold through BCAA Insurance Agency and underwritten by BCAA Insurance Corporation.

A52 - North Shore News - Friday, November 2, 2012

CALENDAR From page 50


NEWS photo Cindy Goodman

FOURTEEN-YEAR-OLD Natalia Johnston listens to “Be Like You” by Ed Sheeran on her iPod Touch after school in the teen section of the North Vancouver City Library.

Beans on Lonsdale: 1804 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver. Info: 604-9852326. Live music every Thursday, 8 p.m. Brewster’s Coffee: 2436 Marine Dr., West Vancouver. Info: 604-925-9820. The Eagles Club Starlight Room: 170 West Third St., North Vancouver. East Side Marios: Lonsdale Quay, 123 Carrie Cates Court, North Vancouver. Jack Lonsdale’s Pub: 1433 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver. Info: 604-9867333. Live music every Friday and Saturday at 9 p.m. La Zuppa: 1544 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver. Info: 604-986-6556. SFU Philosopher’s Cafe: Everyone is welcome to join a discussion with moderator Martin Hunt Wednesday, Nov. 28 at 7 p.m. Topic: What is the effect of multiculturalism on our sense of community? Info: 778-782-8000 or www. Legion #118: 123 West 15th St., North Vancouver. Info: 604-985-1115 or The LW Club: 1515 Barrow St., North Vancouver. Info: 604-2537141 or www.lynnwoodinn. com. Doors: 9 p.m. Open mic every Wednesday hosted by White Lies. Memphis Blues: 1629 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver. Info: 604-9293699. Live blues every weekend. Narrows Pub: 1979 Spicer Rd., North Vancouver. Mist Ultra Bar: 105-100 Park Royal, West Vancouver. Info: 604-926-2326. DJs spin classic dance music from the 80’s, 90’s and

Lonely seniors die sooner. Do something about it. Give. Volunteer. Act.


today. Queens Cross Pub: 2989 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver. Info: www. Adam Woodall performs acoustic music every Sunday, 7:30-11:30 p.m. The Raven Pub: 1052 Deep Cove Rd., North Vancouver. Info: Adam Woodall performs acoustic music every Thursday, 7:30-11:30 p.m. Red Lion Bar & Grill: 2427 Marine Drive, West Vancouver. Info: 604-9268838. Jazz Pianist Randy Doherty will perform every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 8 to 11 p.m. Rusty Gull: 175 East First St., North Vancouver. Live music every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday; Mostly Marley performs every Sunday, 7 p.m. Sailor Hagar’s Brew Pub: 235 West First St., North Vancouver. Info: 604-9843087. Live music every Friday and Saturday, 9 p.m.1 a.m. The Village Taphouse: Park Royal Village, West Vancouver. Info: 604-9228882. Waves Coffee House: 3050 Mountain Hwy., North Vancouver. The Celtic Medley Song and String Player’s Showcase comes to Waves the first Saturday of every month, 7:30-9:30 p.m. Free. Featuring Murray Swail Nov. 3. Anyone interested in performing can phone Doug Medley at 604-985-5646. OTHER EVENTS Café for Contemporary Art: 138-140 East Esplanade, North Vancouver. Hours: Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-7 p.m. and Saturday and Sundaay, 8 a.m.-7 p.m. Info: 778-340-3379 or cafeforcontemporaryart@ Open Mic: Actors, musicians, poets and spoken word artists are invited to take the microphone every second and last Friday of the month from 7 to 9:30 p.m. New Works: Readings of new work by local playwrites every third Thursday, 7-9:30 p.m. Capilano Library: 3045 Highland Blvd., North Vancouver. Info: 604-9874471 or Capilano University Performing Arts Theatre: 2055 Purcell Way, North Vancouver. Tickets: 604990-7810 or www.capilanou. ca/nscucentre. Centennial Theatre: 2300 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver. Info: www. Box office: 604-984-4484. Ferry Building Gallery: 1414 Argyle Ave., West Vancouver. Info: www. How to Look at and Understand Great Art: A course on film illustrated by paintings by artists from Michelangelo to Picasso and Pollock will run Mondays until Nov. 12, 7-9 p.m.

Drop-in fee: $8. Kay Meek Centre: 1700 Mathers Ave., West Vancouver. Info and tickets: or 604-981-6335. Motet — Circo Aereo: Five performers will manipulate objects that float, collapse and mesmerize Sunday, Nov. 4 at 8 p.m. Tickets: $45/$40/$22. Lynn Valley Library: 1277 Lynn Valley Rd., North Vancouver. Info: 604-9840286, ext. 8144 or www. SFU Philosopher’s Cafe: Everyone is welcome to join a discussion with moderator Mark Battersby Wednesday, Nov. 14 at 7 p.m. Topic: Is free trade good or bad? Info: 778-782-8000 or www. North Vancouver City Library: 120 West 14th St., North Vancouver. Info: 604998-3490 or Teen Authors Tell All: Five authors will share their secrets about how they became multi-published writers Saturday, Nov. 3, 1-4 p.m. Park & Tilford Cineplex Odeon Theatre: 200-333 Brooksbank Ave., North Vancouver. The North Shore International Film Series — Robot and Frank: An aging man’s son buys him a humanoid robot rather than place him in a nursing home Wednesday, Nov. 14, 7 p.m. Tickets: $11. Info: or 604-988-6844. Presentation House Theatre: 333 Chesterfield Ave., North Vancouver. Tickets: or 604-990-3474. The Movie Recyclers: A series of lost treasures in film followed by a discussion, the first Monday of the month at 7 p.m. The series will begin Nov. 5 with special guest Steven Miller. Free. Silk Purse Arts Centre: 1570 Argyle Ave., West Vancouver. Info: 604-9257292 or North Shore Cric Crac Storytelling Evenings presented by the Vancouver Society of Storytelling take place the first Sunday of every month, 7-9 p.m. Admission: $7/$5. West Vancouver Memorial Library: 1950 Marine Dr., West Vancouver. Info: 604-925-7407 or www. SFU Philosopher’s Cafe: Everyone is welcome to join a discussion with moderator Randall MacKinnon Friday, Nov. 16 at 10:30 a.m. Topic: Are there any negative aspects to positive thinking? Info: 778-782-8000 or www. Opera Series with Nicolas Krusek: A series on the life and operas of Richard Wagner Wednesdays, Nov. 7, 14, 21 and Dec. 5, 12:302:30 p.m. — compiled by Debbie Caldwell. Email information for your North Shore event to

Friday, November 2, 2012 - NorthShore ShoreNews News–- A53 A53 Friday, November 2, 2012 – North


Sales Centre Phone Hours: Mon. - Fri. 8:30am - 5:00pm Sales Centre Office Hours: Mon. - Fri. 9:00am - 5:00pm Email:

Place ad on your lin 24/7 e

Fax: 604-985-3227 delivery: 604-986-1337


PARRY, Robert 1942-2012


COOKE - Jennie Marie 1958 - 2012

Jennie lost a short battle with cancer. She is survived by her devoted partner Rick Durrant, her parents parents Terry Terry and and Maragaret Margaret Cooke and her siblings Lou (Marilyn), Joe (Teresa) and Lynda (Ivan). Jennie grew up in West Van and was employed by London Drugs. No service by request.



Bob passed away peacefully at the age of 70. He was surrounded by his family in Lions Gate Hospital. Hospital. Bob Bob is Lionsgate predeceased by his loving wife Sharon and is survived by his children Cindy (Dave), Neil (Jennifer), Randy (Cathy), Terry (Dianne), Cindy (Rob), Wendy (Karl) and his many grandchildren and friends. Bob was the owner of Mannix Heating on the North Shore for over 40 years and valued each and every one of his customers. It will be business as usual at Mannix as his legacy is carried on. Service will be held 2:00 p.m. Nov. 03, 2012 at First Memorial Boal Chapel, 1505 Lillooet Rd., North Vancouver. In lieu of flowers donations may be made to the Canadian Cancer Society. Many thanks to the Cancer Society, Boal Chapel, Rev. Jeffery Young and all the sstaff t a f f at a t Lions L i o n s gGate a t e aand nd Vancouver General Hospitals.


Coming Events

NATIONAL ASSCIATION OF PROFESSIONAL CANCER COACHES Offering 3 cancer care workshops Nov 9, 16 & 23 Braithwaite Community Centre Pre Register Call Lorrie 778-237-4137


Information Wanted

Seeking Witness to a car accident at 29th/Lonsdale on Thurs Oct 25th aprox 5:25pm: Women in 4 door silver/grey compact sedan witnessed accident and pulled over to see if I was ok. Please email Tanya: Mon Oct 29th, approx 12:15pm, West 18th/Lonsdale, looking for witnesses to an accident involving Blk Mercedes/White Truck, please call 604-980-0292


Lost & Found

★LOST COCKATIEL★ 'Holly' yellow head with yellow crown, orange around ears, light grey & white on her back. Was seen nr Upper Lonsdale. Her mate is missing her. Call as soon as you see her. 604-987-9063

THOMPSON, FRANCES A. "BABE" Sept 22, 2012 Frances, formerly of Lillooet and the Bridge River Valley, passed away September 22, 2012 in her 95th year. She is lovingly remembered by her son Robert (Betty), grandchildren Ronald, David, Willow and Christopher Bataille (Margaret), and great grandchildren Fraser (Damaris), Trevor, Mackenzie and Sophie, and great great grandchild Kenadie. "Grams" is dearly remembered by the Whitticks of Canmore, AB, who became "stand-in" parents to her grandsons Christopher and David Bataille after her daughter Florence passed away. "Auntie Babe" is remembered also by her many relatives and friends throughout BC. On September 30 a celebration of her life was held at her home in West Vancouver. Rev. Donna Millar conducted a private interment service on October 5, arranged by the First Memorial Funeral Services. Memorial donations may be made to the Canadian Cancer Society or to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada.

Don't forget to set your clocks

TUCKOV, Veronica V. May 3, 1922 - October 29, 2012 Veronica passed away peacefully on Monday, October 29, 2012 in West Vancouver at the age of 90. Predeceased by her parents Victor and Nadezhda Mashkov, and husband Alexander A. Tuckov in 1964. She is survived and lovingly remembered by her daughter, Svetlana (Ernst) Wilmink; grandsons Chuck (Tracey) Wilmink, Mike (Allie) Wilmink; great-grandchildren Ryan, Danica, Maddie, Ella and Oliver; and dear lifelong friends. Veronica was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia to Russian e´migre´s. Following WW II, along with her family they moved to Italy, Germany, and finally Canada, where she made her home. She loved Canada. She worked as a draftswoman for the District of North Vancouver for over 25 years, where she formed many friendships. She was also an avid artist, belonged to the West Vancouver Sketch Club, and studied painting in Banff, Florence, Emily Carr College, and painted the scenery and people wherever she sat down. She was also an avid traveler, cruising with her friends and family all over the world but always came back to her family, which she cherished most of all. Veronica will be remembered for her mild manner, her big smile, her love of art and music, and her incredible spirit in overcoming life’s adversities. Thank you to the staff at Capilano Care Center and to Dr. M. Roberson for their exceptional care and support. A Funeral Service will be held on Friday, November 2, 2012 at 10:00 am at Holy Resurrection Russian Orthodox Church (75 East 43rd Ave. Vancouver). In lieu of Flowers, please have a cup of tea and a piece of cheesecake with a friend to celebrate her life. Condolences may be left at


Sunday, Nov. 11 Wed., Nov. 14rd

Display Ads Display Ads Liner Ads

Liner Ads

Wed., Nov. Friday, Nov. 14 16th rd

14 12:50 pm

12:50 11:30 pm am th 11:30 am Liner Ads Tues., Nov. 13 Our office will be closed Monday, Nov. 12th

Our office will be closed Monday, Nov. 12th


Over 30 Tables Available $ 40 ea. 170 West 3rd Street North Vancouver To Book a Table:






Saturday, Nov. 24th Sunday, Nov. 25th 9am - 5pm BOOK YOUR TABLES NOW! 50 per table


Chief Joe Mathias Centre 100 Capilano Road North Vancouver 604-980-6338

St. Martin’s Fall Market Saturday, Nov. 3 10:00 am - 2:00 pm 195 East Windsor Road North Vancouver

• Baking • Books • DVDs / CDs • China, Linens, Crystal & Silver • Gift Giving Items • Jewellery, Purses & Scarves • Children’s Toys • Collectible Dolls • Christmas Decorations • Bottle Tree • Raffle • Refreshments

“You “You could’ve could’ve had all!” had it it all!”

26th Annual

(Adele) (Adele)

Missing since Monday October 1st. Abyssinian cat answers to 'Olive'. Has green collar and has been microchipped. Please call 604-926-5427 with any information.

LOST black nylon bag, with umbrella & suspenders inside. N.Van. Oct 28. (604) 990-5861

Over 130 crafters

Sunday, November 4th, 2012 Fine Crafts • Baked Goods • Café • Door Prizes

If you had NOT listed with Craig. If you had NOT listed with Craig. No matter what you have to No matter what you have to sell a car, house, boat, furniture or sell –– a car, house, boat, furniture or collectible – guaranteed collectible – guaranteed classified classified ads ads get get the the job job done. done. Just Just list list it it and and sell it for one low price. sell it for one low price.

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Forget Forget updating updating and and monitoring monitoring ads. ads. We do We do the the work. work. You You get get what what you you need –– guaranteed! guaranteed! Book need Book today! today!


one hour this

Sunday, Nov. 4th!


SUNDAY, NOV. 25TH 10am - 3pm

3:50 pm 3:50 pm 11:30 am

Wednesday, Nov. 14

Wednesday, Display Ads Fri., Nov.Nov. 16th Display Ads Fri., Nov. 16 Liner Ads Tues., 13th


Eagles Starlight Room

11:30 am

Friday, Nov. 16


Christmas Corner Christmas Craft Fair

on Christmas Corner ads until Dec. 25 *some *some conditions conditionsapply apply



A division of LMP Publication Limited Partnership


Call 604-630-3300 and book today.

A54 - Friday, November 2, 2012 A54 -–North NorthShore ShoreNews News – Friday, November 2, 2012


General Employment


Earn extra cash to supplement your current income or pay off your bills. Now hiring delivery contractors for the Sun, Province & National Post in the West Vancouver area. Must have reliable vehicle and be available from 2am to 6am daily. Earn up to $900/mo. Call to find the route closest to you.



General Employment



From advertising executive or banker to x-ray technician or zookeeper,you'll find it in the Employment Section.

To advertise in Employment call 604-630-3300

ACCOUNTANT North Shore Auto Dealership requires a suitably qualified Accountant for this permanent, full time position. Requirements: •Minimum 3 years in full cycle accounting process in an automotive industry or at least retail business industry preferred but not required; •Excellent data entry skills with attention to details; •Able to work effectively with designated timelines; •Strong verbal and written communication skills; •Knowledge in field of basic payroll; •Ability to multitask and work in a fast-paced environment; •Effective people-management skills; Please email resumes to: No phone calls please

Some great kids aged 12 to 18 who need a stable, caring home for a few months. Are you looking for the opportunity to do meaningful, fulfilling work? PLEA Community Services is looking for qualified applicants who can provide care for youth in their home on a full-time basis or on weekends for respite. Training, support and remuneration are provided. Funding is available for modifications to better equip your home. A child at risk is waiting for an open door. Make it yours.


Office Personnel

F/T MOA position starting March 2013. Specialist Practice. Contact: for details.


Teachers/ Instructors

Ballet Teacher $20/hr, 35hrs/ week. Teach and choreograph ballet. Formal training & 3 years dance exp. req'd. Contact: Anna Wyman School of Dance Arts, 1457 Marine Dr. West Van. V7T 1B8 or

Call 604-708-2628





General Employment

ATTN: 29 people needed to lose 10-30 lbs before Christmas! We pay you to lose! 604-984-2446

Job Listings, From A-Z



Tutoring Services

CERTIFIED MATH TEACHER. Senior math, calculus, IB, AP, SAT programs. K-12. 604-929-6262 T U TO R D O CT O R N O RT H SHORE Tutoring for All Ages and Subjects. Experienced & Qualified Tutors. 778.340.3100



604-726-3024 or 604-760-0255 TOP KNOT FIREWOOD est 1981 Dry Alder, Birch & Maple. Pick up or delivered. Rod 604-985-7193



MOVING, MAHOGANY drop leaf table 73’’L x 45’’W $200, 6 oak dining chairs $450, oak buffet $550, Sklar-Peppler buffet server $60, antique coffee table $130, end table $60, fire screen $40, teak stereo system $200, 2 large speakers with stereo cabinet $200, queen bed & frame $175, headboard $50, 2 chests of drawers $100 & $30, misc items. Phone 604-986-7207

Sales • Service • We buy


Junior person Level 1 license preferred but willing to train right person. We offer a competitive salary and benefits. Email:

★CATS & KITTENS★ FOR ADOPTION ! 604-724-7652




PERSONAL LINES PERSON required with Level 1 or 2 min 1-2 years experience. We offer a competitive salary and benefits. Email:

KITTENS! Tsawwassen Animal Hospital has kittens! They are approx.12wks old.604-943-9385

Take Your Pick from the

HOTTEST JOBS To advertise in Employment Classifieds call



CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Howe Sound is one of the five mills in Canada owned by Paper Excellence. The Paper Excellence Group has an excellent track record in Canada in terms of business leadership,labour,First Nations partnerships,and environmental stewardship. The Group currently employs over 1,000 Canadians. Professional excellence starts with Paper Excellence. Howe Sound Pulp and Paper has an immediate opportunity for an Industrial Maintenance Millwright, Instrument Mechanic, Kraft Mill Shift Supervisor, and Power & Recovery Shift Supervisor at our Port Mellon site. Howe Sound Pulp and Paper Corporation is one of the most progressive Kraft, Pulp and Paper manufacturers in the world, leading industry in product quality, efficiency and environmental protection. On the heels of a $6 million dollar upgrade of our evaporators we have now completed a $36 million fluidized bed upgrade to our power boiler to enhance energy and generate clean power. We are now one of the largest independent producers of renewable electricity in BC.


Operating in a flexible work environment, the successful candidate must hold inter-provincial qualifications with industry-related experience and practical knowledge including lubrication and hydraulics. Vibration analysis skills would be an asset. Candidates must also demonstrate the ability to participate in multi-discipline maintenance activities. Preference will be given to candidates with strong communication and computer skills as well as experience in industrial preventative maintenance and reliability processes.


Operating in a flexible work environment, the successful candidate must hold inter-provincial qualifications in Industrial Instrumentation with industry-related experience and practical knowledge including direct experience with DCS, PLC’s, electronic controls, analytical instrumentation and similar equipment in Kraft Pulp Mills and Paper Machines. Candidates must also demonstrate the ability to work within a flexible work environment, and participate in multidiscipline maintenance activities. A technologist diploma in a related discipline or a Canadian trades qualification in a related trade would be a definite asset.


Under the direction of the Kraft Mill Superintendent, you will lead our pulping operations employees to safely and efficiently operate the chip supply, fibreline and pulp machine. Highly motivated and experienced in mill operations or maintenance, you ideally bring heavy industry supervisory experience and a team approach to meeting operational needs. Your skill-set, when combined with your exceptional commitment to safe working habits, relevant computer skills and strong writing and communications abilities, more than support your degree or diploma in a pulp and paper related field.


Under the direction of the Power & Recovery Superintendent, you will lead our Power & Recovery employees to safely and efficiently operate the Power & Recovery Plant including meeting Environmental Permits. The Power & Recovery Shift Supervisor will work with maintenance and operations teams to ensure the achievement of MBOS objectives including safety, involvement, production, cost and other joint objectives. The preferred qualifications are 2nd Class Steam Ticket, although we will consider individuals who hold their 3rd Class Steam Ticket and are working towards their 2nd Class Steam Ticket, plus five years of related experience. Please submit your written application, stating position title and outlining your qualifications for the position, before Friday, November 16, 2012 to: Employment Coordinator, Human Resources Dept. Howe Sound Pulp & Paper Corporation Email: We thank all applicants for their interest; however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted. Our setting, in Port Mellon on BC’s beautiful Sunshine Coast provides employees with an outstanding quality of life. To learn more about the Sunshine Coast, visit Relocation assistance will be provided in addition to a competitive salary and benefits package.

Art & Collectibles NEW Teak patio furniture. Folding chair $79, Folding table $299, Ext. table $750. 604-834-1399

ROYAL Doulton Daisie Bunnykins Figure 1972 Lions Gate Hospital Thrift Shop 128 West 15th Street, North Vancouver Call: (604) 987-5938


Burial Plots

Above Ground plot in a mausoleum $29,000. Located in prestigious Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Burnaby. Above ground, plot in a garden mausoleum setting. Permits burial for family of four. Incls two exterior decorative vases. Priced at market value. 604-272-7250 or 604-874-2423

FOREST LAWN SideXside plots, WHISPERING PINE, LOT #114, GRAVES #7 & 8. $30,000 or best offer. Call: 604-298-0459 FOREST LAWN CEMETERY PLOT, Ascension section $7900 obo. Call 604-987-2948 2 SXS Burial Plots in Valley View Memorial Gardens, Garden of Last Supper area. Price includes plot, vault, and opening and closing for each site. Asking $7000 each. Call: (778) 5740717 email:


Audio/Video/ Computers

SONY LAPTOP, 2.5 years old, $500 obo, 604-986-5755


Food Products

BOB’S FRUIT STAND 3711 Delbrook. Last day Nov 4th Thank you for your patronage


For Sale Miscellaneous

52' Young Chang upright piano $1600, Conn Trumpet $300, Blue Retro Couch & Rocker $60, 9’x10’ indian rug $60, 604-990-7700 Arabic port new typewriter $175, singer electric new sewing mach $200, canvas extend chairs $50, mens new suits $150 604-985-1968

DESK AND swivel chair, solid oak, $200. Faux green leather sofa bed, $225. Baycrest sewing machine, almost new $80. Exercise bike, Energetix, like new $80. 604-926-2846 HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best Price, Best Quality. All Shapes & Colors Available. Call 1-866-652-6837 HP COLOUR laser printer $75, Illuminite speakers 3 way, 150 watt 2 sets $50, samsung printer cartridge new $20, antique safe $950, handpainted wood art + more home decor onyx & brass handcarved articles indoor/ garden items. 604-922-8141 Looking for something truly unique & original? Purchased overseas, solid teak, intricately hand carved, extensively detailed 5pc living rm showcase ste, suitable for rustic resort or spac. home. $12,000 or highest offer. Consider part trade for newer vehicle w/low km’s. 778-241-5477




A CLEAN DRY SPLIT Maple, birch, alder. Guar lowest prices. David 604-926-0014 24H

Queen size BR ste, 5 pc, no mattress $395. Kitchen tble & 6 chrs $350. TV stand w/glass drs $75, all obo, 604-940-2906 TABLE, SOLID pine picnic style, bench, 4 chairs $350. Maple Rocker $50, Antique pine hutch $900, 604-729-4043



45.5 INCH round glass table top, white with windows ext door: 30'x70', bed frame, brown desk: 30'x60', must pickup, 604-929-5724

4 P/B European, German Shepherds puppies, CKC+shots Classic colors/lrg parents. ready in 3 weeks $1000. 604-538-4883

PUGS 8 WEEKS Rare Brindle color Pugs $650. Call: (604) 820-8108

CKC CHOCOLATE lab 2 puppies ready Nov 3rd. Exc pets. 1st shots included, $1000. 604-454-8643

LOVESEAT & couch, green, good condition, you pick up. Call 604-987-2311 PINE VENEER desk (32'x63'). w/detachable bookshelf hutch. Free for pick up. Call 604-985-5570 STUDENT DESK, free for pick up 604-985-5052 UPRIGHT PIANO, circa 1930's, needs a little TLC. Free for pick up. Call 604-985-3836


Wanted to Buy

* DANISH * style teak furn & items. Ok if refinishing & repair needed. 604-773-5218 Thank You very much. Cash Paid !


All types wanted, estates, collections, single items, military. We handle all paperwork and transportation. Licensed North Shore dealer. 604-960-0045 WANTED: JUICER.. Got one sitting in a cupboard and you don’t use it anymore? I’m Interested in buying a good used Single Auger or Vertical Juicer - Omega 8004 or HD 350 - 604-926-2970


Music/Dance Instruction


Registered Music Teachers Professional, Qualified Instruction in Piano, Voice, Strings & Wind Instruments

REG/BELGIAN SHEPHERD Malinois pups, top European working bloodlines. Avail mid Nov, vet checked, vac. 1-250-333-8862

Cares! The North Shore News has partnered with the BC SPCA to encourage responsible pet guardianship and the humane treatment of animals. Before purchasing a new puppy, ensure the seller has provided excellent care and treatment of the animal and the breeding parents. For a complete guide to finding a reputable breeder and other considerations when acquiring a new pet, visit



TRUE ADVICE! TRUE Clarity! TRUE PSYCHICS! 1-877-342-3032 or 1-900-528-6256 or mobile # 4486 (18+) $3.19/min.

For NV Call Heidi: 604.980.0337 For WV Call Diane: 604.921.7204


Daycare Centres

Licensed Group Daycare Spaces Avail Now , 12mo - 5 yrs. 22 Yrs Exp. ★604-929-5799★


The Art of Asian Bodycare 604-980-8809 101-1075 Marine Dr, North Van

7010 3507

Body Work




PRETTY CAT. Sweet, tiny, short haired, declawed, spayed. Well loved but needs new home. Free. 604-943-5637


To advertise call


Friday, November 2, 2012 - NorthShore ShoreNews News–- A55 A55 Friday, November 2, 2012 – North




Condos/ Townhouses


SELLING / BUYING COMMERCIAL / RESIDENTIAL EMMERY LEUNG 604-728-7170 Have qualified BUYER! Realtor speaks English, Cantonese & Mandarin. Homeland Realty



PIZZA FRANCHISE QUICK SALE Due to medical reasons. New equip + lease hold improvements. $93,000 interested parties to meet in person. 604-729-4089


Langley/ Aldergrove

REDUCED TO sell 1536sf 3br 2.5ba 1 owner end unit 6 yr old townhome $319K 604-833-4246 see id5549

NICOMECKL RIVER hiking trails nr this1279sf 2br 1.5ba tnhouse w/pool, $224,900 778-240-3699 see id5512


Condos/ Townhouses



For Sale by Owner


For Sale by Owner

NEWTON HUGE 2017sf 3 or 4 br 2.5ba tnhouse w/double sxs garage $393,000 778-218-0389 see id5320

1 BD top floor in Chilliwack granite counters, 9’ ceilings, stack w/d. elec f/p. Secure underground parking. $149,000. 604-795-7367

2BDRM+DEN/2BTH CONDO for Sale Owner must SELL. Helen 604-762-7412 $269,500.See on y/index/id/69236

2BDRM/1.5BTH INVESTMENT Property in Lower Lonsdale. 862sq ft w/ 800sq ft patio. $289,000. Call: (604) 961-4349 THOM CREEK Ranch - House for Sale By Owner. In Chilliwack’s premier retirement complex. 2090 sq ft finished plus 294 unfinished ready to model. In the top row with superb, unspoilable views of the City, mountains and way beyond. Excellent Clubhouse. Friendly neighbours $399,000 negotiable. No HST. 604-824-1892



Maple Ridge/ Pitt Mead.

IMMACULATE 2446SF 4br 4ba t/h. Incredible view, huge master br $414,900, 604-466-3175 see id5226



UPPER LEVEL end unit 1200sf 2br 2ba townhome +55 complex updates $209,900 604-574-3987 see id5616


Port Moody

W.End/Down/ Yaletown

INLET & Mtn views, reno’d 928sf 2 br condo, insuite laundry rentals ok $228,500 604-936-7547 see id4642




S. Surrey/ White Rock


IMMACULATE 984SF 2br condo insuite laundry, mountain view 40+ bldg $95,300 604-703-3839 see id5543

LARGE 2200SF 3br 2.5ba reno’d 3 lvl tnhse w/unique loft on 3rd floor, $269,900 604-799-0213 see id5578


EXECUTIVE LIVING gated 1864sf 4bedroom 2.5bath, main floor master bedroom, 19+ adult complex $568,900 604-575-7636 see id5552

$10K BELOW assessment, 2br+ Den or 3br, 2ba 1083sf condo, Nr SFU $339,900 604-866-7326 see id5557

Coquitlam CLOVERDALE UPDATED 696sf 1br condo, rents for $650 insuite laundry $103,900 604-341-9257 see id5500

PARTIAL OCEAN view, 920sf 2br+den 2ba quiet condo, kids, pets ok. $310,000 778-294-2275 see id5575

HUGE 1200SF 2br 2ba condo Kids, pets ok, 2nd fl with own side yard $285K 604-818-6080 see id5471

To advertise call


Have you ever wondered what the view is like from a birds nest? Watch Eagles soar and salmon spawn in this breathtaking peaceful location! Enjoy entertaining perched above the Capilano river 20,000+ sq ft lot, this home has over 2400 sq ft of living. Wonderful open main floor plan w/vaulted ceilings and wall to wall windows. 3 beds, 2.5 baths, 2 f/p and 1000 sq feet of sundecks & patios to capture the essence of West Coast Living at the water’s edge. Walk to Edgemont Village, in the #1 Handsworth School catchment, mins to Downtown & Whistler Sea to Sky Hwy.

West Van DUNDARAVE HOUSE 2 stories, 4 BR, 4bath, office, lrg kitchen/fam rm, 3 car heated garage, nr shops/schls, beach, 4100sf, lot 8119sf, great value, $2,388,000. 604-730-9912


place ads online @

GUILDFORD 650SF 1br 3rd fl condo, pool, exercise rm, party rm etc, $213,900 778-834-8224 see id5576

PARTIAL OCEAN view, large 1270 sf. 2 br + den 2 ba in a +45 building $295,000. 778-809-0769 see id5574

6 BDRM 4 bth, 4294 sq ft home w/ legal suite. Situated on lge lot with unbelieveable view. Many new upgrades & special features. $566,900. Call 604-751-1465 ID#149399



AT ASSESSED value 2200sf 5 br 2.5ba backing onto greenbelt suite pot $379,900 604-557-2205 id5618

REAL DEPARTURE Bay-No steep stairs on cliff front. Just 2 blks to sandy, usable beach. 8 min to ferry, shopping closer. 2,600 sq ft, 2 bdrm suite, active views, 3 full baths, sep. laundries. Oversize corner lot w/ access to RV pad behind house. $439,000. Drive by 2895 Fairbanks (cnr Bay St.) Nanaimo. View by appointment. 250-585-1111, 250-729-7420

EAST, STUNNING Mt Baker view 2850 sf 5br 3ba bungalow, mn flr Master, $454,900 250-656-0549 see id5456

SOLD - SAVED $15,000 in commission ID # 149873

4 BDRM 3 bth 2300 sq ft finished living area. Backs onto K-12 Unity Christian School. $360,900. Call 604-701-1820 ID# 149592

AGASSIZ NEW 2350sf 3br 2.5 Bath, high end finishing, huge master $369,900 604-614-1489 see id5603

VENDOR FINANCING @2.95% 900sf shop, sub dividable 1.213 acre + Superior 3357sf – Energy Efficient home c/w legal coach house suite – Little Mountain $799,500 604-792-5063 see id5620

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ATURDAY SSaturday, ATURDAY, NNovember OVEMBER OVEMBER 5th 43THRD 8:30am-3:00pm 8:30 AM - 3:00PM

West Van United Church 2062 Esquimalt Ave. West Vancouver


Garage Sale

WEST VANCOUVER, ESTATE SALE 2916 Altamont Crescent Saturday November 10, 10 AM - 3 AM, Sunday November 11, 10 AM - 3 AM, Paintings, Anitques & Furnishings. Rain or Shine.

To advertise call:


Garage Sale

North Van HUGE GARAGE SALE at Sea Cadet Hall Sun, Nov 4th, 9am- 2pm 1555 Forbes & W 16th St South side of Mahon Park New & used items. Rent a table for $20. 604-987-1514


LEGALS Legal/Public Notices


HUGE 2650SF 4br 3.5ba 2 yr old 3 level tnhse, double sxs garage rec room $649,500 604-560-4109 see id5555


3225 CAPILANO Cres. North Van.




Difficulty Making Payments?

WALNUT GROVE $435,000. TOWNHOME, End Unit Private Greenbelt Lot 2000 Sq.Ft. 3Bed 3.5 Bath To View 604-838-5958

FORECLOSURE SALE Distress sale. Receive free list w/Pics $2 Mill and up. www.VancouverLuxury




STEVESTON VERY large 1284 sf 2br 2ba top fl condo amazing mtn views, $455K 604-618-8362 see id5376


SURREY CENTRE ½ block to mall, skytrain, SFU, 668sf 1br+ den $227,900 604-572-9095 see id5609

New Westminster

TOP FLOOR quiet side of bldg 650sf 1br+den condo nr Hosp, & Sky train $249K 778-241-4101 see id5580

NR EDMONDS sk/train stn. 788sf 2br 2ba condo across from Taylor pk $388,900 604-764-8384 see id5571




HIGHGATE RIDGE 1 level ground fl tnhse, 845sf 2br 2ba w/lge backyd $420K 604- 376-7652 see id5550

★ WE BUY HOMES ★ Damaged Homes! Pretty Homes! Any Condition! No Fees! No Risk! Quick Cash! Convenient! Private! (604)- 626-9647

Houses - Sale / 604-786-4663

NEWTON UPDATED 1007sf 2br ground lvl, private entry, insuite laundry, $196,900 604-592-2991 see id5598

IMMACULATE TOP fl 963sf 2 br condo, insuite laundry, +55 building, $124,900 604-309-3947 see id5565

TOP FLR 762sf 1br condo, in-ste laundry, 45+ building Mt. Baker view $89,000. 778-822-7387 see id5553

MISSION 3 br 1900 sf, many reno’s incl new roof 4 car gar +1600 sf shop $635,000. id# 81322

6020-02 RENO’D 770SF 1 BR 2nd fl with new appls insuite laundry, pets kids ok $171,500 604-530-6247 see id5584

Real Estate


No Equity? Expired Listing? Penalty? We Take Over Payments! No Fees!

Condos/ Townhouses


Houses - Sale



GUILDFORD QUIET 905sf top fl 2br condo, recent flooring paint etc $179,500 604-496-3397 see id5593


NOTICE is given that creditors and others having claims against the Estate of JANET MARY WRIGHT, also known as Janet Wright and Janet M. Wright, deceased formerly residing at 404-1480 Duchess Avenue, West Vancouver, BC V7T 2W2 who died on September 9, 2012 at Vancouver, British Columbia are hereby notified pursuant to section 38 of the Trustee Act (British Columbia) that particulars of their claims should be sent to BMO Trust Company, Executor of the Will of the deceased at 9th Floor, 595 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC V7X 1L7 attention Ms. Theresa MacKinnon before December 15, 2012 after which date the Executor will distribute the estate among the parties entitled to it having regard only to the claims of which they have notice. BMO TRUST COMPANY, Executor of the Will of Janet Mary Wright


Community Centre Renewal – Loan Authorization Bylaw No. 452, 2012 Notice is hereby given that Council, at the Regular Meeting held October 1, 2012, passed 3rd reading of “Community Centre Renewal – Loan Authorization Bylaw No. 452, 2012” for the purpose of borrowing up to $700,000 with a maximum repayment term of 20 years. The funds will be used for the renewal of the Village Community Centre. Pursuant to the Community Charter, Council may adopt Bylaw No. 452 unless, by the deadline set out below, at least 10% of the electors sign the Alternative Approval Process elector response form indicating that Council must obtain the assent of the electors before proceeding with the adoption of the bylaw. The deadline for receiving signed Alternative Approval Process elector response forms at the Village Office is 4:00 pm Tuesday, December 4, 2012. Alternative Approval Process elector response forms will be accepted only if they are in the form establish by the Village of Lions Bay. The forms are available at the Village Office and the Village website, starting on Friday, October 26, 2012. The elector response forms must be submitted to the Secretary-Treasurer at the following address: Attn: Secretary-Treasurer PO Box 141 400 Centre Road Lions Bay, BC V0N 2E0 The only persons entitled to sign the Alternative Approval Process elector response forms are the electors of the Village of Lions Bay. The eligible voters in the Village total 1,072 of which 10% represents 107 being the number of elector responses required to prevent Council from proceeding without the assent of the electors. Project drawings and other information about the Community Centre Renewal are available at the Village Office. For more information on the alternative approval process, please contact the Village Office at (604)921-9333. Farouk Zaba Secretary-Treasurer, Village of Lions Bay

A56 - Friday, November 2, 2012 A56 -–North NorthShore ShoreNews News – Friday, November 2, 2012

REAL ESTATE cont. from previous page


Houses - Sale



Houses - Sale


Langley/ Aldergrove


Houses - Sale


CULTUS LK gardener’s dream 1160 sf 2 br 1.5 ba rancher, a/c 50+ complex $68K 604-858-9301 see id5400

CAMPBELL VALLEY Park 5 acres, executive estate home 6162 sq ft, 8 bdrms, 5.5 bths, carriage-house garage, 2 suites, barn, board-fenced $1,498K Call 604-880-0462 see ID:76465

GAY ST Fort Langley. SOLD by Owner using Saved Commission – You can too. Call Rod 604-626-6027 :

UPDATED 4541SF 7br 5½ba on large 8264sf lot, basement suite, $819,000 604-805-6614 see id5604


PRICE REDUCED, 1280sf 3br 1.5ba ½ duplex, large 4480sf lot $229,900 604-792-9287 see id5511


SOUTH LANGLEY double-wide mobile home, 1152 sq ft. 2 bdrms, wheelchair access, Club house & gym in park. $73,500. Call 604-533-3149 ID 76149



Houses - Sale



Lots & Acreage


Out Of Town Property


OFFERED AT assessed value 1000sf 3br 2ba home on huge 10,000sf lot $414K 778-859-0717 see id4272

RANCH PARK 3136sf 7br 3.5ba fabulous vu, below assessment on CDS $699K 604-498-2616 see id5595

Ladner/ South Delta

W. LADNER ½ block from the Fraser Riv,1600sf 3br character home, $545,000 604-617-3748 see id5599

56 AVE Langley – 2 bdrm condo. SOLD by Owner using Saved Commission – You can too. Call Rod 604-626-6027:

ALDERGROVE, 710 sq ft, 2 bdrm mobile home with nice addition. Rear deck, yard and storage shed only $25,000. Call 604-607-0519 see ID 76519

ALDERGROVE SXS DUPLEX 80K below assessment. $3K/mo rent $527,900 firm 604-807-6565 see id3428

CLOVERDALE 3850SF 6br 5ba 3lvl 2/suite potential on 1/2ac GD lot, $819,900 778-549-2056 see id5564

E. NEWTON 4000sf 8br 5.5ba 2 yr old 3 level home w/3 br bsmt suite $699K 778-895-8620 see id5628


FLEETWOOD ACROSS from School, reno’d 2600sf 6br 5ba w/suites $579K 604-434-3482 see id5577

BUENA VISTA Ave White Rock Spectacular view building lot with older 2 bdrm rental home $879,000 Call 604-837-5373 id: 77100

WALNUT GROVE, excellent neighbourhood, beautifully updated, 3605 sq ft, 5 bdrms, 3.5 bth $719,900. Call 604-888-5394. id:76394 CEDAR HILLS 2140sf 5br 2ba w/bsmt suite, huge 7200sf lot, updates, $549K 778-320-7506 see id5568

WILLOUGHBY NEW 3034sf 6br 5ba w/legal 2br basement suite quiet cr, $599,900 604-649-6030 see id5607

2490 CALEDONIA, North Van OPEN Sat 1-4pm, Sun 1-3:30pm or by appointment. One of the Best Views in Deep Cove - $1,390,000 Beautiful 3 bedroom cedar home with stunning, pristine 240 degree views over Deep Cove and 2 marinas. 3 floors on rare, landscaped 10,000 sq ft lot with stream. 350 sq ft deck. $2,100 mth luxury suite to help pay the mortgage. Steps to the forest trail, Deep Cove and just 20 mins to Downtown. Lovingly renovated Call Deanna 778-829-6993

Vancouver East Side

Other Areas BC

FLEETWOOD RENO’D 2140sf 4br 3ba, large 7100sf lot, bsmt suite $559,000 604-727-9240 see id5617

CHIMNEY HTS 3600sf 7br+den 6ba w/2 suites quiet cul-de-sac 4600sf lot $669K 604-866-3515 see id5597

GUILDFORD MAGNIFICENT 4952sf 10br 6.5ba back on creek, main floor master br, $789K 604-581-5541 see: id5506

GUILDFORD NEW 4889sf 9br 6½ ba, main fl br, 2 suites river +mtn vu $899,900 604-649-6030 see id5610

Back on the market at reduced price $525,000 USD!

PRINCETON, BC 15.78 acres Panoramic views, hydro, well, pumphouse, & septic installed. $384,900. 1-250-295-1811

CHIMNEY HTS like new 4100sf 8br 6ba w/main floor bedroom, 2 suites, $649K 604-441-9652 see id5563

NEWTON NEW 2200sf 5br 3.5ba ½ duplex with 2br bsment suite $475K incl. HST 604-728-1419 see id5591

CLAYTON IMMACULATE 3523 sf 5br 3.5ba w/bsmt suite across from park $648K 604-575-7636 see id5551

QUEEN MARY large 3700sf 7br+ den 5ba on 7869sf lot, 2br side suite $739,000 778-688-3621 see id5615

* 2,750 sqft./ on .95 acres* * 3 Bedrooms * 3.25 Bathrooms * Oversized 2 Car Garage * Carport & Outbuilding * Drive onto Beautiful Samish Island, near Bellingham, WA., to this custom Craftsman home with 25 feet of waterfront with adjacent road access. Park like setting. Two level exotic wood deck with views of Padilla Bay. Master with high ceilings, walk in closet, attached bath and solid Carerra marble surfaces. Office/ den plus 2 bonus rooms. Extensive hardwoods, solid fir doors, walk-in pantry, plenty of indoor storage, maple cabinets. For more information pls call:

Robert & Nancy Chaney, (for sale by owners) 9418 Marshall Rd, Bow, WA



Industrial/ Commercial

108 - 185 FORESTER ROAD. N. Van. Prime office/light industrial, highly visible, facing DOLLARTON HIGHWAY, 820SF, 604-984-0836

SURREY TYNEHEAD 1ac dev. ppty into 5.5 lots starting Jan 2013, $1,399,000 604-951-8777 see id5566


Mobile Homes

HOPE, PRICE reduced, large 2376sf 3br + den 3.5ba on .23 acre lot, large workshop, view, solarium $299,900 604-869-7554 see id4889

ABBOTSFORD 1100SF 2br 2ba double wide, must be moved off site $20K OBO 604-850-6498 see id5315 Ocean Front Lux Contemp. private home on 2.73 AcresQuadra Island. 250-884-0000

COMMERCIAL/RESIDENTIAL 2300sf home w/suite above 3 Comm units $985K 604-882-6788 see id5533

CHILLIWACK MUST be moved 1130sf 2br 2ba mobile w/2 addItions $10,000obo 604-795-7570 id5612

6040 INVESTMENT PPTY 2800sf 6br 4ba w/2 suites, rent $2,650 .5ac lot, $485,000 604-809-1177 see id5205

CRANBROOK 2060SF 4br 3ba reno’d home w/side suite on 2 lots $239,900 778-887-4530 see id5304

LANGLEY BUILD your dream home, secluded 5 ac view ppty, well inst $649,900 604-825-3966 see id4513

VCR - Killarney clear title property approx 37x103, mins to bus, skytrain, schools, rec ctre, 10 min to downtown. 604-619-0964 *604-916-5104

HOPE, FISHERS dream 1850sf 4br 2ba rancher on lg ½ ac lot mtn vu $287,900 604-869-3119 see id5611

WALNUT GROVE, desirable location, elegent 3 stry, 3372 sq ft, 6 bdrms, 4 baths, $718,900. Call 604-250-6978. See id:76978

North Vancouver

INVESTOR ALERT Clayton 1.27 acre ppty w/1944sf 3br 2.5ba home $1,299,000 778-574-2519 see id5613

OPEN HOUSE Sat/Sun May 12 & 13th, 10am - 2pm, 2396 East 39th Ave. 50x140 lot, 1,050 sqft bungalow, asking $1.2 mllion.


GUILDFORD 1900SF 3br 2ba w/basement suite on huge 8640 sf lot, $489,000 604-613-1553 see id5608

1.6 ACRE OCEAN VIEW PROPERTY, in Town, Sointula, Malcolm Island, N.Vanc Island. Assessed $132,000, Sell $129,500. 5 pm 604-628-4592


LANGLEY NR town fully reno’d 2474sf home on 5ac ppty, bsmt suite $1,270,000 604-825-3966 see id5582

SOUTH LANGLEY Mobile Home SOLD by Owner using Saved Commission – You can too Call Rod 604-626-6027 : BOLIVAR HTS beautifully updated 1600sf 3br rancher, 7830 sf view lot $399K 778-394-0228 see id5562

CHILLIWACK BUILD 5000sf Home, 10,742sf serviced flat bldg lot $279K 604-798-5050 see id5536

CUSTOM BUILT, 2200sf, 3BR+ den, 2.5 bath, new fixtures, 7300sf lot, $659K, 604-943-9600



18983-72A AVE Surrey, 1321 sq ft 2 brdm, 2 bath t/h in well managed complex, extensive upgrades, $314,000. Call 778-571-1544 See ID: 76544


TYNEHEAD 3800SF 5br 4.5ba executive home 12,077sf lot, with side suite, $850K 604-575-7311 see id5350


SOUTH LANGLEY Immaculate 1042 Sq Ft 2 bdrm mobile home, 55 yrs+ park, RV parking, low pad rental $87,900. 604-514-5059 ID 76059

Langley/ Aldergrove

32A AVE, Aldergrove. SOLD by Owner using Saved Commission – You can too Call Rod 604-626-6027

CLOVERDALE 3765SF 4br 3.5ba, on quiet CDS, suite potential in basement, $575K 604-619-0603. See: id5559

22351 SHARPE Ave Richmond, 3 storey, 2425 sq ft, 5 bdrm, 4 bath Set up to have a suite, $778,000. Call 778-835-0019 see ID: 76019




Port Moody

OCEANFRONT 4700SF 5br 3½ bath main fl br, 6286sf lot, suite potenl $1,949,000 604-469-1813 see id5606



Houses - Sale


CHILLIWACK LK 1250sf rancher w/guest cabin, .5 ac lot, 2km to lake, pool $360K 604-824-5687 see id5561


North Delta


Okanagen/ Interior

NORTH VAN Prime area, corner of Lonsdale/Esplanade, 2199sf, + mezzanine, zone retail/comm, 3 parking stalls, fixtured luxury office. $2.5M, 604-984-0836 LIVE ON Mayne Island 2 lots,one Turn Key house all for $380.000, 250-539-5011 mayneislandhome/

VANC DNTOWN medical office 672sf+188sf common area near St Pauls hp $375K 604-572-2785 see id5509


Lots & Acreage

AFFORDABLE CULTUS Lake Property, $195K, info at: 604-218-2077

MERRITT HERITAGE style 3070 sf 4br 5ba on 9.9ac lot detached shop, view $949K 250-378-8857 see id5592

SPECTACULAR ISLAND VIEWS (10) San Juan Islands, Anacortes - Biz Pt. $899,000 USD 4,100 sq.ft. on .5 acres, 5 br with in-suite bath, oversized 4 car garage 38’ long x 16’ High RV garage. Custom home ICF exterior walls, geothermal heat system. MLS# 313575 Alan Weeks 3688 Birch Way, Anacortes, ZIP 98221-8440 (425)691-9515

604-630-3300 •

Friday, November 2, 2012 - NorthShore ShoreNews News–- A57 A57 Friday, November 2, 2012 – North


Out Of Town Property

Real Estate Investment


Recreation Property


Recreation Property


CULTUS LAKE beautiful year round RV site grt location, low fees, all ament., $117,500. 1-604-795-9785

NANAIMO, OCEAN View 1283sf 3br 2ba 4yr old home on .11 ac lot $319,900 604-308-8266 see id5556

PORT ALBERNI reno’d 2000 sf 5br 2 ba with 2 br basement suite 2 laundries $210K 604-542-1995 see id5537

Real Estate Investment


LANGLEY RENOD sxs duplex +1/2ac lot, rental income $2,200 /month $479,900 604-807-6565 see id3186

★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Exclusive & Private Lake Shore Cottage, for all info: $329,000 ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ TRIPLEX- SOINTULA B&B Guest House, Malcolm Island, N.Vancouver Island. New reno, on view half acre. cost $900,000, sell $525,000. 5pm 604-628-4592

Recreation Property


90FT WATERFRONT, Sointula Guest Beach House Malcolm Is. N. Vanc Is. 2 BR, water, sewer, hydro. $229K. 604-628-4592

3 BR, lrg kitchen/lving room, 1300sf seasonal, Gambier Isl. Sea Ranch $325K 604-266-6191


Apartments & Condos


North Van Apt. Rentals


Apartments & Condos


North Van Apt. Rentals


City & Mtn. Views. Includes heat & hot water. Pool, Jacuzzi, sauna & tennis courts on site. Security & video monitoring. On major bus route.

RENTALS 604-980-3606

1 BR, 2 BR’s, view, avail Now. 1 year lse, 125 West 19th, N/S, No Pets, coin w/d, 778-554-0537 1 BR $900, south balcony, new hardwood floors, heat/hotwater, N/S N/P, 604-904-9507 1 BR avail Now, New reno’d, h/w flrs, $1050/mo, cntrl Londs, ns/np, incls ht & h/water, 604-617-3602 1 BR suite 12th/St Georges, just reno’d, priv ent, ns/np, $975 inc heat & hot water, 604-988-4692 1BR, 2BR & 3BR lrge bright, mtn /waterview, 300 block W 4th fr $900 incls ht & h/w 604-725-4873 1BR $860 Cntrl Lonsdale, wlk up 2nd flr, large, incld heat & hw, np, ns, avail Nov 1st, 778-889-4719 1BR W. 20th & Lonsdale, heat, hw & prkg, no pet, ns, Dec 1st refs req’d. 604-960-0452

2 BR large, bright, $1200, Dec 1st, h/w floors, heat, howater, storage, N/P, 215 E 12th 604-971-2456 2 BR, Lynn Valley, large $1195, Nov 15 or Dec 1. Parklike Setting, Outdoor Pool, Playground. drapes, heat & prkg. incld. 1 yr lease. no pets 1228 Emery Pl. 604- 987- 4922


Apartments & Condos


North Van Apt. Rentals

Beautiful views. Indoor pool. Heat & Hot Water included.

Call 604-986-3356


West Van Apt. Rentals

Bright 1 BR $950, incl ht/hw prkg, hw flrs, balc, quiet bldg, E 21st, avail Dec 1st, np, 604-990-4088 CENTRAL LONSDALE 1 BR patio, d/w, Immed, cat ok $1050. 604-925-8824 DEEP COVE Furn 1 Br apt in Ravenwoods complex. Incls queen size bed, full kitchen, flat screen tv, internet, enste w/d & sectional couch. Quiet area, Dogs welcome. $1600. Avail Now. 604-339-4099 Large Bach upper Lonsdale, $770 incl heat/hw, hardwood, N/S adult bldg, Dec 1, 604-202-3458 LYNN VALLEY 2 BR, hardwood, cat/sm dog ok, avail now $1150. 604-925-8824

1775 Bellevue Avenue HOLLYBURN PLAZA

2 BR suites available Nov 1st starting at $1900. Beautifully renovated units with ocean or mountain views, 900sq.ft., hardwood floors & DW. Prestigious building steps from all amenities & Ambleside Beach. Sorry, No Pets. Call 604-922-4724 to view.

MOUNTAIN VILLAGE APTS 2 BR avail Now/Nov 1st, Call 604-988-3828 Spacious reno’d 1 br, avail now, inc heat, h/w, gtd prkg avail, $950, ns/ns West 5th. 604-983-9469

Bright clean apts - Lynn Valley 1 BR carpet or laminate $970 Heat hw incld, Avail now. Coin laundry, NS, 1 cat ok, u/g prkg extra, on site Manager, Call Diana 604-980-9219


& Finishing Carpentry • Fix furniture & cabinetry • Shelving, baseboards, mouldings • Upholstery and more

LINDELL BEACH - Cultus Lake 2 bd, 2 bth, extensively reno’d 1905 sq ft home. Asking below assessed value $495,000. 604-716-4258 ID# 149728

OCEAN FRONT boat access only 2 yr old 1600sf 3br 2.5ba 30min from W Van $799K 778-998-9141 see id5424


Empty your Garage Fill Your Wallet

MAKE IT A SUCCESS! Call 604-630-3300


Apartments & Condos


West Van Apt. Rentals


1 BR (Avail Now & Nov 1) & 2 BR (Avail Now), Mnt/Ocean views, incl. heat & h/w. Tennis courts, indoor pool, saunas, exercise & games rooms. Walk to beach & shops. No Pets.


Park Royal Towers 1BR (700-770 sq.ft.) 2 BR (1070 sq. ft.) 3 BR (1370 sq. ft.) Penthouse (1650 sq. ft.)

Spectacular City & Ocean Views! Huge Balconies Walk to Shops & Transit Hardwood Floors Gym, Swimming Pool

935 Marine Drive

2 BR 1 bath, Ambleside, $1535 incls heat, basic cable & prkg, avail now, no pet, 1 yr lease 604-925-8824 WWW.EASYRENT.CA, id#1157, 2548 Lawson Ave 1 BR, 2 bath, side ste, 880sf, 6 appls, patio, hw flrs, great view, $1675/mo, No Pets, Nov 1, 604-662-3279

1550 Duchess Ave, W. Van. Studio & 1 Br avail Move-in Bonus Fitness rm out door pool, nr shops, transit & Seawall. 1 yr lease, N/pets. Heat, hw incl’d. Member of Crime Free Multi-Housing Program. 604-922-4322 PACIFICANA 1480 Esquimalt Ave. 1 bach, ocean views, dw, n/p, n/s avail now. By appt. 604-921-7800



Furnished Accommodation

1 BDRM & bath, $875 inc utils, shar’d ldry, ns, np, suit 1, Queensbury Keith, NOW 604-986-8443 1 BR + office nook, furnished, new laminate, paint, equip kitchen, priv ent on main lvl, w/d, hydro, great patio, some view, East 2nd, $1200, 604-990-0981 4 BR, 4 bth, Dundarave (W Van) new furnished 3 yr old house, panoramic VIEW, sound system, near schools, shops & seawalk. $5900. Avail now 778-332-1688

Indoor/outdoor pools. Fitness centre & billiard room, no smoking 2222 Bellevue Ave. To view: 604-926-0627

EXP RELIABLE Cleaning Lady. Exc long term ref’s. Call Helen 604-616-2189

Orchid Cleaning Ltd. Comm & Res. Start at $18/hr. 16 yrs exp. Bonded, insured. 778-829-9546

A TICKETED CARPENTER Windows, doors, int. finishing, WCB. Sean 604-290-5994



★ ALL CARPENTRY ★ Your # 1 Choice! 604-990-9185

CONCRETE FORMING & Concrete Work & Framing. Small & big jobs. John 604-562-1122

CARPENTRY, ADDITIONS, decks, 32 yrs exp, licensed. Call Ken, Cell: 604-928-3270

N.C.B. CONCRETE LTD. Specializing in residential concrete. Repair, removal and new installation. Patio specialists. 604-988-9523, 604-988-9495

*STRUCTURAL CHANGES*, framing, finishing, repairs. Professional & precise, 778-233-0559




Need help with your Home Renovation?

✫✫A CLEAN SWEEP ✫✫ Reliable Housecleaning service. 778 836-9970 ✫✫ 604 987-9970


Furnished Accommodation

HOMAWAY INNS Specializing in furn accom at reas rates. call 604-723-7820 or visit


Houses - Rent

2 LVL attractive Calverhall view home, 7 appl, h/wood, lrg kitchen up small down, sunroom, rec room 2-3 br up, 1 down, 2 fp, pet OK, ns, $2500/mth 604-929-6849 3 BR + DEN, contemporary, 2 bath, 5 appls, gas f/p, new reno, nr schools/shops, Seymour area, np ns, Dec 1. $2200. Ref’s 604-220-0595


WEST SIDE DRAINAGE & SEWER 15% OFF - 604-722-1105

$20/HR. Quality House cleaning. 604-983-3477

Find it in the Classifieds!



3BDRM/ 2BATH BRITISH PROPERTIES! Fabulous newly renovated home! Never rented out. Brand new Kitchen & Baths. Downtown views and Pool. Priced to rent out quickly. Available Monthly or Lease. Small Pets OK. $2,499 Monthly. Call: (778) 240-9132 email:

4 BD 1.5 bth, Dundarave, cls to seawall, shopping, transit, $4000 inc util, avail now 604-729-4007 4 BDRM, 2 bath, 180' VIEW, quiet St, Dundarave, avail Dec 1st, $2950/mnth 604-926-9394 4 BDRM, 2 baths, rec room, hardwood, SS kitchen West Van, Dec 1, $3300/m. 604-925-1728 4 BDRM, 2.5 baths, Montroyal Blvd, all app, np/ns, Refs, Now, 2900+ util 604 922 4854, 7788835865 5 BR, Lions Bay, view, 2.5ba, 3000sf, 6 appls, lrg deck, $2500, ns, pets ok, Now, 604-879-4525 WWW.EASYRENT.CA, id#1187, 4795 Marineview Cresc. 6 bdrm, 4 baths, 2600sf, 7 appls, balc, f/p, hw flrs, great view, $4295/mo, N/P, avail Nov 1, 604-662-3279

DEEP COVE seaside cottage, 2 br, fp, hardwood, lrg deck , garage ns $2375 604-929-5191

Rooms/Suites/Apartments Daily/Weekly/Monthly Rates. N/S 604-988-6082

FAMILY HOME, $2500/mo, 4 BR West 26th North Van, np, ns, view of City/Mnts, 2 BR up, 2 BR down, 1 full kitchen up, 1 bath up/down, 2 gas f/p, lrg covered deck/ carport, lrg f/yard, 1 fridge, 1 stove, 1 d/w, 1 w/d, Nov 15. 604-986-6531



Office/Retail Rent

150sf - 600sf Prime Office Space Avail for Lease. Excellent Rates! Call Jeff or Ross 604-980-3003 700 SQ ft office/retail avail Nov May 2013. $800/mth. Delbrook Plaza, North Van 604-294-6465


Shared Accommodation


North Vancouver

1 BR, ensuite bth, spacious home n/s female. Furn/unfurn, internet, w/d, $595 incl. 604-329-7449 1 ROOM avail Central Lonsdale, furnished, female only, student, $550 incl utils 604-982-0256 SHARE 3 BR furnished house, near bus stop, Cap U & shops, professional or student, avail Nov 1, $480, 604-929-9667 TOP OF Delbrook, N Van, male/ female to share deluxe furn home, w/d, d/w, ph, cable, wifi. Suits work person or student. $600 incl. George 604-988-7820


Suites/Partial Houses

1 BDRM g/l ste, Lynn Valley, nr bus, schl, shops, ns np, utils incl, $850 Avail Nov 15. 604-988-6989 1 BR, 1 bath, detached waterfront ste, Deep Cove, 650sf, lrg deck, NS, small pet ok, $1200 incl utils, ldry, avail Now, 604-929-1964 1 BR + den glvl ste, Ambleside, Brand New, 9ft ceilings, SS appls, inste wd, $1700 incls utils, NS/ NP, avail Now, 604-725-1476 1 BR & office, garden lvl, bright south exp. Sentinel Hill, ns, np, suit 1, $1250 incl, 604-925-1250


ACE DRYWALL. Avail immed. Board, tape, spraytex, repairs. 16 yr exp. No job too small. Mike 604-808-2432, 604-985-4321 AFFORDABLE, Reliable, Quality Guaranteed. Boarding, Taping, Spraytex. Dave 604-984-7476 VINCE’S MAGIC Drywalling & textured ceiling repairs. Bonded 604-307-2295 / 778-340-5208



A LICENSED electrician #19807 semi-retired, small jobs only. 604-689-1747 pgr 604-686-2319 ALL YOUR electrical & reno needs. Lic’d electrician #37940. Bonded & insured 604-842-5276 ALP ELECTRIC #89724 Low price, small job ok. Free ests Satisfaction guar 604-765-3329 DNE ELECTRIC Lic #89267 ALL Your Electrical Needs. Panel Upgrading. Reasonable Free Estimate 604-999-2332 LONSDALE ELECTRIC lic#1756 For All Your Electrical Needs 604-988-7232

cont. on next page


RETIRED WEST Vancouver lady is available to housesit. Animals welcome, criminal record chk. Call for rates/refs. 604-340-4630

1 BDRM unfurnished avail in 2 Bdrm Suite, NV 778-388-4037. Pets OK $650 incl Monthly

A SHORT STAY North Shore & Kitsilano 1 & 2 br + p/house. Renos, families, execs 604-987-2691

Bachelor, 1 Bdrm & 2 Bdrm

CLEANING BY JENNIFER Offices & Homes. Low rates. 14 yrs exp. 604-537-4749

Keen Projects Ltd, Doors to floors, framing to trim. Lic, insured, refs Landon 604-307-5628

Caufeild View, 2000sf open plan, 2 BR +den, 1.5 bath, updated, clean, quiet, Dec 1, ns, pet negot. $2700+utils, 604-926-3630


Meticulous & Trustworthy Cleaning Lady Avail, Excellent Ref’s ★ Call 604-986-7920★

4 BR + den, 3 bth, Grand Blvd (N Van). Furnished 6 yrs old house 4000 sq ft, gourmet kitchen, close to schools, parks & shopping. Avail now $4900. 778-322-1688

The Pink Palace on the Seawall



All Utilities Included



MOUNTAIN COURT APTS, Lynn Valley, 1 Br $1000, 2BR $1300, 3 BR $1550. Hardwood, f/p, incls heat, hw, prkg & cable. Pool, cat ok 604-925-8824


1, 2 & 3 Bdrm. Suites

(Family complex )


Completely Renovated

BLUERIDGE APTS 2 BR, Avail NOW, new reno’s, new cabinets, laminate & tiles, newer appls, prkg, storage, incl heat & hw, playground (Mt Seymour Prkwy). 604-924-3628


2BR $1060, Avail Dec 1st. Heat incl’d, quiet, gated prkg. n/p, view, walk to seabus. 1 year lease 163 West 5th. 604-980-7501

HATZIC LAKE Swans Point, 1 hr from Vanc incl lot & 5th wheel ski, fish, $148,500 604-209-8650 see id5491

1 BR (Immed & Nov 1) NEW LUXURY 2BR 2 Bath 1327 sq.ft., insuite laundry, granite c-tops, high end appliances, dishwasher, natural gas range, electric fireplace, 43’ plasma TV, *No Pets. $2,750/month. Call: (604) 762-2044

2 bdrm $1150 , hardwood, heat/ h/w, Mile E of 2nd Narrows. n/p, refs, Now/Nov 1, 778-320-1554 2 BR, family complex, rec facilities, Westview, w/d, heat, avail Now. ns np. $1450 604-921-4384

HATZIC LAKE 1 hr drive from Vanc, 2 vacant lots 1 is lakefront $70K is for both 604-302-3527 see id5588

Move in Bonus! Vista Del Mar 145 West Keith Road.

INTERNATIONAL PLAZA Bach from $845 1 Bdrm from $1105 2 Bdrm from $1425

CABIN 15 mins SE of Hope BC Surrounded by mountains rivers Tall cedars, trails, clean air. 3 BR, 1.5 ba, 6appls, sleeps 12+ $250K by owner, 604-795-3663


Suites/Partial Houses

1BDRM/1BTH 3800 St. Mary’s Ave. Ground floor suite Nov 1. S/C. Upper Lonsdale, steps from bus route. Prefer a single renter. Quiet neighbourhood, NS, no pets, street parking. W/D, DW, stove, MW, in suite. Very clean, renovated in 2006. Beautiful back yard. Reference required. $1,125 Monthly. Contact Randy (604) 603-3283 2 BR 2 bath, main flr, Central Lonsdale. New baths, flooring, windows, doors & back yard $2500. Lower flr, 1 BR 1 bath $1400 also reno’d. 604-603-4111 2 BR bsmt suite above ground, 1100sf, own wd, fp, Dollarton area, cov’d prkg, ns, $1300, Dec 1st. 604-728-6962 2 BR grnd lvl, 5 appl, ns np, nr Lonsdale $1100 inc utils. Avail NOW 604-773-9565 or 604-980-6849

2 BR grnd lvl, bright, recent reno, share wd, ns, np Grand Blvd ref’s, $1250 inclusive 604-340-5116 2 BR main flr, Central Lonsdale E 20th, own w/d, internet $1300 + 30% utils, ns np, Dec 1. 778-834-7381, 604-971-1871 3 BR Ctrl Lonsdale, cls to everything, bright newly reno, lam flrs, fp, 2 bath, f/yard, deck, storage, 5 appls, ns/np, prkg, Avail Now $2150, 604-369-7780 3 BR, top floor, large living room kitchen, dining rm, 2 bath, 6 appl. 1/2 garage, big back yrd, Grnd Blvd nr schools/hospital, ns, np, $2200+utils. Now 604-985-4263 4 BR + den, 2.5 ba upr ste, Lower Cap, 6 appls, gas fp, 2500sf, $2800 + utils, Now, 604-773-6672 WEST VAN, central, clean, ns/np, furn or unfurn, bachelor, from $895 ref 604-926-6388


Townhouses Rent

2 BR large, nr Edgemont, 1.5 bth, 5 appls, deck by stream, fp, nr bus, ns, no dogs 604-922-9400

Call Today to Place Your Ad in



2 BR AVAIL. Move-in allowance. 5 appls., 1 bath, variable lease term. NP/NS. Rent starts at $1475/mo. Call, 604-986-0511

A58 - Friday, November 2, 2012 A58 -–North NorthShore ShoreNews News – Friday, November 2, 2012

HOME SERVICES cont. from previous page



BEAUTIFUL Cedar Fences. Custom/pre-made. 778-322-8645



PRO GAS - North Shore Gas fireplaces. Repair & safety inspection. 604-925-1341

Flooring/ Refinishing


Hardwood Floor Refinishing Repairs & Staining Installation Free Estimates

Century Hardwood Floors 604-376-7224

Golden Hardwood & Laminate & Tiles. Prof install, refinishing, sanding & repairs. 778-858-7263 INSTALLATION REFINISHING, Sanding. Free est, great prices. Satisfaction guar. 604-518-7508




NO HST! til Nov.15

(max. $400)

• Gutter Installation, Cleaning & Repairs • Roofing & Roof Repairs • Moss Control, Removal & Prevention 25 year Warranteed Leaf & Needle Guard

WCB – Fully Insured 100% Money Back Guarantee





★ Stonework.paving stones ★ Cedar decks/fencing ★ Pergola’s ★ 30 yrs exp Call Danny 604-250-7824

604-876-4604 WEST SIDE GUTTERS 15% OFF 604-722-1105

North Shore Gutters. Sales & Install 5’’ continuous gutter, minor repairs, cleaning. 604-988-5294



20 Years Experience Retaining Walls, Paving Stones, Rock Garden, Fences Water Sprinklers SPECIAL FALL CLEAN-UP (Garden)

Garbage Removal • Deliveries

Design - Consultation- Installation 604-518-5661 GARDEN ER, lawn & garden, mtce, pruning, hedge trimming, garden clean up.... 778-378-8911


Lawn & Garden



Lawn & Garden Maintenance Tree Pruning Hedge Trimming Garden Clean Up Garbage Removal All Your Garden Emergencies & More

778 378 8911


GARDEN SERVICES LTD. Lawn Maintenance, General Clean-Up, Power Raking, Moss Control, Aerating. Trim, Top, Prune. All types of lawn & garden applications. Free Est.

604-726-9152 604-984-1988 Garden Services

Certified Horticulturists Design • Planting • Maintenance Fall Clean-ups. Call Scott.


604-723-2468; Tran the Gardener. New lawns, trimming, weeding, gutters, fall cleanups 604-723-2468

Allwest Garden Service: Lawn maint, A-1 JOB by Arms & Minds Renos Carpentry cabinets, doors, finishing,

Fall Clean up, power wash, debris removal, gutter clean, odd jobs, hedge trim 604-720-6704

floors, drywall, paint Mark 604-761-7745

ABLE RENOVATIONS All home repairs & renos, large & small, North Shore only 604 319-2677 AGRIOS HOME IMPROVEMENT Home Maintenance & Repairs. Experienced, Reliable Service, Reasonable Rates Call Michael – 604 619-1126




GREAT LOOKING Landscapes Full service landscape & garden maint. Call Dave: 604-764-7220 LIONS GATE Landscaping Ltd. Fall clean-up & All garden needs. 604-788-9687 Ny Ton Gardening Yard Clean Up, Prunning, Shrubs, Hedging, Trimming, etc. 604-782-5288 TOP SOIL, sand, gravel, etc. Pick-up or Delivery. Headwater Management, 175 Harbour Ave, North Van 604-985-6667

Don't forget to set your clocks


Furnaces • Boilers • Gas fitting • Heat Pumps • Service & Installation 604-925-1341 •

one hour this

Sunday, Nov. 4th!


Complete Renos & Additions, incl.: Kitchen & Bath Improvements • Roofing • Sundecks • Door & Window Replacements

Bill 604-298-1222

1175 W.15 St. North Van


Licensed & Insured


Give us an estimate and we will beat it!

Call 778.994.5403


est 1981 Expert flat rate piano movers 1,3,5 & 7 ton trucks e-mail for a moving or storage quote

SENIORS - MOVING / DOWNSIZING CAN BE OVERWHELMING Professional organizer helps with: Downsizing, Packing/Unpacking, Moving, Disposing of unwanted items. (Auction or charity) Call Tiffany for a free consultation.



Painting/ Wallpaper


European Journeyman Res./Comm. Since 1982 Fair Rates • References Paul 778-919-2213 A CLEAN PAINT JOB. Quality 1 room from $127. Int-ext, WCB 22 yrs exp. Cell: 604-727-2700 ACCURATE PAINTING - Int & ext, new const. Good prices. 15+ yrs exp. Henry cell 604-754-9661 ARMONIA PAINTING INC 3 rooms = $299 & up Free estimate, 604-247-8888 BRUSH, ROLL, SPRAY. Serving the North Shore 28 years. Shoreline Painters 604-986-2453 DJ PAINTING, Int/Ext. Com/Res. Drywall repair. Free ests. Cell: 604-417-5917, 604-258-7300

Actual Plumbing & Heating, 24/7, Seniors/Military Disc. Lic. & Insured BBB, 604-908-1469



Actual Plumbing Heating & Gas

★ 24 / 7★

❏ Senior’s Discount ❏ Military Discount ❏ Same Day Hotwater Tank ❏ No Job Too Small ❏ Licensed & Insured ❏ BBB

604-908-1469 We accept Visa, MC, Amex

ALL JOBS WELCOME! •Kitchen & Bath • Crown Moldings •Drywall •Painting •Flooring 604-771-2201 or 604-771-5197 All Renovations, Remodelling, Restorations ★ Your # 1 Choice! 604-990-9185

CYHOME SERVICES.COM Int/Ext Renovations Home Repairs • 604-816-6192

Qualified Carpenter, 25 yrs exp, renovations, repairs, insured. WCB, good rates, references. Call James 604-788-8863




NO HST til Nov 15 (max. $400)

• Roofing & Roof Repairs • Duroid, Cedar, Torch-on • Moss Control, Removal & Prevention • Gutter Installation, Cleaning & Repairs

WCB – Fully Insured 100% Money Back Guarantee






26 Years in Business 25 Years workmanship warranty FREE ESTIMATES


604-984-9004 604-984-6560


ROOFING & DRAINS We’ve got you covered

Cedar Shakes Shakes •• Cedar Flat Roofing Roofing •• Flat •• Asphalt Asphalt Shingles Shingles •• Roof Roof Maintenance Maintenance

MATT 604-988-4644 Licensed, Bonded & Insured

★ 3 Licensed Plumbers ★ 66 years of exp. 604-830-6617


PLUMBING & DRAINAGE Licenced Plumber 604-729-6695

LOCAL PLUMBER - Licensed, insured,GASFITTING, renos, Repairs. VISA 604-929-6956 SAVE ON PLUMBING Licensed Plumber/Gas fitter, $68/HR. Same

day service. 604-987-7473 Samy

WESTMOR Plumbing Ltd Res/Com, Professional Service flat rate 7 days/wk 604-551-8531 Free Est - Lic - Ins - Bonded


604-987-ROOF (7663) STORMRIDER ■ ■ ■ ■

Roof Repairs

Concrete Tiles Cedar Shakes Asphalt Shingles Skylights ■ Rain Gutters

Call Malcolm 604-803-2808


604-722-1105 FF 15% O TODAY!



AFFORDABLE QUALITY ROOFING All types. BBB, insured, references. 604-984-6560


All types - Reroofs & Repairs Insured/WCB 778-288-8357

Rubbish Removal

★ Emergency Roof Repair ★ , BC Gov’t Certified Call 778-230-7627 NATE SOLUTIONS: Roof Sealing & de-mossing (warr), gutter cleaning, window cleaning, powerwashing all areas. 604-259-2075

Student Works

Trips start at


B i n s f ro m 5 - 3 0 y a rd s a v a i l .

John 778-288-8009

BIN SERVICES for your Dirt Fill, Rock, Concrete or Asphalt Jobs. ● Load up to 8 c/yd-Demo 20 c/yd Sand, Gravel, Soil, Rock Deliveries

Dalton Trucking 604-986-6944

DAVE’S DISPOSAL SERVICES Fast, dependable. 7 days. Very reasonable. 604-926-5206

8309 NORTH WEST ROOFING Re-Roofing & Repair. WCB & liability insur. Jag, 778-892-1530

ROOFING / Torch-on / Gutter ANY JOB / ANY TIME Call: (604) 240-1850 WEST COAST ROOFING ALL TYPES, RES/COMM Insured Quality Guaranteed Emergency roof repair & instillation Fall Promo 25% off until Nov 30th! 604-773-4451


Rubbish Removal

A RESPONSIBLE NORTH VAN MAN with truck ONLY $25 + dump charges 604-377-3175 ACKER’S RUBBISH REMOVAL Quick. 7 days. Fast & reliable. Spencer 604-924-1511



★All Tiling, Repairs, Remodels Bathrooms, kitchens, patios. Free est. Call Mike 604-761-4448 or PTV TILE RENOVATIONS Ceramic Tile, Porcelain, Slate, Bath reno’s. Santo 778-235-1772


Top Soil


Top Soil, Garden Soil, Fill Soil, Sand, Gravel, and More. Small and Large Deliveries. - Or you can pick up Dump Site for Dirt, Concrete, Asphalt. Dirt,Rock,Demo Bins, U-Load. Recycled Products, Blast Rock, Round Rock, Sorted Rocks


87 Mountain Hwy, N.Van.

Top Soil

Headwater Management

Disposal & Recycling

10% OFF with this ad w w w.student

THE ROOFER (since 1978) Roof tune-up from $149. 24 hr repair. WCB, insured 604-985-1913

Excellent Pro Painting Service 20 yrs exp, refs, warranty. Reas, res/comm Richard 604-618-0205 PAINTING AND WALLPAPER Free Estimate Tel: 604-219-0666


H 604-986-3986 C 604-537-9452

604 987-8655

cleanups, trim, top, prune. All types of lawn and garden apps. 604-716-8479 or 604-984-1988

Tel: 604-219-0666


Renovations & Home Improvement


Moving & Storage




Y.K. Landscaping Co. Ltd.

CAPILANO HANDYMAN Carpentry, Plumbing, Painting, Demolition, Gardening and more


Constructive Landscaping Stonework.paving stones, Cedar decks/fences, Pergola’s. 30 yrs exp. Call Danny 604-250-7824

Call Sukh:

Installed • Cleaned • Repaired


TOP SOIL, SAND, GRAVEL, etc. Pick-up or Delivery 175 Harbour Ave. North Vancouver



Tree Services


Dangerous tree removal, pruning, topping, hedge trimming & stump grinding. Fully insured & WCB

Andrew 604-618-8585



Window Cleaning

North Shore Home Services. Window & Gutter Cleaning, Power Washing. 604-988-5294

Friday, November 2, 2012 - NorthShore ShoreNews News–- A59 A59 Friday, November 2, 2012 – North

9110 9102

Collectibles & Classics

Luxury Cars

Auto Finance

Over 500 Cars Available Through our 9 Dealerships!

Bad, None, or NEW CREDIT?

We Loan Our Own $$$$ Guaranteed Auto Loans Call Bryan 1-888-815-1314

Collectibles & Classics

1964 FORD Falcon 289, auto, 2 door, hardtop, restored, $6,900. 'C plated'. Call 604-585-2397


Motorcycles/ Dirt Bikes

1990 Bentley Mulsanne S Flagship. Mint. 43k. Priv. Sale $25,000. 604 644 6061



POWER MAX AUTO REPAIR From Tire to Engine Rebuild. 234 East Esplanade 604-973-0239


1999 BENTLEY Arnage Stunning sapphire on cream interior. Quick 4.4L twin turbo. Non smoker, No accidents. Mint. Looks new! $44,900. Call 604-889-2525

2001 CORVETTE Z06 black on black, absolute mint cond, 55k. Must sell! $32,000. 604-574-7629


1976 THUNDERBIRD, 1 owner, no accidents, serious inquiries. only. Call 604-465-7997


E-CLASS SNOWS ON ALLOYS 4 Pirelli P 245/45 R 17 Winter tires on Mercedes-Benz alloy wheels. Excellent tread left. Cost over $3000 from MercedesBenz. Will fit Mercedes E class and others. Won’t fit my new car.$1900.

9145 2004 Jaguar X-Type Automatic 93,500 kms Excellent condition. $10,500 Call: (604) 786-0941 email:

Parts & Accessories

Scrap Car Removal

Sport Utilities/ 4x4’s/Trucks

2005 ASTON Martin DB9. 'James Bond style car!' Silver metallic. 23,000 km. 6.0, V12, 450 hp. New tires. 1 owner. You deserve the best! $82,980. 604-781-7614.

1967 AUSTIN Healey BJ8 Mk 3, completely restored. 75K mi, all org. Red Ribbon at All Brit. Field meet. $45,000. 604-987-3993 1997 BUICK Skylark GS, 170,000 km, no accid, clean, runs great, $1500 604-924-2608

#1 FREE Scrap Vehicle Removal Ask about $500 Credit!!! $$ PAID for Some 604.683.2200


1967 DODGE Cornet 500, beautifully restored, $25,500 obo, 604-946-2932, 604-916-9249

2006 Volvo XC70 Automatic 134 K, Local $15,900. Contact Rod @ 604-833-6931

1969 FORD Falcon Futura 302 auto, fully restored, immac paint & body, numerous high performance options. $13,500. Photos at Call 604-307-0201

2007 BMW 525I, black, loaded, leather, sunroof, very clean, 130K, $24,900. 604-999-4097

604-790-3900 OUR SERVIC 2H


Services & Repairs

2011 Dodge Charger SE 1,700 kms. Very cool,mint,smells new! $24,600obo. Gord 778-300-2538

2002 FORD F-150 'XTR' SuperCab; 4x4; New Tires; Boxcover; alloys; Top-model; $8888. One Year Warranty! 6-pass! Auto Depot, 1397 Welch NVan, 604-727-3111

Bring in this ad for a SPECIAL OFFER of

10% OFF



WAS $34,988

WAS $63,998

NOW $33,488

NOW $56,888



Nav, DVD, loaded. Stk 950970

AWD, fully loaded. STK 950850

Loaded, only 73,000kms. STK 245121 WAS $9,900

NOW $6,988

Auto, AWD, sunroof, only 43,000kms. Stk 950222 WAS $29,950

NOW $27,590



WAS $42,900

WAS $35,995

Auto, loaded. STK 951240

AWD, leather, nav, sunroof, only 30,000kms. Stk 950690.

NOW $39,900

NOW $33,198



4cyl, auto, pwr group, loaded.

AWD, leather, sunroof, loaded, only 58,000kms. Stk 951190.

STK 950750 WAS $18,995

2002 Nissan Frontier 4x4 auto V6, 4x4, ext. box, 291,000 km $6,500. Call Gord (604)418-5394

NOW $16,998

WAS $40,995



WAS $49,900

WAS $16,995

4x4, leather, 9 pass, loaded, only 17,000kms. Stk 951110

2002 Nissan Pathfinder 172,000 kms, Chilkoot Edition, power everything, A/C, $6,500 Call: (604) 591-7526

Loaded, only 57,000kms. STK 868022 WAS $18,995

NOW $16,800



WAS $29,900

WAS $11,900

4x4, loaded, only 14,000kms. Stk 951230.

free inspections Tel: 604-973-0239

NOW $13,531



Navigation, sunroof, leather, only 29,000kms. Stk 951160

NOW $38,888

2003 FORD F250 4x4 XL $8500 obo, 187,000 km, auto, 604-323-3662 or 604-315-9384

NOW $38,800

AWD, auto, a/c, pwr group, mint. Stk 950960

NOW $46,888

• From Tire to Engine Rebuild



2001 JEEP Grand Cheroke, silver 250,000 km, new engine, good cond $5000 obo. 604-971-3435


2001 TOYOTA Camry, auto, pwr pkg, exc cond, no accid, 150,000 km, $5,700. 604-724-4262

2011 LEXUS IS350c V6 Convertible; NAVI; demo; Bal 6-yr 110,000kms Lexus Warranty; Park Assist; Lease or Buy! $46,888. Auto Depot, 1397 Welch NVan, 604-727-3111

1999 FORD F-150 SuperCab; V6 auto; AirCond; $4450. Lease or Buy? 6-pass; Matching Canopy; Reliable w/Warranty! Auto Depot, 1397 Welch NVan, 604-727-3111



2000 INTREPID, 161k, winter tires, summer tires on rims. new brakes & battery, $4400. 604-942-6832

1998 FORD F150, 4x4, auto, Triton V8, 4.6L, silver, trailer tow pack, 6 ft box, aircared. $3650. 604-255-5453


1993 PLYMOUTH Sundance 126 K, 4 dr, w/hatch, 2.2L, $2000 obo. Great 1st car 604-809-6353

1969 MERCEDES Benz 280S, collector plates, excellent condition, $8500. 604-723-3654


2010 TRIUMPH American Motorcycle, 900 cc, never driven, $8500 obo. 604-533-4962 morn/ eve




NOW $28,800

4dr, auto, CD, only 44,000kms. Stk 878332

NOW $9,900

234 E. Esplanade, North Van 1971 CHEVY Suburban, 3 dr 350 automatic, body work all done, needs paint and interior, air cared. $4500 obo. 604-769-4799. 3094 Westwood St, Port Coq 604 945-4999. 2925 Murray St, Port Moody 604 461-7995.

9129 1976 MGB Roadster. British racing green colour. 4 speed. New top and carpet. Engine work done. $6,995. 604-591-8566

2009 Audi Q7 3.6 Automatic 80,000 kms, silver ext, black leather int, sunroof, tow hitch, nav, bluetooth. $40,000. Call: (604) 913-9221

Luxury Cars

1987 JAGUAR XJS Cabriolet, 1 owner, lady driven, V12, ps, pb, pw, rebuilt ac, new tires, $8900 obo, Don 604-826-7012


Motorcycles/ Dirt Bikes

1986 HARLEY Davidson SLHTC, loaded with options, 34K km original, show bike, collectors plate, $13,000, 604-946-4553

1981 LINCOLN Town car, signature series, stock, collector plates, $3500 obo 604-792-6367 1989 BENTLEY Eight, Immac, 68,000 kms, gorgeous charcoal/ tan, no accidents, show winner $19,900 obo 604-889-2525

1989 PORSCHE 944 Turbo, white on burgundy, all rcrds, new exhaust, 5 spd, a/c, Ltd slip, great cond! $15,900 Call 604-943-0945

1995 JAGUAR XJR-S, 4 door, luxury sedan. Safe, solid, sensuous, reliable. 21-24mpg, $12,000 Firm. Dr. Nomm 604-924-5442

one hour this

Sunday, Nov. 4th!

1997 Lincoln Town Car Signature 268K. $5,000 Call: (604) 316-2527 Great Car

1990 Chevrolet 2500 GMC Sierra Manual 262,000 kms 2500 V8 350 4WD 5 speed. $4000.00 firm. (604) 803-5674

1991 TOYOTA 'Diesel' Hi-Ace 4wheel Drive Travel Van; RHS; Go Anywhere! Fold-flat sofa-bed seating; 1-yr Warranty! $6,450. Auto Depot, 1397 Welch NVan, 604-727-3111

2004 GMC Yukon XL, auto, 244Kms, 2WD, p/s, p/w, cruise. $6950. Jim 604-377-5751

2003 HONDA ST1300 4-cyl ’Sport-Touring’ performance M/cycle; 1-Owner; Power Windscreen; Sale $8888. All Records! Auto Depot, 1397 Welch NVan, 604-727-3111

2005 Acura MDX 122,700 kms Excellent Condition, many nice luxury features. 3rd row seating makes this a very reliable and safe family vehicle $16,000 email:

2005 NISSAN Xterra 79,000 kms 5spd, 4wd, new tires, new brakes, exc cond, drk grey, all receipts, clean, $17,500obo 604-761-7507

2005 KAWASAKI EX500R Ninja, 16K, stored 2 yrs, 1 lady owner, $3000 obo, 778-788-8136

2006 Ford F150 XL, 4X4, 5.4L, extended cab, seats 6, long box, canopy, A/C, 107K. $12,950. must sell! (604) 773-4235. 1997 LANDROVER Defender(s) 90, 5 spd diesel, mint, 160,000km, from desert $23,900 1-780-945-7945 604-926-7087



WAS $47,995

WAS $20,995

NOW $45,888

NOW $18,898



WAS $11,900

WAS $49,900

5spd, one owner, only 3,000kms.

NOW $9,900

AWD, auto, loaded. Stk 950950

Every option, 4x4, only 25,000kms. Stk 87278

NOW $44,404

Bad Credit • No Credit • Bankruptcy Proposal • Collections


2006 BMW X3 2.5i Auto, 117,000 kms, AWD, Premium Pkg, $17,000 negotiable, Phone 604-760-3390

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11 GMC SIERRA CREW CAB 4x4, diesel, loaded STK 950830

1996 CHEVY Silverado 2500, extended cab, bed liner, cloth int, ps pb pw, incls tow kit, exc cond $4500. Don 604-988-0170

Don't forget to set your clocks


Sport Utilities/ 4x4’s/Trucks

1998 HONDA Goldwing SE + Champion Daytona 2+2 conv. sidecar, loaded, 36K, new cond, classic, $14,900. 604 945-0376

1989 JAGUAR XJS coupe, V12 159 K, pristine cond $7,500 obo. Priv sale, call Bob 604-986-8516

1993 Mazda MX-6 LS Mint. Automatic 171,000 kms. V6, Auto, AirCrd, Lady owned. Receipts, too much to list. $3,900 Call: (778) 689-6094


Call Greg 604-987-5231 ~ Approval Canada

• Manufacturer’s warranty • 30-day/2500 km no-hassle exchange privilege • 150 + point inspection • 24-hour roadside assistance

Northshore 2007 FORD ESCAPE, V6 XLT 4WD 3L, 64k, Exc.Cond. $12,900 obo. Must sell! 604-522-6877

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1-877-212-0735 Northshore Auto Mall, 800 Automall Dr. North Van

A60 - Friday, November 2, 2012 A60 -–North NorthShore ShoreNews News – Friday, November 2, 2012


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Sports & Imports


Sports & Imports


Sports & Imports

North Shores Best

2009 Mercedes Benz C300 4Matic, only 46,500kms, premium pkg, navigation, sport pkg, glass sunroof, factory warranty until Mar 2013, iridium silver, black leather twinned, immaculate.$28,850 2006 Mercedes Benz ML350 4Matic, auto, only 74,000kms, local, MB serviced, glass roof, alloys, Capri blue/cashmere beige leather, $25,850 immaculate. 2009 Toyota Matrix AWD, auto, glass roof, alloys, pwr windows & locks, a/c, full Toyota serviced, only 62,000kms, sundance metallic/ black cloth, immaculate. $16,850 $15,850

1991 MERCEDES BENZ 300C. Auto, new tires. 111,000 km. Exc condition. $7,500. 604-786-6495

2001 HONDA Civic. Std, 4dr, 182 K, new tires, fully serviced, $4000. Call: (604) 984-8913.

1994 PONTIAC Trans Am GT red with grey int., well maint., lady driven $4800. Serious inquires only. Ph 604-997-2583

1997 JAGUAR XK8 cpe, black, blk lther int, 84,000 ks, full load, all records, DB7 rims, sport pckg $9900 firm. 778-889-6557

2001 VOLVO S60 ’Sport’ 5-sp; manual; P/W; leather; One Year Warranty; Sale Priced $6,450. Power roof; Xtra set Winters! Auto Depot, 1397 Welch NVan, 604-727-3111

1997 VOLVO 850 GLT Wagon; new T-belt; auto; leather; $3850. Room for dog & Comfortable; fold-flat seats! 1-yr Warranty Auto Depot, 1397 Welch NVan, 604-727-3111

2001 VW Passat 'GLX' Special car! 90kms! Every option! V6; leather; One Year Warranty; 1-owner! Special $9999. Auto Depot, 1397 Welch NVan, 604-727-3111


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2006 Toyota Matrix XR, only 59,000kms, 4 dr, auto, pwr windows & locks, a/c, new tires, shadow mica/black cloth, only $12,500 very clean. 2010 Smart, auto, pwr windows, a/c, heated seats, MB serviced, balance of factory warranty, new tires, only 49,000km. $9,850 Special $8,850 2005 Smart Convertible (diesel) only 53,000kms, pw, A/C, alloys, Mercedes Benz serviced, silver/black. $8,350 Special $7,350

843 West 1 St. N.Van st


2003 VW new Beetle Cabrio; 5-sp manual; leather; alloys; new tires; $9999. Lease or Buy? All features; One Year Warranty. Auto Depot, 1397 Welch NVan, 604-727-3111

Sports & Imports

2004 HYUNDAI Elantra 79 K km, 5 spd, 2.0L, 4 cyl, new clutch, a/c, loaded, $5999. 604-980-0051

2007 TOYOTA Camry LE, 4 dr, special leather, auto, 89K, f/load, $14,800 obo, 604-808-9518

2007 TOYOTA Corolla 'SE' power sunroof; power windows; 70kms! power locks; keyless entry; $9999. Toyota Quality! Auto Depot, 1397 Welch NVan, 604-727-3111

2012 AUDI A4 Quattro, Premium, 29,000km, $46,800, panorama sunroof, auto, monsoon grey, black leather interior, all season tires. Snow tires optional. 604-764-8044

2012 LEXUS RX350; demo; 6kms! NAVI; Bal Lexus 6-yr or 110,000kms Warranty! Park assist; Top-model; Sale $49,950. Auto Depot, 1397 Welch NVan, 604-727-3111


For more information on these cars & others call Ted or visit:

Sports & Imports

1998 VOLVO S70 ’T5’ sport sedan; Luxury & Style for $4450. One Year Warranty; auto; Top Model; Leather; Sunroof! Auto Depot, 1397 Welch NVan, 604-727-3111

2000 AUDI S4 2.7T, 6sp, 4wd. Blk with blk leather int. Upgraded exhaust, turbos & more. 219,000 km $9800 778-229-0283

2000 MERCEDES Benz C230 ’Elegance’ luxury compact 4-cyl; leather; Sale Priced $5,888. One Year Warranty; 128KMS! Auto Depot, 1397 Welch NVan, 604-727-3111

2002 Acura TL 3.2 Local NS car. Senior driven/always garaged. Automatic. 181,000 kms. All service records. Gold with beige leather interior. An excellent vehicle at an attractive price. $6,200 Call: (604) 788-4849

2004 JAGUAR X-type 102,000km, Auto, 2.5, V6, no accident $10,500. 778-862-6891 2007 TOYOTA Yaris; auto; power door locks; New tires; One-Year Warranty; Sale Priced $8888. Hatch style; Roomy! Auto Depot, 1397 Welch NVan, 604-727-3111 2004 NISSAN Maxima 'SE' Top Luxury; Sale Priced $8888. One Year Warranty; leather; sunroof; 18' alloys; V6; 1-owner! Auto Depot, 1397 Welch NVan, 604-727-3111

2006 ACURA 3.2 TL custom fully loaded, 300 HP 6 spd. 125,000 km on body, only 44,000 km on engine $15,500. 604-241-0357 2002 C240 Benz, 4dr, auto, silver/ blk leather, lady driven, 280K, excl cond, $4500. 778 893-8151

2002 HONDA Civic SI, auto, 2dr, ac, sunrf, 103K, exc cond, incls winter tires, $5800, 604-916-2634

2006 VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT. 46,000 km. Grey. 4 drs, auto, p/w, p/l, leather heated seats, sunroof, mag wheels. Good condition! $16,000 obo. 604-240-9912


2002 SIENNA 4DR LE gray $ 8,888 #2299506 WWW.KEYWESTFORD.COM 1-866-549-8503 301 Stewardson Way, New Westminister 2002 WINDSTAR (Ford) 145 kms, good cond., $2975. 604-392-3909 after 4pm or all day wkends 2003 CHEVY Venture, 7pass, red, good cond, 128K, incls snow tires, $3500 obo, 604-946-4725

2001 Toyota Celica GT Auto 138,000 kms -many extras $8,950. Call: (604) 690-6235

Pre-Owned Specials 2012 Hyundai Sonata GL Blue, only 36,000kms, pwr group, keyless entry. St#1169. Was $19,995

Now $18,090

2004 Honda CRV EX-L Silver, 4WD, a/c, pwr group, leather, sunroof. #CG132976A. Was $13,995

Now $13,530

2003 BMW 320i ’Sport sedan’ 6cyl; auto; sunroof; 1-owner local car! 1-yr Warranty incl; Sale $8888. Quality & Comfort in a compact car! Auto Depot, 1397 Welch NVan, 604-727-3111

2003 MAZDA Prote´ge´ 5, 5 spd, 140K km, new water pump, timing belt & front wheel bearings, sunroof, pwr windows, locks, cruise, aircared, nice cond. $7,000. 778-227-2010 NEED CHEAP AUTOBODY ? 604-341-7738

2007 Volkswagen Rabbit 129,000km Single owner. Fully loaded, sunroof, heated seats, 5speed $10,500 604-329-6735

2008 LEXUS AWD luxury V6 model; IS250; NAVI & Camera; 1-owner; Bal Lexus 6-yr 110,000km Warranty! Lease or Buy! Auto Depot, 1397 Welch NVan, 604-727-3111

2011 Nissan Versa 1.8S Hatchback, Silver, only 45,045kms, pwr group. #1175. Was $14,995



2007 BMW 525i 88,400km Premium Pkg, loaded $21,900 obo. 604-532-9292

Now $13,497

Now $9,890

2007 FORD MUSTANG GT, fully loaded 22,000 kms, $29,500. 604-721-4228

2007 HONDA Accord ’EX-L’ coupe; Top model; leather; 4-cyl; 160 HP; 5-sp; Only 83Kms! Warranty inc; $11,888. 1-Owner Auto Depot, 1397 Welch NVan, 604-727-3111 2007 YARIS 4DR SDN AUTO pw pl green $7,888 #2791785 WWW.KEYWESTFORD.COM 1-866-549-8503 301 Stewardson Way, New Westminister

2009 TOYOTA Matrix; hatch; auto; PW; P-locks; Warranty; new tires; Sale Priced $10,950. Foldflat seats; Toyota Quality! Auto Depot, 1397 Welch NVan, 604-727-3111

2009 VOLKSWAGEN Beetle 38,500km, tiptronic automatic, fully loaded, mfgr carproof warranty available. 16,500 offers Manufacturers retail suggested 17,500 & higher. 604- 836-1014

Now $19,160

2004 Buick Century Dark grey, a/c, keyless entry, pwr group. #DU039152B. Was $6,995

Now $6,430

1989 Prowler/Cooper 19’, 4.3 Merc. inboard, dry-storage kept, loaded, like new, $18,000 obo Call: (604) 921-9433

SAILBOAT/CS 27 Deep Cove NV. $12,000 Call: (604) 929-5278 email:

2006 ALFA Luxury Mtr Home 330 CAT Diesel Pusher, 6 new tires, 35,500mi. Equiped with everything, too much to list! Exc cond. $117,000. 604-767-3894




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2010 BMW 328XI, AWD, loaded, metallic black sapphire with black interior colour, never smoked in, no accidents, auto steptronic $29,900. 604-821-0440, 778-242-5503 Serviced at Brian Jessel BMW

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2008 ALPENLITE 31ck Ltd Edition, 3 slides, ex cond, retail $80K, ask: $49,500, obo 604-814-5071

2008 ITASA SUNOVA 29R MOTORHOME 41,000 kms V10 Ford engine, automatic HD Shaw Direct satilite dish, 2 slide outs, Jensen entertainment 12 volt HDTV, viper alarm system, 2-80 watt solar panels, 2400 watt inverter, 2 awning curtains for back and side, front and side window shields, ducted air conditioning with heat pump, excellent condition ready to go. $69,900 Call: (604) 755-0423 or email:

RV’s/Trailers 2008 NASH 25’ 5th whl, q bed, rear kitchen, 1 slide $19,000. Ph 604-792-2201 Chilliwack

TOYOTA HIACE CAMPERVAN 90 2.8l deisel,auto, camp in comfort $15,400. 604-275-3443

• 7 days / 1000km exchange privilege • 100 point inspection • Carproof Vehicle History Report (

Offer may change without notice.

Northshore Auto Mall • 855 Automall Drive North Vancouver • 1-866-664-8713 • D#6700

2005 FOUR WINDS Class C 30’ sleeps 7, like new cond, 132,000 km, $24,888 778-748-6874

2007 PROWLER 5th wheel, 32 ft, grt family rv, fibreglass, slideout, bunkbeds, air/cond, sleeps 8 $19,900. 604-824-1426


Rates From As Low As

2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara, dark green, AWD, 4dr, a/c, pwr group. #DUO35143A. Was $22,995

2004 TITANIUM model 32E 37DS, 2 slides, mint cond, 1 owner, $27,900. 604 535-8688

2006 GEORGETOWN XL, 35’ 9', 3 slides, V10, 20k miles, tow car avail, $58,000 604-948-5048

2008 MAZDA 3 'Sport' hatch; 5sp; new tires; 2.3 litre; One Year Warranty; Alloys; p/w; Sale Priced $10,950. Best-Buy! Auto Depot, 1397 Welch NVan, 604-727-3111

2009 Volkswagen GTI Golf. DSG/18" rims/leather/power S/R. New tires. 65,000 kms. Factory warranty. $21,600. (604) 731-9739 • 6-year / 120,000km transferable Powertrain warranty coverage, with options to upgrade to comprehensive extended warranty.

2004 PLEASUREWAY Plateau M/H, Mercedes Benz diesel, Mi. 61,588K, Immac cond & loaded. $54,900. Ph 1-604-220-5005

1980 SAN JUAN, 7.7, 5 good Sails, good motor furling, good condition, $5800, 604-568-2050

Now $13,930

2008 Hyundai Sonata GL Grey, only 84,000kms, keyless entry, a/c. St#DG008325B. Was $ 12,995

1999 Jayco Eagle 5th Wheel 28ft Must see, in great shape. $8,400 Call: (604) 240-2793 or email:

1989 19’ Bayliner Capri Blue, 2.3 litre IB Fresh water cooled Exc cond. Well maint. Lots of extras, c/w trailer . $4,695. 604-837-7564

2008 Chevrolet Cobalt LT 2007 Hyundai Azera Limited 2dr, silver, only 57,378kms, a/c, pwr group. Black, only 65,617kms, moonroof, leather. St#1172. Was $10,995 St#1179. Was $15,995

Now $8,490


2008 DODGE GRAND Caravan, 54K, like new, Michelan tires, $13,900. 604-922-7367

24’ SEA RAY 240 turn key & go, eng i/o, GM V8, surveyed, good shape. $6500. 604-552-3961 1989 BMW 325 is, 2dr, red, 5 sp, 1 owner, 210K, gd cond, loaded, $4200 obo, 604-946-8862


2007 KIA Rio 5, 5 dr, blk, 5sp, 1 owner, 72K, exc cond, incls winter tires, $7500 obo, 604-603-2548

Sports & Imports

Central Auto


1992 PROWLER 5th Whl, with hitch, needs fridge, good cond, $3500 obo, 604-992-5478

1995 FLEETWOOD Coronado, low miles, new tires, ready for the Sun! excellent cond. $14,950 obo, Call 778-822-2475

2009 BIGFOOT 30MH28TE Top of line, immaculate, loaded, low kms, $88,650. 604-230-7546

ROAD RANGER 5TH WHEEL 24 FT. Rear bath, queen bed, new tires. New cond. $11,950. Call: (604) 325-7871 or email:

Friday, November 2, 2012 - North Shore News - A61



Braking News

Brendan McAleer

Sandy will soak the auto industry photo supplied

THE Chevy Malibu has been repurposed for 2013 to stay viable in the ultra-competitive mid-size sedan market. It’s affordable, stylish, sporty and versatile, offering options for all types of drivers.

dashboard and centre stack, returns in roughly the same format, but the controls and switches are laid out in a more straightforward fashion. A neat trick here is a storage area hidden behind the flip-up radio faceplate suitable for phones, wallets or other small items. The speedometer and tachometer gauge pods are located in what are clearly Chevrolet Camaro-inspired housings. As with other recently launched GM sedans, the Malibu comes with 10 standard airbags, including a set of front-knee inflatables. On the outside, the Malibu’s athletic lines reveal a more prominent grille and Camaro-influenced taillights at the opposite end. The range-topping LTZ is upgraded with brighter high-intensity discharge (HID) headlights and fasteracting light-emitting diode (LED) taillights.

Hurricane Sandy soaks East Coast, devastates car sales Savvy consumers will no doubt remember the aftermath of hurricane Katrina and the flood-damaged cars that popped up, often sold across the border by unscrupulous types. Here we go again. The reports coming in suggest Sandy was the biggest storm in the U.S. for hundreds of years. Water has poured into the New York subway system, Manhattan is without power, parkades are flooded and East Coast piers are but a battered memory. The storm even sunk a replica of the HMS Bounty. Pictures of the destruction are all over the Internet and one thing you’ll see, again and again, is submerged cars. Most are parked on the street, some floating around in the Financial District — and others are parked on dealership lots. While most dealerships worked to get their inventory to high ground, thousands of

See Ten page 63

See Texas page 62

2013 Chevy Malibu

A Malibu for every taste

Malcolm Gunn Contributing Writer

Columnist Brendan McAleer reviews the 2013 Ford Mustang Boss in next week’s Rev.

TO be a mid-sized sedan in this day and age means that you actually have to be a lot more than just a mid-sized sedan. You have to have a super-attractive entry price. You also have to show that you like clean air, trees and fluffy rabbits romping in fields. And, you also have to be sporty enough for moms and dads who gave up their two-door cars when the stork came calling. But, since you can’t really put all of that together in one car, the Malibu — and others in this class — have separate models to take care of a very broad buyer base. Once considered somewhat plain and uninspiring in a rental-fleet sort of way, the Malibu regained its groove for the 2008 model year with sharp






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*Includes oil & filter. Taxes extra.*Most vehicles.


Includes lube oil & filter #1, oil, check battery, antifreeze, hoses. Air filter, pull all wheels, check brakes, suspension, tires, shocks and rotate tires. (road test & supply a BCAA report)

styling, thoughtfully designed interior appointments and competent road manners. The reviews bordered on gushing, sales spiked and the mid-size Chevy was once more walking proud. The new 2013 Malibu has been repurposed for new challenges and increased sedan-class competitiveness. From top to bottom it’s a completely different car, starting with a more rigid platform based on the Opel Insignia (Opel is part of General Motors’ European division). Exterior dimensions are closely aligned with the outgoing Malibu, except for about 11.5 centimetres of shrinkage between the front and rear wheels. Despite this deficit, most key passenger- and cargo-area measurements except legroom have actually increased. Cabin styling, which was the previous Malibu’s strong suit, hasn’t veered off course for 2013. The dual cockpit-style seating arrangement, with its wrap-around




*Includes oil & filter. Taxes extra.*Most vehicles.





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A62 - North Shore News - Friday, November 2, 2012


Texas highway has a major pork problem From page 61

vehicles have been damaged or destroyed. With much of the East Coast recovery bound to take some time, those dealerships aren’t going to be back in business for a while. The shortfall is expected to hit the luxury marques the hardest — BMW and Mercedes-Benz USA sell 25 per cent of their cars in New York, Washington and Philadelphia alone. Also, a few months from now, used car buyers should keep their antennae up as that “great deal” might have a hidden past. And a fish in the glovebox. SEMA 2012: Hot Wheels Camaro, squadrons of Scions Speaking of masses of cars completely ruined beyond repair, it’s time for the annual Specialty Equipment Manufacturer Association’s giant product show-off in Las Vegas. Questionable taste? I did say they hold the thing is Las Vegas, right? While there are literally hundreds of modified vehicles on display, the belle of the ball is surely the Scion FRS/Subaru BRZ. Given that the Toyota/Subaru coupe was always intended to be a low-cost machine that could be modified to its owner’s taste, it should be no surprise to learn that there are hundreds of the lightweight two-doors around. Builds range from the usual garish wild paint and full-leather interiors to much cooler, pareddown and supercharged racecars for

the streets. Over at General Motors, Chevy has paired up with Hot Wheels to bring every small boy’s fantasy to full-sized life. Their toy-car-inspired ride sports deep blue paint, Hot Wheels badging and wheels that match the 1/64th scale car. Leaving that aside, best-in-show this year has to go to the ICON D200 Reformer. ICON made their name modernizing the iconic Toyota FJ and the early Ford Bronco, and what they’ve done to this 1965 Dodge Crew Cab is simply amazing. Underneath that gleaming all-white body it’s got a 5.9-litre Cummings Turbodiesel with 975 foot-pounds of torque. Boss hogs mess with Texans State Highway 130 has already garnered much attention for being the fastest highway in the good ol’ U.S.A. The toll road’s speed limit was recently raised to 85 miles per hour, the highest in the country. Certainly, anyone who’s felt the Coquihalla’s 110 kilometres per hour limit was maybe a bit too conservative when the weather’s good will appreciate how excited folks have been over this increase in speed — and legal to boot! Naturally, there’s been some teething issues. Tusking issues, to be exact. Running as it does straight through fertile Texas farmland, the 130 is notorious for crossing packs of feral hogs. If the image of Piglet just popped into your head, think

photo supplied

THE ICON D200 Reformer, a re-done 1965 Dodge Crew Cab, wowed the crowd at the Specialty Equipment Manufacturer Association’s show in Las Vegas. again: these are massive, slavering beasts, like a bacon-flavoured werewolf. Four accidents have been reported already, with one vehicle completely written off — no serious injuries yet, thank goodness.

Authorities are both offering a bounty on the wayward piggies, as well as advising drivers who come across animals in the middle of the road to grip the steering wheel tightly and just keep going. Sounds like somebody’s been


Unbeatable prices on top name brands like Michelin, BF Goodrich, Firestone, Toyo and more.

playing too much Angry Birds. BMW celebrates V-12 silver anniversary It’s been 25 years of 12-cylinderpower for the big Bimmer flagship, and BMW is making a bit of noise about the event. After all, as they point out, BMW was first to offer V-12 smoothness before either of their main German rivals, the Mercedes-Benz SClass or the Audi A8. Naturally, you won’t see a lot of full-sized 7-series on the road today, and fewer still with the “big stove.” In fact, the 7-series is now available in the coming year with a six-cylinder for the first time in decades. However, BMW is building 15 special longwheelbase anniversary 7s with the largest engine. Displacing six litres and with twinturbocharging helping out, the latest engine produces an astounding 535 h.p. Perhaps James could spare a *few* of the horses, just this once. Watch this space for all the best and worst of automotive news, or submit your own auto oddities to brakingnews@gmail. com.





VANCOUVER VANCOUVER HONDA 604-324-6666 D8185 SURREY SURREY HONDA 604-583-7421 D10482


BURNABY NORTH HAPPY HONDA 604-294-2111 D5692 NORTH & WEST VANCOUVER PACIFIC HONDA 604-984-0331 D5583 1Ho$"9 "e9:er (i:: &9tc@ 9$% co&!etitor's !rice o$ 9$ i"e$tic9: tire. T@e co&!etitor's :o(er tire !rice &?st be veri,9b:e 69"vertise" !rice0 )%er0 !@o$e c9::0 etc.4. 7@et@er 9 tire is -i"e$tic9:* (i:: be "eter&i$e" b% :oo;i$B 9t/ !ro"?ct Ce9t?res0 br9$".&9$?C9ct?rer0 &o" + (9rr9$t%. 3$% D?estio$s (@et@er 9 tire is -i"e$tic9:* (i:: be reso:ve" o$ 9 c9se-b%-c9se b9sis b% t@e De9:er or <e$er9: 29$9Ber. T@e 5o(est Arice <?9r9$tee !roBr9& 9!!:ies to co&!etitor's reB?:9r 9$" s9:e !rice. >or 9:: oCCers :ice$se0 i$s?r9$ce0 9!!:ic9b:e t9xes 9$" reBistr9tio$ 9re extr9. De9:er &9% se:: Cor :ess. De9:er tr9"e &9% be reD?ire". OCCers s?b=ect to c@9$Be or c9$ce::9tio$ (it@o?t $otice. Ter&s 9$" co$"itio$s 9!!:%. 8isit (((.bc@o$" or see %o?r Ho$"9 ret9i:er Cor C?:: "et9i:s.

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Friday, November 2, 2012 - North Shore News - A63


Ten airbags make Malibu a safety leader

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For 2013, the Malibu is available in three strengths for three kinds of Canadian buyers. The price-leader base model has a 197 horsepower, 2.5-litre four-cylinder, which replaces the 169 h.p., 2.4-litre four-cylinder. For added performance, you can select a turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder that puts out 259 h.p. and 260 foot-pounds of torque. The turbo replaces the 252 h.p. V-6 option. Those values are roughly comparable, however the turbo’s 10.1 litres/100 kilometres city and 6.8 highway fuel consumption is hands-down better than the V-6’s 12.4/7.8. By the way, Chevy rates the turbo’s zero-to-60-miles per hour (96 km/h) time at 6.3 seconds. For buyers with a green streak, the Malibu Eco features a 182 h.p. 2.4-litre four-cylinder and a special 15 h.p. electric motor/generator that adds “eAssist” via a belt drive during acceleration and passing. Called a “mild hybrid” because the Malibu Eco cannot run on electric power alone like the Toyota Camry Hybrid or Ford Fusion Hybrid, it’s rated at 8.1 l/100 km city and 5.3 highway,

compared to the base 2.5litre four-cylinder’s 9.4/5.9 numbers. The lithium-ion battery location robs the Malibu of some trunk space, but not a whole lot. The eAssist’s regenerative braking system feeds energy to the batteries when the binders are applied. A system shuts off the engine when stationary and restarts it once the gas pedal is depressed. All powerplants operate through six-speed automatic transmissions, with the turbo’s version receiving manual controls located atop the shifter. At an all-in starting price of $26,500, the Malibu LS comes with most of the essential ingredients. The 1LT’s more complete package adds a 17centimetre touchscreen with voice recognition (MyLink Touch) that operates the audio and communications side. Picking the eAssist will require nearly $3,000 more than the LS, but it does include dualzone climate control plus some other niceties. The 2LT trim adds even more features, while the range-topping LTZ loads up on premium content and happens to be the only model in the lineup to come with a spunky turbo engine. While not necessarily being

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ONCE considered uninspired rental-fleet fodder, the Malibu went through an impressive redesign for the 2008 model year and now boasts sharp styling that includes a thoughtfully designed interior. all things to all people, the 2013 Malibu does offer a variety of models to a diverse group of buyers. Welcome to the modern mid-size sedan. The Specs: 2013 Chevrolet Malibu Type: Four-door, front-wheeldrive mid-size sedan Engines (h.p.): 2.5-litre DOHC I4 (197); 2.0-litre DOHC I4 (259); 2,4-litre DOHC I4 with 15-kilowatt motor (182, net). Transmission: Six-speed automatic.

Fuel economy: litres/100 kilometres (city/hwy) 9.4/5.9 (2.5-litre engine). Base price (including destination): $26,500. Market position Malibu is one of a number of new 2013 mid-size sedans and it faces some tough competition from domestic and import base models. In this class, offering a variety of powertrains, including hybrids, is almost mandatory. Points More tautly styled body improves Malibu’s looks;

base four-cylinder engine provides good thrust; turbo option adds sporting attitude; “mild” eAssist hybrid’s fuel consumption numbers nowhere near “full” hybrid competitors; no V-6 option, but it likely won’t be missed; 10 airbags sets the safety bar high in this class. Safety Front airbags; front/rear side-impact airbags; sidecurtain airbags; front knee airbags, anti-lock brakes; traction control; stability control.

Competition Ford Fusion Base price: $24,050 V-6 option is gone, two hybrid choices join three four-cylinder gas engines. Nissan Altima Base price: $25,200 All-new 2013 version comes with fuel-sipping I4 and upgraded CVT. Mazda6 Base price: $25,700 (estimate) Out-next-year 2014 model shows what Malibu’s competition is up to.

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Mercedes-Benz North Shore

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Buying Certified gets you: Reassurance: 150-point certification inspection standard Star Certified warranty up to 6 years or 120,000 km ! Confidence: complete vehicle history report ! Security: 24-hour special roadside assistance ! Peace of mind: five day/500 km exchange privilege !

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© 2012 Mercedes-Benz Canada Inc. 2011 model shown. *0.9% financing only available through Mercedes-Benz Financial Services on approved credit for a limited time. Only available for finance for up to 36 months and only applicable to MY 2008-2011 Certified Mercedes-Benz (less than 140,000 km) and MY 2008-2011 Certified smart models (less than 100,000 km). Finance example based on a 2008 model: $20,000 at 0.9% per annum equals $563.30 per month for 36 months. Cost of borrowing is $279 for a total obligation of $20,279. Down payment may be required. **First, second and third month payment are waived for finance programs only on 2008-2011 Certified pre-owned vehicles. The payment waivers are capped up to a total of $500/month including tax. Licence, insurance, taxes and PPSA are extra. Additional provincial-specific fees, taxes and charges may be extra. Dealer may lease or finance for less. Offer ends November 30th, 2012.

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Freak Diavolo Flying Carrousel-Tourbillon with second ďŹ&#x201A;ying tourbillon. 8-Day power reserve. Manual winding. Escapement in silicium. 18 ct white gold case.

W W W . U LY S S E - N A R D I N . C O M

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North Shore News November 2 2012  

North Shore News November 2 2012