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Part II: Our Navy

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A school for weapons for young recruits, protectors of German naval respect and bearers of a proud tradition; these are the tasks of the navy in the German Reich.�

“Our fleet if the most visible representative of the German

In the naval Hitler Youth Program the next generation of sailors is taught.

Instruction provides the theoretical bases.

Semaphore language—optical communication from ship to ship.

After so much studying—finally on water!

Service in the navy requires versatile training, naval ability and military courage.

Just as in the infantry!

Every sailor must learn splicing and knot tying.

Whistle of the ship’s mate: climb up!

On the mast one learns to overcome dizziness.

Weapons practice in the harbor‌

And sharp shooting on the high sea.

Navigational training, such as‌

Mechanical and technical training determine the safety of sailing.

“Clean ship” also belongs to the duties.

After sport activity on deck‌

“Baking and banking”

The great school of the sailor

The naval war requires ships of the most varied types. Every type of ship fulfills a definite purpose.

Battleship, armored ship. heavy cruiser, light cruiser, destroyer, torpedo ship, large

The heavy artillery of the

And the armored ships determine the naval battle.

Heavy cruisers destroy the enemy commerce,‌

Light cruisers serve the enlightenment.

Destroyers and torpedo boats are dangerous attack ships.

The torpedoes are the most effective weapons.

Clearing mines with tow lines and special apparatus devices.

Our speedboats are “go-getters.”

WC’s daily concerns!

Seaplane pilots are the comrades of the sailors.

Airplanes on warships start by means of catapults‌

or from aircraft carriers.

“The navy has fulfilled the task of securing the Baltic and the German Bay. Our

The Schleswig-Holstein forces the transfer of the Westerplatte.

Scapa Flow, 1939: “An enormous task of naval history has been avenged.”

The Leader receives Lieutenant Commander Prien,

“The German folk will only assert its future as a world power.� --Adolf Hitler

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Wehrmacht ii marines  

Part 2: Our Navy

Wehrmacht ii marines  

Part 2: Our Navy