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Friday, July 27, 2012

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Crime drops on N. Shore for 10th year Experts attribute continuing decline to demographics, police tactics

Jane Seyd

WEST Vancouver is one of the safest places to live in the province. That’s according to new crime statistics for 2011 released by Statistics Canada this week. Those figures, which measure both crime rate and the type of crimes committed, show West Vancouver is tied with Comox and second only to North Saanich in terms of safety among cities with populations greater than 10,000. The District of North Vancouver was ranked as the next safest community on the list. The numbers are an extension of a longterm trend, which has seen crime rates in all three North Shore communities fall dramatically over the past decade. In 2011, crime in West Vancouver was at its lowest in the past 10 years, down 43 per cent from the highest point in the decade, in See Public page 3

Failed WV home purchase draws hefty lawsuit

Jane Seyd

A West Vancouver property owner has launched a lawsuit against a couple who she says made a deal to buy her home then reneged on the contract after the global economy collapsed in 2008. Barbara Element is suing Polina Alexandra Del Mar and Hygrozyme Management Inc, a company owned by Del Mar’s husband Boris, claiming the couple tried to back out of the real estate deal in order to make a lowball offer when the market started falling. After the deal collapsed, Element had to sell the house in January 2009 for $334,000 less than the Del Mars had offered. Element has asked for a release of a $100,000 deposit and is suing for damages, including losses in the market, plus $11,000 in interim financing costs, realtors’ fees of almost $17,000 and legal fees of more than $7,000. The Del Mars have argued mistakes made in drafting the contract have left it unenforceable. They have counter-sued for the deposit and have See Buyers page 5


NEWS photos Cindy Goodman

Close encounters of the bird kind

GROUSE Mountain bird handler Jess Baynton shows off horned owl Tyto at the mountain’s Blueberry Bowl July 24. Grouse will be showcasing the bird of prey and other avian entertainers throughout the summer as part of its Birds in Motion educational demonstration. See the photo gallery at




A2 - North Shore News - Friday, July 27, 2012

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Friday, July 27, 2012 - North Shore News - A3

Arthritis camp changes young lives Public to

have say on city chickens

Capilano retreat billed as unique in Canada Brent Richter

Brent Richter

FITTING in at summer camp is difficult enough. Imagine the challenge of doing it with a rare disease that only a handful of kids in the province truly understand. One North Vancouver camp has been designed to tackle that challenge head-on. Every summer, kids diagnosed with juvenile arthritis, lupus, Wagner’s disease and juvenile dermatomyositis come to Camp Capilano for three-anda-half days of fun tailored to their needs. Now in its 30th year, things have come full circle. Kids who originally came as campers are now helping to run the show. NEWS photo Kevin Hill For 19-year-old Andrea McGowan, it is the least she SARA Trujillo and Zyoa Jiwa, counsellors at Camp Capilano, put the finishing touches on some clay sculptures can do to say “thank you” for made by campers. The North Vancouver retreat is designed for children with juvenile arthritis. the life-changing experience That doesn’t mean the kids prefer to sit still. From names,” McGowan said. she had coming to the camp as a youngster. Watching a new crop of kids come in, McGowan “This place helped me so much as a kid that I’m an outsider’s perspective, Camp Capilano looks like happy to give back and help the kids now. I remember any other kids’ camp. This year, participants have been said she sees the invaluable experiences she had on my old counselors,” she said. “I’m just very excited dragon boating, playing volleyball, rock climbing, her first camping trip playing out again for a new to help kids now and hopefully be around and watch playing laser tag and doing aerobics. The difference is generation. “A few are homesick, but most of them just love them get better. It’s been really rewarding to give the quiet patience the kids and counselors have with it. I think they are finding it so surprising that we all each other. back.” “We all set our own paces. If I need to slow down, have so many similarities, and we understand what McGowan first came to the camp when she was 10, having lived with juvenile arthritis since she was these people don’t ask me why, and they don’t think it’s joint pain means when we’re stiff in the mornings. two years old. Attending the camp that year and in any different. If I’m limping, they think it’s regular,” We all know that arthritis isn’t just an old-person the years that followed gave her a chance for the first McGowan said. “They make it very easy for us to do disease,” she said. “A lot of these kids have just been time to meet other kids with the same illness. Some of whatever we like. They’re very accommodating. It’s diagnosed. “One little girl here was just diagnosed a couple a very individual-focused camp.” those fellow campers have become life-long friends. The camp has an educational component as well, months ago, and she’s still adjusting to it, so this will “Physically, (the disease) challenges you, and it makes you a little bit different, so here is where encouraging kids to learn about their own and other be great for her.” The camp is funded entirely by the Arthritis everyone is pretty much the same, and these are the childhood diseases. A favourite activity each year is a Society. It is the only camp of its kind in Canada, people who are the closest to understanding what Jeopardy-style trivia night in the dorm. “It’s anything from sports teams to medicine according to organizers. we’re going through,” she said.

North Van to bid for B.C. Games

Brent Richter

THE City and District of North Vancouver are joining forces in a bid to co-host the 2018 B.C. Summer Games.

The two municipal councils voted Monday to submit a bid for the athletic event and to contribute up to $15,000 in cash and $16,700 in in-kind services if the North Shore communities win the chance to play host. Speaking in support of the plan, district Coun. Roger Bassam praised the games as a community-building venture for the municipality. “I recognize, as a long-time amateur athlete, the beauty of these games, and bringing everyone together in competitive sport is wonderful thing,” he said. “This would be a huge boost for the local economy. Sports tourism is a very viable market, one that we should be going after.” This year’s B.C. Summer games just wrapped in Surrey, bringing in 3,000 young athletes and coaches and another 3,000 volunteers. But winning the bid won’t be a slam-dunk, noted district Mayor Richard Walton, as neither community has a 50-metre pool or a track suitable for the games.

Public anxiety blamed on media

From page 1

2002. The city and district of North Vancouver have seen similar improvement, hitting their lowest ebb for the decade last year, after falling 40 per cent from a high in 2004. The data reflect a national trend. Across the country, crime is the lowest it’s been in 20 years. “We’ve been on a roll,” said Paul Brantingham, a professor of criminology at Simon Fraser University, who lives in Deep Cove. “It’s an imperfect roll, but things are a lot safer now.” Between 2010 and 2011, the number of crimes reported across the country fell six per cent. The “crime severity index” — which measures how serious those crimes are — was also 26 per cent lower in 2011 than it was a decade previously. Both the incidence and severity of violent crime was also down by four percent between 2010 and 2011 — the fifth year in a row that the severity of violent crime decreased. Part of the falling crime rate can be explained by demographic change, said Neil Boyd, another criminology professor at SFU. “Most crime generally is committed by young men,” he said. Back in 1977, when the national murder rate was three times what it is today, there were a lot more young men in the population. That’s likely part of the reason North Shore communities are relatively safe; they are also relatively old. The last census figures showed 25 per cent of West Vancouver’s population is 65 and older. People in high-income communities like West Vancouver are also usually more “wedded into the social system” and “connected to the rules of society,” said Brantingham.

What’s more, according to research, criminals are more likely to commit crimes in their own neighbourhoods — or very similar neighbourhoods — than in wealthy communities they aren’t familiar with, he said. Even in the last year, there has been an improvement, with crime in West Vancouver dropping almost 14 per cent between 2010 and 2011. Property crime was down more than 20 per cent, while the rate of violent crime — including one homicide — was up seven per cent. In the District of North Vancouver, rates of both overall crime and violent crime were also down, by seven and 14 per cent respectively. The City of North Vancouver has the highest rate of the three North Shore communities — double the rate of other municipalities. That’s not surprising in an area that is high-density, commercial and connected to downtown by the SeaBus, said Brantingham. Even so, rates of both crime and violent crime were down in the city by more than six per cent. The rate of property crime in the city was down by 15 per cent. Another reason for the drop is that police forces have changed their tactics in the last decade, said Brantingham. These days, police focus more on the very small percentage of repeat offenders responsible for the majority of crime. Both Boyd and Brantingham said media reports about sensational crimes are part of the reason the public still thinks the problem is rampant, despite the statistics. “If there’s a horrible thing that happens 10,000 miles away, CBC and CTV and Fox news are all telling you about it in great detail within minutes,” said Brantingham. “That kind of a diet makes the public feel that crime is reeling out of control,” said Boyd. In reality, he said, the crime rate in 1890 in B.C. was probably “about two or three times what it is now.”

CITY of North Vancouver residents will soon have their say as to whether they want to share their neighbourhoods with chickens.

Municipal council gave first reading to two bylaws Monday night that would allow backyard chickens on properties with single-family homes. The city will gauge the community’s opinion on matter at a public hearing to be held this fall. If approved, residents will be allowed to keep up to eight hens in backyard coops. Selling their eggs or slaughtering the birds would be prohibited, and roosters would remain personae non grata. The changes come at the request of the North Vancouver chapter of Canadian Liberated Urban Chicken Klub, or CLUCK, which made a presentation to council in April. Outside the meeting, a half-dozen CLUCK members celebrated the small victory. “We’re happy about it; we’ve been working at it for over a year, so it’s nice to have a response,” said CLUCK member Stephanie Imhoff. “Our group just thinks it’s a great addition to the urban landscape.” After hearing from the group’s delegation in April, council requested a staff report with more detailed information on how the city would regulate hens and address issues around health risks and bylaw enforcement. “I still have some concerns, but I believe this is the kind of thing that should have the benefit of input from the public,” Coun. Don Bell said at Monday’s meeting. While there is a worry that the chickens, their feed and their coops could draw predators and scavengers, the birds would be largely shielded from that by virtue of geography, said Mayor Darrell Mussatto. “One advantage we have on the North Shore is we are surrounded by the district,” he said. “Most bears, to get at these hens, would have to go through the district,” he said. According to staff’s report, only about 60 Vancouver residents signed up to keep coops when that municipality allowed hens in 2010. Vancouver expects roughly the same number to raise chickens without properly registering. Only about 20 per cent of residents in the City of North Vancouver live on single-family lots, meaning staff expect very See DNV page 5

A4 - North Shore News - Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday, July 27, 2012 - North Shore News - A5

Buyers slashed offer after crash From page 1

Make a fish

NEWS photo Lisa King

DAVID Jones, chairman of the Coho Society festival, holds aloft his mighty barbecue flipper. Jones is calling for volunteers to help run this year’s festival at Ambleside Beach. Residents who can help with setup, take down, site maintenance, barbecuing and organizing the Coho Run and Swim are invited to a volunteer fair on Aug. 1.

DNV remains chicken-shy From page 3 few to take part in chicken rearing. Unlike Vancouver, backyard farmers here would not have to register their broods or get permits. City staff recommended a less stringent regulatory approach to reduce the burden on city resources. As for health risks, staff consulted a Vancouver Coastal Health report commissioned by Vancouver council which found adding chickens to big cities brought little threat with it. “Overall, the risk of pathogen transmission (associated with) backyard chicken keeping appears to be low and does not present a greater threat to the public’s health compared with keeping of other animals . . . such as dogs and cats,” the report stated. CLUCK has also been lobbying the District of North Vancouver to adopt chicken-friendly bylaws, but district council only seems to be willing to consider the changes as part of a larger OCP review, Imhoff said.

Calvary Chapel You are invited to join us, Sunday Mornings at 10:00 Teaching through the Bible, verse to verse chapter to chapter with Pastor Ken Scheel Meeting at Silver Harbour Centre 144 E. 22nd Street, North Vancouver • 604.250.2368

asked that any damages be passed on to the realtors involved in the sale for negligence in preparing the contract. According to court documents, Element listed her house on Lawson Avenue for $1.6 million in July 2008. The Del Mars told their real estate agent to prepare an offer for $1.562 million, later reduced to $1.544 million, and paid a $100,000 deposit. The deal, listing Polina Del Mar and Hygrozyme as the purchasers, was to close on Oct. 29, 2008. But only Polina Del Mar actually signed the agreement before the couple left on a trip to Europe. Element has claimed that was on purpose. In anticipation of the sale, Element bought another home in West Vancouver and started moving out of the Lawson Avenue home. But about 10 days before the sale was to finalize, the Del Mars wrote to Element saying the deal was not enforceable because only one of them had signed the contract. “In view of the recent market reversals and deteriorating economic circumstances, it appears that this property is now significantly overvalued and as such, we are very seriously considering electing not to complete the purchase,” they wrote. The letter added that if Element would agree to sell the Lawson Avenue home to them for $1.44 million, the Del Mars would go ahead with the deal. The couple then presented a contract for $1.44 million directly to Element, which she rejected. In their defence, Polina Del Mar said she never intended to buy the property by herself, as she would not be able to afford it without her husband’s company. But B.C. Supreme Court Justice Robert Punnett noted neither of the Del Mars provided an explanation as to why the contract wasn’t signed on behalf of the company. This month, Punnett rejected a request that the case be decided by a summary trial — based on written affidavits — and ordered that the case be set for a regular trial as soon as possible.

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A6 - North Shore News - Friday, July 27, 2012

VIEWPOINT Published by North Shore News a division of LMP Publication Limited Partnership, 100-126 East 15th Street, North Vancouver, B.C. V7L 2P9. Doug Foot, publisher. Canadian publications mail sales product agreement No. 40010186.

Two bridges too far R

ESIDENTS of the North Shore, and in fact of cities all over North America, should pay attention as Vancouver moves closer to tearing down the vestiges of its highway system. This week, Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson said his council was preparing to vote on a proposal that would see the aging Georgia and Dunsmuir viaducts removed and replaced with an at-grade thoroughfare, parkland and housing. The move would be a significant one, not just for its effect on drivers and the surrounding neighbourhood, but because it would be proof of concept. When the viaducts were built in the 1960s, North America was in the grips of a freeway-building frenzy. If you plowed big roads into cities, the reasoning went, you could solve commuting woes permanently. Except for those two elevated streets, Vancouver

resisted the trend. No doubt many disagreed with the decision, but over time it has proven to be the right one. While other, freeway-dominated, cities have seen neighbourhoods wither around their major roads and traffic continue to balloon, Vancouver, through smart planning and alternative transit, has created a thriving centre. Over the past 15 years, the number of cars entering the core has actually dropped by 15 per cent. The death of the viaducts — together with the construction of the Evergreen Line — would push that process even further. On the North Shore, as we prepare to deal with a surge in traffic over our two bridges, we should take note. Transit and good planning — not road expansion — are the answers to the coming mess.


Bike lane a bad plan, says cyclist Dear Editor: As a resident of the Keith Road hill area (at Shavington) I strongly disagree with Anita Leonhard’s recent letter criticizing the District of North Vancouver’s decision not give up a Keith Road vehicle lane to bikes (Keith a Council Failure, July 22, North Shore News). I have been a bicycle commuter for 10 years, riding from North Vancouver to the east side of Vancouver, and I ride on the North Shore seven days a week for work, shopping and pleasure. The thing that really struck me over the years is the belief that some paint on the road creates a safe environment for cyclists or pedestrians — it doesn’t. Only separated bike and car lanes are the answer to safe riding. In a two-week period when the “temporary” bike lane was in place, I personally witnessed six near-collisions involving cars and bikes. I also experienced long waits

Learning to walk Dear Pedestrians: I don’t want to have to honk my horn at you when you wander out in front of me mid-block. And judging by your finger gesture, you don’t like being honked at. So let’s agree that we will both abide by the law: You refrain from stepping off the curb mid-block or when the little hand tells you not to, and I will refrain from running you over . . . or at least I will honk first. Bruce Branch North Vancouver

turning left onto Keith Road from Shavington and saw cars passing dangerously to get around cars trying to turn right off the hill. If anything, I noticed an increase in speeding on the hill during this time, likely due to frustration. When I rode my bike on the North Shore I always used the safest routes I could find, such as the Brooksbank trail to reach upper Grand Boulevard and Lonsdale Avenue or Heywood/4th Street and the Low Level Road to reach Lower Lonsdale. Perhaps these routes could be made more accessible and dedicated for bikes. It would have been crazy to make one of the steepest hills in North Vancouver a bike route. If Ms. Leonhard is truly interested in pedestrian safety, perhaps she should be lobbying the council to put in sidewalks and crossing signals. Douglas Mason North Vancouver

On dirty fuel, a lesson from the canoe

Dear Editor: When Vancouver was burning to the ground in 1886, the Squamish Nation launched their canoes and paddled from the North Shore across Burrard Inlet to rescue those who were trying to escape the fire on the far side. What motivated the launch of the Squamish canoes was the traditional elders teaching that those in need should receive help. 120 years later, the Squamish Nation held a ceremony and celebration to remember their Great Vancouver Fire rescue mission that helped the people of Vancouver. It was the sacred canoe ceremony that marked the historical event. Further into the past, according to tradition, it was the sacred canoe that saved the Nation’s children when the waters


of the melting icebergs flooded the land and reached up to the highest peaks of the mountains at that time. There is historical evidence that canoes have saved the day in other times of danger, suffering and need. In current times, of ominous global warming, we need to look (to these traditions) to show us the way out of the systemic addiction to oil: Only if we had enough wisdom and foresight to spare the old growth forest where the canoe comes from, and only if we allowed the whales to come back to their homeland in Burrard Inlet can we resolve this issue. Oil is sinking the Earth-ship. Respecting and protecting old growth forests, sacred canoes and whales is the gateway for our kids’ future. Ivona Vujica North/West Vancouver

To bikers: be there with bells on

Dear Editor: “Knock, knock.” “Who’s there?” “Isobel.” “Isobel who?” “Is a bell necessary on a bicycle?” Yes. We stroll down the Mosquito Creek trail every day, and often we’re nearly run over by bikers. They seem to have only one speed — fast — and we seldom get any warning of their approach. Bikers: Be advised that we can’t see you or hear you when you’re behind us. All you need to do is to ring your bell while you’re still some distance away or if, like the majority, you are so ill-equipped as not to have a bell, call out, “Fore!” or “Ahoy!” or something to get our attention. A soft voice in an ear saying, “On your left,” as you draw abreast is startling and can immediately lead to See Bikes page 7





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Friday, July 27, 2012 - North Shore News - A7

Dix, Day set for showdown HIV plan tests only patience Mailbox

THE recent finding by the Medical Services Commission that two private clinics in B.C. have been extra-billing their patients should surprise no one, and the finding will have absolutely zero impact on the health care system itself — at least, for now. But make the no mistake: The Supreme Court of Canada may eventually have to rule on whether such extra-billing is legal or not, and that ruling could have a profound impact on the public health care system. Dr. Brian Day, who runs the Cambie Surgery Centre in Vancouver, is adamant that any person should be able to purchase health services if they so choose. If a person is in pain and needs an operation, and if they have the financial resources necessary, they should be able to quickly alleviate that suffering rather than spend time on an often-lengthy wait list in the publicly funded healthcare system, Day argues. Presumably, there are a lot of people who agree with that point of view (if there weren’t, Day wouldn’t be in business). But there are also many who don’t, and they fear legalizing extra billing

View from the Ledge Keith Baldrey

will simply open the door for physicians to charge whatever they want for their services and thus begin dismantling the access-for-all philosophy at the heart of our system. Of course, private clinics have been operating for years in this country, and extra billing has likely occurred since they opened their doors. There is no compelling evidence they have inflicted harm on the public system. In fact, some argue that private clinics absorb some of the pressure on the public system and therefore keep wait lists shorter than they might be otherwise. Day has been fighting the government’s attempt to rein in his clinic’s activities for years (although the NDP insists the B.C. Liberals have in reality been looking the other way and have put up only token efforts to enforce

the law). He wants to take the issue all the way to the highest court, if need be, to get government off his back and to enshrine in law a person’s unfettered access to health care. Of course, the court could rule against his argument, thus setting the stage for a confrontation between provincial regulatory agencies like the Medical Services Commission and private clinics, which may have to open their books to much greater scrutiny than they’ve been willing to accept so far. But the case won’t make its way to the highest court for some time yet — perhaps not for a year or two. In the meantime, it’s unclear how the provincial government will deal with Day’s clinic. The commission has said it will seek a court injunction if it detects any further evidence of extra billing. However, the financial penalties contained in the Medicare Protection Act (the provincial statute that specifically outlaws extra billing) have yet to be proclaimed into law, and at $20,000 aren’t terribly onerous. It’s likely this standoff between the clinics and the provincial government will still be ongoing next year, which means Adrian Dix and the NDP will inherit this headache should they

form government. Dix has said he would proclaim the penalties into law and would vigorously oppose Day on philosophical grounds. He also favors returning to patients any money they paid through extra billing. Dix has also said he would enforce rules barring physicians from working in both the private side of health care and the public system. That may force doctors to choose sides, and the impact on private clinics when it came to retaining their physicians’ services could be interesting. Like any other service, human resources are a key component of the health care system — private or public. There are only so many doctors and nurses out there —shortages exist in many areas of care — and if too many work in the private side of health care, that could make wait times in the public side even longer. So get ready to hear a lot from Day in the coming months. His fight has been going on a long time, but in many respects it’s just getting started. And in Dix and the NDP, he may soon have a different and more aggressive adversary to deal with. Keith Baldrey is chief political reporter for Global BC

Dear Editor: Regarding your editorial of July 22 “Blood Simple,” advocating universal HIV testing, I had to check the calendar. No, it was not April 1. Am I living in Canada, not Russia or China? If you think that my wife and I, who met 55 years ago when we were teenagers, are going to give blood (even a drop) to be checked for HIV/AIDS when I am 100% certain that I do not have it (and 99% certain my wife does not have it) then you are living in a dream world. I commend you to the Civil Liberties Association. In addition, you do not mention the cost of stopping everybody for testing at the B.C. border. Even a 30-second delay

Bikes a danger to the wobbly From page 6 confusion between left and right. It’s an accident in the making. So far we have managed to avoid being hit, but we’re getting older and deafer and more wobbly, and it may just be a matter of time. Signs placed at the ends of the trails reminding bikers to “share the trail” and be courteous to others might just help. Cherry Rowlands North Vancouver


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as people head into B.C. from Banff and Jasper National Parks would create a huge backlog. Would Alberta then set up their own screening stations for B.C. parents who have not had their children vaccinated for chicken pox etc.? Where would this end? I suggest you and the provincial government think again. This is not so blood(y) simple. Jim Menzies West Vancouver



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A8 - North Shore News - Friday, July 27, 2012


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Friday, July 27, 2012 - North Shore News - A9

Olympic hazards for the easily sickened

THE Olympics make my wife want to puke.

No, she’s not some gas-masked anarchist who flies halfway around the world to scream “corporate greed!” at men on horses, nor is she some elitist who pooh-poohs the Olympics as mere distraction from more important things in life like social justice or the lack of nice places to plug in a hybrid. She’s actually a sensible lady who really enjoys watching Canadian people wearing spandex paddle rowboats or play ping-pong or whatever in an attempt to win medals. The puking started in 2010 during the Games hosted right here in Vancouver. At that time, she was three months pregnant with our son and in the throes of terrible morning sickness. For some reason her definition of morning expanded to include the afternoon, night, dusk, dawn, brunch, tea and rush hour. For her, Olympic fever took on a whole new meaning. So while the rest of us were out partying and waiting in lines, she was at home curled up on the couch with a bucket. Remember that theme song “I believe” that CTV played every 16 seconds? For my wife, that became Pavlov’s ringing bell, signifying it was time to toss her cookies. “Dee-dee-dee-daaa-daadaa-daaahhh, dee-dee-deedaa-blaaaghhhh!” Long after my son was born, my wife’s stomach would still turn after hearing just a few notes of that song

Laugh All You Want Andy Prest

— aside from that cool blue pick-up-sticks cauldron downtown, it’s the biggest remaining legacy the Games. The next Olympics start today in London (motto: “Faster, stronger, pastier”). I love watching the Games and will spend the next two weeks the same way I spend every Games: awake. What I’ve discovered over the years is that you don’t have to have a baby inside you pushing your barf button to feel a little queasy as hour 235 of Olympic coverage rolls by. Here are a few scenarios that may arise over the next two weeks that could have you bringing up your breakfast. Watch safely, and consider yourself warned. 1. The Brian Williams “speaking of” drinking game CTV Olympic veteran Brian Williams — known in the United States as “No, Not That Brian Williams” — is back to host prime-time Olympic coverage in Canada. Olympic nuts are very familiar with his style as these will be his 14th Games. There are some common

Williamsisms: At least once per Games, he gets fired up with indignation and blasts some group of judges or athletes or officials as “cheats.” He’s also known for frequently announcing the time, which will be interesting this year, because his broadcasts will come in the middle of the night: “It’s 3:30 in the a.m. here in London’s Trafalgar Square; a man calling himself the Duke of Chugsalot just threw a bowl of curry takeout at my producer.” One of my favourite Williams quirks is his use of the phrase “speaking of” to segue to a new topic. “. . . The lightning bounced off of Big Ben and struck a passing horsedrawn carriage, singeing

Pippa Middleton’s fascinator. SPEAKING OF bolts, the men’s 100 metres. . . .” He says it a lot, and he says it hilariously. Taking a shot of gin for every “speaking of” you hear would make for a great drinking game, but be warned: If Williams finds his segue stride, that Beefeater Dry may be going out the way it came in. 2. Jay Onrait uses his head Sticking with the Canadian broadcasters, TSN’s wacky Jay Onrait has already been unleashed on London and will continue his shenanigans throughout the Games. In his time on the network’s late-night Sports Centre show, Onrait has shown he’s not above smearing his face with ketchup to fake a serious head

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injury. With the stakes raised at the Olympics, Onrait may take his act to a new level. I’m thinking an homage to Britain’s rich history: a beheading. If he makes it too realistic, he could certainly turn some unsuspecting stomachs. 3. NBC — Nothing But Crying Heading south of the border, NBC’s Olympic coverage has long been making serious sports fans violently ill. For seemingly every event they’ll find some American competitor who’s overcome the tragic loss of her father’s cousin’s gardener’s favourite lawnmower to heroically finish seventh in archery. Plus they show most of the big-ticket events on

a massive tape delay, so that by the time viewers finally see Michael Phelps win his record-setting 19th medal, the swimming star will have already apologized for eight separate celebration-related scandals. This year, NBC is showing a lot of events live on its website, and they have promised to suck some of the sappiness out of their coverage, but I would still give this warning: “Viewer discretion advised; portions of this program may contain scenes of tinkly piano music, people overcoming obstacles (it’s the hurdles for God’s sake!) and a suddenly old Bob Costas. Some adults See Uppity page 11

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A10 - North Shore News - Friday, July 27, 2012

INQUIRING REPORTER THE Opening Ceremonies for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London kick off Friday, marking the beginning of the twoweek international event that will see 10 North Shore athletes vying for a place on the podium. While many Canadians will tell you they prefer to watch winter sports, it’s hard for anyone not to be drawn by the spectacle of the competitions. Canada’s Olympic team has set a goal of placing among the top 12 countries in medal standings. Will that ambitious plan be enough to hold your attention? If so, which Olympic events are you most looking forward to watching? — Brent Richter

Frank Ducote North Vancouver The 100-metre dash, because it is the ultimate test of human ability and athleticism. After that, it would be women’s soccer. It would be really nice to see Christine Sinclair win the big one.

Which Olympic events are you most looking forward to?

Alex Kurnicki Vancouver I used to be a rower, so the rowing. Overall, I’m more interested in the Winter Olympics.

Edytha Barker North Vancouver The Spice Girls, because they’re going to be in the opening ceremony. I think that’s a good thing.

Andrew Mitton. North Vancouver I don’t really watch many of them, but I like dragon boating, so I would have to say the paddling.

April Fehr North Vancouver Definitely swimming. If Michael Phelps wins three more medals of any kind, he’ll have the most medals of any Olympian. . . . Then it would be gymnastics.

City weighs land sale for affordable homes Brent Richter

THE City of North Vancouver is weighing a proposal to sell off some municipal land on the cheap to help create affordable housing for working families. Peter Ladner, former Vancouver city councillor and current fellow at Simon Fraser University’s Centre for Dialogue, pitched the initiative, dubbed HomesNow, at a council meeting July 16.

The plan would see the city or another organization put up a piece of land at a discount. Once the site had been established, organizers would invite developers and non-profits to partner and submit proposals for a multi-family development targeted at those earning $35,000 to $80,000 per year. The contest would take place in three municipalities, so results could be compared. The ultimate goal, Ladner said, isn’t just to create more housing options, but to create a successful model that would allow the project to be replicated in other cities. “We’d love to do something in the City of North Vancouver, because I know that you’re very active on this file and you’ve shown

some leadership,” Ladner said in his pitch to council. “It would be great to have something on the North Shore.” The suggestion brought a litany of questions from council, ranging from HomesNow’s financial viability given recent changes in Canadian mortgage law to whether it was feasible to find a piece of land with a low enough value to get the competition started. Other cities like Whistler and Abbotsford have created belowmarket housing by thinking outside the box, Ladner said, and Coquitlam and New Westminster are showing interest in the initiative. See Councillors page 11

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Friday, July 27, 2012 - North Shore News - A11

Dog rescued by passerby Stranger dives into Capilano to save confused Labrador

From page 10

Jane Seyd

A bystander with a big heart is being credited with saving a beloved pet after she jumped into the frigid waters off the Ambleside dog park to guide a disoriented dog to safety. “This lady was so brave,” said owner Sylvia Taylor, who was relieved to be reunited with her Labrador retriever Hemmingway back on shore. “She just dove in and swam way out into the river.” The doggie drama unfolded on a recent Sunday evening after Taylor took her nine-year-old dog — named Hemmingway, because “he likes hunting, fishing, eating and drinking” — to the popular dog park in West Vancouver. When Hemmingway swims in the ocean, Taylor usually guides him around to rinse off in the fresh water at the mouth of the Capilano River, just off the park, she said. But his time, Hemmingway spotted some seals splashing in the mouth of the river and took off after them, swimming far from shore. “Any sense he has photo submitted went right out the window,” she said. Taylor said she tried calling and calling SYLVIA Taylor (right) is crediting passerby Mitra Parizgar (second Hemmingway to get him to come back, but instead, from left) with saving her dog from the waters near Ambleside. he chased the seals farther into the river. Although it wasn’t exactly swimming weather, Parizgar took off “It seemed like about an hour” that Hemmingway was in the her shoes and socks and leapt in to the river mouth after the dog. water, she said. “I was really worried.” The water was cold, she said, and the current was strong. Eventually a crowd gathered, all trying to lure the confused She swam upstream towards Hemmingway, and after about 20 canine back to shore. Taylor said she couldn’t go into the water to get the dog because minutes managed to get the dog’s attention by calling his name in a quiet, calm voice. “I don’t swim,” she said. “I was raised on the prairies.” Eventually, he turned and allowed himself to be guided back to It was at that moment that Mitra Parizgar of North Vancouver shore. and her son Sam happened on the scene. Parizgar said she was just happy to help out. Parizgar said the dog looked disoriented and tired in the water, “She was a very humble hero,” said Taylor. and she could tell the dog’s owner was upset. As for Hemmingway, “He was very sheepish,” said Taylor. “We “I was a lifeguard back in my 20s, and I’m a strong swimmer,” had to hold on to him. It looked like he wanted to go back in.” she said. “I felt I could help.”

Thank You!

Councillors want other cities to be Guinea pigs There were also questions as to whether it was the city’s role to take on such a project, and whether city should be using its influence to elicit more community amenities from developers instead. “Why come to the city, when you recognize that we’re already, in many ways, demonstrating leadership and doing it on our own? Why not offer a program like this to our neighbours in the district?” asked Coun. Pam Bookham, noting that the city provides almost all of the North Shore’s affordable housing. Other councillors said the City North Vancouver should let other municipalities with more resources take up the challenge. “It may be that we’re better to wait and see the experience of those municipalities, . . . because we don’t have a lot of land to be the guinea pigs and have it not work,” Coun. Don Bell said. HomesNow’s biggest supporters on council, Couns. Craig Keating and Linda Buchanan and Mayor Darrell Mussatto, pushed fully to back Ladner’s plan and commit city staff to working with the HomesNow steering committee to scout for suitable city land. “We’d look like fools and frauds if we didn’t support this,” Keating said after reminding his council colleagues that every one of them campaigned on increasing affordable housing stock. After their motion was voted down 4-3, council agreed to a more cautious approach, asking staff report back on the issue and incorporate it into a larger discussion on affordable housing in the fall.

Uppity beaver tests sanity From page 9

may upchuck at this content.” 4. Ad nauseam We all know the true Olympic spirit is all about the selling of hamburgers and sugary drinks. We’ve seen it all before: During the Olympics, the same four commercials play over and over and over again for two straight weeks. At the start, it’s a rascally talking beaver that makes you laugh. By Week 2 you’re screaming hopelessly at the beaver to shut up. CTV has already promised they’ll have a heavy rotation for commercials advertising Anger Management, a new sitcom starring, gulp, Charlie Sheen. Bucket, anyone?

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A12 - North Shore News - Friday, July 27, 2012


by Kevin Hill

Flamenco Sketches at the Silk Purse Arts Centre

Pat Davies and Pat Way

Ghazal Rahvar, Gregg Simpson, featured artist and musician, and Bitte Baxter Representatives of the Silk Purse Arts Centre hosted an opening reception for acclaimed artist Gregg Simpson’s latest show, Flamenco Sketches, a series of abstract paintings and pastels inspired by the flamenco dancers of Andalusia, at the West Vancouver gallery July 10. Simpson was performing double duty that evening and also took the stage as a featured member of the Paul Plimley Trio. The performance was part of the Silk Purse’s Jazz Waves Festival, on now until Aug. 25. Simpson’s exhibition will remain on display until July 29 and the next Jazz Waves performance, by Nigel Mack and the Blues Attack, is set for Aug. 16 at 7:30 p.m. Info:

Rukhsana Bakar and Shahbaz Bakar

Marianne Decaron and Doreen Maruska

Denise Lanning and Sara Baker, executive director of the West Vancouver Community Arts Council

Steven Snider and Carol Cram

Please direct requests for event coverage to: For more Bright Lights photos go to:

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Friday, July 27, 2012 - North Shore News - A13



Guided street tours explore Forbidden Vancouver: Page 15 Suzanne Northcott tuned into a natural creative world: Page 16 TUTS musical loaded with talent on the Titanic: Page 17 Step Up settles into a tired routine: Page 20 Mark Haskell Smith’s high times in the Heart of Dankness: Page 30 SonReal feeling good about Good News: Page 33 Dances for a Small Stage expanding into larger space: Page 34 More online at entertainment NSNPulse

photo supplied

WRESTLER Leah Callahan is part of Canada’s Olympic team competing in London July 27 to Aug. 12.


Olympic dream

■ The Sticking Place created by Josephine Anderson and Brittany Baxter. Interactive online documentary about female wrestler Leah Callahan journey to the 2012 Olympics. Go to to view the work in progress.

Rosalind Duane

CLICK around The Sticking Place website and pieces of Canadian wrestler Leah Callahan’s life pop up. Videos of Callahan competing, snippets of audio interviews about her training, even samples of her email are peppered throughout the interactive website. This week, Callahan joins her teammates in London as a member of the Canadian Olympic wrestling team, and Josephine Anderson, co-creator of The Sticking Place says she is hoping it will be an opportunity to add another chapter to the project. “The beauty of doing an online project like ours

is you can continue to add to the story as it goes, so following Leah to the Olympics and following that part of her journey as it continues is something we really want to do,” she explains. Anderson calls The Sticking Place (launched on June 27), an interactive documentary because viewers choose what part of the footage they want to look at as they explore the website. The footage is not presented in a linear format, which would be more similar to traditional documentaries. “In terms of filmmaking it’s just a different kind of process of fine tuning,” she says. Anderson worked on the project with her business partner Brittany Baxter (the other half of their production company Moosestash Films). It was Baxter who knew Callahan and suggested her journey to make the Canadian Olympic wrestling team would make a good story. “The reason Leah is such a compelling subject for a documentary is because of the way that she’s just so raw, she’s so honest, she’s so straightforward and she’s confident with her perspective and her ideas,” says

Anderson. She adds of Callahan’s reaction to the finished project: “She was excited and her family and friends were excited to relive the moments from this past year.” Anderson says she felt like she was exploring new territory while making the film, noting there aren’t a lot of projects that have been released in this format. “Our production was very modern-day, you would say.” Anderson is based in Vancouver, and notes that most of the footage in The Sticking Place is from interviews done via Skype with Callahan, who is based in Calgary. Some competition video was shot at past events by Callahan’s teammates. Still other footage was shot using the filmmakers’ DSLR cameras. Anderson and Baxter raised about $20,000 for the project through the crowd-funding website Kickstarter, and through a grant from the National Film Board of Canada. Anderson admits the web development for the project was an expensive part of the process, but adds, See Project page 19

A14 - North Shore News - Friday, July 27, 2012

CALENDAR GALLERIES Argyle Avenue: 1400-1600 Block, West Vancouver. Harmony Arts Festival — Art Market: A line-up of over 80 artists and artisans selected by a jury team will take over Argyle Avenue Aug. 3 and 10, 2-9 p.m. and Aug. 4-6, 11 and 12, 11 a.m.-9 p.m. Info: www. Artemis Gallery: 104C-4390 Gallant Ave., North Vancouver. Hours: Tuesday-Sunday, noon5 p.m. Info: 778-233-9805 or Bellevue Gallery: 2475 Bellevue Ave., West Vancouver. Gallery hours: Tuesday-Friday, 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m., Saturday, 11 a.m.-5 p.m. and outside gallery hours by appointment. Info: Child’s Play: An exhibition by Mark Heine will run until Aug. 12. BrushStrokes Gallery: Lonsdale Quay, 123 Carrie Cates Court, North Vancouver. Hours: Sunday, 11:30 a.m.-6 p.m., Thursday, 11:30 a.m.6:30 p.m., Friday and Saturday, 11:30 a.m.-7 p.m. Info: www. Members of The North Shore Artists’ Guild display a variety of original art including oil paintings, watercolours, acrylics and mixed media on an ongoing basis with new works every month. Buckland Southerst Gallery: 2460 Marine Dr., West Vancouver. Info: 604-9221915. www.bucklandsoutherst. photo Jaclyn Marks com. Cafe for Contemporary Art: 140 East Esplanade, North Vancouver. Hours: MondayFriday, 7 a.m.-7 p.m. and MASONETTE (Dasha Duquette and Shaina Rose Ireland) perform at Shipbuilders Plaza in Lonsdale Quay’s Friday Night Market tonight Saturday and Sunday, 8 a.m.-7 at 9:30 p.m. The duo have released an EP on iTunes and are currently in the studio recording three more tracks. For more information on p.m. Info: 778-340-3379 or Masonette go to cafeforcontemporaryart@gmail. Nature by Design: Mosaics and paintings by Liz Calvin and Rod Summer Artisan Craft Fairs: Local artisans and crafters will com. Gildersleeve will be on display until July 29. Harmony Arts Festival display and sale their handcrafted items Aug. 18 and 19, 11 a.m.-4 Caroun Art Gallery: 1403 Bewicke Ave., North Vancouver. Info: — ArtSpeaks and ArtDemos: Talks, demonstrations, workshops, p.m., 778-372-0765 or Gallery hands-on classes and slide presentations from Aug. 4 to 12 in the Coastal Patterns Gallery: 582 Artisan Lane, Bowen Island. hours: Tuesday to Sunday, noon to 8 p.m. gallery and art tent. There is a $10 fee for hands-on workshops Hours: Wednesday-Sunday, noon-5 p.m. or by appointment. Info: Casa Del Caffe: 116 East 14th St., North Vancouver. Info: 604which also require registration in the Ferry Building Gallery office. 604-762-4623, 778-997-9408 or 983-2233. Info: Cove Creek Gallery: 4349 Gallant Ave., North Vancouver. Centennial Theatre: 2300 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver. Info: Harmony Arts Festival — Showcase Exhibition: Works of District Foyer Gallery: 355 West Queens Rd., North Vancouver. ArtSpeaks artists and invited alumni artists will be on display from Gallery hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Info: 604-988CityScape Community Art Space: 335 Lonsdale Ave., North Aug. 3-12. Info: 6844 or Vancouver. Info: 604-988-6844 or Gallery Painter’s Landing: Local artists will work, exhibit and sell art The North Vancouver Community Arts Council will present an hours: Tuesday to Saturday, noon to 5 p.m. on the grass areas adjoining the Ferry Building Gallery 9 a.m.Art Rental Show: More than 400 pieces of original artwork created exhibition of wood carvings by Keith Gray and floral paintings by 9 p.m. daily until Oct. 31. Permit applications: email gallery@ Grazyna Wolski until Sept. 18. by local artists will be on display and available for rent from July 20 Info: 604-925-7266. District Library Gallery: 1277 Lynn Valley Rd., North to Sept. 8. Pieces range from $10 to $40 per month. The Gallery at Artisan Square: 587 Artisan Lane, Bowen Island. Vancouver. Info: Call for Artists: the North Vancouver Community Arts Council Info: 604-947-2454 or Hours: Friday-Sunday, noon-4 The North Vancouver Community Arts Council will present is seeking artists for a themed exhibition called “Sans Brush.” This p.m. paintings by Druh Ireland until Aug. 14. Feast in the Village: exhibition will celebrate the unconventional process of creating Gallery Jones: 1531 Marine Dr., West Vancouver. Info: 604-926paintings without using a brush. Deadline for submissions: Saturday, 3183 Edgemont Blvd., North Vancouver. Info: 778-340-2223. 2233. Ferry Building Gallery: 1414 Argyle Ave., West Vancouver. July 28, 4 p.m. Gallery YoYo: 312 East Esplanade, North Vancouver. Gallery Admission to all shows is free. Info: 604-925-7290 or www. Gift Box Showcase: Items by local artisans who specialize in high quality, hand-crafted, unique gift items will be for sale until Aug. 31. Gallery hours: Tuesday-Sunday, 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Closed Mondays. Civic Plaza: 14th Street and Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver. See more page 18

Masonette playing Friday Night Market

Expect the Unexpected A TRUE STORY – “A few weeks ago a car swerved into my lane while

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Other drivers make mistakes. Knowing how to drive safely means having the skills to react to the unexpected. We teach these life-saving skills everyday. Trust Young Drivers of Canada to prepare you for the road ahead.

Friday, July 27, 2012 - North Shore News - A15


Street tour explores’Forbidden Vancouver’ Will Woods takes groups for a walk on the wild side ■ Forbidden Vancouver. Tours depart from Cathedral Square opposite Cathedral Dunsmuir and Richards. Tour times: Wed. (6:30 p.m.), Fri. (6:30 p.m.) and Sat. (5 p.m.). For more info visit

Jen St. Denis

ON Will Woods’ walking tour, you won’t hear about venerable town fathers or the architectural details of heritage buildings. Instead, you’ll be ushered into the seedy world of speakeasies, risqué cabarets and opium dens that characterized Vancouver’s prohibition era, from 1917 to 1921. “Men sitting round ramshackle wooden tables, drinking, playing cards, some men so drunk they’re just lying passed out on the floor,” says Woods on a July 11 tour, describing an underground drinking den. ON Forbidden Vancouver tours Will Woods leads groups on 90-minute excursions “Prostitutes lurking in the the city’s past. For upcoming dates visit corners. These places were Vancouver Public Library researching the city’s history. He not for the faint of heart.” also took acting lessons to learn how to spin a good yarn and The 32-year-old North Vancouver tour guide has turned make himself heard above the hubbub of city streets. his passion for history into a profession. Starting from Holy “I figured if I was going to be leading a group of people Rosary Cathedral in downtown Vancouver, Woods leads and entertaining them and doing this in a theatrical way, I walking tours that delve into the some of the city’s more needed to get some experience,” said Woods. unsavoury history. It was a time when both the mafia and the The theatrical character Woods has adopted is an out-ofmayor had a hand in one of the most profitable — and very work reporter who’s been kicked out of the newsroom for illegal — businesses in town. digging a little too deep. The 90-minute tour route winds To create his Forbidden Vancouver tour, which began its way through Gastown and Chinatown, making stops running this May, the history buff spent hours in the

photo supplied

through Gastown and Chinatown to learn more about on street corners and in alleys and shop doorways. Using historical photographs to illustrate his stories, Woods paints a compelling portrait of B.C.’s grand experiment with banning liquor. Local history has always been a passion for Woods, but until this February it was only a hobby. That’s when Woods left his job at the accounting firm Deloitte to start his small business. See Content page 28




“Much more than a look at works from a who’s who of early European modern artists. It’s a look at how a pair of passionate women brought some of the most interesting and important art to America”. Dana Gee, The Province Henri Matisse, Large Reclining Nude, 1935, oil on canvas, The Baltimore Museum of Art: The Cone Collection, formed by Dr. Claribel Cone and Miss Etta Cone of Baltimore, Maryland, BMA 1950.258

Opening Celebrations Sponsor: This exhibition is organized by The Baltimore Museum of Art, The Jewish Museum, New York, and the Vancouver Art Gallery.

With generous support from:

Media Sponsors:

Presenting Sponsor:

Gallery Hours Daily 10am–5pm Tuesdays and Sundays until 9pm

A16 - North Shore News - Friday, July 27, 2012


Painter tuned into natural creative world ■ Painting the Nest, a presentation by artist Suzanne Northcott, Saturday, Aug. 4 at 3 p.m. in the ArtSpeaks Tent (on the grass lawn west of the Ferry Building Gallery) West Vancouver. Part of ArtSpeaks at the Harmony Arts Festival, Aug. 3-12, along West Vancouver’s waterfront. Free. Info:

Erin McPhee

SUZANNE Northcott feared for her life. Having hiked to the alpine to take in the view of the river valley and the Sikanni River Lodge below while on an artist trip to the MuskwaKechika Management Area of Northern B.C., the Fort Langley-based interdisciplinary artist and her fellow wilderness explorers were shocked when they came face-to-face with a black bear. Not startled by the group, rather highly interested in them, the large animal made continued advances. Their efforts to scare it off, from throwing large rocks to making themselves look big photo supplied were futile until, 20 terrifying minutes later, a shot of bear SUZANNE Northcott will present Painting the Nest at the Harmony Arts Festival on Saturday, Aug. 4 at 3 p.m. as part of a program of artist’s spray finally did the trick. talks being held daily through Aug. 12. The bear no longer in that, I started to remember dreams I’ve had in the past about their sights, the group hurried back to the lodge where they’d study of the world around her. Both in her art and her life, bears and I started to just notice what significance a bear had she makes a point of being receptive to her discoveries. been staying, stopping only to retrieve their jackets and day to me. This is what I do, I just go off on a metaphoric binge.” “I think openness in general is an ethic for me. It’s kind packs, which they’d hung on some trees at a lower point Both an artist and an art educator, Northcott is set to of where all the good things in my life, that’s where they all in the climb. Northcott found chew marks on the sleeve of come from,” she said Monday, from Seattle, Wash., where she share her unique approach to creation at the upcoming hers, a permanent reminder of how potentially dangerous a Harmony Arts Festival, the District of West Vancouver’s spends a lot of time as it’s home to her fiancé David. They situation they’d been in. annual 10-day summer event. The community-based festival, plan to wed in September. Three days later, Northcott was leading an artist workshop focused on supporting and celebrating local artists, boasts Exactly what sort of impact her double-bear encounter, at a cabin on Alta Lake in Whistler and yet again, a black bear, a variety of programs and events. Examples include artist still so recent, having occurred in the last couple of weeks, this time much smaller, advanced on her group, interested in shows, markets and workshops, live entertainment, outdoor will have on her remains to be seen and could take ages to the lunch they were having on the building’s outdoor deck. film screenings, children’s activities, and fine food and drink. manifest. Again, no one was hurt and the bear eventually left them The festival is highly popular amongst community members, “I haven’t had the chance to paint since then but it’s alone, however the experiences have definitely made their seeing more than 100,000 people attend the 2011 edition. absolutely impacted on me enormously,” she says. “I’m still mark. dealing, I think, with the adrenaline that’s built up in my With nature a common theme in her work, Northcott system. It was profound. And then I started to remember after approaches her subjects scientifically, engaged in constant See Artist page 38




Saturday July 28 & Sunday July 29 • TOOLS • JEWELLERY • CAMERAS • WATCHES • ELECTRONICS • GOLD Musical Instruments, Video Game Systems, DVDs, Collectables and Art

North Shore Pawn Shop 604-990-8214 140-B Lonsdale Avenue North Vancouver


Friday, July 27, 2012 - North Shore News - A17


TUTS musical loaded with talent Cap U theatre grads featured in production Jen St. Denis

■ Titanic: A New Musical at Theatre Under the Stars until Aug. 18. Tickets: 1877-840-0457. For more information visit

TWO young North Vancouver actresses who are roommates and fast friends are now looking at each other across the class divide in Theatre Under the Star’s production of Titanic: A New Musical.

Jo Ledingham Vancouver Courier

THE bar has been seriously raised at TUTS.

“I play Kate McGowan,” said Michelle Bardach. “She is a 17-year-old feisty Irish immigrant. She has gotten herself pregnant and she wants to find herself a man.” “My character’s name is Charlotte Cardoza,” says Steffanie Davis. “She lost her husband before she got on the ship, so she’s an heiress, and she’s a first-class passenger . . . She also likes to gamble and drink and hang out with the boys.” Theatre-goers should expect a much different NEWS photo Mike Wakefield experience than the 1997 James Cameron-directed ROOMMATES Michelle Bardach and Steffanie Davis went through Capilano University’s theatre program movie, which popularized together and are now both working this summer in TUTS’ production of Titanic: A New Musical. the true story of the nautical disaster as well as the fictional love story of Jack the middle of the night when everyone’s been woken up in their pajamas.” and Rose. Bardach, 23, and Davis, 21, went through “It’s totally different,” says Davis. “There’s Capilano University’s theatre program a bunch of different facts and history behind together. Working on Titanic has been a great each of the characters that we get to find out, learning experience for the young actors. and they’re all based on real characters who “There was learning the music, and then lived and died on the Titanic.” Director Max Reimer has staged the musical there was the staging,” said Bardach. “That took a while, because we’ve got such a large on a mostly bare stage, but huge projections cast if you figure out where to put everybody, against the back wall of the Malkin Bowl help and why people are where they are.” to transport the audience back in time. Unlike most musicals, which have a few “We actually found photos of the real central characters supported by a singing, Titanic, from inside and outside the ship, and it’s incredible . . . it looks like the characters are dancing chorus, all but a few of the characters in Titanic have a name, back story and on the ship,” says Bardach. dialogue. The outdoor setting also helps set the “You come to care about all these mood. individuals,” said Davis. “You’re outside and the sun is setting just Titanic: A New Musical runs until Aug. 18 as the Titanic is setting sail,” says Bardach. at the Malkin Bowl in Stanley Park. For more “As it gets colder and the stars come out, you information, visit really feel like you’re right there with them in




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Max Reimer, former artistic managing director of the Vancouver Playhouse, opened the 66th Theatre Under The Stars season with his hauntingly beautiful direction of Peter Stone (story and book) and Maury Yeston’s (music and lyrics) 1958 musical Titanic: A New Musical. The music is wonderful and the story-well, we all know how it ends-had some of us choked up almost from the beginning. Unlike the movie, which we all know is just a movie, the actors on the Malkin Bowl stage are living, breathing men, women See Reimer page 28

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/harmonyartswv |

/harmonyartswv |

August 3-12, 2012

ALONG WEST VANCOUVER’S SPECTACULAR WATERFRONT for complete schedule of events see our Festival Guide online

PERORMING ARTS The BA Blacktop Sunset Concert Series This popular concert series takes place at 7:30 p.m. every evening in John Lawson Park. Come early as this concert series fills the park with festival goers as some of BC’s best musical talents take to the West Vancouver Community Foundation Main Stage. From rock, blues and jazz, to classical and world music, there is something for everyone and all musical tastes at the festival this year. The dynamic and eclectic lineup includes: Friday, August 3: Saturday, August 4: Sunday, August 5: Monday, August 6: Tuesday, August 7:

Luisa Marshall as Tina Turner Santa Lucia Acres of Lions The Matinée John Reischman & The Jaybirds Wednesday, August 8: Roy Forbes Thursday, August 9: Babe Curr Friday, August 10: Tambura Rasa Saturday, August 11: Good For Grapes Sunday, August 12: Locarno John Reischman & Th e


Locarn o


The Pacific Arbour Group Show is a juried exhibition of mixed media artworks from local talents. Visit our website to see all of the exhibiting art including information about the artists!

NEWS photo Cindy Goodman

Mount Seymour hosts chamber fest

MARTIN Karlicek, Alejandro Ochoa, Dorothea Hayley and Mana Shiraishi are among the musicians scheduled to perform in the Blueridge International Chamber Music Festival beginning Aug. 1. A series of shows are slated for Aug. 1, 3, 8 and 11 at North Vancouver’s Mount Seymour United Church. The opening night program will include works by Beethoven, Martinu and Mendelssohn. To order tickets call 604781-5606 or visit

Exhibition runs until August 12, 2012 at: Silk Purse (at the festival site) 1570 Argyle Avenue, West Vancouver West Vancouver Memorial Library (Upper Gallery) 1950 Marine Drive, West Vancouver

illiams Shirley W

From page 14

FOOD & DRINK Visit the Grosvenor Waterfront Lounge for a relaxed atmosphere and a casual dining experience at the foot of 15th Street in West Vancouver. Take in all the sights and sounds of the Pacific Arbour Garden Stage against the breathtaking backdrop of the Burrard Inlet. Enjoy food from local favourite Mangia E Bevi Ristorante and try drinks the way the vineyard intended with FreshTAP and hosts house wine. LOCATION: Millennium Park (foot of 15th Street, West Vancouver) ADMISSION: Free, open to the public. Families welcome. Join our Showcase Exhibition artists at the Ferry Building Gallery and the Group Show exhibiting artists at the Silk Purse Gallery for our Opening Receptions on Friday, August 3 from 6-7:30 p.m. produced by major sponsors

presenting sponsor

media sponsors

hours: Wednesday to Saturday, 1-5:30 p.m. or by appointment. Info: 604-983-2896. Graffiti Co. Art Studio: 171 East First St., North Vancouver. Gallery hours: Tuesday-Friday, 1:30-6:30 p.m. or by appointment. Info: 604980-1699 or Kay Meek Centre: 1700 Mathers Ave., West Vancouver. Info: or 604-913-3634. On Our Walls: Vera Hand’s pastel works will be on display until Aug. 27. Lions Bay Art Gallery: 350 Centre Rd., Lions Bay. Gallery hours: Monday-Sunday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Info: or 604921-7865. Featuring established and upcoming artists. Loutet Farm: East 14th Street and Rufus Ave., North Vancouver. Exhibition: Conceptual artist Iain Baxter& (pronounced Baxterand) will have his work on display until Dec. 30. Lynnmour Art Studio and Gallery: 3011467 Crown St., North Vancouver. Info: www. or 604-929-4001. Gallery hours: Saturday and Sunday, noon to 5 p.m. or by appointment. Contemporary and abstract paintings by Gordon Oliver, Robert Botlak and Gary W. Eder. The Music Box: 1564 Argyle Ave., West Vancouver. Mystic Mask Art Studio: 319 West 28th St., North Vancouver. North Vancouver City Library: 120 West 14th

St., North Vancouver. Info: 604-998-3455 or Exhibition: Conceptual artist Iain Baxter& (pronounced Baxterand) will have his work on display until Dec. 30. North Vancouver Community History Centre: 3203 Institute Rd., North Vancouver. Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, noon-5 p.m. Info: 604990-3700, ext. 8016 or www.northvanmuseum. ca. Exhibition: Conceptual artist Iain Baxter& (pronounced Baxterand) will have his work on display until Dec. 30. North Vancouver Museum: 209 West Fourth St., North Vancouver. Hours: Tuesday-Sunday, noon-5 p.m. Info: 604-987-5612 or www. Exhibition: Conceptual artist Iain Baxter& (pronounced Baxterand) will have his work on display until Dec. 30. North Vancouver Experience, an ongoing exhibit defining life in North Vancouver. Presentation House Gallery: 333 Chesterfield Ave., North Vancouver. Gallery hours: Wednesday -Sunday, noon5 p.m. Info: 604-986-1351 or www. Ron Andrews Community Space: 931 Lytton St., North Vancouver. Info: 604-980-7182. Form and Function: Potter Stuart Ross and textile embroidery artist Nell Burns will display their work from July 31 to Sept. 9 Seymour Art Gallery: 4360 Gallant Ave., See more page 19

Friday, July 27, 2012 - North Shore News - A19

CALENDAR From page 18 North Vancouver. Gallery hours: 10 a.m.-5 p.m. daily. Info: 604-924-1378 or www. Fireworks: An exhibition that focuses on works that involve the use of heat and fire in the process of their creation will run until Aug. 6. Artist talk: July 29 at 2 p.m. Painting Draw to Support SAG: A draw for an original framed oil painting titled Red Grove by Ross Penhall valued at

Project outsourced web design

From page 13

filmmakers always have choices about how much they want to spend, and “You just make these decisions as you go.” Since web design is not something in which her production company specializes, the web design was outsourced. “It’s expensive, but at the same time, if you compare it to a large-scale, traditional documentary it’s arguable whether it would be more expensive or less expensive,” says Anderson. “Making an interactive project was all new to us. We’d never made one before and so it was a lot of guess and testing, and a lot of sort of inventing, really, in terms of our process. So it was a challenge because there’s no cookie-cutter process to follow. Not yet at least. That was a challenge but it was also such a reward. Having this kind of open slate to explore how we want to do it just using our own judgment and our own interests was also such a rewarding experience.” She explains that shooting for an interactive website format was a bit different than for a traditional documentary. “I would say we definitely approached it with a different mindset knowing that the footage we used would be broken into bite-sized pieces, so everything we shot we had in mind, OK which web screen is this going to fit in to? Where does this fit in within this chapter? That’s so different from a linear story. You could experience The Sticking Place in a linear way if you wanted to but it would probably be challenging to do that, and also it’s not really the way it’s intended. You’re supposed to just follow your own curiosity whether that’s from start to finish or jumping around the whole story.” Anderson, who is a graduate of Capilano University’s Documentary Film Program, says the documentary genre is her favourite type of filmmaking. “I love documentaries. I just think that the power of a true story is unlike anything else. And it’s exciting to have that kind of real-stakes element to the story that you’re sharing with your audience.”

$4500. Tickets are $5 or three for $10 and available at the gallery. The draw will take place Aug. 7. Investigations: Artist Jeanne Krabbendam will show alongside three artists she works with at Coast Mental Health’s Art Room Aug. 7-Sept. 2.

Opening reception: Tuesday, Aug. 7, 7-9 p.m. Artist talk: Sunday, Aug. 26, 2 p.m. Shelton Art /Studios Gallery: 3540 Marine Dr., West Vancouver. Studio visits by appointment. Info: 604-9225356 or Shipbuilders’ Square: 105

Carrie Cates Court, North Vancouver. Art on the Pier: Artisans, vendors and themed attractions will run in conjunction with Concerts in the Square Aug. 4, 11, 18 and 25, 4-9 p.m. Silk Purse Arts Centre: 1570 Argyle Ave., West Vancouver.

Gallery hours: Tuesday to Sunday, noon-4 p.m. Info: 604925-7292 or Flamenco Sketches: Gregg Simpson’s abstract paintings and pastels inspired by flamenco dancers will be on display until July 29. Harmony Arts Festival

—Juried Group Show: A diverse mixed media show featuring work by over 50 local artists. The exhibition will open at 2 p.m. on Aug. 3 and run daily until Aug. 12. Info: www. See more page 28 TELUS AUTHORIZED DEALERS Vancouver Bentall Tower Three Oakridge Centre Pacific Centre 2163 West 4th Ave. 2338 Cambie St. 925 West Georgia St. 689 Thurlow St. 1855 Burrard St. 3121 West Broadway 2748 Rupert St. 950 West Broadway 1707 Robson St. 1092 Kingsway 625 Howe St. 551 Robson St.

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Chilliwack Cottonwood Mall Eagle Landing 45300 Luckakuck Way 7544 Vedder Rd.

Cloverdale 17725 64th Ave.

Coquitlam Coquitlam Centre 3278 Westwood St. 3000 Lougheed Hwy. 2988 Glen Dr. 1071 Austin Ave. 2700B Barnet Hwy.

Delta Scottsdale Centre 7235 120th St. 1517 56th St.

Langley Walnut Grove Town Centre Willowbrook Shopping Centre 19638 Fraser Hwy. 19700 Langley Bypass 20159 88th Ave. 20202 66th Ave.

Maple Ridge Haney Place Mall 22661 Lougheed Hwy.

Mission 32670 Lougheed Hwy. 32555 London Ave.

Look no further.

New Westminster Royal City Centre

North Vancouver Capilano Mall Lynn Valley Centre 1295 Marine Dr. 1801 Lonsdale Ave. 1392 Main St.

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West Vancouver Park Royal Shopping Centre

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Step Up settles into tired routine ■ Step Up Revolution. Directed by Scott Speer. Starring Emily McCormick and Ryan Guzman. Rating: 5 (out of 10)

Julie Crawford


Contributing Writer

SO You Think You Can Act? The fourth instalment of the wildly successful Step Up movies features some killer dance moves, a hot Miami Beach locale, and acting that most definitely does not make the cut.

Let’s not blame leads Ryan Guzman — already being touted as the next Channing Tatum — and Kathryn McCormick, a SYTYCD alum. They’re just twirling their way through a bare-bones plot and executing some downright off-key dialogue, courtesy of Duane Adler and Jenny Mayer, both of whom should be tied to a chair and set in front of ginormous, pulsing speakers as punishment. photo Sam Emerson/Summit Entertainment There’s a whole lotta booty-shaking going on, and RYAN Guzman, Misha Gabriel, Stephen “tWitch” Boss and Angeline Appel are among the cast featured in Step the type of dirty dancing that Up: Revolution. The film opens today. could get you evicted from block. Emily has dreams of joining a prestigious many a high school dance. And that’s the draw, after winning an Internet contest with a $100,000 Miami dance troupe but daddy has given her until payday, their ticket to eventual fame and fortune. all: a threadbare plot spun from audience demand the end of the summer to make it as a professional Sean meets Emily (McCormick) at the beach club for the type of dance moves seen on TV’s So You dancer, or else come to work for his development where he works. They dance a hot number in the Think You Can Dance, less so on Dancing With company. No pressure. She joins The Mob to sand but then, like a sexed-up Cinderella, she is The Stars, and occasionally (frighteningly) glimpsed give her pretty-but-staid dance style some muchgone. from pint-sized dancers on Dance Moms. Sean is from the cheapo side of the tracks but Sean (Guzman) is co-leader of “the Mob”, an Emily’s daddy (Peter Gallagher) owns the whole See Dance page 22 underground dance troupe with an eye toward


AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND & SOUTH PACIFIC a CruisePlus Hosted Travel Experience

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On Now at The Brick! For more details go instore or online

EMPIRE ESPLANADE 6 200 West Esplanade, North Vancouver 604-983-2762 The Dark Knight Rises (PG) — Fri-Thur 12:15, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6:15, 7, 8, 9, 10 p.m. Brave 3D (G) — Fri-Tue, Thur 3:10, 6:50, 9:25; Wed 3:10, 9:25 p.m. Brave (G) — Fri-Thur 12:40 p.m. The Watch (18A) — Fri-Thur 12:50, 3:30, 7:15, 9:45 p.m. PARK & TILFORD 333 Brooksbank Ave., North Vancouver 604-985-3911 The Amazing Spider-Man 3D (PG) — Fri-Thur 1, 4:10, 7:20, 10:10 p.m. The Amazing Spider-man (PG) — Fri-Thur 6:50, 9:45 p.m. Ice Age: Continental Drift — Fri-Sat 12, 2:20, 4:40; Sun-Thur 2:20, 4:40 p.m. Ice Age: Continental Drift 3D — Fri-Thur 12:40, 2:55, 5:20, 7:45, 10 p.m. Step Up Revolution 3D (PG) — Fri-Sat 12:10, 2:40, 5:10, 7:40, 10:15; Sun-Thur 2:40, 5:10, 7:40, 10:15 p.m. See more page 22

Friday, July 27, 2012 - North Shore News - A21

DAYTRIPPING A Great Day Out for the Whole Family Getting back into the swing of things for the fall can be a busy time, especially for families. Shopping for new clothes and school supplies can mean that time spent together having fun gets pushed off the calendar. On Saturday September 8th, from 10am-1pm there’s a free family event at the Parkgate Community Centre that you simply have to add to your timetable.

The ‘Flow Show’ is the event highlight, offering a show of extreme mountain biking tricks using jumps, ramps and obstacles set up in the parking lot beside the Parkgate plaza. Will Stroet will take the main stage just before the celebratory cupcakes are distributed and a face painter and balloon artists will be on site during the entire event. Participants are encouraged to take transit or ride their bikes to the event. A free bike check and a bike decorating station will be available from 10am-1pm.


Parkgate’s annual Family Day event began as a way to celebrate the opening of the Parkgate Community Centre and has grown into one of the North Shore’s favourite events, rain or shine. This year’s 13th annual celebration will be held in the plaza outside the Parkgate Community Centre at 3625 Banff Court. The beauty of this event is that it is the combined effort of Parkgate Community Services Society (PCSS), North Vancouver Recreation Commission (NVRC) and Seymour area local businesses and organizations who come together to sponsor entertainment components of the event.



If your child is 5-8 years old and interested in learning how to skateboard this is a wonderful opportunity for kids to learn basic skateboarding skills in a fun, summer camp environment. Instructors will teach the mechanics of a skateboard, safety, park etiquette, fundamental skills and basic tricks.

Don’t miss out as there is limited space available.

August August

13-17 20-24

9:30-11:30am 9:30-11:30am


Local organizations and businesses interested in connecting with their community at this wonderful event are invited to contact the Community Recreation Programmer at Parkgate to request an application. For more information, please email the Parkgate Community Recreation Programmer directly at


This is a great way to meet your neighbours and build stronger community bonds, so mark Saturday, September 8th on your calendar. We look forward to seeing you there, rain or shine. Award-winning National Historic Site.

Seabreeze Adventures Whale Watching




Seabreeze Adventures offers you the best of whale watching in Vancouver. And so close to home! Our whale watching boats offer upper level viewing and are safety inspected and approved. Our goal is to watch whales and observe marine animals in their natural environment and to share the experience with you. We will conveniently pick you up at the Vancouver Seabus Terminal and our trips take 3-5 hours. Groups Welcome! Adults: $120 • Students: $100 • Kids: $75 (4 and under free) Come and experience our warmth and hospitality. Call 604.272.7200 •


Cool down with a trip to Karen Magnussen recCentre’s Wave Pool. To get a public pool schedule visit: Visit a farmers market on the North Shore & try out a new vegetable or fruit. For locations visit: www. or www. or www. Rent a speed boat from Deep Cove Marina & take a picnic to Shannon Falls.

We Custom Fit Hiking Boots, Too! Vancouver’s Favorite Custom Bootfitters


Icelandic Horse I’m the one the farm uses for Custom Pony Rides at Birthday Parties but I’m no pony. I came here just after the Olympics from Enderby, BC. Icelandics are known to be sturdy and able to carry weights heavier than other horses & ponies of a similar size. Hey... and ask someone at the farm how I can ‘Tolt’.

I can’t blow out candles but I can make a Birthday celebration fun!

It’s moooo-re fun at the farm! 1550 Marine Drive, North Vancouver (604) 984-7191 (604) 984-4394 604.929.5610

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Chinese Roulette

RAINER Werner Fassbinder’s Chinese Roulette (1976), starring Anna Karina and Margit Carstensen, screens tonight at 8:30 p.m. at Pacific Cinémathèque as part of a major summer retrospective of the German filmmaker’s work.

SHOWTIMES From page 20 To Rome With Love (PG) — Fri 12:20, 2:50, 5:30, 8, 10:20; Sat, Thur 5:30, 8, 10:20; Sun-Wed 2:50, 5:30, 8:00, 10:20 p.m. Thur 1 p.m. Andre Rieu’s 25th Anniversary Hometown Concert — Sat 12:45 p.m. PACIFIC CINEMATHEQUE 1131 Howe St., 604-688-FILM The Late, Great Rainer Werner Fassbinder (1945-1982) June marked the 30th anniversary of the untimely 1982 death of the great German filmmaker Rainer Werner Fassbinder. Fassbinder’s is a cinema, and a life, of staggering extremes, stunning productivity, unparalleled accomplishment. He was both wunderkind and enfant terrible of the New German Cinema, and perhaps its leading luminary. Certainly, with Werner Herzog and Wim Wenders, a part of its great triumvirate. Many place Fassbinder at the peak of an even higher summit: the most important filmmaker of the postwar period since Godard. Over the summer Pacific Cinémathèque is screening 17 of his films during a major retrospective of his work. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock: The Complete Works for Television, Two French Rarities, and Nine Sensational Masterpieces Almost always overlooked in retrospectives of Alfred Hitchcock’s directorial work are the many films Hitchcock directed for television in the seven years from 1955 to 1962, in the midst of what is almost certainly the greatest creative peak of his filmmaking career. Pacific Cinémathèque’s summer Hitchcock season, “Directed by Alfred Hitchcock,” offers an alternative look at the Master of Suspense’s work by shining a rare spotlight on all 20 of the films Hitchcock directed for TV, two French-language films commissioned by the British Ministry of Information in 1944 plus nine of his greatest masterpieces: The 39 Steps, Sabotage, Strangers on a Train, Rear Window, Vertigo, North by Northwest, Psycho, The Birds and Marnie.

Dance sequences mix styles

From page 20

needed edge, and to rebel against daddy, of course. “It’s a 50/50 chance we’re going to jail tonight,” Sean says, as their flash mob shuts down various Miami institutions. The sirens, conveniently, are always a few beats behind Their directive changes when Emily’s dad threatens to flatten their historic neighbourhood, including a Cuban club that’s a safe haven for the kids. “Enough with performance art… it’s time for protest art,” says Emily. The dance sequences are a vibrant mix of styles, parlour and performance art, with the openers and the finale providing the best visual fun. Any attempt at dialogue is drowned out by a heavy-handed score. Buzz for the film got a big boost after the entire cast performed on the 2012 Teen Choice Awards, and earlier, on So You Think You Can Dance. Parents take note: the dancing is hot, the kissing is chaste, and the 3D is unnecessary, so save the extra few bucks for snacks. Or dance lessons.

Friday, July 27, 2012 - North Shore News - A23

N OW PREVIEWING from July 14th to 26th only





to Great Lower Lonsdale Shops and Restaurants



Concrete Construction on a Quiet Street West of Lonsdale



on the SeaBus to Downtown Vancouver







6 0 4 . 9 2 9 . 8 8 7 0 L I V E ATC A P STO N E . C O M

WEST 1ST ST This is not an offering for sale. Any such offering can only be made with a disclosure statement. Rendering is representational only and may not be accurate. Prices subject to change without notice. E.&O.E.


A24 - North Shore News - Friday, July 27, 2012



FREE summer concerts every Saturday night in August |


15 Wallace Street | East of Lonsdale Quay | North Vancouver

• Dal Richards Orchestra • Swinging’ Dixie • North Shore Celtic Ensemble


Friday, July 27, 2012 - North Shore News - A25


NEWS photos Cindy Goodman

Olympic fashion show

London looks

TWEET CHIC Follow us on Twitter @NSNLook.

Models hit the runway to showcase this summer’s Olympic fashions at The Bay in Park Royal on July 21. They presented some of the Canadian-themed hoodies, shirts, sweatshirts, hats, handbags and more that Canadian athletes will be wearing at the London Games. For more photos visit the photo gallery at




740 Marine Drive, North Vancouver 604-904-3939 •


730 Marine Drive, North Vancouver 604-924-8100

A26 - North Shore News - Friday, July 27, 2012


PROMOTIONAL HAIR CUTS West Van Salon is offering an introductory cut for new clients for only:

Women’s cuts



Mens cuts



Book on FRIDAYS & SATURDAYS with Hedy at Dina’s Hair Vogue


1351 Marine Drive West Vancouver

Pick up the sticks and join Tag . . . You’re Knit!, a yarnbombing project in North Vancouver. Stop by the arts council office at 335 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver, to pick up your knit-kit for a $10 deposit. Details at

Mother-of-the-bride? Wedding guest? Cruise passenger? Visit The Rack before our lease ends and choose from 500+ designer dresses,gowns and shoes at liquidation prices! (Save on next year’s prom dress,too!)

Photo is representative of stock on hand.

North Shore Green Market: Find locally made jewelry and fashionable wares at these farmers markets 11 a.m.-6 p.m.: Wednesdays at North Vancouver’s Civic Plaza (14th Street and Lonsdale Avenue) and Thursdays at Lynn Valley Village as well as 5 to 10 p.m. Fridays at Shipbuilders Plaza. Info at

OAKRIDGE CENTRE 604.261.6165

Thrifty chic: The Thrift Shop at Mount Seymour United Church (1200 Parkgate Ave., just off Mount Seymour Parkway) is open Thursdays, 2 to 8 p.m. — Compiled by Layne Christensen


Optimal wrinkle smoothing & volume enhancement. Clinically proven to last up to a year with just one treatment.

Preview party MODELS showcase three summer getaway looks at the Contiki Fashion Show, part of the Summer Getaway Preview Party at Park Royal on July 19. Outfits for the show were put together by Park Royal retailers. The preview party also featured various designers scheduled to attend the Vancouver Home and Design Show in October.

* * * Laser Hair Removal Skin Rejuvenation Endermologie™ Beautytek Massage Infrared Sauna Contour Wraps Sunless Spray Tanning Manicures & Pedicures Waxing Xtreme Lashes® Teeth Whitening Eurowave *® Trademark of Allergan Inc

Treats and prevents... ! Expression Lines ! Hyperhidrosis ! Migraines

Dr. Lydia Waterson MB. ChB.

is our resident doctor specializing in Medical Aesthetics. Book today.

Coliseum The


Tel: 604.922.1333 1447 Bellevue Ave Ambleside, West Vancouver

INTERIOR designer Aly Velji displays plans for a 300-square-foot micro condo at the Summer Getaway Preview Party at Park Royal.

INTERIOR designer Jannette Ewen shows her exhibit Design Through the Decades, which features samples of home styles from the 1920s to today.

Pre-View Centre 12PM-5PM (Except Fridays) · 101 - 1133 Lonsdale Ave North Vancouver 604 969 3333


Friday, July 27, 2012 - North Shore News - A27

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Content designed for locals

From page 19 Kim Braithwaite’s photos of buildings, streets and landmarks will be on display Aug. 13-19. Opening reception: Tuesday, Aug. 13, 6-8 p.m. Art of the Peoples of the Salish Sea: showcasing work from a number of First Nations artists in a variety of media, Aug. 21-Sept. 16. Opening reception Aug. 21, 6-8 p.m. Space Emmarts Studio: 195 Pemberton Ave., North Vancouver. Info: 604-375-0694 or Show and Sale: The first Saturday of each month noon-5 p.m. Studio 195 Gallery: 195 Pemberton Ave., North Vancouver. Hours: Wednesday-Friday, 2-5 p.m., Sunday, 11 a.m.-2 p.m. and by appointment. Info: 604-209-1197. Harmony Arts Festival: Studio tours will take place Aug. 5 and 12, noon-5 p.m. First Saturdays: Community artists will open their studios the first Saturday of every month, noon-5 p.m. Teck Gallery: SFU Vancouver Campus, 515 West Hastings. Open during campus hours. Mountain Imprints: Landscape prints by North Vancouver artist Arnold Shives. Until Aug. 30. West Vancouver Memorial Library: 1950 Marine Dr., West Vancouver. Info: 604-925-7407 or In the Gallery: Selected pieces from the 2012 grad show of the Capilano University Textile Arts program will be on display until July 31. Harmony Arts Festival —Juried Group Show: A diverse mixed media show featuring work by over 50 local artists. The exhibition will open at 2 p.m. on Aug. 3 and run until Aug. 12. Info: www. West Vancouver Museum: 680 17th St., West Vancouver. Museum hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Info: 604-9257295 or The New Design Gallery — On the Frontier 1955-1966: A chronicle of the important role the New Design Gallery played in advancing modernism in the region through historical documentation, photographs and artwork will run until Sept. 15. Admission by donation. CONCERTS Cates Park: 200 block of Dollarton Highway, North Vancouver. Cates Concert Series: Free local concerts every Saturday, 4-7 p.m. until Aug. 25. Schedule: July 28, Passing Clouds, Hunger City, See more page 32

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Catlow at Cates

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CATLOW (featuring Natasha Thirsk) perform in Cates Park on Saturday as part of the Musart free summer concert series in Deep Cove. Passing Clouds and Hunger City are also on the bill tomorrow from 4 to 7 p.m.

He was inspired by “experiences on other walking tours in other places — for example, the Market (Ghost) tours in Seattle, the Underground Tour in Seattle, the Edinburgh ghost tour,” says Woods. “These are successful businesses but they’re a fabulous job, really entertaining and educating people about their cities.” While his tours are now attended by a mix of tourists and locals, Woods originally designed the content for Vancouverites. It’s not just something to do when your mother-in-law is in town — you’re guaranteed to learn something new about your own city, said Woods. Woods has also recently teamed up with guide Aaron Chapman to offer more noir-ish tours of Granville Street landmarks like the Penthouse, the Orpheum and the Vogue. The tours run until Aug. 18. For more information, visit www. Forbidden Vancouver tours run Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings: www.

Reimer at his best directing musicals

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and children whose characters’ stories grab us right from the overture. With the full orchestra and ensemble on stage, Titanic is a titanic of a musical. It opens with the boarding of the “ship of dreams.” Some of the passengers board the 1,000-foot floating city because they can afford to and want to appear to be embracing “the new world.” Others, like the three Kates (Jeannette Gibault, Alex Gullason and Michelle Bardoch), have come aboard as 3rd Class passengers to start a new life in what they believe is a “classless” America. One hopes to become a lady’s maid, the others a governess and a “sewing girl.” Reimer, whose very first directorial gig at the Playhouse was the tremendously clever and entertaining The Drowsy Chaperone, is at his best when directing and choreographing musicals. Titanic is no exception and this production wouldn’t be out of place on any “A” stage in the city. With the simplest of sets-ship’s railings that slide on and off-and projections of still photographs of the actual Titanic (exterior, salons, boiler room, etcetera), Reimer makes musical magic out of disaster. It’s soon obvious why no one has brought this musical to town before: a cast of more than 40 and an orchestra of almost two dozen, under the musical direction of Capilano University’s Kevin Michael Cripps. With four exceptions (David Adams, Russell Roberts, Steven Greenfield and Alexander McMorran), all actors are non-professionals, all terrific. Many are Capilano University’s Musical Theatre or Acting for Stage and Screen graduates including Sayer Roberts and Alexander Nicoll as boiler room

Barrett and telegraph operator Bride respectively. Along with Bardach and others, these three fine performers illustrate the excellent quality of Cap U’s training. Titanic is not downhill all the way: “I had a wife once.” “What happened?” “Nothing.” Sassy, irrepressible Kate McGowan (Bardach) can be counted on to bring levity with her announcement of marriage. Who are you marrying? she’s asked. “I’ll let you know when I meet him,” she replies with a sparkle in her eye. And then there’s the old windbag who keeps going on about “godless hordes” he’s met on his travels and Alice Beane (Stefanie Swinnard), a Second Class passenger with First Class aspirations. As the ship moves inexorably on to its date with the iceberg, Reimer shows us what a grand time everyone is having with romances, dances and fancy dining. Old marrieds Mr. and Mrs. Straus (David Adams and Deborah Allman) sing of their love for each other while Barrett sings of getting back to the girl he loves. And the ship sails on. As the temperature drops, the conflict between Captain E.J. Smith (Russell Roberts), the ship’s builder Thomas Andrews (Steven Greenfield) and the owner J. Bruce Ismay (Alexander McMorran) heats up. Faster, faster, Ismay demands while Barrett, down below in the boiler room, wonders why the captain is calling for top speed on the Titanic’s maiden voyage. This musical about disaster in the North Atlantic is no South Pacific — and that’s a good thing in my book. Stanley Park couldn’t be a more beautiful setting and the weather couldn’t be better, either. It alternates throughout the summer with The Music Man, directed by Sarah Rodgers.

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High times in the Heart of Dankness

particularly the mayor of Amsterdam, are saying, ‘You know we actually got the drug dealers off the streets here and if you ban tourists they’re just going to go buy from guys in the shadows along the canals.’

QA and

Mark Haskell Smith

■ Heart of Dankness: Underground Botanists, Outlaw Farmers and the Race for the Cannabis Cup by Mark Haskell Smith published by Broadway Books (256 pages).

John Goodman

WHILE Mark Haskell Smith was doing research for his novel Baked the Los Angeles Times made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

photo Martin Rusch Learning that he was going to be attending the LOS Angeles writer Mark Haskell Smith introduces us to some of the major players Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam involved in global cannabis culture in his new book Heart of Dankness. they asked him if he would North Shore News: The similarities between wine and consider covering the world championship of weed for them as cannabis cultivation are striking. Growing cannabis has well and they would put his findings in their Calendar section. become a real art form in some parts of the world. Accredited as a Times reporter Haskell Smith found his Mark Haskell Smith: Absolutely. That’s one of the things life was immediately that much easier. People who previously I wanted to show in the book. I talked to those growers in wouldn’t give him the time of day all of a sudden welcomed the Sierras and they’re actually talking about the soils. The him with open arms. His latest book — part gonzo journalism, rock has got some minerals that just add a flavour and we’re part anthropological study — takes us deep into cannabis at altitude so the plants have more CO2 coming to them culture and the Heart of Dankness. so they grow a little more robustly and because of the high altitude the sun is more intense so they grow more resin North Shore News: How hard was it to get access to the around the flowers and leaves because that’s a protective world you write about? thing that the plant does. I could have the same conversation Mark Haskell Smith: A lot of people in that world really liked with a vintner in France or the Napa Valley about how the that article. It was like my golden ticket into that world. The shale and the sea breeze make the Chardonnay superior. more time I spent with them the more they liked me and so they would open up even more and show me more stuff. That North Shore News: Indica is from cooler climates and sativa was the one lucky thing, I think, if I had just been some guy is from warmer regions. What level of cultivation is done saying, ‘Hey, I’m writing a book.’ ‘Yeah books. We don’t read indoors in greenhouses? books. We only talk to the High Times guys.’ Mark Haskell Smith: I think the majority of the high-end cultivation is all indoors. It’s one of the funny things about North Shore News: There’s a lot of grey areas involved in the prohibition. Critics are always saying, ‘Oh well, the pot’s various cannabis cultures. Different levels of government all not what you had when you were in college, it’s so much have their own ideas about how to handle things. stronger.’ Yeah, you know why it’s stronger is because you Mark Haskell Smith: Everywhere you look there’s some grey forced everybody to grow indoors where they can really area. It’s so interesting — like in Oakland, California — it’s control the environment and the nutrients and the plants can zoned where there are certain areas where marijuana use is the lowest priority for law enforcement and then the Feds swoop in express themselves fully. and say, ‘Hey, it’s our highest priority. Everyone’s under arrest.’ We’d go to these places in Oakland and people would be pretty North Shore News: Is California mainly outdoors? Does it differ from B.C. in that way? much openly smoking. They’re medical patients — that’s what Mark Haskell Smith: California is a mix. Even the guys makes it legal there — but not legal for the Feds. You get all I talked to, they do a big outdoor crop every summer but these problems you know where someone is legally growing they’ll have two or three indoor rooms going all year long. something in California or Colorado and under federal law it’s got mandatory minimums of like 10 years in prison. North Shore News: Mexican cartels control California, local gangs dominate B.C. Has Amsterdam and Holland escaped North Shore News: Things seem to change all the time. much of the criminality because of its softer laws? Governments come in and change the rules. Mark Haskell Smith: I think so. You know there’s some Mark Haskell Smith: They change almost weekly. You can talk among the Dutch government about banning tourists have state law say one thing and then the city changes it and from buying cannabis in the coffeeshops and a lot of people then the local neighbourhood council will rezone.

North Shore News: Why are they thinking of changing the laws? Are Amsterdam’s laws different from the rest of the country because they’re talking about starting with coffee shops as private clubs outside Amsterdam. Mark Haskell Smith: The genesis of this whole thing is that every Friday and Saturday night, in some of the small border towns, French and German tourists come over the border to stock up for the weekend and they cause huge traffic jams, and finally the people in those towns were like you know, ‘I can’t even go the local pub because the traffic is so bad. It’s gridlock.’ So they decided they had to do something, and the outlying areas are more conservative traditionally, so they actually got this thing to go through but it’s just for a couple of little towns. But you know typical conservative overreach they decided let’s do this everywhere. Rotterdam and Amsterdam are like, ‘You know it’s a 400 million euro a year tax base for us so no we are not going do it.’ I’ve heard from some people who are very pessimistic who say it will and other people say it will but it won’t last long and other people are saying no it won’t ever go through. Or if it goes through it won’t be enforced. North Shore News: Heart of Dankness really brings to life the different personalities involved in cannabis culture. There is a marked difference between the Amsterdam and California people. Mark Haskell Smith: Mainly because the Amsterdam people are totally legit. They’re businessmen, they pay taxes, they have employees, they have human resource people on their staff. They’re really able to explore what the plant can do and what combinations of genetics can do with impunity. In the States, and I’m sure it’s the same in Canada, you have to lay low and everything is secret. You don’t want to get arrested. It just creates different kinds of personalities, I guess. North Shore News: The Amsterdam guys seem scientific and urban while the California group are primarily rural. Mark Haskell Smith: The guys in California are mountain men. It is more urban and science based in Holland. Because the government is involved they have a growing facility. They have pharmaceutical grade cannabis that doctors prescribe for people in addition to the coffeeshops. There’s people in California who are doing work that’s science-based or at least they’re trying to. There’s a place called Steep Hill Lab in Oakland that’s at the cutting edge of that stuff. Just to make sure that if you go into a dispensary with your medical recommendation you won’t get something that’s got pesticides or some sort of bad chemicals in it. What they do is they have new technology that analyzes cannabis really quickly. Like you will walk in with some bud and they will tell you how much THC it’s got, what some of the other cannabinoids are and if it’s got any pathogens, molds, mildews or chemical residues. They’re saying, ‘Look we’re treating this as a serious pharmaceutical herb and we want to guarantee safety for everyone. I think they are changing California a little bit. North Shore News: Are they using the Amsterdam model? Mark Haskell Smith: To a degree they are and the science is actually what a lot of people are doing in California and Colorado because it’s all medical, so OK you’ve got inflamed tendons and a pain in your lower back this will help you more because it’s got a high CBD which is an anti-inflammatory and this if you’re depressed you want a sativa because it will actually improve your mood. It will give you some energy. They’re really trying to dial in what different strains can do. There’s one strain if you’re starting to have an asthma attack you have a couple of puffs, it’s a bronchodilator. It seems counterintuitive but it actually can help. North Shore News: In contrast Canada’s cannabis culture seems more fractured. Like Reeferman out in Moose Jaw. Mark Haskell Smith: Well, Reeferman you know had a really bad experience with the Canadian government. They threw him in jail and then he had to go to Colombia and Mexico but now he’s back. I don’t know if it’s because of the geography of the country but it seems like a lot of the top growers are in the B.C. area although there are some really good growers in Toronto too, and probably in Montreal as well, I just wasn’t exposed to them. North Shore News: I don’t think you ever mention the name of the B.C. grower of Lavender in the book. Mark Haskell Smith: I didn’t know his name and it would See Amsterdam page 34

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SOLODISTRICT.COM 604.298.8800 This is not an offering for sale. Any such offering can only be made by way of disclosure statement. E.&.O.E.

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CALENDAR From page 28

Waterfront soul

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NORTH Vancouver R&B singer Sarah K performs Saturday afternoon at 1 p.m. at Waterfront Park as part of this weekend’s Caribbean Days Festival. For a complete schedule go to

Catlow; Aug. 4, Jason and the Diatonics, Some X6 Band, Mary’s Gunns; Aug. 18, Tommy Alto, Paul Filek, Man Chat; Aug. 25, Norine Braun, Robert Hubele, Pamela Tessman, Jody Quine, Snowdon, Foxxy Faith, Alexandria Maillot, Jessica Beach and Magic Pixie Dream Girls. Centennial Theatre: 2300 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver. Info: Box office: 604-984-4484. Concert: Live in Vancouver with Nasrin Asgari, Shirin Asgari and Hooman Khalatbari (soprano and piano) Saturday, Aug. 25 at 8 p.m. Tickets: $45-$85. Edgemont Village: Edgemont Boulevard, North Vancouver. Evenings in Edgemont: A free summer concert series every Friday evening, 7-9 p.m. until Aug. 24. Schedule: July 27, The Dynamics; Aug. 3, Headwater; Aug. 10, Steel Toe Boots; Aug. 17, The Bobcats and Aug. 24, Charlotte Diamond. Garden Stage: Argyle Avenue and 15th Street, West Vancouver. Harmony Arts Festival — After Sunset Concerts: Sip beverages from the waterfront lounge while viewing concert performances at 8:45 p.m. Schedule: Aug. 3, Bobby Bruce’s Nearly Neil and The Solitary Band; Aug. 4, Jim Byrnes; Aug. 5, Mazacote; Aug. 6, Ali Milner; Aug. 7, John Mann; Aug. 8, The Dynamics; Aug. 9, Maria in the Shower; Aug. 10, Soulstream; Aug. 11, Redgy Blackout and Aug. 12 Adam Woodall Band. Info: Harmony Arts Festival — World Music: Music from around the globe. Aug. 5 schedule: Lache Cercel and the Roma Swing Ensemble, 1 p.m.; Tim Readman and Jennie Bice, 2 p.m.; Mariachi Los Dorados, 3 p.m.; Stephanie Pedraza, 4 p.m. and Cannery Row, 5:45 p.m. Aug. 12 schedule: Redboot Quartet, 1 p.m.; Zhambai Trio, 2 p.m.; Jocelyn Petit Band, 3 p.m.; Rumba Calzada, 4 p.m. and Tiller’s Folly, 5:45 p.m. Info: John Lawson Park: 750 17th St., West Vancouver. Harmony Arts Festival — Sunset Concert Series: Free nightly performances at 7:30 p.m. Schedule: Aug. 3, Luisa Marshall’s Tina Turner Tribute; Aug. 4, Santa Lucia; Aug. 5, Acres of Lions; Aug. 6, The Matinée; Aug. 7, John Reischman and the Jaybirds; Aug. 8, Ray Forbes; Aug. 9, Babe Gurr; Aug. 10, Tambura Rasa; Aug. 11, Good for Grapes and Aug. 12, Locarno. Info: Harmony Arts Festival — Youth Rock: Four up-and -coming bands will perform, Aug. 6, 1-5 p.m. Info: Kay Meek Centre: 1700 Mathers Ave., West Vancouver. Tickets: or 604-913-3634. Lonsdale Quay: 123 Carrie Cates Court, North Vancouver. Info: SummerFest — Concert Sundays: Local talent will perform every

Sunday and holiday Mondays, 1-3 p.m. until Sept. 2. Schedule: July 29, Redgy Blackout; Aug. 5, Kyprios and The Chaperones; Aug. 6, Acres of Lions; Aug. 12, Dominique Fricot; Aug. 19, Rococode; Aug. 26, Steph Macpherson and Sept. 2, Wassabi Collective. Donations will be accepted on behalf of the Lions Gate Hospital Foundation. The Masonettes: female singer-songwriter duo play July 27, 9:30 p.m. Lynn Valley Village Plaza: 1277 Lynn Valley Rd., North Vancouver. Live in Lynn Valley: A free summer concert series every Friday evening, 7-9 p.m. until Aug. 24. Schedule: July 27, The Matinee; Aug. 3, Jake & Elwood’s Blues Brothers Revue; Aug. 10, Souled Out; Aug. 17, Rumba Calzada and Aug. 24, House Party. Lynn Valley United Church: 3201 Mountain Hwy., North Vancouver. Friday Night Live: A weekly series with improv actors AddLibretto playing hosts to musical guests Fridays at 7:30 p.m. Admission by donation. Mount Seymour United Church: 1200 Parkgate Ave., North Vancouver. Blueridge International Chamber Music Festival: A four concert series which will include classic favourites. Schedule: Aug. 1, 7 p.m., Opening Act; Aug. 3, 7 p.m., Light and Shadows; Aug. 8, 7 p.m., Duo Ventapane in Concert and Aug. 11, 2:30 p.m., Here Comes Everybody. Admission: $20/$10 or festival passes for $50/$30. Info and tickets: or 604-781-5605. Panorama Park: Deep Cove, North Vancouver. Concerts in the Cove: A free summer concert series every Friday evening, 7-9 p.m. until Aug. 17. Schedule: July 20, The Bobcats; July 27, Rumba Calzada; Aug. 3, Three Row Barley; Aug. 10, Mostly Marley and Aug. 17, Gary Comeau & The Voodoo Allstars. Presentation House Theatre: 333 Chesterfield Ave., North Vancouver. Tickets: or 604-990-3474. Jazz at Presentation House Studio: A weekly series embracing the full spectrum of jazz and improvised music Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Tickets: $10 at the door. Shipbuilders’ Square: 105 Carrie Cates Court, North Vancouver. Concerts in the Square will feature recording artists and local cultural and contemporary performers Saturdays at 4 p.m. with headline performances at 9 p.m. until Aug. 26. Schedule: Aug. 4, Jon and Roy, Shaun Verreault, Krystle Dos Santos, Adam Woodall Band and Tonye Aganaba & The Foundation; Aug. 11, Barney Bentall, Andrew Allen, The Fugitives, Fera and the Lynn See more page 35

7 th Annual

Hot Rod Saturday

In The Village at Park Royal

Saturday, August 18 9am–4pm EVENT IS

WEATHER Showcasing over DEPENDENT 150 Hot Rod cars for a unique family experience


The BC Hot Rod Association & The Village at Park Royal


To register your car visit or for event info please visit

Look for our Flyer in Todays Paper NORGATE CENTRE

1451 Marine Drive, North Vancouver 604-904-7811


3662 Mt. Seymour Pkwy, North Vancouver 604-924-3221

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SonReal feeling good about Good News Rapper coming into his own style on new tracks Nicholas M. Pescod Contributing Writer

WHEN Vancouver artist SonReal was a teenager performing hip-hop was something he did with his friends for fun. A little more than a decade later that fun has become a very promising music career. “I started when I was about 15-years-old and at the start it was just a hobby,” SonReal says. On Aug 4., SonReal, 26, will be performing at the 2012 Centre of Gravity festival in Kelowna. The three-day festival runs from Aug 3-5 and includes recognizable artists such as Lupe Fiasco, Chris Lake, Nero and Anjulie. With his latest album Good News released this week, SonReal is looking forward to performing in the same lineup as one of his idol’s, Lupe Fiasco. “There are some names there that I really respect,” SonReal says. “I am just going to go there and do what I do best.” The album features top producers such as Arthur McArthur, Chin Injeti, and MoSS. McArthur has previously worked with Drake, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne. “This is my best stuff there is nothing really more I can say,” SonReal says. “It’s me growing, the singing is better the rapping is better my confidence is better.” In 2008 SonReal released his first album titled Good Morning which garnered positive responses from hip-hop fans. Despite the reviews SonReal began to lose the passion he once had. It took walking away from hip-hop entirely in early 2009 to realize how much he really loved it. “I was working construction and I was trying to do the music thing but I wasn’t quite going for it . . . I was telling myself that music was what I wanted to do but I wasn’t actually going for it,” SonReal says. “One day I just kind of quit.” The decision to leave music for good didn’t last very long and later that year SonReal released his second album The Stroll. The disc featured appearances from Eternia and Joe Scudda with production from Rich Kidd and DJ Crown. “I realized that I quit because of fear and I was scared of following my dream,” SonReal says. “But I realized once I quit that the scariest thing ever is quitting because of something you know you can do. From that moment on I worked super hard.” 2010 turned out to be a very good year for the Vancouverite. He released The Lightyear Mixtape, an 18-track project that was recorded in four months. The mixtape included SonReal’s first hit single “Already There” featuring Rich Kidd. “Already There” along with it’s music video went on to capture SonReal his first ever VideoFact Award and was added to the Much Music Top 30. The song was also nominated for Single of the Year at the 2011 Stylus Awards in Toronto. “When I get an award I feel like wow people actually support me with what I am doing and it makes me just want to work harder,” SonReal says. Songwriting has been the biggest improvement for him since his first album in 2008. Following the release of The Lightyear Mixtape, SonReal released six music videos and in early 2011 he came out with a new mixtape Where’s Waldo? That latter production received instant recognition and was nominated for Best Rap Recording at the 2011 Western Canada Music Awards. Waldo’s hit singles “Haunted” (featuring Ali Milner) and “She Gone” received extensive views from listeners around the world. Within their first month online both videos had been viewed more than 100,000 times.

photo Vancity Buzz

VANCOUVER hip-hop artist SonReal releases his new album Good News this week. The 15-track project features guest appearances from Rich Kidd, JD Era, Saigon, Rapper Big Pooh, Emilio Rojas and West Coast singer/songwriter Ali Milner. According to SonReal, his biggest improvement since 2008 has been his songwriting ability. “Starting out is the hardest thing,” he says. “For one you don’t know your style . . . You don’t really know what you’re doing.” He admitted that getting fans was challenging at first, but it’s not an issue for him anymore. SonReal currently has over 14,000 likes on Facebook and more than 4,000 followers on Twitter. “Just getting off the ground and getting fans is the hardest thing,” he adds. Aside from his love for music and hip-hop SonReal has another passion, skateboarding. “Skateboarding is what got me into music,” he says. “When I am not doing music, travelling or touring or whatever I am skateboarding with my friends in the park . . . Eric Koston and Paul Rodriguez those were my favourite skaters as a kid.” To find out more about SonReal visit sonreal. ca and follow him on Twitter @TheRealSonReal

New CD releases July 31 Joss Stone — The Soul Sessions, Vol. 2. August 7 Antibalas — Antibalas; Lianne La Havas — Is Your Love Big Enough?; Niki & the Dove — Instinct. August 14 Dead Can Dance — Anastasis; The-Dream — Love IV MMXII. August 21 Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti — Mature Themes; Bloc Party — Four; Four Tet — Pink; Ry Cooder — Election Special. August 28 Divine Fits — A Thing Called Divine Fits (Spoon’s Britt Daniel, Wolf Parade’s Dan Boeckner, and New Bomb Turks’ Sam Brown); Wild Nothing — Nocturne; Wiz Khalifa — O.N.I.F.C. Sept. 4 Cat Power — Sun; Bob Mould — Silver Age; Stars — The North; The Vaccines — The Vaccines Come of Age; T.I. — Trouble Man.

817 West st 1st Street, North Vanco Vancouver, ouver, BC V7 V7P 1A4

604-988-1840 Serving the North Shore Since 1949.

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Small Stage expanding to larger space

Series goes bigger for Peter Chu premiere ■ Dances For a Small Stage 26 & 27, The Legion on the Drive, Aug. 1-4. For more information visit

Rosalind Duane

FANS of the longrunning Dances for a Small Stage may notice something a little different this year: the small stage is getting bigger. “What scares me right now is that I’m expanding the stage just a little bit,” says artistic producer Julie-anne Saroyan. “It was just a logistical decision but now it feels like the right place to go.” The 10-by-13-foot stage used for the show since its creation in 2002 has been expanded to 20-by-15 for this year’s show, but for a good reason. Well-known dancer and choreographer Peter Chu is bringing the Canadian premiere of his show Nothing photo supplied Sticks and members of his acclaimed Las Vegas-based NORTH Vancouver dancer Karissa Barry (an instructor at the Vanleena Dance Academy) is one of the performers featured in Dances for a dance company to the first Small Stage at The Legion on the Drive Aug. 1-4. night of Dances for a Small Stage, a popular contemporary dance performance. Nothing Sticks 200 choreographers and dancers over the years, including Margie Gillis, Crystal Pite and many more. This year’s performers explores the human relationship with time in a presentation that include Karissa Barry and Ballet B.C. dancers Dario Dunuzzi, mixes in humour and video projections. Daniel Marshalsay and Peter Smida, among others. Hip hop “I’m very excited,” says Saroyan of Chu’s participation, artist Kim Sato and her Project Soul Dance Crew will be on hand noting the smaller stages used in previous performances couldn’t for a pre-show performance. accommodate his production, so she agreed to add a bit of space. Saroyan calls the dance offering a smorgasbord, with Chu and the artists that are performing with him are different many different styles represented over the years including than what audiences are used to seeing in Canada, notes Saroyan, From page 30 contemporary, traditional, hip hop and more. who has worked with Chu in the past at Kidd Pivot, dancer “I try to do a variety of dance that hopefully is appealing to a Crystal Pite’s company. have been hard for me to get permission. I use all fake names variety of people,” she says. “They’re experimenting more with the So-You-Thinkfor the guys in California even though they didn’t want me The idea of using a small stage was also based on appealing to to. ‘You’re not going to get arrested because of my book. You-Can-Dance aspect of dance, that it’s entertainment,” she a broad range of audience members. Dance performances have says. Chu premiered his show last year in New York and later You can do something stupid on your own.’ I suppose I traditionally been staged in large theatres, which may exclude performed it in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, but this is the first could have found out the guy’s name, or woman’s name, but some potential audience members who may not feel comfortable then I would have to get permission and then I would have time it will be seen in Canada. in a more formal setting, suggests Saroyan. Part of the initiative He will be performing the whole show, which is another changed it anyway. They’ll know who they are. for Dances For a Small Stage is to take contemporary dance out change for Dances For a Small Stage. The traditional format of of that environment and put it into a cabaret environment where North Shore News: Franco and the rest of the group in the show is for Saroyan to invite about eight different artists to people feel comfortable, she explains. perform a short piece based on a theme she gives them. This year Amsterdam operate out in the open. When they came to “You get a drink at the bar and the pieces are five-seven the show will be split in two and performed over four nights to Toronto they were very conscious of what they could and minutes in length and then the next piece happens, and there’s accommodate Chu’s full performance as well as the traditional couldn’t do. not as much pressure to really understand,” she says, noting format of the show. Mark Haskell Smith: And for good reason. They don’t because contemporary dance is interpretive, some presentations Chu’s show will be performed on the first two nights of want to be flying in and get stopped at the border because are difficult for audiences unfamiliar with the genre to the show, and then a second and third night has been added they’re on a list. They’re smart about that first and foremost. understand. the following evening for which Saroyan has invited local Those guys are businessmen. “I have a degree in dance and I don’t even understand artists to interpret the theme of vaudeville and present their half the time what’s going on,” she says, adding with her choreography in the Small Stage tradition of a five-to-seven North Shore News: Closing it down let’s consider the big background, if she can’t understand some contemporary dance minute format. question — what about the legalization of cannabis? interpretations, she doesn’t know how people without a dance “Small Stage 26 is something I’ve never done before, Mark Haskell Smith: For me the bottom line is this: there is background can take away anything meaningful. which is invite Peter to do his own show and it’s all his just no justifiable reason why an adult can’t smoke a nontoxic “A lot of the people that come to my show are not regular choreography,” says Saroyan. flower in the privacy of their own home. It’s just absurd. The The theme of this year’s show is vaudeville, and Saroyan says dance-goers, (but) because of the environment they’re more way the laws are now the only winners are the private prison free to not have that question at the end of the show which is ‘I the performers have “taken it in many directions.” She notes companies and the drug cartels, organized crime. didn’t get it. Why didn’t I get it? I’m trying to break down that that Chu’s show is also vaudeville-inspired. boundary.” Originally, the Dances For a Small Stage did not feature North Shore News: You’d think if cannabis use was Dance is entertainment, she notes, and it should be accessible. legalized it would have a dramatic effect in some areas of themes, but Saroyan added that feature more recently to “This is the thing that we forget in the contemporary dance challenge the dancers. the world — such as Mexico where gang violence is out of world that dance can be fun, and that’s our goal is to have dance “I felt like it was something that was sort of a good thing control. be fun.” for artists to react to, and to have a task is a really interesting Mark Haskell Smith: Even Central American states are Dances For a Small Stage 26 with Peter Chu runs August thing to challenge an artist with.” getting together. The presidents of Honduras and Guatemala 1-2, and Dances For a Small Stage 27 runs August 3-4. Both Dances for a Small Stage originated in Toronto in the are pro-legalization because now they’re getting a huge shows are at The Legion on the Drive in Vancouver. 1990s, as part of a Small Stage series. Saroyan and her business problem. In Mexico, if you legalize it there are still going Tickets are $20, and are available at the door on the night of partner at the time were co-creators of the Vancouver version to be people growing and selling it, but if it’s legal then the the show. However, this year for the first time, advance tickets almost 10 years ago. police aren’t corrupt because you don’t have to pay anyone for Small Stage 27 will be available during the Small Stage 26 The show’s signature is its small, 10-by-13-foot stage, which to look the other way. That just changes the whole dynamic intermission. For more information visit showcases various genres of dance, and has hosted more than of that society and it would be good karma for us to do it.

Amsterdam culture operates in the open

Friday, July 27, 2012 - North Shore News - A35

CALENDAR From page 32 Canyon Band; Aug. 18, Kyprios, Redgy Blackout, Georgia Murray, Ben Sigston and Badgerchild and Aug. 25, Neil Osborne, Jessie Farrell, Dave Genn, Wil, Headwater, The Whethermen and Babe Gurr. There will be a special seniors event on Aug. 26 at 1 p.m. featuring the Dal Richards’ Orchestra. Info: concertsinthesquare. Silk Purse Arts Centre: 1570 Argyle Ave., West Vancouver. Info and reservations: 604-925-7292 or The Jazz Waves Festival will run until Aug. 25. Schedule: July 26, Susana Abreu and Terra; Aug. 16, Nigel Mack and the Blues Attack; Aug. 18, Armi Grano; Aug. 23, Shannon Gaye and Kristian Alexandrov and Aug. 25, The Twisters. All shows start at 7 p.m. Tickets: $20/$18 which includes a complimentary beverage. Accordion Noir: Flutist Heidi Kurz, pianist Takhui Sedefci and accordion player Francois Laberge from the trio Tanguisette will perform Thursday, Aug. 2 at 10:30 a.m. Tickets: $15/$12. Harmonie: A wind ensemble that specializes in the music of the Viennese classical era will showcase the oboe, horn and bassoon Thursday, Aug. 9 at 10:30 a.m. Tickets: $15/$12. Svetlana Ponomareva: World-famous pianist plays Thursday, Aug. 23, 10:30 a.m. Tickets: $15/$12. Shante Van Horlick: vocalist whose work ranges from arias to pop

AUSTRIAN Jagerhof Restaurant



Food and service that will blow you away.Tons of TVs for all your sports action. Steak & Prawn Thursday. Prime Rib Fridays. Weekend brunch. 999 Marine Drive, N. Van. 604-983-9444

Bargain Fare ($5-8) $ Inexpensive ($9-12) $ $ Moderate ($13-15) $ $ $ Fine Dining ($15-25) $ $ $ $ Live Music Open Mic/Karaoke DJ Big Screen Sports WiFi

north shore’s entertainment guide

Wheelchair Accessible


Blue Eyed Marys has come ashore! After 13 years of you coming to us on Bowen Island,we’ve come to you at 1735 Marine Drive, West Vancouver.We serve the same regional food in a beautiful new room.Lunch and dinner Tuesday-Saturday 1735 Marine Drive, W. Van. 604 921 2583

BRITISH The Cheshire Cheese Restaurant & Bar


Excellent seafood and British dishes on the Waterfront. Friday and Saturday, Prime Rib Dinner. Sunday,Turkey Dinner.Weekends and Holidays, our acclaimed Eggs Benny. Open for lunch or dinner, 7 days a week. 2nd Floor Lonsdale Quay Market, N. Van. 604-987-3322

CHINESE Neighbourhood Noodles House


North Shore’s best variety & quality Chinese food.Serving Lunch & Dinner 7 days a week.Eat in,10% off takeout.Free delivery min.$20.00 order within 3 kms. 1352 Lonsdale Ave., N. Van. 604-988-9885

The Observatory


An epicurean experience 3700’ above the twinkling lights of Vancouver.

The Salmon House


Serving spectacular views and fine, indigenous west coast cuisine for over 30 years. Lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch. Live entertainment in Coho Lounge on weekend evenings. 2229 Folkestone Way, W. Van. Reservations: or call 604-926-3212


DANCE Ferry Building Gallery: 1414 Argyle Ave., West Vancouver. Info: Harmony Arts Festival — Dance Showcase: Kids in Creation and guests will present pieces in tap, jazz, hip-hop, Irish, ballet and more Aug. 4-6, 11 and 12, 2-3 p.m. Info: John Lawson Park: 750 17th St., West Vancouver.

Grouse Mtn, 6400 Nancy Greene Way, N. Van. 604-998-4403


Blue Eyed Marys

THEATRE Kay Meek Centre: 1700 Mathers Ave., West Vancouver. Info and tickets: or 604-913-3634. Footloose: A production performed by the Summer Youth Conservatory July 27 at 8 p.m. and July 28 at 1 p.m. Tickets: $10.


Best Little Schnitzel House in Town 71 Lonsdale Ave, N. Van. 604-980-4316

Hurricane Grill

songs performs Thursday, Aug. 30, 10:30 a.m. Tickets: $15/$12. Traditional Teahouse: 1552 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver. Info: 604-551-1642. Talent Show: All with talent are invited to participate and watch a live local show every Thursday from 7 to 10 p.m. Admission: $5. Performance application fee: $10. The Village at Park Royal: West Vancouver (outside Whole Foods). Entertainment in the Village: Happy Hour Jazz every Friday, 4-7 p.m. and assorted lived music every Wednesday, 6-9 p.m.

FRENCH Chez Michel


A West Vancouver Favorite for 25 years. Daily specials. 1373 Marine Dr. (2nd flr) W. Van. 604-926-4913

GREEK Kypriaki Taverna


Win a FREE dinner during our “Dinners On Us” giveaway. 1 in 6 wins. 1000s of dinners will be given away. Now featuring Live Music every Friday @ 8pm. Open everyday @ Noon for lunch.Voted one of the top 5 Greek restaurants in the Lower Mainland.With our outstanding food, reasonable prices, friendly service and candle-lit charm you will see why so many people call it their favourite restaurant. Call for delivery/take out tonight or come in for a relaxing Mediterranean experience. 1356 Marine Dr, N. Van. 604-985-7955

Handi Cuisine of India


1340 Marine Dr., W. Van. 604-925-5262

Palki Best Indian Cuisine $ $

Where one spicy sauce does not fit all.Readers’Choice award winning restaurant for 5 years! Open for Lunch & Dinner.Lunch Buffet $10.95. 116 East 15th St, N. Van. 604-986-7555

PUB $$

Bear Trivia - Starting next Monday, we will be holding Trivia nights here at the Bear.They will start approx. 7:30 pm. For the month of May we will be featuring Blood Alley Bitter & Wee Scotch Ale from local brewer, Russell. Go Whitecaps Go - Award winning pub with weekly and daily food & drink features. Free parking & close to public transit. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates. Whitecap game day Budweiser features plus a full, kid friendly Take-Out menu. 1177 Lynn Valley Road, N. Van 604.990.8880

The Rusty Gull

CLUBS AND PUBS Beans on Lonsdale: 1804 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver. Info: 604-985-2326. Live music every Thursday, 8 p.m. The Eagles Club Starlight Room: 170 West Third St., North Vancouver. East Side Marios: Lonsdale Quay, 123 Carrie Cates Court, North Vancouver. Jack Lonsdale’s Pub: 1433 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver. Info: 604-986-7333. Live music every Friday and Saturday at 9 p.m. La Zuppa: 1544 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver. Info: 604-9866556. Fiesta Flamenco every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, tapas and wine, 6:30 p.m., music, 8:30 p.m. Memphis Blues: 1629 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver. Info: 604-929-3699. Live blues every weekend. See more page 38

Sailor Hagar’s Neighbourhood Pub

Reader’s Choice 2006 Winner offering Authentic Indian Cuisine. Open for lunch and dinner,7 days a week.Weekend buffet,ocean view,free delivery.

The Black Bear Neighbhourhood Pub

Harmony Arts Festival — Dance Showcase: Kids in Creation and guests will present pieces in tap, jazz, hip-hop, Irish, ballet and more Saturday, Aug. 4, noon-5 p.m. Info: Kay Meek Centre: 1700 Mathers Ave., West Vancouver. Tickets: or 604-913-3634.


A Lower Lonsdale legend for 23 years. Home to the best in live music Wed, Fri, Sat & Sun nights. Great food selection that surpasses the norm.The best weekend breakfasts ‘til 2pm. Great selection of import draft.All Canucks PPV games on the big screens. 175 East 1st St., N. Van. 604-988-5585


Offers an excellent menu, the best craft brewed ales & lagers in Vancouver, live music, satellite sports, pool table, dart boards & heated patio with a spectacular city view. 86 Semisch Ave., N. Van. 604-984-3087

Village Tap House


Damn good pub! We try to take everything that’s good about a pub, and leave out what’s not, then add lots more good… Start with a comfortable room around a giant fireplace, add 20 ice cold brews on tap, really damn good food, some awesome events, and pretty much the most personable group of folks you’ll ever meet… and welcome to the Village Tap House! Come in for dinner, to catch the game on our dozens of high-def flat screens, or check the events page to see what’s happening this week. 1C - 900 Main Street, Village at Park Royal, West Vancouver 604-922-8882

SEAFOOD C-Lovers Fish & Chips


The best fish & chips on the North Shore! Marine Dr. @ Pemberton, N. Van. 604-980-9993 & OUR NEW LOCATION: 6640 Royal Ave., Horseshoe Bay, W. Van. 604-913-0994

Montgomery’s Fish & Chips$

The fastest growing Fish & Chips on the North Shore. International Food Court, Lonsdale Quay Market 604-929-8416

THAI Thai PudPong Restaurant


West Vancouver’s original Thai Restaurant. Serving authentic Thai cuisine. Open Monday-Friday for lunch. 7 days a week for dinner. 1474 Marine Dr., W. Van. 604-921-1069

WEST COAST The Lobby Restaurant at the Pinnacle Hotel


Inspired by BC’s natural abundance of fabulous seafood and the freshest of ingredients, dishes are prepared to reflect west coast cuisine. Open 7-days a week for breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night lounge. 138 Victory Ship Way, N. Van. 604-973-8000



Enjoy your Waterfront dining experience with our extensive menu.From eggs benny to juicy burgers during our popular brunches to our famous prime rib, hot scallop salad,clam chowder, king crab,steaks,seafood style cordon bleu.Rooms available for private parties and free parking. Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner seven days a week.View full menu 1653 Columbia St, N. Van. (2 blks South of Main & Mtn Hwy under the bridge) 604-988-0038

A36 - North Shore News - Friday, July 27, 2012

NEWS photos Cindy Goodman

EIGHT-YEAR-OLD Victoria Punter blows bubbles with a homemade wand at her group’s station during Norgate Summer Camp’s Fun Day on July 19. The morning camp offered theme weeks such as Movie Makers Summer Camp designed for Grade 5-7 students.


Lights, camera, action

DURING the Movie Makers Summer Camp groups filmed, acted and edited in their own short film productions.

EMILY Lee, 9, enjoys a slice of watermelon during a break on Fun Day.

ELLASHANI George, 8, tries out the hula hoop.

Friday, July 27, 2012 - North Shore News - A37


PRICED FROM $549,000

2 BRM + DEN (1,065 SQFT)


modern living crafted with traditional values In a time where everything feels mass produced and craft seems to have been forgotten, Firma revives the artisan tradition of master built homes. Boffo builds with an obsession for detail and a devotion to perfecting their work.

If you are looking for a meticulously designed, larger home in a vibrant community with history and character, visit our presentation centre to secure a signature home for yourself.


4570 hastings street, burnaby heights open daily 12 – 5pm (except fridays)

604.205.7127 – this is not an offering for sale. such an offering can only be made by a disclosure statement. e&oe.

A38 - North Shore News - Friday, July 27, 2012

CALENDAR From page 35 Narrows Pub: 1979 Spicer Rd., North Vancouver. Ocean Club Restaurant and Lounge: 105-100 Park Royal, West Vancouver. Info: 604-926-2326. Live jazz every Tuesday, 7 p.m.; live DJ Thursday to Sunday, 11 p.m.-3 a.m. Queens Cross Pub: 2989 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver. Info: Adam Woodall performs acoustic music every Sunday, 7:30-11:30 p.m. The Raven Pub: 1052 Deep Cove Rd., North Vancouver. Info: Adam Woodall performs acoustic music every Thursday, 7:3011:30 p.m. Red Lion Bar & Grill: 2427 Marine Drive, West Vancouver. Info: 604-926-8838. Jazz Pianist Randy Doherty will perform every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 8 to 11 p.m. Rusty Gull: 175 East First St., North Vancouver. Live music every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday; Mostly Marley performs every Sunday, 7 p.m. Sailor Hagar’s Brew Pub: 235 West First St., North Vancouver. Info: 604-984-3087. Live music every Friday and Saturday, 9 p.m.1 a.m.

The Village Taphouse: Park Royal Village, West Vancouver. Info: 604-922-8882. OTHER EVENTS Ambleside Beach: Ambleside Park, West Vancouver. Art in the Park: Free outdoor art classes every Sunday, noon-5 p.m. throughout the summer. Supplies are provided for $10 or bring your own. Info: 778-340-1110 or John Lawson Park: 750 17th St., West Vancouver. Harmony Arts Festival — Cinema in the Park: An outdoor movie experience at 9 p.m. Schedule: Aug. 3, Midnight in Paris; Aug. 4, 500 Days of Summer; Aug. 10, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows and Aug. 11, Billy Elliot. Info: Silk Purse Arts Centre: 1570 Argyle Ave., West Vancouver. Info: 604-925-7292 or North Shore Cric Crac Storytelling Evenings presented by the Vancouver Society of Storytelling take place the first Sunday of every month, 7-9 p.m. Admission: $7/$5. West Vancouver Memorial Library: 1950 Marine Dr., West Vancouver. Info: 604-925-7407 or Summer Movie Nights: The library will screen movies Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. Schedule: Aug. 1, We Bought a Zoo and Aug. 8, War Horse. — compiled by Debbie Caldwell.



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In other towns try your local health food stores first. If they don’t have it and don’t want to order it for you, order on our website or call us with Visa or Mastercard. S & H $9.95.

Artist will talk about process From page 16 Northcott, whose works vary from painting and drawing to installation and video, is making her Harmony Arts Festival debut this year and is a featured artist in its visual arts component ArtSpeaks: Daily Art Programs. Originally from North Vancouver, Northcott’s family moved to Langley when she was in high school. She has fond memories of growing up immersed in nature, playing in backyard creeks and wooded areas, and family vacations to Thormanby Island off the Sunshine Coast. “We spent our whole summers there,” she says. “So being outside and making our own stuff and scouring the beaches and building forts and making sand castles and crab pavilions and things like that, it was just a joy.” That early ingrained interest in the natural world led Northcott to begin studying to be a marine biologist, however, she eventually realized art was her true path and she started painting seriously in her late 20s. Now 58, she’s found a means of combining both passions — art and the great outdoors. “I do combine that natural history and the scientist in me, or whatever that is. I use my self-description of an artist as license to study whatever I want to study in whatever way I want to study it,” she says. Northcott has spent several years studying crow migration, butterfly metamorphosis, and bogs and wetlands. Her interest takes her all around the world; for example, she travelled to Costa Rica at one point to work on a butterfly farm and that’s what led her to Northern B.C. earlier this summer. “It’s the connectivity that gets me going, observing something and learning something further from that observation,” she says. “I want to know how things work and I want to know what’s true. When I can figure something out, as a painting principle or as something in my life that comes together for me that I kind of understand all of a sudden or something that I observe in the world, when they start to loop together then that’s when I’m really, really happy. That’s what I’m looking for all the time.” All of her experiences contribute to her creative process in different ways, either from stumbling upon similar images, for instance light through grass, seeing something beautiful, or a dream. There’s a phrase she heard a couple of years ago that has stayed with her, an apt description of the way her inspiration is derived. “It’s asking the question of what wants to happen so I have a sense that something wants to happen and that’s where I work from. . . . Things are stirring along at a subconscious level. Because of the commitment I’ve made to making creative work, that’s where my mind is turned. Just as though if you were a screenwriter, your ear would be turned to dialogue. If you were a scientist trying to crack a code of some sort, your mind would be turned to that. . . . My artwork or my making of creative work and my life are completely intertwined and so I don’t sort of sit down and think, ‘Okay what am I going to paint?’ I never do that. It’s just all me trying to live in alignment with some kind of creative muse that’s stirring away.” Northcott’s demonstration, entitled Painting the Nest, a reference to her nest series, at the Harmony Arts Festival is set for Saturday, Aug. 4, from 3 to 5 p.m. in the ArtSpeaks Tent. She promises it will be a collaborative session. “It’s not a teaching situation where I’m saying this is what you do. It gives me a platform to talk about all the things that are important to me and rave on, which seems to be important to me, and then it gives me an opportunity to listen and to be witness to other people’s growth and commitment and beauty,” she says. She plans to show how she puts things together and makes decisions, and offer insight into how she lifts off from one medium to another and will work with some mixed media, using acrylics and drawing media, potentially throwing in some photo-based work. Being an art educator is a role she takes great pleasure in. “It’s like being with your people, surrounding yourself with people that are excited by the things that you’re excited by,” she says. “Each of these people, very often women, bring their life experience and they bring their humour and they bring their generosity to the situation. It winds up being a really, really rich experience. My point as an instructor, I sometimes call the workshop ‘Doing your own work.’ So the idea is that I want to teach the way that I care about painting. I want to teach about getting at your own particular voice and using your voice and knowing your voice and having some sort of conviction that that’s interesting and important. I get to be a midwife or a witness to person after person after person connecting to that. So it’s thrilling to me.”

Friday, July 27, 2012 - North Shore News - A39

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WATERS, Beard, Clare (nee Boulding) 1918 -2012 Clare passed away peacefully at the age of 93 in the Lions Gate Hospital after a brief illness. Predeceased by her beloved husband Ted shortly after their 50th wedding anniversary in 1990. Clare has been a wonderful role model as mother, grandmother and great grandmother. She will be dearly missed by her three children Bob (Morraine), Audrey (Alex) and Barbara and her grandchildren Ken (Cathy), Sharon (Darryl), Rob (Amy), Meredith and Ryan (Tammy) as well as her six great grandchildren. The family plans to hold a celebration of her life on Sunday, October 7th at 2:30 p.m. at the Senior Centre in West Vancouver. In lieu of flowers, donations in her memory would be appreciated for the compassionate care she received in Palliative Care at the Lion’s Gate Hospital.


Lost & Found

Lost & Found

LOST LIME green small shoulder purse. Sun July 15th around 16th and Marine, early evening. Call 604-325-1035

LOST CAT, British Pprty area, on July 19th last seen, tabi named Oscar, reward, 604-921-6659

LOST SILVER Iphone w/ black cover July 12th, Chesterfield and 3rd, around 10pm. Reward!!! 604-986-0602

LOST-SILVER NECKLACE & CROSS Lost in Caulfeild/ Westmount area. Reward. Sentimental value. (604) 9138117 or

LOST Earring-REWARD On Sunday July 15. Round, silver with crystal-like stones. At LV Mall, Park & Tilford or Superstore. Call: (604) 644-0729

MISSING Black/White Tuxedo Cat Winston: Black and white male cat. white diamond on forehead, white chin/chest and feet. Lynn Valley (604) 315-4334


In Memoriam

Brandon Daoust

November 1, 1985 – July 23, 2005 He had a nature you could not help loving And a heart that was purer than gold And to those who knew him and loved him His memory will never grow cold.


General Employment


RESPITE WORK in group homes available. 24HR shifts. Great training & experience. Males encouraged to apply. Fax 604-324-4505.


Hotel Restaurant

SUBWAY RESTAURANTS Food Counter Attendant 40/hrs/ wk, $10.25/hr, Unit 152-3650 Mt Semour Prkwy, North Vancouver. Ranjit Hundle. 604-924-3230

Fundraising event at Northlands Golf Course August 11 Silent Auction beginning at 5pm All proceeds will go to Covenant House. Everyone is welcome!

HOTTEST JOBS July 7, 1935 - July 24, 2012 We are sad to announce the passing or our loving husband, father, grandfather & brother. Survived by his wife Noreen, daughters Sally(Greg), Kate(Buck), granddaughters Karli, Alison & Brin and brother Des(Betty). Jim immigrated to Canada in 1968 with his young family from Liverpool, England. Jim established a successful engineering company, and recently retired from work after 60 years in his profession. Jim was a respected member of the Deep Cove community and a long time member of DCYC. Jim’s leadership and insight influenced many lives along the way. Funeral Mass at St. Pius X Church 1150 Mt. Seymour Road, N Van Tuesday July 31st 11:00 AM. Reception to follow at Deep Cove Yacht Club 4420 Gallant Ave N Van




Mindfulness Meditation Workshop

1965 Main St Vancouver 4 FREE CLASSES Start Aug 7, Tue 7:30-9:30 pm ALSO 9 days retreat in Langley Starting Aug 11 - Register online: or 604-924-4070


Lost & Found

FOUND BLUE budgie near John Braithwaite Community Centre, near hair salon604-980-0651 FOUND KITTEN Norgate area. 604-985-8459 FOUND - Utility tool, Coleman & Mountain Hwy. Wed. night. Call to ID. 604-329-7350. LOST COCKATIEL 'Holly' She has a yellow head with yellow crown, orange around ears, light grey & white on her back. On Friday June 15 around 12:30 to 1pm near Golstan Restaurant Lonsdale & 16th. Please call 604-987-9063 She has a mate and he wants her home!

Social Services

To advertise in Employment Classifieds call


Some great kids aged 12 to 18 who need a stable, caring home for a few months. Are you looking for the opportunity to do meaningful, fulfilling work? PLEA Community Services is looking for qualified applicants who can provide care for youth in their home on a full-time basis or on weekends for respite. Training, support and remuneration are provided. Funding is available for modifications to better equip your home. A child at risk is waiting for an open door. Make it yours. Call 604-708-2628



BAKER HUGHES A leader in oilfield services, we currently have outstanding opportunities available for: 1. Equipment Operators for Coiled Tubing and cementing #1212681. 2. Coiled Tubing Service Supervisor - Red Deer #1214944. 3. Coiled Tubing Service Supervisor - Clairmont #1214936 4. Cementing Service Supervisors #1215317. To apply, search for jobs at


Casual HandyDART drivers wanted for our North Vancouver Depot. Applicants must possess an unrestricted Class 4 Driver’s License and an acceptable driving record. Previous professional driving experience and/or experience working with persons with disabilities and/or senior citizen groups preferred, but not required. All candidates must be able to pass a successful Criminal Record and Reference Check. This position pays $23.15/hr. Applicants must submit a completed Employment Application Package by fax to 604-574-9341. A completed Employment Package consists of: 1. MVT Canadian Bus, Inc. Employment Application Form 2. A current Cover letter 3. A current Resume 4. A current Driver’s Abstract 5. A current ICBC Claims History Letter Application forms are available from our website at

WELDER/FABRICATOR Welder/Fabricator req. for CWB certified shop. Exp. preferred. Email resume w/qualifications: SINGLE-PLY ROOFERS NEEDED! TOP WAGES AND BENEFITS Call Larry at 604-433-4322

Looking for a New Career Direction? Discover a World of Possibilities in the Classifieds!

Call 604.630.3300 to Advertise


It is with saddened hearts and many tears that we announce the passing of our beloved mother, Nora Deane. Mom passed away at West Shore Laylum Care Facility on July 18, 2012. She was a kind, loving woman with a heart of gold. Mom was predeceased by dad, Michael Deane in 2006 and her grandsons, Scott in 1997 and Greg in 2007. She is survived by her daughters Jillian Murphy (Edmonton, Alberta) and Wendy Duke (Saltspring Island, BC), her sons David Deane (Blind Bay, BC), Terry Deane (Delta, BC) and her sister Freda Hodge (Whitby Island,Washington).Mom also had 14 grandchildren, 22 great-grandchildren, and one great-great-grandchild. Mom will be dearly missed by her family and all that knew and loved her. As per her wishes, she will be cremated and laid to rest beside Dad at Mustle White Cemetery in Abbotsford, BC. There will be a Celebration of Life for family members only, at a date to be announced. Arrangements entrusted to Delta Funeral Home, 5329 Ladner Trunk Road, Delta, BC. On-line condolences and memories can be shared at:

Delta Funeral Home 604-946-6040




Earn extra cash to supplement your current income or pay off your bills. Now hiring delivery contractors for the Sun, Province & National Post in the West Vancouver area. Must have reliable vehicle and be available from 2am to 6am daily. Earn up to $900/mo. Call to find the route closest to you.

Take Your Pick from the

LEWIS - James 'Jim' P. Eng.


Sales Centre Phone Hours: Mon. - Fri. 8:30am - 5:00pm Sales Centre Office Hours: Mon. - Fri. 9:00am - 5:00pm Email:

RHODES, Aingelda (nee Reynolds)

May 12, 1923 - July 23, 2012 Suddenly at home, July 23rd, 2012, in her 90th year. Gelda was the only child of Rev. C.B. Reynolds and Winifred (nee Beasley). Predeceased by her husband, Ernest Rhodes, P. Eng, in 1990. Survived by her loving family, sons Charles (Linda) of Sharon, Ontario, Alexander (Avila) of Victoria B.C., daughter Heather of North Vancouver, B.C., grandchildren Stuart, Jordan, Carla, Julia, and great-granddaughter Jayda Moccia-Rhodes. Gelda was a graduate of languages at UBC, served in WRCNS in WW ll, and was a pivotal organizer within the United Appeal, North Lonsdale Rate Payers Association, Boy Scouts of Canada, St. Martin's Anglican Church and many other community organizations. Memorial service will be conducted by The Rev'd Charles Walters, Thursday, August 2 at 2 p.m. at St. Martin's Anglican Church, 195 E. Windsor Street, North Vancouver. Flowers gratefully declined in favour of donations to St. Martin's Anglican Church. Walkey & Company 604-738-0006

Full Time Receptionist NOW Newspapers, including Burnaby NOW, Coquitlam NOW and The Record in New Westminster is accepting applications for an experienced front office Receptionist for its Burnaby location. Major Responsibilities: - Switchboard - Extending excellence in face-to-face customer service - Responding to and resolving customer queries and requests - Taking cash payments at the counter - Office mailing, postage and courier requirements - Coordinating office supplies - Data entry - Various other administrative and customer service duties as required The ideal candidate will: - Have superior communication skills - Be customer service oriented - Possess strong organizational and time management skills - Have great attention to detail - Be able to work unsupervised, under pressure and meet deadlines - Have excellent computer skills, extensive computer experience in both the PC and Mac world, and an interest and aptitude in digital environments - An education and / or professional training commensurate with the responsibilities and qualifications noted above The hours consist of 37.5hrs per week, primarily 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday, but may involve occasional shift changes to suit the business.

201A-3430 Brighton Ave., Burnaby, B.C. V5A 3H4

A division of Glacier Media Inc.

Please send your resume with a cover letter, in confidence to No phone calls please. Closing date is August 7, 2012. We thank all applicants for their submissions, however, only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

A40 - North Shore News - Friday, July 27, 2012

GARAGE SALES West Vancouver

Multi Family SALE

Sat July 28th, 9-1 3610 Mckechnie Ave.

Art, jewellery, movies, books, h/h items, clothes & more. Something for everyone!!!!. Portion of Proceeds to SPCA WEST VANCOUVER MOVING SALE Sat/Sun July 28 & 29, 10-3 3621 Mathers Ave Household items, furniture, tools, etc. etc. WEST VAN

HUGE MOVING SALE EVERYTHING MUST GO!! WEST VAN JulyMOVING 28th 9-1pm HUGE SALE 4246 Rockridge Cres. EVERYTHING Lots of MUST kids stuff boys 3-8, GO!!

household items! July 28th 9-1pm 4246 Rockridge Cres. Lots of kids stuff boys 3-8, West Van Ambleside household items!

Moving Sale! Sat July 28th 9am - 12pm West2210 Van Jefferson Ambleside Ave UprightMoving piano, 2Sale! new single Sat July 28th mattresses, king box spring, 9am -furniture, 12pm toys, houseware, 2210 Jefferson Ave dining rm chairs Upright piano, 2 new single mattresses, king box spring, houseware, WEST VAN furniture, toys, dining rm chairs MULTI FAMILY YARD


Sat/Sun July 28 & 29, MULTI9am-1pm FAMILY YARD 2045 27th St SALE L aSat/Sun r g e a sJuly s o r t28 m e&n29, t of Household items, too much to 9am-1pm handle in 1 sale day! 2045 27th St WEST VAN

Large assortment of Household WEST VANitems, too much to handle in 1 sale day!

Sat July 28th 9 am - 2pm 89 Deep Dene Place Sat July 28th Household items. 9 am - 2pm shine! 89 Rain Deepor Dene Place


Household items. WestRain Van or shine! MOVING SALE

Sat July 28 - Sun July 29 10am - 2pm West2618 VanChippendale Rd MOVING Furniture, livingSALE and dining Sat July - Sun July 29 room sets,28bedroom items, - 2pmmore BBQ10am and much 2618604-922-5564 Chippendale Rd Furniture, living and dining room sets, bedroom items, BBQ and much more CANYON HEIGHTS, 604-922-5564 Garage Sale, 715 Handsworth Rd North Van CANYON HEIGHTS, Sat. July 28, 8AM - 2PM Garage Sale, NO EARLY BIRDS.Furniture, 715 Handsworth Rd dressers, tables, chairs, North Van antique hutch, antique pine Sat. July 28, 8AM - 2PM childs bed, bikes, houseNO EARLY BIRDS.Furniture, wares, clothing, books, etc. dressers, tables, chairs, antique hutch, antique pine childs bed, bikes, houseNORTH wares, VAN clothing, books, etc.


Sat July 28th 9:30am-2pm NORTH VAN SALE 209GARAGE Paitsmauk Cres 173 &Sat 184July Whonoak 28th Cres 9:30am-2pm No Early Birds! 209 Paitsmauk Cres

173 & 184 Whonoak Cres

NorthNo VanEarly Birds! GARAGE SALE July 28th-29th 9am - 3pm North Van Aug 4th-Aug 5th (if it rains) GARAGE 1060 KeithSALE Rd W July 28th-29th (Pemberton Heights) 9am - 3pmbooks, Furniture, clothes, (if it rains)microwave, Aug 4th-Aug 5th electronics, nik-naks dishes 1060 Keithetc. Rd W (Pemberton Heights) Furniture, clothes, books,

LYNN VALLEY electronics, microwave, nik-naks etc. SALE MOVINGdishes ABROAD

Sat July 28th, 9-3

3230 Baird Rd LYNN VALLEY (1 block NABROAD of McDonald’s) MOVING SALE Antiques, art, tools, Sat Julynative 28th,art,9-3 furniture, kitchen items, RD 3230 Baird China set, old bottles,Rd ladders (1 block N of McDonald’s) Antiques, art,Garage native art, tools, NORTH VAN, Sale, Sun Julyfurniture, 29th, 9 kitchen - ? ★ items, 528 ERD Keith China set, oldFabric bottles,&ladders Road, Vintage linens.

NORTH VAN Garage Sale 2112 Mahon Ave Sat. July 28, 9 AM - 1 PM Tools, Furniture, Kids and Ladies items, Sports items, a Car-Trailer and much more!! Lots of FREE STUFF!! No earlies please. Please come in Back Lane. Rain or Shine.

GARAGE SALE Sat July 28th 9am - 3pm 1676 Kilkenny Rd near Ross Road school Near new baby clothing (0-24 months), designer ladies and mens clothing/shoes & misc household goods. North Van MULTI FAMILY GARAGE SALE Sat July 28th 9:30am - 3pm 3540 Robinson Rd (turn right off Peters Rd b4 Lynn Canyon parking lot) Lots of household items and furniture!! North Van CUL-DE-SAC MOVING SALE Sat July 28th 10am - 3pm 2069 Anita Court Furniture, housewares, designer clothes, sports equipment, books and electronics, plus much more North Van GARAGE SALE Sat July 28th 9am - 1pm 2361 Mountain hwy (Yorkwood park) Household, furniture, kids toys, jewelry, clothing and more NORTH VANCOUVER


Sun July 29th, 11-3 308 West 28th St

Some furniture, household items, etc.etc.

NORTH VAN Garage Sale 2643 Fromme Rd Lynn Valley Sat. July 28, 10 AM - 2 PM NO reasonable offer refused. Kids toys, electronics, appliances, outdoor furn, games, books, kids costumes, sporting equipment, clothes, luggage, winter tires etc.

NORTH VANCOUVER, GARAGE SALE 3733 Mountain Hwy. Saturday July 28, 9 AM - 12 PM Various Household and children’s items - Rain or Shine.

GARAGE SALE Sat July 28 - Sun July 29th 10am - 5pm 1285 22nd St W (back lane) Collectibles, houshold items, antiques. North Van HUGE GARAGE SALE Sat July 28th 8am-3pm 1066 Heywood St Tons of goods to sell. (back of house via the alleyway). Bedroom set, sports equipment (skis, snowboard) golf clubs etc, kitchenware, new clothes/shoes, DJ equip, records,artwork etc!!




Sunday, July 29 9am-3pm 2840 Mt Seymour Parkway Small furniture, antiques, nordic walking poles, household miscellaneous and more.



Sat July 28th, 9am - noon 4725 Woodside Place. Sunday July 29, 9am - noon 1384 Ottawa Ave.

Lots of cool stuff!!


North Van YARD SALE Sat July 28th 10am - 2pm 357 22nd St E Variety of household items!



Sat July 28th, 9-1

1142 Frederick Road

Lululemon pants size s/m, dbl air mattress, punchbowl set, MK cosmetics, dinner set, books & tapes & hiking boots etc. exc condtion


ANTIQUE SOLID oak dining room suite made by Victoriaville Furniture - over 100 years old. All carved and shaped pedestals and fronts. 52' round table with 3 leaves; 6 chairs; buffet with mirror and side table. Pictures available by email. Call 604-855-7033 or 604-807-8441.




1825 Lonsdale Ave




Sat/Sun July 28 & 29


10am-1pm 777 Hendry Ave

Burial Plots

OCEAN VIEW Cemetery Plot Burial plot in Calvary 6 section of Ocean View Cemetery. Plot will hold 1 casket plus 1 urn or 2 urns. $9800. Call: (604) 557-0506

Pottery, Prints, Textiles, garden furniture, vintage, collectibles, etc.

NORTH VANCOUVER, Garage Sale 316 East 8th Street Saturday July 28, 9 AM - 2 PM BIG SALE! Household items, furniture, bicycles, camping gear, clothing. Rain or Shine.


Food Products

BOB’S FRUIT STAND 3711 Delbrook. Open daily 10-6. Raspberries, veggies, Okanagan fruit

GARAGE SALE Lots of kids stuff! Toys, books, clothing and much more.

NORTH VANCOUVER, Garage Sale, 2507 Caledonia Ave DEEP COVE: Sat. July 28, 9 AM - 12 PM Lots of furniture, toys, household goods, antique end tables and chair, wood windows, tools, Bric a brac, Dutalier Glider, Leather slipper chairs. Big sale of good quality nearly new used goods.

NORTH VAN Garage Sale, 1056 Berkley Rd Sat. July 28, 9 AM - 3 PM Sun. July 29, 9 AM - 12 PM Lots of brand name clothing, shoes, accessories, furniture, sporting equipment, house decor, electronics. AMAZING stuff cheap. Rain or Shine. N. Van HUGE GARAGE SALE Sat & Sun, July 28/29 9:30am- 3:00pm 4427 Canterbury Cres. No Early Birds!! Kids & baby clothes, books shoes, gently used. Mens womens clothing, shoes maternity. Household items furniture.

HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best Price, Best Quality. All Shapes & Colors Available. Call 1-866-652-6837

MOVING, MAHOGANY drop leaf table 73’’L x 45’’W $200, 6 oak dining chairs $450, oak buffet $550, Sklar-Peppler buffet server $60, antique coffee table $130, end table $60, fire screen $40, teak stereo system $200, 2 large speakers with stereo cabinet $200, queen bed & frame $175, headboard $50, 2 chests of drawers $100 & $30, misc items. Phone 604-986-7207

LYMAN PORTABLE electric furnace, melt gold or lead $450. 778-868-9235 OAK ROLL top desk $250 obo. Foosball table $50 604-984-6839 SOLID WOOD study desk $50, good cond, hp colour laser printer $75, Illuminite speakers 3 way, 150 watt 2 sets $50, samsung printer cartridge new $20, antique safe $950, handpainted wood art + more home decor onyx & brass handcarved articles indoor/ garden items. 604-922-8141


North Van GARAGE SALE Sat July 28TH 10am - 2pm 4343 Valencia Household goods, trailer, Jet-Ski and more! North Van SMALL CHILDRENS CLOTHING BUSINESS LIQUIDATION SALE GARAGE SALE Sat July 28th-Sun July 29th 9am - 2pm 503 4th St E @ Ridgeway Fabric, sewing supplies, house hold items, furniture etc


Sat July 28th 9:30 am - 2pm 350 East 22nd St. Household items, lots of baby items. North Van Multi Family Garage Sale Sat July 28 9am-2pm 1748 Peters Rd Tons of high quality for cheap, Furniture housewares, nik naks, shoes, luggage. Rain or shine! Everything must go!


10’’ PRO Craftman table saw $250, 1 Lazy Boy leather recliner & 2 loveseats, cloth $150 ea., wine making equip 604-980-1164 Arabic port new typewriter $175, singer electric new sewing mach $200, canvas extend chairs $50, mens new suits $150 604-985-1968

COMPOST FOR SALE Composted cow manure. Great for gardens. $5 per yard Call: (604)-854-0669 Call: (604) 798-3498

GORGEOUS Buffet and Hutch: $1450. Gorgeous all wood Buffet and Hutch, 85" high, 73" wide. Classic style: will work with any furniture you already have. email:

MOVING - Excellent Furniture in Great Condition Solid 48" Oak Dining Table, leaf + 4 chairs $425; Almost new 8’ cotton sofa $275; Queen Solid Pine 4-poster bed $200; Solid Oak Media Centre $25; New bone low-flo toilet - not used $50; Double Maple Bed $25; 18 Spd Mountain Bike $40 email:



BOOKSHELF, 5FT wide x 5’8' high, good cond on wheels, has backing. 53.5' high x 29.5' wide, You pick up 604-971-0219 FREE FILL - Delivered for free. North & West Van. Minimum 5 yards. 604-985-4211 FREE SPORTS EQUIPMENT Treadmill, Gazelle and Stationary bike. 604 985-1487


Wanted to Buy

STAMPS wanted Collector looking to buy stamp collections. email: FORTRESS 2000 Wheel Chair/ Scooter This is an electric wheel chair scooter that is in very good condition, has 4 wheels(more stable), shopping basket, charger and owners manual included. $1200 or best offer Call: (604) 701-6336

5X9 Snooker/Pool table inc all accessories Beautiful Red Mahogany 5x9 Snooker Table $2500. Call: (604) 943-9642 email:

MAPLE TABLE $350, four chairs $235; Garden Harvest dishes, 64 pcs $175. Call: (604) 307-0404 FURNITURE FOR SALE very good condition: large solid pine desk, simple design, $200, ideal for a university or high school student; comfortable silver metal desk chair and waste basket, $20; 4-piece sectional wall mirror, $15; Pier 1, 6 basket storage unit, $60; 2 single beds with barely used mattresses, excellent clean condition, $75 each. Call: (604) 803-1677 email:


Tutoring Services

TUTOR DOCTOR NORTH SHORE Tutoring for All Ages and Subjects. Experienced & Qualified Tutors. 778.340.3100


1 FEM rescued Cat, spayed, shy but cuddly. Free to indoor only, n/s life time home. 604-513-9310

PB RAGDOLL kittens, vet ✔ 1st shots, dewormed, health guar., $450 & up Cel # 604-477-9961



ALL SMALL breed pups Local and non-shedding. 604-590-3727 or 604-514-3474

CHINESE CRESTED Hairless pups. Unique/rare breed, lovin’ companions, $600, 604-723-1963

QUEEN SIZE Mattress Set Brand New. Original Plastic. Never Used. Must sell $200 Call: (604) 790-0021

For Sale Miscellaneous

& & & &

North Van MOVING SALE Sat July 28th - Sun 29th 8am - 2pm 4385 Ranger Ave Furniture, household items, kids stuff, all needs to go!


NEW Teak patio furniture. Folding chair $79, Folding table $299, Ext. table $750. 604-834-1399


TOP KNOT FIREWOOD est 1981 Dry Alder, Birch & Maple. Pick up or delivered. Rod 604-985-7193

CASPIAN GROCERY Pita Bread 0.99 Persian & Mediterranean Foods 22351 Selkirk Avenue, Maple Ridge, (604) 477-2070



MOVING - High quality furniture in great condition & other items. 2 leather loveseats & chair $3200. sideboard, wine cabinet & end table $850. Counter high table & 8 chairs $850. 3 bar high chairs $250. New wedding items & bouquets $165. Master Craft tool cabinet $185. 604-847-3664

CHINA CABINET, oak, custom made by Ocar Gran $300 obo, 604-988-4221

North Van


FOR SALE-2 queen beds w/ pillow top mattresses & frames $500 + $800, sofa/love set/cream $150, rattan patio set w/chairs and cushions $250, 4 piece dresser set/white $175, 2 lrg dresser 6 & 9 dwr w/ mirrors $175 & $100, 1 lrg 42in flat screen $300 604-924-0898


Sat July 28th 10am - 4pm 3219 Huntleigh Cres.

For Sale Miscellaneous

Upgrade your skills.

Find education training in the Classifieds.

1G"@$:< =E:%D$E@!B@#% ?:BG" )9 F#E 2B.>#'G 8#7D* A%E#<< B#":& :%" !:& :D <@BB<G :D (-6,3+ : '#%BC*

CALLING ALL QUILTERS We’re looking for quality fabric in excellent condition. Want to clean out some of your stash? email: MILITARY Medals & Collectibles Bought especially collections of Canadian & British Commonwealth medals, orders, badges, swords, etc. $250,000+ available for immediate settlement. Research & Appraisal Service. Collecting since 1975. Member MCC of C, OMRS. Call 604 727-0137 WANTED PLUMBERS furnace with melting pot and ladle. Call Bob 778-868-9235


SAVE A LIFE. Wonderful rescue dogs from Foreclosed Upon Pets. Spay/neutered, regular vaccinations & rabies, microchipped. $449 adoption fee, avail at your local Petcetera stores.


Pet Services

North Shore

Barking Lot

Doggy Daycare located by AutoMall, 24 Bewicke Ave Indoor & Outdoor Play Area $25 per day


Cares! The North Shore News has partnered with the BC SPCA to encourage responsible pet guardianship and the humane treatment of animals. Before purchasing a new puppy, ensure the seller has provided excellent care and treatment of the animal and the breeding parents. For a complete guide to finding a reputable breeder and other considerations when acquiring a new pet, visit

Daycare Centres

Little Rascals Daycare/Preschool Accepting registration for 3yr olds Daycare & 3’s & 4’s Preschool

Call 604-987-3168


place ads online @


Legal Services

CRIMINAL RECORD? You can be arrested, jailed or deported if you enter the United States with a criminal record. A waiver clears you for entry. Call now, toll free: 1-8-NOW-PARDON (1-866-972-7366) in business since 1989.

Looking for another dog?

@%F#4$:%D$E@7G,$#' ;,/++,500,;363 $:%D$E@7G,$#'

Check our Pet section!

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Legal/Public Notices

NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND OTHERS Notice is Hereby Given that Creditors and others, having claims against the Estate of Dorothy Mosley, formerly of 281 Tyee Drive, West Vancouver, BC V7P 1C8, deceased, who died on January 3, 2012, are hereby required to send the particulars thereof to the undersigned Executor at Suite 1201-510 West Hastings Street, Vancouver , BC V6B 1L8, on or before August 27, 2012 after which date the estate’s assets will be distributed, having regard only to the claims that have been received. Solus Trust Company Limited, Executor NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND OTHERS Notice is Hereby Given that Creditors and others, having claims against the Estate of ARMANDO PETER ROSS, A.K.A. PETER ROSS, formerly of 4589 Woodgreen Drive, West Vancouver, B.C., V7S 2V3. Deceased, who died on December 17, 2009, are hereby required to send the particulars thereof to the undersigned Executors, c/o LOUIS PLAZZER, at #300-145 WEST 17TH STREET, NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C., V7M3G4, on or before August 30, 2012, after which date the estate’s assets will be distributed, having regard only to the claims that have been received. NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND OTHERS RE: GREGORY JOSEPH WHITE also known as GREGORY J. WHITE and GREGORY WHITE, Deceased, formerly of 1070 Lynn Valley Road, North Vancouver BC, V7H 1Z8 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that creditors and others having claims against the Estate of the above deceased who died on May 29, 2012, are hereby notified under section 38 of the Trustee Act to send particulars thereof to the Executor named hereunder at Ratcliff & Company LLP, Suite 500 - 221 West Esplanade, North Vancouver, British Columbia, V7M 3J3, on or before the 13th day of September, 2012, after which date the Executor will distrubute the said Estate among the parties entitled thereto having regard only to the claims of which the Executor then has notice. ROYAL TRUST CORPORATION OF CANADA Executor by: Ratcliff & Company LLP Solicitors Attention: Charles G. Piercey


Body Work

SELLING / BUYING EMMERY LEUNG 604-728-7170 Have qualified BUYER! Realtor speaks English, Cantonese & Mandarin. Homeland Realty



LUXURY MASSAGE 778-340-2778 1053 Marine Dr, North Van



CANCEL YOUR TIMESHARE. NO RISK program. STOP Mortgage & Maintenance Payments Today. 100% Money Back Guarantee. Free Consultation. Call us Now. We can Help! 1-888-356-5248

Can’t Qualify for a Mortgage? Call for Solutions. Commercial & Residential Great Residential Rates! 2.79% 5 year variable. 2.99% 5 year fixed. 3.99% 10 year fixed. Mortgage Broker Specialist Martinique Walker, AMP Verico Assent Mortgage Corp Call: 604-984-9159 Toll Free: 866-984-9159

DO YOU NEED CASH???? Unlock your homes equity today. We lend even if the banks say no!! Mortgage Direct 604-531-0166

PROPERTY CARETAKER Having problems with a tenant OR need property maintenace &/or caretaking done. 30 years exp. Call Bentley • 604-539-2533


White Rock Tea & Giftshop $60K + Inventory Call Jeff 604-889-9164 for info

TOP FLR 762sf 1br condo, in-ste laundry, 45+ building Mt. Baker view $95,500 778-822-7387 see id5553



Condos/ Townhouses



Langley/ Aldergrove

NR EDMONDS sk/train stn. 788sf 2br 2ba condo across from Taylor pk $388,900 604-764-8384 see id5571


PROPERTYGUYS.COM FRANCHISE NOT YOUR PARENTS’ REAL ESTATE COMPANY. Join Canada’s largest private sale franchise network. Visit us: and click "INQUIRE TODAY" to start the process, starting at $35,000 Call John: (866) 666-9744

For Sale $125,000 W. Van’s Pastameli Restaurant • Fabulous Italian Food • A Family Favourite for 25 yrs. • Dining room, Bar, Deli, Patio • Pizza Delivery & Take Out • Bruce Meli 604-921-8720

Avail in North Vancouver ★ with DEALERS LICENSE ★ ■ all equipment included ■ Ready to operate ■ Established business

Serious Inquiries only Call OWNER 604-612-5536 for further information.

North Vancouver

3BED/2.5BTH TH #46-728 W 14th St NV. NEW PRICE! Rftp patio with fabulous mountain/city/water views. Built 2008, 2 parking, S/S apl, Ceasarstone. V951636. O/H Sun 2-4pm. $565,000 Call: 604-377-9906

LIKE NEW beautiful 1536sf 3br 2.5ba 1 owner end unit 6 yr old townhome $329K 604-833-4246 see id5549

NICOMECKL RIVER hiking trails nr this1279sf 2br 1.5ba tnhouse w/pool, $224,900 778-240-3699 see id5512


WALNUT GROVE quiet 1311sf 3br 1.5ba w/private back yard $297,800 778-565-5082 see id5539


Maple Ridge/ Pitt Mead.

IMMACULATE 2446SF 4br 4ba t/h. Incredible view, huge master br $424,900, 604-466-3175 see id5226


New Westminster


Port Moody


$158,900. 1 BR Ground Corner Ste in quiet secured bldg. Fabulous loc, nr Blue Mnt Park & Lougheed mall, Update in/out with priv patio, Pets & rentals ok, 1103 Howie Ave. 604-619-3444

Langley/ Aldergrove

JUST REDUCED OPEN HOUSE Sat June 23rd 2-4pm Willoughby Heights, Unit 20 20449 66Ave spacious 1955 SF, 3 bed 3 bath w yard. Double garage $375,000. Kelly at Keller Williams 604-418-3162

OWNER SELLING Newly Reno 1236sf. 2BR & den, 2 baths, 7appls, pets ok, NWest concrete hi-rise. (#806 The Woodward) Direct secure access to Royal City Ctr Mall. $429,900 obo 778-238-1056, 604-271-0777, Kijiji ad: 385917090


North Vancouver

1125 LILLOOET Rd, Open House ★Sun 2-4pm, $509,000, 3 bdrm, 1,700 sf, 2 parking. Capilano University Area. Yuji Asai, New World Realty, 604-626-1521

INLET & Mtn views, reno’d 928sf 2 br condo, insuite laundry rentals ok $228,500 604-936-7547 see id4642




Condos/ Townhouses



For Sale by Owner


GUILDFORD, 1584SF 3br 3ba private byard w/hot tub, indoor pool $239,900 604-581-0419 see id5558

NEWTON 723SF 1br ground level w/private entry, insuite laundry $139,900 604-984-8891 see id5546

LONSDALE & 4th, 180° Views Southwest corner condo, impeccable apt, updated quality concrete bldg. Modern comfort, all amens, $367Kobo, 604-980-3186

NEWTON GROUND level 1240sf 3br 2ba tnhse, no stairs, priv backyd $199,900 604-948-5441 see id5554

SENIOR’S ALERT 1200sf 2br 2ba upper level tnhouse w/chairlift $239K 604-951-7738 see id5547


ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! 3 br 3 ba, 2045sf duplex style T/home, ss appls, fenced yard, finished bsmt, dble garage. $462,900. Virtual tour

CLOVERDALE UPDATED 696sf 1br condo, private yard insuite laundry $99,500 604-341-9257 see id5500


LIKE LIVING in Venice, lagoon level 935sf 2br 2ba, insuite laundry $325,000 604-948-6805 see id5567


FLEETWOOD IMMACULATE 1785sf 3br 2.5ba, double sxs garage. SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! see id5525

6008-22 WOW, THIS beautiful townhome is located in the heart of Walnut Grove. GREAT VIEW facing a green space/trail the perfect area for pets, walkers and joggers alike! With over 2200sqft the VAULTED ceilings will amaze you, brand new laminate floors on the main, carpets, freshly painted and light fixtures. And get this, sellers will pay $2840 for new fridge/stove and a portion towards strata fees. Don’t miss this great opportunity at $389,900 Call: (778) 241-0101 email: judithwashingtonrealty #27- 20222 96 ave

#405 290 Newport Dr. Pt Moody $510,000. Perfect for first time or downsizing buyer! 2 BR + Den, 2 Baths - This beautiful Bosa built unit in popular Newport Village comes with a 17x8 storage locker with power! Tons of updates, plus 2 prkg stalls. Please call for Open House times & dates. Jim Jeckel, Prudential Sterling 604 802-7340

$10K BELOW assessment, 2br+ Den or 3br, 2ba 1083sf condo, Nr SFU $339,900 604-866-7326 see id5557

PROMONTORY MASSIVE 2522 sf 3br 2.5 ba 3lvl main fl master br, view $289,900 604-701-1245 id5411


Condos/ Townhouses

1 BD top floor in Chilliwack granite counters, 9’ ceilings, stack w/d. elec f/p. Secure underground parking. $160,000. 604-795-7367

LANGLEY [WILLOUGHBY] Now $577,000! neg. Open plan, granite, ss appl. vaulted ceil. 3 bdrm, 3 bath det. 604-721-4414 MLS Listing #: X2381132


HIGHGATE RIDGE 1 level ground fl tnhse, 845sf 2br 2ba w/lge backyd $420K 604- 376-7652 see id5550




IMMACULATE TOP fl 963sf 2 br condo, insuite laundry, +55 building, $124,900 604-309-3947 see id5565


You Want It We’ve Got It Find What You’re Looking for in the Classifieds.

Condos/ Townhouses

Real Estate Services

The Art of Asian Bodycare 604-980-8809 101-1075 Marine Dr, North Van




6007 7005


Lower Londsdale, Spacious BR, S.West corner, 180° Views, modern, comfort, 4blks to Seabus, updated concrete bldg. $367K, obo Info 604-980-3186

VIEWS! 3BD/2.5BTH Top W Vancover Location, Lifestyle, Kitchen, Cherrywood Floor, Like New, Just Gorgeous $1,599,000. Interlink Realty (778) 882-8381

W.End/Down/ Yaletown

FORECLOSURE SALE Distress sale. Receive free list w/Pics $2 Mill and up. www.VancouverLuxury


2BDRM/2BTH, $274,900 38 19797-64 Ave, LANGLEY Superb location updated upper end unit townhome w/vinylplank flr, bths, appls, paint, new roof. 2 sundecks, s/s+intrcm, garage. 604-533-6652

OPEN HOUSE Sunday July 29 1 pm to 4 pm 9558 North View St. Chwk 2550 sq ft home 4 bdrm 3 bth with dbl garage in law suite/ revenue generator. Nice yard fenced. Shows new. $354,900. Call 604-855-3840 or 604-832-4200

S. Surrey/ White Rock

EXECUTIVE LIVING gated 1864sf 4bedroom 2.5bath, main floor master bedroom, 19+ adult complex $568,900 604-575-7636 see id5552

REAL DEPARTURE Bay-No steep stairs on cliff front. Just 2 blks to sandy, usable beach. 8 min to ferry, shopping closer. 2,600 sq ft, 2 bdrm suite, active views, 3 full baths, sep. laundries. Oversize corner lot w/ access to RV pad behind house. $439,000. Drive by 2895 Fairbanks (cnr Bay St.) Nanaimo. View by appointment. 250-585-1111, 250-729-7420


Empty your Garage Fill Your Wallet

M A K E I T A S U CC E S S ! Call 604-630-3300

HUGE 2650SF 4br 3.5ba 2 yr old 3 level tnhse, double sxs garage rec room $649,500 604-560-4109 see id5555

2BDRM/2BTH #308-10186-155 Street Move in ready! Designer colors, custom bar. Near transit, mall, park. $216,000 (604) 808-6847

North Vancouver

OPEN SUNDAY 2-4PM #413-155 East 3rd North Vancouver $419,000

Top floor 2 bedroom 2 full bathroom apartment. Over 800sq.ft and everything you are looking for!! • Superb floorplan with separation between the bedrooms •Spacious kitchen •Insuite laundry •In suite storage and extra storage locker •One parking spot •Great balcony for barbeques •Gas fireplace •Skylight •Building takes pets. All this and the building was completely rain screened in 2009 with 7years left on the warranty! COME - SEE - BUY!!

Jane Avall: 604-351-0404 View photos and floorplan: Royal LePage Northshore

PARTIAL OCEAN view, large 1270 sf. 2 br + den 2 ba in a +45 building $304,900. 778-809-0769 see id5574

SENIOR’S ALERT beautifully updated 976sf 2nd fl 2br 2ba $208K 604-542-0233 +55 bldg see id5527

VIEW AMONG BEST & endures! Rare 19th flr sub-pent sw corner! 1br L-Lons $399K? 604-984-7111

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A42 - North Shore News - Friday, July 27, 2012

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For Sale by Owner



Houses - Sale




Houses - Sale


Port Coquitlam

OPEN HOUSE Sundays 1-3PM 9420 Woodbine St, Chilliwack 45+ Rancher in Quiet Gated Community, 2 BR, 2 f/bath, all appls, 1200sf, dble garage, maint free yard, strata fee $136mo. REDUCED $224,900. Motivated. 1 604 625-3498

THOM CREEK Ranch - House for Sale By Owner. In Chilliwack’s premier retirement complex. 2090 sq ft finished plus 294 unfinished ready to model. In the top row with superb, unspoilable views of the City, mountains and way beyond. Excellent Clubhouse. Friendly neighbours $440,000 negotiable. No HST. 604-824-1892


Houses - Sale



Difficulty Making Payments?

No Equity? Expired Listing? Penalty? We Take Over Payments! No Fees! / 604-786-4663


968 CRYSTAL Court, Coq. $848,800. 5 BR, 5 Bath, 3 Kitchen 3600 + sq ft. Over 100K Spent in Quality Renos! Must see! ADAM LLOYD 604.526.2888 Re/Max Rlty.

COQ WEST 9056sf lot, 4 BR, 2100 sf home, asking 1.02million. No agents. 604-728-5063

OFFERED AT assessed value 1000sf 3br 2ba home on huge 10,000sf lot $414K 778-859-0717 see id4272



New Westminster

OPEN HOUSE, July 29 2-4pm, 220 Queens Ave, New West 5 Br, 3 bath, 10,765 sf lot, approx 5,000 sf , inclds 2BR bsmt ste. parklike back yd. $1,388,000. Gerri, Mac Rlty, 604-761-3464


North Vancouver

BURNABY South; CORNER 8810sq ft lot 3 BR 1200sf home. $999,000. No agents. 604-439-7554



CHILLIWACK LK 1250sf rancher w/guest cabin, .5 ac lot, 2km to lake, pool $360K 604-824-5687 see id5561


CEDAR HILLS 2140sf 5br 2ba w/bsmt suite, huge 7200sf lot, updates, $549K 778-320-7506 see id5568

CLAYTON IMMACULATE 3523 sf 5br 3.5ba w/bsmt suite across from park $648K 604-575-7636 see id5551

CLOVERDALE 3765SF 4br 3.5ba, on quiet cul-de-sac, suite potential in basement, $575K 604-619-0603. See: id5559

GUILDFORD MAGNIFICENT 4952sf 10br 6.5ba back on creek, main floor master br, $789K 604-581-5541 see: id5506 HOUSE ON 1/2 acre lot, rented, 13690 Bentley Road, good investment. $695K 604-324-0655

TYNEHEAD 3800SF 5br 4.5ba executive home 12,077sf lot, with side suite, $879K 604-575-7311 see id5350

Vancouver East Side

SALE BY OWNER Vcr lot w/house, approx 37x103, Killarney paved alley, mins to bus/skytrain nr schools, shops, rec ctre. 604-619-0964* 604-916-5104

Vancouver West Side

OWN THE Land, 1092sf 2br rancher style mobile $185K 604-824-7803 kids OK, see id5541

Find one in the Classifieds To advertise call 604-630-3300


Out Of Town Property


Real Estate Investment

Vancouver East Side

West Vancouver

1118 Hillside Road, West Vancouver (British Properties) Luxurious new 7978sqft 7 bdrm VIEW home in prestigious British Properties. Open plan, h/w floors, huge master, theatre, wet bar, pool, hot tub, Smart wired/Control 4. Too much to list! $7,588,000. Call Nicole: (778) 867-7243

Other Areas BC

5BDRM/3BTH 1880 Garden Avenue Wow! Fabulous 5 Bed 3 bath house in much sought after Pemberton! Steps to shops, restaurants, transit, great schools and only minutes to the waterfront and downtown! The gorgeous light filled home boasts a tranquil garden oasis in the front and a huge Sundeck in the back with parking for 4 cars! Great bonus of the 2 bedroom mtg helper that brings $1450 makes this home truly affordable! First open July 14th and 15th Saturday and Sunday 2-4! Hurry this won’t last long! $849,000. Call: (604) 802-1051 email:


5BDRM / 3BTH rarely available lot/house in Prime Quilchena area - 2049 W 28th Ave House needs lots of TLC. 60X120 lot. Steps away from Arbutus Club and Quilchena Park. Walk dis. to nice schools and Arbutus Shopping Center. A 3 yr old, 4315 sqft house next door was sold 4.4 million in 05/ 2011 w/ same lot size. $2.8 mill Call: (604) 232-0550

Industrial/ Commercial

COMMERCIAL/RESIDENTIAL 2300sf home w/suite above 3 Comm units $985K 604-882-6788 see id5533


EXCEPTIONAL LAKEVIEW Lots from $140,000. Nice trees. No time limit to build. Owner wants to retire. Will carry financing. Also: 1 spectacular 3 acre parcel $390,000. 1-250-558-7888

Summer get Away or Year Round Living. 1996-30 ft. Corsair 5th Wheel. #20 in South Valley RV Park, 7th Ave. across from Christie Park on Skaha Lake. Steps to beach. Great lot, lease $359/mth. R.V. $15,900 Call: 778.867.8735


Out Of Town Property

1.6 ACRE OCEAN VIEW PROPERTY, in Town, Sointula, Malcolm Island, N.Vanc Island. Assessed $132,000, Sell $129,500. 5 pm 604-628-4592

COZY 2 bdrm on 10 acres in Lone Butte, barn, 2 car garage, new, no steps, complete reno, oak beams in L/R, large deck, drilled well, outbuildings. Close to Horse, Watch and Green Lakes. $278,000. Call 604-467-7144 or 604-250-1668

TRIPLEX- SOINTULA B&B Guest House, Malcolm Island, N.Vancouver Island. New reno, on view half acre. cost $900,000, sell $525,000. 5pm 604-628-4592


Recreation Property

LANGLEY WALNUT Grove 10ac Subdividable,w/4400sf 3br 4ba home $1,295,000 604-961-8878 see id5569

$537,500 USD Take advantage of the Depressed U.S. Housing Market! * 2,750 sqft./ on .95 acres* * 4 Bedrooms * 3.25 Bathrooms * Oversized 2 Car Garage * Carport & Outbuilding * Drive onto Beautiful Samish Island, just North of Anacortes, Wa., to this custom Craftsman home with 25 feet of waterfront with adjacent road access. Park like setting. Two level exotic wood deck with views of Padilla Bay. Master with high ceilings, walk in closet, attached bath and solid Carerra marble surfaces. Bonus room upstairs. Extensive hardwoods, solid fir doors, walkin pantry, plenty of indoor storage, maple cabinets. For more information pls call:

3 BR, lrg kitchen/lving room, 1300sf seasonal, Gambier Isl. Sea Ranch $325K 604-266-6191

BEST LAKE FRONT FROM VAN only 1 hr, nr Bellingham, 2,900 sft, 5 br, 4.5 bath, 18 yr old home. Beautiful low bank waterfront, $739,000. Call 604-734-1300

Robert & Nancy Chaney, (for sale by owners) 9418 Marshall Rd, Bow, WA


FANNY BAY, VAN. ISLAND WATERFRONT HOME 7636 Shipspoint Rd,. 90’ of waterfront with a stunning custom built home offering panoramic views of Baynes Sound over to Denman Isl. from every room. 90x170’ lot. Approx. 1500sq.ft. of beautiful architecture with 2 bdrm, 2 full baths & full basement for storage. MLS#316185 Virtual tour at $699,000 Estate Sale Scampi Hirst Angell Hasman & Associates Realty. 604-728-6052

Lots & Acreage

DOUBLE LOT We will buy your double or single lot realtor ok north or west van 778 891 1474

HOPE, PRICE reduced, large 2376sf 3br + den 3.5ba on .23 acre lot $319,900 604-869-7554 see id4889 IS IT TIME? Think of moving away from the City? Here is a 20 acre property with 1km of salmon creek, an orchard, greenhouse, garden, all within the Comox Valley City limits. Small and lovely 2 bdrm house, self contained cottage, studio, workshop & chicken coop. Meander along the many trails, sit by the pond, walk to the ocean. Much loved land but time to pass it on. $778,000. Agents welcome, finders fee. For more info

MEXICO SAN CARLOS Beautiful Executive retirement home 5 hrs from Arizona! 3000sf incls sep guest hse. $229k 604-364-6441

LOG CABINS FOR SALE Here is your opportunity to own a recreational log cabin with the option of generating rental income. 3 Hours from Vancouver and 20 Minutes from Kamloops. Lac Le Jeune Wilderness Resort offers great amenities, year round outdoor activities and attractions. Starting at $189,900. Visit " " for more info and pics. Call: Angelo (604) 834-2020 email: CULTUS LAKE beautiful year round RV site grt location, low fees, all ament., $117,500. 1-604-795-9785

GET AWAY or Permanent Living close to Manning Park Community, wilderness & rec, 3 BR, 1.5ba, 6appls, sleeps 12+, $250K by owner, 604-795-3663

NANAIMO, OCEAN View 1283sf 3br 2ba 4yr old home on .11 ac lot $339,900 604-308-8266 see id5556

PRINCETON, BC 15.78 acres Panoramic views, hydro, well, pumphouse, & septic installed. $384,900. 1-250-295-1811

Ocean Front Lux Contemp. private home on 2.73 AcresQuadra Island. 250-884-0000


Real Estate Investment

90FT WATERFRONT, Sointula Guest Beach House Malcolm Is. N. Vanc Is. 2 BR, water, sewer, hydro. $229K. 604-628-4592

LOT & Trailer. This little gem is located 120 miles from Van, pool - C.H, hiking, fishing, history of 1860’s gold rush. Caretaker, maint $775/yr, $40,000 firm. Lot 33 - 30860 Trans Canada Hwy Yale BC. Ph 1-604-792-6764

OCEAN FRONT Porteau Cove 2 yr old 1600sf 3br 2.5ba 15min from W Van $799K 778-998-9141 see id5424

SURREY TYNEHEAD 1ac dev. ppty into 5.5 lots starting Jan 2013, $1,499,000 604-951-8777 see id5566

6040 5BDRM/3BTH 1880 Garden Avenue Wow! Fabulous 5 bedroom home in super central location! Nothing to do but move in! This lovely light filled home has been meticulously cared for + bonus mtg helper that brings $1450/mo Open 2-4 Sunday July 29th. $849,000 Call: (604) 802-1051

Okanagen/ Interior

CHIMNEY HTS like new 4100sf 8br 6ba w/main floor bedroom, 2 suites, $659K 604-441-9652 see id5563

6020-38 2490 CALEDONIA, North Van OPEN Sat 1-4pm, Sun 1-3:30pm or by appointment. One of the Best Views in Deep Cove - $1,390,000 Beautiful 3 bedroom cedar home with stunning, pristine 240 degree views over Deep Cove and 2 marinas. 3 floors on rare, landscaped 10,000 sq ft lot with stream. 350 sq ft deck. $2,100 mth luxury suite to help pay the mortgage. Steps to the forest trail, Deep Cove and just 20 mins to Downtown. Lovingly renovated Call Deanna 778-829-6993




Need a New Place?




Maple Ridge/ Pitt Mead.

TRANQUILITY, 4400SF 6br 5ba 2yr old home on 3.75ac lot c/w side suite $855K 604-818-0535 see id5548


3BDRM/1.5BTH, 747 Chelsea Ave, PoCo. Newly renovated. Tara Caldwell RE/MAX All Points 604-328-8127



6 BR, 3 up & 3 down in full suite, 2.5 baths, nice update, lam fl, new paint, west Abby, 7000 sqft lot. $368k 604-825-3434



Real Estate

★ WE BUY HOMES ★ Damaged Homes! Pretty Homes! Any Condition! No Fees! No Risk! Quick Cash! Convenient! Private! (604)- 657-9422

Houses - Sale

OPEN HOUSE Sat/Sun May 12 & 13th, 10am - 2pm, 2396 East 39th Ave. 50x140 lot, 1,050 sqft bungalow, asking $1.2 mllion.

3bdrm/2.5bth LOVELY Townhouse in Ladner $749,000 Call: (604) 290-1034

GREAT Family Home. South facing 3861 sq ft custom home on a 6028 sq ft lot in Fleetwood/Tynehead, Surrey. One owner, built in 2001. 6 bedrooms, study, 3 1/2 bathrooms, maple kitchen. Master bedroom has a large walk-in closet, soaker tub, and mountain views. Nice neutral colours, bright and light throughout. Sweeping, double sided staircase. Basement suite has 2 bedrooms, dishwasher, maple kitchen, laundry, separate entry and a large games/media room, or possible 3rd bedroom. Landscaped garden, large private back yard, covered patio, hot tub, cedar deck. Primary school is a 5 minute walk, Surrey Sports & Leisure Centre is a 2 min drive. $699,800 Call 778-227-6253


Okanagen/ Interior

LIVE ON Mayne Island 2 lots,one Turn Key house all for $380.000, 250-539-5011 mayneislandhome/

SPECTACULAR ISLAND VIEWS (10) San Juan Islands, Anacortes - Biz Pt. $899,000 USD 4,100 sq.ft. on .5 acres, 5 br with in-suite bath, oversized 4 car garage 38’ long x 16’ High RV garage. Custom home ICF exterior walls, geothermal heat system. MLS# 313575 Alan Weeks 3688 Birch Way, Anacortes, ZIP 98221-8440 (425)691-9515

ALDERGROVE SXS DUPLEX 65K below assessment. $3K/mo rent income $545K 604-807-6565 see id3428 OK FALLS. 2 BR condo, top floor 1021 sf. Waterfront! View of lake! $299,999. Call 778-999-2473

One call does it all... LANGLEY RENO’D sxs duplex +1/2ac lot, rental income $2,200 /month $489,900 604-807-6565 see id3186



Apartments & Condos


North Van Apt. Rentals


Bach from $875 1 Bdrm from $1100 2 Bdrm from $1630 City & Mtn. Views. Includes heat & hot water. Pool, Jacuzzi, sauna & tennis courts on site. Security & video monitoring. On major bus route.

RENTALS 604-980-3606

1 BR $950, large, nr Hospital & Safeway, no pets, prkg, heat incl. 1 yr lease 150 E. 11th. Aug. 1 604-987-4922


Apartments & Condos


North Van Apt. Rentals

2 BR $1100, courtyard view, hw flrs, Sept 1, ctrl Lonsdale, incls heat/hw, no pets, 604-986-6418 2 BR $1250 h/wood, St. Georges & 12th, 1 yr lse, prkg, np, ns, avail Now, incls ht/hw. 604-988-4692 2 BR Aug 15 or Sept 1, 604-988-3828

Storage, heat & h/water included. Close to all ammenities. 1 cat ok. Seasonal pool. 604-985-2926 1 BR $1150 Aug 1, 18th & Lonsdale carpet, incl heat & hw. 1 yr lease. np, ns, 604-988-4692 1 BR $875, reno’d, north balcony, nr ammenities, heat/hotwater, Aug. 1st, N/S N/P, 604-904-9507

1 BR bright, adult bldg, lrg balc, prk view, newly renod, inste wd, free amens, gated ug prkg, pool/ gym. Walk to sport club, park, bus. NS/NP, Now, $1075/mo incls hot water, lease, 1327 East Keith Rd, 604-986-5554, 604-440-9870

1 br bright, central Lonsdale, parking avail, hw flrs, heat, cable & hot water, cat ok 604-988-1346 1 BR, bsmt, Edgemont, suits 1, quiet n/s, n/p, $840 incl heat/light, laundry, 604-986-6235 1 BR, ChesterfIeld & 15th, view, balc. $920 incl heat, hwater/cbl, np, 1 yr lse, Aug 1, 604-330-4555 1 BR lower Lonsdale, top flr, ocean view, bright, hw flr $1200 1 BR main flr, $950, incls heat/ hotwater, np/ns, 604-987-3650 1 BR Lrg, Top Flr, Mnt View, E10 St nr Lonsdale, $930 incl ht & cbl, ns, np, ref’s, quiet bldg. Now, suit 1-2 tenant(s). 604-317-7425 1 BR, upper Lonsdale, incl heat/ hw $850, nr bus/shop, availNow, No dogs, N/S, 778-996-1263

175 W. 2nd Street 604-908-7368 2 BR, 2 bath, view, parking. N/P. Aug 1, lease, $1800. 19th & Lonsdale, 2 BR Avail July 15th or Aug 1st, 2nd flr South Facing, new reno’s, hw flrs, $1280/mo N/S 604-726-9131 1BR + den $925 incl heat/htw Reno’d, wlkup, incl prkg, h/wood, ns/np, Aug 1, 604-988-5501 1Br, large, July 15th, $925 Total reno’d Heat incl. quiet. drapes. gated or free prkg,no pets 1 yr lease. 310 E. 2 604-980-7501


North Van Apt. Rentals

PARKRIDGE TERRACE 110 E. Keith Rd. Great location, park like setting, sauna, indoor pool, parking available. ★ 1 BR $1095 No pets, 604-988-7379


Duplexes - Rent

WEST 5TH, VIEW, Upper 3 bdrm, 2 bath, no pets, n/s, shrd w/d, $1475 incl utils, 604-929-3306


Furnished Accommodation

A SHORT STAY North Shore & Kitsilano 1 & 2 br + p/house. Renos, families, execs 604-987-2691

2 BR bright spacious, central Lonsdale, quiet well kept bldg. ns, np, avail now. $1249 incl heat/hw, prkg. 604-904-7545 2 BR, family complex, rec facilities, Westview, w/d, heat Aug. 1st. ns np. $1450 604-921-4384

Vista Place, 158 W 13th, Exclusive 2BR, 2 f/bath, inste wd, $1850, ns/np, 250.808.1721, eves: 604-990-4413, avail Now

Nicely Furn BR in quiet home, shrd wd, $600 incls net/utils, ns/ np, suits fem student Queensbury Keith, Aug 1, 604-986-8443

2 BR, south Lonsdale, 2 bath, 12th flr, east facing, water view, cement balcny, f/p, modern kitchen, h/wood flr, l/room, 2 prkg, concierge, fitness, media rm avail $2400 incl. Sept. 1st 604-921-9580 email:

Vista Place, 2 BR + lrg den, 2ba, Now, S facing, storage, 1yr lease, $1999, prkg avail, 604-600-7925


West Van Apt. Rentals

1 BR, 2109 Bellevue. faces North East, h/wood, incls hw & ht, Aug1, np/ns, $1000, 604-986-1294 2 br top flr/high ceilings, quiet 3 story walk, E 15th, lg balc, south expos, dw, venetian blinds, free laundry facilities. NS/NP, avail Now, $1200, 604-830-0857 msg. 3 BR $1400, h/w flrs, 1 mile east of 2nd Narrows, incls heat/hotwater, pool, no pets, avail Aug 1st, 778-320-1554 326 WEST 1st St. 1 br $800 & up. Nr seabus, secure prkg, no pets. Avail NOW. 604-983-6916 1 BRDM apt, upper Delbrook (lrg 1100 sqf) incl h/hw, cable, parking, ns/np. $1050 778-227-2704 Bach $745 avail now. 1BR $945 avail now. 2BR $1240 avail now. Bright large, Lynn Valley, coin laundry, u/g prkg, heat, hw incld, quiet bldg, close to shops & bus, cat ok, NS. Call Diana 604-980-9219

BACH/1 BR, avail July / Aug. Move-in allowance. Quiet, clean building. Rent start $900/mo. Incls heat/hot water. NS/NP. 1 yr lse. Cbl/prkg extra. 604-985-4272

BLUERIDGE APTS (Family complex )

2 BR, Avail NOW, new reno’s, new cabinets, laminate & tiles, newer appls, prkg, storage, incl heat & hw, playground (Mt Seymour Prkwy). 604-924-3628

CENTRAL LONSDALE 1 BR patio, d/w, July 1, cat ok $1050. 604-925-8824 Delbrook Gardens 777 W.Queens. 2 bdrm townhome $1595; 3 bdrm $2,100 604-990-2971 or weekends 778.227.5042

1 BR $1100 & 2 BR $1475 Move in Bonus. Avail Now. Ocean view. Indoor pool. Concrete bldg. Heat & Hot Water incls. Call 604-986-3356 HI RISE. Central Lonsdale, Bachelor, $870. August 1. Incl heat/ hw. N/P, 604-985-3650 LYNN VALLEY 2 BR, hardwood, cat/sm dog ok, avail now $1227. 604-925-8824

2 BDRM Apt, New reno, heat & hot water incl, no pets, adult oriented, $1980/m, 604-618-3113


Studio & 1 BR avail. Excellent views, rents incl. heat & h/w. Tennis courts, indoor pool, saunas, exercise & games rooms on premises. Walk to beach & shops. No Pets. 1552 Esquimalt. 604-922-8443


1550 Duchess Ave, W. Van. Studio & 1 Br avail Move-in Bonus Fitness rm out door pool, nr shops, transit & Seawall. 1 yr lease, N/pets. Heat, hw incl’d. Member of Crime Free Multi-Housing Program. 604-922-4322 Luxury Over The Seawall! 1 BR pool rec. rm, pet ok 2190 Bellevue Ave 604-926-6287 PACIFICANA 1480 Esquimalt Ave. 1 BACH, ocean views, dw, n/p, n/s avail now. By appt. 604-921-7800 PARK TERRACE 1766 Duchess Ave. PENTHOUSE - 1.5 bath, d/w. $2,515/mth, no pets. Aug 1st. Call for appt. 604-926-3493

Houses - Rent

2 BDRM COZY COTTAGE with bsmt, Gleneagles, West Van, f/p, $2000, Aug 1. 604-925-1728

2 Bdrm & Bach

Indoor/outdoor pools. Fitness centre & billiard room, no smoking 2222 Bellevue Ave. To view: 604-926-0627 WHITEHALL APT’S 1640 Esquimalt 2BR $1400 604-990-2971 weekends 778-238-4798.

Park Royal Towers Completely Renovated

1 & 2 Bdrm. Suites 1 BR (700-770 sq.ft.) 2 BR (1070 sq.ft.)

Spectacular City & Ocean Views! Walk to Shops & Transit Hardwood Floors Gym, Swimming Pool Rent includes all utilities.

THE PIER 1 BR + Den, City view, pet ok, N/S, $1700. Avail Aug 15th. Call 604-929-7482


935 Marine Drive

Renovated, spacious 3 BR, two full baths. 1648 Square feet. 1000 sqft balcony, Heat, hot water and electricity included. Steps to shopping and transit. $3,635 per month.

Call 604-922-3246


Office/Retail Rent

OFFICE SPACE, Capilano & Marine Dr area, 1 to 3 separate offices available. 604-220-0505


Shared Accommodation


North Vancouver

1 BR, lrg bright apt, pref male, mid lonsdale, $500 + 50% utils, ns/np, avail Now, 604-561-4072


West Vancouver

1 BDRM in Horseshoe Bay house, priv bath & entry, avail now. $600/mth. 604-925-5991


Suites/Partial Houses

1 BR bsmt ste Lynn Valley, large bright, $840 incl utils & shared w/d ns np, Sept 1, refs 778-848-0977


Suites/Partial Houses

1 BR renod, grd lvl, Ctrl Lonsdale, wood flr, own heat, alarm $900+1/3 util, immed 985-3243 2 BDRM large ground level, quiet Lower Lonsdale North Van St. $1100 + 35% utils. Avail Immed. Call 604-983-8518 for viewing 2 BR Central Lonsdale +storage NS NP, grnd lvl entry, patio, wd, dw, prkg, Sept.1st. $1125 incl utils & cbl+wifi. 604-984-8413 2 BR Edgemont Village, carport + 2 prkg, big yard, 1 yr lease or mth/ mth, $2100. Children & sm pets ok. 604-926-2149, 778-772-8691 2 BR grnd lvl, 7 appl, hot tub, Lonsdale & 29th, np, ns, Sept 604-986-0513 $1,300+1/2utils. 2 BR grnd lvl, bright, recent reno, share wd, ns, np Grand Blvd ref’s, $1250 incl 778-829-2894 2BR, Lower Lonsdale, view, cat ok, $1600 incls utils, inste w/d, avail Aug 1st, 604-603-7133

2 BR, fireplace, 4 appl, rec room in bsmt, new carpets, blinds, reno bath, lrg yrd, Grnd Blvd, nr schools & hospital. $2200 604-985-4263

1 BR bsmt ste, mid Lonsdale, pet ok, shr’d wd, $900 incl utils/cbl, Aug 1st, 604-980-8012

4 BR British Properties main flr, 2 bath, f/p, 5 appl, nr Sentinal & Chartwell schools, prkg, storage, no pets. $2490 604-922-3499

1 BR bsmt, upr Lonsdale, NS/NP, avail Aug 1st, nr schls/bus, $900 incls utils, 604-985-3429

4BR, Now, garden lvl, wd, 1600sf, yd, Deep Cove, hi ceiling, 1yr lse, $1695 incl utils, 604-988-9925

3 BDRM, 2 bath, 2400sq, close 2 handsworth/canyon heights, suite dwnstrs, granite counters, pet ok, $2900+util 778-772-1288

1 BR Capilano/Marine Dr, N/S, small pet ok, bright above ground, 6app, avail Now, $1100 incl utilities, 604-988-1909

3 BR, 1900 sf, rare location WVan, 1 blk from beaches, nr schools, rec ctre, reno’d $2700 ns, avail Sept 1st. 604-897-6919

1 BR grdn suite, Delbrook, ns,np, no drugs, suits 1, $775 incls utils/ net, Ref, 604-910-6622

MOUNTAIN HWY, 2 BR ste, Newly Reno’d, $1200 incls utils, w/d, priv ent, n/s, n/p, Avail now.

1BR garden bsmt, nice older home, shd w/d, shower only, Lower Lons, $690 incls utils, Now, ns/np, suits senior 604-980-6482

NEW 2 BR bsmt suite, hardwood floors, 5 appls, gas f/p, ns np, Tempe Heights, Avail now, $1400 inc utils. 604-340-8178

3 BR, lrg back yd, 1 block from Cap Schl, wd, dw, avail Sept 1, $1900 + utils, NS, 604-983-2188 5 BR +den, Leyland & Inglewood, 3 bath, big kitchen, l/rm & d/rm, lrg back yrd w/deck, lots of parking, kids & pets welcome garden maint incl. $3800 Aug 1. 604-720-6033 5 BR +den, upper Ambleside, cul de sac, nice area, ocean & city view, fully reno’d, new kitchen & appls. 3 bath, 2 fp, hardwood flrs. 2 decks, priv. back yard, Sept 1, $3950+utils, 778-885-8561 5 BR + theatre, 2 flrs, lovely view, lots of storage, British Properties, 2 yr lease or mth/mth, pets & children welcome, immed $5000. 604-926-2149, 778-772-8691 5 BR upr Delbrook, 3400sf, Panoramic view, newly reno’d, avail Now, $3700 + utils, 778-227-1030 3 BR, 2.5 bath, 2 lvl, Lynn Valley, avail 08/01, reff, ns/np $2400, 1572 Coleman St 604-731-8804



CLEAN/QUIET 2 bdrm bsmt. Central Lons. $1250. N/S, N/P. 604-561-2493


The Pink Palace on the Seawall

MOUNTAIN COURT APTS, Lynn Valley, 1 Br $1000, 2BR $1300, 3 BR $1550. Hardwood, f/p, incls heat, hw, prkg & cable. Pool, cat ok 604-925-8824

1BR W. 20th & Lonsdale, heat, hw & prkg, no pet, ns, Aug 1st refs req’d. 604-960-0452 2 BDRM, 2 bath, bright Penthouse, New paint/deck, 1100sf, E 10th near Lonsdale, quiet bldg, large priv deck, h/wood flrs, spectacular Mnt City Views, ns/np, incls ht/cbl, refs, $1520. avail Immed, 604-317-7425

Apartments & Condos

HOMAWAY INNS Specializing in furn accom at reas rates. call 604-723-7820 or visit

GREAT LOCATION! 145 West Keith Road.

162 VICTORY Ship Way @The Pier: 1 br, 7 appl, a/c, 9 ft ceil. pool, $1590 Anson Rlty 604-671-7263


TUCKTON PLACE 1520 Chesterfield. Studio $835, 2 bdrm for $1295 604 990-2971, Wkend 778 340-7406

1 BDRM $965, quiet bldg, 17th/ Lonsdale, sec prkg, reno’d, incl heat h/w, 604-990-8262 985-1658


Friday, July 27, 2012 - North Shore News - A43

DEEP COVE 604-929-5191, 3 Br, fp, hardwood, shed, carport, patio, lrg lot, quiet area, ns $2175

DEEP COVE seaside cottage, 2 br, fp, hardwood, lrg deck , garage ns $2375 604-929-5191

2BDRM/1BTH QUEENSBURY, MAIN floor of house, mountain & city views, deck, garden, prkg. Pets OK, $1,950. (604) 986-1953

Panoramic Water View, Deep Cove, 3 BR, 2 ba, 2 decks, Now, $2195/mo, 604-929-5101 STOP RENTING-RENT TO OWN ● No Qualification - Low Down ● CHILLIWACK - 9557 Williams, 3 Bdrm, 1 bath, Cozy HOUSE on

49’x171’lot, Exc Investment. $888/M RICHMOND - 8031 Ryan Rd, 3Br

Condo, Quiet, Spacious Top Flr, Cental, Convenient Area...$888/M Call Kristen today (604)786-4663

UPPER HORSESHOE BAY, 6594 Rosebery Ave, sunny character home, 4 br 2 bath, hardwood flrs, ceramic tiles, fp, skylight, lovely enclosed garden, pets/kids ok, ns, $2950. Aug 15. By appt only 604-921-6030, 778-239-6030 text, 778-868-4985



A V A I L A u g 1 8 th o n wa rd s , responsible lady, non smoker exp w/dogs, ref’s avail, nominal fee. North Shore preferred.


Suites/Partial Houses

1BDRM/1BTH Incl Util.Suits single. Avail Aug 1st. NP. $875 Mthly 604-728-2420


Townhouses Rent

2 BR, den, Parkgate area. 2.5 ba., h/wood, new paint, d/w, w/d, f/p, garage, patio, ns np, Now. $2400+util 604-805-9150


Warehouse/ Commercial

SHARE WAREHOUSE/OFFICE 1500 sf, all main flr, we use 2nd flr, avail now $1500/mth. 1545 Welch St. Doug 604-341-1916


For information call


A44 - North Shore News - Friday, July 27, 2012

HOME SERVICES Appliance Repairs





❏ Quality Outdoor Projects ❏ Carpentry ❏ Repairs & more ❏ Reliable ❏ WCB ❏ Insured ❏ References Avail

SERVICE & PARTS. Licenced & insured. Washers, dryers, stoves, dishw’rs & fridges. 604-346-8925


Call Richard 604-928-2944


BEAUTIFUL Cedar Fences. Custom/pre-made. 778-322-8645

Fancy Decks made with quality material. See our work at call Paul 604-787-7484


Best Price Beautiful Cedar Fence ★ Install or Repair ★ Swiss Craftmanship ERWIN 778-835-5015

Carpet Cleaning


PRO CARPET (& lino) INSTALL Repair, wrinkles, patch, fray, etc. Reas., 25 yrs exp. 604-984-7111


Quality work by professionals Repairs and construction Call 604-230-3559



$20/HR. Quality House cleaning. 604-983-3477

HARDWOOD FLOOR SERVICES Sanding & Refinishing Installation Quality Workmanship Free Estimates Fully Licensed & Insured

LOOKING TO clean houses & offices, 10 yrs professional experience. Pls call Mel 604-880-2578



Golden Hardwood & Laminate & Tiles. Prof install, refinishing, sanding & repairs. 778-858-7263


CONCRETE FORMING & framing. Small & big jobs. 20 yrs exp. Call John 604-562-1122

INSTALLATION REFINISHING, Sanding. Free est, great prices. Satisfaction guar. 604-518-7508


L & L CONCRETE. All types: Stamped, Repairs, Pressure Wash, Seal Larry 778-882-0098

NO HST! til Aug. 31

(max. $400)

• Gutter Installation, Cleaning & Repairs • Roofing & Roof Repairs • Moss Control, Removal & Prevention 25 year Warranteed Leaf & Needle Guard


WCB – Fully Insured 100% Money Back Guarantee




ACE DRYWALL. Avail immed. Board, tape, spraytex, repairs. 16 yr exp. No job too small. Mike 604-808-2432, 604-985-4321

Installed • Cleaned • Repaired


VINCE’S MAGIC Drywalling & textured ceiling repairs. Bonded 604-307-2295 / 778-340-5208



Best rates, local, Reliable, 24-7 free est. All job sizes 100% satisfaction. Adam 604-765-8439

ACCURATE PAINTING - Int & ext, new const. Good prices. 15+ yrs exp. Henry cell 604-754-9661

ON SITE Reno’s. Bathrooms remodelling. Mike 604-351-9316

$23 LAWN CUTS based on 2000 sqft. We also offer a full array of services. or call 604-990-1252

DJ PAINTING, Int/Ext. Com/Res. Drywall repair. Free ests. Cell: 604-417-5917, 604-258-7300


GREAT LOOKING Landscapes Full service landscape & garden maint. Call Dave: 604-764-7220


■ Paving Stones ■ Retaining Walls ■ Fences ■ Flagstone ■ Rock Walls ■ Lighting ■ Irrigation ★Expert Installations★

JB GARDEN SERVICE Hedges, trimming & cleanups, weeding. Call Terry 604-354-6649

Darren 778-926-2145

Ny Ton Gardening yard & lawn maint. trimming, shrubs, hedging, new grass, etc. 604-782-5288

North Shore Company


★ Stonework.paving stones ★ Cedar decks/fencing ★ Pergola’s ★ 30 yrs exp Call Danny 604-250-7824

Design - Consultation- Installation 604-518-5661 GREAT CANADIAN LAWNS New lawns & repairs, lawn mtce, landscaping, lighting, patios 604-924-LAWN (5296) Greenworx Redevelopment Inc. Hedges, Pavers, Ponds & Walls, Returfing, Demos, Drainage, Jackhammering. Old Pools Filled in, irrigation. 604.782.4322

Lawn & Garden


LIONS GATE Landscaping Ltd. All your garden needs. 604-788-9687

TOP SOIL, sand, gravel, etc. Pick-up or Delivery. Headwater Management, 175 Harbour Ave, North Van 604-985-6667



Constructive Landscaping Stonework.paving stones, Cedar decks/fences, Pergola’s. 30 yrs exp. Call Danny 604-250-7824


Moving & Storage

INSTANT MOVE QUOTES moving-storage-packing


GARDEN SERVICES LTD. Lawn Maintenance, General Clean-Up, Power Raking, Moss Control, Aerating. Trim, Top, Prune. All types of lawn & garden applications. Free Est.

Call Sukh:

604-726-9152 604-984-1988

No More Allergies Pet Safe Great for Roof Top Patios & Balconies UV & Stain Resistant Great for Yards with Drainage Problems Artificial Lawns

A.All Area Gardening Service


Lawn Maintenance • Aerating Moss Control • Power Raking Trim • Prune • Top • Gen. Clean-Up

604-726-9153 604-926-1526

Allwest Garden Service

Lawn maint, cleanups, moss control, aerating, trim, top, prune. All types of lawn and garden apps. Free est.

ALP ELECTRIC #89724 Low price, small job ok. Free ests Satisfaction guar 604-765-3329

Repair Masters

604-716-8479 or 604-984-1988

Renovate & Repair

Electrician Lic#95323, Bonded, Affordable Com/Res. No Job too small. 25 yrs exp. 604 727-2306

Carpentry, flooring, drywall, painting, exteriors & more!

Specializing in Small Jobs Quality Work, Professional Service

LIC. ELECTRICIAN #17228. Panel/service upgrades. All types of Home wiring, renovations, small jobs too! Call Larry 604-726-6051


AGRIOS HOME IMPROVEMENT Home Maintenance & Repairs. Experienced, Reliable Service, Reasonable Rates Call Michael – 604 619-1126

LONSDALE ELECTRIC lic#1756 Panel changes & renos 604-988-7232, 604-842-0687



Serafina Garden Services Maintenance, Design, Organic References Avail , 604-984-4433

QUALITY WORK AT AN HONEST PRICE Taves Roofing 604 980-1058




Painting/ Wallpaper

KITCHEN & BATHROOMS Home Renovations & Repairs. 30 years exp. Call 778-836-6466

Please Call 604.430.5296

ALL YOUR electrical & reno needs. Lic’d electrician #37940. Bonded & insured 604-842-5276



A CLEAN PAINT JOB. Quality 1 room from $127. Int-ext, WCB 22 yrs exp. Cell: 604-727-2700

North Shore Gutters. Sales & Install 5’’ continuous gutter, minor repairs, cleaning. 604-988-5294

A LICENSED electrician #19807 semi-retired, small jobs only. 604-689-1747 pgr 604-686-2319


Lawn & Garden

Excellent Pro Painting Service 20 yrs exp, refs, warranty. Reas, res/comm Richard 604-618-0205 MARK GRIFFITHS Painting Co. Affordable Quality. Locally Owned & Operated. References, Insured 604-925-4330 MILANO PAINTING & RENOS Int/Ext. Free Est. Written Guar. Prof & Insured. 604 551-6510 PAINTER - Interior & Exterior Professional & Reliable! CALL ANDREW 604-765-1676 RICKY DEWAN PAINTING Int, ext, strata. Power washing, small repairs. 604-299-5831, cell 604-833-7529

RONALDO PAINTING (1981) Master in Quality & Service Insured, WCB, 778-881-6478 ★ STAFFORD & SON ★ Interior/Exterior. Top quality work. Reas. rates. BBB, 604-809-3842


Garden Services

Certified Horticulturists Design • Planting • Maintenance Fall Clean-ups. Call Scott.


2012 Special Aeration, moss control and lawn maintenance, $95 604-726-9153 & 604-926-1526 B. DHALIWAL GARDENING & LANDSCAPING LTD Lawn maintenance, general cleanup, power raking, moss control, aerating. Complete lawn/ garden serv. Bill 604-317-9961

Paving/Seal Coating

ALLEN ASPHALT concrete, brick, drains, foundations, walls, membranes 604-618-2304/ 820-2187



❏ Senior’s Discount ❏ Military Discount ❏ Same Day Hotwater Tank ❏ No Job Too Small ❏ Licensed & Insured ❏ BBB

BROTHERS MOVING & Delivery Local & Long Distance 604-720-0931 Best rates.

604-908-1469 We accept Visa, MC, Amex

LOCAL MOVERS big/small, deliveries, rubbish, recyling, good service 604-603-3533, 925-3186

Oil Tank Removal

TANKTECH Certified Oil Tank Removal & Remediation Specialists. res/com. Free est. 604-328-1234

★ 3 Licensed Plumbers ★ 66 years of exp. 604-830-6617



• Exterior/Interior Projects • Written Warranty • Years of Experience • Fully Insured • WCB Covered Residential Specialists


PLUMBING & DRAINAGE Licenced Plumber 604-729-6695

LOCAL PLUMBER - Licensed, insured,GASFITTING, renos, Repairs. VISA 604-929-6956



Complete Renos & Additions, incl.: Kitchen & Bath Improvements • Roofing • Sundecks • Door & Window Replacements

ALLQUEST PAINTING Quality Work You Can Trust!



Q ua

30 yr exp. Great Prices, Excellent Workmanship, Little Inconviences.

778-387-3626 Hummingbird



$450 Discount on any complete roofing project (min. $4800 job)

• Roofing & Roof Repairs • Duroid, Cedar, Torch-on • Moss Control, Removal & Prevention • Gutter Installation, Cleaning & Repairs

WCB – Fully Insured 100% Money Back Guarantee




All Renovations & Additions, Ins. Quality Work


30 yrs exp.

QUALITY WORK AT AN HONEST PRICE RENOS & NEW CONSTRUCTION 20 years exp • Excellent ref’s Hands On Project Management From Concept To Completion



A-1 JOB by Arms & Minds Renos

Carpentry cabinets, doors, finishing, flooring, deck, fence, drywall, paint, plumbing, electrical. Mark 604-761-7745 ABEAM Contracting ★ Reno’s, Decks, Fences & Construction, WCB & Insured, Richard 604-928-2944 ALLQUEST PAINTING Quality Work You Can Trust! 778 997-9582

CYHOME SERVICES.COM Int/Ext Renovations Home Repairs • 604-816-6192

Serving our Community for over 25 Years

Licensed/Certified Installers • Insured Residential • Commercial • All Roofing Systems

604.980.1058 Finance Available (OAC) • 24 Hour Emergency Service



26 Years in Business 25 Years workmanship warranty FREE ESTIMATES


604-984-9004 604-984-6560

MCL CONSTRUCTION LTD. New Construction, Reno’s, Structural Repairs! WCB/Ins 604.925.0661 or 604.861.8145 Qualified Carpenter, 25 yrs exp, renovations, repairs, insured. WCB, good rates, references. Call James 604-788-8863 Paving Stones, Retaining Walls, Fences, Flagstone, Rock Walls, Irrigation, Lighting, North Shore Company. Darren 778-926-2145

10% OFF

APC Roofing & Siding New Roofs • Re Roofs Repairs • All Types of Roofing Ins. • WCB • Senior Discount

604.562.0957 604.961.0324

B-Cheema Roofing All Types of Roofing & Repairs Free Estimates

604.722.3600 LIONS GATE ROOFING 604-722-1105 FF 15% O TODAY!

$ SAVE YOUR DOLLARS $ Bath, Kitchen, Suites & More 778-317-1256


SOLUTION RENOVATIONS & Custom Homes: Additions, kitchens, baths, decks, porches, structural repairs, windows, Call John at 604-817-609



Roofing Division All types Res/Comm Quality Guaranteed ! WCB ★ Free Est ★ Insured ★

Summer Promo 25% off until Aug. 31st !


AFFORDABLE QUALITY ROOFING All types. BBB, insured, references. 604-984-6560


Total Renovations

All types - Reroofs & Repairs Insured/WCB 778-288-8357


Additions Kitchens - Bathrooms • Decks - Basements • Custom Cabinets & Furniture • Wall Art Paintings • Fully Licensed & Insured



lity Homes

Aldo: 604-537-2444

Int/Ext - Quality Guaranteed ! WCB★ Free Est ★ Insured ★

ABBA RENOVATION carpentry, plumbing, wiring, painting, tiling. Work guar, Refs. (604)805-8463/ 986-4026


Actual Plumbing & Heating, 24/7, Seniors/Military Disc. Lic. & Insured BBB, 604-908-1469

Summer Promo 25% off until Aug. 31st !





Bill 604-298-1222

Interior & Exterior ★ UNBEATABLE PRICES ★ Free Est. / Written Guarantee

Fully Insured 20 yrs. exp. • Free Est. Call 604INTERIOR

Renovations & Home Improvement




• Kitchen & Bath • Flooring • Carpentry • Drywalling • Repairs • Painting & Decorative Painting

Licensed, Bonded & Insured




Janco Home & Handyman Services, A-plus craftsmen, kitch & bath, repairs & reno’s. 25 yrs exp, refs avail 604-440-9912

MATT 604-988-4644

Painting/ Wallpaper

Renovations & Home Improvement


NAHANEE MOVING.COM Family Owned. Evening moves available. Bonded, Insured. Non Smoking, Free Est. 604-782-3973



H 604-986-3986 C 604-537-9452

Actual Plumbing ★ 24 / 7★


Boarding & Taping, Small Jobs Welcome! Free Est.Reliable! Call Gurprit ★ 604-710-7769



25 YRS exp gardener. Weeding, pruning, hedges, clean-ups, new soil/mulch. Ron 604-202-2176


AFFORDABLE, Reliable, Quality Guaranteed. Boarding, Taping, Spraytex. Dave 604-984-7476



BATHROOMS & much more. 30 yrs on the North Shore. Working within your budget. 778-387-3626



LIONS GATE DRAINAGE & SEWER 15% OFF - 604-973-0290




N.C.B. CONCRETE LTD. Specializing in residential concrete. Repair, removal and new installation. Patio specialists. 604-988-9523, 604-988-9495


Flooring/ Refinishing


18 YRS Professional cleaner has openings. Exc refs 604-980-1495


It’s time for bargain hunting!

THE ROOFER (since 1978) Roof tune-up from $149. 24 hr repair. WCB, insured 604-985-1913

Browse our Garage Sale section to find deals near you.

WEST COAST ROOFING ALL TYPES, RES/COMM Insured Quality Guaranteed Free Est * 25% off Summer Promo til Aug 31st! 604-773-4451

NORTH WEST ROOFING Re-Roofing & Repair. WCB & liability insur. Jag, 778-892-1530


Rubbish Removal


Collectibles & Classics


Collectibles & Classics

Friday, July 27, 2012 - North Shore News - A45





Luxury Cars

Motorcycles/ Dirt Bikes


Sport Utilities/ 4x4’s/Trucks

Student Works

Disposal & Recycling Trips start at


B i n s f ro m 5 - 3 0 y a rd s a v a i l .

John 778-288-8009

10% OFF with this ad w w w.student

A RESPONSIBLE NORTH VAN MAN with truck ONLY $25 + dump charges 604-377-3175

1966 CADILLAC Eldorado all complete, no body rust, same owner last 15 years, heated garage kept. $16,500. 604-535-1942, 778-668-0432

1999 BENTLEY Arnage Stunning sapphire on cream interior. Quick 4.4L twin turbo. Non smoker, No accidents. Mint. Looks new! $49,900. Call 604-889-2525


BIN SERVICES for your Dirt Fill, Rock, Concrete or Asphalt Jobs. ● Load up to 8 c/yd-Demo 20 c/yd

Commercial/Heavy Duty Trucks

2006 CHRYSLER Sebring TOURING (2.7L), 93,000kms. Fully loaded: auto, tilt/cruise, p/w, keyless entry, pwr. driver seat, a/c, etc. 75% front/rear brakes. No accidents / mint cond. $7,750 obo (Surrey) 604-715-7469

2001 Chrysler Sebring LXI Coupe Automatic w/ manual mode 108,000 kms, rare, ruby red pearl coat, 3.0 ltr V6, fully loaded, leather, 4 stack CD, Infinity Speaker system,

2007 YAMAHA RI Dark Red & Black Double & Single seat cover 12600 KM Custom Front & Rear Lights Twin Black Carbon Fibre Akrapovic Exhaust - Very fast and awesome, Mint Condition (Cloverdale) $8500. Call 604-788-0060


1988 CHEVY Silverado, auto, pb, pw, air, towing package, excellent cond, 6 mths away collectors plate. $4900. 604-924-1511

Sand, Gravel, Soil, Rock Deliveries

Dalton Trucking 604-986-6944

DISPOSAL BIN RENTALS 7 days a wk. Fast service 604-985-4211 DISPOSAL BINS: All bins start at $145 + dump fees. 604-306-8599 ROD’S RUBBISH REMOVAL Prompt, reliable, reasonable. 7 days/week. Rod 604-985-7193


1968 THUNDERBIRD 429 quadra

jet, 2 dr cpe, reblt mtr, new brakes &lines & paint, $9,500 604-376-8363

1969 FORD Falcon Futura 302 auto, fully restored, immac paint & body, numerous high performance options. $13,500. Photos at Call 604-307-0201

2006 FORD E350, Box Van, 16ft, diesel, 77k, a/c, great working van, $16,500 Firm. 604-538-9257


2006 LINCOLN LS, 1 owner 29,000K, garage kept, immac, loaded, dark wine colour ext, blk leather int, $16,900. Call 604 584-4704 or 778 228-2721 1976 MGB Roadster. British racing green colour. 4 speed. New top and carpet. Engine works well. $7,400. 604-591-8566


Top Soil

1981 FIREBIRD T-top 305 eng, auto, excellent cond. $7500 obo. More info call 604-924-1511


Top Soil, Garden Soil, Fill Soil, Sand, Gravel, and More. Small and Large Deliveries. - Or you can pick up Dump Site for Dirt, Concrete, Asphalt. Dirt,Rock,Demo Bins, U-Load. Recycled Products, Blast Rock, Round Rock, Sorted Rocks

1980 MGB 120k, new carb, soft top & carpet. Garage kept. $3,500 604-802-1548.

1996 CAMARO Z28 auto; LT1 -300 HP; 131kms! $8888. local; T-tops; leather; Orig -- NO mods! bone stock. 604-727-3111 Auto Depot 1397 Welch NVan #10578 2008 CHRYSLER 300 Touring $11,900. (604) 835-7655 Clearwaybc,ca # 8291

87 Mountain Hwy, N.Van.

1985 MERCEDES 500 SEL, V8 , 4 dr, heat lthr frnt/rear, s/roof, grt cond, recent work, RARE must sell $3000. 604-910-1139

TOP SOIL, SAND, GRAVEL, etc. Pick-up or Delivery 175 Harbour Ave. North Vancouver



2003 CADILLAC CTS, 53K, 4dr, white, auto, fully loaded, mint condition, $14,400 604-864-8199

1986 CHRYSLER TC Woody Wagon, 1 owner, exc condition. $2500 firm. 604-534-2997

2004 CHEVY Impala excl cond with a/c, dual air, 73,000kms, 32 mpg on highway, tow pkg incl. $5800 obo. 604-792-0530 Chwk

$ BEST RATES $ Andrew 604-618-8585


1988 CADILLAC Fleetwood Bougham d’Elegance; 82km,! garage 22 yrs, as new enjoy! Auto Depot 1397 Welch, NVan, 604-727-3111 #10578

ROBIN’S 604-986-4091


Window Cleaning

2003 Mercedes-Benz CLK430 Cabriolet 84,000 kms Black on black, AMG package, wind screen, wheels, spoiler,Bose stereo! Mercedes serviced full records, garage kept, $18,900 Call: (604) 916-7402

2010 DODGE Charger black. 66K, bal 1yr wrty, 22inch chrome rims, $16,500 obo 778-241-8000 2011 FOCUS S SEDAN 4DR SDN silver $ 11,950 #1109552A WWW.KEYWESTFORD.COM 1-866-549-8503 301 Stewardson Way, New Westminister

2007 Ford Mustang GT Convertible fully loaded, automatic, 140,000km, local. $17,000. (604) 721-8411.

1988 ROLLS-ROYCE, only 26,000 km, books/records, collector plate eligible, as new. $30,000. 604-987-3876. D24627

1970 Jaguar E-TYPE In excellent shape and ready to go for sunny summertime driving. Too many upgrades to list. Pictures and invoices available. REDUCED - $64,000

GREY CANOPY, 3 sliders, fits Ford p/ups 1988 to 1994 models. Gd cond $375obo. 604-581-6511

1983 HONDA CM250, approx 20,000 mi, low cost transport, dependable, new tires, saddle bags $1450. 604-880-9073

Scrap Car Removal


#1 FREE Scrap Vehicle Removal Ask about $500 Credit!!! $$ PAID for Some 604.683.2200


1997 Nissan Pathfinder, auto, 4x4, well maintained, very clean, 209,000 Km, no accidents, runs great. $3,595. 778-868-6085 2001 CHEVY Silverado 2500 4x4, reg cab, 160,000k’s, long box, $3500. Phone 1- 604-796-0302

2002 TOYOTA Highlander ’Limited’ V6; leather; sunroof; $10,888. Incl,Warranty, D#10578 Auto Depot, 1397 Welch, NVan, 604-727-3111

2003 FORD E450 , 16’ Box / 7.3L Turbo Diesel , 345K km, $8900, D9921 in Abbts. 1-877-855-6522



604-790-3900 OUR SERVIC 2H


Find your car at

2004 KAWASAKI Vulcan Nomad 1500cc, Vance/Hines pipes, lots of chrome, heated storage, service records, 30,000 miles, new tires/clutch, lots of extra gear, $7500 firm. 604-761-7491

2003 FORD F250 4x4 XL $8500 obo, 187,000 km, auto, 604-323-3662 or 604-315-9384



2009 Audi Q5 3.2 Quattro

2004 DODGE SX 2.0, 127,000 kms, aircared, air, sunroof, tilt steering, p. windows, like new inside & out, 600 kms per tank, lady driven & owned since new. $5000 OBO Call 604-794-7426

Only 31,000kms, AWD, grey, Bluetooth, sunroof, navigation, leather, ST#12331B 3094 Westwood St, Port Coq 604 945-4999. 2925 Murray St, Port Moody 604 461-7995.

9129 1989 JAGUAR XJS coupe, V12 159 K, pristine cond $7,950 obo. Priv sale, call Bob 604-986-8516


Motorcycles/ Dirt Bikes

1996 CHEVY Silverado 2500, extended cab, bed liner, cloth int, ps pb pw, incls tow kit, exc cond $4500. Don 604-988-0170

Parts & Accessories

Engine 302 New, rebuilt, never used since rebuilt, $500 obo. Ford custom wheels, new tires (4), $500 obo. 604-767-4086


2008 CHRYSLER Sebring Convertible. Grey interior/grey exterior. Loaded, priced to sell. $11,900. Please call Richard, 778-222-1040 or 604-454-4000.

2004 CHRYSLER Crossfire by Mercedes, blk, loaded, immac, 53K, $14,900, 604 723-5288

North Shore Home Services. Window & Gutter Cleaning, Power Washing. 604-988-5294

Accelerate your car buying

2007 BMW 335 coupe 62km 1 ownr, mint cond, leather, auto, sunroof, Sports Package & Prem Package $28,900. 604-6167727


1995 CHEVY Silverado 1500, diesel, blk, aircared, 5 seats, good cond, $3,850. 778 863-4449

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DYNAMIC STUMP grinding, Specializing stump removal, prof affordable removals 778-840-9321 Expert Tree Care - Cert. Arborist (lapse), 25yrs exp. Fully Ins.

2005 JAGUAR S Type, 3L V6, 78,000 km, new brakes, loaded, $13500 604-329-9933

2009 Audi Q7 3.6 Automatic 80,000 kms, silver ext, black leather int, sunroof, tow hitch, nav, bluetooth. $40,000. Call: (604) 913-9221

Tree Services

Dangerous tree removal, pruning, topping, hedge trimming & stump grinding. Fully insured & WCB

2008 HARLEY D, Sportster, 1200low, 4400km, cost $14K, ask $10K, 604-847-9353 Chill aft 5pm

2008 CHEVROLET Impala 93K $8,900 (604) 835-7655 # 8291


Headwater Management

2005 ASTON Martin DB9. 'James Bond style car!' Silver metallic. 23,000 km. 6.0, V12, 450 hp. New tires. 1 owner. You deserve the best! $86,980. 604-781-7614.

2010 TRIUMPH American Motorcycle, 900 cc, never driven, $8700. 604-533-4962 morn/eve 2007 DODGE Hemi Magnum; local; V8; NAVI; 70kms; Spotless; $15,888 Auto Depot, 1397 Welch, NVan 604-727-3111 d#10758

1979 MGB. Limited edition - #2 of 250. Overdrive. Collector’s plates. 134,440 km. S.S. exhaust. New tires. $9,950 obo. 604-928-1460

2007 YAMAHA V-twin Roadliner; custom seat; w/shield; Big Bags; 1854cc, 14KMS! Sale $9999 Auto Depot, 1397 Welch NVan, 64-727-3111 D #10578

1976 THUNDERBIRD, 1 owner, no accidents, serious inquiries. only. Call 604-465-7997

A & Wes Tile top European quality Tile install custom bath-kitch 604-657-0343

PTV HOME RENOVATIONS Porcelain, Slate, Tile. Bath & Kitchens. Santo, 778-235-1772

2001 CORVETTE Z06 black on black, absolute mint cond, 55k. Must sell! $32,000. 604-574-7629



A PROFESSIONAL TILE CO Darn Good Tiler! 40 yrs in Business, Won’t Disappoint! Very Reliable, Creative, Respectful. Give Me A Chance To Work On Your Project. GENE 604-813-6745.

2006 FORD Fusion, 73,000 km, 4 cyl, grt cond, 2nd owner $8800. 604-852-0533 * 778-241-3528

1986 FORD 250, good condition, runs good, blue, 1 owner, $5999 obo, 604-925-3294, 649-4215

2005 CHEVY Cobalt LS, $7,995. P/W, P/L, AC, Alloys, S/Roof, New Tires, Auto, Local, All Service Records, 92 kms. 604-522-8889

2006 Ford Freestyle Ltd Black leather interior - 7 Pass. 114K kms. LOADED WITH OPTIONS. $12,500. Call 604-786-6001


2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Diesel, silver, 4x4, Bluetooth, leather, pwr group, ST#P5733


2007 BMW 525I, black, loaded, leather, sunroof, very clean, 122K, $24,900. 604-999-4097


2006 SUZUKI Boulevard 1500cc, flex pipes, new tires, lthr bags, w/screen $4995 1-604-791-1865

Luxury Cars

1995 FERRARI F355 GTB. Meticulously cared for. Canadian car. Recent full engine out service, new clutch and release bearing, Tubi exhaust, Hyperflow cats, wheel spacers. Drives and looks perfect! A must see! $54,900. Call 778-834-6069

2010 Nissan Xterra

White, 4x4, only 33,900kms, alloys, running bars, ST#12322A

2012 Fiat 500 Sport

Low kms, sunroof, auto, alloys, Bluetooth, 2 to choose from


2007 PIAGGIO scooter MP3-250, silver, practically new, less than 500 km, fuel injected engine, security lock, new battery, $4300. Call Don 604-987-9166

2007 Ford Focus

Only 76,000kms, red, keyless entry, a/c, ST# 12196A


2008 HARLEY D, Nighttrain, 110 11K, cost $31K, ask $20K, 604-847-9353 (Chill) after 5pm


2011 Dodge Caliber

Leather, white, auto, sunroof, only 13,200kms, ST# P5712


1600 MARINE DR., N.V. 604.980.8501

A46 - North Shore News - Friday, July 27, 2012

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Sport Utilities/ 4x4’s/Trucks


Sport Utilities/ 4x4’s/Trucks


Sports & Imports


Sports & Imports


Sports & Imports

Sport Utilities/ 4x4’s/Trucks

2004 FORD F350 super duty Lariat, diesel, ext cab, long box, f/loaded, leather, new tires, brakes, rotors, windshield, K & D hi flow air, ext wrty-1yr left, 82,600km, $26,000, 604-339-9427, aft 5pm

2005 HYUNDAI Santa Fe, 108K, Auto,air cond.,FWD, Hankook tires, silver. Clean, well maint. $10500. Phone 604-792-4517

2008 JEEP Patriot North Edition $12,995. 99kms, p/w, p/l, ac, cd, alloys. 0 Down, $142 bi-weekly, 60 months O.A.C. 604-522-8889

2008 JEEP Sahara 59, 000km, loaded. As new, 3 pce Freedom Top. $17,500. 778-285-1236 2009 DODGE p/u 150 hemi SLT, loaded, matching canopy, rhino lined, show room cond. 8,000 org km ’s, $25,000. 1-604-613-3727 1-604-796-9060

2006 BMW X3 2.5i Auto, 117,000 kms, AWD, Premium Pkg, $17,000 negotiable, Phone 604-760-3390 2006 F350 XLT 4X4 SC DIESEL 4x4 auto power group, grey. $21,988 #2618051 WWW.KEYWESTFORD.COM 1-866-549-8503 301 Stewardson Way, New West.

2012 DODGE RAM 3500 Laramie load standard 4x4, Navi leather roof, 58kms Dealer #31097 $54,999. Call Diesel Pete 604-466-8887 or 1-877-428-0375

2005 Ford F-350 Lariat Super Duty, Crew Cab, Dually Automatic 84,000 kms, DVD Player, Fully Loaded $25,900. Call: (604) 780-2696 or email:

2002 Toyota Sequoia Automatic 305,000 kms 1 owner, top condition, all records, new Michelins. $13,900 email:


Sports & Imports

1997 JAGUAR XK8 cpe, black, blk lther int, 84,000 ks, full load, all records, DB7 rims, sport pckg $14,900 obo. 778-889-6557

2003 MAZDA Prote´ge´ 5, 5 spd, 140K km, new water pump, timing belt & front wheel bearings, sunroof, pwr windows, locks, cruise, nice cond. $7,500. 778-227-2010

2007 HONDA Accord EX-L cpe; 4cyl, 5-sp, lthr, s/roof; 82kms! $12,500 local 1 owner, Warr incl. Lease or Buy? Auto Depot 1397 Welch NVan 604-727-3111 D10578 2007 LEXUS ES350 silver, grey int, 28,900 km, 1 owner, local no accid, $26,900 604-999-9093

1997 TOYOTA Camry LE. 4 drs, 4 cyl, auto, a/c. Well maintained. Aircared. $3700. 604-936-1270

2004 MAZDA 626, black, leather, auto, ht seats, gd cond, 110k km, aircared. $8500. 604-440-4322 2007 MAZDA CX-7 Luxury Crossover; 4-cyl; leather; Sunroof; $15,888 Auto Depot, 1397 Welch, NVan, 604-727-3111 D# 10578

1997 VOLVO 850 Sport Wagon; AWD; 5-cyl; 5-sp; lthr; $4,450. Roomy; Car comfort - SUV abilities; 1 yr warr. Auto Depot 1397 Welch NVan, 604-727-3111. D#10578

2005 AUDI S4. Quattro (AWD). 102,000 km. Blk leather. Incl 2 set of wheels & tires. 6 speed. Power everything! Exc cond. $19,500. Call/text Rick @ 778-847-2975. 2005 PONTIAC Sunfire 2 dr coupe stnd, 119,000k’s, $4800 obo. Ph 604-798-0767 lve mess

1984 CORVETTE 383 stroker auto hard top - soft top Stainless exhaust $6,995 Ph 604-795-9967

2007 TOYOTA Solara XLE convertible; 21KMS! All features; Toyota Quality! Auto Depot, 1397 Welch NVan, 604-727-3111 D#10578

1998 ACCORD, red, 2 dr coupe, exc cond, 112,000km, auto, sport pack, $6700 firm, 778-862-1964


Sports & Imports

Central Auto North Shores Best

2010 Toyota Corolla S Pkg, only 13,000kms, auto, pwr windows, a/c, alloys, balance of factory warranty, as new. $15,850 2004 Mercedes Benz CL230 Coupe, Kompressor only 73,000kms, auto, alloys (new tires), A/C, black/black. $12,850 2003 Lexus RX300 AWD Auto, leather, alloys, moon roof, Lexus serviced, 133,800km, silver/grey, leather, extra clean. only $13,850 2009 Chev Cobalt Coupe LT, only 25,000kms, rare in Canada edition, Bluetooth, auto, glass roof, spoiler, a/c, pwr windows, alloys, balance of factory warranty. $11,850 2003 Mercedes Benz C240 only 49,800kms, auto, moon roof, PS, A/C, Mercedes serviced, very nice, blue/black $12,850 For more information on these cars & others call Ted


2006 FORD Ranger 4x4 Sport; V6 auto; SuperCab; $9999. 1 yr Warr local; A/C; liner; low kms! 5-pass. D10578 Auto Depot, 1397 Welch, NVan 604-727-3111

2007 ACURA MDX (Tech Pkg) $28,888. All factory options, like new, 71kms. 0 Down, $303 Bi-Weekly, 60 months O.A.C. 604-522-8889

2007 DODGE Ram 3500 Diesel $31,900 (604) 835-7655 # 8291

2007 INFINITI FX-35 luxury V6 auto, lthr, new tires; 1 owner $22,888. local; luxury 86kms! lease/ buy Auto Depot 1397 Welch, NVan, 604-727-3111 D# 10578

or visit:

2012 LEXUS RX350 demo; 3kms; $53,500. Luxury SUV; navi; 19' 6-yr Warranty.#10578 Auto Depot, 1397 Welch, NVan, 604-727-3111

2012 LEXUS RX350, V6, full loaded, 6/mo, no accidents, navi, rear camera, top model, 6 yr wrty, $52,800, obo, 604-925-3111

2004 GMC Yukon XL, auto, 244,000 Kms, 2WD, p/s, p/w, cruise. $9,350. 604-377-5751

2006 Chevrolet Equinox LT Automatic 86,000 kms 6 cylinder,leather seats,sunroof,air conditioning 5x cd player 6 way pioneer speakers $12,250. Call: (778) 859-7204

2008 FORD Escape XLT $16,995, p/w, p/l, a/c, cd. Alloys, 87kms, 2 to choose from. 0 down $181 bi-weekly 60 months O.A.C. 604-522-8889

• 6-year / 120,000km transferable Powertrain warranty coverage, with options to upgrade to comprehensive extended warranty.

1991 JAGUAR XJ6; 138kms! local; ALL records; 6cyl; $4880. Inc. Warranty, D#$10578 Auto Depot, 1397 Welch, NVan, 604-727-3111

1994 AUDI Cabrio V6; Sportyconvert; $8888. One yr. Warranty; Rare & Stylish! D#10578 Auto Depot, 1397 Welch NVan, 604-727-3111

1998 ACURA Integra, 5 spd. Alpine MP3 & CD, A/c til 2014, s/r, a/c 195K, $4200 604-719-4703

1999 TOYOTA Camry 'LE' local; sunroof; pwr roof/seat/windows; 4-cyl auto, $4,888. Warr, ALL records! Auto Depot, 1397 Welch NVan, 604-727-3111 D#10578

2000 MERCEDES E55 AMG, beautiful, exc cond, 113K, price to sell, $12,900, 778-846-2933

2006 ACURA 3.2 TL custom fully loaded, 300 HP 6 spd. 125,000 km on body, only 44,000 km on engine $15,500. 604-241-0357

2006 HONDA Civic EX, $10,995 P/W, P/L, AC, CD, Alloys, 111kms, Local, Exec Condition, Silver. 604-522-8889

1994 MERCEDES E320. Silver, blue leather, 269K km. Aircared, 4 snow tires. $4,500. 604-521-0691

Rates From As Low As

2007 TOYOTA Yaris Sedan, $8,995, P/W, P/L, AC, CD, Alloys, 124 kms, 0 Down, $99 Bi-Weekly O.A.C. 604-522-8889 2007 YARIS 4DR SDN AUTO pw pl green $7,888 #2791785 WWW.KEYWESTFORD.COM 1-866-549-8503 301 Stewardson Way, New Westminister

WWW. CENTRALAUTONS.COM Financing & Leasing Available

2008 Nissan Versa 4Dr H/B, only 76,000kms, Bluetooth auto, a/c, pwr windows, silver on black. $8,850 2005 Smart Convertible (diesel) only 53,000kms, pw, A/C, alloys, Mercedes Benz serviced, silver/black. $8,350 1999 Volvo XC 70 AWD S/W only 128,600kms, leather, alloys, moon roof, pw seats, well serviced, immaculate. $7,850 1999 Nissan Altima GXE SDN, only 83,000kms, auto, pw, locks, A/C, local, 1 owner, North Shore car, well serviced. $4,350

2006 HYUNDAI TIBURON SE. 103K km. Leather, mint, sunroof, a/c, CD, alarm. 2.0 L, 4 cyl. No accid. $9600. 604-839-6253

2008 HONDA Accord EX, $14,995, P/W, P/L, AC, CD, S/Roof, Like New Alloys, Local, Blk/Blk, Easy Finance 60 months, 604-522-8889

2008 Honda Civic Hybrid Auto 30,000kms.1owner;no accidents $14,200. 604-522-3392

2008 HONDA Civic, 4 dr, silver, auto, 60,000kms, excl cond, fully loaded, $10,500. 604 518-3166 1996 ACURA RL. Always dealer serviced very good cond new tires/ brakes. $3,400 obo 604.926.8047,

2011 Dodge Ram 3500 LOW KMs, DIESEL $42,990. (604) 780-2696,

• 7 days / 1000km exchange privilege • 100 point inspection • Carproof Vehicle History Report (

2000 VOLVO V70 Sport wagon $4,450. lthr,1 yr Warr alloys; foldflat seats; 5 cyl auto, safe/compact Auto Depot, 1397 Welch NVan, 604-727-3111 D# 10578

2007 TOYOTA Yaris, 4-door; 5speed; $7,750. local; Economy & Toyota Reliability! D# 10578, Auto Depot, 1397 Welch, NVan, 604-727-3111

843 West 1st St. N.Van

1994 MERCEDES C280, 85K, grey, fully loaded, extras, exc cond, $10K obo, Ladner 604-940-6460

2003 Nissan Xterra, 162,000 kms, 5 Sp. A/C Power Grp, New Trans/Clutch, New Exhaust, New Brakes, 17" Wheels, Tow Pkge. $7,900 Call: (604) 218-5460

2008 FORD Pickup Lariat, 49,000km, loaded + +, $45,500 Must Sell! 604-313-2763

1989 BMW 325 is, 2dr, red, 5 sp, 1 owner, 210K, gd cond, loaded, $4200 obo, 604-946-8862

2005 TOYOTA Camry LE, 95,000 kms, local, excellent cond $8880. 604-988-7812

2006 MERCEDES e350 4matic $16,885 (North Van) Black on black leather int. 3.5L V6 4Matic AWD, Auto, Tiptronic trans. Traction Control, Anti-lock Brakes, All Passenger Surround Air-bags, Vehicle Stability Control System, Electronic Brake Assistance, Power Mirrors, Power s/r, tilt, cruise, heated Seats, power Adjust Memory Leather, all power, Security System, Dual Climate Controls, Navigation, DVD, CD, Xenon Headlights, Genuine Wood Trim. IMMACULATE! 604-921-1331

1.99% OAC

2002 HONDA Civic 'SI' cpe 4-cyl, 5-sp, A/cond; S/roof; 138kms! 1-yr Warr, local, NO accid, clean! $7,450. D#10578 Auto Depot 1397 Welch NVan, 604-727-3111

2006 NISSAN Altima 2.5S Special Edition 94,000 km automatic, spoiler, fog lights, new tires, winter mats. $10,888. Call 604-819-9596 Chilliwack 2006 TOYOTA Corolla, 5 spd, (loaded), 84km, Silver, like new $10,000 obo. 604-926-0308 2006 VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT. 46,000 km. Grey. 4 drs, auto, p/w, p/l, leather heated seats, sunroof, mag wheels. Good condition! $16,000 obo. 604-240-9912

2008 HONDA Civic DX $12,995. Local car, only 69 kms, 0 Down, $140 Bi-Weekly, 60 Months O.A.C. 604-522-8889

2008 LEXUS IS250 AWD V6; NAVI; new tires; 77km; Bal 6-yr warr; Loaded Zenon; $29,888. Auto Depot 1397 Welch NVan 604-727-3111 #10578 2009 SATURN ASTRA XL 4 dr hatchback, auto, many optionssilver, 18,000 kms, $8000 Firm. Call 604-538-4883, 604-329-6225

2002 INFINITY I35 4 dr auto, Luxury model, 1 owner, loaded, exc cond. Moving must sell. $7,800 obo. Sry 604-541-0018

2002 MAXIMA 'SE' Nissan’s Best! $7,450. V6; 6-sp; lthr; 114 km! New tires, local; NO cccid, Lease/Buy D#10578 AUTO Depot 1397 Welch NVan, 604-727-3111

2007 BMW 328i, only 52,000kms, $19,995, All Factory Options, Low Kms, Easy Finance up to 60 Months, Excl Condition. 604-522-8889

Ask us for details

CRV, Accord & Civic Qualify Offer may change without notice.

816 AUTOMALL DRIVE, NORTH VANCOUVER Toll free: 1-888-602-9258 604-984-0331

1997 ACURA TL, 3.2, 190K, 4dr, sunrf, srs/abs, exc cond, loaded $4900, 604-984-4229 NEED CHEAP AUTOBODY ? 604-341-7738

2007 FORD MUSTANG GT, fully loaded 22,000 kms, $29,500. 604-721-4228 2003 INFINITI M45,excellent local, no accid, loaded, luxury, V8, auto, $9,995, 778-995-3862

2007 KIA Rio 5, 5 dr, blk, 5sp, 1 owner, 72K, exc cond, incls winter tires, $7500 obo, 604-603-2548

PLACE YOUR AUTOMOTIVE ADS 24/7 Go to and Click on classifieds


Sports & Imports

2008 SMART convert $11,888. 64kms; lthr; heated seats; pwr top; local; 1yr Warr, Passion, top model; Lease or Buy; 604-727-3111 Auto Depot 1397 Welch NVan #10578

2009 VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE/ BUG 35,500kms, automatic, fully loaded, sunroof mfgr., warranty car proof available, $19,000 serious buyers please, Call 604-836-1014.

2010 NISSAN Sentra CVT, 43,000 kms, $13,995, P/W, P/L, AC, CD, alloys, 2 to choose from, Easy Finance, 72mos O.A.C. 604-522-8889





1988 CHEV 20 work van, 3/4 ton, Aircared, original owner, good running order $1995 obo 604-986-2430

Friday, July 27, 2012 - North Shore News - A47



1989 CHEVROLET Palm Springs Edition, 8 seats w/ hide a bed,190K, $5000, 604-321-0050

2002 SIENNA 4DR LE gray $ 8,888 #2299506 WWW.KEYWESTFORD.COM 1-866-549-8503 301 Stewardson Way, New Westminister 2002 WINDSTAR (Ford) 140 kms, good cond., $3375. 604-846-8593 after 4pm or all day wkends 2003 CHEVY Venture, 7pass, red, good cond, 128K, incls snow tires, $3500 obo, 604-946-4725





2007 PROWLER 5th wheel, 32 ft, grt family rv, fibreglass, slideout, bunkbeds, air/cond, sleeps 8 $19,900. 604-824-1426

2009 OPEN Range 28ft 5th wheel 3 slides, k/island, winter pkg, hitch. $33,000. 604-591-3868

NEW CHAPARRAL 270RKS 4-season, $32,495. #CW112701. 604-835-4036.

2010 JAYCO 1206 w/screen room. $10,995. #UTJ12062. 604-835-4036.

NEW HIDEOUT 23RKS. Front isl queen. $17,200. #HT10233. 604-835-4036.

40’ MOUNTAIN Aire, Dsl pusher Like new. incl tow jeep. $79,000. Ph 604 795-9967

NEW MALLARD 24FQ, great f/plan. $19,500. #MT9244. 604-835-4036.

1994. 30FT 5th Wheel Citation Supreme Many Upgrades. Very clean. $8,800. (604) 845-0493 (after 5 pm) or text anytime.

ROAD RANGER 5TH WHEEL 24 FT. Rear bath, queen bed, new tires. New cond. $11,950. Call: (604) 325-7871 or email:

1998 NOMAD 5th Wheel 25 ft. 1 slide; Standup/walk around Bdrm $12,000 604-796-2866

1996 MIRAGE 19ft , 4.3 litre good on fuel, stocked, stored indoors, no salt, 600 hrs, w/trailer, good cond, $8800 obo. 604-857-3344 19FT SEARAY, 165 merc inboard, w/trailer, runs awesome, $5500 obo. 604-817-9004

2007 20’ Monterey, 95 hrs, ski tower, extra stand up cover service rec’d, tandem trailer, like new $23,700. 604-796-9074

2003 FORD Windstar Van, 53km, silver, like new $4000. Call 604-926-0308

1998 SLUMBER queen 7.6’ Import camper 520 kg, new propane 2011, folding alum steps & hand rail, 3 brn stove, porta potti, forced air furn, hyd jacks - hold downs, pressure 50 ltr water/ 3 way fridge/freezer. Will fit short box p/u or import. Excl cond $6500 obo. Ph 604-858-5624 Chwk

2002 26’ 5th Wheel, rear entry, mid kitchen, fully loaded, exc cond $12,500 obo. 604-929-2688

2007 TRAIL Lite Modle TL8230, Light Weight. New cond. 1 owner. Extras. $16500 604 224 4927

★2008 30’ 5th wheel. double slideout, lots of storage, new front tires, very clean, 2 entrance bath. $21k. Hitch incl. 604-466-8116 or 604-760-2967★Truck SOLD

2002 WINNEBAGO Sunova, fiberglass roof, 51,400 kms, kitchen slide, awning, tow bar incl, 4K gen, $42,000. 604-943-2583

2008 NASH 25’ 5th whl, q bed, rear kitchen, 1 slide $19,500. Ph 604-792-2201 Chilliwack 2008 V-W convert; EOS top-line Luxury; local BC car; 4-cyl 5-spd, loaded $20,888. # D10578 Auto Depot 1397 Welch NVan, 604-727-3111 2003 MERCEDES CLK 320, 105k, 2nd owner, no acc. mint, local, $14,250. 604-626-8009

KIA MAGENTIS 2008 LX V6 auto 185 hp - 20,300 km. Only $11,900. Chwk 604-847-3297

INFINITI G35 2003 82k $13,900 one owner, exc. cond. power all, leather, sunroof. 604.721.4414

2003 KIA Sedona EX 2tone silver /grey, 3.5ltr,auto, pw/ps, am/fm, cd, 5dr, 7pass, cloth seats, roof rack, 171K, $4900 604-820-0486

2004 CHEV Express 8 pass nr new tires, v8 auto, 188,285km good cond $12,000. 604-856-7455

2002 Chevrolet Venture No accidents, $3,900. Call: (604) 309-4208;

2007 GTI SEADOOS yellow, 4 Stroke, low hrs, 155HP. & 2003 GTX Seadoo blue, 2 Stroke, 160 hrs, 130HP, w/trailer, stored indoors, no salt water; $12,500 obo. LOTS of FUN! 604-857-3344 Aluminum Boat Wanted, 10, 12 or 14 ft, with or without motor or trailer. Will pay $. 604-319-5720

BOAT FOR SALE 17’ bowrider/ 144hp io/ready to go $5,000 Call: 604-703-0133 email:

26’ HAIDA Sailboat, 9.9 Yamaha, 11 sails, sleeps 4. $10,600. 604-732-7611 (leave msg)


2003 NEWMAR Dutch Star, 3 slides, 39’, 65,000mi, full paint freight liner Chassis, 330 Cat engine. Computer desk, solid desk oak cabinets. $78,500. Ph 604-846-5046 Chwk 2004 PLEASUREWAY Plateau M/H, Mercedes Benz diesel, Mi. 61,588K, Immac cond & loaded. $54,900. Ph 1-604-220-5005

2004 TITANIUM model 32E 37DS, 2 slides, mint cond, 1 owner, $27,900. 604 535-8688

2007 Volkswagen Rabbit 129,000km Single owner. Fully loaded, sunroof, heated seats, 5speed $10,500 604-329-6735

2007 Acura TL Auto, 122,000 kms. Financing Available $16,880. Call: (604)780-2696

Search. Research. Compare.



14 ALUMINUM DURABOAT, 25hp evinrude motor, fishing rods, incls trailer, $4750. 604-519-0075

1974 TOLLY w/command bridge, 26’ long, runs well, stove, head, dinette, fridge, sleeps 4, a beauty incls moorage at Horseshoe Bay $9,000, call 604-986-0731

1976 CASCADE Pilothouse Ketch. 42 ft sail boat. New dinghy & outboard motor. Radar & auto pilot. Perfect coastal cruiser. Live aboard. $34,800. 604-538-1410

MCI COACH 6V92 Turbo, CW 9 spd trans, insullated, built for f/t living, $36,500, 604-733-6629 2008 WILDCAT 24ft 5th Wheel, slide, all auto, TOP LINE. MUST SEE! $21,000. 604-534-4807


2011 JAYCO Flight trailer. Loaded! Sleeps 6. Used for only 2 weeks - like new! $22,900. 604-464-1385 or 604-944-8086

REC Trailer 0 kms restored like new. Sleeps 6. 18’ awning incl. $4,000 obo Call: (604) 255-7150

Sales • Leasing • Rentals


From the City to the Valley



Financin As Low Asg 4.99%

with factory warranty



RV’s/Trailers 2005 FOUR WINDS Class C 30’ sleeps 7, like new cond, 132,000 km, $24,888 778-748-6874

2006 GMC Savana Automatic 190,000 kms 4.8l. Runs like new. Good Condition. Offers. $8,000 Call: (604) 876-5015


1996 SEA Breeze 31' (Class A) Heavy duty 460-7.5 litre Ford engine, Fully equipped, $19,900 obo 604-746-5898. Abbotsford

1989 19’ Bayliner Capri Blue, 2.3 litre IB Fresh water cooled Exc cond. Well maint. Lots of extras, c/w trailer . $4,695. 604-837-7564

1996 DODGE Caravan, 217km, aircared, reblt trans 2010, exc shape, $1500 obo. 604-466-0171


2010 Dodge Ram 3500 Diesel SLT Quad Cab 4x4 From $36,999

2011 Nissan Maxima Leather, sunroof, C7446

1994 PALOMINO TENT TRAILER, very light 1200 lbs, clean, no mould, stored in garage. $3600. 604-466-9214

1994 SPECIAL Edition Travelaire 5th whl, 26.5, generator, lam flrs, $6000 obo (Abbot) 604-504-0408

1995 FLEETWOOD Coronado, very low miles, new tires, sleeps 6, excellent cond. $13,250 obo, Call 778-822-2475

2006 GEORGETOWN XL, 35’ 9', 3 slides, V10, 20k miles, tow car avail, $61,000 604-948-5048

2006 WILDERNESS, 260RL, stove & shower never used, queen bd/super slide, $14,900, 604-476-1150, 604-626-8232

2007 OUTDOORSMEN w/slide. $18,495. #UWO23521. 604-835-4036.

GETAWAY Camper Travel Van 1989. 212K kms Sleeps 2, Seats 4. $5,900 firm. (604) 792-7544

2011 Suzuki SX4

Auto, pwr windows & locks, a/c, CD

From $11,999

2010-2011 Mazda 3 Sedan


from $15,499

From $12,499

From $30,999

2010 Smart Car $10,999

2006 Hyundai Sonata

Pwr group, sunroof, V6, excellent condition, C7509A



2011 Mazda 3 Sport

2010 Mitsubishi RVR

Passion model, C7521


2009 Honda Civic DX-G

Auto, a/c, pwr windows & locks, CD, 42,000kms, C5742

2010 Ford Explorer, Eddie Bauer AWD, nav, loaded

2011 Hyundai Sonata GLS

4dr, auto, pwr group, a/c, CD C7499

1989 TRAVELAIRE 285, new fridge, a/c, $6900. #UWT281. 604-835-4036. 1994 - 11 ft Timberline Camper. Electric jacks & more. Excellent cond. $7,950. Call 604-576-6598

2011 Nissan Altima 2.5S


Auto, a/c, pwr windows & locks, CD

Auto, well equipped, sunroof, 26,000kms, C7534

Auto, a/c, pwr windows & locks, CD, mags

2010-2011 Ford Escape LTD AWD

2011 Nissan Sentra


From $23,999

From $12,999

2010 Hyundai Elantra Touring Wagon

2011 Ford Flex SEL & Ltd

AWD, pwr group, auto, a/c, CD, T5211

Auto, a/c, pwr windows & locks, CD

From $12,499

2008 - 2010 GM & Ford 3/4 Ton Cargo Vans From $16,999

Leather, sunroof

Leather, sunroof, C5198

Auto, pwr group, a/c, CD

2011 Mazda 2

From $26,999

4 dr hatch, auto, a/c, 22,300kms, pwr windows & locks, CD, C6827

2011 Hyundai Santa Fe AWD 2.4L

4dr, freedom top, Sahara/Sports, AWD

Sunroof, mags

From $23,999

From $12,499

2010-2011 Jeep Wrangler From $23,499

*Plus $199 doc fee on all vehicles

1982 COMMANDER excellent. condition Bowen Island, $18,000 604-947-92140

1995 RIALTA Winnobago, 78K $20,000 obo, call afternoons, 1000 trails avail, 604 943-3423

1998 37’ Winnebago Chieftain 454, 1slide,53000mi. loaded,very clean,$24,500obo.604-850-4353

Sales • Leasing • Rentals

711B West 14th Street, North Vancouver 604-924-1080 NEW LOCATION ON THE SPOT FINANCING View More Fleet at


A48 - North Shore News - Friday, July 27, 2012



Braking News

Brendan McAleer

photo supplied

THE Acura ZDX challenges traditional thinking about what’s a coupe, sports sedan or SUV. A few styling tricks give it the appearance of a coupe, but at its heart it’s a trendy alternative to the boring old SUV.

2012 Acura ZDX

ZDX looking for its niche David Chao and Bob McHugh Contributing Writers

Columnist Brendan McAleer reviews the 2013 Cadillac ATS in next week’s Rev.

WHEN baby boomers no longer need minivans and SUVs after their kids have grown up and moved away, what do they look for?

First, they need something new and different — something that tells others that they carve a unique spot in life despite “getting older.” Second, they want something practical, just in case they need to haul some sports equipment or just want extra space for carrying friends and family members. Finally, they want something that does not cry “family-oriented.” BMW has successfully launched such a product in the form of the X6, and Acura hopes to capture the same kind of customers but with a much lower price point. Infiniti has done something


★ Motors & Transmissions ★ Brakes & Tires ★ Air Conditioning ★ Purchase Inspections

LUBE OIL & FILTER Check battery, antifreeze, belts & hoses, tires & shocks, visual inspection report. *Possibly North Shore’s most professional lube jobs.Lube rates. OPTION 1:




*Includes oil & filter. Taxes extra.*Most vehicles.


SUPER LUBE-MAJOR CHECK Includes lube oil & filter #1, oil, check battery, antifreeze, hoses. Air filter, pull all wheels, check brakes, suspension, tires, shocks and rotate tires. (road test & supply a BCAA report)

sportier handling feel. Up to 90 per cent of torque can instantly be transferred to the front wheels when needed. A torquevectoring feature kicks in while cornering or accelerating and can re-direct up to 100 per cent of axle torque to either rear wheel, which further enhances the ZDX’s handling dynamics. Some changes have been incorporated for 2012, such as the Technology Package which is now standard. This adds perforated Milano leather upholstery, a navigation system with voice recognition, eight-inch LED colour display, a rear-view camera, headlamp washers, a 10-speaker audio system, dualzone climate control, Bluetooth handsfree phone service and keyless access plus push-button ignition. Styling The unique styling of the ZDX was created by Acura’s Design Studio

See Stylish page 49

See Buff page 52






*Includes oil & filter. Taxes extra.*Most vehicles.





- SINCE 1959 -




A biweekly roundup of automotive news, good, bad and just plain weird: Lamborghini builds 1,000th Aventador. Fifteen months in and Lamborghini is celebrating a significant milestone for their flagship V-12 supercar: the 1,000th Aventador just rolled off the line. This particular prancing bull is Argos Orange and bound for Bavaria, where it will be parked beside a Diablo in an enthusiasts’ garage. Why is this important? Well, it took the Murcielago almost nine years to sell a little more than 4,000 cars, and here’s its replacement almost a quarter of the way there after a little more than a year. Good news everyone! This whole financial crisis is clearly nonsense. And environmental troubles? Not a bit of it: if V-12, 691 horsepower bright orange hypercars are flying off the shelves, everything



★ Full Mechanical Services ★ Suspension & Alignment ★ Tuning & Air Care Service ★ Gov. Vehicle Inspections

similar with its FX series and others are following the same footsteps too. Built on its MDX utility platform, Acura created a sleek four-door coupe body that challenges traditional thinking of what’s a coupe, a sports sedan or a utility vehicle. Being based on a utility vehicle, the ZDX can easily handle the rough road trip to the cottage or any “off-thebeaten-path” destination. Yet, it also offers a sporty drive when unleashed on a paved road. Powering the ZDX is a responsive 300-horsepower, 3.7-litre VTEC V-6 engine that’s mated to six-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters at the steering wheel. Selecting the transmission’s “S” mode provides a more dynamic shift pattern and doubleshifts can be made with the paddles. The normal torque bias for Acura’s Super Handling All-Wheel Drive system is to the rear wheels, which gives it a

World ready to buy more Lambos




top Customer Satisfaction










Friday, July 27, 2012 - North Shore News - A49


Stylish ZDX offers value From page 48

in California and based on original sketches by Michelle Christensen. The coupe-like appearance of the ZDX is pulled off by enlarging the front doors and concealing the rear door handles in the window frame. The styling lines are the sharpest of any Acura and a unique stamping process called “deep-draw” was necessary to fabricate the rear quarter panels. The upper cabin is tapered to the rear (from an overhead view) and the all-glass, sharply raked roof tops a curvaceous body with boldly flared fenders that give the back-end a wide, muscular look. Acura’s signature “floating” grille is surrounded by a honeycombdesign air opening. Unfortunately, access to the back seats is extremely limited and going in-out of the rear may cost you a bump on your head. Handling Despite being a MDXbased car, the ZDX handles well — even better than the already acclaimed MDX itself. Slightly sharper, firmer, and more focused than the MDX, the car tracks straight and brings decent road feel throughout the different driving range. The ZDX is a fairly heavy vehicle that weighs in at 2,007 kilograms (4,427 pounds) and comes with a superb and appropriately named Super Handling All-Wheel Drive system. This allows the ZDX to almost magically find grip in treacherous corners and was most impressive in the extremely wet weather conditions experienced during our time at the wheel. The 3.7-litre V-6 engine is a silky smooth power provider that has very good torque in the mid to upper end of its speed range. It can propel the ZDX to 100 kilometres per hour in about seven seconds. On the down side, city fuel consumption numbers are on the high side and it likes premium fuel. Safety The ZDX achieved top five-star ratings in crash tests performed by the U.S.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and a four-star rollover rating. An electronic stability system called Vehicle Stability Assist is standard and it also comes with airbag rollover protection, hill start assist and active front seat head restraints. Interior The interior is sporty and luxurious, while retaining a unique look distinct from the MDX model. “Futuristic” comes to my mind. The instrument panel is completely blank until the ignition is switched on and then the electroluminescent gauges appear in an impressive choreographed display. A power-operated tilt and telescopic steering wheel is another bit of standard luxury and it also has an easy entry/exit feature. Those drivers who like to see the end of the hood while driving, however, may be disappointed and driver rear vision, even with the secondary lower back window, is also somewhat restricted. While seating is provided for up to five, the ZDX was conceived as a personal escape vehicle for two adults. It’s a design that’s clearly focused on pampering the front seat occupants and it also allows them to bring along considerably more cargo than a conventional coupe allows. A power operated (open/close) rear liftgate is standard. The cargo area is fully carpeted and additional storage can be found in a large under-floor compartment. Removable side panels also allow golf bags to fit crosswise. Challenge The only challenge is that the ZDX is not well appreciated in the marketplace (just look at their sales figures on this model), making this model a truly niche vehicle. The main issue is that people don’t exactly know what this car stands for: is it a sporty SUV, a five-door cross-over, or just fancy looking five-door luxury hatchback? The ZDX is none of these, of course, but people are not aware of that in the first glance

at the car or even after a brief test drive. Once buyers understand the real intent of this car — it is a sporty, trendy alternative to today’s boring SUVs — they might appreciate the car much more. With pricing changes and added standard equipment, we might even say that the ZDX is a good value, which wasn’t the case when it first came out a few years back. THE word futuristic comes to mind when describing the ZDX’s luxurious and unique interior.

photos supplied













2008 Range Rover HSE Full size, only 48,588kms, Stornoway grey, 4.4L V8 $49,995

2008 Range Rover Sport Supercharged 4.2L V8, Santorini black, ebony black leather $49,995

2011 Mercedes Benz ML63 AMG Only 1,880kms, diamond white, auto $83,995

2009 BMW X5 4.8i xDrive Only 2,588kms, navigation, Monaco blue, rear camera, sport pkg $59,995


ENLARGED front doors and concealed rear door handles give the ZDX its coupe-like appearance.

Tread lightly!® Drive responsibly off-road. ©2012 Jaguar Land Rover Canada ULC. †Purchase finance a new 2012 Range Rover Evoque Pure at $48,395, including freight $1,270, AC federal excise tax $100 and BC Tire Stewardship fee $25. Price excludes administration fees of $395, pre-delivery inspection of $480 and all other taxes. Price is based on Manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP). Dealer order/trade may be necessary. This information should not be used or relied upon by you as a substitute for information that is available to you from Land Rover Vancouver. Vehicle may be shown with optional equipment. **Purchase finance an all new (in stock) 2012 Range Rover Sport model with an annual percentage rate (“APR”) of 2.9% for 60 months to retail customers from the Bank of Nova Scotia O.A.C. E.g., $74,910 financed at 2.9% APR for 60 months, monthly payment is $1,339.47, cost of borrowing is $5,458.20 or an APR of 2.9%, and total to be repaid is $80,368.20. ◊Or lease with Canadian Dealer Leasing Services Inc. a new (in stock) 2012 Range Rover Sport HSE for $799 per month based on an annual percentage rate of 3.1% and a 48 month lease to qualified retail lessees, with $7,999 down payment, and after $1,170 retailer credit. Total lease obligation is $46,351. Optional buyout is $34,649. A mileage restriction of 64,000 km over 48 months applies. A charge of 25 cents per km over mileage restriction applies plus applicable taxes. Lease and finance payments include freight $1,270, administration fees $395, pre-delivery inspection $480, and air conditioning tax $100. Green Levy fees and all other taxes are extra. All offers end June 30, 2012. Special order may be required. Offer may be cancelled at any time without notice. Vehicle may not be exactly as shown. Retailers may sell or lease for less. Limited time offers. Limited quantities available. Offers valid only at participating retailers. Please visit Land Rover Vancouver for details.

A50 - North Shore News - Friday, July 27, 2012



Our Senior Service Team

If you are 60 years young or more book your service appointment for a Friday and you’ll be treated royally.

20 10



NEWS photos Lisa King

Parked cars


on parts and labour for any service or repair, on Friday’s for anyone 60 years or older. Limited time offer


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DOMINIC Gallello, photo top left, looks under the hood of a Ford Falcon at a Show ’n Shine held Sunday at Cates Park/Whey-ah Wichen. In the photo above, John Dunnet checks out one of the old classics. Despite on and off rain showers during the show, a steady stream of car enthusiasts came out to check out the shiny cars on display.



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Prices do not include taxes.®Jeep is a registered trademark of Chrysler Group LLC,used under licence by Chrysler Canada Inc.*While supplies last.

Service Appointments 604.990.4364




Service Includes: ✓Perform suspension and steering diagnostics ✓Re-balance all 4 tires ✓Rotate tires (if necessary) ✓Perform wheel alignment

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Friday, July 27, 2012 - North Shore News - A51

REV auto almanac

Svelte and speedy Miata looking to get even slimmer

A treasure trove of essential automotive quick hits:

Drawing board 2014 Mazda MX-5 Miata: It might not look significantly different, but the world’s most popular sports car is set to drop some of its 1,110kilogram-weight and receive one of Mazda’s new SkyActiv powerplants. Rumour has it the engine will be downsized to 1.8 from 2.0 litres and have a bit less power that the current version. Then again, rumours of a smaller-displacement turbocharged four-cylinder refuse to die. Whatever decision is made, Mazda isn’t likely to remove any of the roadster’s fun-loving attitude. Auto trivia ■ The first North Americanproduced automobile fitted with a diesel engine was the 1929 Packard. ■ In 1980, Canadians Gary Sowerby and Ken Langley circumnavigated the world in just 77 days. The car they used for this unique adventure was a Volvo 245 wagon. Who am I? To guess his secret identity, read the following clues. 1) He was born in1934, in Whitney, S.C. 2) He either won or finished second to Richard Petty in 63 stock-car races. 3) In 1999, Sports Illustrated named him “Driver of the Century.” 4) Fans usually saw him driving “Blue Oval” stock cars with number 21 painted on the doors. 5) Because of his sly driving style, he earned the nickname Silver Fox. Still stumped? His name is David Pearson and he’s one of only a few drivers to have won the Daytona 500, Winston 500, Coca-Cola 600 and Southern 500 What’s up, auto doc? Tired of throwing away paper air filters when they became clogged, the AutoDoc switched all the vehicles in the Wheelbase Media fleet — from muscle cars to work trucks — to K&N high-flow air filters. Aside from the potential of more power due to a lower air restriction, you never have to throw one away when it gets dirty, which ultimately saves you money in the long run and fewer paper filters end up in landfills. While all that sounds good, it doesn’t mean a K&N filter, or a similar competing brand for that matter, will last forever without cleaning. Out of sight and out of mind, right? So how do you clean an air filter? Simple. K&N sells a kit that comes with a spray cleaner and new air-filter oil (which traps incoming dirt). When to perform this maintenance depends on where you drive, but inspect every 40,000 kilometres and expect to do a cleaning every 80,000 km. The interval is much longer than that of a

standard paper filter, which might actually make cleaning your K&N hard to remember, so write the inspection date

on the filter when you install it and check K&N’s Web site,, for cleaning specifics. Share your

tips with the Auto Doc at using the contact form. eBay watch

1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda convertible, not sold, highest bid US$90,100: What makes this cool ‘Cuda valuable is that

it was one of four such cars driven by actor Don Johnson

See Sports page 54




JULY 20, 21 & 22





1.8L 4 Cyl DOHC Engine, 15” Aluminum Wheels, Power Door Locks, Remote Keyless, Rear Spoiler + Much More. Stk#SC61750 MSRP $16,755




52 MPG

Bi-weekly **


** Bi-weekly payments based on zero down, 0% finance for 84 months. Payments do not include taxes or administration fees.





50 MPG

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2.4L 4 cyl Flex Fuel, power group, air conditioning, Bluetooth, 17” aluminum wheels, USB port + Much More. Stk#U477690 MSRP $31,635


1.8L 4 Cyl Engine, Power Group, Remote Keyless, 10 Standard Airbags, 6 Speed Manual Transmission, OnStar Turn by Turn Navigation, 4 Wheel ABS + Much More. Stk#Q73080 MSRP $17,150

** Bi-weekly payments based on 0% finance for 84 months. Payments do not include taxes or administration fees.


O.A.C. on selected new vehicles


Bi-weekly * OR $


2.4L 182 H.P. 4 Cyl Engine, 6 Speed Automatic, Air Condition, Power Group, Tilt, Remote Keyless, Blue Tooth, IIHS Top Safety Pick for 2012 + Much More. Stk#248270




46 MPG


Bi-weekly * OR $


* Bi-weekly installments are calculated at MSRP based on 0% finance @ 84 months. Payments do not include taxes or administration fees.

* Bi-weekly payments are based on zero down. 3.49% finance for 84 months. Payments do not include taxes or administration fees.





MSRP $68,125

MSRP $73,125

MSRP $78,220

Fully Equipped 8 Passenger, Leather Heated + Cooled Seats, Power Sunroof, Touch Screen Navigation System, Rear Camera + Much More. Stk#TG75140

Fully Equipped with Leather Heated + Cooled Seats, Power Running Boards, Rear Camera, 20” Wheels, Navigation System, Power Sunroof + Much More.





Huge Selection Crew, Ext Cab, Reg Cab, Diesel, Dually. WE HAVE THEM ALL!

James Carter


Sunil Desai










4.8L Flex Fuel V8 Engine, Power Locks, Tilt, Cruise Control, Air Condition, OnStar Turn by Turn Navigation, 5 Year/160,000km Power Train Warranty + Much More. Stk#844220 MSRP $33,785



Ken Weiler



Darcy Strachan

Kerry Renaud

Carlo Defazio

Denzil Owen

Louie Liu

John Proctor

Jose Maiza

Alex Smith


All prices net of all rebates. Plus taxes & fees and documentation of $598. Vehicles not exactly as shown.


Fully Equipped with 20” Chrome Wheels, Heated Steering Wheel, Leather Heated + Cooled Seats, Navigation, Power Sunroof, Rear DVD Entertainment System + Much More.


Northshore Auto Mall, 800 Automall Dr. North Van

Derrick Bergman

A52 - North Shore News - Friday, July 27, 2012


Buff London bus puts muscle cars to shame From page 48

must be back to normal. I’m buying stocks in Italian loafers. Honda delivers first electric Fit Of all the Honda models on sale today, I have a special

photo supplied








HIGHWAY 6.4L/100 KM 44 MPG!


GLS model shown



19,694 2013
















HIGHWAY 5.7L/100 KM 50 MPG!











Limited model shown














HIGHWAY 7.2L/100 KM 39 MPG!


Limited model shown








5-year/100,000 km Comprehensive Limited Warranty 5-year/100,000 km Powertrain Warranty 5-year/100,000 km Emission Warranty

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TM The Hyundai names, logos, product names, feature names, images and slogans are trademarks owned by Hyundai Auto Canada Corp. †Finance offers available O.A.C. from Hyundai Financial Services based on a new 2012 ElantraTouring GL 5-Speed Manual/2013 Sonata GL Automatic/2012Tucson L 5-Speed Manual/2012 Santa Fe GL 2.4 Premium Pkg. with an annual finance rate of 0%/0%/0%/0% for 48/48/48/48 months. Bi-weekly payment is $154/$222/$174/$241. No down payment is required. Cost of Borrowing is $0/$0/$0/$0. Finance offers include Delivery and Destination of $1,495/$1,565/$1,760/$1,760. Registration, insurance, PPSA, fees, levies, charges, license fees and all applicable taxes are excluded. Delivery and destination charge includes freight, P.D.E., dealer admin fees and a full tank of gas. Financing example: 2013 Sonata GL Automatic for $22,995 at 0% per annum equals $222 bi-weekly for 48 months for a total obligation of $22,995. Cash price is $22,995. Cost of Borrowing is $0. Example price includes Delivery and Destination of $1,565. Registration, insurance, PPSA, fees, levies, charges, license fees and all applicable taxes are excluded. Delivery and destination charge includes freight, P.D.E., dealer admin fees and a full tank of gas. †"Prices for models shown (after deducting price adjustment): 2012 Elantra Touring GLS Manual/2013 Sonata Limited/2012 Tucson Limited AWD/2012 Santa Fe 3.5 Limited AWD is $18,644/$28,064/$30,109/$32,059. Delivery and Destination charges of $1,495/$1,565/$1,760/$1,760 included. Registration, insurance, PPSA, fees, levies, charges, license fees and all applicable taxes are excluded. Delivery and destination charge includes freight, P.D.E., dealer admin fees and a full tank of gas. !Fuel consumption for 2012 Elantra Touring GL 5-Speed Manual(HWY 6.4L/100KM; City 8.9L/100KM)/2012 Sonata GL Auto (HWY 5.7L/100KM; City 8.7L/100KM)/2012 Tucson L 5-speed (HWY 7.4L/100KM; City 10.1L/100KM)/2012 Santa Fe GL 2.4 Auto (HWY 7.2L/100KM, City 10.4L/100KM) are based on Energuide. Actual fuel efficiency may vary based on driving conditions and the addition of certain vehicle accessories. Fuel economy figures are used for comparison purposes only. ‡Price adjustments are calculated against the vehicle’s starting price. Price adjustments of $3,699/$2,569/$3,764/$4,464 available on 2012 ElantraTouring GL 5-Speed Manual/2013 Sonata GL Automatic/2012Tucson L 5-speed Manual/2012 Santa Fe GL 2.4 Premium Pkg. Price adjustments applied before taxes. Offer cannot be combined or used in conjunction with any other available offers. Offer is non-transferable and cannot be assigned. No vehicle trade-in required. †"‡Offers available for a limited time, and subject to change or cancellation without notice. See dealer for complete details. Dealer may sell for less. Inventory is limited, dealer order may be required. ^Based on Natural Resource Canada’s 2012 ecoEnergy award for most fuel efficient full-size car. #Government 5-Star Safety Ratings are part of the U.S. National HighwayTraffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA’s) New Car Assessment Program ( ††Hyundai’s Comprehensive LimitedWarranty coverage covers most vehicle components against defects in workmanship under normal use and maintenance conditions.



IN honour of the Olympic games starting today, a 1957 double decker bus was fitted with two giant, articulated arms that allow it to do push-ups.

place in my heart where the Fit, er, fits. It’s a lovely little people-moving pod and, with the smartest-folding seats in the business, can be reconfigured to haul pretty much anything. It’s efficient too, but not efficient enough for some. To suit those who’d rather have their rides sipping electrons instead of gasoline, Honda’s developed a Fit that’s batterypowered. Last week, they delivered the first one to its new owners in California. I should say “owners,” really, because the Fit EV is available only through a leasing program. For a little less than $400 per month, some California and Oregon residents will get their hands on the electric Honda, which sacrifices a little of that rear seat magic to make space for the battery. While you may not be able to get one here — yet — it’s interesting to note that Honda, like Toyota, is electrifying some of their vehicles, rather than launching a stand-alone offering like the Nissan Leaf. Here, Honda is favouring a cautious, slow and steady approach over leading the charge. Oh. I just made a rather terrible pun there. Audi opens digital showroom In the showroom of the past, you wandered in to see the teal, fuschia and burntorange cars on display, none of them in the spec-level or trim that you’re actually interested in. Then, a guy dressed like Herb Tarlek would wander over and try to browbeat you into buying a Pinto. These days, much has changed. Showrooms are now open and airy, with plenty of glass-front. But it’s just not possible to keep every model in stock, especially the more popular ones. Audi’s come up with a solution. What better way to browse

than in a store filled with giant touchscreens that allow you to build your customoptioned model, tilt and swirl the car around in perfectlyrendered 3D. Couldn’t this all be done at home on your PC? Well . . . yes actually, it could. However, Audi’s London-based digishowroom also has product experts on hand to help out with questions. And none of them are allowed to wear technicolour sportcoats. London bus does push-ups Think of jolly old England, and you can’t help but cast your mind to thoughts of red phone boxes and doubledecker buses and soldiers in silly pointy hats that cover their eyes. With the London Olympic opening ceremonies just around the corner, some of those stereotypes are being dusted off. And modified. How about this one? A 1957 Double-decker bus with two giant articulated arms. And it does push-ups. Built to celebrate the athletic events soon to take place, it’s a fun (if a little weird) way to showcase cool Britannia. Carroll Shelby finally rests As if Carroll Shelby’s passing wasn’t sad enough, his remains have been involved in a bizarre tug of war amongst the members of his family. Not literally, obviously. Carroll wished to be cremated and his ashes divided amongst his children — or so they say. His surviving wife claims that she has a document giving sole control over Carroll’s ashes to her. Then, the lawyers got involved. Both sides are now near settlement with Shelby’s remains divided into five parts to be shared out among his family. Personally, I’d like to think Carroll would like to have had his ashes scattered across the Bonneville Salt Flats, strewn out behind a speeding 427 Cobra. Watch this space for all the week’s best and worst of automotive news, or submit your own auto oddities to mcaleer.nsnews@

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parts dept.





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THE Tire Bowl offers car nuts a cool way to serve their snacks.


Make every kilometer count with SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY

Tire Bowl helps you get a grip on your chips

Delivering up to 1,000 km per tank of gas.!

2012 m{zd{ 3 GX

HERE’S what’s new and hot in the aftermarket market: Food from the big wheel Here’s the perfect accessory to add to your man (or woman) cave, or Garage Mahal. The Tire Bowl is an amazingly realistic reproduction of a custom wheel and tire combination and is ideal for serving and preserving your favorite snack foods. The tire’s grippylooking rubberized tread looks a bit over the top (kind of like serious truck or off-road rubber), while the chromelook snap-on lid resembles an aftermarket alloy wheel. The container is 15 centimetres in diameter by 6.5-centimetres deep. The Tire Bowl sells in the US$20 range and can be purchased through a number of online resellers, including and www.


Starting from Finance from


Lease from

Starting from Finance from

149 0

97 0


2012 m{zd{ 3 Sport GX




bi-weekly for 84 months On finance price from $17,590






bi-weekly for 84 months On finance price from $18,590

per month for 48 months $1,940 down. Taxes extra

Lease from

169 0%

102 0







per month for 48 months $2,360 down. Taxes extra


for Vehicles Awardr

GS model shown from $19,790

2012 m{zd{ 2 Starting from Finance from



† at

2012 m{zd{ 5


Starting from


bi-weekly for 84 months On finance price from $15,590



shown GT model GT mode mode el sh 4,64 ,6 from $3 $34,640

GT model shown from $26,540


Finance from



† at



APR bi-weekly for 84 months On finance price from $23,845

2013 2 013 CX-5 CX 5 Starting from




Finance from

157 3.99%



bi-weekly for 84 months On finance price from $24,890



What do you drive? THE Craftsmen Dog Bone is eight different sockets in one sturdy tool. Give a dog a bone The Craftsman Dog Bone is actually eight swivel-head wrenches in one (four at each end) and should save you plenty of aggravation during those times when you’re working on your vehicle and can’t seem to locate the right-sized socket. Sizes include 3/8, 7/16, 1/2, 9/16, 5/8, 11/16, 3/4, and 13/16 of an inch (metric sizes also available). The Dog Bone has also been designed so as not to round off the edges of bolts and nuts and it has a built-in 3.5-kilogram-strength magnet that can be used to attach nuts and bolts, oil pan drain plugs, See Exercise page 54


morrey mazda


†0% APR purchase financing is available on select new 2012 Mazda vehicles. Using a finance price of $18,590 for 2012 Mazda3Sport GX (D5XS52AA00)/$17,590 for 2012 Mazda3 GX (D4XS52AA00)/$15,590 for 2012 Mazda2 GX (B5XB52AA00)/$23,845 for 2012 Mazda5 GS (E6SD62AA00)/$25,115 for 2013 CX-5 GX (NVXK63AA00) at a rate of 0%/0%/0.99%/0%/3.99% APR, the cost of borrowing for a 84 month term is $0/$0/$553/$0/$3,679 bi-weekly payment is $102/$97/$89/$131/$157, total finance obligation is $18,590/$17,590/$16,143/$23,845/$28,569. Finance price includes freight & PDI. Taxes are extra and required at the time of purchase. Other terms available and vary by model. **Lease offers available on approved credit on 2012 Mazda3 GX (D4XS52AA00)/Mazda3Sport GX (D5XS52AA00). At 0% lease APR the monthly payment is $149/$169 per month for 48 months with $1,940/$2,360 down payment. PPSA and first monthly payment due at lease inception. Total lease obligation equals $9,114/$10,495. 20,000 km lease allowance per year, if exceeded, additional8¢ /km applies. 25,000 km leases available. Taxes extra and required at the time of purchase. Other lease terms available and vary by model. *The advertised price of $16,590/$15,590/$13,495/$19,945/$24,990 for 2012 Mazda3Sport GX (D5XS52AA00)/Mazda3 GX (D4XS52AA00)/Mazda2 GX (B5XB52AA00)/Mazda5 GS (E6SD62AA00)/2013 CX-5 (NVXK63AA00) includes freight & PDI, plus a cash discount of $2,000/$2,000/$2,000/$4,000/$0.The selling price adjustment applies to the purchase and is deducted from the negotiated pre-tax price and cannot be combined with subsidized purchase financing or leasing rates. All prices include freight & PDI of $1,695/$1,495/$1,895 for Mazda3/Mazda2/Mazda5, CX-5.PPSA, licence, insurance, taxes, down payment and other dealer charges are extra and may be required at the time of purchase. Dealer may sell/lease for less. Dealer trade may be necessary on certain vehicles. Lease and Finance on approved credit for qualified customers only. Offers valid as of July 4-31, 2012 while supplies last. Prices and rates subjectto change without notice. Visit or see your dealer for complete details. rBased on 2012 fuel consumption ratings published by Natural Resources Canada. Based on Highway driving only. 5.7 L/100 km (50 MPG) Highway/7.8 L/100 km (36 MPG) City – Based on ENERGUIDE Fuel Consumption Rating for the 2013 Mazda CX-5 with 6-speed manualtransmission. 4.9 L/100km (58 MPG) Highway/7.1 L/100 km (40 MPG) City – Based on ENERGUIDE Fuel Consumption Rating for the 2012 Mazda3 GS-SKY sedan with 6-speed automatic transmission. These estimates are based on Government of Canada approved criteria and testing methods. Actual fuel consumption may vary. MPG is listed in Imperial gallons

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Sports car driven by Exercise in style with Ferrari pedal car Nash Bridges for sale From page 53

From page 51

in the Nash Bridges TV show. It’s also claimed to be the only true ‘Cuda of the group (the others were dressed up to resemble this one). Originally fitted with a 440-cubic-inch engine, the fully restored ‘Cuda now sports a 426-cubic-inch “Hemi” engine mated to a four-speed manual transmission. Plenty of nibbles, but no sale. Visit Top gear Cars-N-Kids car seat monitor; about US$40; com; info at When riding in a rear car seat, it’s not uncommon at some point for kids to wriggle out of their restraints. The Cars-N-Kids car seat monitor has been designed to alert you when this occurs and can also be set up to issue an alert to your smart phone so that you can take appropriate action. The pressure-sensitive batterypowered warning device attaches to the bottom of the car seat. — Wheelbase media,

or any other metal objects. The wrench itself is triple chrome plated to keep the rust away. This item is available at most Sears stores, or online for about US$13 at (Item# 00914277000). New Ferrari, $2,800 When it comes to pedal cars, why should kids have all the fun? The Ferrari FXX Exclusive pedal go-kart is advertised by the manufacturer, Berg Toys, as being suitable for anyone from ages 5-99. In fact, this officially licensed Ferrari product is no toy, but is a four-wheel cycle vehicle with

seven-speed gearing, front disc brakes, alloy wheels, an onboard computer to record top speed, distance traveled and lap times (assuming you’re pacing yourself around a specific loop). Also included is a racing-style seat and safety harness. So why spend US$2,800 on fitness equipment when you could be having the time of your life on a really fun exerciser. Get the low-down at www.bergtoys. com/pedal-kart/1240. Step right up If you’re always or frequently loading your pickup with the tailgate down, especially a high-stepping 3/4ton 4x4 long box, you likely


find yourself struggling just to step into the box. If that’s the case, you need the XD eXtreme Step Attachment. This allsteel product attaches to your trailer-hitch receiver and extends about 60 centimetres away from the bumper. It’s adjustable for height and is an extra-large 12-centimetres deep by 60-centimetres wide and supports 115 kilograms (250

pounds). The step is even large enough to be use as a seat. The XD eXtreme Step Attachment can be purchased directly from the manufacturer for US$120 at store. — Wheelbase media View our ever-evolving auto gift guide at: media (click the “Cool auto gift ideas” category at the right).

photo supplied

THE FXX Exclusive pedal car lets you own a Ferrari for less than $3,000 but you need to supply the power.

2013 V6 RDX lease APR Lease for 3.5% forNominal 36 months Monthly payment, $6,429 down $ Only 398 payment includes freight and PDI

2013 ILX Starting at $29,735


2012 MDX SH-AWD 7,500 Cash Incentive Plus 7,500


Includes freight & PDI #DE1F3DJ


2012 TL 5,000 Cash Incentive Plus 5,000




828 Automall Dr, North Vancouver



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North Shore News Carriers Adult & Children Available to Deliver Wednesdays, Fridays & Sundays Visit to apply * Limited time offers through participating Volvo Retailers on approved credit (O.A.C.) to qualified retail customers only. Lease example based on the 2012 S60 T5/XC70. 0.9%/0% lease APR for 60 months. Monthly payment includes up to $1,995 freight and PDI, $29.20 tire stewardship, $100 air conditioning tax (where applicable), $75 PPSA, $499 administration fee, $350 lease service fee, $1 EHF, and $5 OMVIC fee), with $0 downpayment or equivalent trade-in, $0 first month’s payment, and $0 security deposit due at lease inception. Other taxes, license, insurance and registration are extra. Payment and security deposit may vary by choice of extra equipment. Volvo Carefree Coverage is available on the purchase, finance or lease of only a new 2012 Volvo. With the lease of a new 2012 Volvo, Volvo Carefree Coverage is available only for up to 4 years from the date of original purchase or up to 64,000 km (whichever occurs first), and is determined by length of lease. Volvo Carefree Coverage does not cover, without limitation: damage to vehicle resulting from improper maintenance or abuse, vehicles severely damaged/and or declared to be a total loss by insurer, severe operating conditions requiring additional services, and customer requested services not specified in Volvo Warranty and Maintenance Records Information booklet. See your local Volvo Retailer or visit for more details, including a complete list of exclusions and items covered under the Volvo Carefree Coverage program. Excluding Fleet vehicles. Offer is subject to change without notice. Retailer may sell/lease for less. Retailer order/trade may be necessary. Some terms/conditions apply. Offers may vary by region. See your local Volvo Retailer for full details. Vehicles may not be exactly as shown. ©2012 Volvo Cars of Canada Corp. Always remember to wear your seat belt.








UP TO 5 YEARS OR 80,000 KM


809 Automall Drive, North Vancouver, JimPattison VOLVO OF NORTH VANCOUVER 604.986.9889 Volvo ofnorthvancouver

809 Automall Drive, North Vancouver, BC 604.986.9889

DL# 10969 DL# 10969

Friday, July 27, 2012 - North Shore News - A55


Jody Vance “I Love My Jeep”








STK #12247

STK #12335

2.0 Litre • Auto Pwr Group

8 Speed Auto • 3.6 Litre Bluetooth WAS

STK #12158




6 Speed Auto • 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel












0 300 ORY








































*$595 documentation fee applies to all sale prices. Offers available on approved credit. Prices net of all rebates. See dealer for details. Vehicles may not be exactly as shown.

Dealership odge ep D e J 2 r r 5 Years le r Ove Chrys o f d o You e o or r Neighbourh th Sh e Nor h T g n i Servic

604.980.8501 or Toll Free 1.888.789.0222 CHRYSLER JEEP DODGE Northshore


DL#7686 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


! IN D Y ENST R R S 1 HU R 3

Our best clearout offers. That’s the Power to Surprise.


25,767 3 850 WAS







*5-year/100,000 km worry-free comprehensive warranty.


$ ,


20,172 $5,250 WAS



$ ,


0 %






21,917 !




604-983-2378 • Toll Free 866-983-2377 • SEATING AVAILABLE

Includes delivery, destination and fees of $1,577, $4,500 cash savings and $750 Loyalty Bonus ¥. BASED ON A PURCHASE PRICE OF $20,172. Offer based on Forte LX “PLUS” AT.

bi-weekly for 60 months, amortized over 84 months with a $0 DOWN PAYMENT. $6,592 remaining balance. Offer includes delivery, destination and fees of $1,577 and $500 competitive bonus.†† BASED ON A PURCHASE PRICE OF $23,572. Offer based on Optima LX MT.

Fell Ave

725 Marine Drive North Vancouver, BC PASSENGER







Sorento SX shown"


HWY (A/T): 6.2L/100KM CITY (A/T): 9.5L/100KM

Includes delivery, destination and fees of $1,772 and $3,850 cash savings. BASED ON A PURCHASE PRICE OF $25,767. Offer based on Sorento LX MT.



14,922 !

2012 Forte SX Shown"

HWY (A/T): 5.5L/100KM CITY (A/T): 8.0L/100KM



127 ≠


Optima SX Turbo shown"

HWY (A/T): 5.6L/100KM CITY (A/T): 8.6L/100KM



Offer(s) available on select new 2012/2013 models through participating dealers to qualified customers who take delivery by July 31, 2012. Dealers may sell or lease for less. Some conditions apply. Offers are subject to change without notice. See dealer for complete details. Vehicle images shown may include optional accessories and upgrades available at extra cost. All offers exclude licensing, registration, insurance, other taxes and down payment (if applicable). Other dealer charges may be required at the time of purchase. Other lease and financing options also available. **0% purchase financing is available on select 2012 Kia models on approved credit (OAC). Terms vary by model and trim, see dealer for complete details. Representative financing example based on 2012 Optima LX MT (OP541C) with a selling price of $23,572 [includes delivery and destination fees of $1,455, other fees and certain taxes (including tire levies) and A/C tax ($100, where applicable)] financed at 0% APR for 60 months. Bi-weekly payments equal $162 with a down payment/equivalent trade of $2,000. License, insurance, applicable taxes, variable dealer administration fees (up to $699), PPSA and registration fees are extra. Cost of borrowing of $0, for a total obligation of $23,572. Financing example includes $500 competitive bonus and $0 loan savings that is deducted from the negotiated selling price before taxes. Retailer may sell for less. See dealer for full details. !“Don’t Pay Until Fall” on select models (90-day payment deferral) applies to purchase financing offers on select 2012 and 2013 models on approved credit (OAC) (2012/2013 Sportage/Sorento/Sedona excluded). No interest will accrue during the first 60 days of the finance contract. After this period, interest starts to accrue and the purchaser will repay the principal interest monthly over the term of the contract. !Cash purchase price for 2012 Sorento LX MT (SR55AC)/2012 Forte Sedan LX “PLUS” AT (FO74PC) is $21,917/$14,922 and includes a cash savings of $3,850/$4,500 (which is deducted from the negotiated selling price before taxes and cannot be combined with special lease and finance offers), a loyalty bonus of $0/$750, delivery and destination fees of $1,650/$1,455, other fees and certain taxes (including tire levies) and A/C tax ($100, where applicable). License, insurance, applicable taxes, PPSA, admin fee up to $699 and registration fees are extra. Based on the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price of $25,767/$20,172. Retailer may sell for less. Available at participating dealers. See dealer for full details. !Bi-weekly finance payment for 2012 Optima LX MT (OP541C) based on a selling price of $23,572 is $127 with an APR of 0% for 60 months, amortized over an 84-month period. Estimated remaining principal balance of $6,592 plus applicable taxes due at end of 60-month period. Offer includes a competitive bonus of $500. Delivery and destination fees of $1,455, other fees and certain taxes (including tire levies) and A/C tax ($100, where applicable) are included. License, insurance, applicable taxes, PPSA, admin fee (up to $699) and registration fees are extra. See dealer for full details. ¥Loyalty Bonus offer available on 2012 Forte at a value of $750 for any current Kia owners towards the purchase, finance or lease of a new 2012MY Forte. Current Kia vehicle must be registered and licensed for the last 90 days. Loyalty Bonus offer applicable between July 3 and July 31, 2012. Offer is transferrable within same household only (must provide proof of address). Limit of one bonus per customer or household. Certain restrictions apply. See dealer for details. >ECO-Credit for 2012 Optima Hybrid is $1,000 and is applicable to the purchase or lease of a new 2012 Kia Optima Hybrid. Available at participating dealers. Certain restrictions apply. See dealer for details. ††Competitive Bonus offer available on the purchase or lease of new 2012 Optima (excluding Hybrid) models at a value of $500 (deducted before tax) for owners of a Honda Accord, Toyota Camry or Mazda6 with proof of ownership. Certain restrictions apply. Offer is transferrable within same household (must provide proof of address). Limit of one bonus per customer or household. Offer not combinable with any other loyalty/conquest offers. Offer ends July 31, 2012. ^2012 Kia Sorento/2012 Kia Forte Sedan awarded the Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Visit for full details. "Model shown cash purchase price for 2012 Sorento 3.5L SX AWD (SR75XC)/2012 Optima SX Turbo (OP748C)/2012 Forte Sedan SX MT (FO542C) is $39,267/$34,972/$18,122 and includes a cash savings of $3,500/$0/$4,500 (which is deducted from the negotiated selling price before taxes and cannot be combined with special lease and finance offers), a competitive bonus of $0/$500/$0, $0/$0/$750 loyalty bonus, delivery and destination fees of $1,650/$1,455/$1,455, other fees and certain taxes (including tire levies) and A/C tax ($100, where applicable). License, insurance, applicable taxes, variable dealer administration fees (up to $699), PPSA and registration fees are extra. Based on the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price of $42,767/$35,472/$23,372. Retailer may sell for less. See dealer for full details. Available at participating dealers. !Highway/city fuel consumption of these vehicles may vary. These estimates are based on Transport Canada’s approved criteria and testing methods. Refer to the Government of Canada’s EnerGuide Fuel Consumption Guide. Your actual fuel consumption will vary. Some conditions apply to the $500 Grad Rebate Program. See dealer for details. Information in this advertisement is believed to be accurate at the time of print. For more information on our 5-year warranty coverage, visit or call us at 1-877-542-2886. KIA is a trademark of Kia Motors Corporation.

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Bewicke Ave

Ma rin eD r.

W Keith Rd

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