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Our military prowess Part I. the army

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In the military the boy is changed into a man, and in this

The military education beginns in the Hitler

New recruits reading

Hitler Youth learn shooting.

Ten knee bends without pounding of the heart.

With conscription a new, different life begins.

Showing up for the first time.

The new home.

Here the civilian becomes a soldier.

Making one’s bed must be learned.

Is this locker not in order?

I promise‌

“that I will demonstrate unconditional obedience to the Superior Leader of the German Reich, Adolf Hitler, and to the German

The basic training is the same for everyone.

Even lying down must be practiced.

The hand grenade is the most important weapon in close combat.

Every bush and ditch serves for camouflage

Every soldier is a sharp shooter!

Sport relaxes and makes one like steel‌

And gives one tremendous hunger.

Free time in a comfortable setting.

The demands on the soldier in our modern army are

with a machine gun,

for defense,

or on the telephone and radio.

The bridge and the road builders are the

Knightly courage symbolizes the cavalry,‌

Courage and lightning-fast attack symbolize the cyclist marksman.

Our military vehicles overcome every hindrance.

“Military leadership rests on the joy of responsibility, superior ability and untiring care.�

The teacher and instructor of the recruits.

“The mother of the company”


e want to develop a hard race, that is independent, faithful, obedient and respectable.�

The soldier’s greatest honor is the iron cross.

st soldier of the empire and supreme commander of the military.

“We all serve, but not for the sake of obtaining thanks. Therefore, our thanks lie in that which is the highest: in our people and in our German Reich.� The Leader

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Unser wehrmacht i das heer slideshow  

Our military prowess, part 1. the army

Unser wehrmacht i das heer slideshow  

Our military prowess, part 1. the army