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THE University and College Union (UCU) has announced its opposition to planned job cuts at UCLan. At a meeting on Wednesday 13 November, the UCU were told that the university plans to ‘rebalance’ the mix of its academic staff by slashing 75 jobs. In response, UCU has said that it will fight plans to make redundancies. The union said the university had failed to make the case for redundancies and it was enjoying a healthy surplus. It also said that the this latest round of major academic redundancies could result in a 'salami slicing' exercise of senior academic staff to be replaced by cheaper options - something the union said would do nothing for UCLan's aspiration to be a world class institution in teaching and research. The proposal from the university means that around 420 jobs are at risk, leaving the threat of losing their job hanging over staff in the run up to Christmas. The announcement is the thirds of its kind since July when UCLan cut 100 non-academic jobs in an effort to remove £15million from its budget. At the Course Rep Conference on 13 November, the question was posed to Rod Dubrow Marshall, the Pro Vice

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Chancellor that these job cuts were happening whilst UCLan is spending millions of pounds on campuses overseas, including Cyprus, Thailand and Sri Lanka. In response, he said: “I can give everyone in this room a categorical assurance that the investment that has been made in Cyprus has been done through a joint venture company set up in the country. “There is no relationship whatsoever between that and the process that we’ve just recently started here at UCLan Preston.” On the subject of the job cuts, he went on to say: “There are certain schools in the university that over the last couple of years that have seen a drop in recruitment in certain courses and we need to make sure as we look ahead - because this is about the future sustainability of the university - that we have the right people. “The right staff teaching in the right places and we have to make balances between areas that are growing and areas that have grown and areas that are contracting a bit. “Now we’re trying to do that in a way that minimizes, where at all possible, any posts put at risk but we have, regrettably, started a consultation with the trade union where a number of posts have been put at risk. “Some universities, someone mentioned Salford already, regrettably removed their languages provision. READ MORE ON PAGE 2




UCLAN spent £3.2million on a campus in Thailand before closing down the project due to ‘unforeseen circumstances’. The announcement came in the same week when 420 lecturer’s jobs at UCLan Preston came under threat with UCLan Preston planning to cut 75 jobs to ‘rebalance’ the mix of academic staff. A UCLan spokesperson said: “In order to develop our proposed campus in Thailand, UCLan Overseas Limited established a Joint Venture Company with a Thai national. This was preceded by UOL commissioning a comprehensive due diligence process. “However, due to unforeseen


circumstances, the project was unable to proceed and the parties are engaged in closing down the project. “As a consequence of closing down the project, at the end of the financial year 2012/3 the Group Accounts show a write down of £3.2million. It is important to make clear that no public money was used in any of the funding. We are now considering what further steps can be taken to mitigate this loss. “While this particular project has not borne fruit, we remain committed to pursuing the original strategy through alternative options. We continue to see huge appetite for British higher education in this market.” READ MORE ON PAGE 4

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CONTINUED FROM FRONT PAGE “WE’VE not done that and we’re actually seeing a growth in our languages provision so we remain committed to a very broad curriculum, but that still doesn’t mean we won’t face those hard and difficult issues of how to get the balance right across the schools.” UCU’s opposition comes on top of further planned strike action at universities across the country on Tuesday 3 December over staff pay. The three major unions representing higher education - The University and Colleges Union (UCU), Unison and Unite- are all taking part, meaning disruption to university operations are likely. The dispute is over a 1% pay rise offered to university staff, but the unions say there has been a real-term pay cut of 13% since 2009- a situation Will Hutton recently described as one of the most sustained suppressions of pay since the Second World War. Talks on Thursday between UCU and


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the University and Colleges Employers Association (UCEA) failed to yield a resolution. The union said to avoid strike action across UK universities on Tuesday 3 December, the employers’ representatives, UCEA, had to improve the 1% pay offer that was rejected by staff and which prompted strike action. UCU said it hoped there could be further talks before the 3 December action, but that the employers needed to return with an improved offer. UCU head of bargaining, Michael MacNeil, said: “We are naturally disappointed that the employers chose not to improve the offer, but we remain hopeful there can be talks before the strike on Tuesday 3 December. However, if the employers turn up empty handed again then disruption in our universities looks inevitable.” Strike action on 31 October saw some disruption at UCLan but the UCEA claimed that nine out of ten institutions reported “no to low” impact

from the strike. In a joint statement, the unions said: “The squeeze on staff pay comes at a time when pay and benefits for university leaders increased, on average, by more than £5,000 in 2011-12, with the average pay and pensions package for vice-chancellors hitting almost £250,000.” Speaking at the Course Rep’s conference, NUS Vice-President of Higher Education Rachel Wenstone re-iterated this point saying: “It’s worth always having a critical eye and looking over the pay of staff and the conditions of staff that work in an institution, particularly around the issues of lower paid staff like porters, lab technicians and security staff and so on, and looking at the difference between the lowest paid member of staff and the highest paid member of staff and often that’s where the inequality comes in.” It’s not clear what impact the latest round of strikes will have on university operations at UCLan.

SOLIDARITY... @UclanUndressed tweeted this in support of staff

utilitarianism and Keynesian in the approach, more number crunching and algebra, more of what employers are looking for. “Departments of Economics away from UCLan, as well as businesses, refuse to believe in new areas of economics which go against the norm. Therefore orthodox economics is king and must be learnt in order to gain prestige, respect and therefore improve job possibilities.”

that the syllabus is outdated and teaching theories are just ‘plain wrong’. Therefore a project is now being headed by an Economics professor at University College London, Wendy Carlin, to host an in-depth review of the current syllabus. Paul McKeown, course leader of BSc/BA Economics at UCLan, points out that only some Departments of Economics need to be changed and he doesn’t feel that this university should be included in that. Commenting on the idea, he explains: “What we are seeing, in the wake of the financial collapse, is a plea for a less narrow syllabus. Economists should recognise that the subject, by its very nature, is not monolithic. Degree syllabuses should reflect this and, I’m proud to say, ours does. “Moreover, it has done so for many

years, comfortably pre-dating the financial crisis! I am not aware of any other economics degree where the study of ‘Methodology and Diversity in Economics’ is compulsory. “For me, it is the diversity – the number of alternative views – that keeps economics interesting and relevant. No student should be able to complete a single honours degree in economics without awareness of the breadth of analysis available and the divergence in views that results. It is our duty, as teachers, to make them aware.” He also disagrees on the prospect of a single curriculum for every university: “I think that ‘standardisation’ itself is undesirable, even if it means a broadening of the typical syllabus. The essence of diversity is that economics degree programmes should differ between universities.”


THE curriculum of the Economics degree is to be overhauled nationwide, after being branded ‘limited’ and ‘outdated’. With graduates finding it harder to get a job than ever before, it is becoming more important that the degrees they are gaining are relevant and up to date with current society. That is exactly what is motivating the revamp of the undergraduate Economics degree. Callum Norton, a third year Economics student here at UCLan comments that employability is vital: “While learning economics I feel I’m learning a way of thinking rather than the context itself. I feel it should be more orthodox,


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25 November 2013


What we are seeking, in the wake of the financial collapse, is a plea for a less narrow syllabus Economics students nationwide share a more negative view, arguing News Editor: Tom Greggan & Jess Millington

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A BRAND new residential centre which was near completion and about to open to the public has been vandalised. A group of unidentified young people smashed the newly fixed windows in the sports extension of the new Walton-leDale Recreation Society facility. The recreational centre, which took the place of a demolished building, has been under construction since last summer. Local residents have contributed in a joint effort to raise the necessary funds for building up the new facility. Tens of thousands of pounds were gathered over the annual summer gala and from a bonfire and fireworks display, as well as through a clothes recycling program. The funding was topped up to over £90,000 by a contribution from the South Ribble Council along with a whole host of other donations. Local councillor and member of the recreation society, Andrea Ball said: “Money that could be going on the building will now have to be diverted into security.” She added: “The supplier has agreed to replace the windows for us but it is very frustrating that local tradespeople and residents are giving their time for free to create this facility for the young people and then they go and vandalise it.” The building is expected to be finished by the New Year.

It is very frustrating that local tradespeople and residents are giving their time for free to create this facility for the young people and then they go and vandalize it.


Katara Chen News Reporter

UCLAN student, Chris McBrian, reached the semi-finals of a competition to be the face of the sportswear company Kukri. With its headquarters in Preston, Kukri was named the official kit supplier for Commonwealth Games England earlier this year. The company will supply England’s sportswear for Glasgow 2014. Chris, a second-year BSC Strength and Conditioning Science student transferred to UCLan from Belfast two months ago. He said: “My friends couldn’t believe it. They thought it was a big laugh because obviously I’ve just moved over here, so that’s the first thing they saw me doing in England.”


He entered the competition by posting a selfie on Instagram. His and other photos of shortlisted candidates were then posted and voted for on the Kukri Sports Facebook page. Chris said: “It was me and my friends having a few drinks. On the first page of Instagram, we saw the competition coming up. Although the first picture I sent them was actually not the picture that was used because I was with a guitar, and there wasn’t any clothes. They followed me and asked if I could send one with clothes on just for the judges.” Announced later as one of eight finalists, Chris and his fellow finalists went to Emirates Old Trafford, home of Lancashire County Cricket Club on 8 November to undertake a series of tests, including photo shoots and catwalks. “There was so much going on. By the end of the day, I was knackered,” he said. “But I still had a really good day and I got to meet really nice people.” In the end, a panel of judges decided Matty Bannister from Coventry University and Hannah Steveson from Sheffield Hallam University were to be the male and female faces of Kukri. They will be on photos and product videos as the brand’s representatives throughout 2014. Chris said: “If I could do it again, I would probably take it more seriously compared to what I did.”





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FRESH PRINCE... Fresh-faced Chris McBrian reached the semi-finals.


NEWS IN BRIEF Local councillor, Andrea Ball


TRAINS from Preston to Manchester and vice-versa, that pass through Chorley will stop running next month. Parts of the railway line are being electrified as part of a £400m project, meaning that only certain trains will be able to use them. New electric trains from First TransPennine Express won’t be able to use the tracks, since those that run through Chorley are not being electrified until 2016. Also, many diesel trains will follow the electric line and those that currently pass through the town on the Manchester Airport-Preston route will instead go via Wigan. This will affect student and working commuters from Chorley to Preston from 8 December, who will either have to get a bus or use a connecting train. Services from Buckshaw Parkway will also be affected.


IMAGE: Bird Consultancy

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IMAGE: Stu Mayhew


Rebecca Shepherd News Reporter

Around 280 teenagers and young adults are affected by brain tumours in the UK each year, so why are they forgotten about by most of us? Rebecca Shepherd spoke to UCLan’s Professor, Bob Lea, about the university’s research into the life threatening disease and the affects to the students and profile of UCLan. The university hopes to be successful on becoming a new Centre of Excellence dedicated to research into brain tumours. UCLan will apply for a funding partnership if fortunate, to help them with the research. UCLan is getting good links with local brain tumour charities, such as the Katy Holmes Trust and Inbetween Ears, which really bring in the publicity needed.

There are big groups at universities such as Liverpool and Manchester who do research into breast or lung cancer so there is no point in developing something that will just compete with them

MRI... UCLan looks at brain tumors and how they affect students.

A majority of the work is done with the post graduate students and also with the Royal Preston Hospital, who allow some of the patient tissue from surgeries

to be used by students, with consent from the patient. Professor Bob Lea, from the School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences here at UCLan spoke about the profile of the university being raised by building a niche area of research. He said: “There are big groups at universities such as Liverpool and Manchester who do research into breast or lung cancer so there is no point in developing something that will just compete with them.” The university is trying to develop something giving them the reputation and expertise here, and then people will want to collaborate and connect. So it is more complimentary rather than competitive. As the fourth most common group of cancer in this age group, is it a wonder why such little publication and research has been done as of yet. Professor Lea addressed this by saying: “Its not really got the recognition it deserved but it is certainly improving.” To find out more about the charities close to the university’s research visit: www.katyholmestrust.co.uk and www.inbetweenears.co.uk


@OrganizeHacks If you listen to music frequently it will reduce the risk of a brain tumor over the course of your life.



SRI LANKA... William Hague praised UCLan for their Sri Lanka campus



THE Thai project was announced in January 2012, with plans to build a satellite campus near Bangkok city centre in what was described by UCLan Vice-Chancellor Malcolm McVicar as “a new phase of exciting development”. It was due to open next year and would have been the first fully UK built campus in the country. At the time, UCLan committed £7.5million to the project, which begs the question; what will happen to the remaining £4.3million? This is the latest controversy to arise from UCLan’s overseas plans. In June of last year, the university came under criticism from United Nations General Secretary, Ban KI-Moon after building the Cyprus campus in a UN-enforced buffer zone known as the ‘Green Line’, which separates Greek and Turkish Cypriots. The campus is built near Pyla, the only village in the buffer zone inhabited by both Greek and Turkish Cypriots. In his June 2012 report on Cyprus to the UN Security Council, Ban Ki-Moon wrote that the “unauthorized construction adjacent to the village of Pyla of a university cam-

25 November 2013

pus was of particular concern during the reporting period.” He added that the projected influx of Cypriot and foreign students “has raised concerns with regard to security, and law and order”. A statement from UCLan about Cyprus, released with the announcement regarding Thailand, said: “UCLan Cyprus is a key pillar of a long-term international business strategy. Our original business planning projected that the Campus would break even in year three, and losses were anticipated in the early years of its development.


Don't suppose anyone has seen the three million that UCLan appear to have mislaid in Thailand?



A FILM celebrating the architecture and people of Preston Bus Station will be premiered later this month. A short film about the Grade II listed building takes place on Thursday 28 November at the Continental Pub. The film, which is around 10 minutes long, is a free event that is a personal project for photographer and filmmaker Paul Adams and writer Andrew Wilson who wanted to film the architecture and get people talking about their own memories of the bus station. The bus station which was under threat of being demolished is instead going to be refurbished.


UCLAN Music student Holly Sergeant is in the running for the MTV Brand New Unsigned competition. Holly is one of hundreds of acts showing off their skills online in MTV’s annual search for the best new talent. Holly who is a singer-songwriter, plays acoustic guitar and is a Grade 8 on piano Holly’s YouTube channel has attracted more than 3,500 subscribers and half a million views around the world with videos shot in her bedroom. Voting ended on Monday 18 November and required people to have a Twitter or Facebook account to vote at the MTV website. The winner will be revealed on the 27 November as part of the MTV Brand New launch.

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NO CARNAGE FOR PRESTON Jess Millington News Editor

POPULAR student event ‘Carnage’, which was set to make a return to Preston, has been cancelled. The highly anticipated, fancy dress themed event was scheduled for Sunday December 1, but has been pulled by the company. Carnage press officer, Steven Hughes, said: “The only reason that the event has been cancelled in Preston is the manner in which it is marketed and advertised.” The event was previously banned in Preston in 2008 after it was deemed ‘a binge drinking event that could put students in danger’ by Councillors for the University ward. Carnage promotes a sensible drink ethic and issues a warning on their promotional t-shirts which says ‘Please drink

responsibly. Know your limits’. But, referring to the ‘Carnage’ that took place in 2008, UCLan’s Healthy Initiative Coordinator Sharon Doherty said: ”I can’t speak for the Carnage event now, but the Carnage we knew of in 2008 at that time was that the students went to a lot of pubs and then a club.” She added: “It was like a pub crawl with drinking games when you go abroad. This often escalates into other things and this event has found its way into the national press on a number of occasions.” On the contrary, the talk of its return received a positive response from students. Second year Contemporary theatre and Performance student, Charlotte Berry, at the time said: “I’m really looking forward to Carnage coming to Preston. I know that people are concerned about how much alcohol is involved but I don’t see how it’s different from any other student night out.” However, Mrs Doherty

said: “The title of the event, ‘Carnage’ goes against what we promote. It infers the aim of the night to be excessive drinking.” She added: “To encourage binge drinking is not a message that the Government, Public Health, and many other organisations have been promoting for the last 5 years since Carnage was in Preston.” With a number of other student focused cities such as Manchester and Leeds regularly participating in Carnage events, a number of students have raised concern about why the Preston event has been cancelled. Second year Business and management student, Molly Pritchard, said: “I booked time off work for an event that is no longer happening. I cannot understand why the event has been cancelled in Preston.” Speaking about other Carnage event cancellations, Mr Hughes said: ““In some rare circumstances, we have had to can-

cel other events due to severe adverse weather, to ensure student safety.” He added: “For example, during heavy snow fall. Student safety is a main priority at all times.” Mrs Doherty said: “The event comes and goes but it’s the towns that are left to do the clean-up, the Universities, the Student Unions, the Police and the Council.” Although the event has been cancelled, all students who bought a promotional t-shirt for £8 to gain free entry into the club will get a full refund. A post was made public by ‘Carnage’ via their facebook page, which invites students to bring their t-shirts to Evoque nightclub, Church Street on Thursday 28th November between 12pm and 4pm where a full refund will be given. John Lovick, from Preston Police licensing department said: “Preston Police licensing department are keen to work in partnership with any organisers to


Charlotte Arrowsmith News Reporter

Thousands of people gathered around Preston’s Flag Market to watch the Christmas lights being switched on last Saturday. UCLan’s Musical Theatre Society kicked off the show, singing a range of famous Christmas songs, including ‘Carols of the Bells’. A member of the choir, Andrew Storey, said: “It was a great opportunity to be-

come more known in the community and it was really exciting to be the first act on the stage” Alexa Hamblett, the Vice Chairperson of the Musical Theatre Society said it was a scary yet amazing experience for the society. The event which was hosted by Real Radio’s Glen and Lorna saw many acts including Gabriella Cilmi, The Luminites and The Feeling’s Dan Gillespie Sells take to the stage. Large crowds queued down Friargate all the way to the Ringway for a chance to see the festivities begin, but the show was heavily behind schedule. The lights were supposed to be switched on at 7.30pm, but the button was not pushed until an hour later. Councillor Carl Crompton, tweeted that he felt sorry for the families with young children leaving the flag market before the lights switch on because they were running late. Overall the event was enjoyed by all.

Christmas arrives...

Tami Khramtchenko News Reporter

THE world famous Coca Cola Christmas truck drove through Preston for the first time ever on Sunday 24 November. It stopped in Preston Flag Market which was transformed into a winter wonderland for the evening. Prestonians received free chilled cans of Coke from ‘Christmas Helpers’ and took their pictures with the truck. Preston is just the fourth stop of many – the Cola truck stops in 51 ‘Kindness Hot Spots’ all over the UK. These are spots that were found to have a high number of residents featured on Santa’s ‘nice’ list, after Cola conducted a survey of 2,500 people throughout the UK. The survey asked people who live on the Coca-Cola truck tour route, about their Christmas ‘good deed habits’.

promote a safe and sensible drink environment in the city.” However, all may not be lost for the students of Preston. The event will return. Mr Hughes said: ““There will be an event soon hopefully but it will not be this year. We cannot say when it will be.” For information about how you can get a full refund, please visit Carnage’s facebook page to find out more. Carnage have asked students not to contact Evoque directly for a refund.

#SHORT ANDTWEET @laaurenn0

Cant believe carnage have cancelled the event in preston. @braddavis95

Cant believe carnage has been cancelled in Preston #Nightmare @RHilton97

IMAGE: Tom Gill

It found that 55 per cent of people from Preston regularly volunteer or donate to charity, with one person telling of working at a homeless shelter every Christmas for 10 years. The truck is now on its way to Dundee, Manchester and Glasgow.


TO keep yourself in the festive mood, why not head over to the Manchester Christmas Markets on Saturday, 7 December with a group of your close friends. Tickets are £10 return, for a fun, fullday experience. Search for ‘UCLan Manchester Christmas Markets Trip’ on Facebook for more information.

Coca cola van is in Preston next Sunday


I wanna take a girl to see Christmas lights


@LUMINITES Are you turning Preston Christmas lights on Saturday? X @SamRobinson9

Christmas lights up and switched on in Preston already. Bit keen. @MeganWalshx

Can't wait for Manchester Christmas markets





Cheeky chap Matt Cardle has had a lot to prove since winning ‘The X Factor’ three years ago, as it has been a general trend for male winners of the show to disappear into thin air after releasing their first album. Steve Brookstein, Shayne Ward, Leon Jackson and Joe McElderry may have passed their sell-by dates, but Matt’s third album ‘Porcelain’ proves that he’s going to be sticking around for a while. Matt chatted with Chelsea Harrop about his new music, his spring tour and falling over on stage.

CH: Hi Matt! How are you? Matt: I’m very good, thank you. CH: I just saw your food dilemma on Twitter… (Matt couldn’t decide what to eat in the restaurant he was in) Matt: Aww I know! I chose to do this interview instead though! CH: You’ve just released your third album, which seems like it’s come around really quickly! Are you having fun promoting it? Matt: Yeah, but it’s tough, though. It’s not easy to talk about an album because it’s so personal. It’s had such good reviews, and it’s had 4 and 5 star ratings in the press if you can believe that. It’s great. I can’t wait to put it out on tour which will be easier than talking about it. CH: It’s a really good album! Matt: Thank you, thank you, that’s really sweet. CH: Because you have quite a lot of creative freedom with your music, does it scare you a bit or do you embrace the challenge? Matt: Before ‘The X Factor’ this is how much control I had, so it’s just nice to get back to doing what I want to be doing, you know what I mean? CH: Yeah. The new album is quite diverse, so which bands and artists inspired you to

25 November 2013


write such a variety of songs? Matt: I listen to anything, which is why the album is so diverse, I think. I’ve got such an eclectic taste! CH: Do you feel like you’ve expanded your horizons a bit more on this album? Matt: Yeah, definitely. I just really like to keep pushing myself more and more with each album. CH: You collaborated with Mel C on this album, and the track charted very well. Do you think you’ll work with her again? Matt: Yeah, I’ll definitely write with her because she’s a really good writer as well as a singer. We’re really good friends and we just love hanging out, so it’s great. CH: Do you have a favourite song from ‘Porcelain’? Matt: It’s probably between the first song and the last song, either ‘In Chains’ or ‘Porcelain’. They both have so much going on vocally and instrumentally, so yeah, it was good fun. CH: You’ve just announced your tour as well, which must be exciting for you! Matt: Are you coming? CH: Of course! Matt: Of course you are!


IMAGE: Chuff Media

Matt Cardle CH: You did your Unplugged tour earlier on this year… Did you prefer playing a completely acoustic set, or do you like having a full band with you?

CH: I think you’ll get a great response!

Matt: I like both, I like both. I love to sing with just my guitar, but I also love having a full live band at the back.

CH: Are there any embarrassing moments you’ve had whilst you’ve been on stage?

CH: Are you going to have a mixture of both on your next tour? Matt: Yeah, absolutely. I’ll be doing an acoustic section, definitely. CH: That’ll be great! Are there any particular cities that you always look forward to playing? Matt: I always look forward to playing up north because it’s great. The more north you go, the wilder the crowds get. But then again, one of the best crowds I’ve ever had was at the Hammersmith Apollo, so you know, London crowds are great too. CH: I would always argue that northern crowds are the loudest! Matt: Manchester Apollo was one of the most amazing gigs I’ve ever done! CH: Are there any particular songs from your new album you can’t wait to play? Matt: I can’t wait to do them all, really. ‘Porcelain’ and ‘In Chains’ – I can’t wait to play them. It also depends on how the shows turn out, you know what I mean?

Matt: Aww, stop it, that’s really sweet! Thank you!

Matt: Yeah! (Laughs.) I fell over at the O2 Arena in front of about 19,000 people on the ‘X Factor’ tour. But yeah, I got over it. It happens! CH: Haha! I always wonder if famous people ever Google themselves. Have you ever just been curious and Googled yourself? Matt: No! It’s a dangerous game to play, that. As much as I wonder about it, I don’t want to read all that kind of shit! CH: I’m sure you’ll find more good things than bad things! Matt: I hope so! CH: One final question: Christmas is coming up, so have you written a Christmas list yet? Matt: Umm…I’d like world peace and good will for all men (Laughs). I don’t know, really. Christmas is all about my nieces and nephews now! CH: Thanks for chatting to us today Matt. Matt’s new album ‘Porcelain’ is out now.

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Fresh from the release of their sixth studio ‘Sick Octave’, Young Knives bassist House of Lords talks to Pluto’s Alex Grebenar about having fun, creating sounds, and Harold Bishop. AG: ‘Sick Octave' has got a real DIY ethic. Why did you decide on that approach? HL: We'd done the producers and record label approach before and it sapped the fun out of it. We wanted to get back to messing around with sounds and not worrying about it too much. AG: The outlook of the record seems quite dystopian and pessimistic. Was that a conscious theme? HL: We're generally pessimistic people; lyrically speaking a lot of our albums are like that. We've never really been into writing positive, uplifting songs. There's probably a reason for it – bad upbringing? AG: Did you experience any drawbacks in forming your own label, Gadzook? HL: Not really! There's less financial support, but it makes more sense for us. AG: Some of the new tracks are really unconventional. How does the writing process differ from your more conventional songs? HL: We'd jam them in a basic way, and start recording before we'd finished the structure, remixing them as we went along to strip out the extraneous bits. We'd stand around making noise and sounds, and add them to the mix to flesh out the background. We've done that a bit on previous albums, but most producers aren't up for too much of that.

change your mind about something you've recorded, you can easily alter it, whereas at a record label you're encouraged not to. We've been able to experiment so much more in the studio than we have previously AG: What were the learning processes involved in recording yourselves?

Oh, Henry! He's the most likely to phone girls up and do heavy breathing. HL: We bought a mixing desk and spent a long time learning how to record properly so that it didn't end up sounding like a demo. There's endless 'nerd' forums dedicated to recording, but most of the time things come about by chance. AG: You look like Ironside and Henry Kissinger. Are you more like a detective or possible war-criminal-diplomat? HL: War criminal. This tour, (guitarist and brother) Henry asks the crowd who I look like; I've had Kurt Cobain's dad, Harold Bishop in a wig, Alison Moyet. I was bullied. Never going back to Sheffield... AG: The lyrical themes on the album are quite creepy. Who's the creepiest band member?

AG: Is this record a sign of where the band will go in the future?

HL: Oh, Henry! He's the most likely to phone girls up and do heavy breathing. Not sure his wife will like me saying that.

HL: We'll definitely carry on doing it this way; it's much more enjoyable and the results are more pleasing to us. If you

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Alannah Maher Comment Writer


THE thing about being a female who speaks up against anything gender-related is that you run the risk of being immediately labelled as a man-hating, ‘kill-joy feminist’ (because, gosh, the ‘f’ word is such a dirty one, eh?). If you’re out at a club and some stranger grabs your arse without invitation, and you turn with an infuriated look of horror on your face – you’ll more than likely be met with a belittling smirk and a careless shrug, like you just don’t get the joke. If you speak against demeaning and objectifying comments made about women, there’ll be people who assume your anger can only stem from jealousy and that you must be actually craving that kind of attention. Because we’re all ‘asking for it’, because ‘no’ means ‘yes’. This kind of thought is normalised, and one place these kinds of attitudes are legitimized is the notorious media-scape of the ‘lads mag’. In a recent study conducted by researchers from the University of Surrey and Middlesex University, a focus group of men aged between 18 and 46 were presented with descriptions of women taken from popular British ‘lads mags’ (eg. FHM, Zoo, Loaded and Nuts) and comments made by convicted rapists. Some people might consider this kind of

25 November 2013


ridiculous; you’d think the words of sex offenders would be an extreme from the banter of magazines; because the magazines are just throwing around comments in jest, right? It’s just the everyday kind of sexism we have a laugh about, isn’t it? Well, the participants of the survey actually had a difficult time distinguishing who said what. Correctly categorising the quotes came down to little more than chance. The research has showed an overlap in the content of popular lads mags and things sex offenders have said when justifying sexual violence against women. Some of the magazine quotes were even deemed more offensive. Can you determine whether the magazines or the convicted offenders said the quotes below?

1.There's a certain way you can tell that a girl wants to have sex . . . The way they dress, they flaunt themselves. 2.Mascara running down the cheeks means they've just been crying, and it was probably your fault . . . but you can cheer up the miserable beauty with a bit of the old in and out. 3.You'll find most girls will be reluctant about going to bed with somebody or crawling in the back seat of a car . . . But you can usually seduce them, and they'll do it willingly. 4.You do not want to be caught redhanded . . . go and smash her on a park bench. That used to be my trick. 5. Girls love being tied up . . . it gives them the chance to be the helpless victim. (*Answers below article)

In various types of tests, researchers even intentionally labelled rapists quotes incorrectly as quotes from the magazines. The focus group was more likely to say they identified with a quote if it was labelled as coming from a magazine, despite the fact it was something a convicted offender said to authenticate taking advantage of someone. I don’t mean to say that magazines publishing advice and derogatory sayings like this are what causes certain men to suddenly decide to go out and take advantage of someone – but this kind of content can set the standard for what many of the readers think they can get away with. It normalises this kind of discourse; “blurring the lines” between “picking up” and harassment. The normalisation of rape culture is a very worrying thing. There is actually a company currently looking to patent ‘rape-proof’ shorts – apparently they’re the ideal item for you if you’re a woman getting ready for a night on the town. Apparently you ought to take for granted that at some point or another, someone is going to try take sexual advantage of you. Is that really where we are at? (Honestly, Google it). Criticism aimed at the report has included both men and women standing up for some of the comments made by the magazines in regards to BDSM culture (i.e. quote 5. The issue here is not what two adults might like to do to each other behind closed doors. There is a line between what is agreed to in a mutually fulfilling, consensual intimate relationship – and just what is appropriate to say and do to a girl on a first meeting or a first date. The unfortunate thing is that many people


look to these publications for advice and information on sex and relationships. The black and white perception of women as either whores or frigid prudes is reinforced by publications churned out monthly or bi-weekly, publications that barely scrape the surface of niche areas like kink, propagating negative interpretations and dangerous misunderstandings. The frightening thing is that there are people who see no difference between a woman using her body and sexuality to empower and express herself, or to demean herself and open herself up to be abused and vilified. Dr Peter Hegarty, a reader in Psychology at the University of Surrey who had a substantial input in the research, commented that censorship would probably not be the most useful thing the Government could do in response to the findings. Instead, he offered: “I think it would be more useful if the Government were to invest in really high quality sex education for young men and women, so that people didn’t have to rely on these kinds of media to fill the gap.”

*Answers: 1. Rapist 2. Lads mag 3. Rapist 4. Lads mag 5. Lads mag.

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Jasleen Kaur

IN recent years, it’s safe to say that the most controversial decision to come out of the education department was the tripling of the student fees. Mass protests ensued, students were outraged! And it made absolutely no difference. Students nationwide were hurt and angered that universities would be extorting such a huge sum of money from them in the name of austerity. It looks, however, as if students are in for another shock. The vice chancellor of Northampton University, Professor Nick Petford recently went on record claiming that the next 20 years could see fees rise up to £20,000. Professor Petford isn’t the first academic to express a wish for another radical fee raise; Oxford vice-chancellor Professor Andrew Hamilton has also said that fees should be related to the true cost of a degree. This shift in thinking functions around the premise that home students should be treated the same way as international students. The flawed logic here, however, is that in this economic climate, no student will be able to afford £20,000 fees. When fees rose to £9000 last year, every university in the country saw a drop in admissions and more and more students considered alternative options, such as internships and employment. Somehow though, both universities and governments found a way to make students realise that higher education was worth the debt (hence why I’m sat here today). It begs the question though; will stu-

dents feel the same when one year of university will cost them the same as a new car? The most worrying thing about this new development is the frivolity with which senior academics seem to be treating higher education. They say that a “high brand value” degree is worth a minimum of £16,000 but they don’t seem to realise the alienating power of their words. The most recent attitude towards education seems to be that it’s primarily for the rich – it seems like the value of a university degree is going back to what it used to be when Austen was still alive. Soon enough, we’ll be back to only the aristocracy and extremely rich attending university. I thought the whole point of a university degree was the aim to better oneself? To take that step towards a better future? It doesn’t seem as if many people will stick to that philosophy if all they get in return is the promise of being saddled with crippling debts before they even set foot on campus. Although international students are a vital part of the whole education machinery, it is important that the government realise that they differ to home students. The main distinction being that international students choose to come to this country to study. Put bluntly, it means that they have enough money to afford a British education. Huzzah! Hurrah! For them. But home students are in the unique position that they need the help of their institutions. They need the universities to realise that they cannot afford their astronomical fees. There’s a recession going on, just in case they hadn’t noticed, and money, unfortunately, doesn’t grow on trees. Universities are functioning under one simple delusion – that students won’t find

PROTESTS... Students campaign against the rising fees in 2010. their education elsewhere. They seem to have forgotten that there’s always the option of a European or American education; students have an added bonus of an irreplaceable experience – it’s taking independent living to a whole new level. The sad fact is that future students may be forced to consider these alternative options, which may well end up being cheaper than remaining in the UK, to avoid the debt. Let’s

hope that this is one wish that never comes true. Of course, for future students and parents alike, it’s more of a nightmare. The president of the NUS, Toni Pearce, has gone on record on the subject, saying that “the suggestion that tuition fees should be charged at this level shows just how astonishingly out of touch some university vicechancellors can be. I think it’s safe to say that truer words have never been spoken.


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Busted are back and this time they’ve teamed up with McFly. While thousands of fans went wild over the news of a new super group, Pluto music writer, Alex Grebenar, was less than impressed by what could easily be the newest item on the McDonalds menu.

MCBUSTED. No, it’s not a new burger consisting of meat well past its use by date; it’s a congealed mass of two boy bands well past their use-by dates. I was recently asked (by someone who doesn't know me) if I listen to McFly and Busted. Whilst my reply was a polite dismissal, inside I scoffed at the preposterous notion that anyone my age might do so. Ten years ago, Busted burst onto the scene with songs about inappropriate teacher relationships (‘What I Go To School For’), time travel (‘Year 3000’ – sample lyric ‘your great great great granddaughter is pretty fine’) and the title song to the not-at-all misadvised Thunderbirds film, all the while gurning like fresh-faced Angus Youngs and dressing like Blink 182. Sounds great! And it was, if you were a teenage girl. Busted then did the world a huge service by inviting unknown act McFly to tour with them, an act who eventually had huge success in their own right. After bursting into the charts, they eventually settled into cosy Daily Mail mum territory before a recent resurgence of

popularity due to appearances on reality TV and being good-looking. Both groups have been variously given awards by Smash Hits, Nickelodeon, Disney; organisations which provide entertainment for children. That, in essence, is what these bands purvey, but dressed up as something a little more authentic. And that is precisely why I scoffed. In the same way that I don't listen to One Direction, Little Mix, or The Wiggles, I don't listen to Busted or McFly. It's music for children. No harm in that – children need their own music until they discover Led Zeppelin or Tupac or some other genredefining artist. Perhaps the legions of twenty-somethings who'll pack into arenas to see this latest odious reunion missed out on that. I'm generally against these cash-cow reunions. My favourite band, The Smiths, are almost certain to never reform, and I couldn't be happier about that. There was something sad about seeing a horrendously aged Mani and the

other Stone Roses prancing around to songs they'd written twenty five years ago in their recent reunion. Ditto now Backstreet Boys, 5ive (groups perhaps lacking the Roses' illustrious history) and other acts who reform years after parting. They differ from, say, the Rolling Stones in that the Stones never had any pretence of splitting up in the first place. There was again something unpleasant in seeing the six members of McBusted smiling as though they'd reinvented the wheel at the announcement of the tour. Yes, just six – former Busted member and eyebrow aficionado Charlie Simpson has abstained from joining, making good on his original departure which caused the band to split back in 2005. Maybe that proves my point if not even all the original members are signed up – they're older now and should really be moving into adult territory. Or maybe I’m just jealous that my girlfriend is far more interested in McBusted than anything I’ll ever do…

WERE THE UNION RIGHT IN BANNING THE RUGBY UNION COMMITTEE? Following an initiation ceremony, that was exclusively revealed by Pluto, the Rugby Union committee were handed six-month bans from representing the university. Former Union President, Edd Graham-Hyde, says the ban was right.

On the other side of the debate our news editor Tom Greggan tells us why he is delighted about the superband collaboration.

ONE thing was clear from McBusted’s performance on Children In Need; their dress sense may have changed (for the better) and they look a little older but the songs are still as good as they were ten years ago. As the new super group (and super here is an understatement) spoiled us by singing not one, but two Busted songs, it was impossible for me not to get excited. I evidently wasn’t the only one. The arena tour sold out in minutes, leading to four more dates being added. Let’s face it, we’re not excited that McFly and Busted have formed a super group- we’re excited because Busted, or at least two-thirds of them, are finally back! Whilst Charlie Simpson may never come to his senses and sack off his current band (whatever they’re called), Matt Willis and James Bourne have seen the light and given us what we wanted. Yes, I was about eight when I first listened to them, but that is what’s great about them. As my fellow Year 3 classmates were busy listening to Eminem and 50 Cent, trying to be mature and understand lyrics they didn’t have a clue about, I and a few others found the immaturity and stupid-ness of Busted more appealing. I wasn’t interested in hating my dad or sipping Bacardi, I preferred to visit the Year 3000 from my backyard. I hadn’t yet discovered the American

pop-punk scene so Busted were really all there was. Now, ten years later, I’ve got deadlines coming out of my ears, no money and I’m trying to find a place to live for next year- a million miles away from my carefree Key Stage 2 days. And that’s why the return of Busted is a brilliant, brilliant thing. It gives us a chance to be silly and immature again. McFly were meant to be Busted’s heir apparent and their debut single, ‘5 Colours in Her Hair’ was promising. However, as I matured, so did they. I’m not saying this is a bad thing as they still make half decent music. But when Busted split up in 2005, just as my age group left primary school and were constantly being told that we had to be ‘more mature, more sensible blah blah blah…’ there was nothing to replace them. In hindsight, it seems quite symbolic. So when April finally comes and McBusted kick off their tour, it won’t be full of kids with their mummys and daddys who will be there, it will be us, the 18-25s, escaping from our mundane ‘grown-up’ problems to be stupidly juvenile for two hours, singing about Thunderbirds and affairs with school teachers. To quote the great Dr Sheldon Cooper, if you’re against McBusted, “Well, then apparently, you hate fun.”

I want to start by saying that the recent sanctions put upon the Rugby club are probably the most severe sanctions seen in recent years. I also want to say that I know just how hard it is to bring sanctions against fellow students; so I absolutely applaud Ben Latham for standing firm. It is not easy. There are three main points I would like to explain. Firstly, this decision has come like a massive clap of thunder to the sports teams. For years, teams have been getting away with so much foolish behaviour which makes other students look bad, intimidates other students, and has nothing to do with the sport they play. For years, these same teams have had warning after warning and have had grace and forgiveness thrown their way. Admittedly, there are a variety of reasons for that ranging from lenient Presidents of the past to not enough evidence in

the present. We finally have a President that has the opportunity to make a stand against this sort of behaviour and has chosen to do so. This decision will not be forgotten and the bar has been set for any clubs that want to do this in the future. Secondly, as I’ve already briefly mentioned above, it alienates other students when teams behave like this. Whether an initiation is advertised as optional or not, that does not stop people feeling the pressure to attend, with the want to be integrated. Adjusting to university life, for some students, is hard enough as it is so why make it harder with the socials? In years to come, when talking about funny memories of their time in the club, will people be mentioning “That amazing game!” or will it be about another night out, another stupid drunken mistake and everyone laughing at it?

I’d challenge the Rugby club to have a think about their conduct and ask them to answer (Maybe even in the next Pluto!) ‘What do they add to the student/wider community as a whole?’ I ask this, because it sure as Hell is not going to be inclusivity, cohesive community or making a positive change. University is more than drink, sports and stupid stunts. It’s about the opportunity to make a real change that leaves an imprint on society. Last year as President, when talking with the sports staff, not once did we mention the funny pranks, the initiations and so on. We remembered the teams that made a difference, which left a footprint at this university and, at times, within the community. Summarised rather more sarcastically, and ever so controversially, it’s time for the Rugby club ‘lads’ to grow up. Lastly, I am left making a point that yet

again, should not be my place to make. A point that should be made by some of the excellent representatives we have on council like Nicolle Shergold, Hayley White or Janine Conroy – all whom define as a woman. A point (if you have not already guessed…) about ‘Lad Culture’. I guess, in some ways, you’ve got to feel sorry for the Rugby club… haven’t you? They are victims of a society that is drenched in horrible, disgusting, and poisonous lad culture. It’s the type of culture where things are done in the name of ‘banter’ and jokes are made at the expense, more often than not, of women and other liberation groups; notwithstanding disabled people like me. The type of culture that leads ‘innocent’ and ‘gentle’ men into thinking that this behaviour does anything other than cause damage to the community.

Admittedly, I would feel sorry for the Rugby club if they publically admitted that they are not free thinking, responsible, easily led, dim-witted and, for lack of a better word to use, idiotic individuals that could not resist the urge to do the right thing by not partaking in, organising and not then trying to defend themselves with the worst excuses I’ve ever heard… and I’ve been in the student movement for a good 5 years. In conclusion, Ben Latham made a fantastic decision and I could not have done it any better. The electorate made a good decision when they choose Ben over me last year for President. I would have banned the Rugby club outright. Ben’s decision was firm, but fair and at the risk of stirring up popularity for the (@ProudPresident) fake twitter account about me, I love cowboy hats.

RUGBY Union is one of the country’s oldest and most popular sports, and is played nationwide by the majority, if not all, of the United Kingdoms’ universities, schools, colleges, etc. I think the decision to eject the team from cup competition over the allegations suggested is wide of the mark, and believe this shocking decision will only worsen the reputation of not just the team, but also the university in general. There should have been a more diplomatic approach to solving the problem rather than just the knee-jerk reaction we have seen in which the individuals who were the main plotters are punished.

In this case, I think even an earful for the team would have been enough. We’re just students at the end of the day; we all make mistakes and often make a hell of a noise while doing so. As Sports Editor of Pluto I may be said to be biased on the issue at hand, in support of the sports team. However, I believe I am being the voice of reason as I seriously I cannot think of any other occasion where this sort of result has occurred, even in the world of professionals. Initiation? Yeah it is against the rules but it happens in all sports across the board. To put a stop to these events is a noble cause, banning the team is stupid

and unjustified. Taking away privileges might be better. Looking into the depths of professional sport. A good example would be the last Rugby Union World Cup in 2011, where the England players were pictured in New Zealand engaging in drunken horseplay with the in-house dwarves, rolling in a heap on the floor and performing raucous rugby maneuvers. You didn’t see them getting pulled out the World Cup. Then, funnily enough, a similar incident only this week occurred, concerning the Australian team. Only one the players involved was punished, and that was in the

middle of an international tour. Yet, have they been pulled out of the fixture? No. In the cricket this year, Australian cricketer David Warner punched England batsman Joe Root. Unprofessional and unacceptable, but did he play in the Ashes? Yes, yes he did. He was punished by being omitted from the squad, but was subsequently re-included after a set period of time. I know this is on another level but I am bitterly disappointed with the result and will sit anxiously if the team appeals, as they are expected to do, and hope for positive news. This would put an end to

the negativity that is stinking around UCLan sport at the moment. The fact that they are preparing to charge the team for the cost of pulling the team out is unacceptable; those students pay nine thousand a year. I am sure that is enough for the university to be able to afford to take them out. This has been one big joke and even more of an embarrassment for the university. Let the lads play, what they do off the field should be kept separate and punished separately. Sort it out and double quickly to reinstate some pride in the rugby community of UCLan.

Pluto Sports Editor, Steve Smith, thinks the ban was wrong.









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Party Shoes

25 November 2013

Jess Lindley

‘TIS the season to put your best shoe forward. With the party period fast approaching the only thing more important than where you’re going and what you’re doing is what you’ll be wearing. Here are some of the hottest shoes around to help you get noticed. These Aldo (1) peep toe platform heels are perfect for your Christmas night out, adding just the right amount of glitter to your winter wardrobe. At £80 they are a little pricey but get them from ASOS and you can get 10% off. Or brave the metallic trend in these gold metal cuff stilettos from River Island (2). Gold is hot right now and the cut out detail is the perfect finishing touch for any outfit. Get these now for just £75! For £58 from Topshop (3) you can get these gorgeous nude feathered heels. They’re great for adding something a little different to a plain outfit. If nude isn’t for you, don’t panic, they come in black too. If you’re looking for something a little cheaper these glittery peep toe sling backs (4) are to die for. Sign up to JustFab.co.uk and you get discount on your first order and could get these for just £28. These stilettos (5) are bang on trend


with the gold detailing and the chain ankle strap. They’re currently £130, but Kurt Geiger has a habit of offering discounts to those who are part of their mailing list, so sign up now! A girl can never go wrong with a chunky heel and these River Island platforms (6) are simple yet stunning. Available in pink, black, gold and silver, you’ll be spoilt for choice but at only £55 you could even afford more than one pair! These Jeffrey Campbell (7) ankle boots might look fierce but the hidden platform makes them unbelievably comfortable – perfect for a night on the town! They are £130 from Office so be sure to put them at the top of your Christmas list. Topshop is full of chunky heels but these £55 monochrome platforms (8) are definitely a favourite. With a thick ankle strap they would toughen up any dress and the contrast white heel is just fabulous. Missguided (9) have nailed the ankle strap and these festive red court shoes are ideal for dressing up any outfit. And at just £29 they’re hard to resist! Last but not least these Zara (10) stoneembellished sandals are sure to catch the eye of everybody around and could go with almost anything. The stones add that extra something to make them stand out, at just £79 they will sit in your wardrobe for years to come.






How to get the season’s hottest

Get The Look

This nail art look is super simple to do. Pastel pinks were all over the runway this fall 1.

Begin with a clear base coat and your chosen base colour. I chose Barry M Grey (293).


Now add some vertical stripes to all the nails. There are many methods you could employ to do this – I used a striping polish and just put more pressure on the brush and moved it more slowly down the length of the nail to achieve a thicker line than usual. You could use liquid eyeliner (watch out for smudging though), or even the brush from the bottle of any normal black polish – just try to keep the lines as neat as possible with that one.


Issue 256

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SPORT 21-24


Keeping yourself hydrated can do wonders, not only for your body but also for your skin. Remember to drink at least 2 litres of water per day which will make your skin look dewy and radiant and keep the wrinkles at bay. Swapping high calorie drinks for water will also help with the pre-Christmas diet.

CHRISTMAS 2013 is quickly approaching and it is almost time to dig out our winter woolies and start writing up our Christmas lists. Are you stuck for ideas dor your secret santa or just looking for a present that will impress your mate? Here Charlotte Fletcher reveals a few top picks which are perfect gifts for university students! Stressberry

Ideal for when it comes to those particularly stressful pieces of work, the stressberry is a cheap and cheerful solution to any anger-causing assignments. This is a perfect stocking filler, available at £1.99 from www.iziss.com




Hangover kit

Now we all know that students are well-behaved and study hard every day, right?! But just in case they decide to have a night off and have a drink or 10, the hangover kit is an ideal present. Fully equipped with everything to deal with a nasty hangover. A bargain at £5.99, seems a small price to pay. Available at www.play.com

Rest and Recharge dock

If you are looking for a perfect docking station, this may be it. The rest and recharge docking station allows you to dock and charge both tablet and phone/iPod at the same time. Perfect for the technically savvy student. Available at www.prexxybox.com at £39.95.

Pot Noodle Mug and Fork set

An excellent gift, ideal for the pot noodle devouring students. The set comes complete with mug and iconic spinning fork. At a thrifty £9.60 at Debenhams.



Beer pong set

If you’re ever stuck for a party starter or a pre-drinks game, beer pong is a big solution. This set provides everything you need to have a competitive game of beer pong and a steal at just £4.99 at www.drinkstuff.com, although you might need to add that hangover kit to your wish list!


Counting coin sorter

With tuition fees up to £9,000 per year, and that all important beer and noodles to purchase, many of us may be scrimping and scraping on the pennies. So, this handy coin sorter not only separates coins but counts them too, so it can tell you just how much you change you have to spend on whatever you desire! £14.99 at Maplin.

1- Stressberry, £1.99 at www.iziss.com 2- Hangover Kit, £5.99 at www.play.com 3- Beer Pong set, £4.99 at www.drinkstuff.com 4- Rest and Recharge dock- £39.95 at www.prezzybox.com 5- Pot Noodle Mug and fork set, £9.60 at Debenhams 6- Counting coin sorter, £14.99 at Maplin

nails with Pluto’s step-by-step guide and winter so we are embracing them with this look. Let Mahaim Saud guide you through it... 3.

Once your base colour and stripes are at least touch dry, go for a hot pink colour and paint in some flower petals. I’m just doing half flowers in the corner of the nail, and just on the thumb and ring fingers. You could of course do it on every nail, or go for full flowers in another layout – whatever you like. It is entirely possible to do this with the brush from a normal polish, it just requires a steady hand; or use a small nail art brush if you have one.


You need to be working quite quickly here as the colours that you add will blend better if the paint/polish is still wet. I was a bit too slow! You will need a smaller brush for these next couple of steps. Add some shading to one side of each petal with either a darker pink or a red.


And now add in a bit of highlighting to the other side of the petals, with a lighter pink or white. Finish the flowers by dotting the centres with yellow – I used a yellow nail art pen by Nails Supreme. All that remains is to apply a topcoat to seal your design!



25 November 2013




Cook up a storm in the kitchen with our easy to follow recipes

“Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch.” - Orson Welles

It’s getting to that time of year where we’re craving hot winter soups to warm us after a long hard day in the bitter temperatures of Preston. Rather than microwaving a tired old can of Heinz tomato soup, it’s always more satisfying to serve up a delicious homemade recipe, says writer, Maya Kellermann. Roasted Carrot and Parsnip Soup

(Recipe from Real Simple)

This roasted carrot and parsnip soup may be slightly time consuming but it’s incredibly cheap and simple, any student could prepare this and replicate the comforts we might be missing back home. This recipe serves four portions, so you could always refrigerate or even freeze some ready to reheat on another cold evening. Serves 4 345 Calories per portion

• • •

(Recipe from Waitrose)

A classic soup, left chunky for the ease of student cooking – a totally simple and affordable recipe to recreate in any basic student accommodation. This recipe also serves four portions, so don’t forget you can freeze and reheat it (unless you feel like treating your flatmates).


Ingredients •

Chunky Leek and Potato Soup

• • • • •

4 large carrots, peeled and cut into ½ inch discs 1 large parsnip, peeled and cut into ½ inch discs 1 onion, quartered 5 tablespoons olive oil Salt and pepper

• • •


Serves 4 189 Calories per serving

Olive oil spray 1 large onion, thinly sliced 2 medium leeks, thinly sliced 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped 2 medium potatoes, peeled and cubed 2 x 500ml vegetable stock 4 tbsp half-fat crème fraîche 2 tbsp chopped chives (to taste)


1. Heat oven to 200°C

2. In a large roasting pan, combine the carrots, parsnips, onion, 3 tablespoons of the oil, 1 ½ teaspoons salt, and ¼ teaspoon pepper. Spread the vegetables in an even layer and roast, stirring occasionally, until tender and golden brown, about 45 minutes.

3. Transfer the vegetables to a blender (a masher could be used if you don’t have a blender) and puree with 3 cups water, adding more water if necessary, 1/4 cup at a time, until smooth. Warm in a pot over medium-low heat, if necessary.

1. Spritz a large saucepan with olive oil. Add the onion, leeks and a splash of water and cook over a gentle heat for 4-5 minutes until softened. Add the garlic and cook for another minute.

2. Stir in the potatoes and stock, then cover and simmer for 20 minutes or so, until the vegetables are tender.

3. Remove half of the soup and set aside. Add the crème fraiche to the pan and, using a handheld blender (or masher), purée until smooth. Pour the reserved soup back into the pan.

Fast track your New Year’s Resolutions


4. Ladle into bowls, sprinkle over the chopped chives and serve.

Because life isn’t there to be wasted sat on a couch in your underpants

“Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have.” - Winston Churchill

Every Christmas is the same. Too much turkey, roast potatoes and Yorkshire pudding combined with copious amounts of Baileys means only one thing, we put on weight then resolve to lose it in January. But Pluto writer Jade Kneen is doing things differently this year and is already thinking ahead to her New Year’s Resolution. In a bid to keep fit, she’s started training for the Bupa Great Manchester Run early.

AS the New Year approaches, many of us will be considering taking on a new venture as a New Years’ Resolution and many of them will be fitness related. But why wait until January when you can get a head start? This weekend marked six months until the BUPA Great Manchester Run. The 10km run brings celebrities such as the cast of Emmerdale and Michael Bublé, Olympic athletes like Jo Pavey and Haile Gebrselassie, as well as ordinary people together in one huge event. The event will see 30,000 people running for leisure, to smash personal best times and for charity which proves how popular a sport that running is. Many students here at UCLan may have already entered the Great Manchester Run, or are considering it. While others, like myself, will laugh at the idea of running- that’s something that athletic, sporty people do. Who wants to drag themselves out for an




1. London Marathon A route that takes you past the most iconic buildings in London.

early dawn run with a hangover, or waste vital drinking and studying time getting sweaty? Obviously, being students we have to consider cost and how time consuming any fitness regime is. The best thing about running though is that it is free, and flexible. People who run can enjoy the freedom of being able to run in public areas and there’s no set distance which you have to achieve except those targets that you set yourself. If you need ideas of where to run, you can look to the local parks such as Moor Park and Avenham Park. In the day, not only do these parks offer a variety of options away from the busy roads and pavements crammed with Christmas shoppers, but also are quite scenic at the same time. For those more able runners, there is the Guild Wheel which is a 21 mile route around the city’s perimeter which is quite popular with cyclists, dog walkers and runners alike. The reason that I am running the upcoming Great

2. New York Marathon One of the highest profile races in the world that ends in Central Park.

3. Paris Marathon Run along the banks of the Seine in the City of Light.

Manchester Run is in aid of charity, the NSPCC. Personally, I can’t even run a mile without thinking I might have a heart attack, never mind 6.3 miles! However I, like many others, find that having a charity to run for is a great motivation- especially with all the help that they offer you along the way, and a special top to run in. Of course even if you don’t see events like the Great Manchester Run in your future, running is still a great sport to take up and it doesn’t have to be a lone venture. UCLan’s Sports 4U have a regular Beginner’s Jogging Club which meets Wednesdays 56pm and the Park Run, which is a free 5km run around Avenham Park, takes place every Saturday from 9am. Clubs such as UCLan’s Athletics Club and Preston Harriers also offer a chance for you to build up with capable coaches if you chose to compete or take your running further, while also being a great way of making new friends.

4. Athens Marathon Recreate the historic run of a messenger in the Battle of Marathon.

5. Boston Marathon One of the oldest races in the USA and a must for serious runners.

IMAGE: jpo.ct


America in review: Pittsburgh PLUTO

Issue 256


NEWS 2-5






SPORT 21-24

The world is a big place, go off the beaten track and explore it

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness.” - Mark Twain

Journalism student Anastasia Bates is spending her second year of study in Clarion, Pennsylvania. When she’s not studying, she’s travelling the States. The first port of call was nearby Pittsburgh; here’s her review… linked to Pittsburgh as well as offering a good service with hearty food. The whole city oozes culture, arts and talent and every street seems to offer something new. From musical concerts (which I happened to have seen Icelandic musician Olafur Arnalds put on a spectacular performance in Allegheny Square) to some renowned shopping destinations the city literally, adheres to all types. And so although Pittsburgh may not be able to overthrow the popularity and dreams of New York City and the Empire State, it sure can stand as a worthy contender in being one of the most beautiful modern cities in the United States.

STEEL CITY… Pittsburgh’s impressive skyline ranks among America’s best.

IMAGE: sohopittsburgh.com

PEOPLE often talk about hidden treasures in this world, whether that is a whole city, or simply a historic monument. But how would a hidden treasure be defined? Is it something that looks pretty, is it something of cultural or historical value or is it a moment that leaves you just thinking “wow”? Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania would be a wow moment and one of these hidden treasures. To local Pennsylvanians, they would probably praise the city and say there’s nothing hidden about its beauty. Local towns and villages across Western Pennsylvania would probably recommend Pittsburgh (and not just for its sporting triumphs – triumphs being a sketchy word if you are even vaguely aware of the season the Steelers are having). Pittsburgh, to a small-town foreigner would definitely take your breath away. When typical places to visit or landmarks of the United States are mentioned in conversation in Britain, the classics of New York, San Francisco and maybe Washington DC are mentioned. Not to belittle these places at all, but Pittsburgh is a remarkable city and should definitely be included on the list. The first thing you would expect to see if travelling by car would be the UPMC tower across a very full industrial skyline. The tower would mark the entrance to the city by road, and stands head and shoulders above equally impressive buildings. To fully appreciate the skyline, there is the Duquesne Incline – a small train on a steep track which overlooks the skyline (particularly recommended at sunset). Whether the stations at either the top or bottom are packed with Pirates fans, or simply everyday folk taking a ride to work, the beauty of the horizon cannot go unnoticed. Slightly in front of the skyscrapers is the Allegheny River which again plays a perfect part in a snapshot of the city. At the top of the hill where this small train stops, is a viewing deck which is made even more beautiful by the unexpectedness of it. The underrated aspects of this city lend themselves to become noticed but as is with most things, pictures do not do it justice. Aside from admiring the cityscape view, Pittsburgh offers much more to make it an ideal city break for a weekend away. Museums range from the Carnegie museum of natural history, to the Andy Warhol museum, to even the Children’s museum of Pittsburgh. Attractions lie woven within the city for every interest and every personality with history and heritage working alongside the modern era in equal balance. The same applies within restaurants as well. The infamous Hard Rock café sits well within Station Square along the Allegheny River. Just outside, the door is a rainbow fountain display against a backdrop of the skyline from sea level. Each small detail is what makes Pittsburgh so surprising as even the simple things is done with style and flair, making you never want to leave. However, if local tradition is more your thing over corporate giants, then Primanti Brothers would be the place to go. With the city known for its history on steel, the signature sandwiches (consisting of fries, meat and salad between two slices of bread) were designed to be a quick meal to be eaten with one hand and so sides were put onto the sandwich. The old-time restaurant offers a piece of history specifically


C The Marshall Mathers LP 2 U L T Eminem U R Jake Bugg Sick Octave E


Issue 256

NEWS 2-5


Interscope Records 1st

Live Review - Milo McManus





SPORT 21-24

“I think the most important thing about music is the sense of escape”- Thom Yorke

EMINEM can certainly stake a serious claim to be the greatest of all time when it comes to rappers. Even if he is 41 years old, there is so much freshness and originality with all of Eminem's albums, from the first track to the last. No artist today seems capable of creating as much as anticipation prior to the release of new material. So when ' The Marshall Mathers LP 2' was announced to be reaching our ears, all music fans were made aware something huge was about to happen. It was 13 years ago when 'The Marshall Mathers LP' was released, Mathers' most acclaimed studio effort, which included the iconic tracks, 'Stan', 'The Real Slim Shady' and 'The Way I Am'. So it is safe to say this album had some big boots to fill. Lead single 'Berzerk' was released way back in August and

Rihanna features on the 2nd consecutive Eminem album on the latest single 'The Monster'. Following the commercial success of 'Love The Way You Lie', the partnership between the two seemed inevitable. The same simple concept; Eminem raps the verses, Rihanna sings the chorus. It works without a shadow of a doubt and it is only a matter of time before the single starts to climb the charts. There were no doubts that ‘The Marshall Mathers LP 2’ would be a fantastic album but the 8th album from the man who must be considered the greatest rapper of all time has pushed the boundaries further than he has ever before. Is it as much a classic album as ‘The Marshall Mathers LP’? That can't be determined. Probably not but with that said, this is one of Shady's best pieces of work.

The Young Knives GADZOOK Records


THROUGHOUT the night songs from the new album ‘Shangri-La’, which is out now, were given their debuts and they were just as strong as the songs from his last. The night didn’t go as smoothly as Jake would have hoped, with underage scally wags fighting just a couple of songs in, infuriating the Nottingham teenager, who stopped the performance and began shouting at them. After Bugg resumed, the crowd were all happy again as Jake played some of the better known songs off the first album ‘Lightning Bolt’, ‘Broken’ and ‘Two Fingers’. As the night went on Bugg’s charisma grew and he began to march around the stage getting as close to the screaming fans as he could. Halfway through the new track, ‘Slumville Sunrise’, he let the moment get the better of him as he began to just laugh in amazement with his bassist at how the crowd’s reaction to them. To round it off it was a great show and Bugg is looking even more promising than when he first came on the scene at the start of the year. Bugg will continue with his UK tour and will be headlining the XFM Winter Wonderland gig in Manchester, with limited tickets still available from xfm.co.uk

gave fans a teaser into what many believed would be yet another ground breaking effort of an album from Shady. The lyric 'Let’s bring it back to vintage Slim, b*tch!' alone would excite the masses with many hailing his earlier releases as the best material he has ever released. The 'vintage Slim' Eminem mentioned is seemingly the foundations of the opening track of the album, 'Bad Guy'. Lyrically, the content is as cynical as it has ever been and Eminem even cites lyrics from his classic hit Stan which is instantly recognisable. Musically, the production of the record is flawless and so carefully crafted by executive producers Dr Dre and Rick Rubin. Dre and Slim have been known to have created some of the best songs in the history of the hip-hop genre. Talking of collaborations, megastar

Album Review - Alex Grebenar

Empress Ballroom, 12th November


The very latest music news, reviews and interviews

Album Review - Jamie Cleaver-Smith

Album of the week



Indeed, the record has a very industrial feel to it; think sheets of metal being pounded in primal rage, throbbing bass lines and juddering guitars. This creates unique situations a world away from their suburban driveways of yore – 'Green Island Red Raw' sounds like a party on a Caribbean traffic island, whilst the more conventional-sounding closer

'Maureen' could be a tale of obsession and paranoia in the tenement buildings of 1984. It's not all about the racket, though, there are genuine tunes amongst the experiments; 'Maureen', with its robotic, deadpan delivery, lodges itself in the mind. 'We Could Be Blood' is a torch song for the new millennium with its taut rhythm and chanted chorus, with the line 'it's the end and the beginning' hinting at change observed perhaps not only in personal relationships in the 21st century, but also in the band. This record is the sound of a band dropping any pretence of pleasing other people and throwing the kitchen sink back at them in the process. It misfires at times, but the over-arching result is a record to edify, vex and frustrate, and yet one which beckons the listener back for another glimpse into an unpleasant future, to gorge on the feast of sounds on offer. It's the musical equivalent of Peep Show – so unsettling that sometimes you have to look away, and not for everyone but if you get it, you'll certainly love it.

1.Terra Firma

2. She’s Attracted To

3. Up All Night

With a chorus of, ‘fake Rabbit, real Snake, Terra Firma, Terra Firma’ what could possibly go wrong?

Have your Mum and Dad ever hated your new girlfriend or boyfriend? Well, clearly The Young Knives know all about it.

‘What’s the point, what’s the point, what’s the point?’. The Young Knives know how bad nights out can be.

AFTER a trio of spiky, punky artrock albums, Young Knives return with the self-produced, self-recorded, but completely unselfconscious 'Sick Octave' – and it's certainly a bold statement. Whilst they have been renowned for their very English trappings (not every band has a bassist named The House of Lords), there's always been a slightly demented element to their music which marked them apart from the likes of their contemporaries Arctic Monkeys and Kaiser Chiefs. Whilst those bands sang about daily British life, Young Knives created their own set of vignettes, devising perverse culminations to the seemingly mundane. But, unlike them, too, Young Knives have moved on light years, jettisoning their Frank Spencer-meets-Mark Corrigan exasperation in favour of a sinister future of uncertainty, worry and mania. There's still something undeniably English about 'Sick Octave', though; not in a 'Waterloo Sunset' sense of rose-tinted nostalgia, or even a Smiths sense of dreary resignation about life.

No, it's dystopian and bizarre, Orwellian in its outlook and equally as apocalyptic at times. After the creepy intro track of children counting, 'Owls of Athens' pummels you with blasts of brass and hypnotic vocals. You can imagine it soundtracking some kind of depraved, modern-day Wicker Man ritual on an industrial estate.

It's the musical equivalent of Peep Show

Young Knives - Pluto’s Top Three Tunes

University of Pluto Music Degree Classification 1st

Top of the class


Hello there Desmond

2:1 3


Close but no cigar

Must try harder

Why even bother?

What’s On

Our guide to the best gigs in the North-West Music

Kunt & The Gang The Ferret 28th November £4 theferret.info The Darkness 53 Degrees 1st December £25 - 53degrees.net Factory Floor Kazimier, Liverpool 5th December £10 - thekazimier.co.uk

White Lies Manchester Academy 6th December £20 - manchesteracademy.net The Lancashire Hotpots 53 Degrees 7th December £12 - 53degrees.net The View 53 Degrees 13th December £13.50 - 53degrees.net

Terrorvision (Acoustic) 53 Degrees 15th December £10 ADV - 53degrees.net

Pluto Playlist What’s been played in the Pluto office this past week Bastille Of The Night

Ellie Goulding How Long Will I Love You Jake Bugg Slumvlle Sunrise

Lily Allen Somewhere Only We Know London Grammer Nightcall Olly Murs Hand On Heart Tom Odell I Know




25 November 2013



Reviewing the best new films and more

“It's made with bits of real panther, so you know it's good. ” - Brian Fantana

Film Review- Tony Tenev

Dir - Joseph Gordon-Levitt Voltage Pictures


Gordon-Levitt continues to shine, but on both sides of the camera, in his directing debut

A VERY heartfelt social satire on visual perception and personal intimacy is Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s cinematic debut behind the lens and typewriter. We are seen centered around the weekly routine of superficially affable New Jersey based Jon. Living in a vortex of a dead-beat job, hackneyed bro-talk, a dead-beat job, valueless family dinners, void sexual encounters with ‘8’s or 9’s’, spiraling into the darker phases of a porn addiction and flushing it all into a confessional stand, which motivates him into whispering ‘Hail Mary’s for each rep in his excessive workout routine, Jon is the quintessential marginal demographic, the man of modern times. Priding himself on values, which he abusively caters to into superficiality, Jon finds his match and fairer sex counterpart in the visually stimulating, skimpy outfit donned Barbara (Scarlet Johansson). The film is far from a love story or a rom com, and it has the viscerally real and ingeniously funny dialogue to prove it. This is a social critique, which is inter-


woven within the surface of the narrative, rather than requiring an in-depth pondering, or even a second readthrough. This is a headfast delivery first-view film. And its messages are interwoven through first glance delivery scenes – be it the exceptionally lovable oaf of a dad character Tony Danza, who steals the show at more than one occasion, living vicariously off his son’s exploits, the handful sentence monologue about values from Jon’s sideline spectator of a sister (Brie Larson), or even the skewed addict resembling monologues Jon has with the viewer. Even the minimalistic leitmotif of the computer being turned on is to carry the irrevocable point of how the recluse of our entertainment diets has restricted our social intimacy, despite its clichéd introduction. Many a porn scene is fed to the viewer throughout the film, at times an overly gratuitous amount. Subtle is not Joseph’s strong point, by a long shot. His own performance, as well as that of his lowbrow girlfriend, is very upfront

Book Review - Chelsea Harrop

depictions of personal talk – lavish, decisive, at times vulgar. Even the introduction of the odd-oneout love interest by Julianne Moore is to be seen as aggressively realistic. Cinematic craftsmanship is downplayed, as the beginning collage of strikingly sexual imagery is perhaps one of the better tools in Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s arsenal, yet this debut is all about the context social intimacy, rather than its actual depiction through a lens, a failure of which is the tremendously theatrical onthe-nose monologues, which although seem to serve as an unnerving distraction, do hit home towards the end. As any debut in the craft, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s is not devoid of small ruptures here and there, yet what he does set out to do is grand a heartstringpulling satire, which is easily susceptible and all available, for better or for worse.

All your essential reading “There is no friend as loyal as a book” - Ernest Hemingway

‘Innovera Yakov:

The Journey of a Thousand Eyes’ INNOVERA Yakov is a mysterious planet that holds many secrets. The immortal beings (the ‘Students’) who inhabit it spend their current lives training and developing their unique powers in order to prepare for the journey, which will lead them onto their next lives. The inhabitants of the planet are diverse and captivating; the stunning and formidable twins Gamma and Blu Tara, the benevolent Ayana and the cocky Skylar provide plenty of entertaining competition and drama. The Innoverans manage to live in harmony most of the time, but the slowly approaching journey reveals some surprising traits in the characters and exposes the prejudices held by a number of them. The clashing Students begin to affect the balance of their entire settling, bringing fierce and

Author - Kia Garriques

destructive storms to their land. For the Students, the Journey is more than just a quest to find their next lives and to prove themselves powerful; it is a journey of self-discovery. The deep self-reflection, the painful love triangles and the conflicting loyalties add vigour and excitement to the story and create a somewhat compelling adventure. The first instalment of Kia Garriques’ fantasy series is perfect for immersing yourself into a new world full of twists and turns; however, it takes quite a while to discover what the Students are trying to achieve and the plot seems to lose its drive at times. ‘Innovera Yakov: The Journey of a Thousand Eyes’ asks a lot of questions, but delivers very few answers, making it somewhat frustrating and anti-climactic.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Scarlett Johansson at the New York premier of Don Jon Photo Courtesy of: www.harida.net

Students’ Union Charity

CHRISTMA CHRIS TMA CHRISTMAS TMASS HAMPER APPEAL Donat hildr en's ttoys, o y warm war Donate children's ec yss, warm hildren's oy ishable foods foods clothes non-perishable thes and non-per clo clot at tthe he Opportunities Oppor portunities tunities Centre Centre in tthe he Students’ Students’ Union. Union.






Art Review- Kristina Hall

ON 19th November, the Hanover Project opened its doors and welcomed visitors to Opus. Opus is a collaboration of nine female second year Fine Art studentsas part of their course and includes students Katherine Dixon, Juliette Moore, Jasmine Dixon, Carly-Ann Clark , Alexandra Florithes , Jade Louise Dixon, Jacqueline

28 October 2013


Painting the picture of Preston’s art scene

“Every child is an artist , the problem is staying an artist when you grow up”- Pablo Picasso

Haywood, Hannah Bridge and Cassie Douthwaite. Similar to Untitled One, the previous exhibition, Opus aims to present a collection of work which uses a variety of different styles and techniques. The gallery space has been used as a 'blank canvas' where the group of artists have aimed to create a new environment that presents the audience with an impressive display of skill and media from traditional practices to sculpture and film. When walking round the exhibitions, I noticed some links and similarities between the work as well as pattern in the choice of medium. When entering the gallery space you are overwhelmed with sculptural piece by Alexandra Florithes and Carly-Ann Clark's where both pieces approach sculpture in two corresponding ways. In Expression and Shape, Alexandra Florithes explores a relationship of abstract drawing and sculpture, through a

variation of texture, shape and colour. This piece toys with the concept of abstract through its rough uneven edges and ensures it is anything but figurative. Carly-Ann Clark, on the other hand , uses the medium of sculpture as a figurative confrontational piece. In 'Untitled'(2013), the work looks at reoccurring social issues the body image and exaggerates a persons biggest insecurity using a torso caste from a close friend. Moving around the gallery the next pieces that caught my eye were those of Jasmine Dixon and Cassie Douthwaite. Similar to Carly-Ann Clark's Untitled, Cassie Douthwaite's Black Beauty (2013) focuses on the human body but she is more interested in the natural dichotomy and draws her inspiration from vanities and memento mori. Jasmine Dixon explores the idea of the readymade and its authorship in Pages (2013). As she eliminates a character on each page she aims to influence the audience

to make up their own conclusions of the story by portraying a sense of discomfort. One component of this exhibition that cannot be ignored is that it is a group of females. When talking to the artist's it became very clear that they all felt it was important to highlight that the exhibition was curated and organised by females. With that mind ,while walking through the exhibition I was immediate drawn go such mediums such as film , painting ,sculpture and photography all of which was once thought to be masculine. Opus highlights how far women have come in the arts and celebrates the sheer talent of female students studying at UCLan in The School of Art, Design and Performance, and it will very interesting to see how far these nine feamle artist will go as they continue on the Fine Art course and into there professional careers.


Art Latest: Kristina Hall




Only @GaryBarlow could get one of ABBA on stage for first time in 25 years and she still sounds stunning #legenday This years #WinterSurvival will be the biggest it has ever been with 16 hours of festive fun and drinks offers!

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Upcoming art events at UCLan EXHIBITION Reality PR1 Gallery until 29th Novemeber FREE EXHIBITION Opus Hanover Building Until 26th November FREE LECTURE Science , Scientists and Cinema Harrington Building 26th November @7:30 PRODUCTION Stage Door St.Peters Arts Center 12th and 13th December £8 adult £5 concession

Upcoming and current art exhibitions and events in the Northwest UPCOMING

EXHIBITION Time & Motion: Redefining Working Life FACT Liverpool 12th Dec 2013 -14th Sept 2014 FREE

SINCE June 2010 , Somewhereto_ have opened up spaces across the UK which were previously unused. They have been successful in allocating spaces to young people who were in need of a space which has influences engagement with thousands of young people and has successfully attracted attention through a high profile activity around the space. Somwhereto_ offers spaces to wide variety from online or unused property, whether to showcase a young person’s digital skill online , to showcase a solo or collaborative exhibition or practice a skill or art practice; the project also urges donations of empty space. As part of Blackburn’s Christmas programme Somewhereto_ will be delivering re:store , a pop up exhibition space which will show work from local artists ,

hold workshops for musicians and other activities. For more information pleasevisit somewherto.com.




#free #exhibition space available for four #artists plus free coffee for the duration Sound good? Apply here http://ow.ly/r0EnG Fancy free #coffee and your art on the walls of @harrisandhoole? Enter here http://bit.ly/1bXBG5T @HandH_NWLondon @artsdepot @Paul_Regan RT

EXHIBITION Alvin Baltop and Goron Matta-Clark : The Piers From Here Open Eye Gallery Liverpool &th December 2013- 9th February 2014

Open Now

Art Turning : How Values Changed Making 1789-2013 Tate Liverpool 8th November - 2 February 2014 Adult £8.80 , Concession £6.60 DLA : PIPER SERIES : CONSTELLATIONS Tate Liverpool FREE


Issue 255


NEXT GENERATION SHOW DOWN XBOX ONE Gaming Microsoft Xbox One Console War Georgia Gregoriou Gaming Editor

IN an ideal world every gamer would love to have the best of both worlds by owning Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One. The cruel reality however is that both machines are costly and are fighting for a spot in your entertainment centre.

Microsoft’s Xbox One As a testament to Microsoft’s ambitious 12 years on the market, the Xbox One has been described by Microsoft as: “the ultimate all in one entertainment system – one system for a new generation.“ Despite Microsoft’s rocky beginning from its initial announcement of the Xbox One back in May 2013, the console has had significant alterations, and Microsoft has had to accomplish a considerable amount of damage control. This ranges from a variety of unpopular features such as the mandatory 24hour online check-in, restrictions in the used games market and the continual Kinect operation in order for the console to function. Since then, Microsoft has amended these surreal requirements and is repairing its reputation step by step. This £429 console comes with a 500GB Hard Drive and is an “all in one” entertainment system Sony Playstation 4 Console War Georgia Gregoriou Gaming Editor Sony’s Playstation 4 IN comparison to the Xbox One, this powerhouse console’s hardware is sleek, elegant, and only weighs 1lb, giving it a very distinctive high end look and feel about it. An integral feat of engineering from Sony is the internal power supply, unlike the Xbox’s external power brick which still remains with the Xbox One. With a thin LED light strip situated atop the matte and glossy plastic, its functionality serves to indicate the various points of the systems operation and brings some life into the all black design of the console. The pulsing blue indicates powering up or shutting down, orange determines a standby operation and a steady blue colour while the console is in use. After the launch of the console however the LED light has come to signify a less than charming sign called the “blue pulse of death”, ring any “red ring of death bells” from the Xbox 360. The PlayStation 4’s controller is the Dualshock 4 which aesthetically is a slightly enhanced version of the DualShock 3. Reviews claim it is by far the best controller Sony has ever designed. The Dualshock 4’s triggers and analog sticks have been fundamentally updated from its predecessor, with small concaves in the middle of each analog stick making gaming smoother with enhanced and more confident analog movement.

NEWS 2-5






SPORT 21-24

Pushing your buttons makes us happy

"They think I'm a man out of control... but I've never had so much control." ― Aiden Pearce

The ultimate all in one entertainment system - one system for a new generation

is the epitome of seamless integration with other links of entertainment centres, striving to achieve it all in one from gaming, live TV, movies, Internet explorer, Skype and music all streaming from one console. Does this mean however that Microsoft has deviated away

from games in favour of intricate media features and cable integration. The hardware and design of the Xbox One separates itself completely from the Playstation 4 and even the Xbox 360 as it is longer, taller and very reminiscent of the first Xbox console. The hulking design of the console is a juxtaposing mix of matte, gloss and has been criticized for its weight, considering The controller conforms to the gamer’s hands and it is much more ergonomic as the triggers curve outwards to now cradle your fingers. There is the distinctive addition of the multi-touch touchpad replacing the ‘Start’ and ‘Select’ buttons, which has been deemed frivolous as it plays no integral role in the console’s games and has been used for more ‘swipe-based commands’ such as zooming in on a map in Assassin’s Creed for instance. The controller’s innovative fundamentals stem to the LED blue light bar which recognizes the user, as well as a new integrated speaker and headphone jack in the controller. Sony packs with every console a mono headset which is utilized for voice chat or voice control. All in all It is an appealing controller that many dedicated console gamers will appreciate.

The PS4 consists of two 3.0 USB ports situated on the front of the console to charge the Dualshock 4 controllers, even whilst the console is switched off. On the rear of the console, there are HDMI and Ethernet ports offering HDMI video and audio output, optical digital for surround sound audio as well as an auxiliary jack connection for the PlayStation Camera. The system consists of a 500GB worth of storage which is easily upgradable with off-the-shelf parts, as Sony says will not void the system’s warranty.

Microsoft have chosen to remain with the separate power source brick, adding to the overall weight. The Xbox One controller is a polished version of its predecessor. The Xbox 360 controller has been commended on its affluence and has been recommended for being one of the best console controllers. The D-pad identifies a resounding click in all directions along with the analog sticks which have been refined with texture for a better grip, a few essentials the Xbox 360 controller lacked nevertheless. Another impressive tweak was the L and R triggers close positioning to the shoulder buttons, known as RB and LB, allowing users to easily tap the buttons whilst your fingers remain steadily on the triggers, a great feature for heavy first-person shooters. Xbox One Exclusive Features The 1080p Kinect 2.0 is the consoles metaphorical limbs and comes as a package with the console, which explains why the console is approximately £80 more than the PS4. Its functionality is through motion sensors and speech recognition as well as the seamlessness of being able to navigate the Xbox One’s interface entirely from

Kinect. From booting up the system with the words “Xbox on” to playing a game such as “Xbox play Forza Motorsport 5.” There is a significant upgrade in comparison to its predecessor, however not to a mind-blowing extent, as of course there will be times where users will have to repeat their commands, or the Kinect will undoubtedly mishear commands likewise. Xbox Smartglass is Microsoft’s second screen function that enables an element of accessibility to interact with more than one application connected with devices the user may already own such as iPads or Androids. The impressive mechanic of the snap feature allows users to launch apps such as Skype or Internet Explorer

while in the midst of a game. Xbox One Exclusive Games A lineup for some of Microsoft’s exclusives include: Halo 5, Quantum Break, Dead Rising 3, Forza Motorsport 5, Titanfall, Sunset Overdrive and Project Spark. Verdict The Xbox one presents itself as an entirely new entertainment console, it is a hugely impressive machine. However, it may not be there yet and the same can be stated concerning the PS4, where fans will ultimately be waiting for the consoles to take their true form, nevertheless the consoles are on the right track. Comparing the Xbox 360 from Day One to the 360 today for instance has changed immensely. It is evident that both Microsoft and Sony are laying the foundations for the next generation progression for gaming and entertainment. The Xbox One hits UK shelves 22 November.


PlayStation 4 Exclusive Features Vita Remote Play Integration is a key exclusive feature, as it allows users to play almost any PS4 game on the handheld system via the PlayStation Vita streaming. This means gamers will be able to pause or perhaps quit the current session on TV and continue that session with the same data on the Vita. The PlayStation App likewise sets up this second screen function in supported games which is available for the iOS and Android. The PS4 Camera is very much a rendition of the Kinect in its functionality, however like the DualShock 4’s lightbar, it is a dream not yet fully realized. It includes features such as face recognition log in, voice commands, built in microphone and motion-censors for games such as Just Dance 2014 as well as video broadcasting. The PS4 is £80 cheaper than the Xbox One console; however the Xbox One’s Kinect is bundled with the purchase of the console, whereas the PS4’s camera is sold separately for £54.99. It can be said the buyer is getting that something extra for the £429 retail price difference between the Xbox One and the PS4. PS4 Exclusive Games Killzone: Shadowfall, Yakuza Ishka, The Order 1886, InFAMOUS: Second Son, Deep Down, Shadow of the Beast, Drive Club and Knack. Verdict The PlayStation sets a new bar in the industry with its powerful hardware and software; it lays the foundations of promising features.

This console is on the right path to changing the gaming market with its revamped operating system supporting functions such as game streaming, remote play and social sharing and will be released in the UK November 29 Both consoles are promising in their prospects, however it is up to you guys to decide which is best. What will it be?

Issue 256


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THE UCLan Students' Union leagues are past the embryonic stage now and with the tables settling down, we can begin to see the title contenders in both leagues. Looking at the Primera League, the leaders are Kopa Kabana, the only side in the league yet to taste defeat, though they have had a few scares in their opening six games. Their defence has been the cornerstone of their early success. Three clean sheets sees them boast the league's meanest defence, having conceded just five goals - less than a goal a game on average. Breathing down the necks of Kopa Kabana are FC Kopahagen, who sit just two points off top spot with the best goal difference of +11 Level with Kopahagen are the excellently-named Werder Kuhntz, who will hope to usurp Kopa Kabana next week if their game with the league leaders at the Sports Arena goes ahead. North End Galacticos, who had a good season in 2012/13, have also started well and are in fourth place, three points off the summit. They are the top goalscorers in the league with 20 goals scored in six games. Too many draws have been the problem for Hardly Athletic, who have seen half of their league games end in a stalemate and are now five points off the pace.

At the other end, Sporting Journalisticos, who have the worst defence in the league, are currently propping up the table on goal difference from CPR with both teams winless in their opening six games. Also perilously close to the bottom are Moor Lane, who currently occupy 6th place in the league, two points above Journalisticos. Meanwhile, in the SUL La Liga, it is Roeburn United who sit top and are the only side unbeaten, though most teams in the league have only played five games because of inclement weather. Their lead at the top is just one point as Hungry For The Power, who dropped just two league points last season on their way to claiming the Ashton Park league, have won four of their five games thus far to be Roeburn's closest challengers. Sadly for Substandard Liege, it is they who have the unenviable record of los-

ing every game to be rock bottom, conceding almost six goals a game on average. Slightly further up the league, things are a bit tighter as three points separate four sides in mid-table. UCLan 6ths head that small pack on seven points with George FC on five. Just a point behind them lie Bayern Bru and UCLan Shakers, though Bayern and UCLan 6ths have a game in hand to play against each other. Trinidad and Tobacco complete the La Liga line-up in third, hoping to capitalise on any slip-ups by the top two to drag themselves back into the title race.

Premier League

La Liga

TOP... Current Premier League Leaders Kopa Kabana

IMAGE: Laura Shepherd



A collection of the most popular and in form players currently playing their trade for Lancashire clubs By Bradley Poole

Goalkeeper: Scott Carson (Wigan Athletic) The former England international joined Wigan from Bursaspor for 700,000 in the summer. Injury has hampered his start to the season however the ex-West Bromwich Albion man is a fantastic shot stopper and will be vital for Wigan this season. Right Back: Nicky Hunt (Accrington Stanley) After making 128 appearances for Bolton Wanderers during a ten year spell, the right back has moved on to Accrington. The former England Under 21 international has impressed during his short spell at Stanley, helping to drag them out of the relegation zone. Centre Back: Scott Dann (Blackburn Rovers) Rovers signed captain Dann in the summer of 2011 for six million pounds. He is an experienced defender who has great ariel ability and leads by example on the pitch. Centre Back: Bailey Wright (Preston North End) Wright came through the youth system at Preston and has gone from strength to strength, establishing himself in the North End back four. He has gone on to represent the Lilywhites 63 times, even getting on the score sheet five times. The twenty-one year old is definitely a player to watch out for in years to come. Left Back: Jean Beausejour (Wigan Athletic) The Chilean international has shone since joining Wigan, gaining a FA Cup win-

ners medal during his spell. He has a fantastic left foot, and bombs down the left wing and whips in some fantastic crosses for the strikers to attack.

Right Midfield: Antoni Sarcevic (Fleetwood Town) Since joining Fleetwood from Chester, Sarcevic has proven that he is capable of performing in the professional game and has helped guide Fleetwood to the higher ends of league two. He is a confident midfielder who is capable of scoring goals with either foot. Central Midfield: Mark Davies (Bolton Wanderers) His career has been ravished by injury, having been ruled out for ten months in February, days after agreeing a new contract, but when fully fit he has the ability to be the best midfielder in the Championship. He can play the killer ball to unleash a striker, or hit the back of the net with his exquisite right foot. Central Midfield: Ryan Williams (Morecambe) He has comfortably made the step up from non-league and has shown great confidence on the ball for a young developing player. He is a set piece specialist, scoring a wonderful free kick against Wolves in the league cup first round. Left Midfield: Tom Ince (Blackpool) Ince turned down the chance to join Cardiff in the summer for eight million pounds to stay at Blackpool and he has shown his Premier League quality again this season. He has the ability to take a player on, score

goals and set up team mates. It won’t be too long before he does make the jump to the Premier League and begin staking his claim for a place in the England squad.

Striker: Jordan Rhodes (Blackburn Rovers) Rhodes is the deadliest striker in the Championship and boasts a fantastic goal scoring record. Since joining Blackburn for eight million pounds he has gone on to score 37 goals in 57 games. Former manager Steve Kean said that Rhodes can become a Rovers legend, following in the footsteps of Alan Shearer. Striker: Danny Ings (Burnley) Ings recent run of wonderful form has seen him earn his first call up to the England under 21 squad where he has continued to score goals. Burnley have been many peoples surprise package so far this season and Ings ten goals have been vital to the clarets impressive early league position.

SPORT 21-24



Frequency Football Presenter

Hello to all new readers and regulars alike. This is the third column of Pluto’s Punter, where I try to help you find the best selections for your weekend sports punting. Looking back on last week, the double was rather disappointing after failing to follow up the superb win on first occasion. England were rather surprisingly overturned by a fired-up Chilean outfit. As I did allude to in the write-up, International Friendlies are the bane of all punters for unpredictability. Roy Hodgson’s men weren’t the only high-profile losers in this fixture set, with the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium and Italy all failing to meet expectations of comfortable victories. A lesson to learn; save your money for the games that matter – if it looks too good to be true, it probably is! Weekend Football: 30th September Cracking the double off with an outrageous shout this week, so here it goes! Undefeated in 66 attempts, I believe this could be the week Jose Mourinho’s Stamford Bridge record is toppled – at the hands of Southampton. Now, hear me out! How the record is still intact in the first place following the Chelsea vs West Brom game is a question only the match referee can answer, after a ludicrous injury-time penalty got the hosts out of jail. Mourinho’s men look as fragile as they ever have on their own patch, and are facing a team that have only conceded a staggering 5 goals in 11 games. Pochettino’s troops are refusing to go away, playing football to rival anyone in Europe At a tasty 6/1, I’m with the Saints. All good things must come to an end. After taking 13 points from a possible 15, it’s very much a case of ‘crisis, what crisis?’ for Manchester United at the moment. After drifting to a whopping 12/1(!) for the Premier League title in October, David Moyes’ men find themselves only 5 points off the top at the time of writing. To write off a team with an on-form Wayne Rooney and the talismanic Robin Van Persie at the fore of proceedings always seemed like sheer madness to me! This weekend they travel to White Hart Lane, to face a Tottenham side currently making hard weather of things at home. Andre Villas-Boas’ home tactics are coming under scrutiny, after recent home defeats either side of an unconvincing 1-0 against Hull. Boas won’t be looking forward to welcoming the champions, and I’m expecting United to deepen Spurs’ home woes. At 7/4, the away win represents top value. This double pays just over 18/1! I admit this week is somewhat of a longshot, but hey, what student doesn’t like to dream big! Selection: Southampton and Manchester United (18/1) Antepost Betting I always like to finish with something fun for the future! Last week saw the return of ITV’s “I’m A Celebrity” TV Series. For all the mix of characters involved, there’s clearly only one winner. Professional ‘entertainer’ (ahem) Joey Essex reaches new levels of amazement each day with his baffling stupidity. His golden one-liners and bright white smile are sure to appeal to the show’s voting public. In terms of competition, Westlife singer Kian Egan has similar appeal but has nowhere near the pull factor in terms of voting. At the time of writing, Joey Essex to Win Outright at 4/5 looks amazing value. You’ll struggle to find a more reliable way of doubling your money! Until next time, best of luck!

h e.


Jiu-Jitsu Bring Back Gold and Bronze

CONTINUED OFF BACK PAGE NAISBITT medal came in the dark blue category, which is the second highest grade in jitsu and was delighted with his own success: “Personally it was quite satisfying to finally get something after four years. In the first year I was a novice, in the second year I pulled out through injury and last year I got through to the final, but didn’t win a medal, so it was really satisfying to get something this year.” Despite Jitsu being an individual sport on the face of things, Naisbitt was keen to emphasise the team effort which went into the club’s recent success, “All the other guys who got through to their own final, but didn’t come away with medals all contributed to the overall effort, so it was a team effort. It’s not about the individual for us, it’s about the group as a whole.” The second medal the team took home was a Gold at novice level, which was achieved by Lee Owen, who had only unbelievably begun training in the sport as recent as September this year, and made a significant improvement on the Bronze achieved by the team at novice level in last year's competition. These achievements meant that the club were ranked joint first in the men's team event this year and Naisbitt is optimistic about the future of Jitsu in the university and is thrilled with the level of interest shown in the club of late, "We've had a bumper year for the club. We took 22 down to the nationals and 16 competed. Taking that many people down to nationals was a good laugh. "In terms of intake this year, we've had about 40 students who have signed through the SU (students' union) and we've got a good balance, with about a third of that number being women so there's really good diversity. It’s been really successful in terms of the club's numbers. "We’ve had so many people involved and we still have people approaching us now asking how to get involved. It’s been really enjoyable and we're all looking forward to the future." Winner of a Bronze in last year's novice category, Stuart James, described the club as: "brilliant from top to bottom" and that team aspect of the club is perhaps epitomised by the fact that he became involved simply as a friend but is now a keen Jitsu fan. Anyone interested in getting involved with the club should act quickly, as mat space is becoming increasingly limited with such large volume of interest. You can them on Facebook at /UCLanJitsu, while you can join by visiting: groupspaces.com/uclanjiujitsu/join.

Pluto’s Top Three Sports Events to Watch 1.The Ashes

The Second test kicks off in Adelaide and will be from the 5-9 December All the action will be live on Sky Sports 2 and is set to be some cracking cricket.

25 November 2013




TURF MOOR... The ground of Jay’s former and boyhood club BOXING

Ryan Dondaldson

IMAGE: Daniel Briggs


Future Champion in the Making?

JAY Rodriguez made history after becoming the first footballer from Burnley, Lancashire to represent England in 110 years. The Southampton striker earned his first cap last week in a 2-0 friendly defeat to Chile, where the former Burnley player was given 57 minutes by Hodgson, before being replaced by Spurs winger, Andros Townsend. Rodriguez, who came through the youth system at Burnley, made 105 appearances for the clarets whilst netting 31 goals before leaving for a club record fee of £7 million pounds to Southampton 18 months ago. Roy Hodgson decided to call up Rodriguez after a number of impressive


displays for Southampton this season, aiding his team with 4 goals and one assist. Rodriguez was in good company as fellow Saints team mates Rickie Lambert and Adam Lallana were among the squad for the two friendly matches against Chile and Germany. Rodriguez's father Enrique, who also plyed his trade as a footballer with Burnley, watched as his son made his international debut from the stands with other proud family members, who had made the journey down south for the game. After winning his first senior cap, the 24 year old will now be hoping that he can accomplish enough throughout the rest of the season to earn a place in Hodgson's final 23 man squad to the World Cup in Brazil this summer.



Sports Contributor


Lee Murphy

Boxing Correspondent LANCASHIRE born Jack Arnfield took his professional boxing career to 17-0 with a compelling points victory over Max Maxwell on Saturday evening at Blackpool’s Winter Gardens. Jack, 24, produced an emphatic performance described by many as a “careers best” and in the process took possession of the International Masters Middleweight title. After a tough ten round bout against a resilient opponent, Jack took the majority decision comfortably 100-90. He said: “I kept as busy as I could. He took everything I hit him with and he kept coming. The plan was to wear him down round by round. There was no point trying to knock him out.” After taking the title, he now aims for

2. Rugby League Cup Final

3. UEFA Champions League

The Rugby League Cup final will be on 29 November and with tickets still available.

The Champions League is back this week with the best teams in Europe locking horns.

The action will however be shown live on the BBC and is another must watch.

The majority of the games are available on Skysports however Arsenal vs. Marseille is live on ITV 1, Tuesday 26 Nov from 19:45

something much more lucrative and hopes he has put out a warning with his latest victory. Arnfield said: “I am hoping my promoter Steve Wood has something big for me over the next six to 12 months. Ideally I would like to be fighting for a British title in a year’s time. It doesn’t always happen, so we will see.” Jack’s potential in boxing has a lot of hope but the decisions he makes in the foreseeable future must be the right ones if he is to achieve his hopes and dreams. In other boxing news, St Helens middleweight Martin Murray has cancelled his latest fight. It was due to take place on Saturday 23rd November at the Phones 4 U Arena in Manchester. Fans will however not be disappointed as they prepare to witness the much anticipated Carl Froch v George Groves bout.



Perez Set to Leave McLaren At End of Season

SERGIO Perez confirmed last week that he will be leaving Mclaren after being dropped in favour of Kevin Magnussen for the 2014 season. The 23 year old Mexican was brought in to replace Lewis Hamilton on a ‘multiyear deal this time last year. He is now in serious danger of being dumped on the F1 scapheap.

UCLAN’S Athletics and Cross Country Club represented the university north of the border at this year's Braids Hill XC race in Edinburgh. Tackling a tough hill in a picturesque park overlooking the Scottish capital, the runners completed a 2.9 mile circuit; one lap for the women’s race and two laps for the men’s. A total of ten runners ran for UCLan, with two alumni and former club members running alongside the 6 men and 2 women currently studying, and were cheered on by three non-racing members. The race saw some fantastic individual performances, with Becky Neill our fastest in the women’s race at 21:54 and men’s captain Shaun Barnsley the first man back in 36:48. The course began with a miles ascent to the top of Braids Hill, and runners were rewarded at the top with spectacular views of Edinburgh and the surrounding area. A steep downhill followed along a rough track before the route entered a winded forested area. The final 400 metre stretch was lined with spectators cheering on the runners leading to many a sprint finish despite the previous slog. The women’s race was won by Chloe Price of Durham University in 17:52, whilst Patryk Gierjatowicz of Edinburgh University won the men's race with a superb 32:33. UCLan alumnus Christian Brooks, who ran the race as a former member, said: “It was a tough course, but it was well worth making the journey up as it's a great event in the calendar. It was a little treacherous at times with some steep


Ramires in the Dark Over Future

RECENT reports in the media have suggested Spanish giants Barcelona and Real Madrid could make a move to try bring in the Brazil International However, Ramires has insisted in the Brazilian media he knows nothing about the rumours and that he is only focused on doing his best for Chelsea, showing no intention to leave Stamford Bridge.

stone downhill sections, but the weather was good and the ground stayed mostly firm. It’s always great to come back and run with UCLan Athletics – I think there’s just the right mix of enjoying the running as well as the socialising.” After the race, the club sampled some Scottish hospitality at the social hosted by Edinburgh University's 'Haries' Athletics Club, with haggis and a traditional céilidh, before venturing out to explore the nightlife in 'Auld Reekie'. Accommodation for the night was kindly provided free of charge by a member of the Haries' committee. Club president Tom Booth said: “It’s been a fantastic weekend. Our runners have turned out and done the club proud, putting in great performances on a tough course. The collective attitude has been superb. “As much as we like going to races in the local area and places like Leeds and Manchester, it’s good for the club that we go a little further afield and get our name out and known. “Hopefully now we’ll build on our individual times and improve as the year goes on.” UCLan's runners are next at Manchester Indoor Meet and Leeds Cross Country Relay events, before returning to Scotland for the BUCS Cross Country event at Stirling in February.


Laura Robson Hires New Coaching Team

Americans Nick Saviano and Jesse Witten have been chosen to follow Miles Maclagan in coaching the British number one. Laura worked briefly with the 57year-old Saviano as a junior and has since been trained by string of coaches, including Martijn Bok, Patrick Mouratoglou, Zeljko Krajan and Maclagan


Issue 256

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SPORT 21-24




THE toughest task yet was looming for UCLan as they faced Sheffield 1sts. UCLan were beat rightfully 7-2 by the best team in the tournament who went on to win it, so the ‘underdogs’ were not that downhearted. UCLan retained 7th seed. The team had the most important game of the tournament against local rivals Lancaster. The two teams had previously been training with each other and knew each other’s style of play. UCLan had never gone up against Lancaster, but managed to play their best game of the tournament, beating Lancaster 4-3. UCLans final game was against the towering Newcastle whose height

advantage, with two players over 6ft 5 inches, was going to prove tough for UCLan. Newcastle also have brilliant handling skills making it even tougher for the Preston side. UCLan exchanged points until 5 minutes to go when Newcastle’s dominance shined through and they won the game 7-4. Adams went on to say: “I can’t praise the team enough, they all gave one hundred and ten percent in an absolutely brutal game of Frisbee. Every point was run hard.” Bragging rights certainly go to UCLan until Varsity. They remain in 7th seed, still one off the National finals in Coventry.


Joe Cooper Sports Editor

ASHES fever has been hitting the nation this week as England prepare to tackle the Aussies down under in the second test, but it’s not just Alistair Cook and co who’ve been in the nets over the autumn period. With barely enough time for the dust to settle on their cricket bats, UCLan cricketers are back in the nets preparing for life in the BUCS Northern League 1A division. Just four months on from their conquering of the BUCS Northern 2A League, the successes of last year are now a distant memory, as they concentrate on establishing themselves in the top tier. The 2013 season was a mixed bag for UCLan cricket. Whilst the first team finished as Champions, the second team struggled for form as they finished bottom in the Northern 4A League. Training every Friday night at Myserscough College, the team have overseen a

Pluto Puzzle&Games Plutoku - Down to Earth

JOE Lolley must pinch himself every day to make sure that the last six months have not been an elaborate dream. The former UCLan student's whirlwind 2013 hit its zenith as the forward made his debut for the England 'C' team against the Czech Republic under-21 side last Tuesday night. It was a justified reward for Lolley's excellent form for his club, Kidderminster Harriers, where he has scored six goals in 17 games, including a brace against Wrexham. The 21 year-old has seamlessly made the jump from university life to professional football, looking comfortable at Conference level after leaving Midland Combination team Middleton, for whom

number of new additions to the side over the course of the close season. One of those is 2nd Year Sports Journalist Sam Painter who is relishing the challenge of representing his university this summer, and has set his set his sights on a few aims for the up and coming season. “I’m really looking forward to it. Personally, I’d like to see more consistency with the bat, but as I’m new to the team I’m not quite sure what we need to work on, with me not knowing how we get on and how we play. “The seasons still a long way away. Obviously now we’re in the middle of November and with the season not starting until April it’s too early to be working on specific things, so at the moment it’s just a case of getting back into the swing of things. “With me being new to the squad, it’s hard to identify who’ll be in the first team and second team, but hopefully I’ll get more of an idea when I know everyone’s name!” Meanwhile, it’s the moment cricket fans up and down the country have been waiting for as England renew their long-standing rivalry against Australia in the Ashes series this month. England have won the last three meetings comfortably and Sam can’t see the outcome being any different this time out. “It’s going to be closer than the summer but I think we’ll be too good for them. I think maybe the Aussies might be able to sneak a draw but I can’t see them beating us.” England, who go into the five match series unbeaten in test cricket since being beaten on home soil by South Africa in 2012 have a number of players to keep an eye on over the course of the winter as agreed by Sam. “I’m particularly looking forward to seeing how Kevin Pietersen (KP) gets on. I’ve always enjoyed watching KP and he’s one of my favourite batsmen to watch. It’ll also be interesting to see how Joe Root gets on in terms of whether he opens or whether he bats at six. “Bowling wise, I’m obviously keeping a close eye on James Anderson with him being a fellow Lancastrian, so I always want to see him do well.” Fast medium pace bowler James Anderson is the only member of Andy Flowers Ashes squad to hail from the North West, as the ECB selectors have moved more towards the white rose of England, naming three Yorkshire players in Root, Jonny Bairstow and un-capped Gary Ballance.

Plutoku - Out of this world

opportunity with both hands, performing admirably for such a young and inexperienced player to gain the plaudits of fans, players and managers alike. Indeed, his performances are rumoured to have alerted a number of Championship clubs and Kidderminster are likely to have a big battle on their hands in order to keep hold of the talented youngster beyond next summer when his current contract expires. CAPPED... Joe’s England cap.


IMAGE: Joe Lolley

Sports Writer

he scored 88 goals in 83 games. It is a world away from university football. The former Birmingham City youth trainee has gone from making an appearance for Kopa Kabana in the Students' Union League to playing regularly in front of more than 2,000 people in less than half a year. Lolley was studying Sports Coaching at the university, but was offered a trial by Harriers after impressing their coach, Steve Guinan, at the World University and College Games over the summer, where he was a part of the Team GB squad that brought home a silver medal. In a pre-season friendly, Lolley came on and bagged a hat-trick within 20 minutes against Chasetown and managed to earn himself a one-year contract, allowing his dream of becoming a professional footballer to come true. Since signing for the club, the boyhood Aston Villa fan has grabbed the

Steven Smith Sports Editor

IRELAND have begun early preparations in putting together a bid to host the 2023 Rugby Union World Cup. Their chances however are thought to be slim considering the next two tournaments will be hosted in Northern Hemisphere countries. The first will be held in England in 2015, before the second is hosted in Japan four years later. It is clear at this early stage that South Africa are favourites, who hosted the tournament to great acclaim 18 years ago. Irish Sports Minister, Leo Varadkar, told delegates at an International Rugby Board conference that he would seek backing from the Irish government in the next week as they begin to make plans for their bid.

Brain teasing riddles

1. When you need me, you throw me away. But when you’re done with me, you bring me back, what am I? 2. Smell me, buy me, deliver me. I won’t change. What am I? 3. To look cool wrap me around your head. Remove a letter and eat me instead. What am I? 4. I am an instrument that you can hear but you can not touch or see me. What am I? Answer: 1. Anchor; 2. Scent, Cent, Sent; 3. Bandana; 4. Voice.

By Sam Robinson






By Oliver Roby Sports Writer

UCLANS Jiu Jitsu club won a gold and bronze medal from their recent outing to the Atemi national championships. Chairman of the club and bronze medal winner Brian Naisbitt could not hide his delight following the unexpected success of the team: “The club is just a way of getting people together, we don’t train for a specific event.

It’s been really enjoyable and we're all looking forward to the future

We just go along for the hell of it, compete and see what happens. We’re more than pleased with the results."

Another great move from the UCLan Team



Inexperienced UCLan team showed grit determination and teamwork to come within a whisker of qualifying for the National Finals By James Beck

UCLan are now.” On the second day of the tournament the teams were seeded depending on their finishing league position the previous day. The crossover stage then occurred, in this instance if a team beats a higher rated seeded team they steal their seed position and vice versa. If a seeded team beats a lower seed the higher seed means that the team will retain their seed and position. UCLan started in 10th seed after their wins the previous day. They had a tough test in playing Chester for the first game. Chester have players that represent Great Britain and a very experienced coach so UCLan beating them 6 points to 3, retaining their 10th place seed, was a big achievement. Keele were UCLans next opponent, seeded 7th. UCLan managed to beat Keele 6 points to 5, taking Keele’s seed of 7th therefore placing UCLan one position off the Nationals. CONTINUED ON PAGE 23

ULTIMATE FRISBEE... (Front Row, L-R) Hannah Macinnes, Jodie Palmer, Kim Wardell. (Back Row, L-R) Mark Taylor, Brad Seddongs, Damola Disu, Richard Adams (Capt), Sahir Jamal.

IMAGE: Ruth Lowe

THE UCLan Ultimate Frisbee team have narrowly missed out on qualifying for the National Championship Finals. UCLan finished seventh in the Regionals, missing out on qualification by just one agonizing place. Captain, Richard Adams, couldn’t hide his pride in the teams performance: “For such a young team, formed two years ago to come to a tournament like this and finish above Bangor 1sts, Liverpool 1sts and Manchester 1sts is a monumental achievement. All of our players stepped up their game this weekend and put a massive shift in for the team.” UCLan were drawn 16th seed and put in the same group as Durham 1sts (3rd Seed), Leeds 1sts (4th Seed), Bangor 2nds (10th Seed) and Huddersfield 1sts (15 seed). On paper, this effectively made UCLan the bottom of their group. The team didn’t make the best of starts, losing the first game 8-2 to Leeds and second game 7-2 to Durham. At the bottom of the league table with two games to go, UCLan got into their stride beating Huddersfield 11-3 and Bangor 9-2 meaning that UCLan had qualified third; a massive achievement for such an inexperienced side. Adams said: “We came into the tournament as a bit of an unknown quantity, but I think most people will know who

I can’t praise the team enough, they all gave one hundred and ten percent.

Profile for SU Media

Pluto 256  

University writes off £3.2m Thailand Campus while 75 lecturers based in Preston look set to lose their jobs; we chat to X Factor winner Matt...

Pluto 256  

University writes off £3.2m Thailand Campus while 75 lecturers based in Preston look set to lose their jobs; we chat to X Factor winner Matt...

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